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N SOCBQ ,3Y5bxL'uJCK' Jack Balm gf, 3 of! X 9lbQf3? pxi +f3,L,,QJ w5,b.3,5L O99 Zim? ,W ' , kaai wg? WM KW W M W M912 UW I we W, Qffafkwiz dl.-L - Q, , W WMM X XXX' wil king ,- vm , XJ WQR fsgggfff WA Milfs -U I G ' -flick 61124 174 WO! ,KJ Go 'L MOQ A F VWCK5 AW fffffwvvgp-X ' Q05 ofjgg Us lj kg? 1' ,, LOC KT, JV-pfwg D 94401 4?ULL-55Tg2lf-T-MQ S3015 AQWH P , TAD M3615 MAJ-MD T Lwomgm ' I I E sa 3 i 3 E I 5 , E ki U 1 3 2 ie E fi E5 52 2? ies 12 ' 3 'ff Li '1 WE si 52 is 5 K 2 gi Eg 1 fi Q 5 A E L a Ei 25 52 F oroword From time immemorial people have been groping for communication. In young people the desire and need to communicate is particularly strong and relentless because the young are so changing and uncertain. One can often clarify one's position or values by talking about them, so the need to communicate is often one With the desire to understand and solidify one's personal philosophy. The young person desires to communicate with someone who appears to share his convictions or at least his particular approach to the eternal and un- answered questions of Who am I? And what shall l do with my life? What and Whom shall I believe and follow, question, rebel against? Linda Susan Paul 2 surf" 's The tribute we are about to pay involves an unusual student-faculty relationship. This person has given of himself more than is to be expected of a faculty member. He has devoted many long hours to our problems as evidenced by the burning light in his office after many a basketball game. The Small but meaningful details on which this relation- ship grew ranged from his brightly-colored S test papers to his affectionately bestowed - . . v . l'11Ck1'1El1'I1e, Bwana . f"-- .':: ' T We, the senior class, dedicate the 1966 ri -- if . ,.'t ,, Sv 5 Bmks andnifvy '10 YOU, Mr- Glen R. DeLong- rina f X i 2 4 -f f f ff f i'-5 V Qian X? , wifi Ki N SX 'T hifi X nti ttiir t'rQ . v gf an We . .A X AJ ll .i,V' .,,, T Q 'i.i r f XXX 3 V QA 1 i V " . ipu' RV W-' ,QW ,ijt-KN wif' ,:i, aia xl QSC Vxwu XM . il, ,. . N , X L f in PV di I 5 s .XA J' ,I 3 lf W J IUJLQIWJ lj? fd , M 'lpf 1 ' 1 yy, y my Ml' fb F qliwfglfbgyy we if ll Mr. Charles W, Bowler Principal This year the Milne School welcomed a new principal, a man who involved himself with every aspect of school life. Not only did he manage his official duties as principal, but he always could be found in friendly conversation with either students or faculty. Mr. Charles W. Bowler has given enthusi- ,fastically of his time, and it is hoped that he will remember his experience with the same pleasure as do the members of Milne. 4 Faculty ,gs Iii! '1 E5 1 51514 is constantly Mr. Thomas Winn, influenced by the records Miss Mabel Jackman, Librarian Mrs. Patricia Morgan, Librarian Miss Ruth Poffley, Mrs. Linda Taylor. Office Staff C "7'f'wN ,, k W1 Q1 xr XALKL 4 Q M D 1 A nf m X, ,I I w , 1. . .' L 4' X .Bm K xx I I x E Mrs. Sally Dav1dson H1story 8 present events Dr. James Crowley, History ' Q Mr. Michael Lamanna, History if . , . Q I X 0 - 1 Q fa 51 V 43 ff' .ann-'dn s , if ZX' ?V5'7s?Ei S 5 L5 preserved in native ,Qi we .W Nw K 6 N. 6 1 . Mr. Richard Lewis, English Dr, james Cochrane, English Miss Anita Dunn, English Mrs. Cecelia McGinnis, English Dr. James Cochrane Mr. William Kraus, English Ni .3 Mr. Theodore Andrews, English and foreign tongues 1' , . Him M5..-..,. Mrs. Harriet Norton, Latin ,q f 5 ., i, 0 pw! ' 5,1ssfiiH! 25: EMIS!!! J L. . f -" , ,. M55 7 fi Q 'QQ QW iL, 1, . wW wa, 'W' ' -, 'iff' -f S'E:i?lFL 'SZ . , ' ' ' f fi, 'f K , K V,,. ,,,,., ,ly 7 ,L V 1 V LL VWXM ,,.14f"' 12 Mr. Charles Graber, Latin Mrs, Gina Moore, Spanish Mrs, Hilda Deuel, French Mrs. Susan Losee, French 13 r rr rrrr r e n i 2 Dr. Ruth Wesley, French Man expresses himself Linda McCabe Mr. Arthur Ahr, Indus 1A N 1 4 A, f,ff Diane jones, Sue Krimsky. Mrs. Brita Walker, Art I5 Dr, Roy York, jr., Music lx Miss Barbara Quayle, Home Economics through experimentation, t W -we nv- A uzzrzzg. L . T: , N in .iff si K ik , , 1 f. K - 4 I Denny and Rick 1 f f v -ggnju , 5 A .1 Mr. Thomas Atkinson, Chemisty Mr I h K 11 B. 1 ' , osep e y, 10 ogy 16 1' Mr. Cecil johnson General Science Mr. H. Peter Engel, Physics Dr. Walter Farmer, General Science and Striving for the ultimate solution Dr. Herbert Oakes, Mathematics ML Robert Buck, Mathematics I' Dr. Randolph Gardner Education Mr. Robert Lewis, Physical Education Yet Strength is needed - X Miss Barbara Palm, Physical Education to survive the competition 0 if Q k 1 wgw., Y A.. w'.,...,.,wv- wr ixf sis MQ! man ,S world. Mrs. Royann Blodgett, Business iiii Smwijiisssfgg ., f " z1. 1A R Mr. Gustave Mueller, Business Joanna Milham, Business I Classes Behind the door of Ali Baba's cave there was a great treasure. l-Ie had only to say "Open Sesame" and that treasure was his . Behind the door of the Milne School there is an even greater treasure. Education, knowledge of the World We live in and the world of the past, President Brent Solomon and the bright promise of the future Secretary Denlel Button that will be ours if we say "Open Treasurer Dawn BaldeS Sesame" to our minds and hearts each time We Walk through Milne's door. Bonnie jupiter FRONT ROW: W. Frnton, I. Drew, C. Nitzberg, E. Leue, P. Driscoll, C. Zughn, M. Jacobs, E. Greenberg, B. Ru- dolph, K. Benedict, B. Geller. SECOND ROW: David Bulger, P. McDermott, T. VanDerueer, A. Schapiro, B. Mayer, M. Miller, S. Lapidus, B. Graham, D. Dorenz, N. Colasurdo, J. Allen, S. Boochever, D. Henkin, THIRD ROW: R Zima, R. Gerber, B. Soloman, D. Kinney, R. Cohen, S. Lerner, L. Iselin. FOURTH ROW: W. Burelski, I. Fisher, G. Elswox, R. Schorr, C. Karlaftis, B. Jupiter, C. Moore, D. Froelick, V. Waitkus, T. Brown, G. Silberberg, D. Reid, D. Baldes, C. Fennell, B. Finkelstein. FIFTH