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lifpll [ „ » » £ " £ 222S«r Klssippj K . ' ' it means so many things more It means looks, people, religion, tra- dition, activities, sports, recreation, faculty, and most of all, memories. For many of us, it means four years of struggle, tears, laughter, and suc- cess. In these pages are only a small number of memories, but a signifi- cant number, of your 1958-1959 col- lege year. [ 3 ] A wealth of knowledge lies at our fingertips in books of all shapes and descriptions. The examples left by other civilizations and the discov- eries of brilliant men found there provide the fundamen- tals upon which we can build our careers and our lives. and the pursui nowledge ■ b J !3fc- and lasting friendships People . . . people . . . people — blondes, brunettes, titians — we have them all. But what makes them individuals is their many traits ranging from demandingly quiet seri- ousness to contagious boisterousness. Each has a distinct personality, but each is a vital part of Millsaps ' student body. [7] and service Religion at Millsaps is more than just a word. It ' s an activity that entails not just giving devotionals, attending church services, and participating in chapel programs, but mainly professing our faith through our daily actions and attitudes. [ 9 ] and me a s t The " M " bench . . . Faculty Waiter Night . . . Freshman Day . . . Homecoming and often heated rivalry between the Chocs and Majors . . . these traditions, although born of the past, set a stand- ard for each student and give Millsaps person- ality all its own. [ n ] n mU ACTIVITIES m " •■■„■ HB8g 1 -. and the satisfac CJ It ' s the extras that add sparkle to each day — band and Singers ' rehearsals — slaving on the publica- tion staffs — the Players ' productions — partici- pating in Millsaps numerous clubs. From this rush of activities comes a double reward — the warm glow of satisfaction and membership in various honoraries. fW s i? mmmd ' Hkm f : w mm [ 13 ] S - 44F O I % w i S 1 " ■»■ ■■ : ;: " | Uyp] ' .v x ratow 1 £ and the building o We cheer; we shriek; we yell; we shout; we do everything to urge the Majors on. Although we may not always win, from the spirit of Millsaps evolves something even more impor- tant than victory — healthy minds coupled with healthy bodies. [ J5 j + » a Mw vmBmagfty f tyfi The word recreation quickly brings many vivid pictures to mind — the long sweep of a golf ball arching for the green — hot notes from a trumpet at one of the informal parties in the Student Union Building — even sitting in the Grill drink- ing a coke. These are activities to be shared, and from doing together comes bonds of friend- ship that will never be broken. and the ellow ship [ 17 ] 3 I the hand that guides us Just average teachers — No — our faculty mem- bers aren ' t content to be average. Their avid in- terest reaches past classroom activities to unre- quired studies, graduate work, and membership in state and national organizations. This active participation brings them not only many honors but also a sense of satisfaction as students listen attentively. [ 19 ] it means MEMORIES it means [20 ] Published by THE STUDENT BODY OF MILLSAPS COLLEGE Jackson, Mississippi BILLY KERR, Editor BILLY MULLINS, Business Mgr. SCHOLASTICS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES ACTIVITIES PUBL ICATIONS ORGANIZATIONS HONORARIES FEATURES GREEKS SPORTS STUDENT LIFE ADVERTISEMENTS II E II 1 1 1 A T 1 PROFESSOR Lance Goss Since his arrival at Millsaps as professor of speech and director of the Millsaps Players in 1950, Lance Goss has done more to raise the standards of the- atrical productions in Jackson and Mississippi than any other force. Working with the students of Millsaps College and instilling in them his love for the theatre, he has made the Millsaps Players into Mississippi ' s most widely known and highly acclaimed theatrical group, producing many memorable evenings of entertainment, including such milestones in the history of drama in Missis- sippi as " Death of a Salesman, " " Hamlet, " " South Pacific, " and " Summer and Smoke. " The academic theatre is saving for us and bring- ing us to a closer, richer knowledge of a part of our cultural heritage which might otherwise be lost or restricted to an exclusive metropolitan au- dience. The Players, Millsaps College, Jackson, and Mississippi are greatly indebted to Lance Goss for the exemplary standards of entertain- ment and artistic endeavor for which Millsaps has become notable. It is in acknowledgement of this debt that we dedicate to him the 1959 BOBASHELA. SCHOLASTIC Page 25 ACTIVITIES Page 63 FEATURES Pa e 93 CREEKS Pase 107 SPORTS Page 129 STUDENT LIFE Page 141 ADVERTISERS Page 149 [ 24 ] ADMINTS ® FACULTY • CLASSES The President HOMER ELLIS FINGER, Jr. To The Students — This beautiful yearbook is an appropriate and treasured reeord of your 1958-59 year of study at Millsaps College. You will prise it more and more as you move farther away from this memorable year. The Bobashela is a visual reminder of your college friendships, experiences and activities. Pictures of your fellow students and your instructors will recall to your mind the diverse and enriching influences on your life which this college community has afforded you. Indirect influences you may discover to be even more rewarding. An instructor ' s photograph symbolizes great writers, thinkers, composers, artists, teachers of past centuries. An able and respected student ' s picture suggests heroism, imagination, idealism, leadership of the present, all of which inspire you more even now. My hope for you is that while you appropriately appreciate these benevolent forces that have focused on your life you will concurrently consider how you can constructively and significantly touch the lives of other people. This is the desired fulfillment of the purpose of your college and a continuing concern for your future. Cordially yours, H. E. Finger, Jr. President u OFFICERS M. A. FRANKLIN, D.D Chairman B. M. HUNT, D.D Vice-Chairman N. J. GOLDING, D.D Secretary A. B. CAMPBELL, LL.D Treasurer TERM EXPIRES IN 1959 W. E. Bufkm Anguilla R. L. Ezelle, LL.D Jackson Rev. B. M. Hunt, D.D Meridian Rev. J. W. Leggett, Jr., D.D Hattiesburg John McEachin Grenada B. M. Stevens . Richton Rev. W. L. Robinson, D.D Columbus Rev. J. D. Wroten, D.D Cleveland TERM EXPIRES IN 1962 Rev. R. G. Moore, D.D Louisville John Egger Meridian Rev. N. J. Golding, D.D. Columbus Roy N. Boggan Tupelo Rev. W. B. Selah, D.D Jackson Rev. J. D. Slay, D.D Laurel F. B. Smith, LL.D Ripley Virgil D. Youngblcod Brookhaven ADMINISTRATION JAMES SHARBROUGH FERGUSON Dean of Faculty MRS. ANNE PEEBLES Dean of Women JAMES EDWARD McCRACKEN Dean of Students PAUL DOUGLAS HARDIN Registrar JAMES W. WOOD Business Manager [ 27 ] JAMES J. LIVESAY Director of Public Relations Sir I r The ■ HOLMES AMBROSE Professor of Music; Director of the Millsaps Singers; B.M., MM., Univ. of Nebraska. ROBERT I ANDING Assistant Professor of Religion; A.B., Millsaps College; B D., Emory Univ. HARRY :. ASH Assistant Professor of History; A.B., A.M., Emory University. C. M BARTLING Athletic Director; B.S.C., Univ. of Mississipp i. WILLIAM H. BASKIN Professor of Romance Languages: A.B., M.A., Univ. of North Carolina; The Sorbonne; University of Poitiers; Japan Society Scholarship, Duke University. ROBERT EDWARD BERGMARK Associate Professor of Philosophy: A.B., Emory Univ.; S.T.B., Advanced Graduate Work. Boston University. ELMER C. CALLOWAY Associate Professor of Chemistry; B.S., Millsaps Col- lege: M.S., University of Alabama. DONALD CAPLENOR Professor of Biology; B.S., M.A., George Peabody College of Teachers; Ph.D.. Vanderbilt University. EDWARD M. COLLINS Assistant Professor of Speech; Debate Coach: B.A., Millsaps; B.D., Emory Univ.; M.A., State Univ. of Iowa. MRS. KAY B. COOLEY Assistant Librarian; B.A., B.S., Louisiana State Uni- versity. MRS. MAGNOLIA COULLET Associate Professor of Latin and German; A.B., Mill- saps: A.M., Univ. of Pennsylvania; Graduate work, American Academy in Rome, University of Chicago. ELIZABETH CRAIG Associate Professor of French; A.B., Banard Colle ge. Columbia University: Diplome De La Sorbonne, Ecole De Preparation Des Professeurs De Francais A L Etranger. Faculty of Letters, University of Paris. MRS. HELEN DANIEL Hostess, Ezelle Hall. RICHARD J. FAIRBANKS Instructor of Music: B.M., MM.. Westminster Choir College; Pupil of John Fin ' -y Williamson. JAMES SHARB p OUGH FERGUSON Dean; Professor of History; A.B., Millsaps; A.M., Louisiana State Univ.; Ph.D., Univ. of North Carolina; Ford Scholar, Yale University. NEAL BOND FLEMING Professor of Philosophy; A.B., B.D., Emory Univer- sity; S.T.M., Ph.D., Boston Univ.; Ford Scholar, Harvard University. CHARLES B. GALLOWAY Associate Professor of Physics; B.S.. Millsaps; A.M., Tulane University. Faculty MARTHA GALTNEY Secretary to the President. MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN Associate Professor of English; A.B., Agnes Scott College; A.M., Tulane University. LANCE GOSS Associate Professor of Speech; Director of the Millsaps Players; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Northwestern University; Special study, the Manhattan Theatre Colony; Cinema Workshop, the University of South ' ern California. JOHN L. GUEST Associate Professor of German; B A., University of Texas; M.A., Columbia University; Advanced Gradu- ate Study, New York University; Ottendorfer Fellow- ship in Germanic Philolgy, Bonn University, Fulbright Scholar, University of Vienna. ALFRED PORTER HAMILTON Professor of Classical .Languages and German; A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; A.M., Ph.D., Univer- sity of Pennsylvania; Graduate work, University of Leipzig. LUCY HANSARD Secretary to the President. PAUL D. HARDIN Associate Professor of English; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Duke University; Graduate Work, University of Southern California. ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES Professor of Education; A.B., LL.B., University of Tennessee; Vice-Consul of the United States in Scot- land and England: A.M., Advanced Graduate Work, George Peabody College. NELLIE KHAYET HEDERI Assistant Professor of Spanish; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women; A.M., Tulane University. NANCY BROGAN HOLLOWAY Instructor of Secretarial Studies; B.A., Mississippi State College for Women. AUDREY M. JENNINGS Instructor of Sociology; B.S., Millsaps College; Gradu- ate Work (social work), M.A., Tulane University. WENDELL B. JOHNSON Assistant Professor of Geology; B.S., M.S., Kansas State College; Graduate Work, Missouri School of Mines. SAMUEL ROSCOE KNOX Associate Professor of Mathematics; A.B., A.M., Uni- versity of Mississippi; Graduate Work, University of Michigan. FRANK MILLER LANEY Associate Professor of History; A.B , University of Mississippi; A.M., Ph.D., University of Virginia. WARRENE WARRINGTON LEE Business Office Bookkeeper. RUSSELL W. LEVANWAY Associate Professor of Psychology; A.B., Ltniversity of Miami; M.S., Ph.D., Syracuse University. JAMES J. LIVESAY Public Relations Manager. JAMES E. McCRAKEN Dean of Students; Assistant Professor of Psychology; M.S., Muskingum; A.M., Ph.D., Ohio State Univer- sity. -r- . . GEORGE LAMAR MADDOX. JR. Professor of Sociology; A.B., Millsaps College; S.T.B., A.M., Boston University; Ph.D., Michigan State Uni- versity. HARRY STOCKWELL MANLEY Professor of Political Science; A.B., Westminster O.IIcgc; LL.B., University of Pittsburgh School of Law; Ph.D., Duke University ROSS HENDERSON MOORE Professor of History; B.S., M.S., Millsaps College; A.M.. University of Chicago; Ph.D., Duke University MILDRED MOREHEAD Associate Professor of English; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women; A.M., Duke University. SHIRLEY PARKER Instructor of English; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Tulane University. ANNE PEEBLES Dean of Women; B.A., Texas Christian University JAMES DAVID POWELL Associate Professor of Psychology and Education; B.S.. Millsaps College; M.A., University of Alabama. JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE Professor of Chemistry; B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., Louisiana State Uni- versity. RICHARD R. PRIDDY Professor of Geology; B.S., Ohio Northern University; A.M., Ph.D., Ohio State University. LOUIS E. PULLO Band Director; Naples Conservatory of Music; Cincin- nati Conservatory of Music; Indiana State Teachers College. THOMAS LEE REYNOLDS Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Guilford College: A.M., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. On leave of absence for the 1958-59 school year. ARNOLD A. RITCHIE Assistant Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Northeastern State College of Oklahoma; M.S., Oklahoma A. M. College; Advanced Graduate Work, Oklahoma A. d M., and the University of Tennessee. KATE ROBERTSON Hostess, Sanders and Whitworth Hall. MARVIN G. SMITH Assistant Director of Physical Education; Head Foot- ball Coach; B.B.A., A.M.. University of Mississippi. BETHANY C. SWEARINGTON Librarian; A.B., Millsaps College; B.S. in Library Science, University of North Carolina. JONATHAN M. SWEAT Instructor of Music; B.S., M.S., Juilliard School of Music. V. B. TEMPLE Visiting Professor of Mathematics; B.A., Mississippi College and L ' niversity of Texas; M.A., Louisiana State University. ELBERT STEPHEN WALLACE Professor of Economics and Business Administration; A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; A.M., Ph.D., Duke University. Asm ' . THURSTON WALLS Associate Professor of Economics; A.B., A.M., Univer- sity of Texas; Advanced Graduate Study, University of Texas. ROBERT PORTER WARD Assistant Professor of Biology; B.S., A.M., George Peabody College for Teachers; Advanced Work, Mich- igan State University. MILTON CHRISTIAN WHITE Professor of English; A.B., Birmingham-Southern Col- lege; A.M., Harvard University; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. KARL WOLFE