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n q i M1LLSAPS -WILSON LIBRARY JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI . ■ of the FIElST BELL M- » J(v( P in in ■ t ... s -Si- ■ j i Exa ElK aM % . ,fc N , has attended, with dedication spirit, the pursuit of knowledge. [ 3 J constantly changes, but not the dedication to mental and spiritual improvement. [ 5 ] ■ ft Millsaps student will be heir to these traditions. [ 7 ] i. » I these gates " [ 9 ] T X: V ' IV ' • : " — their awareness of all things. i n i »■ • " ' §■ " _ ,, : - .J ■■■ ' at ' jiSK L ' jcr 8a I K ■N :-V- - : ,,« -,« ' « V». ■ .«- .IMNMi ?38L f ; M), VV; ■ ir ■ " ? »-4 fr «M ' ■.. „ ,r . ■ , " » -rap i £fp s IS ' an 7 " " f 1 1 • ' . of Millsaps join to prepare him for active participation in a widening world. [ 13 ] YOUR STUDENT YEARBOOK [ H ] nii i iiiiiHHBia|npn|R|nnnpiiaiHiiMHgi oRii DEDICATION 16 FACULTY 20 FEATURES 42 ACTIVITIES 66 GREEKS 92 ATHLETICS 116 HONORARIES 146 CLASSES 160 STUDENT BODY 194 ADVERTISING 204 records the events of a significant year, THE 1963 BOBASHELA Volume LVII Published by the Student Body of Millsaps College Phyllis Myers, Editor Alan Harrigill, Business Manager [ 15 ] DEDICATION To a man who has given his life, love, devotion, and knowledge to his students, we the editor and staff of the 1963 BOBASHELA, dedicate our annual. Wherever his name is mentioned a smile comes to the face of all those who have known him. He has truly wanted each one of his students to learn. He never ceases to amaze his classes with sur- prises. This man is a unique actor for knowledge who plays a different role each day whether he is a glacier or a planet. His dramatic enthusiasm never rests until the whole class shares it. He il- lustrates each fact with an interesting personal experience — one never forgotten. He has molded students not only into scientists but also into indi- viduals. His unselfishness, fairness, patience, gentlemanly manners, and desire for everyone to be happy, have made him a rare, cherished teach- er and friend. Because he has given himself to his profession and shared with us his knowledge in a perfect way, and because he has set the finest example as a person before all Millsaps students, we honor in the 1963 BOBASHELA— DR. RICHARD RANDALL PRIDDY. BK [ 18 ] He is the stern disciplinarian of the classroom, The kind inspiration to learning, The quiet scholar by his fireside, The jovial coffee-drinker in his free period, He is the ideal of the teacher to Millsaps. F A C U L T Y rowmn m am rJ teTi .j R . jd—iii [ 21 ] — - t PRESIDENT r ... A dignified gentleman, an outstanding admin- istrator, and a personal friend to all students are only three of the personalities of the President of Millsaps College, Dr. Homer Ellis Finger. Every year he amazes the freshmen by learning each of their names on Orientation Day. And he remem- bers the names as he speaks to all in the Millsaps tradition of friendliness. President Finger is the most enthusiastic supporter of his college and each of its students. And the students of Millsaps are equally proud of their capable leader. " £$ [ 22 ] ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE SEATED: Dean of Women, Mrs. Glenn Pate. STANDING: Business Manager, Mr. James Wood; Registrar, Mr. Paul Hardin; Dean of Students, Mr. John Christmas; and Academic Dean, Dr. Frank Laney. ADMINISTRATION Director of Public Relations, Mr. James J. Livesay Development Program Director, Mr. Edward Collins [ 23 ] DIVISION OF HUMANITIES LANGUAGES WILLIAM T. JOLLY; Professor of Ancient Languages; Chairman of Department of Ancient Languages; A.B., Southwestern at Mem- phis; A.M., University of Mississippi; Advanced Graduate Work, University of Michigan. JOHN L. GUEST; Associate Professor of German; A.B., University of Texas; A.M., Columbia University; Advanced Graduate Work, New York University; Ottendorfer Fellowship in Germanic Phil., Bonn University; Fulbright Scholar, University of Vienna. WILLIAM F. LOWE, JR.; Assistant Professor of German; B.A., Univer- sity of North Carolina; Post-Graduate Work, University of North Carolina. WILLIAM HARRELL BASKIN, III; Associate Professor of Romance Languages; Chairman of Romance Languages; A.B., A.M., University of North Carolina; Advanced Graduate Work, Uni- versity of North Carolina, Universite de Poitiers, University de Paris (la Sorbonne), Duke Univer- sity Alliance Francaise, Paris. BILLY MARSHALL BUFKIN; Assistant Pro- fessor of Romance Languages; Chairman; A.B., M.A., Texas Technological College; Advanced Graduate Work, Tulane University and University of Madrid. ELIZABETH CRAIG; Associate Professor of French; A.B., Barnard College, Columbia Univer- sity; A.M., Columbia University; Diplome de la Sorbonne, Ecole de preparation des professeurs de francais a etranger, Faculte des lettres, Universite de Paris; Advanced Graduate Work, Columbia University; Palmes Academiques. MRS. CHRISTINE EZELLE; Instructor of French; A.B., Ecole Normale Moyenne de L ' Etat, Nivelles, Belgium. MRS. NELLIE KHAYAT HEDERI; Associate Professor of Spanish; B.A., Mississippi State College for Women, Graduate Study at University of Southern California; M.A., Tulane University. [ 24 ] GEORGE W. BOYD; Professor of English; Chairman of English Dept.; A.B., Murray State College; A.M., University of Kentucky; Ph.D., Colum- bia University. MRS. MARGUERIT WATKINS GOODMAN; Associate Professor of English; A.B., Agnes Scott College; M.A., Tulane University. PAUL D. HARDIN; Registrar and Director of Admissions; Associate Pro- fessor of English; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Duke University; Advanced Graduate Work, University of Southern California. MILDRED LILLIAN MOREHEAD; Associate Professor of English; B.A., Mississippi State College for Women; M.A., Duke University; Grad- uate Work, University of Colorado, University of Wisconsin, Columbia University. ROBERT HERBERT PADGETT; Assistant Pro- fessor of English; B.A., Texas Christian Univer- sity; M.A., Vanderbilt University; Advanced Graduate Work, Universite de Clermont-Ferrand in France. RICHARD RAYMOND SANDERS; Instructor of Journalism; B J., University of Missouri. JAMES TILLOTSON WHITEHEAD; Instructor in English; B.A., M.A., Vanderbilt University. RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY JAMES D. WROTEN, JR.; Professor of Religion; Chairman of Religion Department; B.A., Millsaps College; B.D., Southern Methodist University; M.A., Ed.D., Columbia University. ROBERT E. ANDING; Assistant Professor of Religion; Director of Town and Country Work; A.B., Millsaps College; B.D., Emory University. LEE HERBERT REIFF; Assistant Professor of Religion; B.A., B.D., Southern Methodist University; M.A., Advanced Graduate Work, Yale University. JACK L. WOODWARD; Director of Religious Life; B.A., Millsaps Col- lege; B.D., Southern Methodist University. ROBERT E. BERGMARK; Professor of Philosophy; Chairman of the Department of Philosophy; A.B., Emory University; S.T.B., Ph.D., Boston University. WILLIAM McGILL; Visiting Professor of Philosophy; B.A., Wake Forest College; M.A., Vanderbilt University; Graduate Work, University of Tenn- essee, Boston University. flBafe [ 17 ] FINE ARTS C. LELAND BYLER; Associate Professor of Music; Chairman of Music Department; A.B., Goshen College; M.M., Northwestern University; Ad- vanced Graduate Work, University of Michigan, University of Colorado. RICHARD ALDERSON; A.B., Millsaps College; Graduate Work, South- ern Methodist University; Candidate MME, East Texas State College. MRS. LOUISE ESCUE BYLER; Instructor of Music; B.M., Belhaven Col- lege; M.M. Ed., Louisiana State University; Advanced Graduate Work, Northwestern, University of Colorado. LOWELL J. BYLER; Associate Professor of Music; B.S. in Education, Goshen College; M.M., University of Michigan; Advanced Graduate Work, Colorado College, University of Michigan. DONALD KILMER; Instructor in Music; R.B., M.M., Indiana University; Advanced Graduate Work, Union Theological Seminary, University of Kansas, University of Illinois. JONATHAN SWEAT; Associate Professor of Music; B.S., M.S., Juilliard School of Music; Ad- vanced Graduate Work, Columbia University, University of Michigan. KARL WOLFE; Instructor of Art; B.F.A., Chi- cago Art Institute; William M.R. French Fellow- ship; Study abroad for one year; Study and Teach- ing, Pennsylvania School of Art Summer School. SPEECH LANCE GOSS; Associate Professor of Speech; Chairman of Speech Department; Director of the Millsaps Players; B.A., Mill- saps College; M.A., Advanced Graduate Work, Northwestern Uni- versity; Special Study, Manhatten Theatre Colony; Cinema Work- shop, University of Southern California; Summer Theatre, Ogun- quit Playhouse, The Belfry Theatre. LEON R. CAMP; Instructor of Speech; B.A., Sioux Falls College; M.A., Indiana University; Advanced Graduate Work, Indiana University, University of Wyoming. [ 30 ] DIVISION OF NATURAL SCIENCE BIOLOGY CHARLES DONALD CAPLENOR; Professor of Biology; Chairman of Biology Department and Natural Sciences Division; B.S., A.M., George Peabody College for Teachers; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University; National Sci- ence Foundation Fellowship, University of Chicago. RONDAL EDWARD BELL; Assistant Professor of Biology; A.B., William Jewel College; M.S., University of New Mexico. DARRELL STARR ENGLISH; Instructor of Biology; B.A., Southwestern College in Kansas; M.A., Louisiana State University, Advanced Graduate Work, Purdue University. I [ 31 ] CHEMISTRY AND GEOLOGY JOSEPH BAILY PRICE; Professor of Chemistry; Chairman of Chemistry Department; B.S., Millsaps College; M.A., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., Louisiana State University. ROY ALFRED BERRY; Assistant Professor of Chemistry; B.S., Missis- sippi College; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. CHARLES EUGENE CAIN; Associate Professor of Chemistry; B.S., Uni- versity of North Carolina; M.A., Ph.D., Duke University. RICHARD R. PRIDDY; Professor of Geology and Chemistry; Chairman of Geology Department; B.S. in Education, Ohio Northern University; M.A., Ph?D., Ohio State University. J. O. SNOWDEN, JR.; Instructor of Geology; B.S., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Missouri; Graduate Work, University of Missouri. [ 32 PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS CHARLES B. GALLOWAY; Associate Professor of Physics; Chairman of Physics and Astronomy Department; B.S., Millsaps College; M.A., Ad- vanced Graduate Study, Duke University. WILLIAM HENDEE; Assistant Professor of Physics; B.S., Millsaps Col- lege; Ph.D., University of Texas. SAMUEL R. KNOX; Associate Professor of Mathematics; B.A., M.A., University of Missis- sippi; Ph.D. in Statistics, Virginia Polytechnic In- stitute; Graduate Work, University of Michigan. PLAYER E. COOK; Instructor of Mathematics; B.A., Monmouth College; M.A., University of Kansas. ANNIE W. LESTER; Instructor of Mathematics; B.A., Millsaps College; M.E., University of Missis- sippi; Graduate Work, University of Chicago, Peabody College, Columbia University. MRS. VERA G. RAWSON; Instructor of Mathematics; B.S., Mississippi State College for Women; M.S., Northwestern State College of Louisiana. ARNOLD ARTHUR RICHIE; Associate Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Northwestern State College of Oklahoma; M.S., Oklahoma State; Advanced Graduate Work, Oklahoma State, University of Tennessee. 4 33 ] DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION E. S. WALLACE; Professor of Economics and Business Admin- istration; Chairman of Economics and Business Administration Department; A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., Ph.D., Duke University. MRS. NANCY BROGAN HOLLOWAY; Instructor of Economics and Business Administration; B.A., Mississippi State College for Women. THURSTON WALLS; Associate Professor of Economics and Business Administration; B.A., M.A., Advanced Graduate Work, University of Texas. [ 34 ] l EDUCATION R. EDGAR MOORE; Professor of Education; Chairman of Department of Education; A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., University of Ala- bama; Ed. D., George Peabody College. MRS. MYRTIS FLOWERS MEADOWS; Associate Professor of Educa- tion; B.S., Millsaps College; M.E., Mississippi College. 05 OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM [ 35 ] HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE GORDON G. HENDERSON; Associate Profes- sor of Political Science; Chairman of the Depart- ment of Political Science; A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Co- lumbia University. DAVID REESE BOWEN, JR.; Assistant Profes- sor of Political Science; A.B., Harvard University; B.A., M.A., University of Oxford. ROSS HENDERSON MOORE; Professor of His- tory; Chairman of the Department of History; B.S., M.S., Millsaps College, A.M., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Duke University; Graduate Work, Columbia University, Institute of International Law, McGill University. FRANK M. LANEY, JR.; Academic Dean; Pro- fessor of History; B.A., University of Mississippi; M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia. MRS. MADELINE McMULLAN; Instructor of History; B.A., Trinity College; M.A., Johns Hop- kins. WILLIAM SCARBOROUGH; Assistant Profes- sor of History; A.B., University of North Carolina; A.M., Cornell University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. wrv» ?Tf PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY , , WILLIAM A. BOLICK; Instructor of Psychology; B.A., M.A., University of Mississippi. EDWARD E. SMITH; Professor of Psychology; B.S., Massachusetts Insti- tute of Technology; M.D., Advanced Graduate Work, University of Missis- sippi School of Medicine. JAMES C. SIMMS; Professor of Sociology; Chairman of Sociology De- partment; A.B., University of Maryland; Ph.D., Emory University. LEONARD JORDAN; Instructor of Sociology; B.A., Millsaps College; M.A., Louisiana State University. [ 37 ] - ) PHYSICAL EDUCATION WILLIAM DUPES; Associate Professor of Phys- ical Education; Head Football Coach; B.S., Ten- nessee Polytechnic Institute; M.A., George Pea- body College. MARY ANN EDGE; Director of Physical Edu- cation for Women; Assistant Professor of Physi- cal Education; B.S., M.S., University of Missis- sippi. JAMES A. MONTGOMERY; Director of Physi- cal Education; Basketball Coach; Associate Pro- fessor of Physical Education; A.B., Birmingham- Southern College; A.M., George Peabody College for Teachers; Ed.D., George Peabody College for Teachers. LIBRARY BETHANY C. SWEARINGER; Li- brarian; A.B., Millsaps College; B.S. in Library Science, University of North Carolina; A.M. in English Literature, Columbia. [ 38 ] [ 39 ] She may be a blue-eyed beauty Or Homecoming Queen in a long white dress. He may be the favorite of the campus Or the " all-round " in Who ' s Who. Each one is Master Major and Miss Millsaps, The student ideals. J ' €y [ 40 ] t 41 ] F E A T U R E S J ♦ I I [ 43 ] I TOP BOBASHELA BEAUTY From twenty nominees for Top BOBASHELA Beauty, the judges selected a statuesque sopho- more with blue eyes and brown hair, Miss Mary Jane Ray of Jackson. This year ' s reigning beauty was a nominee in 1961 and was selected as one of twenty finalists for the 1962 Maid of Cotton contest. She is a history major and a member of Chi Omega sorority. Mary Jane served as orien- tation counselor; she is co-feature editor of the 1963 BOBASHELA. THE BOBASHELA staff is proud to present charming and vivacious Mary Jane as their Top Beauty. 