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aa V if V. ..,-....,,-.r , , .. , W, .V , , 1.-an 1 ' ' Nhbp--awry V, Mmmq, A VW, . ., W, , .,..,- M, Y .W .,...,. M , M ,3'7""Mh. 2 1- 5, V. -, , ..- ...-.Q V -ww-1, J. ,. W X25 WL f 40 , , 1W, - , wif A H THE BL E D VIL Presented by The Class of 1959 MILLSBORO HIGH SCHOOL Millsboro, Delaware M.H.S. From the Air jp-'75 'W' j7,:?i'?'f"'W 4' 71' My WKAJK ZW "L' ,,A, 'eff-J, ' . , ,, ,, -.. ' 'Aew f-f--..-5 Table of Contents X Yi-it tu Nlillflmm and XI.H.S. I-7 f1fUiIlirtl'iltiHIl and Staff 8-14 ' gfxlliflfr amrl Fa1x'm'itf's 15-39 ' L4Ildf"I'f'lkl5flllf'II -10-56 ' I':lf'ITlPIltiil'ySf'1'Ii0Il 57-65 ' fjlfiiillililtiflllr 66-T3 ' .xtlllf'tif's 711-539 ' SPr1io1'Highligl1t- 90-95 ' XYf'iil'II00k Staff 96 ' :XrlvP11isi11g1 97-143 ' Alll0g.EI'iiPhr I-H 3 Ce eipnv NNN This doesn't happen Often ALMA To Thee. llillslnoro High School Our voices prouzlly ring. With loyalty ire pledge Thee. Azul worrls of praise we sing. For Bluff anzl Colrl rrrzrlfvlzfor. We,ll strive ufilh all our might To bring Thee glory. fame mul honor Emblems ofthe right. 0 ,ZYII1 NIATER Opportunity. truth, aml honesty Are the stamlarfls ue live by, That the Blue and Cold, As the Knights of old, Holcl our colors ezfer high. So nozc we pledge allegiance Anrl challenge all to llo, Their level best with all the rest, For dear Millsboro School. lf,-Ur I I The Field-House icmd our favorite mud-hole! , vflfilfga ' ,, xfgfr, f fdt"',' 7 ,V . 'S he ' , 6 ,M XX f Millsboro 'glfs small bill it's homen l 1, Grace Methodist Church 2. Hillsboro Pond 3. St. Mark! Epigcopul Church 4. The Bridge to 'CI1-rSfw" 5. Post offim- zx ja-W 1959 "Good things com? from sn1uIlpaCl.411geS', . -,,.1..,,,.g'-- 'I' Nlain Strom luukingz wr--I Pilgrim Holinm-N ChllI'f'll Hain Stn-1-t loukingz oust . Hillsboro Truit Co. . Aerial view of 113 intersection Ark 3 1 , ""'Qn-..,,, 4 ml LEFT TO RIGHT: Messrs. Frank Smith, Edward Hickman. Raymond V. West. Clerk. and Granville Messick, President. Problems, some major, some minor, decisions, some difficult, some of lesser import, complaints, some serious, some inconsequential, this is the destiny of any public-spirited group of citizens that serve its school and community. To our local board, for facing the difficulties of competing with avrapidly expand- ing school population, teacher shortages, and the impossible task of attempting to satisfy the whim of every element in Vlillshoro, even though we do not always see eye-to-eye, We salute you. Your devotion to the hest interests of the school is an example for us to emulate. Yours is a thankless task Well- performed. A Wayne Burton Members of the Claw of 1909 You are to be congratulated for ucce fullx completmg the requlrement for gradua tlon from hlgh chool Though at tlmea ln the pa t tsselxe xearQ xou perhap have been dl couraged I am ure that xou wlll nexer regret llfklfl mth 1t untll xou haxe reached llfe regarclle of xx hal flelcl xou choo c aa a fareer Ollllllg mth tour parent and frlenrl I Nl h ear h ff xou health ll8IJplIl6' and ucce rn the mar that l1e ahead Slncerels your l . wx, - 7 S Ss ' ' ' S - ' ' S . ' e ' S ' ' ' - ' s ' , .Q C W W. Y S .I . U V. . . , V L , ' M , A ' ' If . this coveted goal. Nlay you clisplay the same determination as you face the problem of ' Ss ' ' ' ' S- , f . J' ' " ' - S ' s. "S : J ' . , ' ss. 5 " ss ' 'I ' . ' ' S. . -Pat . hool Pfmcl High SC f 5 X V' f I 1 I ff! Z Q , 4 ez , .4 f 2 ,,,.,r f M- fe Nxvwv' ,,v-Af' 'E 11 T' P Jefffffso Otis ' To the Class of 1959, To your yearbook staff let me first extend my congratulations for having labored long and diligently to produce the 1959 Blue Devil. For nearly six months you have been at the job and the final product merits the praise of all those at Millsboro High School. To the entire class of 1959, it is to be hoped that during the future years of your life you will. at least occasionally, turn to your yearbook to recall the memories-many pleasant and. perhaps. a few not so pleasant' -some humorous. some serious-the days you spent at M.H.S. May the ideals, ideas. friendships. and talents developed in the past twelve years be cherished and extended in your chosen fields of future endeavors. My best wishes to each of you as you go forth into that much more difficult school-the school of life. Sin -', cerely . IM-' f e J .,-.. . W ,M I vw? wt ,und .1 N hf , y - H ,Q . 'uw g - EH, i' ' Y . 'ima A Q ,,,,,. " fi El? W " 31 Q- , H.. WK. x 'f 1 wi? -M -fwfgqgrj Y fx . W , . u. 1 ,f. , 5, , A ,sg V S , . . K A 1fZ.Qj' 1 -., . ' , . .M W . W' .gs if 'ffg fw : U 3451: ,512 4 1 :V V . H Q , f 1 , 5' fy 'fff , , , f 141, 7,5197 f if f I if f ff ,f X ff x 'N -m I.. ff If-f'-ff, 4 , 0-' fd :N v' a. 4, -4 . 2,1 Q V, VV Q ..,.., f ,J 'I 1 41,1-W W 5 ,-aid' ,V V V, 3 wm a :BQ f v ,-W L w Q My ., iii 2? 2' 5 2 5 ' W-1.2! ix. ,4r" he l,,,. .,-' d.,-A ., ' if ' , gi M Q X ff I - .7 1-Cai. ,ffl ' NWN' sig: Tw- 2' f,"'4 1 L.. .va Q , 0 Y, 1 if S J last? 1 INN" Av U' N' ' .xx ,Q . 4, la W 'I.'5"fa ag-',X .Fu A - If fe, Y X sf. ki? if E QW ' fi '91-qi' ' " M - ,QM V If, Y, J' 2' A fi-5 JFK! ,. Q ,J-Jkghl "L fr 5 2 Q 7 I ,1w"' Q . SD- , Q5 0 f 5 . i w , Zu .3- Q . K V f 4 L. ff -W-f""!" 'lv- 'in Q x 3 I X X I Ea - - If W "Q- x rw :Fm 1 , ,M ,, I O ?i1,w:, ,, f' Anti., My ,W , , , .M , ,, Q,,,1,,f,,f ,J 1 A H r K 'I 1 le!! ? pn ! I ' I3 li THE OFFICE STAFF: Mrs. Esther Mitchell. Mrs. Sophie King. Qsnior Secretary. and Mrs. Ezhel Gladden. Without them, Nl.H.S. could not operate lAt least, not l0ng.j CAI-'ETER I A ST A lf l-' SEfX'l'ElJ: Mr-. llvllzl ,l.lI'liF4Pll. Xlrx. llurnllly El- lingfwurth. Nlrs. Evvlyn llumlwn. Nlrs. Elric Lutlilxurv. STA-XNDlXll: Nlr-. l.uuru Hud-on. Mrs. Rhlh Timmons. Hrs. Tllkllllll liulwr. I4 E CCSTODIANS Dan Hcnclfcrsnn. Lee Mumford, VVilbur Lathhury. Chief. W'alter Lathhury. Merrill Cixens. 474 ZS4 ap i Senwrs I Harold Creighton Lloyd, J r. Vice-President GENERAL COURSE Transferred in Tenth Grade from Cambridge, Md. Class Vice-President 3, 4 Yearbook Staff Boys, State Senior Play Football 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3 Archery 2 Newspaper Staff 3 Sports Club 4 Ambition: Join Navy Senior Edward Samuel Leoates President ACADEMIC COURSE Class President 1, 2, 4 Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Band President 4 County Band 3 Senior Chorus 3, 4 County Chorus 4 Boys' State FFA 1 Senior Play Ambition: Enter Ministry 1 o jcers Judith Elizabeth Mears Secretary BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSE Class Secretary 4 Newspaper Staff 3, 4 Newspaper Editor 4 Booster Club 2 Photography l Ambition : Enter Business Field K 2 f fi, .f,, A , - 1. ,. ,ik ,r y W Y ff L . -W ..u, S --ef -xe- , wr 2 it W me 5. , 'aff' ', S. -M , '18 gy... ' . W , '-at Elaine Kathryne Bir Treasurer ACADEMIC COURSE Secretary 3 Treasurer 4 Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Band Treasurer 4 County Band 1, 2, 3 FTA 3, 4 Co-chairman of Prom 3 Girls, State DAR Award Yearbook Staff Ambition : Elementary Education Rosey Lee Bradford BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSE Photography Cluh I Booster Club 2, 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Senior Play Ambition: Housewife Senior Orlene Marie Adams BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSE Photography Club Secretary I Booster Club 2, 3, 4 Library Aide 3 Ambition: Private Secretary I -I Class Emily Elame Brzttmg ham CENPRAI CUURQE Y ulmok Fflltm nm Iimfl 1 unix llll mn Ch JI llc lflfll ull: ldfl 0 lfl Athleilf fllllllfll Sflflfllly 4 AIIIIIZZIOII Attend F0110 P wi , ' ff' W J 4? 7 1 45 Janet Fay Butler BL SINIFQS FDUCATION C UURQF 4 T 1 IFI 0 lar f I lflfll r fm f illll lite S um Il y IIIIIIIIIUII S1111 tux i-:Q in Q . . . Q VA W W 7 I J A 4 A A , A fu' ' f ' ' Sm' ' 2 , 2 Co D' IL 12 Ser' ' fvus Jvs' itll Uzlskffllralllfg .y , A Chfwfa 2'3,4 L ai Bn s :'f,lub 3, fl- " , ,Aff " ' ' .h N .. Y FA.. , wzx-2fq'1g'V"V ., 7 f A , A , ,Q ibn Nm,,'7?V7.f' ny W 'lynx by If , Q ,T iw ,sy f I l.. 6 , .Y 'A 'V V , 733' M fp'f1I,'7 A ,V.,' , ,V W ,WW 7 L - 4. 4 1 Cl' ss me sl 1' 'fi Ho s f' lluln jrffs' 2 t4 Rell-5512 Il Girls' Sa 2 fm' ' ,uf ZW' A1 .. :N1l1'Aa "' " nf, - -'sw ' ff 47: f,,..LV' FQ, ' I K. A rx , 'A-A, -A V . .,s.g,, ' Jf ' i 5' ygz - f I9 "T ' 4 M. ' I ,F A ' .. , ' L wk : K r .a , , W, f , , , r V . 'fifiwp ,si : . I ,. ul w E J., - ' of , .G D' David Wilson Collins VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE COURSE Visual Aides Club I Science Club 2 Industrial Arts Club 3 Sports Club 4 Baseball 4 Senior Play Ambition: Join a Branch of the Armed Forces Senior Carol Louise Carmean BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSE Senior Band I, 2 Basketball I, 2, 4 Archery Club President 3 Senior Play Ambition: Beautician Qqfia 1.52 7g,iff.'g?'g3.' A C '05""A"-'r.", I "'. 