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M:-V - ,, J - Y -Y.,.,,.,,,,:v5 -1 , ,T Q. Y ,, 1 --,,,-.- -Q -, , .--..,..Y.-..,,, r Q 1 1 1 f . 1 1 1 -' ' 4511 1 1 1 1 1- ' P. 1 . , 1'1i-X 7 , X Z 1 Y 1 I . 1 1 , 1, 1 . 11 1 1 ' ' 1 ' Y :1 1 11 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 , , 1 - 1 , 1 1 1 1 , W1 A, 11 ' . , ' 1 ' V W 1 1. W , ,-1, 1. 1 Ll I .. M , 1' - . FJ 1 " 1 Z ' . , . ,Q V 1 1 4- , , 1 , M I 1 1 , 3' .: J I , J 1 11 - - .4 . 1 v.. Q .KZ-.-,SJ 'I ' " --1.1-, -1'-A-, - ,, .. ..... ,.u-,..-Fs..-:f-5. j'- ...,.,,. , .-.-in 11- . ,fixi- 59,5260 'i u w . I SENIOR ENTRANCE . . . . FOREW HEREIN IS A RECORD OF THINGS THAT ARE PAST. IT IS A REC- ORD Ol" THE PLEASURES THAT W E HAVE HAD, THE FRIENDS XV E HAVE MADE, AND Tl-IE ACCC JM I1'.l',,ISfl4I.MEN TS THAT NV E HAVE ATTAINED SO EAR IN OUR VARIOUS AND V ARIED CAREERS. BUT COIVIIVIENCEIVIENT IS JUST THE BEGINNING, AS ITS NAME IMPLIES. WHAT LIES AHEAD? NVE ARE STEPPING INTO A NVORLD THAT IS FILLED XfV.IT.lil' OPPORTUNITIES THAT I-IAVE ARISEN AS TI-IE RESULT OIF' A XVORLD CONFLICT. ONLY TIIVIE CAN TELL OF THE USE T HAT 'WE SHALL MAKE OQE THESE OPPORTUNITIES. AS WE JOURNEY FORXNARD, WE CAN LOOK, FROM TIME TO TIM E, IN THIS BOOK TO SEE THE RECORD OI? TI-IE MANY HAPPY DAYS THAT VVE SPENT HERE, BEFORE WE LEAVE, HIE yV15H TQ THANK THE TRUSTEES, THE ADMINISTRATION, OUR TEACHERS, OUR IIOUSEPARENTS, AND ALL THOSE WHO HAVE HAD EVEN THE SMALLEST PART IN MAKING OUR YEARS IN THE HERSHEY INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL SO ENJOYAULE AND VALUAIELE TO US. ORD O R BE TEFACTOR, . .Hershey He has been described as the great philanthropist and as the chocolate king. These titles serve to describe him in a wordly way. But to us, the name Milton S. Hershey means friend. W'hat word could we use that would better describe him? He has been the best friend one could desire. VVe were Strangers, and he took us in. He gave us food, clothing, and shelter, and provided for our education. Who could do more? As our time draws near and we think -of the years we have spent here. we 'must say that truly we have been living like sons of a king. To Mr. M. S. Hershey we offer our life-long appreciation and thanks for all that he has done for us. BO RD 1 1. F . fs? r W. F. R. MURRIE Pnss. Hznsuev cHoc. Conv. M ACER - - P. A. STAPLES, VICE CHR. MILTON S. HERSHEY PRES. HERSHEY carer.. cusm CHAIRMAN B: FOUNDER xi. ,v N jx . . i . . . i . ' ny L. ., . I . N ' r , E. F. HERSHEY, VICE cum. P. N. HERSHEY PRES. HERSHEY NATIONAL BANK L. . -:mai S. 'ami ' V I 'TQ M j O. E. BORDNER COMPT. HERSHEY CHOC. CORP. . 5 " " ,, 'up' ig 7' 2. . ,. .V , kyll, Q- .UN .., A 4 ' ' . 7 r A. ' ' .k" L . J. R. HOFFMAN comwr. mznsuzzv ESTATES SUPT. FARMS B: DAIRIES 7 19' S' I x J' ,. Lg. ' ' v- 'Z 1 v 41 - fv W. H. EARNEST A. WHITEMAN ssc. TREAS. counsel.. HERSHEY INDUSTRIES SEC. TREAS. HERSHEY TRUST CO. W. S. CROUSE counsel., HERSHEY mousrmzs C. F. ZIEGLER Pass. 1-uznsnsv ss-rATEs N r ,4 4, P. N. HERSHEY Born and brought up on a farm, Mr. P. N' Hershey's schooling and background qualify him well for his position as Superintendent of the Farm Division of the Hershey Interests. After graduation from Millersville Normal, he taught for two years and then spent a year at Kansas Agricultural College, where he specialized in bacteriology. While in the West he worked for two summers in the Kansas wheat Fields. - Most of Mr. Hershey's work has been in the dairying Held. It is interesting to note that he Worked in the first Creamery in this area, in the little -town then known as Derry Church. He also worked for the dairy in Greencastle and for Lebanon Creamery for many years. Since 1913 he has been in charge of the purchase and sale of all milk for the Hershey Chocolate Corporation. It was in 1929 that Mr. M. S. Hershey said to lVlr. P. N. Hershey, "Put the boys on farms,"referring to the boys in The Hershey Industrial School. That was a large assign- ment, for there was no model to follow. Starting modestly, Mr. Hershey began with four farms, operated by about 60 boys. Today there are 38 farm-homes, operated by about 800 boys. In addition there are Hershey Estates' farms which bring the total area cultivated to almost 1o,ooo acres. With his wide agricultural experience Mr. Hershey tried to organize each unit on a farm-family basis, much like the old-time, self-suflicient, economic unit. To further his knowledge of agricultural industry, Mr. Hershey traveled to Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, and Switzerland. Proof of the application of his knowledge lies in the fact that today, as a result of his guidance, all kinds of farming that are possible in Pennsylvania are being clone in our school. A final comment should be made because it is so indic- ative of Mr. Hershey's character and the friendly feeling those who know him have for him. He is best known as "P. N." He has that "common touch" so praiseworthy in a man. Such is the man to whom We dedicate our yearbook. Few have been more interested in us, and few have done more for our welfare. We dedicate this IQ43 Acropolis to him as evidence of our appreciation for all he has meant to us. ADMINISTRATI TAFI' D. PAUL WITMER GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT J - -. ,v.. I . '-4, Ji- I Augxf' , , I 2 I 1 Y I IF' X . EARLE H MARKLEY vocA'rIuNAI. n1REcToR CLAIR F. HARNISH ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MRS. GEO. COPENHAVER HOUSEHOLD DIVISION. MATRON JAMES E. BOBB ssIs1'AN1' FARM SUPERINTENDENT A P . :sg -5 1 ' 1,9 .7 ,Y . 7 -7 , . ' ..'.,5l ,c A L, dh. I. , , x ' rl:- , . - .WEEE Q.. jx.. ' 2' Edrghzf -' ,. F y ,L N . .. ,, , i , N LL: .- Nh, A I, In I , . JOHN J. H . HOSTETTER SUIIERINTENDEN1' 0 SCHOOL PHYSICIAN H. 'I O O I 4- I I I 5. QI I nd '1v I Y If I I X 'I ...L 4 W. ALLEN HAMMOND PRINCIPAL P. N. HERSHEY FARM SUP DANIEL F JUNIOR DIVISION ERINTENDENT uk, K Q 'X Zi I I 1' 2x Vw f fl, . ,fr PERCY S. WILSON ADMISSION AND DISCHARGE . . . . LTY Like leaves scattering in the face of an autumn breeze, so have many niemibers of our faculty been removed from our school and spread throughout the nation by thesfar-reaching c-all to the colors. NV e, like the teachers, have regretted each departure, but we realize the pressing needs of Uncle Sam. Those who have gone served the school faithfully for many years and will not soon be forgotten by us. The gjuiding hand of the faculty determines to a large extent our suc- cess or failure when we cast our lot with society. Their guidance includes both social and scholastic problems. Many were the instances when they dealt with an individualls personal problems and at the same time strove with much eHort and patience to convey as much of their knowledge to us as possible in the brief span of time at their disposal. Never may it be said that they gave up a case as hopeless. VV e thank them gratefully for their constant help and guidance. May their efforts continue to bear good fruit in the future history of our school. 'lfhe following staff members do not appear in the picture below: Ruth C. Beam, Mary S. Mumma, John Treder, Kathryn lv. Wfitiner. Fur- loughed - Lt.-Col. Frederick D. Hite, Major sl. Carl Crouse, Lt. -lohn A. Realor, Lt. Wfilliam E. Landis, Lt. Frederick D. Miller, Lt. George F. Sandel, Lt. Daniel S. Seiverling, XV. O. XV. Purnell Payne, Pfc. W'. Lyclon l-It-ssg Qn leave-Benjamin Ii. Olena and Vlfilliam C. Xkfestberg. CHOOL ER ICE . Here are some of the members of vrarious school staffs that play impor- tant parts in our lives. They are not in our classrooms, but they do much to keep us there so we can pI'Of1t most by our opportunities here. The hospital and dental groups are excellently manned. Every boy knows that he is assured of line treatment when helped by' either of these staffs. Dental work is followed up closely and regullarly, and the hospital staff stands ready for illness and accident. .The general ofhce workers help us in matters of daily routine, and the clafeteria employees 'perform a most Welcome daily Service. FACULTY AT H. I. S E I S ORS , Class Motto .... 