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. . ,-,,... , : .. , , ., ax, -rf--A-mf., .fr-nf' ,M-1 . ' ,: U , .- . L..-.-V -1-Q.,-:,.za.-.-.r r 'xv . V.-f J .- .-, 5. .1-.fy--1-A ,... Q, . '- 1- 4 . , ug.. I " rv V -ff .: -I-f ,"2 -ig'-sf' H, 'b71S5A'?':-,.-,:-'-"Lff.,..-.q-.a-. :xy 'f e.. ff: . 'S--,2:-',-5 --.L x LA " ,Y , 3"-,-1 -, .ff .f m g .' - -'-uw ' f . -m .- -f YH, af-4.1. 'JSM -.--f-wiv 'mf-frm 1: ff , , , . A 'V-1 . -M W , nnawamf .2 ' -.' . -.ff-.-.11,f, -- . .x 11: - f. -zz v -2+-. as- -as - - -Lyn , 5, . ,Quff Rf. .V 4,425 -Q J. .Sv W ff f. . -riff.. ...1 ' -J .-V-5-Re, ..ffN'.'. Ks.-1. Qs-Q-.A--,'-,,. F in-.K-F ' . ZPEEQQQ '+ ': f F 1"sJK ".A w'a-21,3114 'g ' ,ag im?- ff .-w -21 frm. az.vr:f?"-3',.4u:ns-fn 9- :s1.wz'k? w.,.-1-'.f 2 -.fl-A-. 5,3 L, , . 5-Lgw , .' - - lg-5, -. ww -.A , f.,,4j4wi - 1 55,0 ,- L,1, Y 1 V I N..-:.qL,, . 5-uf , , ' "L --1 f- f' i,,E1:3.U1' ' A-.K ' , ., .-.. -' , . ,- . 1: 1 3 3,,f ,A:V- i f .-s'f..,f5jg,3i?.grq,.i4.,,1 , Lg , Q ,, '. V.,-3 1. , A H F , N, ,... - V. . H: i.,'.:. -..1'.: ., waz. .,q.A fpzzwg.. A in - A--.,-j:,1.v .-ja TQ.-',.' ai. -' g , -5' pf ' ' - . 7 ' ,-'- . Q ,- , VJ- - -X fm. 2- 1- ' ,.,g-fy 'W , ,-A '- v I" F- . - . 3: vw. ' W' ,w 1 .V 2' -.4 -' " '. . v '.." "' "-'LL' i..':":-sf--iff'-JJY' .-1' 'F 1-HQ. .. V --- .. . -f. - .,.. - . vi- - .- f A - 5.13, V3-.,,,-.V-I ,. -12.-V9 .,.-.,....,,. ,,.iA,,,,v S 9 1- i5.HL-,1p?fge:,g-6.2 - wg +0 ' ' ' i--l7rv-x.""-,'-..-,- . gaiiaff ' ' ' - 1.4. 42'--'ff an :I ...L Lg. ,-1-:-:-,- -.. M . 1:-,usa :..1..... - aww. , Wg- ,fr ,,. N. 'fri -..- - sv . "l:fZ-11?"1':,,f:g'f'-'ae' 1 A H... . .1, - ' .i4"' 4, ',. v.i"4 : ' "-'A . 'ry 43 'YZ' K - . , ,.,,- .,jg,:,'9f.5..+ ff. s:.9,yf,r - 5 fy.,,.3gq.,,,:. .. 4 ,A-cgi? 4,R2'.:,.-...mat-hgfgmf.-tg A3 . W ' gifs? ?an'W ' 31' 5" " " '?'f --Lf? -f 5517?-f5?c..Qf,'LjL'hQ"'i - Q-:.,:'fiif5l-7 .-wi uffxp .- .1 Aff 7 1,43 - J . f .wg--, f j i ,fxmm-1 -1 -x .... -.....'.-g..., , ,L-1-ff "' "H-ts ... fl-1-, :L 1255 'Z 5' '- 4 5 ii 4 i - 1 , 1 1 'Si :U Y iz 3 . .2 4 J -2 4 , Ai fi if Published by THE SENIOR CLASS MILLVILLE JOINT HIGH SCHOOL Millville, Pennsylvania Contents: Classes ........ . Administration. . . . Activities ...... . Patrons. . . Memories are Made of This M If Foreword For the graduating class of l957, the end of an era is at hand. Gone forever are the happy days spent in and around Millville High School. As you ponder through the pages of this book, it will serve as a lasting reminder of moments never to be forgotten. Memories of past doys and years, classmates, and teachers will unfold before you. Since the Senior Class has completed its journey through these halls of learning, it is their wish to Ieove behind this album as a token of memory, ,. 1 1. i. U 2 In Memoriam Joyce, better known to her classmates as "Nicky," was a carefree, fun-loving girl who brightened many a dull day during our high school years. She was a wonderful friend, loyal and true, to everyone. We shall never forget those laughing eyes and that mischievous grin. We, the seniors, lovingly dedicate the 1957 Echo in memory of "Nicky." JOYCE CHARLES November 17, 1939-Dece Gone but Not Forgotten Memories of love and ioy, Those happy, sparkling eyes, This vision stayed within our hearts When "Nicky" went to Paradise. God called her at an early age To leave her home and friends, But God needs helpers, too, you know, In the land where the rainbow ends. "Nicky" loved the sports world, mber 16, 1955 She was "really on the beam." We bet she plays third base in heav'n On the angels' all-star team. We feel that "Nicky's" made ne That she's happy and at rest, For God is taking care of her, w friends And a loving God knows best. 3 i ff ,, get We jrudf t nf Mater v ts? et v ffl' xlllvlll AM . . . A . . 4, Q u Hail the School, the fnendshups ever , Farmer stall as time advances Mr' ' .' ' Firm and sure uxenite. May our union be. A wp Loyal students bound together We will strive to serve thee better ,Y I' 4, By tHe glue und Wite, ' By our loyalty- j ff' X M M 1 7 '11 " ,W Q Q- "f Millville Hiwol Alma Mater may we e'er be true ll Y .lo the isieals that we foster P In our hearts tofu. ' " he iv may ew lpn .Q I f Q EE Seniors Remember the Past CLASS OFFICERS-SEATED: .lack Fisher, Treasurer: Elva Gardner, Secretaryp Richard Whitmoyer, President: Donald Bitler, Vice-President. STANDING: Dale Stackhouse, Student Council, Wanda Eyer, Student Council, Janet Ruckle, Athletic Council, Larue Glidewell, Athletic Council. Class History deer diarie- in September, i953 a grop of 61 inergetic puplis entered there freshman year. Know as hi Skool students they had too adopt themselves two the life ofthe senior hi Skool. They began various aktivities too finance there senior trip to Warshington D. C. With the help of miss Thomas and miss Lamaster as there klass advisors, they seamecl to manage very well. Gee! will we ever larn too spell an to right good? a freshmen As sophomores, we met with many knew events and happenings. The big event was our skeduled Christmas dance which was planned so perfectly and turned out iust the opposite. For our class advisors we accepted Mr. Monroe and Mr. Coffman who successfully aided us in time of distress. a Sophomore P.S. l believe are righting and spelling is improving! We are now Juniors, a class of 58 pupils, striving for a higher goal, always ready for excitement. The biggest events of this year were the class play and Junior-Senior Prom. "You'll Die Laughing," our first play, a thrilling three-act comedy directed by Mr. Lias, was a great success. "A Tropical isle" was the theme of our Prom. The gymnasium was gaily decorated with palm trees, grass huts, and Hawaiian sunset. Just to think-next year we will be dignified Seniors-I can hardly wait. A Junior in thought Our senior year was very successful under the careful direction of our class advisors, Mr. Rarig and Mr. Shaw. Many of us took part in the class play, "Hillbilly Wedding." We pub- lished the yearbook with the direction of Miss Thomas. We were entertained to a ioyous evening of fun by the Juniors at the annual Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet. As the year came to a close, the Seniors were all busy preparing for Class Night and Commencement. How I hate to leave dear old Millville High! Out into the world we must go, each Senior following his or . ..-- . -- . Good-bye to our bo , assrooms, ac ers, an ear o e i vi e i . A dignified senior v . ll Look Forward to the Future FRANK LARRY ALLBECK Vocational "Larry" "Why sure" This Madison fellow is quiet in appear- PAUL WALTER ALBERTSON Vocational "Al" "How about that" Interested in farming, is this fell0W from Madison, and always ready for a good time, FFA I,2,3,4f Class Play-Stage Crew 3. ARTISTS AT WORK-Faye Nichols, Ellen Johnson, and Relda Musselman are busy creating some new design for another school event. ance, but has a "gleam" in his eye that tells you to watch out. FFA l,2,3,4g Class Play-Stage Crew 3. CAROL LOUISE ARTMAN Academic "Carol" "l'll never tell" " A Miilville lass, who's got a smile like dynamite and a personality to go with if. Bflftd l,2,3.4: Glee Club l,2,3,4f Year- book Staff 4: Class Play-Prompter 3, -Cast 45 Class Secretary 21 Octet 45 District Chorus 4, County Band 3. 51, it ii. Q., THOMAS WILSON BITLER Academic "Tom "Jumpin' Jupiterl" A ootential baseball "great," that blushes easily, and is well-liked by all. Baseball l,2,3,4. xy LARRY EDWIN BOSTIC ,Commercial "Rex" That Jerseytown "hot-rod," who's first, last, and middle name is "Tease." Class Treasurer 2, Academic I, Class Vice-President 3. DONALD HOWARD BITLER Industrial Arts "Dan" "AwwwI" A changeable but likeable fellow from Pine, with the biggest grin you ever saw. Student Council 3, Class Play 31 Baseball 3,4,.Class Vice-President 2,4, Academic I, Commercial 25 General 3. FAMOUS PLAYERS-The cast relaxes after a smash hit of the Junior play, "You'll Die Laughing." STANDING: Tom Kaler, Peggy Kreamer, Ronald Holdren, Jack Fisher, Connie Derrick, John Wintersteen, Charolotte Masiellar, Janet Ruckle. SEATED: Shirley Harris, Harriet Greenly, Dale Stackhouse, Lee Lopez, Grace Kessler. l DEANNA JEAN CREBS Academic "Deanna" "What a life" This bright-eyed miss from Jerseytown is quiet, but lots of fun. Historical Club 3,4, Student Council 35 Yearbook Staff 4, Class Play 4. EKEI LETS GET OUT OF HERE!