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,, JY . , A lj 'U :- v fx' - 'F 1 sfmqjffiafwf. L Q . . - V - - I, X. .M, A 1 l ,f , ,ly - i-. w. . 1. ,w l., 4,-,,,, . - K , X ,D Y. W-Ki.--, .1 -,1,w, . -I 4542, h Q L ,my , w f 5 A '.f,'fxg, M . .- xf., --2 '." .I N , Q" ' ,x . i T ai!-v. 1 -. 1 f-.-N' ' K ' ' W-M ,V - ,K ,-v'R'5X ' V' A -' 'V ' 'i'l'iX.A.' , -, - ' 1 0: , , ,, ,1 L Qj' .-3 f P - D: 15.7-gwq " ..' ' -1' . f , 4. m lr - .s ' 1 T ' K V A 5 . v . , -I, 1 f I I 1 I V ,x x 0 K ' 'jaw N. .- .+ - X ., ' K x. ,'p u w f A ,- ,..l 1 ...Q 2, - . ..- , X . - X - A 5' V, .r, VX 3, , X , I , , x - I V, .,. , N . 1 , 1 ' 4 N 1 in-.1 lv X I E- xl 4 135 ,xiii ., 3' 1,41 P' Q, dibfl N.. .3 ' f22fffe, -.5x:w.fz-ff W L. , ,A .A we-, ,. . 1. - A gl 1: Q v 5. gf, av My . ,fj,5jl'iv , ,px X. : .4 , :N V. " Www ' , ' Q ' i ' V fn. if .4 A , P I ,. 1 . .v :iu.,..,g.,. ni, -14:,,,,,,, . .L..x ... . .,,g.,...-,..m , ,gqggggn . AJ... 14, .,gi,sgQ.,.h.1 AAA. ,.-.Ag Y,2,J,,,,,u3g g1L...A.. .,xi.1..g.n.4x4 TO MISS LOIS M. BEATFY The Class of 1941 is indeed privileged to dedicate this Millvalean in recognition and appreciation of her commendable worlc as a teacher and as Yearbook advisor. For lending a helping hand just when we needed her most, and devoting her time and energy untiringiy for us, We Seniors now wish to thank her sincerely and whole- heartedly for her unselfish co-operation. , , , , ,. QW. , Q ,.-.J,- u.l,,",LC9v .-.,',,,..L1w, 'U ,f,,,,',' I' -wm v A W '--1 f ww -ew1.,fv--qw ,Q - N-:W "4" - x r, wi- 'L w L. LW, f 2 Q fv+,e:vfM1,-HQ sfff:,Lefvfv' W"'f'1m1sf'.1:::, '1W?""'1-'.?"ff'wr if 'M 'if 2 . s ' - 2, , . M .KV ,ug.,g-.,-fg-.., :-1.-5 '. - 4 , V fwfr-1 v?m1f'f-243,-ips' 1:4 .A swf, wk . .f , 4 . 1-Jfifff' iT""' ' 1 H .. ' , . ALJ V ' . w.. . ..x-V Wy I 3.9 ...f'f1.v. . AY- - fvsitlg- Er:-Fifi,-fy' , -b gg ,iv-f :Z-',E'w1I-.ivrfiqm : f ,4 .."1 ' . kj 25.15 ,. 25 .' ' " 1LHQik"7 :ix ,rf . " , ,f if N' f. a,iT+E.v 1m,:' Nf 'v13,,,QwfQN,4-,ggi-yjv, by ,iff fmafffugg r , gf 1-ze ,, '- , f iwfE9i?f?,Q:'??sT1'?x ' ff "'i'-fluff' wlltlfflgii ' -f V 1 .L 1 W ,Wm V.,-N. ' if-X pew: ' v, x 'fm' 41,1 b ,g,A,g,,,,,,., ,.Q.g49,aJ4gM:.,m ' 4 :.f.g,4,,,,,,,..M,,4..,,.L 47.:,u.,,,,.,M.-g 4- ww, ...J.-1-mg. THE CLASS OF 1941 ANNUAL STAFF P 9 IHI 'V1ll.l.X.-Xl,l:A.X' Controlling Forces Scien ce Def zi Soczal Sczence Dept Arts Dep? I Llglll Commercial! Dept English Dept. O UR FACULTY THE CLASS OF 1941 WHO'S WHO IN THE FACULTY XVho is our supervisor- A man of liberal views? We'd never have another Even if 'twere ours to choose. MR. HOLSINGER Who holds us with an iron hand But gives us advice of a first class brand? MR. SWAIN, Our Principal Who's our teacher of such good cheer? She makes Biology live all year. MISS WETZEL Who teaches us uses of mortar and pestle? Ready to help when with formulas we wrestle. MR. ZIMMER Who teaches us our mathematics? And is renowned for rifle tactics. BEYERS Who enlightens us in P. O. D.? To broader minds hands us the key. MR. BURGESS Who teaches us that in World History To gain enthusiasm is not a mystery? MR. SPRENGER We should to whom be very grateful For turning out a team so faithful? MR. MOCARTHY Who, with greatest thought and care Supervises a paper rare-"The Chieftainu? MISS OLDHAM Who nearly changes us into lightning When we enter the room of shorthand and typing? MR. TALLMAN Our friend and sponsor who makes us feel There's nothing so desirous as a high ideal. MISS BRENNAN Who helps our students create posters so smart?'s just one could do it-our teacher of art. MISS CARNAHAN Making articles of wood and wrestling to perfection- Whose taught our boys these arts with clear and keen direction? MR. HOWARD Who teaches girls to cook and sew And also how to make bread dough? MISS SMITH Whose arms are swinging every day To direct the band in an excellent way? MR. FLEMING Sing a song of sixpence-can you guess her name? She coached so well our Senior Play, that now we sing her fame. MISS BARGMAN Who is our librarian, so genial and good Never failing to help us to the best book 7 MISS JOHNSTON food. Who disturbs us from delightful dreams When she calls upon us to read our themes? MISS ANDREWS Now last, but not least, in this grand Who's Who Is our Latin teacher who can make the old new. She also our annual helped crown with success, Her name you have it-you need not guess. MISS BEATTY I Page Nine THE MlI.I,VAl,ljAN URCHIDS TO: MR. ATKINSON, our congenial truant officer, for bringing home the "hookey players" and particif pating in all phases of school life. MISS MCGINLEY, our eificient office secretary, for searching out pupils wanted on the phone, making out absent lists, distributing mail, and quickly findf ing office information sought by anxious students. MRS. DEPP, our friendly school nurse, for her guidf ance in home nursing classes and her assistance in times of illness. DR. RIETHMILLER, our reliable physician, for his thorough checkups of our students, thus making us as healthy a group as possible. MR. WEHRLE and MR. DEGELMAN, our willing custodians for always keeping the school spotless and warm, and for their cooperation in arranging the stage scenery at every assembly. Pugv Ton 'YE x X 'f six ., s 1'- Q . .f ri A , wi,-H - 1 THE MILLVALEAN .nf v, s 'I ! es - 1 Eli' ' . 4 Q ,Zia 5 K' 1 gi, 3, at iz' ' A' 34' 1 n 91 in Hia J:-'I 1 9' 1 'S-. if" gs. Page Twelve A DOROTHY ANDRISEVIC "Dot" Higlh Honor Graduate, Clms Basketball, Girls' Chorus, Girls' A etic Club, D:amatic Club, Baton Club, Minstrel, Assembl Play, Bowling Team. Forum Club, Chieftain Staf, valean Staff, Senior Play. Dorothy's athletic ability is enthusiastically devoted to winning basketball honors for her class. She competes with the best in cutting fancy figures on the ice. A trim wardrobe and immaculate coilfure add to this Senior's charm. Perhaps a few years from now you may tune in on your radio and hear Dorothy playing her Hawaiian guitar. DOROTHY BAUER "Dot" Girls' Chorus, Girls' Athletic Club, Forum Club, Millvalean StaE, Thimble Club, Class Basketball. Dark brown hair, plus green eyes, plus a pleasing personality equals popular Dot. All school functions would be incom lete if Dot were not there to add to the fun. The male students find, her quite attrac' tive and vie energetically for her attentions. Her chief hobby is dancing, where her ability is wistfully admired by her audience. NANCY BECHAK Chieftain Staf, Baton Club, Forum Club, Millvalean Staf, Minstrel, Girls' Chorus, Girls' Athletic Club, Crafts Club, Dramatic Club, Class Basketball, Red Cross Club, Senior Play. One of the most digniiied of the Senior lasses is our Nancy. She is as equally adept in roller skating as she is in twirling a baton for our band. Nancy is noted for her levelfheadednesa and artistic ideas. We wish her luck in her chosen career of dress designing. MARIE BERAN "Shorty" Band, Orchestra, Rilie Club, Archery, Dramatic Club, Minstrel, Girls' Chorus, President of Girls' Athletic Club, Bowling Team, Chieftain Stall, Business Manager for Senior Play, Millvalean Staff. Marie's amiable qualities and pleasant manner have won for her the honor of President of the Girls' Athletic Club. She has the knack of injecting her witty remarks advantageously into all conversation. A dependable young lady and a willing worker would best describe Marie to her teachers and classmates alike. TERESA BEST "Tess" Library Assistant, Clam Basketball, Dramatic Club, Girls' Athletic Club. Theresa is the "Best" of our Senior class. She is another one of those quiet Mt. Troy lasses who attract our Millvale boys. If all the Home Economic students were as diligent and expert a seamstress as Theresa, Schiaperelli would soon have competition. BETTY BLAZEK "Ben" Girls' Chorus, Girls' Athletic Club, Baton Club, Rifle Club, Tap Class. A quiet manner and shy smile seem to be the belt recipe for collect- ' f ' d b . F B ll ' mg nen s a out one or etty. we equipped with th of these. can boast of many friends. The rhythmic tapping of dancing feet has made her known to many of us. .-r.e, .t . THE CLASS OF 1941 ROBERT BLUEMLING "Pete" 1 Bowling Team, Basketball Reserve, Hi-Y, Varsity Football Team, Class Boxing, Class Softball, Varsity Club. Bob, "the mighty mite" plays an excellent game of football. Always in good spirits, continually smiling, though rather timid, he is destined to make a place for himself in the future. We know he'll go places for "Never say die" is his motivating motto. MARION BLUMER Honor Graduate, Cheerleader, Millvalean Staff, Treasurer of Sophomore Class, Girls' Chorus, Minstrel, Assembly Play, Class Basketball, Rifle Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Bowling Team, Dramatic Club, Senior Play. This pcppy little dynamo adds a flavor of zest to our agile group of cheerleaders. Like an overffilled cup, her sparkling personality is always spilling over into contagious giggles and witty remarks. There is no bottom to her well of good spirits and cheerful helpfulness. It is no wonder Marion is so valued as a member of our graduating class. VIRGINIA BOSSING "Ginny" Millvalean Staff, Chieftain Staff, Crafts Club, Girls' Athletic Club. Though "Bossing" is Virginia's name, she can never be accused of this. On the contrary, her friendly and easyfgoing nature make her an easy mark for the hardluck stories of students who just can't get things done. A ready smile best characterizes the willing personality of Virginia. ROY BRYSON RiHe Club, Forum Club, Student Speaker at Assembly Millvalean Salesman. Attractive, wavey'haired Roy is always to be found with a certain Senior lass almost every hour of the day. At home-between dates- he reads widely. but at school he talks little. Dressed well, but conservatively, hc is liked by all. CATHERINE BUDACKI "Kate" Girls' Athletic Club, Forum Club, Chieftain StaE, Millvalean Typist. ' Catherine's lustrous black tresses fall in smooth waves to her shoulders making a becoming picture. Though she is quite shy with those she does not know. to her friends she is a continuous source of delight with her quick smile and willingness to help all. As a seamstress l Catherine ranks with the best of them. RALPH BURKE Millvalean Salesman, Class Basketball, Senior Play. Tall, blond "Romeo Ralph" is the idol of many feminine hearts. Although he keeps much to himself, his friendliness radiates from him in far reaching rays. We wonder if he blushes as deeply when visiting the "mountain misses" as he does in his classes. Page Thirteen A 4 ms 1- ., Km , W fr. P. st, 'S . 1. .- ri g i .wg flat - THE MILLVALEAN Page Fourteen DOROTHY CALLAHAN "Cal" Honor Graduate, Girls' Athletic Club, Secretary of Sopho- more Class, Vice President of Junior Class, Secretary of Senior lClass, Baton Club, Millvalean Stai, Girls' Chorus, Minstre. Effervescing with gay spirits and ready wit, "Cal" supplies fun for ali her ieilow classmates. Her nonsensical chatter can be heard continuously as she converses with her many friends. She upholds the principles of the Irish race with her boisterous sense of humor and good lellowship. Her twinkling blue eyes tell you she is a true friend and a helper in necd. DOMINIC CARPENTER "Dan" Bowling Team, Assembly Play. Trim little Danny presents a study of Roman features. Quiet, ready, willing, and able, he is to be continually found with his friends, always cheerful-though rather phlegmatic. We are indeed proud of this conservative lad. RUTH CERNY "Pat" Forum Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Chieftain Staff, President of Crafts Club, Millvalean Staff. Although it has been said that Ruth dislikes school, you would not know it from her attitude as she is both efficient and prompt in her subjects. The abrupt and masculine way in which she greets her fellow classmates has boosted her friendship up and up. Her aptitude for sewing and cooking will probably steer her directly to the sea of matrimony. DELANO CRAWFORD "Del" President of Sophomore Class, Hi-Y, Class Basketball, Band, Orchestra, P. S. M. A. Band '40, Forum Club, Class Mush- ball, Bowling Team. Never let it be said that Del doesn't mind his "P's" and "Q's" when he's with the girls-especially the underclass ones. He is popular because of his smooth dancing and "happy-goflucky' attitude. Incif dcntally, he is musically inclined and plays a sweet melaphone. CATHERINE DE BANNES "Caddie" Crafts Club, Millvalean Salesman, Girls' Athletic Club, Red Cross Club. Catherines cameoflike face reveals a charming personality. It is not often a Senior class can boast of such a demure and petite lass. Her shy manner has endeared her to many df her classmates. In knitting Catherine can be surpassed by none. MILDRED DETISCH "Millie" Girls' Athletic Club, Archery Club, Forum Club, Girls' Chorus. The invigorating mountain air Ovit. Troyl has made Millie a plump and jolly individual. A cheery smile continually brightens the countenance of this well'liked classmate. Mil takes lightly the teasing she receives and more than manages to do her share of the joking. - fi JOHN DILLER "Dill" Millvalean Staff, Bowling Team, Hi-Y, Gay Nineties Pro- gram, Chieftain Staff. Madame La Zonga Diller is surc to give you six easy lessons in dancing, telling jokes, the art of laughter, chasing the blues away, being happy and carefree. Tall, thin, forever on the move, Dill is to be found everywhere at the same time. BERNEITA DUFFEY "Bunny" Cheerleader, Girls' Athletic Club, Rifle Club, Bowling Team, Millvalean Staff, Girls' Chorus, Dramatic Club, Forum Club, Assembly Play, Minstrel, Senior Play. If you are looking for a combination of red hair, lots of fun, and an easily excited temper, you will find them all in "Bunny". Her zealous cheerleading has helped our team on to many victories. Bernita is a dangerous character on the Rifle Club for she can shoot as straight as any wild man from the West. Her argurnentations will be an asset to her in her chosen profession as a lawyer. EL ffoouyf' DOLORES EST Girls' Athletic Club, Chieftain Staff, Bowling Team, Mill- valean Typist, Girls' Chorus, Forum Club, Candy Seller, Dramatic Club. Dolly's blue eyes and black curly hair make a striking combination. M Al rnia Millvale finally captured this girl from her mountain top K t. ve Highj in her Junior year. She is quite a busy young lady dividing her time between the Millvale High activities and those of the Sarah Heinz House. BERTHA FINK "Tops" High Honor Graduate, Forum Club, Minstrel, Archery Club, Bowling Team, Chieftain Staff, Millvalean StaH, Girls' w .Chorus, Class Basketball, Dramatic Club, Gay Ninetes Sho , Senior Play. Bertha is a wellfliked Senior lass who takes her studies quite seriously. ' " .d ' when she left there bhe was Mount Alvernias loss ar our gain during her Sophomore year. Characterizcd by a robust nature and a hearty laugh, she will succeed wherever she goes-in the world or home. scEven EVELYN FINSTER Millvalean Typist, Chieftain Staff, Secretary-Treasurer of Thimble Club. Evelyn's exuberant personality and excited chatter are mirrored by her laughing blue eyes. Where "Cedic" is there shall Evelyn be, giggling over the happenings of the evening before. Evelyn is noted for her demure "Shirley Temple dimples" which lurk at the corners of her mouth continually flashing in and out as she talks to her classmates. I9 RAYMOND FLEMING "Ray High Honor Graduate, Advisor of Forum Club, Camera Club, Bowling Team, Band, Orchestra, Millvalean Staii, Merit Parader, Senior Play. Shy. immaculate Ray is one of our most versatile Senior boys. He is not only a brilliant violinist but also an accomplished clarinetist. His scholastic and photographic abilities are two more attainments of which this polite lad can boast. THE CLASS OF 1941 Page Fifteen THE MILLVALEAN 1' VIRGINIA FLEMING "Fleur" J' I Chieftain Stall, Millvalean StaH, Forum Club, Girls' Chorus, ..,1 - +nwwf'7a-n' wg :egg-m , 4.W.?MYH rw- .:'f"Qetr-ref tvs' W, 53777: 5 ' .eff vs V. .,,. -wg: W i if 'f 1. E s 7? .6 t-, Page Sixteen Crafts Club, Rifle Club, Archery Club, Girls' Athletic Club, ...1 Basketball Team, Red Cross Club, Dramatic Club. 