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x . .rr '-fi, 1: A. . . A 1 J x Y 6 V 1 'X 5 ! 1 V , fit 5., X ' 'jdif 1 V ' ws' 'DU ' 5 . -S 'V , if 5 Q' jx f, 1' 'ii I gn -fl I . 1 C, ibm LIBB S Mx "'6W'?Exwf:' zrvfqf-ff' Q, ..-w'-f'f,w"1-'1..r ',,w-w,,m" Na- W - ,.a:Lf:t,:::F X ,H ,AQ-gpg' w-F" N 4 Rf' 4 ef? ' bm w . P Ilirrdin n J , ,chraufh the V 5h,il0Uv' of of the UN David Sefflhno WN: JC' I win SQX 'S e,YA3 up me" H1 or Hlau art Sfaff Me! X 'OJ my thi' wx xx MU Comiqfri' me, ?5'Aw C Pfepd Z 0 We be e e Shu De' fb Stu el m V18 enem preseme' gy A T Q sa gnoinicsi my his If-ho 6 Jw NST: auffw wth e. nn K ex A VCU rp Ygawhess EIA 0 er V 5 shall folio 5 mergy 35 we X0 0 me ill the ,J ys AAQMW he dweuwi WWI U5 1 X eo Sb The Lgethe MUS! Y e i h D FUI' ever A tw' f 'Nba yy F at Q 0 5 ZQXX Lrlnt xp rw to V-es.. ffar nm I, U A T, N U1 as 'ch 0 - ' X. He VIN k A Q - 0 ' - u in V W' . 'V f , G Ouihe Yne souxo b V' U XX o i, h S hs g f - WX Sim VJ 10 W. ZVLQE1 L-I A KX :Wi r ss SD' iw .lifef ' e. fl -Q his :ght UK - Gul -'29 X 0 is .5 .L UD dl V ww . XX W yn Q x ' - VK K ed. X4 9 X -.a....4I' There is one great silence in this world of sound, And our joys and our sorrows make the world go 'round So the world goes on spinning and Time will never end But we can never forget the mem'ry of one dear friend The Great One spoke to Donald, who is quiet nowg We hope someday beside him we may humbly bow. To the memory of Donald we dedicate this book, Who in February '48 this enduring world forsook. IN MEMORY OF DUNAID LEE PDE SAME K HISTORY OF MILLTOWN SCHOOL The first school in Milltown was built during the early Fifties and Six- ties on the Charles Engleman farm. After the Civil War, Librius Frisbee, an early settler, had built a small one story frame building that was adequate to house the village school children. The Blue River Grill now stands on that spot. It was in the fall of 1863 that Milltown had its own little school. The school term lasted only six months and consisted of the grades of one through six. Among the first teachers were Alex McCain and Ethel and Alfred Dayton. This school had to be inlarged in a few years, but it still was too small.Lewis Pfeiffer, who was Trustee had an extra story added to the building. In the year 1900 the school was moved to a new location. This was on the hill where Edward K. Roggenkamp, Jr. now lives. In 1912 another addition was made to the school and steps were taken to inaugurate a Regular Four Year High School. The first graduating class was that of 1916, consisting of 7 members. In the fall of 1923 the school was moved to where it stands today. In March 1935 the building was destroyed by fire. The present building was erected on the foundation of the destroyed building, which is still in use as a joint grade and high school. Joe Lincoln, commonly known as 'Uncle Joen, has seen many changes in Milltown's educational system. Uncle Joe remembers the school when it was located in the spot where now stands the Blue River Grill. It served as a school, church and also as a community hall. Milltown High School is proud of the progress that has been brought about by the foresight of our educa- tionally interested citizens. '31 H I I I 3 -1 ,- P N 5 14 K 0 U H H 0 M E T 0 W N 44 X, 9-2- 9 Gi GM Q min di-I at-mf ,1- ...nn 1 Y . . v:.::::u: - 53 'lillliil 1 -,-:::::.'. A , .M- u x - U . ' " 3 g L 9 1 I 5, 'E 'ln Elizabeth Hancock Paul Riley Frances Huddleston 0 B L o L s I s E E Paul E. Phillips Edith Byrum Buren Hooper ? w wf 1 f 1 X K I 9 ai 5 3 25 W .QGJAWW MMM Qizzm Meri? gl: W, jun gd56f6!Q9916l97, Af lQamaQf e.7Q1?udam QV Qmff WW QQWW QM OFM my Qawf ,gf g6,Aff4, ,f Qmzf .WMM 60 mess , G iiusikcfg In the early fall of 1950, twenty-seven ex-eighth graders of Milltown and Depauw grade-schools filled out the Freshman class enrollment cards. We were now opening the gate that led to the road of higher education. We had five new members- Gayle Stephenson, having regained her health, started her fresh- man year with usg Rex Seacat, Melvin Bary, Darrell Spencer, and Allen McCoy joined our ranks from Depauw grade school. Our school year started off with the presentation of our grade-school di- plomas by Mr. Bosse in the assembly room. We were all very thrilled at having received official diplomas. Our class officers for our Freshman year were: President, Paul Sullivang Vice-President, Ronnie Ferguson: Secretary, Gayle Stephenson, and Bob Walton, Treasurer. We enjoyed an all day skating party at West Baden, and a movie at Paoli with our sponsor, Mr. McKee, for our class trip. The Junior class also went along. We entered our Sophomore year with just as much vim and vitality as we had the year before. Rex Seacat, Melvin Bary, and Allen McCoy, having decided to finish their education at New Salisbury High School, dropped from our class roll. Gayle Stephenson, having finished her Sophomore year during the summer, moved ahead a class. We gained one new classmate, Miriam Byrum, from Oakland City, making us twenty-four Silly Sophomores. Our class officers were: President, Ronnie Fergusong Vice-President, Bob Hutslarg Secretary, Dorothy Gilmoreg and our Treasurer was Bob Walton. Dorothy Gilmore represented our class as a member of the student council. Our candi- dates for Queen and King of the carnival were Sherlie Green and Paul Sullivan. In the spring we enjoyed a trip to Spring Mill State Park with our sponsor, lr. Hooper. In the fall of l952, we entered upon what was to be our busiest school year. what with our play, banquet preparations, and other school activities, we were busy most of the time. We looked around and took a count and discovered that we had lost four classmates. We now numbered twenty-two, for George and Ellen Hoten had moved from New Salisbury to Milltown. During the first week of school we met with our sponsor, Mrs. Hancock, and elected our class officers. The tabulations came out - President, Dorothy G11- mcreg Vice-President, Ruth Balmerg Secretary, Sherlie Greeng and our Treasurer was Bob Walton. We decided on a comedy for our Junior play. We presented, on the evening of November 19, naaron Slick from Punkin' Crick.' Everyone who attended wit- nessed a very enjoyable evening. Two girls from our class expressed their talent and strong lungs on the cheer-leading squad. These two girls were Miriam Byrum and Libby Seacat. December 18, 1952, was another memorable date for our class. That was the night Mrs. Hancock was our hostess at a Christmas party. We all had the Chghg- mas spirit and enjoyed the evening immensely. April 17, 1953, was also a highlight of our Junior year. This memorable occasion was the night we played host to the Senior class at a banquet in the school dining room. We music, swaying palm tree they actually had taken In We were the autumn of 19 then upon the la We were saddened when we learned this year. She with us understand she is accomp We met with our spo the first week of school. Phyllis Jean Benz, Secre The third week of s used Hawaii for our theme, and what with the Hawaiian s, table and floral arrangement, everyone felt as tho a trip to the island. S3 we entered st lap of our Milltown High School for the last time. journey. Miriam Byrum would not be going to school erpoint, Indiana and entered school. We anying her class to New York City in April. moved to Cent nsor, Mr. Bosse, and elected our class officers during They are-President, Sherlie Greeng Vice-President, tary, Kathryn Schlenskerg Treasurer, Ronald Dooley. chool saw us active Seniors on our way to Leavenworth for a weiner roast. Some of us came home hungry, but otherwise, we had a very enjoyable evening. Our candidates for Sullivan. We were very the 1953-51+ school term. With the yule-tide cided upon a Christmas p On February 3, we t Louisville Times buildin several other large firm Delores Senn, our c C1885 s Carnival Queen and King were Phyllis Benz and Paul proud to have Phyllis Jean chosen Carnival Queen for season upon us, we caught the Christmas spirit. We de arty in the school Home-Ec room on December 16. cured Louisville. We went through the Courier Journal g, through WHAS, through Coca Cola corporation, and s. The trip was both interesting and educational. lassmate, was voted the honor WYearbook Queenn, by our May 5, was proclaimed class day by us Seniors. We sadly realized this would be our last program to be given in this school building. We May 8, 19514, we The theme way nMay Timen program, the evening was Sunday evening, May baccalaureate service. walked down the aisles o High School students, fo go forth and take our pl X' J .L W" WE! D were honored at a banquet given for us by the Juniors and with the beautiful array of colors, flowers, and an eventful one and one we shall never forget. NFbrward Without Fearn to our evening, May 13, we again for our last time as Milltown that final parting signal to aces in the world about us. 9, we proudly marched The following Thursday f the Methodist Church r our diplomas gave us Xl,-,WV as ' - -"W .,,f "' I v A if W V l Wg llh !XA...f.55?' 