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30 JLL A N nniversar umber T e Acro olis . ......... ..-...---..,.-,.,...........,., . .......-...i..-.....,-.r,.,.,..v W.. . . . , ..........-......, Ax r , . 'iz-r I-IIGH SCHOOL DIVISION OF THE I-IERSHEY INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL H. I. Alma Mater Our praises unto thee Chorus Rise to the sky. Lift your voices, singing of the Weqre loyal H. I. S: school you love so well. ur faith in thee shall never die. Send your voices ringing over There comes a time when We every hill and dell. Bid thee good-bye. Swing along, with a song: Hail, Ixalour Alma Mater: I Sing your praise with voices strong. May your spirit true be ever nigh! Words by Robert Evans, '32 I .l ,I 1 ,ix C I s A l Forward That the progress of The Hershey Industrial School in its thirty years has been tremendous is undeniable. Here in H. I. S. we are aware of the causes and Ways which have eH'ected this progress. It is fitting, therefore, to present in the following pages a composite picture of H. I. S. progress and our present high school life, which may serve not only in paying tribute to those who have aided in this advance but also as an instrument by which progress may be measured. l x 1 MR. MILTON S. HERSHEY This year marks the 3oth anniversary of the founding of The Hershey Indus- trial School. The rapid growth and pro- gress of our school has been made possible through the guidance and generosity of "the man behind it all"-Mr. Milton S. Hershey. To us, Mr. Hershey is the embodiment of the ideals and virtues for which We will constantly strive. His accomplishments will provide a never- fading inspiration for each one of us. Our love for and appreciation of Mr. Hershey are Without bound. MR D PAUL WITMER DEDICATION VVe, the graduating class of 1939, ded- icate this Acropolis to a man who, as our new superintendent, has efliciently fulfilled his responsibilityg who has always been vitally interested and concerned in usg who has unquestionably been an im- portant influence in our livesg and whose cherished words of advice have helped to lay the foundation for our future suc- cess. He is a man who will ever remain Hrmly enclosed in our hearts- Mr. D. Paul VVitmer. S P THE STAFF First Row, Left to right: F.. H. Markley, C. F. Harnish, W. A. Hammond, D. P. Yvitmer, E.. Bobb, Daniel, P. S. Wilson, Dr. D. B Stouffer, E.. Morrison. F. A. Mincemoyer: Second Row: E. I... Stable, F. S. Miller, T. N. McCreary, B. C. Harm, R. C. Beam, F.. M. King S. M. Curry, B. R. Seidle, V. K. Britton, L. M. Bretz: Third Row: H. L Seltzer, E. Dissinger, F. D. Miller, M. S.lVlumma, L. C. Risser, E. C. King E. L. Wilson, A. M. Kinports, K. L. Witmer, M. I. Snavely: Fourth Row: R. l. Mumma, A. T. Cibble, W. Showalter, F. D. Hite, T. E. Ryder R. K. Schelhorn, H. F. Nixon, C. T. Sccville, C. Frank, Jr. B. R. Mackey: Fifth Row: J. L. jenemann, A. C. Esch, E.. R. Baugher, L. N. Berend R. D. Ciles, H. S. Hagaman, W. P. Payne, R. L. Hoar, A. L. Reisinger: Sixth Row: G. O. Gerth, N. Stauffer, P. F. Martin, P. S. Reitz, Cu. F Sandel, C. F. Lichtenberger, A. Matthias, T. A. jackson, E. Ni. Blankeng Top Row: C. L. Bikle, P. K. Shuler, P. l. Kleinfelter, VV. E. Landis A. R. Mitchell, A. McKee 0 ' r as Closs History Thirty years ago an important document was signed which was to guide many hun- dreds of young lives. Since this deed of trust was formulated, H. 1. S. has progressed until it now rates as a highly qualified secondary school. We, the graduating class of 1939, are proud to be at the peak ofthis rapid progress. In the fall of 1935 a group ofspirited boys entered their freshmen year with great ideas for the future. Since that fall of 1935 many ofour group have left, until now in our senior year there remain only sixty-seven of those first