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' , x,'n". xx.N, ...:.. x x , x, . lynn Shekl 'Uh A c If 0 p 0 l i s NINE TEEN HUNDRED SE VENTY-FO UR Published By The Milton Hershey School Acropolis Staff Hershey, Pennsylvania Enriching the Three R 's HER HEY X3 SC-A, NIOR DIVISI 0 X I fs G ' is E E4 all , Q Li 5 5 5 2 Q Q ,, 5 S51 F 09 Established in 1909 as a trade school, Milton Hershey School has over the years become a first class private school. To the Trade Division have been added a Department of Business Education and College Preparatory Liberal Arts Department with the result that approximately forty percent of the graduates are later enrolled in colleges or technical schools. In modern shops, classrooms, and laboratories 2 equipped with the latest and most efficient teaching aids and equipment, students have the opportunities to develop to their fullest capacities. Living in groups of sixteen in modern and comfortable homes in rural settings, students have the advantage of medical and dental care on campus and the services of a group of professionally qualified counselors. Si A Tribute to Our Founder Iii 1909 Milton S. Hershey established Milton Hershey School and since then, the school has progressed tremendously. He provided in the Deed of Trust the opportunity for his boys to gain an education and a place to live. The boys have the opportunity to learn, to play, and to share emotions, learning to become independent and ready for their own lives after graduation. Milton Hershey was a philanthropistg he gave 4 to the needy, yet asked nothing in return. He provided for an education that has kept pace with changes in fieldg his planning included not only academic training but also family living. Now, and even more significantly, after graduation, the memory of this great man and his profound influence upon our lives will follow us through life. Vlklififlfm HQFSHQYHH 5CllTx0'C5l lXVlHlUl0JIk J.?'JlQ1TS Hershey Seheel Milken Hershey Sehe M., ey Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel vel M ken hey Seheel llllilken rllilken she eel llllilken Hers .Ney QCCLFRCDQJ1 Nunn el Milken Hemg nlken Hershey S3 Hershey Seheel hey sewn Maul Hlershey Seh --5- I Hershey Seheel Milken Her ey Seheel Mi ershey Seheel Milken Hershey Sh mel llllilken P63 Seheel llllilken Hershey Seheel A lllilken Hers if-J l Milken Hershey Seheel Milk Hlershey Seh n rshey Seheel Milken Her lay Seheel N , k H li Qu S el llllilken Hfi eheel eel ilken newe r nan ,,,,,,,i,,i,,,.,.i.,,. nn ershey Sehf 1 -sl en Hers facufy n He y Seheel llf shey Se. curgcula ey el Milken H heel ll H H el ilken Hershey llfll U ilk ershey Seheel n He nley wwuuwwu BV llkk en er y Seheel H llllili shey Seheel llllilken Hershey el Milken Her y Seheel llllilken Hershey Seheel ilken Hershey el llflinlken Hershey Seheel Milk ershey Seheel llllilken Hershey Seheel Milken Her y Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel llflilken Hershey el llllilken Hershey Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel ilken Hershey Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel kllllllllk ershey Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel Milken Heil 0 LV Se! eel, H ,lMlel.kl1.QlQllbl Q SLLFV. SC.lBQ?Qll H, H o Q1 All :li e n Herish e wir Board of Managers With the signing of the Deed of Trust on November 15, 1909, Milton S. Hershey and his Wife Catherine started one of the greatest philanthropic undertakings of the twentieth century by establishing the Hershey Industrial School, later changed to the present Milton Hershey School. As a provision, Milton Hershey entrusted his boys to the Board of Managers, by whom major decisions pertaining to the school are made. James E. Bobb John 0. Hershey Joseph S. Gumpher Arthur R. Whiteman Chairman President Kenneth V. Hatt Harold S. Mohler William E. Schiller William E. Dearden 'ny I ,. w John S. Baum John M. Aichele Samuel A. Schreckengaust, Jr 5 We Acknowledge the Accomplishments of These Retiring Board Members MAN The Chairman of the Board of Managers of Milton Hershey School holds the highest office in the management of school affairs. The students and staff are indebted to Mr. Bobb for his outstanding leadership in this position for the past 15 years. His retirement this year brings to a close 47 years of official affiliation with the school and the companies which Milton Hershey founded. Mr. Bobb first worked for Hershey Foods Corporation fknown then as Hershey Chocolate Corporationj, and in 1930, transferred to Hershey Estates. Concurrent with his association with Hershey Estates, he worked as assistant manager and then as manager of the Farm Division of Milton Hershey School. As an administrator of the Farm Division, he contributed not only to business aspects of the school, but also to student life as well, for his responsibility included the supervision of the houseparents and the students of the Senior Division. In his business activities with Hershey Estates, Mr. Bobb was appointed vice president in 1956 and elected to the Board of Directors of the company during the following year. He became president of Hershey Estates in 1968. All of these experiences helped to prepare him for his role as an understanding and supportive member of the Board of Managers. Mr. Bobb was privileged to have many personal associations with the school founder. Consequently, he has held tenaciously to the philosophy set forth by Milton Hershey for the school, and has made a concerted effort to apply this philosophy to all phases of school operations. We salute Mr. Bobb for his many contributions to the management of school affairs, and express appreciation for his warm personality and deep concern for the welfare of the students and staff. We extend good wishes to him for many years of delightful travel throughout the world, with the hope that we may enjoy glimpses of his photographic talents. Arthur Whiteman's affiliation with Milton Hershey School spans a period of sixty one years. It began in 1913 when he enrolled as a student at the age of four It closes in an official sense, with his retirement in 1974 from his position as President of Hershey Trust Company, Trustee for Milton Hershey School. Even before Mr. Whiteman's graduation, Milton Hershey had singled him out for workin the Hershey Trust Company. His career in the field of finance was advanced as he later continued study at both Beckley Business College and the American Institute of Banking His business leadership has made a highly significant contribution to the continued financial well-being of the school. Milton Hershey personally selected Mr. Whiteman for membership on the Board of Managers. His tenure in this capacity covers 35 years, 17 of which he served as secretary-treasurer of the school and the school trust, and an additional six years singularly as secretary. He has been president of the Trustee for the past 12 years His sensitive, friendly, and compassionate manner has made it possible for him to identify readily with the needs of students. Consequently, he has been a strong supporter of constant reevaluation of all facets of the school program and the numerous steps taken to enchance the quality of educational services offered and modifications made to keep the school abreast with changing times. When the Alumni Association was formed in 1930 Mr. Whiteman was elected as its first president. In 1954 when the school initiated the "Alumnus-of-the Year recognition plan Mr. Whiteman was the first alumnus to be so honored. We shall remember him as one of Milton Hershey's exceptional boys who went on to carry the founder s mantle in overseeing the affairs of the philanthropies which Milton Hershey so generously founded We shall look to him as an outstanding example of success for all of us to emulate We Pay Tribute to Another Retiring Board Member WILLIAM E. SCHILLER Milton Hershey built the chocolate factory only a few years before founding Milton Hershey School. It was primarily through the success of this business enterprise that adequate financial resources became available to launch such a great school program. In 1947, William Schiller affiliated as comptroller with Hershey Chocolate Corporation, now known as Hershey Foods Corporation. The following year he became treasurer of the company and also was elected to the Board of Directors of the corporation. He was appointed vice president in 1956, and in 1965 he was elected to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hershey Foods Corporation, the position he held until the time of his retirement in 1974. Mr. Schiller became a part of the school family when he was elected to the Board of Hershey Trust Company in 1962, followed by his appointment to the Board of Managers of the school the same year. From the beginning, he took active interest in all phases of the school program. He has taken every opportunity possible to attend the various functions of the school. Through his careful attention to both the educational and business aspects of the school he has contributed immeasurably to the school program while serving as a member of the Board of Managers. Mr. Schiller's major contributions have been related to financial matters. His years of professional experience as a certified public accountant with one of America's largest auditing firms, prior to coming to Hershey, followed by his business experience with Hershey Foods Corporation, have enhanced his expertise in dealing with the kinds of financial concerns associated with Milton Hershey School. On behalf of the students, the Acropolis staff wishes to thank Mr. Schiller for the personal interest he has taken in the school during his period of membership on the Board of Managers. Left to Right: Dr. Richard A. Rudisill, Dr. John O. Hershey. At Milton Hershey School we are very fortunate in having capable and responsible men at the top administrative positions. Dr. John O. Hershey and Dr. Richard A. Rudisill have proven themselves to be qualified administrators, and their leadership has provided many opportunities for students. President and Headmaster Directors of Educci tion The Directors of Education conscientiously carry out the responsibilities of scheduling, supervision and improvement of instruction, procurement of supplies and teaching aids, counseling of students, and planning for an expanding summer school, as well as the general education policies determined by Milton S. Hershey. rv. S59 er DIRECTORS OF EDUCATION-Seated: Carl E. Stump, William A. Hoover, M. Nelson Durand, Lloyd M. Morgan, Standing: William R. Fisher, Donald R. Witman. - 9 We Pay Tribute to Retiring Faculty and Their Accomplishments Born in York County, near Glenville, Pennsylvania, Earl