-Tom Kaler and Peggy Kreamer run for their lives as they see Charolotte Mastellar through the window. Ronnie Holdren is surprised by the commotion in the play, "You'lI Die Laughing." CONNIE ANN DERRICK Commercial "Connie' Connie has a quiet way, but a big smile for everyone. She comes from Pine. Academic lg Glee Club l,2,3,4, Historical Club 4, Press Club l,2,3,4, FHA 2, Class Play 3, Girls' Basketball 2,3, Band l,2,3,4. THERESA ANN DWYER Vocational "Sunshine" "Son-a-gun" "Sunshine," a happy-go-lucky girl from Pine, plans to become a hair-dresser. FHA l,2,3,4. Confident of What Awaits Them JACK BOYD ECKROTH Industrial Arts "Eckie" "Well l'll be darned!" "Eckie" is a quiet fellow from Madison, who likes to hunt and fish. Yearbook Staff 4, Class Play 3. 'Q' LOOK AT THAT FOODlAHear1y appetites are developed after the Junior Play, "You'll Die Laughing," by Thomas Ko ler, Mrs. Lias, Carol Artmon, Peggy Kreamer, James Miller, and Dale Sfackhouse. RUBY MAE EDWARDS Academic "Ruby" A tiny, tiny Miss from Greenwood, who proves that good things come in small packages. Historical Club-President 4, Glee Club 3,45 Press Club 4. WANDA RUTH EYER Commercial "P.J." "How about that!" A high-spirited gal from Eyersgrove, who's a record fiend and a rock'n roll fan. Glee Club 4, Student Council-President 4, Class Play-Usher 3,-Cast 4. 10 BOY AND GIRL OF THE MONTH-Gerry Magargel, Jack Fisher, Carol Artman, and Paul Albertson pose for a picture before going to dinner at the Civic Clubs. JACK DUANE FISHER Vocational "Fish" An industrious fellow from Madison that always finds time to add some new trinket to his car. Band l,2,3,4, FFA l,2,3,4, Yearbook Staff 45 Class Play-Cast 3, Class Trea- surer 3,4. Proud of What Lay Behind WARREN LARUE GLIDEWELL Academic "I.ightnin' " "Aw show" "Lightnin"' is a friendly chap from Pine, who is an excellent sports an- nouncer and reporter. Press Club 3,41 Athletic Council 45 Yearbook Stal? 4, Class Play-Advertis- ing 3, Class President I. 11 RUTH ELIZABETH FARR Vocational "Ruth" "Ain't that cagey" Now you see her, there she goes, al- ways an the run, up the hall, down the hall, always having fun. She hails from Millville, Academic 1, FHA 3,4, Class Play 3. ELVA MARY GORDNER Commercial "EIva" Elva is a "hep" kid. She's really on the beam. She plans to go to beauty school where she'll fulfill a dream, Vocational lp Band 45 Glee Club l,2, 3,45 FHA l,2, Class Play-Sound Effects 35 Class Secretary 4. SHIRLEY LOUISE HARRIS Academic "Shirl" "Shirl's" a tall gal from Pine, full of mischief and always in the middle of excitement. Band 45 Glee Club l,2,3,4g Press Club 25 Class Play 3,45 Cheerleader-J.V. l,3,-Varsity 4. DALE THOMAS GORDNER Vocational HDOPUYH "Dopey" is from Pine, where he plans to have the best "model" farm in the county. FFA l,2,3,4, Yearbook Staff 45 Class Play-Stage Crew 3. WHOOPS-BE CARFUL THEREI-Don Bitler, Joan Welliver, Carol Artman, Wanda Eyer, and Bob Young add hnishmg touches to the prom decorations. ERLA MAE HEACOCK Vocational "Erlo" "Holy Hannah" This girl calls Greenwood home. Erla ,Ne ff WAYNE HARVEY HILL Industrial Arts "Spike" "Yes, yes" "Spike," a "hot-rodder" from Pine, plans to ioin the Air Force and take up his flying in the air. Yearbook Staff 4. is well known for her giggle Gnd wonderful good humor. Band l,2,3,4, Glee Club I,2,3,4, FHA I,2. QUEEN FOR A NIGHT-After the crowning, a sigh of relief The queen and her court include Jack Fisher, Darl Derr, QUEEN Nancy Diehl, Donald Bitler, L. Fought, A. Stack- house, Lola Bardo, and Tom Kaler. '- ,f J x ii lr f fi I 'T 4. is S f l RONALD WESLIE HOLDREN Industrial Arts "Buck" "I don't believe I want to" A tall, rugged guy from Madison, who linds difficult words o challenge and is always ready to help o person in distress. Class Play-Cast 3,4, Baseball l,2,3,4. , I ' f Some Worked, Some Played, Some Just Dreamed I COULD HAVE DANCED All. NIGHT-Mr. Blew guides Doris Watts over the dance floor at the Junior-Senior Prom. ELLEN LOUISE JOHNSON Commercial "Ellen" "Fancy that" Ellen is a Millville girl. She likes to roller skate, and finds Faye and Relda ideal company. Academic lg Glee Club l,2,3,4g Year- book Staff 4. 4, GRACE ELLEN KESSLER Commercial "Gracie" "Holy cow" A pert, little blonde from Eyersgrove, active in school activities and a lover of excitement. Varsity Cheerleader l,2,3,4, Vocational lg Band l,2,3,4, Glee Club l,2,3,4, Class Play-Cast 3,4. I4 THOMAS J. KALER Academic "Track" A strapping "six-footer" from Millville, who is active in sports and finds music an escape from every may life. Band 45 Student Council-Treasurer 25 Yearbook Stal?-Editor 45 Class Play- Cast 3,45 Art Club l,25 Baseball 2,4g Basketball l,2,3,4p Soccer 2,3,4g Class President 3, Octet 4. OH, FOR A LITTLE SLEEP-In the wee hours of the morning, a smile is still prominent at Joyce's slumber party. The happy Others Became Distinguished in School Activities members are Jane Remener, Joan Remener, Janet Ruckle, Peggy Kreamer, Lee Lopez, Jeannette Lowe, Marleen Richie, Deanna Crebs, Ruby Edwards, and Joyce Kline. PEGGY ARLENE KREAMER Academic "Peach" "Come oft it" A Madison girl with a flare for variety and excitement in all she does. Band l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4, Year- book Staff 4, Class Play-Cast 3,4, Girls' Basketbc'l 2.3, Class Secretary 3. X x NSR ALICIA IVES LOPEZ Academic "Lee" "Honest to Pete" A great girl from Jerseytown, who is a wonderful friend to have and always adds a new spark to a party. Band 3,4, Glee Club 23,45 Press Club 3,4, Yearbook-Assistant Editor 4, Class Play-Cast 3,4, Girls' Basketball 2, Vor- sity Cheerleader 2,3,4. I5 JOYCE ANN KLINE Academic "Klinie" "Oh, my soul" "Klinie" hails from Millville. She is a good student, a friend to all, and a mischief lover. Historical Club 3,4, Press Club l,2,3,4, Yearbook Staff 4, Class Play 3,4, Quill and Scroll 4. 61' fi GERALDINE MAE MAGARGEL Vocational "Gerry" "l don't care Gerry is a sport, a loving girl from Pine, who always has a smile for every- one. FHA l,4, Commercial l,2,3, Class Play-Usher 3, Girls' Basketball 2, CHARLOTTE MASTELLAR Commercial "Charlie" "Okayl" Active in sports and earnest in her studies, "Charlie" nails from Pine. Glee Club I, Press Club 2,3,4, Student Council 2, Yearbook Stott 4, Class Play-Cost 3,4, Girls' Basketball 3. size, from with Glee Press Class JEANETTE ELAINE LOWE Academic "Shorty" Quiet as a mouse and about the some "Shorty" is a friendly little Miss Greenwood, who Is usually seerr Klinief' Club 2,3,4, Historical Club 3,45 Club l,2,3,4, Yearbook Stal? 4, Play 3,4, Quill and Scroll 4. HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA--Ruth Farr, Erio Mae Hec cock, Theresa Dwyer, and Geraldine Mogorgel are ready to serve the students in the cafeteria. JAMES EDWARD MILLER Academic "Jim" A quiet fellow from Pine, who finds trouble and collecting Lincoln pennies interesting hobbies. Industrial Arts I,2,3, Class Play Stage Crew 3. WHAT ARE YOU UP TO NOW?-Shirley Harris, Dale Gord- ner, and Elva Gordner are teasing Vanice Stackhouse at lunch time. in .si A i - ,X RELDA RUTH MUSSELMAN Commercial "Relda" Known for her blush and giggle, she hails from Greenwood. Relda can al- ways be seen walking through the halls with Ellen and Faye, Glee Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4. FAYE ELAINE NICHOLS Commercial "Fqyg' One of "the three," Faye is a smiling blonde from Madison, who finds skat ing her special interest. Yearbook Staff-Typist 4, Class Play- Advertising 3,4. Characters Develope, Knowledge Acquired LEROY RAMBO Vocational "Slug" "Maybe" An undecided youth from Greenwood known for his "hot-roddingf' whose future plans include working at Magee Carpet Co, FFA l,2,3,4, Class Play-Stage Crew 3,4. A GOOD EXAMPLE OF PHYSIQUE?l-A few of the senior boys in gym class. FRONT ROW: Larry Bostic, Richard Whit- moyer, Larry Allbeck, BACK ROW: Jack Eckroth, Ted Stauf- fer, Larue Glidewell, Nelson Samsel, Wayne Hill. JANET MARIE RUCKLE Academic "Tractor" "l'-'lokey spoons" As her name suggests, she really bowls you over. "Tractor," a very busy girl from Millville, is always on the go. Band l,2,3,4, District Band 3, County Band 3, Glee Club-Accompanist l,2,3, 4, Press Club l,2,3,-Editor 4, Athletic Council 4, Yearbook Staff-Business Manager 4, Class Play-Cast 3,41 Girls' Basketball 2,3, Quill and Scroll 4, Class President 2, Dance Band 35 Basketball Score Keeper 4. NELSON HERBERT SAMSEL Commercial "Sam" "Jumping catfish" Sam comes to us from Madison. He enioys reading mystery novels and plans to make his career the Air Force. Academic l, Class Play-Stage Crew 3,4. 