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1965 the milne school albany, new york co-editors in chief sherry press, lance nelson literary editor elizabeth eson art editor jean feigenbaum photography editors dennis o'nei1, peter drechsler advertising editors ann nelson, joan proctor b u s in e s s manager stephen hutchins 2 As we push our Way through the r ap i d ly walking a n d squawking humanity that winds itself up, down, and between the stairs of our school, we see a moving abstraction of faces. Happy, questioning, worrying, thoughtful, hopeful - the faces of mankind swirl by, passing each other quickly and unnoticingly. These faces, which reveal -much of the inner thoughts and emotions of their owners , have been captured in this book. The learned face of the past, the purposeful face of the present, and the hopeful face of the future are on these pages. Study them carefully. Perhaps you will gain a better under- standing of the thoughts that comprise mankind and determine his destiny. Through your devoted instruction and example, you have shown us how to approach positively and constructively the formidable problems of our world. Our thanks to you cannot be expressed in the few Words of this yearbook tribute. We can show our gratitude only by trying our hardest to become the sort of citizens and human beings who practice the ideals that you have passed on to us . . . We, the class of 1965, dedicate this yearbook to you, Mr. Daniel Ganales and Mr. Michael Lamana. I ,J-f r The year 1965 marks the 75th anniversary of -the founding of the Milne High School and the' 120th year of the existence of the Practice School operated in conjlmction with what is now State University of New York at Albany. In 1844, the Albany Normal School, for students aged six through fifteen, was started and for tive years occupied the Depot Building at State Street and Maiden Lane. In June, 1847, lt was de- cided that the floor of the Experimental School shouldbe covered Normal S c h o o 1 building, erected 1849 to prevent disturbances occasioned by noise of the tradesmen in the lower story. In 1883, the Normal School decided to bulldon Willett Street and to establish a kindergarten. The Normal School became the Normal College in 1890, and added a high school to the Practice School. From this beginning evolved The Milne School. It was named for the late president of the State Normal School Cnow S.U.N.Y.A.7 who reorganized the Practice School and added ahigh school depart- ment. 1893 - First graduation from high school ln June 1909 - School located on top floor of Draper 1915 - Name changed to Milne High School 1929 - The Milne High School was moved to Milne Hall .1932 - Clock placed on Page Hall 1961 - Admissions policy revised 1964 - The Hoor of Page Gym relaid '75 years in time, And minutes of life don't even blink the eyes Of the lnscrutable face of the Universe. But in a second, or in a year, or in a score, A man can be forged by the forces around him In the fires of his life. A man, who, like all others, lives briefly before the Countena.nce of Time, But sows his seed, and passes his restlessness or curiosity On to those who inherited the flesh, And is grateful that they too Hold the promise of being men That for their spans also, they can stand strong and tall. o The face of Universe, no matter how mute to them, Knows they are her strength, her life. Joseph Michelson '65 1926 1928 75 years 0 milne have passed 1962 Varsity Club, 1932 The halls were silent for the summer .... disturbed by the far-off noises of alter- ations, for the walls mustpre- sent a facade each year as new as the faces it will greet, the minds it will meet, and the ideas these minds will sire. The building is stone. And the ideas of education that it represents come to be like the stone. For knowledge is as indestructible as the stone that houses it. It can be dilutedg its organization can be shat- teredg its very strength can be ground into dustg yet it remains! The pieces of know- ledge, like the bricks of our school, can be gathered, organized, and fashioned into a bastion of wealth that con- tains the richest treasures of mankind .... the working materials of progress . . . a bastion to inspire genius and teach others of it.Inthe spirit of education, we conclude our. of these years we each see onl six as we grow from just-past-child to almost-man, and as we grow, we find that for everything in the world there is a time . , , Aiimetosing Q A time for justice , Ms A time to win A time for discovery 7 A time for peace A time for battle 1 5 af. , :' - Q 2 'R A.. .. -' n"'h'543'4l' f, - ' if fy 1 .n 1 'QFQXKQ wmv: JV' N my u 1 P? 3313 w ,M Qi X fg if P' sa? 1 H1 1 , AA A A e . Ji m Q, ww if gk aim W A time to glorify the IIBW 35 ru' V' ha "W .1 F W. Fx TN ' Qu 8 ' hf H, - PQ? gk ez, 9, f fix .iigx 6 11-In im 2?Xi5?53???l 'W ' 4 1 N 4 Wm 3 2 1 w f I 5 I ' mir am Q Q 41 WX? QE we ra Q. if J W my Y H f 1 2 4, My .N ik R E N 'wx si , ff fewer 2155 K gs' P K xx-rw A gf' P fff,:,Afwfax,--,eff ,sgmzm M my ' 1 5,11 ij19fg,s'egy,g,?ffsf,g,4g'f QQ,Iygff-4,5?Qff:,1,,:2s,1f:f,..am1ws,,-2 H 315 .mfS,f?f,gz2fi? ':S1f5,2-mis,'wf2f,fii5,az1iw1w5gM5'2f5g,'Qfa,,f,fha a,f-3t.,y-- , .. If., W . 2,-,,f.f,,,,,-im,-1,--:we ..,, fff,,,:-,,5,,,5,1.,Ex,..,,,,5.,,,,i..?M.wk ,,2,55:fz,,i5i,,gggg,?i5i 57w,,5.!5,,?,5V?,L5:A5ifk-,M - - M ? ..f,. 'ff,g,sf.w,x,,f,1Him, X i11 ,aa' zf:m f 55255319::w1gi,2w-2?1'-1 ,- ff M2 as 1 A ,,45,f,g-igf,.1?5'f:gi,gg,:gf,-Q, If,pfiav,gm525yi-15,51'A5'sf5,32,5ffii,,e1'w.,5'ff:,Q,,5,'--f,s1,?ff's3gI2f,is,iw'sigQm5'fswJ3is,,g?f,zA2,fmgyxrggffyn A ,mi pw wmz,g,vs2?ff2i,gf'sff?? g f -:x , , rw 3 .. af, 011' '- " i 1 2 'L M K , , . ., x., M,.,,W,,ww,ffmsm f...3.--:Em J,fu-f:wxff,L,.wm1.,www,gm'.7,Q1,-,feim em . - ,- .,Wm L, giwnf-551 M1531.fs:,'g'm,1f' 'iwaz' ' -, K ?l2ffi1fHQ 4 ' I if 'N' f9'V'fZw9'.1""ffi 'f7521f'l we'S"6Ef5F"1f:'1'1-'7:.Yf,?f'YH?'iT5?zi!w2,:f':i,ff":5m'wa Mi,'fSffw'9:,g 5-'f:29si,'s5'5,11'1 -f5i7i'fuii, MH 3 p 5 .. All mf e?1f',gs'v:-'snr K f.-v':-"f'f.vff:,'1,f7t 21v,fw:m K 'RN ff.wi2.1f1e:amz' .vsg.,5gA5ggx1,4g9ffgf,gg,i'ggg . ' ur uff.'es1'-1" ,. ----f f"2:2::. 1 . ,, .,,..,,5e,gw" ' , .. A K A ,Q -, Q A - j Y K Gum ! Ee' .1 -Wig .V ' 55 11' l k ' ,,,, -- fffffem' 1':f1,iff?5f2?fgz,,5','!' WH! 5' 111 , s.,,,:g'1f.:, -:. .f -'5?"Hfj, 1 jf,i?', :: ":: s:fj,-gk, -'f?',5:,"' S X ' ' 3 A " K J 1- h ww? vfwf 51312, , eg, 'ah ? Q 14? X630 K 22 , ' iw fm f veiwz, f. I ,e , Q O A! a S lf i. ,,. z -, E , Jg,,g,,5gwfVQi5,A.M?g:M3Q,: m.3,,5Z5,5,, ifw,g.:,kxfj,Nl:Lf,,y gm, 57.5 m y , Ng 5. X H aa 511' :,'2wf'e's,zxws-2L-1 .mm ? ,iff s 8 I l ML . :-'fm EMP 'ZQYZW LK' . 931 .,"?Qni:ff'1'1,',5':?f21'izfw-'I-'jg'ii': 5:,'f1g,,-if'f:,i,ging,:7 fs7S?'Jg'.."sl' :H 55ffjj5E,f :H37,f'Q,i,'5! Eflijlj mg fl". Q 4 5 A 1 13 nge,1'm,':'ff.ffg1':magsa1z,2,fmp,gw,?5"' Y- Q,.z:fQg,5gf,.1,ggyegtf g:,'5e1:.z,iys :Mfg ,Si 5 E' ? ui 'Xe 'w if K 'V mi., 5 fm " Y , 1 A . A 0 K is , 5, 6 -ar , ,i,,,,f A 1, K gf ? .Aly 5LL,,m,,:1 Jr 1 Q V ' ggfggg, : ig '1 , , M Jim, . -,,: A s .a::'::,i. A Q J 6 , 5 - A S in mf .sfiefwz t f . Q, ' - . .f:'f-.zzswzx - f :1 1' 'Q ' J Sf S? L37 s A Wg ? 