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».jf -i ' ■ M$ ' ' i ' ■ ■ ft : V . " ' »- ' VI- ' , " ' . ..■■ ' ■ : - , V " - ' 1 ' • ' ■ I . ■ 1 ■--■ - ■ • ■■■ , ■ ' . ; ' : : ■■■ •• I ' i ■- ' ; ; is . ; m 0$f 1 ' •: ' ■ ' ; ' ■ k •■ ' ,, ' . ' . ' . " ■ . , WA : ' • - ■■■ ' ■ ' ■ ' s " ' k § ' ' ■ I , ■ ' ■ ' ■ i® i ,■,■ " ■■ ' § I ' « ; ' ( " m J ■+ J Jtt, A 4im hI K Kn P 1 ' m J dJ - ' § -»- •jgi J u. m 1 n - £5wr ■ « T h »• o y 1 £ • •; ' » PFI JL p, Jjk |K 7 OI IP -• VT ■ L 1 4b ! : PRESENTED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF MILLSAPS COLLEGE HAL MILLER, JR. Editor GRAHAM HALES, JR. Business Manager FROM THE PAST Millsaps College was founded in the year 1890 by Major R. W. Millsaps. It has received a rich heritage from the past. Opening its doors in 1892, with an enrollment of 149, a constant growth has produced the physical plant of educa- tion witnessed today in this book. Buildings, Equipment, Faculty. This is important. But it is the students and their caliber to whom we address this book and the Challenge of THE SEARCH. STARTS A LANDMARK : Safc? ■ ■ THE SEARCH The search for truth through education is the very reason for the being of Millsaps College. This College — Faculty, Student and Plant, has influenced the very being of this great nation. From this campus have gone forth the trained minds, who have become active in church, state and nation. For there the search goes on, and each person is a part of his community. THROUGH THESE GATES AND THESE HALLS 1 - a -w.v ' SSEil AS THE PRESENT PASSE Millsaps College is mirrored in the progress of Missis- sippi, the south and the nation. It benefits from the wisdom of the past, and uses skillfully the present to shape the future. A better plant and faculty is a constant endeavor on the campus, where we seek to produce better citizens through the training of more capable students. i Hf P PH -. -■ 1 -1 ' : " ' lit I - • v- r ■ fit H BMH E r 1 _ i ■ m m m mmM CHRISTIAN CENTER MILLSAPS-WILSON LIBRARY FROM GENERATION TO GENERATIO HHBI NEW MENS DORMITORY A mixture of the old and the new, part modern and conventional, adds to the architecture, and gives style and tempo to the Millsaps campus. NEW STUDENT UNION BUILDING u % , THE PRINCIPLE MUST BE DEDICATED ■■ ■H DR. ALFRED PORTER HAMILTON Dr. Alfred Porter Hamilton stands a mighty pillar in the institu- tion of liberal arts. Educated in America ' s and Europe ' s finest uni- versities, he has poured into Millsaps College the wealth of his experience and spirit. Dr. Hamilton stands a scholar, disciplined in a multitude of fields. He brings to his classes a rare combination of the classic and the modern, the scientific and the poetic — a sterling example of Plato ' s harmonious self. Dr. Hamilton defines education in terms of teaching from the " over-flow " — the over flow of constant research and human experience. His smile is gentle and warm; it symbolizes the positive atmosphere and patient faith of his Christian character and dedication to education. His Platonic idealism is drawn from the spring of music, the richness of literature, the perspective of history, and his practiced presence with man and God. AND REDEDICATED MM ALVIN JON KING Director of Millsaps Singers Retired 1956 ALBERT G. SANDERS Professor of Romance Languages Retired 1956 FOR THE SEARCH EXTENDS AT WORK The search is continued in each class at Millsaps. In lecture or lab. The student can advance his or her knowledge through a close association with faculty and fellow pupils. IN THE FIELD Theory is placed into practice. Pictured is a typical field trip in the geology department where the practical application of lessons learned well are carried out bv the individual. AND AT PLAY Under the conditions of freedom of choice, which exist at Millsaps, the student discovered that self- discipline is a requirement of good citizenship. The student who learns early to put first things first finds that he is successful in his studies, active in extra-curricular affairs, and able to enjoy the proper amount of social life. TO THE FUTURE IN RELIGION Since its earliest day, Millsaps College has sought to inspire the students with a vital Christian faith. Faculty and staff members are Christian churchmen who believe that mental, social and physical growth can best be obtained by emphasis on spiritual truth. Because of this philosophy, the Christian religion is an integral part of our campus life. Through activities students develop the qualities of leadership and understanding which prepare them for the responsibilities which await them in the fu- ture. In addition to experience in preparation for life students are introduced to life itself. THIS IS THE SEARCH AND THIS IS THE LIFE SCHOLASTIC ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES ACTIVITIES PUBLICATIONS RELIGION HONORARIES FEATURES HONORS BEAUTIES FAVORITES GREEKS FRATERNITIES SORORITIES INDEPENDENTS SPORTS FOOTBALL BASKETBALL BASEBALL TENNIS SCHOOL LIFE STUDENT LIFE SNAPSHOTS ADVERTISEMENTS LOCAL NATIONAL j P?|f ' a . " f ' j ■ : : . i : i f . SCHOLASTIC ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES DR. H. E. FINGER, JR. This report to the students, faculty and alumni of Millsaps College makes the fifth anniversary of Dr. Finger ' s guidance of Millsaps College. Such is worthy of note for these pictures and each page has been influenced by his policies of progress. BOARD OF TRUSTEES OFFICERS M. A. Franklin, D.D President B. M. Hunt, D.D - Vice-President N. J. Golding, D.D Secretary A. B. Campbell, LL.D Treasurer Term Expires in 1956 Rev. W. J. Cunningham, D.D Tupelo John Egger Meridian Rev. N. J. Golding, D.D Columbus A. L. Rogers New Albany Rev. W. B. Selah, D.D Jackson Rev. J. D. Slay Laurel F. B. Smith Ripley Virgil D. Youngblood Brookhaven Term Expires in 1959 W. E. Bufkin R. L. Ezelle, LL.D. . . . Rev. B. M. Hunt, D.D. . . Rev. J. W. Leggett, Jr., D.D. John McEachin W. O. Tatum Rev. W. L. Robinson, D.D. Rev. J. D. Wroten, D.D. . . . Leland . . Jackson Meridian . Meridian . Grenada Hattiesburg New Albany Louisville AND ADMINISTRATION DEAN OF FACULTY James Sharbrough Ferguson DEAN OF STUDENTS James Edward McCracken DEAN OF WOMEN Mildred Lillian Morehead REGISTRAR Paul Douglas Hardin BUSINESS MANAGER DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS James W. Wood James J. Livesay i « 4 4tt THE HOLMES AMBROSE Associate Professor of Music; Director of the Mill- saps Singers; B.M., M.M., University of Nebraska ROBERT E. ANDINC Assistant Professor of Religion; A.B., Millsaps Col- lege; B.D., Emory University MRS. RUTH ANDREWS Manager of the Bookstore PEGGY BENNETT Library; B.S., Mississippi State College for Women ROBERT EDWARD BERGMARK Associate Professor of Philosophy; A.B., Emory Uni- versity; S.T.B. Advanced Graduate Work, Boston University MAGNOLIA COULLET Associate Professor of Latin and German; A.B., Mill- saps College; A.M., University of Pennsylvania; Graduate Work, American Academy in Rome; Uni- versity of Chicago ELIZABETH CBAIG Associate Professor of French; A.B., Banard College, Columbia University; A.M., Columbia University; Diplome De La Sorbonne, Ecole De Preparation Des Professeurs De Francais A L ' Etranger, Faculty of Letters, University of Paris MRS. HELEN DANIEL Hostess, Burton and Galloway Halls NEAL BOND FLEMING Professor of Philosophy; A.B., B.D., Emory Uni- versity; S.T.M., Ph.D., Boston University; Ford Scholar, Harvard University MRS. MARTHA GALTNEY Secretary to Dean of Students MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN Associate Professor of English; A.B., Agnes Scott College; A.M., Tulane University LANCE GOSS Associate Professor of Speech; Director of the Mill- saps Players; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., North- Western University; Special Study, The Manhattan Theatre Colony LUCY HANSARD Secretary to the President ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES Professor of Education; A.B., LL.B., University of Tennessee; Vice Consul of the United States in Scotland and England; A.M., Advanced Graduate Work, George Peabody College NELLIE KHAYAT HEDERI Assistant Professor of French; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women; A.M., Tulane University NANCY BROGAN HOLLOW AY Instructor of Secretarial Studies; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women FRANKLIN WARD JAMES Professor of Chemistry; B.S., Mississippi College; Ph.D., University of North Carolina FACULTY FRANK MILLER LANEY, JR. Associate Professor or History; A.B., University of Mississippi; A.M., Ph.D., University of Virginia GRADY McWHINEY Associate Professor of History; B.A., Centenary College; M.A., Louisiana State University GEORGE LAMAR MADDOX, JR. Professor of Sociology; A.B., Millsaps College; S.T.B., A.M., Boston University ROSS HENDERSON MOORE Professor of History; B.S., M.S., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Duke Uni- versity SHIRLEY PARKER Associate Professor of English; B.A., Millsaps College; M.A., Tulane JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE Professor of Chemistry; B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., Louisiana State University RICHARD R. PRIDDY Professor of Geology; B.S., Ohio Northern Uni- versity; A.M., Ph.D., Ohio State University JAMES ROY PRINCE Associate Professor of French; M.A., and Ph.D., University of North Carolina; A.B., University of South Carolina THOMAS LEE REYNOLDS Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Guilford College: A.M., Ph.D., University of North Carolina MRS. KATE ROBERTSON Hostess, Sanders and Whitworth Halls JEAN FRANCIS SAIN Director of Physical Education for Women; B.S.P.E., University of Mississippi MRS. BETHANY C. SWEARINGEN Librarian; A.B., Millsaps College; B.S. in Library Science, University of North Carolina MISS WARRENE WARRINGTON Business Office Bookkeeper MRS. CHARLES J. WATSON Begistered Nurse, Assistant to Campus Doctor CHARLES J. WATSON B.A., M.A., Colorado State College MILTON CHRISTIAN WHITE Professor of English; A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; A.M., Harvard University; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Wisconsin JAMES DAUSEY WROTEN, JR. Professor of Beligion; A.B., Millsaps College; B.D., Southern Methodist University; A.M., Ed.D., Columbia University MRS. MARY B. STONE Mrs. Mary B. Stone, Associate Professor of English, and for many years Dean of Women at Millsaps College, died on December 19. 1956. Mrs. Stone was a graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree. From George Peabody College in Nash- ville, she received her Master of Arts degree in English in 192S. She came to Millsaps College in 1931 as Dean of Women, and as a member of the Depart- ment of English. She served as Dean at Millsaps until 1952. After that date, she devoted her full time to teaching. Her students of many generations testify to her gracious manner, her scholarship, and her sympathetic interest in their educational growth. Her President says of her that she was " known and admired by students and faculty alike for her devotion to high principles, her strength of conviction, her intolerance of mediocrity, her impatience with slothfulness, and her insist- ence on excellence. Her refreshing frankness and her pointed observations on any matter under consideration will be missed. Mrs. stone was a person of wide learning and of keenly intelligent mind. Her genuineness won the love of many and the respect of all. She was frank and honest in expressing her opinions, and impatient of all unreality and pre- tense. Her many friends found her unfailingly generous and loyal. She was a person of integrity, and of great strength of will. Knowing full well the precarious state of her health, she refused to husband her waning strength. She was careless of the prospect of death, and chose to live full - and usefully to the very end. At eleven o ' clock on the final day of recitations before the Christmas holidays, she taught her last class. Before that hour next day she was dead. Her brave and independent spirit had dreaded helplessness and dependence far more than death. I am sure it was as she would have wished it. — IN MEMORIAM- • JOHN MAGRUDER SULLIVAN Dr. Sullivan ' s life spanned almost a century of service to God and the Church, not only in local and statewide connections, but in its ecumenical sweep. He was a charter member of the General Board of Lay Activities, and as a Conference Lay Leader for a quarter of a century, an outstanding leader in all Methodism, in this area of service. He was a delegate to many of the larger assemblies of the Church, such as: General Con- ferences, Jurisdictional Conferences and General Boards. But he found his metier in Christian Education. He organized a class of Millsaps College boys in connection with the Sunday School of Galloway Church early in the century. He taught Chemistry and Geology as phases of God ' s Divine Revelation to many genera- tions of college students, quoting to them our Lord ' s saying, " Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free, " as proof that science and religion are equally facets of the great body of Truth. One of his old students says of him: " Dr. Sullivan endeared himself to us because he took a personal interest in his students. He shared his moral and spiritual inspirations with us. He inspired our confidence. " He was a great Christian and a great teacher. CLASSES STUDENT GOVERNMENT SAM JONES President GRAHAM HALES Vice President NANCY PEACOCK Secretary ROBERT