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'A-1fr1.'f-:gy --,-,, ' 355 .3-A 1 bv 1 J I - -s 1 af' if .Q f -ff--Fw' . ., ang' by I., ix 4, 1, var. if ---pl" W- .-J, T- V , 1. 94'Pm' ibglvi-e4q:.v:.' I s ay 3 W1 "Hifi vslxai .Q uv .1 "QL-J'.' , . V, vvin' 7 553. N c." 4 ,xq ,lr -1- . -, 4. F., fn: , if 1 -:E-.b 1? -' - "T gs, . , a.'.,"-, 'R I--5"-Q--1 "V ' "' 'z-51L':fL Qreffiqp ,yr '-"L ' , N .-,K ,QJU -. ,4,,,,,.-,tf ' Y Z','L :ji .4 1, "' - f'.'- -uTff'Ji.?,5 " Q' gnc 5. ' ,.,ff4--- . -S ..' ,A-,hi 4 'j57?37 'gf' ff, ' ' " 'X' 'gil r ,, vf, ,. ,qw "-Mfr' f vw Q - .f,:f'i .J--ti, :mx-,H V., U VPQKV5, , ,Q 'fl .,,.,.v,:f.,-.tgv--A, s 'f.15wI'53s'. L ' A' 'N-'Mr "' K' ,V .:,, - "-:-.. ',-': ' -., gm of .,., N -.-, :- x N.. E 4 - J up-1, fx ' '1 4- r, '.4 75- WAY. ' ' it h ' 'Z if fl W, , fps ' 'f"yj. NQ ., : f,,..-54-x - .lg ,' ' gf' , : ' 'X . . , fk Q. VIS ' rv-,mir " x,4-. V L b T 4 -Q wa. g MJT! xv 9 f z.,-,--f.,v. Lv. . . " 'v"'M:A . ,.,,K,.Sw. . , 5'Nf"' QF. V ' . Y. -Q? 1,-,114 x4Hx.':Bft.,,, ' 13' ' 1 if.g,ig,.?f . ,g,.4'.l , fx, .- .. ,.,.'f5'f-7.- F: ,, .F , A 1 ',HA4'.x:5-A, ,A ' xiii .k,,,.,WPg 0 Lf.: v L fri. ' 1"w -My: 'iff'-gfTn,:":"' -'J V A- X -Q-, , . ,,, , , , " ' "Y, "1 -fa I-T551 - ' 1 i'i",'frZi9-' via! 'Fu' H VP, - . J. , . 1,1--T z x 1 L-4: f. K ', -.- .. S. x 1 A N. .,,. 4..- X - - x ' , 'A . "Jw,-1,fNQ-'."1d"'1f :fl-ip". Ik" ' . ' 'S 1 ' if lx .. , . - -,'zA Y A A A v - .' X -5' Ax. 0 H-. w .im L ,F 192 I I I I I I I, I. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I. I I I I I I V I I 1? I II I I I, I I I I. V I I I I I I I ll I I Il PHOTOGRAPHS ...i W,-, 4-1-7+ W .. ' -V 2 LF'- ,v - Ay: - 'aj .' . , uv I A . , ,-if " 'I ' -. I -1 , ' . F . . ' 1' A ' ' ' i ', V. 1n,rA5. -V .lV, x. BY kg LEWISTOWN. FA 927 , ,wY.,-,-- I La Vie de l'Ec:ole Y Second Annual Commencement Number CQU Q1 1927 'F .1 ut? .W ' ... '1- L ..,,,,. 1927 ,.-,Kg ,. X as 44' If I I I II If I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I If If IL- - FOUR THE CLASS OF 1927 LA VIE DE L'ECOLE T0 RUSSEL B. COOVER OUR MOST GENEROUS AND WHOLE-HEARTED SUPER- VISING PRINCIPAL, WHOSE KINDNESS. DEEP INTEREST AND NEVER-FAILING FAITH IN THE STUDENTS OF NIILROY HIGH SCHOOL. HAS DEEPLY ROOTED HIS MEMORY IN THE HEARTS OF ALL. HIS HIGH IDEALS. UNASSUMING MODESTY AND UPRIGHT CHARACTER WILL LONG BE RE- MEMBERED BY THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '27 AND THOSE WITH WHOM HE HAS ASSOCIATED. W 927 .,,,...-.-., ,.f-. V. . hx . I M 1' r 1 f X 0 X , N I N -fx P 2 Y sw 0 eu? f- 4- L, K X x 67 Xff' x I f . ggi em + ,X f f., N" 1 f - X in M 'ga 3 U- my Q ' J 4 ' S MASQ - ws! fl X ol 1 57 f - 0 oe! 01 fm :A wax-mlm mi 2' Q w.xww1wv.xfamw, Y 0 5 f- ' W 1' Cl -' S fc 'HF f w Q X i g ,Q f 7 ' I S V X Q f X Tx mx Xxx 'J xx Xff F J X i F i 6 1 S 5 I m , , V 5 p f ' S g g l RUSSELL B. c:oovER N .Tlxf0vW'T!JSmlW'U:HfV-W'T'lY 'v7:X67pX117JlfU:XCTnYH,i"lp6 Q K sux u fy.-rw ' ' Q' mx, F vs Pa? FO REWO R D .5 - 2 The La Vie de l'Ecole appears for thf: second time as the Annual of the Graduating Class of Mil- roy High School in this year, l92 7. A Vve, the Graduating Class, have fond reminis- cences of the events herein recorded, and we have tried to picture school life as we have seen it. expressly, for the benefit of our patrons. ,The events and happenings recorded are deeply rooted in the heart of every student and faculty member. We hope that in the future, this book may recall happy thoughts of our Alma Mater and the Class of '2 7. We wish to extend our heartiest thanks to the students and businessmen who have helped to make this book possible, and we hope they will be greatly rewarded by its success. I fi' .p S QQ -- - - - - - -. 927 -,,,,,,.. L y,,vyy--w 1 92 SEV N HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING -X1 I, I, I ll 1 V If I, I, I, I, 1 IV THE KNOB L 1927 THE PRECARIOUS BEAR L -,-L. 1927 .-,A TEN HARRY H. ENGLE SOCIAL STUDIES 192 RUSSELL B. COOVER SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE ETTA M. WAGNER ART L , ,,-, ... .,4.., 1 MAYBELLE HERETER Music, 92 E V TWELVE RUTH K. SCOTT ENGLISH AND FRENCH 92 ROBERT L, LUSE SCXENCE AND ATHLETICS 7 .,E.,... EE 192 T RTEEN BOARD OF EDUCATION 7 O.OO..4...., W?P x 1 Magix 3 I, W. Q mQx 4 X, . rw ff K '41 1 'pi' W l ,H WM ., 1' N" K ,-ni f'fi-ll' 45 H471 x 1'E"" 'M P" 1.- i ' - X fff AAA. .AA. 1927 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JAMES CLOSE JAY HEADINGS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT EUGENE AURAND CATHARINE BROWN TREASURER SECRETARY F T N 1927 CLAIR C. BARNETT EUGENE B. AURAND CLAIR C. BARNETT X'zu'sity Bnsketlvzill, 3. 4.2 Faint. Ulziss I-Ezisliwtlmll. 2: lf'uolh:ill, 2. 3. 4: 1-Exist-hull, l. 2. 3, -lg Yolleylualll, -li l'1'0ss Flulv, 3: Se-nioi' l"l:iy. He-re is tho Zllllll't9 of our vluss. Ho is ciwlitecl :us living one nf the giezltest athletes that Al. H. S. has ever haul. Although an limi :unnmr thu women, he is not :is ferm-iuus as you may think. Ile minds his own business. which is primipnlly 1-:wing for his Huivk. EUGENE B. AURAND Vzirsity Baslcvtlmll, 1, 2, 3, Capt. -l: Ilnselmll 1, 2. 3, 4: Fuuthull 2. 3, 41 Volleyball. -it Svhuol Plays, 1. 2, 3, -1: Senior Class Vlaiy, Minstrel, 2, 3: Prvss Club, 3, 4: Class I'l'PSl4l9llf. 1: Class Tl'E'2lSLll'9l', -l: S9i'l'9t1ll'Y-'I'l'E'2lSl.ll'- 1-1', M. H. S. A. A., 4: liditm'-ill-4'l1ief of Senior Annual. "l'ivkl9," :is he is known hy his friends. has iw-en one of the must hrilliaint students in our Clzxss, :ind also ulwiys in-te-rvstvd in :ill svlnml and 4-hiss swtivitivs. "Pickle" is :ilsu one ol' our most ve-i'sz1tile-N uthlews. as his i'ec'oi'd shows. During the lust your his athletic' zivtivities have heen himlered hx' thi- fact than he- is helping "L'm'fe Sum" distrihutv th'- lIlEllLi'.-Xlill hy the- wzly. "l'i1-ldv" has not furgutten the opposite sox. as V 1 - V . he win nite-n ho luunil on the 1-wliwwi' nt i'0l'lIl1l1 stri-sits, lmth up LOXYH :ind Sdown. SIXTEEN .,,.,.,,,.-.-.El 1927 .,.,,,.,,.-.,,,. CATHERINE R. BROXNN JAMES A. CLOSE CATHERINE R. BROWN Sc-hool Paper, 3, Al: High School l'lays, l, -l: Se-nior Class Play: Class Sec-retary, 2. 