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■ " 3 ' . , If ' • T3? W F ' SPfPTT?? " MILLSAPS-WILSON LIBRARY Jackson, Mississippi py ■ r f f i t fr ' C? ? l!LLSAPS CCuLEuh AnwH.v b AAILLSAPS-WILSON LIBRARY Jackson, Mississippi !HH|r=|: SSSHjt j b Ir? rl i r y .kt ' " ;r ORGANIZAT ADS DEDICATION " bobashela . . . good friend " " Dean Woodward, I ' ll swear it wasn ' t me this time! " , is a line heard nearly every day by this man. For nearly fifteen years. Jack Woodward has been get- ting Millsaps students out of trouble (or into trouble), find- ing money from only he knows where so that we can afford the tuition for another semes- ter, and then welcoming each and every new man to Ezelle in that " I ' m-gonna-set-you- straight-on-this-right-now " manner of speaking that only he can do. It is for his years of service to Millsaps as Director of Religious Life, Dean of Men, and Director of Financial aid, his love for the same, and his dedication to his family, his work and his students, that we proudly dedicate this 1979 BOBASHELA to our long-time bobashela. Dean Jack Woodward. Basketball Scoreboard DIFFERENT TIME ' !t Millsaps 90 Huntingdon 84 Millsaps 55 Sewanee 74 Millsaps 55 David Lipscomb 77 Millsaps 74 Miss. College 79 Millsaps 58 Belhaven 17 Millsaps 83 Alabama College 84(OTi Millsaps 68 Southwestern 99 Millsaps 80 Delta State 91 Millsaps 62 Sewanee 86 Millsaps 83 William Carey 82 Millsaps 79 Birmingham Southern 91 Millsaps 51 Belhaven 62 Millsaps 81 Univ. of Mexico 62 Millsaps 75 Univ. of Tampa 84 Millsaps 72 Huntingdon 110 Millsaps n Birmingham Southern 114 Millsaps 65 Belhaven 72 Millsaps 79 Southwestern 87 Millsaps 82 William Carey 102 Millsaps 65 Alabama College 80 Millsaps 64 Delta State 89 Millsaps 72 La Grange 96 The triple crown! Unretouched 1966 statistics show that computers haven ' t necessarily replaced human error. Whot do you mean you ' ie transferring?. ' A 1966 snapshot shows that even though she ' s changed jobs, Floy hasn ' t Look Mci, no speed bumps! A 1949 picture shows these " kids " enjoying a walk through the peaceful little Millsaps campus-imagine that! Two M Ms? Close. Tummeh and Hahpah— always fighting for Irulh, justice, and a victory here and there. Farewell? ' . Give up, you ' ll never get rid of them. Pick up on dul firi ' cl ihcez! Some things nevei c ' TO THE SIG PIG ?mry u THf KmR sum ' oim THissHmaL S+arfir ot i:ODPfn x ;» ' i-.-5iV; ' : SAME PLACE . . . I Being a year of great change as 1979 was for Millsaps, it saw what was perhaps the most evident change of all. Edward Murrah Collins, the president of Millsaps College since 1970, resigned effective summer of 1978. Collins, better known among students as " Slick Eddie " , was a favorite of alumni and friends of the college. He was a polished speaker and " well-set " in the Millsaps Traditions. His relationship with Millsaps was a long one, starting as a student, returning as a Professor of Speech, and again returning as President. Upon leaving the College, he and his family went to Columbia, South Carolina to assume the presidency of another school there. Wonder if he carried his copy of the once famed " Slick Eddie Dart Board " with him? OLD HAT . . . NEW FACE . . . George Marion Harmon, eighth president of Millsaps College. The " change " did not stop with change in administrators. The Presidential Search Committee ended its search in mid-fall of 1978, announcing the name of Dr. Harmon as our next president. He moved into Sanders shortly thereafter and we began to know the " new kid on the block " . Obviously much different from Dr. Collins. " King George " (a name which he later was given) ate in the cafeteria, sitting at different tables every night, beginning the long hard task of putting names with faces, and most of all, being accepted. He unofficially took office January 1, coming to us as former professor at Saginaw Valley State in Michigan. A northerner surely would be hard to get used to— that in itself was a first for Millsaps! Business majors were surprised to hear that he hadn ' t even been to seminary and were elated to hear that he held a DBA from Harvard. Religion majors were shocked to find that our new man was Episcopalian— another first for this community. As time went on. President Harmon proved positively to be a man of change. In the early part of the semester, Harmon drew up a proposal to change the business department to the Millsaps School of Management, thereby expanding the present structure and inaugurating an MBA program to begin in the very near future. The Board passed it and plans were put into full-steam ahead. Though most viewed this major change (no pun intended) as an exciting opportunity for the now dead school to come alive, some were appalled. Not since the early days of the Millsaps Law Schoo l had there been a graduate program, and many felt that its revival would be the death of our " traditional liberal arts thrust " . Throughout the spring, storms brewed over every minor decision made by Dr. Harmon— it was like walking on egg shells for him. Well, as all things do, it all came out in the wash. The Harmons joined the United Methodist Church, and began their work as a team. Things are looking up for the old school— many of these changes are described on these pages, and most of them are concrete results born of Dr. Harmon ' s ideas and hopes for the college. ' Look how short he is. ' " , exclaimed several students upon first viewing the new president. OUR SCHOOL, WHOSE RULES? The libural of liberals. MiUsaps students once had the reputation of protesting anything that moved. Reminiscient of the mid-BO ' s, Harmon moved— Millsaps students protested. Heil Verkmonl One of perhaps the most absuri incidences of unrest dealt with a proposa abolish the present Student Executive Board in favor of a dictatorship, symbolic of Dr. Harmon ' s own " iron fist " . A Christion School? Harmon did not weather the " storms of ' 79 " alone. As usual, the Methodist Church caught the blows, too, and the age-old question of how much say-so the Church has in what goes on at Methodist-related Millsaps was raised from the dead. A Year 0 Extremes. As is par for the ' Saps course, elections were again deemed " bogus " . There seemed to be no middle man— all represented extremism of one sort or another. . . . and a woman took control of our " nation " . " Sing we and chahnt it while lahve doth grahnt it " . . . Since the Troubadours became extinct last year, opportunity presented itself, and the Millsaps Chamber Choir was born. Also known as The Small Ensemble and The Madrigals, this branch of the Millsaps Singers has performed for several luncheons and the Elizabethan Faire. Their reportoire includes every thing from Candygrams to mood music. Row, row, row your boot. ' Venice it isn ' t. The Pearl River flood of ' 79 more than indirectly affected Millsaps ' community. Faculty and family alike were flooded— some lost everything they had. ih. ; . . . ;.. ' !;- ■ i«»| -Sf ' ijltf ' !4f!ft ■■ " -.n rri ' ' is " " ' s ' in vm r-; : " ;• r " ' " • " • " I r-f linaTi W ' i ri " ,.. siiBa aim " ' W -ria ii ' D ' -- , .» ' " i ' , " ■ ' ( linari Iff " " ■■ -a;3 rifimi ' .■5 SOUR NOTE, . . . NICE TUNE A fresh coal of paint and she ' ll be good as new! A major undertaking by one of Jackson ' s interior designers was the restoration and redecoration of the Millsaps-Buie Home on Stale Street, just down from campus. The stately mansion, once the home of Millsaps founder Major Reuben Webster Millsaps, was shown to tourists this spring with proceeds going to charity. Star light, stor bright . . . The old James Observatory on North Campus was this year nominated for the National Register of Historic Landmarks. A decision was made by the Board not to tear it down in favor of North Campus development, but to develop around it. A renovation should start during the 79-80 school year. - - ir sAf ' ' ' Where ' s the Boboshelo ' A latecomer on the ' 79 Millsaps scene was the Bobashela itself. With its new format, the queslionmg turned to " What ' s the Bobashela? " . Well, all good things must come to an end. m OBSERVATORY, FACELIFT . . . SEE YOU LATER, GET THE DRIFT? Dr. Ritchie jumped from the frying pan into the fire this year. Formerly a mathematics professor, he is now in charge of landscaping the campus, a project which is well underway. Mrs. Meaders, former Chairperson of the Dept. of Education, retires this year after ??? years of teaching Millsaps students how to leach. One down, 125 (o go. ' This year Paul Hardin, registrar for another ??? years at Millsaps, has signed his last diploma. He retires to full-time teaching English and traveling. Mr. RipJey, are you asking me or (el ing me?. ' Frank Frohnhoefer, affectionately known by his students as " Frohnz " , never likes to be photographed with his glasses on. After 7 years of lightening the hearts (and heavying the burdens) of the Business majors, this year sees him Monair off to Catholic University. CHANGES HERE, CHANGES THERE . . . Don! I]ll il. ' With the new SEB administration, the Grill added a popular pinball machine. Further Union development called for Acy ' s Coffee House, which has yet to become T-H-E hangout, but give it time. ■So long SAGA. It was like a food renaisance when f ex-SAGA manager got the hell out of Dodge. t Ooh, like that " do " . ' Not the least in changes are those that take place in the people. Some you can see, some you can ' t. Our creativity . . " ' - ' - -«a.;.- ■■«= ►. V Our struggle for the best possible education BUT SOME THINGS . . . » ' mK, ' « r rf if- :ji . i: sjSP5 !__ ' - . . . NEVER CHANGE. Dr. George M. Harmon, President of Millsaps College [anc Corcler, Dean of Women John Christmas, Dean of Admissions Bill Franklin, Director of Institutional Advancement Don Strickland. Comptroller aura Pambianchi. Director of Public Relations Jim Livesay, Director of Alumni and Churcfi Relations Don Fortenberry, Chaplain liimi ' s McLpod, Job Placement (Bottom, 1. to r. Floy Holloman, Assistant Dean of Admissions, and Joiin Christmas, Dean of Admissions. (Top, 1. to r.) Syd Conner and Doug Minor, Admissions Counselors. ANCIENT LANGUAGES Lucy Webl) Millsaps Ruff Turner BIOLOGY Lavon Lofton, right Frank Frohnhoefer, middle Karen Holleman below SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT CHEMISTRY ENGLISH George Boyd, left Lois Blackwell, above GEOLOGY Frank Laney Robert Shive, bottom left Herman McKenzie, below MODERN LANGUAGES Billy Bufkin, above John Guest, bollom right . » Hilliard Saunders, right _j N. |vtnAnn Rribbins A MUSIC " ' wL.ouis( Bvlcr lalLLSAPS COLi G wfupc PHILOSOPHY PHYSICAL EDUCATION M.irv Ann Edge m- A-- y y A 1 w r Harper Davis, Icfl Tommy Ranager, below PHYSICS George Beardsley - - ' Vv ' il- s== . ,.: i% POLITICAL SCIENCE Howard Bavender PSYCHOLOGY SOCIOLOGY THEATRE t ames McGahey LIBRARY STAFF FRONT ROW (1. to r.): Joycelyn Trotter, Lillian Cooley, Laurie Brown, Floreada Harmon. BACK ROW (1. to r.): Gerry Reiff, Birdie Harpole, James Parks. Bonnie Ward and Cathy Marlella, Admissions Staff DATA PROCESSING: Charles West. Director; Donn.i Dykrs, Ruth Powell, Peggy Foster, Lavon Lofton. DEVELOPMENT: Dot Knox, Madge CoKimhus, Miirlha Poole. Marsha Lewis. Elizabeth Ranager, Secretary to the Dean Katherine Lefoldt. Academic Complex Hostess BUSINESS OFFICE: Warrene Lee. )ean Napier, Dorothy Nettles, and Alice Borders Patty Fennel, Nurse SWITCJHBOARD: Virginia McCoy. Millsaps Faculty . . . PRIDE IN THE PAST . . . .