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E . li E B4 21 E 3 H s n 5 5 ? 3 E 5 5 Ei E 2 E 2 Q S 2 1 T 1 2 '4 5 'B -2 E 1 E E S P 5 5 3 5 3 5 3 S E E 5 an E f 5 fi 3 e 9 . W 11 1 5 , Il ff 3 5 5 E r THE JKILLWHEEL Published by THE CLASS OF ,27 VOLUME II MILLTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Milltown, Indiana QL HE MILLWHEELJQ FOREWORD Students and Friends: Each memory of our High School days has been too pleasant to cast aside. We must go after success, since it will not voluntarily come to us. We cannot live again these pleasant days, in reality, but we have gathered together, our life here in Milltown High School, organized, and bound it within a book, so that in the future, as we turn the pages of our High School days, we may live them over again in memory. This Annual, we have not adorned with highfflown language or any' other extrinsic attraction, but the value of our Subject, Dear Old M. H. S., alone recommends it. "We push time from us and we wish him back." 2 fm HE MILLWHEELJP NICHOLAS EDWARDS DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of 1927, in due respect and honor, and to the memory of the deceased member of our class, dedif cate this volume of the MillfWheel. 'To live in hearts we leave behind, is 'not to die 3 W-'THE MILLWHEELJF BOARD OF EDUCATION MARTIN LYNCH J. HARRY LEMMON L. E. FLANIGAN Secretary President Treasurer O. F. BOLDT Trustee Whiskey Run Township "He who achieves success does so because he has prepared for it. 4 THE MILLWHE 'wb Jr' fs MILLTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOL Erected A. D. 1923 "Schools are built to svtuoly ln, not to look at 5 TH E MILLWH E 'bb Ja'- IN PENSIVE MOOD Dear old abode of learning, Dear old familiar place, You've made pothooks in our memory That time can ne'er erase. We love your rooms and hallways- At least in retrospectg We cannot quite say we felt that way When answers weren't correct. Dear old deserving teachers, Each of a kind warm heart Forever thus, you will be to us, Though time and distance part. We love your idiosyncracies Although we must admit To stints unlearned, your glances burned, Your comments fairly bit. Dear old superintendent, Cast in a noble mold, We'll recollect you with respect Till all our years are told. We love your ways and methods- But, Oh, your darkling calm When tempests blew, ah, then we knew Though guiltless, many a qualm! Dear old adoring schoolmates, Friends of our yesterdays, We can truly add, we'rc a wee bit sad, O'er this parting of the ways. We love your awed devotion- But, Oh, your childishness. For Seniors to be seen with you Has caused us much distress. "Life's master-word is, Work."-W 6 books kite QLTHE MILLWHEELJ6-5 f Q i ' X A .mu X J, L -f Z D 'V f rr""'1""l 1 1 1 f V , 1 fl' ff , f 1 Q W X 1 , 4 . , .-114 A ' a nd TY NORIH "?f' Tdtffh d 7 THE MILLWHEEL 'BL Jas MR. FERGUSGN "The strong man and the deep stream channel their own paths." MR. YOUNG And gladly would he learn and gladly teach." HI7lSt'l"LLC't'i0'7L does not prevent waste of time or mistakes." 8 THE MILLWHEEL fat. Jas W. Ed. FERGUSON "There is no Wisdom like frankuessf' 'vii MR. HAMMOND ' HIS Motto: "Be sure you'rc right, then go ahead." MRS. BYRUM "Such sweet eompulsions doth in music lie." He is wise who can l-'HSt'l"ll,Ct us cmd assist us in the business of dazly vzrtuous lwmgf' 9 QLTHE MILLWHEELJ65 THE MILLWHEEL STAFF Edit0rfinfChief ...,., Business Manager ..,.... Literary Editor ....,.... ,.......,...jessie Tyler Erma Goldman ....,....Viola Walton Sports Editor ....,.....,.... .,........ K edric Harvey Photographic Editor .....,. ,..,......... L ula Bird Joke Editor ...,...,...... ........ R uth Bye "Our work is 'never finished." 10 QLTHE MILLWHE EL OPPOAUN f 5 x F' Jw f J X ,... .LT-Z5 p J L,zv'5':-in -.L-1 I-'r'-q--Lk "The Center of The Universe. 11 Q My E 'ITT f EL 1 THE MILLWHEELJQ YE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President .................................................... ........ L ucinda Murphey Vice President ......... ........ V iola Walton Secretary .....,.. ......... E lla Atz Treasurer ........ ........ L ula Bird Class Editor ..... ........ J essie Tyler Motto: "TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE" Flower: Golden Ophelia. Colors: Rose and Silver Gray. SENIOR WEEK-April is, 1927 to April '22, 1927. Knowledge will not be acquired without pains and application 12 QLTHE MILLWHEELJQ CLASS SONG-fAn Old College Tune, As the Class of twentyfseven, We our voices raise In a song for Milltown High School Great through all her days. Chorus- Hail Old High School, Dear Old High School We will honor you, All our lives when we have left you Ever we'11 be true. All the things that you have taught us, We will cherish long, And wherever life may take us Still we'll sing this song. So we say, Farewell Old High School. Sadly, yet we smile, For the many things you gave us All were well worth while. -YELL- Twentyfseven, leads all the rest! We're the tradefmarked Milltown's Best! Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you." 13 QLTHE MILLWHEELJ65 KEDRIC HARVEY NORMAN MURR "He lengthens his days hy "Thinking and growth make per' shortening his nights." feet manhood." RUTH BYE LUCINDA MURPHEY VIOLA WALTON She prefers to act rather than"Figure deep while sluggards"To chit and chatter with all to speak." sleep." rnzmkindf' "We study not for school, but for life."-Seneca. 14 QLTHE MILLWHEEL LQ JESSIE TYLER ERMA GOLDMAN LULA BIRD Made up of wisdom and lots "To know is but to like." "A daughter ofthe gods, divine- ul fun." lv null and most divinely fair," MARGARET BITNER FERRIS GOLDMAN ELLA ATZ Wait for opportunity, but husf 'Such a woman cannot growk"I'u see her once is to remember Ile while you wait." ' old." her always." "Make friends by being friendly." 15 PALTHE MILLWHEELJGN W7 CONQUESTS OF THE CLASS OF 1927 I. Conquests as Freshmen Ql923fl924j Having assimilated all the learning of the Common School. in September. 1923, we en' tered the Milltown High School. with two legions. The first consisted of three boys and the second of fourteen girls. Soon after entering. we moved from "The Old School Building" into the "New Brick." Here we organized and soon applied ourselves to the task of transferring facts to our brains. Our boys aided in Basketball. while our girls waged war in dish pans and over the stove. in order to serve lunch to the pupils. Then April came and having been awarded credits for our valor, we were ordered home for the summer. II. Conquests as Sophomores 1192449251 In the following September. we again entered High School. Our First Legion now num' bered two boys. and our second. twelve girls. Fern jones had departed for another school. Hazel Harpe and Edward Duke had given up the fight, Ked Harvey still aided in Basketball. Some of us were represented in the Glee Club and still others aided in the Senior Play. III. Conquests as juniors Ql92ifl926j Incited by past victories. we again entered High School in September. Cur first Legion numbered two boys and the second. twelve girls. i Cecil Senn did not remain with us long. Ked Harvey again assisted in Basketball, and Nicholas Edwards was elected "Yell" Leader, Then. on March the seventeenth. a great sorrow put an end to the joys of our class. for Nicholas Edwards was called to the Great Beyond. In April, after having devastated reams of paper in examinations. we bade adieu to the Seniors and went home for the summer. IV. Conquest as Seniors 092619271 The next September. we made our last invasion of High School. Our First Legion had two boys. for Norman Mtirr had joined us. The Second ten girls. for Alice Patrick had not ref turned. Kedric and Norman both starred in Basketball, Ella Atz, Ferris Goldman and Pauline Lincoln were also Basketball Champions. Many councils were held to discuss different projects. The MillfWheel Staff was selected. and our work moved along smoothly enough. We gave. with great success, "BrownfEyed Betty" and our Annual Class play. which were given to help meet our expenses. All things being completed. diplomas were awarded the class. now numbering two boys and nine girls. Pauline Lincoln having departed for the High School of Monticello. Ill. We now embark for the voyage of life. hoping to meet. successfully whatever it may have to offer. "The historian is a. prophet, looking bllrClC'LUfl7'd.,' 16 WLTHE MILLWHEELJF BH, lllllm...-1:21-ll Ill Illfifwlyllll llll' m I .IIIIIII IIIIIII 'A TE !2!llIlllll!t 'Q' 'll ' seas " ll 1. m '!IIlIIIIIIIllIllIl IIII ll ""'I "" .. ...... .. ll' Ill lllllllllli IIIIIIIIIII OUR LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of the High School of Milltown, in the County of Crawf ford and State of Indiana, being indisputably of sound and disposing mind and memory and about to pass out of existence, do make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all former wills by us, at any time heretofore made: We bequeath to the Class of '28 entailed to their rightful successors absolutely and forever our seats in the Assembly Room. We also give and bequeath to said juniors, our senior privileges, polished manners, together with the dignity and imf portance which attach to our persons as Seniors. First-To "Hammer" we will the right to boast of the Girl's Basketball Team which, he declares, is the best in Southern Indiana. Second-To Mr. Young we will the right to "police" the halls and out of the kindness of our hearts OJ we wish to will him the right to read all material conf cerning Economics, which may be found in the Library. Third-To Mr. Ferguson we will a pair of hobfnailed shoes to be worn when approaching the Assembly, Class Rooms and Library. Fourth-To Ed. we wish to will all our books "Suggestions for the Debaterf' We also wish to will him the right to tell all future classes of the dumbness of the Class of 1927. Fifth-To Mrs. Byrum we will the right to write poetry in all the Autograph books of future Senior Classes. Sixth-Lula leaves some of her surplus height to Betty, who she hopes will be seen as well as heard. Seventh-Ked leaves his beauty, his B. B. Powers, and his lovefmaking ability jointly and respectively to Angus Bowles, Guy Spencer and Gilbert Cosby. Eighth-Ella leaves her knowledge of Blue River and onefarmed driving to Bill Boldt. Ninth-Viola leaves her love of neighbor boys to Nellie jones. "We do hereby will and bequeath." 