B.F.A., Chicago Art Institute, William M. R. French Fellowship; Study and Teaching, Pennsylvania School of Art Summer School. JAMES W. WOOD Business Manager. JAMES DAUSEY WROTEN, JR. Professor of Religion; A.B., Millsaps; B.D., Southern Methodist University; A.M., Ed.D., Columbia Uni- versity. warn These are the men and women who are responsible for the molding and shaping of the lives of each student who attends Milllsaps College. MURRAH HALL — Main academic and office building at Millsaps i i? |H{M Wm ■y J-F r ' f gytZTJfHg gx: tiiitkS m a£ ' y 9 1 ft ' ' - Sl i ' vi S$ ' QUI III sap J pj pHwrawi r «B b JDITH JEANINE ADCOCK Jackson Socio]ogy KC, Eta Sigma; Washington :mester; Sigma Lambda, Presi- ;nt; Psi Delta Chi; Players; ingers; S.E.B., Vice President; .S.U., Vice President; Who ' s ho; Favorite; Dean ' s List. WILLIAM DWYER BALGORD Jackson Chemistry ta Sigma; Theta Nu S igma, ' ice President; Bourgeois Medal: ribbett Scholarship; Chemistry issistant; Band; Singers; Lamb- a Chi Alpha, Vice President; ltramurals; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s ist. CAROLYN JUSTINE ALLEN Magnolia Religion Sigma Lambda; Kappa Delta Ep- silon; Majorette Club; Beta Sig- ma Omicron; Sec. Bobashe a; Players; Wesley; W.C.W.; Presi- dent Singers; Dean ' s List; Intra- murals. JULIA ANNE BECKES Jackson Elementary Education Sigma Lambda, Historian; Major Facts. Editor; Junior Class Secre- tary; Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl; Singers; Panhellenic; Chi Omega, President; Canterbury Club, President; Christian Coun- cil; Who ' s Who; Favorite; Stu- dent Assistant; Dean ' s List. REX ALMAN, Jackson Religion JR. LILLARD RHODES BEVILL Bude English Singers. ELINOR GWIN BRELAND Greenville English Players; Singers; Phi Mu. The Trustees of Millsaps College request the pleasure of your company at a TOMIE RANDOLPH AUST Scooba Sociology Mars Scholars hip; Sullivan Schol- arship PyW; Wesley; Ministerial League. GEORGE PATRICK BONNER Jackson Geology Varsity Football; " M " Club; Kap- pa Sigma; Dean ' s List. JACK RAY BROCK Meridian • History Library Assistant; Intramurals. Seniors [ 33 ] Seniors ANNE LEE BROOKS Jackson ■in.. I ' ln, Kappa Dell silon; Wesley; Players; W C.W Beta Sigma Omicron, Via idem; Dean ' a Li I DOUGLAS CAIN McCall Cnck Chen Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice Preai dent; Dean ' s Lii-t LACY CAUSEY Magnolia Philosophy Freshman Class President; Pi Kappa Alpha; P6?W; Players; Singers; Debate; [ntramurals; Pi K.ipp.i Delta; Alpha Psi Or ARNOLD BUSH Laurel Political Science [.R.C., President; Canterbury, lent; " M " Club, President; PfirW; Varsity Football, Basket ' ball; Major Facts, Who ' s Who; Favorite; MIC. President. CATHY CARLSON Lumberton Sociology Majorette Club; Beta Sigma Omi- cron; Tour Choir; Players; Wes- ley; W.C.W.; German Club. WOODS CAVETT Jackson Political Science Kappa Sigma, President; Intra ' murals; I.R.C. Unbelievable, but here it ij — a Pep Rally JOHN CASE Vicksburg Voice Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsity Base- ball; Ministerial League; Madri- gals; Singers. DOROTHY JACK CASEY West Point Elementary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon. Sec; Psi Delta Chi, Sec.; W.C.W., Treas- urer; Viking, President; Student Assistant; Woman ' s Council; Ma- jorette Club; Dean ' s List. BRINSON CONERLY Jackson Chemistry Singers; Players; B.S.U. Choir; « J MYRNA COOPER Jackson Elementary Education Beta Sigma Omicron; Singers; Tour Choir. DONALD DICKERSON Jackson History Alpha Psi Omega, President; Players; Band; Intramurals. JOSEPH COWART Lucedale Economics Eta Sigma Phi; I.R.C.; Eta Sig- ma; Wesle y; Washington Semes- ter; Lambda Chi Alpha; Intra- murals; Student Senate; German Club; Student Assistant; Dean ' s List. CALLIOPE DORIZAS Jackson Math Singers; Dean ' s List. No, you can ' t sue a school publication, Max! BUD CULLEY MARY ANN DAMARE Jackson Jackson Sociology Kappa Alpha, Rush Chairman; Wesley. Psychology Psi Delta Chi, Treasurer; West- minster; Dean ' s List. FRED DOWLING JOHN DRYSDALE Jackson Chemistry Theta Nu Sigma, President; Pi Kappa Alpha. Hattiesburg Philosophy I.R.C.; Philosophy Assistant: Wesley, President; Christian Council, President; Lambda Chi Alpha, President; Who ' s Who; Interfraternity Council, Presi- dent; Senior Class Treasurer; Singers; Ministerial League; Ger- man Club; P6?W; Debate; Intra- murals. JOSEPH VARDAMEN THOMAS F. DUNGAN DUNGAN Jackson McComb Psychology Kappa Alpha; S.E.B. Chemistry Band; Intramurals; Lambda Chi Alpha. Seniors Li ' C [ 35 ] Seniors W, 1 w n 4 JOHN EDDLEMAN CAROL ANN EDWARDS Pa Christian Saucier Chemistry Westminster. Englnh JOSEPH eldridc;e ELIZA JANE ELLIS Florence Geology Theta Nu Sigma; Geology As- sist. Hit Biology Y.W.C.A.; PtfW; Singers; Dorm Assistant; Woman ' s Council; Wesley; Phi Mu, Social Chair- man. RICHARD TERRY FINCHER JAMES EVANS FINLEY Greenwood Finlcy, Tenn. Geology Bobashela, Intramurals; Players; Pi Kappa Alpha. ThC. Physics Debate, Vice President; Wesley; Players; Cheerleader; PfjrW; In- tramurals; Pi Kappa Alpha, Rush Chairman. s I find ScoH Tissue superior because FRANZ RYAN EPTING Forest Psychology Psi Delta Chi, President; Alpha Psi Omega; Band; Players; Psy- cholo gy Club, President; B.S.U., Vice President; Dean ' s List. JUDITH CHLOE FORBES Jackson Biology Chi Omega; Players; Bobasheld. g f LEO ALEXANDER FARMER McComb Chemistrv A.E.D.; P6?W; Pla ' yers; Kappa Alpha. Number III; Dean ' s List. LLOYD IRVIN FORTENBERRY Columbia Physics Physics Assistant; Pi Kappa Alpha. ROBERT ENOCH GENTRY Vossburg Religion " M " Club; Ministerial League, Vice President; Varsity Basket- ball; Intramurals. STAN HAMILTON HATHORN Louisville " M " Club; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; Kappa Alpha; Bobashela. THEODORE ALLEN GOWDY Canton History HERMAN HEATH Chunky Religion SHIRLEY YVONNE HABEEB Vicksburg Elementary Education Canterbury Club; Players; P6?W, Associate Editor; Phi Mu, Rush Chairman; Beauty; Kappa Alpha Rose. DAVID RAY HAMRICK State Line And 1 promise to get us a b ig name band i Bfir Pit ft % ' M » b- ffl 1 f WILLIAM R. HENDEE Lansing, Mich. Physics Theta Nu Sigma, Secretary; Ger- man Club, Vice President; Phys- ics Lab Assistant; Dean ' s and President ' s Lists. WILLIAM W. HORLOCK Philadelphia Religion Ministerial League. SYBIL LAVERNE HESTER Jackson Sociology Majorette Club; Mllsaps Singers Tour Choir; Chi Omega, Treas- urer; Dean ' s List. SANDRA HUGGINS Waynesboro Education Majorette Club; P6?W Staff; Wesley; Players; Chi Omega, Social Chairman. Seniors [ 37 ] Seniors WILLIAM JEANES WILLIAM JOHNSON Jackson Yasoo City History Otology Pi Kappa Alpha; Kit Kat . Secre- Lambda Chi Alpha. tary; Bobashela. Purple and White; Stylus, Assistant EditOI Alpha Psi Omega; Players. ELLIOTT ANNA JONES JOHN JOSEPH KENNEY Mcndcnhall Jackson English Chemistry Kappa Delta Epsilon; English Kappa Alpha; Band; Intramu- Assistant; Players; Singers; Kap- rals; Canterbury, Vice President, pa Delta : Dean ' s List. Treasurer. RUTH LAND BRACK LANGE Jackson Jackson Spanish Psychology Kappa Delta, Secty. and Vice Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Train- Pres.; Chemistry Assistant; Ma- er; Stylus, Business Manager; jorette Club; Chi Delta; Sigma Players, Business Manager; Al- Lambda; Who ' s Who; P6PW; pha Psi Omega; Singers; I.F.C. Bobashela, Singers; Players; B.S.U.; Editor, Major Facts; Dean ' s List. High School Day Propaganda WILLIAM KERR Greenwood Philosophy Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice President; P6?W. Photo; Bobashela. Editor; I.F.C., Vice President; Singers: Players; Student Assistant; Mil saps Quartet; Kit Kat; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Psi Omega; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List. SHARON LANCASTER Sunflower Biology Alpha Delta Epsilon, Reporter; Players; Wesley; German Club; Boosters Club. COLLEEN THOMPSON LIPSCOMB Jackson Elementary Education Phi Mu; Players; Singers, Tour Choir; Majorette Club; Student Assistant; Dean ' s List. DON G. LISLE Greenwood Economics Alpha Psi Omega; Players; De- bate; I.F.C.; Student Senate; Pi Kappa Alpha, Rush Chairman. MARTHA JANE McINVALE Laurel Elementary Education Band Players; Wesley; Y.W.C.A.; Kappa Delta. ALBERT MYER LOVETT Morton Alpha Phi Omega; Band; Wes- ley; Ministerial League; Intra- murals; Singers Tour Choir; Lambda Chi Alpha. EDWIN PAYNE McKASKEL Cleveland History Pi Kappa Delta, Secretary; I. R. C, Vice President; Players; B.S.U.; I.F.C.; Student Senate; Youth Congress; Intramurals; Debate Club, Program Chair- man; Lambda Chi Alpha, House Chairman. JEANETTE LUNDQUEST Jackson Elementary Education Sigma Lambda; Kappa Delta Ep- silon; B.S.U.. President; Panhel- lenic, President; Tour Choir; Players; Bobashela; Who ' s Who; Kappa Delta, Membership Chair- man; Dean ' s List. ROBERT T. McARTHUR Jackson Political Science The day that the rains came down SHIRLEY JEAN McMULLEN Decatur Religion Dormitory Assistant; W.C.W.; Wesley; Singers; Vikings. KENNETH McRANEY Florence Religion PSW. Circulation Editor; Mill- saps Players. WILLIAM MELTON McNEILL Jackson Religion Dean ' s and President ' s Lists. CHARLES EDWIN MAJURE Louisville French Dean ' s List every semester; A. G. Sanders French Award; Research Assistant in Department of Ro- mance Languages. Seniors [ 39 ] Seniors MARJORIE ANN MARLER Harpervillc Ediicutcim Women ' s Christian Workers. JAMES D. MILEY L. eland Philosophy International Relations Club; Pi Kappa Alpha; Dean ' s List. MELANIE MATTHEWS Raymond Education Kappa Delta Epsilon, Reporter; Alpha Psi Omega; Wesley; Mill- saps Players Junior Acting Award, 1958; Kappa Delta. JAMES MAXWELL MILLER Kosciusko History Dean ' s List; Eta Sigma Phi, Pres- ident; Alpha Phi Omega; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; President of S.E.B.; Master Major; Who ' s Who; " M " Club; Pi Kappa Alpha. Will you stop playing so loud? They can ' t hear m LYNDA GAIL MUNSON Mendenhall Elementary Education Band; Intramurals; Wesley; Homecoming Court. NANCY NEYMAN Greenville Education Kappa Delta Epsilon, Vice Pres- ident; Sigma Lambda; Majorette Club, President; Who ' s Who; Bobashela; Players; Cheerleader; Favorite; Homecoming Queen; Kappa Delta, Vice President. SUE MOZINGO Jackson Elementary Education Players, Chi Omega, Correspond- ent. LINDA NOBLE Jackson English Wesley; Players; P6?W; Phi Mu, Secretary. WILLIAM MULLINS Macon Geology Omicron Delta Kappa, President; Who ' s Who; Bobashela. Business Mgr.; Singers: Student Body Treasurer; M.I.C., Vice Presi- dent; Wesley, Treasurer; Favor- ite; Kappa Alpha, President; Dean ' s List. JIM O ' BRIEN Jackson Chemistry Players; P6?W, Photographer. WILLIAM ARTHUR PENNINGTON Amory Philosophy Dean ' s List; Eta Sigma; Eta Sig ma Phi; Ministerial League; Miss Philosophy Association, Secre ' tary; Pi Kappa Alpha. BOBBIE JEAN POTTS Olive Branch Biology Dean ' s List; Alpha Epsilon Del- ta; Majorette Club; Wesley; Bii ogy Assistant; Vikings, Histo- rian. WENDELL MORSE POU Laurel Physics Dean ' s List; Physics Lab Assist ant. So I got my .45 and a new deck of Luetics — GAY ALLEE PIPER Macon, Ga. Political Scie7ice Dean ' s List; Eta Sigma Phi; Sig- ma Lambda, Vice President; In- ternational Relations Club, Vice President and Secretary-Treas- urer; Majorette Club; Secretary of Senior Class; Who ' s Who in American Colleges; Campus Fa- vorite; Student Counselor for Orientation; Players; Singers and Tour Choir; Student Senate; Wesley, Secretary; Phi Mu, Pres- ident. MARY CHARLES PRICE Jackson English Madrigal Singers; Players; Ma- jorette Club; Singers and Tour Choir; Student Assistant; Chi Omega, Correspondent and Sec- retary. STEVE SMILEY RATCLIFF, JR. Jackson Geo-logy Football, three years; Basketball, three years; Baseball, three years; " M " Club; Pi Kappa Alpha. ANN ELIZABETH PORTER Fayette Education Kappa Delta Epsilon, President; Wesley; Y.W.C.A.; Bobashela. Feature Editor; Singers; P6?W, Business Staff; Chi Omega. WILLIAM MURPHY RAINEY Macon Psychology Dean ' s List; Psi Delta Chi, Vice President two years; Singers; Players; Kappa Alpha, Ritualist. MARY LYNELL REID Lexington Education Wesley; Players; Favorite; Beau- ty; Homecoming Queen; Inde- pendent, Chairman of Steerin ' Committee. Seniors Seniors PATSY JEAN ROBBINS Jackson Elementary Education K.ipp.i Delta Ep-il " n, Treasurer; Dean ' s I i-t JAMES RUSH Lake History is; Singers; Ministerial League; German Club; Special Student, Trinity College. Dublin, Ireland; Dean ' s List. ■MMi Dr. Priddy loses his yo-yo JULIAN RUSH Meridian Music Pi Kapp.i Alpha, President: Al- pha Psi Omega; Singers. Vice President; Senior Class, Vice President; Cheerleader; Favorite; Who ' s Who. BETSY SALISBURY Jackson Religion Chi Omega; International Rela- tions Club; Y.W.C.A.; Canter- bury Club, Vice President; Stu- dent Assistant (Religion). JO ANN SEIBERT Jackson Chemistry Transfer (Mary Washington) ROSE SHAW Jackson Elementary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Education Assistant: Vikings. BRYAN SCARBROUGH Vardaman Religion Football: Singers; S.E.B.; Minis- terial League, Secretary. MARY SHERROD Jackson Psychology Alpha Psi Omega, Secretary: Eta Sigma Phi: Phi Mu, Treasurer, Social Chairman. SAM SCOTT Sledge History Kappa Sigma, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer; Intramurals; Var- sity Basketball. HOMER SLEDGE Cleveland Economics Pi Kappa Alpha; Players; Sing- ers Tour Choir. 