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I Ufropofzlv . . Orewof Q' MllTon Hershey School has made an rndeT bre am prmT on our m rude The purpose oT Th book rs noT To Te en ThaT more rom buT raTher To unsure ThaT our memo es TTh echool home esoecraTTy Those of our Sew or year w IT rToT be so drmmeo by The rap pee wg of Trme We member oT The Acropolis TaT' have com our oesT To accompr h Th purpo e and we op T m The TuTure year Th ook w TI erye a e m mbe 5 TTT1e CTa oT I952 as e record oT T er ach eyeme T and haporre s wh Te T-Tomeboy MHS , . A T ' I 1 is ' ss I ss' ' r ' o ra K - - 2 f I ' I rd 1 'af I . S ' S 7 3 ' T TE ,rs S , h e haT A 5 rs b E 5 IT Th e r' C T as T h 'r ' Aw , T ' 5 T 2 aT Um aoumfen Generosdy as one of 'rhe greaf es? vlrfues of mankind This 'rralf was mos? characferushc of M memory of 'rhus fune man +ha+ we The Class of I952 wish +o pay re sped for + 'ro hum an I goodness of hear+ fhaf we are so grea+ly nndeb+ed ' ' r. Mil+on S. Hershey. I+ is +o 'rhe , i' is ' d h's MR LESTERW ABEL fb To dedrcale rs 'ro ser' aparf by a serrous or solemn acl or ceremony rn whrch an approprrale lolcen may be awarded fo The person so honored Chosen because of hrs friendly drsposrhon hrs wrllrngness To help us al all fumes and hrs abrlr+y as a feacher and s'ruden+ counselor Mr Lesfer W Abel rs rn our oprnron a person well qualified as lhe recrprenl of 'rhe dedrcalron of fhe I952 Acropolis Mr Abel has fhe valuable qualrly of diagnosing quickly lrhe rroubles and problems of lhe average l-lomeboy l-lrs srrarghl' from fhe shoulder advrce rs eagerly soughl' greally apprecraled and usually followed ralron he rs always ready wrlh a worfhwhrle quo'ra+ron or wholesome counsel I-lardly a day passes wrlhoul hearing someone refer Wo hrs wrf or wisdom If rs for such reasons lhaf every Homeboy on The Hrll knows Mr Abel Nof all senior high boys sludy hrs subrecf buf a'r some lrme or ofher almosf everyone of 'rhem has come rnlo conlacf wr1'h hrs 'reaching erfher formally or rndrrecfly Mosl of The younger boys loolc forward lo +herr 'renfh grade meehng wrfh hrm as 'rherr draffrng rnslrucfor We members of 'rhe Class of l952 because of our respecl for and grahfude +o hrm have chosen Mr Lesler Wrllram Abel as lhe man To whom we dedrcale our yearbook We wrll remember hrm as we go for+h rn+o lrfe May he remember us as he conhnues fo help fufure gener afrons of Homeboys To become good crhzens' Being a firm believer in high moral sfandards as well as in a sound edu: 1 DR JOHN O HERSHEY Um 8 Sance 'rhe deafh of our fnrsf supernnfendenf Mr George E Copenhaver nn February l938 unfnl lasf fall Mr D Paul Wnfmer Chanrman of The Board of Managers Admnmsfrahve Commlffee assumed 'rhe responsnbulnfues of fhaf offlce He clnd so af fhe personal requesf of Mr Mulfon S Hershey Mr Wnfmer performed has dufnes fanfhfully and well and gave evndence of fhoroughly enloyung fhe ex peruences of fhe office We Sensors apprecuafe has efforfs In our behalf and we fhank hzm for has consfanf unferesf In our welfare On November I I95l Dr John O Hershey became Superunfendenf of Mulfon Hershey School Hrs exfensuve graduafe sfudy af fhe counseling and educaflonal admumsfraflon A member of numerous sfafe and nalhonal educafnonal personnel gundance and welfare organrzahons he was honored lafe lasf year by being elecfed Presudenf of fhe Pennsylvanua Assocaafuon of Superunfendenfs of Child Care lnsfufuhons He us also very achve an communufy and church affaurs Dr Hersheys fhnrfeen years of prachcal educahonal expernence af M H S Included able servuce as a housefafher as guldance counselor and as Dnrecfor of Admrssnon and Duscharge We members of fhe Class of l952 fhanlc nf ns obvious fhal' Dr Hershey us emnnenfly qualufled for fhe posf of fop admunnsfrafor of our school, and we smcerely wush hum long and confnnuecl success an hrs new posuhon of greaf frusf and responsnbnllfy Universify of Pennsylvania was in fhe fields of sociology, psychology Baafwloflw The Board of Managers of Mlllon Hershey School rs composed ol men who are nncapable of doing a lob nor commended highly by everyone They are a group ol successful businessmen who 'rake greal and undersfandable prude an dealung wnfh boys As we loolc back lo our Trrsr years here we musl adnnll Thar The name Board of Managers was ol lullle SIQVIITICBDCG lo us 1+ was lusl anolher one ol The many parfs of our complex syslem Now however lhe hme has come when we can really apprecuafe lhe 'raslc whnch fhese men have been performnng They have sacrnfnced much for our welfare and 'rhey have always come 'ro our and IH fumes ol Trouble ll' IS This group of men lhal has provldecl us wlfh food shelfer clolhung eduuahon and The many opporfunmes lo help us 'ro become well rounded young men here af M H S our home and school for much of our lrves These men IUdlVldUGlly and collecluvely have never been lhanlced adequalely for fhenr conhnuous unleresl an our welfare and for 'rhenr eflorls In our behalf We are happy lo lalce rhus opporrunnly +o express Our hearffe-H gralulude fo 'rhem - . I nl vw . . .. . v 1 v - I I I ' 1 1 1 1 ' . . -, u 4 Problems concernlng school operaTlon and undnvudual sTudenTs come under The lurnsduchon oT The AdmnnusTraT1ve STaTT of M H S Thenr eTFucnency nn handlnng These problems has gauned wndespread respecT Tor Them Much oT Theur work ns unheralcled buT :T us always Clone wnTh our welTare ID mnnd lT Takes men oT hugh unTellecTual and moral calubre To deal wuTn These problems and aT The same Tnme seT an example Tor house parenTs Teachers ancl boys buT The members of The AdmmsTraTnve STaTT are such men They gave of Themselves generously as They Take To hearT The problems whnch conTronT Them and They consusTenTly arrnve aT The besT decusnons These men represenhng The varnous execuhve branches of our school presenT Theur duTTerenT vuewponnTs and eTTecTTa1r compromsses Upon leavang Thus school whsch has done so much Tor us we Seniors wash To express our snncere graTnTude To These men Tor Thear usually unsung work The wenghT oT Influence by boTh precepT and example ThaT They have exerTed upon us wnll nnspnre us long aTTer we deparT from The school whnch They serve so TanThTully Um qaculiq The TaculTy has meanT Tar more To us Seniors Than lusT a group oT people who were our Teachers We also Thank oT Them as ever presenT Traends and counselors To whom we could go wuTh compleTe assurance ThaT They would help us solve our problems These unselhsh people have Taken many Tnme ouTs To assusT boys who were a l:TTle slow nn Thenr school work To advuse us wnsely nn personal maTTers and To see +ha+ our socual Tunchons were enloyable Them buT we Teel conTndenT as we leave Thus school ThaT we can cope w1Th The TuTure successTully Now more Than ever beTore are we able To realuze The True sngnnhcance oT Thenr work w1Th us Tor The Tume has come when we musT puT nnTo use whaT They have TauqhT us durnng our sTay here The members oT The Class oT I952 apprecnaTe greaTly The way our TaculTy have sTrnven To prepare us Tor The years ThaT we shall be on our own, and we wanT To exTencl sincere Thanks To all of Them Tor Therr ceaseless eTTorTs To help us lT ns our wnsh ThaT we can lsve up To The hugh hopes They have Tor us and successTul. We can in no way show The full graTiTude which is clue 0444 aaa:-Ziff I. Theyie og! 2. Two poinfs? 3. Hungry? 4. Gossip secfion. 5. Roofing sediorw. 6. Take a break, feilows. 7. Me-ssri. Good ood Frank I School mainienance. 2. "Grim" subiecr. 3. Give him a pink pill. 6 Mr Shupp and a new boy. 4- All aboard. 7. Whaf a filing cabinell 5 Bufcher shop 8. Uncle George. Sdml.-S" Boys af M. H. S. are well dressed, and upon graduafion They re- ceive enough clofhing lo lasl' for af leasf fwo years. Medical alfenlion is supplied by a regisfered nurse on rhe campus or by The Hershey Hospiial. An oculisf is available for sludenfs wifh laulfy vision, and all denial needs are provided in a finely equipped clinic on The Hill. Our excellenf food comes almosl exclusively from 'rhe school farms and gardens, and if is prepared in a cenfral lcifchen. The high-school building is lcep+ in Hp-lop condifion by a slalf of eighl ianifors. The general office of our school lakes care of lhe business dealings of homeboys and of everyrhing lhaf is a mailer of permaneni record for lhem. Hairculs are given by +hree barbers-d'wo on Pa'f"r's Hill and one al The Main. Also a+ The Main is 'rhe mailing room, where siudenl' mail is handled wifhouf charge lo us. All lransporialion problems are solved by fhirfeen bus drivers. We wish +o lhank sincerely fhe people involved in school services for fheir many confribufions +o our comforl and heallh. Memories F Lv Fw. I 81444 525 828 9I3 9I9 9 2 IOXI4 some lOf27 4 2 I2f2O s2f24 I2f27 szfzs 3 5 2fl5 2fI6 2 I7 22 224 Sensor Class ollscers elecled I95I 52 school lerm began School Pscnsc sn Hershey Park Msllon S Hershey lvlemorsal Bsrlh day Parfy sn Sporls Arena Band compeled sn confesl al Elsz abefhlown and won fhsrd prsze Acropolss slalf announced Gee