'fl -M GZH-"4f" NA -2 x l U A:- ll V - Q? ,EEK 1-"IE Z f Mass Prophets is . C E ggo 0 CJ -1 KQIOB I guess you know MQ. I'm Hr. Ollie, superintendent of Milltown High school. I want to tell you about an interesting experience I had. It seems that my television was not working correctly, and after calling several re- pair shops and finding that they did not answer, I found that there was one more listed in the phone book - Gypsy Zada Television Repair Shop. When the set was returned from the shop I decided to try it out and after trying the channels, I found that there was another. I turned it on and this is what I saw: After graduating from M. H. S. Ronnie Ferguson entered college and re- ceived his Bachelor of Science in Business. Ron is now teaching at a high school in Southern Indiana and in two years expects to become principal. Sherlie Green has now become one of the champion swimmers of the mo- vies. She has signed a contract with M. G. M. and has taken Ester Williams' placencompletely. Her motto is, 'I dive like a feather and float like a rock. Kathryn Schlensker, now a famous lawyer, has thrown away her little red chevie truck and is now driving around a big cadillac convertible with mink upholstery. Her motto is 'I'm in high, not low.' Uncle Sam was waiting for George Hoten with open arms when he graduated from M. H. S. George liked army life so well he decided to make that his career. He is now a Sergeant making things tough for the young recruits. Bob Walton completed his barber course in Peoria, Illinois. Bob set up his shop in Milltown and has a very good business. All the Alumni of '54 send their children weekly to get flat top hair cuts. Bob Hutslar entered college and received much attention while there for his basketball prowess. Bob has been coaching for five years and is pro- ducing consistently successful basketball teams. Pierre Jonse IB111y Gene Jonesj is famous the world over for his spe- cially styled hair-dos. Says he, 'I create the hair style in accordance to the way the lady inspires me.W And you can guess how they inspire him! Dorothy Gilmore, after graduation, cast about in search of a career. After much meditation she decided to become a dancer. She specializes in Cuban dances for night clubs, although she sometimes consents to a tele- vision engagement. Says she, nSomeday I'm going to Cuba tc show them the art of dancing Cuban style.n Paul Sullivan decided to be a garage owner and as you can guess it is a Hudson agency. All of the Sullivansf offsprings are driving around big Hudsons. Ruth Balmer, after graduating went to Louisville to work in an office HS 2 PTiVHt6 S60P0taTY She hadn't worked there very long until she and Norman were married. Now they live just outside New Albany in a very lovely trgilei.1 It keeps Ruth very busy trying to take care of her two boys and ba y g r . Delores Senn was working in a G. E. factory in Tell City and doing well financially. She didn't get to come home very often to see David, who was working in New Albany. After Ruth and Norman got married, Delores and David decided they would. New they are living in a lovely trailer side by side with Ruth and Norman and taking care of their twins, a boy and a girl. Marlene Enlow after graduation took a trip to Mexico and liked it so well she decided to stay. She has new become a lady matador. Her motto is nThere's not a bull I can't conquer.n Ellen Hoten decided that when she left M. H. S. behind she would attend medical school. After completing her internship she received an offer from the deep, dark, heart of Africa, where she went with her husband Charles, who is building highways so that she may attend to her patients. They have decided on twelve children, for they believe they come ucheaper by the doz- en. Phyllis Jean and Bob are now living in Indianapolis where Phyllis is finishing her college career. She is now the mother of five boys and two girls. Bob sells child-psychology books for a living, but he hasn't suc- ceeded in selling Phyllis one yet. Libby Seacat decided to do something different when she left Milltown High. Instead of becoming an airline hostess she became a top notch TWA Airline pilot. HSee the Worldn is her motto, and how, with a male steward on her lap. Especially if he's from Leavenworth. Ronnie Dooley studied law for several years after leaving M. H. S. He decided to enter politics and he is now an Indiana Senator. His motto: nCh1ldren, if you elect me - NO MORE SCHOGL.n John Eddleman, after graduation, decided that he liked the free life of the sailor. When he enlisted he saw the sign, WJOIN THE NAVY AND SEE THE WORLD.N Now he adds this, W--through a portholeln Loran Bowles became a Swiss mountain climber after he left M. H. S. He climbs the mountain and yodels to the girls on the next mountain. Says he, nSomeday I'll make it to the right mounta1n.n Charles Baylor was undecided as to what he would do when he graduated. One day when Charles Baylor was walking along the river bank he fell in. He discgzered that he liked to swim under water so well that he became a deep- sea ver. The children of the class of 'Sh Calso their parentsl faithfully attend the movies of that famous drugstore cowboys,Darrell Spencer. He is so fa- mous the ladies have a wrestling match to see who wins the honor of being his leading lady. After this had passed before my eyes, I decided not to look any further into the future, and so I turned the set off. I have never again been able to tune in that channel. But just the same I was very glad to find out what happened to the senior class of l953"5M. Mlfaak ywfzgafzzzflzzi C,L.e..! of the of , in une County of C' , and scene of 09 ' being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this our B451-fjbfjgffpifpmfgf in manner following, that is to say: nwen, the class of '54, hereby declare that all the typewriters be left to the Juniors who wish to further their skill in typing. UWe', the class of '54, do hereby will back to Mr. Ollie his favorite quo- tation: NDemocracy will survive if it deserves to survive.' NIM, George Hoten, do will and bequeath my agricultural and parliamentary knowledge to Ray Miller, and to Paul David Mays, my ambitions for becoming a farmer. nI', Dorothy Ann Gilmore, do will and bequeath my ability for jumping over fences on Halloween night to Patsy Bitner, and to Betty Jo Gibbs, my private seat at Pinaire's. nln, Ronnie Ferguson, do will and bequeath my love for Joe Edwards, and to Jimmie Miller, my admiration for long ing basketball season. uln, Sherlie Joan Green, do will and bequeath my sense ams, and to my sister Janet, my ability for stalling cars Leavenworth girls to hair, especially dur of humor to Norma Ad on railroad tracks. NIH, Bob Hutslar, do will and bequeath my beloved and envied tattoo to Ron- nie Spencer, and my love for southern girls to Randall McClary. NIH, Kathryn Marie Schlensker, do will and bequeath my little red truck to Carole Hoten, to do with as she sees fit, and to Mr. Phillips, my love for chewing gum. nI', Ronnie Dooley, do will and bequeath my ability to get good typing grades to Joe Edwards, and to my brother Donnie, my ability for always being calm, cool, and collected. 