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Bobashela 72 Miflsaps- Wilson Library Jackson, Ms. 39210 S-v ' ' . " . ' ■ ' . ' »•■-, I cannot tell my story without reaching a long way bacR. " ' " ' If it were possible I would reach back farther still- into the very first years of my childhood, and beyond them into distant ancestral past. For this is my story. It is the story of a man, not of an invented, or possible, or idealized, or otherwise absent figure, but of a unique being of flesh and blood. Yet, what a real human being is made of seems to be less understood today than at any time before, and men- each of whom represents a unique and valuable experiment on the part of nature- are therefore shot wholesale nowadays. -n ikia " mt::e»iagsmtsr -!-! " ■ ' SB -v.S! ' !;: If we were not something more than unique human beings, if each one of us could really be done away with once and for all by a single bullet, storytelling would lose all purpose. Each man is more than just himself. He also represents the unique, the very special and always significant and remarkable point at which the world ' s phenomena intersect, only once in this way and never again. I I That is why every man ' s story is important, eternal, sacred; that is why every man, as long as he lives and fulfills the will of nature, is wondrous, and worthy of every consideration. In each individual the spirit has become flesh, in each man the creation suffers, within each one a redeemer is nailed to the cross. w :-:Si Few people nowadays know what man is. Many sense this ignorance and die the more easily because of it. ;-W : I ii ' tii- » ::t5i{:s!s?::::?j:;i;.:J. " -J ? :::! ;:::•: :n«? -n? :: JfjJfif ■: • ♦ ' »♦•♦. ! ' •» ' «••» I do not consider myself less Ignorant than most people. I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books. I have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me. My story is not a pleasant one; it is neither sweet nor harmonious, as invented stories are; it has the taste of nonsense and chaos, of madness and dreams. Like the lives of all men who stop deceiving themselves. j£. Each man ' s life represents a road toward himself, an attempt at such a road, the intimation of a patch. No man has ever been entirely and completely himself. V Yet each one strives to become that- one in an awkard, the other in a more intelligent way, each as best he can. II Each man carries the vestiges of his birth— the slime and eggshells of his primeval past- with him to the end of his days. " T ST . W 12 Some never become human, remaining frog, lizard, ant. Some are human above the waist, fish below. 13 14 Each represents a gamble on the part of nature in creation of the human. We all share the same origin, our mothers; all of us come in at the same door. But each of us— experiments of the depths- strives toward his own destiny. 15 We can understand one another; but each of us is able to interpret himself to himself alone. Herman Hesse Prologue to DEMIAN -v - Bobashela 1972 Millsaps College Jackson, Mississippi Claire Crofford, Editor Micajah Sturdivant, Business Manager Dwight Adcock, Assistant Editor Pepper Calloway Hans Jany Jon Crocker John Archer, Photographers »7 ' ■ ' ■ a-V ' -ij:.