Club sang al Ihe Lslslz Church of The Brefhren Sensor psclures 'ralcen Sensor Class Halloween Dance Glee Club sang al lhe MI Joy Melhodssl Church Sensor Class Square Dance Glee Club sang af Ihe Psne Grove Baplssl Church Founders Day 42nd annsversary of The Hershey lnclus+rsal School I7 I8 Alurnns Homecomsng Sparlans played lor Hershey Hsgh School Turkey Trol Sludenls allended Eslales Chrssl mas Parly sn Sporls Arena School name legally changed I Mslfon Hershey School Sparlans played lor Lebanon Hsgh School Dance Sensor Class Chrsslmas Dance Sparlans played lor Palmyra Trs Hs Y Dance Glee Club sang a+ Ihe Hanover dale Church ol Ihe Brelhren Acropolss group psclures 'ralcen Sparlans played lor Susquehanna Townshsp Hsgh School Dance Glee Club sang al Ihe Hershey Holy Trsnsly Lulherars Church Sensor Class Valenlsne Dance Arlhur Marlcs qualsfsed for a four year NROTC college scholarshsp Sparlans played for Sleellon Hsgh School Dance Glee Club sang al Ihe Palmyra Fsrsl E U B Church Sensors recesved school rsngs Glee Club sang al Ihe Sfeellon lvlefhodssl Church 3 I4 3fI6 329 330 4 4I8 420 426 427 5I6 528 5 W wTgYZ'f'Q Glee Club sang al Ihe Hummels 'sown E U B Church Sparlans played for Lower Paxlon Townshsp Hsgh School Dance Glee Club sang al Ihe Ballsmore Fsrsl' Melhodssl Church Sparlans played for New Cumber land Hsgh School Dance Glee Club sang al' The Lancasler Ollerbesn E U B Church Sparlans played for lvlechanscs burg Hsgh School Dance Glee Club sang al 'she Indsanlown Gap lvlslsfary Reservalson Sparlans played lor Penbroolc Junsor Hsgh School Dance Glee Club sang al Ihe Yorlc Sasnl Pauls Unsled Evangelscal Church Sparlans played lor Msddlelown Hsgh School Dance Annual Sprsng Band Concerl' Chosr sang al Ihe Hershey Sprsng Creelc Church of Ihe Brelhren Glee Club sang al Ihe Allenlown Sasnf Paul s Lufherars Church Sparlans played for Harrssburg Junsor Hsslorsan Socsely Dance Band a+ Olmsled Fseld Conlesl' Sensor Prom sn Park Ballroom Day Parade Sensor Banque? Baccalaureale Servsce Class Day and Commencemenl ENWR PROM cgi? , 3X2 , X .l . '. . sn ' ' . X 7 fm ' ' ' . f Q - X . G . . h I . ' X A . X5 I ' - f s ' . . I I' 446 .. . I . . ' s X . b sw H .E f , . . ' ssfso ' I . f . ' ssfss u ' ' X H . ' u H ssfs5 ' - v ' t ssfss- - ' ' . I 544 . - ' ' I Q Q . . . . " f ' .I . O X . . D ' I 5f3O Band in Annual Hershey Memorial . I f3I ' I . - ' . bfl ' . sf5 '- W2 ' sfs Q I - lfl ' ' I . W2 . . ,I - - V I X 3 N 2f9 ' ' I I 9 -s f Q . k , " - f 'PQ ' ,fl s vf . K 1 , 'I Hb Q I glee? f . ' 0 5 X I . . . .I , 0 H Q 7, 5 J 2 fi ff' QC 'I O Once upon a Tame long ago well eleven years anyway Twelve unnocenT luTTle boys began Theur uourney Through whaT was Then The Hershey lndusTrual School AT ThaT Tame June 2 I952 was probably The TurTheresT Thang from our luTTle munds buT we were desTuned To learn To apprecuaTe look Torward To and prac Tucally revere ThaT daTe As The year passed our class expanded sTeaduly unTu' TuTTh grade when we leTT The Maun To be come bug guys ATTer luvung aT The unuT Tor a whale we duscovered ThaT we werenT such bug guys and dudnT have Too much responsubuluTy or auThoruTy buT had To do more or less whaT we were Told Tame marched on as dad The Class oT l952 and before we knew uT we Tound ourselves un senuor hugh wuTh a class oT 'nore Than a hundred By Thus Tame we were duvuded unTo Three groups The aca demuc commercual and vocafuonal deparT menTs We had also begun To parTucupaTe un varsuTy Iuruuor varsuTy and unTrarruural sporTs and an all OT The oTher organuzaTuons oT The school As Sophomores we began To realuze ThaT our day oT graduaTuon was noT Too Tar oTT The nexT Tall we began whaT Turned ouT To be a very successTul Junuor year We were The TursT Junuor Class To organuze ano elecT oTTucers and The Junuor Hop was a grand success We were now well esTab lushed un aThleTucs especually TooTbal' and baskeTball and un varuous oTher acTuvaTues Terms! me I "Bc X S 5 61644 Jhfub ThaT summer we elecTed our Senuor Class oTTucers so ThaT we would be ready To go un our lasT year here Our Senuor year proved To be as successful as our Junuor year had been Our dances were some of The besT The Home ever had and our varuous organuzaTuons presenTed very um pressuve records Our Senuor year was a busy one wuTh dances pucTures rungs and so many oTher Thungs To worry abouT ThaT we occasuonally TorgoT The number of days hours munuTes seconds movue nughTs breakTasTs school days mulkungs and squurTs unTul graduaTuon buT somehow we were generally kepT posTed On December 24 aT I0 I5 A M The Hershey lndusTrual School oTTucually became MulTon Hershey School Thus very sugnuTu canT change creaTed a large number oT problems one oT Them beung our Senuor rungs They had To be changed so ThaT They would bear The unuTual M H S sTead of H l S There were many more changes whuch had To be made buT aTTer much work They were nearly all accom pl shed IT us now as we are abouT To deparT ThaT we recall The many hours we spenT workung un school and aT The Tarm homes abouT housepeople Teachers sTudues ge? We Thank abouT The many grapes we had Tung up un The mornung noT enough al lowance noT enough pruvuleges The meals The cloThes demeruTs and so on Now we begun To have The realuzaTuon ThaT Those uTems were noT umporTanT Thungs WhaT us umporTanT was The aclequaTe educaTuon and preparaTuon Tor The TuTure provuded Tor us We The TursT class To graduaTe Trom The school under uTs new name wash To ex press our hearTTelT Thanks Tor all ThaT was done Tor us here aT M H S We leave Thus Tune school wuTh a hugh degree oT conTu dence ThaT our Traunung here wull be of greaf value un our adulT years ' . l , , u l . . II la . u u u I . I I 1 ' c . ' I . . . . - ua . uu , . , l I I . , . .. ' u . . a u . I I I I u u . , a . I I - - . . . y . . . I . . U . . . . . . in- ' a I . ' , I I . 3 , ' ' , . f I I I ' , . I . I - . . . I . I ' 4 , , .xx Nl V ,' . ' 61.444 Wd! We lhe members of The Class of l952 beung sound un wund and body and possu oly un mund do hereby declare 'rhe 'Follow ung fo be our funal 'resfamenf To The Junuors go our leadershup qual :hes unfellugence personalufy afhlehc abul ufy and local gurl fruends To The Sopho mores go our books 25 cenf pockef ufem uncluded afhlehc equupmenf and our wul fo wun To +he Freshmen we leave our benf cafelerua rrays hall empfy peroxude boflles and our happy memorues of senuor hugh school lufe ar Mul'l'on Hershey School lnduvudual bequesls are lhese Tom Maurer pools hus leadershup sporfsmanshup and versahlury and leaves The 'rolal +o The Junuor Class Donl rush boys 'There plenfy for everyone Hus abulufy as a srudenl goes fo Tom Davues and hus assorrmenl' of drags goes +o Al Cupp who needs fhem badly Jum Addus alfer draunung all The sunes and cosunes from hus frug ook leaves uf logefher wufh hus brulluanr buf modesf mund 'ro Tom Davues also Byron Weudow guves hus physuque fo Mark Bauder l-lus foofhless comb au d new power druven head polusher go To a commuH'ee of faculfy members headed by Messrs Buser Reufz and Shuler Tom Eberly duvudes hus afhleluc abululy befween Joe Rhone and John Elway Chalmer Dempslers smule and Lesler Reed s good looks go To Allen Tullon and Donald Ruch ards unherufs Reeds flashy wardrobe Joe Kwuafkowsku s loyally us leff To John Moody and hus suncerury goes +0 Jack Gabug Bob Guluck s sungung vouce goes ro new years Glee Club To replace all +he 1'alen'r 'rhaf we wull fake from ul and hus way wulh The gurls us relucranlly lefr behund 'Tor 'rhe benefuf of John Moore Bull Seuple s musuca versafululy goes fo Joel May and hus arhshc abulu'ry us lefl' 'ro Allen Duff Bob Conards sense of humor goes lo Sfuck Taylor Don Godwun s lukableness goes 'ro Leffy Duonusuo hus magnehc personaluly fo Ruch Lyman and hus good nafure 'ro Jack Gabug John Wulkun leaves hus courlesy fo Dave Kelly and Roger Evanuna beslows hus dancung 'rechnuque upon Joe Turzau Charles Sandys ambuhon goes fo nexl years School Correspondenf and Ferd Kefferer and Fred Coleman guve 'rheur ef fucuenf and busunessluke characferushcs 'lo Duck Howells who can use all he can gel of borh Spud Yurek leaves hus harem +o appease 'rhe slag lune al' nexr year s Senuor dances l-lus lunamenf formula goes 'ro fufure un forlunafes who can + make learns because of sore backs Because he admufs he s Tops un everylhung we leave hus name as an M H S synonym for perlecfuon I-larry Messungers book How 'lo Make Trouble and Influence l-lousepeople guven lo Jack Faur and Merlyn Wulder mufhs classuc How a Fa? Man Can Su on Two Chaurs goes fo Eddue Roe who also receuves Wuldermulh s fruple breasled suul Bull Duff leaves a nuckel lo a cerlaun luH'le gurl so she can call hum up when she becomes Tufreen years old unless Joe Rhone gels fhere fursf To our 'Teachers houseparenrs he Board of Managers The Admunusrraluve Sfalll and all ofher fruends we bequealh our suncere grahrude for 'rheur kundness Thus sayung on Thus day June 2 l952 we rhe Class of I952 wushung Gods blessung on everyone here and lhankung a'I who helped us do