MINIS Treasurer SENIOR CLASS LARRY TYNES President JOHN McEACHIN Vice President IUNE STELLWAGON . Secretary-Treasurer CLASS OF ' 58 JIM WAITS President TOM FANNING Vice President PEGGY PERRY Secretary-Treasurer CLASS OF ' 59 JON ED WILLIAMS President CLIFTON WARE Vice President CLARA SMITH .... Secretary-Treasurer CLASS OF ' 60 GAYLE ERWIN President JOHN SHARP GATEWOOD . Vice President BETTY RARTLING . . Secretary-Treasurer w _. I SENIOR CLASS DANNY ANDERSON Jackson Chemistrj Dean ' s List; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Phi Omega; Purple and White, Band, Sinners, Intrainnrals; Lambda Chi Alpha, GEORGE ARMSTRONG Coffeeville Biology Dean ' s List; Singers, Football; Kappa Alpha. MYNA RAIN Belzoni English Purple and White, Singers, Baptist Student Union; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Chi Omega. JIM BERRY Prentiss Political Science Football, Basketball; " M " Club; Kappa Sigma. JO ANNE ABERNATHY Schlater Elementary Education Wesley, Women ' s Christian Workers; Vikings. ERED ABRAHAM Vicksburg Political Science Purple and Whiti — Business Manager. Student Executive Board, Debate, Tennis, Intramurals; Pi Kappa Alpha. ELWYN ADDKISON Louisville Elementary Education President ' s List, Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Bobashela. Purple and White; Majorette, Homecoming Maid; Kappa Delta. GAROLYN ALLEN Shaw Music " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; " Beetho- ven Club — Vice President, Women ' s Council — Vice President. Christian Council, Women ' s Christian Workers — President: Vikings; Sigma Lambda. Page 2? %.IL HARRY BLAIR Jackson Chemistry Kappa Alpha. REBA JEAN BOACKLE Crystal Springs Elementary Education Christian Council — Treasurer; Catholic Club — President; Pan- heUenic Council; Beta Sigma Omieron — Treasurer. ALTON BOYD McComb Psychology Dean ' s List; " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col- legs; " Omieron Delta Kappa, International Relations Club; Pi Kappa Delta — President; Psi Delta Chi — Vice President; Purple and White 1 Editor, Debate, Plavers, Intramurals; Lambda Chi Alpha. BETH BRANDON Meridian English Dean ' s List; Baptist Student Union — Vice President, Singers; Kappa Delta. SHIRLEY BROWN Belzoni English Chi Delta, Alpha Psi Omega — President, Majorette Club; Players; Purple and White; Phi Mu. KAY BUFKIN Mobile, Alabama Spanish Eta Sigma Phi, Majorette Club; Vikings. BETH BUSBY Atlanta, Georgia Elementary Education Phi Mu. HELEN SUE CALLAHAN Jackson English Psi Delta Chi; Players, Wesley; Phi Mu. JOHN HENRY CARNEY Crystal Springs History Omieron Delta Kappa, Psi Delta Chi — Vice President; Kit Kat; Purple and White Editor; Lambda Chi Alpha. LODUSCA CATLEDGE Meridian French Kappa Delta. Page 23 NANCY CRAWFORD Laurel English Chi Delta; Purple and White, Singers, Players, Wesley, Stylus- Associate Editor; Chi Omega. HOSE CUNNINGHAM Memphis, Term. English Dean ' s List; " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col- leges; Sigma Lambda, International Relations Club — Secre- tary, Pi Kappa Delta; Religion Department — Assistant, Debate Club, Singers, Wesley — Secretary; Chi Omega. ENOCH DANGERFIELD . . . Salt Lake City, Utah Chemistry Dean ' s List; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Band, Singers; Lambda Chi lpha. KAY DAVIS Jackson Elementary Education Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta. Page 24 CARL CAUSEY Liberty Chemisrrj Intramurals; Kappa Sigma — Vice President. REYNOLDS CHENEY Jackson English President ' s List. Dean ' s List; ' Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges; " Omicron Delta Kappa — President, In- ternational Relations Club — Vice President, Kit Kat — Secre- tary; Christian Council, Canterbury Club — President. Stylus — Assistant Editor, Robashela, Intramurals: Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil, Kappa Alpha — Vice President. PAT CHUNN Jackson Religion Dean ' s List; Majorette Club; Intramurals, Robashela, Purple and White ' . Band, Singers, Woman ' s Council — Secretary; Pan- Hellenic — Vice President, Reta Sigma Omicron — President. PAUL COMOLA Yazoo City Economics Football; Kappa Sigma MILTON COOK Preston Education Norseman. TED COTRELL Mlanta. Georgia Psychology GEORGE A. DAY Vicksburg Pi Kappa Alpha. KENNETH DEW Jackson Economics " M " Club; Pi Kappa Alpha. BUDDY DODSON Harperville Chemistry Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pi Kappa Alpha. NENA DOIRON Greenwood Elementary Education Sigma Lambda; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Purple and White; Bobashela — Associate Editor; Players; Singers; Psychology Club; Wesley; Kappa Delta. OSCAR DOWDLE Greenville History Bobashela — Associate Editor; Players; Pi Kappa Alpha. HARRY DOWLING Jackson Chemistry Dean ' s List; Theta Nu Sigma — President; Chemistry — Assist- ant; Pi Kappa Alpha. A ' fc A 4 ' ALLEN DOYLE Chicago, Illinois Philosophy Eta Sigma Phi; Intramurals, Singers; Ministerial League. BETTY DYESS Laurel Religious Education Singers, Wesley, W.C.W.; Vikings. HARR1SS EATON Port Gibson Economics Alpha Phi Omega; Student Executive Board: Norsemen — President. JANIS EDGAR Jackson Education Band, Players, Singers, Westminster; Chi Omega. Page 25 CAROLYN GOFF Kreale English Kappa Delta Epsilon; Singers, Wesley, W.C.W.; Beta Sigma Omicron. JAMES GORDON Decatur Chemistry Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM GULLEDGE Crystal Springs Chemistr) Football; Kappa Sigma. GRAHAM HALES Jackson Psychology Who ' s Win) in American Universities and Colleges; Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Psi Omega, International Relations Club; Favorite, Baptist Student Union, Christian Council — Vice Pres- ident; Student Executive Board — Vice President; Bobashela — Business Manager; Inter-Fraternity Council — President; Kappa Alpha — President. Page 26 MARY JO EDWARDS Sunflower Elementary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon, Majorette Club; Singers, Players, Weslej . Beta Sigma Omicron. LACY FRAISER Little Rock. Arkansas Biology Alpha Epsilon Delta; Bobashela; Purple and White; Pi Kappa Alpha — Treasurer. JERRE GEE Jackson History Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta Epsilon; International Relations Club; History Department — Assistant; Bobashela, Purple and White, Players, Singers; Panhellenic Council; Kappa Delta. WILDA GEORGE Fort Walton. Florida English Kappa Delta. LADY NELSON GILL Tunica Elementary Education Singers, Wesley. JANE PICKERING GILLIS Hazelhurst Elementary Education Players. Singers; Chi Omega Sorority. NEWT HARRISON New Albany Political Science Alpha Phi Omega — Vice President; Kappa Sigma — President. FAY HARTHCOCK Eden English FREIDA HAYES Canton English CARA LLOYD HEMPHILL Jackson English Chi Delta; Singers, Intramurals; Beta Sigma Omicron — Vice President. BROOKS HUDSON Shubuta English Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Omicron Delta Kappa, Eta Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega; Purple and White, Wesley, Ministerial League, " M " Club; Norsemen — President, Lambda Chi Alpha. JIMMY HUDSON Morton Chemistry Deans List; Kappa Sigma. MRS. GOLDIE C. ILLK Florence Elementary Education Dean ' s List. HUGH JOHNSTON, JR Vicksburg Chemistry Dean ' s List; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Phi Omega; Band, Baptist Student Union, Student Executive Board, Sophomore Class President, Favorite; Inter-Fraternity Council. Pi Kappa Alpha — President. SAM JONE S, JR Jackson Music President ' s List, Dean ' s List; Who ' s Wlio in American Uni- versities and Colleges; Omicron Delta Kappa — Vice President, Eta Sigma Phi, Kit Kat; Band — Director, Student Executive Board — President, Master Major; Lambda Chi Alpha — Presi- dent. EUGENIA KELLY Forest English Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col- leges; Sigma Lambda, Kappa Delta Epsilon. Chi Delta, Ma- jorette Club; Singers, W.C.W. — Treasurer, Women ' s Council — President, Intramurals; Vikings — President. Page 27 II. W. McCARLEY Ruleville Mathematics Band — Vice President, Singers, Wesley. | WIKS 11. McCORMICK Jackson Religion Dean ' s List, Galloway Award; Tennis, Hand, Singers; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. MAX McDANlEL Jackson Psychology kit Kiit: Psychology Club, Tennis, Intranmrals; Kappa Alpha. JOHN D. McEACHIN Grenada Chemistrj Dean ' s List. President ' s List; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Senior Class — Nice President. Intranmrals, Singers; Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil, Pi Kappa Alpha — Vice President. Page 28 PAUL KERN Hillsboro English Pi Kappa Delta; Singers, Ministerial League. Carter Orator) Winner: Kappa Sigma. JACK KING Ripley Religion Dean ' s List; Basketball. Ministerial League — Secretary, " M " Club, Wesley. MI LUCENT KING Ackerman English Dean ' s List; Intranmrals, W.C.W. — President, Y.W.C.A., West- minster Fellowship — Secretary, Christian Council — Treasurer; Beta Sigma Omieron — Secretary. WALTER JEAN LAMR Oxford Elementary Education kappa Delta Epsilon — Secretary; Christian Council, Singers. W.C.W., Wesley, Y.W.C.A.— President. Woman ' s Council. RETTY LANDFAIR Jackson English Dean ' s List; Players, Purple and White; Phi Mu. HENRY K. LEE Jackson Chemistry ikJ- MARILYN McNEILL Crystal Springs Sociology Band; Vikings. GWENDOLYN McRANEY Lumberton English Eta Sigma Phi; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Majorette Club; Student Executive Board. Singers; W.C.W. CHARLES McREYNOLDS Columbus Chemistry Intramurals; Norsemen — President. JUNE MARTIN Madison English Eta Sigma Phi, Kappa Delta Epsilon — Treasurer; Vikings. JANIE MASHRURN Raymond Elementary Education Singers. DANYE MILLER Woodville Elementary Education Majorette Club, Chi Delta; Vikings. HAL MILLER Jackson History Dean ' s List; International Relations Club; Intramurals, Boba- shela — Editor; Purple and White, Inter-Fraternity Council: Pi Kappa Alpha — President. SANDRA MILLER Greenwood French — Spanish Dean ' s List; Pi Delta Phi — President; Purple and White; Boba- shela, Westminster: Players, Singers; Kappa Alpha Rose; Chi Omega. NOEL MILLS Jackson Chemistry Alpha Epsilon Delta; Newman Club; Kappa Alpha. RORERT MINIS Jackson Economics Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col- leges; Pi Kappa Delta — President; Omicron Delta Kappa; In- ternational Relations Club; Student Executive Board — Treas- urer, Debate Club — President, Intramurals. Favorite; Pi Kappa Alpha — President. Page 29 I LAI I NICHOLAS Sarah History Wesley. BETH O ' NEIL Vicksburg Elementary Education Players, Wesley, Y.W.C.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha Cotton Ball Queen. LYNNICE PARKER Tupelo Elementary Education Wesley, Singers; Kappa Delta. HOB PATTERSON Jackson History Relations Club; Band, [ntramurals; Lambda Clii lpha. Foge 30 EDWIN MIZE Jackson Chemistry [ntramurals; Kappa Sigma. ANNETTE MOHAN Yazoo City Tlieta u Sigma. TERRY MOORE Indianola Geology Baseball. Football. " M " Club; Kappa Sigma. GAIL MOOREHEAD Vicksburg Religion Alpha Psi Omega, Majorette Club: Players, Singers; Vikings. JOHN D. MORGAN Sumrall Chemistry Alpha Epsilon Delta — President; Bourgeouis Medal — 54. 55; Omicron Delta Kappa; Dorm Manager. YVONNE MOSS Tchula Elementary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon, Majorette Club — President: Bobashela; Purple and White, Intramurals, Singers, Players; Kappa Delta — Secretary. NANCY PEACOCK Kosciusko Religion Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col- leges; Sigma Lambda — President; Miss Millsaps, Student Execu- tive Board — Secretary, Homecoming Maid, Woman ' s Council — President, Y.W.C.A. — Vice President, Stylus, Purple and White; Kappa Delta — Vice President. NITA PERRY Memphis, Term. English Chi Delta, Singers, Bobashela; Kappa Delta. JOHN C. PHILLEY Indianola Geology Dean ' s List; Geology Assistant, " M " Club, Intramural Council; Pi Kappa Alpha — Treasurer. LUCY PRICE Jackson Mathematics Theta Nu Sigma; Singers. KATHLEEN PRIEST Woodville Economics JEANETTE PULLEN Kosciusko Chemistry Dean ' s List, President ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Universi- ties and Colleges " Sigma Lambda, Eta Sigma Phi — President, Alpha Epsilon Delta — Historian. Majorette Club; Band, Pur- ple and White, Intramurals; Kappa Delta. HELEN REILLY Jackson Biology Dean ' s List; Theta Nu Sigma; Players, Singers, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl; Chi Omega — Treasurer. MARTINA RILEY Jackson Philosophy " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Sigma Lambda; Purple and White, Band, Players, Wesley — President, Christian Council — Secretary, MSM State President; Kappa Delta. JEAN ROUSE Poplarville English Baptist Student Union — President; Chi Omega. JANELLE RYDER Pascagoula Religion W.C.W., Wesley. Page 31 ALFRED STATHAM Jackson Political Science Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Internation- al Relations Club — Vice President; Pi Kappa Delta — President; Eta Sigma Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Debate Club; Purple and White; Student Executive Board; Kappa Sigma. JUNE STELLWAGON Verona Elementary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon — President; Sigma Lambda; Majorette Clnb — Secretary and Treasurer; Singers; Wesley; Y.W.C.A.; Chi Omega. ED STEWART Jackson Economics Pi Kappa Alpha. RUSSELL STOVAL1 Magnolia English Deans List; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Intramurals; Pi Kappa Alpha. Page 32 TEX SAMPLE