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' ■ w !: i MM:Mi9 : " :S € ' ' ' ' ' y ' 4:-- ' !i ■• ' V ' ' - eOBASHSLA W ' ;;-: i i MfM 4 ' ELA 1977 " , ' ' i ' i: ' ii ' l ' -li.r ins, editor assistant editor -business manager -business manager ' ( r Hey, you know everybody ' s talkin ' about the good ole days, right? Come to think of it, as bad as we may think they are, these will become the good ole days for our children. Why don ' t we try to remember the kind of September, when life was slow, and oh, so mellow. Try to remember, and if you remem- ber, then follow . . . . . . Oh, why does it seem that the past is always better? ■f " - We look back and think, the win- ters were warmer, the grass was greener, the skies were bluer, and the smiles, bright. f Can it be that it was all so simple then? Or has time re-written ev- ery line? And if we had the chance to do it all again, tell me, would we? Could we? ' -S™ J m w Memories . . . light the corners of my mind. rfj itx- ' fpii] ' ' ii ' i Misty water color memories of the way we were 10 Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind . . . ' " Mik. • " « 4, IS ' itKtWWJIUSSi .. 1 1 : ' f YI-m l Smiles we gave to one another 12 for the way we were .if h y. ■■ ' ' ' ' aBI J i V !■ " sfflSS P f ■ ■ , ■ ' i t 13 Can it be that it was all so simple then? Or has time re-written every line? 14 15 Memories 16 May be beautiful and yet iL ' v- r 17 What ' s too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget. T J Jr J -T ' . ' : ' R So it ' s the lauj htor . . ■ " ' " 19 We will remember, 20 Whenever wo remember 21 the way we were. nry " siv f- ' . 22 Remember . . . the way we were 23 • S V ' " ' ! A X ' . i- • , • S «SSf •» .-1. N. ' v ' ' ' ■ ■ ■ • With sincLM-{; npprociiition to each member of the Millsaps Majors Football Team for their participation in a very impor- tant part of the total Millsaps (College proj ram, we off(-r this tribute of thanks. The individual dedication and d(!V()tion involv(;d in long and tough hours of practice re- sulted in a game-time team which deserves special recog- nition. Achieving a 7-2 season this year after reaching the NCAA Division III Nati(mal play-offs last year, the football team revitalized the athletic program and regained enthusi- astic support of the student body, fans, and friends. With a complete coaching staff of two — Head Coach Harper Davis and Assistant Coach Tommy Ranager— and a mod- est budget, the team, through its success earned national ex- posure and recognition for Millsaps College. Haygood, Hinton Com- pany were responsible for many exciting and enjoyable (nearly heart-stopping!) Satur- day afternoons at Legion Field that will long be rem(!mbered. Each member of the team not only sought superior athletic performance, but also con- ducted himself in a manner such that each served as a goodwill ambassador for Mill- saps College and the State of Mississippi. They were leaders on cam- pus. They wore the purple and white jerseys with pride. In the finest tradition established by Majors ' teams in the past, they have done a good job. Wells Co. 25 .:i ' tfk;J.: ' t 27 - : ' r ' ?KJ- Faculty 30 Features 58 Sports 86 Organizations 108 Students 154 Advertisement 206 p % U ■ H . jliJgP ltpWfcrrt ADMINISTRATION Edward M. Collins, President Paul Hardin, Registrar J. Harvey Saunders, Dean of Faculty John Christmas, Dean of Admissions 32 [ack Woodward. Dean of Men and Director of Financial Aid William Hannah, Business Affairs lames McLeod, Director of Placement 33 James E. Livesay. Director of Alumni Cermotlo Clardy, Institutional Advisor Marilyn Fisher, Public Relations William Franklin. Institutional Advisor 34 ) Martha Neal. President ' s Office Nancy White, Business Affairs r 4 ' Claudia O ' Keefe, Student Affairs Katherine Lefoldt, AC Hostess 35 Don Fiirlcnberry. Chapl.iin A Development Ann Farmer. Madge Columbus, Dot Knox, Peggy Sumrall Admissions Counselors Ward Emling. Clark Henderson, Floy Hollowman Admissions Cathv Marlella. Sherrie Hobbs 36 Business Office Cheryll Patrick. Dorothy Nettles, Alice Borders, W.irrene Li ' e Registrar ' s Office Siira Borders, Sandra Webb, Pearl Over. Bea Woudard Patty Fennel, Dispensary Doug Townsend. Food Service Bookstore Mittie Weltv and Marsha Schivers Virginia McCoy, Switchboard 37 LIBRARY (seated 1. to r.) Lillian Cooley, Caroline Moore, Floreada Harmon, Ann Ratchford (standing 1. to r.) James Parks, Edith Bowie, Frances Boeckman, Joycelyn Trotter, Gerry Reiff ' iitj i Ann Hendrix Jew, Dorm Mother Mrs. Price, Dorm Mother 38 , , Suu:i Elaine and Paul Christu, Dorm Parents Chief Nichols. Security A w m ■ 1 M 1 M . ' 1 h ■ Vtei B Ramon, AC Custodian Joe Lee Gibson, Dormkeeper 39 ANCIENT LANGUAGES Catherine Freis Magnolia Coulette 40 ART Lucy Webb Millsaps lames McKeown :■ ' ' ' A ,t ' !■■■ ' ?■ ■••-■. ' -ii.-. ' Rufus Turner BIOLOGY Rondal Bell 41 ' V Robert Nevins Eric Yensen BUSINESS Richard Baltz 42 Frank Frohnhoefer jiiS Steve Wells Mike Ainsworth Clyde Ballard William Watson III 43 CHEMISTRY w f t a i Bi aa Roy Berry Allen Bishop % 44 . j ' - ' . ' ' . ftiff; , George Eze » 4 EDUCATION Myrtis Meaders « ! Ira Harvey Linda Harvey ENGLISH Lois Blackwell Daniel Hise George Boyd Mildred Morehead Austin Wilson LeRoy Percy GEOLOGY Robert Padgett Wendell Johnson V HISTORY Frank Laney Charles Sallis Robert McElvaine Ross H. Moore MATHEMATICS Samuel Knox Herman McKenzie Arnold Ritchie Robert Shive I MODERN LANGUAGE ■;• .» » ' Mary Robinson Billy Bufkin, Spanish John Guest, German K.. Nellie Hederi, Spanish (r Robert Kahn, Romantic Languages J I IJ If Hilliard Saunders, Romantic Languages Leland Byler Louise Byler 5] X McCarrell Ayers Francis Polanski Donald Kilmer Jonathan Sweat 52 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Robert Bergmark . Michael Mitias James Montgomery Mary Ann Edge 53 Harper Davis Tommy Ranager PHYSICS POLITICAL SCIENCE ' (■ .TSS iP! 1 9 ■ i ■ f t B ,- - : 4 ■ ' V ft George Beardsley John Quincy Adams 54 PSYCHOLOGY Howard Bavender Russell Lt ' vanway Edmond Venator 55 RELIGION SOCIOLOGY T.W. Lewis Lee Reiff I »- iF Frances Coker Paul Murray 56 11 m THEATRE Lance Goss Mrs. Cooper, Theatre Movement 57 FEATURES Kathryn Barksdale Bob Lewis Carol Burrus Bill Rice Deborah Madden Rob Wells Shane Pittman Kent Kebert 60 Michelle Tate onie Simpkins Jana Walker Jay Jabour HOMECOMING QUEEN Robin Rice David Carroll 61 63 Every decade or so, a college football team will be blessed with an outstanding AU-American athlcite who mak(!s his name well remembered. In 1976 at Millsaps College, his name is RICKIE HAYGOOD. The American Football Coaches Association dubbed the 5- foot 10, 168-pound senior from Pascagoula as the best quarter- back in the nation in the NCAA Division III, and named Hay- good to the Kodak Collegt; Division III, Ail-American Team. Voted by his teammates as the Most Valuable Player of the year, Haygood piloted the Majors to a 7-2 record this past sea- son. He terminated his passing career in fine fashion as he threw for 221 yards and two touchdowns in the final contest of ' 76, and connect(xi on 18 of 31 aerials to maintain his com- pletion and total yards average. Nationally ranked as the fourth best passer in Division III, Haygood completed 135 of 269 attempts for 1,794 yards average. Following a fantastic 384 yard passing performance against McMurry College which gave the Majors a 5-0 standing, 7 at mid-year, Haygood surpassed that mark against Georgetown in the homecomi ng game. Ironically, he completed 23 of 41 ae- rials for an amazing 408 yards and three touchdowns, but the remarkable effort left the Purple and White 10 points short (30- 40). Haygood was also rated in the country in total offense as he gained 1,966 yards in nine contests for a 218.4 yards per game. ' ■■ ' i i! ' f Dean Jane Corder is one of those rare people who is able to " j et it done " and be a good friend at the sam( time. She always has time for a chat with her friends, time to do someone a favor, in addition to hc r numcM ' ous committees, groups, and organizing tasks, all of which she tackles with (mthusiasm. Dean Cor- der is the friend I would like to have around in a crisis— steady, non- judgemental, practical, yet warm, she seems to approach life as a pleasant challenge. She views people not only as they are. but as they could be, r(H;ognizing and im- couraging unrealizini potential. Her capacity for fun and her sense of hu- mor are part of all she does. One never gets the feeling that Dean Cor- der is over-worked or a martyr to her many tasks, because she loves her work and the students and it shows. Somehow on top of all her many tluties and projects, D(!an Cor- der finds the time to learn and grow. She is open to new ideas, cou- rageous in taking new steps, and yet her sound judgment serves her well. As a Dean of Women and as a coun- selor. Dean Corder is at the forefront of her disciplines. She is a thorough professional, and yet she never loses her warmth or her sensitivity to in- dividuals. Dean |ane Corder is one of those rare people whose integrity and loyalty are unquestionable. She is what she is and does what she says she will do. If she is your friend you have a constant course of warmth and strength. 