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7 , -- j , ■jm mi W " Hi ■ BK||| mmm Bobashela 1969 Millsaps College Jackson, Mississippi Editors Alice Rhea Clint Cavett Business Manager Erik Hearon Contents Administration 20 Student Life 38 Features 56 Activities 78 Honoraries 94 Greeks 106 Sports 126 Classes 156 Millsaps College.... m m . " ■ " ■ ■ expanding, achieving, proud.... ' M a campus for the student.... 3£ fired-up enthusiasm for victorious Majors.... | Hit ml fig ? 1 t? 1 • 1 1 . ■ • ' - " - — ■ . -■ r- , ' . . - -J - !$Qffi®2V r $k 10 some time to be enjoyed.... sAy$ :GivEEn ,|-i I majors!, 1? hours scrutinizing tiny molecular reactions.... l. v. » 13 intense research yielding well-deserved rewards A cu 15 Millsaps College.... 16 Toward A Destiny Of Excellence 17 « .m - L A . 4 I- ' , ' ■ 18 Dedication For his enthusiastic leadership and guidance to pre- med students and chemistry majors, we proudly dedicate the 1969 Bobashela to Dr. Charles Eugene Cain. Coming to the Millsaps faculty in the summer of 1960, Dr. Cain has since become Chairman of the Chemistry Depart- ment and chief Pre-Med Advisor. This school year has seen Dr. Cain ' s formation of a Pre-Med Advisory Board to aid in evaluations of prospective students for medical schools. Indicative of Dr. Cain ' s guidance to pre-med students is the fact that one-fifth of last year ' s freshman class at the University Medical Center was from Millsaps. Well-known as an avid supporter of the Millsaps Ma- jors, Dr. Cain always cheers wholeheartedly for the winning home team. Aside from school activities, Dr. Cain has been quite successful with his award-winning camellias. During the summer months he also takes out time to make camping trips to different parts of the country. Millsaps is rich in having a professor with such a wide range of interests, as well as sincere interest in the college and its students. 10 20 Administration 2) Administration Mr. Paul D. Hardin, Registrar; Associate Professor of English Dr. Benjamin B. Graves, President Mrs. Glenn Pate, Dean ot Women Mr. John H. Christmas, Dean of Students Dr. Frank M. Laney, Jr., Dean of the Faculty Mr. J. C. Anthony, Dean of Men 22 I v jjj Bel.—. Mr. James W. Wood, Business Man- ager ft 3K. Si Miss Mary A. O ' Bryant, Librarian Mr. J. H. Morrow, Assistant to the President Mr. Paul Newsome, Admissions J Mr. James Barry Brindley, Develop- ment Mr. James L. Livesay, Director of Alumni Belations Mr. Philip R. Converse, Devel- opment Mr. Sam Cole, Admissions Mr. Wayne Dowdy, Public Rela- tions Mr. Jack L. Woodward, Director of Religious Life 23 « i ; -«=sy J " " T«!T i MR. ROBERT PADGETT; Associate Professor of English; A.B., Texas Christian University; A.M., Vanderbilt Uni- versity; Fulbright Scholar, Universite ' de Clermont-Ferrand. DR. GEORGE BOYD; Milton Christian White Professor of English Literature; A.B., Murray College; A.M., University of Kentucky; Ph.D., Columbia University. MRS. SARAH I. COLLINS; Instructor of English; A.B., Millsaps College; Ph.D. Candidate, Tulane University. MRS. MARY J. DEAN; Instructor of English; A.B., Mississippi College; A.M., Drew University. MISS MILDRED MOREHEAD; Associate Pro- fessor of English; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women; A.M., Duke University; Advanced Graduate Work, Columbia University, Uni- versity of Wisconsin, University of Colorado. DR. SHIRLEY P. CALLEN; Associate Professor of English; A.B., Millsaps Col- lege; A.M., Ph.D., Tulane University. MRS. LOIS T. BLACKWELL; Assistant Professor of English; A.B., A.M., Missis- sippi College. 24 DR. ROSS H. MOORE; Professor of History; B.S., M.S., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Duke University. English, History In order to become proficient in writing, freshmen learned to cope with weekly themes and the inevitable research paper. After exploring the literature of England, majors in the field concentrated their efforts in Chaucer, Milton, Shakespeare, seventeenth century authors, and American literature. For all students the Junior English Proficiency Examination posed problems of creativity and grammar knowledge in an essay on current events. From Caesar Augustus through the French Revolution to the Viet Nam War, students of Western Civilization explored the development of the social, political, and religious world. Survey courses of the histories of En- gland, Russia, France, and the United States laid the foundation for further study of nineteenth and twentieth century events. Selected freshmen enrolled in the Heri- tage Program designed to combine history, literature, religion, and philosophy of mankind. They were selected on the basis of their ACT scores and high school record. The program included daily classes, weekly seminars, films, speakers, and cultural entertainment. MRS. MADELEINE M. McMULLAN; Assist- ant Professor of History; A.B., Trinity College; A.M., The Johns Hopkins University; Advanced Graduate Work, The Johns Hopkins School of International Studies. MRS. SUE T. LUCAS; Instructor of History; A.B., Belhaven College; A.M., Mississippi Col- lege. DR. WILLIAM C. SALLIS; Associate Professor of History; B.S., M.S., Mississippi State University; Ph.D., University of Kentucky. MR. BILLY BUFKIN; Associate Professor of Spanish; A.B., A.M., Texas Technological College; Advanced Graduate Work, Tulane University, Uni- versidad de Madrid. MR. JOHN GUEST; Associate Professor of German; A.B. : University of Texas; A.M., Columbia University. 26 MR. CHARLES NEIL; Visiting Professor of French; A.B., Monmouth College; A.M., Columbia University. MRS. NELLIE K. HEDERI; Associate Professor of Spanish; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women; A.M., Tulane University. MR. RICHARD CLAYTON; Instructor of German; A.B., Millsaps College; Graduate Work, Tulane Uni- versity. Languages After establishing a firm basis in grammar and through oral drill and language lab, students of French, German, and Spanish entered classes in conversation and litera- ture. The Junior Year Abroad Program afforded inter- ested students the practice and experience gained only in the country itself, Classical languages of Greek and Latin offered intro- ductory and advanced instruction. Our heritage and culture were traced in courses in literature, mythology, and civilization. MISS ELIZABETH CRAIG; Amerita Professor of French; A.B., Barnard College, Columbia University; A.M., Columbia University; Diplome de la Sorbonne, Ecole de preparation des professeurs de francais a letranger, Faculte des Lettres, Universite de Paris; Advanced Graduate Work, Columbia Universitv; Palmes Aeademiques. DR. GEORGE R. STEPHENSON, A.B., Millsaps College; B.D., University of the South; LL.D. (Honorary) Mississippi College. MR. HILLIARD E. SANDERS, JR.; Instructor of French; B.A., M.A., Louisiana State Uni- versity; Diplome de cours de civilisation francaise, Sorbonne (Paris). ' MRS. RITA WILLIAMSON; Instructor of Spanish; A.B., Millsaps College; Graduate Work, University of Southern Mississippi. MRS. MAGNOLIA COULLET; Associate Professor of Latin and German; A.B., Millsaps College; B.M., Belhaven College; M.A., University of Pennsylvania (Latin); M.A., University of Mississippi (German). 27 DR. HAROLD JACOBY; Visiting Professor of Sociology; A.B., College of the Pacific; A.M., Northwestern University; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. MRS. FRANCES H. COKER; Instructor of Sociology; A.B., Millsaps College; M.S.T., Illinois Institute of Technology. Psychology, Sociology 28 DR. RUSSELL LEVANWAY; Professor of Psy- chology; A.B., University of Miami; M.S., Ph.D., Syracuse University. Observations of behavior were presented to students of psychology in surveys of learning, maturation, emo- tions, and personality. Further research was done in the fields of statistics and tests and measurements in order to understand abnormal behavior and the conse- quences of prolonged anxiety in neurosis and psychosis. Problems of society and human group relationships were tackled in sociology. Majors pursued studies of marriage, American communities, social work, and crim- inology. Concepts of physical, cultural, and social origins of mankind were offered in a variety of anthro- pology courses. MR. IRVIN PERLINE; Instructor of Psychology; B.S., Arizona State; A.M., University of Arizona. MR. HOWARD BAVENDER; Assistant Professor of Political Science; A.B., College of Idaho; A.M., Uni- versity of Wisconsin; Post Graduate Work, University of Texas, University of Massachusetts. MR. SAMUEL NICHOLAS; As Business Administration; B.B.A., L.L.B., Jackson School of Law. listant Professor of Economics and M.B.A., University of Mississippi; DR. RICHARD BALTZ; Associate Professor of Economics and Business Administration; B.B.A., M.S., Baylor University; Ph.D., University of Arkansas. Economics, Political Science Macroeconomic theory, industrial organization, mar- keting, and public finance stimulated students prepar- ing a career in business or government. Concepts and problems of accounting were offered by the Economics Department in courses from cost accounting to auditing and tax accounting. With emphasis upon the American political system, students of political science pursued courses in policies of state and national government, courts and the Consti- tution, and international relations. In co-operation with the American University, a program of independent study was offered for a semester in Washington, D. C. Before the general election in November, the depart- ment sponsored a mock election which President Nixon carried. MR. JOHN ADAMS; Assistant Professor of Political Science; A.B., Rice University; L.L.B., University of Texas. 29 MR. HERMAN McKENZIE; Assistant Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Millsaps College; M.Ed., M.S., University of Mississippi. MRS. MARY P. ROBINSON; Instructor of Mathematics; B.S., George Peabody College. MRS. LUCY H. BURNSIDE; Instructor of Mathematics; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Vanderbilt University. Mathematics With a foundation in functions, logarithms, and co- ordinate systems in the plane and in space, students of mathematics explored notions of limits, continuity, dif- ferentiation, and integration of functions. A course in computers introduced students to data processing, flow charts, and problems in programming information. Fur- ther study was done by majors in abstract algebra, probability, and differential equations. MR. ARNOLD RITCHIE; Associate Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Northeastern State College of Oklahoma; M.S., Oklahoma State University; Advanced Graduate Work, University of Ten- DR. SAMUEL KNOX; B. E. Mitchell Professor of Mathematics; A.B., A.M., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute. 30 Geology, Physics Crust formation, minerals, and layers of the earth intrigued geology students to investigate natural phenom- ena. Courses covered physical, historical, structural, and economical features of geology, mineralogy, and pale- ontology. The department also offered a summer research laboratory on the Gulf Coastal Plain. Work, heat, electricity, and light challenged students of physics. Complicated problems involving the use of the slide rule and variations of the frequency and ampli- tude of sine functions created an understanding of force, mass, and energy. DR. RICHARD PRIDDY; Professor of Geology; B.S., Ohio Northern University; A.M., Ph.D., Ohio State Uni- versity. MR. DONALD FAULKNER; Instructor of Physics; B.S., Mill- saps College; M.S., University of Rochester. MR. WENDELL JOHNSON; Associate Professor of Geology; B.S., M.S., Kansas State University; Advanced Graduate Work, Missouri School of Mines, University of Missouri. MR. CHARLES GALLOWAY; Associate Professor of Physics; B.S., Millsaps College; A.M., Advanced Grad- uate Work, Duke University. DR. JESSE SNOWDEN; Associate Professor of Geology; B.S. Millsaps College; A.M., Ph.D., University of Missouri. 31 c r uZ ' - fl DR. JAMES C. PERRY; Professor of Biology; A.B., A.M., St. Louis University; Ph.D., University of Cincinnati. MR. ROBERT B. NEVINS; Professor of Biology; A.B., Washing- ton University; M.S., University of Texas. MR. RONDAL E. BELL; Associate Professor of Biology; A.B. William Jewell College; M.S., University of New Mexico. Biology Presenting the basic principles underlying life func- tions and correlating them with higher animal processes, the biology students became increasingly aware of their living environments. With zoology, comparative anatomy, embryology, and physiology, students viewed animal and plant life now inhabiting the earth. In addition, they received an understanding of natural laws governing birth, growth and development, habitat, metabolism, and heredity. Majors in biology were offered opportunities in research, special problems, and study of life in the field. DR. JAMES P. McKEOWN; Assistant Professor of Biology; B.S., University of the South; M.S., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., Mississippi State University. 32 Chemistry From Philippus Aurelius Theophrastus Bompast von Hohenheir to J. Motley Moorehead, whether in search of the " elixer of life " or the " philosopher ' s stone, " Millsaps chemistry students came to realize the significance and importance of chemistry in the world of today. Challeng- ing courses in advanced chemistry, including quantitative analysis, organic, biochemistry, and physical chemistry, combined theory and laboratory application into a proper background for professional and graduate study. 5 B,aSBa ia «i»i V DR. CHARLES E. CAIN, Professor of Chemistry; B.S., University of North Carolina; A.M., P h.D., Duke University. DR. ALLEN D. BISHOP; Assistant Professor of Chemistry; B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., Louisiana State University; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Houston. MR. GEORGE A. EZELL; Assistant Professor of Chem- istry; B.S., Mississippi College; M.S., Florida State Uni- versity; Ph.D. candidate, University of Mississippi Med- ical Center. MRS. ANNA L. EZELL; Instructor of Chemistry; B.S., Mississippi College; M.S., Florida State University. 33 DR. LEE REIFF; Associate Professor of Religion; A.B., B.D., Southern Methodist University; A.M., Ph.D., Yale University. DR. ROBERT BERGMARK; Professor of Philosophy; A.B., Emory University; S.T.B., Ph.D., Boston Uni- versity. Philosophy, Religion Valid reasoning, ethics, esthetics, and the nature of man challenged the minds of students of philosophy. Developing an appreciative understanding of life in- volved a critical study of the philosophies of religion, science, and the Orient. Stories of the Old and New Testament were empha- sized in the required religion courses. Specialization in the teachings of Jesus, the prophets, and the life of Paul broadened the background for majors. Directed study in the realm of the organization of the church prepared those interested in the ministry or religious education. MR. MICHAEL MITIAS; Instructor of Philosophy; A.B., Union College; Grad- uate Work, University of Missouri, Uni- versity of Waterloo. MR. ROBERT ANDING; Assistant Professor of Religion; A.B., Mill- saps College; A.M., Mississippi College; B.D., Emory University. I If TT V r DR. THOMAS LEWIS; Associate Pro- fessor of Religion; A.B., Millsaps College; B.D., Southern Methodist University; Ph.D., Drew University. 34 MR. JONATHAN SWEAT; Associate Professor of Music; B.S., M.S., The Julliard School of Music; Advanced Graduate Work, Colu mbia University, University of Michigan. Music, Art Harmony, modulation of chords, scales, and sight-singing enriched the creative abilities of music students. Varied talents were developed in courses of counteqDoint, composition, choral conducting, and orchestration. Recitals in voice, piano, and organ were given by both students and faculty. Amid the smell of turpentine and oil, novices and experienced painters struggled with their creations. Members of the design class con- structed collages from cut and torn paper. Trips to local galleries and shows exposed students to a variety of techniques. A course in art history explored artists ' works through a series of slides. MR. DONALD KILMER; Assistant Professor of Music; B.M., M.M., In- diana University; Advanced Graduate Work, University of Kansas, Univer- sity of Illinois. MR. LELAND BYLER; Professor of Music; A.B., Goshen College; M.M., Northwestern University. MR. WILLIAM ROWELL; As- sistant Professor of Art; B.F.A., Memphis Academy of Arts; M.F.A., University of Missis- sippi. MR. McCARRELL AYERS; Instructor of Music; B.S., University of Rochester; M.M., Indiana University. MR. FRANCIS POLANSKI; Instructor of Music; B.M., University of Rochester; M.M., University of Michi- gan. MR. CHARLES JENSEN; Instructor of Music; B.M.E., Bethany College; M.M., In- diana University. 35 DR. R. EDGAR MOORE; Professor of Education; A.B., Birmingham Southern College; M.A., University of Alabama; Ed.D., George Peabody College. MRS. MYRTIS F. MEADERS; Associate Professor of Education; B.S., Millsaps College; M.Ed., Mississippi College. MR. LANCE GOSS; Associate Professor of Speech; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Advanced Graduate Work, North- western University. MR. ORVEL E. HOOKER; Assistant Pro- fessor of Speech; B.A., Ouachita Baptist University; S.T.B., S.T.M., Temple Uni- versity. 