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T'7 .,,, 'gl 4 .A I-1 M 4. V , ,.4 W , 1.211 rail: -., , , ,Lt ff P ,. X f 1 'xr 1 if! , 1 Elf ngp iff 1. :P Q . , 'n P, . I, . . My 'gm .,V. .Ev ..,.. ,EQ k srl. 'fill .411 ...1 .in 'llf' 1 Hr. L35 fig Y 1: arf Mil ills F 5 gn 1:54 , ffl. Ml :LL 1 my 'iff ilk? Lf, F21 5:1 53.55 E5 WH 531 - ffii 3:9 ,,:, if! vu . I HI! rg! :J 'if , . H14 .::' v 542 , , , 1 4 X :rf 1 X. ,Q , .. .. +-,.W . 1, .T .T w.-- ,. M, , , Y. v.-.,.. ,. W -v-, Z The Slulluul Bully nf MILNEH HIGH SIIHUIIL Milner, finnrqia 1945 T515 UT HER HE PHU UB "Freedom of the people, by the people and for the peoplel' has been chosen as the theme of the 1945 TOP NoTt1HiiR. Feeling that a new realization of the meaning of the Red, White, and Blue of our flag has entered into the hearts and minds of American youth and has awaken in our hearts the memory of the brave men defending it, for war has come again to the World, bringing horror and destruction. Changes come, but may we as students of Milner High School pledge ourselves to hold sacred the traditions of the past, to adjust ourselves to the emergencies of the present, and to prepare ourselves for the eventualities of the future. To serve that country which offers to us a yesterday of which we are proud. a tomorrow towards which we move xvith faith and hope. XVe hope that on these pages we have presented the school activities and spirit, so that in future years you may relive in the memory of the year 1945. -160 func! of Ihr' Wee unc! Ike home of ffm Alas-af A. H. SHULER . DEDIII TID To A. H. Shuler For his sympathetic concern and interest for us and our problems, For the patience he has shown with us, For the aid and advice he has rendered us, And for his devotion and loyalty to our school, We, the staff of the 1945 TOP NOTCHER, dedicate this, Our first Volume of our publication, to our principal, Mr. A. H, Shuler Ji Hail, Hail, All hail to Milner High, LMA United here we stand. And to it now in loyalty W'e pledge eneh heart and hand. W'e love its colors, as they wave Beneath these cheerful skies. The school which strives to serve us well ls sacred in our eyes. 4 ATEH Our Milner High, Dear Milner High, To it every heart beats true. We will follow far its standards high Three cheers, three cheers for you! Our Milner High, Dear Milner High, To it every heart beats true. We will follow far its standards high Three cheers, three cheers for you! BUAHII UF ED CATIIJ 3 MR. O. M. DUKIQ . . . Chairman MR. K. P. LDOIXIINGOS . ...... . Sc'a'n'iar3' MRS.lJ. D. VVILSON -Y MR. XV. VV. ETHR11x51i MR. OT1s WILSQJN Qi THE FACULTY MRS. K. P. IUOMINGOS Four year graduate of Bessie Tift College. .Supply Tearbfr "Life is nothing without friendship."-Ciwro. MRS. FLORENCE M. BREWSTER Four year graduate of Georgia State College for Women. Dvjmrfmenf of English una' Librarian "Our high respect for a well-bred man is praise enough for literature."-Emerson. MISS ORA LEE HOWARD Four year graduate of the University of Georgia. Dff7urIn1f'nt of Hislory anal Foreign Language "History makes us shudder and laugh by turns."-Walpole. MISS ELMINA MCKNEELY Four year graduate of Bessie Tift Collegeg Massey's Business College. Df'f7Hl'fIlIl'Ilf of CIIIIIIVIFVFII "The real essence of Work is concentrated energy."-Bagolof. MR. A. H. SHULER Four year graduate of Oglethorpe Universityg one year graduate school of University of Georgia. Principal "Education is a treasure and culturc never dies."-Pvlronius. MR. LEROY SMITH Pupil of Frank I.aForge in New Yorltg studied with Ernesto Berumen of New York. Depurimen! of Music "An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual World."-Sunfuyana. MISS REGINA WILSON Four year graduate of Georgia State College for Women. , Dvfmrlzzzz-111' of Science and Mathemalics "Science is nothing but good sense and strong reasoning."- Slunislaux. MRS. G. C. WORSHAM Four year graduate of Brenau Collegeg one year graduate work at Peabody. Dr-parlmerzf of Matlzemaiics and Social Science "Multiplication is vexationg division is as badg the rule of three dost puzzle me, and fractions make me madf'-Unideniififd May 18-Graduation Baccalaureate sermon. Class night. Received caps and gowns. HIGHLIGHTS Kidway. Class picnic. Championship debate. May-Receive our annuals. Senior play. Junior-Senior entertainment-. April-Received our pins. Beta Club play. Received our invitations. March-Began playing tennis. V Annual went to press. February-Basketball tournament. Semi-finals. Girls lost their first basketball game to Yatesville. Photographer for our annual came. january-School reopened after holidays. Christmas holidays. December-Basketball games began. Thanksgiving dinner. Annual staff elected. November-Ordered class pins. Holiday-Teachers went to the G.E.A. meeting. October-Halloween Carnival. September-School opened. N U, 1 LF! QWJFQ I xx R.. 1 'wut H' L HBP' 1 XM! rFi.1"W' MY 1 U 'fif- .--. AA, 1.- '1 ia M v V 1 I. .ml 1 Q. 'I gf- 1 J--x R X X, R x R- f f 2 ,. g X X x 'X g x 5 fQf'PE'UW wx ,f l H F X Cl ES OUR MASCOT SE IIJH CLASS IJFFICEHS J. T. BECKER . . RETHA NELL CAIN IMOGENE Ross . MAURICE WELDON KAY DOMINGOS . . . P!'USil1,Cl7f . View-Prcsidenf . Serrviary . Trf'as11rz'r . Masroi Q! W ..,.. , 5 - . - Usx ygwvig zaxz ., 10 SE IUH5 MITCHELL ABBOTT-"LitlIc Bitv almost didn't get to school this year, but he decided to be just a part time farmer. He is a member of the L. C. Lamar Debating Society and the Hi-Y Club. He has always been quiet, but his cheerful countenance reveals a merry heart. j. T. BECKER-"Baden will not be empty handed in life. He is firm in manner and friendly in reality. All in all, he is quite outstanding. He is president of L. C. Lamar Debating Society, news editor on the Piper staff, varsity basketball player, member of the Beta Club and vice-presi- dent of the Hi-Y Club. ORADELLE BFDSOLE-"Oxu.'alJ" is athletic, and a first YRIC sport. She is a star basketball player, a member of the L. C. Lamar Debating Society, the 4-H Club, the Glee Club, and the School Patrol. BARRON BEVIL-"HoI.vb01U is our glamour boy. Oh! these swooning females! He is a varsity basketball star. Hi-Y treasurer and the L. C. Lamar sergeant-at-arms. Our opinion is well manner-well spoken-well-good! ,IAMFS BRONVN-"Mark"-half unit they call him, but he's half the fun of the class and more than half the source of trouble. A ladies, man with a hill billy