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l W v 4 U I v f xiii J HL. AA - A .. ,,- J. .Q "ir Y! A-Qi THE 1948 ACIQCDPQLIS OF THE HERSI-IEY INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL HEIQSHEY, PA, 0 m n. N ll I A 2 , I t A .I 41-I I X ... 3 5 LE.?f'lf-'P N 5"'-.--mam:-f 1 gif'-':i...w I 'IBA -- If 35 -,,1.., 2 H LK1. 'Tl ALMA MATER Our praises unlo fhee Rise +o Jrhe slcy. We're loyal, H. l. S., Our failh in Thee shall never die. There comes a lime when we Bid lhee good-bye. Hail, hail our Alma Maier, May your spiril' 'rrue be ever nigh! Chorus Lili your voices, singing of 'rhe school you love so wellg Send your voices. singing over every hill and dell: Swing along, wilh a song, Sing your praise wi'rh voices slrong. Ncwpold 7948 4 To those about to enter - WELCOME To those who will remain - A RECORD To those about to leave - SUCCESS ORDER OF BOOKS ADMINISTRATION MEMORIES CLASS OF I948 ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES UNDERCLASSMEN MR. MILTON S. I-IERSHEY Gm goauufm lvlillon S. Hershey-for many people lhese words name a greal businessman and philanfhropisl. For us, They mean a beloved fos+er ialher. l-le look us in our early years. fecl us, clolhed us, and gave us an educaiion. ln refurn, we shoulcl honor him by life-long appreciaiion. We sincerely hope lhal in lhe years lo come we may refleci creclil on him and on H. I. S. 3241- wwzzx 32557-V-HE his rg- wisp- QWTQFZH E ,W mhemggg W We M 25,254 asm BEE H E me-Q amd WSH M M A E m Em mimi as as SEHK E 55 na as-.Q r sa. 'figsggigim Mmm E Asegssrlzgfmzm M WWE, E., H. . i 5 E z.: M 5 Q? E E 7 E E Fw. H iaa.,,2.s 22555 H E H " X W fa mm W M :iw : 1 - , . gsm? E, -4 .. ,. . F . H vmgg frfff' wwf-' E 5 is 5 A -5 ' BF- 'L W is ewasgmwfsii is is M. a. gegsgeggegwmw ,, 2' . E MRJQAET HH ,. wig-gags E QEQQHE N wggmm wma ss Ma aawml-i H H-Rev. mm? H MR. C. FLOYD LICHTENBERGER Zeaficalian The Gradualing Class of i948 deems il a greal pleasure lo dedicaie This Acropolis To Mr. C. Floyd Lichienberger. A line friend, he is always ready ro give oi his Time and energy +0 help lhe fellows whenever a need arises. This dedicaliorm is inlended as an expression of our gralilude 'ro him, 2,9 , 1 Qyvgr alnificwgcenal Genfle of speech, buf absolufe of rule -Longfellow g0GfLCZOfM eu LiTTle do we realize, unTil we are juniors or seniors in high school, how large a place our Board oT Managers really has in our lives, boTh aT The Tarm-homes and in school. The men on The Board oT Managers have our inTeresTs and welTare ToremosT in all Their decisions. To make These decisions They musT use all Their resourceTulness and ToresighT. They realize our wanTs, needs, and ambiTions. Their desire is To give us as many oT The good Things oT liTe as possible. Many Times when we were Taced by seemingly insurmounTalole obsTacles, They were There, ready wiTh a guiding word oT advice. We are greaTly indebTed To Them Tor The wholesome living con- diTions under which we live as well as Tor The Tine insTrucTion and The high scholasTic s+andards oT The Hershey lndusTrial School. WiTh all These advanTages, which are broughT abouT by our Board oT Managers, we Tace our new Tasks in The world wiTh an easily un- dersTandable comridence. l.asTly, The Board oT Managers has TulTilled ours and Mr. l'lershey's TrusT in Them To use his generous endowmenT To enrich greaTly our lives here and To prepare us Tor The TuTure. As we, The Class oT I948, leave The halls oT H. I. S., we exTend our deepesT Thanks To our TosTer-TaThers, The Board oT Managers, Tor Their help in making our school liTe a success. Tlicmlonz Banks A. R. Whiteman J. J. Gallagher XV. H. Earnest C. J Zie ci D P'1ul VV1tme1 Estates Chemist Se.-c'y-Trezis. Sales-Choc. Corp. Counsel Pres, 11819118 Fst X ice Ch ur E. F. Hershey CRetirerll P. A. Staples P. N. Hershey O E Bolducr Pres. Nat'I. Bank Chair1nan Agr. Mgr. Alum!! E. II. Mzirkley Tl. F. Olena I. J. Daniel Problems concerning school operaTion and individual sTudenTs are dealT wiTh by The adminisTraTive sTaTT. We have come To know some oT These men quiTe well. Their eTTiciency and Thoroughness have won our respecT. OTTen They have helped us wiTh serious problems which opTimisTic youTh is prone To underesTimaTe. Much oT Their work goes unheralded, Tor They do noT boasT oT The beneTiTs The school receives Through Their work. We see The handiwork oT This group everywhere aT H. l. S.-in school and on The Tarrn-homes. They supervise our discipline, educa- Tion, and home liTe. When people visiTing The school remark abouT how well iT is operaTed, we are reminded ThaT much oT The crediT is due To These men. They hold imporTanT execuTive posiTions ThroughouT The Hershey EsTaTes. By The merging oT Their many and varied abiliTies we Teel ThaT Their decisions and Their soluTions oT problems conTronTing us are The besT possible. Their inTeresT in and devoTion To The school have resulTed in high sTandards and high ideals Tor us To Tollow. We realize ThaT we cannoT appreciaTe unTil laTer years The bene- TiTs received Through This able group, buT we do know They have helped To equip us To cope successfully wiTh our TuTures. As we leave our alma maTer, we wish To express our mosT sincere Thanks Tor Their labors in our behalT. J. O. Hersliey Dr. John Bealor VV. E. Moorc-liezid I. E. Bolzb P. N. Uersliey D . Paul VVitmer W. A. Hammrmrl C. F. I-Iarnish Ch, of Staff Principal amy, WiTh The greaTesT oT pride we presenT our TaculTy. We have no words To describe our Thanlcs and graTiTude Tor The paTience and energy They have expended To Teach us To The besT of Their abiliTies. We hope ThaT we have noT been Too oTTen inaTTenTive in The class- room. We know our TaculTy noT only as Teachers buT as good Triends and counselors when we needed advice. Many were The Times when They wenT ouT oT Their way To help us in our personal problems. They Told us OT Their experiences so ThaT we mighT proTiT by Their rnisTal4es. We have Touncl our TaculTy always ready and willing To help us in our social liTe. Too. ln our senior year This group helped us in many ways To plan and To make a success oT all OT our parTies. We will always remember These Times because oT The Tun we had. We sincerely hope we have leTT upon our TaculTy a good impres- sion oT our abiliTies. We know ThaT we will use all The advice and help They have given us To become beTTer ciTizens in The world oT Tomorrow, and we hope ThaT in The TuTure we will be a crediT To Them and Their eTTorTs in our behalT. We wanT, aT This Time. To Thank our TaculTy Tor everyThing They have done Tor us and To say good-bye To The besT TaculTy H. l. S. ever had. We are leaving The school, buT we will never TorgeT These people and all They have done Tor us, f ' ' f' K' wb- ' , H+' -,. . L ow aww .yn ,.,--5.941 M 'fs H 9022 x fx, in du u-var MW ,Egfr wwq ?g5 .gmmgm i nm: A" 'A 995 A 1. ,fA S, .1 r 2. wf fi 1 n E 5, :gi -xg mf Q Schoal Smaicei lmamaaiefi I summon up remembrance of fhings pas'r Shakespeare W H 1-: ,Sf TE sg 3 H: 2 5 igi ':':,.,. Q J in 5 Mr. John E. Wolfe, shor'I'hand and lyping ins+ruc+or here since Sepiember, I946, died Wednesday nigh'l', February Il, l948, in ihe Hershey Hospifal. He had been in ill healfh since mid-December, The resull' of an operafion Ias+ summer for an in+es+inal obs+ruc+ion. He was 28 years of age. A life-long residenl of Norlhumberland unfil 'Phe las+ few years. he was gradualed 'From 'l'he high school fhere in I937. He aH'ended Susquehanna Universi+y, where he played varsily baskeiball for 'three years. ln I943 he received a bachelor of science degree in commercial educafion. Shorfly +hereaf+er he enlered 'I'he Navy. He had Naval Reserve Officers Training al Noire Dame Universify and was graduaied la+e in I943 as an ensign in +l1e Gunfire Supporl' Group. He served in loolh 'ihe E. T. O. and ihe Asiafic-Pacific Thealer. He was discharged May I8. I946, as a lieu+enan+, junior grade, and commanding officer of LSM 345. On February lb, I946, in San Francisco, he married Miss Pauline M. Gilliland, of Charlolie, N. C., a former lieufenanl' in lhe Army Nursing Corps. Their son Randall was born May 9, I947. We, +he Class of I948, dedicaie +his page 'lo rhe memory of Mr. Wolfe, a 'Fine young man who was liked by all who knew him. Glam Ugice Robert Douglas Dale Adams George