5 'TL-fi 'T- V, V '43 -iimx' -- 1fw,3fm ,Exim-:.,'ff:f',? ewff,-gf,zQf Wrffifwii W ,Q A time to destroy the old 'i'fi, ll4,vV"-4 I bfi Urnisi role ihai 60 cents tssuznption rlpsf' Christmas y tradition our fund," zllander of :ontributed w if J. rl, 25 in incm- Z Louis N. Column 4 fotint Wcelz, i or Natl glsis were for their ine liirfi 'inds liloa' r wlueilier . may fall. ed l,iy,tEie i-it-ly, wir ilitan-area irve frcin to make 'entory to is. inrhs they ng: for the ificliuie l1liOi'i'i:ilI melts, Iitil'-S 'v.'f':i", rnfli i fill' ll'lf'I ir t'riiic':iii casts. I c-ondiictod' n Canada. in Engle- Frank M. American wanted to ng sprees more con- tice. of Christ- tehing is s H. Rog- 'nt of the 1 Society, Priin-riou ?if""ll'Clllll1l lui rx f I E . Noi-.' ,lor- I 'Yt'l'-X' liirdi ,inw they liliii, said' SLll'Vlk'lll,EIl ,,....... - ini'-.iiiih 5.,-1-fu Lawn, ne :innu,i.sei iii uiiiuic-.lib cue nw n,5fmn.wi.'uiciigioiiity U1 x L i I lui nd besides nobody has everfthe fanny. for lieensiiigf' fit'iii-l!fiIhi:i.l',-Tfliiiil V ' it1'iillillllIiilllllllillIlIllllllltill!!!llllll!illlllllllillll'llllitllilIiliiflll!IlIlllllllllillllllillIlllllIliiiliIllliililiIIUillIlililiiiuilIHIiilllllj1iilllIiliiliiilllllIiiiilllli!IlllullIIillilglilllidiillrluliIllilI1iiliillill!llillIlillilllIllllllllllllllig illllllllmlilllllilllllllllllI'lIllllllI!llll!llllllIIllI'll'lI'Ili'IIlillllllllllllllllilllllllllIII'lllillllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlIlllIIIllIllllIIIlIllIllIIlIllllllillllllllllliillll'I1llllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllliiiiilllIllilllllllilllillllllilIllIiilllllllilrllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli , . The Magor Events of the Day International The United States proposal for an allied nuclear force, and France's opposition to it, dominated and divided the opening session oi' the Atlantic al1iance's ministerial council yesterday in Paris. Secretary of State Rusk warned that the force proposal should not be downgraded. West Gemiany supported the iorec, as did Britain to some extent. Foreign Minister Maurice Couve de Murville of France, speaking against the proposal, ceived some backing from Belgium, and Denmark. IPage 1, Column 6.1 London sources said that Prime Wilson has proposed a meeting in the near future with the two new Soviet leaders, who have expressed interest in the idea and are expected in London next year. l'1:7.1 Ambassador G. McMurtrie Godley left the Congo on a sudden flight to Washington for consultations a.mid growing indications that Algeria, the United Arab Republic, Ghana, the Sudan and Uganda are taking an active part in the Congo war. l1:7.j At the United Nations, the Foreign Minister of Nigeria appealed to the other African states not to intervene in the Congo's affairs, and he up- held Leopoldvilles right to authorize the United States-Belgian rescue mission. L1:'l.j In three recent battles with the Vietcong, more than 40 South Vietnamese troops were reported killed and at least 580 were said to be missing. Bad weather and faulty com- munications kept Saigon officials in the dark. ll:8.j French physicians have protested to the Government over the arrest and five-day imprisonment of a Lorraine doctor who al- legedly refused to answer a nighttime call for help. l1:2.j National Heading into his first full White House term, President Johnson was reported to be against taking a hard-sell approach to .key foreign and domestic problerns. The Presi- dent was said io be planning no basic change in Anierit-a's role in South Vietnam or to set a deadline for estalilislnnent of a multi- national nuelear force for the Atlantic alli- ance. At home, Mr. Johnson does not plan to hit Congress all at once with new pro- --- "" '-- f'--A--I Un,-If-in nursi- that the President will not give the law- makers next year a, plan to give the states a fixed part of the yearly Federal tax re- ceipts without strings attached. l24:4.1 Pentagon officials said that under the su g- gested Army Reserve reorganization, Na- lillilggtiiiyuilnl heglpockextbookl doors' and sumsl Continued on Page 46, The Other News International Pakistani newspaper charges bribery by U.S. Page 9 Eshkors strategy called a triumph in Israel. Page 10 Cyprus -accuses Turkey of fomenting disorder. Page 13 Election fails to ease racial dispute. Page Canadian Commons new flag design. "It is a ture is ibly Dnrell tional Guard divisions would be spread out across state lines. About 5,000 men from New York's 42d men 4. Page Page 22 says it gift to Page reform A rts The over view terms. and 1183.13 tional the Page 51 Dick Van Dyke to play John enry Faulk. Page 51 fail, Whitehead of the Day a white plaza. Arc , allways masonry."---Ei design for a skysc L31 3 J Europe applauds agl on grain prices. I Edison to split for 1. I places S150 calls sets 6 . Amer. Bond Sales.-.. . Stot Over Cow 69 Sndelights Haul-Q s. 11 opener. on Clos New ruled nice. State to seek tune- effeetive news defense.- Hartford, a. clubs sii vide for the TV deal- on permanent E-R-AM i eral Assembly. in TOW- Under close barred of P21U'i0'CS news con- ail' of year- bu s eit s Sports car racers are :Sled that sales statbion. y can J Nofggggi Wtoktlge ice. n Au 5. ' ' - or e ins o s " nuzuflg T119 pl Ulygelr 311317, plans Censervaiive Page 43 for '67gtrials. Board of said the Cat cuts in the school budget had dealt a "disheartening blow" to plans for quality education. 1121.1 It was announced that a slini. -1R-.story tower with a white masonry facade to house General Motors oflices would rise from a 1-..1:,......, 1... .1 - .- , .- ---' - East Brunswick inillion civic center. Industry and Labor Stcelworkers press presenta- tion of demands. Page415 U.S. seeks curb on 'll.M.W. power. Page 4 7 Hugh B. Baker c bl0lmCl i,.,e e Page 43 Financial and Business Gold-mine stocks buck slump in market. T'a,e'e 03 lixchange bans margin trad- ing in Ccmsai, Page 63 11 C -.---f-in an-v-or-. Rangers oppose Red here tonight. Woman in the Ne Miss Fatima, Jinnah, election foe. Analysis and Com Aflq '.h1licn Lfuv--5-L' dr. theodore h. fossieck principal Miss Ruth Poffley Miss Poffley 0 ice and guidance Mrs. Taylor Mr. Thomas Winn. Miss Lydia K. Murray - Guidance Miss Murray Mr. Winn Home Room Nou.. the school day SCHEDULE CARD Date..............19.. Grade.... ... NUDE.. . . Time Period Classes meet every day 9:00 I HISTORY 9:40 9:43 I-Iomeroom H. R. 10:ll2 10:15 I1 BUSINESS and MATH 10:55 10:58 III 'HIE ARTS 11:38 11:38 Lunch MMMMMM. . . 12:13 12:16 SCIENCE IT! 12:56 12:59 ENGLISH V -I 1:39 1:42 LANGUAGE and GYM VI 2:22 histor Mrs. Sally Davidson Dr. James Crowley Dr. Gerald Snyder Mr. Daniel Ganeles, Mr. Michael Lamanna L. Binder L- Ever morning, at about' 9:45, there is a mass student exodus from homerooms to the library. Presiding here, we see-amidst a pile of books, newspapers, stamp pads, cards, paperclips, and pass slips - Miss Jackman and Mrs. Morgan. We wonder how they manage to maintain the sanctity of the li- brary, while surrounded by rebel- lious students, information and ad- vice seekers, book losers, fine accumulators, and a host of other annoyances. We salute our Valiant librarians. A. Zalay, C. Rosenstock, L. Nelson Miss Mabel Jackman, Mrs. Patricia Morgan- Librarians D. Gooding Hutchins B. Liuzzi, Mrs. Morgan, F. Marshal, L. Mokhiber, S. librar during homeroom c. Lynch P. Schrodt, S. Milstein halls during homeroom o B. J. Ford, A. Linter, M. Brodie, J. Khachadourian Wirshing J. Ford, K. Sanderson. S. McDermott, V. Vice, R. Tompkins, H. R. 130 1 to r front row: J. Barker, I. Abrams, R. Milstein, G. Hausler, C. Ettleson, J. Lind, third row Klein, S. Wozniack, M. Clifford, P. Siegal, K. Reid, T. Panzazis, E. Brewster, J. Altus, B. Reilly, M C, Pohl, P. Feltman, S. Levitz, P. Palmer, J. Greenberg, Contompasis second row: P. Tucker, H. Lavine, M. Goldfarb, L. K. Peterson D. Ganeles "I can't wait to get home!" "I think I'11 sleep here tonight!" "1-2-3! Oh boy, three dollars!" "Maybe I'd better see Miss Murray." "See, I told you she couldn't teach!" "I think I'l1 cut my wrists!" "Not again?" "Holy Cow!" "This is the end for me!" "Whoopeel" Well, another report card day has come and gone. Jane Barker '69 HR. 226 front row 1 to rx J. Popollzo, P. Brodie, K. Soulis, J. Roemer, D. Ganeles, V. Abrams, D. Yarbrough, S. Iselin, A. Levine, M. Martratt, J. Paul, second row! M. Fluster, D. Morse, K. Bartlett, P t t M. R benstein R. Coughlin, R. Brusilow, M. R. Lipman. Missing: P. Donley Grant, A. Va.nC1eeve, K. Krichbaum, A. Hazapis, L. a. en , u , J. Barker ' H. R. 228 front row 1 to r: J. Levine, M. Catricala, H. Caplan, P. Rao, P. Aurbach, second row: W. Kahn, L. Mellen, R. Dorkin, L. Sherman. third row: R. Green, N. Zuglan, R. Rappazzo, J. Itzcow, J. Kellert, fourth row: K. O'Nel1, C. Kaplan, K. Mason, C. Richterg top row: J. Wenner, A. Gerber, R. Banack, K. Peterson, R. Freedman. Homeroom 320, first row 1 to r: R. Walsh, P. Meyers, M. Larner, R. Donner. second