'I', Ellen May Hoten, do will and bequeath my job as soda jerk to Susie Barksdale, and to my brother Charles, my ability for getting along with other people. HIM, Darrell Spencer, do will and bequeath my cowboy boots and guitar to Leo Schotter, and my winsome smile to Gary Nale. NIH, Marlene Enlow, do will and bequeath my ability to hula dance to Joyce Stephenson, and to my brother Billy, my nickname of 'Brains.n WIN, Bob Walton, do will and bequeath my immaculately cared for hair to Harry Lee Davis, and to Carl Ed Engleman, my masculine physique. "I", Elizabeth Ann Seacat, do will and bequeath my short hair and my nick- name of nFrizz' to Carol Lea Newlin, and to my brother Jim, I leave my height "I", Billy Gene Jones, do will and bequeath my youthful ,appearance to Joe Sebrey, and to David Fetz, my 47 Chevvie, that is always out of gas. "I", Delores Ruth Senn, do will and bequeath my ability for getting mad in Home Ec class to Lois Saddler, and to my brother Howard, my quick temperment. WIW, Paul Sullivan, do will and bequeath my ability to go to sleep while driving to Mrs. Huddleston, and to my brother Roy, my scholastic knowledge. "I", Ruth Ellen Balmer, do will and bequeath my love for school to Conal Combs and to Ruth Stephenson, my cheerful attitude toward life. NIH , Charles Baylor, do will and bequeath my dark and handsome profile to LaDora Stephenson and my quiet and silent behavior in the study hall to Charles NIH , Mills. Phyllis Jean Benz, do will and bequeath my loyalty to Milltown at the Milltown and Marengo ball games, to Shirley Senn, and to my brother Ronnie, my ability to know all the answers to the questions that Mr. Ollie ask in gov ernmsnt N Ili , class. Loran Bowles, do will and bequeath my artistic way of impersonating people to my sister Betty, and to Mr. Ollie, my ability for sleeping in gov- ernment class in the hopes that he may catch anyone else doing so. "I", John Ed Eddleman, do will and bequeath my skill in breaking film while running the movie projector to my brother Bob, and to Leon Grant, my 56 Ghevvie to replace the one that was destroyed. fm , We have hereunto subscribed our name at 777J..,LLG-. , . Indiana the jj!-bday of MAT, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and Senior Sherlie Green ------ ------ - ---- --- ------- -------- --- Phyllis Benz ------------ ----- ------ Kathryn Schlensker ---------- Ronnie Dooley ------ ------------- ------------- ---- Ollie Bossa ------ --- - ------------- ---- Kew Qlowm President -------------- Vice President --- -------------------- Secretary Treasurer ----- Adviser MOTTO NForward without fearn COLORS Green and Gold FLOWER Yellow rose bud SONG nwhofs Who's the tallest? ---------- Whofs the shortest? --------- Who's the youngest? --------- Who's the oldest? ------ ----- Who's the smartest? --------- Whole the poet? ------------- Who's the class crooner? ---- Who's the singer? --------- -- Who's the class comic? ------ Who's hair is the darkest? -- Who's hair is the lightest? - Who's the best actor? ------ - Who's Who's the best boy typist? -- Who's the most courteous? --- Who owns his own car? ------- Who has the best personality? Who tells the best jokes? --- Who has the most manners? ------- - ------------------- Who's the most ambitious? --- the best sport fan? ------ :--:---Z ------ ------- Onward Seniors who in the Senior Class' Loran Bowles Libby Seacat Sherlie Green George Hoten Paul Sullivan Marlene Enlow Darrell Spencer Ruth Balmer Bob Walton Charles Baylor Delores Senn Bob Hutslar Kathryn Schlensker Ronnie Ferguson ------------------------,Dorothy Gilmore John Eddleman Phyllis Benz Billy Gene Jones Ronnie Dooley Ellen Hoten Sembrs DO YOU REMEMBER George Hoten, do you remember when the brake pedals came uncoupled and you ran through a fence knocking down five posts and ran into a strawstack. Bob Hutslar, do you remember when you Haccidentlyn ran out of gas, two miles from no-where and it was about midnight and it was your first date with a new girl. Ronnie Dooley, do you remember the night at Corydon Drive-In that you acci- dentally went in the girls' restroom mistaking it for the boys'. Sherlie Green, do you remember that fatal Sunday afternoon when you were swimming at the dam when you slipped and fell down the muddy bank and tore the back of your bathing suit on a tree root. Ruthie Balmer, do you remember when you drove to Milltown and your car stall ed in the middle of main street and you had to be pushed to the garage be- cause of a dead battery. Delores Senn, do you remember the night you came through Milltown and got stopped by a State Police for not having any brake lights. Marlene Enlow, do you remember when you attended a H. S. L. A. Banquet at Purdue University and the salad did a little dance from your plate to the table and took a bow by the water glass. Ellen Hoten, do you remember the night at the Corydon Fair when you had just gotten off of the ferris wheel and took hold of another boy's hand and led him through the crowd mistaking him for your boy friend. Charlie Baylor, do you remember the day you ran off from school and Mr. Ollie told you that you were going to have to set up in front of the assembly to make up the time you were gone. John Eddleman, do you remember at West Baden when you were learning to skate, when Loren Bowles and Bob Walton took you out in the middle of the floor and left you sitting there for about one-half hour. Darrell Spencer, do you remember when you were in the typing room and Mr. Hooper told you to quit holding hands with the girls. Billy Gene Jones, do you remember the night you and some other kids were riding around in Marengo and you were following a car load of girls thinking one was your girl friend. Dorothy Gilmore, do you remember when you mistook a perfect stranger for Ronnie Dooley at the Frenchtown skating rink and stood there beating him on the back. Phyllis Benz, do you remember the time you were being put in the waste paper can and a teacher walked into the assembly. Ronnie Ferguson, do you remember when you were down at the gym and you were one of the four boys that get whipped by Mr. Hooper. CFor breaking the basketball rules.J Paul Sullivan, do you remember when your pants fell down in a book store in Bloomington, Indiana. Bob Walton, do you remember when you were stopped in Clarksville by a cop for going 75 mph in a 50 mph speed zone. Libby Seacat, do you remember the day you lost a certain boy's class ring and you ask every body if they had seen it and later you found it under a typewriter where it had been hidden. Kathryn Schlensker, do you remember when you were driving the Wrong way in a one way street in Cincinnati. Loran Bowles, do you remember when the marshall stopped you in Marengo and told you to get out. 1 I Q 1 .- 'X 7 'x I ,. 'v Y Y Y 'L L A 1 1 Wi ,Q Y x nr we I Y , SV K 4 JV xv. K , W K ,W K5 4 l1IlIUI'5 ,Q . Nga X f ' W is X 4 ' X, N 15.14211 ? f X H' L 5-fg.45,jzj XIII f ffifx- x""- 'E ,, XX XL X XX Q . K 5 In : X XX X sua: . , X 'X W , ..,.. 1 X .. li ,XX Q X X XX X , X X ff H 1 Y ' ' If 3 : ffl x Q I X X in R K K5 XXX? x ig .. . ,.,,X. K X X X :X . ,.-XXX X Q X - , X .. . .. Eff? X .QQXX ' 7 7 C M S ,. N vf. V ' Q Q:-'Q . 3 .- f . , X X .. A , . X X XX, Q3 XX. - , ,SX Eg? ik 5 ,.... X .U 32335 K5 LM.!.5f X ' X 7.5 I 5 XX X 'X . -X ' ' ' X X, X , . ,... X - .X . , as 'Hz- fg, -X,-Xe. . -:fa an 1 . . . . - 1.,, I ,X ' ,,:Z --21 , ,, S . X , ,, X. Y -I .X X Xa' 7 XX if XX , HX X A ,g X X - , X 4 X r' igiiik X, i ' 'L ks Xf , , XV .. I 35. in X f r :X ' 1 . . . ,L Q:-X ' , X ' sf Xw ,X 5 . . - X X . X1 5 X XX s: X'- Q 3 X s .. , X X X M ,-1: gg. . ..,. X,X X X X--X X5 wg fg w sNf " N'f'?1"1'wWE .5 f aaevililiis-1 Fimxiz 'XL lin 'SEQ f I Q,lXfg?Q29XfXf2Xiy ' 2,-XXELESMQX 4sX'fiXX12 X A"l X: ZA fs-Xi 2 .X 5 XEX im? f' W25r5XXfXs'l41g?1M M55 'fgwgiigi ' UNE iii l5Q?Sf3fEggZq55 e.'1. '?,. 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IH 1 'L :fi WV! H ,s s,,,1mi,,,i,f'15 K , ' sv ,f x yi ' 5 l fys-MM -. 