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 - Class of 1956

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I 1 Z , X J ' 4 M 'I' 1- , .. 1 ,.-'g'.7f-ff "P "V lf".J"f"' 1 -"A:"'a",,- Jn H1 ' n A w 0 ..- 'f-'ld-f7"'-" 'I' "' .1 W N nf v'! p ,-W' I' r"n-f",-"3 u," r ww, In W 1 1 Q .-f.. -' 4 , ,," 1 ,,f" 4' nf 4 ,-'X fi .-i ., 1 Rayz. wif' Q 1-we "W llfffi- f in-. 0 H ' -'fair' 5' , ' . ' ' ,, 4-QQ-:'iifff "3 l ,rvm ,, '. r , ,f f 5 1 ,- ..g,,9,n'-by , In mbggf' " -- A ,W L ' E M V I "Q"-+-A-..4, .- ' , sv., 1 " --N , V - , wfip- '-n... ws.. Xi U!! i X, . D af?z?iu mQ.fx.m- -,---M-WW D' we-fum ' Am , W-EMM. I ,, Uffffeigp ' ' Y n , .. . 'V,,wv -Q I -,.w'w" """"' 4' ' ff 'QA-f A . u .5.i.:.7,.5KU 3 '- X N , I' N ,.,.,, iw- - Q 4 itwgfw- V , M N ,F M 7 , 'V' wwf Zn H ' mmfvifm W4 ,G -' ' ,w ' . ' Ifr'2'??Hf,w5.w9:'u,,,gA?igj'fp'3'3,-2,3jjxni,X 7 nl- - vw v 4 ,Q 5 ,dk A ,:gDf,g.Q.:,.,V. 131. s47:,g:5,e,!,fa.y,,,z.s -.W , " , 33,-1 5 "'.4,q.,." ' ,PY'fm:-,,yg"',3,E:w,3 xg. vw -M -. , , '55 " ' M" ,.... .f ,ww-' .. 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I EW! ff wk .. , A xx ' 1 ' 092' V 1 " Q, f Af-w "7 6 1 2 ,Y f If wi' A1445 X4 , 1 J X 'V ' ' . mff pf-if Lf-'S " .X f uf Y! , -f 2' 1 , ' 49' I' 9 Y l 63 f'N?K""' .,M...-,-..WJ.A P-'K ' . 'K I I A TM ' ' X ,X5 MQ- '1- v,-X,,f--,gk , R w .1 - TH? l" ,UN ,J ' .V .Jw f' f' XM 1 x K . Q, g ,Q N7 ' .,4' 1 1 fggx'f i,?Sg.ff XS.. Al 1,1 NJAJ Nl., fp gk, Xf. Jil W -XX ,ff ,fy wx-A" ,f!'l,l,,fN 31,1 xxx XX, ,ff ff l, ff 3, V, ,if JV! , ,IU F M! 'ff N' Q RJ! fl' if 14 fyig fl I lf . XQQWVJX -113 J ix an MyZwQff,5mjw,, L: lx - NfqQ""fs ea L 4 gm + ff- VX' X3 a 1 If ,hxxix ww ,X 5f:11?4QIyE'W!j St WI if wif Ffxif fl' 11,5 If Qi ggjimr 3' , Q," M XX IUWJL Wdmrw Srqfjig " -V fi A Kfi-Q.: .. fqfff' 0 X x N X X X fl F JS? X 1' ff,-'li' '1. LJ, , Q' X, ,5' fX'!- LX 'X' X. X X .Q X X 'f' , .749- , X , , XX ' XX X ,X X 1 X X f .x X X X A ,. ,gf X fx ,X vi X L X, ffsig: lk Q.-1 5 nk X x X K-7 fi fn' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f7 ,f '1 1 ff? 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1111 11 11 1 1 1 ,1 1 ,1 111 1 111 11 11 V1 1 1 11 1 A 1 1 ,1 ff 1 ' 11 ff f-X A ,f ,., .. f ,A 1 1 1 , f l 4. 1 A 1, f 1 H--41 Q, v J J J X R X x Y 1 X X 1 1 1 X 1 X x ' l X 1 1 Y X X1 1 N . 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 x X 1 f 1 1 1 1 NX 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 u - - - aaa aczfdadzfdea Qffu 4' X .fx "A", " ' x . 5 fl 4 a qgggf 2 ,, , j' R0 f X 3 3 2 Q kay 5 5:21 n N J-Fa NW X v ff gan will cadlneda - 5 i L g yi--?YY ! 7 X O 4:37 17 1 Z 1 1 I I 2 i fix 54ix.jy.Q.L-ml EXIF: fm W . ,1 1 111 .. NA dl 9 NE M732 XX? 'fy 1111? Tiiv' WFQ-N --160 Q1 11' 1 x -ff 1110-'K 1 TN-5-1 U . 01 U "XJ 1: H31 X f K ly WR Q' V N 1 1' 1 1 N 11 '1 ff ,CIA 'X 1 1!jfx1' 1 K I llfkx lf! 