Berryhill Donald Smllsh President Treasurer Secretary Vice-President We, fhe Class of I948, feel +ha+ in elecring our class officers we chose from among our group 'four of +he mosl dependable, efficienl, and well-rounded boys. We are in- delo+ed 'ro +hem for fheir services +o fhe class and +0 'the sludenl' body. Among lhe many funclions fhal occurred during our regime as seniors were senior class dances and business meelings. These acliviiies were ably planned and well ex- ecurecl by our officers. We 'rhink fhey used good iudgmeni' in such decisions as choosing 'I'he class moHo and flower. ln conclusion, we say +l1a+ lheir leadership confribuled largely roward lhe success of our lasl' year al' H. l. S. 011:44 II25' 8fI8 813 815 9128 lOf8 10110 10118 IOfI9 10122 10125 10125 11115 11118 IIXI9 11130 12122 1212 12110 12114 12119 12120 Foolball praclice began. I947-i948 school +erm began. Eleclion of Senior Class Oiilicers. Glendale defeared Glenview, I9-7, for H. l. S. baseball champion- ship. Senior picrures Taken. Acropolis slalll appoinled. Glee Club sang al Teachers' ln- slirule in Hershey Thealre. Glee Club sang in Hurnrnelslown. H. l. S. Senior rings received. Senior Halloween Dance. Glee Club sang in Wesl Ham- burg. Sparlan Orchesira and Crlee Club gave exchange program ar Her- shey High. Thirly-eighlh anniversary ol The Hershey lndusfrial School. Homecoming Day. Alumni banquer and dance on "The Hill." H. l. S. music organizarions heard Harrisburg Symphony Orcheslra ar Jrhe Forum. Cocoa Bean Trophy presenled To Mr. Hammond by looiball co-cap- rains in viciory celebralion. Varsily le-Hers awarded To fool- ball squad. Baslcerball praclice began. Glee Club sang in Lancasrer. H. l. S.-H. H. S. Toolball ban- quer held in Communily Club Dining Room. H. l. S. music organizarions heard a Harrisburg area symphonic band in lhe Forum. Foorball ieam arrended Nobe Frank Memorial Banquei in Har- risburg. Glee Club sang in Hershey Evan- gelical Uniled Breihren Church. Sparran Orcheslra played for H. H. S. Senior Dance. H. l. S. deiealed H. H. S., 24-IO. in radio quiz program. Senior Chrislmas Dance. 12122 12123 12124 115 118 218 315 3113 3125 3130 414 4110 4118 512 515 5121 5130 515 515 517 Glee Club sang al Holrel Her- shey. Sludenl body saw "The Jolson S+ory" in assembly. Glee Club caroled in Hershey. Acropolis group picrures Jraken. Seniors look psychological Jresi. Glee Club sang in Lebanon. Glee Club sang al Lisner Audi- Jrorium in Washinglon, D. C. Senior S+. Palriclcs Day Dance. Sparfan Orcheslra and Glee Club gave exchange program ai New Cumberland. Couniy Forensic and lvlusic Lea- gue Conlesrs. Annual Spring Band Concerl. Glee Club sang in Hershey Trin- ily Lulheran Church. Sparran Orchesira played for Hummelslown Junior Prom. Glee Club sang in Reading. Choir concerl al Hershey Spring Creek Church of rhe Brerhren. Glee Club sang al Newville Pres- bylerian Church. Annual Spring Glee Club Show. Glee Club sang ar Memorial Day Services. Senior Class Banquel and Prom. Baccalaureale Service. Class Day Exercises. Graduarion Exercises l ln T936 a group oT TwenTy-Tive boys began Their TirsT year aT The Hershey lndusTrial School and laid The ToundaTion Tor The Class oT l948. Through The years many were added, and some have leTT. OT The original number, only eleven have been wiTh The class during iTs Twelve-year hisTory. All These years hold Tond mem- ories, buT iT wasn'T unTil our Treshrnan year ThaT The Things oT greaTesT imporTance began To happen To us. Ah. did we Teel imporTanT on ThaT Third day oT SepTember, I944I And why noT? ATTer eighT, long, grueling years oT school we had Tinally become Treshmen. BuT, alas, our air oT superioriTy was soon deTeaTed by The long grind oT LaTin and algebra. Already some oT our class had sTarTed To esTablish Themselves in sporTs, buT aT This early daTe inTramural sporTs seemed To dominaTe The scene. The Treshman year Tinally passed wiTh plenTy oT headaches Tor boTh sTudenTs and TaculTy. When The sophomore year sTarTed, we really had our hopes poinTed Toward The senior year. IT was here ThaT we Took one oT The mosT imporTanT sTeps in our lives. We began The courses which would evenT- GZQM Jain ually lead To our liTe work. MosT oT us were saTisTied wiTh our choices and began sTudying wiTh greaT spiriT. During This year our class esTablisTied a Tirm TooThold in sporTs and oTher exTracurricular acTiviTies. The experience gained aT This early dare was To prove valuable laTer. As The year advanced, so did our knowledge and scho- lasTic sTanding advance: buT we had yeT To learn whaT The TuTure held in sTore Tor us. As The junior year sTarTed, we began To realize more Tully our responsibiliTy To The school. We had leaders in sporTs, sTudies, and exTracurricular acTiviTies who had The Tull supporT oT The class behind Them. IT is True ThaT some oT us could have worked a Ii++Ie harder aT The beginning oT The year, buT by The end oT The Term mosT oT us were doing our besT. The high-lighT oT This year came wiTh The annual junior sTag parTy, which in Turn was high-lighTed by The annual gripe Tor a iunior prom. On SepTember Third, I947, as we ga- Thered in The audiTorium Tor The opening oT school, we oTTicially began our lasT year as homeboys. As The year progressed, There were many reminders ThaT This was our senior year. Senior picTures were Tak- en, received, and prompTly given away by some oT The more Teminine-minded mem- bers oT The class, and our social TuncTions became more TrequenT. DespiTe every one's Tears, our TirsT dance was a greaT success, buT iT was only a sTepping sTone To The biggesT social evenT of The year- The CommencemernT Prom. Today, as we look back over our Twelve years OT school- ing, we realize ThaT our lasT year was The mosT diTTiculT. However, iT was worTh The eTTorT, Tor iT was also The besT year. efadfi will We, The Class oT l948, being oT sound mind lloelieve noT The juniors on This sub- iecTl, do hereby publish our lasT will and TesTamenT. Our group bequesTs Tollow: To'The board of managers, adminisTra- Tion, and TaculTy we leave our deepesT ap- preciaTion Tor Their guidance. To The underclassmen go our inTesTinal TorTiTude, brillianT in+eIIec+, and general wiT, wiTh The obvious qualiTicaTion ThaT They divide equiTably This greaT sTore ac- cording To need. Individual bequesTs are as Tollows: Heilman leaves his inTelligence and pos- iTion as waTer boy To DieTz and Walsh respecTively. Mayer hands his arTisTic Tal- enTs To Dale PeiTTer. Bob Buck is The re- cipienT oT The versaTiliTy and honor oT Bob Douglas. WhiTTield, ThaT huge, quivering mound oT Tlesh and bone lmosTly Tleshl, leaves his vocal abiliTy To Fred Madeira. lWhiTTy would leave some Tlesh To be divided be- Tween James EisenhuTh and Guy lv1cKinny, buT he's aTraid EisenhuTh wouldn'T share iT wiTh C5uy.l Don SmiTh gives his aThleTic abiliTy To Pud King, while his sporTsmanship is spread over The enTire junior class. ThaT marvelous Adams physique lsighll couldn'T be clo- naTed Tairly To only one person, so we ap- poinT him To compile a lisT oT worThy re- cipienTs. Dale leaves his handsome proTile To Elmer ZiTch. To George Wallish goes Berryhill's de- pendabiliTy. EclcenroTh besTows his sincer- iTy upon Venables. and Spece wills his ambiTion To Fred Hand. Spece also auThor- izes Mr. Payne To selecT a iump-and-iiver To succeed him in The SparTan OrchesTra. Herb, Hargrove, and FarnworTh leave Their crude business TacTics and abiliTies To Dunlevy and Croce. Ask These Tellows whaT happened when Lincoln was squeezed so hard his nose bled. Seiler gives his snappy wardrobe To LundquisT and his courTeousness To Ray Topper. LiTTle leaves his smile and good naTure To Raslcin. i Hanlcins wills his radar seT To Bill Woods, provided he Takes iT To all gym classes. Hanson bequeaThs his booming voice To Bocian and RuTherTord. lPuT iT To good use, boys: There is plenTy oT iT.l Since no one needs Them more, we leave our TooThless combs and polishing cloThs To Messrs. ReiTz, Shuler, Markley, and The resT of The TaculTy who may Tind Them use- Tul in The coming years. In closing, we leave To The iuniors our crazy Tads, such as yo-yos. waTer pisTols, and bubble gum. We also leave The under- classmen our brolcen razor blades las ET we ever used Theml and The Halloween deco- raTions Trom our TirsT dance. And now, on This sevenTh day oT June, I948, we end This documenT as our lasT oTTicial acT as sTuolenTs oT H. l. S. The usual cusTom on Class Day is To proiecT yourself inTo The TuTure and sneak a look aT FaTher Time's "Book oT Ages." There's no reason why we should be diTier- enT, so, as The one TireTIy said To The oTher. "LeT's glow." Upon opening The book we see many Tamiliar names. Levi Herb and Abie Har- grove are selling names cards, waIIeT in- serTs, ,belT buckles, eTc., in SouTh Phila- delphia. Carl HeTrick is sales manager and general nuisance. The snapshappies, Dick Gaughan and John HumberT, are pop- ping shuTTers Tor Ensminger STudios. LeRoy Mayer has Taken over Varga's and PeTTy's iobs. Bill Tucker achieved his IiTe's desire by becoming a missionary in ATrica. Larry CrampTon wenT along as guide and inTer- preTer. Ah, I see we have some disTinguished scholars aTTer all, Lloyd DieTrich is a pro- Tessor aT P. U.