36 MISS ALINE RICHARDSON; Instructor of Edu- cation; B.S., University of Alabama; M.Ed., Mississippi State University. Education, Speech, Physical Education Training for a career in professional education ex- posed students to psychological handling of children and adolescents and methods of instruction. Elementary education majors designed units for social studies, science, language arts, and music. Principles of secon- dary education included the problems of modern high schools and coping with them through guidance counsel- ing. Directed observation and student teaching were required for certification. Fundamentals of public speaking and oral reading emphasized correct breathing, enunciation, and tonal qualities of the voice. An introduction to the theatre and interpretation of drama were required of those in- terested in directing, lighting, and stage management. The Physical Education Department offered instruc- tion in golf, tennis, and bowling. Intramural games afforded students with the opportunity for stiff competi- tion and the development of group loyalty. MR. THOMAS L. RANAGER; Instructor of Physical Education; Assistant Football Coach; B.S., Mississippi State University. MISS MARY ANN EDGE; Director of Physical Education for Women; B.S., M.S., University of Mississippi. DR. JAMES A. MONTGOMERY; Chairman, Department of Physical Education and Athletics; A.B., Birmingham Southern College; MA., Ed.D., George Peabody College. MR. J. HARPER DAVIS; Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- cation; Head Football Coach; B.S., M.Ed., Mississippi State University; Advanced Graduate Work, Mississippi State Uni- versity. 37 Student Life 39 The gang. Ya ' ll Yell. Always riding high. - m Sm Be SjHf ' F i ' I vJO f 1 m f - j k i? H 1 1 1 Jj F t kjlJI 40 Spirited Sixteen Lead Excited Majors One thing about those cheerleaders— there are a lot of them and they have a great time! From the pep rally and bonfire through to the kickoff and final countdown, the peppy squad never let the enthusiasm die down. Their season began in August with a week- long cheerleading camp at Hattiesburg, Missis- sippi. During the year the six upperclass girls traveled to Sewanee, Georgetown, Randolph- Macon, and Maryville to support the Majors, covering over five-thousand miles in all. These ventures were an exciting " first, " though the girls claim they were forced to beg, borrow, and steal to pay for them! One never ceases to wonder where the next pep rally will be. Once over lightly 41 life i Anything for the fraternity! Floats? — Nevermore! « ' 68 Homecoming Blends New and Old In a momentous break with custom, Millsaps did away with homecoming floats this year and instigated a novel substitute— a carnival. Vying with each other for top prize, campus groups spent weeks erecting elaborate and ornate dis- plays complete with a dime a piece, with the proceeds going to the cheerleaders. Game-time remained traditional; returning alums were scattered over the stands and girls wore their dates ' fraternity letters on homecom- ing mums. The climax was the halftime presenta- tion of Homecoming Queen Bee Bettcher and members of the court Cindy Brunson, Pat Mur- phy, Diane McLemore, and Vicki Ozborn. The beat of the psychodelic band at the Knights of Columbus Lodge carried the festivi- ties to 12:00, bringing a swinging end to Home- coming ' 68. 4? Homecoming Court: Vicki Ozborn, Queen Bee Bettcher, Diane McLemore, Cindy Branson, and Pat Murphree. The sun was scorching, but the stands were packed. 43 Naomi Tattis — Greek Goddess. Dr. Ross H. Moore — Outstanding Faculty Member. Chip Ford — Greek God. ' Greeks Swing In Week-long Frolic Kicking off a week of festivities for members of the eight Greek organizations on campus, rep- resentatives from each group met with the deans for a " conference and dessert " to discuss the problems and contributions of the Millsaps fra- ternities and sororities. Skit-night was as hilari- ous and uninhibited as usual, with each fraternity and sorority contributing to the theme of " Frac- tured Fairy Tales. " Naomi Tattis and Chip Ford reigned as Greek God and Goddess, and Dr. Ross Moore began his second year as Outstand- ing Faculty Member. Next on the agenda were the LXA Field Day and the " Games of Greece " — the undisputed highlight involved four brave girls and an uncooperative greased pig! As evi- dence of the underlying sense of purpose of the Greek system, the week was climaxed by an all-day roadblock to collect for the Heart Fund. Stationed at one of Jackson ' s busiest intersections, the enthusiastic Greeks exceeded their goal of $1200. With plenty of energy left, everyone headed for Shady Oaks Country Club and danced ' til 12:30 to the sounds of the Tyn Times and the Mid-South Revue. 44 ■ » " .but the library is leaning into the hole! " It ' s so easy, and it ' s so greasy — right?! After thirty-six hours in the KA Marathon, a glassy-eyed stare was all they could muster! Front row: Langford Knight, Dempsey Amacker, Bob Capps, John Hamby, Donn Ryan; Second row: Leon Bailey, Wayne Ferrell, John Durrett, Joe Pat Quinn, Bert Lewis. 45 i Mr. Torkanovsky. Miss Eudora Welty-Photo Credit to Frank Hains. Philip Burton. 46 David Brinkley. Millsaps begins " Arts and Lectures " With the advent of the Millsaps Arts and Lecture Series came a wide and distinguished variety of speakers and performers to the campus: Miss Eudora Welty lec- tured on Jane Austen and gave a delightful reading from her newest story; the New Orleans Symphony, with the Millsaps Singers, were featured in concert at the city auditorium; and Philip Burton entertained students and guests with dramatizations from Shakespeare and some hilarious selections from " Comedy Through the Ages. " David Brinkley ' s lecture closed a most successful season. Convocations were just as diversified — Bishop H. Ellis Finger delivered an address at the formal opening of the school year on October 11, as did Rabbi Julian Feibelman at Founder ' s Day ceremonies. For anyone unacquainted with sitar, Ashish Kahn ' s performance was a unique ex- perience. Dr. Finger. Ashish Kahn. New Orleans Symphony and Millsaps Singers. Photo credit Clarion-Ledger. % .„ r:.:;. of - Mmm BfMM 48 Scholars Survey NewWorld Developments This was the year of politics — campus televi- sion sets spouted election returns until the wee hours of the morning, as a bleary-eyed Millsaps watched Richard Nixon become the new leader of the nation. Apollo-8 demanded attention and prompted serious reflection on such lofty ideas as man and nature and God — the Pueblo and Vietnam burst the bubble and pulled everyone back to earth, with doubts that an oblong peace table would accomplish any more than a square one. Students watched the riots and demonstra- tions of their contemporaries here and abroad, and contemplated whether conservatism or apa- thy kept Millsaps from joining the fray. Photo credit NASA. Photo credit Chirion-Ledger. 49 Millsaps Players Score With Funny Thing Mr. Lance Goss, director of the Millsaps Play- ers, opened the forty-fifth season of the Compan y with the trememdous hit show, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Cliff Dowell as Pseudolus and Faser Hardin as Hysterium set the frantic pace for the hilarious action, Mary Craft and Bill Hudson comically protrayed the innocent, young lovers while Peggy Lutz and William Young spiced the plot with their super- lative characterizations of the domineering wife Domina and the impotent husband Senex. The entire cast produced one of the funniest and most successful shows in the history of the Players. As the opening for the newly organized Millsaps Art and Lecture Series, Funny Thing set a high precedent for forthcoming presentations. Victims of uproarious circumstances. Annie, the accomodating courtesan. 50 What is PseudohiK pleading for now — mercy, freedom, o applause? Hysterium is hysterical! 51 Cast members form a royal procession. First Row: Michael Kinney, Ronnie Isbell. Second Row: Ray Wolter, Margaret Atkinson. Third Row: Barry McGehee, Claire Crofford, Eddie Thompson. Henry II ' s sons, John and Geoffrey, conspire against an- other brother, Richard. Eleanor calms the distressed Capetian Princess Alice, who is in love with Richard. 52 Players Perform in the Round " The Lion in Winter, " second production of the season for the expanding theater department, was presented by the Players in Galloway Arena Theatre. Members of Alpha Psi Omega, National Honorary Dramatics Frater- nity, headed the cast: Margaret Atkinson as Eleanor of Aquitaine and Barry McGehee as Henry II brilliantly portrayed the character and passions of their demanding roles. Claire Crofford, Eddie Thompson, Michael Kinney, Ronnie Isbell, and Ray Wolter offered essential support for the James Goldman comedy. The next show, " Tiger at the Gates, " presented during the 1969 spring semester was produced at the request of the program coordinators for the Millsaps Art and Lec- ture Series. Richard and Philip offer a toast to their political ties. A 2 Xt t m m ' M K l mm CZ " A. t i r 4 w ™ it M v m a I 1 J r ft£ ' ! ' - i m ' | | . t ■ ■ j L m 1 -f k K . i w - Mother and son share anxieties of mounting unrest among the family. Henry II brings together Alice and Richard, betrothed since the age of three. 53 Cathy Schroeder, James McGahey, and Bill Hudson look on as Clif Dowell reluctanty pays Eddie Thompson, the Rainmaker, for his bogus services. The Rainmaker, a traveling salesman, wins the farmer ' : daughter ' s favor with his smooth ways. Summer Workshop Extends Dramatic Program For the first time at Millsaps a summer workshop was held for students interested in dramatics. During the 1968 summer session, lasting ten weeks, more than forty members of the college community participated in pro- ducing a romantic comedy, " The Rainmaker, " and a musical comedy, " South Pacific. " New and old Players worked effectively in all phases of production, learning and teaching together under the direction of Mr. Lance Goss. All scenery, properties, and costumes were inge- niously made, provided, and constructed by the non- professional production staff. Because of the tremendous success of both shows, the summer workshop is to be continued as an integral part of the drama program. i) wnin viUB " Lieutenant damn sexy man, " sighs Bloody Mary ( Peggy Lutz). A sailor provides Nellie Forbush with island luxuries — soap and hot water. PLIED Nurses entertain seabees and other military personnel at Thanksgiving Day Follies. 55 56 Features 57 58 Master Major David Martin David Martin of Columbus served as president of several Millsaps organizations: Omicron Delta Kappa men ' s leadership honorary Kappa Alpha Order; his se- nior class; and the M-Club. David ' s experiences in leadership also include: vice-president of Kappa Alpha and his sophomore class and secretary-treasurer of the IFC and the M-Club. David was a member of the Senate and chairman of the Student Union Board. David ' s popularity on campus was evidenced by his being chosen a favorite, and his service to the Greek system resulted in his being tapped into Gamma Gamma. He was a dorm manager and a member of the Ford Foundation Drive and the football team. 59 Major ' s Lady Esther Marett Esther Marett, a Kappa Delta from Batesville, should be an expert at writing minutes. While at Millsaps she has served as secretary of the Student Executive Board and Kappa Delta Sorority. Esther was model pledge and has been chosen a campus favorite. Her activities also extended into the area of sports where her various abili- ties earned her a place in the Majorette Club. As an orientation counselor and high school day guide, Esther showed new and prospective students the campus she has served. 60 61 62 Naomi Tattis Most Beautiful In a campus-wide election Miss Naomi Tattis was selected as Most Beautiful at Millsaps Colege. A campus Favorite and 1967 Homecoming Queen, Naomi is a mem- ber of the Concert Choir and serves as personnel chair- man for Chi Omega Fraternity. This summer, " Na " will tour Europe with the Troubadours for the United Service Organization. —j Top Five Beauties Marie Dickson Susan Nicholson 64 Gail McHorse 65 Bobashela Beauties Molly Fewel Linda Nicholson Esther Marctt Francis Richter Anne McNutt Cheryl Barrett 66 Lou Salvo Vicki Ozborn Sara Rula ■ ■ s r " ' " _ Z - " " " ' " -i. ,. - : . -- — .. .- Betsy Witty Annie Chadwick Dena Apostle Diane McLemore Pat Murphree Callie Kountouris 67 Millsaps Favorites These ten Millsaps co-eds were recognized as campus favorites. Some received this honor in past years; others are new to these pages. All have that bouyant spirit and friendly attitude which have won for them the admiration of their classmates. Naomi Tattis Lynn Shurlcy 68 Susan Nicholson Buddy Bartling • ••« 69 Nan Ford Bill Patrick Molly Fcwel Chip Ford 71 Who ' s Who The only junior in Who ' s Who this year, Clint Cavett will be at the University of Mississippi Medical Center next year. Clint was co-editor of the 1969 Bobashela. He was transfer-student chairman for this year ' s Orientation and was financial chairman for the Miss Millsaps Pagent. He was treasurer of Kappa Alpha Order and a dormi- tory manager. Clint has been tapped into ODK, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Chi Chi Chi, and Beta Beta Beta. He was a member of IFC. in American College and Universities A Dean ' s List student and participant in the Honors Program, Charles K. Clark has been active in all areas of campus life. He was selected to ODK and was a mem- ber of the Millsaps debate team. Charles, a history major, was a delegate to the Mississippi Youth Congress and took part in the Intensive Summer Opportunity Program at the University of Michigan. He was parliamentarian of the Student Senate and director of independent activ- ities on campus. Charles held offices in the history club, Deutscher Verein, and was a member of the pre-law club and Schiller Gesellschaft. ?m 72 In addition to serving Chi Omega as president and secretary, Cheryl Barrett Converse has been active in campus affairs. She was Greek Goddess last year as well as being selected one of the top twenty beauties on cam- pus. Her editorial talents were shown in her work as stu- dent life editor of the Bobashela and as feature editor of the Purple and White. She was a departmental assistant. Cheryl was chosen by her classmates as one of the ten best-dressed coeds on campus. Muriel Bradshaw has held many offices at Millsaps including vice-president of her senior class. She was pres- ident of Kappa Delta Epsilon, treasurer of the Christian Council, president of the Majorette Club, and secretary- treasurer of the WSGA. Muriel held the office of corre- sponding secretary of Phi Mu and was the recipient of her sorority ' s Outstanding Junior Award. Muriel was a member of Gamma Gamma and has served as president and secretary-treasurer of the YWCA and as activities editor of the Bobashela. Adrienne Doss Garrett, one of Millsaps ten best-dressed coeds, was editor of the 1968 Bobashela. Her journalistic talents were seen also in her efforts as news editor of the Purple and White. Adrienne served Chi Omega as fresh- man class officer. Last year she was selected to be in the top ten in the Miss Millsaps Pagent. During the summer of 1968, she attended the University of Mississippi Sum- mer Semester abroad in France. Avidly interested in the sciences, Wayne Babin served as president of AED, secretary-treasurer of Beta Beta Beta, and was a member of Theta Nu Sigma. A Dean ' s List student, Wayne was in the Honors Program in biol- ogy and has done independent research in that field. A member of Lambda Chi Alpha, Wayne was scholarship chairman and has received the Scholarship Key. He was also on the board of directors of Circle K, treasurer of Deutscher Yerein, and has worked in the Ford Founda- tion Drive. 73 KM Hl III I III! i Mary Ann McDonald Swenson, a religion major, was a talented member of the Millsaps Players. Mary Ann, who did not limit her activities to the stage, was twice selected the most valuable debater on the Millsaps team. She served as president of Pi Kappa Delta and as secre- tary of Alpha Psi Omega. This petite Kappa Delta was a Dean ' s List student, a member of Sigma Lambda, a student senator for two years, and a member of the Concert Choir. She also served on the staffs of the Purple and White and the Bobashela. Irene Cajoleas, who was elected a senator-at-large for three years, was active in Senate affairs and served as a delegate to MIC. Irene served the Greek system as Kappa Delta ' s rush chairman and representative to Pan- hellenic, as Greek Week co-chairman, and as a member of Gamma Gamma. This campus beauty and Dean ' s List student was also a member of the WSGA, the Stu- dent Union board, and the staffs of the Purple and White and Bobashela. As an elementary education ma- jor, Irene served as historian of Kappa Delta Epsilon. After receiving a National Methodist Scholarship, Jimmy Godbold proved his scholastic ability at Millsaps: he was awarded the freshman Mathematics Award, the A. G. Sanders ' Award in intermediate French, and the beginning German Award. Jimmy was president of the scholastic honary Eta Sigma, treasurer of Theta Nu Sigma, and a member of Sigma Delta Pi and Circle K. Jimmy served as High Gamma of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. As a mathematics major. Jimmy participated in the Honors Program. Carl Bush, a political science major, was especially active in campus politics. He was president of the junior class, and as a senator-at-large received the Most Out- standing Senator Award. Carl served Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity as president, vice-president, and secretary. He was a member of Gamma Gamma, Circle K, and the Interfratemity Council, and vice-president of Omicron Delta Kappa. Although he was assistant editor of the Purple and White and greek editor of the Bobashela, Carl found time to be a Dean ' s List student. Diane McLemore Martin has served Millsaps in many areas and offices: as Kappa Delta President and pledge trainer, as secretary of her class for tour years, as a student senator for four years and a representative to MIC, as Greek Week co-chairman, as a member of the Orientation and Ford Foundation Drive steering com- mittees, as vice-president of Sigma Delta Pi, and as president of Gamma Gamma. Her scholarship earned her a place on the Dean ' s List. Diane was honored by her classmates who chose her a beauty, campus favorite, a member of the homecoming court, as well as by the Kappa Alphas as 1968 Rose. Gerald Harper was awarded a summer research grant in the field of chemistry by the National Science Founda- tion. The chemistry department on the Millsaps campus was greatly aided by Gerald ' s talents as a laboratory as- sisstant. He was a member of the Deutscherverein, Circle K, and the Student Senate. Not only was Gerald on the Dean ' s List, but he was also tapped into several honoraries. Alice Woffbrd, who served her sorority Phi Mu as vice- president for two vein ' s, was president ol Sigma Lambda, the women ' s leadership honorary. Alice was also a mem- ber of the greek honorary Gamma Gamma. Holding the office of president ol Sanders Mall her sophomore year placed Alice on the Executive Board of the WSCA. Alice was an education major and served as secretary of Kappa Delta Epsilon. This Dean ' s List Student was also a mem- ber of the Lambda Chi Alpha Cresent Court. 