17 my-,THE MILLWHEELJQ Tenth--Erma wills her power to break hearts to Laura Smith. Eleventh-Margaret leaves her Parking Rules to Emma Houseg her love of boys to Grace Walts. Twelfth-Ferris desires that her catching little smile be left to Mr. Youngg her power of cooking to Toots, and her popularity with the boys to Geneva Hoten. Thirteenth-Ruth wishes to will her habit of using so much rouge, lipfstick and powder to Mariloug her habit of getting in a rush to Carl Boss UQ. Fourteenth-Lucinda leaves her love and knowledge of math.g her everlasting giggle and her ability to outftalk anyone to Nicholas Bye. Fifteenth-Norman wishes to will his position on the Team to Whiteyg his recipe for reducing to Everett Bird. Sixteenth-Jessie wishes to leave her habit of arguing in Economics and Civics Classes to Jesseg her hatred of math. to Carl Harmon. We leave to every boy and girl' in school long, long days to be happy in, and no days to scribble tests in. To all High School Seniors, we grant as glad and glorious a graduation as has been our own. In witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our names and affixed our seal, this the twenty-second day of April, A. D. 1927. J SEAL The Senior Class of Milltown High School. "A boy's will is the wind's will." 1.8 THE MILLWHEEL 'Bb Jan WHEN YOU ARE FAMED AND I'M RENOWNED- Come dear old elassfmate, you and I Will steal an hour from ByfandfBy, From days to come when life is sweet And all the world is at our feet, From distant days toward which we're bound, When you are famed and Fm renowned. We'll rove the future's thoroughfares And take the future's balmy airs, And as we tread the golden maze, We'll meet old friends of High School days And see what fortune they have found, If this one's famed and that, renowned. A swell exclusive Beauty Shop Is labeled "Lula Bird," Prop. And stepping in to take her hand We find her dressed upfOh, so grand! She, with great pleaiire, shows us round, And we find that she, too, is famed and renowned. If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not."-Shakespeare. 19 HE MILLWHEEL A coach, resplendent parts the throng, Heralded by cheering loud and long, For from it bows the football champ, Norman! whose spirit ne'er was damp. How our cheers and yells were drowned. Oh well, you're famed and I'm renowned. We take in Mellon's matinee, Viola is starring there today, Then dancing Ferry! holds the stage Gay debonair, despite her age. The public's idol, long since crowned- Tut! You're not famed nor me renowned. A fat policeman ambles by, And angry! Yes as sure as I am I And what is that he has in tow? Ella Atz! And so angry-Oh. She ran him down as I'l1 be bound, When you are famed and I'm renowned. We step within the courtfhouse door To hear the lawyers rant and roar. Is that Ked's voice we hear afar, Defend a criminal at the bar, And all the evidence confound? Ked's quite as famed as we're renowned. The schoolfbell rings, the lines troop in, We see the teacher dour and thin, Ruth Bye! Bless my hat That dear old Ruth should come to that! Some things without a doubt astound When you are famed and I am renowned. A cinder settles in my eye, I hail Doc Murphey careening by, She flourishes her handkerchee, Demands a hundred dollar fee And gets threeffourths of it, at least, When you are famed and I am fleeced. "We know in part and prophecy in pafrt 20 HE MILLWHEEL fbi. Jan We drop in for a cup of tea With Mrs. VanDyke nee Margia B. She gossips Erma's a diplomat, And tells who lives upstairs in the flat. She's heard a tale that does astound, And knows you're famed and I'm renowned. Come dear old class-mate, you and I Will steal away from By-andfBy, From days to come when life is sweet And all the world is at our feet, From distant days toward which we're bound, When you are famed and I'm renowned. We'll leave the Future's thoroughfares, We'll quit the Future's balmy airs, To be the You and I again, Whose years were only few, and then We, with our class to graduate, When you're not famed and I'm not great. -JESSIE TYLER "Oh, my prophetic soul!" 21 QLTHE MILLWHEELJQ GENERAL AVERAGE OF THE CLASS OF 1927 Bluff-Excellent. Brains-Incomplete. Good Looks-Girls, fairg boys, barely passing. Humor-Very good, when the joke was on the other fellow-not so, when it was on them. Times Tardy-The number of times the tardy bell beat them to it. Days Absent-As many as they could fool mother into wondering if they were coming down with something. Mathematics-Poorfto excellent -l-, depending on the difficulties, encountered. Deportment-Excellent -l-, when Mr. Ferguson was in the room-Hilarious- when he stepped out. Penmanship-Legible, when they could answer the question-Chinese puzzle, when they couldn't. Reading-Indifferent, when in mildewed reference quarters-very good, in Popular Fiction. Conversation-Verbose, copious. Sewing-Somewhat puckered. Cooking-Burnt, when a pompous member of the Official Board stepped in. Delicious, once in a Blue Moon. Music-No Melbas among them. This is to certify that the Class of 1917 has satisfactorily completed the course of eluding instruction as prescribed by themselves, and are hereby promoted from High School to a place where lessons are prohibited by law. Signed, By the Class of 1927. ,fi it faf fav' ff' l VL QD "i? -eg? Jweawwl , "Truth, 'ls mighty and will prevail." 