'L Tall. dark. and carefree describes our "Flem". The lab seems to be T7 the favorite haunt of this future Einstein, for she can always be found there in her leisure time mixing all the known chemicals within hands' reach. Flem is an ardent fan of Glenn Miller, and is happiest when jitterbugging to his music. She is an extensive reader and is well versed on the current topics of the day. ' .ii ' Wg 51 ..,f' f 4 ELEANOR FRAN KE Dramatic Club, Candy Seller, Girls' Chorus, Girls' Basketball, Secretary of Girls' Athletic Club, Chieftain Staff, Gay Nineties 12.2 Show, Assembly, Bowling Team. Eleanor is a bottomless well of humor which continually spills over in gales of laughter and witty remarks. She has roven her willingness is to help by consenting to take part in several school assemblies where she was more than well liked, Skiing is included in her lon line of if sports. Her businessflike ability has been proven in her duties as lf Secretary of the Girls Athletic Club and candy seller. r,, fa X , WILBERT FRIEDEL "Will" 1,. l Witty Will is strangely enough a very shy boy, but his amiability ii and friendliness made him we l-liked, He has remarkable stamina, as 'lf he must do his school work at odd hours. No matter what comes 1' or goes, Will smiles at everyone, just as his straightfforward manner ' always prevails. , . 2 HOWARD GREEN "Greenie" Band, Orchestra, Class Basketball, Senior Play. From high up on the mountains comes this immaculate lad. He is a steady worker, but delights in taking school in a lighter vein. Short, and neatly conspicuous in a crowd, he can invariably be seen croon' ing as a member of the "Mountain Male Quartet." THOMAS GROSS "Tom junior Class, Chieftain Staff, Assistant Manager of Football and Basketball, Football Manager, Varsity Club, Class Basket ball, Wrestling Team, Mzllvalean StaE He is quite a gxtterbug and Just as competent an athletic manager Two of his class periods and most of his spare time are spent in the shop Despite the fact that he is a beginner at sports he is an excellent wrestler and has helped to put M H S on the wrestling map RUTH HAUGH Small-fry High Honor Graduate, Baton Club, Minstrel, Girls' Chorus, Girls Athletic Club, Chieftain StaE Millvalean Stal! Assembly Plav. Dramatic Club, Treasurer of Freshman Class, Secretary of Rifle Club As tiny as a minute and as bright as a new penny Ruth is liked 5 by all her classmates. Her sparkling personality would put the ' brightest star to shame. Although Ruth has been an honor student for four years she does not let her studies worry her for she is a 1 wholeehearted supporter for every school function. 7 Y, Vice President of Sophomore Class, Hi-Y, President of . -sr . L D . 4. Blonde, tempestuous Tom is 'always writing bits of foolish poetry. ,--5' 1 CC 1, .f . , . . . . Q Y 7 . . 0 L E . VIRGINIA HAYSON "Jeanne" Baton Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Class Basketball, Millvalean Salesman. lt is just as easy for A'Ginny" to twist the fellows about her linger as it is to twirl her baton for our band. Her mischievous air and giggling wit have induced her to take her studies lightly in the years she has been at M. H. S. "Ginny's" personality far overpowers her four feet eleven inches. MARY HEIMBUECHER "Merry X" High Honor Graduate, Class Basketball, Girls' Mushball, Girls' Athletic Club, Forum Club, Library Assistant, Archery Club, Merit Paz-acler, Manager of Refreshment Stand, Co- Editor of Chieftain, Crafts Club, President of Senior Class, Dramatic Club, Millvalean Staff. If we were to make a balance sheet of the class of '41, Mary would be at the top of the assets. She has helped prove that women :re not the weaker sex, for she has aptly executed the office of class president. Versatility sums her up to a "T" for she is willing to help in every way. Besides all her duties, Mary always Ends time for fun, and we are sure she will have no trouble in capturing success in later life. EDWARD HEULER "Ed" Camera Club, P. S. M. A. '40, Band, Orchestra, Class Basketball, Class Mushball, Minstrel Jazz Band, Forum Club, Bowling Team, Senior Play. 'iI.ittle fellow but much noise" is what many of our comrade lndians say of Ed. Always jolly and constantly after the undergraduate girls, he is prone to taking school in a lighter vein, His characterization of Edgar in our Senior Play brought out his hidden acting ability. VIRGINIA HILDENBRAND "Ginny" Student Speaker at Assembly, Millvalean Salesman, Band, Orchestra, Girls' Chorus, Forum Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Crafts Club, Minstrel, Dramatic Club, Chieftain Staff. We are sure it is Virginia's music that adds so sweetly to the clarinet section of our band. lf Virginia is not using her boundless energy to play her instrument, she is running about the halls prattling the laitestf news to her friends. We have found her to be a real pal to a o us. ROBERT IMGRUND "Bob" President of Rifle Club, Secretary of Hi-Y, Flag Bearer, Archery Club, Chieftain Staff, Millvalean Staff, Bowling Team, Forum Club. A crack rifleman, Bob is continually talking to Mr. Beyers, the ncw sponsor of the "gun toters." Firearms are not his only hobby how' ever, as archery is just as interesting and fascinating to him. "Little shsrt fellow, but got um big voice" certainly describes Bob to a ANTHONY IMHOF "Tony" Class Basketball, Class Mushball, Hi-Y. If you have a hard time finding Tony, just look in the Shop and probably you will find a busy lad, covered with sawdust and usually making a lamp. He's popular among the boys despite his quiet nature. and is often seen in Millvale riding around with his car full of "Mountain boys." THE CLASS OF 1941 Page Seventeen M V J V, - N -. as. , , ., , 1. 4,3 , ex MARY ELIZABETH KELLER "Kelly" Honor Graduate, Rifle Club, Band, Orchestra, Forum Club, Chieftain Std, Girls' Chorus, Dramatic Club, P. S. M. A. Band '40-'41, Post-Gazette School Reporter, Millvalean Stal Miracles do ha pen! M. H. S. has found a quiet redhead in the person of "Kelly", However, to prove you cannot judge a book by its cover, a mischievous spirit can be found concealed beneath her shy exterior. Mary Elizabeth. the softest spealring Senior, recites the correct answers in her classes barely above a whisper. HARRY KLAAS "Hank" Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, Varsity Club, Class Basketball, Class Softball. Handsome Harry is one of the biggest boys of the class, and very prominent because of his sturd build. This of course. has won him a coveted place on the football field just as wavy hair and smooth features make him exceedingly popular with the fairer sex. MARIE KNOCKEL "Sis" Girls' Athletic Club, Crafts Club. As eager as Marie is to malre friends, her quiet ways and shy smile have hindered her from making advances, Her ebony hair and dark eyes are an attractive combination. Though Marie takes her studies lightly, she has come this far with no mishaps and we are sure she will succeed in the world. ROBERT KOFMEPIL "Robin" Honor Graduate. Bob, a polite, retiring lad, is willing to bet on football. baseball, or any sport in which he can piclr a winner, In P. O. D. classes, he is not only hard to convince, but just as hard to draw into a discussion because he hates to have anyone spoil his pet theories. His willingness to cooperate and his steady thinking will be an asset to the business world. GERALDINE LANG "Gerry" Hizh Honor Graduate, Chieftain StaE, Millvalean Stal Girls' Athletic Club. We were indeed fortunate in securing Gerry for our own school as she was formerly a student of Brentwood High. You can always End Sue and her whispering and giggling in some corner of the school. Her cheerful attitude will lighten any sickroom when she has Gnished her much desired nurse's training. EDNA LAVSA "Eddie" Baton Club, Minstrel, Concert, Bowling Team, Treasurer of Rifle Club, Treasurer of Junior Class, Millvalean Salesman, Chieftain Staff. The theme of Edna's happiness is attractive clothes, and if she were graded on this we are sure she would rate an A. Blonde hair and blue eyes add to this likeable Senior's attractiveness. Edna has added much spirit to our school for she is one of those girls we can dub a "staunch supporter" of all affairs. 1 'i -7-qugzpr-3,-----T-1-,--,-.----,fir -V. ....i, in... :,. ,., ,,,, . , ,P A 1 K 1, li F IAMES LAWSON ululiglen Football, Class Boxing, Orchestra, Band, P. S. M. A. Band '40, Varsity Club, Minstrel, Class Basketball, Class Mushball, Bowling Team. "jungle" is an accomplished piano and clarinet player , . . sweet and hot! He is also quite adept in football. Zipping down the Held, all you see is a streak of light. When you see him smoothing down his hair you may he assured it's a woman. Some day he aspires to have an orchestra of his own. REGIS LEINDECKER "Reg" Student Speaker at Assembly, Treasurer of Senior Class, Senior Play. Reg, our efficient class treasurer is always to be found working in the oiiice or in the typing room. His success in the business world should be assured as he possesses all the essentials-a clean mind, an industrious manner and the will to learn and do. PRISCILLA LENTZ Honor Graduate, Forum Club, Girls' Chorus, Millvalean Stag, Girls' Athletic Club. As her name suggests, Priscilla is a dignified and industrious student. Not only is she a pianist but an accomplished organist as well. Her reined and cultural attitude has made her the most ladylike of our class. hPerhaps some day she will fulfill her life's desire of becoming ii :CHC Cf. JUNE LITTLE "Tiny" Bowling Team, Girls' Athletic Club, Minstrel, Library Assist- ant, Girls' Chorus, Dramatic Club. The sweet soprano voice of "little" June had delightfully entertained us at many school functions. Her refreshing prattle and coy smile constitute a winning personality. Although she is always bustling around with her own work. she is a willing helper to any fellow student. MERCEDES LUNZ "Ceecly" Girls' Athletic Club, Millvalean Salesman, Thimble Club. Tall, slim, and blond describes friendly Ceedy as nothing else could. Her sparkling smile can always be seen as she graceiully waltzes around the roller rink. A competent and energetic student of Secretarial Training Class, Ceedy will some day soon become an ideal secretary. ELMO MARASTI "Moose" Reserve Basketball, Class Basketball, Varsity Football, Minstrel, Varsity Club, Stage Manager, Senior Play. Ice cream cones and heated discussions are the two things that "Moose" enjoys most. ln any good argument he lilies to let every- one know that he's not asleep. He's a lot of fun in English class, where everyone enjoys his oral book reports. We will especially remember "Moose" for his ability to dance, his sturdy build, and his placement kicking on the gridiron, THE CLASS OF 194 Page Ninetee I n Let X31 .nz .AF 153. ' as it I P . 155 - S vi "ae . eu Q bi .52 r 1 Q .:.1,.-:ahaha .t:.i-,audit bi. J' i -.QL x - f W Vi E 'e -I ,. ve .4 1 3 Hg THE MILLVALEAN EDITH McALEER "Bde" .1 1. 4- ry 5 " I e if .,-... ex ., 1 V. s F q a PJ. Page Twenty Forum Club, Archery Club, Girls' Athletic Club. "Edie" is one of those friendly girls whose personality shines brightly. Hair of ebony and complexion of fairest hue combine to make a lovely young lady. That cheery smile of hers helps every school- mate on his way. MILDRED McCLAR.EN "Mil" Band, Orchestra, Forum Club, Crafts Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Girls' Chorus, Thimble Club, Chieftain Staff. Like the Pied Piper of Hamlin Town, Mildred also issues sweet notes from her musical llute. She good naturedly accepts the teasing re' marks about her 5 and l0c trinkets which jingle merrily from her wrists and neck. Mildred's varied wardrobe is the result of her expert sewing ability. SUZANNE McNERNEY "Sue" Chieftain StaE, Girls' Athletic Club. Another one of those cheery Irish has found her way to our school. Sue is always ready for all types of fun where her merry laughter lets you know she is present. She and "Gerry" are inseparable pals and their senses of humor make them a jolly pair. VINCENT MIHLFRIED "Splinters" Band, Orchestra, Bowling Team, Class Basketball, Clue Softball, Wrestling. "Vince" is a tall boy with two outstanding characteristics-curly hair and a contagious smile for everyone. He usually attends every dance in school and certainly he has made more progress in dancing than he has in his English classes. If ever you have trouble with your pet joke, just tell it to Vince and you are sure to be rewarded with his unusual chuckle. JACK MONAI-IAN "Mossy" This tall, lanky lad is extremely bashful which is evident from his numerous blushes. On the ym iloor, however, ,lack is inconspicu- ously athletic. Here his digdence vanishes. for he is in his own element. At the same time, though, he has not failed to "court" one of our underclass girls. RICHARD MUENZER "Buck" He may be hard to find since he's one of the smallest boys in his class, but ep y "Ritchie" doesn't have much trouble making friends. His red thaatch indicates a quick temper and sometimes it gets the best of him when his friends call him "Buck." ,ff ,L ,. -e 'f i -. .ig -v "- !- s ut .v 1 4 Us n u ' weeds... -'.-1, veal? -. ZKAQMLQ, 3-.-,. ,ME ,,. L t . Frfbwa .-sf! ff, My ,, -J A g s, . f .. ,Q ,, BETTY MURSLACK Dramatic Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Chieftain Stalf, Baton Club, Drum Major, Library Assistant, Class Basketball, Band . Secretary, Senior Play. As an Easter outlit would be without a new chapeau, so our band would be without Betty, for she adds that perfect touch. Betty can " always be seen busily rushin here and there in order to remain a competent secretary to Mr. lgleming, and still attend all the school affairs. Popular is just the word to describe our high-stepping drum major. HELEN NOBBS Girls' Athletic Club, Baton Club, Girls' Chorus. A merry smile and mischievous glance are the enviable treasures of this tiny-waisted miss. Helen is as welcome to school affairs as money to a miser and the functions are always brightened by her presence. She can usually he counted upon to be present at school skates, one of her favorite diversions. MARY 0'BRIEN Honor Graduate, Library Assistant, Chieftain Staff. Mary must have at one time "kissed the Blarney stone," for she is continually chattering to her groups of friends. She ably relates many experiences that have happened to her while she was an cHicient librarian for M. H. S. Her professional manner and friendly attitude will surely carry her to far heights in the world. JACK OSWALD "Ossie" Millvalean Salesman, Assembly Play. "Don Juan" Jack is always fashionably attired in the latest styles. His talks in English class are always interesting. as he has a knack for choosing unusual, humorous topics. Constantly with the girls, he is til be found glibly talking away, as if he has not a worry in the WO! . MILDRED OVERAN D "Mil" Baton Club, Millvalean Salesman, Minstrel, Girls' Athletic Club, Girls' Chorus, Dramatic Club, Class Basketball. Millie is quite a popular miss since her contagious giggle adds more fun to everything in which she participates. Her jet black curls, the envy of many a girl, bob up and down vigorously as she dances the latest "jitterbug" steps. Millie's dark beauty and sunny dis- position will prove an asset in her chosen profession of nursing. RAYMOND PFEIFER "Deacon" Ride Club, Vice President of Hi-Y, Class Boxing, Stage Manager, Business Manager of Millvalean. .vi-' f . ,. ts J- ' , - E . 'y ,L 'im gg., ,a 'z if 1, 1 .f 't Y . 7 -E -In ,Q -. .. 1. f ,. A . 1. ' T C .ri- -,... 8 1 JR, ,ev 58?-. V Mgr-- ' mfg, Q ew. 