4: Class 'l'i-easurer, 3: Librarian, 43 Assistant lirlitur of the Annual. Vl'ho van think of "Kato" without 2lSSOC'l2llll'IiY it with "e-mphasis"'.' ln spite of little things like that, she is a very nit-e girl and we realize her intellectual vapar-ity and svholastiv ability. Her goal lics in the tield of inf-mlivine and we know we will be proud of her some day. JAMES A. CLOSE Basketball, Class 2, Yarsity 4: Minstrel, 2, 3: Senior Class Play: Press Club, 43 Class President, 2, 4: High Svhool Plays. l. 3, 4: Dramatic' Club, 33 Business 1ll2ll'l1l,LfP1', M. I-l. S. A. A.: Volleyball, -lg Business Man- ager Senior Annual Staff, 4. Allow us to present to you il young nian of pleasing personality. likable and always che-erl'ul. As his rovorml shows, he took a leading part in the life of the svhool. "Raisin," as he is dubbed, usually spent his six hours a day getting' in or out of trouble or thinking' up some nwthoul of escaping class. Next year we will see "Raisin" at l'itt University. SEVENTEEN L ,-,.-.-.-.,,.,,-.E 1927 .-.-.-.,-,-,-.-.,,,. V V V V l P V P V V I l V V V L O. JAY HEADINGS HENRIETTA M. FULTZ P V f O. JAY HEADINGS V Varsity Basketball, 3, -l: Baseball, 1. 2, 3. 4: Class Basketball. 1, 2: I Seienee Clulr, 3: Volleyball, 4: Business Manager of Class Play. 4: Vice V President of Class. l. 4. ' XYho is that neat appearingsp, pleasant young fellow in the corridor. ' bidding "Good morning" to the Junior girls? 'Philt'S Jay. You het! V Better known as "Wo-XVo." Jay is uonsc-ientious and is extremely de- , voted in seeing: that the "fairer ones" are not negrleeted. He is always V on time and usuallv does his part in making' the Class work interesting. If you are interested in meeting Jay, take a stroll up Eleetric Avenue ' any evening. V ' HENRIETTA Nl. FULTZ Y Senior Class Play, 41 Class Treasurer, 1: High School Play, 2. v XVho is that Coming' flown the Corridor smiling and seeming' very , gay and hlissful? Oh, I know! That's i'Henny," the "little girl" of our V class. She surely knows how to smile, and such a wonderful disposition. NVQ know she will make a Very good nurse in the years to Dome. HOW ' Could she fail, with suoh ai personality? V V V V I V I V V EIGHTEEN V tx-,,,...-.,,,-,,,,. 1927 .,.,..-.,,...,..... VERDOLA S. LONG ADA M. HOAR VERDOLA S. LONG Basketball. 1, 2, 3. -l, Captnin: Volleyball, 4: Senior Play: High School Plays. 2. 3: Class rl'l'F'2lSlll'E'l'. I1 Class Vive 1.,l'0Sltl9l1t, 3. . Verdula is Inns not only in namo, but in figure'-anal laugh. Her personality zittiwwts friends wliere-ver she goes, which cha1'a1'te1'istic will bb an asset to hor life- at F. Y. S. N. S. Naturally quite a few ot' thesi- friends are of the opposite sex, and we think hm' years of teaching will not be many. - ADA M. HOAR Basketball. 2. 4: Dramatic' Club, 33 Sc-houl Play. 21 Class lllny, 4: Class President. 3: Class SPf'l'6'fill'Y, li Alumni Editor Svhool Paper. 4. "'l'ubhy," as she is known among' her friends. is of the good natured type, a very brilliant student, and has a smile for most every one she meets. Hex' one bad habit is going' for a walk tn the lower end of town. NINETEEN .-,,.-A-.,.l-,-, 1927 ,.,,..,,,,,,,.. L L L L L L L L L L L L L L I L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L P L L L I L L L L L L L L. WM. WILSON MCNITT VYRL O. MATEER VYRL O. MATEER Varsity Basketball. 3, -1: Class Basketball. 2: Football. 3: Cau- tain, 4: Volleyball, 4: Senior Class Play: Minstrels. 2, 3: "VVhen a I-'ella Needs a Friend" 4: Vice President. 2: Press Club, 3: Baseball. l. 2, 3, 4. Yyrl is a Very popular boy around the school, especially with one of the Senior girls. lie has gained popularity through his participation in athletics as well as his likable disposition. His ability to wreck swings is well known in M. H. S. XVe know Vyrl will succeed in the business world of tomorrow. WM. WILSON MCNITT Football, 3, 4: Class Basketball. 1, 2: Class Baseball. 1, 2: Volleyball, -4' Science Club, 3: School Play, 23 Class Play, 4: Associate Editor of the Senior Annual. "Pumpkin" is a friend to everyone, especially to the opposite sex, confining: his attentions particularly to Yeagertown. He has an excellent physique of which he can be very proud. and which may be of use to him in the future. He has a. friendly disposition and is an active member of the Class. Hen-e's hoping he will be successful in the years to come. TWENTY L - . . . u . . . . - . 1927 ..-.,,-..,.,,,... BERTHA M, PECHT KENNETH M. THOMPSON BERTHA M. PECHT Volleyball. -l: Class Seeretary. 3: Arts and Crafts Fluh, 3: Senior Play. XVho is that "petite lille" who is always quoting L'Ahhe Constantin? It must he "Birdie," for no other Senior girl is so devoted to her French. This demure maid is sometimes suddenly transformed into a rollicking, Care-free youngster, losing: all her Senior dignity. Nl'e hope her youthful spirit will remain with her during her years at C. Y. S. N. S. and while teaching. KENNETH M. THOMPSON Football. 3. -I: Volleyball, 4: Press Cluh, 3, 4: Minstrel, 2, 33 Senior Class Play: Sc-ienee Cluh, 3: Member M. Il. S. A. 3: Class Treasurer, 2: Senior Annual Staff, 3. 4. Allow me to introduee to you a young man of pleasing personality and likable disposition. "Lazy," as he is eommonly called, is a good allvaround sport, and has taken part in most school activities as his record shows. He has taken a. special liking: to Chemistry and in the near future we will see "Lazy" as the head of some great chemistry laboratory. TWENTY-ONE 1 .-...-.-.-.-.,...-.-,. 1927 -.,-.-.-.-.-.-.-...-. AH S' TA is Jzwvocefvee. 1' H fiifagfd frffj An-1275?