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» : S v - ' ' .i ' i©c • ' ts;--- " MILLSAPS -WILSON LIBRARY JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI The Nineteen Hundred and Sixty Two Bobashela VOLUME LVI Published by the Student Body of Millsaps College Tiainkie Lawhon, Editor Billy Moore, Business Manager DEDICATION Although it is difficult to set apart one among so many who have devoted their hves unselfishly to Millsaps College and its students, some few among this faculty stand out even among their colleagues as the student ideal of a professor. Such, we believe, is Dr. Frank Miller Laney, Jr. He combines to a rare degree the qualities which go to make up a truly fine teacher. His keen mind and profound scholarship are matched by a love of his subject which enables him to enthrall his listeners as few other lecturers can. We are caught up in another world, one of remote times, where men come wonderfully to life; and we find ourselves richer for the experience. Dr. Laney leaves one with an impression of dignity, yet natural- ness; of industry and seriousness, yet relaxed good humor and pleas- antness. No student has gone to him and come away without a feel- ing of being welcome. To Dr. Laney can truly be attached the well- worn phrase, " a gentleman and a scholar. " To you, because you have made your life a credit to your school and your profession, but most of all, because you have inspired so many in their development as students and as personalities, we — the editor and staff— dedicate the 1962 BOBASHELA. [ 2 ] DR. FRANK M. LANEY, JR. [3] [ 4 ] TTie small and somewhat isolated area, which is the Millsaps campus, is, because of its size and isolation, subject to a variety of moods. These moods may come and go as quickly as a spring shower, or linger as long as winter bleakness. They may possess the hilarity of a snow storm or the drowsy lassi- tude of Indian summer. The entire campus population may be motivated by the moods of the weather, approaching holidays, or final exams. More often, however, these general moods serve only as a background for the individual excitement of a new dress, the individual monotony of a study routine, or the individual humor of a dorm room bull session. [5] The Excitement y ' • T 7 . " 4 Only sometimes is the excitement a general thing. It is general on the first day of school when, " Gosh, I ' m glad to see you again! " ' s are ill concealed beneath myriad, " How was your summer? " ' s. It is shared by all on " those " Fridays before Christmas or spring holi- days when eight o ' clocks aren ' t so bad. The entire campus reflects it when posters cover the Union doors, and Greeks support their candidates with mass movements to the polls, when white dresses and smiles announce that it ' s rush again. The excitement is an un- predictable phenomenon; it can result from the United States ' first astronaut, an unexpected pinning, or maybe just the announcement that " La Dolce Vita " is playing downtown. [7] The Humor Millsaps laughs self-consciously, mixing genuine amusement with the feeling of " This is really kid stuff. " The Purple and White echoes the general sentiment that " Stunt Night is silly " ; the student agrees, then par- ticipates whole-heartedly in the event. Freshman Day is branded " a farce, " but a crowd is always on hand for the crowning of the Freshman king and queen. The humor of the college involves a subtle tradition too. " Gort ' s " weekly antics must be commented upon (even if not always understood) ; the cafeteria ' s contributions to " better living " have to be joked about; and absolutely no record may ever be played in the grill without a grimace and an accompanying, " Who in the world played that? " The Routine Holidays and special events are frequent only on the calendar. Be- tween each particularly significant date lie innumerable eight to ten page papers, " Inside Lane Exit Only . . . Check Books at Desks " ' s, and Saturday morning language labs. Endless repetition breeds bore- dom, and to protect himself from it the student constructs a routine, a pattern he can follow so unconsciously that the boredom can be ignored. Week-ends are only slightly disrupting, and on Monday the student moves again unconsciously through the same routine, having only to remember to dress up for Sunday lunch in the cafeteria, and that on Wednesday, E period is at ten. They are interested in boys and chemical spectro- scopy; the carburetors of 1962 Lincolns and Juve- nalian satire; what meats are being served for lunch and the Berhn crisis. Some work constantly to really BE somebody; some just are; and some don ' t care. Each student has his own private in- terests, his own particular motives; but there are also common ones occurring when individual inter- ests overlap. These usually result in a close-knit " grill club, " yet sometimes produce a musical, win a basketball game, or publish a weekly newspaper. [ 12 ] B jl H Hp ' l Hd VpiHiUH The Interests — The Purpose [ 14 ] The Millsaps student studies because he has to, because he must " make his grades, " because mihtary service will be deferred, because this is an age demanding that a person have a college education. But the music major may read Wordsworth because he " likes it, " the novice chemist may delay his studying to attend a concert, and the purpose is then partially fulfilled. The purpose is not the overambitious one of producing an " universal man, " but simply the preservation of an indi- vidual capable of understanding — or, at least, aware of the presence of — disciplines other than his own. The Mill- saps student studies to be a doctor, to be a minister, to be a teacher; he learns to be an individual. . •W On frequent work-filled days, Millsaps students will creep from their studies to curse the insti- tution which seems to be spending their youth. They will spend hours mutually consoling each other with Job-like moans conc erning such pat and well-turned problems as the " neuter social life, " bad food and bad service, and the inexhaustible and ever popular complaint of Chapel. But when the need arises to promote the school that strange phenomenon, the paradoxical loyalty of a Millsaps student, blooms forth. Comprehensives are hallmarks of quality. Un- subsidized athletics are as noble and soul cleansing as Galahad or the Scout motto. Phrases like " privately supported " and " limited enrollment " seem as meaningful as " one nation " and " indivisible. " The Millsaps student has a real awareness of the uniqueness of his school and his outlook betrays this feeling. He scorns the things which are labeled collegiate. He would rather die than go to a pep rally, talk the Ivy League vernacular, or do the twist. Yet he goes, talks, and does. But it ' s different. It ' s a laugh-at-myself, know-something-you-don ' t dif- ference. This two-sided coin is Millsaps ' loyalty. The critical stance and cynical laugh is the Millsaps fight song, victory yell, and Alma Mater — a manifestation of love, but a love that would be " corny " if expressed in any other way than a partially sarcastic, partially concerned, partially fond comment on the grill or Founders Hall. [ 16 ] A Sense Of Difference [ 17 ] The Year, 19G2 [ 18 ] ADMINISTRATION 20 FEATURES 28 ACTIVITIES 42 HONORARIES 74 GREEKS 90 i V—- ATHLETICS STUDENT BODY 114 136 ADVERTISEMENTS 174 [ 19 ] After devouring a mountain of incomplete forms, ungraded tests, overlapping meetings, they can still speak of Shelley and the veins of a leaf . . . wiimiTioi The President of ' ♦♦ Millsaps College Dr. Homer Ellis Finger, the able President of Millsaps College, took up this administrative post in 1952. He received his B.A. from this college and continued his study at Yale where he received his B.D. He has done advanced work at Union Theological Seminary and has received the honor- ary title of Doctor of Divinity from Centenary College. Not only is President Finger a very competent administrator, but he takes a personal interest in every aspect of his college community. He pos- sesses the enviable ability of being able to call every Millsaps student by his name. He has the best interest of the college at heart at all times and acts accordingly with the genuine friendliness of a true gentleman. [ 22 ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE PRESIDENT HOMER ELLIS FINGER. JR. JAMES W. WOOD Mr. James Wood, Millsaps ' Business Manager, joined the ad- ministration in 1947. He received a B.S. Degree from Mississippi State and a B.A. from Millsaps. MRS. GLENN PATE Mrs. Pate, a new member of the Administrative Committee, serves as Dean of Women and advisor of Sigma Lambda. Mrs. Pate re- ceived her B.A. from Millsaps and has done further study at Tulane LJniversity. PAUL D. HARDIN Mr. Paul Hardin serves Mill- saps as Registrar and Associate Professor of English. He received his B.A. Degree from Millsaps College, his M.A. from Duke LJniversity, and has done further graduate work at the University of Southern California. JAMES S. FERGUSON Dr. James S. Ferguson, Profes- sor of History, also serves as Aca- demic Dean of Millsaps. He holds a B.A. from Millsaps, an M.A. from LSU, a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina, and has done advanced graduate work at Yale University as a Ford Scholar. JOHN H. CHRISTMAS Mr. John Christmas joined the administration this fall as Dean of Students. He holds a B.S. from Millsaps, an M.A. from Missis- sippi Southern, and has done fur- ther study at Mississippi Southern and LSU. Dean Christmas is a member of the American Person- nel and Guidance Association. [ 23 ] ROBERT E. ANDING Assistant Professor of Religion; A.B., Millsaps College; B.D., Emory Uni- versity. WILLIAM HARRELL BASKIN, III Associate Professor of Romance Languages; Chairman of Romance Languages Department; A.B., A.M., University of North Carolina; Fulbright Scholar; Advanced Graduate Work, University of North Carolina, Universite dc Poitiers, Universite de Paris {la Sorbonne) , Duke University, Alliance Fran- caise, Paris. RONDAL EDWARD BELL Assistant Professor of Biology; A.B., William Jewell College, M.S., University of New Mexico. ROBERT EDWARD BERGMARK Associate Professor of Philosophy; A.B,, Emory University; S.T.B-, Ph.D., Boston University. DAVID REECE BOWEN, JR. Assistant Professor of Political Science; Chairman of Political Science De- partment; A.B , Harvard University; B.A., M.A., University of Oxford. GEORGE WILSON BOYD Professor of English; Chairman of English Department; A.B., Murray State College; A.M., University of Kentucky; Ph.D., Columbia University. BILLY MARSHALL BUFKIN Assistant Professor of Romance Languages; Chairman A.B., M.A., Texas Technological College; Advanced Graduate Work, Tulane University and Uni- versity of Madrid. C LELAND BYLER Associate Professor of Music; Chairman of Music Department; A.B., Goshen College; M.M., Northwestern University; Advanced Graduate Work, Uni- versity of Michigan, University of Colorado. MRS. LOUISE ESCUE BYLER Instructor of Music; BM., Belhaven College; M.M. Ed., Louisiana State University; Advanced Graduate Study, Northwestern University, University of Colorado. LOWELL J. BYLER Associate Professor of Music; B.S., Goshen College; M.M., Northwestern University; Advanced Graduate Work, Colorado College and University of Michigan. CHARLES EUGENE CAIN Associate Professor of Chemistry; B.S., University of North Carolina; M.A., Ph.D., Duke University. LEON RAYMOND CAMP Instructor of Speech; B.A., Sioux Falls College; MA, Indiana University; Advanced Graduate Work. Indiana University, University of Wyoming. CHARLES DONALD CAPLENOR Professor of Biology; Chairman of Biology Department and Natural Sciences Division; B.S., A.M , George Peabody College for Teachers; Ph.D., Vander- bilt University; National Science Foundation Fellow, University of Chicago MAR Y COOK CHITTIM Instructor of Music; A.B., Blue Mountain College; B.M , MM., M.M.Ed., American Conservatory of Music; Certificate in Music from the Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria. PLAYER E. COOK Instructor of Mathematics; B.A., Monmouth College; MA., University of Kansas, MRS. KAY BRELAND COOLEY Associate Librarian; A.B., Louisiana State University; B.S. in Library Science, Louisiana State University. MRS. MAGNOLIA COULLET Associate Professor of Latin and German; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Pennsylvania; B.M., Belhaven College; Graduate Work, Ameri- can Academy in Rome, University of Chicago. ELIZABETH CRAIG Associate Professor of French; A.B., Barnard College, Columbia University; Advanced Graduate Work, Columbia University; Diplome de la Sorbonne, Ecole de Preparation de Professeurs de Francais a L ' Etranger, Faculty of Letters, University of Paris; Order of the Palmes Academiques. MARV ANN EDGE Director of Physical Education for Women; Assistant Professor of Physical 1 ' ducat ion; B.S., M.S., University of Mississippi. DARREL STARR ENGLISH Instructor of Biology; B,A., Southwestern College in Kansas; M A , Louisi- ana State LJniversity. MRS. CHRISTINE EZELLE Instructor of French; A B., Ecole Normalc Moyenne de L ' Etat, Nivellcs, Belgium. JAMES S FERGUSON Academic Dean; Professor of History; B.A,, Millsaps College; M A,, Lou- isiana State University. NFAL BOND FLEMING Professor of Philosophy; Chairman of Pliilosophy Department; A B . B D., Einory LJniversity; S.T.M., Ph.D., Boston University; Ford Scholar, Harvard University. CHARLES B. GALLOWAY Associate Professor of Physics; Chairman of Physics and Astronomy Depart- ment; B.S. Millsaps College; MA, Advanced Graduate Work. Duke Uni- versity. MRS MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN Associate Professor of English; A.B., Agnes Scott College; MA., Tulane LTniversity. LANCE GOSS Associate Professor of Speech; Director of the Millsaps Players; B.A-, Mill- saps College; M A., Advanced Graduate Work, Northwestern University; Special Study. Manhattan Theatre Colony; Cinema Workshop. University of Southern California; Summer Theatre, Ogunquit Playhouse, and Belfry Theatre. JOHN L GUEST Associate Professor of German; A B.. University of Texas; AM., Columbia University; Advanced Graduate Work, New York University; Ottendorfer Fellowship in Germanic Philology, Bonn University; Fulbright Scholar, University of Vienna. PALTL DOUGLAS HARDIN Registrar; Associate Professor of English; A B.. Millsaps College; A.M., Duke University; Advanced Graduate Work, University of Southern Cali- fornia. MRS. NELLIE KHAYAT HEDERI Assistant Professor of Romance Languages; B A , Mississippi State College for Women; Graduate Work, University of Southern California; M.A., Tulane L ' niversity HERMAN LEROY HILL, JR Band Director; Bachelor of Music Education, Louisiana State University. B.A , Mississippi MRS- NANCY BROGAN HOLLOWAY Instructor of Economics and Business Administration; State College for Women. WENDELL B. JOHNSON Assistant Professor of Geology; B.S., MS, Kansas State University; Ad- anced Graduate Work, Missouri School of Mines. WILLIAM T. JOLLY Assistant Professor of Ancient Languages; B.A., Southwestern; M.A., Uni- ersity of Mississippi; Advanced Graduate Work, University of Michigan. DONALD D. KILMER Instructor of Music; B M., M.M., Indiana University; Advanced Graduate Work, Union Theological Seminary, University of Kansas, University of Illinois. SAMUEL ROSCOE KNOX Associate Professor of Mathematics; A.B., AM, University of Mississippi; Graduate Work, University of Michigan. FRANK M. LANEY, JR. Associate Professor of History; B.A. University of Mississippi; M.A., Ph.D., LJniversity of Virginia. ANNIE WALLACE LESTER Instructor of Mathematics; B.A., Millsaps College; M.E., University of Missis- sippi; Advanced Graduate Work, University of Chicago, Peabody College, Columbia University. RUSSELL W. LEVANWAY Professor of Psychology; Chairman of Psychology Department; A.B , Uni- versity of Miami; M.S., Ph.D., Syracuse University. JAMES M. LIVESAY Director of Alumni and Public Relations; B A., Millsaps College. WILLIAM F. LOWE, JR. Assistant Professor of German; B.A., University of North Carolina; Post- Graduate Work, University of North Carolina. CHARLES MARTIN Professor of Psychology; B.A., Millsaps College; M.A,, Mississippi College; Advanced Graduate Work, Mississippi Southern College. MRS. MYRTIS FLOWERS MEADERS Associate Professor of Education; B.S., Millsaps College; M.E,, Mississippi College. JAMES A. MONTGOMERY Director of Physical Education; Basketball Coach; Associate Professor of Physical Education; A.B., Birmingham Southern College; AM., George Peabody College for Teachers; Ed,D., George Peabody College for Teachers. R. EDGAR MOORE Professor of Education; A.B , Birmingham Southern College; M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama; Ed.D., George Peabody College. R. H. MOORE Professor of History; Chairman of History Department; B.S,, M.S., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Duke University. MILDRED LILLIAN MOREHEAD Associate Professor of English; B.A., Mississippi State College for Women; M.A., Duke University; Advanced Graduate Work, University of Colorado, Columbia University, University of Wisconsin. ROBERT HERBERT PADGETT Assistant Professor of English; B.A., Texas Christian University; M.A., Vanderbilt; Advanced Graduate Work, Universite de Clermont-Ferrand in France. JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE Professor of Chemistry; BS., Millsaps College; M.A , University of Missis- sippi; Ph.D., Louisiana State University. RICHARD RANDALL PRIDDY Professor of Geology and Chemistry; B.S., Ohio Northern University; M.A,, Ph.D., Ohio State University. LEE HERBERT REIFF Assistant Professor of Religion; BA,, B.D., Southern Methodist University; M.A., Advanced Graduate Work, Yale University. ARNOLD ARTHUR RITCHIE Associate Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Northeastern State College of Oklahoma; M.S., Oklahoma State; Advanced Graduate Work, Oklahoma State, University of Tennessee. MRS. MARIE HEDRICK RUSSELL Assistant Librarian; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women. RICHARD R. SANDERS Instructor of Journalism; B.A., University of Missouri. WILLIAM K. SCARBOROUGH Assistant Professor of History; A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., Cornell University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. WII LIAM E. SHANKS InstrLictor of Economics; B.A,, Mills.ips; M.B.E., C.P.A,, University of Chicago. JAMES CARROLL SIMMS Assistant Professor of Sociology; A.B., MA., University of Maryland; AtU-anced Graduate Work, Emory. c:harles kessles sims Assistant Professor of Music; R.M,. University of Kentucky; M,M , Uni- versity of Michigan; Advanced Graduate Work, University of Michigan, EDWARD E. SMITH Professor of Psychology; B,S.