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' v 'Q '- Q' '.-'If-" 'izf Z'!-"JSE" ' Y " Q "- ' E- - R' .1 "V , ' 'f SF-' ' ff"3F.f"i'- '-'v2'f",' . - -ns f .::1.-.?. .. W: .,v::.7-3 .-...2.'5,,,-g j.'2k,,-.,q'1i"g'Q'ik- 4.,.7:f5x.,?ggg4-55. . 4Q,,jNi1,?kvyf..:f,g-L 5f:g.,,A:,,.,,.J-. . . X. . .- --f. .., ...A ,-'D ..y.1,sg,7-5154 g-.. K H-.5 - 4.4 - F ,X ',rN.f"N'7-,w . -'pg-gf. yrgf, -.-:Q-5,1 A ' --s -5' - .' ' 1.2131--2-St.-'Pi' tn'-rv! 'Ty 'S-Q :.-f -"'sj f ' s. ,fl If 4, -.',.',:-' " .,' . .1 -- -----1: serv-ggzf-.-9-. 'fe-11: .. x ,,.- ..':Qg"S-:'5'P.y-i.f1f,3 g,'a.,:j5,".'g:-'fn-f.-.--:ff:'s :U " - 7' X 2 " "' ' - -'1'i1'5VL 'fn-132 T" 'gif'-x"f1'1.'::-S D-fx. ?JJN iv Cv' X 57-'Tix' 4"f' 1" -' - .- .,4. - .. mn . k-. ..,.-fy... A - V., , .,,-1.-,,,5x, -- '. ' , , ' ' ' . 'fini' 'F'Skiyvif'kv.j6Q'.f-GH-5.'95Fiiwi'-."3E42-5-:Pryig,-. f' :f-f ...Q fe. . --. -.'--.- . fr-, . :Q .:z'-' . ' -.0 -.-.rfr '-5 ::.-f--'-- - - I - '.:. .'.Z.'. 5-jf'-x l11-SH:-',1.-.QL QQPQX-Tf,Qw',j.1-.'-'P.-."lxrfgfs75'p-,fi,- . -.f-' ' 3' -. - . 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A ' x . x ' 1 ' . .1 - . . K x 'H . 1 o " ' - A . , . ' f ' " .N 'x . . ' - A . ' ' ' - x ' .-N' - '.. . - A . , .. 5, . i.. . ' -l A . 'fl,? h 5' .:.'L-.,.---- ' . - Y. . " '- nf' - .Hfve-q., . ' . ,,..-...--'ev - .. 'I . . ' ...J '-. 'A R, -',' '-,I --' .J ,. .r -.'-"-..v.s"' .nh " ' --: - . , . 1 . f .' ' , I ,L h... -. .',-xr' A-X. rx- , fs V . -. . .- , 1 ,A., .-,--v,. --f.-... . - :., ., "1 N-..w:f , - .. V.: ,' ls'-V , QL". ' ..' ' . . - . ' ..g J ,'!vpf:fr..:..j.J ,- ,-' ...Mg . .t 1 1 .- 1. , Q ff' .,.', ..- ". '-- ' -P-, . . . - . ' , Ill., ' ,I 4.3, '..' ,-I,w4--.I . --Q3 -'.!,I. . ' . . 'I -., ':"'l'!n1 x .fb .- - , I, ' V, 'f-1-.f.'f.,,:g-, f-' , - . ,- . 1"-"fn 51.59 - X as-.,".h.-.--'X-',---" . . v 1. .lv ,fo .1, fr,.J.. ,,...'.. . . , - A.f ,P..f'-f, -- ..-, ,'. - ,, I 1 4 . . 1 Q ' f A Q 1 . '-14' 4'1" fin "n.o u "Q """k' 1 . 1 4 I .ll 1 , J tl. ' ' -'Q -'."'uu4 I , 'Fu' ...Q-. ,. ., ,,.. , . us. 1 - . , . 4 a 4 -1 '4 A i '- .W-:im ,. '-.,, -.- '.-','.u- " '-1.1 -' , ... ' '-'. ,-,, . a f ' n . ' 'O l V I I V I 'X' ,Q f .Lift S. ,i I , v, I .'-','f, . 5-. , If l .U I p r' . s , ' I 1 'u 1 .pq n 1 v, ' Hp ',f'I o I' sl 'yr Q qvnfig, lifgp 1 ' x . ' .V ' bu 'JV ' . I-.if X Y ' lug A ' ' .,-bib' 'lu n 1 . ..n 1 nu 4"'l'..'x " Avg- --N, ., , 1 V ' AZ ' ff, x '. -Hx . Q, . wil id' , wodw if, 5 4 'qa'w KH' '14 V f-1-.r 9 1:9 J. 1 .1 :ff 1 wwgr kaU'ijd'1 1" nf wr - 1-1 wee ' Fin-1 .e as rv .359 1 C ' L 'BY .hmfg Liz! QQEW he cropolio cnineteen gfundred Seventy-three Published By The Mllton Hershey School Acropolis Staff Hershey Pennsylvonlo Reflections and Reminiscences Our todays and yesterdays are the blocks on which we build. O O O Longfellow 3 REFLECTIONS .Q f Q if z' M' 94 ai A F' . .. Q.-ff M 2 TheirGift A New Startrin Life Q L.. Their generosity has provided us a home, opportunities for education, and a new start in life, for which we shall be eternally grateful. h qu., ':'f , if-A '- Y "' ld'- if 5.2-'.-'4 2 '-' S . ii.. -, K X X-D X K X '54, -11? N ,"'-'-1.14 11-" f Esx--' 555-1-,ff 5 .-ff? ...---5 :iff -i-,,....v? ,.,-'11 J .J f 5 W - J 4111! ' r Q Q t . , . ..-...--s1""' J SX . 'Xxx X XX XQQWNXNX WV' W V . E MWMT JOV .N 1' j WWA f A lfffflfl W 'T g qIc4""'-. -.---""f- i- r - .,,.-'15 - ,,v.-dr, Administra tors of Our Legacy BOARD OF MANAGERS The Wisdom and foresight of Milton S. Hershey is evident in the Deed of Trust which he and his Wife Catherine signed jointly November 15, 1909. This action placed the control of the School and his other philanthropic undertakings in the hands of a Board of Managers, who fortunately possessed to a large degree the Wisdom and foresight of our founder. Milton Hershey School and the community of Hershey is what it is today, not as the result of luck or happenstance, but as a result of the wise and progressive leadership of the Board of Managers. I Left to Right: Arthur R. Whiteman '27, Joseph S. Gumpher '35 tsecretary-treasurerl, John S. Baum, Harold S. Mohler, Ken- neth V. Hatt '41, William E. Dearden '40, William E. Schiller. Dr. John O. Hershey fpresldentl. James E. Bobb lchairmanl. 9 Directors of o, Noble Experiment Left to Right: Dr. Richard A Rudisill Dr J hn 0 H rsh y We think in words when we think clearly. When the name of an individual pops into our minds, certain words seem to be associated automatically with our thoughts and evaluations of that person. This is not to imply that the person does not possess other admirable traits in abundance, or that any one person has a monopoly on such attributes. As we present in the early pages of this yearbook Dr. John O. Hershey, president of Milton Hershey School and Dr. Richard A. Rudisill, headmaster, such Words as foresight, progress, competence, integrity, and empathy come to our minds. We have chosen our Words carefully, and we honestly believe that the progress of Milton Hershey School during the last decade is ample proof of the validity of our evaluation. 10V Supervisors of a Broad Educational Program Continuing in the same vein with our presentation of the administrative staff, we nominate William R. Fisher as recipient of the Administrator of the Year award in a nationwide contest for the school year 1972-73. Mr. Fisher, director of Secondary Education, could well be called "Mr, Capability," for no administrator has a better understanding and control of the many facets of secondary education. In addition he has always lent a sympathetic ear to the problems of both faculty and students. The energy and enthusiasm which Carl E. Stump, assistant director of Secondary Education, displays in supervising many activities of Senior Hall, particulary in the Trade Division, wins from us the title of "Mr, Efficiency." Senior Hall Teachers Are Dedicated to Youth Educational Facilities for grades nine through twelve. nd ' Sitting: Gerald R. Long '55, W. Purnell Payne, Virgil L. Alexander. Stan Kenneth L. Snyder, Larry E. Casebeer, John H. Tellet '44, John A. C M tth J. Be11c1c. 12 e l ., L,,,, ' ii" English Seated: George Hollich. W. Lyndon Hess, John E. Fox. Standing: LeRoV O Wolfe D. Michael Weller. Orville H. Strait, William G. Altland. Edith B. Long Living and Learning W,,,,. S ' Seated: Charles L. Bikle. Standing: Frank H. McCrea, Edward B. Ruth, D. Wxlhs Hartman, Phxhp K. Shuler. Left to Right: Andrew M. Kavalecs. Language 14 Dorothy K. Esbenshade, A. James Jones. ' Seated: William R. Prescott, William H. Snyder, James M. Lehman, Allen M. Hoover, Standing: Robert W. Hopple, Richard E. Campbell, James L. Butch. ' ' First Row: Paul I. Kleinfelter, John W. Showalter. Second Row: Carl F. Rhodes '60 William A. Yottey, John A. Storm, James W. Martin, William E. Bitner. 15 Business sifting: Russell c. Klinger, Audrey s. DeMuth, standing: S Education 16 Ray A. Faidley, Charle K. Francis. Drafting and Left to Right: Richard K. Dimrle, A Kovach. Seated: Charles A. Astfalk. Industrial Arts S VOCatLOnal Seated: Thomas 0. Pratt CElectricityJ, Kenneth R. Smitley iBuilding Tradesj. Standing: Harold E. Hoerner '44 LP1umbing and Heatingj, Harold C. Good '36 QSheet Metab, Robert K. Schelhorn QC:-xrpentryj. --an Each year, students construct a house for one of the members of the school family. House Project 17 Left to R-ighti Dale G. Auckcr CPrintingJ, Richard O. Hugendubler iPrintir1gJ Harry L Buck '43 QAuto MechanicsJ, Russell Daubert 4Auto Mechamcsj, John A Hoerner.QMachine Shopj. SWSL. KH? Mmm P54Yifo'4Lk'1 EZQONC uSmA.11 Ama M9 SYRMC-15' :Wai W to xml ew gtmiyam wa T6 DG wsliwaii iw W Rimzgwg Wm UNM BY TW. 501 UU? UALB CWLLL IMPROVE MYER? IQ HQ-Wil 1 8 www -5 A mul zmzsseow as mv mmgng T9 L5??4!1X9,AN'9 VS W M4 'BCM SEE REQ! 'MWLCCQ 3 VOCati0nal Left to Right: warren H. Hitz qAgri-Busmessp, . . Thomas E. Michaels CFood ServiceJ, Kenneth H. Tralnlng Cook LElectronicsJ. Supervisors of Our Intermediate ivision Seated: M. Nelson Durand Cd 1 Standing: Donald R. Witm n st n Divisionj. Sympgathetic understanding of the problems faci1Q the young Amennwhop are enrolled, in the mefmediefe Dirisiar Qf MiltOQ,.H??Sl1QX SCPQQ1 characterizes M. Nelson Durand, director, and Donald R. Witman, assistant director. By means 9f.ivafisd.1?rOsram Obstudies, Sports, holohies, crafts, music, and art, younger students arevrvgepared to face the problems and challenge dfrdsenior high school. Innovation, testing, codunsging, wide use of audio-visual aids, homogeneous grouping, and excellent physical facilities are used to advantage to create the right atmosphere for learning and self-improvement. Catherine Hallie Faculty Devoted to Widening Students' Horizons Educational facilities for grades five through eight. fth Grade Left to Right: Allen A. Hicks, Roy M. Dice, Roger A. Killian. 20 ' ' Seated: Bruce H. Moyer, Troupiere O. Hershey. James C. Dearden. Standing: Samuel D. Blachley, Bruce R. Wieder, Gary T. Hawbaker. Robert L. Stambaugh. ' Left to Right: Bonnie Casebeer, Kenneth M. Kauffman, Richard M. Thieler Sczence Program Ea.. R, Baum., English and Reading Seated: William Keane, Josephine M. Baum, Harry E. Bay, Ruth G. Dorman J. Duncan Kriebel. Standing: J. Robert Bortel, John S. Davis, Arthur H. Kline Parke E. Adams, Gilson G. Cash, George F. Sandel. Art and Industrial A rts 22 Left to Right: William G. Angert. Robert J. Schelhorn, John R. Bare Jr. ' Seated: Donald A. Gipe. John H, Grab, Standing: Wallace R Conway Terry W. Baylor, Thomas G. Welsh. 