'Ready for Gur Best Class Colors . . . . . lllue and Gold Class Flower . . . . Scarlet Carnation Class Song Wfords by Beaver Music by Snow Arise, ye 'men of H. l. S.! Respond to victory's call g We blend -our voices to a tune as into line we fall. XVe,ve had a pleasant life with you that we will ,ere recall 3 NVQ thank you for your blessings rich -WY: thank you one and all. You'vc taken us as children small and built our bodies strongg X'Ve'vc learned to take the penalty and learn wh:1t's right from wrong. We leave you now to take our place and join our country's throng, And to insure our strong beliefs, we sing to you this song. lflail, hail to thee, our school Su dear. that stands in 'full array, NVQ wonft forget or live to fret upon our forward way. We must respond to vietory's call and go -on day by day 'llo light the wrong, both weak and strong, for good old U. S. A. CLASS OFFICERS M IC l-l A EL F l'L'l2'l'JAS S "Mike," selected for lezldership uhility, was Class l,l'CSlflCIllQ. Ht- plznmed activities and negotiated well with the acllninistiiation on class mat- ters. His rezicly smile added to an :il- rezicly zillirzictivc personzility. QIOH N Sl-TANABROOK Lzinky, goocl-nz1t111'ecl "Doc" was Vice-Prcsiclcnt. I-lis sincerity and helpfulness won him lllillly fricncls. NVQ will never forget his top-notch lizlzalcctlmll. His good sportmzinsliip was ll prime factor in his el1111'zicte1'. CHARLES BOFINGER SCC1'6'i1Zl1'lEl.l duties were in the able hands of "Cl1a1'lie,,' who did much to better class activities, Scholastieally, he was of high calibre. Many have piiiaisecl his art ability, and his popu- larity grew with his accomplishments. MARTIN KUH N "Zip" took good Care of iinancial matters, but then he did well in all his undertakings. 'We are sorry that he had no chance to further his foot- lmll showmanship during the past year. I-le was well worth watching. ADAMS AINSWORTH tin ij. ALLEN BARR 0 SAMUEL YV. BARRETT "Sam" Plumbing Sz Heating- Philadelphia, Pa.-Dance Club 45 Home Council 2 CPres.D 5 Intramural Bas- laetball 3-45 Intramural Softball 45 Junior Glee Club 2-3 0 EDNVIN XV. BEAVER 'iSlug" Academic-Altoona, Pa.-Arropulix Staff 45 Band 3-43 Choir 2-3-45 Dramatic Club 1-2-3-45 Home Council I-2-3 fP1'65.D-4 CPres.J5 Glee Club 2- 3 fSEC.l-41 I-r'zdu.rtrif1lisl Staff 2-3-45 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 45 Pageant I-2-35 Photography Club 1-25 Quartet 2-3-45 Senate 4 CTreas,J5 Student Council 2-4 CPres.J 0 CHARLES F. BOFINGER 'tCharlie" Printing-Philadelphia, Pa.-Acropolis Staff 4 fCO-ECIIOFDQ Choir I-2-3'4Q Home Council 3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 1udu.r!r-ialist Staff 3-45 Intra- mural Basketball 3-45 Intramural Softball 45 School Guide 1-2-3-45 Senate 4 CSec.J5 Senior Class Olhcer fScc.J 5 Student Council 3-41 Summer Senate 4 CSec.j 0 CREEDEN C. BQXVERS "Red" XNooclworking-Carlisle, Pa.-Airplane Club I: Band 1-2-3-4 fDrum Major-jg Boy Scouts I-2-3-45 Christian' Knights Council I-25 Home Council 32 Homeroom Officer 3-4 CSec.j 5 Intramural Basket- ball 4g Pageant I-25 Photography Club 25 Public Speaking Club 32 Science Club 32 Spanish Club 25 Student Council 2-3 ' I RONALD M. ADAMS "Ace" Commercial-Niagara Falls, N. Y.-Basketball I- 2-3-45 Bible-Scho+ol Teacher 3,1 Boy Scouts 2-35 Commercial Yearbook 45 Home Council 3 CPres.J 4 QPres.J5 Football 2-35 Intramural Softball 45 School Bank 4Q Senate 45 Student Council 3 CPres.D 0 JOSEPH L. AINSWORTH "JOE" Commercial- Avon, Pa.-Baseball 35 Basketball 2- 3-45 Cliofir IQ Commercial Yearbook 45 Home Council 2-35 Football 2-3 fCapt. J-V'sD 5 Glce Club 3-45 Intramural Basketball 25 Intramural Softball 45 junior Glee Club 25 Library Club If Pageant 2-35 Photography Club I 0 GEORGE A. ALLEN "'llu1'p" Plumbing Sz Heating-Honey Grove, Pa.-Dance Club 45 Home Council 4 CV-Pres.D5 I-Iomeroom Ollicer I fSCC.J-3-4 fRep.J5 Intramural Basket- ball 3-45 Intramural Softball 45 Photography Club IQ Student Council 4 I EDGAR R. BARR "Wolfie" Auto-Mechanic-Palmyra, Pa.-Archery Club I5 Bible-School Teacher 45 Boy Scouts I-2-3-41 Christian Knights Council 4 CChairmanJ 5 Football 2-35 Glee Club 45 Intramural Basketball 2-35 Intramural Softball 45 junior Glee Club 2-35 Library Club IQ Monitor 3-45 Pageant 2-3: Public Speaking Club 3-49 Science Club 3-4 BARRETT BEAVER BOFINGER BOWERS BRADY BRIGHTBILL -,Sb-I 'kurt B BUCK BURG I PAUL W. BUSHMAN "Bush" Electrical - Gettsyburg, Pa.-Dance Club 41 Home Council I-2-3 QPres.J-4 CRep.J9 Football 2-39 Homerioom Ofticer 22 Intramural Basketball 4: Intramural Softball 49 Monitor 42 Pageant 1-2-39 Science Club 49 Senate 42 Student Council 42 Summer Senate 4 0 FRANK G. CAMPBELL "Campbell" Electrical-Pittslnirgh, Pa.-Home Council 2-39 Homeroom Ollicer 2 CV-Pres.J9 Monitor 3-49 Sagheant 32 Science Club 4Q Stage Production Sta A 2-3 I GEORGE G. CARPENTER "Ca1'pie" Machinist-Pittsburgh, Pa.-Boy Scouts 1-29 Home Council 4 KV-Pres.J9 Monitor 3-4 I -IOI-IN A. CARSON "Ish" Sheet Metal K Vtfelding-Pluladclplua, Pa.- Air- plane Club IQ Archery Club IQ Dance Club 4Q Farm Reporter 41 Horneroom Officer 4 CSec.D Intramural Basketball 2-3-4: Intramural Softball 4j Monitor 3-42 Science Club 3 9 Sl-IERXVIN L. BRADY "Cal" Academic-Baltimore, Md.-Boy Scouts 2-39 Dance Club 4Q Home Council 4g Library Club 2Q Pliotography Club IQ Science Club 35 Summer Council 49 Typing Club 3 0 VERLING H. BRIGHTBILL "Climb" VVooclworking-Lebanon, Pa.-Baseball 3-49 Bas- ketball 21 Dance Club 4 CSec.J9 Home Council 3- 4 QV-PfCS.,Q Football 29 Homerrofom Officer 1-3- 43 Iutranulral Basketball 3-49 Intramural Softball 42 Monitor 4Q Senate 4Q Student Council 4 0 HARRY L. BUCK "Cub" Auto-Mechanic - Palmyra, Pa.-Dance Club 4g Home Council 2-3-4 fRep.D9 Homeroom Officer 2 fPres,.j 9 Intramural Basketball 2-49 Monitor 3- 41 Pageant IQ Photography Club I-2-39 Public Speaking Club 3Q Science Club 4j Senate 42 Senate Trahic Ohficer 2-3-49 Student Council 3-49 Summer Senate 4 O STODDARD S. BURG "blouse" Academic-Lykens, Pa.-Acropolis Staff 41 Boy Scouts I-2-39 Commercial Yearbook 42 Home Council 43 Homeroom Officer IQ Industrialisl Stal? 3-49 Photography Club I-2-3-4 CPres.Q BUSHMAN CAMPBELL 3 atrq fQQ 'ing-"1 Y-at ,P CARPENTER CARSON CAUFFMAN CHAMBERS Sl" .gf-1 '1:5" if' nag. P4 COBLE COLLINSYVORTH O CHARLES R. CONNERS "lVliCli" Agricultural -Phoenixville, Pa.-Airplane Club 25 Intramural Boxing 3-45 Farni Reporter I-25 Home Council 3-4 CSec.J5 Student Council 4j Summer Senate 3-45 Typing Club 3 O DONALD O. COOPER "Doc" Machinist -Arlington, Va.-Boy Scouts I-2-3-45 Home Council 4 CRep.j 5 Homcroom Otlicer 4 tSee.J 5 Monitor 3-45 Pageant 35 Student Council 4 0 FRANK B. COSTENBADER "Dutch" Printing- Philadelphia, Pa.-Band 1-25 Dance Club 45 Home Council 2-45 Homeroom Olliccr 2- 35, Monitor 3 0 XNILLIAM F. COUNCIL 'KBill" Machinist- Canton, Ohio-Boy Scouts 3-45 Dance Club 45 Horne Council 3-4 CTreas.j5 Homcroom OFHcer 1-2 CTratTicj 5 Intramural Basketball 1-2-3- 4Q Monitofr 3-4 0 DANIEL E. CAUFFMAN "Danny" Machinist- Royersford, Pa.-Bible-School Teach- er 45 Dance Club 45 Home Council 3 fTreas.D Golden Gloves 45 Homcrooni Onticer 3 CScc.D Monitor 3-4 0 LORIN S. CHAMBERS "Sl1o1'ty,' Sheet Metal Q Vlfclcling - Primos, Pa.- Boy Scouts 1-2-35 Home Council 4 CSec.j5 Library Club I-25 Monitor 3-45 Photography Club I-2 0 FRED XV. COBLE "Fritz" 'lilcctrical - Huntington, Pa.-Band 3-4 QPres.j5 Choir 2-3-45 Dance Club 45 Home Council 3-45 lioolball I-25 Glce Club 2-3-45 Homcroom Oliicer I CV-Prcs.D-2 fP1'CS,j-3 CPrcs.j-4 fT1':tffic Offi- cerl 5 lntrzunui-:il Softball 45 Monitor 45 Octet 3-45 School Guitle I-2 0 RALPH COLLINSWORTI-I "Collie" l'lumlJin5: K Heating- Roanoke, Va.-Archery Club IQ Boy Scouts I-2-3-45 Dance Club 45 Home Council 2-3-45 Intrzunural Basketball 3-45 Intra- mural Softball 45 Monitor 45 Pageant 2-3 CONNORS COOPER 'tv' ....,. M1 an as Q! Sm 15' .c-nan M7 5 L - -bean, COSTENBADER COUNCIL CROPF DANIELS 5' "2-.ff DEARDEN DEARDORFF 0 FRANKLIN E. DECHERT "Frankie" Commercial - Fretlericksbur 1' Pa.-Commercial E, Yearbook 45 Photography Club I-2-3-45 School Bank 4 0 GEORGE E. DQUTRICH "Doc" Woodworking- Lancaster, Pa.-Dance Club 45 Home Council 2-35 Intramural Basketball 45 Intra- mural Soltball 41 Monitor 41 Senate Traffic Ofii- cer I 0 ARDYN E. DUBNOXV "Utzel" Commercial-Pliilatlelpliia, Pa.-Cheerleader 3-45 Commercial Yearbook 45 Homeroom OHicer 35 Mail Room 2-35 Photography Club 45 School Bank 45 Symphony Orchestra I-2-3-4 0 JOHN D. DUNKLE "Dunk" Auto-Mechanic- Pittsburgh, Pa.-Choir 45 Dance Club 42 Home Council 3-4 CPrcs.j5 Glce Club 3- 45 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Soft- ball 45 Monitor 3-4 0 KENNETH D. CROPF "Ken" Pluinbiirg 81 Heating- Vllormleysburg, Pa.