'Nj . a. Wi ' P25 v 1. J, C just as "Pfeif" enjoys that inevitable candy bar, so we like his care- free, jovial character. His capable help on the athletic lield and excellent work as business manager for the annual have made us feel fortunate to have him as a member of our class. THE CLASS OF 1941 Page Twenty-one .il saws? F 2 fl- .1- -iwfv . .t 'ist' ' '53, .tiimtisfim , .W .4 .i 2 1' :ggi Hi ,ii 13 if es 2 T2 ' fs i 3 Z :iii THE MILLVALEAN Page Twenty-two ROSE MARIE PFISTER "Terry" Crafts Club. A A bright smile and a pleasant manner of speaking characterize con' genial Rose Marie. She is a sedate, quiet miss who is noted for her immaculate hairstyles. She and Ev are inseparable companions. FRED PHILLIPS "Fritz" Camera Club, Class Basketball. One of the intellectuals of our groug of Senior boys is Fred. His blood pressure is significant in his a ility to blush. Foremost in his affections is his ja opy, which has been the subject of many an Lnteresting theme. As a law student, Fred takes his place among the est. EDWIN PORTERFIELD "Pol-tei" Hi-Y, Rifle Club, Bowling Team, Millvalean Staf. This Senior lad is exceedingly interested in photography. He is is neat dresser and is fond of driving his gasoline bulgy through the town. Good naturedly he takes the "ribbings" of his fellow students because of his weakness for blonde locks. Ed is a prominent member of the rifle club. ANNA MAE PSCHIRER "Gal" Sirk' Chorus, Girls' Athletic Club, Archery Club, Millvalean ta . Though Anna Mae is jolly and garrulous she knows when to be quiet and makes a model pupil in classes, es ecially in secretarial work. Her easyfgoing nature has made her a beloved pal to all of us. The Senior class can be proud of a jovial personality such as Anna Mae's. REGIS RANDIG "Bandit" Vice President of Varsity Club, Hi-Y, Captain of Football Team, Class Basketball, Class Boxing, Class Softball, Reserve Basketball. Captain Randig, who usually sports a shy, different manner, is quite a "hefman" on the gridiron. His frequent successful arguments with the referee have shown us that beneath that mask of "blush" lies a spirit of courage. His nonchalant manner and carefree air have won him a host of friends, THELMA RAVA "Thelma" Honor Graduate. Girls' Chorus, Assistant Editor of Mill- valean, Forum Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Thimble Club, Minstrel, Assembly Play, Dramatic Club, Vice President of Senior Class, Senior Play. No matter what comes or goes, "Thelm" is always the same-do pendable, pleasant. and companionable. Although she is quiet and reserved with strangers, when she is with her friends she becomes a one-sided conversationalist. "Thelm" has decided vie ints on almost all subjects and no amount of persuasion can changgvhgr mind. She is one of those capable persons who is an asset to any class. ,Hex , .,.,. X , . s f-H i. sg, AS! is 1 l 1 .f 1 -5 -Y' X4 , af e t 'x' V . K .. 'il I B-fl -. sis, ii w . I if , X 1 af . I .- -..J-rn, ,- E fi ,. iii M ,. in JOHN REINERS "Bingo" Hi-Y, Assembly Plays, Gay Nineties, Band, Orchestra, P. S. M. A. Band '40, Minstrel, Senior Play, Forum Club, Library Assistant. jovial, fun-loving johnny is liked by the entire school. His infectious smile and gaiety are of benefit to those less apt to be ha py. He has been of much help to Miss johnson and has done fine work in making the library a brighter and neater place in which to do research work. "Trombone Johnny" has been one of our most valuable assets. ALEX ROHOZA "Hecky" Reserve Basketball, Class Basketball, Minstrel, Forum Club, Rifle Club, Class Mushball. Bing Crosby has nothing on Alex, for at lunch hour "l"lecky", with his cronies, can be heard singing the strains of some familiar song. Hecky could inveigle a laugh from anyone, as his quips and jokes are enjoyed by all. Personality plus--that's Alex! ROSE RUDAR "Honey" President of Freshman Class, Archery Club, Vice President and Treasurer of Girls' Athletic Club, Class Basketball, Girls' Chorus, Minstrel, Chieftain Staff. Rose was appropriately named, for a sweeter rose cannot be found. An omnipresent smile and a cheery attitude toward everyone has endeared her to all her classmates. Perfectly groomed hair and immaculate clothes characterize her to the "nth" degree. Although Rose aspires to be a beautician, we think she will be an expert housewife instead. DOROTHY RUMBAUGH "Dots" High Honor Graduate, Editor-in-Chief of Millvalean, Merit Parader, Advisor of Forum Club, Library Assistant, Chieftain Staf, Girls' Chorus, Crafts Club, Minstrel, Dramatic Club, Student Speaker at Assembly. Although she has only been with us for two years. Dot has carved a niche in the hearts of all her classmates. "Busy as a bee", she never refuses a job and once started. does not stop until it is completely hnished. Her kind. understanding ways, her cheery words of help, and her ever-ready smile have assisted many a fellow student. Dot is one of the most faithful workers of the class of "4l". EILEEN RUZOMBERKA Cheerleader, Treasurer of Girls' Athletic Club, Dramatic Club, Class Basketball, Chieftain Staf, Millvalean Staf, Girls' Chorus, Minstrel, Bowling Team, Gay Nineties Show. She's in-she's out-that's the way Eileen's attendance record for the past years reads. Nevertheless, she is in school enough to malre us appreciate her friendly personality. Her lusty cheering helped to arouse much school spirit among the student body for the past two years. She is happiest when trying new and difficult dance steps with her numerous pals. ARDELLA SCHAPER "Dell" Girls' Chorus, Assembly Play, Baton Club, Girls' Athletic Club, P. S. M. A. Chorus, Minstrel, Millvalean Salesman. "Life is just a bowl of cherries," or so it seems with "Dell", for she is always ready for a good time. This blue-eyed blonde is welcomed by all, for she is always ready to break into a melodious song. Ardella's rich alto voice won her the honor of attending the All-Western State Chorus, and we are sure she will go far up the scale of musical success. THE CLASS OF 1941 Page Twenty-three EVELYN SCHMIDT "Ev" Millvalean Salesman, Crafts Club. A bewitching smile, and merry, laughing eyes are the captivating qualities of this charming miss. Her gay spirits far exceed her tiny stature. A wise man indeed is the one who prophesied, "Good things come in small packages." JAMES SCHMIDT "jim" Since "jim" is one of the tall boys of Millvale Hi, we can well say that he belongs to the "upper" class of students. Always cheerful, he is a friend o everyone and one of the few that can get along with teachers and pupils alike. His future looks bright, as he has the qualities necessary for business. BETTY JANE SCHMITI' "Ben" Rifle Club, Baton Club, Minstrel, Chieftain Staff, Millvalean Typist, Girls' Athletic Club, Class Basketball. Every class must have that sophisticated lady to make it complete. Betty jane's golden locks and charming manner have helped to heap this title upon her person. She is forever talking and her blue eyes snap energetically as she relates some humerous tale. Her slim hgure gracefully ornaments our Baton Club. GRACE SCHRASS "Schnappsy" Girls' Athletic Club, Chieftain StaH, Millvalean Typist, Thimble Club. Grace is one of those carefree students who always seems to get a maximum amount of fun out of a minimum amount of energy. If you don't know her, just look for a girl charging down the hal with some typing for Miss Smith, and ten to one it's Grace. Her gay vixitticisms and jolly laughter have added much to the fun of the cass. BETTY SCHROEFFEL "Sis" Honor Graduate, Dramatic Club, Forum Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Clam Basketball, Girls' Chorus, Axembly Play, Minstrel, Millvalean Typist, Class Mushball, Senior Play. A hearty laugh and keen wit are Betty's envied contributions to her class, A beloved pol to all her classmates, no task is too great and no detail too small to perform for them. Her humorous attitude enables her to see the optimistic side of life. RITA SCHROEFFEL "Rec" Forum Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Archery Club, Chieftain Staf, Dramatic Club. Though Rita is always worrying about her studies, she needn't for she usually makes the grade. A friendly lass from Mt. Troy would describe her accurately. Rita has collected many friends about her at Millvale High. ,ff 'TC3'-'sf' ' M'-.LR Q SPH' "Biff . 3 '1 - ' ELSIE SCHWALM "Else" Rille Club, Millvalean Staff, Bowling Team. Elsie is another one of our care-free Senior girls. Where studies are, Elsie never is. She does not believe in the adage, "Silence is golden," for she would rather talk than eat. Friendliness and wit shine forth from her merry eyes, just as her lovable personality and attractiveness have gathered friends from both sexes about her. RUTH SENK "Ruthie" Girls' Chorus, Dramatic Club, Forum Club. Deep, deep dimples attractively punctuate the sweet beauty of Ruth. Being of a lovable nature, Ruth has seriously attracked her allections to one of our Senior boys. Ruth, we hear, is well versed in the culinary arts-perhaps wedding bells. WALTER SERVATIUS "Beans" Bowling Team, Class Basketball, Millvalean Staff, Chieftain Sralf, Class Softball, Football. "Beans," Diller's sidekick, is the topfnotch bowler of our school. When he isn't bowling, his spare time is Zpent setting up pins. His jovial personality, plus a thorough knowle ge of commercial subjects and -sport highlights should insure him a position in either Held. MARIAN SCHERMOCK "Shirley" Honor Graduate, Secretary of junior Class, Girls' Athletic Club, Archery Club, Minstrel, Chieftain Stai, Girls' Chorus, Millvalean Stall, Assembly Play, Senior. Marian's twinkling eyes and natural brighmess are an asset which any class would envy. Along with these outstandin characteristics, she distplays that peaches and cream complexion which aoa ada advocate. Gi ted with a kind nature and a sense of humor, hflgrian leaves no chance for a joke to slip by. If she supports everything in life as she does her vehemently expounded views in P.O.D., we know success will be hers. PEARL SHIRING "Sue" Girls' Athletic Club. One of the most quiet members of our class, Pearl has a sweet quality of shyness. Although she is not often heard, she's well worth listening to. In the two years that she has been with us. her attrac- tive blondness and friendly attitude have made her a vital part of Millvale Hi, FRANCIS STAUS "Frank" Forum Club. Quiet and unassuming, Francis can always be found studying his Law or writing a short story. His opinions, given at large intervals, are sensible and thoughtfprovokin , and you need but read one of his stories to know him-thoughttgul, generous, and broad-minded. THE CLASS OF 1941 Page Twenty-five ,S if . v ri. 15. ,gif -5 -5 i. -4 1. as i, tr- 25" .ff ,:, is 'Q ' .'.u.ia. ......4 ..',ir.z.f.i.g 'i 3 Q 'Q ni- it iw. W 1. THE MILLVALEAN r Page Twenty-six ROBERT STECKEL Band, Orchestra, Minstrel jazz Band, Forum Club, Assembly Play, P. S. M. A. Band '40. "Stickle" makes a lot of sweet syncopation come out of his trumpet, but Mr. Fleming has to keep an eye peeled in his direction to make sure tnat it isn't the strains of "Frenesi" or some other popular song that come forth. Aside from playing a trumpet he manages to keep in the limelight by talking glihly in circles. BERNADETTE STEEDLE "Benny" Crafts Club. A member of the fair-haired group of our class is Bernie. Reserved and courteous, she is warmly welcomed everywhere, The convent supplied Millvale High with a valuable asset when Bernie joined our ranks. When there is any tedious task to be done, she is always ready, willing, and able. FLORENCE STONEWARD "Stoney" Girls' Athletic Club, Millvalean Staff, Chieftain StaH, Forum Club. Flo, a creditable representative of Mt. Troy, is exceedingly apt at commercial subjects. An amiable regard toward her fellow students, coupled with a becoming air of shyness, make her well liked by all who know her. Because of her domestic ability, she is a student worthy of Miss Smith's pride. EVELYN SUSKO "Eve" Girls' Athletic Club. Evelyn is an enigma that just can't lee solved. At one moment, she is busily chattering to her circle of friendsg at the next, she's as quiet as a clam. Her dark beauty and soft, modulated voice add to hcr charming personality, WINIFRED THOMPSON Honor Graduate, Forum Club, Crafts Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Millvalean SMH, Student Speaker at Assembly. This dependable young lady has been the revolving point of many a P.O.D. class argument. Since it has been found out that Winifred is a good speaker, she has been an active participant at all school forums and class recitations. Winifred's particular hobby is driving Ecr "Willies" which she calls "Traveler" in honor of General Lee's nrse. LAURA MAE THORN E Minstrel, Bowling Team, Girls' Chorus, Crafts Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Candy Seller. Laura is a quiet and dignified young lady of our school, sedately walk' ing through the milling mass of students in our halls, Under this atmosphere is a genial affection for her friends and a determination to please. CHRIS TRAICHE "Senator" President of Forum Club, Band, Orchestra, Gay Nineties Show, Assembly Play, Chiettain Staff, Millvalean Staff, Dramatic Club, Class Basketball, Senior Play. P. O. D, classes are Chris' specialty. He takes a stand in every discussion and consequently is one of the acuve memters oi thc Forum Club. Well known among the students as the "walking library," he is rarely ever seen without botn arms full of books. Above all else, never let it be said that Chris is poorly read. BETTY TRITSCH "Betz" Baton Club, Minstrel, Girls' Chorus, Millvalean Salesman, Forum Club, Bowling Team, Assembly Play, Crafts Club, Rifle Club. Some people think Betty is a quiet and shy lass, but that is because they oon t know her. In reality, she is lull of pep and friendliness that have endeared her to many of us. Smart clothes and thick brunette locks top oil a pleasing personality. The Baton Club would be minus an added attraction it betty were not a member. MARY ANN WALTERS "Bubbles" Millvalean Staff, Rifle Club. A fair complexion and fun-loving personality combine to make Mary Ann an attractive girl. She loves to talk of her dates. and all in all makes herself a pleasing person. A sense of humor has aided greatly in making her popular with all of us. BETTY WILKES "Shorty" Girls' Athletic Club, Girls' Chorus, Minstrel, Assembly Play, Archery Club, Girls' Bakabau. Betty resembles a diminutive China doll-fragile. delicate and blue eyed. However, her appearance belies her actions, since she is always more than willing to participate in anything that comes along. A capable and willing pal, she is a valued member of our class as she is an example of friendliness personified. DOLORES WITTMAN "Win" Girls' Chorus, Forum Club, Minstrel, Dramatic Club, Mill- valean Staff, Assembly Play, Thimble Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Senior Play. "Witt" is one of those auburn haired beauties you so often read about, but seldom sec. Warm brown eyes and coppery hair have wrapped her into a bundle of loveliness. Her sweet and generous disposition draw many friends of both sex about her. A close com- panion of Doc Bauer. she, too. can be seen at all the school "shindigs" where she is a joyous participant. ELSIE WITZORRECK "Boots" Honor Graduate, Co-Editor of Chieftain, Minstrel, Vice President of Girls' Athletic Club, Assembly Play, Dramatic Club, Red Cross Club, Class Basketball, Millvalean StaE, Crafts Club, Senior Play. Elsie has earned favorable recognition with her ever-ready sense of humor. A bright patch of sunshine aptly describes this funfloving Senior. However, along with her sparkling wit, she has the desirable qualities of capability and willingness to serve. Her amusing mono- logues have captivated more than one audience at Millvale High. .FEV . THE CLASS OF 1941 Page Twenty-seven 112 'I HE MILLVALEAN h 5 ' M Q - s -if Q N Y 11, Q ,,. ,iz 1, 1 fvw...,,W WTTR .- 1 1 1 Page Twenty eight ELIZABETH WOKUTCH "Toody" W Girls Chorus, Rifle Club, Forum Club, Girls Athletic Club, Millvalean Stalf, Candy Seller Minstrel The most carefree of our Senior girls Toody is always ready for a good laugh Her funn tales bring tears of laughter to the eyes of her lucky audience oody sklps gailv from one task to another with no sense of responsibility MARGARET YELENCIE Shorty Though Marg 18 only live feet tall and is hard to End she ts easily recognized by her familiar giggle This shy blushm miss ssesses a demure manner greatly admired by all who know er mc udmg a male alumnus of Mlllvale ROBERT ZEPPUHAR Zep Varsity Football Captain of Basketball Team, President of Varsity Club, H1Y Class Softball Stage Manager of Minstrel, Class Basketball Good old Zep whether zippxn down the gridiron or shooting the ball for a basket is always lighting his best for the honor of his cherlshcd Alma Mater One of his chief interests is centered around a certain dark haired cheerleader Zep is one of our most carefree students BETTY JANE ZISMAN Snoo Orchestra, Crafts Club Betty possesses a friendly personality and is always ready to contribute her sense of humor to any situation For books and art Betty has a distinct fondness Though she has only been with us for two years her good humor and amxabxlity make her welcome anywhere EV ELYN ZOVKO Eve Class Basketball Girls Chorus, Archery Club, Girls Athletic Club, Bowlmg Team Eves long swinging strides give her a graceful carnage as she walks to her various classes Becoming freckles denote a sunny disposition beneath her shy manner Her long auburn locks and deep blush are a source of envv to all . 