«- .r OUR HOPE FOR THE FUTURE?!? _ ju.aumj(.ujaar i msmmmsr « S ■2h6- 11 = ? i2 A L " i i z. nBb y H pi K |i B s K ' wSm, A- « «R P r Sk : id M M ' M ■ M " m Jvs S gp fl K 4 Sm fci gK ' SSScb- . H K 1 m 1 I H: s Kj£ p f K nH n|n Hi ( i F " a hBb B| Bh ' ' m ' |P P K fiW A b£8 S i ■? m , ' ■ ' " tx - " ;fv-w " P m rg : M Ka x ' n SmK ■• v ' ' si A " r w -ft; H i ■ ' K ! - ■% H i m m mK S V a . A 111 " . ' S 1 e dS f ¥ i ' 4 sfc l ,« ' iii AB i; te ' :!s-5ss:: .i!ite; e: ? ;: ls M? s« j .,., , «.i. ' - I Left: Corrine Wood, SR Above: Bryan Lewis, FR Joh n Murrah, SO Eric Corban, FR Jeff Reynolds, FR David Crane, FR Dale Nail, FR Mark Trigg, FR John Boggus, FR Rusty Hood. JR Hugh White, JR Debbie Beaudoin, FR Dana Millwood, FR Lori Randolph, FR Beckey Gordon, F " R Necie Coats, SO Ann Wofford, SO Bnrl Wilkins, ]R Bert Taggert, SO r. ■-■■■ ' aiSff i M- .■ . Michelle Coincon, SR Leslie Mims, SR Marsha Crandall. JR Monie Simpkins, SR Helen Richardson, FR Joey Langston, SR Mike Moore, SO Top Left: Virginia Hill, SO: Bob Fagan, SR: Lynda Price, SR Top Right: Michelle Tate, ]R Left: Claude Arnett, FR: Bob Wilkins, FR Above: Rick Sheerin, SO; Merrin Prewitt, JR: Miki Demaranville, JR: Chuck Latham, SO; Dorothy Hodges, FR Lisa Lee, JR Gwen Crane, JR Donna Read, JR Susan Fortenberry, SO Laura Adkins, SR Left: Jeannlli: McAllister, SO Dana Millwood, FR; Toni Franckiewicz, SO Debbie Beaudoin, FR: Lf slie Mims, SR Chellie Purvis, SO: Byron Johnson. FR Shawn Perry. FR (? 0 Left: Leigh Neely, SO; Karla Smith, FR: Joanna Ray, FR; Miki Demeranville, JR; Kim Myrick, SR; Jeanne Humphries, FR; Amy Youngblood. FR; Corrine Wood, SR; Deb Freeman, JR; Dorothy Hodges. FR; Michelle Cunningham, FR; Marsha Crandall, JR Below; David Witty, SR and friend Bottom Left; Benny Douglas, SR; Lisa Heatherly, JR; Ricky Spencer, JR Bottom Right; John Dyer, SR; Julie Joseph, JR; Lynn Stone, JR; Laura Sherrod. JR; Teddy Gibson, SO Above Left: Carol Covert, JR Ruth Kellum, ]R Above Middle: Jimmy Morris, FR Jimmy Nunally, FR Above Right: Jane Tyson, FR Vicki Watlins, SO Right Roger Brock, SO; Laura Breaux, SO; Robert Wiygul, SO; Martha Wynne, JR; Rusty Hood, JR; Stewart Smith, JR; Jeff Wilson, JR; Sandi Shiflett, SO; Beth Wilson, FR; Fred Pepper, JR Below Left: Andy Lagarde, SR; Beth Connor, SR; Tommy Gobi). IR Alison Callaway, JR; Tracy Sweet, SR; Melissa Thomas, SO Susan Prewitt, ]R Ann Scott McGehee, FR; Camille Clement, FR Peder Johnson, SR: Susan Prewitt, JR: West Jones, SO: VirginiE Simpkins, SO Right: Sam Begley. ]R; Stan Perkins. SR: Tom Sikora. ' z ' f ' - JR and Friends ' " " Left: Corrine Wood. SR; Darvl McLeod. FR s V Mark Bailey. SR; John Dyer. SR; Alan Hunter. SR; Kurt Henke. SR; Tom Nelson. SR; Bill Richter, SR; Laura Adkins. SR: Norma Gardner. SR: Connie Hosey. SR: Charlene Rosenthal, SR Left: Brant Helvenston, SO; Dan Murrell, SO Below Right: Beth Bylcr, FR: Walt Jones, JR Bottom Right: Connie Hosey, JR; Chiy Rouse. SR Below Left: Jean Smith, SR; Alison Callaway. JR: Stuart Lacey. SO: Kathy Weston. JR Bottom Left: Perry Chesney, SO: Alex Wallace. JR; Bill Lancaster. SR: Mike Moore. SO Martha Wynn, JR; Timmy Ratchford, SR; Matt Harkey, SR: Laura Breaux, SO; Liz Trotter, SO Carol Covert, JR; Virginia Simpkins, SO; Malinda Hamilton, JR; Joe Terry, JR; Susan Eskridge, SO Right: Cordelia Hayes. JR Below: Bobby Graham. SR Bob Faulks. SR James Lowe. SR Alan Whitlev. SR Below: Dave Peterson. FR; Foozy Dyer. SR; Gerry Maddox, FR: Trey Thomas, SR: Rem Mac Nealy, SR; Brad Benton. FR: Gregg Henry, SO; Tim Dulaney. JR; John Tannehill, SR; Kelly Gilmer; Daryl McLeod, FR: Deb Freeman, JR; Dwayne Chesnutt, SO; Vick Smith, " sO Left: Virginia Simpkins, SO; Melissa Thomas, SO; Teddy Gibson, SO; Roxanne Miller. SO Below: Marc Hawkins; Beth Conner, SR; Kristina Morris, |R; Ann Abies, JR; Linda Schrayer, SO; Dan Murrell, SO Bottom Left: Robert Knighton, FR; Peter Langworthy, SO: Bryan Rutledge, FR Bottom Right: B.M.F. Davis, SR Left: Ann Johnson, [R: Cindy Bot gs, FR; Rose Hopper. SO: Michelle Wagner. JR Below: David Lee. SR: Mike Mansour. SR Above Left: Lisa Clark, SR; Leslie Mims. SR; Cindy Bourgeois, SR; Joy Chastain, SR; Cheryl Hunt. SR; Debbie Deraps. SR; Cindy Marsalis. SR; Charlene Rosenthal, SR; Laura Adkins, SR; Lisa Lowe, SR; Norma Gardner, SR Right; Murray Pinkston, JR; Margaret Kastla, JR Above Left: Antoinette Cheney, FR Savannah McMillin, FR -, ' et Above Right: Barry Tedder, FR: Kathy Van Skiver, FR Susan Brindley, FR: Amy Vogelsong, SO: Rose Hopper, SO: Margaret Gilchrist, SO; Karen Corban, JR Below Left: Antoinette Cheney, FR: Pam Joseph, FR; Susan Woodard, FR Below Right: Scott Anderson, SO: Ward Ripley, JR Bottom Left: West Jones, SO: Susan Prewitt, JR Top Left: Gary Dunn, JR Top Middle: Kate Bradley, SR Top Right: Trex Morris, SR Above Left: Greg Loyd, SR: Scott Smith, FR: Mike Grillis, SO: Riley Trehern, |R Above Right: Sarah Gregory, FR Dorothy Hodges, FR I Leah Adams, SO; Jim Garrard, ]R . ' £l i i ' j Right: Janice Bacon, SR; Jerry Yearell. SR; Honey Womack, JR Below Left: Virginia Hill, SO and Friend Above Right: Rod Clement, JR Marc Simpkins, SO Left: Charlotte Grosvenor, FR: Claudia Stewart, FR; Debbie Palmer, FR Al)ovc Left Muhncl Seals JR ' " ' ' Above Ki ht Rh k {.o iimlon, SR Left: Linda Newton, SO Terri Clark, JR; Tina Kiefer, SR Janet Reily, FR; Rita Russell, SR Karyn Davis, FR; Kathy VanSkiver, FR; Pam Joseph, FR; Kathie Gunn, FR; Doug Walker, FR; Antoinette Cheney, FR Ben Cheney, SO; Ann Boykin, SO; Reber B.own, SO; Lisa Heatherly, JR; Ricky Spencer, JR Left: Claudia Hopkins, ]R Leslie Mims, SR Below Left: Bill Rice, Jr; Tina Kicfer, SR; Mike Urban, JR; Bobby Graham, SR and Friends Right: Caryl Clark, FR; Glenn Thomas, FR: Susan Brindley. FR Below Left: Margaret Read, FR Roger Smith, FR Below Right: Rich Knox, SR Bottom Right: Jeffrey Garner, JR: Beth Connor, SR; Dwight Gaddis, JR pi %y Rem MacNealy, SR Above Left: Amy Vogelsong, SO; Rose Hopper, SO: Antoinette Cheney, FR Above Right: Robert Wiygul, SO; Ben Cheney, SO; Sheryl Stringer, SO Steve Walkinshaw, SO; Searcy Jamison, ]R: Sam Begley, ]R; Andrew Dees, FR; David Ott, SR and Friends Debbie Campbell, SO Leslie Wheeler, JR; Alison Callaway, JR; Leigh Neely, SO; Corinne Wood, SR; Jo Ann Shanks, JR; Crystal Aist, SO; Julie Joseph, JR; Patty Duggar, SO; Laura Sherrod, JR Right: Terry Toler, SR; Amanda Harding, JR; Carol Burrus, SR Below: Ann Wofford. SO; Tim Lincoln, SO: Steve Walkinshaw. SO; Margaret Gilchrist, SO; Noel Turner, FR .-- : - • . - " ♦,, ■ ■• - i ,:, »• ' sLi.. Above Right: Ricky Covington, SR Top, Left: Mark Bailey, SR Top. Middle: Paul Gamble, JR Top, Right: Randolph Wood, [R Middle: Jeff Reynolds, FR; David Crane, FR; Ben Wages, FR; Hugh 1 - White, JR; Mark Trigg, FR | : Right: Virginia Simpkins, SO; Ben y ' Cheney, SO; Susan Eskridge, SO; _1_ Margaret Gilchrist, SO; Beth Thomas, Terrilyn Flukiu-, SR; Sonja Fuqua, SR Below Loft: Ann Roscopf, ]R; Kelly Wade, JR Below Right: Bill Harper, FR: Blair Bingham, SO Bottom Left: Cheryl Groves, JR: Gus Morris, SO Bottom Right: Julia Walker, SO; Dexter Cantelou, JR Top Left: Sam Begley, JR; Samuel Dixon, JR y.- :jf- Top Right: Mary Witten, SR Above: Lisa Clark, SR ,rf ' ■•• -. ' • ' v - ' " ■- ti-ii- ■ " ' •- • ' ■ ' ' • ' ' . ' ii - " rr ' . --. .V.v-. ■ ■■ ' ■■■■■-■■■■ 4 ;j b2 Above: Andrew Workman, FR: Mike Workman, SR; Brooks Gibson, SR; Tim Ratchford, SR Left: Carol Covert, JR Top Left: Dexter Cantelou, JR: Trey Thomas, SR Top Right: Carol Covert, JR; Terri Whitehead, SO Left: BeBe Seller, FR; Regina Pittman, FR; Geri Tresp, FR; Mary Gwen McReynolds, FR Left: Laura Adkins, SR; Leslie Mims, SR; Cindy Bourgeois, SR; Lisa Clark, SR Below Left: Thomas Miller, FR: Gusanita Grant, SO: Michael Patterson. SO: Linda Dillard, SO: Milton lohnson. FR Below L(;ft: Georgia Newlon, FR Below Right: Marc: Simpkins. JR: Virginia Simpkins. SO: Monie Simpkins, SR Bottom Left: Fred Pepper, JR: Byron ohnson, FR Bottom Right: Sam Dixon, JR: Jeff Ross, SO: Jane Cope, FR: Syl Metts, SR, and Friend Below Left: Michelle Bermudez. SR; Michelle Coincdii, SR Right: Chellie Purvis, SO: Donn;i Rea IR; Shawn Perry. FR Thomas Miller, FR Below: David Spencer, SR Below Left: Libby Smith, SO: Linda Newton, SO B(!low Right: Malinda Hamilton, ]R; Lisa Clark, SR Bottom Left: John Murrah, SO: Ann Decker, SO Bottom Right: Lynn Gleaton, JR: Roxannt Miller, SO -?!.« Top Left: Roger Ishee, JR; Lee Harold, JR Top Right: Kristina Morris, JR: Ann Ahles, |R Above: Jane Cooper, FR: Susan Brindley, FR Right: Carol Weed, FR Far Right: Cheryl Hunt, SR Robert Wiygul, SO; Ben Cheney, SO; Sheryl Stringer, SO Above Right: Marsha Crandall, JR Left: Richard King, FR; Earl Spooner, FR; Bud Varnadore, FR; and Friends Below: Alox Wallace. jR: Walt [ones. |R: Scott Smith, FR Right: Christi Roberson, SR: Bill Rice, JR Bottom: Daryl McLeod, FR: Dexter Cantelou, ]R: Paul Gamble, JR: Tim Kemp, ]R: Vick Smith, SO: John Tannehill. SR: Roger Smith, FR: Dvvayne Chesnutt, SO: Tim Dulaney, SR: Richard Liles, FR j m M ,: ?ff V ■, -■ A E D CROSS Left: Barry Tedder, FR; Jesse McRight, FR: Virginia Simpkins, SO; Scott Smith, FR: Susan Fortenberry, SO Left: Bevraly Hebron, JR: Perry Wallace, SR Above Right: Alan Whitley, JR; Bob Faulks, SR; James Lowe, SR and Friends Rij ht: Tim Dulancy, SR; |()hn Tannohill, SR: Daryl McLi ' od, FR: Debbie Freeman. [R Below Left: Debbie Palmer, FR: Michael Conerly, FR: Bert Taggert, SO: Johnny Warti, JR Above Left: Charles Sallis. |R: Laura Wright, FR: Dana Millwood, FR: Lori Barry, FR Right: Pat Peay, JR: Michelle Cunningham, FR Left: Debbie Campbell, SO; Rob Damhrino, SR Below: Peter Langworthy, SO; Carol Ryan, SO Above Left: June Johnson, SR; C.J. Larkin, SR Above Right: Randall Wood, JR; Thomas Woods, FR; Silas McCharen, SR; Doug Demmons, SR; Sheldon Mahaffery, SR Left: Dan Burrus, FR; Darryl Labens, FR; Glenn Thomas, FR; Wade Purcell, FR; Alan Ferguson, FR Bcknv Right: Ben Cheney, SO: Laura Adkins. SR: Charlene Rosenthal SR; Sheryl Stringer, SO: Robert Wiygul, SO ■ • s. v " A- ' V I,oft Li Adams, SO; Richie Swartz B( l()v Ri ht: Karyn Davis, FR B( iou L( It: Kenny Davis, SR Left: Frank Burton. SR and Friend Bottom Left: Andrew Dees, FR; David Ott, SR Bottom Right: Monte Rector, FR Right: Dora Price, FR and Friends Below Left: David Chaffin, SR; Gretchen Kurzwig, FR; Kelly Register, FR; Kevin Castillo, FR Above: Bill Fitzgerald, SO; Emily Crews, ]R; Lana Jeng, DO; Virginia Hill, SO Right: Ruth Kellum, JR; Kelly Wade, JR; Beth Thomas, JR; Cindy Bourgeois, SR Left: Terry Toler, SR: Byrd Hillman. FR: Roger Smith, FR Below: Andrew Workman, FR: Mike Workman, SR: Jennifer Long, :_ - Bottom Right: Debbie Freeman, JR: Kim Myrick, SR: John ?.i ' l ' :.. JU:; i-l ' Tannehill, SR Right: JoAnn Shanks, JR Above Left: Ann Decker, SO Right: Reilly Morse, SR and Friend ; Bottom: CharUe Stuart, SO: Steve Hamilton, ]R Left: Wade Purccll, FR; Darryl Labens, FR and Friend « ! ■ . .»