401 3 Our younger brothers are on the go with "Sock Day" after winning the Cocoa Bean Game. Music Harold E. Reichard and William Program A. Grove Hgettin' it together." . f ,. ,,,, ..... Charles K. Francis points out an David W. Klingensmith shows error to T. Bussey. - Robert L. Oesterling how to mas- O nl ter the parallel bars. 24 Supervisors of Our Junior Division I Lloyd M. Morgan and Willa A Hoo r br ght the d for J. Truax as they talk thing A heart of love, which led Milton S. Hershey and his wife Catherine S. Hershey, to establish the Deed of Trust to provide for thousands of orphan boys, must be a part of every administrator, teacher, or houseparent at Milton Hershey School. Certainly William A. Hoover, director of the Junior Division and Lloyd M. Morgan '49, administrative assistant, possess this heart of love to an amazing degree. To see these men mingle with their young students, listen to their tales of woe, hear their joys and sorrows, cajole them into acceptable solutions and standards of behavior is a thrill to anyone Who likes to work with youth. Memorial Hall Faculty Devoted to Laying a Firm Foundation , I . V . 3 5 V. .Nr W .Zi ' .4f'? .'3 gi t Q it ,! an ' . L.. W ag ,W H'-If - ,. V ' jf ' 1 1 -" vw 'tslwai r ' f g ! k 1 V 'I ., A . L, H we p ' 1 - ,,f,.e, '.,52'1,.. B Y ' k 4' x--5 "" 1 ig V - v' ,W Educational facilities for Kindergarten through grade four. Sitting: Doris C. Grubb, S. Stevey. Left to Right: D. McCammon, st ding: T. Leiss, J. B uwin. Program Lyfliflie hEil Waller- J- Hanson- M. itc e . 26 ' Seated: Jeanne M. Hostetler, Frances A. Reigle. Standing: Louise B. Swartzbaugh, Agnes M. Souders, Olive M. Kleinfelter, Catherine W. Custer. Through Third Grade ' Seated: Phvllis M. Baugher, Kathryn L. Aungst, Janice D. Boyd. Standing: Mary U Saye, Claudia K. Byers, Valarie K. Wolfe, Ted E. Derrick. 27 We Shall Ever Be Grateful for Their Years of Dedicated Service Kathryn L. Aungst Catherine W. Custer brought fourteen years of teaching ,re ' 71. git' f 2 W ' f Kathryn L. Aungst was born in Annville, Pennsylvania, Where she attended the public schools before matriculating at Millersville State Teachers College and Penn State University. Having taught in the schools of East Hanover Township, Mrs. Aungst came to Milton Hershey School in 1950 and has served for twenty-three years as a teacher of fifth grade students. For eight years she served as .Girl Scout Leader and for five years as councilor at summer camp. Her greatest joy is working with fifth grade students. Q W W' U . experience to Milton Hershey School when she and her husband joined our staff in 1948. Born in Glen Campbell, Indiana County, Mrs. Custer attended public schools in Cresson, graduated from Vintondale High School, and attended Indiana Teachers College, Penn State University, and Millersville State College. Her twenty-four years at M.H.S. as teacher in kindergarten and first grade and her long associations at Derry Presbyterian Church as teacher and superintendent have been an invaluable contribution. ,ge f -1 ff- .J W-W. ry, wp, W... 5 1 . 3 . 2-.. V J ,in U.. 'ini' ,. . . . . ., ,r - 1 i. si.. - 93' L ife.. -' It , 'F Elsa ' A - l .wwf - . .1 .fi . . if ,,r f W wi. , Vg., -.: sn ..... . - . 1. A wi f f ' ale' Swrrwfk :. , 1 at K. ,sv,.w....,i.s, age f gnc.. lg... M., -1, ' i. at -, f. -, ami z K, , X . , xm l . S5 -. ' V -f f. .. "'.""' ' Q Y , 53 . wr 2. . "i,wa.w k ,.. f' . A J -wg?..,5Qf?f,5. - ra- - f-ffl! 3 ..slifi,,! , . M6 : 5 e T of x - . 0 , ' ' Q : , gf-4 A . p 0 , N . -. , . O 5 5 . Tl 4 x 'K 0 ' 0 . , , x x W , I , A . O I Q 5 5 5 X Q Q ' C 0'QC..q.Owlx':s.k A 0 O 0 ' Q B 5 ' x g W ' Catherine W. Custer After more than twenty-four years of service to Milton Hershey Grant T. Custer 28 School, Grant T. Custer has rightfully earned retirement. A product of the one-room school and of Ferndale High School, Where he lettered in track and basketball, Mr. Custer received a bachelor's degree from California State College and later a master's degree from Penn State. He has served the School as a teacher of Related Science, an Administrative Assistant, and for twelve years as Director of Enrollment. We Salute the Teachers Retiring from M.H. W. Lyndon Hess, a native of Brooklyn, New York, has given thirty-two years of loyal service to Milton Hershey School and the 3 community of Hershey. Formerly active in scouting, he has also served as adviser to The Spartan, the National Honor Society, and iw for the last sixteen years as Coordinator of the English Department. Ordained a perpetual deacon in All Saints' Episcopal Church in 1961, he was later assigned by the Bishop as assistant to the rector. His greatest interest is in helping in the intellectual growth of young men who sincerely desire an education. .,,.sP'f' 'V" W. Lyndon Hess Paul I. Kleinfelter, a native of Lebanon County, was graduated from Middletown High School in 1928 and from Lebanon Valley College in 1932. He earned a master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1959. Mr. Kleinfelter joined the M.H.S. faculty in 1934, serving first as a teacher of mathematics and social studies and later of social studies alone, having had responsibility as Department Coordinator for many years. A sincere and dedicated teacher, Mr. Kleinfelter has always striven to inject the traditional principles and disciplines which made America great. .iw--,,,,,N Paul I. Kleinfelter For forty-three years Philip K. Shuler has served Milton Hershey School, first as principal, Memorial Building, 1930-32 and Community Building, 1932-34, then as teacher of biology and chemistry at Senior Hall 1934-1973. After attending the public schools of New Cumberland, Mr. Shuler pursued his college studies at Shippensburg State College and earned his master's degree at Columbia University in 1937. Long active in scouting and outdoor life, Mr. Shuler will always be remembered for these interests as well as for his mastery of the subjects he taught. Philip K. Shuler 29 They Work with Us and for Us M H E A President Gary T. Hawbaker, President-Elect Gilson G. Cash, Treasurer John I-I. Grab, ' ' ' ' Vice President Gerald R. Long, Secretary Edith B. Long. The officers and members of the Milton Hershey Educational Association have shown in recent years an increasing awareness of their responsibilities to the School and a growing interest in their professional status. Their support of high standards of scholarship and conduct by the awarding of scholarships and trophies and their activities of Education Week are commendable. Both professional and social activities are worthy of increasing support. Both faculty and administrative staff are helped immeasurably by the duties performed by our secretaries. The preparation of daily and weekly bulletins, the processing of orders for supplies and of invoices, the details of student records and transcripts, the handling of appointments and correspondence, and duties as receptionists are some of the contributions they make to a smooth and orderly life at M.H.S. S . Z S Seated: Marlene C. Stehman, Betty B. Filepas, Martha J. Allwein, Dolores O. Sides, ff Helen S. Dodge, Sheila R. Merwine. Standing: Helen S. Evans. Jane K. Stacks, Ruth A. Shope, Ellen J. Heckman, Emilie J. Curry, Betty J. Lighty, Jannette L. Myers. Avis C. Kercher, Mildred T. Kapp. 30 oanselors Are Always Available to Encourage Us C0 rs Sitting: Richard C. Johnson, Catherine Becker, Matthew J. Belicic. Standing: Gray G. Johnson, Joseph L. Roeser, William F. DeLiberty. David G. Thompson, Thural V. Brehm. Aided by the wide experience of our counseling staff. any student at M' School Who l ' , family, or student homelife can always find one The Student Personnel Staff supervises the growth of every student from enrollment to termination. As students become seniors and begin to think of graduation or into a- ofl the counselors ready and Willing to 'grant him voc ' a personal interview and help him find a solutigrl Sitting: Bryan P. Seese, R. E. McLaughlin, Richard C. Johnson. Standing: Grant T. Custer, Frederick D. Miller. 31 Homelife Is Family Life Sitting: Alfred T. Gibble. Standing: Directors Joseph A. Brechbui. William A. Hoover, M. Nelson Dura One of the marvels of Milton Hershey School is the comfortable, informal style of living provided for all students. 