9 r I4 E L, z H 1 - Till- l - Q, ' A I' . . ' -if . -ly -if' . - . . , - , it - . ,v ' F dy., F5 ' as 11 I, 'M 1 . , . . lf" . ' .. . . . ' . . , 5 Y . fo . - ,ii 'fi urls TM 3' U: at 19 3 9 - D ' 9 9 'fe 1: . . , ' ' ' ' '17, ' ' sc kan Em . ul- 1, . . . . , 1. ' ca as H . , . , . 9 ,Y . H-, "' GIRLS BUYS t A ' -'- C' I Edna Lavsa f f Mary Heimbuecher Virginia Fleming - Mary Heimbuecher Dorothy Rumbaugh Ruth Senk f f f THE CLASS OF 1941 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Best Dressed ' ' ' ' ' Most Carefree Wittiest f Friendliest f ' Best Personality f Most in Love ' Bernadette Steedle and f I Sh Priscilla Lentz f f Marion Blumer - Dorothy Rumbaugh Dorothy Bauer f Priscilla Lentz f f Ruth Senk f f f Eileen Ruzomberka Dorothy Rumbaugh Marion Blumer f Virginia Fleming f Ruth Haugh f f Dorothy Rumbaugh Dorothy Rumbaugh f f Priscilla Lentz f ' Ruth Haugh f f Dorothy Bauer - Mary Heimbuecher Betty Murslack - Mary E. Keller f Edna. Lavsa f f Betty Jane Schmitt Mildred Overand f Virginia Fleming f Berneita Duifey f Bernadette Steedle Mary Heimbuecher Dorothy Rumbaugh Mary Heimbuecher and Dorothy Rumbaugh f Catherine De Bannes Dorothy Bauer - Dolores Wittman f Ruth Haugh f - Ruth Haugh f - Catherine Budacki Mary Heimbuecher S YCSI ' Peppiest f f Most Studious f Best Jitterbug f Most Serious f Deepest Dimples Most Popular f Most Capable f 'Most Athletic - Silliest f f Cutest Smile f Most Intelligent f ' Jack Oswald - Regis Randig f Alex Rohoza f John Reiners f Robert Bluemling f Roy Bryson f f f f Fred Phillips f R. Zeppuhar and E. Marasti f f f f Chris Traiche f Elmo Marasti f 'Chris Traiche f Robert Imgrund f jack Oswald f Regis Leindecker Robert Zeppuhar f f Alex Rohoza Delano Crawford f Regis Leindecker Most Business-like f R. Leindecker and R. Pfeifer Most Polite ff-ff-f Chris Traiche Cutest f f f Smoothest Dancer Best Leader - ' Most Attractive - Most Musical - Neatest f f Fairest f - Brunette-est f f Best Read f ' Most Argumentative Quietest f f f Most Artistic f f f Most Likely To Succeed f Greatest Asset To 'Class f Prettiest Most Sophisticated Most Charming Most Adorable Sweetest Daintiest Chummiest Handsomest ' f Most Hvmannish 'Slangiest f f f f ' f Ray Fleming Delano Crawford ' Chris Traiche f Jack Oswald ' james Lawson f Jack Oswald f - Tom Gross Dominic Q Carpenter - f Tom Gross - Chris Traiche - Fred Phillips ' ' Tom Gross - Regis Leindecker Regis Leindecker - jack Oswald f Elmo Marasti f J. Lawson and A. Rohoza Page Twenty-nine Jia. r E? 24- - -Q 24 ,-1 53 5 5. 32.53 ..4. if M: ,ta ., W. 533 tex: a Q54 I ,,..- V1 mill' 1 . ,hp 1. . ' fL:.i:.rsL.:..a:z-.f"fi.L..,1i1.1.Q.4.e..' .3 ..wiiL'n.. L eu. -fi 1 W Y Q 1" ':ll'11t'1l'l4f1lT"L",g,f'UM!N!RlgZWf':LE 2'2" 1 Wi: VT if l HIGH HGNOR GRADUATES BERTHA PINK Bertha's chief ambition in school seems to be making "A's" in all of her classes. Her spare time is devoted to music, for she not only plays the piano, but also sings, as is shown by the fact that she is an ardent member of the Girls' Chorus. DOROTHY ANDRISEVIC An ambitious future nurse is this dependable young Senior. Dorothy has worked hard during her four years at Millvale High, but her carefree nature has won her a host of friends. However, she has never permitted her love for fun to interfere with her studies. MARY HEIMBUECHER In spite of the many activities in which Mary participates, she has managed to retain a splendid scholastic record, winning for her the friendship of the faculty as well as underclassmen. To climax her outstanding career, she was chosen for the Merit Parade as well as the office of class president. GERALDINE LANG The most difficult of assignments could not succeed in discouraging Gerry. If she follows her ambition to study nursing, her classmates are conhdent she will succeed. "Nothing too tough for Gerry," is a familiar reference to her. RAYMOND FLEMING Ray holds the distinction of being the only boy graduating with high honors. He proved an invaluable assistant to Mr. Burgess in taking the informal Millvalean pictures. Although a shy lad, Ray has won the friendship of practically every Senior. RUTH HAUGH Ruth is an excellent example of the fact that size has nothing to do with brains. In four years at Millvale High, she has achieved a scholastic record that she can well be proud of. Everybody who knows her will always remember her friendly manner and cheerful smile. DOROTHY RUMBAUGH Dot is "one in a million." She can always be found in a cheerful and helpful mood toward classmates and faculty alike. judging by her excellent work with the Millvalean we are conident that she will realize her ambition to be successful in the field of journalism. Since her type of person is a rarity, the class of '41 will always be proud to claim Dot as a member. HONOR GRADUATES MARIE BERAN Marie is a student of the 'Commercial Course and some day this future secretary will find her place in the business world. Her employer, whoever he may be, is certain to be as satisfied with her work as the faculty of Millvale High has been for the past four years. THELMA RAVA Thelma is a perfect example of the adage, "A friend in need, is a friend, indeed." She is always ready to help either classmates or the faculty and can always be depended upon to do a good job. Arrangements for dances or skates have a strange way of falling upon Thelma, for which tasks she can always be found ready, willing and able. P age Thirty MARY ELIZABETH KELLER Although red hair and bad tempers are said to go hand in hand, Mary Elizabeth has disproved this theory. She possesses a great talent as well as love for chemistry. Sihe is one of the "crack shots" of the Rifle Club, although she handles a rifle almost as gently as a test tube. PRISCILLA LENTZ Priscilla's excellent piano playing has made it common knowledge that she is a great lover of music. Her ability to do almost anything has won for her the admiration of all. A wealth of knowledge lies behind her unassuming manner. ELSIE WITZORRECK "Was that supposed to be a laugh?" Indeed it was and its happyfgoflucky owner is none other than Elsie. She is one of those rare lasses that excels in practi-cally everything she does, and this year she received another honor-that of being declared one of Miss Smith's inest knitters. DOROTHY CALLAHAN "Cal," as she is known by her friends, is a great lover of scholastic sports. She knows that "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," and she has seen to it that this never happened to her. Despite this fact she has maintained her scholastic honors. MARIAN SCHERMOCK Marian is an enthusiastic supporter of practically every activity that is held in the school. She does well in all her subjects, but Bookkeeping seems to receive the honor of being her favorite. Marian is an unusual person, in that she is alwavs busy in study halls. MARY O'BRIEN When it comes to finding your way around the library you can always de- pend upon Mary for help. She knows the books in the library almost as well as they know themselves. A student of the Commercial 'C-ourse, she will some day prove of inestimable worth to her employer. MARION BLUMER Marion is another of those Senior girls who is considered "tops" by her classmates. The excellent results she obtains in anything she does proves that she will go a long way in any field of work she may choose to enter. WINIFRED THOMPSON Winifred is one person who really seems to enjoy school. This is probably one of the reasons for her fine scholastic record at Millvale High. You can be sure that whatever she sets out to do she will accomplish. Winifred is well read- especially on material she can obtain about General Lee. BETTY SCHROEFFEL Betty's friendly manner and pleasant disposition permit her to call practically everybody she knows, a friend. She is the athletic type and loves to watch a good game as well as participate. Her main interest in school as well as for the future seems to center around Home Economics. ROBERT KOFMEHL Although Bob never seems to be too busy with his homework, or in the least worried about his classes, he always manages to remain on the honor roll. lxigh scholastic record does not, however, mean that he is a great admirer of sc oo. Page Thirty-one THE MILLVALEAN OUR SENIOR PLAY "Poor, Dear Edgar" is a story centering around a small-town college and its industrious and otherwise students: especially around poor, dear Edgar, and his uncanny ability to get in and out of complicated situations. Date: May 8 and 9, 1941. Place: Presfield College, a smallftovvn school with bigftovvn events. CREDIT AND THANKS To Miss Bertha Bargman and Miss Anna Margaret Wetzel the Senior class extends its thanks for their patience and services in making our play another conf tribution to the successes of M. H. S. THESE. THE PEOPLE! Betty Schroelfel and Elsie Witzorreck 4' a feather duster fdelicately usedj 4' a slow, indifferent manner 4' a dislike for modern times 2 Miggs. Howard Green 4' energetic, pleasant manner 4' amiability towards the fair sex 4 a love for "cokes" I Coky Bradford. Betty Murslaclc and Marion Schermock 4' sweet sincere manner 4' ability to scan the scales 4' faith in Edgar I Betty Carlyle. Elmo Marasti and Chris Traiche 4' self-pleased, swaggering air 4' habit of displaying his football letter I Ed Coleman. Bernietta Duffey and Dolores Wittman 4' impish mannerisms 4' large horn' rimmed glasses 4' impertinent air 4' a fondness for unethically gained goods I Cholera. Thelma Rava 4' flirtatious manner 4' babyish airs 4' clinging vine manner- isms I Buggins Bates. Regis Leindecker and Ralph Burke 4 dignity 4' quiet, reserved manner 4' sense of humor 2 Dean Thomas. Marion Blumer and Bertha Fink 4' fluttery air 4' excited manner 4' firm convictions of wrong and right 4' primness I Miss Forpaugh. Edward Heuler and Raymond Fleming 4' a rather inferiority complex 4' meek manner 4' bashfulness 4' hidden qualities of intelligence I Edgar Appelthwaite. Dorothy Andrisevic 4' gruff, hearty manner 4' love for efficiency 4' business sense 4' goodfheartedness beneath her bustling exterior I Miss Smith. Nancy Bechak and Eileen Ruzomberka 4' dramatic air 4' seven gulls appreciaf tion for legfart 4' flirtatious manner 4' nonchalant air 1 Diana Dana, John Reiners 4' goodfheartedness 4 slangy speech 4' heart of gold 4' three' piece orchestra I Skoozie Skillman. Page Thirty Iwo ' THE CLASS OF 1941 GRADUATION PROGRAM CLASS OF 1941 PROCESSIONAL- "March of the Priests" f f COMMENGEMENT SPEAKERS- ' F. Mendelssohn THEME: "OUR HIGH SCHOOL" i'Equipment and Supplies" f f "Courses Offered" f f "Student Body" f f f f f "Opportunities and Improvements" "Our Graduates" f f - f GIRLS' CHORUS- "Open Our Eyes" Who Is Sylvia?" f 1 f f a f f Chris Traiche f Dorothy Andrisevic f f Bertha Fink f f Dorothy Rumhaugh f Regis Leindecker f W. C. Macfarlane - Franz Schubert CINDERELLA GOES TO THE PROM Cinderella looked dejected, Life was just a tiresome thing, But then something happened That gave it quite a snappy swing. Cinderella cast aside Books and complications, Forsaken were the Latin words And scientific explanations. Off went the sloppy saddle shoes Which had weathered life with a smile, On came a pair of glassfheeled slippers, The latest Paris style. The faithful skirt of other days, Which for service had won renown, Was replaced by something frilly, An eyefbrow lifting gown. The beautician's magic touch, As she Exed each gleaming curl, Made Cindy think herself Quite a stylish little girl. Then came the night- Gindy waited with excited expectation, Her nose she powdered Hfty times In nervous desperation. Her Prince Charming came at last In his chariot of tin and rattling bolts, And Cindy gritted her well-brushed teeth As she thought of the forthcoming jolts. Well, away they went And Cindy danced until the stroke of f - Untilcililgr -poor feet ached each time They touched the polished floor. As upon her waiting pillow Cindy dropped her weary head, "Gee, it was a swell prom!" Were the last words that she said. Page Thirty-three ' Q L? Ji .- 4 I1 g A.. "'5T!""7'i V , g"1z'F'Y!W"fL" V' H. 'f Y. -'i' , .J1q,gf., ig f , ,N THE MILLVALEAN HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR FOUR YEARS September 1937-Starry-eyed, shaking, Freshmen, expecting the inevitable, were formally introduced to Millvale High. Probably a little relieved, perhaps a little sorry, we were informed that we would not be subject to initiation. New to the school also was Mr. Fleming, who came from Shaler, of all places! With him came the striking red and white uniforms for the band. Born this same year was the annual Varsity Minstrel Show with its end men, beautiful girls, lively jokes, songs, and dances. 1938-The Sophomore year had arrived! The magazine campaign rewarded us with a basketball scoreboard. This new additio-n was a token of good fortune, for in that eventful year Millvale battled Etna for the local championship fwhich we are sorry to say we lostj. After a twofday session of examinations, the Sophomore class held its Mid' Year Frolic, with dancing and tables of fun for all who attended. This new idea proved quite successful. The Chieftain was founded that year, the great responsibility resting on the shoulders of Miss Oldham. Many were those students embarrassed by the inevitable "Chief C All" column. But joy alone did not prevail throughout the year, for it was during Christmas vacation that death claimed Mr. Gruber, one of our faculty members, wellfliked by all who knew him. Late in the spring a good time was had by all Sophs at an outing held at North Park. The Baton Club was organized for the purpose of training capable drum majorettes, who have since become renowned. 1939-We experienced students "set out on the last half of our school career. 