row, A. Boomsliter, L. Binder, S. Johnston, B. Shacter, S. Ginsberg. third row, L. Perkins, P. Hardmeyer, D. DeRosa., S. Leberman, A. Kuperman, K. Siebert. fourth row, J. Kaye, T. Kagan, B. McCabe, B. Fox, A. Prichard, missing, B. Abrookin, P. Jacobson, D. Sherman. We, as eighth graders had two special questions throughout this year: "Could we have looked like those enter- ing seventh graders?" - "Yes I" "Can we possibly act as the ninth graders do now?" - "Yes !" Time and experience help us to change from what We were to what we will become, Jackie Newman '68 Homeroom Art, first row 1 to r: B. Woltz, D. Lange, S. Weiczorek, P. Parry, V. Smith, L. Miller, D. Evans, A. Valenti, J. Carroll, L. Rovelli, R. Hohenstein, K. Brown. second row, S. Welch, K. Graham, M. Cali, L. Alfred, L. Finklestein, T. Miller, D. Pohl, S. Fuld, J. Green, R. Katz, B. Sachs. missing, H. Sherer. Homeroom 321, first row l to r: P. Brower, E. Dunn, E. Schmidt, S. Weiss, A. Jupiter, B. Krimsky, M. Speigle, D. Wallace, R. Schubert, L. Wilson. second row, R. Reynolds, W. Gavryck, K. Etkln, K segel P. Meyers J. Hanley, E. Joy, C. Lavine, C. Milano, L. Balog. third row, J. Newman, S. Jalobour, L. Oulette. ' ' fourth row, J. MiJler, R. Retz, R. Kayne H. R. 129 front row l to rg R. Millard, L. Lockwood, H. Fluster, A. Lerner, S. Schorr, second row: J. Beecher, K. Sanderson, K. Langer, V. Marmulstein, C. Rappazzo, third row: D. VanCleve, M. Bulger, L. Harris, M. Moore, M. Reiner, fourth row: R. Flayter, N. Sundin, W. Edwards, C. Warner, S. Gasorowski, B. Williamson, fifth row: R. Kuznier, J. Pitts. Missing: C. Roblin H.R. 127 front row 1 to r: K. Segal, L. Neifeld, S. Herkowitz, M. Barelski, R. Tompkins, L. Tolar, P. Rosenkopf, V. Vice, P. Lennon, J. Shuster, L. Wyatt, second row: R. Golden, R. Ettelson, D. Quackenbush, G. Schell, S. McDermott, A. Frank, T. Kraft, third row: W. Morrison, W. Lange, W. lG1achadoa.rian, J. Aponte, R. Otty. Missing: S. Donley T8 ? miniscence Proud Milne, honored Milne, do you re- call familiar faces, laughter and the pranks of your visitors? Do you remember the serious, fun-loving students of the past? Perhaps not. Perhaps you are too old and wea.ry to fully recollect fond reminiscences. And yet, did you really forget the boy who painfully carved his initials on your massive walls, or the 1935 basketball game that shattered your fragile windows? Don't you remember Christmases, elections and other occasions when your doors swelled with festivity, music, decorations, and pride? Milne, you bear the mark of the past, present, and the future. Familiar students leave you a hazy memory of their presence and stamp an imprint on your door steps. Don't feel disconsolate over the loss of your friends. There will be other years, better times a.nd new faces. Remember that you never dieg your imprint is also on your acquaintances. They will also recall fond memories. Your future is ahead. Old friends become new friends. Years become ages. And you, proud Milne, will face the future with optimism and high hopes. Agnes Zalay Vl681l H.R. 128 front row 1 to ra C. Fila, G. Valenti, R. Platt, J. Goldfarb, third row: M. Braden, R. Friedlander, F. Abrams, A. Klein, I. Oser, second row: D. Feiner, T. Orfltelli, R. Nelson, B. Richter. Missing: L. Sf12.IlW1X, R. Bedian, R. Laraway, R. Thompson, A. Zalay, K. M. Hazapiz Walsh, J. Salomone, E. Mazming, C., Levitz, R. Castellani, R. Brand, M. Borlawslqy, B. Korotkin Homeroom 123 first rowlto rxM.Betz, S. Bloomfield, B. Proctor, N. Jochnowitz, C. Graham, P. Boomsliter, G. Sanders, S. Button, M. Contompasis, second row 1 to r: S. Patent, R. Meckler, T. Wahl, D. Weinstock, S. Barr, L. Rovelli, A unter A. Anolick, B. Wachsman, K. Brooks, T. McCal1y, third row: B. Brand, A. ' Lasker, D. Herres. Missing: C. Michaelson J. Lavine War across the sea Crime and poverty, Threat of destruction, Corruption in rule. Nothing to do while still in school - - -butlearn- - - Sue Hohenstein I0 '67 Homeroom 324 left to right: D. Gellman, S. Hohenstein, B. Dubb, P. Cali, P. Gable, M. BOI'laWSkY, B- SD9I'b9I', J- -V9-H de Wal, S- F1'eed-ma-T11 M S. Rider, E. Brumer, L. Bartlett, R. Johnston, D. Brenner, J. Newberry, Ribner, MISSING: J. Khachadourian, F. Martln. CENTER S. Sheldon, J. Mellen, D. Jones, J. Margolis, A. Linter, B. Press Horneroom 329 LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Miller, M. Abrams, D. Herkowits, G. Pritchard, J. Lavine. SECOND ROW: B. Korotkin, D. Ungerman, B. Linn, M. Rosenstock, M. Brody, J. Devlin, J. Ford. THIRD ROW: A. Cohen, S. Houck, B. Press, N. Hyman, D. Elsworth, C. Dillon, P. Buenau. MISSING: B. Berne, B, Blanton, A. Holizinger, R. Olinsky. Homeroom 126, flrst row 1 to r, A. Fisher, N. Knox, V. Cheverette, H. Contompassis, E. Leberman, C. Hyde, G. Hutchings, B. Iseman, N. Dorsman, J. Feigenbaum, B. Crane, S. Polen, S. Payer, L. McCabe, R. Weiczorek, top row, A. McCullough, S. Harrison, T. Oliphant. D. Kirk, T. Hoffman, J. Dexter. second row, P. Schrodt, R. Koven, N. Geleta. II V. Bearup Homeroom 227 front rowll to r: L. Scheer, S. Edwards, J. Susser,L. Fischer, J. Gewlrtzman, L. Johnson, B. Hatt, I. Certner, M. Simon, S. Levine, N. 0'Neil, B. Griese, E. Sinclair, J. Stewart, R. Bischoff, J, Carey, Mllstein. missing: D. Martin, R. Rowe. S. Krimsky, A. Harris. back row: R. Langer, M.Dugan, T. Leue, T. Homeroom 224 front row l to rx S. Levitz, S. Bond, back row: B. Blumbe-rg, F. Ouellette, S. Melius, G. L. Wilson, K. Kermani, L. Paul, G. Bearup, L. Breuer, Robinson, R. Gould, R. Johnston, N. Geletta, A. Roth, S. Mellen, B. Davis, K. Toole, P. Levine, J. Graham. B. Wallace, B. Murphy, D. Kullman, B. Berman. Chemistry: Life of a water glass Irving began life as a molten glob of glass' in Corning. His youth was spent on a conveyor belt, where he enjoyed high kinetic energy. His crystal lattice began to cool with the passage of time, a.nd Irving became old and hardened. Ultimately, he was kicked out' of the factory and sent to 'Woolworth's, where they stacked him between the mittens and housewares. Finally, the day arrived when Irving was purchased, put in a plain brown wrapper, and taken to a cold water flat in the Bronx. Irvlng's owner filled him with a strange brown liquid C86 proofj that greatly increased his potential energy. After two hours, Irving and his purchaser were rather numb until, sud.. denly, his purchaser tripped. Irving accelerated toward the floor, thereby achieving threshold energy. He was smashed Cas was his ownerb, thus ending his life as a broken, desolate, water glass. Chip Johnson T661 Senior Student Council FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Zalav, G. Robinson, A. Linter, R. Morse, N. Hyman, E. Eson, P. Boomsliter, J. Devlin, S. Edwards. SECOND ROW: C. Leslie, P. Schrodt, S. Melius, S. Harrison, S. Patent, S. Hutchins, S. Rider, R. Spanner, R. Ettelson, S. Milstein. JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Ettelson, K. Levitz, R. Tompkins, B. Richter. junior student council SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHTS J . Bradshaw, P. Korotkin, R. Miller, L. Bearup. Each Tuesday morning, a huge fuzzy dog is unceremoniously dumped on the Senior Room floor as a student representative of the Milne Senior Student Council takes aseat and settles himself for the meeting. From the heated debates of this year emerged anumber of worthwhile council projects. Among these were collection drives for our foster child, Fabio, and for the March of Dimes, revision of constitutional amendment procedure and student council officer nomination procedure, a series of assemblies presented by various classes, a.nd a campaign to make Paul Korotkin quit smoking. The meetings were courageously supervised by Mr. Ganeles, who suffered through flagrant adulterations of parliamentary procedure and common sense, and probably spent a good deal of time contemplating the future plight of the U.S. Congress when our generation will be in charge. Senior Student Council Officers LEFT TO RIGHT- B Dorkin, S Welch, D Morse, C. Lavine, J. Kaye, G.HauS1eI', M. Larner, M. Rinner, P. Brodie, L. Wyatt,'D. Evans., milnettes