-Boy Scouts 2-3-45 Dance Club 41 Football 25 Intra- mural Basketball 2-3-45 Monitor 45 Pageant 2-3 0 WILLIAM B. DANIELS "Moe" . Sheet Metal K Welditiig- Orwigsburg, Pa.-Home Council 2 QSCCJ5 Horneroom Ollicer I CSec.J-3- 4 fTreas.J 5 Intramural Basketball 3-45 Intramural Softball 45 Monitor 4 0 JAMES C. DEARDEN "Jim" Sheet Met-al X Vlfeldinig-Philadelphia, Pa.-Ain plane Club IQ Baseball 2-35 Basketball I-2-3-45 Dance Club 2-45 Football 2-35 Homelroom Othcer 1-2-3-4 CPres.j5 Juniofr Glce Club 45 Monitor 4 0 JESSE XM. DEARDORFF "J-ess" Vlfooclworking- Reading, Pa.-Boy Scouts I-2-3-45 Dance Club 45.Home Council I-2-3-4 CTreas.J: Homeroom Ofhccr 2 fSec.Q5 Monitor 4 DECHERT DOUTRICH DUBNOW DUNKLE EBERLY IEPPLEY 6' I TH- . ' Fw' I 5 H 357' l-"Tiff A at FILEPASS FISHER 0 LEROY N. FREDRICK 6iNO1'lH,7 Electrical - Stroudsburg, Pa.-Bible-School Teach- er 42 Dance Club 4g Farm Reporter 3g Home Council 4g Library Club I-2-45 Monitor 3-41 Pageant 3Q Radio Club 4 CPres.j 0 IOI-IN W. FRINGS "Joe" Woodworking-Philadelphia, Pa.-Home Council 2-4cV-PfCS.J 3 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intra- mural Softball 4 5 Monitor 4 I CHARLES M. FRY "Chuck" Machinist-Beaver Falls, Pa.-Baseball 3Q Bas- ketball I-2-41 Dance Club 3-41 Football 2-3? Golden Gloves 41 Home Council I-2-3-45 Home- room Oflicer I-2-3-4, Intramural Basketball I-2-3- 4j Intramural Softball 42 Monitor 3 I CARL M. GIBSON "Gibby" Commercial-VVilkes Barre, Pa,-Acropolis Stall 45 Commercial Yearbook 4g Farm Reporter 1-45 Home Council 1-25 Hfomeroom Oliicer 1 CSec.Dg Intramural Basketball 3-4, Intramural Softball 4 I JOHN C. EBERLY, IR. "Eb" Plumbing Sz Heating-Eplirata, Pa.-Athletic Manager 1-2-3-4, Basketball IQ Chfoir I-2-3-45 Christian Knights Council 23 Home Council 1-2- 3-4 fPres.Dg Glee Club 2-3-4, Homeroom Officer 1-3-45 Intramural Basketball 2-3-4, Intramural Softball 4Q Monitor 4j Pageants I-3, Public Speaking Club 3 0 JOHN R. EPPLEY "Johnnie" Printing-New Cumberland, Pa-Dance Club 4Q junior Band 2Q Monitor 3, Senate Traffic Office-r 2'3 0 MICHAEL FILEPASS "Mike" Machinist - Lebanon, Pa.-Baseball 2-35 Basketball 2-4 5 Football I-2-3g Home Council 4 CPres.Jg Homerloom Oflicer 1-2-3-4 CPres.J 9 Intramural Basketball I-2-3-4Q Intramural Softball 43 Photog- raphy Club IQ Senior-Class Oliicer CPrcs.J 0 FREDERICK A. FISHER "Fritz" Printing-Allentown, Pa.-Clioir IQ Dramatic Club 1-23 Glee Club 3-43 Homcroom Officer IQ Junior Glee Club I-2, Library Club I-23 Pageant I-2-33 Pliotograplly Club I-2-3 FREDRICK FRINGS 35, 9 FRY GIBSON GIBSON GODSHALL . A mf ly if X9 ' Wt,-.653 K V 'b , I 'yrs 3 ur, t 't vgff 'fn 1 if gh GOSTI-INIAN GRAHAM 0 K.ENNE',lll-I P. GREBE "Monk" Auto-Mechanic - Pottstown, Pa.-Monitor 3 0 JAMES C. GROFF "Butch" Machinist-Manheim, Pa.-Boxing 3-45 Monitor 3'4 O JOHN H. GUNNING, "PZ1ppy" Slicct Metal N VVclrling-Easton, Pa.- Airplane Club 1-3-45 I-I-mne Council 2-3-41 Monitor 4g Photography Club IQ Science Club 2-3-45 Slide Rulc Club I I ROY lW. CUSS "MilcC', VV 0 o Cl workin g - Miftlintown, P a.-Christian Knights Council 1-25 Home Council 4 CPrcs.J5 Homeroom Oliiccr 21 Intramural Softball 45 junior Glcc Club 2-35 Monitor 45 Science Club 35 Student Council 2 O WALTER A. GIBSON "Gibby" Printing- Pliilaclelphia, Pa.-Dance Club 45 Home Council 45 Homeroom Officer 2 CPres.D5 Intra- mural Basketball 2-3-42 Intramural Softball 45 junior Glee Club 35 Monitor 3 O VVILLARD L. GODSHALL "Moe" Printing- East Lansdowne, Pa.-Boy Scouts IQ Public Speaking Club 3 O MARDROSE GOSTHNIAN "lVI21rdy" Printing- Campbellto'wn, Pa.-Baseball 25 Bas- ketball 41 Dance Club 42 Home Council IQ Intra- mural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 4 I THONIAS L. GRAHAM "Tom" Machinist-Essingtown, Pa.-Basketball 1-2-3-45 Home Council I-2-3-45 Homeroom Officer I-2-3-43 Monitor 35 Senate 45 Student Council 4 GREBE GROFF 3154 -3 is GUNNING GUSS HAMME HEP LER V11 , 15' HERB HERSHEY 0 RICHARD G. HIGH "Dick" Printing'-Pottstown, Pa.-Band 3-45 Christian- Knights Council 35 Dance Club 4j Home Council 35 Monitor 32 Pageant 35 Student Council 2-45 Summer Senate 3 I VALENTINEHOSAN "Tiny" Electrical-Lancaster, Pa.-Monitor 43 Radio Club 4 0 'CARL HQ HUNTZINGER "Pete" Auto-Mecl1anie-Elizabetbville, Pa.-Baseball 2-35 Dance Club 45 Home Council 2-3-4 CPres.j 5 Foot- ball I-2-35 Homenoom Ollicer 2 CV-Presqj -3 CTraHicD 5 Intramural Basketball 2-3-43 Intra- mural Softball 45 Monitor 3 I LLOYD F. JOHNSON HIOll1l1llCH Agricultural-Punxsutawney, Pa,-Airplane Club 35 Dance Club 45 Home Council .1 CSec.35 Farm Reporter 4 5 Golden Gloves 45 Homeroom Officer CSec.D I-2- CV-PFCS.J3-455 Intlranmrai Basketball 42 Intramural Softball 45 Vocational Safety In- spector 3-4 O ERVIN C. HAMME "Hain" i Agricultural CCreameryJ - Abbottstown, Pa.- Home Council 3-45 Homcroom Officer 3-45 Intra- mural Basketball 3-45 lntramural Softball 4 0 VVAYNE XV. HEPLER "Hep" Machinist-New Kensington, Pa.-Archery Club 35 Baseball 2-35 Basketball IQ Boy Scouts I-2-3-4 tSenior Patrol Leaderj5 Football 2-35 Home Council I-2-3-4 CV-Pres.j5 I4lomero'om Officer I- 2-3-45 intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 4g Pageant 2 I OTIS S. HERB "Oats" VVooc'lworking'- Orwigsburg, Pa.-Archery Club If Basketball IQ Boy Scouts IQ Dance Club 4 CPres.j 5 Home Council 3-4 CTreas.J5 Homeroom Officer I-2-3-41 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 45 Student Council 2 O R. IVAN l-IERSI-IEY "Ivan" Academic-El Monte, Cal.-Bible-Sclrool Teacher 43 Boy Scouts I-25 Christian-Knights Council 2-3-45 Glcc Club 3-45 Home Council 2-35 Junior Glee Club I-22 Pageant 1-2-35 Public Speaking Club 31 Scliool Guide I-2-3-45 Student Council 4 CV-Pres.j5 Sympliony Orchestra I-2-3-4 HIGH I-IOSAN HUN1'z1NoE11 JOHNSON KEARNS KILPATRICK ,sn RINNAIRD KNUDSEN I-I-IENRY E. KOCI-I "Draftie" Baking-jolntstown, Pa.-Basketball IQ Intra- mural Basketball 3-4.3 Public Speaking Club 4 0 STANLEY KOPPENI-IAVER "Kope" Auto-Mechanic - Lebanon, Pa.-Basketball 23 Home Council 2-3-43 Football 2-33 Irlomeroom Olhccr I-23 Intramural Basketball 3-43 Intramural Softball 43 junior Glee Club 2 Q JOSEPI-1 S. KUBISEN "Joe" Machinist-Frackville, Pa.-Baseball 23 Basket- ball 1-2-3-43 Bible-School Teacher 4g Christian- Knights Council 3-43 Football 33 Homeroom Olli- cer I-2-3-43 Intramural Softball 45 junior Glee Club 2-33 Spartan Orchestra 4 O E. MARTIN KUI-IN "Zip" Printing- New Blioomhcld, Pa.-Acropolix Staff 43 Baseball 2-33 Bible-School Teacher 43 Christian- Knights Council 43 Home Council 3-4 CPres.J3 Football I-2-32 Homcroom Ofhcer 3-4 CPres.j3 Intramural Basketball 3-43 Intramural Softball 43 Senior-Class Officer Q'.I'reas.j 0 VVILLIAM G. KEARNS "Kearns" Electrical-Philadelphia, Pa,-Archery Club I-23 Intramural Basketball 3,1 Intramural Softball 43 Radio Club 43 Stage Production Staff 2 0 JOHN NV. KILPATRICK "Johnny" Plumbing 81 Heating-Reading, Pa.-Baseball 22 Basketball IQ Choir 2-3-43 Home Council 3-43 Glee Club 2-3-4g I-Iomeroom OHicer 1-2-3-43 Intramural Basketball 2-3-43 Intramural Softball 43 Pageant I-23 Senate 43 Student Council 4 CScc.D3 Voca- tional Dramatic Club 3 0 LEE KINNAIRD "Slinger,' lilectrical - Brookville, PH.-AL'1'lJPOIl.T Staff 41 Boy Scouts I-2-3-43 Cliristian-liuights Council IQ Dramatic Club 23 Home Council I-2-3-43 Football 33 l11di1,.rLvic1li.i't Staff 1-2-3-43 Intramural Basket- ball 2-3-43 Intramural Softball 43 Photography Club 1-23 Student Council 2-3-4 O IAIONVARD C. KNUDSEN "Nuttie" Printing- Asbuxy Park, N, ,l.-Band I-2-33 Cheer- leader 3-4. CHeadJ3 Dramatic Club 33 Intramural Basketball 2-3-43 Intramural Softball 43 Pageant I-23 Public Speaking Club 3-43 Usher 2-33 Voca- tional Dramatic Club 3-4 KOCH KOPPENHAVER VI KUBISEN KUHN LEOPARD LIZANEC Q M2554 LONG MACK 0 ANTHONY D. MANCUSO "Gus" Printing-Hazelton, Pa.-Acropolis Staff 45 Band 3-45 Bible-School Teacher 3-45 Boy Soouts 1-2-3- 45 Christian-Knights Council 2-3-45 Farm Re- porter 2-45 Home Council 2 CTraHicD-3-45 lndus- frialiisl Stall: 3-45 Intramural Boxing 45 Pageant 2-35 Public Speaking Club 3-45 Student Council 21 Slimmer Senate 4 0 WARREN E. MCELHENY "Mac" Agricultural CAbattoirD - Penbrook, Pa.-Home Council 41 Intramural Basketball 3-45 Intramural Softball 45 Pubic Speaking Club 45 Student Coun- cil 3-45 Summer Senate 4 I PETER M. MELLOTT "Mike" Electrical - McConn'cll5burg, Pa.-Boy Scouts I-2- 3-4 CAss't. Patrol LeaderJ5 Home Council 1-2 CV-Pres.D3 Monitor 3-4 Q JOSEPH J. MIHELC HJOCH Electrical- Forest City, Pa.