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, ;,PS.W!LS0N UBRAR iackson, Mississippi !l|llilMI iiKiiiiini if ' SSS, " iiMijiiiiiii „,.,... " » «» ■ ' i-i ' . %if ' ' 1»l!yfc»i " iSy«8 (?! ' ■ ,Jm£im.- ' i KM ' ' v i ' t - - V . — A " -. A s p I ' LL TAKE MY STAND IN DIXIE The primary aim of Millsaps Col- lege is the development of men and women for responsible leadership and well-rounded lives of useful service. We recognize this need for leadership, especially in the South and Mississippi. It is serious when our college grad- uates have to leave the South because of better economic opportunity and higher prestige in the other sections of the country. Business and education are partners; the level of business follows the level of education. We feel that the South does provide opportunities and that Millsaps trains men to fill these responsibile positions. !l Dr. Caplenor shows students the elements of botany. MISSISSIPPI ITS One of Miilsaps ' most distinguishing features is the Observatory. held trips ore instrumental in the study of geology. NATURAL RESOURCES No longer should we in the South allow the stigma of plantations and mint julips to crowd out the recognition of the raw materials that we do possess. There is more than just cotton and agri- culture — such things as oil, gas, forests, minerals, water. Mississippi has the resources and Millsaps, through its departments and instructors, is training men to develop and make use of these resources. There is no longer any need for our educated men and women to have to leave the South. As we match the South ' s wealth with the educated man ' s mind, we see nothing but progress. The Millsaps-Wilson Library is one of the most important buildings on the campus. Registration is the beginning of a student ' s academic life. Millsaps has as one of its goals to teach the facts, but it goes further; it serves not only to drill, but to create. Beneath its scholarly garb, its stately buildings, its re- nowned faculty there is the earnest effort to show young men and women the higher values in life. It is a com- munity of learners where faculty and students together seek the truth that frees the minds of men. Millsaps strives to give the student an understanding of his civiliza- tion and culture so he may think and act intelligently amid the complexities of our modern world. It is to make the whole man, the " MAN THINKING. " MILLSAPS . . . ITS One of the honoraries explains its purpose during Student Activities Night. r .¥, ' EDUCATIONAL APPARATUS tw - ml ' ' f.-. -,= :=■•■ i rr l Vi »f ' M !li; iili. ,. m .; ' .. --;i.. .-■■Pte F« - ■• »,- ■» ■.■: MISSISSIPPI . . , ITS It is our maintained belief that business and education are closely linked — when the educa- tion of the people is raised the business level of the people also is raised. Millsaps tries to make more than just a good lawyer, a good accountant, or a well trained executive. Through its pro- gram of liberal arts it tries to make the well rounded man, a man knowing more than just economics or business administration. Missis- sippi with its program of balancing agriculture with industry is pro iding the opportunities, and Millsaps is training the men to fill these opportunities. ■ . ■ iw ' i ? leu- ... i ' iy jl p. 5 . i;Vlia Mii ' .t- r • ' 2 ; 4 ' %, pw ' •V ' iv-fpi ip 4a2« lL, « ■ i- ' ?- " « - ' ' -- ,i.i » " " J ii» . ? COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITIES Typing, through explanation and practice, is built into the curriculum. Murrah Hall is symbolic of the whole of Millsaps College. Accounting students have advantage of special lobs. i.v« ■ v,t MILLSAPS . . . ITS Millsaps is dedicated to the idea that religion is a ital part of education. Its chapels, its choirs, its religious groups all denote a con- sciousness that transcends the e er day living from day to day. However, it does not seek to indoctrinate, but rather to inform and inspire, ever witli tiie optimistic hope that when con- fronted with the right, man will choose the right. It hopes to help the student to balance his emotion with reason, thus growing spiritually as well as intellectualh ' . After graduation he will put his attitude into action. ,. r .. ? 3. W i RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES Thursday morning chapel semces help to lift the student above his everyday jobs. Student devotionals in Ministerial League are helpful in pre-minlsteriol training. The Christian Center easily becomes port of each student. ilV n: ♦ , MISSISSIPPI ITS In a time of extended scientific growth and added emphasis on knowledge of the sciences, it is also a time for Mississippians to recognize the part that we, as a state, can play. From Millsaps ' halls go forth men prepared to accept the challenges of medi- cal schools, prepared for schools of graduate study and prepared for the schools of everyday living. Here is the challenge, and here is the need. In no other place is there a greater seed bed for growth, and no where else is there any greater necessity for having it cultivated. 4 I M ' ;- SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENTS Laboratory classes are an important part of the student ' s education. A student assistant explains complicated radio equipment. Sullivan-Harrell Hall Is the center of the science student ' s study. % Sri Published by THE STUDENT BODY of MILLSAPS COLLEGE Jackson, Mississippi Editor— EDDIE WILLIAMS, Jr. Bus. Mgr.— BILLY GRAHAM 1958 DEDICATION % " .J — More than by adequate endowments, extensive libraries, well-equipped laboratories, and modern buildings — as significant as all of these are — the excellence of any college depends upon the abilities of its faculty members. Since 1920 there has been in the Enghsh Department of Millsaps College a teacher of great talent, a truely eminent professor, Dr. Milton Christian White. From the richness of his academic experiences and out of the overflow of his vital personality, he has kindled the imagination of many generations of college students so that they have been able to visualize English literature and world literature as a moving pageantry of men and human progress. Always scholarly in his teaching, he has caused his classes to love literature, delighting them with apt illustrations and timely anecdotes. His kindness and sincerity have inspired the confidence of his students. Much about life he has taught them, not only in the classroom but on the tennis courts as well. If we should list the teachers who have made Millsaps College great, the name of Dr. Milton Christian White would receive a prominent position. We wish to dedicate this volume of the Bobashela to this excellent teacher and friend. DR. MILTON CHRISTIAN WHITE NOW PAUSES TO REMEMBER WILLIAM EMIL HIECKEN After eaniiiiu; liis A. 15., A.M., and I ' li.D degrees at Indiana Uiii er.sity and teacliin; then ' and at otlicr in.stitution.s, Dv. Hiecken tanic to Milisai)s in 1934 as head of the Department of Bioh)gy. Jle hecaine Dean in 1939 and continued in Ijoth position.s until ill lu-altii forced hi.s retirement in 19.53. His pliysica! conihtion Ix ' came progressixcK ' worse, and lie died |anuar 20, 195.S. The 1947 Bohashela said of Dr. Hiecken: " Dean of Men, Teaciier of Hiolog) ' , member of Flii Beta Kappa — these are just a few of the things w liicli make Dr. Hiecken a very ersatile person. An outstanding scholar, he is unsui ' passed in tlie fair execution of his duties. Iustincti c ' l ' , Millsaps students rcsi)cct and like Dean Hiecken. " As this statement indicates. Dr. Hiecken was one of the most respected members of the college community. He was respected for his intellect, his industr -, but most of all for his integrity. His unswer ing lo alt ' , honest) ' , and sense of fair play were his outstanding characteristics. Students and facidty members might not always agree with his opinions anti policies, ])ut they always knew they could get a frank and cantlid answer from him, and they always respected him. Dr. Hiecken was not responsible for establishing the high ideals and standards characteristic of Mill- saps, but throughout his tenure as Dean he was prob- ably more responsible than any other person for up- holding them. His devotion to the college which he loved and the principles for which he stood won the admiration of all who knew him, and Millsaps today is a better place for his having been here. CURTIS MULLEN, III Millsaps College, on January 20, 1958, was sad- dened to hear of the death of Curtis Nhdlen, or Sonny, as most of his friends knew him. Curtis was one who had li ed but shortK among us, but one who had gained the respect and admiration of all those who knew him. He was a student well ersed in the graces of everyday living — one who thought of others more than himself; one who loved Cod and li ed a high e. emplar ' life. Millsaps has lost an inquiring student; journalism has lost a promising journalist; mankind has lost a fine friend and excellent companion. We all feel deeply the loss of this one who was so much a part of Millsaps College. ...TOMORROW ' S FUTURE THROUGH WORK TODAY The Second Half of The 20th Century Belongs To THE SOUTH The South is fortunate in having the advan- tages that it has. There is no lack of inteUigent minds ready to assume its places of leadership. These minds are being developed in the South, and they wish to remain in the South. As more and more of its educated men and women elect to stay within its bounds, the South can not help but to continue to grow and assert itself. MISSISSIPPI Mississippi, too, is in good position to con- tinue its growth and prosperity. Enjoying good resources, good educational institutions, and interested people, it is destined to rise economically as well as culturally. If we can continue to interest our young men and women, we need not worry about training our youth to see them assume roles of wealth and distinction in other parts of the country. Mississippi can depend on its schools to provide it with well trained citizens, and Mississippi will continue to grow. MILLSAPS Millsaps froin its founding in 1891 has con- tinued to grow. Set up as a small, liberal arts college, it tries to train its students for well- rounded lives rather than for narrow profes- sional careers. It is an atmosphere of intellec- tual growth, of congenial friendship, and of religious maturity. It draws from its wealth of knowledge and experience to prepare its stu- dents for higher and nobler things. With a Southland so soliciting, with a past instructing, and with the future inviting, how can we not go forward? SCHOLASTIC p. 18 ACTIVITIES p. 52 FEATURES p. 86 GREEKS p. 102 w », %. -ig- SPORTS p. 124 STUDENT LIFE p. 138 ADVERTISERS p. 148 .j CHOLASTIC ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Millsaps College has been from its earliest history motivated by a spirit of service, of ministry in the broad sense — to students, to community, to nation, to church. The quality of this motive is such that service to the student is also service to the comunity and ser ice to the community includes service to church and to nation. The College ' s concern has been and is now to provide both the experiences and the disciplines which will properly and thoroughly qualify the men and women for imaginative leadership and effective participation in home, in school, in politics, in the church. The College has been conspicuously successful in realizing its objectives. Across America today Millsaps graduates may be found reflecting honor on their Alma Mater and distinguishing themselves in the professions, in business, in government, in education, in the church. Able and devout men and women, some in their teaching and others in their responses to good teaching, have established this ad- mirable record. It is devoutly to be hoped that the future achievements may be even more noteworthy. THE PRESIDENT HOMER ELLIS FINGER, Jr. Mi [ 20 ] BOARD OF TRUSTEES OFFICERS M. A. Franklin, D.D. . B. M. Hunt, D.D. . . N. J. Golding, D.D. . A. B. Campbell, LL.D. . . Chairman Vice-Chairman . Secretary . . Treasurer Term Expires in 1959 W. E. Bufkin Leiand R. L. Ezelle, LL.D Jackson Rev. B. M. Hunt, D.D Meridian Rev. J. W. Leggett, Jr., D.D Hattiesburg John McEachin Grenada W. O. Tatum Hattiesburg Rev. W. L. Robinson, D.D Columbus Rev. J. D. Wroten, D.D Cleveland Term Expires in 1962 Rev. R. G. Moore, D.D John Egger Rev. N. J. Golding, D.D Roy N. Boggan Rev. W. B. Selah, D.D Rev. J. D. Slay, D.D F. B. Smith, L.L.D Virgil D. Youngblood . Louisville . . Meridian . Columbus . Tupelo . . Jackson Laurel . Ripley Brookhaven ADMINISTRATION JAMES SHARBROUGH FERGUSON Dean of Faculty MILDRED LILLIAN MOREHEAD Dean of Women JAMES EDWARD McCRACKEN Dean of Students PAUL DOUGLAS HARDIN Registrar JAMES W. WOOD Business Manager JAMES J. LIVESAY Director of Public Relations [ 21 ] THE HOLMES AMBROSE Associiite I ' roft-ssor of Music; Director of t h c Millsaps SinBcrs; B.M.. M.M.. Univ. of Nt-braska. HOBEHT E. ANDING Assistant I ' rofc-ssor of Kcligion; A.B., MilUaps Col- lege; D.D., Kinory I ' nivfrsity. MRS. ROBERT E. ANDING Instructor of Education; A.B . Millsaps; M.A., Uni- versity of Mississippi. MRS. RUTH ANDREWS Manager of the Bookstore. ROBERT EDWARD BERGMARK Associate Professor of Philosophy; A.B., Emory University; S.T.B., Advanced Graduate Work, Boston University. HUGH ALTON BOYD, JR. Part time Instructor of .Speech; A.B., Millsaps College. DONALD CAPLENOR Professor of Biology; B.S., . 1.A., George Peabody College of Teachers; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. MAGNOLIA COULLET Associate Professor of Latin and German; A.B., Millsaps; A.M., University of Pennsylvania; Grad- uate work, American Academv in Home, Univer- sity of Chicago. ELIZABETH CRAIG Associate Professor of French; A.B., Banard Col- lege, Columbia University; A.M., Columbia Uni- versity; Diplome De La Sorbonne, E c o 1 e De Preparation D e s Professeurs De Francais A L ' Etranger. Faculty of Letters, University of Paris. MRS. HELEN DANIEL Hostess, Burton and Galloway Halls. R. J. FAIRBANKS Instructor of Music; B.M., M.M., Westminster Choir College; Pupil of John Finlcv Williamson. JAMES SHARBROUGH FERGUSON Dean; Professor of History; A.B., Millsaps College AM., Louisiana State Univcisity; Ph.D., University of North Carolina; Ford Scholar; Yale University. NEAL BOND FLEMING Professor of Philosophy; A.B., B.D., Emory Uni- versity; S.T.M., Ph.D. Boston University; Ford Scholar, Harvard University. MRS. MARTHA GALTNEY Secretary to Dean of Students. MRS MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN Associate Professor of English; A.B., Agnes Scott College; A.M., Tulane University. LANCE GOSS Associate Professor of Speech; Director of the Mill- saps Players; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., North- western University; Special study, the Manhattan Theatre Colony. FACULTY JOHN GUEST Associate Professor of German; B.A., University of Texas; M.A., Columbia University; Advanced Grad. Study, N. Y. Univ.; Ottendorfer Fellowship in Germanic Philology, Bonn Univ. Fulbright Schol. Univ. of Vienna. ALFRED PORTER HAMILTON Professor of Classical Languages and German; A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; A.M., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Pennsyvlania; Graduate Work, University of Leipzig. LUCY HANSARD Secretary to the President. PAUL D. HARDIN Associate Professor of EngHsh; A.B., Millsaps; A.M., Duke University; Graduate Work, University of Southern California. ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES Professor of Education; A.B.. LL.B., University of Tennessee; Vice Consul of the United States in Scotland and England; A.M., Advanced Graduate Work, George Peabody College. NELLIE KHAYAT HEDERI Assistant Professor of French; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women; A.M., Tulane University. MRS. NANCY BROGAN HOLLOW AY Instructor of Secretarial Studies; B.A., Mississippi State College for Women. FRANKLIN WARD JAMES Professor of Chemistry; B S., Mississippi College; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. AUDREY M. JENNINGS Professor of Sociology; B.S., Millsaps; Graduate Work, Tulane (social work); M.A., Tulane. SAMUEL ROSCOE KNOX Associate Professor of Mathematics; A.B., A.M., University of Mississippi; Graduate Work, Univer- sity of Michigan. FRANK MILLER LANEY Associate Professor of History; A.B., University of Mississippi; A.M., Ph.D., University of Virginia. RUSSELL W. LEVANWAY Associate Professor of Psychology; A.B., University of Miami; M.S., Ph.D., Syracuse University. JAMES J. LIVESAY Public Relations Manager. JAMES E. McCRACKEN Dean of Students; Assistant Professor of Psychology; B.S., Muskingum; A.M., Ohio State University; Ph.D. Ohio State University. GRADY McWHINEY Associate Professor of History; B.A., Centenary Col- lege; M.A., Louisiana State University. GEORGE LAMAR MADDOX, JR. Professor of Sociology; A.B., Millsaps College; S.T.B., A.M., Boston University; Ph.D. Michigan State University. HARRY STOCKWELL MANLEY Professor of Political Science; A.B., Westminister College; LL.B., University of Pittsburg School of Law; Ph.D., Duke University. ROSS HENDERSON MOORE Professor of History; B.S., M.S., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Duke University. A.B., Millsaps College; A.M. MILDRED MOREHEAD Dean of Women; As.soeiale Professor of English; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women; A.M., Duke University. SHIRLEY PARKER Instructor of English, Tulane University. JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE Professor of Chemistry; B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., Louisiana State University. RICHARD R. PRIDDY Professor of Geology; B.S., Ohio Northern Univer- sity; A.M., Ph.D., Ohio State University. FRED H. PURSER, JR. Instructor of Music; B.M., M.M., University of Michigan; Undergraduate study at Louisiana State University, Millsaps College. THOMAS LEE REYNOLDS Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Guilford College; A.M., Ph.D., Uiiivcrsitv of .North Carolina. MRS. KATE ROBERTSON Hostess, Sanders and Whitworth Hall. JEAN FRANCIS SAIN Director of Physical Education for Women; B.S.P.E., University of Mississippi; M.S.P.E., University of Florida. MARVIN G. SMITH Assistant Director of Physical Education; Assistant Coach, Head Basketball Coach; B.B.A., A.M., Uni- versity of Mississippi. JOHN W. STEVENSON Associate Professor of English; lege; M.A., Ph.D. Vanderbilt A.B., Wofford Col- University. MRS. BETHANY C. SWEARINGEN Libraria n; A.B., Millsaps College; B.S., in Library Science, University of Norta Carolina. ELBERT STEPHEN WALLACE Professor of Economics and Business Administra- tion; A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; A.M., Ph.D., Duke University. MISS WARRENE WARRINGTON Business office bookkeeper. G. F. WELCH Assistant Professor of Music; A.B., Duke University; B. Mus., Mus. M., Yale University. MILTON CHRISTIAN WHITE Professor English; A.B., Birmingham-Southern Col- lege; A.M., Harvard University; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. JAMES W. WOOD Business Manager. KARL WOLFE B.F.A., Chicago Art Institute, Wilham M.R. French Fellowship; Study and Teaching Pennsylvania School of Art Summer School. JAMES DAUSEY WROTEN, JR. Professor Religion; A.B., Millsaps College; B.D., Southern Methodist University; A.M., Ed.D., Colum- bia University. c L A S S E S THESE ARE THE SENIORS DOT ADAMS BOBBY AINSWOHTH TED ALEXANDER ALEX ALSTON, JR. Jackson Jackson Jackson Hollandale Elementary Educatiim CeoloHij Kniilisli Hsych. loKy Club; " .M " Club; Plavers. .Senate; K(K)tl)al|; Has kelball; Baseball; bitranmrals; Assistant in P. E. Piiliticul Science Alpha Phi Omega; Football President, Kappa Sigma. JOAN ANDEHSON JOHN BALLAHD, JR. THOMAS BALLARD RICHARD BARINEAU VVo.Hlvillc Colinnbiis C ' oluinbus Jackson Elenifutary Eilucalioii Majorette Club; SiiiKi-rs Tour CeotoRij Baseball; Intranuirals; Norse- Ceohsy Geology Kappa Sigma. Choir. men, Treasurer. JOHN BAXTER RONALD BLACK DICK BLOUNT JANICE BOWER Marion Morton Jackson Vicksburg Chemistry Dean ' s List; Tlut.i u SiRina. Presidint, Trcasurir; Who ' s Who, I ' hvsics Award; Chemis- try. Assistant. Chemi. try Cernian Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilun. Chemistry Dean ' s List; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Alpha Phi Omena, Presi- dent; Who ' s Who; Purple ;ind White, Business Manager; I ' i Kappa Alpha, President. Sociology Alpha Psi Omega; Singers Players; Wesley; Y. W. C. A. Purple and White; Phi Mu THESE ARE THE SENIORS BARBARA BOWIE Holly Bluff Elementary Education KAISA BRAATEN Laurel Psychology Theta Nu Signia-Secretary; Eta Sigma; Sigma Lambda; Alpha Psi Omega-Secretary; Vikings- Treasurer; Players; Wesley; Math and Psychology Assistant. WILLIAM BRENT Jackson Political Science Phi Delta Theta. CAROL BROUN Jackson History International Relations Club; Eta Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi; Majorette Club; Singers; Beta Sigma Omicron-President. FRANCES BRYAN West Point Math Theta Nu Sigma; BSU; Dean ' s List; Beauty; Chi Omega Vice- President. ALBERT CALLOWAY Jackson Math DAVID CARLSON Lumberton Chemistry Singers; Wesley; Ministerial League; Alpha P h i Omega- Treasurer. ANNETTE COLEMAN Jackson Sociology JO ANNE COLLINS Tulsa Elementary Education Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Alpha Gamma Delta; Singers. KAY COLLUMS Tupelo Elementary Education Dean ' s List; B.S.U.; Singers; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Chi Omega. YVONNE CRAWFORD Louisville Elementary Education Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta Epislon; Singers. SALLIE ANN DEMENT Meridian English C h i Delta; Players, Singers; Tour Choir; Chi Omega. [ 27 ] THESE ARE THE SENIORS JO ANN DERUITER Jackson Eltnnnxtary Education Z»-tii Tail Alphu. ANN DIM-ARD Itta Hfiia Klcmentanj Educutum Chi ' Orlf kIit, 111, 111 Clici-rlfadcT. Hoiiieoiiiiiii M.iid, liitraiiiurals; Kappa Dtlta-l ' U-iJi; ' I ' residcnt. HEITY EAKIN Tliortoii Elniiititury Educalioii Alpha I ' si OiiiLKa; Kappa Delta l ' ,psiloM- ' ici--I ' rcsiclc ' iit; Purple aiul Wlute; I ' layc-rs; W.C.W.; Y.VV.C.A. SYLVIA ELLIOTT Tylertowii Sociulogy Dean ' s List; Psychology Club; Players; Singers Tour Choir; Phi Mu. jWIKS I ' AllHirr l ri ' iitiss EcDiuimUa Kuppa Siginu. THOMAS EANNINC Hickory Clu ni. try Sophomore Class-Viee Prcs.; Junior C I a s s-Vice President; Senate-Vice I ' resident; B.S.U.- President; Christian Council- Vice Prts.; Kappa Alpha — No II VIHC;iNIA EVEHHT Kosciusko Eunli.ili Players; Singers; Y.W.C.A.; W.CAV. Secretary; Vikings- Vice President. KAY FAHRAR Jackson Math Pi Delta Phi; Eta Sigma; As- sistant - Mathematics; C h i Omega. LUCY EWING Jackson Eltinciitury Eduiatum Kappa Delta Epsilon Delta Phi Mu. B.S.U. ROSEMARY FLINT Jackson History Ei (iti. li International Relations Club; Players; Beta Sigma Omicron. MARGARET EWING Cleveland Music Theory Kappa Delta Epsilon; Majorette Club; Y.VV.C.A.; Purple and White; Singers; Kappa Delta. AUBREY JEROME FORD Magnolia Philosophy Eta Sigma Phi; International Relations Club; Bobashela; Flayers; Pi Kappa Alpha; Who ' s Who. ... THESE ARE THE SENIORS BETTY GARRISON Jackson Biology Theta Nu Sigma-Vice President; Players; Singers Tour Choir; B. S. U.; Pi Beta Phi; Intra murals. HARRY GEOTES Jackson Economics MABEL GILL Tunica Elementary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Singers; Wesley; Y.W.C.A. HELEN GILLIS Fayette English Singers; Players; Chi Omega. BILLY GRAHAM Macon Physics ODK; " M " Club; Baseball; Bobashela - Business Manager; Intrjmurals, Kappa Alpha. CLAUDETTE HALL Ontario, Canada Sociology Alpha Psi Omega - President; Players, Purple and White. JULIE GRAY Jackson Religion Dean ' s List; President ' s List; Singers; Chi Omega. RUTH ANN HALL Capleville, Tennessee Elementary Education Majorette Club; Debate; Psy- chology Club; W.C.W.; Vikings -Secretary. JIMMIE GRIFFIS Yazoo City Psychology Dean ' s List; Psychology Club; Wesley; Ministerial League; In- tramurals; Players; Purple and White; Pi Kappa Alpha. BEVERLY HAMBLIN Jackson Sociology Dean ' s List; Singers; Players; Psychology Club; Kappa Delta- Editor, Secretary. ROY GRISHAM Cleveland English Purple and White-Managing Editor; Singers; Lambda Chi Alpha. BILL HARDIN Jackson Chemistry Alpha Epsilon Delta-vice Presi- dent; Alpha Phi Omega; Purple and White - Circulation Man- ager; Pi Kappa Alpha - Vice President. [ 29 ] . THESE ARE THE SENIORS JEFF HARRIS Corinth Hixlory JAMES HOOD Marks GeoU)ny VVhi s Who; D«iniiifory-Asst.; Astronomy - A sst.; Football; Baseball; Senate. BUDDY HESTER Jackson Ceolony Coif Team. BETTY HORNE Jackson Biuh y JAMES HODGES Canton Retifiion CAROLYN HUTCHINS Jackson English Chi Delta. CURTIS HOLLADAY Newton Ceolufiy Dean ' s List. JAMES INGRAM Jackson Geology Wesley; Intramurals; Geology- Asst. BLYTHE JEFFREY C rcciivillf Ennlhli .Majorette Club; Purjile and White; Singers Tour Choir; In- tramurals; Chi Oniega. MARVIN JETER West Point Chemistry Alpha Epsilon Delta; B.S.U.- Vice President; Chemistry- As- sistant; Band - Drum Major; Lambda Chi Alpha. ALLAN C. JONES Jackson History S.E.B. -Representative; Players. HOWARD JONES Jackson German Band; Singers Tour Choir Purple and White; Band-Asst. German-Assistant; Intramurals German Club - Vice President Lambda Chi Alpha. THESE ARE THE SENIORS SARAH JONES LEONARD JORDON EDDIE KING Nashville, Tennessee Greenville Vicksburg Elementary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Major- „tte Club-Vice Pres.; Intramu- rals; Players; Wesley; Boba- shela; Kappa Delta. Philosophy Kit Kat; Players. Sociology Dean ' s List; Alpha Psi Omega- Vice Pres.; Players; Singers Wesley; Psychology Club; Min isterial League; Sociology-Asst BOB LAMPTON DOUGLAS LAY JOE LEE Tylertown Jackson Louise Chemistry Pi Kappa Alpha. Biology Biology-Asst.; Intramurals; Kap- pa Alpha. Chemistry Theta Nu Sigma. THAD LEGGETT, III EMMEIT LEONARD KATIE LOWRY Magnolia Jackson Winona Political Science Kappa . lpha-Number III. Economics Canterbury Club - Secretary; Players; Pi Kappa Alpha. Elementary Education Vikings. MARGIE KING Grenada Elementary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Wesley; Singers; Beta Sigma Omicron- Secretary. YOUNG LEE Seoul, Korea Religion International Relations Club; Ministerial League. MAC McCARTY, JR Jackson Physics Physics-Asst.; Kappa Alpha. [ 31 ] THESE ARE THE SENIORS SHIHLEY McMUlXAN Dt ' catur Helini ' iii VV.C.VV.; VVfslty; Singers; Vik- ings. TOM McNAIU Jackson PliiliKiophtj IntraniuruL : I ' laycrs; S I y 1 ii s; Senate. EUGENE MABHY Meridian Mathenuitks ' I ' lieta Nil Sigma; Band; Sin- gers; Library-Asst. BETTY MILLER Jackson Dean ' s List; Chi Delta; Sigma Lambda; Singers Tour Choir; Who ' s Who; I ' layers; Madrigal Singers: Purple and White- Editor; Chi Omega. MAY MILLEH Laurel F.lemi ' utary Eiliicatiim Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta Epsilun - I ' resident; Singers; Kappa Delta. NINA MITZELLIOTOU Scopeloii, Greece French I ' i Delta Phi; W.C.W.: Singers. EDWIN SIMS MIZE, JR. Jackson ( ' licmiatrtj Baske tball; Intraniurals; Ka|)pa Sigma-Treasurer. MRS. CHARLOTTE MONCRIEF Ackerman English Dean ' s List. MARY FRANCES M(). T(;(). IERY Laurel Psycholony Psi Delta Chi; Chi Omega. BILL RUSH MOSBY, JR. Meridian Mathematics Intranuirals; Wesley; Tennis; Lamlxla Chi Alpha-Treasurer. FRED MURPHREE Verona Chemistry ANN MYERS Greenwood Political Science IRC-I ' resident; Pi Kappa Delta- Pres.; Political Science - Asst.; Sigma Lambda-Vice Pres.; De- bate; Washington Semester; Players; Senate - Sec; Young Democrats; Singers; Kappa Delta. THESE ARE THE SENIORS JOYCE NALL Jackson Sociology Dean ' s List; Majorette Club; Players; Singers; Women ' s Council; Wesley; Purple and White; Kappa Delta-Secretary. JAMES M. O ' NEIL Meridian Mathematics Theta Nu Sigma; Dean ' s List; Singers. JOHN POTTER Jackson Physics Senate; Players; Singers Tour Choir; Pi Kappa Alpha. Alpha DOT NASH Cleveland Biology Epsilon Delta; Players. Singers; BENNY L. OWEN Senatobia Chemistry Lambda Chi Alpha. LILLIAN PRESLEY Natchez Elementary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Singers; Purple and White; Players; In- tramurals; Beta Sigma Omicron. Band. CHARLES W NICHOLSON Silver City Religion BOB PATTERSON Jackson History International Relations Club; Band; Purple and White; Players. ADEN C. PRYOR Jackson English Majorette Club; Chi Delta; Players; Kappa Delta. WILL NOBLIN Jackson Chemistry Alpha Epsilon Delta-Historian; Purple and White; Pi Kappa Alpha-Treasurer, President. PEGGY PERRY Louin Elementary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon-Secretary; Players; Bobashela-Asst. Editor; Phi Mu. ELEANOR RASOR Ocean Springs Religion Singers; Wesley; Vikings-Sec. [ 33 ] THESE ARE THE SENIORS JEANETl ' E HATCLIFF VickshiirH Ennlish Singers Tour Choir; Iiitrainu- rals; Players; MudriKul Singers; Bobashela-Greek Editor; Purple and White; Chi OinegaPres. WH.I.IA.V! W. RHYMES. JR. Jackson Chemistry Band; Singers; Lambda .■Vlpha. Chi MARY NELL ROBERTS OiiwartI Elementary l: liuutioii Majorette Club; Woman ' s Coun- cil; Players; Singers; Intramu- rals; B.S.U.; Purple and While; Beta Sigma Omicron - Pledge Trainer. NANCY ROGERS Meridian Eunlish Dean ' s List; B.S.U.; Singers Tour Choir. JEAN ROTEN JUIJAN RUSH CLIFF RUSHING KERMIT SCOT! ' Ripley English Singers; PLiyers; Wesley; Beta Signia Oniicron. Mcriciiaii Piiiltisitjihy Senior Class V i c e-Pres Favorite, Singers-Vice Pres Players; Bobashela; Mini League; Pi Kappa Alplu President. dent ; dent; terial -Vice Jackson Oology Who ' s Who; " M " Club; Foot- ball, Baseball. Leland Philoaopliy Philosopliy-Asst., Alpha P s i Omega; ODK; German Club;- Players; Singers; Pi Kappa Alpha. JOHNNY B. SHARP JUNE SHOEMAKER JAMES W. SIMS CARTER SMITH Iioli ar, Tfiiiiessei ' Psycholonij Senate; Ministerial League. Mt ' iideiihiill Eitfilish Kappa Delta Epsilon. Kingsport, Tennessee Chemistry Dean ' s List; Kappa Signia. Macon, Georgia Special student in Chemistry . . . THESE ARE THE SENIORS DON LOUIS SMITH Decatur Chemistry Dean ' s List; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pi Kappa Alpha. MARY RUTH SMITH Vicksburg Philosophy Dean ' s List; Canterbury Club Players; Purple and White Y.W.C.A.; Acting Award; Ch Omega. PARKER SOJOURNER Crystal Springs PoUtical Science Purple and White; B.S.U.; Sin- gers; Senate; Lambda Chi Al- pha-Pledge Trainer. SANDRA STANTON Leland Elementary Education Majorette Club; Homecoming Maid; Favorite; Chi Omega. JOHN STONE Jackson Chemistry Dean ' s List; President ' s List; Who ' s Who; Senior Class-Pres,; ODK-Vice Pres.; Kit Kat; Sty- lus-Editor; Westminister-Pres,; Band; Tour Choir; Lambda Chi Alpha-Vice Pres. JEANNETTE SYLVESTER Jackson Sociology Sociology- Asst.; Psi Delta Senate; Psychology Club; ings-President. Chi; Vik- DON M. TAFT Jackson Chemistry Eta Sigma Phi-Treasurer; Alpha Epsilon Delta-Treasurer; Eta Sigma; Latin, German- Asst. JACK TAYLOR Chase, Kansas Economics Kit Kat; Players; Purple and White-Sports Editor; Intramu- rals; Kappa Sigma-Vice Pres- ident. ROGER M. THOMPSON Jackson History Dean ' s List; Ministerial League- President. HELEN THORNE Holly Springs Mathematics Dean ' s List; Majorette Club; Singers; Women ' s Council; Wes- ley; Math-Asst.; Chi Omega- Treasurer. [ 35 SAM TOMLINSON Jackson History International Relations Club; Canterbury Club-Vice Pres.; Players; Lambda Chi Alpha-Sec. KEITH TONKEL Clermont, Florida Philosophy ODK-Sec; Pi Kappa Delta; Alpha Psi Omega; IRC; Dean ' s List; Players; Favorite; Lamb- da Chi Alpha. liETTY GAIL TIUFP Tupelo Elenieritunj Educiitiiin Dean ' s List; SiKiiui Lamhda- i ' n ' sUlfiit; Kappa Delta Lp- silon; Hi ' liKioii - Asst.; Who ' s Who; Majort-ttf Club-Sfcrftar ' ; Singers Tour C;hoir; Women ' s Coiincil-I ' res.; Wesley-See. and Vice Fres.; Christian Coiineil; Y.W.C.A. President; Intraniu- rals; Players; Chi Oniega-Viee I ' res. DON THIl ' LKTT Forest French Westminster; German Club; Singers; Lambda Chi Alpha. GLENDA LYNN WADSVVOHTII Jack.son French I ' i Delt.i riii-l ' resident; Chi 0 lta- iic I ' rrs.; I ' lavcrs; B.S.