milnemen left to right: D. Skinner, G. Hutchings, W. McCullough, J. Ford, T. Curtis, R. Isemau, W. Wallace, R. Linn, M. Ginnsburg, T. Bourdon, A. Fisher, B. McFarland, H. Contompasis, R. Blanton, F. Marshall, S. Melius, T. Leue. left to right: M. Shulman, S. Lurie, S. Bloomfield, S. Edwards, C. Lynch, L. Bearup, G. Sanders, L. Paul, E. Scheer, M. Rosenstock, J . Devlin. SECOND ROW: E. Wirshing, J. Bradshaw, N. Knox, B. Griese, D. Kirk, R. Miller, L. Jochnowitz, B. Boyd, A. Nelson, K. Sinclair. quin J. Bradshaw ' ma left to right: R. Polen, K. Gavryck, K. Kermani, J. Graham, g S. Press- Officers. SECOND ROW: N. Knox, J. Bradshaw, A. Nelson, C. Lynch, B. Toole, V. Chevrette, N. Hyman, C. Dillon, A. Harris. THIRD ROW: J. Dexter, J. Van Egghen, L. Bartlett, P. Boomsliter, S. Hohenstein, D. Kirk, L. McCabe, M. Contompasis, A. Fischer, S. Mellen. FOURTH ROW: "Mc f' c' N. Dorsman, D. Jones, S. Payeur, S. Bloomfield, N.W11Son, B. Griese, P. Cali, A. Miller, G. Herres. FIFTH ROW: L. Curtis, J. Devlin, C. Grahm, S. Houck, S. Mellen, S. Barr, J. Levine, S. Button, G. Pritchard. left fo fight: L. Scheer, G. Bearup, c. Newman, s.Lev1tz, M. Schulman, s. Polen. SECOND ROW: B. 110566, L. Paul, A. Linter, P. Levine, M. Abrams, K. Sinclair, K. Karlaftis, D. Hafner, M. Hardmeyer. g'HIRD ROW: J. Susser, M. Retz. FOURTH ROW: L. Breuer, S. Bloomfield, N Jochnowitz, B Berne, 'T' - Bond, B- BOW, D. Weinstock, S. Krimsky, S. Lurie, J. Stewart M. Ribner J 'Carey B Rosenstock R. Miner, s. Lurie J- Felgenbaum ' ' ' ' It is relatively easy to spot members of the Ski Club. Then can be found in any classroom sitting next to the Window, staring 'intently at the clouds, silently praying for snow. They can be found in halls and on streetcorners eagerly discussing the wedel, schuss, or the snowplow, and demonstrating tricky jump turns. But their favorite hide-outs are the ski resorts. There, desperately hanging on to rope tows, fear- lessly shooting down uncharted trails, or sheepishly entering the First Aid Station, these hardy souls are something to watch. Fortunately, spectacular spills are compensated for by warm lodges, hilarious bus rides, handsome ski instructors, and such di- versified sports as Yodeling and Stretch Pants Count- ing. This club is "formidable." fthat's French for formidable. J ski club Left to right: C. Leslie, A. Zalay, R. Abrams, M. Shulman, T. Oliphant, G. Pritchard, C. Dillon. SECOND ROW: E. Roemer, R. Linn, A. Richter, I. Rosenblatt, R. Brand, B. Wachsman, D. Elsworth, J. Khachadourian. THIRD ROW: R. Moore, S. Press, L. Breuer, D. Martin, A, Anolik, J. Susser, B. FitzGera1d, J. G. Giant, P. Levine. uture homemakers 0 america A Left to Right D Ungerman. SECOND ROW: R Abrams, A Harris, T. Oliphant, K. Kermanl, C Newmen THIRD ROW: A. Richter, S Press, R Moore, S. Hutchins, R Spanner FOURTH ROW: W. FitzGerald, I Rosenblatt, G Pritchard, J. Lavine, J. Mellon FIFTH ROW B Proctor,G.Sanders, S Barr, N Hyman, C Dillon, B. Press. left to right: J. Mellen, C. Curtis, A. Fisher, P. Cali, D. Weinstock, M. Rosenstock. SECOND ROW: B. Griese, S. Payeur, J. Stewart, S. Polen, M. Hardmeyer, D. Hafner. THIRD ROW: C. Grahm, B. Proctor, D. Jones, G. Pritchard, J. Lavine, C. Dillon. FOURTH ROW: D. Ungerrnan, K. Sinclair, R. Polen. STANDING: F. Kanlaftis, J. Schuster, S. Bond, L. Wilson, M. Abrams, K. Langer, G. Sanders, D. Walsh, S. Hohenstein, A. Miller, J. Proctor, J. Carol, C. Warner, M. Reiner, M. Moore, N. Sundin, T. Ortltelli, F. Abrams, A. Zalay, E. Manning, C. Fila. national honor society A. Zalay, R. Polen, J. Michelson, E. Eson, F. Marshall, L. Bearup, Missing: R. Morse, B. Losee. Mr. Ganems, Advisor. Hurried meetings, frequent consultations with teachers, and repeated trips to the office mark the ihnctioning of the Honor Society. Aimed at furthering scholarship, leadership, character and service, this organization has originated several projects to bring more culture and art to Milne. However, a lack of funds has somewhat handicapped the program, and subsequently, Leonard Bernstein and Pablo Picasso have not as yet come to Milne. s . .... za-,N " 7M"""-..,, , ""'++-.. 1'-vs., enic and old lace Directed by William C. Kraus assisted by Elizabeth Eson, Carol Lynch, Sue Lurie Ski!! The Cast Abby Brewster ....... Marilyn Shulman The Rev. Dr. Harper . . . Carl Rosenstock Teddy Brewster ....... David Miller Officer Klein ....... Harry Contompasis Martha Brewster ...... Robin Morse Elaine Harper ....... Cynthia Newman Mortimer Brewster ...... Craig Leslie Mr. Gibbs ..... . . Bill Fitzgerald Jonathan Brewster . . . . . Guy Roemer Dr. Einstein . . . . . . . Anrhf Zalay Officer O'l-Iara . . . . . Barry Press Lieutenant Rooney . . . . . Joe Michelson Mr. Witherspoon . . . . . Francis Ouellette Officer Brophy . . . . . Dave Skinner Mrs. Royann Blodgett busmess Mr. Theodore Bayer Mr. Gustave Mueller Mrs. JOZIXIIB. Milham Mr Robert Buck mathematics Dr. Herbert Oakes Mr. Glen DeLong Miss Margret Farrell the arts Mr. Arthur Ahr, Industrial Arts Miss Barbra Quay1e,Home Economics 5, -T 1' uf, . vm S.. rfzsf., Qi W, YL? Dr. Roy York, Music ' df fl Mrs. Brita Walker, Art 5 K E 25 s sw 5:2 .E E vii Wil E 356575 B. Moran w. Murphy, R. Laraway, B. Hath, D. Elsworth lunch T. Curtis, B. Moran B. Berman, M. Dugan, T McNa1Lv, J. Ford. H9.1'01d Stuber I. Rosenblafrl, W. F1tzGe!'a1d 55374 'G' Ir? Dr. Walter Farmer, Mr. Donald Pruden, Mr. William Reynolds, Mr. Thomas Boehm, Mr. Joseph Kelly. 38 science Chermstry class IS llke a he11um aiorn . . . . mert 'Www K SZ K 'n,,wz2,w -- 3 f 5 'X A W1 1 Q , 23 - eg gs? wg wfr1g?1vi 'gjgfi-,'ffzsT' Wfiiixw ,lm '?7ff iNiSifP3Mg', f'fgQisA,?fLfg 285 Qfelffffmk-LfnlS'W,::2,g-55, K ,,w5mi,m Qemgi?maAw,QsQE?vX,m QM 51 --:,..1E! .-.-kr. :- Q ' R21 f ,Q 5 2 ' .E fp iw if Q W 1,:."fQ,37kSf'-12241'wiiimiillffefif"i'f5?2u I W ,:2:5!5Ei5. EZ ,:E12Z1'6EL 5, W 2 s 3 L' L L' 5 ,E Y W e? X. V, A . ,:f:s1gg?sf,'--mfg. ,q wwgw geygh e f ,,, 50,Tgnjg'5:5,fQ4?gQ'a'gL,4fff1,qg:if9f --wwff A V fi K M S. Hutchins K W Ma 42 N 54,6851 Xggggmg My Qfvzqggwfi ,ag i 35, . A A , LJ SQ,mefs,Z5?i?ffEgz,-fyfflfiigspgig-5 L-I :Wg-QW13 2 Ln if,,545z,gggWf5?sg2Qm,,N35glg13 - e 5 rg vii fig 3 5 r 5535 , S E if 'Q pq ? t' : 5. .. XA 5 M , - gif Q X 5? s 15 52 EE E! "'-- QS ES ,E 'Y X12 W MAH .1,::.A.,::.,:... S 2 S Z 5 L3 gwmmwwgw Mr. Kelly J. Feigenbaum s. Levitz In biology we learned Why we re- semble our parents - and if we don't, why we should. ve 2, Y f"V9' V' - t V qw' t V lt., me K Mf.el.t,Q V, .. : 1 A ,X , , , f ve- Y' ' . A V V , - A " 'A ' -- V " .,.. " - , ,ft r ., U N get .W -me-. 5.1 f J H - . Q p J , Villfwi V"""" V F LN 1, 'viii - uw , umm VV 1 ff L , V5 ,-:.. l-, - ,:..-:wa fl f ,2.'1i.- 'fuv--:lf-- f 5 1 v I V L: .,.. ' gig? f , :W .u,,. g. - Vw I! lv " N- . :z -.1 ' x,..,,..,:a,p' -' ,E - , , V ? ? 'T f 5 V .+V V- 322. , . ...M we Vt. nf y. -,1-aim f gg ..,. .. .. .. 1 t w ggvlm iii: f -F ww .ze-' am: WN'-MMQS W U 2935 '- QQ , .1 1' .v i . K'-11, 1553 45, M w .3 . f Hn a, .. .,-1: f Y' www XL -w k -11 -:ww V f1Vf221i2z -" '- Rf- 2--2-2:za':'2e f 'ae VV we S " "'::.av-:"2w,:aV .n. . nh-N , -.nettgmia .- L5 W V: -:f'V+ W , V Vw, V V--V V- . Q E, - .Q - gk :L - 4 f-,wV,'::fe'.,-'sw V' - ' 11 ' V'fi"W M J, 1 f"'V mw "zfw 1f V is-gtg ' m e -mf. .. ' fV1g,i-J' 1-1 -Wiwlv -N V In fffu f 1.2.4 Mimi QQ K - -j v A V..':: ,t ai .im f M 40 Dr. James Cohrane Mr. Theodore Andrews The English classes , reluctant to start Macbeth, kept putting it off until to- morrow and tomorrow, and t01T1O1'I'OW......... Miss Anita Dunn Mr. William Kraus english w,f,..Q i g::p,g:ma:?Q1sig5 ""-:zft1m:?x,1-:Lf-Serv fx if-w3,i4z5gqs H-wx:ws1aemmXws: ,- f,,w-.gggwfifg , ,,.r,1M r,sgW. . ., L,..,,. L.. ,,. W 44992 2 Z' Q , 1-maimgsz " i gfwkiii xii'-fbi. fl,i1 bZA,x W ,M M . , , ,EE::, 2 , . K . M3453 ' , .,.. " 1: 2-1 71 sw- , - ' 74 2551? . Amazing f ,ws,H,, , " .mr ga 35 Q M, , Y X993 1 aa? sx EW Q 3, Mme S Q, gf f S Q kg if QL S 4 Wwmms-2 V, , ,W - -I . , '- ,. Si' "ii up 9-1,51 eff Qsvggbiil fh'gv,5'Ig,g5 lei ' , ..fE""::l..,-.?:..'5f"5:"':': 'X .Ks P- 'QL :'?Y" W Vfilf if -:rg A110 ,gi g :: :5". 