-Baseball 2-35 Home Council 3 fSCC.D-4 CPres,D 5 Football I-2-35 Home- room Officer 3 QV-P1'CS.J-4 CPres.J5 Intramural Basketball 3-45 Intramural Softball 4 O LOUIS C. LEOPARD "Louie" C o m m e r c i a l - Northampton, Pa.-Commercial Yearbook 4 fEcl.-in-Cl1iefj5 Home Council 2-32 Homeroom Ollicer 4 CV-Pre5,j 5 Iudm'lrt'ali.rl Staff 3-45 Intramural Basketball 3-45 Intramural Soft- ball 45 Library Club I-25 School Bank 2-35 Sec- retary to Mr. Bobb 3-45 Student Council 35 Typing Club 3 n JOSEPH LIZANEC -'Joe' Academic-Johnstown, Pa.-Band 1-2-3-45 Base- ball 2-35 Basketball 2-3-45 'Bible-School Teacher 45 Football 2-35 lruluxtrial-i.r! Staff 1-2-45 Intra- mural Softball 45 'Research Laboratory 3-45 Spartan Orchestra 1-2-3-4 I JACK R. LONG "Jackie" Sheet' Metal 8 VVelding'- Harrisburg, Pa.-Boxing 31 Boy Scouts 2-3-45 Home Council 3-45 Golden Gloves 45 Homeroom Officer 1-2-4 Q youu J. MACK "Slug', Auto-Mechanic - Exeter, Pa.-Bible-School Teach- er 4j Boy Scouts I-2-3-45 Home Council 25 Intra- mural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 41 junior Glee Club 25 Science Club 41 Stage Pro- duction Staff 3-4 MANCUSO MC ELHENY MELLOTT MIHELC MILLER NEWMAN wwe' NOLEN PENNINGTON O THOMAS R. PETERS "Pope" Academic- Narliierth, Pa.-Choir I1 Home Council 2 CSec.J-3 CSec.J4 QPres.D5 Homeroom Officer I- 2-3-4 CSec.D5 Library Club 43 Pageant IQ Spanish Club 2-35 Typing Club 3 O RALPH E. PLUMMER "Ears" Machinist-Lebanon, Pa.-Dzuice Club 45 Moni- tor 3 O OSCAR E. POXVl?1'l.,l,,, JR. HOSCH Commercial - Palmyra, Pa.-Arropolix Staff 42 Commercial Yearbook 4Q Dance Club 43 Home Council I f'l.iI'HH:lCD-2 flliI'CZlS.J-3 fSCC.J-4 CPrcs.D5 Farm Reporter 33 Homeroom Officer 2 fSec.- 'FTCIISJ-3 fSCC.-Tl'CZI.S.J-4 CScc,-Treas.D 5 Intra- inurzil Basketball 33 lutrzunurzil Softball 45 Library Club 2-3: Pliotogrzinliy Club 2-3 fSCC.J-45 Typing Club 3 CSec.j5 Usher 4 O VVILLTAM H. PUGH "Bill'l Academic-Pliilarlclpliin, Pzi.-flrrujwlix Staff 41 Cliccrleaclcr 35 Choir 2-35 Home Council 2-3-45 Glec Club 2-3-45 l-lomeroom Ollicelr 3-45 Iudnx- lrialixl Staff 3-45 lutr:mnu'z1l Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball A3 Octet 25 Pageant 2-33 Quartet 3-45 Student Council 4: Typing Club 3 0 DANIEL VV. MILLER "Danny" Commercial- Lititz, Pa.-Commercial Yearbook 42 Farm Reporter I-2-3-45 Home Council 2-3 fRep.J 5 Homeroom Officer 4 CRep.J3 Mail Room 2-3-43 School Bank 21 Student Council 2-3-4 O RAYNIOND H. NEXNMAN "Wiz" Sheet Metal Sz VVeldin'g-Lebanon, Pa.-Home COllI1Cll2-3-4 CV-Pres.j3 Homeroom Officer I CTreas.J3 Monitor 45 Science Club 25 Student Council 23 Summer Senate 2 I DALE L. NOLAN "Dale', Sheet Metal Sz VVelding-Northumberland, Pa.- Airplane Club IQ Archery Club 2-35 Boxing 33 B-oy Scouts 2Q Dance Club 43 Home Council I-2-33 Homeroom Officer IQ Monitor 43 Pageant 3 O JAIVIES IJENNINGTON "GuS'i Academic- Chester, Pa.-Choir IQ Intramural Bas- ketball 42 Intramural Softball 41 Photography Club 25 Research Laboratory 43 Science Club 3g Typing Club 3 PETERS PLUMMER POWELL PUGH REA REICHHARDT Sir RICHARDS RICHARDSON 0 EARL E. RICKENBACI-I "Ricky" Sheet Metal tk Welding-Bethel, Pa.-Airplane Club I-35 Home Council 3 C'l'rcas.J-4 QTrcas.j5 Library Club 3 0 CLAUDIUS L. RICKMERS "Rick" Machinist- Middle River, Md.--Christian-Knights Council 1-25 Home Council 2-3-4 CPres.J5 Foot- ball 1-2-35 Golden Gloves 41 Homeroom Ollicer I-2-3-4 CV-Presb 5 Intramural Basketball IQ Intra- mural Softball 45 Pageant 3 0 VVILLIAM E. ROMEIS "Bill" Commercial- Conshohocken, Pa.-Acropolis StaH' 42 Archery Club I-2-3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Boxing 41 Commercial Yearbook 45 Home Council CV- Pres.J 1-2 CPres.D 3-4 I-Iomeroom Officer CPres.j I-2-3-45 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 CCap.j5 Intramural Softball 45 School Bank 2-35 Student Council 2-3 0 EUGENE SAIEVVSKI "Si" Sheet Metal Sz Vlfelding- Nanticoke, Pa.-Athletic Manager 21 Baseball 35 Basketball I-21 Boxing 32 Homeroom Ollicer 2-3 fScc.j 5 Intramural Basket- ball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 4 T' . ,ra O ROBERT D. 'REA "Fat" Machinist-Philadelphia, Pa.-xltwolmolis Staff 41 Home C0ll11CllN4 CRep.D 5 Homeroom OHicer 2-3-45 Monitor 35 Public Speaking Club 3-45 Student Council 2-3-4 0 THOMAS REICHl4l.ARD'li "'lit1l'k', Machinist-Philadelphia, Pa.-Boy Scouts I-25 lllonitor 3 0 l'H5lfLIP Rl.Cl-IARDS "So0Cl'l" Electrical - Edwardsville, Pa.-Dance Club 45 Home Council 3 C'I'1'eas.D-4 f'1'rcas.J 5 I-lomeroom Ollicer I-2-35 Golden Gloves 45 Intramural Basket- ball 2-3-4 CCap.J 5 Intramural Softball 45 Monitor 3-4: Pageant 2-35 Stage Proclucti-on Staff 2-3-4 0 HAROLD tl. 'RICHARDSON "Ciuny" Academic - Olean, N. Y.-Arrolmlix Stal? 45 Base- ball 2-3-4: Basketball I-2-3-45 Boy Scouts IQ Home Council 2-3 fPl'CS.D-45 Football 2-35 Home- room Officer 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 45 Photog- raphy Club IQ Research Laboratory 3-45 Senate 3-4 CV-Pres.J5 Spanish Club 25 Summer Senate 3-4 CC'o-Chairmanj 5 Senate 'I'ral'lic Omcer 35 Typing Club 31 Usher 3 RICKENBACH RICKMERS ROMEIS SAJIEVVSKI SAMUELIAN SANKO .5 SAULSHERY scHo1f1ELD I JOHN VV. SHANABROOK "Doc" Printing- Mechanicsburg, Pa.-Baseball I-2-35 .Basketball 1-2-3-45 Football I-2-35 Home Council I-2-3-4 CPres.J5 Homeroom Ofticer 1-2-3-4 CV-Presjg Intrainirral Softball 45 School Guide 31 Senior-Class Otliccr CV-Presj 5 Usher 2-3 0 ROBERT L. SHERMAN "Red" Sheet Metal Sz 'Weldin'g- Pbilaclelpliia, Pa.-Home Council 2-35 Homeroom Ofhcer IQ lntranuiral Basketball 41 Intramural Softball 45 Monitor 45 Pageant 3 I NORMAN I-I. SI-IIREY iiNU1'111,, Academic- Derry, Pa.-Dance Club 42 Home Council 2-3-45 1-lomeroom Otlicer 45 lntramural Basketball 2-3-45 lntranuiral Softball 4j Photog- raphy Club I-25 Student Council 4g Typing Club 3 0 'IOSEPH SINCLAIR "Rcd' VVooclworlcing- Plliladelphia, Pa.-'l-I o m e r o om Omccr I C'l'rafticJ5 Intramural Softball 4g Moni- tor 45 Science Club 3 8 JAMES SAMUELIAN "Tony" Baking- Drexel Hill, Pa.-Archery Club IQ Choir 1-25 Glee Club 2-3-45 Home Council 4g Pageant 1-25 Public Speaking Club 1 A O RAYNIOND bl. SANIQO nivl-?1Clil-EH Printing- Grier City, Pa.-flw'of1nIi.v Staff 45 Home Council 2-3 fPl'CS.5-4 CScc,j5 I-Iomeroom Officer 3-4 CRep.J5 Intramural Softball 45 Junior Glee Club 25 Pageant 3 O DONALD R. SAULSBERY "Stump" Woodworking-Ciouneant Lake, Pa.-Dance Club 45 ilntramural Basketball 3-45 Intramural Softball 4Q Science Club 3 C'l'reas.D 0 ROBERT L. SCHOFIELD "Scho,' Printing - Drexel Hill, Pa.-Ac1'0fv.0lis Staff 4g Boy Scouts I-2-3-41 Christian-Knights Council I-2-42 Glee Club 4j Home Council 2 fTreas.D-3 CPres.j- 4 CPres.j 5 Homeroom Officer 2 CTreas.j-3 CTreas.j-4 CRep.D 5 f1l!'11lSlflG7l'liSf Staff 42 Intramu- ral Basketball 3-45 Intramtlral Softball 45 Public Speaking Club 32 Usher 2-3 SHANABROOK SHERMAN SHIREY SINCLAIR SMITH SNOVV SPENCE , STEVENS 0 P. CLAIR SWARTZ "Paull' Academic-Tyrone, Pa.-Acropolix Stan' 45 Band I-2-3-45 Bible-School Teacher 4: Choir 1-2-3-45 Christian-Knights Council I-45 Football 2-35 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 I-Iomeroom Oiticer 4 tPres.J 5 lmlvux- friulixt Staff 3-45 Instrumental Soloist I-2-35 Intramural Basketball 3-45 Intramural Softball 45 Octet 25 Quartet 3-45 Senate 3-4 CPres.D 5 Spartan Orchestra 2-35 Student Council 3-4: Summer Senate 4 tCo-ChairmanD5 Symphony Orchestra 1'2'3'4 I CHARLES TI-IRAN A'Cba1'lie" Electrical-Lancaster, Pa.-Glee Club 3-45 Home Council 45 Homeroom OHicer 2-35 Indu.vfrinli.rl Stat? 45 Intramural Basketball 3-45 Intramural Softball 45 Monitor 45 Octet 45 Pageant 2-35 Radio Club 43 Stage Production Stat? 2-3-45 Time- kecper 4 0 CHARLES E. UNANGST "Charlie" Machinist-Colonial Park, Pa.- I-Iomeroom Otiti- cer IQ Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Junior Glcc Club I-25 Monitor 35 Science Club I 0 CHARLES E.VANSCl4IOICK 'iScoo1'J" Academic- Harrisburg, Pa.-Arrupolix Staff 4 CCC-Editorj 5 Bible-School Teacher' 35 Cheerleader I-2-3-4 CI-Ieadjg Cln-istian-Kniglits Council 2-35 Dramatic Club 25 Farm Reporter I-2-3-45 Home Council I-2-3-45 Imiir.vtrir1Ii.rl Staff 1-2-3-45 junior Glee Club 2-35 Library Club 2-3-45 Pageants I-2-35 Photography Club 1-25 Public Speaking Club 31 Student' Council 2-35 Typing Club 3 I DANIEL C. SMITH "Smitty" 'Sheet Metal Sz Welding-Noxen, Pa.-Boxing 3- 41 Football 35 Intramural Basketball 43 Intra- mural Softball 45 Photography Club I 0 HARRY D. SNOW' "Schnee" Academic-Philadelphia, Pa.