5 ' ' aw iwl I Miss Mary Jane Ray [ 45 ] i Miss Marilyn Dickson [ 46 ] Miss Pat Thompson % . | [ 47 ] KIWi i ' " " " ' " ' " -i i f i mimnw— Miss Lynn Simms [ 48 ] Miss Susan Barry [ 49 ] I MARION FLEMING TOP TEN BARBARA GLAGOLA TOP TEN 1963 KAYE GREEN TOP TEN PAT McINTOSH TOP TEN SANDRA RAINWATER TOP TEN Bobashela Beauties Early in October the Millsaps Student Body nominated its choices for the top twenty beauties of the campus. The following week a panel of dis- tinguished judges from the Jackson area took over the difficult task of narrowing the field of lovelies to five and finally to one. The first round of judging took place at a coffee held the afternoon before the official Beauty Review. At the coffee, there were those important individual interviews with the judges. Then, that evening, as everyone waited with bated breath, the twenty pretty belles took the stage for the annual pageant. The girls paraded in their white evening gowns down the star-blue staircase which spanned the stage and back across the platform under the brilliance of a glittering chandelier. From this dazzling group the judges selected, not without great deliberation, the ten semifinalists. Between the rounds of judging, the audience was enter- tained royally by some of the top campus talent, until finally, the number of beauties was narrowed to five finalists, one of whom was named as the Top Beauty of 1962. A startled but extremely happy young lady was enthusiastically acclaimed by the audience and presented with a bouquet of long stemmed red roses. In honor of the new Campus Beauty, a lively dance was held immediately following the review to bring to a close a very perfect day. i I ■■■■— «rr-- - MASTER MAJOR STEVE MEISBURG MISS MILLSAPS mary sue McDonnell 1 " Si ' ■ ' ■ 3 g£ F L A A t V R I n T 41 K ' ' E S MARILYN STEWART DICKIE HAINING [ 54 ] MARTHA ELLEN WALKER JIM ALLEN NANCY BETH LOPER DON MITCHELL [ 55 ] KAY BARRETT WARREN JONES PAULA PAGE BILL MATTHEWS i HOMECOMING QUEEN miss mary sue McDonnell . 1963 HOMECOMING COURT MARSHA BEALE PAT McINTOSH BETH BOSWELL PATSY RODDEN WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES This year eighteen Millsaps students were elected for membership in Who ' s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges. These students were selected by the faculty and administration on the basis of leadership and par- ticipation in academic and extra-curricular activi- ties, scholarship, citizenship. Who ' s Who was originated in 1934 by Mr. H. P. Randall as a directory of outstanding stu- dents in universities and colleges throughout the United States. At present, there are approximate- ly seven hundred American colleges and ten thou- sand students represented in Who ' s Who every year. Selection to Who ' s Who has a double dis- tinction, for in addition to serving as a mark of outstanding achievement on the college campus, the annual volume of Who ' s Who serves as a go- between for future employers and graduating sen- iors. JIM ALLEN Jim is a senior majoring in Eng- lish. While at Millsaps, Jim has served as Sports Editor and As- sistant Editor of the PURPLE AND WHITE, editor of " Major Facts, " a member of the Student Senate, campus favorite, manager of his dorm, and Number IV of Kappa Alpha Order. Jim is now president of the senior class. ELIZABETH BOX Elizabeth is a religion major from Mantachi. She has served as vice- president and president of Wesley Fellowship, secretary of the Pan- hellenic Council, secretary of the Madrigal Singers, a member of the Women ' s Student Govern- ment, and vice-president of Beta Sigma Omicron. She is a recip- ient of the National Methodist Scholarship and a recent tappee of Sigma Lambda. FRANK CARSON Frank, an English major, has been on the Dean ' s List, served as president of Canterbury , a member of the Independent Men ' s Chorus, and the Concert Choir. He has been active in Millsaps Players and is a member of Alpha Psi Omega. t 58 ] BONNIE JEAN COLEMAN Bonnie Jean, from Magnolia, is majoring in music and is a mem- ber and soloist of the Concert Choir, a member of the SEB Spe- cial Entertainment Committee, the Millsaps Players, and has served as president of Alpha Psi Omega. She is a member of Kap- pa Delta Sorority and was Dream Girl Of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraterni- ty- ALAN HARRIGILL Alan, a history major from Brookhaven, has served as presi- dent of the IRC and IFC and president and rush chairman of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, business manager of the BOBA- SHELA, a delegate to the Miss. Inter-Collegiate Council, the Stu- dent Conference on Paramount Events, and to the Southern Uni- versity Student Government As- sociation, and was selected as " Outstanding Student Senator for 1962. " He has served as a mem- ber of the President ' s List and Omicron Delta Kappa and is a recipient of the Danforth Foun- dation Award. TEM FOWLKES Tern is a history and pre-law ma- jor. He has been active in the Millsaps Players and received the freshman award and acting award for 1961-62. He is a member of Alpha Psi Omega, the IRC and is on the Dean ' s and Presi- dent ' s Lists. EDDIE HARRIS Eddie is from Natchez and is ma- joring in German. He is the for- mer vice-president of SEB, presi- dent of Schiller Gesellschaft and of Kit Kat, vice-president of Omi- cron Delta Kappa Kappa, chair- man of the C E Committee, and is on the Dean ' s List. He has served as a member of Eta Sigma Phi and Alpha Psi Omega and was the recipient of the 1960 Acting Award. [ 59 ] il DICKIE HAINING While at Millsaps, Dick, a math major, has been a member of the Millsaps Players, the Concert Choir, Circle K, and the editorial staff of the BOBASHELA. He has served as chairman of the SEB Special Entertainment Com- mittee, a Freshman Orientation Counselor (and on the Steering Committee for Freshman Orien- tation), and as Grand Scribe of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Dick was recently elected a campus Fa- vorite. JOHNNY HATTEN Johnny is a senior from Gulfport, majoring in English. While at Millsaps, he played guard for the Majors football team. He was named to the All-Methodist sec- ond team, and was given the Best Defensive Player Award; he also served as president of the " M " Club. TWINKIE LAWHORN While at Millsaps, Twinkie, who is an English major, served as president of Sigma Lambda and Chi Delta, as editor of the 1962 BOBASHELA and of the 1962- 63 STYLUS. She has been on the President ' s List, a member of Eta Sigma, Pi Delta Pi, Schiller Gesellschaft, the IRC and the Social Science Forum and Kappa Delta sorority. ELISE MATHENY Elise is an organ major from Me- ridian. She lists among her ac- tivities membership in Sigma Lambda and Eta Sigma. She has been on the President ' s List and has served as accompanist for the Concert Choir, vice-presi- dent of the WSGA, president of the Organ Guild, and orientation co-chairman. MARY SUE McDonnell Mary Sue, from Hazelhurst, is majoring in elementary education. She has served Millsaps as secre- tary of the Student Body, vice- president of Sigma Lambda, a member of the Majorette Club and of Kappa Delta Epsilon. She also served as president of Kappa Delta Sorority. This year Mary Sue was elected Homecoming Queen and elected Miss Millsaps by the student body. TOM McHORSE Tommy, who served this year as president of the Student Body, is a chemistry major from Jackson, Miss. He is a member of Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, the IFC, and Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, in which he has served as social chairman and vice-president. He has been on the President ' s List and served as orientation co-chairman and president of his junior class. STEVE MEISBURG Steve, who was elected Master Major this year, is a pre-minis- terial student and a history major. He has served as president and student conductor of the Concert Choir, co-chairman of Freshman Orientation, a member of the ten- nis team, and the " M " Club. [ 60 ] CORA MINER Cora is a political science major and spent second semester of her junior year in Washington, D. C, under the Washington Semester Plan. At Millsaps, she has been on the Dean ' s List and has been a member of the C E Committee, the Wesley Foundation, the Stu- dent Union Committee, Wesley Council, and of the Millsaps Players. She has also served as a Political Science assistant. MORRIS THIGPEN Morris, a chemistry major from Meridian, includes among his list of activities, membership in the Wesley Council, Student Senate, and the " M " Club. He was a letterman in football, basketball, and track, and served as student assistant in the Geology Depart- ment. JAMES UNDERWOOD Murray is an accounting major from Forest. While at Millsaps, he has served as president of Omicron Delta Kappa, business manager of the PURPLE AND WHITE, secretary of IFC, and president of Kappa Alpha Fra- ternity. He was on the Presi- dent ' s List and was a member of Eta Sigma and the Social Science Forum. He also served as an as- sistant in the Economics Depart- ment. ALTON WASSON Alton, who is working on the Phi- losophy Honors Program, is a philosophy major from Akerman. He has served Millsaps in the Concert Choir and on the SEB Finance Committee. He has been on the Dean ' s List, the Ex- ecutive Council of the Miss. In- ter-Collegiate Council, and has been an officer in Wesley. He also serves as an orientation counselor. [ 61 ] He is the photographer for campus publications; She sings first soprano in the Concert Choir; He has been president of his class for two years; She has played Clytemnestra and Catherine Holly; They write, paint, act, and support The extracurricular activities. They " work " for little credit but have much fun. [ 63 ] [ 64 ] [ 65 ] A C T I V I T I E S [ 67 ] Student Senate President, Tommy McHorse Secretary, Mary Sue McDonnell Vice-President, Warren Jones Secretary, Martha Ellen Walker Counting ballots after one of Millsaps ' many elections. [ 68 ] Dot Boswell, Dot Taylor, Elizabeth McGlothlin, Natalie Maynor, Fentress Boone, Elise Metheny, Nancy Beth Loper. Women ' s Student Government ! The regulations and restrictions of the women resident students are the responsibility of the Mill- saps Women ' s Student Government. The W.S.G. is an assembly of dormitory assistants, dormitory council members, housemothers, and sorority representatives. The advisor to the organization is Mrs. Glen Pate, Dean of Women. The dormi- tory councils meet each week in the respective dormitories to discuss matters concerning the women resident students. HOUSEMOTHERS: Tohill; Ezelle. Mrs. Robertson. Franklin, Mrs. Maggie Kathy: Founders, Mrs. Helen Daniel; Whitworth-Sanders, Mrs. Kate [ 69 ] i BOBA The click-clack of typewriter keys, the tap-tap of wooden rulers and pencils, the drum-drum of nervous fingers on table tops, the rattling rustle of layout sheets, the clink-clank of coffee cups, the crunchy crackle of potato chip bags — this is the BOBASHELA office at deadline time. Throughout the school year one can see flash bulbs popping over the campus not only at im- portant functions but also at the most inoppor- tune times for some students — for one never knows where or when a BOBASHELA photogra- pher will suddenly appear to snap a candid photo. One may be sure, however, that these cameras are trained on the stage for the annual Beauty Review sponsored by the BOBASHELA — and one of the definite highlights of the school year. Phyllis Myers, Editor Rex Stallings, Features Editor; Mabel Mullins, Honoraries Edi- tor; Mary Elizabeth Witherspoon, Features Editor. Alan Harrigill, Business Manager Dot Taylor. Faculty Editor Betty McMullan. Business Staff [ 70 ] SHELA Yet, at other more " unglamorous " times, one can find the staff members combing the boun- tiful editions of past college yearbooks, kept stored in the hallowed recesses of the office cabi- nets. In their diligence, they are constantly pre- sided over by the papier-mache, yellow and brown giraffe perched on the rafters of the office and by their attractive, soft-spoken editor-in-chief, in her black-rimmed glasses. All work together to put together a BOBASHELA full of lasting memories of college days. " Bobashela " is actually an In- dian word meaning good friend — and it is sure that the BOBASHELA will always be the best friend one can consult for reminiscences of Mill- saps 1963. Greek Editors: Gail McCaa, Max Ostner Layout Editor: Sondra Frew, Activities Editor: Rosalind Welch. Typst: Marilyn Dunavant, Business Staff; Marjoric Buie. Sports Editor: Frank McCaa, Student Life Editor: Mary Murphy. Class Editors: Miriam Jordan and Susan Hymers. Photographers: Lee McCormick and Doug Price. " And little did they know that they had ONE MORE DEADLINE! " Literary Editors: Susanne Lamb, Sally Irby, Linda Kidd. [ 72 ] TJRPLE AND WHITE The upstairs lounge in the Student Union is a very good place for studying — or catching a quick forty winks when you just can ' t make it any long- er — that is, it ' s a good place most of the time. But if sometime you should be upstairs deep in phi- losophy of religion or short, sweet slumber, and should be suddenly aroused by shrill hyena-like screams (which will probably be coming from the PURPLE AND WHITE office, don ' t panic— just gather your wits and listen again. If you do you will probably recognize the sound to be human laughter. Next tiptoe to the door of the office and peek in. The people you see engaged in hys- terical jollity are the editors and staff of the cam- pus newspaper, the PURPLE AND WHITE. They may be working on that week ' s edition — but they probably are not — for these people are strict adherents to the old adage, " All work and no play makes warped personalities. " Perhaps it ' s the quality of being extremely un-warped that en- ables the P. W. staff to turn out a weekly ac- count of what ' s going on around campus and some extras that make the appearance of the PURPLE AND WHITE each week an antici- pated event. PI l l w V B0I »K ALSO " • " TNf I! I W;i " i News Editor and incoming Editor, Kay Barrett Editor and incoming Business Manager, Sam Cole Political Editor, Wayne Dowdy Assistant Editor, Jim Allen [ 73 ] Sports Editor: Dean Shaw I mm ' ■Mb Advertising Editor: Ward VanSkiver Photographer: Dudley Crawford y v •£ ■- ' jJjF ' Amusements Editor: Bill Kemp [ 74 ] STYLUS To the average individual, a stylus is a " sharp- pointed instrument for manifolding with carbon paper. " To the informed Millsaps student Stylus is an anthology of the literary works of campus short story-ists, playwrights, poets and essayists. To the uninformed Millsaps student Stylus is a subject on which to become quickly informed (or suffer the intellectual consequences). For- tunately for the uninformed, there are two oppor- tunities during the year to become acquainted with the literary magazine. If a student should be sick, lost, or hibernating in the library when the fall edition appears — there ' s always the spring edition- — (the only excuse for missing it is falling victim to a belated snowfall). In the spring he may purchase (for a moderate sum) his copy of Stylus and settle down to the delight of becoming informed and offer enthusiastic (and well-de- served) congratulations to its student editorial staff and its gifted contributors. Twinkie Lawhorn, editor of the 1963 Stylus MAJOR FACTS There is a saying among upperclassmen that freshmen don ' t know much (and that saying has, at times, proved to be valid). There is a saying among freshmen that goes, " If an upperclassman doesn ' t know, look it up in Major Facts — well, you ' d better look it up anyway, just to be sure. " Major Facts is a pocket-sized " guide to living " on the Millsaps campus. This little book, which is edited by Millsaps students, as a miniature en- cyclopedia of regulations, traditions and general information about Millsaps. The editor of Major Facts is appointed by the president of the student body, with the advice of the Dean of Students. The 1963 editor of Major Facts is Jim Allen [ 75 ] Countess Aurelia, Wilkerson. the Madwoman of Chailot, was Johnette PLAYERS " Wasn ' t it tremendous! " " Superb