75 Taking the minutes has become the college pasttime of Esther Marett, who has served this year as secretary of the SEB and of Kappa Delta Sorority. Esther, named a campus beauty, was selected as model pledge of Kappa Delta. She also found lime among her many activities to act as Orientation counselor and to work on the Purple and White staff. Hugh Gamble, a pre-med major from Greenville, served as president of the SEB. Hugh held the position of rush chairman of Kappa Sigma Fraternity for two years and also served as secretary this year. Hugh was responsi- ble for acquainting freshmen with Millsaps when he headed Orientation, serving as co-chairman. Active in student publications, Hugh was the Greek editor of the 1968 Bobashelu. Tapped into Sigma Lambda and Gamma Gamma this year, Ann Martin began her senior year in grand style. A Dean ' s List student, Ann served Chi Omega as vice- president and treasurer. She was a member of the Orien- tation steering committee as well as the Ford Foundation steering committee. Ann has been a member of the Pur- ple and White staff and was senior class editor of this year ' s Bobashela. Ann was also a member of Schiller Gesellschaft. Last year she served as president of Bacot dormitory and was a member of the WSGA executive board. ■HBHH 76 David Martin spent a busy four years at Millsaps. In 1968 he was Greek god. David, a member of Kappa Al- pha Order, served his fraternity as president, vice-pres- ident, and pledge trainer. A four-year letterman in foot- ball, David was at the helm of the M Club. David has been tapped into ODK and Gamma Gamma, and into the new history honorary. He was also president of his senior class, vice-president of his sophomore class, and secretary of the IFC. Actively engaged in student government at Millsaps was Lynn Clark. Lynn has been a member of the Student Senate for four years and served as secretary-treasurer of Bacot Hall for two years before being elected pres- ident of the WSGA. Lynn has served on the Orientation steering committee, the Ford Foundation Student Drive committee, and the Publications Board. Lynn was news editor of the Purple and White and worked on the Bo- bashela staff. Lynn was also a Dean ' s List student and a member of the Chapel Choir and the YWCA. A Dean ' s and President ' s List student, Robbie Lloyd also accumulated ten trophies for the debate team. Rob- bie was secretary and rush chairman of Chi Omega and received the freshman-scholarship and the most outstand- ing freshman awards. She was tapped into Sigma Lamb- da, Alpha Psi Omega, and Pi Kappa Delta— serving the last two as vice-president and president, respectively. As a member of the Players, Robbie showed her abilities on stage as an actor and off stage as Publicity Director. She was also director of the 1967 Miss Millsaps Pagent, the Beauty Review, and the Freshman Talent Show. 77 O. V- f .S oc M „ 78 Activities 70 Charles FC. Clark, parliamentarian; Erik Hearon, treasurer; Lynn Shurley, second vice president; Ron Yarbrough, first vice president; Esther Marett, secretary; Hugh Gamble, president. Senators Bessie Jordan and Jeanne Middleton take note of current Senate business. Senate Composed of a representative cross-section of the Millsaps student body, the Student Senate met weekly to discuss problems and seek their solutions. This year the student government association sought to bring spe- cial benefits to the Millsaps student. In cooperation with the student governments of Belhaven, Mississippi College, and Jackson State, the Jackson Metropolitan Intercolle- giate Council was created with the main purposes being to provide for all college students in the Jackson area a student discount service through local retail merchants, to provide big name entertainment at low costs, and to promote any other endeavor which is mutually bene- ficial to the various colleges. The Millsaps Senate also worked toward the organization of a student judicial system, and the provision of weekly entertainment with a Coffee House atmosphere. Senator Clyde Lea reports to Senate on one of many campus activities. BO W.S.G.A. Officers for 1969-1970: Candy Dudley, secretary; Lou Austin, president; Caroline Massey, vice president. Women ' s Student Government Association Freshmen and transfers were greeted warmly by the W.S.G.A., first by an orientation session on women ' s rules, and then, in a lighter vein, by a fashion show featuring outfits from the Balcony of Jackson. Composed of the executive board and floor chairmen from the girl ' s dorms, W.S.G.A. held general meetings once a month, with executive board meetings every week. Members hashed over interpretations of rules and suggestions of things to be done and changes to be made — later hours for girls and the senior honor code were two alterations put into effect this year. An open forum gave the campus an opportunity to air any complaints about rules, main- tenance of these rules, and the like. At Christmas the W.S.G.A. forgot about rules and sponsored a trim-the- tree party-with food-in the lobby of the student union. Past president Lynn Clark listens to discussions as former secretary Helen Lehmann records minutes. 81 r gjiii ! Head photographer C. R. Ridgway. Co-editor Alice Rhea. Co-editor Clint Cavett. Activities: Lem Mitchell, Rebecca Smith, Becky Barnes. Greeks: Langford Knight, Dianne Partridge, Missi Shannon. Features: Debbie Williams, Carolyn Caves, Leslie Morrison, Gail McHorse. Administration: To Anne Stevens, Susan Bartling, Bob Larkins. Sports: Mike Hughes and Bruce Adams. Bobashela With continuous cries for more pictures and more hours in the day, the Bobashela staff struggled with layouts and copy. Selling advertising, cropping pictures, draw- ing layouts, and typing copy occupied the time of staff members as they worked toward the completion of the yearbook and the excitement of meeting those over- whelming deadlines. Photographer Mike Weems. Student Life: Susan Richardson, Bee Bettcher, Julie Mac Blood. Freshman Class: Claudia Carithers, Virginia Harkev, Betsy Witty. Index: Becky Saxton and Nancy Riddle. Senior Class: Beverly Brooks, Ann Martin, Madeline Hunecke. Honoraries: Ellen Bready and Candy Dudley. V J r 2i Sophomore Class: Elaine Ballas and Regina Jordan. Junior Class: Tom Gerald and Connie Elliott. Business Manager Erik Hea- ron. 83 Purple and White For many volunteer workers, long afternoons stretched into long nights as the Purple and White staff laid out pages and corrected proofs. Each week the paper rolled off the presses to provide the student body with a chron- icle of events. The publication also served as a forum for student and faculty opinions on campus issues. The 1968 staff of the Purple and White, John McDonald, Clyde Lea, Tonv Champagne, and Frankie Chatham, back Editor Larry Clark. 1969 staff of Purple and White: First Row: Marie Dickson, Kina Crane; Second Row: Row: William Young, Vern Pack, John DurTett, Frankie Chatham. Ann Munday, Clyde Lea, Richard Perry; Third 84 " Where, Jonelle? " 1969 Editor Frankie Chatham and Business Manager Robert Ward join forces to make the paper progressive and PROSPEROUS. Stylus This year Stylus offered a broad study of the background to Millsaps thought. The anthology contained short stories, poetry, and essays by various student writers whose works dealt with topics ranging from a death in the Delta to the falsification of religion. Although the fall issue of Stylus consisted entirely of literary works, Mill- saps student artists added much to the spring issue by illustrating the magazine. Stylus Editor Jim Tohill, Assistant Editor Cheryl Thompson, and Business Manager Tom Gerald dream of numerous contributions — creative and monetary. 85 The pep band heralds another Millsaps touchdown. Russell Ingram stares intently at the action on the field. Pep Band Anyone who is interested and who can play an instru- ment is cordially invited to join the Millsaps band. It is mostly for fun, but there is some profit, too. Although their main job was to support the Majors at pep rallies and to bolster spirit at football games, several of the group went to various churches to accompany the choral music for Sunday services. The band also played a jazz mass with the Chapel Choir. Future goals include being able to accompany singing groups for on-campus per- formances. " That was the cannon, not the band, Mr. Jensen. " BA First Row: Debbie Collins, Cathy Ritchie, Susan Thompson, Patti Bless, Naomi Tattis, Candy Dudley, Ellen Terrell, Carol Turner, Betty Elliott, Betty Wooldridge, Carol Quin, Alice Rhea, Ann Provost; Second Row: Cindy Brunson, Mary Craft, Annie Chad- wick, Jan Crenshaw, Emily Cole, Scarlet Booth, John Cornell, Charles Jemison, Buddy Cook, Nancy Fulgham, Emily Mitchell, Marsha Kemp, Beth Hood; Third Row: Debbie Neson, Phyllis Concert Choir If the Concert Choir minded making it to noon re- hearsals while everyone else ate lunch, they never showed it. Whenever there was a need for choral music on campus, they were always there. Choir members frolicked at Camp Wesley Pines before school began for " practice, practice, practice " to enlarge their repertoire. The Christmas program, an annual presentation in co- operation with the Chapel Choir, was Handel ' s " Messiah. " The outstanding event of the year was an appearance with the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra at the city auditorium under the auspices of the Millsaps Arts and Lecture Series. Poulenc ' s " Gloria " was a highlight of the evening. Spring choir tour took the Singers to Denver, Colorado. Alford, Patti McCarty, Charles Harvey, Mark Bebensee, Gerry Derstine, Foster Collins, Bill Hudson, Barbara Jones, Linda Nichol- son, Claudia Carithers, Marilyn Samples; Fourth Row: Thad Amacker, Jimmy Spinks, Jim Holder, David Clark, Charlie Shields, Ken Morrison, Lynn Shurley, David Mcintosh, Joe Burnett, Bob Ridgway, Mike Weems, Faser Hardin. Mr. Leland Byler, director of the Concert Choir, emphasizes a downbeat. First Row: Bill Hudson, Naomi Tattis, Charlie Shields, Gale Smith, Gerry Derstine; Second Row: Cindy Brunson, Annie Chadwiek, Mary Craft, Carol Quin; Third Row: Joe Burnett, Lynn Shurley, Ken Morrison, Faser Hardin, Cliff Dowell. Troubadours A year ' s resume of the activities of the Troubadours is an awesome thing — though their performing engage- ments are mostly in-state, they sing an average of six to eight programs a month. Made up of fifteen of the most versatile members of the Concert Choir, they put to use the hours and hours of practice to execute their rendi- tions with professional skill. Whether for a television Christmas special, a high-school assembly, a service club, or the Jackson Carnival Ball, their energy and enthusiasm know no limits. As Mr. Leland Byler, founder and di- rector of the group, put it, they sing for " people who want us — and who wouldn ' t? " Already veterans of two overseas USO tours ( to the Carribean and to France and Germany), the Troubadours are getting excited now about their up-coming two-month tour of Germany and Italy this summer. " It ' s you, Officer Crumpke; it ' s you! " 88 ' It ' s just one of those songs that you hear now and then 89 First Row: Mr. Bufkin, Advisor; Candy Dudley, Sweetheart; Dr. Lewis, Capital City Kiwanis Club; Second Row: Mel Ulmer, Mack Land, John McDonald, Russell Ingram, Robert Ward, Tom Hudson, Bill Roberts, Mike Covert. Circle K When the sun glares down at a football game or the action of the basketball court gets tense, head for the Circle K concession stand for a Coke! This in itself is enough to prompt a hearty round of thanks, but that isn ' t all — monitors and ushers at convocations were always Circle K members. Moreover, members gave their time and energy to collect contributions for the Heart Fund and Kidney Fund drives. A men ' s service organization, Circle K was founded in 1963 and is sponsored by the Jackson Capitol City Kiwanis Club. It proudly claims the distinction of being the only service club on the Millsaps Campus. Circle K is in charge of refreshments at all home football games. 90 Christian Council Interdenominational religious activity on cam- pus was planned and coordinated by the Chris- tian Council. Composed of the president and an elected representative from each group, the council sponsored communion services before Christmas and Easter. In cooperation with the W.S.G.A., the group organized the International Gift Bazaar in December. YWCA With a sincere interest in promoting Christian ideals and high standards, the Young Women ' s Christian Association held monthly meetings which featured persons from various professions and local groups. The main activity of the organi- zation was a Big Sister-Little Sister program with girls from the Methodist Children ' s Home. Dur- ing the year, these " little sisters " were enter- tained on campus at YWCA sponsored gatherings and were visited at the Home by their " BIG Sisters. " First Row: Karen Leftwich, Muriel Bradshaw, Betty Elliott; Second Row: Gary Stewart, Don Bishop, Mel Ulmer. Left to right: Martha Lewis, June Thrash, Betty Ann Williams, Beth Davis, Claire Crofford, Beverly Parsutt, Christie Meeks, Elaine Ballas, Jo Ann Stevens, Nancy Riddle, Karin Leftwich, Lee Clinton. 91 Debate Team: First Row: Terre Balof, Charles Harvey, Robbie Lloyd, George Booth, Joey Howell, Kay Provine; Second Row: Paul Jordan, Mr. Hooker, Clyde Lea, Leslie Morrison. Deutscher Verein: Jeverley Cook, Charles K. Clark, JoAnn Huttig, Mr. Clayton. Debate Deutscher Verein Armed with plenty of breatli and opinions, the debate team hit the road for a total of eight encounters with rival teams at colleges in Mis- sissippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Their spirited efforts earned them trophies at Mississippi State University, Lhiiversity of Arkansas, and the Mardi Gras Invitational Tournament at Tulane. Dis- section of the topic, " Resolved: That executive control of United States foreign policy should be significantly curtailed, " was the task of this year ' s team, piloted by Joey Howell and George Booth. The conclusion of the round of tournaments was a trip to the Pi Kappa Delta Nationals in Arizona. Deutscher Verein entered into live] iveiv discus- sions of all facets of German and Austrian life. The meetings ranged from a German song fest to a feast ot authentic German food. Programs typically featured German films and talks by students who have visited Germany. In March the Vice Consul of Press and Information of the New Orleans Affairs spoke on higher education in Germany. 92 BSU: Patty Warren, Jon Bond, Mel Ulmer, Gary Stewart. MSM BSU Wesley Fellowship, the Millsaps chapter of the Methodist Student Movement, provided chal- lenging programs which broadened the member ' s ideas by relating Christian experiences with those of other college students. The group re- organized itself as one of therapy and involve- ment and co-operated with the Methodist Church in " Operation Shoestring. " The Baptist Student Union attempted to link Baptist students at Millsaps with their church. Programs encouraged the student to grow spiri- tually and to lead a more meaningful Christian life. MSM: First Row: Kathy Rouse, Gail Waters, Camille Harris, Robin Hamilton; Second Row: Gordon Harris, Cheryl Jones, John Cornell. Ministerial League The Ministerial League was founded for all students planning to enter the ministry. The League provided students with situations he may face in his profession by giving him practical experiences. One of the projects was to print the pocket-size schedule cards given to students dur- ing registration. In conjunction with " Operation Shoestring " the group provided a tutoring service for some of the underprivileged children of Jackson. Ministerial League: First Row: Timothy Whitaker, Don Bishop, Gordon Harris; Second Row: John Cornell, James Smith, Tonny Algood. 