Brookhaven Psychology Omicron Delta Kappa; Kit Kat; Baseball; " M " Club; Band; Singers, Ministerial League President; Lambda Chi Alpha. PEGGY SANFORD Jackson Voice Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; King Schol- arship; Music Scholarship; Band; Singers — Secretary — Tour; Homecoming Queen; Vikings — Vice President. LESLIE SHELTON Jackson Chemistry Intranmrals; Singers — Tonr; Kappa Alpha. M1TZI SHELTON Winona Elementan Education Players; Singers; Y.W.C.A. — Vice President; Phi Mu — Secre- tary. LAWRENCE SHEPHERD Columbia Chemistry Theta u Sigma; Josie Fitzhugh Millsaps Scholarship; Physics Achievement Award; Band. ALICE STARNES Utica English Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Chi Delta — Secretary and Treasurer; Majorette Club; Intramurals; Purple and White; Players; Y.W.C.A. ; Sigma Lambda; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Favorite; Panhellcnic Council — President; Chi Omega. FRED B. SMITH Philadelphia Biology LA VERNE SMITH Picayune Philosophy Football, Ministerial League — President; Lambda Clii Alpha. MARTHA ANN SMITH Jackson Elementary Education Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta Epsilon — Vice President; Majorette Club, Wesley, Singers; Beta Sigma Omieron. ROBERT C. SMITH Jackson Mathematics Dean ' s List; Theta Nu Sigma; Intramurals; Kappa Alpha. ROBERT L. SMITH Holly Springs Music Purple and White — Business Manager, Singers — Business Man- ager, Student Executive Board; Pi Kappa Alpha — President. BARBARA SWANN Jackson Psychology Dean ' s List; Sigma Lambda, Psi Delta Chi — President; Bob- ashela. Purple and White, Prayers: Chi Omega. JOHNNIE MARIE SWINDULL . . . Prichard, Ala. Sociology- Alpha Psi Omega — Secretary and Treasurer; Players, Singers; Viking. ROSA TAYLOR Raymond Elementary Education Dean ' s List; Singers. BARBARA ANN THOMAS Jackson English Singers, Players, Purple and White, Bobashela; Kappa Delta. DON TRIPLETT Forest Economics Phi Theta Kappa; Singers, Westminster; Lambda Chi Alpha. Page 33 JAMES WALTON Jackson Geology Cheerleader; Kappa Alpha. MERRIMEN McKAY WATKINS Jackson Political Science Purple and White; Lambda Chi Alpha. ROBERT WESLEY Poplarville Chemistry Alpha Epsilon Delta Honorary Fraternity; Lambda Chi Alpha. PATTY JEAN WHITE Pelahatchie Business Education Singers: Weslej . Page 34 FRANK TUCKER Jackson JO ANNE TUCKER Jackson Economics Beta Sigma Omicron — Treasurer. LARRY TYNES Webb Music Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Lambda; Alpha Psi Omega; Band — Business Manager: Players; Singers. ERNESTINE UNDERHILL .... Memphis, Term. Elementary Education Y.W.C.A. — Vice President; Players; Singers: Women ' s Council; Majorette Club; Panhellenic Council; Phi Mil — President. MEHEARG VOLZ Jackson Psychology Psi Delta Chi— Secretary. SUMMER WALTERS Jackson English Omicron Delta Kappa; Eta Sigma Phi — Vice President: Bob- ashela; Stylus — Business Manager; Band; Ministerial League: Players; Singers — Tour: Kappa Alpha — Treasurer. " - - ,± J GLENN WIMBISH Sanford, Florida Mathematics Singers; Pi Kappa Alpha. ROY WOLFE Meridan History Football; Intramvirals. MARTHA ANN WOLFORD Columbus Sociology Singers— Tour; Wesley; Y.W.C.A.; Players; Phi Mu. MARILYN WOOD Tupelo Elementary Education Education Assistant; Bobashela; Singers; Players; Beauty; Favo- rite; Kappa Alpha Rose; Panhellenic Council; Kappa Delta — President. RAYFORD WOODRICK Meridian Religion Football; Ministerial League — Secretary. J U ANITA WRIGHT Verona Religion Phi Gamma Nu; Vikings — Vice President. MARK YERGER Jackson Economics Kappa Alpha. HELEN YOUNG Tchula Biology Vikings. Page 35 CLASS OF AJNSWORTH, BOB Jackson ALEXANDER, TED Jackson ALSTON, ALEX Hollandale ANDERSON, JOAN Woodville BALLARD, GREG Columbus BALLARD, THOMAS . West Point BAXTER. JOHN Marion BLOUNT, DICK L. Jackson BOWER, JANICE Yicksburg BOWIE. BARBARA ANN Holly Bluff BRAATEN, KAISA Laurel CALLOWAY, ALBERT Jackson COLEMAN, ADEN Greenwood COPELAND. CECIL Jackson CORA. SPIRO Lexington CUMBEST. DOLORES Pascagoula DALTON, ALVA Corinth DEASON, BETTY JO . Vaughan DEES, GEORGE Philadelphia DILLARD, ANN Itta Bena DRYSDALE. JOHN Hattiesburg EAKIN, BETTY Thornton ELLIOTT, SYLVIA Tylertown EVANS, BEVERLY Brookhaven EVERRITT, JAMES " SONNY " Prentiss E ' ERITT, YIRCINIA . Indianola EWING. MARGARET Cleveland EWING, LUCY Jackson FANNING, TOMMY Hickory FLINT. ROSEMARY Jackson FORD. JONAH Magnolia Paae 36 1958 FOREMAN, ANNE Jackson GAMMILL, STEWART, III Jackson GIBBS, JO ANNE Tulsa, Okla. GILL, MABEL Tunica GILMER, DARBY Long Beach GRAHAM, BILLY Macon GRIFFIS, JIMMY Yazoo City GRIFFITH, WILLIAM Jackson GRISHAM, ROY Cleveland GUIN, MARY Columbus HAMBLIN, BEVERLY Jackson HAMRICK, RAY Clinton HARPOLE, CAROLYN Jackson HARRIS, JEFF Corinth HOLLADAY, CURTIS Newton HOOD, JAMES Lambert HORNE, BETTY Jackson HUFFMAN, ROBERT Pelahatchie HYMAN, LEA Jackson JABOUR, FRED Rolling Fork JEFFREY, BLYTHE Greenville JETER, MARVIN West Point JOHNSTON, DENNIS Shannon JONES, HOWARD Jackson JONES, SARAH Nashville, Tenn. KING, EDDIE Vicksburg KING, MARJORIE Grenada LAY, DOUGLAS Jackson LEE, YOUNG Pyong Yang, Korea LEGGETT, THAD Magnolia LEHMANN, JANE Canton LOWRY, KATIE Winona Page 37 Q ! CLASS OF MaeDONALD, BILL Chicago Heights, III. McCARTY, JIM Jackson McCORkLE, MARGARET Pickens McMULLEN, SHIRLEY Decatur McNAIR, TOM Jackson MILLER. MAY Laurel MITJELLIOTON, NINA Jackson MONTGOMERY, MARY FRANCES Laurel MONTGOMERY, RAY Canton NALL, JOYCE Jackson NASH, DOT Jackson NATION. EDGAR Jackson NAYLOR, TOMNM Jackson NEWELL, JIMMY Meridian ONEIL. JAMES Meridian OSWALT, CHARLOTTE Ackerman OWEN, BENNY Senatobia FACE, HARRELL Newton PEPPER, DICK Jackson PERRY. PEGGY Louin POOLE, JAMES Glostei PRESLEY, LILLIAN Natchez RASOR. ELEANOR Ocean Springs RATOLIFF, JEANETTE Vicksburg HE1D, BETTY ANNE Jackson RHYMES, BILL Jackson ROBERTS, MARY NELL Onward ROTEN, SHELBY JEAN Poplarville RUSH, JULIAN Meridian RUSHING, CLIFF Cleveland SCOTT, KERMIT Leland SCREWS, RAY Holly Bluff Page 38 1958 SHARP, JOHNNY Bolivar, Term. SIMS, JAMES Rome, Ga. SMITH, DON Decatur SMITH, MARY RUTH Vicksburg SOJOURNER, PARKER Crystal Springs STANTON, SANDRA Leland STONE, JOHN Jackson TATUM, SIBYL Jackson TAYLOR, JACK Chase, Kan. THOMPSON, ROGER Kosciusko TOMLINSON, SAM Jackson TONKEL, KEITH Clermont, Fla. TRAPP, BETTY GAIL Tupelo TRAVIS, JANE Magnolia TRULUCK, HAZEL Port Gibson TULLOS, BOBBY Louisville VANCE, CY Itta Bena WADSWORTH, GLENDA Jackson WAITS, JIM Hattiesburg WALLACE, GATHA Independence WALLACE, MYRNA FLO Coldwater WARD, HERBERT Jackson WARREN, PATRICIA Prentiss WELCH, CHARLENE Jackson WHITAKER, CLYDE Batesville WILKINS, WILLETT Yazoo City WILLETS. THOMAS Clinton WILLIAMS, EDDIE Belzoni WILLIAMS, PAUL Brookhaven WIMBERLY, JOHN Jackson WIXON, EDNA Crugar YOUNG, SUSAN Greenwood Page 39 % % ;L r €:■ f O jR££m CLASS OF ABNEY, HOB Bay Springs ADAMS. DOT Jackson ADCOCK, JEANTNE Jackson ALLEN, CAROLYN Magnolia ALLEN, FRANK Jackson ARMSTRONG, JOE B. Cofeeville BALGORD, BILL Jackson BARKSDALE, PANSY Jackson BARNES, HELEN D. Jackson BARINEAU, DICK Jackson BAYLISS, SARAH Ruleville BEASLEY, BILL Jackson BECKES. JULIA ANNE Jackson BELK. FRED Holly Springs BLACK, RONALD Morton BLACK, SARA JANICE Jackson BOYETT, DAVID Pensacola, Fla. BRADLEY, PATTI Memphis, Term. BRELAND, GWIN Greenville BRENKE, JOANN Jackson BREWER. CHARLES Waynesboro BROOKS. ANNE Jackson BROUN, CAROL fackson BRYAN. FRANCES West Point BERBETTE, GENE Jackson BYRD. BARBARA Jackson BYRD, BETHANY Jackson CAMPBELL. JANE Jackson CAMPBELL, DOUG Bolton CARLSON, DAVID Lurnberton CARRUTH, LINDA McComb CARTER. WILTON Pascagonla CASEY, DOROIIH West Point CAVETT, WOODS Jackson CAUSEY. LACY Magnolia CLARK. ELIZABETH Mount Olive CLEVELAND, BETTY JANE Jackson COLLINS. FRANK Learned COLLUMS, KAY Tupelo CONERLY, BRINSON Jackson COOK. ELIZABETH Jackson COWART, JOSEPH Lueedale Page 40 1959 CULLEY, DUDLEY Jackson DAMARE, ANN Jackson DEMENT, SALLIE ANNE Meridian DIXON, ELLEN Vaughan DOKIZAS. COLLIOPE Jackson DORNBUSCH, JANE Vicksburg DOWLING, FRED Jackson EPTING, FRANZ Forest ESPANA, JOSE Santa Ana, El Salvador FARMER, LEO McComb FARRAR, KAY Jackson FERGUSON, CHARLES Jackson FINCHER, TERRY Greenwood FORD, BETTY BELL Taylorsville FOSTER, ANN ... Jackson FORTENBERRY, LLOYD Columbia FURR, FRANCES Jackson GADDY, CAROLYN Flora GARST, LYNETTE Greenwood GARRISON, BETTY Jackson GEBHART, GAYLE Meridian C-TLLIS. HELEN Fayette GRAY, JULIA Jackson GREENER. NICK Jackson GRIMES, MARLIN Greenwood HALBERT. GLORIA Caledonia HALBERT. INGE MOBLEY Caledonia HALL. RUTH ANN Capleville, Tenn. HARDIN, BILL Jackson HARDER. DON Jackson HATHORN. STAN Louisville HAYES, HELEN Canton HINDS, JOE Vicksburg HODGE ARTHUR WILEY Lansing, Michigan HOUSTON, R. M. Philadelphia HUDDLESTON, DOT Jackson INGRAM, JAMES Jackson JACK. HOPE CAROLE Laurel TEANES. WILLIAM Jackson JOHNSON, BILL Jackson KERR, BILLY Greenwood LAMBERT, JOE Natchez LAMPTON, T. D Tylertown LAND, RUTH Jackson LANGE, J. B Jackson Page 41 4 Mm c m jj f f fr 5 P CLASS OF LARCHE, BECKY Jackson LAWRENCE, PAT Sumner LISLE. DON .... Greenwood LITTLETON. HENRIETTA ..Ivemess LONG. J. II. Hazelhurst LORD. LEWIS Natchez LOYETT, BUDDY Morton McDOUGAL, BARBARA Winona McINTOSH. ELISE Collins McINTYRE, E. S. Jackson McINYALE, JANE Laurel McKELL, BILL Jackson McLEOD, ANN Jackson McQUEEN, JAMES Natchez MADOLE, WINONA Greendwood MANNING. PALMER lackson MILLER, BETTY Jackson MILLER, J. H Jackson MILLER. SCOTT Jackson MIZELLE, JERRY Natchez MONCRIEF, BAILEY Brookhaven MOSBY. BILL Meridian Ml ' LLINS. BILL Macon MLNSON, LYNDA Mendenhall MIRPHREE, F. A. ..Shannon NEYMAN, NANCY Greenville NOBLE. LINDA Jackson OBLIN, WILL lackson O ' BRIEN, JIM Jackson PARKS, KENNETH Sledge P11YFER. J. A. Jackson PIPER. GAY Macon PLEASANTS, MARY FRANCES Macon POOL, JACK Natchez PORTER, ANN Fayette PORTER, JOE Jackson POTTER. JOHN Jackson POTTS, BOBBIE JEAN Olive Branch PRICE, MARY CHARLES Jackson RAINEY. BILLY Macon RATCLIFF, SMILEY Jackson HEED. NANCY lackson BOBBINS, PATTY IEAN Jackson BOBERTS, SAM Liberty ROBINSON, STUART Jackson Page 42 B J 1959 RUSH, JAMES Lake SCARBROUGH, BRYAN Vardaman SCOTT, SAM Sledge SCOTT, WAYNE Jackson SHAPLEY, ETHYL Dallas, Tex. SHERROD, MARY Jackson SLEDGE, HOMER Cleveland SMITH, CLARA Natchez SMITH, JAMES Gloster SMITH, MARILYN Jackson SMITH, PERRIN Jackson SMITH, SUANNA El Dorado, Ark. SMOTHERS, GENE Jackson STANFORD, MARVIN Jackson STARNES, LILLIAN Utica STEPHENSON, ROBERT Crystal Springs STOKER, SHIRLEY Grenada SWARTZFAGER, RAYMOND Laurel TAYLOR, ANNIE Ocean Springs THOMAS, JOHN ED Woodville THORNE, HELEN Holly Springs TIDWELL, HUGH Jackson TISDALE, OPHELIA Jackson TOLER, JOE Jackson ■ TULL, BILL Jackson WALKER, BILLY Jackson WALKER, LAURENE Greenwood WALLACE, RAIFORD Independence WALTERS, PAUL Jackson WARE, CLIFTON Jackson WATSON, CAROLINE Jackson WEBB, BETTY Jackson WEEDY, JAMES Magnolia WEEMS, BOB Jackson WELSH, TOM Vicksburg WHALEY, EDDIE Tupelo WHEELESS, SUSAN Jackson WILLIAMS, DON Bogalusa, La. WILLIAMS, JON ED McComb WILLOUGHBY, RONALD Columbia WINSTEAD, HENRY Burns WOODWARD, SUE Louisville WOODRUFF, JANE Jackson WYNN, PAT Goodman YOUNGER, BEN Winona Page 43 rfijMfejfj CLASS OF ( $ I? © TV ABRAHAM, ROBERT Vicksburg ALLEN ' , RUBY JEWEL Grenada ALLEN. SHERRILL Jackson ALLRED, CECIL Hazelhurst ALDRIDGE. MARY FAYE Greenwood ANDERSON, LINDA New Albany ARBOGAST, BEVERLY Cleveland ARMSTRONG, RALPH Coffeeville AURBAKKEN, ELSE MARIE Hartford, Conn. AYERS, KAY Biloxi BARINEAU, NANCY Jackson BARTLING, BETTY Jackson BATES, MARILYN Jackson BEEVERS, JEANETTE Union BETHUNE, LEE Jackson BINFOHD, TOM Meridian BOOKHART, VIRGINIA ALICE Jackson BOSWELL, BILL Cleveland BOYD, NANCY Jackson BRACKETT. CHARLES Jackson BRADFORD, DOLLY PACE Jackson BREWER, DANTCE Greenwood BROCATO. MARCIA ANN Jackson BROCK, GARDNER Jackson BROWN. CAROLYN Batesville BRUNSON, MALESE Meridian BURKE, ANN Jackson BUKKITT, CHARLOTTE Memphis BURNETTE, BOB Bay Springs Bl ' RNETTE, JOE Bay Springs BUTLER. EDWIN M., |B. Natchez BUTLER, THOMAS A. Lumherton CAMPBELL, JUDY West Point CARGILL, DOT Jackson CARLSON, CATHY Lumberton CARRAWAY, WALLACE Bassfield CARRUTH, EDWIN R. McComb CATER. SUE West Point CAUGHMAN, MARY CAROL Laurel CLARK, VIC Jackson CLOUD. ANN Vicksburg COLE. CELIA Pace COLE. HUNTER Laurel Poge 44 l ] 1960 COMBS, SARAH Inverness COOKE, STAN Jackson COSTAS, PETER Jackson COULTER, LILLIAN West Monroe, La. COX, MARY GRACE Ripley CREWS, JANICE Jackson DACUS, PATRICIA Memphis, Tenn. DAVIS, ALBERT Jackson DAY, JAMES Collins DEHART, ANNE E. Taylorsville DETERLY, DAVID Natchez DEWEESE, NONA Philadelphia DRIBBEN, BETTY . .. Greenwood EDWARDS, CAROLYN Banner EDWARDS, GAIL Lyon ELLIS, JANE Florence ERWIN, GAYLE Greenwood ETHERIDGE, SHIRLEY Crosby FELKER. HENRY Columbia FELSHER, MYRA Beaumont, Texas FINLEY, JIM Finley, Tenn. KORTENBERRY, JAMES Columbia FRAZIER, JOAN Louisville FROST, EDWIN Memphis, Tenn. FROST, GRACE Natchez FULLER, WILLIAM Jackson FURNESS, BETTY Raymond GAMMILL, SAM Jackson GATEWOOD, JOHN SHARP Mt. Olive GIFFIN, JACKIE . . Louisville GILLILAND, PAT Jackson GODBOLD, EVELYN Grenada GOODWIN, JO ANN . Taylorsville GRIFFIN, DOT Jackson HALE, ANN Sanatorium HARLAN, REGINA Jackson HARTLEY, MARY Pascagoula HARWELL, GWEN New Albany HATCHELL, BUDDY Columbia HEMPHILL, LYDIA SUE Gore Springs HERNDON, JAMES E Pascagoula HENSLEY, BARBARA Natchez HENSON, CHARLES Meridian HILTON, CHARLES Jackson HINDS, BATES Tupelo HOLLOMAN, CARSON Batesville HORLOCK, WILLIAM Philadelphia HOWARD, MARTIN Baldwyn HUDSON, BABBARA Batesville HUGGINS, SANDRA Waynesboro HUMPHRIES, JAMES L Jackson HURST, FLORA Jackson IVY, BOBBIE JEAN Jackson JENKINS, CAROL