-'l'. f3f7' E . . CLASS UCOMICALS' L ,,,,,,,,,,,, 1927 fbf5h CLASS MOTTO: "Not Evening, But Dawn" HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF '27 CONTINUED FROM LAST YEAR FTER a three months' vacation, which to some of us was an education in itself, the Class of '2 7 again enter- ed the doors of Nl. H. S. Seniorsl The goal to which ' we had long aspiredg the goal which in the dim past looked so far distant! How proud may those twelve be who have remained in the pursuit of knowledge thus far. However, being a Senior does not give one reason to be proud. It is the responsibility, and even power, of that posi- tion, and if one may have reason to exult in it, it is up to the individual. To be a worthy Senior one must work and strive to achieve all that which 'in former years had been neglected, possibly through ignorance or carelessness. Yes, our new responsibility weighed heavily upon us and one of our first adjustments was to eliminate many festive class meetings for business ones. One point, first of all. which must not be -overlooked, is our increased seriousness concerning school life and life's school. This has been manifest in various ways. For instance. "La Vie de l'Ecole" has been given whole-hearted support and owes its existence this year to Seniors. The other classes have followed, but the Seniors ledl ln the Held of athletics, disregarding the lack of numbers, a Senior volleyball team competed with those of other classes and made a not unworthy record. The girls of the Class con- tributed the Captain of the basketball team, while Senior boys formed the majority of the boys' Varsity. One of the greatest athletes of which lVl. H. S. has ever boasted belongs to the Class of 'Z 7. Various means of raising money were employed during the year, but again due to our smallness fin numbers, our ability to present a Senior play was doubted. We bravely stormed the doubts and successfully staged "Go Slow, Mary." This Class is the first one from this High School to make a Senior trip. Lacking the necessary finances, the plans for the journey to Washington, D. C., were abandoned and others made for going to our State Capital. This was a very memor- able occasion to all concerned. Now we have come to the end, and of our school days we may say, "Tout est fini." Nxfhen we were children, the thought of graduation was scarcely formulated in our childish TWENTY-TH REE e,.,.c.-,.,....e.e. 1927 ..,e......,-....e-,. 192 CLASS SENIOR 'xl I I I I I I I I I I I I I minds. To a great extent we have put away childish things and the dim thought has become a reality. ln a sense we are sorry for many th-inlgs-for not attaining to a nearer perfect ideal of Seniors, for having lost so much valuable time before the realization of what school means to us. But we are proud of our Class in spite of all its shortcom- ings and will carry with us many pleasant memories of dear M. H. S. and many thanks to the Teachers who have given their best to us. The Class of '27 bids you all a grave adieu. CLASS POEM, '27 For four hard years we labored, ln dear Old Armagh High, And all our joys and pleasures W'e'll now bid fond good-bye. We now pass out into a world . Of larger, larger trials, But 'ere we 'turn back in our quest The world shall lose its smiles. Whatever path we follow, Faithful, loyal we shall be, And try to give the best we have, For the dear old Nlilroy High. TWENTY-Fl E L eco-,-...,e,.,., 1927 .,-,...:......,-,,.. I CLASS PROPHECY T no time in the history of the world has there been such a change in things as during this age. Ideas, which LTI? were once thought to be irrevocable, have been altered Nu-.-f:'LJ . . ' . . : until they no longer show any relation to the initial thought. The Class of 1927 has kept pace with the times. Where will 1937 Find us? What may happen to us in ten years of competition in the game of life? The future can only be foretold from the shadows of the past. This fact must be kept in mind when the following predictions are considered, for in them may be found our class-mates of a decade ago. Eugene B. Aurand is one of Uncle Sam's most trustworthy railway mail clerks. His talent in Mathematics and apprentice- ship in the post office was an early foundation. A fine personality and a finer machinist meets you at Bar- nett's Garage. Clair got much experience from the engine in the Laboratory, in ad-dition to that, from trying to show girls his car and the moon at the same time. The Visiting Nurse of the district is none other than Cath- erine. Tlhis is the outcome of her early interest in nursing and caring for the Faculty while a Senior. Dr. James A. Close, Ph. D., Engineer and College Profes- sor, exhibited mathematical traits in High School which have been developing ever since. He claims great ability in handling Freshmen. Henrietta has just returned from a foreign hospital staff in China, where wars are never unexpected. To -her these are small affairs compared with the class meetings of old. The O. Headings, lnc., refers to Jay, who has chosen to make his mark in the business world. l927 remembers 'him as closely attentive to details with special attention to junior girls. Ada now receives the mail of Mrs. Vyrl Mateer. They remain as inseparable as they were in '27. Verdola, former New Lancaster Uschoolmarmf' helps her husband in his teaching duties by coaching girls in athletics. She retains the memories of many athletic contests. Should you care to see the District Forester you will be in- troduced to Vyrl Mateer. His love of out-door life has ma- tured in this occupation. TWENTY-SIX L ,,,,,,r-,,-,L 1 7 .......... - After spending a few years getting settled Wilson decided to 'isay it with Howersf' He now operates an enterprising greenhouse. Bertha often attempted the impossible by trying to teach some of her classmates. She is still teaching school because of her inherited love for it. Step into the Thompson Pharmacy for a chat with Ken- neth on modern chemistry problems. His interest in chemistry during school gave him a line start. TWENTV SEVEN ...,...t...s.,.., 1927 s..-,t.,..s.,.,..... 