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-•- 1987 BOBASHELA Vol. LXXIX Millsaps College 1701 N. State St. Jackson, MS 39210 Susan Bale, Editor Victor Matthews, Assistant Editor Bill Morris, Photography Editor TABLE OF CONTENTS Events 14 Limelight 40 Organizations 62 Greeks 88 Faculty 112 Classes 134 Sports 162 1987 BOBASHELA STAFF Editor Susan Bale Assistant Editor Victor Matthews Photography Editor Bill Morris Section Editors: Events Doug Ford Limelight Teresa Walters Organizations Mariya de la Cruz Anne Trainor Greeks Julie Bliton Margaret Weems Faculty Sharon Darter Classes Laura J. Finnegan Jeannie Cheng Sports Paul Wilson Kim Tadlock Year of the Bulldozer Alterations were evident when students returned to campus located around campus. The campus is definitely taking on a this fall. Some of these transformations were minor while others new look. The new trees and plants being planted will make made a profound impact on the campus layout itself. The major Millsaps look like the Garden of Eden when they bloom. The changes were readily seen around campus, such as the con- constant changes on campus display the willingness of Millsaps struction of the Olin Science Building, the fence around cam- administrators to continually improve the school ' s status and to pus, the guard houses, and the bell tower. Less obvious, but serve the student body, more aggravating to students who drive, are the speed bumps If 1 M m ' ■ Ml » 1 if SfJ HWsP T ' -j ' 1 1 1 1 ' tn -. » ' ». --- — L . ■ The Many Facets of Millsaps Life The events that affect a student at Millsaps are analogous to the effects that a jeweler has on a diamond. The jeweler can take on many forms such as teachers, extracurricular activities, and social life. The uncut diamond is the student. The jeweler works on the stone refining and po- lishing it until the end re sult is achieved, a perfect diamond. Such is the desired result of a graduating senior, to be multi- faceted and complete via a lib- eral arts education. No Change of Heart 1987 was a year of change for the face of the Millsaps campus, of the traditions here at Millsaps— are still seen every day in But even though the appearance was changed, the spirit was the life of the students, constant. Sharing, caring, relaxing, and working — just a few Sunny Days in the Bowl With construction all over campus, the students of Mill- saps had but one haven where they could relax and have good, clean fun together . . . the Bowl. And, truly, this year the Bowl was bursting with activity — there were lunches in the bowl, performing artists visited, and don ' t forget the infamous Greek Weekend . . . 10 11 Always Time for A Smile. Seeing new faces and rejoining old friends — the very heart of Along with learning, smiling seems to be an inevitable occur- the Millsaps student experience. rence. 12 n H 1K ' ' 13 Students Hole 16 ft £ r X f 17 1$m , 1986 Homecoming Court, L-R: Loree Peacock, Tracy Applewhite, Homecoming Queen Sara Williams, Susan Van Cleve, and Lisa Pace, with escorts Jamie Noble, Billy Bergner, Mont Berry, Billy Carr, and David Coffey. 18 The 1986 Homecoming celebration brought alumni, friends, students, and family together for a day of food, football, and fun. Tradition was honored by the choos- ing of class favorite as reigning queen of the Homecoming Court. Sara ' s hometown is Corinth, Mississippi. Holidays are welcome diversions from regular student life. For some who live far from home, often campus cele- brations provide the only observances of these special times. On Halloween, we found these young men who appear to have only tricks on their minds and a jack o ' lan- tern standing guard at the Chi O House. 20 Christmas Dinner on campus gave the Millsaps family a chance to observe the season together before scattering for home. Santa even made an appearance — but doesn ' t he look an awful lot like that biology professor who plays the " flute-thing " every year? Dean Good even found the Easter Bunny passing out treats in the Divisions office on that happy Spring day. 21 One of the most challenging and satisfying undertakings available to a Millsaps student is participation in the theatrical productions staged throughout the year. Students with acting experience, togeth- er with talented newcomers, constitute the Millsaps Players. Guided by long-time director Lance Goss and with technical instruction from Brent Lefavor, student casts and crews have never failed to provide Millsaps and the community with superbly-presented performances. Right: Tammy Freeman and Lailah Safir prepare for DARK OF THE MOON. Opening scene of the musical production SHENANDOAH. 22 23 The anxiously-awaited 1987 Spring Tour for members of the Millsaps Singers finally arrived on Friday, March 6, when 64 stu- dents filled one bus and a van and depart- ed Jackson on nine days of discovery. An itinerary of eight cities and a reper- toire of sacred music by Bach, Gabriel Faure, and Rachmaninoff provided the Singers with an incomparable experience unique among all Millsaps College student organizations. The stops included Atlanta, Greens- boro, Chesapeake, VA, Washington, D.C., Aberdeen, MD, Mt. Sterling, KY, Nash- ville, and Memphis. The Homecoming Concert at Galloway United Methodist Church in Jackson capped the tour. In Washington, D.C., the Singers met with Senator Thad Cochran and enjoyed an opportunity to converse with U.S. Re- presentatives Sonny Montgomery and Wayne Dowdy of Mississippi. Retired Methodist minister, the Reverend Luther Bennet of Greensboro, NC, was a member of Millsaps ' Glee Club in 1934. Singers Beverly Vignery, Gib Sims, and Bubba Cummins think that ' s pretty neat! 24 The Ford Fellowship (or Club Wagon Clique) consisted of, in varying combinations, Lisa Bowden, Ann Dye, Eleni Matos, Patton Stephens, Michelle Forrester, Laura Barrett, Susan Thomas, Reisa Collum, Gib Sims, Andy Andrews, Tim Dennis, Bill Abstein III, Trey Porter, Andre Vial, and designated drivers Keith Cook and John Johnston. By far, the hottest topic on campus this spring was the proposed Honor Code. The idea of drafting an Honor Code for the College was born in 1986 and was acted upon during the ' 86- ' 87 year. After months of work, the proposal was made public and subjected to much de- bate. The spring semester saw the Honor Code dis- cussed and debated in classrooms, newspaper editori- als, panel discussions, and during question and answer sessions. Feedback led to amendments in the original code and postponement of voting on the code. After the contents of the revised document were displayed, the election was held. The proposal was dealt a re- sounding defeat with over 60% of the students oppos- ing the code. Students turned out in large numbers to hear an outdoor debate on the Honor Code (left and right). Below, Andy Harper and Robert Mangialardi moderate as representatives of the opposing view. . seemed to be the general concensus. 26 Poll-worker Jennifer Rogers watches as Rachel Powell casts her vote. James W. Boswell, an English major fr om Opelousas, LA, presided over the SBA in 1986. 28 Involvement in campus affairs is a hallmark of life at Millsaps. The student body en- thusiastically participates in the student government election process. Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel ' s address to the audience that filled the Christian Cen- ter auditorium was considered by many to be the high point of an already outstand- ing ' 86-87 Millsaps Arts and Lecture Series. 30 , » ■ The " Bowl " has always been known as the cen- ter of Millsaps student life. This is especially evi- dent when Spring arrives. After some months of less-than-hospitable weather, students take every opportunity to lounge in the refreshing warmth. One of the most popular activities is lunch in the bowl. The cafeteria staff provides a barbeque-style lunch while a SBA band provides live music for the outdoor break. With all the good conversation, entertainment, picnics and plain relaxation that goes on here throughout the year, Millsaps students continue the " Bowl " tradition. urn inn g -v - 1 iv u i »• . . Above: The Black Student Association hosted Dr. C.J. Duckworth, retired director of the Mississippi Teacher Association, who presented an historical perspective on Black leadership in America. Right: Christine Yeh, assisted by Celeste Chang, pro- vided student names in Chinese to promote Cross Cultural Connection speakers Dr. Shih-Sung Wen and attorney Ronnie Frith, experts on life in Taiwan. 34 Several organizations and departmental activities addressed the diverse and dy- namic interests of Millsaps students during the ' 86- ' 87 school year. Shown here are but a sampling of those events. Opposite Left: Lucy Hetrick and her father, Jackson attorney Byron Hetrick, examine her pen-and-ink drawings. Lucy ' s work was part of one of several showings of student works sponsored by the Art De- partment. Left: The Campus Ministry Team orga- nized a Toys-for-Tots campaign for the Christmas season. The table is staffed by B.B. Watson, Nancy Townsend, and Scott Drawe. Below: Dr. Shri Mishra, head of the department of neurosurgery at the V.A. Medical Center in Jackson, spoke on the culture of his native India for the newly-formed international student group, Cross Cultural Connection. 35 The College, in recognition of the long-standing relationship be- tween the School of Management and the Else family, named the school in honor of Cha rles and Eloise Else on November 6, 1986. THE CHARLES W. AND ELOISE T. ELSE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Charles Else ' s persistence and ability shaped a ca- reer which brought him from the position of accoun- tant to Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Southland Oil Company. Wanting to en- courage others to reach for their potential, Mr. Else, with his wife Eloise, established in 1977 a scholarship fund which recognizes the academic ability and promise of Millsaps students majoring in business ad- ministration, accounting, and economics. Only the beginning of their benevolence to Millsaps College, the Else Scholars program epitomizes the Elses ' com- mitment to excellence. In recognition of their phil- anthropic example and as a constant challenge to- ward achievement, Millsaps College names the School of Management in honor of Charles W. and Eloise T. Else. Jerry D. Whitt, Dean George M. Harmon, President James A. Campbell, Chairman, Board of Trustees Millsaps College 36 Charles and Eloise Else upon the unveiling of the plaque honoring their contribution to the College and the lives of the Else Scholars. The U.S. Marine Corps Band (LEFT) performed as part of the Millsaps Arts and Lecture Series in October. This series brings a variety of events to campus as an enrichment for the students and the community alike. OPPOSITE — The Millsaps Bridge Tag Team provides a moment of interest for a Ma- rine prior to the Band ' s perfor- mance. 37 r spRiNq 1987 The Friday Forum program is a tradi- tion at Millsaps. Each presentation is open and free to the public. A wide va- riety of topics were discussed as part of the Fall-Spring agenda. Below is a sam- pling of the 25 presentations that were scheduled during the past school year: " Mississippi Blues and Their Influ- ence " — Mr. Jim O ' Neal, Editor, Living Blues Magazine, Center for the Study of Southern Culture, University of Mis- sissippi " The Art of Leontyne Price " — Mr. Michael Barclay, Director, Op- era Education International, Berkeley, California " America ' s Space Shuttle Program " — Admiral Richard Truly, Director, NASA Space Shuttle Program " The Art and Politics of Doug Marlette " —Doug Marlette, Cartoonist, Charlotte Observer, creator of " Kudzu " " An Honor System for Millsaps " — Moderator: Robert H. King, Vice President and Dean of Mill- saps College Panelists: Jim Boswell, Millsaps Senior; Jim McKeown, Professor of Biology, Millsaps College; Laurie Pruitt, Millsaps Senior " Passion and Paradox in Thomas Merton " — Lisa Bowden, Millsaps Senior Honors Student (at left, during her presentation on Friday, April 10, 1987) 39 PROFESSORS Dr. Robert E. Bergmark " I think of life as an opportunity for service, " Dr. Bergmark says. " It ' s why I ' m a teacher. Religious commitment, in my mind, is not so much a set of doctrines as a call to serve, a call to love, a call to be of assistance. My particular role in being of assistance is to be a teacher. " Dr. Bergmark has taught philosophy at Millsaps College for 34 years. His has been a distinguished career: chairman of the philosophy department since 1962; from 1964 until 1973, chairman of the humanities division; member of the academic council from 1967 until 1973; director of the two-year Consortium for the Advancement of Private Higher Education project which encouraged com- puter literacy among Millsaps faculty. In 1974 he was named Millsaps ' Distin- guished Professor. Dr. Bergmark doesn ' t mention these honors when asked what has been most significant about his career. " Rather than some one thing, it ' s more the day-to- day experience with students. It simply is worth something, this kind of work — to see students over four years developing themselves, discovering their minds and their abilities to make distinctions. " 42 EMERITI Dr. Frank M. Laney, Jr. It ' s usually difficult to attribute a lifetime ' s occupation to a single decision or circumstance. In Frank Laney ' s case it ' s easy. He became a teacher because his fascination with knowledge made it unthinkable for him to do anything else. The pursuit of knowledge as its own end is almost out of fashion in today ' s technological arena. What explains a preoccupation with facts, a desire for truth simply because it is? In Dr. Laney ' s case it is the understanding that facts, pieced together, can bring. " You can ' t acquire knowledge about anything without gaining greater knowledge of yourself, " he said. " You come to recognize where you fit in to things. " Dr. Laney taught history for nine years before becoming dean of the college from 1962 until 1969. While he was dean, Millsaps, in recognition of its excel- lence, received a $1.5 million challenge grant from the Ford Foundation, and years of planning for the Heritage program came to fruition. As significant, perhaps more so in terms of their collective influence, is the fact that many of the faculty hired during Dr. Laney ' s tenure as dean are still teaching here. They, like Frank Laney, are evidence of the dedication Millsaps evokes and of the enthusiasm for knowledge that it fosters. In 1969, Dr. Laney left his administrative responsibilities to return to the classroom where he has taught history for the past 18 years. He first joined the faculty in 1953. 