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flfforw- , . ,, , L 7.4 if V ,..,. e ff 9:55 r,,,. :iff A 44' f4aam,,fe4,ma.w - 1971 Coordinator ......... Layout Adviser ........... Photographic Coordinator . . . Photographic Adviser ..... Typing Adviser ........ Literary Adviser Offset Printing Adviser ....... Letterpress Printing Adviser .... Editor-in-Chief ............... Technical Editors Literary Editor . Associate Editor Sports Editor . . . Art Editor . . .... . Business Editor . Junior Editors . . . . Offset Foreman .... X Camera ..... Stripping ....... Presses . Q ....... ua....... Letterpress Foreman .... R x , . ' ' 1 Y as E L . . . . Orville H. Strait . . . . Charles A. Astfalk CarlE. Stump . . . Dennis W. Pierce . . . Audrey S. DeMuth . . . . . . David M. Weller Richard O. Hugendubler . . . . . .. Dale G. Aucker . . . . . Robert Norris . . . Douglas Kriegel Peter Loria . . . . . Albert Leonzi . . . Roy Spellmeyer . . . . Carl Darkes . . . Rexford Welden . . . Jeffrey Kramer . . . . Philip Norris Larry Stauffer Gary Weiss John Warner . . . . . Robert Walsh . .. . Rexford Welden Dennis Siegfried . . . . . . Jeffrey Reigler . . . . Robert Weidman . . . . Eugene Hunking Composition . . . . . .... 'Richard Dennish Ronald Wilt Lock-up .............. ..... S teven Koebel Kenneth Cook Professional Photography . . . .... William's Studio Student Photographers .... ........ D avid Reis Arthur Bray Daniel Reis Composed, printed, and bound by the' students of the Milton Hershey School Print Shop. 'DL A C r 0 p 0 l i 5 NINETEEN HUNDRED SEVENTY-ONE Published By The Milton Hershey School Acropolis Staff Hershey, Pennsylvania l 1 l ' . 1 M3352 tomasw E gpm 3 E3 2 hgmga 3 2 2 553 S3523 wwe WO GEEQEOU QE no Scam at WQZW2 2 GB? 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' .sf -gig -V 21, ,il if 5, , ,is K QE-:jpg - swfa .gh ig Eff: ' gl-3-52' , -'Heli :ki 3- .. X, -, 4.53 f' ' , I. g, ,L ,LL :V - . r.. 3 z7"3":E"iE5,4i7':'F.. e ' T , '4 ,' - ,.'.-.,z-. .g .emu . . . in .... ' a 1 1 , MIL T UN S. HERSHE Y Businessman Philanthropist Educator 4 Fw .jyysxi 5 -, "W "?.s,:V5:i4:k. ' , " .", -'s'-ii?-7iii'E2f Lil? :-ELET' "--- , 1 .. fm. .,.-. ,f :ff ,1,, , , ,..,-1: .Iv ' mu' 'J H 'sbs 5 .f' , 2' ' " Q 2 ,.a -f 's - ,sf. - AH' ""l , '- 5"'f.:5!iQ?5fflQE 1.3 ,' f "" X I xl ,umm ,,,,, A . K K FPSA iff' 1' , 1.1-,il q I ' , u , Q ' t L G a D P L , 5 lli3:O :Ati ,NE 'gin F gigfZEQ dE::L SEE-Eggs: Cm wczgga A ' . mumcmi Qogm mgioga b u . BBQ E395 igmhwmoiwwwzov y D -H5056 Easing? Dmcixwg Q5 M202 Sew , . D mmQGMw3m'M,aq 300 n Q .Exams Eccmmuob , I .magma Q5 E62 625 ' u y missin! u . h Eigmmwg mock c . t mgmat MWEEEMW Rigas. . ' NQEHUGE' 1 Q wings G ' bmmmgmgm i I .mmggggk bggmmus wwwzov. . lgcgmtamgm been u ' n await wgggm Amigos. b ' KDEPHUOE . ' ' QEOLSUBH u l n mOiHm5UQ,2 2:4 -Wm E3 mg-Sega G 1 ' magma anim QQEUME l ' l MMUMQQUQP NGOEMQQQE wwgov G ' I EEN FREE Eotxlpavi omgdoo t v 'MWEEQE EE 1202 Swim A A 3 . u n mwwemgmihmq I u , mmwimsm . 2 . wggmom USN QWEDEHSL . 42250 EQOUSCP. ' u Ngugwmg ' . . wumgoboua U l i Nntgwgao ' G . MNUEMEUQ? 5 4 NA me in 6 D: M5333 QCtg2WQ:mwo:OQ h I .maxima ECOMEUOD D ' c EEOQZS ADMINISTRAT 5-4: ab'v-6559 vs:-5:S'559-1: Q 54 .f-4 gif-4..'Q..g 'iii-'JJQI I2wzwUg1331 CIS.E....m,:,,q5 fPw24+.,,2m,4s-4' f:',f5c!5s.4ST1 E-4m gC.4w+5-54.1 V, fU2ZBv::3bD2 8m,Gicr:i.E-5 Scug:.' gg: Eid-125413 ff-Mba, ..--4 'O.EGJ'-il,--QZKD 'C-75.2-529242 S152-SUS' 'CI 24-'Signs' cv5'O-40-fg.15:UI nw, Q 34-1.g,E5..m 22E.,::QI'.E oE3f5bl:"1g san5.s'3..s3Wf' fewfgew-EI If-Tifwsfwfvzs. - -Swing... .puflibg ICS s-40.1,-,'1I5','jU E22J2.:Gw'E www 0541: --LD-'C'5'5'b.D-ms5 ,tim ,CII-ggi?-4...4: Q-HL,--i U78 .1Ij,g..4,S-7'I3 .O.b0gSIC!3 .CJ"'44!U,'r"K -CU. QQ,",.EQ.2.rI Egg5,,3?.2QT-5- 'f'23.3UwI5f-'.!'f,' :cz-'gf-94:29 c:ofS.,.f4 L- .:2w..2I3. u-4:5 PCIJIA, U.J0Q, .204 .LETS hui.. um'--4 rcu4s3'S2g4Cs:: C5252 -M' PI: I r-1-wx H .UD Q2 .33 .Cab 3I9I'?3ao'5.' 95 Sigh 'TD ' FQ kwa 'I9.m FL- f'5'f.QI:?2,'Q wifi-4.L5f.T3 f:.P'wEQIO 'ff4.bDt::21JLL4 ,I CY5o':"U.---2' ,Qc'323.Uw ....4.,-4CQ'-Q .Q L-uw --QQ3 'J 5,-STf9I3E3'SE ZI'F'mU'E-1 ..4QJHC,5,f-F5 Egginioggw :.44gL?t'3n!I.E fd. FE:-f,Q,g'U Q4"",gs.zZ 34 -QUNM: 2mQ.awI:.Q3?m f-LC'7'vCfQ""' :'Ey:::::gz CSXGQQVQ LEE?-QLJAVL IC RR CU FACULTY, de 'gamci of magma J James E. Bobb Chairman i ff , . ,ik ,. ,f f - 3 .A--4:-. 5' Dr. John O. Hershey Joseph S. Gumpher Aurthur E. Whiteman William E. Schiller Prcsiclont Secretary-'Treasurer mwqn W-Jena. Harold S. Mohler Kenneth V. Hatt William E. Dearden John S. Baum .15 Gilbert Nurick BOARD OF MANAGERS-The administration of Milton Hershey School is directed by capable men, some of whom were personal friends of Milton S. Hershey and four of whom are alumni of the School. 5 -4-ll Om Pfzeudewt cmd Om q!6dfWftf44flf0L y P esident Dr. Richard A. Rudisill, Headmaster The success of a school depends greatly upon its administrative organization andthe quality of its leadership. At Milton Hershey School we are indeed fortunate to have capable and responsible leaders. Our President, Dr. John O. Hershey, has been with the school since 1939 and has served faithfully those thirty-one years. Our Headmaster, Dr. Richard A. Rudisill, a native of Pennsylvania, came to Milton Hershey School in 1951 and was appointed Headmaster in 1963. Both men have proven themselves to be qualified administrators and their leader- ship has opened many opportunities for everyone. 33? PROGRESS PLANNING-Dr. John O. Hershey d cu s pl s for the future with Dr. Richard A. hee edriccufed eczciew feldze Born in Ottumwa. lowa. on June 30. 1909. Mrs. Charles Bikle was brought up in the city of Des Moines and later resided in Glenside. Penn- sylvania. Mrs. Bikle received a bachelor of arts degree from Swarthmore College. She also attended the University of Wisconsin and Columbia Uni- versity. Mrs. Charles Bikle taught English and Latin at Friends' School in Atlantic City prior to coming to Milton Hershey School. where she started her present career in 1955. Prior to teaching. Mrs. Bikle was active in the Girl Scout Committee and Square Dance Club. Since 1937 she has become a member of the Derry Presbyterian Church and has also been a past president, secretary, and treasurer of the Milton Hershey Faculty Wives. With extreme sincerity. the staff farewell. Marion S. Ellenberger and students of MHS wish her a warm Dorothy W. Bikle Mrs. Marion I. Snavely Ellenberger retires after forty-one years ot service to MHS. Mrs. Ellenberger was born December 5. 1906 in East Hanover Township and was raised in Ono, Pennsylvania. She began teaching in 1930 at Harpers Department. an old student home located near lndiantown Gap. Since then she has taught at all three ofthe educational buildings on this campus. Mrs. Ellenberger attended Millersville State 'I'eaeher's College where she earned her teacher's elementary certificate. She belonged to a dramat- ics club and chorus while in college. She then taught at East Hanover Township School for four years. All of us will miss Mrs. Ellenberger after such a long and invaluable ca- reer with our school. and we all bid her a fond farewell. After forty-one years of conscientious service to our school. Miss lli W' Eleanor G. King retires from education to enjoy fully her many other inter- CSIS. Miss Kings background and experience have combined to make her a valuable part of our program. lnvaluable teaching experience resulted from her serving as a teacher for five years in one-room schools in Bird-in-Hand and Mt. Pleasant. Pennsylvania. She came to Milton Hershey School in September of 1930. served as a teacher until 1946 at which time she was appointed librarian and has remained in that capacity until the present time. Her formal education was obtained at Lebanon Valley College where she received her bachelor of arts degree and Columbia University where the Master of Science Degree was awarded. The alumni join with the School Family in expressing appreciation and warm wishes for the retirement years ahead. Eleanor G. King Om 7Zew amwlew Wall v'YkYEE1f5f:1iiz'1i-fx: " A " 'Hi In In '?J,,l:g1e1' -ii . ' ' jf ' if f Q5 M-m43f,l' , V . . ,A FOUNDERS HALL-A beautiful morning view of our newest facility, Founders Ha11,from across the lake. KEEPING VIGIL-A spirit of watchfulnegg THE ROTUNDA-A view showing the vastness of the interior of the seems to emanate from the famous statue of Rotunda at Founders Hall. Milton Hershey and the boy. " A DECADE OF PROGESS " Dedication Ceremonies Celebrated On The Birthdate Of Milton S. Hershey During The Sixtieth Anniversary Year Of Milton Hershey School SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Friday, September 11 7:30 p.m.. .. 10:00 p.m.. .. Saturday, September 12 8: 30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.. .. 10: 00 a.m.-11: 00 a.m . . .Twenty-first Annual M. S. Hershey Day Programe UP WITH PEOPLE-Founders Hall . . .Informal Get-to,qether-Starlight Ballroom . . .Continental Breakfast-Catlierine Hall Activities for Children of Alumni-Catherine llall Open 1Iouse-Educational Facilities and Student llomes . . . Business Meeting:-Catherine llall 1:30 p.m . . .Cocoa Bean Football Game. MHS-llllS-Stadium 7: 00 p.m. ...... Banquet-Camelot Room, Founders llall 9: 00 p.m. ...... Special Entertainment and Dancing-Rotunda, Founder Sunday, September 13 8: 30 a.m . . . Memorial Services-Hershey Cemetery 10 12: 00 noon-1: 1: 30 p.n1.-3: 1: 00 a.m 00 p.m.. . . 30 p.m 30 p.m . . .Dedication Ceremonies-Founders Hall . . .Lunch-Founders Hall . . .Open House-Educational Facilities and Student Homes . . . Golf Tournament and Mixed Howling Tournament s lla fx?-Fri' - FE K1 f,?'7"f"? , K ll I ws -,,wl!f"'W"wwd"f" . 5 . l ttee E59 4 ' 5 iiY?55?+51 L l'Qff'f1ffi ette ' ' S ' I -,"h ? 