-Phogbound UniversiTy. Mark Blizzard is a Tamous criminal lawyer. He hasn'T won a case yeT. Larry Conrad and Bob HarTsTein have become.poeTs. and Their laTesT poem is someThing abouT "OI' Nell in The Graveyard." Bob Douglas. noTed auThor, has iusT published his laTesT Glau Paapizecuf novel, Two RabbiTs LosT in The Woods. They Tell me ThaT iT's a hair-raising sTory. We also developed some musical TaIenT. Doran WhiTTieId is a soprano soIoisT Tor The WesTinghouse Chorus, which is led lno kiddingI by Tom Yoder. Hank Spece, lThe boy wiTh The beaT ThaT's all reeTI is pounding The drums Tor Woody Wagner's Wood Choppers. Johnny Ivlurray's Polish PoIkaTeers are doing all righT around The mining regions. Ah yes, musicians have a nice rackeT. In TacT, They make Their own. On The sporTs pages we see ThaT ShorTy Nicholson and Yog Boyer have become bone-crushing, proTessionaI "wrassIers" liT says herel. Harry Hepler and Joe Fry are calling signals Tor The Wiconisco Wizards. Jack Hickey is a Tackle aT Trevor Tech. DynamiTe Jim Creghan is a guard on The FighTing Irish eleven. Doc Hanson has Tak- en over The public-speaking duTies aT The Yankee STadium IwiThouT The loudspeaker, ThaT isl. WalT Heilman, is incidenTally, sTiII waTer boy Tor The SparTans. Browsing around Through The book, we Tind ThaT George Berryhill and Glenn Baugher have seTTIed down and are hap- pily raising Their respecTive Tribes. STU Bish has Taken over Jigg's place aT The zoo. Jock Diamond has sTolen The TiTle, The Nose, Trom Bernie Reed. Oakman, Hake, and Sauder are building chicken houses' Tor hen-pecked husbands EaTon. STonebraker. and Harman. My space is Tilled, so I'Il close The book. The resT oT The Tellows musT waiT To see whaT The TuTure holds Tor Them. IT is my sincere hope ThaT They will be as happy and successTuI as Those whose careers I have predicTed. '7fze fcfeaf Seniafa Be as handsome as ..4. Be as inlelligenf as .... Be as businesslike as ,... Be as willy as ...... Be as amloilious as ,.., Be as sincere as ......, Be as good'na+ured as ,,.. Be as courleous as, .. Be as cooperalive as, ., Be as well liked as,. Dress as well as ,... Be a sludenl like .,.. Be a dancer like ....,. Be an alrhlele like ...... Have a personalily like. A , Have a smile like ..,.. Have a physique like.. Have Jrhe dependabilily of .,,,. Have lhe honor ol .... Have The versalilily oi. Have 'rhe sporlsmanship of l-lave Have lhe singing voice oi, lhe arf abilily of. ., .. ,. Dale Adams ,Waller l-leilman , . . . John Murray , ,James Creghan . . .Richard Spece George Eckenroih .. . .Wayne Liille .....Frank Seiler . . , Edwin Shepps .Arlhur Hargrove . . . . . Frank Seiler . , .Lloyd Dielrich Roloerl Harlslein ,. .Donald Smilh . . .Gerald Ryman . , , .Wayne Lillie ... . Dale Adams George Berryhill 4 .Roberf Douglas . Roberf Douglas .. . .Donald Smilh , Doran Whilfield , .. LeRoy Mayer Mm! Bluff of 7948 f + re wifhoul' fear and will: Go forlh +0 meel' Hire shadowy u u a manly lwearl' -Longfellow DALE C. ADAMS . "Beef" Aufo-Mechanic Upper Darby, Pa. Band 2, Baseball 3-4, Baslcefball 2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseballl- 2-3-4. Foolball I-2-3-4 lCo-Captl, Glee Club 4, l-lorneroom Officer I-2-4 lTreas.l, lnfrarnural Sollball 2-3, lniramural Wreslling 2-3-4, Monilor 3-4, Senior Class Officer lTreas.l GLENN L. BAUGHER lluggsll Elecfrical Manclaesler, Md. Boy Scours l, Farm-Home Baseball l-2-3-4, Farm-l-lome Olzlicer 2-3-4 lRep.l, Foolball 2-3-4, l-lomeroom Officer lTreas.l, lnlramural Baslcelball 3-4, lnlrarnural Boxing 3, ln- 'rramural Wreslling 3, Monilor 4, Radio Club l GEORGE D. BERRYHILL "Berries" Prini-ing Lewisiown, Pa. Baslcelball 2, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-l-lome Officer I-2-3-4, Foolball 2-3-4, lnlrarnural Baslcelball I-3-4, lnlramural Boxing I-2, lnlramural Sollball 3-4, lnlramural Wreslling I-2-3, Moni+or 3-4, Senior Class Ollicer lSec.l, Siuclenl' Sen- ale 3-4 lVice-Pres.l, Wreslling 4 STUART A. BISH llS+ull Carpeniry Columbia. Pa. Cheerleader 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, l-lomeroom Oilfi- cer l, lnlramural Baskefball I-2-3-4, lnlramural Boxing I, lnfrra- mural Solfball I-2-3-4, Wreslling 4 MARK E. BLIZZARD "Blizz" Academic Bal+imore, Md. Boy Scouls I-2-3-4, Clwoir 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Glee Club 4, l-lomeroom Officer 2 lSec.l, lndus+rialis+ Shall 3-4, lniramural Baslcelball 4, lniramural Solilrball 3-4. Infra- mural Wreslling 3-4, Plwolography Club 3-4 lV.-Pres.l, Ouarleif 4, School Guide 2-3-4, Sparlan Orcl'1es'rra 4 lMgr.l, Sludenl' Senaie 4 EDWARD C. BOYCE llEdll Aulo-Mechanic Clearfield. Pa. Farm-l-lome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-l-lome Officer 2-3-4, lV.- Pres.l, l-lomeroom Officer 3-4, lnlrarnural Baslcelball 3-4, ln- 'lramural Boxing I-4, lniramural Soliball 3-4, lnlramural Wreslling I-3-4, Monilor 3-4, Sludenl Senale 4 HAROLD A. BOYER llYogiell Plumbing Chambersburg, Pa. Band I-2-3-4, Farm-l-lome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Offi- cer l-2-3-4 lTreas.l, lnlramural Baslcelball 4, lnlramural Boxing 4, lnlramural Sollball 3-4, lvloniror 3-4 ROBERT F. CARLTON "Tex" Commercial Philadelphia, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-l-lorne Officer 2-3-4, lTreas.l, lnlramural Baslcelball l-2-3-4, lnlramural Soflball I-2-3-4, lnrramural Wreslling I-2, Sludenl Senale 4 LAWRENCE W. CONRAD "Larry" Sheel'-Me+al Reading. pa- Earm-Home Baseball 2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 4 ll-'res.l Foolball 2-3-4, lnlramural Baskelball I-2-3-4, lnlramural Boxinci I-2-3-4, lnlramural Solrball I-2-3-4, lnlramural Wresrling 3-4 Wreslling 4 ' J. LAWRENCE CRAMPTON d Ill-arryll Aca emic B h d Airplane Club I. Air Scouls 2-3-4, Bible SchoecjlcTZgghi PZ. Choir 4, Church Service Assislanl 4, E -H er ' B I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4 lPres.l,agleeOrCTub aieiiii' l-lomeroom Officer 3-4 lSec.l, lnclus'l'rialis+ Slalil 3-4, lnrraniural Baslcelball 4, lnlrarnural Sollball 4, lnrramural Wreslling I-3 Pholography Club 2-3-4 - ' i z Yi X i K li .... . s ,iii . QT 15 4? " -3 :iii 5 351, ., ' . ... - .lg-3-' Z CHARLES S. CRAWFORD "Shor'I'y" Carpenlry Kingsfon, Pa Acropolis Sfaff 4, Boy Scoufs I, Choir I, Farm-Home Base: ball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4, Farm-I-Iome Reporfer 3 Foofball 2-3-4, I-Iomeroom Officer I-2-3-4, Inframural Baslcef- ball 2-4, Inframural Boxing I-2-3-4, Inframural Soffball 2-3-4, Inframural Wresfling I-2-3, Wresfling 4 JAMES J. CREGHAN "Trigger" Prinfing Fairview, N. J. Band I-2, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 4 IV.-Pres.I, Foofball 2-3-4, Inframural Baslcefball 4, Infra- mural Boxing 4, Inframural Soffball 3-4, Inframural Wresfling 2-3-4, Monifor 3-4 RALPH W. DAVIS "Bucky" SI1eef-Mefal Harrisburg, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 4 IV.-Pres.I. Inframural Baskefball 3-4, Inframural Boxing 2, Inframural Soffball 2-3-4, Monifor 3-4 RANDOLPH L. DAWSON "Duke" Plumbing Lebanon, Pa. Band 3, Choir I-2-3, Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 4 IV.