laugh! He's a championfdebater on the L. C. Lamar side, a basketball star, and a member of the Hi-Y Club. BILLY BURCH-"RHP, is versatile and full of bounding optimism. We certainly like his voice, too. Billy is a varsity basketball star, secretary of the Hi-Y Club and a L. C. Lamar debater. A fun and merrymaker for Milner High. RETHA NELL CAIN-"Nellie" seems to lead a vastly exciting life and her capability is broad--her zest for life refreshing. She is a member of the varsity basketball team, member of the Beta Club and the Glee Club, program chair- man of the J. M. Pound Debating Society, sergeant-at-arms of the Tri-I-Ii-Y, and business manager of the Piper. EMMA LEE CLARKE-"Dummy," the studious girl with the sparkling brown eyes that attracts everyone, is secretary of the L. C. Lamar Debating Society, a member of the Tri-Hi-Y Club, and art editor of the Tor' NOTCHER. IUH5 HAROLD CONGER-"Crip", as he is known to us, has a cunning smile that helps through many a light spot. He plays basketball, is a member of the L. C. Lamar Debat- ing Society, the Hi-Y Club, and the sports editor of the Piper. DOROTHY CONKLE-'iDj'l7d77lif!f Doi," the quiet and studious girl who has no time for foolishness. She is a transfer from Gordon. She is a member of the L. Q. C. Lamar Debating Society. HELEN CONLEYi'rCOIl7IfI'J',, entered school in November as a transfer from Thomaston. She had to return, but while she was here she gained the friendship of everyone. She was a member of the -I. M. Pound Debating Society. the Glee Club, a varsity basketball star, and sergeant-ab arms of the Tri-Hi-Y Club. FRANCES CRAWFORD-"Tcrv1s5'-Weer1s3"' makes up in quality what she lacks in quantity. She is a gay, attractive, little girl. She is a member of the L. C. Lamar Debating Society, the Tri-HieY Club, the Glee Club, and the 4-H Club. PATSY CRAVVLEY-"R11fnv" is pretty, is cute, and smart to boot! She is editor of the Piper, the Tri-Hi-Y president, .1 member of the Beta Club, a Lamar debater and literary editor of the annual. A favorite with everyone and .1 smile that wins-that is our Patsy. MARGLRY COGGINS-"Marge" is the girl who always has her mirror ready for those girls who just lmzv to primp! She is quiet, good natured, and a friend of everyone. She is a member of the Tri-Hi-Y Club, the L. C. Lamar Debating Society, the 4-H Club, and the School Patrol, ELISE LINGOLD-"Li11g,' is the girl with the cute little laugh. She has a pleasant disposition and a winning smile. She is a member of the Al. M. Pound Debating Society, the Tri-Hi-Y Club, the Piper staff and the annual staff. FRANCES MARTIN-"Sally" with the very blonde hair. No Wonder gentlemen prefer her kind, so do all of us. She is a varsity basketball player and a member of the J. M. Pound Debating Society. vig' 1 SE IIJHS WENDELL MORGAN--"Wfinlzic"' with his pearly white teeth and a great big grin. An ad for Ipana? Oh, no-just a smile in the Morgan manner. He is a member of the L. Q. C. Lamar Debating Society, the 4-H Club, and the Hi-Y Club. PAULINE PATRICK-Pauline is a new addition to our class, having joined us since Christmas, but we like her and can see that she is sincere and that she has a sensible view- point. She is a member of the Al. M. Pounds Debating Society. COLLEEN PIPER-"Doug" is sweet and quiet and a friend to all. She is a literary editor of the Piper, a member of the Tri-Hi-Y Club and the L. Q. C. Lamar Debating Society. EVELYN RliliVESfTliey say she has dignity, but we al- ways found that there was plenty of fun and fire in a red head's disposition. She is tall and graceful, and calmly runs things from the background. She is a member of the Beta Club, the L. Q. C. Lamar Debating Society, art editor of the Pifrvr, photograph editor of the annual, and treasurer of the Tri-Hi-Y Club. VERNON REEVES-"Fai," Mitchell's shadow, is the guy who always fixes things, no matter what is broken. He is calm, quiet, and there's honesty and manhood in him. He is a member of the I"Ii-Y Club and the J. M. Pound Debat- ing Society. IMOGENE ROSS-"Roxxy," with her very blonde hair, is one everyone likes. Her cheerful leadership shows ability, eagerness and determination. She is president of the Beta Club, cditor of the annual, society editor of the Piper, member of the L. C. Lamar Debating Society, member of the Tri-Hi-Y Club, and a varsity basketball star. HELEN RUSSELL-A striking brunette, outspoken and capable. She is a member of the L. Q. C. Lamar Debating Society, the Tri-Hi-Y Club, the Glee Club, and the School Patrol. MILDRED SHIERLING-"Sl1irrlry," who is always in a hurry, likes to tease. My! how sl-ie loves secretsf She is a member of the Beta Club, a reporter for the Piper, member of the M. Pound Debating Society, and a varsity basket- ball player. SE IUH5 REV. PAUL SXVOFFORD--"Parson" is a newcomer and a very welcome addition. Calm and steadfast, his manner is strengthening. Hc has represented high ideals and lofty ambitions so successfully that each senior has benefited by the contact with him. He is adviser for the Hi-Y Club, and a member of the L. C. Lamar Debating Society. KATHERINE THORNTON-"Kal" is a quiet, studious girl, liked by everyone. She is a member of the L. C. Lamar Debating Society and the Tri-Hi-Y Club. ELVVOOD TINGLE--Elwood, better known as "Frixk3'," left us in February to enter the service, He was always quiet, but aren't the men of few words the best men after all? He was a member of the School Patrol. HUGH TURNER-"Talur" carries a heavy course and a full time war job. He is steady, self-reliant, and frank. He is a member of the L. Q. C. Lamar Debating Society and the Boy Scouts. MAURICE NVELDON-"Mme," six feet five and a half inches and every inch a man, quite versatile, being a cham- pion in both basketball and debating. He also is president of the il. M. Pound Debating Society, president of the Hi-Y Club, a member of the Beta Club, managing editor of thc Plf7t'I', business manager of TI-in TOP No'1'ciii-.R. REBA WELDON-"B111xbf14l," it is hard to tell which is the more outstanding about Reba, her basketball playing or her gorgeous eyes. Reba is a member of the 4-H Club, the L. C. Lamar Debating Society, and a varsity basket- ball player. jk CLASS MOTTO-OlIlL'dI'd and Upwaid CLASS COLORS1BlZl0 and White CLASS FLOWER-Muzfrazzzza Lllim HISTIIHY UF THE CLASS IJF'1l5 On September first, nineteen hundred and forty-one, the team, "Seventh