18' REMEMBER THE FLOOD?l-Tom Kaler, Janet Ruckle, and Carol Artman of the yearbook staff are hard at work in Miss Thomas' room. VANICE EILEEN STACKHOUSE Academic "Shorty" "Holy cow" The ambition of this little lady is to be a beautician. She's a Pine girl who en- joys traveling and looks forward to marriage. Band l,2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4, Histori- cal Club 4g Press Club l,2,3,4g Class Play-Prompter 3,4g Dance Band 35 Girls' Basketball 2, TED LEE STAUFFER Vocational "Tedson" "Well I guess!" This Madison fellow is known for his teasing and his temper. "Tedson" plans to be a farmer. Student Council lf Yearbook Staff 45 Class Play-Stage Crew 3,4. 19 Prepared for Life and Leadership DALE WILLIAM STACKHOUSE Vocational "Stackie" "Stackie" is a fun-loving lad from Pine, always able to liven things up a bit. FFA l,2,3,4p Student Council 45 Class Play-Cast 3,4. f? il'-p JOAN ANNETTE WELUVER Commercial ".loanie" "You're right" A starry-eyed Miss from lola, "Joanie" likes sports and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Vocational lg Student Council l, Class Secretary I. 4' ig, 0 . is Q4-.0 RICHARD WHITMOYER Industrial Arts "Rich" "Rich" is usually seen roving the halls with his side kick, Don. He comes to us from Pine. Yearbook Stat? 4, Class Play-Stage Crew 3,4, Baseball 1,41 Class Vice-Presi- dent I, Class President 4. 1 I s A ' EJ ' 'W WF' 4, 1 f ? J '-'J Qs? E erik aw WMW5 3 M-as Swv ff fl ,iw :emu ..:f-2 f at V, 4 t. DORIS RUTH WATTS Commercial "Doris" "Well dig thot" "Dorie" is a roller skating fiend from Greenwood who plans to go on to business college and become a medical secretary, Vocational lp Band l,2,3,4, Glee Club I,2,3,4, FHA l,2, Class Play-Student Directress 3. af we HARVEST QUEEN OF 1956-Deanna Crebs is happy and sparkling after her crowning at the Halloween Dance. JOHN DEAN WINTERSTEEN Vocational "Mort" Called "Mert" by his friends, of which he has many, finds sports very exciting and playing the bass drum o pleasure. He claims Millville as his home. Band l,2,3,4, Class Play-Cast 3,4, Basket- ball l,2,3,4, Soccer l,2,3,4. ,af if I' 4:9 lf! X'- IN -J as i 3 Q Na-vs nf- . I A ! , . ps. 3 'sf 5 4 E 4 3 ROBERT CHARLES YOUNG Vocational "Spanlzie" Bob proves to be "pretty wicked" with o bow and arrow, and he always sup- plies fun for the crowd. "Spankie" comes from Greenwood. FFA l,2,3,4, Baseball 3,4. The Dignified Seniors FIRST ROW: Mr. Show lAdvisorl, Geraldine Magargle, Grace Kessler, Jeannette Lowe, Vanice Stackhouse, Ruby Ed- wards, Doris Watts, Mr. Rarig QAdvisorJ. SECOND ROW: Joyce Kline, Carol Artman, Joan Welliver, Wanda Eyer, Lee Lopez, Faye Nichols, Theresa Dwyer, Elva Gordner, Erla Mae Heacock. THIRD ROW: Dale Gordner, Charolotte Mastellar, Deanna Crebs, Relda Musselman, Janet Ruckle, Peggy Kreamer, Ellen Johnson, Ruth Farr. FOURTH ROW: Nelson Sam- sel, Paul Albertson, Larry Allbeck, Jock Eckroth, Wayne Hill, Ted Staufler, Connie Dettrick, Shirley Harris, Larry Bostic. FIFTH ROW: Ronnie Holdren, John Wintersteen, Larue Glidewell, Jack Fisher, Don Bitler, Richard Whitmoyer, Bob Young, Tom Kaler, ABSENT: LeRoy Rambo, Tom Bitler, Dale Stackhouse, James Miller. y A X 16.0 , .loll Juniors -oonne Shultz rfreus' ureri, Glenna Eyer lSecreIaryJ, Eunice Zeislolt lStudent Councilj. SECOND ROW-Jon Lawton lStudant Councili, David Bl ' ' ass lVice-Presidentj, Karl Girton lPresidentJ. SOPHISTICA - rtman, Daniel Derr, Dottie Dildine, Larry Cox, Sara Bardo, Sidney Reese, Patsy Beagle, Arlene Bardo, Janet Glidewell. TED-LEFT TO RIGHT Edith A COCK er, Janet Farr. SECOND ROW-Betty Crebs, Janet Glidewell, Neva Eckroth. THIRD ROW-Denny Rishel, Lois English. FOURTH ROW- Chet Boudman, Glenn Whitmoyer. FIFTH ROW-Bill Well- iver, Charles Stine. Y-FI RST ROW-Betty Dreh ENTHUSIASTIC- er, Marleen Rit- uhie, Gloria Lyons SECOND . ROW-Suzanne Weatherill, Linda Greenly. THIRD ROW-Jane Remener, Mary Ruth Hess. FOURTH RO - W Henry Stackhouse, Nelson White- night. FIRST ROW-Joan Remen CONFIDENT-FIRST ROW-Alice Faye Ellis, Ellen Church- man, Sandy Farr, Carolyn Whitenight. SECOND ROW- Jim Woolcoclc, George Duncan, David Glenn, Mr. Stanels lAdvisorI. ABSENT-Virginia Harding, Mrs. Hower lAd- visorl. 3 qffilil-al: ' I .,NA I-1 T T 4" o -69' f 'r I 1 r V Holdren P Smith-Secretary, S. SILLY SOPHOMORES-FIRST ROW--S. Rishel, B. Whitenight, L. Mcistellur-S.C., L. Johnson, S. Fe ze , . , . Myers, M. Sweeney, SECOND ROW-C. Bowman, J. Whitmoyer, S. Stroup, P. Miller, S. Davis, J. Thomas, B. DeFrain, S. Young. THIRD ROW-E. Allbeck-Treasurer, B. Meek, S. Kessler, E. Frey, C. Smith, R. Phillips, A. Bennett. FOURTH ROW-G. Kelsey, D, Derr, G. Stair-Presi- dent, R. Zeisloft-Vice-President, L. Whitmoyer, L. Truver, T. Woodside, R. Kreurner. FIFTH ROW-R. Blew, H. Kile, G. Shaffer, D. JOhf1S0r1, J- ' ' J. K ssler-S. C., L, Hess, M. Yokey, G. Bitler, Mr. CoHman Mdvisorl. SIXTH ROW Mr Lias iAdvisorD, D, Artman, e Evans, E. Beck, R. Morris. - . ABSENT-L. Hock, C. Hoffman, G. Milroy, R. Kile, L. Lawton, R. Williams, W. Brown, R. Saab. mfg I' -..U-1 GREENHORNS-FIRST ROW-Mrs. Wolf? iAdvisorJ, B. Bietz, J. Ball, C. Shultz, P. Robbins, C. Kyrpzak, E. Frey, C. Saab, C. Parks, J. Weatherill, M. English, Mr. Woolcock fAdvisorJ. SECOND ROW-L. Farr, E. Johnson, V. Glidewell, G. Shafer-S.C., J. Lawton, H. Reese, G. Miller. THIRD ROW-M. Whitmoyer, B. Blass -Secretory, L. Hartman-Vice-President, R. Girton, N. Glenn, R. Sharrow, L. Bitler, L. Mills. FOURTH ROW- P. Plock, N. Seidel, J. Lyons, B. Wehr-Treasurer, J. Eves, M. Holdren, N. Horn, P. Eves, L. Allbeck. FIFTH ROW-J. Meek, R. Holdren, B. Magargel, T. DeWald, C. Creasy, M. Andes, R. Sons. SIXTH ROW-L. Whit- moyer, R. Sheatler, J. Wright-S. C., L. Rowland, A. Eckroth, D. Thomas, R. Derrick, D. Parker. SEVENTH ' ' ' S sel, M. Kline, J. Musselman, J. Woolcock-President ROW-E. Boadman, H. Fisk, L. Kreisher, G, Butler, M, am ABSENT-D. Thomas, D. Craig. f 'I l ffl' ' sf 1. L? ' I Vin? ' . Jr yi. Frolicking Frosh till! 5' Lively 8th Graders l ENERGETIC PUPS-Mrs. Mordon iAdvisorl, G. Whitenight, R. Musselman, M. Diehl. R. Stackhouse, R. Eyer f 3. Minier, T. Shafer, P. Mackey, S. Miller, S, Saab, M. A, Kitchen, S. l.awton, C. Gilpin, Mr. Ludwig, Advixorl. SECOND ROW-R. Bower-President, K, Mills, J, Lopez, D. FarrwS. C., D, Weidman, J. Hilner, E. Watts-Secretary, C, Whitmoyer, J. Geissler, J. Morris, Miss Thomas fAdvisorJ. THIRD ROW-E. Boudman, N. Kramer, G. Mausteller, G. Long, P. Watts, M. Holdren, P. Brown, C. Adams, J. Lyons, M. L. Ball. iOURTH ROWHW. Watts, G. Creasy, N. Eyer, C. Bardo, B. Dildine, B. Shultz, D, Stine, Y. Suprum, T. AIA iertson, P. Eves. FIFTH ROW-R. Travelpiece, E. Kile-S.C., R, Lovett, J. Crawford, J. Mastellar, M. Kessler, E. Harding, C. Fritz-Vice-President, E. Garrison, G. Sult. SIXTH ROW-C. Glidewell, K. Reese, A. Nel- on, D, Shorrow, B. Fausey, E. Johnson, W. Samsel, P. Weatherill, W. Stere, R. Bostic. SEVENTH ROW- J. Traver, C. Crawford, C. Titman, S. Rooker, J. Ellis, W, Wagner, W. Snyder, C. McQuaide-Treasurer, A. Earnest. i I ff sf., Q-z All Wifi N '- Bewildered 7th Graders EAGER BEAVERS-L. Wagner, F. Allen, T. Bitler, C. Diehl, J. Booth, N. Davis, Mr. Blew lAdvixorl, D. Cox, P. Earnest, C. Cox, L. Watts, P, DeWald, D. Boudman. SECOND ROWAMrs, Kile iAdvisorD, G. Karschner, J. Johnson, R. Gardner, R. Davis, D. Crebs, L. DeWald, D. Schnaars, G. Kessler, R. Kline, B. J. Cox, G. Robbins-Vice President, C. Ernst, Mrs. Glenn iAdvisorJ. THIRD ROW-M. Thomas, E, Titman, D. Zeisloft, R. Temple-President, C. Stauffer, M. Earnest, H. Whitmoyer, L. Loreman, H. Berger, D. Stere, M. Doran. FOURTH ROW-R. Shultz, L. Walk, D, Travelpiece, M. J. Wright, S. Zeisloft-S,C., K. Zeislolt, C. Thomas, D, Wagner, M. Stackhouse, S. Litwhiler. FIFTH ROW-E. Eckroth, J. Dwyer, S. R. Stamm, S, Snyder, D. Strausser, G. Appleman, C. Beagle-Treasurer, R. Clewell, M. Glidewell, O. Glidewell, C. Bostic. SIXTH ROW-E. Lyons, D, Hartman, D. Plock, L. McHenry, J. Lyons, B. J. Johnson, P. Davis, M. Yorks, S. Laver, L. Shaw-Secretary. SEVENTH ROW-F. Gardner, W, Klock, D. Stroup, L. Musselman, L. Rarig-S.C., W, Haltermori, J. Shoup, G. Smith, C, Straub, D, Everitt. ABSENT-R. Stroup. .