5 5051 tj, ' 'w:1.Q'.?7z-"1 :".v" f :I 'F lxwas, J-F,3.?L ' ,. :L if is A V W 2,11'l,1 Class Helen Ann Cordrey BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSE Booster Club 2, 4 Newspaper Staff I, 3 Senior Play Ambition: Secretary and Housewife Margaret C. Duggan BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSE Transferred in Junior Year from Newark Senior High. Booster Club 3, 4 Ambition : Private Secretary it 4 5 Silt? ff- W MH wk' 5 refs xV"?? ,ik Zio -JY-if-f'x4,,,eAl4. fwwk X L UG QW ' wife Robert Francis F errier GENERAL COURSE Vice-President 1 Newspaper Staff l, 3 Archery Club 2 Sports Club 4 Class Photographer 2, 3, 4 Refreshment Stand Manager 3 Yearbook Staff Senior Play Ambition: Air Force Transport Pilot Senior George A. Esham VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE COURSE FFA l, 2, 3, 4 JV Football l Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 4 Baseball 3, 4 Booster Club 3 W1'estling Club 4 Ambition: State Trooper A Class Barbara Ann Hitchens BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSE Newspaper Staff l Senior Band 2, 3 Basketball 3, 4 Softball 2, 3, 4 Booster Club Vice-President 4 Senior Play A mbition: Telephone Operator if ,2f."Li' 'W ' ' yum? ,'1,TY: , .t ,, , , fizzigv' ' ' alle .W Judy Vaughanetta Hudson ACADEMIC COURSE Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4 County Band I, 2, 3 Chorus I, 4 County Chorus 3, 4 FHA I FTA 3, 4 FTA President 4 Basketball 2, 3 Senior Play Ambition: Ballet Teacher Shirley Ann Jones GENERAL COURSE Photography Club l, 2 Booster Club 3, 4 Ambition : Co to Work Senior Roland Johnson VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE COURSE Transferred in Sophomore Year from Delmar FFA 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Industrial Arts Club 2, 3 Ambition: ,loin Navy i Class Lloyd Kirby, Jr. YUCA'I'IONgXI. A-XGRICKI.TlfRF COURSE Senior Play Visual fliclos Clulr l Human Relations Clulr 3 Sports Club 4 flmbilion: Join a Branclr of Armed Forces John Edward McCabe YOCATIONAL ACRICL'I,TIfRE COKRSE Student Counoil l. 2. 4 FFA Xvlf'P-PI'f'Slflf?Ill W1 Footlralll -1- Hiirliflllbiill fi. il .Basclmll -1 Xvldldl Aiflf-Q Clulr l Aviation fflulr 4 Imf11'Iiol1.' To lu' ai Sl1f"1'fxS- in lift' Shirley Ann Messick BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSE Softball I, 2 Basketball Scorekeeper 2, 3 Prom Decoration Chairman Newspaper Staff I, 3 Booster Club 2, 4 Flag Bearer in Band 2, 3 Senior Play Ambition: F31'II1CI',S Wife enior Hilda Jane Messick BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSE Band I, 2, 3, 4 Softball 44 4-H 6 Years Senior Play A m bition: Secretary Class Ruth Elizabeth Morris I-ZISINICSS ICIJl'fIfX'I'IUN fI0lfliSI'f Nowspzlpvr Stuff I I,iln1'ul'ynNi1lc-s 2. 3 SlllJl'l'YiS0l'.S Pill7'I,iirl'iil'Y :Xirlvs 3 F iifxHlf'lllill'y School l,iln'z1riun -'1 I Scfnim' I luv ' A111121-lillllf Sll'IlOgl'L1pilP1' nf :Maw-.. 1 x , i X Clifton Mumford VOC.-XTIUNAI. AGRICL'I.TIfRE COURSE FFA I. 2. 3. 1 Ihi-vlmll 2. 3. -1 Yisuul :Xiclc-s fflulr 1 Imluslrial .-Xrts Cll1lr2 A-Xx'iatio11 Clulx 3 Senior Play 1III!ll.1I'UlI.' States Troopc-1' 6, am Frank Glenwood Murray GENERAL COURSE Visual Aides Treasurer 1 Typing Club 2 Aviation Club 3 Industrial A115 Club 4 Track 4 Baseball 4 Senior Play Ambition: Farmer and Successful Marriage Charles Blair enior Munclorf GENERAL COURSE Photography Club 1 Typing Club 2 Aviation Club 3 Industrial Arts Club 4 Senior Play Ambition: Civil Servic cessful Marriage , n 1 e Job and Suc- Class James H. Murray CLENEH.-XI. COURSE FFA l. 2. 3. -1 Eootlulll l. 2. 3. 4- lim-lull I. 2.14 Booster Clulr 3 W'restling Cluln 4 Anzbition: State Trooper Robert Leroy Riclcards SCIENTIFIC COURSE Student Council President 4 Student Council Representative l. 3 Class President 3 Asfistant Editor of Yearbook Senior Play Athletic Council 4 Track 3. 4 Football 2 Aviation Clulm 2 Sports Cluli 4 Ambition: Engineer Judith Ann Wilkins BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSE Harvest Queen Student Council Secr etary 4 Student Council Representative 2. 3, 4 Yearbook Staff Treasurer of Class 2 Prom Co-rfllalirman Senior Band l Clieerleafler l. 2, 3, Booster Cluli 3, 414 Senior Play A mbilion: Nu rse an 4 rl to lead a sue cessful. happy Tiff- Seniors Barbara Jane Smith GENERAL COURSE FHA I Cheerleader 2 Booster Clulm 2, 3, e4Q Ambition: Nurse 'FA Q21 f ,Q wmrdff 1-4 QQ M i Favorites Most Outstanding Seniors EEF? gina Elaine Birl Edward Lecates gif -nv""", Most Popular Seniors Bob R i1'!.'11r1ls janet Butler fC" if qv- N. Most Athletic Barbara Hitchens Jim Wfurraw' 1 I I jug ,Quoin 4...-.nn ilu-ur"" . f.. 5: Rv, 'Yin AMA 0 my L M, 493 ,, A? 24-W 4 ,M " 1 1- f -,A , . 4- 'QHLW Y' " ff' . , . 129115: f5-f-- vig nov 3. QQ? . Q 'M - td-SI' :Q-:Mir ,XG-wil' Q33 V f 4. p. . aff-sl if wa, - x r :tx ...F F ifjfx it kkjgn i Q. M . an . A A, , 'sf' I.f'h'f' 4 , K' an 3 'A 'ff K' an -. 1 'gm 1 X, , N Q - NX K ,2 ,gg A X l-J ' ff 3.3-u W jf' sip in J v X gh' fm 7 , I ,, JV is , ,. f. .ar X , r P 'ir , ..-Q in Y TS Senza Bramzest ' ii, if , ,, LWYEJIW' did ' ' starr, ranrnmx B J" nu -1' 3 . ' r ,,-,q1,,,4 ,, i r, V-,mil I ."'L M l yk' ii,'QQ',,g? ,' Il! Q' ,f - sf. , ,Ay SQA, Y? , ,AQ , 'un I ' -fg, I , 5 W" 5 an Q 'Y 'X Q Vt. ' , , KW, ' '9f y 1 A gf -' - 1 - - qs. ,WJ H , gxt f. ' ' ' ff ' ' " V I V.,1VV 'ff 4' 11 2 L 1 663 GCCL dL CU' dw E Birl Elaine Best Lookmg Senwrs Barbara Hatchens George Esham, 1 ifflu. s- f, x, A Funniest Rosfjx' Lev Braclfbrd Frarzlf N111 fray' Y X11 sfo 2' oyjff f ww mf -Hsnq,,9,,,,N..'-Qqs-q""'t -ST Judy Wzlkzns f"E Harvest ween IV 0 , xy. Q 1 R is W? al 7? ig' f ff Senior Representatives to Girls' and Boys' State Janet Butler and Elaine Birl were elected to represent the class THSUUE the PUHUCHI GYUTOSPIIPVU Of DOVCT at BUYS, SUNG WUC at Girls' State. Creighton Lloyd and Ed Lecates. Co-Valeclictorians Due to the extremely close race for acfademir honors this year. the school staff has been unable to single out either of the Class hhrainsi' as Yale- flietorian. Therefore. the class of 1959 V H VM, has V1J-xvillffllf'l0l'lZ1IlF---l'lll lx-mites and Elaine Birl. It is lreliewrl that this is e first time IH Nl.ll.F. lnstnrv that suvh u tight race enrlerl in a sirtual Thislpage is sponsored hy the C. I.. MCC.-XBE INSURANCE CO.. Sf'll1yvillf'. Del. ZS4 M i Underclassmen Junior and ophomore Officers JUNIOR OFFICERS: John Birl, Presidentg Treasurerg Pete Dukes, Vice-President. 'QTHEMH SOPHONIORES Limited by school regulations on the numbers of projects thev Could undertake. the Sophomores Hrolled in the dough" during their stationery sale last October. The big social highlight of the vear for the tenth-graders was the Valentine Dance. .-Xifling them in their aetivities were Mr. NIeDaniel anfl Mr. Klutz. SOI 'HONIORE OFFICERS: Ronnie Wnntten. 'I'reu-urer: Jfrselwllilil: I'f'!f'fe0H- 5'fCfffHil'Y Dot Hickman. Vice-I'resifIf-nt: lark Winfl-fi ' I L51 ., V, P- ! x 'W .A-. :ff 75 Carole Hall. Seeretaryg Deanna Hitchens . 4' , ,, ... Y ' 72 V 1 IKM? ,AM ff TIIUSI-I JVNIURS The jingle of r-ash arounrl NI.II.S. meant that the Juniors were lurking in the vieinitv. With Xlr. If-nlxins ami Hr. Ferris arlvising them. they sold Christmas earfls and Cilllflf. refresh- ments at all home games. and spon- sorefl the Thanksgiving Dance to huild up the cash reserves for the Ivig proj- ect of the Junior year--the Junior- Senior Prom. llowever. at press time for the yearhook. we lthe Seniors! were still in the flark ahout the theme for this Prom. Oh well. May lst will soon he here. g t, , .I 1 ',." ' ,,. i A .J r Iyri--ltirnt. This page is sponsored by the ELLINCSWORTII UII. Ut.. if-lhuilli. IP, FRESHMAN OFFICERS: Virginia Butler, Treasurer, John EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS: Pat Schumacher, Secretaryg Evans, President, Beverly Warrington, Secretaryg Janice Work- Lonnie Foster, Treasurerg Darrell Steele, Vice-Presidentg Janet man, Vice-President. Under the new policy of the school which provides the opportunity for underclasses to begin the long, hard process of fund-raising for the Senior Trip and Year- book, the three lower high school grades have been busily engaged in various projects. Dances, bakes, soap sales and the collection of class dues have been bringing in "the cashn to establish the much needed nest-egg for future high school activities. Assisting the Freshmen were Mrs. Buhl and Mr. Bard, aiding the Eighth Grade were Miss Beggs and Mr. Remel, while the Seventh Grade received advice from Mr. Graham and Mr. Lingo. Baker, President. SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS-James Layfield, Vice-President: Brenda Steele, Secretaryg Tommy Darden, Presidentg Frankie Atkins Treasurer. Lower Class Officers 42 This page is sponsored by EDWARD STEVENS, Jeweler, in Selbyville, Uel. J a fra. Us P l IVV: N P ff 5 P 'A f :fi P Ralph Adkins John Birl Paulette Bowden Gloria Cash Margaret .Xlrnasi Arthur Bowden Leon Brittingham Ernest Clark , I 'fs , -v 'x fi A 5'jg,f"Z9f, fm 4 P rw- if v 'lv' 'n 'QA' Dorothy Baker Patricia Bowden Preston Carniean William Daisey Wiley' Dukes Christine Green Barbara Harding fri? Qla Patricia Ellingswortli Carole Hall Deanna Hitchens Patricia Fisher Darlene Hall Eleanor Hudson Paul German Rosalie Hall Fred Hudson Junior . VW, V rkz., r e Q i . :s "l 'if' 'Vw my A Wm y , EMA 'N I lf!! we "'Q1?""' KI X J A1 if :gf ff- ,iq QA 'LAL of 6 :F NC- cf . v 1 l if If 1 V QU f " I V P J: ' X, gy J .M 'X :f ' ' lr - J . n ' f' to .r , if ,gf Class it it it l ! fl! JJ , A WX I wud' jk f XV 'M levi!! Ut X PW ,C I, R ,DW l 5" , XX flvuv fvvll T xx Uvu Ql J K it for t M . X -' MJ lg we U5 it X W 15 X-ff lx'-ll f ' to , V x Wk .IKE Metz .Xl Ut it J L l John Kline K, lj Joan Lynch it JN Brenda Orendorf 'J Patricia Lingo james Mitchell Pictures not available: Rebecca Carmine Thomas Moore Donald Pusey -3-6. fix 'ity- X Kaaren Klotz .loyce Melson Mary Rose Powell Sth Af 4-wt 'QT Donna Lawson Linda Messick Paul Rimmer M11 :LV fdih T? 365 V f Virgil Rus! xlf?lYill Tinlnnms Patrirfia Wfllitlerlgc X at 411, ..4ff' 7 PJ 5, P 'Q ha M Alton Scott ,lufly Truitt Catherinv Willey 'X ,,TYV! 1 if 1' f fix: 'R 1 ll ff lf? 