Grade," ran onto the court. There were forty-five of us who strained our ears to hear the gong which would mean we had begun our first quarter of high school. How nervous we were! The upperclassmen looked down their noses at us from their places in the grand- stands. What an awful time we had getting our subjects and classes straightened out! Miss Reba Mangham directed the ugamen and Mr. H. C. Thomas was the ucoachf' During that year we visited Griffin to see the many points of interest there. Then the gong. sounded and one goal had been made. We all had become "S0phs." In September, nineteen hundred and forty-two, we again ran onto the court and this year we had just a little more courage than we had at the beginning of the high school "game," Many of our classmates did not return for this quarter and our "team" was broken down to thirty-four players. Mrs. Florence Brewster called the "plays" for us that year and Mr. A. H. Shuler held the position as "coach.,' During this quarter we lost Z. L. Griffin to the U. S. Navy. Our "team,' had become a little more dignified and this was rather a quiet year. The "half" was finished and another goal had been made. We were now Juniors. After having three months "time out" we entered the tenth grade. Miss Elmina McKneely directed us that quarter. Billy Burch and Doris Buice reentered our class. They had left us in the eighth grade. We also lost several players that year. Among them was Aldean Russell, Mary English, Carol Ackis, and Charles Jones. During that year we entertained the seniors with a Junior-Senior Banquet. Before we knew what had happened the third quarter was over and another goal made. We were now eligible for the Senior team. In September, nineteen hundred and forty-four, we ran onto the court for our last quarter. We had several additions to our class: Rev. Paul Swofford, james Brown from Spalding, Helen Conley and Pauline Patrick from Thomaston all entered our class. Miss Ora Lee Howard called the "plays,' this time and Mr. A. H. Shuler still remained as our "coach." It was a happy quarter but also because we knew it would be our last here at Milner High. This year we had many highlights. We were working on the first edition of the TOP NOTCHER, Milner's yearbook, and our class also held down the responsibility of the school paper, The Piper. We had fun collecting advertisements for both. We all had wonderful times during the last days here at Old M. H. S. NVe had Kid's Day, worked hard on the senior play, and the juniors gave us a banquet. Vfe ordered our caps and gowns, invitations and cards, and then the day came when we first dressed up in all our graduation finery! On Sunday, May 13, the baccalaureate sermon was delivered by Rev. J. H. Cook. Then at last, the goal we had been striving so hard to reach was made. There, in the auditorium of the dear old school house which meant so much to us, we received our diplomas which was the final goal for us as a Steam." Mr. M. D. Collins, Georgia State School Superintendent, delivered our graduation speech. So, on May 18, 1945, we walked off the court, victorious and happy, with each player going his own way into the uncer- tain future. We knew it was up to us to help make the future certain for the genera- tions to come. IM OGENE Ross Hisioriun 15 PHUPHEIIY Horrors, how I hate to go to the dentist! But, guess what? The last time I went was really a pleasure. I met every single one of my friends of high school days. You don't understand? W'ell, I guess it is a little bit difficult, at that. I have a very nice dentist, by the way, who always gives me gas, because I'm so scared. Well, this last time I had a dream, a "gas,' dream I guess you'd call it. Goodness! I found myself at the Municipal Airport in Chicago. There I was all dressed up in furs and every- thing-really quite a lady. And I was about to tour the country in an airplane. I sat down and turned around to look at my fellow passenger. He flashed me a brilliant smile and looked at me as if he knew me. I was a little bashful and began looking at my magazine very fast. As we flew on'I really worried. I didn't know anything except my name and where I was going. In fact, I didn't even know the year. I ventured to ask my companion what the date was. He looked astonished and answered 1955. Then he said, "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" Of course it was the same old line, but something in his voice caused me to look at him and then I cried, "Why, Maurice Weldon!" He was on his way to Russia to attend a con- ference of experimental dairy farmers. As we arrived in New York, I recognized as the pilot of the plane, W'endell Morgan. He made a good looking pilot, too. W'oo, Woo! I was feeling mussed up, and headed for the first beauty parlor I could find. There I saw Helen Russell and Margery Goggins, two of the best operators in their field. I walked out on the street, and was engulfed by a cheering crowd. A car rolled down the street and I strained to see. The famous, happy-go-lucky movie star, Virgil Bevil, was in town! Didn't I know him? Why, of course I did! It was Barron, our glamour boy of '45. Then I heard an awful noise. A Ere truck was coming in my direction at a terrihc speed. As it whizzed by I saw james Brown as the drivcr. Like all the crowd, I ran to the fire, as it was only a few blocks away, and there writing it up, was Imogene Ross, star reporter for the New York Timer. I'd seen enough of New York, so I caught the next plane out. I really didn't know where I was going, but I ended up in a quiet little town in Ohio, How Mitchell Abbott ever got there l'll never know, but there he was, a very prosperous merchant. Pauline Patrick also resided there. She was writing articles for a current magazine. I had a little legal business to attend to, so I went to the mayor's office. Who should be in the reception room but Mildred Shicrling. I asked her how she got way up there and she said the mayor was her husband. I had a surprise when I saw the mayor, for it was none other than Harold Conger, with a big cigar and plaid coat-a real politician. I was anxious to see more of my old friends, so at Salt Lake City I really did find one. None other than Evelyn Reeves. She told me that the physics she had learned at Old Milner High had led her to further study. Now she was working on a plan to convert thc salt in the water of the city into sugar. She still remembered rationing. 