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 ff M111 A1 YR 1 U ' ig yfx 3521 111, 1Xzs1.1 1, X4 'V",'.x 1 E175 1 X?'f":T1' Qtkjlifi 11,1 QQ: 1 'AL-.G 11 .11g:1 V X ,EJ mkly I -1 1'fE1fi11 N W 1 ,311-1 1 Li,1Af,,1J FVAY1 mb 1V Q, 1 1, 1 . 1 1. ,, 1 xxx X1 N '1 1 15 1 , 1 1:51,-J-U' 1 '1 11, 1 lu 11 11 15 1 X xx A Nl X 11 U W A X M K1 ffl' jf? Q1 pu D X5 X K K 'i If V Yi, iw? 411 XNXNX W 1 11 1 4" ' ffl .1 1 fu K 11 if 1' 111 12: 1 1 1 1 X ? S l 1 H Q1 .1 3 ,4 ' 1 fl xig' 1x3 XA' W ,... I V' -i :N.,,f,,x -xx 1 5 rx, iii 1.1 ,. - . : N 1.3 ,yi Q .Wai ' X515 'a" 91E?' mevw A Hvesvw FQ- Dixlii'-an ,fix ff x '7's fy' - 3 1 W 7 ,, 1 ,.4,. Q, YA . 1.4 v. ' .xr .x' 1.4-.4--if 1 . 1-:--wha , ,+,.3,,,r.: 1 '.,. K ,. . . .9x..,.Q....lR.MNN. 1 i 345 f, J' W.,b.,.x,, Sw ' s SM!!! -,..,n...,,... V new -f-V 'N :umm 'H'wX M N fwgxwwxxmlgwsmmv ., ,V.. - ..,:.- . - .- ., ..,,x, x . f 1 Q. , 4, ,I ' 1 Q 1 '4Mb"i! "" XNWSNFX J DEDICATION ln I945 Dr. Neal Bond Fleming became a member of the Millsaps College Faculty. Since that time he has gained the admiration and the respect ofall who have been a part of the college community. ltwould not be incorrect to say that he represents the true spirit of Millsaps. His constant search for wisdom and the truth have labeled him as a fellow student of ours. His courtesy , his friendly disposition, and his eagerness to be of service to one and all have labeled him as our comrade. His Christian thought has made him our brother. Millsaps College will continue to grow and prosper, and we are confident that many of her students will grow in mind, body, and spirit in the footsteps of one who will always be remembered and loved by those who have had the privilege of knowing him and his life. It is our pleasure to dedicate our 1956 BOBASHELA TO. . . DR. NEAL BOND FLEMING 16 ' x I o ,. , 5 v' a K' ,Wye S , .- V 'f :va ,, xxx X 'X fx:-ESR 3 ,, I :tl E ,T , ' 4 x Q U ., -.yr-.g:j, :jg - Q ,V --,l ,K Jw, . X, ' ' 25265 ,A N 52 :xl , -I ., Q: K. W i Q- D , fs f X QM. N , u ff' 1,1- 1 Aj' 5 N 14+ -'X w- Q 1 .--1: . Qfsfafmkx. X ' K x X . Q 3-:QA 5255, ff' .x-. OUR PRESIDENT Under the guidance of Dr. H.E. Finger, Millsaps College has hopes of expansion-- both in size and influence. In the past few years he has given generously of his time and iq! efforts to make Millsapsa greater institution. His hard work has been beneficial not only to members of the College, but also to all citizens of the surrounding community. A civic, social, and religious leader, he will continue to enrich our lives and the lives Z of others in future years. HOMER ELLIS FINGER, IR, BOARD OF TRUSTEES OFFICERS M.A. Franklin, D. D. .... President B.M. Hunt, D.D. . . . Vice-President N.J. Golding, D.D. . . . . Secretary A.B. Campbell, LL.D. . . . Treasurer TERM EXPIRES IN T956 TERM EXPIRES IN T959 Rev. W.J. Cunningham, D.D. . .Tupelo W.E. Bufkin ......... Leland John Egger ........ Meridian R.L. Ezelle, LL.D ...... Jackson Rev. N.J. Golding, D.D. . . .Columbus Rev- B-M- Hunt, D-D- ---- MSVICIIGU A.L. Rggerg ..,,,, New Albony Rev. J.W. Leggett, Jr., D.D. . Meridian Rev. W.B. Selah, D.D. .... Jackson John MCE0Chin ---.--- Grenada Rev. J.D, Slqy ,,,, , , Laurel W.O. Tatum ....... Hattiesburg F.B. Smith .,,,, , , , Ripley Rev. W.L. Robinson, D.D. . . New Albany Virgil D. Youngblood. . , Brogkhaven Rev. J.D. Wroten, D.D .... Louisville 18 DEAN OF FACULTY 'fl-rv' T ,- .5 JAMES SHARBROUGH FERGUSON The duties of an Academic Dean are as numerous as the mind can imagine. This iob calls for intelligence, patience, understanding, and concentration. Millsaps College is fortunate in having as its Academic Dean a man with all these fine qualities plus many more. No other person could better fill this position and at the same time possess a friendly and co-operative air as Dean Ferguson has a habit of doing. Millsaps has long had the policy of selecting as its leaders men and women of Christian training who will be valuable in all the various phases which he or she must enter. lt is evident to all those who know him that Dean Ferguson represents that type of leader-a man who will always be remembered when we think of our Alma Mater. Not only will he be remembered, but the things for which he stood and tried to instill in us and all those he knew through his various activities. We are proud of our Dean and his achievements. We welcome his friendship, his advice, and his constant efforts to improve the conditions of the col lege. 19 ff ' MILDRED LILLIAN MOREHEAD "'lr'2:s 'Y PA UL DOUGLAS HARDIN DEAN OF WOMEN MILDRED LILLIAN MOREHEAD Associate Professor of English A. B. , Mississippi State College for Women A. M., Duke University REGISTRAR PAUL DOUGLAS HARDIN Associate Professor of English A. B. , Millsaps College A. M. , Duke University Graduate Work University of Southern California A W 1 HOLMES AMBROSE ROBERT E. ANDING THE FACULTY AND HOLMES AMBROSE Associate Director of Choral Music: B,Mus. . Juil- liard School of Musicg Bethany Collegeg University of Nebraska, M,Musg University of Iowag Indiana University. ROBERT E, ANDTNG Assistant Professor of Religiong A. B. . Millsaps Col- legeg B, D., Emory University. MRS. RUTH ANDREWS PEGGY BENNETT saw G' STAFF MRS, RUTH ANDREWS Manager, Bookstore. PEGGY BENNETT Assistant Librarian f if T . ,WW " YU? ROBERT E, BERGMARK MAGNOLIA COULLET THEF ROBERT E, BERGMARK A s s i s t a n t Professor of Philosophcyg A, B, , Emory University, S. T. B. , Advanced Gra uate Work, Bos- ton University. MAGNOLIA COULETT Associate Professor of Latin, A.B,, Millsaps Col- lege, M. A., University of Pennsylvania, Graduate Work, Syracuse Academy in