2 Observed this year was the Sadie Hawkins' Day when a Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae w-ere chosen by popular election. A new group, the Crafts Club, founded by Miss Blackstone, gave each member a chance to display his talents in handicrafts. With the cold months came the knitting craze. Illness claimed many of the teachers during this time, and it was not surprising to find a "sub" at the head of many of the classes. An explosion in the Chem Lab added to the distress and caused the lengthy absence of Mr. Zimmer. Millvale was proud to be hosts to members of the P.S.M.A. Band Concert. The JuniorfSenior Prom, with "Gone With The Wind" at the theme, climaxed the year. 1940-Seniors at last, but we say this with a sigh of regret! We first turned our attention to electing the following class officers: Mary Heimbuecher, Thelma Raya, Dorothy Callahan, and Regis Leindecker. We have deeply appreciated the thoughtful guidance of our beloved sponsor, Miss Brennan, in our many problems. We are able at last, to say that Millvale has a football field which we owe to the untiring efforts of Mr. Swain, Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Tallman, and school board members. Having a football field gave the Seniors a chance to supply refreshments for the people and money for the class treasury. Perhaps inspired by this new field, the team had an undefeated season until the championship game with Masontown. Q The work of the Millvalean was undertaken by Dorothy Rumbaugh, editorg Thelma Rava, assistant editorg and Miss Beatty, adviser. Two new sports, wrestling and archery, were introduced to Millvale High. Two changes in the faculty brought us Miss Carnahan and Mr. Beyers. Although Baccalaureate and Graduation are past, we students of the Class of '41 will cherish forever fond memories of our four years. Page Thirty-four SENIOR FUTURESQUE In nursing Dot. A. a career may find, If some Prince Charming doesn't change her Toward an oifice career Dot Bauer is vent, In any man's office quite an ornament. Nancy's ambition is clothes to create, THE CLASS OF 1941 mind. The question "What is it?" will cause much debate While munching candy and giving the boss charming looks Marie Beran will also attempt to keep books. Working in an office is Tess Best's theme, Behind a polished desk she'll reign supreme. Betty Blazek will be a stylist for a large conce She'll travel abroad and have money to burn. If nature has given you big feet or small, Bob Bluemling's shoe store will satisfy all. Marion Blumer, what career will she choose? Probably being some lucky man's stooge. Virginia Bossing, a lass headed for fame, Will the business world this miss claim? Bryson, our intellect in P.O.D. . An accountant some day will be. Catherine can handle the needle, you know, There'll be gowns by "Budacki" in two years A farm for Burke holds secret charms, Making hay and cleaning barns. Dorothy Callahan, efficient and neat, Will be a secretary hard to beat. Danny Carpenter with his surrealistic yen, Will paint 'portraits of mice, cheese, and men. Witty Ruth Cerny, who can make us laugh, Will be an asset to any newspaper staif. Del Crawford, handsome in lireman's attire, Will light up the town, so he can put out th Catherine De Bannes, so charming -and neat, To the tired business world will -be a treat. rn, 01' SO. e fire. If she doesn't get sea sick, and can stand change of climate Mil Detisch, to foreign correspondence, may find consignment Diller, a man of many laughs, Will one day pass out autographs. THE MILLVALEAN Bunny Duffey, a lawyer some day will be, Guess who'll be 'boss in that family. Dolly as a nurse will click, Quite a pleasure to be sick. A successful young lady will be Bertha Fink, She'll teach psychology--what do you think? When Ev Finster works in a shop of smart style, She'll soften tough customers with her sparkling smile Ray Fleming's claim to the hall of fame. Like Fritz Kreisler's will be the same. Flern, M.D. one day you'll see, Oh apple, please take care of me. Eleanor aspires to reach high "C", A star at the "Met" she wants to be. Wilbert Friedel, attorneyfavlaw, Will fight for both sides, then call it a draw. As a trumpet player Howard Green wins the race Perhaps he'll take Harry james' place. Tom Gross, the towfhead, liked by everyone, As a "pro" dancer, will attain success and fun. With Shakespeare and Dickens, Ruth Haugh will compete She can wield a mean pen, so she'll be a treat. Virginia Hayson as a nursefindispensible, Will marry one of her patients-comprehensible. Taking your .pulse and feeding you pills, Mary H. will be a sure cure for all ills. Ed Heuler, a mean trumpet blows, A new Dorsey rival-maybe, who knows? Our clarinetist, Virginia Hildenbrand, Will be leader of an all-girl band. George Himber, a great sports announcer will be He'll broadcast each night o'er N.B.C. Bob Imgrund versed in arrows and bows, A future Robin Hood-who knows? Anthony Imhof, who knows cars so well, Gasoline buggies in the future may sell. Mary Keller, with clarinet in -hand, Will be leader of an allfman band. Harry Klaas in "pro" will be found, Warming the bench on the football ground. Marie Knockel, a friendly girl, May give up a career to give marria-ge a whirl. Page Thmy ax i 3 -f. -1---+,1,L1' ' . -ve .iw 7 i -Q a THE C If Robert Kofmehl the artistic world charms, He'll take pity on Venus and give her some arms. brilliant lass, the head of her nursing class. Geraldine Lang, a Will be found at modeling cling, anything. Edna's dreams to She looks well in Lawson, a lad with downfbeat galore, A future in music, will End in store. When money gets su-ch it can't be controlled, Regis your accounts in good form will hold. The three "R's" Priscilla will aim to expound, All ye who seek knowledge come gather around. When Junie sings from coast to coast, Of her our town will proudly boast. Ceedy's knowledge of distant land-s will be worldfwide, As at her desk in a travel agency she'll someday preside. Moose is laboriously learning to sing, Perhaps he'll -be a future Bing. Mid orange blossoms and red roses Edith we'll see, Ars in her flower shop she chases an unfortunate bee. Mildred McClaren for making clothes has a way, She may sew for an exclusive dress shop some day. Suzanne McNerney, studiously inclined, As a physics teacher some day we may find. Vince Mihlfried's perennial banter, Will surpass Bob Hope and Eddie Cantor. Whether it's bossing Wall Street or jerking soda Hzz, Jack Monahan is sure to be somewhat a whizz. With his thatch of red hair, plus pep, vim, and vigor, As a lion tamer, Meunzer will cut quite a figure. LASS OF 1941 Betty Murslack who at leading a band is hard to surpass, For aspiring baton twirlers is conducting a class. In ermines and satins Helen Nobbs will make news, She'll model them at fashion previews. Mary O'Brien, a lass quiet and shy, Will enter the business world by and by. Of Oswald's fine clothes we never tire, In a few years his pictures will be in Esquire. Now in Los Angeles, now up to New York, To Milly, airfhostess, will be just a day's work. To learn a new trade would be too much bother, So Ray Pfeifer will some day follow his father. Page Thirty-seven s THE MILLVALEAN Rose Marie Pfister, stately and tall, As a model, will be praised by all. Fred Phillips, whose blushes nearly drive us frantic, Aspires to be an auto mechanic. Anna Mae Pschirer's cheerful chuckle, Will make the boss leniant if her workls in a muckle. When dust gets in our eyes along the speed way, That's Ed Porterfield, our road king," we'll say. Rudy Randig as a captain will continue his way, In the Army of the good old U. S. A. Thelma Rava, slim and conscientiously neat, Will model for ads, telling just what to eat. Over the networks Johnny Reiners will croon, Causing the ladies to flutter and swoon. To fly an airplane is Alex's dream, Pretty airfhostesses will well fit his scheme. In the business world Rose will make a name, Later in home economics she'll do the same. Dot Rumbaugh will be seated at the editor's desk, We can be sure her efforts will result in the best. Before the footlights Eileen will emote, To drama her talents she will devote. Ardella. whose sin-ging we all do acclaim, May bid to Lillian Russell's world-wide fame. Marion Schermock, graceful and gay, In the skating world will make her way. Evelyn Schmidt will have a project, you see, One of raising a happy family. When Jim Schmidt's dreams of the future come true In Congress he'll sit, your laws to construe. Betty jane Schmitt, a la-ss with bountiful curls, May be found in a shop for chic young girls. To the business world Grace Schrass will ne'er be a loss That is, if she doesn't give in and marry the boss. No pompous career is Betty Schroeifel's game, She wants in church to change her name. Rita will work in an exclusive perfume shop, Measuring out glamour drop by drop. Elsie Schwalm in this and that will pose, She'll model the latest at fashion shows. If Ruth and R.oy's hand-holding you've heeded, As to her future-what guess is needed? Page Thirty eight THE CLASS OF 1941 In the business world he's bound to go places, A gift to the office, Walter Servatius. Pearl Shiring, who has a quiet finesse, Will -be an asset any office will be proud to possess. Francis Staus, endowed with imagination, May write books for relaxation. Bob Steckel plus musical inclination, Will supply sweet trumpet syncopation. Madeline Stull will edit a book, Entitled "How to Have That Neat, Snappy Look." In the business world Bernadette will shine as a star, Since she's conscientious, she'll go very far. Being a secretary, or wedding some man, Which of these is Flo Stoneward's plan? Elv Susko, with her mischievous grin, Will brighten any oifice that she works in. Win Thompson with books is acquainted quite well, Combining business with pleasure she may the same sell Laura Mae's dreams toward beauty culture incline, She'll make you look twenty if you're ninetyfnine, Chris Traiche a leader in his high school days, As a minister will continue his guiding ways. Armed with corn-pads and the like, Betty Tritsch around the world will hike. Mary Ann Walters possesses keen wit, To the literary Helds she'll add quite a bit. Betty Wilkes in a starched uniform neat, A reason why illness will be a treat. Dolores Wittman, a secretary with lovely auburn hair, Will be an answer to many a 'business man's prayer. Elsie Witzorreck behind footlights will tread, A second la Bernhardt, or will she wed? When another Ziegiield puts on a new show, Toody, dance artiste, will be in the first row Margaret Yelencie just yodels all day, If she keeps it up, it will eventually pay. Eleven men beyond reproach, Of these Zep will be the coach. In books Betty Jane Zisman can hold her ground, Working in a library she perhaps will be found. When Ev. Zovko takes time off from reading the comics, She'll be Assistant Professor of Home Economics. Page Tllirly llll lll.I.Y.Xl.lf.LX' Jirzer-bugs Band Concert Soloigr Oops! 1: ' 'Lift Thine Eyes Ad The Art Of Flag T1-fffffhs ?'vAh Interested Audience Noon-fmt Gossip Cla b y , .-,v,. wx.-A---r--.ff - 1, - . ,. - -. -. -'. .se 41, , , 1. V" -.3"'?ir'wr+w ., .- A THE CLASS OF 1941 For the first time in the history of Millvale High School we are incleecl proud to give this, the first Alma Mater, to our school. Composed by Mr. Fleming and presented to the public by the Girls, Chorus, it is our sincere hope that it will resouncl many times at football games and at all school affairs. A LM A MATEQ 5.11 FLEMING V ' A i. ' l a. ish? E1:lj1EJ1ig,JTft:lf1Jl 51 O Millvale l-la,dear Mullvale I-lu,Our Al-ma l"la+e.r true.. We 4 an rmrliri ri ?Hi?liEri'i5i1 ti milf pledge. to thee our Ioq-al-24, Smq to thu qlorq Q - ne.-w. r fwrllglirl r. inf gi ifiiidliiik gi K e.-roes on e ie o rac. rinq hon-or to thu! name, are Fr riffs r Firiiifir fr 1' taf:ltfils5'Aiid51a'1 And all thi.. som and dauqhtcrs will pro-claim thu' tame.. at i in wi r r T5 ri rr r ir ll. For loving hearts with gifted minds Who guide us clay by day, Who teach us I-lope, Fidelity- Truths that will live always, We sing a grateful hymn ot praise. To do our best we'll try And through the years will taithtul be. Dear Millvale l-ligh. I . Page Forty-on THE MILLVALEAN Dorothy M. Andrisevic Dorothy J. Bauer - f Nancy Bechak f f f Marie A. Beran 1 Teresa G. Best - Betty R. Blazek f f Robert V. Bluemling f Marion C. Blumer f Virginia M. Bossing f Roy V. Bryson f - Catherine H. Budacki Ralph L. Burke f - Dorothy T. Callahan ' Dominic L. Carpenter Ruth G. Cerny f f Delano R. Crawford f Catherine L. DeBannes Mildred I. Detisch f John L. Diller f f f Berneita E. Dulfey f Dolores E. Estel f Bertha C. Fink f Evelyn A. Finster f Raymond J. Fleming - Virginia F. Fleming f Eleanor L. Franke f Wil-bert A. Friedel f Howard J. Green f - Thomas A. Gross f Ruth C. Haugh f f Virginia A. Hayson - Mary C. Heimbuecher Edward L. Heuler ' Virginia M. Hildenbrand George M. Himber f Robert W. Imgrund f Anthony L. Imhof f Mary Elizabeth Keller Harry A. Klaas - f Marie C. Knockel f Robert L. Kofmehl - Geraldine M. Lang f Edna K. Lavsa f James H. Lawson f f Regis A. Leindecker f Priscilla R. Lentz - ' June E. Little f f Mercedes A. Lunz f Elmo A. Marasti f f Edith M. McAleer f Mildred W. MdClaren Susan R. McNerney f Vincent J. Mihlfried f Jack J. -Monahan f f Richard N. Muenzer Betty R. Murslack f Helen J. Nobbs f f Mary T. O'Brien f f Mildred R. Overand - Page Forty-two . ' PV" KI SENIOR INITIALS D. M. A. D. J. B. N. B. f JM. A. B. T. G. B. B. R. B. R. V. B. M. G. B. V. M. B. R. V. B. C. H. B. R. L. B. D. T. G. D. L. C. R. G. C. D. R. G. C. L. D. M. I. D. J. L. D. B. E. D. D. E. E. B. G. F. E. A. F. R. J. F. V. F. F. E. L. F. W. A. F. 1-1. J. G. T. A. G. B. G. H. V. A. H. M. C. H. E. L. H. V. M. H. G. M. H. R. W. 1. A. L. 1. M. E. K. H. A. K. M. C. K. R. L. K. G. M. L. E. K. L. J. H. L. R. A. L. P. R. L. E. J. L. M. A. L. E. A. M. E. M. M. M. W. M. f s. R. M. V. J. M. J. J. M. R. N. M. B. R. M. H. J. N. M. T. o. M. R. o. f f Dignified Maiden Aloof f f Does Juggle Boys f f Nancy Blushes 1 Merry And Bluefeyed f f Teresa Gets By e Betty Readily Blushes f - f f Really Very Bashful f Millvale's Cheering Beauty - f Very Modest Beauty f f Roy's Very Bashful f Catherine's Hair's Beautiful f Ralph-Lighthearted Blond - f f Dot Thrills "Cal" - f Dan-Likeable Chap f Ruth Governs Chevrolet f Devasting Rug-Cutter f Catherine, Lovely Doll f Millvale's Idle Daughter f Jitterbug Loving Dandy f Bright Eyed Darling f f Dolly's Exotic Eyes f f Bertha Craves Fun f Everyone's Amusing Friend f Resourceful, Jolly Fellow Vivacious, Fun-loving "Flem" f f f Eleanor Loves Fun - f Witty And Friendly - He's Just Grand f f Teases All Girls f Ruthie Captures Hearts f f Visits All Hearts f Merits Countless Honors f Every Lassie's Heartthrob f f Very Musical Hillbilly George-Modestly Humorous f f f Ready With Ideas - Anthony's Liked Immensely Mischievousness Equals "Kelly" f f f Happy And Kinetic f f Masters Comical Knowledge f f "Robin" Likes Kidding f - Grade Makers Level f f Edna Knows Love ' - Just HappyffgoJ'Lucky ' Resourceful, Ambitious Lad f f f f Piano Recital Lover f f Ever Joyful Lassie - Merry-Always Laughing f Entertains All Maidens f Energetic Mountain Maid f Musical Winsome Miss f f Sue's Really Merry f f - f Very Jolly Man f - f Jack Jests Merrily f Redheaded Newspaper Man f - Brilliant Regal Major f f Helen's Just Nice ' Modest, Timid One f Many Romantic Offers - - Enlightens Men Zestfully jack K. Oswald f Raymond C. Pfeifer f Rose Marie Pfister J. K. C. R. C. P. R. M. P. THE CLASS OF 1941 f f f Iovially Kids Others f Really Captivating Personality f Romantic Miss, Perhaps? Fred W. Phillips f f F. W. P. f f Finds Women Pleasing Edwin C.Porterf1eld f E. G. P. f Everyone's Good Pal Anna Mae Pschirer - A. M. P. f Always Masters Problems Regis V. Randig f f R. V. R. f Rugged, Vigorous Rascal Thelma S. Rava f T. S. R. f Thelma's Smile Rewards john E. Reiners J. E. R. f johnny's Ever Reliable Alex J. Rohoza f f A. J. R. f Always joking 'Round Rose P. Rudar f - - R. P. R. f Ring Proudly Recognized Dorothy E. Rumbaugh D. E. R. f Does Everything Reliably Eileen M. Ruzomberka E. M. R. ' ' f Every Man Rushes Ardella M. Schaper f A. M. S. f f ' A Merry Songbird Evelyn M. Schmidt f E. M. S. f Evelyn-Marvelous Seamtress james R. Schmidt f ljl. R. S. ' f - jim Really Studies Betty jane Schmitt f B. J. S. f f Betty's Just Sweet Grace E. Schrass f f G. E. S. f Grace-Efficient Secretary Betty Ann Schroeffel B. A. S. - - Betty's Always Smiling Rita C. Schroeffel f R. C. S. ff-' Really Can Sew Elsie E. Schwalm f E. E. S. f Engagingly Effervescent Senior Mary Ruth Senk f - M. R. S. f f f Most Romantic Senior Walter K. Servatius - W. K. S. f f - Walter Keeps Scores Marion E. Schermock M. E. S. f Marion's Ever Smiling Pearl M. Shiring - f P. M. S. - Polite Miss Shiring Francis j. Staus f - F. J. S. f f Friendly john Smiles Robert C. Steckel f R. C. S. f Reaps Countless Smiles Bernadette B. Steedle B. B. S. - Bernie's Busy fandj Silent Florence M. Stoneward F. M. S. f f Florence-Mighty Serious Madeline R. Stull - M. R. S. ' Madeline's Really Sophisticated Evelyn K. Susko f f E. K. S. f f Eve's Kind fandl Sweet Winifred R. Thompson W. R. T. 1 ' Winnie's Really Trustworthy Laura Mae Thorne - L. M. T. ' f Lovely Molded Tresses Chris G. Traiche f f C. G. T. - f Chris' Good Theories Betty A. Tritsch f ' B. A. T. f Betty's Attractive Tresses Mary Ann Walters f VM. A. W. f - - - Mary Ann Wisecracks Betty H. Wilkes f f B. H. W. f - f Blonde Haired Wonder Dolores E. Wittman f D. E. W. Delightfully Entertaining Witticisms Elsie B. Witzorreck f E. B. W. ffff Enjoys Being Witty Elizabeth R. Wokutch E. R. W. f f f Every Romance Wins Margaret L. Yelencie M. L. Y. f Merry Likeable Youngster Robert J. Zeppuhar f R. J. Z. f f Riotous, jolly Zep! Betty jane Zisman f B. J. Z. f f Betty's just Zestful Evelyn M. Zovko ' - E. M. Z. AUTUMN DANCE ORANGE and black crepe paper, skeleton heads, pumpkins, black cats, corn' stalks, blended with red and blue lights was a. pleasing atmosphere for an autumn dance. This annual affair welcomed