65 FAREWELL, MA PRICE Who is that energetic little lady that seems to be all places at once, makes sure all the upperclass women fill out dorm cards, enforces the few remaining rules, and, in general, keeps the men and women on campus from destroying the dormitory? Of course, she is our own MA PRICE. When we entered as freshmen, she was here and she surely would be here when we grad- uated. Ma Price is as much a part of Millsaps as the " green thing " in the bowl, the M-bench, or Major Mill- saps. But Millsaps is about to lose this respected and lovable lady who has served as a figurehead on cam- pus since 1934. Ma Price came to Millsaps 43 years ago when she be- came Mrs. Joseph B. Price. Dr. Price had been a mem- ber of the Chemistry department for four years when he married " Ma " in 1934. For 22 years he served as the dedicated and influential chairman of the chemistry department. Ma Price is the mother of three Millsaps graduates: Mary Charles, now a freelance journalist and photographer with her husband for travel maga- zines, was a member of the Millsaps Singers and the Chi Omega Fraternity; Mac and Doug, now areospace technicians for NASA residing in Newport News, Vir- ginia, are twins, both of whom were also members of the Millsaps Singers and the Kappa Alpha Order. In her years of association with Millsaps, Ma Price has devoted her time and energy to many aspects of the school. The KA ' s have honored her with the title of Perpetual Rose, for not only were her two sons KA ' s at Millsaps, but she also married one. For eighteen years. Ma Price was a chaperon for the Millsaps Singers while on tour. It was during her first trip with the Sing- ers that the students started calling her " Ma. " But more important than this, she has been a friend and mother for hundreds of girls for thirteen years. When Franklin Dorm opened in 1964, Ma Price be- gan her career as dorm mother. After spending two and a half years there, she moved into the newly erected Bacot Dorm where she has remained. Times have changed since Ma Price moved onto the girls ' side of campus. When she first came, all girls ' dorms closed at 10:00 but second semester seniors could stay out until 10:30. Of course, the boys have never had hours. Eleven o ' clock was the closing time for the dorms on Friday and Saturday nights. If a girl wanted to leave the dorm any time after dark to go anywhere, on campus or off, she had to sign out in a book by the front door. If a girl got caught breaking any rule, for example— wearing pants in any public place, she could expect to be campused for as much as a month. This included not even being able to sit with a male in the cafeteria. As time went by, the senior girls eventually acquired what was known as " Senior Privilege. " This, Ma Price explained, enabled the se- niors to enter the dorm at any time of the night. Things definitely have changed around here. Ma Price has seen numerous other changes take place at Millsaps. She attended the first and last bas- ketball game at Bowie Gym. She remembers when the four girls ' dorms, Whitworth, Sanders, Franklin, and Bacot, were built. What will Millsaps do without Ma Price? Probably fall apart. She has been a loyal supporter of every as- pect of Millsaps and, in particular, the women on cam- pus. 1 think I speak for everyone. Ma Price, when I say that we will all miss your presence at Millsaps and that the place will not be the same without you! ' - : ' ' ' If •:. 68 WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES lenny Bland Bates, aclive in Millsaps ' Greek life, served as Co-chairman of the Panhellenii; Field Day and as Co-chairman of the Pan- hellenic Summer Ice Cream Party. As a mem- ber of Chi Omega. |enny held the offices: Per- sonnel Chairman. Pledge Trainer, and Vice- President. She received the Chi Omega honors of Outstanding Sophomore and the Presi- dent ' s Award. ]enny was editor of the MA- JOR ' S FACTS for two years and also worked on the BOBASHELA Staff. She was President of Sigma Lambda. Treasurer of the SEB. and a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. A Dean ' s List Scholar, she also was the 1974 Home- coming Queen, an Orientation Counselor, and a part of the Sander ' s Food Club, [enny was Bacot ' s representative to the Dormitory Af- fairs Committee and an assistant to the Stu- dent Affairs Office. An Accounting major, she served an internship at Tattis Tattis. Ac- countants and Auditors. A member of the College Senate and the Student Senate, Daniel Seymore Bowling also served on the President ' s Advisory Committee and as Chairman of the Publications Com- mittee. In addition to holding the President of- fices of Omicron Delta Kappa and the [unior Class, he was an officer of the Kappa Alpha Order. Danny received the Baseball Team Scholastic Trophy for two years and was a three year letterman in baseball. He was Con- tributing Editor of the PURPLE AND WHITE, an intern at jackson Hinds Youth Court, and a National Mississippi Society Delegate to the Southern Regional Conference on Prisons in 1975. Danny graduated cum laude with hon- ors in English. Mary Lucy Burrus has held many offices during her four years at Millsaps. She was Vice-President of Omicron Delta Kappa. Vice- President of Sigma Lambda. Sophomore Class Vice-President. |unior Class Vice-President, and Chapter Correspondent and Pledge Trainer of Chi Omega. A cheerleader and member of the 1975 Homecoming Court. Lucy also served on several committees. She was Chairman of the Legal Code Committee. Chairman of the Organized Affairs Com- mittee, and a member of the Library Com- mittee. Lucy was also a member of the Major- ette Club. Kappa Delta Epsilon. and the Student Senate for two years. She displayed her musical talent as a part of JOLAS, a Chris- tian singing group. During her three years in the Millsaps Singers, Lucy was a member of the Choir Council. She participated in the Millsaps Players ' " Sound of Music " A Dean ' s List Scholar for seven semesters. Lucy, an English major, graduated cum laude. 7U Juliet Wilkins Dantin, Millsaps ' Major ' s Lady, was a member of Kappa Delta Sorority. She was a member of the Millsaps Singers, and was tapped into Sigma Lambda Honorary and Omicron Delta Kappa Honorary. Serving the Mill- saps Student Body as SEB Presi- dent in 1976 and SEB Second Vice- President in 1975, Jigs was also Sophomore Class President and a member of the President ' s Advisory Board. She was a student represen- tative on the Millsaps Board of Trustees and has also served on the College Senate, Student Senate, and the Governor ' s Youth Advisory Board. Jigs has interned in the Mis- sissippi State Senate as well as the United States Senate. Barry Keith Cockrell showed interest in student government al Millsaps by serving on the Student Senate Committee to inves- tigate the tuition plan, the Student Senate Financial Affairs Committee, and the Stu- dent Senate Social Affairs Committee. As the 1975 President of the Millsaps Chapter of Young Democrats, Barry also was a Freshman Orientation Counselor and member of the Student Advisory Board. Barry participated in Intramural Sports and was recorder for the Group Session of the Millsaps Symposium. He served as As- sistant Editor of the PURPLE AND WHITE in 1976 and was admitted into the Honors Program the same year. A Dean ' s Scholar every semester graduating magna cum laude, Barry received the Eta Sigma Phi Award his first and second year. He was also awarded a scholarship to the British Studies at Oxford in 1976. A mem- ber of Eta Sigma, Eta Sigma Phi, and Phi Sigma Eta, Barry was a Teaching Assistant in Latin and a Student Assistant in the Registrar ' s Office. A sociology major, Gail Elaine Doss was the Sociology Departmen- tal Assistant and received the Junior Sociology Award. She received the C. Wrighl Mills Award, a scholar- ship lo the British Studies at Oxford in 1976, and a scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Gail served on the Planning Committee for Wald ' s Symposium and Ihe Christmas In- volvement Committee. Active in In- tramurals, she was part of Ihe Mill- saps Players and the Aldo Leopold Society. Holding the Vice-President offices of Schiller Gesellschafl and the English Club, Gail was also a member of Si gma Lambda, Eta Sigma, Deutsche Verein, and Ihe National Organization for Women. Gail graduated niogno cum (aode. 71 i!C i i !C i 4 Chosen Model Pledge and Secretary of Kappa Delta Sorority, Nancy Williams Lang was chosen as a Kappa Sigma Little Sister and served as Co-Chairman of the Summer Panhellenic Ice Cream Parties. As a sociology major, she received the junior Sociology Award. Nancy was a Sociology Departmental Assistant, Millsaps ' Repre- sentative to the Sociology Career Day Conference, and an Intern at the Jackson Hinds County Youth Court. She studied during her Appalachian Semester with a legal aid firm. As an Assistant Girl Scout Leader, Nancy is a member of other groups such as the Coalition for Carter, the Amer- ican Civil Liberties Union, and The South- ern Poverty Land Center. Public Citizen. A Dean ' s List Scholar, she was on the Home- coming Court, a cheerleader, and an Ori- entation Counselor. Nancy was a member of Sigma Lambda, Omicron Delta Kapr ' a, the Majorette Club, and the Sander ' s Food Club Serving as Culture and Arts Editor for the PURPLE AND WHITE, Nancy was also a worker on the BOBASHELA Staff and a member of the College Senate. She was nominated for the Academic Council, behavioral science division, as student representative. Nancy served on the Chap- lain ' s Committee for two years, the Finan- cial Affairs Committee, the Supper Lecture Series Committee, the Twentieth Century Symposium as Recorder, and the Food C;lub Committee. She graduated cum Ifiude. James Steven Jenkins received the Freshman Mathematics Award (1973-4), the Computer Science Award (1975-B), the Mathematics Major ' s Award (1977). and the Theta Nu Sigma Organiza- tional Award (1977). He was lapped into the honoraries Omicron Delta Kappa. Theta Nu Sigma, and Eta Sigma. As a member of the Millsaps Troubadours, Steve played bass three years and was Equipment Manager. He also played bass with the |ackson Sym- phony Orchestra for three years and with St. Andrews Cathedral Chamber Society for five years. Steve was Schol- irship Chairman and Rush Film Chair- man for Kappa Alpha Order and Senior Lab Assistant and Systems Assistant for the Millsaps Computing Center. Steve served on the College Senate Li- brary Committee for two years, the SEE Social Activities Committee, and the Campus Radio Committee. Steve graduated cum (nude. A four year football letterman and voted by his teammates as the Most Valuable Player of the year, Charles Rickie Haygood was named to the Kodak College Division III, All-American Team. His junior year he was the leading quarterback in the nation in the NCAA Division III, in addition to being ranked as the fourth best passer in Divi- sion III. Not only did Rickie excell in football, but he was a four year letterman in baseball. As the best all around player in batting and fielding, Rickie showed his agility by playing short stop, second base, and outfield. As an active partici- pant in Intramurals, Rickie was a creditable ten- nis player and was outstanding in basketball and volU yball. Rickie was a member of the Intramural Sports Council for several years and was an active member of Kappa Alpha Order. He was a Physi- cal Education Departmental Assistant. Being a Dean ' s List graduate. Rickie received a Graduate Assislantship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, working towards a degree in Rec- reation Leadership. 