perform- ances by every member of the cast! " These are merely wo typical comments that one can hear from the enthusiastic students that pour forth from the auditorium after a presentation by the Millsaps Players. In early November came the Players first " big one " of the year. Under the consistently outstanding direction of Lance Soss, a large troop of dramatic-minded students pre- sented the two-act comedy The Madwoman of Chaillot by French playwright Jean Giraudoux. Not stopping with one, the Players stepped along to an even more smashing success in their " Arena 62 " presentation in December. This twin-bill included Tennessee Williams ' Suddenly Last Summer, and Edward Albee ' s The American Dream. Both plays drew " rave " notices in the Jackson papers. The spring season, of course, was equally successful — adding more plays to the cultural repertoire of Millsaps students. All in all it was a very good year for the Players of Mill- saps — but, delightfully enough, isn ' t every year. Jennifer Stocker. Johnette Wilkerson, Margaret Oehlbeck, and Rosalind Welch in the tea-party scene. [ 76 ] Bill Orr, John Kohler, and Eddie Harris discuss money. Millsaps Players in " The Madwoman of Chailot. " Ann Bowman, Jennifer Stocker, and Diane Barba examine the American Dream, Jim Burdine. Mommy, Daddy, and Granny contemplating. ARENA ' 62 w Grandma tests the Dream ' s strength. Diane Barba, Lloyd Wilson, and Jennifer Stocker argue about Granny ' s boxes. [ 78 ] Margaret Oehlbeck, Mrs. Venable, and Pat Galloway, Catherine Hally. Pat Galloway, Johnette Wilkerson, and Rex Stallings discuss the problem. J X I George Morrison, Dr. Cukrowicz. talks to Catherine. [ 79 ] MILLS APS SINGERS It is probable that many freshmen, before they had ever seen the Millsaps Campus, had heard about the Millsaps Singers. Possibly they had at- tended a Singers concert in their own home town, for the Millsaps Singers is one of the finest choirs in the South and is well-known and received not only in the Southern States but all over the coun- try. This year the Singers ' travels took them to Washington, D. C. and through several of the eastern states. In addition to their performances on the cam- pus, such as the presentation of Handel ' s " Mes- siah " and the annual Feast of Lights Christmas program, the concert choir has sung on many oc- casions for civic and social organizations in and around Jackson. The choir is under the direction of Mr. Leland Byler. [ 80 ] Madrigal Singers The Madrigals Singers, Millsaps smaller choral group, also has a reputation for its fine quality, and each year this reputation grows. The Madri- gals is composed of twenty voices and includes in its repertoire songs ranging from Renaissance to contemporary, secular to spiritual. Like the Con- cert Choir, the Madrigals presents many programs for organizations here in the city and in the sur- rounding area, as well as on campus. Director of the Madrigals is Mr. Lowell Byler. [ 82 ] Chapel Choir The primary function of the Chapel Choir, di- rected by Mr. Charles Sims, is to sing at the weekly chapel services. In the fall it joins the Concert Choir and the Madrigal Singers in pre- senting the " Messiah " and at Christmas, in the presentation of the Feast of Carols. The Chapel Choir is open to anyone who wishes to participate. [ 83 ] A CHRISTIAN COUNCIL The planning and co-ordinating of any inter- denominational religious activity on campus is the responsibility of the Christian Council. The Council membership is comprised of the presi- dents of the campus religious groups and one elected representative from each group. The Council sponsors Holy Communion services (con- ducted in Fitzhugh Chapel by some clerical mem- ber of the faculty) on Wednesday monrings and on days preceding various holidays; each year it sponsors a Religious Emphasis Week, during which follow a theme selected by the Council. Another service of the Christian Council is the printing and distributing of the programs for the weekly chapel services. YWCA The Young Women ' s Christian Association is a national organization committed to Christian ideals and high standards. It has as its purpose the development of young women into better cit- izens and Christians. A sincere interest in pro- moting Christian ideals is its only membership requirements. In the Millsaps chapter, each year the indi- vidual members adopt " little sisters " in the Meth- odist Children ' s Home. These little sisters are entertained with suppers, parties, and trips to special events such as the annual Feast of Carols. The organization meets twice monthly for pro- grams of fellowship, worship, and action projects. f 0 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union on the Millsaps Campus serves as a liason between the Baptist student and the Church. At its meetings, which are held weekly, the BSU presents programs to provide encouragement for spiritual growth and to challenge the student to live a better Christian life . In addition to presenting weekly programs, the Baptist Student Union, in conjunction with the Baptist Churches of Jackson, holds a progressive dinner which provides a tour of the Jackson Bap- tist Churches. MINISTERIAL LEAGUE The Ministerial League is an organization for those students who are planning to enter the min- istry. Membership in the League is open to all pre-ministerial students, regardless of denomina- tion. It is designed to acquaint the pre-minis- terial students with problems which he may face in the ministry and to give him an opportunity for practical experience. The responsibility of printing the schedule cards used in registration belong to the Ministerial League, which also spon- sors the annual Galloway award given to the pre- ministerial student who has prepared the best sermon of that year. Any other projects of the League are conducted in conjunction with the w. c. w. CANTERBURY The organization for those students on campus who are members of the Anglican Communion is the Canterbury Association. Canterbury dedi- cates its programs to worship, study, stewardship, evangelism, and Christian social activity. The Association sponsors a variety of weekly activi- ties which in clude the administration of the sac- rament of the Holy Eucharist, Evening Prayer (The Litany, in Lent), and a weekly discussion session. During Lent Canterbury serves as a sponsor of weekly ecumenical services. DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Disciples Student Fellowship is the campus re- ligious organization of the Christian Church. The purposes of this organization are fellowship, in- formation and worship. Its meetings are held each week on Monday evenings, and the regular pro- gram is followed by refreshments and general dis- cussion. During the course of the year the group has several parties, including a special Christmas party. As its official project the organization has taken partial sponsorship of a child in the Chris- tian Church ' s orphanage in Atlanta, Georgia. Meetings of the Disciples Student Fellowship are open to students of any denomination. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT The campus unit of the Methodist Student Movement is the Wesley Fellowship. Wesley pro- vides fellowship through challenging programs to broaden their ideas. The projects of Wesley in- clude weekly (each Wednesday night) visits to the Boys ' Farm for recreation and short worship services, caroling (shortly before Christmas) at the Methodist and Baptist orphanages, and the an- nual pancake supper (held in the Spring) on the night before the S. E. B. election when each can- didate presents his platform before the student body. WESTMINSTER The campus organization for Presbyterian stu- dents is Westminster. The members of West- minster meet once a week for fellowship, worship, and study. Its programs include speakers, song fests, and even cookouts, and each program in- cludes a brief devotional. In the fall of the year, the Presbyterian churches of Jackson sponsor a progressive dinner for the purpose of stimulating the interest of Millsaps students in attending the Sun day services at one of these churches, and to encourage membership in Westminster. [ 88 ] p • V m ' m " f r •» , mm She is the loudest singer of sorority songs, The sophisticated lady in black with furs, The enthusiastic saleswoman for all projects, The understanding " big sister " to all pledges. He is the fastest twister at every party, The Ivy-Leaguer with blazer and crest, The boisterous supporter of his intramural team, The intellectual who raises his group ' s point-index. She wears his pin with hers. They are the Greeks of Millsaps. [ 90 ] , r r flay ft fc £•£ . . %i w G R E E K S . » m m V, IV % B Hk V. " ■■■ ' " ■■ j». .»▼ tw»- 3f i N «| 1 ' V v k I % ' . . rjH m dHi ■Br 3 IM ' v 4 IK Nil Mi • t . F [ 93 ] PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Panhellenic Council o f Millsaps College is composed of the presidents and two representa- tives of the four sororities. Among the duties of the Council is the compiling of rules governing rushing, pledging, initiating on campus and the general administration of Rush Week. One of the highlights of the year is the Greek dance at the climax of Rush Week which the Panhellenic sponsors jointly with the IFC. The Council strives to maintain high standards of inter-sorority life, to unify the interests of sorority and non-sorority women, and to promote cooperation with college authorities in developing high social and scholas- tic standards. STANDING: Betty McMullen, Phi Mu; Marilyn Stewart, Chi Omega: Marsha Beale, Phi Mu: Mary Ford McDougal, Kappa Delta; Linda Yarbrough, Beta Sigma Omicron; Kay Barret, Chi Omega; Faye Triplett. Beta Sigma Omicron. SEATED: Lois Lawson, President, Beta Sigma Omicron; Linda Mayfield, Vice President, Phi Mu; Marjorie Buie, Treasurer, Kappa Delta; Mary Par ker Harmon, Secretary, Chi Omega. [ 95 ] ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Dot Allen Joan Allen Ethel Beasley Donna Rae Bell Elizabeth Box Kay Brunton Marcia Cooper Phillys Dear Pauline Dickson Pat Dugan Mary Paul Duval Mary Claire Ervin Pat Galloway Martha Holliday Betty Gay Joest Mary Ina Jordan Thelma Koonce Georganne Lammons Jennifer Lawrence Lois Lawson Ellen Lewis Glenna Lisenby Judy Michal Sherry Monk Martha Norman Beryl Price Judy Price Waldine Price Kay Rayfield Gloria Rees Julie Revels Alice Scott Jennifer Stocker Barbara Tate Pat Taylor Laura Trent Faye Triplett Jan Thigpen Paulette Warren Judy Weissinger Betty Williams Lynda Yarbrough BETA SIGMA OMICRON Betty Gay Joest, Treas.; Linda Yarbrough, Pres.; Judy Michal, Sec. Elizabeth Box, Vice-Pres. Her favorite colors are ruby and pink; her fa- vorite flower is the red rose; and oh, how she loves to sing! She is a member of Beta Sigma Omicron Sorority . . . She and her Beta Sig sis- ters are enthusiastic workers in many organiza- tions at Millsaps as well as in their own group. Throughout the year major roles in the Play- ers ' productions were portrayed by Beta Sigs, and hammers, paint brushes, and make-up sponges were wielded by BSO ' s behind the scenes. The gym resounded with cheers when the BSO ' s took the floor for Intramurals. Some members preferred songs to cheers as they sang with the Madrigals and the Concert Choir. Leadership was found within this sorority with the presence of the president of Panhellenic Council and the president of Wesley Foundation, and two seniors were elected to Who ' s Who and Sigma Lambda. For these efforts and for their diligent studies, BSO ' s were received as members of several hon- oraries including Theta Nu Sigma, Alpha Psi Omega, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Pi Delta Phi, and Majorette Club. 97 CHI DELTA CHAPTER Kathy Alexander Susan Alford Virginia Alford Tatia Anderson Blair Anding Marie Bacot Thelma Bailey Babs Ballard Kay Barret Susan Barry Dot Boswell Patsy Carmichael Wini Cheney Roberta Clark Anna Dennery Marilyn Dickson Marilyn Fincher Laura Finger Dell Fleming Linda Fowler Susan Hall Alix Hallman Mary Parker Harmon Ann Harvey Kathy Hymers Susan Hymers Sally Irby Vicki Jones Lisa Jordan Miriam Jordan Diana Keeney Suzanne Lamb Linda Lane Barbara Lefeve Mary Linda Lewis Sue Ellen Lovejoy Natalie Maynor Pat Michael Sarah Moffett Phyllis Myers Mary Frances Nester Jo Ol iver Janey Owen Paula Page Sandra Rainwater Mary Jane Ray Shirley Ryland Cleta Shirley Marilyn Stewart Mimi Sutton Eileen Traxler Nancy Underwood Gail Virden Pat Warren Wanda Weems Rosalind Welch ■■B Mary Coral Weller Meg Wells Janice Williams Mary Elizabeth Witherspoon [ 98 CHI OMEGA Susan Hymers, Vice-Pres.; Miriam Jordan, Sec. Pres.; Dell Fleming, Treas. Marilyn Stewart, The little white bridge on President Street leads to a little white house among the trees which has weathered twenty-eight years of Rush Week, pledging, and initiation for Chi Omega Fraternity. Then suddenly the Chi O owls built a new nest of red brick by the library. The lovers of the tawny grey bird had a new home in 1962 for their tra- dition of outstanding activity. Campus leaders emerged from the new house as quickly as they had from the old. There were singers for the Madrigals and Concert Choir, actresses and backstage workers for the Millsaps Players, writers for the PURPLE AND WHITE, staff members and an editor-in-chief for the BOB- ASHELA, athletes for Intramurals, and cheer- leaders for the Millsaps Majors. Elections brought forth others: three won places (including first) among the top five beauties, two became class of- ficers, and three joined the group of campus favor- ites. From among these well-known Chi O ' s were tapped members for Theta Nu Sigma, Eta Sigma Phi, I.R.C., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Social Science Forum, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Pi Delta Phi, and Majorette Club. There was a lighter tradition at the Chi Omega house, too. This year they resumed the custom which was broken last year of choosing an Owl Man. Murray Underwood was crowned at the an- nual fall party. [ 99 ] Gabe Beard Nell Bishop Nancy Blackmon Betsy Blount Fentress Boone Beth Boswell Marjorie Buie Billie Lee Chambers Bonnie Jean Coleman Connie Cutrer Suzanne DeMoss JoAnne Edgar Mary Fairfax Judith Ferrel Pattie Fitzgerald Marion Fleming Rachel Gerdes Sandra Graves Kaye Green Brenda Harris Judy Hatfield Ann Henley Sandra Hill Millie Hockingheimer Judy Johnston Jean Jones Kathy Khayat Lynne Krutz Twinkie Lawhorn Mildred Lawrence Nancy Loper Celane McCown Gale McDonnell Mary Sue McDonnell Mary Ford McDougall Nan McGahey Kay McGehee Sarah Mclnnis Carolyn Mozingo Mabel Mullins Suzanne Murfee Mary Nordon Becky Paine Beth Parks Margaret Peteet Ruth Pickett Judy Power Dottie Renshaw Margaret Riley Sandra Robinson Lynn Simms Margaret Smith Linda Stanfill Dot Taylor Marion Taylor Carolyn Teaster Jean Thickens Janice Toon Martha Ellen Walker Patsy Ward Joy Weston Ginger White Sylvia Wilson MU CHAPTER Martha Young Mary Helen Utesch [ 100 ] __ KAPPA DELTA Martha Ellen Walker, Sec; Dot Taylor, Treas. nell, Pres.; Bellie Lee Chambers, Vice-Pres. Mary Sue McDon- Chances are, that girl carrying a bouquet of white roses is on her way to visit a friend in the hospital; then again, she may be a member of Kappa Delta Sorority on her way to decorate for the White Rose Ball. If she is a KD, she is prob- ably in a hurry because she has a million and one things to do before she can go out that night. Be- sides getting her hair done, she may have to prac- tice with the Concert Choir (or maybe it ' s the Madrigals); or perhaps if she is the KD who is a cheerleader, there is, more than likely, a practice or a game that she must go to. And, she is only one of many busy KD ' s, for the Mu Chapter of Kappa Delta counts among its members many active young women who are re- cipients of