2 'b A Tru ute t to ' S 'I h - Ml ton S. Hers ey a n d I O f H IS WI e Catherine S. Hershey Dedicated September 13, 1970 ur Heritage Sixty years of dramatic progress under- girds Milton Hershey School in its splendor today and provides the foundation for its claim to greatness in the years ahead. The School was born within hearts of love as Milton and Catherine Hershey signed the Deed of Trust on November 15, 1909, to begin the fulfillment of their dreams for boys whose families had been marred by tragedy. It was from humble beginnings of limited financial resources, Spartan faci- lities, a small student body, and a narrow program of service from which the School has grown to an institution of prominence. Second only to the spirit and wisdom of the founders are we indebted to the loyal and dedicated efforts of those who have accepted and lived by the philosophy of Milton Hershey School and have given themselves to the achievement of the ob- jectives that measure the true greatness of the School in our society. Mr. and Mrs. George Copenhaver were entrusted with the leadership of the school during the early stages of organization and development. A host of others serving in capacities of Board membership, administrative supervision, classroom instruction, student homelife, and the physical services, have contributed in concert to the immediate needs of the stu- dents enrolled during the years and, at the same time, to the steady growth and expansion of the entire School program and operation. Paralleling the increasing financial re- sources, came expanded facilities, extended programs and more students. From a class- room in The Homestead, another classroom in a renovated barn nearby, and still another at Harpers some miles away, more modern classrooms were built in Ivanhoe. Then came the Fannie B. Hershey Memorial Build- ing, dedicated in 1927 to the memory of Milton Hershey's mother, followed by the opening of the secondary school building on Patt's Hill in 1934. A rather simple cur- riculum for the boys in elementary school and the sending of boys in secondary school to the local public school now had given way to a more extensive and personalized edu- cational program for all students of Milton Hershey School through a large, well- qualified professional staff using spacious, well-equipped facilities. From one group of boys living at The Homestead, other groups came into being in other houses converted into suitable dwellings for large families of boys. It is worthy' of note that, from the beginning, the founders wanted their boys to live in family groups rather than in dormitory fashion common to that period of time. During the early twenties we see the first newly-built student homes for the Junior boys located near The Homestead. It was in 1929 that the farm home concept first began to take form, whereby the older boys would be given opportunities to develop a sense of responsibility through daily work assign- ments and to have a richer life through daily contact with nature in its finest setting. By 1959 there were 48 homes dotting more than 10,000 acres of School land. By now a student body of 10 boys in 1910 had grown to a group of nearly 1100 boys. In addition to 2500 alumni, over 2400 other boys had benefitted through enrollment in Milton Hershey School, even though, for a number of family reasons, they did not remain at the School until graduation. For our heritage we give thanks. It has provided the inspiration and challenge for, and indeed has demanded, the extensive efforts put forth in the decade just past in the study of and implementation of ways in which to keep the School abreast of the needs of the day, according to the expressed terms and within the implied spirit of the Deed of Trust which makes Milton Hershey School possible. FOUNDERS HALL AUDITORIUM-The huge new auditorium in Founders Hall. 9' . -I , 5 if If aw SCHOOL DAYS-A shot of the replica of the Derry Church School classroom ut Founders Hall. pi wi -W' E ff KING ARTHUR?-A few of the Intermediate Division boys look over some of the architectural features of the Camelot Room at Founders Hall. ...flu BROWN AND GOLD ROOM-A picture of the inviting fireplace THE HERITAGE ROOM- The new meeting room in Founders in the Brown and Gold Room at Founders Hall, Hall. Where the School mm Wm be Shown 9 Senior: Wal! Summa of Education SENIOR HALL-An aerial View of the Senior High facilities on Pat's Hill. As director of secondary education, William R. Fisher has demonstrated unusual ability for again carrying out the many responsibilities with meticulous care, leaving nothing to chance. With seven years of service as principal at Milton Hershey School, he has improved instruction, supervision, and coordina- tion of the educational program. Mr. Fisher graduated from the School in 1950 and returned to his alma mater in 1956. Since his enrollment in the School atthe age of eleven, Mr. Fisher has proved to many boys that success comes from hard work. William R. Fisher Director. Secondary Education A native of Campbelltown, Pennsylvania, Carl E. Stump grad- uated from Hershey High School in 1943. Since the time he joined our staff in 1956, he has been responsible for many de- tails. In 1964, Mr. Stump was appointed assistant director of secondary education' and has the responsibility of interpreting marking period results, orienting new teachers, issuing new rosters of personnel, counseling students, visiting classrooms and shops, and improving instruction. Mr. Stump and Mr. Fisher are great- ly improving the many educational opportunities with their dedicated efforts. Carl E. Stump Assistant Director, Secondary Educatio 10 Seachfz Wall www ffm im., f"""'-, William G. Altland Dorothy K, Esbenshade John E. Fox Jr. W. Lyndon Hess George J. Hollich Jr, Terry W, Light English French English English Public Speaking Fnench Chaimum, THE SPARTAN Adviser, Nriliunal Honor Society Humanities German Reading Services Football T0 BE OR NOT T0 BE?-W. Lyndon Hess conducts an English class discussing Shakespeare. UPARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS?"-Dorothy K. Esbenshade conducts an oral exercise in a French class. "WUI LERNEN DEUTSCH."-Terry W. Light helps three students over a difficult assignment in German class. SUBJECT OR PREDICATE-Bryan Seese looks on as W. Jones explains why he thinks the word is the subject of the sentence. 1--su.. . Bryan P. Seese Orville H. Strait Betty J. Stump D. Michael Weller '66 LeRoy 0. Wolfe Jr. English English German English English Social Studies ACROPOLIS Wrestling 11 5 ' Wall 4134444 gmmeu ,V . 1 Dennis H. Bortz Philip S, Brown James L. Butch Mathematics Mathematics Remedial Mathematics SCWUCP Athlm-tic Equipment Manager Senior Class Adviser MATH LAB-Students take a test using the Wang calculators. Richard E. Campbell Mathematics can-s -N Audrey S. DeMuth Business Education English National llonnr Society Council ACROPOLIS PUNCH THAT ONE!-Mrs. Audrey S. DeMuth shows three 12-5 business students how to operate the new business calculator. Q... mf sw f QM.. Allen M. Hoover Robert W, Hopple Russell C. Klinger Mathematics Mathematics Business Education School Bank 12 I Ray A. Fatale,- Busanm Education ,.., L ' i ,N 5,3 -- Y fi'-:fir ' i' l"' ,L William H. Snyder Mathematics S ' 71466 5444425 :imma came -.4 N., chimes L. Biiiie William E, sinner 111 D, wiiiis Hartman Paiii 1. Kleinfelter James w, Martin swim siiciii siiidies science sociii studies suciai studies Niiiioniii iioiiiii society ciiiiiicii Gene-riil Business Football science Forum Adviser wii-suing i ,,. STOCKS AND BONDS-Paul I, Kleinfelter discusses a phase FORCES AND VECTORS-Mr, Bikle shows John Carroll, Art of economics with section 12-5. Bray, Steve Crosson and Dennis Mitsock how to plot forces in physics class. Weige- :PN . H i w....... fi . my .gi - . Edward B. Ruth - h Frank H. McCrea Dennis W. Pierce Science John W. Showalter Philip K. Shuler Science Science Health Social Studies Science ACROPOLIS Photography Adviser Cmsycuumy Truck Explorer Scouts my-1 ,M N ' it John A. Storm Willinm A. Yottey Social Studies Social Studies 13 V i i I Sam Wall '. , Wendi cuwlS4feZg ,ff Virgil L. Alexander Director of Public Information Cheerleaders Student Government Glee Club Stage Staff and Guides -wg -..,.... W. Behney Buser Health rector of Interscholastic Athletics M I ,vi Y .. E . .i V ,fr , . i Q3 i Q 5 . s. 1-Opt. ' Larry E. Casebeer Physical Education Basketball ART FOR. ART'S SAKE-George Hollich explains to M. Gentile, J.Schmoe1, G. Jones, and G. the principle of contrast in a work of art. Hau, ""' We-as John A, Cook Ji-, Gerald R. Long '55 Ray B. Miller W. Purnell Payne John H. Tellet '44 Diygctgr Religious Education Orientation Instrumental Music Instrumental Music Driver Education I Baskegball Baseball Varsity Band Spartan Orchestra Athletic Trainer National Honor Society Council Basketball Drill Team 14 Wa eackvz 71456 1 2 1 ..- PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE-Students in the construction trades gain valuable experience by buildling a house. am Harry L. Buck '43 Dennis L. Hurd Kenneth H. Cook Auto Mechanics Agri-Business Electronics Driver 'Training tg ri Matthew J. Belicic Vocational and Educational Guida Charles A. Astfalk Drafting and Printer's Art National Honor Society Council ACROPOLIS Dale G. Aucker Printing THE SPARTAN ACROPOLIS , Russell G. Daubert Auto Mechanics 15 nce win 7146! We ' Edu ' fi: Richard K. Dieterle Drafting THEORY IN PRACTICE-Three carpentry students put classroom theory into practical use. Van ssh... Harold C. Good '36 sheet Metal and Welding if gf! David A. Hassler - Food Preparation KEEP IT CLEAN-Bob Weidman learns to keep the machinery working properly ln the Print Shop. ...naw 'sw K 'Q-Q-rf Q23 1 Harold E, Hngrner '44 John A. Hoerner Richnrd O. Hugendubler Andrew Kovnch Plumbing and Heating Machine Shop Printing Industrial Arts Football THE SPARTAN Religious Education 'hack ACROPOLIS 16 ,, . -GM' John P, Ms-szaros Thomas O. Pratt Robert K, Schelhorn Kenneth R. Smitley Clyde P. Stacks Russ- Garden Electricity Carpentry General Building Trades Vocational U:-nl-rul I TAP OR DIE? Using a die, Don Shannon applies threads to a plpv section in the Plumbing Shop. INVOLVED-Robin Clevenstine seems to be all wrapped up in his work in the Electric Shop. f'3C4"s .ff FW' YUMMY!-Paul Mzalonc. a student in Food Prcparation, pro- CAREFUL-Being careful not to break any plants Ron Wilcox. paras 3 special dish Mike Oherly. Victor DiPictI'0. and George Bidding weed ai flower bud in the Agri-Business gil-enhoii-so 17 Wal! Scvpmaiaafw af Education '--+., CATHERINE HALL FOYER-The beautiful foye f C th rine Hall with the spiral HURRY!-A Catherine Hall Student rushes to staircase leading to the library. his next class after leaving the library. M. Nelson Durand, director of the Intermediate Division, has the responsibility of coordinating the educational and homelife program of the lntermediate Division. Ably qualified with bache- lor of science and master of arts degrees from the Pennsylvania State University, he began teaching here in 1959. He is responsi- ble for orientation of personnel, counseling of students, scheduling, and for sharing the responsibility for supervising the expand- ing summer school program held there. M. Nelson Durand Director, Intermediate Division Donald R. Witman, a native of Manheim, Pennsylvania, gradu- ated from Elizabethtown College withabachelor of science degree in 1958 'and that same year joined our faculty at Senior Hall, later becoming a teacher of remedial reading and a varsity wrestling coach. Awarded a master of science degree by Temple University in 1964, Mr. Witman became assistant director of the educational program at Catherine Hall when the new facilities opened at the beginning of the 1966 school year. Donald R. Witman Assistant Director, Intermediate Divisio 18 Zatlefuhe Wall 7 5 gan D1 'Ia :annul Rx is-1, 12:7-'Q' 51 xxx QM li E A I .33 -gf if 2.5, Wall FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE CHORUS BROWN AND GOLD BAND CHOIR BOYS HAND BELL CHOIR-First Row: M. Cannon, D. Speelman, CATHERINE HALL THEATER GUILD-First Row: S, Schilli, G, D'Amico, K. Gibson, K. Hottle, R. Ziglar, Second Row: R. Dunn, N. Oberly, J. Melvin, R. Kriegel, D. Christopher, G. Boke, K. Kurtz, K. Beasley, P. Leonard. R. Brody, and J. Waters, T. Myers. L. Hooks, D. Long, I... Dilembo, Second J. Chappell. Row: J. Cannon. J. Challingsworth, K. Hunking, D. Grim, J. Smelik, J. Huey, M. Hawley, D. Pierce, Mr. Kriebel. J. Car- roll, J. Chappell, R. Leon, R, VonColln, J. Rice, C, Cavanaugh. ' Wall? and ' '-J' ...