16 As we were walking down the street, we saw a handsgme naval oflicer coming toward us. People were crowding around him and as he came closer we saw that it was J. T. Becker, a famous hero. I took a plane straight to California. There I met Elise Lingold, about to begin her first motion picture. She was a wealthy debutante in the picture. From there I went to Mexico City on my way to South America. I hardly expected to meet anybody I knew-Billy Burch was the first one, because of his red hair. He was interviewing passengers from the street. Billy owns the whole Mexican Radio System and directs all the musical programs himself. Oradelle Bedsole, Reba Weldon, and Helen Conley were talent scouts for him and had just left for Cuba on the trail of a new rumba band. Exciting South America!! I wanted to see all the sights. I saw some of the great bridges that Hugh Turner had built. He was a famous engineer. Colleen Piper was in the oice at the airport where I got my ticket home. She was having a wonderful time in South America, and spoke Spanish faster than lightning. At last I was on my way home. I hadn't realized it before but I was awfully homesick. I had a headache and called for the stewardess on the plane, and it was Retha Nell Cain. She said that Emma Lee Clark, a teacher in the Miami school system, was going to meet her when we reached Miami. Luck was with me, for when I got to jacksonville I saw Katherine Thornton in one of the biggest hotels there. She was the hostess and she looked very happy and successful. Frances Martin had a room next to mine. She was dressed in the uniform of the XY'aves, She said that after school she had joined and had liked it so much that she just stayed in the service. On the streets of jacksonville I met J. H. Martin. He said he had a surprise for me, and took me out to the beach. There I saw R. L. Blackwell, Billy Johnston, Z. L. Griffin, and Edwood Piper. They owned their own line of fishing boats and were taking life easy. H. was the con- tact man because all the others were experienced in navai affairs. I decided to come the rest of the way by train. I'd had enough of airplanes. I was surprised when the conductor came through for it was none other than Vernon Reeves. On the train was Elwood Tingle. He was a traveling salesman for Dobb's Hats. In Savannah I met Frances Crawford. She said she was working with Dorothy Conkle in Norfolk, Virginia, in their own dress designing establishment. She was having a wonderful time, she told me that Mr. Swolford was re- ligious educational director for the Southeastern States with headquarters in Richmond. Heavens! I'd been dreaming! I was just in the dentist's office and he'd finished pulling a tooth, and I was ready to go home. I said to myself, "Oh well, Patsy, old girl, it was a beautiful DREAM, anyway." PATSY CRAWLEY THE L. ll. II. LAMAR HQEBMATINE OFHCERS T. BLLQKHQ . . . ..... ..... P rf'xirfr'11f KATI-iI,li1iN MORGAN . . Xfifl'-Pl'l'Sil1f'71f EMMA Lui CLARKII . . . Sf'f'z'f'Iary CQLLEEN PIPER . .... T!'UdS1lVl'l' BARRON BEVI1. ............... Sfwgmzzf-at-Arlfzs MAliINIiLLI41 XV1i1.uoN ............. Progrcznz Chairnzan THE .IEHHE M. PIJUND IIEBATINI3 SUEIETY OFFICERS MAURICZIQ Wl,il.IJON ..... . . Pl'f'XjlIC'I1f VQNQEIL LQTT . .... , Virf'-Pnnsidrzzf BESSIE MAE BRINKLEY . . Sccwfary 1011 PHARMAN . . . TI'PdS1l1'L'1' 14 OFFICERS MARJORIE H1iAID PI'I'Sft1f'lIf X7ONf'l'.lI. LOTT Vim'-PI'UxizI'z'11f COLLILIZN MANN Sr'f'I'rn1I'y-Tvvaszzrw WAO3 who In tlze gunior Mass Bw! All-Rozzmf Mm! Illfl'Hl'!'fIlllI MAIIINLI I.l XVLLIION TPIOBIAS P055 COLLIZI-,N NIANN JACK WAITS J- , ',- I H HH Af I'1lIlIl1XUlII4'Xf XIVIIIIIOIIII HI .III -IOI-1 PliARN1AN ,M Moxf Popular Maxi Cozzrfmzrs FANNIE LOU MARTIN BILLY MOORE BLSSIIZ MAL BIuNIiI.I4.Y CLAUIJE MILNER IS an Q-4? as I "-A I , ,f f If I I i, ' H "Zn ..,. by . ' , ' In .'.g,:. ig, ., W ma rw. 5 I1 mf! . I 9 , sl . :'-" ' 3 , H --,- ff' : :nw my 4 +9 3 ,,,.v.., t . fl . -'f + f KA jj ii: ICIHEL BOLFS BESsII- M.-uf BIaINnI.I Y EDNA Coxm I, G1 Ix.'x1,11INI. CIa.,xxvF0m: l,OliOl In' CIIIxw'I.IfY ANNIE RUIII Iflxxxnxlim DOROTHY ANNI IQNGLISII DOROTHY K. lfNuI.I5II DI mm IQUISANKS M.xII,1OIaII HI I-In DONALD HUIIO GPAL LIONI 5 THPIMA KINAIQII VONU II, LOI'1 ciklll I I N BIANN FANNIE LOU NIARTIN MARY JOHN MAIIIIN CLAUI11, NIILNI lx BILLY MOOIII- -lm PI .VIIIMAN ,IM II S. PILGIIIM THOMAS R. Poss JACK XVIxI'Is NIAliINl,I.I.l, WIIIJON Axml LAURA w7II.I,Alil? UNIUII CLASS 19 FRESHMAN NIAURICE ETHERIDGI- JACK Hoon . LQUISE CRAWLLX NIARTHA CARVLR FHESHM!-KN CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE . Prvsidwzf . . . B1-,'1"1'Y IWORRIS . xljff'-P7'L'Sjtll'l1f . . . . Ll. M. BIQIJSOLI' . SK't'I'Pfl1l'3' . . BARBARA GRIVSHAM . . . . . Twaxzzrvr' . . . . . . . . jlpwl-.1, JONIS SUPHUMUHE CLASS lit! MRS. MABLL Romans Mus. 1145514 R. ,Io11Ns'1'oN Mus. XX'oo1x1toW XV. HANCOQK liirxf Graaff' Swoflif Ciruili' Tbirif Cruili' Miss lil.ILABL'l'H 'I'M'1,o1i Nliss RU111 K11x111.1 Miss NIx'R1,B,x1ui1 1'1' NIM. HUG11 Aiaxoi ll 1"r1111'lf1 Grmli' liifili Gruzilz' Siifb Gmiili' Sui mlb Cimiili' EHAMMAH SEHUUL FAC LTY Mm! Graaff, fini row: jimmy Martin, David Darden, Marvin Smith, Larry Ellis, Roy Vaughn, Rois Martin, Robert Brooks, Dan Kimbell, XVilliam Cook, Franklin Gay, Linda Nolan, Frank Allen, Jimmy Morgan, Bennie Allen, Lila Ruth Piper, Iidwnril Stallingx ,loann Carden, Louise Martin, Cary Barron, Dorothy Singlcy, Graham Hayes, Ann Parker. Srroml Gmlilv, 111111111 row: Roy Littleton, Terry Johnston, Gordy Smith, Annette Burlington, Margarelte Freeman, litlnii Short, Bur- line Phillips, Carole Wilso11, june Nolan, O. II. Phillips, Charles Laney, Ben Conkle, George Smith, Othello Ridgeway, liziye Bankston, julian Moore, Aubrey McNeely, 21 l Tflirll Grmfe, fri! VIII!! Nancy King, Lee Xlfilloughby, Ronald Weldon, John Darden, Jimmy Johnson, Wayne Trice, YV. W'illian1s, Frances Domingos, Jim Pettiiohn, Billy Kimbell, Billy Knott, Richard Moore, F. Bell, Richard Britt, Kelly Wilstmii, Lonnie Frost, Marion Conkle, Patrieia McCoy, Shirley Cook. lfonrlli Grrnle, xecrrml rout Virginia Mitehell, Jeanette Cook, Fmma Reeves, Alice Allen, liugene W'oodruff, Florine Chandler, Mary Frances Littleton, Jean Bell, Russell Gay, Jeanette Morgan, Billy Stanley, Donald Piper, Wesley XY'ilson, Tommie Jean Darden, Benny lfrteinan, l-'lmer Ross, Monroe Conkle, Jo