a number of high honors. This year, from KD membership came the Homecoming Queen and Miss Millsaps, two campus favorites, three members of Who ' s Who, the secretary and the treasurer of the Student Body, three class of- ficers, the president and secretary of the Women ' s Council, one of the top five beauties, and the edi- tor of STYLUS. The Kappa Deltas were further rewarded for their service to Millsaps when KD ' s were selected for membership in Sigma Lambda, Eta Sigma Phi, Pi Kappa Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Eta Sigma, Pi Delta Phi, the Majorette Club, IRC, and the Social Science Forum. ' ■■ M ■■ ■HP m ■■•■ i y-v 2l [ 101 ] EPSILON CHAPTER Judy Allen Peggy Atwood Mary Dean Bartle Marsha Beale Bonnie Buford Gail Burke Jean Burnett Martha Byrd Barbara Case Trudy Church Robbie Clark Kay Dawson Anne Franklin Sharon Graves Louise Haley Kay Hollingsworth Jean Housholder Myra Kibler Kathy Lehmann Luran Luper Linda Mayfield Martha McCool Francie McGown Charlotte McKay Nina McLemore Betty McMullen Sue McMurchy Jackie Miller Grace Moore Mary Clay Murphy Sandra Murphy Janet Oliver Anne Pennebaker Judy Poole Julia Price Sheila Raymond Patsy Rodden Gwen Ross Susan Sutton Sue Thomas Betty Jo Tyner Candye Vassar Susan Waight Anne Clare Williamson Laura Wills Anne Wooly PHI MU STANDING: Betty McMullen, Pres.; Myra Kibler, Vice-Pres.: Peggy Atwood, Pledge Trainer. SEATED: Gwen Ross, Treas.: Sharon Graves, Sec. The neat little cottage on North President Street is always bustling with activity, for the Phi Mu Fraternity is noted for its zest and school spir- it. Their clever skits during Rush Week, their lively dances and parties, and their warmth and friendliness to everyone are things which one nat- urally associates with the Phi Mu ' s. They lend their enthusiastic participation to practically every phase of campus life. Two of their members are serving as school cheerleaders, and two others were maids in the Homecoming Court (an honor bestowed upon them by the football team for their active support of athletic events). Also, from the Phi Mu chapter come the president of B.S.U., vice-president and secre- tary-treasurer of the sophomore class. They boast of one of the top twenty beauties, a worker on the BOBASHELA staff, writers for the PUR- PLE AND WHITE, workers in the Players, an outstanding member of the Debate Team, and a delegate to the annual Youth Congress. Among the honoraries claiming Phi Mu ' s as members are Theta Nu Sigma, Eta Sigma Phi, Social Science Forum, and the Majorette Club. — [ 103 ] STANDING: Bill Kimbrell, KS; Roy Duncan, PiKA; Richard Clayton, LXA; Wayne Dowdy, KA. SEATED: Don Mitchell, treasurer, KS; Jim Persons, vice-president, PiKA; Alan Harrigill, president, LXA; Murray Underwood, secre- tary, KA. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL [ 104 ] The Interfraternity Council is an organization designed to regulate and govern the activities of the four social fraternities on Millsaps campus. Composed of two elected representatives from each fraternity, it works to create a spirit of friendly brotherhood among the men ' s organiza- tions. Naturally their main duty is the co-ordi- nation of Rush Week activities. However, they also seek to unify fraternity action in solving the many problems which arise throughout the school year and to promote active cooperation between the college and the individual fraternities. ALPHA MU CHAPTER Gene Ainsworth Jim Allen George Atkinson Will Austin William Barksdale Edward Boone Bob Bowling Larry Broadhead Sammy Clark Scott Coffield Sam Cole Ken Converse Phil Converse Eugene Countiss Dudley Crawford Bill Croswell Ronnie Daughdrill Dick DeNovellis Wayne Dowdy Tommy Fenter Tommy Fowlkes Mike Gemmell Charles Gentry Kenneth Gilbert Mike Graves Lewis Hatten Burnett Hull Frank Jones Warren Jones Don Lacy John Lewis Larry Ludke Burkett Martin Lee McCormick Jimmy McLemore Tim Medley Steve Meisburg Don Miller Charles Moore Cobern Ott James W. Pate Doug Price Mac Price Johnny Reeves Walter Rueff Dean Shaw Vence Smith Tommy Starling Benny Stone Tommy Thompson Marcue Treadway James Underwood Ward VanSkiver John Wallace Richard Warren Phil Yeates [ 106 ] _ ..-•; - • ■ Piles of furniture, old papers, soft drink bot- tles, owl feathers, and tattered Confederate flags were the first evidence that Kappa Alpha Order was abandoning its old white house for a new " Southern mansion. " Other evidence that the " grand ole gang " took the initiative in campus activity was frequent rep- resentation at the polls. The vice-president of the student body, the presidents of the four classes, the vice-president of one class and the president of ODK, all followed the Southern Tradition. Mas- ter Major, two campus favorites, and three mem- bers of Who ' s Who were also of the " gang. " In other fields the Southern gentlemen led as the editor and the business manager of the PUR- PLE AND WHITE, staff members of the BOBA- SHELA, members of the Concert Choir and the Millsaps Players. They were represented on the football, basketball, track, golf, and baseball teams; and thus they contributed many members to the " M " Club. Omicron Delta Kappa, Theta Nu Sigma, Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and the Social Sci- ence Forum chose members and officers from among the followers of Lee. KAPPA ALPHA STANDING: Dean Shaw, No. 3; Bill Barksdale, No. 2; Murray Underwood, No. 1. SEATED: Susan Barry, Kappa Alpha Rose. [ 107 ] ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER Rod Bartlett Jimmy Boynton Tommy Bundy Tom Cooper Joe Crain Bill Currie William E. Davenport John Gillis John Grayson Doug Greene Carl Hagwood Dickie Haining Pete Halat William R. Hall, Jr. Warren Hinton Garland Holliman Brett Johnson Raymond Jones Bill Kimbrell Charlie Kuebler Lee Lewis Frank McCaa David Meadows Paul Miller Maurice Morgan Kenneth Moser Kirk Nelson Ben Nichols Martin Pearson Nick Rebold Tom Rhoden Dickie Roberts Ronnie Rodgers Jerry Rowzee Bob Rutledge Grover Shannon Charles Smith Jimmy Stubbs Bill Tarver Tommy Thornton Warren Traub Lovelle Upton On the other side (but the " right " side) of North State Street stands a stately white house. Therein reside 20 Kappa Sigma ' s, one boxer pup- py, and one big black Persian cat. Oftentimes, shouts of " where is J-o-o-ohn, B-e-e-e?!! " and " Thirteen, thirteen, thirteen, screaming, scream- ing, screaming . . . . " and those who hear may be moved to remark, " The Sigs are at play. " On occa- sion silence reigns and the Sigs are at work — work which has resulted in the election of a Kappa Sig- ma to Who ' s Who, members of Kappa Sigma be- ing tapped by various honoraries including ODK, Eta Sigma Phi, and Alpha Epsilon Delta, of which a Kappa Sig has been elected president. Two members of Kappa Sigma have been elected cam- pus favorites, and one has been elected cheer- leader. This work extends beyond the white house and across the street where the Sigs serve Millsaps as staff members and editors of the BOBASHELA and the PURPLE AND WHITE, in the Concert Choir and Madrigals, and on football and basket- ball teams, officers of the Ministerial League and " M " Club, and on the SEB. KAPPA SIGMA Pat Barrett, Grand Procurator; Bob Rutledge. Guard; Don Mitchell, Grand Master; Dick Haining, Grand Scribe; Joe Crain, Grand Mas- ter of Ceremonies; Ray Lewand, Guard. [ 109 ] Keith Alford Gene Barlow Joe Broome Gordon Brown Philip Carney Dave Carter Richard Clayton John Crampton Jimmy Crow Luke Dove Maynard Hacker John Hambrick Alan Harrigill Larry Hawkins Huey Jones Ted Jordan Curt Lamar Geoff Lammons Dempsey Levi Joel Levi Gene Lockett Ben McEachin Tom McHorse John McMillan Dick McMurray George Morrison Wade Myers Fred Parker William Parker Ted Peak Charles Rains Frederick Rendfrey Howard Phillips John Rohrer Phillip Segrest Ed Shaffer Jim Strong Brown Walker William Watkins Edward Williams George Wilkerson THETA ETA ZETA tuiktik y liJltMifcfc dtUiMl MfMdM L« % t I It has become almost a school tradition to hear the name of Lambda Chi Alpha read as the fra- ternity scholarship cup winner on Tap Day. And indeed, they pride themselves not only in their academic achievements but also in the contribu- tions of their members to school life. From among their ranks come the president of the Student Body, the president of the Interfraternity Council, two members of Who ' s Who, two members of ODK, the business manager of the BOBASHELA, and several of the top debaters. Campus honor- aries claiming Lamba Chi ' s as members are Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pi Kappa Delta, and the Interna- tional Relations Club. As a change of pace from their studies and more serious campus activities, the Lambda Chi ' s often discuss what new color to paint a certain room in their house next year. Also, they have the distinction of contributing the tallest player to the basketball team and the coolest " Colonel " to WJXN. Huey Jones, Scribe; Richard Clayton, Pres.; George Wilkerson, Vice- Pres.; Robert Adsit, Treas.; Betty McMullen, Crescent Girl. [ HI ] LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Jack Akers Hammill Anderson James Anderson Ronald Atkinson Doug Averitt Neal Blades Joe Blythe Kees Brameyer Cal Bullock William Calvert Don Carlisle Bill Dodge Allen Dowd Roy Duncan Marcy Dupre Murphree Evans Terry Fincher John Freeman Jimmy Gentry Ronnie Gilbert Alex Gordon Lee Graham Glenn Graves Lee Hasseltine Wayne Heidelberg Ray Hester Tommy Hontzas Dave Ingebretson Ernest Jabour Glenn James William Journey Edward Kennedy John Kohler Bobby Lewis Paul Mabry Bill Matthews David McDaniel Lewis Nordan Max Ostner Jim Persons Steve Scuddcr Pete Shepherd Peter Sklar Johnny Smith Rex Stallings Sammy Tucker William Turnage Kelly Williams Rockne Wilson It was a somber group that met behind Found- ers Hall on that cold night of December 7. The men were clad in dark suits; the women were wearing black. In the midst of this lugubrious gathering lay a coffin bearing the last remains of some poor departed soul. As the parade of mourners made their way slowly across the cam- pus, passers-by removed their hats in respect to the dead. Then the wake reached its destina- tion . . . not a graveyard, but the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity house, where the clatter of snooker balls could soon be heard mingled with shouts of laughter at the doleful ruse of the evening. The Pikes were giving a " Morgue Party. " The Pikes just seem to have a knack for party-giving, as evidenced by the " Red Neck " party and the Cot- ton Ball where the Dream Girl of PiKA was an- nounced. Something new for the Pikes this year was a visit to Memphis highlighted by a tour of the fraternity ' s national office. Other activities of the Pikes include singing in the choir, rehearsing with the Players, and rally- ing with the Majors on the basketball court. They are members of Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, and Kit Kat. This year found a Pike among the campus Favorites and another holding the position of junior class vice-president. Neal Blades, Sec; Max Ostner, Treas.; Jim Persons, Pres. Hester, Vice-Pres.; Bonnie Jean Coleman, Dream Girl. Raymond [ H3 ] PI KAPPA ALPHA He is the team ' s best southpaw. She snares trophies with a tennis racket. He sneaks around left end for a touchdown. He sinks every free shot. They participate in varsity and intramural thletics. They are members of the M-Club and Majorette Club. They play to win in a sportsman-like way. 8 , Bffitifc Bygi ttl I 3 N WATCH THE MOTORS SPARKLE -- ■ftJKrfp A T H L E T I C S %r V ' 6 i4f ' - ■ 0ft % lO I [ H7 ] George Atkinson Bob Boling Sharon Graves CHEERLEADERS " Ya ' ll YELL! " And we did and if enthu- siasm waned, it was revitalized by the same press- ing command The spirit-spurters who keep us yelling — make all WANT to yell — are the cheer- leaders. Those eight purple and white figures down front who never stop — maybe take vitality pills — or maybe it ' s just infectious spirit — but whatever it is, it works Gwin Ross Marilyn Stewart Mimi Sutton m k4 ' y Athletic Director, Coach James Montgomery Football coaches: Flatt, Montgomery, Breland and Dupes. MILLSAPS COACHES This year, the Athletic Department at Millsaps had the largest coaching staff ever employed. Working with the Athletic Director, Dr. James Montgomery, were head football coach Bill Dupes, Coach Jerry Flatt, backfield. and Coach Vonnie Mack Breland, assistant line coach. In January, Coach Dupes resigned to accept a posi- tion at Austin Peay State Teacher ' s College, leav- ing behind a 3-4-1 season, the best football record since 1956. Selected to succeed Coach Dupes as head coach was Ray Thornton, a graduate of the University of Mississippi. Before he came to Millsaps, Coach Thornton was assistant football coach at Wake Forest. Coach Dupes Coach Thornton [ H9 ] The Millsaps Majors eagerly head for an afternoon victory. FOOTBALL " The athletic policy of Millsaps College is based on the premise that athletics exist for the benefit of the students and not primarily to en- hance the prestige and publicity of the college. " This sentence found in the 1961 -62 Millsaps Col- lege Bulletin well describes the spirit of the var- sity team. To the men on the team it means bit- ter disappointment, some discouragement, pride in triumph and anticipation of more wins. To the students in the stands watching from the sidelines, it ' s ringing cowbells and throwing up your hands and shouting, gloating a little, being excited a lot. Or it ' s being disappointed and not showing it because " we ' ll win the next one. " To all of them — players, cheerleaders, spectators — it ' s building spirit and pride in Millsaps and pride in themselves as individual men and women. Captain Lee Harding 13 7 Sewanee 7 24 Austin 28 40 Georgetown 7 21 Southwestern 3 Maryville 14 7 Livingston 7 Ouachita 20 Trainer, Jim " Snort " Allen, assists Dick Livingston with an injury. [ 120 ] I . Bob Rutledgc Halfback Captain Bob Aired End John Aldridge End Jimmy Boynton Center Pat Barrett Halfback Bill Barksdale Tackle Millsaps ' fullback, Gaines Massey, fights his way through the Bison line. Millsaps Harding 13 A capacity crowd at Alumni Field saw the Millsaps Majors play their opening game against the Bisons of Harding College. Continuous rain made the playing field a sea of mud. Consequent- ly, both teams had trouble handling the ball. Not until the last quarter of the game did the Bisons break the scoreless tie. With nine minutes left in the game Millsaps fumbled deep in their own territory. Harding, naturally, went on from there for the inevitable touchdown. But one touchdown called for another. When the final buzzer sound- ed the score was 13 to in favor of Harding. Majors 7 Sewanee 7 The Majors began to " show their muscles " in their second game of the season against Sewanee on the Tennesseean ' s playing field. The Tigers got off to an early 7-0 lead in the first half. How- ever, the Majors, showing a fine defensive skill, held Sewanee to this mark for the rest of the game. In the second half, Millsaps demon- strated a new burst of energy; and after a drive into Sewanee ' s territory, Don Mitchell took the ball across the line to tie the game. Several field goal attempts were made the final minutes of the game by the Majors. All failed and time ran out with the score still tied. Nevertheless, the Majors showed themselves to be a much improved team, with bright prospects for the games to come. End Doug Greene steals a Sewanee pass intended for the Sewanee halfback. [ 121 ] John Clark Tackle David Clark Center Dick DeNovellis Guard Jerry Drane Halfback Doug Greene End Johnny Gillis Fullback Millsaps 21 Southwestern Millsaps gained their first victory of the season at their Homecoming game at Newell Field by trouncing Southwestern 21 to 0. An