77 A DiMii ' s Lisl E[iglish Mii|()i ' . Ficiiiccs Lnvclli ' was a nicm- liCT of the English Clul), Ihr STYLUS Staff, ami an I ' xccii- livi me mber of Itie Crealivi ' Writing Club. She was an offi- a r in Zcta Tau Alptia and represented her sorority in liinior Panhellenii: in 1974. Interested in acting, l- ' rances was a pari of the Millsaps PlayiM ' s and received the |nnior Acting Award in 1971). Working as Assistant l5ir(H:tor ol " Ben Franklin in Paris. " Frances was also Best Supporting Actress in " The Lady Is Not for Burning. " A Bacol Resident Assistant for two years, she was a member of Aljiha Psi Omega. Deutsche Verein. the Supper Club, the Mississip[)i Lung Association, and the; Mississippi Annual Rescue League. Frances participated in Intr.imurals and was a vol- unteer at the Methodist C hildren ' s Home. Frances gradu- ated magna cum laude. Reigning as Millsap ' s first Queen Elizabeth at the Elizabethan Festival in 197B. Elizabeth |o McKinnon was also the Co-Chairman Orientation Coor- dinator. A member of the College Sen- ate. Betty served on the President ' s Food Service Committee, the Who ' s Who Committee, the Energy Con- servation Committ( e. and the BOBA- SHELA Staff. She was Pledge Trainer lUid Vice-President of the Chi Omega Fraternity and was chosen its Out- standing junior Member. Representing Chi O. Betty participated in Intra- niurals and was a volunteer at the Cerebral Palsy School. Betty was a member of the Millsaps Singers, the Girl ' s Ensemble, the Majorette Club, and the Aide Leopold Society. She was also a member of Beta Beta Beta and Sigma Lambda. Tapped into the honoraries Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Psi Omega, and Eta Sigma Phi. |ames Minor Matheny also was President of Eta Sigma. As an English major, he was Vice-President of the English Club, and English De- partment Assistant, and the recipient of the Clark Essay Award. |im was a member of the Berean Ff llowship and the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. An Orientation Counselor for two years, he was part of the Millsaps Play- ers, and the Millsaps Singers during which he served on th(! Choir Council, jim was Lambda Chi Alpha ' s Ritualist and Editor. He graduated magna cum laude. 73 As Business Manager of the PURPLE AND WHITE, Mary Elizabeth Megehee also worked on the BOBASHELA Staff three years and was Editor in 1976. She was a Dean ' s List Scholar and a member of Omieron Delta Kappa antl Sigma Lambda. Maribeth served as Vice-Presi- of Circle K and as social Chairman of Chi Omega Fraternity. She was Secretary of her Chi O pledge class. Maribeth was cast in the Millsaps Players ' " Sound of Music. " and she also was a Freshman Orientation Counselor. Maribeth did volunteer work at the Cerebral Palsy School and for the Cancer Crusade. She aided Mrs. Heber Simmons with research on a book about Mississippi. A member of the Small Business Institute, Maribeth received a Nonservice Fellowship to thi- University of Mississippi Graduate School of Business. Mari- biUh graduated cum laude. Serving IFC as President and Vice-President. |ohn Bryan Miller was also Grand Scribe and President of Kappa Sigma. He received the Scholarship Leadership Award for Kappa Sigma and organizeil the Kappa Sigma Blood Fund Drive. Bryan also organized the Heart Fund Drive and the Special Olympics for the Handicapped. In addition to being the Soph- omore Class President, he was a member of the Chaplain ' s Committee, the Who ' s Who Committee, the judicial Rules Committee, and the Orientation Council. Intellectual as well as athletic. Bryan was a Dean ' s List Scholar with a Diamond Merit Scholarship and also active in varsity Basketball and Soccer. Douglas Marchand Minor. Millsaps ' Master Major, was active in his fraternity. Pi Kappa Alpha, serving as President. Vice-President, and Membership Education Coordinator. Named " Pike of the Month " by the National Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, chosen as Model Pledge and Outstanding [unior of Pi Kappa Alpha, Doug was also the President of IFC. He organized the Pike Bike Race for MDA, the (Christmas Party and the Easter Egg Hunt for the Magnolia Speech School. Active in Intramurals, Doug was Sports Editor of thi ' PURPLE AND WHITE and BOBASHELA, Sports Information Director, and A.ssistant Editor of the PURPLE AND WHITE. A member of the Golf Team, he was named Golfer of the Year in 1977. Doug was a Dorm Assistant, a Dorm Senator, the Vice-Chairman of the Colli ' ge Senate, and a member of the [udicial Council. Recipient of a Diamond Merit Scholarship. Doug was a Dean ' s List Scholar and was recently tappeil into Omicron Delta Kappa. ■t ffsf --.. «: ' ; -r|5: - " ;-,-:K;- J«IWii; An English miijor graduating nuignn cum nude, William Russell Presson was a member of the English Club and an English Deparlmenlal Assistant. On the Dean ' s List every semester, he was Circle K President, a memb(!r of Omicron Delta Kappa and Eta Sigma, and an Orien- tation Counscdor. Bill was President, Fraternity Educator, House Manager, and IPC Repre- sentative for Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Active in Intramurals and the Millsaps Players, he worked for the BOBASHELA as Business Manager in ig?,!-?!) ind on the Business Staff in 1973-75. Bill will enter the University of Texas School of Law. Tapped into several science honoraries, Scott Thomas Shows was eliH;ted Vice-Presi- dent and President of Beta Beta Beta. Secre- tary and President of Theta Nu Sigma, Chap- ter Delegate of Alpha Epsilon Delta, and was a member of C;hi C hi Chi. He served on the Student Government Food Committee and was a member of the Millsaps Singers. A Dean ' s List Scholar, Scott was the recipient of the Marion L. Smith Scholarship. Gloria Steinwinder served Kappa Delia Sorority as Edi- tor, Rush Chairman, Historian, and House C hairman. She was Vice-President of her pledge cl.iss and played for KD in Intramurals. Interested in student government, Gloria, in addition to being SEB Secretary, was a member of the Pub- Ucations Committee, the President ' s Advisory Committee, the Senate Publicity Committtee, the Homecoming Com- mittee, the Christian Involvement Committee, and the Young Republicans. A Dean ' s List Schohir, she was tapped into Omicron Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Epsilon, and Sigma Lambda of which she was Secretary-Treasurer. A Student Assistant in the Education Department, Gloria also tutored at the Methodist Children ' s Home, taught swim- mmg to the handicapped children, helped in the Special Olympics, and participated in the Big Sister Sociology Pro- gram. Gloria was a member of the German Club and the BOBASHELA Staff. She graduated cum kiude. 75 Gradiiiiting mogna rum laude. Toni Elizabrth Wiilktr was a Dean ' s List Scholar and rc- cipicnl of the Bourgeois Mixlal in 1975. Toni was lapped into Omicron Delia Kappa, Sigma Lambda, Ela Sigma, and Kappa Delia Epsilon of whicfi sfie was elecled Treasurer. As Kappa Alpha Rose, she was also Greek Goddess and a member of the 1975 Homecoming Court. In Chi Omega Toni served as President. Rush Chairman. Panhellenic President, and jr. Pan- hellenic her Freshman year. As a Student Assistant for the Education Department, she as- sisted Mrs. Mtiadows in teaching the enrichment course " Encouraging Creativity in Chil- dren. " Toni was Head Resident for Sander ' s Hall. Recipient of a United Methodist Scholarship Certificate, Olive Margaret Wahrendorff was Chairperson of the United Methodist Council on the Young Adult Ministry. In junior college. Peg was a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the Social Events Committee, and had minor roles in two phiys. During her years at Millsaps, she worked as Assistant Editor of the BOBASHELA and served on the Publications Committee. A Dean ' s List Scholar, Peg was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Lambda, Eta Sigma, and she received the junior Sociology Award. Chosen Homecoming Queen in 1975, she also belonged to the Majorette Club, In the Kappa Delta Sorority, Peg was the Social Service Chairperson, Parliamentarian, and Chap- ter Education Chairperson. She graduated magna cum laudc. A member of Who ' s Who Among American junior Colleges, Margaret Rose Wilson was Freshman and Sophomore Class President and Class Favorite for two years. In addition to serving Phi Theta Kappa as President and Stale Secretary, Margaret was Tri-Campus Stu- dent Council Vice-President, Vice-President of Samolhrobe, and a member of the Student Council Association of Mississippi, the discipline Committee, and the Hall of Fame. A Dean ' s List and President ' s List Scholar in junior College, Margaret received the ROTC Mili - tary History Award, the Citizenship Award, and a scholarship to an Honors Institute. Here a( Millsaps, Margaret served on the Homecoming Committee, the Publications Committee, and as Chairperson and Recorder for the judicial Council. A Dean ' s List Scholar, she re- ceived the junior Sociology Award and the Alexander Watkin ' s Scholarship. Margaret played intramural Basketball and Softball and was Time-Keeper during Football. A member of the Millsaps Players, Margaret was also active in the Catholic Church. She worked at a mission in Satillo. Mexico, was director of " Search " team for the Catholic Diocese of Natchez-|ackson. and was a member of the Newman College, a Catholic Organization. Mar- garet graduated cum laude. .; i ; ' ' At Mississippi Stiilr Univcrsily |anu ' s Lucius Wiillurd was a mcmlxH- of Ihc Univ(M ' .sily Choir, a German Honor- ary, and Alpha Epsilon. Hi ' served as President of Phi Ela Sigma (Freshman Hcmorary) and as an officer in Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. A Presidi ' nI ' s List Scholar, |im also was on the MSU Social Commillee. After transferring to Millsaps, he was elected to the Student Senate, and he became SEB First Vice-President. A Dean ' s List |im was ,i member of Theta Nu Sigma md the Millsaps Singers. |ini attended St, Luke ' s Methodist Church. George Morgan Yeates was the first sophomore music major presented in full recital at Millsaps. and also the first collegiate musician to perform as a soloist with the Jackson Symphony Orchestra in a regular concert series. In 1976 Mor- gan received the Mississippi Young Artist Award and the Mississippi Arts Fes- tival Prize. He was Mississippi Collegiate Pianoist and a finalist in the Missis- sippi Piano Soloist contest. In 1977 Morgan won the Mississippi Piano Soloist contest and also received the Music Department Citation. He was a member of the Troubadours and received a Freshman Music Scholarship. A double major in music and mathematics. Morgan was a Computing Center Lab Assistant and a private tutor for the Mathematics Department. He was the 1977 recipient of the Mathematics Major ' s Award. A member of Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Mor- gan served on the Millsaps Academic Council and Judicial Council. Recipient of the R. Mason Strieker Academic Scholarship, he was a Dean ' s List Scholar seven semesters and graduated cum knide. President of the English Club, May Lipe Zehnder re- ceived a scholarship to British Studies at Oxford. She served on the Financial Committee, the Food Committee, and the Social Committee. May Lipe was Publicity Chair- man for the Student Senate and Historian for Sigma L.imbda. Recipient of the Marion L. Smith Scholarship, she was a Heritage and History Departmental Assistant. May Lipe was a member of the Millsaps Singers, the Millsaps Players, and the Majorette Club. She served the Chi Omega Fraternity as Activities Chairman. May Lipe has worked for two Governor Campaigns. She grailuali ' d from Millsaps cum Itiude. 