-. ' - i , jiiv ' -« ' te»AQ» 18 19 20 21 Special Tribute Dr. Ross H. Moore 32 Dedication Dr. Charles Sallis Mr. Lance Coss 23 Faces 24 o o « « Dr. Edward M. Collins President Millsaps College 26 ill " Mr. John Christmas Dean of Students Mr. Paul Hardin Registrar 27 Mr. J. Walton Lipscomb, III, Comptroller Mr. James W, Wood, Business Manager Mr. Jack L. Woodward, Director of Religious Life 28 Mrs. lane Rosson, Dean of Women Mrs. Ray Lolcama, College Buyer 29 Mr. Dick Wilcox, Public Relations Mrs. Katherine Lefoldt Academic Complex Hostess 30 Ancient Languages Dr. George Stephenson A. B. Millsaps College LL. D. Mississippi College Mrs. Magnolia Coullet, A. B. Millsaps College B. M. Belhaven College M. A. Univ. of Pennsylvania, M. A. Univ. of Miss. Art Mr. Bill Rowell B. F. A. Memphis Academy of Arts M. F. A. University of Mississippi Miss Lucy Webb Millsaps B. F. A. Newcomb College M. A. University of Mississippi 31 Biology Dr. Mack T. Finley B. S. Austin Peay State University M. S., Ph. D. Mississippi State University Dr. Rondal Bell, B. A. William lewel College M. S. University of New Mexico Ph. D. University of Mississippi Dr. lames McKeown, B. S. University of the South M. S. University of Mississippi Ph. D. Mississippi State University Mr. Robert B. Nevins A. B. Washington University M. S. University of Missouri Chemistry Dr. Eugene Cain B. S. University of North Carolina M. A., Ph. D. Duke University Dr. George Ezell, B. S. Mississippi College M. S. Florida State University Ph. D. University of Mississippi Med Center Dr. Allen Bishop, B. S. Millsaps College M. S. Louisiana University Ph. D. University of Houston Dr. Roy Berry B. S. Mississippi Co llege Ph. D. University of North Carolina 33 Economics Dr. Richard Baltz, A.A. Belleville )r. College B. B. A. Baylor University; M. S. Baylor University Ph. D. University of Arkansas 34 Education Mrs. Myrtis F. Meaders B. S. Millsaps College M. Ed. Mississippi College Mr. lames Marble A. A. Hinds )r. College B. S. Mississippi State University 35 English Mr. Daniel Hise B.A. University of California at Berkley Advanced Graduate Work Tulane University Robert H. Padgett Fulbright Scholar B.A, Te as Christian University MA. Vanderbilt University Miss Mildred L. Morehead A.B. Mississippi Stale College for Women A.M. Duke University Advanced Graduate Study-Columbia University University of Colorado 36 Dr. George W. Boyd A.B. Murray State College A.M. University of Kentucky Ph. D. Columbia University Marshall T. Keys A.B. Rutgers College M.A. Advanced Study Vanderbilt University Mrs. Lois T. Blackwell A.B. Mississippi College A.M. Mississippi College m 37 Geology Dr. Richard Priddy B. S. Ohio Northern University A. M., Ph. D. Ohio State University i» ' ¥ ' « 8W ' ' ' ' WSjj||| Mr. Wendell )ohnson B. S. Kansas State University M. S. Kansas State University 38 History Dr. Ross Moore, B. S., M. S. Millsaps College A. M. University of Chicago Ph. D. Duke University Dr. Frank Laney A. B. University of Mississippi A. M., Ph. D. University of Virginia 39 Languages Mr. Billy Bufkin A. B., A. M. Texas Technological College Diploma de Estudios Hispanicos, Universidad de Madrid Mrs. Nellie Hederi B. A. MSCW M. A. Tulane University Mr. James van Houten B. A. Hunter College Various Studies in Germany and Cornell University Mr. lohn Guest A. B. University of Texas A. M. Columbia University 40 Mathematics Mr. Herman McKenzie B. S. Milisaps College M. Ed., M.S. University of Mississippi Mr. Arnold Ritchie B. S. Nortlieastern of Oklahoma M. S. Oklahoma State