hereunfo afhx our seal 'ro +hus our lasl' wull and Tesfamenl ff X UNDER CLRSSHEN f X , ' X C."'i.v r V au. l - ' 5 . A - - . a I I ' Q ' 1 ' . :S ,H ls . . - I u yu I .i . Y I. I 'I' . I 1 Q s . .. . ' . X ' f f ' ,Lg , . . . . . I, , ,Q ' fan - ff' , . . . . um X . . ' . Y qs f K u '3- . . , . X us' . My :T . ' 'X N.. .L . F ,A ,A ,, . . . X 5' I ,-L"- ' ' I .. l - 0 I Tocus my Tamed sTereoscop1c eyeball on June 2 I962 and wr1Te whaT I see oT my classmaTes aT ThaT Tame I hope ThaT :T as noT Too gruesome FursT I see Donkey VougT He as geTTung Top pay aT The C C Muller Lavery S+able Tnllue Heacock drlves baby carrrages aT has race Track aT lITh and Maclay STreeTs nn Harrnsburg STan Szczepanek and Nlck STroTToluno combined Their abulnTy To see s raughT aT The John Branlle Wa an OpTucaI Company Bob Gulnck Tunally made The MeTropoluTan Opera House as a lannTor Bob Scherer Tom Eberly and Ferd KeTTerer are on parT Tlme lobs as rrnk sweepers aT The Hershey SporTs Arena durmng Ice Capades weaTh er only Ed Krnsulevucz and Lee Kemery have agreed To send cngareTTes To veTeran hospuTals all over Hershey Herm Wendow us ouT nn The cold agaln bummung handouTs on Skid Row ST1ll presudenT of The Spud Yurek Fan Club us you guessed :T Spud Yurek The club now has Three members Paul Spud run The Tunnel of Love aT Theur Tormer TavoruTe spoT The Square Deal In The busnness world I see luTTle Ken Bnnner He has a shoeshune sTand un The old Trolley Tunnel He says ThaT business as swell and ThaT hns own shoes become more shnnv day by day John Buker us head surgeon aT The Hershey HospnTal He clawms ThaT over There The limbs come oTT much more easnly Than Trom Trees Tony Clapps has opened a chaln of hoT dog sTands along e Q 5 0? 1 Z X Hockersvulle road Jnm SuTcl:TTe IS marrued and The houseTaTher aT UnuT 49 where he and has wsTe Take care of Their happy InTTle Tamuly oT TwenTy Two charmang kuds George Heycock and Jnm McDonald sTruggle Tor Charles SToner aT The SToner SToner and SToner STone Company IocaTed aT STonevulIe STonealvanua Ed MnTchell and Francus Heyduk have been apposnTed head scouTmasTers aT The TasT growung cnTues oT PeTTleyvulle and Sand Beach Charlue Carman has a chscken Tarm From has 3200 Towl he geTs only Tour eggs a day buT he sTnll says ThaT busnness IS Tune lncrdenTalIy oT These Tour eggs per day The rouTune ns always The same all Tour are cracked one ns round and Three are square Joe KwnaTkowsku and Russ Bender operaTe The Peroxnde Shop In Palmyra Homeboys Merle WuIdermuTh as playing TursT TrumpeT Tor The Unuon DeposaT Sex TeT under The durecTuon oT ArT Marks Herk Coble ns prnnT1ng maps Tor The Don STevens Globe Company Allen Hesse ns sTllI head cheerleader Tor good old B S U Barn Smell UnnversnTy Earl Fmley ns boss Tusher man Tor The SwaTara Creek Salmon Can nery Company Daniel Evans and Harry Eardley have loaned The Marine Corps To geT away Trom :T all so They say Red MarTon had worked Tor The Mes singer FerTnlnzer Company buT he as now a parTner nn The Bull HerberT Sewage Dusposal PlanT BoTh The DempsTers and The Reeds have Twins ThaT keep remnndlng Them more and more oT Frankne Muller as Theur oTT sprung grow wrlder and wnlder Alas' My sTereoscop1c vnsnon can Take no more horrors and I musT Turn oTf my super naTural powers To see rnTo The TuTure I regreT ThaT I may never know whaT has happened To The oTher members oT The M H S Class of I952 + . . .fl .HK V Z and Yurek. Paul Cramer and.Bob Conard Their only cusTomers Thus Tar have been I - I ' . . . 2 ' ' I I S- I I. 4 I I- ! I" L' n 1 . k I . . . Q 7 HHH! , ' . Glau Uffwm 71:00:64 Mann Presnden+ 'lhal' Slew ns l'he mosl popular boy lr our class as proved by hns almosl unanimous eleclnon bolh lasl year and lhns Snnceruly and ambuluon led hum lo success ln alhlelncs and an school work l'lus line leadership helped us greally durung our lasl lwo years a M H S .fedfea Reed Secre+ary Allhough Bally lacked slze he made up lor nl wnlh sklll and luqhlung spnrul on lhe loolball lueld lhe baskelball courl and lhe baseball dlamond l-las pleasing person alnly and abululy lo make lrnends helped hum lo become one of fhe mosl popular boys an lhe Class of l952 OAQA Kaudffoaxiia Vnce Presldenl Chncken held lhns ollnce ID bolh hs Junnor and Sensor years l-lfs good nalure has won hum many lrnends l-le displayed lane sporlsmanshrp and delermmallon on lhe loolball held and In nearly everylhnng else lhal he dld l-le us respecled and admnred by all ol us Keanu Treasurer Ferd was oulslandxng In has alhleluc performance and he dld good work scholashcally as well l-le has a keen sense of humor a characlerusluc which made hzrn well luked by has fellows l-las versallllly galned for hlm lhe admuraluon ol every body who knew hum well o "el V' l ll' 1 y , l Z f 1 r male: N' ' ' l 41 - Z I I k K 5 , . -, , . 4 . . I ' ' ' I l . . . ' . Class of 1952 1 W ii X, I 1 1 x JAMES M ADDIS lm Academlc PrHsburgI1 Pa Acropolis Assocrale Ednlor 4 Baslcelball JV 2 Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Oflacer Vice Presndenl 3 Presuclenl' 4 Glee Club 4 I-Iomeroom OFIICSF Presndenl I 2 Vnce Presldenl 3 4 Indus'I'rlaIls'I' Slafl ASSOCIGIS Edufor 4 Inframural Sporls Baslcefball 3 4 Sollball 4 Wres flung I 2 School Gulde 3 4 Sludenf Senale 2 Typing Club 2 3 JOHN O ANDONIAN Andy EIec+rucl+y Phnladelphua Pa Choir I Dance Club 3 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ollncer Treasurer I2 Secrelary 4 Glee Club 34 I-Iomeroom Officer Secrelary 4 Inframural Sporls Baskelball 3 4 Soflball 3 4 uarfel 3 ROBERT W BARKER Ze e Prmhng Phllaclelplua P Band I Boy Scoul I Dance Club 3 4 Farm I-Iome Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Oflscer Vuce Presnclenf 3 Foolball JV I 3 V 4 Inlramural Sporls Ba Icelball 34 Sollball I234 Wresllzng I RUSSELL E BENDER Herlx Plumbmg Plnladelplna P Farm I-Iome Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iome Officer Vnce Pres udenl I 2 3 4 I-Iomeroom Officer Secrelary 34 Inlrarnural Sporls Baslcelball 3 4 Soflball 3 4 Wresllng 3 4 Sludenl Sen ale 4 HAROLD E BINGAMAN mg Academic Sellnsgrove Pa Acropolus Assocuale Eclulor 4 Band I 2 3 4 Clwurclw Servnce Assusfanl 4 Farm I-Iome Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Olllncer Secrelary I Vuce Presndenl 3 Presudenl 2 4 Inclusfrlallsf Sfalll Reporfer I 23 Ednlor lnCI'1ueI 4 Lubrary Assuslanl I 2 3 School Gulde 3 4 Scouhng Boy Scouf I Explorer Scoul 2 3 4 Sporfs Announcer 4 Sfuclenf Council 3 4 s 'IJ' .H s . n V Q . 1 - . K l I ' ' I. . .I - ,Q I I o n I' k. ll s u P - if - I. . - il :' I I II In : s -, - - -. e ug. N a G KENNETH BINNER ms Business Womelsdorf Pa Band I Boy Scouf I 2 Farm Home BasebaII I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ofhcer Treasurer I 2 3 Vuce Presldenf 4 Indusfrlallsi Sfaff Curculahon 2 In+ramuraI Sporfs BasI4e+baII 34 Sof+baII I 3 4 Wres+Inng I 2 School Bank Asslsfanf 2 3 WresIIung V GEORGE A BOLD BoIdy EIec'I'rlcl+y uarryvlIIe Pa Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ofhcer Treasurer 2 3 Secrefary 4 In'rramuraI Sporfs BasIce'r ball 4 Wres+Iung 2 Phofography CIub 3 4 JOHN R BUKER Johnny Academic Sidney N Y BasIceIbaII JV 2 3 Cheerleader 4 Choir 2 3 4 Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ofhcer Vnce Presndenf 4 GIee Club 2 3 4 Homeroom OI'I:ncer Secrefary In+rar'nuraI Sporfs BasIceIbaII 34 SoIIbaII I 3 4 WresIIlng I SchooI Guude 3 4 JOHN P BYRNES ess Carpeniry LansdaIe Pa Dance Club 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 34 Farm Home Officer Secrefary 4 Homeroom Officer Secrefary I2 34 InIramuraI Spor'rs BaskeIbaII 4 Sof+baII I 4 Wresfhng I 23 S+udenI Council 4 JOHN W CAMPBELL CameI Academic Hershey Pa BasIce+baII JV I 2 3 Church Service As 1s+anI 4 Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home OI'Iucer Pres ucIen+ 4 FooIbaII JV I 2 Horneroom Ofhcer Treasurer 3 In +ramuraI BasIce'rbaII 4 SIudenI Se-nafe 2 3 4 ic.-A Wai N fe...