ninety. The experiences of our first days in high school will not be soon forgotten by its members. We entered with the diss tinction of being the second class to start a full four-year high school course in our own high school buildings. To interscholastic sports competition we contributed little the first year, but we showed promise, for in our annual intramural track meet, combined with the seniors, we defeated the sophomores and juniors 78 - 72. With a deep and genuine desire to forge ahead., we entered our sophomore year. No longer were we as one, but each was now working in his chosen field toward a set goal. Our contribution to interscholastic sport competition increased, and again we topped the intramural track meet with the aid of the juniors. In other activities of our school our contributions were also very noticeable, as in the band, glee club, and other extra-curric- ular activities. Returning for our junior year, we changed childish pranks and foolish play to better advantage by serious thinking. . We now began to work with earnestness for the goals set in our sophomore year so that we could meet the qualifications for a well rounded life. This was to be our best year in sports, for in the many interscholastic sports, such as football, basketball, and track, many outstanding athletes were placed on varsity teams. Because we lost many of our athletes in our senior year, we lost our intramural track meet for the first time, although it was still a closely contested battle. At last one ofour goals was reached - our senior year, with its parties and many other senior experiences which will live long in our memories. We inaugurated the first student council ofour school. It proved to be a successful venture. The annual Senior Day with the students ofHershey High, as sponsored by our Junior College, was another venture of our senior year. Our last months passed quickly, too quickly, it seemed. Our pictures and rings were given to us, finals came, and we knew our days in our beloved school were drawing to an end. At last came the triumphal day for which we had worked so hard - graduation. With happiness and sorrow we bade our Alma Mater farewell. if As we go our own ways in life, following our own ambitions, we will never forget the guidance of our first, generous superiors. To Mr. Hershey, our benefactor, we cannot say in words the deep graditude and appreciation we feel for the opportunities he has given us. We hope that our future will speak for itself. Ten PRESIDENT Walter Morris SECRETARY Brady Marks C L A S S MOTTO A life, not a living. COLORS Blue and Silver FLOWER Gardenia O F F I C E R S VICE PRESIDENT Edwin I-Iatt TREASURER John Mulholem 3 O th ANNIVERSARY we ,. fi .,"' WH F7 I 1 f ' " ig: f x f-Pk QW! , X IIIQ L, 'r A L-L n --,gi 7' : ,, 1- -- 4 - 4-Q qi F, L - 'I -n f ' .f'j. 5:54 'ku itll .. ff .wh ' , rgsssq 5 ,,u .5 ' 5 5 22555522 2 5 5 , ,gygilgi ai! gal iiii Eli an -f ii5 ii'!' 252 Z?7f alfa al 'rib ei 3 ZZZZ ggiz ' 1 4 we ' sl M -' W--' . ---5--if 2 7 f --er'-"'7' 2-1fi'.sm f i iii? Q f 111 .N + ::, T35 l"'I.'L,q.:h wr f 4x- I A IH, - ' , in- f"1 f"3'4'11", ae- J' Nbffvf . ll 1 ffl 4 ,R N Q 1 I UJQ f-Jfx -. f f 'lllll ' fi RQ, .-,if-4' V ' 4 ii., f 1 11191 , -f. w .gfuf fff-' f .s Qf- - , -- I '5,,,N'E. T:f7' Q 4 , , ' n I '17, f , n x 'A Q V 'f' an " alfgiffilh-fH' f:9f'.c' T'g1.."' , . J 5 fvf'-'Q 1' ' I-i"!Q'.':"1 :pawg 13" I1 :- 'Q 4191 1 5 - 4 ., 1 'M 4, , . ' I 41 , r 71 M IW! ji 4 nf", M' 'T -fv ' 1 i 'I J . 1 5 V 1 x e 1 ' , A ,N 1 w v , I fi 'n I A u ,4 4 I 's 1 1 w i r 1 x 2 1 L v 1 I i Q a . alfa. x xl I .-H. - L. ' .x X v o ea . 