77 ELIZABETHAN FESTIVAL f " «?k. -... ivii ' kLL«t w..; Queen Elizabeth, Ruth Lloyd ir -.. - -, y -f ' ) .r— — ' ■ ' ■- - ' 1 Greek God and Goddess Paul Walker and Toni Walker J MILLSAPS PLAYERS ' DARK OF THE MOON ' |ohn Conjur Man Dark Witch Fair Witch Conjur Woman Hank Gudger Miss Metcalf Mr. lenkins Edna Summey Mrs. Summey Mr. Summey Mr. Atkins Uncle SmeUcue Floyd Allen Ella Bergen Mr. Bergen Mrs. Bergen Burt Dinwiddy Miss Leafy Greeny Gorman Square Dance Caller Pianist Harmonica Player Hattie Heffner Marvin Hudgins Barbara Allen Mrs. Allen Mr. Allen Preacher Haggler Villagers liihn Doniinick James Thrasher Candace Hall Clara Ann Home Diane Wiltshire Alan Hunter Norma Gardner John Woosley Margaret Wilson Melissa Matthews Clay Rouse Frank Burton jim Ranager Ward Ripley Sue Stuart Peter Lukidis Lisa Lowe Billy Stevenson Mary Hamrick Lisa Clark Ralph Nieder-Westermann Brenda Ware Brad Carter Cathy Hamrick Gary De Bruin Peggy Potter Kim Stanfield Lee Rogers Michael Forester Cliff Coats. Marv Sanders B ji Ik H i t 1 m -k K 1 3 3 . Ln J i j M 1 81 " THE DAY AFTER THE FAIR " Li ' lly Harnham Frances L.ivelle Arltiiir Harnham Sandlin Scolt Edilh Harnham Diane Wiltshire Sarah Jackie Pearson Anii.i Peggy Potter Charles Bradford |ohn Dominick WcddinfJ Gui ' sts: Doug Park Ann Roscopf Kim Stanfield lames Thrasher ' THE RIVALS " Lackey Lackey Thomas Fag Lucy Lydia Languish |uHa Melville Mrs. Malaprop Sir Anthony Absolute Captain )ack Absolute Faulkland Bob Acres Sir Lucius O ' Trigger David A Servant to Bob Acres Marc Hawkins Doug Park Ralph Nieder-Weslermann James Thrasher [an Dickson Brenda Ware Ann Roscopf Wynn Saggus Peter Lukidis Rob Rice Sandlin Scott Frank Burton Clay Rouse |ohn Woosley Robert lohnson 83 " ANASTASIA ' Chernov Sandlin Scott Varya Sue Stuart Pelrovin Ralph Nieder-Westermann Princo Bounine Frank Burton Sergei Edmund Senteno Anna |an Dickson Counsellor Drivinilz Peter Lukidis Sleigh Driver lames Thrasher Charwoman Cynthia Webher Dr. Serensky Alan Hunter Dowager Empress Diane Wiltshire Baroness Livenhaum Frances Lavelle Prince Paul John Dominick 84 85 4k FOOTBALL The Millsaps College Majors, coached by Harper Davis and Tommy Ranager, terminated the regular sea- son of 1976 with an impressive 7-2 record following a decisive 35-3 victory over Culver-Stockton College and closely missed an opportunity to compete in the play- offs of Division Three football in the NCAA. Coach Davis now has nine consecutive winning sea- sons under his belt for his thirteen-year-reign as head director of the Majors. Senior quarterback Rickie Haygood, who was voted the team ' s Most Valuable Player, was also nationally ranked as the fourth best passer in Division Three. He connected on 135 of 269 tries for 1974 yards and 15 touchdowns during the season. Dees Hinton, the senior wingback who was Hay- good ' s primary receiver the entire year, closed the sea- son as the third best receiver in the NCAA Division Three. Hinton earned the Best Offensive Back Award as he caught 54 aerials for 886 yards and six touchdowns. The Majors were led by senior tailback Ted Ruemke on the ground, who totaled eight touchdowns for the year. As the leading ground gainer, Ruemke rushed for 662 yards on 176 carries. The staunch Millsaps defense, tutored by Coach Ranager, played a vital role in the Purple and White ' s fine grid season. Selected as the Best Defensive Back, senior Bob King ended his career with six aerial steals. Defensively, sophomore safety Trex Morris led the squad with seven interceptions. Senior defensive end Steve McAlilly was chosen as the Most Outstanding Senior Collegiate football player representing Millsaps College. In the tackling category, senior Ronnie Jurney com- piled 65 tackles and 35 assists from the linebacker spot, and was voted Most Outstanding Lineman. Other awards went to defensive tackle Wayne Wat- son and offensive lineman Gary Garrett. Watson made 53 tackles and 23 assists and was voted Best Defensive Lineman. Garrett, a senior tackle and experienced blocker, received the Best Offensive Lineman Award. The Majors lost the assistance of senior defensive ro- ver Dan Richards midway through the season due to a head injury, and senior offensive lineman Paul Walker who broke his arm early in the year. 88 First row: Timmy Ratchford, Leslie Mims, Rem McNeaiy, Robin Whatley, David Carroll, Robin Rice, Monie Simpkins, Carol Burrus Second row: Pat Davis, Archie Lamb, Dees Hinton, Dexter Cantelou, Bill Lancaster. Bryan Stacy, Ken Gran- berry, Bob King, Don Hinton, Tim Dulaney, Rob Rice, Jerry Hazlip Third row: John Cox, Rickie Haygood, Ted Ruemke, David Handshoe, Trex Morris, David Culpepper, Gary Dunn, Harold Weaver, Perry Wallace, Robert Wright, Mark Vesser Fourth row: Coach Harper Davis, James O ' Fallon, Greg Nieberg, Chris Christmas, Orman Knox, Bo Wroten, Ronnie Jurney, Bert Wilkins, David Powers, Roy Lindsay, Charle s Baldwin, Coach Tommy Ranager Fifth row: Ed Senteno, Mike Harrison, Rick Grisham, Paul Walker, Raymond Carmeans, Wayne Watkins, Mark Ikner, Bill McAlilly, Steve McAlilly, Dan Richards. Gary Garrett, Pat Kirby 89 ii. i- iX-E ii i 90 91 92 n.. r r 93 BASKETBALL The Millsaps round bailers terminated their 1976-77 season with a 6-15 win-loss record under coach Bob Booth. Senior Ricky Casey and junior Dennis Prowell sparked the Majors in the final contests as they won three of four in the stretch. Casey paced the Purple and White with a 15.85 scoring average from his guard po- sition, and shot 46% from the floor. Prowell, a junior college transfer, ended his initial term under Booth with a 14.0 point average per game, while shooting 48% from the field. The jumping for- ward also led Millsaps with 192 rebounds for 20 con- tests, averaging 9.6 rebounds per game. J.B. Byrd, another junior college transfer, maintained a 13.7 game average until he suffered an ankle injury late in the year. Byrd shot 43% from the floor and an impressive 81% from the charity line. Dave Hardin and Jayson Norris rounded out the starting five with an 11-point game shooting average, and a 76 and an 80 per cent free throw shooting aver- age respectively. 94 95 Si 97 3MsSM : ' ML i;i iiMMS BASEBALL The Millsaps College Baseball Squad ended the 1977 spring season with a total of eight wins against 12 defeats. Seven of the eight losses that the Majors suffered were by a lone run. Coached by Tommy Ranager, the baseballers maintained an 8-4 record among NCAA Di- vision III teams during the year. The Majors diamonders voted Archie Lamb as their Most Valuable Player, as he played in three different positions on the diamond; second base, pitcher, and catcher, and led the team with three homers and 17 runs scored. Receiving the Best Defensive Player Award, Greg Nieberg made just five errors on the field during the season: while John Cox took the Academic Award. Rickie Haywood paced the Purple and White with a .333 batting average and led the crew with 23 hits and 15 RBI ' s. Seniors who graduated from the team are: Haygood, Lamb, Mike Harrison, Ken Grandberry, and Ricky Casey. 98 .■ .. . .ii4jg .iJ-JK5 w. i.;t - 7 . WJSi r 99 F " - » v .V ' -.vOv. v -?.-.-. TENNIS Coach Jim Montgomery ' s Millsaps netters concluded another fine season with an outstanding 26-12 record and once again earned a berth in the NCAA Division III Tennis Championship, which Millsaps hosted. Mike Bourland, the Most Valuable Player on the team, compiled a 21-11 tlual match record in his number one position. The permanent team captain for the 1976-77 season was Mike Woods, who endt d his tennis career for Millsaps with a 23-13 record. Joey Langston was voted as the squad ' s Most Improved Player as he fin- ished with 22 wins versus 15 defeats. Randall Boyd chalked up the best dual match record of 25-8, while teammate Hugh White followed at 23-9. Senior Ken Hall Harnett maintained a 17-8 win-loss record, and Monie Simpkins held a 10-10 match record for the Majors. 100 ' A! 2 mm£ ' ' 101 GOLF The 1977 Millsaps linksters had their third consecutive winning season this year as they terminated the schedule with a 6 and 4 record. Graduating seniors Doug Minor and Philip Maples were invited to represent the Majors ' Golf Team in the third annual NCAA Division III Golf Championship. Minor, who received the Golfer of the Year Award, was selected on the basis of his 74.8 stroke average, while Maples was chosen for his 75.6 average per round. Juniors Charlie Frye, Les Cunningham, and Lance Wyble made up the remainder of the group which was coached by Mary Ann Edge. Frye maintained a 79.1 average, followed by Cunningham with an average of 82 strokes per round, and Wyble held an 84 average for the season. Charlie Frye Doug Minor -;- v :- , ,f »t T T ▼ - 1 ' ii : ' ■■ t V INTRAMURALS £ ' 11 . i " rr :- ' -i:. ' ' . ' " ir IV ' n :.. -i-- jsI jSTffiif 1 1 ' l|li|ip M1 ' » ' I 103 MILL ,P5A)(A«1 Sullivan— Harrell Intramural Team Andy LaGarde, George Beardsley, Alan LaGarde. Tommy Cobb, Mark Simon, Alan Wh itley, Alan Hunter 104 105 ■.a»« F 1 106 t-. ' " - P ' 3: f -: 107 Ar ' f ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT SENATE Student Executive Board Senators Monie Simpkins, President Alan Hunter, First Vice-President Marion Wofford, Second Vice-President Cristi Roberson, Treasurer Susan Tsimortos, Secretary The Student Senate at Millsaps serves over the non- academic areas of the college that are the responsi- bility of students. This organization is the spokesman for the student body on all matters concerning students. Cindy Crowe Doug Demmons Bobby Graham Mike Holloway Trey Jones Mary Martin Daryl Plunk Vonda Reeves Debbie Salvant Laura Sherrod Lawrence Stevens Michelle Tate Marie Waller Mike Workman John Woosley Collier Graham no The College Senate has the purpose of giving effec- tive, responsive and responsible governance to the en- tire Millsaps community. The three college con- stituencies— atiminislration, faculty, and student— all come together to delegate authority and review deci- sions of the College Senate which affect the life of the entire college. COLLEGE SENATE First Row: Paul D. Hardin, Dr. Frank Laney, Dr. Hilliard Saunders, Billy Bufkin, Dr. Jonathan Sweat, Howard Bavender, Dr. Russell Levanway Second Row: Doug Minor, Cindy Bourgeois, Susan Tsimortos, Pat Dickens, Monie Simpkins, Dr. Samuel Knox, Dr. Robert Shive, Frank Young Not Pictured: Doug Levanway, Fred Richards m JUDICIAL COUNCIL Denise Bershon Mack Cheney Renita Cotton David Ettman Michael Mansour Gary Meek Cherese Ward Cindy Wilson Margaret Wilson, Chairperson 112 Celeste