-J 1- QI JOHN R CHESBRO Chesy Elecfrlcrly Blnghamlon N Y Boolcb ndang Club I 2 Book Reviewers Club I 2 Dance Club 4 Explorer Scoul 2 Farrn Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ollucer Se-crelary 2 Farrn Home Reporler 3 Homeroom OIF: cer Secrelary I 2 Inlramural Spo ls Baslcelball 2 3 4 Wres 'flung 2 Llbrary Assuslanl I 2 Pholography Club 3 4 Science Forum I Sluclenl Council 3 Sludenl' Senale 3 4 ANTHONY E CLAPPS Tony Machine Shop Prachce Exefer Pa Boy Scoul I Dance Club 4 Farm Home Baseball I234 I-Iomeroom Ohlucer Secrelary 4 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 3 4 Sollball 3 4 Wreslllnq I Sludenl Councul 3 4 Wresllunq IV 2 3 4 HAROLD K COBLE Her Prlnhng Lancasler Pa Boolcb ndnnq Club I Boy Scoul' I Dance Club 3 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 3 4 Sollball I 4 Wreslllng I 2 Scrence Forum I FREDERICK 'I' COLEMAN Fred Business Philadelphia P Baseball Manager 34 Boy Scoul I Church Service Asslslanl 4 Dance Club 3 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Izoolball Vp M nager 3 Inclusfrlallsl Slall Cnrculalnon 234 Inlrannural Sporls Baslrelball 34 Sollball 4 School Gulde 2 3 4 ROBERT W CONARD o Machine Shop Prachce Norrls+own Pa eloall JV I 2 V 34 Dance Club 34 Farm om Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ollucer Voce Presudenl I 2 Fool ball JV 2 V 4 Glee Club 3 4 I-Iomeroorn Ollucer Secrelary I lnlramural Sollball 2 3 4 1 - A It : I - - I .C , kl: 2 7 : . I . ..s4 "".I I ' 7 : - 7 -I I, Q gy an ss ' Y I U iv '., 6. I I C I.. I. C I I I - - - I I It . q o 'IB 'bl' n T Baslc ' I - , I I - 7 1. g i 3 il-II 4 4'-if II.II': 4: ' I I I ' - PAUL H CRAMER Kaine Maclune Shop Prachce Waynesboro Pa Baslcelball JV 2 Boy Scouf I Clwolr I Dance Club 3 4 Farm I-Iome Baseball I234 Farm Home Officer Secrelary 2 Treasurer 3 Vace PresncIen+4 Foolball JV 2 IV 34 Ho e room Olzlrcer Vlce Presrclenl 2 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 3 4 Sollball I 2 3 4 Wresllrng I 2 FRANCIS L CREGHAN Fran Academic Hershey Pa B ncl 23 B Icelball JV I Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Omcfncer Presrdenl' 4 Farm Home Reporler I Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 34 Sollball 34 Wresllrng I23 Plwoloqraplwy Club I2 Scnence Forum I Scoulunq Boy Scoul' I Explorer Scoul 2 3 4 Typing Club 2 CHALMER T DEMPSTER Demp Sheef Melal Wesl' Chesfer Pa Band I 2 3 4 Dance Club 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ollscer Treasurer 2 Foolball IJV I 2 IVI 3 4 Co Caplaun Homeroom Ollucer Presndenfl Secrelary 23 Inlra mural Sporls Baslcelball 2 3 4 Sollball I 2 3 4 Sparlan Or cheslra 3 4 Sludenl Senale 3 4 Presaclenl WILLIAM M DUFF Academic Plflsburgh Pa Band 3 4 Dance Club 3 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ollucer Secrelary 2 Farm Home Reporler 2 I-Iorneroom Olllucer Secrelary 2 Inlramural VVresTInng I 2 School Guuole 3 4 Scsence Forum I Typing Club 2 3 MICHAEL J EAGAN JR Ml e Acaclemnc Phnladelplua Pa Band 4 Dance Club 3 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Fa rn Home Olilrcer Treasurer 3 Pres denl' 4 Farm Horne Reporler I Foolball IJVI 2 I-Iomeroom Olllcer Secrelary 4 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 34 Solrball I 3 4 Wresllnnq I Plwolog raplwv Club 3 4 Sluclenl Senale 2 Typrnq Club 2 3 if HARRY EARDLEY Ja e Plumbmg Wes+vllle N J Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Foolball JV 23 IV 4 l-lo room Olllcer Secrelary 3 4 Inlramural Sporls Baslce ball 3 4 Sollball 4 THOMAS E EBERLY Business York Pa eball I 2 3 4 B lcelball JV I 2 V 34 Dance Clu Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Officer Presnclenl 2 4 Foolball JV I 2 V 4 Co Caplam I-lomeroom Olcllcer Vice Presvdenl I 4 Inlramural Sporls Sollball I Wresllunq I Harry Carpenlry Alloona P Farm Home Baseball I234 I-Iomeroom Ollucer Secrelary 2 3 4 lnlramural Sporls Baslcelball 3 4 Sollball I 34 ROGER J EVANINA Og Carpenfry Blakely P Baslcelball JV 2 V 34 Dance Club 3 4 Farm Home Base ball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ollacer Secrelary I 2 Vice Preslclen 3 lzoolball JV 2 V 34 Olee Club 34 I-lomeroom Olllucer Secrela y 34 Inlramural Soflball I 2 3 4 Sludenl' Senale 4 DANIEL EVANS an Plumbing Blakely Pa Band 34 Farm I-Iome Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-'Iome Ollucer Secrelary 4 Inlramural Baslcelball 4 . I' ku D A I+. 0 "Eb"' Bask --'gas- 4' . II.-III IF ya: lv HARQLDEIZWAY IIR. ll II-II-1, 0 -I 1 ,I 1 I,I.Il+ " ' 1 HD H RICHARD G FARWELL e Balung Blgler Pa r-arm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Oflucer Secrelary 4 Farm Home Reporler 2 Inlramural Sporls Baslmelball 2 3 4 Wresllung I J EARL FINLEY ms Plumbmg WlIIlams+own Pa Dance Club 4 Farm I-Iorne Baseball 2 3 4 I-lomeroom Oflucer Secrefary I 2 3 Inlrarnural Sporls Baslcelball 3 4 Soflball 3 4 Wresllnng I 2 KEITH E FITZGERALD Eddie Prlnfmg Lewls'I'own Pa Dance Club 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home QII1 cer Treasurer 3 Presnde-nl 4 Glee Club 34 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 4 Sollball 4 Wresllnng I2 Plwolograplwy Club I Quarlel 3 CHARLES W GANDY Chuck Prmhng Phlladelphla Pa Acropolis Slall Form Edulor 4 Band I 2 3 4 Dance Club 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Oflrcer Treasurer 3 Glee Club 2 3 4 Homeroom Oflucer Secrelary I 2 3 4 I dus'frlaIls+ Slall Reporler 2 Sporls Reporler 3 4 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 4 Sollball 3 4 Sclwool Reporler 3 4 Scoul Ing Explorer Scoul 2 3 4 Sludenl Senale 4 Secrelary CHARLES W GARMAN Marquus Poulfry Husbandry Ches+er Pa Baseball 2 3 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home OIII cer Secrefary 2 Inlrarnural Sporls Baslcelball 2 3 4 Sollball 2 34 Wresllong I 2 3 4 mga Qu'-milf' Q 2 Q f "R LI" , r,. 15 I- I- - . 5 I - 0 I u 4. fy - ' : - ' . gy :.A . I HF. H . . ' U: T H-:ng ur . . Z - , ga -.,A' , 1 ' . - ' - - - ZZ , I 3 ' ' 7 l l I fiwmf 2 . . I . , . - : - I , E xg DONALD A GODWIN Rebel Plumbung Parsons W Va Baseball 34 Baslcelball JV 2 3 V 34 Farm I-Iome Baseball I 2 34 Farm I-Iome Officer Vnce Presndenl 3 Presndenl 4 Homeroom Ollncer Vnce Presndenl 2 Secrelary 3 Inlramural Sporls Sollball I Wresllung I Junior Class Secrelary Sluclenl Council 3 ROBERT W GULICK Guo Busmess Sunbury Pa Acropolis Slall Secrelary 4 Band I 234 Vuce Preslclenl Baseball 34 Clwolr I 4 Dance Club 34 Farm I-lome Baseball I 234 Farm I-lorne Officer Secrelary I 23 Glee Club I 2 34 Secrelary lnclusfruallsf Slafl Clrculalson 3 4 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 3 4 Soflball 3 uarlel 34 Sclmool Gund 4 Sparlan Orclweslra I 2 3 4 FREDERICK P HAAGE Crow Boolcbmdung Club I Boy Scouf I Dance Club 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iome Officer Vlce Presldenl 2 Secre Iary 4 Foolball JV I 2 3 V 4 Inlramural Sporls Baskelball 2 3 4 Sollball I 34 Wresllang I Sludenl Senale 3 CLARK E HANNON Cllclcy Prmhng Burnham Pa Cl'Iurcl1 Service Assuslanl 4 Dance Club 4 Farm I-lome Base ball I 2 3 4 Foolball IV 34 I-lomeroom Oflucer Secrelary 3 Inframural Sporls Baslcelball 4 Soflball I Wresllnng I 2 4 Plwoloqraplwy Club 3 Science Forum I 2 3 LEO M HARTNETT eo Busmess Befhlehem P Clwurcl1Serv:ce Assuslanl 3 4 Dance Club 4 Farm I-Iome Base ball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Olzlucer Vnce Presndenl 4 Farm Home ReporIer3 Foolball JV 2 lnlramural Sporls Baslcelball 34 Solfball I 34 Wresllnng I 2 School Guncle 3 4 II,-.uw - f'f 1 ll E.. if 1,7 .. . . : -, :O -3 e Machine .Shop Pracfice H I Highland Parlc, Pa. 1"-:Ili-.I,Ig: I ' I :IL -- . - . . - 'aj -V-:I I I-1. 3- :I - -. RICHARD A HASSIN Duc Elecfrlclfy PlI'ISbl-IFQI1 P Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ollucer Vnce Pres: denl I23 Foolball JV I23 lnframural Sporls Baslcelball 34 Wresllnng 2 ROBERT W HEACOCK T1 ne AuI'o Mechanics Forf WasI'nngI'on Pa Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Orlrcer Vice Presndenf I Pressdenl 2 34 Foolball IJV I 2 V 34 Glee Club 34 Homeroom Ollucer Secrelary I2 Vnce Presndenl 34 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 2 3 4 Sofl ball I 2 3 4 Wresllung I WresIl1ngIV 234 RONALD C HEFFNER Ronny Prmhng Reading P Olzlucer Vnce Presrdenl 4 Farm Home Reporler 2 3 Home room Officer Presldenl I Secrelary 2 3 Inlramural Sporfs Baslcelrball 34 Sollball I Wresllnng I Lnbrary Assuslanl I Plwolograplmy Club 2 3 Sludenl Council 3 LOUIS C HENDERSON ou Acaclemlc Harrisburg Pa Baseball Manager 2 Baskelball Manager JV 2 V 3 Dance Club 3 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Olzlucer Secrelary 2 3 Farm Home Reoorler 3 4 Foolball Manager VI 2 3 Glee Club 2 3 4 Indus+rlaIls+ Slalf Reporfer 3 Managnng Ednlor 4 lnframural Sporl Baslceloall 3 4 Soflball I 4 School Gurcle 2 3 4 Sludenf Senale 4 Typing Club 2 3 WILLIAM S HERBERT I Elec+rlcn+y KIHQSIOD Pa Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Olfncer Vce Pres denf 2 Presnden+3 I-oorball V 3 Inlramural Baslcelball 4 Sludenl' Senale 4 IWW A ll u in ,-3v . . ' I an i h . . In I J - l- I I -IAAI - ' ' , . rggg ' - I ' - : I 2 I - - - I ::,. I IL I . . . I a. I 11 .217 Dance Club 3-47. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-43 Farm-Home gf , 1-11 ,, :IL 'I lv I I I I I I I 'W ' C, f I A : - X Q :I r Y ff In l . IIRILII . . . I l 5 ' rr--III-: I r"' ,III F wh .db ALLEN S HESSE Hessue Elec+rlclIy Phlladelphla Pa Cheerleader 3 4 Head Dance Club 3 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iome Reporler I 2 Homeroom Officer Sec relary 3 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 34 Wreslllng I2 Library Assuslanl I Wresllung V 34 GEORGE H HEYCOCK Roach Prmhng Wilkes Barre Pa Acropolis Slall Assoclale Ednlor Band I 2 3 Dance Club 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Officer Vuce Pres ndenI3 PresudenI4 Farm Home Reporler I 2 Foolball JV 3 Glee Club 3 4 Indus'I'rlaIls+ Slaff Alumnn Edllor 3 4 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 4 Wresllunq I Pholography Club I Scoul' Ing Boy Scoul I Explorer Scoul 2 3 4 Wresllung IV 2 3 4 FRANCIS J A HEYDUK Whlley Academlc Philadelphia Pa Band I 234 Boolcbnndnnq Club I Dance Club 34 arnn Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ollucer Secrelary 2 3 Presudenl 4 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 4 Solfball 4 Wres Ilnng I Labrary Assuslanr I 2 School Gulde 3 4 Scoulung Boy Scoul I Explorer Scoul 2 3 4 Posr Guide Typing Club I HOWARD W HILDEBRAND Hulde EIecI'rlcl+y Johns'I'own Pa Farm I-lome Baseball I 2 3 4 Dance Club 4 Farm Home Ohh cer Secrelary 3 Vuce Presndenl 4 I-Iomeroom Olllncer Secre Iary 3 lnlramural Baslcelball 4 Library Asslslanl I HAROLD I HIRSH Harry Academic Philadelphia Pa. Dance Club 4' Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4' Farm-Home Olli- cer Vice-Presldenl 4' I-lomeroom Officer Secrelary I' lndus- +rraIIs+ Slahfz Reporler 3 Sporls Edilor 4' Inlramural Sporls: Baslcelball 4 Sollball 4 Wreslling I' School Guide 4' Sludenl Senale 4' Typing Club 2 DARVIN L HOKE Loule Car en+ry York Pa Dance Club 3 4 Earm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Earm Home Officer Presldenl 3 4 Homeroom Ollncer Secrelary I 2 3 4 In Iramural Sporls Baslcelball 3 4 Sollball I 2 3 4 Scouhng Boy Scoul I 2 Explorer Scoul 3 4 Sludenl Senale 3 Wresllung V 2 WILLIAM A HOLDEN ex Academic Mounl Carmel Pa Dance Club 3 4 Explorer Scoul 2 3 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Earm Home Officer Presuclenl I Secrefary 3 Treasur er 4 Farm Home Reporler 2 Foolball JV I 2 IV 34 Gle Club 4 Inframural Sporls Baslcelball 4 Sollball 4 Wresllung I J WILLIAM E HUFFORD Me Carpenfry Cresson Pa Church Servnce Assuslanl 4 Dance Club 4 Earm Home Base ball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ofhcer Presrdenr 4 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 4 Soflball 4 Wresllung I Pholography Club I Science Eorurn I Wresllsng IV 2 3 4 JOHN D JONES Johnny Sheef Me+aI Wnlkes Barre Pa Band I Baslcelball JV I 2 V 3 Boy Scoul I Dance CIub4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Earm Home Officer Presndenl 4 Farm Home Reporler I Glee Club 4 Homeroom Officer Secrefary 23 In+ramuraI Sporls Baslcefball 4 Soflball 34 Junior Class Treasurer H THEODORE KANE e Shee+ Me+aI Cumberland Md Dance Club 4 Explorer Scoul I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iome Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home O1Cfucer Secrefary 4 Eoolball IJV 2 V 34 Homeroom Oflncer Secrelary I Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 2 3 4 Sollball I 2 3 4 Wresllmg I 2 Science Forum I Wres flung 3 4 if LEE H KEMERY ee Aulo Mechanlcs Sunbury Pa Dance Club 3 4 Farm I-Iome Officer Secrelary I 2 3 4 Inlra mural Sporls Baslcefball I234 Soflball 34 Wreslllng I Pholography Club I Science Forum I Sludenl Council 4 ROBERT L KENSINGER o AuI'o Mechamcs Sax+on Pa Foolball V Manager 3 4 Dance Club 3 4 Farm I-Iome Base ball I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iome OTCIICSF Treasurer 2 Presudenl 4 l'omeroorn Officer Secrelary 4 Inlrarnural Baslcelball 2 3 4 CHARLES R KEPPLE Chicken EIecI'rrcl+y MI Joy Pa Boolcbnndnng Club I 2 Boolc Reviewers Club I 2 Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 I-Iomeroom Olllucer Secre 2 3 4 Science Forum I 2 FERDINAND H KETTERER Fer Buslness Camden N J B nd 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Baslcerball JV I 2 V 34 Dan Club 31' Farm I-Iorne Baseball I 23 4 Farm Horne Ollncer Pressdenl 3 4 Foolball JV 2 IV 3 4 I-Iomeroorn Ollncer Pres lclenl 4 School Gulde 3 4 Se-'nor Class Treasurer EDWARD L KRISULEVICZ Au+o Mechanics Plymoulh Pa Dance Club 4 Farm Horne Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iome OFII cer Vnce Presndenr I Foorball IJVI 2 Inlrarnural Sporls Baslcel ball 2 3 4 Sollball I 3 4 Wresllung I Sfuclenl Senare 3 4 ll.L ll IIB b" I I - : A - 1 - . - larsl I-2-3447 lnlrarnural Baslcel-baIlI2-3443 Pholoqraphy Club Ii ll d... 6 H: cl-.II-VE? ,III-.I-I ' - l:Edll JOSEPH I KWIATKOWSKI Chicken Baking Philadelphia Pa Ba Icelball JV I Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ollucer Vlce Presldenlfi PresIdenI4 F olball JV I 2 V 34 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 2 3 4 Sollball 34 Junnor Class Vuce Presndenl Sensor Class Vnce Presndenl Sfuclenl Senale I 4 Wreslllng V 34 THOMAS R LAMOND Chlnlc Business PI-nladelphra Pa Dance Club 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Foolball JV I 2 V 34 Inlrarnural Sporls Baslcelball 3 4 Sollball 34 Wres Illng I 2 Sludenl Senale 3 4 LEON R LEIBOLD JR Dufch Au+o Mechanics Manhelm Pa Dance Club 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Homeroom OPI: cer Secrelary 2 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 3 4 Sollball I 3 Sludenl Senale 3 4 RICHARD W LENHART Lenny Carpenlry Burnham Pa Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Ollucer Presudenl 4 Foolball JV I 2 3 IV 4 Horneroom Off: cer Secrelary 2 3 4 Inlrarnural Sollball I Scoulnng Boy Scoul I Explorer Scoul 2 3 WILLIAM A LIST Gus Aufo Mechanics McKeespor+ Pa Church Servuce Assuslanl 4 Dance Club 3 4 Farm Home Base ball I234 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 34 Wresllnnq 2 Scoullng Boy Scoul I Explorer Scoul 234 Sluclenl Senale 'llnff chu-HQ We N I I ' I0 Il-,II-1 I I I III - I ' I I 1 - - - - 1 I I - . we ff : -. -I - 42 A, A yi 4, Wreslling I-2-3-43 Pholography Club 2: Sluclenl Council 2: A ..1I,, a . . ' :I I I - - I I 7 .I U' I ,5,,,. 2 I AII2' I L I 3, . ceI .,.I.. lI..,1 3-4 . I - - Z L'-D Q FRANK H MAHONEY Plumbing Aflanhc Crly N J Farm I-Iome Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iome Qlflcer Secrelary 4 Farm Home Reporler 4 Infrarnural Sporls Baslcelball 4 Solf ball 4 Wresflung I Library Assnslanl I ARTHUR J MARKS r Academic Smefhpori' Pa Ban I 2 3 4 Clwozr I 23 Dance Club 4 Farm me Base ball I 2 3 4 Farm Home OIl1cer Treasurer 3 Farm Home Re porler I 2 Glee Club 3 4 I-Iomeroorn O1CIucer Vuce Presldenf I 2 Secrelary 4 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 4 Sollball I 34 Sclwool Gu de 3 4 Sparlar Orclmeslra 34 Wresfllnq V I 2 3 4 REED J MARTON e SI1ee+ Mefal Greenvslle Mlss Dance Club 4 Farm I-Iome Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iome OPI: cer Vuce Presndenl I Secrelary 2 Foolball V Manager 4 I-Iorneroom Orqucer Secrelary I 2 3 Inlramural Sporls Baslcel ba 2 3 4 Sollball 3 4 Wresllrnq I 2 Sludenl Senale 34 Wresllxnq 4 THOMAS E J MAURER Sew Academic Be+I1Iel'1em Pa Acropolis Assocmale Eclnlor Baseball I 2 3 4 Baslcelball JV I 2 V 34 Da ce Club 3 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-ome Officer Presrdenl 34 Co Iball IJV 2 V 34 Home room Offmcer Presrdenl 3 4 Inlramural Sollball I Junwor Class Pre rclenr Scoulmq Boy Scoul I Explorer Scoul 2 3 Sennor Cla s Presrclenl WILLIAM H MCCRACKEN Mac Business Erie Pa Acropolls Slall Secrelary Dance Club 3 4 Farm Home Base ball I 234 Farm Home OlIlcer Treasurer 34 Inlramural Spor+s Baslqelball 3 4 Solfball 3 4 School Bank Assuslanl 2 3 4 ScI'IooI Cuacle 3 4 i s l "Mo" . i . 1, . ,I "A I" ' ' z d - , . 7 ' . - 3 I I .HO I aw : J I 3: ' - I " I I I. IZI.. , A "IR d" I ' - I, - 1 I I I 1 I , , 7 3 - ' F H i :I Q' J' . . . q F A t I 'l I J! FN 'II .7 Q ,I , - I' . 1 , , I 2,0 lIII.I-5 . K In ' 1 t - z - I A JAMES W MCDONALD JR Mac Prmhng Phlladelphla Pa Acropolis Ed or n Ch el Band 3 4 Church Servuce Usher 3 4 Dance Club 4 Farm I-Ionfwe Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iome O I cer Vuce Pre Id nl 4 Farm I-orne Reporler 2 Induslrlallsi' Slal Reporler 34 Inlramural Spo Is Baslnelball 34 Sollball I 34 Wresllung 2 Scoulunq Boy Scoul I Explorer Scoul 2 Sludenl Council 3 4 Sluclenl Senale 3 Wresllnng V 34 HARRY A MESSINGER Mess Machme Shop Prachce Slahnglon Pa Boy Scoul I 2 Cho I Dance Club 34 Farm Home Base ball I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iome Ollucer Presudenl I 2 3 4 Eoolball IJV I 2 V 34 Glee Club 3 4 I-lomeroom Ollucer Treasurer 4 Inlramural Spo ls Baslcelball 2 3 4 Sollball I 2 3 4 Wres Ilng I2 Pholoqraphy Club 34 Sclence Forum 3 Sludenl' CouncnI3 Wresllung V I 2 3 4 FRANKLIN L MILLER mg Sheel Melal Wnllnamsporl Pa B ncl I Baslcelball JV 23 V Manager 4 Dance CI b Farm loome Baseball I 2 3 4 I-Iomeroom Ollucer Secrelary 3 Sluclenl Se-nale 3 4 EDWARD A MITCHELL Mulch Academuc Philadelphia Pa Dance Club 34 Farm I-Iorne Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-lome Olhcer Secrelary 2 Treasurer 3 Vnce Preslclenl 4 Inlrarnural Sporls Baskelball 4 Sollball 4 School Gunde 34 Scouhng Boy Scoul I Explore Scoul 2 3 4 Assnslanl Posl Guide GEORGE E MORRISON Dope Plumbmg New Bloomfneld Pa aseball I 2 3 4 Baslcelball JV 23 V 4 Boy Sco I I a I-lome Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iome Olhcer Secrela y 3 Inlra mu al Sollball I Sludenl Councul 4 'REB' ' is .1 . I 1 -.1 ' ' e I I I I V - A - I - Hr I ' - z 1 ' I I - I Q - 7 ir : 4 1 - I 1 P W . I - I I I - I - I ' I A-A I I 1 . D , - - - . - 'X I A 2 A 1 ' I I f ' I I Q A- I Sf, UB. 2, if G yr I I A V I I 3 U 41 'I Q j Inlramural Sporlsz Baskelball 2-3v4, Sollball 3-4, Wreslling -A 1 . ' lr ' 'I l D - I - l . iq I 12-1 llf s g . Il ll . K iq B II u qlilrrn- flew, 15, GILBERT F MURRAY I Buslness Harveys Lake Pa Band FronI'3 Drum Malor 4 Chour I34 Church Servuce Usher 4 