Millsaps College - Bobashela Yearbook (Jackson, MS)

 - Class of 1970

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rm 1 n LU ItV listen! can you feel it? it ' s an in-step year .... a with-it year it ' s catching on! concern, that is - rt . i,r;pf »a ..rr .:r,i . today everyone ' s a philosopher ' S?, lt ■■ i even charlie brown come with us to Utopia jssas- ' on the way we ' ll stop for 10 a live-in or two II i made a mudpie once 12 A LL _i- and gave it to a friend 13 and in the news they say the war will end 14 VO bobashela • millsaps college • jockson, mississippi 16 administration 20 students 40 honoraries 76 features 88 greeks 112 athletics 132 activities 160 student life 182 julie-mac blood, editor ©erik hearon, business manager 17 dedication 18 mrs. martha galtney Any woman who can slide down a snow-banked hill on a cafeteria tray and outswim the counselors at orientation camp is remarkable. If she can also answer four phones at once, snitch coffee for Dean Christmas, doctor a cantankerous mim- eograph machine and keep smiling, she is Mrs. Martha Galt- ney. Those of us who spend a lot of time in the Student Person- nel office for one reason or another have the feeling that it is " Mrs. G. " who runs the campus (with apologies to Dr. Graves). Not only is she willing to keep on working after everyone else has gone home, but her patience is inexaustible (even with edi- tors who are forever locking themselves out of the Bobashela office). When there is no problem, it ' s fun just to stop by for a quick chat. A charming lady and on indispensable part of Mill- saps — for this, Mrs. G., we dedicate to you the 1970 Bobashela. 19 20 nobody ' s perfect 21 dr. beniamin b. graves, president administration mr. John h. christmas, dean of students nnr. paul d. hardin. registrar; associate professor of engllsh nrs. glenn pate, dean of women mr. Howard I. corder, dean of men dr. Harold jocoby, dean of the faculty 22 mr. paul newsome. admissions mr. jack I. woodward, director of religious life mr. j. h. morrow, assistant to the presi- dent mr. James I. livesay. director of alumni relations mr. James barry brindley, development mr. iames f. parks, librarian nr. sam cole, admissions mr. iames w. wood, business manager 23 english nrs. mary j. dean; instructor of english; a.b., miss, college, a.m.. drew univ. dr. shIrley p. callen; associate professor of enqllsh, a.b.. millsaps college, a.m., ph.d., tulane univ. mr. robert padgett; associate professor of english; a.b., texas christian univ. a.m., vanderbilt univ. fulbright scholar, universite de clermont-ferrand. dr. george boyd; mllton christian white professor of english lit., a.b.. murray college, a.m.. univ. of icy., ph.d ., Columbia univ. 24 miss mlldred morehead; associate professor of english, a.b., miss, state college for women, a.m., duke univ., advanced graduate work, Columbia univ., univ. of Wisconsin, univ. of Colorado. mr. daniel g. hise; instructor of english, a.b., univ. of calif., berkely, doctoral candidate tulane univ. mrs. lois t. blackwell; assistant professor of english, a.b., a.m., miss, college. 25 dr. William c. sallis; associate professor of history; b.s.. m.s., miss, state unlv.; ph.d., univ, of ky. dr. ross h. moore; professor of history; b.s., m.s., millsaps college; a.m., univ. of Chicago; ph.d.. duke univ. history, anthropology mr. ronald goodbread: instructor of history; b.s., m.s., miss, state univ.; ph.d., univ. of ky. dr. frank m. laney, jr.; professor of history, b.a., univ. of miss., m.a., ph.d., univ. of va. mrs. sue t. lucas; instructor of history, a.b., belhaven college: a.m.. misslssippi college. y mr. robert dodoo, ir.; instructor of anthropology; wesley univ., ghana. b.a., univ. of ghana; I. a., m.a.. univ. of calif.: ph.d. candidate, ucla. 26 mr. billy m. bufkln; associate professor of Spanish, a.b., a.m., texas technological college, advanced graduate work, tulane univ., universidad de madrid. mrs. nellie hederl; associate professor of Spanish, a.b., mscw, a.m., tulane unlv. mrs. magnolia coullet; associate professor of latin and german, a.b., mlllsaps college, b.m. bel haven college, m.a. unlv. of penn. (latin). m.a., univ. of miss, (german). ancient languages Spanish german mr. iames k. van houten; instructor of german, college of tfie city of new york, graduate work ot Cornell univ. mr. John guest; associate professor of gernnan, a.b., unlv. of texas, a.m.. Columbia univ. dr. george r. stepfienson; professor of greek, a.b., millsops college, b.d., univ. of the soutfi, II. d. (fionorary) miss, college. 27 mr. hilliard e. saunders; Instruc+or of french, b.a., m.a., I.s.u., ad- vanced graduate work, I.s.u., diplome de cours de civilisation fran- caise, sorbonne (parls). french miss elizabeth craiq; professor of french, a.b. barnard college, Columbia univ., a.m., Columbia univ., diplome de la sorbonne, ecole de preparation des professeurs de franca is a I ' etranger, faculte des letfres, universite de paris, advanced graduate work, Columbia univ., palmes academiques. mrs. genia m. folgelson; b.o., millsaps, m.o., graduate work, n.y. univ. n.y. univ., advanced 28 mrs. myrtis flowers meaders; associate professor of education, b.s., mlllsaps college, m.ed.. misslssippi college. miss aline richardson: instructor of education, b.s., unlv. of ala- bama, m.ed. miss, state univ., advanced graduate work, miss, state univ. education dr. robert edgar moore; professor of education, a.b., birmingham southern college, a.m., univ. of alabama, ed.d., george peabody college for teachers. 29 mathmatics dr. samuel knox; b.e. mitchell professor of mathematics; university of mississippi; ph.d., Virginia polytechnic institute. mr. arnold ritchie,- associote professor of mathematics, b.s. northeastern state college of Oklahoma; m.s. Oklahoma state university; advanced graduate work, university of tennessee. dr. robert shive; professor of mathematics, b.a., m.a., southern method ist university; ph.d., iowa state. mrs. mary robinson; instructor of mathematics; b.s. george peabody college. mr. Herman mckenzic; associate professor of mathematics; b.s. millsops college; m.ed., m.s., university of mississippi. 30 dr. richard baltz; associate professor of economics and business administra- tion; b.b.a., m.s., baylor university; ph.d. university of orkonsas. mr. John odoms; assistant professor of political science; o.b. rice university; l.l.b. university of texas. mr. Samuel nicholas; assistant professor of economics and business administra- tion; b.b.a., m.b.a., university of mississippi; l.l.b. jockson school of law. mr. Howard bavender; assistant professor of political science; o.b. college of idaho; a.m. university of Wisconsin; post graduate work, university of texos, university of mossachusetts. mr. Steve carroll wells; instructor in accounting; b.a., m.a., university of mississippi; c.p.a. economics political science 31 3t ' Witm - 7 mr. rondal e. bell; associate of biology, a.b., wllllam Jewell college, m.s., univ. of new mexico- dr. James p. mckeown; assistant professor of biology, b.s., univ. of the south, m.s., univ. of miss., ph.d, miss, state univ. dr. James c. perry; professor of biology, a.b., a.m., st. louls univ.. ph.d, univ. of Cincinnati. biology mr. robert b. nevlns; professor of biology, a.b., wash. univ. m.s., univ. of texas. 32 dr. alien d. bishop; assistant professor of chemistry, b.s., millsaps college, m.s., louisiana state univ.. ph.d, univ of Houston. k dr. charles e. cain; professor of chemistry, b.s., univ. of no. Carolina, a.m., ph.d, dulce univ. dr. r.a. berry; associate professor of chemistry, b.s., miss, college, ph.d., univ. of n.c. chemistry dr. george a. ezell: assistant professor of chemistry, b.s. miss, college: m.s., florida state univ., ph.d, univ. of miss. med. center. 33 geology, physics dr. richard prlddy; professor of geology, b.s., ohio northern univ., a.m., ph.d., ohio state univ. mr. donald faulkner; Instructor of physics, b.s., millsaps college, m.s., univ. of rochester. « ' Mr f «J mr. charles galloway; associate professor of physics, b.s., millsaps college, a.m., advanced graduate work, duke univ. mr. Wendell Johnson; associate professor of geology, b.s.. m.s., kansas state univ., advanced graduate work, missouri school of mines, univ. of missouri. 34 dr. James a. montgomery; chairman, department of physical edu- cation and athletics, a.b., birmingham southern college, m.a., ed.d. george peabody college. mr. Howard corder; head basketball coach, b.a., univ. of ky., m.o., advanced work univ. of so. miss. miss mary ann edge; director of physical education for women, b.s,, m.s., univ. of miss. physical education mr. . harper davis; assistant professor of physical education, head football coach, b.s., m.ed., miss, state univ., advanced graduate work, miss, state univ. nnr. thomas t. ranager; instructor of physical education, assistant football coach, b.s., miss, state univ. 35 dr. edmond venator; instructor of psychology,- b.o. university of buffalo,- ph.d. emory. mrs. fronces h. coker; instructor of sociology; o.b. millsops college; m.s.t. illinois institute of technology; graduate work, university of north corolino. psychology sociology dr. douglos draper; instructor of psychology; b.o., ph.d., university of tennessee. dr. mickey clam pit; instructor of sociology; b.o. northwestern university; ph.d. harvard university. 36 i J philosophy, religion dr. lee reiff; associate professor of religion; o.b., b.d. southern method ist university; a.m., ph.d., yale university. dr. robert bergmork; professor of philosophy; a.b. emory university; s.t.b., ph.d., boston university. mr. michoel mitlos; Instructor of philosophy; a.b. union college graduate v ork, university of missourl, university of Waterloo. dr. t.w. lev ts; associate professor of religion; a.b. mliisops college; b.d. southern methodlst university; ph.d. drew university. mr. robert anding; associate professor of religion; o.b. mlllsaps college; a.m. mississlppi college; b.d. emory university. 37 music mr. francis polanski; instructor of music, b.m., unlv. of rochester. m.m. univ. of michiqan. mr. leland byler; professor of music, a.b., goshen college, m.m., northwestern univ. r , - .n ,v.-- mr. Jonathan sweat; associate professor of music, b.s., m.s., the lulliard school of music, advanced graduate work, Columbia univ., univ. of michiqan. mr. donald kilmer; assistant professor of music, b.m., m.m., Indiana univ.. advanced graduate work, univ. of kansas, univ. of ill. mr. mccarrell ayers; instructor of music, b.s., univ. of rochester, m.m., Indiana univ. 38 mcASf PUSH HA HOI miss lucy webb millsaps; instructor of art, b.f.o., newcombe college, tulane univ., m.a. univ. of miss. mr. lance goss; associate professor of speech, a.b., mill- saps college, a.m., advanced graduate work, northwestern univ. speech, art mr. karl wolfe; Instructor of art, b.f.a. chicago art Institute, wllllam m.r. french fellowship, study abroad, study and ' teaching, penn. school of art. mr. orvel e. hooker; assistant professor of speech, director of forenslcs, b.a., ouachlta univ., s.t.b., s.t.m., temple univ. mr. wllllam d. rowell; assistant professor of art, b.f.a., mem phis academy of arts, m.f.a. univ of miss. 39 40 nobody. 