22 HE MILLWH EEL dp Y, J ,lx f we ' N, X . 1 4-Tx 2.7 7,3 Q5 X UNIORS ,ff-X, if J N ..--i..-ii-1.7 .AD , Q7 iv 9. 5 'ff In Q f 1 'I ff I X XJ x Z, f , ff w sy I 119 px I 'll P14 Ik!! ff I C975 X , P QW, rl 'B A I '4 "Content to follow when we lead the way." 23 1 7 QLTHE MILLWHE JUNIORS4 fClass of 19285 CLEO DEWEESE OUIDA FOUTS JESSE HEISHMAN WILLIAM BCLDT NICHOLAS BYE CARL HARMON "Enjoy life by makfing every day a great one." 24 EL dp E MILLWHEEL Jn -ff ,Y f ' X , - f f ww RJSQQFN 'GX X I1 xnxx jf f ' 5 ff ff ff J ' X -,. n Gee ' hx JPPOIHJLTLQ xvmgp' "Trust not to outward show." 25 WLTHE MILLWHEELJ6-S SOPHOMORESW fClass of 19291 President .........,,,,...........,....................... ........... L ouella Chapman Secretary ....., .,....... E verett Bird HISTORY In the Fall of 1925, twentyfone somewhat ignorant but determined Freshies entered The Milltown High School. During that year Betty Tower joined our number. The second year, Clyde Davis did not return. We lost Pearl Wiseman, Hildred Cosby, and Garnell Clark, but welcomed Laura Smith into our ranks. We are well represented on the Basketball Team, and the Glee Clubs. We are eagerly awaiting the time when we may become jolly Juniors. "Nothing ever bores usf' 26 HE MILLWHEEL f NN fa aa -QQ X35 f y C yi N X wtxwxl E? ' S N , Q N Q 2 . W ES EW mn "Think not I am what I appear." 27 QL T HE MILLWHE THE FRESHMEN-fClass of 19205 Ruth Crecelius Marilou Seaton Inez Hammond Margaret Bringle Grace Lynch Sarah Bringle James Rogers Nolan Patrick President ....... Secretary ....... ROLL Angus Bowles Eugene Lee Dana Hoten Gilbert Cosby Robert Heish man Guy Spencer Virgil Harmon Claude Heishman Hulet Murphey ........Sara.h Bringle ..........Ruth Crecelius "While th,ere's life, th1ere's hope." 28 EL QLTHE MILLWHEELM UNDERCLASSES "To be rather than to seem H 29 QL T HE MILLWHE EIGHTH GRADE, J. ED. PETERS, Teacher Luther Crecelius Gerald Goss Meredith Flanigan Reuel Proctor Roscoe Fears Elmer Johnson Jerome Lee John Edward Atz James Atz Harry Littell Alfred Davis Hedden Walts Stanley Foster ROLL Gordon Cole Ozelean Deutsch Georgia Carter Eulah Seacat Ruth Deweese Mildred Swarens Wanda Boldt Harriet Littell Rose Anna Boss Hildred Clark Dorothy Lee Georgia Fouts Norma Gibbs Crystal Atz "Failure is not the worst ,thing in the world, the worst thing is not to try." 30 EL JP QLTHE MILLWHE J? SEVENTH GRADE KATHERYN KEPLEY BOSS, Teacher Martha Bringle Kathleen Byrum Ethel Creech Lagatha Carroll Marjorie Clark Helen Deutsch Marie Flanigan Gertrude Gibbs Bernice Hammond Bertie Heishman Mildred Lee Dana Newkirk Jaunita Seig Priscilla Young Martha Kincaid Donovan Nale ROLL Robert Wright Don Bline Franklin Clark Emmit Davis Howard Gibbs Gaylord Howerton james Harpe Elson House Merrill Johnson Robert Lynch Charles Mackey Herschel Nale Vincent Newkirk Richard Summers Lloyd Tower Oris Tower Wayne Walts "They who wish to be learned, learned they will be 31 EL THE MILLWHEEL 'wb Jw FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES OLLIE T. BOSS, Teacher To be successful, you must plan the start. as well as the finish, FOURTH GRADE H RUTH BLACK, Teacher "Our great men and women of the future." 32 QL HE MILLWHE SECOND AND THIRD GRADES EMMA BENZ, Teacher "Th-ere is no royal 'road to learning." Q FIRST GRADE EULALAH MCMICHAEL, Teacher "The mighty oak: grew from only an acorn 33 QLTHE MILLWHEELJW Class of 1916 1. Frank Hammond Kathleen Walts Magdaleen Proctor james Lofton Eileen Proctor julia F. Bye 'FRehecca Carter Class of 1917 Earl L. Rhodes I. Russell Ross Elmer Proctor Class of 1918 W. Ed. Ferguson Ollie B. Hanger Delmar Patrick Kirby B. Rogers Curtis Swarens Class of 1919 Harry Hoffman Helen Flanigan Class of 1 920 Dan Saunders Walter L. Poe Ruth Engleman Vivian Patrick Rex Henriott Oma McAdams Grace Kimbrel Willie Proctor C. O. Boss Lester Key Class of 1921 Stella Saltsgaver Class of 1922 Nicholas Lemmon Blaine Williams Margaret Carter Edna McNaughton Carl N. Taylor Chas. T. jackson Cecile Baylor Nolan Poe Alma Poe Beulah Lynch Class of 1923 Kenneth Boldt Omer Patrick Ollie T. Boss Homer Patrick Arthur Swarens Class of 1924 Katheryn Boss Emma McNaughton Knoeful T. Walts Ruth Patrick Louise Bates Alice Shafer Naomi Tower fi fi' -ill Class of 1925 Hazel Hawkins john Murphey Ruth Ritchie Owen Benz 'FCarrie Swarens Ross Baylor Class of 1926 Charles Colvin Madge Kirsch Clarence Wyman Irene Swarens Sheldon Hawkins Stanley Proctor Thelma Stephenson Arthur Bitner Floy BenZ Marvin Walts Frank Baylor Effie Boldt Donald Bye Kathleen Boldt Harold Tower Pauline Carroll Violet Seig Paul Stephenson Fern Satterfield Fred Ferguson Aubrey Seacat. QDECEASEDJ if "Time will run back and catch the age of gold." 34 ntun QLTHE MILLWHEELJP f 'ixfi 1' of X x X If , , 7 1' 4, -fl 4 N N ff A t N ' x A. ri D r-5' ' Iii . V -Amt '- M 9 , , I 497 ' ff P7 'S ,Zia AES f W , qkosuy 6,004 I 1'3!'