94 Honoraries 95 Omicron Delta Kappa Outstanding men on the Millsaps campus are recog- nized through ODK, a national leadership honorary. The group promotes leadership in various areas: scholarship, student government, social and religious organizations, athletics, publications, and arts. These common interests bring together members of the student body and faculty who are concerned with the betterment of the college. ODK sponsors Tap Day each semester and awards a scholarship trophy to the Greek organization having the highest average in the men ' s and women ' s divisions. David Martin, president ODK. Omicron Delta Kappa: First row: Frankie Chatham, David Martin, Larry Clark, Carl Bush, Lynn Shurley, Dr. Knox; Second row: Clint Ca- vett, Dr. Moore, Eric Hearon, Charles K. Clark, Faser Hardin, Dr. Graves. 96 Soooooc OCX - W ' " V( i •• ' • ' ' • ' ■ -- Sigma Lambda: First row: Robbie Lloyd, Diane McLemore, Alice Wofford, Ann Martin, Connie Elliott; Second row: Kathy Murray, Mr Conllet, Mrs. Graves, Caroline Massey, Miss Morehead, Mrs. Pate, Miss Craig. Alice Wofford, president Sigma Lambda. Sigma Lambda Sigma Lambda is a women ' s honorary society which recognizes leadership and sponsors the best interests in college life. Membership into this organization is a dis- tinct honor. Invitation to the group is based upon points gained through active leadership in certain campus or- ganizations and requires the unanimous vote of the regular members. Recognizing outstanding accomplish- ments in scholarship, leadership, and campus activities, Sigma Lambda represents the ultimate achievement for a Millsaps woman. 97 AED AED is a national honor society of pre-medical students which encourages excellence in pre- medical scholarship, stimulates an appreciation of the importance of pre-med education, and strives to bridge the gap between pre-medical and medical schools. Membership in AED is based on leadership, scholarship, character, and personality. Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi is an honorary recognizing out- standing scholarship in the study of chemistry. Throughout the year, XXX promotes the interest of chemistry students by sponsoring numerous visiting lecturers, by having monthly dinner meetings, and by providing needed assistance to the Chemistry Department. Alpha Epsilon Delta: First Row: Clint Cavett, Robert Collins, Wavne Babin; Second Row: John Sutphin, Stephen Reed, Rodney Meeks; Third Row: Dr. Cain, Paul Gee, Franklin Chatham. C hi Chi Chi: James Fyte, Dr. Cain, Tommy Cabell, Gerald Harper, Frank McEachern, Paul Gee, Dr. Bishop, Clint Cavett, Franklin Chatham, Dr. Ezell. 98 Theta Nu Sigma: First Row: James Godbold, Charlotte Oakley, Melinda Hutcherson, Joyce Robinson, Rodney Meeks; Second Row: Stephen Reed, Tolla Moffett, Joan Hayles, Frank McEachern, Robert Collins, Paul Gee, Dr. Bishop. Theta Nu Sigma Beta Beta Beta Theta Nu Sigma strives to further interest in the sciences. Through this organization there is a greater opportunity for increased fellowship among those having scientific interests. The honorary recognizes excellence in scholarship and leadership among science students and en- courages students to enter graduate school. Mem- bership is offered to those who have achieved a second semester sophomore standing and who are majoring in one of the natural or mathemat- ical sciences. Beta Beta Beta, established at Millsaps College in 1968, is a national honorary for students in the biological sciences. The purposes are to stimulate sound scholarship, to promote the dissemination of scientific truth, and to encourage investigation in the life sciences. Monthly meet- ings are held to discuss new ideas, research, and other material pertinent to biology and related sciences. Activities include off-campus field trips and the invitation of nationally prominent lectur- ers to the campus. Beta Beta Beta: First Row: Wayne Babin, Cathy Fortman, Stephen Reed, Marion Reed, John Meyer, Melinda Hutcherson; Second Row: Mr. Nevins, Robert Collins, Harvey Keg, Clint Cavett, Dr. McKeown, Dr. Bell. 99 Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi, the international Spanish honorary, was established at Millsaps College on February 4, 1968. Its purpose is to recognize the outstanding achievements of Spanish students and to cultivate an interest in Spanish art and literature. To be eligible for membership a stu- dent must obtain a high overall point index with a " B " average in Spanish, and must have com- pleted at least three college years of Spanish including a minimum of three hours in literature. Pi Delta Phi Pi Delta Phi, a national French fraternity pro- motes high scholarship and the study of France, its language and literature. To be invited into membership, a student must have at least a 3.0 average in fifteen hours of French and a 2.8 over- all average. Honorary memberships are extended to alumni and faculty members. Sigma Delta Pi: First Row: Isabel! Blaekwell, Diane Mc- Lemore, Caroline Massey; Second Row: Jerry Young, Mr. Bufkin. Pi Delta Phi: Cheryl Thompson, Dianne Partridge, Diana Stokes. 100 Schiller Gesellschaft: Charles Clark, Debbie Nelson, Jo Ann Huttig, Steve Meeks, Mr. Clayton Mr Guest Ralph Wittal. Schiller Schiller Gesellschaft is a German honorary rec- ognizing outstanding students in the study of German and promoting an interest in German culture. Those invited for membership must pre- sent a research paper on some aspect of Ger- many ' s contribution to the arts or sciences. Eta Sigma Phi The dual purposes of Eta Sigma Phi, a na- tional classical fraternity, are to recognize out- standing students of Greek and Latin studies and to cultivate an interest in the art and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. On the national level Eta Sigma Phi publishes The Nuntius, a quarterly magazine, and sponsors an annual national convention. Membership in Eta Sigma Phi requires first semester sophomore standing and a " B " average in the classics. Eta Sigma Phi: First Row: Judy Hayes, Alice Rhea, Betty Toon. Second Row: Gary Stewart, Mrs. Coullet, Evelyn Snipes, Danny Blair. 101 Eta Sigma: Pat Bush, James Godbold, Margaret Atkinson, Paul Gee, Diane Partridge. Eta Sigma Eta Sigma, a national scholastic honorary, promotes excellence in scholarship on the cam- pus. Members are required to have completed a minimum of seventy-five semester hours with at least thirty of them acquired at Millsaps. Jun- iors must have an over-all index of 3.60 and sen- iors an index of 3.55. Chi Delta: Miss Morehead, Jacque Armstrong, Mrs. Dean, Mrs. Blackwell, Dr. Callen, Linda Townes, Mrs. Collins, Cheryl Thompson. Kit Kat, Chi Delta Kit Kat is the oldest and most exclusive honorary on the Millsaps campus. Fashioned after the famed literary circles of eighteenth century London coffee houses, meet- ings are held to promote interest in creative writing. Members of Kit Kat demonstrate their abilities in every campus publication and encourage gifted writers to follow their efforts. Sister organization to Kit Kat, Chi Delta seeks to pro- mote interest in creative writing among Millsaps women. Each member has made achievements in the literary field. Membership includes those whose works have been published in the Stylus or entered into the Southern Lit- erary Festival. Kit Kat: First Row: Robert Ward, Tom Gerald; Second Row: David Davidson, Dean Hardin, Dr. Boyd, Mr. Padgett, Tim To- hill. 102 Alpha Psi Omega Membership in Alpha Psi Omega, a national honorary dramatics fraternity, is earned through active participation in the Millsaps Players. This may take the form of acting, directing, make-up, stage management, business management, cos- tuming, lighting, or publicity. The presentation of Most Outstanding Millsaps Player, Millsaps Player Acting Award, Junior Acting Awards, Most Valuable Freshman, and Backstage Award are made at the annual Players ' Awards Banquet. Pi Kappa Delta Distinguished performance in oratory and ex- temporaneous public speaking is rewarded through membership into Pi Kappa Delta. Each year the group assumes the responsibility of sponsoring the Millsaps Invitational Debate Tournament. Alpha Psi Omega: First Row: James McGahey, Bruce Partin, Margaret Atkin- son, Margaret Stone Tohill, Peggy Lutz, Dorothy Brunson, Cathy Shroeder, Barry McGehee, Second Row: Eddie Thompson, Stanley Graham, Doug Mc- Cullough; Third Row: Helen Lehmann, Sarah Jordan, Robbie Lloyd, Clif Dowell, Kathryn Grabau, William Young. Pi Kappa Delta: First Row: Robbie Lloyd Mary Ann McDonald Swenson: Second Row: Joey Howell, George Booth, Paul Jordon, Clyde Lea, Charles Harvey, Bill Marble, Mr. Hooker. 103 Gamma Gamma: First Row: Ann Martin, Mary Lain Mills, Evelyn Snipes, Dianne McLemore, Muriel Bradshaw, Irene Cajoleas; Second Row: David Martin, Carl Bush, Jimmy McCay, Larry Clark, Buddy Williamson. Gamma Gamma KDE Since 1965, when it was established on the Millsaps campus. Gamma Gamma has sought to improve relations among the fraternal organ- izations and also between the fraternal system and the entire college community. Membership into this honorary is extended to those who have contributed meritorious service to the Greek system and to the college. Kappa Delta Epsilon, a professional education honorary, fosters high academic standing and professional ideals in those preparing for a teach- ing career. Kappa Delta Epsilon is an active honorary, holding monthly meetings and sponsor- ing various activities throughout the year in- cluding a Christmas Party at the Old Ladies ' Home and an annual party with the student and supervising teachers. To be eligible for member- ship a woman student must be an education ma- jo r maintaining a 2.7 overall index and having completed six hours of secondary education or nine hours of elementary education. History Honorary: First Row: Judy Hayes, Betty Wooldridge, Beth Hood Gail McHorse; Second Row: Charles K. Clark, David Martin, Dr. Sallis, Jimmy Spinks, Dr. Moore. History Honorary The History Honorary was founded at the be- ginning of the 1968 school year at Millsaps by a group of history majors interested in providing a club for qualified students who are interested in meeting and discussing events and problems in the history of the world. Each semester there are three meetings held for the presentation of papers or programs. The local group has peti- tioned Phi Alpha Theta, a national history honor- ary, for affiliation. 104 Kappa Delta Epsilon: First Row: Linda Boswell, Mrs. Mead- ers, Mrs. Richardson, Pam Upshaw; Second Row: Carolyn Wiggers, Cindy Pharis, Becky Meacham, Brenda Street, Margaret Smith, Linda Bowman, Alice Wofford, Irene Cajoleas, Diana Stokes, Susan Moak, Cheryl Hopper, Donna Daniel, Muriel Bradshaw, Pat Bush. Majorette Club The Majorette Club is an honorary recognizing those women who have exhibited active interest and participation in women ' s intramural sports. A member must have participated in at least three sports and have maintained a point index of 2.5 for two semesters. The Majorette Club sponsors several events on the campus through- out the year. Majorette Club: Left Row: Jane Mosley, Gayle Vanexan, Janice Self, Susan Kunzelman, Pat Lash; Right Row: Mureil Bradshaw, Kathy Murray, Jacque Armstrong, Emily Smith, Margaret Wilson. M-Club The principal purpose of the M-Club is the promotion of inter-collegiate athletics and in- tramural sports. All male students who have been awarded the official letter in one of the varsity sports are extended an invitation of membership. The Most Improved Player and Most Valuable Player are recognized at the annual banquet. The group also sponsors an all-campus dance at Homecoming. M-Club: First Row: Langford Knight, Luther Ott, Mike O ' Neil, Harold Smith, Rusty Boshers, and seated Mike Taylor; Second Row: Jeff Smith. Bill Godfrey, Ron Grantham, Bobby Spring, Robbie McLeod, Tern Bucka- lew. Buddy Bartling, Brett Adams. I OS 106 Greeks 107 Panhellenic Council: Ruth Marett, Jeanne Terpstra, Jeannie Gouras, Debbie Williams, Caroline Massey, Lolly Flett, Susan Bartling, Susan Kunzelman, Kathy Murray. Panhellenic Council Millsaps Panhellenic Council is set up to further the relations between the four Greek societies for women on campus and to serve as a liaison between the women and the college administration. Made up of the president and two representatives from each group, Panhellenic ' s main duty is to regulate rules concerning rushing and to super- vise all activities of Rush Week and pledging. The Inter- Fraternity Council joins Panhellenic in sponsoring the Greek Night Dance on the day bids are issued, and both groups help in the procedures of Greek Week. Established this year was a body known as Junior Pan- hellenic. It is made up of a representative from each of the pledge classes and is presided over by a member of the senior council. They served to evaluate rush and to gain experience in the working of Panhellenic so that they could represent their respective groups when they become upper classmen. Dean Glenn Pate serves as advisor to the Panhellenic Council. Officers for 1968-1969 were Maggie Watkins, Chi Omega, president; Irene Cajoleas, Kappa Delta, vice president; Susan Kunzelman, Zeta Tau Alpha, secretary; and Caroline Massey, Phi Mu, treasurer. 108 Inter-Fraternity Council Governing the affairs of Millsaps ' four fraternities is the Inter-Fraternity Council. Three representatives from each group work with the administration and faculty to help the fraternity system as it operates on the Millsaps campus. The members of the I.F.C. try to promote a spirit of cooperation and brotherhood among the fraterni- ties and maintain high standards for all fraternity men. I.F.C. sets up the schedule for men ' s rush each semes- ter and makes rules concerning rushing practices. They also help the community through service projects, espe- cially in association with the Panhellenic Council during Greek Week. Presiding as president during the 196S-1969 term was Johnny Durrett, Kappa Alpha Order; vice president was Kenneth Humphries, Kappa Sigma; secretary was Nick Sabatini, Lambda Chi Alpha; and serving as treasurer was Bobby Moore, Pi Kappa Alpha. Inter-Fraternity Council: First Row: Johnny Durrett; Mr. Bavendar, Advisor; Kenneth Humphries; Nick Sabatini; Second Row: Melford Smith; Clyde Lea; Anthony Champagne; Bobby Hester; John Speed; Bob Mullins. 109 Chi Omega The owl society ... " ... womanly always . . . dis- couraged never ... " ... first five, now thousands every- where . . . Rush: Choo-Choo on top of tapers on top of songs, dances, rehearsals, smiles, etc., etc., etc. . . . maybe not a pro volleyball team, but can they ever consume those steaks at house suppers ... " I don ' t know who the candlelight is for! Maybe it ' s for me. " . . . four beauties: Francis, Naomi, Molly, and Cheryl . . . Me? No I ' m not on the clean-up committee! . . . two Trouba- dors: they are the ones with the biggest mouths . . . what would the Players ever do without Robbie? ... If that pledge doesn ' t finish my key chain by Christmas, I ' ll have to buy a real present . . . two Favorites and First Row: Alice Rhea, Jeanne Terp Cheryl Barrett, Ann Martin, Carolyn one editor (of this very publication) . . . Where, oh where, is the scholarship trophy? ... I don ' t care if the booth does fall apart; my fingers can ' t take that hammer any more . . . Branson ' s on the Homecoming court! . . . X and a what? . . . " Go, Majors " or so says our cheer- leader . . . Would you believe three in Sigma Lambda and four in Who ' s Who? . . . WSGA secretary ... an owl for Kappa Sigma Sweetheart and a Kappa Sig for Owl Man . . . Senators, Singers, Scholars, Debaters, Actresses, Goof-offs . . . Chi O ' s take places in Eta Sigma Phi, Theta Nu Sigma, Pi Delta Phi, Majorettes, Eta Sigma, Sigma Delta Pi, etc., etc., etc. .. " ... That she may be a symphony of high purpose . . . " stra, Diane Partridge; Second Row: Missi Shannon, Maggie Watkins, Wiggers. Chi Delta First Row: Barnard, J.; Barnes. B.; Barrett, C.j Bartling, S.; Blood, J. M.; Second Row: Bready, E.; Bryan, S.; Campbell, E.; Carithers, C; Carpenter, ).; Third Row: Crotiord, C; Davis, S. H.; Dawkins, I.; Doss, A.; Dudley, C; Elliott, C; Fourth Row: Fewel, M.; Graves, G.; Harkey, V. ; Hathom. G; Heiskell, S.; Houser, F.; Fifth Row: Jackson, S.; Kenna, S.; Leftwich, K.; Mc- Cafferty, S.; McKinnon, K.; Maize, C; Sixth Row: Martin, A.; Milonas, M.; Mitchell, E.; Mitchell, J.; Morrison, L.; Murphy, A.; Seventh Row: Pack, V.; Partridge, D.; Pierce, J.; Reid, A.; Rhea, A.; Richter, F.; Eighth Row: Rich- ardson, S.; Riddle, N.; Shannon, M.; Shuttleworth, B.; Smith, D.; Stevens, J. A.; Ninth Row: T.ittis. N.; Terpstra, [.; Wade. K.; Watson, C. A.; Wiggers, C; Williams, D. no Ill Kappa Delta " The emerald and pearl mark the Kappa Delta girl; she ' s the girl with the diamond shaped pin ... " .. An- other candlelight? Must be a freshman, all the upper- classmen are already pinned . . . Five girls of KD yell for the Majors . . . Sig band for White Rose . . . Song Fest practice, 6:00 A.M. . . . Watch the rug!! Get that spot up!! . . . Yea for the Snack Shop . . . Kappas Delts treat the children at the CP home to a day at the fair . . . Volleyball champs after two years of defeats . . . Three troubs and ten beauties . . . The whole chapter ' s been tapped into Kappa Delta Epsilon!! . . . Secretaries of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes wear KD pins . . . Esther, Irene, and Diane make the ranks of Who ' s Who . . . Who made the B Tree this week? . . . KD mums, KD candy, would you believe KD fruits? . . . Maybe we should have a Dagger Daddy? . . . Miss Gracious Living . . . A KD leads the WSGA . . . AOT- Always on Top . . . Four Favorites . . . Two KD ' s make Sigma Lambda . . . Queen Bee rules over Homecoming court . . . Pike Dream Girl . . . Pledges take Frosh Day trophy . . . All the work paid off with the Homecoming award . . . Who rolled my room? . . . Only the pledges can say for sure . . . Honoraries: Eta Sigma, Alpha Psi Omega, Majorettes, Eta Sigma Phi, historical . . . Ini- tiation: now we are sisters . . . " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. " First Row: Esther Marett, Diane McLemort Dickson, Kathv Murray. Donna Daniel; Second Row: Ann Mnnday, Susan Moak, Marie Mu First Row: Armstrong, T.; Auston, L.; Babb, A.; Ball, V.; Second Row: Bless, P.; Bush, P.; Cnfoleas, I.; Cole, E. ; Third Row: Collins, D.; Collins, S.: Cox, M.; Craft, M.; Daniel, D.; Davis, B.; Fourth Row: Dickson, M.; Field, A.; Furr, B.; Glasco, M.; Gouras, J.; Graves, J.; Fifth Row: Helms, J.; Hicks, S.; Jones, B.; Jordan, R.; Lehmann, H. McCarty, P.; Sixth Row: McHorse, G.; McLemore, D.; Marett, E.; Marett, R.; Meecham, B.; Moak, S.; Seventh Row: Morrow, A. H.; Munday, A.; Nicholas, J.; Nicholson, L.; Owens, K.; Peebles, S.; Eighth Row: Pharis, C; Provost, A.; Rodgers, T.; Ross, L.; Salvo, L.; Sanderson, S.; Ninth Row: Smith, E.: Smith, G.; Street, B.; Tate, E.; Turner, C; Wood, S. 11? 