- riff-im .1 TO THE CLASS OF 1957 The modern high school has been under attack for many years and is likely to be for a long time to come. Some claim the curriculum is behind the times, while others would like to return to the basic three R's. All told, the modern high school is turning out its gradu- ates pretty well equipped for life. I feel this is true of the I957 gradu- ates of the Millville Joint High School. Best of success to each and every one of you. Sincerely, T. A. Williammee Supervising Principal Mr. T, A, Williammee, Supervising Principal, and Mrs. Mary Laubuch, Secretary. Mr. Seymour Stere, Principal TO THE SENIORS OF 'I957 Yours is a fine class! I have come to value highly many of your personalities. You know that I am interested in what you will do, but as the years go by I will be more concerned about what you are. Wallace Derr To Them, We Turn TO THE SENIORS The many hours of time and eflort on the part of the staff of the i957 Echo certainly has not been spent in vain, because the result is something for which our school should be proud. This will be a memory of your high school days to cherish for the rest of your life. I have observed, with pleasure, that most of the class of I957 are preparing for the future by seeking en- trance into colleges, schools of nursing, other schools of higher learning, for military service, or looking for future employment of one kind or another. This is en- couraging to our faculty because it makes us feel that we have made you aware of the fact that soon you will take your place in our complex society. I am proud to think that possibly I may have been of some small help to you on your way to becoming a good citizen in a good democracy. Seymour Stere Deanna Crebs, student, and Mr. Wallace Deer, Assistant Principal and Guidance Director WALLACE DERR Bloorrrslnrrrg State Teufh- vrs College, BSg lc-rnple University, M. Ed, Blrclxm-ll Unrvvrsrty, MA, Unrvcrsity ol Punrrsylvrrnrrr Soarrrl Strrdros, Mutlwrrrutics, Guidance, Atlrlctrcs. ROBERT J. BLEWH Bloornsburg Stnte Torrchcrs College, B.S., Burl-trroll Univ:-rsrty History, Geography, WILLIAM C. COFFMAN Bloornsburg State Norrntrl Srlrool, Brrclxrrcll Univorsrty, BS., Rutgers University, BS, Bucknell Univer- srty, MS Silence, Senior Plrry JAMES B. CORTRIGHT Milli-rsvrllv Stirtv lmrchers Colle-gr-, BS lrrdrrstrrul Arts DOROTHY DILTZ Sloorrrshirrg Stute Tcrrglwrs College, BS Ingjlrslr, Press Club LEWIS U. DOVE, JR. Sustrrwlrtrrrrm Unrvorslty, BS Music, Bond, Chorus, MILDRED L. GLENN Penn- sylvuniu Shrte University, BS Physical Fduurtrorr, Ilmrlth, Clrcerlerrdors, BARBARA HAFFEY-Gersirrgcr Mcnroriol Hospital School of Nursing, College Mrscricordro, B. S. School Nurse. VICTORIA M., HOWERA Bloornsbrrrg Strrtc Tcuchcrs College, B.5,g Perrrrsylvurritr Stcrte College, Unrversrty of Mrrrylurrd, Nortlrwe-stern Unrversrty. BUSI- rrvss Dr-pqrrtrncnt. BARBARA HAFFEY, H. Berger ond Millville Teachers Guide Students' Progress Along the Road M. Richie, J. Remener with WILLIAM C. COFFMAN JAMES B. CORTRIGHT DOROTHY DILTZ LEWIS U. DOVE, JR. MILDRED L, GLENN Dr. Jcry Fleck VICTORIA M. HOWER QMS WUT' oy x CFNTENNIL is Alison sm W, e f A fa I A Q Q39 e V Contribute Valuable Leadership, and Service ,,. A, Mm. ucv ,W C. LATELL LIAS MILLARD C. LUDWIG CATHERINE R. MORDAN ADAM L, RARIG l i IRENE S. HUNTSMAN and LUCILLE KILE IRENE S. HUNTSMAN-Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B.S. First Grade, LUCILLE S. KILE-Bloomsburg State Teachers College, Pennsylvania State University, B.A. English, History, Historical Club. C. LATELL LIAS- Clarion State Teachers College, A.B., Buck- nell University. English, Driver Education, Junior Play, Class Night, Debate. MILLARD C. LUDWIG-Bloomsburg State Teachers College, BS., Bucknell University, M.S,, Rutgers University. English, Latin, Guidance, Press Club, Coaching. CATHERINE R. MOR- DAN-Mansfield State Teachers College, BS, Misercordia, Cornell University. Home Economics, FHA, Blue Cross, ADAM L. RARIG-East Stroudsburg State Teachers College, B.S., Lake Forest College, Wilkes College, Pennsylvania State University, Health, Physical Education, History, Gym Show, Athletic Council, Magazine Drive. HAROLD L. SHAW-Lock Haven State Teachers College, BS., Pennsylvania State Universityz B.S., Bucknell University. Math- ematics, Vocational Agriculture, FFA, Ath- letic Council. RUTH D. SMEAL-Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B.S., Pennsylvania State University, Marywood College. Librar- ian, Spelling. HAROLD L. SHAW RUTH D. SMEAL if TN WALTER 8. STANEK RUTH E. THOMAS WALTER B. STANEK'--Bloornshurg State Teachers College, BS., Rutgers University. Problems of Democracy, History, Civics, General Science, Business Manager of Junior and Senior Plays, Coaching. RUTH E. THOMAS-Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B.S., Boston University. Mathema- tics, Yearbook Advisor, Photographer. GER- ALD M. WOOLCOCK-Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B.S., Pennsylvania State College, M. Ed., Mathematics, Geography, MARGUERITE WOLFF-Millersville State Teachers College, Bloornsburg State Teach- ers College. Art, Spelling. it Promote Activities and Student Welfare C. Artman and GERALD M. WOOLCOCK MARGUERITE WOLFF Board of Directors SCHOOL BOARD-This vital organization is made up of five members from each of the four districts 1 Millville, Greenwood, Madison, and Pine. SEATED--Otis Bitler, Carl DeWald, Drexel Woolcock 2nd Vice- President, Ryland Lawton President, Williard Kile Secretary, Harvey Goodman lst Vice-President 1 Martin Bowman, Kenneth Sweeney. STANDING-T. A. Williammee, Clayton Kreamer, Donald Glide- well, Paul Apple, Jack Ruckle Treasurer, Troy Rishel, J. V, Bangs, Earl Nichols, Christian Wolll, Clar- ence Seidel. ABSENT-Arthur Charles, Alvin Lithwiler, Herman Kauffman. if Q v Sititiiiixxxs "I ALMOST LOST MY MIND. This is the theme of the bus drivers who transport the students between school ond home. FIRST ROW Sherman Taylor, Melvin Phillips, Mrs Robert Fought, SECOND ROW George Zeisloft, Jafk Diehl, Jacob Sult, Morvm Charles, Gordon Brown, Donold Kessler, Mrs. Alice Travelpiece, Mrs, Mlrrgcxrct Brown, Mrs. Charles Artrnun, Carl Travelpiece, Grant Greenly. ABSENT Ralph Krearner, W. O- Diehl, Elroy Brown, Roy Kessler, Charles Artmon. RWM" I ,Q hauffeurs, Chefs, Custodians "CHAIN GANGH- Parrnley Welliver and Lcirue Hock are prepared to begin their day's work of keeping the school spotless, of ww which they do u "great" rob "ENDLESS" Winrfred Stackhouse ond Thelma Kindt's work seems "endless,' as there ts a continuous stream of students through the lunrh line. x 5-fK9S,.4,.wf- ' ' , --5 -A ,'-37,5 in Y.. 41 .24 My-9 ' A". " ' f if 'N'-'.M .:, irw ws-'lik V.. ar 5 vu' .ui f 4 - U.5FS?WfI :L 'F 1 'KJ s 'WM ,W ,. .gg y A . A ?ff J 'sl 25 , SENIOR HIGH-Mr. Stere lAdvisorl, -lon Lawton-Treasurer, Wanda Eyer-Presidtfth Lillian Mastellar, .lerry Kessler, Eunice Zeis- loft-Secretary. ABSENT-Dale StaCkl10USe -Vice-President. JUNIOR HIGH-Eleanor Kile, Dennis Farr, Jack Wright, Lew Rarig, Sandra Zeisloft. ABSENT-Gay Shafer. 2 my -qi if y il? l I 5' , 3 f' at K y A ' X9 z itil fin' s iii ri H ' X' 3 3 it yi' S. C. Leads Student Bod Through Year Under the supervision of Mr. Seymour Stere, the student representatives meet and discuss problems of the school. This is a service organization, which is interested in the general welfare of the students. Some of the proiects carried on by the council during the year are ill cleanliness of halls and grounds, C23 direction of traftic in halls, i3l safety to the individual student, C43 sponsor of several school dances, l5J direction of taking individual student pictures and distribution ot these pictures, lol decoration of school and grounds at Christmas, i7J ushers at Parents' Night, and l8l student visitations to other schools and at our own school. All of the profit that is made in various ways by the student COUDCII is spent wisely on different things for the student body. The student council includes two representatives from each grade, a girl and a boy. The council belongs to the National Association of Student Councils and the American Junior Red Cross. Many of the representatives wear necklaces or tie pins, showing their interest in the council works. SCHOOL JOURNALISTS-SEATED--A. Bennet, V. Stackliouse, R, Edwards, J. Klinee-Associate Editor, L. Glide- wcll Sports Editor, J. Lowe Associate Editor, P. Beagle, J. Remener, J. Remener. STANDING