'M K 'I AIS' fm' tw 'T' Us S 'lfhw' 'Q' 9 Z4 Sophomores 13:9 'S '27 W? W Q R Richard Anderson Bill Baker LeRoy Brasure Nancy Brobst Dorothy Conaway Charles Cordrey Pauline Daisey Joan Davis Marilyn Donaway Jerry Dorey Terry Dorey Ruth Elliot Judy Evans Ronald Fox Norris Godwin Kitty Hall Margaret Harrison Dorothy Hickman Ruth Ann Hitchens Etta Hudson f M, layoff' X I 7 Jr '27 .abr A fwuu 1: 19' ' ! ., if? mem:-f X nv . sf ah 'OF' Z! ,QF , -KL 'mt - Nfl ,rr 's 'UA .vt 'Uv T . 'QW' .B AN- vggrvfflf it s x S f c "'g R 1 3, 5 QSVV A 7 , 55 Nm. 'Qvn New 'QUIDV 33- Class Howard Hudson Ronald Hudson James Johnson Gladys Jones Patricia jones Linda Joseph Donna Layfield Michael Lloyd Joseph Lofland Carol Lowe Mary Matthews Lavinia McCabe Eunice Mears Eddie Messick joshua Messick Phillip Messick Doris Miller Emory Mitchell Lois Mitchell Darlene Mumford 1961 Susan Outh-n jinnnif- Parke-r Minniv l'zirke'r v ,lHSl'lJlllIll' l'4'Ic-rwn Sara Pr-ltit Helen Hvwl Herman Rogers Charlene Short Dianne Shuggard Josephine Spence Carolee Tilhnan Margaret Tingle Sue Tmmn-5 Nlvrwhlh I lrivh flhvstc-r Viril- Hnnalri Ward Iivtlx Inu XX?-t Pxuxyvk ilkf-r-1-n jnvk Vkfrulfur Kunzihl XYIIUIPII l'if'ture'r1nl an uilzihlc IJFIIHIF XX urrxngtun 'TQ- ,. if 15 .. 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W R Q lv I T i z a VIP Wayne Scorah George Steininger Richard Welali Janice Workman 52 'Q r Richard Short Nelson Timmons Brenda West A , I J I 5x .lanvt Simpler BMI? Smith Arnold Truim Williaiii Waplvs Rqinald Wag! Rosalie- W1-st N0 picture available: Michele Yunkcr '-Map. 'S' 1 ' A x..J f V -fr' N I if-... i-WW A mn., , 4?ii iii' W 'HUF Willis Smith livwrly Warrington Janice Woutten x Darlf-nv lhawcll xl , ,Q, 'QF-gfiv gif Q lllllfl 'M Q f E E IN! -' ' -5:1 X G5 I f5TV5' l'.luI :Xx1rlv'rso11 Cllr-ryl Hake r 14l'i 1 Flu-rm Unk:-r G f, F, g ls, William Hrmlfwrcl Q 'Q' f Nurlvy limxur 4, Q .-Klan llqunpn ' I .-Xrtllur lfutln Il E 'S' W, ,W V 5 ,K iff 1-'f 8th Grade nu, ara: nf' . 4,32 ., ,gf 3 W Q 45,5 ff' . 5-1007 I K as-' 1 Ei' Q: cyan 'ig I , I Am? .Immrs Clark Vernon Collins Hubert Darden Lonnie Foster Lorraine- Cmlfrf-v 'Q P Fdyl? Cuff - .QA 7 , ol Kugvf HPLUII , -' Ki I 'H 1-, 'Rx 5 V xt ly um fn Y Y hi 3, ls 5 I 3 '- ' f- ' Robert Hudwn C- I F 'P 1 ri Dlrrlilld JUIIC: is , llllt' Int' Q 1 , .3 . .I . J v Q SQ,.,, 7 f ef IINIIPIIIIJ Joie-ph a., , AX L - I -- W , Ark, "V 9 li , 2 : ,X K. ai ,wg Anna Mae Littleton David Lloyd Thomas Messick Shirley Nlitrfhell vu' Q , 0 ,JI IU ffl I J' 1. Elaine Moore Paul Pettit Fred Phillips William Pusey """'K' ti 1 Q' 5 Class of 1963 52 ' ,,', . fag, P Donna Robbins ' ' ag V Barbara Rogers , lk, Y Bertha Rogers ' V 'iii ' Phillip Rogers R K "' t- 1,1 fi Donald Rust lat pf-if wuz Q Patricia Schumacher :gi i .ggkjgl 3 lu- V1 K V James Scott l'f4""'x fffv J, A , 'sf' ' 'cw if Bruce Smith xy l gmv-W-0' , Patricia Smith Marvis Truitt Peggy Wootten I ,. if mam, P Darrell Steele 'at '1 L it , Patricia Thoroughgood My 3 lvl 457' N-...f,. -'38 K9 ,mp 05.1-gf, bf 155411 ,Q ff' N , 1 K V , W 5, ,. , 38 409 ,,.,x, U ,' -S W. ga ' Q V :gi-:L ,.1'h,!3:Q::' if T5 mf Rs .ll QR' 3 3 1 -r' MY""'f7 w 395, , 0' i ,M 'Ns .A ' 'A Za K ,I A . ,.-, I I K Q 74 H If If Q Q -- W 'aff-Q, 'Wh fl 'X My r 4 "W . y 'QQW fm ww., N' IFJ F.- X 5 A ' , ' H :" a W q 5: 1 5, 'ag my jx'-XY 'KN' X ...ek W '-an M4 A ' A X V W if , A ah E31 if .4.A2 ' M V 'f Eg? ,,. L f f"" 4' ' 11 W EP fm if lp K V in---""' 5-WW 1 W 1 V22' W n """ 23' N 1 ' 4' M A ' f,, f , VE? 25.4 ,Wi 1-Q ' , h.: J "V, W! .. A Q ff- fe an N -P wr- 1' if X , l I 'U J 4 . yfw , A f, K " '-r Frank Adking Xliz-lun-l Iiivni Ur mid Hirl Un-l1.1vl Iilmdvn RLIYIIIUINI june- Brew wicz NI.-liu4i.1 Curtwr Hdllfldll 4f.1ufifA1l Bmvdvn ingztnn H1-njumin ff.xr- Iunmxuy lJ.min:n Nlivlmv-l Uukv- llfvnniv flullins Patrif-in llurclrf minr- -.- Hur'-Il IA-Nif' UAV' 15101111 EHUJTI xIi1I'f',IdI'lt'FIrX His-lmrfi fQur1ir:'y Inmv- ,lwhrmxfm Jw-f-pil ,l'PIl"- Kiwlldral jxfllflll' Hurl-1-n Euuvm- Ge-iuvr Xrthur Klinv IJ'-Inr-N I..1xfiv-Id I'Iiti'llf'f1w Darlc-no Kirby 5l!'IIhl'Il Iillgllltf' jam- Kirby I.1mi.1 .lwnf-N Jamv- Ldyfirld I lu f N3 3 ,.,,,. gy if if 6 ,Q fy '4 "If ie, V 1 - Z ..: l W Q 'E +- I - T-7,3 or 'Wi it if V' in f f L.. r Janet LeCates Merrill Mr'Czil1e Joanne Mitchell Clurem'e Rust Brenda Steele Darlene Truitt Q . di?" rl lllll K 1-,r-1'-l" Pw X , if rf 'ii I fm I Af! V5.5 5 , sl,Lll , 5' 3' W ,r Q S A X If , ,,,,. V Q., X ,xl 21:13, ' if ill ol A Harriett Lewis Preston Xlvflulle Jolm Mitchell Julie Hyun Louise Thor- flllgllglllfbfl Arthur Warrin ton JK rv' Q6- il ft, o ,-5 4 'FQ M 'Mae Tl ' I aw, if ul l l ff If fy? El 5- -1' 2 , J 'sg-as-' 3, mn . I, if t if s. J is W3 J .Q-0-J ,, 1- j I ly... 4 Bill Littleton Susan Mears Holm-rt lxlourt' Roger Schmidt Johnny Tillman Donald Wells .y if-E? K ,. - -I QQ' V l , . , I -Q, A ...Ju .xffsia ft 1 , Q - Margaret Long Garland Mes- sick Y Bonnie Uuttc-n Barbara Sniitll Joe Toucliton Sandra West f,.ff,j. fx 'gulf 'UAE uf Q' SY fgrep- l Gerald McCabe Patricia Milford Vivian Revell George Smith Carolyn Trilabitt Bill Wootten 1 X Q QQ PT.- i Elementary Q0- I I I 1 - t ,rm yl -W Q Q -1 'Q ' up X . W 4 3,51 X A :Y :A ' 'nt runs ' F, .- , Haw-ig 1' . .Q ,P aviif Q- Q J if -' V. Xi' A I Z L I 3. 4 I :F ' -' I 'ex' E! All 3. . ,, t 5 ' 1 'A - J L - ' ' , Q4-1 1 - 3 3 ,ff Wil 'QM A g -,,, gi I f K ., lu., 5, M: 2 , Wk ' E , 4 ' ,,A' 1 iyA ir' wma! Kwywiq . , Q 5 ff f- , , 4' A 'W ' xr.,-wr: - . 1 3 Y ' Q,Q ef P- " Q . ff-W Q - + ' 4 KJ ww! Y wi aff 1 s 13' , ' 'M ' ' , 3 f ' effwlvk ' f 9' 3? p 8 1 g , 5 ' 1 3,12 ffl f A O 'Y mf - f ' Q , if A 11- 1: . - ,-1 Q f K sy., K f"""MW'W ,. V , 'VFW .qw 1, X Sw uw ff' sv 1-REX .W .. ,M Q Q ,Ag gi, f.f. fv' f My 'QQ fig! 32 .LW -if -ff ,N E V5 X-sei ., -UQ' t. .ZA - 1 :M . . A me 'Yi ' S vw W W . .im "KH an gig SF 6. 1 Mrs. Care as Fifth Grade QI .46 49 TOP ROW: Norman Jones. Haeley Dukes, Dale Rust. Kenneth Short, Paul Collins, Billy Cordrey, Harry Thielemann. THIRD ROW: Donald Hyliniski. Peter Reed. Ronnie Mitchell. Dale Pusey. Reginald Layfield. Gregory Jnines, Preston Rogers. Way'ne Carmean. SECOND ROW: Ethel Jones, Ruth Jones. Joan Butler. Mildred Jones. Barbara McCabe. Doreen Godwin. Christine Nelson. FRONT ROW': Mary lieth Foster. Patricia Messick, Brenda ,AlJSlllI'K'. .Miele Lyneh. Carolyn Rev:-I. Linda Cosl s-1-. Linda Reynolds M rs. Gra, ps Fifth Grade .0 ar TOP ROW: Nlarif' Rfvggerx. flharlr-nr fiiifllltilfl. June Ev-ne. ,lanish Radisll. Bell ,lwriv-. hay Sli lfnrrl. loan Carmine. lmi- Dnnaway. .lar-quelyn Ayr-r-. Lynn Luzier, SECOND HOW: Clary flardrvy. l.:-e Rirhards. Gary llarmf-an, Wanda Pettit. Lura Baker. Gladys Larsen, Barbara I.:-wi-. Shawn Car6Y. Pav? Rf-wl. Patriw-ia .l'PIlt'4. Jann-N Rulzlrin-. Charlv- Stulilw. FRONT RUW: Ke-nn:-th Slmrt. Jimmy Klear-. john Xlitelu-ll. Bruw: Brittingharn. Gary Layfield. Danny Franklin. Harry Xlcfjahe. Wayne Rngrrx. Ste-plu-n Nlunfurd. ,, Q s - I " an 1 - i 1 ' -if ,K A , I .,'1'5x.y f35i , 5' ' ' I ' afvwf - 2 'NK . r , ,, if , . , . . .if ., ' 5 1. ." W- ' f s ' ' N f 1 i W 1 mm 7 'VHI :I M i' 3, V 1 , L ""' f' it NV "::i'fQf.?S1 .' 1 'xs"iZ1.l',,w71"g '5' ' ' 'tix' f 'iw , - -f f 1, '-., , W-M ,igfflv 2, R . 1- - . . aww N- Nuff , LM, I an ,Lil v-wil, I W K 4, t, A 1 nl ,W H' ai i ' .,,5-,f 4 + hi -f A h ' ' 4 'QNX 4 'V' if ', r . 7 4536" ' EQ? 'W slid!! Wfif. P 4 Q? ww f3gflflfi?i'?f g:Q:1aifgY , L " ' ,..-fqyffg -.-.A Ai. , W R XM ,A 1 ' L, ,Q . 1 52294 . ... -kt' . , I I , .sw , , . I 1 mr... ., 0' l9""" 4' iw ff? I f- Q, 1 5' .. 5 'Gr mg I , 1 5' A Y A 4 . P " -Q 'su A V L 'gilli X ,ax 3 1 , F5 Aw 3:95 - X Hy, ,uw W5 ' ,Sf in ' ,, Q3 HQ Huh, REL , X K - Q-fd I .., Viz" X Y!"9 V Q , dlillflg 1 S 6 , l . is ll .qs , xff :El , 'fu' T9 4 ' ,V I W ' N' lug. CF: E ' A 1 ' 1 f . A I ' X W 4 Q 2 , 1 A , , Z f , , Q ffi ei'-fir ' "'?i if L.1-,f , f ---. I i I , . . 'V Tv, j 4 wr V Q , ,gg gg' ., vf WL- M2 ' ' Q 5 ' S-haf". ' we an If gi Ab 1 . 4 QQ fi i me f I' ' I ..- pif Q f uf ' ' 1 6 All 4 . "1 W - -nu-. 5'4" I If ., ,W , ,. wg ' , - if A Wi V gt " ' VV Eg 1 n . W .p. Qi.. 49 t -712, N I., W K '11, if Q :., f 1 A 5, Q3 F, ,--x V- 1' Y W f ew f. f f 'ri 'vs J' T 5' 'F FJ., ."-'fl Xxy 21 f' 1 gg gf 5 J QD H3 1 f 1 'v an ft? 2 1 ,, 5 E' it f :gm swf fr W I 5 Y an 051 if 123 , a I Zvi, . 4 if z gd 1 V! if mg bf f f . . Q fx, 4+ -.. 44, . 'Mfr if w V N 'M ,, "' W1 " 745 ' ' W V V' A v , '56 Q H if 'L I. 1 V 3 W ,, W ww ,Wx -w ' , Q M , A f ,lfm 1 X' ' Q ,M i M- mm' WW . ? '-f- -an.. ' A , .X 79 ff -M 1 . Y , ' K 'WH' , 4 f, , I , , 3 . A wg 'ly , 4A::',t:i . f A - 1 f 9 'wb- if .xl be . 7,4- ,affix fa' , 5. :avi W if if W. Fi ta If , 4 M , 1 ,ww f , as if 4'Qa?v?," 3, Y asf QF' , eff, 4 ' in 2 14 : 'K g 5 'wi Jr -41 s 5 ". ga ,S .lzl V. 1 f k,, .iw x ',g'L 1 J xv - ' . gg pf Q E Y 'S 1 1 .X Q ae W la E 5 1' 3 A ..,..,.,.., - W - e 9 , , M., W. L., S 5 I fi :vi '- Q 5 3 . K! I-1 if Q if: ai , 4 E+, X 7 5' , T ' , V k .Y:fQf?L 5:45 , M fa 'Eli F 32. 2 'frkqkgff K A ff 5 E 51' fig" it , K if RA ililh' ' 6 Q 5 Rf? f 0 4 F sm f :AE fs, . :fi 4, A V , 'Q -gy Q si 1' nfl . qi mg PM 5 fs c j We , 2 -."9" 'F' fy , ' s.5".f'f5:1 ,j'.5,bf5pLy7,G. ,gvyytt ' ' 2 tuU"5' Q 1 l" x5'hX'f"l, ' f1.,i2h.'.lfew.fzfQ X if fi :W I stu 'Q ,"?'f? fx fy 44 I is 'o 8, 4 'H - I 5 I 254: I - 'I' L N V A . , , M ' ix : ig Q35 W U , L 1 . . M F?