192 FF' SENIOR ANNUAL STA 7 A.4...,..... V r r V V V V P P I P r V V V V V V V r V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V SENIOR PLAY AY, buddy, did you see the play?" "What play, where, when, who played?" The annual Senior play, "Go Slow, Mary," pre- fv sented at the Community Hall on February l8t'h. Those Seniors certainly can act, or they had parts which suited them par excellence. You would have sworn Kate Brown fMaryl and Pickle Aurand fBillyJ were actually married. Did you notice 'how some of their individual characteristics were carried out as naturally as life? And the "Angels" with grandma! They were fine! And to think Gilbert Davidson as Bobby had been substituted for Vyrl Mateer on account of illness, at the last minute! Mary's girl friend, "Sally Carter," had some sound ideas about marriage, too. That Dutch girl and her Danny were a scream. That "villain" surely led Murphy a jolly chase! And jim Close made a "charming" Englishman. I-l "Won't you please tell me coherently what you are splut- tering about? l'd like a sane account of this Mary-what-ever- it-is." "All right, I'll try to tell you briefly about it." Mary, a discontented young wife, hindered in her duties as a 'housewife by the presence of her mother and nephew and niece, proposes to trade places with Billy, her husband. This seems a good idea to Billy and he gladly trades places, thinking he would have a cinch. Mary goes out to work to earn the living, while "hubby" does the house work. He soon finds that it is no cinch, but before he would give in first he woul-d rather suffer in his job. He has a hard time getting dinner ready and ju-st as they sit down to eat, a 'burglar runs through the house, causing a great uproar. ln the second act Mary wants to come home, but she, too, would never give in first, and she is afraid Billy doesn't want her. She flirts with Burt Childs to make Billy jealous, but he pretends he dVoesn't care. Sally tells Mary that he still loves her, but she won't listen to reason and packs her trunk, but Billy won't let her go. Mrs. Berdon fgrandmal then enters, telling them that someone stole her diamond ring and this causes a great excitement. Murphy enters with Harry: then Harry gets away. This only increases suspicion that he has taken the ring. Mary and Bill mutually and very willingly de- cide that it is better to take back their old jobs. Murphy catches Harry again and they find out he dfidn't have the ring at all, for Katie, the cook, just at the critical moment, finds it c c - - - c - - - B 1927 ,t.,.,.f.fffff Vo- W0 glad 43 ff 771s Z 63 . l if bfewlfk' L - .-.-.-. - .-.-,A 1 J' Mwf.s'c ff'Hf1f if ff, H. CLASS "COM ICALSN Qftlli IC? 927 ...,- . ...-. in the goose she is preparing for dinner. The Angels had taken it to play with, dropped it in the chicken-yard and then the goose swallowed it. Harry makes an explanation of his su- spicious actions and offers Billy a job in his father's firm. Mary swears eternal faith, love and obedience and she will never complain of housework. Then Billy says, "Co slow, Mary." Katie says, "Yaw, don't rock de boat." The Seniors owe the success of this play to Mr. Coover, who coached it, sacrificing a great deal of his time for it, and who did all he could to make it a success. We wish to thank him for his help and advice. We also wish to thank Miss Here- ter, who helped us between acts, by singing, which we are sure was enjoyed by all. TH I RTYVONE ,.-A-.-.,-.,.,.-.ees 1927 ..-i,.-ie.-.,i-.,g-ie- L i,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 SENIOR CAMPING TRIP instilled into the hearts of the Seniors a desire to go ,, QR.. camping. The next day was wild and stormy, but the 'wa undaunted Seniors secured the Stover Homestead for the week-end and Friday evening after school, with Mr. Coov- er as chaperon, we gaily started across the Seven Mountains hopeful for the good times to come. Shortly after our arrival one of the girls began to feel decidedly grippy. 'but stayed nevertheless for the entire camping trip. As some of the mem- bers of the Class were unable to go after school, they journey- ed across later in the evening. However, a few members were forced to leave early Saturday morning, as they are employed on Saturday and could not get off. HURSDAY, March 3l, was an ideal Spring day and Sunday morning several of the boys motored to Centre Hall for ice cream and cake, which we enjoyed so much with our dinner. lt would have been very agreeable if we could have stayed longer, as we had enough food to last two or three more days. However, we were forced to return home against our wishes, for duty called at school. You may be assured that everyone had an enjoyable time, even though a few of the girls were frightened by "the man with the buck-saw" and on account of the cold and stormy weather. It is the desire of all to go again, if possible, before the close of school. THuRTY-Two 927 .,,,,,,,,,,, C I CLASS STATISTICS ' i TNANIE NICKNANIE FAVORITE SAYING YVHERE FOYND YVIIO YVITH ' ' Eugene B. Aurancl "Pickle Yi-Yi-Yi Cn the corner 'Tet' Brown N C Clair C. Barnett Y?" "Aclclie" Don't he yellow On the hill ' Shorty Mowery ' ' Catherine R. Brown "Kate" l don't care ln "our" coupe "Prof" Coover . james A. Close 'Raisin Come on, gang, At the station 'Emmy' Calhoun at Henrietta M. Fultz "Henny" What's that fer? Any place 4 "Bob" Luse ' -tl, Jay O. Headings "Wo-Wo" What's the matter wif you? Electric Avenue 'Minnien Reed . Ada M. Hoar "Tubby" Hurry up Near the dep-ot "Rally" Mate r , Verdola S. Long 'Scrawley' Oh-'h-'h darn! In a speedy car 'Dave' Barton ' ' Vyrl O. Mateer "Rally" You wanna watch at! Hoar's swing "Tubby" Hoar , 1 Wilson W. McNitt "Fleet" Be quiet, will you? Yeagertown "Miss" Fleming l V -I Bertha M. Pecht 'Birdie Sure l clol Camping, if possible 'Father + I 2 Kenneth M. Thompson "Tarzan" So's your old man On a motorcycle Not with his wife i E1 T 192 JUNIOR CLASS 'xl I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1- . JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY .I N the autumn of 1924 the Class of '28, forty-one in number, began its memorable career in High School. We entered with the Hrm resolve to overcome all dif- ficulties which might cross our way in the form of ridicule from our worthy upper-classmen, or hard lessons. Our Freshman year was very uneventful, except for a whole-hearted interest in sport activities and the many 'happy times we had at our class meetings. Our second year opened quietly, but was characterized by the acquisition of a greater self-composure on our part, which was caused by experiencing the delightful sensation of being called Sophomores. This year was especially marked by the departure of a number of our classmates to follow other