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.f- -... 1.. Edifor-in-Chief David Bowman Layoui' and Design Peier Di Slelano Ari Monroe Williams Phofography John Boyer Associafe Eclifors l-lerberl Eshelman Clinlon Burchill Byron Smilh Claude Lighjr Sfaff Aids Paul While Alvi Volgl Charles Madeira Rodney Evans Sfaff Secrefa ries Elmer Wise William Weaver Frederick Bayes Ralph Greer Makeup and Presswork John Sheaicfer Kennelh Sleen William Swingle CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY SIX FOREWORD The relurn of peace does noi lessen lhe responsiloililies which we as cilizens rnusl lace. Whal Tasks we shall be called upon +o underlake we do nol yel know, bul we are cerlain Jrhal we are beller prepared for our fulure loy having alrlended The Hershey lndus- frial School. ln Jrhis, our yearbook, if is our pur- pose Jro give in brief an idea of +he life we have enjoyed here-our high- school aclivilies, a few inlimale scenes of our work and play, and our admin- islralors and advisers who capably direcled and made pleasanl our palh Jrhrough school. We ourselves are bur a represenlalive group of Those who preceded us and of Jrhose who will lol- low-lrained in body, schooled in mind, and molivaled wilh high ideals --lo carry on in Jrhe besl H. l. S. Tradi- lion. IN MEMORIAM HEY Cy MILTON SNAVELY HERS ,YD S-ZX Dned oaober I3 l945 TJ Born Sepfember I3 I857 On Ocfober I2 I945 Mr lvlllfon S Hershey suffered a hearf affaclc whnch resulfed In has deafh af IO OO am Ocfober I3 lusf one monfh affer has 88fh blrfhday These meager figures fall fo sug gesf Ihe full and rlch llfe he led nor can we of The Hershey Indusfrlal School 'rhe beneflclarnes of has greafesf phllanfhropy adeguafely express our grief af has passnng If IS wufh a feeling of profound sorrow fhaf we record fhe deafh of fhus greaf fhls good man fo whom we all owe so much May our Irves be come a frubufe fo has memory' Pg M Thus November Eduhon of The School IncIusI'rIaIIsI' previously fhe Founders Eduhon because of fhe foundmg of The Hershey lndusfrral School on November I5 I909 IS re specffully dedlcafed In fond mem ory of and In hugh frnbufe fo Mr M S Hershey whose life and worlc were devofed Io service for ofhers who lived by fhe Ten Commandmenfs and fhe Golden Rule and whose en fire esfafe was generously given for fhe care and 'rrammg of orphan boys for Ihe educaflon of fhe youfh of his communlfy and for fhe gen eral welfare of all h I I I I ' 1 I . . . I . . ' -I I ' I I ' I . . ' I -11 I . I ' I I ' . ' I ' I a es o two, and Four were reproduced from the . S. Hers ey Memorial edition of The School lndustrinlistj 5 1' K . 1 I gl, MEMORIAL DEDICATION lvlilfon Snavely Hershey was born in a small, Dauphin Counfy, Derry Township farmhouse on Sepfember I3, l857. Here and on a farm in ad- joining Lancasfer Counfy he spenf his boyhood. As a young man his am- bifion led him fo seek his forfune in candy manufacfuring. Affer fwo failures he achieved success wifh a caramel facfory in Lancasfer. This business he sold for SI,000,000, wifh fhe infenfion of refiring fo fhe life of a "genfleman farmer." Buf fhe sfafure of his characfer would nof per- mif a life of mere exisfence, and a few years lafer he sef up a facfory amid fhe cenfral Pennsylvania cornfields fo "make a liffle chocolafe." His unshakable confidence and dogged persisfence assured his success. In I909, af fhe suggesfion of his beloved wife, Mr. Hershey founded The Hershey lndusfrial School and accepfed for admission four boys. Such a venfure as fhis, creafed fhrough fhe benevolence of such a man as ifs founder, could nof buf succeed. As his business grew, Mr. Hershey gave more and more fo "his boys" and in I9l8 furned over his enfire forfune of 360,000,000 fo fhe insfifufion. Today nearly 2500 orphan boys have been faken in, cared for, and properly frained in fhe ideals of good living. As long as he was able, Mr. Hershey himself supervised fhe adminis- frafion of our school - his greafesf pride. lf was always wifh our happi- ness or welfare in mind fhaf he made his decisions regarding H. I. S. His posifion as Chairman of fhe Board was fhe lasf office he gave up, and by fhaf fime he had fully provided for fufure adminisfrafion and manage- menf. His passing lasf fall was mourned by all who knew him or his accomplish- menfs. We especially, fhe benefacfors of his greafesf kindness, realize our loss. Buf his nafive benevolence and unselfishness have remained wifh us in spirif, an inseparable parf of fhis living monumenf which he creafed. If is fo fhe memory of our fosfer-fafher, Milfon S. Hershey, fhaf we, in humble grafifude and in a spirif of deep loyalfy, dedicafe our Acropolis. w f V i li 6 If jim? I .ll 'L Via 1 -L-'D. fj 'l,ll l I I I I NVE WRX NN 1 ' 2X wg 3- .tkx QNX, l. 6 fi: X bn. A I L A 1 ic, 19 55.6, hu, Sufi' 'hy -K' Vx 4 'fav A 'Qffxxiii IE: Cf . KJ I ?: Ky fx X-J XJ V H 1-1, My N 5 1345 ':- i -1251, -, .1,f f f ,D . 5 L, fi ,gigs ff , ff ' J, '-xx I llllzgsf-J A ' I 3,2 I MEN: 3 ae 'aa ii: gg 2,1 in 255 3 Pyle 21: ll F3 ' i ' afi- 4 ev: f ff f fel , f ' -" "ef, -- 44 -f'f', 'liz - -Q ri, W .- "' -x .4 f f-N-l-gf -..f'1,.. 4 ,I nf, :'I'., ' Ji., 'N113x'?"' l'1"f :lf ,f x,. WL-TX HW ff" rp .sv-Q,a... 1 ,,..f' N ,Q 5 fx . 1 5 f' ",,.,-gsfu 'Jig' X l i P. A. STAPLES CHAIRMAN. BOARD OF MANAGERS The man personally chosen by +he founder of our school, Mr. lvlillon S. Her- shey. lo be his successor as Chairman of The Board ol Managers ol H. l. S. is Mr. P. A. Slaples, who assumed his new dulies abour lwo years ago aller having been in charge ol lhe Hershey inleresls in Cuba for many years. Mr. Hershey was famed lor his shrewd iudgmenl in business mailers and in his choice ol close associales. lvlr. Slaples has already iuslilied lvlr. Hershey's lailh in him. We apprecialre his eiclorls in our behalf and wish him conlinued success in Jrhe years +o come. D. PAUL WITM ER VICE-CHAIRMAN. BOARD OF MANAGERS Allhough Jrhe average boy does nor come inlo direcl conlaci wilh Mr. D. Paul Wilmer very ollen, he srill feels lhe re- sulls of our superinlendenhs sincere el- lorls lo help The boys ol H. I. S. Since l938 he has served us conscienliously, especially in lhe business managemenl of our school. An oulslanding local cilizen, he deals wilh many people. Such experience helps him in solving H. l. S. adminislralive problems. l-le is a worlhy successor To Mr. George E. Copenhaver, our lirsl su- perinlendenl and a man hard +o replace in lhe afleciions ol: Homeboys. BOARD Of MANAGERS The deafh of Mr. lvlilfon S. Hershey, our Founder and Chairman of fhe Board of Managers, was no reason fo slacken fhe pace sef by our fosfer-parenfs, fhe members of fhe Board. In facf, Ivlr. Hershey prepared againsf any disorganizafion when he passed away. Because of fhe fore- sighf of fhaf generous man, fhe fall of I944 found Ivlr. P. A. Sfaples insfalled as fhe new chairman when Mr. Hershey re- fired from fhaf office -abouf a year before his deafh. To fhe Board of Managers, because of fheir efforfs fo help us gef as much benefif as possible from our sfay in The Home, we are greafly indebfed. We exfend fo fhem our mosf sincere fhanlcs. ' Always mindful of our needs, fhey unceasingly devofed fheir fime fo help us in every way possible. The chief fhings fhey gave us were excepfional educafional opporfunifies and a wholesome environmenf, bofh of which played maior roles during our formafive years in preparing us for life affer school. We face fhe fuifure wifh a confidence .iusfified by fhe fine fraining we have had. PRUDENCE COPENHAVER H. I. S. MATRON The hisfory of H. I. S. is inseparable from much of The life of Mrs. George E. Copenhaver, Mafron of our school. The wife of our firsf superinfendenf, she served us af his side from I909 unfil his unfimely deafh on February ll, 1938. Few, if any, members of fhe Admin- isfrafive Sfaff. affecf our daily lives more closely, for among her ofher dufies she is in charge of bofh our food and clofh- ing. The healfhy, well-dressed l-lomeboy is proof of her efficiency. W. ALLEN HAMMOND PRINCIPAL The principal of our school is Mr. W. Allen Hammond. a man we consider well qualified for fhe posifion. Some of fhe fhings which so qualify him are his willing- ness 'ro help ofhers, his sense of humor, and his abilify fo masfer a given sifuafion. Mr. Hammond has done much fo make our school fhe fine educafional insfifu- fion if is. and we wish fo exfend our grafe- ful fhanlcs fo him for his consfanf inferesf in our welfare. fhe considerafion always uppermosf in his mind. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF The adminisTraTive sTaTT is a group oT well-chosen men who serve as an advisory board and governing body oT The school. I-Iowever, These men also serve in Their capaci- Ties as heads oT various deparTmenTs which help The school To TuncTion properly. To see ThaT The boys are Ted and cloThed, properly disciplined, and ThaT Their homes are made more comTorTable and happy To live in are a Tew oT The Tasks which conTronT These men. The TulTilmenT oT The Tasks menTioned above requires men oT marked qualiTies. All oT These men possess The necessary qualiTies in some way or oTher. UndersTanding and quick-Thinking minds, TaTherly aTTiTudes, and sTerling characTer are buT a Tew oT Their praiseworThy TraiTs. From The day we enTered H. I. S. unTil now, as we are abouT To say goodbye To The halls oT our greaT alma maTer, These men have rendered Their services eTTicienTly and generously. They have meanT more To us Than we can puT inTo words. We will always remember Them, and we now whole-hearTedly say, "Thank you Tor a iob well done." EARLE TI. MARKLEY - VOCATIONAL DIRECTOR During his sTay aT The Hershey lndus- Trial School, every boy has in some way come in conTacT wiTh Mr. Earle I-l. Mark- ley. DirecTor oT The VocaTional DeparT- menT, whose helpTul advice and guidance supplemenTed so well The insTrucTion oT The respecTive shop Teachers. Because oT his eTTorTs many new addi- Tions have been made in The various shops oT The VocaTional DeparTmenT. We shall remember him as a challenge To do well in our Tasks aT all Times. CLAIR F. HARNISH ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Besides serving as a member oT The adminisTraTive sTaTT, Mr. Clair F. l-larnish has The diTTiculT Task oT placing The ouT- going seniors in jobs. Mr. l-larnish has been pleased by The splendid reporTs ThaT have come back To him, Telling oT The successes oT The boys whom he had previously placed. As we go TorTh, we shall look back and say: "Thank you, Mr. l-larnish, Tor all The advice you have given us. We know iT will help us in The TuTure." gf T, FACULTY We are greaTly indebTed To The TaculTy Tor many oT our accomplishmenTs and Tor many happy Times we had while in The sTudenT body. In addiTion, when we had Troubles- wheTher They involved school acTiviTies or were personal, non-scholasTic problems - we always looked To The mem- bers oT our TaculTy Tor Triendly advice and help. They never Tailed us. Their sympaTheTic inTeresT and The wisdom oT Their experience were ours Tor The aslcing. This year we are even beTTer able To realize iusT whaT good worlc our TaculTy has been doing. The war is over and many oT The boys who were Tormer sTudenTs oT These same Teach- ers are reTurning Trom The service oT The counTry To help build a beTTer, sTronger, peace-loving naTion. We shall be able To see even beTTer The resulTs oT The Tine insTrucTion and guidance oT our Teachers. As Time goes by, new Taces will appear among The TaculTy, buT we shall always loolc To Them, our Triends and advisers- as well as our insTrucTors - wiTh sincere aTTecTion and honesT admiraTion. 5 + K M 4 1- jw M X91 fl' U, A Q- fi P iff X "f,g' 5- -' J!!! 44 QA ? n-QA V ,4:f': ms M1 'J I -L-I Harold H. Ashenfelder, '40 Pfc. Jack R. Bennett, '42 Lt. Warren M. Bolden, '40 Sgt. Robert E. Booth, '39 Lt. James F. Brooks, '34 Pvt. William H. DeWald, '41 Pfc. Robert S. Eckert, ex '42 Lt. C. Samuel Engle, '35 Lt. George J. Ensslen, Jr., '41 Pvt. Benjamin Eshelman, ex '40 Lt. Harry P. Forry, '38 Sgt. William M. Fuhrman, '38 Lt. Donald F. Grady, '39 Lt. Robert H. Grell, '39 Lt. John G. Herr, '34 Lt. J. Wilmer Hershey, '38 Lt. Calvin L. Horn, '38 Lt. Charles E. Johnston, '39 Lt. Philip H. Kase, '36 AIC Joseph W. Kerico, '40 Cpl. Robert F. Lawson, '40 Pvt. Charles H. Ludwig, '39 Sgt. John A. Luther, ex '39 Lt. Richard C. Martin, '42 Lt. Eugene L. Mowrer,'38 Pfc. Thomas H. Parkinson, ex '44 Sgt. E. Darlington Poticher, '35 Pvt. George D. Potteiger, '41 Cpl. George S. Race, '40 Pfc. Paul E. Rhoades, ex '44 Sgt. Raymond L. Seed, '41 Robert M. Seiders, ex '40 c Christian G. Shireman, '44 Pvt. Robert E. Shuttelsworth, '40 AIC Joseph C. Smith, ex '37 Pvt. J. C. Haldane Tice, ex '41 Cpl. William H. Wolf, '41 Pfc. S I2 ln fhe lazy aufumn of l942 fhe presenf graduafing class was beginning ifs fresh- man year. Dreaming of our diplomas, our fufure iobs-in facf, dreaming of any- fhing-we were easy vicfims of fhose yellow defenfion slips. Buf we did do more fhan iusf day-dream fhaf year. Who wouldn'f recall fhose ninfh-grade baskef- ball and soffball games or fhose field-frips fhrough fhe woods. always culminafed by Mr. Shuler's poinfing fo fhe apple free on which he graffed a limb? CLASS HAI TORY Parfy was 'rhe social evenf which success- fully closed our iunior year. Af lasf. on Sepfember 5, I94-5, we be- gan our final year af H. I. S. On Ocfober I3, we were very much shocked and saddened by fhe deafh of our benefacfor, Mr. M. S. Hershey. Eighf seniors had fhe honor of bearing his cas- kef fo ifs final resfing place. Four ofhers were ushers in our audiforium. where fhe funeral services were held. Greafly so- bered by 'rhis evenf, we were G + d- I b h WJ., more fhan ever resolved fp Comiuplgshlgrhegruaspewlearg OEF -,gf mm!! make our lives a 'rrlbufe fo his firsf fasfe of algebra and gf-Lf i' ixx xlmw memory' Lafin. Difficulf fesfs made us -" ':"""" ' We had our firsf senior realize how liffle we really knew and spurred us fo greaf- er efforfs. As our freshman year drew fo a close we chose our courses for our senior- high-school years. ff? 'I- ' 36 Q: dance Ocfober 27. This was ' our Halloween Parfy. Senior picfures were faken in November and received before Chrisfmas recess. Be- cause of our influenza epi- ' demic fhis recess became a x- ,q A S gf.. f 2- . 'u ,s . X .i ,Qs -- f T 5 'F '7' I -a wfrl' " 5- ,N v,iZi.:,, ,, I' - 42: I 1.11. s ,ff V As sophomores we were splif info fhree main groups -fhe vocafionals. fhe aca- demics, and fhe commercials. New friend- ships were formed, many fo confinue info fufure years. Our inferesfs were gradually widening as we became more fully asso- ciafed wifh school acfivifies. As iuniors we began fo realize fhe im- porfance of a good scholasfic record for life affer school. Once fhis facf dawned upon us, we sef fo work wifh renewed eagerness. Shop-boys, already acquainf- ed wifh fhe fundamenfals of fheir frades, began fo masfer fhem: commercial sfu- denfs learned fhe infricacies of shorf- hand and fypingg and academic sfudenfs delved info such fields as chemisfry, plane geomefry, and Spanish. ln ofher acfivifies as well, we were preparing ourselves for leadership responsibilifies which were so soon fo be ours. The Junior Class Sfag L ' 1 2-' fwo-week vacafion. Our class broke wifh fradi- fion by presenfing fhe Class Play in Jan- uary insfead of waifing unfil Class Day. We were well iusfified in fhis acfion, for shorfly fhereaffer seniors began leaving for Hershey Junior College. for fhe armed forces, or fo enfer indusfry. In February, affer baskefball season, we enioyed our Valenfine Dance. The monfh of May broughf fhe Senior Prom. one of fhe happiesf occasions of our school life. Finally fhe long-awaifed nighf ar- rived. Looking down from fhe brighf sfage upon fhe darkened audience below, we realized fhaf nowhere in fhis world would we find a beffer example of whaf one noble and generous spirif, whose life and work were devofed fo fhe service of ofhers, could accomplish. CLASS PROPTIECY. . . IT is now I956. according To my elec- Tro-aTomic-volTomaTic-exacToray-super- heTerodyne radar seT lwiTh builT-in ash Traysl. IT you can sTand iT I'II Try To Tell you iusT whaT's happened To The good ol' Class of '46, lAs iT you care. Go To sleepll l read in The Police GazeTTe ThaT "Hon- esT John" Mock is running Tor dog-caTch- er again, 'way down yonder in Reading. lYou know where Reading is-iT's Those Three houses beTween Harry Kline's iunk yard and Lou Eddinger's Tish markeT.l Rev. Alvi VoigT, pasTor oT The chapel aT Riverside Drive lin Wernersvillel, mainTains ThaT Henry Ford has done greaT Things Tor religion. QuoTe: "His cars shook The P ' 4, E! ,Vg devil ouT oT more people Than jig' .A Horace Flynn and Harold McCurdy are all working Tor him, aT TiTTy cenTs per day and a "Reesey" every oTher Thursday. ProperTy manager Morris EaTon sTill can'T Tind TrouTman's bassTiddle. The perennial headache and general nuisance around WashingTon These days is none oTher Than SenaTor John "Down wiTh DemocraTs" Boyer, who upholds The TinesT TradiTion oT The H. l. S. TilibusTer. His moTTo: "ShooT The bull, pass The buck, and make seven copies oT ' everyThing." He is The main 1 reason The TiTle "Windy CiTy" was shiTTed Trom Chi- cago To WashingTon. While we're in D. C. leT's 4, go To GriTFiTh STadium and "f waTch The Redskins. Baugh. ' . Bagarus,and AldridgeareiusT memories. buT The Madeira- K ' Iffgx I E . ", 'MM l A x, l 4,54 fax ' 4 fr " .mf ' ,--L -. 1 -us- 4-saf' '- ' ".--X df- P 'v -- . , . I V f , 2 f ' 5 I .f Q 7 . fe ., 5? 4 if any preacher ever couldl" H Remember ThaT big nose in TronT oT The Funhouse aT Hershey Park? Well, iT has Tallen down, buf ThaT's all righT. Harold McCurdy has kindly consenTed To Take iTs place. Speaking oT girls lAren'T we always?l reminds me ThaT some oT our Tormer Cas- anovas are now happily married lwhich means. "Them days is gone Toreverlul. Bill Weaver, Elmer Wise. and Rodney Evans are laying in supplies oT Three-cor- nered zooT suiTs, and Tobacco Rhoda caughT Paul Emerich in her b'ar Trap lasT Sadie Hawkins Day. I don'T care much Tor married liTe myselT ll keep Telling my wiTe every Time she hiTs mel. The name oT Musselman is on every- one's lips laTely, iusT as "Spike" Jones's was abouT Ten years ago. Paul WhiTe has Taken Paul WhiTeman's place, and John Singley, Glenn Oyler, Dick TrouTman. Ti x f 2 41 Pealer-SheaTTer-Mohr com- binaTion is sTill rolling 'em TlaT, and +ha+ Ken STeen boy is solidl TAII overll Remember Harold Nolen and James BywaTers-The guys wiTh Those cool. sooThing voices? UT you're sTanding nexT To a drop hammenl "Jiggs" is aucTioneer Tor The VogT-STahl Tobacco CorporaTion, and BywaTers is cheerleader Tor The Phil- adelphia Eagles. The gold-plaTed cigar holder Tor ouT- sTanding success goes To Marlin Good- year. He should geT someThing Tree be- cause he's paying me To plug his lemonade sTand aT The corner oT I lTh and McClay, Harrisburg. lRighT around homell You've been sleeping well Tor The lasT Ten paragraphs, so I'II sTop. And if any oT This silly sTuTF comes True. you can blame iT on my elecTro-aTomic-volTomaTic-exac- Toray-super-heTerodyne radar seT. All I do is Teed iT Hershey bars. We, The Class oT NineTeen Hundred and EorTy-six-The TwelTTh graduaTed by H. I. S.