-. Ss.. is 1 Parke- E. Adams Jr William G. Angerl Kathryn L, Aungst John H. Bare Jr, Earl R. Baugher Josephine M Baum I-Inyflish lmluslrml Arts Fifth Grade Industrial Arts Science English Baseball Hnrry E Bay Terry w. Baylor Samuel D. Binchly J. Robert Bortel Jr. Bonnie A. cns.-in-nf Gnnnn C.. cash Fmn urndn lwnnr-nnnuns Geography Language Arts Science- Reading A-Pnrnn ifnppnrw sp.-ning Economics Football 1? Wallace R. Conway John S. Davis James C. Dearden Jr. Roy M, Dice Jr. Ruth G. Dorman Paul E. Dronsfield livin:-dml Mathematics Il'-mn-dual Reading Social Studies Filth Grade English D1-v0lopmentalRead1ng Football Audm'VisuuI Club Bziskvlbull President, 21 'efffall aw and ' l Charles K. Francis '61 Donald A. Gipe John H. Grab William A. Grove Gary T. Hawbaker Troupiere 0. Hershey Business Education Mathematics Mathematics Instrumental Music Social Studies Social Studies SPARTAN SPIRIT Catherine Hall Bandmaster Nr. ,- Allen A. Hicks Kenneth M. Kauffman Roger A. Killian David W. Klingensmith J. Duncan Kriebel Bruce H. Moyer Fifth Grade Science Fifth Grade Physical Education English History Catherine Hall Hobby Shop Health SPARTAN SPIRIT Theatre Guild :Jalan Pappew PISTON POPPERS-First Row: M. Pollini, J. Russell, D. Long, D. Yenchi, B. Haines, C. Love, M. Fry. Second Raw: J. Irvin, P. Ruhl, W. Schmidt, T. Coughlin, Terry W. Baylor, adviser, G. Smelik, K. Shoals, L. Weston, G. Brenner. i. Q ' "5 ...H-I SPIRIT? Mr. Francis and his staff generate spirit with Spirit. 1 f their production the Spartan 5 Spcmtmz 'u lumix. INDUSTRIAL ARTS at the junior high level helps to motivate shop interest before the move to Senior Hall, 'Uhr W. -vw ww "TF Rohm L, om.-rllng Harold E Rs-ichurd of-mg? F, sand.-n nun.-fl J. Schelhurn mln--rn L. slambaugh Richard M 'rmelef Physical Bam-ation Music Library fm Hmory sl-H-lm Swimming mm Divmg llzmdhell Runga-rs H.-um. Gymnasm-Q, Chmr Boys swlmmmg Thomas 1: xv,-ml Bruce R, wa-fd--f M1.1rl.-mam.-. wma History Truck mm-,..4 Lai-Ugmph, Svvnnunmg Wim 23 emafzdal 7141! mm Doom MEMORIAL HALL-The camera focuses on the Fanny B. Hershey Memorial Hall-site of the education- al facilities for the Junior Division. William A, Hoover Director, Junior Division 24 Born in Winburn, Pennsylvania, William A. Hoover spent three years in our armed forces and later served successfully as a newspaperman before coming to Milton Hershey in 1951. Graduating from Lock Haven College, he received his master of science degree from Bucknell University. He taught at Senior Hall and Memorial Hall before being director of elementary education. Mr. Hoover's responsibilities in supervising homelife of the elementary students provide a strong foundation on which they can build their lives. ,MEMORIAL HALL CHOIR-First Bow: Lynette E. Waller, A. Howell, M. Mitchell, J. Hanson, T. Stack, J. Swift, R. Poole, T. Camarota, T. Cannon, A. Smith, D.Seesholtz, M. Reho. Second Rowg- S. Mogel, T. Coston, T. Capone, D. Burda, D. Lawless, K. Haines, M. Lukowsky, M. Black, K. Coskey, D. Bair, A. Traub, B. Maines. Third Row: 'M, Schmoel, H. Dulio, T. Brennan, R. Bakefr, R. Sell, K. Watts, R. Drake, C. Boykin, K. Bergman, R. Drake, J. Gattuso. Fourth Row: B. Reynolds, R. Stratton, J. Blaney, D. Mulvaney, S. giegiold, A. Rowell, J. Lehman, C. Oriswell, S. Christopher, M. Deiorenzo, R. Wilke, . iss. Wtemazdczl Wall aw and 'ada -naw' -,.,,,,f'f 2 wg A 'V 4 N., ' 5 phyubm guugh.-, ,,K,,,,..,, ,, ,,,,,L, cam.-ram-w cum-r Tvd E Derrick Fnurlh uf..11.- r,.,,., .,,,,.,.. Flrsm msmdf- Fourth :mdk- , ' swf ' 'CIN X ,A . 'Sk , I , . a ' , x X i whiff fra Olive M. Kleinfelter Marilyn K Layser ,Edith B Long Lloyd M. Morgan '-19 Sr-cond Grads- Knuh-rg.urtvn Rvmvdml Reading Rvcre.-mlmn Lnbmry Educulxun Lmmry Club Adnmmlruuve Awmlaxnl,Jun10r Divismn 5 S 2 . Y' Q .A u. I mn, , 1 .ww if -ww A READ ALONG-Mrs. Frances N. Reigle conducts a reading GROUP EFFORT-Students in Mrs. Irene W. Showalter's class with her third grade students. class gather for a group picture. 25 7wfffff - - i -xiii -v ' gf .V , WM 3 ' , . ' 6 xiii Frances A, Reugle Third Grade 7146! and 'ada Mary U. Saye Fourth Grands- Sf: Irene W. Showalter Phyllis B. Shuler Fourth Grade Third Grade Lvnetle E Waller Agnes M. soudefs Louise B. swmzbaugh Ei , Q , valafae K. wom- Thlfd Grade sf-wma Grade .,. e"'en'b"5 Mum 26 I- .uh annlS1xth Grade- Chorux Folmh Gfadl' M4-morxal mu umm Choruw Buy Wldflcwz qfmcdeay Zdumzwmz Aaaaaazaon MHP?-4 OFFICERS-Paul E. Dronsfield. president: Charles K, Francis '61, treasurerg John D. Kriebei, vice president: Samuel D. Blachly, secretary and Roy M. Dice, president elect. Assisting the administrative staff of Milton Hershey School, the many secretaries contribute immeasurably to the everyday phases of school and homelife. Many duties are performed such as the preparation of the daily and the weekly bulletins , the processing of or- ders and invoices, the details of student records and transcripts, the handling of correspondence, appoint- ments and receptionist duties. Educational Secfzezfmdee EDUCATIONAL DIVISION SECRETARIES-First Row: Avis C. Kercher, Martha J. Allwein, Ruth A. Shope, Betty J. Lighty, Teresa M. Funghi, Ellen J. Heckman.Second Row: Helen S. Evans, Eileen P. Myers, Sarah M. Snyder, Helen S. Dodge, Elva M. Nye, Marlene C. Stehman, Betty B. Filepas, Dolores O. Sides, maint P eZ ewdcec R. E. McLaughlin-Director, Student Gene R. Layser-Director, College Frederick D. Miller-Director, Personnel Services Placement Student Placement Members of the Student Personnel Staff are involved in many facets of student life. Their principal responsibilities are handling all phases of enrollment and termination and helping students adjust to their new environment. The staff directs family-school relations and assists seniors in securing jobs and enrolling in colleges and technical schools. Coun- selors lend assistance to any boy who is confronted with a personal problem while enrolled at Milton Hershey School. COUNSELING STAFF-Sitting: Thural V. Brehm. Mrs. Catherine Becker, Mrs. Barbara Hass. Richard C. Johnson. Standing: Grant T. Custer. William F, Deliiberty. and Joseph, L. Roeser. 28 Smxwzifm Saga " S Alfred T. Gibble-Director, House- Joseph A. Brechbill-Director, Seni parent Staff Division Responsibility for providing a warm, homelike atmosphere where each boy strives for personal and social maturity rests chiefly in the hands of the Homelife Staff. The procurement and training of house- parents, the coordinating of the educational and home programs, scheduling of privileges, and the handling of disciplinary measures are added responsibilities for these staff members whose contributions play a very important part in the program at Milton Hershey School. STUDENT l-IOMELIFE STAFF--Lawrence E. Best, Kenneth A. Longenecker, Gary W. Cooper, and Jacob A. Klmedinst. 29 laden! Wea!!! Sewdcea lg... OH, N0!-As Dr. Lee Backenstose examines Mike Sokolowski's foot, Mike wonders about his future in football. NURSES-Mrs. Eleanor Woods checks a student's medical chart, as Mrs Sally Coulter and Mrs, Doris Gingrich look on. The best in medical care is provided by our professional staff. This year marks the opening of the Milton Hershey School Health Center. The Hershey Medical Center is also available for those students who need extensive care. Available to all students is the best in dental treatment including cleaning and the filling of caries and orthodontic treatment. Care of the boys' teeth is provided at clinics at both Senior Hall and at Catherine Hall for students in those divisions. TWICE A YEAR--Student John Mercer gets his six month check- up by Dr. E. C. Schaeffer, with the assistance of Mrs. Marian Markley. 30 M"-rf. TOOTHACHE?-Dr. Donald R. Price along with Dental Hygienist Marilyn Snyder examine student Francis Bacon. ,.....,, nun- Depantment of Zwmm ,-Mem John M. Aichele William A. Houtz The building and renovation program of the past ten years has greatly added to the responsibilities of John M. Aichele. To this added Work, there has always been the responsibility of procurement of food, supplies, and clothing and the maintenance of transportation facilities. Additional personnel for the care and maintenance of the expanding campuses and drives have added to the details of the Department of Business Affairs. BUSINESS AFFAIRS STAFF-Sitting: John P. Meszaros, Woodrow W. Bonney, Howard Slanliingz Richard C. Hann, James H. Albrite, Dennis E. Hunter. gncfddng Wlndntennnce 56402064044 BUILDING MAINTENANCE SUPERVXSORS-Arthur Fausnacht, Paul Pollock, Richard Miller, and Roy Clark, H. Baum 31 penn Wim ,-in vn. 21.5. 'gndldrfn , Wfndnlennnce SPECIAL SERVICES-James H, Loser, John F. Lutz, Mrs, Dorothy I-I. Kluck. and Mario Moratti provide clothing, food and trans- portation, Waals, A LITTLE OFF Tl-IE TOP!-Haircuts are given regularly to ensure a good appearance. 6461054044 Experienced staffs supply the special needs of the students. All meals except breakfast and Saturday and Sunday evening meals are prepared at a modern central kitchen and delivered to student homes by a fleet of meal buses. Quality apparel is selected in the cloth- ing room and tailored to the individual student in the sewing room, where any repairs are also rnade. All students receive haircuts at regular intervals in modern barber shops located in Senior Hall and Catherine Hall. INVENTORY-Here a check is made of fine clothing in stock. RGC pa... SEWING ROOM--Clothing is fitted and tailored to individual CENTRAL KITCHEN-Preparation of meals is a big business at tastes, Milton Hershey School. 