-Pres.I, Glee Club I-2-3-4, Inframural Baslcefball 4, Inframural Boxing 4, Inframural Soffball 4, Inframural Wresfling 3-4 EDGAR DIAMOND "Jock" - Carpenfry Chesfer, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 4 ISec. 84 Treas.I, I-Iomeroom Officer I-2 ISec.I, Inframural Boxing 3-4, Inframural Soffball 3-4, Inframural Wresfling 3-4 LLOYD E. DIETRICH "Dee+" Academic Fleefwoocl, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff 4. Baskefball 3-4, Bible School Teacher 4, Boy Scoufs 2-3-4, Choir 3-4, Church Service Assisfanf 4, Farm- Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 lV.-Pres.l. Foofball 2-3-4, Glee Club 3-4, Homeroom Officer I-2-3-4 QV.-Pres.?, lnclusfrialisf Sfraff 3-4, lnframural Baslcefball I-2, ln- framura Soffball I-2-3-4, lnframural Wresfling 2 RICHARD E. DODSON "Dickie" Prini-ing Benfon, Pa. Boy Scoufs I, Farm-Home Baseball l-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer lV.-Pres.l 4, Inframural Baslcefball 4. lnframural Box- ing I-2-3-4, lnframural Wresfling 3, Monifor 3-4, Wresfling 4 ROBERT E. DOUGLAS "Bob" Academic Philadelphia, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff 4, Baslcefball 2-3-4, Bible School Teacher 3-4, Boy Scoufs I-2-3-4, Choir 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer lPres.l I-2-3-4, Foofball 2-3-4, Glee Club 3-4, Homeroom Officer lPres.l I-2-3-4. lnclusfrialisi' Sfaff l-2-3- 4, lnframural Baslcefball I, Inframural Soffball l-2-3-4, Senior Class Officer lPres.l 4, School Guide 2-3-4, Sfudenf Senafe 2 CHARLES H. EATON "Chuck" Aufo-Mechanic Wesi Brownsville, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-3, Infra- mural Basleefball 3-4, lnframural Soffball 3-4, lnframural Wresfling 2-3, Monifor 3-4 GEORGE H. ECKENROTH llRedll Machinisl' Robesonia, Pa. Baseball 3-4. Baslcefball 3, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm- Home Officer 4 lV.-Pres.l, Foofball 2-3-4, lnframural Baslqef- ball 2-3-4, lnframural Soffball 2-3-4, lnframural Wresfling 2-3 Monifor 3-4 NORMAN J. ECKLEY "Wl1i1'ey" Co-op. Seaside Park, N. J. Acropolis Slaii 4, Band I, Choir I, Farm-Home Baseball I-2- 3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4, lnlramural Soflball 3, Moniior 4 GEORGE W. EVANS "Neff" Plumbing Duncansville, Pa. Bancl I-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer lV.-Pres.l 3-4, Homeroom Officer 3, lnlramural Baskerball I-2- 4, lnlramural Boxing I-3-4, lnrrarnural Sollball 2-3-4, Infra- mural Wreslling I-2-4, Monilor 3-4 LISTER M. FARNWORTH "Farny" Commercial Upper Darby, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Orficer 4, Home- room Officer 2-3-4, lnclusfrialisi' Slaff 2-3-4, lnlramural Boxing I-4, lniramural Wresiling I-4, Monilor 4 JAMES J. FINNEGAN "Fudd" Academic Philadelphia, Pa. Acropolis Slaff 4, Boy Scouls I-2-3, Choir I, Farm-Home Base- ball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Oriicer 3, lnclus+rialis+ Slari 3-4, ln- lramural Baskelball 4, lnlramural Boxing 3, lnrramural Soffball 3-4, lnrramural Wreslling 3, Plworograplwy Club 3. Slring En- semble I-2, Symphony Orcheslra I JOSEPH V. FRY "Greek" Elecfrical Alfoona, Pa. Baseball 3-4, Baslcelball 3-4 lCo-Captl, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-lPres.l 3-4, Foorball 2-3-4. l-lomeroom Officer I-lPres.l 2-3, Inlramural Baslcelball I-2, ln- 'rramural Soflball 2-3, lnlramural Wresllinq I-2-3, Monilor 4 RICHARD F. G-AUGHAN llMoIell Acropolis Slall 4, Boy Scouls I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I- 2-3-4, IncIus'IriaIis'I' Sfafl 3-4, Inlramural Baskelball 4, Inframural Boxing I-2, InI'ramuraI Solfball 3-4, Inlrarnural Wreslling I, Plwolograplwy Club I-2-3-4, Sludenl Senale 2-3-4 RICHARD M. GETTLE 1. ll-Joel: -I .-4 Elecfrical Lebanon, Pa. :I'ffI 'i I Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Of- gv H , Iicer I-2-3 IPres.I, Inframural Soffball 3, Inlramural Wreslling 2-3, Monilor 4 V .15 Iilzfgf Q C3 . ,.. ,,,V 'If .t CARON T. HAKE i s "Buns" 3 'W Carpenfry Red Lion, Pa. I Acropolis SI'aI'I 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home "":' Ollficer I-2-3-4, In'rramuraI BasIceI'baII 4, Inlramural Boxing I-3- l 4, Inlramural Soffball 3-4, Inframural Wresfling I-3-4, Sludenl Senafe 2-4 JAMES J. HAND Vuqlzl luJirnn : U Shee+-Me+aI New sloomnela, Pa. ,,,, ' f Boy Scouls I, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home OI- I "" Iicer IV.-Pres.I 3-4, Homeroom Officer 3-4, Inframural Baslcel- . :.: ball 2-3-4, Inlramural Boxing 3, Inframural Soflball 2-3-4, Mon- ' ,,,, ,,,,,,, , HO' 4 " WILLIAM M. T. HANKINS I "Hank" ' EI6C'I'I'IC6I Smyrna' Del' Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Of- ficer ITreas.I 3-4, Inlramural BasI4e+baII 3-4, InI'ramuraI Boxing 4, Inframural Soflball 3-4, Inlramural Wreslling 3-4 Academic Jackson Heighis, N. Y. 1 ,.,,i i1 WALTER D. HANSON IIDOCII Prin'l'ing Hampsfead, Md. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-l-lome Officer lV.-Pres.l I-2-3-4, Foofball 2-3-4, Homeroom Officer lV.-Pres.l I-2, ln- dusirialisf Sfaff 4, lnframural Soffball 3-4, lnframural Wresf- ling 2-3-4, lvlonifor 4, Sfudenf Senafe 3-4, Wresfling 4 ARTHUR W. HARGROVE llAr+ll I Carpenfry Miami, Fla. Cheerleader 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Of- ficer I-2-3-4. Foofball I-2-3-4, l-lomeroom Officer I-2-3-4, ln- framural Boxing I-2-3-4, lnframural Baslcefball I-2-3-4, Infra- mural Soflball I-2-3-4, lnframural Wresfling I-2-3-4 J. LA RUE HARMAN llBaIdylI Au'I'o-Mechanic Williamsporf, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball 2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4, lnframural Wresfling 3-4, lvlonifor 4 PAUL C. HARNISH "Paul" Sheel-Melal Myersfown, Pa. Dance Club 4, Band I-2-3-4, Choir I-2, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3, Glee Club 2, lnframural Baslcefball 4, lnframural Soffball 3-4, lnframural Wresfling 2-3- 4. Monifor 4, Pluofograplmy Club I-2, Sfudenf Senafe 3 ROBERT E. HARTSTEIN llHar+yll Sheef-Me+al Lancasfer, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3 lV.-Pres.l, Foofball 4, l-lomeroom Officer 2-3-4, lnframural Baslcefball I-2- 3-4, lnframural Boxing 3-4, lnframural Soffball I-2-3-4, Infra- mural Wresfling 2-3-4, Monifor 4 JAMES A. HARTWELL, JR. llsugsll Machinisf New Kensingfon, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer ITreas.l I-2-3-4. Glee Club 2, I-lomeroom Officer ISec.I 2-4, lnframural Baslcefball 4, Inframural Boxing I, Inframural Soffball 3-4. Inframural Wresfling I-2-3, Monifor 4 WALTER L. HEILMAN "Wal+" Academic Kingsfon, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff 4. Baseball IMgr.I 3-4, Baskefball IMgr.I 2-3-4. Bible School Teacher 4. Boy Scoufs I-2-3-4, Cfmoir 3-4. Farm- Horne Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3, Foofball IMgr.I 3-4. Glee Club 2-3-4. lnclusirialisi Sfaff 3-4, Inframural Baslcefball 3-4, lnframural Soffball 4, Plwofograplwy Club 3-4, Ouarfef 4, School Guide 2-3-4, Sfuclenf Senafe I-2-3 HARRY E. HEPLER "Chauncey" Elecfrical New Kensingfonf Pa. Baseball 3-4, Baslcefball 3-4, Boy Scoufs I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer I-2-IPres.I 3-4, Foofball I-2-3-4 ICQ-Capfl, Homeroom Officer I-2 IPres.I-3, infra- mural Baslcefball I-2, Inframural Soffball 3-4, Infrarnural Wresfling I-2-3. Monifor 4, Sfudenf Senafe 3-4 ISec.I JAMES H. HERB llJim'l Carpenfry Orwigsburg, Pa. Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Of- ficer lPres.I 4, Foofball 2-3-4, Inframural Baslcefball I-2-3-4. In- 'rramural Soffball I-2-3-4, Infrarnural Wresfling 3-4 CARL E. HETRICK Heis Carpenfry Granfvllle, Pa Farm Home Baseball I 2 34 Farm Home Officer 4 Rep Foofball 234 Inframural Baslcefball I4 Inframural Boxing I Inframural Soffball 3 4 lnframural Wresfllng I 2 3 4 Sfudenf ffllvf S' it fliggfs 1 4 , X s Y if h 5 Sgt xx 31, if ff f ,. ix. fix 1 -Q a- ,A 3'-.,.E, . 1 g. I I if 2, Haig' 'aw ii as as 4 si , 3 4. , J ,I 1 r X lx 3 J 4' T Q L ff?" -' 5 I Z LSB? A ,f fa 1 U Y Q mw- 4 1 , 1 if fig' 'ef' 1 I 11, Y Wf 3'YX',f71:f' . mfg: wg.: , ' f 1- ex Q- G 'I I A- f, ---- - - -11.5. :: - K 1 -V 1 X . :mi Q ., 1:-:fa 1 -. :el-ea: -:aaezfi L 5 W .. ,. W ,, 3 WW' ll n Senafe 4 :-- ' 3 4 E , :eff - - ,iff 02,2 A 1 Z y X , L, Q ' isr- L M i xg ul! A, , ! Q.. gif 4? eff If fi . 'x, ir' E' 1 J' ,P sf f 'lg X mf f if ,-,, 1 KA X JACK L. HICKEY "Jack" Commercial Bressler, Pa. Baslcefball 3, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3 llleporferl, Foofball I-2-3-4, Homerodm Officer I-2-3-4 lV.