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M D., Advanced Graduate Work, University of Mississippi School of Medicine. FLAVIUS J. SMITH Associate Professor of Physical Education; Head Football and Baseball Coach; B S., Tennessee Polytechnic Institute; MA, George Peabody College; Ad- ' anced Work, George Peabody College. ANDREW D, SUTTLE Professor of Physics; B.S-, Mississippi State University; PhD,, University of Chicago; Post Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Physics, University of Cali- fornia. BETHANY C SWEARINGEN Librarian; AB., Millsaps College; B.S , University of North Carolina; A.M., Columbia University. JONATHAN SWEAT Associate Professor of Music; B.S., M.S., Julliard School of Music; Ad- vanced Graduate Work, Columbia LIniversity. CHARLES W. TAPP Instructor of Political Science; B.A,, Louisiana State University; Advanced Graduate Work, Louisiana State University, Duke University. E. S. WALLACE Professor of Economics and Business Administration; A B., Birmingham- Southern College; MA., Ph.D , Duke University. THURSTON WALLS Associate Professor of Economics and Business Administration; B.A., M.A., Advanced Graduate Work, University of Texas. ROBERT PORTER WARD Associate Professor of Biology; B.S-. M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Advanced Graduate Work, Michigan State University. FREDERICK L. WHITAM Assistant Professor of Sociology; AB , Millsaps College; AM., Indiana University; Advanced Graduate Work, University of Chicago. Indiana University, Columbia University. JAMES TILLOTSON WHITEHEAD Instructor of English; B.A . M,A., Vanderbilt University. WILFRID WILSON Visiting Professor of Mathematics; B S., University of London. England; Doctor of Mathematics and Physics, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. KARL WOLFE Instructor of Art; B.F.A., Chicago Art Institute, William M. R. French Fellowship; Study and Teaching, Pennsylvania School of Art Summer School. ARTHUR EUGENE WOOD Professor of Chemistry; A.B., Mercer University; M.S., Vanderbilt Univer- sity; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh; L.L.D.. Mississippi College; D.Sc, Mercer University. JAMES DAUSEY WROTEN, JR. Professor of Religion; A.B., Millsaps College; B.D,, Southern Methodist University; A.M., Ed.D,, Columbia University. These students in whom other students see what they want to be- the best in themselves . . . FEATURES Susan Barry, Top Beauty J 1962 From a campus of lovely women the BOBA- SHELA presents one of the loveliest, Miss Susan Barry. Susan, a sophomore from Jackson, trans- ferred from the University of Mississippi in the fall. Taking an active part in campus life at Millsaps, she is a psychology major and a member of Chi Omega. In the winter Susan was chosen Kappa Alpha Rose by the men of this order. Early in November the BOBASHELA held its annual elections to choose twenty coeds for the 1961- 62 Beauty Review. A panel of five judges met each candidate individually at a coffee on the afternoon of November 15. The same evening the twenty nom- inees were presented formally. The panel selected ten semifinalists, and from this group they chose five finalists. The 1962 BOBASHELA now proudly presents the top five beauties of the Millsaps campus. CYNTHIA JOHNSTON Cynthia, a senior English major from Grenada, has been featured two times previously as a campus beauty. Her activities include President ' s List, Eta Sigma, K.D.E., Women ' s Council, cheerleader, and Chi Omega. [ 32 ] JEAN FRENCH A sophomore from Opelousas, Louisiana, Jean was a semi-finalist in the 1961 Bobashela Beauty Review. Be- fore coming to Millsaps she held several other titles. At Millsaps she is a member of Chi Omega. [ 33 ] KAYE GREEN Frequently seen hurrying on her way to the music hall, Kay is well known as a Madrigal Singer. In the fall she appeared in the Players ' production of " The Browning Version. " Kay is a freshman from Clinton, a Kappa Delta. [ 34 ] ANN PERRY Ann, an elementary education major, is a senior from Crystal Springs. Among her activities and honors she has served as president of K.D.E., secretary of Chi Omega, and a featured beauty in the 1960 Bobashela. 35 MASTER MAJOR LARRY AYCOCK [ 36 1 MISS MILLSAPS CYNTHIA DUBARD JOHNSTON I 37 1 I Woody Davis Cherry Miller Marilyn Stewart Tommy Mullins Billye Dell Pyron Clara Frances K. J MISS CHERRY MILLER, 1961 HOMECOMING QUEEN [ 40 ] Homecoming maids: Patsy Rodden, Cynthia Johnston, Shirley Anne Carr, Marilyn Stewart. OldGradsj A New Q ueen Attending Homecoming activities all day Saturday, September 30, 1961, were alumni from over Mississippi and the nation. A highlight of the afternoon variety show was the announcement of the Homecoming Queen and the presentation of her court. Though elected sev- eral days prior to the event, the identity of the queen was not revealed until this time. The queen and her court then spent a busy day entertaining former graduates. Immediately following a banquet the alumni attended the Millsaps-Sewannee football game. In spite of oc- casional rain, the court was presented and Miss Miller was crowned during the half-time festivities by President inger. [ 41 ] ■ss sM ' i ' spare time, ever on hand, ever denied existence, is intensely spent in an active melancholy because it isn ' t majorable . . . ACTIVITIES i 3ir v■ ; f0 See •»• •• - ,-W -• • ■- I The Activities section of any annual consists of a widely divergent, for the most part unrelated, group of pursuits which can be classified in no other way than under the ambiguous title, " Student Activities. " These pursuits range from such or- ganizations as the Singers or Players which are closely related to curricular work to student gov- ernment which is an entity in itself. Although the title, " Activities, " does embrace a wide variety of endeavors, it still encompasses the body of work which is second only to the curricular in the stu- dent ' s attentions. Likewise, these extracurricular pursuits take a back seat only to the curricular in rewarding the student with rich experience and knowledge. [ 44 ] ..laiSSux. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS The Student Senate, Millsaps ' official student legis- lative body, represents as nearly as possible, a fair cross section of the entire student body. Its weekly meetings serve as sounding boards for student problems and furnish a medium for the solution of such situations. The Senate functions primarily to make regulations not covered by law and college rules, to supervise elections, to administer the apportionment of funds, and to grant charters to stu- dent organizations. Four standing committees co-ordinate Union affairs, social activities, special entertainment, and parking regulations. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER WOODY DAVIS EDWARD P. HARRIS SANDY ALDRIDGE SENITH COUILLARD Senate Elections Committee Student Senate in Session [ 46 ] VOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT Women ' s Council Women ' s Student Government at Millsaps functions to establish regulations and restrictions for women resident students. Its complex organ- ization includes sorority representatives, dormitory assistants, members of dormitory councils, and the housemothers. Mrs. Glen Pate, Dean of Women, serves as general advisor of the entire organization. The Dormitory Council, an institution in many ways paralleling a Senate Sub-committee, meets weekly in each women ' s dormitory to deal with " matters concerning the general welfare of the resident women. " These matters include the tab- ulation of reprimands, issuing of " campus ' s, " etc. Housemothers HOUSEMOTHERS Galloway-Burton Mrs. Mary Fitts Franklin Mrs. Maggie Kathy Whitworth-Sanders Mrs. Kate Robertson Ezelle Mrs. Helen Daniel [ 47 ] CLASS OFFICERS Pninr ' ' " Shaw, Vice-President; Shirley ' Ann Carr, Secretary; Larry Aycock, President. ■ unior: Lee Chambers, Vice - President; Nancy Beth Loper, Secretary; Tom- my McHorse, President. Soph omore: Larry Ludke, Vice-Presi- dent; Gwen Ross, Secretary; Swink Saunders, President. Fresh Charles Moore, President; man: M ha Beale, Secretary; Rich- ard Warren, Vice-President. [ 48 ] A; ' i n- VO " -i f J n 4 I f 1 i 1 1 - ' « f V 1 BOBASHELA The Beauty Review is an annual event spomored by the Bobashela. Doug Price, photographer; Walton Mangum, sports editor. There are twenty five steps from the first floor of the Millsaps Student Union to the second (if you count the landing and either the top or bottom step) . Up and down these steps at least a thousand times daily plods the BOBA- SHELA staff. Where are they going? What will they do when they get there? Who knows (don ' t ask the members of the BOBASHELA staff) . When they are headed up the stairs, one can usually guess that they are going to their grotto to work. " To work " usually means any one of a hundred things. It sometimes means that they are going to listen to records. What records? Anything from the Louvin Brothers to Edith Piaf to " Hitler ' s Inferno " to Leontyne Price. It sometimes means that they are going to dance to records. This reason only applies to one artistic staff member who has in her repertory the best of Pavlova, Ray Bolger and Bubbles O ' Macnamarra. How is it that any thing is accomplished amid the pat of the soft shoe, Mohammed El-Bakkar and his Oriental En- semble, a typewriter which plays Beethoven ' s Fifth, and the gurgle of some benevolent soul who sees fit to water a demis- ing rubber tree plant (the symbol of a previous rule) ? One can guess that it gets done through plenty of sweat sweated somewhere between Viva Flamenco and Renata Tar- rago. It is also done in a spirit of camaraderie and mutual good will that is symbolized when one member yells to another, " Bobashela. " (The legend is that this word is Indian for good friend, but it has come to attention through more reliable sources that it is really Yiddish for a-good-time-was-had-by- all.) Billy Moore, Business Manager; Twinkie Lawhon, Editor-in-Chief. [ 50 ] Phyllis Myers, Activities Editor; Mary Frances Angle, Features Editor; Jitn Leverett, Copy Editor. Peggy Atwood, Honoraries Editor. Dot Taylor, Mildred Lawerence, Class Co-Editors. Gail Garrison, Dick. Haining, Greek. Co-Editors. [ 51 ] MAJOR F ACTS,, pocket-s zed handbook containing everything from cafeteria hours to a floor plan of the Major ' s tomb, is the new student ' s introduction and guide to Millsaps. As a student-edited publication, it aims not only at giving an omnibus condensation of college reg- ulations and procedures, but a resume of traditions and un-official customs. The position of MAJOR FACTS editor is an appointive one, selected by the president of the student body with the advice of the Dean of Stu- dents. The 1961-62 editor of MAJOR FACTS was senior Ralph Sowell. y J. X X (_ kj , the Millsaps literary magazine, is the publication which provides the struggling young writers of the campus the opportunity to struggle writing. Twice a year, before the STYLUS is issued, various and sundried poets, short story writers, playwrights, and essayists struggle up from their garrets and cellars to sub- mit their work to the STYLUS staff. This staff then struggles against artistic temperament (you can ' t publish my sonnet until I ' m dead) , journal- istic temperament (we can ' t print your book until we finish these monogrammed Christmas cards) , and administrative temperament (we are sure you can get enough money with rummage sales) . Then everybody struggles against the average student temoerament (Buy a STYLUS? What ' s a STYLUS?) The 1961-62 STYLUS was edited by Senior Jim Leverett. The Millsaps Arts Festival is a young tradition which the STYLUS and the Art Department hope to make into an old one. Each fall, examples of the accomplishments of students in the plastic arts are e.xhibited and works of campus writers are read, all to the background of gentle jazz and the omnipresent gurgle of coffee. On the night of the Festival, the fall edition of STYLUS appears and is vended among the artsy folk gathered there. They generally buy, thus adding to the prevailing warm atmosphere of camaraderie. Andre Clemandot, Jr. Co - Editor Ed IVoodall Co - Editor PURPLE AND WHITE The PURPLE and WHITE, Millsaps campus newspaper, is designed to supply the community with a weekly record of college history. A secondary purpose is to provide an airing ground for current campus views on pertinent topics of col- lege life. The paper was founded by the fifth class of Millsaps College on November 18, 1898, and was called the COLLEGIAN. In 1908-09 the COLLEGIAN merged into a weekly publication and was renamed in honor of the athletic association, PURPLE and WHITE. Participation on the campus newspaper is on a voluntary basis, and the PURPLE and WHITE serves as a laboratory and means of gaining valuable experience for those interested in all phases of journalism. James Underwood Business Manager Sam Cole Editor 1 62-63 53 Jim Allen, Sports Editor Kay Barret, News Editor; Judy Curry, Managing Editor; Susanne Batson, News Editor. The PURPLE AND WHITE office— its occupants call it the " room at the top " — is the nucleus of an unofficial, yet very real, institution, the " society " of the second floor Union. The rather cramped two rooms which house Mill- saps ' official student publication are always the scene of perpetual activity, sometimes pertaining to the paper, some- times not. With each week comes a new deadline, a new crisis. Hasty trips are made to the printer; lights burn till two in the Union; last minute " fill-in " stories are typed; a new pin or two is added to the " voodoo doll " ; and, some- how, another P W appears on time. Dudley Crawford, Photography Ralph Glenn, Feature Editor; Ralph Sowell, Political Editor. [ 54 ] Racheal Peden, Society Editor; Jim Leverett, Amusements Editor. %A! Fll ITS MILLSAPS PLAYERS PRESENTS... The freshman looked mortified. " Whadaya mean you don ' t like plays! " boomed an upperclassman wearing sun- glasses, a smudge or two of make-up, and a sweatshirt bear- ing a rather esoteric Greek legend. " At Millsaps EVERY- BODY like plays! " And a true statement it is. The Col- lege turns out in force at the mere mention of those magic words, " The Millsaps Players Presents. . ., " knowing it ' s time for another " really big one " from Lance Goss and gang. The Players had a big year. The rip-snortin ' Broadway musical hit " Destry Rides Again " opened the season with a (pardon) BANG. B. K. Denton and Tink Coullet lead the posse. December saw the best of current avant garde theater, " The Zoo Story, " coupled with " The Browning Verson " in what the Gossites called, " Arena ' 61. " The New Year brought Hal Holbrook and his fabulous " Mark Twain Tonight! " to the campus under Players ' auspices. In March, the winds ushered in " Romanoff and Juliet " in cooperation with the currently h omeless Jackson Little Theater, and the April-May attraction was Rodgers and Hart ' s witty " Babes in Arms " both in a campus pro- duction and later, on tour of Greenland, Iceland, and Baf- fin Bay for the USO. To repeat a Players ' adage, " This may welt have been a good year. " ' ' DESTKY RIDES AGAIN ' ' 7} " 4 Coi, ».- " " ' - fC THE BROWNING VERSION ' ' ta " o4 er rr THE ZOO STORY ' SINGERS The Millsaps Singers is one of the most integral and popular extracurricular groups (or organizations) on campus. The Concert Choir, one of the finest choirs in the South, has long been a prime representative of Millsaps College in the state and nation. This group, directed by Mr. Leiand Byler, sings music of all types ranging from popular medleys to large concert works. During the spring of 1962 this Choir sang with the Memphis and Jackson Symphonies and recorded complete worship music programs for presentation over nationwide radio as part of the Methodist Hour. Each spring the Concert Choir presents a tour pro- gram in different churches in Mississippi and other states. The tour is highlighted by the initiation of all new members and " Tap Night " where SOC, women ' s " honorary, " and the Mother ' s Club, Men ' s " honorary, " tap the members chosen for this honor. To its members the Concert Choir breaks all social organization barriers and forms one of the closest knit of the campus organizations. [ 59 ] Madrigals This year under the direction of Mr. Lowell Byler, the Madrigal Singers are continuing to build their reputation as an outstanding small choral group. They serve as MiUsaps ' repre- sentative to the Jackson area, singing at civic clubs, churches, and school functions. A versatile choir, the Madrigals perform in a variety of forms, ranging from Renaissance to contemporary, and including both secular and sacred music. This Spring, on a week-end con- cert tour, the group appeared in Biloxi, New Orleans, Columbia, and Laurel. The Chapel Choir under the direction of Mr. Charles Sims is open to any Millsaps student who enjoys choral music. This group ' s main function is singing for weekly chapel services. The Chapel Choir joins the other two choral organizations in the fall semester for the annual presentation of Handel ' s Messiah and the Feast of Carols. Chapel Choir [ 60 ] w l OFFICERS PRESIDENT VIC SHAW VICE-PRESIDENT RALPH GLENN SECRETARY-TREASURER JOAN ALLEN CHRISTIAN COUNCIL The Christian Council is the student agency which plans and co-ordinates campus-wide religious activities on an interdenominational scale. The group ' s member- ship is composed of the president of each of the campus ' religious groups along with one other elected repre- sentative from each group. During the school year the Council sponsors a Re- ligious Emphasis Week in which a guest speaker is invited to conduct a three day series of activities ap- propriate to a theme selected by the Council. Each Wednesday morning and also on days preceding various holidays a service of Holy Communion is conducted in Fitzhugh Chapel by some clerical member of the fac- ulty. The Council is also responsible for the printing and circulation of weekly chapel programs. Religious life at Millsaps is under the direction of Mr. Jack L. Woodward. Mr. Woodward, who served his first year as Religious Life Director in 