inclin- ations than those of High School life. One launnchecl her' ship on the sea of matrimony, and we sincerely hope she is happy in the great adventure. Others have assumed the weighty problem of making a living, both for themselves and others. Again this year our Class was noted for its interest in athletics. Several of the girls have won letters in basketball, won only by hard work and long practice. This year several busy, yet jolly nights were spent by holding a carnival in town for the benefit of the High School. Everyone took a lively part in making this a success. A masquerade party was also held by the Sophomores and Seniors in the Community Hall, which was rendered more exciting 'by the 'hideousness of many of the costumes. Our number is now reduced to twenty-three, but never- theless we are striving to make it an important twenty-three in the history of our High School. So far, we remaining ones have come through with flying colors and we hope to reach the end of our High School career happily, and without any more of our happy family deserting us. lnterest in sports has been increased and both girls and boys are taking part with great vigor. ln fact, with the exception of one member of -the regular girls' Varsity, it was composed of all Junior girls. Class meet- ings have been 'held at various places and a joyous time has characterized each occasion. During this year we have devoted more time and energy to hard study than ever before. We expect to be duly compensated by being permitted 'to assume the dignified name of Seniors in the following year which will be the end of our sojourn in High School. 1927 JUNIOR CLASS MEETINGS ly meetings in private homes ln the beginning of our L 3-Qi., third year a splendid idea, that of meeting in the large ' MA corridors in t'he school building, was suggested. Per- mission having been granted by the Board, we have been 'hold- ing our business and social hours there monthly, with the excep- tion of one evening when we spent a happy time at Camp Comfort, in 'the mountains, chaperoned by several of our teachers. HE Class of Q8 had in previous years heldutheir month- To sum up the evenings spent as a unit of the school, we transact any business pertaining to Class affairs, and then play games, either in groups or together. One special feature of our social hour which seems to attract everyone is our resur- rection of the old fashioned square dancing. If at any time our spirits in entertainment protract they are always revived by the finishing touch which the refreshments give to our meeting. Each one has his share in expenses, which are met by monthly dues. These hours spent as a class 'help to broaden our minds along social affairs as well as school affairs. One-fourth of our school life should educate us socially. Class meetings go far to help us along this line. THIRTY-SIX' ,a-.v,,,-,,.,.-a.. 1927 ..-.-s-A-.,,.,-,-..- HISTORY OF SOPHOMORE CLASS one Freshmen awaited the opening of the Mnlroy High D , School doors one clear day in September, I925. Now ' A ' that we had at last reached the long striven for goal, could we make the best of it? However, our fears were clis- pelled after the first few days of school life, for we realized that High School is just another success to attain. True, we did receive a lively initiation by our upper classmen, but that was all right--our turn would come later. T was with faint misgivings that a lively group of thirty- t 1 . . . . With the 'help of our 'home room teacher, the Class was organized, officers were elected, the Class colors, purple and gold, and its flower, the pansy, were selected, and the motto. "Together we stick, divided we're stuck," chosen. We did not hold meetings every month, but during the year held several social activities such as a sledding party to Lockes Bank, a Hallowe'en party, etc. As a project in civics we undertook the task of improving the school grounds and raised funds for this task by presenting plays, holding a social and selling candy. We now feel amply repaid for the t-ime and energy expended, for the grounds, in addition to takin-g on a neat appearance. have assumed the color that will welcome the incoming Fresh- men of future years. During the year we defeated the Sophomores in several Latin contests and were beginning to feel proud of our Latin ability, and then-this year's Freshmen defeated usl So we think we have shown others Q-and feel ourselves, that Fresh- men aren"t so bad after all. We began our Sophomore year with only nineteen mem- bers, but these we hope to keep on the rest of our High School journey. Our first act was to completely reorganize the Class by electing new officers, paying all bills and settling all unfin- ished business. We have held social and business meetings once every month. Several of the members of our Class 'have taken part in athletics and several belong to the Press Club. We feel that we 'have well contributed our share in both activities. We are now almost at the close of our second term and have traveled half of our High School journey. The next two years we shall probably find more difiicult, but we hope to come out victorious and take our places in the world, knowing that we have made the best of our High School career and are well prepared for the higher things of life. THIRTY SEVEN ,-,,.,,,,.,,.-.-. 1927 ,e-.,.,.-.,-,,,.,w. 192 SS SOPHOMORE CLA 'Nl I I I I I I I I I I I I SOPHOMORES HOLD WEINER ROAST N Wednesday evening, April I3, l927, the Sophomore Class held a weiner roast at the State Park, about a mL!lf!5Ql mile north of Milroy. About 7 o'clock in the evening "H" the members of the Class accompanied by several of the teachers hiked to the park to spend the evening. Nearly every member of the Class was present with a friend invited by each. This made a larger and happier group. About 9 o'clock fires were built in the furnace and every- body began to toast weiners on the usual stick over the usual crackling fire. Every one enjoyed 'himself while eating and sent up many peals of laughter over some funny joke or story told by one another. After the members were through eating and the luncheon was cleared away, everyone began to play games, that is at least those who could navigate after eating so many weiners. After enjoying themselves for a time, the party broke up and all started for home in a happy state of mind. T'-HRTY-NINE ,.a,,...,.,--...