32 Vance Anderberry. . . ' on. . .James Cardow. . . Carl Darkes II . . . James Egnew. . . Edward Fordyce. . . Robert Gaffney . . . Karl Lo- Douglas Kriegel. Albert Leonzi . .Jack Muzichuck . . . Martin Coffey . . . Richard Dennish. . . Walter Euken. . . Patrick Flannery. . .Nicholas Ev- Marshall Nixon. . . Ro ert ell. . .Paul Plummer . . Jeffrey Riegler . . . Eugene Hunking. . . Michael Politi. . . Bruce Rogers . . Charles Sarrg Dennis Siegfried. . . Ro . .JeffreyAndrews . . Philip Baker . . . Charles Whitson . . . Fre ont Bozarth III. . .James Carter . . . Donald iMartin Coffey. . . Richard . . .Walter Euken. . . Patrick Flannery. . . Dennis Siegfried. . . Robert Walsh. . . JeffreyAndrews. . . Charles Sarri John Gould. . .John H leib. . Steven Koebel. . . James Lerch Jr .... Edwin Hall. . .Jeffrey Kramer . . . Robert Gaffney . . . Eugene Hunking . Hugh MacDonald Jr .... Neidert . . . Joseph Perzel . . . David Yurovchak Jr. . . . Leroy Askey. . . Donald Ballato. . . Robert Carney . . . Gerald Doyle. . .Nicholas Eva sta. . .Jeffrey Fox. . . David Galamore . . . Robert O'Connell. . .PaulPlummer. . . Jeffrey Riegler . . Edward Ford Edwin Hall. . .Jeffrey Kramer. . Karl Lotz . . . Dean Mackley . . . Dennis Siegfried. . . Robert Walsh. . . Jeffrey Andrews. . . Philip Baker . . . Car Steven Notter. . .Willia . Donald RiceJr .... Eric Sarver . . . John Gould. . .John Halbleib . . .Steven Koebel. . . James Lerch Jr. . . . N John Whitehead . . . William Black Jr .... Kenneth Cook . . . Richard Hary . . .Eric Koch. . .Gregory Lynn. . . Frank Malloy Jr. . . . Robert Q Charles Whitson . . . Fremont Bo arth III. . .James Carter . . Thomas Dumond. . . Richa d Engle. . . Irvin Frees . .John Gordon . . . Stephen If Edwin Kline. . .David Lukowsky. . .Paul Malone . . . Richard Neal. . .Craig Prandini. . .Timothy Rooney. . .William Schwenke . . . Edward Fordyce Charles Winlder. . .Bruce Breon. . .RonaldCorrie. . .Leroy Askey. . . Donald Ballato. . . Robert Carney . . . Bernard Neidert . . . Joseph Perzel . . Mm-Aim!! Niwmn .L f ' l ' . . .Do ' el. . .Albert Leonzi . . .Jack Muziq H1 . I' Z . Home 1977 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-S, McAdams, historian: R, Weidman, presidentg James L. Butch, adviser: J. Muzichuck, vice presidentg S. Ryan, secretary and P. Moffa, treasurer. VANCE HILDING ANDERBERY Auto Mechanics Football, Track JEFFREY LYNN ANDREWS College Prep. Technical Machine Shop Practice Football, Wrestling, Track, Trapping Club, Student Home Council LEROY THOMAS ASKEY Sheet Metal and Welding Wrestling Mgr., Student Home Council IVIICHAEL BACON College Prep. Liberal Arts Equipment Mgr., Student Home Council PHILIP EISENHOWER BAKER Plumbing and Heating DONALD NUNZIO BALLATO Agri-Business Student Home Council STEPHEN GREGORY BAUGHMAN College Prep. Technical Auto Mechanics Drill Team MARTIN STEVEN BECK Auto Mechanics National Honor Society, Spartan Post GEORGE FLOYD BIDDING Agri-Business Cheerleading, Trapping Club V. Anderbery M. Bacon S. Baughman J, Andrews P. Baker M. Beck L, Askey D. Ballato G. Bidding 33 FREDERICK ALLAN BISER - Agri-Business National Honor Society, Student Home Council WILLIAM KENNETH BLACK JR. College Prep. Technical Electricity Baseball, Student Senate, Student Home Council RAY EARL BLATT General Building Trades Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Trapping Club, Student Senate, Student Home Council F REMONT WILLIAM BOZARTH III College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Football, Track, Student Senate, Student Home Council FRED CAROLLO JR. College Prep. Technical Food Service Trainer, Headmaster's Society, Student Senate, Student Home Council National Honor Society JAMES LEROY CARTER Plumbing and Heating Glee Club, Baseball, Wrestling, Football Mgr., Headrnasterts Society, Student Home Council F. Biser R. Blau F- CM0110 Jr W. Black Jr. F. Bozarth III J- Cartel' BRUCE WAYNE BREON College Prep. Technical Agri- Business Student Senate, Student Home Council HARRY JAMES BURKETT Business Cross Country, Track, Student Senate, Student Home Council JAMES EDWARD CARDOW College Prep. Liberal Arts Student Senate, Youth Forum, Student Home Council National Honor Society ROBERT DAVID CARNEY College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Baseball, Student Senate, Student Home Council GLEN K. CASTLEBERRY Carpentry Drill Team, Wrestling, Student Home Council ROBIN CORRIE CLEVENSTINE Electricity Cheerleading B. Breon J. Cardow G. Castleberry H. Burkett R. Carney R. Clevenstine MARTIN DALE COFFEY ' College Prep. Technical Carpentry Student Senate, Student Home Council 1 KENNETH JAMES COOK Printing Track Mgr., Cheerleading DONALD LEROY CROMER College Prep. Liberal Arts Band, Cross Country Mgr., Student Home Council DANIEL BRIEN CRONIN College Prep. Liberal Arts Student Senate, Student Home Council MAURICE ELAM CROSBY Plumbing and Heating Football Mgr., Student Home Council CARL JOSEPH DARKIES II College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, ACROPOLIS, Band, Spartan Orchestra, Trapping Club, Student Senate, Student Home Council M. Coffey D. Cromer M. Crosby K. Cook D. Cronin C. Darkes II ' RONALD EDWARD CORRIE I Sheet Metal and Welding Student Home Council, Spartan Post WILLIAM CONRAD CORRIE Agri--Business Student Home Council PATRICK DARRAGH Auto Mechanics Student Home Council RICHARD LANCE DAVIS College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Drill Team, Headmasiefs Society, , Trapping Club, Student Home Council RICHARD CHARLES DENNISH Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Drill Team, Football, Wrestling, Trapping Club, Student Home Council GERALD THOMAS DOYLE Electricity Student Home Council, Spartan Post, Basketball, Student Senate R. Corrie P. Darragh R. Dennish W. Corrie R. Davis G. Doyle THOMAS WILLIAM-DUMOND College Prep. Technical Machine Shop Practice Cross Country, Drill Team, Track JAMES MICHAEL EGNEW College Prep. Liberal Arts Band, Glee Club, Spartan Orchestra, Swimming, Student'Senate, Student Cabinet, Student Home Council RICHARD ELLIS ENGLE Carpentry Drill Team, Trapping Club, Student Home Council WALTER CARL EUKEN JR. Machine Shop Practice Track, Trapping Club KENNETH EARL FLEIVHNG Sheet Metal and Welding EDWARD "ARTHUR FORDYCE Business , . f . Drill Team, Football, Wrestling, Student Home Council . NICHOLAS JOSEPH EVANGELISTA College Prep. Technical General Building Trades Glee Club, Football, Wrestling, Track Spartan Post, Student Home Council GARY WAYNE EVANS Business Band, Glee Club, Baseball, Spartan Post, Student Home Council PATRICK FLANNERY Sheet Metal and Welding Drill Team, Wrestling Mgr., Student Senate, Student Home Council SEAN FLANNERY College Prep. Technical Plumbing and Heating Football Mgr., Student Home Council EARNEST EDWARD FOX Sheet Metal and Welding Football, Student Home Council JEFFREY ROBERT FOX Sheet Metal and Welding Cheerleading, Student Home Council K. Fleming' E. Fordyce E. Fox J. Fox ROYCE LYNN FREDERICK College Prep. Technical Carpentry Baseball, Trapping Club, Student Home Council IRVIN BRITON FREES College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Track, Trapping Club, Student Home Council EDWARD GENE GETTLE College Prep. Technical Auto Mechanics Trapping Club JOHN THOMAS GORDON College Prep. Technical Electricity Student Home Council JOHN ALAN GOULD Plumbing and Heating Drill Team, Wrestling, Cheerleading, Trapping Club, Student Home Council JOHN JOSEPH GRIMES III College Prep. Technical Electronics Baseball, Student Senate, Student Home Council ROBERT JOSEPH GAFFNEY Auto Mechanics Football, Track, Student Home Council DAVID SAMUEL GALAMORE Food Service Cross Country Mgr. DAVID EDGAR GUEST College Prep. Liberal Arts THE SPARTAN GREGORY CONRAD HAGAN Sheet Metal and Welding Drill Team, Student Home Council JOHN FRANCIS HALBLEIB College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Football, Track, Wrestling, Explorer Post, Headmaster's Society, Student Senate, Student Cabinet, Student Home Council EDWIN MARVIN HALL General Building Trades Baseball, Football, Headmaster's Society, Student Senate, Student Home Council E. Gettle J. Gould J. Gordon J. Grimes III D. Guest J. Halbleib G. Hagan E. Hall ROBERT DAVID HARY Carpentry Glee Club Cross Countr Track 1 Y, , Trapping Club, Student Home Council STEPHEN ALLOWAY HAYES College Pr-ep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Band, Student Home Council STEPHEN EDWARD HAYFORD Business Band, Cross Country, Basketball Mgr., School Bank, Student Home Council JOSEPH EVAN HETRICK Food Service Explorer Post, Trapping Club EUGENE HAROLD HUNKING JR. Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Basketball, Football, Student Senate Student Horne Council GORDON KIGER General Building Trades Drill Team, Student Home Council MINER CLIFFORD HILL Sheet Metal and Welding Wrestling, Student Home Council MICHAEL DAVID HORSEFIELD Food Service ARTHUR KENNETH HUBERT JR. Machine Shop Practice Student Home Council BRUCE RUSSELL HUMMEL Agri-Business Football, Wrestling, Trapping Club, 4H Clubs EDWIN ALFRED KLINE General Building Trades Trapping Club, Spartan Post, Student Senate, Student Home Council ERNEST RICHARD KLINE College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Baseball, Football E. Hunking G. Kiger E. Kline E. Kline DALE EUGENE KLINGER Agri-Business 4H Clubs, Trapping Club, Student Home Council ERIC DISON KOCH Sheet Metal and Welding Cheerleading, Spartan Post, Student Home Council DOUGLAS JOHN KRIEGEL College Prep. Technical Electronics ACROPOLIS, Student Senate, Student Home Council THOMAS BRUCE LASHER JR. Food Service Cross Country, Wrestling, Baseball Mgr., Spartan Post, Student Home Council WILLIAM FRANKLIN LEBZELTER Food Service ALBERT LEONZI College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, ACROPOLIS, Drill Team, Glee Club, Spartan Post, Student Senate, Youth Forum, Student Home Council STEVEN ANDREW KOEBEL Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Cheerleading, Student Home Council JEFFREY STEVEN KRAMER Business ACROPOLIS, Baseball, Wrestling, Student Home Council JAMES HERMAN LERCH JR. Electricity PETER LORIA College Prep. Technical Electronics ACROPOLIS, Drill Team Student Cabinet, Student Senate Student Home Council KARL LESLIE LOTZ College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society Glee Club, Student Senate Science Forum, Spartan Post Student Home Council DAVID MICHAEL LUKOWSKY College Prep. Liberal Arts Trapping Club, Spartan Post Student Senate, Student Home Council D. Kriegel W. Lebzelter T. Lasher Jr. A. Leonzi S Koebel J. Lerch Jr. K. Lotz P. Loria D. Lukowsky G. Lynn D. Mackley H. MacDonald Jr. W. Mahaney F. Malloy Jr. F. Mardula P. Malone C. Marker Jr. GREGORY FOSTER LYNN Business Cross Country, Track Head.master's Society, School Bank Student Home Council HUGH DONALD MacDONALD JR. General Building Trades Glee Club, Football, Track Headmaster's Society Trapping Club, Spartan Post Student Home Council DEAN DAVID MACKLEY Plumbing and Heating Drill Team, Wrestling Trapping Club, Student Home Council WILLIAM MAHANEY Business Student Senate Student Home Council National Honor Society ALAN SCOTT McADAMS Agri-Business National Honor Society Senior Class Historian, Band Track, Swimming Headrnaster's Society Trapping Club, Student Senate 4H Clubs, Student Home Council STUART FRANKLIN McLAlN JR. College Prep. Technical Electronics Student Home Council FRANK PATRICK MALLOY JR. Carpentry Basketball, Football, Wrestling Headmaster's Society Student Home Council PAUL NORMAN MALONE Food Service Drill Team Student Home Council FRANCIS MARDULA College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society Band, Basketball, Cross Country Headmaster's Society Student Cabinet, Student Senate Student Home Council CHARLES EDWARD MARKER JR. Sheet Metal and Welding' Equipment Mgr. Student Home Council DAVID MILLER Plumbing and Heating Baseball. Cross Country, Track Trapping Club, Student Senate RAN DAL KEITH MILLS Electricity Band, Glee Club, Football Student Cabinet, Student Senate Student Home Council A. McAdams S. McLain Jr D. Miller R. Mills PAUL MOFFA 1 College Prep. Technical Auto Mechanics Football, Wrestling, Track Headmaster's Society Student Senate, Student Cabinet Senior Class Treasurer Student Home Council PAUL CHARLES MONTORO College Prep. Technical Auto