Dniffen, Editor STYLUS Mary Martin, Assistant Edilcir Frances Lavelle Reilly Morse Ben Fewel Not Pictured: Doug Demmons 113 PURPLE AND WHITE Frank Ynung. Editor 114 Susie Baker, Assistant Editor Maribeth Megehee, Business Manager Timmy Ratchford David Bowling Ann Rnscopf Mary Martin Anna Furr Beth Clark |errv Shivers Holiy Gilbert 1 15 BOBASHELA Brisler Shipley. Assistant Editor Sara Evans, Editor t 6 Kate Bradley, Mary Martin, Helen McCormick, M.iribclh Mrgehee Leland and Barbara Smith, Co-busini ' ss Managers Pholognipher.s: David Bnindon Ydung Ted Ruemke 1 W MILLSAPS SINGERS It has been a busy year for the Millsaps Singers. We have participated in five major concerts— " The Messiah, " " Elijah, " " Beethoven ' s Ninth, " — to name a few. Many members of the choir participated in the world premier of Opera South ' s " Jubilee. " Numerous Methodist churches throughout the state have enjoyed our Sunday night concerts— we, in turn, enjoyed pot luck suppers and— ugh— bus trips! Perhaps the most notable achieve- ment of the Singers this year was the world premier presentation of the " Easter Laud- ate, " a cantata by Alva Henderson and Janet Lewis. It has been a good year, and the group can not help but be a close one for we spend five hours a week together, in addition to extra rehearsals and performances. However, the things we will remember most as the Singers are the little things . . . Mr. " B " . . . concerts . . . bus rides . . . practice, practice, practice . . . PITCH . . . Mother ' s Club . . . Sweet art ... " We love you, Leland " . . . parties . . . tlie Jackson Symphony . . . " EHjah " . . . blue dresses . . . quartets . . . one and-a two and-a . . . Dalvitt . . . home, sweet home . . . sectionals . . . give us the right note, Bev . . . the baton . . . posture, please! . . . humph . . . conflicts: football practice, tests, Friday Forum, and other unimportant things . . . choir committee . . . Rob ' s opinion . . . Vicksburg . . . Frank and his ten minute pictures . . . Matheny ' s entertainment . . . sore throats . . . risers . . . pot luck suppers . . . S.O.C.— red lips and pony tails . . . Ma Price . . . happy birthday . . . lunch at " Everybody ' s " . . . and a real fellowship. First Row: Donna Doorrnbas. Sherry Pearson, Beth Conner, Bhiir Chism, Rebecca Brent Gaby, Gail Stanton, Carla [enkins, Christina Morris Second Row: Ann Kenneth, Bhinche WiUiams, [anice Mitchell, Theresa Prescott. Kathy Byler, Lisa Lowe, Toni McMillan, Cristi Roberson, Lucy Burrus, Kim Myrick, Ann Abies Third Row: Beverly Clement, Linda Gray, Bill Leech, |uii Malheny, |oel Yoiingblood, Frank Burton. Mike McDonald, Bill Rigby, Mike Gaby, Ralph Nieder-Westermann, Rob Rice, fanel Hall, Sally Faton Buys Fourth Row: Bob Smith, Bob Ross. Mark Youngblood, jimmy Boone, Bob Lyle, Tad Denson, [ohn Stark, |inimy Ray, Jim Ranager, Tommy Rose, Bill Rice, Hugh Clark, |im Clark 119 TROUBADOURS A remarkably talented, versatile group of young performers, they have amassed a wealth of experience in a few short years: six international tours, including jaunts to Europe, the Caribbean, Iceland, Newfoundland, and Romania; countless appearances within their home state (at art festi- vals, carnival balls, civic and church functions) as well as in Colorado and Mexico; guest appear- ances with lh(! Mcmiphis Symphony Orchestra and on television; not to mention the annual spring concerts at Millsaps, and numerous other special performances. Throughout the years the Troubadours have continued to di monstrate their talent, versatality, and enthusiasm, thereby fulfilling a traditional concept of Troubadours: taking their talents to the people. First Row: Jackie Pearson, piano Sherry Pearson Bob Smith |an Dickson Beverly Clement Second Row: Danny Cooper Brad Carter, guitar Adren IVlcCoy, drums Billy Bryan Cheryl Hunt Alan Hunter Steve Jenkins, bass 120 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Alpha Epsilon Delta, the international premedical honor society, was organized to encourage students taking pn medical curriculum to strive for excellence and to promote interest in the field of medicine. Mem- bers are chosen on the basis of leadership, scholarship, character, and personality. First Row: Martha Hutchison, Krisli Mclntyre, Les Cunningham, Mack Cheney. Danny Carey. Lance Wyble, Tommy Cochran Second Row: Morris Parsons, Joel Youngblood, Mark Stanton. Dr. Allen Bishop. Bob Lewis, Stewart Lawrence, Scott Boswell. Frank Burton Third Row: Dr. Roy Berry, Dr. Eugene Cain Not Pictured: Andrew Bishop, Tomas Blackwell. Mark Clay. Cindy Crowe, Alvin Darby, Bobby Graham, Tom Halton, Huel Harris, David Hassell, Kent Keberl, Tina Kiefer, Ben Looney, Doug Packer, Bob Ross, Scott Shows, Joy Siegrist, Earl Stewart, Trey Thomas, Randy Weimer, Ralph Wells, Nathan Williams 122 Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dramatics fraternity. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in dra- matic activities at Millsaps College. Membership is earned through active participation in the Millsaps Players. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Jan Dickson, Diane Wiltshire. Frances Lavelle. Brenda Ware Sharon Sanders, Marc Hawkins, Frank Burton, Sandy Scott Jimmy Thrasher. Chff Coats, Ralph Neider-Westerman, Clay Rouse, Rob Blount 123 BETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta is a national honorary for students in the biological sciences. The purposes are to stimulate sound scholarship, to promote the dissemination of scientific truth, and to encourage investigation in the life sciences. s i m g 1 ililll c i " tmmmm SO ' WHn lac 11 «a V,, U ., ?www- ■j m» z- .-- First Row: Glen Dicl erson. Cindy Webber, |ohn Watts Second Row: Annie Baldwin. |otin Fowler. Cindy Milton, Lynn Brown. Teena Freeman, Roberta Osborn Third Row: Bob Lewis. Doug Packer, )im Clark, Les Cunningham, Laura Hanson Fourth Row: Sally Suilduth, Mack Cheney, Marion Wofford, Betty McKinnon, Cindy Crowe, |eff Moseley Fifth Row: Dr. |ames McKeown, Dr Eric Yensen, Dr. Rondal Bell Not Pictured: Scott Boswell, Mark Clay, Huel Harris, Sam McKee, |eff Moseley, Ricky Smith, Nathan Williamson, Steve Wilsey 124 Chi Chi Chi is an honorary recognizing outstanding schohirship in the study of chemistry. It imcoiiragi s students having an interest in chemistry to enter grad- uate and professional school. Membership is deter- mined by schohistic excellence in meeting the require- ments for a chemistry degree or for those persons whose curriculum involves a great deal of study in the field of chemistry. CHI CHI CHI First Row: Scott Boswcll, Ben Loonry. Trex Morris. Stewart Lawrence. Mack Cheney. Les Cunningham Second Row: David Hassell, Danny Carey. Martha Hutchison. Dr. Eugene Cain. Kristi Melntyre. Tommy Cochran. Frank Burton Third Row: Earl Stewart. Lance Wyble. Tin.i Kiefer. Dr. Allen Bishop. Mark Stanton, Morris Parsons. Bob Lewis Not Pictured: Mark Clay, Alvin Darby. Tom Halton. Huel Harris. Allen Morton, Scott Shows, Darrel Thigpen, Ralph Wells, Rob Wells. Nathan Williamson. |im Wofford 125 ETA SIGMA Eta Sigma is a national scholastic honorary which promotes excellence in scholarship on the campus. Members are required to have completed a minimum of seventy-five hours. Juniors must have an overall in- dex of 3.55 Margaret Lawrence Linda Wells Rob Rice Diane Bosarge Theresa Prescott Bill Leech Beverly Clement Sue Humphrey Mark Stanton Martha Mouser )enni Tenhet Peg Wahrendorff Gail Doss Donna Doorenbos Not Pictured Charlene Abraham Renee Brou Barry Cockrell David Cook lanet Hall Robm Randall Hall Steve [enkins Bob Lewis Kristi Mclntyre Virginia Lynn Magee ]im Matheny Mike Moss Marion Pinson Bill Presson Mariann Stokes Caren Sullivan Toni Walker Ralph Wells Anthony Womack 126 Eta Sigma Phi is the national classical fratcrnily that has the dual purposes to recognize outstanding stu- dents of Greek and Latin studies and to cultivate an in- terest in the art and the literature of Ancient Greece and Rome. ETA SIGMA PHI Timmy Ratctiford, President; Dr. Freis, Faculty Advisor Not pictured: Alan Burrow. Barry Cockrell, Angela Dawson, Doug Demmons, Diane Dickey, jean Harkins, Yuvonne Plunkett, David Thornton, Elizabeth Wofford, Steve Woosley 127 KAPPA DELTA EPSILON Kappa Delta Epsilon is an education honorary that encourages high professional, intellectual, and per- sonal standards and to recognize outstanding contribu- tions to education. Membership is chosen through per- sonal qualities, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholarship. It shall endeavor to maintain a high de- gree of professional growth by honoring Achievement in educational work. Kneeling: Robin Rice, Cindy Rosson. Kathryn Barksdale, Susie Baker, Lindsay Shallcross Standing: Cindy Sanders, Toni McMillan, Gail Stanton, Lucy Burrus, Linda Wells, S herry Pearson Not Pictured: Charlene Abraham. Ann Alexander, Cindy Bourgeois, Sally Buys, Steve Byrd, Nancy Carson. Claire Crofford, Debra Deraps, Gad Gober, Ken Cranberry, Robin Hall, Dr. Linda Harvey, Rickie Haygood, Cae Ivv! Kevin leffries, [eannie |osey. Bill Leech. Adren McCoy, Gloria Steinwinder. Mariann Stokes. Toni Walker. Cynthia Webber, Margaret Williams 128 Alumni Members (active): Mr. Zachery Taylor, ]r. Carl ' l. Bush Faculty and Staff: Ms. Frances Coker President E.M. Collins Dr. Sam Knox Dr. Frank Laney Dr. Ross A. Moore D(uin ]. Harvey Saunders OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor- ary that strives to recognize those who excel in all phases of college life. It is unique among the honor so- cieties in that student members are chosen not only for scholastic achievement, but also for their leadership contributions to the Mills aps community. First Row: Toni Walker, Ms. Frances Coker, Maribcth Megehee, Linda Wells. Lucy Burrus. [:),ivid Binirg ' ois. Steve |enkins. Glori.i Stein- winder. Margaret Wilson. President E.M. Collins Second Row; Dr. Frank Laney, Dr. Sam Knox, Boh Lewis. Billy lack Bass. Bill Leech. Danny Bowling. May Lipe Zehnder. jim Matheny. Barry Cockrell, Rob Rice Not Pictured: Cindy Crowe, [uliet Dantin, ' Donna Doorenbas, Nancy Lang. Bill Presson. Mark Stanton. Peg W.ihrendorff. lim Wofforil 129 PHI ALPHA THETA Phi Alpha Theta is the largest of the accredited honor societies in the nation; it promotes and encour- ages the study of history. It is open to those students who have acquired twelve hours in history while maintaining a 3.0 average in history as well as a 3.0 overall average. Second Row: Dr. Chiirle.s Sallis, Dr, Frank Lanev FirsI Row: Isalirlle Ezell D ominick, Mike McDonald. |anel Hall Karen Roemer. Sue Humphrey. Dr, Ros.s Moore. Dr. Bob McElvaine Not Pictured: Terri Cowley 130 Schiller Gosellschaft is a German honorary recog- nizing outstanding students in the study of German and promoting an interest in German