41 bruce adams; seabrook, fexas dian anderson; chi O; Jackson senior officers: noomi tottis, robert ward, david dark nancy babb; Jackson Kenneth wayne barton; cedorhurst Isabel irrigo blackwell; Jackson Cindy brunson; chi O; Jackson zack t. buckalew; pineville, louisiana joe g. burnett; cartnage 42 seniors david dark; west point foster collins; ko; jockson dee f. conerly; jockson elizobeth compbell; chi o; west point margoret covin; natcTiez chorles dork; sn; jockson maybe we ' re not the light of humanity carol cook; kd; lakeland, florido eugene h. countiss, jr.; ko; new Orleans, louisiana donna daniel; kd; foyetteville, tennessee beth dovis; phi mu; memphis, tennessee jerrelyn dennis; phi mu; ellisville betty elliott; phi mu; tylertown 43 richard h. eirod; Jackson will ezelle; pika,- Jackson molly fewel; chi O; meridian Joel ray flynt; d ' lo John m. ford, jr., boldwyn brendo goddy; rolling fork tom gerold; ko; leland horlan gerrisfi; pataka don albert gibson,- jockson peggy jo gillon,- Jackson chris ginn; Jackson lorry goodpaster,- Ixo; senotobia ben graves; ko; Jackson John hamby; ko; itta bena phyliss harris; chi O; cary del kothy harvey; tylertown erik hearon; piko; Jackson J.; James ronald herring,- ks; I gulfporf but we ' ve gone through hel beth hood; hat+iesburg madeline gail hunecke; z+a; decatur, georgia cindy Jordan; chi o rolling fork coela Jordan; greenville paul rodgers Jordan; Jackson becky kelly; Collins to get this for and langford knight; ka; meridian karen anne krause; Jackson richard smy+he kuebler; ks; staten island, new york mack alan land; dekalb Julia laney; phi mu; memphis, tennessee clyde lea; aberdeen 46 patricla lesh; zta; Jackson, tenn essee arthur liles; ka; monroe, loulslana patty mccarty; kd: magee paul d. mccearley; Jackson dianne mcgovern; kansas city, missouri Caroline massey; phi mu; little rock, arkansas 47 rodney meeks; Ixo; coral gables, florida leroy molsteod; Ixo Jackson Kenneth lewis morrison; meridian jane mosely,- tupelo andy mullins; ko; macon ginger murphree; aberdeen to leave our mark annie murphy,- phi mu; Cleveland deboroh nelson; yazoo city dianne partridge; chi O; meridian berry plunkett; piko; tupelo morion reid; Jackson Joyce morrisoH; fulton 48 tru rodgers; kd; Carthage margoref sample,- phi mu; verona lisa schonlau; phi mu; monroe, louisiana Janice faye scotf magnolia lynn e. shurley, jr.; Ixa; meridian bill Simpson; piko; sumner edward h. simpson,- winona lillie smith; Jackson 49 John sutphiri; Ixo; state college naomi tattis; chi O; Jackson Jeanne terpstro; chi O; Jackson melford smith; ks aberdeen iimmy speer; Jackson dovid p. stokes; pascagoula before drowning in the bliss of our ideals pam upshaw; ocean springs morion wainwright; zta canton robert e. ward; ko; meridian susan white; phi mu; new Orleans, louisiana John wilkerson; gulfport betty onn willioms; phi mu; meridian 50 debbie williams; chi o; ackson, fennessee robert lorry williams; brookhaven david ray Williamson; Jackson ralph wittal, iii; gulfport alex wright; Ixo; westwood, new jersey Ion wyati; ks; Jackson ron a. yorbrough; ko; Jackson jane zickler,- chi O; florence, alabama so . . . we ' re the ' ' pepsi ' ' generation junior officers: anne hart morrow, jomie pierce, bill boerner terry bailey; Ixo; handsboro elaine bailas; greenwood melonie bantling; chi O; Columbus, Ohio gene aldridge; Columbia dick aubert; piko; gulfport robert jerry betterton; ks; bruce warren black; piko; dorsey julie-mac blood; chi O; Jackson Detsy carole brasell; grenada 52 ellen bready; chi O; greenwood carl brooking; piko; hazelhurst burrell brown; mothiston judi bullock; phi mu; clinton pomelo c. copps; memphis, tenn. 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" 76 there ' s no greater burden than a great potential . . . . — iinus — 77 omicron delta kappa Ten ' s leadership John sutphin dr. knox erik hearon dr. moore dr. laney chip ford david dark frankie chotham John durrett robert ward bill Patrick terry bailey Sigma lambda women ' s leodership not pictured: dr. graves ken humphries lynn shurley mike coker dionne partridge alice rhea Connie cavett kathy murray Caroline massey candy dudley Jeanne terpstro miss craig mrs. coullet miss morehead not pictured: mrs. pate 78 mike ozborn rod meeks terry bailey John sutphin mack land frankie Chatham terry buckalew John spencer don roberts alpha epsilon delta pre-medical society alpha psi omega dramatics ramon mcgehee bruce partin sera Jordan barry plunkett ray waiter William young 79 m uimi imi iiiiiifi u ' ir »-Hr nim juj mike ozborn pam capps keith coppage dr. perry mack land don roberts terry buckalew terry bailey beta beta beta biology chi chi chi chemistry John spencer rod meeks John wilkerson marie dickson frankie chatharri terry bailey terry buckalew John sutphin keith coppage 80 chi delta women ' s literary society miss morehead linda townes mrs. dean Cynthia mann dianne partridge Jeanne terpstra not pictured: dr. callen mrs. blockwell susan thompson vicki newcomb lois e. white deutscher verein german club mike nicovich bob lundy jono moore mr. van houten nancy foster becky lowry mike ozborn richard Jones mr. guest bobby dark keith coppage Steve meeks 81 frankie chatham mike Johnson dianne partridge jerry young John sutphin eta sigma scholarship eta sigma phi classical languages Charles dark dr. Stephenson buddy gillespie ronnie mccollum alice rhea alex Wright charles harvey 82 gamma gamma greek leadership Jeanne terpstra dionne partridge Caroline massey lem mifchell debbie williams robert ward erik hearon kappa delta epsilon education brenda gaddy Cindy Jordan mrs. meoders karin leftwich Caroline massey jerrelyn dennis kathy rowell miss richardson dian anderson 83 kit kat men ' s literary society mr. padgett mr. hardin mr. hise torn gerald robert ward frankie Chatham ed Simpson not pictured: dr. boyd lobby lurkers of americo kothy murroy jeannie gouras barbara Jones bruce adorns jan Crenshaw Willie Wallace torn gerald not pictured; eugene countiss terry buckalew robert Cunningham robby mcleod rusty boshers ron yarbrough ginger murphree pam farris melissa milonas Jeanne terpstro protesting faculty excuse: dr. j. a. montgomery assistant protesting faculty excuse: ronold a. goodbreod protesting tappee: julie-mac blood 84 i phi alpha theta history dick eirod burton wade jeonne middleton beth hood perry joey howell ondy mullins dr. moore bruce odams mr. goodbreod dr. loney tim witoker robert word paul Jordan dr. sallis not pictured: mrs. lucas John durrett arthur lyles majorette club women ' s intromurols Caroline mossey debbie williams sue henry davis kay provine not pictured: dianne partridge Janice self kathy murroy becky lowry 85 pi delta phi french dianne partridge Joanne Stevens dianne mcgovern Isabel blackwell pi kappa delta speech, debate eddie pickle becky barnes Steve leech bob Williamson bobby dark mike ainsworth joey hov ell mr. hooker Carolyn show 86 theta nu sigma natural sciences mike ozborn rod meeks mike Johnson John sutphin terry buckalew John wilkerson James smith mack land terry bailey John spencer ■is cJiJ sigma delta pi Spanish lourie gervin morns Caroline massey mrs. hederi Catherine atkinson mr. bufkin ray sherrard Isabel blackwell jerry young 87 the who, me? ' s 89 •Tt M master major ron yarbrough i ii. .. J. 91 .s ' vV. major ' s lady jeannie gouras 93 -n I t ; ' i • cindy brunson miss millsaps 1968 fourth alternate miss mississippi 94 robbie lloyd miss millsaps 1969 sS ' 5r%i. - — " % « [i , iWIVi I 4 « ' . »«».. ' « t- - most beautiful brenda brown 97 first alternate pam tippins second alternate trudy little beauties dena apostle angelyn sloan fran houser Stephanie parsutt phebe heard suson nicholson ioanna mitzelliotou 99 homecoming court angelyn sloan barbara stauss kafhy murray, queen susan nicholson nan ford 100 greek goddess frances richfer greek god billy dale godfrey outstanding faculty member dr. charles sallis 101 fraternity sweethearts kappa alpha rose frances richter kappa Sigma sweetheart judy Wilson 102 pi kappa alpha dream girl lambda chi alpha crescent girl barbara stauss emily mitchell 103 favorites ioanna mitzelliotou mike sturdivant nan ford billy dale godfrey phebe heard lem mitchell f i iimimi- 104 fran houser mike carter frances richter lynn shurley 105 Bi: . ,jM«v. ' .. ; iL.ii. Si Selected by her sisters as president of Chi Omega, Jeanne Terpstro also served her sorority as vice-president and as rush chairman. She was invited to join Chi Delta, Sigma Lambda, and Gamma Gamma and was a Dean ' s List student. Some of her campus activities included Bobastiela staff and Chapel Choir. Jeanne pursued her literary interest through the Writer ' s Club and the Stylus staff. who ' s who in americon colleges and universities Tom Gerald has been active in the student government, act- ing as Chaplin of the Student Senate and as Chairman of the Student Union Board. He served his fraternity. Kappa Alpha Order, as sergeant at arms and as house manager. His literary talent was acknowledged by his membership in Kit Kat. Tom was a member of the Millsaps Players, the Bobashela Staff and he was business manager c the Stylus. Ron Yarbrough assumed the responsibility of Millsaps gov- ernmental leadership as president and first vice-president of the Student Executive Board, Student Senator, member of the Executive Council of Mississippi Intercollegiate Council and chairman of Legislative Lobbying Committee, and delegate to the National Convention of the Association of Student Govern- ments. He was the founder and charter member of the Jackson Metropolitan Intercollegiate Council and chairman of the Mill- saps Mock Gubernatorial Election. Ron served as Parliamen- tarian and Social Chairman of the Kuppa Alpha Order and was member of the Pre-Law Club. He was the political editor of the Purple and White; he was on both the President ' s and Dean ' s Lists. A member of the Honors Program, David Clark attended the Drew University London Semester as a Political Science major. He v as a member of the Concert Choir and of the Troubadours and played on the tennis team. He has served as president of his sophomore class and senior class and received the Key Ac- ademic Scholarship and the Intermediate German Award. David was tapped into Omicron Delta Koppo for his outstand- ing leadership ability. Actively participating in Student Senate, Robert Ward has served as Traffic Comptroller for two years. He was treasurer of Koppo Alpha Order, vice-president of Omicron Delta Kappa, president of Circle K and vice-president of his senior class. He was 1st vice-president of the Collegiate Council and business manager of the Purple and White. A Dean ' s List student, Robert was tapped into Kit Kat, Gamma Gamma, and Pi Alpha Theta honoraries. Robert was also co-chairman of freshman orientation. Clyde Lea, a political science major, has been a ctively in- volved in campus politics. He was o member of the debate team, the Pre-Law Club, and the Student Senate. A member of Lambda Chi Alpha, Clyde was also a representative to the Inter-Fraternity Council and served as its secretary. He has been tapped into Pi Kappa Delta and was the political editor of the Purple and White. Clyde has still found time to be o Dean ' s List student. 107 Erik Hearon, a Dean ' s List student, received the Marion L. Smith Scholarship and Leadership Scholarship. A Senate rep- resentative and treasurer of the Student Government Associa- tion for two years, he also served as president of Omicron Delta Kappa. He was business manager of the Bobashela for two years and was a Purple and White reporter. Erik was treasurer of his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, and he was a member of Circle K. T v Demonstrating her leadership ability, Caroline Massey served as president and vice-president of WSGA, member of the SEB President ' s Cabinet, Panhellenic president and Mem- bership Chairman and Panhellenic Delegate for her sorority. Phi Mu. She held the office of president of Sigma Lambda and secretory-treasurer of Sigma Delta Pi; she was also selected into Kappa Delta cpsilon. Majorette Club and Gamma Gamma honoraries. Caroline, a Dean ' s List student, was active on the Orientation Steering Committee and on both the Purple and White and Bobashela staffs. She received the A. G. Sanders Award in Spanish. Having his work published in Stylus and being a holder of the Josie Millsaps Fitzhugh Scholarship, Jerry Young excelled in scholarship and leadership at Millsaps. Being on the Dean ' s List every semester and the President ' s List twice earned him the honor of being tapped into Eta Sigma. He was also a charter member of Sigma Delta Phi, served as its secretary- treasurer and president, and worked as a departmental assist- ant in the Romance Language Department for three years. He studied at Columbia University under a grant from the Inten- sive Summer Program, and was the recipient of a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. 