ROW: I-I. Levine, A. Dorsman, H. Freele, M. Welsh, F. Suggs B. Stapf, D. Martin, B. Schulize, M. Peavy. SIXTH ROW: C. Barker, D. Button, M. Landau, I. Retz, J. Kuperman, F. Robinson, D. Patelos, W. O'Nei1, B. Sxartz, B. Gentner, L. Goldberg, J. Iseman. SEVENTH ROW: S. Dunn, P. DeLong, L. Kurland. NIISSING: R. Schere. J To all you seventh graders there is no real magic in this world, but here are a few quick tricks to make your years in Milne more pleasant. You alone are responsible for your success at Milne. lf you will take a little advice from someone who has had the experience you are about to go through you can make your years here very fruitful. The desire to learn is very important if you plan to do Well in school. Paying attention in class is of the utmost importance. Remedial help is offered to anyone who needs it. Your teacher may give you a remedial if she feels you need some assistance. As soon as you are unsure of yourself and confused, feel free to ask for help after school, don't wait for your teacher to discover your lack of understanding. Remember, your teacher cannot know for several days till she corrects your home- work and perhaps a quiz. No! This is not imposing, your teachers will always be glad to help you! Your good grade is a reflection on your teacher's ability. Another simple but effective little trick is to get ac- quainted with your classmates. Don't stand around and wait for them to come up and introduce them- selves! Sure you feel odd going up and starting a conversation! On the other hand, your classmates are just as shy! Now maybe a student will enter Milne in the second semester or a few days late, please, lbeg yOu, go up to her and introduce yourself, offer to help ac- quaint her with the school's procedure, invite her to join you and your friends for lunch. She will be grateful. On your first day of Milne you felt awk- ward, imagine how much more awkward she feels being the only one not knowing her way around. Change places with this girl, for a moment, you would want someone to include you in her group, wouldn't you? Following this advice l acquired my best friend. Here is one more little trick to make Nlilne more pleasant. Take interest in school activities, par- ticipate in as many school functions as possible. A strong school spirit creates a strong love for your school! Now, if you follow these basic rules, there is no reason to be aflutter and confused when you enter Milne or any school. These are good tips to follow even when you go away to college. I beseech you to follow these few rules at all times. They are vital to make life enjoyable. Ina Abrams St h FRONT ROW:A. Gerber, I. Barker, S. Levitz, C. Richter, A. Levine, C. Kaplan, J. Greenburg, I. Abrams, M. Catricola, C. Ettelson, L. Nlilstein, K. Bartlett, P. Tucker. SECOND ROW: P. Siegal, D. Ganeles, L. Sherman, S. Wozniak, D. Yarbrough, S. Iselin, J. Gustafson, I. ltzkow, L. Mellen, N. Zuglin, H. Lavine, M. Goldfarb. THIRD ROW: K. Reid, P. Auerbach, I. Levine, I. Roemer, C. Pohl, J. Paul, N. Trager, P. Feltman, P. Rao, D. Morse, R. Dorkin. FOURTH ROW: I. Lind, K. Mason, M. Rubenstein, G. Mariasse, T. Hazapis, P. Donley, V. Abrams, P. Brodie, M. Martratt, K. Soulis, M. Clifford, K. Peterson, J. Popolizio, M. Fluster, G. Altus, B. Reilly, P. Contompasis. FIFTH ROW: G. Hatt, M. Caplan, K. Krichbaum, J. Hausler, M. Grant, L. Patent, R. Schwartz, A. Van Cleve, R. Freedman, M. Brusilow, K. O'Neil, I. Wernar, R. Lipman, B. Anolik, R. Green, B. Kahn, J. Kellert, E. Brewster, T. Pantazis . 25 ,69 l MESH if .QM swirl l s l 1 l l 1 l V i swf Ja-iq - -+ Ar. . H. 1 - ... W. ,A 'F f on. ,NM R 9th FRONT ROW: D. Evans, H. Sherer. SECOND ROW: L. Binder, P. Meyers, R. Walsh, A. Valenti, L. Miller, V. Smith. THIRD ROW: D. Wallace, R. Donner, B. Abrookin, B. Wolz, L. Perkins, L. Rovelli, E. Joy. FOURTH ROW: P. Jacob son, S. Ginsburg, D. Sherman, D. Lange, G. Schmidt S Johnston FIFTH ROW' E Dunn R Hohenstein P P . . . . . . arry 1. Prrrrl, L. wrlrorr, B. Gallo, P. Brower, c. Milano, l. Balog. SIXTH ROW: K. Graham, ix, selberr, K. Brown, s ' L lr s 1 - ' ' ' e ernian, . Jabboul. SEVENTH ROW. A. Kuperman, R. Schacter, D. DeRosa, K. Etkln, S. Weiss, B. Krlmsky, Contompasis, A. Boomsliter, R. Retz, S. Weiczorek. EIGHTH ROW: R. Reynolds, D. Pohl P Hardmeyer T. Miller S. Fuld, J. Green, W. Gavryk, W. Fox, R. Schubert, A. jupiter I Kaye A Prichard NF Idarner B Md Gabe B , Williamson, L. Alfred, B. Krryrrr, J. Hanley, B. Sachs, 1. Millei, 131. Kari, c. Lavrrre,'M.'call, L'. Oulette, J. 10526. Sophomores are active in school affairs. The junior Varsity basketball team, composed mostly of tenth graders, was one of the best ever. Tenth graders write for the newspaper, go on ski trips and are members of Quinn and Sigma. The sophomore class is preparing for the future under the leadership of Richard Otty, class president, Bill Khachadourian, vice-presidentg Sue McDermott, secretary, and Rick Nelson, treasurer. Richard Ettelson ' ,68 10th FRONT ROW: C. Fila, J. Salomone, S. Schorr, S. Herkowitz, L. Neifeld, S. Donley, I. Schuster. SECOND ROW: C. Warner, F. Abrams, V. Marmulstein, T. Orfitelli, C. Langer, P. Lennon, N. Sundin, R. Tompson. THIRD ROW: A. Zalay, M. Hazapis, M. Barelski, K. Walsh, L. Wyatt, L. Lockwood. FOURTH ROW: I. Pitts, W. K.hacha- dourian, I. Oser, H. Fluster, W. Morrison, R. Friedlandcr, J. Graham, R. Millard, D. Ettelson, G. Beaver, M. Moore, V. Vice, L. Harris, P. Rosenkopf, M. Reiner. FIFTH ROW: R. Bedian, P. Frumkin, B. Richter, R. Platt, D. Richmond, R. Otty, D. Feiner, K. Sanderson, R. Tompkins, C. Levitz, E. Manning. SIXTH ROW: K. Segel, D. Quackenbush, R. Castellani, R. Golden, M. Bulger, S. McDermott, L. Tolar. SEVENTH ROW: A. Lerner, R. Laraway, T. Bearup, J. Beecher, C. Roblin, R. Nelson, A. Frank, M. Braden. EIGHTH ROW: W. Lange, S. Gas- orowski, W. Edwards, J. Goldfarb, D. VanCleve, T. Kraft. MISSING: D. Ball, E. Root, A. Vener. ull., -..W- .,...,.....f.s,a,.a....,.... . M.. junior year is for cultivating i Our future memories in the making: Planning and presenting an Alumni Ball, And building a Buddha eight feet tall, . A new exam called the PSAT, XL 'K And struggles to pass our Chemistry. l if ,S X Could we for et in the future . ffil-KJ ICA in ' That magic fgrmula, "LEO says GER"? i , X? Gr? ffl' 'Sf ffllgmllx GO' , Writing junior essays -- such untold woe! M . YDXX Q! - 3 ' of Q, A And our driving tests show we have far to go. ,C XY. 