• ■ ;,: ' r , r ' CiB.rtbi-.V- " Top Right: Necie Coats. SO Above: Kelly Register, FR; LouAnn Frick, FR: Mary Kay, FR: Gretchen Kurzweg, FR; Kendall Aldridge, FR Right: Bob Faulks, SR: Stan Perkins, SR BWI W Top Right: Ann Wofford. SO; Mike Conerly, SO Left: Kendall Aldridge, FR: Gretchen Kurzwej; FR; Kelly Register. FR; Margaret Read, FR jf ? $JI Above Far Left: Pat Peay. JR: Roger Smith. FR; Tim Kemp, fR; Paul Gamble, Above Middle: Lori Randolph. FR; Dana Millwood. FR Top Far Right: Ricor Silvera. FR Above Far Right: Jeff Wilson, JR: Sandi Shiflett. SO Far Left: Daryl McLeod. FR: Vick Smith. SO Left; Earnest Williams. JR; Bevraly Hebron, SO; Michael Patterson, JR :»s n» - Top Left: Scott Anderson, SO; Mark Eddins, SO Top Right: Bert Taggert, SO: Mike Conerly, SO Middle: Stuart Lacey, SO: Bob Faulks, SR Above Left: Helen Richardson, FR Above Right: Gwen Clopton, FR all good things must come to an end! 3 " 3 - c cn 5t ?? -— D3 ?0 m re . I i P 3 3 3 - pa 3 - • CB ?0 OQ " ■ CO cn -! n re o r? pa a- -• cr n -• ? " S ' CD Cfi 3 3 i po p M x. ' ' .. ' ' .- «%, s SfeiSfe«ig:ia- ' ' ' ' r V ' i ' ; t " -v?i -«:j HOMECOMING " ' . ' ' , ' • tl i ' K»t»55ff 3 t .• lyrni- - ;■. .iflpM t. " ! L? . . teff f luniur Maid Lynda Smith takes time off the sidelines to change into her dress before Halftime. And (he festivities begin ' The 1978 Millsaps Homecoming Court. WEEKEND ' 78 The Black Student Ensemble prepare to delight the ears of a host of visiting alumni and parents. J; ' : v KAPPA SIGMA Sfz. " lis a Major Siitan " ! (above, far lefl) PI KAPPA ALPHA sez, " Give em a Lickin " ' ! (middle, far left) KAPPA ALPHA sez, " Majors get the Tigers by the Tail " ! (below, left) ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA plan to put the " Tigers up in Smoke " ! (above, center) PHI Mils " Tank the Tigw " gi,[ them second place! (above, far right) KAPPA DELTA plans a " Mdjor CATaslrophe " (middle, far right) IJ MBDA CHI ALPHA wants to " Spade the Tigers " ! (below, right) YOUNG ALUMNI, though not an official entry, won among themselves at a real ' Saps " rug cutter " ! (middle, center) ELIZABETHAN FAIRE " It ' s not a go den chariot, but it ' ll have to do. ' " Queen Elizabeth (Linda Schrayer dismounts following the Royal Procession, (right A queenly courtsey for the Archbishop (Mark Trigg). (below, left) The Royal Court: Lady-in- Waiting Shane Pittman, Queen Linda Schrayer, and Lady-in-Waiting Vicki Loflin. (below, right) JV. - • . ' i and there was dancing . . . Renaissance style a .;. The Madrigals sing in command performance before the Queen and her court (above, far lef The Court Jester assists Lady Shane m " putting on her face . (above cerate The Royal Tusler (?) insists that Imperial is fit for his Queen, (below, tar left) V fe ' 1 ' ■vPfp, . " On guard, yiiu peon. ' " (above, far right) . ' " ■ ' . -A little anachronism for the realists on campus, (below, center) " . . . just put on a happy lace! " (below, far right) r-gt X MASTER MAJOR Mr. BOB ROSS was elected as Master Major for the 1978-1979 school year. The honor of Master Major goes to the man who, in the opinion of his peers, has best exemplified the qualities and ideals of the Millsaps man during his entire college career. He supports Millsaps in every way: by his participation in or presence at all phases of intramural and varsity athletic competition, his participation on committees, his dedication to his academic endeavors, his respect for his superiors and his peers, and his love for the College and all that it stands for. In the opinion of this student body. Bob is that man; and for this reason, the BobosheJa was and is proud to announce Mr. Ross as Master Major. P j l J. MAJOR ' S LADY Miss LISA CLARK was named Major ' s Lady for the 1978-1979 school year. The Major ' s Lady title is awarded to that young woman who, in the eyes of fellow students, is the " total " Millsaps woman. This is, unlike many similar honors, not based on beauty— even though Lisa certainly fills that bill also! We look for beauty, but it ' s the kind of beauty that characterizes the woman who is diligent in her work, involved in nearly every phase of campus life, concerned about her own priorities as well as the welfare of her equals. She is one who, genteel as she is, is just as avid as supporter of the Majors as her Master Major. She never ceases to be among the top, striving toward those ideals most befitting the woman of today. We are indeed proud to name Miss Clark as our Major ' s Lady. l.ALIRA LEA ADKINS, above left, is a Mason Strieker Scholar. She has been a member of the Millsaps Singers, the Symposium and Legal Review Committees, Eta Sigma, and Sigma Lambda. Laura, a member of Kappa Delta, was president, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer of her sorority. She was a member of the Elizabethan Faire Court and a volunteer at the Methodist Rehabilitation Center. )AN1CE E. BACON, above right, was a member of Tri-Beta, Sigma Lambda, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Quality of Life and Senate Publications Committees. She was an Orientation Counselor, a Pre-Medical scholar, and a member of the Black Ensemble. A member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, |anice served as President and Treasurer as well as corresponding secretary of the Black Student Association. CINDY BOURGEOIS, below left, was Orientation Co-Chairman of 1978, She served as President of Kappa Delta Epsilon, Sigma Lambda Historian, Co-Rush Chairman and Pledge Trainer of Kappa Delta Sorority. Cindy was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Circle K, Senate Elections and Publicity Committees, the College Senate, the Bobashe a Staff, Big Sister Program, and the S.N.E.A. WHO ' S WHO CAROL BURRUS. above left, was a cheerleader for the Majors for two years. A member of Chi Omega. Carol served as Personnel Chairman and Social Chairman, as well as their Panhellenic Representative. She was a member of the Bobtishefci Staff, Majorettes Club, the Homecoming Court, and the Traffic Control Committee. She was also a volunteer at the UM Medical Center and lor the Kidney Foundation. FRANK H. BURTON, below left, authored a one-act play chosen to represent Millsaps in the Southern Literary Festival. A member of the Millsaps Players and Alpha Psi Omega, he has been named Best Actor Best Supporting Actor. Frank was a member of the Millsaps Singers, Tri- Beta, Tri-Chi Alpha Epsilon Delta, Theta Nu Sigma, Sigma. Lambda. Omicron Delta Kappa, Circle K, and Eta Sigma. As a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, he served as Ritualist and Scholarship and Cultural Chairman. LISA C. CLARK, below right, was named Major ' s Lady. She has served as President of Tri-Beta and the Medical Technology Club. A College Senator, Lisa was a member of the Senate Dorm Committee, the Student Senate, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sigma Lambda, Omicron Delta Kappa, Eta Sigma, Theta Nu Sigma, the Honors Program, Circle K, the Millsaps Players, Catholic Youth Organization, the Homecoming Court, and the Elizabethan Faire Court. Lisa, a Dean ' s List Scholar, was Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma and Secretary of Kappa Delta. BETH CONNER, above left, was a member of ttie Millsap.s Singers. As leader and arranger for the Independents. Beth carried the group to win Songfest 1979, A music major. Beth was involved in the Music Major ' s Ensemble, Musica Sacra Singers, St. James Episcopal Choir as soloist, Jackson Choral Society, St. Andrew ' s Chamber Society, and the Symposium Entertainment Committee. She also was a member of the Millsaps Players. Deutsche Verein. Omicron Delta Kappa, and the Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Court She served as Sanders Head Resident, LXA Crescent Girl, Secretary of the Millsaps Singers, and Vice-President of Deutsche Verein, ROB DAMBRINO, above right, is a member of Kappa Alpha and served as the fraternity ' s Service Chairman. Rob, a staff writer for the Purple ond White, was a member of the Millsaps Singers, Circle K. the judicial Council, and the Intramural Committee. He has volunteered in a number of civic organizations, including the Methodist Rehabilitation Center. George School, Hudspeth Center, Ihc Methodist Children ' s Home, the Heart Association, and Muscular Dystrophy. DOUG DEMMONS. below right, has served as both a College Senator and a Student Senator. He chaired the Dormitory Affairs Committee and the Caucus for Independent Senators, A Dean ' s List scholar. Doug edited the Purple nnd White, and was a member of Eta Sigma, the Presidential Search Committee, the Sly us staff, the Selection Committees for both Alumnus of the Year and for Distinguished Professor of the Year. He was also Productions chief for the Capitol Reporter. ALAN HUNTER, above left, served as Vice-President of the Student Executive Board. He was business manager for Alpha Psi Omega and on the Quality of Student Life, Student Activities, and Friday Forum Committees. Alan, a Cameo Award winnmg Millsaps Player, received a dance scholarship from the [ackson Ballet School. He has made numerous appearances on the Educational Television Network and performed with the Millsaps Singers, Troubadours, and the Community Theatre. JOHN JAMESON, below right, was a Dean ' s List scholar and Vice-President of the Student Executive