108 A member of numerous honorories, Frankie Chatham was a Dean ' s and President ' s List student. He was a member of Chi Chi Chi, serving as its president, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Theta Nu Honors Program and was a nominee for Rhodes Scholar. He has been a Student Senator and editor of the Purple and White. He received the Kappa Alpha Freshman Scholarship Award. Frankie was awarded a NSF Summer Research Grant and was an assistant in the chemistry lob. Connie Cavett served her sorority, Chi Omega, as freshman officer and pledge trainer. She was a cheerleader, on the Homecoming Court and a Campus Favorite. She was a Senator and secretary-treasurer of her sophomore class. She was on the Orientation Steering Committee and a member of the Bobashela staff. Connie was tapped into Sigma Lambda, women ' s leadership honorary. A Dean ' s List student, John Sutphin was vice-president of his junior class, served on the Student Senate for two years, and was treasurer and vice-president of Lambda Chi Alpha. He has also been active in intramurals. He has served as president of Alpha Epsilon Delta and has been tapped into Omicron Delta Kappa, Eta Sigma, Chi Chi Chi, and Theta Nu Sigma. John also spent one summer doing cardiovascular research. ♦ i «» 109 In addition to serving Chi Omega as Pledge trainer and cor- responding secretary, Diane Partridge has been active in many campus activities. She v as Greek editor of the Bobashela and she has v orked on the Purple and White Staff. She was a member of Gamma Gamma, the Majorette Club and Pi Delta Phi, a national French fraternity. She was an orientation coun- selor and Circle K Sweetheart. She has been tapped into Sigma Lambda for her leadership ability. A Dean ' s List student, she has served as president of Eta Sigma, a national scholastic honorary. Lynn Shurley, a member of the Troubadours and the Mill- saps Singers, was elected a Campus favorite for two years. He served as vice-president of his sophomore class and as second vice president of the SEB. A member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fra- ternity, Lynn has worked on the Bobashela Staff and was an assistant in the moth department. He served as director of the 1969 Miss Millsaps Pagent. Lynn was tapped into Omicron Delta Kappa honorary. A member of the Troubadours and the Concert Choir, Naomi Tattis Ridgway has been active in all phases of campus life. She was 1966 Homecoming Queen, Greek Goddess, and Top Beauty. She has been a class favorite and secretary-treas- urer of the senior class. Naomi was an orientation counselor and served Chi Omega as Personnel Chairman. 110 i A class favorite for three years, Mike Coker has been active in various phases of campus life. A member of Kappa Alpha Order, he lettered in football and track. He was president of his freshman class and a student Senator at Large. Mike has been sports editor and business manager of the Purple and White and on the football team. Mike was student chairman for the Ford Foundation Drive. y A member of Kappa Delta Sorority, Jeannie Gouras served as secretary of the Panhellenic Council. Jeannie has been SEB secretary and secretary-treasurer of the Junior Class. She was a member of the WSGA and a member of the Purple and White staff. Jeannie was tapped into Sigma Lambda, women ' s leadership honorary. She was chosen the Major ' s Lady this year. Chip Ford has served Millsaps in many capacities, including membership in the Senate and the Greek Week Committee. He was elected as a favorite and junior class president. A member of Lambda Chi Alpha, he was tapped into Gamma Gamma and Omicron Delta Kappa. In 1969 he served as chairman of transfer orientation. Ill mmrr»rifV9mmmm greeks? i ' m all for total acceptance; some of my best friends are greeks. 113 pan hell cnic I 114 L A tf K 9 I 115 Womanly always . . . white tapers in the rain . . . Rose and Owl Man together again . . . Krystchell run . . . Snarff city . . . Molly and the West Wing clock . . . Get serial . . . Mother Tree branches out to the Baby Owls . . . 2.0 . . . Susan! the cats are on the rug . . . Jeanne and the basic interaction . . . Bubbles, when does hunting season open? . . . the soap opera group . . . Margaret and Coley are WhHAT? ... I can ' t tell y ' all apart with your hair rolled up . . . Volleyball on your knees? . . . 2.0 . . . Milonas and the Bear . . . T-Company . . . Witch and her little white B . . . Don ' t get uptight . . . Whaant? . . . falling in love in Europe . . . What happened to the Big Orange? . . . 2.0 . . . the Cringe is back . . Otis makes own pet Seal . . . 2.0 ... A man without a Chi O . . we oughta know . . . Kiddy Lit is too much; I think I ' ll read something stimulating — a Brides Mag- azine . . . Alice swings in Atlanta . . . JMB? are you sure that ' s not a bank . . . Ahh, mah peegeon! . . . the little Bart . . . Quick I need a Kleenes ... I ' m going to Tigoh country, Gr-r-r-r . . . Lois has a life-size collage . . . Pumpkin ' s here, I hear a cac kle . . . Chester Allen Watson, Jr. . . . Vern hHokey discuss Russian history . . . Hot Dot, you ' re getting fat . . . What ' s an OK? . . . WHO switches dates? ... A foot by a foot and a half is bigger than it sounds ... A girl named Hank? . . . Stale donuts, anyone? ... A little fun ' s all right — huh, Lusty . . . Bertie ' s candle goes the wrong way . . . Cynthia Study Carnathan makes her grades . . . Carolyn, has Button called? . . . Dena Fair can Parlez-vous math ... To give your date a mug, or to keep it for yourself . . . Lower your buckets, the food ' s here . . . Talley woman . . . Burdy, pour the top off . . . Phebe fakes the chapter off . . . and then there ' s Buster . . . discouraged never . . . !!!BBB!!!! 116 I . a. dark I. a. murphy 3. I. talley 4. V. kelley 5. ]. barnard 6. f. rhea 7. g. graves 8. s. richardson 9. V. harkey 10. n. fattis I I . I. Sandusky 12. V. pack I 3. h. kendrick 14. f. davis 15. j.m. blood 16. b. champion 17. n. riddle 18. j. wells 19. d. tree 20. d. anderson 21 . p. brooks 22. a. rhea 23. j. terpstra 24. e. burdy 25. i. s+evens 26. d.f. Jackson 27. c. maize 28. c. holder 29. b. mi+chell 30. b. shu+tlewor+h 3 I. s. kenna 32. s.h. davis 33. c. carnathan 34. e. poole 35. j. pierce 36. m. griffin 37. c. crofford 38. c. carithers 39. e. mi+chell 40. d. boggan 41. k. rightwich 42. p. heard 43. d. zickler 44. j. zickler 45. j. houser 46. m. bartling 47. s. bartling 48. h.a. fuller 49. f. richter 50. c. brunson 51. m. milonas 52. d. norris 53. I. hutton 54. j. carpenter 55. j. mitchell 56. b. maize 57. p. harris 59. d. Williams 60. c. dudley 61 . b. barnes 62. a. mitchell 63. I. hathorn 64. m. fewel not pictured: 1 . e. campbel ' 2. j. Crenshaw 3. I. gervin 4. g. hathorn 5. ]. hayles 6. c. Jordan cKi omeqci 117 THE LAND OF DIXIE ... our No. I knows her best . . . dial I 13 for hospitality . . . STP, the racer ' s edge . . . Ben ' s new hobby, stock car racing . . . Bob, stop grinning and put the dagger back in the green case . . . No, Not B.D. again!!! . . . what did her mother say? . . . MOOving Bert? ... a suitcase for B W . . . girls wearing the Texaco star . . . well, Doug and Rufe can ' t be trusted either . . . have you seen Ben? Ilene who? . . . Johnny, Bill didn ' t mean everything when he said " what ' s mine is yours " . . . Don ' t eat at C.S. ' s if you always get seconds, Flopsey . . . Allen M.C. ' s Queen for a Day . . . don ' t throw Rob ' s wallet in the lounge . . . abroad is where it ' s at . . . Langford agrees ... a box of Candy for Tot Ott . . . where is Boerner? . . . what does high blood pre ssure have to do with necking? . . . ask Butch, he ' s the doctor ... No Mike, the Wagon Wheel doesn ' t stay open until 4:00 p.m. and they don ' t have a driving range . . . Madison St. . . . What did really happen the night of B W, B.A.? . . . She knew it wasn ' t Maurice ... a Bloody Foster . . . Boo!!! ... Big G, little O . . . gape on Ron . . . Buck . . . What ' s Wade looking for . . . alcohol even brought out the wolf in Dempsey . . . mix me a water and water . . . a dozen red roses from Poo Bear . . . the Frans, Do, Mo, Jean, Son ... a great Greek reception, wasn ' t it Chaz ... a date with a beauty and a little brother . . . hood . . . why pay high rent Pogey ... I ' m not an owl perch . . . the LAND OF DIXIE . . . let ' s have at it . . . 1 . r. yarbrough 2. b. dorsey 3. g. frascogna 4. m. coop 5. a. mullins 6. g.v. every 7. r. box 8. j. hamby 9. s. tilghman 10. b. corban I I. d. thornton 12. j. wray 13. a. Williams 14. d. dunn 15. r. bentley 16. r. anderson 17. r. prospere 18. p. amos 19. r. lamen 20. d. blair 21 . m. taylor 22. t. gerald 23. b. Williamson 24. b. wade 25. w. choate 26. t. holder 27. V. applewhite 28. I. cocke 29. c. shields 30. g. king 3 I . g. Cunningham 32. j. mcglothlin 33. f. Collins 34. b. boerner 35. h. post 36. I. ott 37. b. graves 39. b. lewis 40. b.d. godfrey 41 . j. barnett 42. b. capps 43. b. adams 44. b. aycock 45. s. wray 46. e. dark 47. a. thomas 48. p. brooks 49. a. liles 50. r. ward 51 . t. sigman 52. h. gamble 53. m. Jones 54. b. beckman 55. m. ainsworth 56. r. ascock not pictured: 1. d. amacker 2. m. binion 3. t. bryant 4. m. coker 5. s. leech 6. g. robinson 7. j. smith 8. j. sparks 9. m. weems 10. r. wolter 118 ka ippa alpha 119 1. b. davis 22. a morrow 43. r. weaver 2. s. Sanderson 23. 1. salvo 44. a. Drovost 3. V. noble 24. k. minyard 45. e. tate 4. c. cook 25. j. howell 46. p. tippins 5. j. gouras 26. m. converse 47. d. chadwick 6. g. thatcher 27. s. Peebles 48. j. graves 7. j. Sanderson 28. e. gates 49. g. loftin 8. m. kemp 29. m. craft 50. c. graves 9. 1. redden 30. s. pearson 51. k. sloan 10. 1 1. b. jones a. field 31. 32. m. mcbride r. hallas not pictured: 12. r. mare+t 33. b. toon 1. d. Collins 13. d. daniel 34. a. chadwick 2. d. harper 14. k. murray 35. d. mcalilly 3. r. Jordan 15. m. glascow 36. b. furr 4. p. mccarty 16. s. nicholson 37. j. wentworth 5. c. pharis 17. 1. dycus 38. c. meacham 6. t. rodgers 18. b. hoch 39. b. brown 7. 1. Stevens 19. a. green 40. g. smith 8. e. terrell 20. t. little 41. p. atwood 21. n. ford 42. a. sloan 120 Ka " Hey ya ' ll — Always think of KD when you hear " . . . Follow the yellow brick road . . . What makes the hottentot so hot? . . . Courage . . . hiere we are, here we are together . . . The White Rose of beauty . . . the emerald and pearl . . . AOT — Apples, Oranges, and Tomatoes!!! . . . wheat-barley- tea . . . Baby Ruth . . . Greg, please come to the basketball game . . . Hit the dirt! . . . Who ' s afraid of Beecher Smith? . . . Crazy Rachel . . . Let ' s go the " Res " . . . Leona Who? . . . Suppertime — Let ' s RUFF it! . . . Are you working for Coach Monty this semester? . . . KD meats . . . " Super Sis " . . . KD ' s can now smoke in the grill . . . This year our Santa Claus came all the way from North Bogue Chita . . . What color is the door? . . . Oh, No, Tri-Sray-Y is this afternoon . . . Fop who ' s room? . . . Bridge? . . . KD mums, KD maga- zines, KD care packages, KD polywogs, KD car wash, KD maids — We sell or wash anything . . . Sernade CS ' s . . . breakfast in bed . . . Who chopped down the Christmas tree? . . . Gouras is pinned? . . . N. O. anyone? ... All KD ' s have a little devil in them . . . Another poem!!! . . . But why? . . . KD puppets be at the House at 6:00 a.m. for Homecoming skit practice! . . . The library is falling . . . Workshop? I thought we were going to play . . . Astronomy lab on Tuesday night if it isn ' t too cloudy . . . Rrrrbbbt . . . What to do, what to do, what to do? ... I have a test, pray for snow . . . Give me a K . . . George Washington whopped the King . . . Catch you around the grill . . . Honorable, beautiful, and highest . . . Sweatshirts, T-shirts, and cut-offs. Let ' s grub it ... In their spare time KD ' s play volleyball, badmitton, basketball, softball and flutes . . . Let ' s drink a toast . . . Oh, there was a little boy who loved a little girl . . . Love, bah humbug ... I heard Kathy ' s riding around in a Hearse since Robby left . . . What ' s your problem? I don ' t have a brain . . . She ' s beautiful and elegant . . . " Some- where over the Rainbow " . . . " Once I had a dream that meant the whole world to me, " and this is where it all began . . . KAPPA DELTA. ippa deli a 121 Where were you born, son? In a barn? . . . Garlee Dogit! . . . Next week I ' ve got 17 term papers. 13 book reports, II URE ' s, and a music appreciation test . . . rrrrnk, dk, dk, peep . . . Now look guys, he ' s the PWGM and his name is Willard F. Rockwell, not George Lincoln Rockwell . . . htang up your spurs. Tube Jockey, the tube is on the blink . . . the Rat, Waaaaaard, N.O. Bread, Dago, Stuffy, Squatty Body, Loinch, Jake-Leg German, Yuk, Yuk, . . . But I don ' t have an Aunt Tookus . . . Dear Judy, You are the sweetest, best looking sweetheart in the world! Love, the Guys . . . Of course, we ' re diversicated, we ' ve got some rednecks, some fererners, some Yankees, and some liberal hippies . . . The only thing you can be sure about is that you can ' t be sure about anything and I ' m not even sure about that . . . OJ, you ' re completely hopeless . . . Initiation is an amazing ceremony because a stupid pledge automatically becomes another intelligent active . . . It ' s a well-known fact that the GT is a crook, but he isn ' t a Coke machine . . . Put it all together and what the HHell you got . . . Sigma. sicirTia . ' 122 Ap 1. k. starrett 23. d. marsh 2. g harper 24. 