University 41 Dr. Samuel Knox, B. A. University Of Mississippi M. A. University of Mississippi Ph. D. Virginia Polytecfinic Institute 42 ' 4 HI MM «MV ' MM ' ' Vi ! Hi } iV V ' Dr. Robert Shive B. A., M. S. Southern Methodist University Ph. D. Iowa State University 9J B Music Mr. Leiand Byler B. A, Goshen College M. M. Northwestern University Mrs. Louise Byler B. A. Belhaven College M. M. Louisiana Stale Llniversity Mr. Thomas Holt B. M. Manhattan School of Music M. M. Manhattan School of Music Mr. McCarrell Ayers B. M. Eastman School of Music (U. of Rochester) M. M. Indiana Llniversity 43 Dr. Robert E. Bergmark A. B. Emory University S. T. B., Ph. D. Boston University Philosophy Dr. Michael H. Mitias B.A. Union College Ph. D. University of Waterloo 44 Physical Education Miss Mary Ann Edge B.S., M.S. University of Mississippi Advanced Graduate Study University of Southern Mississippi Thomas L. Ranager B.S. Mississippi State University 45 Dr. lames Montgomery A.B. Birmingham-Southern College M.A., Ed. D. George Peabody College for Teachers Harper Davis; B.S. Mississippi State University M.Ed. Mississippi State University Advance Graduate Study Mississippi State University ■ -■■ Physics p 1 ! 1 1 1 __ 1 wMM ■ 1 11 Mr. Charles B. Calloway B.S. Millsaps College Advanced Graduate Work Duke University Dr. Peter C. Rovve 47 Political Science Mr. John Quincy Adams, B.A. Rice University M. A. Texas Western College LL. B. University of Texas Dr. George Wolfe Visiting Professor ■ Political Science 48 Psychology « .. Dr. Edmond Venator B. A. University of Buffalo Ph. D. Emory University -, 1 Dr. Russell Levanway fcW Dr. T. W. Lewis, B. A. Millsaps College B. D. Southern Methodist Ph. D. Drew University Religion Mr. Robert Anding, A. B. Millsaps College B. D. Emory University A M. Mississippi College 49 Sociology Dr. Mickey Clampit Northwestern University, B.A. Harvard University, Ph.D. Mrs. Frances Coker Millsaps College, A.B. Illinois Institute of Technology, M.S.T. 50 Speech and Theatre Dr. Douglas Davis Delta State, B.S. Univ. of Hawaii, M.A. Indiana Univ., Ph.D. Mrs. Nancy Sullivan Millsaps College, B.A. Univ. of Southern Mississippi, M.A. Mr. Lance Coss Millsaps College, B.A. Northwestern Univ., M.A. Advanced study. The Manhattan Theatre Colony, Ogunquit Playhouse, Belfry Theatre, Univ. of So. Calif. 51 Sue Henry Davis, Mayersville, English Tommy Woodall, Meridian, History Donna Schwaiger, Cordova, Tenn., Education Steve Meeks, Coral Cables, Fla., Math and Philosophy 53 Cynthia Roberts, Sardis, Psychology Mark Bebensee, Meridian, Math and Economics 54 --r, Bill Strong, Vicksburg, Biology Ion Crocker, Mt. Ranier, Md., Geology 55 Charles lemison, Indianola, English Billy Woodall, Meridian, Mathematics a . M ,. ' .---- " ■ T ' T Robin Hamilton, Fairfax, Va., Spanish Cynthia Mann, Memphis, Tn., History Lanny King, Jackson, Geology 1 1 ' - -. mogjum Bsm Mg Marietta Smith, Cleveland, English David Walker, Columbia, Chemistry 58 Greg Parker, Long Beach, Biology Catherine Boozman, Jackson, History 59 Shawn Mahaffey, Pascagoula, Sociology Nancy Foster, Biloxi, Political Science m 60 j fj ir -, - " -v «• o-.- Ivenue Love, Meridian, Mathematics Tom Hudson, Shubuta, Biology 61 ;S. " " i feA " ' ' --rrir; ■ ' ' rJT. Fran Houser, lackson, Tenn., Education Paul Smith, lackson, English 62 Margaret Williams, Ocean Springs, English George Haymans, Gainesville, Ga., Geology I f - : --t t - ' V- ■V . •• iij - ■ .