1961-62, is a graduate of Millsaps. He has done additional gradu- ate work at Southern Methodist University where he received a B.D. in 1954. In addition to advising the Christian Council and supervising interdenominational activities, Mr. Woodward often represents the college ' s admissions office on travels throughout the state. [ 62 ] Mr. Jack L. Woodward Director of Religious Life |LT» " 2- The Women ' s Christian Workers is an or- ganization primarily for co-eds interested in church-related vocations, but all women students are invited to participate. The group offers its members fellowship, guidance, and the oppor- tunity for practical experience in religious work through participation in service projects. The programs of the WCW are designed to famil- iarize its members with problems that the re- ligious worker often meets in the field. Work- ing in conjunction with the Ministerial League, the WCW makes monthly visits to the Old Ladies ' Home where members conduct worship services. WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN WORKERS YWCA The Young Women ' s Christian Association, a national organization committed to Christian ideals and high standards, has as its purpose to develop young women into better citizens and Christians. A sincere interest in promoting Christian ideals is its only membership re- quirement. Each year individual members adopt " little sisters " from the Methodist Children ' s Home. The " little sisters " are entertained with sup- pers, parties, and trips to special events such as the annual Feast of Carols. Members of the " Y " meet twice monthly for programs of fellowship, worship, action projects. [ 63 ] The Ministerial League, an organization open to all pre-ministerial students regardless of de- nomination, is designed to acquaint the student with problems facing the ministry and to pro- vide opportunities for experience in fields such as local mission service. Each semester the group is responsible for the printing of class schedule cards given to each student during registration. The League also sponsors the Galloway Award, which is given yearly to the pre-ministerial student who has prepared the best sermon. All other official projects of the League are carried on jointly with the WCW. MINISTERIAL LEAGUE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student LJnion is an organiza- tion serving as a connecting link between the Baptist student and his church. Its weekly meetings are planned to encourage the spiritual growth of Baptist college students and to chal- lenge them to better Christian living. The BSU distinguished itself particularly in 1962 with its rather enigmatic program an- nouncements, the most notable being some sort of festivity featuring " mint juleps. " Aside from provocative programs, the organization, in co-operation with the Baptist churches in Jack- son, sponsors a progressive supper, which in- cludes a tour of the city ' s Baptist churches. [ 64 ] The Canterbury Association is an organiza- tion of students who are members of the AngH- can Comnumion. Canterbury Association is committed to a program of worship, study, stewardship, evangehsm. Christian social action, and ecumenicity. Each week Canterbury spon- sors a variety of activities, including a celebra- tion of the Holy Eucharist, Evening Prayer (or The Litany, in Lent), and a discussion meeting. The association also is one of the sponsors of the ecumenical worship services for each week in Lent. Through these activities and oppor- tunities the Canterbury Association works to enrich the lives of its participating members. CANTERBURY DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP The campus religious organization of the Christian Church, Disciples Student Fellowship, defines its purpose as fellowship, information, and worship. The members have discussion and enjoy refreshments following the regular pro- grams and worship on Monday evenings. In addition, the group has several parties, including a special one at Christmas. The group ' s offi- cial project is partial sponsorship of a child in the Christian Church ' s orphange in Atlanta. The small group emphasizes the fact that meet- ings are open to any one of any denomination. • 65 MB w v " i ■tfl lH H JWS_ m 1 W 1 H M H 1 , ' i p H " CHl. WH pi ' id it - V yi V MM t Wesley Fellowship, the campus unit of the Methodist Student Movement, offers the Meth- odist students on campus an opportunity to work together on various projects and to broad- en their ideas through meaningful programs. Wednesday nights find the group waiting to go to the Methodist Boys ' Farm for recreation and short devotional services. Each year before Christmas members of Wesley go caroling at the Methodist and Baptist orphanages. In the spring the organization sponsors a pancake sup- per the night before SEB elections in order to give the student body a chance to hear the plat- forms of each candidate. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT WESTMINSTER Westminster, the religious organization for Presbyterians at Millsaps, serves as the connect- ing link between church and school. Westmin- ster meets weekly for worship, study, and fel- lowship; programs consist of cookouts, sings, or speakers, plus a short devotional. Early in the school year the Presbyterian churches of Jack- son sponsor a progressive supper to stimulate among Millsaps students an interest in attend- ing Sunday church services at one of these churches and to increase membership in West- minster. [ 66 ] ART Millsaps does not offer a major in art, yet student artists con- tribute vitally to almost every activity at the school. Players, sing- ers, and religious groups depend upon the art department for cover designs and posters; publications use cartoons and other work done by student artists; and the advertising mediums of the college itself — filmstrips, booklets, etc. — are usually the work of an art student. The student artist at Millsaps is, by necessity, a person of ecle ctic interests; for, in addition to art, he must concentrate his interest upon a major field. Yet, even with this division of time and inter- est, he is a productive and imaginative artist whose talent is reflected in almost every phase of campus life. [ 68 ] EDUCATION The Education department at Millsaps consistently grad- uates more majors than any otlier subject area. During a single year approximately seventy-five to a hundred stu- dents practice teach in Jackson public schools under the college ' s student-teacher program. In order to satisfac- torily complete the course each student teacher must spend fourteen weeks in a Jackson school aiding his supervising teacher and actually teaching for a minimum of sixty hours. The progress of the student is carefully observed and re- corded by supervising teachers who submit weekly reports to the education department at Millsaps. The popularity of an education major at Millsaps is due in many ways to job opportunities open to the secondary and elementary teacher. The college ' s student-teacher pro- gram, a combination of solid groundwork in educational theory with vital practical experience, is designed to give its future teachers a background enabling them to teach almost anywhere with a minimum of difficulty. [ 69 ] FORENSICS Participation in forensic activities at Millsaps is hardly limited to the speech student. One of the major events attracting students interested in foren- sics as it pertains to politics is the annual Youth Congress, a mock meeting designed to give stu- dents a clearer understanding of legislative proc- esses. This year, the December Congress attracted delegates from over fifteen institutions. Despite strong competition the Millsaps delegation suc- ceeded in pushing three of its bills through both legislative houses and also in being selected as runner-up for the Congress Sweepstakes Award. Billy Moore, a Millsaps senior, gained further dis- tinction by winning an individual Sweepstakes Award. Millsaps Youth Congress Delegation The highlights of college forensics is the Millsaps Invitational Debate Tournament, a yearly event sponsored by the Millsaps chapter of Pi Kappa Delta. Nine states and approxi- mately thirty schools are represented at the tournament which is under the general direction of Dr. E. S. Wallace. In addition to the Mill- saps tournament, the college ' s debate team, coached by Mr. Leon Camp, travels to approxi- mately seven other debate meets throughout the Mid-South. Millsaps Invitational Debate Tournament [ 70 LANGUAGES In addition to ordinary class work, the MiUsaps student has many opportunities to further his knowl- edge of a foreign language, not only from the stand- point of reading and writing it, but also speaking it correctly and knowing the culture and people which produced it. The student may hear and imitate the spoken voice of the native, in the Millsaps language labora- tory. Here in a weekly ritual which makes Buck Rogers and brain washing come true simultaneously, one learns a language as a child learns it — by hearing and repeating. In addition, one may attend any one of three language tables once a week at noon. The student ' s digestion may not be helped, but his speaking ability will improve (at least it better, or he will starve in the process) . The German students also have an extra attraction in the Deutsche Verein (German Club) which provides various programs on Germany and authentic German refreshments (at least authen- tic German food) . Any French student ' s dream can be fulfilled by the new Junior Year Abroad program offered by the college. This is a joint enterprise with Southwestern College at Memphis and Sewannee in which one may spend a year at the Institute for American Universi- ties in Aix en Province. Here the student may come into continuous contact with all aspects of French culture through first hand experience. Summer school abroad. Millsaps at Bourges. NATURAL SCIENCE Science students, by the very nature of their highly technical field, have long been considered as somehow " set apart " from students in the two other disciplines. At Millsaps, however, a constant effort is made to give the science major a liberal arts background with- out sacrificing any of the intense training necessary to produce the capable and inquiring scientific mind. It is a favorite saying of Dr. J. B. Price, director of Millsaps ' pre-medical course which has produced ap- proximately three hundred and sixty doctors and den- tists in the past thirty years, that " Every member of the faculty teaches pre-medical courses. " Research is an integral part of the college ' s scien- tific curriculum. Working under two grants totaling 34,065 from the National Scientific Foundation, a special group of students and faculty in 1962 moved into their second year of investigation of loess and loessal soils in the Jackson-Vicksburg area. When the program is completed an important chapter will have been added to the geological history of Missis- sippi. A permanent facet of an emphasis upon research is Millsaps Gulf Research Laboratory. During the summer months the student scientists take courses in- volving on-the-spot research in stratigraphy, petro- leum geologv, and marine geology. Millsaps research has had very tangible results. In an annual meeting of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences, Inc. held on the campus in April, five of the scholarly papers presented were the works of Mill- saps students. Two students, Misses Ann Regan and Judy Brook, along with Dr. Donald Caplenor, also read papers before a regional meeting of the Associa- tion of Southeastern Biologists. These works were the direct result of study done under the National Science Foundation grant. In the field of geology, another Millsaps student, WiUard S. Moore, co- authored with Dr. Richard S. Priddy a Mississippi Geological Society Bulletin treating heavy minerals found on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. [ 72 ] SOCIAL SCIENCE One science which does not have the laboratories of the physical sciences, yet which is still a discipline seeking to employ the scientific method is social science, par- ticularly sociology. Because they are con- cerned with human interrelations the so- cial sciences must use the communities in which men live as laboratories and utilize history and economics as tools rather than Bunsen burners and thistle tubes. In order to give the student of political science a first-hand view of American gov- ernment and also a chance to broaden his background through exposure to a variety of political viewpoints. Millsaps partici- pates in the Washington Semester pro- £;ram. Under this plan a student of po- litical science attends classes at the Amer- ican University in Washington, D. C, for an entire semester, usually the second one of his junior year. Sociology and psychology at Millsaps emphasize research and field work in ad- dition to a solid classroom background. Because of its location — in the heart of Mississippi ' s largest city — Millsaps offers excellent opportunities for studies and p olls involving problems of urbanization. Field trips to state institutions such as Parchman and Whitfield also constitute a vital part of practical experience in the social sciences in which even the beginning student can participate. [ 73 ] The members who meet twice a year to argue about who has done a job as well as the members who meet twice a year . . . w f [ •itm -m dtM iM Larry Aycock President Don Fortcnhcrr Vice-President OMICRON DELTA KAPPA »«.- p Woody Davis Membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honorary for men, is the highest honor which can be conferred upon a Millsaps man. In its emphasis on the development of the whole man, ODK recognizes and encourages achievement in five major facets of campus life: scholarship, athletics, student gov- ernment, social and religious affairs, publications, and the arts. ODK sponsors a semi-annual Tap Day and awards scholarship trophies to the Greek organizations maintaining the highest schol- astic average for the semester. The Omicron Delta Kappa key worn by its members is thus a mark of highest distinction, honor, and obligation. Dr. R. H. Moore Advisor Dr. Donald Caplenor Dr. James S. Ferguson [ 76 ] Mary Frances Angli President SIGMA LAMBDA Scnitii Couillard Vice-President Sigma Lambda, founded at Millsaps in 1934 by Omicron Delta Kappa, is maintained as a petitioning organization for Mor- tar Board. To be extended an invitation to membership in Sigma Lambda, a woman student must have a 2.0 overall academic aver- age, a variety of leadership services on the campus, personal quali- ties suggesting leadership ability, second semester junior standing, and unanimous vote of the members. As an honorary recognizing distinctive leadership, scholarship and service, Sigma Lambda repre- sents the highest honor a Millsaps woman can attain. ■ -1 Susanna Mize Secretary-Treasurer Nancy Grisham Miss Elizabeth Craig Twinkie Lawhon Miss Mildred Morehead Carole Robison Mrs. Glenn Pate Advisor ROBERT ALDRIDGE President of Kit Kat, Editor of Stylus, President of Alpha Psi Omega, Second Place in Southern Literary Fes- tival. MARY FRANCES ANGLE President of Sigma Lambda and Pi Delta Phi, Treasurer of Chi Omega, Vice-President of Theta Nu Sigma, Eta Sigma. Woodrow Wilson and Full- bright Scholar. HENRY ASH Pi Kappa Delta, Debate Team, Min- isterial League, State Oratorical Con- test Winner. ?i among students in Since 1934 when Mr. H. P. Randall, a graduate of the Uni- versity of Alabama, instituted Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, selection for listing in this directory of outstanding students has become a national honor of particular significance. Presently approximately seven hundred American colleges and ten thousand students are represented in Who ' s Who each year. In addition to being a distinct honor to the chosen students, the annual volume of Who ' s Who provides a prac- tical go-between for employers and graduating seniors. This year nineteen Millsaps students will appear in Who ' s Who. These students are chosen by the faculty and administration on the basis of scholarship, participation, and leadership in academic and extra-curricular activities, citizenship, and service to the school. SENITH COUILLARD Treasurer of the Student Body, Vice- President of Sigma Lambda and Kappa Delta Epsilon, Editor of 1961 Boba- shela. [ 78 ] BILLY JACK BUFKIN President of Alpha Epsilon Delta, IFC, National Science Foundation Re- search Pro£;ram. ANDRE CLEMANDOT Editor of Purple and While. Chris- tian Council, Millsaps Players Publicity Committee. American uni ' versities and colleges EUGENE COULLET Alpha Psi Omega, IFC, Treasurer of Pi Kappa Alpha, Managing Editor of 1960 BobaMa. WOODY DAVIS President of the Student Body, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, President of Alpha Epsilon Delta. DON FORTENBERRY President of Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice- President of Omicron Delta Kappa, Business Manager of P W . President of Circle K and Eta Sigma. J _ = j mB Mmj tm I GAIL GARRISON Pi Delta Phi, Alpha Psi Omega, Eta Sigma Phi, Eta Sigma, Majorette Club, Greek Editor of Boha hela. Woodrow Wilson Scholar, Sigma Lambda. NANCY GRISHAM Sigma Lambda, Eta Sigma, Alpha Psi Omega, Millsaps Players Publicity Chairman. CLARA FRANCES JACKSON Chairman of the Orientation Com- mittee, Chi Omega Pledge Trainer, Secretary of Kappa Delta Epsilon, President of BSU, Sigma Lambda. % among students in CHERRY MILLER Homecoming Queen, Phi Mu Pledge Trainer, Class Secretary, Kappa Alpha Rose, Favorite. BILLY MOORE Omicron Delta Kappa, Bobashela Business Manager, Debate Team, Pres- ident of Pi Kappa Delta. JIM LEVERETT President of Schiller Gesellscliaft, Kit Kat, Stylus Editor, Amusements Editor of PSiW. Copy Editor of Bohashela, Woodrow Wilson Scholar, Omicron Delta Kappa. HARMON LEWIS Omicron Delta Kappa, Bobctshelii Editor, Circle K, President of American Guild of Organists. American universities and colleges RACHAEL PEDEN President of Chi Delta, Vice-Presi- dent of IRC, Secretary of Social Science Forum, P W Society Editor, Millsaps Players ' Stage Manager. RALPH SOWELL Kit Kat, Circle K, Editor of P W. Editor of Major Facts, President of Mississippi Collegiate Press Association, Omicron Delta Kappa. ED WOODALL Editor of P W. Christian Council President of Wcslev Foundation. Con cert Choir. ALPHA PS I OMEGA PRESIDENT Robert Aldridge