1. king 3. rhoden 25. d. kuebler 4. walker 26. i- gheesling 5. howell 27. w smi+h 6. d sawyer 28. r. Jones 7. t. gist 29. d. legler 8. b. britton 30. r. herring 9. wilson 31. e. shelnut 10. brantley 32. i- wilkerson II. gill 33. b smith 12. r. marascaico 34. 1. mitchell 13. k. humphries 35. b dailey 14. k. stauffer 36. i- betterton 15. 16. i- d thomas marascaico no P ctured: 17. r. harrop 1. 1. baker 18. P murrah 2. i- logan 19. s. slay 3. m . parman 20. P dancsisin 4. m . smith 21. m . davidson 5. 1. wyatt 22. !■ manning 123 lambda cKi alpha 1. s. razor 22. 1. ash 2. h. lamb 23. b. smith 3. s. mayer 24. t. bailey 4. i- dees 25. h. parker 5. g- meadows 26. i- sutphin 6. i- nix 27. c. ford 7. n. sabatini 28. r. farr 8. g- parker 29. d Conner 9. i- weir 30. s. meeks 10. r. meeks 31. b j. mayfield 1 1. b atklnson 32. t. woodall 12. d. roberts 33. b Johnson 13. 14. h. c. mckinnon mcewen not pi rtured; 15. b strong 1. P Jordan 16. b woodall 2. r. mcewen 17. 1. goodpaster 3. r. mcgehee 18. j. goolsby 4. b partin 19. r. parker 5. b schabot 20. c. Culpepper 6. 1. shurley 21. a lowenberg ; tt 124 Lambda Chi Alpha follows its motto, " Every man a man " . . . But there aren ' t many free men left . . . Everybody ' s getting dropped or pinned or . . . Besides the frequent un- planned parties, Lambda Chi ' s have the Crescent Ball, the Roaring Twenties Party, the Shipwreck Party, House Party . . . " Watch your step! Russell has another dog in the house " . . . Five dollah . . . " Oh, where is our wandering tub to- night? " . . . always last in soccer, first in spirit . . . Rain again for the Pledge-Active Football Classic, the Fourth Annual Toilet Bowl . . . Public Service projects paint the old men ' s home and fight against cystic fibrosis . . . Lambda Chi retires yet another scholarship trophy . . . " Do you think we could open a colony at C.S. ' s? " . . . Serenade includes a round of " We ' re All Good Brothers " and a dunking of the lucky brothers in the tub . . . Purple, Green, and Gold . . . Latb nights, two cents per minute . . . Do you know GO-GO, the " hfole " , Chee-up, and Patsy? . . . " That ole eight-ball; you crazy thang " ... A sailboat in the backyard? . . . Who threw the pledge Into the alligator pit? . . . Lambda ' s crawl out of the book and Into the Zodiac . . . " We Can Do What We Want To Do " . . . Gimme five . . . Orphan Injures youth with boomerang ... Do you know what hiigh Omega Is? . . . Orange room blinds patients at Baptist Hospital ... A pledge in the children ' s ward? . . . Lambda Chi ' s raise thousands for Camille Fund . . . Brothers eye summer trip to the Bahamas ... A Christmas Tree for exam week? . . . Centrevllle ace coaches B.B. team . . . Well-Rounded in social life, athletics, brotherhood, and scholarship, LXA leads into the 70 ' 5. 125 niu Happiness is sisterhood . . . you ' re the ones who stole our heart away ... a houseful of pledges . . . ht-o-o-w-dy! Y ' all come to the Phi Mu Farm . . . Cokes, anyone? . . . Baby Lewi ... A Bird with a bass voice . . . who needs a broken air-conditioner . . . There is only one for a Phi Mu girl . . . Our Mister Nick . . . Ghosts, goblins, and dances ... Is it time yet? . . . No! . . . The Red Menace . . . You can clean the carpet . . . Who me? . . . mystic Enchantress . . . Phi Mu ' s are always discreet . . . hias anyone seen Danni lately? . . . You win some, you lose some, but this is ridiculous! . . . Christmas dance ... Is it time yet? . . . No! . . . Letters and Operation Shoestring . . . Bunny Girl . . . Candlelights and wedding bells . . . Some people are genuinely insincere! . . . Pledges, who has the house key? ... Is it time yet? . . . Now ... A girl with moonglow in her hair, Stardust in her eyes, and heaven in her smile. 126 1. b. parsutt 22. s. piper 43. r. gregg 2. r. witty 23. c. childress 44. i- laney 3. k. nell 24. P warren 45. d humphries 4. m. dunn 25. s. lamke 46. b. hunt 5. 1. schlonlau 26. n. towler 47. m . beck 6. d. Jennings 27. c. massey 48. n. shook 7. j. mullin 28. n. nease 49. a. murphy 8. m. hagwood 29. c. moore 50. b davis 9. 1. freeman 30. s. Williamson 51. i- bullock 10. II. s. henry s. white 31. 32. b i- a. Williams clinton not pi :tured: 12. m. lewis 33. i- Jeffreys 1. c. chism 13. j. woosiey 34. i- moore 2. k. clarke 14. m. caves 35. k. neff 3. k. crane 15. c. boozman 36. m . dessommes 4. c. endter 16. s. page 37. s. . harlan 5. s. fox 17. j. dennis 38. i- self 6. m owens 18. m.a. sample 39. s. rula 7. i- Walton 19. p. farris 40. s. parsutt 8. d. young 20. b. stauss 41. i- rochester 21. n. juigham 42. m . gault 127 Pike ' s favorite activity: Getting up at 7:00 a.m. for group picture for the Bobashela, getting up again at 7:00 a.m. for the Bobashela, and getting up again at 7:00 a.m. for the Bobashela . . . For sale — One black Arabian stallion — con- tact John Speed . . . Notorious Old North Ball, Pi-K-I-A Party, Cotton Ball . . . Needed: One Pike Dream Girl. Must be able to type well and willing to stay up nightly typing papers for the brothers . . . Sympathy goes to G.G. and pledges who had a terrible crash 8 miles above Jackson . . . funny, they weren ' t even in a plane . . . Welcome the Mill- saps Hicks twins Doc and Susan . . . hley! Do apartments count as fra- ernity activities? . . . Speaking of apartments — Vicki, have you seen the three " old maids " that live above Little Dave . . . The love bug bit and wedding bells will chime ... Be careful Doc and George — it ' s rumored two particular young ladies are chasing that bug ... Do you hear bells? What bells? I don ' t hear any bells . . . The stock market promises to rise with the hHearon-Rosenblat merger ... If you ' re looking for a friend — Freddie Callen likes everybody . . . When I was 21 it was a very good year, when I was a PiKA it was even better. b 128 1. d hicks 24. c. howorfh 46. e. Schuster 2. b. nelson 25. t. algood 47. d. lewis 3. e. hearon 26. d. aubert 48. w. edwards 4. d. boone 27. +. shipp 49. w. black 5. 6. b. m walker hearon 28. 29. d. g- douglass hall not pictured: 7. b. mckie 30. d. rieman 1. g. clawson 8. b. lacour 31. b. plunkett 2. d. dye 9. c. brooking 32. r. Jones 3. w. ezelle 10. f. callan 33. m sturdivanf 4. j. franklin II. m parnell 34. i- moore 5. s. hawks 12. b. moo re 35. k. o ' keefe 6. d. king 13. r. ford 36. t. terpstra 7. b. mullins 14. V. hobbs 37. g- moore 8. r. pharr 15. b. graham 38. i- anding 9. m. rutherford 16. s. hardy 39. b. raphael 10. b. simpson 17. i- bridewell 40. f. ezelle 1 1. j. speed 18. c. harvey 41. fk ezelle 12. c. tharp 19. h. jew 42. i- Stevens 13. s. buckley 20. +. winsted 43. g- haymans 14. c. walker 21. m bebensee 44. i- stout 15. j. wilson 23. g- gober 45. h. malchow pL Kappa alpha 129 " Look around to any house in town; you ' ll find no friendlier girls around. " . . . Old Ladies Home? ... Do your own thing . . . Too much sugar . . . Then, there, and things of that sort . . . The Social Service Trophy has put down roots: Methodist Children ' s h ome, V.A., Girl Scouts . . . Brand new patio ... A dancing blue frog . . . " Darling Companion " . . . Finger liclcin ' good brownies . . . Lawrence Fute is alive and well? . . . Light foot . . . Super Pledges . . . Sing along with the Sojourn . . . The hieidelberg will never be the same . . . Hogan ' s Zeroes . . . Young Bird ... No support for I.B. . . . Closet detail anyone? . . Did you lose your key again? . . The three bears . . . Young Loll . . . Et up with it . . . Robin ' s Bowe . . The L is for large . . . Steve, our Zeta man . . Dieter ' s delight . . . ZTA angels take over . . . Sweet Georgia Brown . . . The Zetamobile rides again . . . Crown and shield forever . . . Remembering always that the founda- tion precept of Zeta Tau Alpha is love, the greatest of all things. 1. j. hargett 2. p. iippard 3. m. wainwright 4. r. smith 5. m. hunecke 6. m. hogan 7. 1. flett 8. g. Covington 9. f. smith 10. c. alexander 1 1. g. gwin 12. m. smith 13. c. meek 14. j. moore 15. j. wright 16. c. ewing 17. n. wilson 18. s. hassell 19. j. miltenberger not pictured; 1. s. Jordan 2. p. iesh 3. m. sellars hm n 130 I zeia iau alph a 13) • ■ 1 f ' l I 132 a little time and money never hurt anybody 133 " it had to be the clincher, The Millsaps Majors opened their 1969 football season by meeting the Henderson State Reddles of Arkadelphio, Arkan- sas. The Majors fell to the powerful Reddle squad 27-16. At half-time Millsaps was trailing 21-7 as they were only able to muster one touchdown. This came on Robbie McLeod ' s seven yard dash In the first quarter. In the second half the score was narrowed to 21-16 after tailback Brett Adams scampered 57 yards for a touchdown and Buddy Battling kicked a 40 yard field goal. After Bartllng ' s three points the Reddles put the clincher on the board on on 89 yard kickoff return. After this opening loss, the Mdjors were anxious to get In the win column. Melford Smith gets assistance during a break in the action. ' •, ' ' -- ' , - ■ » i ■• ' ((i .isi. ■, ' ■- ' ■ ,(|l iC% Pat Amos plugs up a hole against Sewanee. 134 Robbie McLeod bulls his way through Sewonee ' s line. " our defense showed signs of maturing today ' m ii msm :s ' i -:■; .yi The next week the Majors roared to this first win by crushing the University of the South 42-16. The Major offense was po- tent enough, but it was the defense that kept things completely under control. The defensive unit held Sewonee ' s attack to a minus 31 yards rushing. Tackle Bobby Springs twice recovered Sewonee fumbles which resulted in Millsaps touchdowns. Mon- ster man Mike Carter got into the act also as he intercepted two passes which resulted in two more Major tallies. Buddy Bartling boots another as Clark Henderson holds. 135 Luther Ott and Jo Jo Logon take a brief rest in the Harding gome. ' ' we ' ve got two fine runners. " Traveling into Razorback country for the second time of the season, the Majors met the Harding Bisons of Searcy. The game ended in a 7-7 tie. The Bisons scored first, but the Majors were able to come back with their own touchdown before the first quarter ended. The bright spot of the game for Millsaps was the outstanding rushing attack. Tailback Brett Adams picked up 129 yards on 26 carries, and fullback Robbie McLeod rushed for 1 15 yards on 33 carries. The Millsaps defensive unit awaits the next play. As he calls signals, Clark Henderson prepares to take snap. 136 Brett Adams is tripped up as Ronnie Grantham prepares to block. " thaf s the third time this year someo ne has run back a kick on us for a touchdown ' Millsaps got back on the winning track by defeating North- wood Institute of Cedar Hill, Texas, 17-7. The Majors jumped to a 10-0 halftime lead as Buddy Bartling kicked a 21 yard field goal and wingback Mike Carter threw a touchdown pass to tailback Brett Adams. The Knights scored their only touchdown of the game on a 72 yard punt return in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter defensive end Richie Newman intercepted a pass and raced into the end zone giving the Majors their final score of the day. The Millsaps defensive team kept the Knights bottled up during the whole game, forcing two fumbles and one interception. Mike Coker and Pat Amos fight ta recover loose ball 137 Mike Taylor struggles to pick up extra yardage. Mike Carter seems to be enjoying the Southwestern game. ' ' they do all the things a good football team should do ' In the 1969 Homecoming game the Majors continued their winning ways as they devastated the Southwestern Lynx 44-0. Robbie McLeod scored three times and Mike Carter added two touchdowns in leading the Major attock. One of McLeod ' s touchdowns came after linebacker Melford Smith recovered a blocked Southwestern punt and returned it to the one yard line. The Major rushing attack for the game was greatly enhanced by the running of quarterback Mike Taylor and tail- back Rowan Torrey. This victory gave Millsops a 3-1-1 record. Rowan Torrey gets ready to turn up field with the ball. 138 Robbie McLeod attempts to break through a hard