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1 A V , 4 li I, 1. A x W v' ' 1 A X ' 1 K . R rn!! V it I till Class Flower - M. S. Hershey Ftose Class Colors - - - - Green and White Class Motto - Less than our best is failure -limit Being the first senior class to complete every grade in the Hershey Industrial Junior-Senior High School, we stop and look back through the sundial to the big, cream-colored schoolhouse where we grew in mind and in body. FUREWURIJ Herein lies a brief idea of the lives of a group of boys about to depart from school and begin their various journeys on the broad highway of life. Very few should drop by the wayside, for most of them have, with their utmost strength of body and mind, endeavored to develop themselves into young men of whom their beloved benefactor, Nlr. M. S. Hershey, can be proud. These young men of to- morrow should at this time be well pre- pared to take their positions as useful citizens of our nation. Perhaps none will become an international or even a national figure while traversing the long path of life, but certainly none should prove un- worthy of the opportunities he received while astudent atThe Hershey Industrial School and thus bring shame to his school and to his honored foster father. MR. MILTON S. HERSHEY Having given all that he had to us, Mr. Milton S. Hershey's only wish is that we use his gift wisely. Each departing senior wants to make good and to bring happiness to Mr. Hershey. If, in this small way, we can repay him for the good fortune that he has brought to many unfortunate boys, we shall have done our best to show our gratitude to him. lil MR. EARLE H. MARKLEY We dedicate this 1941 Acropolis to Mr. Earle H. Markley, a man whose understanding and influence have often changed wrong ideas to right. His untiring efforts to help boys with their wants and needs we all appreciate. Through our senior high- school years in particular he has had much to do with the scho- lastic activities of most of us. This dedication is intended as an expression of gratitude to him for his efforts in our behalf. MR. D. PAUL WITMER The "square deals" that Nlr. D. Paul Witmer has always given to the other person show why he is so well qualified to be the superintendent of our great school. If we can mold our lives according to his pattern of high ideals and perseverance, we know we also shall go far. I-NISTRA ADMINISTRATION This group represents those persons who through the course of our high-school days have guided our destinies. Their firm, kind hands have helped us over the rough spots of adolescent youth and have prepared us for the tasks ahead. These men have helped us far more than do most school administrators. They have guided us not only as school men, but, along with our house-parents, they have done their best to direct our lives properly along physical, moral, and spiritual lines as well. They have striven honestly to fill as best they could the gaps caused by the loss of our natural parents. We owe them much. lt is our hope that they, through their contacts with us, may feel the gratitude which we cannot express in speech or writing. BOARD OF MANAGERS Behind the scenes of our school life stands a group of men who do more for us than we fully realize. The Class of '41 Q takes pride in saluting these men who have given their un- tiring services, Ioyally and willingly. They have understood our wants, needs, desires, and ambitions. They have done their best to give us as much as they could of the good things Mmm. umm in life. lt is to them, under the ever-present and benevolent Clnlrmln 8. Founder guiding spirit of Nlr. Nl. S. Hershey, that we are primarily indebted for the constant growth of educational opportunity and wholesome living conditions so characteristic of this great school4home. Nlere words cannot express our appreciation and thankfulness for their giving to us the high ideals by which we are endeavoring to mold our lives. ' t " " T T.. 2 e..V W sv-'f X WILLIAM F. R. MIIIIRIE E. F. HERSI'lEY.Vlcu Cllr. P. A. S'I'API.ES,Vlcu Cllr. F. N. IIEIISIIEY WILLIAM H. EARNEST Pm., Harshay Cline. Carp. Pres., Hnrshay National Bank Pres. , Hnrslily tarp., Oulu. Supl. Firms L Dalllas Clunsal, Hershey Imluslrlas 7 N, , J fi K "Sth . rl I CHARLES F. IIEGLER W. S. GROUSE I. R. HOFFMAN A. WHITEMAN, SILTICIS. 0. E. BURDNER Pres.,Huslay Esmes Cnunsal,Helshuy Imlustrlus campt.,Harslney Estates San. mls., HBISIIHV THIS! 50- Wllllll- Hvrflwy UMW- Gllfll n . FACULTY Ourfaculty--how much more fittingly, ourfriends. These are the people who have come to teach us the highest of all arts-- the art of living. Yet some of us may pass from the H. l. S. portals without ever knowing the real companionship and help that all of the faculty members are willing and able to give. Some of us, on the other hand, have had frequent contacts with it. We are those who are in activities and those who are in trouble. To know and to appreciate our teachers to the fullest extent one must know them not only when they are in the role of class-room instructor but also after class when the others have left. The teacher sheds his guise of disciplinarian and reveals his true personality as counselor and friend. Through these little intimate associations our concept of reality and the outside world is broadened and developed. Our teachers do this for us, know- ing that we have been deprived of our parents who normally would have given us such help. We salute you, our friends--our faculty. ACROPOLIS CALENDAR September-Staff selected and ideas stimulated under the di- rection of Nlessrs. Markley, Perkins, Jenemann, Mincemoyer, and Blanken. General plan discussed, publication budget studied. October-Class colors chosen 5 sport photos, party photographs, and senior portraits taken. Themes for art work arranged. November-Candids taken. Themes and art work completed. December-Winter scenes photographed, also Christmas pag- eant candids, basketball practice photos, and sidelight material. Final sample dummy completed. January-All photographic material sent to engraver. All art work for opening sections and division pages completed. February-Dummy checked and sent to the print shop. March-Last-minute photos taken. All copy sent to printers. April-Proofs arrived from printer and dummy paste-up pro- ceeded. Names checked for correct spelling. Nlay-Final proofs corrected. Book completed and delivered. CLASS MEMENTUES CLASS HISTIIRY As we travel far and wide on life's broad highway, the memories of our days in The Hershey Industrial School willcling to our hearts. So let us pause and review some of the happy memories which have faded into the past. Although our freshman year differed little from years gone by, it was never- theless exciting, and it was therein that many of our dearest memories origi- nated. Who can forget the ninth-grade basketball team, where many of our present stars began their climb to the varsity squad, or the science field trips which everyone enjoyed? All these helped to make our freshman year a brilliant beginning of our high-school, life. Our nextstep forward was quite different from any before, as we no longer remained one distinct group. Instead, we divided ourselves into three groups, academic, commercial, and vocational, according to each lad's personal choice. Some chose to be mechanics, others salesmen or bookkeepers, and still others ventured into the languages and sciences. The training for the work which we would do after we leave The Hershey Industrial School was then begun. Who can forget that first day in shop, each fellow wearing a pair of stiff, new overalls, or the complete bewilderment of being seated in back of a type- writer, wondering what to do first? But all too soon the novelty faded away, and we settled down to make our sophomore year a firm foundation for the rest of our training. 