-i 1927 -.-.,.c.,-.-cc...-i 192 SS FRESHMAN CLA FRESHMANC1ASStHSTORY N the Fall of '26 as jolly and green a crowd of Fresh- men as ever entered M. H. S. was admitted to this school. Even the grass, which had been planted only the year before, envied our greenness. The total num- ber of this group was then twenty-six. During these few months, however, the Class has been reduced to twenty-two, one of the members having moved away and three others hav- ing entered the battle of life. The organizing of the Class consisted of electing the usual number of officers, deciding how often to hold class meetings, and what the rate of dues would be. All students arranged to take the two elective subjects along with the others. Some, however, have dropped Latin and are using the time formerly spent on that subject in the preparation of others. Quite 'a few Freshies have indulged in the athletics of the High School, most of the boys making the Junior Varsity Basketball Team. A few of the girls, also, displayed fine ability in that line, one even making the Varsity. Our goal, Seniors, seems very far away, but is expected to be reached in the year of '30, with a goodly number still our mates. FORTY-ONE L ,,,,.-.,,...,c..., 19 7 . s - FRESHMAN CLASS MEETINGS HE first Freshman Class meeting of the new school term was held at the home of Helen Pennepacker. Nearly all pupils of the Class were present and a very enjoyable evening was spent with Mr. Coover serving as the chief entertainer. Delicious refreshments were served by our hostess, assisted by Mildred C-oss, lrene Nevel and Fay Linthurst. The second Class meeting was 'held at the home of Pauline Armstrong. This evening was passed similar to the first, except for the selecting of the colors, green and gold, also the Class Bower, the yellow rose. Our motto chosen is, "Give to the world the best you have and the fbest will come back to you." The third Class meeting was held at the 'home of Otis Brown. Delicious refreshments were served and every one spent an enjoyable evening. Games were played, but nothing important was discussed. The fourth Class meeting was held at the -home of Miss Anna Nale at Siglerville. The Class made the journey in cars. This meeting will be especially remembered by the members -of the Class, much credit being due the refreshment committee who were Anna Nale, Ethel Nlattern and Nellie Wagner. The eats consisted of sandwiches, pickles, cake, ice cream, pretzels and candy. The last word in the entertainment was the music furnished by the radio and player piano. The last meeting to date was held in High School building. No business was conducted at this meeting. The evening was spent playing games and listening in on the school radio. Re- freshments were served and about l0:30 P. M. the Class ad- journed with the music and laughter from the games still ring- ing in their ears. FORTY-TWO .-. .g,,,,-,,,. 1927 ,.,-.,-.-.-.-.-.,.-. JUNIOR HIGH HISTORY NIOTHER year has passed and this second year's ex- istence of the Junior High School has been even more flourishing than the first. The principal was O. W. " Pecht and his assistants were Miss Myra Esh and Messrs. Ralph C. Pecht and Robert l... Luse. Again the de- partmental teaching has proved of great value to both instruct- ors and pupils. One of the features this year much enjoyed by the pupils is the health exercises and drills under the direction of the Health lnstructor, Mr. Luse. Weekly assembly periods were held each Wednesday at l l :l 5 A. M. in the Senior room. Many interesting programs were presented by the various grades and addresses made by prominent citizens of Milroy and Lewistown. The junior High produced worthy volleyball teams to compete in the inter-class contest last fall. There will be a fine addition of athletes to represent M. H. S. in its events when these classes are in Senior High School. Those who leave junior High this year will be cordially welcomed at their entrance into M. H. S. next year. May they have all success in their new life. 'FORTY-TH REE L ,.,.,..,-,,.,...,-.., 1927 ...--,,,.e.Y-e.,.., FORTY-FOUR 192 GRADE EIGHTH -xl I I I I I I I I I I I I I 192 w K Fo YFVE SEVENTH GRADE X1 92 SIXTH GRADE 7 ...,,..4-....,,..+- 192 FAC Ll L.TY 7 .-,-Av.-. - - .-.,.,.-- EXCHANGES La Vie de l'E.cole of Milroy High School wishes to thank the various schools who have been kind enough to exchange school papers. We appreciate this opportunity of communica- tion with neighboring schools. We know that we received much inspiration and help through the knowledge of their ac- tivities and triumphs. The Tattler ..... Red and White--- The Toi ------- The M-Unite --.-- The The Monad ---- Observer - -- ---Rockwood, Pa. -------Fleetwood, Pa. -Harrisonburg, Va. ---Mount Union, Pa. ----Belleville, N. 'llhe Clarion -.-.----- Maroon and Cold Garnet and White ----Wooster, Ohio ------Salem, Ore. ---Bloomsburg, Pa. ------- ----West Chester, Pa. Renocahi -----.-----.-.... - - - ---Reidsville, N. C. The Spokesman--- --.--- ---- .--.----- T y rone, Pa. The Tatler --.--.- -- .-------. ---Hummelstown, Pa. School Days ---- ----- ------------ B e lle Vernon, Pa. The Pioneer ---.- --.....----.--..---- R eading, Mass. The Badger --.--.- .--.--.-.--.-- P rescott, Ariz. The Oracle -------- -..--- M ount Vernon, N. Y. L. H. S. News --..-.- ------.--- L ewisburg, Pa. The Clarkebbe ----- The Piper -----. The l..ouisian-- --Clarkfield, Minn. ----State College, Pa. -- - ----.--- Louisa, Ky. ln conclusion, we appreciate exchanging papers with you. We are now "exchange friends." May our friendship continue to grow larger and better through the future years. F 1927 -.- .......... 