-do hereby solemnly swear This To be our lasT will and TesTamenT. We make The following bequesTs: To The iuniors go The responsibiliTies which They as seniors will naTurally as- sume. To deviaTe Trom The usual pro- cedure oT bequeaThing manners To The Treshmen, we give ours To The sopho- mores, who. having already received The TacT of lasT year's class, . .CLASS Wlll To Miss Early, who will use iT in The caTe- Teria To keep boys' Ties ouT oT soup. Monroe Williams relinquishes his iour- nalisTic abiliTy To Charles Ewing, while Doran Pugh is The recipienT oT Willie's "boogie-woogie" beaT. Dave High gives his dancing abiliTy To William Masker wiTh The proviso ThaT he produces more dancers Trom nexT year's class Than we had This year. Fred Bayes, aTTer having successfully compleTed his Charles ATlas should now become perTecT ,WX M my course, now Turns iT over. genTlemen. Any abiliTies wiTh a Two-pound dumb-bell which we have leTT unde- C! Q - included, To Charles Gebe- veloped we generously give U , Q15 lein. To The Treshmen. conTidenT 'i Dove Bgwman and Alex ThaT in Three years They will K i f ' 'f e Lynn pogl Hqoir Schglasfic - . , ,1 .. develop Them To Their TullesT -, ,-it ab,l,+y and donafe fhe resul-fs GXTSFIT- hue-Syl -. To William Geen. Harry Sher- lndividual seniors, rich in l Jig- lock Tinally surrenders his varied TalenTs. wish To make ,A drum-maior baTon. whisTle, beguesTs as Tollows: and cuTe ouTTiT To Harold Charlie Pealer spreads his -:.. --:Q S""9leY- all-around aThleTic abiliTy all around The iunior class. lSTep up and Take your share, Tellows. There's plenTy Tor all.l Charlie Madeira gives his Tullback prow- ess To powerful Don Wade. and Marlin Goodyear gives his line-backing-up abili- Ty To Treshman Ray Topper. Gene Mohr, who Tinds his superb blocking abiliTy equally useTul on The TooTball Tield or The baskeTball courT, puTs iT aT The dispos- al oT Coach Hoar in The hope he will selecT Tor iT an aThleTe capable oT conTin- ing such TalenT To The gridiron. John Singley's musical abiliTy goes To Ralph SchaTer. The solid rhyThm of Paul WhiTe and Dale Musselman goes To "Max" DaTTner in an eTTorT To keep nexT year's SparTans "on The beam." John Boyer. aTTer much persuasion. hands over The secreT oT his neckTie knoT Byron SmiTh. STudenT Sen- aTe President Turns over his oTTice To The sTudenTs' choice. James BywaTers passes on his cheerleading duTies To George Bender. Johnny ShaeTTer's Tlashy dressing Techinque goes To Rodney Emes. As our sTore of maTeriaI properTy is raTher small, we Turn iT over "in ToTo" To The Treasurer oT nexT year's class. As a maTTer oT record. iT includes Three red raTion poinTs, a large corner of a C gas sTamp, and a l94O Esquire calendar. In repudiaTion oT ThaT classical phrase, "You can'T Take iT wiTh you," we do iusT ThaT wiTh our Tond memories of persons and evenTs encounTered in These halls. As a Tinal acT oT giving on This TenTh day oT June, l946, we give our Thanks, in graTeTul appreciaTion, To all who made This day possible Tor us. CLASS DIARY 9X5 9f25 9f28 IOX4 IOf5 IOf9 IOXII IOXI6 lOf27 lO,!28 Ilfll lIfI5 IIf3O I2fl Y I2,f9 I2fI3 l2f28 I2,f3O IX4 IX7 I945-46 school lerm be- gan. Senior Class Elecrions held. lvlidvale defealed Glen- dale. 5-O. in Summer Base- ball League final. Band parricipaled in Vic- +ory parade in Lililz. Acropolis slafl appoinled by class officers. Senior individual piclures lalcen. Seniors look menlal abil- ily +es'r. Funeral services held 'for Mr. M. S. Hershey. Senior Halloween Dance. Glee Club sang ai Spring Creek Church in Hershey. Glee Club sang al Arm- islice Day Services in Communily Building. Group piclures 'raken for Acropolis. Sparlans played al ln- dianiown Gap dance. Sparlans played al Hum- melslown dance. Glee Club sang al Leb- anon. Varsify le++ers awarded lo loolball squad. Sparlans played for Her- shey Girl Scoul Chrislmas Dance. Glee Club sang al Pal- myra. Senior Class Play, "A Week's Trial," was pre- senled in assembly. Cily - Counly All - Slars held banquel al Penn- Harris Holel in Harris- burg. IXI3 IXI4 If2O lf2l M26 If27 Z!! 2f3 X ZXIO 2y!24 3fl6 3f3l 4,fI4 4f28 5,f5 5fI9 6X8 off? 6f'lO Glee Club sang al' Cres- sona. H. l. S. foolball squad held banquel' wilh Her- shey High 'ream in lhe Communily Club dining- room. Glee Club sang ai Lililz. Six seniors began classes ar Hershey Junior Col- lege. Senior Chrislmas Dance lposlponed because of in- lluenzal. Glee Club sang ai Lulh- eran Church in Hershey. Senior "Spring Hop." Choir sang al Lebanon. Glee Club sang al Rich- land. Glee Club sang a'r Unil- ed Brelhren Church in Hershey. Sparrans played al Eliza- belhlown dance. Glee Club sa ng a+ Schuylkill Haven. Annual Bancl Concerl. Glee Club sang ar Hoer- nerslown. Glee Club sang al Re- formed Church in Har- risburg. Choir sang al Spring Creek Church in Hershey. Glee Club sang al The Brelhren Church in Har- risburg. Senior Class Banquel and Prom Baccalaureaie Services Class Day Exercises Alumni lnduclion Cere- mony Commencemenl Exercises "A WEEK'S TRIAl" On January 4 aT I:45 p.m., The seniors presenTed The Two-acT comedy enTiTled "A Weelc's Trial" in The school audiTorium. This play cenTered around The Swedish maid. Olga NordsTorm. whose parT was Tilled very capably by David High. ATTer a series of blunders such as burning holes in Trousers and leaving a pan oT waTer on a chair Tor a visiTor To siT in, she counTered by caTching a Thief and Tixing up The love aTTairs oT The Tamily Teen-agers. Mr. Brehm did a Tine iob of direcTing. Our Thanks go To him Tor his aid in making The play The success ThaT iT was. The casT oT characTers included Monroe Williams as Mr. Merri- Tield, Jack Moclc as Mrs. Merrifield, and John SheaTTer and Harry Sherlock as Tom and Mildred MerriTield. The assorTmenT oT maids included Dale Musselman, Rome Owens, and David High. The old ladies' parTs were played by Charles Madeira, Barry WhiTeside. and PeTer Di STeTano: The preacher was Alvi VoigT: "Mildred's" suiTors were Paul WhiTe and Louis Eddingerg and Ken STeen porTrayed The parT oT Mr. Norwood, Mr. MerriTielCl'S Boss. IDEAL SENIOR Mud Cf-LQX f 04, 42 Be as handsome as - Be as inrelligenl' as - Be as business-like as Be as wi+'ry as - - Be as eicficienf as - bifious as - Be as am Be as sincere as Be as loyal as - Be as courreous as - Be as Be as Be a Dress Have Have l-lave Have cooperalive as well liked as - sfudenl like - - as well as - - fhe 'rhe 'rhe a+hle+ic abilily of musical abilily of smile of - - a physique like - l-lave 'rhe dependabilily of I-lave 'rhe personalily of - Have +he honor of - - Have 'rhe iournalislic abilily of Have The sporlsmanship of l-lave 'rhe accuracy of - l-lave +he dancing abilily of Have The versarilily of - Qfiw ' , jf ' - Kennelh Sleen - David Bowman - Ralph Greer Dale Musselman - Henry Horn - Byron Smifh Pefer Di Sfefano James Bywalers - Glenn Oyler - Byron Smifh - John Sheafler Alexander Lynn - John Sheaffer - Charles Pealer - John Singley - Glenn Oyler Slephen Selcellic Marlin Goodyear - John Sheaffer - Gene Mohr Monroe Williams Bernard Mescan - William Craig - David High Paul While ,ML at-4 if 7 ii f i in fn 'WB 1'5" ' -'irfz A' W' ' A Y 1' 7 +L in 'aff ' 1 ' f . ' f , l if f . f ' , , V 2 ear I .4 'U K , Ba W4 I A , W , ?.,.+ , 197 - I' H .7 u X I f J! f A yi Q I fri if 4 I ' . 'l, f ' ffxh I g i ,G ff ' ' I I - f ' J -X - M , 7 f 0 W 00 yt ' E if Q , 0 ' , 5 w A E "' -' -2: 19 Z Z 3 Q i x K, ,-:.-. H Q A V. K do Kg -... ,Z , ::' I ' 9 f ffff: ay 5 1 6 J,-9 , , f f H . 4. ,Y V 'J 4- ' G- Jiri D, Av so il as CLASS OFFICERS GENE MOI1R - President ElecTed Tor his unusual qualiTies oT leadership, Gene has proved ThaT- our TrusT in him was well placed. Ever since his freshman year Gene has been ouTsTanding. noT only in The classroom buT in sporTs as well. CrediT should also go To him Tor The guiding parT he played in making our senior parTies so successful. CHARLES MADEIRA - Vice-President "Willlcie" seems To have carried his hard-hiTTing, Tull-back TacTics righT inTo his iob as vice-president Whenever There was a diTTiculT Task To perTorm, "Willlci5" was "given The ball" and he' usually "came Through wiTh a Touch- down." No one could have been more dependable in carrying ouT The responsibiliTies oT his oTFice. JOHN SHEAEFER - Secretary SecreTary of The Senior Class was handsome Johnny Sheaiifer. Full oT energy himself, Johnny in- spired oThers by his example. ln spiTe of his lighT Trame, he was acTive in TooTball. His good sporTs- manship was a prime TacTor in his characTer. Well-dressed, wiTTy, and well-liked, Johnny mighT be called our "Ideal Senior." DAVID BOWMAN - Treasurer Dave, who will doubTless be re- membered Tor his ouTsTancling baskeirball record, should also be remembered as a good sporT and an all-around Tellow. InTelligenT, Triendly, and honesT are The words which besT describe him. His ready smile adds To an already aTTrac- Tive personaliTy. We are sure Dave will go Tar in adulT life. 8663714 al play Em N.. N.. ff K! A .f 1 5? my Y X . Nfl? 