-Pres.l, lnframural Baslcefball I-2-3-4, lnframural Boxing I, lnframural Soffball I-2-3-4, lnframural Wresfling 4 JOHN S. HUMBERT "Red" Baking Lamberiville, N. J. Band 2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 lV.-Pres.l, Homeroom Officer 2-3 lSec.l, lndusirialisi' Sfaff 3, Plwofograplwy Club I-2- 3-4 RICHARD E. HYDE "Mess" Macllinisf Bedford, Pa. Boy Scoufs I, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, lnframural Baslcef- ball I-3-4, lnframural Boxing I-2, lnframural Soffball 2-3-4, Inframural Wresiling I-2-3-4, Monifor 3-4 ALTON L. KAUFFMAN IIAIII Elecfrical New Bloomfield, Pa. Baseball 3-4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4 lV.-Pres.l, Homeroom Officer I-2-4 lSec.l, Inframural Baskefball I-3-4, lnframural Soffball I-3-4, lnframural Wresf- ling 3-4, Monifor 4 RONALD H. KILPATRICK "Ronnie" Plumbing Reading, Pa. Boy Scoufs I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Homeroom Officer 4, lnframural Baslcefball 4, lnframural Boxing 4, ln- framural Sofiball 3-4, lnframural Wresfling l-2-3-4, Monifor 4 PAUL N. LINDENBERGER llRa+ll Aufo-Mechanic Columbia, Pa. Boy Scoufs l-2, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-l-lome Officer 4, l-lomeroom Officer 2-3, Inframural Baskefball 3-4, lnframural Soffball 3-4, lnframural Wresfling 2-3, Monifor 3-4 WAYNE L. LITTLE "Mer+" Machinisi' Philipsburg, Pa. Baseball 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-l-lome Officer 3, Foofball 2-3-4, l-lomeroom Officer 4 lPres.l, lnframural Box- ing I-3, lnframural Soffball 2-3, lnframural Wresfling I-2-3, Monifor 3-4, Wresfling 4 MERRILL LYNN llNipll Academic Wafsonfown, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff 4, Boy Scoufs I-2-3-4, Choir 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-l-lome Officer I-2-3-4, Foofball 2-3-4, l-lomeroom Officer I-2-3-4, lnclusfrialisi Sfaff 3-4, Inframural Baslcefball I-2-3-4, lnframural Boxing I-2, lnframural Soffball I-2-3-4, lnframural Wresfling I-2, Pfiofograpliy Club 3-4, School Guide 2-3-4 JOHN A. MANWILLER "Johnny" Prinfing , Laureldale, Pa. Cheerleader 3-4, Choir I, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm- l-lome Officer 3-4, l-lomeroom Officer 3, lnframural Baslcefball 4, lnframural Boxing I, lnframural Soflball 3-4, Monifor 3-4, Sfudenf Senafe 3-4 M. LEROY MAYER "Louie" Commercial Pi++sburgh, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff 4, Banol I-2-3-4, Choir I. Farm-Home Officer I-2. Homeroom Officer l, Inframural Soffball l, School Guide 3-4 , CARROL S. MILLARD "Ducky" Elecirical Birdsboro, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer I-2-3-4, I-Iomeroom Officer 2, Inframural Baslcelball 3-4, Inframural Boxing I, Iniramural Soflball I-2-3-4, Inlramural Wresfling I-2, Monilor 4, Radio Club I DANIEL D. MILLER IlDanll Prinfing Upper Darby, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff 4 IEdi+or-in-Clwiefl, Band I-2-3-4, Boy Scouls I, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2, Inframur- al Baslfefball 3-4, Inlramural Sollball 4, Inframural Wresiling I- 2-3-4, Monifor 3-4, Slucleni Senafe 3 WILLIAM B. MOORE IIBHIII Eleclrical Coaiesville, Pa. Cheerleader 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-I-Iome OI- Iicer I-2-3-4, I-Iomeroom Officer I-2, Iniramural Baslcelball 3- 4, Iniramural Wreslling I-2-3-4. Monifor 4, Radio Club I, Slrucleni Senale I-2 ' EUGENE MUIRHEAD llMoell Commercial Philadelphia, Pa. Band I-2-3-4, Boy Scoufs 2-3-4, Choir I-2-4, Farm-Home Base- ball l-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer I-2-3-4, Glee Club I-2-4, I-Iomeroom Officer I, Inlramural Baslcefball I-2-3-4, Infra- mural Boxing I-2, Inlrarnural Soffball I-2-3-4, Inframural Wres+Iing I-2-4 JOHN H. -MURRAY llMurPhll Commercial PIYm0UI'I'1. P6- Acropolis Slaff 4, Choir I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officerl-2-3-4, Foolball 2-3-4, Glee Club I-2-3-4 ISec.I, I-Iorneroorn Officer IPres.I 2-3-4. InI'ramuraI Baslcelball I-2-3-4, Inlramural Boxing 2-3-4, Inframural Soffball I-2-3-4, Inframural Wreslling 2-3, Oc'reI' 4, Ouarlel 4 ROBERT A. NICHOLSON "Nick" Prinfing Reedsville, Pa. Boy Scoufs I-2, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Of- ficer '3-4, lnframural Soffball 4, lnframural Wresfling 3. Mon- ifor 3-4. Sfuolenf Senafe 4 V FLOYD E. OAKMAN IIB-Bl' Carpenfry Jerome, Pa. Baskefball I. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer 2 lSec.l. lnframural Boxing I, lnframural Soffball I-2-3-4, Infra- mural Wresfling I-2-3-4 DAVID B. PAULY "Dave" Plumbing Lewisfown, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4, Homeroom Officer I. lnframural Baslcefball I-4, lnframural Boxing I. lnframural Soffball 2-3-4, lnframural Wresfling l-2-3- 4, lvlonifor 4 FRANK E. PERRY llMikell Machinisf Benfon, Pa. Farm - Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm - Home Officer I-2-4. Homeroom Officer 3. Inframural Baslcefball 4, Inframural Soff- ball 4, Inframural Wresfling I, Ivlonifor 3-4 JAMES F. PETERSON lIRedlI Baking Birdsboro, Pa. Bancl 4. Farm-Home Baseball l-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer lSec.l I-2-3-4, lnframural Soffball 3-4. lvlonifor 4 :5,:.,. V 8 I1 is .16 , 2. ,I , A. ,Iwi V HEEL u ' v L, if X, DAVID R. PRICE "Chink" Baking Hamburg, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball 3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer 2-3-4, Home- room Officer 2, Inframural Soffball 3-4 BERNARD O. REED "Bernie" Sheef-Mefal Shippensburg. Pa. Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3 lPres.I- 4, Foofball 2-3-4, I-Iomeroom Officer 2-3, Inframural Baskefball I-2-3-4, Inframural Boxing I-2-3-4, Inframural Soffball I-2-3-4, Inframural Wresfling 2-3-4, Ivionifor 4 DAVID W. REED llnannyll Commercial , Kingsfon, Pa. Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer 4 lTreas.I, I-Iomeroom Officer 2 lSec.l, Inclusfrialisf Sfaff 2-3-4, Infra- mural Soffball 3-4, Plwofograpliy Club 4, School Guide 3-4 PAUL I'I. RICKMERS llRick'l Prinfing Bloomsburg, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer I-2-3-4, Foofball 3. I'Iomeroom Officer I-2, Inframural Baslcefball 3-4, Inframural Boxing I, Inframural Soffball 3-4, Monifor 3-4, Sfuclenf Senafe 3-4 GERALD L. RYMAN "Jerry" Aufo-Mechanic Hershey, Pa. Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer 3, Home- room Officer I-2, Inframural Baslcefball I-2-3-4, Inframural Soffball 2-3-4, Ivlonifor 3-4 ROBERT K. SAUDER "Pele" Carpen+ry Upper Darby, Pa. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Oili- cer lSec.l I-2-lTreas.l 3-4, lniramural Baskelball I-3-4, Infra- mural Soiiball 3-4 MARLIN CHARLES SCHWARTZ l'Redll Baking Hegins, Pa. Baseball 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, lnlramural Baslcel- ball 2-3, lniramural Sofiball 2-3-4, lnframural Wresiling I-2 FRANK W. SEILER l'Redll Machinisi' Hopwood, Pa. Acropolis Slalil 4, Choir 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 lPres.l. Glee Club 2-3-4, Home- room Officer I-2 lPres.l, lnlramural Baslceiball 4, lnlramural Boxing I-2-3-4, lniramural Soflball 3-4, lniramural Wreslling I-2-3, Monifor 3, Ociei 3, Spar+an Orclwesfra 4, Sfudenl Senaie 3-4. Wresiling 4 EDWIN C. SHEPPS llTonyll Baking Lebanon, Pa. Baseball 3-4, Baskelball 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3, lnlramural Baslcelball 2, lnframural Soff- ball 2 CORTLAND B. SMITH llCor+y'l Machinisi Glen Rock, Pa. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Offi- cer 3-4, Glee Club 2. lnlramural Wreslling 3, lvloniior 3, S+uclen+ Senale 3 . 4 '- Win' -T 4 ' Vtk' 'V ,,., ... --: - :HH 1.2 :,:'J., - 1 li. Q F . SYM! I . Q nj? 5515, ,. ..f...:iiSlf'f . X .. "'c'fX':"?.i'-:I':3if"f 1 ' , . 3 , . 3' 5 is I I bnnu .,,.,,,, , . E -w w . -FA : Q 4 l X l l' ren. DONALD J. SMITH "Duck" Prinling EncIico'H, N. Y. Baseball 3-4, Baslcelball I-2-3-4, Boy Scouls I-2-3-4, Choir I, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-lome Ollicer 2-3-4, Fool- ball I-2-3-4, l-lomeroom Olllicer 2-3-4, lnlramural Baslcelball I-2-3, lnlramural Soflball I-2-3-4, lnlramural Wreslling 2-3, Monilor 3-4, Senior Class Olilicer IV.