-- i Activities Mr. Burton, Advisorg Catherine Willey', Susan Outten, Esther Adkins, Patrica Smith, Julie Ryan, BOB RICKARD5 Jerry Birl, Roger Hearn, Carolyn Hudson, Margaret Tingle, Pat Lingo, John McCabe, Judy Pff-'Sldeni Wilkins, Secretaryg Robert Rickards, President. M. H. S. Student Council Student government is a vital part of any American High School. Capably headed by Bob Rickards this year. with assistance from Mr. Burton. the faculty advisor. the Council has had the responsibility of dealing with some of the problems confronting the student body. Of the various projects undertaken by the Council. the most important has been the organization of an American Field Service exchange group for M.H.S. Members of the group are working hard to complete plans for our high school to par- ticipate in the exchange of foreign students by next fall. V sf 3 . 225 l 1 Of- Y, - A more pleasant dutx f r flu- fiounrll l'r:-side-nt X X 6TuDENf tlnv- lir-I dance- with tln' f vu COLINLN' Pu n if Wilt! If Co-sponsored by the l. W. LUNG CU. und th'- SELBH VILLE I-'L'RNI'I'IfRE CON Sc-lbyxille-. llvl, u-4 L 5 5 : : E '4 '11 Y 5 r E! -. 2 If .1 'T Noi 'I E. Q Qc T' CI -1 G K4 '? 1-A -. f-Q O 7: ,-. I" 9 53. Z ,:'. o II" fb L -1 4 7 '11 A V A -- pf. A Q Z 'I L Z Q 7 ,- 71 7 D W D 1E I-1? -1 'fl FI i 't '1 :- u E C' c : 5 r Li 2 Q E UD : Z : -, s. Z Y E Q .... av- E : 'fl V ,-. I 72' 9 rizjzi -1'--71',:', Ei 5575.5 2. ,-?':g5r SEYT4' '71 -214. 'L '-:',,.L- L2...2:':-- QEFFT: ?fg::Z I 1-:Cf-E :-A: 1-, 2114741 :,,1: "-.QZQ Z.. 5:-!Cf - -f: 1- QIAIF- -173: ' F: 157' Ivgfgirl wwf, . .- 2L7..:'- 7' F'..:'fT 51:23-- -.-L."4 -.1:fv ri-:El ----s ..-- Eizg ' 5' 'EI-'71 , 71112 Fg:'T'1" xx- Z':. -E71 -17" LQ-" Eiigmg TTT-?':E.i Cixi 2- 5-g'i.4'f V71 -fi" fx....:1-rj.. gsf .. Til: F7571- 5:75533 E??5:- 555225. gig-:arg :aE25a ' v nu. 92'-1 GE ff'--'4'-ES'-1 .:-P :- ? EEF WL ,-- 'T --swza mflirf Tw'-' LT .gilgg-17 Qg7C" JE-?xH gmfh Q..-,J,r:.,, f.Q E' 37 E-L, r:'H,-.- :s?'I,g'- f-45,-,uf---4 1':" LZ' E ' 4' L :.2A'E'....E 5.'iL.:r5': 2'1"U:. 75155: Kefrq' TA EF'Q': 5 23? -Q2r:f -gi :1 3:Tg,j: Q"" ..... ' 5 xi-A 3-S'L4z'S --I1-Fl? rr- .J .J."' -4..,..' - 72? F'EE: A 714-j:: ci:-I-:-2' Z'-if rf' ... .- -H -T- Z- ZE-: 71?-QTL? 'X-1.2.1 r-,r...r mi-A i 'hp H.. -f 0-vw ab' 1 4 3 K Q -v s M fi saw. ,, N mmw-, .A B 1 I 1+ h 4 w '1 . , . -. ygvrwgx .. i 1 f' .' ' r f- -Q------r---.-H K A l 0 I .F '14. XY 3, 5 -' .- ,. ., , A V U ., Wim, ,. X A' -' ' ' I Q 'A ' V ' 1 ' . , .. ' K , ' , A .1 I I J .4 5 9 f r ' ' u ,Z - X 35 4, ' ., ,, 1. rm + ' naw ' 4 ' 4 v M. ff, 1 ' a 1 Q xi, W . ,M ,V I ' 4 '- Q N 'Q ww I J f su 11 n T- ! Q x Y fv. I A Www, 1 A 2 Booster Club FRONT ROW: Judy Wilkins, Carol Carmean, Elaine Brittingham, Mr. McDaniel, Miss Beggs, Barbara Hitchens, Shirley Messick. SECOND ROW: Balis Smith, Orlene Adams, Sue Duggan, Eleanor Hudson, Kaaren Klotz, Brenda Orendorf, Gladys Jones, Shirley Jones, Rosey Lee Bradford. THIRD ROW: Carol Lowe, Harriett Lewis, Josie Spence, Melinda Carter, Brenda Steele, Pat Schumacher, Janet Baker, June Jones. FOURTH ROW: Darleen Mumford, June Brewington, Sandra West, Joye Harrell, Janet LeGates, Patricia Milford, Nancy Brasure, Lorraine Godfrey, Minnie Parker. FIFTH ROW: Charlene Short, Betty Lou West, Kay Wilkerson, Marilyn Donaway, Etta Hudson, Anna Mae Littleton, Cheryl Baker, Beverly Warrington and Virginia Butler. To provide vitally needed moral support to Blue Devil teams the Booster Club aided the Cheerleaders in planning and staging pep rallies. arousing student interest in games, and cheering loud and long at athletic contests. Glee Club In its first year, the Clee Club sang for school and community functions. lts mem- bers are: FRONT ROW: Elaine Rust, Catherine Willey, Carole Hall. Pat Lingo, Elaine Brittingham, Deanna Hitchens, Flora Vickers, Virginia Butler. SECOND ROW: John Evans, Bill Daisey, Barry Dodd, Michele Yunker, John Birl, Linda Birl, Lucien Lenhart, Bruce Hornung, Lynn Bullock, Mr. Heim, THIRD ROW: Iva Lee Baker, Carolyn Hudson. Cathy Hickman. Luray Mitchell, Edward LeCates, Paul Rimmer, Bonnie Baker, Judy Hudson, Donna Lawson. This page is sponsored by the BRITTINGHAM and WILLIAMS INSURAINCE CO., Millsboro, Del. Future Farmers of America FRONT ROW: Gerald Hitchens, Herman Rogers, Robert Riddle, Vernon Elliot, Wayne Long, Randall Moore, Ronald West, Ronald Oliphant, Richard Anderson, James Johnson. Ronald Joseph, SECOND ROW: Wm. H. Jenkins, Advisor: Leroy Brasure, Ronald Fox, Ernest Clark, Billy Baker, John McCabe, Fred Hudson, John Kline. George Steininger, Paul German, Harley Hickman, James Parker, Dennis Warrington, THIRD ROW: James Mitchell, Richard Short, Phillip Messick, Donald Pusey, Thomas Moore. Alton Scott. George Esham, James Murray. Clifton Mumford. Roland Johnson, David Collins, Joshua Messick. Donald Fox. F.F.A. F.F.A. and Vo. Ag. are two terms frequently heard in High School. The first stands for Future Farmers of America and is an integral part of the second term which means Vocational Agriculture. This four-year program is offered for agriculturallv-minded hovs who wish to make farming their life work. To successfully complete a vear's work in Vo. Ag. a hov must have a farm project of some kind at home and turn in a project record hook upon its completion. Work in school is divided between Farm Shop and class work in which a boy studies livestock. crops and Farm Mechanics. The highest award which a hov can ohtain in the l:.F.A. is the gold key of the Diamond Farmer. Two bovs from Millshoro have attained this degree during the past five years. They were VVavne Cooper and Richard Johnson. The EFA. also encourages participation in various leadership activities: Parliamentary Procedure Contests. Puhlic Speaking Con- tests, Judging Contests. and Local Chapter Activities. Q FARM R5 Or - This page is sponsored by the DELAWARE POULTRY LABORATORY. Mill-horo. Dt-I. Future Homemakers of America FRONT ROW: Delores Layfield, Darlene Kirby, Pat Cordrey, Thelma Joseph, Bertha Rogers, Peggy Wooten, Faye Hayes, Margaret Long, Linda Jones. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Esham, Vivian Riddle, Carol Lowe, Rosalie West, Janie Kirby, Louise Bailey, Barbara Smith, Mrs. Dale, Carolyn Tribbitt, Mary Rose Powell, Lavinia McCable, Sue Toomey, Barbara Harding, Carol Fisher, Pauline Daisey, Louise Thoroughgood. The purpose of the F.H.A. is to prepare high school girls to excel in homemaking as a career. During the year the girls have made gifts and have learned to crochet and knit. SEATED: Jud Hudson Mrs. Buhl, Elaine Birl. STANDING: Janice .Workman America The Future Teachers, Association of Millsboro High School had its first meet- ing of the year in November. Judy Hud- son was elected President of the group, and Elaine Birl secretary-treasurer. The purpose of the organization is to give those interested in teaching an opportu- nity learn something about the profes- sion, its problems and advantages and the training required to prepare for it. , Y v Q Tamara Monroe, Carolyn Hudson, Paulette Bowden, Donna Lawson, Pat Lingo, Susan Outten, Etta Hudson, Lois Mitchell, Elaine Rust, Margaret Tingle. nag, r---M.. .wma , SEATED: Jimmy Clark, Pat Jones, Judy Truitt, Judy Mears, Editorg Kitty Hall, Peggy Harrison. STANDING: Mr. Major, Advisorg Cathy Hickman, Darlene Hall, Dorthy Baker, Delores Smith, Rosalie Hall, Bonnie Baker, Brenda West, Margaret Almasi, William Bradford, Marvis Truitt, Mary Belle Cowen, Betty Ellingsworth. Newspaper taff The Newspaper Staff has the respons- ibility of compiling. editing. and distribut- ing uThe Little Devilis Review" which contains various news items of interest to the school. 'K J UQ Library Aides The Library Aides do a good job of checking books in and out of the library, taking care of the books, and doing gen- eral library chores. Elementary Librarian RUTH MORRIS This page is sponsored by the INDIAN RIVER NIARIN SEATED: Darlene Truitt, Blrsq DeVaney. Advisorg Marcella Bowden, Elaine Moore STANDING: Pat Bowden. Virginia Jones, Linda Joseph. Darlene Powell. Ruth Ann Hitchens, Nancy Brobst, Judy Evans. A. Oak Orchfnd. Del. fi-ll M' i Athletics 3 has ij' 5 ' Z2 M ? 3 H! ffufl ' f HV W: ' ' f M w f ,ff bf, L .SE r 'H M Ig i s 'YQ ' X fx A 1 A f R' ' 'fiiffkf 'l mm.. MQW 5 in -If 1, f 5, 9 . pg ,, A '- Viv, " w . ' '. . K, A Ly' A fax Vu 3 MHZ Y,-1,4 3 ,X if 'Www M , .-, X , M, . ww., W If In X6 ' '41 ik 'Y Q +3 :fx 'i , Q , r"' J 5 -efsw ' afffzal, ,W 'Z 5 i.,, Wy? ,Yi ,fs GEORGE ESHAM JOHN McCABE 4 3 1 if ,ff .,, , Nizafii' fe' l Q iw JIM MURRAY ROLAND JOHNSON Senior Lettermen The 1958 Blue Devil football squad had its ups and downs. Key injuries, shortages of reserves, and a disastrous pre-season scrimmage against Lewes- plus some very strong opponents-'held the record to 3 wins and 5 losses. Even that old enemy-penalties-hurt the cause. Three long touchdown runs at crucial times in 3 games wiped out by penalties proved to be turning points against the Blue Devils. The big moment of the season was the final game against Clayton when a blocked kick recovered in the end zone gave the Devils a 7-0 win. However, the most exciting play of the season was the beautifully executed pass play from George Esham to Tom Moore that pulled the L. B. game out of the fire in the final four minutes, bringing a 20-19 victory. THE RECORD FOR THE SEASON M-H-S .ft,,,,,,,,,. 6 Rehoboth ,,,, M.H.S., ,,,,s .. 27 Harrington M.H.S .,,, ,.,,,s,, 6 Delmar ,,,s, . M.H.S .,,.rs,, ,. 0 Georgetown M.H.S. ,,,V ,,s,s,, 1 3 Bridgeville ,,,s,, . M-H-S .Y77,, ss,, , . 3 North Dorchester A' y M-HS -,,.,.,,.,,,, 20 Lorcl Baltimore .. Wil. 5 4, M.H.S. .. ,,,, T J. M. Clayton ., QV' Q' '?'F':g vg This page is sponsored by RALPH MCCABE, Millsboro, Del. ' e LQMZM -f ,,,f.A.,wQ3p,f,A-.,.'f,-J, w , V, wwf M, VM .W f 1,9 X ' N 'firms Y ' ' 1 Q "' xlx 5 7.17 K, . 1 Af In I . Q, 1 xl' X , , X Ux J ' g, -Xg,,2f WL 55? Tv ilk? ol zf2 -::"". f'4'-A Q., In 1' " " ': '1 ' 3 I x lm" if 5 'ivmy 2 2 . 