'H ' f I J' - 1' .'f '. '. . , 4 . 1 311 f ' L t 1.1 -' 0 M .-'21 . V 5, v X 53-N"' 'f1'.- Va' ' ' : C: V ' ,id, ' ,' Trl., T" Mi - 1 V ' Q V- F 4- ffv,Q:a-S'-14 ff' SAMUEL G. AIKEN llsamll Carpenfry Bufler, Pa. Dance Club 3-4, Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4 lPres.l, Glee Club 3-4, I-Iomeroom Officer I-2 lSec.l, Monifor 4, Inframural Baslcefball I-4, Inframural Soff- ball I, Phofography Club I-2 IV. Pres.l, Sparfan Orchesfra 4 lPrpfy. Iv1gr.l, Wresflinq Tournamenf 2 JOHN W. ALBRIGHT "Chink" Aufo-Mechanic Yorlr, Pa. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4, Foofball 4, I-Iorneroom Officer 3-4, Infra- mural Baslcefball 3, Inframural Soffball 3, Monifor 3-4, Pho- foqraphy Club I, Wresfling Tournamenf 3 DEAN E. ARMAGOST "Ghos+" Prinfing , Brookville, Pa. Farm-I-lome Baseball I-2-3-4, Homeroom Officer 3-4 lSec.l, Monifor 3-4 FREDERICK W. BAYES llnukell -Commercial Philadelphia, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff, Bank Assisfanf 3-4. Farm-I-Iome Ofhcer I- 2-3-4 lSec.l, I-Iomeroom Officer I-2-3-4, Indusfrialisf Sfaff 3-4, Mail Clerk 2-3, Office Assisfanf 3, Sec. fo H.I.S. Sporfs Reporfer 4, Sfuclenf Council 2-3 DAVID B. BOWMAN lIDavell Academic Lancasfer, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff lEd. in Chiefl, Baslcefball 2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4. Foofball 2-3, Glee Club I-2, I-lomeroom Officer I-2-3-4 lPres.l, lndus- frialisf Sfaff I-2-3-4 lEcI. in Chiefl, lnfrarnural Baslcefball I-2, Infrarnural Soffball I-2. School Guide 2-3-4, Senior Class Officer lTreas.l, Sparfan Orchesfra 3-4, Sfuclenf Council 2-3, Sfudenf Senafe 3, Symphony Orchesfra 3 JOHN E. BOYER "GanI'zie" Academic San Francisco, Calif. Acropolis Sfaff, Bookbinding Club I, Book Reviewers Club 3-4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-I-Iome Officer I-2- 3-4 IPres.I, Homeroom Officer I-2 ISec.I, Indusfrialisf Sfaff 4, Inframural Soffball I-2. Plwofograplwy Club I-3-4 ISec.I CLINTON L. BURCHILL "Burch" Aufo-Mechanic Williamsporf, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff, Baslcefball 3-4. Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer I-2-3-4 IPres.I. Foof- ball 2-3-4. Glee Club I-2-3-4, Inframural Baslcefball I-2. Inframural Soffball I, Monifor 3-4, Ocfef 4, Sfuolenf Council 3, Sfudenf Senafe 3 ISec.I, Wresflinq Tournamenf 3 ' HOWARD N. BUSSARD "Buzz" Carpenfry Alfoona, Pa. Dance CIub'4. Farm-Honie Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-I-Iome Officer 3-4 IV. Pres.I. I-Iomeroom Officer 3 ISec.I, Inframural Baskefball 4, Inframural Soffball I, lvlonifor 3-4 JAMES BYWATERS llJimll Prinfing York, Pa. Airplane Club I, Boxing Tournamenf 3-4, Cheer Leader 2- 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer 3-4 ITreas.I, Monifor 3-4, Wresfling Tournamenf I ' FRANCIS P. COYLE llsleepyll Prinfing New Albany, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff, Boxing Tournamenf 3, Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3 IV. Pres.I, I-Iomeroom Officer I. Inclusfrialisf Sfaff 2-3-4, Inframural Soffball I, Monifor 3-4, Phofography Club I, Wresfling Tounnamenl' 3-4 WILLIAM C. CRAIG llcraigll Carpenfry Ridley Parlc, Pa. Dance Club 4. Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 IPres.l, I-Iomeroom Officer 2. lnframural Bas- Icefball 4. Inframural Soffball I, Monifor 4 CLARK K. CUSTER "Cuss" Carpenfry Po++s+own, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer 3-4 IPres.I. Homeroom Officer I-2-3-4, Inframural Baslcefball I-2-3-4. lnframural Soffball I-2, Sfuclenf Council 2-3. Sfuclenf Sen- afe 3 PETER DI STEFANO "Pefe" Prinfing Palmyra, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-I-lome Officer 2-3-4, lnclusfrialisf Sfaff 2-3-4, Inframural Baslcefball 4. Monifor 4, Phofography Club I-3. Sfuclenf Council 2-3, Sfuclenf Senafe 3-4 ISec.l ' ROBERT G. DODSON "HicIc" Elecfrical Benfon, Pa. Bancl 2-3-4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4, Inframural Baslcefball 4. Infra- mural Soffball I-2, Monifor 4, Phofography Club I MORRIS E. EATON "Ears" Carpenfry Wesl' Brownsville, Pa. Dance Club 4. Farm-I-lome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer I-2, Inframural Baslcefball I-4, Inframural Soffball I-2, Sparfan Orchesfra IProper+y IvIgr.l LOUIS E. EDDINGER llLoull Baking Allenfown, Pa. Band 3-4, Bookbinding Club I, Boxing Tournamenf I-2, Farm- Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4 IV. Pres.l. Homeroom Officer I-2 lTreas.l, Inframural Baskefball I-2-3-4, Inframural Soffball I-2 PAUL D. EMERICH "DuI'cI'1" Plumbing Rehrersburg, Pa. Band I-2. Book Reviewers Club I. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3- 4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 ISec.l. Homeroom Officer 3-4 ISec.l. Monifor 4, Phofograplwy I-2 HERBERT C. ESHELMAN llBenII Carpenfry Lancasfer, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff. Baskefball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2- 3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4 ITreas.l. Inframural Baskefball I-2-3. Inframural Soffball I, Senior Class Play RODNEY H. EVANS llRodll Plumbing Bloomsburg, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff, Boxing Tournamenf I-2-3. Farm-Home Base- ball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4 ITreas.I. Homeroom Officer 2 ITreas.l. Inframural Baskefball 2-3-4, Inframural Soffball I-2, Monifor 4, Sfudenf Council 3 HORACE J. FLYNN "Horse" EIec+ricaI Williamsfown, Pa. Banol I-2-3-4. Dance Club 3, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Homeroom Officer 3, Inframural Baslcefball 4. Inframural Soffball I, Monifor 4, Sparfan Orchesfra 2-3-4 WILLIAM F. HGARRISON HBR ll Machinisf Easfon, Pa. Dance Club 4. Farm-I-lome Baseball 2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4 lV. Pres.l, lnframural Baskefball 3-4, Monifor 3- 4. Wresfling Tournamenf I-3-4 MARLIN R. GOODYEAR "Goodie" Elecfrical Mechanicsburg, Pa. Baslcefbal I-2-3-4. Boy Scoufs I-2-3, Dance Club 3-4. Farm- l-lome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Oflicer I-2-3, Fool'- ball 3-4. Glee Club 2-3-4. l-lomeroom Officer I-2-3-4. Infra- mural Baslcefball I-2, lnframural Soffball I-2. Monifor 4. Symphony Orchesfra I-2, Wresfling Tournamenf I-2-3-4 RALPH W. GREER. llRalPHl Commercial Wheeling, W. VA. Acropolis Sfaff. Dance Club 4. Explorer Scoufs 2-3-4, Farm- l-lome Baseball 3-4. Farm-Home OfHcer 3-4, C-Jlee Club 2-3- 4, I-lomeroom Officer 2-3-4 lPres.l. lndusfrialisi' Sfaff 2-3-4. lnframural Baslcefball 3-4, Office Assisfanf 4, Sfudenf Coun- cil 3 CHESTER P. HAKE llChe+Il Sheef-Me'I'al Red Lion, Pa. Airplane Club I-2, Boy Scoufs I-2-3. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, l-lomeroom Officer 2 lV. Pres.l, lnframural Baskef- ball 4, lnframural Soffball I-2, Monifor 4 CLYDE E. HARMAN "Boudreau" Machinisi' Williamsporf, Pa. Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 lPres.l, Hoineroom Officer I. lnframural Bas- kefball 4. lnframural Soffball I. Monifor 3-4, Phofograplwy Club I, Wresfling Tournamenl' 3 ' GENE S. HAUPT "Genie" Machinisf Sunbury, Pa. Boxing Tournamenf 3, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I- 2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4, I-Iomeroom Officer 4, Inframural Baslcefball 4, Inframural Soffball I, Monifor 3-4, Wresfling Tournamenf I-3 THOMAS G. HEWES llTomll Aufo-Mechanic Lancasfer, Pa. Band I-2-3-4, Boolcbinding Club I, Boy Scoufs I-2-3, Choir 2, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4 IV. Pres.I, Glee Club 2-3-4, Inframural Soffball I, Monifor 3-4, Wresflinq Tournamenf I-2-3 DAVID G. HIGH "Dave" Prinfing PoH'sI'own, Pa. Band I-2-3-4, Choir I-2-3-4, Clwrisfian Knighfs 2, Dance Club I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball 3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3- 4, Glee Club I-2-3-4, Inframural Baslcefball 4, Monifor 3, Ocfef I-3-4, Ouarfef 2, Sfudenf Senafe 3, Symphony Or- chesfra I ' HENRY -C. HORN "Smokey" Au'I'o-Mechanic Yeadon, Pa. Boolcbinding Club 2-3, Boxing Tournamenf I, Boy Scoufs I, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4 IPres.I, Inframural Baskefball 4, Monifor 3-4, School Guide 3- 4, Sfuclenf Senafe 4 HAROLD A. HOUSEAL lleinll Aufo-Mechanic Mayfown, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball 3-4, Homeroom Officer 2-3-4, Infra- mural Baslcefball 3-4, Inframural Soffball I, Monifor 3-4, JOHN D. HUGHES "Jack" Machinisf Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball 2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer 3-4, Glee Club 2-3-4, Homeroom Officer I-2, lnlramural Baslcelball 2, lvlonilor 3-4 JAMES R. KERR "Jimmie" Machinisf Philadelphia, Pa. Choir 2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball 2-3-4, Farm-Home OfHcer 3, Homeroom Officer 2, Monifor 4, Oc're+ 4, S+uclen+ Coun- cil 3, Wreslling Tournamenl' I-2-3 JAMES H. KILPATRICK "Scl1lofa" Sheei'-Me+al Chesferfown, Pa. Band 3-4, Boy Scouls l-2-3-4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball 4, lnlramural Baslcelball 4, Monifor 4, Pre-Flighl Club I HARRY E. KLINE Ill-larryll Plumbing Penbroolz, Pa. Boxing Tournamen+ I-2, Dance Club 3-4, Farm-Home Base- ball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Omcer 2-3, lnlramural Baslceiball I-2-3-4, Monilor 4, S'ruclen'r Council I-2, Wreslling Tourna- meni I-2-3 RICHARD T. LEOPARD llRockll Machinis+ Norfhampfon, Pa. Boxing Tournamenl 2-3. Boy Scouis I-2-3. ivloniior 3-4, Wreslling Tournamenl 2-3 CLAUDE F. LIGHT "Ligh'rie" Academic Lebanon, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff, Book Reviewers Club I-2-3, Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball 2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer l-2-3-4, Foofball 2-3-4. Homeroom Officer l-2-3-4, lndusfrialisf Sfaff 2-3-4, lnframural Baskefball 2-3-4, School Guide 3-4, Sfudenf Council l-2-3-4 lPres.l. Sfuclenf Senafe 2-3-4 lTreas.l. Wresfling Tournamenf 3 ALEXANDER L. LYNN "Cl'iinlc" Academic Wafsonfown, Pa. Boy Scoufs l-2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball, I-2-3-4, Farm- Home Officer 3-4 fPres.l, Foofball 2-3-4, Homeroom Officer I-2-3-4, Inframural Baslcefball 2-3-4. lnframural Soffball I. Phofography Club 3, School Guide 3-4, Wresfling Tourna- menf 3 ' CHARLES C. MADEIRA "Willlcie" Academic Harrisburg, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff, Band I-2-3-4, Baslcefball 2-3-4, Boy Scoufs I-2, Choir I-2-3-4, Dance Club 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer 3-4 lV. Pres.l. Foofball 2-3-4, Glee Club I-2-3-4, Hoomroom Officer I-2-3-4 lSec.l, ln- dusfrialisf Sfaff 2-3-4, lnframural Baslcefball I, lnframural Soffball I-2, Ocfef 3, Senior Class Officer lV. Pres.l, Sfu- clenf Council I-2-3 lV. Pres.l. Sfudenf Senafe I-2-3, Wresf- ling Tournamenf 3 HAROLD L. McCURDY "Jess" Academic Lebanon, Pa. Band 2-3-4, Boxing Tournamenf I, Dance Club 3-4, Choir 2- 3-4, Farm-Home.Baseball 2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3, Foofball 2-3-4, Glee Club I-2-3-4, lndusirialisl' Sfaff 2-3-4, lnframural Baslcefball I-2-3-4, lnframural Soffball I, Sea Scoufs 3-4. Sparfan Orclwesfra 2-3-4, Sfuolenf Council 2-3 lV. Pres.l, Wresfling Tournamenf I-2-3-4 BERNARD J. MESCAN "Bernie" Maclwinisf .Hazel+on, Pa. Baslcefball 2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4, Foofball 2-3-4, Homeroom Officer I-2-3-4 lV. Pres.l, lnframural Baslcefball I, lnframural Soffball I-2, Monifor 3-4, Wresfling Tournamenf 3 ALFRED R. MILLER Ilspikell Aufo-Mechanic Cleona, Pa. Boxing Tournamenf I, Dance Club 4, Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4 lPres.I, Inframural Baskef- ball 3-4, Inframural Soffball I-2, Monifor 3 JACK W. MOCK .. "Jack" MacI1inis'I' Reading, Pa. Band 2-3-4, Boxing Tournamenf I-2-3, Boy Scoufs I-2-3-4, Choir 2-3-4, Dance Club 3-4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-lome Officer 4 ITreas.I, Glee Club 2-3-4. I-Iomeroom Officer 2, Inframural Baskefball I-3-4, Inframural Sof+baII I, Wresfling Tournarnenf 3 L. GENE MOHR "Gene" Machinisi' Bainbridge, Pa. Baskefball 2-3-4, Boxing Tournamenf I, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 lPres.l, Foofball 2-3-4. I-Iomeroom Officer I-2-3-4 lPres.l. Inframural Baslcefball I. Inframural Soffball I-2, Monifor 3, Senior Class Officer lPres.l. Sfuclenf Council 3 lPres.I, Sfuclenf Senafe 3 IV. Pres.I, Wresfling Tournamenf I-3 GEORGE D. MOORE llsaldyll Aufo-Mechanic Chesfer, Pa. Airplane Club I-2, Dance Club 3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer I-2- 3-4. Monifor 4, Sea Scoufs I-2-3-4, Sfudenf Council I-2-3. Sfuclenf Senafe 4, R DALE E. MUSSELMAN lIMu++ll Carpenfry Geffysburg, Pa. Banol I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball 3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4 IV. Pres.l, I-Iomeroom Officer I-2-3-4, Insfrumenfal Soloisf I-2-3-4, Inframural Soffball I, Monifor 4, Phofogra- phy Club I IPres.I, Sparfan Orchesfra 2-3-4, Sfuclenf Coun- cil I, Symphony Orclwesfra I-2 HAROLD N. NOLAND IIJEQQSII Sheef-Mefal Lewisfown. Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4. ln- framural Baskefball 3-4. lnframural Soffball 2. Monifor 3-4 CHARLES W. OAKES "Cowboy" Sheef-Mefal Oil-Cify. Pa. Farm-I-lome Baseball 2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer 3-4 lV. Pres.l. l-lomeroom Officer 2-3-4 lSec.l, Monifor 3-4 GEORGE S. OBER ' "Si'rei'cl1" Aufo-Mechanic Manheim. Pa. Boy Scoufs I. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer 4. lnframural Baskefball I-3-4. lnframural Soffball I-2. Monifor 3. Sfuclenf Senafe 4 P ROME R. OWENS III-oull Prinfing Easfon. Pa. Farm-l-lome Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 lPres.l. Foofball 4. I-lomeroom Officer 2-3. lnframural Bas- kefball 3-4, lnframural Soffball 2. Monifor 3. Phofography Club 2. Sea Scoufs 3-4. Sfuclenf Council 3 lV. Pres.l. Sfudenf Senafe 4, Wresfling Tournamenf 3-4 GLENN D. OYLER "Bu'l'ch" " Plumbing Hummelsfown. Pa. Band I-2-3-4. Boy Scoufs I. Choir 3-4. Farm-Home Base- ball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer 2-3'-4 lV. Pres.l. Foofball 2-4. Glee Club I-2-3-4. I-lomeroom Officer 4 lPres.l. Infra- mural Baslcefball 2-3-4. lnframural Soffball 2. Monifor 4. Sparfan Orcliesfra 2-3-4. Wresfling Tournamenf 3 CHARLES T. PEALER llPe+ell Plumbing Towancla, Pa. Baslcefball 2-3-4, Boxing Tournamenf l-3, Dance Club 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3. Foof- ball 2-3-4, Inframural Baskefball 2, lnframural Soffball 2-3, lvlonifor 4, Sfuolenf Council 3 JOHN W. PIERCHOSKI . IIDOCII Elecfrical Philadelphia, Pa. Airplane Club I. Boxing Tournamenf 4. Boy Scoufs 2-3. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4 lSec.l. Homeroom Officer 3 lSec.l, lnframural Baslcefball 4, lnframural Soffball I-2, Monifor 4, Pre-Fliglwf Club I, Phofograplwy Club I, Sfagehand 2-3-4, Sfudenf Council 4, Sfudenf Senafe 4, Wresfling Tournamenf 4 EDWARD G. PRICE "Harry". . Carpenfry Philadelphia, Pa. Air Scoufs 2-3-4, Boxing Tournamenf I, Farm-Home Base- ball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4 lV. Pres.l, Homeroom Officer 2, lnframural Baslcefball I-4, lnframural Soffball I. Mail Clerk I-2, Monifor 4, Wresfling Tournamenf I-2-3 DOYLE M. RITTER lIRi+lI Machinisf Enola, Pa. Boxing Tournamenf 2. Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4 lPres.l, lnframural Bas- lcefball 2-3-4, lnframural Soffball l. Monifor 3-4. Sfuclenf Senafe 4, Wresfling Tournamenf I-2-3 RICHARD J. ROBSON llRobyll Maclwinisf Sharon, Pa. Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4 lPres.l. Homeroom Officer 2-3 lSec.l, lnframural Baslcefball 4, Monifor 4 WILLIAM D. ROJAS "Blackie" Baking Lewisfown, Pa. Boxing Tournamenf 2-3-4, Boy Scoufs I-2-3, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 lPres.l, Foof- ball 2-3-4, Homeroom OfHcer I-2-3, lnframural Baskefball 2-3-4. lnframural Soffball I-2 STEPHEN J. ROMANOVI-CH "Sieve" Academic Williamsfown, Pa. Airplane Club I. Baskefball 2. Boxing Tournamenf I, Boy Scoufs I-2. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Offi- cer 2-4 lPres.l, Glee Club. 2-3-4, Harmonica Club I, Home- room Officer 3 lSec.l. lnclusfrialisf Sfaff I-2-3-4. lnframural Baskefball 3-4. lnframural Soffball I-2, Symphony Orchesfra I-2-3, Wresfling Tournamenf 2-3 JOHN L. RUNKLE "Runlx" Elecfrical Granfville, Pa. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Homeroom Officer 2 lSec.l, lnframural Baslcefball 3-4, lnframural Soffball I-2, Monifor 4, Sfage Hand 2-3-4 ELWOOD E. SCHIEB "Weller" Plumbing Muncy Valley, Pa. Dance Club 3-4. Farm-Home Baseball 4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4. Homeroom Officer 2-3. lnframural Baskefball 4, Moni- for 4 STEPHEN SEKELLIC . "S1'eve" Aufo-Mechanic PoH'sville, Pa. Boxing Tournamenf I-2-3, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Foofball 4, Homeroom Officer I-2-3, lnframural Baslcefball 3-4. lnframural Soffball I, Wresfling Tournament I-2-3 JOHN A. SHEAFFER "Johnny" Prinfing ' Shippensburg, Pa. Baskefball I-2, Boxing Tournamenf I-2-3-4, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 IPres.I. Foofball 2-3-4, Glee Club 2-3-4, Homeroom Officer 2-3-4 IPres.I, Inframural Baslcefball 3-4, Inframural Soffball I-2, Monifor 3, Senior Class Officer ISec.I. Senior Class Play. Wresfling Tournamenf I-2-3 ' ELWOOD L. SHEARER "Barney" Baking Linglesfown, Pa. Airplane Club I. Boolcbinding Club I-2, Boy Scoufs I-2-3. Cheer Leader 3-4, Dance Club 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4, Homeroom Officer I, lnframural Baskefball 3-4, Inframural Soffball I-2, Phofog- raphy Club I. Sfudenf Council I. Wresfling Tournamenf 2 HARRY M. SHERLOCK "Sherlc" Prinfing Philadelphia, Pa. Band I-2-3-4 IDrurn Maiorlf Bookbincling Club I. Choir I- 2-3-4, Dance Club 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm- Home Officer 3-4 IV. Pres.I. Glee Club I-2-3-4, Homeroom Officer I-2, Inframural Baskefball 3-4. Inframural Soffball I-2. Monifor 3, Ocfef 2-3-4, Phofography Club I, Ouarfef 3-4, Senior Class Play JOHN C. SINGLEY "Rolls" Carpenfry Cressona, Pa. Band I-2-3-4. Brass Ouarfef I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 IPres.I, Glee Club I- 2-3-4, Homeroom Officer 2,'InsfrumenfaI Soloisf