4Mb L CLARA SMITH Natchez English Dean ' s List; Alpha Psi Omega, Hand Properties Chairman, Back- stage Award, 1958; Wesley; Players; Lambda Chi Crescent Maid; Phi Mu, Vice President. JESSE OTHO SNOWDEN Jackson Geology Dean ' s List. JUDSON W. SMITH III Jackson Philosophy-English Dean ' s List; Alpha Psi Omega; Who ' s Who; Tour Choir; Play- er ' s Acting Award, 1958; Dis- ciple Student Fellowship. CARLTON SOLLIE Natchez Sociology S.udent Assistant in Sociology. SUANNA SMITH El Dorado, Ark. Spanish Chi Omega. WILLIAM LEE SMITH Jackson Philosophy Beta Theta Pi. MARVIN ARNOLD STANFORD Jackson Religion Ministerial League, President; Student Senate; Millsaps Singers. JAMES CONRAD STIETENROTH Jackson Physics Canterbury Club, Vice President; Millsaps Players; Pi Kappa Al- pha, Vice President. — Pleasant climate and studying conditions are characteristic of Millsaps College SHIRLEY MAE STOKER Grenada Elementary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Bobashela Staff; Millsaps Players; B.S.U.; Woman ' s Council; Y.W.C.A., Vice President; Millsaps Singers; Kappa Delta Sorority. RAYMOND CLARENCE SWARTZFAGER Laurel Political Science Canterbury Club; Kappa Alpha. Seniors [ 43 ] Seniors ELIZABETH JANE TAYLOR Rienzi Sociology Dean ' s List; Wesley; Women Christian Workers; Beta Sigma Omicron. BROOKE LANIER TOWERY Amory Geology JOHN EDWARD THOMAS Woodville Religion Eta Sigma Phi, Treasurer; Alpha Phi Omega; Millsaps Singers; Lambda Chi Alpha. WILLIAM BAILEY TULL. JR. Jackson Chemistry Kappa Alpha. HUGH HILTON TIDWELL Jackson Religion Disciple Student Fellowship, State President; Band. MARY EMMA TUMLIN Tishomingo English Dean ' s List; Singers; Woman ' s Council; Wesley. JAMES MILTON WALL Jackson RICHARD PAUL WALTERS Greenville Religion Dean ' s List; Tour Choir; Gallo- way Award; Kappa Alpha. DLIRAND CLIFTON WARE. JR. Jackson Philosophy Dean ' s List; Singers Tour Choir, Vice President; Millsaps Quar- tet; Madrigal Singers: Players; Wesley, President: Christian Council, President: Vice Presi- dent of Sophomore Class: Pi Kappa Alpha. ALLEN GLOVER WALKER Jackson Geology Dean ' s List; Christian Council, Secretary; Canterbury Club; I.R.C.; History Assistant: Chi Omega, Vice President. BARBARA WEBB Jackson Economics Alpha Psi Omega, Secretary- Treasurer: Players; Bobashela Staff. ROBERT C. WEEMS Jackson Mathematics Jr. Class Vice President; S.E.B., Treasurer; PfePW, Sports Writer; Basketball, Letter; Kappa Sigma, Treasurer. JOHN WEISSENGER Cary Geology THOMAS C. WELCH Vicksburg English P6?W, Business Mgr.; Singers; Madrigal Singers; Players; Wes- ley; Kappa Alpha. RAY L. WESSON McComb Chemistry Alpha Epsilon Delta, Scalpel Re- porter; Omicron Delta Kappa; Physics Asst.; Football Trainer; " M " Club; S.E.B.; Booster Club, President; Union Committee. MILTON J. WHATLEY Carrollton Chemistry SUSAN WHEELESS Jackson Education Majorette Club, Secretary; Reli- gion Assistant; Who ' s Who; Pfe?W; Favorite; Bobashela, Class Editor; Secretary of S.E.B.; Miss Millsaps; Major Facts Staff; Pan- hellenic; Ch i Omega, Secretary; Dean ' s List. RONALD WILLOUGHBY Columbia English Eta Sigma Phi; High School Day Scholarship; Kit Kat; Alpha Psi Omega; Players; Singers Tour Choir; Band; Players Junior Act- ing Award; Stylus, Editor; Dean ' s List. JO ANN WILSON Inverness Elementary Education Intramurals; Student Senate Rep- resentative; Wesley. HENRY G. WINSTEAD Burns Religion Lambda Chi Alpha; League; Intramurals. Ministerial JANE ELIZABETH WOODRUFF Jackson English Players; Dean ' s List. CHARLES DAVID WOODS Bentonia Geology [ 45 ] PATRICIA NELL WYNN Goodman English Sigma Lambda, Secretary-Treas- urer; Majorette Club, Vice Pres- ident; Kappa Delta Epsilon; P6?W, Society Editor; Beta Sigma Omicron, President; Chi Delta; Panhellenic, Secretary; Singers; Beauty; S.E.B.; Dean ' s List. IIRST ROW: ROBERT ABRAHAM, Vicksburg; FLOYCE ANN ADDKISON, Jackson; JANE ANDERSON, Jackson; MIA AURBAKKEN, Algiers, Algeria; GRADY BAILEY, JR., Lexington; BETTY BARTLING, Jackson; MARILYN BATES, Jackson; JIM BEACHT, Newton. s| ( i INI) ROW: ALLEN DAVID BISHOP, Meridian; BETTYE BLUE, Jackson; VIRGINIA ALICE BOOKHART, Newton; WILLIAM SANFORD BOSWELL, JR., Cleveland; NANCY BOYD, Jackson; BEVERLY BRACKEN, Newton; CHARLES BRACKETT, Jackson; SHIRLEY ANN BRIDGES, Crystal Springs. THIRD ROW: HAROLD BROOKS, Mcndenhall; GARDNER BROCK, Clinton; WALTER BROWN, Laurel; MALESE BRUN- SON, Meridian; CHARLES ALLEN BUGG, Jackson; ANN BURKE, Jackson; JOE BURNETT, Bay Springs; JOHN R. BURNETT, Bay Springs. Mil RTH ROW : GARY B. CALDWELL, Flora; DOUG CAMPBELL, Bolton; RONNIE CARRUTH, McComb; SUE CATER, West Point: MARY CAROL CAUGHMAN, Laurel; GLENDA CHAPMAN, Newion; LESTER J. CLARK, Hattiesburg; VIC CLARK, Jackson. Well, we are pretty good, but those OTHER sororitie Juniors [ 46 ] I ; 5 Juniors Yes, Wally, we are taking pictures for the Annual FIRST ROW: MACK COLE, Laurel; STAN COOKE, Jackson; MARY GRACE COX, Ripley; SAM WEEKS CURRIE, Utica; ALBERT DAVIS, Jackson; DOROTHY MAY DAVIS, Utica; WALT DAVIS, Kosciusko; JAMES DAY, Collins. SECOND ROW: DORIS KAY DICKERSON, Jackson; SUE DOWNING, Jackson; BETTY DRIBBEN, Greenwood; SELMA EARNEST, Slate Spring; CAROLYN EDWARDS, Banner; GAIL EDWARDS, Lyon; ELAINE EVERITT, Prentiss; AMANDA FARMER, Taylorsville. THIRD ROW: MYRA FLESHER, Beaumont, Texas; JAMES FERRELL, Greenville; JOAN FRAZIER, Louisville; DUMONT FREEMAN, Fayette; GRACE FROST, Natchez; TOMMY GARDNER, Jackson; JOHN SHARP GATEWOOD, Mt. Olive; PAT GILLILAND, Jackson. FOURTH ROW: JO ANN GOODWIN, Taylorsville; ISABEL GRAY, Jackson; BETTY ANN HAMILTON, Sanatorium; JOE HARRIS, Vicksburg; MARY HARTLEY, Pascagoula; MARGARET ZOE HARVEY, Tylertown; GWENDOLYN HARWELL, New Albany; BUDDY HATCHELL, Columbia. 4 - Mff; y t gg. rfc FIRST ROW: OLA MAE HAYS, Jackson; AVIT HEBERT, New Roads, La.; LYDIA SUE HEMPHILL, Gore Springs; RUDOLPH HOLLINGSWORTH, Carthage; CARSON HOLLOMAN, Batesville; PATSY HOPKINS, Jackson; DOUGLAS HOWARD, Port Gibson; BARBARA SUE HUDSON, Batesville. StCOND ROW; JIM HUMPHERIES, Jackson; BOBBY JEAN IVY, Jackson; CHARLES JENNINGS, Kosciusko; BRENT JOHN- STON, Jackson; FRANCES KERR, Jackson; ROGER WHITE KINNARD, Philadelphia; JOE LAMBERT, Natchez; WILLIAM R. LAMPKIN, Baldwyn. THIRD ROW: DAVID ALLEN LAWRENCE, Greenville; CLIFTON LECORNU, Vardaman; DON LEWIS. Louisville; REAVIS H. LINDSEY, JR., Newburgh, N. Y.; MARIELLA LINGLE. Crystal Springs; HUGH LONG, Yazoo City; MARY GLYNN LOTT, Kilmichael; KIMBLE LOVE, Itta Bena. FOURTH ROW: ELIZABETH LOWRANCE, Columbus; JAMES McATEE, Jackson; BETTYE McGEHEE, Parchman; BILL McKNIGHT, Jackson; DAVID McMULLAN, Newton; DAVID McNAIR. Jackson; EDNA McSHANE, Green- wood; LARRY MARETT, Sardis. Some of the wagon painters and the parking problem Juniors [ 48 ] Juniors Something has to be done about those freshmen ' s manners! FIRST ROW: NANCY MATHENY, Fayette; MILTON MATTHEWS, Union; MARGARET ANN MERRELL, Jackson; RICH- ARD MILWEE, Fort Worth, Texas. SECOND ROW: RITA MITCHELL, Meridian; PERRY NATIONS, Jackson; CHARLES OZBORN, Union; CAROLYN PAINE, Jackson; BILLY PARKE, Scooha; DONALD PATERSON, JR., Leland; JAY PENNINGTON, Columbia; ANNIE PEPPER, Greenville. THIRD ROW: JANE CAROL PEPPER, Picayune; LUCILE PILLOW, Greenwood; KENT PRINCE, Newton; JACK RATLIFF, Jackson; JOHN ELTON RAWSON, Jackson; HARVEY RAY, Shaw; MARTIN REEVES, Jackson; SUE BELLE ROBERTS, Hazlehurst. FOURTH ROW: HAROLD ROBINSON, Booneville; PEGGY ROGERS, Jackson; CHARLES M. RUEFF, JR., McComb; JOHN TERRELL RUSH, Lake; BILL RUSHING, Itta Bena; WILMA SANDERSON, Laurel; ROBERT DAY SARTIN, Brookhaven; C. W. SATTERFIELD, Canton. FIFTH ROW: TOM SCHULTZ, Tunica; MARLER JO SHARP, New Hebren; NANCY SHEARIN, Meridian; WAYNE SHER- MAN. Vicksburg; BETTY SMITH, Yazoo City; FRANK B. SMITH, Mendenhall: JACK S. SMITH, JR., Marks; JOSEPH HENRY SMITH, Boyle. MRST ROW: RUSSELL SMITH, Jackson; DAVID STECKLER, Biloxi; MARLER STONE, Jackson; DAVID STRONG, Crosby; JOHN CALHOUN SULLIVAN, JR., Jackson; JOHN SULLIVAN, Jackson; KENNETH L. SWARTHOUT, JR., Meridian; DAN C. TAYLOR, Laurel. SECOND ROW: JEWEL TAYLOR, Starkville; SANDRA THOMPSON, Leland; OLIVER BEAMAN TRIPLETT, Forest: DOUG- LAS WADE, Jackson; JACKIE WALDEN, Jackson: VIRGINIA WALKER, McComb; ELIZABETH WILTER. Morton; DAVID WEAVER, Ackerman. THIRD ROW: FAYE WENGER. Grenada; JEANNIE WESLEY, Columbia; MARY ALICE WHITE, Jackson; DON WILDMON. Ripley; SANDRA GAI WILLIAMS, Jackson: DONALD W. WILLIAMSON, JR., Meridian; MARGARET WOODALL, Coffeeville; JOHN EVANS WOODS, Mt. Olive. FOURTH ROW: MARGARET YARBROUGH, Indianola; EILEEN YOUNG, Tchula; KATHY YOUNG, Tchula. Oh, well, so we don ' t get big name bands here! Juniors [ 50 ] Sophomores Woodman, spare that tree FIRST ROW: LYNN ABERNATHY, Jackson; ELEANOR ABRAHAM, Vicksburg; DONALD ADCOCK, Hattiesburg; ALBERT ALEXANDER, Jackson; GERALD ALLEN, Brandon; JANE ALLEN, New Orleans, La.; CARMINE BANKS Vicksburg; CHARLES EDWARD BARRANCO, Greenwood. SECOND ROW: JO REE BARNETT, Jackson; DELORES BIGNER, Jackson; SUE HELEN BLAINE, Hazlehurst; TOMMY BLAIR, Jackson; GARY BOONE, Laurel; JAMES C. BRASHER, Jackson; GLENN BRAY, New Orleans, La.; PETE BILL BROOKINGS, Bangor, Maine. THIRD ROW: CAROLYN EARL BROWN, Batesville; TACK BROWN, Jackson; MARY BROWN, Meridian; PRICE BURDINE. Amory; BETTY BUSKIRK, Okolona; ELLA LOU BUTLER, Shuqualak; TED CALLAWAY, Clinton; WALLY CAMPBELL, Jackson. FOURTH ROW: FRANK CARNEY, Crystal Springs; BARBARA CARTER, Greenwood; LARRY CHANDLER, Jackson; JAN CLARK, Brookhaven; ANITA FAYE COE, Lambert; ROY COLLINS, Jackson; LINDA COOPER, Jackson; NINA COOPER, Corinth. FIRST ROW: BUNNY COWAN, Jackson; ELEANOR CRABTREE, Jackson; NANCY FAITH CRAIG, Prairie; LYNDA CRAWFORD, Jackson; ELLEN CREWS, Jackson; GLENICE CRISCOE, Carthage; JANE PEARSON CRISLER, Port Gibson; BILL CROSBY, Indianola. SECOND ROW: NINA CUNNINGHAM, Memphis, Tenn.; MARTHA DACUS, Winona; LYNN DARBY, Gunnison; MILDRED DOWLING, Jackson; NANCY DUNSHEE, Starkville; GEORGE EDWARDS, Tupelo; JOHN ELLIS, Vicksburg: FRANKLIN KENDALL ETHRIDGE III, Jackson. THIRD ROW: KURT L. FELDMAN, Clarksville; JERRY FELKER, Columbia; SUZANNE FERGUSON, Beaumont, Texas; LARRY EVON FORD, Taylorsville; CHARLIE FRANCIS, Gunnison; IRENE FRIDGE, Magnolia: MARTHA JO GARNER, Europa; JOE GARRARD, Groves, Texas. FOURTH ROW: LINDA FAY GATES, Mendenhall; EDDIE GIEGER, Laurel; GAYLE GRAHAM, Waynesboro; WOOKY GRAY, Grenada; RYAN GRAYSON, Moselle; JEAN AVIS GRIFFIN, Greenville; DONALD GRIMES, Stonewall; JOHN HALL, Jackson. And, in addition, free lockers and towels Sophomores [ 52 ] Sophomores i- .. XT The Millsaps Band practicing field maneuvers FIRST ROW: LUCY HAMBLIN, Jackson; MARY STEWART HAMILTON, Greenwood; LINDA HAMPTON, Helena, Ark.; DON HARRIGILL, Brookhaven; NANCY HERTZ, Jackson; LOU HAVENS, Jackson; BARBARA HELEN HIMEL, Leland; BATES HINDS, Tupelo. SECOND ROW: FRANCES HINSON, Sardis; DON HOPKINS, Jackson; MARILYN HOPPER, Paducah, Ky.; ANN HUTCHINS, Inverness; JO ANN IVEY, Clarksdale: JANICE JOHNSON, D ' Lo; BETTY LYNN JONES, Hollandale; CYNTHIA ANNE KARER, Laurel. THIRD ROW: KATHRYN KELLOGG, Starkville; ANN KELLY, Yazoo City; JOE KENT, Sardis; SALLY ERWIN KING, Winona; KAY KIRSCHENBAUM, Vicksburg; EDWIN THOMAS LARR, Vicksburg; BETTYE JO LAWRENCE, Brandon; JIM B. LOCKHART, JR., Jackson. FOURTH ROW: RUTH McALLISTER, New Albany; JIMMY L. McCARTY, Forest; BILLY McKINLEY, Jackson; CLAUDIA McMULLEN, Brookhaven; CLAUDIA MABUS, Drew; CAROL MALONE, Minter City; JAMES BURKE MARTIN, Summit; BOB MAYNOR, Jackson. frit AM, Tft FIRST ROW: THOMAS MAYS, Clarksdale; LYNN MILES, Memphis, Tenn.; JANIS MITCHELL, Corinth; JAMES DANIEL MASSIE, Jackson: BILLY GENE MOLPUS, Philadelphia; WILLIAM R. MONTGOMERY, Como; LEDA MOON. Meridian; BILL MOONEY, Meridian. SI.CONn ROW JOYCE NEW, Memphis, Tenn.; CHARLOTTE OGDEN, Macon; ANN OLIVER, Jackson; PAT OWEN, Sena- tohia: PATTI PATRICK, Tupelo; MARY JO PERRY, Louin; DON PHILLIPS, Brookhaven; FAY PREVOST, Boyle. THIRD row: MARVIN PYRON, Indianola; MARTHA RAY, Meridian; ED REDDING, Jackson; ROSE REYNOLDS, Jackson; CHARLES H. RICKER, JR., Pascagoula; KEN ROBERTSON, Pascagoula; CURTIS ROGERS, Jackson; ELIZA- BETH BISSELL ROGERS, Laurel. FOURTH ROW: NELL ROSS, Lewisburg; WADE H. RUSSELL, Kosciusko; BARBARA BAIN RUTHERFORD, Jackson; JACK RYAN, Summit; WILLIAM SANDERS, Meridian; JUDY SCALES, Portageville, Mo.; CAROLE SHIELDS, Grenada; VELA W. SHIRLEY, Jackson. -and welcome to Teen Tempos Sophomores [ 54 ] Sophomores The Night Riders ride at the Cafeteria FIRST ROW: ROY SMITH, Benton. SECOND ROW: MARY LEE STUBBLEFIELD, Yazoo City: ANN STURDIVANT, Tupelo: SYDNEY SWARTZFAGER. Laurel: MARGARET SYLVESTER, Jackson; ANNETTE TARDY, Winona; TERYL TINSLEY, Philadelphia; DURAND TOMLIN, Jackson; RUTH TOMLINSON, Jackson. THIRD ROW: JOE ED VARNER, Vicksburg; GRACE VIGI, Jackson; MARY ELIZABETH WAITS, Sumrall; ROYANNE WALDROP, Houston, Tex.; CHARLES WALLACE, Jackson; JON BELTON WALTERS, Jackson; FRAZIER WARD, Jackson; HAYES WARRINER. Corinth. FOURTH ROW: WILLIAM MARVIN WATKINS, Jackson; BILL WEEMS, Jackson; GIPSON WELLS, Jackson; BETTY WESSON, McComh; JERRY WHITEHEAD, Jackson; JOE WARLICK WHITWELL, Senatohia; JAMES RON- ALD WILLIAMS, Okolona; PARHAM WILLIAMS, Belzoni. FIRST ROW: GAIL ALEXANDER, Vicksburg; ROBERT EDWARD ALDRIDGE, Brookhaven; SANDY ALDRIDGE, Mobile. Ala.; JACKIE ALLEN, Philadelphia; ALICE ANN AMELUNG, Greenwood; MARY FRANCES ANGLE, Laurel; HENRY ASH, Cen treville; SANDRA GAYLE BAILEY, Jackson. SECOND ROW: SUSANNE BATSON, Clarksdale; CAROLYN BAUMGARTNER, Jackson; CHARLES JOSEPH BECKER, JR., [ackson; EVELYN BILBE, Wilson, Ark.; BILLY BILLUPS, Grenada; CATHERINE BIZZELL, Marks; DENNIS BRACEY, Caruthersville, Mo.: NELL BRANTLEY, Richton. THIRD ROW: BARBARA BRATTON, Tupelo; DENNY BRITT, Ruleville; JUDY BROOK, Amory; NANCY RUTH BROWN, lackson; WALTER ROBERT BROWN. Meridian: BOB BRUNSON, Rich; JAMES BRUMFIELD, Jackson; THELTON BRYANT, Jackson. FOURTH ROW: CAL BULLOCK, Jackson; GEORGIA ANN BURGESS, Nettleton; DIANE BURKE, Hattiesburg; ELLEN BURNS, Jackson; IVAN BLACKWELL BURNETT, Meridian: JACKIE CADEN, Jackson; CAROLYN CARAWAY, Greenville: ANNE CARR, Tupelo. KA ' s prepare for homecoming festivities N TH£ «SlV 3 Freshman [ 56 ] Freshman ft- The faculty receiving line greets you URST ROW: TOM CARTLEDGE, Clarksdale; CAROLE CATER, Laurel; ANDRE CLEMANDOT, JR., West Point; SUSAN COATS, Columbia; BILLY R. COILE, Vicksburg; SENITH COUILLARD, Natchez; ARMAND EUGENE COUL- LET, Jackson; CAROL JACK COVINGTON, Brookhaven. SECOND ROW JUDY CURRY, Memphis, Tenn.; PATRICIA DAVIS, Jackson; WILLIAM EUGENE DAVENPORT Yazoo City; JUDY DAVIS Columbia; PEGGY DAVIS, Meridian; WOODY DAVIS, Pachuta; PHYLLIS ANn ' dODD Jackson; BILL DODSON, Jackson. third ROW: MORGAN DOUGLASS, Prairie Point; KATHY DOWNING, Laurel; JOHN DRAIS, New Orleans, La.; CARO- LYN VIRGINIA DUNN, Biloxi; JO FRANCES