'N "LL " Highway to Patt's Hill - I9 I5 PROGRESS From the time that the deed oftrust was signed in 19o9, The Hershey Industrial School has been growing in size and in the scope ofits activities. It has grown from :L group offour boys, admitted in I9 Io, to alarge family ofabout Iooo boys. Progress! The original condition of admission was that fatherless boys only were to be admitted. As the school grew and its authorities saw that the condition was too limited, it was changed. Now the admission requirements have been changed to include the fatherless, motherless, or the full orphan. The growth ofthe school during the first ten years was slow and gradual because of the fact that few ap- plicants met the conditions of admission. Growth! ,A Highway to Patt's Hill - 1939 Thirteen In the classroom - I9 I5 In the early years of the school, from 19o9 to 1911, the members of the school lived in the home ofour first and beloved superintendent, Mr. George Copenhaver. Today this building is affectionately known as the Homestead. In 1911 the Main was opened. Buena Vista Farm Unit was finished in 1916. In 1919, to take care ofthe Io6 boys who were then in H. I. S., Ivanhoe was opened. Thus the school constantly grew. Three new departments were added in 1926. The growth of the departments and farms was steady, and finally, in 1938, there were forty farm units and ten departments. Progress! The first teacher that the early students of The Hershey Industrial School had was Mr. Copenhaver Che was also school barberj. He taught the boys in the first class room ofthe school, which is now the Main Office ofthe Homestead. When the number of students reached 24,they were taught in a new class room in a building next to the Main. However, because of the great and rapid growth of the school, Mr. Copenhaver soon had to give up his teaching for the other activities which had now come upon him. Advancement! In the classroom - 1939 Fourteen Q15 I-I. I. S. Main- l9I5 The Fanny B. Hershey Memorial Building, erected in 1927, is a fine grade-school building with nine rooms, an auditorium, gymnasium, and swimming pool. When the boys were ofjunior high school age they were sent to the Hershey public school. Now, since the erection of the junior-senior high school building of our own, when the boys finish fifth grade they are sent up to Patt's Hill where they complete their education in one of the most beautiful high schools in the country, and certainly the most beautiful high school for the education of homeless boys. Achievement! A new school hospital was opened in 1933. It is situated near the old Homestead. This latest achievement on the part of The Hershey Industrial School and Mr. Hershey is typical of the forwardness of the school. Always moving on - pro- gressing. H. I. S. Main -- 1939 Fifteen SENIQRS Y 1 Ph? "f!'.:.'::'..-2.5. A',' I I A , f 'PYP 1' :"??i'.::1 srl? , - r 1-'QP 0 K ' 1' -5' ' .V 'U 1 fb. 1-yqd, 5' .' El' , X 'H v np ,XP 'E , I' . eff m L YN"-,N - - -' ,muff 1 Q. - - f. ai? J it iw' .qyl 4,4, VL. X ,',-1' it 3 x TM 1 v MY- 1 M 1 ix-1Y"'faf 1 ' M ' 5334 -' ' was , 3229 ,sill fF,fv,7v- X ' - '-ff' W . ,113 Jjp., gf? iw, , 1, Jc"fWf, Aff- V. . , 'O Ei, v Q 'Y 'r-'xii ,j fafvx 'iris :- , -13 11' ,w lg wi 4 ' Ufms 'Af :fri 4 QI' . Xu 7, ,fi A 'I 5-L .115 ' 'f sul. u'bg:?'1'f fwfu ':," .- ' v .L ,....lis'f .E f ' 5 , ,, J . - J ' use ., I , x J I i f , 5 1 1 .yi . .QL LH 1 1,5 C J I " 3 Alina ,-VJ. 4 1 , V '5 .I -i ,, I T . X , ,A , I - 4 1.3 i - 1 , , r 4 U 1 , .ji 5 J I 1 3 '1 ., "fb-J , - 'J M M 1 ,. 