R. Baugher attended, elementary school and high school in Elizabethtown and then enrolled in Juniata College, from which he graduated in 1933 with a bachelor of science degree. In 1934 Mr. Baugher began his teaching career at Milton Hershey School, first in the field of English, then in history and geography, and finally in science. His teaching career was interrupted by two years of service in the United States Navy in World War II as Line Officer on a merchant freighter. Mr. Baugher completed thirty-nine years of teaching at Milton Hershey School at the close of the 1972 school term and is now free to enjoy two of his principal hobbies- hunting and fishing. Earl R. Baugher Charles Bikle, Science Department Coodinator, is ending his 42 years of service to MHS. Since 1932 he has taught physics, chemistry, earth space science, and general science. He attended Shippensburg State College, Columbia University, Union College, and Franklin and Marshall College. ln Scouting for 30 years, he is a member of the Harrisburg Astronomical Society, Hershey Optimist Club, and is an elder in his church. He has served as president of the Pennsylvania Science Teachers' Association and has contributed to the success of numerous state and national committees on science. Charles L. Bikle Frederick D. Miller 10 Frederick DeWitt Miller, Milton Hershey School's Director of Student Placement and former history teacher, was born in Pennbrook, Pennsylvania, in 1909. He has been at Milton Hershey School since 1936. Prior to coming to Milton Hershey, he attended both Franklin and Marshall College and Colgate University where he recieved his B.A. in English. From 1933-1935, he was employed by Hershey Foods. Mr. Miller is also active in the community of Lebanon, serving as mayor from 1950-1960. Surely We are indebted to Mr. Miller for the fine job he has done for the students of Milton Hershey School. ga 5. .Q ,- -. . . . . ' H55 W-W'-N " ' 5 "I -fit -as zz. f ... W' ,Qin 'i?'yi5? . A ,. S r .lr s . 'P i fi S S 'W s ,Q..,l . f . i y r k..Lf.fg-5 I f . . f A ' -2 me-""""""" .. . is ,I zlifi.-' S . ,,, 1 - QQQQ 'Q' 5 i . 442551.-'iigfgmilfcgikss S iiggkiiif K It g1.f-Agsis-,gf.5fs?ibLiiQv S -21--,W .6 J: .P .f . .' " 1' 1' ' sf ' W f?fiPMf' ,'f 5. IZ W. Purnell Payne -fr. , W. Purnell Payne Was born in Pleasant Mount, Pennsylvania. "A small town with all the pleasantries of growing up where little things meant a lot," he reminisced. He remembers the four mile Walks, winter and summer, to get a train to Carbondale for an every-other Week piano lesson and a banana split. He received a B.S. degree at West Chester State and an M.A. degree at Columbia University in music education. Except for a four year absence to the army during WW II, Mr. Payne has been at MHS 36 years, teaching piano, organ, instrumental and general classroom music. He has directed the Spartan Orchestra since its beginning in 1938. Mr. Payne will be greatly missed at MHS. MHEA OFFICERS-Claudia K. Byers, Gilson G. Cash, Ted E. Derrick, William F. Deliberty, 1Gary T. Hawbaker, Charles A. Astfalk. Hg ug F' Parke E. Adams, English V.L. Alexander, Music, A ctivities A dviser William G. Altland, English William G. Angert, lndustrialArts Charles A. Astfalk, Drafting Dale G. Aucker, Printing john R. Bare, industrial Arts Phyllis M. Baugher, Fourth Grade Josephine M. Baum, English Harry E. Bay, Fifth Grade Terry W. Baylor, Mathematics Connie F. Beard, Second Grade Matthew l. Belicic, Vocational Guidance Charles L. Bikle, Science William E. Bitner, Social Studies l , ,aqqp-u.-n-M--,, ., .. - . r S' L' ' ' '5:ra. J ". A fi ' s 'f wgifyg K ,f K, . E' "yi sig fikt,-f-4,,,: g fl ' ?' i Mm . E55 'P Samuel D. Blachly, SocialStudies 1. Robert Bortel jr., Language janice D. Boyd, Third Grade Harry L. Buck '43, Auto Mechanics james L. Butch, Mathematics Claudia K. Byers, Fifth Grade Bonnie Casebeer, Science 14 R. Larry E. Casebeer, Physical Education Gilson G. Cash, Reading Wallace R. Conway, Mathematics john A. Cook, Religious Education Kenneth H. Cook, Electronics Russell Daubert, A uto Mechanics james C. Dearden, Social Studies Audrey S. DeMuth, Business Education Ted E. Derrick, Fiftn Grade Roy M. Dice, Science Richard K. Dieterle, Drafting Ruth K. Dorman, Reading Paul E. Dronsfield, Television Dorothy K. Esbenshade, French Ray A. Faidley, Business Education Faculty 0 john E. Fox, English ' Charles K. Francis '61, Business Education ' Donald A. Gipe, Mathematics ' Harold C. Good '36, Sheet Metal ' lohn H. Grab, Mathematics v jennifer A. Groomes, Fifth Grade 0 William A. Grove, Music :ii-.a .E ' ..,- 1 V f E e i s -:Mil 81331, WIS? Y 4 f , W Q l N 1' , X , 5 .. ... H Q 4 fi - " r Q ' 2 wg, " gli' WFHS L M 1 N, . -srwffj , ANE1f.E," .. k , ,.,: M is VLLL . ,. :Q - - I in f QM W ff l-' rr if he 'A U .. 'PV Doris C. Grubb, Library, Remedial Reading Paul D. Hansen, Health, Physical Education ' D. Willis Hartman, Science Gary T. Hawbaker, Social Studies ' Troupiere O. Hershey, Social Studies ' Allen A. Hicks, Fifth Grade ' Warren H. Hitz jr., Agri-Business ' Harold E. Hoerner '44, Plumbing Heating ts". 'Q ,-'- A s px wg ,Q 1 I s j f x ' ' Y, ..., ,. ,, . - , ff i A j 'j':x3w:xs1If'j"jj'ij W W j zvuxjzsw- fkfjjj jj W' ,ff'7T 53 's.Lf,.Ix,,,,A-f Hifi? john A. Hoerner, Machine Shan George Hollich jr., Public Speaking, Reading Allen M. Hoover, Mathematics Robert W. Hopple, Mathematics jeanne M. Hostetler, Kindergarden Richard O. Hugendubler, Offset Printing A. james jones, German, French Kenneth M. Kauffman, Science Andrew M. Kavalecs, German William Keane, English Roger A. Killian, English Olive M. Kleinfelter, Second Grade Arthur H. Kline, Remedial Mathematics David W. Klingensmith, Mathematics wel Russell C. Klinger, Business Education Andrew Kovach, industrial Arts 1. Duncan Kriebel, English james M. Lehman, Mathematics Edith B. Long, Librarian Gerald R. Long '55, Orientation james W. Martin, Social Studies Frank H. McCrea, Science Thomas E. Michaels, Food Service Raymond B. Miller, Music Bruce H. Moyer, Social Studies Robert L. Oesterling, Physical Education William H. Page, English W. Purnell Payne, Music Thomas O. Pratt, Electricity William R. Prescott, Social Studies i ,r g Q .- , K i ., , Yew Nami in ww ff .EX exif il ul g x ,X em ,Q isnt li' ff ,. f S' 'f H A ii. V A jg or g 1, . V . 3 . ,: ' if . ,W-'Qg??I31"5. t. -' . : . A , i ,. M: -13 , : I V E. .s1i?il?f.w:'.' ffm. fe-ziverigeibkwk - . i f. , . 1 mn'ae5v::.:f:1:-X. f,fg 'f,::,,g,-1' 1 1 , ' q V eflggfa-'.'f:2'.'z.5e l g ' ' '1 'S 4 ' fffifsfi-?P?ai5Wl fiff:2fi2'1'f?i9:' f V1 -i f - H - f -I - 1-' --u w1'f"w- JI., ,- 1.5 it-, 's1iv5.GIfl:'c,c .ff - ' iiff.-"iii, "'i "gif ri-VA". 'g1':J'fQy?f ' f E. I 1 1" 'f. . , ,E ,3,la1q3g,rg53l2gx,:. D , .f:l?'L :VWG ' 1 i yfzqig-wlxisfziiugi :,5::g,:5'.mj. .i:f.fg5fff5 ig- - ' gm 752i - f i 1 '21r5gI'Yf1:zi'R+'Ej':?-.Q-.?r::n'-2.' Q X '1'f'g'?-' : img! is ln x wen N -' -s fs sv QF I K... xxx: 625' MRPWKRQJWN ia -' ff 'ini Harold E. Reichard, Genera! Music Frances A. Reigle, Third Grade Carl F. Rhodes '60, Science Edward B. Ruth jr., Science V George F. Sandel, Librarian Mary U. Saye, Fourth Grade Robert 1. Schelhorn, Art Robert K. Schelhorn, Carpentry irg I Bryan P. Seese, English, Social Studies john W. Showalter , Social Studies Kenneth R. Smitley , General Building Trades Kenneth L. Snyder, Health William H. Snyder, Mathematics Agnes M. Souders, Third Grade Clyde P. Stacks, Vocational General Robert L. Stambaugh, Social Studies john A. Storm', Social Studies Orville H. Strait, English Louise B. Swartzbaugh, First Grade john H. Tellet '44, Driver Education Director of lnter-Scholastic Athletics Richard M. Thieler, Science Craig C. Tritch, English Robert W. Wallace, Science Lynette E. Waller, Music David M. Weller '66, English Thomas G. Welsh, Mathematics Bruce R. Wieder, Social Studies LeRoy O. Wolfe, English Valarie K. Wolfe, Fourth Grade William A. Yottey, Social Studies School Secretaries SECRETARIAL STAFF-First Row: Joan R. Logrando, Jannette L. Myers, Dorothy H. Roberson, Jane K. Stacks, Helen S. Dodge, Martha J. Allwein, Second Row: Betty J. Lighty, Mildred T. Kapp, Ellen J. Heckman, Emilie J. Curry, Betty B. Filepas,R1-1th A- SHOPB. Helen S. Evans . Avis C- Kefchef- 9,2 1-'y 6 - -I' C f I1 Y :J V 11495 ' O ' 'nv' A, 1909 Maintenance Staff MAINTENANCE STAFF-Richard Miller, Paul Pollock SENIOR HALL CUSTODIANS-Chris Ungemach, George Arthur Fausnacht Seaf,ed:R0y Clark Snyder, Charles Wolfersberger, Dave Gordon, and LeRoy Spafford. 27 Milton Hershey School offers unparalleled opportunities for learning. Both school buildings and equipment are the best that money and technology can provide. Closed circuit television, tapes, slides, films, and projectors are available for use in every classroom or laboratory. Varied curricula meet the interests and needs in a changing world. There remains only the responsibility of each student to take full advantage of these opportunities. Enriched Curricula for iQ: , annum. Trained Minds 7 gi 1 Students at Milton Hershey School have a Wide area of learning to choose from. When a student enters the tenth grade, he may choose to pursue a particular field of instruction. He may choose one of eleven different vocational shops to work in or he may decide to study business. For those who plan to attend college, there is the academic curriculum. i 30 Training for 5 x Technical Careers .AM3 H g?'?ah 31 MEDICAL STAFF-Seated: Mary P. Kroeck, Mary L. Garrison, Ruie R. Spangler. Standing: Doris K. Gingrich, D. Lee Backenstose M.D., Eleanor F. Wood, Sally A. Coulter. When the need arises, Milton Hershey Students are provided with ample medical care. Doctor D. Lee Backenstose, who directs the health program, and his staff of nurses provide round-the-clock service. The school has three excellently equipped medical clinics along with its own health center. Student Health Services Throughout a student's stay at Milton Hershey School, any dental needs that may arise are taken care of at no cost to the student. The staff is equipped to handle two appointments each year for every student. Two part- time orthodontists are available for this specialized service. i DENTAL STAFF-Seated: David A. Paolini D.D.S., Donald R. Price D.D.S., Edward L. Sander D. D.S. Standing: Anna E. Furst R.D.H., Marilyn R. Snyder R.D.H., Betty L. Eberly, Nanna M. Befttylon, Edward C. Schaeffer D.D.S., Jean L. Snyder. 