'llgfinsuregthis warm, friendly type of family living the Homelife Staff must procure and train houseparents, coordinate the programs of school and home, plan land schedule privileges, recreational activities, and vacations, and arrange transportation for almost nd. every activity that takes the student away from his student home. To promote the proper social and emotional growth a spirit of friendly cooperation between student and houseparent is fostered and students are encouraged through the practice of self-discipline to learn to live together as members of a family. ' Sitting: Gary W. Cooper, Kenneth A. Longenecker. Standing: Lawrence E. Best, Lloyd M. Morgan, Jacob A. Klinedinst. ' 32 Business Founded the School, Business Muiniuins the School u .n Left to Right: William A. Houtz lcomp- B , tr ll rl John M. Aichele tadministrator f b siness affairsl. Providing, for all the physical needs of the students of Milton Hershey School is the re- sponsibility of the Department of Business Affags. .Theprocurement and distribution of food, clothing, and suppliers of every descrip- tion, the maintenance of fleets of trucks used Maintenance E331Cg,21L5:5?ti.3?.Tf?ai-iuxiiai Supervisors Oy ar for such purposes and the fleets of busses used for transportation to and from school and all school activitiesg the care and maintenance of buildings, of miles of private roads and drives, of acres of lawns and shrubbery-all involve the Department of Business Affairs. St Sitting: Woodrow W. Bonney, Cl Howard H. Baum. Standing: Richard C. Harm, James H. Al- brite, Dennis E. Hunter. 33 There is Health Care Around The Clock Health Center The best in medical services and care is pro- vided for the students of Milton Hershey School. The Health Center, recently remodeled, is for the exclusive uselof Milton Hershey students, vvho are admitted when in need of hospitaliza- tion. There are three Well-equipped medical clin- ics, one in each of the educational buildings, staffed With registered nurses. At these clinics, students may receive first aid or minor medical treatment, and, if there is need, they are seen by the Milton Hershey Medical Director, Dr. D. Lee Backenstosel Students inyneed of egctensive trreatrnent Ymaywreceive it at the Milton S. Her- shey Medical Center, of the Pennsylvania State Universliiy- . As Dr. Lee Backenstose examines J. O Our competent nurses, Mrs. Sally Coulter, Veg1ia's throat, Jim wonders about his Mrs. Eleanor Wood, and Mrs. Doris Ging- . - future in the Glee Club. rich serve the school well. Physlcwn Nurses 34 O Sitting: Dr. Donald R. Price, Marilyn R. Snyder, Dr. E. C. Schaeffer. Standing: Marian ur Markley, Betty L. Eberly, Anna E. Furst. Dental Staff Students' Needs Are Satisfied All Milton Hershey students are assured of excellent dental health at two Wellfstaffed and well-equipped dental clinics, one in Senior Hall and one in Catherine Hall. Biannually, students receive a thorough den- tal examination from one of the two full time Milton Hershey dentists, and are given a dental prophylaxis and flouride treatment by one of two full time dental hygienists. Students are then taught how to prevent dental disease by maintaining good oral hygiene. Radiographs are takens teeth are restored and maintained throughout the year. Excellent orthodontics is provided to students in need of this special service. Supply Center ti,2gii.,fs...5f:sfs3f.ag2rsus..P' Supervtsors 35 Special Services at M.H.S. Barber Shop The Deed of Trust provides for all the needs of the students in Milton Hershey School. The central kitchen prepares' and delivers Wholef some food 'gm the studentlloniescilaiily. Clothing of good quality can be chosen by the student and tailored to his measurements. Haircuts are Clothing Room 36 Central Kitchen given on a. regularly scheduled basis. A fleet of busses is operated and maintained by the school. Maintenance shops are located at the Supply Center Where necessary equipment is properly maintained. Sewing Room 2--ik- Kd Q :ex Q1-yxgx, X wxyxv xxx gf 1+ Xxxxfx XXX Xbxx -XXXN. XNXX ff QQ QSXXX QQ NXXxf gw M Bvwmwww QW ' NNY W ,,ffffwwff ,+ .1 ffffffffff W, lf! new f ' X ff f 5220! 1:22 XZ , f JW4 Q f 'Off XSEQQ fW 5124 The Senior Class of 1973 1 Class Officers , and Adviser i Kneeling: G. Krow, secretaryg M. Gruhler, historian Standing' R Tomassi president: J, Swift, vice presidentg Andrew M. Kavalhecs, adviser: Baxteri tI'EHS'llI'el'. JAMES ALAN ALEXANDER College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, THE SPARTAN, Wrestling, Student Cabinet, Headmaster's Society, Science Forum, Student Senate Youth Forum, Student Home Council JULIEN EUGENE ALEXANDRE JR. College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Track, Wrestling, Headmaster's Society, Trapping Club, Student Senate, P.H.S.S.L., Student Home Council DALE EUGENE AMSPACHER Business Drill Team, Explorer Post, Student Home Council fr ROGER WAYNE ANGELL v Electricity 4. Spartan Post, Student Senate, Student Home V Council 37 ollege Prep Liberal Arts AMES ROBERT BAIR lfrestling, Science Forum ollege Prep Liberal Arts ROY' EDWARD BOLLINGEB. Carp entry National Honor S'ociety, Gymnastics, Trap- ping Club, Student Home Council VIICHAEL BALLENTINE ' C . ' W . . Zouncil ARDON PAUL BEAHM College Prep, Tech. Electronics N ' ' , F JOSEPH WILLIAM BERNING Auto Mechanics Football, Track, Wrestling, Student Council FELIX JOHN BOAKE III College Prep. Liberal Arts i i JAMES EDWARD BOUGI-ITON College Prep. Tech. Electronics National Honor Society, Swimming, Head- master's Society, Spartan Post, Student Home Council s CHARLES EVERITT JOSEPH BAKER JR. College Prep. Tech. Auto Mechanics Drill Team, Swimming, Spartan Post, Student Home Council ' restlmg, Science Forum, Student Home ALAN DOUGLAS BAXTER College Prep. Liberal Arts ACROPOLIS, Senior Class Treasurer, Drill Team, Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Headmaster's Society, Science Forum, Student Home Council ational Honor Society ACROPOLIS, Track, ootball Manager, Student Cabinet, Explorer Post, Science Forum, Trapping Club, Spartan Post, Student Senate, Student Home Council WILLIAM EDWARD BECKETT Plumbing Wrestling, Student Senate, Student Home Council Home JERRY ALLEN BING Sheet Metal Glee Club, Spartan Post, Student Home Council THE SPARTAN, Cross Country, Headmas- ter's Society, Track, Student Cabinet, Student Senate, Student Home Council KENNETH EDWARD BOHR Plumbing: ' - Drill Team, Headmaster's Society, Student Home Council 38 ' FRANK EWENS BURKLEY College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, THE SPARTAN, Drill Team, Headmaster's Society, Student Home Council VICTOR LEE CALDERON College Prep. Liberal Arts Football RALPH JAMES CARFAGNO JR. Agri-Business Glee Club, Hockey, Spartan Post, Student Home Council t L,0UIS JOSEPH CARSON JR. College Prep. Tech. Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Glee Club, Science Forum, Trapping Club, Spartan Post, P.H.S.S.L. KEVIN PA TRICK CLARK Printin g ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Spartan Post, Student Home Council HARRY LAWRENCE BRENNER Food Service KENNETH BUTLER JR. College Prep. Tech. Food Service Drill Team, Wrestling, Student Senate, Student Home Council CHARLES WILLIAM CARBAUGH Plumbing Drill Team, Headmastefs Society, Student Home Council Electricity Drill Team, Trapping Club, Student Hom Council JOI-IN' STANLEY CARLSON E JAMES JOSEPH CLARK Plumbing Football, Track, Wrestling, Student Senate Student Home Council MICHAEL ROY, COCHRAN Food Service Spartan Post, Student Home Council Drill Team, Track, Student Home Council VVILLIAM HARVEY BRYANT JR.. Auto Mechanics Band, Football, Spartan Post, Student Home Council t 39 E E CLIFFORD ANDREW COFFEY K Agri-Business l Q JAMES SHEPHERD COOK Agri-Business Trapping Post MICHAEL STEVEN DAVIS General Building Trades Student Home Council VITTORIO VINCENT DIPIETRO Agri-Business JOHN ELLIS College Prep. Liberal Arts Cross Country, Science Forum 40 WILLIAM EARL EAKIN Printing A V V C ouncil MARK STEPHEN FARKAS Auto Mechanics Glee Club, Track, Trapping Club, Student Home Council Wrestling, Training Manager, Trapping Club ROBERT W. CONSTANT JR. College Prep. Tech, Electricity Gymnastics, Trapping Club, Student Home Council National Honor Society, Equipment Manager, CARL EDWARD COX Food Service Cheerleading, Explorer Post Cross Country, Track, Trapping Club, ALEXANDER DENT III College Prep. Tech. Machine Shop Gymnastics Manager, Trapping Post, Student Senate, Student Home Council Drill Team, Wrestling, Trapping Club, Student Senate, Student Home Council DAVID JOHN DOWNIE JR. Mach-ine Shop Wrestling, Trapping Club, Spartan Post. Student Home Council CROPOLIS, PHE SPARTAN, Student Home RANDY LAWRENCE ELLIOTT Sheet Metal Student Home Council JEROME ANTHONY 'FINUEY Food Service Football, Headmastefs Society, Student Senate. Student Home Council DENNIS EDWARD FITZMAURICE College Prep. Liberal Arts Baseball, Football, Trapping Club, Post, Student Home Council PATRICK O. FLEMING Printing RANDOLPH HOWARD FISHER College Prep. Tech. Food Service Spartan KEVIN FLANNERY College Prep. Liberal Arts Drill Team, Baseball, Cross Country, Science Forum, Student Senate, Student Home Council ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Spartan Post, Student Senate, Student Home Counzil CHARLES DANIEL FORDYCE College Prep. Liberal Arts LARRY BELL FORD 3 General Building Trades Football, Student Home Council Footballj Wrestling, -Headmaster's Society, Student Home Council RODGER ANDREW EREED Agri-Business WALLACE BURNET FOUT College Prep. Tech.' Machinei Shop Headmaster's Society, Track, Spartan Post, Student Home Council Football, Headmaster's Society, Track, Trap- ping, Post, Youth Forum, Student Home Council MICHAEL KEITH FREEMAN Plumbing