Dance Club 3 4 Farm I-Iome Orflcer Vnce Presnclenf 4 Farm Home Reporfer I Glee Club I 2 I-Iomeroom Officer Secrefary I234 IncIus+rlaIls'I' Slaff Exchange Edufor 34 Phofography Club I 2 3 4 School Guide 3 4 Sludenf Senafe I LESTER D REED Ba'Hy Sheef Me+aI Hummelsfown P Baseball 3 4 Baslcefball JV 2 3 V 3 4 Chonr I Dance Club 34 Explorer Scouf I 2 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Officer Vvce Presndenf 3 4 Foofball IJV 3 IV 4 I-Iome room Offucer Vice Presudem' I Secrefary 2 34 Inframural Sporfs Soffball I 2 Wresflnng I Semor Class Secrefary JOSEPH L RODGERS S op Band I 2 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Baslnefball JV 23 Cholr I Church Service Assusfanf 4 Dance Club 4 Explorer Scouf I Farm I-Iome Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Officer Secrefary I Treas urer 2 Eoofball IJV 3 IV 4 Homeroom Offucer Secrefary I Inframural Sporfs Baslcefball 4 Soffball I Wresfllng I SI' denf Senafe 3 4 ORLA ROSS e Au+o Mechanics PlI'+sburgh Pa Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iome Offucer Secrefary Treasurer 3 4 Farm Home Reporfer I 2 In framural Sporfs Soffball 3 4 Wresflnng I CHARLES E SCHULER Mucluey Buslness York Pa Boy Scouf I Cheerleader I2 Church Servuce Assnsfanf 4 Dance Club 4 Farm I-Iome Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iorne porler I Inframural Sporfs Baslcefball 2 3 4 Soffball I 2 3 4 Wresflung I 2 School Bank Asslsfanf 3 Sfudenf Councul 4 IIQUVI - , a. . I1-uafw ll i ll Machine Shop Prac+ice Reading, Pa. 1 - - -.1 - 1 I I - 1 ' 1 1 I I 1 I ' ' I 1 1 , , 1 u- - IIP PII l I: - I I ' - - 1 - Rel WILLIAM H SEIPLE Aufo Mechamcs YOFIK P6 Acropolis Assocuafe Ednlor Cweerleacler 3 Chour 34 Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm I-Iorne Gllncer Presuclenl 4 Farm I-lome Reporler I Glee Cluo 2 3 4 Home room Olllcer Presrdenl 4 lnlramural Sporls Baslelball 34 Sollball I Wresllung I2 Pholography Club I Presudenl uarfel 34 Sparlan Orcheslra 234 Sluclenl Senale 23 Wresrlung V 34 RAY L SHANABROOK Gums Creamery Operahons York P Baseball 34 Dance Club 4 Farm I-Iome B eball I234 Homeroom Clllcer Secrelary 2 Treasurer 3 Vnce Presvclenl 4 Inlramural Sporls Baskelball 2 3 4 Wresllung I 2 ROBERT C SCHERER o Business Glaslonbury Conn Baslcelball JV 23 Cheerleader I Dance Club 34 Explorer Scoul' I Farm I-lorne Baseball I 234 Farm I-Iome Ollncer porler I Foolball IJV 2 IV 4 I-lomeroom Olzlucer Treasurer 4 lnlramural Sporls Baslcelball 3 4 Sollball I 34 Wreslllng School Gunde 3 4 RICHARD M SCHULZ Schulz Aufo Mechanics PlH'sburgh P Cheerleader I 2 3 4 Dance Club 4 Farm I-Iome Baseball I 2 34 Farm I-Iome Ollecer Treasurer I 2 3 4 I-Iomeroorn Ollxcer Secrefary I 23 Pholography Club I 2 Scnence Forum I BENJAMIN J SMAIL e Machlne Shop Prachce n Mlllwood P Band I234 BOOIibIf'1dIV1q Club I Dance Club 4 E I xp orer Scoul' I 2 3 4 Farm Home Baseball I 234 I-lame,-Com QPF, S cer ecrefary I Lubrary Assuslanl I 2 K if A as "BiII". , A - 7 I ' If Q H - 7 - - : - 1 I I ' . ll ll -W- , a . ,: 31.2 , 3 - 7 7 - BS - - - I A . - v I "B lb" SSCFGIGFLI I-2. Vicealaresidenl 3, Pre-sidenl 4: Farm-Home Re: .I" I I I ' I I - Q - . A 3 A 'IB ll- I I I . l - tx: .as 'fl DONALD B SMITH SmlH'y Carpeniry Hagersfown Md Baslcefball JV I 2 Dance Club 3 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 34 Farm Home Ofhcer Vnce Presudenf 34 Farm Home Re porler 2 Foofball JV I23 IV 4 I-Iomeroom Officer Pres Iclenl I2 Secrelary 34 Inframural Sporls Baslcelball 34 Sof all I 2 3 4 DONNELL T STEVENS Bubs Machine Shop Prachce AI1'oona Pa Cheerleader 3 4 Chonr 4 Dance Club 3 4 Farm I-lome Base ball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Repor+er I Glee Club 4 I-Iomeroom Olzhcer Secrefary 2 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 34 Sollball 4 Pholography Club 3 Scuence Forum I Scouhng Boy Scoul I Explorer Scouf 2 3 4 CHARLES G STONER Charlie Prnnhng Woodbury Heoghfs N J Acropolls Sfahc Form Edufor Choir 3 Dance Club 3 4 Farm 4 I-Iomeroom Secrefary I 2 3 4 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 34 Sollball I 2 3 4 Wresflung I 2 Sludenr Council I SI'u denl Senale I 2 3 4 NICHOLAS T STROFFOLINO Nuc Plumbing Reading Pa Church Servnce Assns+an+ 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Olzhcer Secrelary 4 I-Iomeroom Ofhcer becrelary 2 3 Inlramura porfs Ba Icelball 4 Wresllung I 2 Sludenl Councul 3 JAMES H SUTCLIFFE u Prlnhng Phxladelphua Pa Band I 2 Chonr I Explorer Scoul 2 Farm Home Baseball 2 4 Farm Home Olzlncer Treasurer 2 Secrelary 3 Presndenf 4 Foolball IJV 23 V 4 Glee Club 34 Inframural Sporls Baslcelball 34 Soflball I Wresflnnq I Pholoqraphv Club I I I - I . . - ' -1 Q I I I - - . I : ' : - HO V - , . . Home Baseball I-2,3-4: Farrh-Home Iieporfer I: Glee Club 3: ll.l kll I- - I S : sl , ' - -3-4' Hg +I' . . - 1 ' 1 1 - 1 I -3: I I A I I I' : f - 1 ' : STANLEY H SZCZEPANEK Hank Sheel Melal Con hohoclcen P Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Secrelary 2 Farm Home Reporler 2 Homeroom OHICEF Sec relary 3 Inlramural Soorls Baslcelball 3 4 Solfball I 4 Wre flung I Plnolograplwy Club I Scoulunq Boy Scoul 2 Explorer Scoul 3 Sludenl Senale 4 HOWARD P TRIMBLE e Car en+ry Lancasfer Pa Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Olllucer Vnce Preslclenl 3 Preslclenl 4 Homeroom Officer Sec relary I 2 3 4 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelloall 3 4 Sollball I 2 3 BENJAMIN J VOIGT en Buslness Reaclmg Pa Acropolis Sfall Secrelary Explorer Scoul 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Inlramural Sporls Baslcelball 4 Soflball 4 Sclwool Guucle 3 4 BYRON J WEIDOW Herm Au+o Mechanics Ches+er Pa Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Olllcer Presldenl I 2 3 4 Foolball JV I IV 2 3 4 Homeroom Olllucer Presedenl I lnlramural Sporls Baslcelball 34 Solfball I234 Wresllmng V I234 MERLYN W WILDERMUTH Merle EIBCIFOCIIY Sam? Clair Pa Acropolls Assocuale Ednlor Band I 2 3 4 Clwour 4 Dance Club 34 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Farm Home Officer Sec refary I 2 Foolball JV I 2 IV 34 Homeroom Ollucer Sec relary 3 lnlramural Sporfs Baskelball 34 Sollball I Wres 'flung I Sparlan Orclweslra 2 3 4 Sludenf Senale 3 4 YQ' P . I s , a. 1 I I- ' I 7 I I - I ' - I x 2 2 - - - - S- E I., 3 ..R J.. A A P I - In I "' fig , 4, Wres.lIi-no II-2: Sludenl Senale 43 Wreslllnlg Manager- I v IIB 'J I 3 Q 1 II.I--: I . . . 3 ' I I , . , ' V . . 0 . . Z , - - 7 . I I ' I ' V A, 5 4 1 I I A . I A : ' - 'WH gk 'Wir 'M f' JOHN H WILKIN Wllks Academuc Lancasler Pa Band 234 Presuclenl Baslcelball JV 2 V 34 C u ch Service Asslslanl 3 4 Farm Home Baseball I 2 3 4 Fa Home Treasurer I 2 Presuclenl 4 lnlramural Sollball 34 School Guude 3 4 Sparlan Orcheslra 3 4 Sludenl Senale 3 RICHARD L WITMER Wally Meal Processmg Manhelm Pa Bancl 4 Church Servnce Usher 3 4 Farm Home Baseball 2 3 4 Homeroom Officer Secrelary 2 3 lnlramural Wreslllnq I Library Assuslarvl I Science Forum I JAM ES R YOUNG Kref Acaclemlc Lewlsburg Pa Farm Home Olhcer Secrelary I Foolball V 3 4 lnlramural Sporls Baslcelball 3 4 Sollball 3 4 Wresllung I 2 Pholography Club I 2 School Guude 34 Sludenl Senale 2 3 4 Treasurer PAUL R YUREK Spud Prmhng Phllaclelphla Acropolus Slall Arl Edllor Farm Home Baseball I 234 Farm Home Ohlcer Treasurer I 2 Vsce Presndenl 34 Fool' ball JV I 23 IV 4 Glee Club 34 lnlramural Sporls Baslcel ball 4 Solloall I Wresllvng I JON S ZERN on Business Frederick Md Band 3 Farm Home Baseball I 2 34 Farm Home Olllucer Treasurer 3 Vlce Presxdenl 4 lnlramural Sporls Baslcelball 34 Sollball 4 Olluce Asslslanl 3 School Guide 3 4 I., frr - : U - - - - : rmi I ' ' I ' f ' 1 Band I-2-3-47 Dance Club 3-47 Farm-Home Baseball I-2'-3-4? 1'..', - ' 1 I I - I ' 5 .. ' .. W . . . . I Pa. . -,:--v n 5- v : - . . - - - : 233 I I Ll ' V: :I - T-: fs . :IJ . ll . I - - b , I V '. 01444 Malia We wlll hnd The angreduenls for success an The ashes of our faulures 81644. Sang, As we go our mlo The world we do so wsfh regrel The years we spenl af M H S we never wnll forgel We wonder whal wall be IH sfore for us nn laler years Bur whar we learned whsle we were here wall help To calm our Tears There comes a 'fume for all of us when we musf say adueu Bur always deep wvlhnn our hearfs a lonely spol' wlll sfay Well noi' forgef The frnends we ve made as we go on our way We fhanlc our Teachers and all fruends who helped fo see us lhrough They 'rraed +0 gunde our chuldush ways so we could grow anew We value all The froendshnps made and w1'rh These 'rhoughfs rn vuew This song we dedncale 'ro you from The Class of '52 Words and Music by William Seuple 01444 801044 6164-4 Qlawa Maroon ahd Srlver While C6fV'6l'On l+'s hard, we find, lo say goodbye +o loyal friends like you. of I. Looks inferesfinq, Evans. 2. Guess whaf? II works. 3. "BIacksmi+I1 BIues." 6. Grease monkeys. 4. "Shocking" subject 7. Mr. Fixif. 5. Carpenfers a+ work? 8. Sfudy period. 9. Sheri c:ircui+f7 IO. ConCenIra+ion, pIus. I I. "WI1a+cI1a cIoin', 'IeIIows?" I2. II' always works for Mr. Sfuckey. I3. Timber! rr ,f ' 1 'Iliff 'Iv' I ,fa Z .tis I er 'Avi ff i If ff Q ' fli 5 ,Z 5' fi ? ' I I 15 f V . f I al 70046 i -if-fw Y rx? X if I I-'tru f z-" f, 1 :gif ' ,12. , ..