133:- :EM-:.e:: -:L',::v ,Hg 'wifrWisf.y?f?SAf2gzs w, ' fl Miss Anita Dunn Dr. James Cochrane Mrs. Cecelia McGirmis Miss Patricia Kennedy Mr. Theodore Andrews Dr. Ruth Wasley E. Spath language Mrs. Hilda Deuel Mrs. Susan Losee Mrs. Beatrice Klein, Miss Helen Mayo NM 2 X IEW ? ' 'ff Y -'lM , 5 f'?15fbS?ff?Qg,is5Lg 1 Mrs. Harriet Norton Veni, Vidi, Vici Milne version: I came, I I passed . . . sw saw, D. 0'Neil Mr. Charles Graber Mrs. Gina Moore Our Coach Lewis has Worked hard and steadily to develop teams which cannot only play good games, but can al s o display sportmanship, team yvork, and self discipline. His efforts are evident in the exciting basket and baseball games his tems have played and in the sudden overflowing of our trophy case which both his and Mr. Ahr's teams have contributed to. Mr. Robert Lewis physical education According to Miss Palm, perseverance, spirit and effort add up to "intestinal fort- itude." This character-education, anaddition to the girls' physical education program, generates an attitude of respect for rules and for those who follow them. Surprisingly enough, along with this respect for rules, has come, a concern for individualism, which means an honest self-assesment of our abilities and potentialities. Many girls are finding that with this new viewpoint, 'they can achieve levels of fitness and sport- manship they had once thought impossible. Under the direction of Miss Palm, the girls are shaping up in more ways than one. Miss Barbara Palm fi7 1 f .H I2 f 'N""wm..,,,,w...,.v. MW' 1 f 'Wg Y XY f . Wm ,,fWmw. I i 1 MM ,WMWWW M,,, M. , W' 'V ':vffN1mwv1wnmm,fLW1' crimson and white LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Schrodt, D. Skinner, J. Michelson, R. Morse, A. Zalay. Missing: S. Hohenstein, T. Oliphant. 0 d 0 bucks an w LEFT T0 RIGHT: FIRST ROW: L. Harris, J. Schuster,C. Michelson, C. F11a,M Ribner, K. Langer, B. Press. SECOND ROW: L. Wyatt, S. Krimsky, R. Spa.nner,S Lurie, D. Weinstock, D. Brener, E. Bruer. P. Boomsliter, J. Beecher. THIRD ROW. C1 Lynch, B. McFarland, C. Rosenstock, B. Dubb, S. Button. 2 - K 5 'Effie ' H L' ft f. , :,::f 1f M .. ,,a:-,. .,2fv' E .1 ., ' - ...nt 5.5 j ",gS.,-f'fgg5.y ?3 ,gy.5?.j V - 'i3'533::,'g' . 1 'j.,,5,2f:. WEN. 154 - gaaszms f m,.ss,?fi3?. , L , 155i5A'..fS?f. -L.. s.'.iif"' 91Ff'..?',.?",f-',,. u,:'fi,ii??:,.3,'i Q mv... V' H . ' .2 I M1 ' V V. ,. , ...R -V , . , .,.,. ...MV W wr- Www' P. Drechsler, A. Nelson, S. Press, L. Nelson, J. Feigenbaum, D. O'Ne11. Missing: 3. Proctor, S. Hutchins, E. Eson. L. Certner, T. Bourden, S. Polen, 46 B. Dubb, A. Richter. J. Montague L. Nelson CRIM N AN HITE politics and the public the great gor 0 pla Often the tragedies and meaning- less acts of national and international idiocy around us become overbearing and we wish to turn off the world as we would a television set. Isolation is one way to escape the world, if we truly want to escape lt. But others seem to have a different philosophy: they look for someone upon whom they can thrust their mature respons- ibility of being informed citizens. They look to the horizon, like so many desperate, outnumbered cowboys on a television melodrama, for the shining hero galloping toward them on his white horse. Heroes are nothing new. But the white horse brand of heroes often have quick answers, fancy words, rash 30501151 2116 many appealing traits, the most common of which is that they can resolve the given plot and end the TV Pr0gI'2.ITl happily ln the allotted time. They are fast, dashing, and brilliant in appearance. They have quick answers for our problems. They 9-Te fvueh and aggressive with our strength. They put on a show for our money. They are indeed fine for television. They are excellent and en- joyable viewing. But our nation, which is daily becoming warpedln perspective by too much of the unreal world of television, had better awaken to the fact that many of these heroes are riding, with the dust fanning out at their tails, off the television screen a.nd onto our political platforms. Joe Michelson Dear Editor: I admit I'm new in Milne, being a seventh grader, but who was that sawing off my locker lock? He had on grey pants with a red stripe down the side. This ls no laughing matter! I'm no green apple you know. -Ajax Thumb The joy of life is upon my soul And sings within my breast. And amid the blackish sorrows I hear A wierd, dizzy, aimless laughing. I rise and sink and swirl to crazy heights and impossible depths, Yet ever sweet---high and clear is the laugh. Other voices whine and moan cry and shriek but My strange voice constant laughs--- A NI retaliation As I have stalked the streets of this city, I have noticed the ever- increasing number of Christmas de- corations that stare at you from every conceivable spot. Being a member of the select group who do not celebrate this holiday, I demand equal time td gasconade to you the marvelous ad- vantages Hanukkah has over Christmas. Firstly, there are eight major reasons why Hanukkah is better than Christmas, each one of these reasons being a day. Whereas Christmas has only one day of gift-giving and re- ceiving, Hanukkah has elght. Much as I hate to disillusion some people, there are no "twelve days of Christmas" as the song indicates. Which brings us to another point. The commercialization of Hanukkah has never equalled that of Christmas,- due to a few obvious reasons. One of these reasons is the inerasable fact that there are very few wordsinthe English language that rhyme with Hanukkah, hence the lack of Hanukkah songs and jlngles. One of the greatest unpercelved and unacknowledged facts of our times is the presence ofaJewlsh counterpart to Santa Claus. I wish to be the first to inform you of that Jolly, Jewish, Jumble of Juxtaposed Juvenile Joy: Hanukka.h Hershkowitz. This great figure of human kindness and good will has been hidden in the annals of Jewish folklore for over two thousand years. - Barry Press Dear Mr. Thumb: Here sy . Milne locks on Milne lockers. You may be no green apple, but you're ripe for an N. --Editor-in-Chief CClear pebbly laughter of new-born brooks a.nd Gentle joy at wide, wonderful show stars j--- At amber dusk and ash-hued gloom My strange companion voice Follows faithful Yet when I whirl to confront her She's gone---deep into my soul Where I cannot comprehend her. So soon I no longer try, Satisfied to breathe her effervescent mirth. - Linda Paul In the beginning of the football season, the air ls heavy with talk of gneliglble ends, fractured flankers, and players in motion. Although gym class is often the sight of crisp mortalities :md bruised feelings, no one talks of the Gorgo Play. It is too early. But sometime this month, a week or two before the last game, a ra.ngy half-back in the locker room may glance over his shoulder and ask: "What about that hefty guard, the one who trampled over Al and slugged me for nothing?" The squad leader, with three get Gorgo ,men behind him, smiles and shakes his head. "It is still too early." Because the Great Gorgo Play ls an integral ritual,of the autumn, there is the outmost scrutiny in the selection of Gorgo. To be mean, to be rough, to inflict damage upon a.n opponent is not enough for selection. The Great Gorgo Play is the quin- tessence of justice. The man called Gorgo must be a true scoundrel, a nasty and rowcbf character, a master of the pile-on, a treasure trove of big and little atrocities. He must be a player to whom the stiff arm, the sharp toe, the wrenching of another's weak ankle are Fthe foods of life. He derives sustenance from the high block, the clip, and the flying, flattening leap upon a.n inert and helpless ball carrier. All men know Gorgo. He is also the polsoner of cultural springs, the builder of gothic, the bastionof cruelty, 'iii I r v . -'-, ,, -C' -25 and the reservoir of debris. He leaves his leg out in the aisle of progress and bumps shoulders on narrow passes. By Thanksgiving Day, Gorgo is named. He may be a rough center called John, a sadistic tackle named Butch, or a snealqf quarterback re- ferred to as Sam. But on