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49th Flnniverscxry Number Te Acro 0115 1909-1949 N! J ,'v'7" rl ACRUPULIS FUREWURD The furure of America lies in her youih. We musl lace Jrhis challenge by preparing for whal lies ahead. H. l. S. has ably Trained us in body, schooled us in mind, and moiivaled us wilh high ideals. We are iruly graleful for Mr. i-lershey's generosiiy, and we owe him an undying debf. Herein we picfure cherished memories of H. l. S. In fulrure years we can pleasanily reminisce aboui our early life by iurning 'rhese pages of our Acropolis. MR. MILTON S HERSHEY OUR FUUNDER Forfy years ago, on November IS, I909, Milfon S. Hershey, logeiher wiih his wife, Caiharine S. Hershey, signed 'rhe Deed of Trusr. We can noi express in words our graiiiude To our Founder, bul we will consianfly sfrive lo malce use of our knowledge, gained ihrough him, 'io make us beiier ciiizens for 'rhe world of Tomorrow. MR. F. A. MINCEMUYER DEDICATIDN Service fo olhers is lhe marlc of an un- sellish man. From among lhose wirh whom we have been associalecl during our school careers we have chosen such a man. l-le has clevofed his life To our neecls. We members of lhe Class of l949 lake parlicular pleasure in dedicaling This year- book lo our leacher, counselor, and friend-Mr. Floyd A. lvlincemoyer. 40TH ANNIVERSARY As Time passes, man pauses To look back on whaT he has done. The diTTerence beTween condiTions as They were and as They are is The measure of his progress. The year of November IS, I948, To November I5, T949- our school's TorTieTh-is one oT These periods oT review. We who graduaTe during This year wish To skeTch H. I. S.'s pro- gress from iTs TirsT TalTering sTeps To iTs presenT sTrides. On November I5, I909, Mr. Hershey signed The Deed oT TrusT esTablishing The Hershey IndusTriaI School, aIThough The TirsT boys were noT admiTTed unTil I9IO. In The building now known as The I-lomesTead These boys were noT only given a home. buT were also TaughT in The schools TirsT classroom, now The oTTice aT The Main. As The number oT sTudenTs increased, a new classroom was provided in The building nexT To The Main. In T926 The Fannie B. Hershey Memorial Building was opened Tor The elemenTary grades. High-school boys wenT To The Hershey Public School. In I93I a junior-high division was begun on The second Tloor oT The CommuniTy Building, and in T934 The Tinal sTep was Taken when The Hershey IndusTriaI Junior- Senior High School was builT. Our school had now come oT age, buT wiTh maTuriTy comes sorrow. In I938 Mr. George E. Copenhaver, SuperinTendenT since our school opened, died, and on Cc- Tober I3, I945, Mr. lv1iITon 5. Hershey, our Founder, died aT The age oT eighTy-eighT, aTTer leading a liTe ThaT was a monumenT in iTselT. In TorTy years The school has in- creased in size and worTh, TulTiIling The TondesT dreams oT Two men who dedicaTed Their lives To iT. As we, The Class oT I949, look back on This record oT success and ser- I vice, we hope our lives will ,.f iusTiTy The years spenT in Train- 71' . . . 'I ing us To become useTuI ciTizens. We hope, Too, ThaT This year- book will epiTomize The Tine work being done aT H. I. S. We TurTher hope ThaT This l949 Acropolis will also suggesT To Those noT Tamiliar wiTh our school how well The dream of The good man who Tounded iT is being realized. Lroth ANNIVERSARY 1909 - Mr. M. S. Hershey's Schoolhouse 1949 Administration M P. A. STAPLES Chairman . Le ' ". . X : sk P. N. HERSHEY Pres. Hershey National Bank VV. H. EARNEST Counsel THEO. R. BANKS gr. Soap 84 Extraction Div. Hershey Estates 7 U s V ' u. , P D. P. WITMER Vice-Ch:-iirman BOARD OF MANAGERS Behind The scenes oT our everyfday school IiTe is a group whose work has a larger place in our lives Than mosT oT us realize. These men, The Board oT Managers- all successTul business men in various Tields oT endeavor-have Taken much Time ouT oT Their busy lives To help solve The problems ThaT exisT in an or- ganizaTion as complex as ours. We, The Class oT l949, exTend a hearTTelT "Thank you" To These men. Through Their unTiring and oTTen un- noTiced eTTorTs They have given us superior educaTionaI opporTuniTies, wholesome living coridiTions, and cher- ished memories. A, R, WHITEMAN Sury. IQ Treats. E. F, HERSHEY Bonrtl ol' ltlmmgrws C. F. ZIEGLER Pres. Hershey Estates W. N N ""' 3 -T T A 3 A A X i SAIVIUEL F. HINKLE J. B. SOLLENBERGER J- J- GALLAGHER Plant Manager Vice-President Gtfll'-'Wil S3305 MSIIHRCI' Hershey Choc. Corp. Her. National Bank H9V'Fh0Y CAYOC- COPD. D. P. WITMER Stall' Chairman ICARLE H. MARKLEY Vocational Director JOHN J. DANIEL Supl. Jr. Division J. O. HERSHEY Admission 8: A' Discharge Z., -....,. 'U li N W. ALLEN HAMMOND Principal ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF These men meei weelc aiier week lhroughoul lhe years lo plan and di- reci fhe varied phases oi our school life. On lhis slafi are men who do ihelr loesi Io acl as our Iosier faihers. Their main oblecllve is Ihe bellermeni of lhe school. They 'fry lo be as fair as possible in lheir dealings wilh us-individually or as a group. Upon leaving ihis school which has clone so much for us. we wish Io express our sincere gralifude Io Ihese men for lheir usually unsung worlc. The weighl' of influence, by precepi' and example, Ihal 'rhey have casi over us will inspire us long afler we deparl from H. I. S. M4541 -J 4 ,..4 k BENJ. F. OLENA Dean of Boys WILBERT E. MOOREHEAD Principal. Elementary School CLAIR F. HARNISII Assistant Principal P. N. HERSHEY Agricultural Mzimigcr uv L JAMES E. BOBB Farm Superintendent J Tr' 4? . ,N Q L A af iff, I Nik fir " filljf , H. H. HOSTETTER School Physician FACULTY l-lere are The people who will geT praised or accused oT ineTTiciency as we mem- bers oT The Class oT I949 go our separaTe ways aTTer graduaTion. We loolc upon Them noT only as Teachers buT as ready and helpTul Triends. The Taculhy helped our class To obTain The TirsT Junior Prom in The hisTory oT our school. All Those presenT proclaimed iT a success. For our senior parTies and dances The Teachers were always on hand To assisT in The planning and in The carrying ouT oT Those plans successTully. IT we had personal problems ThaT worried us. we could Tallc Things over wiTh Them and be assured oT Their honesT opinion as well as oT The cerTainTy ThaT The discussion would noT go beyond Their ears. More Than once They have helped members oT our class To avoid doing someThing ThaT would be regre-TTed greaTly laTer. The Teachers have been very paTienT during our years wiTh Them as classes were depleTed by pupils going To The cloThing room, TirsT aid, The denTisT, or The barber. They TreguenTly repeaTed an explanaTion Tor The beneTiT oT slower-Thinking pupils, and They oTTen showed greaT selT-conTrol when momenTs laTer some daydreaming sTudenT asked The idenTical quesTion iusT answered by The Teacher. Our class appreciaTes The way This TaculTy has labored To prepare us Tor The day when we will be on our own. We Trus'T ThaT we can TulTil Their highesT hopes Tor us. As Seniors, we can undersTand beTTer Than ever beTore how much They have done Tor us. We are Truly graTeTul, we Thanlc Them sincerely. and we will do our besT To re- TlecT crediT upon Them. OUR FACULTY "Pop" Siahle, linoiype and monoiype insirucior. Mr. C. C. Miller, 'ryping and shorf- hand Teacher, checks sfudeni work. Messrs. Markley, Gibbie, Aicheie, Good, Siuckey, and Hiie-in our gym. Messrs. Maricley, Hammond, and Hi're -in The Hershey Sfadium. Mr. Enfrelcin, religious educaiion ieacher, finds somewlhing amusing. Mr. Young in 'rhe Band Tower. Mr. Reiiz, foriiiied by lunch, comes up from our cafeieria. Mr. Payn e enieriains wiih his "squeeze box" af faculfy picnic. Messrs. Slrraii and S+acics ai John Harris foorball game. Mr. Brehm examines a guidance re- port Messrs. Hoerner and Hacker in Read- ing gym. Mr. Abel runs inio a Tough one. SCHUUL SERVICES Miss Grim, hygienisl, and Dr. Weaver infern, in school denial clinic. Mr. l-larlrman sorling our mail al lhe school mail room. One ol The lcilchen ladies checking over The supplies for Jrhe following week. Mrs. Weaver, Mr. Marlfley's secrelary, slops a few seconds for a smile al our phofographer. "Keeping The school spic and spanf is our iani+or's mollo. Miss Breon, Mrs. Bowman, and Mrs. Brown, The 'lhree secrelaries in The general office. "Uncle" George preparing +0 show us a film. Our 'rhree school barbers busily al work-Chic, Jim, and Addie. K. P. duly. Three worlcers paring spuds a+ Jrhe cenlral kilchen. Mrs. l-lariman filling clolhes on lwo newly admilled boys. Miss Workman, school nurse, and Dr. l-loslelfer, school physician, giving lirsl aid fo Ray Topper. I-mth ANNIVERSARY ' 1909 I Ye Ole Swimming Hole 1949 Memories CLASS SUNG WORDS BY EISENHUTH MUSIC BY HIGH AND PEIFFER Sing forfh, ye sons of H. I. S., and blend your voices sirong To Iaud 'the school and fai+hfuI friends who cared 'For us so Iong. Thev +ooIc us in as children smaII and 'raughi us righf 'from wrong: To show our 'rhanks and gra+i+ude, we sing Io Ihem ihis song. 2 Our fhoughis now wander far away fo good Iimes in Ihe pasi- The visions of our grade-school days upon our minds are cas'I. 