- U.; Wh ' s Who; Signi;i Lamb- da; Dean ' s List; Stylu.s-Asst. K litor. JANE TRAVIS Ma]L;nolia Elementary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Players; Wesley; Beta Sigma Omieron- Corresponding Secretary. THESE ARE THE SENIORS HAZEL TKULUCK Port Gibson English Dean ' s List; IRC-Sec; Sigma I.;iinbda-See.; Chi Delta-Presi- I ' eiit; Singers; Purple and W h i t e; Bobashela; Players; Favorite; English-Asst. JIM WAITS Hattiesburj; rhihisofiluj Dean ' s List; Eta Signui Phi; IHC; Pi Kajjpa Delta; ODK- Prtsidiiit; Singers; Student Body-President; Junior Class- President; Youth Congress. BOBBY VV. TULLOS Louisville Music Singers- President; O D K; Sin- gers Tour Choir; IFC- Sec- letary; Millsaps Quartet; Mad- rigal Singers; Lambda C h i Alpha-Pres. WILLIAM C. WALL, JR. Jackson Theta Nu Sigma; Math-Asst. JAMES VAUGHAN Amory I ' hildsitphy .Ministerial League- President; Eta Sigma Phi; Singer ; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who; Tennis Se- nate. MYRNA FLO WALLACE Independence Elementary Education B.S.U. ■ M, {M i -. : . THESE ARE THE SENIORS HERBERT A. WARD, JR. Jackson History Dean ' s List; IRC-President; Pi Delta Phi- Vice Pres.; History- Asst.; Canterbury Club-Pres.; Players; Stylus-Business Man- ager; Young Democrats. CHARLENE WELCH Jackson Sociology Purple and White; Singers; Kappa Delta - Rush Chairman, Scholarship Chairman. " M ' KENNARD W. WELLONS Jackson Club; Football; Baseball; Kappa Alpha. EDDIE WILLIAMS Belzoni English Dean ' s List; President ' s List; Eta Sigma Phi - Pres.; ODK Who ' s Who; Bobashela-Editor: Intramurals; Purple and White: Wesley; Ministerial League; Pi Kappa Alpha-Secretary English- Assist. PAUL WILLIAMS Brookhaven Religion Ministerial League; Dean ' s List; Singers; Wesley; Sigma Nu. JOHN WIMBERLY Jackson Chemistry Dean ' s List; Alpha Epsilon Delta-Reporter; Band; Intra- murals; Tennis; Lambda Chi Alpha-Social Chairman, Corres- pondent. EDNA WIXON Crugar Mathematics Majorette Club-President; Sig- ma Lambda - Historian; Theta Nu Sigma - Reporter; Kappa Delta Epsilon - Reporter; Wo- man ' s Council-Vice-Pres.; Phy- sical Education-Asst.; Who ' s Who. SHERRY WRIGHT Jackson Elementary Education MARK YERGER Jackson Economics Kappa Alpha. [ 37 ] SUSAN YOUNG Greenwood History Purple and White; Bobashela; Players; Canterbury Club; Edu- cation-Asst.; Kappa Delta. JACK POOL Natchez History Players; Debate; Pi Kappa Alpha. . . THESE ARE THE JUNIORS FIHST nOW: HOBEHT L, ABNEV. Ill, Bay Springs; JOHN R. AITKEN. Natchez; CAROLYN ALLEN. Magnolia; FRANK ALLEN. Jaikson; HEX ALMAN, Meridian; TOMMY AUSTIN, Scooba; BILL BALCORD, Jackson; PANSY BARKSUALE. Jackson. SECOND HOW: STEWART BARRY, Jackson; JULIA ANNE BECKES. Jackson; FRED BELk ' , Holly Springs; JOHN E. BELL. Jackson; DAVID BOYETT, I ' cnsacola, Fla.; RAITI BRADLEY. Minipliis, Tenn.; TOM BRASWELL, Jackson; GWIN BRELAND. Greenville. THIRD HOWr CALVIN C. BRISTER. Jackson; JACK BROCK. Meridian; ANNE BROOKS, Jackson; ARNOLD BUSH, Laurel; DOUGLAS CAIN, McCall Creek; DOUG CAMPBELL. Bolton; LINDA CARRUTH. McComb; JOHN M. CARTER. Jackson. FOURTH ROW: DOROTHY JACK CASEY. West Point; LACY CAUSEY, Magnolia; WOODS CAVETT, Jackson; ELIZABETH ANN CLARK. Mt. Olive; CATHRYN ANN COLLINS, Jackson; BRINSON CONERLY, Jackson; ELIZABETH COOK, Jackson; BOBBY COOPER, Itta FIFTH ROW: CECIL COPELAND. Jackson; THOMAS E. CORLEY; Moss Point; BUD CULLY, Jackson; ANN DAMARE. Jackson; ELLEN DI.XON, Vaughan; CALLIOPE DORIZAS, Jackson; JANE DORNBUSCH, Vicksburg; FRED DOWLING, Jackson. [ 38 ] . . . THESE ARE THE JUNIORS FIRST ROW: JOHN DRYSDALE, Hattiesburg; FRED DUNCAN, Jackson; JOE DUNCAN, McComb; CAROL ANN ED- WARDS, Saucier; FRANZ EPTING, Forest; LEO FARMER, McComb; JACKIE FEEDER, Summit; CHARLES FERCUSON, JR., Jackson. SECOND ROW: RICHARD TERRY FINCHER, Greenwood; CLAUDE FLEMING, JR., Goodman; JUDITH FORBES, Jack- son, BETTY BELL FORD, Taylorsville; LLOYD IRVIN FORTENBERRY, Columbia; ANN FOSTER, Jack- son; FRANCES FURR, Jackson; LYNETT GARST, Greenwood. THIRD ROW: ROBERT GENTRY, Vossburg; TOMMY GILES, Decatur; DARBY GILMER, Long Beach; MARGARET GOOCH, Jackson; CHARLES F. GRANTHAM, Mendenhall; SYBIL LAVERNE HESTER, Jackson; JOE HINDS, JR., Jackson; ROBERT HOUSE, Meridian. FOURTH ROW: SANDRA HUGGINS, Waynesboro; JAMES W. IRBY, Jackson; TENNIE JONES, Mendenhall; WILLIAM D. KENNEDY, Magee; BILLY KERR, Greenwood; SHERRY LANCASTER, Sunflower; RUTH LAND, Jackson; BRACK LANCE, Jackson. FIFTH ROW: PAT LAWRENCE, Sumner; HANK LEWIS, Liberty; REAVIS LINDSEY, Jackson; DON LISLE, Greenwood; JOHN HAMILTON LONG, Hazlehurst; BUDDY LOVETT, Morton; BARBARA McDOUCAL, Winona; ED- WIN P. McKASKEL, Cleveland. [ 39 ] THESE ARE THE JUNIORS FIRST ROW; BILL McKELL. Jaiksoii; JAMES N. McQUEEN. Natchez. SECOND ROW: KENNETH A. MiHANEY, Flor.iKr; WYNONA MAOOLE, Crtenwoocl; CHARLES MAJURE, Louisville; ANNE MAHLEH. llarpcrvilic; MELANIE MATflEWS, Raymond; JAMES U. MILEY. Lcland; FRANK MIL- LENDER. Jackson; JOHN HAMP MILLER. Jackson. TIIIIID ROW: MA. MILLER. Kosciusko; BAILEY MONCRIEF, Brookhaven; SUE MOZINCO. Jackson; WILLIAM S. MULLINS, Macon; LYNDA MUNSON. Mcndcnhall; IDA LOU NELSON, Jackson; NANCY NEYMAN. Greenville; LINDA NOBLE. Jackson. FOURTH ROW: JIM O ' BRIF.N, Jackson; CORA PHILLIPS, M.mlcnlu.ll; CAY PIPER, Macon, Georgia; ANN PORTER, Fay- ette; WENDELL MORSE POU. Laurel; MARY CHARLES PRICE. Jackson; JEAN SHARP PRICE, Jack.son; BILLY RAINEY, Macon. FIFTH ROW: RITA M. RANDALL, Gloster; SMILEY RATCLIFF. Jackson; PATSY JEAN BOBBINS, Jackson; CHARLES W. SATTERFIELD. Canton; BRYAN SCARBROUGH. Vardanian; SAM E. SCOTT, Sledge; WAYNE SCOTT, Jack- son; CHARLES SESSUMS. Jackson. [ 40 ] • • -THESE ARE THE JUNIORS FIRST ROW: ETHYL SHAPLEY, Dallas, Texas; ROSE SHAW, Jackson; MARY SHERROD, Jackson; HOMER SLEDGE, Cleveland; CLARA SMITH, Natchez; JUD SMITH, Jackson; PERRIN SMITH, Jackson; SUANNA SMITH, El Dorado, Arkansas. SECOND ROW: JOE SNOWDEN, Jackson; ARNOLD STANFORD, Tupelo; SHIRLEY STOKER, Grenada; RAYMOND SWARTZFAGER, Laurel; JANE TAYLOR, Rienzi; BLANTON TERRELL, Jackson; JOHN EDWARD THOMAS, Woodville; RUSSELL THOMPSON, Jackson. THIRD ROW: GLENN KERMIT TILL, Belzoni; MARY EMMA TUMLIN, Tishomingo; JAMES MILTON WALL, Jackson; CHARLIE WALKER, Laurel; BILLY L. WALKER, Jackson; LAURENE WALKER, Greenwood; BARBARA WEBB, Jackson; BOB WEEMS, Jackson. FOURTH ROW: THOMAS WELCH, Vicksburg; MILTON J. WHATLEY, Carrollton; SUSAN WHEELESS, Jackson; KAY WIL- SON, Greenville; JON ED WILLIAMS, McComb; RONALD WILLOUGHBY, Columbia; H. G. WINSTEAD, Burns; PATRICIA WYNN, Goodman. FIFTH ROW: RAY WESSON, McComb; BEN YOUNGER, Winona; STANLEY HATHORN, Louisville. [ 41 ] THESE ARE THE SOPHOMORES piDCT noW ' HOIU-UT AHKAIIAM. Vicksburg; FLOYCE ADDklSON. JaclcM.n; DENALU ALLEN ' . Mi i; HUBV JKWELL ALLEN. CJr.nacl.i; WILLIAM ALLEN, Jackson; CECIL ALLHED. JH.; IlazUhursl; JANE ANDEHSON. Jack- son; ELSE MAHIE AL ' HBAKkEN. Al«i rN. AlKiria. SECOND KOW: , K Y AYEHS BiloM- BE ' ITY BAHTLINC:, Jacks.,n; M UULVX BATES. Jackson; BIDDY BAYLISS. Jackson; ALLEN BISHOP, M.riilian; BEITYE BLUE. Jackson; VIKGINIA ALICE BOOKHABT, Jackson; WILLIAM S. BOSU ' ELL, Cicvtland. Tllllin KOW: NANCY BOYD, Jackson; C:I1AKLES BBACKEIT. Jack on; DANICE BREVVEH, Greenwood; DONALD G, BBIS TEH, Ciystal Springs; MABCIA ANNE BUOCVR). Jackson; GAHDNEH BROCK. Clinton; MALESE BBl.lN.SON, M.riclian; ALLEN Bl ' GG, Madison. KOUHTH KOW; ANN BURKE. Jackson; BOB BURNETT. Bay Springs. JOE BURNET ' l ' . Bay Springs; JUDY CAMPBELL. Wi-st Poinl; DOT CABGILL. Jackson; CATHY CARLSON. Lnnilxrton; MAURICE WALLACE CARRAWAY, Bass- fifld; RONALD CABBUTH, McComl). Km ' II ROW: SUE CATER Wost Point; MAUY CAROL CAUCHMANN. Laurel; VIC CLARK, Jackson; CELIA COLE,; MACK COLE, Laurel; STAN COOKE. Jackson; MRS. CHARLIE COOPER. M.-adviUe; LILLIAN NELLE C:OULTER. West Monroe. La, [ 42 ] ... THESE ARE THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: MARY GRACE COX, Ripley; ALBERT DAVIS, Jackson; JAMES DAY, Collins; DAVID DETERLY, Natchez; DORIS KAY DICKERSON, Jackson; BETTY DRIBBEN, Greenwood; RICHARD DUNCAN, Jackson; CARO- LYN EDWARDS, Banner. SECOND ROW: GAIL EDWARDS, Lyon; EMMETT ELLIS, Winona; JANE ELLIS, Florence; GAYLE ERWIN, Greenwood; SHIRLEY ETHERIDGE, Crosby; ELAINE EVERITT, Prentiss; AMANDA FARMER, Taylorsville; JERRY FELKER, Columbia. THIRD ROW: MYRA FELSHER, Beaumont, Texas; JAMES GLYNN FORTENBERRY, Columbia; JOAN FRAZIER, Louis- ville; DUMONT FREEMAN, Fayette; GRACE FROST, Natchez; JACK FROST, Memphis, Tenn.; JOHN SHARP GATEWOOD, Mt. Olive; JACKIE GRIFFIN, Louisville. FOURTH ROW: PAT GILLILAND, Jackson; EVELYN GODBOLD, Laurel; JOANNE GOODWIN, Taylorsville; ISABEL GRAY, Jackson; JAMES GRAY, Grenada; DOT GRIFFIN, Jackson; SHIRLEY HABEEB, Vicksburg; BETTYE ANN HAMILTON, Sanatorium. FIFTH ROW: JOSEPH B. HARRIS, Vicksburg; BLAKE HARRISON, Raymond; MARY HARTLEY, Pascagoula; GWEN HAR- WELL, New Albany; BUDDY HATCHELL, Columbia; MARY ANN HAYES, Laurel; OLA MAE HAYS, Jack- THARLES HEAD, Jackson. [ 43 ] ... THESE ARE THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: SUE IIEMI ' IIILL. Core Springs; FRANCES HENDERSON. Brandon; CHARLES HILTON. Jackson; PATSY HILTON ' , Jackson; CARSON HOLLOMAN, BaUsvilU-. SLYVIA HOUSTON; N • w Albany; MARTIN HOWARD. B.ilclwyn; RARHARA SUE HUDSON. BatcsvilK-. SECOND ROW: JAMES L. HUMPHRIES. Jackson; BOBBIE JEAN IVY. Jackson; CAROL JO JENKINS. Macon; CHARLES JENNINGS. Kosciusko; CHARLES JOHNSON. New Albany; BRENT JOHNSTON, Jackson. JIMMY JOR- DAN. Laurel; BEVERLY JUMPER. Benoit. TIIIRO ROW: JOHN KENNEY. Jackson; JUDSON KING. Jackson; MARY KING, Culfport; ROGER KINNARD. Philadel- pl.ia; WILLIAM LAMPKIN, Balilwyn; JIMMY LANG. Jackson; DAVID ALLEN LAWRENCE, Columbus; DON LEWIS. Drew. FOURTH ROW: MARIELLA LINCLE. Crystal Springs; CAROL LOUISE LOCKEY, Pearl; KAROLYN LONG, Florence; MARY C;LYNN LOTT, Kilmichael; ARY JANE LOTTERHOS, Jackson; KIMBLE LOVE, Itta Bena; MARY SEMMES LUCKETT, Jackson; RUSSELL LUCAS, State Line. FIFTH ROW: JEANE ' riE LUNDQUIST, Jackson; ROBERT McARTHUR. Jackson; JAMES McATEE, Jackson; BETTYE Mt .EIIEE. Parcliiuan; BILL McKNIGHT. Jackson; DAVID McMULLAN, Newton; DAVID McNAIR. Jack- son; EDNA McSHANE. Greenwood. [ 44 ] Jink • • -THESE ARE THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: NANCY MATHENY, Fayette; MARGARET ANN MERRELL, Jackson; NELL MILLET, Jackson; ROBERT MILLSAP, Pawhuska, Okla.; RICHARD MILWEE, Fort Worth, Texas; BILLIE FAYE MOORE, Indianola; PAT MORAN, Brookhaven; CURTIS MOLLIS MULLEN, III, Canton. SECOND ROW: BETTYE OLDHAM, Jackson; PAM OLMSTED, Greenwood; CHARLES OZBORN, Union; CAROLYN PAINE, Jackson; BILLY PARKE, Scooba; DONALD PATERSON, JR., Leland; JAY PENNINGTON, Columbia; VIR- GINIA PERRY, Memphis, Tenn. THIRD ROW: LUCILE PILLOW, Greenwood; NELDA PRESCOTT, Kenner, La.; KENT PRINCE, Newton; JOELLE PUJO, New Orleans, La.; MARY RUSSELL RAGSDALE, Memphis, Tenn.; JOHN ELTON RAWSON, Jackson; BOBBY RAY, Jackson; HARVEY RAY, Shaw. FOURTH ROW: NORDY REDHEAD, Centreville; MARTIN G. REEVES, Jackson; MARY LYNELL REID, Le.xington; WEL- BORN RIVES, Jackson; CORINNE ROBERTSON, Louisville; CHARLES RUEFF, JR., McComb; KIERAN RUDY, Jackson; JOHN TERRELL RUSH, Lake. FIFTH ROW: BILL RUSHING, Itta Bena; SUE SANDERS, Columbia; WILMA SANDERSON, Laurel; CHARLOTTE SCARBROUGH, Florence; MARLA JO SHARP, Newhebron; KATHRYN SHEAFFER, Tupelo; JACK SHEARER, Jackson; ERNEST SHELTON, Jackson. THESE ARE THE SOPHOMORES FlltST HOW; WAYNE SIIKHMAN, Vkkslnirt;; JAMKS K. SIMON. Jackscm; LAURIE SMIIIl iiksburg; LEROY SMITH. Biloxi; HUSSEI.I. SMITH. J;iiks(.ii; KAY Sl ' HADLINC. Hurlinuloii, Wise; l l( 1 1 AIM. I.. SI ' lUNCEH, J:iik- Min; CLYDE STAM ' IELD. M;.Kimliii; OA II) H. .SIKCKI.KH, Biloxi. SKCOND ROW: K. M, STEI ' IIENSON. Jacks m; MHS, KAY STONE. MtCoinl). MAULKH .STONE. J.icks.m; .MAHY LOU .SIHINOEU. Taylorsvill. ' ; DAVTO STRONG. Crosby; MAHY STUKDIVANT. Tupelo; JOHNNY SULLIVAN, J;KkM ii; JEWEL rWLOK, St.irkvillc; COLLEEN ' TIIOMI ' SOX, J.,.ksoii. TIIIHI1 HOW: JAMES C. THOMPSON. Jackson; .SANDRA TIIOMI ' SON. L.lancl; Ol ' IIEl.IA IISDALE. Jackson; DURANl) TOMLIN. Jaikson; OLIN ' ER THII ' LETT,; REBECCA TURNER. Il.nilk.i; I ' ECCY VAUCIIAN. Alxrilrtn; ALLAN WALKER, Jaiksoii; JANE WALK ER. Concord. Trnn. FOl ' HTIl HOW: N ' IRCINIA HELEN WALKER. MiCoinii. C;HARLES WARE. J;ickson; LAVENIA WAY. Georgetown; DAVID WEA ER. Aek.Tnian; LEON WEAVER. Niitchez; ELORENCE WEBBY, Yazoo City; JEANNIE WESLEY. Coliinil)ia; MMCl ' I.K:K WIMTK. I.icks,,,,; TOMMY WUI ' IT. Tylerlown. i ' ii-m ROW: DON WIDMAN. Ripl.y; WARREN WILKENS. Holly Springs; JO ANN WILSON. Inverness; DON WIL- LIAM.SON. Meridian; L RGARET WOODALL. Cofleeville; MARGARET YARBROl ' GH. Indianola; EI- LICEN YOUNG. Teluila; I ' AUL YOL NG. Tupelo; MRS. KAY LEE, Seoul, Korea. P©0 [ 46 ] ... THESE ARE THE FRESHMEN FIRST ROW: LYNN ABERNATHY, Jackson; ELEANOR ABRAHAM, Vicksburg; LARRY ABRAHAM, Clarksdale; DON- ALD ADCOCK, Hattiesburg; GERALD ALLEN, Brandon; JANE LILLY ALLEN, New Orleans, La.; SAMMY ARMOUR, Taylorsville; HANNE AURBAKKEN, Algiers, Algeria. SECOND ROW; GRADY BAILEY, JR., Lexington; JO REE BARNETT, Jackson; NANCY BARNETTE, McComb; CHARLES EDWARD BARRANCO, Greenwood; ROBBIE CLAIRE BELL, Okolona; MARY JO BISHOP, Greenwood; SUE HELEN BLAINE, Hazlehurst; GARY BOONE, Laurel. THIRD ROW: GARY BOUTWELL, Shubuta; TED BRASWELL, Linn; PETER B. BROOKINGS, Bangor, Maine; HAROLD BROOKS, Mendenhall; MARY EDITH BROWN, Meridian; MARY DELORES RUNNER, Greenwood; BETTY JEAN BURGDORFF, Jackson; JERRY L. BURT, McComb. FOURTH ROW: BETTY BUSKIRK, Okolona; ELLA LOU BUTLER, Shuqualak; WALLY CAMPBELL, Jackson; CAROLYN CARL, Jackson; BUD CARNEY, Crystal Springs; BARBARA CARTER, Greenwood; JAN CLARK, Brook- haven; ANITA FAYE COE, Lambert. FIFTH ROW: ROY COLLINS, Jackson; LINDA COOPER, Jackson; NINA COOPER, Corinth; BUNNY COWAN, Jackson; ELEANOR CRABTREE, Jackson; FAITH CRAIG, Prairie; LINDA CRAWFORD, Jackson; JANE CRIS- LER, Port Gibson. [ 47 ] THESE ARE THE FRESHMEN FIHST HOW: BILL CHOSBY. Iiulianola; NINA Cl ' NMNCII AM, M Ciii.iiison; HONALI) DICKKKSON, Jdliiiston Station; M fass Clirislian. SECONO HOW: JOHN ELLIS. Vkkslniri!; RACHEL EVAN ' S, Winona; FAl ' HE, Bay SI. Louis; HOBKHT l-IKLl), Jackson; BE ANN I ' LOUEBS, Jaikson. IIIIHn HOW: LABBY KOBI), Taylorsvilk-; CIIABLIE EBANCIS, J