the football tleld, Gorgoes receive their just reward. On the last day of the last game, when the scores are all but decided, when the fever of excitement and the zeal of football has subsided, the Great Gorgo Play is executed. The team snaps brlsky into the huddleg the season of pain and weariness is suddenly gone. The raggedand artful fullback winks. A guard smiles through his jagged teeth. The seniors, whose high school football career is almost over, will never again feel so strong and righteous. "Who is it?" asks a disheveled lineman. "The big center linebacker," grunts the quarterback. There is a moment to savor the decision, to peek cautiously across the scrimmage at the big ugly linebacker pawing the turf, awaiting his last op- portunity to inflict some unnecessary pain. And then, the world seems bright again on the magic moment when the quarterback barks: "Okay you guys, on four get Gorgo." -Andy Zalay .tl M ' if lam 'lilly if dead-eye does it again Since most other groups, lndus- tries, academies, and arts and sciences are giving out awards, this column will attempt to do the same. This yea.r's "Money-maker of the Year" award does not go to just one person. Instead, the award will go to those who have capitalized on the Beatles and the death of John F. Kennedy. The prize for the "best" movie goes to "Cleopatra." Despite its shortcomings, I still think there were some parts of the film which were well done, such as the clever use of two hundred million extras and two hundred million dollars. The annual award to the man with his eye on the future, preferably the far, far future, goestoGeorge Wallace. Good old 'Galloping George" would like to see himself on Pennsylvania Avenue. I wouldn't mind seeing him there, as long as he's not at number sixteen hundred! This year's "Quote of the Year" goes to Barry Goldwater for his state- ment, on Mother's Day, concerning l1ls thoughts about motherhood--- "Abolish ltl It's a communist trick to take over the United States! I know, for I've looked into the facts of this matter thoroughly." -Carl Rosenstock music council LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Boyd, R. Abrams, A. Nelson, R. Miller, R. Ettelson S. Rider, C. Lynch, D. Skinner, J . Devlin, F. Marshall. ' band B. Losee s X --.: A ., ..:x-- ':a..-:e -fF'::'5:Hzg...:.,: A 7 -We ,.., ...,. . L., A k I v,,. R512 V,'. ' ..s:..w.s, .aa:e :sf :.-...: ,: as . -,J ---- .,.-. :a u --: ' A, X 225. .- . vw .: . A 91: 'a'f. !."'a .: -: - ,E L 32: : S : , '. Has' 'Umm rf. 5 , .. ,.,.mNse f 2 . , sage ft 5 , 5 3 N, at a -. +::ml"-:llE: EEGIR'--.I WI , i ,mas.fame-me:::..?.z-wg an -. ,, I., 5, . .gg ..,, . , ... . h SEER ' 2 Q -I 5 r 'W' A 5,,.f " .fvszs gfi . . K -K Ju. H: sg: Q, fa mai' Zn' -' 7 'REE' 352,255 'Q ,K ,..,...,,,.,,,.,. ,K I .Vkk .,.,V,m.., saga-' . r 1' "' "::i31'::s"'Z JIM' ... ' "- -faiiigia. ff 13'Z:,"f'.?.j:?'f".': --fn,f?igzfs.1g.f1gs-, :wf1ssS4sZa1sv:?'s-gist, wa J gif f 1 4. -1" E -" A55 V X S QWK 5 " ' t The wild beating of the drums, the blast of the trumpets, Chairs clattering, shouts across the room . . . then rehearsal begins. 1 Eggs ' , A ',h- 1, E22 ' M 5, - -ff: . '-:ff- .-- ..:-.,fs- -- : -- INR , ig vi:- . E :winger g sf . Y ,,.E,W,w,.A V 4 i 'lg 'K' i Q" - - 1MSW-fy-f?lfi"iiaf1fQ,i2W . ' ' to ' 5EF526wlii - i V Q , Q I L5 1 G. Herres, E, S1-011 The Milne Riding Club has sponsored 21 enthusiastically attended trips t o R o ll in g Meadows since its formation in 1963. Its many saddle- sore members can be smelled about the halls of Milne, or seen rushing from school in questionable attire each Friday afternoon during the Spring and Autumn. A. Horse, P. Boomsliter stamp and coin club - -41... ., . few . 5-sf. . . .e,.f1z, L W " ' ZX Y. 151 s 1 .7 f.. ' 9 I' Wfwmfglm . , f '21 -Ffmww We M f 'rm' . , ,w.w.,,,. s,,,.,.,,,,, K we I M., 3 . Vi. , -mfs-awww ' .. . .I ,iA, g I N L .L . .. . F, F . F. . A , r' ' V- '- ',. ' . A 5 ES? 5 ?5 ' PM , , 5.2fs:..f f - xH-572 121,-' ' W' ' age :,...f 1 .i5-M ,I ' Q if ' 'w:f,.,. . :ye -41: 1 I f , '- -. 1 . " -- FT I 1 F V -I , ' 8 . -V V me ' ' W' V- - 3' 'F' HA Zgffff :- I". w f"" ' 'A 719 , 'Q E " . ---.:1'3.,:..ff ' 'Q 5 s -7: ' '. fflj k , Q.. -- 1, E., J, ..yy.1y, gf., , A , . ,, J.. '- .:fs::::f1f-45" .5 Jimi?-'I .V f 5 .. T , VS K Q 1 I -Lf,.gk,gg .,.1e y f,Je.., f I - or K, 'iii 9 j'5.':-. . :.1fgi:,jfi,f,gfss: , . ,-iz..-', ' H .., - Q chess club Stamp and Coin Club - LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Rider, W. McCullough, A. L a s k e r, R. Johnston, D. Gellman, S. Bond, SECOND ROW: R. Green, B. Dubb, B. Berman, R. Wieczorek, A. Roth, S. Freedman, Mr. DeLong. THIRD ROW: A. Fisher. Q 1 AJ ff., , 'ox 434846 E. ,A ,-. -1, -:.:f gg, 5: la ' f. H... .. . ,...LL 3, ...... ',.- fi ..g3's,a-n H .gg Y a ks, a f ewrgysveig . fd 1 ...sw Z Wi r. 2 i. .. ' 'ma' Chess Club Armies are decimated, kings and queens are beheaded, innocent pawns are killed every time the Milne Chess Club meets. Yes, some of the most daring battles take place in this organization. Gambits, sly strategems, and broken chessmen are common day oc- curences. Nevertheless, the members of the club do not seem to mind. Membership is growing all the time. But don't you think there is too much violence in chess? i ? -'ff -" fel fig. K.-Wzfiih' aa2,2i1:gelsz22'.' 1:5.er5:,e5.25:fe.-fir :f:a'fgg:f.a, 2:,,afgggga-52 :if f Q,:,gf."if,'i?ff, A Ei'-: F1 SA X? 'g A 'r f , .'.V fs1'Q' 2 z ' 4 . rm - . 1 ' . f Wm, - I kfwrw ,K 7 , ,M '.,,,.,ggs..1Ss f.:T' fr, Jr. fd . Qegsg ljifk 4, 7 Q. an . g?'gW.,.5ae. A . f , , if '- d 455 'Q .... -' E2 ---' 5:4-:.'wv5-'...H 2' , , w , ..Nz,- ::J5 -fr, 1: A ...A : .. e ' we V .f..-,,. -sw 'MQW 5- i21ia:5 .., H .... ,L , 5544 I fee.. -4. Q... , I ., waive. A ,A . ,,,, H 'I H rl' X SL R X 2 f . JM :ies 1' 9 . . .mv g wings. - g . wg-. 'f - "1 YW .. , ... ..- ff: , , .. ...lmf W.: ,,., ' f -N f.-ef... . 'M .- fn '.., A 'aiss-MILES'ggi-65293 ' i ' 'i 3 -I., A ,s. :mtl . ..Ir 1-rf-:wwf-fsszfmfz.. . fw-:ffwif f gmszzgsesgsxsise SF -'Xa ' ' Rag., j""i115S':f'f:f5.fwfr 1'ezif:j'f I i 'H Q 1:11. -mgifs . fss i-J.. ..- - f :wa .221 P22 if 11MB -:'?. . 2 ' r f ., .... kr. X sung . M we.L .x1 -H: fmsm, f ,T . n m, 1 31 .gmsm isn '- .fm ' ft --. M 1" - HQXMM -9: -M . .. Jw .. . .mf vw .. .H -ff.. 91. - ...,a:. . --a--,, mm . wg . ww '- . . ,. fn. .. . .ff 'if : I 'xsxi' . . .. .. .. , 5 f E 5 my 1 x fsfif' lf. . .gf .... gag? gg lst ...J wx igggggw J Ri .. . gg.. . .. .L , if -- " '.f'1f.-Iii ' 5 35353 f .'.:52,, a,5,-: -,g',-:'2.x.., ' . .f1.f1m'fE,: "'. ":.:'15-:::3:.u 'Hs 52. 1:--,uvz-"": 5,53 ff ,f-ffl-E "."f: Hz., ' .. lvl i..",..ff1..'i2w . . f .. 1, 11 mg 'Q 1 K - 'J - ' 9 . ilk? M.G.A.A. Council: Left to Right: M. Shulrnan, S. Barr, G. Bearup, J. Grahrn, K. Seibert. Second Row: B. Proctor, S. Sheldon, J. Montague, C. Grahm, S. McDermot, B. Losee. Basketball Team- Left to Right: D. Jones, A. Linter, C. Grahm, B. Proctor. Second Row: G. Bearup, J. Montague, J. Carey, J. Proctor, J. Feigenbaum, S. Hohenstein, N. Dorsman, G. Herres, J. Mellen, J. Dev1m, J. Grahm. Miss Palm Hockey Team- Left to Right: A. Linter, S. Press, S. Levlta, J. Montague, P. Kali. Second Row: C. Lynch, G. Bearup, J. Carey, C. Grahm, J. Feigenbaum, B. Proctor, G. Harres, J. Devlin, J. Proctor, J. Grahm, S. Houck. girls athletics Varsity - LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Geleta, T. McNally, J. Aponte, D. Elsworth, R. Reynolds, F. Marshall, W. Wachsman, T. Ollphant, R. Koven, R. Lulzzi - Manager, Mr. Arthur Ahr - Coach. fi 1. C I 088 countl MCN2.11y pulls ahead A . . ,H ' r u ,,.. . 52 6, g 5f,'fwgj5a..fsf , V ,ff.f,j,g,,gsg 'Qi Tia .1 f iw - ., C J f' ' 3+ ,Q .2 W 1 A :Vfwz Q wif' K P .fc ,.J.,2-zwff '1iWff4if1s,, ' . i ff R . . . f isv .gf . gg' V, ' - '. leswik J. za,-'x:i6:s:., 'f-1. . 'lf'.Qiix ,, e f,f9vis,.- 'Sis ' -v .gy 1, is fe-,gf..fgg5,'qge, L tl ,,,, T I .,.... V , I Ma f 'V 7- .K wmx NN, . , k ,?.,,.,i. 1Ke,,1a,'.--f . seq., ,, Q.-V: 5 7, .f'-'Li' Kfylj.: , V55-?7'2fh,5s7 "EI A '-'xvlfff' 5 g iijfjjjt 3 K . K N. 7. 5' ai f .eelmxi-:e.7f.1 Kirfyffhff 3 Final 1l'lSf!'l1Cfi0IlS ieeiaiiivgfiwizl-2fqjn.,'Q ' agif.