Track, Cheerleading, Spartan' Post, Student Home Council MARK DAVID FREY Food Service Student Senate, Student Home Council CLIFFORD JAMES FRITCIIMAN Sheet Metal Basketball, Cross Country, Headmastefs Society, Track, Student Senate, Student Home Council 41 RICHARD ANDREW FUEDAK Plumbing Football Manager, Track Manager, Student Home Council 42 ANTHONY NICHOLAS GENTILE JR. College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Band, Football, Track, Headmaster's Society, Student Sen- ate, Student Home Council DOUGLAS EUGENE GETZ Auto Mechanics JOHN WILLIAM GOSI-IEY Fond Service Student Home Council MICHAEL II. GRUHLER General Building Trades MICHAEL CHARLES HEDGES MICHAEL PATRICK HILL Electricity Wrestling, Student Home Council E Vocational General Auto Mechanics Football, Track, Headmaster's Society, Student Senate, Student Home Council FRANCIS GEORGE GILDEA JR.. General Building Trades Wrestling ROGER LEWIS GRIMES Business THE SPARTAN, Baseball, Football, Basket ball Manager, Student Cabinet, Explorer Post, Student Senate Secretary, Youth Forum, Student Home Council Senior Class Historian, Baseball, Football, Trapping Club, Student Home Council DAVID PAUL IIAYFORD General Building Trades Football, Hockey, Trapping Club, Student Home Council FREDERICK I-IERTZOG Plumbing Football Manager, Track Manager GEORGE RICHARD HILLEGASS Auto Mechanics Glee Club, Track Manager, Wrestling, Student Home Council DANIEL JOHN IIISSICK Business 'Cross Country, Swimming, Track, Student Home Council RICHARD RUSSELL HOOKS Agri-Business Cheerleading, Trapping Club HARRY DAVID HOUGHTON Carpentry GEORGE EDWARD HOEFLING College Prep. Tech. General Building Trades Gymnastics, Spartan Post, Student Senate, Student Home Council TIMOTHY LEROY HOTTLE College Prep. Tech. Auto Mechanics Band, Hockey Wrestling, Wrestling Manager, Cheerleading, Trapping Club, Student Senate, Student Home Council ROBERT MICHAEL JONES College Prep. Tech. Electronics GILES GILBERT HUNT College Prep. Liberal Arts Glee Club, Cheerleading, Science Forum, Trapping Club, Student Senate, Student Home Council, P.H.S.S.L., International Thespian Society National Honor S'ociety, ACROPOLIS, Student Home Council, P.H.S.S.L. STEPHEN JOSEPH KEENER JR. Sheet Metal DANIEL PAUL KARLLO Coliege Prep. Lilieral Arts Band, Science Forum, Trapping Club, Stu- dent Home Council Band, Headmaster's Society, Track, Swim- ming Manager, Student Senate, Student Home Council GERALD JOSEPH KENNEDY JR. Electricity JOHN KENNEDY Food Service Cheerleading, Student Home Council DARREL H. KINCADE Auto Mechanics Band, Football, Track, Student Home Coun- cil 43 DONALD RAY KNAUB Z Plumbing Drill Team 44 BARRY WALTER KOLB 'D College Prep. Tech. Electricity Football Statistician, Hockey, Track Statistician, Student Senate, Student Home Council GLENN 'ROBERT KRAMER' ' College Prep. Liberal Arts Band, Spartan Orchestra, Baseball, Hockey, Science Forum, Spartan Post, Student -Horne - Council CHARLES KRAUSE Printing ROBERT EDWARD KRAMER' Machine Shop -. Drill Team, Cross Country, Track, 'Student Senate, Student Home Council ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Drill Team, Baseball, Basketball, Spartan Post, Student Home Council GARY ANTHONY KROW Business MICHAEL KRAUSE Plumbing Football, Track, Headmaster's- Society, q Student Senate, Student Home Council ACROPOLIS, Senior Class Secretary,y Base- ball, Football, Student Cabinet, -Headmaster's Society, School Bank, Student Senate President, Student Home Council MICHAEL FRANCIS KUDRICK General Building Trades' DANIEL CHRISTIAN KRYNAK ' College Prep. Liberal Arts Band, Glee Club, Spartan Orchestra, Student Cabinet, Student Senate, Student -Home Council Cross Country, Track: Explorer Post, Student Home Council ' JOSEPH LEIJII ' College Prep. Liberal Arts- ALAN JAMES'KURTZ ' College Prep. Libe'ra,l Arts ' Band, Science Forum, Student Home Council National Honor Society, Band, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Track, Student Cabinet, Student Senate Vice President, Student ' Home Council , DAVID EUGENE LEVERING' General Building Trades BaYxd,1Ho'ckey, Student Home Council " DANIEL PAUL LYONS rhitin P E ' . ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Basketball, " ' Student Senate, Student Home Council WILLIAM MATTHEWS Business ' Student Home Council MITCHELL HENRY MILLER' College Prep, Tech. Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Student Home Councils DAVID PAUL MOGEL Auto Mechanics ' Football Manager, Track Manager, Student Home Council I ANTHONY EDWARD 'MURNIN Colle e Pre Liberal Arts E ll- Band, Glee Club, Spartan Orchestra, Wrest- , ling ,Manager, Trapping Club, Student Home, Council , LAURENS MILLARD LISENBY Vocational General Sheet Metal w w l . JAMES KENNETH'MAi:0NEY ' C'-l!ege Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Headmastelfs -' Society, Hockey, Student Senate, Student Home Council ' GEORGE THOMAS MCCROSSIN ' ' College Prep. Liberal Arts Trapping Club, Student Home Council Football, JOSEPH ALLAN MITCHELL College Prep. Liberal' Arts National Honor Society, Cheerleading. Science Forum, Spartan Post, Student Home Council- ' MICIIAEL GERALD MURDOCH ' Auto Mechanics Trapping Club, Spartan Post, Student Home Council ALAN RAY NAGLE " Auto Mechanics Gymnastics, Wrestling, Trapping Club, Student Senate, Student'Honie Council ROBERT WILLIAM LONGENECKER' College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Band, Glee Club,' Football, Heac1master's, Society, Wrestling, Student Cabinet, Trapping Club, Student Senate, Youth Forum, Student Home Coun cil 45- DALE MAHLON' NORTON Wrestling. Track r HAROLD LESTER PAGE Agri-Business Trapping Club MATTHEW TIIOMAS PELENSKY College Prep. Liberal Arts Council, Fellowship of Christian ROBERT DONALD PINT Food Service Drill Team, Spartan Post, Student Council ollege Prep Liberal Arts ALBERT BRUCE RIDER Business National Honor Society, THE SPARTAN, Band, Wrestling, Student Senate. Student Home Council 46 DAVID THOMAS POTTS C . ' T . JOHN ROBERT RIG-GI General Building Trades Drill Team, Wrestling, Student Home Coun- cil Vocational General Auto Mechanics MICHAEL DONALD OBERLY Agri-Business . Band, Trapping Club, Student Home Council WILLIAM EDGAR PAVLOVICH Machine Shop Spartan Post National Honor S'ociety, Football, Track, Wrestling, Student Cabinet, Headmaster's Society, Trapping Club, Student Senate Treasurer, Youth Forum, Student Home Athletes GILBERT BURNS PHELAN III College Prep. Tech. Electronics Drill Team, Football, Trapping Club Home JAMES MICHAEL POOLE College Prep. Liberal Arts Drill Team, Headmastens S'ociety, Student Cabinet, Trapping Club, Student Senate, Youth Forum, Student Home Council rapping Club, Student Home Council DANIEL NICELY REIS College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Band, Cross Country, Track, Trapping Club, Student Senate, Student Home Council NICHOLAS DOMONIC RUGGIERO Business Auto Mechanics Glee Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Trapping Club, Student Home Counci JOSEPH SIGMUND SARNOSKI College Prep. Liberal Arts Trapping Club, Student Post, Student Student Home Council r TIMOTHY WOODS RUSSELL Printing BRUCE LYNN ROBERTS ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Gymnastics Manager, Track, Spartan Post, Student Senate, Student Home Council Senate, LARRY ELLIS SCHMOEL Electricity Trapping Club I-IARMON GRQOVER. EVANS SCHTEIDEN College Prep. Tech. Electricity Glee Club, Headmaster's Society, Wrestling MARK WILLIAM SIMPSON rintin STANLEY LEE SHERWIN JR. Plumbing Football, Swimming, Track, Trapping Student Home Council P 8 National Honor Society, ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Spartan Post, Student Home Council GARY BRUCE SMITH College Prep. Liberal Arts Equipment Manager, Explorer Post, Home Council , RICHARD LOUIS SLABONIK Machine Shop Club, Baseball, Football, Gymnastics, Track, Wrestling, Student Home Council Student THOMAS EDWARD SOGHOMONIAN Food Service Student Home Council JON STUART ROUNTREE Business Basketball, Track, Headmaster's Society Spartan Post, Student Home Council Y Home Council WILLIAM ALBERT SOMERS Auto Mechanics Headmaster's Society, Wrestling, W Council F CHARLES LLOYD STEWART Agri-Business Basketball, Football, Track, Student Council FREDERICK ALLAN STILL College Prep. Liberal Arts Drill Team, Science Forum, Student Council JOSEPH HARVEY SWIFT College Prep. Tech. Electronics Forum, Student Home Council MICHAEL ALAN TABOR College Prep. Liberal Arts Council CRAIG CHARLES TANZOLA Food Service Band. Txallping Club, Student Home Council JOHN FRANCIS TAYLOR Machine Shop Football, Track, Trapping Club, Student Q '48 l, restling Manager. Spartan Post, Student Home DONALD KENNETH' STEVENSON College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, THE SPARTAN, Gymnastics, Track, Student Cabinet, Science Forum, Spartan Post, Student Senate Chaplain, Youth Forum, Student Home Council Home FLOYD LEONARD STEWART College Prep. Tech. Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Basketball, Cross Country, Headmaster's Society, Track, Student Senate, Student Home Council Home DAVID JAY STROBEL College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Gymnastics, Spartan Post, Student Senate, Student Home Council Senior Class' Vice President, Basketball, Football, Track, Student Cabinet, Head- master's Society, Student Senate, Youth J,OHN LLOYD SWOFFORD College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, THE SPARTAN, Drill Team, Cross Country, Headmastefs Society, Student Cabinet, Spartan Post, Student Senate, Student Home Council Science' Forum, Spartan Post, Student Home GREGORY GAYLORD TALBOTT College Prep. Tech. Machine Shop Glee Club, Football, Track, Student Home Council L EARL EDMUND THOMPSON Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Glee Club, Spartan Post FRANK DAVID TOMECEK Carpentry RALPH FRANCIS TOMASSI JR. 1 College Prep. Tech. General Building Trades Senior Class President, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Student Cabinet, Headmaster's Society, Spartan Post, Student Senate, Youth Forum, P.H.S'.S.L., Student Home Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Baseball, Football, Hockey, Student Senate, Student Home Council SHERMAN VICKERS College Prep. Tech. Carpentry JAMES PATRICK VEGLIA College Prep. Liberal Arts Band, Glee Club, Spartan Orchestra, Student Senate, Student Home Council National Honor Society, Band, Football, Track, Headmaster's Society, Spartan Post ROBERT ALLAN WABLE College Prep. Liberal Arts Band, Student Home Council DOUGLAS DEXTER WARNER College Prep. Liberal Arts MARK KENNETH VOGL College Prep. Liberal Arts Cheerleading, Science Forum, Student Sen- ate, Student Home Council STEPHEN ANTHONY WAITE College Prep. Tech. Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Band, Glee Club, Baseball, Hockey, Student Cabinet, Student S'enate, Youth Forum, Student Home Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes National Honor Society, Football Manager, Track Manager, Student Senate, Youth Forum, Student Home Council DAVID KEVIN WHITEMAN Sheet LMetal Band, Glee Club, Spartan Orchestra, Track, Trapping Club I RONALD GENE WILCOX Agri-Business STEPHEN ALLEN WILKE Carpentry Drill Team JEFFREY STEPHEN WILLITS Plumbing Glee Club, Baseball, Football, Student Home Council CLAYTON WILLIAM WILSON JR. Business Drill Team, Headmaster's Society, School Bank, Student Home Council JAMES NORMAN WISHMYER, College Prep. Liberal Arts LEO CHARLES WOLFE Vocational General Plumbing 50 MICHAEL GORDON WRIGHT College Prep. Tech. Printing ROBERT DAVID YOUNG Carpentry Drill Team Band, Swimming, Explorer Post, Science lfcirum, Trapping Club, Student Home Coun- ci JEFFREY NOEL WISHMYER College Prep. Liberal Arts Football, Gymnastics, Explorer Post, Science Forum, Trapping Club, Spartan Post, Stu- dent Senate, Student Home Council RUSSELL ALLEN WOOD Vocational General Carpentry ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Basketball, Football, Track, Student Home Council EDWARD LEWIS YEATMAN Vocational General Sheet. Metal Student Home Council STEVEN RUSSEL YOUNG General Building Trades Drill Team, Student Home Council CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER Black and Silver Purple Orchid SPARTAN5 CLASS MOTTO Some men see things as they are and say, "Why?" I dream things that never were and say, "Whys n0t?', Robert F. Kennedy Class ng 1973 Music- D. ak Lyrics- J. Veglia We are the glass Q Sev-en-ty Three, As we re-m?m-b l all -the years, .I ' f l 3? 15 Liv-ing in peac nd har - mo-ny. school and - homegwnd friends so dear. ll for ff it ' M Now as take our - steps in-to life, We will leaveff with grate- ful hearts, M1131 i. Proud march-mg through its strife, - Wm .: -.i - - WI 9, h 0 P - I n 9 I we s sta rt, K A? V, ..,.. ., , rfirsi 5 A . is ' the torchgi so oth-ers see, A truth ggi for be,For 3 W Hb , .MW Q ,W- is 5 world filled with Lov , d u - ni - ty. en ty this' is the Clas Sev- - Three! X1 X WXSQ 'wwf ff SQ Ny www WWW X X xx NX XXNXQX-Q x WW X ws wx J , -1 .' p"Q'W fHfW TWQF1 fig fmW7f7f7fW 171mm f , , if XM f j,fff, Si. P f S29 iff, Z? W -QZZ f 4 W Qi-Q EXE C Z Housepcirents Serve the School Well Junior Division First Row: Mr. and Mrs. Martin, Mr, and Mrs. C. Stough, Mr. and Mrs. Reale, Mr. and Mrs. D. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Price. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. Frey, M.r. and Mrs. Simon, Mr. and Mrs. W. Fink, Mr. and Mrs. Dronsfield. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Ebberts, Mr. and Mrs. S'i1ar, Mr, and Mrs. Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Byrd. Fourth Row: Mr. and Mrs. Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Schilling, Mr. and Mrs. Varner. I Arrowhead and Keystone Clusters 5 First Row: Mr. and Mrs. Loftus, Mr. and Mrs. Frick, Mr. and Mrs. Cannon, Mr. Connor, Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. Backensto, Mr. and Mrs. May, Mr. and Mrs. M. Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Knopp, Mr. and Mrs. Yetter. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Norton, Mr. and Mrs. Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Rhoads. Fourth Row: Mr. and Mrs. Akins, Mr. and Mrs. Macaw, Mr. and Mrs. Gear- heart. Mr. and Mrs. Spencer. 53 I-Iouseparents frorn Intermediate and Senior Division National, Pennland and Woodland Clusters First Row: Mr. and Mrs. Lingenfelter, Mr. and Mrs. Neimeyer. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Hovel, Mr. and Mrs. Helm. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. Harris, M.r. and Mrs. Cravener, Mr. and Mrs. D, Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Muffley. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Ekstrom, Mr. and Mrs. J. Irwin, Mr. and Mrs. Kuhn, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. Fourth Row: Mr. and Mr. Rosensteel, Mr. and Mrs. Carney, Mr. and Mrs. Hosey, Mr. and Mrs. L. Tarbell. Fifth Row: Mr. and Mrs, Mc- Williams, Mr. and Mrs. R. Fink. Mr. and Mrs. Mays, Mr. and Mrs. White. I County Line and Vian Clusters 54 First Row: Mr. and Mrs. King, Mr. and Mrs. Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain, Mr. and Mrs. Coughenour. Second Row: Mr and Mrs Stevens Mr and Mrs Smith Mr d M Y kl . . . . , . an rs. ac ey, Mr. and Mrs. Delbridge. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. Fulton, Mr. and Mrs. Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Moore. Fourth Row: Mr. and Mrs. D. Tarbell, Mr. and Mrs. Wantland, Mr. and Mrs. Kozlowski. Their Devotion Has Few Parallels Derry Road and Trailway Clusters First Row: Mr. and Mrs. Brennan, Mr. and Mrs. Vallati, Mr. and Mrs. Szollosy, Mr. and Mrs. Egly. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. Norris, Mr. and Mrs. Lindenmuth, Mr. and Mrs. Halk. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Shue, Mr. and Mrs. R. Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. W. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Roof. Fourth Row: Mr. and Mrs. K. Irwin, Mr, and Mrs. Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Strohl, Mr. and Mrs. Shriner. Spring Creek and Union Clusters First Row: Mr. and Mrs. Biever, Mr. and Mrs. Stranix, Mr. and Mrs. Mostoller, Mr. and Mrs. Hildebrant. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Dechant, Mr. and Mrs. McCutche0n. Mr. and Mrs, Kelly. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Edgin, Mr. and Mrs. Slesser, Mr. and Mrs. Rfoyer, lgnsand lllvlrs. Gaiser. Fourth Row: Mr. and Mrs. Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. Noga, Mr. and Mrs. . toug . 55 an . The Class of '7 Will Assume the Mantle of Responsibility Class, Officers- and Adviser l 1 . Dr. Joseph A. Brechbill, adviserg R. Hawley, president: W. Baer, vice presidentg J. Lyon. secretary: W. Mottin, treasurerg J. Taylor, historian. 11-2 First Row: T. Poole, J. Boylan, R. Berry, D. Orner. Second Row: F. Barton, B. Baer, P. Day. Third Row: P. DiPietro F. Stavlenich, D. Whiteman, R. Hawley. Fourth Row: M. Seifer, S. Brody, F. DiLelio, J. Bence. 56 11-1 First Row: J. McConnell, D. Allwein, J. Strobel. Second Row: L. Paxton, A. Stack, M. Sawyer. Third Row: L, Johnson, D. Barskey, T. Jacobs, Fourth Row: G. Mastin, D. Christman, D. Daly. 11-4 First Row: E. Croston, T. DiGiambatista, F. Bacon. Second Row: R. Kern, M. Dreier, D. Thomson, J. Boldosser. Third Row: N. Ramsey, R. Humphrey, B. Grimes, R. Hanes. First Row: M. Gentile, R. Chambers, J. Coddingion. Second Row: A. DiClemente, G. Kalasunas, J. Taylor W. Whitney. Third Row: J. Harris, J. Barton, R. Koch. Fourth Row: B. Roth, T. Kisner, P. Walter. X X 1 11-3 First Row: D. Settle, N. Vickers, J. Moss, L. Connor, M. Miller. Second Row: W. Kaiser, R. Varner, P. Barr, W. Sweeney, M. Senft, R. Lister, Third Row: W. DeMarco. A. Blyler, E. Fergus, D, Kendall, B. Pelensky, Fourth Row: J. Manning, J. Allison, H. Claypoole, K. Murphy, J. W1 ight, D. Young. First Row: M. Lynch, R. Coffey, D. Keffer, S. Lego. Second Row: G. O'Brien, K. Anderson, J. Kramer. Third Row: V. Doring, T.. Gioia, M. Macchioni, J. Lyon. Fourth Row: D. Dalman, 'J. Small, M. Lukowsky, B. Carroll. 57 Class of '74 11-8 First Row: M. Popolillo, S. Hill, J, Jumbelick, K. Brown. Second Row: D. Nowe, T. Bradley, W. Becker, J. Hitch W. Hunking. Third Row: W. Mottin, J. Karlin, N. Knaub J. Muller. Fourth Row: D. Morrissey, M, Lambert K Boyer, J. Krashesky, F. Gilliard. 