1 When we returned in the fall of 1939, we were not the same group of happy- go-lucky lads who only a few months before were sophomores, but we were now more serious juniors, looking not only at the past and present but also into the future. Gur first duty was to select our class officers. Needless to say, the fellows elected did a splendid job. They served, not only in leadership, but they proved themselves to be worthy businessmen as well. The highlight of our junior year was the Junior Class Stag Party. Each homeroom section entered a softball team and after a series of hard-fought games, 11-A came through as champions, once more keeping the title in the vocational department. I Only one obstacle stood between us and our final year- the final examina- tions. But they too were passed with little difficulty, and at last we were ready to step into the most cherished year of all, our senior year. The Class of 1941 has the honor of being the Hrst class to complete all the grades, six to twelve, in the new junior-senior high-school building. On the athletic field, in the variousmusical organizations, and in the many other activities the senior class was well represented, each representative doing his best to uphold the standards of the school. After the election of senior class officers we began planning for our Halloween party at which we had the fairer sex as our guests. Games, refreshments, and dancing made up the program. Later we had a Valentine dance, and still later came the biggest and best of all parties, the annual Senior Class Party. After receiving our pictures, class rings, and other school-day tokens, we waited for the grand finale of our high school days- Baccalaureate Services, Class Day, and finally the most exciting and memorable of all, Commence- ment. We received our diplomas, symbols of our accomplishments in the glorious and exciting years gone by. ,May we always look at them as a high award for our achievements in The Hershey Industrial School. As we enter into the broad fields of life, we will long remember the kindness and generosity which everyone connected with the school has shown to us. As we leave the portals of this great institution, may each one of us prove himself worthy of being called a Hershey Industrial School boy. Sept Sept Sept Sept. Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec Dec 4 School opened 6 Lecture by Mr. Hoover of Armstrong Cork 12 Senior Class elections 21 Reading65H. I.S.O 23 Student Senate elections fav Hbg. catholic 185 H. i.s. o 11 First issue of 1940-41 "The School lndustrialistu 12 F. di. M. 195 H. I.S.O 13 Glee Club at Sheridan 16 Conscription registration 23 Spartans played for Girl Scout Dance 26 Halloween Party and Dance Stevens Trade145H. l.S 12 31 Spartans played for Junior College Dance 1H. I. S. 185 Carson Long 0 3 Glee Club at Derry Presby- terian Church 8 Lecture- A. W. Dittmore, State Police Instructor 9 Williamson T. 365 H. l.S. 6 16 Founder's Day Alumni Banquet H. I. S. 145 Middletown 14 Dale Carnegie Course began 22 Spartans played for Booster Club Dance 24 Glee Club at Harrisburg 28-29 Thanksgiving holidays 6 "Whata Life," in Assembly 7 Band Contestat Harrisburg 13 Spartans played for Tri- Hi-Y Dance "Friday the13"in Assembly 17 H. l.S. 285 Alumni 23 18 "Whata Life," presented as a Christmas gift to the people of Hershey 21 William Penn 435 H. l.S. 22 22 Christmas Pageant Dec: 25-27 Christmas holidays Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. 3John Harris 455 H. l. S. 28 4 L. V. C. Frosh 285H. l.S.23 14 H. I. S. 525 Ephrata 35 15Spartans at Hi-Y Dance 17 H. l.S. 305Stevens T. 19 22 H. l.S. 395 F. 62 IVI. 29 27 "Acropolis"started to press 28 William Penn 355 H. l.S. 23 Clll SS Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. r. May May May May May May May May May May June June Apr. An 13 Senior DayatJunior College 14 H. l. S. Exchange program at John Harris 21 H. l.S. 385Stevens T. 23 22 Spartans played for Girl Scout Dance 25 Lebanon 355 H. l.S. 32 27 H. l.S.215Swatara Twp. 20 28 H. l. S. Exchange program at Harrisburg Catholic 5 H. l. S. 495 Hershey 28 CBritish War Relief Gamej 6Swatara Twp. Exchange program 7H. I. S. and Hershey ex- changed programs "The School lndustrialistu- "Broadcaster" Dance 16 Glee Club at Campbelltown 21 Glee Club at L. V. C. Spartans played for Booster Club Dance 23 Glee Club at Penryn 27 Hbg. Catholic program 28 Exchange at Swatara Twp. 30 Band at Elizabethtown 2 Exchg. at New Cumberland 3 Glee Club at Mt. Joy 8 H. l.S. 55 Palmyra4 17-18 Glee Club in P. F. M. L. finals at New Castle 18 H. l.S. vs. Hershey 20 Glee Club at Wernersville 22 H. l.S. vs. John Harris 23 Spartans at J. C. Dance 25 H. I. S. vs. Middletown 26 Spartans played for Girl Scout Dance 27 Annual Band Concert 29 H. l. S. vs Swatara Twp. 2 H. l.S. vs. Lebanon 4 Glee Clubat L. V. C. Church 6 H. l.S. vs. Hershey 9 H. l.S. vs.John Harris 10 Lehigh Press Conference 13 H. l.S. vs. Middletown 16 H. l.S. vs.Swatara Twp. 18 Glee Club at Adamstown 20 H. l.S. vs. Lebanon 31 Senior Banquet and Prom. 1 Bacca!aureateService 2 Class Dayr.Q,Commencement DIARY l l i l l l i IDEAL SENIOR He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He l-le must have the sportsmanship of l i must have the athletic ability of i must have the smile of l l must have the physique of i must have the singing voice of must have the dramatic talent of must have the personality of must have the musical ability of l must have the journalistic ability ot must have the art ability of must have the dependableness of must have the accuracy of i must have the honor of l must have the sense of humor of must have the wit of l must be as versatile as 1 i must be as popular as must be as efficient as l must be as ambitious as l must be as studious as must be as tactful as must be as sincere as must be as good-natured as must be as persistent as must be as loyal as must be as courteous as must be as cooperative as must be as brilliant as must dance as well as l must dress as tastefully as Jack Bratton Stanley Hummer Robert Snyder Wilbur Mohler Thomas Rieker Stephen Kehler Travis McDaniel William Schwebel Harry Simpson Harry Simpson William Kinnaird Kenneth Hatt Wilbur Mohler LaVerne King Travis McDaniel James Benedict David Ensminger Kenneth Hatt James Benedict Donald Patterson Howard Council William Engle Dean Hatfield Richard Light Robert Snyder George Miller Robert Galbraith Richard Light Morris Bailey Richard Buterbaugh CLASS Upon this crude sheet of parchment, on this twenty-ninth day of May in the year nineteen hundred and forty-one, anno Domini, the distinguished Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-one