► -s 63 Becky Maize, Germantown, Tenn., Music Bill Mauldin, Pontotoc, English lane Leech, Tupelo, Elementary Education 64 Martha Lewis, lackson, Mathematics Ferrell Tadlock, Raliegh, English Bill Smith, Centreville, Biology Claire Crofford, Decatur, Ca., Speech-Theatre 66 Lisa Lord, Meridian, English David Conner, Natchez, Chemistry Ann Latham, lackson. Theatre Terre Balof, Clarksdale, Religion ,, ' ' Debbie Collins, lackson, Music Education Dale Morris, Columbia, Biology Camille Harris, Pontotoc, Education 69 SULLIVAN-HARRELL HALL Mike Nicovich, Hattiesburg, Chemistry luditln Wright, Memphis, Tenn., German ' f K- -f , ' ' 1 -: Lee Schuster, Brandon, Chemistry James Holston, Laurel, Biology • I Charles Culpepper, Meridian, History 72 Nancy Fulgham Conner, lackson, Organ Corinne Ewing, Nashville, Tenn., Elementary Education 73 Claudia Carithers O ' Keefe, Meridian, French Audrey Boggan, Rose Hill, History Lucy Hathorn, Oxford, History Hugh Varner, Laurel, Chemistry 75 . - . 1 u Ginger Jones, Jackson, Biology lames Elliott, lackson. Psychology fii l 76 Barbara Ann Carroon, lackson. Sociology 77 Elvnor Gates Lewisburg, Tennessee, Education 78 Richard Pharr Jackson, History Diane Humphries Hermanville, English 79 Virginia Harkey Monroe, La., English Connie Maize Cermanitown, Tenn., English 80 ' ' A ■ -. • ■ . fc •■ ' . ■■ ' ' ■■ ' ' :}.i.m . ' ■i ' -. ' ■v- ;iN : B ip ' ' ' --.; -- . " j mhUd P ' . - " - ■ ' V- , ■■■ I HH . Allyn Clark Rachael Hallas Phebe Heard Rosalie Witty Paula Coe Cele Meachem Suzie Sloan Signe Pearson • A Paul Christu Scott Greene Richard Austin 81 Becky Reagor Ronnie Marascaico -sr. CWiyL-ttiif ' - ' Susan Clegg Carol Anne Stone Mary Dell McCoy Ellen Bear 82 Maxine Chase Daphine Cordon Georgia Triplet! Alice Faye Boyd Creg Meadows Alvin Lowenberg Wendell Holmes John McVey S fc JES 83 s ' --$ ' ■ i i 1 ' lrW ' -- ' " ' ' : B Marsha Caves SalK VVorsham Ann Mitchell Janet Lowry Sandv Williamson SalK Bush Susan Parks 84 ,-;; " . - „--t- ' -- J. - — , - » Marcia Melichar Steve Whatley Connie Boozman Wilson LaFoe David Douglas Kent Darsey Mary Neill Brian Hearon Dede Woroner Dianne Madison 85 Laurie Newton Pam Warren Nan Craves Carrie McKenzie Isabel Patterson lean Bailey Rachael Wallace Dwight Adcock 86 I SJjlll§Hi;iti!l!Sli Eddie Schrader lerry Fuller Kathy, a good friend Narx:y Field Hans Jany William Vaughan Henry Cox Tim Terpstra 87 David Mcintosh Rusty Loftin Richard Austin Howard Schonberger Mike Magee lerry Johnson David Marsh Benjamin Britt Friend Billy McWilliams - -■. - ,.-t - ' ■■m? Lynne Ross |ill McLaurin Susan Mitchum Eliana Blackwell Mena Zouboukos Susan Sullivan 88 )udy Lane Lynn Parker Bev Barnes Anne Cray Linsa Brown Sara Neville Damon Theresa Black Sue Tremaine lohn Bown Bob Stauffer Paul McCuff )ohn Pickett Stan Furr Steve Liverman 89 Florence )o Smith )udy Provost Virginia Allen Janet Clogston May Roberts Auvergne Williams Eric Clark Mike Ainsvvorth Bob Corban Claire Chastain Martha Stevens Martha Marshall Maura Mcintosh Ann Hendrick lanet Dykes Beth Kirk Eleanor Covington )an Bickerstaff Melanie Boswell Wanda lackson Leah OIney Lee Shuster Ruth Klinke Stan Runnels Tody latum Hugh McKinnon John Coolsby Martie Bordalon Sandra Beall Deb Delmas ludy Frith Debbie Bennett Henry Fly Larry Thomas Charles Hall Paul Cinn Jim Wolfe 92 Mary Alice Howkins Mona