11-10 First Row: B. Smalley, R. Crawford, J. O'Reil1y, J.'E1liott. Second Row: D. Tabor, J. Sproat, J. Clayborne, B. Rockey, A. Hresko. Third Row: P. Kersh, A. Cylc, K. Madera, J. Usher, M. Hayford. Fourth Row: T. Reddick, L. Rushton, M. Morgan, J. Jones, D, Burcaw. 58 i' 11-7 First Row: D. Hartman, P. Hermann, J. Coursey, J. Kil- gore. Second Row: J, Kudrick, T. Ford, W. Noonan. Third Row: P. McHugh, R. Benevento, J. Paxton, W. Jones. Fourth Row: M. Donnon, J. Senser, G. Hall, J. Wells, V. Smith. 11-9 First Row: B. Hammond, J. Yatsko, J. Clerico, D. Franklin. Second Row: J. Mercer, S'. Stern, K. Vogl. Third Row: E. Keenen, J. Rusk, J. Shellard, C.' Brown. Fourth Row: M. Campbell, D, Bergman, D. Sharer, H. Rinck. X N , W ixsxxtgx X X X . , 5 Nix, N XXX li 5xN 5 x 1 P NX Ii fix X X X5 X X X X ' X Q X x - N F X YEL -zlf! T22 K '4 .-nf? ...ff Q.-1? 1 if ,.ffQ ii-144 ,ivfg ,f L! -Q. S: H, .44-Q N M Niwwwi' xxx' NNW MJMWW f f' X 'f f f Zz W if 7 X -,lil 22? XW -j 1---"ff H-'Q-11,1 ji RL. 3 , ,-1-X if X I A C.--l--1,4 Q! ...1-"' M N Ji' W " ff. 'fllwl A MY WWW W X I .,1. A , l , 1 Q K 4 They Represent the Ztimate in Character, Leadership and Scholarship Left to Right-First Row: J. Maloney, K. Bohr, W. Fout, C. Fordyce. R. Lister, A. Gentile, J. Swofford, W. Baer, J. Boughton, H. Schteiden, F. Burkley, A. Kurtz. Second Row: R. Freed, A. Cylc, J. Alexandre, C. Carbaugh, J. Finley, S. Keener, D. Allwein, J. H eadmaster's Society Boylan, T. DiGiambatista, A. Somers, M. Miller, C. Fritchman, J. Segeda. Third Row: C. Wilson, J. Poole, A. Baxter, F. Stewart, J. Rountree, J. Wells, J. Swift, M. Pelen- sky, G. Krow, M. Krause, D. Getz, R. Tomassi. The Headmaster's Society consists of Milton Hershey students who have attained social and emotional maturity, and who display unusual qualities of leadership and responsibility. Society members are entitled to extended privileges, Weekends at home, and special priv- ileges upon request. Students in all courses in grades 11 and 12 who have been on the honor roll for two con- secutive grade periods and who meet the quali- fications of character, leadership, and service are eligible for membership in the Spartan chapter of the National Honor Society. ' Seated: J. Alexandre R. Jones D. Reis, F. Burkley J. Lelii, M. Pelensky J. Swofford J. Maloney, B. Rider, A. Beahln, J. Boughton. Standing: W. Lyndon Hess, A. Gentile: D Warner D. Stevenson, R. Bollinger, B. Grimes, J. Bence, D. Barskey, L. Paxton, T. DiGiambatista. 59 They Deal With Matters Concerning the Students ' First Row: J. Connelly, R. Angell, B. Mottin, D. Strobel, J. Alexander, J. Maloney, G. Hoefling, G. Finley, J. Herman, V. Di.Pietro, M. Vogl. Second Row: J. Clark, B. Kolb, A. Nagle, S. Keener, R. Ben- evento, D. Krynak, J. Lyon. W. Sweeney, W. DeMlarco, K. Butler, V. Doering, Third Row: R. Tomassi, J. Lelii, R. Longenecker, T. Gentile, W. Baer, D. Stevenson, J. Allison, D. Getz, R. Sterling, P. Van- Ness, F. Boake. Fourth Row: D. Burcaw, R. Grimes, J. Veglia, T. Jacobs, B. Hawley, K. Flannery, C. Fritchman, F. Tomecek, H. Cassell, D. Warner, D. Lyons. Fifth Row: S. Waite, J. Poole. J. Swofford, M. Pelensky, G. Hunt, F. Stewart, P. Fleming, J. Swift, M. Krause, G. Krow. B. Beckett, M. Frey. The Senior Senate is a unique system of student government in which every student home and organization is represented. The senate meets to dicuss problems and to provide for the betterment of the school such recom- mendations as will be approved by the admin- The Intermediate Senate is a stepping stone for progress in the Intermediate Division. Stu- dents are represented in the senate by their student home presidents. The senate provides an opportunity for a student to become more a part of his school. istration. First Row: K. Kelly, B. Burda, R. Franchak, R. Potts, W. Sterling, R. Cavanaugh, E. Capriotti, S. ' Carroll, T. Sipe, T. Quindlen, J. Bowen. Second Row: J. Kephart, D. Slusser, D. Oberley, W. Smith, E. Hughes, R. Kuenzli, P. Keffer, R. Lynn, B. Scuilli, G. Kern, M. West, J. Lister. J. Clancy. Third Row: K. Kisner, M. Vanderslice, K. Reppert, M. Klinger, C. Toczynski, B. Sell, T. Swift, J. Kennedy, J. Pattay, C. Robert, W. Terrill. Fourth Row: S. McCluskey, C. Elliott, G. Melesky, A. Merrick, D. McGuigan, R. Gibbons, F. Refalko, V. Lelii, J. Conochan, Mr. Durand. 60 The Acropolis Reviews the Year in Word and Picture Seated: Charles A, Astfalk, Carl E. Stump. Audrey S. Demuth, David M. Weller '65. Standing: Orville ' ' cker. H. Strait, Richard O. Hugendubler, Dale G. Au The ACROPOLIS staff has the responsibility of producing each year a memory book, which acts simultaneously as a tool in the training of journalism and printing and in providing an accurate record of the school year. The hard Work of the staff and their advisers has made the ACROPOLIS'one of the finest school year- books in the nation. As the years pass by, the theme "Reflections and Reminiscences" will be- come evident as the graduates will reminisce on their past experiences. The ACRPOLIS is com- posed, printed, and bound by the students of Milton Hershey School. Kneeling: M. Macchioni, A. Baxter, A. Beahm, R. Jones, S. Waite. W. Eakin. G. Krow, Standing: M. Miller. M. Simpson, E. Thompson, F. Stewart, M. Wright, T. Russell, C. Krause, D. Lyons, K. Clark, P. Fleming. 61 The School Magazine Spurs Creative Writing The Spartan, the school magazine, is published entirely by the students of Milton Hershey School. The magazine Which is printed six times a year, has won numerous awards from the Columbia Press Association. The issues consist of editorials, news, essays, features, and sports along with var- ious illustrations and photographs. The various issues are published under the titles of Fall, Alumni, Christmas, Literary, Spring and Grad- uation. Adviser William G. Atland discusses an issue F B Spartan Staff 1 Letterpress 3 Operators Pressmen 62 Offset We Are Proud of ur Band 5 Varsity Band n ? Our Seated: K. Hottle, D. Kefrer, T, Bowexs. ' Practice . Standing: Ray B. Miller, D. Kincade. , Dzrector Sesswn :J K First Row: B, Rider rdrum majori. Second Row: S. Waite lpresidentb, J. Veglia tstudent directori, N. Ramsey fmanagerl, Third Row: G. Kramer tsecretaryli D. Whiteman ftrea- surerr. 63 The Spartan Orchestra Performs Extremely Well S Front Row: J. Hallman, D. Keffer, D. Whiteman. D. Krynak, A. Murnin, J. Veglia, G. Kramer, M. Matier. p Back Row: K. Hottle. R. Turner, J. Coddington, N. Ramsey, S. Brody, R- Hawley, M- Hawley, M. Saw- yer, A. Stack. Orchestra . Seated: M, Hawley. Second Row: D. White- Left to right: D. Krynak fstudent director! man, R. Turner, A. Stack, J,Coddington. T. Murnin tpresidentb, J. Veglia Cmanagerj glhgglxsxgx K. Hottie, R. Hawley, M. Matier. D. Whiteman Lvice presidenw. 64 The Glee Club Brings Credit to the School M H S Kneeling: R. Turner, R. Hawley, J.Rosenberry, N. Ruggiero, R. Carfagno, M. Farkas, G. Boake, J. Bing, ' ' ' P. Day, R. Longenecker, H. Schteiden, M. Sawyer A. Stack. Second Row: J. Willits, L. Carson, G. Tal- GZ b ott, S. Waite, G. Hunt, R. Mora, M. Dove, P. Lewis-, F. DiLe1io, J. Veglia. S. Brody. D. Krynak, Mr ee U Alexander. 'rhii-a now: K. Ford, P. Leonard, M. Harrison, A. vegiia, J. cnappeu, J. Willis, W. Ander- son, J. D'Amico, D. Stewart, G. Panik, J. Lyon, G. Hillegass, S'. Goines, R. Brody. Sittigxggila. 13i1ve1ic31lyst?f'iaE'0, S.tWHE'feIgm5:Y1' , Mr. Alexander shows senior members of the ' ager . an ing: . eg 13 secre ary , . e- G1 C1 b th -- pp r 1 f th 1972-73 wart flibrarianbx J. Rosenberry Gibrarianj yes? u eu new a a e or B Q D. Krynak fpreside-nt? . 65 Pride and School Spirit are Bolstered llll Marching Unit Color Guard Cheerleaders 4 66 8 tit Grade Football Team ,A I Thespzan Soctety International K . Piston Poppers Catherine Hall Activities Are Many and Varied Handbell Choir Brown and Gold Band 68 5 Character Building is the Objective The objective of the School Bank, Explorer Post, and Youth Forum is the development of character. The School Bank encourages thrift. The Explorer Post serves the school in the areas of service and conservation. The Youth Forum provides an answer to the many problems con- fronting youth. These organizations have a strong influence in our school. School Bank Explorer A Post Youth Forum 70N V T 8 ff ,--- .T ,-i s xirf X i ii :X f QNNYN XXX it n y S Xglv X A mis it wwf it as X X w X... S' l pl 7 1 1 l X 4 t lWft,'ffyfff,,fn if fl, yi W if - f yp mf ,f K .4--ff j ' ,I V , I A I ' I I h I n 1.-1.'ls!g, if if'fz'- I 'r ,,...- A f f' I X ff 1 . Y f! rj it ' X .!,. f f WA -:--:-H: " f I ! 'IE Ni jf ff M r , K , I i -55 5 Af, ,f f , ffm , f , A ' 'ji X i 'I 1 , 'N - -f""'f-14 Spartan spirit is willingness to dare, to do, and to endure. It fl , f' 7 l ,,,,..-21? lies in finding what you really want to do and doing it with f . i - --f' , ,Z all your might, despite the obstacles which are certain to con- X X AQ. 'i """" .' ,Z front you. Above all, Spartan spirit, born of courage, is a X 1' V -- 1 . 1: winning spirit. b jp- wi-L'-.2 -f' W. Lyndon Hess X U.,--f: f o t X Y - g 4- X fil ' 1 i H--4--.