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,,, V, V . ..:.,, . an-Rr! 1: up , 5,5 . , T, .Qt 4 .. A :rw -3 .,, N , My Y ,VC K .4q.,,,V. Mr. , ' ., 5231 , .Vt ,,A. ,.-- 31 . Y' 3famD'Laf'Lf 1 'rf 1" J' ':'?'l:7ff'fa T' 'i -' - Q- Af, ' 4,:g,.-'. U' 4 ii, -.. 1 . Y 4- ,S-1-l 21 ,. 3- Y, , ,L-if, ff ,,,...1fA:,-,Y K 4" '-', f :.,', :.-.f5,..,vV -M -V .. . , UQ- rn. M, , , -, Ll 41- .,., FL. , R- -, A- V. ,. , ,, 4 - H.. 1. , ,.,,4y3, - .? 7' Y, , Ne.1-gif, . -:Auf-ff . f' ,s.1,f,.5fAV- -. ,M -.Yi-gig. , L ,G-,,,.,.. ww., . - 'T +2-,ffw Qtf -' ,- 1 -1- 'TQ-Zig, ' L "fe," -,Lia-549, f?'iL,g-:g,Q1f1g.:,g , J ' 1. ,.A.,.-..... . ., Le., 1: 3 ' ::,.' "ani, ,f4A.,,i. 4715.3 ' v- 5'4I'rSl - , 'S' .few -'- r 4 ,1-G .-,. V - 1 fra: . V , ?.r:,L2.k.l V ,A - ' 593553. 1 '- """--'fe f1S3x,Qf " l -.U -..,, ..., -it , 1. 1.53-Q -Q., I . ' A -:K - , f.. f -ms? , ,H 1, -fy f,-Q , f'wQ5f':,:?' - '-1 -f .gf-1:4 .. '-. ,, ..S,.,514, ' fl'-:sr ,-h1:4:":f" w. f ' ,Vw -. ,4..,.- , , WNV.-., ' fx.-..-, -wr --f . was-,G 1 -V , ff- 'Y-Q-.:"-1 ' ' -3fL,"'5Q 1- in A' ul ,V Lb., ., .,g,j:-gh - , ff. f , -'V ,.- , , ,-s-fu Y. ,il -,Q 5 . ,, ff.. .--- ,. . A, :.,... A ' 24,144 17 -TL' 151' L 9 .5 ,1 .X A f , an , ,, xv- ' ' '10 , 55,6 "" " Pg pei: v 3- -:Q-va, , .3-ff,-' JQL,izfE,A,' 351929-"4 'x2fgZ'5i" "'i , 7.51 .. GAO 1958 -W swsww-W -Q xl-we . i s.wQ,,mmw x v K, O ll.. L X , Gone! gone forever!-like a rushing wave Another year has burst upon the shore Of earthly being-and its last low tones, Wandering in broken accents in the air, Are dying to an echo. Published by THE SENIOR CLASS George D. Prentice-"Flight of Years MILLVILLE JOINT HIGH SCHOOL Millville, Pennsylvania . -t 5' 122, b .A A .5 .wg .AV V, 1 . .1 n-it W-K, . , V 'ff tips ,,y - wt .1- fw. . wtf. l t 5 Exit! tx I 7? K A i l 'ill llii ,lg 1 t tigg glia l! Wi , ii .MU if l- J 'I i t hu 1 3, I t lll t itil X it t Highlights of Foreword "There is a time for some things, ancl a time for all thingsg a time for great things and a time for small things." Cervantes - "Don Quixote" This completed yearbook is the result of many hard hours of work and the desire to create a book that is worthy of representing the Class of l958. The class, in choosing the theme, "Around the Clock at Millville High," wishes to express in this book the de- lightful as well as the studious times spent within the ivy covered walls of its dear old Alma Mater. "Six years - six little years - six drops of time." Matthew Arnold - "Mycerinus" 2 1957-58 SUPREME COURT ACTION ROCKS NATION - In- tegration ot races causes revolt at Little Rock, Arkan- sas, in Sept. I957. ASIAN FLU INVADES U.S. - Shots given to prevent spread of disease. - Sept. I957. NAVY'S VANGUARD ROCKET launches baby "moon" into orbit around earth from Cape Canav- eral, Fla., on March I7, I958. RUSSIANS BEAT U.S. IN RACE TO OUTER SPACE - On October 4, I957, the Russians launched the first world satellite, Sputnik I, later they put up a second, Sputnik II, which carried a dog. On Feb. IO, I958, the U.S. launched its first satellite, the Explorer. On March I7, the second U.S. satellite, the Vanguard, went into orbit. BLOOMSBURG'S WORST FIRE OF 'I957 - Bob's Esso Service Station on Millville road was gut- ted on Dec. I4, I957, Eight persons were injured, one died later from burns. BERWICK'S WORST FIRE SINCE EARLY 'I900's - Started in Hotel Morton at about 3 ANI. on Jan. 4, I958. Destroyed one half block of business district, killing 2 people, injuring many. DREAM CAR OF THE YEAR - I958 Cadillac. FASHIONS FOR '58 - Gloria Lyons models a party trock, Betty Crebs sports the new style sack dress - the rage of the "Guided MISSiles," 5, ffggxl R .. I Contents: Activities ...... Administration . . .. 5 .....19 I 1 1 . Pg. LJ' il K. ff 12,455 R' - lr! is in bu W Q0 ' .-, Q-tu , 1 x ,N . Classes -1 ' ii '-is ' ' W' ,vt - x. N U O ,V Seniors. ' , Qi: ' 31, 'K ,ig , mg Patrons 32,1 ,Mi fl, '15 2 Qi" M' . 'Q 5 ff Siva V, ff , -c 5. 1? ' . I A H A r". swf ig it Ml ii :g s e fx '1- . '41"":,'1 if ' 3.1 ' ' ' i' M 'Sf 'I-e 'f 3 5+ wig. 2:-X Flk rhili flifv :fix ltr. .P Tfsfiiif 1"-H a 535111 Q93- P ff: 'klif .l gw N 3 if-A436 11' 'nz if .3 Rf. 'if'!'f 'x Q '-,sv 'iff 'W . .,A ' V.-il-6 ,X if 'QA-'fbi ' . fi " ziiihif YF ffff' i5:'.Q,f?f -'fI?f!y, , 'B-A ,Jn ,V -ns X, "7 " g !:H'gfEq1Lk X.. . -"fl-'. fli Vifn 4 w 1 a fifiigl-' x ,--.fir g ...fy 5, I . ' r i -ff1xS:- :sa-2'-, - , :aa-' Jlir5K5'." ' 13 ri, 7, nog MQ? '-1 :Q-g:f5w?..ef I :lj H"1'-Eli. -ia 1 .53 --gl gfzfrmi-fsbyi i ii 4. vygllx Xffi f J" ti I iifii Jpvsai ' " 4.i::'s?':ii-qitiztfrf. x f fi kQ1s,qf-Q,'+'?iifi'h- ,- 3523 '. .gf iii - ri I ,Q fyrsim 1 lil! liifgv .1,qf1.g,Q,' ix my .i if- 'm3ff.'u:f 'EV NSVQXTA l' ll Ill! 'xr' 4 I . ' . .fl L ' V HOME W! 35" ful' 0 0 M Lum? 'VM' nu, ' ,fly . ER' ' 23:2 3333 ll A-1, 'A A A NX 1 5 mn' '51 ' ON ' P 4 fl " 0 I 0' O 1 ,f2"':""' EDITOR-Jim Woolcock, ADVISOR-Miss Ruih E. Yearbook Mr' wwf 9 l .E 1 Y fr I s X! tffjli . -Lindo Greenly. Staff i. ECHO MEMBERS, FIRST ROW: Berry Crebs lTypistl, Lois English lTypistl. SECOND ROW: Pofsy Beagle, Jane Remener. STANDING: Dovid Glenn, Donny Derr lSporfs Editorl, Lindo Greenly, Jim Woolcock. BUSINESS MANAGER-David Glenn, ASSISTANT COPY EDITOR Patsy Beagle, ASSOCIATE EDITOR-Jane Remener COPY EDITOR STUDENT COUNCIL. SEATED: Barbara Dildine fNinth Gradel, KSeventh Gradel, Gail Mausteller iSeventh Gradel, Robert Gord- Ronnie Zeisloft lTreasurer-Eleventh Gradel, Nelson Whitenight ner lEighth Gradej, Carol Bostic lEighth Gradej, Roy Bower lPresident-Twelfth Gradel, Eunice Zeisloft KSecretary-Twelfth lNintl1 Gradel, Ella Mae Frey lTenth Gradel. ABSENT: Jerry Gradel, Mr. Seymour Stere iAdvisot+. STANDING: James Beagle Woolcock lTenth Gradel, Virginia Holdren IEleventh Gradel. w .ii . M it ii i y NLWM 1 R .X xwli, v 'A-. l l 3 W lim , 6 Q T. ' i i . 4 if if wi K Qxxliisym X K My ' T iii NeLsoN wuiremem surucs zsisiorr Pnesiosm secnmnv Governing Body of M. H. S. Members of the Student Council have put together and published a handbook for the students of M.H.S The book contains information about the school and will be of value to the students, who really appreciate it. The President of the Student Council is a member of the Senior Class. Meetings are called by the advisor, Mr. Stere, or the President. The council sponsors many difterent activities in the school. The school year of 1957-58 was o very progressive and successful year for the organization. We are striv- ing for a better council and a better school in the years to come. : E ' 3 I , . MILLVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND, FIRST ROW: Edith Artman, Nancy Glenn, Tisha Albertson, Janet Lyons, Kay Zeisloft. SEC- OND ROW: Ann Bennett, Linda Greenly, Suzanne Weatherill, Carol Whitmoyer, Carol Bowman, Saundra Laver, Paulette Eves, Dennis Farr, Roy Bower. THIRD ROW: Donna Mrock, Sandy Saab, Sharyn Lyons, Bernita Sweeney, Marilee Sweeney, Pat Smith, Patty Eves, Carol Diehl, George Creasy. FOURTH ROW: Dottie Dildine, Roberta Clewell, Sandy Lawton, Marie Eyer, Deanna Woolcock, Dorothy Hartman, Jeannette Eves, Ned Eyer, Nancy Horn, Sara Bardo, Chester McQuaide. FIFTH ROW: Lindsay Row- Band