GAMMILL, Jackson; MABTIIA JO C:aBNEB, Etipora; CIECEB. Unri-I; JOHN COHDAY, Jackson. FOl ' KTU HOW: CAYLE GBAIIAM, Wayni-sboro; RYAN GRAYSON, Mo Stonewall; JOHN HALL, Jackson; LUCY HAMBI.IN, J SABAII JO HANHI.rON, Hannrvilic. FIFTH HOW: LINHA HAMPTON, Ark.; DON IIAHBIGILL, EDDIE IIABBIS.; LOU HAVENS, Jackson; Forrest Citv. Ark.; BARBARA HELEN HIMEL, Ldand. . inphis. Tcnn.; PAT DANIEL, Winona; LYNN DABBY. ILDBED DOWLING. Jackson; JANE EDDLE.MAN. DONALD FAULKNER. VickshurK; BYRON P. TTON RT I ELDER. LilM-rly; KURT FELDMANN. Clarksdale; R.. Gunnison; IRENE FRIIKIE, MaKnolia; RUTH ROSEMARY GATEWOOD, Doddsville; EDDIE selle; JEAN GRIFFIN, Greenville; DONALD GRIMES, ackson; MARY STEWART HAMILTON, Greenwood; Brookliavcn; RICHARD HARRIMAN, Bangor, Maine; IGNATIUS B. HAYES, Farinliavcn; ANN HEUSTESS, [ 48 ] ... THESE ARE THE FRESHMEN FIRST ROW: FRANCES HINSON, Sardis; CAROLYN HOPKINS, Jackson; DON HOPKINS, Jackson; MARILYN HOPPER, Paducah, Ky.; REUBEN HOUSTON, Bay Springs; ANN GARROTT HUTCHINS, Inverness; ANN HYMAN, Greenwood; JO ANN IVY, Clarksdale. SECOND ROW: MARY LILLIAN JACKSON, Shaw; LEWIS JERNIGAN, Jackson; JANICE JOHNSON, D ' Lo; BETTY LYNN JONES, Hollandale; CYNTHIA ANN KARER, Laurel; KATHRYN KELLOGG, Starkville; FRANCES KERR, Jackson; KAY KIRSCHENBAUM, Vicksburg. THIRD ROW: WILLFRED E. LACK, Jackson; BETTY JO LAWRENCE, Brandon; JIMMY LOCKHART, Jackson; WILLIAM F. LOTT, Winona; RUTH McALLISTER, New Albany; TOMMY McDAVID, Newbern, Tenn.; ANITRA MATHEWS, McComb; CURVIN MAY, Mendenhall. FOURTH ROW: GEORGE MARS, Philadelphia; DAN MASSIE, Jackson; CLAUDIA MABUS, Drew; CAROL MALONE, Minter City; TOMMY MAYFIELD, Taylorsville; BOB MAYNOR, Jackson; THOMAS MAYS, Clarksdale; LYNN MILES, Memphis, Tenn. FIFTH ROW: JANIS MITCHELL, Corinth; DONALD MOAK, Jackson; BILLY MOLPUS, Philadelphia; SALLY ANN MONTGOMERY, Jackson; LEDA MOON, Meridian; BILL MOONEY, Meridian; JOYCE NEW, Memphis, Tenn.; CHARLOTTE OGDEN, Macon. [ 49 ] ... THESE ARE THE FRESHMEN FIHST HOW: ANN OLIVEK. Jackson; MARY ANN ORNIXJRFF. Jackson SIDNEY OVERSTREET, Uurel. PAT OWEN, Scnatobia; CAROLYN OWENS. Jackson; PATTI PATRICK. Tupelo. SECONO ROW: JANE PEPPER, Picayune; JOHN BURTON PERKINS. Sprint; Ridiii-. MARY JO PERRY. Louin; DON PHILLIPS. Brookhavcn; FAY PREVOST. Boyle; KENNETH PRINCE, Stonewall; MRS. ALTA PRISOCK. Yazoo City; MARVIN PYRON. Indianola. TlllHD ROW: JANE RAMSEY. Greenwood, MARTHA RAY. Meridian; EDWIN REDDING. Jackson; BILL REES. Jackson; ROSE REYNOLDS. Jackson; CHARLES RICKER, Pascagoula; CHARLES RICHARD ROBERSON, India- luila; SUE ROBERTS. Hazletuirst. KOt ' RTH ROW: KEN ROBERTSON. Pascagoula; HENRY L. ROBINSON. Jackson; CURTIS ROGERS. Jackson; ELIZABETH ROGERS. Laurel; JOAN ROGERS. .Moss Point; NELL ROSS. Lcwisburg; TO.M ROYALS, Taylorsville; WADE H. RUSSELL. Kosciusko. FIFTH ROW: BARBARA RUTHERFORD. Jackson; GORDON SAUCIER, Gulfport; JUDY SCALES, Portageville, Mo.; ELLA SCIU ' TT. Jackson; CAROLE SHIELDS. Grenada; NANCY JO SHURDEN, Drew; JOSEPH AUBREY SMITH. Natchez; ROY SMITH. Benton. kmiE [ 50 ] • • -THESE ARE THE FRESHMEN FIRST ROW: SUE SMITH, Leakesville; JANE STANFORD, Oakland; TOMMY STARNES, Jackson; LUCY ANNETTE STEWART, Jackson; BETA STIGLER, Drew; JIMMIE CAROL STILL, Batesville; MARY LEE STUBBLE- FIELD, Yazoo City; ANN STURDIVANT, Tupelo. SECOND ROW: JOHN C. SULLIVAN, Jackson; DON LEE SWILLEY, Brandon; MARGARET SYLVESTER, Jackson; AN- NETTE TARDY, Winona; MILDRED EVELYN THORNTON, Philadelphia; TERYL TINSLEY, Philadelphia; RUTH TOMLINSON, Jackson; JAMES TONEY, Mendenhall. THIRD ROW: JOE ED VARNER, Vicksburg; NELL ROSE VALENTINE, Brookhaven; DOUGLAS WADE, Jackson; MARY ELIZABETH WAITS, Sumrall; CHARLES WALLACE, Jackson; BUDDY WALTERS, Jackson; FRAZIER WARD, Jackson; HAYES WARRINER, Corinth. FOURTH ROW: BILL WATKINS, Jackson; WILLIAM BARNEY WEE MS, Jackson; JAMES GIPSON WELLS, Jackson; BETTY LOUISE WESSON, McComb; JOE WHIT WELL, Senatobia; JIMMY WILCOX, Jackson; ELIZA- BETH ANN WILLEY, Forest; PARHAM WILLIAMS, Belzoni. FIFTH ROW: JAMES R. WILLIAMS, Okolona; KATHERINE YOUNG, Tchula; NANCY McLEOD, Greenwood; BILLY Mc- KINNEY, Jackson; CLAUDIA McMULLEN, Brookhaven; BILLY McMURRY, Jackson; ANTHONY COSTAS, Athens, Greece. [ 51 ] CTIVITIES •PUBLICATIONS •ORGANIZATIONS • HONORARIES STUDENT EXECUTIVE BOARD OFFICERS JIM WAITS President TOMMY FANNING Vice-President ANN MYEHS Secretary BILLY MULLINS Treasurer SEATED: Mullins, Myers; STANDING: Waits, Fonning FIRST ROW: Pillow, Brocoto, Moncrief, Irby, Kennedy, Gorrison; SECOND ROW: Jeter, Edwards, Hayt, Bugg, Long, Myers, Waits, Fanning, Mullins, Lisle, Braswell, Alexander, Frazier, Wheeless. r ' 6 m STUDENT SENATE The Student Executive Board or S.E.B. is composed of the four officers elected by the student body. The Student Senate is composed of representatives elected from the social organizations, dormitories, independent groups. Together the SEE and Senate compose the legislative body for the Millsaps students. This body controls all matters which are delegated to the student body by the Administration and sets the policies for all student body activities in order that they may be conducted for the best interest of the students as a whole and to the college. MARCIA BROCATO ALLEN BUGG CAROLYN EDWARDS TOMMY FANNING JOAN FRAZIER BETTY GARRISON OLA MAE HAYES JAMES IRBY JO ANN IVY MARVIN JETER BILL KENNEDY DON LISLE JOHN LONG MAX MILLER BAILEY MONCRIEF BILLY MULLINS ANN MYERS LUCILE PILLOW JIM WAITS SUSAN WHEELESS THE 1958 BOBASHELA EDDIE WILLIAMS, Editor BILLY GRAHAM, Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Peggy Perry Assistant Editor Tootsie Gammill Class Editor Susan Young Assistant Class Editor Laiirciie Walker _ Activities Editor Elizabeth Ann Clark Features Editor Terry Fiiicher Sports Editor jeannette Ratcliff Greek Editor BilK ' Kerr Photographer Parham Williams, Jimmy Jordan „ Art Editors BUSINESS STAFF Billy Mullins Advertising Manager Robert Abraham Individual Pictures Editor Bill McKell David Boyett Sarah Jones Nancy Neyman MEMBERS Ann Oliver Nell Rose Valentine Carolyn Owens Elizabeth Ann Willey Shirley Stoker Janis Mitchell Myra Felsher Bud Carney MEMBERS Tommy McDavid Charles Jennings Marv Alice White EDITORS SEATED: Perry, STANDING: Clark, Kerr, Fincher, Walker, Gammill Editing an annual can be the greatest achievement or the worst disaster that can happen to a person or a staff. This year the staff of the ' 58 Bobashela ran to both ends of the continuum. Worrying about dead- lines, trying to get pictures, tearing up copy sheets, attending senate investigations — all this has gone into tlie making of this vear ' s annual. For the first time the annual had the beauties of the campus selected through a Beaut}- Review. We set a new record this year in taking student and faculty pictures and also exceeded the advertising. Whatever it ' s been, it ' s been a lot of time, a lot of worrying, and a lot of fun. We hope it ' s what you like because it ' s the story of what you did. SEATED: Graham; STANDING: McKell, Neyman, Stoker, Boyett, Valentine, Mullins, Oliver, Jones, Willey, Abraham BUSINESS STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF SEATED: Fincheo Clark, Walker, Williams, Gommill, Perry, Kerr; STANDING: Carney, P. Williams, Felsher, Young, Mitchell, Jennings, Jordan. THE PURPLE AND WHITE BETTY MILLER, Editor 1957 — Fall FIRST ROW: Miller, Shapley, Nail, Harris, Walker, Wynn, C. Williams; SECOND ROW: Hall, Forlenberry, Ray, Hayes, Bates, Crisler, Cooper, Habeeb, Shearer; THIRD ROW: Boyett, Ratcliff, Graham, Ragsdale, Merrill, Gatewood, Sanders, Reynolds, Sullivan, Mooney, The Purple and White, Millsaps campus newspaper, is designed to supply the college commu- nity with a weekly record of college history. A secondary purpose is to provide an airing ground for current campus views on pertinent topics of college life. The paper was founded by the fifth class of Millsaps College on November 18, 1898, and was called The Collegian. In 1908-09 The Collegian merged into a weekly publication and was renamed in honor of t h e athletic association. Purple and White. DICK BLOUNT, Business Manager SEATED: Causey, BlounI Hardin; STANDING: Bartling, Cunningham, Overstreet, Jeffrey. FIRST ROW: Williams, Shearer, Wolker, Wynn, Hall; SECOND ROW: Crawford, Reynolds, Bates, Cunningham, Matheny, Merrill, Carruth, Hobeeb, White, Tomlinson, Ramsey, Sullivan; THIRD ROW: Wilkins, Scott, Reeves, Rives, Jeanes, McNair; FOURTH ROW: Crisler, Sanders, Lewis, Bugg, Rawson, Hollingsvrorth, Miles, Aust, McKoskel, Mooney, Shields, Mabus. CLYDE WILLIAMS, Editor Spring — 1958 The Purple and White of today serves as a training ground and workshop for journaHsti- cally incHned students. The only requirements for staff membership are a willingness to learn and to work and dependability. The Purple and White, in keeping with policies set up in the first publication in 1898, endeavors to accurately depict a Christian college life to its readers. TOM WELCH, Business Manager FIRST ROW: Welch, Boone, Wesley, land; SECOND ROW: Cooper, Fortenberry, Bush, Farmer. THE MILLSAPS PLAYERS LANCE GOSS, Director The " Cast Party " after the closing night, a leading lady that just broke out in the measles, a crooked mustache — all are t pical ingredients that make up a Millsaps Players Production. Head Chief is Lance Goss, director. Head Every- thing Else (almost) was Claudette Hall, stage manager. While Barbara Webb was searching for that lost eyebrow pencil, Nhiry Sherrod was making last minute costume repairs. Always on top of ladders, twisting wires, and juggling spot lights were Doug Campbell and Kent Prince. The man with the paint brush was Vic Clark. Assistant to e%eryone was Ethyl Shapley who was assisted by Mary Russell Hagsdale. Frantically mail- ing publicity notices while all this was going on was Betty Eakin. The first major production of the season was " Tiger At The Gates, " written by Jean Giraudou.x. It starred Don Lisle as Hector, Mary Ruth Smith as Helen, and Ma.x Miller as Paris. In conjunction with Alpha Psi Omega the Players produced the Workshop, which cf)nsisted of three one-act plays. Kermit Scott directed " In April Once " ; Claudette, " Sorry Wrong Number " ; and Eddie King, " The Torch bearers. " The major spring productions in- cluded " Teahouse of the August Moon " and " Kismet. " Consistently producing first rate plays and bringing favorable attention and publicity to the college, the Millsaps Players has become one of the outstanding college dramatic groups. Bacltslage on opening night — Doug Campbell, Claudette Holl, Vic Clark, and Ethyl Shapley Jimmie Griffis and Max Miller in " In April Once " a rehersal scene for Bunny Cow en, Jack Taylor, Don Lisle, and Melanie Mathews in a scene from " Tiger at the Gates " The Millsaps Players Acting Awards are presented to the boy and girl who are judged to have given the best performances in any one of the major productions. The Junior Acting Award is presented to the boy or girl who gives the best performance in one of the one-act plays. The Jackson Little Theatre Award goes to the student who has done the most outstanding work in the field of production for the year. THE PLAYERS THE MILLSAPS SINGERS MARLEH STONE MIA AUHBAKKEN BOBBY TULLOS __ ... PHESIDENT PRESIDENT BUSINESS MANAGER HOLMES AMBROSE, Director MILLSAPS SINGERS TOUR CHOIR, 1958 Soprano Jeannine Adcock Kay Avers Sue Helen Blaine Nancy Boyd Gwin Breland Malese Brunson Cathy Carlson Elizabeth Ann Clark Brinson Conerly N ' irginia Cowan Amanda Farmer Gayle Graham Betty Miller Charlotte Ogden Carolyn Paine Judy Scales Jeannie Wesley Margaret Yarbrough Tenor Neil Bowman John Case Brack Lange Don Lewis Albert Lovett Charles Ricker John Rush Julian Rush Marler Stone Bobby Tullos Charles Wallace Jon B. Walters Clifton Ware Paul Williams Alto Marcia Brocato Evelyn Godbold Jeannette Lundquist Anitra Mathews Margaret Ann Merrell Bettye Oldham .Mary Ann Omdorff Patricia Patrick Mary Charles Price Jeannette Ratcliff Mary ' Elizabeth Waits Haves Warriner Bass Richard Alderson John Ba.xter Da id Carlson Frank Carney Kurt Feldman William Lampkin John Potter John Rawson Edwin Redding Wayne Sherman Judson Smith Donald Triplett David Weaver Thomas Welch Ronald Willoughby pw RICHARD FAIRBANKS, Director FIRST ROW: Betty Miller, Margaret Yarbrough, Marcia Brotato; SECOND ROW: Charlott Ogden, Amanda -Farmer, Mary Ann Orndorff, Jeanette Ratcliff, Mary Charles Price, Mary lou Stringer; THIRD ROW: Richard Alderson, Judson Smith, Bobby Tullos, Neil Bowmon, Buddy Walters, David Weaver, Tom Welch. MADRIGAL SINGERS The Millsaps Singers is the college chorus interested in and are proficient in singing. It gals are a selected group of singers directed provide the music for the Chapel period and major productions during the fall semester are Each spring the Tour Choir serves as the College. They are heard, seen, and enjoyed by tion. The tour not only provides the College for the students. composed of men and women students who are is directed by Holmes Ambrose. The Madri- by Richard Fairbanks. On Campus, the Singers entertain the community with concerts. Two are the " Messiah " and the " Feast of Carols. " travelling public relations department for the more people than any other campus organiza- favorable publicity, but also serves as a reward Combined choruses of Millsaps and Murrah High School at the annual presentation of the " Messiah " iQ-rHj f r - . ' Jj fN% rv 01] f f " h ' « ' s ' iiMt. ' U " ' - ' 11 J. Mi » A. THE MILLSAPS BAND The Vlillsaps Haiul, now iiiiilrr tin direction of Mr. Fretl Purser, lias continued to row and improve. It has become an integral part of the collejje community, contrihutinii its complete I ' fforts to the betterment and the I ' xcellenci- of the colli ' He. Throu liout the year it has shown its co-operativeness and its versatility. Besides performing at all the home football nami ' s. the band journeyed to liirmin ham for the Howard i;ame and to .Memphis for the Southwestern jjame. bi Hirminiiham the band put on such a halftime show that the Mirmin ham papers ijavc it a front page excKisive writeup. The Millsaps band also contributes its talents to the campus in the Christmas Concert and Chapel programs. Through its services it helps to build the well rounded college student. MR. FRED PURSER Director r o -. r .4 %. LUCILE PILLOW Drum Major The band, through its marching efforts, its concert performances, its con- tribution to the campus, gives to Millsaps a well rounded program of enjoyment and education. Any member of the band can tell you of the fun in belonging. SEATED: Jordon, Wadiworrti, Willoughby, Ward Mr. Mardin, Clark. -ill STANDING: Dr. W h i f •, OFFICERS RONALD WILLOUGIIRY Editor GLENDA WADSWORTH Assistant Editor RERT WARD Manager JIMMY JORDAN Cover Artist VIC CLARK Art Consultant FACULTY ADVISORS The English Department STYLUS The best literary efforts of the students are published in Stylus, the literary magazine of Millsaps College, which is published bi-annually. It contains poems, short-stories, and essays of the students which are selected by the staff. DEBATE CLUB The Debate Club is composed of students interested in forensics. This group along with Pi Kappa Delta forms the Millsaps Debate Team and sponsors the Millsaps Invitational Debate Tournament. SEATED: Williams, Felsher, Rives . . . STANDING: Tonkel, Hays, New, Mr. Boyd. OFFICERS JON ED WILLIAMS President WELRORN RIVES Vice President MYRA FELSHER Secretary I ff . ri SEATED: Stocks, Jones, Hendee, Scales, Scott, Mr. Guest STANDING: 1st row: Young, Carlson, Walker, Kirshenbaum, Lancaster, Anderson, Paine, Ivy, Prescott. 