the timid freshies who had been going around in a helterfskelter manner since the beginning of the new school term. Everyone was dressed in his best suit and dress while he danced to the rythmic music of many popular orchestras. To top this gala affair, delicious re' freshments were served. SEWING CLASS DANCE PATCHES, patches, and more patches, decorated the gym floor on November 15. Variety-Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Sammy Kaye-mixed with gaiety- dancing and laughter-is an essential feature to make any dance a success. And so it was. As usual refreshments were served, and everyone who attended this affair had an enjoyable evening. Page Forty-three THE MII.l,VAI.liAN LAST WILL AND TESTAIVIENT We, the Senior Class of Millvale High School, being of sound mind and memory, do make, and declare this our last will and testament, in manner and form as follows: ARTICLE I. To the members of the Faculty we leave our everlasting gratitude for their intellectual guidance and constructive criticisms in our classrooms, and their cof operative assistance in all our activities. The Senior Dorothy Andrisevic Dorothy Bauer f - Nancy Bechak f Marie Beran f Theresa Best f Betty Blazek f f Robert Bluemling f Marion Blumer f' Virginia Bossing f Roy Bryson f f f Catherine Budacki Ralph Burke f f Dorothy Callahan - Dominic Carpenter Ruth Cerny f f Delano Crawford f Catherine De Bannes f Mildred Detisch f john Diller f f f Berneita Duffey f Dolores Estel f Bertha Fink f Evelyn Finster f page Forty-four ARTICLE II. Bequeaths athletic ability f trimness - f levelfheadedness f f reserved manner toothpaste ad smile generosity f f indifference to girls pep ffff sparkle f f f oratorical talent f slenderness f f sleekness f f vivacity f f f sensitive nature f wittiness f f smooth dancing f cuteness f f dreamy eyes f bored manner f leadership in fads cooperativeness f skill in basketball merriness f f To the Underclassman f Evelyn Martig f f f Grace Klaas Geraldine Schwartz Mary Alice Dezort f f Jane jordan f Rose Barkovich f Butch Rakers f f Gerry Best Peggy McClelland f Bunny Beran f Irma Pschirer f Robert Lahm f Lois Ostrum f Jack Stout f Rita Hayson f Charles Kapp Dorothy Young f jean Elstner f f Leo Worst Anna Lee Floyd f Regina Kaib f Catherine Pickl f Marian Brown THE CLASS OF 1941 Raymond Fleming Virginia Fleming f Eleanor Franke f Wilbert Friedl f f Howard Green - f Thomas Gross f f Ruth Haugh ' f Virginia Hayson - Mary Heirnbuecher Edward Heuler - Virginia Hildenbrand George Himber f Robert Imgrund ' Anthony Imhof f Mary Elizabeth Keller Harry Klaas f f Marie Knockel f f Robert Kofmehl f Geraldine Lang f Edna Lavsa f f James Lawson f Regis Leindecker f Priscilla Lentz f June Little ' f Mercedes Lunz f Elmo Marasti f f Edith McA1eer - 'Mildred Mcclaren Suzanne McNerney Vincent Mihlfried jack Monahan f f Richard Muenzer f Betty Murslack - Helen Nobbs f Mary O'Brien - f Jack Oswald f f Mildred Overand f Raymond Pfeifer f Rose Marie Pfister angelic ways f f f f f versatility f f sunny disposition f cheerfulness - - vehemenoe f f irresistible charm - tininess 'ff' weakness for opposites leadership f f f thoughtful expression - UOISIHESS ' ' ' curly black hair f marksrnanship f sleepiness f f soft voice f fear of girls f f quaintness I f - habit of making puns enthusiasm for football fashionable wardrobe - love for teasing girls f preference for loud socks ladylike conduct - - babyish mannerisms f sweet ways f f expert jitterbugging - spotlessness - f f love for trinkets f exuberance - love of clowning - niice speaking voice f friendly grin f f oomph f f giggle f diligence f stylishness f vivid coloring f amiability f f dimples f Pinky Breitenbach - f jean Hyde f Edith 1Miller f Ellsworth Gosnell f jimmy Shields f f f Carl Seidl f Mercedes Zimmer f f Jean Wolfazth Virginia Heimbuecher f Jerome Blobner ' ' Olive Senk f John Cunic f Francis Pschirer f Frank Sporter ' Grace Bauerle f Frank Binder - Josephine Vrane ' f Ray Senk f Irma Heck f Rose Babic f f Earl Waltz ' Merle Frederick f Lenore Stoehr f Flo Billingsley f Dolores Caicuts f Paul Knauer f Dorothy Rheams f f Thelma Duke Armella Derringer - Ken Derringer f Paul Lambert f Frank Mrak f Sara Spagnola f Mary Canonico f Lillian Shepeta f jack Porsching f f Jane Bauer f f Frank Haugh Betty M. Walters Page Forty-five ,,,,. ,,Y,,,.w,W.....,..,. W 14, v r 1- . - g 1-eff' f Fred Phillips f f Edwin Porterield f Anna Mae Pschirer Regis Randig - f Thelma Rava f - john Reiners f Alex Rohoza f f Rose Rudar f f - Dorothy Rumbaugh Eileen Ruzomberka Ardella Schaper f Evelyn Schmidt f James Schmidt - f Betty Jane Schmitt Grace Schrass f f Betty Schroeifel - Rita Schroeffel - Elsie Schwalm - Ruth Senk f f f Walter Servatius f Marion Schermock Pearl Shiring f f Francis Staus f f Robert Steckel f f Bernadette Steedle Florence Stoneward Madeline Stull - f Evelyn Susko f f Winifred Thompson Laura Mae Thorne Chris Traiche f f Betty Tritsch f f Mary Ann Walters Betty Wilkes f f Dolores Wittman f Elsie Witzorreck - Elizabeth Wokutch Margaret Yelencie Robert Zeppuhar - Betty jane Zisman Evelyn Zovko f - SENIOR OFFICERS politeness ' ' f businessflike manner f tenderheartedness f f lackadaisical air f f f management of candy sales prominence as crooner f originality "" attractive coiffures - - f emphatic manner of speaking strut ""' husky voice f f f daintiness f ' f philosophic expression f blonde tresses - f velvety skin f amusing ways f f f briskness fffff weakness for chewing gum gentleness ff" skillful bowling f f f effervescence f redfgold hair f imagination f rosy cheeks f unobtrusiveness conscientiousness dignity 1 - bright smile f industriousness - humor - f f initiative f graveness - slanginess - Winsome smile f charm f f f histrionic talent f everlasting prattle f weakness for blonds f weakness for cheerleaders f abruptness fff' shyness f'-" Arthur Fleming f jack Aufman f Dorothy Feidt f f f jack Saul - Dorothy Penisch - Mike Quinlan - f Jack Scott f Lilamay Tolley f Ursula Schmitt f Edith Sauter f Celine Schroeffel Jean Schiefelbein f Al Rosendick f Eleanor Waltz f f Lois Gross f Grace Eichler Mary Ann Brunner f Coletta Scheibel f janet MoMarlin f f Frank Cuca Bernice Haser f Helen Burke f 1 A1 Christl f f joe Ziccarelli Elizabeth Smerbeck f Ruth Stoehr Catherine Pavkovich - f Ev-elyn Healy f Clara Kashmar f Rose Struna f Ed Wokutch f Anna Morrison f Mary Conrad f Ruth Lambert f Verna Mihlfried 1 Garnetta Penisch f Agnes Pecjak Armella Ziccarelli f f Bob Bennett f Thelma Dieter Annamae Kofmehl This instrument, was thereunto subscribed by THE SENIOR CLASS, the testator, in the presence of each of us and was at the same time declared by the said Senior Class to 'be their last will and testament, and we are at their request signing our names in their presence as attesting witnesses, this eleventh day of june, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fortyfone. WITNESSES: Miss Brennan, Senior Sponsor Miss Beatty, Millvalean Advisor Dorothy Rumbaugh, Editor Thelma Rava., Assistant Editor Mary Heimbuecher, Legal Assistant Page Forty-six THE CLASS OF 1941 ATTENTION, UNDERGRADUATESI Dear Undergraduates: The portals of our beloved school, in which we have spent so many happy and a few trying days, are about to close upon us. However, there shall remain under its motherly wings, many, many more for you. Whether you are a quaking freshman, a spirited sophomore, or fwe hopej a self-assured junior . . . give some serious thought to your respective futures. It is not too late to analyze your' selves and your remarkable problems . . . to think about the attainment of that goal called SUCCESS! Once you have decided upon a definite course, do not swerve, do not sidestep any barriers. Our school, through the years, has unfailingly and indiscriminately offered us equal opportunities of knowledge and enlightenment, just as it had done to countless others before. Let us hope that its fidelity and generosity to us shall not be in vain. Let us hope that the infinite patience and tireless efforts of our teachers shall not have been fruitless. We should resolve, when our studies have been completed, to leave our school with gratitude in our hearts, and the strength in our bodies to farce what destiny holds in store for us. How proud our Alma Mater should be, when one day some of her children would accomplish something worthwhile, something outstanding and contributory to the betterment of our posterity. Already, there is a pang in our hearts at the thought of leaving its friendly halls, buzzing classrooms and solicitous teachers. It shall hurt us, too, to leave those undergraduates with whom it had been our good fortune to associate. It is with reluctance that we leave her friendly portals, but when we do, we hope that just one small wish of ours may be granted . . . we hope that she will leave her stately doors ajar . . . ajar just a little, so that our spirits may wander in, now and then, to reminisce and dream of the happy, neverfto'be'foi'gotten days spent here. So here's to YOU, Undergraduates! Accept our heartffelt best wishes in all of your undertakings. If our message shall even in a small way contribute to your wellfbeing, and possibly help to awaken some of you into a new determination to succeed, then we shall be content. In our hearts we shall know that our Alma Mater shall some day be PROUD of you! Sincerely, THE SENIOR CLASS. NICKEL DANCES A HURRIED lunch preceded the many dances held during the lunch hour - for the students were anxious to "cut the rug" before the inevitable required them to return to classes. Eagerly they tripped the light fantastic on the gym floor until the shrill ring of the bell bid the dancing party to end. In good spirits the students returned to classes with the hope of again enjoying this half hour of fun in the near future. FASHION SHOW MART attractive ensembles garbed the innumerable misses who brilliantly modeled beautiful costumes of their own creation. Sports clothing, street dresses, evening gowns-all examples of what the sewing class has done undner the competent instruction of 'Miss Louise Smith. The Fashion Parade of June 6 was highlighted by two bridal parties-wone led by Marion Schermock, dressed in a pretty snowyfwhite cotton gown and the other by Betty jane Schmitt, dressed in a flimsy net gown covered with a long flowing veil. Again, this year, honors go to the girls' sewing classes for giving such a splendid performance. Page Forty-seven THE lVIlI.I.VAl.EAN KEYHOLE OBSERVATIONS OF OUR JUNIORS Through the keyhole we see: Betty Alberth-an ardent baton twirler, found at every school dance. Jane Bauer-a promising artist with a friendly manner. Grace Bauerle-an amiable lass fond of tickling the ivories. Bernard Beran-labeled "Bunny"g one of the most mannerly boys of the junior Class. Geraldine Best-an attractive cheerleader, active in all school -sports. Florence Billingsley-a vivacious blond with a flippant manner and an effervescent smile. Fred Bohn-a Mount Troyite whose direct manner is a great asset. Charlotte Brown-whose serious manner is best shown by her dreamy eyes. Marion Brown-a witty person with a -cheerful nature. Lloyd Bryson-who is happiest when tampering with the tympanums. Nada Bubanovich-a tall girl, full of fun and mischief. Alray Buckholz-a former Shaleriteg very popular among his schoolmates. Dolores Caicuts-an industrious girl aiming to be a nurse. Mary Canonico-a mischievous miss who constantly teases the boys. Albert Christl--a tall lad, nicknamed "Hank", Mary Conrad-who can invariably be seen cutting capers on the dance floor. Lois Cook-one who enjoys dancing and excels in jitterbugging. Ruth Cooper-a new-comer to our schoolg an outstanding basketball player. Bill Davis-a former Shalerite who is rumored to be a "whim" at jitterbugging. Airmella Derringer-a humorous miss blessed with a friendly smile. Mary .slice Dezort--one whose ability to sew has afforded her an extensive ward- ro e. Albert Ditmore-who is never happier than when marching along with his drum. Thelma Duke-whose ambition is to become 'a professional nurse. Grace Eichler-who attends all school activities with a marked thoroughness. Jean Elstner-who has proved her ability as a secretary by 'her skill in typing. Dorothy Feidt-who is known throughout the school for her beautiful red hair. Anna Lee Floyd-who likes to ice skate and play on her trumpet. James Foltz-a witty, mischievous lad with upfandfready characteristics. Edward Franceschini-a handsome youth with politeness as one of his greatest assets. Merle Frederick-a tall blond who can be found playing "swing" on his clarinet. Gloria Gloor-a tall, wellfdressed blonde from the mountains. Page Forty-eight THE CLASS OF 1941 Marcella Collobga darkfeyed miss who possesses a shy, charming manner. Ellsworth Gosnell-whose wit makes him popular with all. Charles Craper-a quiet, reserved lad with a pleasant personality. Antoinette Craupe-a very studious girl who will surely succeed. Mildred Grimpev-who always looks at the brighter side of life. Frank Guca-who is no "second fiddle" when it comes to playing the violin. Howard Hamilton-a dark-haired fellow, appropriately called flap". Frank Haugh--a dependable lad who staunchly supports student government. Rita Hayson-a small Mt. Troyite with an abundance of pep. Evelyn Healy-a very shy, quiet, blonde with twinkling blue eyes. Virginia Heimbuecher-the very capable president of the junior class. Emil Heintzingerfmischievous, carefree, and talkative, describe Emil to a NT". Karl Hoak-has won fame by his excellent prowess on the football field. jean Hyde-a majorette who spends her time working in her father's drug store. Dorothy Jeskey-a newfcomer who can and does wear clothes well. jane jordan-whose chief interest is a boy named Johnnie. Clara Kachmar-holds a store of fun behind her twinkling, black eyes. Regina Kaib-a petite, dependable miss who hails from the mountains. Rose Marie Kapp-a friendly girl with a sense of humor. Grace Klaas-who affords an appropriate answer to the question "Why gentlemen prefer blondes". Elvina Ko a daint miss whose main asset is her abilit to converse. PP- Y b Y I Jerome Kremer-whose likeable and carefree manner make him very popular. James Kutcher-a tall, friendly lad graced with brown, curly hair. Jane Lackey-a tiny lass possessing a shy manner and sweet smile. Robert Lahm-who simply dotes on arguing in Coach's history class. Paul Lambert-a football player commonly dubbed "Doc". Evelyn Martigfa Junior miss who adds to the charm of our Baton Club. William Massie-a funfloving "hill-billy" with scientific ambitions. Leo McCauley-a fellow envied for his "peaches and cream" complexion. Peggy McClelland-faithfully urges our team to victory by her lusty cheerfleading. Thomas McGinley-a boy always wellfinformed on current events. janet McMarlin-a tall, attractive girl with neat, blonde hair. Paul Mihlfriedfone of the best dressed boys of the Junior Class. Edith Miller-a band member who goes steady with "jungle". Frank Moreci-a second Cary Grant with his dark hair, complexion, and eyes. Anna Morrison-spends much of her time at her favorite pastime-dancing. George Nowack-a talented commercial art student. Page Forty-nine IUNIOR OFFICERS Ray O'Connor-an Irish lad characterized by his shyness. Catherine Pavkovich-the studious treasurer of the Junior Class. Dorothy Penisch-who is full of clever remarks and witticisms. Dorothy Ritter-whose chief hobby is her love for roller skating. Martha Roos-proves that good things icome in small packages. A1-bert Rosendick-noted for his iparticipations on the gridiron. Jack Saul-adds to the charm and success of our band. Edythe Sauter-whose charming manner aids her in amateur acting. Anna Mae Schafer-whose ability to sew warrants her an attractive wardrobe Colletta Scheibel-whose hobby seems to be collecting lipstick. Henrietta Schlag-sa newcomer who drives her car with the greatest of ease. Ursula Schmitt-whose chief diversion is playing the piano. Geraldine Schwartz-whose cute dimples contribute to her charming smile. Beryl Scott-an attractive Junior greatly admired by the opposite sex. Carl Seidl-a generally happyfgoflucky lad with a cheery outlook on life. Olive Senk-aa typical girl athlete who likes to play basketball. Lillian Shepeta-a dashing newsfhawk with a willingness to work. James Shields-a handsome football player whose greatest interest is "Eve", Sara Spagnola-quite appropriately is going to modeling school. Frank Sporter-whose hobby is building model airplanes. joseph St-etzer-the perfect Irish type. Glenn Steinsdorfer-a goodflooking lad who drives a tan coupe. Lenore Stoehr-a petite miss gifted with natural blonde curls. Ruth Mary Stoehr-whose articles in Current Events never fail to start an argument. Rose Struna-a wellfliked miss who enjoys playing basketball. jean Sullivan-a newcomer to M. H. Sv. who has won many friends. Charles Thomas-who has a pug nose and hair that just won't stay in place. Lucille Vecenie-a peppy miss with snapping brown eyes. Earl Waltz-who shows his ability to debate, especially in history class. Julia Willitams-an attractive junior whose hobby is knitting. Edward Wokutch-an ardent photographer and ndrummerfboyu. Leo Worst-whosie ambition is to be a sports' commentator. Dorothy Young-a shy miss who believes that "Silence is Golden". Eileen Zeller-whose fingers skip nimbly over the piano keys. Armella Ziccarelli-who works efficiently in the library during school hours. Mercedes Zimmer-a tiny miss, forever bubbling over with pep. JUNIOR SENIOR PROM SUCH prominent couples as Popeye and Olive Oyl, Dagwood and Blondie, Flash Gordon and Dale Arden, and many other comic strip characters wit' nessed the annual juniorfSenior Prom held May 29 in the school gym. Although they were not there in person as has been implied, their familiar countenances adorned every nook and cranny of the walls, in keeping with the comic strip theme of this gala affair. Quite in contrast with these humorous decorations were the bevies of comely misses, in their new formals, dancing with their beaming escorts to the mellow music of Bob Mason's Orchestra. As they departed, tired but happy, the comic strip characters closed their eyes and dreamed wistfully on. Page Fifty "'f'ir':.'iw-ifrww-Wfaf fe. lfwa z"wm:f'.W"" 'T""f1"1 "TT 2-"7 i i. ' raw - Q.