records its last will and testament for the benefit of those gay souls who have been fortunate enough to cross the path of this highly phenomenal class. To the Juniors we leave our collectively brilliant intellect, hoping that they will not deviate from the path set by us. To the Sophomores we leave our general wit and humor, since their juvenile minds understand nothing but the ridiculous and "Crash Comics." To the Freshmen we leave our hope that they follow the advice of their elders rather than their own immature desires. Because we are generous, we do not wish to bereave the humble Juniors of any of our many indispensable qualities. Consequently, individual bequests follow. Bratton leaves his sportsmanship- plus a pair of brass knuckles- to William Witmer. To abash Superman, Mohler leaves his physique to his brother Chester. Hummer surrenders his athletic ability to Frank Saksek. Hatfield wanted to leave his goodnaturedness in a gym locker butfinally de- cided to leave it to Ivan Dietrich. Snyder lends hissmile to Weary Hummer. fWho needs it more?J LaVerne King bequeaths his sense of humor to Robert Pike. McDaniel leaves his wit to Jack Bennett in order to keep "The School lndustrialist" on both feet. Engle leaves his sincerity to Philip Keller. Bailey wills his "rug-cutting" ability to William Maxwell, and Schwebel his musical ability to Robert Pike. To the remnant of the Spartan Orchestra after we leave, Robert Beitzel leaves two old victrola needles and three-fourths of Lombardo's "Beer Barrel Polka." Simpson surrenders his journalistic ability to Dave Collier, plus a tablet of paper which Dave may chew on while trying to figure out why there must be such a thing as a "dead line." Dower relinquishes his curly hair to George Maxwell so that he may later demonstrate the effects of curling irons for "The Woman's Home Com panion." To prevent procrastination on German homework, Stepp leaves his yardstick pencil to the Junior Academics. Joe also surrenders last October's copy of "True Confessions" to those Juniors who feel lonely on privilege night. Kinnaird wills to his intimate chum, Charlie Maxwell, his new book, "Howto Win Girl Friends and Influence Their Parents." Schmoker Beitzel donates his unused three-year-old comb to Arthur Parker. Our Treasury surrenders to the Class of '42 the following cherished memen- toes- a rusty key to Temple's diary, four second-hand victrola needles, a dental appointment for February 29, 1936, and a torn, one-cent refreshment ticket for the Hershey Park. Our entire class wills to all underclassmen, the faculty, the administration, the house-parents, the board of managers, the Hershey High School students, and the townspeople of Hershey a reminiscence of friendships, good-times, and understanding. Thus, as we depart on the road of life, we stop, turn, and affix ourseal to this sacred parchment. TD I-" 2 CID CID 'U 2 2 'U 1 I'l'l 3 -4 Dear Joe, l Tonight, while at the 1951 Commencement, my mind naturally wandered back ten years. Strangely enough, many of our boasts for the future seem to have come true. Whitecar's "Syncopated Jam Cats"iare now making a movie. Bailey's new night club, "The Bomb Shelter," Gust had a gala opening. Jay Smith is his chief bouncer. To speak of excitement, LaVerne King won a Carnegie Medal for his single-handed capture of "Bull-faced Herman," Public Enemy Number One. "The Philadelphia Be,ord's" ace criminal reporter, Harry Simpson, wrote up G-Man King's thrilling exploits so well that he was made news editor. Kenneth Hatt is treasurer of the Hershey Trust Company. He can settle down and get married atilast. Pennell, our only Eagle Scout, is Scout Executive for the Harrisburg Area. We have two preachers now, Joe. lReverend McClure was just elected Alumni Chaplain, and Reverend Temple ends five years as a missionary in India. Another of our professional classmates is Tom Cohoon, now a "stiff dresser" in Mt. Carmel. l Believe it or not, our class turned out three teachers. Hoffmaster, now head of a household of four, teaches history at Beading, Hoffman teaches German and Pennsylvania Dutch at Paradise, and Benedict, although wanted by the Fuller Brush Company, now heads the Dale Carnegie Institute of Public Speaking. Sergeants Francis Stepp and Arthur Massey are Marines in China. , Our new farm-home has as house-parents Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bratton. The Beitzel Brothers are also in the farming business. Bob sells farm machinery in Lancaster, while Russ uses his brothers products near Manheim. William Kain runs the Hershey Bose Garden. l We turned out some athletes, too. The A's Charles Hankins was "Most Valuable Player in the American LeagLie" for 1947, and The Giants' football team has another "Bruiser" Kinnaird. We "rate" in the business world, too. l Funk and Seed co-edit the "Lebanon Daily Times." General Electric has electrical engineers Light, Galbraith, and Atkins. Lehman, Grady, Schwebel, Long, and Dunleavy operate the "Blitzkrieg Destruction and Construction Corporation." They have revo- lutionized the business by Grady's idea of using dive-bombers to do the de- struction work. Charles Smith and Spigelmyer have a confectionery shop in Palmyra. By the way, Charlie's down to only 267. Tellet and Widmann operate radio station WH IS, here in Hershey. Jeff married a local girl, thus making himself and Travis McDaniel brothers-in-law. Davis and Bowman are manufacturing their latest invention -A "Shocking Sal," a robot house- wife. Bigler and Schmeck run aservicei station in Harrisburg, with a "Home for Aged Autos" on the side. , Well, Joe, l believe that l have covered most of our classmates' activities. Write to me about yourself and come to, see me. The wife and l are living in the Park Side Apartments. Your old chum and classmate, I , Mac l l l i l L- Ll. SENIURS TRAVIS EGBERT MCDANIEL, JR. fMacJ Academic Course Swarthmore, Pa.: Acropolis Staff- 45 Art Club - 1, 2, 35 Band - 2, 3, 45 Boy Scouts- 1, 25 Choir- 45 Dale Carnegie Course - 45 CPres.J Debating - 25 Glee Club - 3, 45 Homeroom Officer- 2, 3, 45 Photography Club - 25 School Guide- 1, 2, 3, 45 School Industrialist- 3, 45 Senioii Class Officer-4 fPres.J5 Slide Rule Club-45 Spartan Orchestra-2, 3, 45 Symphony Orchestra-2, 3, 45 Typing Club-25 fHi, fellaslj . . . JOHN FRANK BOWMAN fSinkerJ Electrical Course Lancaster, Pa.: Acropolis Staff-45 Baseball-3, 45 Basketball- 1, 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Officer- 3, 45 Monitor-3, 45 Pageant Club - 2, 3, 45 Photography Club - 45 Senior Class Officer- 4 CV. Pres.J5 StudentSenate - 45 Student Council - 2, 3, 45 CHow do you like the Pirates, Kid?J . . . KENNETH VICTOR HATT CKennyD Commercial Course Reading, Pa.: Acropolis Staff-45 Band-1, 2, 3, 4 CSec.J5 Bank Accountant-3, 45 Choir-15 Commercial Yearbook-45 Homeroom Officer- 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Club -35 Pageant Club - 1, 45 School Industrialist- 3, 45 Science Club- 15 Senior Class Officer-4 QSec.J . . . HOWARD ALFRED COUNCIL CBabeJ Printing Course Canton, Ohio: Acropolis Staff-45 Band-45 Boy Scouts- 3, 45 Dale Carnegie Course-45 Farm Home Council-45 Homeroom Officer-3, 45 Monitor-3, 45 Senior Class Officer-4 fTreas.J5 Student Senate-45 Vocational Council- 25 