34 BUSINESS AFFAIRS DIRECTORS- William A. Houtz, comptroller, and John M. Aichele, adminis- trator of Business Affairs, supervise the business aspects of Milton Hershey School. John M. Aichele, director of Business Affairs, is responsible for all the special needs of Milton Hershey School in the way of food, clothing, hous- ing, and transportation. William A. Houtz, Comptroller, supervises the accounting services and the financial facets of the school. Department of Business Affairs Milton Hershey School's Department of Business Affairs Staff has the responsibility of obtaining and distributing supplies, clothing, and food: of supervising the dairies: and of transportating students to all school activ- ities. The care of all the transportation vehicles, building upkeep, and grounds maintenance rests upon hte Manitenance Supervisors. BUSINESS AFFAIRS STAFF- Richard C. Hann, Howard H. Baum, James H. Albrite, Woodrow W. Bonney, Dennis E. Hunter. 35 Special Services Miss Dorothy Early retired from her position in charge of the Senior Hall dining room in Aug- ust of 1973. Her first association with our School was in October of 1936. Conscientious, cooperative, and dependable, she managed skill- fully the operation of the Senior Hall dining room. 36 PERSONNEL STAFF-Frederick D. Miller, R. E. Mchaughlin, Gene R. Layser, Richard C. Johnson. The Student Personnel Staff of Milton Hershey School provides both ser- vice and advice to students from enrollment to graduation. This staff, ex- perienced and knowledgeable, provides professional guidance in planning for enrollment, counseling, student placement, employment, and college placement. Student Personnel Services Throughout his stay at Milton Hershey School, a student will be faced with many adjustments in his new life with the other boys and his house- parents. Whenever he has a problem, he may feel free to talk to any of the many counselors, who are always ready and Willing to help him find an ELHSWSY. COUNSELORS-Standing: William F. DeLiberty, David G. Thompson, Barbara B. Haas, Matthew J. Rclicic. Seated: Thural V, Brehm, Gray G-. Johnson, Catherine Becker. 37 STUDENT I-IOMELIFE DIRECTORS- William A. Hoover, M. Nelson Durand, Alfred T. Gibble, Dr. Joseph A. Brechbill. Homelife Staff The Homelife Staff has the responsibility for training houseparents, co- ordinating privileges, educational and student home programs, and handling disciplinary measures. These areas play a very important part of the per- sonal life of the student, they establish him in the daily program of the Milton Hershey School. Under the able leadership of Dr. Joseph A. Brech- bill, the Homelife Staff has Won the respect of students. STUDENT HOMELIFE STAFF- Jacob A. Klinedinst, Lloyd M. Morgan, Kermtth A. Longenecker, Gary W. Cooper, Lawrence E. Best. 38 f kllken Hershey Sehekelfk Mlunken Hershey neheeu wnw ershey Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel Milken Her? y Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel Milken Hershey S1 el lllllo hey Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel llken PM- fi eel lllllilken Hershey Seheel llllllk ershey Seh ken Hershey Seheel Milken Her y Seheel Mi ershey Seheel Milken Hershey Sl el Milken Pal Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel ilken Hers if-A l lllllilken Hershey Seheel Milk 'lershey Seh 1 n 4 rshey Seheel Milken Her yHSCI2QH6Dll - nf I Q: eyHS he il ken la h e lx ee l llken Hershf l lflllllkl l Milk 1 rl s h on n s Class new ers ey e e er f H y Seheel lll shey Se. 0 ey S el Milken H heel ll 1974 H ilken Hershey Ml ilk ershey Sehee -'ifl 11 Hershey wvuuwwu mnkenl l er y Seheel Mill shey Seheel Milken Hershey S el Milken Her y Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel l ilken Hershey el Milken H rshey Seheel Mill Hershey Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel Milken Hell M el Milken Hershey Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel lilken Hershey Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel Mill! ershey Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel Milken Hen ev Sclneel M, llem Hlerslm V Sche ,rMillilcOJl1i1 ll"llQ1Z'S , , y Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel ilken Hershey S CLASS .OFFICERS AND ADVISER- W. Baer Cvice-presidentj, J. Taylor ihistorianl, Dr. Joseph A Brechbill ladviserb, R. Hawley tpresidentl, J. Lyon fsecretaryl, W. Mottin ltreasurerj. James Henri Allison III College Prep. Technical Electricity David Anthony Allwein College Prep. Liberal Arts Kenneth Ray Anderson Business Francis Bacon College Prep. Technical Electronics I ,fm QPBWU LA A College Pre -- . Arts trick Anthony Barr College Prep. Technical General Building Trades David Allen Barskey College Prep. Liberal Arts Fred Allen Barton College Prep. Liberal Arts James Robert Barton Vocational - Sheet Metal and Welding William Becker Vocational - Printing -rs, James Edward Bence College Prep. Liberal Arts Robert Allen Benevento Vocational - General Building Trades David Mark Bergman Vocational - Auto Mechanics Richard Alan Berry Business Jeff Glenn Boldosser College Prep. Technical Electronics Keith Emerson Boyer Vocational - Food Service James Boylan College Prep. Liberal Arts Timothy Andrew Bradley Vocational - Printing Steven Craig Brody J College Prep. Liberal Arts 3, VIH Vocational - Auto Mechanics Kevin Maynard Brown Vocational - Printing Daniel Raymond Burcaw Vocational - Agri-Business Michael Jeffrey Campbell Vocational - Auto Mechanics Bi ian William Carroll Business J ' I I - rwln Chambers Vocational - Machine Shop Practice John Edward Clayborne Vocational - Agri-Business Henry Francis Claypoole College Prep. Technical - Auto Mechanics Joseph Anthony Clerlco Vocational - Electricity 41 James Coddington Vocational - Machine Shop Practice Richard Eric Coffey Business Lawrence Paul Connor Jr. College Prep. Technical - Printing James Preston Coursey Vocational - General Building Trades Rodney Kirk Crawford Vocational - Agri-Business Ernest Creston College Prep. Technical - Electronics Allen Walter Cylc Vocational - Plumbing and Heating David Arthur Dalman Business Duane Walter Daly College Prep. Li rts lllip Gor College Prep. Liberal Arts ayne eMarco Co ege Prep. Technical - Machine Practice Alfred DiClemente Vocational - Machine Shop Practice Thomas James DiGiambatista College Prep. Technical - Electronics Frederick Eugene Dilelio Jr. College Prep. Liberal Arts Paris Andrew DiPietro College Prep. Liberal Arts Vincent Richard Doering, Business Terry Wayne Ford Vocational - General Building Trades Edward Lee Forgus College Prep. Technical - Carpentry David William Franklin Vocational - Electricity Michael Gentile Vocational General - Sheet Metal and Welding Frederick Paul Gilliard Vocational - Food Service Thomas Michael Gioia Business Brian Keith Grimes College Prep. Technical - Electronics 42 Shop 43 41 I w N 1 w L 44 X X Gregory John Hall Vocational - General Buildingflrad-Bi Bruce David Hammond Vocational - Electricity Ralph Michael Hanes College Prep. Technical - Electronics David Irvin Hartman Vocational - General Building Trades Robert Thomas Hawley College Prep. Liberal Arts Michael Kevin Hayford Vocational - Plumbing and Heating Paul Walter Herman II Vocational - Carpentry Steven James Hill Vocational - Food Service Johnnie William Hitch Vocational - Printing Andrew Francis Hresko ' al - Agri-Business William Blanchard Hunking Vocational - Printing e Jacobs Co.lee Prep. Liberal Arts Lewis Massey Johnson IV College Prep. Liberal Arts Jnhn Motter Jones III Vocational - Agri-Business William Fernando Jones Vocational - Carpentry Jamie Michael Jumhelick X Vocational - Food Service Siva f , William Franklin Kaiser I College Prep. Techical - Auto Mechanics Grant James Kalasunas Vocational - Machine Shop Practice James Andrew Karlin Vocational - Printing Dennis Lee Keffer Business ' David Lee Kendall College Prep. Technical - Carpentry Richard Carl Kern College Prep. Technical - Electronics Philip Lynn Kersh Vocational General - Plumbing and Heating John Allen Kilgore Vocational - General Building Trades Nevin Carl Knaub Vocational - Printing Regis Frederick Koch Vocational - Sheet Metal and Welding 45 John Stewart Kramer Business James Krashesky Vocational - Printing Gerald William Kuilrick Vocational - General Building Trades Michael Arthur Lambert Vocational - Printing Stephen Briggs Lego Business Robert Joseph Lister Jr. College Prep, Technical Heating Mark Joseph Lukowsky Business Michael Christian Lynch Business Jeffrey Jonathan Lyon Business Michael Joseph Macchioni Business Kenneth Stephen Madera Vocational - Agri-Business Joseph Edward Manning College Prep. Technical - Practice Gary Wayne Mastin College Prep. Liberal Arts Patrick Joseph McHugh Vocational - Carpentry John Crist Mercer Plumbing and Machine Shop Vocational - Auto Mechanics Michael Charles Miller College Prep. Technical - Heating Michael Rodney Morgan Vocational - Agri-Business David Richard Morrissey Vocational - Food Service Jamie Isadore Moss College Prep. Technical General Building Trades William Alan Mottrn , Vocational - Printing Kevin Gerard Murphy College Prep. Technical - Heating William Joseph Noonan III Vocational - Carpentry Dennis Anthony Nowe Vocational - Food Service 46 Plumbing and Plumbing and l , X 47 George Van Axen 0'Brien Business James Joseph 0'Reilly Vocational - Agri-Business David Bruce Orner College Prep. Liberal Arts arry William Paxton College Prep. Liberal Arts Basil Andrew elensky College Prep. Technical - Auto Mechanics Thomas Martin Poole College Prep, Liberal Arts Michael Dominic Popolillo Jr. Vocational - Food Service Norman Thomas Ramsey College Prep. Technical - Electronics James Tyrone Reddick Vocational General - Agri-Business Henry William Rinck Jr. Vocational -Electricity Robert Roy Rockey Vocational - Plumbing and Heating Benjamin David Roth Vocat' ' - - and Welding Michael Allen Sawyer College Prep. Liberal Arts ederick Seifer College Prep. Liberal Arts Mark Steven Senft College Prep. Technical - Electricity Joseph Michael Senser r Vocational - General Building Trades Donald Allen Settle College Prep. Technical - Food Service Business ohn Ira Small Bruce Butler Smalley Vocational - Agri-Business incent Derrick Smith Vocational - Agri-Busine An r Stack Jr. College Prep. Liberal Arts Frank Charles Starlenich College Prep. Liberal Arts Stanley Joseph Strobel College Prep. Liberal Arts 48 W Class of '74 in 7th Grade 1 Because we will walk it only once, Then how important is it that we U' walk it with some purpose we can call oar own. lvayne Allen Sweeney College Prep, Technical - Machine Shop Practice Douglas Alden Tabor Vocational - Agri-Business Joseph Walter Taylor Vocational Machine Shop Practice lan 1' lugene ' I on College Prep. Liberal Arts David Ross Thomson College Prep. Technical - Electronics Randy Marlin Varncr Colege Prep. Technical - Agri-Business Norman Mark Vickers College Prep. Technical - Auto Mechanics Kevin Robert Vogl Vocational - Electricity Philip Francis Walter Vocational - 'Machine Shop Practice James Presley Wells Vocational - Carpentry William Joseph Whitney Vocational - Machine Shop Practice Joseph James Wright College Prep. Technical - Electricity Joseph John Yatsko Vocational - Electricity David Marlin Young College Prep. Technical - Electricity 51 . Q, 6 at will f- W fthi Class 1-gr , s fl X ste 5.53215 1 Mg -an ll, is .i U JI W' QW", Ei? Si J 'Clair A i X , I C l 1974 my I X Class Flower . Guinea Gold Mmgbzd '- AN , Kb 9 1 1 1 I .1 al ' J .li ' ' ' . . ,E . Ls 3 6 1-Ready for a new start in life as we part from the life we knew hereg 2-Here through times good and bad, times happy and sad we've learned to be men. I E3 ' . 