Anne Bankston, Latane Smith, Bobbie Buflington, Betty Shope, Edna Ridgeway. I"iflliGlm1e, jimi rout Margie Brooks, Betty Britt, Frances Grant, Dorothy Crawford, VV. Shope, Mary Frances Brinkley, Bettye Wilson, Donald McCoy, Vivian Piper . . , Seroml row: David Thomas, Donald Corley, Joe Kirkus, Billy Bishop, Alice Mae Vaughn, Billy Anglin, Donald Cook, Jaequelynn Bishop, Norma Jean Stanley .... Tfiirrl ww: Jack Sauley, Robert Ridgeway, Jimmie Bass, l.esier Freeman, Donald Chandler, Jeanelle Torbert, Beatrice Allen, Doris Bethune, Sixlb Gruilr, ,fini mu: Peggy Johnston, Melvin Freeman, Billy Vfeldon, Billy Carver, Betty Harris, Agnes Martin, Norma Jo Crawley, Harold W'ilson .... Swruzif row: Donald Swofford, Frances Head, Bobbie Clarke, Larry Melineely, Franklin Russell, Billy Kitehings. . . . Tbiril row: Shelton Gresham, James Edwards, Harvey Bishop, Freddy Marable. Suzwzfb Grade, frfi rout Roger Bevil, Bobby Crawford, Swint Grant, Maudine Trice. Kitty Cook, Joyce Brooks, Fllen Bunn, Ruth Akins, Catherine O'Dell .... SL'i'UHil rou': George Ross, Annette Martin, Ruth Conkle, Hoke Johnson, Jack Barksdale, Eclwina Duck- worth, Dorothy Smith, Susan Sanders, Jeanette Torbert ..., Third mir: C. XV. Goggins, Betty Lee, Pauline Ross, Shirley Reeves, Ilerbert Torbert, Carlton Cauthen. 22 lx 'I - if M , ' Y ' 4: T u v 1 l E s iii' QM ,, QQ HU UH ST UE TS RLQTHA :YI-,LL CMN Eu 1 xx R1 l wx s EMMA Lui CLARM lxmr,1,N1 Ross PATsu'C1u.xw LIN' Nifxulucil W1 1 vox IIQI' QDl'ClC'!llClf0S llll lfle CSjc21'v1'c'0 of CGW' Cgounlry 215 ff 2 fi LQ :Q A Q U gy! QQ? X ,, ' 2 7: X H' f A . Q we A W' 1 gjib operates for the purpo and character traits. IMOGENI-l Ross . . MARINli1.LkQ WELDON RETHA Num. CAIN . MARJORIH HEAD . MAURIQE WELDON . TA ELUB Organized in 1937, the Milner Beta Club is a unit of the National Beta Club which se of promoting leadership, encouraging high scholastic OFFICERS MRS. FLLJRENCE M. BR12wsTER . J. T. BEC MARY ET MEMBERS Km HEL BOLES Bessie MAxa BRINKLEY RETHA NELL CAIN PATSY CRAXVLEY MARJORI E HEAD COLLEEN MANN standards . . President . Virr'-Prcsidwzf . . Arling Secretary . C:0I'l'l'SfI!JlI!I'fl1g Secrvfury . . . . Treasurer . Faculty Adviser MARY JOHN MARTIN CLAUDE MILNER THoMAs Poss EVELYN RE,EX'ES IMOGENE Ross lx1ILDRED SHIERLING MARINE1.LE WELDON MAURICE WELDON 27 IMOGTNI-, ROSS . PATSY CRAYYTEY . EMMA LEE Ci.ARKI-. . EVFLYN REIiN'lfS . BTAURICE WELIJON . BARRON BEY11- . ORAmix.1,E Bhnsouf. . DOROTHX' CRAw'1,r,Y . . MISS ELMINA MQKNEELY . BESSIIL MAE BRINKL BETTY CLARKE LOUISE CRAWLEY BARBARA GRESHAM Litrwary Sfajff THE LITERARY STAFF MEMBERS 581945 . . Ifzfifrwl' . I,fft'l'11l"1' Ezfifm' . . . Ari Ezfifnr Pf70f0kQV!If7l7jl' Erfifor . Bzzsiuvxx Mazzagw' . T7'l,HSIlV'l'V' . Tvyjrixf . . . Tyjrixf , Ftlflllf-1' AZ1l'i.Yl'l' LY MARJORIE HEAD NTARINELLIE WELDON 28 LINDA IRYIN ROIWONA MANN FRANCES RIDCEWA Y This, the Hrst edition of the yearbook of the Milner High School, has been named THE TOP NOTCHER. It is the desire of the staff to take the highlights of a year and Weave them into a book that will quickly call back the happiest days in the life of any student-the memories of those days spent at their Alma Mater. We hope you like the 1945 TOP NOTCHER as much as we've liked planning it for you. THE ADVERTISING STAFF RETIIA NELL CAIN . MILDREID SHIERLING . VONCEI1- LOTT . COLLEEN MANN . CIOLLEEN PIPER . J. T. BECKER BILLY BURLQH HELEN CONLEY ANNIE RUTH EDWARDS BARBARA GOEN . Subscription MEMBERS AVOLENE GRIFFIN TOMMIE HARPER ELISE LINGOLD RUDOLPH OGLIVIE THOMAS Poss TUP UTIIHEH The Alll'C'1'fiSi7ZKQ Sfajf Editor Eclifor Typist Typist Typisf THE M SIE gill? gfClI'I71OlZy C1053 With the organization of the Harmony Class, the Music Department has come to be a full-grown, well-rounded de- partment. Of course, the importance of Music Theory cannot be over esti- mated, While efforts have been made in this direction with individual pupils over a number of years, it was not until the spring of 1944 that a class was completely organized. The mem- bers of the class are doing good work and show a keen interest. They are studying some of the facts about musi- cal composition which will throw a great deal of light on the music they play, sing and hear. ifwholsw gil 77fZusz'c BARBARA GOEN NTARINELLIE XSVELDON Moxf Vrrsrlfilr Moxf Olzfsfamlifzg in Piano Mos! O1lfSfdI1I!f1Ig in Voice COLLEEN MANN EDWINA DUCKWORTH 30 DEP!-lHTlVIE T 071162 gligh cslclzoof Qfee The High School Glee Club is a well established feature of our school activities. Through- out a period of years, it has functioned in various Ways, not only in school recitals, but also in cantatas and concerts in which it has been the center of attraction. Naturally its membership and formation fluctuate from time to time to keep pace with the musical needs of the students. In the last District Music Festival held in 1942, the Glee Club gave a good account of itselfg but past achievements are not the things that interest the club, nearly so much as looking forward to even more important activities. OFFICERS COLLEEFI MANN . . . . . Prrsirlcnf MARINELLE NVELDON . . Program Chairman FRANCES CRAWFORD . . . . Secrefury J. T. BECKER . . . Treasurer 31 We, the Senior Class of Milner High School, do hereby claim to be of a sound mind. We do in as sound a mind as we are supposed to possess, bequeath on the eighteenth day of the sixth month in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-five, a few of our over-developed talents to the Juniors. These gifts shall be transferred and shall take effect at twelve o'clock midnight, Central High School Standard War Time, in accordance with Miss McKneely's alarm clock which is exactly eight minutes slow with Mr. Shulerls watch. The following make our individual request: We, Mac Brown and Wendell Morgan, leave our Mutt and jeff friendship to Billy Moore and Donald Hutto provided Donald does not grow up and Billy does not grow down. I, Helen Russell, leave my family affairs to Delma Eu- banks. May Delma have better luck than I had. We, Oradelle Bedsole and Reba Weldon, leave our athletic prowess to Annie Laura Willard because we think she needs it. I, Elise Lingold, leave my engagement to Fannie Lou Martin. Heaven knows, I can't manage it myself! I, Mitchell Abbott, leave my quiet voice and pleasant smile to Jack Mullins, but jack will have to come to school to get them. I, T. Becker, leave my part in the senior