-,.,sa,:f1-.a." hzf,ffqi:2ggqgpaf.-, as ,L wif, 'f?fg.1zwfi'.g:," t, - . , 'lQ!l.E:g:f57f5fSifgf: , . 's?tig,, iff? if fx f '1'--feitfzx? 77s nv, . ALLLVV hu f ,M , g :Wreifvz V. " L' issrf.X?M"fa:Z5i'1X7.-ti?J'iwiliktf Aponte comes in J. V. and F1'0Sh - LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Pitts, D. O'Nei1,B Goldfarb, G. Shell, J. Aponte,'D. Quackenbush, I. Oser, R. Golden, R. Nelson. MISSING: P. Snell, D. Gelman, T. Wahl. Thoughts of a Runner 15 minutes to thecgun. . .get warmed up . . . stretching exercises . . . now try to relax . . . "RLmners report to the starting line" . . . well this is it . . . "Runners take your mark" . . . GOI . . . have to get up there . . . now, hit a. pace . . . where are the rest of the guys? . . . good, everybody's running where he should . . . one mile ...gottopushnow... there's coach reading off times . . . we're at the boat house now . . . 1!4 mile to go . . . sprint! . . . this race is close . . . every man counts . . . don't slow up . . . there's the shot . . . GOI . . . all right, we won! Ronald Reynolds Oliphant finishes R..B8d18I1 D. Van Cleeve R. Kuzniar D. Quackenbush R. Kuzniar D. Feiner indoor track LEFT TO RIGHT. J. Ford, T. McNally, A. Zalay, R. Reynolds, B. Berman. SECOND ROW: D. Van Cleeve' L. Rovelli B. Wachsman, ,B. Wallace. TH,1fRD ROW: H. Contompasis, N. Geleta., T. Fischer, B. Linn, Coach, A. Ahr. J. Ford R. Golden A Recipe , Take ten boys fonly five at a tlmey led by a dedicated coach . . . put them in a gymnasium on a suitable floor with two baskets and a ball and an opposing school's team . . . add two referees and some spirited cheerlead- ers . . . and you have the makings for a goodbasket- ball game . . .. What else ??? Only you and your school spirit . . . It was a great season, one of the best in Milne's recent history . . . hope you did- n't miss itll! Jimmy Dunks Scorer's Table: Doris and Artie Coach Lewis The Varsity Basketball Teamg Front: R. Koven, R. Blanton, W. Day, S.M11stein, J . Margolis. Back: J. Gerwirtzman, F. Marshall, J. Nelson, T. Kingston, J. Mellen, Jump Ball Action basketball Concentration Bob and Budchr Mix Business with Pleas- E 'LIPS Johnny's Form 'A .31 -f.- 'l , B my Egg? Q K M . ' AA' .P , W -' ,.,.,v Q ... Wg , PM -K.. kk , f .. Vg, A ., " zffwigf X ,' if ' li , .. ,, . . ., JL Q, f .Q.,,?W' ' ,. , 1,5 . 1 A . A A 2 W , .M . . S MT QS 5 vw ' 5 . . . 'mi V. We .. .. W.. '-: ,'- emi. -- 'E . 1 Sl as p . Ti-I' .var YQ ,I . ,Q ., as K H' if ggi if fe. X. af 'ir ,msg ju. r 1 A Lge R we affix, ri 1, JE is vu ' K ' . 'W SX :Ev :sim ' .-.. , .. .. .. .. f J.. ,. X. 51.4, Songleaders . ' 1 ' Y., Z R221 I ,- H . E, ...W fr'--E!-. ...Wse,ger,5f..3me ,-M.-S. - -. fi A - gi. 774655 +if5W",NfA -lQfv5QAf?l.1tfffi'5if6 5. 559' 'VIE' w ' ,, - ' ,WL M B . . . 5 .Jw A f ' 3- T " f '- , f Eli emi-M , e-WW.,--M ..-1:1 'Mg-Qw,.3W.., 2 . -r.-.G . -,-. . ,-.nw ,Eg gi??f53,g135g?. by , .,. , ,, .7 ' R .f Xi! Pk axiiil-,Qsf :J R R I 1 V :IMA 5 ' 5 Vg. Ljfykm V : , 39,5-,.HLzf , 1f5F'5iE,53?f:SSEE5:?3f we 4. 3La,q?Sw'2e,-em-5 .5 - evwgfm QL W,--..,,,,1, -- W, .,, 1 . ,. 4. va . be .my-fz,,..,a, . ,Q -, ,Q fEvW2fezwfk3m.,f sie 1 ,fmffxvr-,"'f.,.,,fx'f5 a5Wa,,QeQg1axzgi 7- .g -- YY?-W" 1.!s,f'fu.51' we -A . my,1Emi.f,,-,'gyw- f,zv.S3,E5 N ' - H ,f wi' we .X V.,.k,,nw , . .1 .,.... r,..s5.f,x' . 4... . Va il K ' '- frgffszf A WM ffm v,.,!"'f Mfrs.,-X :,qxK 5 - . wwfwf , -Lx: gem ffm, 'fffw V :ef ff' .fm I M ...rx -we .V Aw 2 .1 f.E,ff.,.,:M- K. .mae K Q? L . r ',b , .. ' . '--' aw" 7' ,Q 1 1 X Lg: vgfifefm ,gg Q , ''.f.1'g f ' Q .11 , 5,1 1. 2efa.:H-w.,..m ' . ' .. ,.1M2m?i ,iggiiil-,es 1. , assign! SS Wsifgx R ,s?.M2. :Miz ii' 'fi :S wfxfi M as 'v fs me - W. , Varsity Cheerleaders "Ca.n't ya read?" ff pk 3,3 sf-W3 ,S Q K f' Q22 MW' .af 'wif ,, .fgjfxgg . . fee vw . k . ....rq,,,. 9252 gpg Ei . . 5 .:.::N-,,.:- V . .-. .-we ee.. g wif, 1 ml - wi? lflffilffffg ' X52 '- ..:. "2 If .4 555245135 TIER? T3 E555 5 ' ffe.Q1ifi we -' If sgzwii.-2 K ff?-4 '2f'- 'sf gk ,. s351szg5nfMk, K . . , gf .,, , - - .1 1 .- we 'J - 'fa ' 'gi W .- A :MMS aiz W2 fpisisrl tfsfw me . Q X ,2 -KW, .X -:ffM.,Xgw.. ,W .u..,.g-.f.,.,MZ K ygimsg gs- " I - K S? ' M ifi,SHs?'svsg,W2fiss2' i ...5N,,-,. h . .,.., JV Cheerleaders JV Basketball team Left to Right: W. Murphy, R. Laraway, I. Oser, R. Langer, W. Khachadourian, M. Borlawsky SECOND R. Gould, B. Hatt, K. Brooks, R. Iseman, S. Patent, M. Brodie, J. Khachadourian. F!'6Sl'11Tl8I1 Basketball In its seemingly incessant pursuit of financial support, the M,B,A.A., otherwise known as the Milne Boy's Athletic Association, has become an efficient organization. The organization's chief concern is balancing its budget, which deals with the expenses of the various athletic teams, such as the basket- ball teams, the tennis team, the cross-country team, the bowling team, the baseball team and the croquet team .... To expand Milne's athletic program, the M.B.A.A. has sponsored activities such as square dances and movies to gather money for new equipment and as- sistant coaches. With the aid of the M.B.A,A., the varous teams of the Milne school rep- resent us and show other schools the kind of school that Milne is. bowling team milne bo s' athletic association 'LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Gould, B. Korotkin, A. Zalay, B. Langer, P. Schrodt, J. Gewlrtzman. SECOND ROW: R. Iseman, D. Wallace, B. Press, T. Oliphant. THIRD ROW: D. O'Nei1, R. Koven, K. Brooks, R. Nelson, S. Rider, A. McCullough. MISSING: S. Milstein, I. Certner. Kneeling: S. Rider, B. Korotkin. Standing: P. Buenau, T. Curtis, R. Spaner, S. Hutchins, L. Mokhiber. 1 A., ' .4 A - -Qu w 4 ff Q- X Al fl-916 Here pass the faces of the class of 1965. Behind each face is a real person: A person who knows loneliness and compan- ionshipg a person who has experienced successes and failuresg has made friends and enemies. Each has tasted the bittersweet fruit of youth and each has drawn from his experience a different idea of what the world is like. Linda P. Bedian Louise Catherine Andrews Lynda Marie Bea.rup Rhona Abrams Ignorance To turn, to walk away, To look unseeingly at their outstretched hands, To pause in vacant thought, And stare, Lmcomprehending, into the darkness- The darkness that could be dispelled. This is our crime . . . . To listen, without hearing, to their urgent pleas, To feel, yet be callous to their bidding wants, To soothe meaninglessly and uncornfortingly, Succeeding in making them abandon their attem enlightenment. Why is this so? Why must they be kept from emerging From their abyss? This is our crime. Sherry Press pts for J Edmund B. Bourdon Jr Jo Ann Bradshaw l Barbara Jean Boyd Learning is discovering the complexities of the worldg--the more we learn, the more confused we become, and the more over- come both by the extraordinary order of the world and the over- whelming chaos. Elizabeth Eson I 1 Thomas Curtis William Edward Dey When a man does not know for what port he sails, no Penelope Lynn Contompasis Wind is the fight Wind- Jo Ann Bradshaw B111 PBIIIXY P ete KHRUSCHEV OUSTED YANKEES LOSE SERIES RED CHINA TESTS ATOMIC BOMB MEETING OF ECUMENICAL COUNCIL BOBBY KENNEDY BATTLES KEATING FOR NEW YORK'S SENATE SEAT JOHNSON VS. GOLDWATER - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN LABOR PARTY WINS ELECTION IN BRITAIN Spartan Peter Drechsler EIT Elizabeth Platt Eson Q 1 ' 1 5 David Brian Dugan E William Ellsworth FitzGerald III Robert Scott Edwards What will We longest remember? Pythagoras's Theorem? The verb "to Melvin Bruce Ginsburg Karen Lee Gavryck Marcia Goldstein be"'? Avogadros's number? The War of 1812? Or maybe .... A smile. . .a secret. . .a joke. . , A hand touched in passing. . . Linda Bearup Doris Mae Hamer David Cook Gooding Buddy A 6225123131535 111 , N 5 s ,S I ,. Ji 1, 11 Q K if f 1a 1 1 is "gf 911.5 K 11 if ,I 5 fy 3 Q1 fs v , E T L -'h' L',5f ff- fx -1 -' 1,fLg1K11,1vK1.1-335. 1 , .1 , ' -' ,111s,m111f1 S!g:FflgQ?f27'.Qefff'xiii:"f,gfZ1:, 125531255 "M?,f5F11112'f'1s'? 1 K . 