Voc. Dramatic Club-3 .... CHARLES FREDERICK ADDAMS CKateJ Sheet Metal Course Harrisburg, Pa.: Art Club- 15 Home- room Officer-2 CSec.J5 Monitor-3, 45 Typing Club-45iCEr sumpin.J . . . ALONZO JOHN ATKINS CAD Electrical Course Media, Pa.: Archery CI ub- 1, 25 Drafting Club-45 Farm Home Council- 45 Monitor- 3, 45 Pageant Club - 2, 3, 45 Science Club- 45 Slide Rule Club- 45 Typing Club -45 CKid stuff.J . . . MORRIS CALVIN BAILEY fBaiIJ Printing Course Harrisburg, Pa.: Acropolis Staff-45 Cheerleader-3, 4 CHeadJ5 Homeroom Officer-1, 3, 4 QSec.J5 Monitor-3, 45 Typing Club-45 Voc. Dramatic Club-3, 45 QYou ain't jiven.J . . . ROBERT FRANKLIN BEITZEL CWindyJ Printing Course CLinotypeJ Lancaster, Pa.: Art Club- 15 Band - 1, 2, 3, 45 Boy Scouts- 1, 25 Choir- 15 farm Home Council -- 45 Homeroom Officer- 25 Library Club - 25 Monitor- 3, 45 Pageant Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 Photography Club- 25 Science Club - 1 5Symphony Orchestra - 45 Voc. Dramatic Glub - 2, 3 RUSSELL ST. CLAIR BEITZEL fSchmokerJ Academic Course Lancaster, Pa.: Band- 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir- 15 Library Club -- 15 Pageant Club- 1, 25 Photography Club- 3, 45 Research Lab.- 3, 45 Symphony Orchestra- 3, 45 fJimminyfires!J . . .JAMES RODMAN BENEDICT QPapaJ Commercial Course Lansdowne, Pa.: Acropolis Staff -- 45 Band - 1, 2, 3, 4 fPres.J5 Bank Accountant-35 Bible School Teacher-35 Choir-45 Commercial Yearbook-45 Dale Carnegie Course-45 Dramatic Club- 45 Glee Club-- 3, 45 Homeroom Ofhcer- 3, 45 Library Club- 45 Pageant Club- 3, 45 Photography Club- 2, 3, 45 School lndustrialist- 35 Slide Rule Club- 15 Student Council-4 CPres.D5 Student Senate-4 CV. Pres.J5 fListen, Sonlj . . . MARTIN BIGLER, JR. CToarJ Auto Mechanic Course Chambersburg, Pa.: Homeroom Officer- 15 Monitor- 3, 45 Photography Club- 1, 25 CLet's have a gander at it.j . . . ROBERT WENDELL BOSSERMAN CBosJ Electrical Course York Springs, Pa.: Farm Home Council -45 Monitor-3, 45 Typing Club-45 CCome on, Heck.J . . . JACK CORBIN BRATTON CSparrowD Agricultural Course QFloristJ Huntingdon, Pa.: Basketball- 1, 2, 3, 45 Football- 1, 2, 3, 4 CCo-Capt.J5 Homeroom Officer- 1, 2, 3, 45 CWatch it, Bud.J . . . RICHARD EARL BUTERBAUGH CDickJ Commercial Course Mahaffey. Pa.: Art Club- 25 Band Accountant - 35 Choir- 45 Commercial Yearbook- 45 Dale Carnegie Course- 45 Dramatic Club - 45 Glee Club-- 45 Homeroom Officer- 1, 2, 3, 4: News Club - 2, 3, 45 Photography Club- 2, 35 Pageant Club- 45 QHi ya, Buddy.J . . . LESTER LAWRENCE CARPENTER CLesJ Commercial Course Pittsburgh, Pa.: Art Club- 2, 35 Bank Accountant- 3, 45 Boy Scouts- 2, 3, 45 Com- mercial Yearbook- 45 Dale Carnegie Course-45 Homeroom Olicer- 3, 45 Library Club- 35 School lndustrialist- 3, 45 Slide Rule Club-45 Student Council- 45 Typing Club-4 CSec.D5 CCriminy Nedlb . . . ALLEN HENRY CHARLES QCharleyJ Machinist Course Selinsgrove, Pa.: Farm Home Council- 45 Monitor--4 45 Typing Club- 45 CTake it easy.J THOMAS LAMAR COHOON CFatJ Academic Course Mt. Carmel, Pa.: Bible School Teacher - 35 Christian Knights Council- 45 Dramatic Club- 45 Farm Home Council- 45 Library Club -35 Pageant Club-1, 2, 35 Science Club-45 Slide Rule Club-45 Typing Club-2, 3, 45 lWatch thatstuff, Kid.J . . . CHARLES LOUIS COLLI NSWORTH QCoIlieJ Commercial Course Roanoke, Virginia: Bank Accountant- 35 Basketball- 1, 45 Commercial Yearbook- 45 Football - 25 Homeroom Officer- 2, 45 News Club- 3, 45 QThat's a neat one.J . . . BRUCE E. CROPF fPiff-Tankj Agricultural Course CCreamery and Pheasant Farml Wormleysburg, Pa.: Football -2, 3, 45 Homeroom Officer- 25 Pageant Club- 25 CMe too.D . . . RICHARD LEESER DAN I ELS QSnifferj Agricultural Course CAbattoirJ Hamburg, Pa.: Homeroom Ofhcer- 3, 45 CHoIy smokeslb . . . ROBERT GLENN DAVIS fDave3 Electrical Course New Holland, Pa.: Acropolis Staff- 45 Homeroom Officer- 2, 35 Monitor- 3, 45 Pageant Club- 2, 3, 45 Student Senate- 45 Typing Club-45 Vocational Council- 45 Us that right?J . . .WILLIAM HARRY DEWALD fPokeyJ Woodworking Course Lititz, Pa.: Boy Scouts- 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader- 45 Choir- 15 Monitor - 3, 45 Voc. Dramatic Club- 3, 45 CWell, maybe it is.J . . . WARREN IRWIN DOWER CSuzieJ Academic Course Philadelphia, Pa.: Bible School Teacher- 35 Cheerleader - 45 Choir- 3, 45 Dramatic Club - 45 Glee Club - 3, 45 Homeroom Officer- 45 Library Club - 3, 45 Pageant Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 Photography Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 Radio Club- 25 Typing Club- 2, 35 fHey, Boy! Hi yalj . .. KINGSTON GURNEY DUNLEAVYQDunJ Woodworking Course Valley View, Pa.: Boy Scouts- 1, 25 Farm Home Council- 45 Monitor- 3, 45 Vocational Council 35 CThat's hot! You rack 'em.J DARYL LEON EBY CDutch3 Machinist Course Hershey, Pa.: Band - 1, 2, 35 Baseball- 35 Monitor-3, 4 .... GEORGE GARNER ELLIS CTonyJ Commercial Course Phoenixville, Pa.: Band - 1, 2, 3, 45 Bank Accountant- 3, 45 Bible School Teacher- 3, 45 Christian Knights Council- 3, 45 Dramatic Club- 45 Football - 25 Pageant Club- 2, 45 Symphony Orchestra- 1, 2, 3, 45 Track- 1, 2 .... GEORGE WILLIAM ENGLE QBIIIJ Printing Course Waynes- boro, Pa.: Acropolis Staff- 45 Archery Club- 1 5 Art Club-- 1, 25 Band - 2, 3, 45 Boy Scouts- 1, 2, 3, 45 Dale Carnegie Course- 45 Homeroom Officer- 1, 25 Library Club- 1, 25 Monitor- 3, 45 Pageant Club- 1, 25 Photography Club - 1, 25 Voc. Dramatic Club- 3, 45 QYou ain't lying.J JAMES DAVID ENSMINGER QDaveJ Plumbing Course Mercersburg, Pa.: Farm Home Council-45 Football-2, 3, 4 Q00-Capt.J5 Glee Club-3, 45 Homeroom Officer-1, 2, 3, 45 Monitor- 3, 45 Pageant Club- 1, 35 Photography Club- 15Student Senate- 45 Track --- 1, 25 QHoly catsll . . .GEORGE JACOB ENSSLEN, JR. fDocJ Agricultural Course Abbottstown, Pa.: Agriculture Club-15Student Council- 45 fDo tell.J . . . GEORGE HARPSTER EVERS fCleaversJ Machinist Course Howard, Pa.: Basketball- 3, 45 Homeroom Officer- 45 Monitor - 45 QHow you was?D . .. RALPH WILLIAM Fl NK QFatJ Agricultural CourseQFarm Mechanicsj Reading, Pa.: Homeroom Ofncer- 1, 2, 45 fYeah?J . . . EARL RAYMOND FRANTZ fFrantzJ Commercial Course Waynesboro, Pa.: Acropolis Staff-45 Band- 1, 2, 3, 45 Boy Scouts- 15 Commercial Yearbook- 45 Dale Carnegie Course- 45 Pageant Club- 45 Photography Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 School lndustrialist- 3, 45 Typing Club - 4 LSec.J5 QWho died and left you boss?J CARL LEIGHTON FRICK CRussianJ Agricultural Course fAbattoirJ Williamsport, Pa.: Basketball- 15 Football- 2, 35 Homeroom Officer- 2, 3, 45 QHiya, Kidlh ...HARRY BENTON FRY CHipsyJ Academic Course New Brighton, Pa.: Acropolis Staff- 45 Art Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 Band - 1, 2, 3, 45 Bible School Teacher- 45 Boy Scouts- 1, 2, 35 Drafting Club - 45 Farm Home Council- 45 Library Club- 1, 2, 35 Pageant Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 Photography Club- 1, 25 Slide Rule Club-3, 45 Spartan Orchestra-45 Typing Club-2, 35 CYou ain't kiddin.J . . . JOHN STEWART FUNK CRedJ Printing Course Baltimore, Md.: Acropolis Staff- 45 Band - 1, 25 Basketball- 25 Farm Home Council- 45 Football- 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club- 45 Homeroom Officer 2, 45 Monitor ---- 3, 45 Pageant Club - 45 Radio Club - 1 5 Typing