5? f A pg E! fxlW'.:'2 YY? BEN MITCHEL ADAMS Benny AGRICULTURAL COURSE CBUTCHERINGD ORWIN, PA. Agriculture Club - I5 Typing Club - 2 JGHN MCCLELLAN AICHELE Mac COMMERCIAL COURSE CARLISLE, PA. Accounting Club - 45 Acropolis StaH'-- 45 Basketball - 2, 3, 45 Cheer Leader- 4g Student Council- 45 Debating - 35 Dramatic Club - 3, 45 Guidance Club - I5 School Guide - 4Q Library Club - 3, 45 Track - 2, 3, 4 DONALD EDWlN ALLEN Maxie COMMERCIAL COURSE LOCK HAVEN, PA. Acroplois Staff- 45 Typing Club CSecretaryj-4 PASCHAL HAMAKER BAILEY Buck ACADEMIC COURSE MANHEIM, PA. Airplane Club - I, 25 Band- I5 Eootball - 45 Guidance Club- I 5 Indian Lore Club- I5 Libra- ry Club - 35 Slide Rule Club -25 Typing Club-3 Seventeen SIMON WALTER BERBERIAN Barb ELECTRICAL SHOP ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Vocational Dramatic Club - 43 Band - I,2, 3, 45 Symphony Orchestra - 3,4 5 Occupations Club - Ig Slide Rule Club - 3g Spartan Or- chestra - 3, 45 TYPiHg Club - 3, 4 ROBERT EUGENE BOOTH B06 PLUMBING SHOP PALMYRA, PA. Indian Lore - 15 Vocational Dramatic Club - 4 HARRY JUNIOR BREHM BU? COMMERCIAL COURSE HUMMELSTOWN, PA. Ceramics Club - I, ag Dramatic Club- IQ Occupations Club - Ig Science Club - Ig Shop Club - I HAROLD OBER BRICKER Tootie COMMERCIAL COURSE LEBANON, PA. CeramicsClub - IQ GuidanceClub - IgSchool Guide - 2, 3, 4g Science Club - I 5 Student Coun- cil CSecretaryj - 4 Eighteen FRANKLIN ERNST BROWN Brownie COMMERCIAL COURSE LANCASTER, PA. Band-4, Choir-I, 2, 3, 4, Christian Knights Council - 3, Glee Club -I, 2, 3, 4 QPresidentj, Spartan Orchestra - 3, 45 Symphony Orchestra '-2a3a4 HARRY AUSTIN BROVVN Brownie ACADEMIC COURSE LANCASTER, PA. Band - I, 2, 3, 4, Ceramics Club - 2, Guid- ance Club - I, Spartan Orchestra - 3, Photog- raphy Club - 3, Science Club - I, Typing Club - 3, 4 JOHN EARL CAMPBELL Stubby ACADEMIC COURSE ALTOONA, PA. Guidance Club - I, Photography Club - 3, Science Club - I, Typing Club - 2, 3, 4 ERNEST ELWOOD C I-IUBB A1466 C y AUTO MECHANICS SHOP WICONISCO, PA. AcrOpOliSStaff- 4, Football - 3,45 Glee Club - 3, 4, Indian Lore Club - 2, Airplane Club - 2a Track - 2, 3, 45 Typing Club - 3 Nineteen WARREN ELMER CROIVILEIGH Fa! ACADEMIC COURSE DUNCANNON, PA. Glee Club-3, 45 Guidance Club- I5 Har- monica Club- I5 Research Laboratory- 3, 45 School Guide - 3, 45 Track - 2, 45 Typing Club 1 2: 39 4 JACK DANIEL Yack ACADEMIC COURSE HERSHRY, PA. Acropolis Staff- 4Q Art Club - I5 Band- I, 2, 3, 45 Debating- 35InCluSt1'ialiSt Staff- 3, 45 Photography Club - 3, 45 Research Labora- tory - 3, 45 Science Club - I5 Typing Club - 2,3 RONALD WILLIAM DAVIS Ronny ELECTRICAL SHOP ALTOONA, PA. Football - I, 2, 3, 43 Track - 3, 45 Typing Club - 3 WALTER HARDING DEMME Dem ACADEMIC CoURsE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Acropolis Staff- 45 Band - I, Q, 3, 45 Basket- ball - 45 Ceramics Club - 2, 35 Debating - 35 Dramatic Club - 3, 45 Industrialist Staff - I, 45 Photography Club - 2, 3, 45 Typing Club - 3 Twenty RICHARD GEORGE DUNWOODY Dick COMMERCIAL CoURsE LANCASTER, PA. Ceramics Club - IQ Christian Knights Council - 43 Occupations Club - IQ Shop Club - I LEVVIS- VVILLIAM ECKERT Lew ACADEMIC CoURsE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Acropolis Staff- 45 Cheer Leader - 45 Debat- ing- 3, 4 CCapt.j, Dramatic Club - 3, 4 CPres.D, Guidance Club - I, Industrialist Staff- 2, 3, 4, Photography Club - 3, Research Laboratory - 3, Student Council CPres.D - 4, Student Sen- ate CPres.D - 45 Typing Club - 2, Track - 2, 3, 4 JAMES NELSON ECKLEY ifim MACHINE sHoP MIFFLINTOWN, PA. Acro olis Staff T ing Club-'3 45 A p . 4, . J Vocational Dramatic Club CSecretaryD - 4 MARK R. FOX Cesar ACADEMIC CoURsE PHI LADELPZHIA, PA. ' ane Club I Band Drum Mayor , Airpl - 5 , . - 4 Dramatic Club - 43 Pl1QfOg1'apl1Y Club '- 33 lndustrialist Staff- 35 Sl1de Rule Club - 35 Typing Club -- 2, 3 Twenty-one GEORGE EDWARD FREELAND Brogie ELECTRICAL SHOP COLUMBIA, PA, Football - I,2,3,45 Track- I,2,3,4Q Typing Club - 35 Vocational Dramatic Club - 4 JOHN CLIFFORD GEHMAN Clif PRINTING SHOP PERKASIE, PA. Acropolis Staff- 4g Basketball- 2, 3, 45 Football - I, 2, 3, 4, Guidance Club - 15 Indian Lore Club - Ig Radio Club - I MARTIN LESTER GOOD Goody MACHINE SHOP LEOLA, PA. Monitor - 4 EDWARD EUGENE GRAEFF Gene