-Acrolfolix StaFE 42 Band 2-3-45 Boy Scouts 1-2-3-45 Choir 3-45 Dra- matic Club 1-2-3-45 Glee Club I-2-3-45 Pageant 1- 2-35 Tenor Soloist 3-4 5 I VVILLIAIVI R. SPENCE "Bill" Auto-Meehanie- Sterling' Run, Pa.-Acropolis Stat? 41 Bible-School Teacher 45 Boy Scouts i-25 Choir 2-3-45 Christian-Knights Council 2-35 Glee Club 2-3-45 Home Council 2-3-4 CPres.j5 Indus- trialixt Stalt 2-3-45 Intramural Basketball I-2-3-41 Intramural Softball 45 Octet 45 Senate 45 Student Council 2-3-45 Summer Senate 4 0 HARRY I-I, STEVENS "Strine" Sheet Metal 8: xlviiifiillg- North Wales, Pa.-Home Council I-2-3-45 Homeroom Officer 21 Intramural Softball 4 SWA RTZ TI-IRAN fb M55 UNANGST VAN SCHOICK XVATSON VV ERNTZ ""'I.f"" 'W 'nr 5? VVHY XVIDMANN I XfVAL'l'ER E. VVIQLLIAMS "Pap" Aut'o-Mccbanic-Lancaster, Pa.-I-Iomeroom Ofli- cer IQ Monitor 35 Sciencc Club I I PAUL L. YARNELL "P-ee-XVee" Commercial-Frackville, Pa.-Ar1'0lmli.r Staff 45 Commercial Yearbook 41 Dance Club 41 Home Council 4 CTreas.J 5 Homeroom Ollicer 2-35 Intra- mulral lluskctball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 45 Public Speaking Club 35 School Banlc 2-35 Typing Club 3 CScc.l 0 JESSE L. YOST "Fat" Commercial-Dillsburg, Pa.-Cheerleader 3-45 Commercial Yearbook :IQ Dance Club 45 Farm Reporter I-.2-3-45 I-Iomeromn Ollicer 35 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 41 Public Speaking Club 35 School Bank 3-45 Senate 33 Summer Senate 35 'I"ral'tic Olticcr 35 Typing Club 3 CSec,J O ROBERT E. ZIMMERMAN "Zim" Auto-Mecbaiuc-Buck Run, Pa.-Home Council 2-3-4 fPros.D5 Intramural Basketball 3-45 Intra- mural Softball 45 Monitor 3 , T-ul i'-' " ' l I JOHN XVATSON "johnny" Plumbing K Heating-Cleveland, Ohio-Dance Club 3-4 CTreas.D5 Home Council 4 CV-Pres.j5 Glee Club 45 I-Iomcroorn Onicer 3 CSec.D5 Intra- mural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 4 CCapt.j 5 junior Glec Club 25 Monitor 4 Q CLARENCE E. XVERNTZ "Ted" . Agricultural CGreenl1ouscD - Sliamokin, Pa.-Sas- ketball 3-45 Christian-Knights Council 3-45 Home Council 2-3 QSCC.,-4 CV-Pres.J5 Homeroom Ofli- cer 1-2-3-4 CTreas,J5 Intramural Basketball I-2- 4 CCapt.j5 Intramural Softball 4 CCapt,j5 Pag- eant 35 Public Speaking Club 45 Student Council 4 CV-Presj I EDXVARD XV. VVI-IY i'Eddie" Electrical - Pbilaclelpllia, Pa.-Band 3-45 Boy Scouts I-2-3-45 Choir 2-3-45 Dance Club 45 Farm Reporter 3-45 Glee Club 2-3-45 Home Council 2- 3-45 I-Iomeroom OHicer 2-3-45 Intramural Basket- ball 3-45 Intramural Softball 45 junior Glee Club IQ Monitor 45 Radio Club 4Q Spartan Orchestra 43 Symphony Orchestra 4 O RAYMOND -I. NVIDMANN "Whale" Academic-Frederick, Md.-Basketball 25 Home Council fTreas.j 3-4,5 Intramural Basketball 3-45 Intramural Softball 45 Research Laboratory 3-4' Spanish Club 2-35 Student Council 3 5 : WILLIAMS YARNELL 1 YOST ZIMMERIVIAN SENIORS HERE AND THERE 9X1 9f3 9X6 QXI4. gfto ofzo 9f37 lOf8 lOfI 3 IOfI4 lOfl5 lof31 llfl HXS 1lf9 1lf16 llf25 Ilf3O 194.2-1943 School year began lfaculty-Student Softball Came Quartet at Camp Milton Student Senate 'Elections Englewood defeated Green Acres in lntramural l'3aseball League Quartet' at Mountville Glee Club at Annville Quartet at l'-lershey Golf Club Quartet a.t M. S. llershey llirthday Party Class Elections Psycliological Examination Halloween 'Party Glee Club at Spring Creek Church tllee Club at Uni-on Deposit U. li. Church flcrofnolis staff chosen Quartet at Derry Presbyteriznt Church -I7 Senior pictures taken tllee Club at Hershey U. B. Church Hand at llershey lligh game CLASSDIARY I2f8 I2'f16 12f2o I2f3O IfIO IXI7 If22 lf25 2f2O 3f13 3114 3f17 3f2T 3f24 4X4 4!I8 5f7 5f22 5f30 5731 CLASSIH TOR ll seems not long ago that we began our ninth year of s tant decision ot' selecting our senior-high school courses. Exchange program at Hershey High Glee Club at Bethany U. B. Church Glce Club .at Hbg. 1st U. B. Church Spartans played for Girl Scout Dance Glee Club at Little Theater Glee Club at Hbg. Salem Reformed Church fflcrojvolis group pictures taken New junior College class began Quartet at Spring Creek Church Valentine Party Glee Club at Middletown U. S. O. Basketball Banquet Glee Club at Hummelstown Sweppe and Batista recital in assembly Clee Club at Harris St. Evanffelical b Church in Harrisburg Band Spring Concert Glee Club Spring Concert Class Banquet and Dance Baccalaureate Service Class Day and C01'11l1lCllL'C1NC11l. Y I I Q I chool, during xvhi-ch we made the impor- As Sophomores we entered into activities more fully. Wfhen june came, we had a solid base upon which to continue our scholastic endeavors. Our lunior vear was delayed by an infantile paralysis epidemic. VVar came in the 'midst of the term, 'and we changed l rom boys to young men. The year was climaxed by the traditional stag party. Rain prevented softball, but basketball proved a worthy substitute. s at last. Vlfe 'had to cancel the A seemingly never ending summer passed, and we were Senior football schedule because of transportation restrictions, but we what a team it was! did have a basketball team, and and parties with feminine guests The term sped past with election ol officers, senior pictures, -events long to be remembered. ln january our training was put to the test when some of went into industry. Soon the linal day arrived. Banquet, prom, thcl3accalaureate service, and Class Day exercises all led to that greatest event of all-Commencement. Then came the ments, a diploma. Long' will the memories of that moment linger award for our scholastic achieve- in our hearts and minds. our members entered college or CLASS WILL We, the Class of One Thousand, Nine Hun- dred and Forty-three, in the face of wars and rumors of wars refmtain in sound mind in spite of popular belief to the contrary. ln this satis- factory state we hereby mtake, publish, and de- clare this instrument to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all wills and codicils heretofore 'made by us. To the up-and-coming youngsters of the Freshman Class we leave our charming man- ners and quiet ways, content in the knowledge that their using these qualities will insure the faculty .of three more years of delightful com- panionship after our departure from these hal- lowed walls. To satisfy the acute need of the Sophomore Cl-ass, we bequeath to them our vast am-ount of accutmulated knowledge. As we didnlt use it much, it can be found in its entirety-bulging from a paper-clip box-in the office safe. In order that the school might continue hap- pily but not too motnotonously when we no longer adorn the premises, we leave the fol- lowing personal talents, characteristics, and other gifts to those sitting in the seats once Qlast yearj filled by worthy juniors. NVe leave Doc Shanabrookis athletic ability and basketball-scoring record for Gordon Cer- hart to aim at. Killer-dill-er Harry Buck be- stows upon .lohnny Batdorf his handsome fea- tures. Wfho else has such a need? Tubby Rea wills his courtesy and his priceless pair of rub- ber trousers to the Highland twins. The three departing members of the quartet leave egotism and copies of ancient Negro spirituals to the succeeding quartet, which shall in turn keep them rolling. Harry Snow wanted to give his singing voice to Glenn Krill, but Krill has already declined the offer in view of something better, Mike Filepass's lithe physique. Otis Herb leaves his "really smooth" dancing fonn to Paul Ranck and Five-by-Five Malitzki. It is to be divided according to the need. Thomas P-eter's intelligence goes to -lohn Fedako, and his reputation as a student to none oth-er than Charlie Swartz. After years of fail- ure and bitter disappointment Joe Mihelc sadly hands over his Charles Atlas course and super- man pen to a fellow electrician, Elwood Rhoads, and wish-es him better luck. To Robert Vtfallish goes Chubby Briggl1tbill's ,gift of a pleasing personality. Tom Graham leaves his wit and a can of spoiled lcorn to somlething in the Junior Class called Hess. Ivan Hershey surrenders his musicianship to his accomplice in crime, jenny Ryman. We will give Mike Filepass's flashing smile to Tru-emlan Betts, if the "wolf" will use it at the right places. Johnny VVatson gives Louis Del-lart enough time clothes Cincluding those loud tiesj to last him for the duration. 