Mechanics Student Home Council MICHAEL ALLAN MULDERIG Business THE SPARTAN Student Home Council REYNOLD CLYDE MUIVLMEY Auto Mechanics Spartan Post, Cheerleading Student Home Council MARK ALAN MURDOCH Auto Mechanics Spartan Post Student Home Council JAMES HARRISON MURRAY Plumbing and Heating P. Moffa M. Mulderig' M. Murdoch P- Montoro R. Mummey J. Murray DAVID LAMONT MORGAN Carpentry Drill Team DAVID ROHNEY MOWRER Agri-Business Baseball Mgr., Wrestling Trapping Club, 4H Club Student Senate JACK FREDERICK MUZICHUCK College Prep. Technical-Plumbing Senior Class Vice President Football, Track, Wrestling Headrnaster's Society Student Senate, Student Cabinet Student Home Council RICHARD LAMAR NEAL Business Student Home Council BERNARD JOSEPH NEIDERT College Prep. Liberal Arts Wrestling, Student Senate Student Home Council MARSHALL LEE NIXON Auto Mechanics , Basketball, Track, Football N w D. Morgan J. Muzichuck B. Neidert D. Mowrer R, Neal M. Nixon R. Norris Jr. L. O'Connell S. Notter J. Perzel W. Phinezy M. Politi P. Plummer W, Poole ROBERT JOHN NORRIS JR. College Prep. Technical Electronics ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN Drill Team, Spartan Post Student Senate, Student Cabinet Student Home Council STEVEN CARL NOTTER General Building Trades Glce Club, Football, Student Senate. Student Cabinet, Student Home Council ROBERT LAWRENCE O'CONNELL Electricity Baseball, Cheerleading Trapping Club, Student Home Council JOSEPH JOHN PERZEL Business Football, Swimming, Track Headmastens Society, Spartan Post Student Home Council CRAIG JAMES PPANDINI College Prep. Liberal Arts Band, Spartan Orchestra Trapping Club Student Home Council DAVID WARREN REIS College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Band Glee Club, Spartan Orchestra Basketball Mgr. Headmasters Society WILLIAM ALBERT PHINEZY College Prep. Technical Auto Mechanics Football, Track, Wrestling Headmaster's Society, Trapping Club Spartan Post, Youth Forum Student Senate Student Home Council National Honor Society PAUL WILLIAM PLUMMER College Prep. Technical General Building Trades National Honor Society, Band Football, Track, Trapping Club Student Home Council MICHAEL JOSEPH POLITI Sheet Metal and Welding Drill Team, Trapping Club Student Home Council WILLIAM EDWARD POOLE Machine Shop Practice Trapping Club, Spartan Post Student Home Council DONALD ROBERT RICE JR. College Prep. Technical Carpentry Drill Team, Swimming Student Senate Student Home Council JEFFREY ARDEN RIEGLER Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN Student Home Council C. Prandini D. Reis D. Rice Jr. J. Riegler BRUCE EARL ROGERS College Prep. Liberal Arts Wrestling, Trapping Club Student Home Council TIMOTHY FREDERICK ROONEY Machine Shop Practice Cross Country, Track Student Horne Council JAMES FRANCIS RYAN Food Service Band, Football Student Home Council LAWRENCE MICHAEL RYAN JR. Food Service Band, Football, Swimming Trapping Club, Student Home Council SEAN RICHARD RYAN Business Student Body President Senior Class Secretary Football, Track Headmaster's Society Student Senate, Youth Forum Student Home Council MICHAEL ANTHONY SAIA College Prep. Technical Electronics Trapping Club, Swimming Student Senate Student Home Council B. Rogers J. Ryan S. Ryan T, Rooney L. Ryan Jr. M. Saia N ALAN JOHN ROSCOE , Electricity Football THOMAS WILLIAM ROTHERT College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society Basketball, Cross Country Headmaster's Society Student Home Council CHARLES JOSEPH SARNOSKI College Prep. Liberal Arts Glee Club, Football ERIC PAUL SARVER College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society Football, Track, Basketball Student Senate, Student Cabinet Student Home Council RICHARD SCHRECK Business THE SPARTAN Student Home Council WILLIAM ROY SCHWENKE Machine Shop Practice Wrestling. Football Mgr. Trapping Post A, Roscoe C. Sarnoski R. Schreck T, Rothert E. Sarver W. Schwenke LEWIS GARY SHAEFFER Carpentrv Spartan Post DONALD PATRICK SHANNON Plumbing and Heating Drill Team, Spartan Post Student Senate ALFRED JESSE SHEARD JR. Carpentry Wrestling, Student Home Council JAMES JOSEPH SHIEL Machine Shop Practice Spartan Post MICHAEL PATRICK SOKPOLOWSKI College Prep. Liberal Arts Football, Track, Wrestling, Explorer Post, Headrnaster's Society, Trapping Club, Student Senate REGAN QUINN SOMERS College Prep. Technical Auto Mechanics Football, Wrestling, Youth Forum Student Senate, Student Cabinet Student Home Council L. Shaeffer A. Sheard Jr. M. Sokolowski D. Shannon J. Shiel R. Somers DENNIS MELVIN SIEGFRIED Printing Student Home Council RAYMOND HENRY SIEGLE College Prep. Technical Electicity Trapping Club Student Home Council GERARD SMIGEL Plumbing and Heating Spartan Post DENNIS JOHN SNEDDEN College Prep. Liberal Arts Band, Spartan Orchestra Cross Country, Swimming Mgr. Student Home Council GEORGE ALAN SPAIN General Building Trades ROYAL ALFRED SPELLMEYER JR. Business ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN Student Senate Student Home Council D. Siegfried G. Smigel G. Spain R. Siegle D. Sncdden R. Spellmeyer Jr B. StauH'er D. Still B. Uhlmann R. Walsh BARRY EDWARD STAUFFER Business Basketball, Track Student Home Council DONALD LEROY STILL Business Trapping Club Student Home Council ROBERT HARRY WEIDMAN College Prep. Technical Printing Senior Class President ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN Glee Club, Football, Swimming, Track Headrnaster's Society, Spartan Post. Student Cabinet, Student Senate Student Home Council ROBERT REXFORD WELDEN Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN Spartan Post, Trapping Club, Student Senate, Student Home Council.. JOHN RAYMOND WHITEHEAD Business THE SPARTAN, Band, Glee Club Student Home Council CHARLES LESTER WHZTSON College Prep. Technical Electronics Band, Spartan Post Student Home Council BRENT ARDEN UHLMANN College Prep. Technical Food Service Drill Team, Track, Wrestling Explorer Post, Spartan Post, Student Senaie, Student Home Council ROBERT LIONEL WALSH Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN Student Home Council CARL STEVENS WILSON Business Basketball JON GILBERT WILT Business Spartan Post, Student Senate Student Home Council RONALD CHARLES WILT Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN Drill Team, Student Home Council CHARLES DANIEL WINKLER College Prep. Technical Auto Mechanics Glee Club, Student Home Council R. Weidman J. Whitehead R. Welden C. Whitson C. Wilson R. Wilt J. Wilt C. Winkler JOHN JOSEPH WOBENSMITH College Prep. Liberal Arts Cheerleading Student Home Council CHARLES FRANCIS WOODS JR. Electricity Drill Team, Trapping Club DANIEL EDGAR WOOFTER Carpentry Drill Team, Spartan Post Student Home Council KENNETH BRUCE WRIGHT Auto Mechanics Drill Team WILLIAM VERNON YEAGER JR. College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society Student Senate, Student Home Council MICHAEL JOHN YUROVCHAK Sheet Metal and Welding Trapping Club -.n J. Wobensmith D. Woofter W. Yeager JY. C. Woods Jr. K. Wright M- Yurovchak c A S S S 0 G Music: G. Evans Lf!!-7 l-Yrics: R. Mills C1355 Fjl0VVef- .5 I ' 9 9 . . ml A ' I I Candy Striped Carnation. NFL I - I . ll I : ,awe naw men of Milton Hershey sing our song of praise, . ..- . H-. . .W , , V e,.?'Now we loin the proud procession that has gone before. .-H. 1? Class Motto- 1 4 V.: A u ' l . "We have no yesterdaysp ij. 9. glhanlcful lor the help and guidance through our childhood days. Cl . z Y Men of Milton Hershey standing proudly at life's door. Tomorrow may not come, A I I 'sh'- ria . In I il I I II I but we have t0dGY-" MISIHMDIYDIIII :gli 3 .A ' 'U Ks'wf1?'leave our alma mater our hearts will always remember. f 1 wing. 't . rnnuv.. ' I . D 5 Minds prreplgred and spirits willing, as we go our separate ways. 3- ant. .2 'i2'.f'I-17. -, in-.M C1355 Colors- 3324 guru nw.. A 4-N417 , W., . 1 , U. , nn' ' ' 'fl of-x GV Ue, e Q IC l Vef. -, 'nf . A : af' ' is 'I' 111.1 ,I 5 ,. .U . 7' U M .M Il 'S- "':,-hi V,.,Egie'i'1"dships made and moments shared we'll cherish forever. ,,,.,N.-f- A Our thoughts will oft' return to the memories of these days. 46 Sunil 1 I A Cpdaqk mwcmegxxx 1:4 CQQ xg' CTCSCEP3 QC? CSL tif jill i G Q P N! JH QMUQUEGMCQOMW . . , wohuqgowhwn ' tgmwhw-Haba 5 u l ' U G Muon h . . u . . MQMFHNE 5 n l mgmwmgm l . . Ucmqwwdmgg 5 V ' MUOONJD A502319 . I l A . . QQQHHQE Q ' l mkdwwmam 1 . . UQMMQNMQE 1 G A boob? l . l mpmumgm . l 8 hsmiimgmu . . h XSQTWQQTU . l l mumwgwgod . . . ojwcwggnm 1 gmac. 1 'gmwggwu . .gwwggmcm . u -Qwgwhgm ' . . ggggcgom ' D U wgwmaw I I h GOES h I . NQEOMWENM . . . gmc! . A A QKHOEMEE 1 ' A SEEN? 50MbUwUwx l . .Nmm5DmMWMrr ' I . xOO,Hp'HOD:w l t . MMOG-M ' . WHCSWUNMAQQA Q . I Udvadzgom A n i Q00,HwH0bm . ' I WUMOQ QUUMG . . l nmUz'HUwwOrm . . . wmmgxschgom w . ' l .UMQKVUMHZ ' g l 6,202 . . . MUQQMHUMQHOQ I ' I HOEIOMG ' D ' b?2b0wUMx . . t . xoohnhwpmw . Q l MOCK I l h g A BQECMWB . ' -bwabmh u Q 'NSBDECSQ . . . 354 wmgm U . g bmgmgg . ' Q 3235: h , nucmiwwm l ' . Eztohw . D D mgmxockm u D ' -Ex? b , ' Em 5020, a ' mgggnwaq . i A Uaaugg I i ' BOS bag! r . ' ggvmigogm . . h xOO'53Dzw , h D M535 hsoabpizkmwgmmakzg gmiegom gamgbm ' ' 'mama 596. ' .nwgwamcm 1 . ' ESEBCGOQ , A u awning h . . wggsmgm U I l QMS ' t D E2-Egow ' l - 656655 2 Mwamamwumm Egzgom gmigwgm tp - Q i Ragga. . .BQDEEA G 'cami' , -Uggagom a U .HGEAZG u ' n mana swam' . ,wxegal . 'gwmmkgwoh Q A 'cmgwhgm . Q y QWMWEQECGQ n ' g uwmgzw l . . 252653 u . ' MEQEQEOQ . I n HQUQEE G . . UMMEQQE ' l A GOES ' ' l Jamaam D . . Emmmgam u . I SEEN? ' . D wmggmzog BUMWOEMWMCQOMM u 5 0 QQUGJEEU. . QCUQMHMWEDQ . D lugwiym ' - 'Qwgm MOCK n b n EUEQMVE K u . Nggbiwm v . . N M EMU . b ' QKUQ Umoedm n 1 I Nmmgzmgk Nw UM gd dam an P Q55 52 55 U nEvwEwCO1H x A xl' 4 NZ, ! n 5 IEW A'-5 1 ,lt A V N RTE X ld .I Y If-HL w 1 V' g 'V V A V I.. .Y A W, 0 ' A V QT -Ji gp 3 :HL I 4 4 1 Y A V: Q 4 , kb- , 4 Q -IM- v 32 i u . SEIGHQ. . .MEEH 395' , h UEEOEMH n I l xoem 56634 . ' g xogegmm l ' .Mama View ' .NMEVNE2 . D . ggggns A . . UEWEMWWHL U g m 2 U MU U U 6035 P3 K5 Q5 D0 Em Q Rami am M3015 53392 Exam? NEMA waxy Q 12: E005 N D U ST H Mega .zwwm xwom Z-UQEQNEE .:mE2w0E5': Q2 3 ...QS 'E I-Bm H052 .Im E M sw H MM ., -:T M A'.. ,N Y E 3 S E mizxgm-mLh w'4'm E C W ? : im- 'Ha Sender: Ddadadan 'B Qfcwcaefbcz 14nd de 6444 Of 7972 ,F , - County Lune Borderland Midvale Clearview Plainfield Edgewood Valley View Men O Windward COUNTY LINE JUNIORS-First Row: P. Dugan. R. Elliott, D. Rice. S', Crosson, G, Cross. J. Baker. M. Devine. D. Crosby, D. Miller. D. Dinkel, R, Outcda. Second Row: R. Maloney, K. Clinger. D. Koch. V. Andi-rbery. YV. Kubat. D. Snyder. D. Miller, L, S'tauffe1', VV. Rudy, R, Padderatz. R. Cather. V. Stephane. Third Row: R. Rountrcc. XV, Huhcrt. J. Mack, J. Mulligan, J, Thompson. O. Ewing. H. Xvooding. COUNTY LINE HOUSEPARENTS-Mr. and Mlrs. Helm, Mr. and Mrs. Mloore. Mr. and Mrs. Young. Mr. and Mrs. Stevens. Mr. and Mrs. Coughenour. Mr. and Mrs. Fulton. Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer. Mr, and Mrs. Smith. if Sendafz Ddadaian 1066402476054 74024 46 gem of 1972 F D e rrv R ou d Applehurst Rosemont Green Hill Sunset Maple Lawn Woodside DERRY ROAD JUNIORS-First Row: D. Scarlett, M. Hooks. M. Lcasure, J. Anzalone, T. Zalek, M. Snack, G. Allgood. Second Row: G. Campbell, R. Lundgren, D. Adamczyk, R. Davs, F. Campbell, J. Fordyce. D. Wenger, D. Kline, Third Row: G. Amspacher, D. Mitchell, D. Ray, R, Ditto, D. Devine, R. Wobensmith, W. Thieroff. DERBY ROAD HOUSEPARENTS--Mr. and Mrs. Vallati, Mr. and Mlrs. Lindenmuth, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Norris, Mr. and Mrs. Strohl, Mrs. Brennan. 48 Seam Daman 10664247 Had ie 66444 Of 7772 L , 1 Spring Creek , llloomingdalc Meadow Brook 1 Crest Lune Ridgeview 'I Hrlguwutcr VVil1ow Wood SPRING CREEK JUNIORS-First Row: S. Howell, D. Hileman, R. Lee, W. Herb, S. Benjemin, R. Spiece, D. Nowe.Second Row: JA Keller, J. Dulilo, T. Sweeney, M. Balr, D. Thomson, N. Cmduch, S. !M6ff1Ck, ' ' - B M. B ' l N, Merrick, T. Althouse. R. Moran. Third Row. R. Kress. R. Lpbzelter, S. Warner, J. eery, elsse , R M1 '1 d Mrs. Edwards, 'Mr. and Mrs. Mostoller, SPRING CREEK IIOYSEPARENTS-lVIr. and Mrs. Dyer. I en Mr. and 'Mrs. Slesser, Mr. and Mrs. Yacklcy, Mr. aixd Mrs. Hill. endafz Daman Waxman 740805 de 660:44 Ulf 7972 -V T. Trailwuy Maxim-lunrl Iirooksidc Rusk Rixigv C'luvcrdulu Silvcrhruuk llrcrlvlnr . Truilwzxy Highland Limcslunc TRAILWAY JUNIORS-First Row: D. Sullivan, D. Mitsock, D, Hayden. J. Gavanis, J. Lelii, R. Wallace, M. DeJesse. E. Davey, J, Slzzbonik. Second Row: E. Jenkins, W. Breon. R. Moser, M,Xlorris. M. Proco. M. Hoke. R. Fisher. T. Donnon. J. Fitscrr. D. W'elden. Third Row: T. Kennane. P. Kilgore. T. Taylor, D. Manning R. Staniszewski, D. Conway, T, Hornbaker, J.Richmond, H. Bickel. TRAILWAY HOUSEPARENTS-Rlr. and Mrs. Shue, Mr. and Mrs. Roof, Mr. and Mrs. Szollosy, Mr. and Mrs. MUJIIQBH, Mr. and Mrs. Irwm, Mr. and Mrs, Shrirler, Mr. and .Mrs. Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Egly, Mrs. Halk. 50 mm Daman W pwzemfa ,-4nd 4a Zhu Of 7772 JE - 1 M. Union Canal Broad Acres Longmeads Canalview Manada Fairway Springdale Glenview Swatara Union l'NION CANAL JUNIORS-First Row: E. Lego. P. Irvin, P. Jacobs, N. Caracciolo, P. Norris J. Haines, E, Dean, S. McDowell, J. Burton. C, Miritzer, Second Row: M. Hughes, L. Gioia, R. Sutton, K. Miioss. T. Anderson, J. Blatt, T. Malone, R. Jones, R. Sproat, C, Belt, Third Row: M. Henry, W. Rippel, T, White, S. Pollini, A. Bray. T. Connelly, B. McCIonnell, D. Jenkins, G. Weiss. UNION CANAL HOUSEPARENTS-lVlr. and Mrs. Davis, Mr. und Mrs. l-Iildcbrzindt, Mr. and Mrs. Bievcr. Mr. and Mrs. Edgin. Mr. and Mrs. Guiser, Mr. and Stranix, Mr. and Mrs, Dechant, Mr. and Mrs, McCutchcon, Mr. and Mrs. Townsnnd. endafa Daman ,anaemia 14nd gem of 1972 L Vian lionnicmead Green Ar-rr-5 ' Hvcrgrccn Ridguwuy Fostcrlelgh Southilv.-ld Glendale Vian VIAN JUNIORS-First Row: R, Worl, C. Mackley, L. Grasso, D. Cybak, W. Bell, H. Swartz, S. Leadbetter Second Row: P, Julian, J. Dingley, E. Hartman. G. Gregory, M. Levering, G, Dreier. J. Hammond. Third Row: K. S'tir'oupo, R, Wishmyer, D. Mitchell, P. Cleary, G. Levering, P. Dumond, C. Johnson. J.. L VIAN HOUSEPARENTS-Mlr. and Mrs. Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Harper, M1'. and 'Mrs. Murray, 'Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Mr and Mrs. Wantland, Mr. and Mrs. Delbridge, Mr. and Mrs. King, Mr. and Mrs. Kozlowski. IOM Swim: qfomea A student at lVI.H.S. spends a majority of his time at a student home. Each of these modern buildings is designed to provide comfortable living for fifteen or more boys and their houseparents. Here the boys live in harmony and develop lifelong friendships. Each student is expected to do his share of the work. Recreation, dining, and studying make up other phases of daily life. Each home fields teams in several sports to compete in intramural sports. Character, integrity, competitive spirit, cooperation, and honesty are important ideals which each student strives to attain. 53 Www Wwe R 33 ,E , png ,- BARN CHORES-E. Kline milks 11 Cow as part of his daily barn chores 54 National Honor Society. . . Headmasteris Society. . .Senior Senate . . . Orchestra. . .Band. . .DrillTe . Cheerleaders . . .National Honor Society. Q Cttee Club. . . Spartan Staff. . . Acropolis Staff. . . School Guides . . .Explorer Scouts. . , National Honoxw. . .Headmastens Society . . .Senior Se Explorer Scouts. . . National Honor Society. . .Headrnasterls Society . . . Senior Senat . . .Intermediate Se ate. . . rchestra. . . Band . . . Drill Team. Q lSenior Senate. . .lnte-r1nediateSenate. . .Orchestra . .Band . . . Drill Team. . . Glee Club. . .Spartan Staff Aropolis Staff. . . School Guides . . heerleaders. . . Glee Club. . . Spartan Staff . . .Acropolis Staff . . . School Guides. . . Explorer Scouts. . . Cheerleaders. . . Glee Club. . . Spartan St y Rational Honor Society. . .Headmaster'sSociety. . .Senior Senate . . . Intermediate Senate. . . Orchestra. . .B2 Drill Team . . . Cheerleaders . . . A Glee Club. . . Spartan Staff . . . Acropolis Staff. '. . School Guides . . . Cheerleaders . . Glee Club. . . Spart' . . .Acropolis Staff . . . School Guidf Explorer Scouts. . . National Honor Society. . .Headmasteifs Society . . . Band. . .Drill Team . . . Cheerlea . Senior Senate. . .Orche-stra. . .Bari Senior Senate. . .Intermediate Senate. . .Orchestra . .Band . . . Drill Team. . . Crchestra. . . Glee Club. . .S artan Staff. . .Acropolis Staff. . . Schot Cheerleaders. . .Glee Club. . . Spartan Staff . . .Acropolis Staff . , . School . . . Explorer Scouts. . . Nationa Society. . . Headmastefs Society . Glee Club. . . Spartan Staff. . .Acropolis Staff . . . School Guides . . . Cheerleaders. . . Glee Club. . . Spartan Staff. . .Acropolis Staff . . . School Guidl Uleffeef- " M-MQW-if-+1 f ' 'Q- ' if 7 ' -' 'r - ' L f ' ' . .Band. . .DrillTeani . . . Cheerleaders . . .1 E3 r indent gfame LETS HAVE A PARTY!-Students enjoy themselves at a student home p Vntzammd Spam INTRAMURAL SPORTS-Students learn the value of competition through intramural sports. CLOSE GAME-Peter Loria and Douglas Kriegel engage in a vigorous game of ping pong. BAD MOVE!-Ernie Kline and Timothy Althouse engage in a game of strategy. With Lawrence Best as director of recreation, the Intramural Sports program progressed rapidly through the competitive seasons. All students had an opportunity to participate in volleyball, ping pong, basketball, softball, chess and checker tournaments, and hockey. The 1970-71 program Was successful and hopefully it will continue to be effective in meeting needs of the students. 56 Mana! Wamz .Sa ' and gfecwlmaaffefz 'a Saadelq NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Seated: F. Carollo. A. Leonzi, R. Davis, I. Fmees, F. Mardula, S. Hayes W. Lyndon Hess, adviser, Standing: G. Weiss, P. Norris, J. Cardow. 'W. Phinezy, J. Halbleib, T. Rothert E. Sarver, D. Reis, F. Bozarth. NV. Yeager, M. Beck, W. Mahaney, E. Kline, C, Darkes, F. Biser R. Carney. The National Honor Society is composed of students who have dem- onstrated extraordinary qualities of scholarship, leadership, character and service. Under faculty adviser W. Lyndon Hess, the membership of the society has grown considerably since its beginning in 1956. Students displaying high emotional and social maturity and Who, through their conduct, rank among Milton Hershey's finest men, are awarded membership in the Headmaster's Society. HEHADMASTEIVS SOCIETY-First Row: J. Muzichuck, R. Weidman, J. Halbleib, M. Sokolowski, D. Reis, J. Perzel. Second Row: H. MacDonald, P. Moffa, W. Phinezy, R. Tomassi, S. Ryan, S'. McAdams, F. Mardula, R. Rountrec, T. Rothert, R. Davis, G. Lynn, F. Malloy, J. Carter. lfcwlemf emmemf STUDENT GOVERNMENT LEADERS-J. Haibieib, vice presidentg GOVERNMENT-'XL ADVISERS-Virgil L. Alexander, Joseph Sean Ryan, presidentg M. Sokolowski, treasurerg R. Staniszewski, fhaplaing J. Egnew, secretary. A. Brechbill, and William R. Fisher. The Cabinet, an innovation of the Senior Senate, includes elected repre- sentatives of the six senior division clusters, team captains, and the former activities council. The Cabinet meets reguarly With Dr. Rudisill to discuss the current school policy and to review student recommendations. The student body president presides at all Senior Senate and Cabinet meetings. The office of student body president is filled as a result of a stu- dent body election, which makes the president the official representative of Milton Hershey School. STUDENT CABINET-First Row: R. Weidman, K. Clinger, V. Anderbery, S. Ryan, J. Muzichuck, S, Notter, R. Mills. Second Row: E. Sarver, P. Moffa, J. Egnew, F. Mardula, R. Norris, P. L,Oria, M. Somers, J. Halbleib, J. Alexander. 58 INTERMEDIATE SENATE-First Row: R. Koch. J, McCurdy, J. Cindrich, J. Carroll, R. S'zapacs, J. Peirce, D, Strong, R. Krause, R, Kriegel, R. Jacobs. Second Row: H, Ross, D, Mulvaney, L. Hooks. R. Davey, C, Heath. J. Black, W, Schroth, J. Waters, J. Zahn, G. Boake, J, Chappell. Third Rowg M, Nelson Durand, adviser, P. Leonard, K. Kurtz, M. Miller, N. Grimes, A. Franehak, J. Rice, R. Palmeiri, H. Roberts, P. Rodgers, J. Ostrowski, M. Holt. Fourth Row: J. D'Amico, E. Cole, R. Sharp, C.Dixson, G. Smelik, A. Miller, J. Smith, J. Rosenberry, C. Cavanaugh, D. Flanders, K. Beasley. The Student Senates share with the administration the leaderhsip of the student body by exercising powers delegated to it by the Adminis- trative Staff. Its purpose is to promote the general Welfare of the school in all matters pertaining to the behavior of students and morale of the school. Each year, the Senior Senate undertakes helpful projects serving the school anld student body. Any ideas which the senate feels are significant for further investigation are taken to the Headmaster directly through the student cabinet. SENIOR SENATE-First Row: F. Campbell, D. Rice, J. Grimes, D. Rice. M. Devine, K, Clinger, S. Ryan, J, lVlll7lClWl?f'!C. V. Anderhery, G. Cross, G. Jones, D. Lixkfowsky. Ser-ond Row: R. Snellmeyer, P. Lovin, R, Mills, J, Halbleib, R. NVe1den. D. Stevenson, R. l.Vz1llace, F. Mardula, M. Coffey, J. Doyle, B. Uhlrnann. Thircl Row: R, Norris. D. Shannon. R. Staniszewski. R. Lister, D, Snyder, M. Levering, E. Kline, L. Grasso. J. Alexander, R. Blatt, N, Merrick, F. Carollo. Fourth Row: P, Flannery, K: Lotz, E, Sarver, VV. Mahaney, R. Weidman, M. Sain, R. Tomassi, VV. McConnell, R. Somers, P. EMoffa, D. Manning, R. Carney, W, Bell, W. Phinezy. M. Sokolowski, W. Poole, S, Notter, E. Hall. 59 ' 71 ,bwzlcm Zend VARSITY BAND-First Row: R. Kress, S. Pollini, M, Lcasure, A. Stacks, D. Miller, C, Whitson, D Whiteman, J. Veglia, T, White, C. Prandini, Second Row: B. Rider, S. Brody R. Wabel, F. Gildca M. Lukowsky, B, Carroll, M, Senft, D. Franklin, D. Kincade, E. Lego, D. Cromer, W. Herb, R Barbeau, A. Kurtz, C. Darkes. Third R-nw: S'. Keener. P. Ncudecker. A. Ewing, M, Hayford, J. Lelii W. Phelan, W. Bccker, N. Ramsey, J Wishmyer, D. Whiteman. G. Kramer, W. Rippel, T. Connelly, D Reis. J. Egnew, D. Keffcr, S. Dannemiller, R. Chambers, D. Miller, J. Allison, P, McHugh, J. Boldosser T. Hottie, W. Bryant, D. Scarlett, K. Nelson, D. Sneddcn. Fourth Row: A. Murnin, D. Krynak, W Noonan, D. Karllo, C. Tanzola. D. Lyons, S. Merrick, D. Reis, E. Jenkins, J. Whitehead, S, Vickers, D Thomson, S. Mc-Adams, G. Evans, L. Stauifer, S, McDowell. P, Norris, M. Sawyer, S. Hayford, R Hawley. S, Waite, R. Longeneeker. R. Fisher, The Milton Hershey Band provided outstanding performances for Spartan work and ingenuity of Director Ray B. Miller. i Every minute of each half-time show was anticipated by the audience as the band executed its intricate movements. The band also served the school by playing for convocations, concerts, and dedications. To promote off-campus relations, the band presented some exchange con- certs, rnarched in the Miss America Pageant Parade and performed for the Governor. fans. The shows, all having a refreshing new touch, reflected the devoted Q . 