43 ■ - • BBS • ' " • . jm f » ■ 3 • 1 i ■ Master Major Mont Berry Tunica, MS Major ' s Lady Susan Van Cleve Memphis, TN i ¥- 44 W 45 Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges is a national program which recognizes outstanding college seniors. Students are nominated by their college or uni- versity. Students named to Who ' s Who are in- cluded in the current volume of the Who ' s Who biographical compilation published in Tusca- loosa, Alabama. Thirty-four Millsaps students are included in the 1987 edition of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges: Ted Brent Alexander, Audie Gene Apple, Jr., Joseph Darrell Austin, James Montgomery Ber- ry, William Alonzo Billups III, Waverley Ward Booth, Gregory Floyd Bost, James Walton Bos- well III, Sarah Elizabeth Bowden, William Jolley Carr III, James Anthony Cloy, Francis Daniel Donovan, Jr., Scott James Drawe, Sheila Ann Farnsworth, Michelle Marie Forrester, Kelly Elaine Hale, Greta Louise Ham, Barbara June Hearn, Donna Jean Luther, Robert Joseph Man- gialardi, Hiawatha Adolphus Martin, Kelvin McLaurin, Melanie Dawn Page, Laurie Lynn Pruitt, Susan Denise Seal, Delecia Susanne Seay, William David Spight, Patton Lee Stephens, Dean Everette Taggart, Eleanor Frances Taylor, Paul M. van Deventer, Holly Lynne Walters, Mi- chele Marion Wren, Lily Yang James Montgomery Berry Varsity Basketball— 4 yr. letterman, captain Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda FCA pres., Tri-Chi Kappa Alpha Order — vice-pres. Order of Omega Sheila Ann Farnsworth Financial Management Assn. — pres. Sigma Lambda, Omicron Delta Kappa — vice-pres. Campus Ministry Team La Sociedad Nacional Hispanica— pres. Kappa Delta sorority 46 Kelly Elaine Hale Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda Chi Omega— 1986 pres. Campus Ministry Team, MCF, FCA Women ' s Intramurals James Walton Boswell III SBA— President, Treasurer, senator Kappa Alpha Order Omicron Delta Kappa Sigma Lambda Pi Delta Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, Eta Sigma Order of Omega, Campus Min. Team Jr j ' - ™ L O f! V ! v i Va|ffl Ijtfpt ' ■■ ■f j E iitk Who ' s Who William Jolley Carr Holly Lynne Walters Kappa Alpha Order Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda— treas. SBA treasurer Eta Sigma, Alpha Eta Sigma Kappa Delta sorority, Panhellenic Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda Student Telethon co-chair, chairperson Singers, Varsity tennis 47 Sarah Elizabeth Bowden Singers, Troubadours judicial Council, Campus Ministry Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda Honors Program Melanie Dawn Page Omircon Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda (vice-pres.) Tri-Beta, Tri-Chi, Theta Nu Sigma (pres.), AED Eta Sigma (pres.), Campus Ministry Team Kappa Delta sorority — Philanthropy Chairman Who ' s Who Dean Everette Taggart Kappa Sigma fraternity Student Telephone Campaign Delecia Susanne Seay Sigma Lambda, Omicron Delta Kappa Alpha Psi Omega, Eta Sigma Phi (pres.) Millsaps Players, Bobashela section editor Phi Mu sorority 48 Laurie Lynn Pruitt Sigma Lambda, Omicron Delta Kappa — pres. Tri-Beta, AED, Eta Sigma, Circle K Kappa Delta sorority Honor Code Committee Susan Denise Seal Phi Mu sorority— Ethics Board Chairman Phi Mu nominating committee chairman Circle K, Millsaps Christian Fellowship Who ' s Who Hiawatha Adolphus Martin Sigma Lambda, Omicron Delta Kappa Theta Nu Sigma, Tri-Beta, Tri-Chi, AED (pres.) Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Sigma, Circle K Judicial Council chairman Symposium Committee Eleanor Frances Taylor Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda Senate, Circle K, Eta Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma Kappa Delta sorority, P R chairperson JPAR program 49 James Anthony Cloy AED, Tri-Beta, Tri-Chi, Theta Nu Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda Bobashela — ' 85 asst. editor, ' 86 editor-in-chief Chairman, College Publications Committee Scott James Drawe Campus Ministry, Catholic Campus Ministry Singers Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda Student Senate leadership award Who ' s Who Greta Louise Ham Campus Ministry Team Eta Sigma Phi Sigma Lambda Waverley Ward Booth Kappa Delta sorority Eta Sigma 1987 Emory Business Team Senate 50 Michelle Marie Forrester Singers, Campus Ministry Team Sigma Lambda Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Sigma Chairperson, Drug Education Committee Ted Brent Alexander Lily Yang Sigma Lambda Omicron Delta Kappa Cross Cultural Connection AED, Tri-Chi Patton Lee Stephens Who ' s Who Kappa Alpha Order SBA 2nd vice-president Singers Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda Phi Eta Sigma Millsaps Singers, Troubadours 51 Who ' s Who Gregory Floyd Bost Varsity football— 4 yrs. Varsity baseball— 4 yrs. Kappa Alpha Order Campus Ministry Team Francis Daniel Donovan, Jr. Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda (pres.) Pi Kappa Alpha Tri-Chi Rotary Scholarship Winner Barbara June Hearn Paul M. van Deventer Sigma Lambda, Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Mu sorority Pi Delta Phi, Theta Nu Sigma, Tri-Chi SWIM, Phi Eta Sigma, Circle K, AIDS task force Sigma Lambda, Omicron Delta Kappa Theta Nu Sigma, Tri-Chi Kappa Sigma Varsity Football 52 Donna Jean Luther Kelvin McLaurin Alpha Psi Omega (pres.) Sigma Tail Delta Phi Alpha Theta Millsaps Players Alpha Eta Sigma, ODK, Sigma Lambda Varsity football Else Management scholar American Institute of Certified Accountants Scholarship Who ' s Who Robert Joseph Mangialardi Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda AED, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Sigma Theta Nu Sigma, Tri-Chi Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity Co-chairperson, Symposium Committee Joseph Darrell Austin Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda Darkroom Manager ' 85, ' 86 Tri-Beta, Tri-Chi, Theta Nu Sigma, AED Kappa Alpha Order 53 Who ' s Who Audie Gene Apple, Jr. Varsity basketball Alpha Eta Sigma Intramurals Michele Marion Wren Sigma Lambda Stylus, Co-editor Fall 1986 54 Emory Business Team Members of the 1987 Emory Business Team, front row left to right — Waverley Booth, Martha Campbell, Dean Jerry Whitt. Second row— Charles Shepherd, Mark Daigle and Dr. Patrick Taylor. 55 io° d V «» . «te ' ? ' v v nv- ?« 0 " C° NV .Afttl •««,• 56 « » July 7, 1987 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE S9343 V MISSISSIPPI STUDENT WINS NA- TIONAL AWARD FOR SCHOLAS- TIC ACHIEVEMENTS • Mr. COCHRAN. Mr. President, a college student from the State of Mis- sissippi. Bridget Falrley of Ridgeland. has earned recognition for a most re- markable scholastic record. She has achieved a perfect 4.0 grade average in her studies at Millsaps Col- lege in Jackson, MI. This is in a cur- riculum at one of the best smaller lib- eral arts colleges in the Nation. Miss Pairley is scheduled to gradu- ate in December with a degree in polit- ical science, and has expressed an in- terest in studying law and becoming involved in local and State politics. In addition to her perfect 4.0 grade aver- age, she has compiled an impressive list of scholastic and extracurricular achievements. What makes this most remarkable is that Bridget Fairley has been blind since birth. But she has not allowed this handicap to hold her back or to prevent her from succeeding in her studies and other activities. Recently, she was honored as one of four students from around the coun- try at ceremonies in New York City as the recipient of the " Recording for the Blind ' s Scholastic Achievement Award. " She was recently featured In the " Good News " column of the Jackson Daily News and I ask that this article be printed In the Record. The article follows: Bund Millsaps Student Wins Scholarship Honor (By Ruth Ingram) A blind student who has maintained a per- fect 4.0 grade-point average at Millsaps Col- lege in Jackson has received a national award for her scholastic achievements. Bridget Fairley. 22. of Ridgeland was one of four U.S. college students honored by Re- cording for the Blind, a non-profit organiza- tion that provides recorded educational books to blind students and professional people. The $2,000 Scholastic Achievement Awards were presented May 11 by CBS cor- respondent Harry Reasoner during a cere- mony in New York City. Reasoner ' s late wife, Kathleen, was a vol- unteer reader for the Recording for the Blind unit in New Haven. Conn. Fairley. a senior majoring in political sci- ence, plans to attend law school after she gra duates from Millsaps in December. She hopes to pursue a career in civil law or in state and local politics. " In the midst of all this, I hope to be a wife and mother and I would place my family before my career. " Fairley said. Her extracurricular activities at Millsaps include serving as freshman senator in the Millsaps Student Senate and as parliamen- tarian of the Mississippi Council of the Blind. Fairley enjoys cooking, political discus- sions, reading, listening to classical and pop- ular music writing short stories and re- searching her family ' s history. Other winners are Beth Ann Anderson, a sociology major at Arizona State University; Donald Hert, a personnel administration major at Quincy College in Quincy, 111.; and Jay Yi. an applied mathematics major from the University of California at Berkeley. 57 rt tc ' e Else Scholars Front row from left: Susan Van Cleve, Bryan Edwards, Eloise Else, Charles Else, Kristen Magee and Suresh Chawla. Back row from left: Qiu Xiao, Melissa Cumbest, Ed Sanders, Dean Taggert, Stan Gibbens, Whit McKinley, Mary Irby, Logan Russell, Billy Carr, Sheila Farnsworth, Fred McEwen and Putnam Stainback. Else Scholars not pictured are Kelvin McLaurin, Byron Winsett, Don Ayers, James Inman, Marshall Pearson, Mike McLaurin, Dee Parks and Kathy Piazza. 58 1987 Distinguished Professor Howard Bavender Millsaps College recognized Pro- fessor Howard Bavender as Distin- guished Professor of the Year during Founders ' Day activities held Febru- ary 13-14. Bavender has taught politi- cal science at Millsaps for the past 21 years. He was described by Dean Robert King as " an imposing pres- ence " in the classroom, adding that outside the classroom " he is one of the most sought-after counselors on the faculty. " Stating that Bavender " brings imagination, enthusiasm, intellectual rigor and moral earnestness " to his lectures and discussions, King noted that " He is relentless in his efforts to challenge the thinking of students and to evoke commitment from them. " 59 R4V Awards Day 1987 Bridget Fairley gets a congratulatory hug from her mother after winning two of the day ' s awards. Humanities Swearingen Prize for Greek - George Wynne Gober Swearingen Prize for Latin - Andrea Marie Prince Magnolia Coullet Senior Classics Award - Greta Louise Ham The Ross H. Moore History Award - Joseph Murray Robinson American Bible Society Award - Dianne Powell Harms Language and Literature The Clark Essay Medal - James Walton Boswel The Albert Godfrey Sanders Award in French - 1 III, Johanna Lynn Burkett Elizabeth Hill Flowers, Dosha Frances Cummins The Albert Godfrey Sanders Award in Spanish - John Prentiss Warren The Beginning German Award - Sharon Nannette Willis The Intermediate German Award - Melinda Leigh Welch Science and Mathematics The Biology Research Award - Daniel Shawn Moore The Tri Beta Award - D ' Ette Evelyn Lorio The J. B. Price General Chemistry Award - Emily Paige Jochimsen, Robert Edward Lancaster, John William Meyers. James Edward Roberts Analytical Chemistry Award - James Plemon Coleman II The Department of Chemistry and Tri-Chi Senior Chemistry Award - Robert Joseph Mangialardi The Computer Science Award - Lee Ann Darden The Union Pacific Foundation Award for Geology - Jo Freeman Everett The Geology Department Awards - Julie Sellers Cox, Maria Lucille Karam The Freshman Mathematics Award - Judith Lynn Gicger The Mathematics Major Award - Todd Andrew Clayton The Physics and Astronomy Awards - Ronald Lance Waycaster, Jerry Arthur Davis Social and Behavioral Sciences Award for Outstanding Student Teaching - Margaret Wynn Education Department Scholarship Award - Diane Melissa Phillabaum The Reid and Cynthia Bingham Scholar of Distinction Awards in Political Science - David Charles Ates, Bridget Carol Fairley The C. Wright Mills Award in Sociology and Anthropology - Maria Matos 60 Else School of Management Wall Street Journal Award - Mark Stephen Daigle Mississippi Society of CPAs ' Award - Audie Gene Apple. Jr. Emory Team Competition - Mark Stephen Daigle, Waverley Ward Booth, Martha Harris Campbell, Charles Davis Shepherd Else