!'3'v2',?ft,'h'o9 f Yqtvibmtlkqfoipfofl " ' ' ' , . 's5'3 'ff Q., , . . .V -Qu o.o,Q0,o,o,o, q '3'f"Q'?3'f'3'o'3'-'o'-'f"Z't'? , a,'.'.uv-oouou,..f Ev? 'Qo'o'0'94'o'O'o'fO.'!' M, K utmu.+.f-' Wu HQ mm 1 W 'I f f, f ' f f 7 K 1 , ff f ' ' M , f , , 1 S A V b N 4 X E 'S N 4 ' 5 f Z 4 7 Z Q 4 lthGiDNNNll H w Ky 7 f f ff!! f A,-N i QQEQX 'Dj X AT 'W E "Play up, play up, and play the game." 35 QLTHE MILLWHEELJ65 THE TEAM First Row-Coach Young, Harvey, Bird, Deweese, Mgr. Ferguson. Second Row--Lee, Deweese, Murr, Heishman, Bitner, 'kWhitey." Games Played 1926f7 Milltown 14 fherej Depauw 9 The opening game of the season. Milltown showed need for training, as well as Depauw. Milltown 17 there, Campbellsburg 15 An exciting, overtime game with one misfortune, Bitner getting a broken arm. Milltown 10 Qtherej English 48 English showed Milltown that they needed something, probably flve players. Milltown 14 Qtherej Bristow 43 A long trip with many thrills, including the people who directed us back to Milltown, for Bristow. "Thy might is wondrous." 36 QLTHE MILLWHEELJ65 Milltown 6 ftherej Lanesville 23 Handicapped by a low ceiling, and outfclassed by Lanesville. Milltown 14 fherej Bristow 45 A thrashing at home-why shouldn't we be thrashed-three of our best players did not play, namely, Murr, Harvey and Bitner. Milltown 26 Qherej Marengo 35 An overtime game-Batman, Marengo's forward running off with the game in the overtime period, with Milltown looking on. Milltown 14 ftherej Leavenworth 30 We motored down with high hopes-and came back. Milltown 17 fherej Depauw 14 The second game of the World Series. Milltown 21 fherej Troy 24 We had a lead until the last few moments, then Troy who seemed to come to life, and M. H. S. failed to meet their attack, passed without blowing their horn. Milltown 32 fherej Marengo 30 Marengo thought we couldn't, but we did. Milltown 32 fherej Lanesville 19 Bitner showed he was the factor of the team. He made 17 points and revenged the defeat handed us early in the season. M. H. S. was now beginning to show signs of a B. B. Team. Milltown 27 Qtherej Campbellsburg 33 Speaking of ponds, they have them en route to Campbellsburg. Ask Bob Kimbrell or Coach Young. Milltown 26 fherej Depauw 16 The third game of the series. Milltown coming out as Champion. Milltown 38 fherej Leavenworth 32 An overtime game, the score being tied seven times. One of the exciting games of the season. All with weak hearts should have been absent. Milltown 29 fherej ' Oriole 23 The last- game of the season at home in which M. H. S. thought it best to celef brate with a victory. In this game you found everyone doing his part, and little did the spectator think that this was the same team which took part during the first part of the season. SECTIONAL TOURNEY Milltown 16 Tell City 43 At the sectional, the winners of the Tourney overpowered us easily. Harvey and Murr were high point men for the losers, with 8 and 5 points respectively. This was the last appearance of Murr and Harvey in Basketball with M. H. S. "Enthusiasm and will conquer the impossible." 37 QL T HE MILLWHEELJP GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM J. F. HAMMOND, Coach FvViolet Proctor F-Sarah Bringle F-Viola Walton C-Ferris Goldman C-Bessie McNaughton G-Ella Atz G-Nellie jones G-Betty Tower G-Pauline Lincoln C- GAMES PLAYED Milltown ,........ ..... M1llfOWD ....,.... ..... Milltown ......,.. ..... Milltown ......... ..... Milltown ..,...... ..... Milltown ......... ..... Leavenworth Alma Swarens Depauw .....,.. ...,.. I-Iardinsburg Depauw ...,.......... ...... Leavenworth Palmyra .......... ...... Mighty records com spring from naught but mighty deeds 38 QL T HE MILLWHEEL "HER SON'S SWEETHEART" C O M E D Y Given By THE BASKETBALL GIRLS at COMMUNITY HOUSE March 25, 1927 CAST Mrs. Perkins ........ .............. ....,.... Lilly ............... Kitty ............v.... Betty Gardener ,... .....,. .Alma Swarens ..........Betty Tower .......Violet Proctor .Sarah Bringle Mrs. Clayton ...,........ .................. N ellie Jones Elizabeth Burton ......... .......Bessie McNaughton "There was a stately drama writ." 39 THE MILLWHEELJ65 BOYS' GLEE CLUB "Let music sound while he doth make his choice." GIRLS' GLEE CLUB A merry heart do-eth good like ca medz'czfne."-Proverb 40 HE MILLWHE THE LATIN CLUB "Auxilia humuilia firma consensus facitf' THE ORCHESTRA "Gaily the Troubadour touched his Guitar 41 THE MILLWHEEL 'RL Ja" "BROWNfEYED BETTY" S E N I 0 R P L A Y at COMMUNITY HOUSE January 28, 1927 CAST Jonas Hutchins .,...,.... ............. N orman Murr, C. T. Jackson Violet Hutchins ........ ............................,.. J essie Tyler Miranda Hutchins ..,. ............. R uth Bye Rev. Cyrus Hardy ......... .......... C leo Deweese Hiram Whitcomb ......... ........ K edric Harvey Harry Leon.. ,v.. ....... ........ J e sse Heishman jim Blinn ................. ...,..,. C arl Harmon Letitia Starbird .......... .............. L ula Bird Betty ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....,,.... V iola Walton can counterfeit the deep tragedian and the giggling comedian 42 QL T HE MILLWH-."E V I "SAFETY FIRST" S E N I O R P L A Y at COMMUNITY HOUSE April 19, 1927 CAST Jack Montgomery ......... jerry Arnold ...,...... Mr. McNutt ....... Elmer Flannel ............ Abou Ben Mocha ......... Mabel Montgomery ......... ......... Virginia Bridger ............. Mrs. BarringtonfBridger ...... .- .... Zuleika ........................... MaryfAnn O'Finnerty ......... ........Kedric Harvey .......Cleo Deweese ...........Carl Harmon .........Wi1liam Boldt .............Norman Murr .Lucinda Murphey Atz ...Margaret Bitner .. ........... Ferris Goldman .......Erma Goldman Through all the Drama-no matter what-love and women absofrb the plot."' 43 ELM HE MILLWHE 'EL .161 "Watch the little Birdie!" "Tweet-tweet! 44 QL T HE MILLWHE EL JP havi CAN YOU IMAGINE? Bill with a slick, black pompadour? jesse H. shunning the fair sex? Viola never getting things mixed up? Lucinda hating Math? Lula not telling how awful her hair looks, fifty times a day? Ferris, without a smile or a date? Erma with a continuous giggle? Ruth, flirting with the Agents?" Bessie sitting still for fiveminutes? Nellie not flirting with the boys? james R. laughing quietly? Ked as a penmanship teacher? Lucinda being bawled out by Mr. Ferguson? Norman with an orderly desk? or Norman the size of Whitey? Jessie without her fiery temper and ever ready tongue? Ella talking without her Words tumbling over one another? Geneva walking with her head down? Margaret Bitner, for one day only, without asking a million questions? Violet, being silent on the subject of Basketball during the season? Mrs. Byrum not "cutting up" with everyone? Ed. not losing his temper and soon finding it? Carl Boss fSenatorj without his dignified ways? Charles not picking a fuss with Bessie every ive ng any other time during the day? Hulet studying without a frown? Hammer in a bad humor? Mr. Young chewing gum during school hours? Mr. Ferguson without his quiet ways? Toots losing her temper at school, or disagreeing with her teachers? Carl Harmon laughing without ducking his head? "That such a, thing should come to pass." 45 minutes in the day, or be QL THE MILLWHEEL Jw TIPS FOR SENIOR-HC! Ho! And again, ho! Would ye succeed enormously? Would ye be millionaires? Would ye be famous? Would ye be called benefactors of the race of under' graduates? . Hark ye, then to this compilation from the pen and brain of a noted statistician and Sophomore. Fame and Fortune await inventors of: First. Gum that can be masticated without moving the lips, and that has all the full mint flavor without any of its divulging odor. Second. Powder that will adhere to any given girl's nose for at least one class period. Third. A cheap and invisible attachment for boys, warranted to produce in the attaches good taste in socks and ties. Fourth. A device that will get a pupil's lessons for him for herj while he for shej is otherwise engaged-with whispering, going to movies, beaux, or the latest and best seller. Fifth. Artificial intelligence, put up in handy capsules, upon taking, produces all the appearances of the real thing. Sixth. An easier and shorter route, than the one in use at present, to learning. Seventh. A psychomelepathic volume on "How to keep a teacher from asking a hapless pupil all the questions he, or she can't answer. Eighth. Plans for a school building that will automatically expand as the population increases. Ninth. Lambflike dispositions, manufactured especially to fit superintendent's specifications. Tenth. A dictionary by Americans, for Americans and of American language, to keep pace with Americans. Eleventh. A new recipe for divinity. Twelfth. A new process for making nice boys handsome, and pretty girls, nice. There, Fellow Seniors! Roll up your sleeves and go after that fame and fortune. "Unless you're Opportunity, dofrft knock." 46 WLTHE MILLWHEELJQ , 9 X 1 H IX V90 'Ti- ,, 0 fi 2 - x 5 X I 1 A' r' I 5 L i wg! X Mr. Young: "Jess, what is the importance of the date, 1619?" Jess: "The first shipload of wives was brought over." Carl finterruptingj: "Oh, yes, that was the beginning of slavery." as at 16 Jessie: "Lucinda, what did you make on civics?" Lucinda fthinking about math.j: "VJhy, I made BZ." ak as af Mr. Young: "This is the third time you have looked on Ked's paper." Fuzz: "Yes sir, he doesn't write very plainly." as as an Miss Lucile was trying to impress upon the members of the Chorus, the meaning of "f" and "if" in a song they were about to learn. Miss Lucille: "Now, if "f" means Forte, what does "E" mean?" "Eighty," shouted Carl Harmon. wk :ze :ze Mr. Ferguson: "Who can name a thing of importance that did not exist one hundred years ago." William B.: "Me" as wk ff Dad, fsternlyj: "Where were you last night!" Jesse H.: "Oh, just riding around with some of the boys." Dad: "Well, will you please tell them not to leave their compacts in the car, after this?" as is as Margaret B. on learning that the red hand on the clock indicated the day of the month, was much surprised. Walking up and giving it a careful look, she exclaimed, "Where's 31?" Mildred: "There it is, don't you see it?" Margaret, Qwith earnestnessj: "Yes, but where's thirtyftwo?" as PF wk Bessie, seeking information from Mrs. Byrum: "Say, is this the eighteenth or the nineteenth century?" "Jeste1's do often prove to be prophets." 