play to joe Pearman. joe must keep his lisp to qualify. I, Barron Bevil, the Play Boy of '45, leave my uncon- tested title to Claude Milner. Indifference is my motto. I, Retha Nell Cain, leave my blush to Edna Conkle. She can have the giggle that goes with it at half price. I, Billy Burch, leave my standing with the faculty to Billy House because we have to keep it in the family. I, Harold Conger, leave my sweet demurc manners to Thomas Poss just to "tone" him down a little. I, Dorothy Conkle, leave enough A's for graduation to Dorothy Crawley. With these in reverse Dorothy can court between each period. I, Patsy Crawley, leave my "permanent wave" to the Hrst rainy day of September. I, Frances Crawford, leave my long hair to be equally divided between the two Dorothy English's, Dorothy A. and Dorothy K. I, Margery Goggins, leave my romances to Annie Ruth Edwards provided each man is in uniform. I, Colleen Piper, leave my blonde hair to Thelma Kinard provided Thelma believes that gentlemen perfer blondes. I, Maurice Weldon, leave my executive ability and "dig- nity" to Jack Pilgrim but Jack must be president of at least three organizations. I, Imogene Ross, leave my full pocketbooks and my white tennis shoes to Marinell Weldon on the condition that she carries everything she is requested to and is constantly on hand as referee for Mr. Shuler. W'e, Katherine Thornton and Pauline Patrick, leave our back seats in the eleventh grade room to Mary John Martin and Bessie Mae Brinkley. I, Mildred Shierling, leave my wild excitement to Colleen Mann. I, Hugh Turner, leave my chronic complaints to Mary Ethel Boles but she must never solve any of the problems. I, Paul Swofford, leave my soothing and stabilizing in- fluence to Marjorie Head, knowing that she will use rlicm for the best effect on her class. We, Vernon Reeves and Elwood Tingle, joyously and exuberantly with never a regret leave school. I, Frances Martin, leave Donald to jack Waits. It really wouldn't be safe to leave him to a girl. I, Helen Conley, leave my basketball suit to Geraldine Crawford hoping she gets to wear it more than I did. I, Emma Lee Clark, leave my red jacket to Opal jones provided she keeps the pockets full of other people's be- longings. I, Evelyn Reeves, leave my "handiman jobs" to Vonceil Lott hoping that they will give her as many free periods as they have given me. Hereunto this fifteenth day of May I hereby set my seal. Signed: EVELYN REEVES Witness: G. I. JOE THE DRAGON LADY Local Draft Board No. 1 THE PIPER The Piper staff of Milner High School is composed entirely of school students. It operates for the purpose of producing monthly editions of The Piper, which is a literary publica- tion of the students, by the students, and for the students of Milner High School. PATSY CRAWLEY . . MAURICE WELDON . J. T. BECKER . . IMOGENE Ross . ELISE LINGOLD . EVELYN REEVES . COLLEEN PIPER . . EMMA LEE CLARKE . HAROLD CONGER . EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Cioief Managing Editor . News Editor . Social Eriitor . Humor Editor . Art Editor Literary Editor Literary Editor . Sports Editor MILDRED SHIERLING . . . Reporter HAROLD CONGER . . , Reporter BESSIE MAE BRINKLEY . Reporter THoMAs Poss .... . Reporter BETTY ANN CRAWLEY . Reporter MARTHA LOTT . . . Reporter BARBARA GOI-lN . ..... . Reporter BUSINESS STAFF RETHA NELL CAIN . ...,.. . . Manager JANIES BROWN . . . . Machinist MRS. FLORENCE BREWSTER . . Faculty Adviser MISS ELMINA MCKNEELY . . . Faculty Adviser ORADELLE BEDSOLE . . .... Typist DOROTHY CRAWLEX' . . . . Typist BUY SEUUT5 Firxl raw, leff lo Vigbl: Maurice W'eldon, J. T. Becker, W'endell Morgan, Barron Bcvil, james Brown .... Sfvomf row: Hugh Turner, Thomas Lott, Maurice Etheridge, Tlmommic Harper, Sammy Oaks, Bob Becker, Harvey Becker. THE SCHUUL P THUL Firxl row, lrff lu rigfwlf Helen Russell, Margery Goggins, Katherine Tlrormon, Mildred Sluierling, Emma Lee Clarke, Reflux Nell Cain, Ora- delle Beclsole, Helen Conley .... Buffs rout -lack Mnnry, Vernon Reeves, Ben johnson, james Brown, Maurice Weldon, Elwood Tingle ,loc Penrman, Tlxomns Poss. r Ill THE THI-HI-Y The objectives of these organizations are to help boys and girls in Christian character to maintain the highest ideals and stanclarcls. The platform is "clean speech, clean sports- manship, clean scholarship, and clean livingf, THE HI-Y 1 U OFFICERS PATSY CTRAXYLEY Pl'l'SitI,t'I7f NTARAIORIE HIQAD Vive-P1'c'sirfc'11f Busslii MAL BRlNKLi1 Sl'f,'I'l'f6lVj' EVIQLYN Rlzlivles Tl'l'!lXll rel' RKTIIA Niall CAIN I -YY Z 1 9 OFFICERS NlAURlCI2 W111.1moN P1'z'xirfz'11f J. T. BFCIKIZR Vim'-I'z'r'sizfef1! BILLY BURQH St'l'l'f'fLll'A1' BARRON Biivu, T!'!'6ltYIll'f'F Vs7l.NlDl21.I. MQRGAN FRN!-XP SHUT5 THE HUC LABIJHATIJBY SCIENCE CLUB QFFICERS BARBARA GOEN . . . . . . Prvsidvnt TOMMIE HARPER . . Vivv-Presidwzf LOUISE CRAWLEY . . Sl'l'7'f'fdl"1'-Tl'C,l1Sll7'f'7 RUUOLPH OGLIVI1 . . Prograuz Cbuirnmu THE CUMMEHCI!-KL CLUB 3 ll Rii 5 llgllli I-XP SHIITS if 3 f 1 :Ez :-IQ5-E,',i 57 ag? , mn 6 , Y LA 9" in THE CLASSICAL IILUB 11-H CLUB OFFICERS Boys Girls HARVEY BECKER . Prc'sirf4'11f . . . MARINELLIE WELLJON BOBBY CRAXY'FORlJ . Viz'z'-Prrsiffwzf . . . BESSIE MAIL BRINKLIEY MILLARD CLARKE . ...... Swrclury-Twaszzrm' ....... NIARJORIE HEAIJ .W .I A ? K Nlilncr Milncr Milner Milner Milner BIBLE BASKETBALL TEAM IMOGLQNI5 Ross Bi-'mol 1 FRANQES NlAR'I'lN RETHA N1-1.1. CAIN JI-1XVIlI.JON1QS l.1Nn,x Ilwix Rr-.BA W 12I.noN l3OROTHY ENGLISH D1-:LMA EUISANKS M,xR1N151.1.12 XlVk1.lJON l,l.A YERS GIXMES 27 Yntcsvillc . 35 Forsyth . 40 Zcbulon . 27 Forsyth . 46 Molenn HI Milner Milner Milner Milner Milner BUYS BASKETBALL TEAM PLAYERS BARRON BEVIL MAURICE WELDON BILLY BURCH JAMES BROWN GAMES . 20 Yatesvillc . 28 Forsyth . 35 Zebulon . 46 Molena . 45 Forsyth 41 J. T. BECKER THOMAS Poss JACK WAITS Q-:,.:., 1 .4A...,.. , , lv- -Q: L' , :'::?ii:'1:.. , A-K5 :-Til: W- X A if 'hlhry 1 'IPS' " '1-ll 'K gi 'F Xa Q .K it 151 , X' 2 g kkiihgd. -v '35 "l+f"' if7f ' :T I Q -:Tl - vi-W ' v ' 72" v -V' vt --pf k VVI' X h : K f - -L 'mm 223: -" F T ' "ii ' . , ' 15' H"-'vu ,.,, X ,L -r-f'h.-f- --N'J'T'Gi 'mv-2' "N""4'f". ' -4 , U 'uf w,-ji'y2.'w:e-.?:'P2 ffff'f 4 , , wr . .Y ,l-V. -- ...., . N, -, -, -1 1 -:ga-Qg,.,.:.11,-mmm.,Q .:, . ,..-,.,,..- ::'1,'1'fv-1' fr--.' ii:1:"'1--"---'P LR-:Mai-'iE1e1fEf1f:' ,, 2.-5,-,:L.-'gg.i7"?E:'1 :':?1g.fxf :'.,.E '53i1.--:"2S::- vtf"::::fj1':f55-'gh-15--":4:3.