'Twas here we Iearned our A B C's, and manly fraiis were grasped, We also Iearned Ihai honesiy and Irufh wiII ever Iasi. 3 We leave you now Io +aIce our place wiihin Iife's busy Ihrongg Our bodies and our minds have grown io be boI'h sound and srrong. The mem'ry of Ihis happy day will linger wiih us Iong- Wiih +asIcs and vows now ended here, we Ieave you wiIh 'Ihis song. '33 CLASS MUTTU To seek, io s'Irive, 'Io find, and noi fo yieIcI. CLASS CULURS CLASS FLUWER Brown and Gold The M. S. Hershey Rose CLASS UFFICERS LOUIS CROCE RAY TOPPER IRA HARTMAN ROBERT BUCK Treasurer Vice-Presiden+ Secrefa ry Presiden+ We, rhe Class of I949. feel Thar in our oificers we have leaders worrhy of our class and of our school. They cheerfully and success- fully shouldered rheir responsibiliiies. Bob Buck, our president proved his popularily by being unani- mously elecled. An ideal president he is perhaps The mosr nearly ideal senior of our class. l-luslcy Ray Topper. all-round arhlere and presideml of 'rhe Srudenl Senafe, was our choice for vice-preside-nf. l-le foolf a sincere inleresl in his duries and helped Bob iailhfully. Ira l-larrman, unable 'ro graduaie lasr year because of a leg in- jury. was our secrerary. l-le was a welcome and valued addifion To lhe Class of I949. Lilceable Louis Croce, was our selecrion for Treasurer. His friend- liness, honesly, personaliiy. and ready smile should help Lou qrearly in rhe iurure, CLASS DIARY 9fl I948-I949 school year began. 9fl9 Sunsei deleafed Glendale, 5-I, for inlramural baseball pennanl. 9222 Senior Class oHicers elecled. IOXI7 Acropolis slafl appoinled. IOf2I School rings ordered. IOf27 Senior piclures Taken. lOf23 Halloween Dance poslponed- scarlel fever quaranline. IIXI3 Annual H. I. S. Homecoming. I If2O Thanksgiving Dance. IIf2l Glee Club al Florin. II225 Senior High allended Harris- Penn ioolball game, in Sladium. I224 Band al Harrisburg for Annual Chrislrnas Parade. Glee Club al Harrisburg's Fore- man's Club Convenlion. I2f5 Glee Club al Spring Creek Church. I226 Hershey Rolary Club H. I. S.-H. H. S. Foolball Banquel. I2f7 Sludenl body al "Ice Follies of I949." IZX8 Senior foolball Iellermen al Nobe Frank Memorial Banquel. I22I2 Glee Club al New Kingsion. l2fl5 Glee Club al York Foreman's Club. I2fI8 Holly Hop. I2f24 Glee Club caroled in Hershey. D9 X u ni why. A 124 129 I2IO IXI3 I2l6 I2I9 I223 225 22I3 2226 326 32:3 Firsl baskelball game in P. I. A. A. League-wilh Sleellon. Glee Club al Hershey Communiiy Prayer Week service. Sparian Orcheslra members al "Hour of Charm" program. Senior Menlal Abilily lesis. Glee Club al Liiilz U. B. Church. Seniors al' H. H. S. Career Con- ference. Glee Club al Campbelllown. Valenline Dance. Glee Club al Palmyra F. U. B. Church. Glee Club al Harrisburg Evangel- ical Reiormed Church. Choir al Spring Creek Church. Glee Club al Reading H. I. S. Parenls' Club meefing. 3fI8,I9Coun'ry Forensic and Music 32I9 3220 3227 428.9 42IO 4222 League Conlesls. Glee Club al' Holel Hershey for lhe Regional Convenlion of 'rhe Insurance Women of Harrisburg. Glee Club al Sl. Pauls Melhodisl Church in Lancasler. Glee Club al Lawn Evangelical Presbylerian Church. Dislricl Forensic and Music League Conlesls. Glee Club al Covenanl Presby- Ierian Church in Harrisburg. Glee Club Washinglon, D. C., Concerl. 4228-30 SIa+e Forensic and Music League 52I 52I3 52I5 5220 5230 624 625 626 Conlesis al Poflslown. Annual Spring Band Concerl. Band hosl lo V. F. W. Class A Band Conlesl in Hershey Sladium. Glee Club al Palmyra Church of 'rhe Brelhren. Annual Spring Glee Club Show. Band in Hershey Memorial Day Parade. Senior Class Banque? and Prom. Baccalaureale Service. Class Day and Commencemenl, When we read hisTory boolcs, we Tind iT cusTomary Tor hisTorians To begin wiTh prehisToric days. We are noT quiTe +haT old, buT we shall have To blow The dusT oTT The pages oT yesTeryear and peer inTo -Tor us-The remoTe pasT. On OcTober IO, l935, The TirsT member of The Class of I94'-7 enTered H. I. S. Fear- ing ThaT he mighT become lonely, more of us joined him, and by The end oT The sec- ond grade we were TwenTy. The resT OT The Time aT The Main was spenT in acquir- ing The TundamenTals needed as a sound basis Tor TuTure learning. When we came To The high school as sixTh-grade "men," we puT aside childish Things-noT counTing peashooTers and spiTballs-and began To lay a sTiIl beTTer ToundaTion Tor our TuTure acTiviTies. ATTer a Tew raTher unevenTTul years, we became Sophomores and elecTed The courses which we would 'Follow Tor our lasT Three years aT H. I. S. Some preTerred groundwork Tor college educaTion or The business world, while our mechanically- minded whizzers chose vocaTional courses. We began To parTicipaTe in school acTivi- Ties and were becoming Tarm-home lead- ers. Three of us earned TooTball leTTers, and Two received baslceTball leTTers-rare indeed Tor a Sophomore group. As Juniors we became "Big Wheels." We excelled in all branches oT sporTs, music, and scholasTic work. There was only one year To go, and we swelled wiTh pride To Thinlc ThaT we would soon be Seniors. ATTer a drawn-ouT summer oT "various Tarm chores," we again enTered The im- macuIaTely scrubbed high-school building. This Time we even lisTenecl To The opening addresses. We wenT Through The experi- ences ThaT belong only To The lasT year- The Things ThaT disTinguish iT Trom all CLASS HISTORY oThers. Our more businesslilce welchers Turned on Their high-pressure salesman- ship To sell name cards. The ever-vigilanT class sTaTisTician began To counT The days, hours, minuTes, millcings, and squirTs unTil graduaTion. Senior picTures were Taken wiTh The usual hub-hub of shaves, hair- cuTs, and hair-combing. ATTer driving The oTTice secreTaries berserlc wiTh consTanT cjuesTioning concerning The arrival oT The rings and picTures-They Tinally came! BeTween branding underclassmen wiTh our school rings and Torcing Senior picTures upon unTorTunaTe relaTives, we had a jolly Time. AT lasT The TesTive days oT graduaTion neared, and aTTer The joyous celebraTions we Tound ourselves seaTed rigidly on The CommencemenT plaTTorm, wearing smiles Trom ear To ear. BuT aTTer The usual pomp and ceremony, The curTains slowly closed upon a phase of our lives. WiTh a sudden realizaTion of The evenT, we Turned To each oTher wiTh blanlc expressions. This was The separaTion oT our class. We were aT The end of our sTay aT H. I. S., buT we hope This hisTory will serve as a reminder oT our pleasanT years TogeTher as well as a record oT our accomplishmenTs. 5-1332 7x-7-ffhizq gf' no 4 - -ies-The CLASS Wlll We, The Class of l949, being of sound mind and sane body lor something like ThaTl do solemnly swear This To be our lasT will and TesTamenT. We make The Tol- lowing group bequesTs: To The Juniors go our collecTive inTel- ligence, aThleTic abiliTy, personaliTy, and many hidden TalenTs ThaT have yeT To be discovered. We also will Them six weeks in quaranTine. !XTTer all, Tellows, you can'T geT someThing Tor noThing. To The Sophies go our books and equip- menT, badly baTTered by consTanT use. Make good use of Them, boys. Tor They hold The key To wisdom and success. We bequeaTh To The Freshmen all The bubble gum collecTed by Miss Early and a 2" x 4" picTure oT Gravel GerTie and B. O. PlenTy. lndividual bequesTs Tollow: Bob Buck's versaTiliTy is given To The enTire Junior Class. We hope They Tind a worThy successor To him. Bruce "Lone STar" DieTz's brain, un- maTched as oT 1949, goes To John WhiTe, provided he can answer every quesTion asked by Mr. Gibble in healTh class. RoberT High and Dale PeiTTer, Those in- comparable music makers, leave Their piano Technique To Barry Love. Jim EisenhuTh, To keep iT in The Tamily, .fwxw rCF1i'1g j.: OO V EE 'QP gp ' - . mg f F' T' 'fir 'f,"fXxX Xi gives his so-called muscle To broTher Tom. Ray Topper wills his abiliTy To "make 'em swoon" To Joe Roeser, while Ray and Bob Buck will Their abiliTy To lug leaTher To The enTire I949 backTield. Dave Shaver reTurns his 200-word-a- minuTe Typing speed To his Teacher, Mr. C. C. Miller. Elmer ZiTsch wills his handsome profile To Gil Barker. His pleasing smile is be- queaThed To Richard VogT. Bob STadulis couldn'T Tind a Junior or Sophomore To raTe such a perTecT speci- men oT brawn, so he wills his physique To Freshman Byron Weidow. Bob Buck's sporTsmanship and leader- ship on The gridiron go To Bill Fry, and Pud King's aThleTic abiliTy goes To Red PaTTerson. STadulis wills his dancing abiliTy To The Junior Class. There's enough oT iT To make Fred AsTaires or Gene Kellys ouT oT all of Them-wiTh some IeTT over. Zeke HarTman and Chic Hughes will Their abiliTy To rip The cords To Sophomore Red Richards. Freddie Madeira wills his wresTling Tech- nique To George "The ATom" KeighTly. Ralph LundquisT wills his enTire ward- robe lmoTh balls, diapers. saTeTy pins, and WildrooTl To AlTon Buck. ATTer draining all The knowledge from his shop books, Fred Hand wills Them To Felix Ladzinski, who needs Them badly. From behind The TermiTe-ridden door oT our Treasury Tlows our Tinal giTT-one I948 Dewey campaign buTTon salvaged Trom The sTunned body oT Mr. KleinTelTer. We hereunTo make our oTTicial mark lxl and aTTix our seal on This, The sixTh day of June, nineTeen hundred and TorTy-nine. "Johnny EisenhuThl WhaT are you do- ing? Come here, you li++Ie rascal!" "l'm iusT looking aT a book. WhaT does Acropolis mean, Pop?" "ThaT's my H. l. S. yearbook, Son. lT's been Ten years since I graduaTed. SiT on my lap, and I'Il Tell you abouT my class- maTes. Well! Here's Lou Bocian, manager oT The Hershey CaTeTeria, who is now blessed wi+h an even dozen kids-including Twin boys and Twin girls. "This is Zeke HarTman-quiTe a bas- kefball player in his prime. He sTill plays Tor George Wallish's Friendly Tavern Team in The SwaTara ProTessional League. "This Tella, Kenny AlTland, replaced Lucky STrike's F. E. Boone, l'm Told." "Ha, ha, ha! Pop, who's This guy wiTh The Tunny Tace?" "QuieT, Johnny. Can'T you see ThaT's your old man when he was a 'Big Wheel' aT The Hershey lndusTrial School? "Fred Madeira runs The Hershey DeparTT- menT STore To pay alimony To his ex-wives. "Bob STadulis is a girdle salesman. ThaT's STud all righT-living oTT The TaT oT The land. He's sTill in Hershey. "Ray Topper, aTTer a IO-year sTay wiTh millionaire playboy Rosenbergens Phila- delphia