I-2-3-4. lnframural Soffball I-2. Ocfef '3-4, Ouarfef 3-4. Sparfan Orchesfra I-2-3-4, Sfudenf Senafe 4, Symphony Orchesfra I-2 BYRON M. SMITH llBa'-ryll Prinfing Glen Rock, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff, Chrisfian Knighfs Council 2-3 ifPres.I, Farm- Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4, Foofball 2, Glee Club I, Homeroom Officer I-2-3. Monifor 3. Spar- fan Orchesfra 3-4, Sfuclenf Council 2-3 IPres.l, Sfudenf Senafe 3-4 IPres.I RICHARD C. STAHL "Pe're" Aufo-Mechanic Muir, Pa. Boy Scoufs I-2-3, Dance Club 4. Farm-Home Baseball I-2- 3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4 IPres.l, Inframural Baslcefball 3-4, lnframural Soffball I, lvlonifor 3, Plwofography Club I, Sfuclenf Council 3, Sfuclenf Senafe 4, Wresfling Tourna- menf I-3 KENNETH W. STEEN "Hank" Prinfing Washingfon, D. C. Acropolis Sfaff, Boolcbincling Club I, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4 IPres.l, Foofball 2-3-4, Homeroom Officer I-2 IV. Pres.I, Inframural Baslcefball 4, Inframural Soffball I-2, lvlonifor 3-4, Wresfling Tournamenf 3 ALLEN P. SUDBU RY "Suds" Carpeniry Lebanon, Pa. Airplane Club I. Air Scoufs 2-3-4. Farm-Home Baseball 4 wiLuAM L. swiNeLe ' --Bair- Prinfing Washingfon, D. C. Acropolis Sfaff, Baskefball 2-3. Boxing Tournamenf I-2, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 IPres.l. Foofball 2-3-4, Homeroom Officer 3-4 IV. Pres.l, ln- framural Baslcefball 4, Inframural Soffball I-2, Monifor 3, Sfudenf Senafe 3-4 IV. Pres.I, Wresfling Tournamenf I-2-3 RICHARD D. TROUTMAN "DuI'cI1" AuI'o-Mechanic RICl1lBfld. P6- Boxing Tournamenf I-2-3-4, Dance Club 2-3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3-4. Glee Club I- 2-3-4, lnframural Baslcefball I-2-3-4, lnframural Soflball I-2, Monifor 3-4, Oc're'r 4, Sparfan Orclwelsfra 3-4, Sfuolenf Council 3. Sfudenf Senafe 4, Wresfling Tournamenf I-2-4 WlLLlAhn VOGT IIBF ll Machinis+ Philadelphia, Pa. Boxing Tournamenf I, Choir 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2- 3-4, Farm-Home Officer 4 lPres.l. Glee Club 3-4, Home- room Officer 2 lSec.l, lnframural Baskefball 2-3-4. lnframural Soffball l, lvlonifor 3, Wresfling Tournamenf 2-3 ALVI O. VOIGT "Alvie" Academic Reading, Pa. Acropolis Sfaff. Chrisfian Knighfs Council 2-3, Farm-Home Baseball 2-3-4, Farm-l-lome Officer 2-3-4. lnelusfrialisl' Sfaff I-2-3-4. lnframural Baskefball 3-4, Phofography Club 3. Sen- ior Class Play, Sfudenf Council 2-3-4 lSec.l, Sfuclenf Sen- afe 3-4 GEORGE A. WALSH - "Babe" Sheef-Mefal Wilmingfon, Del. Farm-l-lome Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Officer 3 lTreas.l. Homeroom Officer 2-3 lPres.l, lnframural Baslcefball 4, Mon- ifor 4. Pre-Flighf Club I, Sfudenf Council 2 CHARLES L. WEAVER "Oscar" Elecfrical Lebanon, Pa. Boy Scoufs 2-3, Dance Club 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3 -4, Farm-Home Officer 3-4 lPres.l. Foofball 3-4, Homeroom Officer 2 lV. Pres.l. lnframural Baslcefball 3-4, lnframural Soffball I-2, Monifor 4. Phofography Club I-2. Pre-Flighf Club I, Sfagehancl 2-3, Wresfling Tournamenf 3-4 P. VANCE WEAVER "Mor+" Prinfing Oberlin, Pa. Boxing Tournamenf 2-3-4. Boy Scoufs I-2-3. Cheerleader 4, Dance Club 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Homeroom Officer I-2-3-4, lnframural Baslcefball 4. Inframural Soffball I-2, Monifor 3-4, Sfuclenf Council I-2-3-4. Wresfling Tour- menf 3-4 WILLIAM F. WEAVER IIBSHII Commercial Loclc Haven, Pa. Acropolis Siafi, Band 2-3-4. Boxing Tournameni I. Dance Club 3-4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Olilicer I-2-3-4 lPres.l. Fooiball 4. Glee Club 2-3-4, Homeroom Offi- cer I-2-3-4 lPres.l, Inc,Ius+riaIisI' Siaif 2-3-4, Iniramural Bas- Iceiball I-2-3-4. Iniramural Sollball I-2, Sea Scouis 3-4, Wresiling Tournameni I-2-3-4 PAUL H. WHITE "Whi'rey" Elecfrical Ephrafa, Pa. Acropolis Siafi, Band I-2-3-4, Choir I-2-3, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer I-2-3-4 IV. Pres.l, Fool- ball 2-3-4. Glee Club I-2-3-4, Homeroom Officer I-2-3-4 lPres.l, Insirumenral Soloisi I-2-3-4, Inframural Baslcelball I-2-3-4, Inlramural Soiiball I-2, Moniior 4, Ociei 2. Ouar- 'rer 2-3-4, School Guide 2-3-4. Senior Class Play, Sparian Orchesira I-2-3-4. Siagehancl 2-3-4, Symphony Orchesira I-2, Wresiling Tournameni 3-4 BARRY F. WHITESIDE llMaiorll Agriculrural Washingfon, D. C. Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-Home Officer 2-3, In- Iramural BasIce'rbaII 2-3-4, Iniramural Soiiball I-2, Senior Class Play I IVAN V. WICKS "Wicks" Carpenrry Buck Hill Falls, Pa. Boxing Tournamenl I, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm- Home Officer I-2-3-4 lTreas.l, Homeroom Officer 2-3. Iniramural Baskeiball 3-4, Iniramural Soiiball I. Phoiog- raphy Club I. Sfudeni Council 2-3, Wresiling Tournameni I C. MONROE WILLIAMS llwillyll Academic EncIicoH', N. Y. Acropolis Siaff. Airplane Club I, Dance Club 4, Farm-Home Baseball I-2-3-4. Farm-Home Olliicer I-2-3-4. Glee Club 3-4, IncIusI'riaIis'I S+arF 3-4, Inrramural Baskelball 3-4. Pre- Flighi Club I-2, OcIe'r 3, School Guide 3-4, Senior Class Play, Siudeni Council I-2-3, Siudeni Senaie 4 ELMER E. WISE "EIms" Commercial Philadelphia, Pa. Acropolis Slall, Baslcelball llv1gr.l 3, Dance Club 2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4. Foolball llvlgnl 2-3, Home- room Ollicer I-2-3-4 lSec.l, lnduslrialisl' Slali 3-4. lnlramural Baslcelball I-2-3-4, Inlramural Sollball I-2. Ollice Assislanl 4 WILMER T. WOLF "WoIfie" Plumbing Ballimore, Md. Airplane Club I. Chrislian Knighls Council 3, Farm-I-Iome Baseball I-2-3-4, Farm-I-Iome Officer I, I-Iomeroom Olilicer 4 IV. Pres.l, lnlramural Baslcelball 2-3-4. Inlramural Soflball 2-3. lvlonilor 4 0 CLASS SONG. . WORDS BY BYRON SMITH, MUSIC BY PAUL WHITE I 3 The lime has come lo venlure lorlh I-Iail lo our glorious alma maler- Praises Io her name- And lace Ille S problems new: Thanks lo 'rhe Training of school life behind The I'me has Come IO Show our WOIIII Slrenglh lor lhe challenge oi manhood By whal we say and do. we'll find. 2 4 We'Il ne'er lorqel our high-School days- Wilh hearlrs so lull of life and you+h. Our friends. our work. our play: Wi+h slandards high in view, Wilh courage we will lace lhe world We lhanlc lhe hand lhal' look us in And raise our voice lo say: And ask God's blessing, loo. Class Flower-M. S. Hershey Rose Class Colors-Purple and Gold Class Molfo-We enlered +0 learn: we go liorlh fo serve. IWFSQQ , swap? Q Av Am figgiq 5' 'qu fe! - , X, 5 Same" i E Wff. Q X flff Qmm r Q " NK ..,:,f:-5.5 ,A T X W ai! Q 'I.3i'5i r Q Q, MMU " 1 aw 12 ,W umm! fyf H 6. .t.! ACTIVITIES School acTiviTies Tormed one oT The mosT enjoyable phases oT our school liTe. FurThermore, They aTTorded op- porTuniTy Tor developing our varied TalenTs. They covered a wide Tield, wiTh emphasis upon music and aThleTics. The TaculTy advisers in charge oT These ac- TiviTies were especially qualiTied and always generous wiTh Their Time and helpful advice. The groups represenTing our high school acTiviTies have broughT crediT To The school and high praise Tor Their accomplishmenTs. PursuiT oT such ac- TiviTies is always a wholesome en- deavor, and The eagerness wiTh which I-lomeboys parTicipaTe reTlecTs Tavor- ably on Their characTer. Many happy memories oT days spenT here will be recalled To us by These Tollowing pages, and Tor ThaT reason They Torm an imporTanT parT oT our Acropolis. Eancf Affer fhe usual sfruggle of replacing lasf year's seniors, fhe Band. under fhe direcfion of Mr. Young, again survived fhis yearly problem and worked up a good year-round program. Because fransporfafion difficulfies eased before foofball season sfarfed, fhe Band again added i'rs spirif fo This sporf wifh ifs masferful playing and colorful marching and formafions af all buf one foofball game. lf also had fhe honor of playing af fhe Green Bay-Piffsburgh Professional Foofball Game in fhe sfadium and af fhe Cify-Counfy All Sfar Game. On fhaf occasion "Nan" Wiclcwire, I945 Nafional l-ligh Harry Sherlock, drum major, and Mr. Young, leader School Champion from William Penn l-l. S., Harrisburg, was our guesf maioreffe. Every Palm Sunday fhe Band presenfs in fhe Communify Building a concerf which is always well received. This year, as usual, fhe concerf included some novelfies, some marches, and, of course, a few selecfions on fhe symphonic side. Preparafion for fhis annual musical offering is one of fhe maior proiecfs of fhe Band. This year fhere will be more seniors fhan usual leaving fhe Band, buf as is also 'rhe usual case, fhere are up-coming replacemenfs. We are sure fhaf fhesel boys will capably fill fheir posifions in fhe Band and confinue fhe good qualify of music presenfed by if. Because oT The paper shorTage The School lndusTrialisT has Tewer pages Than beTore The war, buT conTenT was acTually increased by using smaller Type. The number oT subscribers seems To increase consTanTly as alumni, par- enTs, and oTher Triends oT The school appreci- aTe iTs value. During The war all l-lomeboys in T The Services received iT Tree. A Typical issue averaged abouT I75O copies, wiTh abouT I5OO being mailed. Keeping subscribers inTormed was by no M" Mfncemoywf advfseff and David means easy. A special problem was The rapidly changing addresses oT alumni in The Services. Service news iTems Trom