Board. A Student Senator, John Co-Chaired Homecoming Activities, the Muscular Dystrophy Dance Marathon, and the Elections Committee. He served as a member of the Cafeteria Selection, Presidential Search, and Alumnus of the Year Committees. John participated in the Interfraternity Council and College Democrats. A member of Kappa Sigma, he served as the fraternity ' s Rush Chairman, and coordinated several of their Service Projects. PEDER JOHNSON, below left, is a member of Kappa Alpha and served as the fraternity ' s President. He was a Student Assistant in the Department of Accounting and won the Award for the Most Outstanding Accounting Student. Peder was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, the Student Senate, Publications Committee, and the Admissions and Retention Committees. He was tapped into Sigma Lambda and worked on a volunteer basis at the Hudspeth Center. Jllli KENT KEBERT. above right, served as both President diid Interfraternity Council Representative for Pi Kappa Alpha. A participant in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Science Semester, he was awarded the ].B. Price Chemistry Award and a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta. Kent was tapped into Omicrtm Delta Kappa, Theta Nu Sigma, Sigma Lambda, Eta Sigma, and was selected to participate in the Honors Program. C.J. LARKIN. below left, was a member of the Student Si ' nate and served on the Radio Station Committee and the Hunger Corps Project Committee. A cum laude graduate in Philosophy, she held membership in Sigma Delta Pi, the staffs of the Purple unci White and Stylus, and the Majorette Club. C.J. was a member of the MiUsaps Singers, the MiUsaps Players, St. James Cathedral Choir, Jackson Choral Society, and the CONTACT Volunteers. BEN LOONEY, below right served as President of Kappa Sigma Fraternity as well as Interfraternity Council Representative. A participant in the Honors Program, Ben was awarded a Scholarship- Leadership Award by Kappa Sigma International. He was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sigma Lambda, Eta Sigma, Tri-Beta. Theta Nu Sigma, and the MiUsaps Judicial Council, As a freshman, he was awarded the Mathematics Award. His services to the community involved Goodwill Industries, Muscular Dystrophy, and the Kidney Foundation. ' • f f •:• , LESLIE MIMS. above li ' tl stued ds h (joHchi ' Senator and was a member of the Millsaps fudieial Council, the Athletic Committee, the Homecoming and Elizabethan Faire Courts. A Dean ' s List student, she served as an Orientation Counselor and was a member of Circle K and the Majorette Club. Leslie, as a member of Kappa Delta Sorority, served u) the offices of Historian, Pledge Trainer, Rush Party Chairman, and Vice-President. She volunteered for the Cancer Society, Special Olympics, and the Methodist Children ' s Home. VERBA MOORE, abovi ' right, was Treasurer and Vice-President of the Black Student Association. As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, she served in the office of Vice-President. Verba was Scalpel Reporter for Alpha Epsilon Delta, Business Manager for the Black Music Ensemble, a participant in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Science Semester, and a Dean ' s List student. She held membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Eta Sigma, Sigma Lambda, Theta Nu Sigma, Financial Affairs Committee, the staffs of the Purple and White and Freedom Summer Hevis ted. Verba also served as a peer advisor and a member of the Judicial Dorm Board. TIM RATCHFORD, below left, served as President of Eta Sigma Phi. He held membership on the Food Service, Awards, Traffic Control, and Entertainment Committees. Tim was on staff of the Purple and White and organized the Stale Junior Classical League Convention. Tim, a Dean ' s List student, was a volunteer for the American Red Cross, Big Brother, and the Hudspeth Center. He was active on the Millsaps Tennis Team and as a member of Kappa Alpha, was elected Service Chairman. CHRISTI ROBERSON, above left, served as Treasurer of both the Student Executive Board and Panhellenic. She was a member of Sigma Lambda. Omicron Delta Kappa, the Millsaps Players, the Millsaps Singers, Majorette Club, the Financial Affairs, Christian Involvement, and Orientation Correspondance Committees. A Dean ' s List scholar, Christi was recipient of the KA Eric Gunn Memorial Scholarship and was a member of JOLAS. In her sorority, Chi Omega, she served as Personnel Officer. Christi was also a feature writer and Business Manager for the Purple and White. BOB ROSS, below left, was elected President of Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretary-Treasurer of Sigma Lambda, President of Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice-President of Tri-Beta, and Corresponding Secretary for Kappa Alpha, In Kappa Alpha, he also served as House Manager and Scholarship Chairman. Bob was Co-Chairman and Secretary of the Millsaps Christian Fellowship. Vice-Chairman of the Christian Involvement Committee and held membership in Eta Sigma, Theta Nu Sigma, the Millsaps Singers, the Deans List Scholars, and JOLAS. MONIE SIMPKINS. below right, was President of the Student Executive Board and Coordinator of the Peer Advisory Program. A member of the College Senate, he held membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, the Purp e and White staff, Sigma Lambda, and the College Republicans. Recipient of the Harry S. Truman and John F. Kennedy Political Science Awards. Monie was a participant in the Honors Program. He served on the Constitution Revision. Admissions. Homecoming. Advisement Orientation Committees, and as a cheerleader for the Majors. Monie was selected as Most Improved Player in 1978 of the Tennis Team. MIKE WORKMAN, above left, was President of the Student Executive Board and of Circle K. A Student Senator, he was a member of Eta Sigma, the Academic Council, the Presidential and Dean ' s Search Committees as well as the Committees for the Symposiums, Millsaps Hunger Coalition, and the Freedom Summer Project. A Dean ' s List student, Mike was a participant in the British Studies at Oxford Semester, the College Senate, the Administrative Council, Phi Delta Theta, and the Board of Trustees (ex-officio). BECKY WRIGHT, below left, was assistant editor of the Purple and While and a Dean ' s List student. A member of the Judicial Council, she has served on the Symposium. Campus Security, and Hunger Project Committees, Becky has had poetry published in four different anthologies and holds membership in the Writers Club, Sigma Lambda, Circle K, College Republicans, Tri-Beta, staff of the Rape Crisis Center, and the Advisory Board to the Battered Women ' s Project. She has volunteered with the CONTACT teleministry, Anchor House, Methodist Children ' s Home, and various other charities. lERR ' V YEARELL above right, was a Pre-Med Scholarship recipient. He participated in the Peer Advisory Program, and the Black Student Association. Jerry, who served as President of the Black Gospel Ensemble, was tapped into membership by Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda, Theta Nu Sigma, Tri-Beta Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity at Tougaloo College. In his fraternity. Jerry was named Most Outstanding Brother. MILLSAPS PLAYERS " The Tragedy of OTHELLO, THE MOOR OF VENICE " by William Shakespeare Lance Goss, Director James McGahey, Settings and Lighting October 11-14, 1978 Alan Hunter as Roderigo Larry Wells as logo Robert Knighton as Brobantio Clay Rouse as OtheJJo Mark Trigg as Cassio Ben Wages as the Duke of Venice Layne Candy as Lodovico Jimmy Boone as Gratiano Eric Glatzer as the Duke ' s Messenger Deborah Koch as Desdemona Mike Case as Montano Linda Schrayer as Emilia Jennie Bennett as Bianco " The Heiress " by Ruth and Augustus Goetz Lance Goss, Director James McGahey, Settings and Lighting November 13-18, 1978 Molly Sharp as Maria Mike Case as Doctor SJoper Deborah Kock as Lavinia Pennimon Susan Brindley as Catherine SJoper Stephanie Hospes as Elizabeth Almond Ken Kling as Arthur Townsend Camille Clement as Marian Almond Layne Candy as Morris Townsend Wynn Mills as Mrs. Montgomery " The Matchmaker " by Thornton Wilder February 14-17, 1979 Lance Goss, Director James McGahey, Technical Direction Marc Hawkins, Scenery Design Clay Rouse as Horace Vandergelder Eric Glatzer as Ambrose Kemper George Holmes as Joe Scanion Molly Sharp as Gertrude Layne Candy as Cornelius Hackl Susan Brindley as Ermengarde Mike Case as Moiachi Stack Wynn Mills as Dolly Levi Bert Tagert as Barnaby Tucker Jennie Bennett as Mrs. Molloy PRESENTS ' Rebecca . " Rebecca " by Daphne duMaurier Lance Goss, Director James McGahey, Technical Director April 4-7, 1979 Vicki Loflin as Beatrice Lacy John Woosley as Frith Marc Hawkins as Major Giles Lacy Layne Gandy as Frank Crawley Ken Kling as Robert Mike Case as Maxim de NinXeT Molly Sharp as Mrs. deWinter Susan Brindley as Mrs. Danvers Eric Glatzer as Jfock FoveJJ Clay Rouse as Colonel ]ulyan Othello ANNUAL CHI OMEGA SONGFEST For many years now, the Chi Omega Songfest competition has been one of the highUghts of every Spring semester at Millsaps. In several of our " esteemed " Greek organizations, tradition has held that this or that group always wins— or this or that group couldn ' t win if they wanted to! Well, surprises do come and we were all blown off the map by the Independents in their soulful rendition of " This Will Be. " In just their second year of competition, the Independents captivated the audience with ease. The KA ' s placed for the first time in a while with a typifying, yet unique, arrangement of " Will the Circle be Unbroken. " The tension was there in the stomachs of a most every man and woman— smiles were delicately plastered on with brick red lipstick and the windblown looks were made to look near natural with an inch or so of Final Net. But to top it all, there was Dr. Ross Moore— what else need be said? The humor and charm that he has shared with Millsaps for nearly half a century was indeed present and in the rarest of form. All in all— as always— it was a time worth rf membering . . . even if you didn ' t remember the partying afterwards! KAPPA SIG Whoever Wdiifs To Be, Director " Nobody ' s Quite Sure " KA Bob Ross, Director " Will the Circle Be Unbroken " " The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down " LAMBDA CHI Rober Brown, Director " Power of Gold " " Dust in the Wind " INDEPEN- DENT Beth Conner, Director " Don ' t Misunderstand " " This Will Be " Miss Hospitality MISS SHANE PITTMAN Miss Hospitality State of Mississippi June lS-:s». 