land, Gradon Bitler, Gail Maustellar, Judy Lyons, Judy Geissler, Sue Adams, Gerdi Kelsey, Gary Stair, Rodney Derrick, Jerry Woolcock. SIXTH ROW: Jim Woolcock, Karl Girton, David Derr, Larry Whitmoyer, Bonita Wehr, Paul Weatherill, Lawrence De- Wald, David Schnaars, Roxanne Kline, Billy Farr. SEVENTH ROW: Ruth Girton, Barbara Dildine, Elaine Garrison, Donna Thomas, Mr. Lewis Dove iDirectorl, Judy Lawton, Peggy Plock, David Glenn Danny Derr, Bobby Blew, Chet Creasy. EIGHTH ROW: Jane Remener, Joan Remener. ABSENT: Ellen Churchman, Susan Myers, Bess Marie Blass. SENIOR BAND MEMBERS, FIRST ROW: Edith Artman, Linda Greenly, Dottie Dildine, Joan Remener, Jane Remener, Sara Barda, Suzanne Weatherill. SECOND ROW: Jim Woolcock, Karl Girton, David Glenn, Dan Derr. ABSENT: Ellen Churchman. A 1 GLEE CLUB SINGS IN FULL VOICE AGAIN: At the piano, Nancy Glenn lpianistl, Mr, Lewis Dove LDirectorl, FIRST ROW: Sandy Saab, Miriam Holdren, Gay Shater, Patty Eves, Esther Watts, Carol Whitmoyer, SECOND ROW: Sue Rishel, Joanne Mosier, Barbara Dildine, Dianne Sharrow, Elaine Garrison, Betsy Beitz, Tisha Albertson, Sue Adams, Donna Thomas, Ruth Girton. THIRD ROW: Sandy Fetzer, Marilee Sweeney, Pat Smith, Judy Lyons Millie English, Editha Harding, Ann Nelson, Marilyn May Rosa Sharrow, Peggy Plank, ABSENT: Carol Bowman, Yvonne Suprum Judy Geissler. SENIOR CHORALEERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sara Bardo, Linda Greenly, Dottie Dildine, Mary Ruth Hess, Edith Artman, Arlene Bardo, Mr. Lewis Dove lDirectorl. ABSENT: Sandra Farr. 9 Chorus FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA, FIRST ROW: Karen Reese lTreasureri, Joy Morris lSecretaryl, Eleanor Kile lCounty Secre- taryi, Elaine Garrison lPresidentl, Sue Adams, Betsy Beitz. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA, SEATED: George Miller lsenlinell, Martin Andes Ureasurerl, Jay Weatherill lReporteri, Henry Stack- house Nice-Presidentl, Glen Milroy lPresidentl, Mason Holdren lSecretaryl, Lynn Allbeck lChaplainl, Stanley Rooker lAssistant SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mordan lAdvisorl, Roxanne Kline, Mary Ann Kitchen, Joyce Ball. Advisory STANDING: Mr. Shaw lAdvisOrl, Curl P0Vl45f WGYUC Watts, Donald Thomas, Ed Johnson, George Duncan, Carl Craw- ford, Larue Lawton, Claude Glidewell, Bill Kramer. no-"""""" LIBRARY CLUB FIRST Row , : Carol Bostic, Connie Cox, Lois dine, Eleanor Kile, Ann Nelson, Joy Morris, Shirley Snyder English, Ge-orgianna Robbins lSecretaryl, Mary Ruth Hess lTreas- THIRD ROW: Robert Fisher, Gloria Appleman, Mary Ann Wright urerj, Neva Eckroth lPresidentl, Janet Lyons lVice-Presidentl, Dorothy Hartman, Margaret Stackhouse, Parnley Mackey Jean Dorothy Plock, Deanna Woolcack, Erma Eclcroth, SECOND ROW: Booth, Esther Watts, Gail Mausteller, Bernita Sweeney Peggy Mrs, Smeal lAdvisorl, Ella Mae Frey, Sara Bardo, Janet Glide- Brown, Deanna Travelpiece, Royce Robbins. well, Judy Lawton, Betty Dreher, Elaine Garrison, Barbara Dil- HISTORICAL CLUB, SEATED: Lois English lVice-Presidentl, Neva Eckroth lPi'esidentJ, Janet Glidewell lSecre taryl. STANDING: Betty Dreher lTreasurerl, Marlene Ritchie lNews Reporterj, M ' ' Pamely Mackey. rs. Kile lAdvlsorD. ABSENT ll SCHOOL JOURNALISTS, FIRST ROW: Betty Crebs, Marleen Ritchie, Marilee Sweeney, Pat Smith, Carol Bowman CAssociate Editori, Linda Greenly lEditor-in-Chiefi, Suzanne Weatherill lNews Editori, Joan Remener lFeature Editori, Jane Remener lFeature Editori, Sara Bardo, Rodney Derrick, David Glenn lSport Editori. SECOND ROW: Nancy Horn, Dottie Dildine, Ann Bennett, Barbara Meek, Ellen Allbeck, June Boudman, Joanne Mosier, Judy Thomas, Karl Girton lCirculation Editori, Nelson Whitenight. THIRD ROW: Mr. Ludwig lAdvisori, Edith Artman, Mary Ruth Hess, Ruth Girton, Tisha Albertson, Millie English, Bonita Wehr, Nancy Glenn, Ronnie Zeisloft, Lindsay Rowland, Mrs. Gardner lAdvisori. Press Club Joan Remener, Linda Greenly. QUILL AND SCROLL MEMBERS, FIRST ROW: Palsy Beagle Dottie Dildine, SECOND ROW: David Glenn, Karl Girton u1l1 and Scroll QUILL AND SCROLLERS: .lane Remener, Suzanne Weatherill "We're from Mi11vil1e,- It Makes Us All the Prouderf' X VARSITY CHEERLEADERS, TOP TO BOTTOM: FACULTY DIRECTOR Mrs. Mildred Glenn JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS, FIRST ROW: Georgionno Robbins, Potty Eves, Tishc Albertson iCc1pioinJ, Sue Adams, Donna Mrock. SECOND ROW: Mcry Ann Wright, Shciryn Lyons, Janet Lyons, Aniio Eyer. Virginia Holdren, Judy Lyons, Nancy Glenn, Millie English, Eulolio Frey, June Remener ICO- cnptoinl, Jocin Remener ICO-coptoinl. Eylvwwv- 'W' ' " MILLVILLE HIGH BASEBALL TEAM OF 1957, KNEELING: Larry Marlin Yohey, Tom Bitler, Bill Welliver, Tom Kaler, Jerry Wool- Mills, Gradon Bitler, Harold Fisk, Roy Kreamer, Gerdi Kelsey, cock, Jon Lawton, Dick Holdren, Mr. Walter Stanek IAssisiant David Derr, George Bitler, Lindsay Rowland, Barry Magargle. Coachl. ABSENT: Chet Boudman, and Managers Wayne Watts, STANDING: Mr. Millard Ludwig iCoachl, Henry Stackhouse, Jim Jon Lyons, Stanley Rooker, and Ken Mills. Woolcock, Ronald Holdren, Danny Derr, Gary Stair, Don Bitler, 1957 SOCCER TEAM OF MILLVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, FIRST ROW: Mr. Millard Ludwig iCoachJ, Jon Lawton, Henry Stackhouse, David Glenn, Chet Boudman, Bill Welliver, .lim Woolcock. SECOND ROW: Wayne Watts, Hurley Reese, Jon Lyons, Ricky Musselman, Ken Mills, Dick Holdren, Roy Bower, Ed Boudman, George Creasy. THIRD ROW: Rodney Derrick, Gerdi Kelsey, Jerry Woolcock, Marlin Yohey, Raymond Travelpiece, Lindsay Rowland, Mr, Walter Stanek KCoacl1J. ABSENT: George Duncan, Sidney Reese, Dennis Farr, Ned Eyer, Larry Mills, Ronnie Sheatler, and Managers Wm. Farr, .lim Beagle, Lew Rarig, Royce Robbins, and Harry Welliver. 1 1 f f Q 'Q J , 'wif v Q x 1311, Q xg E x i B K6 5 sv GEORGE DUNCAN JIM WOOLCOCK DAVID GLENN .ION LAWTON SIDNEY REESE 16 BILL WELLIVER CHET BOUDMAN Players SIDNEY REESE-"Sid" is prepared for a pass through the middle. GEORGE DUNCAN-George is eyeing the ball for a penalty kick. JON LAW- TON-Jon, a back court man, is getting ready to assist a teammate in scoring. He also played a masterful game of soccer at center half. DAVE GLENN-Dave's set up for a long shot. He also was a fine goalie on the soccer team. JIM WOOLCOCK-Jim takes the popular iump shot from in close. Jim was a two year varsity man. He also played baseball and soccer. BILL WELLIVER-Bill is at the line for another free throw. He also played soccer and baseball. He made the l957 Columbia County All-Star Soccer Squad. CHET BOUDMAN-Cl1et's passing into another successful play, Chet also played soccer and baseball. He was named to the I957 Columbia County All-Star Soccer Squad. HENRY STACKHOUSE-Henry served as bonus baseman at the initial sack, also played fullback on the soccer team of last fall. DAN DERR-Dan, captain of the I958 baseball squad, played four years of inspiring ball. Was tender of the keystone sack. HENRY STACKHOUSE A 'my iii Q 2 V, yli IM I . lin, ' ' Ml W illy .tv 'twin ,tw DANNY DERR 9 'Qnfo Il N ll ll I. U- gn 5-:F if :: :: 'Q :: 3 ll ll 25 MILLVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL TEAM OF 1958, KNEELING: Jon Lyons, Kenny Mills, Roy Bower, Lindsay, Rowland, Bill Welliver, Raymond Travelpiece, David Briffen, Barry Magargle, Dennis Farr, SECOND ROW: Dick Holdren, Gerdi Kelsey, Mr. Millard Ludwig iCoachJ, Henry Sfackhouse. THIRD ROW: David Derr, Chester Boudman, Tom DeWcld, Danny Derr iCapTainl, Glenn Milroy. ABSENT: Stanley Rooker, Gary Long, Joe Lopez. ATHLETIC COUNCIL, SEATED: Maus Eyer, Mrs. Mildred Glenn, Mr. Millard Ludwig, Mr. Walfer Sianek, Mr. Seymour Srere, Mr. Wallace Derr, Mr. Adam Rarig, Mr. Harold Shaw. STANDING: Kenneth Sweeney, David Glenn, Jane Remener, ABSENT: Mr. T. A. Williammee. 