'X 5 ,J VD Q. Remembering these things brings nostalgia, not gloom, y 536' I O AL, . For next year we move to the Senior Room! l KAW! i 'jd A X Carol Graham l xg? ' 1 L X1 4, t'lff"F1" 'xW 69 A 11th FRONT ROW: M. Ribner, J. Devlin, C. Graham, P. Cali, B. Proctor, J. Lavine, D. Weinstock, D. Herkowits, G. Pritchard, C. Curtis, G. Sanders. SECOND ROW: D. Brenner, M. Rosenstock, M. Reiz, N. Iocknowitz, C. Michael- son, M. Abrams, S. Bloomfield, P. Cabel, S. Houk, A. Miller, N. Hyman, C. Dillon, D. jones, R. Olinsky, K. Brooks, B. Press. THIRD ROW: M. Contompasis, P. Boomsliter, S. I-lohenstein, S. Button, B. Korotkin, B. Berne, B. Dubb, S. Rider, L. Rovelli, J. Ford. FOURTH ROW: D. Herres, A. Cohen, M. Borlawsky, J. Margolis, R. Linn, A. Holzinger, S. Patent, M. Brodie, R. Brand, A. Lasker. FIFTH ROW: D. Gellman, F. Martin, R. Meckler, A. Anolik, E. Brummer, R. Johnston, S. Friedman, P. Buenau, I. Khachadourian, D. Elsworth, T. McNally, T. Wahl, J. Mellen, S. Barr, R. Blanton, A. Linter. MISSING: N. Aronson, E. Bartlett, R. Oppe, C. Paul, P. Richman, S. Simmons, W. Wachsman. Seniors pww-H40 .. MAVFQ ff" ,ff W-W.. -N,-M K 12th FRONT ROW: J. Feigenbaum, L. McCabe, N. Knox, S. Levitz, L. Scheer, A. Fisher, B. Allen, J. Stewart, L. Wil- son, N. Dorseman, E. Sinclair, J. Susser, S. Polen, J. Dexter. SECOND ROW: B. Rowe, Mr. Bowler, T. Oliphant, M.r. Delong, F. Ouellette, G. Bearup, S. Edwards, T. Hoffman, S. Krimsky, P. Levine, R. Bishof, S. Payeur, D. Kirk. TI-HRD ROW: B. Berman, B. Wallace, S. Harrison, P. Stevens, L. Levine, L. Breuer, A. Harris. FOURTH ROW: A. Roth, E. Leberman, A. McCullough, J. Graham, L. Paul, K. Toole. FIFTH ROW: M. Simon, B. Murphy, V. Cheverette, G. Hutchings, T. Leue, B. Griese, B. Craine. SIXTH ROW: M. Dugan, S. Milstein, P. Schrodt, R. Koven, K. Kermani. SEVENTH ROW: D. Martin, I. Certner, I. Carey, J. Gewirtzman, S. Mellen, T. Fischer, S. Bond. EIGHTH ROW: R. Wieczorek, C. Hyde, B. lseman, R. Gould, H. Contompasis, G. Robinson, S. Melius, N. Geleta, B. Langer, C. Johnson, D. Kullman, B. Blumberg, R. Johnston. MISSING: B. Hatt. TH E 22.3 Ht into the picture? m Q kids Bram fagged add to the hullabaloo. - revved-up SNAP DASH 3301 '75-6 UPBEAT Because lt's There kids. if ? 1 f K rf x, ,fm . Je QM Mwigiiiesw " EL A. M. ' 'ig :WW , ff -1. .H , " SAR , A J QW . N, .. , ,3,Q?.gg'K S4 i 5 . 22,4 w W ggi , be mal f We if RQ " H fbsgiigg 5 'W- wt: ' ,, 'M gll w ffk ' Q ggi M M WH m,g.'2,' -if Ni ,by f 4 341w?w,i if --'xy gm-4. ,ew . 1. ,. L Q71 , :M 3. M M-mm, ,,., 7"f,gm1. f. ,, kg, -me g' p.,f.'1i.e.z:f:z:g:, ,firing ,gigs www' , X eww 1 g, A is ? ga -Q 05 Lf Q iw filg- fx f v J 1 Q , 1 I w A QQ? Y' K s 'N 155 M mmwmwf. 5 .1 va if . K 4 1 wmqm 1, . , ' 3 fx 4 pi ii. in 3 QL 52 M h gi 0 I 1 Activzties Under on ojfootioo government Senior Student Council This year, the Senior Student Council has really outdone itself. Its plans, most of which have already been put into effect, are full of enthusiasm and show great ins ight into some of Milne's problems. School spirit has been given "a shot in the arm" with the School Spirit Contest, a Senior Council idea. To help support Milne's foster child, Fabio, the Council established the Poster Parent Committee, which now sells hot dogs and tuna dogs at basketball games. New this year, is the Hall of Fame for some of the more outstanding students. The Coun- cil has also planned a Central Hudson Valley League inter-school conference, an attempt to bring schools of our league into close co- operation for the benefit of the student bodies. Also planned are Student Days, where seniors would take over classes for a day. President Bruce Blumberg Vice-President Steve Harrison Secretary Liz Scheer Treasurer Selma Levitz Advisor Mr. Daniel Ganeles Senior Student Council: FRONT ROW -- Mr. Ganeles, S. Levitz, S. Harrison, B. Blumberg. SECOND ROW -- I. Susser, I. Devlin, A. Linter, R. Friedlander, H. Fluster, S. Rider, G. Bearup, P. Schrodt THIRD ROW -- B. Iseman, G. Robinson, D. Quackenbush, 1. Beecher, S. Patent, B. Richter, A. Anolick. junior Student Council: FRONT ROW -- L. Patent, L. Finklestein, M. Larner, M. Cali, P. Hard- meyer. SECOND ROW -- C. Ettelson, M. Clifford, L. Binder, D. Wallace, K. Siebext, K. Brown. THIRD ROW -- S. Dunn, R. Shore, P. Aurbach, E. Schmidt. President Paul Hardmeyer Vice- President Larry Binder Secretary Ellie Schmidt Treasurer Mike Cali Advisor Mrs. Sally Davidson m lun inimwm munmu-ug . - We would like especially to thank one per- son Without Whom We would have been much more delinquent in meeting our dead- line. He has an amazing ability to make friends -- as many of the Milne students have noticed. One point the staff has agreed upon is that Joe Winchell is a great guy and an artist in the field of photography. FRONT ROW: I. Carey, B. Press, P. Levine, J. Susser, P. Schrodt. SECOND ROW: I. Certner J. Feigenbaum. 