enthusiastic and very large crowd of students and alumni watched the Majors put together a wide-open offense and air-tight defense to score in every period except the second and to keep the Lynx players from any serious scoring threat. Out- standing playing by Don Mitchell, Pat Barrett and William Richardson gave the Majors their three touchdowns. It was Millsaps all the way through- out the game — and the most exciting Homecom- ing game for Millsaps in many years. Halfback, Bob Rutledge, sprints for Millsaps touchdown. Johnny Hatten Guard Lewis Hatten Halfback Gerald Jacks Guard I Southwestern halfback rambles for yardage against a tough Mill- saps defense. Millsaps 24 Austin 28 Scoring two touchdowns in the wild fourth quarter the Kangaroos of Austin College over- came Millsaps early, a spirited lead to win 28 to 24 at the first night game at Newell Field in Jackson. It was a heartbreaking game for Mill- saps to lose. Until the fourth quarter, their de- fense was very good and their offense had two touchdowns and a field goal to show for itself. Austin pulled ahead, however, and the score was lop-sided in favor of Austin when Bob Rutledge scored Millsaps third and last touchdown. The clock ran out before the Majors had another chance to score, and there was nothing to do but accept a hard loss as the reward for a very fine game. Ray Lewand Halfback Roger Lowery Quarterback Dick Livingston End _ • Svik-. BI Millsaps 40 Georgetown 7 Fresh with the taste of victory from their win over Southwestern, the Majors went on the ram- page to slaughter the Georgetown, Kentucky, Tigers 40 to 7 in one of the most lop-sided con- test for the Majors ever played on Alumni field. Halfback Bob Rutledge led the Majors ' scoring parade with an impressive record; three touch- downs and four extra points. Quarterback Don Mitchell personally accounted for two more scores and Halfback Pat Barrett made the final tally. It was Millsaps ' game from beginning to end. An excellent defense and an unsurpassed scoring ability combined to make it a big day for en- thusiastic spectators and players alike. ■ ■fcJK Bob Rutledge, Millsaps halfback, heads for pay dirt while George- town defensive man hangs on. Again the Mighty Millsaps defense stops Georgetown for a no gainer. Don Mitchell Quarterback Gaines Massey Fullback Millsaps 3 Maryville 14 Backed by a spirited crowd cheering at their own field, the Scotsmen of Maryville, Tennessee, trounced the highly favored Millsaps Majors in a 14 to 3 contest. The Majors only score was a field goal kicked early in the game by the golden toe of Bob Rutledge. Though the score remained a close 7-3 throughout most of the game, with 41 seconds remaining the Scots sprinted over their good defensive qualities, but showed a disap- pointing lack of scoring ability against the Scots. All in all, it was hard to take the loss after their two previous overwhelming victories. Melvyn Smith Tackle, Guard Robert Smith End Lovelle Upton End - - ' JtL IF! St.- David Williams End Richard Warren Guard Bill Cherry Halfback Tommy Fowlkes End Majors 7 Livingston Bouncing back from their loss to Maryville the Majors took a 7-0 contest from the Livingston State ' s Tigers at Livingston. A touchdown by Gaines Massey and an extra point by Bob Rut- ledge were all that was needed for the win. Mill- saps showed their best defense of the season against Livingston holding them scoreless throughout the game. The Majors fumbled away other big scoring opportunities in the game after their first touchdown. However, the game was theirs and they had their third " sweet taste of Victory. " Millsaps 7 Ouchita 20 The Majors had wanted to make their last game of the season another big victory, but their hopes were dashed by a 20 to 7 loss to the Ouchita Ti- gers at Alumni Field. The Millsaps men made a courageous last effort. The score remained tied 7-7 until the last quarter. It was then that Ou- chita made their last two touchdowns to clinch the game. Nevertheless, even with the loss, the Majors finished the season with the best overall record in several years and some impressive vic- tories to remember for a lifetime. HF Bob Rutledge gains precious yardage before being hauled down. The Majors ' offense prepare to plunge forward for a possible gain in yardage. ». . f ?£ " TV IfetfMf Ml m m : f4 " I was an ole cowhand, hut how in the dickens did I get into this? " J LL --Sfc . " You may think we ' re horsin ' around, but YOU ' LL NEVER KNOW! " «■ «■ » %8 ■ " OH, NO! I ' m going the WRONG WAY! " [ 125 ] " Now wait, boys — if you want it THAT bad, I ' ll give it to you! i ft ■ 1 i . ifl ■ I gg ati THE 1962-63 BASKETBALL TEAM BASKETBALL With an excellent starting lineup and a number of good reserve players, Coach James A. Mont- gomery had Millsaps ' best basketball personnel in many years. But they faced a formidable sched- ule of powerful foes, including several new op- ponents, and many away-from-home games. In their first two outings they were soundly defeated and lost much of their pre-season optimism. They regained a great deal of their spirit by defeating Southwestern in their first victory on the road in more than three years. Yet throughout most of the season the Millsaps Majors played as the un- derdog. In the end, however, they had managed to eke out six victories in twenty-eight contests. Coach Montgomery 49 54 80 72 75 80 67 67 65 67 65 64 73 90 67 72 85 67 50 67 69 59 67 52 84 75 55 Southeastern Louisiana College Arkansas A M College Lambuth College Southwestern William Carey College St. Bernard College Livingston State College Southwestern Lambuth College Union University Huntington College Birmingham Southern College Belhaven College Livingston State College Union University William Carey College Belhaven College St. Bernard College University of the South Athens College East Texas Baptist College Birmingham Southern College Huntingdon College Southeastern Louisiana College University of the South Southwestern Birmingham Southern College 84 67 84 65 90 81 74 78 90 78 82 68 71 82 112 87 67 90 65 104 84 67 110 59 69 99 57 Jack Ainsworth Guard Jamie Arrington Guard Phil Converse Guard Forrest Goodwin Forward Pete Hallet Forward Charles Smith Forward Charles Moore Center Dick McMurray Forward Fred RenFree Center Van Trantham Center Robert Smith Forward Crawley Stubblefield Guard Morris Thigpen Center Jimmy Williams Guard Phil ' s small but his accuracy is deadly! Fred ' s up again for TWO! Morris fights valiantly for the ball! Free ball and then comes the inevitable scramble! Charlie makes opponents sweat as two more points are chalked up for the Majors. » ? Jimmy Williams jumps into trouble while Fred is powerless to help at the moment. Fred clears the floor and defenders ' arms for two points for the Majors. Jimmy Williams up for the rebound. Converse explodes with a burst of power for the Majors [ 129 ] Tension begins as Majors grab opening toss-up. Stubblefield squirms, always looking for the pay- off. No chance for defense when Fred captures the ball. TWO POINTS! [ 130 ] REBOUND! Now it ' s our time for two! Charlie wards off would-be attackers as Phil Converse shoots. Look, boys, I CAN Fly! " Something tells me I ' m going to need Collision insurance! " Help me, Fred, this character is getting tough! Hey! who put cellophane over our goal? Bottom row: Ronnie Daughdrill, Larry Ludke, Pat Barrett. Coach Montgomery. Ted Peak, Donnie Brock, win, Ken Eikert, " Red " Bert, Ray Lewand, Frank McCaa. Top row: John Aldridge, Forrest Good- 1962 TRACK Last spring the Millsaps campus saw its first year of varsity track, and the Majors did well for themselves in their season in bo th team and indi- vidual competition. Events in which they starred included the pole-vault, discus, hurdles, high jump, broad jump, mile run, javelin, shotput, and the relay. They competed at meets at neigh- boring schools such as Southwestern, Taylor, and Howard, to name a few. In these meets the team broke existing records in the 440-yard and the 880-yard relay. In the fall, the cross-country team made a good showing at the tri-college meet in Memphis with Bambuth and Southwestern. All in all, twelve athletes earned letters in track dur- ing the season. The enthusiastic support of the student body at the track meets last spring was a great encouragement to the team, which gives every sign that this spring will be an even better year in track. Supreme effort and concentration are personified in Dan Denton ' s hurdles. ACTION! Mighty Wayne Dickerson hurls the discus over the rough sod J i 1 al 4 r • ' J i- | ' " tW. 1 ' V ken Eikert finishes first! — " HP Sk. ' Preparation for the race is just as important as the race itself; Pat and Rocky start to ' " .warm up " by doing push-ups. Gibson Sims strong-arms the javelin. • — ■ Bill Curry races on to retain his lead in the cross-country race. ■mm m— — mm — 1962 BASEBALL Enthusiasts of the national sport looked for- ward to the late spring when Millsaps would pro- duce another excellent baseball team. A number of returning lettermen gave promise once again of a winning season. With spirits undampened by last year ' s record of four wins against nine losses, the squad worked eagerly to shine on the dia- mond. A4 u k m + ■ «.iv i iss ' At 5 Burnett Hull races toward first base in a desperate ef- fort to BEAT THAT BALL. Denny Britt rounds the diamond, scoring for the Majors. [ 134 ] IB A MILLSAPS FIRST Jimmy Blaaew, Edgar Grisham, Phil Goodyear. Jimmy Blaaew, Phil Goodyear ARCHERY Just as the BOBASHELA was going to the publisher, Millsaps, under the direction of Dean Christmas was in the process of forming the first Archery Club. We regret that we do not have any more information on them, but we did want to give these boys and their sponsor a hardy con- gratulations and wish them success in the coming year. Hsl f « f? ' •■ X ? Top Row: Rhett Mitchell, Steve Meisburg, Tommy Blue. Bottom Row: Alan Henderson, Barbara Whyte, Ed Magee. V- TENNIS On the tennis courts the Millsaps Majors played one of their best sports. The team has an envi- able reputation in inter-collegiate play in the South. 1963 promises to be one of their greater years with several lettermen and one letterwoman returning. Jm Millsaps ' only woman and number two tennis team player, Barbara Whyte. A practice session before the tournament. Front: Preston Wells, Webb Buie, Larry Broadhead. Back: John Aldridge, Jimmy Williams, Coach Edge, Don Miller, Clyde Satterwhite. GOLF Jimmy Williams blasts a long ball down the midway for a good opening shot. Warm days brought out the Majors ' golfers to perform on the largest sports field before the smallest crowds. Return of the main lettermcn from last year gave the team a good chance to excel in inter-collegiate play. But the team had lost its best player in many years; Mary Mills had entered professional women ' s tournaments. [ 137 ] Don Miller tees off with a mighty blow. BOYS ' INTRAMURALS Coach Montgomery is the director of the boys ' intramural competition at Millsaps. All four fra- ternities and the Independents enter teams for the five designated sports: basketball, softball, volley- ball, tennis and golf. Speedball, which has been the cause of numerous injuries in the heated in- ter-fraternity play, was dropped by the Intramural Council early in the fall. However, competition was still keen and interest lively in the other sports, as each fraternity tried hard to capture the coveted Intramural Trophy, which the Kappa Alpha ' s have held for three straight years. " I ' ll teach those young squirts how to REALLY hit a ball STEVE: " I don ' t know what you ' re doing, Fred, you know I ' m the best player, even if I ' m NOT seven feet tall. And people think that the ballet is hard! [ 139 ] " These here shades, Charlie, just DON ' T take the place of night time. " Annual gathering of the Peace Corps. Ball in two — hands. We may be delinquents, but we AREN ' T juvenile! ttekmi GIRLS ' INTRAMURALS Girls intramurals are under the supervision of Miss Ann Edge. The various sports in which the four sororities and the independent teams partici- pate are basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, golf, and badminton. Team champions are de- termined in volleyball, basketball, and softball. Individual girls are declared in the tennis, bad- minton, and golf competition. The girls ' intra- mural trophy is awarded to the sorority which compiles the greatest number of points for indi- vidual and team competition in the six sports. [ 141 ] Somebody pushed! I used to have that slumped-over feeling — but no more! ■ 1 W ' JPw - Some people just WONT leave you alone! " To the victor goes the spoils " — A BALL? [ 142 ] Everybody in time now — ONE, TWO, Cha, Cha, Cha. Come on, gals, be a sport — let me play! Up in the air, Junior birdmen! A radical variation of the " Minuet in G. He excels in football, In French, or in debate. She leads her class in scholarship; She is an authoress of note. They take an interest in foreign affairs; They are the leaders in every activity. They are the honored on Tap Day; They are the successful. [ 144 ] [ 145 ] H N R A R I E S [ H7 ] Dr. Moore, Murray Underwood. Dr. Finger, Dr. Laney. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA PRESIDENT Murray Underwood ADVISOR Dr. Ross Moore ODK, national leadership honorary, recognizes outstanding men on the basis of service, leader- ship, and character. It recognizes leadership in five areas: scholarship, student government; so- cial and religious groups; athletics; publications; and arts. ODK sponsors Tap Day each semester and awards a scholarship trophy to the Greek organization having the highest average. Jt " - tr. Alan Harrigill, Don Mitchell Warren Jones, Lawerence Coleman. Eddie Harris, Tommy McHorse. [ H8 ] I ' Mrs. Pale. Miss Morehead, Miss Craig. SIGMA LAMBDA PRESIDENT: Twinkie Lawhorn ADVISOR: Mrs. Pate Sigma Lambda, a leadership honor society for women, was founded at Millsaps in 1934 by ODK. To be extended an invitation to membership in Sigma Lambda, a woman student must have a 2.0 overall average, a variety of leadership serv- ices on campus, personal qualities suggesting Mary Sue McDonnell. Martha Ellen Walker. leadership ability and second semester junior standing. Recognizing outstanding accomplish- ments in scholarship, leadership, and campus ac- tivities, Sigma Lambda represents the ultimate achievements for a Millsaps woman. Elizabeth Box, Joan Allen. Twinkie Lawhon. [ 149 ] Dot Taylor, Elise Matheny. ETA SIGMA PHI PRESIDENT: Martha Ellen Walker VICE PRESIDENT: Linda Lane SECRETARY: Diana Kenney TREASURER: Mary Helen Utesch ADVISOR: Mr. W. T. Jolly STANDING: J. McNair, A. Wooly, A. M. Men Jell. M. Jordan, B. Whyte, G. Kester. M. H. Utesch, L. Lane, D. Kenney, M. E. Walker. SEATED: Eta Sigma Phi is a national honorary classical fraternity. The requirements for membership are first semester sophomore standing and a B average in the classics. The purpose of the honorary is to recognize outstanding students in Greek and Latin studies and to increase the knowledge of the art and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. On the national level, Eta Sigma Phi publishes The Nuntius, a quarterly magazine, and sponsors an annual national convention. Alpha Pi chapter, established at Millsaps in 1935, sponsors the Alfred Porter Hamilton award to the outstanding Latin student at Murrah High School and holds a traditional banquet. ETA SIGMA PRESIDENT Lawrence Coleman Eta Sigma was established at Millsaps College in the 1920 ' s and was re-established in 1957. Its purpose is to recognize students of outstanding scholastic ability and to promote scholarship at Millsaps. Members must have completed a mini- mum of 75 semester hours at least 30 of which must have been acquired at Millsaps. Juniors must have an overall point index of 2.60 and seniors an index of 2.55. M. Underwood, T. Lawhon, C. Smith, L. Coleman. [ 150 ] PI DELTA PHI PRESIDENT Rudy Williams SECRETARY-TREASURER Thelma Koonce ADVISOR Mr. William Baskin Pi Delta Phi, founded in 1906, is a national honorary fraternity recognizing high scholarship and attainment in the study of French language and literature. Before receiving an invitation to membership a student must have at least a 2.0 average in 15 hours of French and a 1.8 overall average. Pi Delta Phi also extends honorary memberships to faculty members, alumni, and others who have shown unusual interest in France, its language, and its literature. STANDING: J. McGuffey, C. Smith, R. Williams, L. Lane, Mr. Baskin. SEATED: E. Burt, T. Koonce, Miss Craig, Miss Hederi. SCHILLER GESELLSCHAFT Mr. Lowe, R. Shoemaker, M. Smith, E. Harris, L. Coleman, Mr. Guest. [ 151 ] PRESIDENT Eddie Harris ADVISOR Mr. Guest The twofold purpose of Schiller Gesellschaft is to promote and cultivate an interest in German culture and to recognize outstanding students in German studies. Each candidate is invited to write a research paper on some aspect of Ger- many ' s contributions to literature or science or art. Papers are read and discussed at meetings. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA PRESIDENT: David Meadows VICE PRESIDENT: George Atkinson SECRETARY: Diana Kenny TREASURER: William Calvert ADVISOR: Dr. J. B. Price STANDING: T. McHorse. T. Rueff, B. McEachin, G. Wilderson, B. Calvert, B. Ledbetter. SEATED: P. Hayes, D. Meadows, Dr. Price, G. Atkinson, D. Kenny. AED is a national honorary society for pre- medical students which encourages excellence in premedical scholarship, stimulates an apprecia- tion of the importance of premedical education in the study of medicine, promotes cooperation and contacts between medical students and edu- cators in developing an adequate program of pre- medical training and binds together similarly interested students. To be eligible a student must have high scho- arship, exemplary leadership, sound character, and pleasing personality. THETA NU SIGMA PRESIDENT Lawrence Coleman VICE PRESIDENT Melvin Smith SECRETARY-TREASURER Gwen Ross REPORTER Alice Scott Theta Nu Sigma, honorary science fraternity, provides an opportunity for increased fellowship among those having scientific interests, encourages students to enter graduate schools, recognizes ex- cellence in scholarship and leadership amgng science students, and makes available to members scientific facts and discoveries. Membership is limited to majors in the natural and mathematical sciences who have completed courses in three of the sciences and have an overall of 1.8 and an index of 2.0 in the sciences. Each new member must present a paper on some phase of science. M. Smith, L. Coleman. Wells, A. Scott. J. Guess, J. Lewis, S. Ware, D. Owen, G. Ross, M. [ 152 ] KAPPA DELTA EPSILON PRESIDENT Martha Ellen Walker VICE PRESIDENT Penny Culley SECRETARY Virginia Buckner TREASURER Mary Norden KDE, a professional education honorary, pro- motes the cause of education by fostering high scholastic standing and professional ideals among those preparing for the teaching profession. To be eligible for membership a woman student must have a major in education, an overall 1.7 average, and 6 hours of secondary education or 9 hours of elementary education already completed. Besides holding monthly meetings, KDE undertakes vari- ous projects and sponsors a Christmas party at the Old Ladies ' Home. One of the special high- lights of the year is the party with student teachers and supervising teachers. STANDING: M. S. McDonnell, L. Fowler, A. Scott, B. Williams, M. Ivy. SEATED: P. Culley, M. Nordan, V. Buckner, M. E. Walker, Mrs. Meaders. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB PRESIDENT Alan Harrigill VICE PRESIDENT Cora Minor SECRETARY-TREASURER Linda Lane ADVISOR Dr. Ross Moore IRC is an honorary for students genuinely in- terested in the fields of political science and cur- rent history. IRC hopes to stimulate interest in these fields through first-hand reports from stu- dents who have recently traveled abroad and through open forums on timely subjects. STANDING: T. Fowlkes, M. E. Walker, Dr. Bergmark, D Fleming, Mr Bowen, T. Lawhon, C. Lamar, A. Porter. SEATED: M. Buie, C. Minor, A. Harrigill, L, Lane, C. Smith, Dr. Moore. ALPHA PSI OMEGA PRESIDENT Bonnie Jean Coleman VICE PRESIDENT Lloyd Wilson SECRETARY Jennifer Stacker Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dra- matics fraternity. It recognizes outstanding con- tributions in the field of acting, but also in the area of backstage work. The Players awards Ban- quet held annually to honor the outstanding play- ers of the year, is sponsored by Alpha Psi Omega. The awards for last year were made as follows: Most Outstanding Millsaps Player, Bob Aldridge; Millsaps Player Acting Award, Bett y Denton and Tern Fowlkes; Junior Acting Awards, Ann Bow- man and Jim Leverett; Most Valuable Freshman, Wayne Albritton; Backstage Award, Martha Jean Scott. STANDING: Eddie Harris, G. James, T. Fowlkes, L. Wilson. SEATED: A. Bowman, B. J. Coleman, J. Stocker, J. Wilkerson. M. Lawrence, M. Hacker, N. Lindsay. PI KAPPA DELTA SECRETARY-TREASURER Nan Lindsay ADVISOR Mr. Camp Pi Kappa Delta is a national forensic honorary recognizing students excelling in debate, extempor- aneous speaking, oratory, and other forms of pub- lic speaking. Pi Kappa Delta annually sponsors one of the finest tournaments in the South, the Millsaps Invitation Debate Tournament. KIT KAT PRESIDENT Eddie Harris Kit Kat is the oldest and most exclusive honor- ary on Millsaps campus. Composed of a com- fortable circle of campus writers, Kit Kat provides a literary haven for new ideas and a critical op- portunity for the creative writer. J. Freeman, Mr. Whitehead, Dr. Boyd, Mr. Pagett, E. Harris. CHI DELTA PRESIDENT Twinkie Lawhon One of the most exclusive honoraries on camp- pus, Chi Delta is the sister organization of the men ' s honorary, Kit Kat. Chi Delta not only recognizes outstanding achievement in the literary arts, but also seeks to promote interest in creative writing among all Millsaps women. Membership is extended to those Millsaps women who are of at least sophomore standing whose work has been published in Stylus or entered in the Southern Literary Festival, and who have shown a persist- ent and sustained interest in the field of creative writing. F. Boone, T. Lawhon, C. Posey. [ 155 ] SOCIAL SCIENCE FORUM PRESIDENT: Betty Jenkins SECRETARY: Betty Burt ADVISORS: Dr. Wallace Mr. Leonard STANDING: M. Underwood, M. E. Walker, S. Thomas, D. Fleming, Mr. Jordan, Dr. Wallace. Jenkins, T. Lawhon. SEATED: B. The Social Science Forum is an honorary recognizing scholastic achievement in the social sciences. Its purpose is to provide a forum for exploration, study, and interpretation of various aspects of the social sciences. CIRCLE K Circle K is a service organization for college men operating on the campus and is similar to Kiwanis. It is a leadership and character building honorary which has as its objectives the initiation and promotion of movements toward campus im- provements. STANDING: W. Mangum, P. Kellar, B. Barksdale, H. Jones, T. Peak, G. Lord. SEATED: R. Warren, M. Smith. [ 156 ] M CLUB PRESIDENT Johnny Hatten VICE PRESIDENT Bill Barksdale SECRETARY-TREASURER Charlie Smith All students who have been awarded the of- ficial letter " M " in intercollegiate athletics are members of the " M " Club. Each year the club presents trophies to the Most Improved Football Player and the Most Valuable Football Player at the banquet. The " M " Club also sponsors a sock-hop held each year in the gym. ■!■!■ ■ III. I in ati i " K l+ ■ MAJORETTE CLUB PRESIDENT Meg Wells VICE PRESIDENT Gwen Ross SECRETARY Ginger White The Majorette Club is an honorary organiza- tion consisting of women students who have par- ticipated in at least three different intramural sports and have maintained a grade-point index of 1.5 for at least two semesters. It seeks to recognize interest and participation in the woman ' s intramural sports. He is the psych major with a 3.00. She is the president of the " grill-and-bridge " club. He is the loudest voice at any football game. He is the " snowman " of the Greek-Night dance. They are members of honoraries, party-goers, students. Separate as personalities, all are one as the Mill- saps Student Body. [ 158 ] [ 159 ] c L A S s E S m jfisisiisi IHi 1 [ 161 ] : £ ' « Officers, left to right: Nancy Loper, Secretary-Treasurer; Billy Lee Chambers, Vice-President; Jim Allen, President. s E N I R S Senior officers prepare to lead the Processional for the official opening of school. [ 162 ] ALLEN, DOROTHY VIRGINIA; Aberdeen; Elem. Ed.; Majorette Club; Intramurals; Orientation Coun- selor; Wesley; Singers; Beta Sigma Omicron, Rec. Sec., Ath. Chairman. ALLEN, JAMES ROBERTS; Carthage; English; Who ' s Who; Senior Class President; P W, Sports Ed.; Dorm Manager; " Major Facts " Editor; " M " Club; Football Trainer; Student Senate; Favorite; Kappa Alpha, Cor. Sec. ALLEN, JOAN GELINDA; Flemingsburg, Ky.; Re- ligion; Sigma Lambda; Dean ' s List; Religion Honors Program; Religion Dept. Ass ' t.; Wesley; Christian Council; SEB Social Activities Chmn.; Chapel Choir; Beta Sigma Omicron; Editor and Cor. Sec. ATKINSON, GEORGE OREN, JR.; Pensacola, Fla.; Biology; AED, Vice Pres., Historian; Cheerleader; Chapel Choir; Dean ' s List; Kappa Alpha, Social Chair- man. BEAM, JERRY BOSTICK; Tremont ; Religion; Wes- ley; Christian Council; Ministerial League; Lambda Chi Alpha. BISHOP, NELL KIRSCHENBAUM; Vicksburg; Mathematics; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Dean ' s List; Play- ers; Library Ass ' t.; Kappa Delta. BLACKMON, NANCY GENE; Greenville; Elem. Ed.; SEB; Parking Committee; Chapel Choir; Players, Chmn. of Make-Up; Kappa Delta, Guard, Sergeant-at- Arms. BLANTON, JAMES DONALD; Mathiston; French; Transfer from Wood Jr. College; Madrigal Singers; Wesley; Ministerial League, Sec.-Treas.; Christian Council. BOX, ELIZABETH; Mantachie; Religion; Sigma Lambda; Who ' s Who; Madrigals; Fresh. Class Vice- Pres.; Panhellenic Council; Nat ' l. Methodist Scholar- ship; Orientation Counselor; Religion Dept. Ass ' t.; Christian Council; Wesley, Vice-Pres., Pres.; Women ' s Council; Dean ' s List; High School Day Comm. Chmn.; Alumni of the Year Comm.; Beta Sigma Omicron, Vice-Pres. BUCKNER, VIRGINIA; Daytona Beach, Fla.; Elem. Education; BSU; Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Sec. BUIE, MARJORIE LEE; Jackson; History; Transfer from Randolph-Macon; IRC; Majorette Club; Pan- hellenic Council, Treas.; Dean ' s List; Players; BOB- ASHELA, Business Staff; Kappa Delta. BULLOCK, CAL W.; Jackson; Chemistry; Nat ' l Science Foundation Grant; High School Day Scholar- ship; Intramurals; Pi Kappa Alpha. BURFORD, BONNIE; Marks; Elem. Ed.; Transfer from Delta State College; Dean ' s List; Players; Educa- tion Ass ' t.; Wesley; Chapel Choir; Phi Mu, Chaplain. BURT, EVELYN FRANCES; Drew; French; Pi Delta Phi; Junior Year Abroad Study Program; American Guild of Organists; Women ' s Council; YWCA; Wes- ley; Players; Madrigals. CALDWELL, RICHARD DALE; Flora; Biology; Biology Ass ' t.; Nat ' l Science Foundation Research Participant; High School Day Scholarship; Chemistry Ass ' t. CARSON, FRANKLIN D.; Jackson; English; Dean ' s List; Alpha Psi Omega; C E Comm.; Christian Coun- cil; Canterbury, Pres.; Millsaps Players; Concert Choir; Who ' s Who. CHAMBERS, BILLY LEE; Clinton; English; Eta Sigma Phi; Majorette Club; Jr. Class Vice-Pres.; Sr. Class Vice-Pres.; Orientation Stering Comm.; Orienta- tion Counselor; SEB Student Union Comm., Finance Comm.; Women ' s Council; Players; Chapel Choir; Chmn. Homecoming Comm.; Kappa Delta, Editor, Vice-Pres. CHANCELLOR, PEGGY JOYCE; Brandon; Elem. Ed.; Wesley; WCW; YWCA; Singers; Players; Band. CLARK, ROBBIE; Gloster; Elem. Ed.; Transfer from Southwest Jr. College; Women ' s Council; Dorm, Pres.; Wesley; Chapel Choir; Ed. Ass ' t.; SEB Finance Comm.; Phi Mu, Registrar. COLEMAN, BONNIE JEAN; Magnolia; Music; Alpha Psi Omega, Pres.; Concert Choir, Soloist; Players; Dream Girl of PiKA; Who ' s Who; Kappa Delta. 5£« ' I - ■ f Jfei A COLEMAN, LAWRENCE ARNOLD; Meridian; Physics and Chemistry; Omicron Delta Kappa; Eta Sigma, Pres.; Schiller Gesellschaft; General Physics Award; General Chemistry Award; German Award; Orientation Counselor; President ' s List. COOPER, ROBERT EWELL; Brookhaven; English; Players; Publicity Comm. CRAMPTON, JOHN; Meridian; Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha. CULLEY, PENNY TUMBLESON; Jackson; Mathe- matics; Transfer from University of Mississippi; Sing- ers; Dean ' s List; President ' s List; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Vice-Pres. DAVENPORT, WILLIAM E.; Yazoo City; Geology; Orientation Chairman; Circle K, Vice-Pres.; Jr. Class Pres.; Soph. Class Pres.; Student Senate; Favorite; Constitutional Revision Comm.; Kappa Sigma, Sec, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chmn. DICKSON, PAULINE; Mount Olive; History; Dean ' s List; Wesley; Intramurals; Majorette Club; Singers; Beta Sigma Omicron, Cor. Sec, Editor. DODSON, OLIVIA ANN; Nashville, Tenn.; Elem. Ed.; Student Senate; Women ' s Council; Wesley; Wom- en ' s Christian Workers, Vice-Pres., Publicity Chmn. FINCHER, RICHARD T.; Greenwood; Economics; Players; Intramurals; BOBASHELA, Sports Editor; Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer. GRAVES, SANDRA LEE; Jackson; English; Band, Head Majorette; Chapel Choir; Orientation Counselor; Players, Dancer, Singer; Women ' s Council; Kappa Delta, Social Chmn, Cor. Sec. GRAVES, SHARON; Jackson; Mathematics; Cheer- leader; BSU, Pres.; Orientation Steering Comm.; P W Staff; Student Unio n Comm.; Fresh. Class Sec- Treas.; Chapel Choir; Phi Mu, Ass ' t. Pledge Trainer, Secretary. ; ■ HAINING, RICHARD WINGFIELD; Clarksdale; Math; Who ' s Who; Orientation Counselor; Steering Comm. for Freshman Orientation; Favorite; BOBA- SHELA, Greek Co-Editor; Singers; Players; Kappa Sigma, Grand Scribe. HASSELTINE, LEE LUTHER, JR.; Corinth; History; Players; Intramurals; Inter-Fraternity Council; Pi Kappa Alpha, Social Chmn., Rush Chmn. HARRIGILL, ALAN H.; Brookhaven; History and Political Science; Who ' s Who; Omicron Delta Kappa; IFC, Sec, Treas., Vice-Pres., Pres.; President ' s List; " Outstanding Student Senator— 1962 " ; BOBASHELA, Business Man.; SEB Parking Comm., Chmn.; Public Relations Ass ' t.; Student Senate; Singers; Players; Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chmn., Pres.; IRC, Pres. HAWKINS, LARRY; Jackson; Economics; Transfer from Miss. State Univ.; Dean ' s List; Art Club; Players, Pub. Comm.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chmn. HAYES, PHYLLIS; Gillsburg; Chemistry; Transfer from Southwest Jr. College; Alpha Epsilon Delta; BSU; Dorm Ass ' t. HEDGECOCK, DAVID E.; Gainesville, Ga.; Physics; Physics and Astronomy Lab Ass ' t.; Deutscher Verein. HINSON, MARGARET; Columbus; Sociology; Wes- ley; Singers; American Guild of Organists, Sec. -Treas.; YWCA, Faith Chmn.; Christian Council; Sociology Ass ' t. HOOD, STEPHEN T.; Jackson; Chemistry; Dean ' s List; Eta Sigma Phi. HYMERS, SUSAN HELEN; Jackson, Tenn.; Elem. Ed.; Dean ' s List; BOBASHELA, Class Editor; Wom- en ' s Council; Chapel Choir; YWCA; Chi Omega, Vice-Pres. JENKINS, BETTY; Laurel; Sociology; Transfer from Sophie Newcomb College; Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List; Social Science Forum; Women ' s Council; Orientation Counselor; Wesley. JONES, HUEY C; Columbia; Psychology; Dcutscher Vercin, Vicc-Pres.; Baseball; Orientation Comm.; Players, Pub. Comm., Co-Chmn.