- -' :N:Qf-:?,.' 'Y . . .. .z.-s- - ' .- 5- ff-1f-':-fa- '1:"f'f1'1"'ae"W'-'.. 11522. ' " 3 if n .,... 'zfr--"1fEd:' . -:'i5--f'.Ai4i4-1-.z:'f"' " -.-e:.. .- -3 " 11' af? ' ' 174'---.4. .-Lsig'-v' :--ku' 1---2-. A 4 Lx , 4" A, , fx, , ,. ' s. 'Q rfr'-::. X .1 -1, x ,al F ' ' ,-+,.,4- -- n-.. ., :RF YE: -, .. 4 3, - f .f -I ,.,..- . .,-n ,.-pn...-7.4,.r . .. .1 4-,,--nz. -...W s-.. we .: .Q -- '-1-.fa-:A -.9 Fu., -' X-:1 '- f-- -.1-.5 , 'f".!:.m-e.-r- ' '. '.-+4111-: , . . . w'-frm-'ff' ...QQ K.. :Qf::Me::af..e15j H: 5-5 g.-g,.ai:x-:xii-'::.'9::-ae' : -u'-'Payz-iy?1H.ifff3,Q..:::w::3JP.i3-v'laf-1:15:41 .s...:ffzldrw:-ifi-51535:afwt-my:-1212??:Se:'r5::2:Ef'Sffifini : ' - 71::r"5:,g:g1:2,':uj41fp-Ir'3, rt-g5:.,-q::a,:, :gi -:!'z:5f:23'Q455' -':f:::1,-:P QUE!!2:'i:6'R2E'5.-:rf-5'-512:1157''-:fi:z':-:-,--1:r.13.::gg-:15:.1.- f' 1- . .pu ,.,,-1 . -:-yn:-. ,gh ..::.::-4.-'1-',::'fg:.4 -. :-f--:.-.---g.:.'-g::.f.,: '.-,g.:gr',g5':,.:1.:L-1.551 iuian-g--::::::p ,.1-:gq14::::---.gzg-, .2,::.: : 4. 1.. .. ,, .' Q'233:55-,1-3:g,ag ,,Q4.335g55,55519326?:1:::?F:a::!F:,anim5::,,,-513:55:1Sis?-5515-.:slim-5:i:i1::Tf:',uz1?:.1v::Z-mile5:-R-.::a:EFEz:::' -117:26-7:fi-1:1-L12--.-.-g:: -' .1-:-J fg:w:,:', . only tlw CSDf l'O l1g can 0 ree MAL: SHOATS "Shari-3"' Faithful janitor for 15 years. 42 an IUH PATHIN5 Smith Hnherts En. COMPUMENTS OF IIUNDEE ILL 0 INCORPORATED IS THE STORE MdlZZlxfdFf1lf0VS of I where girls who want to be TOWELS FLANNELETTES stylishly dressed for important occasions, always select their - ' ' ffffd ' ' ' wardrobe. A "S.1nitl9-Roberts" DIAPERS label insures the quality as well as the Style' GRIFFIN GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS ...OF... SU THE STEH T TEXTILE Ell. 44 000 Conzplimwzfs DUVEDUWN ll0SIERY MILLS GRIFFIN GEORGIA 0 9 9 Q 9 0 Complimelzfs WILLIS QUICK TIRE SERVICE GRIFFIN GEORGIA 9 Q Q CO.IIPL1,IlIiNTS ,Q FY T H E S T A T E B A N K IRIFFIN CFORFIA COIIIPLIMENTS G O L D S T E I N ' S A. C. GRIFFIN I29 S. Hill Street FRIFI' IN GEORGIA DRINK--- GRIFFIN HARDWARE COMPANY -IOIIN DIQIERIC FARM EQUIPMENT 113-II5 XVcst Solomon St. IFFIY FEORFI x -6 NEWTON REALTY 81 INVESTMENT CO. Paint 2 LQIHII : Builcling Material 1 D IlI5IlI'1llICl' :md Real Ifstatc I'I1Imc 3033 885 Ii. Solomon St. raulrfrflx GEORGIA II. V. KELL CIDMPANY GRIFF'IN, GEORGIA O Malzzzfacizlrmfs and Disfribufors . . . of . . . KELL'S HOTEL BLEND COFFEE MAYFLOWER S. R. FLOUR o From "The Home of Good Eaisn GRIFFIN GRIDCERY C0. 900 HOLLYHOCK FLOUR PAYDAY FEEDS HAPPYVALE MEAL 0 0 0 GRIFFIN GEORGIA SHIVERS' GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS I26 W. Solomon Street gphone 4265- GRIFFIN CEORC IA C0 f1I1'L1,IIEN TS mo PM UNITED COTTON GOODS CO. GRIFIIA rml flA C 0,11 P L 1 M Ii N TS -0 F- WISE DRY CLEANERS I CLEANERS and TAILORS -Phone 2761- 206 Meriwether Street GRIFFIN GEORFIA COMPLIMENTS M-UFO COMMERCIAL BANK 81 TRUST CO. GRIFFIN CPORFIA COMPLIMENTS MORROW - POWELL CLOTHING COMPANY MEN'S and BOYS, OUTFITS H. M. AMOSS, JR. Music ' Magazines Subscriptions Public Stamps Musical Supplies GRIFFIN GEORGIA GRIFFIN GEORGIA , I I COMPLIMENTS OF DANIEL CLOTHING CO. GRIFFIN - GEORGIA GRIFFIN LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANING CO. A good place to have your laundry and dry cleaning work done. GRIFFIN GEORGIA J, R. Mabbett, Agni! SINCLAIR REFINING CO. Gasoline : Motor Oils 1 Tractor Fuels : Kerosene I Greases J. RUDY HILL SERVICE STATION SINCLAIR GAS and OILS Phone 2130 GRIFFIN, CIEORGI x Phone 3056 Griliin, Georgia CO WPIIWFVTS- An elopelnent seems more IAUIIIHIIIIC, but it ' A ' ' 'A ' takes real love to StIlTI'Il'Il'lT all the gifts that invi- 'OF' tations would bring. .'I it IIC TURNER BEAUTY SHOP I . I v Dari may not lu- alvlf- In appraise Iln- worth of IRIFFVN IIORUX a college career. but he can tell you the cost. WRIGHT'S FOOD STORE Western Meats and Poultry Fancy Groceries COMPLIMENTS e0F- A INDUSTRIAL LIFE 81 HEALTH Phone 3464- We Deliver CO, ll6 West Broad Street L. C. WOODALL, Manager GRIFFIN GEORGIA GRIFFIN CEQRGIA COMPLIMENTS S A U I. ' S COMPLETE OUTFITTERS -0 F- . . . FOR . . . SPALDING FURNITURE CO. ENTIRE FAMILY Hill Street GRIFFIN GEORGIA GRIFFIN GEORGIA LANGFORD JEWELRY CO. COAIIPLIAMENTS CREDIT J15IIf'1fI.ERS -OF- XV. M. Brooks, ilgr. .IESSE'S PHARMACY Phone 2567 103 5. Hin St. XVHERE YOUNG PEOPLE MEET GRIFFIN GEORGIA GRIFFIN GEORGIA E PATHI PHYSICIAN OST O C OPTOMETRIST Phone 2536 IO4-106 Park Building GRIFFIN GEORGIA GRIFFIN GEORGIA D O M I N G O S MID-GA. AUTO PARTS CO., INC. YOUR STORE OUR SERVICE III IVCSI Taylor SI. "Everything GOOII to Eat" GRIFFINI GEORGIA Phone 2271 GRIFFIN, GI-IORGIX Butler F. Koger Phone 3234 C'O.lI1'1.1.II1j.YT5' OF- GRIFFIN MATTRESS 81 FURNITURE CO. C'OI1Il'1.l,1IENTS -0F.. BEN BARROW STORE GRIFFIN PI I GEORGIA HO W- Broad Street Iona 334- GRIFFIN GEORGIA COlI1'lllI1fVTS' FRANK ELLIS' JR' A app- Groceries : Vegetables : Fresh Meats HAROLD M KNEELY Gnocsmr co Puma Feeds v C ' Dial 2231 8: 2232 : II4-II7 Taylor St. GRIFFIN GEORGIA GRIFFIN' GEORGIA SI.ADE'S MEN'S SHOP Clothing, Shoes Zllld Furiiishings for Men :Incl lioys IZI XV. Solomon St. Dial 3338 GRIFFIN GEORGIA DRS. T. H. WYNNE, SR. 81 JR. Offtoniflrisfs and .Ilan ufacturing f9f?Il.I'1't'I7lS GRIFFIN GEORGIA I I I I I I I COMPLIMENTS I ...OF... I-XLDUHA MILL THE BEST IN MEATS and GROCERIES I I I 0 0 0 COMPLIMENTS 9 OF S M I T H S THE FIRST NATl0NAL COMMISSABY BANK BARNESVILLE GEORGIA 0 0 0 I I BARNESVILLE GEORGIA BARNESVILLE HARDWARE CO. YOUR COMPLETE HARDWARE STORE Phone 20- We Appreciafe Your Business PINE CREST TOURIST CAMP Homade Bar-B-Cue and All Kinds Of Sandwiches GEORGE T. TURNER G E M T H E A T R E BARNESVILLE 0 GEORGIA Home of M-G-M Fox and Universal Pictures COMPLIMENTS OF BARNESVILLE BEAUTY SHOP Mrs. Pierre Rastelo BARNESVILLE 0 GEORGIA G O R D O N C A F E STEAKS, CI-IOPS and DINNERS 214- Main Street MEOW! "Thats the sort of man I've been looking for all my life." "Mc, too, but you go ahead, dear, you've been looking longer than I have." 9 COAIPLIMENTS -QF- JANE'S SPECIALTY SHOPPE BARNESVILLE GEORGIA B,xRNEsv1L1.E, GEORGIA COMP LIMEN TS -0F- COMPLIMENTS G . C . B E L L l1.XRNlfSYII.I.E 1 GEORGIA To F1 COiNCRETE ADVICE "The thing for you to do," said the doctor to the man with the frazzlecl nerves, "is to stop thinking about yourself-lmury yourself in your BARNESVILLE GEORGIA work." "Gosh, and me a concrete mixer" ELIJAH WISEBRAM Barnesville's Best and