Scholars - Sheila Ann Farnsworth. William Jolley Carr III, James Bryan Edwards. Kelvin McLaurin, Edward Lloyd Sanders. Dean Everette Taggart, Susan Elizabeth Van Cleve Individual Awards Alpha Epsilon Delta — West Tatum Award - Robert Joseph Mangialardi Chi Omega Social Science Award - Sarah Elizabeth Bovvden Jim Lucas Scholarship - Wright Ebaugh McFarland Omicron Delta Kappa Award for Outstanding Freshman Man and Woman of the Year - Jeffrey Scott Bruni. Carole Anne Dye Theta Nu Sigma Award - Melanie Dawn Page Senate Leadership Award - Sarah Elizabeth Bowden. David Munro Setzer II Thomas Ross Scholarship - Terry Regina Lazzari Justin Potter Scholarship - Robert Joseph Mangialardi Summer Internship at Johns Hopkins University Hospital - Lily Yang Good Housekeeping Magazine ' s " 100 Young Women of Promise " - Sheila Ann Farnsworth National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame Scholar-Athlete - Kelvin McLaurin Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Ted Brent Alexander Audie Gene Apple. Jr. Joseph Darrell Austin James Montgomery Berry William Alonzo Billups III Waverley Ward Booth Gregory Floyd Bost James Walton Boswell III Sarah Elizabeth Bowden William Jolley Carr III Jame s Anthony Cloy Francis Daniel Donovan, Jr. Scott James Drawe Sheila Ann Farnsworth Michelle Marie Forrester Kelly Elaine Hale Greta Louise Ham Barbara June Hearn Donna Jean Luther Robert Joseph Mangialardi Hiawatha Adolphus Martin Kelvin McLaurin Melanie Dawn Page Laurie Lynn Pruitt Susan Denise Seal Delecia Susanne Seay William David Spight Patton Lee Stephens Dean Everette Taggart Eleanor Frances Taylor Paul M. van Deventer Holly Lynne Walters Michele Marion Wren Lily Yang The Millsaps Players Awards Alpha Psi Omega Award - Kara Celeste Winsett The Mitchell Award - Paul Dewhitt Burgess The Acting Awards - Kelly Christopher Hitchcock, Donna Jean Luther The Junior Acting Awards - Thomas Hurd Rishel. Carole Anne Dye The Hains Award - Wright Ebaugh McFarland The Backstage Award - Jennifer Elaine Mauterer The Freshman Award - Donald William Matani Smith The Cameo Award - Al ice Margaret Hall 61 Q Every semester members of the Millsaps com- munity gather in the Tap Day Assembly, sponsored by the Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society. The purpose of the gathering is to recog- nize the scholarly achievement of those students who will be inducted into one or more of the several honor societies on campus. Honor societies exist at Millsaps primarily to rec- ognize the attainment of scholarship of a superior quality. They recognize the development of lead- ership qualities, character, and good campus citi- zenship in addition to academic achievements. They maintain a high standard of eligibility for membership and, by so doing, membership in honor societies becomes something to be valued highly. In addition to the induction of new members into honor societies, scholarship trophies are awarded at Tap Day to the sorority and the frater- nity whose members collectively have achieved the highest grade point average during the pre- vious semester. The competition is keen and the announcements are eagerly anticipated by the en- tire student body. Thad Pratt receives the Sigma Lambda leadership honorary pin from Patton Stephens. - j . ■h Mb 7 .A m m r " f K f H msL ¥ 1 v 9 1 ' ' -. v i H 64 Greta Ham taps Charlotte Harness into Eta Sigma Phi, the Classics honorary, with the traditional wreath. BELOW Stephanie Sonnier (left), a new member of Omicron Delta Kappa honorary, is congratulated by Susan Van Cleve. CENTER Kelly Hale receives recognition for scho- lastic achievement. k Student Body Association The 1987 Officers are pictured at right: Jack May, Treasurer; Loree Peacock, Secretary; Mark McCreery, President; Doree-Jane Smith, Second Vice-Presi- dent; and David Laird, First Vice-Presi- dent. The Student Senate is composed of stu- dents elected by the student body. Residence areas both on and off campus are represented. A certain portion of senators are elected campus-wide. Campus concerns are discussed at weekly meetings and the disposition of funds from student activity fees is de- cided. Senators pictured at right are: 1st row— Anne Douglas, Beth Smith, Laurie Aycock, Ross Moore, Anne Dye, Stephanie Sonnier, and Eleanor Taylor. 2nd row: Alys Barlow, Courtney Egan, Susan Thomas, lndu Gupta, Jennifer Rodgers, and Missy Metz. 3rd row: Danny Donovan, Omar Afzal, Scott Cloud, Jeff Bruni, David Wall, Spencer Neff, David Bonner, and Bobby Brown. 4th row: Jimmy Lancaster, Bill Devlin, Nick Verde, Stephen Harri- son, Rick Patt, and Paul Aertker. 5th row: Tom Shima. Dr. Ross H. Moore serves as advisor to the Student Senate. 66 Beta Beta Beta uuut Tri-Beta, a national honor society for students in the biological sciences, aims to promote research and scholastic achievement in biology. The Millsaps Kappa Pi chapter was founded in 1968. Pictured (by rows) are Tri-Beta members Danny Moore, Steve Shoop, Laurie Pruit, Gail Martin, Joe Austin, Mary Margaret Dulaney, Anthony Cloy, D ' Ette Lorio president, Sandra Rives, Cheryl Brooks, Robert Stewart, Susan Boone, Chris Luft, Indu Gupta, Dawn Patten, Chris Powell, Adam Plier, Tereesa Manogin, Johnny Mitias, Victor Matthews, Karen Laoniew, Chris Nevins, Billy Camp, Mr. Robert Nevins, Dr. James McKeown, and Dr. Dick Highfill. AKD is an organization which allows students to interchange ideas concern- ing sociology projects and sociology views of the modern world. Members pictured at left are: Joe Austin, Lourdes Henebry, Allen Scarboro, Francis Coker, Virginia Macey, and Maria Matos. Alpha Kappa Delta 67 Pi Delta Phi Pi Delta Phi, the French honor society, strives to recognize outstanding schol- arship in the French language and litera- ture; to increase the knowledge of the admiration for French contributions to world culture and to stimulate cultural activities leading to a deeper apprecia- tion of France and its people. Students with a minimum of 18 hours in French and a High GPA are eligible for mem- bership. Members are Barbara Hearn, pres., Laura Barrett, )im Boswell, Johanna Burkett, Teresa Holland, Eleni Matos, Pepper Smith, Susan Van Cleve and Jennifer Wofford Eta Sigma Phi is the campus classics hon- orary. Students of Greek and Latin who are dedicated to studying the ideals of classical civilization are eligible for membership. Other membership crite- ria are a 3.0 average in three or more courses of classics and overall. Dr. Cath- erine Freis is sponsor of the chapter, which was founded in Dec. 1935. A clas- sics banquet at the home of Dr. Freis is the highlight of the year for classics stu- dents. Members at right are: 1st row — Thomas Miller, Greta Ham, Lisa McDonald, Patsy Ricks, Catherine Freis, Delicia Seay, and Jerry Stroud. 2nd row — Tom Roberts, Leslie Taylor, Gay Huff, Dana Miller, George Gober, and LeAnne Pyron. David Stewart is behind Gay. Not pictured are Sanjay Mishra, Bert Smith, Karen Carley, Courtney Egan, Mark Hutchinson, Rhonda Green, Charlotte Harness, Emily Hammack, and Catherine Scallon L ' J T: Eta Sigma Phi 68 Deutscher Verein Theta Nu Sigma Members pictured include John Guest, Andrew McCray, Cindy Page Yarbrough, Scott Shearer, David Page, David Welch, Nancy Johnson, Wyn Ellington, Misty Skelton, Sharon Willis, Eleni Ma- tos, and Melinda Welch. The Deutscher Verein is a social organi- zation composed of students of Ger- man. It ' s main activities include an an- nual Christmas party, spring picnics and film programs. Theta Nu Sigma, chartered in 1943, is an honor fraternity recognizing outstand- ing scholarship in the fields of the natu- ral sciences and their language, math- ematics. Criteria for membership re- quires at least one semester ' s work in three or more of the natural sciences including biology, chemistry, comput- er, geology, physics and mathematics. A minimum GPA of 3.0 in all science courses must be achieved. Members are Melanie Page, pres., Joe Austin, vice-pres., Gene Crafton, sec.-treas., Sean Barker, John Benson, Ken Carpenter, Dwight Collins, Jer- ry Davis, Shannon Doughty, Charlotte Harness, Keith Harrigill, George Hoff, Beth Keene, Terry Lazzari, Tony Lobred, Traci McAlpin, Martha Mc- Donald, Deepak Mahrotra, Nirav Parikh, Thad Pratt, John Roberts, Steve Shoop, Brian Wilkin- son, Sophia Towsend, Brian Gualano, Lance Way- caster, lndu Gupta, David Laird, Susan Boone, Wil- liam Wadsworth, Dosha Cummins, Bubba Cum- mins, Adam Plier, Mike Doherty, Mary Ellen Vanderlick, Michael Lignos, Karen Ladnier, D ' Ette Lorio, Sandra Rives, Billy Camp, Rob Coleman, Jim Coleman, Bobby Brown, Anthony Cloy, Laurie Pruitt, Melynda Cummins, Lisa Bowden, Robert Mangialardi, Robert Barham, Jay Cooper, Hiawa- tha Martin, Billy Billups, Cindy DeRago, Danny Donovan, Barbara Hearn, Paul McGinnis, Connie Watson, Keenan Wilson 69 Black Student Association The BSA sponsored several notable projects this year, including working with the administration on the problem of minority enrollment at the college. During Black History Month, the BSA sponsored a film series each week dur- ing February. Films shown were: A Rai- sin in the Sun; Maids and Madams, a Story About Apartheid; and The Great White Hope. Other BSA presentations included a chapel service, guest speaker C.J. Duckworth, a jazz concert, celebra- tion of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the annual Greek Step Show. 1986-87 Officers President — Clifton Bridges Vice-President — Dwight Collins Secretary — Rhonda Bacon Non-Greek member — Tracy Lyles Members are pictured at right. In foreground is Roslyn Webb. Front row left to right: Rhonda Ba- con, Camille Davidson, Sharon Yarrell, Chuwanda Thigpen, Teresa Manogin, Gail Martin, Ingrid Johnson, Lori Goodlowe, Tracy Lyles, and Melissa Mclean. Back row left to right: Glossie Echols, Shawn Wade, Maurice Lucas, Clifton Bridges, and Toney Moore. The Financial Management Club is open to all students who have taken or are taking Finance. The only other re- quirement for membership is an inter- est in the field of finance. Members, pictured at right, include Dr. Walter Neely, Dr. Andrew Economopoulos, Sheila Farns- worth, Lynn Starrett, Paul McNeil, Mark Dangle, and Jimmy Harwood. R2 ' : Financial Management Club 70 Chi Chi Chi Tri-Chi is the campus chemistry hon- orary which seeks to recognize honor in the field of chemistry. Requirements for membership include 12-20 hours of chemistry with a 3.0 in chemistry and 3.0 overall or 21 or more hours in chem- istry related subjects and social events for chemistry majors. Members of Tri-Chi are Lisa Bowden, pres., Gene Crafton, vice pres., Robert Mangialardi, treas., Barbara Hearn, sec, Keenan Wilson, Mike Do- herty, Ken Carpenter, David Laird, Indu Cupta, Jim Coleman, Kip Kirby, Brian Gualano, Lance Waycaster, Sandra Rives, Michael Hunter, Hiawa- tha Martin, Connie Watson, Cindy DeRago, D ' Ette Lorio, John Roberts, Melanie Page, Joe Austin, Danny Donovan, Robert Barham, Antho- ny Cloy, Billy Billups, Mont Berry, Tim Jackson, Bill Neely, Deepak Mehrotra, Nirav Parikh, Michael Lignos, David Dean, Brian Wilkinson, Paul Van De- venter, and Steve Anderson. 71 Purple and White The staff of the Purple and White are pictured above. Seated at table clockwise from left: Angie Belzer, Doree Jane Smith, Margaret Weems, Christine Zimmerman, Laurie Billups, Denise Wyont, Michelle Hensley, Amy Bunch, Karen Cook, and Jennifer Coe. Standing left to right: Reed Hubbard, Chris Kotchitsky, David Setzer— editor, Art Saunders, Doug Hogrefe, and Barett Wilson. 72 Eta Sigma Campus Ministry Team Eta Sigma, the Millsaps academic hon- orary, was established on the campus in 1912. Its purpose is to recognize those students exhibiting outstanding achievement in their overall studies. To be eligible for membership, a student must have completed 70 credit hours while maintaining at least a 3.6 cumula- tive GPA for juniors and a 3.55 cumula- tive GPA for seniors. Members of Eta Sigma pictured at left from left to right are: Melanie Page, Robert Mangialardi, Lau- rie Pruitt, Michelle Forrester, Hiawatha Martin, Ed Sanders, Gene Crafton, Tracie McAlpin, Ann Wal- cott, John Roberts, Ken Carpenter, Karen Lad- niez, Christine Zimmerman, D ' Ette Lorio, and Charles Shepherd. Members of the Campus Ministry Team are pic- tured at left. Seated at front: Tracy Griffin, Gil Sims, Chris Kotchitsky, Scott Drawe, and B.B. Watson. Standing left to right: Tracie Applewhite, Sheila Farnsworth, Mary Katherine Wright, Kim Bruce, Christine Zimmerman, Tracie McAlpin, Lynn Starrett, Carla Tavenner, Larrin Holbert, Cheryl Brooks, Kelly Hale, Laura Barrett, Betsy Flowers, Nancy Townsend, Michelle Forrester, Amy Dilworth, and Angie Belzer. The Campus Ministry Team is a diverse group of students with a commitment to addressing the total needs of mem- bers of the Millsaps community — physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual — with a view toward manifest- ing and communicating a servant un- derstanding of the life of faith. Toward that end, the Team sponsors programs, emphases, and activities that address is- sues of concern in our culture and soci- ety, provides occasions for worship and personal growth, and encourages a strong blending of faith and reason as a basis for life. The Team operates primar- ily through a large number of task groups, each with a special focus that fits into the total ministry to the cam- pus, coordinated through the Team. 73 Alpha Epsilon Delta AED is an honorary pre-medical fra- ternity. Its purpose is to prepare pre- med and pre-dental students for gra- duate and medical schools by sponsor- ing speakers from such places as the University Medical Center. Second se- mester sophomores with a 3.0 