2.5Qg5'rf1f5I,fl1Y'LfE3:11V:'Y.7S,lWiim f :111.1.i'wE?kw,: 51111.1gi'113.111114-11fsg111.,11 ,111 -,11 --,-, ff,-1.:f-, - . 111 ,sa my w,1,1---- 1 111- fifffw 1' , Y L 1 1 - '5ffi?fifff1:i1 f1 1 ' 1 1 11 241 2 4 ' -.1:,s:11?': ,,f1:1r1f:"i'fr www.111w111,f1,,11 -,-111 -11,111,131 1-,-1iM11w,f11u1-1 1, Q 4: 'fy 1 11 2 1 J 1 1 2 r 1 :Ey:5iS':1z:E-3, U" 1E'fQ.11:jiT1 f'f'fl 11731--Z-L1:f12'z:,,1L . H-' 5 Q-515: wif 'I 1 g , ' ' f -I 5 fx 1i1sa'z:'1i- K' , ' . , ' 1' 1 1 7 - 1.11--Q-.1111-.f11ff.. -1' 1 ,1-ww 1 1.15wi.141-w'151111'i11fi 05 f .1 ' f - - 1 , ' -' '- iff-11EL1i12f1f1111f1121116? 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Marshall Jr. Bruce Newton McFarland Bookbags are getting larger and their seventh grade C ounterparts are getting smaller. Imagine, six years already! Seventy-two months ! Two thousand one hundred and ninety one days ...... And it's all ours. John Mellen Bi1L Carol John David Paul Miller Joseph Bennett Michelson Leonard Thomas Mokhiber Robyn Christine Miller Suddenly our problems are no longer caterpillar problems-but butterfly prob- lems. We have emerged, and before our Wings are dry, we are beset by the com- plexity of our new freedom. Ah! to sail high and stretch our wings! But the lovely wings are fragile, and where once We were bundled up and safe from storms, we are now exposed to every gust of wind, Elizabeth Eson Judith Ann Montague The great goal that our generation must work for Robert Edward Moore is world peace. Once peace has been established,,man will be able to develop himself and eliminate the other ills of this world. How can each of us in our daily lives promote peace? We must first realize that what is happening in the World today is but a projection of what is happening in the lives of each individual.The seeming- ly petty hate, untruthfulness, and apathy of one man assumes appallingly large proportions when multiplied by three billion. Each of us needs to analyze himself. Are we doing, on a small scale, what We are trying to stop the World from doing? We may find that the more people striving to live peaceful lives, the more likely it is that we will achieve world peace. Lance Nelson R0b1I1 Mary MOFSB Bruce Edward Moran Ann Lyon Nelson James Darwin Nelson Carl Cindy, Marnyn Bob Judy Alan, Bob Yes, these bright boisterous seniors are leaving Milne. Behind them lies the memory of vibrant class debates, thrilling basketball games, and wonderful trips to Canada, to New York, and Mt. Stratton. After spending six years in Milne, they are ready to venture out into the world. Some will probably continue to fuss over chemistry labs and physics exper- iments. A few will probably keep on writing humorous narrative and probing essays. Many will remain devoted to art or business. How- ever, one thing is oertaing these students will never forget their-years at Milne ......... and probably neither will the teachers, What other' class celebrated Tippecanoe's birthday with a party in history class? Who has ever made a working carousel for the Alumni Ball, and when has a Senior class won so many trophies? Yes, as these students graduate, they will take a part of Milne with them. Andrew Zalay L2.1'1Ce Edward Nelson Sherry Irene Press Cynthia Newman Roberta Francis Polen Dennis Fairchild O'Nei1 Ivy I took notice of the Spring outsideg The blackboards felt re- mote-- Somewhere in China. And a voice babbled on and on From a blurry haze. Leaves of ivy on the walls outside Fluttered on the weathered stone. As they fluttered, they seemed to be clapping In' appreciation That someone took notice, Like a histrionic child Calling offstage to its mother, The ivy flutter echoed, "Good show! Back to life again- To cheer and clap for an- other year." That is, until the leaves be- come only Stains on stone Bled by the depressing heat. The Spring was onlyaflash of their small portion. And so was the attention paid them By the perfectionists, the slide rulers, The disciplinarians , and all the other Busy People. Joe Michelson 74 Hemi. A Joan Marie Proctor Edward Geier Roemer Ronald Paul Reynolds Alan Jeffrey Richter 5 ish, 5 E J ' s Ira David Rosenblatt Pete has gone ahead. We regard his action with both re- spect and envy. He was readyg David Henry Skinner He Went, John Peter Slocum Carl P. Rosenstock It is now our turn, and we will go. But the journey will be a little easier for us, Knowing that a friendhas gone before. Marilyn Shulman K 2225, A ' :fi Kathleen Elizabetn Sinclair Jean Hilton Snyder Robert Neil Spaner . ., . . . . Those long exam hours spent nibbling pencils, fervently groping for some clue to the right answerg Listening to papers rustle and chairs scrape, while pondering questions with vacant eyes. . . hurriedly filling in blanks. . .racing against time. And all the While, wishing that the seemingly inter- minable tests would end. But We were to find that those tests were only a beginning. Sherry Press Edwin Albert Spath George Hardie Turnbull Robert Greene Tebbutt . . .and the day you came home from school to find the letter lying quietly on the mantle, full of portentous future. Suddenly your mouth was dry and your pulse pounded in your ears. You turned the letter over and the weight of hope and doubt and tension seemed more than you could bear, Under the corner of the flap, you inserted your thumb and slid it along the top of the envelope, tearing the paper raggedly. You withdrew the slip and for a moment, you stood with your eyes squeezed shut, holding your breath and a voice inside begged "please. , ,Oh please. . ." Then you unfolded the paper and as the incoherent jumble of black let- . ters fell into place, you read. . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . Elizabeth Eson W Nl' 2: Dennis 75 45255 7'Lf?5E2?KMTl 335535F:i?3?'5?7fi?ffTQ174f?fi7 mf? 'WV Bob is aww, tt 9ETi:f5si7. Ja5s:X?ig-'? '1gtf?!1gg'g5,g fs-WWE'-Anv?1fx f,s?fff2-wg' g??'ss1f?1aixf1Noi:Si,' mx, fm gg Yj'tfHj5f'?iii:fi2Q,53inxiE252'iiifmgglgfisit' 3 K' nw 4 5 ,mf K is 5 e if 3 , X, 3 56, . .lzggf v Q, if ' rf: Xp lx 'XJ it Q 4,94 'Z , 2 255 is is at Y 'G A ,N af. ,Q Af YQ? if ,gre R5 sv Qi, , JN jess, fa, , WW 2 2 tt it Q' X E Pifszi ,iwferlfzgflwz'--esrffige -wma 4 4 , , an ,S , it as N, f,,,kg,,. ,K ,,,,,,. 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Andrew Desider Zalay To the generation before ours: Look at us and do not underestimate us because we are young. We hold the future of the world in our hands. Will there be enough food to provide for the people of the earth?---the answer lies with us. Will the nations and races find a way of living peacefully side by side?---the quest is ours. Will the mysteries of outer space andthe depths of the sea be un- locked?---the keys are a- mong us. Look at us carefullyg we are the statesmen, the educators, the scientistsg the businessmen, the ath- letes, the mothers and fa- thers of this coming de- cade. Our sucesses and failures are those of the world. Look into our faces as you hand us the torch, and show us your mistakes that we may learn---so that we may hand it to our children burning a bit brighter. Elizabeth Eson 79 ' QXMG XXXXXXM XX XXX XXXXXXXX XXX, ff fX?.MgX5XH"'X' HXX XE' w1'fw+XX X X X fX1,XXX-XX""gs'fXX L-XX-X-X::XmXX -XXXX ' Xf.XaXp1f--ezzyznaf,QXXXXXQXX X3 aXXX2gXL15m ,X XXXXX -X ' ' ' -- - " X XXXXXXXXQQ-XQXXXXXXSXXXXXXXXXX1X XX . XXXXXXXXQXXXXXXXXXX 1XXXgFgX5gX5X5X XXX, QXXNX XQXX X!.X XX X., XXX' XXXXXQXXXXXX-QX ' X X' XX X X-XX X XXXX X XXXX XXXQXXXXX, IX XXXgXX1XXX5,-XX ,X XXXXXXXXX :XM XXXXXXYXXXQXXXXXXGX MXXMXXXX X W ww SXX' XHXQX XX .X XXXXXQXQX X !XXggX XX X XX mv, XfXXw QXXXXX, X, Him. 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Suggestions in the Milne School - Bricks and Ivy Yearbook (Albany, NY) collection:

Milne School - Bricks and Ivy Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Milne School - Bricks and Ivy Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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Milne School - Bricks and Ivy Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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