1.1, , oo gmfvgly ,223 V v EIGHTH GRADE - - - Hrs. Byrum and Mr. Riley, co-sponsors SEVENTH GRADE - - - Mrs. Huddleston, sponsor LA SIXTH GRADE. .. .. . . . .Min Williams FIFTH GRADE.. .......Mr. Poe 'T s 1 ,K W Y A xr 1 iv , -1 Y V FOURTH GHADE..... ....Miss Davis THIRD GRADE.... .....Mrs. Moore SECOND GRADE.... .....Mr's. Leffler . FIRST GRADE. . . . . . . . . .Mrs. Hibbard 1 'Y' Y Y X ,, if --1 Y 7 6' .9 5 , C5 Q 9, n In P 0 l 1 'And when that One Great Scorer comes To write against your name- , He writes not that You won or lost- But HOW you played the game 'b 9 K CO-CAPTAINS Bob Hutslar ---- Ronnie Ferguson Baseball Team illkxfl. Front row, Left to right: Roy Sullivan, Lonnie Edwards, Bob Walton, Paul Sullivan, Billy Gene Jones V Back row, Left to right: Paul May, Joe Edwards, Ronnie Spencer, Bob Huts- lar, Charles Baylor, George Hoten, Ronnie Ferguson The Milltown Millers started the 1955 baseball season playing in new suits which the school bought last year. The team played Hardinsburg their first game, and was defeated by a score of 15 to 4. The Millers journeyed to English for a very successful second game, downing the Raider nine by a score of 12 to 2. Joe Edwards allowed only 3 hits, as he struck out 5 and pitched a splendid game. Bob Walton and Bob Hutslar led the 15 hit attack with 5 hits each. The next game was with Hardinsburg. They downed the Millers for their sec- ond loss of the year. The second meeting proved to be very close. The Millers got off to a good start by tagging 5 runs in the first inning on 5 consecutive singles by Ferguson, Sullivan, and Edwards. The Millers got 2 more runs in the second on 6 more hits. The Bearcats combined 1 hit, 3 walks, and 4 Miller errors to score 4 runs in the third inning and pick up 3 runs in the fourth. The Millers got 2 runs in the fifth to make it a tied ballgame. Hutslar then relieved Sullivan, the starting pitcher. The Bear- cats were able to get only 2 runs off Hutslar, but it proved to be the mar- gin of victory. Marengo was the next victim of the nMillers' as they fell 6 to 5. The Mil- lers gained their second victory in 4 starts through the superb pitching of Joe Edwards. Sullivan and Edwards led the hitting. The Millers made it two in a row as they defeated Leavenworth 19 to 10 in 6 innings. Hutslar was the winning pitcher in a free scoring ball game. Lead ing the l9 hit assault were Ferguson and Hutslar with 3 hits each. Edwards and Sullivan hit a home run each to add to the Millers' scoring. GRADE TEAM, Mr. Phillips, coachg back row, L to R3 Linton, Taylor, Hawkins, Edwards, Combsg front row, Walker. Seacat, won-Ord, Dooley, DuBois. Janet Green, Grade Cheer Leader TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Buren Hooper, Randall McClary, Ronnie Spen cer, Leo Schotter, Robert Walton. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Jimmy Miller, Lonnie Edwards, Joe Edwards, Paul Sullivan, Ronnie Ferguson. The 'Fighting Millersn of Milltown High gained State wide fame in amassing 10 straight wins before being defeated. This team is proving to be one of the very best of all Miller teams and their won-lost re- cord may break the school record established by the 1925-26 Milltown Millers. Milltown 55 Milltown S7 Milltown 53 Hilltown 57 Hilltown 63 6 Milltown Milltown 55 Milltown 67 Hardinsburg Laconia Georgetown Games Played Laconia 50 New Middletown no Marengo 51 Morgan Twp. 37 Hardinsburg 51 Georgetown 50 English 27 Campbellsburg L Milltown Milltown Milltown Milltown Milltown Milltown Milltown Games to be Played. Leavenworth 35 Leavenworth 37 Marengo 53 E11za.becn vu Marengo 52 Birdseye 39 h8 011 Twp. Henryville Ferdinand P1 1' Y, X Y. Y Y ,, I L Y A 'Y ., w 1 fvfwm 7 21 g,.s,,m-nip gx"'si'fq"'",iM3.U,x7+Fr1j,wzi1,s:iiflu-gg:-1llwlwyifgwz.:wC.i43M,,qN,g,e,,,,.sw?m,, ggQQ.fLf .t.1 'jf 'A ' .vii fi 4- - A-f, ,. , HW, V., V... f .,.. .W ..,. mf:-'f'fzYf wwmwfQqgifsezmi. zk1li5?2?EiTLTufi?5fZiF'sWWl3P'2225'Vf?'a1w-?zZiP'QJ4f2k ,as f:w.w.+w - -- ,wp H 44,111171221-if-wiZwZQM'ZJWg:iz.WLYSQf'Ew'iwTf9l-wg:'W1f'Wif-vz.1at2L7L!f7fP'e ll9L5X"gTs!Y'W9W'JNQM5I31'L 'zvgfhmiby Q3::'f""'3x. iiilwiifl-UiffglwfwivfZffkgilli9:.1siWLi1'f?'54.P1f.. Gihfwiif-fffklkff 'LRF 131vf'? .553 gg -f gms: V ' nf - :::w:-migfw1b'gff.a:u:.fgmnwiwflx Q44 mwinfze .,-Ritz? ,W Sw- nw.briefs-qaznlfw'gm',wzzzwzxsyqy1 .,w:efL,L5f1L2:-gg jf-wx: zg:..1Q11,:wwg..3fg:wg,..:f:'s-ggww 5- ,,,-,V V. .. ,fx ,,..,,f,s1w:-gg,.m.m.q,. MM 'v.1,..,.X fw,,,,g L11 ws-Q.fU1zM,g,ff1.:wn:.maf-:wwVNU... -f15.f:m-M.. ...wax 1-uw-nvwv..-Wm. wing' 115' Agsivw I QI Vw 1' T: W 22YT.lQ:f?-fS15f,S3Elwiaf'P'sa3g4F??"-SKY'f??LIssif' WW' WLM -ilfkfiwg: 11 P14 7:Via-H" '-I'Wy--V'flwfv?iKS4fS"5Mzf""---'-"AIU-x,?.419""'Uk'-sf?-',p " ' nf" SWG- wif' 'N' .3-KH.--gf--,,..m-fW-':w..v,.,.,h,.k,,.,.,,'L--ff-A"56136ffshiiggilfiiifzg'f.f7Efii1f'5.i2i?'1i,:6?:uiii?Q-7' 1265254 K 5 K ji' 21 15, -Q. 11531 .gig .gn ' 1 .wi "--'51 213.5 Lfg..ES7:.f3:3, ELILIDT' 1 - if 17 H., .sw .V .3 ,. W S- ,W fy.. W., .. .w mmf A- i A- 1Qg.i3g,,f'z:f1m:!f1sQ-Z.. .Qs -as -sf Sv is mf 5 -:iff Ts:?1.f fgfssvxfs fig.. rg. Lg - .. :M - My A-ww" "Sf: kfsv'.Ie1-ww ' fy -"wwf fm 1.45, --1 wh nw, mg was we Cm.: ww Qwpgrv we fl n z, my M.: - ,. 1 l .,.. ,., . ,. . . . f1, ..,. wi 1 .. ... . . ... ... , .... . .. ... Q " .... iL .... . .. b 5 .... ... ."h f ,,,.. A,..' ,... D7,L .Q225.2-Sf22iQi1g1Qz5:gf2fzegillaifziW2Z1ei?zZ1:7fiif11fff1zfY.-H1fm-auf. .v-viz-ww M: I. .,.,,, Q. .,7'. .J ff.. .W.,,-H.. - --1: , .fi ns? .QV L." .V uw: "122.f'-wifi.-.f sf f-- .ww -W ww 1 :ff -W .Qs .9-fi. in :-- . , . ,,. , I -. 52355 , we ,' 5 P L ,L W gm ,, ll. ,. .., ... . . ,. .. . ..... . .. .... . ? , .. ,, .Q. A " ',:2.Lf,:'l:1 ':g-2111-if ,giwze ...1 , H, .Q mu U, 1 ,. 1, 'nr y. Y Y, 'Y ll , A-1 ,,, 'I k. '1 .QE oz,.M.L,g1W.,, 94, -H-..L2Zv., 19? 971 W g E es s Zu-42, Llsfv-.J . 5 1 M s ' X E if W' fijnf SE Ei ! , 2 1 COACH Mr. Hooper Student Mgr. D. Spencer 55 Leo Schotter 52 Ron Spencer 24 R. McClary 51 Jim Miller 25 L. Edwards 55 David Yates xffiww Mu,1..8o,Jw,d1zl- Mm Qwpfrs x fi 1 my 1 Crown X ' : ' 1 zfggggwfsigsvf : ' 3 81 22 xmxfxsa. 1 A ge1t?s??Q?3f6 ' 5 iiixfffzifitti .N A b "Iliff Lgf W : : .,, L.,,L 113. 5 . . .. 3mMK.,,L , :ww - 1az2b1f : as Nw sm Betty Jo Gibbsg -bear-er BASKETBALL QUEEN 1955-54 Elizabeth Seacat ATTENDANTS L to R Dorothy Houseg Rosemary Jones: Dorothy Gilmore Larry Jo w19m:1w1 f- v- ,-5 . 9 Q K U 223, 121 ww, ,..w1115- ,.1w,.v1.,1' fMmwwsfMy - f-tx kay m y E N 15: 1 1, :gf ' 1+ i :iz ss Lem ma, 9 5135329521513 "E 6 mww?E+f1 1, , 1m1fz.1w3 .xx wi, 1 , 1 , 1451155.15 - ,11 1,1 A-1213 ' 1 if asm .U ta B my x Y 2 Q W 4 as 1 rr it ex 3 ,Q R A P Q gi Vg gh X, s 4 ,M M ffm H givsgg Q L, X , + 9 iim.. '.WmtEgfq W, '1 S I A63 Seffiriifziif K 1 1 Aigifififf an 2 101 421 vs ff, ia. 1,1!i,: ,EM +,::.,.,:..1M ,:, wtwg, tg. , Q ,,1 2553 7 12, .M ,an axiom-1sxz1sz1 sihvlvsllfsi xx ,, !S?N95 1 955 ZH rv Q ' .2 13513 , wa .. ,1 f 1' e- 1 Q fy - X il J' QI fy ,g, Q 4 1- QE" fx lv x 1 K My f X fi ' ig, e'mXxWim SQ 22 5 1 2 35 tx tiff Q, S Q, ogy? 1' K ,555 J K ti x W Qc-usa , gg Q? . Mating' , jg, b 2 S if fe W F f 1 1 is K T M g . if ,HL N5 sf 5 STE K Jig 11 1 1. V 1 K 'YN fp ::ggi::1f,,3!',:5g??' 421511-2 3' W X 42' gy ff: . X S H 113, ,,.. , , LZ K K WK V 3 X W L' at KH M Q F 'X UZ Y , un ,, N3 ft fr X H Qi quasi 3 M w 'G Ia e E at 5 f X P NE X Q ww f ' 1 1 5 3 . tk , if Je :Aim , Emi ii 1 X R V m s Xu, X WXXSQK1? 1 5 1 Y ,i ,I A J it 2 iw 1 ,ii inf xx 'W mb xmxjwf, Q Q ? xx A ig X15 X5 X , 3, mg MRP 2 1 11 2 2 ws E, S L z X R K X X Kimi xiii ,,,,5,, Y , nts MN, 2, gf gs 2' it X is Jo N X 1 gt Q-0 5 S15 wi X 1 ,..1 U ff Seacatg Flower-bearer Delilah Atz ffinifirff ,lx 'X' l Z s 'OJM A rs-5 3 S S ei.. 9 1" .N ? '?1 2 A X mg . Ly f 91519 63-.Ins 9 QM MJ XP X3 lay ,R N' 3 X K ' 4 , ' ,S fx SX 0 S QW X1 1 LIBRARY STAFF Marlene Enlow, head of staff Mrs. Hancock, director of library staff and sponsor of library club LIBRARY CLUB Libby Seacat President Dorothy Gilmore Vice-president Patsy Bitner Sec. k Trees. f i King---Jimmy Lee Miller Queen---Phyllis Jean Benz Attendants---Eugene Schotter--Dorothy House--Betty Lou walts--Jimmy Seacat Fall Uarnival Avtivitie SUNSHINE SOCIETY 1955-'54 Left to right, Betty Jo Gibbs, Shirley Senn, Roma Taylor, Norma Adams, Libby Seacat, LaDora Stephenson, Rosemary Jones, Betty Lou Walts, Susie Barksdale, Carole Newlin Mrs. Huddleston, Sponsor The Sunshine Society is an organization in the High Schools of Indiana for girls. It was organized in 1901 for the purpose of spreading NCheer' among our High School Students. Our Sunshine Motto is Wothersn and our Sun- shine Slogan NService Above Se1f.' Our Sunshine Societies throughout the state give liberally to Loan's-Nurses' Scholarship fund, I. U. Riley Hospital Center and other worthy causes. Our local Society was organized in 1949 by a group from Hardinsburg Society and sponsored by Mrs. Golda Knight, for 3 years 1949-'51-'52. In Fall, 1953 Mrs. Frances Huddleston reorganized the Society, with a member- ship of fifteen. Officers for this year are Libby Seacat, President: Rose- mary Jones, Vice President: Norma Adams, Secretary: LaDora Ann Stephenson, Treasurer. FFA SWEETHEART 1953-54 Roma Taylor ATTENDANTS L to R: --I-. .