'llo David Voigt goes Charles V-an Schoick's journalistic ability which "hath well paid its way" since eighth grade. Slug Beaver withholds his dramatic talent until a junior proves himself worthy of it. Anthony Mancuso leaves a double portion of his spirit to Ducky Eddinger. Ski Sajewski leav-es his knowledge of mental telepathy in the auditorium since he never could lind it. Billj Pugh distributes his pessimism to the en- tire Iunior Class. No one person can handle it. Louis Leopa1'd's efficiency in the commercial department goes to dainty Mehrmann. Good- natured Turp Allen gives his cheerful disposi- tion to McNelly. Lizanec fav-ors Ray Dietrich with his ambition, for Lizanec was ambitious. B.otinger's -art ability goes to LaVerne Musselman on condition that he stop tracing his masterpieces from F lash Comics. Last and least comes Utzel Dubnow. Finding no Junior who measures up to his own standards, Dub- ious Ardyn skips down to the eighth grade and presents his appreciation of Shakespeare to Red Yoder. As our illustrious class was endowed with so many blessing, it is impossible to have them all specified in this limited space. Xhle hereby nomi- nate, constitute, and appoint Chick Zook to be the executor of our will and hereby authorize and em-pow-er the same in his absolute discretion to assign our remaining 'talents to the remaining juniors, according to their just deserts. This thirty-first day of May, one thousand nine hundred and forty-three, we, the class of the same year, hereunto set -our hand and seal to this, our last will and testament. . . CL SS PROPHECY Let us venture into the cabin ol Father 'llime' and look over his book for nineteen-lumdred and lil'ty-three. As we open the book at page one, the familiar name of Ivan I-lershonsky, noted pianist of Rushin music, confronts us. He certainly has distinguished himself. As we look farther down the page, we find the name of Clair Swartz also printed in large letters. l-le is a noted swing-song arranger, with ollices in Radio City. As we turn the page, we see that Richardson has become a dentist. lfle was hred from his lirst job as Mr. Martin,'s private food taster. Mr. lVlartin's complaint-"l almost starved to death l" johnny lVI-ack and Bill Spentce are running a driving school in Pittsburgh-for girls only. Otis Herb has taken over Fred Astaire's dis- tinguished position in Hollywood, and Harry Buck has done the same with Bob 'llay1or's place. Edwin Beaver now singing on the Kiddie Program every Sunday afternoon. It's so thril- ling, he says. Dubnow is a prosperous suit sales- man in a New York store. His slogan-"You want to buy a zoot ?" .l. lDearden married a local girl and is now quite busy raising a beautiful family of ten little Deardens in this vicinity. I ima 'fine you all know that Bill Pufh has S. 1 . . been slavmv' in his ob as ear-muff tester. He h had been in 'thc Air Cor Js until they found out , I -- a J 1 why he couldnt 'take ott in an open-cockpit plane. jerky l-ligh has been working on a grape press for the past two years. Ears Adams, after nine years of successful and outstanding play- ing with the Bu'l'falo hockey team, is now their A-1 manager. joe Lizanec is the leader of the nation's num- ber one swing orchestra, with Harry Snow as his chief "groaner," 'llom Graham and Chuck Fry are both foreman in a machine shop in Philadelphia. Mihele is chief bouncer in a New York night club. Norman Shirey gives him the m-ost business. Stump Saulsbery is still waiting in Hershey for the Swtitara fellows. He should know they'll' never come back after that beating he gave them. Mike Filepass takes his regullar turn on the mound for the New York Yankees, who think he is 'very valuable. Barrett, Collins- worth, Allen, and Cropf joined the Navy in ,43 and stayed in to make .a career of it. Brightbill and Frings are building houses tdog housesj exclusively for hen-peeked hus- bhnds down in their own little shop in Florida. Thran and XfVhy are both feeding juice for the electrical company in Harrisburg. This is quite a' shock to all concerned. Van Schoick is edi- tor-in-chief of the New York T'l'l'1ll7S, which is now published once a week. He may catch up some tlme. X'Verntz and McElheny are partners on a farm near Lebanon, where their main crop is raisin' "pie," Delicious! Tom Peters, who was voted most likely to succeed, is still a yardbird in Uncle Sa'mi's Army. Charley Bolinger is now working f-or XValt Disney. After all, someone has to model for Mickey Mouse. Our famed basketball player, Doc Shana- brook, is now running an elevator in the Gimbel Store in Philadelphia. I suppose we all have our ups and downs. I. .Wfatson is now chief stylist critic for Voguc magiazine. Nate all know he started at a very young age in that work. Mouse Burg has followed his health rules and is now working hand in hland with Charles Atlas, whose under- study he is. Blue-Pig Hepler, the last time he was seen, a traveling corset salesman. That's Hepler, all right-living off the fat of the land. Horse Kuhn is walking up and down our newly ac- quired territory of japan, daring any .lap to come out on the street. He should know by now that there are n-one left. Cal Brady has at last fulfilled his life's 'ambition He is a forester in the backwoods. How's the 'toothpick business, Cal? Smitty is a professional boxer. His next tight is for the Championship of Sand Beach. Cropf is in fine shape, now that he is in the plumbing and eating business. Turp Allen, who is still in the Navy, has recently been made an admiral. He now has two girls in every port, although he claims thlat he has not been in every port. Father Time just closed his book. He wants the rest of the fellows to wait' to see what the future holds for them. IDEAL SENIOR .... The Ideal Senior Must: be as handsome as . be as intelligent as , be as business-like as be as witty as . . be as eflicient as . be as ambitious as . be as tactful as . be as sincere as . . be as good-matured as be as persistent as . be as loyal as . be as courteous as . be as cooperative as . be as clever as . be as well liked as . he a student like . be a musician like . be a dancer like . be an athlete like dress as well as . . have a personality like have a smile like . have a physique like . have the dependability of have the accuracy of . have the honor of . . . Harry Buck . Thomas Peters . Louis Leopard . Thomas Graham . Louis Leopard . joseph Lizanec . Clair Swartz Anthony Mancuso . George Allen . Joseph Lizanec Martin Kuhn . Robert Rea Clair Swartz . Edwin Beaver john Shanabrook . Thomas Peters . Ivan Hershey . . Otis Herb John Shanabrook . John Watson Verling Brightbill Michael Filepass Michael Filepass . Daniel Miller . William Pugh . Martin Kuhn have the journalistic ability of - Ch-HFICS Va1'lSCh0iCk have the sportsmanship of . - H-HI'01d RiC1'131'dS0H have the singing voice of . - HHFYY SHOW have the art ability of . Charles Boflngef SENIORS AT WORK Tl-ILETICS Each year the athletic teams of H. I. S. have shown ability and spirit which have come to be characteristics of H. I. S. teams. Although the interscholastic competition was curtailed because of transportation difficulties, the same spirit and ability were used in an extensive intramural program. Football and baseball Were dropped as interscholastic sports, but boxing and Wrestling tournaments and an extensive softball schedule were held. Boys from all grades were included in these, and it can be truly said that they upheld the H. I. S. traditions of fair play and sportmanship. We hope that the classes to come improve on these records and attain levels never reached before. Sports build body, mind, and character for the bigger and harder task that We all now face, and we feel that our sports pro- gram this year was valuable preparation for the future. ATHLETICS VARSITY QUINTET SKETB LL VARSITY COACH . . . . ALFRED GQIBBLE I'I.AYERS - SI-IANABROOK, GRAHAM, DEARDEN Alter gas and tire restrictions our chance for a basketball season this year looked doubtful, but the problem was solved, and the team started practicing for 21 stiff, sixteen- game schedule. I-landieapped by having practice time limited to live forty-ive-minute sessions a week, the Spar- tans did well in winning twelve games while losing only four in very heavy competition. 'llhe Class of Forty-tl11'ee is proud of having eleven 'members on the ll1ll'lCC1l-'1Tl'El11 squad and also of the all-around showing made by Coach Gibblt-'s proteges. fln winning three-quarters of the games, the Spartan quintet aveifaged over 40 points per game. .'Xuother sensational record-setter was john "DoC" Shanabrook, who set a new scoring record of 193 points in the short sixteen-game schedule. 