sTudenTs. visiTors. and COFFGSFDONOTGDCG had To be CTWGCTKSCT careTully so as noT To overlap or repeaT. Bowman, editor Each member oT The sTaTT deserves crediT Tor The work he puT inTo The lnclusTrialisT To make iT The success iT was. Much was done by The TaculTy chairman, Mr. Mincemoyer. To him goes a very special "Thanks" Tor his parT in publishing our school paper. This year The sTaTT will change near The end oT school. conTrary To The war-Time prac- Tice oT reorganizing in mid-year. UTmosT conTidence is TelT by The senior sTaTT members as To Their successors' abiliTy To conTinue The high TradiTion oT This organizaTion. Jam This group oT vocalisTs under DirecTor J. ATlee Young's supervision, is composed OT boys Trom The TiTTh To The TwelTTh grade, in- clusive. The higher parTs are sung by The younger boys and The lower parTs by The older boys, who also are members oT The Glee Club. The Choir has alTernaTed TrequenTly wiTh The Glee Club aT Sunday morning worship services. The churchgoing sTudenT body will always remember The Choir Tor iTs exceIIenT rendiTion oT anThems. - Now ThaT The war is over, The organizaTion was able To go To Lebanon To presenT a sacred Mr. Young, directorg David High, tenorg and Doris Rexroth, accompanist concerT in The Church oT The BreThren. The boys were complimenTed highly. This organizaTion Teaches The younger members To become more appreciaTive oT music and gives Them more experience Tor Their musical worlc in The TuTure. IT also gives The older members experience in singing wiTh a group who have higher-ranged voices. This year The Choir will lose many seniors, buT we are noT alarmed. We lcnow ThaT un- derclassmen can Till The gap mosT ably. The Class oT I946 will always remember Mr. Young and his group oT boys Tor Their unTiring eTTorT and Their Tine spiriT. C Senafe This year The SenaTe was placed under The leadership oT Mr. Thural Brehm, who had been a houseTaTher aT Rolling Green and is now guidance insTrucTor. AT The beginning oT The year The Voca- Tional, Senior-l-ligh, and Junior-High Coun- cils were disconTinued, and we were To have a Farm-Home Council and a SenaTe. Elec- y Tions Tor The Farm-l-lome Council were made. and aTTer discussion by members wiTh Mr. Hammond, Mr. Hershey. and Mr. Brehm, iT BVU" Smith' P'e5fflenff and Mf- 3fel1ffb was decided To eliminaTe The SenaTe also. Supemso' The Farm-Home Council's TirsT iob was To draw up a consTiTuTion Tor The new sTudenT governmenT. Under This consTiTuTion The Farm-Home Council became The SenaTe, and The Tour oTTicers became The ExecuTive CommiTTee. Four sTanding commiTTees were Tormed-Privileges, AcTiviTies, 1Public RelaTions, and PubliciTy. Also included in The ConsTiTuTion were The duTies and pro- cedures oT The individual Farm-Home Councils. The oTFicers-Byron M. SmiTh, Pres.: William Swingle, V. Pres.: PeTer Di STeTano. Sec.: and Claude LighT. Treas.-sincerely hope +ha+ proiecTs begun This year will be carried on To compleTion Through The renewed vigor oT nexT year's SenaTe. glee ew As is The cusTom each year, Mr. Young, our direcTor, ordered many new pieces and im- mediaTely seT To work Teaching Them To The TorTy-odd Glee Club members. Since gas raTioning had ended and con- cerTs could again be scheduled Treely, aTTen- Tion was given Tirsl' To a concerT oT sacred music. Long, hard hours oT pracTicing on The parT oT members is The answer To The success The Glee Club has had all year in giving con- cerTs aT lndianTown Gap, Cressona, LiTiTz, Chambersburg, and righr here in l-lershey, To menTion buT a Tew. Wherever The Glee Club Paul White, bassg Mrs. Hoerner, accompanistg and Mr. Young, director sang They were grearly praised, which TacT shows ThaT This group sTill is one oT The mosT popular organizaTions oT The Hershey lndusTrial School. Many oT our church services were made more enjoyable because oT The sacred music presenTed by The Glee Club. When The occasion arises, The Glee Club presenTs a concerT oT secular music. Such occasions are exchange assembly programs and The annual concerT oT secular and sacred music usually presenTed each spring. As we seniors leave This Tine organizaTion, we Take wiTh us memories oT many enioy- able Trips. We hope our successors will enioy Glee Club membership as much as we did. Spafdawi WhaT do you wanT? Music sTyled by Wo- ody l-lerman, STan KenTon, Tommy Dorsey, Les Brown, or Van Alexander? WhaTever iT is, you name iT, and The SparTans have iT on hand ready To play like real masTers oT The kingdom H" ' oT swing. Since iTs beginning eighT years ago, This or- ganizaTion has gone a long way in working iT- selT up To The high sTandard iT now mainTains. The answer Tor iTs success is pracTice, To which Dale Musslemanf SaXiM'S- Hveffiew leader: The members devoTe Their Tree Time unspar- and John Singley, trumpet ingly. The leadership oT This organizaTion has changed hands many Times. wiTh The baTon-swinging This year in The hands oT Mrs. Jeanne l-loerner. The seniors in The SparTan OrchesTra. who Torrn a maioriTy, can go TorTh Trom This organizaTion proud oT The record They have esTablished by playing Tor dances in many places-l-lershey, Oberlin, l-lummelsTown, ElizabeThTown. and lndianTown Gap, To men- Tion a Tew. The senior SparTans wish Their underclass colleagues well. Judging Them by Their aT- TiTude and eTTorT during The pasT year, we are cerTain oT Their TuTure success. C 6 T This group did noT perTorm wiTh The regu- lariTy of oTher musical organizaTions, buT This TacT does noT discrediTiTheir eTTorTs. The classics are noT prepared wiTh ease or rapidiTy, and proper inTerpreTaTion demands much in Time and pracTice. Such experience is invaluable Tor The sTudenT OT serious music as a guide Tor TuTure sTudy. RaTher Than being discouraged aT The con- siderable Taslc which conTronTs Them. They loolc To Their ulTimaTe reward in The producTion oT Tine music as an incenTive To greaTer eTTorT. For These reasons we exTend To This organi- ieading violinist zaTion our appreciaTion Tor iTs TuncTion as one oT our desirable school acTiviTies. AT The beginning oT This school Term iT was ThoughT ThaT There would be no sym- phony orchesTra. However, sTudenT inTeresT in such an organizaTion was suTiicienT To iusTiTy a Trial, and a Tew monThs laTer Mrs. T-loerner selecTed The sTudenT members. MosT oT The boys are younger Than Those in our oTher musical organizaTions. and The group is smaller Than iT should be. NeverTheless, an inTeresTed nucleus has been Tormed, and a good sTarT has been made. We can loolc Torward, a Tew years, wiTh some confidence To a Tull-sized, ouTsTanding, high-school symphonic orchesTra. Mrs. Hoerner, instructor, ana' Philip Paregian, Y, 0.1 THE ACR0P0l-TIS We, The members oT The sTaTT OT The i946 ediTion oT The Acropolis, sincerely hope ThaT you experience as much plea- sure in browsing Through The pages oT our yearbook as we had in compiling Them. NOT everyThing in publishing a yearbook is Tun and glory. OTTen iT is iusT plain hard work, as we soon learned. How- ever, The beneTiTs derived Trom The eTTorT were worThwhile and will linger in our memories long aTTer we leave H. I. S. In classroom and shop, we are TiTTing ourselves Tor The business oT useTul living. This book, Then, is a record oT our learning experiences in H. I. S., oT our way oT liTe. We members oT The ediTorial secTion oT The sTaTT Take This opporTuniTy To exTend To Mr. lvlincemoyer, FaculTy Ad- viser, our deepesT appreciaTion Tor his unTiring eTTorTs and paTience wiTh us while compiling The wriTTen maTTer Tor our Acropolis. We also sincerely Thank Mrs. Perkins Tor her guid- ance in The layouT work, Mr. Shuler Tor his help wilh The phoTography, and Mr. Blanken and Mr. STahle Tor The ex- cellence oT The prinTing. 5, vs-ff sf -3-ff f'r'r"A5L1 X -X ,fix f 4 ? Z1 , gil? If I Q-X s JI Q W . H 'fill ""'mum i -54 4, ,,-3 f - x 'ZHI I f. ' ' I-Zi"':f7'. M , Aff. r 57" m.-- ,.f Z V 4 ' ,lf fm K Q 'Z ,B ...vw J, 17,2 ,447 ' ,la 1, If Fffv A' Z 1, ,, ..,:g:m:,',I f pg,-f y 'MY mul' IV" ,..... -r1""' ihlelz VARSITY BASKETBALL ATTer an exTremely successTul TooTball season our baslceTball sea- son, by comparison, was somewhaT disappoinTing. AlThough our Team appeared poTenTially sTrong, various handicaps such as The loss oT key players Through iniuries and irregular pracTices because oT a guaranTine prevenTed The squad Trom reaching iTs pealc. Mr. T-loerner. lasT year's J-V coach, deserves crediT Tor his con- Tinued good worlc wiTh The Team in accomplishing whaT he did wiTh The maTerial aT hand. His sTarTing Tive were all seniors-Dave Bow- man and PeTe Pealer as Torwards, l-lerb Eshelman aT cenTer, and Gene Mohr and Bernie Mescan aT guard. l-lowever, only Two oT These Tive were available The enTire season. OTher members oT The squad were seniors Marlin Goodyear, Charlie Madeira, and ClinTon Burchill, and Three iuniors-Al T-lappel. Eugene Bocian, and Charlie l-lill. Gene Mohr was honorary capTain. Dave Bowman and PeTe Pealer led The SparTan oTTensive wiTh season ToTals oT Zio la school recordl and l5I poinTs respecTively. Dave also seT a single game record oT 25 poinTs. Big Herb Eshelman did a very commendable iob aT cenTer, especially considering ThaT iT was his TirsT year oT basl4eTball. 