hitting line. " the second half was too late The following week the Majors journeyed to Arkadelphio, Arkansas, for the second time of the season and suffered their second loss. This time it was to Ouachita Baptist College by a score of 23-7. The Tigers took complete control of the first half and led at the end of the second quarter 23-0. The Majors con- trolled the second half with 1 17 yards rushing to 32 yards for Ouachita. Millsaps finally got on the scoreboard in the third quarter when guard Mike McGee recovered a fumbled punt on the Tiger 40 setting up the touchdown. Following this second loss of the season the Majors took advantage of an open date to prepare themselves for the last three rugged games. Melford Smith stacks the play up at the line. 139 Bobby Springs uncoils to hit Maryville fullback. These Majors take a rest just before Millsaps regains the lead against Maryville. ' ' this is the strongest maryville team since 1964. " Millsaps got its fourth win of tfie season in a come from behind effort against Maryville College. Even though the Majors had a good rushing game with 208 yards gained, the win came by way of the air. Millsaps went ahead in the second quarter 7-6 as quarterback Clark Henderson completed a 28 yard touchdown pass to split end Rowan Torrey. The Scotties went back in the lead in the third quarter, and Millsaps was still behind with just five minutes left in the game. Then Hen- derson threw another touchdown pass, this time to Richie New- man, to put the Majors ahead for the second time. The victory was wrapped up when defensive halfback Ronnie Grantham intercepted a Maryville pass in the final minutes of play. Bobby Springs walks off the field after fiis usual fine gome. 140 Rusty Boshers and Robbie McLeod lead the way as Clark Henderson rolls to the outside. ' ' it ' ll be another good test for our defensive unit. " The Major defensive unit led the way in the next game as Georgetown College was crushed 22-7. The rushing gome of the Tigers was completely stopped as their net rushing yard- age for the day was zero yards. Also, five interceptions stymied effectively the Tiger passing attack. Linebacker Mel- ford Smith and safetyman Mike Coker each grabbed two inter- ceptions and halfback Ronnie Grantham added one. The Majors went ahead in the first quarter on a 19 yard touchdown run and then an 11 yard scoring gallop by fullback Robbie McLeod. Georgetown got on the scoreboard in the second quarter, and then Millsaps added its final touchdown of the day on an eight yard burst by Brett Adams. -■ iimCSUJkiUk Melford Smith and Mike Taylor rack a Georgetown end. 141 ' -»»-% - ' ' well show up and well be there when it ' s over . Ciark Henderson watches intently as the referee signals a Major first down. In the final game of the season Millsaps defeated previ- ously undefeated Randolph-Macon 13-7. This win broke the 19-game winning streak of the Yellowjackets which was the longest for a college division team. Millsaps scored first on a 27-yd. field goal by Buddy Bartling after Melford Smith had recovered a Yellowjacket fumble. Randolph-Macon got its only score of the game on an 85 yd. kickoff return, open- ing the second half. At the end of the third period punter Dale Keyes kicked the ball to the one-yard line. On the first play after this punt, the Majors recorded a safety, leaving them still trailing the Yellowpackets 7-5. In the final minutes of the game quarterback Clark hienderson led the team downfield and Brett Adams rushed over from the three to put the Majors ahead. This upset victory gave to the Majors a most successful 6-2-1 record. Brett Adams plunges through the Randolph-Macon line behind excellent blocking. 142 i i . i B? t ' -H ' ' K7 ' |57;fia; ' H3 ' ' « J I- H Front Row: R. McLeod; P. Amos; R. Grantham; B. Adams; B. Bortling; C. Henderson; M. Taylor; D. Keyes; M. Coker. Second Row: M. McGee; K. Starret; D. Crofton; B. Phillips; P. Dorr; N. Apostle; R. Torrey; B. Godfrey; T. Bryant; Third Row: M. Smith; N. Apostle; J.J. logon; D. Boshers; L. Ott; D. March; H. Gamble, Monoger; L. Knight, Manager; Bob Corban. Fourth Row: Coach Dovis; M. Coop; L. Denson; M. Carter; J. Gheesling; P. Doncisin; B. Doiley; R. Newman; B. Springs, Monoger; J. Brantley; Coach Ronager. Coach Davis and Coach Ranager confer with quarterback Clark Henderson during a time out. By compiling a 6-2-1 record, the Majors completed the best season since Coaches Davis and Ranager came to Mill- saps six years ago. The Millsaps offensive power this year was again led by Robbie McLeod and Brett Adams. McLeod picked up a total of 730 yards, averaged 81 yards a game, and scored 48 points on 8 touchdowns. Adams picked up a total of 733 yards, averaged 81 yards a game, and scored 38 points on six touchdowns and a 2-point conversion. Kick- ing specialist Buddy Bartling had 32 points to his credit, making 20 of 22 PAT kicks and four of seven field goal at- tempts. The Major defensive team also proved to be quite strong. They held their opponents to only 121 yards rushing average and 106 total points. The ' Saps defense also picked off 27 passes, recovered 20 fumbles and one blocked punt. Mike Carter, Melford Smith, and Mike Coker led the team in recording turnovers. Carter had 8 interceptions and one fumble recovery to his credit, Smith had four of each, and Coker had 6 interceptions and two fumble recoveries. Looking ahead to the 1970 season, the outlook appears bright for another successful season. The Majors will only lose five men by graduation. These five seniors, including Mike Coker, J.J. Logan, Pat Amos, Melford Smith, and Tommy Bryant, however, will be hard to replace. Each has been with the Majors for four years and has contributed greatly to the rebirth of football at Millsaps. 143 Front row: C. Mclnnis, R. Feathers, B. Behrens, B. Booth, R. Anderson, R. Harrop. J. Snowden, Back row: Coach Corder, T. Schulte, J. Betterton, B. Carter, H. Gerrish, B. Beckman, K. Hogan. basketba Ch ' nt Mclnnis attempts a jump shot against the Baptist Christian Ambassadors. Bret Behrens goes up for a lay up against the Lynx from Southwestern. 144 Tom Schulte lofts one high over a leaping defender. Jerry Betterton Bret Behrens Randy Harrop Bo Carter 145 Harlan Gerrlsh attempts to block opponent ' s shot. Ken Hagan drives in for lay-up against Southwestern. Bob Booth Ken Hagan Jack Snowden 146 Tom Schul+e Jumps up to fire the ball toward the goal. Bill Beckman Harlan Gerrish Harlan Gerrish jumps high to win the tip-off for the Majors. basketball record 1 969- 1 970 date opponent Millsaps opponent Dec. 1 Birmingham Southern 86 88 Dec. 5 Austin 76 84 Dec. 9 Delta State 81 72 Dec. 11 William Carey 59 92 Dec. 13 Lambuth 88 73 Dec. 19 ' Southeastern Louisiana 78 79 Dec. 20 Southern State 65 86 Jan. 8 - William Carey 68 77 Jan. 9 - Mississippi College 114 110 Jan. 12 Belhaven 78 101 Jan. 14 Southwestern 62 86 Jan. 24 Austin 75 85 Jan. 26 Northwood 103 86 Jan. 27 Le Tourneau 66 70 Jan. 29 Baptist Christian 54 53 Feb. 2 Southwestern 64 72 Feb. 4 Birmingham Southern 67 74 Feb. 5 William Carey 68 81 Feb. 7 Le Tourneau 72 65 Feb. 9 Spring Hill 75 69 Feb. 13 Lambuth 61 69 Feb. 14 University of the South 72 93 Feb. 18 Spring Hill 56 103 Feb. 21 Northwood 79 62 Feb. 24 Belhaven 49 62 ' Mississippi College Invitational Tournament ' Denominofional Tournament Robert Ferguson Tom Schulte Tom Schulte ' s tight defense forces a bod pass. Ronald Feather 148 Jackie Snowden leaps up to grab rebound against Lombuth. Uacone Visit Bob Booth brings the boll down court for the Majors. basketball fortunes improve The Majors entered the 1969-1970 season with various factors in their favor. Every starter from lost year ' s team returned and they were joined by several outstanding new players. Under the new basketball coach, Howard Corder, the Majors worked long and hard and compiled a 8-17 won- loss record. This was the best basketball record for Millsaps in quite a long time, and it is further proof that scholarships add greatly to an athletic pro- gram. The Majors found glory early as they con- vincingly defeated a strong Delta State team. In the Mississippi College Invitational Tournament Millsaps exerted a strong effort and fell only one point short of Southeastern Louisiana State. Then in the Denominational Tournament behind the best offensive showing of the year Mississippi College was defeated. In the next to the last home game of the season, Millsaps came from behind to tie up an excellent Spring Hill team and then win in over- time. Clint Mclnnis 149 Bob Hester returns a serve as his partner David Sawyer looks on. JQI .. « . «iiii f mmfuifH-si »Mifc»m«i . The Majors headed into the 1970 tennis season with five re- turning lettermen and several newcomers with years of tennis experience. The 1970 schedule included 17 matches and two tournaments. This was the longest schedule for the Millsaps net- ters in recent years. Leading the Majors this season were Ben Graves, who has played in the number one singles position for the last three years, John McDonald, who won the number three singles title in the state tournament last year and com- piled on overall 16-2 record, and Lon Wyatt, who teamed with McDonald to produce an 8-4 number two doubles record. The two other returning lettermen were Clark Henderson and Bob Hester. Some outstanding new players included Marty Pearson, who got to the semifinals in the state high school tournament both his junior and senior years and Bobby Clark, who lost year won the state junior college title in number one singles. Other players on the Major squad were David Sawyer, Doug Dunn, Robert Ford, Lutz Werner, Don Thornton, and Johnny Durrett. 150 tennis Marty Pearson follows through on his return. Bob Hester practices his serve. 151 - " n urn m amtumtmnaiKimii Tl if buie gym blues 153 Halfbacks Donnie Marascaico and Jack Thomas move the ball down the field for Kappa Sigma. men s intramurals Kappa Sigma halfbacks head back up-field to set up defense against the Lambda Chi ' s. Pike Fred Ezelle attempts to take the ball away from Sig Lon Wyatt. 154 s igs snag soccer The 1969-1970 men ' s intramurals opened with the soccer season. Up until this year this sport, which took the place of the dangerous speedball a few years ago, has not been played with an overly abundant amount of dexterity by all teams involved. This year each team participating could be called a soccer team. For the third year in a row Kappa Sigma took home first place honors. Unlike previous years when the Sigs completely dominated play, they were pressed hard all season long by the Lambda Chi ' s, the KA ' s, and the Pikes. The first place Sigs ' record was 6-0-2. Pi Kappa Alpha finished in second place with a 5-2-1 record. Kappa Alpha came in third with a 2-3-3 record, and Lambda Chi Alpha finished in fourth place with a 2-4-2 record. The strength of the whole league was emphasized by the fact that the two ties of the winning Sigs came against the third place KA ' s and the fourth place LXA ' s. The development of skill in soccer at Millsaps was further shown by the game played against the LSU soccer team. Members from the intramural teams at Millsaps joined forces with the doctors from the University Medical Center to make a surprisingly good showing against the team from Baton Rouge. Charlie Shields races +o bring the ball under control for Kappa Alpha as it heads out of bounds. Fred Ezelle and David Dye get in on the action In the game between the Millsaps intramurals ' team and the LSU Tigers. 