overall and a 3.0 in pre-med courses are eligible for active membership. Associate mem- bership is also open to those who do not yet meet the national requirements. Members of AED are pictured at right. First row left to right: Robert Barham, Hiawatha Martin, D ' Ette Lorio, and Loree Peacock. Second row left to right: Gene Crafton, Laurie Pruitt, Robert Man- gialardi, and Anthony Cloy. Third row left to right: Todd Clayton, Keenan Wilson, Nirav Parikah, and Keith Harrigill, Fourth row left to right: Rob Cole- man, Chris Powell, Jim Coleman, and Bubba Cum- mins. Fifth row left to right: Chris Nevins, Victor Matthews, and Adam Plier. Seated on the rail back to front: Dr. Cain, Karen Ladnier, Dosha Cum- mins, Indu Gupta, Teresa Manogin, Cindy De- Rago, Cheryl Brooks, and Dwight Collins CrossCultural Connection, a cultural- ly enlightening group, was established this year on campus. Thirty-two full members and some twenty associates met to bring new cultural ideas and to discuss topics of interest. Service pro- jects sponsored by CCC aimed to help better Millsaps as a whole. Guest speak- ers included those discussing the cul- tures of China and India. Full members are Parveen Athar, Vani Bomma- kanti, Michel Brethouwer, Celeste Chang, Debbie Chou, Maryia de la Crauz, Carlo Lee, Deepak Mehrotra, Sanjay Miishra, Martina Okwueze, Anna Tjeng, Lily Yang, Christine Yeh, Monica Sethi, Gabriel Voss, Omaar Afzal, Zeba Afzal, Da- vid Dean, Sheila Farnsworth, Fran Hetherington, Terry Hudson, Bill Morris, Danny Donovan, Thomas Miller, Kellie Rutledge, Mike Kobe, Dr. Eugene Cain, Dr. Robert Kahn, Frances Coker, Dr. Robert Bergmark, and Carol Bergmark. CrossCultural Connection 74 Fellowship of Christian Athletes The purpose of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is: " To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. " Weekly campus meetings consist of small group discussions and often in- clude guest speakers. Members of FCA are pictured above: starting left-front and going clockwise around semi-circle are Mary Margaret Patterson, Carla Tavenner, Doree-Jane Smith, Mont Berry, Heidi Legget, Don Holcomb, Betsy Flowers, Neil Chumbler, and Cheryl Brooks. 75 Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Tau Delta is the English honorary on campus. English majors who have shown academic excellence as well as a strong interest in English are eligible for membership. Pictured above are the members of STD, standing left to right: Sharon Flack, Christine Zimmerman, Susan Sanders, Teresa Holland, Dr. Lome Fienberg, Dr. Judith Page, Loanne Burkette, Dr. Austin Wilson, Virginia Ireys, Jerry Stroud, Dr. Nona Fienberg, Dr. Robert Padgett, Eric Stracener, and Paul Hardin, professor emeritus of English. 76 Order of Omega The Order of Omega is an honorary for outstanding students associated with the Greek system of sororities and fra- ternities. The Millsaps chapter was founded this year and tapped as its first members those students belonging to Greek social organizations who best ex- amplify the positive aspects associated with the Greek system. The founding members of the Millsaps chapter, Order of Omega, are pictured at left. Standing, from left to right: Mont Berry, Debbie Greer, Da- vid Bonner, Thad Pratt, LeAnne Pyron, Danny Donovan, Connalay Clark , Chuck Donnolly , Stephanie Sonnier, David Cheek, Paula Turner, Tom Shima, Bobby Soilea, and Stuart Good, dean of students. ' Initiating members from the USM chapter of Order of Omega. Pictured above are the newest members of the Millsaps chapter, Order of Omega. Left to right: Jimmy Horwood, Andrea Prichett, Susan Van Cleve, Larrin Holbert, Emily Charles, Laurie Pruitt, and Billy Carr. 77 Financial Management Association The purpose of the Financial Man- agement Association is to assist in the development of students interested in finance, banking, and investments; to provide an association for such stu- dents, and to encourage interaction be- tween business executives, faculty, and students of business and finance. Re- quirements are at least a 3.25 overall and no less than a 3.25 in 9 hours of finance. Members of the FMA are, left to right: Sheila Farnsworth, president; Lynn Starrett, and Mark Daigle. Faculty members include Dr. Andy Economopolous and Dr. Walter Neely. 78 Sigma Lambda Sigma Lambda is a campus honor society which recognizes leadership qualities. In the past, mem- bership into Sigma Lambda has been bestowed on students of junior or senior class standing who have shown strong leadership characteristics. As this runs very closely with the purpose and re- quirements of Omicron Delta Kappa, 1987 Sigma Lambda members revised the organization ' s con- stitution to make it one that recognized early leadership in sophomore and junior students. Al- though membership does not expire after the ju- nior year, only sophomore and junior students will be tapped into the organization. This year served as a transition year for Sigma Llambda, with sophomore, junior, and senior members being tapped. Regretably, no photo is available. Sigma Lambda Members Tracy Applewhite Susan Grant John Roberts | Joe Austin Debbie Greer Thomas Rockwell Susan Bale Brian Gaulano Delecia Seay Laura Barrett Kelly Hale Tom Shima Mont Berry Greta Ham Beth Smith David Bonner Jim Harwood Doree Jane Smith Waverly Booth Barbara Hearn Stepanie Sonnier Jim Boswell Larrin Holbert Patton Stephens Lisa Bowden David Laird David Stewart Cheryl Brooks Jimmy Lancaster Dean Taggert Bobby Brown Mark Loughman Eleanor Taylor Martha Campbell Robert Mangialardi Leslie Taylor Billy Carr Hiawatha Martin Robin Tolar Emily Charles Julia Masterson Susan Van Cleve Scott Cloud Mark McCreery Paul Van Deventer Anthony Cloy Lisa Carol McDonald Holly Walters Dwight Collins Mickey McLaurin Connie Watson Gene Crafton Kelvin McLaurin Roslynn Webb Camille Davidson Melanie Page Sara Williams Danny Donovan Thad Pratt Michelle Wren Scott Drawe Wayne Pratt Mary Kahterine Wright Brian Edwards Andrea Pritchett Dr. Ted Ammon Sheila Farnsworth Laurie Pruitt Dr. Jeanne Forsythe Betsy Flowers Michelle Forrester LeAnne Pyron Justin Ransome Omicron Delta Kappa ODK is the national leadership society founded in 1914 at Washington and Lee University. The Pi Circle, now called the Millsaps Circle, was found- ed in 1926 as the 16th of over 175 present circles and the first in the State of Mississippi. ODK recognizes five major phases of college life: scholarship, athletics, social service; religious activities; campus government; journalism, speech, the mass media; and the creative and per- forming arts. Furthermore, there are five indis- pensible qualifications for membership: exempla- ry character, responsible leadership and service in campus life; superior scholarship; genuine fellow- ship; and commitment to democratic ideals. Members include: Front row left to right— Patton Stephens, Recording Secretary; Laurie Pruitt, President; Sheila Farnsworth, Vice President; Stephanie Sonnier, Publicity. Second row left to right— Danny Donovan, Robert Mangialardi, Kel- ly Hale, Eleanor Taylor, Holly Walters, Lisa Bow- den, Susan Van Cleve, and Tom Shima. Third row left to right— Paul Van Deventer, Bryan Edwards, Kelvin f McLaurin, Anthony Cloy, Mont Berry, Jim Boswell, Billy Carr, and Hiawatha Martin. Fourth row— Joe Austin, John Roberts, Robin Tolar, Cheryl Brooks, Julia Masterson, Lilly Yang, Laura Barrett, Larrin Holbert, Emily Charles, and Dwight Collins. Fifth row— Dr. Knox, Dr. Lewis, Mr. Hen- ry Chatham, Dr. SaIlis,Dean King, Dr. Laney, and Dr. Moore. 79 Wind Ensemble The Millsaps Wind Ensemble consists of stu- dents and faculty instrumentalists with partici- pants from local high schools. The conductor is Wayne Linehan, band director at St. Andrew ' s School. The Ensemble performed at the Clinton Public Library as well as with the Millsaps Singers during the 1986 Christmas Concert. For the Spring Concert, the Ensemble repertoire in- cluded " Vive le Roy, " by Josquin des Prez; Opus 87 (movements 1 and 4) by Beethoven; and " March Juno, " by John D. Stewart. Above, 1:L-R Andrea Pritchett, Wyn Ellington, Lome Fien- berg, Cathy Ayers, Janie Eubanks, Celeste Chang, and Chris- tine Zimmerman. 2:L-R Melynda Cummins, Mike Bobe, Mariya de la Cruz, Todd Clayton, Wayne Pratt, and Angie Womble. 3:L-R Rob Derrow, Kim Covington, Chris Miller, Blake Smith, and Wayne Linehan— Conductor. Woodwind Trio: Christine Zimmerman, Lome Feinberg, Andrea Pritchett. Brass Quintet: Kim Covington, Angie Womble, Melynda Cummins, Mike Bobe, Blake Smith. 80 Art Club 81 PLAYERS Director — Lance Goss Technical Director— Brent Lefavor Choreography— Linda Cameron Musical Direction by Dr. Timothy Coker The Milkdps Players (asterik indicates mem- Joseph Nobles Melanie Key ber, Alpha Psi Omega theatre honor soci- Andrew Libby John Johnston ety): Mark Mohundro Mark Solomon Alexander Simpson 111 ' Scott Franklin Paige Sibley Donna Luther Michael Finn Michele Wren Richard Read Michael Reed Shawn Bellina Clifton Bridges Jennifer Mauterer Alex Manning Lailah Saafir Kim Peil Donald Smith Tiffany Grantham Laurie Billups David White Camille Davidson Kevin Brune David Page Gregg Newby Gene Carlton Laura Smith Angela Lazerus Scott Higginbotham Edwin McAllister Ron Walker Michele Neely Kurt Kraft Suzy Farmer John Person Robert McKeown Wright McFarland David Reece Christopher Piatt Joseph Panetta Alys Barlow Jay Sutterfield Michael Rand John Sewell David Welch Byron Winsett Tammy Freeman Lisa Reimer Mary Anna Poole Michael Newman Lori Sullivan Scott Shearer Tom Rishel Ron Diener Becky Baker Alice Hall John Myers Kara Winsett Rene Baugnon Norton Geddie Joe Baladi Laura Leggeit Todd Turner Marthe LeVan Paul Elmore Michelle Russell Tarcy Griffin Ali Blount Ken Miller Heather Philo Brooks Daughty Keenan Wilson Paul Burgess " Margaret Garcia Keith Cook Andrew Crawford Anne Dye Lee Lofton Deborah Swain Michele McDougal Bill Morris Brian Wells Boyce Clark Lynn Gieger Amy Williams Kevin Ingram Upper left: Joe Panetta Above: Gene Carlton and Andrew Libby. Right: Camille Davidson, Jennifer Mauderer, Mary Anna Poole, and Donna Luther. 82 Left: Jennifer prepares Tiffany Grantham for DARK OF THE MOON. Center Left: Mary Anna and Paul Burgess. Below: Kara Winsett, Kevin Brune, and Michele Neely coach Gene Carlton and Joseph Nobles in preparation for a theatre major senior production. Bottom: Adult Degree Program student Ron Diener states his case as Charlie Anderson in SHENANDOAH to preacher Ron Walker. 83 SINGERS Sopranos Altos Tenors Basses Laura Barrett Susan Bale William Robert Abstein, III Keith Cook Carolyn Bibb Bernadette Blakely Gene Carlton Tim Dennis .arun Brooks Lisa Bowden Bubba Cummins Norton Geddie Reisa Collum Kim Bruce Buster Doty John Johnston Maria Costas Toni Cappiello Scott Franklin Jimmy Lancaster Missy Crane Jennifer Crowder Lee Lofton Kenneth Miller Anna Katherine Dendy Amy Cumberland William Denison Morris Trey Porter Anne Dye Amy Dilworth Andre Vial Greg Schwab Michelle Forrester Elizabeth Downer Keenan Wilson Gibson Sims lennifer Gardner Wyn Ellington Rich Weihing _ynn Geiger Chrissy Hamilton Nancy Johnson Eleni Matos Michelle Kemp Beth Ramsey aren Ladnier Michelle Russell .isa McDonald Suzanne Sanders Cindy Yarbrough Page Angela Womble Misty Skelton Patton Stephens Susan Thomas Anna Tjeng Beverly Vignery Melinda Welch 9 ♦. ■ e ♦ LM, [ V. Singers 1986-1987 The Millsaps Singers, directed by Dr. Timothy Coker, provide a way for the interested student to participate in the art of song and enable that individ- ual to realize a spiritually-enriching and personally- satisfying experience of creative expression and pub- lic performance unequalled at the college. The 1986-1987 program included four major con- cert efforts which included the Spring Tour reper- toire. Works performed were Bach ' s " Lobet den Herrn " (Motet VI), Rachmaninoff ' s " Bogoroditse Devo, " sung in Russian; the spiritual " Our Troubles Was Hard " by Jester Hairston, Faure ' s " Requiem, " opus 48; " Five Mystical Songs " of Ralph Vaughn Wil- liams, Norman Dello Joio ' s " A Jubilant Song, " as well as " A Spotless Rose " by Herbert Howells, and other sacred songs. The Singers took their talents and shared them throughout the year with a number of United Meth- odist congregations, serving as ambassadors of the College to the United Methodist Church. Not only were local congregations hosts of the Singers, but a number of distant groups as well. These included Druid Hills UMC in Atlanta, Oak Grove UMC of Chesapeake, Virginia, and Belle Meade UMC of Nashville. Dr. Timothy Coker, director (photo by Kim Jurgens, Professional Images). — photo of Christmas Concert by PH2 Nancy Howard, USNR-R 85 Above: Patton Stephens, Norton Ged- die, Missy Crane, Jimmy Lancaster, Mi- chelle Russell, Gene Carlton, Eleni Ma- tos, Scott Franklin, Nancy Johnson, Su- san Thomas, and Keith Cook. Right: Ken Miller assists Dr. Timothy Coker, director of the Troubadours, during a performance in Forest, Missis- sippi. 86 " Musical people seem to be happy. It is the engrossing pursuit, . . . almost the only innocent and unpunishable passion. " Sidney Smith Above: Jimmy Lancaster and Troubs perform the hilarious routine " Auction- eer " for a full house at First United Methodist Church of Clinton, Mississippi. Other audiences included those at Columbus, Forest, Vicksburg, and in Jackson, Mississippi. Left: Former Troubadour and active Millsaps alumna Adren McCoy of Crystal Springs, Mississippi, travelled with the Tro ubadours. A member of Chi Ome- ga sorority, she provided percussion accompaniment for all performances, including those presented during the Singers Spring Tour. 87 Alpha Kappa Alpha Members: Gaii Martin, Camile Davidson, Teresa Manogin, Roslynn Webb, and Kim Jones Fall ' 85 — All the way live . . . Spring ' 86 — Kept it in the mix .. Spring ' 87 . . . Now we ' re in heaven . . . Pretty Girls wear 20 pearls . . . skee wee! . . . 