33 vw' '-vp, Man Teenagers for Political Education Preamble: "We, the members of Teenagers for Po- litical Education, have joined together to form an organization for the political education of teenagers. It is our desire to have high school students educated politically in order that they may meet their political responsibilities in an intelligent and knowledgeable way. We feel that the teenager who knows the issues and can deal with them intelligently is a definite as- set to his city, state and country." Chairman Paul Schrodt Secretary Valerie Chevrette Treasurer Gwen Pritchard Program Chairmen Chip johnson Linda Paul Sally Button Advisor Mr. Daniel Ganeles FRONT ROW: B. Dubb, M. Ribner, A. Anolik, B. Berne, F. Oullette, S. Burton, S. Bloomfield. SECOND ROW: D. Weinstock, C. Curtis, C. Dillon, P. Schrodt, L. Harris, M. Nioore, G. Pritchard. Advisor, Mr. Ganeles. Alam f.-f 'ay 34 FRONT ROW: B. Blumberg, A. Linter, S. Levitz, S. Harrison, B. Langer, T. Oliphant, A. Harris. SECOND ROW: M. Brodie, P. Schrodt, S. Hutchings. THIRD ROW: C. Graham, S. Hohenstein, Mr. G., I. Gewirtzman has certain responsibilities. National Honor Society The Milne Chapter of the National Honor Society is composed of those members of the junior and Senior classes who have demonstrated a high level of schol- arship, leadership, citizenship, and service. Al- though memhership serves to honor superior students, it also requires that they Work to promote these ideals in both school and private life. Milne's N.H .S. chapter has initiated several fund raising activities, highlighted by their late fall square dance. President Paul Schrodt Vice-President jim Gewirtzman Secretary Anita Harris Treasurer Gary Hutchings Supervisor Mr. Daniel Ganeles 35 Knowledge 0 Zeta Sigma Literary Society The induction of new members, complete with candle lighting ceremony and numerous guest speakers, started the year off for Sigma. This year, Sigma's main event was a trip to New York City to see the Broadway play, HALF A SIXPENCE . While there, the group went shop- ping, visited points of interest and ate dinner at Patricia Murphy's. To help pay for this trip and other activities, many bake sales were held at lunch time during the year. President Phyllis Levine Vice-President Liz Breuer Secretary Debby Weinstock Treasurer Barbara Berne Mistress of Bookworms Sue Polen Supervisor Mrs. Gina Moore FRONT ROW L Breuer P Levine, B. Berne, C. Michelson, D. Ball. SECOND ROW: G. Sanders S Herkowitz S Levitz C Paul, I. Susser, L. Lockwood, S. Donley, T. Orfitelli, P. Lennon THIRD ROW N Sundin, P Rosenkopf, S. Krimsky, L. Scheer, M. Abrams, D. Herkowits, R Blschof S Bloomfield M I-Iazapis, P. Rickman, M. Barelski, S. Schoor. literature, Quintillian Literary'Society This year, the major interest of the Quintillian Literary Society has been the drama. At their rush, Quin featured a production of "The Great Fire" at a "theater party" at the "Quintillian Theater", and the annual Induction Banquet was the occasion for the skit "Parent's Night" . At its meetings, Quin has had several plays read, and a theater party was sponsored. Quin mem- bers have also heard several travel lectures, and have co-sponsored a dance and a picnic with Sigma. President Anita Harris Vice-President Gwen Prtichard Secretary Liz Bartlett Treasurer Karyl Kermani Mistress of Ceremonies Carol Dillon L FRONT ROW: L. Harris, S. Payeur, B. Griese, J. Graham, N. Knox, N. Dorsman, L McCabe S Hohenstein C. Fila. SECOND ROW: M. Moore, A. Zalay, N. Hy-man, S. Barr, I. Mellen, B. Craine M Braden I Salomone, K. Langer. THIRD ROW: C. Dillon, K. Kermani, A. Harris, G. Pritchard K Walsh B Allen I Lavine. 37 music, ...,--. fsz A. Anolik, S. Melius, G. Hutchings, B. Linn, I. Ford, B. lseman, T. Leue, D. Elsworth, K. Brooks, H. Contornpasis, B Wallace. Milnettes and Milnemen Every Monday and Wednesday during homeroom Milnettes and Milnemen meet together for re- hearsal under the direction of Dr. and Mrs. Roy York. Milnettes is a small singing group open to girls in grades ten through twelve, and if a girl has been a member of Milnettes for three consecutive years, she receives a diamond chip bracelet. Composed of fifteen boys, Milnemen is Milne's male vocal group. There are three performances given by these groups together, at the Christmas Assembly, Honors Assembly and Commencement. FRONT ROW: L. McCabe, S. Bloomfield, L. Scheer, N. Knox, P. Bulger, N. Sundin, D. Kirk. SECOND ROW: V. Bearup I. Susser, A. Zalay, M. Moore, L. Harris, L. Wyatt. , 'FY and the other arts Crimson gl White lVlilne's normal outlet for creative expression, editorial comment and news presentation is the CRIMSON 81 WHITE . Journalism's advantage of having more deadlines to miss Was Well used in a normal year plagued by photography problems. Between times, reporters attempted to beard various lions in their dens, and proofreaders could normally be seen hanging by their heels after an issue was printed. The printer, the johnson Press, put in another year first turning the air blue with their opinions of amateur journalists and then doing impossible tasks to save said journalists. Editor-in-Chief Tom Oliphant Feature Editor Sue Hohenstein Associate Editor Laurie Lavine Treasurer Sally Button Editorial Editor Anita Harris Exchange Editor Paula Boomsliter Sports Editor Steve Milstein Advisor Mr. Theodore Andrews ya .JB . ll'l1!1l FRONT ROW: A. Kuperman, K. Langer, R. Hohenstein, E. Dunn, C. Fila, M. Ribner, B. Dubb, B. Press. SEC- OND ROW: L. Harris, M. Moore, L. Wyatt, A. Zalay, P. Levine, P. Schrodt, D. Herres, S. Melius. THIRD ROW T. Oliphant, S. Milstein, S. Hohenstein, S. Button, A. Harris. 