47 QLTHE MILLWHEELJQ Eugene: "Sarah, did you know that kisses speak volumes?" Sarah: "Yes, Eugene, let's start a library." an as ar Mr. Young: "Lucinda, does Carver agree with the author of our text on the discussion of capital?" Lucinda: "Not on land." ae wk 4: Viola: "Mr. Young." Mr. Young: "What is it, Viola?" Viola: "Was the tower of Babel ever finished?" FK FIG Pl! Ruth: "Mr. Ferguson, the trustee told me that he had his picture taken, but that the Stenographer was not pleased with it, and desired to take another." FF FK ek Cohen answering a letter just received from his girl: "I will be at home on the thirtieth of February." :nf ak ak Ida asked Ed. to copy off a radio recipe she wanted. He did his best, but got two stations at once, one of which was broadcasting the morning settingfup exercises and the other the recipe. This is what he took down: "Hands on hips, place one cup of flour on the shoulders, raise knees and depress toes and mix thoroughly in onefhalf cup of milk. Repeat six times. Inhale quickly onefhalf teaspoonful of bakingfpowder, lower the legs and mash two hardfboiled eggs in a seive. Exhale, breathe naturally and sift into a bowl. Attention! lie flat on the floor and roll the white of an egg backward and forward until it comes to a boil. In ten minutes remove from the fire and rub smartly with a rough towel. Breathe naturally, dress in warm flannels and serve with fish soup." as ae wk Ed.: "If the president should die, what would happen next?" Bessie: "There would be a funeral." as as as Mr. Ferguson: "And what would you do if you had an eight-sided figure?" Grace Walts: "I think I'd start a side show." as if ae Mr. Young: "Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?" Nicholas: "Umfmfm-er at the bottom, wasn't it?" Ik as wk First Fresh.: "How did Violet make out in her Midfyear's?" Second Fresh.: "She was caught cheating." First: "How come?" In Physiology, the question was asked, "How many vertabrae are there?" and she was caught rubbing her back. ae as at "Are you laughing at me?" demanded Charles. "No" came the response. "Well," insisted Charles, "what else is there in the room to laugh at?" 4: 41 as "Why are you always reading the printed side of blotters?" said Ruth. "'Oh, I find them quite absorbing," replied Margaret. "A joke's a very serious thing." 48 , QLTHE MILLWHE E L dp tests W . ls V 3pecnm.AQArzC-5fuN5 1 1 ff, t ik! , W4 V fy wild! 1 'J dish? W f f 1 K J - If , W M ff I2 X'- s tun ' fW W s" ' W Wt t 4 I If r 11 1 A W ll ,R W M1 "It is a, little further around the corner of a, square deal, but the road is better." 49 THE MILLWHEEL fab Jw The FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Milltown, Indiana IVQYJYCINI 1 MAKE THIS BANK YOUR BANK 'NQQQW Our Motto, "Courtesy and Friendliness" 50 THE MILLWHEEL fab Jan The STORE of Big Values Quality first and then attractive prices. No sale is complete until you are satisfied. Wm. Watson and Son MILLTOWN CONCRETE COMPANY Dealers In Building Material, Coal, Feed, Seeds and Ice. We invite your patronage, and assure you it will be appreciated.. For prompt delivery, C. Mills sees what you want and- WHEN you want it. L. 0. and A. A. Dunn 51 THE MILLWHEEL 'WL do FLANIGAN BROTHERS General Merchandise SERVICE The greatest achievement of man is that of serving mankind. To mill a better Hour regularly-dependably-is both good business and a service to mankind. This we everlastingly strive to do. The Milltovvn Milling Company Milltown, Indiana 52 QL THE MI LWHEELJ6-5 There is a good show at The Community House every Wednesday and Saturday Evening. Z Watchforour SPECIAL SHOWS Milltown Style Shop "Everything In Latest Millinery" DRESSES- revealing the latest tendencies of style, materials, and colors. Also Special Line of Stamped Goods and Hand Painted Novelties MRS. J. J. JOHNSON Where are you going? To the Yellow Front store. Why are you going? To buy bargains galore. Where's Charles? Mr. Jackson? That's what they all say, You'l1 find him 'round somewhere That's all I can say. JACKSON and SON Bye's Barber Shop I take this opportunity to thank you for your patronage, and fur- ther solicit your business. Thank you. QL THE MILLWHEEL dp 0. A. HOWERTON Groceries and Meats Fruits and Vegetables For First Class BARBER WORK go to C. E. BREEDEN Compliments of Carrollfv Confecfionervy