EDWARDS, Brandon; RAUL FERNANDEZ, Havana, Cuba; MARGARET ANN FERRELL, Greenville; HOWARD FLOWERS, Jackson. FOURTH ROW: BECKY FORD, Jackson; DONALD FORTENBERRY, Summit; TOM FULTON, Lyon; GAIL GARRISON, Batesville; JANE GILPIN, Tupelo; FRED GIPSON, Philadelphia; RALPH GLENN, Gulfport; BEN GOODWIN, Taylorsville. ■ i» ik Hi r r FIRST ROW: BARBRA GOODYEAR, Gulfport; ELEANOR GRESHAM, Clarksdale; LYNDA GRICE, Tupelo; NANCY GRISHAM, Cleveland; GLORIA HAINING, Clarksdale; BOBO HALL, Ocean Springs; HARLEY HARRIS, Jackson; EDWINA HARRISON, Natchez. SECOND ROW: SUE HART, Jackson; JIMMY HAYNES, Jackson; JAMES WILLIAM HENDERSON, JR., Clarksdale; GINNA HENKING, Memphis, Tenn.; TOMMY HENNINGTON, McComb; ROBERT HUGH HETRICK, Crystal Springs; MARTHA ANN HUDDLESTON, Tchula; JIM HURDLE, Shelby. THIRD ROW: CLARA FRANCES JACKSON, Jackson; SUSIE JENKINS, Jackson; JAMES CALVIN JOHNSON, JR., Jackson; FAYE JOLLY, Jackson; JUDY JONES, Jackson; THOMAS R. JONES, Saltillo; MAJA KEECH, Miami, Fla.; ANN KENNEDY, Danville, Ky. FOURTH ROW: JOE MARTIN KENNEDY, Newton; PATSY KING, Brookhaven; SUSAN KING, Greenville; PHILIP KOL- MAN, Jackson; GINGER LAMB, Oxford; GAY LAMBERT, Na ' chez; CHARLES LANGFORD, Marks; JOANNE LAWRENCE, Vicksburg. This year we have the Russian Women ' s Olympic Volleyball Team Freshman [ 58 ] Freshman But why don ' t the boy ' s date me? FIRST ROW: LYNDA LEE, Laurel; ROBERT N. LEGETT, JR., Vicksburg, EMILY LEMANSSON, Jackson; JIMMY- LEVERETT, Monroe, La.; HARMON LEWIS, Tylertown; DAVID LIBBY, Louisville; JOHN LIPSCOMB, Jackson; NANCY LIPSCOMB, Jackson. SECOND ROW: PATRICIA LONG, Tupelo; ANNE LOWRY. Woodville; BOB LOWRY, Laurel; RUSSELL LYONS, Clinton; FAYE McCHARREN, Jackson; ELOISE McCLINTON, Quitman; ROGER L. McGEHE, JR., Jackson; DAN McINTOSH III, Mendenhall. THIRD ROW: EUGENIA McLAURIN, Hollandale; MARTHA McNEIL, Laurel; MORGAN MACLACHLAN, Gainesville, Fla.; CAROLYN MAHAFFEY, Jackson; WILBUR W. MARTIN, JR., Selma, Ala.; CLYDE MATHEWS, Jackson; JAMES DENT MAY, Mendenhall; HELEN CHERRY MILLER, Woodville. FOURTH ROW: MARY BENTLEY MILLS, Gulfport; RHETT MITCHELL, Forest; SUSANNA MI2E, Jackson; JUDY MONK, Jackson; JANIE MONTGOMERY, Greenwood; JAMES MOOD, Yazoo City; TOMMY MOORE, Indianola; GENIA MOREHEAD, Washington, D. C. FIRST ROW: GEORGE MOUNGER, Calhoun City; JIMMY MOZINGO, Jackson; TOMMY MULLINS, Macon; SYLVIA MULLINS, Macon; GLENDA SUE MURPHREE, Verona; CHARLES NETHERTON, Jackson; J. T. NOBLIN, Jackson; JAKE NOULETT, Jackson. SECOND ROW : CHARLES ROBERT ODOM, Vicksburg; MARY ANN ORNDORFF, Jackson; BILL ORR, Grenada; LELAND RALPH PARKE, Clinton; JEAN PARKER, Quitman; MITZI PARKER, Bruce; RACHEL PEDEN, Belzoni; KEETON PHILLIPS, Quitman. THIRD ROW: MAUDEAN PHIPPS. Jackson; PAULINE PICKERING, Derma; CAROLYN PITNER, New Albany; PATTYE POWELL, Greenville; MILLICENT PRICE, Jackson: SHIRLEY JEAN PROUTY, Jackson; BILLYE DELL PYRON, Indianola: ANN RANKIN, Canton. FOURTH ROW: JAMES W. RAYNER, Jackson; ANNE REGAN, Jackson: JIM RHODES, Vicksburg; CHUCK ROBERTSON, Jackson; PEGGY ROBERTSON, Jackson; CHARLES ROBINETTE, Greenwood; CAROLE ROBINSON, Utica; VERNON ROSS, Hernando. FIFTH ROW: SUE SANDERS, Vicksburg; CHARLES SANFORD, Jackson; BILLY SCROGGINS, Brookhaven. Freshman [ 60 ] FIRST ROW: OSCAR SCOTT, Gunnison; HELEN SEAGO, Collinsville; CAROLYN SHANNON, Hattiesburg; BETTY SUE SHIRLEY, Bastrop, La.; CARY SIMMONS, Clarksdale; MARY SUE SIMPSON, Shaw; R. LUCEAN SMITH, Union Church; RALPH SOWELL, Jackson. SECOND ROW; BOB SPIERS, Picayune; JOSH STEVENS, Macon; BETHANY STOCKETT, Jackson; MARY LOUISE STRICK- LAND, Minter City; JUDY SUMMERS, Memphis; JON SWARTZFAGER, Laurel; RONNIE TEW, Natchez; NICKY THOMAS, McComh. THIRD ROW: BARBARA SUE THOMPSON, Ackerman; MICHAEL THOMPSON, Pascagoula; PATRICIA THOMPSON, Greenwood; WILLIAM TISDALE, Ridgeland; BETTY TYNES, Biloxi; JIMMY UNDERWOOD, Forest; MIL- DRED WADE, Starkville; KENNETH WALCOTT, Hollandale. FOURTH ROW: KATHERINE WALT, Greenwood; DIANE WALLACE, Drew; MARY EDYTH WALTERS, Greenville; JUDITH WARD, Jackson; CAROL WEBSTER, Vicksburg; RUTH WEBSTER, Starkville; ALICE WELLS, Durant; BETTYE WEST, Yazoo City. FIFTH ROW: DEVADA WETMORE, Greenwood; MARTHA LOUISE WHITE, Greenwood; TISH WHITTEN, Jackson; JAMES HOWARD WIBLE, Pensacola, Fla.; ALICE GREY WIGGERS, Indianola; BARBARA WIKSTRAND, Gulfport; DOROTHY WILCOX, Lauderdale, Fla.; AMY WILKERSON, Jackson. SIXTH ROW: WILLIAM WILKINS, Clarksdale; KELLY WILLIAMS, Gulfport; FRANK WILLIAMSON, Greenwood; BRIAN WOO, Belzom; EDWARD WOODALL, Coffeeville; BONNIE WYMOND DAVIS, Jackson; NANCY YOUNG, Brookhaven. ♦ H « «e» ' " " " " Ifc ' l? " " 30 gfsl I 40 t • j L • PUBLICATIONS • ORGANIZATIONS • HONqRAJfcfs r: ' xfeji Alt BILLY KERR Editor-in-Chief SEATED: Charles Jennings. STANDING: Porter, Rider, Wheeless, Clarlc, King, Hurdle, Cowan. Editors The 1959 Bobashcla Editorial Staff FIRST ROW: Clarlc, Williams, Cowan, Kerr, Wetmore, Wheeless. SECOND ROW: Ricker, Sanders, Burns, Jones, Angle Prevost, Himel, Walker, Hurdle, Pyron, Cooper, Stoker, Jennings. BILLY MULLINS Business Manager " O. K., everybody, just give me a pleasant smile. " " Are you still using that typewriter! " " If I have to re-draw this page one more time, I think Fll scream. " Oh, the headaches that go into producing an annual . . . late, late hours of work, work, and more work . . . cropping pictures . . . selling ads . . . writing copy . . . identifying pictures . . . desperately trying to complete everything and meet those dreaded dead- lines. It wasn ' t an easy task, but it was one we fell to with relish. We had all the materials before us — scratch paper, tripli- cate copy paper, film, erasers, pens. All we lacked was ideas. In you, the Student Body of Millsaps College, we found our ideas. If we could capture the aliveness of the students, the knowledge and wisdom that lay at our fingertips, the tradi- tions, and the whirl of activities in pictures and print, we would be able to present to you an annual that would always bring back memories of Millsaps College — 1958-1959. This is what we have tried to do. Business Staff SEATED: Mullins. SECOND ROW: McClinton, Gilpin, Webster. THIRD ROW: Fortenberry, Hathorne, Gilliland, Carney, Thomas, Abraham. d o o P i SEATED: Crabtree, Darby, Frazler, Hughes, Weems, Wheeless, Miller, Wesson, Wi wood, Holllngsworth, Walters, Cowart, Roberts, Ison, Taylor, Dunshee. STANDING: Gate- Duncan. Student Senate Max Miller — President Jeanine Adcock — Vice-President Student Executive Board Susan Wheeless — Secretary Bob Weems — Treasurer [ 66 ] CLYDE WILLIAMS Editor TOM WELCH Business Manager Purple and White Whether you were planning a career in journalism or just liked to write for enjoyment, the Purple and White, Millsaps ' weekly newspaper, supplied the experience and fun that you were seeking. Everyone on the P W staff seemed constantly on the go. Each week section editors made assign- ments and then prodded tactfully until the job was done. Clamoring for attention, the younger reporters tried hard to please. It took a lot of hard work to produce a first-rate newspaper, so work the P W staff did. On into the wee hours of the morning they slaved — fighting to meet the next deadline. We did not see all the work that went on in the P W room, but we heartily approve of the finished product. Editorial Staff FIRST ROW: Harris, Wallace, Davis, West, Land, Felcher, Peden. SECOND ROW: Sullivan, Ryan, Wildman, Williams, Walker, Lambert, Wynn, Prince. THIRD ROW: Wilter, Simpson, Butler, Burke, Kelly, Kaver, Dates, Shields, Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Ash, Mullins, Young, Callaway, Wade, McLaurin, Wetmore, Harvey, Sowell. Business Staff SEATED: Burke, Welch, Hinds. STANDING: Douglas, Lewis. I tfVA 1 MR. LANCE GOSS Director " There ' s no business like Show Business! " . . . the weeks of memorizing lines and perfecting movements . . . night rehearsals that never seemed to end on time . . . banging on scenery and slapping on paint . . . the mad confusion of dress rehearsal . . . opening night jitters . . . the audience as it roared its approval . . . the cast party ... all were a part of Show Business — Millsaps Style. The precedent set by Director Lance Goss and other Players groups was a hard goal to reach, but reach it the 1959 Millsaps Players did. Their main productions, Lerner and Lowe ' s " Paint Your Wagon, " and " The Lady ' s Not For Burning, " staged in-the-round, gave the Players an opportunity to participate in various kinds of drama. Although they were an amateur group, the professionalism with which they worked quickly brought acclaim to the Players, Lance Goss, and to Millsaps. Clifton Ware as the Caliph of Bagdad and Nancy Boyd as Marsinah in " Kismet. " Ronald Willoughby, as Mile, explains to Johnny Sullivan, Ben Rumson, about the relationship of his daughter with Glenn Bray, who plays the part of Sandy. [ 68 ] 4d mi .ft o o T l t lit : U ■ « t tSUHSHi ? flB . ifluHPMKI ' V ' fgl B -Til w B B Lii j ir y fl v L Bt$ J W € - ' mx - «:«2 ' Sr.T ft k fl VbflVS M K M w ™- « 3P - r ' w- i m ' %.J ' TBr i ■■k H 7l v V ' i V f ' - ' i m " - ■ fflV g j[ _ J ■■%■! ' y ttwP ' H Py CSjrafl ..:,;..■ SITTING: Kerr, Cowan, Clark, Smith, Lipscomb. STANDING — FIRST ROW: King, Willoughby, Rogers, Lancaster, Jennings, Wenger, Jeanes, Blount, Bailey, Phillips, Sherrod. SECOND ROW: Coile, Wetmore, Smith, Matthews, McCarty, Miller, Frost, Hatchell, Webb, Ryan, Sullivan. THIRD ROW: Robertson, Reuff, Davis, Boyd, Davis, Caden. Millsaps Players Johnny Sullivan as Ben Rumson and Pat Long as Jennifer, Ben ' s daughter, in " Paint Your Wagon. " In minutes the backstage crew changes scenes for the Players. [ 69 ] SEATED: Wibtrand, Chapman, Brunson, Price, Orndorff. STANDING: Lovett, Clark, Stone, Ogden, Walters, Farmer, Boswell, Waits, Weaver, Welch, McClung. MR. RICHARD FAIRBANKS Director Madrigal Singers The Madrigal Singers, under the direction of Richard Fairbanks, was a group of the finest voices on the Millsaps campus. The smallness of the group made it possible to stage almost every number the group presented. We knew we could always expect a double treat of good singing and clever productions when the Madrigal Singers performed. The Messiah Millsaps Singers " Once again, please. " With these words Mr. Holmes Ambrose playfully shook the toy bullwhip he had been presented by certain members of the Millsaps Singers group. This combination of demanding your best and adding just the right touch of laughter gave the incentive that made the Millsaps Singers not just another mixed chorus but one of the finest choral groups in the South. They practiced, practiced, practiced — daily rehearsals as a group, working as individuals, and taking part in special called rehearsals. They shared their talent at weekly Chapel programs and with their presentation of the Messiah and the Feast of Carols. The Tour Choir gave performances in the state and in the surrounding areas bringing more honor to the group. MR. HOLMES AMBROSE Director [ 71 ] MR. LEWIS E. PULLO Director ■ v iiiJBp t - ' I| +.Jt i : Millsaps Band MISS JACKIE ALLEN Drum Majorette Plays Important Role In Campus The Majorettes Wallick, Yarbrough, Hart, Allen, Cruise, Lingle, Hamilton. " FIRST ROW: Lawrence, Hamilton, Lewis, Matthews, Wallace, Ojden, SECOND ROW: McGehe, Aldridge, Williamson, Hart, Allen, Webster, Sautelle, Flowers, Legett, Montgomery. THIRD ROW: Bizzell, Coats, Prince, Harrigill, Tidwell, Humphries, Lamb, Steckler, Mcintosh, Parlce, Walters, DicVerson. Life " Tweet " . . . the drums rolled . . . and the Millsaps Band hit the field with a peppy stride for half-time maneuvers. Football season passed quickly, but the year had only begun for band members. They buckled down to perfect difficult passages and try out new material at daily rehearsals. After weeks of preparation they presented a special Christmas program and their annual concert for the enjoyment of all. The Millsaps Band had once more become an important part of .campus life. The band forms " M " tor Millsaps. The student body enjoys the Millsaps ' fight song. • ' ■■; t [ 73 ] JEAN MORRISON Editor BRACK LANGE Business Manager Lange, Carter, Walker, Morrison, Rogers, Jeanes. Stylus Each semester, Stylos presented a sampling of the literary contributions of Millsaps students. Millsaps ' writers could " break into print " through the pages of Stylus, the literary magazine. Prose and poetry contributions were submitted by the students to the staff which consisted of both faculty members of the English department and qualified students. Prospective young artists submitted their work to be displayed on the cover or throughout the magazine. Debate Club " Mr. Chairman! " At last the moment had arrived. For weeks the members of the Debate Club had collected information on the national debate topic, written and rewritten their speeches; now they could state their opinions loudly and clearly. And state them they did. Their background in inter- collegiate debating at Millsaps, which had won them membership in the Debate Club, coupled with the club ' s providing opportunity for the debaters to perfect their art, made Millsaps ' Debate Team one of the finest. FIRST ROW: Ernest, Yarbrough, Riclcer, Mooney, Couillard, Sanders. SECOND ROW: Causey, Mr. Collins, Parlce, McKaskel, Thompson. OFFICERS CHARLES RICKER President BILL MOONEY Vice-President MARGARET YARBROUGH Secretary-Treasurer MR. EDWARD COLLINS Sponsor OFFICERS BILL HENDEE President PARHAM WILLIAMS Vice-President BILL CROSBY Vice-President JOYCE NEW Secretary AL BISHOP Treasurer MR. GUEST Sponsor FIRST ROW: Professor Guest, New, Bishop, Hendee, Williams, Coullet. SECOND ROW: Stealer, Webster, Paine, Lancaster, Seales, Libby, Lewis. THIRD ROW: Leggett, Long, Marett, Faulkner, Rush, Crosby. German Club The German Club is composed of students interested in Germany, the German language, and the German people. It has enlightening programs on German culture which include speakers and films. The club ' s annual Christmas party is the highlight of the year, boasting German food and entertainment. Women ' s Council Problems — problems — problems — these were the meat of the Women ' s Council. If we wanted to suggest some improvement in the dormitories or clear up a question of school policy concerning dress, we knew what to do. Our dormitory assistants and monitors, house mothers, and the Dean of Women were eager to try solving our problems. The Council had problems; but the efficient way the women ' s student government was directed proved what a vital organization it was. FIRST ROW: Harris, Warriner, Waits, Mrs. Peebles, Pillow, Allen, Moon, Dunshee. SECOND ROW: Stoker, Tumlinson, Malone, Kelly, Aurbakken, Brown, Simpson, Stockett, New, Goodyear, Kellogg, Himel, Batson, Wilcox, Addkison, McMullan, Lamb, Rasor, Gresham. OFFICERS LUCILE PILLOW President JANE ALLEN Vice-President MARY E. WAITS Secretary MRS. RUFUS PEEBLES Sponsor j§l§i sssss OFFICERS CLIFTON WARE President PAUL YOUNG Vice-President ISABEL GRAY Secretary JO ANN GOODWIN Treasurer MR. ROBERT E RERGMAR Sponsor SEATED: Gray, Ware, Young, Goodwin. STANDING: New, Adcock, Cole, Farmer. Christian Council Religious activities for Millsaps on the interdenominational level were the concern of the Christian Council. Each member, an elected representative from one of the various religious organizations on campus, brought not only his own ideas to planning sessions, but also those of his group. After weeks of careful planning and a lot of hard work, the Christian Council sponsored Days of Spiritual Enrich- ment, the J. Lloyd Decell Lectureship, and Christ and the Fine Arts Week. Women Christian Workers The future D.C.E. ' s deaconesses, choir directoresses, D.R.E. ' s, on- the Millsaps campus all found that the Women ' s Christian Workers was the organization that provided them with fellowship, guidance, and a chance to serve on both on-campus and off-campus projects. The inspiration they found in working and playing together left a deep impression that will go with them forever. FIRST ROW: Allen, Malone, Ross, Goodwin, Garner, Bracken. SECOND ROW: Craig, Harrison, Waits, Taylor, Tinsley, Shirley, Grisham, Gates, Chapman, Wesson, Walter, Pickering. OFFICERS JO ANN GOODWIN President NELL ROSS Vice President MARY ELIZABETH WAITS Secretary CAROL MALONE Treasurer BETTY WESSON LEDA MOON Publicity Chairmen OFFICERS CLARA SMITH President SHIRLEY STOKER Vice President MARILYN BATES Secretary EDNA McSHANE Treasurer FIRST ROW- Crabtree Stoker Bates, Patrick. SECOND ROW: Gray, Walt, Lowrance, Thompson, White Silpio THIRD ROW: Montgomery, Butler, Hopkins, Salisbury. FOURTH ROW: Cooper, Amalong, Tardy, Moon, Kellogg, Wesley, Brown, Hutchms. Young Women ' s Christian Association Membership in the Young Women ' s Christian Association was based on one requirement a sincere interest in working for improvement of Christian ideals. Each Y. W. C. A. member gave serious thought to her ideals and goals and sought to contribute to group discussions. They sponsored a new student mixer at the beginning of the school year, Faculty Waiter Night, and worked with the high school age girls at the Methodist Home. Ministerial League The time for Millsaps ' pre-mmistenal students to begin their work was not tomorrow or ' the next day but right then. Through the Ministerial League these preachers-to-be found the opportunity to gain valuable experience through fellowship with the other members and service at mission points throughout Jackson. FIRST ROW- Burnett, Walker, Felder, Stanford, Gentry, Lewis, Hollingsworth, Scarbrough, Fortenberry, Rush, Young, Professor Anding. SECOND ROW: Ash, Robinette, Gatewood, Johnson, Gray, Rush, Robinson, Whitwell, Armstrong, Bugg. OFFICERS DON LEWIS President ROBERT GENTRY Vice President BRYAN SCARBROUGH Secretary RUDOLPH HOLLINGSWORTH Treasurer BILL LAMPKIN Publicity Chairman PAUL YOUNG Christian Council OFFICERS LUCILE PILLOW President LUCY HAMBLIN JOAN FRAZIER Program Chairmen BETTY BARTLING Secretary Treasurer MACK COLE Christian Council FIRST ROW: Bartling, Hamblin, Cole, Frazier, Pillow. SECOND ROW: Walt, Garrison, Regan, Roberts, Karer. THIRD ROW: M ize, Baumgardner, Kellogg, Montgomery, King, Carter, Crisler, Lemasson. FOURTH ROW: Libby, Eddleman, Whitehead. Westminster The connecting point between the Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian students at Millsaps was Westminster. Weekly devotional periods and socials brought these students together for a time of sharing and fellowship. Canterbury Club Enriching the spiritual life of Episcopal students was the task the Canterbury Club cheerfully undertook. Through a program of worship, study, stewardship, evangelism, and Christian social action, it strove to make God and his praise first in the lives of its members. FIRST ROW: Gray, Salisbury, Bush, Miss Parker. SECOND ROW: Rutherford, Morehead, Waller, Scott, Harvey, Harris, Beckes. THIRD ROW: Kenny, Kelly, Callaway, Thompson, Rushing. OFFICERS ARNOLD BUSH President BETSY SALISBURY Vice President RUTH TOMLINSON Secretary PAT GILLILAND Treasurer ISABEL GRAY Christian Council Representative MISS SHIRLEY PARKER Sponsor OFFICERS DONALD ADCOCK President bill Mcknight Vice President IDA THOMPKINS Secretary- Treasurer FIRST ROW: Curry, Adcock, Thompklns, McKnight, Roberts. SECOND ROW: Bullock, Tidwell, Glenn, Sawtelle, Beane. Disciples Student Fellowship One of the newest organizations on the campus was the Disciples Student Fellowship. Although only in its second year of existence, the D.S.F. provided a program of the development of members of the Christian Church into men and women with a deep love and respect for Christ and his teachings. Service projects, conferences, and socials gave them the chance to put this love to practice. Baptist Student Union Realizing their own spiritual needs, they listened attentively to devotionals given by students and talks given by pastors, church directors, and outstanding laymen of the community. There was a need to be filled at convalescent homes, the Old Men ' s Home, and the Baptist Orphanage; and the B.S.U. saw this need. The devotionals and programs they gave there on monthly mission trips brought happiness into the lives of many. FIRST ROW: Epting, Blue, Adcock, Lundquisr, Grlce, Ogdon. SECOND ROW: Fridge, Dickerson, Stoker, Whltten, Biielle, Farmer, Jaspers. THIRD ROW: Dunshee, Johnson, Clark, Grisham, Davis, Gilpen, Clemandot. OFFICERS JEANETTE LUNDQUIST President FRANZ EPTING Membership Chairman JEANINE ADCOCK Program Chairman ELIZABETH A. CLARK Social Chairman LINDA GRICE Missions Chairman MARY CAROL CAUGHMAN Secretary BETTYE BLUE Publicity Chairman AMANDA FARMER Christian Council MRS. K. E. HEDERI Wesley Fellowship We Methodists had our own organisation — The Wesley Fellowship. We eagerly looked forward to each meeting for variety was the keynote of our Wesley activities. While guest speakers provided a guide for lively discussions, dramatic readings by students, and series meetings added something special to the weekly programs. Not everyone could attend the Sixth Quadrennial National Student Conference held in Lawrence, Kansas, or the Religious Life Seminar, hut our representatives shared with us their adventures. Throughout the year each of us found in the Wesley Fellowship inspirational experiences we would treasure forever. OFFICERS CLIFTON WARE President GAYLE GRAHAM Vice President JEANNIE WESLEY Secretary CAROLYN ALLEN Treasurer DR. ROBERT E. BERGMARK Advisor One finds drama in Wesley along with spiritual enrichment. [ 80 ] Honoraries SEATED: Mr. Wood, Dr. Ferguson, Mullens, Dr. Moore. STANDING: Balgord, Wesson, Bugg, Miller, Prince. Kerr. Omicron Delta Kappa OFFICERS BILLY MULLINS President DR. ROSS MOORE Secretary The highest honor a Millsaps man can earn is membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, the men ' s leadership fraternity. Omicron Delta Kappa was organized not only to give recognition to those who have excelled in scholarship and leadership and participated in many campus activities, but also to create a representative group that could work with the faculty, student body, and alumni members to better Millsaps. Tap Day was an exciting event for everyone. They waited impatiently for the announcement of new Omicron Delta Kappa tappees. With the hearty congratulations of the student body and humble pride in their hearts those young men took their places. MEMBERS Billy Mullins Dr. Ross Moore Billy Kerr Dr. H. E. Finger, Jr. Mr. J. W. Wood Bill Balgord Ray Wesson Alan Bugg Max Miller Kent Prince Dr. James S. Ferguson Ton Ed Williams [ 82 ] SEATED: Mrs. Peebles, Piper, Adcock, Wynn, Becltes. STANDING: Land, Lundquist, Neyman, Taylor, Allen. Sigma Lambda OFFICERS JEANINE ADCOCK President GAY PIPER Vice President PAT WYNN Secretary-Treasurer JULIA ANN BECKES Historian MRS. RUFUS PEEBLES Advisor With broad smiles, happy hearts, and a few tears, newly installed members of Sigma Lambda received their congratulations. This select group was not composed of women who were content to just get by. Each day they put out the extra effort that made them outstanding as individuals in scholarship, leadership, and campus activities. For those girls who had earned this honor, initiation was only the first step. To them fell the duty of setting a living example of high ideals for the rest of the school. Nancy Neyman Carolyn Allen Jeanette Lundquist Ruth Land Jewel Taylor MEMBERS Jeanine Adcock Gay Piper Pat Wynn Julia Ann Beckes Mrs. Rufus Peebles Mrs. H. E. Finger Miss Mildred Morehead Miss Elizabeth Craig Miss Audrey Jennings [ 83 ] FIRST ROW: Beclces, Lundquist, Piper, Neyman, Adcock, Land, Wheeless. SECOND ROW: Kerr, Balgord, Mullins. Miller, Drysdale, Ware, Rush, Smith, Williams. Not Pictured: A. Bush, Jon Ed Williams. Who ' s Who AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Being nominated and accepted to appear in the current issue of Who ' s " Who Aynong Students in American Universities and Colleges is the largest honor that can come to any Millsaps student. The campus nomination committee considers, in making its selections, the student ' s scholarship, his participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, his citizenship and service to the school, and his promise of future usefulness. The eighteen Millsaps students who earned places in the 1958-1959 Edition of Who ' s Who can be proud of this reward for work well done. MEMBERS Nancy Carroll Neyman Judson Waller Smith III Julia Ann Beckes Jeanette Lundquist Gay Allen Piper Edith Jeanine Adcock Ruth Land Susan Sutton Wheeless William Benjamin Kerr Jon Ed Williams William Sylvester Mullins III William Dwyer Balgord Arnold Arlington Bush, Jr. James Maxwell Miller John Phillip Drysdale Durward Clifton Ware, Jr. Julian B. Rush Clyde V. Williams [ 84 ] OFFICERS WILLIAM JEANES Secretary DR. M. C. WHITE Sponsor FIRST ROW: Wllloughby, Dr. White, Mr. Hardin, Carter. SECOND ROW: Kerr, Morrison, Lambert. Not pictured, Jeanes. Kit Kat Kit Kat, the " oldest and most exclusive honorary on the Millsaps campus ' recognized male writers of outstanding literary accomplishments, interest, and ability in creative writing. Requirement for membership is a majority vote of the active members of Kit Kat. Members support and contribute to Stylus and the Southern Literary Festival. Chi Delta Chi Delta was the visual evidence of the saying that good things come in small packages. The exclu- siveness of Millsaps ' honorary women ' s literary organization only emphasized the honor of belonging. Through contributing to Stylus and the Southern Literary Festival, the members strove to further creative writing interests and activities among women students at Millsaps College. FIRST ROW: Walker, Graham. SECOND ROW: McDade, Wynn, Land, Paine. OFFICERS VIRGINIA HELEN WALKER President GAYLE GRAHAM Vice President PAT WYNN Secretary ' Treasurer MISS SHIRLEY PARKER Advisor OFFICERS LACY CAUSEY President PEGGY ROGERS Vice President ED McKASKEL Si retary-Treasurer CHARLES RICKER Reporter MR. EDDIE COLLINS Advisor McKasltel, Collins, Rogers, Causey, Ricker. Pi Kappa Delta " The art of persuasion beautiful and just " is the basis for membership in Pi Kappa Delta, nation, il honorary Forensic Society. Debate, oratory, extemporaneous spc. iking, and individual original speaking all are a part of this art of persuasion. Members are given the opportunity to win acclaim for themselves and the school at the Millsaps Debate Tournament, one of the South ' s largest and finest tournaments, which is sponsored by Pi Kappa Delta. Eta Sigma Being asked to become a member of Millsaps ' scholastic honorary, Eta Sigma, was one of the high- est honors that a student could earn. The qualifications were high : the student must be at least a first semester junior with a 2.6 or better overall point index. Only a gifted few could meet these qualifica- tions; these people were paid the high tribute of Eta Sigma membership. SEATED: Paine, Adcoclc. STANDING: Love, Cowart, Dr. White. OFFICERS BILL BALGORD President DEAN JAMES S. FERGUSON Sponsor OFFICERS MAX MILLER President MARGARET YARBROUGH Vice President MARILYN BATES JOE ED THOMAS DR. -HAMILTON Secretary Treasurer Sponsor FIRST ROW: Ogden, Miller, Yarbrough, Thomas, Piper. SECOND ROW: Costas, Danagiotou, Brooks, Houston, Sherrod, Paine, Ivey, Bates, Saucier. THIRD ROW: Cowart, Willoughby. Eta Sigma Phi Through the club pursuits of Eta Sigma Phi, Rome and Greece lived once again. Those students who had excelled in these classical languages and had been awarded membership in Eta Sigma Phi quickly learned that here was their opportunity to further their interest in the history, art, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. The two highlights of the year were the presentation of the Alfred Porter Hamilton award to the outstanding Latin student at Murrah High School and the traditional Roman banquet. Pi Delta Phi " Comment allez-vous? " " Tres bien, merci; " These simple French phrases are only symbolic of Pi Delta Phi, the national French honorary, for the members of this group had excelled in the study of French language and customs. Although it was organised only last Spring, Pi Delta Phi soon took its place as one of Millsaps ' most progressive honoraries. Professor Baslcin, Aurbalclcen, Rogers, Lambert. Not pictured, Miss Craig, Mrs. Ezelle. Mrs. Hederi, Dr. Sanders, OFFICERS MIA AURBAKKEN President OFFICERS FRED DOWLING President BILL BALGORD Vice President BILL HENDEE AL BISHOP FIRST ROW: Professor Caplenor, Dowling, Professor Ward, Bishop, Dr. Price. SECOND ROW: Love, Rushing, Eldridge. Theta Nu Sigma In recognition of their excellence in scholarship and leadership, science students are initiated into Theta Nu Sigma, honorary science fraternity. Besides giving honor to worthy students Theta Nu Sigma strives to promote interest among all students in natural and mathematical sciences, to make available to the members scientific facts and discoveries, and to encourage students having scientific inclinations to enter graduate and professional schools. Alpha Epsilon Delta The difference between prc-medical school and medical school is such a large one that Alpha Epsilon Delta, the national honorary pre-medical fraternity, is concerned primarily with acting as a go-between for med students. Only those students possessing leadership, expertness, good character, and a pleasing personality are accepted for membership. Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS SEATED: Ratliff, Cain, Wesson, Merrell, Lancaster, Dr. Price. STANDING: Professor Caplenor, Pillow, Love, Potts, Massie, Carley, Downing, Professor Ward. JACK RATLIFF President DOUG CAIN Vice President MARGARET ANN MERRELL Secretary HENRY L. LEWIS RAY L. WESSON Treasurer Scalpel Reporter MADELINE LANCASTER Historian DR. I. B. PRICE Faculty Advisor OFFICERS ALLEN BUGG President JOHN SHARP GATEWOOD Vice President JAMES HAROLD GRAY Secretary -Treasurer FIRST ROW: Bugg, McKnight, Erwin, Stone, Jennings. SECOND ROW: Weaver, Gatewood, Thomas, Gray, Prince. NOT PICTURED: Houston, Miller, Rush, Stone, Thompson Alpha Phi Alpha Phi is a service fraternity composed of men students who have expressed outstanding interest in student activities. Alpha Phi sponsors the Book Exchan ge at the beginning of each semester and the all-campus carol-sing before the Christmas holidays. Psi Delta Chi Millsaps ' future psycho-analysts had an honorary, too — Psi Delta Chi. Membership was based on an interest in psychology, a 2.00 average in psychology, and registration for a major or minor study in psychology. All that remained was to obtain a three-fourths vote of the honor members and you became a member of Psi Delta Chi with honorary standing. FIRST ROW: Epting, Casey, Rainey. SECOND ROW: Dr. Levanway, Adcock, Dungan, Sherrod. OFFICERS FRANZ EPTING President BILLY RAINEY Vice President DOROTHY JACK CASEY Secretary ANN DANARE Treasurer DR. R. W. LEVANWAY Sponsor OFFICERS ANN PORTER President NANCY NEYMAN Vice President DOROTHY CASEY Secretary PATSY ROBBINS Treasurer MRS. J. D. POWELL Advisor ccc FIRST ROW: Stoker, Casey, Porter, Neyman, Powell. SECOND ROW: Lundquist. Taylor, Gray, Wynn, Brooks, Walker, Matthews, Woodall, Lipscomb, Bartling, Allen, Walden, Jones. Kappa Delta Epsilon " Will the meeting come to order. " The babble of voices was suddenly hushed, and the meeting of Kappa Delta Epsilon was underway. The business of Millsaps ' professional honorary for outstanding girls who were preparing to teach was quickly taken care of, and the members happily settled down to enjoy the guest speakers and participate in pertinent discussions of educational problems and possible so- lutions. The Christmas party at the Old Ladies ' Home, High School Day display, and Founders ' Day luncheon were their special outside activities. International Relations Club The International Relations Club served to stimulate interest in political science and current history and to honor those students genuinely interested in these fields. For first-hand reports the club called on foreign students who have recently traveled overseas. But the highlight of the activities of I.R.C. were the open forums on especially timely topics. Here at Millsaps we were encouraging tomorrow ' s politicians and conscientious citizens. FIRST ROW: Moore, Bush, Piper, McKaskel. SECOND ROW: Ash, Bergmark, Hays, Aurbakken, Salisbury, Felsher, Adcock, Walker. THIRD ROW: Wilkins, Miley, McArthur, Rush, Cowart, Drysdale, Harris. OFFICERS ARNOLD BUSH President ED McKASKEL Vice President GAY PIPER Secretary-Treasurer DR. ROSS MOORE Advisor FIRST ROW: Dickerson, Webb, Clark. SECOND ROW: Frost, Matthews, Sherrod, Smith. THIRD ROW: Kerr, Willoughby, Hatchell, Miller, Epttng, Campbell, Jeanes, Lange, Sullivan, Prince, Causey. DON DICKERSON BARBARA WEBB President VIC CLARK Vice President Alpha Psi Omega Outstanding interest, ability, and participation in all phases of, dramatic arts are the prerequisites for membership in Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatic fraternity. This meant work; however, this work brought rich rewards, good memories, and awards and trophies. Secretary MR. LANCE GOSS Sponsor Jud Smith as SaVini In " Teahouse of the August Moon " Johnny Sullivan as the Wazir in " Kismet " »Jifan OFFICERS NANCY NEYMAN President PAT WYNN Vice President SUSAN WHEELESS Secretary-Treasurer FIRST ROW: Wynn, Neyman, Wheeless. SECOND ROW: Lipscomb, Lundquist, AurbaUcen, Dribben, Potts, Huggins, Cowan, Carlson. THIRD ROW: Smith, Piper, Allen, Merrell, Pillow, Taylor, Allen. Majorette Club " Make that basket! " " A little help! " It was sports time again. The girls were adding verve and sparkle to Millsaps ' intramural program. They had a special reward, too — membership in the Majorette Club. Not all girls were asked to become members of the Majorette Club. Participation in three of the girls ' intramurals and an attitude of good sportsmanship were the essential qualifications. One of the most eagerly awaited campus events was Stunt Night, sponsored by the club. " M " Club " M " Club members came in different sizes — short or tall — thin or brawny — but they had one main characteristic, they had excelled and lettered either in football, basketball, baseball, or tennis. The club had one main purpose, too — to promote intercollegiate athletics and intramural sports. Wherever you found a group discussing a recent Majors ' game, you were sure to find " M " Club members. Their avid interest was the sparkplug needed to make sports an important part of campus life. FIRST ROW: Lowery, Lyons, Redding, Brunson, Mounger, Johnston, Felder, Wesson, Bugg. SECOND ROW: G-atewood, Marett, Lawrence, Bush, Whitwell, Bonner, Ratcliff, Davis. THIRD ROW: Sherman, H. Ray, B. Ray, Strong, Kinnard. OFFICERS ARNOLD BUSH President HARVEY RAY Vice President DON WILLIAMSON Secretary -Treasurer MR. S. R. KNOX DR, R. R. PRIDDY DR. J. B. PRICE Advisors Kiir t% MB 0fi , : : W « » -f ' ■ ' ■% M ' fcMi It V V%v r MASTER MAJOR Max Miller MISS MILLSAPS Susan Wheeless ■ ,■■■:■ " ■ ■ ' ■ ' ■■ ' ; BEAUTY Alice Grey Wiggers BEAUTY Bettye Blue BEAUTY Shirley Haheeb Em BEAUTY Carolyn Baumgartner BEAUTY Mia Aurbakken FAVORITES Arnold Bush Jeannine Adcock John Sharp Gatewood Julia Anne Beckes FAVORITES David Weaver Tita Reed FAVORITES Billy Mullins Nancy Neyman A ■ m FAVORITES Julian Rush V Gaj .P joer V Greeks : HMMHIMiraJlSKS £S9SHttMBl INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS: JOHN DRYSDALE President BILLY KERR Vice President BILLY MULLINS Secretary DAVID WEAVER Treasurer MEMBERS: KAPPA ALPHA Billy Mullins, Pat Gilliland KAPPA SIGMA David Weaver, Woods Cavett LAMBDA CHI ALPHA John Drysdalc. Russell Smith PI KAPPA ALPHA Billy Kerr, Braek Lange SPONSOR DR. FRANK M. LANEY Rush system with a eapital R was the main concern of the Inter-Fraternity Couneil this year. The representatives of the four fraternities having ehapters at Millsaps spent meeting after meeting discussing ways of improving methods of rushing. But not all their time was spent with rush week. Plans for the Pan-Hellenic — IFC Greek dance and the annual Beauty Review also occupied a place in the Council ' s busy schedule. The co-operation of the fraternity representatives and sponsor, Dr. Frank M. Laney, quickly and efficiently ironed out any difficulties that arose. Seated, left to right: Weaver, Mullins, Drysdale, Kerr Standing, left to right: Gilliland, Williamson, Smith [ 108 ] Seated, left to right: Lundqulst, Merrell, Mrs. Peebles, Bartling, Wynn Standing, left to right: Beckes, Aurbalclcen, White, Ogden, Piper, Taylor, Wheeless, Dribben PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS: JEANETTE LUNDQUIST President MARGARET ANN MERRELL Vice President BETTY BARTLING Secretary PAT WYNN Treasurer MEMBERS: BETA SIGMA OMICRON Else Mane Aurbakken, Jewel Taylor CHI OMEGA Julia Ann Beckes, Susan Wheeless KAPPA DELTA Betty Dribben, Charlotte Ogden PHI MU Gay Piper, Mary Alice White SPONSOR MRS. ANNE PEEBLES Problems — problems — problems — the bi-monthly meetings of the Pan-Hellenic Council never seemed long enough to take care of all the business concerning Millsaps 1 four sororities. But whether they were planning decorations for the Pan-Hellenic - IFC Greek dance, revising the system of rush, or making plans for the annual Beauty Review, the members of the Council completely handled every situation. The efforts of the representatives of the sororities coupled with the advice of the sponsor, Mrs. Anne Peebles, soon made the Pan-Hellenic Council one of the most active and progressive organizations on the campus. [ 109 ] Aldridge, Sandy Allen, Carolyn Barnett, Jo Ree Brooks, Ann Brown, Carolyn Carlson, Cathy Cooper, Myrna Craig, Faith Fridge, Irene Gresham, Eleanor Hart, Sue Jolly, Faye OFFICERS Ann Brooks Vice President Pat Wynn Pledge Trainer Jewel Taylor Treasurer Carolyn Allen Secretary ALPHA ZETA of BETA SIGMA OMICRON [ no ] Wade, Mildred Ann Webster, Ruth Wilkerson, Amy Wynn, Patricia Malone, Carol Monk, Judy Prouty, Shirley Shannon, Carolyn Shearin, Nancy Strickland, Mary Louise Taylor, Jane Taylor, Jewel Mia Aurbakken President Aurbakken . . . Sec. Tour Choir, Sec. WCW, Motive Editor, Sec. -Gen. Model UN Assembly, Pres. Pi Delta Phi, Religious Life Seminar, IRC; Malone . . . Treas. WCW, Personnel Chairman on Wesley Council, Ole Miss Play Day team, Pfe?W Staff; Carlson . . . Tour Choir; Fridge . . . Chemistry Award; Aldndge . . . " Paint Your Wagon " ; Hart . . . Majorette; Webster . . . Band; Shannon. . . Program Committee for Wesley Fellowship Allen . . . Treas. Wesley Fellowship; Wynn . . . Sec. -Treas. Sigma Lambda, V.-Pres. Majorette Club, Chi Delta, Society Editor of P W, Treas. Panhellenic; Carl- son, Jewel Taylor . . . Majorette Club; Aurbakken, Jewel Taylor . . . Panhellenic; Allen, Jewel Taylor . . . Sigma Lambda; Allen, Brooks, Wynn, Jewel Taylor . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon; Malone, Jewel Taylor . . . Student Senate; Aurbakken, Brown, Gresham, Malone . . . Women ' s Council; Aldridge, Aurbakken, Cooper, Prouty, Malone, Monk, Carlson, Brown, Wilkerson, Strickland, Wade . ' . . Millsaps Singers; Aurbakken . . . 1958 Beauty. Nationally Founded : University of Missouri, December 12, 1888 Locally Founded: September 1, 1926 Colors Ruby and Pink Flower Richmond and Kilarney Rose Publication " The Urn " [ HI ] Angle, Mary Frances Bartling, BeHy Batson, Susanne Bilbe, Evelyn Blue, Betty Bookhart, Virgi nia Alice Brunson, Malese Burns, Ellen Caden, Jackie Cater, Carole Cater, Sue Caughman, Mary Carol Curry, Judy Cooper, Linda Cooper, Nina Crabtree, Eleanor Cunningham, Nina Edwards, Gail Forbes, Judith Ford, Becky Ford, Larry Graham, Gayle Gray, Isabel Harris, Harley Henking, Ginna Hester, Sybil Huggins, Sandra Ivy, JoAnn Jackson, Clara Frances JT A OFFICERS Julia Anne Beckes President Allan Walker Vice President Mary Charles Price Secretary Sybil Hester Treasurer CHI DELTA of CHI OMEGA Lee, Lynda Lingle, Mariella Lipscomb, Nancy McClinton, Eloise McLaurin, Eugenie Mtichell, Janis Mozingo, Sue Oliver, Ann Patrick, Patti Porter, Ann Price, Mary Charles Price, Millicent Pyron, Billie Dell Ray, Martha Roberts, Sue Bell Rogers, Elizabeth Bissell Salisbury, Betsy Sanders, Sue Smith, Suanna Stockett, Bethany Sturdivant, Ann Tardy, Annette Thompson, Sandra Walker, Allan Ware, Judith Warriner, Hayes Wetmore, Devada Wheeless, Susan Wiggers, Alice Gray Julia Ann Beckes President Wheeless . . . Miss Millsaps, Who ' s Who, Sec. Student Body, Class Editor Bohashela, Sec. ' Treas. Majorette Club, PfefW Staff, Panhellenic; Lee . . . Freshman Day Queen; Beckes . . . Who ' s Who, Favorite, Sigma Lambda I listorian, Pi KA Dream Girl, Pan- hellenic; Bartling . . . Sec.-Treas. Westminster, KDE; Porter . . . Pres. KDE, Feature Editor Bohashela; Hester and Huggins, M. C. Price . . . Majorette Club; Walker . . . IRC; Caughman . . . Scc.-Treas. BSU; Salisbury . . . VP Canterbury Club, IRC; Bran- son and M. C. Price . . . Madrigal Singers; Graham . . . VP Wesley, Chi Delta; Gray . . . Sec. Christian Council, KDE; McLaurin . . . Ivy Band; Sanders . . . Debate Team; Wetmore, Wiggers, Pyron, Brunson, Warriner . .-. " Paint Your Wagon " ; N. Cooper, Wetmore, Angle, Burns, C. Cater, McClinton, M. Price, Sanders, Pyron . . . Bohashela Staff; Bookhart, Curry, Batson, McLaurin, Harris, Wetmore. Wiggers . . . PfefW Staff; Stockett, Harris, Batson, Caughman . . . Women ' s Council; Blue and Wiggers . . . 