-.. .. .. - ....- - .. .- .A Q? .Q '40 v JQZP6, Ypesg The Milltown culture early in fall and carried made application FFA HISTORY Future Farmer Chapter was organized by the boys taking agri- the fall of 1952. The chapter met several times during the on a variety of activities. In November of 1952 the Chapter for a charter from the Indiana Future Farmer Organization, but the application was not approved. Before a local Chapter can receive a charter from the State, agriculture must be taught in the school one year prior to the time of making application for a charter. Since 1952 was the first year agriculture was taught at Milltown, the application for a charter was not approved. Soon after school started in the fall of 1955, the boys met and elected the following officers: George Hoten, Presidentg Billy Gene Jones, Vice Pres- identg Loran Bowles, Treasurerg Leon Grant, Reporter: Bob Walton, Secretaryg John Eddleman, Sentinel. A more detailed program-of-work was printed and the committees were expanded. The first of November another application for a charter was sent to the State Organization and this time the charter was granted. At the present time the Chapter has eighteen chartered members. JUNIOR PLAY CAST - - - Hrs. Hancock, coach Svozfvglsf Sjjdyllu? Ifu7.?fees 75-f',v U Vwqw Dncfcfv ff COOKS: From left to right: Mrs. Poe, Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Milton BUS DRIVERSr From left to Right: Mr. Rogers, Mr. Rawlings, Mr. Schotter Mr. L. Poe,-Mr. J. Poe CLASS OF 1916 J. Frank Hammond Kathleen Walts Magdaleen Proctor Julia Bye Rebecca Cartert James Lofton Eileen Proctor CLASS or 1917 Earl Rhodes Russel Ross Elmer Proctor CLASS OF 1918 Ed Ferguson Ollie Hanger Delmar Patrick Kirby Rogers Curtis Swarens CLASS OF 1919 Harry Hoffman Helen Flanigan CLASS OF 1920 Dan Saunders Walter Poe Ruth Engleman Vivian Patrick Rex Renriott Oma McAdams Grace Kimbel Willie Proctor co on Basse Lester Key CLASS OF 1921 Nick Lem on Blaine Williams Margaret Carter Edna McNaughton Carl Taylorr Chas. Jackson Cecile Baylor Nolan Poe Alma Poe Beulah Lynch CLASS OF 1922 Stella Saltsgaver CLASS OF 1923 Kenneth Boldt Omer Patrick Ollie Bosse Homer Patrick Arthur Swarens lawn CLASS os 192k Kathleen Bosse Emma McNaughton Knoeful Walts Ruth Patrick Louise Bates Alice Shaffer Naomi Tower CLASS OF 1925 Hazel Whakins John Murphy Ruth Ritchie Owen Benz Carrie Swarensr Ross Baylor CLASS OF 1926 Charles Calvin Madge Kirsch Clarence Wyman Irene Swarens Sheldon Hawkins Thelma Stevenson Arthur Bitner Fred Fergusont Floy Benz Marvin Walts Frank Baylor Effie Boldt Donald Bye Kathleen Boldt Harold Tower Pauline Carrol Violet Seigu Paul Stephenson Fern Saterfield Audrey Seacat CLASS OF 1927 Jessie Tyler Ruth Bye Lucindia Murphy Viola Walton Erma Goldman Lulu Bird Margaret Bitner Ferris Goldman Ella Atz Kedric Harvey Norman Murr CLASS OF 1928 Cleo Deweese William Boldt Ouida Fouts Nick Bye Jesse Helshman Carl Harmon o CLASS OF 1929 Nellie Jones Robert'Cosby Bessie McNaughton Grace Walts Evert Bird Carl Bosse Keith Deweese Emma House Louella Chapman Aileen Littell Melvin Engleman Violet Proctor Mildred Ritchie George Bitner CLASS OF 1930 James Rogers Hulet Murphy Claude Heishman Dana Hoten Wanda Boldt Harriett Littell Ruth Crecelius Reul Proctor Robert Heishmab Eugene Lee . Grace Lynch CLASS OF 1931 Elmer Johnson Crystal Atz Fohn Ed Atz James Atz Evelyn Benz Wanda Boldt Elizabeth Boldt Hildred Clark Luther Crecelius Gordon Colew Leo Schotter Stanley Cosby Rose Anna Bosse Roscoe Fears Meredith Flanigan Stanley Foster George Lois Fouts Dortha Lee Harriet Littell Reul Proctor Bill Rothrock Owen Walts CLASS OF 1932 Gaylord Howerton Ercell Dunn Roy May Lagatha Carrol Frank Clark Viola Cosby Bernice Hammond Geneva Jones Nincent Newkirk Dortha Roggenkamp Richard Summers William Walker Don Bline Lloyd Tower Merrill Johnson Jesse Lincoln Mildred Lee Lloyd Hottell Elison House Beatrice Byrd Priscilla Young Kathleen Byru Belle Harvey CLASS OF 1933 Ellsworth Foster Matthew Totten Alma Duke Fern Gibbs Olive Boldt Bertie Heishman Lucille Igert Kathryn Sarles Crystal Archibald Beatrice Breeden Fern Eddleman CLASS or 1931+ Samuel Dodd Wayne Byerley Wilber Jones Stanley Sarles Francis Walker John Key Audrey Deweese Dortha Eddleman Bell Boldt Elizabeth Clark Elva Rothrock Allene Harmon Dortha Taylor Lenora Bowman Juanita Crecelius Chas. Dietch Walter Stone Clarence Bye Kermit Harmon Willa Mae Atz Ruth Hottell Rachel Cole Laura J. Flanigan Faye Ritchie Marie Swarens Ruth Poe Carmen Byrd Mildred Boldt Stella Rawlings Maud Hollis CLASS OF 1935 Grace Baylor Maola Bowles Lilly Mae Byrum Mary Carroll Brenen Clark Joe Clark Anna Mae Crecelius Wilma Everdon Jack Gibbs Chas. Ham ond Joe Harmon Melvin House Marjorie Byrum Wallace House Leroy Kehrer Mary K. Lee Geo. Wm. Littell Lillian Lynch Bill McWilliams Chas. Sims Myrthe Stephenson Tressie Stephenson Dessie Stephenson John Swarens Harry Taylor Rheba Tower Genevia Walts Wilson Gibbs CLASS OF 1936 Karl Atz Mary Atz Joe Bye Ruth Chapman Helen Duke Glen Eddleman Lloyd House John E- Jones Rowena Jones Dorothy Key Jewel Key Carl C. Lee Jewell Perry Key Charles Lynch Marie Carconnot Juanita Proctor Mildred Roggenkamp Norma Fern Seacat Richard Tyler William Wagner CLASS OF 1937 Ruth Archibald Willie Bowles Helen Marie Aney Franklin Atz Ruth Byrum Elmo Enlow Dorothy Gibbs Cecil Heishman Edna Heishman Donald Hoten Clara Hoffman Wayne Howerton Wanda Proctor Loren Seaton Doris Lee Nale Fern Lynch Carmel McDonald Paul Totten Kenneth Walker CLASS OF 1938 Alice Bowman Lena Mae Byrum Dortha Creceilus Paul Creceilus Justine Davis Irma Lee Duke Virginia Dunn Norma Lee Everdon Frank Ed Gibbs Orpah Lea Ritchie Jay Franklin Swarens Hazel Lincoln Melvin Mackey Allene Taylor CLASS OF 1939 Wilson Baylor Forest Dicus Warren Dubois Wayne Eddleman William Ferguson Ruth Hoffman Laura Pleasant John B. Poe DMePw Eldo Radcliff Dortha Stroud Juanita Sutton Meredith Jenkins Betty Lee McWilliams Luther Miller CLASS or 19140 Viola Nale G. Jerome Rogers E. K. Roggenkamp Jr. Juanita Seaton Eugene Swarens Beulah Toney Henry Walton Glenna Mae Walts Ruth Jenkins Marshall Judd Wilma Kehrer Hazel Wayne Key Iva Jean Lincoln Mabel Lynch Edwin McDonald Melvin Dooley Mary Merryman Ralph Miller Norma Boldt Richard Byrum Howard Clark Mildred Cole Nicholas Elliot Grace Lorraine Gibbs Dorothy Heidorn Marcella Heidorn CLASS OF 19h1 Louise Radcliff Charles Rogers Norman Roggenkampt Esther Seacat Elsie Marie Jenkins Gerald Lockhartt Bertha M. Maymon Helen McDonald Olive Archibald Robert Archiblad Ralph Atzt Virginia Atz Joseph Balmer Paul Bye Elmo Byrd Virginia Byrum Doris Davis William Dooley Lorene Hoffman CLASS or l9h2 Gene Walk Mary Lois Jenkins Lynna Jean Jones Harry Lofton Louis P. Marconnot Helen Marshall Donald Matthews Clyd Miller Madaline Mills Darwin Crecelius Lucille Alice Duke Charles Jr. Fouts Ethel Laverne Gibbs Betty Hutslar Milton Roggenkamp CLASS or l9h3 Joyce Marie Sarles Olive Jean Johnson Paul Lee Satterfield Carrie Mae Seacat Wilma Sieg Dortha Stephenson Imogene Walts Sara Lou Litsey Elizabeth Boston George M. Bye Mary Ann Duke Earnest G. Elliot Jr.H John Harvey Heishman CLASS or lauu Lowell Archibald Olive Marie Byrd Owen Byrd Violet Byrum Emma Jean Edwards Pauline Poe Gene Ritchie Betty Jean Rogers Walter Roggenkamp Iva Satterfield Franklin Mills Marian Lee Mills Roy Wayne Vance CLASS or 19h5 Bessie Byerly Paul E. Byrum Esther Crandall Leon Crandall