Eagles, came back To replace Ben Olena as Dean oT Boys aT H. l. S. "Bill Bellis operaTes Tuneral homes in several easTern ciTies. He has special raTes Tor his classmaTes. "Bob Buck recenTly made a TranslaTion oT The Bible Tor H. l. S. DuTchmen. "Tom Raskin, l believe, has replaced RochesTer on The Jack Benny Show. "Tex HarTman, 'Pop' STahle's sTar pupil and our adopTed classmaTe, is presidenT of The MergenThaler LinoType Company. CLASS PRUPHECY "Oily High and Slippery Venables, dis- barred lawyers, run The sTaTe poliTical machine. Their laTesT appoinTmenT: Red Renn, head oT Danville MenTal HospiTal. "Hensel Wilhelm now coaches The Home's grapplers. Adam Fisher and Pud King play baseball Tor Joe Sipple's DeTroiT Tigers. They buy all Their baTs Trorn Crow Hoke. Like Madeira, mosT oT Their earnings go as alimony To Their several ex-wives. "Dave Shaver realized a liTeTime am- loiTion-playing hockey Tor The ToronTo Maple LeaTs. "Dale PeiTTer is a concerT pianisT in The Leonardo OverTon Philharmonic. He has conTracTed To conducT The symphonic orchesTra oT Six Mile Run. "ATTer eighT years of pro baskeTball, Chic Hughes is now The singing sensaTion oT 'Shine,' Wilkes-Barre's laTesT plaTTer re- lease. Crooner DuTch Dunleavy, accompan- ied by Lou Croce and his squeeze box, is also a currenT iuke-box TavoriTe. "Bruce DieTz Tinally disproved lEinsTein's Theory oT RelaTiviTy and aT long lasT has Tound peace oT mind. "Findley and Lamplugh sTill make chick- en coops Tor The Hershey EsTaTes. "Gosh, Son! lT's way pasT your bedTime. Run upsTairs. Pop will Tell you more some oTher Time." N'22'W..f. .T-ixyggr, x ' C3 A ' JT? M P," 'Ffa 4 : Q Z ' rg-'Er . ' ' Nm - T Q' . 'T 'T l +5555 Fl Nfh'i:i,, ,. .3 "iam - X w 1- - . i' ' T cuss acumen: HE MUST Be a sludenl like Be a dancer like ,, Be an Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as l-lave Have l-lave l-laye l-lave l-lave Have Have l-lave Have alhlere like .. well liked as. ., courleous as . loyal as , sincere as. . ambilious as, ., eflicienl as. .. lousinesslike as, . inlelliqenl as, , . handsome as . ,. good-nalured as. .. , cooperalive as willy as, . . , well dressed as. a physique like a smile like ,,.. a personalily like lhe dependabilily of. . 'rhe honor ol A The versalilily of lhe sporlsmanship of lhe singing voice ol . lhe arl abilily ol fhe musical abilily of ,, A Roberl l-liqh and Dale William Wcnofl-, Roberl Sladulif. , Preslon King Roberl Buck Ray Topper Gregory Rosenlnerqer . William Venalnleu Fredrick Hand Donald l-luqhef, Donald lVlcCarlhy Bruce Dielz Elmer Zilsch . Louis Croce Max Fahneilock . Richard l'luqhe1. .. Ralph Lundquisl Roknerl Sladulis Elmer Zilgch . Louis Croce George Wallish ...Roberl Buck Roberl Buck . .Roberl Buck Ray Topper Cliklord Morrison Peilller, our piano duo T0 BE OUR IDEAL SENIUR Lsoth ANNIVERSARY I9 I i 1949 I Seniors CARL A. ALBERT "Alber1's" Dairy Producfs Harrisburg. Pa. Airplane Club I, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Homeroom Olilicer I-lSec.l 2-3, lnframural Baskeiball I, lnframural Boxing I-2, Inframural Soflball I-2-3, Inframural Wresfling I-2-3 ROBERT MHALLENDER IIE ll Machinisl' Niagara Falls, N. Y. Baseball 2. Choir 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council 3 lV.-Pres.l-4 lPres.l, Glee Club 4, Homeroom Oflicer 3 lSec.l, lnframural Baslce+ball l-2-3-4, lnframural Boxing I-2, Inlramural Soflball I-3-4, lnframural Wresrling I-2-3. Mon- i'ror 4 KENNETH G. ALTLAND llKennYll Dairy Producfs Yorlr, Pa. Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council I lV.-Pres.l-2 lPres.l, Homeroom Officer I-2-3, Infra- mural Baskefball I-2-3-4, lniramural Soffball I-2-3-4, Sfuclenf Council I-2 C. JOSEPH ARMAGOST llJoell General Farming Q Brookville, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council lSec.r3-4. Fooiball 2, Homeroom Officer I-2-3, Inframural Soffbal I, lnframural Wresfling 2 I WILLIAM C. ARMSTRONG "Chinl:" EIec+rici+y Philadelphia, Pa. Band I. Boy Scoufs I. Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I- 2-3-4. Farm-Home Council lTreas.l I-3-lRep.l 4, Homeroom Officer I, lnlframural Baslce+ball I-2-3-4, lnframural Boxing I- 2. lnframural Soiorball I-2-3-4, lnlramural Wresfling I-3. Mon- ifor 4, Sludeni Senafe 4 ELMER W. J. BECK "Boom-Boom" Aufo-Mechanic Ephraia. Pa. Band I-2-3-4. Boy Scouls I-2-3-4. Choir I-3. Church Service Assislanl 4. Farm-Horne Baseball I-2-3-4. I-Iomeroom Oflicer 4 ISec.l. Inlramural Boxing I. Inframural Wreslling I-2-3. Mon- ifor 4. Science Forum 3-4. Sea ScouI's I-2-3-4 WILLIAM E. BELLIS IIBUMII Academic Punxsulawney. Pa. Airplane Club I, Band 2-3, Boy Scouls I-2-3-4. Dance Club 4. Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Council IIRepor- fer-3 IRep.l-4 IV.-Pres.l. Induslrialisl' Slaff 4. Inlramural Basker- ball I-3-4. lnframural Soffball I-2-4. Library Assisfanf I, Phofography Club I-2-4. School Guicle 3. Science Forum I-4. Sludem' Senale 3-4 C. HERBERT BENDER "Herlc" Machinisl Lemoyne. Pa. Airplane Club I, Band I-2-3-4. Boy Scouls I-2, Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Council lSec.l 2-3- IV.-Pres.l 4. Inlramural Baslcelball 4. Inframural Boxing 2. In- Iramural Soflball I-4. Inframural Wreslling 3-4. Monilor 4. Sparlan Orchesfra 4 ' ' LOUIS BOCIAN, Jr. IIBOII Commercial Lebanon, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff 4. Band I-2-3-4. Baseball 2. Baske+baIl 2-3. Choir I-2-3-4. Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Council I-2 ITreas.I-3 IV.-Pres.l-4 IRep.l. Glee Club I-2-3-4. Homeroom Officer IV.-Pres.l 2-3-4. Inlramural Baskelball I-4. Inframural Wresfling 2. lvlonilor 4. Ocfel' 2-3. Ouarlei 3-4. Sludenl SenaI'e 4 HENRY W. BOWMAN "Hen-Bo" Baking Loclc Haven. Pa. Bookbincling Club I. Church Service Assislanl 4. Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4. Foofball 4. Homeroom Officer 4. Inlramur- al Baslcefball 3-4. lnframural Boxing I. Inlramural Soffball 3-4. Library Assislanl I LESLIE W. BOYCE llLesll Auto-Mechanic Clearfield, Pa. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council 4 lPres.j. lnframural Baslcefball 4, lnframural Soffball 3-4, lnframural Wresfling 3, Monifor 4 ROBERT A. BUCK llBobll Academic Palmyra, Pa. Band I-2-3-4, Baslcefball 2. Choir I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Coun- cil I lRep.l-2 IV.-Pres.l-3 lPres.l-4, Foofball I-2-3-4 lCap+.l. Glee Club I-2-3 lV.-Pres.l-4, Homeroom Officer lPres.L I-2-3-4, Ocfef 3-4. Ouarfef 4, School Guide 3-4, School Orc esfra I- 2-3-4, Senior Class Officer lPres.l, Sparfan Orchesfra I-2-3-4 THOMAS S. A. CHRISTOFES "Chrisfy" Prinfing Johnsfown, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council lV.-Pres.l 3-4, Foofball 4. Homeroom Officer 3-4. ln- framural Baskefball 3-4, lnframural Wresfling 2, Monifor 4 JOHN N. CLEVENSTINE "Clev" Carpenfry Royersford, Pa. Boy Scoufs I-2, Choir I. Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Base- ball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council 3 lReporferl-4 lV.-Pres.l. Homeroom Officer lSec.l I-2-3-4. lnframural Baskefball 3-4, lnframural Boxing I-2, lnframural Soffball I-3-4, lnframural Wresfling 3, Library Assisfanf I, Monifor 4, Wresfling 4' LOUIS A. CROCE "Louie" Elecfricify Trenfon, N. J. Baseball 2-3-4, Baskefball I-2-3-4. Choir 2-3, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Council I-2 lPres.l- 3-4 lRep.l. Foofball I-2-3-4, Glee Club 2-3-4, Homeroom Officer 2 lPres.l-3 lV.-Pres.l, Monifor 4. Senior Class Officer lTreas.l, Sfudenf Senafe 4 IV.-Pres.l D. GENE DAY "PorIcey" Meal' Processing York' Pa, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Council I-2-3-4, Homeroom Officer I, Iniramural Baskeiball I-4, Iniramural Boxing I, Iniramural Sofiball I-2-3-4, In+ra- mural Wresiling I-2 C. BRUCE DIETZ "Diaz" Academic Wilmingfon, Del. Acropolis Siafi 4 IAssoc. EoI.I, Church Service Assis'ran'r 2-3-4, Dance Club 4, Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council IRepor'rerI I-2-IRep.I 4, I-Iomeroom Oflicer 2 IV.-Pres.I- 4 ISec.I, Inclusirialisi' Siaff I-2-3-4 IEcIiI'or-in-Chiefl, Iniramural Baskeiball 3-4, Iniramural Sofiball I, Science Forum 4 IPres.I, Siudeni Senafe 4 CHESTER L. DUNLEAVY "DuIch" Carpen'I'ry Valley View, Pa. Acropolis Siaff 4. Baseball 2, Baskefball 2-4. Choir 3-4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Council ISec.I I-2-IRep.i 3-4, Fooiball 2, Glee Club 3-4, I-Iomeroom Officer I-IPres.I 2-3, Inframural BasIceI'baII I-3, Iniramural Soffball I-3-4, Oc+eI' 4, Ouariei 4. Siuclenf Senafe 3-4 ARTHUR C. -ECK llAr+ll . Elecfriciiy Reading, Pa. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council I IReporIerI-2-3 ITreas.I-4 IPres.I, I-Iomeroom Officer 2-3-4, InI'ramuraI Baskeiball 2, Moniior 4 FLOYD S. EBERLY lIEbll Commercial A York, Pa. Band I-2, Baseball 3-4. Boy Scouis I, Church Service As- sis'ran+ 4, Dance Club 4, Farm Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm- Home Council I-2-3-4, Fooiball 2, lnframural Baslceiball I-2- 3-4. InI'ramuraI Sofiball I-2, Monifor 4, School Guide 3-4 B L 5-,gi 'TZQ ..... , ,. l 1. 2 .E W Xia I-I-si Q M , v I I iii I ix. . 5I.Ii.,,,,.,,l.,i . - W. vim -A, fllclf' 'ii I I I I ' .,,,. ,,. .-.'. ,. ....5.5 V L M W: - :EEE :': I ..,igigif :': S :': I .,.,. I . ,,.,: I ggi E'- , il .E-H-fly. 1 " - ' .,. I . 