1479 du IS ail 29 iLiin 1979 IS al 29 dejLinio de 1979 The First U.S.A. International Ballet Competition Le Premier Concours International de Danse Classique aux U.S.A. El Primer Concurso Internacional de Ballet de los E.U.A. IIEPBbin ME}KHyHAPOHHbin KOHKYPC BAJIETA B CUIA j;}KEKCOH, UITAT MMCCMCMIIM Jackson, Mississippi MILLSAPS COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL VILLAGE IP t ' I Wmr f %3 ' f ' ■B " ' 1 dH mm l wSm m m m 1 Mrs. jonathon Logan It all began one Easter weekend, Friday the 13th to be exact, when a heavy storm brewed over Jackson. As with any storm, it rained . . . and it rained . . . and it rained. Drops became puddles, puddles lakes, lakes streams, streams rivers, and rivers floods. In short, that ' s about how it happened. Banks spilled over, dams broke, and the land was saturated with the waters of the Pearl River. Much like volcanic lava, the flood waters creeped— inching into homes in the lower-lying areas of the city, their owners saving what they could from what they knew was inevitable. Many did so in vain. By that Sunday morning, a great deal of North Jackson was underwater. Despite the motorboats in the Coliseum and all the makeshift " moats ' around the homes, Venice it wasn ' t. Some were fortunate enough to save those things most sacred among their belongings, some had hopes in drying it all out. Many lost everything they had. It ' s a wonder many ever returned to investigate the damages. But many good things arose from the situation, as they sometimes do. Millsaps responded en masse to statewide pleas for assistance to the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and the Regional Blood Center to name a few. Some sandbagged levees all through some nights, many rode food vans to serve hot meals to flood victims, several volunteered in making sandwiches, feeding, case work, etc. And that dedication has yet to end— seventeen members of one campus organization alone have become full- time Red Cross Disaster Team members. Ja -hJA -. ' ' Will the candidiilc tor the Degree of Bachelor of Music please rise? This year ' s recipient of the Millsaps College Founder ' s Medal is Lynda Price. Lynda, daughter of The Reverend and Mrs. William Price of Grenada, graduated summa cum laude, with highest honors in Religion. For four years, she served as a student assistant to Drs. Reiff and Lewis in the Religion Department. She holds membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda, Methodist Student Association, Millsaps Singers, The Madrigals, and a number of other campus organizations representing nearly every phase of campus life. Proficient in at least four foreign languages, Lynda leaves this year to begin a career in Christian mission work. Just a few minutes prior to the Commencement exercises. Rem MacNealy and David Ettman were commissioned into the United States Army. Mr. MacNealy entered the Army and Mr. Ettman the Army Reserves. Both had participated in the R.O.T.C. program in conjunction with Jackson State University and were commended for their superior achievements in that area of service. - ■ . : mw ' ' ' M .M ::e m M ' e»-» ' r4iHMi CHARLENE ROSENTHAL and STUART LACEY, Photographers Jv3N» jl ) t w w w PQ i . i ' SCHILLER GESSELLSCHAFT THE MILLSAPS SINGERS Sopranos, row 1: Susan Brindley, Beth Conner. Lynette Little, Liz Adam.s, Lynda Price: Alios, row 1: Cathy Crosby, Blair Chisum, Janet Reilly, Claudia Stewart, Deborah Koch. Sopranos, row 2: Kathie Gunn, Mary Witten, Owen Clopton, Dorothy Hodges, Alison Callaway, Linda Newton: Altos, row 2: Linda McLeod, Ann Abies, Kristina Morris, Joanna Ray, Amy Youngblood, Susan Woodard, Basses, row 3: Frank Burton, Robert Knighton, Jack Rutherford, Rob Dambrino: Borilones, row 3: Tim Kemp, Roy Berry. Mike Grillis. Joe Austin; Tenors, row 3: Tom Gober, Doug Walker, Bill Rice, Reber Brown, Charlie Stuart, Benny Douglas, and Accompanvist Chris Brunt, Not Pictured: Sally Bevill, Dan Murrell. PURPLE AND WHITE Tom Wright, Editor Frank Burton mm Carol Pape H Randy Hammond H Cindy Boggs H John Dyer ■1 Jennifer Long H ALPHA EPSILON DELTA pre-medical honorary A§.r?_s feS ; L ' j INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS 1979 Rusty Hood, Sec. Trees. Scott Stephens, Pres. Tim Kemp, Vice- Pres. Paul Gamble, Kappa Reber Brown, Lambda Chi Mark Trigg, Pi Kappa Steve Hamilton, Lambda Chi Mike Moore, Kappa Roger Ishee, Kappa Rusty Hood, Pi Kappa David Hall, Lambda Chi Phillip Gaines, Pi Kappa Scott Stephens, Lambda Chi Alex Wallace, Kappa Tim Kemp, Kappa i y " O S ■ 1 oj a I " ca Q 03 C :? ..-u §1 - i: 2 5- ■E O 0) c „ .5 c C J- CO 1 §1 e J O en O ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA United we forge a way . . . boule . . . bake sales . . . birthday bash . . . Greek Stepdown . . . sisterhood workshops . . . Songfest . . . Pointer Sisters . . . " Fire " . . . Scholastic Trophy . • . Black Gospel Ensemble . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Sigma Lambda . . . Tri-Beta . . . AED . . . Who ' s Who . . . Theta Nu Sigma . . . BSA . . . Oak Ridge . . . English Club . . . Judicial Council . . . PurpJe White . . . Publications Committee . . . SAC . . . R.E.A.C.H. . . . Leadership Fellow , . . JABOD . . . Founder ' s Day . . . Anniversary program . . . " pink and green makes the scene " . . . AKA Sweetheart . . . " We love our brothers " . . . pledging . . . ivies . , . " We ' re ready to be " . . . Snap . . . Crackle . . . Pop . . . " there ' s none other like our Sisterhood- Alpha Kappa Alpha. " CHI OMEGA " There ' s a bond ... " ... white carnations . . . owls . . . cardinal and straw . . . Rush; " Where ' s the A.C.? " . . . pledging: fire in the pool . . . Owl Pals . . . Big Sister Hunt . . . pledge meetings . . . Go, big Chi-O, GO! . . . Slave Sale: Way to go, Sigs! . . . serenades . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Sigma Lambda . . . Alpha Delta Epsilon . . . Beta Beta Beta . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . candelights-EVERYBODY ' S getting hitched ... the curse of the GHO . . . check the clock for the time . . . HBO . . . Crescent Girl . . . Pike Dream Court . . . bend those elbows . . . Owl Man: " Where ' s the sink? " . . . Owl Man Johnny . . . Queen Elizabeth . . . Songfest ... No sweat, Lance . . . speed reading . . . Hamilton, what ' s in your coke? . . . soap slides . . . Winter Formal: " Where ' s the fan? " . . . " the Pin of Pearls " ... the " X Horseshoe " . . . " Oh, to reach my destination and a Chi Omega be " . 7 € )i (0mega MILLSAPS COLLEGE 1978 O 1979 m Wi mmi Boonn. HHK ' , PHI MU " the best lookin ' girls in Rush " . . . only ones to make quota . . . hard work and lots of fun . . . watermelon with the Sigs . . . Hike for Hope . . . Songfest . . . carnations for my Ladybug . . . Cheerleaders . . . Enchantress Ball . . . 50 ' s Party . . . Sig Sweetheart again . . . Shrimp Boil . . . Sigma Lambda . . . ODK . . . Sigma Delta Pi . . . Stylus . . . Millsaps Players . . . Millsaps Singers . . . BobasheJa . . . Phi Mu Mister Trex . . . Dave . . . Dan . . . Tim . . . John . . . Judicial Council . . . Lions and Ladybugs . . . we take over first floor Sanders ... to live together . . . LES SOEURS FIDELES. KAPPA DELTA " We ' re sisters through the years " . . . pledge pals for super pledges . . . carnations . . . Gwen and the balanced budget . . . KD Hades . . . " When can we eat? " . . . Mountain Dew . . . Football Fever . . . Mayflower . . . Singin ' round the Farm Party campfire . . . candelights . . . weddings . . . flood volunteers . . . Special Olympics . . . Easter Seals Telethon . . . Homecoming Queen . . . Majors Lady ■ ■ ■ SEB President . . . Elizabethan Maids (again!) . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Sigma Lambda . . . Super KD DD ' s . . . Who ' s Who . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Beta Beta Beta . . . KA Rose . . . Pike Dream Girl . . . " Wheat, Barley, Tea! " . . . Love in AOT . . . " Just look around and watch it grow . . . " LAMBDA CHI ALPHA . . Charlie ' s Hang-Out . . . I ' m hooked . . . The Adventure . . . My wife will have a scotch and water and I will have a Bloody Mary ... My boys, the Saints . . . If . . . Old West . . . Pinball Wizard . . . Tiny . . . Robbin ' the Cradle . . . Yellow Rose of Texas . . . Crescent Ball . . . Workin ' at the Car Wash . . . Dust in the Wind . . . God, the smell! . . . Red Horse . . . Easter Egg Hunt . . . Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol . . . Conan . . . thanks for the eats ... " You did WHAT to Robert? " . . . Budweiser ... I have so much to do . . . Freida Kitty . . . the hippie . . . we won a WHAT? . . . a Lambda Chi ' s a hell of a guy. § ' .-?»? - -:»- T- V V V- J[ - ? ' i - , . ' i Vrf J KAPPA SIGMA Whooo Baby! . . . Brother Chokedog . . . Viper . . . Owl Man Court ... Phi Mu Big Brothers . . . IFC V.P. . . . " Get your own phone, Buhd " . . . Barn Dance at the Hayloft . . . Fast Jane . . . Founder ' s Day Peggy Scott . . . Hooter House . . . Kim ' n ' Steak and Ale . . . Losing the Intramural Trophy to Red Cross . . . Songfest and 12!?! . . . Tommy and Ten! . . . Sweetheart Deb . . . the Sallis Survey . . . Kidney Candy . . . BobasheJa editor . . . BMF Foo . . . The Peepinoffs . . . Rocky Horror . . . Sandbagging in my sleep . . . " Which way did he go, George? " . . . Phoenix-on our way! . . . Cognac ... 70 shirts from Holmes . . . Sludge . . . Pinheads . . . " It ' s all for Rush. Rector " ... A new Alumni Chapter . . . AEFYB . . . Thanks Mama Doie . . . Freerides . . . the Bench(es) . . . Members of the Working World . . . Mikey Marshie . . . Lee from National . . . Michaelangewatts . . . Christmas Serenade . . . Good boys this year, huh Floy? . . . Pumpkin thru the WHAT? . . . Furniture on the lawn-NO! Year of the B-Ball . . . Making it on TV-TWICE! ... the Weekend Travel Club . . . Vick ' s Accounting Shoes . . . Strip Foosball . . . Demolition Derby . . . [T ' s Copter . . . Smegma . . . You really should ' ve been a Sig. Dave Peterson Dulane Procurator Paul Gamble Dexter Cantelou Vick Smith Grand Master Crand Master ol Ceremonies Grand Treasurer appa Stigma (j) 15 JMillsapB College 1979 mk 4a Siult Halitielt Byrd Hillman Chutk smith Brian Downing PI KAPPA ALPHA THIS YEAR DEDICATED TO LOGAN JOHNSON, A BROTHER ALWAYS National Chapter Excellence Award ... 