- :'- . 86060444 ff 'rf piiL.'H"f all ,ff 'ff ' ' -, -fr Qfv"':' r i .Bn-I? Nfl , . X N Ai V ,ff X ,SI Q' if X .2-21 X ,,,,' X763 ' . i. Wha+ are you looking ar, Fran? 2. Coordinaiion, plus. 3, Ah! I5n'+ Hnar Cure? 6. Nice form, Dernp. 4. lnfrannurai basiceibaii. 7. Long Time Buddies. 5. Boy! Are rhey eafing 'rhaf up'7 8, Ran-Rah boys. 9. Scourge of Howard Johnson. IO. Crows" gang Um Ideal Samara Mm! Be a dancer luke Roger Evamna Be a sludenf lnlre Thomas Maurer Be an afhlefe lalce Thomas Eberly Be as ambuhous as Charles Gandy Be as busnnesslnlce as Ferd Kellerer Be as cooperahve as Chalmer Dempsfer Be as courfeous as John Wlllcxn Be as efhcaenf as Fred Coleman Be as good nalured as Donald Godwm Be as nnlellngenf as James Add' Be as loyal as Joseph Kwuafkowslu Be as suncere as Joseph Kwaaflcowskl Be as well dressed as Lesler Reed Be as well lnlced as Donald Godwnn Be as waffy as Roberl Conard Have a smnle lnlce Chalmer Dempsfer Have a personalnfy lllce Donald Godwun Have a physique luke Byron Wendoxv Have lhe arhshc abnlnfy of Wnllnam Senple Have fhe dependabulnfy of Thomas Maurer Have The musical abulsly of Wnllnam Seuple Have fhe srngung vouce of Roberl Gulnclc Have fhe sporfmanshnp of Thomas Maurer Have The versahlnfy of Thomas Maurer U 0 0 Be as handsome as J .... Lesler Reed Athletics 2 3 Qaeda!! lea EW Judged solely by 'rhe won and los? columns Coach Behney Buser s nnnhal year as head coach was nof 'foo good The scores however do noi' show lhe line brand of loofball 'rhaf 'rhe squad displayed In play :ng whal was wu+hou+ queshon 'rhe mosf cllllhculf schedule In 1'he hnsfory of M H S A spor+s wrnrer very apfly called lhe Sparlans 'rhe Navy of 'rhe hlgh schools On The day of The hrs+ encounler lhe fnghhng Sparfans were led 'ro fhe held by Co caplauns Chalmer Dempsfer and Tom Eberly Ten lelfermen had 'rheur share In 'rhe openlng game of 'rhe hard luclc season In games wnfh John l-larrns Befhlehem and Easlon our boys had vncfory snafched from Them rn fhe waning munu+es of play Followers of fhe Buser Alchele machnne agree lhaf If may have been defeafed buf I+ was never oufclassed Donnnng fhe Brown and Gold for fhe lasl fume as foofball players were Barker Conard Dempsfer Eardley Eberly Evanuna l-laage Heacoclr Holden Lamond Lenharf Kane Kefferer Kwaaflcowslu Maurer Messnnger Reed Rhone Rodgers Scherer Smnfh Sulclncfe Wendow and Wnldermufh Scfzecfule I5 John Harris 2 I Coa+esviIIe 29 William Penn 5 BeIhIehem I3 EasIon 20 Harrisburg Cafholic 27 SI'eeIIon 3 PaIIerson Park IO Lancasfer I7 Hershey High I Co capfauns and menfors 2 Ten yards or nofhing, Joe. 3. Turn on Ihe speed Roger 4 Gef hum gang' 5 Nice decephon Scherer 7 BaIIe'r dancer? 8. Keeping up Ihe Iraduhon IO Drive Bob drive 9. Now Coach7 Thus year Coach John Avchele s courT charges dld noT do Too well rn The wnn column buT They played a greaT deal oT Tune baslceTball while losung close games They were highly respecTed opponenTs rn The excephonally sTrong CenTral Pennsylvanna League The SparTan sTar was CapTa1n om Maurer whose 282 ponnTs nn league compeTuTuon made hum second hnghesf scorer l-lls season ToTal oT 354 Tallues brolce The prevnous record oT 344 seT by Franlclnn ETchberger ID The I949 50 season Tom also shaTTered The M H S mark Tor pounTs scored by one player an a single game when he has lasT baslceTball game as a Homeboy aT STeelTon In so donng he beTTered has own record oT 30 counTers esTablnshed lasT year agaunsT boTh John Harris and Lebanon Two o her SparTans also scored more Than IOO pounTs Tor The season Sensor John Wnlknn senT l32 saulang Through The cords and Junior Joe Rhone dropped In I I I as has conTrnbuTuon The sux Senuors who Tmushed The season as squad members were Conard Evanuna Godwan Maurer Morrason and Wnlkln . T U n u dropped 33 Through The hoops in The lasT conTesT oT The season-and gcfzecfule Dec. 7 Pine Grove 2I Hanover 28 Hershey Jan. 4 Lebanon 8 John Harris I I York I5 Reading 22 WIIIIam Penn 25 Lancasfer 29 Hershey Feb. I Sfeelfon 5 Alumni 8 Lebanon I2 John Harris I5 York I9 ReadIng 26 WIIIIam Penn 29 LancasIer Mar. 4 S'reeI+on To+aIs I. Take I+ from him, Tom. 2. Wilkes reboundIn' aqawn 3 e shof Joe 4 Tap off ooh Dooe, shoofl 6. WaI+Irg for Ihe pass. 7. Whose a 7 8 Maurer orvor 9 Le+ go gang' For 'lhe second fume an 'rhree years our wresflers were undefealed champuons of Dnslrucl Three Wnnnsng 67 bouls whale losung only I5 our malmen swepl fhrough enghf nneels They compiled a 277 +o 77 pounl record and a 30 lo 7 fall record In lhe Lehugh Unuversufy lnvulaflon Preparalory School Tourney our 'ream won a commendable sevenfh place sfandung among I9 enfrues Darvsn Holce los? nn +he hnals by a sungle pomf lndnvudual honors go fo Seniors Darvnn l-lolce Arfhur Marks and Byron Wendow To Junuor Davnd Kelly and ro Sophomore Nolan Boys losf fo nexf year s 'ream by graduafnon are Kennefh Banner George l-leycock Darvun l-lolce Wulllam Huflord Theodore Kane Arfhur Marlcs James McDonald Wrlluam Sevple Howard Trnmble and Byron Weudow Banner as no'r un fhe pucfure A mayor facfor IH Jrhe conhnuung success of lhe M H S grapplers as fhe frne coachung of Mr Andrew Kovach l-las excephonal abvlufy unspnres conhdence nn lhe squad members and hrs sense of humor makes hum very popular walh hrs boys Perry-all ol whom were undefealed in league compelifion. Dec. Jan. Feb I, Time out 4. Show him +he "ligh+s," Hoke. Safwcfufe H Lancasfer 32 lNon-conferencej York 36 Wesf York 25 Manheim Township 49 Hanover 46 Hershey 23 Lancasfer 36 Manheim Borough 30 Tofals 277 2. 'The winnah-Kane!" 3 Pep Talk 5. Does his nose i+ch7 6 Pu+ him away Ted Mr John W Showalrer agaun coached hrs boys fo 'rhe Cenfral Pennsylvanna League hfle lasf sprung Sophomore Joe Rhone was 'rhe leading pufcher wl+h Sensors Duck Olaclc Wall' Clews Jlm Brady and Carl Evans also performing ably on 1'he mound Capfaun Don Allender playing cenfer held complefed h lornllnanf afhlehc career al' M H S as lhe Top shckman wlfh a 500 average Bob Mescan af fhurd and Franlcne Schmaulc af second were lhe o'rher Sensor regulars on fhe l95l squad cafcher Tom Eberly fnrsf base Ferd Kefferer shorfsfop Charlie German lefi' field and Tom Maurer rlghf field all sfarfers lasf year Lesler Reed and Don Godwnn wall probably lake shorfsfop and second base respechvely wn+h Kefferer moving 'lo fhurd Joe Rhone wull head fhe lwnrlers again Lasi June Mr Showal+er resngned as coach and Mr Lesfer W Abel succeeded hum To +he former we say Hafs off' for a lob well done For 'rhe laffer we wush +he besf of lu lc as he beglns has coachmg career af +he Mslfon Hershey School . . . . I is We slill have, however, fhese i952 Seniors: George Morrison, Sdfalule H O Apr. 3 Palmyra 5 I3 SIeeII'on I 24 York 2 26 John Harris I 28 Lebanon 6 May I Lancasrer 4 3 S'reeIIon 2 7 Lebanon ZI9 inningsI IO Hershey 5 I5 I-Iershey 3IIO Innings I8 York 2 22 John Harris I I 24 Lancasier 3 Torals 74 47 Eafielalf Snayu I. I'r's a hir! 2. Barrer up, Joe. 3. Ger :I nexf Inme Peewee 4. You're ou+! 5. You +eII 'em, Coach. 6. Bobby Fe-IIer7 j. W. -Zlwtdall JVJBQMQZAQZZ 'MER lk 'R E ACt1V1t1GS 1 1 5 Q . I I I Wnfh a pard clrculahon of more 'than a fhousand The School lndusfrlallsf us deflnlfely a wldely read sfudenf publscahon As as To be expecred 4+ deals wufh school news alumnr news spor+s evenls shop noles and farm home happenrngs Under fhe 'ralenled supervuslon of Facul+y Chanman W Lyndon Hess fhns yea s slalll consusred of 'rhe following boys Edlforrn Chief Harold Brngaman Managnng Edlfor Louus Henderson ASSOCIGTG Ednfors James Addns and Thomas Davies Specual Edulors Charles Sandy George Heycock Harold Harsh Joel May and Gulberf Murray Reporrers John Cleelc Roloer+ Drlls David Kelly Carl Lauser James McDonald John Walden and Rober+ Woods Composing Foremen James McDonald and Thomas McDonald and CIFCUl6lIOD Fred Coleman and Francns McCloskey Addnhonal members of +he Advisory Board were 'rhese Assrslanrs Messrs C F Luchfenberger and George F Sandel Prnnhng Messrs Earle L Slahle and Merl L Sfuckey Typnng and Cnrculahon Mr C C Maller Pho+ography Messrs Gram' T Cusfer and Philip K Shuler and Subscruphons Mass Rose Marne Moore A clear bruef record of school evenfs especnally fhose of fhe Sensors a qunck glance af The underclassmen somelhxng for us fo leaf Jrhrough and recall fhose good old hugh school days af M H S lhese comprise our yearbook Thus year s sfaff was composed of fhe followmg Sensors Edulor In Chaef James McDonald ASSOCIBl6 Ednlors James Addis Harold Bnngaman George Heycock Thomas Maurer Wnllnam Selple and Merlyn Wuldermu+h Ar+Edl1or Paul Yurek Form Edn+ors Charles Gandy and Charles Sfoner and Sfaff Secrelarnes Roberf Gulnck Wllluam McCracken and Benlamln Vongf The faculfy advnsers headed by Mr Earle H Markley as chanrman were fhe following Mr Clyde P Slacks layoul' and arf work M Granf T Cusfer phofography Mr F A Mmcemoyer ednfornal work and proofreadung Mr Earle L Sfahle