-,,-f ' f' 1 if-'ll' il a X f Cross Country Begins the Season of Sports Cross Country Team W W ,M-W The cross country team finished the 1972 season with a commendable 6-3 record. With Edward B. Ruth as coach, the Spartan harriers placed fourth in both the Capital Area Confer- ence and the Conference Run. At the Solanco Invitational Meet, in which 21 teams and 141 runners participated, the team placed eleventhg they also ran exceptionally well at the Hereford County Invitational Run. First Row: A. Coddell, R. Howell, D. Anderson, R. I-Iissick, S. ' ' d Row: Coach Edward B. Ruth, Pinto, E. Hiller, L. Paxton. Secon A. Baxter, R. Varner. F. Stewart, D. Reis, L. Rushton, C. Fritchman, M. Davis, B. Becker. Third Row: K. Flannery, M. Kudrick, R. Koch, K. Beasley, P. Mallaghan, J. Usher, J. Challin sworth, M. Roth, C. Egan, S. McKenna, R. Kramer, E J. Swcvfford fStat.l CROSS COUNTRY RECORD MHS OPP 37 Hershey 19 29 Middletown 32 15 Susquehanna 55 32 Palmyra 23 15 East Pennsboro 52 15 Cumberland Valley 51 30 Lower Dauphin 25 28 Mechanicsburg 30 25 Red Land 37 Fourth Place Conference Meet 6 wins - 3 losses - O ties 71 Football Develops Spartan Character y Offensive Team With John Hoerner's last year as head coach, the Spartans finished in the Capital Area Con- ference With a 5-4-0 record and 7-4-0 overall. "The MHS offense had as much potential as any team I've ever coached," the Spartan men- tor said, "and it was made strong by the threat of the post and the explosive runner, which was evident by the amount of yardage gained by Jerry "Muggs" Finley, 1,110 yards, the school record." Varsity Football Record MHS OPP Hershey 6 0 Bishop Guilfoyle 22 12 Palmyra 32 0 Penn Highlands 15 12 Cumberland Valley 11 21 East Pennsboro 6 21 Susquehanna 26 8 Lower Dauphin 0 8 Middletown , 0 22 Mechanicsburg 18 6 Red Land 39 0 l 72 First Row: J. Lelii, S Sherwin, G. Talbott, D. Getz, D. Daly, L. Johnson, J. Boldosser, M. Krause, C. Fordyce, D. Fitzmaurice Third Row: J. Boylan, J. Karlin. J. Finley. J. Swift, J. Clark, R. Slabonik. M. Pelensky, J. Senser. Second Row: T. Chambers, W. Baer. Defensive Team The Spartan Defense also did exceptionally Well in a season in which there were seven new varsity ball players and in which the defensive set-up was changed halfway through the season. Headed by middle-guard Joe Berning, the Spartans led all teams in the area defensively as only an average of 9.4 points a game was allowed. First Row: R. Hawley. J. Taylor, N. Ruggiero, J. Berning, J. Taylor, L. Ford, V. Calderon. Second Row: R. Lister, A. Gentile, V. Smith, R. Tomassi, J. Manning, G. Hall, F. Tomecek. Third Row: W. Kaiser, T. Ford, M. Macchioni, M. Campbell, R. Freed, C. Stewart. of gl .-5' EHLEYIC . NHLZIIII ' . X lm., . AQQS HFPQF , gs igiig H , R. 44 1- ,.,,g,r Wig? Q 4 :V MEI' fwffzzlam sap? N rleifsl . Qi rf i Q M X: L All-irE'r,3 5:31.55 if 73 Junior Varsity Gains Experience Junior Varsity The Junior Varsity football team, coached by Ken Snyder and John Davis, completed the season with a win-loss record of 6-2-0, having won the most victories since 1951 and the largest number of successive victories since 1948. The JV offensive had 872 yards in rushing and passed 657 yards in eight games. While the offensive scored 120 points during the season, the defense allowed only 58 points. First Row: J. Huey, J. Segeda, M. Miller, M. Hawley, B. Baer, J. Karlin, J. Boylan, M. Campbell, M. Macchioni, P. Walter, W. Kaiser, V. Smith. Second Row: 1 M. Howard, R. Lister, R. Sterling, A. Holcomb, R. Dunn, T. Bowers, M. Bleiler, J. Gates, A. Bannister, W. Sweeney, M. Donnori, K. Reynolds. Third Row: B. Pelensky, J. Lewis, R. Szapacs, J. Lombardo, P. Bulgarino, J. Ostrowski, G. Small, R. Jones, D. Dalman, T. Ford, J. Connelly. Fourth Row: Coach John S. Davis, J. Jubeck, D. Smosny, C. Brown, F. Zimmerman, D. Trower, T. Chambers, S. Brody, P. Hennessy, D. Johns, C. Cavanaugh, B. Swift, Coach Kenneth L. Snyder. Q MHS OPP 2 Hershey 14 8 Middletown 12 14 Susquehanna 6 20 Palmyra 12 14 East Pennsboro 8 20 Cumberland Valley 6 18 Lower Dauphin 0 22 Mechanicsburg 0 6 wins 2 losses 0 ties 74 Freshman Football Begins the Building Program Freshman Football Under Spartan coaches Gilson "Buzz" Cash and Warren Hitz, the freshmen football team compiled a 2-5-0 Win-loss record. The Frosh gridsters record was deceiving, as many of the game scores were close. Coach Warren Hitz claims, "They played good footballg they also have good potential, size, and speed." First Row: R. Pieja, R. Gurt, R. Mitchell, M. Baer, B. Kincade, T. Miller, B. Woodcraft, R. Knaub, W. Powell, M. Corcoran., Second Row: D. Brewer. B. Russell, T. Kaiser, D. Berry, W. Chambers, R. Leon. M. Pollini, M. Robinson. S. Stone, J. Mocarski, Third Row: D. Cochran, A. Spiece, J. Hermann, R. Rohrbaugh, M. Harrison, M. Halbleib, J. Hughes, E. Hayford, R. Brody, T. Clinger, M. Tomecek. Fourth Row: Coach Warren Hitz, R. Harris, R. Malcolm, J. Bergmen. F. Talbott. K. Wilder, B. Smith. J. Hall, V. Hill, W. Andrews, B. Davis, Coach Gilson Cash. ' MHS OPP. O Hershey 38 12 Annville-Cleona 0 28 East Jr. High 14 0 Lower Dauphin 18 22 Middletown 26 O Palmyra 22 8 Susquehanna 20 2'wins 5 losses O ties 75 Basketball Takes the Spotlight Varsity Team The 1972-73 basketball teagmdemonstrated a very high level of individual talent, especially in the cases of Ralph Tomassi and Jim Wells, who also acted as this year's co-captains. The team had a pair of three-year letter winners in Rountree and Tomassi. Next year there will be seven returning lettermen with seniors Jon Rountree, Floyd Stewart, Alan Baxter, Joe Swift, and Ralph Tomassi graduating. Front: J. Kramer. Left to Right: T. Chambers, R. Tomassi. J. Small, A. Baxter, R. Wells, F. Stewart, Coach John A. Cook, J. Wells, J. Scnser, J. Swift, B. Carroll. L. Paxton. Back: R. Grimes. M.H.S. OPP. 65 Red Lion 62 117 Northern Lebanon ' 59 66 Steelton 93 92 Manheim Central 75 60 Red Land 84 98 Susquehanna 64 77 COTJMiddletown 80 76 fOTJCumberland Valley 78 56 Mechanicsburg 80 72 Palmyra 56 64 COTQ Lower Dauphin 58 44 East Pennsboro 64 46 Hershey 76 61 Red Land 72 73 Susquehanna 59 37 Middletown 71 60 Cumberland Valley 72 68 Mechanicsburg 55 55 Palmyra m f14 63 Lower Dauphin 57 58 East Pennsboro 59 45 Hershey 60 Overall Record 10 wins 12 losses 7b Captain R. Tomassi ...... "Mr, Hustle." J. Rountree makes his comeback a Co-captain J. Wells is the area's leading reality! scorer. 77 Junior Hoopsters Have Fair Season Junior 4 Varsity For the Junior Varsity basketball team, 1972-73 was a year of rebuilding. Under the direction of Gerald R. Long, some of these talented young men will be competing for the five openings on the Varsity next year. It appears that the Varsity unit will be greatly improved by these talented five new members. V 78 Kneeling: R. Berry, J. Bailey, J. Fasy, M. Matier, J. Carroll, T. Bowers, A. Hresko. Standing: P. Bulgarino. S. Brody, A. Franchak, T. Reddick, K. Beasley, N. Ramsey, Coach Gerald Ri Long '55. xr M.H.S. OPP. 33 Red Lion 56 68 Northern Lebanon 23 38 Steelton 86 54 Manheim Central 58 49 Red Land' 51 54fOTJSusquehanna' . 57 47 Middletown 76 63 Cumberland Valley 67 55 Mechanicsburg 48 70 Palmyra 55 57 Lower Dauphin 52 .57 East Pennsboro 48 55 Hershey 74 58 Red Land 53 64 Susquehanna 72 47 Middletown 76 75 Cumberland Valley 54 43 Mechanicsburg 57 70 . Palmyra 39 48 Lower Dauphin 60 57 East Pennsboro 49 35 Hershey 72 Overall Record 8 wins 14 losses Q Freshman Basketball Highlights F anclamentals Freshman Team The Freshman basketball team ended its season with a record of four wins and six losses under the able leadership of Coach William Keane. Although not a winning season, the experience of the sport provided the background necessary for the further training and development needed for the competition in Varsity basketball. Sitting: M. Harrison, B. Chambers, E. Culp, V. Hill, J. Hardy. Second Row: V. Yordy, D. Cochran, M. Corcoran, D. Brewer, M. Halbleib, G. Boake, R. Leon. Third Row: M. Dove, W. Rowell, B. Smith, Coach William Keane, T. Sutliff, K. Maloney. - M.H.s. ' oPP. 46 Susquehanna 29 43 Hershey 51 45 Middletown 51 48 Lower Dauphin 40 38 Palmyra 39 36 Susquehanna 28 30 Hershey ' 54 41 Middletown I 48 70 Lower Dauphin 51 42 Palmyra 47 League Record Won 4 Lost 6 79 Wrestling Draws Many Participants V 't First Row: S. Hill, Croston, D. Allwein, B. Mottin, R. Lister, W. Beckett, J. Bair. Second R.ow: arsl y J. McConnell, G. Hillegass, D. Daly, A. Cylc, R. Slabomk, C. Fordyce, J. Bernmg, N. Ruggiem, A. Somers, P. Connelly. Third Row: M. Morgan, D. Norton, J. Riggi, W. Kaiser, L. Johnson, . P. DiPietro, S. Scuilli, P. Hermann, M. Bleiler, Jon Carse. Fourth Row: D. Dieter, M. Hayford, D. Smosny, C. Cavanaugh, W. Hartzog, S. Clark, J. Muller, J. Jumbelick. Fifth Row: R. Griesemer, , ' F. Zimmerman, J. Waters, D. Johns, S. Stern, K. Tedders, J. Hallman, J. Edye, Jim Carse. Wrestling First Row: D. Berry, P. Riggi, S. Frye, S. Mulxenin, A. Spiece, T. Bailey, R. Duglas, W. DeMarco. Second Row: R. Gentile, J. Maley, J. Bogden, J. Klinger, B. Pascucci, S. McKenna, J. Ostrowski, R. Walter, K. Adamczyk, Coach D. Thompson. Third Row: T. Kaiser, B. Kincade, J. Bergman, J. . Wegrzyniak, B. Smith, P. Mallaghan, W. Andrews, B. Davis, L. Bamhart. Fourth Row: D. Arnold, J. Hall, J. Saunders, T. Clinger, F. Talbott, R. Gurt, D. Andrews, B. Woodcraft. This year's Varsity wrestling team, under new second to Susquehanna Township, but then later Head Coach Carl F. Rhodes '60, compiled a win- defeated them in a dual meet, 27-19. Coach loss record of 10-3. The team also participated Rhodes stated that the C.A.C. this year had in the Richland Lions' Tournament and placed excellent competition, and also named Bill Kaiser 80 Left to Right: Wallace R. Conway, David G. Thompson, Donald R. Witman, Carl F. Rhodes '60, and A1 Cylc as two outstanding J.V. wrestlers. Under Coach David G. Thompson, the Freshman grapplers wrestled a winning season while build- ing for a promising future in Spartan wrestling. This is the last year in wrestling for Spartan ex-Head Coach Donald R. Witman and Coach Wallace R. Conway. 