60 0 SPARTAN ORCHESTRA--First Row: T. White, J. Veglia, C. Prundini, C. Darkes, D. Snedden. Second Row: A. Murnin, D. Reis, T. Connelly. D. VVhiteman. Third Row: M. Henry, R. Maloney, S', McDowell, P. Norris. M. Sawyer, R. Hawley, VV. Purnell Payne, director, D. Krynak. Under the direction of W. Purnell Payne. the Spartan Orchestra has be- come one of the best ban ds in the area. lt uses various styles of music that range from Waltzes to all types of jazz. Each year the Orchestra competes in the Central Pennsylvania Stage Band Competition and has always rated in the top five. ln the past few years, the orchestra has earned more credit than ever before. The orchestra constantly Works hard to reach perfection for the greatest sounding band in existence. With everyone's cooperation. it has achieved the excellence it deserves. PRACTICE PAYS OFF-Orchestra members learn the value of THE BIG BAND SOUND- W. Purnell Payne directs the senior practice when they perform in public. orchestra members during a practice session. 61 Virgil L. Alexander Qlee 65014 WHAT WILL IT BE?-Virgil Alexander discusses what the Glee Club will sing with the officers D. Scarlett, G. Evans, H, MacDonald, R. Mills, and H. Schteiden Throughout the years, the Glee Club has continued to be one of the finest school choral groups throughout the country. Under the direction of Virgil L. Alexander, the Glee Club performs at the Weekly Worship Service, schools, hospitals, colleges, and social gatherings. Their invalu- able contributions create an excellent public image. The Glee Club does more than just represent the school wellg it also promotes spirit, respon- sibility, and pride for the Milton Hershey man. MILTON HERSHEY SCHOOL GLEE CLUB-First Row: L. Johnson, C. Winkler, J. Carter, N. Clndrich, L. Staab, S. Brody, K. Lotz. G. Talbott. Second Row: D. Krynak, P. Norris, J. Veglia, R. Weidman, H. MacDonald, J. Whitehead, G. Evans, N. Evangelista, Virgil L. Alexander. idirectorJ 62 First Row: S'. Nottcr, P. Day, G. Amspuchcr, A. Lekmzi, R, Mills, G. Hillcgass, R. Hary, J. Bing T, Zalek, Second Rowg S. W'aite, J. Willits, G. Hunt, J. Egncw, C. Sarnoski. D. Reis, J. Fordyce, H. Schteiden, D. Scarlett. ziiieczm DRILL TEAM-First Row: G, Castlehcrry, R, Kramer, K. Butler, J. Swofford, J. Richmond, J. Jones J. Poole, C. Baker. Second Row: D. Shannon, P. Flannery, D. Mackley, G, Gregory, R. Wilt, A. Bray G. Hagan, D. Rice. B. Uhlmarm, R. Dennish. aim Queue! COLOR GUARD-First Row: D. Amspacher, G. Amspaeher. Second Row: D. Cybak, A. Leonzi, D. Knaub, D. Woofter, G. Kiger, D. Morgan, C. Woods, M. Coffey, C. Wilson, S. Baughman. Third Row: K. Wright, R. Norris, R. Reppert, R. Davis, P. Loria, M. Politi, R. Engle. CHEERLEADERS-First Row: B. Breon, J. Fox, L. O'Conne11, S. Koebel, M. Devine, W. Black. Second Row: G. Bidding, M. DeJesse, D. Klinger, B. Corrie, W. Kubat, W. Breon, D. Jenkins. R. Mummey, i Uwzgcdaol 'e 7 S 4 SPARTAN EDITORIAL STAFF-Seated: M. Mulderig, P. Cleary, .J Allgood. Standifngz R. Spcllmeycr, D. Guest, R. Taylor, B, Rider. XT. Macchioni, F. Burklcy. J. Alexander. F, Boake. THE SPARTAN, the news magazine for Milton Hershey School, was awarded the Medalist rating at the latest evaluation of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. This was not the first time that THE SPARTAN captured this highest possible rating at the annual convention held at Columbia University. Judgment is made on the basis of literary con- tent, Writing, editing, and the general make-up, THE SPARTAN is published six times during the school term. The issues are called Fall, Christmas, Literary, Alumni, Spring, and Graduation. Because of the large contributing staff, THE SPARTAN presents a greater variety of features of more interest. SPARTAN ADVISERS-Richard O. Hugendubler. Dale G, Aucker, SPARTAN PRODUCTION STAFF-Kneelingg J. Ricgler, R. Walsh, K William G. Altland. Dennis VV. Pierce, Cook. Second Row: R. Dennish. R, Welden, R. Weidman. Third Row E. Hunking. D, Siegfried. R. Yvilt. 65 l 74a ffwopalde Om evvzdaak ACROPOLIS ADVISERS-Sitting: Audrey S, DcMuth, Standing: David M, Weller. Orville H. Strait, Drnnls W Plure. Richard O. Hugendublcr. Charles A. Astfalk. Dale G. Aucker. Carl E, Stump. As the school year continues, it becomes necessary to provide some form of accurate record of events. Hours of preparation and production place into a few pages the work and accomplishments over the year. In producing this record, we not only boost morale but also provide a memory book, offering training in journalism, business organization, and printing, all of which are invaluable to the education of a number of students. Except for the service of a professional photographer, the ACROPOLIS is solely the product of the Milton Hershey School. ACROPOLIS EDITORIAL STAFF-Sitting: R. Spellmeyer, C. Dnrkes, ACROPOLIS PRODUCTION STAFF-Kneeling: S. Koebel, D Krlegel R Norris P Loria A. Leonzi, Standing: J. Kramer, G. R. Weidman. Standing: R. Wilt, D. Siegfried, R. Walsh, R. Weiss S Warner P Norris L Stauffer. Dennish. J. Riegler, K. Cook, R. Welden. L -. Football .... Basketball .... Trac . . stling .... Cross Country .... Swimming .... Intramural Sports ,... Track . . . Football . . . . ll Baseball .... Swimming .,.. I Sports .... Track .... Football .... Basketball .... Track .... Wrestling .... Cross Country , Cross Country .... Baseball .... ack .... Vllrestling .... Intramural .... Track .... Swimming .... Football .... Basketball .... Intranet Sports .... Football .... Basketb ack .... Wrestling .... Swimming .... Intramural .... Sports .... Track .... Swimming .... Ki Cross Country .... Track .... Base . . . wimrning .... Intramural .... Football .... Basketball ....' l'rack .... Wrestling .... Swim I Sports .... Track .... Swimming. . . f otball .... Basketball .... Track .... Vkfrestling .... Cross Country .... Baseball .... Football. Track .... Swimming .... Footb' . sketball .... Track . . Wrestling .... Cross Country ,... Baseball . . . Swimming .,.. Baseb Wrestling .... Cross Country . . . as all .... Swimming .... Intramural Sports .... Track .... Swimming .... Football. . . Basketl Football .,., Basketball .... Track.. . .Wrestling ..., Cross Country .,.. Baseball .... Swimming .... Intramural Sports .... Track . Swimming. . . Intramural .... Sports. . .Track .... Swimming .... Football .... Basketball .... Track .... Wrestling .... Cross Country. Basketball . . Track .... Vllrestling .... Cross Country .... Baseball ..,. Swimming .... Track . . . Ikirestling ,... lntramural Sports. . Wrestling. . . Cross Country .... Baseball .... Swimming .... Track .... Football. . Intramural Sports . . Baseball. . .Wrestlingt . I Sports .... Football .,.. Basketball. . . Track. , . .VVrestling .... Cross Country. . Track .... Baseball .... Swimming. . . Intramural I Cross Country. . Baseball. . . Track .... Wrestling .... Intramural .... Sports .... Track . . Swimming .... Football. . . Basketbal WM Zwwuf CROSS COUNTRY -First Row: R. Varner, F. Stewart, NI. Hooks, M. Davis, J. Carroll, T. Rooney, T. Dumond, T. Hornbuker, J. Anzalone. T. Rothert. H, Burkett, G. Lynn. Second Row: J. Mc-Connell, C. Coffey, T, Bradley, T. Lasher. M. Hoke, M. Kudriek, D, Cromer. S. Howell. R. Koch, R. Lee. The Milton Hershey Cross Country team finished their season with a repeated 7-3 record under the coaching of Edward B. Ruth. Out of the starting eight runners, five crossed the finish line under 14:00 minutes throughout the season and two of the senior members came close to breaking the school record. Although Coach Ruth will be losing six seniors, he is confident that prom- ising underclassmen can fill the vacancies. 1 5. 1' 7 at Edward B. Ruth Cross Country Record MHS OPP 15 Susquehanna 53 51 Annville-Cleona 16 21 Hershey 37 23 Red Land 37 25 Cumberland Valley 37 24 East Pennsboro 39 25 Elizabethtown 32 22 Mechanicsblurg 42 32 Middletown 23 31 Palmyra 27 23 Lower Dauphin 32 7th place Conference Meet 67 T '7 ffenacheeczm VARSITY FOOTBALL Ol-'IVENSIVE TEAM- V. Anderbery, V. Anderbergg. J. K. Clinger, R. Davis, N. Evangelistzi. J. Finley, R. Gaffney, D. Getz, J. Hulbleib. Hall, G. Hunking. D. LeFever, J. Lclii, H. XlacD0nald. R. Moser. M. Nixon, XV. Phincm S. Ryan. C. Sarnoski, J. Slabonik. R. Weidman. The Varsity Football team began their season With a Homecoming victory over arch-rival Hershey in the Annual Cocoa Bean Game. The Varsity Football team compiled a 4-6-1 record and tied for fifth place in the C. A. C., under the coaching of John Hoerner. During the season the offense scored a total of 143 points While the defense allowed only 18 points a game. The highlight of the season was a total of 1040 yards rushing by Bob Weidman. The outlook for next year is particularly good Wi-th experienced men returning to both squads along with promising candidates from the Junior Varsity and Freshmen teams. ' 70055456 Defemdae emu VARSl'IlY FOOTBALL DEFENSIVE TEAM-J. Baker, B. Bozarth, G. Cross, S. Crosson, T. Gentile, E. Jenkins, C. Johnson, M. Levermg, F. Malloy, D. Manning, P. Moffa, J. Mulligan, J. Muzichuck, W. Plummer, L. Ryan, E. Sarver, M. Sokolowski, C. Stewart, J. Swift, R. Tomassi. 68 FOOTBALL COACHES-John S. Davis. Gilson C, Cash, VVilliam F. DeLiberty. Head T W L h D 1 th Wdfzdfflfq 700554425 Seemed Coach John A. Hoerner, D. Willis Hartman, erry . ig t, avid W. K ingensmi Varsity Football Record ' MHS OPP Hershey 7 6 Annville-Cleona 6 14 Palmyra 6 7 Penn Highlands 14 14 Cumberland Valley 0 23 East Pennsboro 0 14 Susquehanna 28 14 Lower Dauphin 6 19 Middletown 28 41 Mechanicsburg 22 0 Red Land 26 14 Q. W 74455466 emu 5' am. JUNIOR VARSITY OFFENSE-Kneeling: S. Sherwin, V. Anderbery, D. Getz, J. Slabonik, M. Pelensky. Standing: Coach Gilson Cash, E. Jenkins, W. Beckett, J. S'wift, S. Vickers. R. Tomassi, N. Ruggerio, V. Calderon. Coach David Klingensmith. Defenadae mm JUNIOR VARSITY DEFENSE-Kneeling: L. Ford, R. Freed, M, Levering, F. Campbell, T. White, C. Stewart. Standing: S. Crcssou. D. Kincade, J. Fordyce. T. Gcntilc. J. Clark. Junior Varsity Football MHS OPP 12 Susquehanna 6 18 Red Land 0 0 Palmyra 13 0 Middletown 0 0 Mechanicsburg 0 14 Lower Dauphin 34 0 Hershey 0 20 East Pennsboro 0 70 The Junior Varsity Football team closed their season with a re- spectable 3-2-3 record, under the coaching of David W. Klingensmith and Gilson "Buz" Cash. This was the first year that the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams practiced together. This experiment benefited the Junior Varsity squad by giving them valuable experience. Having five coaches working with both squads increased the effectiveness of each indi- vidual and the squad as a whole. Against eight opponents, the Spartans held five scoreless. The of- fense was busy scoring ten touchdowns, while the defense allowed only eight touchdowns, five of which were scored in the Lower Dau- phin game. Coaches Klingensmith and Cash look forward to another good year with the return of most of the squad and the help of some promising freshmen. 