3 X I I I I I I I . J . Y. Strengthened in many ways since childhood days by friends here so dear, Here we've learned to stand tall and though we might fall we'll stand up again. A . I El i db l i I I I N I I 11 4 . x as J' : . ' ' : . - :::r..:::: CZGSS Scmg Now as we're moving on to start a w life in a world that sm-vins so newg Now as we take our place among the va t procession of classes gone before, li . li- l f ZX Q .. I l . r . r : ' J A 1 J 5 X. , J I a , 5 I J u We'll forever embrace firm convictions we found so true. 2. 4 I 'ff' I 'fx l . J i dl l C5 Q .J 4 d - We'll always be proud to he the Class nl' Seventy-four. 6 Class Colors - Blue and Gold s G o o , 6 " I ex ect to ass throu h thzs world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any Class Motto kindness that I can show to any fellow creatures, let me do it now. Let me 5, not defer or neglect it, for I shall . 4 U ewf not pass this way again." 1 ., - wi all ' -Steven Grellet 5 A I , .L P ' - . .5 sn X 's'?r:' f 'ge-29" 0 JAMES HENRI ALLISON, III Camp Hill, Pa. 1970 Band Glee Club Student Cabinet Student Senate DAVID ANTHONY ALLWEIN Lebanon, Pa. 1967 THE SPARTAN Wrestling Explorer Post Headmaster's Society Spartan Post PHSSL KENNETH RAY ANDERSON Greenville, Pa. 1969 FRANCIS BACON Hershey, Pa. 1966 Basketball CStatisticianD PHSSL WILLIAM EDWIN BAER Hershey, Pa. 1970 National Honor Society Senior Class Vice President Senior Senate Treasurer Glee Club Baseball Football Headrnaster's Society Science Forum Student Senate Youth Forum Fellowship of Christian Athletes PATRICK ANTHONY BARR Brookville, Pa, 1970 Equipment Manager Spartan Post DAVID ALLEN BARSKEY Reading, Pa. 1968 National Honor Society Baseball Manager Headmaster's Society FRED ALLEN BARTON Hopewell, Pa. 1966 JAMES ROBERT BARTON Pittsburgh, Pa. 1967 WILLIAM BECKER Manheim, Pa. 1967 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Band Cross Country Track National Hlonor Socliety JAMES EDWARD BENCE Erie, Pa. 1970 THE SPARTAN National Honor Society ROBERT ALLEN BENEVENTO Lewistown, Pa, 1964 , DAVID MARK BERGMAN Pittsburgh, Pa. 1970 Student Senate RICHARD ALAN BERRY Renovo, Pa, 1969 Band Glee Club Baseball Manager Basketball Manager Trapping Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes JEFF GLENN BOLDOSSER Harrisburg, Pa. 1964 Band g U '- Baseball Football Headmaster's Society KEITH EMERSON BOYER Pittsburgh, Pa. 1970 THE sPAR'fAN 7 Drill Team Track PHSSL Fellowship of Christian Athletes JAMES BOYLAN Pittston, Pa, 1966 National Honor Society Football Track Headrnaster's Sooiety TIMOTHY ANDREW BRADLEY Bradford, Pa. 1967 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Trapping Post Spartan Post STEVEN CRAIG BRODY St, Petersburg, Fl. 1966 Band Glee Club Spartan Orchestra Basketball Football Track Student Cabinet Science Forum Youth Forum CALVIN EUGENE BROWN Harrisburg, Pa. 1970 Track KEVIN MAYNARD BROWN Harrisburg, Pa, 1970 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Drill Team Swimming Track Cheerleading Fellowship of Christian Athletes DANIEL RAYMUND BURCAW Palmyra, Pa. 1967 Gymnastics 4ManagerJ HeamasLer's Society Student Senate MICHAEL JEFFREY CAMPBELL Coraopolis, Pa. 1971 Football Wrestling BRIAN WILLIAM CARROLL Fairfield, Conn, 1965 Basketball ROBERT IRWIN CHAMBERS Hershey, Pa. 19615 Equipment Manager Fellowship of Christian Athletes JOHN EDWARD CLAYBORNE W, Conshohocken, Pa. 1966 Baseball lManagerJ Gymnastics CM:-inagerb HENRY FRANCIS CLAYPOOLE Annapolis, Md. 1965 Cross Country Swimming Track JOSEPH ANTHONY CLERICO Lancaster, Pa, 1966 Spartan Post PHSSL International Thespian Society JAMES CODDINGTON Ashland, Pa. 1971 PHSSL Band Spartan Orchestra Student Senate RICHARD ERIC COFFEY Lock Haven, Pa. 1967 Athletic Trainer FV' .---I, , " , I ta, .,,.. ,. ,A . .w'1",,,.,-,-,,. -,, ya, , .,Qjfgia1l,KE2ii.:f 2 :Jil,.',1,r.t.fs1 12.1 Ll.. Q., , A- r,'.',.,u:' ,, :t1.a--H ' V--ag. LAWRENCE PAUL CONNOR ,IR Norlh Versailles, Pa. 1964 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Swimming Trapping Post JAMES PRESTON COURSEY Newcastle, Del. 1971 Trapping Post RODNEY KIRK CRAWFORD Millersville, Pa. 1967 Drill Team Trapping Post ERNEST CROSTON Philadelphia, Pa. 1969 Wrestling Cheerleading Explorer Post Trapping Post Spartan Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes ALLEN WALTER CYLC Chester, Pa. 1968 Wrestling Headmaster's Society Student Senate 53 DAVID ARTHUR DALMAN Rockaway, N,J. 1966 THE SPARTAN Football Swimming School Bank DUANE WALTER DALY Philadelphia., Pa. 1964 THE SPARTAN Student Body President Football Track Wrestling Student Cabinet Explorer Post Headmaster's Society Student Senate PHSSL Fellowship of Christian Athletes PHILLIP GORDON DAY Baltimore, Md, 1968 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Band Glee Club Baseball Football Spartan Music Post Student Senate PHSSL Fellowship of Christian Athletes WAYNE JAMES DEMARCO Mt. Pocono, Pa, 1968 Equipment Manager Explorer Post Student Senate PHSSL International Thespian Society ALFRED DICLEMENTE UPPEI' D3l'bY, Pa. 1968 THOMAS JAMES DIGIAMBATISTA Haddonfield, N.J. 1966 National Honor Society Gymnastics Student Cabinet Cheerleading Headmaster's Society Spartan Post Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes FREDERICK EUGENE DILELIO Morgantown, W. Va. 1966 THE SPARTAN A Glee Club PHSSL International Thespian Society 54 ' PARIS ANDREW DIPIETRO Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 1970 ' National Honor Society THE SPARTAN Drill Team Cross Country CStatisticianD Track Wrestling Student Senate PHSSL Fellowship of Christian Athletes VINCENT RICHARD DOERING New Kensington, Pa. 1968 ACROPOLIS Basketball CStaftisticianD Football fStatisticianD Explorer Post Student Senate TERRY WAYNE FORD Silver Spring, Md. 1969 Football Track EDWARD LEE FORGUS Cleveland, O. 1970 DAVID WILLIAM FRANKLIN Irwin, Pa. 1966 Band Student Home Council MICHAEL GENTILE Philadelphia, Pa. 1962 FREDERICK PAUL GILLIARD Philadelphia, Pa. 1970 THOMAS MICHAEL GIOIA Hershey, Pa. 1964 Trapping Post Student Senate BRIAN KEITH GRIMES Wilmington, Del. 1964 National Honor Society Basketball CStatistician7 Headmaster's Society Student Senate GREGORY JOHN HALL Philadelphia, Pa. 1968 Basketball Football Track Spartan Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes BRUCE DAVID HAMIMOND Chester, Pa. 1963 Swimming Explorer Post Trapping Post RALPH MICHAEL HANES Philadelphia, Pa. 1970 Track DAVID IRVIN HARTMAN Mount Joy, Pa. 1967 Equipment Manager Trapping Post ROBERT THOMAS HAWLEY Chinchilla, Pa. 1964 Senior Class President Student Senate Band Glee Club Spartan Orchestra Football Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society PHSSL Fellowship of Christian Athletes Youth Forum MICHAEL KEVIN HAYFORD Lancaster, Pa. 1965 Wrestling Student Senate PAUL WALTER HERMANN, II El Paso, Tex. 1967 Wrestling Trapping Post STEVEN JAMES HILL Pittsburgh, Pa. 1967 Wrestling JOHNNIE WILLIAM HITCH Circleville, O. 1967 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Baseball Gymnastics Wrestling Student Senate ANDREW FRANCIS HRESKO, J Lebanon, Pa. 1971 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Basketball Manager Spartan Post WILLIAM BLANCHARD HUNKING' Augusta, Ky. 1963 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Band Spartan Orchestra Football Track Headrnastefs Society PHSSL International Thespian Society TERRY LEE JACOBS Lima, O. 1966 Football Manager Cheerleading I-leadmaster's Society Trapping Post Student Senate ' LEWIS MASSEY JOHNSON, IV Lancaster, Pa. 1965 Football Wrestling Fellowship of Christian Athletes JOHN MOTTER JONES, III Valencia, Pa. 1968 Wrestling Trapping Post WILLIAM FERNANDO JONES Danville, Pa. 1969 Track JAMIE MICHAEL JUMBELICK Bausman, Pa. 1966 Wrestling WILLIAM FRANKLIN KAISER Pitlsburgh, Pa. 1967 Football Track Wrestling Trapping Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes GRANT JAMES KALASUNAS Cheltenham, Pa. 1968 Band Spartan Post JAMES ANDREW KARLIN Pitcairn, Pa. 1966 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Baseball Football Student Cabinet Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes DENNIS LEE KEFFER Winchester, Va. 1970 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Band Spartan Orchestra Trapping Post Youth Forum PHSSL DAVID LEE KENDALL Shinpensburg, Pa. 1970 Drill Team RICHARD CARL KERN Slatington, Pa. 1968 Drill Team Explorer Post Trapping Post Student Senate PHILIP LYNN KERSH Hagerstown-, Md. 1966 Drill Team Explorer Post Trapping Posh JOHN ALLEN KILGORE Pittsburgh, Pa. 1968 Drill Team NEVIN CARL K'NAUB York, Pa. 1965 National Honor Society ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Explorer Post I-Ieadmasterts Society Student Senate REGIS FREDERICK KOCH Pittsburgh, Pa. 1968 Cross Country Tracik ,Ra JOHN STEWART KRAMER Harrisburg, Pa. 1961 THE SPARTAN Drill Team 1 Baseball CManagerJ BasketballCStatisticianJ School Bank Spartan Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes JAMES KRASHESKY Philadelphia., Pa. 1968 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Cheerleading GERALD WILLIAM KUDRICK Philadelphia, Pa. 1964 Glee Club Trapping Post Spartan Post Student Senate MICHAEL ARTHUR LAMBERT Philadelphia, Pa. 1968 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Spartan Post STEPHEN BRIGGS LEGO Rutherford, Pa. 1965 PHSSL Fellowship of Christian Athletes ROBERT JOSEPH LISTER, JR. Burlington, N.J. 1968 National Honor Society Football Track Wrestling Headmaster's Socviety Student Cabinet Student Senate MARK JOSEPH LUKOWSKY Pittsburgh, Pa. 1964 ACROPOLIS Band Basketball CStatisticianD Student Senate MICHAEL CHRISTIAN LYNCH Crum Lynne, Pa. 1960 Trapping Post JEFFREY JONATHAN LYON Dewitt, N.Y. 1965 Senior Class Secretary Band Glee Club Headmaster's Society S.udent Senate PHSSL Fellowship of Christian Athletes MICHAEL JOSEPH MACCHIONI Hershey, Pa. 1968 ACROPOLIS Senior Senate Secretary Football Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society Student Senate PHSSL KENNETH STEPHEN MADERA Pittsburgh, Pa. 1970 Student Senate JOSEPH EDWARD MANNING