155 pikes take volleyball As winter approached, men ' s intramurols moved from the cold soccer field to the drafts of Buie Gym. The first sport of the winter season was volleyball. For the lost several years the Lambda Chi ' s have pretty well controlled this gome. This year, however, one of their two tall spikers was gone because of graduation and they were not quite up to their usual standards in volleyball. The Pikes proved to be the best team playing volleyball for the year. They compiled a perfect 8-0-0 record behind a consistent defense and sparked by several tough spikers. Kappa Alpha came in second place followed by the Lambda Chi ' s, Kappa Sigs, and the Independents. The Independents return o volley to Kappa Sigma. Randy Williams attempts to block a spike. Rowan Torrey and Langford Knight fight for possession of the ball. basketball expands Basketball began as second semester started, and the inter- est in men ' s intramurals was revived. This year the number of teams participating increased from six to eight as tvi ' O more in- dependent teams were added. The eight teams were divided into two divisions with the Lambda Chi ' s, the Vikings, Kappa Alpha, and the Reactions making up one division and Kappa Sigma, the Jackson Five, Pi Kappa Alpha, and the M-Club making up the other. The first round of play was interdivision and the second round was intradivision. A tournament to decide the champion was held at the end of the second round among the top teams of both divisions. The style of play by all teams proved to be good, and, although the play was not equal to the pros, it must be said that as a general rule the cal- iber of referees compared favorably with those of the NBA. Clive Westcott goes up for a lay-up against the KA ' s. 157 women ' s intromurals The sports included in the women ' s intromurals program at Millsaps are volleyball, tennis, Softball, golf, basketball and bodmitton. The four sororities plus the Independents competed ror the overall intramural trophy given at the end of the year. This year the Independents fought off the KD ' s to win the volleyball title. The Independents also took first place in bod- mitton. The KD ' s hod the best tennis team, and they grabbed first place. The Phi Mu ' s prepore to return a serve. m Dianne Partridge returns the ball to the KD ' s. 158 Marietta Smith attempts to drive toward the goal for the Zeta ' s. Cindy Jordan drives in for the Chi O ' s. The Phi Mu ' s and the Zetas fight vigorously for the rebound. 159 160 J what bachelor of activities degree . . .? 161 senate 162 " today ' s need, then, is for you to speak out against inequities on the millsaps car pus wherever they exist, but the voice o f con- structive change must be a unified, responsible voice . — ron yarbrough — 163 marianne hogan wsga " no one likes rules but they have a purpose and if one does not know it by the time he reaches a collegiate level, he will never know. " — marianne hogan — wsga members, wanda Jones, marianne hogan. Caroline massey, marsa beck, candy dudley. lynn levy. 164 ywca ywca members karen leftwlch, pam lippard, sheila fox, frances davis, robin hamilton, pat+i warren, katy montgomery, michelle hudson, sherrie page, martha lewis, christi meeks, Jennifer hargett. debate debate team champions mr. hooker, joey Howell, bob Williamson, george booth. koinonia koinonia Is a fellowship that ministers to the Jackson community as well as to the mlllsaps community, members meeting their sponsor, reverend keith tonkel, are (first row) terre balof, kathy rowell, brenda gaddy (second row) lucy hothorn, becky hunt, onn sumner, (third row) patti warren, betsy brassell, rev. tonkel, jim holston. 1«5 p w staffers: nchard perry (edifor), diana bint {business manoger], Hilary messick (photographer), nancy foster, sieve peterson, cheralyn hendnx, and beckysaxton. the purple and white this year the purple and white acted as a lively center of discussion over issues of concern to members of the college community, acting as both a chronicler and an interpreter of events, the paper served as a vehicle for informing and prodding student awareness. 166 stylus 167 find the owner on page 186. m it«if--: » » lemmmmmmmm - I ' ,. he who laughs, lasts . . . becky reed Janet wells Catherine boozeman susan hassell frances smith michele mcbrlde, classes becky smith, activities Julie blood, editor penny atwood ellen bready jo anne stevens, art ann sumner, honoraries linda wilson marion wainwright corrine ewing, administration lolly tiett, classes jeannette miltenberger, classes erik hearon, business manager susan richardson, student life madeline hunecke, classes linda dorsey, classes dave newton, assistant editor lem mitchell, sports, phot. ed. will koolsbergen, activities not pictured: kay neff jo walton debbie williams, features debbie bogan melanie bartling eleanor mccutcheon dian anderson susan bartling, greeks tommy woodall phil brooks ann mitchell Judy clinton jane mitchell cindy matheny, typist alex Wright, photographer captain blood! the bobashela 169 millsaps college concert choir reid burt a I ice rhea fran houser debbie nelson carol quin emily mitchell lucy hathorn debbie collins nancy speed sandy Williamson bonnie pitt lois sondusky dorothy chadwick kay mitchell betty elliott gail smith debbie Jennings nancy fulghom becky maize barbara fulton gena krone margie mcdavid morsha kemp charles harvey david dark greg meadows Steve burnett mark bebensee lewis cocke William young Jamie anding charles jemison cortez castilla patti mccarty joe burnett cindy brunson ken morrison pam capps bob lacour claudio carithers lynn shurley befh perry dave mcintosh diene harper mike weems directed by mr. leland byler 171 versatile, talented, enthusiastic — the troubadours 172 the millsaps troubadours, In performance and in rehearsal, display a professionalism and sense of assurlty which is second nature to a performer. froubadours musical director — leland byler accompanist mark bebensee bob lundy Jamie anding joe burnett lynn shurly louis cocl e kay mitchell debbie collins carol quin claudia carithers annie chadwick many craft William young bob lacour david mcintosh lucy hathorne 173 Oklahoma! with us it ' s all . . . or nuthin ' ! louis cocke as curly and kay mitchell as laurie Ham young as will parker ann latham as ado annie sara Jordan as aunt eller 174 under the direction of lance goss and under the musical direction of leland byler, the large cast of Oklahoma! proved how much fun a musical could be. the cast was led by louis cocke and kay mitchell as curly and laurie. william young played will parker and ann latham played ado annie. strong support was given by sara Jordan as aunt eller, bruce partin as all hakim, raymond mcgee as jud, tom dupree as andrew carnes, and Carolyn holder as gertie. the cowboys, farmers and their women included foster collins, kenny oliver, gale smith, marion wainwright, jana moore, will koolsbergen, donna schwaiger, diana dyess, cindy Jordan, gene aldridge, phyllis alford, cindy brunson, allyn dark, debbie collins, art dyess, Wayne edwards, charles jemison, jan klein, pat lesh, gary moore, debbie nelson, barry plunkett, carol quin, John reid, george schlmmel, pam up- shaw, and rocky zachry. bruce partin as all haldn roymond mcgee as jud will parlcer and the boys In " kansas city " — (frst row) ken oliver, barry plunkett, charles Jemison, gene aldridge bergen, gary moore, george schimmel, art dyess, rocic zachry, John reid, and william young (In the air). ond forte r coilms, wil kool; a giant squid has aftaclted the survivors ' raft and arthur declares that it is the god, made squid. torn dupree, ann latham, leo haffey, claire crofford, and Julius cain. left to right) melford smith, art dyess, ava mcdaniel, the lecturer, gary moore, looks on as strongman tony, melford smith, proves that the god arthur, torn dupree, can be killed. 176 m 5 f ' S r K 1 k. f Ai. f -- t A v ■ ' •■ . i fff V4« ' ' ' A ' f% ' vA ' l 1 r r s ' , n K I J , dL Smi ' % " r. f o the survivors of the " great rain of 1971 " had many problems to cope with, even Insanity, (ava mcdanlei, will koolsbergen, leo haffey) arena ' 69: " after the rain ' ' chosen as the arena ' 69 presentaflon was an unusual play by british aufhor John bowen. under the direction of lance goss, the players perfornned " after the rain " in the round in galloway arena theatre. the setting for the play is a university lecture hall, two hundred years after the great rain of 1971. for the benefits of the students, the story of their ancestors — nine survivors of the rain — is being presented. these nine men and women are themselves convic ts who perform while under hypnosis, they are guided through the action by the lecturer who in the end realizes their one crime is individuality. bruce par+In, angelyn sloan, Julius cain, margaret graham margaret graham and Julius cain Impromptu — by tad mosal directed by Stanley graham will koolsbergen and anne latham student directed workshop productions, that ' s what these are I torn dupree gall smith and louis cocke the apple tree — by jerry bock directed by william young diana dyess, will koolsbergen, John reid, anne latham, ed boucom hello, out there — by william saroyan directed by sara Jordan 179 ' » ,01 f ' ■™illw, , » .1 14 ' ■i- -• . ' 5r " ' »« ,- ■- ' -«» idiS - - • t-.,gij- IF Julius coin ' s romeo and claire crofford ' s Juliet spark Shakespeare ' s classic love story dramatis personoe escalus, leo haffey paris, lewis cocke montague, will kooisbergen capuiet, torn dupree romeo, jullus coin mercutlo, gary moore benvolio, John reid tybalt, mike taylor friar iourence, foster collins friar John, bruce partin baitharsar, rocky zachry abrom, mike weems Sampson, shown mahaffey gregory, oiex wright peter, iourie deere servant to paris, melisso milonos lady montague, diana dyess lady capuiet, ongelyn sloan Juliet, claire crofford nurse to Juliet, linda sudduth 181 w r " ) , I, " t i ' t " )! - ift ..n ,« ' « ' ' .. ' •f-i ' ■ ( ' , yK -fir . ' •? ; .■ Sefe fe - : ■ i«ittfc;;:- fK s !V i ' H ' " ' sometimes we looked and if we were lucky we found ourselves and maybe somebody else .... 183 184 69 P: 185 t 187 188 girls thought that by liberating themselves from the dress code they would liberate their intellect and they wore pants to class .... boys thought that by liberating themselves from the razor they could sleep six extra minutes .... it was the year of peacebeadselectriccurlersmaxicoatsdraftlotterysideshoebuckles and abject poverty .... 189 :a£..- ' ,u-l l Li--iij8... 190 partly cloudy today with slow warming trend tomorrow winds from the north have been increasing steadily creating high pressure areas across the south .... as the real world reached in words like interdependence lost their textbook frigidity we were involved .... some of us thought spiroagnew really was a respiratory disease, and that of course made us focus on pollution .... we were shocked when we realized that the war is not only in asia but durrett said that was better than apathy .... then we looked to the moon where we came in peace and were glad .... t J ■ 192 motives were essential .... we went to basketball games to win the spirit trophy .... we went to the symphony because we needed to pass aesthetics .... the series committee never gave us a motive for convocation, but dove brubeck didn ' t need one .... we fought for liquor at off-campus parties, open dorms, beer in the grill, and didn ' t win .... 193 i we said we had student unrest but the newspapers didn ' t notice. . . . we began to read the senate minutes and we wondered how much voice the senate had, so to find out we resolved to put a student on the board of trustees .... defying premature death notices, the greeks made it through another year .... for the most part, our opinions of the cafeteria remained unprintable (though one vocal person expressed discontent by screaming " i hate that food " from a car window as he drove through campus) .... we sympathized with the misunderstood cola and decided that only in the grill does dr. pepper taste like prune juice .... 194 y UlS IS W ) b ers 4 I M 195 we heard that GOD was dead but we looked anyway because man was not reason enough .... we debated about the intellectuality of patriotism and were intrigued by the fact that at a basketball game we skipped the STAR SPANGLED BANNER because of technical difficulties .... we deplored man ' s shortcomings because it is time to be aware, but we laughed and played frisbee because we are young .... 196 197 listen .... can ' t you feel it ... . 198 senior i ndex bruce adorns, seabrook, texas; student union board chrm.; senate; lloo; phi alpha theto; p w; boboshelo; football manager; sports information director; m-club; dean ' s list. jeannie gourcs, Jackson; kd; seb sec.