E. Allbeck S, Baido, S. VVQ-atlieiill, M. R. Hess, R. Girton, B. Meek, Mr, Ludwig lAdvisori, C. Derrick, J. Woolcack M. Sweeney, N. Wliiteiiiglit, L. Lopez, V. Holdten, Miss D-ltz tfkdvisaii, G. Lyons, C. Bowman, M. Ritcliie, C . Mustellai, D. Dildine, E. Artman, L, Gieenly. ABSENT -J. Ruckle--Eclitarfin-Chief, M. Enlish, N. Glenn, Press Club Presents News, Pads, Fashions The "Quaker Hi," pub- 3d several times during the Dol year by tlte Press Club, :lies tlie students to write n a journalistic standpoint. paper brings to the stu- t body tlie liigltliglits ot scliool's activities, national ipenings, lads, and lasli- S. Tlte "Quaker Hi News" is also a member ot an Inter' national Honorary Fraternity for liigli scltool journalists, the Quill and Scroll. The purpose of tlie Quill and Scroll is to better tlie criteria ot student publications in tlie liiglt scltool. Clioson for mombersliip in tlie group are tliose students vvlio have made outstanding con- tributions in iournalism. --and nn-in Q ::""' Q-1AQ""s QUILL AND SCROLLERS CLIMAX YEARfHaid rit work on the paper are Lee Lopez, Laiue Glidewell and Cliaiolotte Mastellar. llmzinallRaunrpSumpi'StguSrhmlJmuatisu JOURNALISTS OF THE YEAR Tliese Quill and Scroll members are busy working an tlie paper. Janet Ruckle, Jeanette Lowe, Joyce Kline. MUSIC MASTERSfThe Senior Band, under the direction of Mr, Lewis Dove, has made many successful appear- ances during the year. FIRST ROW--Janet Ruckle, Linda Greenly, Carol Artman, Nancy Glenn, Edith Artman, Connie Derrick, Roy Bower, Vanice Stcickhouse, SECOND ROW-Marilee Sweeney, Bess Marie Blass, Suzanne Weutherill, Peggy Krcamer, Carol Whitmoyer, Carol Bowman, Ann Bennett. THIRD ROW-Erla Mae Heacock, Dottie Dildine, Patty Eyes, Judy Geissler, Jim Woolcock, Pat Smith, Karl Girton, Jack Fisher, David Derr, Larry Whitmoyer, Bonita Wehr, Sara Bardo, Ned Eyer, Rodney Derrick, Gerti Kelsey, Gary Stair, FOURTH ROW Gradon Butler, Ronnie Sheatler, Danny Derr, David Glenn, Tom Kaler, John Wintersteen, Mr. Lewis Dove iDirectori, QQ ' 99 Strike up the Band at Parades, Concerts THE BIG SHOT--Our band di' rector, Mr, Lewis Dove, has done THE RETIRING MEMBERS-FIRST ROW-Janet Ruckle, Vnnice Stackhouse, Peggy Kreamer, Carol G Wonderfui .ob with the bond Artman, SECOND ROW-John Wintersteen, Jack I Fisher, Connie Derrick, Tom Kaler, 34 New Faces, New Formations, New Uniforms! P' fi 5? Q Q s Q . . M 1 K I 1' x K, 3,4 . THE HIGHSTEPPERS rite twillers are hard at work if " , "' . . ' in 2 .Q . wil" re: I 1 -N' 1 fi. perfecting their routines for their appearances with . ,Q f ' 1 the band. LEFT to RIGHT--Glenna Eyer, Lee Lopez, li L ly A I Grace Kessler-Captain, Carolyn White-night-Drurn ' ' . l Maiorette, Ellen Chiuchinan, Shirley Harris. ' PROUDLY ANNOUNCINGM-The color guard is ready to lead the band in another engagement. LEFT to RIGHT- Susan Mey- ers, Jane Remener, Joan Rernener, Doris Watts. Melod , Rh thm, Provide Pleasant Lisitening JUNIOR MUSIC LOVERS-The Junior Band, under the leadership of Mr. Lewis Dove, has been very busy learning the fundamentals of playing in hopes that they will soon be promoted to the Senior Band. FIRST ROW--Sandy Saab, Sandra Lawton, Roberta Clewell, Janet Lyons, Tisha Albertson, Joe Lopez, Walter Halterman, Carol Diehl. SECOND ROW--Judy Lyons, Sue Adams, Nancy Horn, Jeanette Eves, Dennis Farr, George Creasy, Kathleen Zeisloft. THIRD ROW-Paul Weatherill, Saundra Laver, David Schnaars, Lawrence DeWald, Roxanne Kline, Myron Diehl, Paulette Eves, Jon Lyons, Jerry Woolcock, Chet McQuaide, Dorothy Hartman. FOURTH ROW --Lindsay Rowland, Robert Blew, Denton Parker, Jack Wright, Ronnie Sheatler, Gratz Sult, Bill Wagner, Peggy Brown, Barbara Fousey, Billy Stere, Mr. Lewis Dove lDirector1, 1 MAKING MUCH NOISE A Sophomore, two Juniors, and o Senior compose this little group of music mokcrs. Gary Stair handles the baritone, Peggy Kreamer plays on E-flat alto horn, Karl Girton and Jim Woolcock are the trumpeteers. Mr. Dove organized this quartet for Parents' Night and it has remained a part of our music department ever since. pull l C ' M Rocka Ma Soul We've Got Rh thm 9 'SJ HARMONYfThe octet, a newly organized singing group in the school this year, is under the direction of Mr, Lewis Dove, oi the piano. It is composed of sopronos-Lee Lopez and Carol Artman, altas-Sandra Fetzer ond Edith Artmon, basses-Tom Kaler and Jim Woolcockg tenors-David Glenn and Korl Girton 3 6 Q J , 5 l 5 l i X . V THERE'S A SONG IN THE AIR-FIRST ROW-Mr. Lewis Dove iDirectorl, Doris Watts, Rosa Sharrow, Sue Rishel, Jeanette Lowe, Ruby Edwards, Donna Thomas, Millie English, Ellen Johnson, Relda Musselman. SECOND ROW-Virginia Holdren, Linda Bitler, Paulette Eves, Elva Gordner, Ruth Girton, Lynnda Hartman, Jeanette Eves, Judy Lyons. THIRD ROW-Marleen Ritchie, Wanda Eyer, Betty Dreher, Gloria Lyons, Vanice Stackhouse, Glenna Eyer, Barbara Meek, Arlene Bordo, Mary Ruth Hess, FOURTH ROW-Lee Lopez, Ellen Churchman, Shirley Harris, Sara Borda, Marilee Sweeney, Edith Artman, Carol Artman, Janet Ruckle. FIFTH ROW-Grace Kessler, Dottie Dildine, Connie Derrick, Erla Mae Heacock, Carolyn Whitenight, Suzanne Weather- ill, Linda Greenly, Bonita Wehr. Choristers Kept Busy with Practice, Concerts, Engagements The Glee Club, now under the direction ot Mr. Lewis Dove, was organized by the school many years ago tor girls who enjoy music and like to sing. "Get the tone out ot your throats, sing on the diaphragm, and remember the im- portance ot the words"-the chorus began the rehearsals that have meant perfection. Now there are 40 students in the club and they are divided into three sections-soprano, second soprano, and alto-according to their voices. The chorus provides lasting inspira- tion to students and community. Besides singing in class, the girls gave programs at Christmas, in assemblies, and a Spring concert. This year the chorus and band held a combined concert at Christmas. Baccalaureate and Commencement programs ended a year of almost constant activity, 37 The Future Homemakers of America is the national organ- ization of pupils studying homemaking in junior and senior high schools of the United States and Territories. As an integral part of the program of Home Economics in the schools of America, it offers opportunity for the further development of pupil initiative in planning and carrying out activities related to homemakina, The Future Homemalcers of America bring together state groups interested in and working toward better homes and family living, provides opportunities for the development of leadership and intelligent participation so much needed in a democratic society. 38 Young Homemakers of Tomorrow Learn Household Skills FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA-SEATED-Ann Nelson, Tanya Bitler, Karen Reese, Louise McHenry, Roxanne Kline, Lorrie Walk, Jeanette Dwyer, Connie Thomas, Elaine Garrison, Eleanor Kile, Dorothy Hart- man. STANDING-Freda Allen, Erma Eckroth, Doris Strausser, Donnette Cox, Carol Bostic, Mary Doran, Joy Morris. FHA OFFICERS-SEATfDfRuth Farr-Fresh dent, Mrs. Mordan-Advisor, Gerry Mag- argle-Vice-President. STANDING--Theresa Dwyer-Treasurer, Joyce Ball--Game leader, Betsy Bietz-Secretary. sxkllullfllg Emlluf E Q: h A lT'S ALL lN THE MAKING -Leah Farr, Sarah Davis, Doris Boudman. ABSENT- Nancy Davis, Shelvio Stroup Future Farmers Accomplish Better Agricultural Methods FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA-FIRST ROW-Mason Holdren, John Musselman, Ronald Kile, Glen Milroy, Jay Weatherill. SECOND ROW-Carl Parks, Dale Gardner, Larue Lawton, Denton Parker, Donald Thomas, George Miller. THIRD ROW-Mr. Show lAd- visori, Martin Andes, Robert Young, Larry Kreisher, Dale Stackhouse, Paul Albertson, George Duncan ABSENT-Larry Allbeck, Jack Fisher. GREASE MONKEYS-These FFA officers prove that farmers are mechanics also, George Miller-Sentinel, Mr. Shaw-Advisor, Larry Allbeck, .lack Fisher4President, Robert Young-Chaplain, Larue Lawton-Assistant Advisor. r- fr., 'Vis .-ips Caeb '75 . gait 2 C. Cv' 'A A -rs . 