Riverdale, Md. 1962 Football Swimming Student Cabinet Student Senate GARY WAYNE MASTIN Wilmington, Del. 1969 Cross Country Track PATRICK JOSEPH MC HUGH Philadelphia, Pa. 1968 Drill Team Football Track Cheerleading Explorer Post Spartan Post Student Senate JOHN CRIST MERCER Ridgeway, Pa. 1964 MICHAEL CHARLES lVIILLER Hershey, Pa. 1961 ACROPOLIS Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society Student Senate MICHAEL RODNEY MORGAN Pine Grove. Pa. 1966 Football Wrestling Fellowship of Christian Athletes I DAVID RICHARD MORRISSEY Munhall, Pa. ' 1970 Clfneerleading JAIME ISADORE MOSS Uniontown, Pa. 1965 Baseball Football Gymnastics WILLIAM ALAN MOTTIN Vintondale, Pa. 1963 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Senior Class Treasurer Drill Team Baseball Wrestling Student Senate KEVIN GERARD MURPHY Minersville, Pa. 1970 Drill Team Track Wrestling - Headmaster's Society WILLIAM JOSEPH NOONAN, III Sea Isle City, N.J. 1967 Band Trapping Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes 55 DENNIS ANTHONY NOWE Harrisburg, Pa. 1967 Student Senate GEORGE VAN AXEN O'BRIEN Brooklyn, N.Y. 1970 Football Statistician JAME S JO SEPH O'REILLY Manheim, Pa.. 1968 Trapping Post DAVID BRUCE ORNER Philadelphia, Pa. 1968 Drill Team Wrestling Trapping Post Student Senate LARRY WILLIAM PAXTONN Gradyvillie, Pa. 1966 National Honor Society Basketball Cross Country Headmaster's Society Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes BASIL ANDREW PELENSKY Great Falls, Mon. 1969 Football THOMAS MARTIN POOLE Philadelphia, Pa. 1967 National Honor Society Drill Team Headmaster's Society Science Forum Trapping Post Student Senate Youth Forum I va.: 1, " MICHAEL DOMINIC POPOLILLO West Chester, Pa. 1968 Gymnastics Track Student Senate NORMAN THOMAS RAMSEY Philadelphia, Pa. 1965 Band Spartan Orchestra Basketball Spartan Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes JAMES TYRONE REDDICK Philadelphia, Pa. 1972 Basketball Trapping Post HENRY WILLIAM RINCK, JR. Honesdale, Pa. 1970 Trapping Post Spartan Post ROBERT ROY ROCKEY New Cumberland, Pa. 1971 BENJAMIN DAVID ROTH Lebanon, Pa. 1964 Trapping Post 56 .-.-......,,..... I.. . MICHAEL ALLEN SAWYER Eaton, N.Y. 1968 THE SPARTAN Band Glee Club Spartan Orchestra Student Senate PHSSL International Thespian Society MICHAEL FREDERICK SEIFER Miami, Fla. 1971 Glee Club Baseball tStatisrticianD Football CManagerD Spartan Post MARK STEVEN SENFT York, Pa. 1966 Band Science Forum JOSEPH MICHAEL SENSER Penndel, Pa. 1969 Basketball Football Track Headmaster's Society Spartan Post Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes' DONALD ALLEN SETTLE Altoona, Pa. 1967 JOHN IRA SMALL Philadelphia, Pa. 1971 Drill Team Basketball Track Student Cabinet .-.Y-, :Trapping Post Spartan Post Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes ISRUCE BUTLER SMALLEY Mount Pleasant Mills, Pa. 1970 Drill Team VINCENT DERRICK SMITH Philadelphia, Pa. 1969 Football Track Spartan Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes ANDREW JOSEPH STACK, III Johnsfown, Pa. 1963 Band Glee Club Spartan Orchestra Spartan Post PHSSL International Thespian Society FRANK CHARLES STARLENICH Allison Park, Pa. 1970 National Honor Society ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Drill Team Student Cabinet Student Senate PHSSL STANLEY JOSEPH STROBEL JR. King of Prussia, Pa. 1967 Cheerleading WAYNE ALLEN SWEENEY West Mifflin, Pa. 1970 Football Track Headmasterts Society Trapping Post Student Senate PHSSL DOUGLAS ALDEN TABOR Philadelphia, Pa. 1961 National Honor Societiy Athletic Trainer Trapping Post JOSEPH WALTER TAYLOR Hershey, Pa. 1966 Senior Class Historian Senior Senate Vice President Fjootball Track Headmaster's Society RANDOLPH EUGENE THOMPSON Belleview, Fla. 1968 National Honor Society THE SPARTAN Spartan Post Student Senate DAVID ROSS THOMSON Palmer, Mass. 1966 Swimming Science Forum RANDY MARLIN VARNER Huntingdon, Pa. 1965 Cross Country Swimming Track Cheerleading NORMAN MARK VICKERS Cleveland, O. 1969 KEVIN ROBERT VOGL Baldwin, N.Y. 1971 Drill Team PHILIP FRANCIS WALTER Philadelphia, Pa. 1971 Baseball Football JAMES PRESLEY WELLS Philadelphia, Pa. 1971 Basketball Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society Fellowship of Christian Athletes Spartan Post Student Senate WILLIAM JOSEPH WHITNEY Red Hill, Pa. 1971 JOSEPH JAMES WRIGHT Philadelphia, Pa. 1971 Band Track Student Senate JOSEPH JOHN YATSKQO Hazleton, Pa. 1970 Baseball Manager Student Senate DAVID MARLIN YOUNG Elizabethtown, Pa. 1971 National Honor Society 'VLLIIJILCGDIIH .!.?'JlnC'6II'S1I'9.E2y"'Q?C1rKICDUlI"H' JLVLLUJLLLUMH J.ruCsu'euuQsy weuuwwu awww llershey Seheell Milken Hershey Seheell lkliken Her y Seheell Mllkzen Hershey Seheell Nllilken Hershey S ell llllll hey Seheell Nlliken Hershey Seheell 'lllilliten she eell lMliken Hershey Seheell Milt 'llershey Seh ten Hershey Seheell llllllflllfcen Her y Seheell Mn ershey Seheell Mlnlken Hershey S1 -ell lhilliken Pax Seheell llllliken Hershey Seheell Jlliilken Hers gf-b ll Miken Hershey Seheell Mil llershey Seh n rshey Seheell lkliken He l fy Seheell wT U, S W' ey S nell lMliken H eheell lw eell Mlilken Hersh llkllilk. class M1975 Milt 'llershey Seh --' en Her and n Her ly Seheell shey Se liouseparents tw Cay S bell llklliken H heell lll ' ell Mliken Hershey lNll1l'f-Y l nl ill 'ilershey Sehee n He uey wwuuwwu avuuuuwsu H H fy Seheell Milli ershey Seheell Miken Hershey Sl ell Mliken Her y Seheell lMliken Hershey Seheell Q liken Hershe ell Miken Hershey Seheell Milt im ., ershey Seheell lhhliken Hershey Se eell lllllnlken Hen y Seheell Miken Hershey Seheell Nlliken Hershey Sl ell lhlllnken Hershey Seheell Nllnlken Hershey Seheell H nken Hershey Seheell lllfllnken Hershey Seheell lMlnlllh ershey Seheell llklnken Hershey Se eell Mnken Her Q Rm Q Ssheell er lSs eell- HN F? JUNIOR, DIVISON-First Row: Mr. and Mrs. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Stough, Mr. and Mrs. W. Fink Mr. and Mrs. Reale, Mr. and Mrs. Price. Mrs. Byrd, Mr. and Mrs. Miller. Second Row. Mr. and Mrs Varner, Mr. and Wantland. Mr. and Mrs. Dronsfield, Mr. and Mrs. Ebberts, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Silar, Mr. and Mrs. Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Schilling Absent: Mr. Byrd. Junior Division and Intermediate Division Houseparents ARROWHEAD, KEYSTONE, AND TEMPORARY CLUSTERS-First Row: Mr. and Mrs, Backensto, Mr. and Mrs. Frick, Mr. and Mrs-. Yetter, Mr. and Mrs. Cannon, Mr. and Mrs. Loftus, Mr. and Mrs. Sinclaigr. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Rhoads, Mr. and Mrs. May, Mr. and Mrs. Macaw, Mr. and Mrs. Gaiser, Mr. and Mrs. Stella. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Knopp, Mr. and Mrs. Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Akins, Mr. and Mrs. Gearheart, Mr. and Mrs. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Norton. NATIONAL, WOODLAND, AND PENNLAND CLUSTELRS- First Row: Mr. and Mrs. Pueterrman, Mr. and Mrs. Neimeyer, Mr, and Mrs. Lingenfelter, Mr. and Mrs. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Helm, Mr. and Mrs. L. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Hovel, Mr. and Mrs. McWilliams. Second Row: Mfr. and Mrs. Rosensteel, Mr. and Mrs. H. Thomas, Mr. and J. Irwin, Mr, and Mrs. Cravener, Mr. and Mrs. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Hosey. Third Row: Mr. and Mr. Mays, Mr. and Mrs. R. Fink, Mr. and Mrs. Carney, Mr. and Mrs. Ekstrom, Mr. and Mrs. Tarbell, Mr. and Mrs. White. Intermediate and Senior Division Honseparents COUNTY LINE and VIAN CLUSTERS-First Ruw: Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Tarbell, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Mir. and Mrs. Stevens, Mr. and Mrs, Coughaenour. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. King, Mr. and Mrs. Murray, Mr. and Mrs, Delbridge, Mr. and 1VLrs. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Yackley. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Parks, Mr. and Mrs. Scheller, Mr. and Mrs. Kozlowski, Mr. and Mrs. Shaffemr, Mr. and Mrs. Fulton. Absent: Mr. and Mrs. Reed. r DEQRRY ROAD and TRAILWAY-First Row: Mr. and Mrs. Strohl, Mr. and Mrs. Egly, Mr. and Mrs. Brennan, Mr. and Mrs. Lindenmuth, Mr. and Mrs. Vallati, Mr. and Mrs. Szollosy. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. Mulligan, Mr. and Mrs. Zarefoss, Mr. and Mrs. 'No.rris, Mr. and Mrs. Shriner, Mr. and Mrsf. Halk. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Hogarth, Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin. Absent: Mr. and Mrrs. Shue. Senior Division Houseparents SPRING CAREEK and UNION-First Row: Mr. and Mrs. Eclgin, Mr. and Mrs. Biever, Mr. and Mrs. Mostoller, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Stranix, Mr. and Mrs. McCutcheon. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. Hildebrandt, Mr. and Mrs. Dechant, Mr. and Mrs. Slesser, Mr. and Mrs. Hill, Mr. and Mrs, Noga. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Royer, Mr, and Mrs. Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Stough, Mr. and Mrs. Collin, Mr. and Mrs. Townsend, 59 CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISER'-First Row: J. Bailey, M. Hawley, J. Carroll. Second Row: P. Bulgarino, Mr. R. Wallace fadviserl, M. Matier. The Class of 1975 i.. f ,ua . , ,. 36? A.gS.:5.v.N Q NN. Grimes, C. Cavanaugh, P. Leonard, A. A fag, M. Roth, J, Challingsworth, I. Folkman, J '1.,:31i-riii1."sef-,na now: J. siner, s. Ruggiero, P. Rodgers ffgfhosenberry, P. Bulgarino, W. Swift, M. Matier. 60 ll-I First Row: M. McGuigan, R. Sharp, H. Robert, D. Rose, R. Sterling, S. Spencer, B. Summers, M. Hawley, H. Brooks J. Weaver. Second Row: W. Doran, A. Clevenstine, -T, Graff, B. Maidy, A. Hainzer, K. Kurtz, R. Turner, D. An- derson, J. Carse. 11-4 First Row: J. Cannon, K. Tedders, K. Beasley, I. Tippens, John Chappell, J. Russell. Second Row: J. Hallman, James Chappell, J. Trompeter, R. Hissick, G. Boughton, T. Zook. 11-6' First Row: G. Panik, B. Schroth, K. Kelly, D. Hollinger, T. Myers, M. Bleiler, R, Blaney, H. Ross, D. Grim, Second Row: D. Mitsock, G. Lynch, R. Koch, S. Sorensen, J. Mills, A. Sinnett, B. Woodcraft, K. Sipe, K. Hunking. 11-3 First Row W. Baker, D. Doyle, J. Waters, J. Segeda, J Taylor, T. Chambers. Second Row: A, Rushton, R. C001 W. Anderson, T. Dunn, A. Miller, J. Lucidori, R. Grie- semer. Absent: M. Holt. First Row: D. Siverling, J. Irvin, J. Wilson, H. Cassell, J. Rice, D. Deeley, I. Gaines. Second Row: N. Kromp, J. Bailey, A. Butts, J. Moe, T. Rockey, P. Gildea, J. Fawell. Absent: T. Bowers. I 61 11-8 First Row: R. Norton, J. Bykowski, W. Wilson, J. Endres, E. Pierce, D. Watson, J. D'Amico, R. Mora, D. Stewart Second Row: D. Speelman, R. Davey, G. DiFrancesco G. Rutkowski, T. Buck, S. Clark, K. Bennetch, D. Johns 11-10 First Row: S. Scuilli, J. Lewis, J, Lombardo, J. Longen- ecker, P. Lewis, R. Wells, J. Willis, D. Barto, D.. Drew, J. Riley, J. Tabor. Second Row: B. Gornick, R. Whritenour, E. Engel, J. Carse, B. Haines, D. Moore, D. Long, T. Hoe- fling, R. VonCol1n, D. Dieter. 