1958-59 Beauties. Nationally Founded: University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895 Locally Founded: March 51, 1934. Colors Cardinal and Straw Flower White Carnation Publication " The Eleusis " Allen, Jane Amelung, Alice Ann Blaine, Sue Helen Boyd, Nancy Brantley, Nell Brook, Judy Burke, Ann Carter, Barbara Clarke, Elizabeth Ann Couillard, Senith Cowan, Bunny Cox, Mary Grace Darby, Lynn Dickerson, Doris Kay Downing, Kathy Everitt, Elaine Farmer, Amanda Felsher, Myra Garrison, Gail Gilpin, Jane Goodyear, Barbara Hamblin, Lucy Hamilton, Bettye Ann Harvey, Zoe Himel, Barbara Helen Huddleston, Martha Ann Hutchins, Ann Garrott Jenkins, Susie Johnson, Janice Jones, Betty Lynn OFFICERS Nancy Neyman Vice President Ruth Land Secretary Margaret Yarbrough Treasurer Judy Scales Assistant Treasurer Elizabeth Ann Clark Editor Jeanette Lundquist . . Membership Chairman Mu of KAPPA DELTA P ° Jones, Judy Jones, Teenie Karer, Cindi Land, Ruth Lemasson, Emily Long, Pat Lundquist, Jeanette Matthews, Melanie McCharen, Faye Mclnvale, Jane Montgomery, Jane Mullins, Sylvia Neyman, Nancy Ogden, Charlotte Pillow, Lucile Prevost, Fay Regan, Anne Reynolds, Rose Roberts, Peggy Sanderson, Wilma Scales, Judy Shields, Carole Simpson, Mary Sue Stoker, Shirley Stubblefield, Mary Lee Walden, Jackie Walt, Katharine Wenger, Faye West, Bettye Yarbrough, Margaret Betty Dribben President KD ' s win first place in Homecoming Float competition. Lindquist . . . Pres. of Pan- hellenic, Sigma Lambda, Who ' s Who, Pres. of BSU, Kappa Delta Epsilon; Nancy Neyman . . . Pres. of Majorette Club, V. Pres. Sigma Lambda, Who ' s Who, Cheer- leader, Favorite; Clark . . . in Homecoming Court, Activities Ed. of Bobashela, Social Chairman of BSU; Land . . . Sigma Lambda, Chi Delta, Who ' s Who; T. Jones . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon; Reynolds . . . Sec. of Soph. Class; Matthews . . . Alpha Psi Omega, supporting role in " Paint Your Wagon " ; Pillow . . . Pres. of Women ' s Council, Pres. of Westminster, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Majorette Club; Dribben . . . Sec. of Jr. Class; Yarbrough . . . Majorette, Debate Team, Chairman of High School Day Commit- tee; Cowan . . . Greek Ed. of Bobashela, Majorette Club, Chairman o f makeup commit- tee for " Paint Your Wagon " ; Farmer ... in Madrigal Singers, Christian Council Rep- resentative for BSU; Ogden ... in Madrigal Singers, ' Eta Sigma Phi, Music Chairman for BSU; Hamblin ... V. Pres. of Westminster, Eta Sigma Phi; Scales . . . Chairman of Social Activities Committee, Wesley Council; Wenger . . . Asst. to Director for " Paint Your Wagon " ; Long . . . lead in " Paint Your Wagon " ; B. Jones . . . Cheerleader; Allen . . . Majorette Club; Downing . . . Sec. of Booster Club; Gilpin ... V. Pres. of Booster Club; Felsher . . . IRC; Karer, Shields, Felsher, Stubblefield ... on PfeAV Staff Couillard, Hamblin, Stoker, Prevost, Regan, Everitt, Felsher, Huddleston ... on Bobashela Staff; Johnson, Couillard, Clark ... in " Paint Your Wagon " ; Dribben, Ogden, Allen and Montgomery ... in Band. Nationally Founded: Longwood College, October 23, 1897 Locally Founded: September 26, 1914 Colors Green and White Flower White Rose Publication " Angelos " [ 115 ] Abraham, Eleanor Alexander, Gail Allen, Jackie 8ates, Marilyn Baumgartner, Carolyn Breland, Gwin Brown, Mary Butler, Ella Lou Carl. Carolyn Coats, Susan Coe, Anita Fay Crews, Ellen Crisler, Jane Dodd, Phyllis Dowling, Mildred Dunn, Carolyn Ellis, Jane Frazier, Joan Frost, Grace Grice, Linda Griffin, Jean Habeeb, Shirley Hemphill, Sue Hopkins, Patsy Hopper, Marilyn Lambert, Gay f3£ 9 ll q. OFFICERS Clara Smith Vice President Linda Noble Secretary Mary Sherrod Treasurer Edna McShane Pledge Trainer Epsilon of PHI MU [ 116 ] Lipscomb, Colleen Lorance, Lib Lott, Mary Glenn McNeill, Martha McShane, Edna Mabus, Claudia Merrill, Margaret Ann Miller, Cherry Mize, Suzanne Noble, Linda Peden, Rachel Perry, Mary Jo Rankin, Ann Sherrod, Mary Smith, Clara Thompson, Barbara Sue Thompson, Pat Tomlinson, Ruth Waldrop, Royanne Walker, Virginia Helen White, Mary Alice White, Martha Louise Whitten, Tish Wilkstrand, Barbara Wilcox, Dottie Young, Nancy Gay Piper President Piper . . . Who ' s Who, Eta Sigma Phi, Sec, of Senior Class, Sec. of IRC, Favorite Majorette Club; Sherrod . . . Women ' s Council, Chm. of Costumes; Smith . . . Pres of YWCA, Hand Properties Chm., Alpha Psi Omeja; Walker . . . Pres. of Chi Delta Assoc. Ed. of Stylus, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Managing Ed. of Pfe?W; Lambert, Alex ander, Young, Thompson . . . " Paint Tour Wagon " ; Frazier and White . . . IRC Abraham . . . Cheerleader; Crews . . . Majorette; Frazier . . . SS Rep., Majorette Club Council of Control; Frost . . . A lpha Psi Omega; Habeeb . . . Asst. Society Ed. of P fW McShane . . . Treas of YWCA; Merrill . . . Majorette Club, Sec. of Alpha Epsilon Delta, V. Pres. of Panhellenic; Dodd, Miller, Butler, Walker . . . Bobashela Staff Allen . . . Drum Majorette, Homecoming Court; Bates . . . Eta Sigma Phi; Miller . . Sec. of Freshman Class, Cheerleader; Wilcox . . . Woman ' s Council; Wilkstrand . . Madrigal Singers; Tomlinson, Peden, Bates, Butler . . . P W Staff; Young . . . finalist in " Miss Downtown Jackson " Contest. Nationally Founded: Wesleyan College, March 4, Locally Founded: March 24, 1914 1852 Rose and White Colors Flower Enchantress Carnation Publication " Aglaia " [ 117 ] Bridges, Shirley Ann Casey, Dorothy Jack Dunshee, Nancy Edwards, Carolyn Harrison, Edwina McSehee, Betty OFFICERS: Dorothy Jack Casey President Betty McGehee Vice President Betty Smith Secretary Carolyn Edwards . . Corresponding Secretary Nell Ross Treasurer VIKINGS N. I. S. A. McMullen, Shirley Potts, Bobbie Jean Robison, Carole Ross. Nell Shirley, Betty Sue Smith, Betty Dorothy Jack Casey President Dorothy Jack Casey . . . Secretary of Psi Delta Chi, Secretary of Kappa Delta Epsilon; Betty McGehee . . . Social Service Projects Chairman, Independent Steering Commit- tee; Bobbie Jean Potts . . . A.E.D.; Carole Robison . . . Representative to Women ' s Council; Nancy Dunshee . . . Representative to Student Senate; Nell Ross . . . Vice President of Women Christian Workers, Women ' s Council. Carolyn Edwards . . Corresponding Secretary Nell Ross Treasurer Nationally Founded: University of Oklahoma, April, 1938 Locally Founded : July 19, 1943 Colors Blue and White Flower White Carnation Publication " N.I.S.A. Newsletter " [ H9 ] Abraham, Robert Blair, Tommy Boone, Gary Brackett, Charles Brasher, James Britt, Denny Burnett, Bob Burnett, Joe Collins, Roy Culley, Dudley Douglas, Morgan Dungan, Joe Edwards, George Farmer, Leo Gieger, Eddie Gilliland, Pat Glenn, Ralph Hall, John Hall, Ronald Hathorn, Stan Hennington, Tommy Hopkins, Don Kennedy, Joe Martin Kenny, John Kinnard, Roger Langford, Charles Lindsey, Reavis Lockhart, Jimmy 1 IP OFFICERS Billy Mullins Number I Pat Gilliland Number II Leo Farmer Number III Lynn Miles Number IV Richard Milwee Number V Gary Boone Number VI Stan Hathorn Number VII Charles Walker Number VIII Billy Rainey Number IX Alpha Mu of KAPPA ALPHA 120 ] -, ....:. » « H ir±ti A:hA £t dA Lowry, Bob Maynor, Bob Mcintosh, Dan McKnight, Bill McMullan, David McNair, David Miles, Lynn Milwee, Richard Mitchell, Rhett Mullins, Tommy Noullet, Jake Orr, Bill Rainey, Billy Rayner, James Redding, Ed Sowell, Ralph Stevens, Josh Sullivan, John C. Swartzfager, Jon Thomas, Nicky Tull, Bill Varner, Joe Ed Wallace, Charles Welch, Thomas Wells, Gipson Williams, Jon Ed Woodall, Ed Woods, John Evans Billy Mullins President Shirley Habeeb 1958 K A Rose Billy Mullins . . . Senior Class President, Who ' s Who, Business Manager of Bobashela, Campus Favorite, ODK President; Charles Wallace . . . Sophomore Class President, Basketball, in " Paint Your Wagon " ; Billy Rainey . . . Vice President of Psi Delta Chi; Bill McKnight . . . Alpha Phi; Ed Redding . . . Basketball; Robert Abraham . . . Cheer- leader, Bobashela Business Staff, Leo Farmer . . . AED; Joe Dungan . . . S.E.B. Repre- sentative; Stan Hathorn . . . Football and Baseball, Bobashela Business Staff; Roger Kinnard . . . Football; Charles Walker . . . Cheerleader, ' Tennis Team; Tommy Mullins . . . Vice President of Freshman Class; Jimho Rayner . . . Treasurer of Freshman Class; Jon Ed Williams . . . Washington Semester; Rhett Mitchell ... in " Paint Your Wag- on " ; Thomas Welch . . . Business Manager of Purple and White, in " Paint Your Wagon " ; Ralph Glenn . . . Cheerleader; Bob Lowry . . . Football. Nationally Founded: Washington College, December 21, 1865 Locally Founded : October 1, 1893 Colors Ruby and Old Gold Flowers Magnolia and Crimson Rose Publication " Kappa Alpha Journal " jfl m ' J V B JM b i ifc. -.- j jSs ? J !m» f r --B ' L_ B - w r- k-W 1 t [ 121 ] Bonner, Pat Brookings, Peter Bill Brunson, Bob Cartledge, Tom Cavett, Woods Davenport, Gene Davis, Albert Day, James Dodson, Bill Ethridge, Kendall Francis, Charlie Freeman, Dumont Fulton, Tom Gardner, Tommy Gray, James " Wookey " Grayson, Ryan Henderson, Bill OFFICERS GM David Weaver GP Bill Rushing GS Carson Holloman GMC . . Tommy Gardner GT Don Williamson Guards .... Ralph Kelly, Dumont Freeman Alpha Upsilon of KAPPA SIGMA Wf M ■ % -- Herbert, Avit Holloman, Carson Pk Johnston, Brent _ P Lawrence, David X Love, Kimble Moore, Tommy Mounger, George Rawson, Jack Rushing, Bill Sanford, Pat Scott, Sam Tisdale, Bill Walcott, Kenneth Weaver, David Weems, Bob Wilkins, Bill Williamson, Don David Weaver GM Bill Rushing GP Weaver . . . Favorite, Madrigal Singers, " Paint Your Wagon, " Vice President of Junior Class; Weems . . . Treasurer of Student Body, Chi O Owl Man; Williamson . . . Treas- urer of M Club, Junior Class Treasurer; Scott . . . IRC; Love . . . Eta Sigma, AED, Theta Nu Sigma; Rushing . . . Theta Nu Sigma; Lewis . . . AED; Carter . . . Kit Kat, Assoc. Editor of Stylus; Sigs . . . Intramural trophy winners for third consecutive year, taking possession with first places in Softball, spcedball, golf, and tennis, and a second place in basketball; Gray, Grayson, Moore, Johnson, Ray, Mounger, Dodson, Sanford, Lawrence, Bonner, Brunson . . . Varsity Football; Ray, Francis, Weems, Williamson . . . Varsity Basketball. Nationally Founded: University of Virginia, December 10, 1869 Locally Founded: October 18, 1895 Colors Scarlet, Green and White Flower Lily of the Valley Publication " The Caduceus " [ 123 ] Ash, Henry Balgord, Bill Brock, Gardner Campbell, Doug Carney, Frank Case, John Clark, Vic Cooke, Stan Cowart, Joe Drysdale, John Dungan, Fred Ellis, John Haynes, Jimmy Humphries, Jim Johnson, Junior Johnson, William Lecornu, Clifton Leverett, Jimmy Lewis, Don Lovett, Buddy McKaskel, Ed McKinley, Billy - HfMth L £ J v. Mkfcu jfk k r OFFICERS Bill Balgord Vice President Marler Stone Secretary Martin Reeves Treasurer Jim Humphries Pledge Trainer Theta Eta Zeta of LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ill Intli j ' • . __;..„, in i KlSQ} C C f i Maclachlan, Morgan Martin, Wilbur Mood, Jim Mooney, Bill Owen, Pat Ray, Harvey Reeves, Martin Rhodes, Jim Robinson, Chuck Ryan, Jack Satterfield. C. W. Schultz, Tom Simmons, Cary Smith, Roy Smith, Russell Steckler, David Stone, Marler Tew, Ronnie Thomas, John Ed Triplett. Oliver Whitwell, Joe Williamson, Franlc Winstead, H. G. John P. Drysdale President Linda Carruth 1958 Crescent Girl Stone . . . Pres. of Junior Class and Pres. of Singers; Ash . . . Pres. of Freshman Class and on Pfe?W Staff; Drysdale . . . Treas. of Senior Class and Pres, of IFC; Carney . . . Treas. of Sophomore Class; Balgord . . . ODK, Pres. of Eta Sigma, V. Pres. of Theta Nu Sigma, Tribbett Scholarship Winner; Drysdale, Williams and Balgord ... in Who ' s Who; Williams . . . P W Editor; Case . . . Business Manager of Singers; Hum- phries . . . Band Captain; Lewis . . . Pres. of Ministerial League; Stone, Case, Lovett, Boswell ... in Madrigal Singers; Cowart . . . Eta Sigma, IRC, and SS Representative; Wilkins . . . IRC; Frank Williamson . . . PfcfW Staff; Ray and Whitwell . . . Varsity Lettermen in Football; McKaskel, Mooney, Ash, Rives . . . Debate Team; McKaskel and Rives ... Pi Kappa Delta; Jones, Grisham, J. Stone . . . Stylus Contributors; Mc- Kaskel . . . IRC V. Pres.; Clark and Campbell . . . Stage Managers for " Paint Your Wagon " ; Rives . . . National Oratorical Contest. Nationally Founded: Boston University, November 2, 1909 Locally Founded : October, 1939 Colors Purple, Green and Gold Flower White Rose Publications " Purple, Green, and Gold " " Cross and Crescent " V tfli m FH Wmm I 125 ] S Barranco, Charles E. Bray, Glen Brooks, Harold Bryant, Thelton Bullock, Cal Campbell, Wally Causey, Lacy Coullet, Eugene Crosby, Bill Davis, Walt Davis, Woody Dowling, Fred Felker, Jerry Fincher, Terry Finley, Jim Fortenberry, Don Fortenberry, Lloyd Gatewood, John Sharp Gipson, Fred Howard, Douglas Hurdle, Jim Jeanes, William " Stick- Jennings, Charles Jones, Tommy Kerr, Billy Lange, Brack Lisle, Don Leonard, Tim y l OFFICERS IMC Billy Kerr THC Terry Fincher Charles Ricker Historian Bill Crosby Pledge Master Alpha Iota of PI KAPPA ALPHA 1 lilililBl [ 126 ] %• ti Lewis, Harmon Martin, Jimmy May, James Dent Miley, Jim Miller, Max Molpus, Billy Gene Mozingo, Jimmy McCarty, Jim Noblin, J.T. Odom, Bobby Patterson, Don Pennington, Bill Pennington, Jay Phillips, Don Pyron, Marvin Ratcliff, Smiley Ricker, Charles Robertson, Ken Scott, Oscar Scroggins, Billy Sledge, Homer Stietenroth, Conrad Sullivan, Johnny Thompson, Mike Tomlin, Durand Ware. Clifton Whitehead, Jerry Wible, James Howard Williams, Kelly Williams, Parham Julian Rush President Julia Ann Beckes Dream Girl Rush . . . Favorite, V. Pres. of Senior Class, V. Pres. of Singers, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Psi Omega, Who ' s Who, Cheerleader; Miller . . . Pres. of Student Body, Pres. of Eta Sigma Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Master Major; Lange . . . Business Manager Players, Business Manager of Stylus; Kerr . . . Ed. of Bobashela, V. Pres. of IFC, Who ' s Who, Alpha Psi Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa; Crosby ... V. Pres. of Soph. Class, " M " Club; Ware . . . Pres. of Wesley. Pres. of Christian Council; Ricker . . . Debate Club Pres., Pi Kappa Delta, Bobashela Photographer; Hurdle . . . Sports Ed. of Boba- shela; Gatewood . . . " M " Club, Favorite; Sullivan . . . Alpha Psi Omega, lead in " Pamt Tour Wagon " ; Miley . . . IRC; Jeanes . . . Asst. Ed. of Stylus, Sec. of Kit Kat; Causey . . . Pres. of Pi Kappa Delta; Dowling . . . Pres. of Theta Nu Sigma; Jennings . . . Asst. Ed. of Bobashela; Pennington, B. . . . Eta Sigma, Sec. of Miss. Philosophy Assoc., Eta Sigma Phi. Nationally Founded: University of Virginia, March 1, 1868 Locally Founded : March 23, 1905 Colors Garnet and Gold Flower Lily of the Valley