2 R PRESS CLUB r n I r r r r P r V r r ATHLETICS L-,-A-,, 1927 ..,.,..,-, 92 BOYS BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL Y II-ROY High has just completed a successful season in the Juniata Valley Basketball League. The standing A of the team is shown by the number of games won and lost. In the last two years Milroy has been in second place in the league standing which shows that Milroy has had a con- sistently strong team in the past and is looking forward for a stronger team in the future. The members of the Varsity who will graduate are Aur- and, Barnett, Headings and Mateer. With many able substitutes and skilful coaching the team should have another successful year. GAMES OF TI-IE. SEASON O. lVlifHin - - - ................... Away 8 Burnham .... Home 3 7 Nlifilintown ---Away l 5 Yeagertown Home -----. 2 8 Reeclsville -- Home ------ 5 Mifflin --- Home ---- -- 4 Burnham --- ---Away 30 Yeagertown ---Away 2 7 Reedsville -- ---Away 25 Mimintown Home 8 Nlillerstown Home ------ 2 3 Yeagertown ---Away ----- - 2 0 Lewistown -- ---Away------ 9 Lewistown ---Away 2 I Total ---- ----- 2 60 FI -TWO L -.-,,.---.-.--. 192 7 --- 192 FIFTY-TH R E GIRLS BASKETBALL VARSITY 'xl I I I I I I I I I I I I I -.--,,-,,.,.,,,,,. 1927 .L-.-.-.-L.-L--.-. MILROY GIRLS CLOSE BASKETBALL SEASON HE IVIiIroy Girls' Basketball Team has declared the sea- son closed. They stand undefeated, with I6 games won. They also stand as champions of the Juniata Valley, scoring 344 points against their opponents' 7I. The IVIilroy sextette has just finished a season of which they can be proud. No games lost tell a big story . . . a suc- cessful season in many respects. Yet we doubt very much whether winning games was the biggest success. All the lauda- tory success of winning games sprung from each girl being suc- cessful in conquering her individual jealousy and in giving loyal co-operation to her team. They gave their best because they were urged to do so by the fast-developing players of the sec- ond team girls. Here was a winning team without stars. Each girl starred in her position on the team. If we were to name the outstand- ing players, we would have to name the players constituting the team: IVI. Wagner, R. F.: IVI. Reed, L. F., V. Long, C.g T. Brown, L. C.: IVI. Calhoun, R. G.: E.. Thompson, L. G. We regret to lose Verclola Long, who played the center position for the past four seasons. Our team for next year should not be seriously weakened, for she is the only regular player we will Iose. The summary of games as played is: GAMES IVIiIroy Op. IVIiIroy at Mifflin .... ,- ....................... I7 0 Milroy at Nlifllintown ......................... ZI I0 Burnham at IVIiIroy .......... - ......... I 2 0 Milroy at Huntingdon .......... ............ 2 6 I0 Yeagertown at IVIiI,roy ........................ ZI 6 Reedsville at IVliIr0y .......................... 35 0 Huntingdon at IVIiIroy ...........,............ I3 9 IVIiIroy at Lewistown, jr. H. S. .................. 30 9 IVlifHin at IVIiIroy .............. .... - --24 5 IVIifHintown at Milroy ......................... 23 4 Milroy at Yeagertown ........................ I 7 4 Lewistown Jr. H. S. at IVIiIroy .................. 22 0 IVIiIroy at Reedsville .......................... 25 I Yeagertown at IVIiIroy ........................ I 3 I Millerstown at Milroy ..................-..... 24 9 IVIiIroy at Yeagertown .......... ......... 2 I 3 344 7I F . 192 FIFTY-F' VE BOYS BASKETBALL SQUAD 'xl I I I I I I I I I I I I I 192 GIRLS BASKETBALL SQUAD 'xl I I I I I I I I I I I I I N Ulaviz ERTISE' D E Ti ,fffi A, , -1 R f ' 4 4 I L A.A.-.A, ,, 1927 ,A-,-A-A-A-A 1 I PIERCE-ARROW DISTRIBUTOR AND REAL ESTATE SPECIALIST ,EE-. 1927 ,.-.-,I-I PASTI ME THEATRE LEVVISTOWN. PA. STARTING GREATER MOVIE SEASON THE BEST IN MOTION PICTURES WILL BE SHOWN THIS SUMMER BOTH IN SINGLE AND DOUBLE BILLS WISHING YOUR CLASS OF 1927 ALL SUCCESS THANK YOU J, Close: "Are you going to the Customer: "Have you the sauna fair?" razor you used on me yesterdz1y:."' L. Deiss: "VVhat fair?" K. Thompson fthe barberjz "Yes, J- Close: --The paper says :Fair sir, the same identical one." today and tomorrowf " Customer: "Then give me g:1s.' Dependable ls the Mifflin County National Bank eettttttu, 1927 I I ,ef THE CIVIC CLUB Your town is what you make it. Tl-IE civic CLUB Needs the town. The town needs THE CIVIC CLUB DON'T BE A KNOCKER BE A BOOSTER THE CIVIC CLUB A-,we-, 1927 ,.-,B-A CANTON ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPING CO. 400-412 THIRD STREET. S. E. CANTON, 'ol-no ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPING FOR COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOLS I C C L I .L , I 1927 ,,,,,.,-DfT 7 I 'I 'I 'I 'I QI I I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I QI I I I I I I I I 'I I ,I I I 'I I I 'I I I I I 'I 'I QI I I I I W. F. BARR A. D. STUCK MILROY GRAIN AND SUPPLY CO. Successor to O. S. 1-IEADINGS Coal, Feed, Flour, Fertilizer, Hay and Straw Both Phones-Prompt Service S - o f L -A-4-.-.-.-.,,-.-A,., 1927 ,.w.,e.-.-.-.-,-,e STUDENTS You are weleome to make our store your headquar- ters while in Lewistown. Rcxall Agency A. D. S. 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HGID Gigljelllfir 1se,"Ss PRICELESS PHOTOGRAPH! . . . and in after years when the little fellow is a man, the photo- graphefs treasured record will be even more precious. 40GRAp 'fr fn 9 E112 Kvplvr Sviuhin 'ON QF THIS BOOK SERYES AS A SAMPLE OF OUR NYORK S -,,...,-A.,-.eo 1927 .,,....e...A... RHOAD'S Old Reliable eWeIry Store Now Located at I 52-I 54 VALLEY STREET Where we can give you prompt and efficient service at great savings to you, owing to our greatly reduced "overIxeacI." OUT OF THE "HIGH RENT DISTRICT" ONLY A BLOCK AND A HALF FROM THE "FIVE POINTS" S ENTY-ONE I -,,-L,-,L., 1927 L.-A-.--L-L-L..,,, I S I tri' I 1 I I -S . Ill-""llI m'- rw Good Bye, Old Ice Scales R' I've reduced refrngeration to a sciencei m h df n y ouse an rom now on your boss gets the cold shoulder. ' io Kb ' -- " I N ' 1 'U if heEA5Y' 0 0 0 Frngudanre ELECTRIC nlzrnlosnfxron and my wife says it keeps foods I ve bcught a v8:l.lI.lI11ElQCfffC better and ghdeaparhthilin frozen t r ever i . ' on't I M E R :gb grigidaire W'0I'kiHgY3t you CALVIN D. DEAN Stock Room 722 Electric Avenue Both Phones V BEAVER BROTHERS BREAD -WO L 1 A-.-,,.,-,-.-,., 927 -.-.-,-,.-,-,,,. L et,-.-,.-.,-.-...