-1' ' - Q .nk s,s .. . ifwgfa ' k - .A g-vi Zvi. .T i 1 9 44, SOPHOMORE OFFICERS F OUR SOPHOMORES TO Obtain executive ability f f ' Be a convincing speaker Be a neat seamstress f Be always dayfdreaming f Tease and annoy the girls f Be musically inclined f f Be as neat as a pin f f Be a star in every field f Dress neatly ffff Be a clever artist fffff Organize a group fffff Get that "far way look" in your eyes f Be a "Frosh Heartbreaker" f f f Be a good wrestler ffff Live on a farm and enjoy it f Be ni-ck-named "Vicky" f f Possess a charming blush f f Dance with the ease of an expert f Acquire the art of tardiness - Be forever laughing ffff Be an expert bowler ffff Sleep without the slightest worry f Blush at the slightest word f f Be friendly with his classmates f Be a "Small Fry" f f f f f Take a fancy to all sports f f f Be an inseparable pal of Mike Quinlan f Be a good sport fffff' Acquire a knitted wardrobe f f Select loudfcolored shirts f jitterbug ffff Be the "life of the party" f Be a carefree girl f f f Be an entertaining speaker f f f Have a good time fffff Accompany every word with a giggle f Have a desire for love ffff Be short and like it ffff Have a jolly sense of humor f Be nickfnamed long legs f Tease and be teased f f Write humorous themes f Have a fancy for girls f Have a deep, low voice f Have rhythm in your feet f Be good natured fffff Have that Hwoebegone expression" f Make the Varsity Basketball Team - Be a quiet sort of fellow f ' f Be shy in the presence of girls f Have a boy friend in the army f SEE f jack Aufman f Mildred Auth f Rose Babic Rose Barkovich f Kenneth Bauer Robert Bennett Anna Mae Bissert Frederick Bissert f Jerome Blobner f f Betty Born f Paul Borres f Norma Boss f Ralph Bossing John Breitenbach Leona Brenckle f Helen Burke Arthur Colville Ruth Cummings f John Cunic Edna De Brestle f Thelma Dieter f John Doerfler Raymond Emerick Arthur Fleming f Florence Fraley Raymond Fruth f f Bob Funk f Lorraine Gaus f Eleanor Geyer f Charles Good Anna Grindel f Florence Gritz f - Lois Gross f Joanna Grubbs f Gertrude Hamilton f Bernice Haser - f Irma Heck Raymond Heuler f f Paul Heil f f jack Hite f Clara Huerbin Melva Huerbin f Frank Huwe f Norbert Imhof f Betty Jane Kearney f f Earl King f Mary Margaret Klug f Paul Knauer George Koelsch Robert Kremmel ' Grace Kretz Page Fifty-one THE MILLVALEAN Combine beauty with brains f Knit sweaters ffff Take the world as it comes f Have an angel's look f - Play basketball and enjoy it f Be courteous f-ff 'Tell good dog stories f Be persistent f f f Be seen but not heard f Be always ready for fun - Be quiet but enjoyable f Be "water boy" f f - Take lessons lightly f Win admiration f f Be rough and ready f f Imitate fffffff Be a person of many moods f f Be equally renowned in music and sports Be an excellent tap dancer f f f Be well versed in current topics f Work quietly and eificiently f Be willing and capable f f Have an outfofftown boy friend f Be a Shalerite fffff Be a pleasant person f f f Be a uwhizzf' on ice skates f Be always ready with a joke f Be an ardent baseball fan f Be dependable f f f Mind your own business f Be a librarian's assistant f Be domestically inclined f Have poise -fff Be as dainty as a china doll f Have as many girls as curls Page Fifty-two Marie Kumpfmiller f f Sylvia Lache f Catherine Lallie f Ruth Lambert f Russell Lang f Violet Lang 1 Bill Leahy - Marie Leonetti f Bernadine Lunz Beatrice Manupelli Margaret Matakovich Robert M-c1Cutcheon f Francis Muenzer f Verna Mihlfried Bartholomae Mikus f Elva Ruth Miller f - Frank Mrak f Frank Munson f Lois Ostrum f Donald Parker f Dorothy Parolski f Mary Pavkovich Verna Mae Pavlich - f Pearl Peindl f Mae Ruth Perry f Norman Pfister f joseph Petti f Robert Pfund f Catherine Pickl f f Ruth Porr f Harriet Porter - f Hazel Porter f Ann Poslusney ' Eleanor Pschirer f Francis Pschirer THE CLASS OF l94f Be mischievous fff' Have a beautiful soprano voice Play the piano accordian f Be the "All American Boy" f Be looking for a good argument Be a sophomore football hero f See why men prefer blondes f Have an infectious smile f Be a friend to everyone f f Be an efficient class secretary f Influence the opposite sex f Always be in a hurry f f Be a willing helper f Be shy and conscientious Have a sweet lisp f ' Be a football commentator - Become an Arthur Murray - Have that "aloof" air f - f Read two or three books a week Be interested in sports f - f Haveabeautifulcoiifure f f f Create new fads f'-f Be one of Miss Smith's best cooks Have a high'pitched laugh f f Know the latest hair styles f f Twirl the baton f f f Always be satisfied with life Dance with ease f f f Roller skate gracefully f "Tickle the ivories" f f Have a 'pleasing personality f Be short but very sweet f f Have an active interest in sports Gain favorable attention f f Be a curly headed mischief maker Be a congenial companion f f l f Irma Pschirer f Thelma Pschirer f Rose Pusateri - joseph Pusateri f Michael Quinlan f f Bill Rakers f - Dot Rheam Betty Riddlebaugh f Lillian Schmidt f jean Schiefelbein Mildred Schoenian Anna Mae Scheuring f Celine Schroefel f Nelda Schultz f Mildred Schwab f f jack Scott f Ray Senk f Dolores Sipple f Clara Staus f Jack Stout f Rose Strafalace f jean Sullivan f Mildred Thomas f f Rose Tobac f Lila Mae Tolley f Armella Ulrich f - Ed Ulrich f Dorothy Voit f Betty Walters f Ruth Walters f Eleanor Waltz f Marjorie Wilkes f Mary Windstein f jean Wolforth f Joseph Ziccarelli f Louise Zeilfelder Page Fifty-three THE lVllI.I.VAI.EAN UFRESHMEN DOWN Anna Barich-Fall In Love Says My Heart. Frank Binder-Does Your Heart Beat For Me? Helen Bittner-Meet the Sun Half Way. Margaret Bohn-wFaithful Forever. Edwin Broskey-The -Iitterbug, James Browngjust Let Me Alone. Ruth Brown-You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming. Mary Ann Brunner-Get That Moon Out of Your Eyes. Steve CehvWhere Was I? Betty Jane Celmer-I'm Always Chasing Rainbows. Charles Chambers-Don't Let It Get You Down. Annette Cohen-Dark Eyes. Elva Mae Cornely-Pretty Baby. jane Doerfler-Little Firefly. Betty Donaldson-Devil May Care. Bernadette Erb-Chatterbox. Matthew Fodi-If I Had My Way. Herman Franke-Clarinet Polka. Curtis Franskowsky-Crazy As A Loon. Evelyn Fritz-Girl of My Dreams. Mitchell Georgelas-You've Got To Be A Football Hero. Anna Giebel-Teaching My Heart. Edna Mae Giger-I'll Never Fail. Phillip Gittings-If I didn't Care. Margaret Graupe-You'd Be Surprised. Lillian Guentner-Little Girl. Agnes Haider-Charming Little Faker. john Harding-Loafin' On A Lazy Day. Jean Haser-You Made Me Love You. Page Fifty-four MELODY LANE" Grayce HaysonA4Little Sweetheart of the Mountains. Dick HemmakSix Lessons From Madam La Zonga. Otto Hempel-Catching the Eight O'clock Special. Virginia Hildenbrand-+Heaven Can Wait. Mary Himber-It's A Blue World. Alma Horne-You're a Sweet Little Head' ache. Imelda Huber-Sparkling Blue Eyes. Anna Mae johns-You're A Sweetheart. Virginia Kearney-HBaby Face. Sally Kennedy-AI Can't Make My Eyes Behave. Pete Kiefer-I've Found Myself A New Baby. Betty Kiesewetter-You Think of Every' thing. Robert KinnerkAin't You Got No Ro' mance? Marjorie Klenk-Keep An Eye On Your Heart. Margie Kofmehl-Margie. Harry Kramer-You Made Me Love You. Margaret Kramer-Smiles. Robert Kremer-Dreaming Out Loud. Charles Kuntz-I Wanna Make With Happy Times. jack Lawson-Terribly Attractive. Elmer Lentz-Out With Your Chest. iMarilyn Lipp-Shake Down the Stars. Dolores Luntz-Strawberry Blonde. Sylvia Lutz-Who Is Sylvia? June Magrini-Let's Dream This One Out. THE FIASS OF 1041 Edward Maniet-Has Anybody Seen My Harold Sadwick-I Only Want A Buddy, Girl? Not A Sweetheart. Charles Markovic--Accidently On Purpose. Mary Ann Sarkis-Jumpin' Jive. Antionette Miller-Too Romantic. Wilmalleene Miller-Do I Worry? Howard Mitzel+Man About Town. Rosalia Moeller-The One Rose. Wanda Morgenstern-I Kinda Dream. Harry Munson-Imagination. Harry Murphy-It's Eight O'clock. Virginia Mussen-There I Go. William Nauman-I Can't Remember To Forget. Charles Ness-Tell Me Pretty Maiden. William Niesslein-Fools Rush In. jean Northey-You Think We'd Better Dance? Paul NowackMLittle Man You've Had A Busy Day. jean Pavlick-Sleepy Time Gal. Agnes Pecjak-You, You Darlin'. Marie Pecjak-There's Everything Nice About You. Garnetta Penisch-Oh! Johnny. Alice Pfab-Alice Blue Gown. Alice Pfister-Oh! You Beautiful Doll. Jean Phillips-You're An Old Smoothy. Jack Porsching-High, Wide and Hand' some. Robert Rakers-Ain't You Ashamed? Howard Ranker-Why Is It? Howard Robinson-4My Resistance Is Low. Elma Rosenblat-Sweet and Lovely. Charlotte Rothmeyer-Now I lay Me Down To Dream. An-na Ruhle-My Silent Mood. Harry Russel-Love's Old Sweet Song. Marie Schafer-Only Forever. Elizabeth -Schach-You Can't Brush Me Off. Eleanor 'Scheibel-You Got Me This Way. Charles Schermock-Let There Be Love. Dolly Schermock-Once In A Lifetime. Arthur Schmitt-Little Lad. Clare Schmitt-You Are My Sunshine. Edward Scheret-You Can't Have Every- thing. Dorothy Schreiber-Calm As The Sea. Lester Schwab+Lazy Bones. jack SimonHMy Reverie. Elizabeth Smerbeck-Relax. Ruth Stimple-Have You Forgotten S0 Soon? Esther Stocks-Baby Me. Irene Susko-Irene. Mary Thompson-Oh! What A Pal Was Mary. Alberta Vecenie-Practice Makes Perfect. Emma Velich-Beautiful Dreamer. Mildred Voit-Small Fry. 'Charles Vannosdel-Stout Hearted Men. Alvin Vogel-You're A Lucky Guy. Mary jane Vogel-Busy As A Bee. Adele Weir-You Gorgeous Dancing Doll. Gloria Werner-Freckle Face. Betty Wolfe-That Same Old Story. Vera Yoest+Sicatterbrain. Edith Young-There's A Ear Away Look In Your Eyes. jean Zeilfelder-Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair. Mary Zeppuhar-Stay As Sweet As You Are. Page Fifty-five FRESHMAN OFFICERS Now 25 the timenf' A Perfect Fit Future Craftsmen Other Emstems 'W 5 I Arch That Ball! For My Mother The Dany Routine Fresh Health Class Commercial CANIJIIJS IN OUR CLASSES I 1 f"iHxwix TTI 221 JM 6.541 WE C jl XX VW, JL i 53 M QM X THE MIl.I.VAT.lIAN Page Fiftyveigllt 'rf 1' , , .- -1.-,:3-qw-:-v-y:vfgv-- p,-Tac--..J -.,..,,,.,.,,.-W .V . ,- Q. , ..,:a:v,1, -L "'3eJ'. THE CLASS OF I9-H BAND THE Band is another of Millvale's prize possessions. If we were to contrast the band we have today with that of a few years ago, we couldn't appreciate enough the work Mr. Fleming has done to improve the musical ability of the students. This glowing spectacle of combined musicians, dressed in red and white uniforms, have displayed their skill at the football games, at home as well as awayg at school assemblies and at various high schools. They had the privilege on one occasion of playing at Forbes Field. Accompanied by West View and Springdale they presented a concert in the Millvale High auditorium. Several of its ablest students have had the privilege of participating in the AAfWestern P.S.M.A. Conf cert held annually at a different school. Each year the band is improving rapidly and we believe it has developed a commendable musical department of which the community may be proud. The Millvale, Springdale, West View Concert brought a gratifying attendance on Wednesday evening, February 12. The special arrangements, one of which was the renowned favorite "Comin' 'Round The Mountain" were a treat to hear, and the splash of color created by the uniforms added a festive touch to the scene. The junior Orchestra was also there to do its share toward the entertain- ment of the evening. Creating a 'pretty picture in their becoming evening gowns, the Girls' Chorus rendered several selections. Thelma Pschirer sang a solo part. The baton club gave an exhibition of twirling technique. Because of the untiring efforts of the three conductors, Richard L. Camp, of West View, Carl L. Bremer of Springdale, and our own Mr. Fleming, the evening was a definite success. THE BATON CLUB THE Baton Club has enjoyed its second successful year of providing entertain' ment for the school and the community. This sparkling group of baton twirlers arrayed in red and white uniforms, has won the admiration of Millvale and all who have seen them Under the supervision of Mr. Fleming, their director, the club has also mastered'ihe art of flag twirling. The members of this club include: Betty Murslack-drum major, Betty Alberth, Dorothy Andrisevic, Nancy Bechak, Dorothy Callahan, Ruth Haugh, Virginia Hayson, jean Hyde, Helen Nobbs, jane Lackey, Edna Lavsa, Evelyn Martig, Mildred Overand, Anne Poslusney, Dorothy Rheam, Jean Schiefelbein, Betty Jane Schmitt, Ardella Schaper, Betty Tritsch and Armella Ulrich. GlRL'S CHORUS THE Girl's Chorus is a pride and joy of Millvale. Since the beginning of the school year, September 1940, Girls' Chorus has been made a regular elective subject yielding one'half credit per year. Under the skillful guidance of Mr. Stanley Fleming, the chorus gives out with its grained harmonious voices renditions of a number of rather difficult selections. They have graciously participated at the Christmas assembly and also at the Band Concert. The Girls' Chorus and the student body have done much in showing their appreciation of the finer type of music. r ORCHESTRA THE orchestra made few public appearances throughout the year, but no time was wasted as Mr. Fleming, the conductor, spent many periods on the study of tone. As a result, the music the orchestra produced for the Senior Play was superior in this respect. .Their later appearances at the Fashion Show and Graduaf tion proved that this year for the orchestra has been one of outstanding progress. Page Fifty-nine IIII MIHX XII XX 'zixh THE CLASS OF 1941 OUR FORUM CLUB THE Forum Club was organized among the Senior P.O.D. classes and expanded until it engulfed the entire school. Through the sponsorship of the Forum Club we have had many informative as well as democratic "Forum Assemblies," where subjects such as "This Is Not Our War"-"Aid To Britain"-"Grades, Credits, and Reports"-"Our Crime Situation," and many others were intelligently discussed. Evening meetings were held with a. fair degree of success. Mr. Burgess, the sponsor, and Chris Traiche, the president, who received splendid cofoperation from an Advisory Board