18 lui l. f K -V f w s... M, ., - , . " tk 1 t . e .3 TO THE CLASS OF 1958 TO THE SENIORS OF 1958 As time goes on it appears to be more difticult to pre- pare a message to the graduating class. This year seems to be one of confusion on the part of education, especially since we are entering the so called "space age." Regardless of what you are planning to do-continue your education-enter the armed forces-secure immediate employment-or become a housewife-do your very best. Too many young people today are taking the "path of least resistance," instead of putting forth their best effort. Let not the Class of i958 be guilty of this. SEYMOUR STERE Principal ance Director. Mr. T. A. Williammae, Supervis- ing Principal, and Mrs. Charlotte Albertson, Ottice Secretary. Ml, fi -555 'f V' 56 " --.1112 -I :f r-:. .QLQ i' A ..., f"::"':"t--f--.-I 31 " --.'-5.'j:2.y ,Q ' ,.,. A :W - "wit" ,.:..::-:1f'.w:s-5?-53.31-: ,. . - - -- sfwfftg ' we ff.,-. 'Fic -,.,,' ':.e.-1-Wi m. sfyffv imiiwaxfg "SE wal . .uw-G-: We , L f efhisgis-. 'Mis t fi'-as Q 2 g i ggfigtegzisrsly, ny ,gig tgggeftjffryiggfztifieeaiii f ' 2: 1 fmz wze ' 2 . , . ,W f.,,. yfqtfg ... - a t 'K W . ' wi Recent events have emphasized the need for a more thorough education. The Millville Joint High School has striven to meet this need. Although standards here have been reasonably high, graduates of the future must look for still higher attain- ment. The times demand it. Further your education by going to college or trade school if possible. You have iust begun to learn. Very sincerely yours, T. A. WILLIAMMEE Supervising Principal 7 v ., , . ll l -L 3 if '... , gp, ., V Mr. WALLACE DERR, As- sistant Principaland Guid- Mrs. IRENE S. HUNTSMAN Firs? Grade Mrs. MARY W. KLINE Second and Third Grade Mrs. MARGUERITE WOLFF Opporfunily Class Mr. ADAM L. RARIG Physical Education, Health Hisiory Mrs. MILDRED l.. GLENN Physical Educaiion, Heallh f i X Y? ki. at-, , . I of ,. flhlusi. A x J Mr. WALTER 6. STANEK Social Studies, General Science Mr. WILLIAM C. COFFMAN Science Miss RUTH E. THOMAS Mathematics Mr. GERALD M. WOOLCOCK Mathematics, Geography Mr. JAMES B. CORTRIGHT Industrial Arts Mr. HAROLD L. SHAW Vocational Agriculture, Mathematics Mrs. LUCILLE S. KILE English Mrs. DOROTHY D. GARDNER English Mr. JOHN .l. CARDONE Driver Education, History, Spelling Mr. MlLLARD C. LUDWIG English, Latin, Guidance Mr. ROBERT J. BLEW History, Geography Dr. JAY E. FLECK, Jr. School Dentist Mrs. BARBARA H. GREGOROWICZ School Nurse Board of Directors JOINT SCHOOL BOARD, AROUND TABLE, Troy Rishel, Presi- dent, Madison Township, Martin Bowman, Secretary, Millville Borough, Willard Kile, Greenwood Township, Secretary, Millville Area Joint Board, Ryland Lawton, Treasurer, Greenwood Town- ship, President, Millville Area Joint Board, Carl Harding, Mill- ville Borough, Jack Ruckle, Treasurer, Millville Borough, and Millville Area Joint Board, Clayton Kreamer, Vice-President, Madison Township, 2nd Vice-President, Millville Area Joint Board, Robert Sharrow, Madison Township, Kenneth Sweeney, Madison Township, Wallace Derr, Assistant Principal, Millville Area Joint School, Earl Nichols, Treasurer, Madison Township, John Watts, Principal, Madison Elementary School, Frank Eitler, Janitor, Greenwood, T. A. Williammee, Supervising Principal, Millville Joint Schools, George Fought, Principal, Greenwood Elementary School, LaRue Hess, Pine Township, Arthur Charles, Treasurer, Pine Township, Donald Glidewell, Secretary, Pine Township. CENTER, left to right: Christian Wolff, Jr., Secretary, Greenwood Township, Clarence Seidel, Non-member, Secretary, Madison Township, D. W. Woolcock, Vice-President, Greenwood Town- ship, Carl DeWald, Vice-President, Pine Township, Otis Bitler, President, Pine Township. ABSENT: Herman Kauffman, Presi- dent, Millville Borough, Harvey Goodman, Vice-President, Mill- ville Borough, lst Vice-President, Millville Area Joint Board, J. V, Bangs, Jr,, President, Greenwood Township, Seymour Stere, Principal, Millville Area Joint School. T35 TQ rl 23 Mr. LARUE "TURK HOCK M P RMLEY WELLIVER Maintenance and Kitchen Force Mrs. MARY E. KLINE AND Mrs. WINIFRED STACKHOUSE Cfadded wg .Hg . sw Q 1 V ix K 'E 'V g 2-If-5 " xx 'y"x gg Sxv Q if X Q QS CLASS OF I963, FIRS man F Farr J Beagle lSCl G M , , , . . ., . austeller lS.C.J, B. Sweeney Uroasurer-, S. Lyons lViceAPresidentl, A, Eyer lSecretaryl, D. Mrock lPresidontl, M. A. Wright, A. Tanner, D. Dwyer, K. Kile. SECOND R - ' OW. Mr. Blew lAdvisorl B Farr W DF-Wald E R IJ , . , . . , . obins, B. Bangs, H. Hubbard, M, Eyer, S. Wagner, D. Confer, B, Welliver, S. Buhl, C. Andy, M. Davis, S. May, Mrs. Kile lAdvisorJ, THIRD ROW: C. Mil roy, R. Stroup, D. Woolcoclc, V. Dollman, E, Glidewell, B. Polk, T ROW: R. Beitz, B. Reichenbach, V. Boud- G, Mohr, L. Kaler, S. Williams, S, Diehl J Thomas C G , . , . reenly N. Davis, Mr, Rarig lAdvisorl. FOURTH ROW: J. Whitrnoyer, R. Rob bins, R. Fisher, T, Blass, W. Blass, J. Sandal, W, DeWald, R. Fought E. D ll ' ' e , W. Kline, F. Johnson, D. Harding, R. Sarnsel. FIFTH ROW R. Stere, D. Minier, R. Ortman, W. Bartholomew, R. Diehl, A, Wehr P. Polk, F. Reichenbach G DeWald R W'II' , . , . i rams, D. Weatherill, E Titman, T. Wright, D. Stroup. ABSENT: P. Earnest D Farr P All , . , . en, M. Sweeney, V. Gregory. CLASS OF 1962, FIRST ROW: L. Wagner, D. Ptock, G. Robbins N. Wl I ' ison Svcretaryl, C. Bostic CSCJ W Halterman lVice Pre 'd . ., . - si entl, R. Temple lPresidentl, R. Gardner lS.C,l, S Zeisloft lTreasurerJ, J. Lyons, C Cox, K. Hine, L. Watts. SECOND R OW: Mrs. Mordan lAdvisor, J. Booth, J. Dwyer, C. Diehl, D. Cox, R. Kline, M. Doran, F Fckrath, M. Glidewell, S. litwhiler, S. Snyder, D, Strausser, F, Al- len, Miss Thomas lAdvisorl. THIRD ROW: Mr, Ludwig lAdvisorJ, R. Sihultz, M. A. W' ht rig , R, Clewell, L. Shaw, D. Wagner, C. Ernst, S. Lavcr, L. McHenry, G. Kessler, K. Zeisloft, M, Staclchouse, S. R. r Stamm, FOURTH ROW: L. DeWald, G. Appleman, P. Davis, O, Glidewell, D. Stere, B. J. Cox P. DeWald, C. Beagle, D. Travolpicce lS.C.J, T. Bitler, E. Lyons, D. Hartman. FIFTH ROW: L. Musselrnan, H. Berger, F. Gardner, C. StaufTer, D. Schnaars, L. Loreman, G. Karschner, D, Crebs, H, Whitmoyer, M. Thomas, H. Giberson, C. Belles. SIXTH ROW: L. Rarig, D. Zeisloft, R. Davis, J. Puderbaugh, J. Shoup, G. Smith, R. Andr . AB ' Thomas, D. Boudman, L. Walk. ews SENT. R. Stroup, P. Watts, C. CLASS OF I96l, FIRST ROW: S. Lawton, C. Fritz lTreasurerJ, B. Dil- dine iS.C.l, R. Bower lS.C.l, T. Albertson lSecretoryl, P. Weatherill ' Prvsidentl, M, L. Ball, G. Hine lPi1-sidi-nfl, J. Lyons Nice- , D, Stine, T. Shafer, C. Gilpin, C. Bardo. SECOND ROW: K. Reese, C, Mosier, M, A. Kitchen, P. Brown, P. Mackey, E. Harding, S. Saab, G. White- night, R. Musselman, M. Diehl, J. Crawford, D. Weidman, R. Travel- C. Whit- iece THIRD ROW- Mr, Woolcoclc iAdvisorl, S. Adams, p . . 