2' if H 2 "' Q I S ' ., v , Nx',, .M wvi, JW? 7 B Q FRONT ROW: James Johnson, Manager, Jeff Derrickson, Emory Mitchell, Ralph Adkins, Virgil Rust, .lack W'indsor. Ronald Hudson, Gene Wharton, Lucien Lenhart, Manager. SECOND ROW: Mr. Lingo, Coach, Josh Messick, John McCabe. Ronnie Wootten. Leon Brittingham, ,lim Mitchell, Phil Messick, Tom Moore, Pete Dukes, Mr. Bard, Coach. Blue Devil Basketball Team With only two lettermen uion which to huild. the new coaches. Mr. Lin o and lVlr. . l g Bard, have been faced with the problem of creating a new starting line-up for this season. Despite a relatively unirnpressive record of only two wins in the first six games of the season it is believed that the Sf uad will show' further inn vroverncnt as hadly needed l l . experience is gained. Losing only john Mr-Calw this year. there is ample reason to think that the future is going to he rnur-li lvrightcr for the Blue Devil c-aggers. J.v. SQUAD FRONT RUYV: .launes johnson. Man- ager: Lynn Bullock. Ronald Wlest. John Ennis. Tonnny Ellingsworth. Lucie-n Lenhart. Manager. SECOND ROYV: Mr. lingo, liruu- Hornung. Brut-e Srnith. lloward Hudson. Norris God- win. Hill linker. and Mr, Bard. JOHN McflARE The Lone Senior FRONT ROW: Dorothy Conaway. Catherine Willey. Brenda Orendorf, Carol Carmeau. Barbara Hitchens, Pat Lingo. SECOND ROW: Mr. Klotz, Donna Layfield. Mary Ann Matthews, Dorothy Hickman, Betty Lou WI-st, Etta Hudson, Eunice Mears, THIRD ROW': Linda Messick. Luray Mitchell, Susan Outten, Lorraine Godfrey, Patricia Schumacher, Bonnie Esham, Carol Lowe, BARBARA HITCHENS Her guarding in the Clayton gains: igllt to llelloldfi iv-4' d J Faced with a shortage of experienced players. Coach Klotz has laid the foundations for another great team. Blending two Seniors and three Juniors with a solid core of Freshmen and Sophomores, the Blue Devilettes. at press time. had counted vic- tories over Milton, Georgetown. Rehoboth. and Delmar. A loss to Selby ville and a heart-breaker to John M. Clayton made the record stand at -1 wins and 2 losses at the end of January. However. the future gives promise of great things for the girls' squad. A league championship in the newly formed Henlopen Conference next year is not beyond the rf-alm of expectation. lllis page is 1'o--ponsorv-ri ln tllv- lJlfl..'KWXRl'i l'Ulfl.- TRY lAliOR:X'l'ORY and Ill NfQll'S MAHKE'I'. hlills- lroro Ile-I ts A IOII. CAROL CARMEAN red-hot night against Mil t 79 :FQ V, y L M -I IF - AqV I' 1 AgVA Q25 nm... I ...,. Y k vv , gig? 4 45 ia , gQi1 :g 33 f 5 A" Q 'v r WIN Vi A "', ,,-' V' X A K A . , Mwhwegf 2 as 5 , A . I I ,1k-: ,dr fswflffav A Y 4 X if-if v R' W2 -if an Sr sis Ya, :gl Q6 wwvgf 'rf gf A, 1 ' N3 ' L A f 1 FH ia fi Q fy, '17 ny, 1' A V y ' VII xfml 21 M if lL ,A A K Q :wwf 'T M' '-P '1-fl if' gf V? Q? W if '4 . A E 5, ,,, Q - V X ' S 9 f 'if ,yi ipv aol I . , 1? H gil? Agn .-WMS F 0 fi? agua 'Vg' . twig? ixbj R sl' i M x Q! 4 U I I ,U 1 1 .31 , ,L ' q ' 4, ist ' of S ...f.vv- , A Q 1958 Spring Sports YLMQL FRONT ROW: Emory Mitchell, Charles Cordrey, Jerry Dorey, Ronald Hudson, Terry Dorey, Richard Baker. Ronald Wooten, Joshua Messick, Ricky Hornung. SECOND ROW: Joseph Lofland, Gene Pusey, Eugene West, Douglas Hudson, Phillip Messick, Gibby Atkins, Pete Dukes, Virgil Rust, Mr. Klotz, Coach. Baseball The Millsboro Baseball Team for the first time in a good many years had a winning season. The season's log was 6 wins-5 losses. The success of the team was due to good team work and some timely hitting including 4 grand slam homeruns in as many games. At end of the season Gene Pusey was awarded a trophy as the Most Valuable Player. ..Ya, Strike three" "Gene" waits his turn safe at second . y:.','. - gi. angg: ' fa- This page is Co-spun-ored by the PEPPER POlfl.TRY CO. and the H 8 H POLYLTRY CO.. Selbyville, Del. Track 1 953 The Millshoro High School Track Team officially started its first season in 1958. Outstanding per- V 13 formers were Billy Baker, Ron Matthews, and Joe S scoring 117 Out of a possible 50 points. The future looks bright in varsity competition if they work N hard and improve each year. RON MATTHEWS JOE LOFLAND ,lavclin Shot Put BILL BAKER JOHN GREEN Dames H, h J BOB RICKARDS ig ump Quarter-Miler This page i-- sponsored by the RUST-WEIR SUPPLY CO., Georgetown, Del. Lofland. The ,l.V. team lead an excellent season 2 ri 1958 Softball Team sl mggw Q 5 'VY X' 'E .V lg, fv- MHRJWQ 3 uwxfy I FRONT ROW Mr Jefferson Mary Ann Matthews Darlene Mumford Mmnle Parker Margaret Tmgle Catherme Wllley SECOND ROW .losephme Brewmgton Norma Lee Carey Dot Hlckman Barbara Hltchens Donna Steele Donna Layfleld Eunice Mears Thelma HltChChS Pat Hylmskl Flora v1Ck6fS Absent Helen Brewmgton Able to play only four games because of bad weather and lack of opposmg teams the softball team broke even at 2 up and 2 down Wlth the openmg of play 1n league competltlon m 19:19 the problem of fllllng 5 vacancles created by the departure of Thelma Jean Hitchens, Norma Lee Carey Pat Hyhnskl Donna Steele and Josephme Brewlngton wlll be of prlme lmportance There are prospects of a group of rookles m the 8th and 9th grades commg to the rescue BEVERLY WARRINGTON BRENDA ORENDORF LV. Cheerleaders JUDY WILKINS Co-Captain FRONT ROW: June Jones: Brenda Steele. Janet Le-Gales, Patricia Schumacher SECOND ROW: Lorraine Godfrey, Janet Baker, Patsy Brcasure. This page is sponsored by MR. AND MRS. JACK BIRL, Oak Orchard, Del. WI-15 hplhllxkmfl1.l1f11I1.u!.1Nd1nmg"Xlum NMI:-r" If -a, mtv: x1l'x11-'mum Y'R'P'N'N R -+- 8 Sr' ICIAINK Illil'l'llX1HXXl 4..J.g1pt.11r1 lI,1KI1Lx1f-1- XVIII-11:1--I In IM- HI IJNHX XX Xl I 'l'Xl'l'l' YIHHF NI Ht 1 IJ ,. .x. .,1-1H'." Athletic Council In its second year of operation, the Athletic Council, representing students, coaches, faculty, school board, administration, and community, is working hard to improve conditions affecting sports at M.H.S. Foremost of the accomplishments this year was the joining of the newly-formed Henlopen Conference of 11 Kent and Sussex County High Schools. Of great importance to the Council has been the consideration of ways and means to guarantee that Blue Devil teams are equipped and trained in the very best fashions. Expansion of the athletic program into upper elementary and junior high school grades is a vital part of the athletic improvement campaign. The Council is proud of the fact that it has been able to help secure new equipment and uniforms, considerably improve the financial aspects of the sports program, and improve the general status of varsity competition this year. Not to be forgotten is the Council's All Sports Banquet at the close of the season to honor all letter winners. ix? q X X K 'Aff MEMBERS Mr. Gladden, Mr. Lingo, Bob Rickards, Pete Dukes, Mr. Burton, Mr. Klotz, Mr. Mes- sick, Elaine Brittingham. Sec- retaryg Mr. Jefferson, Chair- man. Absent from picture: Mr. Steve Monroe. LQ , X. P ' it This page is co-sponsored by the THORO-C-OOD CONCRETE CO., Millsboro, Del., and the PITTSVILLE MOTOR CO., Pittsville, Md. M A ,.f i 'x Ramblmg Around Those Carefree Days -s 6 M ' . ., Qu 'And the car-stop made money" "This is a basketball team?" H-And '5P9CdY, ChHPf'flm'3d will A is N! T ,. M, fu' e I "Brigitte Bardot??" "Anyone for horse shoes?" "Muscles" M ,MW K' ww-me . all-win sm ,CA , ,f ,iff Q 4' V-.V I NRL. V A Nj, .,.,. 4- .A 4 -Q + lv. A- M144 .. s.- 'S 'f g ' 'f f, g nf fx ,L ,f . 'Aga A V gi, Z up ' -.v 44, , - r. --. '-That hug ride I0 Gettysburg., "We tried but we could not bring it limneu '4Jeff's beat at Gettysburg" .r- , hc I In c N...- -+..' - Z' '1. - ? YF' ' f ' 4 5 A, A-1" f ! ,.s, t 'VH X131 ' if V A We H ' ' ' M ,gr ,v 49 . W MN xw-'Nxt I .fx mx-1 ,A W he 'N 1 xx sg 'X sk gf 'K RN Q X 1, 1? 3,-.Skis -ZFFJK fgfagk ,Mm - C151 hfiffu '. elm' I I Q 223' Km il WIEQNII 1 fl! by :-1132 If -:J A 'S WJ-EW ,.- ,M 4 S ,Thu Tug ,fu 116-K i Q' -nn ,fx Q. 'Does Rick have a problem?" g'That shorthand sure is tough." "This is how you do it, Charlie." 66 ome of the Wheels" 'ef' H pin J--'F "Eskimo kiss??" "That smile AFTER passing." "Desk duty." Anybody got another good story?" "Three's a crowd." "You're pulling my ear, huh?" This page IS co-sponsored by MURRAY'S TV AND ELECTRIC CO., Frankford, and BRAUNS STORES of Georgetown ,, I 'Y S xx at mkgggw- f,4pp,,,.M' 5 "' i 'J 1 ,eb L , f ',5f A 'I ',,1 5. E Our Last Will and Testament Be it remembered that we. the Millsboro High Class of 1959, being of sound mind f?J and keen memory, under the laws of the Commonwealth of the State of Delaware, do make this our final testament and will, hereby revoke all previous wills by us at any time heretofore made After the payment of our debt we bequeath and dlXldC the re ldue of our estate as follow To the Junior Class we bequeath the big job of compiling the next edition of the Blue Devil To the faculty we extend our apologies for all our misdemeanors To Mr Burton we leave a gold plated comb and brush set to ave what s left Orlene Adams bequeath my changeable mind to Donna Lawson Elaine B1rl leave my height to Stump Roger Rosey Lee Bradford will my jokes to Mary Rose Powell Elaine Brlttlngham bequeath the job as yearbook editor to anyone crazy enough take it Janet Butler leave my ability to tart my Studebaker to Joan Lynch Carol Carmean will all my left oy er absentee slips to Pat Whltledge David Collins leave all my letters to Virginia B to Virgil Rust Helen Cordrey bequeath my good taste for cafeteria food to Linda Messlck Sue Duggan will my ability to yak all day and say nothing to Gloria Cash George Esham leave my good looks