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec. JONES, ANNETTE JUSTINE; Hattiesburg; Sociology; Singers; Wesley; Band, Majorette; Players. JORDAN, MIRIAM LOCKE; Carthage; Elem. Ed. Dean ' s List; BOBASHELA, Class Editor; Wesley Education Assistant; Chapel Choir; Players; YWCA High School Day Scholarship; Chi Omega, House Chmn., Sec. KELLER, PAUL CHARLES; Natchez; History; In- tramurals; Players; Band; Track; Singers; Circle K. KENNEDY, ANN G.; Natchez; Elem. Ed. KENNEY, DIANA MAUREEN; Jackson; Biology; Eta Sigma Phi, Sec; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sec; Orien- tation Counselor; Women ' s Council; Dean ' s List; P W Staff; Chi Omega, Chapter Correspondent. KIBLER, MYRA LYNN; Decatur, Ga.; English; Ori- entation Counselor; Deutscher Verein; Majorette Club; Panhellenic, Pres.; Westminster, Sec-Treas.; P W Staff; Chapel Choir; Phi Mu, Vice-Pres. LACY, DON; Jackson; Political Science; P W, Car- toonist; Chapel Choir; Intramurals; Kappa Alpha, Sgt.-at-Arms. LAMMONS, GEORGANNE; Greenbelt, Md.; Elem. Ed.; Orientation Counselor; Chapel Choir; Players; Band; BSU; Beta Sigma Omicron, Rec Sec. LANE, LINDA MOORE; Brandon; French; Eta Sigma Phi, Vice-Pres.; Pi Delta Phi; International Re- lations Club, Sec-Treas.; Christian Council, Sec; YWCA, Pres.; Dean ' s List; Wo men ' s Council; Chi Omega. I LAWHON, MINNIE LAWSON; Tupelo; English; Who ' s Who; Sigma Lambda, Pres.; Chi Delta, Pres.; Eta Sigma; Pi Delta Phi; Schiller Gesellschaft; Social Science Forum; International Relations Club; 1962 BOBASHELA, Editor; STYLUS, Editor; P W, Fea- ture Ed.; C E Comm.; Psych. Ass ' t.; Language Lab Ass ' t.; President ' s List; Writer ' s Club; Kappa Delta. LAWSON, LOIS MARIE; Yazoo City; Elem. Ed.; Panhellenic Council, Pres.; Women ' s Council; Chapel Choir; Intramurals; Wesley, Projects Chmn.; P W, Managing Ed.; Beta Sigma Omicron, House Chmn. LEVI, DEMPSEY MEYER; Ocean Springs; Chem.; Art Club; Westminster, Pub. Chmn.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chmn. LOPER, NANCY BETH; Ocean Springs; Eng.; Ma- jorette Club; Women ' s Council, Vice-Pres., Pres.; Or- ientation Counselor; Jr. and Sr. Class Sec; Student Senate; Chapel Choir; Wesley, Sec; Dorm Pres.; Kappa Delta, Membership Chmn., Song Leader. LUPER, MARY LURAN; Prentiss; Eng.; Transfer from MSCW; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Court; Writer ' s Club; Singers; Phi Mu, Reporter, Ritualistic Chmn. McCOOL, FAYE BRIGGS; Jackson; Psych.; Trans- fer from Miss. College; Top Ten Freshman Eng. Stu- dents; Drill Team; Delegate to Southern Literary Fes- tival; Dean ' s List; Social Science Forum; Psych. Dept. Ass ' t. McDONNELL, MARY SUE; Hazelhurst; Elem. Ed.; Who ' s Who; Sigma Lambda, Vice-Pres.; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Majorette Club, Sec; Orientation Comm.; Homecoming Queen; Miss Millsaps; Soph. Class Sec; Student Body Sec; Student Senate; Band, Majorette; Panhellenic Council; Kappa Delta, Membership Chmn., Pres. McGUFFEE, JULIA ANN; Jackson; Philosophy; Transfer from Sophie Newcomb; Pi Delta Phi; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Dean ' s List. McHORSE, TOMMY; Jackson; Chem.; Who ' s Who; Omicron Delta Kappa; SEB, Pres.; Jr. Class Pres.; Orientation Co-Chmn.; AED, Treas.; IFC, Sec; Presi- dent ' s List; Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-Pres. McINNIS, SARAH; Laurel; Eng.; Kappa Delta Epsi- lon; Deutscher Verein; Westminster, Vice-Pres., Pres.; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Court; Publications Board; Dean ' s List; Christian Council; Kappa Delta, House Chmn. McLEMORE, JAMES GRAY, JR.; Forest; Political Science; P W Staff; Singers; Intramurals; Dorm Man- ager; Kappa Alpha, Historian. McMULLEN, BETTY MARIE; Brookhaven; Math; Transfer from Agnes Scott College; Dean ' s List; Stu- dent Senate; Players; Women ' s Council; Chapel Choir; Majorette Club; Orientation Counselor; BOBASHELA, Bus. Staff; Panhellenic Council; Westminster, Sec- Treas., Vice-Pres.; LXA Crescent Court; LXA Cres- cent Queen; Phi Mu, Treas., Pres. MATHENY, ELISE; Meridian; Organ; Sigma Lambda; Who ' s Who; Dorm Pres.; President ' s List; Eta Sigma; Organ Guild, Pres.; Concert Choir, Ac- companist; Women ' s Council, Vice-Pres.; Orientation Co-Chmn. MATTHEWS, WILLIAM HENRY; Raymond; Psy- chology; Madrigals; Favorite; Players; Pi Kappa Alpha. MEADOWS, DAVID LEIGH; Greenwood; Biology; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pres.; Nat ' l. Science Foundation Scholarship; Intramurals; Singers; Dean ' s List; Track. MEEK, NANCY BRYAN; Forest; English; Wesley; Dean ' s List. MEISBURG, STEVE; Jackson; History; Pre-Minis- terial; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who; Master Major; Orienta- tion Co-Chmn.; Tour Choir, Student Conductor, Pres.; " M " Club; Tennis Team; Kappa Alpha. MENDELL, ANNE MARIE; Jackson; Latin; Eta Sigma Phi; Latin Ass ' t. MINER, CORA TREADWAY; Meridian; Political Sci.; Who ' s Who; IRC, Vice-Pres.; Dean ' s List; Play- ers; Washington Semester; Political Sci. Dept. Ass ' t.; C E Comm.; Wesley Council; Student Union Comm.; Panhellenic Council, Vice-Pres.; Chi Omega, Rush Chmn. MITCHELL, THOMAS JERRY; Jackson; Religion; SEB; Ministerial League; Student Pastor. : NABORS, JACKIE MOORE; Tutwiler; Psychology; Concert Choir, Business Man.; Chapel Choir; Social Science Forum. NORDAN, LEWIS A.; Jackson; English; Players; English Dept. Ass ' t.; Writer ' s Club; Pi Kappa Alpha. NORDAN, MARY MITMAN; Jackson; Elem. Ed.; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Treas.; Majorette Club; Writer ' s Club; Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Court; Band; Chapel Choir; Players; Kappa Delta. OLIVER, JANET; Drew; Music; Dean ' s List; Madri- gals; Student Conductor; Librarian; Phi Mu, Music Director, Frat. Ed. Chmn. OTT, COBERN ERWIN; Osyka; Physics; Intramural Council, Sec; " M " Club; Basketball; Baseball; Foot- ball Mgr.; Kappa Alpha, Intramural Director. PATE, JIM; Pensacola, Fla.; Biology; Transfer from Troy State College; Biology Lab Ass ' t.; Phi Sigma Tau, Pres.; Kappa Alpha. PERSONS, JIM; Jackson; Economics; BOBASHELA, Business Mgr.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-Pres., Pres. POSEY, CAROL; Jackson; English; P W, Feature Editor; Writer ' s Club; Chi Delta. REED, KATHY; Grenada; Mathematics; Transfer from Belhaven College; BSU; Dcutscher Verein; YWCA; WCW; Players; Dean ' s List. SHANK, KATHLEEN JEAN; Chambersville, Pa.; Elem. Ed.; Transfer from Indiana State College; Nat ' l. Education Assoc; Dean ' s List; P W Staff; Players. SHAW, HARMON DE AN, JR.; Hazclhurst; Political Sci. and History; Baseball; " M " Club; P W, Sports Editor; Kappa Alpha, Rec. Sec, Door Keeper. SHERRILL, MARIAN M.; Jackson; Elem. Ed. SKLAR, PETER L.; Jackson; Biology; Chapel Choir; Orientation Counselor; Pi Kappa Alpha. SMITH, CARLEEN; Vicksburg; French; President ' s List; Pi Delta Phi; Eta Sigma; International Relations Club; P W Staff; Women ' s Council; Orientation Counselor; French Award; Concert Choir. TEASTER, CAROLYN; Yazoo City; Elem. Ed.; Chapel Choir; Kappa Delta, Social Chmn. TREADWAY, MARCUS A., JR.; Hollandale; History; Dean ' s List; Millsaps Singers; Kappa Alpha. UNDERWOOD, JAMES MURRAY, JR.; Forest; Ac- counting; Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres.; Eta Sigma; Social Science Forum; P W, Bus. Mgr.; Chapel Choir; IFC, Sec; Nat ' l. Methodist Scholarship; Economics Ass ' t.; President ' s List; Who ' s Who; Kappa Alpha, Pres., Treas. WALKER, MARTHA ELLEN; Hollandale; History; Sigma Lambda; Eta Sigma Phi, Pres.; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Pres.; International Relations Club; Social Science Forum; SEB, Treas.; Favorite; Chapel Choir; Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta, Ed. Chmn., Sec. WASSON, LOCKETT ALTON, JR.; Ackerman; Philosophy; Transfer from the American Univ.; Who ' s Who; Concert Choir; Philosophy Honors Program; Dean ' s List; Orientation Counselor; MIC, Executive Council; SEB, Finance Comm.; Youth Congress; Wes- ley. WELLS, CARMEN MELANIE; Jackson; Biology; Dean ' s List; Theta Nu Sigma; Nat ' l. Science Founda- tion, Botany Team; Majorette Club, Pres.; Tour Choir; Chi Omega. 1 ! ; WELLS, PRESTON DAVIS; Jackson; Economics; Economics Dept. Ass ' t. WILKERSON, MARY JOHNETTE; Pascagoula; Re- ligion; Alpha Psi Omega; Wesley; Women ' s Christian Workers; Dorm Ass ' t.; Lead in " Madwoman. " WILLIAMS, BETTY; Jackson; Elem. Ed.; Dean ' s List; Women ' s Council; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Beta Sigma Omicron. WILLIAMS, KELLY; Gulfport; Economics; Wesley, Arrangement Chmn.; Chapel Choir; Madrigals; Pi Kappa Alpha, House Mgr., Scholarship Chmn., Song Director. WILLIAMS, RUDY DE ' WAYNE; Vernon, Texas; French; Pi Delta Phi, Pres.; Deutscher Verein; Ro- mance Language Dept. Ass ' t. WILSON, JOSEPH ROCKNE; Moss Point; History; Intramurals; Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian. WOOLLY, MARTHA ANN; Leland; Piano; Eta Sig- ma Phi; Majorette Club; Chapel Choir, Accompanist; Wesley; Phi Mu, Rush Chmn. ' Now I lay me down to sleep [ 172 ] " But I wanted peppermint!! " " You mean it costs money? " these tough pickles! ' ' No wonder the Majors didn ' t have a winning season. " [ 173 ] I Officers, left to right: Larry Ludke, President; Paula Page, Secretary-Treasurer; Butch Calvert, Vice-President. J u N I R S Busily making plans for Homecoming festivities are the Junior officers. [ 174 ] AINSWORTH, GENE; KA; Florence ALFORD, KEITH; LKA; McComb ALLEN, DAVID; LKA; Jackson ATWOOD, PEGGY; Phi Mu, Laurel AVERITT, DOUG; PiKA; Memphis, Tenn. BACOT, MARIE; Chi O; Jackson BARBER, C. MICHAEL; Jackson BARKSDALE, BILL; KA; Jackson BARNETT, KAY; Chi O; Memphis, Tenn. BARRY, SUSAN; Chi O; Jackson BEARD, GABE; KD; Jackson BELL, DONNA RAE; BSO; Liberty BLADES, NEAL; PiKA; Moss Point BLYTHE, JOE; PiKA; Boonville BOWLING, BOB; KA; Hattiesburg BRENT, MARGUERITE; Jackson BROOME, JOE; LKA; Moss Point CALHOON, DONNA KAY; Jackson CALVERT, WILLIAM E.; PiKA; McComb CARTER, SANDRA; Meridian CATLETT, DOROTHY GREY; Inverness CLARK, SAMMY; Jackson CLAYTON, RICHARD; LKA; McComb COLE, SAM; KA; Prairie Point CONVERSE, PHIL; KA; Jackson COOLEY, TOMMY; Shannon COST AS, LINDA; Jackson CRAIG, CHARLOTTE; Marks CRAIN, JOE; KS; Hope, Ark. CRANFORD, STEPHEN; Mena, Ark. CRAWFORD, DUDLEY; KA; Canton CUMBERLAND, NORMA; Preston ■ DeGRAFFENREID, ANN; Meridian DeMOSS, SUZANNE; Jackson DAUGHDRILL, RONNIE; KA; McComb DICKERSON, DIANNE; Johnston Station ECTON, HENRY; Hopkinsville, Ky. ELLIOT, JUDY; Jackson FITZGERALD, PATTIE; KD; Cleveland FLEMING, DELL; Chi O; Shreveport, La. FOWLER, LYNDA; Chi O; Jackson FREEMAN, JOHN; PiKA; Jackson FULTON, TRAVIS; Philadelphia GENTRY, CHARLES; KA; McComb GERDES, RACHEL; KD; Leland GORDY, JACK RAY; Laurel GUESS, JOHN; Brookhaven HAGWOOD, CARL; KS; Clarksdale HALEY, LOUISE; Phi Mu; Clarksdale HANSEN, THOMAS; Kimball, S. D. HARMON, MARY PARKER; Chi O; Jackson HARRIS, BRENDA; KD; Forest HARVEY, ANN; Chi O; Yazoo City HATTEN, LEWIS; KA; Wiggens HEIDRICH, DON; Pensacola, Fla. HEMBREE, NANCY; Philadelphia HINDS, CAROL; Gulfport HULL, BURNETT; KA; Atlanta, Ga. IRBY, SALLY; Chi O; Greenville IVY, MARY; Jackson JAMES, GLENN; PiKA; Macon, Ga. JOEST, BETTY GAY; BSO; Memphis, Tenn. JOHNSON, MEIGHAN; Ocean Springs JONES, WARREN; KA; Forest JORDAN, TED; Jackson KERBY, DONNA; Jackson KIMBRELL, BILL; KS; Greenville KOONCE, THELMA; BSO; Laurel LAIRD, DON; Little Rock, Ark. LAMAR, KURT; LXA; McComb LAMB, SUZANNE; Chi O; Paducah, Ky. LAWRENCE, MILDRED; KD; Laurel LEFEVE, BARBARA; Chi O; Vicksburg LEWIS, JOHN S.; KA; Woodville LOCKETT, GENE; LXA; Biloxi LUDKE, LARRY; KA; Vicksburg McCAA, FRANK; KS; Sylacauga, Ala. McEACHIN, BEN; LXA; Grenada McMURCHY, SUE; Phi Mu; Fayette McMURRAY, DICK; LXA; Jackson McNAIR, JOHN L.; Magee MAJORS, FRIEDA; Jackson MALONE, SAMMIE DEAN; Belzoni MAYFIELD, LINDA; Phi Mu; Jackson, Tenn. MICHAEL, JUDY; BSO; Yazoo City MILLER, JACKIE; Phi Mu; Jackson MILLER, WAYNE; Washington MINOR, STREETY; Jackson MOORE, GRACE; Aberdeen MURFEE, SUZANNE; KD; Amory MYERS, WADE; Jackson NELSON, KAY; Poplarville OVERSTREET, BOBBY; Holcomb OWEN, DAVIS; Franklin, La. PAGE, PAULA; Chi O; Granada PERKINS, LINDA; Jackson PHILLIPS, BARBARA; Collingsville PHILLIPS, HOWARD; LXA; Montevallo, Ala. PHILLIPS, KNOX; Richton POOLE, JUDY; Phi Mu; Gulfport PRICE, BERTHA; Wesson PRICE, BERYL; BSO; Quitman PRICE, DOUG; KA; Jackson PRICE, JUDY; BSO; Florence PRICE, MAC; KA; Jackson RAINWATER, SANDRA; Chi O; Waynesboro RAY, JANICE; Mathiston REBOLD, NICK; KS; New Orleans, La. REIFF, GISELA; Drew RENDFREY, FREDERICK G.; LXA; Newark, N. J. ROBISON, SANDRA; KD; Batesville ROSS, GWEN; Phi Mu; Canton RUFF, THOMAS W.; KA; McComb RUTLEDGE, BOB; KS; Mayo, Fla. SCOTT, ALICE; BSO; Jackson SHAFFER, ED; Jackson SHAW, JUDY; Crystal Springs SISTRUNK, MARTHA; Columbia SLOCUMB, SUSAN; Jackson SMITH, CHARLES; KS; Murfreesboro, Tenn. SMITH, MARARET; KD; Jackson SMITH, MELVIN; Vicksburg SMITH, VENCE; KA; Jackson SMITH, WILLIE CLAIRE; Jackson STAMPS, DENNIS; Prentiss STEWART, MARILYN; Chi O; Memphis, Tenn. STOCKER, JENNIFER; BSO; Hattiesburg STRICKLIN, EVELYN; Jackson STUBBS, JIMMY; KS; New Orleans, La. TATE, BARBARA; BSO; Minter City TAYLOR, DOT; KD; Como TERRY, JOAN; Stringer THIGPEN, JAN; BSO; Summit THOMAS, SUE; Phi Mu; Ellisville TOWNES, DANA; McComb TYNER, BETTY JO; Phi Mu; Clarksdale UTESH, MARY HELEN; KD; Jackson WALKER, BROWN; LXA; Senatobia WARD, PATSY; KD; Jackson WATKINS, WILLIAM; LXA; McComb £k WELCH, ROSALIND; Chi O; Jackson WELLER, MARY CORAL; Chi O; Vicksburg WHITE, GINGER; KD; Poplarville WHITTINGTON, PEGGY; Gloster WILKERSON, GEORGE; LXA; Pascagoula WILLIAMS, DON; Jackson WILLIAMS, JAMES; Laurel WILSON, LLOYD; Itta Bena WITT, BILL; Jackson YARBROUGH, LINDA; BSO; Tylcrtown . i " Put your little foot, uh . Oh, heck, just TWIST! " [ 179 ] » » ■ ■ IT Officers, left to right: Marsha Beale, Secretary-Treasurer; Tom my Folkes, President; Kathy Khayat, Vice-President. s o p H M O R E S Taking a break from busy activities are the Sophomore officers. [ 180 ] AKERS, JACK; PiKA; West Point ALDRIDGE, JOHN; Mobile, Ala. ALEXANDER, KATHY; Chi O; Jackson ALLEN, JUDY; Phi Mu; Lake Waukaway ANDERSON, HAMILL; PiKA; Jackson ANDERSON, JAMES; PiKA; Long Beach ANDERSON, TATIA; Chi O; Meridian ANDING, BLAIR; Chi O; Jackson BAILEY, THELMA; Chi O; Jackson BALLARD, BABS; Chi O; Gulfport BARLOW, GENE; PiKA; Kosciusko BARRON, BETTY; Water Valley BEALE, MARSHA; Phi Mu; Yazoo City BEASLEY, ETHEL; BSO; Jackson BOONE, FENTRESS; KD; Jackson BOUNDS, LOCK; Clarksdale BOYNTON, JIMMY; KS; Pikeville, Tenn. BROADHEAD, LARRY; KA; Mendenhall BROWN, GORDON; LXA; Jackson BUNDY, TOMMY; KS; Gulfport BURKE, GALE; Phi Mu; Jackson CASTEEL, MYRON, Columbus, Ga. CARMICHAEL, PATSY; Chi O; Atlanta, Ga. CHANCE, BETSY; Canton CHILDS, TOM; Jackson CLARK, CAROL; Jackson CLARK, ROBERTA; Chi O; Memphis, Tenn. COLEMAN, RICHARD; Meridian COUNTISS, EUGENE; KA; New Orleans, La. CROW, JIMMY; PiKA; Senatobia DeNOVELLIS, DICK; KA; Holcomb DEAR, PHILLYS; BSO; Jackson DODGE, BILL; PiKA; Kreole DOSSETT, JIMMY; Jackson DOVE, LUTHER; LXA; Jackson DOWD, ALLEN; PiKA; Stonewall DOWDY, WAYNE; KA; Gulfport DUGAN, PAT; BSO; Pass Christian DUNCAN, ROY; PiKA; Aberdeen DUVALL, MARGARET; Biloxi EDGAR, JO ANNE; KD; Arcadia, Calif. ELLIS, JOHN; Port Gibson ERVIN, MARY CLAIRE; BSO; Inverness FINCHER, MARILYN; Chi O; Lexington FLEMING, MARION; KD; Cleveland FLETCHER, WARREN; KS; Gulfport FOWLKES, TOMMY; KA; Wiggins FREENEY, EBBIE; Rolling Fork FREW, SONDRA; Mobile, Ala. GARDNER, BETSY; Hattiesburg GLAGOLA, BARBARA; Pensacola, Fla. GRAHAM, LEE; PiKA; Jackson GRAVES, MIKE; KA; Leland GRAYSON, JOHN; KS; Moselle GREENE, KAYE; KD; Clinton HAAS, JEFF; KA; Memphis, Tenn. HACKER, MAYNARD; LXA; Biloxi HALAT, PETE; KS; Biloxi HALL, SUSAN; Chi O; Shelby HALL, WILLIAM R., JR.; KS; Natchez HALLMAN, ALIX; Chi O; Halls, Tenn. HAMBRICK, JOHN; LXA; McComb HEARD, MAC; Jackson HE1DELBURG, WAYNE; PiKA; Moss Point »t fJk T £ 4,% HENLEY, ANN; KD; Macon HESTER, RAY; PiKA; Columbus HIGGINBOTHAM, MIKE; Canton