VICE-PRESIDENT Betty Denton SECRETARY Bonnie Jean Coleman Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatics fraternity, recognizes meritori- ous contributions in the field of the dra- matic arts, not only in the field of acting, but in the backstage arts as well. Each spring Alpha Psi Omega sponsors the Players Awards banquet where outstand- ing contributions to the players ' year are recognized. Last year ' s awards were pre- sented to the following: Outstanding Millsaps Player, Johnny Sullivan; Mill- saps Players Acting Award, Linda Jones and Eddie Harris; Junior Acting Awards, Gail Garrison and J. T. Noblin; Back- stage Award, Diane Wallich; Most Valu- able Freshman, Keith Alford. SEATED- B. J. Coleman, B. K. Denton, B. Aldridge. STANDING ' G. Burgess, S. Aldridge, R. Sowell, E. Coullet, J.T. Noblin, R, Fernandez, M. J. Scott, G. Garrison, N. Grisham. PI KAPPA DELTA PRESIDENT Billy Moore SECRETARY-TREASURER Henry Ash ADVISOR Mr. L. R. Camp Pi Kappa Delta, national Forensic hon- orary, recognizes those students who have excelled in debate, extemporaneous speak- ing, oratory, or other forms of public speaking. As a competitor for Kit Kat ' s title of " most exclusive honorary on cam- pus, " Pi Kappa Delta has distinguished itself on numerous Tap Days with the now familiar announcement, " Today, Pi Kappa Delta taps none. " The Millsaps Invitation Debate Tournament, one of the finest in the South, is sponsored yearly by Pi Kappa Delta. B. J. Btifkin, Mr. Camp, B. Moore, H. Ash. [ 82 ] CHI DELTA T. Lawhon, R. Peden, H. Aurbakken. N. McGrew. PRESIDENT Rachael Peden Despite rumors to the effect that Chi Delta planned to remain exclusive until 1963 at which time it would be retired as an honorary for lack of members, the or- ganization did tap someone this year. As the sister organization of Kit Kat, Chi Delta extends membership to those women who are of at least sophomore standing, whose work has been published in Stylus or entered in the Southern Literary Festi- val, and who have shown a persistent and sustained interest in creative writing. Chi Delta seeks not only to recognize achievement in the literary arts, but to en- courage interest in creative writing among all Millsaps women. The group meets ir- regularly in dormitories, the grill, and hall- ways. KIT KAT PRESIDENT Robert Aldridge Kit Kat derives its name from an eigh- teenth century tavern where the authors of the day met to eat, drink, smoke, and talk. The members of Kit Kat likewise meet together to eat, drink, smoke, and talk. They are a small, pleasant, tweedy group who find comfort in knowing that they are the oldest, most exclusive hon- orary on the campus. They are assured that only the most kindred souls who have shown ability and diligent, repeated de- votion to the literary arts will be admitted into their ranks. Primarily, however, the members have the self-assurance that, con- trary to the beliefs of less comfortable in- viduals. Kit Kat will never exclude itself out of existence (nor will it include itself out of a comfortable size) . SEATED- Mr. Whitehead. Dr. Boyd. Mr. Padgett. STAND- ING- ]. Lever ett. R. Sonell. B. Aldridge. E. Harris. ETA SIGMA PRESIDENT Don Fortenberry SEATED- Dr. Moore, Dr. Ferguson, Dr. Wallace. STANDING ' I. Coleman, L. Park, C. Robison. M. F. Angle, C. DuBard, S. Coiiillard. N. Grisham, G. Garrison, T. Lawhon, S. Mize, D. Fortenberry. Eta Sigma, established at Millsaps in the 1920 ' s and re-estabHshed in 1957, rec- ognizes juniors and seniors with outstand- ing records of scholastic achievement. Membership is extended to juniors having an overall point index of 2.6 and to sen- iors having an index of 2.55. Because of its high scholastic require- ments Eta Sigma taps only a few, and membership in this organization is a trib- ute to those who have obtained it. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER ADVISORS Mr BiUye Dell Pyron Judy Curry Susanna Mize Ivan Burnett Magnolia CouUet Mr. W. T. Jolly Eta Sigma Phi, national honorary clas- sical fraternity, exists to recognize out- standing achievement in the study of Greek and Latin, to increase the knowl- edge of Greek and Roman art and liter- ature, and to stimulate interest in the study of the classics. Nationally Eta Sigma Phi publishes a quarterly magazine. The Nuntius, spon- sors Greek and Latin contests, and spon- sors an annual national convention. Alpha Pi, the Millsaps chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, sponsors the annual Alfred Porter Hamilton Award to the outstand- ing Latin student at Murrah High School and holds a traditional Roman Banquet. ETA SIGMA PHI SEATED: S. Mize, B. Pyron, J. Curry. STANDING ' M. Garland, L. Moss, M. Herring, M. Utesch. B. Chambers, S. Rube, L. Lane, M. Walker, G. Garrison, A. Wooley, A. Mendell, E. Gresham. I PI DELTA PHI PRESIDENT Mary Frances Angle SECRETARY-TREASURER James Briimfield ADVISOR Mr. William H. Baskm Despite its Greek name, Pi Delta Phi honors students sincerely interested in French literature and culture. Before re- ceiving an invitation to membership in the organization, a student must have had at least a 2.0 average in fifteen hours of French and have maintained a 1.8 over- all point index in other subjects. As a national honorary fraternity. Pi Delta Phi also extends honorary memberships to fac- ulty members, alumni, and others who have displayed unusual interest in France, its language, and its literature. SEATED- G. Ganiwn. M. F. Angle. H. Harris. STANDING- S. Coutl- lard, G. Morehedd, Mr. Baskin. }. McGiiffy. H. Aurbakken. T. Lawhon. SCHILLER GESELLSCHAFT PRESIDENT Jim Leverett VICE-PRESIDENT Tommy MulHns SECRETAR ' -TREASURER Sandra Boothe The purpose of the Schiller Gesellschaft is to foster interest in the German culture and civilization. Its requirements for membership include an overall 2.0 average and a 2.0 average in three semesters of German at Millsaps. In addition, the candidate for membership must prepare and read a satisfactory research paper on some aspect of German culture before the organization. (Another essential quali- fication for membership is that those to be initiated must be able to translate " Schiller Gesellschaft " and say it one hundred times in rapid successsion followed by a few rounds of Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.) SEATED: S. Boothe. J. I.crerett. T. Mullnu. STANDING- ' L. Coleman, J. Sterens, Mr. Lowe. Mr. Guest. B. Leggett. M. F. Angle. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA SEATED- T. McHorse, L. Lee, B. }. Bufkm. Dr. Price. STANDING- ' G. Atkmson, B. Allen, J. Mosely, L. Husband, W. Jones, D. Kenney, D. Meadows, W. Davis. PRESIDENT William J. Bufkin VICE-PRESIDENT Lynda Lee SECRETARY Lynda Grice TREASURER Tommy McHorse Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national hon- or society for premedical students. The object of the society is to encourage excel- lence in premedical scholarship, to stimu- late an appreciation of the importance of premedical education in the study of med- icine, and to promote cooperation and con- tacts between medical and premedical stu- dents and educators in developing an ade- quate program of premedical education. Among AED ' s projects for 1961-62 was the maintenance of a non-profit book ex- change during semester registration. Other activities included special films, speakers, and a variety of programs designed to in- terest the premedical student. THETA NU SIGMA PRESIDENT John Drais VICE-PRESIDENT Bobby Leggett SECRETARY-TREASURER Sandra Boothe Theta Nu Sigma, honorary science fra- ternity, provides an opportunity for in- creased fellowship among those having scientific interests, encourages students majoring in the sciences to enter graduate and professional schools, and recognizes excellence in scholarship and leadership in the pursuit of scientific studies. The hon- orary annually presents an award to an outstanding science graduate. To become a member of Theta Nu Sigma one must be a science major; have an overall index of 1.8; and (despite some Tap Day im- pressions) have a point index of 2.0 in the sciences. SEATED- B. Leggett, J. Drais, S. Boothe, M. Jones. STANDING- B. Moore, G. Saucier, J. Stevens, A. Regan, T. Mullins, W. A. Davis, Mr. Knox. SOCIAL SCIENCE FOKUM SEATED- R. Peden, Dr. Wallace, C. Robiwn. STANDING ' M. Garland, S. McDaniel. B. Burt, B. Brown, ]. Underwood. S. Bation, L. Park. S. Mize, T . Lawhon. CHAIRMAN Carole Robison SECRETARY Rachacl Peden The purpose of the Social Science Fo- rum is to recognize scholastic achievement in the Social Sciences and to provide a forum for exploration, study, and inter- pretation of the various aspects of the Social Sciences. To be eligible for membership a student must have 21 hours in the social sciences (economics, history, political science, psy- chology, sociology) ; courses in 3 of the 5 social sciences; a 1.8 overall average; no " F " in any course; and acceptance by a vote of active members. The Social Science Forum is an active local honorary which has chosen a topic of current interest on which the programs throughout the semester will be based. To remain active, a member must participate in preparing and presenting the program at least once each year. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY Edward Harris Rachael Peden Susanna Mize The International Relations Club, bet- ter known as simply IRC, is one of the more active Millsaps honoraries. Honor- ing students genuinely interested in the fields of political science and current his- tory, IRC stimulates interest in these fields through reports from students who have recently traveled abroad and through open forums on subjects of current interest. Early in the school year the Interna- tional Relations Club sponsored Millsaps ' first United Nations Day observance. IRC ' s goal is a student body well-informed in terms of local and national political situations. SEATED- S. Mtze, E. Hams, R. Peden. STANDING- A. Hamgill, B. Brown, B. Moore, Dr. Scarborough. S. Batson. H. Aurbakken. Dr. l.aney. M. F. Angle, L. Park, E. Gresham. CIRCLE K SEATED- G. Davenport, D. Fortenberry, M. Smith. STANDING ' B. Allen, H. Lewis, J. Leverett, R. Sowell, H. Covington, S. Saunders, D. Haining, B. Barksdale, W . Mangum, V. Shaw. PRESIDENT Don Fortenberry VICE-PRESIDENT Gene Davenport SECRETARY-TREASURER Melvin Smith Circle K, Millsaps ' newest honorary, was installed in October, 1961. As a service organization sponsored by Kiwanis International, Circle K is designed to pro- mote faculty-student and college-commun- ity relations. The honorary, which has en- joyed much success at other colleges in the nation, has as its objective the initiation and promotion of movements toward campus improvement. KAPPA DELTA EPSILON PRESIDENT Ann Perry VICE-PRESIDENT Senith Coillard SECRETARY Clara Frances Jackson TREASURER Gwen Dnbben Kappa Delta Epsilon is a national edu- cation sorority organized to improve edu- cational standards through high academic attainment a nd professional ideals. The member of KDE must have a major in education, a 2.0 average in education, an over-all 1.7 average, and 6 hours in sec- ondary education or 12 hours in elemen- tary education already completed. Each year this organization supports a party for student teachers and their supervising teachers and a trip to the Old Ladies Home to visit former members of the profession. SEATED- A. Perry, S. Couillard. Mrs. Headers, C. F. Jackson, G. Dribben. STANDING- A. Regan, B. D. Pyron, L. Moss, C. Whiteside, K. Walt, V. Buckner, P. Wofford, C. Dubard, S Mke, F. Coker, P. Orr. MAJORETTE CLUB m JK. ! ' SiW 4 PRnSIDFNT Carolyn Shannon VICn-PRFSIDHNT Judy Brook SUCRnTArn ' Mary Sue McDonnell AinaSOR Miss Mary Ann Edge The Majorette Club is an organization recognizing interest and participation in the woman ' s intramural sports. To he ehgible for membership a woman student must participate in at least three different intramural sports and must have main- tained a grade index of 3 for at least two semesters. Millsaps ' traditional Stunt Night where social groups compete for the coveted " Stunt Night trophy " — an old, battered bucket — is sponsored by the Majorette Club. FIRST ROW- C. Shannon. M. Ktbler. B. G. Joest. B. Mc Mullen. B. Tynes, J. Monk. S. Mtze. SECOND ROW- G. While. N. Loper. S. Bishop, J. Brook, D. Taylor, R. Peden. MCLUB PRESIDENT Eldridge Rogers VICE-PRESIDENT Johnny Hatten SECRETARY-TREASURER Don Mitchell The " M " Club is an organization made up of all students who have been awarded the official letter " M " in intercollegiate athletics. The club annually presents trophies to the Most Improved Football Player and the Most Valuable Football Player. In addition to the promotion of intercollegiate sports, the club annually engages in a combination " serenade " , horn-blowing contest, hazing, etc. — all of which are grouped loosely under the gen- eral heading of " initiation. " Gleason. Hull. Rebold. Stubbs. Jones. Lewand. M. Smith. Reynolds. Liring- Stan. Dumas. Rush. McFerrin. Mitchell. Barrett. Britt. Hatten. Ott. Rut- ledge. Barksdale. Allen. Shan-. Phillips. C. Smith. Mitchell. Underwood. Rogers. The Round Table and high bower, The priest ' s mystery rite, The cabal ' s secret bond - - All packaged In a three button suit, A high heel slant. And the ritual thump Of Rock and Roll . . . fiRGEKS 3 ( 4 _ i S NEW FACES. .. AN AGELESS PATTERN Why does the unsuspecting freshman rush to be rushed? Who knows? — certainly not the unsuspect- ing freshman. This phenomenon can only be cred- ited to the unexplained presence of a myth. An integral part of this myth is the ritual of rush. This ritual never starts, nor does it ever end. It is as vital to the Greek world as propagation is to the species. It is always either planned for, participated in, or looked back upon with some pride, some regret, and eternal optimism in planning for it again. The year could be 1930, or 1953, ' 62 or 74; fashions change; faces change; but the Greeks never. The " plan for " period depends on the ingenuity of the particular group. This segment of the rush ritual reduces the sorority (always the better organ- ized) into a crepe paper, tempra paint beehive where elaborate plans, rivaled only by Plato ' s Republic or Marx ' s Das Kapital, are expounded upon by seem- ingly " sweet young things " suddenly transformed into organization Amazons and administrative Valkyries (before the somewhat startled eyes of the new initi- ates) . For the fraternity, this is a time of applied, though awkward, masculinity, during which such undefined, indefinable terms as " good boy " or the devastating " hot box " are mercilessly juggled. Then it is September — the time of the acid test, the time of " participating in. " The September rush is a paradoxical time of brutal exhaustion and adrenalin drive, profound disillusionment and equally profound elation, soul-searching sincerity and soul- quenching hypocrisy. [ 92 ] This rite-like rhythm is punctuated by " so glad to see you " (WHAT IS THAT GIRL ' S BOY ' S NAME?); " so you ' re a Sanskrit major " (WHAT IS SANS- KRIT?) ; " you know my sister " (HOW WELL?) ; " your father is on the Board of Trustees, oh my " (LORD!). And there is always the smile — that face cracking, fea- ture distorting, will-it-ever-end smile. Overriding and overruling all of the personal emotions is the apparently endless plod to class — plod to get dressed — plod to the house — skit or smoker — plod to eat — bid session (laughter, tears, laughter, rage) — plod to bed (which really doesn ' t exist) — and plod to class again. Then eternity ends except for a final almost eternal period of waiting — waiting for the pay-off, waiting for the reward, waiting for the new blood that will bring more new blood, ad infinitum. A brief he-really-came our way and the faithful wonder-what-she went, then it seems to be ended. But it is not over, just as it was not over in 1930 or 1953; just as it will not be over in 1962 or ' 74. The place is the same. The rhythmical plod is the same. The myth is the same. Only the characters differ. [ 93 ] OLD FACES. . . As the rush season ritual propagates the fra- ternal organization, other rites give it form and purpose. Every fraternity man is a self-fancied knight who can trace his fraternal lineage back to Arthur if called upon. Every sorority sister is a lady-in-waiting (for many things) who can claim the ancestry of everything from Greek mysteries to Medieval cults. There is no Greek alive who cannot claim a deep-rooted, almost primeval excitement derived from his or her group ' s formal ceremonies. The " active meeting " fulfills a need which in former times would have been satisfied with a Thanks- giving rite for a good fall harvest or a sewer- meeting resistance cult in the French Revolution. The priest ' s incantation, the revolutionist ' s hand- shake, the outlaw ' s secret strategy are all bound up in the meeting. The rhythm of the cult and the chivalry of the knight cannot be seen only in the formal initiation ceremony but also in those unofficial initiation ceremonies and in a variety of other rites. While fraternity men joust on the speedball field, the lady-fairs are inno- cently winding flower chains for Song Fest. While the men are paddling away at neophytes, white-robed women are marching single file, lit by white candles, bearing white posies. While the men are throwing one of their number successful in love into a shower or more copious body of water, the girls are clustered around some comparable one, shrieking with unbridled glee. [ 94 ] NEW MEMORIES All of these varied rites and rythms are com- bined and culminated in two actions which give the fraternal organization its final meaning. These two actions are the forming of close ties of friend- ship within the fraternity or sorority and those bitter-sweet inter-actions which are society and, most of all, courtship. The doings of the fraternal organizations as a group range in every category from a close and serious study of how to get the rats out of the house to writing a skit based on the Divine Comedy and yet containing allusions to the political situa- tion or some satire-worthy faculty member. The fraternity can break into saccrine, sentimental can- tatas at the drop of a drop as well as a blush- bringing assortment of backroom bawdy in cele- bration of Saturday night. Whether it be a formal dance, a coast spent weekend, a picnic in a woodsy spot, or a sorority night at the house, the fraternal organization is always