1 P Evxs M. Holdren, E. Garrison, D moyer, L. Waits, A. Nelson, , L , Sharrow, B. Shultz, K. Mills, J. Maustellar, Mr. Cardone lAdvisorJ. FOURTH ROW: C, McQuaide, G. Mausteller, R. Eyer, J. Lopez, E. ' ' A d Boudman, G. Long, B. Stere, G. Mimer, D. Farr, G. Creasy, M, n es, C. Crawford. FIFTH ROW: C, Glidewell, W. Watts, R. Bostic, S. Rocker, J. Ellis, E. Johnson, N. Eyer, W. Kramer, W, Samsel, W. ' ' C. T'tman, R. Stackhouse. Wagner, W. Snyder. ABSENT. J, Geissler, i CLASS OF I960, FIRST ROW: V. Glidewell, M. May, P. Eves, G. Hess lVicv-Pivsidvritl, B, M. Blass lSccrL-taryl, L, Rowland lPresidenIl, B F iSCl G Shafer M English J Lyons. Wehr lTroasurerl, E. M. rey . ., . , . , . SECOND ROW: Mrs, Gardner CAdvisorl, G. Bitler, P. Robbins, J h l E Johnson P Plock J Eves N Glenn Wright, N, Horn, C. S utz, . , . , , , . R. Girton, N. Seidel, H. Reese, L. Whilmoyer, Mr, Coffman lAdvisorJ 1 THIRD ROW: D. Thomas, C. Parks, R, -WY., Sharrow, D. Thomas, J. Lawton, C. Creasy, L, Mills, B. Beifz, J, Boll, M, Whitmoyer, C. Saab, R. Der ' lc L. Allbeck, M ick FOURTH ROW- H Fisk, A, Eclcroth, J. Mee , r . . . , . ' , . l , R. Sones, R. Holdren, T, DeWald, lc Holdreri J Weotherill B Magarg e D. Mor I fS.C.l, J. Evans. 27 dan, M. Kline, E. Boadman, ABSENT: L. Farr, G, Woo coc CLASS OF 1959, FIRST ROW S f ue Rishel, Ruth Ellen Phillips, ROW: David Artman, David Derr, Warren Brown, Bobby Blew, Eulalia Frey, Pat Smith iSecretaryl, Ellen Allbeck lTreasurerl, Larry Whitmoyer, Raymond Williams, Glenn Milroy, Gradon Bit- Gary Stair iPresidentl, Gerdi Kelsey Nice-Presidenti, Ronald ler, Ed Beck, FOURTH ROW: Mr. Cortright lAdvisorl, Charles Zeisloft lS.C.i, Susan Meyers, Sandra Fetzer, Marilee Sweeney. Hoffman, Terry Woodside, Marlin Yohey, Lone Hock, Larue Law- SECOND ROW: Barbara Whitenight, Barbara DeFrain, Judy ton, Mr. Stanek fAdvisori. ABSENT: Virginia Holdren IS.C.J, Thomas, Joanne Mosier, Carol Bowman, Barbara Meek, June Lillian Maustellar. Boudman, Shirley Young, Ann Ben nett, Roy Kreamer. THIRD CLASS OF 1958 FIRST ROW , : Dottie Dildine, Betty Dreher, Lois English, Neva Eckroth, Danny Derr, Karl Girton, Nelson White- night, Eunice Zeisloft, Betty Crebs, Ellen Churchman, Marleen Ritchie, Gloria Lyons, SECOND ROW: Sara Bardo, Mary Ruth Hess, Janet Glideweil, Virginia Harding, Alice Faye Ellis, Janet Farr, Larry Cox, Ed'th ' i Artman, Linda Greenly, David Glenn, Sidney Reese, Arlene Bordo THIRD ROW . : Jane Remener, Joan Remener, Suzanne Weatherill, David Blass, Jerry Mosier, George Duncan, Bill Welliver, Henry Stackhouse, Jim Woolcock, Chet Boudman, Jan Lawton, Mr, Shaw iAdvisori. ABSENT: Sandra Farr, Glen Whitmo er P y , atsy Beagle, A Girl of Fifteen "l swear on this stack of photoplays that l'll make Pops put his secretary out of his life forever and beg for Mops' forgiveness on his knees. Sophia Thayer's goose is in the oven and the only question now how long It will take to cook it, so help me Hollywood." Jane Lyons .. . Marleen Ritchie, Linda Greenly, Lois English. Robert Grant reveals that Lorraine Joyce, the famous French movie star, was born right here in the United States..The girls take this all in after getting the auto- graph of this so-called French star. Miss Joyce is holding her precious dog, Lolette Jon Lawton, .loan Remener, Lols English, Marlene Ritchie. Nancy Lyons is crying because she overheard her sister Jane telling a friend about the love affair between their father and his secretary, Nancy's boyfriend, Don Mayberry, and the family servant, Lilybud, try to com- fort her Karl Girton, Patsy Beagle, Ellen Churchman. fi 5, -'f -gy' ,- - 1 , Q 6' 'Yr 'Q 4 . P 45' Decorated, Dined, Danced,-while the Canadian Sun-set BEFORE THE BIG NIGHT-Sara Bardo, Joan Remener, Barbara Dildine, and Mary Ruth Hess are preparing the fountain scene and table decorations for the Prom. The class chose the theme- Canadian Sunset. AT LASTI THE BIG NIGHT - All enjoyed the delicious ham dinner served at the Junior-Senior Banquet before the dance. Facing the camera are Sara Bardo, Mary Ruth Hess, Arlene Borda, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Girton, and Richard Whitmoyer. AT THE DANCE-Between numbers, the students got together to talk, relax, and enioy themselves. "I COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT"-Richard Whilmoyer, Elva Gardner, Jon Lawton, Carol Bowman, Carol Artman, and Tom Kaler take a whirl to the music of Ritter's Orchestra. ROYALTY REIGNS AT PROM-Jim Woolcock, Grace Kessler, Daniel Derr, Elva Gardner, David Glenn, Carol Artman, QUEEN Ruby Edwards, Junior Class President Karl Girton, Lee Lopez, Jon Lawton, Deanna Crebs, Nelson Whitenight, Charlotte Mastellar, Bill Welliver. X it ' f .M alll' l ft t Y. I w tx 'V . w . ' J . - .N I7- ' ' " ' A Nb , A I -N A . if . QW? lk ' ' 3' l , -' V, R" 'fp ' ll - N -. AA ' .. 1 K 'l ggfzifg . . . - -n . 'li S .1 ' ' 1 - ? N A l? K N 4 V -cvmwfls It .' - kgs, f,' " 5 4. 513, .l' 4. M j'. . X A lv ' ll: ' . " ' X wi - ' ' . 1 dx ' rx.. .,Q'.T,' .gf fry' ' , .-N V 1 ,A ' 1131" A :Z ',' If ss 1 ,ZA-X ' A mis ' W V K 1 I a - -,I A ,..--4 will ' . lg ' x - 1' . M I 'J' O R wi 2 ' -' 4 ' ' U . ..,' ,Elf "I ' ' . ffl R L "Iliff , D . , fr' D ' ' ' 1.. . .1-. A : K -, 4 .W.gf1,.. .- . .- -1 .' - . ii , 1 ai Y' -, c .3-ef nfs.: Vg- ' : I ' l 1 is IA ,,.,sv- V ,N - 1 , gtg ' '- I-i 1 'L ' X2 ' 'J 1 t A ,fi ! ' 'xr V1 V VL ' S . in , ', L, X 19 X ' "1 'LA lx ' ' lf' lat .x P Q .APS 22. 2 2 v lj, iz. S Q- jg A yo: ggi lucy ' ' . 4,. V. . c ' X ' l, ts Nl, .U 1- , ' L ,L 'ff . f za My-1 I Q . sz .g l t ll :Sq . l - hhyl. '- UQ f f? V ." of .. -11' .wig , S N. Q? 1 "ls 'S 4 .vel tv 4 -5 - 'll-'Ill 'l V Jfnf 5 I ' f X 41 1 .- o My N? .,--up X - .V X.-1 , . , - -Q . , . pw: . .J Q Q, , f . 'f 1 . . p ' V ll' ' Y ' '9'.'- " , ' in ' ' ' if 1 -L. . , . , L 1 l. ,x V' ln- lx ' E 2 - X' . 7 , .' I , J " c ' ' is 'I ' 'Q' ' A : 'ful . ' 'x 1. ix l ' ' I 4 ' 7 I ' ' 1 H 'V I ' .V At If Q I Ln. I . - -. , ' 1 I .HL ' 'flv N- '-'X WIC !! 4-l Y ' -4 ' - fx 'lin' . . ffl lp Q' . 5.1 ' '25 ig ' .1 - . v Q 5 AM: X- fb. fl' If m f' xl n M- 1 ln 3: Q0 ' 4 29 V f l T . " .1 f-41 3' . ' . gl fl ' ' ,-. N V ' fl j ffl iff x ' 115 35 - gg - 1. .gm - en , ' ' RQ., .A . g ' -'Ja :ff , N M.. - f l x ygii . rr, o vw' ,f, 4, UI -- ' V "3-' " Q A .fo f any -. ' int l! A xv .QW A U 'P . .1 A ' WF ff' 'ZW livin 4 " 1 - V ' lf Mr? '-ff 'F , flax -, vi, l:.x..,i.A:.'-- N , Y-A 1 3 V 1 X V - 1 "' 'wl'fzf:c1 -lflwif 'wtf - f x. ' 1 it . gs Qj,5.E - .. ,S 1,1 c 'L' NWS. l Y ' .4 - '-1 ' " . VR' ' . g ' "W'-l'.Iffl'-'vf"'.f-1-nl?l'ifw"S1Pl?l7fT ' 5' ' 'j......,....M.......W. ' " Q' . fl to Xp QQ, ' ,I .1 .4 1,-' - . ,-, ' ft' v Ulf ,,x.y" ,mill .il1lfy'l1l7",d?,I. qw jifigilfiel 93. ,X 3 sax . "nf ', '-'W H W' 2 HQ' lil, -Y a '. ,df ' 45, ' rwi- 1, ww. ' ' - fy?" 'U - V .neun-ummwenmnf . . . ' ' ' X' '- 4 ' . . A A """ """"""' l-'E1' .5 1 Q. x . in , . sggfgg 3. I 5 l , Q 1 E mfs ' la' Q ' ' ' - 'f "if'fM'f1 fl X' .. 