culture. Those invited for membership must present a research paper on some aspect of Germany ' s contributions to the arts of sciences. SCHILLER GESELLSCHAFT ' ' Z ' j, First Row: |ane Cashon, John Stark. Scott Spillman Second Row: John Guest, Jo Ann Stokes 131 SIGMA DELTA PI Sigma Delta Pi is a Spanish honor society which rec- ognizes attainment and scholarship in the study of the Spanish language and literature. Its purpose is to honor students who have earned several hours in Spanish, and who hold a high scholastic average in all subjects. Billv Bufkiii. t;indv Webber, Mrs. Nellie Hederi, Dr. Milliard Saunders, Renee Brou, Dr. Robert Kahn, Charlotte Correll 132 Sigma Lambda ' s membership is the highest honur a Millsaps woman can receive. Each must be of junior standing and must have exhibited qualities of lead- ership, character, and service to the college community. SIGMA LAMBDA First Row: Dean Jane Corder, May Lipe Zehnder. Mrs. Ross A. Moore. Gloria Steinwinder, Lucy Burrus. [enny Bates Second Row: Margaret Wilson, Gail Doss, Linda Wells, Cindy Crowe, Martha Mouser, Theresa Prescott. Peg Wahrendorff, Nancy Lang, Maribeth Megehee, Diane Bosarge. )anet Hall Third Row: Betty Mckinnon, Annie Baldwin, Sue Humphrey, Marion Wofford, Frances Lavelle, Donna Doorenbas Not Pictured: Sally Eaton Buys. Beverly Clement, Ms. Frances Coker, Juliet Dantin, Sandra Johnson. Ruth Lloyd. Adren McCoy. Toni Walker 133 THETA NU SIGMA Theta Nu Sigma is an honorary that recognizes ex- cellence in scholarship and leadership among science students and strives to further interest in the sciences. First Row: Earl Stewart. Mark Stanton. Scott Spillman. Dr. George Beardsley Second Row: Tom Cochran, Steve Jenkins 134 MAJORETTE CLUB The Majorette Club is iin hoiidi ' iiry recognizing lhos( women who have exhibited active inliM ' est anti partici- pation in women ' s intramural sports. A member must have participated in at least three sports and have; maintaineil a point index of 2.5 lor two semesters. First Row: Nancy Ij.iiifi Carol Muldlcslcad l eg Waliri ' ndorff Betty McKinnon ligs Il mtin Second Row Third Row: Leslie Minis Beth Clark Charlene Roosenlhal Crist i Rolierson Linda Wells Sissy Sights Adren McCoy CIRCLE K KirsI Row: Carol Downy Brisler Shipley |une Johnson |,inis Mahry Holly Cilberl Mary Martin Margaret Kaslla Second Row: |immy Boone Tom Parry Mary Alice Nye Barhara Smith Roger Ishee D.Ac Uelnck Third Row: David Ha.ssell Leiand Smith Billy jack 135 Black III Student Association 136 Claude Anderson Patricia Atl ins Janice Bacon Annie Baldwin Terri Banks Billy jack Bass Linda Bennett Patricia Began Natalie Brookins Gladys Bush Ferilyn Butler ■|.B. Byrd Henry Clay Renita Cotton Dielhra Cox Bobby Crudrys lohnnie Cunimings Pam Curry Alvin Darby Gerald Davis Linda Fields Sherry Floyd Terilyn Flucker Sonja Fuqua Dwight Gaddis Jeffery Garner Raymond Gordan Eddie Green Kenneth Harris Cordelia Hayes Bettie Hicks Eugene Jackson Sylvia Jacobs Searcy Jamison Brenda Jones Lauretta Jordan Orman Knox Valencia Martin Verba Moore Kieth Moses Belinda Nichols Michael Patterson Dennis Prowell Vonda Reeves Rennee Rhodeman Tommy Rose Robert Scott Michael Seals Terrence Shirley Reginald Stanton Oteria Starling Earl Stewart Darrell Thigpin Tim Thompson Perry Wallace Terry Wallace Marie Waller Cherese Ward Debra Williams Homer Williams Ron Wise Honey Womack Jerry Yearell ■ rr N;J:1[?L:JL ' :i:K ' I 137 Panhellenic association consists of representatives from all three sororities. Its function is the administra- tion and regulation of the sororities ' rush and activi- ties. This year Panhellenic, along with IFC, sponsored " Greek Week " which successfully involved the entire Millsaps community in various festivities. PANHELLENIC President Secretary Treasurer Shawn Harper Carol Burrus Charlene Rosenthal Holly GilbiTl. Phi Mu: Shano Pittmaii, Kappa Delta; Shawn Harper. Phi Mu: Susan Tsimorlos, Kappa Delta; Charlene Rosenthal, Kappa Delia; Carol Burrus, Chi Omega; Michelle Tale. Chi Omega Not Pictured; Robin Rice. Chi Omega; Deborah Madden. Phi Mu 138 The Interfraternity Council with officers Frank Ap- pleby (President), Rob Rice (Vice President), and Bill McAHlly (Secretary-treasurer), introduced an after- noon of odd and hilarious activities in what they called " Greek Day. " An innovative idea which had as its objective the bringing together of all Millsaps people, the day was co-sponsored by panhellenic and turned out to be an enjoyable experience for everyone and will likely be- come an annual affair. IFC has attempted to change its role from a longtime lackadaisical organization to one that will benefit and promote the Greek system. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL jotin Watts, Pi Kappa Alpha; Mark Stanton, Lambda Chi Alpha; Ed Senteno, Lambda Chi Alpha Kent Kebert, Pi Kappa Alpha; Martin Baker, Kappa Alpha; Rob Rice, Kappa Alpha; Bill McAlilly, Kappa Sigma Tim Kemp, Kappa Sigma; Doug Minor, Pi Kappa Alpha; Jim Watts, Kappa Sigma; Frank Appleby, Kappa Sigma 139 Chi Delta of Chi Omega President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Pledgee Trainer Personnel Chairman Chapter Correspondent Freshman Officer Rush Chairmen Robin Rice Beth Clark Leah Melichar Kate Bradley Ruth Lloyd Cristi Roberson Helen McCormick Michelle Tate Jeanne Smith Cindy Crowe " There ' s a bond in Chi Omega " . . . owls, white carnations, the cardinal and straw . . . " you ' ve got to have friends. " candlelights, and Owl Man Court (Rob. Bill. Bob. Don. Mark) . . . Millsaps Singers and Players . . . Troubadours . . . scholarship trophy— again and again . . . our Fraternity— a symphony of high purpose and helpfulness . . . intramurals: basketball champs, tennis queens. Flautt and " Go Big Chi O. Go! " . . . Crescent Court . . . Greek Goddess . . . Queen Elizabeth . . . Homecoming Queen and maids . . . cheerleaders! . . . Bobashela editor . . . P W . . . I.O.L.A.S. . . . Orientation Co-chairman . . , Jackson Symphony Orchestra . . . S.E.B. Treasurer . . . senators . . . Sigma Lambda- president . . . ODK— vice president . . . AED . . . BBB— president . . . Eta Sigma . . . KDE— president . . . Theta Nu Sigma . . . Chi Chi Chi ... all alike, yet all different— each adds her own special spirit . . . Owl Pals . . . Big Sisters— come find us! . . . Hootie-Hoot . . . GWO (C.B.. you were great!) . . . Pledge Slave Sale . . . Owl Man Dance and Serenade . . . Fine Feathered Friends . . . Little Fox . . . Chi O Songfest (yes. you have to stand on the front!) . . . cafeteria performance— the first time and the last time! . . . rockin ' out a new stereo . . . swinging baskets . . . " to be womanly always, discouraged never " . . . CHI OMEGA— tears of sadness and tears of joy and sisters to share them with . . . " and our bond will ne ' er be broken. " .Vf- 140 Peggy Austin Susio Baker Jenny Bates Catherine Bowlus Kate Bradley Betsy Broome Laurie Brown Carol Burrus Lucy Burrus Allison Callaway Beth Clark Cathy Crosby Cindy Crowe Sara Evans Anna Furr Rebecca Brent Gaby Brooks Gibson Linda Gray Robin Randall Hall Malinda Hamilton Amanda Harding Clara Ann Home Julie Joseph Ruth Kellum Ruth Lloyd Helen McCormick Adren McCoy Susan McEuen Betty McKinnon Maribeth Megehee Leah Melichar May Lipe Zehndor M.iriha Nadler Karen Nolan Elise Norfleet Jackie Pearson Sherry Pearson Merrin Prewitt Robin Rice Cristi Roberson Ann Roscopf Cindy Rosson Cindy Sanders Lindsay Shallcross Laura Sherrod Cissy Sights Barbara Smith Jeanne Smith Lynn Stone Tracey Sweet Michelle Tate Beth Thomas Lydia Thomas Terry Toler KellyeWade Toni Walker Carmie Watson Linda Wells Kathy Weston Robin Whatley Lynn Woodard Maggie Wynn Beth Yeager 141 Alpha Mu of Kappa Alpha I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX Peder Johnson Cooper Morrison Matt Harkey James Holland Jay labour Michael Mansour Bruce McKinley Bill Richter David Hassell " In 1865 at Washington and Lee " . . . Hi! How you? . . . na na na Snapper Time . . . Cabana Club . , , Brotherhood rallies . . . Kiss Ass Band . . . Who ' s Who in American |ails and Prisons . . . SEB president (finally) . . . the Off-campus Society for the Preservation of Seniors . . . Panama and Pop-a-top . . . Scholarship Trophy . . . how many pins now, Lele? . . . the party of the Rose . . . Crazy Mary ... a dozen carna- tions for Cathy . . . The Best of My Love . . . Amy ' s baby . . . Rose Debbie . . . Eric Gunn Scholarship . . . Peder ' s plutonic relationships . . . way to go, Rickie . . . swamp cowboys . . . queen ' s quacker . . . KA Dodson . . . nappy-headed boy . . . red-headed chinaman . . . river-boat party . . . Bahama Momma . . . the gape— A. OS. . . . Hassole . . . cashier . . . FAT bob . . . Black and White ... a witch? . . . chicken and noodle . . . Booze-wah . . . Hudspeth Center children . . . social mannerism . . . gator . . . Kiss Kiss Kiss . . . the hulk . . . double-knit kid ... no parking on the white curb . . . walbash cannonball . . . " Bulldog " Bill goes KD? . . . Luau . . . " and all those damned Yankees can simply go to Hell ... " k- jatAt»-4 -v ' ' -i . ; Martin Baker David Bourgeois Danny Bowling David Bowling Randall Boyd Rod Clement Kenny David David Flautt Charlie Frye Matt Harkey David Hassell Kurt Henke James Holland Roger Ishee Jay labour Peder Johnson Walt Jones Archie Lamb Joey Langston David Lee Bill Leech Greg Loyd Bob Lyle Ed Manning Michael Mansour Bo McEuen Bruce McKinley Jack Mobly Cooper Morrison Rob Nichols Timmv Ralchford Bill Rice Rob Rice Bill Ricter Ward Ripley Bob Ross Greg Rula Jerry Runnels Monie Simpkins Leland Smith Scott Spillman Carter Stamm Hugh Tedder Alex Wallace Bert Wilkins Frank Young 143 Mu of Kappa Delta President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Editor Membership Chairman Rush Chairmen Susan Tsimortos Cindy Bourgeois Cindy Marsalis Laura Adkins Karen Corban Debbie Salvant Beverly Clement Joy Chastain Norma Gardner m l ' i£ it. I " We are Ihe K.ippa Drlta Sisters " . , . activities . . . see.ond semester pleiiges . . . Steve. Ronnie, Bruce?! . . . Rulli!?! . . . K.A. Rose . . . home- coming maids . . . Major ' s Lady . . . ODK . . . Pike Dream Girl Court . . . Sigma Lambda . . . Lamt)da Chi Crescent girls . . . P W . . . Stylus . . . Bobashela . . . Singers and Players . . . Troubs . . . S.E.B. . . . Senate . . . judicial C ouncd . . . football jocks? . . . " B " league basketball . . . bye seniors . . . ' 77— we ' ll miss you . . . " We have a song to sing for you " — we sure got the " inspiration " in Songfest . . . " We ' re linked by ties of love and friendship " . . . Mayflower . . . raffles . . . chapter meeting and education . . . candlelights . . . cookouts . . . Emerald Ball . . . Meth- odist Children ' s Home . . . house clean-up?!?! . . . telethon . . . let ' s have a