Perry Rhonda Everett Suzanne Prystup Cyndi Trevernicht Debbie Luman Mary Owen fUg ■ - Dianne Foust Lynn Pledger Rocky Zachry Bill Carroll lanet Roby John Wofford Margie Murry Bob LaCour 93 Mark Bebensee Bill Beckman Fred Gallon Mark Bebensee (Economics and Math) Magna Cum Laude, Danforth Fellow, Troubadours, Pike treasurer, ODK, Eta Sigma, Wall Street lournal Award in Economics, Math Major ' s award. Bill Beckman (Biology) ODK, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Kappa Alpha Order (corre- sponding secretary, recording secretary, athletics award), basketball and baseball. Fred Gallon (Economics and Accounting) Student Executive Board treasurer, Pi Kappa Alpha, ODK, Mike Covert (History) Dean ' s List, ODK, history honorary. Community work. Mike Covert 96 .,- ml -- i . Fred Ezelle Claire Crofford (Speech and Theatre) Millsaps Players Acting Awards (1970, 1971), Junior Acting Award (1%9), Sigma Lambda, Alpha Psi Omega, BOBA- SHELA editor, Chi Omega, Dean ' s List, Cum Laude. Wayne Edwards Freshman Class President, Senate, Pi Kappa Alpha. Fred Ezelle (Accounting) Pi Kappa Alpha President, ODK, Cum Laude. George Fleming (Political Science) Eta Sigma, ODK, PURPLE AND WHITE editor, Rhodes Scholarship nominee. Bourgeois medal, summa cum aude, high honors and |FK Award in political science. Founder ' s Medal Bill Graham (Political Science) Student Executive Board President, Pi Kappa Alpha, Dean ' s List, ODK. Bill Graham 97 Tom Hudson Steve Leech Martha Lewis Connie Maize Tom Hudson (Biology) ODK, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Theta Nu Sigma, Circle ' K, Eta Sigma, Cum Laude. Steve Leech (Political Science) 2nd Vice President of S.E.B., Junior Class President, Vice President of kappa Alpha, Dean ' s List, Orientation Co- Chairman, Cum Laude. Claudia O ' Keefe Martha Lewis (Math) Magna Cum Laude, Sigma Lambda, Phi Mu Treasurer, Secretary, History and Data Processing Assistant, Fresh- man and Junior Math Awards, Theta Nu Sigma, Eta Sigma, Bourgeois Medal. Connie Maize (English) Cum Laude, Singers, Sigma Lambda, Chi Omega Corre- sponding Secretary and Vice President, Dean ' s List, KDE. Claudia O ' Keffe (French) Cum Laude, Senate, Singers, Troubadours, Pi Delta Phi, Eta Sigma, Chi Omega Rush Chairman, A.C. Sanders Award, Pike Dream Girl Court. 98 Mike Sturdivant Greg Parker Nanci Speed Greg Parker (Biology) Lambda Chi Alpha (Treasurer and President), ODK, Beta Beta Beta, Theta Nu Sigma, AED, IPC. Nanci Speed (Biology) Magna Cum Laude, Accepted at Tulane Medical School, Sigma Lambda, Beta Beta Beta, AED, Theta Nu Sigma, Chi Chi Chi. Mike Sturdivant (Business Administration) S.E.B. 1st Vice President, ODK, Circle K, BOBASHELA Business Manager, Pike Vice President, Eta Sigma, Cum Laude, Class Favorite, Traffic Controller, Sophomore Class President. Tommy Woodall Tommy Woodall (History) Magna Cum Laude, LXA Vice President, Circle K, Eta Sigma, Pi Alpha Theta, History Dept. Assistant, IPC, ODK. 99 . Activities 100 Medea A View From The Bridge Irma La Douce jl ,:1W: W r Irma-La-Douce, lolyne Wise Nestor-Le-Fripe, Lewis Cocke Bob-Le-Hotu, Douglas Davis Polyte-Le-Mou, Dwight Adcock lojo-Les-Yeux-Sales, |immy Draper Roberto-Les-Diams, Larry Thomas Frangipane, |ohn Leech Persil-Le-Noir, Phil Castilla Police Inspector, Buddy Prince M. Bougne, Bruce Nunn Counsel For The Prosecution, Howard Schonberger Counsel For The