to Bill Daisey Robert Ferrler dont leave nothing to nobody cau e I aint got nothing to leave Barbara Hitchens will my place in the hall outside the homeroom to Delores Smith Judy Hudson bequeath my ability to keep up the top of my bathlng suit to Elaine Bust Roland Johnson leave my knowledge of the roads to Delmar to Paul RIHIHICI Shirley J one will my ability to tay home on te t days to Jay Tate Lloyd Kirby leave my red hair to Rebecca Carmine Edward Lecate bequeath my hot air to John Birl to blow his tuba John McCabe leave my ability to have two people in the dr1y er s eat to Paul German Judith Mears bequeath my ability to get good grades w ithout working to Pat Lingo Jane Mes lCk leave my right to be a southpayv to Kitty and Flora Shirley Messick leaye all my argument in clas meetings to Dorothy Baker Ruth Morri bequeath my trivlng ambition to get 100 s on te.t to Buddy Timmons Cllfton Mumford leaye my ability to and desks to Alton Scott Charles Mundorf will my techmcolor charlot to Brenda Orendorf Frank Murray bequeath all my empty Pep 1 bottle to Donald Pusey Jame Murray leave my heavy chedule of cla ses to J H11 Mitchell Robert Rlckards wlll my ability to rate girl second only to my Chevy to Lee Britt Barbara Smith bequeath my weak knee to Pete Duke Judy Wilkins leave all my technlque to Tom Moore We the Seniors hereby appoint Mr A Wayne Burton Superyi mg Principal to be the ole executor of thi our will Wltrie sed by the following on this flfth day of February ln the year 1059 W, it S s S, . 7. S. s: ' GC ' 99 ' n s . . - s ' . 1, -, ' . I ' ' ' il 57 G 7 7 N' I7 7 . . g - L . . . 7 . 7 . to 1, , ' ' ' s ' . In 7 J ' Y I J - I, ' ' 7 u Q n . u s I I, 7 . . . . I ' ' - an 77 v - - 1 1 J . I, , ' ' . I . , . 7 , C . , . 7 7 .1 7 " ' I7 . 7 . . . . I I7 7 7 77 .. 7 . . . 7 I, , ' . 1, ' s, ' 7' ' ' f s s . L 7 . 7, , . 7 I7 7 S, . . 7 . 7 1, Creighton Lloyd, will my ability to leave girls swooning to Gene Wharton. I7 7 . . 7 . . 7 , S 7 I7 . 7 7 . . 7. . . 7 1, s' , 7' ' . ' . 1, ' f s ' , ' s ' s ' . I, 's, s ' ' ' ' H ' N s s ' . I7 . 7 7 7 . . 77 S . I, , ' ' ' . 1, ', 7' 7' s' s . I, s , s s ' ' . I7 . 7 . .. 77 . S , - - L ' f I ' 45 S- I 7 ' ' CC ' 77 7 , 7 ' 7 . 7 . 7 7 7 7 7.5. . . 7 5 'S, " . J lk! K 0 f n The Yearbook taff 'T SEATED: Elaine Birl, Business Manager, Elaine Brittingham, Editor, Judy Wilkins, Lay-out Editor. STANDING: Bob Ferrier, Photographerg Bob Rickards, Assistant Editori Ed Lccates, Class President: Creighton Lloyd, Sports Editorg Otis P. Jefferson, Jr., Advisor. We, the staff of the 1959 Blue Devil, extend our gratitude to all who have contributed to the success of this yearbook. Especially do we wish to convey our deepest appreciation to Mr. Jefferson for his untiring efforts in assisting us in the compiling of the Blue Devil. To our typists, Jane Messick, Babs Smith, Ruth Morris, Orlene Adams, Janet Butler, Sue Duggan and Judy Mears, we owe a vote of thanks. As you recall the days of our high school life, we trust your memories will be more vivid and enjoyable because of the portrayal of our town, our activities and our fellow- students which have appeared in this volume. "The big wheel" "The problem was a rough one! R' K , ! If if I, ! I I fl l UA! IQ? w 'E I fp 3 1 Ai f ' , 5 , LA uk A dfvertzszng '-ff as Sectzon - .V..,..-. ,ua 4 . I 5 Z., if 5 1 w "L" .uw 'Y 9 gf :ffm i 2 1 i 3 .21 S TREET MILLS BOR0 VANTRESS WHITE CROSSES I00 Flrs+ Generahon WILLIAMS CHICKS BeH'er Llvabvllfy BeHer Growfh BeH'er Feed Conversnon More Proflfs WILLIAMS HATCHERY INC PHONE bon Mn.LsBoRo DELAWARE .W vdandwnvf-My !,wM,,M In Mlllsbmo am Vlclmty VISIT an 1 E' o"0 Zia!- JACK S MARKET In Mullsboro Top Ouahfy ES'I'aI: I902 L B MOORE AND SON Jewelers Musical Supplies PHONE 3052 MAIN STREET MILLSBORO DEL MILLSBORO CUT RATE STORE I' I MILLSBORO DELAWARE HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION MILLSBORO DELAWARE PHONE 6491 3 Curreni' Dividend RaI'e Comphmenis RAYMON D V WEST XC vgniiiins Awnbd JAMES COWEN Q a X T + Phone 7333 MILLSBORO DELAWARE CARMEL L COLLINS Timber Sawdusf and Shavmgs GUMBORO, DELAWARE SHORT'S SALES 84 SERVICE Oak Orchard MILLSBORO, DELAWARE Phone 482I fe -'X ,QC W .i :r D SAVE AT AL, A .- Hospi'I'aI Supplies ' ToiIeI ArI'icIes Pafen Medicines 0 . , SI'a ionery fo . U 4 A in K Q 5 of PIumbing an Supplies -A Demming Wa er Pumps Q Pump Driving BRASURE AND SMITH MILLSBORO DELAWARE six LE GRANDE FOOD STORE H J STEDMAN MeaI's Groceries Vegefables MILLSBORO DELAWARE Phone 2 I5 I Your ConI'rac+or and Builder W B DOREY 8: SONS MILLSBORO Phone 7267 MARILYN DRESS SHOP Ladies' and ChiIdren's Wear MILLSBORO DELAWARE Phone. 240I I5 MINUTES TO THE SHORE U.S. II3 Norih of Millsboro HICKMAN'S MOTEL Phone 52Il Owned and Operated by MR. AND MRS HICKMAN Tile Showers Hoi Wafer Heai' 3 SW M X fx awe MCNROE S Famnly Wearlng Apparel MILLSBORO PHONE 3226 Compllmen'rs TOWNSEN DS INC ffm . MILLSBO RO RESTAURANT Dmners Snacks Open Daily Excepl' Sundays MILLSBORO DELAWARE CHESTER S FRITZ General Machine Shop PHONE 738l We Repair Any+hlng All Klncls of Welclmg JOE S SELF SERVICE MARKET JOE BUNTING P p Ph 62 M b Besl' Wishes ro +he SENIOR CLASS From 'lhe 8TH GRADE Ql l ff . E g of ff . 7 S I - at I for , F0 . one I I ills oro, Del. JAMES E. MURRAY Dealer In Corn and Poulfry LlHer PHONE 208I GUMBORO DEL HELENA'S FLOWERS Flowers for All Occasions Serving Georgefown, Sfokclcley, Millsboro, Dagsboro, and Frankford WE RECIPROCATE ON STATE STREET Phone 02l All Hours MILLSBORO DEL SNOW WHITE Laundry Dry Cleaning MILLSBORO DELAWARE Phone 245I Compllmenfs BALL THEATER MILLSBORO DELAWARE MITCHELL 8: JONES General Merchandise Sporhng Goods and Ammumhon MILLSBORO DELAWARE Ph n 7985 Compllmenfs RAYMOND S GOSLEE , FD nn L Nl 6 of of Compliments fw X EUHR 4 f' 5 WATSON at GRAY Q5 MILLSBORO AND FRANKFORD CHARLES E DAVIS B I W I' COLLINS AND RYAN OI1 TBC Ol' PHONE 572I our erv ce oesa ers an eI'a ers Gas-Gas iances MILLSBORO DELAWARE PHONE MILLSBORO 224l ' ai of A 1 Q 2 'Ssw? ,Q Qs FUNERAL HOM I Hg I 'M f 1 X ' I Il l 1 I -0 f f f 1 XC, Lg . es is es From Eleclrical Plumbing Healing C I' I' 24H S i Whl l d R il Appl HOUSTON-WI-IITE CO Lumber Mlllwork Bulldmg Materrals Roofmg Polnt Cement EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING LOW PRICES QQZN II I Prompt Courfeous Service ' 1 :- -." EX 0: , 3 QL If f 30 - fi 4 5 f, Ifi vi. Fgr Your Insurance Needs See Your Sfafe Farm Represen'ra'hve JOHN O BRITTINGHAM MILLSBORO DELAWARE uI'o L1 e Ire M 6 WM OLIVER JONES GENERAL MERCHANDISE EIeci'ncaI-Plumbing Supplles Farm Produce MILLSBORO DELAWARE 7328 BEN TNTHE Pusev s FINE .10 Deluclous Home Cooked Meals Submarmes les MILLSBORO DELAWARE ff fwp RALPHS If f ATLANTIC J STATION Flres+one Tlres Vilifx MILLSBORO PHONE 7943 ROUTE II3 Compllmenis ERNEST A WEST AT MILLSBORO WESTERN AUTO Compllmenfs JAOKSONS nf, MOTOR OO II MILLSBORO DEL 2 ESHAM S NURSERIES MILLSBORO DELAWARE PHONE 459I CompITmen+s of A FRIEND A .II F. Phone iIIsboro 635 O 2 . 3 I I if w R 2 A 4. MUUUFFQDD RESTAURANT R 597 529 . P. . Il ' of ' of do lg! 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I ' 'r P i i s i r Dealer in General Merchandise and Coun+ry Produce ! A , fl-l . , 'S I, r 'gg Mills oro I X In Mlllsboro and Vwznlty Vzsnt VICTOR B BAKER Dlsfrlbufor SHELL HEATING OILS AND GASOLINE GOODYEAR TIRES TUBES 'lr A BATTERIES 13000, YYQAR TIRES Pho e DAY 255I NIGHT 245I A E MOORE WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR CONFECTIONS FOUNTAIN AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES '55 Phone 6I I I M Ilsbo o Dela HITCHENS AUTO SUPPLY Nor+ M SI ee+ MILLSBORO DELAWARE Dls'I'rlbuI'or of Au+omohve Par+s Fxresfone Tlres Tubes and BaH'erles PHONE 3I3I AND 557I Glvs Youn CAR 1 Aww 'W LTAL TTD? TT, I INSURANCE CECIL J BURTON a Mnllsboro 627I INSURANCE I 3 .. PW ': D surnls Gumboro, Delaware n .. - I r , ware I N I1 ain r S . . R - A N C II 0 . C E -' I N "" '. XJ In Millsboro and Vicinity Visit Complnmenfs of SIMMONS CHEVROLET CO MILLSBORO DELAWARE ED S GENERAL STORE Groceries Hardware and Sporhng Goods OAK ORCHARD MILLSBORO DELAWARE JOHN A CORDREY 81 CO Feeds Seeds Ferhllzer and PouI+ry Supplues MILLSBORO DELAWARE 4 MILLSBORO FURNITURE COMPANY PHONE 593: 395: 406 J I 4 pl e of CHEMELLS HATCHERY INC MILLSBORO, DELAWARE ,Lf Com im nts I I In Millsboro and Vicinity Visit KERSEY MOTOR COMPANY Dependable Servuce Low Cosi' New and Used Cars Your INTERNATIONAL TRUCK DEALER MILLSBORO DEL A lin A IIZEIIIEEIZIIA V nn V SANDERS P DARDEN JR Insurance AuI'o Home Business LITE MILLSBORO DELAWARE OIL CO , INC Dlsfrlbufor for Calso ProcIucI's MILLSBORO DELAWARE Phone Mlllsboro 376I BerIm 344 W EDGAR TIMMONS P ROBERT W LAWSON S T Duo TI1erm Heafers Houseware BOULEVARD HARDWARE CO MILLSBORO DEL PHONE 608I , . aI' Du Ponf Pain? l - . Iec.- reas. ' ' I n Mzllsboro and Vzcuuty Vlszt SAM S HIGHWAY RESTAURANT Breakfasfs Lunches Dmners Banque+s Sandwiches and PIaHers Io Carry Ouf MILLSBORO DELAWARE DUFFEL S PRINT SHOP Job Prlnhng Prom pI' Servnce Sahsfacfory Prices MILLSBORO DELAWARE Phone 228I ,,-1' 'Toys-N SQVICE T3 FIRST THOU HT CompInmen'rs JOHN ROGERS SR General Confracfor ancI Bullder Cemen+ BIocIc Laying ALEX TINGLE, JR MlLLsBoRo DELAWARE Phone 4I8I I I F T sc. Alaggwfj' Phone Millsboro 355I if ,S OLE? Sk XD of ' All Kinds of Concrefe Laying In Georgetown Patronize These THORO-KLEEN CLEANERS Dry Cleamng Pressing and Repalrmg MINOR REPAIRS FREE SI1irI' Fmlshlng GEORGETOWN 28 I 3 PURNELL S HARDWARE Georgefown Delaware CAREY S FUNERAL HOME NorI'I1 Bedford S+ree'I' GEORGETOWN DELAWARE W W EDINGER Drugglsi' The Rexall Sfore GEORGETOWN DELAWARE Misses and Ladues Apparel GEORGETOWN BRIDGEVILLE DELAWARE PHONE 2538 2539 NAWAY MOTORS INC Dodge Plymoufh and Dodge Trucks GEORGETOWN DELAWARE NELSON T SWAIN BUILDING SUPPLY Lumber MlIIworIc Hardware Du+cI1 Boy Paln'I's PHONE 7550 GEORGETOWN DELAWARE SHORE TYPEWRITER SERVICE Typewr:+ers CaIcuIaI'ors Addmg Machines I3 N BEDFORD STREET GEORGETOWN DELAWARE llllU,lf ' . . , JR. Sales and Sgvice - - I CO , . Best Wishes to the Seniors From THE FRESHMEN 'X .S-E, PRO Life Insurance Exclusively WILLIAM A CARTER MILLSBORO 7534 BEST POLICY AT Au. TIMES sais Personal and Business Es+aI'e Planning Besf Wishes Io I'l1e Senior Class of l959 From the SOPHOMORE CLASS ,t 'xx 1 'x ' 'Z 2 Y E X an 'I , E2 'w ' Hs , T If bf' , . 