9 u ,I , bfi"-.,. ff me--.a J , T WATCH THOSE DAYS GO BY-FFA OFFICERS, Glen Milroy+Vice-President, Mason Holdren-Secretary, Jay Weatherill- Reporter, and Ronald Kile-Treasurer, make plans for the coming weeks, The Millville Area Future Farmers of America has been in continuous operation since its orginal charter was granted on January 22, 1930. The Future Farmers of America is a non-profit, non-politi- cal, farm youth organization of voluntary membership, designed to take its place along with other agencies striving for the development of leadership, the building of a more permanent agriculture, and the improvement of country life. Among other things, members learn through active participa- tion how to conduct and take part in a public meeting, to speak in public, to buy and sell cooperatively, to solve their own problems, to finance themselves, and to assume civic re- sponsibility. The foundation upon which the Future Farmers of America organization is built includes leadership and character de- velopment, sportsmanship, cooperation, service, thrift, scho- larship, improved agriculture, organized recreation, citizenship and patriotism. HARD AT WORK-Members of the Historical Club are busy preparing the pamphlet "My Community Yes- terday and Today." LEFT to RlGHTARuby Edwards, Mrs. Kile iAdvisorl, Jeanette Lowe, Deanna Crebs, Marilee Sweeney, Vanice Stackhouse, Joyce Kline, Doris Watts, Connie Derrick, Elva Gardner. The purpose ot the club is to interest students in their community and country, also to try and help teach them to apply their education in such a way that they will work for the common good of all the people and promote freedom. To reach these aims we look into the history of our communities, states, and our country. We are now working on a pamphlet entitled "My Community Yesterday and Today." lt is a history of our immediate communities which comprise the Mill- ville Area Joint Schools. This we hope to get into the hands of the public during this year. TITLE BEARERSY Mrs. Kale-Advisor, Joyce Kline-News Re- POYYGY, Deanna Crebs-2nd Vice-President, Vanice Stack- houseffreasurer. PRESlDENTfRuby Edwards VICE-PRESIDENT-f-Jeanette Lowe SECRETARY-Connie Derrick I Q L Q 0 '5 Historical Club 5:2533 1 Echo Took 7 Months of Worries: Hardwork, Bills, Deadlines ASSOCIATE EDITOR Lee Lopez BUSINESS MANAGER --Janet Ruckle COPY EDITOR Carol Artntcirt THE BOSSES-Tom Kaler-EDITOR and Miss Ruth E. Thomas-ADVISOR. In September, l was little heard, except by the statl responsible lor me. Since that time, l have grown louder and louder. My call has been "Memo- ries are Made of This." Slowly, steadily increasing in volume, my echoes have become Classes, Adminis- tration, Activities, and Patrons. With each echo were details, pictures, word sketches, division pages, and layout. As I expanded new ideas appeared. Not only did I have my growing pains, but my stat? had headaches, too! My strength was doubted, the staft's patience tried, but as l grew louder every- one worked harder and longer-selling ads, getting patrons, collecting subscriptions, rewriting, editing, and proof reading. I emerged a full grown voice- the Echo of l957. THE ECHO STAFF-Faye Nichols, Ellen Johnson, Relda Musselman, Larue Glidewell, Miss Ruth E, Thomas iAdvisori, Janet Ruckle, Tom Kaler, Charolotte Mastellar, Deanna Crebs, Joyce Kline, Peggy Kreamer, Lee Lopez, Carol Artman. ABSENT-Jack Fisher. Q W 5 F Council Give Service to School, Community The ultimate goal of the Athletic Council of the Millville Joint High School is to set up and regulate the athletic activities of the school. The council meets the third Thurs- day of every school month. Through these meetings problems, such as the purchasing of athletic equipment ond transportation, are ironed Out, The council also raises funds to bolster the athletic program by promoting the candy sales during noon hour, THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE SPORTS PROGRAM-Mr. Seymour Stere-President, Mrs. Mildred Glenn--Secretary, Mr. Wallace Derr-Treasurer, Mrs. T. A. Williammee, Mr, Adam Rarig, STANDING -- Larue Glidewell-Senior Representative, Mr. Walter Stanek, Janet Ruclcle- Sanlor Representative, Mr. Millard Ludwig, Mr. Harold Shaw. ABSENT-Mr. Kenneth Sweeney-School Board Representative, Mr. Donald Bangs4Community Representative. Q W O u AWA r ,, .f D F- ,gn '- V-Club Members Earn Letters in Three Major Sports Any senior high boy who has earned a maior letter in any sport may belong to this organization. To promote better sportsmanship in the school and among the boys participating in sports is the goal of the club. At the close ofthe season, large eight-inch blue "M's" are given to the members. Inscribed onthe letters are the symbols depicting the sport or sports in which the athlete earned his award. Students, faculty, and community should be loy- al to the athletes, who have earned this honor. Our Goal Good Sportsmanship T956-57 WEARERS OF THE "M"-'Mr, Ludwig iCoocht, Don Bitler, Ronald Holdren, Jim Waolcoclc, Bill Welliver, Chet Boudman, Gerti Kelsey, Roy Kreamer, Dick Holdren, Jack Wright, Jon Lawton, David Glenn, Torn Bitler, Henry Stackhouse, Tom Kaler, John Wintersteen, Mr. Stanelc iCoachi. THE VICTORY CRY --Virginia Holdren, Lee Lopez, Grace Kessler, Joan Remener, Shirley Harris, Jane Remener. Quakerettes Boost School Spirit, Team Moral Omoo 16 A l- - M CVT f Evermore We'Il Give a Cheer Cheering at the Junior Varsity home games is the responsibility of the J. V. Cheerleaders. These cheer- leaders, full ot vigor and lots of pep, hope to become the Varsity Cheere leaders of the future. The group is represented by seventh, eight, and ninth graders. Back Team with Peppy Yells Attired in sparkling new uniforms of Millville's blue and white, the Varsity Cheerleaders spurred the Quaker five on to more victories this year than ever before. Away games presented a double challenge for the 7 V's because they were required to cheer at both the J. V. and Varsity games HEAD COACH-Mrs. Mildred Glenn LITTLE, BUT LOUD!-Saundra Lover, Kathleen Zeislolt, Sue Adams, Tisha Albertson, Lynnda Hartman, Nancy Glenn, Mary Kessler, Millie English, Patty Eves, Gradys Kessler. 43 ' Un-nk. 1 l""g R ' 351. f' K: A A "T"iQ,""li.'f'ffi?QT-5 'fr .Ayr ,, 1, v -. 'ii 1- F S, 90-S 'T Fhifrr? ir' X W W -as -4 ,. X 4-nPXf-f',j,g J ,i Ii Vci.,,N Q, Q 2 SQUAD MEMBERS-FIRST ROW-Larry Mills, Robert Blew, John Wintersteen, L A THE GUARDIAN ANGEL'S WARNING--Head Coach Millard Ludwig and Assistant Coach Walt Stanek. The i956 Quaker Boaters were not able to win a match, but they did outstanding work considering the experience ot the squad. Coach Ludwig operated with only two senior starters on the squad while the league powerhouses all possess- ed a senior-studded line-up. The squad was comprised ot twenty-tour boys, seventeen of them being freshmen and sophomores. lt is hoped that the participation at these younger athletes will enable M.H.S. to grasp many victories on the soccer field in the future, Millville hnished with a tie in sixth place with a O-5-l record, gaining their tie with a late tally to knot the score, l-l, at Con-Cen. Richard Holdren, Gerti Kelsey, Jack Wright, Chester Boudman, Jon Lawton, James Woolcock, William Welliver, Tom Kaler, Henry Stackhouse. SECOND ROW -Hurley Reese, Dale Johnson, Donald Sheatler, Lindsay Rowland, Denton Parker, Rodney Derrick, Graydon Bitler, Jerry Woolcock, Harold Fisk, Roy Krearner, Har- lon Kile, Coach Millard C. Ludwig. M. H. S. Boys in Action with Head and Toe - 'r-,.,- E r' 1 K W r 'ri' x ,L I ,179 W1 tus is lin if-Wi "' ll ff? I 1 .4 f 'T sul 5.