113 Phi Mu Millsaps ' first sorority, nation ' s second oldest . . . Think Pink ... a Phi Mu leads Millsaps ' Sigma Lambda . . . Lambda Chi ' s choose Phi Mus as Crescent Queen. . . . " Are you sure our average was that high? " . . . " Righhht! " . . . Homecoming Court includes two girls of the golden shield and pink carnation . . . Hurray for the new rug! . . . Phi Mu Mister or Pink Fink? . . . Eta Sigma Phi taps one Phi Mu . . . Get out and sell those studv boards! But be sure all the actives have them. We wouldn ' t want to loose the Scholarship Trophy! . . . " . . . moonlight . . . Stardust ... " ... the enchanted Enchantress . . . " Where ' s the key to the house? " . . .Phi Mu ' s adopt lion as mascot . . . Philmatheans are times for sisterhood . . . vice-president of WSGA . . . " We love to participate! " Phi Mu captures Founder ' s Medal for highest scholastic average over four years . . . " Where ' s our stereo? " ... " ... Laughter precedes her; happiness walks with her; peace follows her. " Front Row: Muriel Bradshaw, Julia Laney, Suzanne Harden, Alice Wofford, Linda Boman; Second Row: Caroline Massey, Margaret Wilson. Epsilon First Row: Bane, B.; Beck, M.; Bradshaw, M.; Brown, S.; Second Row: Childress, C; Clarke, K.; Clinton, L.; Cone, J.; Third Row: Cox, J.; Crocker, S.; Davis, E.; Dennis, J.; Dessommes, M.; Dunn, M.; Fourth Row: Endter, C. Elliot, B.; Fulgham, N.; Gunn, M.; Harden, S.; Lane, C; Fifth Row: Laney, J.; Lewis, M.; McGraw, N.; McQueen, J.; Marshall, P.; Massey, C.j Sixth Row: Murphy, A.; Murphy, P.; Neil, K.; Oakley, C; Owens, M.; Ozborn, V.; Seventh Row: Page, S.; Parsutt, B.; Piper, S.; Reed, K.; Rula, S.; Sample, M. A.; Eighth Row: Self, J.; Schonlau, L.; Sorrell, K.: Smith, M.; Stauss, B.; Stokes, D.; Ninth Row: Vanexan, C; Walton, J.; Wilson, M.; White, S.; Williams, B. A.; Wofford, A. 1 14 Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alphas, the women of the white violet . . . Zetas captured the Social Service Trophy . . . Who ' s the Power Hungry Pledge Trainer? . . . Song Fest ' s second place goes to the ZTA ' s . . . Isn ' t it horrible to be minus pledge points? . . . Greek Week sees Zetas take the runner-up position on Stunt Night . . . Who was it again that painted the crest over the mantel? . . . Zetas work on the P W, in WSGA, and YWCA . . . Buckwheat? . . .Misery is having your band thrown in jail before the spring rush party . . . happiness is having their lawyer bail them out and then finding that they were worth waiting for . . . Wonder if Mother Mills will receive the annual Betty Crocker Award again? . . . Three Zetas make the ranks of the Majorette Club . . . Will someone please fix the heater? . . . The basement of Franklin must be another color after the pledges finished painting their blackboards . . . Millsaps ' newest group; estab- lished in 1964 . . . ZTA is represented in Deutscher Verein, Eta Sigma Phi, and the history honorary . . . " To intensify friendship among members, give oppor- tunity for se rvice to others, to encourage Zetas to strive for excellence in every selected activity and to be true to themselves and to others. " Becky Saxton, Mary Lain Mills, Pat Lesh, Susan Kunzelman. Delta Phi First Row: Allen, V.; Balof, T.; Beeson, S.; Second Row: Dunaway, E.; Ewing, C; Foster, N.; Gwin, G. ; Third Row: Hassell, S.; Hayes, J.; Jordan, S.; Kunzelman, S.; Fourth Row: Lesh, P.; Lippard, P.; Meek, C; Mills. M. L.; Mitlenberger, J.; Sixth Row: Perrett, C; Roberts, C; Saxton, B.; Sellers, M.; Smith, M.; Seventh Row: Smith, R.; Snipes, E.; Townes, L.; Wainwright, M.; Wright, J. 116 m 117 Kappa Alpha Order Kappa Alpha Order epitomizes the ideal Southern Gentlemen . . . KA ' s sung their way to second place in the 1968 Song Fest . . . Why can ' t the Boar go out on Saturday nights? He has to stay home and prepare his sermon . . . Kappa Alphas hold positions as editor of the P W and co-editor of the BOBASHELA . . . Knights of Alcohol, as they are fondly known . . . Hey, Burt, where ' s your woman? ... A KA brother directs the weekly meetings of the Student Senate as First Vice President of the SEB . . . Aside from the normal spur- of-the-minute parties, the KA ' s manage to find time to attend annually the Black and White Christmas Ball, the Sharecroppers party, the Cowboy part} ' , the luau, and biannually. Old South . . . Bbbbbbbbbutch! . . . Kappa Alphas proudly occupy their new mansion . . . Fancy that, there are quite a few KA ' s in the M Club . . . Pledge projects?? . . . For lack of better things to do, the pledges devised a new game. It ' s called clothes-closet- turn-over ... A brother beats his drum for the Trouba- dours . . . Get out the Bum Crooks. Somebody got pinned! . . . " Knowing full well . . . " Kappa Alphas are honored by membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, Chi Chi Chi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pi Delta Phi, and Theta Nu Sigma . . . You can always find Joe Pat in his of- fice . . . KA ' s serenade in the midst of falling sparks, flying flags, and a good hardy " Wheat, barley . . . " com- ing from the windows of the girls ' dorms . . . " which is symbolic and will later be explained to you. " First Row: Bill Campbell, David Martin, Larry Clark; Second Row: Sonny Wray, Andy Mullins, Ron Yarbrough, Leon Bailey, Clint Cavett, Robert Cunningham. Alpha Mu First Row: Adams, B.; Allison, P.; Amaeker, D.; Amos, P.; Anderson, R.; Second Row: Avcock, R.; Avcock, W.; Bailey, C; Bartling, B.; Beckman, B.; Third Row: Binion, M. ; Blair, D ; Boerner, B.; Brooks, P.; Cabell, T.; Camp- bell, B.; Capps, B.; Fourth Row: Cavett, C; Church, T.; Collins, F.; Cook, J.; Cunningham, R.; Durrett, J.; Ferrell, W.; Gerald, T.; Fifth Row: Godfrey, B. D.; Hamby, J.; Hogue, P.: Hyneman, C; King, G; Larkins, B.; Leech, S.; Lewis, B.; Sixth Row: Luina, J.; Mullins, A.; Peden, D.; Prospere, R.; Quinn, J. P.: Robinson, G.; Rvan, D.; Shields, C; Seventh Row: Sparks, J.; Steel, J.; Tilghman, S.; Wade, B.; Ward, R.; Weems, M.; Wray, S.; Young, B. U8 Kappa Sigma The men of Kappa Sigma: the Millsaps Adonis sym- bols ... Be they ever so masculine, their women are still called " Sig Pigs " . . . Soccer champs for the past two years, the Sigs closed this season with a record of 16-0-0 ... A Kappa Sigma leads the student body in the role of president of the Student Executive Board . . . even if he hasn ' t been out all year ... It could be a Kappa Sig who gave you that parking ticket . . . Com- mando Baids! . . . Let ' s form an Intercollegiate Quarter Pitching Team! . . . Can ' t sit there. That ' s the Sig table . . Kappa Sigma headed 1968 Orientation . . . Gruboy Sigs don coats and ties to honor Founders Day, December 10 . . . " Y ' all watch what ya say. I ' m about to call home! " . . . Wall to wall Rembrandts? . . . Vice president of the IFC wears the star and crescent . . . No wonder the house looks like this. We weren ' t the first frat to occupy it . . . Sig pledges peddled light bulbs . . . Playground Bully . . . The men of Kappa Sigma were the originators of the famous Trace Parties . . . Would you believe Mouse, Rat, Twiggy, Auggie Grunt, Wild Man, etc., etc. . . Hide your pennies! Here comes McCay! . . . Kappa Sigmas hold membership in Theta Nu Sigma, Chi Chi Chi, Beta Beta Beta, and the M-Club ... For just " sitting and waiting " the Sigs didn ' t do too bad in 6S-69. Front Row: Jimmy McCay, Frank McEachem, Ed Morrison; Second Row: Gene Horton, Richard Bundy, Hugh Gamble, Larry Hillhouse. Alpha Upsilon First Row: Baker, L.; Bettcrton, J.; Bundy, R.; Calcote W.; Davidson, M.; Second Row: Duncan, R.; East, J.; Gamble, H.; Hillhouse, L.; Humphries, K.; Third Row: Ibsen, J.; Irby, T.; Jones, B.; Jones, R.; King, E.; Fourth Row: Kuebler, R.; Lax, W.; Logan, J.; McCay, J.; Marascalco, D.; Fifth Row: Meyer, J.; Mitchell, L.; Moore, R.; Morrison, E.; Pavne, C; Sixth Row: Schulte, T.; Snodcn, J. R.; Stauffer, K.; Thomas, J.; Yarborough, A. 120 Ul Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Ball, Roaring 20 ' s Party, Shipwreck Party mark the Lambda Chi Alpha year . . . And then there are the Sugs . . . Lambda Chi ' s preside over Alpha Psi Omega and Intramurals Council . . . Four Troubadours wear the cross and crescent . . . First in volleyball, last in soccer . . . Good Will Day: Where are you, car 54? . . . Two LXA ' s make the ranks of Who ' s Who . . . The Round Mound of Sound and " Back to da Hahbor " Dyess cheer for the Majors . . . Omicron Delta Kappa taps a Lambda Chi into membership . . . " I ' m elected High What? " . . . We ' re all good brothers . . . Lost: one used purple, green, and gold bathtub . . . LXA takes position as Second VP of the Student Executive Board Wonder when the KA ' s are gonna send Dyess and Farrell their bills? . . . Please identify the following: Sky Bird, Scoop, Go-Go, Mouth, Lurch, Big Red Tub, Cheeeee-up, ' Sabu . . . Found: one used purple, green, and gold bathtub on the fifty yard line of Alumni Field with alien red letters on the side . . . LXA ' s are found in Debate, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Theta Nu Sigma, Eta Sigma, Eta Sigma Phi . . . " Every man a man. " First Row: David Powers, John Sutphin, Chip Ford; Second Row: Larry Goodpastor, Wayne Babin, Jim Godbold, Buddy Williamson, Paul Jordan. Theta Eta Zeta V i R. First Row: Atkinson, W.; Babin, W.; Bailev, T.; Berry, H.; Second Row: Booth, G.; Brock, R.; Burnett, J.; Chin, D.; Combest, L; Conner, D.; Third Row: Culpepper, C; Dees, J.; Dupree, T.; Everrette, B.; Farr, R.; Farrell, R.; Fourth Row: Godbold, J.; Goodpaster, L.; Hughes, M.; Ingram, R.; Justice, W.; Lamar, T.; Fifth Row: Lamb, H.; Lea. C; Mayfield, B.; McCartney, R.; McEwen, R.; McCehee, R.; Sixth Row: Mcintosh, D.; Meeks, R.; Meeks, S.; Mobley, B. ; Moisted, L.; Morrison, K.; Seventh Row: Nix, T.; Parker, B.; Parker, G; Parker, H.; Partin, B.; Powers, D.; Eighth Row: Rasor, S.; Roberts, D.; Rose, L.; Shurley, L.; Smith, B. ; Stewart, G.; Ninth Row: Strong, R.; Sutphin, J.; Weir, J.; Williamson, B.; Woodall, T.; Woodall, W. i?: 123 Pi Kappa Alpha Bob Hester, Carl Bush, Barry Plunkett, Erik Hearon, Jeff Smith. Pi Kappa Alphas form a close knit brotherhood on the Millsaps campus . . . Pikes must hold class in the grill. . . I hear Plunket and Speed once upon a time got parking tickets as a surprise for breakfast . . . TWB ' s are a Pike original ... Pi Kappa Alpha holds position as president of the freshman class . . . Aside from the white bunga- low down the lane from the mansion, the Pikes now inhabit a local establishment called Mack ' s by the Tracks . . . The men of PiKA are known for their Old North Ball, Cotton Ball, and frequent beer busts . . . Can you imagine the Pikes having the Scholarship Tro- phy! And for two semesters at that! . . . It ' s a wonder the actives ever get to sit at the Pike Table. They can ' t squeeze in between the pledges ... Pi Kappa Alphas are represented in the Student Senate, the Millsaps Play- ers, and the Concert Choir . . . The muscular Pike " meats ' ' willingly offered to cut the grass at the sorority houses . . . Pre-requisite to membership: One must plan to major in economics and have a good little sum in- vested in the stock market . . . Wonder how Bush always manages to escort the Homecoming Queen? . . . The men of PiKA are the epitome of dignity as they serenade the women ' s dorms with their favorite, " Honeymoon " . . . Omicron Delta Kappa and the history honorary have PiKA members . . . Millsaps Student Senate ' s money is handeled by a PiKA . . . Say, Eric, I need the key to the safe to get to the safe that holds the safe that you hide the books in! . . . " Phi Phi K A will mean a lot to you when vou ' re a PiKA. " Alpha Iota First Row: Abrtey, R.; Algood, T.; Anderson, J.; Aubert, R.; Bebensee, M.; Second Row: Behrens, B.; Blythe, D.; Bridewell, 1.; Britt, B.; Brooking, C; Third Row: Bush, C; Coleman, R.; Callon. F.; Douglass, E.; Dye, D.; Edwards, W.; Ezelle, F.; Fourth Row: Ezelle, K.; Ezelle, W.; Flood, D.; Ford, R. ; Franklin, J.; Graham, W.; Hall, C; Fifth Row: Hardy, S.; Harvey, C; Haymans, G.; Hearon, E.; Hester, B.; Hicks, D.; Hobbs, V.; Sixth Row: Holder, J.; Holt, W.; Huff. C; Isbell, R.; Jones, E.; King, C; Lewis, D.; Lott, J.: Seventh Row: Mauldin, B.; McKie, B.; Moore, B.; Moore, G.; Moore, J.; Mullins, B.; O ' Keefe, K.; Parnell, M.; Eighth Row: Patrick, B.; Pharr, R.; Pollan, R.; Raphael, B.; Rigell, S.; Riemann, D.; Roby, S.; Schuster, E.; Ninth Row: Shipp, T. ; Smith, J.; Smith, P.; Speed, J.; Sturdi- vant, M.; Tharp, C; Walker, B.; Wilson, J. 124 125 i?« Sports 127 Major defenders Smith and Campbell move on Ouachita line. Majors end season with 6-3 record With six wins the Millsaps Majors compiled the best record in more than a decade, and they showed tremen- dous potential for the next few years. The Majors wound up the season with three road games. A game at Mary- ville ended in a 17-13 upset over Millsaps, the first loss since the game at Sewanee. Georgetown fell to a thun- dering Major offense 33-7. In this game the Majors racked up 400 yards for the second time in the season. Finally, Randolph-Macon handed the Majors their third loss 35-12 in the closing game of the year. Again the sta- tistics favored the Majors as they racked up 400 yards for the second time in a row and over 20 first downs for the third time. The key to the game lay in the discourag- ing fact that Major drives stalled within the 15-yard marker four times. Brett Adams and Robby McLeod provided some tre- mendous running for the Majors. Adams piled up over 128 875 yards on the ground in spite of a late season injury. McLeod consistently made very tough yardage up the middle. He ran for a total of 574 yards. In total scoring and offense, Adams compiled 66 points and 1007 yards and McLeod massed 30 points and 574 yards. Together these two counted for well over half of the total yardage for the whole team. Major defense also proved to be a very tough unit. A total of 22 passes was picked off with two being returned for touchdowns. Too, the combined work of Al Gary, Leon Bailey, Bill Campbell, and Pat Amos netted the Majors with 12 recoveries and interceptions. With the loss of only six seniors and the return of so many of the starters, including quarterback Mike Taylor, and numerous freshman lettermen, the 1969 season ap- pears to be even better than this one. Head Coach Harper Davis and Coach Tom Ranager direct strategy. Adams blasts through hole for first down. Watertower displays dream that almost came true. 129 Majors Win Opener The Millsaps Majors stunned Henderson State College from Arkansas by beating them 22-14 in the season open- er. Millsaps was down 14-7 going into the fourth quarter, but racked up 15 points in the final period to upset the tough Reddies. The key play of the game was a halfback option pass from tailback Brett Adams to split end Jeff Smith for 80 yards and brought the crowd to their feet by scoring with eleven minutes still remaining. A few seconds later, defensive end Pete Allison put the Majors ahead as he blocked a punt in the end zone for a two point safety. Brett Adams put a final touchdown on the board with a 1-yard plunge later. Adams carries for needed yardage against Henderson State. 130 Harding fumble puts Majors in scoring position. Harding Meets Defeat Following a 16-0 pounding by Sewanee, the Majors hosted another of the rugged Arkansas teams, Harding College. This game ended i n a 21-6 victory for Millsaps. Bill Campbell put in a good afternoon ' s work as he inter- cepted one pass and recovered two fumbles to stop Bison drives and set up Major scores. Touchdowns came on a pass from quarterback Mike Taylor to split end Ronnie Grantham and two plunges from fullback Robbie Mc- Leod. Buddy Bartling made all three conversions. K43TC w0t hit " »n Brett Adams skirts the end for first down. Ronnie Grantham takes the scoring pass from quarterback. 131 Mike Sanders drives deep into Northwood territory. North wood Falls 45-7 In the fourth game of the season, the Major ' s offense exploded in a 45-7 smashing of the Northwood Cavaliers. Scoring honors were split evenly between Brett Adams and the defense. Adams picked up two touchdowns and led the team in rushing. Linebacker David Martin scored his first touchdown by recovering a Cavalier fumble in the end zone. In addition, Leon Bailey got his third and fourth interceptions of the year to establish a lead in that department; he returned one of them 21 yards for a TD. Fullback Robby McLeod got his fourth touchdown of the season. This game also allowed several freshman hopefuls a chance at game action. Billy Foose intercepts Northwood pass to set up TD. Mike Taylor goes for a long gain. 132 Majors Fall to Ouachita The Major ' s four game winning streak snapped ab- ruptly as they lost their final home game of the season to Ouachita Baptist University 24-10. Brett Adams was the only Major to get in for a touch- down to go along with a 100-yard total for the day. Bud- dy Bartling made the other four points with a field goal and one conversion. In spite of the score the Majors re- fused to quit as Al Gary intercepted two passes along with a good defensive effort. The offense just didn ' t quite gel. Bill Johnson evades Ouachita linemen. MajOiS plan offensive strategy. McLeod up the middle for five. 133 Majors take a break during Homecoming battle. Southwestern fullback up-ended by Major defenders. 