-Pres.l, Sparlan Orclnes- lra 4 lproperly Mgr.l, Sludenl Senale 3-4 lPres.l MICHAEL SNYDER "Hare" Commercial Philadelphia, Pa. Farm-I-lonne Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Orlicer 2-3, Fool- ball 2-3, Glee Club 3-4, llnlramural Sollball 2-3-4, Sluclenl Senale 3 RICHARD H. SPECE "Hank" Carpeniry Lancasler, Pa. Bancl 4, Boy Scouls 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm- l-lome Officer I-2. Foolball 2, Dance Club 4, Glee Club 2, lnlramural Boxing I, lnlramural Wreslling I-2, Sparlan Or- cheslra 4 FREDERICK L. STONEBRAKER "Palsy" Aulo-Mechanic Buffalo, N. Y. Boy Scouls I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Olllicer 3-4, Foolball 2, Homeroom Officer 2, lnlramural Wresllinq 2-3, Monilor 4 DEAN W. TOMB IlTonyll Au+o-Mechanic Armagh. P6- Boy Scouls I, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Oflicer I-2-3-4 lPres.l, Foolball 2-3, I-lomeroom Olllicer I-2-4, lnlramural Baslcelball I-2-3-4, lnlramural Sollball I-2-3-4, lnlramural Wreslling I-2-3, Monilor 3-4, Wreslling 4 WILLIAM F. TUCKER IIBMIII Aufo-Mechanic Avoca, Pa. Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3, Farm-Home Olzlicer 3-4, Home room Officer 2, Inlrramural Wreslling I-2-3-4, Ivloniler 3 DONALD E. VANCE "Vance" MacI1inis'I , AI+oona, Pa Dance Club 4, Farm-I-lome Baseball I-2-3-4, I-Iomeroom OI ficer 2, Inlramural Baslcelball 4, Inlrramural Soliball 3-4, Moni 'for 3 EARL W. WAGNER "Willa" Au'I'o-Mechanic Lebanon, Pa I Choir 3-4, Dance Club 4, Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm , Home Officer I-2-3, Glee Club 2-3-4, Inlrramural Wres+ling I. Moni'ror 3, Ocjref 3, Sparlan Orclweslra 2-3-4, Wreslling 4 :': If GILBERT B. WEAVER llGiIll Elecfrical Aldan, Pa. Boy Scouls I-2-3-4, Dance Club 4, Farm-I-Iome Baseball 2-3-4, lnframural Baskelrball 4, Inlramural Soflball 3-4, In+ramural Wreslling 2-3-4, Monilor 4, Radio Club I DORAN E. WHITFIELD llDeweYll AgricuI+uraI Al'I'oona, Pa. Choir I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Oiclicer 3-4 IPres.l, Cvlee Club I-3-4, I-Iomeroom Officer 2-3, Monilor 4, Oclel 3, Sluclenl Senajre THOMAS YODER l 'lTomll Pl'-'mbmg Johnsfown, Pa. Qance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Of- ficer 4 lRep.l, l-lorneroom Officer I-2, lniramural Boxing I, lniramural Sofiball 2-3-4, lnframural Wresfling I-2-4, lvlonilor 4, Sludenr Senale 4 l -P RAYMOND H. YOUNG , I I R a YI I if "'1 f fE"Q Macl1iniS+ Lebanon, Pa A Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2, Inira mural Soflrball 3-4, lnlrarnural Wreslling 3, Moniior 3 Y Q 1 W of I alarm Sang Words and Music by Doran Whiffield As we, +he Class of '48, +ake leave of scenes so dear, We wish +0 rhanlc our many 'Friends 'for help They gave us here. Wi'I'h all 'l'he s'I'reng'l'h +ha1' we possess we'll keep our goal in sighi' . .And pac e ahead, roward vicfory led, by Honor s guiding llghf. We know The way is hard and long, buf we are well prepared: . . d F s+ren fh of hand and well rramed minds our benefacior care . or g He gave us all +he chance we need fo lead a wholesome life Wifh happiness +ha'l' spells success and makes worfhwhile ihe sirife. These happy years, well spen'I' and gay, we ofren will recall- d h' shared 1'he ones who cared if we should ever fall. The frien s ips , To you we say a fond "Good-bye" and pray 'rhe Lord may bless Our every move, our kind adieus, and love 'For H. I. S. Glam Galau efadd Yellow Rose Blue and Silver Glen Matin We have reached 'Phe bay: +he ocean lies before us. Seniolzfi af 200216 .,J.,,.- , I 610144 A sound mind in a'sound body I I -Locke 4 The Hoar-KleinTelTer squad made a Tine showing againsT The ToughesT schedule ever Taced by H. Al. S. gridders. The SparTans deTeaTed Lebanon, John Harris, CoaTesville, and STevens Trade, only To suTTer a slump and deTeaTs by Carlisle and an ouT-played EasTon Team. Then The SparTans crushed Carson Long and HagersTown. NexT came The lasT deTeaT-aT The hands oT PaTTerson Park, lvlaryland's besT. However, by leading aT halT-Time The SparTans gave The SouTh- erners Their worsT scare in a 20-game winning sTreal4. AT Homecoming, H. I. S. Took The Cocoa Bean Trom Hershey High on a snow-covered Tielol by The mosT one-sided score in The 5-game series. H. I. S. Opp. SepT. I3 Lebanon 6 O 20 John Harris I3 7 26 CoaTesville 6 O OCT. 4 STevens Trade 2I 6 I I EasTon I3 I4 I8 Carlisle O 20 25 Carson Long 58 O Nov. I HagersTown 33 2 7 PaTTerson Park I2 26 I5 Hershey High 39 2 ToTals 2OI 77 w?Z?iifigQii2a5....,i?T'f -ffm s ' L . 1 .7 2 , Maxim 6 , ,. . . . I .. I V, mswmbi magma ii H I , A. I M N 2: Biggs aiacy- -Q., K - - in amiga M535-TH in 'TI 'I ' I ' .- M aaa aa- ii-a -. M - An- , - W qaaldall fsnafu eammzz SWA B The SparTan Twine-rippers losT Their TirsT Three games. Then coach AI Gibble rearranged his sTarTing combinaTion and won Ten in a row, only To lose To York, ConTerence champions, wiTh a badly weakened squad. For The remainder oT The season Coach Gibble rarely had his Team aT Tull sTrengTh. AT one Time only eighT men were available Tor acTion. Con- sidering These diTliculTies, while playing The longesT and mosT rugged schedule in H. I. S. hisTory, The I4 To 9 season record was very good. Seniors on The squad were Dale Adams, Bob Douglas. Lloyd DieTrich, Joe Fry, Harry Hepler, Don' SmiTh, and Edwin Shepps. Camp Hill Camp Hill LancasTer ScoTland John Harris William Penn Cornwall Pine Grove Palmyra ScoTland Cornwall John Harris H. I. S. Opp. 3O"' 36" 43 I9 32 25 I7 4I 33 30 40 3I "'ForTeiTed by P. I. A. A. eligibiliTy rulin Hershey York Lebanon LancasTer Hershey STevens Trade Lebanon William Penn STevens Trade Palmyra York ToTals 9 Opp. I3 55 3I 3I 29 39 48 29 55 39 49 795 B The T947 baseball Team, made up oT Ten seniors, Tour juniors, and a sophomore. consTiTuTeol The TirsT H. I. S. baseball Team since The spring of l942. Considering The long lay-oTT, The boys did quiTe well wiTh Their record oT one vicTory in Three sTarTs. The SparTan's lone vicTory came on May 20 when They halTed a nine-game John l-larris winning sTrealc by beaTing The Pioneers, 3-2, aT Harris. The winning piTcher was lvlerl LuTz, alThough The sTellar relief work of Earl Knepp was The TeaTure oT The game. The Sparjrans had previously dropped Two games-To John l-larris. 5-2, on May IO and a 3-O whiTewashing aT The hands of piTcher Bill EvereTT oT William Penn on lvlay I5. The SparTans produced Three .300 hiTTers-Eddie Shepps. .3755 Earl Knepp, .333: and Eugene Bocian, .333. The season summary shows Tive runs, I7 hiTs, and ll errors Tor The Sparlrans, againsT nine runs, II hiTs, and Two errors Tor The opposiTion. ParTicular commendajrion musl' be given To The Tine coaching of Coach l-loar and To The excellenT mound worlc of piTcher Earl Knepp, who piTch- ed I8 innings. allowing only seven runs and seven hiTs while Tanning 23. The 1947 baseball SparTans consisTed oT seniors Bill I-lopkins, Bill l-lallis. Me-rl LuTz, Merl Conrad, Eugene Bocian. Ray Fink, STeve EranTz, Earl Knepp, and Bob PiclceTT. There were Tour iuniors-Eddie Shepps, Harry l-lepler. Dale Adams, and Red EclcenroTh-and one sophomore, l-larry Russell. Badedaff ancf 5:14714 Zdaailinq ThaT experience is The besT Teacher was again proved by H. I. S.'s TirsT wresTIing Team. We musT, however, commend Coach Kovach's pro- Teges on Their Tine showing againsT greaT odds. The scores oT The maTches in no way show The closeness oT The individual bouTs. The Team won TourTeen bouTs by falls while losing only Ten in ThaT manner. The besT individual record was made by Franlc Seiler wiTh Tour wins, Tour losses, and a Tie. BuTzer and KeighTIy, wiTh Three wins each, Tied Tor second-place scoring. In addiTion To Seiler The Tollowing seniors saw acTion: George Berryhill, STU Bish, Charlie CrawTord, Larry Conrad, Dickie Dodson, Doc Hanson, MerT LiTTIe, and Dean Tomb. We believe This squad laid The ToundaTion Tor greaT TuTure rnaT Teams. H. I. S. Opp. Jan. 8 Hanover I8 23 I6 WesT Yorlc I7 29 2I Manheim I5 28 26 I.ancasTer 5 34 30 Hershey I I 26 Feb. 6 Hanover 20 2I I2 LancasTer 8 28 I6 WesT York Icancelled because oT quaranTineI 26 Hershey IO 27 Mar. 2 Manheim 8 29 Torals I I2 245 y. ef. 40014611 One day lasT spring a group oT hopeTuls passed. kicked, and ran in an eTTorT To show enough skill To be picked Tor The J. V. squad. In The fall The boys chosen were called ouT Tor pracTice. Under The compeTenT supervision and insTrucTion of coaches Giblole and Aichele, cuTs were made, Teams were picked, and pracTice begun. Finally came The TirsT game-The TirsT oT Their careers Tor mosT oT The boys. Showing good.spiriT and a will