4 c .. . . A .. 'Asif' N val I a WP' il,-gxffwi i.9ifxxS.'f.v1f.l.'5X A . U , 1 ' ' pci v gm, 'ff ,-'JH . , Q 'x ,-1 . 1, fl v L ,ug ,- . A -I.. --..l,- L .- -,rg 4 1-. di- M - a- .I , 2 - ' Q gl .- Q fwqwwwwfwiilg'5nlgf1Axl4Sdw-:2-dn6SuaWdvuGiluS1'afUui1-':??, ij, X . nw Nw , .J . X .xt - V L, . ' M' 52:2 Q -,f The ng-Mlllville High School. Tlme-Fall, 1954. Confused freshmen who have not yet - -- ,, N M Q, 1. 1 L7 .9 , ,A tomed to hlgh school life. Karl Glrton oops the presidency. Mrs. Catherine Mordan and Mr. Graydo - 'MEQQWN Q," "ft .. Qhiklfilw ,. J' .. -'I-H v., 35.4. xql, E . -. 1 r 05,3 .Q 1 H .. WKJA. J,:':,,g,H.!1fi,Q-hilt., .twill .L rthikavluwlfv' X 4' ' ' l fha iwgwfxil kd la- N xg? vgXJx's! .Q All xr.-. ,. ','.n' '--'.M"'2LX - Q Hi V lo ., 14,69 lf., f., .. fr - .'mf.?M -s '-1' ws'-. - ZW' -Ngg.i-e,'f-g!'Q1f3,.a"'!-Z',,.' 'Yg..eff." 3- 9 iff.. 'fi' A ' 'Stl-Fsfzii '+"w1ifflf'lcfs' MWA . ...l-fl.--' "W if lx . 'M-f+F?1'Yfl'kfllP' i t 1' l 'fl b f 34 2. r?:z+l'w'ev'5+l?'t .. .v .wafc5w.4ict:i.-.1Q,i.rv:t9h,ufil59voisuln.sYs+lflml4'i5a4:a93si:saw.h.4f4eeZ,.:-:SQ '- J" ' "mer 'lenaicxealfmlzniszmlgilialm..11. - r . W... 'M vw- . v- v gn- -,v-QQ V 1. 4 ,. - a Is A-fl , .' ....5'1 ff'-' H -- - -- - - "F""f""'- - enn, res en vsors r. m o mon a - r. alnes - V. it JI rlght help promote Interest ln growlng llnancially. Class wrltes successful play, "Rip Van Wlnlxle," under 7 1 13,5 'lj guldance of Mr. Latell llas. Band members participate In county band and spring festlval. lt's intermission tlmel 3 -V ' . , , Aa lll - i ' .N , '.v',".XkQl'.'lIvg':'X 24l'.','Q'q:f--1:-ijiwxliil'3ll1fn44Lg3?.Huw,.:',i"5x..'mu'1 xw1,..,,'lt,4 Q, " H 'X V e 4 . - , Q ,,UQPQ-lbsxmahgo.-..+.glonrwmliwm1.'nf?J-:..m-qgmwpglmwm-gfm.mNf,.l2.sf.1ze.x.ty4win-,5f9g.:,M,.:5,,3,4..,,.t,,,,,w3q51,..., Q X 'F , sigixu .tl .l.1,j4S4.,. 5 l ' ...aa , lm-vlf".ff-wffwvfwww wfmffef -f21w1f'+x2 c .- fav: . -rfrsffmfww l - 'f " 1Hs:s1st.'s:am.arffz::u-:.o l ' An IV ' The llnal act-Seniors at lastl Onoe agaln Karl Girton ls President. Mr. Harold Shaw-class advlsor. College ' applloatlons-"Take Your Medlclne," Class Play, was lots of fun-Suzanne Weatherill, D.A.R. Citlzonshlp Award. The play ls drawing to a close-College Board Exams-Junior-Senlar Prom and Banquet-"the Washington V f t ,. f ? , ui- GJ' lil nh, ug - I 0 "al l ff -.'.'.',:'fvl'i-"V wg, 1. 'A L f . -- . .ulv JH. .,. . g.!, .I . , Q . . . ,3331g9n:Y1f.'3lsefSl'?9i?5 ,k,f..-1-r'f??2n-'iw -ffvfkffii ffzffrfwffzgb? -1 qw1f"r'zfg:i:,Qg5.X':e3wfgwfrfxrmg ' , bl M -" l ' T' - , M ,Q f 'xl ' llflgflslltlallx 4, 'll '-f3"""f 'Vi 'NV W IV' Nl lxynl 'X 'lfmftl 'WIN Mil l ll , Pl vf' my V MQ' Ctlmlfvlvsw l gsm .13 w nfslisxhg'-QW nf Wxyr 3" fwftklst'-r'l+f M33 Rf wma., ww w if Hp Q 'd"'t'l1f!.lElHfy7sl ,A V- Ein .MW . t. 1-K.:-llfiwx -jgzjgluf-ru, . A Tig.,--vyivl-:ivy ?R:4'3'A'-'QQW :tn Y"' ""l'i .t'. - ?"t3i1 '3" s . X lv ".1RQw-dhlqt if sw 's:'Y3nff'-Yf- w'v'-kl ri-l2':.fl 597.53 1,511.9-.f.:Q't'.e'ffvim A552-R-4 gfflwb- .tam '1."'5i'1 "W-f..ft'K' " ' 3 157: iv 5, l f . ' ' 4 " 2 ,-ag. .' lx" ' Jaw! Y .' 4 was vm-:L twig ,Q pq Qt- 351 :Nt 1 ' "if ,g'5.vj4.X,',,J.'N-lyfl:4 4 , y . I g.'l'1 Y I. S 1 .h E I-' Q K ...IE tr'-,.'-I' . -mlof-.fax'G.M11?v ,. ...rllvxlr.wsV:.w:,l,.f.'?l.-53lt'f..3t..-ffSl'f?X'S': tMsff.wi5 fH." l9'lTM :w:.f:Eb3y.. . g .:."V2f? 'fl W M' livin G olf' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS, SEATED: Sandra Farr lSecretaryl, Betty Crebs lTre-asurerl, Eunice Zeislatt lStudent Councill. STANDING: Karl Girton lPresidentl, Daniel Derr lVice-Presidentl, Nelson Whitenighf lStudent Councill. "Edie" "Edie", the class artist, spends most of her free time drawing, Plans to make a career of it. Likes to have a good time and is always the life of a party.-Class Treasurer 2, Class Play 3, 4, Echo Staff Artist 4, Press Club 3,41 Band I,2,3,4, Glee Club 2,3,4, District Chorus 4, Octete 3. EDITH ANN ARTMAN Academic ARLENE BARDO Academic Arlene is a dark eyed miss, who has a big smile for everyone. She is always ready to lend a helping hand, Plans to study beauty culture.-Class Play 23,45 Glee Club 2,3,4, Library Club I. 32 SARA DAWN BARDO "Sally" Academic Usually seen with "Mary Ruth," Sally has a pleasing personality and a good sense of humor. Her interests are dancing, pleasure trips, and swimming.-Class Play 2,3,4, Press Club 2,3,4p Band l,2,3,4, Glee Club l,2,3,4p Library Club 4. PATRICIA ANN BEAGLE "Patsy" Academic Patsy, who likes to cook and sew, hopes to make a career of it. She plans to study Home Economics at Mansield State Teachers College.-Class Secretary if Class Play 2,3,4, Echo Stat? Copy Reader 4, Press Club 2,3,4, Historical Club I. DAVID ROBERT BLASS "BIassie" Academic A dark haired lad, who has a shy smile, is well liked by everyone. David's hobbies are fish- ing and hunting, Ambition is mechanical engineering.-Class Vice'President 31 Class Play 2,3. CHESTER BOUDMAN, Jr. "Chet" Industrial Arts Chet is a lover of sports cars and is planning to be a sports car racer. He is habitually late to school, but has a good habit of playing a fine game of basketball.-Class Play 3,45 Baseball l,2,3,-4: Basketball l,2,3,45 Soccer l,2,3,4. 33 Q .J "Moose" General ELLEN CHURCHMAN "Rebel" Academic A jolly, mischievous girl who comes from "Dixieland." Addresses everyone by the expression "You All." Ambition is nursing.-Class Play 2,3,4f Band l,2,3,41 Glee Club l,2,3,4g Basket- ball l. LARRY .l. COX A happy-go-lucky guy who always has a good time, Larry's favorite pastime is pushing his "Plymouth" to get it started. Future includes the Navy.-Historical Club lg Basketball l. 1 BETTY K. CREBS Commercial Betty, a good commercial student, is a whiz on the typewriter. Gives freely of her talent as a typist in various school clubs. Hopes to be a secretary and get married.-Echo Staff Typist 45 Press Club Typist 4g Historical Club l,2f Class Treasurer 3,4. BRUCE DANIEL DERR Hpqnvf Academic Dan is a serious minded young man with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Enioys hunting and fishing and will pursue college after graduation.-Class Vice-President 4, Class Play 2,3,4g Band 'I,2,3,4p Baseball l,2,3,4. 34 DOROTHY MAE DILDINE "Dottie" Academic Has a very pleasing personality and is known as "Dottie" to all her classmates. She attains a high academic standing and plans to attend college next year.-Class Play 2,3,4p Press Club l,2,3,4g Band 2,3,4p Glee Club l,2,3,4, Library Club l. ELIZABETH A. DREHER "Betty" Commercial Betty, a commercial student from Millville, is active in sports. She enioys swimming and roller skating, but is really outstanding in basketball. Upon graduation, Betty will ioin the service.- Class Play 3,4p Glee Club l,2,3g Historical Club l,2,4, Library Club 1,35 FHA l,2g Basket- ball l,2. GEORGE WILLIAM DUNCAN Vocational George is a likeable chap with hardly a care. He's full of fun and always has a winning smile. His vocation will be a veterinarian.-Class Play 45 FFA i,2,3,4, Soccer l,2,4. ff NEVA YVONNE ECKROTH Legg" Commercial Where there's an argument, there's Neva. A fast moving, hot tempered lass who is a good class promoter. Her goal is college.