7'ze44men 7aat'5czZZ Offemzdae mm FRESHMAN OFFENSE-Kneeling: M. McTear, D. Etzler. J. Boldosser, J. Taylor, W. Kaiser, D, Daly, h J K l R t Standing: G. XVilliams, J. Brig t, . arin, . Lis er. FRESHMAN DEFENSE-Kneeling: R, Angelo, G. Hall, L. Johnson, R. Hawley, G. Jones, J. Claybornc' Standing' Coach John Davis, R. Humphrey, J. Boylan, B. Monts, F. Smith, J. Manning, C'oach Terry Light. ' ' The Freshman Football team got off to a slow start in their first year of interscholastic football and finished with a 1-6 record. Coaches Terry Light and John Davis worked the team hard, but the Spartans usually came out on the low end of the score. Their recorfd was not impressive, but it did not show how Well the offensive and defensive squads worked together. This year's Freshman team work- ed as a unit and there were no outstanding individuals, just lots of sweat and learning from everyone. Although the Freshman didnlt win often, they gave everything on the field. The purpose of the Freshman team is to gain experience. Many Freshman showed great potential and both coaches expect to hear the most of their team on the Junior Varsity and Varsity squads next year. Freshman Football MHS OPP 2 Middletown 12 O Central Dauphin East 12 14 Swatara 6 0 Susquehanna 6 6 Lower Dauphin 20 0 Lower Paxton 12 0 Steelton 22 71 X ,r , 1 X Wanda! Zaakezfiaff 6400 The Varsity Basketball team, under the leadership of John A. Cook Jr., employed this year for rebuilding purposes. During the reconstruction, the squad accumulated a 6-16 record. The highlight of the season was the presentation of a Larry E. Hollings- head Basketball Trophy, in honor of the late Larry E. Hollingshead, to the best all-around player. This year, the award was given to a sophomore, Ralph Tomassi. Coach Cook looks forward to a strengthened -squad next year, with most of this year's squad returning and great potential coming from the Junior Varsity team. MHS OPP 35 Lebanon 32 43 Red Lion 59 71 Susquehanna 69 48 Annville-Cleona 68 38 Palmyra 55 60 Hershey 70 61 East Pennsboro 50 45 Lower Dauphin 88 72 MHS OPP 69 Red Land 56 49 Cumberland Valley 81 82 Mechanicsburg 63 44 Middletown 76 52 Lower Dauphin 68 40 Susquehanna 74 47 Annville-Cleona 66 49 Palmyra 75 MHS OPP 47 Hershey 72 72 East Pennsboro 61 45 Red Land 44 54 Cumberland Valley 89 71 Mechanicsburg 72 46 Middletown 80 1 un6ofzWafz4dcymwl7 Zcwdezdall JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM- First Row: C. Fritchman. D. Lyons, R. Slaiiiszcwski, K, Stroupe, P. Dumond, D. Crosby, C. Krause, manager D, Thomson, Second Row: M, Wright, R. Davis, J Swift, W. Thi " fl, Couch Larry E, Casebcor. A, Baxter, T. Althouse, F. Stewart, C. Stewart. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL lVlHS OPP MHS OPP MHS 45 Lebanon 49 38 Cumberland Valley 43 46 Hershey 34 Red Lion 57 44 Mechanicsburg 47 55 East Pennsboro 53 Susquehanna 46 41 Middletown 47 50 Red Land 43 Annville-Cleona 51 44 Lower Dauphin 56 32 Cumberland Valley 45 Palmyra 40 35 Susquehanna 54 62 Mechanicsburg 43 Hershey 58 54 Annville-Cleona 56 44 Middletown 67 East Pennsboro 49 40 Palmyra 50 45 Lower Dauphin 45 Red Land 48 OPP 60 53 33 42 60 33 58 S2351 , L.. 352: FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row: J. Senser, L. Paxton. K. Boyer, B, Carroll, J. Farina. KL MMT S d ph G llSB Pl k'C hD' , owen. . c ear. .econ Row: R. Hum rey, . Ha , . rody, B. eens 1, one avid W, Klingensmiih, J. Taylor, B. Roth. B, Moms. N. Ramsey. Nut Picture-d: S. Crosson, B, Hawley. G. Longo. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL MHS OPP MHS OPP MHS OPP 33 Lebanon Catholic 43 43 Lebanon Catholic 53 29 Lebanon Catholic 44 Palmyra 38 41 Palmyra 37 49 Palmyra 35 Annville-Cleona 33 25 Annville-Cleona 40 Annville-Cleona 52 36 43 37 Cedar Crest 43 Northern Lebanon 74 55 Cedar Crest 43 39 33 Northern Lebanon 34 48 Cedar Crest Northern Lebanon 35 58 53 41 46 7 IXIHS 49 48 2-L JJ -H 6 3 3 Kimi fa . at 54.95, FRESHMEN WRESTLING TEAM-First Row: S. Hill, L. Itri, D. Hartman, S. McConnell, J. Hitch, D. Allwein, M. I-Iussey, A. Cylc, A. Blyler. Second Row: David G. Thompson, coach, J. Usher, R. Lister, R. Stevens, W. Mottin, W. Kaiser, R. Sazpacs, A. Rose, J. Bright, D. Daly, Susquehanna Palmyra Lower Dauphin Middletown Sleelton Hershey Susquehanna Um, Under the coaching of David G. Thompson and Wallace R, Conway, the 21 14 36 9 19 56 26 Freshman Wrestling team finished its short season with a 5-2 record. The entire squad worked as a team throughout the season. The high- light of Freshman Wrestling team's contests was a 53-9 Victory over Middletown. Some of the outstanding wrestlers were Robert Lister, James Bright, Michael Hussey, and Allan Cylcg however, the whole team contributed to every win. The team gained valuable experience by prac- ticing with the Varsity and Junior Varsity squads after their season ended. Coaches Conway and Thompson see bright futures ahead for most of their wrestlers. i ESCAPE-L. Itri attempts an escape as the team looks on. TAKEDOWN-J. Hitch prepares for a takedown of his op- ponent. 75 Wczuxltq cmd Wwwitqw C GMU, HER .. 1 N mn. tp, 45 wt Q Nxiggtg A 'yy wt mu 1 MTU' All TON ,ML TUN tl YERSQE, TEN 41. TJ' ill UN .All THU . ull TIN VARSITY AND JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING TEAMS-First Row: M. Ballentine, D. Forceno, T. Lasher, M. Hill, R, Wallace, C. Fordyce. Second Row: R. Somers, J. Fordyce, J. Slabonik, N. Ruggiem, M. Sokolowski, J. Andrews, J. Berning, J. Kramer. Third Row: M. Pelenski, D. Downie, F. Gildea, C. Coffey, J. Bair, D. Miller, R. Slabonik, R. Longenecker, R. Lee, T. Swveeney. Fourth Row: M. Hill, B. Uhlmann, D. Houghton, V. Calderon, J. Clark, V. Andcrbery, W. Beckett, R. Moser, D. Norton, L. Askey, J. Baker. K. Butler. The Varsity Wrestling squad strived to rebuild this year, under the coaching of D. Willis Hartman, ending its season with a l-13 record. At the Lehigh University tournament, however, the team proved its ability to compete. The Spartans tied with Mercersburg for third place in overall competition. In addition, Mike Sokolowski won the 170 pound champion- ship, Mike Sommers took second place in the 158 pound class, Joe Berning placed third in the 188 pound class, and Jeff Andrews wrestled his way to a fourth place spot in the heavyweight class. The Junior Varsity squad finished a very successful season with a 10-3-1 record, under the coaching of Bryan P. Seese. Both coaches can be confident of good seasons next year with the potential of the remaining underclassmen. JUNIOR VARSITY VARSITY WRESTLING MHS WRESTLING OPP MHS OPP Cedar Cliff 26 10 Cedar Cliff 34 Hershey 14 16 Hershey 22 Palmyra 1 7 3 Palmyra 37 East Pennsboro 14 16 East Pennsboro 35 Cumberland Valley 31 14 Cumberland Valley 36 Red Land 21 14 Red Land 33 Central Dauphin East 20 21 Central Dauphin East 28 Lower Dauphin 29 3 Lower Dauphin 52 Mechanicsburg 2 1 1 1 Mechanicsburg 36 Manheim Central 14 13 Manheim Central . 36 Susquehanna 16 24 Susquehanna 25 Middletown 6 16 Middletown 28 Central Dauphin 22 5 Central Dauphin 48 Lancaster Catholic 14 34 Lancaster Catholic 14 1 WRESTLING- COACHES--Bryan P. Seese and D. Willis Hartman. Qzappfefw in addon - .......,... x fa. . Wmpuw , h , E Y Lbs 'leant A, I S V. 17 A n . .-iw M2425' . x R2 Q ' .'E?l.f71i'Uf!5' 5 X K N E ,: J 1 - H 4,,. 1 -him! .. ,.,. V. 4 :.- K1 VARSITY GYMNASTICS TEAM-First Raw: C. Johnson, D. Stevenson, J. Wishmyer, L. Ryan, Robert L. Oesterling, coach, G. Hoefling, D. Strobel, R. Bollinger, S. Notter. Second Bow: C. Mackley, J. Boylan, D. Sullivan, R. Constant, J. Moss, T. DiGambatista. 77 S"7eam 5 Maia, Av ...mga . Q 1 F . . . V Q gi , , . f A .Q . . Q 5 .f ' TA ,I 4' ' . 1 g J . J 4 i 4 . if ' C ' LLL,' . Y 'f ' Wai ' 1 f ' ' g ' 1 . V -- g, -1- ,.. -- -I .V - -ir. . - V- . fy Q 5 i ' 1 . '75 m- 1 Q gb f Q . . A I m , is L L? A if ,QP :pc R i , f ., .N gy 2 ' " 'fi 5 , 1 5 K7 4? s K .. g w k if In K, J 1-gl gi - .. ,V 'S K? k .' 1 . ' . 1 . . 5 V . V. V. Q Xi x t ' , .5 ' - if I, - . if 3 12 I V L' L., it im rs Q, :V A 11:7 .Vu V- K VTP , . A if Z K A - 4 Lt . 4, J Y C it ' . W 4' 4 f 0 "W ' - F ., . S ' A I .V ,'1L f . -' f if 3 1.52 f iimy ' 15 .f "1 3. .fi-ai ' . L',. Z, f , ig 5 I E A .F A ' 5' EE' s . ' '. .ale ' F -'T 'ff f' ' . f I L A . M J 1 ' .1 x.....1-fl'-' - is ,X -,ir VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM-Flrst Row: M. Hoke. W. Noonan, R. Covel, M. Hughes, J. Manning, R. Weidman, M. Saia. Second Bow: D. Snedden, D. Manning, D. Etzler, J. Egnew, Richard M. Thieler and Robert L. Oesterling, coaches, S. McAdams, D. Rice, D. Dalman, R. Tricket.Thlrd Row: G. Falcone, C. Baker, D. I-Iissick, J. Wishmyer, G. Dreier, K. Clinger, B. McConnd11, R. Thfishmyer, R. Padderatz, G. Weiss, J. Boughton, D. Rice, L. Connor, J. Perzel, E. Keenan, T. DiGambatista. The Varsity Swimming team finished in sixth place in the Central Penn Leauge and compiled a 8-6 log under the coaching of Richard M. Thieler and Robert L. Oesterling. In league competition, the Spartans outscored their opponents 671 to 620 in points and, at the same time, broke 200 individual records. In the Easton Relays, the team won twenty awards and placed fourth in competition with sixteen teams. The coaches expect an improved team next year, with most of the veterans returning. VARSITY SWIMMING MHS OPP 59 Governor Mifflin 36 42 Manheim Township 53 63 Reading 32 41 York Suburban 54 54 Cedar Crest 41 54 Coatesville 43 42 York 53 .x 47 Mechanicsburg 38 5 , 45 Hempfield 51 fu. ma 37 Wilson 58 mm 59 Hershey 36 . 9.,..,,, W' :mi-mutans - ffi.'.' - as . , 78 Z2 G 123 lli 20 23 29 30 J 8 12 7124.446 Susqueldunnu Anuville-C leonu Hershey li. Peunsboro Red Lund Uumberlzmd Valley Palmyra Nleelumiesburg Middleton n Conference Meet Lower Dauphin Sddlafz- 7a-656694 140:65 Za- Wuime ACROPOLIS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF AND C0-WORKERS- Slttlng: P, Lnria. R. Norris, D. K Sta ding: C. Darkes, E. Hunking, R. Walsh, A. Leonzi. 1 .i M M 1 III' : gl 441- Ellarrg EE. Qiiullingsheah Burn Hugnst 15, 1343 fnhzrnd into Rest 11.15 21, 19711 'Hgnd LIB gears 11 months li dags imsfrmzhwr and iinanh at 'miltnn 1'1z1'shng Snhnnl 19155 - IHYU 80

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