62 First Row: G. Miller, J. Connelly, R. Jones, J. Gates, R Dunn, J. Zahn. Second Rnw: R. Lyons, C. Heath, R. Ben- evento, T. Waters, M, Malone, J. Jubeck, J. S'melik, R Castore. Third Row: A. Bannister, R. Schmoel, M. Barzda A. Farkas, R. Varner, P. Erb, C. Rearick, N. Oberly, R Boyd. 1 1 -9 First Row: K. Bridgeman, J. Huey, D. Smosny, K. Reyn- olds, D. Trower, P. Ruhl, D. Gallant, P. Hennessy. Second Row: J. Black, L. Wegrzyniak, W. Crawford, G. Smith, P. Connelly, R. Bess, J. McCurdy, R. Castore, B. Ungar. f llilken Hershey 5ehe'e1IW llvunuken ruersney .veneer mn 'lershey Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel Milken He ey Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel Milken Hershey vel llll hey Seheel Milken Hershey Seheel Vliilken hex- fw eel Milken Hershey Seheel Mil flershey Seh ken Hershey Seheel llllilken He ay Seheel Mi ershey Seheel Milken Hershey .H :vel Milken In Seheel Milken Hershey "SClh001 Wilken Hers 5?-L l Nliilken Hersheygeheel H Mil Hershey Seh up il rshey Sehee ilken He ey Seheel Nf a il ,Q El lf ey eel Milken H eheel I H in keel nares ness 1--, nn nr Hershey Sch --' en Her H ey Seheel lvl..-"Er Se H Cy A ies ' ey eel Milken He heel IN 'lek is Milken Hershe Ml' H les- N1 1 ey Seheel Milli ershey Seheel nlken Hershey el Nlnlken Her y Seheel Mlnlken ershey Seheel Walken Hershe el llllnlken Hers ey Seheel Muli ershey Seheel llllnlken Hershey Se eel llllnlken Hen y Seheel llilnlken Hershey Seheel nlken Hershey S el Milken Hershey Seheel Milken A ershe Seheel ilken Hershey Seheel H Milken Hershey Seheel lVli1l1 Hershey Seheel Milken Hershey Se eel Milken Her Hershey Hersney ,eelgswsl Mmwag H x in O 'e 0 H 'H kk r ' , H h ev ls eel M ylltnm hle rsh v lm eel kMilken,lHersh 4, 5 I4 n He Q -v el Y 1 ! BROWN 84 GOLD BAND-First Row: R. Drake, R. Ensor, E. Smith, J. Culhane, T, McMullen, N. Johns, M. Reho, J. Beshore, A. Smith, D. Seesholtz, R, Sell, T. Mick, J. Lego, T. Cannon, M. Lgukowsky. Second Row: V. Riden, L. Casamassa, E. Taylor, G. Searfoss, A. Howall, T. Seesholtz, E. Huges, A. Davis, K. Mentzer, C. Barndt, T. Croston, C. Weaver, B. Matthews S. Mogel. Third Row: J. Lehman, J. Blaney, J. Falco, J. Mehling, J. Drumheller, M. Black, A. Rippel, T. Searfoss, R. White F. Ryan, L. Barton, R. Wilke, M. Schmoel, A. Rodgers, Director William A. Grove. Fourth Row: R. Welhoelter, E. Lehman, S. Weinhold, R. Stratton, K. Betts, W. Kiley, A- BI'0dY, M- Bogdan, M- Vanderslice, A. Rowell, J. Kennedy, J. Vanderslice. Brown and Gold Band Cheerleaders gHEERLEADERS-First Row: G. Vogl, C. Lehman, C. Boyefr. Second Row: G. Usher, D.Morrissey . Panik. uonon GUAnn-sm1uing- K Boyer K M h P' Dipietm - . , . Lu-p y, K.V0g1, F. Stavlenich, K. Brown. Kneeling: . If L Color Guard Wg, I... Marching nit Q ? if R yew ' .- .' MARC!-IING UNIT-First Row: J. Small, K. Dawson, D. Orner, S. Frye, R. Moser, R. Varner, B. Mottin, T. Poole, J. Kramer, T. Hoefling, P. Riggi, D. Long, F. Talbott, K. Hunking. Second Row: Harold E. Hoerner '44, R. Crawford, B. Smalley, J. Willis, J. Bogden, D. Kendall, W. Baker, R. VonCo1ln, J. Cannon, J. Carlson, F. Zimmerman, P. Kersh, P. McHugh. mea 5515 his Emi Q..-43 Egg m2N 3.51.2 2559 .wig fgw Q-400.9 ofgg cg. .2 5 HSV, ...ww 'grim 513 :ge S535 caiiw H33 525 ,QQ s band MH the t in which ell eV City, an Atlantic 3 ll 0 1: 1 W ff: :1 0 A W n. S. 5 YJ 5 o n. 14 A 'S 0 9. sa- Q :I C 'gy' 55' C 'S' 5. mfg PW Q: pu- 35. 5 OP gn .fi ge SR: 'gl gk' L5 0 .. Q 0 SY 5 N 0 2 .. 5 o w 0 m lf! W Pl su :- o 'H 'll ... O F1 ? S 2 in 2 A 5. G 15 E E 0 I .. Y ? O W o 35 m ID -3 5 5 vs 5 Iv o -a ... ra Fl VI an M UI .- O T F' 211 N 5 0 F F ll U 5 0 F NE 2.2!- "' -u BI : E fl! F9 N Ii if Z o su O :zz M V1 P-I su :- I E! L? .. :J O 5 F' :n W 5. KB '4 8. 0 UI 0 N F' rn E E. o F 9S 'S 'xafimns W we O Q- 14 Catherine Hall's Handbell Choir - Choir Boys - 5th 8: 6th Grade Chorus 67 GLEE CLUB-First Row: D. Smosny, B. Smith, M. Dove, R. Sterling, W, Anderson, D. Grim. J. Willis, D. Stewart, W. Baer, V. L. Alexander. Second Row: J. Kudrick, N. Grimes, R. Brody, M. Julian, R. Turner, S. Goines, A. Veglia, J. Chappell. Milton Hershe Glee Club The MHS Glee Club has a varied repertoire of musical arrangment that brings smiles to almost all who are able to enjoy their talents. The Glee Club performs for social functions, church services, school assemblies and other similiar associations in its travels throughout Pennsylvania and bordering states. Its members are a select group who are also involved in other activities, both athletic and scholastic. This organization has brought much credit to our school as the demand for their appearance ex- ceeds the availability. GLEE CLUB OFFICERS and ADVISERS-Standing: P. Day imanagerl, R. Hawley fpresidentl, D. Stewart lliislorianl, R Turner ilibrarianl, V. L, Alexander Cadvisferl, J. Mills ftreasurerl. Seated: J. Rosenberry llibrariany. ' 68 1 GLEE CLUB-First Row: J. Rosenbenry, R. Hawley, G. Boake, P. Lewis, J, Rice, M. Harrison J. D'Amico, A. Franchak, F. Dilelio, S. Brody, Second Row: R. Berry, J. Mills, M. Hawley, J. Lyon D. Lee, M. Sawyer, G. Panik, P. Leonard, R. Mora, W vw. 3 l ACROPOLIS ADVISERS-Seated: Chairles A. Astfalk, Dale G. Aucker, Carl E. Stump, David M. Wel- let '66, Richard O. Hugzendubler, Audrey S. DeMuth. Standing: Carl R. Rhodes '60. Orville H. Strait. Acropolis Staff The responsibility of presenting a photographic memory book of the school term falls upon the shoulders of the ACROPOLIS staff. Each year the student editors and their advisers compose, print, and bind a fine ex- ample of a school yearbook, a credit to the print shop which produces it. ACROPOLIS STAFF-First. Rmv: Hunkiiigj M. Matier, M. Macchioni, M. Miller, 'Allwein, W. Mottin, J. Graff. Second Row: W. Becker, J. Hitch,.N. Knaub, L. Connor, D. Keffer, P.. Day, M. Hawley Third Row: J. Krashesky, V. Deering, K. Brown, T. Bradley, M. Lukowsky, A. Hresko. '70 SPARTAN ADVISERS-William G. Altland, Russell C. Klinger, SPARTAN EDITORIAL STAFF-First Row: T. Veglia, D. Allwein, Dale G- Auckef. RiC1'1H1'd 0- Hllgenfillblef, Carl R- Rhodes '50, J. Graff, P. Day. Second Row: H. Brooks, D. Keffelr, J. Kramer. Third Raw: N. Grimes, F. Dilelio, A. Hresko, S. Spencer. Fourth Row: R. Thomposon, F. Starlenich, P. DiPietro, T. Gioia. The Milton Hershey SPARTAN magazine is unique in that it is written and published entirely by the students. The SPARTAN, printed six times each year, is known for its fine quality, as evidenced by the numerous a- wards won at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Conference in New York City. Spartan Staff LETTERPRESS STAFF- First Row: T. Bradley, J. Karlin, L. ,OFFSET STAFF-First Row: N.4Knaub, K. Brown, M. Lambert. Connor. Second Row! J. Hitch, W. Mottin. Second Row: J. Krashesky, W. Hunking, W. Becker. 71 SENIOR SENATE- First Row: J. McCurdy, R. Hissick, B. Baker, J. Yatsko, J. Black, R. Lister, J Lyons, P. Day, M. Macchioni, M. Hawley, D. Omer. Second Row: L. Paxton, R. Coffey, T DiGiambatista, D. Warfel, N. Knaub, W. Mottin, J. Taylor, J. Wells, A. Cylc, J. Coddington, C. Heath D. Anderson. Third Row: D. Nowe, J. Lucidon, D. Burcaw, R. Thompson, M. Miller, W. Baer. M. Baer T. Poole, W. Sweeney, J. Manning, G. Kudrick. Fourth Row: W. Whitney, P. Walters, M. Roth, B Woodcraft, M. Sawyer, T. Gioia, D. Barskey, M. Hayford, B. Sterling. Fifth Row: M. Lukowsky, D Daly, B. Grimes, K. Medera, F. Staxlenich, P. DiPietro, J. Wright, R. Kern. J. Small, S. Brody. Senior Senate Intermediate Senate INTERMEDIATE SENATE-First Row: G. Keffer, E. Smith, R. Black, T. Brennan, J. Lister, J. Ken- nedy, M. Vanden-slice, B. Woodcraft, D. Poole, T. Hissick, P. Quindlen, K. Gildea. Second Row: P. Clancy, F. Ryan, G, Segeda, J. Lowry, B. Harrison, K. Cavanaugh, B. Barndt, W. Lawrence, R. Lynn, L Barton, P. Harris. Third Row: J. Staggs, A. Rippel, T. Schillaci, M. Smith, E. Hughes, R. Malone, J. Holtzinger, T. Martin, B. Simms, R. Andrews, A, Brody. Fourth Row: Mr. Durand, A. Rowell, D. Valkos, J, McGuigan, R. Bleile-T, C. Robert, W. Boykin, A. Krashesky, L. Jackson. 72 Y ,,,, , ,T l NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-First Row: T. DlGiambatista, J. Siner, R. Hissick, J. Hallman, N. Knaub, R. Lister, K. Kurtz, M. Matier, P. Rodgers, L.. Paxton. Second Row: W. Becker, J. Carroll, J. Boylan, J. Cannon, C. Cavanaugh, B. Baer, P. DiPietro, D. Barskey, D. Young, T. Poole. Third Row: D. Burcaw, R. Thompson, A. Franchak, B. Grimes, F. Starlenich. K. Beasley, S. Spencer, J. Rosen- berry, S. Brody. National Honor and Headmaster? Societies Hl3ADMASTER'S SOCIETY-First Row: D. Franklin, J. Boylan, W. Noonan, D. Allwein, W. Baer, R. Lrster, J. Lyon, P. Bulgarino, J. Bailey, G. Kudrick, N. Grimes. Second Row: M. Roth, T. D1Giambatista, L. Connor, D. Barskey, R. Coffey, D. Keffer, W. Sweeney, J. Taylor, M. Miller. Third Row: A. Franchak. C. Cavanaugh, D. Tabor, M. Macchioni, R. Hawley. T. Poole, L. Paxton, W. Hunking. Fourth Row: T. Jacobs, D. Burcaw. B. Grimes, P. DiPietro, R. Dunn, D. Omer, Fifth RI2w:hJ.SBcgdo5ser, K. Murphy, A. Hresko, J. Wells, J. Senser, J. Segeda, F. Starlenich, H. Brooks, R. oc, . ro y. 73 xl! ll ' Q .nj 1 J Wig f ea? :gb X01-, 2' VW f fha? Spartan Dramatics Gaining rapid recognition at Milton Hershey School is our dramatics department. By provid- ing three plays a year along with individual ef- forts in public speaking, radio, and related fields, its members have proven themselves a Worthy organization. Under Director George J. PENNSYLVANIA HIGH SCHOOL SPEECH LEAGUE OFFICERS- M. Sawyer, D. Keffer, P. Day, George J. Hollich Jr. ladviseri Hollich, they were accepted as a charter troupe into the International Thespian Society and have set high standards of quality and show- manship ability, evidence of which was their production of Happiness and The Legend of Arthur Banana Plant , INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY OFFICERS-J. Chap- pell, W. Hunking, W. DeMarco. 74 MEMORIAL HALL CHOIR-First Row: J. Baldwin, J. Langer, S, Patterson, M. Sturdivant, T. Arnold, T. McDevitt, K. Ford, VG. Bogden, K. Branch, R. Bowersf L. Wolty, L.. Shockley, S. Heist, Second Row: Lynette E. Waller, P. Newcomb, W. Mills, D. Seltzer, J. Beaver., V. Stevey, M. Trivitt, R. Resh. Third Row: J. Harris, G. Riggi, M. Dixon, S. Neiderhisst, B. Humphrey, G. Bykowski L. Stevey, B. McNamara, Fourth Row: C. Malone, R, Sweeney, A. Hubbs, G. Casamassa, J. Pendell, J. Zaccarelli, M. McCurdy, S. Vuletich, K. Horton. Fifth Row: T. Leiss, J. Mentzer, F. Leon, V. Zaccarel1i,yJ. Robinson: P. Gurt, K. Kerr, J. O'Nea1. D. Taylor, G. Watson. Building for the Future , - EAGLE SCOUTS AND ADVISERS-First Row: Mrs. Leonard Kozlowski, Robert-Davey, Jon Carse, Pat McHugh, Mrs. William Yackley. Second Row: Mr. Leonard Kozlowski, Gary DiAmico. Richard Kern, Duane Daly, Nevin Knaub, Dave Andrews, Mr. William Yackley. 