134 Brett Adams takes punt as Mike Coker prepares to block. McLeod pushes toward Lynx goal line. Millsaps Wins Homecoming Clash Still riding the wave of an effective offense, the Majors humiliated Southwestern 61-8 for a great treat to return- ing alumni. This victory avenged the bitter defeat of the previous year in Memphis. Brett Adams was again the Majors big gun as he scored three touchdowns of his own and passed for a fourth to split end Ronnie Grantham. Adams also had his second 100-yard game of the year. Pat Amos as both linebacker and fullback scored on a 17-yard run following his first pass interception and again on a play from offense. Freshmen also showed good signs with a TD by tail- back Mike Sanders on a pitchout from Bill Johnson. Later Johnson scored on a pitchout from Sanders. Sophomore Buddy Bartling booted a 17-yard field goal and 7 of 8 conversion attempts. Southwestern back nailed by tough defense. 135 First Row: Bret Behrens, David Mcintosh, Terry Buckalew, Fred Ezelle, Tommy Irby; Second Row: Coach Anthony, Gene Van Every, Benjie Britt, Tom Schulte, Jerry Betterton, Harlan Gerrish, Bill Beckman, Charles Hyneman, Jackie Snowden, Bill Raphael, Clint Mclnnis. Basketball w Bill Beckman goes up for rebound against defender from arch-rival Belhaven. Coach Anthony gives needed inspiration during tense time-out. 136 Head Coach J. C. Anthony. ■ nai 1 Student Coach Buddy Gillespie. The mighty Major bench. Team Manager Terry Buckalew. 137 Expressions reflect the tension in the Belhaven game. New Coach Builds Esprit de Corps Millsaps Majors entered the 1968-1969 basket- ball season with a revamped program. Coach J. C. Anthony arrived from Southwestern to guide Millsaps toward its destiny of excellence in basketball, bringing with him a load of talented junior college stars and high school standouts. In addition, he brought abundant en- thusiasm and a talent for recruiting. Both prom- ised to give the Majors a new look in the next few seasons. Tom Schulte penetrates Lambuth defense and increases the Majors score by two. Bill Beckman. 138 With opponents in control of the ball, the Majors prepare for defense. Brett Behrens. Majors Defeat Texans In the pre-Christmas part of the season, the Majors faced a frantic schedule with eight games, including six on the road, crammed into the space of seventeen days. After losing their first four games, the Majors took to the road for Dallas, Texas, and their first two victories of the year. In a Friday-Saturday night arrangement, Millsaps beat Northwood and Austin on December 13 and 14. A week later the Majors went home for Christ- mas, much encouraged with the victories. Jerry Betterton. 139 - . ■ ' Bill Beckman attempts to direct tip-off to waiting Clint Mclnnis. Inspired team Faces Tough Opponents The Inter-denominational Tournament on January 9 and 10 provided the setting for two of the Majors ' finest games of the year, epen though both ended in defeat. On the 9th, the Majors took on undefeated William Carey and led most of the game, only to fall by two points. The following night they played the Choctaws in the consolation game and lost by seven points after lead- ing at the intermission. Tom Schulte scored 52 points in the two nights, a performance which earned for him a spot on the All-Tourney team. Robert Ferguson. W 3H Sign displays support against Baptist Christian College. Clint Mclnnis. 140 Sturdy club Looks For Retaliation Inspired by their performance in the Inter-denomina- tional Tournament, the Majors hosted Birmingham- Southern three days later and defeated them by ten points to avenge an earlier defeat at their hands. Bill Beckman scored 27 points in the Millsaps victory. Two days later, the Majors hosted a superb Lynx team from Southwestern and went down by 13 points. With half of the season gone, the Majors took a break for semester exams. Returning from a two-day trip to Lambuth College, the Majors faced two tough teams on Friday and Satur- day nights in Baptist Christian College and Willaim Carey College. Clint Mclnnis ignited the Majors against BBC with 34 points; and they roared back from a slight deficit to overcome the Cavaliers for their fourth victory of the year. Worn out from their great effort of the previous night, the Majors were unable to maintain mo- mentum against the William Carey Crusaders and lost. Jackie Snowden. Tom Schulte. Majors press hard for score against the University of South Alabama. Ml Baseball Looking forward to a 25-game schedule for the 1969 season, Coach Tommy Ranager and the Majors began their preparation the first week of March. The squad of seventeen, including nine returning lettermen, made prospects for a successful season seem bright. The mound corps, led by such hurlers as Mike O ' Brien, Joe Pat Quinn, and Langford Knight, found extra strength in the throw- ing abilities of freshmen Bill Beckman and Richard Newman. Major letterman Billy Dale Godfrey swings for a higher batting average. Richard Newman fires one during batting practice. 142 Buddy Bartling zeroes in on a wild grounder. Joe Pat Quinn practices on grounders as Buddy Bartling and student coach Buddy Gillespie look on. 143 First Row: Coach Montgomery, John McDonald, Tommv Irby, Lon Wvatt; Second Row: Harry Crimm, Ben Graves, Fred Callon, David Clark. Tennis By beginning their conditioning at the start of second semester, the Major netters got a head start on spring. Ben Graves led the returning squad which also included Harry Crimm, Lon Wyatt, and David Clark. Several new faces arrived to strengthen the team: Tommy Irby, John McDonald, and Russ Hackman. Lon Wyatt returns a volley. Lon Wyatt and Tommy Irby set the ball in motion. Harry Crimm perfects his serve. 145 From dawn to noon to dusk this determined Millsaps Golfer studies his putt at the first green. Gene Van Every and Allen Westbrook pause before the first tee. ' : .■ : ? ™ ff ' 146 Golf Miss Mary Ann Edge coached a strengthened golf team that consisted of Gene Van Every, Allen Westbrook, John Ibsen, and John Hamby. The Majors concentrated on better form, drives, approaches, putts, etc. as they prepared for the spring tournaments and individual matches. Golf Coach Mary Ann Edge. . • •r ¥ ? « .J 147 r 148 Intramurals 149 Pikes drive against Independents ' defense S33 Men ' s Intramurals Greg Robinson puts the ball into play for the KA ' s. KA ' s prepare to take the field for the second half. 150 Lamba Chi Larry Goodpastor blocks KA attempt. Soccer A relatively new sport at Millsaps, soccer has really caught on in the past few years. The game has gained in popularity with all the fraternities. Through the efforts of the Intramural Council, the game has been made safer with the purchase of protective equipment. The competition this year was tough with each fraternity presenting an extremely skilled team. Each game drew a good crowd of spectators and proved to be an inspiring experience for those who attended. The close of the season proved to be a triumph for Kappa Sigma. The many faces of soccer?? 151 Volleyball Although not as popular as Basketball and Soccer, Volleyball attracted many participants and spectators this year. Due to the returning starters on most teams the competition was hot and heavy. Every team member put forth all of his effort and their reward was the satis- faction of good, spirited competition. This year in order to speed up the season, several games were played at one time, which was an exciting innovation. Through many strenuous practice sessions the Lambda Chi ' s came out on top by defeating the KA ' s in a close final game. John Sutphin attempts to gain points for Lambda Chi ' s. H Lambda Chi ' s and Pikes fight for ball in a crucial game. Sabatini prepares to foil KA spike. 152 Pikes score two against the Sigs. Basketball This year the basketball season brought with it the normal intra-fratemity rivalries and the usually tough contests. Through numerous practice sessions each team improved as the season progressed and the competition became more heated. Each team put nothing less than the best onto the court. Consequently the scores ran high and the margin of win was usually small. Student sup- port was extremely good for the year and the spectators were always rewarded for their attendance. The KA ' s took off the honors this year with an exciting undefeated season ending with a tension-sparked game against the M-Club. Sigs and Pikes struggle for rebound. 153 Women ' s Intramurals Chi O ' s shoot for two against Zeta ' s. Practice makes perfect KD ' s prepare defense. 154 » ... . srttsiW ...VrV. " --- Toss-up between Zeta ' s and Chi O ' s. Sports for Women Women ' s Intramurals at Millsaps provides friendly competition for the participating groups and entertain- ment for the spectators. During volleyball and basketball, Buie Gym echoed with the sounds of sorority songs and yelling cheers to the players for victory. In the spring, half of the football field was transformed into a Softball field where the coeds tried their luck with the ball and bat. Intramurals cater not only to team sports, but to the individual sports such as tennis, badminton, and golf. The Kappa Deltas were undefeated in volleyball and appeared to have won tennis with all the finalists belong- ing to this group. In the spring an overall intramural trophy was awarded to the group accumulating the most points during the year. Kunzelman begins drive for Zeta ' s. 155 156 Classes 157 Senior Class Officers Diane McLemore, secretary -treasurer; David Martin, president; and Muriel Bradshaw, vice-president, relax after a busy year. Seniors Face Graduation with Mixed Emotions PHYLLIS ALFORD; Jackson VIRGINIA ALLEN; ZTA; Jackson PETE ALLISON; KA; Grenada GEORGE ANDERSON; Jackson TAMES ANDERSON; PiKA; Bolton VICKI BALL; KD; Tylertown 158 WAYNE BABIN; LXA; Groves, Tex. MABYJANEBARONI; Natchez THOMAS BEAM; Tremont GEBMAINE BEBGERON; Gulfport DONALD BISHOP; Blue Mountain LINDA BOSWELL; Jackson LINDA BOWMAN; Phi Mu; Sebring, Fla. MUBIEL BBADSHAW; Phi Mu; Gulfport BEVERLY BBOOKS; Jackson BICHABD BUNDY; KS; Benton, Ark. CABL BUSH; PiKA; Tupelo PAT BUSH; KD ; Jackson 159 CHARLES K. CLARK; Raymond LYNN CLARK; Nashville, Term. TOMMY CABELL; KA; Jackson IRENE CAJOLEAS; KD; Jackson BILL CAMPBELL; KA; West Point EMILY COLE; KD; Macon RICHARD COLEMAN; PiKA Carpenter ROBERT COLLINS; Aztec, New Mexico CHERYL CONVERSE; Chi O; Jackson JUDY COX; Phi Mu; Laurel JAMES CROTWELL; Pelahatchie DAVID DAVIDSON; Whitfield IVA LOU DAVIS; Preston 160 CAROLYN DUNCAN; Chi O; Indianola RON DUNCAN; KS; Raceland, Ky. WAYNE FERRELL; KA; Pascagoula DON FLOOD; PiKA; Jackson HUGH GAMBLE; KS; Greenville ADRIENNE GARRETT; Chi O; Florence, Ala. 161 PAUL GEE Itta Bena Watch those hands, Sailor Boy! JIMMY GODBOLD; LXA Brookhaven MABTHA GUNN; Phi Mu Ellisville JOHN HAMBY; KA; Itta Bena SUZANNE HABDEN; Phi Mu; Jackson GEBALD HABPEB; Laurel JUDY HAYES; ZTA; Jackson SALLY HEISKELL; Chi O; Atlanta, Ga. 162 BILL JONES; KS; Greenville BRENDAKEENE; Metairie, La. SUZANNE HICKS; KD; Shelby LARRY HILLHOUSE; KS; Greenville SUE HOWARD; KKG; Jackson What about tomorrow? CLIFTON LAMB; Jackson CAROL LANE; Phi Mu; Ellisville TED LAMAR; LXA; Pensacola, Fla. BILL LAX; KS; Madison PHYLLIS LAX; KD; Biloxi BILLIE MARBLE; Jackson 163 ESTHER MARETT; KD; Batesville ANN MARTIN; Chi O; Vicksburg DAVID MARTIN; KA; Columbus JIMMY McCAY; KS; Gulfport DOUG McCULLOUGH; Collins DIANE McLEMORE; KD; Gulfport 164 GAIL McHORSE; KD; Jackson BECKY M EACH AM; KD; Batesville MARY LAIN MILLS; ZTA; Selma, Ala. CHARLES MILLSTEIN; San Antonio, Tex. SUSAN MOAK ; KD; Richton TOLA MOFFETT; Lucedale ROBERT MOORE; KS; Philadelphia SHIRLEY MOORE; Walnut Grove TON MEYER; KS; Merigold PAT MURPHREE; Phi Mu; Aberdeen TAMES NOBLES; Meridian CHARLOTTE OAKLEY; Phi Mu Boonville 165 HENRY OUMA; Kenya, South Africa DIANA PAGE; Phi Mu; Gulfport BRAD PARKER; LXA; Long Beach CARROLL ANN PERRETT; ZTA; Indianola RUDY POLLAN; PiKA; Senatobia DAVID POWERS; LXA ; Cary DEBBIE PYLE; Birmingham, Ala. ALFREDA RAWLINGS; Natchez ANNE REID; Chi O; Yazoo City GREER RICKETSON; Nashville, Tenn. W. H. ROBERTS; Jackson MARILYN SAMPLES; I .aiircl DOROTHY SMITH; Chi O; Jackson 166 MISSI SNANNON; Chi O; Meridian KATHY SHARP; Jackson MARGARET SMITH; Phi Mu ; Long Beach EVELYN SNIPES; ZTA; Memphis, Tenn. Comps, papers, g.r.e. 167 GARY STEWART; LXA; Jackson KAY STAUFER; Morton RRENDA STREET; KD; Ripley MARY ANN SWENSON; KD; Jackson CHERYL THOMPSON; Laurel EDDIE THOMPSON; Wesson SANDRA TUCKER; Jackson GAYLE VANEXAN; Phi Mu; Long Reach KATHY WADE; Chi O; St. Joseph, La. WILLIE WALLACE; Pascagoula ROLAND WALTERS; Maben GARTH WESTCOTT; Jackson 168 LARRY WILLIAMS; KS; Brookhaven BUDDY WILLIAMSON; LXA; Crystal Springs ALICE WOFFORD; Phi Mu ; Drew BETTY WOLLDRIDGE; Jackson SONNY WRAY; KA; West Point ANTHONY YARBOROUGH; KS; Summit 169 Junior class president Chip Ford, vice president John Sutphin, and secretary-treasurer Jeannie Gouras supervise Homecoming carnival. Juniors assume campus leadership 44.4; diMA RICHARD ABNEY; PiKA; Bay Springs BRUCE ADAMS Seabrook, Texas JACQUE ARMSTRONG; KD; Sommerville, Tenn. NANCY BABB Jackson DON BLYTHE; PiKA; Jackson TERRY BUCKALEW; Pineville, La. JOE BURNETT; LXA; Carthage WILLIAM CALCOTE; KS; Summit 170 a ELIZABETH CAMPBELL; Chi O; West Point CLINT CAVETT; KA; iackson IARGABET CAVIN; Natchez FRANKIE CHATHAM; KA; Meridian CHARLES CHILDRESS; Ackerman DON CHIN; LXA; Sumner FOSTER COLLINS; KA; Jackson SUSAN COLLINS; KD; Oxford FRANK DEE CONERLY; tackson lOBERT CUNNINGHAM; KA; Greenville DONNA DANIEL; KD; Fayetteville, Tenn. MIKE DAVIDSON; KS; Pine Bluff, Ark. ..-■..■ .-■.... Yarborough, you talk too much. 171 ELIZABETH DAVIS; Phi Mu; Memphis, Tenn. JAN DAWKINS; Chi O; Alexandria, La. JERRELYN DENNIS; Phi Mu; Ellisville GERRY DURSTINE; Eureka, III. FRAN DRAKE; Vicksburg JOHNN DURRETT; KA; West Point JIM EAST; KS; Zachary, La. CONNlE ELLIOTT; Chi O; Greenwood .» Participate in all levels of campus life. 17? AikA DICK ELROD; Jackson BILL EVERETT; LXA; Memphis, Tenn. WILL EZELLE; PiKA; Jackson MOLLY FEWEL; Chi O; Meridian BETSY FURR; KD; Tupelo BRENDA CADDY; Rolling Fork ANDREW GALLMAN; Jackson AL GARY; Mendenhall TOM GERALD; KA; Leland HARLAN GERRISH; Patoka MISSY GILLILAND; Jackson LARRY GOODPASTOR; LXA; Senatobia TEANNIE GOURAS; KD; Jackson SCOTT HARDY; PiKA; Jackson TRICIA HAWTHORNE; Phi Mu; New Albany ERIK HEARON; PiKA; Jackson BOB HESTER; PiKA; Greenwood 173 JULIA LANEY; Phi Mu; Memphis, Tenn. CLYDE LEA; LXA; Aberdeen HELEN LEHMAN; KD; Fayette PAT LESH; ZTA; Jackson, Tenn. PAT HOLLEY; Jackson BETH HOOD; Hattiesburg MICHAEL HUGHES; LXA; tackson 1USSEL INGRAM; LXA; Jackson TOMMY IRBY; KS; Morton JAMES JENKINS; Summit COELA JORDAN; Greenville SARA JORDAN; ZTA; Purvis BECKY KELLY; Collins DICK KUEBLER; KS; Staten Island, N.Y. SUSAN KUNZELMAN; ZTA; Dickson, Tenn. MACK LAND; DeKalb JO JO LOGAN; KS; Newton CAROLINE MASSEY; Phi Mu; Little Rock, Ark. PATTI McCARTY; KD; Magee RODNEY MEEKS; LXA; Nassau, Bahamas 174 LEROY MOLSTAD; LXA; Jackson ED MORRISON; KS; Laurel KEN MORRISON; LXA; Meridian ANDY MULLINS; KA ; Maeon GINGER MURPHREE; Aberdeen ANNIE MURPHY; Phi Mu; Cleveland KATHY NEIL; Phi Mu; Jackson VICKI NEWCOMB; Jackson Remain proficient despite confusion... JONELLE NICHOLAS; KD; Amorv LINDA NICHOLSON; KD; Meridian DIANNE PARTRIDGE; Chi O; Meridian CHARLES PAYNE; KS; McComb RICHARD PERRY; Philadelphia 175 a l M i CINDY PHARIS; KD; Meridian BARRY PLUNKETT; PiKA; Tupelo TOE PAT QUINN; KA; Meridian STEVE RASOR; LXA; Ocean Springs JANET RICHARDSON; Brookhaven CATHY RITCHIE; Jackson TRU ROGERS; KD; Carthage MARGARET ANNE SAMPLE; Phi Verona LISA SCHONLAU; Phi Mu; Monroe, La. TOM SCHULTE; KS; Trenton, Illinois ERIC SCHUSTER; PiKA; Brandon JANICE SCOTT; Magnolia CHARLIE SHIELDS; KA; Grenada LYNN SHURLEY; LXA; Meridian EDWARD SIMPSON; Winona JACKIE SNOWDEN; KS; Collinsville Mu; ▲1 J ROBERT WARD; KA; Meridian TIMOTHY WHITAKER; Redwood BETTY ANN WILLIAMS; Phi Mu; Meridian DEBBIE WILLIAMS; Chi O; Jackson, Tennessee DAVID WILLIAMSON; Jackson MARGARET WILSON; Phi Mu; Jackson, Tenn. RALPH WITTAL; Gulfport JIMMY SPARKS; KA; Meridian JIMMY SPEER; Jackson JOHN SUTPHIN; LXA; State College ELLEN TATE; KD; Tupelo NAOMI TATTIS; Chi O; Jackson JEANNE TERPSTRA; Chi O; Jackson SUSAN TURNAGE; Aberdeen PAM UPSHAW; Jackson Dream of tomorrow 177 Sophomore class officers: Buddy Bartling, Vice president; Anne Hart Morrow, Secretary; Billy Dale Godfrey, President. BRETT ADAMS; KA; Jackson GENE ALDRIDGE; Columbia TONNY ALGOOD; PiKA; Louisville PAT AMOS; KA; Hazelhurst WALTER ATKINSON; LXA; Baton Rouge, La. RICHARD ALBERT; PiKA; Gulfport LOU AUSTIN; KD ; Jackson WILLIAM AYCOCK; KA; Memphis, Tenn. ANNE BABB; KD; Riplev TERRY BAILEY; LXA; Handsboro ■T » ,fm 178 Sophomores display leadership quality... ELAINE BALLAS; Greenwood BUDDY BABTLING; KA; ackson EBBY BETTEBTON; KS; ruce DANNY BLAIB; KA; Memphis, Tenn. Ail mM h PATTI BLESS; KD; Pascagoula JULIE MAC BLOOD; Chi O; Jackson WILLIAM BOEBNEB; KA; Barrington, 111. GEORGE BOOTH; LXA; Meridian ELLEN BBEADY; Chi