2nd row: Williams, Hackman, Harris, Bishop, Milton, Deterly, Feldmann, Black. GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS PETER STOCKS President HOWARD JONES Vice President BILL HENDEE Vice President JUDY SCALES KERMIT SCOTT Secretary Treasurer The German Club was organized this year under the direction of Dr. Guest. It is composed of all students enrolled in German courses and interested in participating. WOMEN ' S COUNCIL The Women ' s Council is a self-governing organization of residents of women ' s dormitories. This body, working with the Dean of Women, makes and enforces the regulations governing the women students on campus. Its membership is composed of representatives from each dormitory and each of the women ' s social organizations. SEATED: Trapp, Wixon, Mrs. Hederi, Nail, Roberts. STANDING: 1st row: Ellis, Thorne, Sherrod, Moon, Graham, Way, Gray. 2nd row: Randall, Braaten, Cunningham, Waits, Godbold, Anderson. OFFICERS BETTY GAIL TRAPP President EDNA WIXON Vice President BOBBIE JEAN POTTS Secretary-Treasurer MISS MILDRED MOREHEAD MRS. K. E. HEDERI Advisors OFFICERS JOHN DRYSDALE President TOMMY FANNING Vice President ALLAN WALKER Secretary MIA AURBAKKEN Treasurer MR. R. E. BERCMARK FucultN ' Advisor SEATED: Dryidale, Fanning, Walker, Mr, Bergmark, Aurbokken, Tropp, Gorst; STANDING: Gatewood, Tidwell, Pujo. CHRISTIAN COUNCIL The Millsaps Christian Council is the student group which plans and co-ordinates the campus-wide religious activities on an interdenominational 1 e v e 1, in co-operation with the Director of Religious Life. The members are the elected representatives of their groups. A- mong its many functions, the Christian Council sponsors Religious Emphasis Week and is re- sponsible for the programs of the J. Lloyd Decell Lectureship. WOMEN CHRISTIAN WORKERS WCW is an organization primarily for girls interested in vocations of a religious n a tu r e. The WCW provides opportunity for participation in service projects on and off the campus. Af- filiation with this group offers fellowship, guidance, service, and inspiration. FIRST ROW: Allen, Goodwin, Brocalo, Etheridge, Aurbokken, Godbold, Mrs. Priddy; SECOND ROW: Mitjelllotou, Eokin, Craig, Malone, Taylor, Werby, Jane Taylor; THIRD ROW: Ro»$, Woy, Hampton, Heustess, Jackson. OFFICERS CAROLYN ALLEN President JO ANNE GOODWIN Vice President MARCIA BROCATO Secretary SHIRLEY ETHERIDGE Treasurer EVELYN GODBOLD Publicity MIA AURBAKKEN Representative MRS. R. R. PRIDDY Facultv Advisor OFFICERS BETTY GAIL TRAPP Preside nt KATHRYN SHEAFFER Vice President ETHEL SHAPLEY Secretary MARILYN BATES JANE ELLIS Treasurer Publicity MARGARET EWING CLARA SMITH EDNA McSHANE SHIRLEY STOKER Commission Chairmen MRS. K. E. HEDERI Advisor FIRST ROW: Trapp, Sheaffer, Bates, Smith, McShane, Stoker, Ewing; SECOND ROW: Ellis Cooper, Ogden, Graham, Moon, Bunner, Brown, Craig, Molone; THIRD ROW: Jumper, New, Hooper, Long, Coughmon, Crcbtree, Patrick. YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The YWCA is an organization committed to Christian ideals and high standards. The mem- bers of " Y " meet twice a month for a program of fellowship, worship, study, and action projects. In addition to co-operating with Christian Council in the religious program of t h e campus, " Y " publishes the Student Handbook each fall, sponsors Faculty Waiter Night, and participates in projects for World University Service. MINISTERIAL LEAGUE The Ministerial League is an organization open to all pre-ministerial students. Through its programs and meetings it helps the students to grow in their spiritual and religious life. It has mission points throughout the city which are visited weekly. Through such service the students help others and gain valuable experience for their future work. FIRST ROW: Wildmon, Scorbrough, Young, Lompkin, Nicholson, Lewis, Mooney, Thompson, Boyett, Winsteod, Felder, Bailey, Carlson, Willioms, Aust; SECOND ROW: Gatewood, Tonkel, Sherman, Johnston, Drysdate, Griffis, Braswell, Stanford, Rush, Parke. OFFICERS ROGER THOMPSON President DON LEWIS Vice President ARNOLD STANFORD Secretary PAUL YOUNG Treasurer JOHN SHARP GATEWOOD Christian Council Representative REV. BOB ANDING Faculty Advisor T FIRST ROW; Froiier, Bartling, Corgill, Pillow, Garjt; SECOND ROW: Triplett, Kellogg, Crisler, Rogsrs, Domare, Korer, Hymon, Day, Cole, Graham. WESTMINSTER OFFICERS LYNETT GARST President LUCILLE PILLOW BETTY BARTLING DOT CARGILL Vice President JOAN FRAZIER Secretary -Treasurer Westminster Fellowship is the organization for Presbyterian college students. It is pur- posed as a connecting point of the church and school. Westminster meets weekly for devotion- al periods and fellowship. CANTERBURY CLUB Canterbury Club is designed to maintain unity and promote fellowship and growth among those who are interested in the Episcopal Church. Among the projects sponsored by Canterbury Club were a Christmas party at the Old Men ' s Home, the collecting of books for the Okolona College library, and Litany services each week during Lent. The members of Canterbury Club serve as acolytes, Sunday School teachers, and choir members in the Jackson parishes. OFFICERS JULIA ANNE BECKES President CONRAD STIETENROTH Vice President TIM LEONARD JOHN KENNEY Secretary Treasurer ALLAN WALKER C. C. Representative FIRST ROW: Beckes, Stietenrolh, Walker, Kenney, Overstreet, Rev. Saul; SECOND ROW: Salisbury, Young, Tomlinson, Guice, Gray, Lotterhos, Hobeeb; THIRD ROW: Ward, Copeland, Tomlinson, Millsap, Kelly, Gilliland. Mullen. WESLEY FELLOWSHIP Wesley Fellowship is the campus organization for the Methodist students and is the campus unit of the Methoflist Student Movement. Wesley meets weekly and provides programs that are both educational and inspirational. One of the highlights of the year was the attendance of ten of the members at the Sixth Quadrennial National Methodist Student Conference, Lawrence, Kansas. Christmas was highlighted by the sponsoring of a campuswide caroling party which went to the Methodist Children ' s Home and the Baptist Orphanage. Group singing in auditorium OFFICERS JOHN DRYSDALE President BETTY GAIL TRAPP Vice President GAY PIPER Secretary BILL MULLINS Treasurer JULIAN RUSH Program Director DR. GEORGE MADDOX Faculty Advisor OFFICERS MARGARET COOCH President IIUCII TIDWELL Vice President DONALD ADCOCK Secretary-Treasurer SEATED: Gooch, TIdwell, Adcock; STANDING: Bean, McKnight, Gray, Smith, Oldham. DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP CJrowiiig experience througli worship, study, service, and fellowship is offered for student ineinhers of the Christian Church by the Disciples Student Fellowship. Activities include ser- vice projects, socials, and conferences. Opportunities are provided for participation in the pro- gram of the Christian Church and for Christian witness on the campus. This is the Disciples Student Fellowship ' s first year as an organization represented on the Millsaps College Christian Council. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION T h V Baptist Student Union is a campus organization composed of t h e Baptist college students. This organization serves as the connecting link between the church and the student. Through its weekly meetings, the B. S. U. attempts to encourage the spiritual growth of Baptist college students and to challenge them to better Christian living. Each Christmas it sponsors a party at the Old Ladies ' Home; the annual State B. S. U. Convention is the high- light of the year. FIRST ROW: Clark, Epting, Caughmon, Lundquist, Jeter, Fanning; SECOND ROW: Collums, Sandersan, Garrison, Brunson, Blue, Ogden, Pepper, Wallace, Hartley, Stubblefied, Dunshee; THIRD ROW: Stoker, Carl, Land, Jones, Fridge, Reeves, Cooper, Barksdale, Oliver, Stigler. OFFICERS TOMMY FANNIN President MARVIN JETER Vice President JEANETTE LUNDQUIST Vice President MARY CAROL CAUGHMAN Vice President FRANZ EPTING Secretary H O N O R A R I E S OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS JIM WAITS - President JOHN STONE - Vice President DH. HOSS MOORE Secretary Omicron Delta Kappa is a men ' s leadership versifies. It recognizes leadership in five areas: Helijiioiis Croups; Athletics; Pnhlications; and in Omicron Delta Kappa is a distinct honor. Pi Circle at Millsaps brings together those m terested in campus activities, together with a li plan for the h( tterment of the college. Each a scholarship trophy to the social groups havin of Omicron Delta Kappa discuss matters of inter stration in an effort to bring about a better cam need arises. society with circles in principal colleges and uni- Scholarship; Student Government; Social and Speech, Music, and Dramatic Arts. Membership embers of the student body and faculty most in- mited number of alumni and supporters who semester ODK sponsors Tap Day. It also awards g the highest average each semester. Members est and concern to the student body and admini- pus community. Projects are initiated as the John Ba.xter Dick Blount Hilly Craham Kermit Scott John Stone Keith Tonkel Bobby Tullos Jim Waits iEddie Williams Jon Ed Williams MEMBERS Faculty: Alumni: President H. E. Finger Rev. David Mcintosh Dr. J. S. Ferguson Mr. R. L. Phillips Dr. Ross H. Moore Mr. J. W. Wood SEATED; Dr. Moore, Stone, Walts. STANDING: Mr. Wood, Graham, Tonkel, J. Williams, Blount, Dr. Finger, Phillips, Dr. Ferguson, Baxter, E. Williams. SIGMA LAMBDA OFFICERS Betty Gail Trapp President Ann Myers Vice-President Hazel Truluck Secretary-Treasurer Edna Wixon Historian Sigma Lambda, the companion organization of Omicron Delta Kappa, is a leadership honor societv ' for women. It represents the ultimate in achievement for women students at Millsaps, recognizing outstanding accomplishments in scholarship, leadership, and cam- pus activities. This year Sigma Lambda plans an all campus dance in order to raise money to put fine china in the Millsaps private dining room. In addition, Sigma Lambda acts as hos- tess to many campus functions, serving coffee and donuts. Kaisa Braaten Betty Miller Ann Myers Gay Piper Betty Gail Trapp MEMBERS Hazel Truluck Glenda Wadsworth Laurene Walker Edna Wixon Pat Wynn Elizabeth Craig Mildred Morehead Mrs. H. E. Finger, Jr. SEATED: Trapp, Myers, Truluck. STANDING: Wynn, Miss Morehead, Piper, Miller, Wadsworth, Walker, Wixon, Braaten, Miss Craig. SEATED: Myers, Trapp, Miller, Wadsworth, Wixon, Truluck . . . STANDING: Rushing, Ward, Fanning, Tonkel, Boxter, BlounI, Hood, Ford, Vaughn, Williams, Walts. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Each year the f acuity selects members of the student body for membership into " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. " These students are selected on the basis of their outstanding contributions and achievements in all phases of student activities. These students represent Millsaps in the national " Who ' s Who " directory. John Baxter Dick Blount Tommy Fanning Jonah Ford James Ford MEMBERS Hetty Miller Ann M ers Cliff Rushing Keith Tonkel Betty Gail Trapp Hazel Truluck James Vaughn Gleiida Wadsworth Jim Waits Bert Ward Eddie Williams Edna Wixon [ 76 ] OFFICERS LEONARD JORDAN Secretary SEATED: Dr. White, Jordan, Mr. Hordin . . . STANDING: Willoughby, Kerr, Stone KIT KAT KIT KAT one of the oldest and most exclusive honoraries on the campus encourages creative writing and excellence in the literary arts. KIT KAT members make outstand- ing contributions to Stylus and to the Southern Literary Festival. CHI DELTA Chi Delta the sister organization of Kit Kat, is the woman ' s creative writing honorary. It recognizes outstanding achievement in all fields of creative writing, including journal- ism, and honors women students who have shown a genuine interest in literary fields. Like Kit Kat, members of Chi Delta are contributors to Stylus and The Southern Literarv Festival. Truluck, Wadsworth, Shapely, Pryor, Miller, Hutchins OFFICERS HAZEL TRULUCK President GLENDA WADSWORTH Vice-President ETHEL SHAPELEY Secretary -Treasurer OFFICERS ANN MYERS President KEITH TONKEL Vice-President LACY CAUSEY Secretary-Treasurer SEATED: Dr. Wallace, Myers, Causey . . . STANDING: Lisle, Boyd, Tonkel PI KAPPA DELTA I ' l kappa Delta is the national Honorary Forensic Societ ' . The purpose ,of this orga- nization is to stimulate progress in and to further the interests of intercollegiate speech activities. Each year the Millsaps chapter of Pi Kappa Delta sponsors the Millsaps Debate Tournament, one of the largest and finest Tournaments in the South. ETA SIGMA Eta Sigma recognizes outstanding ability and achievement in the realm of scholarship. To be eligible for membership a student m ust be at least a first semester junior and must have maintained an overall 2.6 point index during his college career. SEATED: Stone, Miller, Thorne, Groy, Dean Ferguson . . . STANDING: Toft, Brooten, Broun, Bolgord JOHN STONE President OFFICERS EDDIE WILLIAMS President AUBREY J. FORD Vice President LAURENE WALKER Secretary DON TAFT Treasurer FIRST ROW: Williams, Walker, Toft, Dr. Hamilton, Paine, Brooks . . . SECOND ROW: Dixon, Henderson, Broun, Willoughby, Thomas. Vauglian, Sherrod, Yarbrough, Perry. ETA SIGMA PHI The object of Eta Sigma Phi is to develop and promote generally, an interest in classical study and in the history, art, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. Its membership is composed of those who have shown such an interest and have excelled in the knowledge of the classics. It has established the Alfred Porter Hamilton Award, which is presented to the most outstanding student of Latin at Murrah High School. Traditional is its annual Roman Banquet. PI DELTA PHI Pi Delta Phi is a national fraternity recognizing those students who have excelled in the study of French and was organized on the Millsaps Campus last spring. SEATED: Miss Craig, Wadsworth, Ward, Aurbakken ... STANDING: Dr. Sanders, Mrs. Eielle Farror, Mitjelliotou OFFICERS GLENDA WADSWORTH President BERT WARD Vice President MIA AURBAKKEN Secretary SEATED: Dr. James, Baxter, Garrison, Bryan, Dowling, Caplenor . . . STANDING: Braaten, Mabry, Lee, Champion, O ' Neil, Eldridge, Wall, Balgord, Thorne OFFICERS JOHN BAXTER President BETTY GARRISON Vice President FRANCES BRYAN Secretary FRED DOWLING EDNA WIXON DR. F. W. JAMES MR. S. R. KNOX Treasurer Reporter Advisors THETA NU SIGMA Theta Nif Sigma recognizes excellence in scholarship and leadership among science students and promotes interest in natural and mathematical sciences. §everal of the pro- jects that Theta Nu Sigma has taken on are helping to promote and sponsor science fairs in the Jackson area, displaying on its bulletin board in Sullivan-Harrell diagrams of certain important and interesting industrial reactions, conducting occasional open meetings which deal with some scientific subject for those who are interested, and setting up and adding to each year a memorial book collection in remembrance of Luke Wasson. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Alpha Epsilon Delta, the national honorary pre-medical fraternity, promotes the interests of its members and bridges the gap between pre-medical and medical schools. Leadership, scholarship, expertness, character, and personalit ' are considered in those students ac- cepted for membership. A yearly project of A. E. D. is to make the State X-Ray unit available on the campus. SEATED: McKell, Stone, Word, Price, Hardin, Toft . . . SECOND ROW: McQueen, Smith, Blanton, Miller, Nash, Blount, Pool, Younger, Dr. Caplenor . . . THIRD ROW: Carlson, Dr. James, Jeter, Cain, House, Wimberly, Noblin, Walker, Wesson OFFICERS JOHN STONE President BILL HARDIN Vice President BILL McKELL DON TAFT Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS DICK BLOUNT President DAVID BOYETT Vice President DAVID CARLSON Secretary-Treasurer SEATED: Blount, Boyett, Carlson, McKnight, Alston . . . STANDING: Stone, Thompson, Jennings, Gatewood, Bugg, Weaver ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega is the national ser ' ice fraternity for men students and faculty who have formerly been connected with the World Brotherhood of Boy Scouting. Alpha Phi Omega helps compile the Student Directory and sponsors the Book Exchange between each semester which provides an inexpensi e outlet for the sale and purchase of used textbooks. PSI DELTA CHI Psi Delta Chi is composed of all students majoring in or interested in psychology. It is unique in the fact that those who have not obtained honorary status are welcomed as associate members. Honorary status may be obtained by those majoring in psychology, and having a two point average in psychology and a 1.5 overall. SEATED: King, Braoten, Sylvester, Epting, Rainey, Garst . . . STANDING: Atkinson, Casey, Carlson, Hall, Griffis, Porter, Hamblin, Domare, Elliot, M. Sylvester, Montgomery OFFICERS LYNETT GARST President BILLY RAINEY Vice President JEANETTE SYLVESTER Secretary FRANZ EPTING Treasurer OFFICERS MAY MILLER President JJETTY EAKIN Vice President JUNE SHOEMAKER Secretary EDNA WLXON Treasurer SEATED: Trapp, Shoemoker, Eakin, Crawford, Miller, Casey, Gill, Wixon . . . STANDING: Ewing, King, Roberts, Travis, Dr. Haynes, Mrs. Haynes, L. Ewing, Perry, Collins, Jones, Collums KAPPA DELTA EPSILON Kappa Delta Epsilon is a professional education honorary. It is organized to promote the cause of education by fostering a spirit of fellowship, high standards of scholastic attainment and professional ideals among its members. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club is composed of students who have shown special interest and ability in the fields of history and political science. Each year I. R. C. sponsors open forums on timely subjects of international importance. OFFICERS BERT WARD GAY PIPER President Vice President JOYCE NALL Secretary FIRST ROW: Ward, Piper, Noll, Flint, Broun, Myers . . . SECOND ROW: Dr. Moore, Waits, Jordan, Dr. McWhiney, McDonald, Mr. Bergmark, Dr. Manley . . . THIRD ROW: Patterson, Alston, Horrls, King, Scott, Tomlinson OFFICERS CLAUDETTE HALL President EDDIE KING Vice President MARY SHERROD Secretary-Treasurer SEATED: Hall, King, Sherrod, Epting, Braaten, Bradley . . . STANDING: Eakin, Webb, Ragsdale, Willoughby, Campbell, Blount, R. Hall, Shopely, Truluck, Bower ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega, National honorary dramatic fraternity, recognizes outstanding interest, abihty, and participation in all phases of dramatic arts. Under the direction of Lance Goss, Alpha Psi Omega is co-sponsor each year with the Mill saps Players for all major productions and the student-directed one act plays. Mary Ruth Smith and Max Miller as Helen and Paris in " Tiger at the Gates " Mary Russell Ragsdale in the rehearsal of " Sorry Wrong Number " Don Lisle as Hector in " Tiger at the Gates " FIRST ROW — Wixon, Jones, Tropp, Sain, Noll, Anderson; SECOND ROW — Smith, Thorne, Ratcliff, Ewing, Broun, Holl, Jeffrey, Stanton, Garst, Walker, Roberts; THIRD ROW — Allen, Wheeless, Bradley, Piper, Wynn, Muggins, Turner, Casey, Neyman MAJORETTE CLUB Members of the Majorette Club are those girls who have shown special skills in the field of athletics by participation in three sports and who possess the ideals of good fellowship and sports- manship. It is the duty of the club to provide and promote a variety of activities for the wo- men ' s intramural program, such as volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis, and softball. Stunt night is a project sponsored annually by the club. All social groups are extended an in itation to participate in this activity for which the winners are awarded the " Bucket. " The proceeds are used to provide needed athletic equipment, furnishings, or supplies on the col- lege campus. Girls ' intramural basketball in action OFFICERS EDNA WIXON President SARAH JONES Vice President BETTY GAIL TRAPP Sec.-Treas. MISS JEAN SAIN Advisor Pictured are some of the honoraries showing off their wares for the freshmen during Orienta- tion Week. The honorary fraternities at Millsaps provide an opportunity for increased fellowship among those excelling in a common field and promote worthwhile endeavors on the college campus. High scholarship, leadership, and participa- tion are some of the basic requirements of each. EATURES HONORS BEAUTIES FAVORITES ' mfot Jim l ' l aitd (U ettu K ai n, utndon Ita iKeid i anceS (fDriian nirleu J abeeb f n cJLiiilan l- vedle ¥ r mCf ' p " ■ v. ' ..s,«,, , X ' W-p- H , ■ r FIRST ROW: Lond Hoys, Garrison, Presley, Hobeeb; SECOND ROW: Aurbokken, Ewing, Brocoto, Jones, Nelson, Stanton, Fetder. OUR BEAUTIES ARE: Ruth Land Mary Ann Hays Rett} ' Garrison Lillian Presley Shirley Habeeb Tita Reid Lynett Garst Peggy Perry Ruth Gammill Frances Rryan Mia Aurbakken Margaret Ewing Marcia Brocato Teenie Jones Sandra Stanton Jacquelyn Felder Mary Russell Ragsdale Kaisa Braaten Ida Lou Nelson Mar ' Nell Roberts Edna Wixon Jeanette Sylvester Cora Phillips Eleanor Abraham Margaret Sylvester i i»»«i «j « «M - " " " FIRST ROW: Reid, Garst, Perry, Gammill, Bryan; SECOND ROW: Ragsdale, Roberts, Braaten, Wix J. Sylvester, Phillips, Abrohaiti. The Beauties were presented at a Beauty Parade sponsored by the Panhellenic Council and the Inter-Fraternity Council. Three judges met the girls at an informal coffee in the afternoon and saw them again as they were presented on stage that evening. From these twenty-five girls five were selected to be featured in the Bobashela. Their pictures were sent to John Robert Powers who then ranked the five. Aohn L one i lancu I U yyur ' f f euntan i auonle6 Iti ' " fkK. Aallan fSudk W $i ' X%. . y nn fllmerd «mim r r " Aonn narp Ljatewood Soudan 1 Uneeie56 ommu annina 3 ai opc lied f ' ■ »• Sandra Stanton ip et ; c ?;v ' - " ' ,r ' . »««»!., REEKS SORORITIES INDEPENDENTS FRATERNITIES ■in- 4K. ' ff-s Members seoted from left to right: Billy Walker, Alex Alston, Jon Ed Williams; standing from left to right: Don Lisle, Ed McKoskel, Tommy Fanning, Woods Covett, Bill Mardin. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS — 1957 President Vice President Secretary Treasurer ... ALEX ALSTON BILLY WALKER .... BILL HARDIN JON ED WILLIAMS MEMBERS: KAPPA ALPHA: Jon Ed Williams, Tommv Fanning KAPPA SIGMA: Alex Alston, Woods Cavett LAMBDA CHI ALPHA: Billv Walker, Ed McKaskel PI KAPPA ALPHA: Bill Hardin, Don Lisle Two representatives from each of the four fraternities comprise the membership of the Inter- Fraternit) ' Council. The three offices of this organization rotate among the four fraternities. The Inter-Fraternity Council establishes and enforces rules concerning fraternit ' rushing, pledging and initiation. Rush Week is under the direct super ision of the IFC. This year IFC joined with the Pan-Hellenic Council in sponsoring the Beauty Review. [ 104 ] PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS President GAY PIPER Vice President JEANNETTE RATCLIFF Secretary PAT WYNN Treasurer LAURENE WALKER MEMBERS: BETA SIGMA OMICRON: Pat Wynn, Ann Brooks CHI OMEGA: Jeannette Ratcliff, Susan Wheeless KAPPA DELTA: Laurene Walker, Charlene Welch PHI MU: Gay Piper, Peggy Perry The membership of Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of the Presidents and Rush Chairmen of the four sororities. The four offices of this organization rotate among the four sororities. Like the Inter-Fraternity Council, Pan-Hellenic Council makes and enforces the national Pan- Hellenic rules concerning rushing, pledging, and initiations. Rush Week during the Fall Semes- ter is their major project of the year. Other projects are sponsoring a foster child and this year ' s new addition, in cooperation with IFC, the Millsaps Beauty Review. Members seated left to right: Jeannette Ratcliff, Miss Mildred Morehead, Gay Piper — Presidents- standing left to right: Laurene Walker, Peggy Perry, Ann Brooks, Susan Wheeless, Charlene Welch, Pot Wynn. BETA SIGMA OMIRON PAT WYNN President, 1957 Nationally Founded: University of Missouri December 12, 1888 Locally Founded: September 1, 1926 OFFICERS PAT WYNN President CAROL BROUN Vice President MARGIE KING Recording Secretary CAROLYN ALLEN Treasurer COLORS: Ruby and Pink FLOWER: Richmond and Kilarney Rose PUBLICATION: " The Urn " Aurbakken — MOTIVE Editor and Secretary of Pi Delta Phi — Brocato contributes to STYLUS — also BSO rep. to SS — Presley is one of 5 top beauties — Broun tapped by IRC, Eta Sigma, Majorette Club — Aurbakken (Mia) Treas. of Christian Council, Sec. of Singers — Brocato in Madrigal Singers — Furr in Majorette Club and Girls ' Sports Editor of P W, Players — Aurbakken (Hanna) Plavers Workshop Production — Wynn in Sigma Lambda, So- ciety Ed. P W — King, in KDE — Allen in Majorette Club, receives National Bernadin Award, Pres. of W. C. W., P W staff — Malone on P W staff — Travis in Majorette Club, Allen too — Daniel, Taylor, Carlson, Brocato, Broun, Malone, Wynn and Aurbakken (Mia) in Millsaps Singers. [ 106 ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER FIRST ROW: Carolyn Allen, Else Marie Aurbokken, Hanna B. Aurbakken, Joe Ree Barnett, Morcla Brocato, Anne Brooks . . . SECOND ROW: Carol Broun, Cathy Carlson, Faith Craig, Patricia Daniels, Rosemary Flint, Ann Flowers . . . THIRD ROW: Irene Fridge, Frances Furr, Sarah Jo Hamilton, Margie King, Carol Malone, Nell Millet . . . FOURTH ROW: Lillian Presley, Mary Nell Roberts, Jean Roten, Jewel Taylor, Jane Travis, Pot Wynn. [ 107 ] CHI OMEGA JEANETTE RATCLIFF President, 1957 OFFICERS Nationally Founded: University of Arkansas April 5, 1895 Locally Founded: March 31, 1934 JEANNETTE RATCLIFF President FRANCES BRYAN Vice President SUSAN WHEELESS Secretary HELEN THORNE Treasurer COLORS: Cardinal and Straw FLOWER: White Carnation PUBLICATION: " The Eleusis " Betty Gail Trapp chosen Miss Millsaps; Wheeless and Stanton elected Favorites; Bryan named as one of top five beauties — Chi O ' s win 2nd semester Scholarship Trophy — placed 3rd in float competition in Homecoming — Stanton Homecoming Maid for second year — Chi O ' s won volley ball trophy in Intramurals • — Trapp and Miller named to Who ' s Who — Beckes elected Sec. of Junior Class and Pres. of Canterbury Club — Huggins, Stanton, Wheeless, Price, Ratcliff and Garst tapped to Majorette Club — Trapp Pres. of Sigma Lambda, Woman ' s Coun- cil and YWCA — Miller Editor of P W, tapped by Sigma Lambda and Eta Sigma — Garst Pres. of Psi Delta Chi, and Westminster — Psi Delta Chi taps Mary Frances Montgomery — Pi Delta Phi taps Kay Farrar — Thorne tapped by Theta Nu Sigma — Walker Sec. of Christian Council — Eta Sigma taps Farrar, Gray and Thorne — Price, Ratcliff, Miller, Stringer are in Madrigal Singers ' — Mary Ruth Smith plays Helen in " Tiger " — Graham plays in " Tiger " — Tardy and Lingle are Majorettes and in the Band — Bartling, Gray, Cunningham and Graham on Woman ' s Council — Ratcliff on BOBASHELA and P W staffs — Miller and Graham have articles in STYLUS. [ 108 ] CHI DELTA CHAPTER FIRST ROW: Pansy Barksdale, Betty Bortling, Julie Ann Beckes, Brunson, Judy Campbell, Dot Cargill . . . SECOND ROW: Sue Linda Cooper, Nina Cooper, Eleanor Crabtree, Nina Cunning Farrar, Judith Forbes, Betty Bell Ford, Larry Ford, Ann Foster, Isabel Gray, Julie Gray, Sybil Hester, Patsy Hilton, Sandra Hu Lotterhos, Mary Semmes Luckett . . . FIFTH ROW: Barbara gomery. Sue Mozingo, Ida Lou Nelson, Ann Oliver, Sydney Ov Sharp Price, Jeannette Ratcliff, Martha Roy, Sue Belle Roberts, Smith, Sandra Stanton, Mary Lou Stringer . . . SEVENTH ROW: Thorne, Betty Gail Trapp, Allan Walker, Hayes Warriner, Su Willete Wilkins. Bettye Blue, Virginia Alice Bookhort, Frances Bryan, Malese Carter, Mary Carol Coughman, Kay Collums, Elizabeth Cook, horn, Sollie Anne Dement . . . THIRD ROW; Gail Edwards, Kay Lynett Garst, Helen Gillis, Gayle Graham . . . FOURTH ROW: ggins, BIythe Jeffrey, Pat Lawrence, Mariella Lingle, Ary Jane McDougal, Betty Miller, Janis Mitchell, Mary Frances Mont- erstreet, Potti Patrick, Ann Porter . . . SIXTH ROW: Jean Elizabeth Rogers, Kothryn Sheaffer, Suanna Smith, Mary Ruth Ann Sturdivont, Annette Tardy, Sandra Thompson, Helen son Wheeless, Karolyn Long, Mary Charles Price. Not Pictured: [ 109 ] KAPPA DELTA Nationally Founded: Longwood College October 23, 1897 Locally Founded: September 26, 1914 LAURENE WALKER President, 1957 OFFICERS LAURENE WALKER President RUTH LAND Vice President COLORS: Green and White JOYCE NALL ........: Secretary FLOWER: White Rose MARGARET YARBOROUGH Treasurer PUBLICATION: " Angelos " BEVERLY HAMLIN Editor CHARLENE WELCH Mem. Chairman KD ' s win first place in Homecoming Float competition — Neyman re-elected Cheerleader, is Fa orite, Homecoming Queen, Business staff of Bobashela, on Union Policy Comm. — Ann Myers selected to Who ' s Who, Fa orite, Secretar - of Student Body, Vice Pres. of Sigma Lambda, Pres. of Pi Kappa Delta, Political Science Assistant — Judy Scales Freshman Day Queen, Secretary of German Club — May Miller, Pres. of KDE, Education assistant — Hazel Truluck Jackson, Chi Delta prexy. Who ' s Who, Sec.-Treas. Sigma Lambda, English asst. — asst. Director " Tiger " — Walker tapped to Sigma Lambda, Activities Editor of Bobashela, Sec. Eta Sigma Phi, Panliellenic Treasurer, Eng. Asst. — Jones, VP Majorette Club KDE, Bobashela staff — Myra Felsher, Debater — Young, Bobashela staff, Tootsie Gammil l, Class Ed. Bobashela, Elizabeth Ann Clark Feature Ed. Bobashela — Land ' s selection in St) ' lus — Pillow SS, Driun Majorette, Moore and Hamilton, Majorettes — Farmer and Ogden in Madrigal Singers — Ewing in ten finalists in Maid of Cotton Contest, second alternate in Miss Hospitality, KDE — Nail, Sec. IRC, P W Copy Ed. — Bradley in Alpha Psi Omega — Cowan cast as Andromeche; Mathews cast as Cassandra in " Tiger " — Ogden, Dribben, Hamilton, Carter, Ramsey, Allen, Pil- low, Moore in Band — Dribben, Sec. of Soph. Class, acti e in SS work. [ 110 ] MU CHAPTER FIRST ROW: Jane Allen, Sue Helen Blaine, Nancy Boyd, Patti Ann Clark . . . SECOND ROW: Bunny Cowan, Mary Grace C Everitt, Margaret Ewing, Amanda Farmer , . . THIRD ROW Lucy Hcmblin, Frances Henderson, Bettye Anne Hamilton, Mary Ann Garrott Hutch ins, Janice Johnson, Betty Lynn Jones, Teen ROW: Jeanette Lundquist, Melanie Matthews, May Miller, Bil Ogden . . . SIXTH ROW: Bettye Oldham, Pam Olmsted, Lucile Reynolds, Cyn Robertson, Wilmo Sanderson . . . SEVENTH ROW: Hazel Truluck, Laurene Walker, Chorlene Welch, Margaret Yo Bradley, Ann Burke, Linda Carruth, Barbara Carter, Elizabeth ox, Lynn Darby, Doris Kay Dickers© n, Betty Dribben, Elaine Myra Felsher, Tootsie Gammill, Dot Griffin, Beverly Hamblin, Stewart Hamilton . . . FOURTH ROW: Barbara Helen Himel, ie Jones, Sarah Jones, Cynthia Karer, Ruth Land . . FIFTH lie Fay Moore, Ann Myers, Joyce Noll, Nancy Neyman, Charlotte Pillow, Faye Prevost, Aden Coleman Pryor, Jane Ramsey, Rose Judy Scales, Beta Stigler, Shirley Stoker, Mary Lee Stubblefield, rbrough, Susan Young. Not Pictured: Faye Wenger. [ in ] PHI MU Nationally Founded: Wesleyan College March 4, 1852 Locally Founded: March 24, 1914 GAY PIPER President, 1957 OFFICERS GAY PIPER -- - President PEGGY PERRY - Vice President CLARA SMITH Recording Secretary ELLEN DIXON - Corresponding Secretary MARY SHERROD .._ Treasurer COLORS: Rose and White FLOWER: Enchantress Carnation PURLICATION: " Aglaia " Habeeb is Miss Hospitality of V ' burg, KA Rose, a beauty — Shapley is Managing Ed. of P W, Sec.