-Class Play 3,4, Historical Club 2,4, Library Club 2,41 Basketball l,2. 35 ALICE FAYE ELLIS "Allis" Vocational Allie, a vocational student, excels in cooking and sewing, and will make a wonderful house- wife. She has a real cute smile and is always giggling. Collecting flowers is her hobby.-Glee Club if Class Play 3,45 Basketball lg Library Club l. LOIS MARIE ENGLISH "Stub" Commercial A short, fair haired lass, who is full of fun and always into mischief. She likes to swim, play basketball, roller skate, and listen to records. Plans to ioin the service.-Class Play 3,45 His- torical Club 2,45 Library Club l,4. JANET MARIE FARR "MiClK8Y" Vocational Janet is a real ardent fan of rock and roll. Collects records and listens to all the programs of such. She also takes baseball quite seriously, and is a faithful "Yankee," Will ioin the service after graduation.-Class Play 4, FHA l,2. SANDRA DAWN FARR "Sandy" Academic Known for her sweet smile, Sandra makes Millville her stomping grounds. Among her interests are square dancing, roller skating and ice skating. Hopes to attend college and get married.- Class Secretary 3,45 Class Plays 2,3,4, Glee Club 45 Student Council l,2. as s pe X xx s.. -4 311 N.. Q. Ass KARL R. GIRTON Academic Karl, an excellent trumpet player, is a leader in many of the school activities and usually has a witty remark for everyone. He drives a souped-up blue Ford convertible. His future will include college.-Band i,2,3,4, Press Club l,2,3,4g Class Plays 2,3,4, Octet 2,3, Quartet l,2f Class President l,3,4. DAVID PHILIP GLENN "Ears" Academic David, a boy with a high academic standing, plans to be an architect after completing high school. Can usually be seen driving a black Plymouth coupe.-Class President 2, Class Play 2,3, Echo Staff Business Manager 4, Press Club l,2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Octet 2,3, Ath- letic Council, Baseball 4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Soccer 4. JANET MARIE GLIDEWELL "Jan" Commercial A commercial student from Pine Township who enioys reading good books, hiking, and horse- back riding. Jan plans to ioin the service after graduation,-Class Plays 3, Glee Club I, Historical Club 2,4, Library Club 1.4. LINDA JEAN GREENLY Academic Linda, the laughing lass of the Senior Class, plans to attend college after graduation. Her first love is singing. She enioys swimming and roller skating.-Class Vice-President li Echo Staff Copy Writer 4, Class Play 2,3,4, Press Club l,2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Glee Club l,2,3,4p FHA I, Library Club 2, District Chorus 3,4. - wk., X S i'v,:."'f' . V. U or v t 1 "Mary Ruth" Mary Ruth, a nice quiet girl who hails from Talmar, can usually be seen with Sara. Her interests include horseback riding, swimming, and dancing. Her future is undecided.-Class Play 2,3,4, Press Club 3,45 Glee Club 3,45 Library Club l,4. "Pinks" The tallest girl in our class, Gloria is not shy when you get to know her. Because she's always so willing and helpful are two good reasons why she'lI make a good nurse.-Class Play 2,35 Press Club 3, Glee Club 3. VIRGINIA LEE HARDING "Birdie" Vocational "Birdie" is little and cute, She is always a lot of fun and can usually be found in mischief. Likes to collect cats for a hobby and is undecided about the future,-Historical Club 2. MARY ELIZABETH HES5 Academic JON P. LAWTON "Hungry" Industrial Arts Jon, better known as "Hungry," is a very energetic and mischievous lad who likes to eat. Has a real sense of humor and loves to tease the girls.-Class Play 3,41 Student Council 2,3, Baseball l,2,3,4, Basketball i,2,3,4, Soccer i,2,3,4. GLORIA DAWN LYONS Academic 38 "Moe" Academic Moe is a bashful fellow who hardly has anything to say. Likes to build model airplanes and his future plans are ioining the service.-Class Play 2,-4. An academically minded girl, who excels in art, and hopes to study it in college. Jane likes to read in her leisure time.-Echo Staff Assistant Editor 4, Class Play 2,3,4g Press Club l,2, 3,4, Band 3,45 Historical Club I, Library Club I, FHA lg Athletic Council 4, Cheerleading l,3,4. GERALD STANLEY MOSIER SIDNEY LEWIS REESE "Sid" Industrial Arts "Sid" is a good natured lad who likes "Hot Rods" and racing. Can usually be found driving his "4l Chevy." His ambition is ioining the service.-Class Play 3,4, Soccer 4. JANE MARIE REMENER Academic JOAN MARIE REMENER Academic Joan, twin sister to Jane, has a knack for writing. ls active in the Press Club and hopes to make iournalism her career.-Class Play 2,3,4, Press Club l,2,3,4, Band 3,4, Historical Club lg FHA l, Student Council 2, Cheerleading l,3,4. 39 "Mimi" Academic A fun loving girl who always has a smile for everyone. Mimi's favorite activities are reading and listening to records and she has a habit of saying "Hi Doll" to everyone she meets. Fu- ture plans include college.-Class Play 2,3,4, Glee Club 3, Historical Club i,4, Library Club I. "Susie" Academic A fun loving academic lass who studies hard and will probably reach her goal, she plans to be an elementary teacher. Susie's favorite expression is "good heavens."-Class Play 2,35 Press Club 2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Glee Club i,2,3, Library Club I. . -Gigs-11:5-:-fa MARLEEN B. RITCHIE fc HENRY IRVIN STACKHOUSE "Hank" Vocational Henry, better known as "Hank," is active in baseball and soccer and enioys hunting. After graduation he will enter the Army.-Class Play 3,45 FFA 3,4, Baseball 2,3,4g Soccer l,2,3,4. SUZANNE WEATHERILL WILLIAM FRANK WELLIVER "Bill" Industrial Arts Bill is sometimes called "Fixit," because of his outstanding ability in fixing and repairing almost anything. Although his future is undecided, he'll succeed in anything he undertakes.- Class Play 2,35 Baseball l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Soccer l,2,3,4. 40 I X NELSON ROBERT WHITENIGHT Hwhigeyff Academic Always has a good time and keeps everyone laughing. Whitey's interests are electronics and hunting. He hopes to ioin the Air Force.-Class Vice-President 2, Class Play 2,3,4, Press Club I,2,3,4, Student Council 2,4. GLENN WHITMOYER Industrial Arts Glenn, a whiz at Math, can be seen cruising around in his father's "57 Plymouth." Claims he enioys eating and sleeping best of all.-Class Play 3,4. JAMES DREXEL WOOLCOCK "Jim" Academic Tall, blond, and handsome, .lim hails from Greenwood Valley. Has a great love for horses, guns, and the out-of-doors. Future plans include college.-Echo Staff Editor 4, Class Play 2,3,4g Press Club 3, Bond l,2,3,4p Octet l,2, Quartet l,2, Baseball l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2, 3,41 Soccer l,2,3,4. EUNICE E. ZEISLOFT Commercial A good natured girl, who's always fifll of pep and energy. Loves candy and is always chewing gum. Her favorite pastime is loafing.