Defense, Hank Gamble An Usher, Rick Davis Wardens, Hand Gamble Howard Schonberger Douglas Carter A Ta Inspector, Rick Davis A Priest, Bruce Nunn False Mecs, Douglas Laverne Douglas C arter An Honest Man, Bruce Nunn Gendarmes, Douglas Carter Douglas Laverne Craig Gibson Penguins, Ann Latham Donna Schwaiger Marilyn Thompson Lynn Pledger Marty Lowe Ann Katich Susie Weill Dale Guild Nancy Field 106 107 108 Joan of Lorraine 109 Oaire Crofford, Editor Mike Sturdivant, Business Manager Dwight Adcock, Assistant Editor Pepper Calloway Hans lany Ion Crocker lohn Archer, Photographers Liz Howkins, Greek Editor lanet Dykes Rachael Hallas Gene )ohnson Ian Sorrells Susan Bartling, Classes Editor Claire Chastain loan Sauer Ann Mitchell, Typing Marsha Caves Bruce Nunn Ellen Bear Mary Dell McCoy Martha Lewis Dale Guild johnny Wray Susan Sullivan Tupper lones Carolyn Holder Toula Zouboukos Doug Laverne And many, many more!!! . « » v Bobashela 110 Ill Purple and White 112 Stylus 113 S.E.B. Mike Ainsworth (1st V.P.) Bill Graham (President) Fred Gallon (Treasurer) Karen Ezelle (Secretary) Terry Winstead (2nd V.P.) 114 Cheerleaders on vul SSI 115 Troubadours 117 118 119 w w m. -- rry V 4 ' 3 • - ' ' «r ' " « :;l , ,-. Master Major pff- ' ' ' Steve Leech Major ' s Lady Becky Maize 121 Honoraries 122 Omiaron Delta Kappa B ctured: lly Woodall II Graham II Beckman Steve Leech Bill Smith George Fleming Mark Bebensee lamie Anding Tommy Holder William Vaughan Dr. Knox Dr. Collins Tom Hudson Eric Clark Mike Sturdivant Albert Malone Fred Ezelle Dr. Laney Fred Gallon Mr. George Pickett Mr. Boyd Campbell Mike Ainsworth Dr. Moor e Tommy Woodall 124 Sigma Lambda Pictured: Claire Crofford Lucy Hathorn Anne Cray Becky Barnes )o Walton Charlene Moore Mrs. Hederi Miss Morehead Becl y Maize )anet Lowry Martha Lewis Phebe Heard loan Sauer 125 Alpha Psi Omega « . ■1 128 German Club 129 » -4». i 1 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 130 Sigma Delta Pi 131 ' Weicxi-ims Vo- Mff€€ff€iiftfPf . MAG NO Li A ihji: ?-iS I l jl ' ' ' .Tt - jJ " ' P4! ' 4«jsiy .- ' i ml? 132 133 x ' f • • . I . 136 • " V-, 137 X ' m: Chi Omega Phebe Heard, President Dale Sorgenfrei, Vice President Tricia Brooks, Secretary Ann Mitchell, Treasurer Virginia Allen Bev Barnes Susan Bartling Ellen Bear Ian Bickerstaff Theresa Black Eliana Blackwell Linsa Brown Sue Esther Bryant Cynthia Carnathan Allyn Clark Clai re Crofford Sue Henry Davis Beverly Derden Diane Foust _ Nan Graves Anne Cray Virginia Harkey Lucy Hathorn Ann Hendrick Carolyn Holder Fran Houser Tupper )ones Martha Lindsey Lisa Lord Mary Dell McCoy |ill McLaurin Becky Maize Connie Maize Marcia Melichar Beth Mitchell Sandy Morris Marjorie Murry Lynn Parker Elizabeth Poole Ree Ridgeway Lynn Parker Elizabeth Poole Ree Ridgeway Lynne Ross Florence )o Smith Carol Anne Stone Susan Sullivan Ann Sumner Sue Tremaine Ellen Turner Cynthia Walker Sally Worsham Mena Zouboukos Toula Zouboukos 138 139 Kappa Alpha i ' — -— siSS=l-, ' ssH ' 5 ■iSMi v. W«V«t M Sffi mi i : " Debbie Collins KA Rose Johnny Wray, I Mike Ainsworth Dempsey Amacker Rob Anderson Scott Anderson Vic Applewhite )ohn Archer Wayne Arnold Reg Aycock Bruce Bartling Bill Beckman Randy Bentley Maurice Binion Phil Brooks Rusty Buys Brent Campanella Walter Choate Eric Clark Lewis Cocke Woody Coleman Bob Corban George Cunningham Bill Darsey Kent Darsey Steve Dickson Dudley Doss Mike Flautt