2 5 JAMES W. EISENHUTH llemphli Academic Johnsfown, Pa. Acropolis Siafi 4 IAssoc. Ed.I. Band I-2-3-4, Choir 3-4 INar- ralorl, Church Service Assisianl' 2-3-4, Clariner Quarrei 2-3. Farm-Home Council ISec.? I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Reporrer I-2- 3-4, Foofball 3-4, Glee C ub 3-4 INarra+orI. Inclusfrialisl S'faFF 2-3-4IAssoc. Ed.I. Ociei 3, Quarief 4, School Guide 3-4, Spar- Ian Orcheslra 2-3-4 MAX A. FAHNESTOCK llMaxll Academic Mouni' Holly Springs, Pa. Airplane Club I, Baseball 3-4, Baslceiball 2-3-4, Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council I-2-3 IRe- porierl-4 IPres.l, Fooiball 4. Iniramural Baslcefball I-3. Infra- mural Soflball I-2. Iniramural Wresiling I-2 LOY S. FINDLEY llFinyll Carpen'I'ry Pennsburg, Pa. Air Scouis I-2-3-4, Cheerleader 4, Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council ITreas.I I-2-3-4, Home- room Officer ITreas.I I-2-3-4, Iniramural Baskeiball I, Infra- mural Sofiball I. Inlramural Wresfling I-2, Wresfling 3-4 ADAM W. FISHER "Junior" Plumbing 8: Healing York, Pa. Baseball 2-3-4. Dance Club 4, Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council 4 IPres.l. Inframural Baslceiball I-2-3-4. Inframural Sofiball I-2-3-4, Moniior 4 IRA R. GEISINGER "Gremmy" Priniing Reacling, Pa. Band I-2-3-4, Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Council 2 ISec.l-3 IRepor+erI, Monifor 4, School Orchesira I. Science Forum I JERE GULDIN "Jere" Carpen+ry Easi' Greenville, Pa. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council 2 lTreas.l-lRep.l 3-4, Glee Club I, I-Iomeroom Officer I lTreas.l-2 lSec.l-3 ITreas.l, Inframural Baslcelball I-4, Infra- mural Soffball I-2-3-4, Inframural Wreslling I-2, Sluclenf Council 3-4, Sluclenf Senale 3-4, Wreslling 3-4 FREDRICK E. HAND "Fred" Plumbing 81 Healing New Bloomfield, Pa. Acropolis Slall 4, Church Service Assislanl' 4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council lTreas.l 3-4, Homeroom Olilicer lSec.l 2-3-4, lnframural Baslcelball 4, Infra- mural Soflball 4, Library Assisfanl I, lvlonifor 4. Science Forum I IRA H. HARTMAN lITexll Prinfing Reading, Pa. Boy Scouls I-2-3-4. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2- 3-4, Farm-Home Council I-2-3 lPres.l-4 lRep.l, Homeroom Officer 2-3, Inlramural Baslcelball 2-3, Inlramural Soffball 2-3, Moniior 4. Senior Class Officer lSec.l, SI'uden'r Senale 2-4 lSec.l RICHARD K. HARTMAN llzekell Prinfing S'I'eell'on, Pa. Baseball 2-3-4. Baslcerball I-2-3-4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council I-2-3-4, 'Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4, Foolball 2-3-4, Inlramural Baseball I, lnlra- mural Baslcefball I, lnlramural Soflball I, Inlramural Wreslling I, Monilor 4 MELVIN V. HELM "Connie" ' Carpen+ry Shippensburg, Pa. Air Scoufs 3, Choir 3, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I- 2-3-4. Farm-Home Council 3-4. Farm-Home Officer 3 lPres.l-4 IV.-Pres.l, Farm-Home Reporfer 2, Foolball I-2-3-4, Glee Club 3-4, Inlramural Baseball I-3, Inlramural Baskelball I-2, Infra- mural Soflball I-3, Oc+e+ 4, Ouar're+ 4 X Ii S 2- -Q vi, Em :El I., . - I F .... I 3 X -I' ,HI I lvl ROBERT M. HIGH IlBobll Academic Washingfon, D. C. Acropolis Sfaff 4 lAssoc. Ed.I, Band I-2-3-4, Bible School Teacher 2-3, Choir I-2-3-4, Church Service Assisfanf 4, Farm- Home Officer I-2-3 IV.-Pres.l, Glee Club I-2-3-4, Homeroom Officer I-2-3, Inclusfrialisf Sfaff 3-4 fAssoc. EcI.l, Insfrurnenfal Soloisf I-2-3-4, Ocfef I-2, Piano Duo 3-4, Ouarfef 4, School Guide 4, Sparfan Orchesfra I-2-3-4, Sfudenf Senafe 3 GALEN R. HOKE "Crow" Sheef-Mefal Yorlc, Pa. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer lSec.l I-2-lPres.l 3. Inframural Baskefball I-4, Infra- mural Boxing' I, Inframural Soffball I-4, Inframural Wresfling I-2-3, Monifor 4. Phofography Club I C. DANIEL HOOK llPe+ell Machine Shop Columbia, Pa. Band 2-3-4, Choir I, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 4 lTreas.l, Inframural Wresfling 2-3, Monifor 4, School Orchesfra 3-4 DONALD F. HOUSEKNECHT l'Donll Aufo-Mechanic Sugarloaf, Pa. Cheerleader I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council 4, Library Assisfanf I, Monifor 4, Sfudenf Senafe 4 HERBERT HUEBNER "Herb" Sheef-Mefal Hershey, Pa. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Of- ficer 3 IV.-Pres.l-4 lTreas.l, Homeroom Officer lTreas.l I-2 Inframural VVresfling I-2-3, Inframural Soffball 2, Monifor 4, Sfudenf Senafe 4, Wresfling 4 DONALD R. HUGHES llDonll Prinfing Pine Grove, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff lEcIi'ror-in-Cl1iefl, Band I-2-3-4, Baskefball I, Baseball 4, Choir I-4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I, 2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3 lSec.-Treas.l, Foofball 2, Glee Club 4, Indusfrialisf Sfaff 3-4, Inframural Baslcefball I-3-4, In- framural Soffball I-3-4, Monifor 4 RICHARD HUGHES "Chic" Prinfing Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Baseball 3-4, Baslcefball I-2-3-4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 lPres.l, Foofball 4, Homeroom Officer I-2, Inframural Baseball I-2-3-4, Infra- mural Baskefball I, Inframural Soffball I-2-3-4, Inframural Wresfling 2-3, Ivlonifor 4 E. DAVID KING llnavell Elecfriciiy Grove Cify, Pa. Air Scoufs 3-4, Boy Scoufs I-2, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3 lSec.l, Homeroom Officer 3, Inframural Boxing I-2, Inframural Soffball 2, Infra- mural Wresfling 2-3, Monifor 4 PRESTON B. KING llpudll Plumbing 8: Heafing Darby, Pa. Baseball 2-3-4, Baslcefball 2-3, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 4 IPres.l, Foofball I-2- 3-4, Homeroom Officer I-2-3-4, lnframural Baslcefball I-2-3-4, Inframural Soffball I-2-3-4, Inlramural Wresfling I-2-3-4. Monilor 4, Wresfling 3-4 JOHN O. KINNAIRD llJohnll Elecfricify Brookville, Pa. Boy Scoufs I-2, Dance Club 4, Explorer Scoufs, 3-4, Farm- Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home OfHcer I-3-4 ISec.l, Farm- Home Reporfer I-4, Homeroom Officer 2 ISec.l, lnframural Baseball I-4, Inframural Baskefball I-4, lnfrarnural Soffball I-4, Inframural Wresfling 3, Monifor 4 ,N ik E JOSEPH J. KRAUSE llJoell Carpen+ry Philadelphia, Pa. Boy Scouls I, Dance Club 4, Explorer Scoufs 2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer llTreas.I-2 lSec.l-lPres.I 3-4, lnframural Baslcelball I-3-4, lniramural Soffball I-3-4 WILLIAM H. LAMPLUGH llBuns.l Carpenlry Philadelphia, Pa. Choir I. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm- Home Officer 2-3-4, Foolball 2-3-4, Glee Club I, Homeroom Officer I, lnframural Baseball I-2, lniramural Baskefball I. lnframural Soffball I-2-3-4, Inframural Wreslling I RALPH W. LUNDQUIST llLunnYll Commercial Hopewell, Pa. Church Service Assisianf 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4, Farm-Home Reporfer 3-4, Foofball 2-3-4. Glee Club I, Homeroom Officer 2-3-4, lniramural Baslcelball 2-3-4, lnframural Soffball 2-3, lnframural Wresfling I-2-3. Monifor 4, School Guide 3-4, Sparfan Orchesfra 4 lProp. lv1gr.J, Sfudenf Senaie 4, Wresfling 4 FREDERICK L. MADEIRA "Fred" Commercial Hummelsfown, Pa. Band I-2-3-4, Choir I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer lSec.l I-2- lRep.l 3-4, Foo+ball I-2-3-4, Homeroom Officer lPres.l 2-3-4, Indusirialisl' S+aff 3-4, ln+ramural Baslcefball I-3-4. Ocfel' 3, Ouarfei 4, School Guide 3-4, School Orchesfra I-2, Sparian Orchesira I-3-4, Siudenf Senafe 3-4, Wresfling 3-4 DONALD H. McCARTHY "Chula" Commercial Philadelphia, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff 4. Bancl I-2-3-4, Bank Assisfanl 2-3, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer lTreas.l I-2-lPres.l 3-4, Glee Club 3-4, Indusfrialisi' Siaff 3-4, lniramural Baskefball 3-4, lnframural Boxing I-2, Inframural Soffball I-2-3-4, Monifor 4, Office Assisfanf 3, School Guide 2-3-4 GRAHAM W. McINTYRE llMacll Academic, Berlin, Pa. Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer 3 ISec.I-4 IPres.I, Farm-Home Reporler I-2, IncIus+riaIis+ Sialif 3-4. In+ra- mural BasIce'rbaII 4, In+ramuraI Sofiball I-2, Inlramural Wresl- Iing I-2-3, School Guide 2-3-4, Science Forum I-4 IV.-Pres.I GUY E. McKINNEY' IlMacll A Carpenfry , Philadelphia, Pa. Boy Scouls I-2, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, I-Iomeroom Officer I, Inlramural Wres+Iing 3, Library As- sisfani I, Phofograplmy Club I, Wresiling 3, AUSTIN B. MESSINGER llMessll Baking Slaiingfon, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer 3 Eecj-4 IV.-Pres.I, Inlramural Baseball 3-4, Iniramural Baslcei' all 4, Inframural Soffball 3-4 LLOYD M. MORGAN llMorgll Plumbing 8: Hea'I'ing Hegins, Pa. Baske'rbaII 3, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4, In'rramuraI Baskelball I-2-3-4, Inframural SoHbaII I-2-3-4, Inlramural Wres+Iing I-2-3-4 CLIFFORD R. MORRISON IICHHII Slweei'-Me'I'aI Mi. Joy, Pa. Acropolis Siaff 4. Band I-2-3-4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Reporfer I-4, Glee Club 4, I-Iomeroom Officer 2 ISec.I, In+ramuraI BasIce'rbaII 4, Infra- mural Soilball 2, Monifor 4, Pholography Club I IEifiz.sJ I -:- :,., .- .-: E, 1 itil , THOMAS, E. MoRroN "Mon" Au+o-Mechanic I Blairsville, Pa. Airplane Club I, Air Scouls I-2, ,I-Iomeroom Officer 3 ISec.I, Library Assisfanl' I, lvlonifor 4 CHARLES W. MOUNTZ Ill-Ierbll Commercial Lewisfown, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff 4, Church Service Assisfanf 3-4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3, Farm- I-Iome Reporfer 2-3-4, Homeroom Officer I-3-4, lnframural Baseball I, Inframural Baslcefball I-2-3-4, Inframural Soffball I-2-3-4, Library Assisfanf I, lvlonifor 3-4 DONALD A. NEWTON llNew+ll Commercial Waynesboro, Pa. Bank Assisfanf 2, Boolcbincling Club I. Boy Scoufs I, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3 ISec.I, I-Iomeroom Officer 3, lnframural Baskefball 4, Infra- mural Wresfling 3, Library Assisfanf I, Monifor 4, Science Forum l GLENN R. OAKMAN llBearll lmplemenl' Repairing Jerome, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3 lPres.l, I-Iomeroom Officer I IPres.l, Inframural Baslcefball I, Inframural Wresfling I, Monifor 3 LEONARD K. OVERTON "Jellies" Academic Torrance, Pa. Band I-2-3-4, Boy Scoufs I-2, Choir I-2-3-4, Church Service Assisfanf 4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm- Home Officer 2 lSec.l, Farm-Home Reporler 4, Glee Club I-2-3-4, lnsfrumenfal Soloisf l-2-3-4, School Orchesfra I-2-3-4, Science Forum I, Sparfan Orchesfra I-2-3-4, Sfring Ensemble I-2-3-4 ARTHUR B. PATTERSON llPa+ll Plumbing 8: Heaiing Homeslead. Pa- Baseball 2-3-4. Baskelball 3-4, Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council lRep.I 2-3-4. Foolball 3-4, Inframural Baseball I-2-3-4, lnframural Baskelball I-2, ln- Iramural Boxing I. lnframural Soliball l-2-3-4, lniramural Wresfling I-2-3-4, Moniior 4, Science Forum I, SIuclen'r SenaIe4 R. DALE PEIFFER llspikell Academic l-ili'l'Z. P6- Acropolis Sfaff 4, Airplane Club I, Band I-2-3-4, Boy Scouis I, Choir I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer 3 IV.