To win, They won Their TirsT game from The William Penn J. V.'s. NexT They Toppled Hershey High. Then, aTTer losing a hearT-breaker To John Harris, They wenT on To pile up a very im- pressive record oT six wins To one loss. We know ThaT we can counT on These boys To Till The vacancies leTT in The varsiTy squad. and we wish Them luck in Their TorThcoming season. H. I. S. Opp. SepT. 26 William Penn 20 7 OCT. 6 Hershey High 33 O I7 John Harris I3 I9 23 Susquehanna Township 27 O 3I New Cumberland I9 0 Nov. 7 Penbrook Junior High 20 O I4 Lebanon I9 0 ToTals l5,I 26 f. ag zz The l948 junior-varsily baskefball Team gave coach Frederick Miller a good, I5-8 record. Boasling Tour players who scored over IOO poimks, The junior Sparlans came Jrhrough a very Tough schedule in fine sfyle. Bob Sladulis, wiih I36 poinls, was high scorer. Three ofher players were in The Jrhree-digii' column-Red Pahkerson, wi1'h I3Og Bill Fry, wiih II6: and Beans Harkulich, wi'rh II3. All Jrhree are sophomores. Two ofher iuniors approached The IOO mark. They were Arfhur PaH'erson, wirh 86 poinis, and Louis Bocian, wifh 73. The scrubs slarred 'rheir season on December 9 and finished on March 4. They had 23 games. fhe longesi schedule ever played by an H. I. S. iayvee ream. H. I .S. Opp. H. I .S. Opp. Camp Hill 26 35 Hershey Camp Hill York Lancasrer Lebanon Scofland Lancasler John Harris Hershey William Penn Sfevens Trade Cornwall Lebanon Pine Grove William Penn Palmyra Slevens Trade Scolland Palmyra Cornwall York John Harris Tofals We live in deedsjnoi' years 1 -Bailey This year is lhe l5+h anniversary of The School lnclusfrialisl. In l938 a subscriprion mailing lisl' was begun. Since 'rhen 'rhai lisl has grown slead- ily unril ir now numbers nearly IBOO, including aboui Il5 exchange sub- scriplions. 'rhe purpose of which is ro creale good will belween H. l. S. and ofher schools. Aboul ZOO more copies go ro sludeni and school personnel subscribers. Since fhe end of World War Il, service news in parlicular and alumni news in general diminished considerably. Consequenlly if was necessary 'ro increase The individual assignmenfs of Jrhe reporrers. This change gave Them a greafer chance +o display 'rheir wriring abililry and 'ro bring Jrhe publicalion up lo slandards which were long hoped for. The S+a'FF did a very good job in providing a record of school news for The srudenls. Mr. Mincemoyer did a fine iob as lacully chairman, especially when news was scanly, 'lo make each issue of our school paper as inleresling as possible. Orhers on 'rhe Sraff who deserve a word of praise ,are Messrs. Sluclcey and Slahle, for Their supervision of The prinlingg Messrs. l-less, Lichien- berger, and Sandel, who assisl in proofreading: Mr. Slaclcs, who made 'rhe linoleum-block curs from which several of fhe covers were prin+eclg Miss King. for her ariicles which accompanied Jrhose covers: Mr. Shuler, for his supervision of phoiography: and Mrs. Miller, for her e'FFicienl' handling of subscriplions and assisfance wi'rh circulalion. Nmapalu Siafj Each graduaTing class Tries To creaTe a yearbook To be proud oT'. We, The Class oT 1948, Teel sure ThaT This aim has been accomplished in our Acropolis. The Acropolis sTaTT is The group oT seniors chieTly responsible Tor The success oT our yearbook. These boys, represenTing The enTire Senior Class in whaT They wroTe, were selecTed by The class oTTicers aT The beginning oT The school year. They were iudged by Their wriTing abiliTy and also Their dependabiliTy. The l948 Acropolis sTaTT began work aT once on The big Task oT preparing The yearbook. JusT a glance Through This book should be suTTicienT evidence oT The Time work ThaT They accomplished. This year's sTaTT included Daniel Miller. LeRoy Mayer, Richard Gaugh- an, John Murray, Norman Eckley, Caron Hake, Frank Seiler, Lloyd DieT- rich, RoberT Douglas, Merrill Lynn, WalTer l-leilman, James Finnegan, Charles CrawTord, and James l-larTwell. These members oT The sTaTT were ably supervised by Their EdiTor-in-ChieT, Daniel Miller, and also by Their TaculTy advisers-Messrs. Markley, STacks, Mincemoyer, Shuler. STuckey, and STahle. The prinTers also did an excellenT iob ThaT is usually merely Taken Tor granTed by The readers. Every one menTioned deserves praise Tor his parT in making This such a Tine yearbook. We sincerely hope ThaT This Acropolis will in Time TulTill iTs paramounT obiecTive-To bring back To us, as a class, The cherished memories oT our pleasanT sTay aT H. l. S. Gam The Choir, under The able leadership oT Mr. J. Ross AlberT. has pre- senTed us wiTh many Tine selecTions in our Sunday Services during The pasT year. Their songs were sung in such a manner ThaT we lcnow The boys had Their hearTs in Their work. This organizaTion is composed oT boys Trom sixTh To TwelTTh grades. The boys in six, seven, and eighT make up The soprano and alTo secTions. Many oT These younger boys are also members oT The newly Tounded Junior l-ligh Chorus. Tenor and bass secTions are Tilled wiTh boys Trom 'higher grades. These boys are also members oT The Glee Club. As members oT The Choir, The younger boys receive Training ThaT is necessary and useTul To Them in Their laTer years when They evenTually move up inTo The Glee Club. The older boys learn To culTivaTe a spiriT oT Trienclliness and cooperaTion ThaT helps Them in producing good music. This cooperaTion also helps Them in Their school worlc and in Their lives aTTer leaving The school. Many oT The boys aTTer leaving The school join college and church choirs and conTinue The music careers ThaT had Their beginnings in The choir aT our school. These boys, Through Their singing. helped To add To The Tine musical record oT our school. We are sure ThaT They will conTinue To produce superior work and mainTain The repuTaTion oT The musical organizaTionS oT The Hershey lndusTrial School. was em LasT year's graduaTing class leTT more vacancies Than usual in This popular organizaTion. However. Mr. Yokum immediaTely reorganized The Glee Club and began preparing Tor The coming year. During The summer The boys worked hard aT Their singing, and The new Glee Club began To Take shape. When school sTarTed lasT Tall, Mr. Yolcum leTT us To conTinue his schooling aT Columbia UniversiTy. I-Te was succeeded by a new, buT very capable direcTor, Mr. J. Ross AlberT, under whose direcTion The Glee Club conTinued To improve rapidly. ln addiTion To rendering splendid music Tor our own church services, The Glee Club gave a series oT sacred concerTs in diTFerenT churches ThroughouT CenTral Pennsylvania. They also sang Tor oTher TuncTions in Hershey and parTicipaTed in exchange programs. Once more The high-lighT oT The year was The concerT presenTed in our naTion's capiTal in March. Again This Trip was sponsored by The Bus- iness and ProTessional Women's Club oT WashingTon. D. C.. Inc., To raise money To Turnish rooms Tor women inTerns aT The new George Washing- Ton UniversiTy I-lospiTal. The Glee Club's busy year was climaxed by The Annual Spring ConcerT, which was well done in accordance wiTh H. I. S. TradiTion. We, The Class oT l948, are graTeTul To The members who conTribuTed so much Time and eTTorT To This year's glee club. To The glee clubs oT The TuTure, we exTend our very besT wishes. and ATTer Tangling wiTh The ineviTable problem oT geTTing our band inTo shape aTTer lasT year's seniors leTT, Mr. Young has produced anoTher organizaTion Tor our beneTiT. Our band aTTended and supporTed all The TooTball games oT H. I. S.. wheTher They were close by or Tar away. Their splendid examples of march- ing TormaTions have insTilled in our hearTs a sincere pride in This organ- izaTion. DispiTe The loss oT some imporTanT members each year, They have always done Their besT To keep Team morale high. Following The sTandards oT musical accomplishmenT seT by lvlr. Young, our band raTes high among The school bands in This parT oT The sTaTe. Each year, under The direcTion oT Their able leader. Mr. J. ATlee Young, The band presenTs a spring concerT in The CommuniTy TheaTre. This con- cerT includes a varieTy oT sTirring music, rendered in a compeTenT and colorTul manner. The concerT is composed oT novelTy numbers, lively marches, and symphonic composiTions. This year, along wiTh our oTher musical organizaTions, The band Traveled To Harrisburg To hear various concerTs. When The presenT Senior members leave, There will be a large gap leTT in The ranks oT The band. We Teel conTidenT, however, ThaT The younger boys who are inTeresTed in music will malce capable replacemenTs and, under The guidance oT Mr. Young, conTinue To presenT The qualiTy oT music ThaT meeTs The high slandarols oT H. l. S. N, was-an . ,z we , Q. ...