--Class Play 3, Band l,2, Glee Club l,2, Student Coun- cil 3,47 Cheerleading l,2,3, Basketball l,2. QW THE EVENING BEGINS-Danny Derr ond Joan SIMMNN Remener. ..WITH PATIENT EXPECTATION-Mrs. Mordun, Mr. Mor- Larry Whitmoyer. rlnn Qinnnnn INanIhnrIII David BIUQS, Pnfsv BSDGIS. and GETTING READY FOR THE BIG NIGHT- FAR LEFT-Larry Cox and Ervin Nickles. LEFT-Sondra Farr. Seniors Entertained in DANCING AT THE PROM-Suzanne Wecfherill, David Blass, Mr. and Mrs. Dove, Joy Morris, Jim Woolcock, Lindo Hcrtzel, and f f- ' PROM QUEEN-Jane Remener apanese Tea Garden THE EVENING ENDS-Joan Remener, Danny Derr, Jim Wool- cock, Gloria Lyons, Gerdi Kelsey, Marleen Ritchie. NAS? 1 ATTENDANTS TO THE QUEEN-ABOVE-Joan Remener, Alice Faye Ellis, Suzanne Weatherill, Virginia Harding, Gloria Lyons, Sandra Farr. Laurel ueen Candidate Gloria Lyons is XM -win. ' hugh' ""-- Y. Q-X Washington Trip, Class Night . . , -NNN js. 3V..,,. HW Hind W mn V THE CAPITOL DEPARTURE TIME IS NEAR WASHINGTON ZOO fe if I,II ah Q ,I L C II? un' IQ . V 1 - 'j , .il Q ' 4 1 i .C "" I I L, ' I Q ' 44 'II II if THE WHITE HOUSE TOMB of the UNKNOWN SOL- DIER, Arlington Cemetery, Ar- lington, Virginia. A MOMENT TO RELAX REMEMBER THE CRUISE? Memorable Lasts YEAR 1978-Members of the Class of 1958 re- turn to the local newspaper office to renew old acquaintances. Suzanne Weatherill, Blll Welliver, Danny Derr. "LITTLE MAN IN CHINA TOWN"-Jon Lawton, and Karl Girton. RICKY 'NELSON AND HIS BAND-Nelson Whitenight, Jerry Mosier, Chet Boudman, and Danny Derr. DANCE OF THE SACKS-Betty Crebs, Marleen Ritchie, Jane Remener, and Joan Remener. ELVIS PRESLEY-Jon Lawton. 45 '58 Seniors Bow Out at Commencement TOP-RANKING SENIORS-Jane Remener Third Honorsp David Glenn, Fourth Honorsg Joan Remener, Salutcitoriang Suzanne Weafherill, Valedicforian. ' ffikll COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS-Jim Woolcock, Karl Girion, Marleen Riichie, Joan Remener, Suzanne Weoiherill, Daniel Derr, Nelson Whitenight. 1 semons' LAsr MILE N' 5 , , xv? i A1 -fi. 4' v THE BIG MOMENT EX-SENIORS CHECK IN GOWNS , W' S ' . fx K . xl" ,www wav- H i ' Ex.-A - . gf A . 4 as .n.kV... , gg ly? ., s ,Q fi ' - , . 1 ml-f I . X 5 fx . ' ' . , sl 1 fs, -Q., if E 5 2 E 5 , 5 9 f I I 5 i ,. W.. .M j -N Q, -if i E . '14 ? P? - Q' 0 fi! f W ' , 2-161 , - fr, ,X ,,... .W Y M . -- .. .,.,., .N ', ,-- .ff Q . . . . 1 , ,W M . . ' 'hifhwmyf-'.-. : Q Nw, 'J- , Hx: ff g-- gf.. iwgxgft ., , 9... fx .55 fa.. . X . 5 - H -my 1 . 5, fy, Xgggiggruf -5. Xie! .mf NX ' " x - 1 W 'ffffxfu -55 562 A QTRQ1.,-"fn. 1' Q-"3 ' -- - X - . f Q 1 :Xa 1 K . A Q z ,ff I .. . -. W - w.:...i5X.i Q Qgis . . , , . ,,...f, f .. - - wwe, gf- ' - i . .. x i - N. 2 0 -.A-'-,xl 5. 5? x f. . 'Y Q.. vi ,M Q 5 in-ww. 5 gggmif 1 Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. John Watts Miss Ruby Taylor Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Paul Weatherill . Jacob Beagle Paul Ploch Harold Fisk . Wilson Strouser Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Kramer . Joe Zeisloft Patrons A Friend Dixie Shop Harry Logon Jeweler Ritter's Oflice Supplies Gialomas' Erma Eckroth Mr. and Mrs. George F. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Eckroth Helen L. Kessler Yvonne Zeisloft Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wright Mr. Millard Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Williammee A Friend Nelson Whitenight Bruce Rider Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Thomas Mr. James Cortright Mr. and Mrs. LaRue Hess Mrs. Anna Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Chet Boudman Dr. and Mrs. George Rowland Mr. and Mrs. Luther Baker Marleen Ritchie Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kaler Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kaultman Henry Stackhouse Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Bruce Kindt, Jr. Stanley Mausteller . Jack Lewis I. Remener Harry Wagner Frank Tranor, Sr. James Hunter Robert Lonsdale Mrs. Esther Derr Mr. and Mrs. Adam Rarig Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blew Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mordan Bobby Eyer Miss Ruth E. Thomas Mr. Grant Greenly Mr. and Mrs. Myles Roberts Clarence Seidel Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Bowman Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lopez Ellen Churchman Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Coffman Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stanek Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Woolcock Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ritchie Mr. and Mrs. J. Robt. Glenn Mr. and Mrs. Dean Crebs Tink Mausteller Mr. John Ruckle Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kline Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wright Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ruckle Dave and Chet know for the best in plumbing, heating, roofing, David Blass, Sidney Reece, and Danny Derr look dreamingly at and spouting if pqys to gee FARR'S HARDWARE of Millville, the new model cars shown in a magazine. To make their dreams come true, they should visit the BLOOMSBURG NEW CAR and TRUCK DEALERS ASSOCIATION. 48 RACUSIN S Bloomsburg Men s - Ladies - Children s v The Store of Famous Brands These men are busily engaged in bagging feed at IOLA MILLS For better feeds see Iola Mills in Iola. This car has a pretty good chance of recovering at BOWMAN AUTO REPAIR SHOP at Rhorsburg. For any kind of repair work Contact Bowman's first. They'll be glad to be of service. ORANGEVILLE PRINTING COMPANY Orangeville, Pa. School Printing 3-2271 MUrual I Compliments of GORDNER'S A. G. FOOD MARKET Cleaning that is as gentle as a kitten! For last, reliable service, VANDERSLICE CLEANERS offers the Iinest. Stop in or phone for pick up and delivery service. Mr. Sapochak waits on David Glenn while answering another customer. Have your subscriptions filled quickly and expertly at A. It C. PHARMACY. Open 'til 9:00 P.M. every day except Wednesday. 0? QS cp. WP 90 ottawa 9 QP' Millville, Pa. FRANK BARTLOW McCormick Farm Equipment Concrete Septic Tanks lVlillville, Pa. Phone: GL8-4711 jim Woolcock, David Glenn, and Chet Boudman enjoy a quick snack at the VILLAGE COFFEE HOUSE. Fine dinners are also served within. Prompt, courteous service can be found there, too. You'll ergoy showing offyour new frock from ARCUS' in Blooms- burg an Berwick. A girl can spend her allowance wisely ifshe shops here at the store "for a prettier you." ur' -uns' ' ' 'W- W .--...mega--.,,.,.,,, ,W ,,,, - , , ,...- ., .-....,F,,, BAKER AND BENNE'lT Benton, Pa. GENERAL ELECTRIC Hardware and Electrical Appliances Plumbing and Heating Phone: 2621 nllixnuu-anna-an For e quickie lunch I , A Or an evening snack N-x , I ,.. Or u fake-home sack. '-- f- ' 'VN For o friendly brunch I D. 8. F. DAIRY AND LUNCH BAR Bloomsburg-Millville Road Dean 81 Florine Wattsfproprictors x' I I' -4 'LY-..,,,t ' X .J ..... 5.5.4 x... ...M - For better furniture and aopliances see AVERY'S FURNITURE STORE, Millville. They handle RCA Victor and RCA Whirl- pool sales and have prompt, courteous service. . i N5 vi Coiflvllme E S ARK ig N1 10C Nvme LIVES , RU. ,ggi Danville, Velma' II' you want to look your best visit NICKLES' BARBER SHOP in Iolu, Mr, Nickles, shown in the picture, specializes in "flat-top', Reece s. GReeNLY co Flotii'-Fee-dvGr' ' Millville. Pt-nna. haircuts. liomplinia-nts of am ' Q' 'ivy yfmoeiipwrliiiiii W- 1 Q ed,,,,..f4f "A" e..,..t,.