08,08! . . . remember Fall ' 86 Biloxi-New Orleans? . . . doesn ' t it feel good to know who REALLY has the top GPA? . . . Surprise! Another H-ll party . . . Oooh child! . . . pink and green, such sweetness brings . . . Sorors, it ' s pip-step- ping time! . . . AED, BBB, Sigma Lambda, Order of Omega, CMT, ODK, Circle K, CCC . . . who designed those sweatshirts? . . . Destination: AKA, Destination A-K-A . . . 90 Kim Jones Teresa Manogin Gail Martin 91 Alpha Phi Alpha L-R: Stan Beasley, Shawn Wade, Dwight Collins, and Glossie Echols. December 4, 1906 . . . First of All . . . The Alpha Touch .. Men of Distinction .. Cold and Cocky .. The Black Panther . . . The Beautiful Ladies of Delta Sigma Theta . . . Arrogance . . . Ice, Ice, Baby . . . Intellectuals .. .Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. . . . Ape Time . . . Would you like my banana? . . . The fine and foxy ladies riding the Quawasaki . . . The Seven Jewels . . . Rocking the house in Knoxville, Tennessee . . . Tandy, Ogle, and Kelly, what would we do without you? . . . Throwin ' Down on the Gulf Coast . . . Spring ' 86 . . . The Easter Egg Hunt . . . The Special Olympics . . . The Black and the Gold . . . Alpha. AK A Weekend . . . Frats, your big problem is solved! . . . Dubious and Deceiving . . . Thurgood Marshall . . . Juggernaut . . . Stan, I forgot your line name . . . Tracy and Janet, you are our friends . . . Andrew Young . . . Omicron Gamma . . . I ' m looking for a new love! . . . Number 1 . . . Tran- scending all others . . . Soror, you wished he was your man! . . . May 23, 1981. 92 Dwight Collins Glossie Echols Shawn Wade Stan Beasley 93 Chi Omega Seated first row left to right: Lisa Loughman, Debbie Greer, Boo Kemp, Mary Margaret Patterson, Rebecca Cook, Carol Allen, Michelle Leger, Dosha Cummins, Lauren Brooks, Betsy Flowers, and Beth Downer. Second row left to right: Candy Colton, Robin Tolar, Charlotte Gillespie, Carla Tavenner, Amy Bunch, Mity Myhr, Robin Rowe, Emily Walker, Laurie Aycock, Traci Savage, Cheryl Parker, Beth Smith and Dorree Jane Smith. Standing third row left to right: Karen Breland, Elizabeth Blackwell, Dana Crotwell, Charlotte Sullivan, Catheryne Grant, Emily Fleming, Susan Felder, Lisa D. McDonald, Beverly Vignery, Kelly Wicker, Margaret Weems, Laura Malone, Tracie McAlpin, Emily Charles, Carmel Wells, Sandy Sims, Carole Estes, Kathryn Ruff, and Maria Karam. Fourth row left to right: Karen Beuttner, Mary Gee, Cindy Keyes, Janet Halpin, Leslie McKenzie, Ann Walcott, Missy Crane, Angela Roberts, Loree Peacock, Anne Jung, Shelley Ritter, Kathia Simo, Teri Cianciola, Michelle Hewitt, Carah Lynn Billups, Michelle Hensley, Me-Me Soho, and Elizabeth Bryson. Chi Omega . . . none better . . . We love our Owl Men . . . Greg E., Jimmy, David L., Frank, William, and Owl Man Mont . . . and David C, Charles, Greg H., Albert, Tom, and Billy . . . Another full, fantastic pledge class . . . Susan ' s having a candlelight?! No wayl . . . Carah Lynn engaged? We knew you were lying . . . Debbie ' s wedding (Can we invite Tory?l) . . . Our beautiful Homecoming maids Lisa and Loree . . . Kappa Alpha Rose and Sweethearts, Kappa Sigma Stardusters, Pi Kappa Alpha little sisters, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent girls . . . Intramurals ... a team undefeated for the 5th year . . . Mary Margaret; our basketball star . . . Soccer players — (what an awesome Chi O team . . . but do you really practice before chapter meeting?) . . . the Chi O ' s tennis team dominates again . . . and don ' t forget the cross country team . . . where ' s Mary Carol? (you, you, you, honey!) . . . what about the love life triangle, Maria? ... Is Tom there? (Ask Charlotte!) . . . Julie Colbert and the thief (what a threat!) . . . Eleusinian Ball— a tradition (But how do you spell it?) . . . The Chi Omega SBA officers and Senators . . . ODK pres . . . It ' s time to make the float (Where is everybody?!) . . . Can we sing the Boom Boom song in the cafeteria? . . . our outstanding member Emily . . . Girl, you know it Singers, Troubadours, and RA ' s . . . Pref night (did they like our new dresses or the ushers . . . What do you think, Boo?). . . officers ' meeting in the kitchen . . . There ' s my husband, but he doesn ' t know it! . . . Scary!! . . . Serenade (can we skip Galloway?) . . . Lisa L. and her date Elvis . . . Activities report (Thursday night Blue light special at Kroger) . . . Can we change chapter meeting? Knots Landing is on . . . Round table . . . We love and will miss our seniors . . . does this have to end? . . . Chi Omega friendship is worth more than gold . . . We ought to know . . . 94 2? © Hr £ is o o fl «§) UJ o o w w 1 co E) ' IfT Oi © CO CO @ ! £ ® « ■ «¥ V O 13 ,4Pfcv Kf ® A ® ©5 95 Delta Delta Delta Front row left to right to left: Kim Abercrombie, Amy Keramian, Elba Pareja, Michelle Bevins, Eileen Wallace, Kathy Hannah, Susan McKay, Kim Compton, and Rhonda Crover. Second row left to right: Beth Ramsey, Gina Koury, Kari Lippert, Jymme Ann Hall, Kelly Werner, Anna Lockwood, Kathleen Terry, Kristin Heflin, Connie Watson, and Kathleen Watson. Third row left to right: Julie Coins, Suzie Robinson, Susan Van Cleve, Anne Trainor, Mary Garrott, Cydna Robinson, Angie Johnson, Beth Harmon, Indu Gupta, and Charlotte Trisdale. Fourth row standing left to right: Julie Bliton, Dana Bergstrom, Kelly Lockhart, Missy Metz, Susan Sumner, Becky Elkin, Heather Freeman, Stephanie Rose, Ginny Collins, Mimi Wilson, Missy Dendy, Susan Taylor, Karen Hall, and Zeba Afzal. Beta Club . . . Blast off . . . The " Window Peepers " . . . " That ' s what I did last yearl " . . . Kim only wears 100% cotton . . . " Get upl Get up! The sun is up! " . . . We don ' t know how to be like that yet ... 33 DDD ' s . . . Crush Party ' 86 (How was it, Kat?) . . . KA Sweetheart, Crescent Girl, C-Court . . . Karen ' s closet . . . Who ' s parents are midgets? . . . Roach busters . . . Are we excited yet? . . . Chris, LaRon, Jay and Stuart — Our first Delta Gents! . . . Mimi, you better go check on your date . . . Softball champs . . . Beauty School Drop-Out . . . Susan S., our own Delta pilot . . . Bacot ' s alarm clock . . . Treasurer of the Year, Lee . . . Major ' s Lady and Homecoming Maid, Susan Van Cleve . . . Amen . . . Got that charter!! . . . Singles ' Night at Jitney with Martha . . . Tri Delta Connection at McRae ' s . . . " Sign her up " . . . Serenade — " Love Me True " . . . Trunk Party ' 87 . . . Clay R. " chills " out . . . Gamma Zeta . . . What a great first year! . . . Ain ' t no stopping us now!! 96 97 Kappa Alpha First row: Greg Harb, Mont Berry, Clay Ranager, David Wall, Chres Rainey, David Adkins, Chris Crosby, Joe Austin, Jerry Lorio, Brian Hemard, Ashton Denert, Bob Harrell, Walker Love, David Chancelor, Barry Gillespie, Lee Lofton, Paxton Denert, Patton Seabrook. Second row: Mike Morlan, Bobby Brown, John Meyers, Reynolds Cheney, Billy Carr, Sean Barker, Brian Gualano, Charles Sheppard, Todd Helbling, Brent Alexander, William Wadsworth, David Pritchard, Gene Crafton, Phillip Hearn, Jason Walenta, Trey Byars, Southey Hays, Lowell Wilson, Nathan Schrantz, Stewart Tharp, John Blanchard, Timmy Hessberg, Bill McCloud, and Grant Fox. EYEEE .. Naw man .. Fast Paul slows down, Gieger, too, maybe Bost . . . Rose Lisa P., Past Rose Kelli, Sweethearts Lori, Misa M., Susan, Larrin, Lisa L., Beth, Betsy, Sheila, Stephanie, Sara, Melanie ... Ski trip ' 87 — separate ways . . . Toga, Luau, Black and White . . . Shower Party, Sandbar Party .. Jerry-Geek of the Year . . . Bob— " Hey Clay, I got your slack. " . . . Marian— " And my date will have 500lbs of plankton. " . . . MDA-didanyoneactually bowl? . . . Beeyul. . .Plant sale. Plant sale? . . . Yeeess! . . . Who needs a GRA— we have Mom and Dad . . . I ' ll watch the road, you watch the speedometer, and you just drive! . . . KA Enquirer scandal . . . Boswell— ODK Leader of the Year . . . Jason — Tooth fixed? . . . Pepper, who won the bike? . . . And they call themselves KA . . . RAT ! 98 •Sjp E3 5 1 ES E3 EFI j-jy T g •J - •ftpT E 99 Kappa Delta First row left to right: Penny Patton, Dawn Patten, Camille Lyons, Sharon Barkley, Melissa Taylor, Lisa Atkins, Melissa Boyd, Jodi Kemp, Jennifer Suravitch, Candace Collins, and Edie Hall. Second row left to right: Dana Britt, Stevie Ashworth, Melissa James, Carolyn Bibb, Bana Morton, Suzanne Sanders, Jill Fowlkes, Damita Bailey, Alice Pritchard, Laura McKinley, Jeannie Cheng, Ysonde Boland, and Kelli May. Third row left to right: Denise Wyont, Julia Masterson, Melissa Lang, Christine Bakeis, Amanda Montgomery, Anne Dye, Joan Wetzel, Martha McRaney, Mary Katherine Wright, Carole Woods, Jane Woods, Stephanie Sonnier, Wyn Ellington, Shannon Cornay, and Alissa Miller. Fourth row left to right: Amy Cumberland, Kelly Smith, Courtney Egan, Beth Lally, Debbie West, Catherine Lightsey, Becky Tompkins, Polly Roach, Laurie Aycock, Eleanor Taylor, Holly Walters, Larrin Holbert, Julee Clinton, Cori Grady, and Anna Stroble. " The White Rose of beauty, the emerald of truth, our honored Kappa Delta, th pearl of our youth " . . . " HO-HO-HO! " . . . new green dresses . . . long whit dresses, pref night and rose petalled wishes for Kappa Delta ... Do you remembe " Animal House " ?! . . . What about a " Kappa Delta Christmas " , carolling for the kid and a Santa Claus (Dagger Daddy) showing . . . We love you Ross, Michael, Jamie Mark, Gene, Howard, Robbie, Jimmy, Dean Woodward, Fred, and Dr. Lewis! . . Homecoming Queen Sara and Maid Tracy (Kappa Delta royalty) . . . a KD cheer leader monopoly ... a skating swap ... 33 precious pledges . . . We love you " AJ 2 . . . " Dreamy " Alice and " Rosey " Kel and PKA, LXA, SAe, KS little sisters and K sweethearts . . . SCHOLARSHIP TROPHYII! . . . Great program Johanna and Amy! . . What about that 2.974 G.P.A.?! — highest G.P.A of all campus organizations .. Official Visit (Bonnie— P.P.) after Official Visit Christie— N.C. A.) ... any Kappa Del tas headin ' down to New Orlenasf! . . . What about for the Kappa Delta 47t! National Convention?! . . . What about for the Kappa Delta COUNCIL AWARD !!!!! — Best KD chapter in the NATION!!!!!!! 100 ,© © f;® G © ft - - «$ ©!► © : © « © •% u 3 l@ UJ O Hi O o w a. 00 5 CO _i 00 © $m ©i 81 - E © W I (g) « 2 © © ; © © © lob ©iTr © i fc 101 Kappa Sigma First row left to right: Steve Clyburn, Doug Harpter, Rick Pot, Bobby Snyder, Jimmy Leonard, Byron Winsett, Billy Bergner, Billy Wise, Joey Worwick, John Roberts, Honk Zuber, David Zanca, Rickey Regan, Trac Baughn, and Scott Atkins. Second row left to right: Paul Van Deventer, Robby Manning, Mike Fondren, Andy Ray, Lee Wright, Grey Cormen, Tom Enis, Brad Wellons, Danny Hughes, David Patton, Todd Triffley, Bill Devlin, John Mavar, Jay Wiygul, Tommy Carter, Frank Martin, Staten Fontain, Danny Clark, Laron Mason, and Michael Saucier. Third Row left to right: Tony Martin, Jim Carpenter, John Barron, Andre Vial, Jerry Fortenberry, Chad Marx, Richard Huckabee, Dale Strickland, Jim Johnson, Scott Mathis, Kean Wilson, Bert Amison, David Sullivan, Matt Mayberry, and Jeff Weston. Back row left to right: Morgan Morris, Mickey Giordano, Mike Bonner, Robert Dupler, Dean Toggart, and Brian Wilkenson. Waiter, bring me a bowl of cherries . . . Dean, I ' ve got a great deal on a used drop . . . Chee wee, do the Harland . . . Doug, come get your daddy out of jail . . . When do I get my kiss? When this bottle ' s empty . . . Fickling ends his confusion . . . Someone shoot me, but please use a silencer . . . I ' m from Millsaps and I ' m the Q.B. . . . Never graduate. . . They ' ve only got three toes. . . Who invited him? . . . Billy, is that a dirty word? I ' ll take it off, dear!!! . . . Out of control . . . Redhead, get your face out of there . . . Elves in the bushes . . . The return of the NASTY club . . . This date is just not working out . . . One and one makes two . . . .357 — The real Power . . . We got Mr. Ed in the chapter room . . . Can I have two footlongs and a Diet Coke? . . . Kappa Sigma baseball . . . Intramural Sigs ... So long Czar Paul, Wheels, R-Man, Sheel- prock, Cubby, Ward, Stoney, Stillborn, Sarcerhead, Elvis, Wilkinson, Robbins, Jack- son, Bob, Buttcheeks . . . you really should have been a Sig . . . AEKDB. 