O; Greenwood GEOBGE BBIDWELL; PiKA; Hazelhurst CABL BBOOKING; PiKA; Hazelhnrst BUBBELL BBOWN; Mathiston SANDBA BBOWN; Phi Mu Perkinston SUSAN BRYAN; Chi O; Tupelo BEIDBUBT; Aberdeen PAMELA CAPPS; Memphis, Tenn. JILL CABPENTEB; Chi O; Batesville WILLENHAM CASTILLA Jackson SIDNEY CASTLE; Stewart CAROLYN CAVES; Brookhaven TOM CHURCH; KA; Memphis, Tenn. LEE CLINTON; Phi Mu; 1 ackson EVERLEY COOK; KA; ackson 1ARY CRAFT; KD; Laurel ' i ; 179 Spirit of success. THERON CROCKETT; PiKA; Clinton JESSIE DEES; LXA; Pascagoula MARIE DICKSON; KD; Canton LINDA DORSEY; Apple Valley, Calif. CANDY DUDLEY; Chi O; Meridian TOM DUPREE; LXA; Jackson DAVID DYE; PiKA; Claries dale BETTY ELLIOTT; Phi Mu; Tvlertown LOLLY FLETT; ZTA; Shreveport, La. BARBARA FULTON; Louisville MARY GLASCO; KD; Cleveland BILLY DALE GODFREY; KA Richton CHARLES HARVEY; PiKA, Jackson GENIE HATHORN; Chi O; Oxford JAMES HOLDER; PiKA; Horn Lake JOEY HOWELL; Jackson Affe4Vi KEN EZELLE; PiKA; iackson iEVERLY FABIAN; Jackson RICHARD FARRELL; Bionx, New York FRAN FINCH; Magee LXA; GLENDA CRANES; Chi O; Memphis, Term. WARREN HAM BY; Jackson HAYNE HAMILTON; Gulfport GORDON HARRIS; Pontotoc 180 SUSAN TAMES; SUSAN J Indianolf MIKE JOHNSON; LXA; Centreville BARBARA JONES; KD; Jackson CRIC JONES; PiKA; Jackson KENNETH HUMPHRIES; KS; Greenwood JO ANN HUTTIG; San Clemente, Calif. JOHN IBSEN; KS; Greenville SARA JACKSON; Chi O; Kosciusko REGINA JORDAN; KD; Laurel RAY ANNA JUDGE; Jackson PAUL KENNY; Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT LARKINS; KA; Conneaut, Ohio With the spirit of our sophomore cheerleaders how could Millsaps go anywhere but up? 181 Desire for knowledge.. PAM LASH; KD; Pascagoula KARIN LEFTWICH; Chi O; Jackson, Tenn. TOE LUINA; KA; Meridian PAT MARSHALL; Phi Mu; Gautier DONNA MATTHEWS; Jackson ROLAND McCARTNEY; LXA; Laurel MARGIE McDAVID; Macon RAMON McGEHEE; LXA; McComb NANCY McGRAW; Phi Mu; Woodville RILLY McKIE; PiKA; Ratesville KATHY McKINNON; Chi O; Jackson JANTS McQUEEN; Phi Mu; Jackson JEANNE MIDDLETON; Fort Penning, Ga. LEM MITCHELL; KS; Atlanta, Ga. IOANNA MITZELLIOTOU; Athens, Greece ROBRY MOORE; PiKA; Tupelo LESLIE MORRISON; Chi O; Crystal Springs ANNE HART MORROW; KD; Webb ROR MULLINS; PiKA; Clinton ANNE MUNDAY; KD; Clen Allen DANE NEWTON; Crystal Springs KENNETH 6 ' KEEFE; PiKA; Clarksdale MIKE OZBORN; Union VICKI OZBORN; Phi Mu; Sterling Park, Va. 182 Mr. Galloway, are you sure it ' s up there? BILL PATRICK; PiKA; Tupelo SUSAN PATTRIDGE; Batesville DERRYL PEDEN; KA; Jackson JAMIE PIERCE; Chi O; Greenwood SHARON PIPER; Phi Mu; La Grange Park, 111. LYNDAPOSEY; Jayess REEDPROSPERE;KA; Greenville ALICE RHEA; Chi O; Jackson CHERYL PAGE; Phi Mu; Atlanta, Ga. HUGH PARKER; LXA: Heidelberg BRUCE PARTIN; LXA Meridian 183 Variety of Talents SUSAN RICHARDSON; Chi O; Tupelo FRANCES RICHTER; Chi O; Greenwood NANCY RIDDLE; Chi O; Memphis, Tenn. GREG ROBINSON; KA; Meridian JOYCE ROBINSON; Fulton STEVE ROBY; PiKA; Jackson PATRICIA ROWEN; San Rafael, Calif. SARA RULA; Phi Mu; Vicksburg DONN RYAN; KA; Picayune BECKY SAXTON; ZTA; Jackson CHERYL SEATON; Memphis, Tenn. JANIS SELF; Phi Mu; New Albany EMILY SMITH; KD; Jackson ]H4 JAMES SMITH; Jackson JEFFREY B. SMITH; PiKA; Ocean Springs JOYCE SMITH; Jackson JOHN SPEED; PiKA; Meridian JOHN SPENCER; Jackson KEVIN STAUFFER; KS; Morton BARBARA STAUSS; Phi Mu; Jackson JIMMY STEELE; KA; Jackson JOANNE STEVENS; Chi O; Jackson ROBERT STRONG; LXA; Columbia, 111. JACK THOMAS; KS; New York SUSAN THOMPSON; Jackson LINDA TOWNES; ZTA; Jackson BURTON WADE; KA; St. Joseph, La. MARION WAINWRIGHT; ZTA; Canton CHESTER WATSON; Chi O; Leland NAN WEAKLEY; Memphis MICHAEL WEEMS; KA; Jackson JIM WEIR; LXA; Meridian SUSAN WHITE; Phi Mu; New Orleans WILLIAM W. YOUNG; Greenwood 185 a 5 - Class of 1972 drives toward excellence Freshman class officers: Wayne Edwards, president; Ron Isbell, vice-president; Bonnie Pitt, secretary. DEMPSEY AMACKER; KA; Natchez ROBERT ANDERSON; KA; West Point DENA APOSTLE; Jackson CHARLA AVERITTE; Chattanooga, Tenn. REG AYCOCK; KA; Memphis, Tenn. LAMAR BAKER; KS; Brookhaven COLEY BAILEY; KA; Coffeeville TERRE BALOF; ZTA; Claries dale BEVERLY BANE; Brookhaven JEANNE BARNARD; Chi O; Memphis, Tenn. BECKY BARNES; Chi O; Tupelo SUSAN BARTLING; Chi O; Jackson 186 MARK BEBENSEE; PiKA; Meridian MARSA BECK; Phi Mu; Ocean Springs BILL BECKMAN; KA; Greenville SUSAN BEESON; ZTA; Brookhaven BRET BEHRENS; PiKA; Tupelo HUGH BERRY; LXA; Canton MAURICE BINION; KA; Meridian DIANA BINT; Pensacola, Fla. ROBERT BRADFORD; Baton Rouge, La. BENJAMIN BRITT; PiKA; Greenville RANDY BROCK; LXA; McComb PHIL BROOKS; KA; Hernando BILLBUKKE; Bloomington, 111. FRED CALLON; PiKA; Natchez BOB CAPPS; KA; Metairie, La. BILLCARBREY; Long Beach CLAUDIA CARITHERS; Chi O; Meridian MARY JO CHANEY; Magnolia CONNIE CHILDRESS; Phi Mu; Flora KAY CLARKE; Phi Mu; St. Joseph, La. DEBBIE COLLINS; KD; Jackson JAN CONE; Phi Mu; Memphis, Tenn. DAVID CONNER; LXA; Hattiesburg BECKIE COOK; Meridian MIKE COOP; Collierville MARLACOSTLEY; Tupelo MIKE COVERT; Meridian GAYLE COVINGTON; Waterford 187 Freshmen Women - Organized? MARION COX; KD; Marks JONATHAN CROCKER; Gulfport SUZANNE CROCKER; Phi Mu; Memphis, Tenn. CLAIRE CROFFORD; Chi O; Jackson CHARLES CULPEPPER; LXA; Meridian ROYCE CUMBEST; LXA; Pascagoula RICHARD DARBY; Yazoo City BEVERLY DAVIS; KD; New Albany SUE DAVIS; Chi O; Rollingfork MARCELLE DESSOMMES; Long Beach DOUG DOUGLAS; PiKA ; Memphis, Tenn. EMMA DUN AW AY; Vicksburg MARCELLA DUNN; Phi Mu; Lexington WAYNE EDWARDS; PiKA; Boulder, Colo. CARLENE ENDTER; Phi Mu; Aberdeen CORINNE EVVING; ZTA; Nashville, Tenn. FREDEZELLE;PiKA; Jackson ROBERT FARR; LXA; Jackson ANNA FIELD; KD; Herndon, Ya. GEORGE FLEMING; Jackson TERRY FLEMING; tickson )EBBIE FOLLETT; Metairie, La. ROBERT FORD; PiKA; Jackson NANCY FOSTER; ZTA; Biloxi CAMILLE HARRIS; Pontotoc CAROL HARRIS; Verona ELGENTA HARRIS; Marks SUSAN HASSELL; ZTA; Memphis, Tenn. GEORGE HAYMANS; PiKA; Gainesville, Ga. JESSIE HELMS; KD; Tupelo DOC HICKS; PiKA; Natchez VAN HOBBS; PiKA; Brookhaven JAMES FRANKLIN; PiKA; Jackson NANCY FULGHAM; Phi Mu; Port Gibson MARGARET GAULT; Leland ELYNOR GATES; Lewisburg, Tenn. JENNIFER GOOLSBY; Centreville MIMI GRACE; Canton BILL GRAHAM; PiKA; Morris, 111. JAMS GRAVES; KD; Jackson GEORGIA GWINN; ZTA; New Orleans, La. AMES HAGAN; Comb GLEN HALL; PiKA; Natchez VIRGINIA HARKEY; Chi O; Monroe, La. 189 MAKlANNE HOGAN; ZTA; Vicksburg PHILHOGUE;KA; Jackson LISSA HOLLAND; State College BILL HOLT; PiKA; Memphis, Tenn. FRAN HOUSER; Chi O; Dyersburg, Tenn. GOLRIAHOWELL; Jackson TOM HUDSON; Shubuta CALVIN HUFF; PiKA; Indianola CHARLES HYNEMAN; KA; Corinth MORRI IRBY; Morton RON ISBELL; PiKA; Memphis, Tenn. KARLAJABOUR; Vicksburg PAULA JACKSON; Holly Grove CHARLES JEMISON; Indianola EVELYN JEW; Greenwood TERRY JOHNSON; Edina, Minn. CHERYL JONES; West Point GINGER JONES; Jackson RICHARDJONES; KS; Memphis, Tenn. BESSIE JORDAN; Greenville WILLIAM JUSTICE; LXA; Jackson SHELLIEKENNA;ChiO; Charleston, S.C. LINDA KENNEDY; Jackson DICK KING; PiKA; Jackson EMMETT KING; KS; Jackson GARY KING; KA; Taylorsville HERBERT LAMB; LXA; Jackson STEVE LEECH; KA; Jackson 190 Freshman day utilizes brains.. BERT LEWIS; KA; Fort Smith, Ark. DON LEWIS; PiKA; Tylertown M ARTHA LEWIS; Phi Mu; Jackson PAM LIPPARD; ZTA; Brookhaven JOE LOTT; PiKA; Jackson BECKY LOWERY; Raymond BECKY MAIZE; Germantown, Tenn. CONNIE MAIZE; Chi O; Germantown, Tenn. VALERIE MANGUM; Magee CYNTHIA MANN; Memphis, Tenn. DON MARASCALCO; KS; Clarksdale RUTH MARETT; KD; Batesville CINDY MATHENY; Jackson BILL MAULDIN; PiKA; Pontotoc 191 BILLY MAYFIELD; LXA; Collins RONNIE McCALLUM; Aeworth, Ga. JOHN McDONALD; Laurel RICK McEWEN; LXA; Baton Rouge, La. DAVID McINTOSH; LXA; Meridian CHRISTI MEEK;ZTA ; Eupora STEVE MEEKS; LXA; Nassau, Bahamas MARGARET MEYER; Jackson MELISSA MILONAS; Chi O; Lyon JEANNETTE MILTENBERGER; ZTA; Covington, La. BRUCE MITCHELL; Jackson EMILY MITCHELL; Chi O; Vicksburg JANE MITCHELL; Chi O; Tupelo BOB MOBLEY; LXA; Decatur, Ga. DOT MOORE; Jackson GARY MOORE; PiKA; Tupelo And brawn 197 iiM jJkk, fetfcJH BONNIE PITT; Decatur, Ala. LYNDA PRATHER; Jackson ANN PROVOST; KD ; Gulfport BILL RAPHAEL; PiKA; Jackson KATHY REED; Phi Mu; Tupelo DAVID RIEMANN; PiKA; Gulfport STEVE RIGELL; PiKA; Natchez CYNTHIA ROBERTS; ZTA; Sardis DON ROBERTS; LXA; Long Beach MARY ROBERTS; Florence LARRY ROSE; LXA; {ackson ,YNN ROSS; KD; Grenada JOE MOORE; PiKA; Jackson CHARLES MURPHREE; Columbia ANNE MURPHY; Chi O; Grenada LINDA NICHOLS; Memphis, Tenn. OHN NICOVICH; ackson ACKIE NIX; LXA; lattiesburg SHARON O ' BRIEN; Vicksburg KENNY OLIVER Aberdeen KATHERINE OWENS; KD; Jackson MADGE OWENS; Phi Mu; Tunica VERN PACK; Chi O; Laurel GREGG PARKER; LXA; Long Beach MIKE PARNELL; PiKA; Meridian BEVERLY PARSUTT; Phi Mu; Matagorda, Texas SARAH PEEBLES; KD; New Orleans, La. RICHARD PHARR; PiKA; Jackson 193 KATHY ROUSE; Tupelo LOU SALVO; KD ; Natchez SARA SANDERSON; KD; Laurel DONNA SCHWAIGER; Cordova, Tenn. MADELINE SELLERS; ZTA; Jackson TOM SHIPP; PiKA; Fayette BECKY SHUTTLEWORTH; Chi O; Indianola JOE SILLS; Manchester, Ga. GALE SMITH; KD; Grenada Freshmen Host Prospective Students MARIETTA SMITH; ZTA; Cleveland PAUL SMITH; PiKA; Jackson PORTIA SMITH; Vicksburg REBECCA SMITH; ZTA; Jonesville, La. WILLIAM SMITH; LXA; Centreville GARY SORENSON; Jackson KAY SORRELL; Phi Mu; Woodville ALICE SORSBY; Tupelo SUSAN STONE; Paducah, Ky. BILL STRONG; Vicksburg MIKE STURDIVANT; PiKA; Glendora CHIPTHARPE; PiKA; Tupelo 194 STEVE TILGHMAN; KA; Jackson DONNA TUCKER; Baton Rouge, La. CAROL TURNER; KD; Tutwiler MELVIN ULMER; New Orleans, La. CHARLES WAGHORNE; Baton Rouge, La. BEDFORD WALKER; PiKA; Tupelo JO WALTON; Phi Mu; Ellisville PATTI WARREN; Laurel GAIL WATERS; Tupelo MARGARET WILLIAMS; Ocean Springs JOE WILSON; PiKA; Memphis BETSY WITTY; Jackson SALLY WOOD; KD; Tupelo BILLY WOODALL; LNA; Meridian TOMMY WOODALL; LXA; Meridian RUTH WOODY; Tupelo KATHY YOUNG; Phi Mu; Maben 195 Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Honorees — Tony Champagne, Charles K. Clark, James Nobles. Senior Honors and Activities PETE ALLISON: Grenada, Miss., Po- litical Science; Kappa Alpha; Phi Theta Kappa; Student Union Board, Director; Millsaps Ministerial Association; Foot- ball; M-Club. MARY JANE BARONI: Natchez, Miss.; Psychology; Senate; Executive Secretary to SEB President; WSGA; BOBASHELA; P W; Psychology Club. BEVERLY BROOKS: Jackson, Miss.; Psychology; Senate; Executive Secretary; Student Executive Board; Millsaps Series Committee; P W; BOBASHELA. MARGARET ATKINSON: Jackson, Miss.; Theater; National Methodist Schol- arship; Millsaps Players ' Acting Award; Alpha Psi Omega; English Department Assistant; Executive Board — Miss Mill- saps Pageant; P W. WAYNE M. BABIN: Groves, Texas; Bi- ology; Lambda Chi Alpha; Scholarship Chairman; Lambda Chi Alpha Scholar- ship Key; Alpha Epsilon Delta, President; Beta Beta Beta, Secretary; Theta Nu Sigma; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Dean ' s List; Circle K; P W; Chapel Choir; Deutscher Verrein, Secretary, Treasurer; Honors program in Biology; Biology Assistant; Kappa Delta Epsilon tutorial program; Orientation Counselor; Ford Foundation Grant guide. THOMAS MICHAEL BEAM: Tremont, Miss.; Mathematics; Circle K; Senate; Young Democrats; Methodist Student Movement; Intramurals. GERMAINE LOUISE BERGERON: Gulfport, Miss.; Chemistry; Dean ' s List; National Science Foundation Grant in Chemistry; YWCA; WCW; Chapel Choir; Chemistry lab assistant; West- minister Fellowship; MYARC. LINDA BOWMAN: Sebring, Florida; Elementary Education; Phi Mu, Secre- tary; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Treasurer; Dean ' s List; WSGA; BOBASHELA; P W. MURIEL BRADSHAW: Gulfport, Miss.; Elementary Education; Phi Mu, Corre- sponding Secretary; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Vice-President; Gamma Gamma; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties; BOBASHELA; Majorette Club, President; Senior Class Vice-President; Senate; WSGA, Secretary-Treasurer; YWCA, President, Secretary-Treasurer; Chapel Choir; Christian Council, Trea- surer; Orientation Counselor. PAT BUSH: Jackson, Miss.; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta; Kappa Delta Epsilon, President; Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List; Tribbett Scholarship; P W; WSGA; Orientation Counselor; Correspondence Chairman for Orientation; Assistant in Education. 196 BELINDA BETCHER: Little Rock, Ark.; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta; Cheerleader; Homecoming Queen; BOBASHELA staff; Canterbury Club; Orientation Counselor. Cabinet; WSGA, President; YWCA; Chapel Choir; Millsaps Players; P W News Editor; Publications Board, Stu- dent Personnel Committee. DON FLOOD: Jackson, Miss.; History; Eta Sigma Phi, President; Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President Pledge Trainer; Newman Club. WILLIAM EDWARD CAMPBELL: West Point, Miss.; History; Kappa Alpha, Vice-president Pledge Trainer; Varsity football — 3 Year Letterman; Jackson Touchdown Club award, Most Valuable Senior. ANTHONY MARTIN CHAMPAGNE Houston, Texas; Political Science Lambda Chi Alpha; IFC; Dean ' s List Millsaps Honor ' s program; Washington Semester; ISSP, P W Assistant Editor. CHARLES KENNETH CLARK: Ray- mond, Miss.; History; Omicron Delta Kappa; Schiller Gesellshaft; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice-president; Intensive Summer Opportunity Program; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities; Hon- ors Program; Dean ' s List; Miss, nominee Rhodes Scholarship; Deutscher Verein, Secretary-Treasurer; Philosophy Club; Pre-Law Club; Young Democrats; Stu- dent — Parliamentarian; Debate; Miss. Youth Congress. LYNN BLANTON CLARK: Nashville, Tenn.; Psychology; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties; Student Senate; SEB President ' s EMILY COLE: Macon, Miss.; Elemen- tary Education; Kappa Delta; Dean ' s List; BOBASHELA; Concert Choir; Ori- entation Counselor. ROBERT COLLINS: Aztec, New Mex- ico; Biology, Chemistry; Tri-Beta; AED; Theta Nu Sigma; Millsaps Players, NSF Undergraduate Research. CLIFTON DEWITT DOWELL: Gulf- port; Theater; Lambda Chi Alpha; Ri- tualist; Concert Choir; Troubadors; Al- pha Psi Omega; President Vice-presi- dent; Millsaps Players. MICHAEL B. DRANE: Jackson, Miss.; Mathematics; Lambda Chi Alpha; Cath- olic Club, President. WAYNE FERRELL: Pascagoula, Miss.; Business Administration; Kappa Alpha, VIII; Diamond Anniversary Scholarship, Track; Football; M-Club, Secretary Vice-President; Interfraternity Council; Greek Week Committee; Economics Club; Intramurals. ADRIENNE DOSS GARRETT: Flor- ence, Ala.; History; Chi Omega; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities; Top Ten Best Dressed; Miss Mill- saps Semi-finalist; Senate; Bobashela, Ed- itor; P W; Publications Board; YWCA Chaplain; Associated Collegiate Press Delegate; Intramurals. JAMES H. GODBOLD, JR.: Brook- haven, Miss.; Mathematics; Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary; Cross and Crescent Correspondent; Eta Sigma, President; Theta Nu Sigma, Treasurer; Sigma Delta Pi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Circle K; National Methodist Scholarship; Sanders Award in Intermediate French; German Award; Math Award. KATHRYN GRABAU: Vicksburg, Miss.; German, Alpha Psi Omega; Millsaps Players Freshman Award; BOBASHELA; Deutscher Verein; Treasurer; Junior Year Abroad, Munich, Germany. MARTHA LUCY GUNN: Ellisville, Miss.; Biology; Phi Mu, WSGA; BOBA- SHELA; Millsaps Players; Ford Founda- tion Drive. GERALD HARPER: Laurel, Miss.; Chemistry; Chi Chi Chi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Dean ' s List; National Science Foundation Summer Research Grant in Chemistry; Senate; Chemistry Lab Assistant; Deut- scher Verein; Circle K; Baptist Student Union; Orientation Counselor. ANN MARTIN: Vicksburg, Miss.; Ger- man; Chi Omega, Treasurer, Vice-Presi- dent; President; Sigma Lambda; Gamma Gamma; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; German Award; BOBASHELA; P W; WSGA Executive Board; Panhellenic; Ford Foundation Steering Committee; Orientation Steering Committee. JAMES A. NOBLES: Meridian, Miss.; Sociology; Dean ' s List; Intensive Sum- mer Studies Program at Harvard; Inten- sive Summer Studies Program at Yale; Treasurer, Young Democrats; President Students for Humphrey-Muskie; Presi- dent, Black Students Association; Stu- dent Senate. BOBBIE LLOYD: Jackson, Miss.; Speech and Theater; Chi Omega, Cor- responding Secretary, Rush Chairman, Newsletter Editor, House Manager; Chi Omega Scholarship Award; Pi Kappa Delta, President, Vice-President; Sigma Lambda; Alpha Psi Omega, Vice-Presi- dent; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; President ' s List; Dean ' s List; Millsaps Players; BOBASHELA; Orientation Committee; Debate Team; Delegate to Mississippi Youth Congress, Secretarv of Senate. BILLIE O. MARBLE: Jackson, Miss.; Political Science; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges; Dean ' s List; Phi Theta Kappa; Pi Kappa Delta; Phi Rho Pi; Debate Team; Miss. Intel collegiate Council; Youth Congress; ASB Vice-President: Student Senate. DOUGLAS B. MCCULLOUGH: Col- lins, Miss.; German; Alpha Psi Omega; Millsaps Players, Backstage Award; Deutscher Verein, President; MSM; Lab Assistant; Intramurals. FRANK PITTMAN McEACHERN: Jack- son, Miss.; Math and Chemistry; Kappa Sigma, President, Scholarship Chairman; Chi Chi Chi, Treasurer; Theta Nu Sigma; Interfraternity Council; Senate; Orienta- tion Counselor; General Chemistry Award; Intramurals. GAIL McHORSE: Jackson, Miss.; His- tory; Kappa Delta, Membership Chair- man; Campus Beauty; Dean ' s List; Ford Foundation Drive; BOBASHELA; P W; History Department Assistant. HENRY LUKE OUMA: Kendu Bay, Kenya; Economics; Intramurals. ALFREDA DONNAN RAWLINGS: Natchez, Miss.; Biology; Millsaps Black Student Association; Intramurals; Young Democratic Club; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. MARILYN SAMPLES: Laurel, Miss.; Music; Concert Choir; Millsaps Singers; Music Club, Secretarv; Opera Workshop; MSM. MISSI SHANNON: Meridian, Elemen- tary Education; Chi Omega; BOBA- SHELA; WSGA; Women ' s Intramurals; YWCA. DOROTHY SMITH: Jacks on, Miss.; Ele- mentary Education; Chi Omega, House Chairman, Yard Chairman; Intramurals; P W; Concert Choir; Millsaps Players Debutant Club. EVELYN SNIPES: Memphis, Tenn.; Latin; Zeta Tau Alpha; Treasurer, Ritual Chairman and Athletic Chairman; Eta Sigma Phi, Treasurer; Majorette Club; Gamma Gamma; Dean ' s List; WSGA; YWCA; Intramurals. THOMAS GARY STEWART: Jackson, Miss.; Accounting; Lambda Chi Alpha; Eta Sigma Phi; M-Club; Latin Award; Dean ' s List; Christian Council. President; Baptist Student Union, President; Foot- ball Manager; " Venture Game. " CHERYL THOMPSON: Laurel, Miss. English; Chi Delta, President; Pi Delta Phi; Dean ' s List; STYLUS; Associate Editor; Writer ' s Club; WSGA; Chapel Choir; Deutscher Verein; Language Lab Assistant; English Department Assistant; Dorm Assistant. KATHERINE DRAKE WADE: St. Joseph, La.; Elementary Education; Chi Omega; P W; Dorm Secretary; Chapel Choir. BUDDY WILLIAMSON: Crystal Springs, Miss.; Biology; Lambda Chi Al- pha, Vice-president; Secretary, Gamma Gamma; Dean ' s List; Cheerleader; In- tramurals. 