-Pres.I, Glee Club I-2-3-4. Homeroom Officer I ITreas.I, Accompanisi' 2-3-4, In- slrumenlal Soloisf 2-3-4, Library Assislanr I, Oc'Ie'r 3, Piano Duo 3-4, School Orchesira I-2-3, Science Forum I-2, Sparlan Orcliesfra 2-3-4 W. RODMAN QUICK llRodll Carpeniry Philadelphia. Pa. Airplane Club I-2, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2- 3-4. I-lomeroom Officer ISec.I I-2-3, lnI'ramuraI Baslceiball 4, lnframural Soflball 3-4, Pliolography Club I-2 THOMAS RASKIN llTomll Machinisf Philadelphia, Pa. Airplane Club I, Cheerleader 3, Choir 2-3-4. Church Service Assisfanl' 4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2 IV.-Pres.I-IRep.I 3-4, Fooiball 4, Glee Club I-2-3-4. Homeroom Officer ISec.I 2-3, lniramural Wreslling l-2-3-4. Ivlonifor 4, S+uden+ Senafe 3-4 EARLE L. RENN llRedl' Shee+-Mefal Danville, Pa. Band I. Baseball 2, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2- 3-4. Farm-Home Officer ISec.I I-2-3-lPres.l 4, Farm-Home Reporfer I-2-3-4. Foo+balI 3-4, Homeroom Officer 2, Infra- mural Baseball I-2-3-4, lnlramural Boxing I-2, Inrramural Sofiball I-2-3-4, Inlramural Wreslling I-2-3, Ivlonifor 4. Science Forum I GORDON E. RICE "Gordie" Elecfriciiy Brooklyn, N. Y. Choir I. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm- I-lome Officer 4 lSec.l. Foofball I-2-3-4, Glee Club I-4, Infra- mural Baslcefball 4. lnframural Boxing I-2, lnframurai Soffball I-2-3-4, Inframural Wresfling I-2, Monilor 4 ROBERT P. RICHARDS llpidgell Machinisi' Brooklyn, N. Y. Boy Scoufs I, Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer lRep.l 2-3-lPres.l 4, Homeroom Officer 2 -lSec.l. lnframural Baslcefball I-3-4, lnframural Boxing l, lnframural Soffball I-2-3-4. lnframural Wresfling I-3, Moni- 'ror 4 ROBERT W. ROBINSON "Boog" SI1ee'I'-Me+aI Philadelphia, Pa. Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer lSec.l 2-3. I-Iomeroom Officer 4 lSec.l. lnframural Baslcefball 4, lnframural Boxing I, lnframural Soffball 2-3-4, lnframural Wresfling I-2-3, Monilor 4, Phofography Club I GREGORY C. ROSENBERGER "Greg" Academic New Kensingfon, Pa. Baslcefball 4, Book Reviewers Club I, Boy Scoufs I, Cheer- leader 4, Choir 4. Church Service Assisfanf 2-3-4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Foofball I, Glee Club 4, Homeroom Officer 4 lTreas.l, lnframural Baslcefball I-2-3, ln- framural Boxing I, Inframural Soffball I-2-4. School Guide 2-3-4 CARL U. RUNKLE "Lonie" Elecfricify Granfville, Pa. Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4 IV.-Pres.l. Homeroom Officer 3 lSec.l, lnframural Baskefball I-2, Inframural Soffball I-2, Inframural Wresfling I-2, Ivlonifor 4 WILLIAM E. RUTHERFORD nBiIIu . Plumbing 8: Healing Harrisburg. Pa. Dance Club 4. 'Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council 4. Farm-Officer 4, Foolball I-2-3-4, I-Iomeroom OI- Iicer I-22 Inframural Baslcerball I-2-3-4, Inlramural Soffball I- 2, Moniior 4 W THEODORE E. 3CARDEFIELD l!Te ll Prinling New Casfle, Pa. Band I, Boy Scouis I, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I- 2-3-4. Farm-Home Council 2-4, Farm-Home Officer 2 ISec.l-4 lPres.l. lnlramural Baslcefball I-3-4, Inlramural Soiiball I-3. lnlramural Wresflinq 2, Monilor 4 ROBERT W. SCHAEFFER "SI1aef" Aufo-Mechanic Harrisburg, Pa. Band I-2-3-4, Choir 2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm- Home Council I-2, Glee Club 2-3-4. I-Iomeroom Officer I ISec.I, lnlramural Baseball I, Inlramural Wresiling 2, Moni- 'ror 4. Oc+e'r 3-4, Ouarlef 4, Science Forum I, Sparlan Or- cheslra 2-3-4, Sludenl' Senale I-2 DAVID B. SHAVER "Dave" Commercial Forl' Erie, On'I'. Acropolis S+a1CF 4 IPI1o+ograpl'ierl. Bancl 2-3-4. Bank AssisIan+ 2-3-4, Boy Scouls I-2-3-4. Choir 4. Church Service Assislam' 4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4, Glee Club 4. I-lomeroom Officer 3. IncIus'IriaIisI' Slafi 4 IPl'io+ograpl'1erl, lnframural Baseball I-2- 4, Inlramural Baslcefball I-2-4, Pliolography Club I-2-3-4, Slu- denf Senafe 4 JAMES F. SHAW flNu+ll Sheel'-MeI'aI ' LiI"Ile Roclc, Arlr. Airplane Club I, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Council 4 lSec.l, Farm-I-Iome Repor+er I. Home- room Officer 3, Inframural Baslcefball 2. lnframural Soifball I-2, Inrramural Wres+Iing I, Ivloniior 4, PI'1o'rograpl'1y Club I JOSEPH E. SIPPLE , I , "Dead" Commercial Plymoulh, Pa. Acropolis Slalil 4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 lRep.l, Homeroom Officer 3-4 lSec.-Treas.l, lnlrarnural Baskel- ball I-4.'.ln'rramural Soflball I-2, Science Club I, Sfudeni Council I, Sludenl Senale 3-4 P. RICHARD SMITH I I llSmiHYll Machinisl Carlisle, Pa. Baseball 2-3, Boy Scouls I-2, Dance- Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council 3 lPres.l, lnlramural Baseball I-2-3-4, lnlramural Baslcelball I-2-3-4, lnlramural Boxing I, lnlramural Soflball I-2, Monilor 4 . ' WALTER SNYDER "Wall" Meal' Processing Philadelphia, Pa. Choir 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council 3 lTreas.l, Foolball 4, Glee Club 4, lnlramural Baskelball 3, In- Iramural Solfball I-2, Inlramural Wresfling I-2 C. FREDERICK SPENGLER llFredll Plumbing 81 Healing Reading, Pa. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Offi- cer 4 lSec.l', Homeroom Officer I. lnlramural Baslcelball I-4. Inlramural Boxing I, Inlramural Sollball I-2, lnlramural Wresl- ling 3, Monifor 4, Pholography Club I ROBERT T. STADULIS llS+udlI Prinling Nanficolce, Pa. Acropolis S+aFF 4, Bancl I-2-3-4. Baseball 2-3-4, Baslcelball 2-3-4, Boy Scouls I, Choir I-3-4, Church Service Assisfanl 4. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Oili- cer 2-3 lPres.l-4 lRep.l, Foolball l-2-3-4, Glee Club 3-4. Mon- ilor 4. School Orcheslra I-3-4, Sparlan Orchesfra 3-4. Sludenf Senale 4 RAY M. TOPPER I-lRayll Academic Mouni Union, Pa, Baseball 3-4, Baslcelball I-2-3-4, ,Choir 2-3-4, Church Service Assislanf 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home 'Council 3-4 lRep.l, Foofball I-2-3,-4, Glee Club 3-4, Homeroom Officer I-3-4. lnlramural Boxing I-2-3-4, Ociel 3, Senior Class Officer IV.-Pres.l, Sparian Orchesira 4 lVocalis'rl, Srudenl' Senale 3-4 IPres.l WILLIAM F. VENABLES "Bill" Academic Nor-Ih Hills, Pa. Baseball 3, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm- l-lome Council 4, Foolball I-2-3-4, lnlramural Baseball I-2-3-4. Inframural Baskelball I-2, lnframural Boxing I-2, ln+ramural Soffball I-2-3, lnlramural Wresfling I-2, Sfuclenf Council I, Sfudenl' Senale 4, Wreslling 3-4 GEORGE L. WALLISH "George" AuI'o-Mechanic Shamolcin, Pa. Band I-2-3-4, Baslcelball 2-3, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Base- ball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Council I-2-3-4, Foolball I-2-3-4, lnlrarnural Baslceiball I, lnframural Soflball 2-3-4, lnframural Wreslling I-2-3-4, lvloniior 4 H. ALLEN WALSH "Squid" Machinisf Wilmingion, Del. Airplane Club I, Baskefball 3 lMgr.l, Dance Club 4, Farm- Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Olilicer lPres.l 2-3-lRep.l 4, lnframural Baslcelball 3-4, lnI'ramural Sofiball 2-3-4, lnlrra- mural Wreslling 2, Science Club I, Sludenl' Senale 4 ' WILBUR J. WHITEHOUSE "Wilbs" Pouliry Producis Ashland, Pa. Airplane Club I, Boolcbinding Club I, Boy Scouls I-2, Farm- Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Reporier I, I-lomeroom Officer 2-3 lSec.l, lnframural Baslceiball I-2, lniramural Sofi- ball I-2, Pholography Club I-2 HENSEL WILHELM llwillyll Aulo-Mechanic Lancasler, Pa. Church Service Assislani 4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Base- balll-2-3-4, Farm-Home Reporier I-4, Foolball 3-4, Home- room Officer I-2-3-4, lnirarnural Baseball I-2-3-4, lnlramural Baslcelball I, lnlramural Boxing I-2, lniramural Sofiball I-2-3- 4, lniramural Wresiling I-2, lvloniior 4, Science Club I, Wres- lling 3-4 ' WILLIAM R. WOODS llwoodyll Academic Braddock Hills, Pa. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-lorne Council I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3 lRep.l, Indus'I'riaI- is+ Slall 3-4 llvlgr. Ed.l, lnlramural Baskeiball 4, lnlramural Soliball I-2, lnlramural Wresiling 2-3, Science Club I lSec.l, Sfudenl Senale 2-3 ELMER W. ZITSCH "Zi'lchie" A Plumbing 8: Healing Bellwood, Pa. 6 A A ' , Airplane Club l, Baseball 4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Base- ' ball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Ol-licer 2lTreas.l-3IV.