39 'C' f""' FRONT ROW: T. Oliphant, R. Linn, R. Langer, T. Hoffman, S. Rider, A. Vener. SECOND ROW: B. Blum- berg, H. Fluster, D. Richman, A. Frank, B. Dubb, L. Patent, D. Patelos. THIRD ROW:W. Kahn, R. Koven T. McNally, A. Anolik. help him meet the challenges Chess Club Open to boys and girls in all grades, the Chess Club's aim is to improve the players' ability through instruction in basic strategy and friendly intramural competition, While preparing a team to represent Milne in interscholastic matches. President Tom Oliphant Vice-President Steve Patent Treasurer Bob Langer 40 Stamp and Coin Club 0 mind The purpose of the Stamp and Coin Club is to make its members aware of the happenings in the Worlds of stamps and coins and to promote these hobbies among the "outsiders". President Alan Lasker Vice -President Ron Johnston Secretary-Treasurer Alan Roth Supervisor Mr. Glenn DeLong FRONT ROW: R. Johnston, A. Lasker, A. Mr. Delong, A. Vener, I. Lind. Roth, S. Harrison , B. Dubb, A. Frank. SECOND ROW: S Rider Y 41 M E-. if 4 l i i ski Club 1 Aside from futile attempts to "stamp out I summer", the Milne Ski Club sponsored numerous ski trips throughout the Winter, ' , l and proved that getting there is half the fun. To supplement these trips, Ski Club members and others interested have been made aware of the proper techniques and equipment involved in the sport. President Manfred Simon l Vice-President Rosalie Bischof Secretary jill Susser Treasurer Barry Press Supervisor Mr. Thomas Atkinson l FRONT ROW: K. Kermani, S. Button, A. Linter, S. Barr, D. Herkowits, J. Susser, A. Harris, R. Bischof, I. Feigenbaurn P. Boomsliter, K. Levitz, L. Wyatt. SECOND ROW: T. Oliphant, A. Anolik, F. Ouellette, J. Beecher, D. Elsworth, B. Linn, D. Richman, B. Brand, B. Press, B. Richter, M. Simon. l 42 The Riding Club Every spring and fall Friday afternoon, weather permitting, members of the Riding Club may be found galloping through "Rolling Meadows." Every year elections of the next year's officers are held at the annual picnic. The Riding Club has brightened up the first floor hall with its colorful horse pictures Co-Presidents Rosalie Bischof Paula Boomsliter Secretary Terry Hoffman Treasurer Anita Harris Supervisor Mrs. Cecelia McGinnis FRONT ROW: S. Button, N. Sudin, S. Donley, R. Bischof, P. Boomsliter, I. Susser, M. Contompasis. SECOND ROW Hoffman, B. Griese, P. Rosenkopf, M. Barelski, S. Hohenstein, A. Harris, D. Herkowits. Bmw- Organized competition i, Q f Wawh' V' r FRONT ROW:J. Graham, V. Vice. SECOND ROW: K. Seibert, S. Barr, C. Graham, L. Lockwood, G. Bearup, A. Linter, K. Kermani. STANDING: P. Auerbach, I. Devlin, B. Graham. M.G.A.A. Milne Girls' Athletic Association Every Monday afternoon, the future of the Milne Girls' Associa- tion is sustained on chocolate chip cookies. There are many things to be decided at these meetings, for aside from sponsoring varsity field hockey and undefeated volleyball teams, and intra- mural activities of trampoline, tennis, softball, and bowling. G.A.A. plans play days and has sent the cheerleading squads to a cheerleading clinic. This year, G.A.A. started a Leaders Corps, Whose members, distinguished by blue and White plaid sashes on their gym suits, must have an "A" average in gym with a "B" overall average and must be active in all school activities. G.A.A. also found time to co-sponsor and administrate the School Spirit Contest and to conduct their final magazine sale this year. President Ginny Bearup Vice-President Amy Linter Secretary Linda Lockwood Treasurer Carol Graham 4-4 M.B.A.A. Milne Boys' Athletic Association Composed of elected representatives and students 0 demonstrated athletic abil- ity, the Milne Boys'Athletic Association serves to co -ordinate intramural sports and social activities. Constantly investigating enjoyable and profitable activities, M.B.A.A. sponsors movies, heads the annual second-hand book sale and promotes general school spirit. President Paul Schrodt Vice-President jim Gewirtzman Secretary Steve Milstein Treasurer Bob Langer FRONT ROW: P. Schrodt, R. Langer, J. Gewirtzman, S. Milstein. SECOND ROW: S. Welch, D. Stevens, B. Hatt, I. Cert- ner, R. Gould, E. Brewster, T. Oliphant. THIRD ROW: L. Rovelli, I. Margolis, H. Contompasis, R. Golden. FOURTH ROW: T., McNally, W. Khachadourian, M. Brodie, I. Pitts, R. Nelson, B. Dubb, R. Koven. 1 ff. 915' ,sv f. f .4tg53,,,v' wt I f. X, . s. My-" 5 ef at za if , gs, ' , X1 V, .. 1 ' ' ' ' 5 355 1 5 , ,,.,, , Q .:. . t. 1 'GF i 1 ami FIRST ROW: D. Lange, L. Rovelli, L. Neifeld, C. Fila, M. Contompasis, D. Evans, B. Woltz, M Rosenstock SECOND ROW: S. Iabbour, M. Retz, I. Stewart, T. Orfitelli, M. Contompasis, A. Boomsliter, E. Bartlett, S Johnston, S Payeur S. Wieczorek. THIRD ROW: F. Abrams, M. Moore, P. Boomsliter, S. Bond, S. Hohenstein, S Polen B Griese, B Craine, B. Gallo, B. Allen. It F.I-l.A. Most outstanding of the activities of the Future Homemakers of America this year was the Inter- national Dinner for the foreign students from the state university. At this event, held February 25, the students spoke of their native lands and illus- trated their comments with slides and native cos- tumes. Other F.H.A. activities included bake sales during lunch hour, the Father -Daughter Banquet and F.H.A. Week. President Shelly Bond Vice-President Qlstj Sue Polen Vice-President Cflndj Sue Hohenstein Secretary Liz Bartlett Treasurer Anne Miller Historian Carol Fila Song Leader Meri Rosenstock prepares individuals or Ambassadors The Ambassadors is a revision of Tri-Hi-Y, Whose basic ideas of per- forming services to the community and aiding the Milne School have been retained. This year, the Ambassadors served as hostesses for Parents' Night, and they have planned volunteer Work with the children at the Clinton Square Neighborhood House. With the aid of the Milne students, the Ambassadors sponsored the Christmas Food and Clothing Drive, Where evicted families received the food and clothing that was collected. President Kathy Toole Vice-President Shelly Bond Secretary Liz Breuer Treasurer Valerie Chevrette Advisor Mrs. Cecelia McGinnis W 9? FRONT ROW L Neifeld N Sundin, P. Rosenkopf, B. Griese, S. Schorr. SECOND ROW L Breuer K Toole F Abrams I Stewart S Bond C. Warner. 