102 103 Lambda Chi Alpha ■i NWtfi Front row seated left to right: Todd Clayton, Steve Anderson, Michael Finn, Barrett Wilson, Todd Turner, Adam Plier, Chip Moll, Jeff Strasburg, Steve Bricker, Pete Warren, Suresh Chawla, Erich Kathman, and Charlie West. Standing right to left are Danny Moore, Paul Wilson, Gil Hardin, Jeff Bruni, Ken Carpenter, Richard Reed, Cullam Pope, Marty Paine, David Setzer, David Bradford, Jeff Schaar, Nick Verde, Will Parker, David Dean, Mike Bacile, Deepak Mehrotro, Jim Ir- win, Howard Graylin, Joe Hunter, Craig Karch, Lee Denton, Rick Youngblood, Marshall Brackbill, Larry Oggs, Thomas Rockwell,Stan Patterson, Mike Doherty, Doug Hogrefe, Art Saunders, Mike Stratus, and Bubba Cummins. SMWMFD ... Joe Baby . . . Craig, who ' s in the kitchen? . . . Sugar Ray McMillan . . . Jungle Jim . . . Oh man, oh man, we did it all . . . Hot Tub . . . Under my wing . . . Funky . . . Hog . . . Johnny Quest and Hadji . . . Squirrel ... If you want to get down, down on the ground, KA . . . Yo ' mama don ' t wear no drawers ... Aim High .. . Look good, feel good, do good . . . Hippy . . . Rockin ' Bob . . . Vick Nerde . . . SILENT TYPES RULE! . . . $15,000 . . . Gofus . . . Coppertone Ken . . . Ki, I ' m Jesus (Good move, Freshman) . . . We miss you, Goose ... A pike is a fish . . . Randy ' s drunk again . . . LXA Tennis Dynasty (sorry Todd) . . . Christian is still glad NOT to be a KA . . . Throw Down (or was that up?) Party . . . C-Girl; Susan . . . KS: we party (with the President) . . . English is your native tongue, moron . . . Dagger Daddy Howie . . . Owlman Jimmy . . . Delta Gent Kilroy . . . Phi Mu Big Brothers Thad, Wayne, Frank, Danny . . . ZAX 104 105 Pi Kappa Alpha First row seated left to right: Joe Baladi, Lance Williamson, Kevin Brune, Scott Cole, Ceranld Powell, Pat Bunch, Mark Freeman, Brian Well, Brad Mitchell, Morris Mitchell, and Loree Peacock. Second row left to right: Doree-Jane Smith, Mary-Margaret Dulaney, Ronnie Fields, Ed Schneider, Jonathon Jones, Robert Mangiliardi, Alice Pritchard, David Richards, Joanie Retzel, Andrea Stribling, Doug Ford, Chris Nichols. Third row left to right: Jeff Balckwood, David Laird, Ed Yelverton, John McLaurin, Albert Labasse, Courteny Egan, Ross Ballenger, Mark McCreery, Jack May, Sam Pooley, Chris Powell, Denise Wyont, Clay Hatten, Tim Dennis, Susan Merriwether, Mark Lampton, Thomas Sessions, Brad Haight, Stan Ward, Jim Irby, Mark Hagwood, Andy Harper, and Mark Solomon. Elevated at center from left to right John Hawkins, Eric Bufkin,Chris Luft, Tom Shima, Dana Crotwell, Dana Miller, Mickey McLaurin, Warren Burns, and Dano Wells. This is Ross ' yearbook . . . Lance — How about a hot tuna melt? . . . Jack . . . Could we really have won that war? Pat B . . . Dr. K, Ricky F. and Mark F. hold the key to the stage door . . . Steve R ... Is she a natural blonde? . . . John M . . . Sky rockets in flight, Afternoon Delight . . . Jack, that ' s not even 50 ways to leave your lover . . . Chris L. La, La, La, La " Michelle, Melissa, Catherine . . . You ' ll be minel, Ross. Ross, Once you go blues you never go back. Jack M., 200 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal . . . Billy, It ' s time to christen the new soccer field . . . Ricky F . . . Parcher in a pear tree . . . John M . . . You didn ' t get black balled because we knew you ' d get blue balled . . . Michael L ... Do you like your meat and potatoes smothered in Grady? . . . Laura, a watched phone never rings . . . Tom, David L. Steve and McCreery— the heirs to the Kraft Fortune . . . Fuat, " Come on Eileen! " . . . Joe thank all your dates for paying off the Bands . . . Mitchell " Fender Bender " Brown . . . Don, did Catherine and or Perry name you BIG DADDY . . . Nancy and Alice have a tiny bit in common . . . The boys never will . . . KA . . . Vacancyll . . . Eric B. Rambuttll . . . Lambda Chi Mckenzie, the original party animals . . . The Fat Man has cried . . . Shima thanks for the Chapter Room . . . Leslie T. NO PAIN NO GAIN . . . Goodbye Seniors, we ' ll miss you . . . " What a long Strange Trip it ' s been . . . 106 107 Phi Mu L to R: 2nd Row (standing) Janet Moore, Susan Kendricks, Mitzi Thompson, Missy Portchie, Toni Cappiella, Sharon Flack, Vanessa Bonsteel, Lisa Cameron, Teresa Holland, Gretchen Cuedry, Mary Stewart, Lisa Holland, Tricia Duggar, Suzy Farmer, Jamie Specht, Saudhi Ramirez, Jane Workman, Lynda Palmertree, Beth Sprehe, Amy Ridlehoover, Mindy Bowman, Lynn Daigle, Polly Balsley, Carrie Stuart, Leigh Lane, Sallie Lee, Sarah Carr, Nancy Johnson, Chrissy Hamilton, Angie Belzer, Karen Cook, Sandi Fulton. 1st Row (kneeling) Alicia Beam, Marion Olivier, Stephanie Simpson, Karen Ladnier, Margaret Garcia, Sarah Beth Wileyd, Andrea Pritchett, Susan Sanders, Heather Johnson, LeAnne Pyron, Anne Douglas, Jennifer Coe, Allison Phillips, Claudia Seifert, Michele McDougal, Ruth Arnold, Kathy Parks, Miranda Burt, Erin Clark. No drops for Sandy . . . Grand old Duke of York . . . Jesus Loves the Little Children . . . Cheers! . . . Hip, Hip Phi Mu! . . . Our Great Alums! . . . Angie Cheerleader . . . Phi in trunk? . . . Tennis elbow . . . We believe . . . amen . . . Thanks, Lance ... Big Brothers Lance, Keenan, Wayne, Thad, Ben Danny, Bill, Gib, Wendell, Cullam, Tony, Frank, Todd . . . Remember the Alamo . . . Lisa ' s de-Candle- light . . . Andrea, where are your clothes?? . . . Snaggin ' Wagon . . . Sarah Conn? . . . Enchantress at the Eola . . . Crash and Burn . . . Greet the Meeks . . . Theme song — Are You Ready? . . . Ruth — Kappa Sig Li ' l Sis . . . Mae— SAE Li ' l Sis . . . Ramblin ' on . . . 108 £2v Sp o o cs HI uj 00 -i o o o ■ T y CO Q. CO CD -J 00 3»i m m. i © o 109 Sigma Alpha Epsilon . First row left to right: Greg Evans, Rich Weihing, Donald Smith, Robert Coleman, Bill Abstein, and Ron Walker. Second row left to right: MilesEdding, Tracy Griffith, Sean Cheng, Jim Coleman, Bob Stewart, and Gregg Newby. There it wo . . . Little Richie ' s Creole Massage Parlor . . . Little Sisters of Minerva . . . the scholarship trophy — it ' s only the begin- ning . . . Greggy serenades the bowl . . . the party yell ... Do it with ease . . . Rob has a tigh holerance . . . Fire, what fire? . . . Miles, do you really shave your legs? . . . Paddy Murphy — gone, but not forgotten . . . Elvis cuts loose at Reach the Beach . . . Yes, Damien lives . . . E ' s honor . . . Zish for President . . . Opus tells all . . . Intra- murals — well, there ' s always next year . . . Jim outmanuevers the highway patrol . . . Let ' s go to their rush party . . . Newbs makes the comeback of the year . . . Chieftan Bob . . . Phi Alpha. no William R. Abstein, Sean Cheng Robert Coleman Tracy Griffin Miles Edding Greg Evans Gregg Newby Donald Smith Bob Stewart Ron Walker Rich Weihing 111 B A , Millsaps. M Ed . Mississippi Stale University ROBERT S. McELVAINE (1973) Pro B A . Rutgers University; MA, PhD State University of New York at Bm HERMAN LAMAR McKENZIE (1963) Assistant Professor B S . Millsaps College M Ed , MS. University of Mississippi JAMES PRESTON McKEOWN (1962) Pro! A B . University of the South. A M . University of MissiSS | | Ph D , Mississippi State University LUCY WEBB MILLSAPS (1969) Associate B F A , Newcomb College, M A . University of Mississippi MICHAEL H. MITIAS (1967) Profess A B . Union College, Ph D . University of Waterloo JAMES A. MONTGOMERY (1959) Professor of Pr A B . Birmingham-Southern College. AM, Ed D . George Peabody College f S. KAY MORTIMER (1984) Instructor of Busme: B A , Stephens College, MBA, Southern Methodist University WALTER P. NEELY (1980) Prof B S , MBA. Mississippi State University, Ph D . University of Geor( ROBERT B. NEVINS (1967) Associate Pro A B , Washington University; M S , University of Missouri SHIRLEY F. OLSON (1982) Associate Professor B A , Mississippi State University; MA . Mississippi College, DBA, Mississippi State University ROBERT HERBERT PADGETT (1960) Pre A B,, Texas Christian University. AM , Vanderbilt University JUDITH W. PAGE (1981) Associate Pre A B , Tulane; MA . University of New Mexico, Ph D , University of Ch JAMES F. PARKS, JR., (1969) Associate Professor, A B , Mississippi College; MLS, Peabody College RAYMOND A. PHELPS II (1980) Assistant Profe; A A , University of Florida, B.B.A., M B A , Georgia State Umversit DBA., Louisiana Tech University ADRIENNE C. PHILLIPS (1980) Assistant Pre B.A., Northeast Louisiana, MA, Ph.D. University of Mississippi FRANCIS E. POLANSKI (1965) Associate P B.M , Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester (New Yor MM, University of Michigan FACULTY STAFF George M. Harmon President of the College; B.A., Southwestern at Memphis; M.B.A., Emory University; D.B.A., Harvard University ADMINISTRATION 114 Robert H. King Don E. Strickland Vice President and Dean of the College; B.A., Harvard University; vice President for Business Affairs; B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Florida State B.D., Ph.D., Yale University University William W. Franklin John H. Christmas Vice President for Development; A.B.T., University of Georgia Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services; B.S., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Southern Mississippi 115 Stuart Good Dean of Student Affairs A.B., A.M. Boston University; LL.D. Col lege of Ganado Administration 116 Robert A. Shive Director of Academic Affairs B.A., M.S. Southern Methodist University; Ph.D. Iowa State University Jack L. Woodward Director of Financial Aid A.B. Millsaps College; B.D. Southern Methodist University 117 JOHN QUINCY ADAMS — Political Science B.A., Rice Univ. M.A., J.D., University of Texas Advanced Study, University of Texas THEODORE AMMON — Philosophy B.A., Mississippi State University, M.A., Ph.D., Washing- ton University SARAH LEE ARMSTRONG — Biology B.A., University of Texas. M.A., Univ. of California at L.A. Ph.D., Duke University MCCARRELL AYERS — Music B.S., Eastman School of Music. Univ. of Rochester MM., Indiana University RICHARD B. BALTZ— Economics A. A., Belleville Jr. College. B.B.A., M.S., Baylor Universi- ty. Ph.D., University of Arkansas ROY A. BERRY, JR. — Chemistry B.S., Mississippi College. Ph.D., University of North Carolina ALLEN D. BISHOP, JR. — Computer Science, Chemistry B.S., Millsaps College. M.S., Louisiana State Univ. Ph.D., University of Houston CARL G. BROOKING — Economics, Manage- ment B.S., Millsaps College. M.S., Ph.D., University of Pennsyl- vania C. EUGENE CAIN-Chemistry B.S., University of North Carolina., A.M., Ph.D., Duke University FACULTY 118 WALTER CAMPBELL — Accounting B.S., M.B.A., Delta State University. Ph.D., North Texas State University. CHERYL COKER — Music B.M.Ed., University of Southern Mississippi. M.M., Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi FRANCES H. COKER — Sociology A.B., Millsaps College. M.S.T., Illinois Institute of Tech- nology. Adv. Study, Univ. of North Carolina, Uppsala Univ. (Sweden), Univ. of Hawaii ANDREW ECONOMOPOULOS— Econom- ics A.B., M.A., University of New York. Ph.D., Virginia Poly- technic Institute GEORGE EZELL— Chemistry B.S., Mississippi College. M.S., Florida State University. Ph.D., University of Mississippi LORNE M. FIENBERG— English A.B., University of Toronto. M.A., Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley NONA FIENBERG— English A.B., University of Toronto. M.A., Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley JEANNE M. FORSYTHE— Education B.A., Millsaps College. M.Ed., Ed.D., Harvard University 119 CATHERINE R. FREIS — Classics B.A., Brooklyn College. M.S., Ph.D., University of Cali- fornia at Berkeley DELBERT GANN — Geology B.S., Univ. of Missouri, Kansas City. M.S., Northeast Lou- isiana Univ. Ph.D., Missouri School of Mines and Metal- lurgy. MICHAEL RAY GRUBBS— Management B.S., Millsaps College. M.B.A., Mississippi College JOHN L. GUEST— German A.B., Univ. of Texas. A.M., Columbia Univ. Adv. Study New York Univ. Ottendorfer Fellowship in Germanic Philogy, Bonn University. Fullbright Scholarship, Univ. of Vienna PAUL D. HARDIN, Emeritus— English A.B., Millsaps College. A.M., Duke University PHILLIP D. HARDWICK— Real Estate B.S., Belhaven College. M.B.A., Millsaps College FACULTY 120 Mr ' rJ i ' ' " a W J MM i M «r { H ' j t . " H ii lift ' , f f ! ' A.1 WENDELL B. JOHNSON— Geology B.S., M.S., Kansas State College. Adv. Study, Missouri School of Mines, University of Missouri ROBERT J. KAHN — Modern Languages B.A., State Univ. of New York at Buffalo. M.A., Middle- bury College. Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University DONALD D. KILMER — Music B.M., M.M., Indiana University. Adv. Study, Union The- ological Seminary, Univ. of Kansas, Univ. of Illinois. SAMUEL R. KNOX — Mathematics A.B., A.M., University of Mississippi. Ph.D., Virginia Poly- technic Institute. FRANK M. LANEY, JR. — History A.B., University of Mississippi. A.M., Ph.D., University of Virginia. RICHARD LARSON — Business Law B.A., DePauw University. J.D., University of Illinois BRENT W. LEFAVOR— Theatre B.A., M.A., Brigham Young University. THOMAS W. LEWIS III— Religion A.B., Millsaps College. B.D., Southern Methodist Uni- versity. Ph.D., Drew University. ROBERT T. MCADORY— Physics M.S., Mississippi State University. Ph.D., University of Texas. R.W. MCCARLEY— Computer Studies B.A., Millsaps College. M.Ed. Mississippi State Universi- ty- ROBERT S. MCELVAINE — History B.A., Rutgers University. M.A., Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamton. LUCY WEBB MILLSAPS— Art B.F.A., Newcomb College. M.A., University of Mississip- pi. 121 WALTER P. NEELY — Finance B.S., M.B.A., Mississippi State University. Ph.D., Univer- sity of Georgia. ROBERT B. NEVINS — Biology A.B., Washington University. M.S., University of Missou- ri. Adv. Study, University of Missouri, University of Mis- sissippi. ROBERT H. PADGETT — English A.B., Texas Christian University. A.M., Vanderbilt Uni- versity. Adv. Study, Vanderbilt University. Fulbright Scholarship, Universite de Clermont-Ferrand. JUDITH PAGE — English A.B., Tulane University. M.A., University of New Mexico. Ph.D., University of Chicago. ADRIENNE PHILLIPS— History B.A., Northeast Louisiana. M.A., Ph.D., University of Mis- sissippi. FRANCIS E. POLANSKI— Music B.M., Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester. M.M., University of Michigan. LEE H. REIFF — Religion A.B., B.D., Southern Methodist University. M.A., Ph.D., Yale University. W. CHARLES SALL1S — History B.S., M.S., Mississippi State University. Ph.D., University of Kentucky. FACULTY 122 STEVEN SMITH — Philosophy B.A., Florida State University. M.A., Vanderbilt Universi- ty. Ph.D., Duke University. gpn JJF wSsj " Wi B Ol H M ■ f% m iHH 1 DON R. SNYDER — Marketing B.S., United States Merchant Marine Academy. M.B.A., Univ. of Southern Mississippi. Ph.D., Texas A M Univer- sity. EDMOND R. VENATOR — Psychology A.B., University of Buffalo. Ph.D., Emory University. STEVE C. WELLS— Accounting A.A., Copiah-Lincoln Jr. College. A.B., M.A., University of Mississippi. C.P.A., Adv. Study, Univ. of Mississippi. JERRY D. WHITT— Dean, School of Manage- ment B.B.A., M.B.A., North Texas State University. Ph.D., Uni- versity of Arkansas. SUE Y. WHITT— Accounting B.B.A., North Texas State University. M.B.A., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Arkansas. L. AUSTIN WILSON — English A.B., Valdosta State College. M.A., University of Georgia. Ph.D., University of South Carolina. 