JO Prairie Point JENNINGS, CHARLES Kosciusko Page 45 4 ifc Tfc r - r | 4;w . it Q, . " ! p C t G9© jfciT- 5 ? CLASS OF JOHNSON, CHARLES New Albany JOHNSON, ROBERT ROY Milliard, Fla. JOHNSTON, BRENT Jackson JORDAN, JIMMY Laurel Jl ' MPER. BEVERLY Benoit KENNEY, JOHN Jackson KUNTZ, ARTHUR Tupelo LAMPKIN, JOHN Baldwin LAMPKIN, WILLIAM Baldwin LAWRENCE. DAVID Columbus LEWIS. DAWN Itta Bena LEWIS. DON Drew LINGLE, MARIELLA Crystal Springs LOCKEY, CAROL Jackson LOTT. MARY GYLNN Kilmichael LOVE, KIMBLE Itta Bena Ll ' CKETT, MARY SEMMES Jackson LINDQLTST. JEANETTE Jackson LYTLE. SHIRLEY Brookhaven MARTIN. BILL Philadelphia MATHENY, NANCY Fayette MAY. CAROLYN Jackson MERRELL, MARGARET ANN Jackson MILWEE, RICHA RD Fort Worth, Texas MULHEARN, JOHN Natchez McCARLIE. NANCY Las Vegas, Nevada McCOOL. EDWTNA Greenwood McDADE, ELM A JANE Jackson McGILL, MARY TATE Ripley McKELLER, WALTER Meridian McKNTGHT, BILL Jackson McNAIR, DAVID Jackson McSHANE, EDNA Greenwood OAKS, JAMES Tishomingo OLDHAM. BETTY . Jackson OLMSTEAD, PAM Greenwood PAINE, CAROLYN Jackson PARADIS. ROSE MARIE Richmond, Va. PARKER, LARRY Jackson PATERSON, DON Leland PENNINGTON, J. CAROL Columbia PERRY, VIRGINIA Memphis, Term. PILLOW, LUCILE Greenwood PRESCOTT, NELDA Kenner, La. PRINCE. KENT Newton RAGSDALE, MARY RUSSELL Memphis, Tenn, RATLIFF, JACK Jackson RAY, BOBBY Jackson READ, ROBERT Paulding REDHEAD. NORDY Centreville REED. MATTELYN Eupora REEVES, MARTIN Jackson REID. MARY LYNELL Lexington RISHER, WILLIAM Jackson Fage 46 l 1960 RODGERS, GLORIA Jackson RUDY, KIERAN Jackson RUEFF, CHARLES McComh RUSH, JOHN Lake RUSSELL, GERALD Jackson SANDERS, SUE Columbia SANDERSON, WILMA Laurel SEMMES, MARY FRANCES Meridian SHEAFFER, KATHRYN Tupelo SHARP, MARLA JO New Hebron TUCKER, JO ANNE Jackson SHELTON, ERNEST Jackson SHERMAN. WAYNE Vicksburg SHERROD, ROBERT Jackson SHIPP, DOROTHY Natchez SMITH, BESSIE Inverness SMITH, ROGER Satartia SMITH, RUSSELL Jackson SPRADLING, KAY Burlington, Wis. SPELL, SUE Georgetown SPRINGER, MIKE Jackson STOCKS, PETER Jackson STONE, MARLER Jackson STRICKLAND, ROSE Rolling Fork STRINGER, MARY LOU Taylorsville STRONG, DAVID Crosby TAYLOR, REBECCA Starkville THOMPSON, ALETHA Jackson TODD, GWEN Laurel TOMLIN, DURAND Vicksburg TRIPLETT, OLIVER Forest TUCKER, ALDINE Magnolia TURNER, REBECCA ANN Houlka WALKER, ALLAN Jackson WALKER, VIRGINIA McComb WARD, RONNY Louisville WARE, CHARLES Jackson WATSON, SANDRA Columbia WAY, LAVENIA Georgetown WEAVER, DAVID Aekerman WEAVER, LEON Natchez WEEMS, LINDA Laurel WENGER, FAYE Grenada WESLEY, HILDA Columbia WHITE, MARY ALICE Jackson WARREN, WILKINS Holly Springs WILLIAMS, SYLVIA Tupelo WILLIAMSON, DON : Meridian WILSON, MISSY Columbia WOODALL, MARGARET . Coffeeville WRIGHT, CHARLES Centerville YARBROUGH, MARGARET Indianola YOUNG, EILEEN Tchula YOUNG, PAUL Tupelo Page 47 THE ACTIVITIES PUBLICATIONS DRAMATICS MUSIC Page 48 « n STUDENT EXECUTIVE BOARD OFFICERS SAM JONES President GRAHAM HALES Vice President NANCY PEACOCK JONES Secretary ROBERT MIMS Treasurer Mims, Jones, Jones, Holes. ■ z n SEATED: Montgomery, Lane, McLeod, Duperier, Jones, Sharp, Piper, Sojourner, Dribben, Starnes Mullins, McRaney, Sylvester, Sratham. MEMBERS GAY PIPER Phi Mu JEANETTE SYLVESTER Vikings BETTY DRIBBEN Kappa Delta LILLIAN STARNES Chi Omega MARGARET McCORKLE .... Beta Sigma Omicron CAROL LANE Founders, Park House GWEN McRANEY Whitworth, Sanders RAY WESSON Burton, Woolard JAMES HOOD Galloway, Adelle JOHNNY SHARP Married Students, N-Z HUGH JOHNSTON Pi Kappa Alpha DALE BEARD Married Students, A-M ALLEN JONES South Jackson PARKER SOJOURNER Lambda Chi Alpha BILLY MULLINS Kappa Alpha ALFRED STATHAM Kappa Sigma ANN McLEOD West Jackson HARRIS EATON Norsemen RAY MONTGOMERY Commuters DUBBIE DUPERIOR North Jackson The United Nations has its Assembly . And Millsaps has its S. E. B. The President has his Cabinet . The Student Executive Board of Millsaps College is the student governing body. 1957 marks the advent of n new representation system for S. E. B. The four officers of S. E. B. were elected by the student body. Each social organization, dormitory, and independent group has a representative on S. E. B. With its representative membership, the S. E. B. con- trols all matters which are delegated to the student body by the administration, and sets the policy for all student body activities in order that they may be conducted for the best interests of the student body as a whole, and to the credit of the college. Page 5] p ooq OFFICERS EUGENIA KELLY President CAROLYN ALLEN Vice President PAT CHUNN Secretary EDNA WIXON Treasurer SEATED: Potts, Wixon, Kelly, Chunn, Allen, Edwards Mctheny, Lamb, Underhill, Trapp. STANDING: Livleton, Etheridge, Jones, Ayers, WOMEN ' S COUNCIL The Millsaps Women ' s Council governs the conduct of the co-eds. The Council makes and enforces the rules. Its membership is composed of repre- sentatives from each of the sororities and the monitors of each of the dormitories. STYLUS STYLUS is the literary publication of Millsaps College. It is published bi-annually, and contains the poems, short-stories, and essays of the students. The selections appearing in the STYLUS are selected by the staff. SEATED: Parker, Stone, Crawford, Walters, MoreSead . . . STANDING: White, Hardin. |OHN STONE Editor NANCY CRAWFORD SUMMER WALTERS Associate Editor MISS MOREHEAD MISS PARKER DR. WHITE PROF. HARDIN Faculty Advisors Page 52 l FIRST ROW: Cunningham, Pullen, Peacock, Kelly, Allen, Sanford, Riley, Starnes. . . SECOND ROW: Hales, Jones, Mims, Cheney, Boyd, Hudson, Stone, Stathn WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Each year, the faculty picks members of the student body for membership into " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. " These students are picked on the basis of their outstanding contributions and achievements in all phases of student activities. These students represent Millsaps in the national " Who ' s Who " directory. Carolyn Allen Alton Boyd Reynolds Cheney Rose Cunningham Graham Hales Brooks Hudson MEMBERS Sam Jones Martina Riley Nancy Peacock Jones Alice Staines Eugenia Kelly Alfred Statham Robert Mims John Stone Jeanette Pullen Peggy Sanford Page 53 Othello The Browning Version THE MILLSAPS PLAYERS The Players, Millsaps Dramatic group, has become one of the nation ' s outstanding college dramatic groups. Lance Goss, The Players consistently pro- Headed by (luce first rate plays, and bring publicity to the college. favorabl e attention and This year, The Players produced Shakespeare ' s OTHELLO. Rogers and ' Hammerstein ' s SOUTH PA- CIFIC, and Turner Cassity ' s THE INVERTED YEAR. The Players, in conjunction with Alpha Psi Omega, pro- duce the Players Workshop which consists of three one act plays directed by members of the student body. The highlight of the 1956-57 season was the production of SOUTH PACIFIC. With only three weeks to rehearse. The Players were able to stage SOUTH PACIFIC, and break all previous Play attendance records. s n A JH . J ■ M 1 LANCE GOSS Director The Players Poge 54 i A OFFICERS SHIRLEY BROWN President BYRD HILLMAN Vice President JOHNNIE SWINDULL Secretary SEATED: Willoughby, Swindull, Tonkel, Holl, Brown, Braalen, King . . . STANDING: Franks, Blount, Boyd. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega is a National Honorary Fraternity recognizing ability, perserverance, and participation in all fields of Dramatics. This includes stage crew, make- up, lights, publicity, costumes, and acting. Working hand in hand with Lance Goss and The Millsaps Players, Alpha Psi Omega presents three plays annually and sponsors the student directed One Act Play Tournament. How to Propose Page 55 m Virtuous Island HAL MILLER, JR. Editor EDITORIAL STAFF OSCAR DOWDLE Associate Ed NENA DOIRON Associate Ed fULIAN RUSH Class Ed LILLIAN STARNES Assistant Class Ed PEGGY PERRY Activities Ed ELWYN ADDKINSON Features Ed EDDIE WILLIAMS Sports Ed HILLY KERR Photography Ed LACY FRAISER rt Ed tor tor tor tor tor tor tor tor tor Staff Members WILLIAM |EANES JEANETTE RATCLIFF DOT HUDDLESTON SUSAN YOUNG MATTELYN REED SANDRA MILLER LAURENE WALKER Photographers BILLY KERR NTT A PERRY LACY FRAISER ALTON BOYD THE 1957 Gray hairs, revised layouts, trips to Alabama, and hard work on the part of the staff is what produced the 1957 Bobashela. Peggy Perry and her notebook, and Billy Kerr and his camera were familiar sights around the campus. Julian Rush and his never ending Senior writeups, and Eddie Williams and his copy were familiar sights in the office. An office covered with copy paper, cigarettes, and coffee cups was our working area. This is the editorial storv of The 1957 Bobashela. THE 1957 EDITORIAL STAFF Addkison, Young, N. Perry, Starnes, Williams, Dowdle, Frasier, H. Miller, Jeones, Doiron, Rush, Huddleston, P. Perry, Ratdi ff, Reed, S. Miller. THE EDITORS FRONT ROW: Perry, Dowdle, Doiron ROW: Kerr, Williams, Rush. SECOND BUSINESS STAFF BILLY GRAHAM Advertising Manager BILLY MULLENS Individual Pictures Editor LARRY PARKER Fraternity Pictures Manage] MARILYN WOOD Sorority Pictures Manager CLYDE WHITAKER . Men ' s Dormitory Pictures Manager BARRARA THOMAS . Girls ' Dormitory Pictures Manager Staff: BILL McKELL |EANETTE LUNDQUIST JOE BURNETTE COLLEEN THOMPSON CAROLYN HARPOLE JANYCE CREWS BETTY GAIL TRAPP SARAH IONES NANCY REED ROBERT ABRAHAM BETTY DRIBBEN BOBASHELA GRAHAM HALES, JR. Business Manager The Business Staff began the year by setting a new record for the number of student pictures taken. The year was highlighed by Graham Hales ' excellent job of obtaining operating funds from the S. E. B., and the record smashing sales of ads bv the alert business staff. THE 1957 BUSINESS STAFF SEATED: Graham, Hales, Mullins . . . STANDING: Reed, Dribben, Sheaffer, McKell, Parker, Jones, Lundquist, Thomas. SALESMEN McKell, MulMns, Hales, Parker, Graham. Pi f ■;■» •: «§!» ;: T ' - ALTON BOYD Editor SEATED: Grishom. Boyd, S. Miller, Bayliss. Gammill, Bower . . . STANDING: Hudson, Bookhort, Patterson, Jeanes, Byrd, Shapley, Bates, B. Miller, Luckett, Coker, Statham, The I ' uiplc and White is the official student Newspaper. Participation is .in a voluntary basis, and the Purple and White serves as a laboratory and a means of gaining valuable experience for those interested in all phases of journal- ism. Alton Boyd and Bobby Smith directed the activities of The Purple and White for the Spring semester of 1956. and the Fall semester of 1956-57. THE PURPLE BOBBY SMITH Business Manager TH E 1957 EUSINESS STAFF SEATED: Blount, Smith, Causey . . . STANDING: Porter, Cook, Fraiser, Wheeless. Page 58 tw: n STEWART GAMMILL, III Editor SEATED: B. Miller, Gammill, Nail . . . STANDING: Bower, Shapley, Young, Lord, Jeanes, Causey, Reed, Miller S-, Bates, Bookhart. THE 1957 EDITORIAL STAFF AND WHITE Stewart Gammill, III, and Dick Blount were selected to head The Purple and White for the Spring semester of 1957, and the Fall semester of 1957-58. The Purple and White covered campus, local, and national news. The Spring semester was highlighted by increased student interest and participation on the Purple and White. DiCK BLOUNT Business Manager SEATED: Blount, Hardin Bradley. THE 1956 BUSINESS STAFF STANDING: Jennings, Adcock, Finley, Ewing, Noblin, Johnston, THE MILLSAPS SINGERS TOUR CHOIR MEMBERS Jeanine Adcock Dannie Anderson |oan Anderson Myna Bain John Baxter Nancy Boyd Gwin Breland Vlalese Brunson Bethany Byrd Elizabeth Ann Clark Brinson Conerly Enoch Dangerfield Sallie Ann Dement Ellen Dixon Mar) Jo Edwards Margaret Ewing Ann Foster Betty Garrison Evelyn Godbold Cara Lloyd Hemphill Blythe Jeffrey Eugenia Kelly Paul Kern Eddie King Hill Lampkin Young Lee Albert Lovett Jeanette Lundquist James McCormiek Margaret Ann Merrell Sandra Miller Elma |ane MeDade Betty Miller Billy Mullins Joyce Nail Bettye Oldham James Oakes Carolyn Paine Gay Piper John Potter Lucy Price Mary Charles Price Billy Bainey Jeanette Ratcliff Nancy Rogers Julian Rush Peggy Sanford Wayne Sherman Robert L. Smith Mailer Stone Mary Lou Stringer Johnnie Sullivan lohnnie Marie Swindull Colleen Thompson Betty Gail Trapp Don Triplett Bobby Tullos Clifton Ware Tom Willets Jon Ed Williams Ronald Willoughby Gleen Wimbish Margaret Yarhrough Page 60 i K HOLMES AMBROSE Director MADRIGAL SINGERS The Millsaps Singers, directed by Holmes Ambrose, is the organization for those students interested in and proficient in singing. On Campus, The Singers provide the music for chapel period, and entertain the community with concerts. The Singers serve as the travelling public relations department for the College. Each year the Singers take their annual tour, and are heard, seen, and enjoyed by more people than any other campus organization. The tour nct only provides the College with favorable publicity, but also serves as a reward for the students. V TOUR CHOIR fT " J | . O f g % n n v m. Ill •• iiiiiiimili m ii " MILLSAPS BAND The Millsaps Hand, under the direction of Sam Jones, furnished the student body with excellent musical enter- tainment throughout the school year. Performing at all home football games, the band boosted our school spirit, and provided entertaining half-time programs. Events looked forward to, and enjoyed by the college are the an- nual Christmas and Mid-Season Concerts given by the band. The rapid growth and success of the band is due mainly to the untiring efforts and musical talents of Sam Jones. During the year, Millsaps acquired the services of a full time band director, Mr. Fred Purser, and in the years to come this organization should continue to grow and furnish excellent entertainment for the college com munity. SAM JONES, JR. Director Page 62 u • 4 kifefit V Tab j ft.. ' I ' • 1 s? £ m - t ' i £ w -. • ' " V H M , ..