-, 19 BARR FUNERAL HOME AND SERVICE W. ARTHUR BARR, Funeral Director 110 Yzilley Street, Lewistown. Pu. Bell Phnne, T50 Cumberlauid, 134 Ezra: "XYl1:it did they sux when Nurse: "It is time for you to your horse fell in za swimming' take nourishment again." pool?" Patient: "I :im tired takin: Juke: "Oh, everybody yelled. nourishment: give me somethin: 'Pull out the plum' " tn eat." THE JUNE BRIDE Will Treasure An ELECTRICAL GIFT Every Month in the Year No other gift can be more pleasing PENN CENTRAL LEXVISTOXYN. PA. SEVENTY-THREE 27 ,,,..,-,.,,,, MILROY GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRS SKILLED NVORK AT A PRICE TO SUIT ALL PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Mother: "lf you wanted to go XVhite: "Clothes give rn man il. skating why didn't you come and lot of 1-onfidencef' ask me first?" Black: "Yes, they vertninly do. ,Snmmiez "'CilllS9 I wanted tu I go H lot of places with them 90' that I w0uldn't go without them." S. A. TAYLOR 8: SON MILROY, PENN.-1. Our Aim is to Please You Quality Right, Prices Right Free Delivery at Cash and Carry Prices SEVENTY-FOUR ,,,,.-.,,-.-..,. 1927 ,,,-..-.-...-.....w J. J. MAUREY DELICIOUS ICE CREAM The Pe-ople's Best Food Ent More of It Wholesale Dealer in Ice Cream The Place 'Where Quality Counts the Most LEXV I STOXYN. PEN NA. HARRY I-IAYIVIAN CLOTHIER AND FURNISHER AIAYA YS RELIABLE Houck Building' LBXVISTOIYN. PA. Mrs. DeSmythe: "Now I want you to save me an extra supply cf flowers next week. My daugh- ter is coming out. you know." Florist: "Yes, I'Il save her the very best. NVhat was she put in for?" Hubby: "Look here, Marian, il was only last month I paid an rlressmzukens hill for 8370, and h9re's another for S30U." XR'ife: "XYell. dear, doe-sn't that show I am spending less." DELICIOUS COLD DRINKS ICES, SHERBETS SUN DAES QUIGLEY'S SI-IUIVIAKER'S D R U G STORE WE SELL THE BEST Call on Us XYhen in LEWISTOXVN, PENN.-X. Monument Square- Ssvswrv-Five: . - , I L . I . , - I I 1927 .-.,I.I,.,I.,,-I.w L JOE KATZ, Inc. I-lEALY'S Qual For SNAPPY SUITS ity Portraits 4 BLAZERS GOLF HOSE KNICKERS On the Square LISYV ISTOYVN. PA. Mid. XV.: "Do you know why I like oysters? Everything in Clothing Teacher: "IVho can give me unt'?" Jim: "No, why?" Mid.: "I clon't know. That's why I asked you." Abie: "Av:1unt vhut? uvnur vhen avziunt it." Il sentence using the word 'ova t SEVENTY-SIX L.-.,,,,,,,,,,.-A-. IS STORE IS Its policy is dictated and directed by your demands. It will grow :ind become great only by pleasing you. Your every dollar .weighs full one-hundred- cents-worth of value :it all times. YOUR STORE This season rind us better equipped to serve your every fancy than ever hefore. NYe want you to judge our merchandise not alone when it is bought. but when it has completed its service. XVe offer quality goods, priced fairly, and we stand behind them. In this way we hope to win the confidence of Milroy and Community. E.. E. 1VlcIVIEEN 8: COMPANY 1927 ,.---,--.-.,-O--. NATIONAL LIMESTONE COMPANY NAGINEY, PENNA. ALL GRADES CRUSHED STONE CONCRETE and ROAD WORK ROCK LIME HYDRATED LIME Deliveries Any Time, Any Where 1927 I l I .4-its u m,,u,,w' I. 4 YM: nuss su. Mum Nn 4331- 1 I ii " . I 1 E , if 9 9 'F v' .. - :is-...a .- 5 . . ,tt Q. . 5, ,fiick-1 TTQJ ,i mu Q - P ' fym. 5 ,Qt 1, U- - V ff -. if - , wi - i L '4- ag, :N V l ' 15 l,",'l,' 1. 575' . :uns SUCCESS -you like to he ussovialted with it. you like to do business with successful people. 'I'hz1t's one reason why you will enjoy banking' with THE RUSSELL NATIONAL BANK. The growth of this insti- tution whic-h is the OLDEST bank in Lewistown, as well as the largest and strongest, keeps pace with the progress of the entire Lewistown distriet. Its resources exceeding S3,000,0ll0.00 and its Complete organization evidence its erlpzwity to handle your banking transactions in the way you will approve. XVe invite you to c-onie in any day to open 21 Ch9f'kll1g.Z' or savings aeoount or to tulk over your need for banking L .-.-.-.--.,.-.-.-.-.L 1 service. OFFICERS S. H. RUSSELL ....... NYALTER FOSNUT --- 0. C. SKINNER ....... H. C. BOHDMAN ......... --- MISS SARA S. SNOOK ........ -------President ---Vive President ---Vive President ----------Cashier Assistu nt Cashier CLIFFORD P. GRAHAM .----- Assistant Cashier LESLIE S. HEPK --..---- -- - - -Trust Officer THE RUSSELL NATIONAL BANK LEXYISTUXVN, PA. Oldest-Largest-Strongest SEVENTY-EIGHT . Tutograpbs .-.-A-. - . 1927 4.-. .-A 92 5 fain ,A ww- P '- if wwf' if if' .7 ., 5 an wma ,- f gn ,. "F ' , ' qi, Ak' ,J 44 . ,v A YH X ,A .WL N- 'F . -'-fu A 1 fu I' J., ., - . , X. . ,uf V-1, ,L 1 1' 1. - . ni, nijpv-V AQ- ' M-. - .Tw 5 f. P , N .,.,, , ., .V ,, .V ."f." " 1 , J .n.- . V' I-. fx '1 4. .-, N-ig. X .V f 4x,n. me 1. . W, fs' Vi. X. ,pr 5 J? ga-N b 5 1 W 4 ' .4 , 1 1 ' F Q, - Wit " " '-.uf ms.: ,- TM. 1534 ' fj' ' QQ ,, -,3-, N -.-,. -V , - ,- .rjg .H- ,. t .. - ,P g V. V ,. A-L- .f .r J ,1-,H f, - rn. - - r' ' Y ,I -MQ xv Q i l 1 i . 4,-4 ' ' U,-,kr V. -1, x . ' I -I U ,gn .1 - Y .,, , V 7.4-ts R' - 1 -J. A , .4 f..1 .1 sf' f ' , 5 f 4 . . , . .f ' gy. , - -1-'. v ,J .. .Q " f' .lj I E .I us'-,-' 1-f.!3, '4',' - 1, , .V-1 , V , 42 wr . Vfw v-I fn. .'-x' vs.. .- 'J ' . f -v'.' , , ,fj f Q . .3 . A - ' av - f 1 , 4 X4

Suggestions in the Milroy High School - La Vie de l Ecole Yearbook (Milroy, PA) collection:

Milroy High School - La Vie de l Ecole Yearbook (Milroy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 20

1927, pg 20

Milroy High School - La Vie de l Ecole Yearbook (Milroy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 18

1927, pg 18

Milroy High School - La Vie de l Ecole Yearbook (Milroy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 13

1927, pg 13

Milroy High School - La Vie de l Ecole Yearbook (Milroy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 78

1927, pg 78

Milroy High School - La Vie de l Ecole Yearbook (Milroy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 39

1927, pg 39

Milroy High School - La Vie de l Ecole Yearbook (Milroy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 54

1927, pg 54

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