-treas.; sec- treos. jr. class; sigma lambda; p w; chapel choir, players; who ' s who in american colleges universi- ties; dean ' s list; panhellenic. phyllis horris, cory; chl omega, socio I chairmen; bobashela; intromurols; campus beauty; cheer- leader; junior yeor in spoin. dion anderson, vicksburg; chi omega; kappa delta epsilon; sec.; boboshelo; p w; millsaps singers; dean ' s list; ywco. ken net h woyne barton, Jackson; dean ' s list; vice- pres. pre-low club; young democrats. cindy brunson, jockson; chi omega, music chairman; p w; concert choir; troubadours; players; homecom- ing; most beautiful; miss millsaps college; 4th runner up to miss mississippi; director campus song fest; director miss millsaps college pageant. terry buckolew, pineville; senotor, oed, bbb, theta nu sigma, xxx, track, basketball mgr. joe Burnett, corthage; millsaps singers, troubadours; players; honors program; pre-low club; ministerial league; young democrats. elizobeth camp bell, west point; chi omega; chapel choir; ywco. chorles dark, jr., Jackson; sigma nu; senator, direc- tor of independent activity; p w; business manager; intromurals; intramurol council, sec.; chemistry lob assistant; circle k, vice-pres.; american chemical soci- ety; deutscher verein. david Wright dark, west point; soph, doss president, senior class president; omicron delta kappo; schiller gesellschoft; tennis; concert choir; troubodours; rhodes scholarship finalist; david m. key scholarship; intermediate germon award; who ' s who in american colleges and universities; dean ' s list. betty elliott, tylertown; phi mu; wsgo, bobashela; chapel choir; concert choir; dean ' s list; ywco; psychology club; christian council. richcrd h. eirod, jockson; phi alpha theto; chapel choir. molly fewel, meridian; chi omega vice-pres.; sena- tor; p w; beauty; favorite. brenda gaddy, rolling fork; kappa delta epsilon; chapel choir; dean ' s list; world university service, msm. torn gerald, lelond; kappo alpha, kit kat, bobashela, players, who ' s who. don gibson, jockson; pres. black student association. lorry m. goodpaster, senotobio; Ixo, president, pledge trainer; intromurols; chapel choir; band; dean ' s list; intramural council, president; msm; ministerial league. John e. homby, itta beno; ko; football; golf; chemis- try lab assistant. soro elizobeth Jordan, purvis; zto; alpha psi omega sec.-treos.; p w; intromurols; chapel choir; players, aunt ello in Oklahoma, directed hello out there. longford knight, meridian; ko; bobashela; football, manager-trainer; baseball; president m-club. mack land, dekolb; bbb; theto nu sigma; alpha epsilon delta; chapel choir; dean ' s list; circle-k. Julia loney, memphis; phi mu, treasurer; p w; players; ywco. Caroline massey, little rock, ark.; phi mu, mem- bership chairman; president vice-pres. of wsgo; seb president ' s cabinet; sigma lombdo; president panhellenic; sigma lambda president; sigma delta pi, sec.-treos.; koppa delta epsilon; majorette club; gamma gommo; boboshelo; p w; sonders award in Spanish; who ' s who in american colleges universi- ties; dean ' s list; orientation steering committee. rodney meeks, coral gables, fla.; Ixo; alpha epsilon delta, vice-pres. historian; chi chi chi; theta nu sigmo, pres., vice-pres.; bobasheto; intromurols; freshman chemistry award; chemistry laboratory osst.; deutsche verein secretory. ondy mullins, macon; ko, no. IV; phi alpha theta. onnie b. murphy; Cleveland; phi mu. kathy murroy, hottiesburg; kappo delto, scholarship pledge, asst. treos., treasurer, pres.; sigma lambda kappo delta epsilon; mojorette club, vice-pres. p w; intromurols; homecoming queen; cheerleoder wsgo; panhellenic. kothy neil, jockson; sec, phi mu; chapel choir; boboshelo. dionne partridge; meridian; chi omega, sec, pledge trainer; senate; wsgo executive board; sigma lamb- da; gommo gammo; eta sigmo; pi delta phi; schiller gesellschoft; chi delta; majorette club; boboshelo; p w; intromurols; circle-k sweetheart; who ' s who in american colleges universities; math assistant. beth hood perry, jockson; senate; phi alpha theto; p w; concert choir; smith scholarship, history; music assistant; music club. richord perry, jockson; senate; publicotions board; p w editor; wobosh college bachelor; dean ' s list; miss, young democrats; millsaps philosophy club; as- sociate fellow; center for the study of democratic in- stitutions; deutcher verein; writer ' s club; oreno. corol lynelle quin, yazoo city; millsops singers; troubadours; ployers; series committee; music deportment assistant; dorm assistant; music club, pres.; music educators national conference chopter vice pres. Stephen c. rosor, ocean springs; lombdo chi olpha, pledge educator; chapel choir; deon ' s list; msm; ministerial leogue. morion reid, |ackson; bbb; theta nu sigmo; dean ' s list. noomi tottis ridgwoy, jockson; chi omega; greek goddess; personel officer; sec.-treos. of senior closs; senate; millsaps singers; troubadours; orientation counselor; beauty; class favorite; most beautiful; homecoming queen; who ' s who in american colleges ond universities. tru rodgers, corthage; koppa delta; p w. liso schonlou, monroe; phi mu; olpha epsilon delta; bbb. lynn shurley, meridian; lombdo chi alpha; 2nd vice- pres. s eb; soph vice-pres.; odk; boboshelo; concert choir; troubadours; campus favorite; who ' s who in american colleges and universities; treasurer, circle k. edword h. simpson, winono; kit kot; chapel choir; dean ' s list; co-editor stylus; english dept. assistant; writer ' s club. Jeanne terpstro, jockson; chi omega, president, vice- president, rush choirmon; senate; chi delto; sigmo lambda; gommo gommo; bobashela; chapel choir; who ' s who in american colleges ond universities; dean ' s list; wsgo; ywco; writer ' s club; stylus staff. pom upshaw, ocean springs; pres. of kappo delta epsilon; chapel choir; dean ' s list; wus bazaar; ywco. robert word, meridian; koppa olpho, activities chairman and treasurer; traffic comptroller; student executive boord; senate; vice-president senior class; kit kat; gommo gommo; phi alpha theto; vice- president omicron delta koppo; business manager p w, business staff of bobashela; who ' s who in omericon colleges and universities; first vice-pres. of miss, intercollegiote council; president of circle-k; orientation counselor; co-chairman of orientation; dean ' s list. timothy woyne whitoker, redwood; seb cabinet; phi alpha theto; president, ministerial leogue; commit- tee on purpose; millsaps self study. debbie wiltioms, jockson, tenn; chi omego; panhellenic vice-president; gammo gommo ; ma- jorette club; p w; boboshelo; head cheerleader; orientation counselor; p.e. ossistont; ywco. 199 )1 ■T , r ralph wittal iii, gulfport; schiller gesellschaft; pres- ident music club; guild student group, president. jerry young, greenville; pres. sigmo delta pi; eta sigmo; language dept. assistant; intensive summer studies program at Columbia university; dean ' s list; who who ' s in american colleges and universities; woodrow Wilson fellowship; nominated tor rhodes, danforth, morshall scholarships. william h. young, jockson; tou koppo epsilon; alpho psi omego; bobashela, p w photographer; concert choir; troubadours; players. jane zickler, florence, ala.; chi omego; intermurals; ywca. 201 genera index adams, brett, 1 1 9, 1 37, 1 42, 1 43 odams, bruce, 42, 84, 85 adcock, harvey, 66 ainsworth, John, 1 19, 165 aldridge, gene, 52, 175 alexander, linda, 66, 131 algood, tonny, 128 amacker, dempsey, 58 amos, pat, 119, 134, 137, 143 anderson, dion, 42, 83, 1 16 anderson, robert netl, 1 19 anding, James, 66, 128, 170, 171, 173 apostle, dene, 99 apostle, nick, 143 applewhite, victor, 1 19 ash, [ohn, 66, 124 atkinson, waiter, 124 atkinson, william, 66 atwood, penny, 66, 120, 168 cubert, dick, 52, 128 aycock, reg, 1 I 9 oycock, william, 1 ] 9 bobb, nancy, 42 boiley, jerold, 52, 78. 124 baker, edwin, 58 ballos, elaine, 52 bclof, terry, 58 barnard, Jeanne, 58, 1 16 bornes, becky, 58, 1 16 barnett, jomes, 1 1 9 bartling, buddy, 135. 143 bartling, melanie, 52, 1 16 bartling, suson, 52, 1 16 barton, kenneth, 42 baucom, edward, 179 bebensee, mark, 58. 128, 170, 171 beck, morso, 58, 126, 164 beckmon, bill, 1 19, 146, 149 behrens, bret, 146, 147 bentley, randy, 66, 1 19 betterton, jerry, 52, 122, 146, 147 bint, diana, 1 66 black, warren, 52, 128 blackwell, isabel, 42 blair, danny, 1 1 9 blood, julie-mac. 52, 1 16, 168, 184 bobbs, beverly, 58 boerner, bill, 1 1 9 began, debbie, 66, 1 16 boone, doug, 128 booth, george, 165 booth, bob, 146, 148, 149 bookers, rusty, 84, 126, 166 boozman, Catherine, 66 boshers, rusty, 141, 143 box, robert, 1 19 brantley, jack, 66, 122, 143 brasell, betsy, 52 bready, ellen, 53, 116. 168 bridewell, joe, 128 britton, blann, 122 brooking, carl, 128,53 brooks, tricio, 66, 1 16 brooks, phil, 1 19 brown, brenda, 58, 96, 97, 120 brown, burrell, 53 brunson, cindy, 42, 94, 170, 171 brunson, dorothy, 1 16 bryant, thomos. 143 buckolew, terry, 42, 79, 84 buckley, spurgeon, 67 bullock, judi, 126 burnett, joe, 42, 170, 171, 173 burnett, steve, 67. 170, 171 burt, reid, 170, 171 butler, sue, 58 butler, ed, 67 coin, Julius, 176. 178, 180, 181 callen, fred, 128 Campbell, elizobeth, 43 capps, pam, 53, 170, 171 capps, bob, 1 19 corithers, Claudia, 58, 116, 170. 171. 173 carnathcn, cynthio, 67, 1 16 carpenter, jill, 53, 1 1 6 carter, mike, 105, 139, 143. 146, 147 Castillo, corotez. 170, 171 catchings, phil. 67 caves, marsho, 67, 109 cavett, Connie, 78, 109 covin, margaret, 43 chodwick. annie, 120, 173 chodwick, dorothy, 67, 120. 170, 171 chambers, mimi, 67 chambliss, leonord, 53 champion, borboro, 59, 1 16 Chatham, frankie, 78, 79, 82. 84, 109, 126 childress. connie, 59 choate, waiter, 67, 1 19 Christopher, charles, 59 dark, allyn, 67. 119 dark, david, 43, 78, 107, 170, 171 dork, eric. 43, 67, 82, 119 clorke, kay, 59 dark, robert, 53 Clifford, donald, 67 clinton, [udy. 67, 126 cocke, lewis, 119, 1 70, 171, 173, 174, 1 79, 181 coe, paula, 67 coker, mike. 111, 133. 137, 143 Collins, debbie, 59, 170, 171, 173 Collins, foster, 43, 119, 175, 181 conerly, frank, 43 Conner, david, 1 24 converse, marianna, 67, 120 cook, carol, 43, 120 cook, becky, 59 cook, bill, 67 coop, mike, 119, 143 coppage, k eith, 53 corban, bob. 67, 119, 143 countiss, eugene, 43, 84 Covington, gayle, 53, 131 croft, mary, 53, 120, 173 crofton, donald, 143 crenshow, jan, 84 Crocker, Jonathan, 59 crofford, claire, 59, 116, 176, 180, 181 Culpepper, chuck, 124 Cunningham, george, 67, I 19 Cunningham, robert, 84 dailey, butch, 67, 122, 143 dancsisin, paul, 67, 122, 143 danrel, donna, 43, 120 dorsey, bill, 67, 119 davidson, mike, 53, 122 davis, beverly, 59, 120 davis, beth, 43, 146 davis, f ranees, 67, 116, 165 davis, millord, 67 davis, sue henry, 59, 1 16, 85 deere, lourie, 67, 181 dees, Jesse, 53, 124 dennis, jerrelyn, 43, 83, 126 denson, lorry, 1 43 dessommes. marcelle, 53, 126 dorsey, linda, 53, 168 douglass, doug, 59, 128 dudley, candy, 53. 116. 164, 78 dunn, doug, 68, 1 1 9 dunn, marcella, 53. 126 dupree, tom. 176, 179, 181 durrett, john, 78, 85 dycus, linda, 1 20 dye, david, 54, 155 dyess, art, 175, 176 dyess, dianna, 68 179, 181 edwards, woyne. 128 elliott, betty, 43. 170, 171 elrod, dick, 44, 85 ewing, corinne, 59, 131, 168 ezelle, frank, 59,68. 128 ezelle, fred, 59, 128, 154, 155 ezelle, will, 44 fabian, beverly, 54 farr, robbie, 59. 124 forris, pam, 84, 126 feather, ron, 68, 146, 148 felder, gene, 68 ferguson, robert, 146, 148 fesmire, alice ann, 54 fewel, molly, 44, 1 1 6 field, anna, 59, 120 fleming, george, 59 flett, lolly. 54, 131, 168 flynt, Joel. 44 ford, chip. 44, 78, 1 1 1, 124 ford, nan, 54, 100. 104, 120 ford, robert, 59, 128 foster, nancy, 59, 166 fox, sheila, 68, 165 fras cogna, greg. 1 19 freeman, alicia. 68. 126 fulghom, nancy, 59, 126, 170, 171 fuller, henri alyce, 68, 1 16 fulton, borbara, 170, 171 furr, betsy. 120 gaddy. brenda, 44, 83 gamble, hank, 1 19, 143 gates, elynor, 120 gault, margaret, 59, 126 gerald, tommy, 44, 84, 107, 1 19 gerrish, horlon, 44, 146, 148, 149 gheesling, joe, 68, 122, 143 gibson, don, 44 gill, joel, 68, 122 gillespie, george, 82 gillon. peggy, 44 ginn, gory, 44 gist, trey, 68, 122 glassco, mory, 54, 120 gober, george, 68, 128 godfrey, billy dale, 54, 101, 104, 119, 143 goettman, carole, 68 goodpaster, lorry m., 44, 124 goolsby, Jennifer, 60, 124 goolsby, John, 68 gouras, Jeanne, 84, 92, 93, 1)1, 120 graham, bill, 60, 128 granthom, 1 43 graves, ben, 45, 1 19 graves, glendo, 54, 1 16 graves, janis, 60, 120 graves, lynn, 68, 120 gray, ricky, 55 green, ann hcrlond, 66, 68, 120 green, morgie, 68 gregg, rosemary, 55, 126 griffin, morgaret, 55, 126 gwin, georgia, 60, 131 haffey, leo, 176, 181 hogan, jomes, 60 hogon, kenneth, 146, 148 hogw ood, mary, 68, 126 hoirston, beverly, 55 hall, glenn, 128 hollas, rachel, 68, 120 homby, John, 45, 1 19 hamby, warren, 55 hamilton, robin, 60, 165 hand, steve, 60 hardy, scott, 128 hargett, Jennifer, 68, 131 horkey, Virginia, 60, I 16, 165 horlcn, sally lou, 68, 126 harper, goylon, 68, 122 harper, diene, 68, 170, 171 harris, comille, 60 horris, gordon, 55 harris, phyllis, 45, 1 16 horrop, randy, 69, 122, 146, 147 horvey, charles, 55, 82, 128, 170, 171 hassell, suson, 60, 131, 166 hathorn, lucy, 69, 116, 170, 171, 173 howorth, charlie, 60 hoymons, george, 60, 128 heord, phebe, 69. 