-Q-r" f For the best service for your car, stop at LEIGHOW'S ESSO SERVICE STATION in Millville. At this service station they give you prompt and courteous attention, and also a friendly smile, Y--- t I 4 EYERS GROVE MILLS C. L. F. Feed-Seed- Fertilizer A Evers Grove, Pa. Every one of these boys purchased their uniforms at SHAFER'S VARIETY STORE in Millville. Shaferls also have clothes in stock for every member of the family. Other items can be found there, too. SONES LUMBER 8. SUPPLY CO. Plumbing and Heating ' I -I : I I I I Building Supplies I I ll Millville, Pa. Phone: GL8-2531 I I I I I The man to see for all electrical problems is STANLEY TITMAN, I -'-7- the one person in Millville who can tix, remove, or install any - Q - - - pplianee you desire. - KLASE BARDO . .. fy I X General Repairing I t I on all makes Cars and Trucks Official Inspection Station Looking lor a petr' If so, TODD'S KENNELS of Benton has just 24 Hom. Towing what you are looking for. This little fellow appears to be quite happy in his. . .bedl Phone GL8 3622 State Street Millville, Pa. MILLVILLE LUMBER PRODUCTS, INC. The place to stock up on groceries, and get a tank. lull of gas too, is THOMAS' SERVICE STATION on the Millville- Bloomsburg Highway. N X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Compliments of I ALBERTSON 8. STERE Your GE 81 Zenith Dealer "--IQZI go. X4 O- 4 .TP Fm: .-2,4 "'l- C Z O 'QI ...t... :vc W2 "'w ig We cu ... 2. m N-U Q. :': :Xe 'U ""'-3,4-v1.-'X--!7 novo M. FREAS I A f I Ph GL 84951 ll f it Q I ll' ll orms of I' ' Insura one - Millvi e, Pa. : W qlll X' - I 'N X ' " X ' ' X ' X3 .1i'iL.fi10'ff2ififllfiffrleiifiinifiiiffifillgsiigi P house appl ces visit WOOLCOCK'S HARDWARE STORE located th ter of town, Millville. , iQ F 41545, A INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS MAKERS OF DAIRY EQUIPMENT IHIUN WHCIUWHVG OIPAIVY u IAILLVILLE. PA. Would you like to have one million dollars? Then this is the place you're looking for. The FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MILLVILLE will help you save that money you're afraid to spend. Friendly, courteous service is a must at the First National Bank. Edith Artman waits on Mrs. Treon who seems to know that BAKER'S ECONOMY STORE is the place to shop for groceries. Baker's meats are the finest that can be found anywhere. When you buy carpet you should buy the best. . . 55555 For the Home, Church, Office. . . VELVET-AXMINSTER-WILSON-TUFTED THE MAGEE CARPET COMPANY Bioomsburg Pa . ...... r . . ::::::::: Thatis why youiil want to buy Magee Carpet. . . X5 sg, .:': i i i Anyy EN' e . : g, 3 x..i,ilg1, :li R I li'l, T li" ' 'f 5' F A fm anwwwf-ve"'n... 'Y ' me.,',,.. ' t , K, .. Need gas, oil, grease, your car washed? The place to go is Al.BERTSON'S SERVICE STATlONjust past the square in Millville. Fast service is yours Hmr the asking. Visit TALMAR ECONOMY STORE fbr the hes! in plumhing, heat- ing, and electrical appliances. Also on hand are :Xnthra-flu furnaces. The tops in groceries with low prices and high quality are present at Talmar Store too. Compliments of DR. JAY E. FLECK Mnlvm.-, Pa. X 1 X 'ff Q- X' . :',:s?Efsf3',w . - la 1 -'rf ffl" gi.-,gg an .smgflg 5? 2 ks. . iiiiiffii-it The perfect gift for any occasion is flowers. When you send a bouquet or corsage from Dll.LON'S vou eau be sure they will bejust right. For any kind uf repairing on tnat lavorite car, visit McHENRY'S SERVICE STATION in Rhorsburgh. Quick, efficient service is one of the standards at McHenry's. Hungry? Then join Bill Welliver, jon Lawton, and Lone Huck at the QUAKERETTE for a quick snack. Fine foods for less can be yours just for the asking. ,wx WW .Cf 1 H 55 W , 4 4,-L, J.. w,., fa. . M ..A, . . Q' "u fm 'mf :LH 'gn A af .. 'X A L , 1 , mg! , . N x , i' , Z A sf , - hx -!,x , AM . , X b 1 .Z,MfM5,, - I K ., . . ' ,, x ,Ink K 4-if .L , N . Q 4 "' 1 .5 J O f l ' ? , , ' . ff Q Wk , A ff ' 5 x , ,M A , - . , 1- - , f. ,V X . x K F , sf W . ,L LA. 'Q . in Yy f KQV , ri Al ig.5 fwft-,L 'F L ?,,J,q f.V,. Z,, ,, Y . .ml ,, A ,I 4 , I ' " 1 N- .. if A "fi 'Y ' I, N . , - Y., - 4 -x , 1 , ,vi A ' f pw, 'E k . , V F - H K. -, .ff 1 ,H K ' Q95 A -, 1 ' , ,A 1, rv ",. ' 'fn K, A ' ,J ,, FJ m, , ,, ,M .. . v. , .L , V. A. A 'f Q x - A 2' ' .wlfv ' A 'Q ,f f -Wt' A - . g"3 4551 , 1-.. . 2 ,lm ,,.,-.7 -'fx y K xv 5' ' 'N' A , . 'JA rf., Q1W,!fmg',-iw-az ,lf ', nh . ., 4, - ,, .- : '11,-F" E 1' 9,,'j5 A. - f' , .- ',16?,gf"' w',,Q"gjL,'2Q,f , L ,-1 , K , . . ,. QZ,L"fW:'.'-4 z' fy, , ' i z' ,,. ,. fu, .,,-,r 'M ,,.. . .,, ' " 4 'A 5 wi ,iff 3,-at "4 E, A-V r. X. -I ,QM J, X. , Y X .L K Md. V E J, ,-5, - .. , XM V, . A v, . ,L L A- ,N '- .x. A ,, . TT ' ' iff: 2, ,A +R 1 '-- - N. ,gwfq wffvw . W Q. Ji M, x,?T'1'f2'f if ' ' , -W 1:31 ':4k5La,5,,,gAIi Eg Q5 ' 45 Al X , .3 1+ .Y . 1 - - - Y , ,J Q , WH ., H, +. ew wr 'J-1-Yfwf x -. 'A -ffQE?C. - ' ff " Fiqh' XA - ..-' by , 1-. - 1..,.,, ,9 QW . x 4 , 1- -5: '!'i4',.,- "' 1' 'L ' L.-in -' ggiuw-ff eimff - wr:-, ' f '- .Q-,.l. f ,, - V'--P .. -, -V 'ive f ', ' 1 "xx M' gnu 4 g' , 1 WZ? f --aim in .Hit-1 Lf '. J' f 5 Y' .. W, u QQ ' 35141 . Sf' ' ' , 5Q V 'F iv, ,JF-J' --1 3. qp 4- ,r ..A.-V '-: -- . - wr , U ,-,ip -. Vg- ,.,,, -V: ':-., ' -. , H'-: "k ,. .. F , r f ,. ...- . .1-, ,Y , V '. 'a . Qutivg .,.-,,L . .. - V, ,. Y, . .-,. ,,, . v X K1- '75 4. V 'Can . W . . I NFA f4L:T5:.f 'Q:.1 , vsp ,N V. V ,. ,,.,, QM 1.4: . - , ' :ev-'. -1 L. .M ,, -4 , , g ...J -- -J -LJQ wil f I N x B x , - 1 ,-,--.. 5 ...q I -' ' -5 .,- -I -- .Q ,V k!.- ck . .45 .Ai -- C. .- . Q., . 01.75 uf - - -,fi ,, . ., .. A , Q . ef u-.-ww, 'W -' Kaur, , V L Z - Q.-V?,gf' W ' ' ' . -. ,. A ig' 1-,wif i -11 . , , f ' - 1 F- ' ' ,Qi .. V ., , , . N - N -" " Ng 5.55. , . 1 Q K, g K. Y ' , , 'v --f .,.f lfsiif V ,435 "2'F'i3-if"-b3..: -f-va V V - I - Y ., my ,W -ij,,j X: I A -luv?-.. N- ,ggxwrf-',"q. ,mr V K ,klk :A , .., KL , ,. ,- , K -r 5 V nr , , Y -W 1. .-A 4 .',- ,,3..,- , - fri. gi . h ., 1 .pg ,. ' A gan Y 2.12.--. Z-Y.. ,iv ,X 5 - ct-K ,, T' - 4 ' ' - f , ' 5 . Qi: ii--, - i -1 I 21, , ' , -. , j - 'Y f11-".-,k4- r. g --- 5,- '1 Q-, S Nfl 'wiwlg K , , , b , . M ,H-, 3 v Mfg fty- f' ' --2 -5 1' ff-,. -' ,, '. ' , g .A . ,,.- ,-A ' 11 'L :V 'Q 'fWf'- A s, -'.- " , .- 5, -4, --. K - -.f,m- -x .TF :,.,x.- 4: .-Ap '.,f, , '-.Ly .. .ul -X ,,. ,iw Y. i M Q, -. V. Fil' . 'Y .

Suggestions in the Millville Joint High School - Echo Yearbook (Millville, PA) collection:

Millville Joint High School - Echo Yearbook (Millville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Millville Joint High School - Echo Yearbook (Millville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 53

1958, pg 53

Millville Joint High School - Echo Yearbook (Millville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 50

1958, pg 50

Millville Joint High School - Echo Yearbook (Millville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 6

1958, pg 6

Millville Joint High School - Echo Yearbook (Millville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 51

1958, pg 51

Millville Joint High School - Echo Yearbook (Millville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 14

1958, pg 14

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