Biggest Store DRY GOODS ' CLOTHING ' SHOES BARNESVILLE : GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS AKINS FEEDKSEED CG. All Kinds Stock, Cattle and W0 F- Field and Garden Seeds W. T. SUMMERS EPIIOHC 137- 21 Market Street BARN ESVILLE GEORGIA BARIXE SX ILLE GEORGIA C0 M PL I ME N TS BARNESVILLE DRY CLEANING ONE DAY SERVICE GEORGIA NATURAL GAS W H. BROWN BARNESVILLE GEORGIA BARNESVILLE GEORGIA HUGH W. HILL, IN LAMAR GIFT SHOPPE FINE JEWELRY AND WATCHES Guaranteed Watch and Jewelry Repairs Phone 122 : Barnesville, Georgia Best Wishes to the Senior Class of Milner High School. Hope you can continue your Education at GORDON MILITARY COLLEGE BARNESVILLE - GEORGIA 51 BANKSTON'S SERVICE STATION BARBECUE LUNCH Route 41 BARNESVILLE GEORGIA GRILL OPEN SUNDAYS LADIESINVITED Cold Drinks Hamburgers Coffee Sandwiches Steaks Hot Dogs Barbecue Pot Roast BILLIARDS COpen Week Days Onlyj THE SMOKE HOUSE MRS. W. D. WILLIAMS Smart Styles in Junior Dresses MISS WAI.KER'S HAT SHOP Style and Quality B,xRxEsvILLE GEORGIA MIDDLEBROOKS FURNITURE CO., INC. Complete Home Furnishing Phone 234 BARNESVILLE GEORGIA B R O W N ' S C A F E HOME COOKING and BAKING MORGAN DRUG COMPANY PRESCRIPTION DRFGGIST "Only the Best" BAIINESVILLE GEORGIA C'O,VPL1.lIIiNTS -011- CROSSFIELD ICE COMPANY IlAIzNEsvII.I.E GEORC I I C'O,llP1.1.lI1iXT,S' -Olff BARNI-:svII.I.E GEORGIA F R I E N D S COAUPLIMENTS CLIFFORD'S GROCERY' NO. 2 -OF-- ALDOR.-X MILLS The BCl'l1eSVIIIe Planing Mill CO. Groceries, Meats and General Merclmriclise PHONE 33 Aldorzfs Biggest and Best Store BARNESVU I E GEORGIA IIAIINESVIIIE fililllit I x COMPLIMENTS OF- TRI-COUNTY FURNITURE CO. "If we IIHVEHII it in stock POTTS 84 EVANS SERVICE STATION PHONIC QIOQ w6'l1 get if' IIARNESXILLL filitilil I x BARNI- xII.I.E GEORGIA COi'lIPl.I.lfIE.VTS hOFw McKOY'S SERVICE STATION C O L L E G E I N N BARrrEsvILLE GEORGIA "BE SURE WITH PURE" BIXRNESVILLE GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF RIIYAL PALM 8: Il0TEL FORSYTll -PHONE 2471- FORSYTH ' GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF E. W. BANKS COMPANY 'KFORSYTI-I'S BEST STGRE Established 1901 FORSYTH ' GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF R 0 S E T H E A T E R 'SHOME OF GOOD CLEAN ENTERTAINMENT" FORSYTH ' GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF AYCOCK MOTOR COMPANY -PHONE 4401- FORSYTH ' GEORGIA IJOIII "DO you know the difference between :I taxi and a street car?" Lou: "NL" -Phone 2811- U Don: "Cowl, wa-'ll take a Stl I FORSYTH, GEORGIA Depwzdable Q COIlIl'l.II11E.YT.8' FORD SERVICE -OF- ATALLTIMES K WESTERN AUTO MIRSYTII 5 CIEORGI,-X 53 QUALITY MERCHANDISE CCNIPLIMEAVTS Reasonable Prices -OF.. Bnsiness Apprcciatecl M A C K , S P L A C E FORSYTH MERCANTILE CO. V , FORWTH ' GEORCI X FoIcsY'I'II : CJEORLTIA COIIIPIJMEIVTS AGI?- FORSYTH ELECTRIC SHOE SHOP FoIIsx"I'H ' GILIIIIGIA Nlmher: "jean, every time youre a naughty Teacher: "From now on, we will have to girl I ECT i1UOTh9f EWU' half." cover three chzipters a week instezul of two." jean: A'Then, mother, you must have been ll terror when you were a kid. just 100k at Marinelle: "Shncks-that means l'll be twice T1ll1lIUlll.H I as far behind." XXX-nIlell7 "As soon Ili we reach that cnrvc on the hill, l'm going to kiss yon lilise: "Oh. Wlenclcll, isn't that going ton far P" COYGNI-IT!'1..flT1OX,S' SILYICDK CL.-155 L'O.l1l'l.I.lIliXT5' - f min- -O F- D U K E ' S S T U D I O MOORE'S DIME STORE TIlUfX1.XSTUX GEORGIA THIIII .xsrox I lil-IORHI I COMP IJM EN TS COMPLI,lI!iN TS -OFM -OF- W . M . D A L I. A S BlRDSEY'S FLOUR STORE TIImI,xs'I'ox GEORGIA TIIoxI.xsI'ox GI3oRGI,x BANKSTON'S POOL ROOM THoxIAs'roN GEORGIA MEETING PLACE I. E O N ' S THo:II.xs'I'ox GEORGIA ETHRIDGE FLOUR FEED 8: GRIST MILLS Serving You with the Best COUNTRY STYLE FLOUR, MEAL AND FEED For 25 Years and Hope to Continue Serving You Other Years IT PAYS T0 ADVERTISE. We Put in Sacks-Get Yours. MILNER GEORGIA CLARIf'S STATION C 0 MPL I ME N TS MILNER, QEORGIA Garage, Gas :incl Oil : Full Line Grocery 10 F4 "Staff-Oelife Feeds" A J. P. BALCHlN'S GROCERY CO.llP1.IilIli.X'7'.S' Olff MARTIN GROCERY CO. MILNER GEORGIA MILNFIR, GEORGIA Plume 365-J-I APPIIECIATIIIN ' TO THE PKRCHASERS AND READERS OF THE 1945 TOP NOTCHEH Dear Friends: It is with much joy and pride that We present this, our first year- book, its publication would have been impossible had it not been for you and your constant and never-failing interest and response to our call. We recommend and urge you to patronize and support the ad- vertisers in this yearbook. They had the foresight and ingenuity to invest in us and our work at Milner High School. It was through the cooperation of these citizens and business men, that we have been able to publish this 1945 issue of the TOP NOTCHER, so "Help those who Help You." I The staff also wishes to thank every single individual for his assistance in making our annual a success. So-to all of you, who really are the Annual-we want to say, thanks a million. A THE STAFF. NW bUCCESSFllL ANNUALQ Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating -planning layout and design - typesetting - printing lkhomuphhg andlnndhg...Thnngh- outludfaicentury HHS unnpany has pioneered in the prodluiion of the highest type of printing.. . Uur services include a special college annual sales and service organization . . . Abundant equhnnentqnodern and conqdete.H Prices representing maximum in value GIG FUUTE 8: DAVIES PRINTING f LITHUGllAl'HlNG v ENGBAVING A T L A N T A IDENTIFIES THE so iJ TH's "1 H1 ,, , ik ax , . 4 Q s 'ki 4' THE Mnms mm FINEST Ysnnsoolss ZW!!-!7,Wi!'J' CLASS PUEM We, the class of forty-Eve, Hate to say good-bye, XVe've reached the goal for which We strived At dear Old Milner High. We'1'e going out now into different ways, To take up our careers of life, But we,ll never forget our High School days, That weive spent in Milner High. W'e hate to leave you, The thought makes us sigh, We'x'e enjoyed being with you, Here at Milner High. Together we've spent happy days, Anti, of course, unhappy ones too, XVe've come at last, to our parting ways, Dear juniors we'll leave the task to you. XVe'll never forget you And how long we strived And how long We went to, Our Dear Milner High. But now we must leave you. We must fold in the fun. XVe hate to, it's true, But our school days are done. HELEN RUSSELL 59

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