ready with some excuse to mix with the opposite sex. Under the benevolent, sanctifying eyes of bridge table chained chaperones, the Greek can be seen on any weekend, writhing to the blatant ceremonial beats of a rock and roll band. What is this madness? It is the myth, the why of the Greeks. In these group activities is a gen- uine friendliness and camaraderie. The Greeks are forever on the move; forever building a mental scrapbook which will be opened and reopened with a wistful smile. Are the scrapbooks essentially different? No, not in 1930 or 1953, ' 62 or 74. Only the fashions and faces change. The reality of the myth never does. [ 95 ] ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Sandy Aldridge Dot Allen Joan Allen Donna Bell Glenda Bell Ann Bowman Elizabeth Box Pauline Dickson Alexandra Dodds Pat Dugan Mary Clair Erwin Ann Fortenberry Ebbie Freeny Faye Harris Sue Hart Betty Gay Joest Pat Kalehoff Thelma Koonce Georganne Lammons Jennifer Lawrence Lois Lawson Ellen Lewis Cecile Mettetal Judy Michael Judy Monk Martha Norman Jan Payne Beryl Price Judy Price Shirley Prouty Gloria Rees Kaye Samples Alice Scott Carolyn Shannon Jennifer Stocker Barbara Tate Faye Tatum Linda Tinder Faye Triplett Nancy Tweedy Elizabeth Tynes Sandra Ward Judy Weissinger Carole Whiteside Amy Wilkerson Betty Williams Kathy Wilson Florilea Yates Lynda Yarborough BETA SIGMA MICRON For no obvious reason, every sorority seems to acquire for itself one outstanding characteristic. For the Beta Sig ' s, that characteristic is in some way connected with the human voice. From the nightingale strains which put so many of this sorority in the Concert Choir and the Madrigals, to the " whoops " (which remind one of the call-to-battle noises on a destroyer) they emit at an intersorority volleyball game, this sorority is always there noise wise. The Beta Sig ' s make other noises too. One leather- lunged member helps lead the cheers at the Millsaps football games. Others lent their brass to the chorus of " Destry Rides Again. " Members with more au- thoritative tones serve as president of the Majorette Club and the secretary of the Student Body. That battle-station whoop seems to have done this group some good because they walked off with the 1961 Volley- ball Trophy. Beta Sigma Omicron has been on campus since 1926 at which time one of its members was Mrs. Ross Bar- nett (what this fact has to do with noise, one can merely guess) . OFFICERS PRESIDENT JUDY MONK VICE-PRESIDENT ELIZABETH BOX PLEDGE TRAINER SANDY ALDRIDGE TREASURER CAROLYN SHANNON [ 97 ] Kathy Alexander Mary Frances Angle Sigrid Andre Marie Bacot Theima Bailey Babs Ballard Kay Barret Susan Barry Suzanne Batson Celia Breland Brenda Burks Ellen Burns Helen Cabell Jackie Caden Patsy Carmichael Roberta Clark Judith Curry Marilyn Fincher Dell Fleming Lynda Fowler Jean French Ann Gillespie Sandra Godbold Nancy Gray Susan Hall Sally Hand Mary Parker Harmon Harley Harris Ann Harvey Alix Hollman Susan Hymers Cecile Jackson Clara Frances Jackson Mary Laura Jinkins Cynthia Dubard Johnston Vicki Jones Lisa Jordan Miriam Jordan Diana Kenney Linda Lane Lynda Lee Barbara Lefeve Mary Linda Lewis Eloise McClmton Eugenia McLaurin Natalie Maynor Gwin Mills Cora Miner Linda Moss Phyllis Myers Mary Nester Janey Owen Paula Page Brenda Parker Ann Perry Billye Dell Pyron Sandra Rainwater Mary Jane Ray Marilyn Stewart Eileen Traxler Gail Virden Elizabeth Warren Mary Coral Weller Melanie Wells Devada Wetmore Mary Elizabeth Witherspoon CHI DELTA CHAPTER tJ r v._r ' .:p v.- ' ■_.:? CHI OMEGA That little white house behind the plaque that states, " Chi Omega Fraternity " (one of the truly misleading signs of our time) seems to house a very special breed of females. One of the main charac- teristics of these females (besides the always apparent fact that they are females) is that they are so adept in a well manicured nailing of such little baubles as the ODK scholarship trophy, four top spots (in- cluding the first) in the Millsaps beauty contest, two memberships in Who ' s Who, a presidency of Sigma Lambda, and election to the list of campus favorites. In return for these little trifles, the members of Chi O perform many services for the campus. Some of the more tangible include the traditional Chi Omega Social Science Award (what coyld be more appropriate) on Honors Day, the annual Owl Man award to some Chi O-type dream boy (the last one being Aristotle Onassis, now graduated) , and a yearly campus Song Fest which includes the extra attraction of a struggle between a hand-picked team of Chi O ' s and a hand-picked chain of daisies. OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY BILLYE DELL PYRON JUDY CURRIE ANN PERRY TREASURER MARY FRANCES ANGLE [ 99 ] MU CHAPTER Gabe Beard Karen Beshear Nancy Blackmon Fentress Boone Judy Brook Majorie Buie Billy Lee Chambers Bonnie Jean Coleman Senith Couillard Gwen Dnbben Margaret Duval! Joanne Edgar Donna Evans Marion Fleming May Garland Gail Garrison Rachel Gerdes Sandra Graves Kaye Greene Brenda Harris Ann Henley Milly Hockinheimer Susie Jenkins Kathy Khayat Lynne Krutz Twinkle Lawhon Mildred Lawrence Emily Lemasson Fay Lomax Nancy Beth Loper Peggy Lowry Gale McDonnell Mary Sue McDonnell Mary Ford McDougall Nan McGahey Sarah Mclnnis Ann Mayberry Mary Mitman Pat Montgomery Mabel Mulhns Suzanne Murfee Nancy Norton Patsy Orr Ruth Pickett Delores Prevost Emily Ray Anne Regan Sandra Rohison Martha Jean Scott Betty Ann Siemson Patsy Starnes Martha Jean Stephens Lynda Tanner Dot Taylor Carolyn Teaster Jean Thickens Janice Toon Dianne Utesch Mary Helen Utesch Ann Vickers Martha Ellen Walker Katherine Walt Patsy Ward Ann Watkins Bettye West Joy Weston Ginger White KAPPA DELTA To join Kappa Delta means to solve all female clothing problems for the remaining four college years. All that is required of a prospective KD is a very clinging, very black dress and a very un-clinging, very white dress. The black one is worn to Song Fest; the white one, to some mystic sweet rite called initiation and some trystic, sweet night called the White Rose Ball. The symbolism of these colors is a matter of con- jecture, but there is no conjecture about the girls who wear them. The members of KD claim among their number the treasurer of the Student Body, the president of the WSGA, one of the top beauties, Pi Kappa Alpha ' s Dream Girl, the BOBASHELA edi- tor, two Sigma Lambda members, and two Who ' s Who members. The group counts among its honors a scholarship award at the thirty-fourth annual Kappa Delta convention and first place in the 1961 Song Fest (proving the esthetic value of black sheaths) . The KD ' s also won a second place at this year ' s Stunt Night where they broke tradition by presenting a skit with no racial implications (proving the esthetic value of black sheaths over blacked faces) . OFFICERS PRESIDENT BETTYE WEST VICE-PRESIDENT ANNE REGAN SECRETARY KATHERINE WALT TREASURER SANDRA ROBISON [ 101 ] EPSILON CHAPTER Peggy Atwood Marsha Beale Bonnie Buford Gale Burke Carolyn Carl Shirley Ann Carr Wilmuth Creekmore Julia Dawson Henri Sue Dearing Suzanne Doty Carolyn Dunn Sharon Graves Glenda Gray Lynda Grice Louise Haley Susan Coats Harrigill Richie Hobgood Terry Hyman Myra Kibler Kathy Lehman Luran Luper Martha McCool Nina McLemore Betty McMuUen Sue McMurchy Merle Kay Martin Linda Mayfield Cherry Miller Jackie Miller Susanna Mize Mary Clay Murphy Janet Oliver Sandra Pearson Jane Peters Judy Poole Julia Price Jo Ann Rafferty Eloise Ramsey Suzanne Ransburgh Sheilah Raymond Patsy Rodden Donna Rogers Gwen Ross Elizabeth Walker Smith Judy Sowell Judy Sweat Sue Jo Thomas Barbara Sue Thompson Patricia Thompson Betty Joe Tyner Candye Vassar Anna C. West Ann Wooley vQh H |ft ,H 1 ■ P ' j ' |H PHIMU This year, passers-by on NortK President are start- led to discover that a new house has appeared seem- ingly overnight. In actuality, the Phi Mu house has been there several vears; but because of an economy- size jungle which flourished around it, only the initi- ated could find it. " Les Soeurs Fideles " finally de- cided that it was time for a change and sent an urgent appeal to the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha (to whom they had long served as the women-behind-the- throne) to come chop away the tangle. In keeping with the mature growth of jungle around the house, Phi Mu is the oldest sorority on campus. In keeping with the Lamba Chi ' s, three members are currently serving in the Lambda Chi Crescent Court, one of them being the Crescent Girl. Other Phi Mu ' s cum laude include the treasurer of Sigma Lambda and secretary of both IRC and Eta Sigma Phi; the vice-president of Alpha Psi Omega and star of the Players ' production of " Destry Rides Again " ; the president of Panhellenic; and the 1962 Homecoming Queen, also a member of Who ' s Who. OFFICERS PRESIDENT PLEDGE TRAINER SECRETARY TREASURER SUSANNA MIZE CAROLYN CARL CAROLYN DUNN BETTY McMULLAN [ 103 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Panhellenic Council of Millsaps College strives to further active cooperation and understanding among the sororities, non-sorority women, and the college; to promote high scholastic achievement; to maintain high social stand- ards; and to conduct worthy projects. The Council is composed of the presidents and two representatives of each sorority. Panhellenic ' s principal endeavor concerns the establishment, supervision, and regulation of rushing rules. Annually Panhellenic contributes fifty dollars in pay- ment for the school lunches of a Jackson Methodist orphan. In 1962 a scholarship was founded by the group to be awarded to a worthy Millsaps Greek woman each year. MEMBERS BETA SIGMA OMICRON Elizabeth Box BETA SIGMA OMICRON Lois Lawson BETA SIGMA OMICRON Judy Monk CHI OMEGA Mary Parker Harmon CHI OMEGA BiUye Dell Pyron CHI OMEGA Cora Miner KAPPA DELTA Senith Couillard KAPPA DELTA Gwen Dnbben KAPPA DELTA Bettye West PHI MU Peggy Atwood PHI MU Myra Kibler PHI MU Susanna Mize ADVISOR Mrs. Glenn Pate [ 104 ] INTERFKA TERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council of Millsaps College is the coordinating body of the four men ' s social fraternities on campus. It functions to further social fraternity relations at the college, to unify fraternity action with regard to common problems, to act as a medium between the college and the individual social organizations, and to unite the fraternities in a spirit of brotherhood. The membership of the Council is composed of two elected representatives from each fraternity. Officers are chaired by a system of rotation, which places a delegate from each fraternity in an office each year. MEMBERS KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA SIGMA Billy Jack Bufkm Tommy MuUins James Russell Dumas Don Mitchell LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Alan Hamgill LAMBD CHI ALPHA Tom McHorse PI KAPPA ALPHA PI KAPPA ALPHA Bob Allen Lee Hasseltine [ 105 ] Gene Ainsworth Clyde Allen Jim Allen George Atkinson James Ballew William Barksdale John Beasley James Brasher Jimmie Brighman Denny Britt Larry Broadhead William Bufkin Webb Buie Bob Carey Sammy Clark Andre Clemandot Sam Cole Phil Converse Eugene Countiss Ronnie Daughdrill Morgan Douglas Wayne Dowdy Tommy Fowlkes Clyde Gault Ralph Glenn Ben Goodwin Michael Graves Jeff Haas Ed Horn Burnett Hull Frank Jones Warren Jones Philip Kolman Tom Lail Don Lacy John Lewis Bill Lindsey Bob Lowrv Larry Ludke Dan Mcintosh Burket Martin Doug Medley Steve Meishurg Don Miller Rhett Mitchell J. N, C. Moffatt, III Billy Moore Charles Moore Tommy Mullins Cobern Ott Doug Price Mac Price Wade Robinson Tom Royals Thomas Reuff Swink Saunders Dean Shaw Dickey Silver Ralph Sowell Josh Stevens James Underwood Jimmy Underwood Ward Van Skiver Richard Warren Billy Webb Andy Wimberly Bill Wood Ed Woodall Philip Yeates ALPHA MU CHAPTER ,. ■, ra f o - CI rrf 1 S S fy ' , £3 r ' ' " ' i ' - m -, ii 1 - -. -»« f- p ' ' ' • « 4 " J i. M WA£ 4: ■K ■ » fi :i ,- ' TfB, :j ' a f .rD 4 -eh A ? mJf KAPPA ALPHA " It ' s a grand old gang and together we ' ll hang " (out the windows and wait for the thirty-one bids to material- ize) . And so we leave another wonderful evening with the KA ' s, loaded down with magnolias, mint juleps. Con- federate money, and pieces of the true Traveler. We look fondly behind us to see the brothers (all LXXIV of them) clustered around the Stars and Bars illumi- nated by-the-light-of-burning- ' ankees, plotting the next Secession. Among their numbers, we see two black ODK robes (offering a pleasing contrast to the others which are unanimously White) and two cheer-leading costumes. We hear counterpointed against the strains of Dixie, the typewriter clacking of the two KA ' s who are the co- editors of the P W and the one who is the business man- ager and the editor of Major Facts. We also hear the administrative cries of the presidents of Pi Kappa Delta and AED mingled with the close harmony of three of the celebrated Coachmen. The KA ' s brighten the social life of the campus in many ways of Old South gentility, not the least of them being the annual Black and White Ball (which mav or may not be genteel but is certainly Old South) . OFFICERS NUMBER I TOMMY MULLINS NUMBER II JOSH STEVENS NUMBER III BEN GOODWIN NUMBER IV BILLY MOORE KAPPA ALPHA ROSE CHERRY MILLER [ 107 ] Pat Barrett Jimmy Boynton Donnie Brock Larry Brown Tommy Bundy Hunter Cade Nath Camp Billy Cook Joseph Crain Jimmy Dees Wayne Dickerson James Dumas Warren Fletcher John Grayson Carl Hagwood Dick Haining Pete Halat Harold Hammett Warren Hinton Danny Hise Garland Holloman Owen Hooker John B. Howell John Humphrey, Ji Syd Jones Bill Kimbrell John Lawrence Ray Lewand Frank McCaa David Meadows Don Mitchell Maurice Morgan Ben Nichols Nick Rebold Richard Roberts Larry Robison Eldridge Rogers Jeppy Rush Bob Rutledge Gibson Sims Jimmy Stubbs Lee Wardlaw -«w - ' ' ' BSF ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER ( %. f ( . o - " f O- JtAl . ilk MkMk " " " " _i9 f " m W L ' l k H Jii il HHi Hw •»»• " - i ' " j J ' f -«s- " «? ■-3I KAPPA SIGMA The members of Kappa Sigma are devout believers in the adage, " All things come to those who sit and wait. " They are such devout believers, in fact, that they can be seen sitting and waiting in front of their house almost any clear day. They sit and wait to be muscular in front of any passing car-load of young things who revere them as the campus Adonis sym- bols. They sit and wait to win any up and coming athletic contest. They sit and wait to throw over- ripe pledges at any passing member of another fra- ternity or any other disgustingly active group that might challenge their right to sit and wait. Most of all they sit and wait for a termite to consume the last supporting beam of their house (hence they do their sitting and waiting outside) . The things which have come to the waiting Sigs are the Grand Scribe ' s Award for contributions to their national magazine, as well as such offices as the vice president of Circle K, the Greek co-editor of the Bobashela, the president and secretary-treasurer of the " M " Club, the co-captain of the football team, and the president of the Interfraternity Council. OFFICERS PRESIDENT JAMES DUMAS VICE-PRESIDENT SYD JONES SECRETARY GENE DAVENPORT TREASURER GEORGE SUMNER [ 109 ] Bob Adsit Keith Alford David Allen Henry Ash Gene Barlow Jerry Beam Buddy Birdsong George Brown, Jr. Gordon E. Brown, Jr. Ivan Burnett Bobby Cheetham Richard Clayton Hugh Covington John Crampton Jimmy Crow Luke Dove Maynard Hacker John Hailman A. H. Harrigill Larry Hawkins James Haynes Alan Henderson John Holderfield Huey Jones Meritt Jones Ted Jordan Curt Lamar Jim Leverett Dempsey Levi Joel Levi Gene Lockett Ben McEachin Tom McHorse Jim Miller Thomas O ' Neil Malcolm Patterson Ted Peak Howard Phillips, Jr. Robert Phillips Rex Poole Gary Scales Johnny H. Smith Brown Walker William Watkins George Wilkerson THETA ETA ZETA ' ' iStw w l i A j% -Si " !«, - " Sf ii P pn k pp wiR ' j ? » » ;8 »► ' SSf jS|) A .k LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Each year, rush season is started by giving the un- suspecting freshman a copy of the Major Facts and one of the Cross and Crescent Glossary (pubhshed by Berhtz) . In this volume is a handy pronouncing dic- tionary of the handy phrases indispiensible to get along in the LXA house (an example being yes: bet- ter known as takeahit and no: takeamiss) . Not to speak of talent in forming new languages, the LXA ' s also have great ability in sticking a crest on anything with sleeves and calling it a blazer and in clearing sorority jungles. The unique language does not seem to hinder this group in walking away with the honors, one of the most important being an abnormal number of ODK scholarship cups. Lambda Chi Alpha can count among its members the president of, the Ministerial League, the president of the Junior Class, a state ora- torical winner, the president of Schiller Gesellschaft, the editor of Stylus, the copy editor of the Bobashela and the amusements editor of the P W. The LXA ' s are a good group or as they would say, " straight. " OFFICERS PRESIDENT ALAN HARRIGILL VICE-PRESIDENT TOM McHORSE SECRETARY MERRITT JONES TREASURER IVAN BURNETT [ 111 ] ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Jack Alcers Wayne Albntton Robert Allen James Anderson Bob Aubert Joseph Becker, Jr. Neal Blades Joe Blythe James Brown Cal Bullock, Jr. Butch Calvert Eugene Coullet Woody Davis William Dodge Roy Donald Duncan Don Fortenberry Gary Fox Johnny Freeman Fred Gipson Larry Gorum Lee Graham Lee Hasseltine, Jr. Fred Hawkins Thomas Hayden Wayne Heidelberg Ernest Jahour Glenn James William Journey, Jr. Bill Lamb Bobby Lewis Harmon Lewis David McDaniel Paul Mabry Bill Matthews Dana Messer, Jr. Jimmy Mozingo J. T. Noblm Buddy Nordan Max Ostner, Jr Harry Parker Jim Paterson Jim Persons Gene Phillips Pete Shepherd Bob Shuttleworth Moody Simms Rex Stallings Joseph Tupy Tim Whitsett John Wible, Jr. Rockne Wilson • . 