lnnofype work and Mr Merl L Sfuckey pranhng Specval menhon should be made of 'rhe oufsfandlng work of our Edrfor an Ch ef James McDonald who was chosen because of hu Iayour and prnnhng abalnfy and hus personal dependabulnfy Aw, The l95I I952 M H S Choir may have been lhe largesl exlra currncular organnzahon nn 'rhe hlslory of our school for Hrs member shnp lhroughouf 'rhe year averaged more lhan a hundred Mr J Ross Alberl able dnrecfor of lhe Cholr deserves much credul for has work wnlh lhus group whnch adds so much 'ro our Sunday Worshlp Servuces by :ls rendmons of sacred musnc The age range of 'rhus group ns grealer Than fhal of any ofher dxrecfor I+1s no+ easy 'ro work wnlh a large group of boys who vary nn age by as much as nune years We Sensors feel +ha'r +he malor value of +he Choir us as a lraunxng ground for our younger boys +o develop fhenr musucal falenfs and nnleresls for membershnp nn fhe Band Glee Club and Sparfan Orchesfra when +hey become older The Chour does no? appear very oflen oulsnde ol our own rellgnous services buf I+ glves an occasnonal sacred concerr al a local church and I+ makes a malor conlrubuhon +o fhe musucal porhon of our Parenls Day Concerl M. H. S. acfivily, and 'rhaf faclor places an addilional burden on +he Qfee cw Ever srnce :ls nncephon +he Glee Club has been one of lhe rnosl oulslandlng and hsghly respecfed organuzahons of our school ll an achvlly n whvch me-rnbershzp has always been eage ly soughl Vvlosl of The credul for Hrs success belongs lo our dureclor Mr J Ross Alberf and we wnsh lo 'rhanlq hum for all he has done for us bolh durlng and ou+s1de of rehearsals We Senlors have had many good fumes during our slay un lhe We enloyed rhoroughly every concerl' we chernsh fhe memories of each one and we are proud of 'rhe par? we played In The confrnued success of This organuzahon As each year passes fhe graduahon of Senlors causes many va ancues ln pasl years such vacancles have always been ably hlled by lhe underclassmen and we Sensors are cerfaun lhaf lhey wlll agarn close lhe gaps made by our deparlure We slrcerely hope lhal 'rhe Glee Club ol nexf year and all Those yel +o come wlll be as successful as +hls one and arford 'rhelr mem bers as much pleasure as ours has glven us ' ' ' ' . ls ' ' l ' ' 9' . Glee Club, mosl of us having been members for al' leasl +wo years. am! The conTnnuecl success oT The MllTon Hershey School Band as rafher remarkable ancl much of The crecluT Tor ThaT success musT go To :Ts durecTor Mr J ATlee Young who sTrnves endlessly Tor superlor perTormance by hns organnzaTuon All TaculTy leaders oT exTracurrncular acTnvnT1es Tace The problems creaTecl by The absence oT boys because oT scholasT1c Tarlure demer1Ts suclcness or emergency vusnTs To Thenr homes buT Mr Young has aT leasT Three oTher clrTTnculTnes a band abouT halT The size oT ThaT :T as oTTen serrously handrcapped by The absence oT only a Tew members less Than halT The Tnme alloTTed Tor prachce ThaT mosT schools have Tor rehearsal and marchung pracTnce and an all male no glamour band FronT DespuTe The unique problems conTronTrng The Band :T earned a raTung oT ExcellenT an The Annual Band Marchmg ConTesT aT l-larrrsburg lasT December IT supporTed our TooTball Team aT all oT :Ts games and :T presenTed as has come To be expecTecl an excelIenT program aT The annual Sprung ConcerT Those represenTing oTher schools in our class-wiTh The consequence S The Sparfan Orchesfra under fhe able supervmsuon of Mr W Purnell Payne agann had a hnghly successful year If was composed as follows Davnd Kelly David May Joel May Arfhur Marlcs and John Wnllcnn saxophones Chalmer Dempsfer John Walden and Merlyn Wnldermufh 'rrumpefs Alan Evans and Alvnn Fnfcheff frombones Allan Tllfon puano Roberf Guluclc drums and Wnllnam Seuple formed fhe vocal fruo Anofher feafure was The fnve man combo which played af dances where fhe complefe orchesfra was nof needed The members of our orchesfra have very lamnfed fume fo pracflce and af IS remarkable fhaf fhey compare so favorably wnfh ofher hugh school dance bands an 'rhus area Greafly ln demand fhe Sparfans played In such places as Camp Hull Hershey Lebanon New Cumberland Palmyra Penbroolc Sfeelfon Susquehanna Townshup and 'rhe Penn l-larrus Hofel an Harrisburg Six members of fhus group were Sensors buf we know 'rhenr places wall be fnlled compefenfly by falenfed underclassmen Seiple-bass viol. Guliclc was vocal soloisfg and he, Joel May, and Sende Conf nuous nmprovemenl ID our work play and sludy conduhon has always been a hnghly commendable goal of our admnnlshahve sfahf An agency lhal' has helped appreciably nn worknng loward fhal goal ns lhe M H S Sludenf Senafe The I95I l952 omchcers of The Senale were as follows Presudenl Chalmer Dempsler Vnce Presndenl Joseph Rhone Secrelary Charles Sandy and Treasurer James Young Advnsers were Mr Alfred T Gubble Dnrecfor of Sludenl Home Lnfe and Mr G W Lynn housefafher of M H S Cloverdale Assnshng fhese men ID dnrecfly af all fumes and dureclly an many xnslances were Dr John O Hershey Supernnlendenf of Mll+on Hershey School and Mr Benlamun F Olena Dean of Boys Among The problems handled by fhe Senafe were good sporfs manshup al alhlehc conlesfs genllemanly conducl ln +he 'lheafre and Chrnslmas shopplng privileges Sponsored prolecls Included +he sale of Chrrsfmas cards seals ribbon and wrappnng paper +o sfudenfs af cosf preparafuon of Easier baslcefs for a chlldrens hospulal and The annual Parenfs Day program W A Underclassmen 'GEM Here are The comung leaders oT our school They have assnsTed us Thus year oT course buT nexT year The malor burden oT leadershup wall be Theirs Being a Sensor enTauls many responsubuluTues Because These boys wall soon enloy The honor oT beung called Sensors They should prepare Themselves To assume The duTues as well as The prnv aleges ThaT go wlTh The name We Seniors depend chueTly upon The Junuors To full The vacancies In and we have no doubT as To Theur abnlnTy To brudge Those unevnTable gaps which graduahon brings each year ln our musncal organnzahons are boys lnlce Joel May Don Scruggs Allan TnlTon and Wayne l-lapner who have already displayed TalenT an The Band The Glee Club and The SparTan OrchesTra In The Tueld oT sporTs such boys as Lulce Shade John Moody Mark Bauder and Duane FahnesToclc have shown aThleTuc promise IT us our s1ncere hope ThaT The members OT The Class oT l953 will noT only equal buT maTer1ally surpass our accomplushmenTs IU Their conTrubuTuon To school leadershnp nexT year school exTracurricular acTiviTies ThaT will be creaTed by our deparTure, S Glafu Above ns a plcTure oT The Class oT I954 AlThough The Tlme when These boys wull be Sensors may seem very Tar an The TuTure To Them we lcnow from our own experience ThaT :T will be upon Them beTore They realize :T They should be excephonally conscious of The TacT ThaT They are In Their TlrsT year oT semor hugh school and ThaT They have real and very nmporTanT responslblllTles as Tar as The successful operaTnon of our school as concerned Tor The nexT Two years The malor duTy of all Sophomores as To help The Jumor Class In every way They can The Junnors cannoT possubly replace all oT The Semors so The Sophomores musT help To TTll The vacancues ThaT our class wall creaTe as we go TorTh To Tace The more sernous problems oT adulT life The Class oT I954 should work hard To develop Their abnluhes so ThaT by The Tame They are Sennors They wall Torm one of The besT graduahnq classes nn The hnsTory of MllTon Hershey School They have a greaT deal oT TalenT and we members oT The Class of I952 belneve ThaT They can aTTann ThaT goal We challenge Them To brmg honor To Themselves and To our Alma MaTer . . . . I .v 4 61644 Followmg The Sophomore Class comes The Freshman Class The Class of l955 These boys are abouT To enTer Theur TlrsT year oT sennor hugh school Thus approaching evenT an every Freshman s mund should be wo Th remembermg long aTTer leavmg M H S A greaT porTuon of The abulnTy To Tull an The gaps an The exTracurrnc ular acTuvuTnes In The nexT Tew years ThaT are caused by graduahon will be conTrnbuTed by Thus class Therefore The Freshmen should Try To beTTer Their TalenTs un every respecT There as no doubT In The mund oT any Senior abouT The TacT ThaT These boys have many hidden TalenTs alThough some may have been nearly dormanT unTnl now A serious eTTorT should be made by The Freshmen To develop Thenr TalenTs In order To prepare Themselves for poslhons of responslb1luTy an The Tuelds of scholasfuc achuevemenT leadership abnlnTy music and sporTs We members oT The Class of I952 suncerely hope ThaT The boys oT The Class oT I955 wall TuITulI our wushes Tor Them oT being an ouT sTandlng class nn The1rTmal years here 1 . . . . . 1 - I , I . . . . Q . . nwmwzeiwmu Car e H Markle-y Clyde P Slaclcs F A Mmcemoyer Granf T Cusfer Allen F Zoolx Merl L Sfuclcey Earle l. Sfahle Chairman Layoul 81 Ari Edlfornal Pl1o+ograpl'1y Phofography Prmfnng Lmolype I . 4 .

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