- - - V 8 4 AlThough more Than halT oT lasT year's SparTan OrchesTra leTT our school wiTh The Class oT I947, we were noT surprised To Tind The replacemenTs, under The able direcTion oT Mr. Payne. once more doing a Tine iob. There were Two seniors conTribuTing Their TalenTs To The orchesTra This year. They were Wilbur Wagner-a capable veTeran aT The bass-and Hank Spece, who did a swell iob wiTh The drummer-boy chores. AT The beginning oT The school year a Tew engagernenTs had To be canceled because oT inadequaTe pracTice, buT when The SparTans made Their debuT aT The Senior Halloween Dance, There was no doubT ThaT They had been on The iob. lvluch OT The crediT Tor The success oT all our senior dances should go To This excepTionally acTive organizaTion oT our school. The seniors Take This opporTuniTy To express Their appreciaTion To These boys and Their leader Tor a iob well clone. The orchesTra played Tor exchange programs wiTh oTher schools, aT numerous dances in Hershey, and Tor some ouT-oT-Town engagemenTs. lT should be remembered ThaT geTTing dressed up and playing aT nice dances isn'T all There is To being in The SparTans. The boys spenT much oT Their spare Time in The orchesTra room going over old songs and dig- ging inTo new ones. Only because The boys were willing To work hard and To sacriTice much oT Their Tree Time was iT possible Tor Them To develop anoTher Tine H. I. S. dance band which gave us so many hours oT pleasure ThroughouT The year. gliucfenl' Smale The STudenT SenaTe is an elecTive organizaTion which represenTs The sTudenT body in dealings wiTh The adminisTraTive sTaTT. This organizaTion recommends To The adminisTraTion all sTudenT requesTs and suggesTions ThaT are considered To be reasonable. The SenaTe also Tries To sTraighTen ouT Tarm-home diTTiculTies and To creaTe good relaTions wiTh The surround- ing schools and communiTies. AnoTher imporTanT duTy oT The SenaTe is To selecT movie nighT each week Tor The sTudenTs. The SenaTors are elecTed clirecTly To The SenaTe by each Tarm-home. AT The beginning of The school year iT is usually The policy Tor each Tarm- home To, elecT a new Tarm-home council. The Tarm-home also elecTs a SenaTor who represenTs iT and presenTs iTs wishes aT each SenaTe meeTing. The SenaTe meeTs every o+her Thursday, on The morning ThaT we have our school music TesTival. ATTer each meeTing The SenaTors Tell Their respecTive Tarm-homes The imporTanT problems discussed and Then gaTher more maTerial Tor discussion in The nexT SenaTe meeTing. The olTicers oT The SenaTe-Donald SmiTh, PresidenT: George Berryhill, Vice-PresidenT: Harry Hepler, SecreTaryg and Frank Seiler, Treasurer- have done a wonderful job This year, and we sincerely Thank Them Tor all They have done Tor The sTudenT body. We also pause To give recogniTion To Mr. Beni. F. Olena and Mr. John O. Hershey Tor The advice and guid- ance They have given To The SenaTe ThroughouT The year. They did a Tine job in advising The SenaTe on imporTanT maTTers. Leorn fo labor aoncl fo wail' Longfellow 'Glam This is The Junior Class. IT is They who are abouT To have a long-lived dream realized-The day in June when They will replace The seniors in school leadership. Their high-school days are numbered, and They will soon have To venTure ouT on The highways ol: liTe as we are abouT To do. They are well represenTed in every exTracurricular acTiviTy. They have worked Themselves inTo key posiTions in The musical organizaTions oT The school-namely, The Band. The SparTans, The Choir. and The Glee Club. Two oT Their mosT TalenTed musicians are Dale PeiTTer and RoberT l-ligh, who have been The pianisTs oT The Glee Club Tor The pasT Two years. The TooTball squad will have much abiliTy leTT over Trom The l947 squad. Ray Topper, one OT The mosT ouTsTandinq aThleTes in The hisTory oT The school, should do much To mainTain The impressive records The school has esTablished in The pasT. lvlr. Gibble should noT have To worry abouT nexT year's cagers, Tor he will have several presenT junior-class leTTermen and many capable junior- varsiTy replacemenTs. Baseball and wresTling are comparaTively new sporTs aT H. I. S., buT we Teel sure ThaT homeboy vigor and sTamina will make our school also respecTed on boTh The diamond and The maT. As we enumeraTe Their accomplishmenTs and poTenTialiTies, we say They Torm a very versaTile group. We are proud To have Them, The Class oT I949, as our successors. 5 Glam We, The graduaiing class, look back wiih many pleasanl memories io our Sophomore year. Thar was Jrhe year in which we became par+ of Senior High and siarled definiie 'lraining for our fuiure careers. Thai was rhe year in which we began 'ro 'rake par'r in 'rhe various school aclivi- ries. We also siaried +o rhink a liH'le more seriously aboui our siuclies. Those of us who chose vocaiional courses found new inferesls. We were learning 'ro work wi'rh our hands, preparing ourselves for ihe fime when we would leave school days behind and go our Jro face 'ihe problems of aduli' life. Those school days are behind us, bui' 'rhey will no+ be for- gorien. As we look a+ rhis year's Sophomore class, we are sure Jrhal' lhere is plenry of real "homeboy spiri'r" and iniriaiive in Jrhe group. They are well represenied in all 'rhe various aclivilies of 'rhe school, such as Glee Club, Band, Orchesira, and Scouls, and already some of ihem have es- 'iablished a name for ihernselves on 'ihe afhleiic ieams of 1'he school. During 'rhe nexi iwo years 'rhere will be, as usual, school leaders de- veloping irorn This group. and ihere are pleniy of good, dependable boys for +ha'r purpose. We know Thai all ihese boys are looking ahead io 'lheir Junior and Senior years, and finally 'ro graduaiion. In closing, we, ihe Class of I948, express our confidence in lhis group. We wish +he Class of l95O much luck in 'rheir remaining years as home- boys ai H. I. S. and as leaders in school life and aciiviiies. l i 4 61444 Upon reaching ninTh grade The Freshmen knew ThaT They had reached a crossroad of Their school years. The new obligaTions ThaT conTronTed Them, principally more advanced sTudies, were meT squarely and whole- hearTedly. They began To realize ThaT They were iusT sTarTing The upward climb oT liTe's ladder. Their besT iudgemenT was required in choosing among The academic, commercial, and vocaTional courses, noT only Tor Their Sophomore year, buT also Tor whaT would probably be Their liTe worlc. Following The usual cusTom, a maioriTy oT Them elecfed vocaTional subiecTs Tor Their courses of sTudy. 'ln oTher phases oT high-school liTe They were as successful as in scholasTic achievement Freshmen exTended Their inTeresTs in various musical organizaTions-The SparTan OrchesTra, Band, Glee Club, and Choir. They proved Their worTh in aThleTics by parTicipaTing in inTer- scholasTic iay-vee TooTball, baslceTball, wresTling, and baseball. and in inTramural sporTs They claimed a hand in school governmenT as members of The STudenT SenaTe. To These acTiviTies They gave valuable assisTance wiTh Tine spiriT and enThusiasm. ln closing, we, The graduaTing class, Teel ThaT These young men have made a commendable sTarT in conTinuing The Tine H. l. S. spiriT ThaT has been esTablished by Those who wenT before Them. We are conTidenT of Their abiliTy To succeed and To make advanTageous use OT The greal' opporTuniTies in This school. Ecliied, sei in iype, prinlecl and bouncl by +l1e sfudenis of THE HERSHEY INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL .4cf.m.z...f, Earle H. Markley Clyde P. Sfacks . . F. A. Mincemoyer , . . Philip K. Slwuler .... Allen F. Zook .... Meri L. Sfuckey ..,. R Earle L. S+al1le . . . 6 fe in Z," Z 3 S 3 x l lx eb . , . . Chairman Layoul' and Ari' . . . . . Ecliforial , . . Phorography . . Plnofograplwy . . . . Prinfing . . . Linofype fqulaqwyzfz :L A N Q I I V l N Nj

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