25 outs tanding men (good job, John) . . . another Intramural Trophy? . . . Alumni Banquet, " DAMN Politicians " . . . Cheerleading? I can think of better excuses, Dan Dave! . . . National Merit Finalist; Hair like Sandcfur; a prince of a guy . . . PKA Membership Directory- " Like a big yellow dog " . . . Casino Night . . . Magnolia Speech School— Christmas and Easter parties . . . Delta Regional Conference . . . SEB V.P. . . . P W editor (finally) . . . ODK . . . Sigma Lambda . . . Sports Information Director . . . Student Senators . . . Millsaps Players . . . Singers . . . Grapefruit Head . . . Fashion Play . . . Vaiden Live Oak Flash . . . 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R R . . . Luau . . . Crazy Bert . . . Rose Linda . . . Cub ... RF ... All it takes is a pinch! . . . Crawdad . . . Millsaps Talent . . . Toke . . . Old South . . . Swan . . . Wo Wo . . . Hell Raiser . . . Hot Rod . . . Master Bob . . . Critter . . . Macho . . . Big " D " . . . Jonesy . . . Pogo . . . Songfest . . . Tequila . . . Born to Run . . . Monie ' s JFK . . . Baby, where did our love go? . . . Howlin ' Leatherneck ... " ... and all those DAMNED OLE YANKEES can simply go to hell! " £ S!SfSS? XI (■■A- ' .U)N hill KK ' HIlK i;i lAMLNIKKiM« i U ' H K IKH.»: klll K I ' llAIMi.k ' SIiHIM Kl I I ' l K % ' Un -Mphit 4i .? V . i N hILL ' iRMdTRLWTi s n 1 fA ;TlNli ktK k ' ci ' i tiikW ISS ' AW l trk ' tvU ' J MlU-VRTER iKKRt i-Ht Ml 3Sf UNNI l)A l MIki t VltKLINcl MARkEOI ' IN( larB-ra VI S . y,Mi » J ' NNA L s 3 s a F I ' M LCwe I ' lREi " . uno noi ixi- Riic-o v■ M£R;v» ,iimm ►uns. ' j ' R a ' C mak; i)iik mikc miIi ' ' e S 1 f ii HI ' kA-i .■ ' IrtkSk ' N WM.- ' i U ' J lTLL I iM .. ' AR ' UKVO UA«Ui;ilY( HO N k H KT s ' N I ' .Ut , ' , IxI ' L A BUtK ' L ,%tNrrk MAiV ' ■iMlVlMt s . ' Hit -■|M ' k.NC iViTl : lirM JJt ILKKI OlCNN HOM t IV KM TXl.iit. ICIlL IICLIIIRN .lONIllKNCR LUKl IMIKINT- A couple of KD Hams pay homage to King Tut during a free moment during their game against the Independents. I N T R A M U R A L S The Syz ' s Louis Gilbert climbs to get the tip-off. Win or lose, the sun always shines bright on the Sigma TROUT farm. One of the most important phases of Greek life at Millsaps is the Intramural Program. For women, football, volleyball, and basketball keep the competition strong between the sororities. For the men, soccer, Softball, and tennis help fraternity members keep themselves physically fit. The competition is keen— at times, you wonder if it all really is a game— and really, it is much more for those who participate. For Greeks and Independents alike, the Intramural Athletic Program provides every group with the opportunity to learn the importance of working together and the " rewards that accompany success in their efforts. CO 2 1 2 -h a. 1979 MAJORS Chuck Reed. Jeff Knighton, Daryl McLeod, Tim Dulaney, Dale Loiacano, Thomas Woods, Randy Johnson, Vick Smith, Jimmy Harper, Jesse McRight, Gary Dunn, Bryan Stacy, Bill Lancaster Michelfe Coincon, Mike Morris, David Handshoe, Paul Culpepper, Pat Peay, Ken Wetzel, Bo Wroten, Orman Knox, Trex Morris, Byrd Hillman, Butch Herrington, Jarrard Thomley, Tommy Siler, Jody Hilton, David Craft Coach Davis, Frank Dulaney, Jimmy Jackson, Scott Beddingfield, Greg Turner, Jim Phillips, Dwayne Chesnutt, Chuck Smith, John Tannehill, Dave Peterson, Chris Busick, David Culpepper, Duke, Coach Ranager Brad Chism, Jay Swindle, Bill Mathis, Bill Bunch, Bert Wilkins, Ed Senteno, Butch Worbington, Dale Berry, Roger Smith, Louis Gilbert Cheerleaders: Lynda Smith. Captain Dan Murrell, Lynn Stone, David Davison, Debbie Campbell, West Jones, Virginia Simpkins f :: i 4Z 9 f r • ■- " " ■ A ' ' ■ ;i?r :. . • ' , ' I . - ' - " . • ' ■ ' ■ ■• •- w, y ' : t- , - Ll?i- ' ' ■ ' •. ♦♦ ' « ' « kw- ' Wm-. t ' ; . bf!l5|k5 «.ii ' l 14 Sl FOOTBALL The Majors kicked off its 1978 Football Season with Southwestern-at-Memphis on September 9 on Alumni Field. Unfortunately, the start was a less than desirable one, and the Majors were defeated 19-6. The next week brought the Majors their first victory of the season as they won by a narrow 11-9 over Knoxville College in Jackson. September 23 brought the Majors another triumph, this time over arch rival University of the South (Sewanee), who scored a mere 9 points against the Majors ' 21. Then came the unbelievable victory over new opponent St. Leo College of Tampa-the Majors literally wiped St. Leo off the map with an astounding 65-0 score. When pitted against Emory and Henry, the Purpie and White walked off the field after defeating E H 31-14. Then, with the exception of a 24-10 win over Washington University on October 28, it was all downhill for the Majors from then on through the close of the 1978 season. Narrow defeats plagued the Majors in contests against Maryville (7-13), Georgetown (7-14), and Austin College (14-21). The Leading Scorer of the season was Tommy Siler who rushed for some 5 TD ' s and 30 points. Second leading, for the record, was Trex Morris with 4 touchdowns and 28 points. Siler was also named Leading Passer, with a record of 95 passes, covering 462 yards total. Leading Receiver was Junior Pat Peay with 19 receptions. Running a close second to Peay was Gary Dunn with 11 receptions. David Culpepper, a Junior and in his third season with the Majors, was honored by being selected for the First Team of the Kodak AU- Americans. His personal statistics for the year included 79 tackles, 38 assists, 6 quarterback, saccs, and 2 interceptions. g t ' ■■ ' ■ ' ,:;i 5»r r « ?yi: " Si-!: ' i r» 2? A, The MAJORS in action , . . BASEBALL Team Members Roster: Trex Morris, Senior Bert Davis, Senior Trey Thomas, Senior Alex Wallace, Junior Gary Dunn, Junior Bill Bunch, Junior Jody Hilton, Sophomore Vern Palmisano, Sophomore Phil Manser, Sophomore Mike Odenwald, Sophomore Byrd Hillman, Freshman Gerry Maddox, Freshman Chris Maxwell, Freshman Thomas Woods, Freshman Chris Busick, Freshman Harry Chalstron, Freshman Brian Lewis, Freshman Leslie Hull, Freshman The Majors fared a respectable season for themselves this season in Baseball, especially considering how many of the team ' s players were Freshman. With the new blood and the experience of returning team members, the Majors maneuvered their way to a 10-10 record for the season. Gary Dunn was elected as Most Valuable ' Player for the 1979 Season, with a batting average of .391, 25 hits, 15 runs, and 12 stolen bases. The Best Defensive Man on the job was Bert Davis, who rated a .349. As Millsaps athletes know all too well, academics takes the priority of all the games-scholar first, athlete second. Trey Thomas performed well enough off, as on, the field with an accumulative Grade Point Average of 3.75, winning him the team s Academic Award. Wmmmmk • »f ' iSj( ■)!J g3r?»J« " ' -..-£. BASKETBALL Women ' s Baskethall For the first time, this year Millsaps organized a varsity Basketball team for women. Coached by Ms. Mary Ann Edge, the Lady Majors did quite well for their first season, only being defeated by those teams that would have been stiff competition for the best of women ' s teams. Added to the existing Tennis Team, the new Basketball team added increased opportunities for ' Saps women to become more fully involved on a higher level than ever before. These ladies worked hard, with the responsibility of winning, as well as that of proving the new program worthwhile . . . and prove it they did! Men ' s Baskethall This season was a glum one (but not out of the ordinary, unfortunately) for the Majors as far as B-Ball goes. Coached by part-time seminarian student coach Bill Chapman, the team weathered its share of problems. Quite publicized in local papers were details and opinions on the " Major Discipline Problems. " Due to excessive unrest among team members and coaches alike, morale was at an all-time low. Computers literally did the coaching and the method proved no more efficient or productive than Bobby Booth ' s. But ... as with all things in the Millsaps Community, we backed our Majors 100%, confident that there was another win just around the corner. INDEX Faculty and Staff ACY. Alice ADAMS, John Q. 36 ALLEN. Skip ALMO, James AMMONS, Pat AYERS, McCarrell 32 BALTZ, Richard 22 BARTON, Charles 28 BAVENDER, Howard 36 BEARDSLEY, George 36 BERGMARK, Robert 34 BERRY, Roy 24 BIRNHOLTZ, Richard BISHOP, Allen 24 BLACK, Ruth BLACKWELL, Lois 27 BORDERS, Alice M. 42 BORDERS, Edward BOYD, George 27 BRELAND, Virginia BRITT, Glen BROOKS, Sara 43 BROWN, Laurie 39 BRUCE, Gaddis N. BUFKIN, Billy 31 BUNZY, Frank BYLER, Leiand 33 BYLER, Louise 33 CAIN, Eugene 24 CARTER, Danny CHAPMAN, William CHRISTMAS, John 17, 19 COKER, Frances 38 COLUMBUS, Madge 41 CONNER, Syd 19 COOLEY, Lillian 39 COOPER, Albia 39 CORDER, Jane 17 COULLET, Magnolia 20 CROSBY, Lester CROSBY, O.C. DANTIN, Juliet DAVIS, Harper 5. 35 DOAN, Han T. 38 DOCKERY, David DYER, Pearl 43 DYKES, Mary 40 EDGE, Mary Ann 34 EVANS, Jeanette EDWARDS, Elvee EZELL, George 24 FENNELL, Patty 43 FORTENBERRY, Don 19 FOSTER, Peggy 40 FRANKLIN, Bill 18 FREIS, Richard 20 FROHNHOEFER, Frank 11, 22 GARDNER, Rebecca GIBSON, joe Lee GILMER, Harry 16 GOSS, Lance 38 GUEST, John 31 HARDIN, Paul 11, 17 HARMON, Floreada 39 HARMON, George 7, 16 HARPER, James W. HARPOLE, Birdie 39 HAYES, Willie HEDERI, Nellie 31 HEINS, David 21 HERING, Steve 25 HISE, Dan 26 HITT, Margaret HOLLEMAN, Karen 23 HOLLOMAN, Floy 4, 19 HOLMES, Anne 29 HORN, James JOHNSON, Allen JOHNSON, Judy 31 JOHNSON, Percy JOHNSON, Wendell 28 JONES, Roosevelt KAHN, Robert 32 KILMER, Donald 33 KING, Edwin 37 KNOX, Dorothy 41 KNOX, Samuel 30 LANEY, Frank 28 LATHAM, Rex LEAVY, Johnny LEE, Warrene 42 LEFOLDT, Katherine 41 LEVANWAY, Russell 37 LEWIS, Dorsula LEWIS, Marsha 41 LEWIS, T.W. 37 LIVESAY, James 18 LOFTIN, Lavon 22, 40 McCOY, Virginia 43 McELVAINE, Robert 29 McGAHEY, James 39 McGEE, Gary McKENZIE, Herman 30 McKEOWN, James 21 McLEOD, James 19 McLEOD, Sarah McNEESE, Keith MANGUAL, Ramon MARTELLA, Cathy 40 MARTIN, Delores MEADERS, Myrtis 11, 25 MIDDLETON, Jeanne 25 MILLSAPS, Lucy 20 MINOR, Bill 26 MINOR, Douglas 19 MITIAS, Michael 34 MONTGOMERY, James 35 MOORE, Ross 29 MOOREHEAD, Mildred 26 MUSICK, Hugh 21 NAPIER, Jean 42 NEAL, Martha 40 NETTLES, Dorothy 42 NEVINS, Robert B. 21 NICHOLS, J.B. O ' KEEFE, Claudia PADGETT, Robert 27 PAMBIANCHI, Laura 18 PARKS, James 39 PERCY, LeRoy 26 POLANSKI, Francis 32 POLSON, Leonard 18 POOLE, Martha 41 POWELL, Ruth 40 RAMSEY, John 30 RANAGER, Tommy 5, 35 RANAGER, Elizabeth 41 REIFF, Gerry 39 REIFF, Lee 37 RITCHIE, Arnold 11 ROBBINS, JoAnn 32 ROBINSON, Mary 30 ROTWEIN, Abe RUFFIN, Eugene SALLIS. Charles 29 SAUNDERS, Milliard 32 SCHIVERS, Marsha 42 SEYMOUR, Annette SHIVE, Robert 30 SKINNER, Hourman SMITH, Josephine SMITH, Micke 21 STEWART, Judy STRICKLAND, Don 18 SWEAT, Jonathan 33 THOMAS, Carole TOWNSEND, Ed TROTTER, Jocelyn 39 TURNER, Ruff 20 VENATOR, Ed 37 WADE, Paul WALKER, Joan WALKER, Kenneth WALKER, Sylvester WALLACE, Willie A. WALLACE, Willie M. WARD, Bonnie Sue 40 WEBB, Terrie E. 43 WELLS, Steve 23 WELTY, Mittie 42 WEST, Charles 40 WHITE, Johnny WHITE, Johnny B. WHITE, Nancy 42 WILLIAMS, Robert WILLIS, Lamar WILSON, Austin 27 WILSON, Dunn WILSON, Eleanor WOODARD, Beatrice 43 WOODWARD, Jack 3, 17 Students Abies, Ann 9, 61. 