7 Q fl jfm. , , - - ggi Vh. A A m: a J A i gB . l ilk 4l A-L4.i J k A ' A rj. -» m PI KAPPA ALPHA Is it a Brooks Brothers ad? Is it a White Horse ad? Is it a Dale Carnegie testimonial banquet? No, it ' s the Pike chapter — suave from the top of their secret chapter room (which is really a warehouse for Old Spice products) to the bottom of their pin- striped snooker table — neat from their Harvey T. Newell chair ' s unused upholstery to their game room lined with used cricket sticks, used trophy-cum-ash- trays, a used and nameless deer head and a jackalope (a totem animal) . The Pikes are a fastidious few who have in their elite number most of the Administrative Committee, the vice-president of ODK (plus two other well dressed members), four members of Who ' s Who, three favorites, the president of the Student Body, the presidents of Eta Sigma and Circle K. This group is a living testimony to just what can be done with a gray flannel suit and a subscription to Esquire. OFFICERS PRESIDENT DON FORTENBERRY VICE-PRESIDENT BOB ALLEN SECRETARY JIM PERSONS TREASURER GENE PHILLIPS PI KAPPA ALPHA DREAM GIRL DIANE UTESCH [ 113 ] An ideal clean to touch . . . working with a nod-at-people " yts " failing with a leave-the-place sigh . . . because it holds so near to the empty-lot, holiday shout of body against body sweating, straining, strengthening into the hot-framed coolness of a did-best smile . . ATHLETICS AT MILLSAPS The idea behind varsity athletics at Millsaps is so rare in America today that it stands out as almost unique among intercollegiate program. At Mill- saps, varsity athletics are held to be instructional courses, classes in which lessons are taught and learned. In harmony with the concept of the function of the liberal arts college — to produce a well-rounded educated man who can think and act in the best interest of himself, his family, and his community — the athletic program at Millsaps is used to in- struct young men in values that are necessary for a successful life in modern society. Today ' s man needs to know the value of struggle, cooperation, and competition. He needs to know the value of retaining individuality while becoming a part of a team. From the Athletic Policy of Millsaps College [ 116 ] Athletes receive no scholarships for participation in the Millsaps sports program and are not in any way subsidized. However there is no discrimination for or against athletes in the awarding of academic schol- arships and other regular financial aid. Intramurals provide sports participation for a large segment of the Millsaps student body. Whether it be on the volleyball court, the softball diamond, or the speedball field, the intramural program has a unifying effect on the campus through the wholesome competition which results. [ 117 ] FOOTBALL ' 6i Associate professor of education with his doctor- ate in that field, Dr. James A. Montgomery is a man of thoroughness and foresight, evidenced by the effective way in which he directs the Depart- ment of Athletics and Physical Education. Now serving as head basketball and football backfield coach, he became a member of the Millsaps faculty in 1959. Coach Montgomery is directly responsible for several important improvements in the department. He initiated a recruiting program for all sports, began a quarterly bulletin for alumni, revitalized the " M " Club, and redesigned the purposes of the intramural program. One of his major contribu- tions to the varsity athletic program has been bet- ter scheduling, which is partly responsible for the upward trend in Millsaps sports. James A. Montgomery, Athletic Director Line Coach Edward McCreedy, Head Coach Flavins J. Smith. Backfield Coach James A. Montgomery. [ 118 ] HALFBACKS: Kneeling: Thomas McFerrin, Frank McCaa, Larry Ludke. Standing: Ray Lewand, Bob Rutledge, Pat Barret, Brown Walker. QUARTERBACKS: Kneeling: Don Mitchell. Donnie Brock. Standing: Gaines Massey, Bob Carey. I 119 ] FULLBACKS: Newton Reynolds, Jeppy Rush, Joe Broome CENTERS: Joe Sharp, Wayne Dickerson, Jimmy Boynton, John Grayson. 120 GUARDS: Kneeling: Jimmy Stiibbs, Richard Warren. Standing: Richard Clayton, Don Gleason, Johnny Hatten, Melvyn Smith. TACKLES: Kneeling: Nick Rebold, Ted Peak. Robert Smith. Standing: Earl Wentworth, Morris Thigpen, Bill Barksdale. [ 121 ] ENDS: Kneeling: Ronnie Daughdrdl. Paul Miller, Tommy Fowlkes. Williams, Richard Livingston. Standing: James Dumas, David AWARDS Most Valuable: Bob Rutledge Most Improved: Bill Barksdale, Richard Priddy Best Defensive Player Award: Johnny Hatten Johnny Hatten was also named to the All- Methodist second team. [ 122 ] CHEERLEADERS Seated: Sharon Graves, Gwin Ross, Lisa Jordan, Cherry Miller. Standing: George Atkinson, Kathy Wilson, Marilyn Stewart, Ralph Glenn. 1961 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Millsaps 14 Harding 13 Millsaps Austin 6 Millsaps 13 Southwestern 14 Millsaps Georgetown 27 Millsaps Sewanee Millsaps Maryville 6 Millsaps 10 Arkansas A M 20 Millsaps 7 Livingston 7 [ 123 ] BASKETBALL ' 62 MILLSAPS OPPONENT 49 Southeastern La. 71 57 Ouachita 83 65 Belmont 64 79 Birmingham-Southern 66 44 Sewanee 109 6 Sewanee 23 66 Lambuth 67 77 Southwestern 101 67 Birmingham-Southern 74 86 St. Bernard 89 88 Belhaven 70 76 Belhaven 68 72 Southwestern 70 66 East Texas Baptist 88 79 Little Rock U. 72 91 Huntingdon 110 62 William Carey 90 56 Birmingham-Southern 54 74 Huntingdon 94 84 St. Bernard 95 62 Southwestern 90 78 Southeastern La. 89 89 William Carey 85 60 Huntingdon 98 124 ] [ 125 ] Morris Thigpen, Center [ 126 ] Warren Jones, Forward Forrest Goodwin, Guard Gene Ainsworth, Center [ 127 ] Bobby Whiteside ' s freshman team finished the season with a winning 8-6 record, the best frosh performance seen in recent years at Millsaps. The freshmen competed with area junior colleges, senior colle ge freshman teams, and members of the Jack- son City League. As a senior history major White- side gained valuable pre-graduation coaching ex- perience. Robert Whiteside, Freshman Coach Phil Converse, Guard [ 128 ] Jamie Arrington. Forward Crawley Stuhblefield. Guard Charles Moore, Forward [ 129 ] By )Kl SB S t! ' ji " " ' r. u..«;r.?. " Home Floor hho of V on 17 There an V e 1 n iT tit e iarft •Siovae ' " V etv . ' • " " ' w pines : t i give atvV one - ifr ' - %s r»r«»» ' r£ V tiiaP . leei s ■gettvav Tr " ;,r « advai ,,e evate dicaP ad- ' erti ouV I ' t ' games But 6 = LiV ! iait as ot i i ert ■est- 11° season ° , V ;:d " " " ya?s -fe- H B«e co ' lt;diasta ' ' l ' cateV- brea ' .d - ' ippitvg ' [ 130 ] SPRING SPORTS With a fairly experienced infield and an outfield com- posed of mostly new men, the Major baseball team faced a schedule which included Delta State, Mississippi Southern, Southwestern, and Sewanee, all 1962 baseball powerhouses. At the beginning of the season it appeared that if the pitching staff of one veteran and several promising pros- pects came through, Coach Flavious Smith ' s nine would have a strong attack. The Millsaps track, once the site of all principal meets in the state, experienced a major re- working program which was begun to make it one of the best in the state. Both the track and golf teams were re- established in 1961, with Dr. Charles Cain and Miss Mary Ann Edge continuing as coaches this year. The golf team boasts Mary Mills, State Women ' s Amateur champion for the last eight consecutive years. Coached by Mr. David Bowen, the tennis team faced a schedule including Van- derbilt and teams of similar caliber. [ 131 ] BOYS ' INTRAMURALS STANDINGS W L T KA 6 1 PiKA 4 2 1 LXA 2 1 4 KS 1 3 3 IND. 6 2 [ 132 ] GIRLS ' INTKAMUKALS GIRLS ' VOLLEYBALL STANDINGS W L T Beta Sig 7 1 ChiO 5 1 1 Ind. 3 4 KD 1 6 PhiMu 1 6 Miss Mary Ann Edge. Director of Girls ' Athletics. [ 135 ] Each thinking a different thought, each dreaming a different future, only achieving their mythical unity over a nickle cup or a dime coke, or a ten o ' clock nap on Thursday . . . STMT BODY M» ' SENIORS ' 61 ROBERT E. ALDRIDGE Brookhaven English Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Kit Kat-Sec; Alpha Psi Omega-Pres.; STYLUS-Ed- itor; Dean ' s List; Writers ' Club; English Assistant; Band; SEB Finance Com- mittee; Library Assistant. ROBERT H. ALLEN Aberdeen Biology AED; Circle K; Student Senate; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in the Greek World; Sophomore Class Pres.; IFC- Sec; Intramural All-star; Pi Kappa Alpha-Rush Chair- man, Vice-Pres. LARRY BOOTH AYCOCK Louisville Biology Omicron Delta Kappa-Pres.; SEB-Vice-Pres.; Master Ma- jor; IRC; Orientation Chairman; Favorite; Wes- ley-Treas.; Baseball; Foot- ball Manager; Intramurals; Dormitory Manager. ALBERT H. D. ALEXANDER Jackson Chemistry NSF Grant; Mississippi Academy of Science; Amer- ican Chemical Society. MARY FRANCES ANGLE Laurel French Sigma Lambda-Pres.; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Pi Delta Phi-Pres-; Eta Sigma; IRC; Schiller Gesellschaft; Theta Nu Sigma- Vice-Pres.; Pres- ident ' s List; German Award; YWCA; BOBASHELA- Feature Editor; Chi Omega- Treas. SUSANNE BATSON Clarksdale History Social Science Forum; IRC; P W-News Editor; Chapel Choir; History Assistant; Women ' s Council; Wesley; BOBASHELA; Dean ' s List; Chi Omega-Chapter Correspondent, Personnel Chairman. SANDRA ALDRIDGE Mobile, Alabama Biology SEB-Sec; Alpha Psi Omega- Sec; Players; MlC-Sec; BSU-Vice-Pres.; P W; Singers; Biology Assistant; SEB Special Entertainment Committee; Beta Sigma Omicron-Recording Sec, Pledge Trainer. HENRY A. ASH Centreville Sociology Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Pi Kappa Delta; Ministerial League; Lambda Chi Alpha. CHARLES JOSEPH BECKER, JR. Jackson Spanish Alfred Godfrey Sanders ' Award; Band; Language Lab Assistant; Dean ' s List; Pi Kappa Alpha. CLYDE R. ALLEN Clarksdale Chemistry Deutscher Verein; Dean ' s List; Fooball; Chapel Choir; Players; P W; M-Club; Kappa Alpha. HANNE BRIT AURBAKKEN Algiers, Algeria French Pi Delta Phi; IRC; Chi Delta; Players; Writers ' Club. KAREN KERN BESHEAR Pascagoula Elementary Education Transfer from MSCW; Women ' s Council; Wesley Council; Concert Choir; Ori- entation Counselor; Dormi- tory Manager; Kappa Delta- Chaplain. JO ANN BISHOP Roancke, Virginia English Chapel Choir; P W; Wom- en ' s Council; Madrigals; BSU. DENNY BRITT Ruleville Enghsh Football; Baseball; M-Club- Pres.; Chapel Choir; Kappa Alpha-Parliamentarian. NANCY RUTH BROWN Jackson Biology Wesley; Singers; Players; Intramurals. SARA ANN BISHOP Sardis Psychology Women ' s Council; Chapel Choir; Wesley; Dean ' s List; Majorette Club. JUDY BROOK Amory Biology Majorette Club-Vice-Pres.; NSF Undergraduate Re- search Participant, Kappa Delta. WILLIAM J. BUFKIN Wiggins Chemistry Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; AED-Pres.; Pi Kappa Del- ta; P W; BOBASHELA; Players; NSF Grant; Dean ' s List; Chemistry Assistant; IFC; Kappa Alpha. [ 139 ] SANDRA BOOTHS Jackson Mathmatics Theta Nu Sigma-Sec- Treas.; Schiller Gesellschaft- Sec.-Treas.; Dean ' s List; German Assistant; Math Assistant; Madrigals. BOB BROWN Meridian FLstory IRC; Social Science Forum; Madrigals; Concert Choir- Business Manager; Dean ' s List; P W; English Assist- ant; SEB Cultural and Edu- cational Committee; Orien- tation Counselor. GEORGIA ANN BURGESS Nettleton Religion Alpha Psi Om ' ega; YWCA- Sec.-Treas.; P W-Girl ' s Sports Editor; WCW; BOBASHELA; Players- Stage Manager; Wesley; In- tramurals. JAMES C. BRASHER Jackson Economics Intramural All-star; Kappa Alpha. LARRY BROWN Union History Transfer from East Central Junior College; Chapel Choir; Kappa Sigma. IVAN BURNETT Meridian Psychology Eta Sigma Phi-Treas.; Mad- rigals; Concert Choir; Chap- el Choir; Ministerial League-Pres.; Greek Assist- ant; Christian Council; Wes- ley; Social Science Forum; President ' s List; Lambda Chi Alpha-Treas. SENIORS ' 61 SENIORS ' 61 ELLEN BURNS Jackson Elementary Education Singers; Wesley; Christian Council; YWCA-Vice-Pres.; BOBASHELA; Chi Ome- ga-Corresponding Sec. JACKIE CADEN Jackson Elementary Education Alpha Psi Omega; Players; Junior Acting Award; STY- LLJS; Singers; Chi Omega. SENITH ANN COUILLARD Natchez English Sigma Lambda- Vice-Pres.; SEB-Treas.; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities; Eta Sigma; Pi Delta Phi; KDE-Vice-Pres.; IRC; BOBASHELA- 1961- Co-Editor; Panhellenic Council-Sec.-Treas.; Presi- dent ' s List; National Merit Scholar; Kappa Delta-Edi- tor. MARTHA ELIZABETH BURT Jackson Sociology Social Science Forum; Play- ers; Library and Sociology Assistant; Dean ' s List; DSF. SHIRLEY ANNE CARR Tupelo Psychology Women ' s Council; Wesley; Chapel Choir; Homecoming Court; Senior Class-Sec- Treas.; Chemistry Dept.- Sec; Dean ' s List; Phi Mu- Rush Chairman. EUGENE ARMAND COULLET Jackson Psychology Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Alpha Psi Omega; Favorite; Madrigals; Players; IFC; BOBASHELA - Managing Editor; Philosophy Assist- ant; Pi Kappa Alpha-Social Chairman, Sec. PATRICIA BURFORD Crenshaw English Transfer from Wood Jun- ior College; Concert Choir; Wesley; Intramurals. WENDELL H. COOK, JR. Meridian Chemistry Pi Kappa Alpha. JOHN HAYES CLARK Jackson History Transfer from Belhaven College; University of Mis- sissippi, and Mississippi State University. PATRICIA ANN BYRNE Brookhaven English Dean ' s List; Writers ' Club. MIRIAM ELIZABETH COOPER Monticello English Writers ' Club; Women ' s Council; Singers; Dean ' s List; Wesley; WCW. ANDRE CLEMANDOT, JR- Meridian Psychology Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; P W-Co-Editor; BSU; Christian Council; Players; Library Assistant; Kappa Alpha. ALENE C. CROWELL JUDITH CONLEY AUSTIN DAVIS PATRICIA DAVIS Tiptonville, Tennessee CURRY Natchez Jackson Education Memphis, Tennessee Physics History English Eta Sigma; Theta Nu Sig- Dean ' s List; Chapel Choir; Eta Sigma Phi-Vice-Pres.; ma; Intermediate German Student Senate; Vikings. P W Managmg Editor; Award; Dean ' s List. SEB Union Comm.; Wes- ley Smgers; YWCA-Pres.; Christian Council; BOBA- SHELA; Chi Omega- Social Chairman; Vice-Pres. WILKES H. DAVIS WOODY DAVIS JULIA MARIE JOHN MORGAN Jackson Jackson DAWSON DOUGLASS, JR. Mathematics Chemistry Pascagoula Prairie Point Alpha Epsilon Delta; Con- SEB-Pres.; Omicron Del- Elementary Education History cert Choir. ta Kappa; Who ' s Who Deutscher Verein-Sec.,Pres.; Madrigals; Wesley; Chris- in American Colleges and Wesley; Players; Phi Mu- tian Council; Chapel Choir; Universities; AED-Pres.; Historian. Kappa Alpha. Dean ' s List; Pi Kappa Al- pha. JAMES R. DUMAS VIRGINIA CAROLYN ALBERT E. ELMORE HUGH FELDER Prentiss DUNN Forest Summit Biology Biloxi English Religion IFC-Pres.; Junior Class- English Transfer from Sewanee; Ministerial League. Vice-Pres.; Football; Base- Phi Mu-Correspondmg Sec, IRC; Dean ' s List; Players; ball; M-CIub; Kappa Sigma- Sec. Intramurals; Alpha Tau Pres. Omega. [ 141 ] SENIORS ' 61 SENIORS ' 61 J. RAUL FERNANDEZ Pindar Del Rio, Cuba Spanish Alpha Psi Omega; Chapel Choir; Language Lab As- sistant. GAIL GARRISON Batesville French Who ' s Who; Alpha Psi Omega; Junior Acting Award; Pi Delta Phi; Eta Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi; Ma- jorette Club; " BOBASHE- LA-Greek Editor; STY- LUS-Ed. Staff; C E Comm.; Women ' s Council- Sec; Dean ' s List; Westmin- ster Fellowship- Vice-Pres.; Kappa Delta. BEN GOODWIN, JR. Ackerman Psychology Debate; Orientation Coun- selor; Dorm Manager; Kap- pa Alpha-Rush Chairman, Number TTI. MARGARET FERRELL Starkville Elementary Education Players; Singers; WCW. FRED GIPSON Philadelphia Biology Student Senate; Golf; Sing- ers; Pi Kappa Alpha-Sec, Vice-Pres., Pledgemaster. LARRY AUSTIN GORUM Jackson Chemistry Chemistry Assistant; Ger- man Club; American Chem- ical Society; Football; Intra- murals; Pi Kappa Aloha. DONALD PEYTON FORTENBERRY Omicron Delta Kappa- Vice- Pres.; Circle K-Pres.; Con- cert Choir; Who ' s Who; P W-Business Manager; BOBASHELA; National Methodist Scholarship; President ' s List; Players; Orientation Comm.; Pi Kap- pa Alpha-Treas., Pres. RALPH E. GLENN Greenville Religion Cheerleader; Christian Council- Vice-Pres.; P W- Feature Editor; Singers; Dean ' s List; DSF; Kappa Alpha. JAMES AARON GREENHILL Jackson JULIA MAY GARLAND Jackson Accounting Eta Sigma Phi; Social Sci- ence Forum; Concert Choir; Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta- Asst. Treas. SANDRA LYNN GODBOLD Shelby Spanish Transfer from Texas Wom- an ' s University; Westmin- ster; Women ' s Council; YWCA; BOBASHELA; Dean ' s List; Chi Omega. ELEANOR GRESHAM Clarksdale Political Science Eta Sigma Phi; IRC; Wom- en ' s Council; BSU; Players- Costumes Chairman; Dean ' s List; Beta Sigma Omicron- Corresponding Sec. LYNDA ANN GRICE NANCY GRISHAM SALLY HAND AL.AN HOWARD Tupelo Corinth Jackson HARRIGILL Biology English Elementary Education History and Political Science BSU-Pres.; AED-Reporter, Sigma Lambda; Who ' s Pla yers; BOBASHELA; IRC; President ' s List; Pub- Sec; Panhellenic-Treas.; Who; Eta Sigma; Alpha Ch Omega. lic Relations Asst.; IFC-Sec, Singers; Dean ' s List; Chris- Psi Omega; Women ' s Coun- Treas., Vice-Pres.; Student tian Council; Biology Assist- cil; Orientation Chairman; Senate; SEB Finance ant; Phi Mu-Social Service Concert Choir; Wesley; Stu- Comm. and Parking Chair- Chairman, Sec. dent Senate; Players; Eng- lish and Music Asst.; Pres- ident ' s List. man; Lambda Chi Alpha- Pres. JAMES FRANKLIN HAYNES SUSAN COATS HARRIGILL Columbia Elementary Education Alpha Psi Omega; Singers; HARLEY HARRIS Jackson French Junior Year Abroad-Uni- versite de Aix-Marsaille; SUE HART Jackson Elementary Education Women ' s Council; Orienta- tion Comm.; Majorette; Jackson Economics Dean ' s List; Language Lab Asst.; Intramurals; Lambda Chi Alpha-Treas. Players; Band; Wesley; Phi Mu. Women ' s Council; P W; Orientation Counselor; Pi Delta Phi; Chi Omega. Band; Chapel Choir; Play- ers; WCW; Wesley; PE Asst.; Beta Sigma Omicron- CLARA FRANCES JACKSON Jackson Rush Chairman. Piano JAMES ALAN HENDERSON TOMMIE JEAN HOGUE Sebastopol DIANE BURKE HUTSON Who ' s Who; KDE-Sec; Concert Choir; Orientation Comm.-Chairman; Women ' s Gulfport Psychology English Wesley; YWCA; WCW; Jackson Sociology Council-Sec.