„• JO r MEMBERS Martina Riley John Stone Betty Dribben Edgar Nation Tom Willetts Patty Moran Buddv Lovett Bill Balgord Mary Grace Cox Mary Carol Caughman OFFICERS LARRY TYNES Business Manager R. W. McCARLEY Librarian TEX SAMPLE Properties Page 63 Mariella Lingle R. W. McCarley Howard Jones Jimmy Jordan Don Dickerson Eugene Mabry Oliver Triplett Rayford Woodrick Jimmy Humphries Bob Patterson Franz Epting Peggy Sanford Rose Marie Paradis Bessie Smith David Boyett Joe Lambert Wayne Scott Virginia Walker Linda Anderson Dannie Anderson Terry Brown Gardner Brock Tex Sample John Kenney Hugh Tidwell Larry Tynes Lucile Pillow Billv Fave Moore OFFICERS ROBERT II IS President PAUL KERN Vice President KEITH TONKEL Secretary-Treasurer C IRST ROW: Holl, Tonkel, Mims, Kern, Cunningham Stathom, Causey, Moreton. SECOND ROW: McWhiney, Finley, Drysdale. Boyd DEBATE CLUB The Debute Club is composed of students interested in forensics. This " roup along with Pi Kappa Delta forms the Millsaps Debate Team. WOMEN CHRISTIAN WORKERS WCW is an organization primarily for those girls interested in vocations of a religious nature. WCW provides a means for its members to participate in service projects on and off the campus. SEATED: Casey, Wixon, King, Elheridge, Goodwin . Ryder, Ayres, Goodbold, Roberts, Eakin, Aurbakken. STANDING: Allen, McMullan, Allen C, Kelly, Hall OFFICERS IIELICE T KING President EDNA WIXON Vice President VIRGINIA EVERETT Secretary DOROTHY CASEY Treasurer fO ANN GOODWIN Publicity MRS. R. H. PRIDDY Advisor fage 64 U R CABINET WALTER JEAN LAMB President BETTY GAIL TRAPP MITZI SHELTON Vice Presidents iVIARTHA A. WOLFORD Secretary TENNIE UNDERHILL Treasurer BETH O ' NEIL K. SHAFFER ELIZABETH COOK ANN COKER ETHYL CHAPLEY BETTY EAKIN Commission Chairmen 1 ! ■ SEATED: Sheoffer, Trapp, Lamb, Underhill, Wolford . . . STANDING: Eakin, Coicer. Y.W.C.A. CABINET The YWCA is an organization committed to Christian beliefs and high standards. The " Y " meets bi-monthly and its commissions meet weekly. The " Y " sponsors the student handbook, and the annual Faculty Waiter Night. MINISTERIAL LEAGUE The Ministerial League is open to all pre-ministerial students. It offers fellowship and spiritual value to its members. The Ministerial League has mission points in the city, and through the contact with these points, the mem- bers are able to help others, and also gain valuable experience for their careers in the ministry. OFFICERS JAMES VAUGHN President RAYFORD WOODRICK Nice President JOHN ED THOMAS Treasurer AL DOYLE Secretary J. P. DRYSDALE Membership Chairman Page 65 OFFICERS JOHN STONE President GRAHAM HALES Vice President MARTINA RILEY Secretary Ml LUCENT KING Treasurer DR. WROTEN Advisor Boackle, King, Hederi, Riley, Stone, Hates, Beckes, Lamb, Wroten, Sample. CHRISTIAN COUNCIL The Christian Council, which is composed of representatives from the vari- ous religious groups on the campus, coordinates all the religious activities on the campus. Christian Council sponsors Religious Emphasis Week. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is a campus organization composed of the Baptist college students. This organization serves as the connecting link be- tween the church and the student. Through its weekly meetings, the B. S. U. attempts to encourage the spiritual growth of Baptist college students and to challenge them to better Christian living. OFFICERS DICK BLOUNT President PARKER SOJOURNER First Vice President ELYWN ADDKISON Second Vice President BETH BRANDON Third Nice President JEANETTE LUNDQUIST Secretary Page 66 WESLEY FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS MARTINA RILEY President PAUL KERN Vice President BETTY GAIL TRAPP Secretary R. W. McCARLEY Treasurer DR. GEORGE MADDOX Faculty Advisor Wesley Fellowship is the campus organization for Methodist students and the campus unit of the Methodist Student Movement. Wesley, as the students call it, is a workshop, a time for recreation, a place of worship, a session for instruction, and an opportunity for sharing and growth and service. One of the highlights of the year was the acquisition of the new Jackson Wesley Foundation House for meet- ings. Christmas was highlighted by the sponsoring of a campus-wide caroling party which went to the Methodist Children ' s Home and the Baptist Orphanage, and a project for the children at Bethlehem Center. At the State MSM conference in February, May Miller was elected to serve as Secretary of the State Council. Wesley House Christmas Project Page 67 OFFICERS HERBERT WARD President VIRGINIA BOOKHART Vice President SAM TOMLINSON Vice President SHIRLEY HABEEB Secretarj CECIL COPELAND Treasurer JULIA BECKES Christian Council Representath e REV. ROBERT SAUL Chaplain MISS SHIRLEY PARKER Faculty Advisor SEATED: Ward, Bookhorl, Habeeb, Tomlinson . . . STANDING: Kenney, Parker, Smith, Beckes, Rev. Saul. CANTERBURY CLUB " Canterbury " is the organization for Episcopal college students. It is de- signed to maintain unity and promote fellowship and growth among those who are interested in the Episcopal Church. The members of " Canterbury " serve as Acolytes, Sunday School teachers, and Choir Members in the Jackson parishes. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Westminster Fellowship is the organization for Presbyterian College stu- dents. Westminster meets weekly for devotional periods. SEATED: Garst, King, Foster, Stone, J., McCorkle, Miller . . . STANDING: Frozier, Walker, Luckett, Triplet!, D., Campbell, Parker, White, Stone, M., Pillow, Long, Boyd, Triplet!, O., Bartling, Woodward, Ratcliff. OFFICERS JOHN STONE President MARGARET McCORKLE Nice President ANN FOSTER Nice President MILLICENT KING Secretan -Treasurer Page 63 H N R A R I E S OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS REYNOLDS CHENEY President SAM JONES Vice President DR. ROSS MOORE Secretary FIRST ROW: McLeod, Ferguson, Carney, Tynes, Chenney, Walters, Boyd, Finger . - . SECOND ROW: Hudson, M., Jones, Hales, Waites, Hudson, B., Stone, Tonkel, Moore, Stotham, Woods, H n fln rv-fV MEMRERS Alton Boyd Henry Carney Craig Castle Reynolds Cheney Dr. J. S. Ferguson Dr. H. E. Finger Graham Hales Brooks Hudson Dr. M. Hudson Sam Jones [im McLeod Dr. R. H. Moore Alfred Statham John Stone Keith Tonkel Larry Tynes Jim Waits Summer Walters James W. Woods Omicron Delta Kappa. Men ' s Leadership Honor So- ciety, is the highest award a male student can receive at Millsaps College. ODK recognizes achievement in these phases of college life: Scholarship, Athletics. Pub- lications, Religious Affairs. Speech, Music, Dramatics, and Social Arts. Each ear, the Millsaps Chapter awards a trophy to the fraternity and sorority maintaining the highest scholarship average. This year, ODK was instrumental in bringing Eta Sigma, a national scholarship honorary, to our campus. Page 70 SIGMA LAMBDA OFFICERS NANCY PEACOCK JONES President BETTY GAIL TRAPP Vice President BIGGIE WILKINS Secretary-Treasurer BARBARA SWANN Historian Sigma Lambda is a local Leadership Society for women students. It is the companion organization of Omicron Delta Kappa, and was founded by that organization. It represents the ultimate in achievement for women stu- dents, recognizing outstanding accomplishments in schol- arship, leadership, and campus activities. Each year Sigma Lambda sponsors The Variety Show. a student produced musical, which is enjoyed by the entire student body. MEMBERS Elizabeth Craig Rose Cunningham Nena Doiron Mrs. H. E. Finger, Jr. Nancy Peacock Jones Eugenia Kelly Mildred Morehead Jeanette Pullen Martina Riley Alice Starnes June Stellwagon Betty Gail Trapp Hazel Truluck Jeanette Wilkins FIRST ROW: Stellwagon, Wilkins, Trapp, Jones, Riley, Doiron, Cunningham, Starnes . . . SECOND ROW: Craig, Morehead, Finger, Kelly, Pullen, Truluck. _: 1 OFFICER REYNOLDS CHENEY Secretary SEATED: Stone, McDoniels, Nicholson, Hudson STANDING: White, Cheney, Sample, Carney, Boyd, Hardin. KIT KAT Kit Kat is the oldest and most exclusive honorary on the Millsaps campus. It is composed of those male students who show outstanding interest and abilitj in the field of creative writing. Papers are read and criticized at monthl) dinner meetings. Members of Kit Kat are heavy contributors to STYLUS, the campus literarx magazine, and to The Southern Literary Festival. CHI DELTA Chi Delta, the sister organization of Kit Kat, is the women ' s creative writ- ing honorary. It recognizes outstanding achievement in all fields of creative writing, including journalism, and honors women students who have shown a genuine interest in literals fields. Like Kit Kat, members of Chi Delta are contributors to STYLUS and The Southern Literary Festival. SEATED: Starnes, Kelly, Crawford, Brown, Miller Hemphill, Moreheod, Wadsworth, Hutchins, Dement. STANDING: Truluck, Shapley, Coleman. Peacock, OFFICERS NANCY CRAWFORD President EUGENIA KELLY Nice President SHIRLEY BROWN Secretary-Treasurer MISS MOREHEAD MRS. GOODMAN MISS PARKER Faculu Advisors Page Houston, Blount, Parker, Anderson, Willetts, Eaton, Carlson. ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS DANNIE ANDERSON President TOM WILLETTS Vice President LARRY PARKER Secretary-Treasurer Alpha Phi Omega is the national service fraternity for men students and faculty who have formerly been connected with the World Brotherhood of Boy Scouting. Alpha Phi Omega sponsored the Book Exchange which provided an in- expensive outlet for the sale and purchase of used textbooks. PSI DELTA CHI This group is composed of all students who are majoring in or are interested in Psychology. Honorary status may be acquired by those majoring in Psy- chology, having a B average in Psychology, and an overall 1.5 average. SEATED: Levanway, Hales, Swarn, Sample, Volz, Boyd, McCracken . . . STANDING: Garst, Adcock, Cleveland, Doiron, Jordan, Nail, Braaten: OFFICERS BARBARA SWANN President ALTON BOYD Vice President MARY MONTGOMERY Secretary-Treasurer Fcge 73 OFFICERS JUNE STELLWAGON President MARTHA ANN SMITH Vice President WALTER JEAN LAMB Secretary JUNE MARTIN Treasurer PROF. R. R. HAYNES MRS. H. R. HAYNES Advisors SEATED: Perry, Kelly, Lamb, Stellwogon, Martin, Smith, Brandon, Dotron Addkison, Edwards, Wixon, Goff, Rouse, Mrs. Haynes, Prof. Haynes, Starnes. STANDING: Moss, Eakin, KAPPA DELTA EPSILON Kappa Delta Epsilon is a professional education sorority, which promotes the cause of education by fostering high scholastic standing and professional ideals among those preparing for the teaching profession. Kappa Delta Epsilon is open to all women students who are at least second semester Sophomores with an overall average of 1.7, and a 2.0 in Education. PI KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta, the most exclusive honorary on the Millsaps campus, is composed of students who have excelled in Debate and Speech activities. Each year the chapter sponsors the Millsaps Debate Tournament, which is considered one of the finest Debate Tournaments in the South. Statham, Mims, Cunningham, Boyd, Kern, Tonkel. OFFICERS ALTON BOYD President JIM WAITS Vice President ROBERT MIMS Secretary-Treasurer Page 74 OFFICERS HARRY DOWLING President BILLY RAY DAVIS Vice President KAISA BRAATEN Secretary JOHN BAXTER Treasurer HELEN REILLY Reporter SEATED: Baxter, Davis, Dowling, H., Braaten Dmitri, Shepherd, Garrison. STANDING: Mohon, Dowling, F., Robertson, Naylor, THETA NU SIGMA The membership of Theta Nu Sigma is composed of those students who have shown excellent grades and general interest in the natural sciences. At graduation Theta Nu Sigma presents an award to the outstanding science graduate. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA A. E. D., the honorary pre-medical fraternity, promotes the interests of its members and bridges the gap between pre-medical and medical schools. Lead- ership, scholarship, expertness, character, and personality are considered in those students accepted for membership. SEATED: Wimberly, Wilkins, Morgan, Pullen, Taft . . . STANDING: Noblin, Fraiser, McKell, Jeeter, McQueen, Tucker, Blount, Smith, Hardin, Dangerfield, McEachin, Anderson, Deoson, Johnston, Dr. Price. OFFICERS JOHN MORGAN President JOHN STONE Vice President JEANETTE WILKINS Secretary DON TAFT Treasurer JOHN YVIMBEBLY Reporter JEANETTE PULLEN Historian Page 75 OFFICERS JEANETTE PULLEN President SUMMER WALTERS Vice President GWEN McRAINEY Secretary DON TAFT Treasurer BROOKS HUDSON Reporter SEATED: Walker, McRaney, Hudson, Walters, Pullen, Taft, Dr. Hamilton, Byrd Martin, Vaughan, Waits, Statham, Ford, Williams, Willoughby, Doyle, Brooks. STANDING: Bufkin, ETA SIGMA PHI Eta Sigma Phi is a national honorary fraternity that recognizes achieve- ment in the Classical language. It promotes interest and helps one to continue in his knowledge of the Classics. It has established the Alfred Porter Hamilton Award, which is presented to the most outstanding student of Latin at Murrah High School. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Membership of IRC is composed of outstanding students in the fields of history and political science. During the year, I.R.C. sponsors a series of open forums on varied, timely subjects. Moore, Miller, Mims, Truluck, Boyd, Tonkel, Hales, Gee, Flint, Nail, Cunningham, Waits. OFFICERS ANN MYERS President ALFRED STATHAM Nice President HAZEL TRULUCK Secretary Page 76 SEATED: Smith, Jeffrey, Starnes, McRaney, Roberts, Miller, Trapp, Slellwagon, Moss, Wilkins, Under hi II, Pi; lien, Jones Chunn, Allen, Kelly, Moore head, Thome, Warren, Douglas, Anderson, Bufkin. STANDING: Wixon, McCorkle, MAJORETTE CLUB OFFICERS YVONNE MOSS President BIGGIE WILKINS Vice President JUNE STELLWAGON Secretary-Treasurer Members of the Majorette Club are those girls who volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis, and Softball. have shown special skills in the field of athletics by par- „ .„ , , . , ., , .. ticipating in three sports and who possess the ideals of , Stunt Night is a project sponsored annually by the good fellowship and sportsmanship. club - A11 s ° cia] g ups are extended an invitation to par- ticipate m this activity tor winch the winners are awarded It is the duty of the club to establish regulations for " The Bucket. " the women ' s intramural program which is composed of Chi Omegas receive Bucket Winning Skit Paae 7 THE FEATURES MASTER MAJOR MISS MILLSAPS fT W? ° o r c HTVOO BEAUTIES FAVORITES n 1 ' ' K x r X % X - J)am ones MASTER MAJOR MISS MILLSAPS I lancu J eacock sti ones % HL ' jt »tm ttu LjarrL arridon { w OUR f ancu I It ancu l leu man u lieu y jraham rraleS, Ar FAVORITES n laqie Wilhins u m imi JM M.. rTOlU FAVORITES WaJun Wood " Afuan Aonniton Aftice -J)L arnei Toward A ones rrazel Jruluch —J eith Jonhel FAVORITES THE GREEKS SOCIAL FELLOWSHIP PRESIDENTS SEATED: Harrison, Hates, Tullos STANDING: McEach : n, Jones, Fanning, Miller. INT ER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS 1 9 5 ( GRAHAM HALES President NEWT HARRISON . Vice President BOBBY TULLOS Secretary-Treasurer I 95 JON ED WILLIAMS President ALEX ALSTON Vice President BILLY WALKER Secretarv-Treasurer MEMBERS Graham Hales Kappa Alpha Reynolds Cheney Kappa Alpha Newt Harrison Kappa Sigma Woods Cavett Kappa Sigma Bobby Tullos Lambda Chi Alpha Howard Jones Lambda Chi Alpha form McEachin Pi Kappa Alpha Hal Miller Pi Kappa Alpha MEMBERS Jon Ed Williams Kappa Alpha Tommy Fanning . Kappa Alpha Alex Alston Kappa Sigma Woods Cavett Kappa Sigma Billy Walker Lambda Chi Alpha Bobby Tullos Lambda Chi Alpha Dick Blount . . . , Pi Kappa Alpha Hugh Johnston Pi Kappa Alpha Two representatives from each of the four fraternities comprise the mem- bershap of the Inter-Fraternity Council. The three offices of this organization rotate between the four fraternities. The Inter-Fraternity Council establishes and enforces rules concerning fraternity rushing, pledging and initiation. Bush Week is under the direct super- vision of the IFC. Poge 90 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS ALICE STARNES President FAT CHUNN Vice President MARILYN WOOD Secretary TEENIE UNDERHILL Treasurer MEMBERS Pat Chunn Beta Sigma Omicron Marilyn Wood Beba Boackle Beta Sigma Omicron Jerre Gee Alice Starnes Chi Omega Teenie Underbill June Stellwagon Chi Omega Martha Ann Wolford Kappa Delta Kappa Delta Phi Mu Phi Mu The membership of Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of the Presidents and Rush Chairmen of the four sororities. The four offices of this organization rotates between the four sororities. Like the Inter-Fraternity Council, Pan-Hellenic Council makes and en- forces the rules dealing with rushing, pledging, and initiations. Rush Week during the Fall Semester is their major project of the year. STANDING: Gee, Stellwagon, Boackle, Morehead, Wolford SEATED: Chunn, Wood, Starnes, Underhill. Page 91 BETA SIGMA OMICRON ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER OFFICERS PATRICIA CHUNN President CARA LLOYD HEMPHILL Vice President MILLICENT KING Recording Secretary M HTIIA ANN SMITH Corresponding Secretary MARGARET McCORKLE Treasurer OFFICERS PAT WYNN . President CAROL BROUN Vice President MARGIE KING Recording Secretary JANE TRAMS Recording Secretary CAROLYN ALLEN Treasurer Majorette Club taps MeCorkle. Hemphill. Chunn, Edwards and Roberts — Millieent King is president ot WCW -- Boackle is president of the Catholic Club - Brooks is tapped by Eta Sigma Phi along with Broun - Chi Delta taps Wadsworth, who is also secretary- treasurer ot Pi Delta Phi — Chunn. is vice president of Pan-Hellenic and is secretary of the Woman ' s Council - Smith is vice president of Kappa Delta Epsilon. NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Missouri December 12. 1888 LOCALLY FOUNDER: September 1. 1926 COLORS: Ruby and Pink FLOWERS: Richmond and Kilarney Roses PUBLICATION: The Urn " • Hill Page 92 CAROLYN J. ALLEN KAY AYERS REBA BOACKLE JO ANN BROOKS CAROL BROUN CATHY CARLSON PATRICIA CHUNN ANN CLOUD PAT DACUS MARY JO EDWARDS ROSEMARY FLINT FRANCES FURR CAROLYN GOFF FAY RUTH HARTHCOCK HELEN HAYES CARA LLOYD HEMPHILL MARGIE KING MILLICENT KING BECKY LARCHE EDWINAMcCOOL MARGARET McCORCKLE LILLIAN PRESLEY MARY NELL ROBERTS JEAN ROTEN LAURIE SMITH MARTHA ANN SMITH MARILYN SMITH SUZANNE SPELL JEWEL TAYLOR JANE TRAVIS JO ANN TUCKER GLENDA WADSWORTH SUE WOODWARD PATRICIA WYNN Page 93 CHI OMEGA CHI DELTA CHAPTER OFFICERS ALICE STARNES President BETTY GAIL TRAIT Vice President JEANNETTE RATCLIFF Secretary HELEN REILLY Treasurer OFFICERS JEANETTE RATCLIFF President FRANCES BRYAN Vice President SUSAN YVHEELESS Secretary HELEN THORNE Treasurer NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Arkansas April 5. 1895 LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 31. 1934 COLORS: Cardinal and Straw FLOWER: White Carnation PUBLICATION: " The Eleusis " A. Starnes and J. Wilkins are Favorites — Reilly is Lambda Chi Crescent Girl — A. Starnes heads Pan- Hellenic — Stellwagon. Swann. and Cunningham tapped into Sigma Lambda — Crawford is president of Chi Delta -- Miller is KA Rose, president of Pi Delta Phi. and society editor of the P and W — Stellwagon is presi- dent of KDE and secretary of the senior class — Trapp is vice president of Y.W.C.A. — Bryan is a Maid of Cot- ton finalist — Bartling is secretary of freshman class — Caughman and Lingle are majorettes - - Stanton is Homecoming maid -- A. Starnes and Cunningham are selected in Who ' s Who — Chi Delta taps Dement — A. Starnes and Rouse are tapped by KDE — Smith played " Desdemona " in Othello — Majorette Club taps Thorne. Trapp, and Jeffreys — L. Starnes and Ratcliff on the Bobashela staff — Mcintosh, Miller, and Byrd are on the P and K staff -- Chi O ' s win " Bucket " - Bain in Pi Kappa Alpha Cotton Maid. Page 94 MYNA BAIN PANSY BARKSDALE BETTY BARRING JULIA ANN BECKES BETTY BLUE VIRGINIA BOOKHART FRANCES BRYAN BETHANY BYRD JUDY CAMPBELL DOT CARGILL SUE CATER MARY CAUGHMAN KAY COLLUMS ELIZABETH COOK NANCY CRAWFORD ROSE CUNNINGHAM SALLIE DEMENT JANIS EDGAR KAY FARRAR BETTY BELL FORD ANN FOSTER LYNETTE GARST HELEN GILLIS JANE GILLIS JULIE GRAY SANDRA HUGGINS BLYTHE JEFFREY PAT LAWRENCE MARIELLA LINGLE MARY LUCKETT BARBARA McDOUGAL MARY TATE McGILL ELISE MclNTOSH BETTY MILLER SANDRA MILLER MARY F. MONTGOMERY MARY F. PLEASANTS ANN FORTER MARY CHARLES PRICE JEANNETTE RATCLIFF MATTELYN REED TITA REED HELEN REILLY JEAN ROUSE KATHERYN SHAEFFER MARY RUTH SMITH SUANNA SMITH SANDRA STANTON ALICE STARNES LILLIAN STARNES JUNE STELLWAGON MARY LOU STRINGER BARBARA SWANN HELEN THORNE BETTY GAIL TRAFP ALAN WALKER SUSAN WHEELESS WILETTE WILKINS Page 95 KAPPA DELTA MU CHAPTER OFFICERS MARILYN WOOD President NENA DOIRON Nice President YVONNE MOSS Secretary HAZEL TRULUCK Treasurer OFFICERS LAURENE WALKER President RUTH LAND Vice President BEVERLY HAMBLIN Secretary HAZEL TRULUCK . Treasurer NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Virginia State Normal College October 23, 1897 LOCALLY FOUNDED: September 26, 1914 COLORS: Green and White FLOWER: White Rose PUBLICATION: " Angelos " Cleveland and Neyman re-elected cheerleaders — Peacock elected Miss Millsaps, tapped by Chi Delta, president of Sigma Lambda and secretary of SEB — Pillow is drum majorette and Black and Moore are other majorettes — Homecoming maids were Cleveland, Addkison, and Miller — Pullen, Peacock, and Riley are selected to Who ' s Who -- On the Bobashela staff are Doiron, assistant editor; Walker, class staff; Addkison. feature editor; and Perry, photographer — Sigma Lamb- da taps Doiron, Riley, Truluck. and Pullen — Walker is tapped by Eta Sigma Phi — KDE taps Addkison, Doiron. Brandon, and Pcrrv — Truluck and Perry have selections printed in Stylus — Dribben is Freshman Day Queen — Moss is president of Majorette Club which tapepd Jones — Doiron is Pi Kappa Alpha Cotton Queen — Pullen is president of Eta Sigma Phi — Wood is KA Province Rose — Truluck is copy and feature editor of the P and W — Nail is new copy editor of P and W — Myers was selected for Washington Semester — Bradley is assistant producer of Othello — The KD ' s won the Scholarship trophy for the fifth time — Wood and Jones are on the business staff of the Bobashela — Riley is president of Wesley — Wood is vice president of Pan- I [ellenic. Paoe 96 ELWYN ADDKISON HELEN DALL BARNES SARA JANICE BLACK NANCY BOYD PATH BRADLEY BETH BRANDON ANN BURKE DUCKY CATLEDGE ELIZABETH ANN CLARK BETTY JANE CLEVELAND ADEN COLEMAN SARA GRACE COMBS MARY GRACE COX KAY DAVIS NONA DEWEESE NENA DOIRON BETTY DRIBBEN ELAINE EVERITT MARGARET EWING AMANDA FARMER MYRA FELSHER GAYLE GEBBHART JERRE GEE WILDA GEORGE DOT GRIFFIN BEVERLY HAMBLIN CAROLYN HARPOLE FRANCES HENDERSON SARAH JONES RUTH LAND JEANETTE LUNDGUIST LYNN McCREIGHT JANE MclNVALE SUSAN MEDLEY MAY MILLER BILLIE FAYE MOORE YVONNE MOSS JOYCE NALL NANCY NEYMAN BETTYE OLDHAM PAM OLMSTED LYNNICE PARKER NANCY PEACOCK NITA PERRY LUCILLE PILLOW JEANETTE PULLEN NANCY REED MARTINA RILEY CORINNE ROBERTSON WILMA SANDERSON MARY FRANCES SEMMES BESSIE SMITH SHIRLEY STOKER BARBARA ANN THOMAS GWEN TODD HAZEL TRULUCK LAURENE WALKER CHARLENE WELCH FAYE WENGER SYLVIA WILLIAMS MARILYN WOOD MARGARET YARBROUGH SUSAN YOUNG Page 97 PHI MU EPSILON CHAPTER OFFICERS TEENIE UNDERHILL President ANNE DERRYBERRY Vice President PEGGY PERRY Secretary BARBARA BYRD Treasurer OFFICERS GAY PIPER President TEENIE UNDERHILL Vice President CLARA SMITH . Secretary MARY SIILRROD Treasurer NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Wesleyan College March 4, 1852 LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 24. 1914 COLORS: Rose and White FLOWER: Enchantress Carnation PUBLICATION: " glaia " Brown is president of Alpha Psi Omega, stage man- ager of Players, secretary-treasurer of Chi Delta, directed " Browning Version " and was presented with the Little Theater Award — Perry is organizations editor of the Bobashela and is secretary-treasurer of the junior class - Smith is secretary of the sophomore class — Habeeb is secretary of the Canterbury Club — Warren is on the Bobashela staff and was tapped into the Majorette Club fenkins is on the Bobashela staff with Habeeb and Bayliss — Underhill is treasurer of YAV.C.A., Wolford is secretary and Shapley is publicity chairman — Byrd was tapped into Eta Sigma Phi — Chi Delta taps Shap- ley, who was the editor of the ' 56- ' 57 Handbook and is feature editor of the P and W — Frost, Byrd. Bates, Bayliss. Shapley, and Bower are on the editorial staff of the P and W — Bower is executive secretary of the P and W ■ - Harlan was selected for the lead in the Varsity Show — Phi Mit ' s won the volley ball trophy. Page 98 MARY F. ALDRIDGE . - NANCY BARINEAU MARILYN BATES w[ — SADIE BAYLISS JANICE BOWER SHIRLEY BROWN HELEN SUE CALLAHAN JANE CAMPBELL NELLE COULTER JANYCE CREWS BETTY JO DEASON ELLEN DIXON SYLVIA ELLIOTT JANE ELLIS LUCY EWING ANNE FOREMAN GRACE FROST BETTY FURNESS SHIRLEY HABEEB ANN HALE REGINA HARLAN CAROL JO JENKINS BEVERLY JUMPER BETTY LANDFAIR EDNA McSHANE ■MARGARET ANN MERRILL LINDA NOBLE PEGGY PERRY GAY PIPER ETHEL SHAPELY MITZI SHELTON MARY SHERROD DOROTHY ELLEN SHIPP CLARA SMITH KAY JO SPRADLING COLLEEN THOMPSON ALDINE TUCKER ERNESTINE UNDERHILL PAT WARREN SANDRA WATSON LEON WEAVER MARY ALICE WHITE MISSY WILSON MARTHA ANN WOLFORD Page 99 VIKINGS OFFICERS EUGENIA KELLY ..President JUANITA WRIGHT Vice President DANYF MILLER Recording Secretary BOBBIE JEAN POTTS Corresponding Secretary IO ANNE ABERNATHY Treasurer NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Oklahoma April, 1938 LOCALLY FOUNDED: July 19, 1943 COLORS: Blur and White FLOWER: White Carnation PUBLICATION: N. I. S. A. Newsletter Carolyn Allen and Kelly are elected to Who ' s Who - Majorette Club taps C. Allen. Butkin, and Kelly - Kelley is tapped into Sigma Lambda — Potts, Littleton, and Matheny are on the Woman ' s Council and Kelly and (. ' . Allen hold the two top positions — Craaten is secretary of Theta Nil Sigma — Hall is on the Debate team — Morehead and Braaten are tapped into Alpha Psi Omega — Swindull directs " How to Propose " — Vikings win Softball tropin in the spring of ' 56 — C. Allen played " Bloody Mary " in " South Pacific ' yOuGOW Page 100 JO ANN ABERNATHY KAISA BRAATEN KAY BUFKIN DOROTHY JACK CASEY BETTY DYESS CAROLYN EDWARDS VIRGINIA EVERETT GLORIA HALBERT RUTH ANN HALL EUGENIA KELLY ANNETTE LESHE HENRIETTA LITTLETON KATIE LOWREY JUNE MARTIN NANCY MATHENY DANYE MILLER GAIL MOORHEAD SHIRLEY McMULLAN MARLYN McNEILL ILAH NICHOLAS CHARLOTTE OSWALT BOBBY JEAN POTTS ELLIE RASOR JANELLE RYDER JOHNNIE SWINDULL NANCY THARP BECKY TURNER JUANITA WRIGHT Page 101 KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA MU CHAPTER OFFICERS GRAHAM HALES Number I REYNOLDS CHENEY Number II LESLIE SHELTON Number III OFFICERS JON ED WILLIAMS Number I TOMMY FANNING Number II THAD LECGETT. Ill Number III NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Washington College December 21, 1865 LOCALLY FOUNDED: COLORS: Ruby and Old Cold FLOWER: Magnolia and Crimson Rose PURLICATION: " Kappa Alpha Journal " Hales elected vice president of student body and is business manager of the Bobashcla — Chaney is presi- dent of ODK and heads Kit Kat for the second straight year — Franks wins Best Actor of the Year award and is tapped by Alpha Psi Omega — Walters is business man- ager of Stylus and is tapped into ODK along witli Hales - Williams is president of sophomore class and Fanning is vice president of junior class — Cheney and Hales are selected for Who ' s Who — McKell and Mills are tapped into AED — Walters is vice president of Eta Sigma Phi — McDaniel is tapped into Kit Kat and is No. 1 on the tennis team — Theta Nu Sigma taps Smith — Abraham is cheerleader — Williams is treasurer of Singers — Hales heads IFC and is chosen a Favorite — Miller, J. Armstrong, Wellons. and Hathoni join Williams in " M " Club. Page 102 BOB S. ABNEY ROBERT ABRAHAM FRANK D. ALLEN CECIL ALLRED GEORGE W. ARMSTRONG JOE BATES ARMSTRONG RALPH ARMSTRONG HARRY R. BLAIR, JR. CHARLES BRACKETT JOE BURNETT JOHN R. BURNETT EDWIN BUTLER REYNOLDS CHENEY, JR. CECIL COPELAND, JR. DUDLEY D. CULLEY, JR. DAVID A. DETERLY, JR. THOMAS B. FANNING, JR. LEO A. FARMER CHARLES FERGUSON EDWIN FROST PAT LEE GILLILAND WILLIAM LEE GRAHAM GRAHAM LEE HALES STANLEY H. HATHORNE ALBERT BATES HINDS DOUGLAS M. LAY ALFRED THAD LEGGETT. I JOHN HAMILTON LONG LEWIS LORD JAMES E. McCARTY MAX H. McDANIEL WILLIAM McKELL, JR. william Mcknight DAVIL McNAIR WILLIAM MARTIN JOHN HAMPTON MILLER NOEL MILLS, JR. RICHARD MILWEE JOHN E. MULHEARN, JR. WILLIAM S. MULLENS, III JOSEPH LEE PORTER WILLIAM M. RAINEY JACK L. RATLIFF STUART ROBINSON ERNEST L. SHELTON LESLIE W. SHELTON, JR. ROBERT CARROLL SMITH RAYMOND SWARTZFAGER JOSEPH BROOKS TOLER WILLIAM TULL, JR. PAUL WALTERS SUMMER WALTERS, JR. JAMES M. WALTON JAMES E. WEE-DY THOMAS CLYDE WELCH JON ED WILLIAMS MARK C. YERGER ■ 7 j». 