47 zu ZA 'A'::,+'3 , QwLL:,1'z37,37'gibf 157-:fEV M Wim. ww J Q 4. ,W gf? qw - ,QM I ll l S. KH 1 el i ffiff sf! 1 su mga n m nm: mn sam lj!!! il!!! I NI lllll mga nm iiiii iiiis 'Z I tl! Xml gm mu Mr mu wa mn mu nw may mu Miki Sim HSI! Wil gr FW!! WK 45 4 L ig if glFgA,g,if1i'ii1' iZ,g:5, ???fifiiig 'h , , A ,kA, MW ,W asgvfaxig 39,5 ,H z:'ew M aww. F .... ..u1 M V .. 5 .,,. L,Q .y, ..Qi?AS i 4, iN,Hf , 5, .. ,.... .. . Xgialgw y W .,,. .. , .. I. .2 'ii Mi wiixg X' I x PUS SC00 1 xg ya ix' 23. 22 Q V X a thc spirit cf interscholastic athletics. Varsity Bowling Team Under the direction of Mr. Daniel Ganeles the Milne Bowling Team placed fourth in a five team league. Being a young team, all members Will be back to try again next year. TO 4-:NAL Xili QJYNQ ebook GKJQIX wg T65 ak XTPQS KVCV AAA U-FXKO ,XO Q kwivlvefl 1' jug- RQ C1OQ:,af 5 in:-'5 Mau Qv VON-'lm 1 'x SHWRS? Q S CJQQI MQOQKO Wwlca Ck 'Weep X15-P WN-9, Tac Q. .lk 0 3429 Am! FRONT ROW: R. Friedlander, S. Patent, S. Holzinger, S. Rider. SECOND ROW: B. Korotkin, b 77,4 M. Borlawsky, P. Buenau, R. Meckler, A. Cohen. Ji . Zgqck' Qmffffleyj 49 fixyljg Varsity Basketball Varsity Basketball For Milne's Varsity Basketball team this has been a year for . . . pre-season conditioning . . . a fifth of six opening game victories . . . a late Sunday evening practice . . . a "box and none" defense . . . thirty- plus games from Bob Blanton C385 and Bill Murphy C335 . . . jim Gewirtzman's "goalie" mask . . . con- secutive games of 82 points where we still lost both . . . john Margolis' ill-fated bus ride to Cambrige . . . bus rides to games without cheerleaders . . . a blacked out practice at Menands . . . getting beat on a thirty foot jump shot at the buzzer . . . senior CSteve Milsteinj and junior Uohn Margolisj co-captains . . . a new league to play in, the Central Hudson Val- ley League . . . Ron "Bougea" Koven's injuries . . . Bob Blanton to lead the area with high average . . . our Coach to write poetry . . . Ken Brooks to step in bounds before passing the ball . . . getting kicked out of Page Gym many times . . . black sneakers . . . Barry Hatt being called "Bob Margolis" . . . Mike Brodie's long hair . . . getting good coverage in area newspapers . . . losing by two after trailing by 25 . . . the floater, rotation and the shuffle . . . sickness . . . and "that's basically it!" l965 -l966 Schedule THEY Maple Hill 47 Voorheesville 60 Coxsackie -Athens 47 Albany Academy 46 Heatly 6l St. joseph's 86 Catskill 84 Raven-Coeymans -Selkirk 44 Waterford 50 Maple Hill 5 l Voorheesville 71 Coxsackie -Athens 48 Catskill 89 Heatly 60 St . joseph's 81 Ravena-Coeymans -Selkirk 46 Waterford 58 Albany Academy 54 Barry Hatt, jim Gewirtzman, John Margolis, Coach Lewis, Ron Koven, Bob Blanton, Steve Milstein, Bill Murphy, Ken Brooks , Mike Brodt. 1 2? V .Ma M-mm.-ww W wg ' 1 if ' .V-M-M,....,,., W 3 .MW ,z 1 3' 9 sf x QL 'fl 0 N WW tl l QW ty Basketball This year's junior Varsity basketball team, coached by Albany Law School Student Fred Ackerman, became the first basketball team in the school's history to Win a league championship. Speed, shooting, and a VJ, tenacious defense helped the jayvees Win U94 ' 17 of their 18 games, losing only to Catskill's j'.V. squad early in the season. Gutstanding individual performances by -41 Ron Laraway, jim and Bill Khachadourian, WJ YI Wh! Tom Bearup, and Rich Nelson gave promise of a bright future for Milne's varsity bas- Qui W ' ketball squad. 'l M .wwf in Fred Red Raiders capture 4th Sectional Title , ' . Picture by jobmann Studios Ist Place Colableskill Invitational Dave Richman, Bill Wallace, Tom Oliphant, Glenn Beaver, Reid Golden, Bill Wachsman, judge T. Paul Kane, Mr. Ahr, Nick Geleta, Tim McNally, Dean Elsworth, Ron Koven, Tom Wahl, Bill Morrison. 54 1965 Record VARSITY Bethlehem -- 18 Milne -- 38 C.B.A. -- 28 Milne -- 27 Geleta, Wachsman, Elsworth, Golden, McNally. 14th Proctor Geleta, Elsworth, Wachsman, Golden, McNally. l3th Grout Geleta, Wachsman, Elsworth, McNally, Golden. lst fCobleskill Invitational McNally, Geleta, Wachsman, Golden, Elsworth. 2nd fMiIne Invitational Geleta, McNally, Elsworth, Wachsman, Golden. 2nd Central Hudson Valley League McNally, Geleta, Elsworth, Beaver, Golden. 2nd 'iBuffalo Invitational Geleta, McNally, Golden, Koven, Elsworth. lst iiSectionals McNally, Geleta, Elsworth, Wachsman, Golden. fTrophies JUNIOR VARSITY lst Milne Invitational lst Central Hudson Valley League lst Class C-D-E Sectionals VARSITY l. Nick Geleta-Senior-Captain 2. Tim McNally-junior-Captain 3. Dean Elsworth -junior 4. Bill Wachsman-junior 5 . Reid Golden-Sophomore 6. Tom Oliphant-Senior 7. Ron Koven-Senior 8. Glenn Beaver-Sophomore -Transferee -- His best year. -- First 6 times, Second 3 times, Best race at Buffalo-seventh in class. Works hard. Good competitor. Next year running for the Orange and Black of Buffalo. Injured most of season. Never achieved best form. Best race league meet -- second by one second. Strong runner. Yet to show full potential. Ran third seven times. Best race -- Sectionals -- thirteenth. 