Greg Frascogna Hank Gamble Louis Harkey Tommy Holder Bob Kelso Wilson La Foe Joey Landrum John Leech Doug Liles Jeff Lundy Tommy Lyie Lile Miller Joe Morris Ree Ridgway Howard Schonberger James Stanfield Roger Stuart Allen Thomas Sammy Thompson Dan Thornton Kent Van Skiver Arthur Vingiello Terry Wells Steve Whatley Auvergne Williams Bob Williamson Jamey Witherspoon David Womack w w 141 Kappa Delta Signe Pearson, President Karen Ezelle, Vice President Irene Cruthirds Laura Weifenbach Paula Coe )anis Crawtord Katherine Owens Elynor Gates Penny Atwood Dorothy Chadwick Rachael Hallas Kathryn Minyard Cele Meachem Lynn Stevens Diane Bruser Marilyn Clay Janet Clogstan Sarah Neville Damon Judy Lane June Langston Nancy Nicholson Suzie Sloan Marilyn Thompson lolyne Wise Melanie Boswell Claire Chastain Janet Dykes Jan Lansing Marty Lowe Maura Mcintosh Martha Marshall Mary Neal Laurie Newton Lynn Pledger Janet Roby Joan Sauer Rachael Wallace Susie Weil Dale Guild Pam Vincent Kathy Armstrong Ann Truett Irene Kontouris 142 143 Kappa Sigma 144 Lanier Thompson, Grand Master loel Gill, Grand Procuraler John Howell, Grand Master of Ceremonies limmy Ray Nash, Grand Scribe Ed Shelnut, Grand Treasurer Stanley King Al Watts Lamar Baker lack Brantley Blann Britton Allen Brown John Dennery lohn Ford Ralph Foster Bill Gamble Trey Gist Mike Green Allen Greer Bill Halbrook Pete Haley Charles Hall Galon Harper Glenn Herrington Richard lones Lanny King Albert Malone |im Manning Ron Marascaico Don Marascaico Jerry McCullough Phillip Murrah lim Rhoden David Sawyer Steve Slay Fred Smith Ward Smith Bill Todd Jim Wiseman Mary Hagwood, Sweetheart If 111 J M f ■ ' Lambda Chi Alpha Scott Robertson, President Stan Runnels, Vice President Hugh McKinnon, Secretary Butch Atvvood, Treasurer Bill Hanna Toddy Tatum |ohn Bown Chuck Culpepper Rick Davis Stan Furr Paul Ginn |ohn Goolsby Chuck Hall Steve Liverman Alvin Loewenberg Billy joe Mayfield Paul McCuff John McVay Greg Meadows Dale Morris Steve Meeks Jackie Nix Bill Page Robert Parker John Pickett Eddie Schrader Bill Smith Bob Stouter Tom Wiggers |im Wolfe Tommy Woodall Billy Woodall Cynthia Carnathan Crescent Girl 146 I 111 ■•% ' .i 147 Phi Mu 148 Celia Dunn, President Catherine Baier Jean Bailey Pam Ballard Marsha Beck Catherine Boozman Sallie Bush Becky Cartledge Betsy Case Marsha Caves Susan Clegg Virginia Cooper Eleanor Covington Sheila Fox Cinnie Groome Mary Hagwood Martha Hamrick Sally Lou Harlan Ethebet Hart Joy Harvey Sylvia Harvey Susan Henry Becky Hunt Judy Jernigan Beth Kirk Martha Lewis Carrie McKenzie Debra McNair Diane Madison Susan Mitcham Charlene Moore Ian Mullin Susan Parks Isabel Paterson Karen Phillips Becky Reagor Laurie Ann Smith Mary Snell Martha Stevens Susan Tipton lo Walton Pam Warren Sandy Williamson Kathy Willoughby Rosalie Witty Jane Woosley 149 Pi Kappa Alpha Terry Winstead, President George Cober, Vice President lamie Anding, Secretary Ric Virden, Treasurer Blaine Baggett Russell Beard Doug Boone Bobby Brock Mark Bebensee Fred Gallon Bill Garroll |im Ghristensen Henry Gox Doug Douglas limmy Draper Mike Everett Fred Ezelle David George D. Grimsley D. Hall G. Hall George Haymans Brian Hearon Mark Hearon Charlie Hinman Van Hobbs Charlie Howorth jonson Huang Herman lew Sam lew Grady Kersh Dick King Bob La Cour C - les Lehmann Don Lewis M. Losset )eff Lundy Bill Mann Leiand McCharen |oe Moore Mike Parnell Richard Pharr Bill Raphael David Read Neal Roberts Charles Sandel Mark Sorgenfrei Mike Sturdivant William Vaughan Dennis Wells Chris Walker John Wofford limmy Veal 150 151 Zeta Tau Alpha 152 Carol Townsend Mona Perry Suzanne Prystup Linda Wilson Cynthia Mann ludith Wright Janet Lowry, President Mary Alice Howkins Becky Smith Martha Vest Cyndi Trauernicht Debbie Lumen Rhonda Everett Kathi Hacker 153 Greek Goddess Phebe Heard 155 - j.