'l'he seniors members ol' this year's squad leave many line menlories of sportm-anship and playing ability. They wish the coming teams of H. I. S. 'continued success and hope they establish even better records than those previously achieved. SCHEDULE Dec. ll. l. S. .ta Palmyra I2 jan. 26 ,l0l1I1 H2l1'l'lS Dec. l l. 1. S. 37 l'almyra 20 -lan. .29 HC1'Sl1CY Dee. H. l. S. 33 lfVilliam Penn 47 Feb MyC1'5lOW11 Dec. 'I-I. T. S. 53 li-lummelstown I7 Feb Lebanon Dec. H. ll. S. .15 Alumni 28 Feb VVilliam PC1111 fan. I-l.l1. S. 4.7 Myerstovvn I7 Feb. I6 HLl'1lH11ClSl0W11 Ian. H. l. S. 29 Lebanon SI Feb l0l11l H2l1'1'lS jan. llfl. I. S. 39 L. V. C. Ir. Varsity 30 Feb HC1'Sl1Gy BOX BOXING COACH .... RALPH I-IOAR GOLDEN GLOVERS - LONG AND RICHARDS KK' Ilhe manly art of self-defensei' entered H. I- S. as one of the major sports this year. Some of our boys carried the laurels of H. 1. S. to the Golden Gloves Tournament in lflarrisburg. After that tournament ended, there was an intramural boxing tournainient which included boys of all grades, ages, and weights. A call was issued for Golden Gloves candidates, and Iifteen boys responded. By elimination this number was reduced to eight. These fellows and their weight classes were as follows: 1iS-pound class: David Deldlald and jack Long, 135-pound class: Charles Swartz, Philip Richards, and Dan- iel Cauffmang 145-pound class: Homer Moyer, Charles Fry, and Claudius Rickmers. In the first weekls bouts three of these-Richards, Fry, and Caulifman-were winners, while Moyer and Swartz lost their contests by very close split decisions. ln the second week Long and De'VVfald won, while Riclizmls, Cauffman, and Moyer lost by decisions and join-ed the ranks of the second-round losers. In the third weelis bouts, which were the semi- lin-als, Swartz and Ritlcmers lost by T. K. Ofs, and Long lost by -a split decision in a fast and closely contested fight. This left Deldfald and Fry for the Finals, but because ol circumstances beyond their control they were not permitted to light. Nevertheless, we must congratulate these fellows on their good showing and the others for their spirit which enabled them to keep punching, even when they were defeated. In the ll1'E1'iEllDLll'2ll bouts, the weight classes extended from 55 pounds to heavyweights. All showed enthusiasm and spirit i11 their lights. Following are the winners of the various classes, decided zifter many elimination bouts, and their closest competition: 55-poiuid class-P. Kanoff, decision over M. Kanoff 5 65-pound class-Fzilmestoclc, decision over Seilorg 75-PO111'1d class- Fink, decision over VVilhelm 3 S5-pound class-Barton, decision over Stanleyg 95-pound class-Mumma, decision over Wicksg Senior-Hi IOS-POL1I1ClCl3SS-HUl1lZlllgCI', decision over Clarkeg junior-Hi I'O5'DOLll1Cl class-Sorento, decision over Trimbleg Seni-or-Hi 115-1JOl1l1Cl clhss-I-Ieagy, decision over Vlfntlcog junior-Hi .115-1JOL'lI'1Ll class-Mumma, decision over Voigtg Open 125-pound class-Kry- sun, decision over Yensog Sub-novice 125-pound class-Sekellic, T. K. O. over Priceg Open 135- pound class-Romcis, decision over Mellott: Sub-novice 135-POL11'1Cl class-Altland, decision over Armstrongg I55'POLll'lflCllZlSS-EHl0l1, decision over Moor-eg 165-pound class-McNelly, decision over Noleng and Unlimited class-Hepler, T. K. O. over Fleece. A Our eongrzxtulations goto these winners for their victories and to the losers for the good fight that they showed. Credit should also be given to the previously mentioned Golden Glovers, who acted as seconds and gave the hetween-the-round-information to the lighters. Mr. Hom' sponsored this activity, and our thanks go to him also for a hne, new, intramural activity which added much interest to the winter months of school. ACTIVITIE.. Perhaps some of you who do not know us so well Will wonder Why such a large section of our book is devoted to our extra-cur- ricular activities. But those who know us well will realize, as we do, what a large part these organizations have played in our lives. These activities gave us our first chance to be leaders and to cooperate with others in a social way. Here, too, our avocations or hobbies had their first spark of life. Some even found careers. Nobody can say we did not realize the value of the Worthy use of leisure time. Our many activities prove our acceptance of that cardinal principle of education. Finally, these varied activities rounded out our lives and made the daily tasks easier and more meaningful. ACTIVITIES GLEE CL DIRECTOR . . . GEORGEYOKUM TENOR SOLOIST . . HARRY SNOW The Glee Club has always been one of the organizations which bring fame to The Hershey Indus- trial School. This year conditions were especially difficult. Wal'-tiiiie restrictions forbade the use of our school busses for trips, and the competitive incentive ofthe Pennsylvania Forensic and Music League contests was lacking. Nevertheless, the Glee Club, under M1'.YOliL1l11yS direction, struggled mantully to main- tain the prestige of previous editions of this activity, and the high praise bestowed upon the con- certs given indicates that this year-'s group was successful in upholding the high reputation of this popular organization. All members of the streamlined-because of transportation diliiculties-1943 Glee Club deserve praise for their consistent work in spite of the curtailed conceit schedule. . .. YMPHO.YlN HHETR This group worked hard to make the Symphony Orchestra a successful organization. Because so much practice is required to present a pleasing program, few concerts have been given. Those presented, however, reflected favorably upon all concerned. Cr-edit is due to Mr. Yolcuni, the di- rector, and to the lads who strive for the best in classical music. SPARTAN ORCHE TR . . . Mr. Payne Started our Spartan Orchestra five years ago, and its success is proved by its num- erous engag'ernents in and around Hershey, VVhen Mr. Payne answered Uncle Sam's call, Mr. Yolcurn kindly consented to take charge. I-le has done a fine job, and the Class of y43 salutes him and his Spartans and wish them continued success. IN DUSTRIALI T c TAFE CHAIRMAN . . . . F. A. MINCEMOYER EDITOR - IN' - CHIEF . . BILL PUC!-l News about the student body is not all Thc School Izrdzzslriafist contains. Every month more and more space is devoted to our alumni in the armed forces and the civilian war effort. The staff deserves credit for constantly getting more infoiimation on alumni anrl for discovering interesting bits of news about the boys we knc-wif. The mailing list of about a thousand subscrip- tions is the best evidence of the successful efforts of the boys engaged in this activity. Special credit is due this year to Mr. Blanken for the new-type covers, and to the printers, who carried out his ideas. 'lfhis year marks the tenth anniversary of Thr School l11rl11sH'ial'i.s'!, Il student activity and publi- cation of which we are increasingly proud. 4 . . . . CHUIR One of the Cl1oir's main tasks is to act as a proving ground for our other musical -organiza- lions. Freqiielitly the Choir will pinch-hit for the Glee Club on Sundays mornings, and perhaps none can speak more enthusiastically of this organization than the church-going student body. Mr. 'Young deserves special credit for his work with this group. N .... Mr. Young assumed great responsibility when he accepted the task of fashioning an almost wholly revised orgzmization from material largely inexperienced. However, the responsibility was evidently well, placed, for the linal pr-odufct was a band ol which the school is proud. Mr. Young and the band members deserve much credit lor their patience and hard work. ,num-uw-: . ---- , - A 1-.-. - -4 . :-rw- . iwm- . . V ,lf-1, l -,L P: A5 xl -1 JA, . -V V - Q 1 - ST DE 1 ATE MR. HAMMOND, PRINCIPAL, CONFERS WITH CLAIR SWARTZ, STUDENT SENATE PRESIDISNT The Student Senate is the primary mediator between the students and the administration. It is composed of hfteen nlembers, three from each of the tive CKJLll'1'CilS-NOl'fl1 F'Zl1'111-I7liOV1U'G, South Farrn-Home, junior-High, Senior-High, and Vocational. Meetings are held regularly to solve probleins which may arise from time to time. One of the major ideas that arose this year from the Student Senate was a scrap-lmetzll drive which netted many 'tons of metal for the war effort. Another patriotic contribution of the Student Senate was the purchase and distrilnution to each farm-home of Service flags and stars to honor the approximately four hundred boys we already have in the Armed Forces of our country. as -345' A if EQ :sg I ig? im 5+ sf Y' . , - ,. , ' "1 Q' 3 V A . BOIINGER VAN SHOICK PUGH SWARTZ MANCUSO SPENCE . . C R O P 0 LIS S A F F CHARLES BOFINGER . .. Art and Layout Editor CHARLES VAN SCHOTCK ...... . ............. ..... L iterary Editor Edwin Beaver . .... Art Editor Harold Richardson ....... Staff Aide Stoddard Burg . . . , lflliolograplicr Xalilliani Ronieis ..... Staff Secretary Carl Gibson . .. Lee 'Kiimaircl Martin Kuhn Anthony Maneuso Oscar Powell . . . XfVillia'm' Pugh . . . Robert Rea .... BFAVER SNOVV Slalii Secretary . . . . Staff Aide .. 