Bobby Crecelius Robert Henninger Golda Lorene Rogers John Ed Sohlensker Marvin Seacat Eleanor Lofton Katherine Swarens Nadine Walters cLAss or l9h6 Alvin Batman Doris Boston Billie Hugh Deweese Phyllis Lee Edwards Allison Loraine Enlow David Gibbs Georgia Dee Harris Martha Elaine Hutslar Laura Lorraine Hutlsar Edith Nicholason Bonnie Jean Perkins Howard Rogers Phyllis Roggenkamp Jerrell Lee Sarles Janeice Evelyn Seacat Robert Smith Ethel Pearl Jenkins Juanita Pearl Jenkins Virginia May Maxine McPheeley Mary Kay Mills CLASS or l9h7 Floyd Archibald Norma Baylor William Lester Byerly Marion Byerly Loren Byrd Rex Crecelius Charles Ralph Dubois Ethel Jean Enlow Elmer Schlensker Larry Jean Stephenson Gertrude Jenkins Beulah Linton Marily Jane Lofton Warren Walton cLAss or 19MB Dorothy Balmer Mary Jane Byrum Velma June Clark Harold Lee Crecelius Harriet Crecelius Alice Jeanette Goss Grace Ellen Jones Leo Jones Anita Jean Melton Louis Henry Onstott CLASS or 19h9 John H. Hofhnan Jean Hutslar Russel Poe Lyle D. Boldt Dorothy Senn Lowell D. Boldt James May Delores Linton Philo Jones Marvin Sarles Vonda Howerton Lafon Seacat William Milton Betty Little Ralph Newkirk CLASS or 1950 Charles F. Edwards Estil E. Enlow Joy Dunn Joyce Dunn Clayton Jones Virginia O. Roggenkamp James B. Stephenson JuwsS.Bmswe Margaret E. Swarens Doris Marie Byrum Harold L. Eddleman Jack Deweese Virginia L. Bowles Vera E. Seacat Jerry R. Hutslar Alvin L. Stephenson Wanda M. Poe Charles E. Taylor Mary G. Byrd Louise L. Jones Richard W. Crecelius Lowell W. Seacat Wilma Schlensker Joe Allstott CLASS OF 1951 Kenneth E. MoFelea Thomas M. Kessler Billy Joe Byrd Verne Willis Eillene Heishman Mary Ann Jackson Cecil Sarles Jr. Ruby Miller Revis Crecelius Mary Lee Norris Jo Ann Lockhart John Ed Bowles Mary Lou Baylor Leon Crecelius GLASS OF 1952 JoAnn Marie Seacat David Roark Mary Marie Balmer J. O. Ferguson Ed Ferguson Ed Funk Roy Cox Cleda Eckert Frank Hammond Frances Adams Bobbitt Rebecca Carter Orville Cornwell Carter Adams Earl Young Eugenia Lemmon Ralph Watson lewis Haycox Paul Riley Donald Sloan Paul Phillips Edith Byrum Elizabeth Hancock Frances Huddleston Arthur Windell Elmore Crecellus Ollie T. Bosse Ruth Whaley Buren Hooper Eulalah McMichael Emma Benz Ruth Black Ralph McKee Hansel Haycox Rella Dean Jones Jack Hutslar Janice Byrn Jesse Spencer Ruth Bowles Weldon Dooley Max Ray Edwards Gordon Byrum Ovada McFelea Charles Bell Helen Jean Atz Catherine Marie Poe Margaret Eddleman June Byerly CLASS OF 1953 FACULTY M MBERS OF M LLTOWN HI Past and Present Joe Taylor Custodian Marquita Howerton Donald Spencer Richard Metzger Philip Enlow Laverne Atz Roy Lofton Joyce Poe Spencer Taylor Carol Yates Helen Sutton George Morgan Marcella Miller Martha Jo Jackson Barbara Mills Clifford Jones Betty Ruth Senn David Lee Jones GH SCHOOL Kathryn Bossa J. Ed Peters Ethel Ritchie Golda Knight Augusta Lang Anna Bye Florence Benz Fern Totten Bee Moore Nolan Poe Alta Van Meter Cleo Borseth Sara leffler Stella Hibbard Elaine Davis Laurence Wheatley Ralph Hanger William Johnson Arthur Williams Mildred Benz Grace Summers Dewey Harger Clayton Conrad Faye Ritchie Una Willis Orin Fllnn Irene Bosse Curtis Swarens Mary Littell nn 1, 7 V Y 3, , v Y 5 X Ar 1 1 w J'- 'af 1 Q2 W' M W 7WWMWM5W SYRAW Qwmpiw M Riff if 70 Qui WWW W of Wwjg CMP, 3' 52" M WWMQMH WW 3 ifanfnsfdnhi My 5 My - wi5f fQWW wwf WWQZQEQ? W Www by WW HMM l Y, Y Y if .YV r- .T v ,,, X ah P '1- -K-l-K-KKK! KKKKKKKKKK E. K. ROGGENKAMP co.. INC. CHEVROLET AND OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service FERGUSON OLIVER FARM MACHINERY We Use Only Genume Pcrrts on All Repcurs We Servlce A11 Makes of Cars GOODRICH TIRES AND TUBES 24 Hour Wrecker Servrce MILLTOWN INDIANA ' 1 3 3 3 3 3 I 3 3 3 3 3 I 3 3 3 U"3-3-1-3-3"3-I-X-H-1"3-3-H-3-I-5-3-3"3"3-3-H 3 I 3 3 Compliments of HARRISON COUNTY BANK PALMYRA INDIANA Compliments ot HARRISON COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO OP Phone 8 0545 I' I' P L L L L L L L I T I' L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L F' L ZZEITFK SCS SURGE C21 GCIS SSSCICKCK 5515. CIKZGGCK Be Sure to See World Famous WYANDOTTE CAVE 40 Miles East of Santa Claus Guided Tours One of the Largest Caves in the World Beautiful Wyandotte Lodge Excellent Accomodations - Fine Food 3E E TRI-MOTOR COMPANY Shell Products General Auto Repairs Phone 42-R MARENGO INDIANA .. , .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1-1-1 -1-1- -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 1 1 I I X Q K K K K W. K 1'-K1141K1K1inK:Q1Q1QQQQK1-1-lu-1-Qq1111QzK1l1Qi-Kmlu-l-Q-Ku-KzK-l-rl'-Q-K-l1l-ll- NO "HIGH HATS" HERE Even Though Your Account May Be Small It Is Important To Us and Very Welcome in Our Bank THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member of Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposits Insured Up 'ro 510,000.00 FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of A11 Kinds Don't Be A Wish I Had-I Wish I Had Some Insurance Buy Your Insurance From Our Insurance Department IVIILLTOWN. INDIANA 1-1-Q-t-1, L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L 3 3 I I 3 3 3 3 3 I I 3-Y-3-1-3-3-3-I-1-3"3-1-3-3-1-I-1-1-3-3-3"3"3'3-3-1'Y-3-5-5-3-3-3-3-I-3"3"'5"3-3-1" g Q 1.g-g.Q-Q.g.g-Q-Q.-Q-L-Q-1-Q..Q-Q.g.g.Q-g-1-g-Q-Q.g.g.g.Q..g.L.Q..1..g-g-k-l-K-k-K-K-l-K-K-K-K-K-K-K K K Congratulations Seniors CLAUDE POE Lumber and Building Material MARENGO INDIANA S S HURST STEPRO LUMBER CO NC Building Supplies Lumber Phone 8 1205 CORYDON INDIANA - - - - - - I- -33153113311 S111 Compliments oi MCCUTCHEON FEED MILL FREDERICKSBURG INDIANA Compliments of STATE BANK OF HARDINSBURG HARDINSBURG INDIANA ' u , I . sl ul J ' .1 3 I 3-3-I-3-3"3-1-X-X-3-3-I-3-3-3-I-I-I-3-I-5-5"3'-3-I-1-I-3-I-3-1-5-3-1-3-3-3-3-X-5'X-3-1-H-3-3-3-3 I 3 l Q K K K l K K K I K K I Q11-QQQQQ-KI-Q..Q1Q-Qmlql-K1Q1Q1Q1Q.-Q-.4111-A-K-inQ-le-11115-1-LQKQKQQQQ1 PARKS CHEVROLET -CHEVROLET- Sules Service Better Used Cars and Tmcks Phone 84165 827 East Chestnut Street CORYDON. INDIANA Compliments of PALMYRA LUMBER CO. I-'or Quality Building Materials Call Palmyra 4302 North on Road 135 L L L ,L 315-3- 3 3-l"3'l-l-3-l"l- 3-3-l-3-5-3-5- L L L L I' T I' I L I L L I L L L I D L L L L L L L I D I L L L L L L I L I L L L L L L I L L I L L I L L L L 1-X-l-3-l -nwunynxuqzjuu -3-l-3'l'3'l-I -l I-5-3-l"l-3-3-3-l'l 311 nm 1x 131 131311 3'l 5 3 l X 3 H 5 3 3 3 H I 3 3-3-X-3-3-1-1-l'3-l'3-5-3-I-3-3-1-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-l-3-3'3'3-3-3-l"3'T-3-3-3-3"'3' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 7 1 I -K-K-l-K-K-C-l-K-Gl-K-L-Q-l-l-.L.-1-Q-Q-g-Q-L-Q-L-Q-1-Q-Q-Q-Q-1-k-K-l-K-K-l-K-K-I-K-K-K-K-K-K-K'-l-K-K K K 4 Greetings From STEPHENSON AND COMPANY General Merchants and Funeral Directors LEAVENWORTI-I INDIANA HOOSIER STATE SERVICE STATION Meadow Gold Ice Cream Cigarettes and Cigars Soft Drinks Candy MILLTOWN INDIANA For Those Who Want Quality HOME FURISHINGS and MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS There is no better or more convenient place to shop than CONRAD S HOME CENTER CORYDON INDIANA WOLFE MOTOR SALES Studebaker Sales and Service Phone 263 ul sl -I J I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .! K-l-K-l-K-K-K-l-Q-K-l-K-K-K K-l-K-K-k-l- -K-K-l-l- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -L I 1 1 l . . 1 1 - . I 1 II CORYDON INDIANA 4 1 ' U I sl 4 E 1 U -' I I -f I I - I 1 I 1 I I 1 " I I 1 -f I I 1 I I 1 f I I I .1 -f I 1 - 1 I .... 1 31 1 13:51 -313131 u- A 1313 -Xnj-3-1nyinxzjnygy-3-.y-xnjnj-q- -31513-.313-X-.x-X-3-3.-x 3 3 I- I 1 l K K k K K K K 1 1 l K -K-K-l-K-Q-1-.Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-1-L-Q-1-1-1-L-Q.. g.g.q.g..g-1.1. -Q-L.g.1..g..g. CRAYDEN'S STERLING HATCHERY Baby chicks Ducklinqs RAMSI-IY, INDIANA U. s. Approved U. s. Pullorum Clean -Q-g..g...g..Q..g..g.g.t..g.g.g.. -Q g..g. -Q-g-t-Q-t-k-Q-k-k-l-t-t-t-k-l-k- SENIORS Mczy the Best of Everything in Life Be Yours HY-ROCK PRODUCTS COMPANY MARENGO. INDIANA Pihone Marengo 33 Crushed Stone and Agricultural Limestone 1-1-L-1-L L L I L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L I 3 3 3 I X I 3 3 I 3 3 3 3-5-3"3"3"3-3'3'H-I-3-3-1-3-I-3-i-5-3-3-I-X-3-I-3-I-3-3-1-1-3-3"1-3'3-3-1-3'1" k K K-K-K-l-l-K-k-k-t-t-l-k-t-i-Q-Q..1.g.q.g.g.g.Q.Q-Q.g.g.g...g.g.g.g.1.