Publication " The Shield and Diamond " [ 127 ] • f I I . ■■bm- Sports Football Basketball Baseball Tennis Ralph Glenn, Julian Rush, Charles Wallcer, Robert Abraham, Cherry Miller, Elanor Abraham, Nancy Neyman, Betty Lynn Jones Cheerleaders Most Valuable: Larry Marett Most Improved: Bob Lowry [ 130 ] ■COACHING STAFF OF MltLSAPS MAJORS— Backfield Coach: Ray Lee; Head Coach: Marvin G. Smith; Line Coach: Paul Whiteside BRUNSON GRAYSON Back Back TATE FELDER Guard Center HEBERT LOWRY Guard Back RAY LAWRENCE Guard Center Football At Millsaps Bobby Ray cuts through the middle for a first down. Major Schedule Millsaps 6 Southwestern 7 Millsaps Ouachita 13 Millsaps Swannee 47 Millsaps Henderson State 27 Millsaps Livingston State 6 Millsaps 4 Howard 9 Millsaps 7 Arkansas State Teachers 33 Millsaps Mississippi College Ratcliff struggles forward for extra yards as he is hit from the side. Football At Millsaps DAVIS KINNARD MOORE BEACHT End Back Back Back WOODS MILLER LYONS BUSH Tackle Guard Guard Tackle Lowry and Miller close in for the kill as Beacht grapples with the ball carrier. GATEWOOD Back TISDALE Guard WHITWELL End RAY Back GRAY Tackle RATCLIFF End MARETT Back BRITT Back SMITH MANION Guard Tackle MURPHEY PARKE End End MOUNGER Tackle HATHORN Manager JONES Manager Millsaps pushes forward for another score. J President Finger, Frank Laney, Jr., Queen Tita, Bob Weems. Homecoming The first place float for the Homecoming Festivities was entered by the Kappa Delta Sorority. SS 54 10 3 1 — ' i - P Front Row: Phillips, Ray, Strauss, Weems, Ratcliff, Wallace . . . Back Row: Francis, Woodall, Williamson, Robinson, Royals, Marett, Redding. Basketball At Millsaps Coach Ray with co-captains Smiley Ratcliff and Bob Weems. Strauss fires a jump shot for two points. [ 137 ] Bobby Ray Tom Royals Charles Wallace Smiley Ratcliff Harry Strauss Larry Marett Ed Redding Bob Weems Underwood talces to the air for a Millsaps tally. Ratcliff drives in for a lay-up. Don Williamson Jim Underwood Williamson hooks to score for the Major cause. [ 139 ] KNEELING— Wallace, Hathorn, Brit , Smith, Whitwell, Phillips, Ray. STANDING — Gentry, Bryant, Gordon, Strong, Long, Wood, Gray, Brown, Case. Baseball At Millsaps Tennis At Millsaps Front Row: Lisle, Sherman, Walker, Reeves . . . Back Row: James, Brookings, Harrison, Mitchell, Dr. White — Coach. nd then there was the night I had with Brigitte . . . " 1 " Don ' t look at me. 1 can ' t help it if you didn ' t make your grades. " The ultimate in student-faculty relationships Patrick indicates her mental age i " We didn ' t think you with your fin i ate asparagus I igers. " A " No David, not here! ' I get the feeling I ' m being stared at, ' I ' ll just throw something off and be right down. " I got hunchbacked fr smoking camels. " " You ' re darn right we ' re the beauties ■ — -. n1 ; " You girls must get stronger up front. ' Education 131 — Special Problem. " I, I Millsaps teaches young scientists to extract gold from the baser metals. The majors in spring training. w , mm ■mill ill!!! " Left to right: Don Barbour, Ross Barbour, Bob Flanigan, and Ken Albers. The Four Freshmen gave the initial " pops " performance on Millsaps Campus. The Four Freshmen For the first time in the history of Millsaps College a nationally known troup of popular artists was presented on campus. We feel that in sponsoring The Four Freshmen, Millsaps has taken another step in its growth. Our hope is that more and more artists will be presented here for many dances and concerts. Max Miller, Kent Prince, and Ken Robertson, who were respon- sible for the Freshmen appearance, " entertain " the Four Freshmen after their afternoon performance. The Freshmen, while visiting the Bobashela office, left their autographs for the 1958-59 Bobashela. " And here we have that lovable author of Thumbtacks ' ! " 3R 1 " Yes, I ' m head of the Philosophy Department at Millsaps. " I " But Bill, I was a Freshman last year. " H " If I do say so myself, I am rather important. " ■ nijuiipjnjii lanJimiPipimaBaanmmaai HOTIt HfiOI UtM i : ' ■ ' 1 1 " ft 1 | » ' mm Mb. l-i? ,Nfc -f. YOUR ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHER 618 N. STATE STUDIO dial FL 3-0640 The Store For Men Who Care . Annually . . . First Choice of Men Who Want The Finest In Men ' s Wear J djAcfu, 215 E. Capitol ONE OF THE SOUTH ' S 7 great stores The student ' s favorite store for favorite styles FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION JACKSON 3V2% Current Dividend Rate • ' Miftiisipri JACKSON SHOE REBUILDERS Specialists Orthopedic Work Tiny Heels Replaced Phone EM 6-1494 3001 N. State St. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI " Cooking is an Art with Us " MAYFLOWER CAFE SPECIALIZING IN STRICTLY FRESH SEAFOOD AND CHOICE STEAKS Capitol at Roach SOUTHLAND The Southland Company Yazoo City, Mississippi MISSISSIPPI PETROLEUM- PRODUCTS The Tucker Printing House PRINTERS and BINDERS OFFICE SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT " Genuine Copperplate Engravers " 113 North State Jackson, Miss. New Flexibility in LIGHTING Visit Our Lighting Showrooms STUART C. IRBY CO. 815 S. State St. M[ MQOT § 414 E. Capitol JACKSON, Miss. VISIT STANDARD PHOTO COMPANY For the Finest in All Photographic Equipment PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES CAMERAS EQUIPMENT PHOTO FINISHING SERVICE 513 E. Capitol JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI yo oue v= - MISSISSIPPI ' S CAMPUS FASHION LEADER 146 E. Cap itol JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI BETTER LIGHT FOR BETTER SIGHT MISSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT COMPANY Helping Build Mississippi For Over a Third of a Century Mill saps Students Always Welcome At SHAMROCK DRIVE - IN No. 1 - 5128 North State No. 2 - - Intersection Highway 80 and Robinson Road No. 1 Peter J. Costas No. 2 EM 6-5096 Owner Mgr. FL . 3-9915 MISSISSIPPI OPTICAL DISPENSARY Contact Lenses Fashion Designed Glasses 425 E. Capitol Street and 110 Medical Arts Building, N. State JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI STEVENS HOME OF HART, SCHAFFNER MARX One of America ' s Finer Stores for Men 221 E. Capitol JACKSON, MISS. FURNITURE FOR YOUR CHURCH AND SCHOOL - AVAILABLE FOR PROMPT DELIVERY - School Furniture — Library Tables — Chairs — Office Equipment Audio-Visual Aids — Supplies For Primary Department SEND FOR OUR LATEST CATALOGUE! MISSISSIPPI SCHOOL SUPPLY COMPANY 116 East South St. Jackson, Mississippi YUM YUM STEAK HOUSE Charcoal Broiled Steaks Regular Lunches Students Are Always Welcome Open 24 Hours a Day 3399 Delta Drive — Jackson, Miss. LACEY HUGHES SPORTING GOODS 3967 Northview Drive Dial EM 6-4855 FINEST IN BOATS AND EQUIPMENT Mercury Motors — Browning Shot Guns Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols Fishing Equipment — Salt and Fresh Water Owens Yachts — Glasspar Runabouts It ' s GRAND For SHIRTS ar d DRY CLEANING SERVICE 2712 N. State — Jackson, Miss. TWIN STATES ATHLETIC SUPPLY COMPANY J. W. " JIM " HINE Owner and Manager 1 17 South Lamar Street Jackson 1, Mississippi Complete Line Athletic Supplies School Jackets and Sweaters Dial 2-1336 P. O. Box 862 MONTGOMERY HARDWARE COMPANY Hardwares Sporting Goods Paints Phone 6-4441 Jackson, Miss. CCS BRASS KEY BOOKS The KEY to a Perfect Gift Is Well Chosen Books 2741 Old Canton Road as you go thru life .. CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS WALKER ' S DRIVE-IN E. B. WALKER, Owner GOOD FOOD Reasonable Prices 301.6 N. State Street Phone 6-9154 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI A COMPLETE SELECTION OF WALLPAPER, PAINT, ETC. Let Us Help You With Your Decorating Problems SPECIAL PRICES TO FRATERNITIES SORORITIES AND OTHER SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS WAUfAPtR PAINTS 131 L AMtTCST. • r.0.bi2l}2 MOUOM 5 . MBSISSim SMITH GARDENS FLORIST AND NURSERY Fresh Flowers for All Occasions CORSAGES - POT PLANTS - GIFTS We Serve Fraternities and Sororities 2018 LAMAR One Block West of Millsaps College DIAL 2-8575 WWfK Jfaas •aM 9 " Dial 2-0707 IN BY 11:00 OUT BY 5:00 NO EXTRA CHARGE 133 Millsaps College 3345 Jayne Avenue 619 West Capitol 4229 North State 214 North Congress 2821 West Capitol WHY DRIVE TO TOWN? PROTECTIVE PAINT CO. Benjamin Moore Paints and Varnishes Cabot ' s Stain Wax and Shingle Stain Artists ' Supplies — Rental Tools Fine Wall Papers FREE DELIVERY Store Hours 7:00-5:30 — Monday-Saturday Dial EM 6-6429 3019 North State Next to Pix Theatre e otkauMi- The Silver Stores of Mississippi " Jackson Vicksburg JACKSON VICKSBURG COMPLIMENTS MORRISON ' S CAFETERIA JACKSON MISSISSIPPI • F. H. A. if Conventional if Commercial if Industrial REID-MCGEE Realtor! • Mortgage Bankers • Insurors 316 E. Capitol St. Dial 5-7451 JACKSON, MISS. " State ' s largest— 31 Years Continuous Service Under the Same Management " " A Mississippi Institution Operating Statewide " REAL ESTATE LOANS ON SELECT PROPERTIES Seale-£ih YOUH FAVOEITE FUN FOOD 1 m STUDENT DISCOUNT -- 2c GALLON ON GAS NEELLY ' S AUTO SERVICE 2600 North State Street — Jackson, Mississippi Specializing in Motor Tune Up — Carburetor — Brakes Front End Alignment — Wheels Balanced Starter — Generator SHELL PRODUCTS CARL B. NEELLY, Owner Phone 6-9839 J EWELERS £ Ua4 Aec£ 1918 Two Locations to Serve You Better 410 E. Capitol Street and Morgan Cen ter LEE G. LETWINGER, Owner With Two Locations to Serve You HOYTE GARTIN, INC. " Foremost in Fashion " 426 North State Dial 3-5669 Lamar Life Bldg. Dial 4-5191 SUDIES of MORGAN CENTER 6-6834 Sudie Schults Jack Schi j Its COMPLIMENTS OF DUMAS MILNER CHEVROLET CO. Dial FL 5-9301 429 E. South JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Dial FL 5-9301 YOU ' RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE COCA COLA PLANT ' Have a Coke " JACKSON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Hi- Way 80 West Jackson, Miss. Two Convenient Locations Downtown W. Capitol Westland and Plaza BATSON HARDWARE 115 Triangle Drive at Tripps Crossing Phone EM 6-2734 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI MILLSAPS COLLEGE GRILL Soda Fountain Short Orders Sandwiches Student Union Building Cold Drinks A LADIES ' APPAREL % Morgan Center Jackson, Mississippi H. H. Hiatt G. B. Ford HIATT PHOTO SERVICE COMMERCIAL - AERIAL INDUSTRIAL 319 East Pearl Phone FL 2-8018 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI THE GREEN DERBY RESTAURANT Where good food is served Private Dining Rooms For Parties and Banquets HIGHWAY 80 WEST AT DRAKE MOTEL For Reservations Phone FL 2-1895 f) " Zlke Ulttimate ions 3110 Old Canton Rood ond 143 N. Lamar TO THE CLASS OF 1959 Congratulations on your new relationship with the College. Your continued in- terest, your guidance and your support, as active alumni, is invited and earnestly solicited. Upon you, as the product of Christian higher education, rests the respon- sibility for leading the nation and the world in the quest for truth and the good life. The best wishes of the administration, faculty, and the staff go with you as you take your place in the community. Wherever you go, Millsaps College, its influence and its reputation, goes too. We hope you will return to the campus often. MILLSAPS COLLEGE S N A C K S H O P " Good Food Around the Clock DAVID JONES Owner and Manage r No. 1 - 1222 N. State Street Phones: FL 5-3726 -- FL 2-9727 BAPTIST BOOK STORE 125 North President JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI oJUt-TJuU 1U THE HOUSE of FINE DIAMONDS 41 8 E. Capitol Northwood Shopping Center THE WAGON WHEEL Corner of Fansh and Capitol Phone FL 2-9379 for Reservations HAMBLIN POULTRY COMPANY A Complete Stock of Fresh Dressed Poultry " GOLDEN BLOOM " FRYERS and EGGS 150 W. Gt iffith Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Phone FL 5-8271 Phone FL 5-5212 « Phone 2-1822 4-401 1 U CAPITOL MUSIC COMPANY HI-FIDELITY MUSIC " acclaimed ' round the world " H. E. " Ed " DANIELS 135 E. Amite Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Compliments of NORTH STATE PHARMACY 1808 North State (Across the Street from Millsaps) WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS COMPLIMENTS OF GREYHOUND BUS TERMINAL Compliments of BRENT ' S DRUGS 655 Duling Street Morgan Center Tel. EM 6-3428 Jackson MORGAN AND LINDSEY ' Stores of Courtesy " Morgan Center Jackson, Miss. L. W. Shelton, Mgr. Phone 6-5481 Morgan Center MEN ' S AND BOYS ' WEAR Telephone 6-6264 P. O. Box 4683 Jackson, Mississippi Washing - Lubricating - Polishing - Waxing PURE PRODUCTS HICK ' S SERVICE CENTER SERVICE IS OUR MIDDLE NAME Road Service — Phone 3-0351 1255 North West St. Jackson, Miss. For College Clothing and Furnishings 103 East Capitol Street A W ROOT BEER DRIVE INN Old U. S. 51 North KENNETH L. BRYAN, Prop. W. W. BANKS, President J. W. BANKS, Executive Vice Pres. Refinery and Chemical Plant Equipment, Butane, Propane, Anhydrous Ammonia, Truck, Transport, Storage, Station, Skid and System Tanks, All Types of Welded Steel Products 409 LEE STREET - Vicksburg, Mississippi - P. O. Box 427 - PHONE 2971 BRADY PERSONS ' ' FOR LAD and DAD " MEADOWBROOK MART and WESTLAND PLAZA IT COSTS NO MORE FROM A FINE STORE (L la jei-. 507 E. Capitol Street Jackson, Mississippi Compliments of INDEPENDENT LINEN SERVICE COMPANY of Mississippi FOR ?ire tont PHILCO - BENDIX See Pascagoula at Roach N. State at Duling 4751 Highway 80 West Jackson, Miss FL 4-3735 BARNES BROS. NURSERIES GARDEN CENTER " We Know Our Business " JACKSON 3359 Delta Dr. EM 2-2448 Sign of GOOD PRINTING and LITHOGRAPHY Producers of HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE YEARBOOKS MILITARY PUBLICATIONS Your yearbook is published only ONE time. Let Paragon produce it so that it will be a true picture of the times with pictures that sparkle — and design that enhance. Call the Paragon Man. y- Z • M fif- • Tl lib !i i i»! I l JLw aii ra %-i mil (3)fje Qaragon Qre£S Lithographed and Letterpress Yearbooks for over 25 Yew 34 ADAMS AVENUE • MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA ! 5 V L:A ' .%

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