123 RUSSELL B. ANDERSON Director, Career Planning and Placement JANIS H. BOOTH Guidance Counselor SARA L. BROOKS Director of Records LOUISE BURNEY Controller JANE C. COOPER Associate Loan Officer PATRICIA FENNELL College Nurse DON P. FORTENBERRY Chaplain STAFF 124 KATHERINE LEFOLDT College Hostess WAYNE MILLER Director of Campus Safety LEONARD W. POLSON Director of Services HARRYLYN G. SALLIS Assistant Dean for Adult Learning Director, Adult Degree Program PAULA TURNER Associate Dean of Student Affairs NANCY WHITE Business Affairs OLIVIA WHITE Director, Food Services 125 Student Affairs Front: Martha McMullin, secretary; Paula Turner, Associate Dean of student Affairs; Elizabeth Broad, secretary. Back: Stuart Good, Dean of Stu- ft dent Affairs and Don Fortenberry, chaplain. , Admissions Office L-R: Susan Sanders, Teresa Hultz, Maria Des- sommes, Karen Cook, Grace Harrington, and De- lecia Seay. Admissions Counselors L-R: Florence Hines, David Loper, Mary Weir, Bruce Sumrall, Cathy Martella, Monty Hamilton. Records Office L-R: Gena Pratt, Pearl Dyer, Sara Brooks, LuAnn Hoffman. 126 Bookstore Front: Eddie Jameson, manager, and Betty Jameson. Rear: Sallie Lee, Danny McNeer and Cindy Elder. Post Office L-R: Mittie Welty, Kathi Levanway and Jill Levanway. Security Front: Eleanor Wilson, Joseph Amiker, Henry Luckett, Deloris Franklin, Ed Manney, Eartis Nichols. Rear: Glen Hig- don, Donald Sullivan and Tony Guy- singer. Front: Jan Bickerstaff, director. Rear: Francene Green, Ursula Jones, Ellen Carmody, Ann Elsenheimer, Larry Horn, system manager, and Clayton Bell. Computer Services 127 Library Right: Mary Markley, Barbara West, Eleanor Cuenther and Michelle Leichter. Below left: Jim Parks, librarian, and Kathy Allison. Below center: loycelyn Trotter. Below right: Julia Lewis and Floreada Harmon. Business Office Right: Seated— Louise Burney, controller. Standing — Warrene Lee, Jo McDowell, Rose Johnson. Far right: Seated — (Cather- ine Jones. Standing— Elaine Plylar, Martha Musgrove and Marge Fenton. 128 Food Services Food services staff members, left to right: Deloris Phelps, Thelma Long, Pam White, Murlene Mallett, Lucy Johnson, James Griffin, Lee Johnson, Mike Knight, James Clark, Jeff Smith, Curtis Sullivan. 129 Boyd Spencer, executive direc- tor of Development; Laur Stamm, Rob Morgan, Chris Cheek. Lorrie Maynard, Tricia Chick; Kay Barksdale, public affairs officer for Millsaps. Sheil O ' Neil, faculty secre- tary for the Else School. Susan Tuisl, secretary for Business Affairs. Virginia McCoy, Switch- board. Lynda King, Divisions, as- sists student Kim King (left). Susan Garcia, Divisions secretary. 130 Custodians (L-R) 1st row: Johnnie Luckett, Wille May Wallace, Josephine Smith, Roberta Amos, Sharon Ann Brown, Mary Ann Watkins; 2nd row: Hourman Skinner, Oscar Johnson, Lee Arrington, Henry Smith, Laydean Clark; 3rd row: Vernon Davis, James Horn, Eugene Ruffin, Johnnie Williams. Grounds (L-R) 1st row: Bud Thigpen, Tommy Jones, Mel Williams; seated on mower: Charles Williams, Clint Bean; 3rd row: Atwood Cotten, Steve Brown, Bruce Williams. Not pictured: Joe Lee Gibson. Beth Swalm, executive assistant, Else School of Management (left). 131 Adult Degree Program The Adult Degree Program, the first of its kind in Mississip- pi, was announced in Ap ril 1982. The program, headed by Harrylyn Sallis, assistant dean for Adult Learning, is designed to facili- tate education for adults beyond the traditional college age. It is tailor- made for students 24 years of age or older, who are un- able to attend col- lege on a regular schedule because of family or em- ployment responsi- bilities. The candi- date earns a Bache- lor of Liberal Studies degree. Pictured at top: Dr. Richard Freis and ADP student, Gay Huff. Cay was the re- cipient of the National Endownment for the Humanities-Younger Grant. Pictured above is Dianne Harms, BLS Philosophy Religion, 1987. Pictured at center is Marilyn Diener, Di- rector for Enrichment and Special Pro- Pictured at immediate right is Hazel Woods, receptionist for Adult Learning. Pictured at far right are June Stevens, Assistant to the Director for the Adult Degree Program, and Lyn Pruitt, BLS Psychology 1987. 132 James Livesay When then-President Ellis Finger hired Jim Livesay in 1952, he said, " We need somebody to do a lot of jobs and we don ' t have a lot of resources. " " So, " recalls Jim, " I rushed in where angels feared to tread. " Jim Livesay was the departments of public relations, alumni affairs and student recruitment. He was responsible for pro- ducing alumni publications. He was the campus photogra- pher, started the regular alumni fund and handled church relations. For the past 10 years, his primary responsibilities have been in church relations. Many people have loved and do love this college. It ' s doubtful, though, that anyone in its history has been more devoted, or more proud of it, than Jim Livesay (Class of ' 47). " I knew what Millsaps was, what it stood for, what it meant to the community. I saw Millsaps as an institution that Missis- sippi urgently needed, and I came here out of the feeling that all of us have — that we want to make a difference with our lives. " There is an urgent necessity, " he continues, " for schools like Millsaps to communicate values. When I think of the influence our alumni have had in their communities, their churches— that ' s the ultimate judgment of a college, the ef- fect it has on others. " The ultimate tribute that can be paid to an institution is the loyalty of a man like James Livesay. He retired at the end of the 1987 school year. 133 Abstein _ _ Abstein, William — Fr Adler, Mickal — Jr Afzal, Omar— Jr Afzal, Zeba— Fr Alexander, Ted — Sr Alican, Fuat — Soph Allen, Carol — Soph Alston, Ramona — Sr Altschul, Aimee — Jr Amison, Elbert — Fr Anderson, Mark — Sr Anderson, Steven — Jr Andrews, Kenneth — Fr Anhalzer, Sylvia — Soph Applewhite, Tracy — Soph Armstrong, Ralph — Soph Ates, Brian — Jr Atkins, Lisa — Soph Atkins, Scott — Jr Austin, Joseph — Sr Aycock, Laurie — Fr Ayres, Daniel — Fr Azordegan, Sherry — Jr Bacon, Rhonda — Soph Baird, William — Fr Bakeis, Christine— Fr Baker, Rebecca— Soph Baladi, Joseph — Soph Bale, Susan — Sr Ballenger, Ross— Jr Barbee, Michael — Soph Barham, Robert — Sr Barlow, Alys — Sr Barnes, Shawn — Fr Barrett, Laura— Jr Barron, John — Soph P ft£ Bass, Janet— Fr Beam, Alicia— Fr Beasley, Stanford— Sr 136 Burkett Bedell, Jennifer— Fr Bell, Courtney — Soph Benson, John — Jr Benton, Catherine — Sr Berry, James (Mont) — Sr Bibb, Carolyn — Soph Billups, Carah Lynn — Soph Billups, Laurie — Soph Blackwell, Mary— Fr Blakely, Bernadette — Fr Blanchard, John — Soph Bliton, Julia — Fr Boatman, Regina — ADP Bobe, Michael — Soph Bommakanti, Satyavani — Jr Bonner, David — Jr Boone, Susan — Jr Boren, Candy— Fr Boswell, James — Sr Boyd, Melissa — Soph Brackbill, Robert— Soph Breland, Karen — Fr Brethouwer, Michel — Fr Bricker, Steven — Fr Britt, Dana — Soph Brooks, Cheryl — Jr Brooks, John— Soph Brooks, Susan (Laren) — Soph Brown, Felicia — Sp Brown, Joseph — MBA Brown, Lisa — Soph Brown, Mitchell — Jr Brown, Scott — Fr Brune, Kevin — Jr Bruni, Jeffrey — Fr Bufkin, Eric — Fr Bunch, Patrick — Jr Burgess, Paul — Jr Burkett, Johanna — Sr 137 Burkhardt Burkhardt, Michael — Fr Burns, Warren — Soph Burrow, Richard — Soph Burton, Penny — Sr Byars, Wilton— Soph Cameron, Lisa — Jr Camp, William — Soph Campbell, Martha — Jr Cappiello, Toni — Jr Carleton, Garnett (Gene)— Sr Carman, Gregory— Fr Carpenter, James— Fr Carr, William — Sr Carr, Sarah — Fr Carroll, Ashley — Fr Catchings, Wendell — Jr Chancellor, David — Fr Chang, Celeste— Fr Chang, Harry — Fr Chapman, Patrick — Jr Charles, Emily — Jr Chawla, Lee — Soph Cheng, Jeannie — Fr Chou, Debor ah — Fr Christian, John — Jr Ciancio, Jay — Fr Clark, Erin — Fr Clayton, Todd — Jr Cloud, Scott— Jr Cloy, Anthony — Sr Coe, Jennifer — Soph Coffey, David — Sp Colbert, Thomas— Fr Cole, Martha— Fr Coleman, James — Jr Collins, Candace— Soph 138 Devlin Collins, Dwight — Jr Collins, Virginia — Fr Collum, Reisa — Jr Cook, David — Jr Cook, Karen — Soph Cook, Keith — Jr Cook, Rebecca — Soph Cornay, Shannon — Fr Coward, Pamela — Fr Crafton, Eugene — Sr Crane, Melissa — Fr Crane, Rebecca — Fr r Crawford, Andrew — Fr Crotwell, Dana — Soph Crowder, Jennifer — Jr Cullom, Curtis — Jr Cummins, Dosha — Soph Cummins, James — Soph Cummins, Melynda— Sr D ' Armond, Thomas— Soph Dabit, Jean — Sr Daniel, Ashley — Jr Darden, Lee Ann — Sr y ; Darter, Sharon — Fr Davidson, Camille — Soph Davis, Patrick — Jr Davis, Robert (Toby)— Jr de la Cruz, Mariya — Fr Dean, Beverly (Becky) — Sr Dean, David — Jr Denley, Anita — Soph Dennis, John — Fr Denton, Lee — Fr Derrow, Cathryn — Sr Derrow, Robert— Jr Devlin, William — Jr 139 Dilworth Dilworth, Amy — Soph Dixon, Curtis — Sr Doherty, Michael — Soph Donovan, Francis (Danny) — Sr Doty, Clyde (Buster)— Fr Doughty, Shannon — Jr Douglas, Anne— )r Downer, Elizabeth — Fr Drawe, Scott — Sr Dudley, Angela — Fr Duggar, Patricia — Fr Dukes, Randy — Soph Dulaney, Mary Margaret — Sr Dunham, John — Sr Dwyer, Mary — Soph Dye, Anne — Fr Eddins, William — Fr Edwards, Yvette — Soph Ellington, Merri (Wyn)— Fr Elliott, Nancy — Sr Elmore, Paul — Fr Eubanks, Janie— Fr Evans, Gregory — Fr Fairley, Bridget— Sr Falls, Aubrey — Jr Farmer, Susan — Fr Felder, John — Fr Felder, Susan — Fr Fickling, Craig — Sr Fields, Ronald — Fr Finklea, Brent — Fr Finn, Michael — Soph Finnegan, Laura — Fr Flack, Sharon— Jr Fleming, Emily — Soph Flowers, Anne— Fr 140 Grantham Flowers, Elizabeth (Betsy)- Fondren, Michael — Jr Fontaine, James— Fr Forrester, Michelle — Sr Fortenberry, Jerry — Fr Foster, Murray — Sr Fowlkes, Jill — Soph Fox, Grant — Jr Franklin, Scott — Fr Freeman, Heather — Fr Freeman, Mark — Fr Freeman, Tammy — Jr Fulgham, Fritz — Jr Fulton, Sandra — Fr Furlow, Sarah — Fr Gabriel, Alice— ADP Gafford, Camille — Fr Gandy, Marc — Sr Garcia, Margaret — Fr Gardner, Jennifer — Soph Gates, Virginia — Fr Geddie, Norton — Fr Gee, Mary — Soph Gieger, Lyn — Fr Soph Gillespie, Barry — Fr Gillespie, Charlotte — Jr Giordano, Mickey — Jr Glover, Rhonda — Fr Gomez, Lynn — Sr Goodloe, Melba — Sr Goodrow, Shannon — Soph Grady, Corrine— Fr Graham, Mark — Fr Graham, Tamye — Sp Grant, Susan — Soph Grantham, Tiffany — Soph 141 Gray Gray, Phillip— Fr Craylin, Howard — Jr Greer, Deborah — Jr Griffin, Tracy — Sr Gualano, Brian — Soph Guedry, Gretchen — Fr Gupta, Indu — Soph Haight, Bradley — Soph Hale, Kelly — Sr Hall, Edith— Soph Hall, Jymme Ann — Fr Hall, Karen — Fr Ham, Greta — Sr Hamilton, Christine — Fr Hamrick, Mark — Sr Hanberry, Cindy — Sr Harden, Gilroy — Jr Harness, Charlotte— Jr Harper, Andrew— Soph Harrell, Robert — Fr Harvill, Jay — Fr Hawkins, John — Fr Hawk, Valerie — Fr Hawthorne, William — Jr Hazlett, Christina— Fr Hearn, Barbara— Sr Hearn, Philip — Soph Helbling, Todd — Soph Hemard, Bryan — Fr Henderson, Paula— Sr Henson, Elizabeth — Sr Hessburg, James— Soph Hewitt, Michelle— Soph Hicks, Donna — Soph Hill, Louise — Sr Hitchcock, Kelly— Sr 142 Karam Hoff , George — Jr Hogrefe, James— Soph Holbert, Larrin — Jr Holland, Lisa — Fr Holland, Teresa — Jr Holloway, Homer — Sr Holyer, Stephen — Fr Huckaby, Richard — Fr Hudson, Terry — Jr Huggins, John — Soph Huitt, Erin — Soph Hunt, Ted — Soph Hurley, Gregory — Jr Hutchison, Mark — Sr Hutchison, Melissa— Fr Inman, James — Soph Irby, James— Sr Irby, Patricia— Soph Irwin, James — Jr Jackson, Timothy — Sr Jacobs, Robin — Soph James, Eric — Soph Janssen, Janet — Fr Jochimsen, Emily — Soph Johnson, Angela — Fr Johnson, Ingrid — Jr Johnson, James — Fr Johnson, Lynn — Sr Johnson, Nancy— Soph Johnson, Ricky — Jr Johnston, John — Jr Jones, Jonathon — Fr Jones, Julie— Sr Jones, Spencer — Sp Kalter, Donna— Jr Karam, Maria— Sr 143 Karch Karch, Craig — Fr Kathmann, Erich — Soph Kelly, Christopher — Soph Kemp, Jodi — Fr Keramiam, Amy — Fr Key, Melanie — Fr Keyes, Cynthia— Jr Kilroy, James — Jr Kilroy, Kathleen — Fr Kimbrell, James — Soph King, Kimberly — Jr Kirby, Tracey — Sr Kirby, William (Kip)— Soph Kochtitzky, Christopher — Soph Koury, Eugenia (Gina) — Fr Kraft, Kurt— Jr LaBoone, Thomas — Jr LaCour, Ronald — Sr Ladd, Ricky — Fr Ladnier, Karen — Jr Laird, David — Soph Lally, Elizabeth — Fr Lampton, Mark — Fr Lancaster, James— Soph Lancaster, Robert — Soph Lane, Wynter — Jr Lang, Melissa — Fr Langhi, John— Sr Lazarus, Angela — Fr Lee, Carlo— Fr Lee, Sallie— Jr Leffler, Marc— Fr Leger, Mark— Sr Leger, Michelle— Fr Leggett, Laura — Fr Leist, Teresa— Jr £fA £ V ' jH, cv,. 