HINKEBEIN, DONNA; Jackson HINTON, WARREN; Brookhaven HOCKINGHEIMER, MILLY; KD; Batesville HOLLOMAN, GARLAND; KS; New Albany HUNDNALL, STUART; Natchez JABOUR, ERNEST; PiKA; Montgomery, Ala. JOHNSON, ALBERT S.; Jackson JONES, FRANK; KA; Forest JONES, VICKI; Chi O; Jackson JORDAN, LISA; Chi O; Rolling Fork JORDAN, MARY; Jackson JOURNEY, WILLIAM K.; PiKA; Greenwood KHAYAT, KATHY; KD; Moss Point KOHLER, JOHN; PiKA; Pensacola, Fla. KRUTZ, LYNNE; KD; Belzoni LASSITER, DAVID; Birmingham, Ala. LAWRENCE, JENNIFER; BSO; Memphis, Tenn. LEDBETTER, BILL; Benton LEHMANN, KATHY; Phi Mu; Fayette LEVI, JOEL; LXA; Ocean Springs LEWIS, BOBBY; PiKA; Tylertown LEWIS, ELLEN; BSO; Natchez LEWIS, LEE; KS; Cleveland LEWIS, MARY LINDA; Chi O; McComb LINDSEY, BILL; Gulfport LIPSCOMB, LARRY; Jackson LOMAX, FAYE; Greenwood LOWER Y, PEGGY; Laurel McCOOL, MARTHA; Phi Mu; Memphis, Tenn. McCOWN, CELANE; KD; Hattiesburg McDANIEL, DAVID; PiKA; Milwaukee, Wis. McDONNELL, GALE; KD; Jackson McDOUGALL, MARY FORD; KD; Magnolia McGAHEY, NAN; KD; Winona McLEMORE, NINA; Phi Mu; Hazelhurst McGLOTHLIN, ELIZABETH; Jacksonville, Fla. MABRY, PAUL; PiKA; Meridian MANGUM, SUE; Brandywine, Md. MARTIN, BURKETT; KA; Vicksburg MAYNOR, NATALIE; Chi O; Jackson MEDLEY, TIM; KA; Gulfport MIAO, DEBORAH; Weston, W. Va. MILLER, DON; KA; Jackson MILLER, PAUL; KS; Bay, St. Louis MOFFETT, SARAH; Chi O; Heidleburg, Germany MOORE, CHARLES; KA; Jackson MORGAN, MAURICE; KS; Gulfport MULLINS, MABEL; KD; Prairie Point MURPHY, MARY CLAY; Phi Mu; Columbia MYERS, PHYLLIS; Chi O; Mobile, Ala. NEITZEL, SARAH; Marksville, La. NESTER, MARY FRANCIS; Chi O; Carthage NEWMAN, JEFFREY; McComb NICHOLS, BEN; KS; Hattiesburg NORMAN, MARTHA; BSO; Houston OSTNER, MAX; PiKA; Memphis, Tenn. OWEN, JANEY; Chi O; Jackson PARKER, FRED; LXA; Jackson PEAK, TED; LXA; Biloxi PICKETT, RUTH; KD; Jackson PORTER, MARY TODD; Hazelhurst PRICE, JULIA LYNN; Phi Mu; Meridian RAY, MARY JANE; Chi O; Jackson RAYMOND, SHELIA; Phi Mu; Rayne, La. REES, GLORIA; BSO; Jacksonville, Fla. ROBERTS, DICKIE; KS; Mobile, Ala. RODDEN, PATSY; Phi Mu; Murfrecsboro, Tenn. RODGERS, ANN; Columbia SCALES, GARY; Portagevillc, Mo. SHEPHERD, PETE; PiKA; Greenwood SMITH, JOHNNY; PiKA; Jackson STALLINGS, REX; PiKA; Jackson STUBBLEFIELD, CRAWLEY; Jackson SULLIVAN, CHARLAYNE; Jackson THICKENS, JEAN; KD; Laurel THOMPSON, TOMMY; KA; Dundee TOON, JANICE; KD; Gulfport TRAXLER, EILEEN; Chi O; Crystal Springs TRIPLETT, FAYE; BSO; New Orleans, La. TWEEDY, NANCY; Jackson VANSKIVER, WARD; KA; Gulfport VASSAR, CANDYE; Phi Mu; Jackson VIRDEN, GAIL; Chi O; Jackson WARREN, RICHARD; KA; Laurel WEBB, BILLY; Ripley, Tenn. WELLS, DIANNE; Durant WESSINGER, JUDITH; BSO; Bolton WESTON, JOY; KD; Leland WHITFIELD, JOHNNIE; Jackson WHITE, BARBARA; Jackson WITHERSPOON, MARY ELIZABETH; Chi O; Meridian YEATES, PHIL; KA; Laurel ZEISS, SUSAN; Kosciusko IImmv Officers, left to right: Edward Boone, Vice-President; Susan Alford, Secretary-Treasurer; Scott Coffield, President. F R E S H M E N High School Day plans are the responsibility of the Fresh- man class officers. [ 186 ] ACREE, LINDA; Washington, D. C. ADAMS, LARRY; Summit AINSWORTH, SUE; Jackson ALDRIDGE, KATHY SUE; Wichita, Kan. ALFORD, SUSAN; Chi O; McComb ALFORD, VIRGINIA; Chi O; Columbia ATKINSON, RONALD; PiKA; Vicksburg AUSTIN, SUE; Forest AUSTIN, WILL; KA; Vicksburg BARTLE, MARY DEANE; Phi Mu; Pickneysville, III. BARTLETT, ROD; KS; Memphis, Tenn. BAUGH, JIMMY; KS; Jackson BLOUNT, BETSY; KD; Chevy Chase, Md. BOLLING, VIRGINIA; New Hebron BOONE, WILLIAM EDWARD; KA; Laurel BOSWELL, BETH; KD; Cleveland BOSWELL, DOT; Chi O; Jackson BRAMEYER, KEES; PiKA; Waveland BRUNTON, KAY; BSO; Vicksburg BURNET, JEAN; Phi Mu; Jackson BYRD, MARTHA; Phi Mu; Jackson CALHOUN, RUSSELL; Jackson CAMP, BILL; Anderson, S. C. CARLISLE, DON; PiKA; Jackson CARNEY, Philip; LXA; Jackson CARTER, DAVE; LXA; Metaire, La. CASE, BARBARA; Phi Mu; Fayette CHENEY, WINI; Chi O; Jackson CHURCH, TRUDY; Phi Mu; Memphis, Tenn. COFFIELD, SCOTT; KA; Laurel CONVERSE, KENNETH; KA; Jackson COOPER, MARCIA; BSO; Laurel COOPER, TOM; KS; Coldwater CROSWELL, BILL; KA; Jackson CURRIE, BILL; KS; Jackson, Tenn. CUTRER, CONNIE; KD; Osyka DAWSON, KAY; Phi Mu; Pascagoula DENNERY, ANNA; Chi O; Jackson DICKSON, MARILYN; Chi O; Columbia DODSON, RONNIE; Vicksburg DUNAVANT, MARILYN; Memphis, Tenn. DUNN, RICHARD; Jackson DUPRE, MARCY; PiKA; Washington DUVAL, MARY PAUL; BSO; Vicksburg ELLIS, NAT; Collierville, Tenn. EVANS, MURPHEE; PiKA; Aberdeen FAIRFAX, MARY; KD; Memphis, Tenn. FENTER, TOMMY; KA; Hazelhurst FERRELL, JUDY; KD; Batesville FINGER, LAURA; Chi O; Ripley FRANKLIN, ANN; Phi Mu; Kent, Conn. GABBERT, JIM; Senatobia GALLOWAY, PAT; BSO; Valparaiso, Fla. GARRISON, LYNN; New Orleans, La. GEMMELL, MIKE; KA; Guatemala City, Guatemala. GENTRY, JIMMY; PiKA; Jackson GILBERT, KENNETH, KA; Canton GILBERT, R ONNIE; PiKA; Laurel GORDON, ALEX; PiKA; Morton GREENE, DOUG; KS; Harriman, Tenn. GRAVES, GLENN; PiKA; Jackson HARPER, JOHN; Laurel HARRIGILL, JUDY; Brookhaven HATFIELD, JUDY; KD; Gulfport HILL, SANDRA; KD; Gulfport HOLLIDAY, MARTHA; BSO; Jackson HOLLINGSWORTH, KAY; Phi Mu; Crystal Springs HONTZAS, TOMMY; PiKA; Jackson HOUSEHOLDER, JEAN; Phi Mu; Memphis, Term. HOWELL, REUBEN; Laurel HUGHES, ENOS: Eupora HUSBAND, RONNIE; Jackson HYMERS, KATHY; Chi O; Jackson, Tenn. INGEBRETSON, DAVE; PiKA; Jackson JERMYN, JANICE; McComb JOHNSON, BRETT; KS; Amory JOHNSON, SHELIA; Rolling Fork JOHNSON, JUDY; KD; Cleveland JORDAN, MARY INA; BSO; Purvis JONES, JEAN; KD; Hollandale JONES, RAYMOND; KS; Hollandale KENNEDY, EDWARD; PiKA; Taylorsville KUEBLER, CHARLIE; KS; Batesville KUKA, PETER; Miami, Fla. LAMMONS; GEOFF; LXA; Greenbelt, Md. LISENBY, GLYNNA; BSO; Winona LORD, ELAINE; Natchez LORD, GERALD; Jackson LOVEJOY, SUE ELLEN; Chi O; Memphis, Tenn. McADAMS, GAYNELL; Waynesboro McCLARY, TOM; Miami, Fla. McCORMICK, LEE; KA; Memphis, Tenn. McDONALD, REBECCA; Hazelhurst McGEHEE, KAY; KD; Magnolia McGOWN, FRANCIE; Phi Mu; Boiling Green Ky McINTOSH, PAT; Miami, Fla. McKAY, CHARLOTTE; Phi Mu; Meridian McMILLIAN, JOHN; LXA; Jackson McRAY, BILL; Memphis, Tenn. McWILLIAMS, JAMES; Holly Ridge MELTON, JANICE; Tupelo MICHAEL, PAT; Chi O; Jackson MIDDLETON, ANN; Indianola MILES, BOB; Memphis, Tenn. MONK, SHERRY; BSO; Jackson MORRISON, GEORGE; LXA; Atlanta, Ga. MORROW, JOHNNY; Jackson MOSER, KENNETH; KS; Clarksdale MOZINGO, CAROLYN; KD; Jackson MURPHY, SANDRA; Phi Mu; Colombia MUSE, BOBBY; Jackson NEAL, TERRY; Fayette NELSON, KIRK; KS; Starkville OLIVER, JO; Chi O; Grenada OLIVER, LEA; Ellisville OUSLEY, BARBARA; Gulfport PAINE, BECKY; KD; Greenville PARKER, WILLIAM H.; LXA; Heidelbunj PARKS, BETH; KD; Philadelphia PERSON, MARTIN; KS; Clarksdale PENNYBAKER, ANN; Phi Mu; Crawfordsville, Ark. PERKINS, LOUIS E; Jackson PETEET, MARGARET; KD; Greenwood PETERSON, BEVERLY; Monticello POWER, JUDY; KD; Gulfport PRICE, WALDINE; BSO; Canton RAINS, CHARLES; LXA; Jackson RAYFIELD, KAY; BSO; Jackson REEVES, JOHNNY; KA; Jackson RENSHAW, DOTTIE; KD; Memphis, Tenn. REVELS, JULIE; BSO; Jackson RHODEN, TOM; KS; Columbia RICHERSON, MARY NEAL; Belzoni RILEY, MARGARET; KD; Jackson RODGERS, RONNIE; KS; Memphis, Tenn. ROHRER, JOHN; LXA; Lancaster, Penn. ROWZEE, JERRY; KS; Jackson RYLAND, SHIRLEY; Chi O; Memphis, Tenn. SCHMIDT, EDWARD; Madison SCUDDER, STEVE; PiKA; Winter Park, Fla. SEGREST, PHILLIP; LXA; St. Augustine, Fla. SHANNON, GROVER; KS; Lake Cormonant SHEFFIELD, JIMMY; Oliver Springs, Tenn. SHIRLEY, CLETA; Chi O; Jackson SIMMS, LYNN; KD; Jackson SINCLAIR, ELIZABETH; Jackson SINCLAIR, TOMMIE LOU; Prentiss STANFILL, LINDA; KD; Grenada STARLING, TOMMY; KA; Jackson STONE, BENNIE; KA; Laurel STRONG, JIM; LXA; Jackson SUTTON, MIMI; Chi O; College Park, Ga. SUTTON, SUSAN; Phi Mu; Vicksburg TARVER, JOHN WILLIAM; KS; Greenville TATTIS, ELLEN; Jackson TAYLOR, MARION; KD; Vicksburg TAYLOR, PAT; BSO; Starkville TEAGUE, WALTER; Oviedo, Fla. THORNTON, ELWOOD; Memphis, Tenn. THORNTON, TOMMY; KS; Dundee TRAUB, WARREN; KS; Bay St. Louis TRENT, LAURA; BSO; Chattanooga, Tenn. TUCKER, SAMMIE; PiKA; Jackson TURNAGE, WILLIAM C, III; PiKA; Brookhaven UNDERWOOD, NANCY; Chi O; Forest VARCOE, RICK; Jackson VAUGHN, BETTY JO; Forest WALLACE, JOHN; KA; Laurel WARDLAW, JANICE; Batesville WARREN, PAT; Chi O; Halls, Tenn. WARREN, PAULETTE; BSO; Jackson WEARE, MARY; Jackson WEATHERLY, SALLY; Jackson WEBB, ANN; Clinton WEEKS, LANA; Jackson WEEMS, DANIEL; Biloxi WEEMS, WANDA; Chi O; Forest WHITAM, KEN; Natchez WILLIAMS, BOBBYE FAYE; Jackson WILLIAMS, EDWARD; LXA; Ocala, Fla. WILLIAMS, JANICE; Chi O; McComb WILLIAMSON, ANN CATHEY; Phi Mu; Canton WILLS, LAURA; Phi Mu; Jackson WILSON, SYLVIA; KD; New Hebron WRIGHT, SUSAN; Phi Mu; Amory YOUNG, MARTHA; KD; Greenwood. [ 192 ] s V i She votes in each one of the five-hundred elections in the first week. He sleeps through three eight o ' clock ' s every week. They try in vain to drown out the Pep Band at football games. They survive the twelve-hour-long-registration line each semester. These things make Millsaps lively, and the stu- dents love it. [ 193 ] s T U D E N T L I F E .IWllpt 1 W " ■ I . . . . . . . . . . - • » • » • ■••••• » ' » » • » • » t H s B p 9 ' ' ' i ■ .. . , , ,,,. . »•»» ,,» ' ••»• ■ » M • » »• ' • »» ' r » ,, ,.».»». ••• • ■ } » « »» «» ••- f i ' » » 3 i ■ ' • • 9 9 • [ 195 ] Um . . . Glurp glumpfrst! The first meeting of the Young Republicans Committee will now come .... OOOOh! That tickles! J$m SEVEN come ' LEBEN [ 196 ] Vigoro, anyone? So where ' s the mice? ON ORDINARY DAYS WE ... eat on any and all occasions. . . . steal trays from the cafeteria at the first sign of snow. . . . put in as many grill hours as class hours. Whal a way to look for contacts? Handouts ain ' t never been so good! But after the seventh teddy hear, the barker said FOR FUN WE . . . spend fifteen dollars trying to win a teddy bear at the fair. . . . have bridge-gossip parties on dateless week- ends. . . . meet at Mac ' s every night at 10:00. Oh, JACK! He, he, he, he. Aw, go ahead — finesse for it. " I wish Momma could see us now! " i nitifcVi [ 198 ] " Go away, can ' t you see we ' re busy? " i The froggy went a ' courtin ' " And then he says to me, he says . . . " " And then I says to him, I says . . . " Mrs. Goodman! What would Amy Vanderbilt say about that? Work it out, baby Rockettes, here I come! ' twas the night before — you ' d never know it! ? ( fill The orchestra ' s left — so what? It ' s about that heating system in the old Chi O house. ON HOLIDAYS WE . . . save up cuts to leave as early as possible. . . . have an unbroken record of attendance at all Christmas dances. . . . break open fat piggy banks to pay Christmas " debts. " All right, who mixed this one! But Charlie, I can ' t wear my yellow ribbon ALL the time! A K.A bid?! ON SPECIAL DAYS WE . . . bathe in mud for the glory of the freshman class. . . . flash a well-practiced, " surprised " smile on Tap Day. . . . battle the effects of Dcx on exam days. Bum, Bum, Bum, beer keg here I come! tomorrow I think I ' ll wear my green shirt [ 202 ] This is carrying the Kennedy program just a little too far. But Charlie, we don ' t even know what ' s at the end of this rope! Hey, would you tap that boy next to you? A D V E R T I S E M E N T S I a . ;„ a»« lm+4± .M ?• JITNEY - JUNGLE J JHIiOK ? ,8. B Iff Ml illi in ttitiHiiii i: i: ii ii Sl !l sl IS a 8 »»»8l||ll £ l ' II SI H IS l» II sl ' llllJ! »nuii 8 % ii n si n u " U? r r i 1 J 5 » !S 8 I- »- I i; i. i i l «i : i . i. i. • « S i- ■ 1. 8 ' ! 5 S ! , • I . ' J « I - »- a H,; ' -Hs ■ I, P! s - ■ ' f ! • ' m 1 • 2 S 5 | 6 A fl lSi ! 1 1 ' « « t i £ c % ■ 4 V «• [ 205 ] — CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1963 You have joined a great company of men and women who call Millsaps College their Alma Mater. As with them your future and the future of Millsaps are inextricably linked. It can be hoped that the education you have received here will have made a lasting contribution to your life and to the well being of society and that you will recognize the importance of continuing your education throughout your lifetime. Millsaps Co llege considers you a partner in the enterprise of Christian higher education. As a partner it can be hoped that you will become an informed spokesman for the College and that you will support the College in its efforts to bring the best in education to the young men and women of the future. MILLSAPS COLLEGE t 206 ] MwMudlSliik SHOPPING CENTER 2900 BLOCK OLD CANTON ROAD JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI SUDIE ' S of WOODLAND HILLS 6-6834 Sudie — Jack — Suellen Schultz Compliments of BRENT ' S DRUGS 655 Duling Street Woodland Hills Tel. EM 6-3428 Jackson barter JEWELERS Woodland Hills 410 E. Capitol MARIE WRIGHT Beauty Salon Tel. 366-2674 Woodland Hills 7 ' Se t Dne44ecL at flr Woodland Hills ■ 5 Oc tf e tfz MEN ' S WEAK | Woodland Hills Jackson, Mississippi EM 6-6264 ™ M RAES Everybody Goes to . . . SHONEY ' S America ' s Favorite Family Restaurant and Drive Inn Also Complete Take Out Service Meet Me At . . . SHONEY ' S WESTLAND PLAZA The Store For Men Who Care Annually . . First Choice of Men Who Want The Finest In Men ' s Wear J ($fat hj, Jackson Brookhaven Vicksburg fit ritixj ntetui HARDWARE Cmrvpa vvu Phone EM 6 4441 2801 Old Canton Road Jackson, Mississippi oJJ iJix© 1Lfr THE HOUSE of FINE DIAMONDS 418 E. Capitol Northwood Shopping Center VmbJ VL 10 MISSISSIPPI ' S CAMPUS FASHION LEADER 146 E. Cap itol JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI BAPTIST BOOK STORE 125 North President JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI J o.ViHilh.V The Tucker Printing House PRINTERS and BINDERS OFFICE SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT " Genuine Copperplate Engravers " 113 North State Jackson, Miss. BETTER LIGHT FOR BETTER SIGHT MISSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT COMPANY Helping Build Mississippi For Over a Third of a Century Batson Hardware Inc. 1 15 Triangle Drive 362-2518 Jackson Mississippi FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Capitol Street to® n tf air wara a $M2m REID-M«GEE Realtors • Mortgage Bonkers • Insurors 516 E. Capitol St. D ial FL 4-3861 JACKSON, MISS. mSm JITNEY-JUNGLE MACK ' S BY THE TRACKS by oms 1836 N. Mill St. FL 56207 G OP 1 1 000 N. State Jackson 707 Clay St. Vicksburg 404 Main St. Natchez Lend Exciting Charm to Your Home With LIGHTING 4005 Visit Our Lighting Showroom STUART C. IRBY CO 815 S. State Street SNACK SHOP CATERING SERVICE - DINNERS AND SHORT ORDERS 1222 North State St. Fl 2-9727 NORTH STATE PHARMACY 1808 NORTH STATE STREET LYIE- WILLIAMS PHARMACY 4969 Old Canton Road DELUXE L AUN DRY FROM=T SERVICE FINE Cleaning GKAND LAUNDRY - GLEANERS -_7 ' 2 N STATE STREE t DIAL FM 6 14 " ' . GEORGE DICKERSON TEXACO STATION COMPLIMENTS OF CENTRAL SCHOOL SUPPLY 122 East Pearl Street Fl 4-4908 ESSOKIES LUGGAGE Telephone 353 5472 P. O. Box 1099 Jackson 5, Mississippi (mm. Have a Coke Mtbb 1214 N. State 948-2351 Medical Arts Bl. FL 4-3383 BRADY PERSONS " FOR DAD AND LAD " GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE 1620 N. Mill St. INDEPENDENT LINEN SERVICE COMPANY Woodrow Wilson at Rondo YOUR SERVICE OUR PLEASURE " - BILL SHAMROCK NO. 1 North State Street Pizzas Sandwiches Dinners It ' s Been Fun . . . the 1963 BOBASHELA Staff OUR THANKS TO The Millsaps Student Body — for their never-end- ing support Mr. James Melton — for his encouragement Lance Goss — for listening to our woes Horrell Photographers — for their assistance Dudley Crawford — for providing pictures and photography assistance in times of need The Purple and White Staff — for being next door All of our Professors — for standing by in times of need. THE PARAGON PRESS MILLSAPS -WILSON LIBRA JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI division of MgfF johb co»j» y | 34 ADA mS AVENUE • MONTGOMERY. ALA. .. I H ' ■

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