Specializing In Nothing but the BEST. Drinks, Ice Cream, Candies and Lunch SIDNEY L. CARROLL, Prop. S . M. WALTS Dealer In Drugs and Medicines High Grade P e 1' f u m e s Fine Stationery THE M fab SEE Elimore Crecelius Milltown, Indiana LWHEEL Jar- J. W. Spencer and Co Dealers In For GENERAL MERCHANDISE Your Life and Fire INSURANCE MILLTOWN CHEVROLET HOME BAKERY AND Sales and Service CONFECTIONERY IRA J. LITTELL, Proprietor, Milltown, Indiana Lee Motor Co. L. O. LEE, Manager QL HE MILLWHEELJP P. E. BYRUM Manufacturer and Buyer HARD-WOOD LUMBER and RAILROAD TIES OW Advertisers The First National Bank Wm. Watson Sz Son The Milltown Concrete Company Flanigan Brothers The Milltown Milling Company Community House-Picture Shows Milltown Style Shop Jackson and Son Bye's Barber Shop O. H. Howerton Breeden's Barber Shop Chevrolet-Lee Motor Co. Carrol1's Confectionery - P. E. Byrum, Lumber and Ties Wa1ts's Drug Store E. Crecelius, Insurance J. W. Spencer Sa Co. Milltown Home Bakery "We thank you and appreciate your support." If Nl EDITORIAL CIRCULATICJN ASSISTANCE ASS ISTA NC E Ml ADVERTISING A R T ASSISTANCE ASSISTANCE I ii 5 --- A Complete Service to School Annual Staffs Fifteen years of specialization in the production of school and college annuals, enables us to render invaluable service in this work. We handle annuals complete, from planning and engraving to bindingand shipping, right in our own plant Ask for information and samples ADDRESS ANNUAL DEPARTMENT H KELLER-CRESCENT COMPANY EVANSVILLE, INDIANA "We 'Da It All And CD0 It lVeU" ENGRAVING I BINDING PRINTING W ' I Q I l , I 'I I f I Q l I I :lla lx l 2 "fbi -A .r. -Q ' ,, AAvA A I- , A ,4 1-A ,q 2: ' 1 . 1 - " V V 'L 1 A xi 1' 1 H ., A A, .A -Am-'ff - A 'Tl ' " A- - - Q . 2 5-1 A --FAA 79 r I is A 'A A A ' ' -Xp, :fy v '- , ' I- ni. - A 1 ,Av ' A, "ii4f ' -- : ' ' 'til'-L - U ." - A55 'x ' A152 I -- Ev -L A E :ff .Ig A -3.12-1 -E ---1 1 - -- J' 'iq' ' L - 'SXT ' 'A " ' A T fl' AQ. ." ,I- S-M A - . VHQL AAI- hm A Rf Lg, ,M . i dr 'Z 7 IMA, g... A,5 .A-,W .fix X. F 1 -f ,pgv-" A jr: :AW A5 Lf- 2. ,,,,,1-'f- 4315- A IA A A VL ALL.-' A AAA- A21 A, wig- ' - "Az'f- A'-ls. L - -Af--me '-'- ' -wA'w- - AA -' .VN A o., A -VH v 1-'FQ-A - A 3.14 fm , -1i"fz'1f A- -- - A ' A 'WI-A A A, fga-ig?" Aw- -A - - f 521' --f - - - - ' rx ' 1 ' -J, rf A ff- A ' ,"Tl5?:'F13 'vi L 33 'A ,, I ' A i - 'E-Afffifri' ' ' ' W "' if A ' ms- Ya-7 - - A 5j.':!sA:- ' Anim gb .4 1 Ah, . AAR- V ,E A W-.APA A A - . - - .I .AAN i,,1rA!A.A.A5 J A Q A V 5, A A V RAE:-I -'f - A ,+3.'7z.fE"5' L'-' i- ,AIA ' 1 . Ea,-911, ' k' A -QA' A -'-In , ry A' -g 8- -A ',,-f -' A .',- A---A ,,., - 'fuk - -gjfaw .gun i V J il- ,A I jr, ,'.AN ' -1---.Q ff--A ,AD - 1. , A f. -A - A' A A-l,.?:,l.Agvi .gffA3A. -L Af, V , in QE JAH. -.2 A 1- 'av' Q' erw- A ' .,: a f A - AY- -,Az A gy by .f ' , D. Agngyjir V A' .T 1 ,- A' 5 1. 5 , F ,KL A F., V. Av A . . :fy-U1-A.,?f4f,l Tr,- A- E QAACQT-A . .Agia Af 'I I A ez5'P'f1 'A -.ri-J -' -' Avi: -- .PSV-'T + ' . :A,, ,.-J!"j-:fQ- lg ' A -5 U- -fu-'.'-' A .A Af. U 4.15-A, 1 5 if-Aga.:-viii:-7b-ifgmiigztA lr. kwin A V tl, ' Affgf' -vi 1 A A!-A-,AAf' A, ,A x 2 x 'FS ' - ' if i,-if .mf A-J' 1' . f A -- ,Jz - - A- -- - - .- A ' " - -A A- Ay -47. "' A A . M v -. -- . Ai. .A fd- 'f -f H - 'fx ' -': ' A A ,hx ,A A J: " I. A-A . A 5... - 1-AV.-v 15 ' , ,,A " f X -fi K ' 'vlf - A - va ww--4 ,- 1- A' -I . S Y 137 br X-,Ah A IQ' 'A - , 'A - f -f 1 ' 'A "'- -' AW? --1 f ' - " ' ff. A. ' '- A A . A. AA A, A ' .T ,A--A A 1.1, '-A-W " WPA., A1 -- A A, A-.ASA " 'i 2-" 'X A 1' A-A A - . " '- A s " A:L:f A- 3' if . ...A ...i Y ,Z bfi- r ,ff - - - Af- -iv' LA' A ' 'L . -K' y 1 -:"' 'L'-'-L-13 E rf' '3H'a.-7-" " K ' -A ,540-AA15 Q ,EA 53151,-'AlFi V' ,V A 4 -QA 1.1, AA .QQ ,ff A ' A . -A A. Ar- :A " A. -.1 -A - A A V - A A " . 7 - --3. ' M 'ffl -' 'E'-3' 'F ?"'Tl ' li ,Q A ' Viwfsf- ' ' ' .AEG .A Aifi4.1:, if ' - AA, 1'-A--A--'g' A A .---A A. - 4 A A --- mr- A, ffm., A AA A AA4 A A A , A ,AA A A AA,-,A -- -A "- - H- A. 'H--"A - ' 'J A - -A 'A A-A 1' A- 'ff' A- 5+ A AAA, AA I w- ,J Wi, nigga -my -A.-,A.,, - ' b 'AAS' P' ' Q- -,,l.AA- ' " ' . H ' '1 4- W Q' Y- i--152 -Q. I .. - it FMLA. QL VV Li- ,fri - ,NAA-A i, Ai . - A A- -"1-2' - .- rw' ' ' fx' - :YT L - ' ' ' ' ' . ' k'?'4'q-'fa' AA Ji: A . - ff- r ' if 2 f Axffqqg A- 5 5- - A's.m1-g,AA:'. A - ' - f' A- um..--:A---54, - ' A '-,Q -A yin.-. -- 1- ' . - V W' A - ,- ' . A- --as gf. AA A - ' - f W - .af-F' " ?'1 A - -' REM' A. ,MA .Ae A f Lg l"!.5' , ,Mr A :A . -?qFi DJJ.

Suggestions in the Milltown High School - Wheel Yearbook (Milltown, IN) collection:

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Milltown High School - Wheel Yearbook (Milltown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 11

1927, pg 11

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Milltown High School - Wheel Yearbook (Milltown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 42

1927, pg 42

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1927, pg 47

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