198 General Index Abney, Richard 125,170 Adams, Brett 105,119,129,130 131,135,178 Adams, Bruce 82,170 Aldridge, Gene 178 AJford, Phyllis 87,158 Algood, Tonny 93,113,178 Allen, Virginia 117,158 Allison, Pete 119,158 Amacker, Dempsey 45,119,186 Amacker, Thad 87 Amos, Michael 119,178 Anderson, George 158 Anderson, James 125,158 Anderson, Robert 186 Apostle, Dena 67,186 Armstrong, Jacque 102,105,113,170 Atkinson, Margaret 52,102,103 Atkinson, Walter 123,178 Aubert, Richard 125,178 Austin, Lou 81,113,178 Averitte, Charla 186 Aycock, Re 186,119 Aycock, William 178,119 Babb, Anne 113,178 Babb, Nancy 170 Babin, Wayne 73,98,99,122,123,159 Bailey, Coley 119,186 Bailey, Leon 45,118 Bailey, Terry 123,178 Baker, Lamar 121,186 Baker, Jane 42 Ball, Elizabeth 113,158 Ballas, Elaine Balof, Terry Bane, Beverly Barnard, Gloria Barnes, Becky Baroni, Mary Jane Barrett, Cheryl Bartling, Buddy 69 Bartling, Susan Beam, Thomas Bebensee, Mark Beck, Marsa Beckman, William Beeson, Sue Behrens, Bret Bergeron, Germaine Berry, Hugh Betcher, Bee Betterton, Jerry Binion, Maurice Bint, Diana Bishop, Don Blackwell, Isabel Blair, Danny Bless, Patty Blood, Julie-Mae Blythe, Donald Boerner, Bill Bond, Jon Booth, George Booth, Mary Boshers, Russell Boswell, Linda 83,91,179 92,117,186 186,115 111,186 82,186,111 159 66,72,110,111,160 105,119,143,178,179 82,108,111,186 159 87,125,187 115,187 119,136,138,140 117,187 125,136,139,189 159 123,187 43,70,83 121,136,139,179 119,187 187 91,93,159 100 101,119,179 87,113,179 83,179,111 125,170 119,179 93 103,123,179 87 105 105,159 Bowman, Linda Bradford, Robert Bradshaw, Muriel Bready, Ellen Bridewell, Joseph Britt, Benjie Brock, Randy- Brooking, Carl Brooks, Beverly Brooks, Phillip Brown, Brenda Brown, Burrell Brown, Sandra Brunson, Cindy Brunson, Dorothy Buckalew, Terry Bundy, Richard Burke, William Burnett, Joe Burt, Reid Bush, Carl Bush, Pat Cabell, Thomas Cajoleas, Irene Calcote, William Callon, Fred Campbell, Elizabeth Campbell, Bill Capps, Pamela Carbrey, Bill Carithers, Claudia Carpenter, Jill Castilla.Willenham Castle, Sidney Caves, Carolyn 105,114,115,159 187 73,91,104,105,159 83,111,179 125,179 125,136,187 123,187 125,179 83,159 119,187 64 179 115,179 43,87,88 103 105,136,137,170 120,121,159 187 87,88,123,170 179 74,104,124,125,159 102,105,113,159 98,118,160 74,104,105,113 121,170 125,144,187 111,171 118,119,128,160 179 187 83,87,111,189 111,179 179 179 82,179 Cavett, Clint 72,82,98,99,118,119,171 Cavin, Margaret 171 Chadwick, Annie 67,87,88,113 Champagne, Tony 84,109 Chaney, Mary Jo 187 Chatham, Franklin 83,84,98,171 Childress, Charles 171 Childress, Connie 115,187 Chin, Don 123,171 Church, Tom 119,179 Clark, Charles J. 101,160 Clark, Charles K. 72,80,104 Clark, David 87,144 Clark, Larry 84,104,118 Clark, Lynn 77,81,160 Clarke, Leah Kay 115,187 Clinton, Lee 91,115,179 Coker, Mike 70 Cole, Emily 87,113,160 Coleman, Richard Ray 125,160 Collins, Debbie 87,113 Collins, Foster 87,119,171 Collins, Susan 113,171 Collins, Bob 98,99,160 Cone, Jan 115,187 Conerly, Dee 171 Conner, David 123,187 Cook, Craig 87 Cook, Jeverley 119,179 Cook, Rebecca Ann 187 Coop, Mike 187 Cornell, John 87,93 Costley, Maria 187 Covert, Michael 90,187 Covington, Gayle 187 Cox, Judy 115,160 Cox, Marion 113,188 Craft, Mary 87,88,113,179 Crane, Kina 84 Crenshaw, Jan 87,111 199 Crimm, Harry Crocker, Johnothan Crocker, Suzanne Crockett, Theron Crofford, Claire Crotwell, James Culpepper, Chunk Cumbest, Lum Royce Cunningham, Robert Daniel, Donna Darby, Richard Davidson, Mike Davidson, David Davis, Beverly Davis, Beth Davis, Iva Lou Davis, Sue Henry Dawkins, Jan Dees, Jesse Dennis, Jerrelyn Derstine, Gerry Dessommes, Marcelle Dickson, Marie Dorsey, Linda Doss, Adrienne Duglass, Eugene Dowell, Clifton Drake, Fran Dudley, Candy Dunaway, Emma Lou Duncan, Ron Dunn, Marcella Dupree, Tom Durrett, John Dye, David East, Jim Edwards, Wayne Elliott, Betty Elliott, Connie Elrod, Dick Endter, Carlene Everett, Bill Ewing, Corinne Ezelle, Fred Ezelle, Ken Ezelle, William Fabian, Beverly Farr, Robert Farrell, Richard Ferrell, Wayne Fewel, Molly Field, Anna Finch, Fran Fleming, George Fleming, Terry Flett, Lolly Flood, Don Follett, Debbie Foose, Charles Ford, John Ford, Nancy Ford, Robert Fortmann, Kathleen Foster, Nancy Franklin, James Fulgham, Nancy Fulton, Barbara Furr, Betsy Gaddy, Brenda Gallman, Andrew Gamble, Hugh Gary, Allen Gates, Elynor Gault, Margaret Gee, Paul Gerald, Tommy Gerrish, Harlan Gilliland, Caroline Glassco, Mary 144 188 115,188 180 52,91,111,188 160 123,188 123,188 118,119,171 103,112,113,171 188 121,171 102,160 113,188 91,115,172 160 111,188 111,172 123.180 115,172 87,88,172 113,188 64,84,112,115,180 180 73,111,161 125,188 54,88,103 172 81,90,83,87,11,180 117,188 121,161 115 123,180 84,109,115,119,172 125,180 121,172 125,186,188 87,91,115,180 83,111,172 173 115,188 123,173 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Johnson, Welton 190 Jones, Barbara 87,113,181 Jones, John 125,181 Godbold, Jimmv 74,99,102,122,123,162 Godfrey, Billy Dale 105,119,142,178,180 Goodpaster, Larry 122,123,151,173,173 s 200 Jones, Nancy 190 Larkins, Bob 82,119,181 Matheny, Cindy 191 Jones, Richard 121,190 Lash, Pam 182 Matthews, Donna 182 Jones, William 121,163 Lax, Phyllis 163 Mauldin, William 125,191 Jones, Wynema 190 Lax, Bill 121,163 Mayfield, Billy Joe 123,192 Jordan, Bessie 80,190 Lea, Clyde 80,84,92,103,109,123,174 McCafferty, Susannah 111 Jordan, Coela 174 Leech, Stephen 82,119,190 McCartney, Ronnie 123,174,182 Jordan, Paul 92,103,122 Leftwich, Karin 91,111 McCarty, Patti 87,113 Jordan, Regina 83,113,181 Lehmann, Helen 81,103,113 McCay, Jimmy 104,120,121 Jordan, Sara 103,117,174 Lesh, Patricia 105,116,117,174 McCollum, David 164,192 Justice, William 123,190 Lewis, Donald 125,191 McDavid, Margie 182 Judge, Rayanna 181 Lewis, Bert 45,119,191 McDonald, John 84,90,144,192 Keene, Brenda 163 Lewis, Martha 91,115,191 McEachern, Frank 98,99,120 Kelly, Rebecca 174 Lippard, Pamela 117,191 McEwen, Richard 123,192 Kemp, Marcia 87 Lloyd, Robbie 77,92,103 McGahey, James 54,103 Kenna, Shellie 111,190 Logan, Jojo 121,174 McGehee, Barry 52,103 Kennedy, Linda 190 Lott, Joseph 5,191 McGehee, Ramon 123,182 Kenny, Paul 181 Lowery, Becky 191 McGraw, Nancy 115,182 King, Charles 125 Luina, Joe 119,182 McHorse, Gail 64,104,113,165 King, Larry 121,190 Lutz, Peggy 103 Mclnnis, Clint 136,140 King, Gary 119,190 Maize, Connie 191 Mcintosh, David 97,123,136,192 King, Richard 190 Maize, Becky 111,191 McKie, Billy 125,182 Kinney, Michael 52 Mangum, Valerie 191 McKinnon, Kathy 111,182 Knight, Langford 45,82,105 Mann, Cynthia 191 McLemore, Diane 43,67,75,100,104 Kountouris, Calliope 67 Marascalco, Don 121,191 112,113,158,164 Kuebler, Dick 121,174 Marble, Billie 103,163 McLeod, Robby 105,133,135 Kunzelman, Susan 105,116,117,123 Marett, Esther 76,66,60,80,112,113,164 McNutt, Anne 66 155,174 Marett, Ruth 108,113,191 McQueen, Janis 115,182 Lamar, Edward 123,163 Marshall, Pat 115,182 Meacham, Becky 105,113,165 Lamb, Clifton 163 Martin, Ann 76,83,104,110,111,164 Meek, Christie 91,117,192 Lamb, Herbert 123,190 Martin, David 58,77,104,118,119 Meeks, Rod 98,99,123,174 Land, Mack 90,174 158,164 Meeks, Steve 101,123,192 Lane, Carol 115,163 Massey, Caroline 81,100,108,114 Meyer, Jon 99,121,163 Laney, Julia 114,115,174 115,174 Meyer, Magaret 192 201 Middleton, Jeanne 80,182 Mills, Mary Lain 104,116,117,165 Millstein, Charles 165 Milonas, Melissa 111,192 Miltenberger, Jeannette 117,192 Mitchell, Bruce 192 Mitchell, Emily 87,111,192 Mitchell, Jane 111,192 Mitchell, Lem 82,121,182 Mitzelliotou, Ioanna 182 Moak, Susan 105,112,113,165 Mobley, Bob 12.3,192 Moffett, Tola 99,165 Molstad, Leroy 123,175 Moore, Dot 192 Moore, Gary 125,192 Moore, Joe 125,193 Moore, Bob 121,165 Moore, Bobby 125,182 Moore, Shirley 165 Morrison, Ed 120,121,175 Morrison, Ken 88,123,175 Morrison, Leslie 92,111,182 Morrow, Ann Hart 113,178,182 Moseley, Jane 105 Mullins, Andy 118,119,175 Mullins, Bob 109,125,182 Munday, Ann 84,112,113,182 Murphree, Charles 193 Murphree, Pat 43,67,115,165 Murphree, Ginger 175 Murphy, Anne 111,175,193 Murphy, Annie 115 Murray, Kathy 105,108,112 Neil, Kathy 115,175 Nelson, Debby 87,101 Newcomb, Vicki 175 Newman, Richard 142 Newton, Dave 182 Nichols, Jonelle 113,175 Nichols, Linda 175,193 Nicholson, Linda 66,87,113 Nicholson, Susan 64,69,113 Prospers, Reed 119,183 Nicovich, Mike 193 Provine, Kay 92 Nix, Jackie 123,193 Provost, Ann 87,113,193 Nobles, James 165 Pyle, Debbie 166 Oakley, Charlotte Ann 99,115,165 Quin, Carol 87,88 O ' Brien, Mike 105 Quinn, Joe Pat 45,119,145,176 O ' Brien, Sharon 193 Raphael, Bill 125,136,193 O ' Keefe, Kenneth 112,125 Rasor, Steve 123,176 Oliver, John 193 Rawlings, Alfreda 166 Ott, Luther 195 Reed, Kathy 115,193 Ouma, Henry 166 Reed, Steve 98,99 Owens, Katherine 113,143 Reid, Marian 99 Owens, Madge 115,143 Reid, Anne 111,166 Ozborn, Mike 182 Rhea, Alice 82,87,101,110,111,18 ; Ozborn, Vicki 43,67,115,182 Richardson, Janet 176 Pack, Vem 115,183 Richardson, Susan 83,111,184 Page, Cheryl 115,183 Richter, Frances 66,111,184 Page, Diana 166 Ricketson, Greer 166 Parker, Brad 123,166 Riddle, Nancy 83,91,111,184 Parker, Gregg 123,143 Ridgway, Bob 87 Parker, Hugh James 123,183 Riemann, David 125,193 Parnell, Mike 125,193 Rigell, Steve 125,193 Parsutt, Beverly 91,115,193 Ritchie Cathie 89,176 Partin, Bruce 103,123,183 Roberts, Cynthia 117,193 Partridge, Dianne 82,100,102,110,111 Roberts, Donald 123,193 Patrick, Bill 70,125,183 Roberts, May 193 Pattridge, Susan 183 Robinson, Joyce 99,184 Payne, Charles 121,175 Robinson, Thomas 119,150,184 Peden, Derryl 119,187 Roby, Charlton 125,184 Peebles, Sarah 113,193 Rodgers, Tru 113,176 Perrett, Carroll Ann 117,166 Rose, Larry 123,193 Perry, Richard 84,175 Ross, Lynn 113,193 Pharis, Cindy 105,113,176 Rouse, Kathy 194 Pharr, Richard 125,193 Rowen, Pat 184 Pierce, Jamie 111,183 Rula, Sara 67,115,184 Piper, Sharon 115,183 Ryan, Don 45,119,184 Pitt, Bonnie 186,193 Sabatini, Nick 119,152 Plunkett, Barry 124,176 Salvo, Lou 67,113,194 Pollan, Rudy 125,166 Sample, Margaret 115,176 Posey, Lynda 183 Samples, Marilyn 87,166 Powers, David 122,123,166 Sanders, Michael 132 Prather, Lynda 143 Sanderson, Sara Ann 113,194 202 Saxton, Becky Schonlau, Lisa Schroeder, Cathy Schulte, Tom Schuster, Eric Schwaiger, Donna Scott, Janice Seaton, Cheryl Self, Janice Sellers, Madeleine Shannon, Missi Sharp, Kathy Shields, Charlie Shipp, Thomas Sills, Joe Simpson, Edward Smith, Dorothy Smith, Emily Smith, Harold Smith, James Smith, Jeff B. Smith, Jeff C. Smith, Joyce Smith, Margaret Smith, Marietta Smith, Melford Smith, Paul Smith, Portia Smith, Rebecca Smith, Gale Smith, William Snipes, Evelyn Snowden, Jackie Sorenson, Gary Sorenson, Nancy Sorrell, Betty Sorsby, Allice Sparks, James Speed, John Speer, James Spencer, John Spinks, James Spring, Robert Stauffer, Kay Stauffer, Kevin 83,116,117,184 115,176 54,103 121,136,138,141,176 125,176 194 176 184 105,115,184 117,194 82,110,111,167 167 87,88,119,176 125,194 194 194 111,166 105,113,184 105 93,185 24,125,185 105,128 185 105,115,167 117,194 109 125,194 194 82,117,194 88,113,194 123,194 101,104,117,167 121,136,141,176 194 186 115,194 194 119,177 125,185,199 177 185 87,104,167 105 168 182,121 Stauss, Barbara 115,187 Steel, Jimmy 115,185 Stevens, JoAnne 82,91,111,185 Stewart, Karen 91 Stewart, Thomas Gary 91,93,101 123,168 Stokes, Diana 100,105,115 Stone, Susan 194 Street, Brenda 105,113 Strong, Robert 123,185 Strong, William 194 Sturdivant Mike 125,194 Sutphin, John 98,122,123,152,170,177 Swenson, Mary Ann 74,103,168 Tate, Ellen 113,177 Tattis, Naomi 44,62,68,87,88,11 I i . . Taylor, John 105,132 Terpstra, Jeanne 109,110,111,177 Terrell, Ellen 87 Tharp, Charles 125,194 Thomas, Jack 121,185 Thompson, Cheryl 85,100,102,168 Thompson, Fred 85,100,102,168 Thompson, Susan 87,185 Thrash, June 91 Tilgmman, Steve 119,195 Tohill, Jim 85,102 Tohill, Margaret 103 Toon, Betty 101 Townes, Linda 102,117,185 Tucker, Donna 195 Tucker, Sandra 168 Turnage, Susan 177 Turner, Carol 87,119,195 Ulmer, Mel 90,91,93,195 Upshaw, Pam 105,177 Van Every, Eugene 136,146 Vanexan, Margaret 105,115,168 Wade, Burton 119,185 Wade, Katherine 111,168 Waghorne, Charles 195 Wainwright, Marion 117,185 Walker, 125,195 Wallace, Michael 168 Walters, Roland 168 Walton, Jo Helyn 115,195 Ward, Mary Lanelle 177 Ward, Robert 85,90,102.119 Waters, Susan 195 Warren, Patti 195 Watkins, Margaret 110 Watson , Chester 111,185 Weakley, Nan 185 Weems, Mike 83,87.119,185 Weir, Jim 123,185 Wentworth, Judy 113 Westbrook, Allen 146 Westcott, Garth 168 Whitaker, Timothy 177 White, Susan 115,185 Wiggers, Carolyn 105,110,111,161 Williams, Betty Ann 91,115,177 Williams, Debbie 82,108,111,177 Williams, Margaret Anne 195 Williams, Robert 169 Williamson, David 177 Williamson, Johnnie 104,122,123,169 Wilson, Joseph 125,195 Wilson, Margarette 105,114,115,177 W ' ittal, Ralph 101,177 Witty, Betsey 67,83,195 Woflord, Alice 7 5,105,114,115,169 Wolter, Raymond 52 Wood, Sara 113,195 Woodall, Thomas 123,199 Woody, Ruth 195 Wooldridge, Dorothy 87,104,169 Wray, James 118,119,169 Wright, Judy 117,195 W ' yatt, Lon 144,145 Wylie, Susan 195 Yarborough, Charles 121,169 Yarborough, Charles D 121 Yarbrough, Ronald 90,118 Young, Kathryn 195 Young, William 100 Young, William H. 84,103 Young, William W. 119,185 .•£ : ' ■ -_- Deluxe Laundry Prompt Service Fine Cleaning GRAND LAUNDRY-CLEANERS 2712 N. State Street Dial EM 6-1471 ALBRITONS House of Fine Diamonds 418 E. Capitol 353-1629 Northwood Shopping Center 366-4426 BILLS CURB FOOD 3 Blocks From Campus 346 E. Fortification 7 A.M. -10:00 P.M. Beverages, Ice and Food the OLD SCHOOL TRADITIONAL CLOTHING 3021 NORTH STATE STREET JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 39216 3021 North State Street-Jackson, Miss. 39216 204 things go better.i .-with Coke TRADE MARK (mQa Jackson Coca-Cola Bottling Company 205 First Federal of Jackson Mississippi ' s biggest package of savings plans and loan services ASSETS NOW MORE THAN $150,000,000.00 . .. it ' !z?c u iko4- -tJJc Yjfavi t u zt l luej 9 CAPITOL AT STATE WESTLAND MEADOWBROOK YAZOO CITY EAST BRANCH: McLAURIN MART Jf % ' : .,-7in m TRI-STATE Brick and Tile Company, Inc. SIZES Standard — Modular — Norman COLORS Red — Brown — Black — Buff — Tan — Pink — Gray SCREEN TILE Pink and Buff Color MORTAR COLOR • FIRE BRICK • BRICK CLEANER L. r 0 yj yi iw?i t . ' OS NORTH STATE AND MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI PHONE 948-2351 Compliments Of A FRIEND 206 Custom Picture Framing Oval Regular Mats— All Colors Wet Dry Mounting — Maps — Photos Invisible Glass— Ready Made Frames DIAL EM 6-3668 Located North In Fondren Community 605 Duling Jackson, Mississippi •i L R. M. HENDRICK Graduate Supply House Class Rings— Capts, Gowns 1620 North Mill Jackson, Mississippi PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO OF JACKSON, INC. 2980 WEST NORTHSIDE DR. JACKSON, MISS. REDDY KILOWATT is always on time for every class... with plenty of dependable, low -cost electric power! MISSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT COMPANY 207 Millsaps College 1968-1969: a winning football season . . . " Majors win 45-7! " . . . Academic Complex . . . mud, mud, mud ... a 4-point system . . . new basketball coach . . . Jackson Metro- politan Intercollegiate Council . . second vice-president of the SEB . rush, rush . . . January Semester? geant . . . new women ' s rules . . Hon . . . registration cafeteria . . . Hippies pass-fail courses someday? . . . " Convocation, " not " Chapel " . . . . a controversial P Lr W . . . Freshman Orientation . . . rush, . . GRE ... a Millsaps crest . . . Miss Millsaps College Pa- 1:00 nights . . . cannons at football games . . . pre-registra- money, money, money . . . Junior English Proficiency Exam . . . the . rinky dinks . . . Kidney Fund . . . Heart Fund . . . Cancer Fund . . . Fun Fund . . . Mardi Gras night at the fiat houses . . . Kudzu . . . " Let ' s grill it! " . engaged . . . dead week . . Alice Rhea Clint Cavett . . Stlyus?? . . . submarine races at the reservoir . . . discussion ' Number 43, pick up yo ' order " ... a 36-hour basketball game . . . , . Tap Day . . . Millsaps Standard Time . . . dropped, pinned, and . Toward a Destiny of Excellence . . . let ' s go home. 208

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