project! . . . " We pledge ourselves to Kappa Delta " . . . each of us is an individual— a paper doll . . . KD binds us together with lots of love, laughter, and A.O.T. Laura Adkins Cindy Bourgeois Lynn Bmmfield Sally Eaton Buys KathyByler Sharon Carter Retta Chaffin |oy Chastain Lisa Clark Beverly Clement Mary Al Cobb Karen Corban Gwen Crane Emily Crews Jacque Cruthirds Juliet Dantin Debbie Deraps Jan Dickson Celeste Draffen Norma Gardner Lynn Gleaton Jan Guild Cathy Hamrick Mary Hamrick Lee Herold Claudia Hopkins Toni Howard Cheryl Hunt Martha Hutchinson Carla Jenkins Sandra |ohnson Nancy Lang Margaret Lawrence Lisa Lee Lisa Lowe Cindy Marsalis Mary Martin Nancy Martin Leslie Mims Kalhryn Myrick Wilma Parry Shane Pitlman |oycp Posey Peggy Potter Theresa Prescott Donna Read Charlene Rosenthal Betsy Ross Debbie Salvant Sharon Sanders Gloria Steinwinder Sally Sudduth Sue Sunkel Susan Tsimortos Peg Wahrendorff Cindy Wilson Diane Wiltshire Mary Witten 145 ALPHA UPSILON OF KAPPA SIGMA G.M. G.P. G.M.C. G.T. G.S. Guards Jim Watts Frank Appleby BillMcAlillly Huel Harris Ben Looney Eddie Milliard Tim Dulaney Louis Alexander Frank Appleby Rob Blount Scott Boswell Brian Browning Dexter Cantelou Andy Gotten Marland Dulaney Tim Dulaney |ohn Dyer Herbie Ellis Paul Gamble David Handshoe Huel Harris Eddie Hilliard Tim Kemp Rich Knox Ben Looney Bill McAlillv Steve McAlilly Rem McNealy Jerry Mallett Bryan Miller Trex Morris Jack Neely David Reilly Donald Reilly Jay Robertson Dwayne Self Brian Stacy Lawrence Stephens John Tannehill Trey Thomas Jim Watts Huel Hams 146 What ' s the only thing more irrepressible (but more lovable) than a Sig?-A WHOLE GROUP OF SIGS!!! . . . wet serenade . . . E.P. . . . 1-2-3 . . . swinging baskets . . . Huel, how ' bout that trip to Merediaii . . . let ' s camp out . . . Bacon . . . bang . . . Everybody ' s . . . Bro. Buffett . . . Herbacide . . . HOOT HOOT . . . we ' re innocent this time . . . Watts, don ' t kick the chair . . . " Three Little Fishes " . . . " Pollywooly Doodle " . . . Browning, where ' s your hat . . . KS Kola . . . " at the old house ... " ... Mojo . . . Embarrassment Gity . . . Slim, who ' s that in the shower? . . . the chewin ' bench . . . yo mama, yo mama . . . c ' mon Flynn, only 1S06 cases to go . . . manpower . . . what keg? . . . the Mayflower . . . I ' m gonna kill that rooster! . . . Who got my water gun? . . . Boz, where ' s your date? . . . Freddie ' s B ' s . . . " As A Mighty Oak Stands " . . . Don ' t worry Stacy— it all comes out in the wash . . . son of business . . . " uh, yeah baby, it ' s Michael . . . NOT THE MEASLES!?! . . . scuse me! . . . Tannehill, not in thi: fireplace . . . T.J. . . . B-52 ' s . . . Sado . . . Coonasses: like father, like son . . . senate-bogus or bemus? . . . Which ex. Pup? . . . Marland Einstein . . . power play . . . Kemp, how ' bout a game of cardinal puff? . . . Gamble, optm your mouth when you talk . . . the eternal keg . . . Now which Barn Dance is it? ... I ' m not as think as you drunk I am . . . putitalltogetherandwhatthehellyougot?— SIGMA! 147 THETA ETA ZETA OF LAMBDA CH I ALPHA President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Fraternity Educator Rush Chairman Ritualist Scholarship Chairman Social Chairman Alumni Chairman Mark Stanton Jim Clark Phillip Ball Ken Szeto John Stark James Lowe Jimmy Ray Frank Burton Jeff Delmas David Ettman LAMBDA CHI ... a sense of pride and strength ... a tradition of hard work (house cleanup, 1 p.m.), hard play (we ' re gonna drink this place dry!), but always having fun . . . Happy Halloween (Bill, where did you get all that Spanish Moss?!) . . . Crescent Ball . . . frozen hayrides (again) . . . Purple Passion and Green Slime; Con- clave? . . . Helping others (Heart Fund and Cancer Society called, " let ' s go! " ) . . . Sunnybrook and the children . . . Easter Seals (telephone at 3 a.m.) . . . wise men say . . . (get the tub ready, and watch out for Ma Price ' s roses) . . . combat frisbee, intramurals are still for fun (grrr ...)... Water Tower? What water tower? You used whose paint? . . . Schnoz, get the keys and load the machine . . . injun ... Go Sub 330 . . . that awat lead pipe! . . . even you guys, Joe Lee and the six foot taco . . . How many P.B. ' s does it take to type the minutes? . . . Buzzard Boy . . . hey. Max, Michelle called . . . yo ' llama! . . . Rastro, Stork, the Rod, even the U still wonders . . . camel Jock . . . Bob-Kat . . . Owl Man emeritus . . . last of the Pozos . . . Billy 2 by 4 . . . the real bigby . . . pay yo ' bill . . . the S.H. bail out and everybody else . . . We ' re all good brothers, each one of the other ' s friend . . . Aim high, Lambda Chi! 148 •fc Phillip Ball Jacques Bell Tomas Blackwell Billy Bryan Frank Burton Jim Clark Joe Clark David Cook Max Courtney Gary DeBruin Jeff Delmas David Ettman Bob Faulkes Ben Fevviel Dean Foley Richard Fox Bobby Graham Bob Lewis Tom Lindsay James Lowe David McCord Jim Matheny Tom Parry Ben Polle Mike Posey Bill Presson Jimmy Ray Fred Richards Bill Rigby Ed Senteno Mark Simon Bob Smith Ralph Smith Mark Stanton |()hn Stark Billy Stephens Scott Stephens Ken Szeto Jeff Willers Marty Williams David Witty Mike Workman Joel Youngblood 149 EPSILON OF PHI MU President Vice President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Rush Chairmen Phi Director Deborah Madden Martha Mouser Corinne Wood Charlotte Correll Karen Crawford Barbara McLemore Shawn Harper Lindsey Green Ann Abies Lisa Anderson Michelle Antalec Nancy Baker Anne Brady Bridget! Braswell Blair Chism Suzi Clark Lynn Cole Charlotte Correll Marsha Crandall Karen Crawford Lisa Fisackerly Cathy Flinn Robin Fratesi Debbie Freeman Holly Gilbert Lindsey Green Cheryl Groves Candace Hall Shawn Harper Lisa Heatherly lacy Hill June Johnson Margaret Kastla Deborah Madden Melissa Matthews Barbara McLemore Deedy McCrory Martha Mouser Kim Myrick Mary Alice Nye Roberta Osborn Paula Painter Karen Prishmont ]o Ann Shanks Kim Stanfield Sue Stuart Pam Turner Mary Jo Wechsler Leslie Wheeler Vicki White Elizabeth Wofford Corinne Wood Becky Wright Shaunda Zinnecker Phi Mu . . . it ' s individuals together . . . welcoming new faces . . planning and playing . . . intramurals, Songfest, or a picnic at the lake . . . Enchantress Ball and a Houseboat Cruise . . . carolling for the frats and stealin ' those hearts ... Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Court . . . Home- coming Court . . . candlelights and carnations . . . leading and serving . . . Sigma Lambda and Linguistic honoraries . . . Campaigning for the Cancer Society . . . H.O.P.E . . . bringing Easter to children at Bethlehem Center . . . Phi Mu is Players, Singers, and Sisters ... All sharing pride in 125 years of Les Soeurs Fideles. 150 151 ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER OF PI KAPPA ALPHA President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Doug Minor John Watts Don Bailey Mark Ikner Tim Alfnrd Don Baiiey Mark Bailey Ken Hall Barnett Don Brunell David Carroll David Collins Mark Collins Bobby Crews Jimmy Crump Les Cunningham Robert Denson Mark Ensminger Joel Everett Collier Graham Rusty Hood Mark Ikner Kent Kebert Steve Laney Peter Lukidas Phillip Manser Doug Minor Allen Morton Mark Pace Fred Pepper Doug Packer Roy Price Trent Riggins Jack Ritter John Sandefur Tom Sikera Charlie Smith jimmy Smith Lance Smith Ricky Smith Stewart Smith John Sneed Ricky Spencer Jmimy Thrasher Paul Walker Johnny Ward John Watts Rob Wells Hugh White Robert Wilhard Jeff Wilson John Vest Chris Yochim Steve Dean Richard Edgerlon 152 ■vii jsa Renovation! (thanks Ruff) . . . Alumni Relations Award (thanks Eppes) ... 23 is great with me . . . soccer and volleyball champs again ... Pi Kappa Alpha Beer Booth . . . the Toilet Roll . . . Karate exhibition . . . Old North . . . Santa Sam . . . Magnolia Speech School Christmas and Easter Egg Parties . . . Delta Regional Conference . . . Herr Fink . . . " Pike of the month " . . . rock ' n roll jamburee . . . volts . . . stew . . . zinger ... we love you space chimp . . . golden legs . . . fish-buddy . . . beetle . . . Greek God Crotch . . . snowball fight in Memphis . . . Donna and Rat . . . little guy . . . Cotton Ball . . . Dream Girl . . . Casino Night . . . three Master Majors in a row . . . Intramural Trophy again . . . first Paul D. Hardin Award . . . Pike Bike Race . . . Look Out! Smythe and Harvey T. Newell Awards! Donna Doorenbas— Dream Girl 153 STUDENTS The one shrine at which all of us seem to worship today is Change. We had better, or fall upon our own swords of resistance. Jimmy Thrasher (sr.] Ralph Wells Martha Hutchinson (jr.). Cindy Crowe (jr.) Bill Little (fr.). C.A. Dodson (jr.) Jenny Tenhet (sr), Lynn Roberts (sr.) 156 Beverly Clement (jr.), Sherry Pearson (sr.). Billy Bryan (soph), Alan Hunter (soph), Brad Carter (sr.) A Kellye Wade (fr.), Betty McKinnon (sr.) Jeanette )osey (fr.) 157 Danny Cooper (soph.), Kenny Davis (soph.) |ini Wofford (sr.) Tom Jordan (sr.) 158 |«; ;.,V.v,v V. ' , ' ' 73 ' I- ■:: Robert Fagan (soph.) Pham-Van Nhuong (soph.) Fred Pepper (fr.), Lisa Heatherly (fr.), Collier Graham (fr.), Amanda Beard (fr.J Dwayne Self (jr.), Huel Harris (sr.), Bryan Miller (sr.), Steve McAlilly (sr.). Andy Cotton (sr.) [ohnnie Cummings (sr.) 159 The issue before us today is not the fact of change but how much of it we can handle. Alan Hunter (soph.) Carla Jenkins (fr.) Debbie Salvant (jr.) Donna Read (fr.) Beverly Clement (jr.) Diane Wiltshire (sr.) Barbara Smith (sr.) Martin Baker (fr.) Bruce McKinley (jr.) David Bourgeois (jr.) Cindy Bourgeois (soph.) 160 )im Wofford (sr.) ■ ' - ' .