144 Martin Lewis, Laura — Soph Leyens, Lawrence — Sr Libby, Andrew — Sr Lightsey, Catherine — Soph Lipe, Margaret — Jr Lippmann, Eric— Soph Lobred, Anthony — Jr Lockhart, Kelly— Jr Lofton, Lee — Fr Longabaugh, Matthew— Sr Lorio, Jerry — Soph Lott, Martha— Jr Loughman, Lisa — Fr Loughman, Mark — Jr Lovett, Lynne — Jr Lowe, Charles — Jr Lucas, Maurice— Fr Luft, Christopher— Jr Luna, Randle — Jr Luther, Donna — Sr Lyon, Camille — Fr Maberry, Matt — Fr Macey, Virginia — Jr Magee, Kristin — Fr Majors, Alan — Jr Malone, Laura — Soph Mangialardi, Robert — Sr Manning, Robert — Jr Manogin, Teresa — Soph Marascalco, Charles— Fr Marks, Chadwick — Fr Martin, Frank — Jr Martin, Hiawatha — Sr Martin, Larry— Soph Martin, Sylvia (Gail)— Sr Martin, William— Soph 145 Matos Matos, Eleni — Jr Matthews, Matthews, Victor — Soph Mavar, John — Fr May, William (Jack)— Jr Mays, George — Fr McAlpin, Tracie— Jr McCaleb, Robin — Soph McClung, Kathryn — Jr McClung, Suzanne — Sr McClure, Rhonda— Soph McCray, Andrew — Fr McCreery, Mark — Jr McDonald, Lisa D— Jr McDougal, Michele — Soph McEwen, Fred — MBA McGuffee, Sherry — Sp McKeown, Robert — Jr McKinley, William — MBA McKnight, William — Jr McLaurin, John — Fr McLaurin, Kelvin — Sr McLean, Melissa — Jr McLeod, William— Jr McNeill, Deborah— Soph Mehrotra, Deepak — Jr Melvin, Anthony — Fr Meriwether, Susan — Sr Meyers, John — Soph Miller, Bernard — Sr Miller, Kenneth — Soph Miller, Thomas— Jr Mills, Michael — Soph Milner, Brian— Jr Mims, Nancy — Jr Miner, Stephen — Soph Ygf ' 146 Parker Mishra, Sanjay — Jr Mitchell, Bradford — Fr Mitchell, Janice— ADP Mitchell, Paul — Jr Mitchell, Timothy — Sr Mixon, Tiffany — Soph Moffat, Crisler — Jr Mohundro, Mark — Soph Moll, Christopher — Fr Montgomery, Amanda — Fr Montgomery, Duncan — Fr Moore, Daniel — Sr Moorehead, Larry — Jr Morris, William D. — ADP Morrow, Lacey — Sp Morton, Dana — Fr Mosley, Jessylen — Jr Myhr, Mitylene — Soph Nations, Robert — Fr Neely, Michele — Soph Neely, William — Sr Neff, Spencer — Fr Nelson, Jennifer — Sp Newby, Gregg — Fr Newchurch, Donna — Fr Nichols, Christopher — Fr Nobles, Joseph — Soph Odeen, Erik — Soph Oggs, Lawrence — Fr Okwueze, Martina — Fr Ozborn, David — Fr Pace, Lisa — Jr Page, David — Jr Paine, Marshall — Fr Palmertree, Lynda— Soph Parker, Cheryl — Fr 147 Parker Natalie Parker — So Will Parker— Fr Dee Parks — Sr Kathy Parks— Fr Stan Patterson — Fr Rick D. Patt— Sr Loree Peacock — )r Marshall Pearson— So Scott Pearson — Fr Kim Perkins— Fr Robert Perry Jr. — So Alcyone Peterson— Fr Diane Phillabaum — Sr Allison Phillips — So Heather Philo— So Christopher Piatt — Fr Adam Plier — So ' v V Mary Anna Poole— Fr | V Trey Porter — Gerald Powell- Rachel Powell — Thad Pratt- Wayne Pratt — Terri Presley — S Andrea Prince — Fr David Prisk— Jr David Pritchard — So Andrea Pritchett — |r Laurie Pruitt — Sr LeAnne Pyron — Jr Gregory Raffo— Fr Beth Ramsey— Sr James Rand — Fr Justin Ransome— Fr David Reece — Fr Richard Regan— Fr 148 Setzer Lisa Reimer — So Brian Remley — Jr Nancy Rhett — So David Richards — Jr Stephanie Richards— Fr Shelley Ritter — Jr Carol Rives — Jr Polly Roach— So David Robbins — Sr Angela Roberts — Jr Dwayne Roberts— Jr Paul Robertson — Jr Cynda Robinson — Fr Eric Robinson — So Rob Robinson — Fr Thomas Rockwell — So Jennifer Rogers — So Zelphia Rowe — Sr Erika Rudgers— Fr T. Logan Russell — MBA Michelle Russell — So David Sal I is — Sr Edward Sanders — Sr Susan Sanders — Jr Suzanne Sanders — Fr Jeff Sartain — Fr Traci Savage — Fr Edward Schneider — So Bobby Schneider — Jr Nathan Schrantz— So Catherine Schwab Gregory Schwab- David Scott — Jr Mel Selby— Sr Monica Sethi — Jr David Setzer— Jr -Fr So 149 Sharp Lelia Sharp — Fr Mamie Sharp — Fr Wendy Shaw — Sr Scott Shearer — Fr Charles Shepherd — Jr JR. Sherman — Fr Tom Shima — Jr Kathia Simo — So Alexander J. Simpson — Jr Stephanie Simpson — So Gib Sims — So Sandy Sims — Fr Ravinder Singh — Fr Misty Skelton — Jr Charles Smart — So Donald Smith— Fr Jane Smith — So Kean Smith— Fr Margaret Solomon — Sr Stephanie Sonnier — Jr David Spight — Sr Scott Spraberry — Fr Elizabeth Sprehe — Fr Stephanie St. Andrie— Fr Mark Stanley — Sr Mark Steadham — Fr Glen Steketee — Fr Patton Stephens— Sr Sharon Stephenson — Fr Greg Stevens— Fr David Stewart — Jr Elaina Stewart— Sr Mary Stewart — Fr Bob Stewart— Jr Jeff Strasburg— Fr Mike Stratas— So 150 Vignery Charlotte Sullivan — Fr David Sullivan — Sp Susan Sumner — Jr Jennifer Suravitch— Fr Deborah Swain — Fr Kimberly Tadlock — Fr ♦ Carla Tavenr Eleanor Taylor — Sr Joan Taylor — ADP Leslie Taylor— Jr Melissa Taylor — Jr Susan Taylor — Fr Ashley Terrell — Fr Chuwanda Thigpen — So Michael Thigpen — Sr Susan Thomas — So Dwayne Thompson Todd Thriffiley— Fr Anna Tjeng — Jr Robin Tolar — Jr Becky Tompkins — Fr David Townsend — MBA Nancy Townsend — Jr Sophia Townsend — Jr Anne Trainor — Fr Charlotte Trisdale— So Judd Tucker — Jr Todd Turner — Fr Benjamin Tutor— MBA Anne Tyson — Sp Susan Van Cleve — Sr Pamela Vance Michelle Vega — Jr Nick Verde — Jr Andre Vial — Fr Beverly Vignery — Fr 151 Voss Gabrielle Voss Manson Wade — So William Wadsworth — So Ann Walcott — Jr Jason Walenta — So Emily Walker — Fr Ron Walker — Sr Eileen Wallace— Fr Brian Walley — Fr Holly Walters— Sr Teresa Walters— Fr Benjamin Ward— Sr Jamie Ware — Sr Pete Warren — So Joey Warwick — So Connie Watson — Sr Douglas Watson — Jr Kathleen Watson — Jr Charlotte Watts— Fr Ronald Waycaster— Jr Heather Webb— Sr Roslynn Webb — Jr Margaret Weems — Fr Rich Weihing — Fr Melinda Welch— Jr Bradley Wellons— Fr Brian Wells— Fr Carmel Wells— Jr Holly Welsh— Sr Kelly Oerner — Fr Charles West— Co Debbie West— So Jeff Weston — Fr Joan Wetzel— So David White— Jr Elbert White— Jr 152 Zuber Daniel Whiteman Kelly Wicker — Fr Sara Beth Wiley — So Amy Williams — Fr David Williams — Fr Linda Lee Williams— Jr Marnie Williams — So Sara Williams — Jr Laura Williamson — Fr Martin Willoughby — Fr Barrett Wilson — Fr Keenan Wilson — Jr Lowell Wilson — So Paul Wilson — So Laura Wimberly — Sr Margaret Winters— So Tim Wise — So Billy Wise— Sr Jennifer Wofford — Sr Hannah Wolf— Fr Angela Womble — So Jane Wood — So Carole Woods— So Mary Katherine Wright— Jr Denise Wyont — Jr Lily Yang — Sr Sharon Yarrell — Fr Christine Yeh — Jr Edward Yelverton— Jr Diane Young — Sr Janet Young— Fr Derrick Youngblood— Fr David Zanca— Fr David Zarfoss — Fr Christine Zimmerman — Jr Henry Zuber— Jr 153 m Mary Margaret Patterson Right: Mark McCreery Below: Hiawatha Martin 154 155 Polly Balsey and Jamie Specht Far right: Lisa McDonald Middle: Anne Dye and Jennifer Mauterer Right: Michelle Kemp (photo by David Clayborne) Lower right: Charlotte Harness and Calvin Seals (Class of ' 86) Below: Kurt Kraft 156 157 The Faces of Millsaps r r+ otw , Top right: Bill Morris (photo by David Clayborne). Right: Melba Goodloe. 158 159 hildren ' s Center For a time, a unique learning environment existed for little boys and girls on the campus. The Children ' s Cen- ter, for several years an integral part of the Millsaps community, accommodated the needs of students, fac- ulty, and staff who required an easily accessible and nurturing place for child care. Children, ages 1 to 4 years, were provided supervised time and a safe place to interact while Moms and Dads were away. In the spring of 1987 the Center was closed. o 160 161 photo by Robin McCaleb FOOTBALL i ii , : : S fexai ; t 1986-87 SCOREBOARD Millsaps Opp. Tennessee Weslyan College 60 University of the South 14 12 Trinity University 1 " Rhodes College 1 Austin College 1 Lambuth College 2 Samford University T Lane College 4. Washington University 31 17 ♦indicates home games 164 7 Scott Christian 52 Tommy Carter 9 Ken Ranager 54 Tim Jackson 10 Mickey Giordano 55 Tommy Carter 11 Cullam Pope 60 Scott Atkins 12 Chad Marks 61 Terrell Luckey 14 Neale Chumbler 62 Bryan Hemard 20 David Scott 64 Edward Schneider 21 DeWayne Thomas 65 Clay Ranager 22 Kelvin McLauin 66 Scott Green 24 Todd Thriffiley 67 Chuck Burkhardt 26 Greg Stevens 68 Gr eg Bost 30 Leon Turner 70 Greg Cullom 31 David Russell 72 Randle Luna 33 Robert Dupler 73 Ricky Ladd 40 Trace Baughn 74 Scott Prisk 41 Ricky Johnson 78 Justin Ransome 42 Bob Harrell 80 Jason Walenta 44 John Mavar 82 Pete Dunn 45 Andy Mansukhani 84 Tim Magandy 50 Lee Lofton 87 Bert Amison 51 Mike Fondren 88 Darrin Estes 165 SOCCER ? ? I • V v f e w ' • : a .- : row: Scott Cole, Kevin Brune, Barry Beck, Jeff Brum, Wendall Catchings, Kevin Ingram, David Laird, David Atkins, Tony Melvin, Tony Moore, Michael Morlan. Second row: George Gober, Brad Mitchell, Brian Gualartp. Lou Garret, Mark Loughman, Dan Ayres, Scott Shearer, Duke Barbee, Chris Crosby, Chris Kelly, Michael Lignos, Craig Karen, ' Lynn Daigle, Ann Jung.-... MEN ' S SOCCER 1986-87 Millsaps Opp. Christian Brothers College 2 1 Belhaven College 1 4 Grandview College 1 Grinnell College 1 Tougaloo College 1 Auburn University (Mont.) 1 I Rhodes College 1 Hardin-Simmons University 1 Swaggert College 9 1 Tougaloo College 1 Nicholls State University 1 2 Trinity University 1 2 University of the South 3 Swaggert Collete 10 Oglethorpe University 3 1 Nicholls State University 2 Belhaven College 1 Emory University 1 William Cary College (Coast) 4 1 MM . ' •• 166 167 MEN ' S BASKETBALL 1986-87 BASKETBALL SCORES Millsaps Opp. Lane 78 68 Tougaloo 65 73 Central College 60 63 Maryville 81 (OT) 75 Washington Univ. 74 96 U. of the South 64 82 Tougaloo 64 72 Pensacola Christ. 69 51 BaptistChristian 89 46 Webster University 75 51 U. of the South 51 4 3 Colorado College 58 6 2 Dallas University 96o 6 2 Rhodes 59 5 7 Belhaven 53 5 9 Washington Univ. 59 73 Webster University 72 63 Lane 60 70 Baptist Christian 20 (FORFT) Pensacola Chris. 87 (20T) 84 Rhodes 78 (OT) 76 Tougaloo 78 71 Belhaven 44 53 Maryville 52 H S Trinity Univ. 76 (OT) 72 ■ 168 169 Women ' s Basketball Opponent Score Sewanee 45-50 L EM 66-37 W Blue Mountain 46-62 L Rhodes 55-78 L EM 76-40 W Tougaloo 52-85 L rontbonne 50-52 L Principia 54-64 L Lindenwood 59-50 W Blue Mountain 57-89 L Sewanee 63-60 W Judson 59-55 W Judson 77-67 w Belhaven 62-71 L Washington U. 35-53 L Rhodes 62-50 W Crowley Ridge 76-42 W Crowley Ridge 77-45 W Tougaloo 33-79 L Trinity 56-57 L Principia 70-60 W Belhaven 66-64 W Judson 74-51 W 170 Coach J.R. West (below) — holds the trophy com- memorating the Lady Major ' s first-place win in the 3rd Annual Millsaps-Pepsi Invitational. 171 BASEBALL 1987 Baseball Scoreboard Millsaps 4 Rhodes 11 Millsaps 6 North Park 8 Millsaps 3 Rhodes 8 Millsaps 2 Aurora 4 Millsaps 9 Augustana 4 Millsaps 2 Aurora 8 Millsaps 9 Augustana 7 Millsaps 1 Sewanee Millsaps 7 Washington 2 Millsaps 9 Belhaven 15 Millsaps 5 Washington 10 Millsaps 3 Belhaven 6 Millsaps 5 Principia 1 Millsaps 1 Lane Millsaps 4 Principia 3 Millsaps 1 L ane Millsaps III. Wesleyan 4 Millsaps 3 Belhaven 9 Millsaps 4 111. Wesleyan 8 Millsaps 9 Belhaven 11 Millsaps 2 Elmhurst 7 Millsaps 3 Rust 2 Millsaps 3 Elmhurst 14 Millsaps 2 Rust 9 Millsaps Carthage 6 Millsaps 1 Rhodes 4 Millsaps 11 Carthage 8 Millsaps 8 Rhodes 6 Millsaps 4 North Park 6 Millsaps 7 Miss. Coll. 11 172 173 WOMEN ' S TENNIS L-R: Tiffany Mixon, Suzy Farmer, Lau- rie Lewis, Teresa Hultz, Yvette Ed- wards, Chris Matkin, Shannon Fur- low, Jenny Cockrell, and Michelle Vega. Coach Dr. Jim Montgomery 1986-87 RESULTS Millsaps Opponent Delta State 7-2 Delta State 6-3 Washington 1-8 Jackson State 9-0 Univ. of New Orleans 3-6 Spring Hill College 2-7 USM 2-7 Rust 6-3 Miss. Univ. for Women 9-0 Miss. Univ. for Women 6-3 Rhodes College 8-1 Univ. of New Orleans 4-5 UNC — Greensboro 6-0 Emory 3-6 Emory 4-5 Belhaven 8-1 Jackson State 6-0 Sewanee 4-5 Rhodes 5-4 4 T jam in NCAA Women ' s Div. Ill South Region 174 MEN ' S TENNIS 1986-87 RESULTS Millsaps Opponent Jackson State 8-1 Tulane 1-8 William Carey 4-5 Univ. of South. Miss. 5-4 Belhaven 2-7 Rust 7-2 Ripon 4-5 Wisconsin — Whitewater 7-2 Calvin 8-1 Belhaven 2-7 Univ. of South. Miss. 4-5 Rhodes Coljege 9-0 Sewanee 5-1 Centre 5-4 William Carey 1-8 Jackson State die ■ 9-0 I Front: Jay Ciaccio, Allain Ngo Harm, Ben Ward, Todd Helping, and Cam Cannon. Back: Lee Chawla, Mike Brethouwer, Glenn Steketee, Billy Bergner, Paul Van Deventer. Middle: Mark Freeman, Bill Briggs, and Dwayne Thompson. 175 176 177 Right— Charles Scott, B.L.S., Sociology Middle — Laurie Pruitt, B.S., Biology, and mother Camille Pruitt Far Right — Jim Boswell, B.A., English, and Lisa Bowden, B.S. Chemistry Psychology -• Above— Anthony Cloy, B.S., Biology, with parents Jim and Julia Cloy Right— Melba Goodloe, B.B.A., Ac- counting ■ A V!$tJ :.• ' 180 May 10, 1987 Left— Patton Stephens, B.A., Piano and Michelle Forrester, B.A., Psychol- ogy 181 IN MEMORIAM William Dean Hawthorne, Jr. 1966-1987 Edward Gower Fant 1967-1987 A Final Word As Anthony Cloy, the 1986 Editor of the Boba- shela, wrote a year ago in the annual, " The produc- tion of a yearbook is never an easy task. " What he said then proved to be true for the production of the 1987 Bobashela. Because of a serious illness and subsequent death in her family, the 1987 editor found it neces- sary to resign her position in late May with little of the yearbook in production. Anthony Cloy volun- teered to assume responsibility for the completion of the 1987 annual in spite of the fact that he was working full-time during the summer at the Medi- cal Center prior to his initial year this fall as a medi- cal student. His personal commitment to excel- lence and his reputable experience as an editor made possible what you have just read as a signifi- cant record of the 1986-1987 academic year. His work was undergirded by the constant support and skilled craftsmanship of photographer Bill Morris who is enrolled in the Adult Degree Pro- gram. Always willing to help, Bill ' s printed images speak for his persistence for appropriateness and quality. He spent many hours retrieving and re- viewing a plethora of photographs, taking new ones and organizing the photographs into a mean- ingful and attractive presentation. The student body and particularly the members of the Class of 1987 are indebted especially to these two young men who took what was available, used their creative imaginations and put together a yearbook of which we can all be proud. Although the delivery day of the 1987 Bobashela was de- layed, it will, like its predecessors, serve the basic purpose of sharing with all of us the character, the quality, and the richness of the Millsaps exper- Stuart Good Dean of Student Affairs 184

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