1 Catherine Hall Footb Catherine Hall Sports 76 1111111101111 J1'I1QlI' 511111837 QGIHXUKQJJ1' avuuulswuu 1111511 muxuvys uuuuwvu , sv uuuw ershey Scheel Milken Hershey Scheel Milken Her Scheel Milken Hershey Scheel Milken Hershey S el l ea hey Scheel Milken Hershey Scheel ilken k,er f'W eel Milken Hershey Scheel Milk ershey Sch ken Hershey Scheel Milken Her Scheel Mi ershey Scheel Milken Hershey S el Milken li Scheel Milken Hershey Scheel ilken Hers if-.4 l Milken Hershey Scheel Milk ershey Sch s F1 rshey Sc ee llken Her y Scheel 1, F ki ey S el Milken H . cheel eel aussi? Hers ll nn Mug H mil ' wr 'N S ers ey Sch - en Her 911' y Scheel Ni...-5 shey Sc sports ey ell Milken H heel N '-1 iilken Hershe - ' na 9 'Nl i ershey e Hershey .Jensen avuuucuwuu ll H y Scheel Milli ershey Scheel Milken Hershey S el Milken Her Scheel Milken Hershey Scheel ilken Hershe el Milken Hershey Scheel Mil ershey Scheel Milken Hershey Scheel Milken He y Scheel Milken Hershey Scheel Milken Hershey el Milken Hershey Scheel Milken Hershey Scheel y ilken Hershey Scheel Milken Hershey Scheel Mil ershey Scheel Milken Hershey Scheel Milken He r Scheel lMklkenlH1ersherlSshOQl Milkwimclflersher S Cross Country CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-First Row: B. Woodcraft, D. Anderson, M. Roth, R. Howell, J. Challingsworth. W. Becker, K. Beasley, C. Egan. Second Row: D. Yandrich, W. Gornick, C. Elliott, R. Whritenour, T. Timonte, J. Anderson, J. Hallman, R. Hissick, S. Pinto. Third Row: P. DiPietro. QStatisticianJ, D. Moore, J. Wolfe, J. Udrea, M. McGuigan, P. Mallaghan, W. Rowell, R. Varner, H. Claypoole. S. Spencer, B. Baxter, B. Schwoer. A young Cross-Country team, coached by Edward B. Ruth and co-captained by Juniors Cross Country Record MHS OPP Dave Anderson and Mark Roth, put together an Sept. 14 Hershey 28 28 impressive season. 13 Middlewwn 15 53 The team posted a 7-1-1 record in dual meet 21 Susquehanna TWP- 20 47 competition and at the conference meet Won the 25 Palmyra 29 27 first championship in MHS history. Oct 22 gisrigjggizofglle Due .to the new -ruling admitting private and ' 5 Lower Dauphin y 15 52 paroch1al schools into. the PIAA, our runners 9 Mechnicsburg 20 46 were entered 1n the1r first District Ill meet and 12 Red Land 25 39 came home with a strong sixth place fmish. 18 Conference meet Champions The team outlook for next year is even 23 C,D, East 17 50 brighter as six of the eight top letter winners will 27 District Meet 6th Place be returning. Record 7-1-1 l 77 3? K , 'gtg 4. . naar. an VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM- First Row: R. Mitchell 1411, G. Hermann 1841, K. Tedders 1751, J. Huey 1811, J. Lombardo 1831, J. Segeda 1211, P. Bulgarino 1101, P. Walter 1241, J. Boylan 1801, T. Chambers 1251, T. Bowers 1201, J. Connelly 1321. Second Row: M. Harrison 1701, M. Bleiler 1851, J. Hall 1401, J. Gates 1651, R. Dunn 1311, M. Macchioni 1711, R. Hawley 1521, R. Jones 1641, L. Johnson 1611, C. Cavanaugh 1621, M. Hawley 1301, J. Senser 1421, V. Doering1statistician1. Third Row: M. Seifer 1equipment manager1, T. Jacobs 1equipment manager1, R. Coffey 1trainer1, D. Daly 1731, J. Jubeck 1721, V. Smith 1741, M. Campbell 1511, S. Brody 1821, W. Baer 1231, G. Hall 1431, R.. Lister 1221, J. Taylor 1501, J. Manning 1111, J. Karlin 1121, W. Sweeney 1statistician1, G. O'Brien 1stat1stician1, B. Chambers 1equipment manager1. Varsity Football Under new Head Coach Ken Snyder, our Varsity Football team accepted its usual challanges with a sturdy defense and a powerful offense and managed to reel off an 8-2-1 record the second best in the Schoo1's history. The offensive unit scored a school record 293 points, while the defense held opponents to an average of one touchdown a game, including 3 shutouts. 9 With a large group of talented seniors' as well as underclassmen, a balanced attack that was started this year will continue at MHS. One individual effort that should be noted is that of senior defensive tackle Vince Smith who was selected to the All State lst team as a defensive tackle, the first all stater in Milton Hershey history. 78 Varsity Football Record MHS OPP Sept. 7 Hershey 7 10 15 Bishop Guilfoyle 27 26 22 Palmyra 26 0 28 Lewistown 18 14 Oct. 4 Cumberland Valley 21 0 13 East Pennsboro 28 21 20 SusquehannaTwp. 41 0 lHomecorningl 26 Lower Dauphin 28 28 Nov. 3 Middletown 8 14 9 Mechanicsburg 32 12 17 Red Land 55 6 Record 8-2-1 Third Place Capital Area Conference - " 4. M ,QL A FOOTBALL COACHES- Paul D. Hansen, Warren H. Hitz, 'Gilson Cash. Head Coach Kenneth L, Snyder, Robert J. Schelhorn, David W. Khngensmxth, Wxlham F. DeLiberty, Robert W. Wallace, Craig C. Tritch. JV FOOTBALL TEAM- First Row! P. Bulgarinn, R. Leon, A. Spiece. G. Boake, J. Hughes, W Chambers. M. Tomecek, M. Halbeib, V. Hill.'Second Row: R. Mitchell, R. Dunn, J. Connelly. J. Hall G. Hermann. W. Andrews. M. Baer, D. Brewer, K. Wilder. Third Row: M. Corcoran. T. Kaiser, M Hernandez, C. Cavanaugh, E. Hayford, J. Bergman. J. Baer, M. Harrison. Fourth Row: S. Stone, J Lewis, D. Arnold, R. Knaub, W. Swift, J. Huey. Fifth Row: Coach Craig Tritch, R. Lyons, M. Bleiler Coach Robert Wallace. Jr. Varsity Football Sept. Oct. 80 Junior Varsity Football Flecord MHS OPP 13 Hershey 0 12 20 Middletown 14 26 26 Susquehanna Twp, 22 O 4 Palmyra 8 22 11 East Pennsboro 8 22 18 Cumberland Valley 8 30 25 Lower Dauphin 20 6 31 Nlechanicsburg 26 22 Record 3-5-0 Freshman Football Record MHS OPP Sept. 12 Hershey 24 6 19 Palmyra 8 6 26 Central Dauphin East 36 0 Oct. 3 Lower Dauphin 34 6 10 Middletown 18 0 17 Palmyra 0 0 24 Susquehanna Twp. 30 6 31 Fled Land 20 8 Record 7-0-1 Undefeated Capital Area Conference Junior High Champions Freshman Football FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM-First Row: W. Sterling, Dennis Horsefield, M. Sipe, C. Clerico, C. Wilder, R. Potts, P. Kersh, J. Malcolm, C. Seeburger, C. Robert., R. Franchak, M. Klinger, J. Bowen. Second Row: T. Swift, M. Slabonik, E. Capriotti, R. Cavanaugh, K. Kennedy, J. Tomecek, K. Kelly, - R.. Melesky, J. Stewart, B. Smith, T. Engle. Doug Horsefield, P. Kushin. Third Row: C. Lynch, D. Adams, Coach G. Cash, H. Ning, L. Gettle, M. Ford, A. Merrick, K. Kisner, S. Carroll, M. Spiece, C. . Toczynski, V. Lelii, H. DeMarco, C. Claypoole, F. Rafalko. 81 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row: J. Small L. Paxton, J. Bailey, Coach John A. Cook, T. Chambers. A. Franchak, B. Carroll, Second Row: V. Smith, J. Senser, J. Wells. R. Wells. S. Brody. T. Roddick. Varsity Basketball Coach John Cook's Varsity Basketball squad posted an over-all 16-6 win-loss record, while finishing a 12-6 record in an exciting and thrilling Capital Area Conference league. Versatile Senior Jim Wells, with help of Seniors Brian Carroll, Steve Brody, Larry Paxton, Vince Smith, John Small, and Tyrone Reddick, closed out a brilliant high school cage career by leading the team in almost every department. Wells broke the school's all-time career record scoring 1,372 points, the most points in one season scoring 669 points, the most points in one game with 47 points, and led the CAC and the Central Penn area in Date Nov. Dec. Jan. 82 scoring. The outlook for next year is bright, as many lettermen will be returning. Team MHS Opp. Date Team MHS Opp 15 Hershey 67 81 Red Lion 95 67 A 22 Red Land 94 77 Manheim Central 93 70 25 Susquehanna ' 58 53 Steelton 93 72 29 Middletown 56 74 Lewistown 100 38 Feb. 1 Cumberland Valley 81 48 Red Land 91 55 5 Mechanicsburg 82 57 Susquehanna 74 58 8 Palmyra 102 36 Middletown 70 66 12 Lower Dauphin 61 69 Cumberland Valley 94 60 15 East Pennsboro 86 63 Mechanicsburg 69 50 19 Hershey 69 79 Palmyra 103 56 26 District Tournament Lower Dauphin 68 76 East Pennsboro 63 70 Season Record: Wins: 16 Losses: 6 1 1 4 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row: R. Leon. P. Bul2arino.T. Bowers, W Chambers. V. Hill. Second Row: G. Boake. M. Harrison, B. Smith. Coach Gerald R. Long '55. K Beasley, E. Culp. D. Brewer. Absent: M. Halbleib. ' Jr. Varsity Basketball inth Grade Basketball FRESHMAN BASKETBALL-First Row: Richard Welsh. J. Smolens. Robert Welsh. Second Row: J. Tomecek. V. Clictt. D. Rowell. J. Thompson. R. Gibbons. Dennis l-lorseficld. W. Sterling. Coach William Keane. Third Row: C. Clayponlc, C. Wilder. S. Kennedy. B. Burdu. B. Morris. B, Smith. R. Potts. Doug Horscfield. 84 Junior Varsity Basketball Record Date Team MHS Opp Nov. 27 Red Lion 52 30 Manheim Central 62 Dec. 4 Steelton 66 7 Lewistown 66 11 Red Land 30 14 Susquehanna 49 18 Middletown 79 21 Cumberland Valley 56 Jan. 2 Mechanicsburg 64 4 Palmyra 47 8 Lower Dauphin 58 11 East Pcnnsboro 46 15 Hershey 69 22 Redland 24 25 Susquehanna 54 29 Middletown 59 Feb, 1 Cumberland Valley 62 5 Mechanicsburg 44 8 Palmyra 71 12 Lower Dauphin 70 15 East Pennsboro 46 19 Hershey 66 Seasons Record: Wins: 11 Losses: 11 Freshman Basketball Record Date Team MHS Opp Jan. 8 Susquehanna Twp. 22 11 Hershey 27 15 Middletown 55 18 Lower Dauphin 30 22 Palmyra 68 25 Susquehanna Twp. 40 29 Hershey 34 Feb. 1 Middletown 46 5 Lower Dauphin 27 8 Palmyra 40 Seasons Record: Wins: 6 Losses: 4 VARSITY WRESTLING .TEAM-First Row: P. Hermann, P. Connelly., S. Hill, D. Daly., R. Lister, T Ba1ley.D. Allwem, S. Sculllx. Second Row: A. Cylc, P. DiPietro, W. Kaiser, M. Bleiler, L. Johnson. C Cavanaugh, M. Morgan, J. Hall, D. Smosny. Varsity Wrestling Jr. Varsity Wrestling JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING-First Row: F. Zimmerman, M. Hernandez. J. Klinger, T. Clinger, T. Waters, D. Andrews, J. Waters. Second Row: R.Grieserner. J. Hallman, R. Davey, Jon Carse, J. Bergman, Jim Carse, L. Moore, S. Goines. Third Row: M. Barzda. L. Wegryzniak, J. Cygan, J. Wegryzniak, B. Pascucci, P. Riggi, R. Moser, R. Schmoel, B. Mottin. ADSQ'-Int! D- TIOWCY. 86 V " ' ' -f ff, S .VVL Jig . ,,,. ,. . filer. v..., f , ,., . 1 , X 'Q' Y A U ' fi ' V. .7 5 . p ' ' 'M .fag-A .,'- 1. 3- .' .. gk . V! J V :V ky 4, i 'f,V V, ,fu K K . 