41 ' Oi ' P ' - F l Jp War 0 | jm m s -■■ |pt - ' - " ssr f I , ; 4 r- M Fage 103 KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER OFFICERS NEWT HARRISON Grand Master CARY CAUSEY Grand Procurator CLIFF RUSHING Grand Secretary 1,1) MIZE Grand Treasury OFFICERS ALEX ALSTON Grand Master WOODS CAVETT Grand Procurator JOHN CARTER Grand Secretary ROB WEEMS Grand Treasury NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Virginia December 10. 1869 LOCALLY FOUNDED: October 18, 1895 COLORS: Scarlet, Green, and White FLOWER: Lily of the Valley PUBLICATION: " The Caduceus " Sivi.s place seven on the starting football eleven — Sigs win speedball — Moore elected prevy of " M Club — Kern is librarian of Singers ami vice president of Wesley — Taylor is sports editor of the P and W — Statham is tapped into ODK. Page 104 ALEX ALSTON DICK BARINEAU FRED BELK GENE BERBETTE JIM BERRY TOM BINFORD CHARLES BREWER CARL CAUSEY WOODS CAVITT ALBERT DAVIS JAMES DAY JACKIE GIFFIN BILL GRIFFITH BILLY GULLEDGE GENE HARRISON NEWT HARRISON CARSON HOLLOMAN JIMMY HUDSON BRENT JOHNSON CHARLES JOHNSON PAUL KERN EDWIN MIZE TERRY MOORE DICKIE PEPPER JIM PHYFER BOBBY RAY NORWOOD REDHEAD SAM ROBERTS KERAN RUDY CLIFF RUSHING SAM SCOTT ALFRED STATHAM JACK TAYLOR FRANK TUCKER RONNIE WARD DAVID WEAVER AiWf Atfe ■• " • ..«(?«: BOB WEEMS DON WILLIAMS DON WILLIAMSON CHARLES WRIGHT BEN YOUNGER Page 105 LAMBA CHI ALPHA THETA ETA ZETA CHAPTER OFFICERS BOBBYTULLOS President JOHN STONE Vice President SAM TOMLIXSOX Secretary TOMMY NAYLOR Treasurer OFFICERS BILLY WALKER President JOHN BAXTER Vice President BILLBALGORD Secretary BILL MOSBY Treasurer NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Boston University November 2. 1909 LOCALLY FOUNDED: October, 1939 COLORS: Purple, Green, and Gold FLOWER: White Rose PUBLICATION: " Purple. Green, and Gold " " Cross and Crescent " S. Jones, |. Stone, Boyd, Hudson in Who ' s Who — S. Jones is president of SEB, band director, and Master Major — J. Stone is president of Christian Council, editor of Stylus, vice president of AED, and president of West- minster League — Lambda Chi ' s have winning Home- coming float -- Tullos is president of Singers — Ander- son is president of Alpha Phi Omega, Willets is Vice president of Alpha Phi Omega — Grisham is managing editor of the P and W — Favorites are H. Jones and Tonkel, and Freshman King is Cooke — Sojourner is vice president of BSU — Boyd is vice president of Pi Kappa Delta — J. Stone, Tonkel, and Carney are ODK tapees — Alpha Psi Omega taps Tonkel and Boyd — Patterson, Boyd, and Tonkel are tapped by IRC — AED taps Wimberly, Newell, Jeter, and P. Smith — Theta Nu Sigma taps Baxter, Naylor, and Balgord — J. Stone and Boyd are tapped by Kit Kat and Tonkel by Phi Delta Kappa — Psi Delta Chi taps Sample and Boyd — Lamb- da Chi Combo received recognition from the Jackson Junior Chamber of Commerce, the March of Dimes As- sociation, and the Jackson Public Schools. ii t KS - Page 106 Page 107 Wt I DANNY T. ANDERSON WILLIAM BALGORD JOHN BAXTER BILL BEASLEY BILL BOSWELL ALTON BOYD DAVID BOYETT GARDNER BROCK DOUG CAMPBELL HENRY CARNEY WALLACE CARRAWAY STAN COOKE PETE COSTAS ENOCH DANGERFIELD JOHN DRYSDALE JOSE ESPANA ROY GRISHAM DON HARDER ARTHUR HODGE MARTIN HOWARD BROOKS HUDSON JIMMY HUMPHREYS JAMES INGRAM FRED JABOUR marvin jeter robert johnson william johnson howard jones sam jones buddy lovett jimmy Mccormick WALTER McKELLAR PALMER MANNING BILL R. MOSBY TOMMY NAYLOR JIMMY NEWELL JIM OAKES BENNY OWEN BOB PATTERSON LARRY PARKER MARTIN REEVES BILL RHYMES WILLIAM RISHER TEX SAMPLE WAYNE SHERMAN LEVERENE SMITH PERRIN SMITH RUSSELL SMITH PARKER SOJOURNER JOHN STONE MARLER STONE JOHN ED THOMAS SAM TOMLINSON KEITH TONKEL DON TRIPLETT OLIVER TRIPLETT BILLY WALKER MERRIMEN WATKINS ROBERT WESLEY WARREN WILKINS TOM WILLETTS JOHN WIMBERLY irktitM 2 1 1 fal » ft I - m ■PP. 9 mm m Am «m Mitt m : kit C C: (?. ft: ftM ' Mr J » ii tfc cafM ilferii«j kufcAfci i«rirf dkl PI KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER OFFICERS ROBERT MINIS S. M. C. JOHN McEACHIN I. M. C. LACY FRAISER Th. C. WILLIAM FEANES Historian OFFICERS HAL MILLER S. M. C. DICK RLOUNT I.M. C. LACY FRAISER I ' h. C. WILLI I JEANES Historian NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Virginia March 1, 1868 LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 23. 1905 COLORS: Garnet and Gold FLOWER: Lily of the Valle) PUBLICATION: " The Shield and Diamond Jeanes is on the Bobashela and P and W staffs - [ohnston is a Favorite — Ware is vice president of sopho- more class and vice president of Singers — AED taps McQueen, Blount. Hardin. Noblin. Gordon. Fraiser. and McEachin — Blount is president of BSU. P and W busi- ness manager, and tapee into Alpha Phi Omega — Wil- liams is tapped into Eta Sigma Phi and is sports editor of the Bobashela — Causey is on the Debate Team — Smith is past business manager of the P and W and is business manager of the Singers and Chi Omega ' s Owl Man — Kerr had a selection accepted by Stylus and is on the Bobashela staff — Gammill is editor of the P and V — Minis is treasurer of SEB, treasurer of Pi Kappa Delta, president of the Debate Club, and was elected to Who ' s Who, also a Favorite — Fraiser is art editor of the Bobashela — Ford is tapped into Eta Sigma Phi — Miller is Bobashela editor and a tapee of IRC — Mc- Eachin is vice president of the senior class — Rush is cheerleader and class editor of the Bobashela — Finley is cheerleader — Gatewood is vice president of the freshman class — Harry and Fred Dow ling are in Theta Nu Sigma and Harry is president — Pikes win scholar- ship cup twice in a row. Poge 108 FRED ABRAHAM DICK BLOUNT LACY CAUSEY KENNETH DEW BUDDY DODSON OSCAR DOWDLE FRED DOWLING HARRY DOWLING TERRY FINCHER JIM FINLEY JONAH FORD JAMES FORTENBERRY LLOYD FORTENBERRY LACY FRAISER SAM GAMMILL STEWART GAMMILL III JOHN SHARP GATEWOOD DARBY GILMER JAMES GORDON NICK GREENER JIMMY GRIFFIS MARLIN GRIMES WILLIAM HARDIN JOE HINDS LEA HYMAN WILLIAM JEANES CHARLES JENNINGS HUGH JOHNSTON BILLY KERR BOB LAMPTON BRACK LANGE DON LISLE JOHN McEACHIN JAMES McQUEEN HAL MILLER SCOTT MILLER GERALD MIZELLE ROBERT MIMS WILL NOBLIN HARRELL PACE DON PATERSON JAY PENNINGTON JOHN C. PHILLEY JACK POOL JOHN POTTER SMILEY RATCLIFF JULIAN RUSH KERMIT SCOTT DON SMITH ROBERT L. SMITH MIKE SPRINGER ED STEWART RUSSELL STOVALL DURAND TOMLIN CLIFTON WARE CLYDE WHITAKER EDDIE WILLIAMS JOE WIMBISH Page 109 i mJ-A BALLARD, GREG FULLER, BILL o kffc I BALLARD, TOMMY HALBERT. INGE COOK, OLIN LEE, HYUN KIM cora, spiro cowart, joe eaton, harris Mcdonald, bill mcREYnolds, Charles screws, ray winstead, hank •.Q NORSEMEN NATIONALLY FOUNDED Oklahoma University April, 1938 LOCALLY FOUNDED: 1950 PUBLICATION N. I. S. A. Newsletter COLORS , Blue and Gold MEMBERS Tommy Ballard Hugh Long Harris Eaton Spiro Cora Inge I Filbert Joe Cowart Bill MacDonald Bill Fuller Greg Ballard Henry Winstead Hyun Kni Lee Ray Screws Olin Cook Seung Bin Song Charles McReynolds HARRIS EATON President JOE COWART Nice President GREG BALLARD Treasurer HAY SCHEWS Secretary Page 1 10 IN MEMORIAM FREDERICK WAYNE RENFRO Wayne accomplished more in his short life than many who have lived the full span of years. Denied the use of a vigorous and healthy body, he went through life without complaining. He never adver- tised his misfortunes, neither did he complain of his ills. With bravery, fortitude and confidence he faced life and drew unto himself a most devoted group of friends, he knew what many will never know, for more real love and devotion was poured into his heart than to many who were more able to command free access to wide circles of society. Loved ones revered him, friends honored him. all who knew him respected him. Possessed of a rare and vibrant mind, desiring knowledge, he made the best of the opportunities opening to him. BILLY GULLEDGE On March 5, 1957, Millsaps College was saddened to learn of the death of Billy Gulledge. He was a friend to all who knew him. In years to come when we think back on our days at Millsaps, our thoughts will include many memories of Billy. Humanity will suffer a loss as Billy would have soon been in Medical School, and eventually would have been serving man- kind. Taken from us in the flower of his manhood, he will always be an example of a happy, sincere, and dedicated student of Millsaps Colleger. THE SPORTS ACTION FOOTBALL TENNIS ¥ COACHES SAMMY BARTLING Head Coach ERM SMITH Assistant Coach Smith, Bartling Millsaps began its 1956 football season with a good start, talcing Ouachita by a 13-6 win. Don Williams in the first quarter tossed a neat 47 yard pass to Terry Moore for the first score of the season. Soon after in the second quarter Roy Wolfe went out on a pitchout and went over from the two. Although Ouachita did manage to score once, it was Millsaps all the way - - the statistics showing the Majors 15 first downs to their opponent ' s 3. The game proved that Millsaps was going to he a strong threat. On their second start the Majors suffered From their only noticeable weakness from the preceding week, pass defense. In this game Millsaps lost a close one to Livingston State by the score 16-6 - - both touchdowns being on pass plays. The Majors ' only score was on a pass interception by Smiley Ratcliff. Millsaps threatened once more, but could not reach pay dirt, and thus, suffered from their first defeat ill tlie season. K fcJ..; 1 ' Pagi i i ; FOOTBALL RECORD MILLSAPS 13 OUACHITA MILLSAPS 6 LIVINGSTON STATE 16 MILLSAPS 13 SEWANEE MILLSAPS 20 HOWARD 20 MILLSAPS MISS. COLLEGE JAMES HOOD Captain MILLSAPS 12 SOUTHWESTERN MILLSAPS IS HENDERSON STATE 19 TERRY MOORE — Bock ROY WOLFE — Bock MAX MILLER — Guard Belk Around End For Yardage Millsaps Closes In A tired up Millsaps ' team went to match prowess and their enthusi- asm paid off as Millsaps won its second victory. An intercepted pass in the final minutes of play gave Millsaps a 13-7 come-from- behind victory. The Majors had made their first score, after being behind the whole first half, on a beautiful 47 yard run by Bob Car- raway. Millsaps outplayed Sewanee on the ground but the defensive work saved the Majors, because three times Sewanee was within their 20 yard line. Millsaps the next week began strong and trounced the Howard Bulldogs the first part of the game, letting them have the ball only three times the whole first quarter. Millsaps had several long, sustained drives, which later paid off in the point column. Still later. Smith went for the third score after Rat- cliff recovered a fumble on their 10 yard line. Howard, however, hit with several passes to tie the score. On the ground it was all Millsaps gaining 233 yards to How- ard s ST. Coach Bartling saw that Millsaps weakness was in their pass defense, and with Miss. Col- lege coming up. he saw the need to tighten up. Page I 16 RAY WOODRICK— Tackle RUSTY SMITH— Back STAN HATHORN— Guard HAMP MILLER— Tackle FRED BELK— Back SKIPPY SMITH— Guard PAT BONNER— End JIM HAYS— Back Smith Breaks Into The Secondary Page 117 m- ■y I I Wolfe Plows Through JIM BERRY — Tackle RAY SCARBROUGH— Back DON WILLIAMS — Back TED ALEXANDER— End Page 1 18 Millsaps, perhaps, had their greatest accomplishment as they held their arch rival, Miss. College, to a score- less tie. Millsaps " defensive unit was in top form as they held the Choctaws time after time from their goal line. Early in the second quarter Millsaps held M. C. for 4 downs on their own 5 yard line. In the final minutes of the fourth quarter Millsaps took over the ball on their own nine yard line and from this point moved the ball up the field only to have the time run out. Although Millsaps did not score themselves, the game was a noble tribute to the defensive work of the Majors line. M. C. Goes " ' " fcl .. " - " - ■ : 1 Rusty Up The Middle SMILEY RATCLIFF— End BRENT JOHNSTON— Center GAYLE ERWIN— Guard JON E. WILLIAMS — End Millsaps came back hard to shock and beat the three touchdown favorite Southwestern 12-0. Both scores came late in the fourth period with Fred Belk going over on the last play of the game for the second score. One other time the Majors drove to the Lynx three to have a pass intercepted in the end zone. The defense, which had shown up so well the week before, responded again and allowed Southwestern to go nowhere. Statistics showed Millsaps completely dominating the field, com- piling almost 265 yards to Southwestern ' s 106. Millsaps finally had gone all the way to reach their highest po- tential! For A Short Gain Page 119 K CLIFF RUSHING— Back KENNARD WEUONS— End BOB CARAWAY— Back Millsaps Breaks up the Pass Millsaps closed the 1956 season with a close 19-17 loss to Henderson State. It was a revealing game showing the promise of a new quarterback in Fred Belk, who passed to Wolfe for two touchdowns. After Henderson went ahead, Millsaps drove down to the goal line once more only to have a pass in- tercepted in the end zone. Thus, the Majors finished the season with ' 3 wins; 2 ties; and only 2 losses, both close ones. Millsaps loses only four men this year and should really be strong the following season, strengthened by the new group of Freshmen. The season just goes to show what 27 men can do when they really love the game. Page 120 PT Williams and Smith Give Chase ._ i 7 ' ' ' 4 c Err-- ' ip9 .