81 Fellowship of Christian Athletes Left to Right: B. Baer, R. Tomassi, S. Waite, John A. Cook, M. Pelensky, K. Brown, D. Daly. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a movement of faith and action. It is constantly striving to strengthen the moral and spiritual fiber of the members involved. This organization came to Milton Hershey this 1972-73 school year. At the head of the group is Coach John Cook. This particular group is a "Huddle" group and is not limited to our school. There are groups throughout the country, in schools and communities-all combined to form the national organization of the FCA. ' Our approach is to bring athletes and coaches together with God. Members are guided by a few basic principles: 1.. Be more God-conscious than concerned with yourself. 2. Be honest and sincere. 3. Be consistent in the living of your con- victions. 4. Communicate in the hearer's language, as best you can, what you believe and What you have personally experienced. 5. Be a churchman. The FCA was organized in 1955 by Don McClanen, who got his idea for the organization after giving a three-minute talk on, "Making My SZ Vocation Christian" in 1947 as a college student. With help from prominent figures his idea became a reality and has grown imrneasurably. Before an athlete or coach can become a member, he must give the membership pledge as follows: "As a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I shall endeavor to know more about Jesus Christ and his way of Life, to be active in his church, to strive to be Christian in my personal life, and to share my convictions with others." OW L 6" or Shu Q 1 fn -1 I Q 4 A N Q e 47 'lv 'F' f S 40 9 Our Gymnastic Team Has Made Rapid Advancement Gymnastic Team The Spartan gymnasts, under Coach Robert Oesterling, completed their 197 2-7 3 log with an undefeated record of eleven wins. The constant outstanding performances of Don Stevenson, Dave Strobel, Bob Constant, and Mike Popolillo proved to be invaluable to the success of their team. With the experience and knowledge the underclassmen have, next year should be another fine year. First Row: M. Popolillo, T. DiGiambatista, S. Goines, R. Constant, J. Fawell, A. Alexander, D. Willis, T. Zehmisch. Second Row: B. Vogl, D. Burcaw, D. Lee, J. Usher. G. Hoefling, D. Strobel, K. DiBetta. R.. Mitchell. Coach Robert L. Oesterling. Third Row: J. Wishmyer, J. Thomas, R. Bollinger, J. Moss, D. Stevenson, D. Connor. M.H.S. OPP. 113,15 Penn Manor 83.22 139.56 Conestoga Valley 96.20 103.46 Garden Spot 66.93 113.02 Hempfield 104.92 105.74 Conestoga Valley 83.00 108.8 Lampeter-Strasburg 94.35 130.39 Penn Highlands 65.90 118.63 Manheim Township 105.86 Team Champs,-Jr.-Sr. High Tri-County 119.47 Penn Highlands 56.89 121.59 Lampeter-Strasburg 111.68 131.40 Manheim Township 106.80 11 wins 0 losses . 83 Spartan Mermen ace Stiff Competition Swimming Team This year's Varsity swimming record, six wins and nine losses, proved disappointing for Spartan Coaches Richard M. Thieler and Kenneth M. Kauffman. The Spartan mermen competed in the Central Penn League from December to Feb- ruary. J. Boughton and C. Baker were co- captains of this year's team. 84 ' Kneeling: R. Metzger, J. Hughes, J. Hermann, J. Stephens, G. Boughton, J. Milne, R. Hissick, L. Witmer. Second Row: J. Rice, T. Prosser, H. Claypoole, R. Varner, R. Pieia, G. Yandrich, M. Baer, J. Breneman, Coach Kenneth M. Kauffman. Third Row: B. Baker, D. Gallant, J. Connelly, H. Brooks, P. Brown, A. Bannister, E. Hayford, J. Willis, R. Malcolm, Coach Richard M. Thjeler. Fourth Row: J. Boughton, C. Baker, J. Wishmyer, J. Manning, B. Hammond, B. Noonan, D. Dalman, L. Connor, M. Dreier. League Record 6 wins 9 losses M.H.S. OPP. 14 York Suburban 81 22 Wilson '73 59 Reading 36 39 Hempfield 56 58 Muhlenburg 37 38 York 57 39 Cedar Crest 56 29 Manheim Township 66 40 Coatesville 55 53 East Pennsboro 38 30 Governor Mifflin 65 50 Hershey 45 60 Mechanicsburg 35 31 Lancaster 64 54 Mechanicsburg 41 Track and Baseball End the '73 Sports Year Left to Right: John A. Hoerner, David W. Klingensmith, Edward B. Ruth. April May Red Land Susquehanna Middletown Cumberland Valley Mechanicsburg Palmyra Lower Dauphin East Pennsboro Hershey John R. Bare explains to Gerald R. Long and John S. Davis the new batting machine. March 30 Susquehanna H April 5 Cumberland Valley H 10 Palmyra A 12 Middletown H 17 Lower Dauphin H 19 Hershey , A 24 Cumberland Valley A 26 Palmyra H May 1 Middletown A 3 Lower Dauphin A 8 Hershey H 85 As We Reminisce 86 CC JJ Un, the Best Days of Our Lives mkss N1 fsfsf wi In Memory of. . William F. Kapp Born January 18, 1922 Entered into Rest November 22, 1972 Custodian at Milton Hershey School Man was born to live, to suffer, and to die. What befalls him is a tragic i lot! Remember him for how he lived his life and brightened ours. John S. Davis II Born July 20, 1946 Entered into Rest February 2, 1973 Instructor and These men taught us that The Most Precious Gem Is TRUTH The Greatest Sin Is FEAR The Best Town Is WHERE YOU SUCCEED The Best Day Is TODAY The Best Work Is WHAT YOU LIKE The Best Play Is WORK The Only Positive Force Is LOVE The most Dangerous Man Is a LIAR The Greatest Mistake Is GIVING UP The Secret To Success Is COOPERATION The Only Perpetual Thought Is GOD 88 Coach at Milton Hershey School These men dared us to BREAK Our Own Record OUTSTRIP Yesterday WHIP Our Temper Inside and Out BEAR Trials Calmly GIVE Every Ounce of Energy to each task DO Our Work Each Day With More Force and a Finer Finish Acknowledgements 1973 Coordinator ..... . . . . Orville H. Strait Layout Adviser ..... . . Charles A. Astfalk Photographic Adviser . . . . . Carl E. Stump Typing Adviser ..... . . . Audrey S. DeMuth Literary Adviser ...... ...... D avid M. Weller Offset Printing Adviser .... . . Richard O. Hugendubler Letterpress Printing Adviser . . ..... Dale G. Aucker Editor-in-Chief ........ .... S tephen A. Waite Junior Editor ........ . . Michael J. Macchioni Associate Editor. . Technical Editor. . Business Editor. . Literary Editor . . . Sports Editor. . Art Editor .... Offset Foreman . . Camera. . . Stripping . . Presses ...... Letterpress Foreman Composition . . . Presses. . . . . . . Ardon P. Beahm . William E. Eakin . . Gary A. Krow . Robert M. Jones . . Alan D. Baxter . Mitchell H. Miller . Mark W. Simpson Timothy W. Russell Louis J. Carson, Jr. . Floyd L. Stewart Earl E. Thompson . . Daniel P. Lyons Michael G. Wright Patrick O. Fleming . . Kevin P. Clark Charles J. Krause Professional Photography- ...... . . William's Studio Composed, printed, and bound by the students of the Milton Hershey School Print Shop. B am. ". .5 Q0 'ii 141, .5 S rs La 1 I -4 is by-:J iv' 1' - - -- -- bv-Q. ' W Ah: . -' V ' -Q' eh ' - 7 '. .-7 ,.,., f J., '..1f..A ---A-.ig kg ,Q - -.8 015- . 1 .U 1 ,Q:, " .cg . ' f 4 'P , - .- 'Ep ff vf 'H " 'I' .0 Y M 14" ' Ubia' Q if Q ' Agn " Q, . T - Q s 5 'Y 5 r' 1111 X 'K GGL 4-I 0 F 4100 ' -' ' JA?f::1' 5- .. ' ' ' , fn , Q ' ' .49 of ' -Q, ,x, N, -'o 1 . ' Q xg. x .v1m,,,.,. me ' 0 Q V - af I. r . lf.. , ' L., '- v- 4 , U .Q r . .fx - -5 f'- ' 1 -" 1. .- " . 'f' y.AR,' "-1--:K ,. H - ,l . 'X ' ":'11f'f"5'A","' 'Z v t ' A 'A Q5 '- " ' 5 ' .- jtlf' 'fgt.,,1+ A' QXA- .0 'ugly .Q 5" .n 'If ,t u'1'1 aflg ,4'.4.,N44 ,. ' v' A L., '1A:.-:W ' f .xi--x :Q - -.P-A D ..,v 9 V. ,f J k.,-1 , 'ff-QA-'.' '.,'- V 'B' ,rn . s in ' f ' I , . - -, A -x b 4 on ,' Q , , . . l "W, y- A.-, , .- . ' 4 ' uv " Q 5 " -' , . -f. f' 4' - 1: -. f- - J' 1 '5-4' 'a ffefi' Q" JA.. 2 an flu, U x . 4 . .' .f,a' P-Q'--Ab! -". . o,, I., ,nfffe V ' , . ,K - ,KA FO: k -b-fp, a1v,a?,., , V--Q, .gs-',"P,. 165. '4,.'1A, .5""" ' , I an A ., 'Ae-,Qi ..5n,,,1 - ,, , 4, 1 . if . 'a'. '-1.'-- - - '- ' In ' . . ' ,.' A-,. -' , , N' ' .5 , g ,Q fri , : . -fl o ' t of -' fa' . . ' K If r n C Q fr O of ii' s O I' U ' .'.,v 5, , ,lu I R 'Q HN ,www "Qu, 'G' 0' xii' 'fn-1 ,a svgn' 'vv '.' '- . ,x -. -,-N' , -io' 'P ,N in 4 I w. m 1 0. . .F O K' ' 'T A Q 5 l . 4. Oni l ia' , T' -' A l 1 . Ci x S 'sf l ' l QW 'wr' .fs , -.fa , . 6 Xiu' lv Q I A I Q Aix Q- N A l I ' "lg-' "s L .'.s"l't'a 5 'V'1- I a 'u cw,-4 M - 0 -u Q -..' , S 'cj if dau V iw 5- Q5 .tx-Qc. - ,-.- 5 :U'Qef J N pug, ,Q v. 'IRQ 1. 5 1. N

Suggestions in the Milton Hershey School - Acropolis Yearbook (Hershey, PA) collection:

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