-Pres.l-4lPres.l, 27 Homeroom Officer 3-4, lniramural Baslcelball 3-4, lnlramural is Boxing 3-4, lniramural Soliball 3-4, lnlramural Wreslling 3-4. Phoiography Club I, Science Club I, Wresiling 4 ,,, , fi lg 1---:-: - ,,.,, - .,, ,. - ak ir ALMA MATER Our praises unio 'rhee Rise io The sky. We're loyal, H. I. S., Our failh in 'rhee shall never clie. There comes a lime when we Bid 'rhee goocl-bye. I-lail, hail our Alma Maier, May your spiril irue be ever nigh! CHORUS Lifl your voices, singing of ihe school you love so well: Send your voices, singing over every hill and dell: Swing along, wilh a song, Sing your praise wilh voices sir ong SENIURS AT WORK Allender and Smiih adiusl a lalhe. Joe Sipple does his slulzl. Ari Eclx and Gordie Rice repair a ra- dio. Don l-louselmechl in 'rhe aulo-mechanic shop. No, il isr1"r l-lueloner's li+l'le red wagon. McKinney, Findley, and Krause work on Jrhe school house-building proieci. Clif? Morrison does a sheei-meial iob. Tha'l's Wilb Whilehouse in 'rhe middle. Tom Morion examines lvlr. S'luclcey's Ford. l'len Bowman and Auslin lvlessinger display Their baking arf. Bolo Buclc, Max Fahnesioclc, Graham Mclniyre, and Bill Woods in physics class. Mr. Bilcle loolcs cn. SENIURS AT PLAY Sparians during one of 'rheir many praclices. Saxophonisfs O v e r + o n lslandingl and Schaeffer are iwo of ihe seven senior members. Don Newfon wifh his escorl' a+ one of our dances. Zeke Harfman faking Helen Summy for a whirl. Ugh! Chief SiHing Bull Krause and Rain-in-Face Bellis al scoul aclivifies. Sfudl Whaf would Velma say if she saw This? Romeo Lundquisi goes lhrough one of his many dances Curly Rice and Guy McKinney go over fheir 'rrig problems. Dave Shaver, our pholographer. and his girl friend af+er one of our baslce+- ball games. Freddy wiih his sfeady. Whaicha looking a+. fellows? The five smiling seniors are, lefl +o righ+: G. Wallish, A. Paiferson, W. Rulherford. Squirl' Walsh, and R. Smilh. Our famous piano duo-Roberl' High and Dale Peiffer. Qvlgwzf-1.7:figs-N Moth ANNIVERSARY in -I I- I 1909l The Fnnlhall Practice Field 1949 Athletics VARSITY FO0TBAll The H. T. S. Spar'Tans-under The TuTelage oT Their new head menTor, Mr. Alfred T. Gibble, and his assisTanT, Mr. Behney Buser-ended The T948 campaign wiTh a record of seven wins and Three losses. They whiTewashed Lebanon, John Harris, and CoaTesvilleg losT To York and STeelTon: and Then wenT on To win Tour oT The re- maining Tive conTesTs. The season was highly successful, especially in view oT The TacT ThaT The squad was never aT Tull sTrengTh Tor any game. OT The Three losses, Two were aT The hands of ouTsTanding Teams oT Two sTaTes- STeelTon, Pennsylvania, and PaTTerson Park, Maryland. BoTh were undeTeaTed. A Team badly weakened because of injuries and a quaranTine, plus several highly quesTionable decisions by The officials, accounT Tor The loss To York. The SparTan goal line was crossed only nine Times, and They held six opponenTs scoreless. The lasT shuT-ouT was aT The expense of Hershey High on Homecoming day, and iT meanT The reTenTion by H. I. S. oT The coveTed Cocoa Bean Trophy. The sTarTing backfield consisTed of Seniors Bob Buck lCapTainl, Bob STadulis, Ray Topper, and George Wallish. This foursome combined power, speed, and decepTion To roll up 2I2 poinTs. Tor a new school record. Our opponenTs were held To 60 poinTs. chiefly by The fine line play of Seniors Lou Croce, Jim EisenhuTh, Zeke HarTman, Mel Helm, Pud King, Bill Lamplugh. Fred Madeira. and Bill Venables. AlThough The loss by gracluaTion of TwenTy-Tour Seniors is very severe, ThirTeen Juniors and Two Sophomores, plus boys Trom The uncleTeaTed Junior SparTans, will conTinue To make The Golden Horde a highly respecTed gridiron Toe. I. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Buck sIcirI's end againsl' Coalesville. Our coaches-AI Gibble and Behney Buser. Slud afler snagging a pass againsf Lebanon. Wallish scores a T. D. againsl Coales- ville. Caplain Buck in acfion al Lebanon. Recl Pa+'rerson and Chic Hughes in dress rehearsal. SCHEDULE H O Sepl. IO Lebanon 28 0 I8 John Harris 25 0 25 Coafesville I4 O Od. I Yorlc 6 I4 9 Sleellon O I9 I5 Carlisle 26 7 23 Carson Long 58 O 29 Hagersfown 40 0 Nov. 6 Paflerson Park O 20 I3 Hershey I5 0 2I2 60 7. Hold Ihaf pose, Ray! 8. Capiain Buck before 'rhe John Harris game. 9. Bob Buck doing 'rhe high sI'ep againsl Harris. IO. Bill Fry abou'r To 'ralce a Iaferal. I I. Topper aboul 'ro 'raclcle Dick Reich, ol: S+eeI'ron. I2. Coa'resviIIe co-caplains mee? H. I. S. capiain Bob Buck. VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach Al 6ibble's quinTeT had a I2-9 record and a TourTh-place Tie in Their TirsT season oT especially Tough CenTral Pennsylvania League compeTiTion. The all-Senior sTarTing Tive-Lou Croce. Zeke HarTman, Chic Hughes. Ray Topper. and Bob STadulis-scored over IOO poinTs apiece To seT a new school record. Lou and Zeke earned Third leTTersg Chick and Ray a second: and Bob his TirsT. Forwards Croce and Hughes Tallied l22 and l83 poinTs respecTively. Hughes led The SparTans in scoring. and he also ranked TiTTh in The league, wiTh l32. He had The besT individual performance wiTh his 23 poinTs aT LancasTer. CapTain HarTman'was The mosT consisTenT perTormer. His l75 poinTs included 49 on Touls, a deparTmenT in which he led. He also seT The Tollowing school records: mosT consecuTive Toul shoTs. I4: mosT consecuTive Toul shoTs in one game. 8: and mosT poinTs as a varsiTy player, 426. Guards Topper and STadulis Tormed The backbone of The league's Third besT de- Tense. Topper's l2l poinTs puT him over The lOO mark Tor The second sTraighT year. His game record was 20. aT Lebanon. STadulis broke Through in The lasT game To ToTal IO4, even Though he missed Three games during The season. The squad's 853-poinT season ToTal and Their 40.6-poinT game average surpassed The records seT by The H. I. S. cagers oT The pasT. Five undergraduaTes-Bob BeTTleyon, Frank ETchberger. Bill Fry, Red PaTTerson. and Wogey Richards-earned leTTers This year: and Seniors lvlax FahnesTock and DuTCl'1 Dunleavy received numerals Tor Their TaiThTul work. I. Coach Giloble ralking Things over during a lime-ouf. A 2. Chic Hughes follows up Croce's run- ning one-hander againsl Palmyra. 3. Croce ready Jro 'rhrow up a long ser. 4. Tension al' half-lime. 5. Zeke Harrman makes chariry Throw againsl Palmyra. SCHEDULE H O Camp Hill 3l 28 Pine Grove 4I 40 Palmyra 36 46 Girard 52 32 Palmyra 48 30 Sfeelfon 30 39 Lebanon 46 36 John Harris 36 3l York 42 45 William Penn 43 32 Reading 43 55 Lancasrer 43 32 Hershey 4l 32 Sfeellon 36 44 Lebanon 39 42 John Harris 34 4I York 39 43 William Penn 44 23 Reading 34 49 Lancasler 53 38 Hershey 42 36 TOTALS 853 794 6. Chic Hughes and Zeke Har'rman wail- ing for follow-ups. 7. Chic Hughes makes "firs1' and Ten" againsf Palmyra. 8. Ray Topper drives in and lays H' up againsr William Penn. 9. Zeke Har+n'ian wailing for rebound againsl William Penn. l0. Ray Topper gels shol' off againsl Pine Grove. BASEBALL The I948 H. l. S. baseball Team in Their Tirsl' season as a member oT The CenTral Pennsylvania League broke even in Their eighT league TilTs. WiTh only Three members -Dale Adams, Harry Hepler, and Eddie Shepps-reTurning Trom The I947 nine. Coaches Ralph Hoar and John ShowalTer aTTer much experimenT Tormed a combi- naTion ThaT won Tour oT The lasT six games. The Two Top hiTTers-Senior Harry Hepler and Junior Pud King-boTh hiT over The .400 mark. PiTchers Dale Adams and Adam Fisher each won Two league games. and The laTTer also won a non-league TilT by beaTing Susquehanna, 4-3. ln league games The SparTan nine Trounced Hershey High Twice buT was deTeaTed Twice by The Lebanon Cedars. They brolce even wiTh William Penn and John Harris. The mosT one-sided vicTory was The I4-I deTeaT oT Hershey High. The only whiTe- wash job was adminisTerecl To William Penn in our season's Tinale. The l948 baseball squad consisTed oT Seniors Dale Adams, Joe Fry. Harry Hepler, Ed Shepps, Don Smifh, and Bernie Reed. The Junior members, who are now Seniors, were Lou Croce. Floyd Eberly, Max FahnesTock. Adam Fisher, Zeke HarTman, Chic Hughes. Pud King, ArT PaTTerson. Bob STadulis, and Ray Topper. The Sophomores were Bob BeTTleyon. Bill Fry, Glenn Herring, and Red PaTTerson. WiTh The much-needed experience gained by The TirsT compleTe baseball schedule since beTore The war, plus The reTurn oT ThirTeen players Trom lasT year, we believe a sound ToundaTion has been laid Tor Tine SparTan nines oT The TuTure. As alumni, we shall eagerly waTch Their progress. WRESTLING WiTh buT one year's experience as a background. Coach Andy Kovach's maTmen won six and losT Tour maTches This season. ln DisTricT 3 league compeTiTion The Team won Tour and losT Three To Tie Tor Third-place sTanding. As a whole The Team won 65 bouTs. drew Two. and losT 43. They won 22 bouTTs by Talls while losing only nine in a like manner. Freshman Darvin Hoke, wiTh no previous experience, had a very remarkable record of II wins and no losses. He won seven league conTesTs, Three exhibiTion maTches. and as The only represenTaTive Trom H. I. S. on The DisTricT 3 All-STar Team ThaT wresTled Mepham High, N. Y.. he was one oT The Two All-Sriars who won Their maTches. Hoke led our Team in scoring, wiTh 40 poinTs, and also won Three oT his maTches by Talls. Byron Weidow, Loy Findley. and Frank AlberTs had 7-3 records. Weidow was sec- ond in scoring. wiTh 30 poinTs. and TirsT in wins by Talls, wiTh Tour. AlberTs and Find- ley were Third and TourTh respecTively in scoring. Elmer ZiTsch, who goT sTarTed laTe in The season, won his Tour maTches. Jim HarTneTT broke lasT year's record oT a Tall in The shorTesT Time in a league conTesT by gaining one in 56 seconds. Jim EisenhuTh esTablished an unoTTicial record of 30 seconds Tor a Tall when he pinned his opponenT in ThaT Time in an exhibiTion maTch. T Seniors who saw acTion besides ZiTch, Findley, and EisenhuTh were Hensel Wil- helm, Bill Venables, Fred Madeira, Jere Guldin, and Pud King. BASEBALI. SCHEDULE H O Apr. 9 Susquehanna Twp. 4 3 27 John Harris 4 9 30 Lebanon 0 3 May 7 Hershey I4 I II William Penn I 4 I4 John Harris 3 2 I8 Lebanon 2 5 25 Hershey 5 3 28 William Penn 8 O 4I 30 I. Findley, Guldin, Wilhelm, and Ma- deira prepare for a wreslling maich. 2. "Yer ouI', Zeke!" 3. Sladulis scores againsl' Hershey High. 4. Junior Fisher rounds lirsi base. 5. Pud King wairs for a good one. 6. Fred Madeira Irighll shakes hands wi'rh his York heavyweighf opponent Fred won. 7. Arresled molion. 