99, 104, 1 16 hearon, erik, 45, 78, 83. 108, 128. 168 hearon, mark, 69, 128 henderson, dork, 135, 141, 142, 143 hendrix, cheralyn, 166 henry, susan, 69, 126 herring, james, 45 herring, robert, 69, 122 hester, bob, 45, 150, 151 hicks, doc, 55, 128 hobbs, evons, 6t, 128 hoch, barbie, 69, 120 hogan, marionne, 61 , 131, 1 64 holder, corolyn. 69, 1 16 holder, janies, 55. I 19 holder, tommy, 61 hollingshead, franklin, 69 hollingsworh, terry. 69 holston, james, 69 holt, bill, 61 hood, beth, 46, 85, 170, 171 houser,fran, 61,99, 105, 116, 170, 171 howell, jeonnine, 69, 120 howell, joey, 55. 85, 165 howell, John, 69 howorth, charles, 28 hudson, michelle, 69, 165 hudson, tom, 61 humphries, ken, 55, 122 humphries, dianne, 61 , 126 hunecke, madeline. 46, 131, 168 hunt, becky, 70, 126 hutton, lynne, I 1 6 abour, karlo, 61 ackson, dena fair, 70, 1 16 effreys, er , 70, 126 emison, charles, 61, 170, 171, 175 ennings, debbie, 61, 126, 170, 171 ew, hermon, 70, 128 ohnson, mike, 55, 82, 124 ones, borbora, 55, 84, 120 ones, mark, 1 1 9 ones, richard, 61, 122 ones, wanda, 164 ones, Virginia, 61 ordon cynthia, 46, 83 ordan, bessle, 61 ordan, sandy, 46 ordon, paul, 46, 85 ordon, regina, 55 jordon, sora, 79, 174 kaiser, sandro, 70 kelly, Virginia, 70, I 16 kelly, rebecca, 46 kendrick, helen, 70, 1 16 kemp, marcia, 120, 170, 171 kenna, shellie, 55, I 16 kennedy, lindo, 61 kernell, michael, 70 keyes, dole, 70, 143 king, dick, 61 king, lanny, 61, 122 king, gary, 1 19 king, usherlean, 70 klein, jonet, 70 knight, longford, 46, 143, 157 koolsbergen, will, 168, 175, 178, 179, 181 krause, koren, 46 krone, geno, 1 70, 1 71 kuebler. dick, 46, 122 locour, bob, 70, 128. 170, 171, 173 lamb, herb, 61, 124 lomke, sharon, 71, 126 lamon, rufe, 1 1 9 land, mack, 46, 79 laney, julio, 46, 126 lathom, ann, 174, 176. 178. 179 leo, Clyde, 46, 107 leftwich, korin, 55, 83, 1 16, 165 legler, david, 71, 122 lesh, pat, 47 levey, lynn, 71, 164 lewis, don, 58, 128 lewis, bert, 1 19 lewis, mortho, 61, 126, 165 liles, arthur, 47, 85, 1 19 lippord. pomelo jon, 62, 131, 165 little, trudy, 55. 98, 120 loewenberg, olvin, 71, 120 loftin, gracie, 71, 120 logon, jojo, 136. 143 love, ivenue, 71 lowery, becky, 85 lowry, jonet, 71 lundy, bob, 55 lyle, luanne, 71 mcalilly, debbie, 71, 120 mcbridge, michele, 71, 120, 168 mccorty, potti, 47. 170, 171 mccearly, paul. 47 mccollum, david, 62, 82 mccutcheon, eleanor, 71 mcdaniel, ova, 71. 176 mcdovid, morgie, 170, 171 mcdonald, John, 62 mcewen, chris, 71, 1 24 mcewen, rick, 62 mcgee, mike, 71, 143 mcgehee, romon, 79, 175 mcglothlin, jim, 119 mcgovern, dianne, 47 mcinnis, dint, 146, 149 mcintosh, david. 170, 171, 173 mckie, billy, 55, 128 mckinley, berlindo, 71 mckinnon, hugh, 71, 124 mcleod, robby, 84, 135, 139, 141, 143 mohoffey, shown, 181 moize, connie, 62, 1 16 maize, becky, 62, 116, 170. 171 mojure, ann, 62 malchow, hoi, 71, 128 molone, albert, 71 mongum, volerie, 62 monn, cynthia, 62 manning, jim, 71 , 1 22 moroscolco, don, 62, 122, 154 moroscolco, ron, 71, 122 marett, sara, 58, 62, 120 marsh, david, 71, 122, 143 massey, Caroline, 47, 78, 83, 85, 108, 126, 164 matheny, cindy, 62 mouldin, bill, 62 mayer, scott, 71, 124 moyfield, billy joe, 124 meachom, cele, 71, 120 meadows, greg, 72, 124, 170, 171 meek, christi, 55, 131, 165 meeks, rodney, 48, 124, 179 meeks, steve, 62, 124 mesick, hillary, 166 meyer, margoret, 63 middleton, jeonne, 44, 84, 168 miller, rhonda, 72 mills, glenn, 72 milonos, melisso. 63, 84, 1 16. 181 miltenberger, jeonnette, 63, 131 minyard, kothryn, 72, 120 mitchell, ann, 72, I 16 mitchell, edwin, 63 mitchell, beth, 72, 1 16 mitchell, emily, 63, 103, 116, 170, 17) mitchell, jane. 63, I 16 mitchell, lem, 55, 83, 104, 122, 168 mitchell, kay, 72, 170, 171, 173, 174 mitzelliotou, ioonno, 55, 99. 104 motstod, leroy, 48 montgomery, mary, 72, 165 moore, charlene, 72, 126 moore, gary, 63, 128, 175, 176, 181 moore, jana, 72, 1 31 moore, joe, 63, 128 moore, jean, 72, 1 26 moore, robert b., 72 moore, robert I., 66 moore, robert m., 55. 128 morrison, ken, 48, 1 70, 1 7 1 morrow, anne hart, 56, 120 moseley, jane, 48 mullin, jan, 72, 124 mullins, andy, 48, 85, 1 19 murphree, Virginia, 48, 85, 1 19 murphy, onnie, 48, 126 murphy, onne, 63, 1 16 murroh, phil, 72, 122 murray, kathy, 78, 84, 85, 100, 120 murray, mortho, 72 nease, nancy, 126, 72 neff, sharon koy, 126, 72 neil, kathleen onn, 124 nelson, benjamin howord, 72, 128 nelson, deboroh dione, 48, 170, 171 newman, richard alien 143 newton, Cleveland 56, 168 nicholson, suson jane, 56, 120, 99, 100 nicovich, John michael. 81 nix, jock, 63, 124 noble, vicki lynn, 1 20 nonnemocher, dovid wolter, 72 norris, debbie ann 72, 1 16 o ' brien, williom fhomas, 73 o ' keefe, kenneth michael, 56, 128 oliver, John kenneth, 175 ott, luther smith 136, 143, 119 owens, louro jo, 73 ozborn, george michael, 79, 56 pock, lucio vern, 63, 1 16 page, cheryl onne, 124, 165 porker, gregg scott, 124 porker, hugh james, 124 porker, robert flores, 73, 1 24 pornell, michael alien, 62, 128 parsutt, beverly j., 126 parsutt, stephonie lynn, 73, 126, 99 partin, burce lynn, 79, 175, 178, 181 partridge, mary dianne, 48, 78, 82, 83, 85, 1 10, 116, 158 patrick, william Howard, 57, 78 peorson, marvin edword, 73, 15) peorson, signe sue, 73, )20 Peebles, soroh mccrody, 120 perry, richard lee, 166 peterson, Stephen wendell, 166 peyton, erwin harry, jr., 56 phorr, richard warren, 63 pierce, jamelin day, 56, 1 16 piper, sharon lee, 46, 126 pitt, n. bonnie, 170, 171 plunkett, barry kyle, 48, 128, 175, 79 poole, bertie elizabeth, 73, ) 16 post, henry orie, 1 1 9 powell, carol lorroine, 73 powell, Curtis martin, 56 prother, lyndo carol, 63 prospere, reed walker, 1 19 provine, morion koy, 85 provost, onn claire, 63, 120 quin, carol lynelle. 170, 171, 173 rophoel, williom Joseph, 128 rosor, Stephen chorles, 124 redden, lindo christine, 73, 120 reid, ethel morion, 48 reed, becky, 168 reid, John randolph, 73, 175, 179, 181 rhea, olice, 73, 78,82, 116, 170, 171 rheo, fronces, 56, 1 16 203 MPd is People... serving as Community Builders People like Sue Fountain, MP L Electric Living Consultant at Natchez, work enthusiastically at their job which consists of help- ing people learn new ways to live better . . . electrically. Like all 1200 employees in the MP L family. Sue realizes that her role as a community builder is complemented by supporting Girl Scouting, membership in the Natchez Pilot Club, and chairmanship of the Home Economists in Business section of the Mississippi Home Economics Association. MP L is proud of its large family of community builders who are " Helping Build Mississippi. " l llSSISSIPPI POWER LICaHT Helping Build Mississippi MIDDLE SOUTH UTILITIES SYSTEM JM rhoden, James coleman, 73, 1 20 richordson, susan joy, 1 16, 168 richter, frances, 56, 102, 105, 116, 101 riddle, nancy, 56, 1 16 riemonn, david, 1 28 roberts, cynthio, 63 roberts, donold lee, 63, 79, 124 roberts, may genevieve, 63 robertson, nathon scott, 74 robinson, Joyce, 48 rochester, jan gardner, 74, 126 rodgers, gwendolyn tru, 49 rosenblatt, mynette dee, 74 rowell, kothy regenia, 83 rowen, patricio lynn, 56 sabatini, nicholos andrew, 56, 1 24 salvo, many loretto, 64, 120 sample, margaret anne, 49, 1 26 Sanderson, sera ann, 120 Sandusky, lots, 74, 1 16, 170, 171 sawyer, david norman, 74, 120, 150 saxton, becky 56, 166 schobot, robert eugene, 74 schimmel, george, 64, 175 schonlou, elizobeth Wallace, 49 schuite, thomas, 146, 147, 148, 149 Schuster, calvin lee, 74 Schuster, eric Wallace, 128 schwoiger, donna ann, 64 scott, Janice faye, 49 self, lanice, kay, 56. 85, 126 sellers, madeline bruce, 64 shelnut, edward earl, 74, 122 shields, charles morris 1 19, 155 shipp, thomas wilson, 64, 128 shook, nancy paulette, 64, 126 shurley, lynn edwin, 49, 105, 1 10, 170, 171, 173 shuttleworfh, becky, 56, 1 16 sigman, John timothy, 1 19 sills, jock patton, 74 sills, joe byrd, 64 Simpson, edward, 49, 84 Simpson, william mohler, 49 slaughter, carolyn olivia, 74 slay, glyn stevens, 74, 122 sloan, margaret ongelyn, 56, 99, 100 sloan, susan koy, 75, 120 smith, beecher, 56, 122 smith, frances holmes, 75, 131, 168 smith, James thomas, 56 smith, lillie e., 49 smith, marietta, 64, 131, 159 smith, melford, 50, 134, 139, 141, 143, 176 smith, portia loretto, 64 smith, rebecco ann, 64, 131, 168 smith, William hunt, 64, 1 24 snowden, jockie ray, 146, 148, 149 speed, nanci margaret, 170, 171 speer, james waiter III, 50 spencer, John edward, 56, 79 spring, robert g., 56, 1 40, 1 43 storrett, keith, 75, 122, 143 stauffer, kevin gale, 64, 122 stauss, barbaro, 57. 1 16, 168 Stevens, joe rondle, 75, 128 stokes, david paul, 50 stout, jim, 64, 128 strong, william, 1 24 sturdivont, micajah purnell, jr., 58, 65, 104, 128 sudduth, linda tomlinson, 181 sumner, ann carson, 75, 128 sutphin, John everett, 50, 78, 79, 82, 109, 124 talley, loura onita, 75, 1 16 tote, ellen ferrell, 120 tattis, naomi anthony, 50, 1 10, 1 16 204 taylor, John michael, I 19. 138, I4I, 143, 181 terpstra, Jeanne anne 50, 78, 83, 84, 106, t 16 terrell, sara alien, 57 thatcher, georgia anne, 57, 120 thomas alien ellis, 79, 1 19 thomos, jack Stephen, 57, 122, Ml thompson, susan, 57 thornfon, dan r., 75, 1 19 tilghman, steve, iii, 65, 1 19 tippins, pam, 98, 120 toon, betty, 120 torrey, rowan maurice, 138, 157 towter, nancy, 75, 126 uimer, billie rose, 75 upshaw, pamela, 50 vonevery, gene, 57, 119 wade, burton, 85, 1 19 wainwright, morion, 50, 131, 168 walker, bedford, 65, 128 walker, james, 75. 122 walker, leonette, 65 Wallace, willie, 84 Walton, jo, 65 ward, Christina, 57 word, robert, 50, 78, 83, 84, 85, 106, 119 warren, patti, 65, 126, 165 watson, chaster, 57 weakley, nan, 57 weaver, raa anna, 75, 1 20 weems, mike, 170, 171, 181 wier, jim, 1 24 wells, Janet, 75, 116, 168 wentworth, Judy, 120 west, robert wayne, 75 westcott, dive gilbert, 157 whitaker, tim, 85 white, Susan, 50, 126 wilkerson, John lorry, 50, 122 Williams, auvergne, iii, 1 19 Williams, betty ann, 50, 1 26 Williams, debbie, 51,83, 85, 1 16 v illiams, margoret anne, 65 Williams, robert lorry, 51 Williamson, dovid ray, 51 Williamson, robert chapman, 66, 1 19 Williamson, sondro naomi, 75. 126, 170, 171 Wilson, Joseph guerry, jr., 65 Wilson, judy, 57, 102, 122 Wilson, linda. 75, 131, 168 Wilson, terrell eugane, 75 winstead, terry glen, 75, 128 wittal, rolph, iii, 51 witty, rosalie, 1 26 wolter, raymond, 79 woodall, tommy, 65, 124 woodall, billy, 65, 124 v oosley, jone, 75, 126 wray, james m., 1 1 9 wroy, johnny whitmire, 1 19 wright, alex, 51, 82, 181 v right, judy, 65, 1 31 wyott. Ion, 51, 154 yarbrough, ron, 51, 84, 90, 91, 106, 1 19 young, william, 82, 108 young, william horrison, 79, 170, 173, 175, 171, 174 youngblood, rebecca, 75 zochry, robert harold, 75, 175, 181 zickler, jane, 51 , 116 zickler, dotty, 65, 116 R.M. HENDRICK Graduate Supply House Class Rings — Cops, Gowns 1620 North Mill Jackson, Mississippi BILL ' S CURB FOOD 3 Blocks From Campus 346 E. Fortification 7:30 A.M.-1 0:30 P.M. Beverages, Ice, And Food, Complete Line of Groceries Lunch Meat, etc. the OLD SCHOOL TRADITIONAL CLOTHING 3021 NORTH STATE STREET JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 39216 705 NORTH STATE STREET AND MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI Keeton ' s Custom Picture Framing Large Selection of Prints Original Graphics (Lithographs etchings) Two Locations The Quarter Ridgewood Rd. Lakeland Dr. 982-1429 605 Duling Across from Capri 366-3668 Deluxe Prompt Fine Laundry Service Grand Laundry-Cleaners 2712 N. State Street Dial EM6- 1471 Cleaning TRI=STATE Brick and Tile Company f Inc. SIZES Standard — Modular — Norman COLORS Red — Bro An — Black — Buff — Tan — Pink — Gray USED EFFECT BRICK MORTAR COLOR • FIRE BRICK • BRICK CLEANER Phone 366-6485 P. O. Box 9787 - Forest Drive Jackson 6, Mississippi nnn FOR PASSBOOK SAVERS DAILY INTEREST First Federal of Jackson: where interest is paid daily CAPITOL AT STATE WESTLAND MEADOWBROOK YAZOO CITY EAST BRANCH McLAURIN MART Compliments of Jackson Coca-Cola Bottling Company 208 LJaFai I f!

Suggestions in the Millsaps College - Bobashela Yearbook (Jackson, MS) collection:

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