AGRICITLTURAL COURSE SUNBURY, PA. Agriculture Club - IQ Leathercraft Club- I Twenty-two ROBERT HENRY GRELL Gretfo ACADEMIC COURSE Ly-KENS, PA. Ceramics Club - 2, 3, Debating - 2, 3, Dm- matic Club - 3, 4, Guidance Club - Ig Indus- trialist Staff- 2, 3, 4, Library Club- 2, Re- search Laboratory - 2, Science Club - 1, Typ- ing Club - 2 WILLIAM PETERS HARTMAN Wi!! COMMERCIAL COURSE BARRINOTON, N. J, Football- I, 3, 4, Glee Club - 3, 4, Track T- 39 4 JOSEPH HAROLD HARTSHORN Peggy ACADEMICICOURSE CHAMBERSBURG, PA. Acro ol1S Staff Debating 3 4- Dra P T- 43 -T J 9 " matic Club- 3, 4 CVice Presidentjg Glee Club - 4, Library Club - 3, Industrialist StafT- 4, Science Club - Ig Typing Club - 2, Guidance Club - I PAUL LOUIS HARTSOCK Harry COMMERCIAL COURSE LEWISTOWN, RA. Christian Knights Council - 3, 4g School Guldc - 45 Track - 2g Bible School Teacher - 3 Twenty-three WILLIAM BRYAN HATFIELD Squeekie PLUMBING sHoP LANCASTER, PA. Football- I, 25 Track- 3g Typing Club - 3 EDWIN HATT JR. Pete AUTO MECHANICS SHOP READING, PA. Athletic Club - IQ Class Vice President - 4, Football- 2, 3, 4g Photography Club- IQ Sci- ence Club - I CHARLES EDWARD HIEBER Charlie AGRICULTURAL COURSE CPOMOLOGYD CARLISLE, PA. Student Council-4 CHARLES RAYMOND HIMMELBERGER Dutch ELECTRICAL SHOP LEBANON, PA. Football - 45 Occupations Club - Ig Typing Club - 35 Vocational Dramatic Club - 4 Twenty-four GEORGE ROBERT HOOD Ace ACADEMIC COURSE NEW BRITAIN, PA. Typing Club - 2, 3 . CHARLES EDGAR JOHNSTON Ching PRINTING SHOP QMONOTYPED PHILADELPHIA, PA. Choir - I, 2, 3, 4, Football - 2, 43 Glee Club - I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club- I, Airplane Club - Ig Vocational Dramatic Club - 4 HOWARD CARMIE LONG Darby ELECTRICAL SHOP PHILADELPHIA, PA. Acro Ol1S Staff Christian Km hts Coun- P - 43 g cil - 3, Glee Club - 2, 3, 45 Typing Club - 2, 3, Airplane Club - I, Dramatic Club - 43 Radio Club - I5 Student Council - 4, Cheer Leader - 4 CHARLES HAUCK LUDWIG Ears AGRICULTURAL COURSE CPOULTRYD HEGINS, PA. Vocational Dramatic Club - 4 Twenty-five GEORGE FRANKLIN LYNN Unk MACHINE SHOP MILROY, PA. Agriculture Club - Ig Football - 4, Glee Club - 45 Student Council - 45 Typing Club - 3 GEORGE CRAIG MARKLEY Goan ACADEMIC COURSE PITTSBURGH, PA. CeramicsClub - IQ Guidance Club - , IQ Science Club - I5 Track- I, 2, 3, 4g Typing Club - 3, 4 I BRADY GRANT MARKS Yifferbug COMMERCIAL COURSE LONG BRANCH, N. J. Acropolis Staff- 45 Band - I, 2, 3, 4g Ce- ramics Club - Ig Class Secretary - 3, 43 Dra- matic Club - 3, 4g Glee Club - I, 23 Photog- raphy Club - 43 Industrialist Staff- 3, 4 LEO HENRY MARTIN Pete AUTO MECHANICS sHoP HARRISBURG, PA. Cheer Leader - 4, Dramatic Club - 3, 4g Indian Lore Club - Ig Radio Club - I, Student Senate - 4 Twenty-six RALPH WILLIAM MILLER Sleepy ELECTRICAL SHOP LANCASTER, PA. School Gu1de - 3, 45 Vocational Dramatic Club - 4 FREDERICK LAIRD MOORE Fritz AGRICULTURAL CoURSE PBUTCHERINGD . MAHATEEY, PA. Agriculture Club- I, Library Club- I 3 Typing Club - 2 LAWRENCE GEORGE MOORE Larry MACHINE SHOP SPRING CITY, PA. Photography Club - 45 Typing Club - 3, 4 WALTER DENNIS MORRIS A Wa!! PRINTING SHoP I .CARLISLE, PA. Class President -- 4,.Industr1a11st Staff - 45 SCICHCC Club - IQ Typmg Club - 3 Twenty-seven hw I r I I ,I I W W W . 