880 Champion. Good team runner. Best overall improvement. Cut 50 seconds off times. Best race -- Cobleskill -- 9th overall. Dependable. Surprise package of year. Fourth 4 times, Fifth 5 times. Ran lO mile road race during summer. Best race -- "Turkeytrot" at Troy. Fourth year. Number l backup man. Good team man. Fourth year. Best race -- Buffalo -- fourth for team. -- First at Milne Invitational LV., Fourth at Central Hudson Valley League. Steady improve- 1'1'1.6Ilt . vi? Girls Varsity Field Hockey Team J. Devlin, S. Levitz, P. Cali, I. Graham, D. I-Ierkowits, S. Houck, R. Bischof, I. Feigenbaum, C. Graham, S. Button, M. Moore, M. Braden, L. Harris, I. Susser, S. Edwards, V. Bearup, I. Carey. xy," .14-'l""'M M J.,-f Girls Varsity Basketball Team FRONT ROW: I. Mellen, B. Proctor, C. Levitz, A. Linter. SECOND ROW: R. Bischof, M. Braden N. Hyman, D. jones, J. Carey. 4: 'Zz ,fy V FRONT ROW, songleaders: Pat Cali, Judy Graham, Diane Jones. Missing: Dee Herkowits BACK ROW, cheerleaders: Amy Linter, Carol Graham, Nancy Hyman, Sue Edwards, Sue Barr. missing: Ginny Bearup, Vicki Vice, Rachael Tompkins. 0 B Y? 235 5 G fp 5 Q be I U , F S B , L m cy Q Q Q L5 c ' . o be B C, Q A Q U ,, 0 Qi, 5 5 Varsity Cheerleaders jf Rua 0 fy i fm Af Q ,f 5 Q, , gs T, fy We a ,.,, Q' f-Mir' ,,,,p3f' 55" F517 we , V i Iumor Varszty Cheerleaders OJ '32 li Gil wxgig , sac-f -f 'sf - Q wr " , V , ,TU 5 ,rrp fw JN , - fxgifnl ng ,Mg Cs5JirfJ .3 Q' eijx' e X9 N-,lxgji n,?,,l YV?-K IXMD TEL . h 1 ff I' bij, 4 ,gf be 1 s5af,,,Frr,gS NCDFD , I 1 fx" we M e3'jfj9j 3:7 1 f Yi LF Vs ,gf ,C , Q as ffl? Q 3 ff JJ 'ig ,, FRONT ROW: A. Valenti. 'J , SECOND ROW: L. Revelli, 0 ,I f K. Siebert, R. Hohensteir1,,lN'!:.qi7 X5 L. Miller. THIRD ROW: , V ,gi QV! ,J-f' Q3 2035 Qlffgr Qjr'7g' iQ! 57 Q! . Njsf QP V? E. Schmidt, D. Lange. nqlff' QM 1,5 . m i A .4 'Q-iff, 33.37 f ? bc! S m.,,Nh -. '10 w,X g7LgQXQvfv zQ mScL Y CQVXJ2 if WX SMYQ! ,LS rQcQCY Lfbuqfxgix Ax re QSUJQ V .QGIQWONG Lucffi, XQOIO Valerie Ann Chevrette R g W 11 J hnston Barry George Berman Roy john Wie czorek J.-W. Elizabeth Esta Breuer 1,4535 Y , Hg iii: , i K .V I . ' f 1, 3 Q- e f eee e E f i E ee E K , fgigizf ff QQ jf K A V 555i LLAL iii f 33 V.7k flig lqgvii i ii at E52 5 1 is AQQSQAM Ellen Rose Sinclair Sharon Payeur 4? . I at r W M outubwfllf . 3 vc do it cd UQFM ML Judith Harral Dexter LHlffZ!'UfilbJg7C,6'l4Jd' 4 'W 545 ,Qu C Ml tne a l f 72 4, 0 ' . ':f:- L L J Vt e ,gm in-:wt 'w "In your longing for your giant self lies your good- ness: and that longing is in all of you. But in some of you that longing is a torrent rushing with might to the sea, carrying the secrets of the hillsides and the songs of the forest. And in others it is a flat stream that loses itself in angles and bends and lingers be- fore it reaches the shore." -- Kahlil Gibran ,X ' s Daniel Martin fSe?!Qk' a jacob Roth 63 je an Addison Feigenbamn A Kgff wfwnfimlg L1 I PhYl1is Levine Num' L V x 3 M13 W hifi WL W2 an-A-ny William Andrew McCullough 64 Gregory William Robinson 111121 b hS HY .133 ' :Swv fegfm -:EQ V X L M M Af iff K If! , W WWHQWM 3' X gL'. L ' .k" A , 1 A "k',f -'Q V fziw Kyik ' 'j f wf wx 7 Sf '.-- . , I ' .1 , 'f' - vwa,ffff1i' 19 L.'-- -." fp T f y, 4 , S ,, ,k AV ,., . , R 'WWVAJM' YMPW MiW wif wgziii D Lee 65 Kirk 30-if Aolifw +fp.f:Q ff I, 'film NW +51 my ?f.3:M :"2 0 493' :1iW."'Jb NJ' W QW' 3 5 k 2 H S Shelley Bond ji Laurie Levine Leslie Keene Johns on "And a youth said, Speak to us of Friendship. And he answered, saying, Your friend is your needs answered. He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. And he is your board and your fireside. For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace. . . And let your best be for your friend. If he must know the ebb of your tide, let him know his flood also. For what is your friend that you should seek him with hours to kill? Seek him always with hours to live. For it is his to fill your need, but not your emptiness. And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and shar- ing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed." -- Kahlil Gibran Anita Marie Harris 66 haf P6 Gffidiv Q9 rb ara 'w M Q + KAN ,IMD Y., V dyfrh WNOCQ9 CU, f YOU Md ,lv ,.,qXQw f'gQ'ZlW-Z" Ja iff 093 V 4 :Via EQ 2 Michael Dugan , mov' W lf W, W ff 995,15 Ufgiswdcxkjf WWMJ W W M iw x T52 X WC , 6 W gf Y . Lk' Sehna Lynn Levitz QUNQQAOUWN, klmp 4 MN f mm z 1 2 ' V9 s ji ggij 1,1 -ggi if! f H 5 'I Q 4, 'J f ri 52M Qs,-ae' Zi? ff 3 ' if ,s f ua sf 6 ,Y L WWC ' SW WMIX' Q? Wiwfw Stephen jay Harrison xiwxu Maw DAQ' Wx Nl m ' james David Gewirtzman Kathleen Toole ' JA x.,. H132 ' Qi i 'Zi 6 F my f fl f if X 'W ,g lg ,eg za 2-:V "WV iw?-,ri ' Y 2' W I in . A,,, , 'Nm if-1 X ' . fy ffl. E 5 .K M Linda Wilson l W' a, fi. , ' Anthony Rosenstock Fischer, jr. .Z . Robert Abbott Rowe Elliot Alan Leberman 69 fi Stephen Melius x ' np' Vifginia Bearup A Q O O U ,Q ,,w Q o I . 'S Ll I h 'F- . O V ,Q -P ' , 9 f" a ow ., 4 '11 L Q. . Stephen Judd Milstein V . g ' s. n J - . X3 . ' 55 0 .4 'Q 'I 'll ' 'V ' Sus an Frances Edwards s "iw XX f :- . n 'W-... 3' Alice Helene Fisher Joyce Ann Carey Thomas Seaver Leue Robert Iseman 71 Judith Graham I Susan Esther Polen 72 Thomas Pritchard Oliphant Susan Carole Krimsky ,F 14755 ' 'Nl -., k Vi Q 36 p if + William Joseph Wallace an Francis Edward Ouellette 3-L Q Manfred Audre as Simon 73 lo Dennis jon teve , PU! fuwijdv mf gm bl NWI? I' s life its Value you can find - - nd lose. But never possess. This holds good above all for 'the Truth about Life.' " I W , 5 Dag Hammarskjold GMX' ig WW 1 l WNQSXM lwglhhtl l Ml M Wa 53539 W MW" all Vfglwl Margaret Nancy Knox Elizabeth Sche iw PM ,M 'VW 085 if fy U' wifi J W wr? Qwiiw bfi? if MW 35 QJSW W M J n qafb 4w gif . Bruce David Blumberg f fafQiCaQL .172 WWJEQQKKWQZ Douglas Warren Kullman Barbara Craine XQQK Leduc Ruud Vx qxfqmk Mme in 0-Q-Q Ogr SQOX ,YS X-OXQQYLXERS, WQQ YQQQQAS an KNKN-R QQ QQQXQQB QGQ 1-JMXQQ Mxsx Ira Keehn Certner 'SVA SYQGQ NSA' RQ qcag and Xlioeg? gbxxugx CA xxs .iopsl 76 SQ 9? WN QQGQLXN QE Hwy J 'V K w X if lim N' J! if A JH Wd,,1'P W Ag- Aj ii JJ ff Ju ' L., XM M K my MDM!! 