-g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.q.g.g.g.g.Q..g..1-1 ALBIN'S I EWELRY Watches - Diamonds Silver - China - Crystal CORYDON INDIANA Compliments of THRIFT OIL CORYDON INDIANA S5 Comphments of VANCE MILLING COMPANY MARENGO INDIANA Compliments of ANDY S CAF E Phone 3321 PAOLI INDIANA I Z1 SZ 5555 3593155293 SS 54 I .I I, I . I I. I, I, .I .I , . . I, -! , -I , I. I, I, I, I, I, I I I .I .I 5-I 1 1 Q Q x I T I, f I, f I F 1 I -f I I A -1 I I, f I, I I A -' I I A H I I, 7 I, 7 I ' f ' -f I I 1- -' I. .I - L I L -f I I A -f I I, f I' I I -1 I I '- -f I I A T I 1 L I I II Compliments of DE-ROSE BEAUTY SHOP CORYDON INDIANA 1 HURST MILES HDWE. CO. Home of Famous Brands in Appliances and Hardware CORYDON INDIANA Compliments of THE TREE PALMYRA INDIANA Comphments of RITTER S FURNITURE STORES PAOLI and FRENCH LICK INDIANA Q l K K K K R K l K L 1 K K k-k-Q-Q-1-l-Q-Q-L-Q. -L-1.g.1..g.g..g. To Reach the People of Crawford Couniy Place Your Message in the CRAWFORD COUNTY DEMOCRAT THE NEWS-MESSENGER ENGLISH PUBLISHING COMPANY I ENGLISH. INDIANA Q...g. 1 -Q..g..g..g.g.g..g..Q..g-1-1-g.g..g g..g..g..g.g-1-m-l-t-K-k-K-K-t-t-i-1-K-A K Compliments of CARL KRODEL CANDY CO. IASPER, INDIANA I3313313313331BXHXIHXHBYXHIHBIHYXIXXII-I-3-3-3-I-1"3"3-3"3"3-3-3"3 P I' P L L L L L L L I f I' L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L 'I ZETF1 Clover Valley Chicks U. S. Approved - Clean 'Nuff Said CLOVER VALLEY HATCHERIES RAMSEY INDIANA 5555555 MERIWETHER MARATHON STATION Your Marathon Dealer S FREDERICKSBURG INDIANA Compliments of THE CORYDON STATE BANK Member of F D I C CORYDON INDIANA SSS SESS 51 555555 ul sl V L L L L L L bl It L I I L - ' T 11 . ul ,V . I, . I, I. I, L L L I, i-l-K- -9- - - .L L L L L L L L L L L I 1 . L L 1 7 TONEY S SERVICE STATION Dependable Service Parts - Accessories - Necessities Completely Guaranteed Armstrong Tires MARENGO INDIANA SILVER HOOK RESTAURANT Country Ham Dinners Short Orders - Soft Drinks The Food is Delicious Greyhound Bus Station LEAVENWORTH INDIANA : Congratulations Seniors of 1954 RAMSEY POPCORN CO RAMSEY INDIANA E ARLIE TROWBRIDGE FREDERICKSBURG INDIANA Compliments of ATZ AND SONS MILLTOWN INDIANA I5 52 Q I-I 5 I I L L L .I . L L L L -3-5-3-3-3-3-T' -3-3-5'l'3-3-3-3-3-3-I-3-3-I-3'H-1-3-I-3-3-3'-1-3-I-I-3-I-3-3-X-3 I 1 3 I 3 3 3 I 3 3 I 3 1 1 I 3 3 I 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-1-1-3-1'3-3-l"1-3-3 X I You Will Find It Easier To Save If You Have A Plan To Save A Set Amount From Each Amount of Money Received You Cannot Manage Successfully Without It By Making the Right Use of This Bank You Will Find It Much Easier K gl To Handle Your Financial Affairs in An Ortlerly Manner ENGLISH STATE BANK ENGLISH INDIANA Member Federal Reserve System SSC' 155f, 5 Compliments of SPENCER SUPPLY STORE The Firestone Store Passenger Car, Truck, Tractor Tires CORYDON INDIANA Congratulations seniors of 1954 MARENGO STATE BANK s I Hawkins MARENGO INDIANA I L L L L L L L L L I I. L L L I I I I' L I I' l K K-K-K-l-l-l-l-K-K-K-K-K-I-K-K-l-K-l-K-W -K-l- - -K-K-l ---- K-K-l-K- -K-l- -l-K-i-K- '-K-l- - --K T I' L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L - L ' I L L Open A Savings Account With Us - We Shall Be Glad To Serve You L I L L ' L L L L L L L L L L L L L - L ' I L L L L L L L L L L L L H I L L L L L L L n 0 ' 5 3 3-X-I-X-3-3-5-3-3-3-3-X-5-3-3'-3-I-3"'3'3'1-3"3-3-3-3-I-3'I-I-3"3-1-3-3'W-3-3-3-I-l"3"3-3"5-3"3"'3"3"3- 1 1 we l 'v T 1 5 Q 1 5 1 1, 1: Sm Few i mg 5 1 gg 51115111 z5'EB 1 o i 1 aw R eww 1 f-0 1 'f H 3:13 083 UH 0 1' 45 I Egwv gn-Q '-! 5 f'--- f ill-U T ' ggwg 293, U' 2 510 f E5 1' z 'D I.. I., Q-lb' " Ulm !. v-EEE 5255 5 Hg 1? .15 5 1 E"'9. ami-L'-1 H 5 l 10 f Qu: ,,,.,,:1: 7PZ,,,rl1 I VIH- f ' 0-1 EQ gm Zagr- f '-I L 1 N H- v- I U 1- -4 fl'-1 1'3" Q "'l A mm I 1 m E L 5 f 1' 0 Q :u I If Q Q I, ,. " jK-K-k-K-K-l-l- - ESG Z - g' 1 T i -4 I I I f f 1 5 1 2 E 0 1 1 ww f 5 Q 0 S f f 5:18 T E 4 EFS S 7 -1 T LTI L-' F 1 3:1 I 8 5 min-12' 2 5 1 1 f H +f1. 14 f 1 1 agen: Q? 'f o i 1 mv 5 95255 :gin -F512 L I W5 f 31455 5-sm gan' 5 1 ig f agm'-1 mga 11122 f 4 55" f 12.532 ,QHLQ EWU i 1 1119- 1 6""Q'W emu' za S 1 E U' I - 5 M52 s. i 1 E5 1 -I H 5 ff- 1 1 'U T :u H '5-' T 1 E 1 E E 'D E 1 1 I 1 -1 I 1 f f ' H Y Y Y. P, r r if ,, 7' T, r if Y I I 1 I I 9 9'-l-l-I-l-K-i-K-K-K-l-l-t-t-l-t-t-Q-t-1.g..Q..1...g.g.g..g..t-1.Q..1..g..g.g.g.t.1-L-g..t-t.g.g.q.. We THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 Wish to Thank Everyone Who Purchased Advertisements And Helped Make This Yearbook Possible 455115. MILLTOWN CONCRETE CO.. INC. Sam 6. Charlie Building Material, Hardware. Coal. Feed, Ice MILLTOWN. INDIANA THE BARN The moon has set and the night is done: The red plastic barn gleams in the sun. Snug in her air-conditioned stall A hefty Holstein gives her all. Recorded music with a pastoral theme Charms hom her gallons of cream. While another of her ilk, Emits containered chocolate milk. A self-propelled conveyor hose Deposits before each bovine nose A single pill, contents guaranteed To substitute lor tons of feed. Modern cows don't do things by halves. With hormones they'l1 give triplet calves. Each of which tno longer a sensation? Commences immediate lactation. One gives cream, another plain or ordinary milk, THE Tl-IIRD VANILLA ICE CREAM WRAPPED IN PURPLE SILK. 1-K- x s x s x 3-1-x-x-x-m-s-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-m-x-s-x-x-m-x-x-1-x-1-x-x-x-1-x-1-x-x-5-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x I I I I I K K I I K-l-i-1-t-Q-L-x-L-L-Q-g.t-Q-Q-g.g.1...Q-Q.g.g.g.I-l-Q-Q-L-1-Q-L-Q-I-K-I-K-K-K-K-I-K-I-K Compliments of H T HUDSON'S GROCERY Phone 8-3345 CORYDON INDIANA K K Ir-K-K- -i-l- -K-K-in-l-CQK-K-l-I-nl MARTIN S HATCHERY, INC. R O P. Breeding Farm U S Pullorum Clean Chicks All Kinds of Poultry Dairy and Hog Feeds e Contract Feed and Chicks to RAMSEY INDIANA :causes BLUE RIDGE Cider and Souvenirs 8M Miles East of Paoli 4 Miles West of Hcrrdinsburg. Indiana On State Road 150 Compliments of PAOLI DRIVE-IN THEATRE PAOLI INDIANA - .. - - .. - - .. - - ul 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 U 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 jwhhhhhm-- 1 1 1 -! I 1 I . . J Q! . . 1 1 E! I 1 w 1 Broiler Growers ul 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 uf ul ul " -m-x-I ------- I I I I l'I 5111-1 ZS 5 EGGS 51 GS - - - ..I.t. -555 J J J ul J J V 1 1 I. I. 1 1 1 .l, I. I. I. I. 1 1 I. J I I t I Q 1 1 I. 1 1 1 I. I. 1 1 1 I. BARKSDALE'S ,- Ladies' and Men's Wear A PAOLI INDIANA ,- :Q-:L:cs:c:n:Lm I CUNNINGHAM'S ,- For Nationally Advertised f Watches and Jewelry " Guaranteed Watch and Clock Repair " CORYDON INDIANA " Compliments of ,- ORANGE COUNTY BANK f Member of Federal Deposit Insurance ,- Corporation ' PAOLI INDIANA '- ZS Compliments of ,. EMlLY'S SERVICE STATION , AND RESTAURANT " 1' !- L L I. L I. I L I I I L L I. I- I. I- I. I' L L I I- L I L I I I- I I I I L I I L I !. L L !- L L L I I- I L I I !. I I L I- L I. L !- L I. I I L L I !. I I I RAMSEY INDIANA l L !- I. I I I I K l K-l-K-K-K-l-K-1-Q-g..Q-1-Q-Q-L..Q-Q-1.4.g.g..g.. SANITARY MARKET Fresh Meats Vegetables Groceries Sanitary Service R. E. Derr, Prop. Member of Federal Reserve Sysiem Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CORYDON INDIANA 1-K l-l-K-K-i-l-l-hK-l-l-K-K-K-i-K-K-K-I-K-K-K-K-K K l S55 EGP' Pi e E an 2 52.9-5 5 2 E 5 1.35 555535 SZ , ul :J .l .l .1 .! 1 .! .! 1 .! .! I .l .1 .! .l .! .! .! I .! 1 .! .l .! an .! .! 1 .! .1 i .! .! 1 .! .l .l .! .! 1 .I .l l .l .l .! l 1 c -I Compliments of CARRIE M. BRISCOE Manager of the IAY C STORE 1vm.1.'rowN, INDIANA E5 REASOR OIL SERVICE Your Friendly Marathon Dealer See "Buck" Motor Oil, Fuel Oil and Gasoline Delivered to Farmers and Dealers Phone 8-3815 CORYDON INDIANA .I I I I I I I I I I I .I I KENNETH H. BROWN AND SON -1.Q.g-Q.g.g.g.Q.g.g.g.g.g.Q.g.g.g.g.g..g-g.-L.