- srov rHAr oomieriiis ey is I 9 heard often by Goalie Tom Kaler. w' MAKE THAT GOALI-John Winter- steen tries hard to bring the ball closer to the goal posts. Cagers Make Good Showing ALL IN A HUDDLEfCaach Walt Stanek wishes the boys good luck and success in the coming game, FIRST ROW-Karl Girton, David Glenn, Chet Boudman, Coach Stanek. SECOND ROW-Jim Woolcock, Jon Lawton, Tom Kaler, Bill Welliver, John Wintersteen. ABSENT-Managers Wayne Watts and Ken- neth Mills. Dribbling Down The Court The i956-57 basketball campaign "broke the ice" as the victory-starved Quaker Varsity amassed a three-game winning streak. Coach Walter Stanek's quintet, composed of eight performers, made a fine league showing for a young club. Millville's Junior Varsity, coached by Millard Lud- wig and comprised of ten frosh and six sophomores, unveiled the man-for-man defense for the first time. The team numbered among its wins such highlye tutored clubs as Rock Glen, Ringtown, and Nuremberg. Basketball is an "experience sport," and taking a glance at the Quakers record may indicate to any observer that Millville is taking a step in the right direc- tion. Intramural ball will also pay dividends in the future. r ix. ,l ' lx I, -sf' 'K N. . Suriv' BEFORE THE GAME-Fon ward John Wintersteen. ..,,, 1 'M . TT? . - at .K - - - Q t af wfgesf ,s.,, .s ALL EYES ON THE BALL-Tom Kaler gets the tap again. NOW HEAR THIS-Coach Millard Ludwig is giving the squad some pointers before they go in ta play. FIRST ROWALarry Traver, Gerald Woolcock, Chester Creasy, Larry Mills, Ray Kreamer, .lack Wright, John Mus- selman, David Artman, Richard Holdren, Coach Ludwig. SECOND ROW-Harold Fish, Gerti Kelsey, Marlin Yohey, Jerry Kessler, Lindsay Rowland, Rodney Derrick. e--is -gm M -fn K. 5 Gm by .N tl gi nw I 4 K. 3 . Q Wg blip . s ,g V , W J :V 3 L 'SG Kei? tj, B r 1 MlllVllLE Jon Rider, DIAMONDMEN-FIRST ROW-irle Birt, Paul Fr ey, Ronald Welliver, Richard Farr, William Rishel Tom Bitler, Ronald Holdren, Donald Bitler. SECOND ROW-Bill Welliver Darwin Strausser Ro' I , y Kfeflmef, Robert Blew, Emil Sfefe, Jerry Kessler, Graydon Bitler, Marlin Yohey, Robert Young David Derr THIRD RO - ' I W Gem Kelsey, Henry Stackhouse, James Woolcock, Danny Derr, Cher Boudmgn, Hits, Runs, Strikes, Outs The Quaker Hi Diamond- men ended the season with a 4-7 record, Millville started to "catch tire" in the latter part of the season as they finally mastered the fielding chore. Coach Ludwig's team possessed outstanding hitting power with six veterans hitting the .300 bracket or over. As a team, the hitting average was registered at 282. The field- ing averaqe was acclaimed at .833. The inability to get a timely base hit with a man on base and faulty fielding were the two main handicaps to the team. Millville defeated Hunt- ington Mills twice. This marked the end of rivalry between the two schools, as Huntington Mills was incorporated in a iointure. lt was the fifteenth straight baseball win over the Hunters. ANOTHER HOME RUN-Don , Bitler at bat. -National Pastime l I e J 5 ' T f W X! i-Fw: miss Tlmn's A RQASON OUT NUMBER THREEI-Rom ald Holdren ALL READY FOR THE PITCH- Bob Young WARMING UP-Tom Bitler -c A .yimwwim A ' WmSww.+ s 'Q A S X ,.-x . xg: .... Q K , X ik' .-'K . . .'ii"1w., 5,53 and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Arnold Eves Stanley B. Gum A. C. Henrie Arthur Charles Maus Eyer Adam Rarig Herman Whitenight Bruce Bloom John H. Watts Grant Greenly Marvin E. Charles Dean Girton Paul K. Girton Jack M. Ruckle Harry Wagner Paul Apple Jack Mrock Charles Puderback Donald E. Bennett Luther Baker Clyde Rhone S. Lee Ritchie Robert Ely J. Marion Reece D. E. Kaler Dreher Richard Farr Lester Gardner Clinton Johnson Harold Shaw J. Shephard Wolff Gerald M. Woolcock Irvin Creasy Glen Litterer Lawrence Eckroth William C. Coffman Cletus Heacock Allen Shoup Donald Bangs Willard Kile J. Robert Glenn T. A. Williammee J. R. Lawton Ezra Kessler Seymour Stere Cecil Watts Robin J. Blew Clair Swartz Clarence Miller Donald Gray Patrons Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Dr. Dr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. William Huntsman Dean Crebs Clayton Kreamer Earl Nichols lram Hidlay Roy Keeler Carl Travelpiece Charles Artman J. A. Kline Gaylord Rider Milroy Merrill Lester R. Belles Harold Trivelpiece Wallace W. Eves Max Karschner Thomas Gardner Wayne Wright Ryland Lawton Donald Watts Leonard Leighow Wilber Musselman Herman Stackhouse Pamley Welliver Lewis Dove, Jr. J. Frank Brink George Rowland Jay Fleck Rev. and Mrs. David Kemberling Rev. and Mrs. Eugene R. Smith Klase Bardo Garage Red's Esso Service Station Ruth's Beauty Shop Jack's Gulf Service Station Ruckle's Service Station McHenry's Service Station Clewell's Store Ortwine's Shoe Shop William Kinzie Rev Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Anna Bennett Victoria Hower Mary Mackey . Maizie Freas . W. J. Eckman Lillian Albertson Howard Mordan . Clyde S. Watts E. F. Wellinghoff Mrs. Mrs. Stella Ulshafer Mrs. Ruth Watts Miss Hazel Kester Miss Maude Leighow Miss Ruth E. Thomas Mr. Gerald Geiger Mr. Millard Ludwig Mr. James Cortright Mr. John H. Ruckle Dr. Sands Joan Remener Jane Remener Robert C. Glidewell George Russel Herman Kauffman Sharyn Lyons Helen M. Eves Thelma Kindt Darl Derr Lloyd Watts Dale B. Ruckle Ann Nelson Theresa Dwyer Erla Mae Heacock Byron O. Stackhouse Lee Lopez Janet M. Ruckle Don Bitler Ted Stauffer Larue Glidewell Dale Gordner Tom Kaler Doris Watts Carol Artman Robert Young Ruth Ellen Phillips Don R. Kline Barbara Haffey Patsy Beagle Judy Thomas Leona D. Davis Raymond S. Treon George B. Fought Lindsay Rowland Foster Robbins Beatrice L. Crawford David Hartman Phyllis J. Farr Glenn P. Black Edward G. Boudman Sandra Farr Betty and Tink A Friend g x -.57 -.. .4 SJ, 5' Q3 'S fs-2. Pi The production ofthe ECHO requires more than time and talent at students . . . to the many individuals who have helped create this book, the Staff extends its sincere thanks . . , to Mr. Charles Wagner of the American Yearbook Co. for his guidance and assistance on every problem , . . to Mr, John Girton of Girton Studio for fine photography . . . to Miss Ruth Thomas, our advisor and school photographer, whose patient and understanding counsel guided us throughout the year . . . and to the students of MHS who gave us our story and for whom this book is written. Above a few members of the staff are busy at work. They are Charolette Mastellor, Deanna Crebs, Janet Ruckle, Peggy Kreamer, and Joyce Kline. ii A l.i00AL MANUFACTURER INTERNATIONAL REPIITATIUN Niifx L Q 'E' v'n ii T b 4 4 xg: :QU TY IHIUN A.Vl'El6'I'L7fLN'0 lltll 1' L VI J.. 1 .....v.... .. Tooth-filling is almost a pleasure when the dentist is DR. JAY E. Morning, noon, or night-for the stop thot refreshes-rncke yours FLECK, JR., the friendly dentist of Millville. Janet Ruckle agrees 0 Coke. snuck, Or dinner ut the COFFEE HOUSE, Joan Pernener, with this. Grace Kessler, Jane Remener, and Gay Shaffer second the notion. High quality feeds at reasonable prices are sold at the REECE Ted Staufler finds that his cabinet made from lumber bought at AND GREENLY GRIST MILL. They also specialize in custom grinding SONES LUMBER COMPANY is sturdy and good looking. They sell and mixing of feeds. paints and home appliances also. Mrs. Mildred Shafer and Mrs. Kate Creasy are ever ready, willing, and able to help you in your selection of ine merchandise, To satisfy your plumbing needs see D. W. WOOLCOCK HARD4 SHAFER5 STORE femmes everyming from 547 and 10,3 nems ,O ,op WARE STORE. They feature Westinghouse Automatic Washers and quality clothing. Dryersp also, have a complete line of hardware. Do you want to look like Elvis Presley or Pot Boone? Donald To always be sure of tirst quality groceries and meats, make Morris Ends that KLlNE'S BARBER SHOPPE will make sure your GORDNER'S SELF SERVICE your one-stop food center. Thomas grooming has what it takes to win any girl's heart. Kaler, delivery boy, makes prompt and courteous deliveries. - e I 1 1 1 1 A - ss lg i I Stop at LElGHOW'S ESSO SERVICE STATION for friendly service Wouldn't you like to have your living room look like this one? and special personal care. They are tops in "all cor" services. For AVERY'S FURNITURE STORE can make your dream come true. They the best in car care see Leighow's! also handle Bendix, Crosley, Philco, and R.C.A. home appliances. I' H DRIFT. 