4 I Q 5, 5 , 'L fs' 1 S. 'WA 4 f 2 I. , 1 9 ..-, Visit These in Selbymlle YOUR TROUBLES 5 VANISH A m: .Il SELBYVILLE AUTO BODY WORKS Glass Palnhng Racllalors-Canvas SELBYVILLE DELAWARE PHONE 270I YOUR SEARCH ENDS THE FAMILY SHOPPE Dlshnchve Clofhlng Fashions SELBYVILLE DELAWARE P 0 HASTINGS PHARMACY SELBYVILLE DELAWARE Prescriphons Are Special PHONE 2I8I BUNTINGS NURSERIES I SELBYVILLE DELAWARE Phone 232 I MILFORD TRACTOR CO NC Allis Chalmers New Idea Sales and Service SELBYVILLE, DELAWARE Phone 466I MUMFORD SHEET METAL WORKS Manufaclurers Wholesale Dlsfrlbufors SELBYVILLE, DELAWARE Dlal 3I3I COLLINS' SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION WARD coLLlNs, JR.. Prop. Y Sak "3:,0,4' Phone 8933 Church S+. and DuPon'I Highway SELBYVILLE. DELAWARE Sinclair Gasoline and Oils Au+o Accessories RICKARD'S MARKET HERBERT C. STEPHENS, Owner Groceries Mea+s Frozen Foods Vegeiables PHONE 3Ib'l SELBYVILLE, DELAWARE -Aix 'F ' , , Q 1 V Tl, Q ' FE! ff -'-if ., ' I 'A 3 ' X' KA W., . 5 A .23 sf ig? I :mls aaz I I U I I I I . I I . FRANK S PARKER 81 CO BLOCK MANUFACTURER MILLSBORO DELAWARE Ph 237 Sand, Cinder and Foamed Slag ong I Best Wishes From RODNEY FEED CO. MILLSBORO DELAWARE TO SUIT YOUR TASTE EDWARD S CORDREY o ff NW . , THE INDIAN RIVER HOTEL AND RESTAURANT OAK ORCHARD DELAWARE 7 3 Manufacfurer Lumber Wood Sawdus+ M ILLSBORO DELAWARE Phone 582 I ING MA 0 7641, . i TI TQ E ' eagle X 3 Xe :.- ' f 1' of ZTJI '- X' . - Q , , - 4 Phone 92 'T In Georgetown and Vicinity Visit Feeds C. W. WORKMAN FEED CO. eEoReETowN DELAWARE Poultry Supplies PHONE MILLSBORO 7I75 HENRY G GRAVES 81 SONS Certrtued Transit Mlxecl Concrete Materials tor Concrete and Masonry Work GEORGETOWN PHONE 2547 DELAWARE fl- SWIFT AND COMPANY qu IJ P Dairy and Poultry Plant 5-eg CITIZENS ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION GEORGETOWN DELAWARE l b y WI n cl SUSSEX FINANCE COMPANY IA SUBSIDIARY OF CITIZENS ACCEPTANCE CORPORATIONI GEORGETOWN DELAWARE ll 0 0 ll 0 ' I . A, L P ' KR Z .Wgft V Q R 1: l GEORGETOWN, DELAWARE . af. f' if A .5 -v,?3- I Branches: Annapolis, Dover, Sa is ur , imi gton an Where Mofher and Daughfer Shop SMITH S LADIES SHOP SELBYVILLE DELAWARE Owner RUFUS SMITH Phone Selbyvnlle 4I92 A+lanI'lc 9 6I02 ELLIS BROS GARAGE General Au+o Repalrmg Roufe II3 DuPon+ Hghway SELBYVILLE DELAWARE Garage Phone 380I TINGLE SHEET METAL WORKS PouI+ry Equlpmenl' and Repalr Work DUPONT HIGHWAY PHONE 6I3 Burial Vaulfs Phone 208I SELBYVILLE DELAWARE RALPH LECATES Aufomahc S6W'I:IlII'lg D k S+ ee+ Phone 95I SELBYVILLE DELAWARE NEW CASTLE 7 C R D CappeH'mg Spraymg TH L 81 M DISTRIBUTORS Poulfry and Dairy Supplies Vacclnahng and Debealung PHONES 627 AND 684 SELBYVILLE DELAWARE WATSON vAuLT co. . ' E Compllmenis of MILLSBORO TRUST COMPANY Years of Banlung Servlce Reese WhrI'e Presldeni' Ellsha A Sfeele Execuhve Vice Presldenf and Cashier Telephone 6 Mullsboro Delaware MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compllmenrs of HOLLAND S GREENHOUSES H s SAUNDERS WeDe"'e' Funeral Sprays Corsages Jeweler and Op'l'ICI6I'1 CUI' Flowers MILFORD DELAWARE JACK HOLLAND Manager Phone M Ilford 56 I 7 Mllford Delaware PHONE Ga2 5443 MODERN SERVICES INC Laundering Dry Cleamng MILFORD DELAWARE PHONE 4579 CompIlmen+s of A FRIEND my . . J. . I . ' '3I I ' , I . BROWN P THAWLEY INC Refrlgerahon Genuine ParI's for AII Machmes MILFORD DELAWARE Ph 8059 CompInmen+s of MILFORD WHOLESALE C-BROCERY NC DUPONT BOULEVARD e MILFORD DELAWARE CompIlmen+s FARMERS SALES AND SERVICE INC J I C SE y e LINCOLN DELAWARE Mlf d 86I2 SOCKRIDER 81 CHANDLER Wa+cI1maIcers 'I' Jewelers Dnamonds HamlII'on EIgm Bulova MILFORD DELAWARE PHONE 5366 REED S ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION MILTON DELAWARE PHONE 8394 Flres+one Tnres Lubrlcahon LAST MINUTE CompIlmenI's 3 hiv THE TOWNCRIER I ,V LT e B MILTON DELAWARE VILLANI S FURNITURE APPLIANCES I VILLANI 8: SONS INC Deparfmeni' Sfore m Ocean Cnfy Md CompIlmenI's of DR R L LANG - - A CO. . . I - I Phone 5I44 Rou+ II3 Phone 8050 one of . . A ' - ' - Farm Machiner D aler . Phone: I or ' ' III 3--, of GSI ' Q' QW Ii II.. lm, I.-If Im , I K II .IIIIT , MiIIon's i II oosier in E I Success AND COMPANY MILLSBORO DELAWARE 385 I 344 From H. E. WILLIAMS Ph I Compllments ARROW SAFETY DEVICE CO GEORGETOWN DELAWARE J B WAGAMON REAL ESTATE GEORGETOWN DELAWARE Phone 2479 HIGHWAY SUNOCO SERVICE CENTER Kelly Tlres and Mnor Repairs GEORGETOWN DELAWARE PHONE 9929 UNUCUZIP CLARENCE E SHARP INC Weldlng Supplies and Gases Appliances Cooking Gas PHONE 6648 GEORGETOWN DELAWARE CompIlmen+s of A FRIEND of 0 0 , . i . U.S. RouIe I I3 I I Complimenfs Pam un I 9 DR WILLIAM Sandmg Infenor Spraying Exfenor MILLSBORO DELAWARE OCEAN VIEW DELAWARE Phone 7I07 or 3402 Phone 7203 HENRYS NEWSSTAND I20 Easi' Marlxef S'l'reei' GEORGETOWN DELAWARE Phone 68I5 of I C I l O . U l I I . v 4. ' , ' I 5 Q I 5 . I '44 I I , L In Selbymlle and Vzcmrty Vzsui SELBYVILLE MANUFACTURING CO EveryI'hmg Io Bulld Anyfhmg Shop Work a SpeclaI'ry OuaIrI'y PIasI'er Cemenf Roofing Reading Coal SELBYVILLE DELAWARE s Ibyv n zz: I You re money 1 V Complumenfs J CONN SCOTT INC Furnrfure and Carpers SELBYVILLE DELAWARE PHONE SeIbyvlIIe 2IOI SEAVIEW TOWN 8: BEACH SHOP Feafurmg Womens Apparel FENWICK ISLAND SELBYVILLE SeIbyvIIe 8II6 c nson 7275 GEORGES CENTRAL FOOD MARKET uaIl'ry and Service PHONE 4I7I SELBYVILLE DEL Complimenfs of WOODY'S DINER LEROY SOUIRES, Manager SELBYVILLE, DELAWARE Bes+ Wishes 'Io 'rhe SENIOR CLASS From SCOTTY'S CLOTHES ROLAND F. SCOTT. INC. SELBYVILLE, DELAWARE CIIISCICI. 0 SX-off , Def? u of ' I Phone e ie ' Q . . a - na ki - ' ' Compliments MILLSBORO POULTRY PROCESSORS CO MILLSBORO DELAWARE DU N REATH S FLOWER SHOP Creahve Florls+s DESIGNERS DECORATORS Fu e al Desg Wedd g Deco afo Hosp+ I Bo q e+s Ann e sa y Des gns P fy PI C + Flo Pl fs CALL RODNEY 265i DAGSBORO DELAWARE Compllmen+s DAISEY 81 TINGLE HATCHERY Pho e Rod ey 342l DAGSBORO DEL O I , of n r I ns in r i ns i a u u Corsages f iv r r i Y ar anning y u wers Ay an , n n , . Compllmenfs of MOORES CHEVROLET SALES ChevroIe+ and Oldsmobile LEWES DELAWARE P ne Le e 4III yxm- -J"7 : III1' l GOO. FO.. 'Ol' -llf Compllmenrs ANGLER S RESTAURANT LEWES DELAWARE JOHNSON BROS FARM SUPPLY CO Farm Machinery Hardware Ferhllzer Llme HARBESON DELAWARE W T MIDDLETON 81 SONS PITTSVILLE MARYLAND FIorlsI's and Nurserymen PHONE TE 5309I We Telegraph Flowers DAGSBORO TV 81 APPLIANCE CO DAGSBORO DELAWARE PHONE Rod y 556: Frlgldalre Maylag Home Appluances R C A ZenrI'h Radio and Televlslon LANADA BALLET THEATRE of Ihe EASTERN SHORE 308 PINE STREET SEAFORD DELA 4 Ps F 6l'S 6 BALLET AT ITS FINEST CHARLIE 81 LILLIAN Your Fruendly Neighbor for Gas OII Lubrlcahon and Grocernes MILLSBORO. DELAWARE PHONE eau DELMARVA HATCHERIES LAUREL DELAWARE TR5 7537 , , Ni' 5 'lfziizf' ho : w s of 4-1-R-LUYAAII III I E W r Y Phone MiI+on 4420 I ne ' ' I I 0 I O Pos'I'ure ' Poise , P onaIi+y ' f ' . O Popul rify The JUNIORS Congra+ula're THE SENIORS on 'rhe I959 BLUE DEVIL EXTEND BEST wlsl-ues K9 nd F r a SUCCESSFUL FUTURE 3 f SEAFORD NYLON PLANT E I DUPONT DE NEMOURS 8: CO INC Seaford Delaware WEBB S DINER AND MILLSBORO DELAWARE Ph 79 6 ONEAL BROTHERS INC Confrachng Bunldmg an Bulldmg Supplies Hardware PamI's PHONE TR 5 3639 LAUREL DEL PURINA CHOWS WM H HUDSON INC CALL LAUREL TR 53605 PouI+ry Supplles I B HUDSON AND SON Gram and Feed PHONE 477I SELBYVILLE DEL d MOBILE SERVICE - - - one I ean 661 LESTER BANNING :Nc Sfudebaker Packard Sales and Servlces SPORT CRAFT soo N WALNUT ST Phone GA 242I0 MILFORD DELAWARE FACTORY LEWES DEL Phone 788 I Besi' Wishes From MURRAY'S FEED SERVICE, INC. Feed, Coal and PouII'ry Supplies PHONE RODNEY 27bl ERANKFORD, DELAWARE I I' IL ,T I I - I rr-t I ,11 BANKS HARDWARE CO. Rodney Phone 544I or 208I FRANKFORD DELAWARE or I W2 Z X SHORE SPREADER SERVICE, INC. Lei' Us Clean Your Chlclcen Houses Chlcken Manure for Sale SNOW HILL MARYLAND Snow Hull 55I Wlllards TES 2I56 INVESTIGATE SAVINGS J-Ea LEWES CASH STORE Men s Head 'ro Fool Ou+flHers Boys Wear Flshermen s Hunfers Supplies LEWES DELAWARE PHONE 322 I HOPKINS GRANARY ElevaI'or MILTON DELAWARE PHONE 875I OF 4474 FH Syb WI OI all . I I 3 S Q. X. V' f ' I: OI' X . fl ' - IAA E W - .Na Seeds e ilizers Chemicals Cleaning Seed I . o eans - '- Barley I I Clover I I Rye ' lwea - a s BEACON MILLING CO LAUREL DELAWARE Beacon Feeds and Beacon Servlce The Sfandard of Comparison EACOII FEED Beacon Advlsor In Your Area CHARLES A SMITH Phone MlIIsboro 685l WRIGHT PONTIAC INC A uarfer Cenfury of Service MILFORD DELAWARE Ph GA24586 RAYMOND E TOWNSEND Muxed Feeds and Corn Llme Ferhllzer DAGSBORO OMAR ROAD FRANKFORD DEL GEORGETOWN MARBLE AND GRANITE WORKS Monumen+s General Ceme+ery Work GEORGE T RUSSELL Propriefor Phone 2438 GEORGETOWN, DELAWARE Ca GEORGETOWN CLEANERS 7508 FOR GEORGE BOWERS TO STOP Wednesdays and Safurdays In MILLSBORO ' O I . MILLING LEO' 43 Cow 'T ii. T' 441 itil! ' 5 Tw UCI' Tu X' Y' ullll V, " .A - C -L" 1,4 04, A S C- Kd ' N4- u 09 GA , N EW Y . . . . . , . . " Q ' . ,, . . . I - one - - . - George+own ff-WN DONOVAN AND BLACK Cf i Case Farm Equlpmenl 153 MILTON DELAWARE A 04 f KI' ' rf! j Q53 Phone 4282 8327 I W 4' CHARLES N LANDON INC Chucks "' Feeds "' Seeds PHONE 3670 PO Box 330 LAUREL DELAWARE SUBURBAN PROPANE GAS CORP Superior Dependable Economical Melered Gas Service ANYWHERE REHOBOTH BEACH, DELAWARE Phone 333I 4 A Af.IJ,,5 I JOHN DONAWAY FURNITURE Main Slreel' BERLIN. MARYLAND Telephone 554 f X ,xl ' "-- g ll 5' XXW g - 3 9 E -' ' Af I ,iltryxgf - -' f. ...K Q I DWI ' ' X ' f' ,WML , , - -- - w I '-1 ld- ' , , 1 ,fe I. f , -7.