1 W I i W r W W W W W x I W W W W JOHN CARL MULHOLEM Bungy ELECTRICAL SHOP ALLENTOWN,4PA. Class Treasurer - 45 Student Manager Of Ath- letics- 3, 4g Typing Club - 3, 4 ROBERT LEON NORLUND Ears AGRICULTURAL COURSE CFLORI STD LOCK HAVEN, PA. Airplane Club - IQ Agriculture Club - I FLOYD KRESGE NOLEN Pop MACHINE SHOP SUNBURY, PA. Track - 3, 43 Typing Club - 2, 45 Vocational Dramatic Club - 4 LESTER RAYMOND PARMER Stix COMMERCIAL COURSE LANCASTER, PA. Accounting Club - 45 Acropolis Staff- 45 Choir - 43 Glee Club - 45 Science Club - I Twenty-eight FRANKLIN LEWIS PECK ffoe PLUMBING SHOP CHESTER, PA. Band - 2, 3, 4 FRANK CHARLES PHELPS Frankie AUTO MECHANICS SHOP HARRISBURG, PA. Band I 2 Football 2 S artan - J 93345 L 73345 p Orchestra - 3, 4, Symphony Orchestra - 3 ALBERT OLSON PIASEOKI A! PRINTING SHOP PHILADELPHIA, PA. Guidance Club - I CARL DUNCAN RICHARDSON Cad COMMERCIAL COURSE OLEAN, N. Y. Accounting Club-4, Ceramics Club- I, Band - I, 2, 3, 45 Bible School Teacher- 3, Christ- ian Knights Council- 3, Choir- I, Library Club - Ig Symphony Orchestra - 3, 4 Twenty-nine CHARLES MORGAN RILEY N i gg: HAZLETON, PA. PRINTING SHOP Acropolis Staff- 43 Basketball - 2, 33 Foot- ball - 3, 4g School Guide - 43 Science Club -I RICHARD JAM ES SCHAUFERT ffim PLUMBING SHOP READING, PA. Glee Club-43 Vocational Dramatic Club CPres.j - 43 Track -- 2, 3, 4 DOMINICK SERINO Nick ACADEMIC coURsE PITTSTON, PA. Basketball - I, 2, 3, 45 Football - I, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club - I, 2, 3, 43 Spartan Orchestra - 3, 45 Acropolis Staff- 43 Track - 2, 3, 4 WILLIAM BRUCE SHANK Shrmleie CARPENTRY SHOP SHIPPENSBURG, PA Ceramics Club - I3 Guidance Club - IQ Indi an Lore Club IQ Student Council - 4Q Student President - Senate - 4g Vocational Dramatic Club QVice D 4 6 Thirty MERVIN MYERS SHANK M245 COMMERCIAL COURSE MANHEIM, PA, Acropolis Staff- 4g School Guide - 4g Occu- pations Club - Ig Science Club - IQ Shop Club - IQ Typing Club CSe-cretaryj - 4 CHARLES EDWARD SHEAFFER Charlie ARPFNTTRY SHOP HARRI SB URC, PA. C -I Basketball - 2, 3, 4g Choir - 4g Glee Club-4g Track - 3 JOHN FREDERICK SIGNER Sig MACHINE SHOP EAST ORANCE, N. J. Ceramics Club - Ig Track - 3,43 Typing Club - 3g Shop Club- I IGI-IN GAYLOR SNYDER Snaps , MMIT PA ACADEMIC COURSE CLARK S SU , 1 b . I -1 . C Airplane Club - I gAc1opOl1s Stall 4, Art u - 1, Ceramics Club- IQ Research Laboratory ' Dramatic Club- 3, 42 Glee Club -' 4 1 49 . Guidance Club - Ig Typing Club - 2, 4 Thirty-one 1 9 0 9 1 .I x. z I I I I I I I 1 . I I I I MARSHALL CHARLES STAPLETON I I Bundy I OARPENTRY SHOP ROCKHI LL FURNACE, PA. Track - 3, 4QTy'p1Hg Club - 2, 3, 4 I I I I I I I I I I GENE MERCER STEWART Geneo CARPENTRY SHOP PHI LADELPHIA, PA. Slide Rule Club - 3, Typing Club - 3 I ' ' ROY JOSEPH STRICKLER Monk AUTO MECHANICS SHOP HARRISBURG, PA. I Band - 2, 3, 4 QVice Presidentbg Glee Club - 3, 4Q1I'1Cll3I'1 LOre Club- IQ Science Club- I, Spartan Orchestra - 2, 3, 45 Symphony Orchestra "fix 4 I I I I ROBERT HAMILTON STROUP Cookie I , N MACHINE SHOP WILLIAMSBURG, PA. I Track - 3, 45 Typing Club - 3, 4g Vocational I 1 . I I 4 Dramatic ciub - 4.QSl1Op Club - 1 I I I I I I I I I . I Thirty-two I I I I I I I I III JOHN EDWARD TUFANO ffoimnie ACADEMIC CoURsE BROOKLYN, N. Y. Acropolis Staff CEditor-in-Chiefj -45 Student Council- 45 Debating - 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club - 3, 45 School Guide - 3, 45 Industrialist Staff - 2, 3, CEditor-in-Chiefj 45 Library Club - I, 45 Research Laboratory - 3, 45 Stud ent Senate - 45 Science Club - I5 Typing Club - 2 RALPH HENRY TUFANO Tujy AUTO MECHANICS SHOP BROOKLYN, N. Y. Acropolis - 45 Agriculture Club - 25 Athlet- ic Club - I5 Band - 2, 3, 45 Glee Club - I, 25 Indian Lore Club - I5 Library Club - I5 Spar- tan Orchestra - 2, 45 Typing Club - 3 GEORGE ELMER UNGEMACH Unk AGRICULTURAL COURSE CFLORISTD PHILADELPHIA, PA. Library Club - 2 Thirty-three ? 