Club - 45 Voc. Dramatic Club - 2, 3, 45 CThat's a nifty.J . . . ROBERT BRUCE GALBRAITH fGummyJ Electrical Course Philadelphia, Pa.: Baseball -- 3, 45 Basketball- 15 Dale Carnegie Course- 45 Football- 2, 3, 41 Homeroom Officer- 25 Monitor- 3, 45 Pageant Club - 3, 45 Radio Club- 45 Slide Rule Club - 45 Typing Club- 45 fAw, go on home.J . . . CHARLES HERBERT GARNER CGooseJ Cow- mercial Course East Lansdowne, Pa.: Acropolis Staff- 45 Bank Accountant- 3, 45 Bible School Teacher- 3, 45 Choir - 45 Commercial Yearbook- 45 Dale Carnegie Course -A 45 Glee Club - 45 News Club- 45 Pageant Club- 3, 45 Cl don't know.J . .. DAVID ALBERTUS GERHOLD, JR' CBumpJ Commercial Course Mercersburg, Pa.: Bank Accountant-3, 45 Commercial Year- book- 45 Dramatic Club- 45 News Club- 3, 45 CHow y'all?j . . . HARRY GOSTHN IAN CGusJ Electrical Course Campbelltown, Pa.: Monitor-3, 45 Pageant Club-3, 45 Radio Club-35 fThat's what you think.J . .. DONALD FRANKLIN GRADY CPeteJ Electrical Course Har- risburg, Pa.: Basketball - 3, 45 Football- 45 Monitor- 35 CYou look just like Margie.D ' i i . l CHARLES GRIFFITH HANKINS CHankJ Commercial Course Philadelphia, Pa.: Acropolis Staff-43 Bank Accountant-33 Commercial Yearbook-43 Dale Carnegie Course-43 Home- room Officer- 43 News Club - 43 Pageant Club- 1, 23 CHurrah for you.J. . .GEORGE FRANKLIN HARTZELL, JR. QRooseveltJ Commercial Course Summerdale, Pa.: Acropolis Staff- 43 Bank Accountant- 33 Baseball- 3, 43 Choir- 3, 43 Commercial Yearbook- 43 Dale Carnegie Course- 4: Glee Club- 3, 43 Pageant Club- 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council - 3, 43 CBet you're kidding . . . DEAN QUAY HATFIELD CPee Wee? Plumbing Course Lancaster, Pa.: Baseball- 3, 43 Football --- 13 Homeroom Officer- 33 Monitor- 3, 43 Student Athletic Manager - 2, 3, 43 Vocational Council- 23 Voc. Dramatic Club- 43 QHi, Boy.J . . . ALFRED CLINTON HOFFMAN fAceJ Academic Course Wilkes-Barre, Pa.: Basketball- 13Homeroom Officer- 43 Typing Club- 23 CLend me your homework, Larry.J . . . CURTIS ADAMS HOFFMASTER CHerkyJ Academic Course Reading, Pa.: Band - 1, 2, 3, 43 Homeroom Ofhcer- 23Slide Rule Club-43 Typing Club-2, 3, 43 CCut it outll . . . RICHARD LESTER HUGHES QDickJ Woodworking Course Pine Grove, Pa.: Homeroom Officer- 43 Monitor- 33. . .STANLEY H. HUMMER QStanJ Auto Mechanic Course Lincoln, Pa.: Baseball -3, 43 Basketball-3, 43 Choir- 43 Football- 3, 43 Glee Club- 1, 2, 3, 43 Homeroom Officer- 43 Monitor- 43 CHoly Gaungaj . . .WILLIAM HENRY KAlN QBartJ Agricultural Course Lewistown, Pa.: Home- room Officer- 1, 2, 33 Pageant Club- 13 Us that right?J I I STEPHEN HIRAM KEHLERQFatStuffJ Commercial Course Hammonton, N.J.: Band -3: Bank Accountant- 35 Choir- 1, 2, 3, 45 Dale Carnegie Colnrse- 43 Dramatic Club- 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club- 2, 3, 45 Library Club- 3, 4, News Club - 45 Pageant Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 CNot fat-just pleasingly plumpj . . . JOHN EDWARD KING CBushJ Auto Mechanic Course Dillsburg, Pa.: Monitor-4g Pageant Club-15 Typing Club-4, Student Council-45 QHey, Boylj . . . LaVERNE BREY KING QKingieJ Printing Course Gettysburg, Pa.: Band - 1, 2, 3, 4, Farm Home Council -- 43 Monitor- 3, 45 Spartan Orchestra- 3, 4, Symphony Orchestra- 2, 35 QWhat do you know?J . . . WILLIAM H. KINNAIRD QBLIIIJ Academic Course Brookville, Pa.: Art Club - 1, 23 Baseball- 3, 4g Basketball- 3, 45 Bible School Teacher- 3, Boy Scouts'- 1, 2, 3, 4, Dale Carnegie Course-45 Debating- 1, 25 Dramatic Club-2, 3, 4, Farm Home Council - 45 Football- 2, 3, 43 Pageant Club - 2, 3g Photography Club - 1, 2,StudentSenate- 4 iPres.J3 Symphony Orchestra- 2, 3, 4, Typing Club- 3, lCListen, Sonny.j . . . ROBERT JOHN KLEI NFELTER QSueJ Machinist Course Lebanon, Pa.: Monitor- 45 Photography Club- 1, 2, 33 Typing Club-4, QOI1, boylb . . . ELBERT MOYER LANDIS CPreachJ Commercial Course Quakertown, Pa.: Bank Accountant- 33 Choir- 3, 4, Commercial Yearbook - 43 Glee Club - 3, 45 Library Club - 33 Pageant Club - 3, 45 Photography Club - 43 CD0 you know what?J WILLIAM WARREN LAWVER CBIIIJ Machinist Course Gettysburg, Pa.: Homeroom Officer -2, 3, Monitor-3, 45 Vocational Council-4 .... ALBERT HENRY LEHMAN CDutchJ Electrical Course I Pine Grove, Pa.: Baseball- 43 Basketball - 45 Homeroom Officer- 1, 2, 3, 45 Monitor- 3, Typing Club- 45 Voc. Dramatic Club- 43 fYou're not kiddingg I RAY' LEWIS CCharnp3 Agricultural Course Harrisburg, Pa.: Dale Carnegie Course--45 Homeroom Officer-2, 3, 45 Pageant Club-1, 25 Photography 'Club-15 CDaw-gone.y. . . RICHARD MILLER LIGHT fDickJ Electrical Course Lebanon, Pa.: Acropolis Staff-45 Band --- 1, 2, 3, 45 Dale Carnegie Course - 45 Debating - 25 Homeroom Officer- 45 Monitor- 45 Pageant Club-3, 45 Slide Rule Club-35 Typing Club-45 Track-25 CI don't know.J . . . LAWRENCE LEROY, LONG fEggieJ Woodworking Course Philadelphia, Pa.: Band 3,45 'Farm Home Council- 45 Glee Club - 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Officer -1, 25 Monitor- 3, 45 Pageant Club - 2, 3, 45 fCorny, Bud.J . . . EUGENE ARTHUR LOWE CBenekej Woodworking Course Campbelltown, Pa.: Football-3, 45 Monitor-45 Vocational Council-25 fl'm hungry.J . . . DANIELQROBERT LUDWIG fdoej Auto Mechanic Hegins, Pa.: Choir-15 Monitor- 3, 45 Photography Club- 15 Typing Club- 4 .... ARDEN MYERS LUTZ CLutzJ Electrical Course Paradise, Pa.: Homeroom Officer- 25 Monitor- 3, 45 Pageant Club-25 Slide Rule Club - 45 Typing Club- 45 QYou ain't kiddingj . . . MAURICESCOTT MacGOLDRlCK CMacJ Woodworking Course Philadelphia, Pa.: Boy Scouts- 1, 25 Monitor - 45 Pageant Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 CI don'tknow.J ...GEORGE LYSTER MARTIN QFatJ Electrical Course Waynes- boro, Pa.: Bible School Teacher-45 Christian Knights Council-45 Football-25 Monitor- 3, 45 Pageant Club -1, 2, 3, 4,5SIide Rule Club - 3, 45 Voc. Dramatic Club - 45 QI know it.J ..i.i.l. l l ARTHUR MASSEY CArtJ Auto Mechanic Course Brooklawn, N. J.: Glee Club - 3, 45 Home- room Officer- 4 .... WILLIAM MGAULEY CMacj Acadeniiic Course York, Pa.: Archery Club -25 Art Club-1, 35 Boy Scouts- 2, 3, 45 Drafting Club-45 Dale Carnegie Course-45 Dramatic Club-45 Green Bar Council- 3, 45 Library Cllub- 1, 2, 3, 4: Pageant Club-45 Research Lab.