5 'f - -4,9 fi WAY N we , , WRESTLING COACHES- Craig C. Tritch, Paul D. galnsfnzelgavid G. Thompson, Head Coach Carl F. o es . This year's Varsity and Junior Varsity Wrestling teams, under Coaches Carl Rhodes '60 and Craig Tritch, grappled a 6-8 and a 7-5-2 win-loss record respectively. Those who have had the determination and dedication to "stick out" the entire season have benefited far in excess of the record. The sacrifice and continual effort which these young men brought to their sport has gone a long way to develop the quality of manhood. Varsity Wrestling MHS Opp, 3 ' Dec. 6 Hershey 21 29 ' 1 8 Lower Dauphin 16 29 20 East Pennsboro 27 1 8 Jan. 3 Middletown 37 1 2 5 Central Dauphin East 27 23 8 Manheim Central 29 1 7 10 Cumberland Valley 6 50 15 Garden Spot 17 29 19 Central Dauphin 16 33 24 Mechanicsburg I8 25 31 Red Land 31 1 5 Feb. 2 Carlisle 12 33 7 Susquehanna 1 5 3 1 14 Palmyra 28 16 22-23 Sectional Tournament 6 wins 8 losses Junior Varsity Wrestling MHS Opp. Dec. 6 Hershey 19 19 1 8 Lower Dauphin 18 18 20 East Pennsboro 15 24 Jan. 5 Central Dauphin East 22 19 8 Manheim Central 28 1 4 10 Cumberland Valley 8 38 1 5 Garden Spot 41 1 3 L 19 Central Dauphin 17 26 24 Mechanicshurg 19 29 31 Red Land 48 6 Feb. 2 Carlisle 13 30 7 Susquehanna 20 1 8 14 Palmyra 35 17 6 wins 5 losses 2 ties 87 I FRESHMAN WRESTLING F' -- xrst Row: K. Murdoch, R. Bennett, T. Crawford, M. Slabonik, W. Smith, D. Schreffler, G. Brown, M. Christian, M. West. Second Row: G. Bittinger, B. Parker, C. Mogel, R. Rodgers, C. Garner, R. Sampson, G. Glatz, M. Kminek, W. Clancy, B. Scuilli, R. Laboy. Third Row: C. Seeburger, R. Gentile QManagerJ, R. Potts, M. Milillo, K, Kisner, D. Glessner, J. Puliatti R Shaeffer K Johnson K K ll F . . , . e y. ourth Row: R. Melesky, M. Seltzer, A. Palmieri, R. Leicht, V. Lelii, D. Butler, B. Barzda, R. Wetzel. Absent: R. Demaio, A. Skinner, D. Danowsky, M. Laboy. in th Grade 1 Wrestling 11-1 Jan Feb 88 FRESI-IMAN WRESTLING 5 12 19 22 26 4 6 MHS OPP Susquehanna 44 33 Hershey 21 40 Middletown 63 12 Hempfield 6 5 1 9 Lower Duaphin 42 30 Palmyra 46 24 R ed Land 44 1 7 6 wins 1 loss VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM-First Row: D. Adams Coach K- nneth M Kauffman J Hermann J Hughes, R. Metzger, B. Hammond, J. Baker, T. Zehmlsch J Chlublckx Second Row Coach Rlchard M. Thieler, W. Sweeney, D. Ballard, B. Baker, J. Stephens J Rice L Connor B Noonan, J Mannmg J. Willis, M. Baer. Third Row: D. Gallant, P. Brown A Bannister J Connelly H Brooks G Boughton, J. Anderson. J.Sypo1t. D. Oberly. Absent D Dalman Varsity Swimming December 4 6 1 1 1 4 1 8 January 4 8 11 1 5 1 8 22 25 29 February 1 5 8 1 2 1 5-1 6 March 1-2 Susquehanna Township York Suburban Wilson Reading Mechanicsburg Hempfield Muhlenburg York Cedar Crest Manheim Township Coatesville East Pennsboro Governor Mifflin Hershey Mechanicsburg Lancaster Cumberland Valley District Meet State Meet Home Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Home Away Home Home Away VARSITY GYMNASTICS TEAM - First Row: D. Willis, T.DiGiambatista,'M. Popolillo, J. Moss, R. Mitchell, D. Connor, J. Falwell, D. Lee, T. Zehmish. Second Row: R. Bohx, B. Summers, T. Swift, J. Hitch. K. DiBetta, J. Clayborne, N. Oberly. Third Row: N. Morris, R. Schell. D. Burcaw, B. Vogl. Gymnastics 90 Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. GYMNASTICS SCHEDULE 15 1-lempfield 19 Cumberland Valley 10 Manheim Twp. 12 Susquehanna Twp. 15 Penn Manor 19 Tri-County Meet 23 Lampeter Strasburg 30 Chief Logan 2 Lower Dauphin 8 Lewistown 16 Districts 23 ' Regionals 1-2 State April 2 5 16 19 23 26 30 May 3 7 11 18 24-25 Red Land Susquehanna Twp. Middletown Cumberland Valley Mechanicsburg Palmyra Lower Dauphin East Pennsboro Hershey Conference Meet District Meet State Meet Track and Baseball March 29 April 2 4 16 18 23 25 30 May 2 7 9 14 16 21 Palmyra Middletown Cumberland Valley Susquehanna Twp. Hershey Red Land Lower Dauphin Mechanicsburg Palmyra Middletown Susquehanna Twp. Hershey East Pennsboro Championship Game TRACK COACHES: Edward: B. Ruth, David W. Klingensmith, John A. Hoerner QHead Coachj BASEBALL COACHES: Warren A. Hitz, Robert W. Wallace, John R. Bare QI-lead Coachy af! :wp Q llllf John Gregory Gavazzi Milton Hershey School Counselor Born January 6, 1934 Entered into Rest August 3, 1973 William Calvin Terrill, Jr. Student Born - May 25, l958 Entered into Rest - April l4, I974 1974 Acknowledgements Coordinator .............. . Letterpress Printing Adviser . . . . . . Offset Printing Adviser . . Layout Adviser ........ Photography Coordinator Photography Adviser .... Typing Adviser ....... Literary Adviser . . . Editor-in-Chief .... Technical Editor . . . Associate Editor . . . Sports Editors . . Literary Editor .... Art Editor .... Layout Editor . . Business Editor .... Junior Editors ...... Student Photographers . . Offset Foreman . . . Camera ...... Composition . . Stripping .... Presses .... Letterpress Foreman . . Presses........... Composition .... . Professional Photography . . . . . . Orville H. Strait . . . . . . .Dale G. Aucker Richard O. Hugendubler . . . . Charles A. Astfalk ........CarlE. Stump . . . Carl F. Rhodes '60 . . . Audrey S. DeMuth . . . David M. Weller '66 . . Michael J. Macchioni . . . . Michael C. Miller . . . . Mark J. Lukowsky . . . . . . .Phillip G. Day Michael C. Hawley . . . .Dennis L. Keffer . . . William B. Hunking . . . . Andrew F. Hresko . . . Vincent R. Doering . . . . Jonathan N. Graff Michael W. Matier . . . . . David A. Allwein Kenneth B. Wilder ......Nevin Knaub .. . ...KevinM.Brown . . . Michael A. Lambert . . . James Krashesky . . . . .William Becker William B. Hunking . . . . . Johnnie W. Hitch Lawrence P. Connor Jr. James A. Karlin . . .Timothy A. Bradley William A. Mottin . . . . . . William's Studio Composed, printed and bound by the students of the Milton Hershey School Print Shop. Sports Highlights Cross Country Football- Basketball- Wrestling- Swimming- Gymnastics- Baseball- Track Tied for second place in CAC, Conference Meet Championsg Sixth place District 3, Class Ag School course broken at 13:27 by Randy Howell and tied by Bruce Woodcraft at 13:31 Third place in CAC, Rated fourth in Central Penn area by TV Host, Jim Karlin Big 33 Honorable Mentiong Vince Smith All-State and Big 33'erg 8-2-1 a successful debut for Head Coach Ken Snyder. Third place in CAC, Third place in District 3, Class Ag First year in inter-district play-offsg Senior Jim Wells broke school career, season scoring, rebound records-led area in scoring. Sixth place in CAC, Duane Daly District 3, Class A Champion, had 1973-74 season record of 25 wins 1 lossg Ernie Croston second place, District 3, Class A. 13-4 win-loss record best in school history, Tied for fourth place in Central Penn, Junior Harry Brooks took a second place in District 3 Diving competition 9 wins, 0 loss in ,team competition Tri-County Team Champions for sixth consecutive year Over-all team record since start of program-30-13 Tom DiGiambatista-District 3 Champion in all-round competition, Sixth place in all-round competition at State Finals Head Coach John Bare, Assistant Warren Hitz, and new Assistant Bob Wallace started off the Spring season with 143 on the try-out roster. Fifteen lettermen returned with Head Coach John Hoemer, Assistants Ed Ruth, Dave Klingensmith, and Bob Schelhorn. Y: .- , . X LN .L-Q :Q 'E' 1'-I , "Q fx'--v' ' 3. ,.,,wgv '.-xg. 4'.'.-,Iwo-.L :. '.-rg.-p'g4f":1'.-.-: :-' f,',i:.',V-iff 1- 7'1" '- f 'W - . , ,., ., ,. . -: H I H. -N 1. Aix vx H Nf'0l1-bfi-'eryg 1 XE!-X., rl-,xxx iff u'.:'ff-yy f. fx-1f1.sJ,f 2-f :f'23'1 WTQ-P T::'1-..,-.X f Cv 5, 2, "f,".'-,frf f , -'-if - - . x ' -- ' N Xu . I. X' Agn. y.-f - . wgx. f 4 K' 9' " iff.. . 2-,yy A. ,'. :,, 5 1 .if-'51 15 v ,ff-,. 4: -V 511: -.Ay .-1.:..N4 -. uf 'Jaw'-.-. . 1, .gg ,., 4- A, rl -',.- . - ,YJ x -. . N. , M wA-X--Ahh :wk-f9,ff.41-'fNm,.ff:.':q,-g.7T-feb-f.--,-fqtf'..,.,.w:.x1.1.:.f.r15'-fy-12214.-f-ff-s fn- " 1- -. ' W z -' A X R YK-'XA V'F5Ex-"i- 1v'.lf'-YQEYRN Yi- c.- ivkyfi.-ff?'12-Jfiil: fN'N".'Cf3 Ji:k.5'7xif-T 'ff-f:fTfI.f"' '4f""-'gin' ' jf!-' - ,." -, f if r . . V x -- M a 1.-uixx f sf w5?Wv"X "Q ' 'lxl H.:"'L1.v:5-1'a1"Q-".'.i.'? 'I-fx fn'-"' lx:.Jf'n". -' ' -' f ' "1. f'Fl'1,1if':""!E ff"-"I "-'r' 5- 7.' 'j'.J5,'-'-'51 f.1!i fi " V H -'.-" . . 1-- .k.sf -I-' an -x'N1s.h'L-xg- fy-y',,x"'.H-" -f-',".a- .,'?':'f,a'gQ.,, - "-'13.'!::"2':i:',','f-.'f..r"rl r-'.'7 .,f'.4 Q ff 1 . . :'- - -.-xc-r' ' - . ., Q sw',Nx', -"fx,-'R :".:1,f'x -'Q .eng :1f",. -nj-.' fm- .-f.:1.! .':.. 1' , ,1-M.. 1,-'f:,"A-' --' - . - , Q-x X41 1vfCy'x"'Xx.I-.'x..' H -xx: ix--',-vw. N,-. H -1, 119-i','ap',, s -ju,-I ,e ,V :.,4,:,1.,-',-f'-.,,fw.:, 1 fy l. , , I, ,I . ,- 3 1. .,, 1 , --a wh .Vx-xy. .x XAQQ' -64.51 XXV- yx' , .-14, ..-3-1.:.g.- X 1 V'-, 1 ,,-f--.--,-3,-gg17'.'.- - .11 ,g -A. , .. JNL", , ,.-., , f - . x 4 t.. , ,. , XX. ,,x,w.-,L-xx.1 ,rwxu .av-1',... V ,,',,, ,Q ,,.-.- f,.'., '.. , - - .- - .-' . .A R gs' .1 A ' ' -.--,-.:. xx: n " f 'Az-':-,N -w'1.'5",'.'4-g,,'- :- 1---. 1-4-N -f: - V - - '. l - Lf. . .' '- -A - fx x . YA?-.-.-'.1N ww , - -X A-,-. Q '.-,-'frf-'L.-,'-1'Q-Swv-J 54-1.2.-4.-,:,:-'v ,bf ,L ff,-, 1 2. rw v. fx . if ,f ..f : J' y . fi- 1 ' ' , W N1 ky-1 H L21 -.-5 fx 5g.-'.-1-3'kyx-L- .Q,y.f,'r'.2-Lf?"'f,,v5:'j1'.1-E:g.Pv.j1zf.-'i'if -If gfgfglpg r 1,1 :,vj- , :pj.1,,1 -ng., .f .' ' .- X X 1, 1, , 1 A .-,R--.,':5..i .'v-'.-sax 1.1,-11 ' AJ,-Ls,-LQ' 5.51" Q '1:1,fi,'.' lg ,1.f,.-Q:-5" -.5 ', .-i.f.,.: ., gn ' , jf "f, if A ' ' 5 4 A- ,W 1 ::-X .,w.-vu' '- ,,- -. f gy - -',..g Aw..-,f 1: v,,.,, -,.' --.'5-- -"' .,'- . ' X V x X .. '. -,Q-.r NQX-EY '-Wx 'f ' '. 5-4-LJ-X-'fff " ' '-'f"'. ' jf -g':'."53.I,-'f-H. 1'-J,--,F Y 'w 'Q j'f'f,' ,'-, :J ',',. -I , .' f . '. ,. Q,-, ' .N .XX 1. X5 xf xxx 251,-A -X.. 1.x 5-.-N.-Vx"-A L'.V.-.Q g"l'v' .?.:',- ': ,k':'.','X:-Z"r.f.:v'XA- "Fx,-:J:. 3:11,-' J , ,."'.-if," ,.f.- , 'f ,f',f' . 1 'f -Y L- - - ' 1 mf 'KY , ' . -1' N: f ,' -,- , , ':-J - . .. W-f-H, . N ,I uv ' . 1-.xx -,rw :J-,. , , . V 1 .tg 'Nr Lv-: 5- f , I- lf: . ,IM -, , ' -.- - . - . . n-.V xx-,N im. ,x.., A I,--r-,fy-,,-1 '.A,A ,-,. .-,. , .: -. A ff,,,'.- -, ' . ., , -' A -. -1- " . X '51, '-"we -,'1'-":- ' -X-" ,'- "-'.: Nf :.-,. .1., . , - F . -.. . ,- , a ,Q aw-,-. -f- -An , -' X.-1f.:vf-5 1 f. - '-'-.g'f..f,, .- - g,- -- -. . f. - - ' - x---- .Y -..:-'- 'M-? " -"-'.-' -.'I-- -1-. 4-' . X .N x., -N, ,V Q rw ' ---1,-.. f -, . M - - gf -vm ..- t.4. ., . f-2 ,. f ,N X. , K V-. .X ,M-.-4 A. J , A : N . 1 -N - --" ' ' j.- g -. -- p gf - -ja, ' - , - sxf.-.-f .- -- .,,-' J-161. ',A ' '- ',3-.-- 'fha 4 " ' ' 4-v '. " "X, I 11, .!. ' , Hx, 'X' F 4,- ,. ',f 11 ',- ,A H1 g, PM-2 f'v ' ,1,llJ', 111 , 12,1 ,,. f ' jeff. ll' ,hh If 1, ri 1 ,- Qx-Q' Jf. 'N .J- 1 X . NA ,A vf..-, .. - - ,f, - As ". -."- N -.A " N.. Q- 4- -xx xxx ,- xx x1'. Q x 1- 4X mx x- - -m. Q .-'.- , -N- . 'ifx - - ' , . al. .' -.' 'rh- .'.- -T 5. '-, 'f 1 .- LL1.-' - . "' " ,.. -..W- -mx -ax- if x I. .V..-xx - 4-.1 N s 4. ux . , n s ,xW -.x s' N-,l,' ,,..- 1 A x

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