84, 155 Abies, Anne M. Adair, Kate Adams, Elisabeth 85, 91, 155 Adams, Leah 65 Adkins, Laura 50, 56, 62, 79, 90, 116 Aist, Christal 73 Akers, Tim Aldridge, Kendall 96, 98 Alford, Tim Allen, David B. 49 Allen, David F. Allen, John Allen, Larry Allen, Laura Alley, Laurie Altman, John Amis, Mark Anderson, Lisa Anderson, Randy Anderson, Rebecca Anderson, Scott 64, 101 Anenberg, Mark Anis, Victoria Armstrong, William Arnett, Claude 50 Atkinson, Ann Austin, Joe 155 Austin, Peggy Avery, Charol Avignon, Gary Bacon, Janice E. 66, 116 Bailey, Esther Bailey, Jamie Bailey, Mark 56, 76 Baker, Suzanne 64 Baker, Therese Baldwin, Charles Ball, Eddie Ball, Phillip Barlow, Stephanie 181 Barnes, Robert M. Barry, Lorri 88 Basham, Debra Batte, Anastasia Baytos, Brenda Beaudoin, Debbie 46, 51, 85 Beddingfield, Scott 182 Begley, Sam 56, 72, 78 Belcher, Mark Belk, Debbie Bell, Jacques Bennett, Anna Bennett, Linda 161 Bennett, Lydia Bennett, Mary Benton, Brad 60, 98 Berch, Dennis Bermudez, Michelle 68, 82 Berrong, Dwight Berry, Dale 182 Berry, Roy 155 Bershon, Denise Besser, Kenneth Bevill, Sally 54 Bingham, Blair 77 Birdsong, Richard Bishop, Ann Black, Richard Black, Robert Blanton, Donna Blizzard, John Boggs, Cindy 62, 156 Boggus. Jon 46 Boiling, David Bomar, Tammy Bond, Dennis Bond, Janis Bond, Melanie Boone, Jimmy Boswell, David Boteler, Randy Bourgeois, Cindy 62, 79. 92, 116 Bourland, Mike 180 Bourn, Jocelyn 82 Bowdoin, Matthew Bowie, Scott Bowling, David 49 Bowling, Patricia 82 Boyd, Randall Boykin, Anne 67 Bradford, Gilda Bradley, Kate 65 Brammer, Nancy Brandon, Steven Brannen, Lora Brantley, Mary Brassell, Joe Breaux, Laura 53, 59 Brent, Jessica Brindley, Susan 63, 70, 84, 155 Britt, Paul Britt. Robert Broome, Betsy 53, 181 Brown. Reber 155. 160 Brown. James Browning. Brian Brunt. Chris 155 Buckely. Bob Bufkin. Greg Bunch. Bill 182 Burrus, Carol 74, 106. 117. 142 Burrus. Dan 89 Burton. Frank 9. 91. 117. 155. 156 Busick. Chris 48, 182 Buteau, Russell Butler, Vera Byler, Beth 58 Byrd, J.B. Callaway, Alison 9, 55, 58. 73. 143. 155 Campbell, Debbie 73. 89. 106. 182 Campbell. Joe Campbell. Martha Campbell. Phyllis Cannon. Tim 80 Cantelou. Dexter 1. 77. 79. 86. 143 Carter. James Carter. Maria Carter, Sharon Case, Mike Castillo, Kevin 92 Chaftin, David 92 Champlin, Mari Chapman. James Chastain. Joy 62 Cheney, Antoinette 63. 64. 67. 72. 100. 142 Cheney. Ben 67. 72. 76. 85. 90 Chesney. Perry 49. 58 Chesnutt. Dwayne 60. 86. 182 Chism. Brad 48, 90, 182 Chisum, Blair 155 Clark, Caryl 70 Clark, Catherine Clark, Cindy 95 Clark, Leslie Clark, Lisa 51, 57, 62, 78, 79, 83, 106, 115, 117 Clark, Ben Clark, Terri 67 Clarkson, Nancy Clay, Henry 90 Clement, Camille 55 Clement, Rod 66 Cline, Diana Clopton, Gwen 9, 101, 155 Coats, Necie 47, 96, 181 Cobb, Tommy 54 Cochran, Shari Cohen, Marcy Coincon, Michelle 47, 82, 182 Cole, Ann Collins, Curtis Conerly, Michael 80, 88, 98. 101 Conner. Beth 9, 54, 61, 70, 118, 155 Conner, Betty Cooper, Deborah Cooper, lames Cooper, Jane 84 Cope, Jane 81 Corban, Eric 46 Corban, Karen 63 Cordua, Laurie Correll, Charlotte Cotton, Craig Coursey, John Courtney, Max Covert, Carol 53, 59, 78, 79 Covington, Melissa Craft, David 182 Crandall, Marsha 47, 52, 85 Crane, David 46. 68, 76 Crane, Gwen 50 Creel, Anita Crews, Emily 92 Crews, Bobby 68 Crosby, Cathy 155 Crosby, Samuel Crout, joe CruU, Brad Crump, Jimmy Cruthirs, Jacqueline Culpepper, David 48, 182 Culpepper, Paul 182 Cunningham, Margaret Cunningham, Michelle 52, 88, 161 Cunningham, Russell Curtis, Craig Dambrino, Rob 89, 106, 118. 155 Daniels. Robert Davis. Anna R. Davis. Donnie Davis, Gerald Davis, Bert 61 Davis, John Davis, Karyn 67, 91 Davis, Kenneth 49, 91 Davis, Donna Davis. Robert Davis. Sidney Davison, David 97, 182 Dean, Crawford Decker. Ann 83. 94 Dees, Jesse 72, 91 DeHombre, Martha Delashmet. Gordon Demaranville, Micki 50, 52 Demmons, Doug 89, 118 Denton, Sylvia Deraps, Debra 62 Deville, Candace Deville, Robert Dews, Luther Dickens, Pat Dickerson, Aimee Dickerson, Leanne Dillard, Linda 80 Donica. David Dorsett, Debora Dorsett, Wanda Dostrow, Victor Douglas, Ben 52, 155 Duggar, Patty 73 Dukes, Phillip Dulaney, Frank 182 Dulaney, Tim 60, 86, 88, 102, 182 Dunaway, Masel Dunn, Gary 51, 53, 64, 182 Dyer, Foozy 60 Dyer, John 52, 56, 156 Dykes, Stephen Eady, Barbara Eakes, David Easom, William Easterling, Mike Eddins, Mark 101 Ellis, Lee Ellis, Terranco Emfinger, Wesley Eskridgc, Susan 59, 76 Ethridge, Lana Ettman, David 140 Evans, Christopher Evans, Frank Everett, Joel Ezell, Stephen Ezell, Ken Ezelle, Cory Fagan, Robert 50 Farb, Michelle Faulks, Bob 60, 87, 96, 101 Faust, Michael Favara, Lisa 49, 75 Fenn, Linda 181 Ferguson, Alan 89 Ferguson, Russell Findley, James Fisher, Luther Fitzgerald, Bill 92 Flint, Kathy Flowers, Elizabeth 95 Flowers, Craig Fluker, Terri 77 Foley, Cad Foley. David Ford, John Ford, Judy Forester, Mike Fortenberry, Susan 50, 87 Foster, Chris Foster, Toni Franckiewicz, Toni 51 Frank, Al Franklin, Cindy Fralesi, Robin Freeman, Debbie 52, 60, 88, 93, 102 Freeman. Teena French, Doris Frick, LouAnn 96 Fuller, Mary Fuqua, Sonja 77 Furnace, Janice Fuselier, Henri Gaddis, D wight 68, 70 Gaines, Phillip 68, 160 Gallogly, Thomas Gamble, Eric Gamble, Paul 54, 76, 86, 98, 106, 160 Candy, Layne Gardner, Norma 56, 62 Garner, Jeffrey 9, 70 Garner, Lisa Garvey, Kathy Gaston, Al Gazzola, Marianne Gehman, Michael Gerami, Mohammed Ghaemi-Moghaddam, Shahrzad Gibson, Brooks 78 Gibson, Teddy 52, 61 Gilbert, Holly 51 Gilbert, Louis 182 Gilchrist, Margaret 63, 74. 76 Gilliland. Boveriy Gilmore, Ricky Gist, Bill Glatzer, Eric Gleaton. Lynn 83, 88 Gober, Tom 9, 155 Goff. Shanm Goldman, Mary Ann C;omillion, Patli Goodman, Meg 51, Ifil Gordon, B(H:key 46 Graham, Bobby 60, 69 Grant, Cusanita 80, 97 Gray. Ron K. C.rciMi. Lindsay GreiMi, Miir(4ie H2, KKi GroiMic, Alhm Creonough, Slophon Grego ric Nancy Sue 85 Gregory, Sarah 65 Griffin, William Griffith, Mary Grillis, Mike B5, 155 Grosvenor, Charlotte 66 Groves, Cheryl 77 Guest, John Gunn, Kathie 67, 155, 161 Hale, Scott Hall, Candace Hall, David 160 Hamilton, Malinda 59, 83 Hamilton, Morris Hamilton. Steve 94, 160 Hamlin, Tracy Hammond, Randy 75, 156 Hamrick, Joseph Handshoe, David 182 Hardin, David 107 Harding, Amanda 74 Harkey, Matt 49, 59 Harper. James 182 Harper. Shawn Harper, Bill 77, 180 Harper. William E. Harrell, Byron Harris. George Harris. Karen Harris, Kenneth Harlhcock, Andy Hartt, Lloyd Hasie, Karen Hassell. David 49 Hataway, Fred Hatchett, Scott 98, 102 Halten. Carol Hawkins, Marc 61 Hayes, Cordelia 60 Heatherly, Lisa 52. 67. 88 Hebron, Bevraly 87, 99 Helvenston. Brant 57, 97 Henderson, Michael Henke, Kurt 56 Henley, Faye Henry, Gregg 48, 60 Herold. Lee 84 Herrington, Butch 182 Hester, Brenda Hetrick. Dale 69 Hill, Virginia 50, 66, 92 Hillman, Byrd 93, 95, 182 Hihon, Joseph 182 Hinkle, Scott Hippie, Kenneth Hodges. Dorothy 50. 52, 65, 97, 155 Hodges, Renee Hoelter, Nancy Hogg, Robert Holleman, Helene 49 Holloway. Loren HoUoway, Mike Holmes. George Holy, James Hood, Rusty 46, 53, 160 Hopkins, Claudia 69 Hopper, Rose 62. 63, 72, 181 Hosey. Connie 56. 58. 95 Hospes, Stephanie Hovious, Nat Hudson, Helen Hughes, Leslie Hull, Leslie Humphreys, Jeanne 52, 82 Hunt, Cheryl 62. 84 Hunter, Alan 56, 119 Hutchison, David Hutto, Michelle Hymel, Dan Irby, Thad Ishec!, Roger B4, 160 Jackscm, James 182 Jacob, Fred Jacobs, Sylvia Jameson, John 57, 72. 75, 119 Jamison, Searcy 90 jeng, Lana 92 Jenkins, Caria Jenkins, Sherry Jenkins, Willie Johnson. Anne 62, 90, 102, 181 Johnson, Eric Johnson, George Johnson, Hugh Johnson. Judy Johnson. June 89 Johnson, Byron 51. 81 Johnson. Milton 80 Johnson. Peder 55. 119 Johnson. Randy 182 Johnson. Robert L. Johnson, Robert W. Johnston. Robin Jones, Kenneth Jones, Waller 58. 86 Jones, West 55. 64, 182 Joseph, Anne Joseph, Julie 52. 73 Joseph, Pam 64, 67 Kastla, Margaret 62, 102 Kay, Mary Virginia 96 Keady. Dwight Kebert. Kent 68. 120 Kelley. Waunita Kellum, Ruth 53. 92, 161 Kemp, Tim 1, 9, 86, 98. 102, 142, 155, 160 Kiefer, Tina 67. 69 Kilgore. Brenda 181 King, Richard 85 Kizziah, Charles Kling, Ken Knight, Bruce Knighton, Jeff 182 Knighton, Robert 61, 155 Knox, Rich 70, 92 Knox, Orman 182 Koch. Deborah 155 Kraft, John Kurzweg, Gretchen 92, 96. 98 Labens, Darryl 89, 95 Lacey. Stuart 1. 58, 101, 142 Ladnier, Jackie Lagarde, Andy 54 Lancaster, Bill 58, 182 Landis. Carrie Landrum, Wesley Lang. Nancy Langston. Joey 48. 180 Langston. Paul Langston. Shane 180 Langworthy, Peter 61. 89 Larkin. C.J. 89, 120 Lathem. Chuck 50 Lawless. David Lawrence. Nancy Lawrence. Qujette Ladbetter. Rose Lee. David 62 Lee. Lisa 50 Lee. Tim Leggett. Susan Lehan. Cornelius Lewis. Tom 96 Lewis. Bryan 46, 85 Liles, Richard 86 Liles, Theresa Lillard, Laura Lincoln, Tim 74 Little, Lynette 155 Little. Bill Loflin. Vicki 110 Lofton, Linda 97 Loiacano, Dale 182 Long. Jennifer 93, 100, 156 Looney, Ben 120 Lord, Cathryn Lorio, Patricia Lowe, Barbara Lowe, lames 60, 87 Lowe, Sara E. 62 Loyd. Greg 49. 65 Luong, Hing Lyle, Bob Lyons, Gordon Mabry, Janice 87 Mabry, Rosie 85 MacNealy, Rem 60, 71, 140 Maddox, Gerry 60 Maddox, Jon Maddux, Robert Magee, Don Magee, Jeff Mallette, Jerry Mansel, Kim Manser, Phil Mansour, Jimmy Mansour. Joe Mansour, Michael 62 Markette. Melissa Marodis, George Marquez, William Marsalis, Cindy 62 Marshall, Linda Martin, Kenneth Martin, Scott 106 Martin, Pat Massey, Annette Mathis, Bill 182 Matthews, Anita Matthews. Melissa Maxey. Melody Maxwell. Chris 48 Maxwell. Wilburn May. John Maziarz. Monica McAllister. Jeanette 51. 56. 80 McCharen. Silas 89 McCormick, Helen McCrory, Diedre McDaniel, Raymond McDonald, Janet McElveen, David McEuen, Bo McGee, Tommy McGehee. Ann Scott 55 McGehee. Dianne McGraw, Dennis McGraw, Virginia Mclnnis, Ly nne McKinnon, Betty McLaurin, Johnny McLemore. Barbara McLeod, Daryl 56, 60, 86, 88, 99, 182 McLeod, Linda 155 McMaster, Lewis McMillin, Savannah 63 McNair, Stephen McPherson, Russ McReynolds, Mary Gwen 79 McRight, Jesse 87. 182 Melvin, Donna Metz, Syl 81 Middlebrook, Jimmy Middleton, Richard Miller, Roxanne 61, 83, 142 Miller. Thomas 80, 83 Mills. Wynn Millwood, Dana 46, 51, 88, 90, 99, 161 Mims, Leslie 47, 51, 62, 69, 79, 121 Mitchell, Brad 48 Mitchell, Janice Mitchell, Stewart Mizell, Edward Moise, Ted Montgomery, Lou Moore, Barbara Moore, Michael 58 Moore, Mike 48, 49. 