-35 Slide Rule Club- 45 Typing Club- 2, 3, H5 Science Club- 45. . . CHARLES EUGENE MCCLURE CGeneJ Printing Course Honey Grove, Pa.: Band-45 Bible School Teacher- 45 Library Club- 15 Monitor- 45 Photography Club- 1, 25 Pageant Club- 1, 2, 3, 45Slide Rule Club- 35 Typing Club- 45 Voc. Dramatic Club- 3, 45 fHi, fellows.J . . . GEORGE NATHAN MILLER CNateJ Printing Course Reading, Pa.: Acropolis Staff-45 Homeroom Officer- 1, 25 Monitor- 45 Photography Club- 1, 25 Typing Club- 45 Vocational Council - 3, 4 .... KENNETH EARL J. M I LLER CKenJ Academic Course Pottstown, Pa.: Art Club - 15 Band-45 Dramatic Club- 1, 45 Farm Home Council-45 Monitor-35 Pageant Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 Photography Club - 1, 2, 3, 45Slide Rule Club - 45lStudentSenate-- 45 Typing Club - 45 Voc. Dramatic Club-2, 35 KAW, shucksll . . .WRIGHT RENNlNGER MILLER fScrib7 Machinist Course Royersford, Pa.: Monitor- 45 Pageant Club- 2, 3, 45 Photography Club- 2, 35Student Council - 45 Typing Club - 45 Voc. Dramatic Club - 35 CNeat, Babe.J . . .WILBUR RAY MOHLER fFidJ Commercial Course Ephrata, Pa.: Acropolis Staff-45 Archery Club -2, 3, 45 Art Club-15 Bank Accountant-35 Bible Scl'lool Teacher-35 Christian Knights Council - 3, 45 Commercial Yearbook- 45 Dale Carnegie C'ourse- 45 Dramatic Club- 2, 3, 45 Farm Home Council - 45 Football- 1, 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Officer-1, 2, 3, 45 Library Club- 15 News Club- 2, 3, 45 Pageant Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 Photography Club - 1 5 School lndustrialist- 3, 45 Student Council-3, 4 .... JOHN ROBERT MONDORF CKatej Commercial Course Mt. HollySprings, Pa.: Bank Accountant- 35 Library Club - 45 News Club - 3, 45 CYou're darn right.J ELM ER RUSSELL MYERS CMyersJ Sheet Metal Course Mechanicsburg, Pa.: Baseball- 3, 45 Boy Scouts- 3, 45 Homeroom Officer- 15 Monitor- 3, 45 Pageant Club- 15 fYou're not kidding.J . . . CHARLES ROBERT MYERS QBobJ Auto Mechanic Course l.uzerne, Pa.: Basketball- 1, 2, 35 Homeroom Officer- 35 Monitor- 45 CYou know.j . . . THOMAS GERALD NEAL CButchj Machinist Course Altoona, Pa.: Choir- 25 Homeroom Officer- 35 Monitor - 3, 45 CYou don'tsay?J . . . DONALD MCCREARY PATTERSON fPatJ Commercial Course York, Pa.: Acropolis Staff- 45 Bank Accountant- 3, 45 Commercial Yearbook- 45 Homeroom Officer- 3, 45 Library Club - 3, 45 Typing Club - 45 COh-you did?j . . .JACQUES DELATTRE PENNELL Qdackb Electrical Course Drexel Hill, Pa.: Archery Club- 25 Boy Scouts- 2, 3, 45 Choir- 1, 25 Library Club- 1, 3, 45 Monitor-3, 45 Pageant Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 Photography Club-1, 35 Symphony Orchestra-1, 25 Voc. Dramatic Club-3 .... GEORGE DEWEY POTTEIGER CPottieJ Printing Course Harrisburg, Pa.: Baseball- 3, 45 Basketball- 1, 2, 3, 45 Football- 1, 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Officer- 3, 45 Monitor- 45 Track -- 1 5 Science Club- 15 QDid you, though?J . . . THOMAS HENRY RIEKER CTomJ Academic Course Brooklyn N. Y.: Acropolis Staff- 45 Choir- 2, 3, 4: Debating- 25 Dale Carnegie Course- 45 Dramatic Club- 3, 45 Farm Home Council- 45 Football- 2, 3, 45 Glee Club- 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Officer - 25 Pageant Club- 15 Photography Club- 1 5 School lndustrialist- 3, 45 Spartan Orchestra- 45 Student Senate-45 Typing Club- 25 CC'mere, Honey.J . . .JOHN HOWARD RITTGERS CChuckj Sheet Metal Course Philadelphia, Pa.: Basketball- 1, 35 Dramatic Club- 15 Farm Home Council- 45 Monitor- 35 Typing Club - 45XWhat are you selling?J HAROLD ELM ER SCHMECK fHiraJ Auto Mechanic Course Reading, Pa.: Acropolis Staff - 45 Homeroom Ofhcer- 25 Monitor- 3, 45 Photography Club- 35 Voc. Dramatic Club-35 COne can never tell.J . . . WILLIAM GEORGE SCHWEBEL, JR. QTexD Woodworking Course Lancaster, Pa,5 Band - 1, 2, 3, 45 Boy Scouts- 1, 25 Choir- 1, 2, 35 Farm Home Council- 45 Glee Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Officer- 25 Monitor- 45 Spartan Orchestra- 1, 2, 3, 45 Sym- phony Orchestra- 1, 2, 3, 45 Vocational Council- 25 fKid stuff.J . .. RAYMOND L EON SEED CRayD Printing Course Lebanon, Pa.: Band- 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball - 1, 2, 35 Choir-3, 45 Farm Home Council --45 Glee Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 Pageant Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 Radio Club-15 Spartan Orchestra- 2, 3, 45 Student Senate- 45 Symphony Orchestra- 45 Voc. Dramatic Club - 2, 3, 45 CBuddy Kid, Jr.J . . . WALTER SHAFFER, JR. QSO Printing Course Johnstown, Pa.: Art Club-15 Bible School Teacher-45 Boy Scouts-3, 45 Choir-15 Christian Knights Council-45 Dramatic Club-15 Pageant Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 Photography Club- 1, 25 Typing Club- 1, 25 Voc. Dramatic Club-3, 45 COh, really?J . . . JOHN COLE SHIREY fJohannusJ Electrical Course Derry, Pa.: Band- 3, 45 Farm Home Council- 45 Monitor- 3, 45 Pageant Club-25 Photography Club-45 Slide Rule Club-45 Typing Club-45 COke-ke-doak.j . . . HARRY SIMPSON, JR. CTaintJ Academic Course Collingdale, Pa.: Acropolis Staff- 4 CEditor-in-ChiefJ5 Art Club- 1, 2, 3, 45 Band - 45 Boy Scouts- 15 Choir- 3, 45 Dale Carnegie Course- 45 Debating- 25 Football- 1, 35 Glee Club-2, 3, 45 Homeroom Ofhcer- 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Club - 25School lndustrialist- 1, 2, 3, 45 fEditor-in-ChiefD5Slide Rule Club- 45Spartan Orchestra- 2, 3, 45Symphony Orchestra- 2, 3, 45 Typing Club - 25 CHi ya, Pal.J .. .CHARLES LINCOLN SMITH QSmittyj Candy Making Course Fort L.oudon, Pa.: Basketball-1, 25 Choir- 2, 35 Farm Home Council- 45 Football- 2, 45 Glee Club - 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Officer- 1, 2, 45 News Club- 35 Pageant Club- 2, 35 Photography Club- 15 Typing Club- 3, 45 fOh, handll . . . DAVID LEROY WRIGHT QDaveJ Academic Course Altoona, Pa.: Choir-15 Dale Carnegie Course- 45 Homeroom Officer- 2, 3, 45 Photography Club- 45 Research Lab.- 3, 45Slide Rule Club - 45Science Club - 45StudentSenate- 45SymphonyOrchestra- 1 5 Typing Club- 2, 3 x JAY HARGIS SMITH CHorseD Sheet Metal Course Washington, D. C.: Band-33 Boy Scouts- 3, 43 Football -2, 3, 43 Monitor-33 Photography Club- 1, 2, 33 Typing Club-43 Voc. Dramatic Club-33 CHi, Coach.j . . . MARLIN CHRISTIAN SMITH CSpikeJ Plumbing Course Lebanon, Pa.: Basketball- 13 Choir- 13 Football Mgr.- 23 Glee Club- 3, 43 Home- room Ofncer- 1, 33 Monitor-33 Vocational Council-43 QO. K. for tourists.J . . . ROBERT ANTHONY SYNDER CWhiteyJ Plumbing Course Mount Joy, Pa.: Farm Home Council -43 Typing Club-43 fBelieve it, Buddy.b . . . CHARLES LLOYD SPENCE CCentipedeJ Agri- cultural Course Driftwood, Pa.: Band- 1, 23 Choir- 13 Library Club-1 .... MAX DAVID SPIGELMYER CSpigJ Candy Making Course Lewistown, Pa.: Homeroom Officer- 13 News Club-- 33 Photography Club- 13 Uumpin' catsly . . . FACONDINO STELLA QDinoJ Wood- working Course Wilkes-Barre, Pa.: Choir- 13 Monitor- 43 Pageant Club- 43 Typing Club- 43CNeat.D . . . FRANCIS BENJAMIN STEPP CJoeJ Academic Course Shamokin, Pa.:Home- room Officer - 3, 43 Library Club - 23 Photography Club -13School lndustrialist- 3, 43Student Council-3, 43 Typing Club- 23 CWhere's Ace?5 . . . CARL RAYMOND SUNDAY fSundayJ Machinist Course Harrisburg, Pa.: Monitor- 3, 43 Pageant Club- 2, 3, 43 Typing Club-43 Voc. Dramatic Club-3 GEORGE GEOFFREY TELLET CJeffJ Academic Course Shippensburg, Pa.: Dale Carnegie Course- 43 Drafting Club- 43 Dramatic Club- 43 Photography Club- 1, 2, 3, 43 Radio Club 2, 3, 43 Science Club- 43 Slide Rule Club- 43 Typing Club- 2, 3, 43 CAW, heck.J . . .JOSEPH LEE TEMPLE fPorkyj Woodworking Course Clearfield, Pa.: Baseball- 43 Christian Knights Council- 43 Monitor - 43 Pageant Club - 43 Photography Club - 43Symphony Orches- tra- 1, 2, 33 Voc. Dramatic Club -A 3, 4 .... ROBERT ROY WALCK CMouseyJ Plumbing Course Hazleton, Pa.: Dramatic Club-23 Monitor-33 Pageant Club-1, 2, 3, 43 Science Club-13 Typing Club-43 CWho, me?J . . . OTTO ROY WEBER QOttJ Academic Course Philadelphia, Pa.: Acropolis Staff- 43 Archery Club- 43 Research Lab. - 3, 43School Industrial- ist- 3, 43SIide Rule Club- 43 Typing Club- 2, 3, 43 fDog-blastitlj . . . LEONARD CONRAD WH ITECAR QLenJ Academic Course Bellefonte, Pa.: Band - 1, 2, 3, 4: Farm Home Council - 43 Science Club- 43 Spartan Orchestra- 3, 43 Student Senate- 43 Symphony Orchestra- 2, 3, 43 CArtie Shaw's the