1 , Y I1 1 A I 1 Wx 1 1 1 W l I 1 1 N E 3 3 i i o Q I I I 4 , U I b wwwwwwwf .........,, First Row, Left to right: Dominick Serino, Robert Rose, Allen Gray, Ronald Davis, Joseph Ensminger, Frank Phelps, George Freeland, james Wamsher, Lee Mumper, Harry I-lurt, Joseph Kerico' Second Row: Robert Seed, Jack Swartz, Charles Riley,lVlarvin Zeitz, Frank Allen, William Hartman, Edwin l-latt, John Williams, Clifford Gehman, George Filepassg Third Row: Joseph Fogarty, Frederick Myers, James Bloomfield, Albert Rickmers, Charles Snyder, Ernest Chubb, John Mulholemg Fourth Row, Coaches: Alfred T. Gibble, William E. Landis, Ralph L. l-loar FOOTBALL The results ofthe 1938 football season are as follows: . H. I. S. OPP. Mechani csburg I 2 7 Northumberland o I3 Williamson-Trade I9 21 Harrisburg Academy 3 9 Stevens Trade O O Carson Long 42 O Columbia 39 O Totals no 50 Thirty-seven Seated Left to right Harry Hurt, William Dearden Charles Sheaffer Dominick Serino John Williams Martln Zlogar Standing: Alfred Gibble-Coach Robert Rose Joseph Hogarth Nello Frattx Joseph Kerxco McClellan Aichele, john Mulholem BASKETBALL RESULTS 1938 39 William Penn High School Alumni Alumni CMonarchsj Hazleton High School Lititz High School L. V. C. Frosh Hummelstown High School Stevens Trade School Carson Long Institute Lebanon High School Hummelstown High School Harrisburg Academy Franklin 85 Marshall Academy Stevens Trade School William Penn High School Lititz High School L. V. C. Frosh Franklin Sz Marshall Academy Lebanon High School Carson Long Institute Harrisburg Academy Totals l .wwatswaa ...X....... ., TRACK TEAM First Row, Left to right: Robert Shultz, Paul Painter, Leroy Burkhart, James Shaufert, George Davis, William Massinger, Leroy Sunday, Dale Fuhrmian, Joseph Fogarty, Darby Millard, George Fil ass' Second Row: Marlin Cassel, Lewis Eckert, ,Richard Seiverling, Joseph Kerico, Richard ep , Wright, Ernest Chubb, Burdsall Miller, john Geist, Ronald Davis, Philip Fratti, Garner Ellis, Lee Mumper, john Mulholemg Third Row: Richard Hurt, Raymond Stapleton, Robert Coble, joseph Ensminger, Charles Brehm, Paul Burke, Marvin Zeitz, Dominick Serino, Floyd Nolen, Jack Signer, Robert Stroup, James Wolf, Robert Shuttlesworthg Standing: john Showalter - Assistant Coach, Ralph Hoar - Head Coach, Earl Dissinger -Assistant Coach' The results ofthe 1938 Track season are as follows: lVlidCll,etoWn H. I. S. - 77 Opp. - 9.9. Lebanon H. I. S. - 65 Opp. - 43 Shippensburg Meet H. I. S. - First Place Carson Long H. T. S. - 73 Opp. - 25 Columbia H. I. S. - 79 Opp. - zo Harrisburg Academy H. I. S. - 7o.5 Opp. - 28.5 I COHf-CICHCC Meet . 1 FlI'St Place The above is the record of the first undefeated team in the history of H. I. S. sports. Thirty-nine N 4 STUDENT SENATE Bottom 'Rowz Left to right: Clair Swartz, George Russ, John Tufano, James Bloomfield Verllflg Bflghtblllz Middle Row: Lewis Eckert, Leo Martin, Bruce Shank William Moore TOP ROWS F. A. Mincemoyer, N. Stauffer, F. D. I-lite i INDUSTRIALI ST STAFF First Row, Left to right: John Cross, Robert Lawson, James Bloomfield, jack Daniel, Walter l Demme, john Tufano, Lewis Eckert, Robert Strickler, Brady Marks, Harry Simpson, Pau Romiskyg Second Row: John Jones, Walter Morris, Robert Grell, Paul Kleinfelter, Earl Dissinger, Edmund Blanken, William Landis, F. A. Mincemoyer, Harold Hartshorn, Ralph Boettger, Ralph Cluley Forty-one DEBATING First Row, Left to Right: Lewis Eckert, Robert Grell, Harold H-HftSh0FH, John T'-lfa-no Second Row: William KiHU3ifd, .James Bloomfield, Robert Lawson, John Jones Third Row: F. A. Mincemoyer, C. F. Litchtenberger, R. l. Mumma BAND First Row, Left to right: H. Lindley Seltzer- Director, Richard Light, Robert Race, Kenneth Hatt, Russel Beitzel. ,lack Daniel, Robert Beitzel, John Tellet, William Leiby, Arthur lVlyel'S. John Hendel, Lawrence Widmann, LaVerne King, Lee Mumpher, Mark Fox-Drum Major: Sec' ond Row: James Benedict, Charles Snyder, Allan Cray, Franklin Peck, john Luther, Richard Phelps,Walter Demme, Garner Ellis, Robert Wallish, Earl Frantz, ,lack Bennett, Richard Leiby. Robert Pikeg Third Row: Frank Phelps, Roy Strickler, Brady Marks, Ray Dietrich, Ralph Tufano, Robert Stroman, William Schwebel, Leonard Whitecar, Vance Bolden, C-eorge Race. Carl Richardso W H ' - ' ' n, arren