'Form Editor Associate Editor . . . . Staff Secretary Associate Editor . . . . . Staff Aide SANKO Raymond Sanko 'Robert Schofield I-larry Snow ...... l. lVillia1n' Spence Clair Swartz ...... Paul Yarnell . . . jesse Yost . . . KUHN BURG .. Form Editor .. Staff Aide . . . . Art Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor . . . . Staff Secretary . . . . Staff Secretary YOST ROM EIS 'Y asa .-nl'-' YARNELL POVVELL GIBSON SCI-IOFIELD KINNAIRD REA RICHARDSON UNDERCLASSIVIE The iirst signii-icant step out of the juvenile stage is the Fresh- man year. The Freshman is lowly in the eyes of those above him but high in his own opinion. His opinion reaches an even higher peak as he steps into his Sophomore shoes. He makes this ad- vance with the determination to prove he can Fill those shoes. Completing that year, the individual finds himself really growing up. Then comes the Junior year, during which the main thought is "Next year I'll be a Seniorf, but he soon learns that it isn't quite that simple. He must work to get to that next year. However, with the proximity of his goal motivating him, he usually pulls through, passes his courses and at long last finds himself a mem- ber of that dominant group, the Senior Class. From then on, he labors to be worthy of that membership. JUL ICR CLASS . These are the Juniors. It is they who will carry on from where we left olt. XfVe know they are capable of doing so with great success. During the past few years they have been constructing a solid base from which to proceed with their duties. Next year, when theirs is the respon- sibility of leadership in the school, the results of th-eir efforts will be proved. From observing the manner in which they worked, we say they will do the job well. In the athletic endeavors of the school their representatives have given their best. The 'musical organizations have had their useful assistance. The literary gfroups have used their capable members, The stage has brought out much of their clrzunatic tability. In practically all activities of our school life they have given their share of talent. XfVe pass into the world, :md they will replace us in school leadership duties. 'lfhey are prepared to take over. To them, the Class of 1944, we say, "Keep up the line work- you're doing well. We know we will be proud of your record." oPHoMoRE CLASS . The members of this year's Sophomore Class were hrst laced with the job of choosing a course to follow w'i'th,out letting the war guide them blindly. Witll the help of Mr. Hammond and Mr. Marlcley they accom- plished this and th-en settled down to establish for themselves a record of which they can be proud. The class Has been well represented in practically all of the major ac- tivities of the school, but it was best represented in sports. Many of the intrainuiral teams can trace their line showings to the Soph- omores, for there was a wealth of Sopshiolmore material on most of them. Alfred Young, jimmy Xafise, Howard Moyer, and Levi Filcpass were a few of their outstanding members on the junior varsity basketball squad. The class also corrtributed its share of performers to the Choir, Cvlee Club, Band, and the orchestras, as Well as taking an active part in the student government. The Class of IQ43 feels that this Sophomore Class is capable ot' stepping into the place left vacant by the Juniors. - RE HMEN CLASS This year of high school brought about ri great change in the stud-ents' lives. Not only did long trousers and pettic-oat domination fascinate them for the first time, but they were confronted with high-school work, obli- gations, and problems of adjustment. Most of them now hav-e long trousers, let the feminine situation rest as it may, and they are to be connnended on their adjustments in the more important items. N-oft only did they wage a successful battle against books Qthere are exceptions, of coursej but they adjusted themselves to the new schedule and entered the various organizations and activities, giving their valuable assistance with hne spirit and enthusiasm. The little prestige usually maintained by Freshmen was augmented by their participation in the more important activities of the school, such as the Band, Symphony Orchestra, Spartan Orchestra, Senate, Glee Club, and Choir. 'lfhey are doing Fine work, and they owe it to themselves and their country, 'as they progress through the grades, to continue to make advan- tageous use of their great opportunities in this school. .x.-.- -- :L 1: aryl' " .I ,- ,, ,I ,fl-.' '. , IRIS Ijlf Vi' V. -III .QII-IIIHII-I IIITIIQ I g.I,fIII-,-JIIIIII-3-:QI II 7 I " 'I IIII II 1 I I I 5. ,r-,gn ., ,II 4 ,,, ,II I-g,..,.,-- II? 'X II -1 'Il 'ig L. ,IIQ 'T I 'E--jg --.5 IQ III,IiI1d I II I II LIiIIi:if 71:35 , ,Y ' , 'ffl-I ,gf I-' II-'I gill," 15,1 1,4 I 'I -jp, ,QLD .. ' I 1 I" Pj' 'I I, I' I, zu.. '-, I .1,g-,Q.'f-gig, I II, III LIL, - I, I, ,- -It--Lp I I We "-'-:IJ 1- .Il '- - I H .' JSI -f,, II3,III:II FII... NIIII, I, FI-I :III-'I--IIETQI ,f,"' - ' 'II 25' 'I--'?, I'--' '- 5. I "",,'s-ei! a4p'3'1'Q,':,..k I I I ,,, .- , - I -.1,. I ,- - ..L .A -,-I . I ..,II -I II-I -I-N.,--,-I, II , I'l1,I I I In ' -- 1: ea -.-I1 I ,-III:'f'E3,AI I t I I-I. , - if-I .--I- ,I I ' I I"' .,'f'-'!1,'I" 1n.'I:-I-'E 'I " hh fu' N-Ll"P.Y II- 1- ' I W1 If-'T - NWI Ilg- LJQII' 'CII I :in ' ' .l -'Ii'.'7'I'?.I51 I, , ,I I ' .V-I -- L,-I... IIFIIIIEI , I.-. Im- rf:-L I' 13 , I' II"Ip,I:IIu' -. ..,II -II :-. :III I ' , -' I 1 'r- - -L ' - - -v -, I-"-":""I'I.F I II II ,Iwgj II I I I , I fd, ,II if-':-wi,-I -,-.I I-M III- , F 5255.5-I, ,,, 411, ,. -, I, ,I I II', I,I' .IIIIIQQE P., ,413 - I . 5. I MIQI I A I'-1-5 Q 5'-Q.'1l.ffm I :fy , I, , II' 'I.l,,I-L.. I., 5 IJJI-I...., J I -Q... IJ-' , Q I-IJ':-I,'- I I, I -if Ig.. -I-I 3' 3-'Hx -...Q I J I . II YQI-I.II ,, ,Ili-I, I-JIQW , II -gg II- FP I Iii-I IIIIJI- ya I--, I :AI .IJIIII -,II HI I,,I'+ E II V ,- II ,,III.II,I, II, W I I I .III I II I ,III 13,2-I II,I ..:II,II EII, -IAIIII III III-IJI - I '- ,- - 54 I Ile ' J - , --I ,I II I .5IIII,lIAIC1,'-I-?gIIIIL ,IIIII,I' I-I -If-3-Id I,IIII- IIIII II IIII III '. 3igQz:lj2:I B I, I --HPI-IJI - I II ' -II'- I-II,I,iIf"I' , I ,' . .f, - , . ' ',,., -.- ,f-' I , 1- 1 -HJ-. 'J' ' an ' I' 'fn-V I "',2ry, ':?5.-l.,,f"CIL II IIIIIIIIII I FE BI-,Zh I I , III? I.. ',.ll"III ,I 4 I: ,II I II I ,IIA ,I-5::.I. I I-.I -IC: ,WL ,MEI A .i I IJIIix -,344 Hn' I I.IF -' ':.-f, If JI V. ,y,I- . -,- 'r ing-I ' ' 'QPF 1" " I', ',I1 v " ,ISN LIE-'," '-!" L-5--I, 'S--'I .YI n 'PIII "I, HIM , ,-L' 'gl'Qi.iII.'1 ---I---,.,.f' KI fy ',': ,ai-' f'U'lg,'I' "1 W-,'2ii.:9,I.'f':.', 2. 7 -I,,.: I, " I I-'pu fI,- ' 3, v'EI1-,,gI,g II,',fi7f:'I,- I. 11: :Ig.f:ff1+- , I' 'I UJI, ,' -f' " ' -I .-'fff P I"If", "6-f"I', I I' ' V ' 3 ?'T-"Li -Ll IST- 'L 'MLS-. . I1 , I rf L gf ,NI . , I' WI' ' FI II '7 II I " " L' I 1, M' L 'J I,' 51-junta' - I JY. Q'III'.!'I 2,"fL I.'Qf5I,f'jIz : 2 I I QF I I 'I 'I I-:JI ' ww- If, :II II' 'fi'-SSI-LMA. I' ' I 'I 17-...I IA4l-5 ' I II 'I I I.-Ilf' - 'J I lr jlinlfr Er' - ' -,I-. ,'I.lJ1 :EQ-EIIII: -"ft.-,T-zfid. "ELIC" ff L .I'Z,III :.'g.yI,I II "I,l'gI I ul' 2 fy? Q '3 ' I ' Q, I ',, , ",:,.I'G'e','if ,Iwi - QI, ,,1Qf'I- II if 'I 'TQ 1LI:ILJI'f""-' 153-II.Q-I"I QC if . jig .1415 'ifgI1Ey,,iQ'IQ3lIff1:, - I.II.., , .. -I . v N-I I ,I I: :I-5:5 -,za--.: A-:. 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Suggestions in the Milton Hershey School - Acropolis Yearbook (Hershey, PA) collection:

Milton Hershey School - Acropolis Yearbook (Hershey, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Milton Hershey School - Acropolis Yearbook (Hershey, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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