8. Coaches Hacker and Kovach super- vise a praciice bout Weidow Icenlerl looks on. 9. Red PaHerson misses a close one. I0. Floyd Eberly dives back Io 'firsi base. IVRESTLING SCHEDULE H ' O Dec. 3I Hanover' 23 20 Jan. 6 Hershey' I3 28 I4 York 3I 9 20 Shippensburg 46 3 28 Wesl' York 42 8 Feb. 3 Lancasier 22 I5 8 Wes? York"' 34 6 I8 Hershey I2 23 2I Hanover I2 23 Mar. 4 Manheim I7 22 Tolals 252 I 57 "Exhibi+ion marches I. V. FUUTBIIII The Junior SparTans, under The guidance oT Coaches John lvl. Aichele, '39, and Harold Hacker, '45, played a Tough, seven-game schedule and Tinished undeTeaTed. They Then climaxed Their accompIishmenT by deTeaTing HummeIsTown High School VarsiTy in an inviTaTion, posT-season. chariTy game. The enTire school is very proud oT This record-The TirsT undeTeaTed season in H. I. S. sporTs hisTory since The six- game, undefeaTed, unTied, and unscored-upon record oT The I939 J-V TooTbaIl Team as coached by Mr. Giblole, now head varsiTy menTor. NOT only was oiliensive power greaT, buT defensive play was also exceIIenT. While gaining 2266 yards, They held Their opponenTs To II9l. ' NexT year's varsiTy will receive much TaIenT from Their undersTudies oT This year-+ players oT a calilore Thaf would be welcome on mosT high-school squads. H O SepT. 24 William Penn I4 I3 - OcT. I York 27 6 I4 John Harris 27 O 22 STeeITon 33 I3 29 Hershey 25 O Nov. 4 Reading 49 I4 I2 Lebanon 30 I3 I6 HummelsTown VarsiTy I8 O 223 59 I. V. BASKETBAll Under rhe able coaching of "Friiz" Miller, 'rhe junior varsiiy compleied a success- ful season wiih a record of I I wins and 9 defeais. ln' our school's firs+ season in rhe Cenfral Penn League 'rhey had a record of 6 wins and 8 defeais. Donald Allender. a sophomore. se+ a school iayvee scoring record of I7I poinis. ln addilion, George Tashie scored I33 poinis: Tom Eberly. a freshman. scored I03 poinisg and Tom Shaeicler enfered ihe seleci "IOO" group wilh IOI poinis. Red lvlescan iusi missed +his group as he racked up 96 poinis. Joe Gosilc, a fine floor player, 'roialed 59 poinis, as did Bob Beilleyon before being moved up io lhe varsily laier in lhe season. L These boys should add appreciable sirengrh io nexi year's varsily squad SCHEDULE H O H O Camp Hill Hershey Pine Grove Sleellon Palmyra Lebanon Palmyra John Harris Sieellon York Lebangn William P6-Hn John Harris Reading York Lancasier William Penn Hershey Reading Lancasier Tofels LI-Oth ANNIVERSARY 1909 f"- ' "" L 1949 Activities INDUSTRIALIST STAFF Our monThly school paper differs Trom mosT similar publicaTions in ThaT iT is pri- marily a link beTween H. I. S. and people ouTside oT The school-alumni, parenTs, and oThers inTeresTed in us and our acTiviTies. The School lndusTrialisT is an acTiviTy in which boys who have journalisTic abiliTy can display Their TalenTs and geT valuable experience in This field. A unique TeaTure of This acTiviTy is The TacT ThaT more boys parTicipaTe in iT Than in any oTher acTiviTy of The school. Included are The ediTorial sTaTT, all prinT-shop sTu- denTs, Tarm reporTers. and The Junior and Senior commercial sTudenTs. who Type all TexT maTerial, keep Tiles. and handle circulaTion. We pride ourselves upon The TacT ThaT The enTire publicaTion is prinTed compleTely wiThin The school, and 'The qualiTy of The prinTing compares very favorably wiTh commercial work. School circulaTion is abouT 200, bu'T we are mosT proud of our mailing lisT of abouT IOOO paying subscrib- ers. We also mail abouT l25 copies To oTher schools. We wish To Take This opporTuniTy To express our profound appreciaTion To The TaculTy chairman, Mr. F. A. Mincemoyer, who spends many exTra hours proofreading. spacing, rewording, and making "layouT" dummies Tor The final.producT. Along wiTh Mr. Mincemoyer we wish To Thank Messrs. l-less, LichTenberger, and Sandel, who as- sisl' in proofreading: Messrs. STuckey and STahle, Tor supervision of prinTing: Mr. C. C. Miller for Typing supervision: Mr. Shuler Tor phoTography: Mr. STacks Tor arT work: Miss King and Mr. Hess Tor inside cover maTerialg and Mrs. Weaver Tor her eTFicienT handling of subscripTions. ABRUPULIS STAFF Every year a group oT Seniors are enTrusTed wiTh The Task oT publishing a yearbook. TradiTionally named The Acropolis. The purpose oT This yearbook is To capTure The spiriT of our high-school days. ln The TuTure iT should recall To us The Tamiliar scenes and The Triendly companionship of our years aT H. I. S. Donald Hughes was chosen as EdiTor-in-ChieT because he had The necessary eT- Ticiency and because, as a prinTer, he could keep in Touch wiTh The book as The work progressed. He did The layouT work and esTimaTed The word counT Tor each arTicle. In due Time, wriTe-ups were prepared by AssociaTe EdiTors Bocian, DieTz, Dun- leavy, EisenhuTh, Hand, High. and MclnTyre. To record The surroundings and acTivi- Ties of our school liTe, Dave Shaver Took many picTures which will some day reT'resh our memories oT H. l. S. much more vividly ThaT mere words could do. The s'TaTF secreTaries-McCarThy. MounTz, and Sipple-did a Tine job in geTTing The wriTTen maTerial ready Tor The PrinT Shop, where Form EdiTors ChrisToTes and STadulis supervised The work oT The oTher Senior prinTers. BuT we Seniors did noT do all The work. ivlr. lvlincemoyer had The diTFiculT job oT proofreading and oT making The assignmenTs TiT pe-rTecTly The space allowed Tor Them: ivlr. Shuler guided Shaver wiTh his phoTography work: Messrs. STuckey and STahle supervised The prinTers: and Mr. STacks, arT insTrucTor, helped Hughes wiTh layouT and ArT EdiTor Morrison wiTh his drawings. To Them and To lvlr. Markley, DirecTor OT VocaTional EducaTion. go our collecTive Thanks Tor Their assisTance in producing The I949 ediTion oT The Acropolis, CHOIR The Choir, under The mosT capable direcTion oT Mr. J. Ross AlberT. did an unusually splendid job This year. This group may have been subordinaTed in The pasT, buT iT is now an ouTsTanding musical organizaTion aT H. l. S. Our Choir may be ThoughT of as a "farm club" which sends a conTinual Tlow of TalenT To our Glee Club. In TacT, iT isn'T hard To Trace The background of many Glee Clubbers To The "mighTy miTes" of The Choir. We admire Mr. AlberT Tor The worlc he has done wiTh This group. Teaching a roomTul of l'ToTs" a single chorale number is noT easy, buT he coached The Choir so well ThaT iT sang an enTire concerT. IT also conTribuTed sTirring and hearT- warming music To The H. l. S. Annual Spring Show. The work of The Choir aT our Sunday church services should noT be overlooked. This organizaTion TrequenTly conTrilouTed excellenT rendiTions oT spiriTuals and oTher religious works To enhance The programs. The younger boys, The sopranos and alTos, are Trom grades six To nine. They have secTional rehearsals weekly To "hash ouT" The hard parTs. The Tenors and basses are all members of The Glee Club. ' A maior posiTion of The Choir is ThaT oT sTudenT accompanisT,. and Dale Peiffer has had a monopoly on iT Tor Three years. We complimeni' him hearTily on 'his well-done job and wish The besT of luck To his successor. IT is wiTh greaT pride ThaT we poinT To This group oT boys who produced music fine in qualiTy. inTerpreTaTion, and Technique. GLEE CLUB STarTed in i935 by Mr. A. Leon Reisinger, The Glee Club increased in populariTy year aTTer year. lT is one oT The mosT prominenT and exTensive exTracurricular acTiv- iTies aT H. l. S. Today, under The direcTion oT Mr. J. Ross AlberT, a graduaTe oT The Music Con- servaTory oT Lebanon Valley College, This parTicular musical organizaTion oT our school is known Tor miles around because oT The excellenT concerTs rendered by The boys aT churches, schools, and social gaTherings. The music ranges from religious numbers To Toll: songs and popular ballads. ' Having won TirsT place in Class B sTaTe compeTiTion Tor The lasT Two years, our Glee Club was now Taced wiTh The exceedingly high goal oT mainTaining ThaT repuTaTion Tor excellence. BoTh old and new members worked hard under The excellenT direcTion oT Mr. AlberT To reach ThaT goal. and we Seniors Teel ThaT They have achieved ThaT which They seT ouT To do. The members oT The Glee Club have had a greaT deal oT Tun and Teel ThaT They owe very much To Their direcTor, Mr. AlberT. They are very graTeTul To him Tor his eTTorTs in developing The vocal TalenT presenT in This year's organizaTion and Tor arranging so many concerT Trips. ln closing, we, The Class oT l949, wish The besT oT luck To The H. I. S. Glee Clubs oT The TuTure. We hope ThaT They, Too, will enioy Their work, puT TorTh much eTTorT, become successTul and popular, and spend many hours in happy Tellowship while bringing pleasure To oThers. - T wwug si ,.:.:.: .:.:.:. Q we 'TP f, WHS, 'ki' 2?-LZKEXH , . 