- " ' T-rfnoas 157 Sports 158 160 161 ' J .% 162 164 L V ' 3S%I ¥ ml : .X ' n JM [ ■ KyinP H Vfjo li H F JMM|MgJw|| 1 4 " • ■ ' iB 165 166 St ; ,4i !a »»i? a 5i« • ??-i- « 167 171 " ' ' ' ' ¥ii i " " S _. _-. ..; ' % ; i • xr I Campus Life 178 » r 180 I ■ ■ r ! • i 9 !!■•■- , . ■ ' -fit ' ' ■ ' llN 1 181 W ' ivitLsf m- :Wi-. SOCIOLOGY ' 183 184 ' C« 185 ■ ' r " ' | He« 1 _j| Q 1 186 189 192 itu ' ijiiti ' rt 193 194 195 196 M f % 197 198 199 200 201 202 mit l 203 WJA. Vicksburg;, Mississippi NOON Bl FFET EVERY DAY— BANQUET ROOM 1-20 and Historic U.S. 80 East, Opposite National Cemetary — Telephone 636-4551 lU m nimy thiim... A warm smile That special gift A stroll in the arcade Dinner for tuo A rotnance witlt a new Jackson Come see . . the GENTLEMAN HABERDASHERY 4450 INTERSTATE 55 . ()RT[ lACKSOX, MISS. 204 TRI=STATE Brick and Tile Company, Inc. SIZES Standard — Modular — Norman COLORS Red — Bro A n — Black — Buff — Tan — Pink — Gray USED EFFECT BRICK MORTAR COLOR • FIRE BRICK • BRICK CLEANER Phone 366-6485 P. O. Box 9787 - Forest Drive Jackson 6, Mississippi THINGS GO BETTER WITH COKE Jackson Compliments of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 205 It ' s an MP L fact... Mississippi Power Light actively supported ways to protect our environment long before the word " Ecol- ogy " became common. Since the company was formed in 1923, efforts to- ward keeping generating plants, cooling lakes, local offices, vehicles, equipment, and rights-of-way clean have been emphasized by MP L operations. MP L backed the formation of and continues to support the " Keep Mississippi Beautiful " program. Through the years, MP L has been an award winner in its work and cooperation with statewide programs to improve our environment. Not willing to rest on past performances, MP L is increasing its efforts to help maintain an environment which promotes beauty, growth, and development. It ' s an MP L fact . . . from MP L you get more than electricity. SyVllSSISSIPPI POWER UGHT Helping Build Mississippi Roy Spivey Carson Whitsett Werlein ' s For Music Betty McRae ' s Flowers Gifts 1255 Northwest St. Phone 355-0782 Jackson, Mississippi 70S NORTH STATE STREET AND MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI R.M. HENDRICK Graduate Supply House Class Rings — Caps, Gowns 1620 North Mill Jackson, Mississippi Everybody goes to Shoneys! Westland Plaza Shopping Center and 1-55 North Fyne Olde English Atmosphere Compliments of Banker ' s Trust Savings Loan Association BILUS CURB FOOD 3 Blocks From Campus 346 E. Fortification 7:00 A.M.— 10:30 P.M. ' our Patronage Will be Appreciated ' ' Beverages, Ice, And Food Complete Line of Groceries Lunch Meat, etc. 207 208 m v ;V., , • JiUf f i- ' . :-.: ■; : v ■ , Millsaps College

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Millsaps College - Bobashela Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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