-Tres. of Chi Delta — Crisler, Merrell, Rates, White, Gatewo ' od, Hooper, Ragsdale, Mabus, Hebeeb, Hyman on P W staff — Sherrod Sec. Tres. of Alpha Psi Omega, on Women ' s Council — Eta Sigma Phi taps Sherrod and Dixon — Alpha Psi Omega taps Rower, Shapely, Ragsdale — Piper tapped to Sigma Lambda, sec. of Wesley, Favorite, VP of IRC — Perry Assit. Ed. of BORASHELA, tapped to KDE, finalist in Beauty Review — Bower, Breland, Shapley Ass. to Directors of One Act plays — Bower has lead in " The Torchbearers, " Ragsdale has lead in " Sorry, Wrong Number " — Smith and Sherrod Chairmen of comm. and other Phi Mus active in players — Frazier Sec. of Westminster, Student Senate Rep. — Smith in YWCA — Piper, Smith, Merrell, Spradling, Barineau, Thompson, Shapley, tapped to Majorette Club — Sanders has selection in Stilus — Abraham cheerleader and Sec. of Freshman Class — White on Debate Team — Dixon and Smith Crescent Maids for Lambda Chi — Ewing tapped to KDE — White and Willey on BOBASHELA Staff — Crews a majorette — Piper Pres. of Panhel — Gatewood and Sherrod in Band — Phi Mus have annual Red Top Dance. [ 112 ] EPSILON CHAPTER FIRST ROW: Eleanor Abraham, Marilyn Bates, Janice Bower, Gwin Breland, Ella Lou Butler, Carolyn Carl, Anitra Faye Coe, Nell Coulter, Jane Crisler . . . SECOND ROW; Ellen Dixon, Mildred Dowling, Sylvia Elliott, Jane Ellis, Rachel Evans, Lucy Ewing, Joan Frazier, Grace Frost, Rosemary Gatewood . . . THIRD ROW: Shirley Habeeb, Carolyn Hopkins, Marilyn Hopper, Anne Hymon, Carol Jo Jenkins, Beverly Jumper, Mary Glynn Lott, Claudia Mabus, Margaret Ann Merrill . . . FOURTH ROW: Edna McShane, Linda Noble, Mary Jo Perry, Peggy Perry, Gay Piper, Mary Russell Ragsdole, Sue Sanders, Ethyl Shapley . . . FIFTH ROW: Mary Sherrod, Nancy Jo Shurden, Clara Smith, Kay Sprodling, Colleen Thompson, Ruth Tomlinson, Elizabeth Ann Willey, Mary Alice White . . . NOT PICTURED: Nancy Barineau; Alice Becker; Janyce Crews Johnson. [ 113 ] VIKINGS N.I.S.A. D @ Nationally Founded: University of Oklahoma April, 1938 Locally Founded: July 19, 1943 JEANETTE SYLVESTER President, 1957 OFFICERS JEANETTE SYLVESTER President VIRGINIA EVERITT Vice President ELEANOR RASOR Secretary RUTH ANN HALL Corresponding Secretary CAROL SHIELDS Treasurer COLORS: Blue and White FLOWER: White Carnation PUBLICATION: N. I. S. A. Newsletter Viking have Kaisa Braaten tapped into Sigma Lambda — Alpha Psi Omega taps Ruth Ann Hall — Eta Sigma taps Kaisa Braaten — Dorothy Jack Casey tapped by Kappa Delta Epsilon — Psi Delta Chi taps Ruth Ann Hall and Kaisa Braaten — Majorette Club taps Dorothy Jack Casey, Becky Turner, and Jeanette Sylvester — Margaret Sylvester and Ruth Ann Hall have selections jn Stylus — Jeanette Sylvester is Secretary of Psi Delta Chi. [ 114 ] FIRST ROW; Kaisa Braaten, Mary Brown, Mary Delores Bunner, Dorothy Jock Casey, Nancy Dunshee . . . SECOND ROW: Jane Eddlemon, Carolyn Edwards, Virginia Everitt, Ruth Ann Hall, Frances Hinson, Shirley McMuHan . . . THIRD ROW: Leda Moon, Cora Phillips, Alta Priscock, Eleanor Rasor, Nell Ross, Rose Shaw . . . FOURTH ROW: Carole Shields, Jeannette Sylvester, Margaret Sylvester, Fin Werby, Bettye McGehee, Rebecca Turner. KAPPA ALPHA Nationally Founded: Washington College December 21, 1865 Locally Founded: October 1, 1893 JON ED WILLIAMS President, 1957 OFFICERS JON ED WILLIAMS . TOMMY FANNING ... THAD LEGGETT Number I COLORS: Ruby and Old Gold _ Number II FLOWER: Magnolia and Crimson Rose Number III PUBLICATION: " Kappa Alpha Journal " Fanning elected T of Student Body and in ' ho ' s Who — Mullins elected treasurer of student body — Alpha Mu pennanent ' lv wins coveted Scholarship Trophv — Williams and Graham are tapped into ODK — AED taps Miller and Ratcliff — Ratcliff tapped into Alpha Phi Omega along with McKnight — Alpha Psi Omega taps McKnight — Hathom, Kinnard and Miller are varsit lettermen in football — Abraham and C. Walker are cheerleaders — Graham is Bus. Man of Bobashela — Shelton has selections in St lus — Leggett and Lord tapped bv IRC — Shearer, Sullivan and Hall members of P6cW staff — Fanning is a Fa orite — McKell IS Sec. of AED — Wallace is elected T of Freshman Class — Shirley Habeeb is chosen KA Rose — Kappa Alpha celebrates Old South Week. [ 116 ] ALPHA MU CHAPTER FIRST ROW: Bob Abney, Robert Abraham, Frank Allen, Cecil Allred, Albert Gary Boone, Charles Brackett, Bob Burnett, Roy Collins, Cecil Copeland . . . SECOND ROW; Bud Culley, Richard Duncan, Tommy Fanning, Leo Farmer, Sonny Ferguson, Robert Field, Edwin Frost, Edward Gicger, Pat Gillilan . . . THIRD ROW: Billy Graham, John Holl, Stanley Hothorn, Don Hopkins, Sonny Houston, John Kenney, Roger Kinnord, Douglas Lay, Reovis Lindsey .... FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Lockhart, ■ John long, Thad Legget, Mac McCorty, Tommy McDovid, Bill McKell, Bill McKnight, David McMullon, David McNoir . . . FIFTH ROW: Bob Moynor, Homp Miller, Richard Milwee, Curtis Mullen, Billy Mullins, Billy Roiney, Edwin Redding, Jack Shearer, Ernest Shelton . . , SIXTH ROW: John C. Sullivan, Skipper Swartzfoger, Joseph Varner, Charles Wallace, Tom Welch, Jon Ed Williams, Mark Yerger, Charlie Walker, Kennard Wellons. Not Pictured: John Echols; Lewis Lord; Jack Rotcliff; Jim Weedy. Wammmf [ 117 ] KAPPA SIGMA Nationally Founded: University of ' irginia December 10. 1869 Locally Founded: October 18, 1895 ALEX ALSTON President, 1957 OFFICERS ALEX ALSTON . WOODS CAVETT JOHN CARTER ._ BOB WEEMS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer COLORS: Scarlet, Green, and White FLOWER: Lily of the Valley PUBLICATION: ' The Caduceus " Rushing is in Who ' s Who — Weaver is in Madrigals, Vice Pres. of Soph. Class and tapped into . lpha Phi Omega — Weems is T of Junior Class — Taylor is in Kit Kat and also has a role in ' Tiger " — Alston is tapped into IRC and Pres. of IFC ' — Johnston is in several plays — Younger is in AED — Carter is tapped into Kit Kat and has selection accepted for St lus for second straight time — Sigs placed Belk. Ray. Rushing, Johnston, Alston on Football Squad and Weems. Ray, WiUiamson, and Francis on Basketball — Sigs win Intramural Speedball for ' SV — Sigs hold annual Christmas party for orphans — Sigs climaxed ' 57 year with annual Bam Dance — 88 years of Kappa Sigma Celebrated with Founder ' s Day Dance — Plans and Funds grow for proposed new house. [ 118 ] ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER FIRST ROW: Lynn Abernathy, Alex Alston, Dick Barineau, Fred Belk, Jerry Burt, John Carter . . . SECOND ROW: Woods Cavett, Albert Davis, James Day, Emmett Ellis, Jr., Sonny Everitt, Charles Francis, Dumont Freeman . , . THIRD ROW: Jackie Griffin, Carson Holloman, Jamie Irby, Brent Johnston, Judson King, James Lang, Henry Lewis . . . FOURTH ROW: Ktmble Love, Edwin Mize, Bobby Ray, Nordy Redhead, Kieran Rudy, Bill Rushing, Clifton L. Rushing . . . FIFTH ROW: Sam Scott, Jim Sims, Jock Taylor, David Weaver, Bob Weems, Don Williamson, Ben Younger. Not Pictured: Tom Binford; Ronnie Holmes; Bill Griff is; Dickie Pepper; Jim Phyffer; Riley Tyler. [ 119 ] LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Nationally Founded: Boston University November 2, 1909 Locally Founded: October, 1939 BILLY WALKER President, 1957 OFFICERS BILLY WALKER ..-..- President JOHN BAXTER Vice President BILL BALGORD Secretary BILL MOSBY Treasurer COLORS: Purple, Green and Gold FLOWER: White Rose PUBLICATION: " Purple, Green, and Gold " — " Cross and Crescent " Cowart on Washington Semester — Tonkel awarded Methodist Scholarship — Drysdale is Pres. of Wesley Fellowship — Jeter is VP of BSU — Baxter Pres. of Theta Nu Sigma — J. Stone is VP of ODK — Drysdale Pres. Christian Council — Jeter SS Rep. — Tonkel awarded John E. Mason Scholarship — Boyett on Business staff of BOBASHELA — Carney on Ed. Staff — Boy- ett. Sojourner on ed. staff of P W — M. Stone Pres. of Singers — Tullos is business manager of Singers — Tullos and Case in Madrigal Singers — J. Stone is Pres. of Senior Class — Drys- dale, Watkins, Boswell, M. Stone members of Millsaps quartet — H. Jones VP German Club — M. Stone tapped into Alpha Phi Omega — Baxter, Tullos, into ODK — Balgord tapped into Eta Sigma — Baxter, Tonkel in Who ' s Who — J. Stone and Tonkel elected Fa orites — J. Stone Pres. of Chapel Committee — Boyett newly elected pres. of Alpha Phi Omega — H. Jones is " Ugly Man on Campus " — Rives, Tonkel, Boswell on Debate Team — Rives VP of Debate Club — Tomlinson tapped to IRC — Costas, Clark and J. Stone contributers to STYLUS — 3 lettermen on football team — Peggy Jo Sanford is 1957 Crescent Girl and Clara Smith and Ellen Dixon Maids. [ 120 ] THETA ETA ZETA CHAPTER FIRST ROW: Larry Abraham, Bill Bolgord, John Baxter, Bill Boswell, David Boyette, Gardner Brock, Doug Campbell, Vic Clark . . . SECOND ROW: Bud Carney, Stan Cooke, John Drysdole, Fred Dungan, John Ellis, Don Grimes, Roy Grisham, Martin Howard . . . THIRD ROW: James L. Humphries, James Ingram Lewis Jernigan, Marvin Jeter, Howard Jones, Buddy Lovett, Ed McKaskel, Bill McKinley . . . FOURTH ROW: Tommy Moyfield, Tommy Mays, Bill Rush Mosby, Charles W. Nicholson, Benny Owen, Pot Owen, Bob Patterson, Kenneth Prince . . . FIFTH ROW: Harvey Ray, Martin Reeves, William W. Rhymes, Welbourn Rives, Charles W. Satterfield, Wayne Scott, Joe Smith, Perrin Smith, Roy Smith . . . SIXTH ROW: Russell Smith, Parker Sojourner, David Steckler, John Stone, Marier Stone, Jon Ed Thomas, Sam Tomlinson, Keith Tonkel, Donald Triplett . . . SEVENTH ROW: Oliver Triplett, Bobby Tullos, Billy Walker, Bill Watkins, Joe Whitwel l, Jimmy Wilcox, Warren Wilkins, John Wimberly, H. G. Winsteod. Not Pictured: Bill Johnson; Palmer Manning. [ 121 ] MHir in PI KAPPA ALPHA University of Virginia Nationally Founded: March 1, 1868 Locally Founded: March 23, 1905 DICK BLOUNT President, 1957 OFFICERS DICK BLOUNT S. M. C. BILL HARDIN I. M. C. WILL NOBLIN . Th. C. BILLY KERR Historian COLORS: Garnet and Gold FLOWER: Lily of the Valley PUBLICATION: " The Shield and Diamond " Pikes 2nd in Homecoming Float competition — Hardin Chi O Owl Man — ' illiams Editor of BOBASHELA. in Who ' s Who. Pres. of Eta Sigma Phi. English assistant — Blount. Williams, Scott, tapped to ODK. Rush P Senior Class and T of Singers — Kerr tapped to Kit Kat — Blount business manager of P W — Jennings and Fortenberry on Editorial staff — IRC taps Scott — Blount and Ford in Who ' s ' ho — Ford also ' P Eta Sigma Phi and Latin assistant — Hardin " P of AED, Blount reporter and D. Smith is tapped — Hardin sec. of IFC — and cir- culation editor of P6cW — Rush is Cheerleader — Pi Kappa Delta treasurer is Causey — M Club members Catewood. and Crosby — Gatewood Most Improved Player in Football — Pool. Lange, Lisle tapped into Alpha Psi Omega — Lisle had lead in " Tiger " — Griff is had lead in " In . pril Once " — Scott directs a one act — Stietenroth ' P of Canterbury and Leonard sec. — Rush and Gatewood are Favorites — Gatewood Pres. of Soph. Class — Pyron Pres. of Freshman Class — Fincher is Sports ed. — P. Williams . rt Editor — Kerr photographer of Bobashela — Dowling tapped into Theta Nu Sigma — Blount Past Pres. of . lpha Phi Omega — Pikes sponsor Orphan Party. [ 122 ] ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER FIRST ROW: Charles Barranco, Dick Blount, Harold Brooks, Wally Campbell, Lacy Causey, William Crosby, Fred Dow ling, Jerry Felker . . . SECOND ROW: Terry Finch er, Jonah Ford, James Forte n berry, Lloyd Fortenberry, John Sharp Gate wood. Tommy Giles, Darby Gilmer, Jimmy Griff Is . . . THIRD ROW: Bill Hardin, Joe Hinds, Charles Jennings, Billy Kerr, Bob Lamp- ton, Brock Lange, Tim Leonard, Don Lisle, William McMurry . . . FOURTH ROW: James McQueen, George Mars, Jim Miley, Donald Moak, Billy Molpus, Will Noblin, Don Paterson, Jay Pennington, Don Phillips . . . FIFTH ROW: Jack Pool, John Potter, Marvin Pyon, Smiley Ratcliff, Charles Ricker, Jr., Kenneth Robertson, Henry Robinson, Julian Rush, Kermit Scott . . . SIXTH ROW: Homer Sledge, Don Smith, Leroy Smith, Mike Springer, John Sullivan, Durand Tomlin, James Toney, Eddie Wil- liams, Parhom Williams. Not Pictured: Lea Hyman; Conrad Stietenroth. r 1 Jfm. «f l m ' ' 4 ' ' ' " ' ' 5i5?t7 ( r r f I ' t mkxwkiik mu w%itk PORTS VK 4 •FOOTBALL •BASKETBALL •BASEBALL •TENNIS •ijr r M«ll IF ' " ' ' A . hftgr ' tBBj;;. ' n A--4 _ -- - flll .- fl FIRST ROW: Cliff Rushing, Mox Miller, Roger Kinnord, Bill Crosby, Horvey Roy, Joe Whitwell, Bill Rees, Bobby Roy, Sonny Everitt, Mgr. SECOND ROW: Kennord Wellons, John Shorp Golewood, Martin Howard, ' Smiley Ratcliff, Alex Alston, Charles Sessums, Stan Hothorn, Wooky Gray, Buck Aitken, Bryan Groyson! THIRD ROW: Sammy Armour, Fred Belk, James Hood, Pete Tote, Hamp Miller, Ted Alexander, Arnold Bush, Brent Johnson. H. T. NEWELL MOST ALUABLE PLAYER AWARD James Hood receives his award from Mr. John Albritton. Looking on are Mrs. . lbritton and head coach Sammy Barthng. Mr. and Mrs. .■ lbritton repre- sent the Newell famiK-. MILLS APS [ 126 ] - SCHEDULE - MILLSAPS OUACHITA 7 MILLSAPS 12 LIVINGSTON 6 MILLSAPS SEWANEE 14 MILLSAPS 20 HOWARD 33 MILLSAPS MISS. COLLEGE 19 MILLSAPS 7 SOUTHWESTERN 29 MILLSAPS 19 HENDERSON St. 13 MAJORS M-CLUB MOST IMPROVED PLAYER AWARD John Sharp Gatewood receives his award from head coach Sammy BarUing. Looking on are assistant coach, Erm Smith and team phy- sician, Dr. Thomas Ross. [ 127 — t itt % C ' ROGER KINNARD End SMILEY RATCLIFF End BRYAN GRAYSON Back JOE WHITWELL End TED ALEXANDER End HAMP MILLER Tackle HARVEY RAY End BOBBY RAY Back Millsaps for o short gain Millsaps opened its 1957 foot- hall season with Ouachita Col- lege. The team showed fine form, and seemed to be on their wa ' to their first victory when a third quarter fumble enabled Ouachita to take the lead. It was a defensi e game all the way, and Millsaps showed skill in that department. Offensive- ly, however, Millsaps coulchi ' t break the tough Ouachita line, and the Majors suffered a 7-0 defeat. In the second game of the season, Millsaps bounced back with a 12-6 victory over Livings- ton State Teachers College. The entire team played well in sev- eral departments. Especially noteworthy was the excellent ball handling of Buck Aiken, and the rugged running of Cliff Rushing and Fred Belk. Two costly fumbles by Livingston were turned into pay dirt by the alert Majors. The winning touchdown was scored by John Sharp Gatewood. For its third game, Millsaps played Sewanee in Hinds Me- morial Stadium. Sewanee field- ed a fine team whose control ball strategy combined excep- tional single wing blocking with a good pass attack to hand Mill- saps a 14-0 defeat. The Majors fought hard and threatened on occasion, but were unable to make appreciable gains. STAN HATHORN Guard BILL CROSBY Guard ALEX ALSTON Guard BILL REES Tackle ;, .V . ■»: Henderson St. forced out oi bounds Millsops on defense O n Homecoming, Millsaps met its traditional rival Miss. College. Nearly the entire first half was a clefensi e game. The second half Millsaps conldn ' t get its offense moving and the team failed to score, .