ancock, Fourth Row. Richard Faranow, Warren Hatt, Walter Ber- berian, Ronald Kane, George Russ, Daryl Eby, Curtis Hoffmaster, Harry Fry, Raymond Seed, Melvin Garner, Franklin Brown, Richard Wright, Harry Brown Forty-two GLEE CLUB First Row, Left to right: john Snyder, Howard Long, Thomas Reiker, Kenneth Brady, Stanley Hummer, William Schwebel, john Kimmel, Jack Swartz, Robert Stroman, William Grove, War- ren Cromleigh, Robert Shuttlesworth, joseph Fogarty, A. Leon Reisinger- Directorg Second Row: Stephen Kehler, James Schaufert, Martin Zlogar, Richard Wolf, George Lynn, Richard Via, Ernest Chubb, William Hartman, Raymond Seed, Roy Strickler, Robert DeLong, Lawrence Long, james Bloomfield, Robert Seed, Paul Everhartg Third Row: Harold I-lartshorn, Franklin Brown, Daniel O'Brien, Charles Sheaffer, Charles Smith, Howard Adams, Lester Farmer, Charles Johnston, Marvin Zeitz, William Dearden, James Vaughn, Melvin Garner, Dominick Serino, Richard Hurt, Thomas Allen, I-larry Simpson CHOIR First Row, Left to Right: Gale Simpson, Nelson Moser, William Early' Herbert Eckert' -James Spence, Frank Cierhold , Albert Whetstone, Willard Harte, Leon Reisinger- Director, Dean Saiman' Harry Young. John Eberly, James Strickler, William Spence, Jack Blimfdr Afdyn U now' Thomas Petersg Second Row: Darrell Blizzard, Clarence Werntzy James Samuelian' William Romeis, Edward Early, Robert Pike, Charles Bofingef, Edwin Beavef' Henry Kelly' Laveme Musselman Richard Phillips James Boyd, Carl Derrick, James Dearden,Clair Swartzulames Penningtonig Third Row: ,Iack,Bretz, Robert Shuttlesworth' Kenneth Brady' Robert Seed' Thames Reiker, Charles Sheaffer, Lester Farmer, Charles Johnston, Marvin Zeitz, james Vaughn, Melvin Garner, Richard Via, Franklin Brown, Daniel O'Brien, Stephen Kehlelf Forty-three i A A ll SPARTAN ORCHESTRA First Row, Left to right: Raymond Seed, Melvin Garner, Robert Stroman, l..aVerne King, Lawrence Widmann, William Schwebel, Frank Phelps, Roy Strickler, Ralph Tufanog Second Row: Franklin Brown, Purnell Payne QMaestroD, Richard Faranow, Elwood Shearer, Dominick Serino, Walter Berberian SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Left Side, First Row, Left to right: William Kinnaird, Ralph Boettger, Ardyn Dubnow Nelson Moser, Ivan Hersheyg Second Row: joseph Temple, Zeigler Hartman, john Jones. Arthur Tardosky, Bradley Baumeisterg Piano, Franklin Brown, Director, Purnell Payne: Center: Q George Race, Richard Faranow, Carl Richardsong Right Side, First Row: Clair Swartz, Roy Strickler, Richard Phelps, Second Row: William Schwebel, Leonard Whitecar, Lawrence Wid- manng Third Row: Melvin Garner, LaVerne King: Fourth Row: Walter Berherian, Marvin Zeitz, Harry Simpson Fo rty-f ou 1' UNDERCLQSSMEN s F fq LN W 4562! W . fi 4' 'I X! x A U mix ff 1 W: ' Wh!" Y Y 7 X .L 5 ' f 'W , -' 1 - 5155- f' mi MT' ,gf -i 2-41-U m fr, I '1 JUNIOR CLASS CClass of 19403 3 0 - ' 1 f' Xfziwvzymff ,,,eff,,f' ff 'ff , f " " f' ', f f 1 SOPHGMORE CLASS CCInss of1941j Q -4- FRESHM EN CLASS CC1:1ss of1942J 3 Aoroioolis Stall EDITOR - IN - CHIEF John Tufano ASSOCIATE EDITORS Lewis Eckert Howard Long McClellan Aichele James Eckley ART EDITORS John Snyder Ernest Chubb IHISTORIAN C Dornenic Serino FORM EDITORS A Clifford Gehrn an I Charles Riley SNAPSHOT ED1ToR Jack Daniel STAFF AIDS VValter Demme Charles Sheaffer Harold Hartshorn Ralph Tufano STAFF SECRETARIES Lester Farmer Mfrfvill Shank Donald Allen Brady MHl'kS Ig F I ' I I I, I: I I I I I I I 9 I I I I I I I I I I I I I 9 I I I ch Epilogue lf this Acropolis serves for you as a complete, interesting, and permanent record of our high school life, its purpose will have been fulfilled. The Editor Edited, set in type. printed Ecfbound by students of The Hershey Industrial School

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