-Treas.; Dean ' s List; BSU-Pres.; Chi Ome- Social Science Forum; Pi Kappa Delta; Tour Choir; Intramurals. ga-Pledge Trainer. Debate Team; Tennis; M- r T ' H. T T n r -f x ' ' Club; Lambda Chi Alpha. vP SJ T()K )? [ 143 ] SENIORS ' 61 SUSIE JENKINS Jackson Biology AED; KDE; Singers; Kap- pa Delta-Social Chairman. PHILLIP KOLMAN Jackson Mathematics Dean ' s List; Kappa Alpha. JIM LEVERETT Monroe, La. German Who ' s Who; Schiller Gesell- schaft-Pres.; Kit Kat; Circle K; STYLUS-Associate Edi- tor, Editor; P W-Feature Editor, Amusements Editor; BOBASHELA-Copy Edi- tor; Dean ' s List; Players; Writers ' Club; Language Lab. Asst.; Lambda Chi Al- pha. CYNTHIA DUBARD JOHNSTON Grenada English Miss Millsaps; KDE; Eta Sigma; President ' s List Homecoming Court; Cheer leader; Singers; P W Beauty; Women ' s Council Orientation Comm.; Ch Omega. LYNDA GWEN LEE Laurel Biology AED-Vice-Pres.; Majorette Club; Concert Choir; Play- ers; Dean ' s List; Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Court. DEMPSEY MEYER LEVI Ocean Springs Chemistry Westminster-Pub. Chair- man; Lambda Chi Alpha- Social Chairman. MERRITT JONES Centreville Mathematics Theta Nu Sigma-Reporter; Intramural All-star; Math- ematics Assistant; Presi- dent ' s List; Lambda Chi Al- pha-Sec. ROBERT NELSON LEGGETT, JR. Vicksburg Mathematics Schiller Gesellschaft; Theta Nu Sigma; NSF; Band; Concert Choir; Freshman Mathematics Award; Dean ' s List; Student Assistant in Band, German, Mathemat- ics, and Chemistry; Research Project Assistant. DAVID HARMON LEWIS Tylertown Music Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Circle K; Fa- vorite; BOB ASHELA - Co- Editor; Dean ' s List; Con- cert Choir- Accompanist; Music Assistant; Deutscher Verein; Cheerleader; Pi Kappa Alpha-Recording Sec. SYDNEY ROSS JONES, III HoUandale Psychology Transfer from Ga. Tech; Cheerleader; Psychology Asst.; Intramurals; Kappa Sigma- Vice-Pres. EMILY LEMASSON Jackson Elementary Education Chapel Choir; Dean ' s List; Westminster; Kappa Delta- Activities Chairman, Ser- geant-at-Arms. ROBERT WAYNE LOWRY Laurel Chemistry Dean ' s List; M-Cluh; Track; Football-Most Im- proved Player; Intramurals; Student Counselor; Kappa Alpha. ANN T. LUCAS Springfield, Tennessee Mathematics and Chemistry Transfer from Harding Col- le ge, Searcy, Arkansas. DAN ANDERSON McINTOSH, III Mendenhall History Dean ' s List; MIC Newslet- ter-Editor; P W; Singers; Band; Kappa Alpha-Histor- ian. LYNN MICHEL Jackson Economics Transfer from MSCW. ELOISE McCLINTON Quitman Elementary Education BOBASHELA; Players; Women ' s Council; Chi Omega. EUGENIA ANDERSON McLAURIN Hollandale Elementary Education Band; Singers; Players; Women ' s Council; BOBA- SHELA; Chi Omega-Intra- mural Chairman. HELEN CHERRY MILLER Woodville Sociology Who ' s Who; Cheerleader; Class Sec; Favorite; Home- coming Queen; Kappa Al- pha Rose, Alpha Mu and Province; Phi Mu-Pledge Trainer and Activities Chairman. EDWARD IVAN McCREEDY Biloxi Chemistry and Biology Transfer from LSU. ANN MAYBERRY Jackson Mathematics Concert Choir; Library As- sistant; Kappa Delta-Parlia- men ' arian. JOE RHETT MITCHELL Forest Political Science Concert Choir; Players; Tennis; M-Club; Kappa Alpha. SHIRLEY McDANIEL Summit Sociology Social Science Forum; Wes- ley; Players; WCW. THOMAS MAYS Clarksdale Psychology Wesley; Singers. SUSANNA MIZE Jackson History Sigma Lambda-Sec.-Treas.; Eta Sigma Phi-Sec; IRC Sec-Treas.; Social Science Forum; Eta Sigma; Major- ette Club; Kappa Delta Ep- silon; Westminster - Sec- Treas.; YWCA - Social Chairman; Tour Choir; Chapel Choir; Student Sen- ate; Panhellenic Council; Phi Mu-Treas., Pres. [ 145 ] SENIORS ' 61 SENIORS ' 62 JUDY MONK Jackson Elementary Education Concert Choir; Wesley; WCW-Sec; Majorette Club; Beta Sigma Omicron- Pres. THOMAS R. MULLINS Prairie Point Mathematics, Physics Omicron Delta Kappa; Theta Nu Sigma; Eta Sig- ma; IPC; Schiller Gesell- schaft - Vice-Pres.; Tour Choir; Intramural All-star; Freshman Class Vice-Pres.; Kappa Alpha-Pres., Vice- Pres. BILLY MOORE Jackson Chemistry Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Theta Nu Sigma; Pi Kappa Delta- Pres.; IRC; Debate; Play- ers; P W; Student Senate; Dean ' s List; Student Asst. Chemistry, Speech, Geology; Kappa Alpha. ROBERT HAMMIELL NAYLOR, II Jackson History Transfer from Miss. State; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LINDA MOSS Jackson Mathematics KDE; Eta Sigma Phi; Ori- entation Counselor; Dean ' s List; Chi Omega. FREDERICK JOHN NEWMAN, III Mobile, Alabama Chemistry Student Senate; Millsaps Players; German Club. JIM MOZINGO Jackson Chemistry NSF Research Project; Singers; Chemistry Lab Asst.; Intramurals; Pi Kap- pa Alpha. J. T. NOBLIN Jackson Political Science Alpha Psi Omega; Junior Acting Award; IFC. WILLIAM THOMAS O ' NEILL Meridian Religion Tranfer from Meridian Jr. College; Ministerial League- Pres.; Christian Council; Concert Choir; Basketball; Players; Lambda Chi Alpha. PATSY ORR Ackerman Elementary Education KDE; Dean ' s List; YWCA- Pres.; Wesley; Christian Council; Kappa Delta-Cor- responding Sec. LEAH MARIE PARK Sardis History Transfer from MSCW; IRC; Social Science Forum; Eta Sigma; YWCA. BRENDA PARKER Jackson Elementary Education KDE; Cheerleader; Dean ' s List; BOBASHELA; Sing- ers; Players; Chi Omega. RACHAEL ANN PEDEN Macon Political Science Chi Delta-Pres.; Who ' s Who; Social Science Forum- Sec; IRC-Vice-Pres.; Play- ers-Stage Manager; P W- Society Editor; Art Club- Pres.; Majorette Club; SEB Union Comm.; Wesley Council; STYLUS; Writ- ers ' Club. REX D. POOLE Crosby Political Science Lambda Chi Alpha. BARBARA ANN REGAN Winter Park, Florida Biology Theta Nu Sigma; KDE; Dean ' s List; Westminster; Biology Asst.; NSF Re- search Project; Kappa Del- ta-Membership Chairman, Vice-Pres. PATRICIA ANN PERRY Crystal Springs Elementary Education KDE-Pres.; Beauty; Major- ette; Players; YWCA; BSLI; Dean ' s List; Chi Omega-Sec. BILLYE DELL PYRON Indianola Elementary Education Eta Sigma Phi-Pres.; KDE Panhellenic-Pres.; BOB A SHELA-Snapshot Ed.; In tramurals; Religion Asst. SEB Constitutional Revis ions Comm.; Dean ' s List Wesley; YWCA; Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Court; Chi Omega-Rush Chairman, Pres. CHARLES HARRIS ROBINETTE, JR. Greenwood History Millsaps Players. CARL KEETON PHILLIPS Quitman Accounting M-Cluh; Players; Intramur- als; Canterbury; Geology Asst. SHIRLEY PROUTY Jackson Elementary Education Singers; Players; Christian Council; BSU; BOBA- SHELA; Beta Sigma Omi- CAROLE ROBISON Utica Economics Sigma Lambda; Eta Sigma; Social Science Forum-Pres.; Bourgeois Medal; Tribbett Scholarship; National Meth- odist Scholarship; Economics Asst.; Women ' s Council; Dorm. Asst.; Student Sen- ate; President ' s List; Chapel Choir; Tour Choir; Players; Dorm. Pres.; SEB Social Activities Chairman. MAUDEAN PHIPPS Jackson English Players; P W. SUZANNE RANSBURGH Sturgis Accounting Transfer from Hinds Jr. College; Wesley; Dean ' s List; Majorette Club; Wom- en ' s Council; Phi Mu-Stand- ards Chairman. GEORGE H. ROBINSON, JR. Jackson Psychology and Mathematics Transfer from Ga. Tech.; Mathematics and Psycholo- gy Asst. [ 147 ] SENIORS ' 61 SENIORS ' 61 ELDRIDGE ROGERS Hopkinsville, Kentucky Biology M-CIub-Vice-Pres., Pres.; Who ' s Who in the Greek World; Intramural Council- Pres.; Letterman-Football; Basketball; Baseball; Dean ' s List; P.E. Asst. OSCAR SCOTT, JR. Gunnison Piano Wesley-Vice-Pres.; Chapel Choir; Orientation Commit- tee; Dean ' s List. ROBERT GLENN SHUTTLEWORTH Forest Music Education Transfer from Okla. Baptist University; Singers; Play- ers; Orientation Comm.; Pi Kappa Alpha. TOM ROYALS Taylorville English Intramural Council-Pres.; Basketball; M-Club; P W; Kappa Alpha. CAROLYN SHANNON Hattieshurg Psychology IRC-Sec; Majorette Club- Pres.; Wesley-Sec, Pres.; Christian Council-Sec; Re- ligious Life Assistant; Dean ' s List; Orientation Committee; Women ' s Coun- cil; Beta Sigma Omicron- Corresponding Sec, Treas. LOWREY GARRETT SIMMONS, JR. Pontotoc Political Science Transfer from University of Mississippi; Canterbury; Sigma Chi. WILLIAM SANDERS Meridian History Madrigals; Concert Choir; Dean ' s List; American Guild of Organists. ROBERT THOMAS SHARP Meridian Religion Ministerial League; Gallo- way Award; Wesley. LYMAN MOODY SIMMS, JR. Jackson History Pi Kappa Alpha-Pledgemas- ter, Historian. MARION SAUCIER Gulf port Biology Theta Nu Sigma; Dean ' s List; President ' s List. JOHN VICTOR SHAW, JR. New Albany Psychology Transfer from Wood Jr. College; Circle K; Sr. Class Vice-Pres.; Concert Choir; Christian Council-Pres.; Wesley; Ministerial League; Orientation Counselor; Baseball; Intramurals; SEB Recreation Comm.; M-Club. ELIZABETH WALKER SMITH McComb Elementary Education Players; Singers; Phi Mu- Edi tor. R. LUCEAN SMITH Union Church History Transfer from Brigham Young University; Players; Singers. MARTHA JEAN STEPHENS Yazoo City Transfer from MSCW; Madrigals; P W; Wesley; Kappa Delta. JAMES AUBREY UNDERWOOD Forest Accounting Social Science Forum; Bas- ketball; Concert Choir; Dean ' s List; Orientation Counselor; Intramurals; Kappa Alpha. SANDRA SMITH Jackson Chemistry BARBARA SUE THOMPSON Ackerman Elementary Education Women ' s Council; Chapel Choir; Players; Phi Mu- House Chairman, Guard, Ritualistic Chairman. DIANNE UTESCH Jackson Elementary Education Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Court; Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl; Women ' s Council; Wesley; Kappa Delta-Social Chairman. RALPH SOWELL Jackson History Who ' s Who; Circle K; P W-Ed.; BOBASHELA- Sports Ed.; MAJOR FACTS-Ed.; BSU-Program Chairman; President ' s List; Orientation Comm.; Players- Publicity; Athletic Publicity Director; Kit Kat; Christian Council; Union Comm. Chairman; MIC MCPA- Pres.; Kappa Alpha. PATRICIA WEBB THOMPSON Greenwood Elementary Education Dean ' s List; Women ' s Council; BSU; Chapel Choir; YWCA; Phi Mu- Corresponding Sec, Social Chairman, House Chair- man. ANGELA T. VALLAS Jackson History Transfer from Belhaven; Players; Madrigals. JOSH STEVENS Macon History Theta Nu Sigma- Vice-Pres.; Dean ' s List; Schiller Gesell- schaft; German Club; BOB- ASHELA - Intramurals; Kappa Alpha-Vicc-Pres. ELIZABETH LOUISE TYNES Clarksdale Elementary Education WCW-Pres.; Tour Choir; Chapel Choir; Majorette Club; Players; Band; Ori- entation Counselor; Chris- tian Counsel; Beta Sigma Omicron. CALVIN LEWIS VANLANDINGHAM Houston [ 149 ] SENIORS ' 61 SENIORS ' 61 KATHERINE WALT Greenwood English KDE; Women ' s Council; Westminster ; Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta-Sec. HILDA WELLS Jackson Elementary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Chap- el Choir. AMY WILKERSON Jackson Elementary Education Singers; Wesley; Beta Sig- ma Omicron. SANDRA JOANNA WARD Jackson French Dean ' s List; Majorette Club; Canterbury; YWCA; Chapel Choir; Players; In- tramurals; Beta Sigma Om- icron-Scholarship Chairman. BETTYE WEST Yazoo City Elementary Education Women ' s Council-Pres.; YWCA-Vice-Pres., Pres.; Franklin Dormitory-Pres.; Wesley; Christian Council- Sec; P W; Chapel Choir; SEB Elections Comm.; Panhellenic; Kappa Delta-Pres., Treas., Asst. Treas. PENNY WOFFORD Sunflower Elementary Education Transfer from Sunflower Junior College; KDE; Chap- el Choir; Players; Orienta- tion Counselor; WCW; Wesley; SEB Elections Committee. LEE WARDLAW McComb Biology Deutscher Verein; Dean ' s List; Orientation Counselor; Kappa Sigma-Social Chair- man. DEVADA WETMORE Greenwood Elementary Education Eta Sigma Phi; KDE; Women ' s Council-Pres.; P W-Girls ' Sports Editor; BOBASHELA-Feature Ed- itor, Class Editor, Copy Ed- itor; MAJOR FACTS; President ' s List; Players; Latin Asst.; Chi Omega- Newspaper Editor. EDWARD EUGENE WOODALL, JR. Coffeeville Philosophy Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; P W-Editor; Wesley-Pres.; Madrigals - Accompanist; Concert Choir; Dean ' s List; Christian Council; Kappa Alpha. ELIZABETH DOUGLASS WARREN Laurel Elementary Education P W; BOBASHELA; Westminister; Chi Omega- Rush Chairman. CAROLE DEAN WHITESIDE Ashland Mathematics Deutscher Verein; KDE; Singers; Women ' s Council; Student Senate; Freshman Mathematics Award; Wes- ley; Mathematics Asst.; Beta Sigma Omicron. Ahney, Glenn Freshman, Bay Springs Adsit, Bob Sophomore, LXA, Jackson Ainsworth, Gene Sophomore, KA, Florence Akers, Jack Freshman, Pi KA, West Point Albritton, Wayne Freshman, Pi KA, Jackson Alexander, Kathy Freshman, Chi O, Jackson Alford, Keith Sophomore, LXA, Arlington, Va. Alleman, Herbert Sophomore, Washington, D. C. Allen, David Sophomore, LXA, Jackson Allen, Dot Junior, BSO, Aberdeen Allen, Jim Junior, KA, Carthage Allen, Joan Junior, BSO, Flemingsburg, Ky. Anderson, James Freshman, Pi KA, Long Beach Andre, Sigrid Sophomore, Chi O, Vicksburg Atkinson, George Junior, KA, Pensacola, Fla. Atwood, Marv Margaret Sophomore, Phi Mu, Laurel UNDER- GRADUATES Aubert, Rob Freshman, Pi KA, Gulfport Bacot, Marie Sophomore, Chi O, Bolton Bailey, Thelma Freshman, Chi O, Jackson Ballard, Babs Freshman, Chi O, Gulfport Ballew, James Junior, KA, McComb Barber, C. Michael Sophomore, Jackson Barber, Vicke Freshman, Gulfport Barksdale, William Sophomore, KA, Jackson Barlow, Gene Freshman, LXA, Kosciusko Barret, Kay Sophomore, Chi O, Memphis, Tenn. Barrett, Pat Sophomore, KS, Lexington Barron, Betty Freshman, Water Valley Barry, Susan Sophomore, Chi O, Jackson Beale, Marsha Freshman, Phi Mu, Yazoo City Beam, Jerry Junior, LXA, Tremont Beard, Gabe Sophomore, KD, Jackson Beasley, John A Freshman, KA, Jackson Bell, Donna Rae Junior, BSO, Liberty Bell, Glenda Freshman, BSO, Kenneth, Mo. Benson, Diane Freshman, Jackson Birdsong, Buddy Freshman, LXA, Mt. Gilead, Ohio Blackmon, Nancy Junior, KD, Greenville Blades, Neal Sophomore, Pi KA, Moss Point Blanton, Don Junior, Mathiston Blythe, Joe Junior, Pi KA, BooneviUe Boone, Fentress Freshman, KD, Jackson Bounds, George Locklin Freshman, Clarksdale Bowie, Claude P., Jr. Freshman, Jackson Bowling, Robert Sophomore, F attiesburg Bowman, Ann Junior, BSO, Lorman Box, Elizabeth Junior, BSO, Prairie Boynton, Jimmy Freshman, KS, Pikeville, Tenn. UNDEKG Bradshaw, Virginia Freshman, Morton Branning, Sonny Freshman, French Camp Breland, Celia Sophomore, Chi O, Crystal Springs Brent, Marguerite Sophomore. Jackson Brigham, Jimmie Freshman, KA, Dyersburg, Tenn. Broadhead, Larry Freshman, KA, Mendenhall Brock, Donnie Freshman, KS, Lexington Brockenbrough, Charles E. Freshman, Columbus Brown, George Sophomore, LXA, Brookhaven Brown, Gordon Freshman, LXA, Jackson Brown, James Sophomore, Pi KA, Jackson Buckner, Virginia Junior, Daytona Beach, Fla. Buie, Marjorie Junior, KD, Jackson Buie, Webb Freshman, KA, Jackson Bullock, Cal Junior, Pi KA, Jackson Bundy, Tommy Freshman, KS, Jackson Burford, Bonnie Junior, Phi Mu, Marks Burks, Brenda Junior, Chi O, Greenville Burke, Gale Freshman, Phi Mu, Jackson Burt, Donald Freshman, Grenada Cahell, Helen Sophomore, Chi O, Jackson Cade, Hunter Freshman, KS. Lexington Caldwell, Richard Dale Junior, Flora Calhoun, Donna Kay , Sophomore, Jackson Calvert, Butch Sophomore, Pi KA. McComh Camp, Nath, Jr. Junior, KS, Anderson, S. C. Carey, Boh Freshman, KA, Newport, R. I. Carl, Carolyn Junior, Phi Mu, Greenwood Carmichael. Patsy - Freshman, Chi O, Atlanta, Ga. Casteel, Myron Freshman, Columtus, Ga. Catlette, Dorothy Gray Freshman, Inverness Ch ambers, Billy Lee Junior, KD, Clinton [DUATES chance, Betsy Freshman, Canton Cheatham, Bob Sophomore, LXA, Jackson Clark, Carol Freshman, Jackson Clark, Robbie Junior, Gloster Clark, Roberta Freshman, Chi O, Memphis, Tenn. Clark, Sammy Sophomore, KA, Jackson Clayton, Richard Sophomore, LXA, McComb Cole, Sam G., Ill Sophomore, KA, Prairie Point Coleman, Bonnie Jean Junior, KD, Magnolia Coleman, Lawrence Junior, Meridian Commer, Polly Elaine Freshman, Lambert Converse, Phil Sophomore, KA, Jackson Cook, Billy Sophomore, KS, Ripley Cooper, Robert Ewell Junior, Brookhaven Covington, Hugh Sophomore, LXA, Brookhaven Countiss, Eugene Freshman, KA, New Orleans, La. :A .-: AA fA Costas, Lynda Sophomore, Jackson Costley, Dianne Freshman, Natchez Craig, Mary Charlotte Sophomore, Marks Crain, Joe Sophomore, KS, Hope, Ark. Crampton, John, Jr Junior, LXA, Meridian Cranford, Stephen Sophomore, Mena, Ark. Cauthen, Nelson, Jr Freshman, Canton Crawford, Dudley Sophomore, Canton Creekmore, Wilmuth Freshman, Phi Mu, Amory Crow, Jimmy Freshman, LXA, Senatobia Cullifer, Kay Freshman, McComb Daughdrill, Ronnie Sophomore, KA, McComb Davidson, Mary Ann Sophomore, Corinth Dean, Shirley Sophomore, Jackson Dearing, Flenri Sue Freshman, Phi Mu, Columbia Dees, Jimmy Sophomore, Pi KA, Jackson UNDERG Dickerson, Diane Sophomore, Johnston Station Dickerson, Wayne Junior, KS, Jackson Dickson, Pauline Junior, BSO, Mt. Olive Dodds, Alexandra Freshman, BSO, St. Louis, Mo. Dodge, William H. Freshman, Pi KA, Kreole Dodson, Geran Sophomore, Gulfport Dodson, Olivia Ann Junior, Palm Beach, Fla. Donald, Barbara Sophomore, Pound Ridge, N. Y. Doty, Suzanne Freshman, Phi Mi, Marksville, La. Dove, Luke Freshman, LXA,. Prairie Point Dowdy, Wayne Freshman, KA, Gulfport Dribben, Gwen Junior, KD, Greenwood Dugan, Pat Freshman, BSO, Pass Christian Duncan, Roy Freshman, Pi KA, Aberdeen Dunnaway , Phil Junior, Ocean Springs Duvall, Margaret Freshman, KD, Biloxi Edgar, Joanne , Freshman, KD, Arcadia, Calif. Edwards, Edna Janice Sophomore, Yazoo City Edwards, Juditu Clark Sophomore, Yazoo City Elliott, Judith Louise Sophomore, Jackson Ellis, Joyce I Junior, Belzoni Erwin, Alfred Harden, Jr. Junior, Lexington Ervin, Mary Clair Freshman, BSO, Inverness Evans, Donna Junior, KD, Yazoo City Farris, Kathryn Ann Junior, St. Louis, Mo. Fincher, Marilyn Freshman, Chi O, Lexington Fleming, Dell Sophomore, Chi O, Jackson Fleming, Marion Freshman, KD, Cleveland Fletcher, T. R. Sophomore, Kreole Foose, Stephen Junior, Tchula Forman, Robert Lee Junior, Gloster Fortenberry, Ann Freshman, BSO, Columbia DUATES Fowler, Lynda Sophomore, Chi O, Jackson Eowlkes, Tommy Freshman, KA, Wiggins Fox, Gary Freshman, Pi KA, Jackson Freeman, Johnny Sophomore, Pi KA, Jackson Freeney, Ebbie Freshman, BSO, Rolling Fork French, Jean Sophomore, Chi O, Opelous as, La. Frew, Sondra Freshman, Mobile, Ala. Fulton, Carolyn Ann Freshman, N. Little Rock, Ark. Gardner, Betsy Freshman, Hattiesburg Gault, Clyde V., Jr Sophomore, KA, Leiand Gaynor, Robert H., Jr. Junior, Jackson Gerdes, Rachel Sophomore, KD, Leiand Gillespie, Ann Sophomore, Chi O, Laurel Gordy, Jack Ray Sophomore, Laurel Gould, Jerry C Sophomore, Omaha, Neb. Graham, Lee Freshman, Pi KA, Jackson W ' - ■ _ ;- f - ■• - fr ' S ■im ■ ' 4:ik 4: i iil Graham, Martha Freshman, Jackson Graves, Michael Freshman, KA, Leland Graves, Sandra Junior, KD, Jackson Graves, Sharon Junior, Phi Mu, Jackson Gray, Glenda Freshman, Phi Mu, Grenada Gray, Nancy Freshman, Chi O, Bay St. Louis Grayson, John Freshman, KS, Moselle Green, Kaye Freshman, KD, Clinton Gregg, Mary Freshm an, Taylorsville Guess, John Sophomore, Brookhaven Fiaas, Jeff Freshman, KA, Memphis, Tenn. Fiacker, Maynard Freshman, LXA, Biloxi Hagwood, Leon Carl Sophomore, KS, CUrksdale Hailman, John Sophomore, LXA, Linden, 111. Fdaining, Dick Junior, KS, Clarksdale Halat, Pete Freshman, KS, Biloxi UNDEKG Haley, Louise Sophomore, Phi Mu, Clarksdale Hall, Susan Freshman, Chi O, Shelby Hailman, Alix Freshman, Chi O, Halls, Tenn. Hammett, Harold Sophomore, KS, Lexington Harmon, Mary Parker Sophomore, Chi O, Jackson Harris, Brenda Sophomore, KD, Forest Harris, Faye Freshman, BSO, Jackson Hartzog, Barrie Freshman, Natchez Harvey, Ann Sophomore, Chi O, Yazoo City Harvey, Ira Freshman, Jackson Hasseltine, Lee Junior, Pi KA, Corinth Hawkins, Fred Junior, Pi KA, Jackson Hawkins, Larry Junior, LXA, Jackson Hayden, Thomas Freshman, Pi KA, Memphis, Tenn. Heard, Mac Freshman, Jackson Hedgecock, David Junior, Gainesville, Ga. Heidelberg, Wayne Freshman, Pi KA, Moss Point Hendrix, Jane Sophomore, Jackson Henley, Ann Freshman, KD, Macon Higginbotham, Mike Freshman, Canton Hinson, Margaret Junior, Aberdeen Hinton, Warren E Freshman, KS, Brookhaven Hise, Danny Freshman, KS, Jackson Hobgood, Richie . Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson Hockingheimer, Milly Freshman, KD, Batesville Holderfield, John Junior, LXA, Jackson Holloman. Garland H. Sophomore, KS, New Albany Hood, Stephen Thomas Junior, Jackson Hooker, Owen Freshman, KS, Memphis, Tenn. Horn, Edward David Freshman, KA, Grenada House, Mary Lydia Freshman, Natchez Howard, Aubrey Earl Junior, Lorman DUATES Howell, John B Sophomore, KS, Canton Hudnall, Stuart Freshman, Natchez Hudson, Jan Elizabeth Junior, Natchez Hull, Burnett Sophomore, KA. Atlanta, Ga. Humphrey, John D Junior, KS, Grenada Husband, Lowell Stephen Sophomore, Jackson Hyman, Terry - . Sophomore, Phi Mu, Greenwood Hymers, Susan Junior, Chi O, Jackson, Tenn. Irby, Sally Freshman, Greenville Ivy, Mary Douglas Sophomore, Jackson Jabour, Ernest Freshman, Pi KA, Vicksburg Jackson, Cecile Sophomore, Chi O, Laurel James, Glenn Sophomore, Macon, Ga. Jenkins, Betty Junior, Laurel Jenkins, Mary Laura Freshman, Chi O, Laurel Joest, Betty Gay Sophomore, BSO, Memphis, Tenn. dfA Jones, Frank Freshman, KA, Forest Jones, Huey Junior, LXA, Columbia Jones, Justine Junior, Hattiesburg Jones, Warren Sophomore, KA, Forest Jones, Vicki Freshman, Chi O, Jackson Jordan, Lisa Freshman, Chi O, Rolling Fork Jordan, Mary Freshman, Jackson Jordan, Miriam Junior, Chi O, Carthage Jordan, Ted Sophomore, LXA, Jackson Journey, William, Jr Freshman, Pi KA, Greenwood Kalehoff, Pat Freshman, BSO, Jackson Kemp, J. William Sophomore, DeQuincy, La. Kendall, Mickey Sophomore, Jackson Kennedy, Ann Junior, Natchez Kenney, Diana Junior, Chi O, Jackson Kerby, Donnie Sophomore, Jackson UNDEKGl Kester, Gary Sophomore, Ava, Mo. Khayat, Kathy Freshman, KD, Moss Point Kibler, Myra Lynn Junior, Phi Mu, Jackson, Tenn. Kimbrell, Bill Sophomore, KS, Greenville Kohler, John H., Ill Freshman, Pensacola, Fla. Koonce, Thelma Sophomore, BSO, Laurel Krutz, Lynne Freshman, KD, Belzoni Kynard, Boyd E. Sophomore, Jackson Lacy, Don Junior, KA, Jackson Lail, Tom, Jr. Freshman, KA, Jackson Lamar, Curt Sophomore, LXA, McComb Lamb, Bill Freshman, Pi KA, Jackson Lammons, Georganne Junior, BSO, Greenbelt, Md. Lane, Linda Junior, Chi O, Brandon Lassiter, David Freshman, Birmingham, Ala. Laurence, Jennifer, , . Freshman, BSO, Memphis, Tenn. Lawhon, Twinkle Junior, KD, Tupelo Lawrence, John Freshman, KS, Greenville Lawrence, Mildred Sophomore, KD, Laurel Lawson, Lois Junior, BSO. Yazoo City f Lay, Dan Sophomore, Jackson Ledhetter, Bill Freshman, Benton Lefeve, Barbara Sophomore, Chi O, Vickshurg Lehman, Kathy Freshman, Phi Mu, Fayette Levi, Joel Freshman, LXA, Ocean Springs Lewand, Ray Sophomore, KS, Jacksonville, Fla. Lewis, Bobby Freshman, Pi KA, Tylertown Lewis, Ellen Freshman, BSO, Natchez Lewis, John S. Sophomore, KA, Woodville Lewis, Mary Linda Freshman, Chi O, McComb Lewis, Walter Lee Freshman, KS, Cleveland Lindsey, Bill Freshman, KA, Gulf port iDUATES Livingston, Dick Junior, Morton Lockett, Gene Thomas Sophomore, LXA, Biloxi Lomax, Fay Freshman, KD, Greenwood Loper, Nancy Beth Junior, KD, Ocean Springs Lowry, Peggy Freshman, KD, Jackson Ludke, Larry Sophomore, KA, Vicksburg Luper, Luran Junior, Phi Mu, Prentiss McCaa, Frank Sophomore, KS, Sylacauga, Ala. McCay, Mary Freshman, Jackson McCool, Martha Freshman, Phi Mu, Memphis, Tenn. McCown, Celane Freshman, F attiesburg McDaniel, David Freshman, Pi KA, Milwaukee, Wis. McDonnell, Gale Freshman, KD, Jackson McDonnell, Mary Sue Junior, KD, Hazlehurst McDougall, Mary Ford Freshman, KD, Magnolia McEachern, Charles Junior, Jackson »««« " McEachern, Claire Sophomore, Jackson McEachin, Ben Sophomore, LXA, Grenada McFarland, R. W Sophomore, Jackson McGahey, Nan Freshman, KD, Winona McGlothUn, Elizabeth Anne Freshman, Jackson McGuffee, Judy Arm Sophomore, Jackson McHorse, Tom Junior, LXA, Jackson Mclnnis, Sara Junior, KD, Laurel McLemore, Nina Freshman, Phi Mu, Hazlehurst McMullen, Betty Junior, Phi Mu, Brookhaven McMurchy, Sue Sophomore, Phi Mu, Fayette McNair, John Louis Sophomore, Magee Mahry, Paul Freshman, Pi KA, Meridian Majors, Frieda Sophomore, Jackson Mangum, Sue Freshman, Brandy Wine, Md. Mangum, Walton Sophomore, Raymond UNDERGl Martin, Burkett Freshman, KA, Vicksburg Martin, Merle Kay Freshman, Phi Mu, Laurel Martin, Newton H Junior, Jackson Mason, Carol Ann Sophomore, Clarksdale Matheny, Elise Junior, Meridian Matheny, James Freshman, Florence Matthews, Bill Junior, Pi K A, Raymond Mayfield, Linda Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson, Tenn. Maynor, Natalie Freshman, Chi O, Jackson Meadows, David Junior, KS, Greenwood Medley, Doug Junior, KA, Gulfport Meek, Nancy Junior, Jackson Meisburg, Steve Junior, KA, Jackson Mendell, Ann Junior, Jackson Messer, Dana Freshman, Pi KA, Falls Church, Va. Mettetal, Cecile Freshman, BSO, Johnson City, Tenn. Miao, Deborah Chia-yu Freshman, Vicksburg Michael, Judy Sophomore, BSO, Yazoo City Miller, Anita Freshman, Belzoni Miller, Don Freshman, KA, Jackson Miller, Jackie Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson Miller, Jim Sophomore, LXA, Clarksdale Miller, Paul Freshman, Bay St. Louis Miller, Wayne Sophomore, Rose Hill Mills, Gwen Freshman, Chi O, Jackson Miner, Cora Junior, Chi O, Meridian Mitchell, Don Sophomore, KS, Cleveland Mitchell, Thomas Junior, Jackson Mitman, Mary Junior, KD, Chicago, 111. Moffat, Red Sophomore, KA, Jackson Montgomery, Pat Freshman, KD, Jackson Moore, Charles Freshman, KA, Jackson DUATES Moore, Grace Sophomore, Aberdeen Morgan, Maurice Freshman, KS, Gulfport Mullins, Mabel Freshman, KD, Prairie Point Murfee, Suzanne Sophomore, KD, Amory Murphy, Mary Clay Freshman, Phi Mu. Columbia Myers, Phyllis Freshman, Chi O, Mobile, Ala. Nabours, Jackie Moore Junior, Tutwiler Neitzel, Sara Freshman, Jackson Nester, Mary Frances Freshman, Chi O, Carthage Newman, Jackie Sophomore, Mobile, Ala. Newman, Jeffrey Edward Freshman, McComh Nichols, Ben Freshman, KS, Hattiesburg Noble, John Junior, Hazlehurst Nordan, Buddy Junior, Pi KA, Itta Bena Norman, Martha Freshman, BSO, Houston Norton, Nancy Sophomore, KD, Jackson Nutt, Ben Junior, Pensacola, Fla. Oliver, lanet Junior, Phi Mu, Drew Orr, Bill Sophomore, Grenada Ostner, Max Freshman, Pi KA, Memphis, Tenn. Ott, Cobern Junior, KA, Osyka Owen, Davis Sophomore, Port Gibson Owen, Janey Freshman, Chi O, Jackson Page, Paula Sophomore, Chi O, Grenada Parker, Harry Freshman, Pi KA, Jackson Paterson, |im Sophomore, Pi KA, Leland Patterson, Malcolm Junior, LXA, Shuhuta Payne, Jan Sophomore, BSO, Jackson Peak, Ted Freshman, LXA, Biloxi Pearson, Sandra Sophomore, Phi Mu, Memphis, Tenn. Persons, Jim Junior, Pi KA, Jackson Peters, Jane Freshman, Phi Mu. Clarksdale UNDEKGl Phillips, Barbara Sophomore, Collinsville Phillips, Gene Junior, Pi KA, Jackson Phillips, Howard Sophomore, LXA, Montevallo, Ala. Phillips, Robert Freshman, LXA, Favette Pickett, Ruth Freshman, KD, Jackson Pittman, Lee Sophomore, Panama City, Fla. Pitts, Mack Freshman, Crystal Springs Pcole, Judy Sophomore, Phi Mu, Gulfport Posey, Carol Junior, Jackson Prevost, Delores Sophomore, KD, Boyle Price, Beryl Sophomore, BSO, Quitman Price, Doug Sophomore, KA, Jackson Price, Judy Sophomore, BSO, Florence Price, Julia Freshman, Phi Mu, Meridian Price, Mac Sophomore, KA, Jackson Rafferty, Jo Ann . . Freshman, Phi Mu, Memphis, Tenn. Raggio, Joseph Freshman, Natchez Rainwater, Sandra Sophomore, Chi O, Waynesboro Ramsey, Eloise . . Freshman, Phi Mu, Hazlehurst Ramsey, Larry Freshman, Jackson Ray, Emily Freshman, KD, Barcelona, Venezuela Ray, Janice Sophomore, Mathiston Ray, Mary Jane - - Freshman, Chi O, Jackson Raymond, Sheilah Freshman, Phi Mu, Rayne, La. Rebcld, Nick Sophomore, KS, New Orleans, La. Reed, Kathy Sophomore, Grenada Rees, Gloria Sophomore, BSO, Jacksonville, Fla. Reynolds, David Sophomore, luka Reynolds, Newt Sophomore, Charleston, South Carolina Roberts, Richard Freshman, KS, Mobile, Ala. Rohison, Larry Freshman, KS, Batesville Robison, Sandra Sophomore, KD, Batesville WUATES Robinson, Wade Junior, KA, Newton Rodden, Patsy Freshman, Phi Mu, Murfreeshoro, Tenn. Rodgers, Ann Freshman, Columbia Rogers, Donna Freshman, Phi Mu, Largo, Fla. Ross, Gwen Sophomore, Phi Mu, Canton Rube, Sandra Junior, Jackson Rueff, Thomas Freshman, KA, McComb Rush, Jeppy Junior, KS, Prentiss Rutledge, Bob Sophomore, KS, Mayo, Fla. Samples, Kaye Freshman, BSO, Canton Saunders, Swink Sophomore, KA, Laurens, S. C. Scales, Gary Freshman, LXA, Portageville, Mo. Scott, Alice Sophomore, BSO, Jackson Scott, Martha Jean Junior, KD, Leland Sharp, Joseph Junior, Liberty Shaw, Dean Junior, KA, Hazlehurst ' k LiT l ifelkiy Shaw, Judy Rebecca Sophomore, Crystal Springs Shepherd, Pete Freshman, Pi KA, Greenwood Sherrill, Marian Junior, Jackson Shields, Edward Freshman, Grenada Siemsen, Betty Ann Freshman, KD, Fiattiesburg Silver, Dicky Junior, KA, Jackson Sims, Gibson Sophomore, KS, Jackson Sistrunk, Martha Ann Freshman, Columbia Sklar, Peter Junior, Jackson Slocumb, Susan Sophomore, Jackson Smith, Carleen Junior, Vicksburg Smith, Carolyn Ann Freshman, McComb Smith, Charles Sophomore, Murfreesboro, Tenn. Smith, Dean E. Sophomore, Homewood, 111. Smith, Johnnie H Sophomore, Pi KA, Pascagoula Smith, Melvyn Sophomore, Vicksburg UNDERGl Sowell, Judy Freshman, Phi Mu. Jackson Spigner, Glendon Freshman, Marietta Spong, Richard Freshman, Vaughan Stallings, Rex Freshman, Pi KA, Jackson Stamps, Dennis Junior, Prentiss Starnes, Patsy Sophomore, KD, Natchez Stevens, Sue Junior, Port Gibson Stewart, Marilyn Sophomore, Chi O. Memphis, Tenn. Stocker Jennifer Sophomore, BSO, Hattiesburg Stockton, Sue Junior, Winona Stubbs, Jimmy Sophomore, KS, New Orleans, La. Sweat, Judy Junior, Phi Mu, Corinth Tanner Lynda Freshman, KD, Heidleherg Tate, Barbara Sophomore, BSO, Minter City Taylor, Charles R Sophomore, Biloxi Taylor, Dot Sophomore, KD, Como Tatum, Faye Sophomore, BSO, Lumberton Teague, Walter Freshman, Orlando, Fla. Teaster, Carolyn Sophomore, KD, Yazoo City Terry, Joan Sophomore, Stringer Thickens, Jean Freshman, KD, Laurel Thigpen, Morris Junior, Meridian Thomas, Sue Sophomore, Phi Mu, Ellisville Thompson, David Sophomore, Jackson Thompson, Tommy Freshman, McComb Tinder, Linda Freshman, BSO, Jackson Toon, Janice Freshman, KD, Gulfport Traxler, Eileen Freshman, Chi O, Crystal Springs Triplett, Faye Freshman, BSO, New Orleans, La. Tucker, Jane Sophomore, Jackson Tupy, Joseph Freshman, Pi KA, Philadelphia, Pa. Tweedy, Nancy Freshman, BSO, Jackson WUATES Tyner, Betty Sophomore, Phi Mu, Clarksdale Underwood, James Junior, KA, Forest Upton Lovelle Freshman, Collins Utesch, Mary Sophomore, KD, Jackson Van Skiver, Ward Freshman, KA, Gulfport Vassar, Candye Freshman, Phi Mu, Jackson Vickers, Ann Sophomore, KD, Jackson Virden, Gail Freshman, Chi O, Jackson Walker, Brown Sophomore, LXA, Senatobia Walker, Martha Ellen Junior, KD, Hollandale Ward, Patsy Sophomore, KD, Jackson Ware, Stewart Sophomore, Stringer Warren, Fletcher Freshman, KS, Gulfport Warren, Richard Freshman, KA, Laurel Wasson, Alton Junior, Senatobia Watkins, Arm Freshman, KD, Inverness JJf " Jrj0 ' im ' " ■ fT 1 ag gg . MlHH Watkins, Pauline Sophomore, Jackson Watkins, William Sophomore, LXA, Summit Webb, Billy Freshman, KA, Ripley Wimberly, Andy Freshman, KA, Jackson Weissinger, Judy Freshman, BSO, Bolton Waller, Mary Sophomore, Chi O, Vicksburg Wells, Diane Freshman, Durant Wells, Melanie Sophomore, Chi O, Jackson Wentworth, Earl Junior, Natchez West, Anna Sophomore, Phi Mu, Hazlehurst Weston, Joy Freshman, KD, Leland White, Ginger Sophomore, KD, Poplarville Whitfield, Johnie Marie Freshman, Jackson Whitsett, Tim Freshman, Pi KA, Jackson Wible, John . Freshman, Pi KA, Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii Wideman, Sherry Junior, Fiattiesburg Wilkerson, George Sophomore, LXA, Pascagoula Wilkerson, Johnette Junior, Pascagoula Williams, Betty Junior, BSO, Jackson Williams, Rudy Junior, Forest Wilson, Joseph Freshman, Mary Esther, Fla. Wilson, Kathy Freshman, BSO, Mary Esther, Fla. Wilson, Lloyd Sophomore, Itta Bena Wilson, Rockne Junior, Pi KA, Moss Point Witherspoon, Mary Freshman, Chi O, Meridian Wood, Bill Freshman, KA, Columbus Woods, Claudia Sophomore, Jackson Wooley, Ann Junior, Phi Mu, Leland Yarbrough, Lynda Sophomore, BSO, Tylertown Yates, Florilea Junior, Clinton Yeates, Philip Freshman, KA, Laurel Young, D. A Junior, Greenwood STUDENT LIFE [ 167 ] Ah, fellows, come back inside . . . it ' s only a mouse. Are you sure that was the North State Street bus? " ' p. ' ' ' d [ 168 ] ' Hanne, t ' s not i ' ' [ 169 ] ' All right, I ' ll wear them, but do they have to be scarlet? ' ' ' Because it doesn ' t match the curtains in the den, that ' s why! " ' " ' ' -f ' elds.. [ 170 ] ' Somewhere over the rainbow yoii, " " T r . Frorri Esq " ' " ' " cdse ■ ■ W l ' ' " tbdt " . . . got a girl in every port, babe. babe. . . ' [ 171 ] ' four kings take off your shoe. ' YOM " " arh.ta.rnp - ' ' ( Jay, ' So what if you can ' t type, you ' re hired! ' [ 172 ] called " The World of. ■ • crppe,,, - " f ' ' n bron. ows. 173 ] " The Peppermint what? " ADVERTISEMPTS : Lend Exciting Charm to Your Home With LIGHTING Visit Our Lighting Showroom STUART C. IRBY COMPANY 815 S. State Street The Store For Men Who Core . . Annually . . . First Choice of Men Who Want The Finest In Men ' s Wear Jackson Brookhaven Vicksburg e? - YOUH PAVOHITE PUN POOD f l MISSISSIPPI ' S CAMPUS FASHION LEADER 146 E. Capitol JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI The Tucker Printing House PRINTERS and BINDERS OFFICE SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT " Genuine Copperplate Engravers " 1 13 North State Jackson, Miss. F. H. A. REID-MCGEE ■ REAL ESTATE -k Conventional if Commercial Industrial Realtors • Mortgage Bankers • Insurers | |l rTrTL fi LOANS EiyjjB|P_L ON SELECT 5,6 E. Capitol St. 9 f PROPERTIES JACKSON, MISS. " Stale ' s Largest — 34 Years Contlnous Service Under the Same Management " " A Mississippi Institution Operating Statewide " INDEPENDENT LINEN SERVICE COMPANY of Mississippi Compliments of NORTH STATE PHARMACY 1808 North State (Across the Street from Miilsops) WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS COMPLIMENTS OF GREYHOUND BUS TERMINAL OIL ®i THE HOUSE of FINE DIAMONDS 418 E. Capitol Northwood Shopping Center Compliments of JACKSON JITNEY -JUNGLE STORES BAPTIST BOOK STORE 125 North President JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI S N A C K S H O P " Catering Service " DAVID JONES Owner and Manager No. 1 - 1222 N. Phones: FL 5-3726 State - FL Street 2-9727 BATSON HARDWARE 115 Traingle Drive at Tripps Crossing Phone 362-4443 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Robt. C. Odom Joseph C. Compliments of ODOM OPTICAL DISPENSARY of Jackson Odom 1000 N. State Street FL 2-7625 Compliments of Central School Supply 122 E. Pearl St. Fl 4-4908 MILLSAPS COLLEGE GRILL Soda Fountain Short Orders Sandw iches Student Union Building Cold Drinks You ' re always welcome at FIRST FEDERAL OF JACKSON iivss x mfr?m m:! i:m !sm:iis s: ms, Oc e m MEN ' S WEAR Woodland Hills Jacks on, Mississippi EM 6-6264 cU f Woodland Hills VISIT STANDARD PHOTO COMPANY For the finest In Photo equipment complete Photo Finishing 513 E. Capitol Jackson, Mississippi S U D 1 E S of WOODLAND HILLS 6-6834 Sudie — Jack — Suellen Schi jitz Compliments of BRENT ' S DRUGS 655 Duling Street Woodland Hills Tel. EM 6-3428 Jackson RUFPS CHICKEN HOUSE TAKE-OUT SERVICE 244 Meadowbrook Rd. Dial EM 6-9365 DELTA WHOLESALE Jewelers and Distributors 512 East Pearl Street Jackson, Mississippi House of Name Brands Quality Merchandise At Wholesale For You BRASS KEY BOOKS The KEY to a Perfect Gift Is Well Chosen Books 2741 Old Canton Road The OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY " Office Designers, Outfitters, and Printers " 509 E. Capitol Fl 3-4734 Compliments of HOWARD O. PIPPEN, PHOTOGRAPHERS 1712 N, Mill St. Fl 5-8003 Jackson MONTGOMERY HARDWARE COMPANY Hardwares Sporting Goods Paints Phone EM 6-4441 Jackson, Miss. BETTER LIGHT FOR BETTER SIGHT MISSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT COMPANY Helping Build Mississippi For Over a Third of a Century Phone Fl 4-4031 CAPITOL MUSIC COMPANY HI-FIDELITY MUSIC " the latest in records " H. E. " Ed " DANIELS 135 E. Amite Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI YOU ' RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE COCA COLA PLANT " Have a Coke " JACKSON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Hi-way 80 west Jackson, Miss. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1962 You have joined a great company of men and women who call Millsaps College their Alma Mater. As with them your future and the future of Millsaps are inextricably linked. It can be hoped that the education you have received here will have made a lasting contribution to your life and to the well being of society and that you will recognize the importance of continuing your education throughout your lifetime. Millsaps College considers you a partner in the enterprise of Christian higher education. As a partner it can be hoped that you will become an informed spokesman for the College and that you will support the College in its efforts to bring the best in education to the young men and women of the future. MILLSAPS COLLEGE Sign of GOOD PRINTING and LITHOGRAPHY Producers of HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE YEARBOOKS MILITARY PUBLICATIONS Your yearbook is published only ONE time. Let Paragon produce it so that it will be a true picture of the times with pictures that sparkle — and design that enhance. Call the Paragon Man. 1 M Ot) Qaragon Qre g Lithographed and Letterpress Yearbooks for over 25 Years 34 ADAMS AVENUE • MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA MILISAPS -WILSON LIBRARY JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI

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