'iff CV if ly E J nz ag, 'rim I r 9, ff Ui Kumi, Lu! fffpgnjlux uf 'Pr Fw? lx .fy M J W iw fi nf all 1 Xi is fi, 'M ,X ,viii 3, 'l J , H' 5 Barent Staats Hatt H l "Every deed and every relationship is sur- rounded by an atmosphere of silence. Friend ship needs no words - - it is solitude deliv- ered frorn the anguish of loneliness." Dag Hammarskjold ,ff Judith Ann Stewart M 1212 We . QW, ggi, 77 Linda Susan Paul MCL 5 UQQY Dodk , yvur an grecmlfog' k , nexi- ell jay. Be 9004 wr Qewember Charles Hyde h a RhrdE G ld wg, YQW1 RSI B hf all We lavljimls we anal Lkvufff ' fl1i q u 9 .E VV111iam Murphy Mall had Qbximfvpn + J5f J Qbyywbf NAM W. WW' Senior Directory Barbara Allen 1443 Western Avenue, Albany, New York page 75 Virginia Bearup 27 Kakely Street, Albany, New York page 70 Barry George Berman 6 Venenzio Avenue, Albany, New York page 61 Rosalie Bischof 50 Parkwood Street, Albany, New York page 78 Bruce David Bltunberg 245 Davis Avenue, Albany, New York page 76 Shelley Bond 50 Cardinal Avenue, Albany, New York page 66 Elizabeth Esta Breuer 143 Melrose Avenue, Albany, New York page 61 Joyce Ann Carey 12 Providence Place, Albany, New York page 71 Ira Keehn Certner 186 Whitehall Road, Albany, New York page 76 Valerie Anne Chevrette 28 Oxford Road, Albany, New York page 60 Harry Peter Contompasis 5 Sunset Avenue, Albany, New York page 67 Barbara Craine 29 Fountain Avenue, Albany, New York page 76 Judith Harral Dexter 72 Manning Boulevard, Albany, New York page 62 Nancy Jean Dorsman 51 Winthrop Avenue, Albany, New York page 75 Michael Dugan 20 South Manning Boulevard, Albany, New York page 67 Susan Frances Edwards 32 Highlands Drive, Albany, New York page 70 Jean Addison Feigenbatun 804 Cortland Street, Albany, New York page 63 Anthony Rosenstock Fischer 6 Peyster Street, Albany, New York page 69 Alice Helene Fisher 41 Milner Avenue, Albany, New York page 71 Nicholas Geleta 76 Wateruliet Street, Cohoes, New York page 78 James David Gewirtzrnan 88 South Pine Avenue, Albany, New York page 68 Richard Evan Gould 34 Parkwood Street, Albany, New York page 78 Judith Graham 71 Manning Boulevard, Albany, New York page 72 , Barbara Griese 60 Lockrow Avenue, Albany, New York page 67 Barent Staats Hatt 577 Providence Street, Albany, New York page 77 Anita Marie Harris 196 Shaker Road, Albany, New York page 66 Stephen Jay Harrison 35 Westford Street, Albany, New York page 68 Theresa Jane Hoffman South Road, Feura Bush, New York page 60 Gary Stephen Hutchings 673 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York page 75 Charles Hyde 141 Aiken Avenue, Rennssekeer, New York page 78 Robert lseman 2 Hopi Street, Albany 3, New York page 71 Rodger William Johnston 86 Hawthorne Avenue, Albany New York page 60 Leslie Keene Johnson 15 Manning Square, Albany, New York page 66 Karyl Susan Kermani 1 Cambridge Road, Albany, New York page 67 Donna Lee Kirk 142 Van Schoick Avenue, Albany, New York page 65 Compliments ot LIBERTY COAL Si OIL HE 4-I955 46 Herkimer St. Albany, NQY. His and Hers Casual Wear RoDlNo's countrev SHOP I93 Lark sf. Albany HO3-8477 TTGHIC Squad Qin Flamingo Room cocktail lounge 8. restaurant Music Nitely 'til 3 a.m. ALBANY'S FINEST CATERERS WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER MEYE RS Downtown Albany A Fine Store Since I87O Outfitters to Gentlemen and their Sons SPECTOR'S 233 Central Ave. Albany QUALITY CORSET SHOP Central Avenue's Only Corset Shop 229 Central Avenue HO 5-96II Albany, N.Y. Open Evenings RICHMANT' Compliments of STUYVESANT CAR DS "Your Quality Cord Shops" CQRBATIS SHQES Stuyvesant Plozo 203 Ciingml Ave Mocy-Seors Shopping Center n Stuyvesant Plozc MlKE'S For good Food George Rores IO Grand Street Prop. Albany, N.Y. Tel. 465-1815 SCHATZ STATIONERY STORE Pri nring Leafber Goods Cvreefi ng Cards 34 Maiden Lane Albany, New York HO 5-2535 Buenau's OPTICIANS 71 Cenfral Avenue 9' Albany, N.Y. 12206 Perer H. Buenau Phone HE 4-3651 ALBANY TRAVEL BUREAU 146 State Sfreef Albany, New York Roberr S. Milsfein Area Cocle 518 Tel. 462-6641 W. J. COULSON CO., INC. Dealers in Tobaccos, Newspapers, Periodicals, Confecrionery, ETC. 420 Broadway, Albany, N.Y. 12207 Compliments of M.G.G.A. COUNCIL OF ALBANY Q EMPIRE PAINT COMPANY 142-144 Central Avenue Albany 6, New York Leo Miller Phone 434-5400 Ed Dillon 434-0988 Camplimenrs of MEAG HER FLORIST 1 144 Wesrern Ave . Albany, New York George D. Jeoney 8. Son Phone HO 2-0116 XX ,, ,KQV ggixrgs Telephone 465-4304 fel-.-06 A t ' J- :rx E E 5 15213 E E , - Q Hffligiwt.. GRACEFUL LIVING, INC. A V i D . vnmo ll su mo Interior Designers C0mPllmen15 Ol: Jock Eddy 114 Centrol Avenue BOULEVARD CAFETERIA Albwyf NSW York 198 Centrol Ave., Cor. Robin Albony 6, N.Y. Bus. Phone HE 4-0964 Compllmenls of Res. Phone IV 9-3134 GEORGE KASSELMAN LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Emergency Service 24 Hours LITERARY SOCIETY U 65 Herkimer Street Albany, N.Y. E E 3 1 i S I Q X r ' r 1 I r ,s 2 .I if 5 l i 1 1 5 , l 5 4 I J K x I x r I I 3 'a 1 Q X Q X, ,af if ik 5 it wx ia w EZ Q, 5 sf 1 3? 23 Ls .. 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Suggestions in the Milne School - Bricks and Ivy Yearbook (Albany, NY) collection:

Milne School - Bricks and Ivy Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Milne School - Bricks and Ivy Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Milne School - Bricks and Ivy Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Milne School - Bricks and Ivy Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Milne School - Bricks and Ivy Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Milne School - Bricks and Ivy Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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