- m » ■ ■ » FIRST ROW: Skippy Smith, Alex Alston, Terry Moore, Cliff Rushing, Bob Caraway . . . SECOND ROW: Roy Wolfe, Brent Johnston, Bob Weems, Smiley Ratcliff, Jim Hoys . . . THIRD ROW: Jim Berry, James Hood, Ted Alexander, Billy Groham, Pat Bonner . . . FOURTH ROW: Hamp Miller, Brooks Hudson, Joe Armstrong, Rusty Smith, Ray Wesson, Ken Parks . . . FIFTH ROW: Kennard Wellons, Stan Hathorn, Gene Gordon, Bob Fortune. 11 M " CLUB CHEERLEADERS JULIAN RUSH Meridian ANN DILLARD Rta Bena JIM FINLEY Finley, Tenn. NANCY NEYMAN Greenville ROBERT ABRAHAM Vicksburg Page 121 OFFICERS TERRY MOORE President ROY WOLFE Vice President CLIFF RUSHING Secretary-Treasurer iitfliuiiili1«itfiiiiwfi BASKETBALL The 1956-57 season of basketball at Millsaps was brought to a successful close winning two out of the last three games. The quality of play improved as the experience of the boys increased, until the Mill- saps quintet was operating as a smoothly precisioned unit. Long remembered will be Ray ' s deadly set shots. Park ' s command of the backboard, and Hen- son ' s hustle on the floor. Equally important was the consistent high scoring of Eddie YVhaley. Millsaps can be proud of the aggressiveness, the determination, and the will to victory of these twelve men. DON WILLIAMSON CLIFTON LECORNU RALPH ARMSTRONG BOBBY RAY BOB WEEMS CHARLES HENSON SMILEY RATCLIFF ED WHALEY ALVA DALTON LINDSAY ERWIN — J ■ 1 1 5a " " " f sH %m is fc. ' ? H i nti w i VCL v ' ' ■ ■v _ T W 1 1 u 1 GENE HARRISON KEN PARKS A successful season cannot be measured only by a list of won and lost. The success of a team goes deeper — down to the hearts of the coach and the players. This is what will bring our team up. Back- ing this will be the youthfulness of our squad. Of the twelve man team seven of them are Freshmen and the other five are Sophomores. With more time spent in working together and more actual game ex- perience there is great hope for the future. It ' s a trite saying and well worn out but, " Wait till next vear. " Page 123 FIRST ROW: Bi-gg, Rushing, Hothorn, Smith, Graham T. Balfard, Stietenroth, Sample, Parks, Williams. SECOND ROW: Ray, Potion, Giffin, G., Bollord, Lovett . . . THIRD ROW: Berry, RETURNING LETTERMEN BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 25 Mississippi College 2f Mississippi College 30 Brooklev Air Force Base April 1 Brookley Air Force Base 4 Louisiana College Ma 11 12 17 18 25 Southwestern Memphis State William Jewell William Jewell Howard College 26 Howard College 1 Mississippi College 2 Mississippi College 3 Southwestern 9 I toward College 10 Howard College Sample, Graham, Rushing, Ha thorn, Berry, Who ley Page 124 FIRST ROW: Jones, Sherman, Henson . . . SECOND ROW: McDaniel, McCormick, Vaughan, Abraham. McDaniel TENNIS Dr. White Vaughan Abraham McCormick Page 125 STUDENT LIFE W, .« ■ v .- ' % 2L? t HOMECOMING FRESHMAN DAY INTRAMURALS - ■ — HEARTBURN? TRY TUMS I SAW THE RE-, UH, LIGHT ' . STUNT [T UMh BUT I ' M NOT EDITOR BARE LEGGED AND STARRY EYED! TRY FOR THREE? ONE MORE STEP, AND I ' LL CLOBBER YOU ME, SUH? I DIDN ' T TAKE THAT CREST. NIGHT OF THE P. W. TEA PARTY? IS THIS S. E. B.? DOWN WITH THE PIKES " WHEN I DATED ' FREDDIE, HE . -i BUY YOUR BOOKS, SEND YOU TO SCHOOL, AND WHAT DO YOU DO, . .? I ADVERTISEMENTS OUR ADVERTISERS HAVE DEMONSTRATED THEIR FAITH IN US. LET US SHOW OUR FAITH IN THEM BY PATRONIZING THEIR FIRMS. Index of Advertisers Page A 6c W Hoot Beer 137 Adelle Grill 141 Automotive Service 136 Balfour 142 Baptist Book Store 143 Batson Hardware 145 Borden ' s 136 Burr-Patterson and Auld 146 Capitol Music Co. 143 Central School Supplv 138 Cicero ' s 143 Citizens Bank ... 137 Coca-Cola 139 Continental Trailways 147 Dennerv ' s Sea Food 136 E. B s ' 140 First Federal Savings and Loan Ass ' n ... 144 Greyhound Bus Terminal 142 Hawkins Studios 140 Hederman Brothers 148 Horrell ' s Studios 144 lluddleston Jewelers, Inc. 140 Independent Linen Service 1 43 Jamison Laundry and Cleaners 138 Kennington ' s 141 King the Tailor 145 Kwik Laundry and Cleaners 138 Lloyd Ford Co. 137 Madison Auto Sales 1 43 Millsaps College 144 Millsaps College Book Store and Grill 146 Mississippi Optical Co. 145 Mississippi Power and Light Co. 138 Mississippi School Supply 147 Morgan and Lindsey 136 Mori ' s 145 The New Green Derby 138 North State Pharmacy 145 O ' FerraU ' s Jewlers 137 Paragon Press 148 Shamrock Drive-In 145 Smith Shoe Shop 145 Snack Shop 138 Southwest Drug Store 142 Standard Photo Co. 140 Stevens 142 Tot Tolar ' s Super Service .... 142 Vogue 145 Walkers Drive-In 138 Lewis Wilson 146 Wilson-Geyer 138 Wright Music Co. . ... 142 Page 134 RflD-MiGEf LOANS V REAL ESTATE It INSURANCE sm Recommended by tKtltKRY ' S £, f mdifm4e ■ 740 East Silas-Brown St. Jackson, Miss. MORGAN AND LINDSEY " Stor es of Courtesy " Morgan Center Jackson, Miss. L. W. Shelton, Mgr. Phone 6-5481 AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE CO. Harold McDaniel, owner 211 South West Street Phone 2-3634 Jackson, Miss. Compliments Of CITIZEN ' S BANK Member F.D.I.C. FLORENCE, MISSISSIPPI h M MLTOIES 414 E. Capitol JACKSON, Miss. LLOYD FORD CO., INC. New Cars Used Cars New Trucks Used Trucks i Sales Service " Mississippi ' s Largest Ford Dealer " 430 S. State Jackson, Miss. A W ROOT BEER A W ROOT BEER DRIVE INN Old U. S. 51 North KENNETH L. BRYAN, Prop. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Better Light For Better Sight MISSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT COMPANY Helping Build Mississippi For Over a Third of a Century A COMPLETE SELECTION OF WALLPAPER, PAINT, ETC. Let Us Help You With Your Decorating Problems SPECIAL PRICES TO FRATERNITIES SORORITIES AND OTHER SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS WALLfAf[R PAINTST US L AMITI ST. • P.O. kx 2132 JACKSON 5 . 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VISIT STANDARD PHOTO COMPANY For the Finest in All Photographic Equipment CAMERAS SUPPLIES FINISHING ENLARGEMENTS 513 E. Capitol JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI CATERING TO THE JEWELRY NEEDS OF MILLSAPS STUDENTS EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRS JEWELRY FOR ALL OCCASIONS E. B. ' S RESTAURANT SEAFOODS STEAKS CHICKEN SANDWICHES North Stat e at Meadowbrook Road HAWKINS STUDIOS PORTRAITS PARTY PICTURES WEDDINGS SPECIAL OCCASIONS 507 E. Pearl JACKSON, Dial: 2-7818 MISSISSIPPI ADELLE GRILL Pizza Short Orders Lunches Soft Drinks Mrs. Ester Kelly, owner Corner N. West Street and Adelle ( ompilmentd kJi t jrriend ■;■ ' ' .-. L.G. Balfour Company New Orleans 18. - - Louisiana fraternity, sorority club insignias favors - trophies " Buy the Best, Buy Balfour " LOUIS R. DWORSHAK, R epresentative 619 S. CARROLLTON AVENUE NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA SOUTHWEST DRUG STORES AND MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY 1201 Terry Road JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF GREYHOUND BUS TERMINAL IC C c RECORDS - RECORD PLAYERS EBDSDI PIANOS INSTRUMENTS TOT TOLAR ' S SUPER SERVICE 1200 Northside Drive U. S. 51 North JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI STEVEMS HOME OF HART, SCHAFFNER MARX One of America ' s Finer Stores for Men 221 E. Capitol JACKSON, MISS. INDEPENDENT LINEN SERVICE COMPANY of Mississippi Phone: 2-1822 4-401 1 a CAPITOL MUSIC COMPANY HI-FIDELITY MUSIC " acclaimed ' round the world " H. E. " Ed " DANIELS 135 E. Amite Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 1957 PONTIAC Star Chief Custom 4-Door Catalina MADISON AUTO SALES INC. 277 E. Pascagoula Street Phone 3-6307 Jackson, Miss. CICERO ' S Home of Bucaaneer Room and Crow ' s Nest 105 N. STATE JACKSON, MISS. BAPTIST BOOK STORE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ■ ' -—i- " " " ™ You ' re Always Welcome Here The Savings Center of Mississippi FIRST FEDERAL Savings Loan Association Capitol at State — Jackson, Miss. 618 N. STATE dial 3-0640 TO THE CLASS OF 1957 Congratulations on your new relationship with the College. Your continued in- terest, your guidance and your support, as active alumni, is invited and earnestly solicited. Upon you, as the product of Christian higher education, rests the respon- sibility for leading the nation and the world in the quest for truth and the good life. The best wishes of the administration, faculty, and the staff go with you as you take your place in the community. Wherever ycu go, Millsaps College, its influence and its reputation, goes too. We hope you will return to the campus often. MILLSAPS COLLEGE NOTH STATE PHARMACY " Right Across the Street From the Girl ' s Dormitory " 1808 North State JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI VOGUE MISSISSIPPI ' S CAMPUS FASHION LEADER 146 E. Capitol JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI SHAMROCK DRIVE - IN Millsaps Studer its Always Welcome At SHAMROCK DRIVE- IN 5128 North State PETER J. COSTES, Owner Manager Millsaps 52 For Style in Clothing MISSISSIPPI OPTICAL DISPENSARY CONTACT LENSES FASHIONED DESIGNED GLASSES 425 E. Capitol Street and 110 Medical Arts Building N. State JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI It ' s Mori ' s FOR LUGGAGE GIFTS ACCESSORIES 111 W. Capitol JACKSON, MISS. BATSON HARDWARE 115 Triangle Drive at Tripps Crossing Phone 6-2734 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI SMITH ' S CITY SHOE SHOP (Near the Viaduct) Chosen First in the Nation For Superior Workmanship 315 West Capitol Phone 2-3378 Millsaps College Book Store Grill " Leisure Time Center " mc ill i l»L - ' Mil S 1 ■ ' • • 5fc_ BniiiK m i 1 £ BOOKS, COLD DRINKS SCHOOL SANDWICHES SUPPLIES The Store For Men Who Care . Annually . . . First Choice of Men Who Want The Finest In Men ' s Wear J WJiLehj. 215 E. Capitol BURR-PATERSON AULD Fraternity and Sorority Pins RINGS JEWELRY FAVORS " See Swack for all your Fraternity and Sorority needs. " J. D. Swackhamer, repre. Dial 6-3178 Compliments of Mississippi School Supply FOR EVENTS THAT ARE IMPORTANT From weddings to parties, life ' s most im- portant occasions call for impressive in- vitations and announcements. See us for suggestions. Hederman Brothers Printers • Stationers • Lithographers 327 E. Pearl Phone 2-4421 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI thru life ■ " ■■■ " ■■■ ' ■ " i ■ ' " " ' ' ■■ »■-— ■ —■ — - — ■■--■ " " — ' " ' (lememAesi Pasuzcj-cm » HememJten, Pa uzqan » {lerAembet Pasiacf n % ■■v Cv oday we are printers of the yearbook of your school. Tomorrow as you seek your future in 4 the professions, industry and commerce. m. we M ■fll at Paragon hope to serve you with the essential Printing ( " 7 and Lithography |gp you will need in the pursuit of your career. Many of our best customers came to us through friendships formed around the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. With lieit WtilteA X3$t Qaragon Qreste MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA e uvvt tbJ ac£ T C VV tldi • • COMB WHAT MAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, t r.ining and experience • We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY B I RM.I N Q HAM - - ,; 1 » .1 y a r% fc t ' 7 v„ Sr - xiifl [t ■SflL v fM I , - 5 -JSKKKL. ■ j ' » .A ' ' ' - i 7Tv ' nil i if

Suggestions in the Millsaps College - Bobashela Yearbook (Jackson, MS) collection:

Millsaps College - Bobashela Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Millsaps College - Bobashela Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Millsaps College - Bobashela Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Millsaps College - Bobashela Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Millsaps College - Bobashela Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Millsaps College - Bobashela Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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