best.J . . . LAWRENCE CHARLES WIDMANN fLarryJ Academic Course Audubon, N. J.: Band - 1, 2, 3, 43 Homeroom Officer- 1, 2, 3, 4: F?Hdi0 Club- 2, 3, 43 Science Club-4 fPl'6S.Jj Spartan Orchestra- 2, 3, 43 Symphony Orchestra- 2, 3, 43 Typing Club-23 COh, yeahlj .. . RAYMOND TERRILL WILLIAMS QRedJ Auto lVl6ChHr1iC Course Audenried, Pa.: Band - 3, 4: Baseball- 43 Basketball- 13 Boy Scouts - 1, 2, 33 Monitor- 43 Pageant Club- 1 3 CWhy, sureJ . . .WI Ll..IAM Henry Wolf fFoxJ Printing Course Shellsville, Pa.: Farm Home Council-43 Football-1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club-3, 43 Monitor-43 Pageant Club- 1, 2, 3, 43 Track- 13 CHi ya.j MILES STANLEY WONDER lMikeJ Auto Mechanic Course Johnstown, Pa.: Baseball-3, 43 Football-2, 3, 43 Glee Club-43 Monitor- 43 fThat's for sure.J l 1 l . l OUR GRIDIRON MEMORY Looking back on another H. l. S. football season, memories long to be re- membered linger in our hearts. We see a group of young, inexperienced fellows coming out for the first try-outs. H. l. S. lost twenty-six lettermen, and a grave problem was on hand. After a few weeks of thinning out, the Hoar-Landis machine started to take shape. The fellows, though green in experience, were in heart "raring to go." They knew that they formed the lightest team ever to represent the H. l. S. and they also knew that they faced the toughest schedule in H. I. S. football history. Nevertheless, by the out- come we can see that our team was green- yes, but game. The two most outstanding games were those against Reading and Stevens Trade. Out- playing their opponents in three periods, the Spartans dropped a 6-0 heart- breaker to Reading. Again meeting their old rival, Stexqens Trade, they scored first to take the lead, but in a neck-and-neck battle they failed in their attempts for the extra points and lost 14-12. 1 Although the final scores this year are slightly different from other years, l am sure our quarterback will always remember his team as the smallest but one of the gamest and most willing teams in H. l. S. history. SCHEDULE H. Ls. oPP. READING ..... . o p e HARRISBURG CATHOLIC . . o A 18 FRANKLIN .sz MARSHALL. . o 19 STEVENS TRADE . . . . 12 14 CARSON LONG .... . 18 o WILLIAMSON TRADE. . . e l se 1v11ooLETowN. . . . 14 14 ,yi . v ,bk in frm Id If i i l I I l i VARSITY BASKETBALL Led by high-scoring Captain Jack Bratton, the Spartan five wound up what was probably the toughest schedule in H. I. S. history with a record of eleven wins and eight defeats. I Displaying the spirit and fight typical of H. I. S. teams, the Brown and Gold oagers went through the season losing only two of its eleven home games. The squad of ten men was composed of seven seniors and three underclass- men, and three of the seniors formed Ithe backbone of the starting quintet. The season was climaxed by a de'isive victory over a stubborn Hershey High team. This was the initial coutIt game to be played between the two schools. The past season will not soon be forgotten by those who cheered for and saw H. l.S. play under their very able coadh, Mr. Gibble. H. l.S. OPP. H. l.S. OPP. 27 Alumni '22 28 F. 6. M. Academy 43 23 William Penn 45 28 John Harris 24 26 John Harris 46 26 Swatara Township 28 23 L. V. C. Frosh 28 53 Ephrata 24 38 H. l.S. Faculty 27 5 38 Stevens Trade 23 52 Ephrata 34 I 32 Lebanon 35 30 Stevens Trade 19 ' 21 Swatara Township 20 49 F. di, M. Academy 39 49 Hershey High 32 23 william Penn 35 E - - 25 Lebanon 38 2 635 594 44 L. V. C. Frosh 32 l l V H. I. S. 1940 BASEBALL TEAM ln 1940 baseball returned as an H. I. S. varsity sport after afive-year lapse. The season was considered a success because-of the fact that we won seven games while losing only five. , Members of the class of 1941, then juniors, held down fdur of the starting posts, and many others were reserves. Coach Hoar expects a stronger team in 1941 as a result of the experience that the returning players received last year. He also stated that we were in one of the strongest cbnferences in this region, the Pennsylvania Scholastic Baseball League. Everybody enjoyed the season greatly, and the forthcoming season is greatly antrci pated by many. VARSITY BASEBALL RECORD 11940 1' Denotes non-league game I H. l.S. OPP. H. l.S. OPP 1 John Harris 2 10 'Cornwall 8 7 Hershey 6 9 rpalmyrg 6 6 Middletown 7 3 Middletown 6 0 Swatara Township 4 0 Lebanon' 12 3 Lebanon 1 11 SwataraI Township 9 5 'Cornwall 1 - I .. 9 Hershey 0 64 I 62 I l l 4 ACTIVITIES SPARTAN ORCHESTRA Call it jivel Call it swing! Call it jazz! Whatever you call it, that is what our popular dance orchestra plays. The Spartans are often engaged for dances in and around Hershey. Furthering the instrumental ability of the students is the main purpose of this activity. The Class of '41 salutes this organization which plays such a large part in our modern school life. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Musical appreciation has developed greatly through the Symphony Orches- tra. Bach or Schubert might not feel exactly comfortable in their graves while listening to their music played by this organization, but the orchestra has been improving steadily. The stringed instruments come from Mr. Payne's class, while the wind and percussion instruments come from the band. GLEE CLUB A -'This is without doubt the most prominent extra-curricular organization of all. Started in 1935 under Mr. A. Leon Reisinger, who was replaced in 1939 by Mr. George Yokum, Jr., this group travels approximately tive hundred miles on visits to different parts of the state to give winter concerts. Under these two directors the glee club has for three consecutive years placed first in the Pennsylvania Music and Forensic League. The purpose of this organization is to develop vocal talent in the school, and we feel that it has achieved its goal admirably. CHOIR Our choir teaches its members musical appreciation and helps them to be musicians. These members improve our church services, and, most important of all, they feed all our other musical clubs. This year as usual, under the direction of Mr. J. Atlee Young, the combined glee club and choir played an important part in our pageant and other musical activities. BAND At the beginning of this school year the band was at a terrific loss. Many positions were left vacant by last year's seniors, and even the position of leader was open. However, under the new but capable leader, Mr. J. Atlee Young, the band quickly replaced its former personnel and was again marching, play- ing, and drilling like veterans for the coming football season. The band has been active not only on the football field between halves but also in many parades and concerts. STUDENT SENATE The Student Senate is made up of fifteen members, three from each of the five councils. These Senators in turn elect their officers, who preside over the meetings and appoint committees. Throughout the period of three years during which the association has been functioning it has shown definite improvement each year. As a result, more authority is constantly being given to this body. , . ,X 1 , r. ' E 1. l T , ..., Lg l Egg, lg,,g E i gg lg INDUSTRIALIST STAFF Mr. Dissinger's "The Boy lndustrialistu of 1933 became "The School lndus- trialist" in 1936. lt now has a monthly