160 Moore. Verba 121 Morris. Gus 77. 96 Morris, Jimmy 53 Morris, Kristina 9, 12, 61, 84, 155 Morris, Mike 182 Morris, Mildred Morris, Lee Morris, Trex 51, 65, 182 Morse, Reilly 94 Mosal, Nancy Moses, Kimberly Moulds, Patrick Mulvihill, Teresa Murrah, John 46, 83 Murell, Dan 9, 57, 61, 97, 182 Myers, Dixon 78, 81 Myrick, Kim 52, 68, 93, 102 Nail, Dale 46 Neely, Leigh 52, 73, 161 Nelson, Angela Nelson, Sharon 68 Nelson, Thomas 56 Nelson, Yvonne 100 Newkirk, James Newton, Linda 54, 67, 83, 155 Niblett. Nancy Nichols, Belinda Noble, Andre Norfleet, Elise Nunnally, Jimmy 53 Nunnelley. Sonji Nuzzo, Al O ' Brien, Margaret Olmstead, Mystica O ' Toole. Ellen Ott, David 9, 72, 91, 93 Olt, Ralph Outlaw, Nita Pace, Mark Palmer, Debbie 66, 88 Palmer. Sheila Palmisano. Vern 80 Parks, Jane Pass, Beatrice Patterson, Barbara Patterson. Betty Patterson. Michael 80. 90. 99 Patterson. William Paxton, John Peay. Pat 88, 98, 182 Peede. Mary Pepper, Fred 53, 81 Perkins, Sandra Perkins, Stanley 56, 90, 96 Perkins, William Perry, Lee Perry, Shawn 51, 82 Peters, Linda Peterson, Dave 60, 102. 182 Pevan. Bruce Phillips. Jim 182 Piazza. Kathryn Pigott, Linda Pinkston. Murray 62 Pittman. Regina 79 PiUman, Shane 51, 105, 106, 110, 132 Pitts, Kathy Plunkett, Yvonne Polanski, Sandra Prewitt, Merrin 50 Prewitt, Susan 55, 55, 64 Price, Brenda Price, Cindy Price, Dianne Price. Dora 92 Price, Lynda 50. 140, 155 Prishmont. Karen Propst. Carl Purcell. Wade 89, 95 Purviance. William Purvis, Chellie 51, 82 Ranager, Jim Randolph, Lori 46, 99 Rankin, Randy Ransom, Kim Ratchford, Tim 59, 78, 121 Ray, JoAnna 52, 155 Read. Donna 50. 82 Read. Margaret 70. 98 Rector. Monte 91. 98 Reed. Charles 182 Reese. David Reeves. Francine 161 Register, K elley 92, 96, 98 Reifers, Myra Reily, Janet 67. 155 Renfroe, Walter Reves, Jan Reynolds. Jeff 46. 76 Rhodes, Linda Rhodes. Robbie Rice. Bill 69, 86, 1,55 Rich, Tim Richard, Cynthia Richardson. Helen 48. 101 Richter, Bill 49. 56 Ridgway, Dorothea Riggins, Trent 68 Ripley, Ward 64 Ritter, George Robbins, Robert Roberson, Cristi 86, 122 Roberts, Frank Robertson, Bryan Robinson, Guy 80 Rogers, Paul Rogers, Susan Romaine, Liza Rooks, James Roscopf. Ann 77 Rose. Lesleigh 82 Rosenthal, Charlene 56. 62, 90. 142 Ross, Betsy Ross, Bob 80. 114, 122 Ross. Jeff 81 Ross. Steve Rosson. Julie Rouse. Clay 58 Rula. Greg 56 Rushing. Philip Russel. Jennifer Russell. Rita 67. 95 Rutherford. Jack 155 Rutledge. Edward 61 Ryan. Carol 89 Sachs, David Sainsbury, Darryl Sallis, Charles 88 Samsel, Mark Sandefur, John Sandefur, Mark Sanders, Mary Sanders, Sharon Sasser, Danny Saxena, Aran Schonholtz, John Schrayer, Linda 49. 61. 110. 161 Scott, Tony Scoot, Virginia Seals, Michael 67 Seller, Pamela 79 Sekul, LizAnn - ' Seligman, Steve Senteno, Ed 182 Senter, Bruce Shanks, JoAnn 73, 94 Sharma, Madhu Sharp, Molly 49 Sheerin. Rick 50 Shell, Eleanor Sheppard. Mary Anna Sherrard, Rick Sherrod. Laura 52. 73. 106 Shiflett. Sandi 53. 99 Shirley. Delia Shroyer. Duane Sikora. Tom 56. 88 Siler. Tommy 182 Silveira. Ricor 99. 180 Simmons. Bill Simon. Mark 49 Simonton. Don Simpkins. Marc 66. 81 Simpkins, Monie 48. 81. 122. 180 Simpkms. Virginia 55. 59. 61, 76, 81. 87. 142. 182 Singer. Bill Sivils. Larry Sledge, Lori 97 Slifkin, Rebecca Slyder, Randy Smith, Sieve Smith. Chuck 98. 102. 182 Smith. Elizabeth 83 Smith, James Smith. Jeanne 58 Smith. Karia 52 Smith. Lynda 104. 107. 182 Smith. Stewart 51. 53 Smith. Roger 70. 86. 93. 98. 182 Smith, Steve W. Smith. Scott 65. 86, 87 Smith. Tommi Smith. Vick 60. 86. 99. 182 Sneed. John Sparkman. Jana Sparks. Jimmy Sparks. Laura Spaugh, Milton Spencer. Ann Spencer. Betty Spencer. David 83 Spencer, Stacy Spencer. Thomas 52. 67. 68 Spight, Susan Spooner, Earl 85 Stacy. Bryan 102. 182 Stainback. Susan Stamm. Carter 49. 106 Stamps. Theresa Stamps, Kevin Stanley, Melanie Stanton. Harriet Staples. Anne Stark. John Stephens. Scott 160 Stevenson. Mark Stevenson, Billy Stewart, Claudia 9, 66, 155 Stewart, Lynn Stewart, Evelyn Stewart, Inez Stewart, Robert Stewart-Sachs, Cynthia Stone. Lynn 52. 182 Stringer. Harold Stringer. Jimmy Stringer. Sheryl 72, 75. 85, 90, 161 Stuart, Charlie 94. 155 Stuart. Sue Summerlin. Richard Sunkel. Sue Swafford. Patrick 180 Swartzentruber. Irene Sweeny. Tom Sweet, Tracey 55 Swindle, Jay 46, 182 Swindle, Jill Sydbolen, Ben 51 Szelo, Ken TiiKort, Berl 47, HO. !1H, 101 Tannchill, John 60, 86, 88, 93, 102, 182 Tate, Michelle 50, 100, 107, 142 Taylor, Anna Taylor, Peggy Tedder, Barry 48, 63, 87 Terry, Charles Terry, ]oe 49, 59 Tesson, Gayle Thomas, Beth 76, 92 Thomas. Glenn 70, 89 Thomas, Greg Thomas, Melinda Thomas, Melissa 55, 81 Thomas, Trey 60, 79 Thomley, Jarrard 182 Thonhill, Deborah Thornton, David Toler, Terry 74, 93 Trehern, Riley 65 Tresp, Geri 79 Trigg, Mark 46, 76, 110, 160 Trotter, Liz 59, 80 Turner, Greg 182 Turner, John Turner, Noel 74 Tyler, William Tyre, James Tyson, Jane 53 Tyson, Nadia Ulmer, Jerald Urban, Mike 48, 69, 100 Valenzuela, Carmen-Luz Van Skiver, Kathy 63, 67, 142 Varnadore, James 85 Vazquez, Luis Velsansky, Emily Vogelsong, Amy 63, 72 Vynchier, Eric Wade, Frank Wade, Kellye 77, 92 Wages, Ben 68, 76 Wagner, Michelle 62 Wainwright, Gary Walden, Tom Walker, Gayle Walker, Doug 9, 67, 155 Walker, James Walker, Joan Walker, Julia 77 Walker, Kenneth Walker, Michael Walkinshaw, Steve 72, 74 Wallace, Lauren Wallace, Perry 87 Wallace, Roy 58, 86, 160 Wallace, Terry Walston, Elizabeth Wann, Mark Ward, Johnny 88, 100, 107 Ware, Brenda Warren, Glen Washington, Roxanne Watkins, Martha Watkins, Paula Watkins, Vicki 1, 53, 143 Watson, Joan Watson, Paul Watters, Bill Watts, Ben Weatherly, Susan Weaver, Evalin Wechsler, Mary Jo Weed, Carol 84 Weems, Joel Weill, Tim Weimer, Jack Weir, Carol Weisell, Jeff Weisell, Pete Welch, Keith Wells, Larry West, Lavernc 51 Weston, Kathy 58 Wetzel, Ken 48, 182 Whaley, Mark Wheeler, Leslie 73, 161 White, Barry White, Billy White, David White, Hugh 46, 76 White, Judy White, Tennie Whitehead, Bruun Whitehead, Terrie 79 Whitley, Alan 60, 87 Whitley, Jeannette 57 Wilkins, Bert 47, 182 Wilkins, Bob 50 Williams, Ernest 51, 99 Williams, Gary Williams, Michael Williams, Raleigh Williams, Judson Williams, Steven Williams, Susan Williams, Talmage Williams, Thomas Williamson, Teresa Wilson, Beth 53, 69 Wilson, Jeff 53, 99 Wilson, Michael Wilson, Steven Wise, Ronald Witten, Mary 78, 155 Witty, David 52 Wiygul, Robert 53, 68, 72, 85, 85, 90 Wofford, Ann 47, 74, 98 Womack, Mildred 57, 66 Wood, Corrine 46, 52, 56, 73 Wood, Edith Wood, Randolph 76, 89 Woodall, William Woodard, Gunnar Woodard, Lynn 64 Woodard, Susan 64, 155 Woodrick, Becky 82 Woods, Thomas 89, 182 Wooten, Wanda Worbington, Butch 182 Workman, Andrew 78, 93 Workman, Mike 69, 78, 93, 123 Wren, John Wright, Laura 88 Wright, Melissa Wright, Rebecca Wright, Tom 156 Wroten, Bo 182 Wyckoff, Grant Wyckoff, Shelley Wynn, Maggie Wynn, Martha 53, 59 Yarbro, Florence Yearell, Jerry 66, 123 Yoakum, Pam Yochim, Chris 85 Yoe, Jane York, Rice Young, William Youngblood, Amy 52, 97, 155 W. M. BUIE INSURANCE AGENCY 3iis.- c:rfuto-( ai.uaLtu- £ionat 1334 First National Bank Building P. O. Box 82 Jackson, Mississippi 39Z05 Phone - 3 ' ' =.-b442 (JLIb-nJJt AjO- " Mississippi ' s Foremost Dlaaond Merchant " Highland Village Deposit Guaranty Plaza 982-4020 354-3343 JUNIKER Jewelry Company DIAMONDS-ANTIQUE JEWELRY Jewelry Designers and Manufacturers Phone 353-4312 Deposit Guaranty Plaza Jackson, Mississippi 39201 " Fitness Through Running " Join us for our clinics each Thursday at 7:30 p.m. m PHIDIPPIDES RLNMNC. CENTER 261 Highland Village Upstairs above Fridays Telephone 981 -3583 Energy Savers Easy-on-Energy Heat Pump Single system that both heats and cools. 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BEVERAGE Everything you, always wanted in.a beer. And less. SMITH ' S CURB STORE ' A Millsaps Institution ' FURNITURE, CARPETS. FABRICS. DESICNS LOUIS NAVARRO Bl ' DDY GRAHAM MARCIS TRE.ADWAY AYI.K.NK HURST TlhE 1 1 rNIIB IVISHISI I HI 4111 H MIKE GLYNN General Manager Lamar at Amite Jackson, MS 39205 Open from 5 am to 2 am MAYFLOWER CAFE Fresh SEAFOOD received daily Try our BROILED RED SNAPPER Delectably fresh from the Gulf Coast or our unique SEAFOOD NORFOLK and then there is our famous GREEK SALAD P.O. Box 1039 Te. (601) 948-4133 CAPITAL CITY BEVERAGES Distributor of SCHLITZ MALT LIQUOR BEER LieiHT BILL RAY Commercial Photography 4099 North State Street Phone 981-1272 ' Photographic Art for Every Occasion " CS ' s North West Street Across from MiJJsaps 25 beer Tuesday nights 50(f longneck Buds QomolidatediAmericanJI e Insurance Qompany NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI 39205 The Company of Distinguished Personal Service James A. Wheeler President George B. Pickett Chief Executive Officer UZ - JEWELERS MiitrunJ Hncnanh Sin:e t9l8 Bloom a-new with a smart and sparkling piece of fine jewelry from our current collection. Karat gold, cultured pearls, and colored gems in rainbow hues enliven heautifully designed and crafted pins, rings and necklaces. Our geniologically trained member of the ■American Gem Society will he happy to explain gem and quality points to you when you come in to make our selection. MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY (.(S ) •711 High St. •Woodland Hills •Highland Village •Mc Dowell Square Tel. 354-3549 Tel. 366-8439 Tel. 362-5331 Tel. 373-5667 Z JEWELERS ' j)knu}nJ J(e%danh Since f9 8 Allow me to take this opportunity to thank the Millsaps Students for making this Bobashela 79 a reality by your participation-whether in sports, academics, the Players or whatever. You contribute by just being a part of the Millsaps Community, and you are the ones who make this place special and unique. I especially appreciate the patience and dedication of my Assistant Editor and the many long hours of hard work on the part of my Photographers. I should also recognize Bill Sumrall of Paragon Press and my Brothers who have given freely of their time in assistance to the production of this book. This is 1979-your 1979-in retrospect. I hope that in years to come, it will recaptivate for your failing memory some of your fondest recollections of your days at the ' Saps and that you will appreciate it and keep through the years as you would any " good friend. " -Tim Kemp, Editor ' -i v » « . ■?1 • ' t f ' Ch . ' -J H OREGON RULE — CO. — U.S.A. fc 2 J t 3 j 6 4 J 6 5-1 OREGON RULE CO, U.S.A. 2 3 4 WU K .. ilC«

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