• lthongh the game was much closer than tlie score indicates, Millsaps was handed a 19-0 defeat b t h e Choctaws. Ne.xt Millsaps met Howard College. The Majors scored ear- ly, but soon trailed due to the passing and running attack of a powerful Howard backfield. It was a close game all the way, and although Millsaps added two late scores Howard manag- ed to achieve a 33-20 victory. For its next to last game, Millsaps met Southwestern. Al- though the team fought hard, it was never able to overcome the disadvantage of the t vo earl ' scores made b - Southwestern on long passes. . n extended drive accounted for Millsaps ' lone score and the Majors were hand- ed a 29-7 setback. BRENT JOHNSON Center J. S. GATEWOOD Back CLIFF RUSHING Back SAMMY ARMOUR End . CHARLES SESSUMS Tackle BUCK AITKEN Back ARNOLD BUSH Tackle FRED BELK Back JAMES HOOD Center MAX MILLER Guard MARTIN HOWARD Guard KENNARD WELLONS End Coach and Buck discuss strategy Millsaps closed its season in appropriate fashion by defeating Henderson State College with a 19-13 score. It was a team victory and Millsaps all the way although the opposition d i d manage t o score two touch- downs. The Majors ended the season with a two won and five lost record. The prospects for next year look good, and Millsaps is certain to field another team with the fine spirit that this year ' s has shown. Jim Waits, Queen None, rreiioen ' nngt- Maids, Lynda Munson, Shirley, Stanton, Queen Nancy Neyman, Tito Reid, Betty Garrison HOMECOMING CHEERLEADERS cheerleaders: Eleanor Abraham Ann Dillard head cheerleader Nancy Neyman Robert Abraham Julian Rush Charles Walker BASKETBALL The Millsaps Basketball team, starting every rough going for the first six games, losing all rousing victory over Hendrix 72-68 in the seventh The small Majors starters early in the season Weems, and Bobby Ray, all lettermen, and Highlight of the first semester ' s play was a men. The Majors held the upperhand on several out. game with a distinct height disadvantage, found by margins ranging from 7 to 41 points, b u t a game got the Majors on the victory path, included Smiley Ratcliff, Don Williamson, Bob James (Pee Wee) Lane and Bob Millsap. narrow 77-70 loss to Mississippi College ' s red- occasions, but didn ' t manage to pull the victory Wallace pinpoints one for the Majors Miss. College is well guarded by Ratcliff HARVEY RAY BOB MILLSAP JOHN PERKINS BOBBY RAY DON WILLIAMSON ED WHALEY ARNOLD BUSH ED REDDING BOB WEEMS JAMES LANE Williamson drops one in for Millsops - J Millsaps picked up two wins at the expense of Belha en ' s hapless Clansmen, before losing once more to Mississippi College by an identical margin as in the previous game, this time the score was 87-80, the Majors leading 44-43 early in the second half, before relinquishing the lead to the much taller Clintonites. The return of Big Ed Whaley boosted the Majors stock considerably in the second half, but it just wasn ' t enough to make the season a winning one. The Majors were never defeated when it came to hustle, as the team gave the game all they had, but the combination of height, and playing a schedule composed mostly of sub- sidized teams prevented winning season. [ 134 ] TOSS-UP Whaley fights for the ball More players went out for basketball than in recent years, and though student support left room for improvement, the wins were loudly acclaimed, and the losses passed off as just one of those things. Coach Erm Smith and the basketball team deserve a large measure of credit for the effort spent in practicing and playing the game. CHARLES WALLACE CHARLES FRANCIS TOM ROYAL SMILEY RATCLIFF FIRST ROW: Strong, Roy, McNoir, Smith, lone. Smith, Bromley, Kinnord .... SECOND ROW: Rotcliff, Groy, Wholey, Bos- well, Groham, Wolloce .... THIRD ROW: Pofton, Moynor, Francis, Gentry, Armour. BASEBALL COACH BARTLING COACH SMITH ED WHALEY PERRIN SMITH ROGER KINNARD RUSSELL SMITH ROBERT GENTRY SMILEY RATCLIFF PHILLIP PATTON HARVEY RAY FIRST ROW: Bryan, Vaughan, Walker; SECOND ROW: Wimberly, Irby, Giles, Griffis, Sherman. DR. M. C. WHITE TENNIS JIMMY GRIFFIS JAMIE IRBY CHARLIE WALKER WAYNE SHERMAN JACK BRYAN TOMMY GILES JOHN WIMBERLY JAMES VAUGHAN nr ffinrnmrrrsi TUDENT LIFE •SCHOOL LIFE • SNAPSHOTS -W™ - ' 4 ' ■•aan. - ' f; WE ARE THE GREAT BIG HAIRY-LEGGED GIRLS YOU CAN ALWAYS HAVE IT ANNULLED. ANNUAL OUTING ■ iti f t iT A ' THE NOBLEST ROMAN OF THEM ALL WE ENCOURAGE INTELLECTUAL PURSUITS HERE AT MILLSAPS GROUP OF STUDENTS WITH FACULTY ADVISOR ANOTHER SECOND PLACE IN THE MAKING MILLSAPS PROVIDES THE LATEST IN DINING FACILITIES s- ' " ° KA ' s ITH ffVV PtfDGf MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY 101 (LAB) AND THEN WE ALL GET INSIDE AND SOMEBODY PUSHES IT OVER TO THE PIKE HOUSE. " DID YOU SAY YOU HAVE A YACHT? " ' DVERTISERS •LOCAL • STATE •NATIONAL 618 N. STATE STUDIO dial 3-0640 The Store For Men Who Care Annually First Choice of Men Who Want The Finest In Men ' s Wear J lsJilL 215 E. Capitol fX)NE Of THE SOUTH ' 3 GREAT STORES The student ' s favorite store for favorite styles THE WAGON WHEEL Near Corner of Parish and Capitol Streets PHONE 2-9379 FOR RESERVATIONS JACKSON SHOE REBUILDERS WM. C. JONES Owner EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING Phone 6-1494 3001 N. State Street HEMPHILL DRUG COMPANY Service to the Sick Cosmetics — Candy — Costume Jewelry FREE DELIVERY 31 1 Meadowbrook Phone 6-1449 In MISSISSIPPI it ' s SOUTHLAND • Operating MISSISSIPPI ' S first oil refineries • Refining quality MISSISSIPPI crude oil Furnishing skilled [obs to MISSISSIPPIANS • Marketing top petroleum products in MISSISSIPPI THE SOUTHLAND COMPANY YAZOO CITY, MISSISSIPPI AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE COMPANY HAROLD McDANIEL Owner 211 South West Street Phone 2-3634 Jackson, Mississippi ©mMaDMiiDS 414 E. Capitol JACKSON, Miss. With Two Locations to Serve You HOYTE GARTIN, INC. " Foremost in Fashion " 426 North State Lamar Life BIdg. Dial 3-5669 Dial 4-5191 Compliments of NORTH STATE PHARMACY 1808 North State (Across the Street from Millsaps) WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS CHEVROLET 1 958 DUMAS MILNER CHEVROLET COMPANY Dial 5-9301 429 E. South JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Dial 5-9301 Compliments of BRENT ' S DRUGS 655 Duling Street Morgan Center Tel. 6-3428 Jackson SUDI ES of MORGAN CENTER 6-6834 Sudie SchL J Its Jack ScHl J Its Member DINER ' S CLUB Member ESQUIRE CLUB 740 East Silas Brown Street RECOMMENDED BY DUNCAN MINES Photo Finishing Film Developed and Printed by Trained Technicians — 8 Hour Service on Black and White — Fast Service On Color JACKSON PHOTO CENTER 1 10 N. Lamar Dial 3-1233 Across From Lamar Theatre LACEY HUGHES SPORTING GOODS 3967 Northview Drive Dial 6-4855 FINEST IN BOATS AND EQUIPMENT Mercury Motors — Browning Shot Guns Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols Fishing Equipment — Salt and Fresh Water Washing : Lubricating : Polishing : Waxing PURE PRODUCTS HICKS SERVICE CENTER SERVICE IS OUR MIDDLE NAME Road Service — Phone 3-0351 1 255 North West St. Jackson, Miss. TWIN STATES ATHLETIC SUPPLY COMPANY J. W. " JIM " NINE Owner and Manager 1 17 South Lamar Street Jackson 1, Mississippi Complete Line Athletic Supplies School Jackets and Sweaters Dial 2-1336 P. O. Box 862 ■ nffiWiPfe ' wwiFn You ' re Always Welcome Here The Savings Center of Mississippi FIRST FEDERAL Savings Loan Association Capitol at State — Jackson, Miss. ic C c BmH! PIANOS RECORDS - INSTRUMENTS RECORD PLAYERS INDEPENDENT LINEN SERVICE COMPANY of Mississippi FOR EVENTS THAT ARE IMPORTANT From weddings to parties, life ' s most im- portant occasions call for impressive in- vitations and announcements. See us for suggestions. Hederman Brothers Printers • Stationers • Lithographers 327 E. Pearl Phone 2-4421 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI n: t Phone: 2-1822 4-4011 CAPITOL MUSIC COMPANY HI-FIDELITY MUSIC " acclaimed ' round the world " H. E. " Ed " DANIELS 135 E. Amite Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF GREYHOUND BUS TERMINAL SMITH GARDENS FLORIST AND NURSERY Fresh Flowers for All Occasions CORSAGES - POT PLANTS - GIFTS We Serve Fraternities and Sororities 2018 LAMAR One Block West of Millsaps College DIAL 2-8575 i u. Dial 2-0707 IN BY 11 :00 OUT BY 5:00 NO EXTRA CHARGE 133 Millsaps College 3345 Jayne Avenue 619 West Capitol 4229 North State 214 North Congress 2821 West Capitol WHY DRIVE TO TOWN? PROTECTIVE PAINT CO. BOB KOCHTITZKY, Manager Pratt Lambert ' s Paints and Varnishes Cabot ' s Stain Wax and Shingle Stain Artists ' Supplies — Rental Tools FREE DELIVERY Open 7:30 - 6:00 — Monday - Saturday Dial 6-6429 3019 North State Next to Pix Theatre Sl rauAA taltin 6 THE SILVER STORES OF MISSISSIPPI JACKSON VICKSBURG COMPLIMENTS MORRISON ' S CAFETERIA JACKSON MISSISSIPPI • F. H. A. ■ Conventional if Commercial if Industrial REID-MCGEE Realtors • Mortgage Bankers • Insurers 516 E. Capitol St. Dial 5-7451 JACKSON, MISS. " State ' s Largest— 31 Years Continuous Service Under the Same Management " " A Mississippi Institution Operating Statewide " REAL ESTATE LOANS ON SELECT PROPERTIES U cJi tf ni MORGAN CENTER MEN ' S AND BOYS ' WEAR Telephone 6-6264 P. O. Box 4683 Jackson, Mississippi Compliments of LAMAR BARBER SHOP Located in Lamar Life Building MILLSAPS COLLEGE GRILL Soda Fountain Short Orders Sandwiches Co ' d Drinks Student Union Building COMPLIMENTS OF PRIESTER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY GENERAL CONTRACTORS MORGAN AND LINDSEY " Stores of Courtesy " Morgan Center Jackson, Miss. L W. Shelton, Mgr. Phone 6-5481 KEEP RIGHT WITH SNOW WHITE 1240 912 North West East Street Fortification TRY OUR HAND CLEANING and ONE DAY SERVICE " Cooking is an Art w th Us " MAYFLOWER CAFE SPECIALIZING IN STRICTLY FRESH SEAFOOD AND CHOICE STEAKS Capitol at Roach For College Clothing and Furnishings 103 East Capitol Street Main Plant 1304 N. State Across from Millsaps College THE HAND PORTRAIT GALLERY 523 East Capitol Street JACKSON - MISSISSIPPI AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY FOR INTRODUCTION SECTION DONE BY BOB HAND E. B S RESTAURANT SEAFOODS STEAKS CHICKEN SANDWICHES North State at Meadowbrook Road STUDENT DISCOUNT - 2c GALLON ON GAS NEELLY ' S AUTO SERVICE 2600 North State Street — Jackson, Mississippi Specializing in Motor Tune Up — Carburetor — Brakes Front End Alignment — Wheels Balanced Starter — Generator SHELL PRODUCTS CARL B. NEELLY, Owner Phone 6-9839 e ' : Seale-jCth YOUR FAVOHITE FUN FOOD ' FURNITURE FOR YOUR CHURCH AND SCHOOL —AVAILABLE FOR PROMPT DELIVERY— School Furniture — Library Tables — Chairs — Office Equipment Audio-Visual Aids — Supplies For Primary Department SEND FOR OUR LATEST CATALOGUE! MISSISSIPPI SCHOOL SUPPLY COMPANY 116 East South St.— — Jackson, Miss. JEWELERS l U u x i-A 1919 Two Locations to Serve You Better 410 E. Capitol St. and Morgan Center LEE G. LETWINGER, Owner DUKES EDSEL SALES COMPANY In the medium price field. The one that ' s REALLY new Is the LOWEST priced, tool 1958 EDSEL 842 S. Commerce St. 4-5252 VISIT STANDARD PHOTO COMPANY For the Finest in All Photographic Equipment CAMERAS SUPPLIES FINISHING ENLARGEMENTS 513 E. Capitol JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI VOGUE MISSISSIPPI ' S CAMPUS FASHION LEADER 146 E. Capitol JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI BETTER LIGHT FOR BETTER SIGHT MISSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT COMPANY Helping Build Mississippi For Over a Third of a Century Millsaps Students Always Welcome At SHAMROCK DRIVE - IN No. 1 - 5128 North State No. 2 — Intersection Highway 80 and Robinson Road PETER J. COSTAS Owner and Manager MISSISSIPPI OPTICAL DISPENSARY Contact Lenses Fashion Designed Glasses 425 E. Capitol Street and 110 Medical Arts Building, N. State JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI STEVENS HOME OF HART, SCHAFFNER MARX One of America ' s Finer Stores for Men 221 E. Capitol JACKSON, MISS. YOU ' RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE COCA COLA PLANT " Have a Coke " JACKSON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Hi-way 80 west Jackson, Miss. MONTGOMERY HARDWARE COMPANY Hardwares Sporting Goods Paints Phone 6-4441 Jacl son, Miss. CENTRAL SCHOOL SUPPLY COMPANY Athletic Supplies School Supplies School Equipment 1806 N. State Street - Phone 5-3890 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI as you go thru Hie... CONTINEHTAL TRAILWAYS WALKER ' S DRIVE-IN E. B. WALKER, Owner GOOD FOOD Reasonable Prices 301.6 N. State Street Phone 6-9154 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI A COMPLETE SELECTION OF WALLPAPER, PAINT, ETC. Let Us Help You With Your Decorating Problems SPECIAL PRICES TO FRATERNITIES SORORITIES AND OTHER SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS WAUfAtER PUNTS ISSLAMmST. • r.O.B«i2l)2 JACKSON 5 . MISSISSim THE GREEN DERBY RESTAURANT WHERE GOOD FOOD IS SERVED Private Dining Rooms For Parties and Banquets HIGHWAY 80 WEST AT DRAKE MOTEL For Reservations Phone 2-1895 tbnate J n J4alr adlii yy on6 3110 Old Contort Rood ond 143 N. Lamar TO THE CLASS OF 1958 II II III I P!! m !i!l Congratulations on your new relationship with the College. Your continued in- terest, your guidance and your support, as active alumni, is invited and earnestly solicited. Upon you, as the product of Christian higher education, rests the respon- sibility for leading the nation and the world in the quest for truth and the good life. The best wishes of the administration, faculty, and the staff go with you as you take your place in the community. Wherever you go, Millsops College, its influence and its reputation, goes too. We hope you will return to the campus often. MILLSAPS COLLEGE SNACK SHOP " Good Food Around the Clock " DAVID JONES Owner end Manager No. 1-1222 N. State Street Phone; 5-3726 - 2-9727 BAPTIST BOOK STORE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI If s Mori ' s FOR LUGGAGE GIFTS ACCESSORIES 111 W. Capitol JACKSON, MISS. BATSON HARDWARE 115 Triangle Drive at Tripps Crossing Phone 6-2734 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI CATERING TO THE JEWELRY NEEDS OF MILLSAPS STUDENTS EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRS JEWELRY FOR ALL OCCASIONS LADIES ' APPAREL Morgan Center Jackson, Mississippi H. H. HIATT G. B. FORD HIATT PHOTO SERVICE Commercial — Aerial Industrial 319 East Pearl Phone 2-8018 Jackson, Mississippi POSEY SERVICE STATION Next to Baptist Hospital 1022 N. State Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI THE BUCCANEER ' s RESTAURANT HOME OF BUCCANEER ROOM AND CROW ' S NEST 105 N. State Street Dial 2-5374 Jackson, Mississipi A W ROOT BEER A W ROOT BEER DRIVE INN Old U. S. 51 North KENNETH L. BRYAN, Prop. ADELLE GRILL Owned and Operated by Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. White A COMMUNITY RESTAURANT CATERING TO MILLSAPS COLLEGE SHORT ORDERS HOT LUNCHES Corner N. West Street and Adeile achdon Aitneu Aunale Stores, nc. L omplimentd Jf Ar Zjtrlend yy I i i »« II M ri I ..J Mm ' ' II mill (!£ !■ • lia ' lllHlllllmn. i!!S t : dO. .■ ;Jiftb ' ' ' «». : . ■ iJ ' . ?f4,.. ■.4 ' « ' - • - , :«t»J5 - iSlfc.- -•• - • » " A A - n». ■■ ■, a II I ' fifcfl

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