-g-Q-Q-1.1.Q.g-g.Q...g.g-Q-t-t-K-l-R-K-t-1-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-I K l -.4 .I ,I Modern Farm Equipment I Authorized 1 Allis-Chalmers - New Holland Dealer I I Phone 279-18 I S. Capitol and Beech Street I CORYDON INDIANA SOVEREIGN SERVICE STATION Gas O11 Tires Road Service Cigarettes and Soft Dnnks Phone 30-2 LEAVENWORTH INDIANA 533 SZ SS. E SSG itll 559555215 'IKQKSKSK-K-IKCK-K-KSK-K-1K-KSK-IK'-K-Kl-K1K-K-K1K-K-K-K-K-K-Kl-K1-K-K-K-K'-K-K-K-K-K-KsK-KI-K-K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K .4 I I I I .I I . .I .I I. I. 3 . I. I, ' 1 , - . 'I . .I ly I I. -I . .I I. I. .I .I .I f-K-fK- -K-K-K- -I ,. V n I. I. I. .I .I ., I. I. I. I. I. I. .. .I J u .I .I . .I I. I .I .I .I .I -4 v BILL'S AUTO PARTS Your Local Scrap Dealer Wrecker Service Auto Glass Installed Farm Tire Service Tire Vulcanizing and Recapping Radiators Cleaned and Repaired U. S. Tires and Accessories Scrap Iron - Metal Machinery Steel Complete Auto Parts ' Machine Shop Phone 209-6 CORYDON INDIANA Compliments of UNDERWOOD MOTORS Ford Sales and Service Phone 8 3455 CORYDON INDIANA I I I-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-t-K-l-K-l-K- -i-x-L-1-Q-.Q...Q-L-Q-g..q...g.Tg.g-g-Q-g-1-1- Q-1-g.Q..g..1.g.1-Q.1..L..L..Q-g.g..g.g.g.i I 'Q I I I .I I I I I I I I I I I Compliments of I I BERLIN S I I I : Southern Indiana s Leading Department I Q Store CORYDON INDIANA ' ztcmms-:Lex ezcc.-nzccmfztcinuzffitcffzf Compliments of G W EASTRIDGE 1 H C PONTIAC Sales and Services Phone 84 ENGLISH INDIANA I I ' T I E U SZ S5121 A W1 1 . evoo . A A Y A A A .s ' .4 J. 4 ' I I I I 1 u -I . -I . I . I I 1 0 I . ' -I I . I I - - I . . I I A I I I I 4 I I I . l -:racer I I I I I I I 1 5 I an I L-' I "" - 1 E J . I -1 I E hd I W' -I l':I I W 1 ru I I I I I I W I"I"'I'I"I"I"I-I-I'I'I'I'I-5'I-I-I-I-I'3"I"5'I'I-I-I-'I'I"'I"I"I-I"3'3"'I'I"I"I"5-I-3'I"'3-I"3'I'I-I'I'I'3-I-3'-H1313 I I 3 I I I I I 3 Z3 GZ. SG I' I I I I I I I I I I I I I DAVID Y. MONROE - Iohn Deere Sales and Service 529 E Walnut Street I I I I I I Phone 8-3955 I I CORYDON INDIANA I Compliments of ENGLISH INDIANA Compliments of Your Norge cmd Philco Dealer Bendix Automatic Washer Hardware and Stoves KITTERMAN MOTOR CO Pontiac GMC Trucks Sales and Service Q 1...g...g...g.L.g.g-Q-Q-Q.Q-1-1-Q..g..Q.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.QTQ.g.g.g.g-q.g.g..g-g-Q.t.Q...1...g-L..g.g-g..g-g.g.g.g-t-t I' ' t 3 I 1 T I ,- 1 - L 1 f Y A I' -I I ' . e ALSTOTT S CORYDON INDIANA TAYLOR S GENERAL STORE Groceries Meats Dry Goods Shoes for Everybody MARENGO INDIANA WATSON PROCTOR HARDWARE CO Rugs Pmnt Plumbmg Supphes Seeds Electrical Apphances Stoves and Ranges MII.LTOWN INDIANA Comphments of MARENGO VARIETY STORE DryGoods Notions rits MARENGO INDIANA I I I s Capitol Ave Phone 8-01 : I common INDIANA : I I I 5 HOOSIER RED FARM AND I-IATCHERY Quality Chicks Master Mix Feeds RAMSI-IY INDIANA x::u:n:s MARVIN ROBERTSON POULTRY HOUSE All Kinds of ceunuy Produce 5. Eggs Mmu-:Neo mnumn Congratulations Seniors DAVIS DRUG STORE Prescriptions Filled Phone 8-2155 . CORYDON INDIANA f f f f I' f' fl f 3 f K I K-lifihk LSI-K1K1l1L1L-L-I1Q1L1Q-I LSL Y-'LSL'-L Q' 3 L L L L - L L L L L L L L L L L L L L f L L L L L - L . L L - . Q . . L , - - L L L L , L L L L L L L L L L L . L L H L U L . L - H L . I G L L L L L L L i i A A I 3 5 !'l-3-3"3-3-3-3- - -5- - -3-I-3 -11 K K Q"K-Q1ll-Q1K1K1IPK1Q1li-QIIKHQ-Ksl:K-Q-QQQQQ-111-.QuiIK-K-Q1Q-l1l1l1Q1l1Q-QQQ-L1Kgl-.QQQQQQQQQQQQ-4-.1 L .1 PINAlRE'S Shell Service Station Restaurant Highway 64 Phone 42 RAMSEY INDIANA ATKIN S SERVICE STATION Standard Service I 1 I .! I E H DRAKE AND SMITH All Kinds of Rough Building Material Also Buyer oi Logs and Lumber E H MILLTOWN. INDIANA I1 E Compliments of BURNETT S GARAGE Gulf Service Cigarettes - Candy - Soft Drinks DEPAUW INDIANA Complete Line of Accessories NEW SALISBURY INDIANA 1 1 5 3 3'3'3-3'1"1"3-3-1-3-3-H-3-3-3-5-5-3-I-X-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-1-3-5"5-1-3-1'3-3-1-3"X'l-3-X"H-3-3-3-3 3 I .! -K-l-l-K-l-K-K-K-K-K-isK-K-K-l-K-K-l-K-l-l-l-l-K-K-QrK-i-l-K-K-K-l-K-l-l- -l-l-K-K-K-K-K-k-K-K-K-K--K--l-K I I I I 1 I I I I I 1 I I I I .1 I " .I Compliments of I Compliments Of I- "' I .I I F -I HANGER'S FEED STORE I BYRD S 'SHOP I' I ENGLISH INDIANA ENGLISH INDIANA I .1 I T I L ' I I I 1 i' I I ,! 55555591 I I I I I I 1 . I .I RUTH E. DAVIDSON Ccmpllmenfs of I- I Drugs cooIc's I E Sundqes Sandwiches U Clothing and Shoes for the Family E: :I MILLTOWN. INDIANA ENGLISH INDIANA It I ' I I I 1 I I ccczmmms :nz I. ,L ,- I I 1 T I I I ,- I W E E NERS AND SONS ELLISON BAKING CORP. I. :I ' 'I N SwcInson's Home Style Cookies I F d S ' ,. i or ewlce Try 'em, They're Good I MARENGO INDIANA ,- II PALMYRA INDIANA I, I ,- -' I I I 1 T 1 T 1 I 1 I I II i I L I I I 1 H I I I I I I ,E Compliments of H Congratulations Seniors I- -I NALE'S GROCERY MARY LOU. WAYNE. I- I IvIII.I.'IowN, INDIANA AND ION HOWERTON I I I I I I I 1 . T 1-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I I -x Compliments of IACOBI SALES AND SERVICE Farm Equipment I PALMYRA INDIANA dance: Groceries Meat Dry Goods Shoes Lower Prices Better Quality ACKSON S Since 1889 MILLTOWN INDIANA OTT-O-SERVICE U Compliments oi Sinclair Gas General Repairing FREDERICKSBURG INDIANA CORYDON LOCKER PLANT common INDIANA Q 1 k-K-l-K-l-K-K-Q-i-K-R- - t-i- g..g.Q.'. Q-1-Q. -. -1- -Q.g.g..Q.. .. - .. .. -g.g.Q. .g.g.. ...I -I I I I .I I I I .I I I I 3 1 I-3-3'3-X-3-1"Y-I-1-I-I-I-I-3'1-I-T-3'Y'3-1'l'1-I-1-3'T"I"T'3-I-I-1-3'l-I-3'3-I-I-I"T"'3-I'1-3-1-1 3 I I q.g.g.g.g.g.g.I.1.4-Q-I.g.I.1.Q..1.Q.g.g.g.g..I-g.t.Q..g...g.g.g-.Q-I-t-t--t-l-l-K-R-K-K-K-l-K-R-K-K-1-K M. GRIFFIN 6 COMPANY. INC. Dry Goods - Clothing - Shoes - Hats Blankets - Umbrellas - Infants Wear Ball Band Rubbers - McCall Patterns CORYDON INDIANA ...-----..-----......... I..----- Congratulations Semors MILLTOWN SERVICE STATION John Poe Prop MILLTOWN INDIANA :u:n:ff:m:I Complunents of HAMMOND S GROCERY MILLTOWN INDIANA FRANK BYE S BARBER SHOP Also Agent for Bunal Memonals and Crosley Television MILLTOWN INDIANA I LOCUST Gnovn I corrnfz sHoP I Where You Find Good Coffee You Find Good Food We Have Both I I I I I HARDINSBURG INDIANA ' I I I I I cccrcmncxezgn Comphments of MCCLARY FUNERAL HOME Phone 13 Funeral and Ambulance Sennce IVIILLTOWN INDIANA GREENS IEWELRY STORE Iewelry and Watch Repair MARENGO INDIANA Cornp1.rnents of FRANCIS GROCERY PILOT KNOB INDIANA I' I f' I' P' I' I' I I' f' f' I' i. f' I I I . I , I ' I I I I . .I . I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I ' I , , I I I - I I I I I I I I I Q a. I' I I I I I , I . I I ' I . . L , ' I . . f I . I I I I I I I 3 3 I-I'I-X-I-3-1-I-X-I-H-I-I-I-3"I" -3-1-3-3-I-I-I'I-I'I-3-I-3-I-I-1-I-3-3-3-3-I-3-3-I-3-5-H'B-3-I-3-3 K K K K l-l-l-l-l-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-I-K-K-l-K-l-K-K-WQ :ll-l- -1- -K-l- h - -l-i-K- - - K I I J E SWARENS AND ADAMS Funeral and Ambulance Service Ramsey - Phone 73 Marengo - Phone 41 WILLIAM S CAFE Plate Lunches Home Made Pies BUS STOP MILLTOWN INDIANA E H I E ZSCIK 55 535. WEILBAKER IEWELRY Watches - Diamonds - Iewelry Silverware A11 Watches Timed by Electronic Timing PALMYRA INDIANA y-1--131313 -13-1-11'--11111---.1 Compliments of DR 6 MRS DAVIS MILLTOWN INDIANA 113 "H YSHTIHIHBXIXB I 1 u I 1 3 3 5 3 I-X-3-3-3-3-3'1-3-3-3-5-3-I-3"3-H-i-I-3-3-3-3"1-I-1-I-3'5'3-1-H-3"!-5-3-1-5-1-H-3-H-I-5-5-1 3 1 YY 7-7 V ,Q I 1 3 5, 1 6QWx I S ii! wa, INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers A Cover Munufurturers - Book Bxnders rmoszv - Home omcf Kansas City ! ke 1 35 3 F? is S 2 1 L. 1. 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Suggestions in the Milltown High School - Wheel Yearbook (Milltown, IN) collection:

Milltown High School - Wheel Yearbook (Milltown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


Milltown High School - Wheel Yearbook (Milltown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Milltown High School - Wheel Yearbook (Milltown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 68

1954, pg 68

Milltown High School - Wheel Yearbook (Milltown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 119

1954, pg 119

Milltown High School - Wheel Yearbook (Milltown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 98

1954, pg 98

Milltown High School - Wheel Yearbook (Milltown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 80

1954, pg 80

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