circulation of 1800 copies, with a mail- ing list of 650 going to 24 states and several foreign countries. - At first articles were contributed by staff members only. Later, reports were made by boys from each farm home on the events of the units. Now reports are contributed by staff members, farm reporters, faculty members, and prominent guest writers. PAGEANT This annual performance is now an institution in our school. Starting early in our history, it has been continued up to the present day. The pageantserves as one outlet through which the boys of our school show their appreciation for all that has been done for them. There is no age limit to which our boys must conform. Participants in this activity are chosen by a Bible test and by the interest shown by them. UNDERCLASSMEN .N - f i i i i ALMA MATER Our praises unto thee rise to the sky. We're loyal H. l. S.g our faith in thee shall never die. There comes a time when we bid thee good-bye. Hail, hail, our Alma Materp may your spirit true be ever nigh! Chorus Lift your voices, singing of the school you love so well. Send your voices ringing over every hill and dell. Swing along, with a songg singl your praise with voices strong. l Words by Robert Evans, '32 - 1iQ-04i-b We have come to the beginning of a long trail. We havefinished our high- school days and are about to set forth on the highway of life. But before we begin ourjourney, we pause by the wayside to listen to the strains of ourschool Alma Mater. As the harmony from the choir dies in the distance, we lift our voices to join in the melody. High into the blue sky over Patt's Hill our voices sing praises to the school we have learned to love so well. Voices thunder forth our pledge of faith to The Hershey Industrial School. The halls respond in echo like the heavenly choirs from Mt. Nebo. Hail, our Alma Mater. May yourspirit ever be near in heart and mind! The sun sets in the west as our voices ring into the night. The soft winds strip the clouds from the blue, star-woven sky. A bright moon steals up over the mountains to the east and casts gleaming rays on our marching forms. The highway rolls over the horizon, and the ethereal blue picks it up to carry it into the clouds. Our voices roll in crescendo as we swing along with a song in our hearts. We march along to our new goals. Our hearts and minds stretch forth to grasp at our hopes and ambitions. Praise and thankfulnes flow through our veins for our beloved benefactor. ' The chorus reaches a peak - Hail, hall, our Alma Mater! Trumpets blast forth in a last glorious chord. Far down the valley and through the hills the voices ring in echo. Once again the night is still. Asoft wind pulls the clouds over the heavenly bed of stars to close their eyes. A cock'crows to hail the sunrise, as our steps carry us over the horizon into life. l JUNIOR CLASS-1942 As the summer months of part work, part play, and part vacation drew to a close and September and autumn rolled around in the year 1940, the Juniors became wrapped up in books and various extra-curricular activities. In school work many of the fellows excelled, but it was in activities outside of school work in which they were best, as seems to be the case with many H. I. S. boys. ln football some of the fellows who made the team were Frank Saksek, Dick Martin, George Russ, Harvy Forry, Red Witmer, Ed Piasecki, and Ed Beam. ln music the Juniors contributed such maestros as Harry Lowry, Dick Faranow, Arthur Myers, and Bob Pike. Basketball and baseball held positions of major importance among the Juniors, and not a few were interested in these sports. To the Swing Club, Typing Club, and various other clubs, the Juniors con- tributed many members. All through the year the Juniors were gradually gaining a more prominent position, and in the spring of 1941 the Junior Class had a meeting to select officers. With the realization that at the end of next year they will have completed their school days in good old H. I. S., they are looking ahead with great anticipation to the forthcoming year. Good luck, Juniors. SOPHOMORE CLASS-1943 After a two-months' lapse between the end of their Freshman year and the beginning of their Sophomore year, the Class of '43 plowed into their school work and extra activities with a marvelous display of skill and ambition. Opportunities presented themselves to the Sophomores, and they were quick to take advantage of them. ln the music and literary fields they contributed many promising lads who can and will go far in the remaining years which they have at H. l. S. The Spartan Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra, the Glee Club, and also The School lndustrialist staff, were greatly reinforced by members of the Soph- omore Class. Along the line of sports they gave to H. l. S. such fellows as John Shana- brook, Carl Huntzinger, Martin Kuhn, and Mike Filepass. There are many more Sophomores who also participated in sports for H. I. S., but with due apologies to them their names have not been included here. lt has been said that the Sophomore year is the easiest year for a high-school student to go through. Some think this statement is correct: other fellows think it is all wet iso to speakj, but, hard or easy, the Class of '43 did their best to get through with flying colors, and, it might be added, they did a swell job. I FRESH MAN CLASS-1944 After a short summer lay-off, the Freshmen began to realize that they had reached the crossroad of their school years. They had to choose among the Academic course, the Commercial course, and the Vocational course for their Sophomore year. Meeting new subjects, which were comparatively unheard of by them until this year, was the main thing the Freshmen had to cope with. Along other lines of high-school life they were as successful as in scholastic achievement. Freshmen were in the orchestra or band, some were out for sports, and many were active in the clubs which H. I. S. has to offer. As the time drew near for the end of the year, the Freshmen began to think that since a standard of good achievement had been laid down by the Soph- omore Class which had gone before them, they would have to prepare them- selves over the summer to take a somewhat keener interest in scholastic and athletic attainment and also contribute members to the different musical or- ganizations and other clubs. 7' IICKNUWLEDGEMENTS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD Earle H. Markley ----- F. A. Mincemoyer - Edmund M. Blanken Earle L. Stahle Philip K. Shuler John L. Jenemann Lyle N. Perkins Wi lliam E. Landis ---- Russell Beitzel ---- Geoffrey Tellet - John Stratton - Richard Buterbaugh Charles Collinsworth - - - Morris Bailey Robert Beitzel Howard Council John Funk Thomas Allen Vance Bolden Robert Clarke Charles Maxwell George Maxwell - Chairman - Editorial - Printing - Printing Photography - - Art - - Art Typing HONORARY STAFF Photography Photography Photography - Typing - Typing SENIOR PRINTERS LaVerne King Eugene McClure Raymond Seed Walter Shaffer William Wolf JUNIOR PRINTERS William Maxwell Chester Mohler Robert Neeley Samuel Neeper Paul Ritter Richard Wagner SOPHOMORE PRINTERS I , i x I v I 1 4 i f 1 1 1 I I R 0 1 1 A

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