and class representatives, provided the impetus for the Forum movement in our school. We sincerely hope that in the future the Seniors will take this club and make a communityfwide organization of it. The active members were: Nancy Bechak, Marion Blumer, Ruth Cerny, Berneita Duffey, Ray Fleming, Virginia Fleming, Tom Gross, Mary Heimbuecher, Mary Elizabeth Keller, Priscilla Lentz, Mildred McClaren, Thelma Rava, john Reiners, Dorothy Rumbaugh, Francis Staus, and Winifred Thompson. VARSITY CLUB THE Varsity Club whose purpose is to stimulate and maintain athletics by enthusiastic cooperation and sacrifice was organized in '35 by Coach McCarthy. Before acceptance into the club, a person must have earned a letter in a major sport and be in good standing. This year the club sponsored a dance at the Schenley Hotel which replaced the usual annual rninstrel show. The proceeds of the dance were turned over to th football team to 'pay for injuries and various other expenses. The officers for the past school term were: Robert Zeppuhar, President, Carl Seidl, SecretaryfTreasurer: and the members: Albert Rosendick, William Rakers, James Lawson, Carl Hoak, Robert Bluernling, Elmo Marasti, James Shields, Carl Seidl, Regis Randig, Harry Klaas, Robert Zeppuhar, Frank Munson, John Cunic, Paul Lambert, Joseph Pusateri, and Paul Mihlfried. ATHLETIC CLUB THE Athletic Club with Miss Wetzel as organizer, is quite an active group. Their meetings are held when there is anything definite to be done or dis' cussed. In groups they go roller skating at various rinks and during the winter, ice skating at North Park. Hikes are another one of their healthful activities. They have staged one of the best assemblies of the year, a "Gay Nineties Program." The officers include: Marie Beran, presidentg Elsie Witzorreck, vice presidentg Rose Rudar, treasurerg and Eleanor Franke, secretary. The active members are: Dorothy Andrisevic, Dorothy Bauer, Nancy Bechak, Marion Blumer, Betty Born, Marion Brown, Catherine Budacki, Dorothy Callahan, Mary Canonico, Ruth Cummings, Catherine DeBannes, Arrnella Derringer, Mary Ali-ce Dezort, Grace Eichler, Evelyn Finster, Marcella Gollob, Mildred Grimpe, Evelyn Healy, Irma Heck, Mary Heimbuecher, Dorothy Jeskey, Rose Marie Kapp, Mildred Overand, Helen Nobbs, Marie Knockel, Mercedes Lunz, Mildred McClaren, Dorothy Penisch, Catherine Pickl, Thelma Rave, Dorothy Ritter, Henrietta Schlag, Grace Schrass, Betty Schroeffel, Rita Schroeffel, Olive Senk, Florence Stoneward, Pearl Shiring, Rose Struna, Evelyn Srusko, Wini-fred Thompson, Armella Ulrich, Lucille Vecenie, Betty Wilkes, Dolores Wittman, Eileen Zeller, Evelyn Zovko. Page Sixty-one Illl IIIIX XII XX Our Hi-Y SWZPPY Sniper-s Fire! Rifle Range CLUBS Cra Hs Club in-f'1"frf"i' rr' i is 2- E H - ' . ,, was " . . r,...g , -. ,gf -4, A ' 19.31-AV:3g-j5rfV-fj5,g- 'T 1,-I-.---., L..-.fl . THE CLASS OF 1941 HI-Y THE HifY consists of a group of elected boys who are an asset to our school. These youths meet once a month to discuss business matters and plan activities intelligently. In the past they have held many successful dances, taken informative trips, and competed with other clubs playing basketball. This year the Hi-Y, sponsored by Mr. Sprenger, has been under the able leadership of Bernard Beran, with Ray Piefer as vice president, Robert Imgrund as secretary, and Carl Siedel 3.5 f1"63Sl1I'6I'. RIFLE CLUB THIS year the Rifle Club was one of the most active organizations in the school. The sponsor of the club, Mr. Beyers, aroused the competitive spirit of the members by arranging matches with the rifle teams of other schools. Matches were fired with Cakmont, Mt. Lebanon, Etna, and Munhall. The club also par' ticipated in the Hearst matches and completed targets bi'weekly for the National Rifle Association. Some of the members won medals for high scoring on their individual targets. At the end of the year, the one having the highest score was rewarded with a medal. This year the honor went to the president of the Boys' Club, Robert Imgrund. The secretaryftreasurer of the Boys' Club was Edward Wokut+ch. The officers of the Girls' Club were Olive Senk, president, and Rita Hayson, SCCI'Ct3.1'y't1'EH.5llI'9I'. CRAFTS CLUB THE Crafts Club enjoyed its second year of existence at Millvale under the competent direction of Miss 'Carnahan, the instructor. This young group of skillful craftsmen have learned to make various trinkets such as wooden trays and colorful belts as well as do a bit of metal tapping. The group includes Ruth Cerny, president, Annette Cohen, secretary: and Catherine DeBannes, Dorothy Jeskey, Marie Knockel, Marilyn Lipp, Mildred McClaren, Wilamalleene Miller, Jean Northey, Rose Marie Pfister, Dolly Schermock, Geraldine Schwartz, Evelyn Schmitt, Bernadette Steedle, Emma Velich, Gloria Werner, and Elsie Witzorrock. NEWSPAPER GGHAVE you heard the latest?" "Did you know that?" "I would never have dreamed that." All these expressions may be heard at noon time following an issue of the Chieftain-the paper which contains gossip, announcements of the future activities, special features, timely essays, names of honor students, and a few laughs. The responsibility for the Chieftain's success rests upon the able shoulders of Miss Oldham, adviser, and the cofeditors Mary Heimbuecher and Elsie Witzorreck. The "news hawks" are: Dorothy Andrisevic, Dorothy Bauer, Nancy Bechak, Mary Conrad, James Gutcher, Bertha Fink, Virginia Fleming, Ruth Haugh, Jean Hyde, Mary Elizabeth Keller, Geraldine Lang, Sue McNerney, Edith Miller, Dorothy Rumbaugh, Betty Jane Schmitt, Geraldine Schwartz, Lilian Shepeta, Rose Struna, Chris Traiche and Mercedes Zimmer. The nimble fingers of Catherine Budacki, Gloria Gloor, Regina Kaib, Thelma Rava, Anna May Schafer, Marion Schermock, Betty Jane Schmitt, Rita Schroeffel, Florence Stoneward and Eileen Zeller type the entire paper. One can always depend on good sports writefups when john Diller and Walter Servatius are on the job. Round and round goes the mimeograph when Bob Imgrund, Rose Rudar, Evelyn Finster, and Grace Schrass get started. Circulation is operated by Ray Emerick, Paul Knauer, and john Breitenbaugh. The stencils are ably taken care of by Marie Beran, Virginia Bossing, Ruth Cerny, Mary O'Brien and Eileen Ruzomberka. Page Sixtysthree llll VII l.X'.Xl IQLX' R055 Twp' 'Seniors A Hill-billy Group Mt, Troy Seniors Chieftain Advisor Chic-ftafh Heads 77ze NCWSAHVKS Chzeftam Typzng Staff THE VHOSHN FHXN' 'l'lll' WINS! UI-A 1011 .441- OW' School Boarid W Advisor ngf 5,vv11Sd2' , an I "I R :"' Y ,, ' - if -5 if 2 -' ' , V Library Assi srants in 'W ,,.h....4,.....wm. Dr-um Mninr ' Millvalean Salesman ' Z T z Under-dass Writers Senior Candy Sellers SCHOOL LEADERS Pngyr' Sivlv U I 'I'Hlf MII.l,Y.U,lf,K.X' rf Maywg Serve YOU -ndayg Homewvfff Bachelor Trazmhg 3 Knit One, Puri Two ' Sooner OrLater Rnd Crass Knittors V DOMESTICALLY INCLINED lJSif . f XJ 'E if . ff X fa N MQ fw NX f K THE MILLVALEAN FOOTBALL The Chieftains this year have enjoyed the best football season in the history of Millvale High School. With seven wins and two ties they ran up enough points to become a contender for the W.P.I.A.L. Class B title. The only other conf testant for the title was the strong Masontown team. In a playoff game at Etna, Masontown, a much heavier team, defeated Millvale for the title. The 1940 team will go down in history as one of the best ever developed, and therefore, the boys deserve a vote of thanks for their splendid efforts. The following is the season record for 1940: Millvale 0 ffffffffffff- West View O Millvale 6 f f f ffff East McKeesport O Millvale 14 - f f f Etna 0 Millvale 12 f - 1 Freedom 6 Millvale 13 f f Avalon O Millvale 13 f f Aspinwall O Millvale 0 f f f Sihaler 0 Millvale 17 f f Avonworth 6 Millvale 22 ffff f Edgewood 0 ikMillvale O fffff f Masontown 26 Won 7-Lost 1-Tied 2. fW.P.I.A.L. Playoff Game. To Coach joseph McCarthy, and Assistants Kirk Tallman and William Beyers we extend our heartiest congratulations and thanks for the Hue team they turned out this year. With such a coaching staff, we can be sure that Millvale High School will never be at the bottom of the list in sports. The greatest event at Millvale this year was the opening of a brand new football Held. Located on a hill a short distance from the school, it is considered one of the best high school fields in the district. The field was scheduled to be ready for the first game of the season, but heavy rains and slides delayed the completing. However, the work was rushed, and amid speeches and music by the band, the field was dedicated the night of the Etna game, which Millvale won 14f0. All home games were played at night under the best lighting system of any high school field in this district. HON ORED IVIILLVALEANS THE Varsity Club is indebted to our townsmen Mr. Cohen, Mr. Wellinger, and Doctor Baldwin for the gold awards they so generously presented to the seniors of our school teams. Their interest in our school is a stimulant to the players and the student body as well. Page Sixty-eight THE CLASS OF 1941 OUR VARSITY LETFERMEN Robert Zeppuhar-END-This was Zep's first year on the "Varsity Eleven," but he played his 'position at left end like a veteran, scoring a touchdown on a pass in the Etna game. Harry Klaas-TACKLE-Harry was the heaviest man on the team, and that extra weight proved a despair to enemy linemen, for when Harry hits them they stay hit! Regis Randig-GUARD-Rudy was the renowned Captain of the Chieftains this year,, and he assumed this responsibility as well as he played his position as guard. He was the smallest man on the varsity, but the -boys dub him as the toughest. Carl Seidl-CENTER-Si's splendid work as center and his fine defensive play have undoubtedly insured him a position for next year. james Shields-GUARD-jim was one of the best defensive players on the team. There were very few gains made through his position. Frank Munson-TNCKLE-Frank was one of the heaviest members of our team and one of the hardest tacklers. Munson was always one of the first to get his man. joe Pusateri-END-This was joe's first year on the varsity, but he made up for his lack of experience with his fine work on the right end of the line. We can expect a lot of joe in the future. John Cunic-END-Mex is another first year man who has done exceedingly well. His best game was at Avalon where it seemed every tackle was made by No. 38, alias Mex. Elmo Marasti-TAGKLE-Moose played fullback last year, but moving him to the line was no mistake. He kicked the 'first fieldfgoal made by a Millvale High team in ten years. Paul Lambert-END-This was Doc's Hrst year in Millvale, but he made a fine showing at his end post. A lot will be heard of this Lambert boy in the near future. Bob Bluemling-END-The Chieftains were blessed with a surprising number of en-ds this year, but that didn't stop Pete from being in there giving all for his Alma Mater. Bob's line defense work will certainly be missed next year. Paul Mihlfried-TACKLE--Tall, quiet Milky is bashful where girls are con- cerned, but on the gridiron enemy linemen get out of his way. Many an opposif tion player found Paul a solid block in the Millvale line. james Lawson-QUARTERBACK-jungle is one of those rare members of a football team-a fourfyear man. He played center in his first two years, but in his Junior year he was moved to quarterback where he certainly became a star. Jungle was noted for his punting. Karl Hoak-LEFT HALFBACK-Cal was the "brains" of the team-the fellow who called the plays. He excelled in short plunges and in passing. Ed Miklaucic-RIGHT HALFBACK-"Eta" was one of the inest broken field runners Millvale had. In the Avalon game he broke away twice for runs of over fifty yards. V Bill Rakers-FULLBACK-They called him "BonefCrusher", and how he lived up to it! When all 135 pounds of him hit an enemy line, he went through. And, when he got out in the open, he was as slippery as an eel. Millvale fans are going to hear a lot of Butch Rakers in the future. Al Rosendick-HALFBACK-Al is one of the best runners in the Millvale backfield. His weight makes -him one of the greatest assets in Chieftain power plays. and when punting is concerned, Rosey's alwavs there! Ellsworth Gosnell-GUARD-Goss had a bad break at the beginning of the season when he broke a rib, consequently, he was forced to be inactive. When he did participate, though, he really played a good game. SUBSTITUTES To our substitutes Michael Fodi, George Marlovits, Ray Emerick, Roy Kremmel, Bernard Beran, Harry Munson, Earl Waltz, Charles Schermock, Elmer Steinsdorfer, Paul Breitenbaugh, jack Stout, Paul Knauer, James Lawson, Emil Heintzinger, and Robert Pfund we are deeply grateful for their fine cooperation. In the near future they will probably be the "Varsity Lettermenf' Page Sixty-nine THE MlLLVAI.liAN "Jimmy Page Svvvnly llll !'l,,X,NS Oli lflll ff? V i ,, that many of the players of Inst lcgiguc games wsu' cuiiiplctctl with ai func: wi' rhfft- gguncs wcrc an foiiowit IV1iiiX'LliC FU ' VUUSL Vit'xx IS Iviilivnic 24 f f Bclluviic -1-4 Miiivalv T2 f f Brciitwoml 29 Tvfiilvziic 14 f Vxfcst Vicw I4 Millvalc 36 f f f Mars 18 Miiivziic Z7 f Shziicr I8 Nfiiivnlc 32 f Ent Dcvr 34 Nliilxxiic 37 f f Uaiimioiit W Niiiixuih' ll 1 f f f Etiigi 29 Nliiixxlic 24 A ' ' Sihiilirimig Tl Thu imlivitliiiil pluycr in-mi-tl was Captain Roh Zcppuhiii' f f f 165 Paul Kiiaiuci' ffff f ION Alaick Porschiiig f f f 95 Billy Rakcrs f f f W rr--W W-Mm, TCC :ie 1 ul BASKHTBAH. SEASON HE halskcthzlil tcum had Rl Soiiicwhglt iiictiiwuiw scglsoii this yuzlr this to thc iitt YCLIIJS ICLIIH wcrc lmt hy grzithizitioii, Thu Utd oi tru wins :mtl tcii dctcuts, The Nliiivxiic 27 MiiiN'iliC 26 Millviilc B2 Ivliilvillc 33 Miiivzilc I6 Milivzilc F7 Nlillvgilc 35 Miiix'.1it' 13 Millviilc ZS hliiixxiic IS lows: Cari Hunk Hurry Kisizis Cari Scidi f f Vvrimzi Aspinwxtil f Bcllcvut' f Shiiiui' East Dcci' Uiikiiioiit f f Etim Shi1i'pshiii'gf f Vcrmigi Aepiiiwznii 26 17 39 Z7 18 27 36 42 Yi 72 40 18 Prim- Sf'I'f'IliVUll1 E Q Tlllf MIH.VAl,ffAN A 1 . ew- xg' al OUR CHEER LEADERS VVRESTLING WRESTLING, Millvale's most recently adopted sport, has become a favorite with many of the boys while those who participated in it appreciate the physical benefits they received. The team, under Mr. Howard's guidance, won three matches this year and are looking forward to a much better season next year because only one regular member of the squad is graduating. With a little moral support, the boys hope to give to wrestling some of the popularity which football and basketball share at Millvale High. Under the official point system the individual scores are as follows: Tom Gross fffff 32 Harry Munson f-ff 18 ,Iohn Breitenbach f f 28 Jerome Kremer f li Paul Lambert - f 22 Joseph Petti f f 10 Tom McGinley f 20 john Cunic f 10 Frank Munson f 20 john Saul f S ARCHERY CLUB THIS group of Robinhoods was organized for the first time this year by Miss Wetzel. Up to the football Held each Monday and Thursday afternoon they would hurriedly strut, as this was when they displayed their skill. At a distance of about forty yards they would shoot their arrows into the bull's eye for the hilly Bertha Fink and Olive Senk were chosen as the leaders. Other participants were: Rose Babic, Marie Beran, Lorraine Gaus, Sally Kennedy, Violet Lang, Bartholomae Mikus, Rose Rudar, Dolly Schermock, Marion Schermock, Adele Weir, and Evelyn Zovko. BOVV LING LEAGUE CRASH! With a resounding clatter a strike is made and a feminine cry of delight is heard. Yesffor the first time in Millvale Highs history, girls were permitted to join the bowling league, which up to this year was strictly reserved for boys. Although the girls' bowling wasn't quite what it could have been, they enjoyed it immensely. The boys seemed to thrive on their company and many high scores were recorded. In all, it was well worth the effort required. Page Seventy-two i l 'l'llIf VIASS Ol llll Watch "Closely Archery 'S Better Fvihf-5 We 're the Bowfefb' Ye al Red ! Yeag White! High Scores Foul! ,MR winning Hmmm! Valley Ball l IlGI ll.lCH'1'S OF THE SPORT XVORLIJ l'nggv Sl'l't'Ylfy If if Fi F4 5 Ka J , 4 1 1 x 1 . L 1 I E 5.

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