-vik ' sv ' ' ' ' - ' ' - ' ' ■■ ' -• - -x. . • ' ■-:-■ _,r -,■ --- v ft ' ' -i B Nancy Spencer (jr.) Kent Kebert (soph.) Lisa Lowe (soph.) Rusty Williard (|r.) Donna Doorenbas (jr ) Clay Rouse (soph.) |ennie Parsons (soph.) Kathy Byler and Daddy Cristi Roberson (soph.) Doug Levanway (sr.). Danny Bowling (sr.) David Lee (fr.) Rennee Rhodeman (fr.) David Bowling (fr.). Ann Roscoph (fr.) Mark Simon (soph.) Jeanne Smith (soph.), Cristi Roberson (soph.), Bill Leech (jr.). Cissy Sights (soph.) 163 Charlie Waters (jr,), Laurie Brown (sr ). Marlha Hutchison (jr.), Bob Ross (soph.), |ohn Dyer (soph.), Alan Burrow (jr.), Kristi Mclntyre (jr.) Peder Johnson (soph.) Linda Wells (sr), Rob Rice (jr.) May Lipe Zehnder (sr.) Sara Evans (soph.), Linda Gray (fr.) Alan Lagarde (fr). Andy Lagarde (soph.) In the midst of all the changes we must find the unchanging: In the obsolescence there must be the durable; in the tempo- rary there must be the permanent. |erry Shivers (sr.), Bruce Fairburn (sr.) 165 Marsha Crandall (fr.), Alison Callaway (fr.), Vickie White (fr.), Beth Yeager (fr.), Kathy Weston (fr.) Bruce McKinley (jr.), Debbie Salvant (jr.) Michael Mansour (soph.). Kenny Davis (soph.) Roberta Osborn (jrl. Martha Mouscr (jr.) Brenda W.irc (sciph.), Miki Harrison (sr] lanice Mabry (soph.), Joyce Posey (soph.) Deniac Bershon (fr.), Hugh Tedder (jr.) t67 9r mi» CAH LLUb 969 2801 defects , rofcve . ' , Unless r ;. youhe . ■ marcn George Slay (soph.) Bill McAlilly (jr.) and buddies Robert Gillon (sr), Ben Sydboten (fr.) Vonda Reeves (jr.). Gladys Bush (jr.) 168 Myra Gilmore (fr.), Donna Davis (fr.) Doug Packer (jr.) Mack Cheney (jr.) Wayne Hazlip (sr.) Pat Dickins (soph.) 169 555 R :t ' -: What are some of these values that abide-values that have stabalized civ- ihzation and stood the test of history? Teresa Prescott (jr.), Rebecca Brent Gaby (jr.) Joel Rea (fr.), Susan Adair (fr.) Mm ' ■cioif- JH. ■ C: ' f-iiJ-:«rt rT Les Cunningham (jr ) Ruth Lloyd (jr.), Beth Clark (soph.), Kate Bradley (soph.) 170 Marie Waller (jr.). Pam Curry (jr.). Rennee Rhodeman (fr.) Bettie Box (jr.) Lucy Burrus (sr.), Bob Smith (sr.) Lisa Heatherly (fr.). Elise Norfleet (fr.) 171 Sylvia Jacobs (soph.), Belinda Nichols (soph.) Jim Wofford (sr.) Lauretta Jordan (fr.), Gerald Davis (fr.) Lisa Healherly (fr.), Ricky Spencer (fr), Elise Norfleet (fr.), Timmy Ratchford (soph.) Sherry Jenkins (soph.) 172 ' -.„ Tina Kiefer (soph.), Ritta Russell (soph.), Linda Price (soph.). Lynn Woodard (soph.) Rickie Haygood (sr.) H Lynn Stone (fr.), Laura Sherrod (fr.), Toni Howard (fr.). Pam McCarley (fr.). Lisa Favarh (fr.), Kathy Weston (fr.), Retta Chaffin (fr.), Kathryn Myrick (fr.) David Faerber (fr.) 173 The first is a faith to launch us. David Boiling (soph.; i v WWr3S Ben Clark (soph.) David Brandon (sr.), Mark Bailey (soph.), Les Cunningham (jr.) Paul Walker (sr.), )ohn Woosley (soph.), C.A. Dodson (jr.), Gloria Walker (soph.). Donna Doorenbas (jr.), |ohnny Hawkins (soph.), Nancy Spencer (jr.), Lisa Lowe (soph.), Rusty Will- iard (jr.) Susan Thames (soph.), Jennie Parsons (soph.) lack Mobley (fr.). Danny Cooper (soph.), Ann Roscopf (fr.), Clown Cooper Morrison (jr.) David Witty (soph.), Charlene Rosenthal (soph.) 175 Morgan Yeates (sr.) David McAdams (soph.), Nancy Powell (sr.) Cindy Crowe (jr.), Amanda Har- ding (fr.), Carmie Watson (soph.) 176 Amy Kebert (soph.). Mike Harlung (sr.) Candace Hall (fr.) Scott Raff (jr.) Martha deHombrp (fr.) -« - I ■ ' 7 ' Carol Pape (fr.), Lance Smith (fr] Sonja Fuqua (fr), Oteria Starling (fr.), Terilyn Fluker (jr.) Trent Riggins (fr.), Margaret Wilson (sr ) Don Hinton (sr.) Jack Mobley (fr.), Danny Cooper (soph.). Bill Lancaster (soph), Greg Loyd (soph), Rob Nichols (sr.) 178 Catherine Bowlus (fr.), Kim Stanfield (fr.) Second, boundaries to secure us. John Allen (fr.) Mike Harrison (sr.) 179 Robert Scolt (jr.) Carol Pape (fr ). Don Bradshaw (jr ), Cheryl Groves (fr.), lim Garrard [jr.; David Lee (fr), Roger Ishee (fr), Dale Heetnck (fr.), Guy Roberl.s (fr.) = I y David Brandon (sr.) Savilla Bynum (fr), |ohn May (fr) Mikr Urban (soph.) " The Kitchen Club " Toni Walker (sr). Michelle Antalec (sr). Diane Bosarge (sr). Maribeth Megehee (sr.). Cae Ivy (sr.), Suzie Baker (sr.) Robin Whatley (sr). Lindsay Shallcross (sr.), Brister Shipley (jr.) w rvii iv Wj M, V V % V V Ijljl ijljl i P JI iv irW A kTk A 1 kTj %Tm W V V V Bill Montgomery (sr ), Trey Jones (sr), Mark Frasier (sr.), Cindy Wilson (jr.), Betsy Goldman (sr.). Matt Harkey (soph.), Leland Smith (soph.), David Hassell (soph.) vj;j v; j k t- i 182 Roberta Osborn (jr.) s: . ' .isl. ■ : ;. v .-_ eiic .c; Cindy Marsalis (soph.), David Thornton (soph.] Third, habits to discipline us. Toni Howard (fr.) Chris Yochim (jr.) Gail Gober (jr ), Nancy Clarkson (jr ), Leah Mciichar (|r,), Cindy Rosson (jr.), Isabelle Ezell Dominick (jr.), Cindy Sanders (jr.), Sally Law- rence (jr.) Robin Brinkley (fr). Debbie Freeman (fr.), Claudia Hopkins (fr.), Sue Sunkel (fr), Ann Abies (fr.) 184 Jackie Pearson (fr.J Renita Cotton (soph.) •v ' .■• • ' ■ ' -,1 4 i ' LalvJ Sharon Edwards (jr). Daryl Plunck (jr.). Janel Hall (jr.) • ..•-y fJr ■ s fm. r- Rick Grisham (jr.), Bert Wilkins (fr). Trex Morris (soph. Alex Wallace (fr.), Lynn Gleaton (fr.), Jeff Wilson (fr.) And finally, a joy to fulfill us. Greg Loyd (soph). Ann Roscopf (fr). Bill Lancaster (soph.), Randall Boyd (soph), Leslie Mims (soph), Bill Leech (jr.), Monie Simpkins (soph ), Brooks Gibson (soph.), Tim Ayers Scott Martin (fr.) Edwin Walker (jr.), jenny Tenhel (sr). Ruby Bowers (sr.) 186 L A km:k ... Greg Nieberg (soph.) Betty McKinnon (sr), Jim Clark (jr.), Julie Joseph (fr.), Danny Carey (jr.), Michelle Tate (fr.) Beth Thomas (soph.), Helen McCormick (soph.), Jan Kynerd (jr.). Norma Gardner (soph. Jan Guild (jr.) Robin Robinson Jim Watts (jr.) Ben Looney (soph.) Rich Knox (soph.) Kt 187 Morris Parsons (jr.). Pamela Gresselt (jr.) Rctia Chaflin (fr.) Cathy Hamnck (fr.) |oy Chaslain (soph.) Lisa Lee (fr.) Roniiit ' lunu ' v (sr.) Klrtiv sr.) 188 Liincc- Smith (fr.), T.simorlos Liniis Alt ' x.imlcr (fr.) Lisii Lowe (soph.) Trey Thomas (soph.) jerry Runnels (jr.). Susan Thames (soph.) Steve McAlilly (sr.), Dwayne Self (jr.) f W - i Rod Clement (fr.), Martin Baker (fr.; -•■HHH Paul Walker (sr.) Elise Norfleet (fr.), David Flautt (sr), Beth Thomas (soph). Mark Frasier (sr.) Celeste Draffen (jr.) 190 Mark Youngblood (sr.) Jim Ranager (jr.). Ken Hippie (jr.). Janet Hall (jr.] Margaret Kastia (fr.). Mary Alice Nye (fr.). Peggy Potter (fr.) Dees Hinton (sr.) h i 191 Charlene Abraham (sr.), Richard Grisham (jr.) Wl!i.v |..; -44 I .r Cr y. .1 Gail Stanton (sr), Blanche Williams (sr.) HF iS iiS Jimmy Crump (fr.) ,-:l Bill McAlilly (jr.). Mike Harrison (sr.) Michael Patterson (jr.), Henry Clay (fr.) 192 Rickie Haygood (sr 1 Verba Moore (fr. ) ■ W- Mike Posey (soph.) Clay Rouse (soph), David Ott (fr.) 193 Wp must live in this world of change. Who would return to the limitations of the past? We must rule the changes, however, and not be enslaved by them. These things endure and serve as the stabilizing force for us while the new is channeled into the good. Faith to launch us, boundaries to secure us, good habits to dis- cipline us, and joy to fulfill us. Pam Turner, Gloria Steinwinder. Suzie Baker, Betty McKinnon, Adren McCoy. Laurie Brown, Linda Wells Steve Jenkins (sr.] Gary G.irrelt (sr.), Ronnie |urney (sr.). Riokie Haygood (sr.), Dees Hinton (sr.). Ken Granberry (sr.), Wayne Watson (jr.). Bob King (sr.) 194 Lisa Lee (fr.), Jan Guild (jr.), Joy Chastain (soph,), Norma Gardner (soph,; kaNS? " ? ' ! ' - Lynn Stone (fr), Gary Dunn (fr.) »■-■ ' ' .t ' ■ i) ' V:; Bill Wilburn (sr) Maribeth Megehee (sr.) Andrea Walker (fr.) Betsy Broome (fr) Betty McKinnon (sr) Ruth Kellum (fr.) Brooks Gibson (soph.) Suzie Baker (sr.) May Lipe Zehnder (sr.) Tracey Sweet (soph.) Ehse Norfleet (fr.) Adren McCoy (sr.) Kellye Wade ' (fr.) Pegg ' Austin (fr.) Malinda Hamilton (fr.) 195 Danny Bowling (sr.), Mr. Frohnhoefer. David Flautt (sr.] Renee Brou. Gail Gober (jr.). Linda Wells, Ann Roscopf (fr.), Jim Matheny, President Collins Don Hall (jr.), ]ames Holland (jr.), Martha Nadler (soph.) 196 Lisa Clark (fr.), Martha Mouser (jr.), Laura Adkins (soph), Charlene Rosenthal (soph. Teena Freeman (sr.) Leslie Mims (soph.) Bryan Stacy (fr.), Brian Browning (soph), Tim Kemp (fr.) 197 Where do we find these marks of per- manence in the impermanent, the change- less in the midst of change? Carol Downing (jr.), Brister Shipley (jr.) Brenda Ware (soph), James Lowe (soph.) Orman Knox (fr), Jerry Yearell (soph), Johnnie Cummings (sr.) 198 •■•1W ' I Bob Smith (sr), Lucy Burnis (sr.) Cooper Morrison (jr.) Belsy Alexander (fr.), |oel Youngblood (jr. J Frank Young (sr). Mary Martin (soph. 199 Ben Clark (soph.), Sheldon Mahaffey (soph), Bobbie White (soph), Doug Demmons (soph.), Tom Herold (soph.; Randall Boyd (soph), Leslie Mims (soph.) «14 Charlotte Correll (soph.). Randy Weimer (soph), Rita Russell (soph.; Scott Spillman (jr.) Adren McCoy (sr.), Betty McKinnon (sr ) Madhu Sharma (soph ), Martha Nadler (soph.), Terry Toler (soph.), Cissy Sights (soph.), Jeanne Smith (soph.). Beth Conner (soph.) 201 IB. Byrd (jr.) Kfilh Walden (sr.) • • ' :f.H. ' y A. Eddie Greene (jr.) • . ' « ' rrLlv5 Betsy Ross (fr.). Susan Tsimorlos (jr.] 202 Robert Scott (jr.), Dennis Powell (jr.) Wi ' v ' " ,.. .v. ' I Jerry Britt (sr.) Rusty Cunningham (fr.) ■9 Trex Morris (soph.) and buddies 203 Lisa Lee (fr.), Lisa Heatherly (fr.), Leslie Wheeler (fr.), Gwen Crane (fr.). Karen Corban (fr.) In the pioneer days of this nation, circuit riding preachers and others had to swim their horses across rivers while they were still mounted. They learned that when they were crossing a swollen stream if they fixed their attention upon the swirl- ing waters they would become dizzy and fall into the dangerous swirls. But if they fixed their eyes, upon a tree, or some high hill, they rode through sa- fely. Take note of change in the world for it ' s the mood of the moment, but put your attention upon Christ who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Bishop Joel D. McDavid ,;, ' ;-: ' o ,; i .yr. ' ;»•; ' ■ ' ■:.:;: : V:yC, ADVERTISEMENTS JOE GROGAN CARPETS 5339 1-55 NORTH W. M. 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The 1977 BOBASHELA wisties lo exirnd lh inks to the students of Millsaps College the BOBASHELA Staff Members Mary Martin and Frank Young Carol Burrus Dean Corder, Dean Woodward, Claudia O ' Keefe Warrene Lee, Financial Advisor Ralph Farr and Mr. Summerall, Advisors and i special Ihank.s to The Millsaps Majors Football Team and Ma Price 222 I have these moments ' ' ■ All steady and strong I ' m feeling so holy and humble The next thing I know I ' m all worried and weak And I feel myself Starting to crumble. The meanings get lost And the teachings get tossed And you don ' t know What you ' re going to do next. : You wait for the sun But it never quite comes Some kind of message comes through to you Some kind of message comes through. And it says to you ... Love when you can Cry when you have to . . . Be who you must That ' s a part of the plan Await your arrival With simple survival And one day we ' ll understand ... I had a woman Who gave me her soul But I wasn ' t ready to take it. Her heart was so fragile And heavy to hold And I was afraid I might break it. Your conscience awakes And you see your mistakes And you wish someone Would buy your confessions. The days miss their mark And the night gets so dark And some kind of message Shoots through— And it says to you ... Love when you can Cry when you have to . . . Be who you must That ' s a part of. the plan Await your arrival With simple survival And one day we ' ll all understand ... There is no Eden or Heavenly gates That you ' re gonna make it to one day But all of the answers you seek can be found In the dreams that you dream on the way. Dan Fogelberg » tmansmmamm sssn

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