'I.iQ!1YQ.LlX!t no wqwmx -1. Jack Lewis convinces another person of the advantages of MEADOW VIEW DAIRY can supply you with the best in milk and NATIONWIDE INSURANCE, For complete protection from fire milk products. For your health's sake, contact Clarence Litterer. theft, and storm damages use Nationwide. Meadow View features home delivery. "Coast-to-Coast" you'll Gnd that people are waking up to Zenith Mr, William Coffman, Joyce Kline, and Vanice Stackhouse find -the new clock radios sold by ALBERTSON AND STERE. Ruby that with play programs made by ORANGEVILLE PRINTING CO. Edwards tinds that getting up to music is marvelous. their plays will always be successful. If your car looks like this, for prompt and excellent repair, see Righter W Bowman ol' BOWMAN AUTO REPAIR SHOP, Rohrsburg. weyf N For the best in plumbing, rooting, and home appliances visit FARR'S HARDWARE STORE, See them for quick and dependable service at your convenience. nn- -nu-u lil.. BUdd7 Hocll demonslmles how lo use the Clrcleimw Undef 'he Fine foods-delicious taste treats' Plan your next dinner, supper "0'f"fU' eve Of Mf- C0""9l"' Us Clwfles Hollmonf G'e" M"'0Yf Of pany at the QUAKERETTE RESTURANT. They serve me finest of Ronald Kale, Lorue Lawton, Raymond Williams, and Warren Brown all foods' with O Varied menu, and hope to mee, Your every desire look on The lumber is from NllLl.VlLl.E LUMBER PRODUCTS INC. Machinery essential to ony farm should come from BARTl.OW'S. Even little Cindy Goss knows what kind of bread is best! Always They carry a complete line of lnternational Harvester tractors, reach for STROEHMANN'S bakery pr0dUCtS. Theyffe best fOr YOU implements, and home appliances. and your family. WT' n 'FQ iii i is Q' dll s i- 'S is K ,mf ., Q ' ire : Zi J i. .A S.. asss ssk Don't worry about this happening to you! Erlo Moe Heocock Self-rising buckwheat flour is a specialty at IOLA MILLS. If ir's knows she'Il be safe with insurance from FLOYD FREAS. lt's hopeless feeds you want, for the best, see them. Reasonable prices. for Ted Stautter and Dale Stackhouse. Shirley Harris knows that ALBERTSON'S SERVICE STATION is Janet Ruckle selects a perscription from A and C PHARMACY. tops for all car service. Filling the cor with gas is a lot of fun, but With your perscription filled by a graduate pharmacist, Andrew it isn't the customer's iob. They'lI serve you! Sapochak, you can never go wrong. Grant Greenly didn't have any heating problems this winter, for he had a furnace installed by SONES COAL YARD of Bloomsburg. They are also dealers in the best grades of coal, 1 Mrs, S, Lee Ritchie knows that the best in meats and groceries come from BAKER'S ECONOMY STORE AND LOCKER PLANT. The groceries are being checked out by Carol Artman ond Mrs. Sally Bcrtlow. Charlotte Mastellar, Jeanette Lowe, and Vanice Stackhouse are three senior lasses that really enjoy Clewell's ice cream as an added treat for their lunch at school. CLEWELL'S BERWICK CREAMERY also sells milk and other dairy products. They see that's not the way to do it! Larry Bostic and Jack Fisher have found that the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MILLVILLE is safe for savings, and a way for money to work for you You are always sure of the finest quality meats and groceries if Carol Artman enjoys showing off her new frock from ARCUS' in you shop at GENSEMER'S, located on the new Bloomsburg-Berwick Bloomsburg and Berwick. A girl can spend her allowance wisely, if highway. she shops there, the store "For a prettier you." Buck Holdren ond Dale Stackhouse know a good furnace when they see it. The manager of B. O. DAUBERT points out, in a friend- ly manner, the qualities of this line piece of equipment. 13 L... Your nose will lead you the JOHNNY'S BAR B Q, for the best in snacks. They serve "out-of-this world" hot dogs, hamburgers, and soft drinks: but they are "in-this-world" on the new Bloom- Berwick highway. The perfect gift for any occasion is flowers. When you send a y .sfwins unix gi When you want to take that special someone for a ride, you bouquet or corsage from DlLl.ON'S, you can be sure they will be should have a Studebaker from E. W. ROBBINS' STUDEBAKER just right! SALES AND SERVICE, located near Bloomsburg. p',,,.-.-' MVIDSON ,r Yue" U59 tl-nt fig! For fllC9, cool, 8057 fldlngf See HARLEY DAVlD5oN Mrs. Jack Ruckle finds that wash day no longer is a dreaded SALES for your brand new motorcycle. Stop here for your gas and ghore, with her G, E, washer and dryer from BAKER AND BENNETT, Oil, CISG- in Benton. K f The famous Bitler Brothers, Don and Tom, Gnd it impossible to Senior boys show how all the students from Millville enioy drink- get into the ORANGEVILLE BANK safe. Your money is secure when 509 SMlTH'S Mll-K, by 90509 beck lOl' seconds. They feature home deposited in this friendly bank. delivery ond other milk products. -mils-.. 4 WM, new RNXX THR , N M- "' T0 mee' YOUV lnSU'0"'C9 needs- See EUC l'l0fflS Of BRIAR CREEK Here is one of the 37 trailer truck units that make daily deliveries FARMERS MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. Mr. Harris provides of wlsg POTATO PRQDUCT5 to wise dealer, frgm Maine to protection ogainst hre, lightning, ond extended coverage. Flgridg, rw .5 .. . .Q. Delicious treat-good snack! Plan your next party or after school Guy Bangs is working hard to insure you against tire, theft, u,.a snack with COCO Colt! from the SUNBURY COCA COLA CO. Carol cyclones. To be sure of protection, get insurance from the MILL- Artman, a high school miss, always drinks Coke, the drink that VILLE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, refreshes. A wnnlfnlan x 5394 fnwg Do you like to ect? If you do, why not go to the TALMAR The ATLANTIC SERVICE STATlON, on the square in Millville, is ECONOMY STORE for the best choice of foods, While you're there, your best bet when it comes to buying gas, oil, and getting your don't forget to see Larue Hess's fine selection of home appliances car serviced. Be sure you stop here the next time you come to Mill- and furnaces. ville. ,z-'if' OK you win! Clothing from the MAXWELL MANUFACTURING How's this for service? At TlTMAN'S STORE anyone con easily COMPANY ca- be compared to the world's finest. Chet Hower get their food. Mrs. Glidewell finds shopping here a pleasure, with shows one of the processes used in making these clothes. Mrs. Titman serving her. Cleaning that is as gentle as a kitten! For fast, reliable service, VANDERSLICE CLEANERS oflers t pick up or delivery service. .1 i Good Food-Good Health! You can always be sure of first quality foods at KlTZMlLl.ER'S GROCERY STORE. ll you want to he finest. Stop in or phone for raise your own meat, buy top notch poultry at Kitzmiller's. Watch the birdie! For a picture years go no farther than GIRTON it be individual, family, or a to photographer. you'll treasure all through the STUDIO, Bloomsburg. Whether I h 4 I pleasure is serving you. Diehl's provides the driver's education car rmal ortrait visit John Girton Jerseytown's Dodge and Plymouth dealer is W. O. DIEHL, whose p ' for the Millville High School, Why not stop in and see them soon. 5 S , is .ca N. Tom Bitler and larue Glidewell look dreamingly at the new model Heleis O real Cool cal evelyoneis f'iPPi'f their lld over! Parke' Cars Shown in O magazine' To make ,heir dreams Come true, they Perkins agrees with this. For the best in excavating and grading, should ,im ,he NEW CAR DEALERS OF BLOOMSBURG' see MANLEY FOUGHT, who has all types of caterpillers, heavy equipment, and shovels, S'oPl G0 to DlCK TH0MA5'5 fo' YOU' Weel'lY 9"0Ce"Y needs- Planning to build a new home-see CLAIR HOCK for all your You will find shopping here G COI1VerlleftCe. They will also be glad exgqvqling and grading needs, They qlgq hqve top grade goill to sell you gas and oil. Dawn Kile, Class of 1956, was the first recipient of the ALUMNI Turk Hock knows that STANLEY TITMAN is always ready and ASSOCIATION scholarship. She is now in training at the Geisinger willing to lit anyone's needs in electrical wiring and lighting. You Memorial Hospital, Danville. Cuff: 90 wrong if you see him. A f'S?'TT?'lf'i 'i . . 5 A ,g T Jim Gillaspy loads another truck with that top notch crushed Come along with me for o ride in my merry Oldsmobile,".soys gravel from the BLOOMSBURG SAND AND GRAVEL CO. They Joyce Kline, who knows McDERMOTT MOTORS aim is service, are slate and federal accepted. quality, and satisfaction. Dan't settle for less-buy an Oldsmobile. g, 3 2 B .EN gs ii Q. sf 4' Q2 uf 2 4 S r a 5, 11 Y B K , ? 1 Ai if 5, , .-fn-,-'q-,z:s ':,.z-1.:.- ef4r:.1-rzbu-,-5-w.s:-1-.1:..1:.g:w-L,.rv::,,.-p.:.,:p.:'...-.-.-,-.fff:1:p.uyg..L..xfsxv1-Wfeggbg-ga-ff, -15 ,f , .x..4.,..-..-f.-T, .M U. U. -1,fA -- ..z,:,..4 - - ..,,,.,... ,, , 4- ,k,, ..,..,..,.,,,. .. Y-,,,,.,, Y, ,V ,,.,,,-,i ,i, , 4. M . f ,f- -1 1 f V A A4 mv-1HREQ2f:.7:' V-1ffQfiL:1f-6-:A-1 ,ii-af.-.2 fu -f-fra ae :Aw .L:'SS435f1 J:-12:46.28 ici, :tell 411514253151-f9E.' .Lf-' 'z in 51' L- , f 512:1- 1. . ' 4 E'-L: EQ.: . 49 , .- .nie ' -:,: . 271 :FQ 'ifn :EA - ' v ,. 3 vii -03 L , , .55 KT-' . ,,f v if 1:5 i ' iff V 41252 if 1-I5 .fd ,Q 15-35 " " fikl, F5 f 25146 - ga.. YA, - hi. av- . ww .,, m., , Sig 5., A ' E17 ,. gg-: f Slat E2 F253 WW -A 5 .. rizlfx. f-f 1 US" ,A dxf. .. gg, ' Y-7. ZF:-' K',.s.vfie4.wi..,,. .. -, ,- h. . ,. N.. .. ,.,. ...A .....,,..,., - ,,....., . J. QQ... -, A -...,.., U -.fA-...-L.- ...Amman .

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