1. WX? si E ..ig.i.y TY? i ii i-fr we ,. TQWQTMSETHQTE ., ,, A ,,Y., ' 4 7r.iww 1 BAND Under The able supervision oT Mr. J. ATlee Young. The Band has become a widely known organizaTion. ln spiTe OT The loss of TalenT Trom lasT year's class, Mr. Young has kepT The Banol's performance high in qualiTy. QuaranTined Tor six weeks during The TooTball season and laclcing lcey members who were on The Team, The Band neverTheless managed To play aT every home game excepT PaTTerson Park and also made Trips Tor The Lebanon and John Harris games. In The annual Harrisburg ChrisTmas Band ConcerT Parade our group was The only one oT The sevenTeen bands compeTing ThaT was noT glamourized by a feminine "TronT." In spiTe oT ThaT TacT. our boys compared very Tavorably wiTh The compeTi- Tion, especially in Their playing abiliTy. The big evenT oT The year was The Annual Spring ConcerT, held in The Hershey CommuniTy Building Theafre. The nicely balanced program included novelTy Tunes. lively marches, and symphonic composiTions. The Band gave, as usual, iTs expecTed excellenf presenTaTion To an appreciaTive audience. NexT year, Mr. Young will Tind himselT Tilling The gap leTT by nineTeen graduaTing members. However. judging him by his pasT record, we are sure he will rise To The occasion and develop anoTher Tine organizaTion. The Senior members of The Band will never TorgeT Mr. Young's abiliTy and paTi- ence, nor will They ever Tail To marvel aT The excellenT resulTs he consisTenTly obTains wiTh only abouT an hour a week scheduled Tor all band work-musical rehearsal. sTraighT marching drill, and Tigure TormaTions. SPARTANS Among our school's musical organizaTions The SparTans have deTiniTely secured an upper berTh. WiTh iTs solid beaT and iivey syncopaTion iT has ranlced high in The minds OT us all, and iTs populariTy in The surrounding viciniTy suggesTs ThaT This band deserves aT leasT some oT The praise iT has received. ATTer The deparTure oT lasT year's senior class. we Tou-nd our musical deparTmenT sTill bulging wiTh TalenT, Thereby paving The way Tor able replacemenTs To Till The Tew vacancies. When The SparTans TirsT convened Tor rehearsals, They again Tound lvlr. W. Purnell Payne digging inTo his iob as direcTor wiTh his usual enThusiasm- demanding precise rhyThm and superb qualiTy. We Talce This opporTuniTy To express our deep appreciaTion oT The excellenT resulTs he obTained. We can appreciaTe even more The work ThaT These boys accomplished if we re- member ThaT Their rehearsal Time was chieTly aTTer-lunch spare Time spenT in perTecTing The dance music so popular aT H. I. S. and in This viciniTy. Besides playing aT numerous school programs, The SparTans also played Tor a number oT exchange programs, senior class dances oT surrounding high schools, and social TuncTions in neighboring communiTies. AlThough The cleparTure oT nine senior members oT The SparTans will leave a huge gap in The ranks oT The "hep-caTs," we are sure ThaT TalenTed underclassmen will sTep inTo The "rhyThmical booTs" of These boys. ably Till Them, and in a shorT Time do Their parT To creaTe anoTher ediTion of a dance band ThaT can swing sweeT or hoT wiTh equal ease. T STUDENT SENATE The STudenT SenaTe is composed of one represenTaTive Trom each Tarm home. This year. Tor The TirsT Time in The hisTory oT our school, The SenaTe had advisers Trom The TaculTy-Mr. Alfred Giblole, coach oT our successful baslQeTball and TooTball Teams, and Mr. Glen Lynn, a well-liked houseTaTher Trom H. l. S. Cloverdale. These able men were selecTed by The SenaTe and approved by The AdminisTraTive STaTT. The SenaTe members wish To express Their deep graTiTude To These men and also To Mr. John O. Hershey and Mr. Benjamin F. Olena Tor all The able assisTance They oTTered ThroughouT This school year. This year The officers oT The STudenT SenaTe were as follows: PresidenT, Ray Top- per: Vice-PresidenT, Louis Croce: and SecreTary, Ira l-larTman. These boys puT TorTh greaT eTforT To make This year's SenaTe a success. Their eTForTs were noT in vain, and we appreciaTe greaTly Their worlc. The purpose of The STudenT SenaTe aT H. l. S. is Tor iT To acT as a mediaTor be- Tween The sTudenT body and our adminisTraTion. The SenaTe brings TorTh new ideas To beTTer our school and Tarm-home liTe. Many problems conTronTing The sTudenT body are oTTenTimes cleared up in SenaTe meeTings. The cooperaTion among The adminisTraTors. advisers, SenaTe members. and sTudenT body was indeed commend- able during This pasT year. Their combined eTForTs have seT a high sTandard Tor H. l. S. SenaTes of The TuTure To equal-or surpass if They can. As we loolc baclc over The school year, we can TruThTully say ThaT The year l948- l949 had a STudenT SenaTe ThaT sTrove Toward The beTTermenT OT our school. wth ANNIVERSARY Heading for Home I 1949 ' I Underclassmen IUNIIIR CLASS We Seniors leave H. I. S. assured ThaT The TradiTions oT The school will be ably up- held by The Class oT I95O. The Juniors have already proved Themselves valuable asseTs To our TooTbalI. baskeT- ball, baseball. and wresfling Teams. We are cerTain ThaT nexT year, as Seniors. They will uphold The Tine repuTaTion our school has esTablished in The Tield oT sporTs. The Glee Club, SparTans, Band, and Choir have also proTiTed by The TalenTs of mu- sically-minded members oT This class. Up To This Time mosT Juniors have been Tollowing along in The general rouTine oT school IiTe. conTenT To IeT The Seniors be The leaders. Now, as The year draws To a close. They sense Their coming responsibiliTies and are looking Torward To The Time when They will be Seniors. As'They end Their Junior year, They will realize The imporTance oT sTudying hard in Their lasT year here. Many will regreT noT having sTarTed years ago. As we approach The end oT our reign as Seniors and leaders of H. I. S., we can noT avoid wondering whaT manner of descripTions and book reporTs Ivlr. STraiT will be able To wresT Trom These inexperienced Juniors or how Mr. Hoerner will be able To imparT any knowledge oT TrigonomeTry To Them. WhaT we do know is ThaT They will soon Think oT These men and Their oTher Teachers noT iusT as Teachers buT as per- sonal Triends who wanT To help Them. Juniors. we members of The Class oT I949 upon our gracIuaTion Turn over To you- wiTh compleTe conTidence in you-The leadership responsibiliTies oT H. I. S. SUPHUMURE CLASS We members of fhe Class of I949 are abouf fo leave our alma mafer fo carry on in affer-school life fhe fields of sfudy we began when we were Sophomores. Our de- parfure will creafe many vacancies in fhe personnel of all sfudenf organizafions, buf we have no fear fhaf The sfandards sef by our class and by preceding classes will de- cline. Unless hisfory fails fo repeal' ifself here af H. l. S., ample replacemenfs will appear when fhe need arises. If is fo be expecfed fhaf nexf year fhe burden of H. I. S. leadership will nafurally be fhe lof of fhe presenf Juniors, our immediafe successors, buf fhey will nolf be able fo carry 'rhaf load alone. Happily, fhey will noi have fo, for in fhe presenf Sophomore Class fhere is much falenf of all kinds-in scholarship. in leadership. in afhlefics. in mu- sic, and in fhe lesser-sfressed acfivifies of our school. This class has many boys who have already shown greaf promise of oulsfanding abilify in fhe various fields of high- school life. H. l. S. has had a glorious hisfory ever since ifs founding in l909 and especially since The opening in I934 of our magnificenf iunior-senior high-school building here on Paff's Hill. Our fradifions of oufsfanding accomplishmenf in all phases of school life have been consisfenfly high, a'nd we. as Seniors, are proud of our confribufion 'ro fhe fine record of our school. As we leave H. I. S., we wish fo express our confidence in fhe abilify of fhe Sopho- more Class fo make a maior confribufion foward mainfaining fhe high sfalndards of our school for The nexf Two years of ifs life. FRESHMAN CLASS The Freshman year of a boy's high-school life is one of greaT imporTance, Tor iT is here The Training QT an underclassman begins. Some of The many duTies and obligaTions are hard: some are quiTe enjoyable. l-le begins To realize The sTeps ThaT musT be Taken in order To become a Senior. This is The Time when boys discard Their cherished yo-yos, pea shooTers, and oTher assorTed novelTies ThaT were so much a parT of Their colorTul elemenTary and junior- high-school life. Numerous oTher changes come abouT also. Mussed Tresses change To well-groomed hair, and baggy knickers surrender To neaTly creased Trousers. Freshmen soon become aware oT The many acTiviTies in our seTup. and many of These boys compeTe Tor places in The various branches oT our Music DeparTmenT- The Band, Glee Club. and SparTans- hoping To reap The beneTiTs afforded by mem- bership in These organizaTions. In The realm of sporTs The Freshmen are The Tellows who help To make up The Third and TourTh sTrings on The varsiTy squads. They engage in sporTs Tor The experience ThaT will lead Them To TirsT-sTring berThs in years To come. Among The ouTsTanding a+hIe+es in The Freshman Class are Tom Eberly and Byron Weidow. They and many oThers will be asseTs To TuTure varsiTy Teams. To sum iT up. we, The Class of I949, can resT assured ThaT These young men will be capable oT Tilling The vacancies leTT by Their predecessors. We are conTidenT ThaT They will Take advanTage oT The many and diverse opporTuniTies ThaT a school as greaT as ours can oTTer. Eclifed, sei' in iype, prin'I'ed' and bouncl by siudeunis of I A 1 THE HERSHEY INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL- I Earle H. Marlcley' Clyde P. Siaclcs . . F. A. Mincemoyer Philip K. Shuler .. Allen F. Zook Merl L. Sfuckey .. Earle L. Sfahle .. ,- W' 1 ff .A fl i i Z lf7Zf',,,...v all I Z l -- QA 2 X l l 7'-::: -5.5 .f N ! ACKNUWLEDGMENTS . . . . Chairman Layoui and Ari' . . . . . Ediforial . . . Phoiography . Phoiography . . . Priniing . . . . Linofype AUTUGRAPHS :- 4-r W ful., "vif1.'W I -1-f. .:f'.4'! ""f' -4- i' ffl, if I "1WW' r'-M11-,' L' ' A 'f 3. 1. 'V X 1?.'f WWWWFfE'. gF:eQ'LW'EH'-fi :.:F' .'Hf, - - . 5, V-.-my-'rf'j5,, p j. "LQ .It 54 5' 1 ': .af :VJ-I " l-rf, Eau W - ' W' . . 1' "-.gWW A 1 , W I L ' ' 1-f LW' -..i:kW. 4'1 W l W .JFK ZW, L ,Q-W W':5i'If ':L-g:1WFg,f,,yg,-,WFi'Q1'I-jWW.1gqrWffW!W'b- W. , ' i W , W W W ' W I W W W I W W W W Q. W W s 'W . W I W! I W W W , , N W Q W I 'W W W W W 1 'W ' W f ' W W W W WW W W W W IW A . H l I WW . H F V W I W l W I W W W W I I W W W W WW W ' -N -- W W W W W J ' W , W W W I J V W W W , - W . W Q W g X V W - .7 Q W 1 W I. WW f-. wi , ww ,qs K ' u .. N vida. x"x -r 1 " 156

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