111111111 Cornwall Lancas+er Palmyra Wm. Penn York Alumni Palmyra Lebanon John l-larris W P Eli 2 rn -I W D I- r- CA 6 I r'n U C I'- rn 111111111 Sfevens Trade Wm. Penn Hershey York Cornwall Lebanon Jolwn l-larris S+evens Tracle l-lerslwey VARSITY FO0TBAll WiTh a nucleus oT only one leTTerman, Coaches l-loar and Klein- TelTer Tormed a speedy, aggressive eleven which ranked ThirTeenTh among The high-school Teams oT The sTaTe. AlThough The lighTesT Team in H. l. S. hisTory, These lads seT a new school record by scoring ZOO poinTs. A heavy Yorlc Team won our opener, I3-6. chieTly because oT "Tumble-iTis" and our inexperience. In The waning minuTes The score was Tied, buT a penalTy nulliTied The play. ATTer winning The nexT Tour games-Shippensburg, 32-61 STevens Trade, I8-Og l.ewisTown, 34-63 and Carlisle, I9-O-The SparTans losT To The Lebanon Cedars, 7-6. ATTer ThaT deTeaT our Team overwhelmed Wyomissing, 34-O, and Then deTeaTed a sTrong Carson Long Team, I9-7. The season closed wiTh a brillianf 32-I2 vicTory over highly-TouTed l-lershey l-ligh School SouThern Penn Conference Champions. In winning This game. H. I. S. reTained The coveTed Cocoa-Bean Trophy, presenTed by The Alumni AssociaTion. ' Burchill, Goodyear, LighT, Madeira, MasTon, Mohr, Selcellic. SheaTTer, STeen, and Weaver represenTed H. l. S. in The CounTy- CiTy War Bond All-STar Classic. York I 3 Shippensburq 6 Srevens Trade O Lewislrown 6 Carlisle 0 ll '11 Q 9 H-I W D H- ln-n CD F5 1 l'l'l C Z Inu FH II ISE WV' OJ-. INJSO Lebanon 7 Wyomissing O Carson Long 7 Hershey High I2 5I I-V FOOTBALL As Tall approached, we saw a group oT hopeTul underclassmen compeTe in Their TirsT TooTball TryouTs under The Tading summer sunshine. Under The veTeran eyes oT our TalenT-seeking coaches, They drilled The whole morning-Tlinging pigskins, kicking, pulling ouT, racing, receiving well-aimed passes. Decisions were made: all possibiliTies were considered: noThing was over-looked. Days passed: eliminaTions were made: and rigorous Training was Tully under way. A Team slowly Took shape under The TuTelage oT Mr. ShowalTer, wiTh The opening game buf a week away. As muscles drew TauT. The TirsT game oT Their career. aT leasT Tor mosT oT Them, was under way wiTh William Penn. We saw big, Freshman Ray Topper. a likely prospecT Tor nexT year's varsiTy Team, spark his maTes To a I2-O vicTory. NexT came The Hershey High undersTudies, who were Tigura- Tively Torn To shreds, 39-O, by our deTermined J-V aggregaTion. The game was highlighTed by a new individual scoring record oT Tive Touchdowns in one game as made by Ray Topper. The lasT Two games, wiTh John Harris and Lebanon, were losT, I9-I3 and I3-7. respecTively, buT much TalenT was shown by These eager players who will sTrengThen nexT year's varsiTy. Wi+h conTidence we leave To These lads The Task oT upholding The TighTing sporTs TradiTion oT H. l. S. ' T .sh f. .lui , ,IJ ll "-LT If ,fi 'E I-V BASKETBALL Under The coaching oT Their new menTor, Mr. Abel, The Junior VarsiTy compIeTed a saTisTacTory season wiTh a record oT 9 wins and 8 losses. Donald SmiTh, who played various posiTions on The courT, led The Team in scoring wiTh his IO2 poinTs. Forward Ben Helm was a close second wiTh a ToTaI oT 92 counTers. A maioriTy oT The members oT This squad should be ready Tor varsiTy compeTiTion nexT year and TogeTher wiTh The Three varsiTy hold-overs Torm a successTuI courT Team. Several Treshmen on This year's reserve ouTTiT showed excepTionaI promise, and much can be expecTed oT Them in Their Three remaining years. H. I. S. 35 Cornwall 5 H. I. S. 24 William Penn 23 H. I. S. 22 LancasTer 26 H. I. S. 36 Hershey 25 H. I. S. 24 Palmyra 32 H. I. S. 30 York 40 H. I. S. I4 William Penn 40 H. I. S. 62 Cornwall 22 H. I. S. 20 York 24 H. I. S. I4 Lebanon I9 H. I. S. I7 Palmyra I4 H. I. S. I8 John Harris 35 H. I. S. I6 Lebanon 28 H. I. S. 3 I STevens Trade 25 H. I. S. I9 John Harris I8 H. I. S. Q Hershey JJ H. I. S. 43 STevens Trade I I 465 404 genicvu- al WML l lil 'Q' X 'I X alt X ' .14 I 'I 'rl K' 1 -'X I ln' - .I x.- - ' A L g N V' -n T., Y 5737 ' X ' 'H- Q W- I X f -x , 64' ll fx fy'- f : - Zlmlwalafffunw Y UNDERCLASSMEN The iniTial sTepping sTone To The senior year is The Treshman grade. The lowly Treshman Taces a challenge oT compleTing whaT is oTTen Termed The sTiTTesT year in high school. Upon enTering The sophomore Term he begins a career by choosing The commercial, academic, or vocaTional course. Eagerly he acquires special inTeresTs in exTracurricular acTiviTies so popular aT H. l. S. Finally he meeTs The challenge oT The underclassman climb, The iunior year. l-le begins To shoulder burdens and responsibiliTies, preparing himself To replace The deparTing seniors. T-le Tinds The going Tough, buT he never gives up. I-le musT uphold The Typical H. l. S. TighTing spiriT which his predecessors so ably esTablished and mainTained Tor him. To The underclassmen, our succes- sors, go our besT wishes Tor a suc- cessTul TuTure. JUNIOR CLASS These are The fellows who have been looking forward wiTh eagerness To ThaT all-imporTanT senior year. In educafion, This year has been Their mosT imporTanT- The one during which They builT The body of Their shop knowledge. ln acTiviTies They have been preparing well To assume school leadership. ln sporTs we find fellows like lvlasTon, l-lelm, PickeTT, and Happel warming up To be sTars of The T947 class. NexT year's opporTuniTies will also give oTher iuniors a chance To place Their names in The sporTs columns. In The realm of music The various kinds are well repre- senTed by Schafer, ZeiTz, Daffner, Emes, Seen, and Binasie- wicz. We know They can perpeTuaTe The musical accom- plishmenTs of The boys who wenT before Them. To This class we leave The responsibiliTies of school lead- ership. We know They can uphold our- fine TradiTions. We shall long remember The Class of '47 as The buddies wiTh whom we shared mosT of our acTiviTies during our lasT year aT H. I. S. SOPHOMORE CIASS The sophomore year is fhe one all H. I. S. underclassmen look forward fo, for in fhaf year fhey begin work on fheir career choices. We usually find zesf for fhe new roufine, and fhis class has fhaf fradifional zesf. This is fhe year when fhey break definifely info school acfivifies. They gef fheir firsf fasfe of J-V foofball and baskefball. They begin fo confribufe members fo organiza- fions, such as fhe Band, Sparfan Orchesfra, and Glee Club. If is fhis year fhaf begins fo reveal who will be The fufure leaders in acfivifies af H. I. S. Teachers, coaches, and acfiv- ify sponsors always examine eagerly and carefully fhe new group enfering fhe senior-high-school division. As we wish fhem luck, we remind fhem fhaf fhey have begun fheir mosf inferesfing years as I-lomeboys. We, who are abouf fo leave, are able fo realize fhaf frufh beffer fhan ever before. If is our sincere wish fhaf fhey will do fheir besf fo make fhe mosf of fhe opporfunifies before fhem and fhaf while doing so fhey will also have much fun fo carry away in fheir affer-school memories. FRESHMAN CLASS This is The year Tor The Treshmen To show whaT They have acquired in The way oT knowledge, Tor They musT decide whaT courses oT sTudy They will Tollow in Their remaining Three years. We are sure They have covered each Tield 'carefully enough To make wise choices. They have a high scholasTic sTandingg They have many Tine, level-headed lead- ers who are working To uphold our school sTandards. NexT year will give Them an idea oT whaT The Teachers and members oT The sTaTF expecT Trom Them as senior-high boys. They will begin Their various courses and become acquainTed wiTh whaT senior-high work is like. The Tollowing year will make Them juniors, The year in which mosT oT Them will esTablish Their repuTaTions. They will undoubTedly be represenTed on The aThleTic Teams by such good players as Ray Topper and Lou Croce. Finally- and much sooner Than They realize-will come The senior year, when They musT assume The responsibiliTies oT school leadership-carrying on The Tine TradiTions Tounded and mainTained by preceding senior classes. They will noT Tail us. H 4 ACKNOWlEDGMENTS Mr. Earle H. Marlcley - Mr. E. A. Mincernoyer Mrs. Dorofhy W. Perkins Mr. Edmund M. Blanlcen Mr. Earle L. Slalwle - Mr. Philip K. Slwuler - Mrs. Carolyn M. Yeager Ludwig l-lorn, '47 - - William Hopkins, '47 - :fi . z l. " ' W- ' -..1' J . 2 ff- -- ff ., Ig lx? 6 X97 ' ,409 14 -5 A 54 T? I l f -giaf nlm 1' FI ' ,. lil? Chairman - - Ediforial Ar+ and Layou+ - - Prinling - - Prinfing Pl1o+ography - - Typing Presswork Presswork EPILOGUE You have come To The end oT our yearlooolc, even as we have now ended our days in This insTiTuTion-Tor so many years our home. The passing oT These years seems now To have oc- curred aImos+ as rapidly as one mighT read and Turn These pages. BuT Tor us This end does noT read Tinis. On The conTrary',siT opens To us The vasTness oT adulT liTe. We TrusT you have enjoyed our pub- licaTion. lTs dedicaTion To The memory oT our TosTer-TaTher was The leasT we could do in his honor. We, as a class, will ever cherish This alloum as The key To memories oT happy days spenT here in The home he gave us. A"-5' :1 .'7" " ' " K ""-","' ' ' 'Nqf" f A ' M yn 77-gs ' -YNY, ,JA -,--- 71,--Q ,., ,ffl ,wgwi 1- ,- ,.. .- ,,. .Q .1-:Qi - ...jx -'..,.

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