---v I -W fi I Y - dy., .. .cv gg-3, I4 U ' C . I f 2'- QII - - fn Il ' ' ' ll - A ' ggwl ' 5 . A W 0 R E - I I U . A -' . E - 'urn V ' U- Q-4 3, . Best W she to the Se o Class of 1959 MILLSBORO LIONS CLUB as i s ni r From the s . F 1' F2 Compliments A FRIEND ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION SONNY MORRIS P p Use Cerhfled AI'Ianhc Producfs Gas Onl Lubrlcahon PHONE 9903 EAST MARKET ST GEORGETOWN DELAWARE Compllmenfs of CHANDER 81 IVICCABE Beacon Feed PHONE Rod ey 232I DAGSBORO DELAWARE LO DEL MOTORS New and Used Cars FRANKFORD DELAWARE Phone R d y 447I Complumenfs of TH FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DAGSBORO 5' , F0 . . I1 I . , fr V V ' INSUD4 ,f 56. ,EX Q. o ne 'P -A X' 5 1 15.000 xg ., lrxuuuu - 3 - I ro'-IES." U ffhtvonuvon 2 . 9 W4 , , I , . 'Q F- X 1 If XEQQBQV HEATHMAN JEWELER Hamilfon Elgin Bulova Columbia Diamonds DAGSBORO RODNEY 4I4I STANDARD FEED CORP. Beacon Feed PHONE: Rodney 2l4I DAGSBORO, DELAWARE S-J DRIVE IN DAGSBORO ww' Rodney 6208 X s g y WARRlNGTON'S FLYING A SERVICE d GEORGETOWN DELAWARE 6 HOWARD D QUILLEN Building Contractor SELBYVILLE DELAWARE PHONE 7 COMMUNITY BUILDERS y Compllmenls NEHI BOTTLING CO SALISBURY MARYLAND - II ll InI'ersec'I'ion of Rou+es II3 an 404 F i i Phone 04I I I f fa L .1-fi-',fTff,Q?BgI N 1Qn'jqQ V we ' I? I Q of 33 I I ,,,5f 4 IVE' ,I 49gl""-I Z' '- iaaiih' 5512. EL 7,1 Comphmenfs CURTIS W STEIN PHILLIPS ESSO STATION Free Plckup and Delivery Service REHOBOTH BEACH Ph e 890 THOMPSONS CORNER 8729 LYNCH AND HICKMAN C Har1'ford Insurances Groceries Heahng OlIs BAYARD DELAWARE REHOBOTH DRY GOODS uaIlI'y Lmens and Fabrics Open AII Year IST STREET REHOBOTH GEORGE W KNOX Baby Chucks Vacclnahng Service Ph DICKINSON 402 BETHANY BEACH DELAWARE J amal! nnuss Compllmenfs of REXALL DRUGS Lewes DELAWARE MURRAY S HATCH ERY OCEAN VIEW DELAWARE Phone dlcklnson 7524 ROBERT LEE RESTAURANT REHOBOTH BEACH DELAWARE Open 24 Hours Year Round R I1 b I'I'1 8 352I of on 8 , Lewes , IN . . Q O I g Phone Dickinson 443 one I I e o o - In Yxlrxhca V W1 C O BRITIINGHAM B 81 B SERVICE CO Georgeiown 66 I 0 JOHNNYS BAKE SHOP Flne Pasfrles and BreacIs MAE HALL MCCABE GEORGETOWN DEL LILIAN VANAUKEN P e G 1 7374 Real EsI'aI'e Q41 BETHANY BEACH DEL M! W 5 F7 JBREAD PONTIAC VAUXHALL REESE W 5M'T"' BEDFORD MOTOR INC General Con+rac+or 41' N B 72 5 GEORGETOWN DELAWARE GEORGE-I-OVVN DELAWARE Pho e 6934 Pontiac 25 W if I hon eorge own . - I E Phone Dick. 45I J pASTRlES 44+ . edford S+. Phone I n D I ,I l WEST TYDOL SERVICE Gas-OII-Tl res-Tubes Washmg-Greasmg-Accessories MILTON DELAWARE Phone 507 Complimenrs A F RI EN D RUSSELL A LEWIS 81 SON BARBER SHOP Arr Condlhonecl THREE BARBERS PHONE 9962 GEORGETOWN DELAWARE Compllmenfs PAU L W SHORT CALL Ge geiown 72l2 ALBERT P CROLL 81 SON Con+rac+or Plumbing Pipe FuHmg Concre'I'e Work In+ernahonaI Farm Machines H S OKIE NC GEORGETOWN MCORMICK Phones B s 27I5 Res 2707 LAUREL BUILDING SUPPLY CO Every+hmg Io Build Anyfhmg Shop Work a Speclalfy PHONE 7540 LAUREL DELAWARE M C RUST Jeweler Wafchmaker Engraver 8 Easf M rIce+ S+ e I' GEORGETOWN DELAWARE Phone 690I of 4 . .. of or for . i . . , I . Builder C U . . ll ' ' 0 Il , 5 r e NORMAN A WALLER THE WALLER STUDIO Professlonol Photography LAUREL DELAWARE Phone 3I86 Sensor Por+ral+s m 'rhe Blue Devul Were Made a+ Our Srudio Phone: Dickinson 7989 HITCHEN'S CALSO SERVICE STATION Calso Gasoline and RPM Mofor Oil Washing, Polishing, Greasing OCEAN VIEW DELAWARE Complimenfs of NUTTER D. MARVEL GEORGETOWN DELAWARE Phone 2555 CHARLES B STEVENSON SR INC Furmfure Floor Coverings Venehan Blinds Frlgldalre-Mayfag Sales and Service DIAL 69 I 2 GEORGETOWN DELAWARE Compllmenfs ELWOOD WORKMAN 81 SONS SHORTLEY DELAWARE FLOWERS AUTO SALES INC DELMAR DELAWARE Specializing in Used Cars and Truclcs VI 6 668l DELMAR FEED MILLS INC Feeds Gram Seeds e Del VI 6 6I8I DELMAR DELAWARE Besf Wishes Io +he Class of 59 NEWTON S BRIDGEVILLE DELAWARE The Smari' Shop for Smarl' Women and Children LAUREL DELAWARE PHONE 3833 I i 'l .I . of I . I I . U.S. a+ Line Road ' . I l I ' - ' - ' ' ' ' Phon mar - - I I - - l . THE TOWN SHOP '-1 JAMES FUNERAL HOME MILLSBORO DELAWARE Phone 3I I I Phone 409 I AUTO Delmar Delaware Phone V 62577 SALES AND SERVICE W E PUSEY 81 SON Televlslon Heaclquariers Phllco-RCA Zemih Elecirlcal and Gas Appliances Sales and Servlce GEORGETOWN DELAWARE PHONE 23I6 Serving 'Ihe Public for Over uar'I'er of a CenI'ury OLIPHANT 8: SON LAUREL DELAWARE Phone TR 758I 'Y C SINCLAIR REFINERY co '09 GEORGETOWN DELAWARE Phone 2525 DYY252. A ll i - AQ Complimenfs of Q 5 c. c. , IN . Q l . I' , I 'st N 4 4. ,,, "Where Ihe Whole Family Slca+es" ROBERTSON'S ROLL-LAND Roufe I3-A Seaford-Laurel Hwy. KENNETH D. ROBERTSON. SR. Owner-Opera'I'or NICHOLS SERVICE STATION All Kinds Garage Work Emergency Road Service U.S. I3 AND LINE ROAD Phones: Day VI-6-2633 Nife TW-6-44II DELMAR, DELAWARE Tax Problems? Insurance Problems? Solve Them by Seeing- J ALTON KNOWLES LAUREL DELAWARE Phone Lau el 3558 For Bo++led Gas Service l+'s- HUDSON PROTANE GAS CO IN LAUREL PHONE LAUREL mo your key TO GREATER VALUES JAMES C THOROUHGOOD Con+racI'or and Builder PHONE Mrllsboro 37I8 l -Q- MILLSBORO TASTEE FREEZ DUPONT HIGHWAY Cones Sundaes Thlclc Mlllcshalces Saucy Hamburgers MILLSBORO DELAWARE Go +o GREEN S DAIRY For Sussex Counfys Fmesl' GR A DE Millc and Milk Producls MILLSBORO DELAWARE PHONE 398i I' I I I tb- I 4 . .I K , uf iv - ft """.Ei" PA TRON S ' PAGE The Class of I959 expresses ifs sincere appreciafion fo all fhose businesses and individuals who purchased adverfising space in Ihis edifion of "The Blue Devil". Wifh- OUI' l'he supporl' of acIver'IiSerS and pafrons a small high school could noi publish an annual of 'Ihe qualify and size of fhis edifion. To our many friends in Millsboro and neighboring fowns, we say. "Thanks a million". SELBYVILLE FORD TRACTOR CO Selbyville Delaware SELBYVILLE CLEANERS Selbyville Delaware WESTS SERVICE STATION Georgefown Delaware MURRAYS BODY WORKS Georgefown Delaware GEORGETOWN SHOE REPAIR STORE Georgefown Delaware WILKINS MARKET Georgefown Delaware MR AND MRS FORD PARKER Mlllsboro Delaware MR AND MRS GEORGE ADAMS Mullsboro Delaware DR E F PHILLIPS Georgefown Delaware SELBYVILLE IMPLEMENT CO Selbyvllle Delaware SMITTYS RADIO AND TV SHOP Selbyvllle Delaware LIGHTHOUSE DINER Fenwick Island Delaware BANKS TEXACO STATION Befhany Beach Delaware HOLTS STORE Clarlrsvulle Delaware MR RAYMOND MITCHELL Mnllvulle Delaware STEELES AUTO SALVAGE SHOP Dagsboro Delaware GRE SIN GIFT SHOP Rehobofh Beach Delaware THUNDERBIRD INN Rehobofh Beach Delaware SCOTTYS PURE OIL STATION Mulfon Delaware MR W H WELCH Mulfon Delaware MILLER S FURNITURE STORE Seaford Delaware MARGARETS BEAUTY SHOP Dagsboro Delaware HITCHENS GROCERY STORE Dagsboro Delaware KINGS ESSO STATION Laurel Delaware FRIENDLY NURSING HOME Delmar Delaware BRASURE PURE OIL STATION Laurel Delaware CONNORS PHARMACY Laurel Delaware CAREYS FLYING A STATION Laurel Delaware BRITTS MOBILGAS STATION Laurel Delaware CALIOS SHOE REPAIR STORE Laurel Delaware DR ROBERT DICKEY Laurel Delaware LANDIS WILSON PHARMACY Georgefown Delaware FRANKLIN BARBER SHOP Frankford Delaware LOU S BOOTERY Milford Delaware BLUE HEN GREENHOUSE Milford Delaware DAISEY KIDDIE SHOP Seaford Delaware MEGEE HEATING AND PLUMBING Georgefown Delaware TINGLES DRUG STORE Delmar Delaware THE BIG M Laurel Delaware CHIPMAN S SHOE STORE Laurel Delaware COLLINS MOTOR CO Laurel Delaware MR AND MRS RAYMOND BAKER JR Mlllsboro Delaware NIBLETT BROTHERS Gumboro Delaware ED AND RUTH WELLS Gumboro Delaware MILLVILLE HARDWARE STORE Millville Delaware FISHER APPLIANCE STORE Milford Delaware FRED BRITTINGHAM Gumboro Delaware LLOYD LEWIS BARBERSHOP Dagsboro Delaware WALT WARRINGTON Mlllsboro Delaware CEDAR CROFT NURSING HOME Mlllsboro Delaware COURSEYS SERVICE STATION Mnllsboro Delaware BILLS BARBERSHOP Mnllsboro Delaware CARTONS CLOTHING STORE Selbyvllle Delaware SEWING BASKET Selbyvllle Delaware Mnllsboro Delaware DELAWARE POWER AND LIGHT Mnllsboro Delaware MR ROBERT ATKINS Mlllsboro Delaware DR BLAINE ATKINS Mlllsboro Delaware NUWAY CLEANERS Delmar Delaware f MR AND ua oin,s'surLER Mlllsboro, Delaware MR LAWRENCE KENTON Elle dale Delaware ' . ' DR. AND MRS. v. A. HUDSON - co. X. OSX 4 .rf Please write on me, Fm the Autograph Page. , ,J f x-,ive ,Cebu-J Cu' X! lakh A f fa f- 4 ,, Nez, , , 3 -I K , fx'-fl f f 1 , 14 . ' 1,',-' Z A I f H ...MM . ,ff Ou xv' .s" q:6X6aQQn". O - R L, x 1 O O cs' B., K+ xox 6 Sw' 144 ,sei Q. Qaoxo P 5 To the Jumor We heulry leaxe the lik f 1 nnpllnlg ind ldlllllg the 1960 Blue Dexll to you llil HE XIORS TAYLOR Pususnms COMPANY A .n. ' S 7 , svn -4' " Y. - " , "N ' . Haw fun, chmups, lwhoopfr vhumi. H C .' If .' '-n MAWML Bvx' V4 ' va AH Vu '4V' 'Wx br! I U X 'l'f. J4' I I X S' 'A if x

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1959, pg 9

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