Rome, University of Chicago, B,M. , Belhaven College, Graduate Work in Voice, Bordeaux, France. AC ULTY ELIZABETH CRAIG Associate Professor of French, A.B,, Barnard Col lege, Columbia University, A,M,, Columbia U niversityg Diplome de la Sorbonne, Ecole de Pre paration des Professeurs de Francais a L'Etranger Faculty of Letters, University of Paris. MRS, HELEN DANIEL Hostess, Galloway and Burton Halls. ELIZABETH CRAIG MRS, HELEN DANIEL ik 5.1 f 'x "X 9 is .gym t K' fm' s I 'w an-v""' A , N, BOND FLEMING MRS, MARTHA GALTNEY NEAL BOND FLEMING Professor of Philosophyg A, B, , B. D. . Emory Univer- sityg S, T, M, , Ph, D, , Boston Universityg Ford Scho- lar, Harvard University. MRS, MARTHA GALTNEY Secretary to Dean of Students. MARGUERITE W, GOODMAN STAFF MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN Associate Professor of Englishg A.B., Agnes Scott Collegeg A,M, , Tulane University, LANCE GOSS Associate Professor of Speechg Director of The Mill- saps Players A,B,, Millsaps Collegeg A.M., Ad- vanced Graduate Work, Northwestern University Special Study, The Manhattan Theatre Colony Summer Theatre, The Ogunquit Playhouse, LANCE GCES gr X , I: If wa- , f y 4 A ALFRED P, HAMILTON ROBERT R, HAYNES THE FACULTY ALFRED PORTER HAMILTON Professor of Classical Languages and Gerrnang A, B., Birmingham-Southern College, A, M, , Ph, D, , U- niversity ofPenr1sy1vaniag Graduate Work, Univer- sity of Leipzig, ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES Professor of Education, A, B., LL, B., University of Tennesseeg Vice Consul to the United States in Scotland and England, A,M., Advanced Graduate Work, George Peabody College, NELLIE KHAYAT HEDERI Assistant Professor of Spanishg A, B, , Mississippi State College for Womeng A, M, , Tulane University, NANCY BROGAN HOLLOWAY Instructor of Secretarial Studiesg A, B., Mississippi State College for Women, NELLIE K, HEDERI NANCY B. HOLLOWAY RT.-5-4"'w . Q0 'Si f I A! i. 0 I 'rn ' .. Or., 1:-I: QQ, 54-1.1 . '..'1' . , .f':j5.,'s2'5g ' , " ff -1 V 1' ss ' 'V . A ,- 'vi-mfs-A'f - 4250: 'ie' -5 g ,,g53gi:v i ,xx ,I ,?+E.x.,'. ig? I in2.f1"Q-:- in 1-is Q 'za ,Vg 3if23f':i9:'fQ., I A I-fl 5' fl W' A , 'A 'E I Wifi I iz ! ' 'lil X-up-mfr' ALVIN J, KING FRANK M, LANEY, JR, ALVIN JON KING MARTHA LAGRONE LANG Director of Millsaps Singersg Oberlin Conservatory Assistant Librariang B, A, , Mississippi State College of Musicg Northwestern School of Musicg Christian- for Womeng B,S,, University of Illinois, sen Chora1Schoolg Private Study with W.S, B. Matt- hews, Fannie Zeisler, and Prower Symonds. JAMES I. LIVESAY Director of Public Relations and Alumni Secretary FRANK MILLER LANEY, IR, A. B. , Millsaps College. Associate Professor of Historyg A,B, , University of Mississippi: A. M., Ph, D, , University of Virginia. MARTHA L. LANG JAMES I. LIVESAY hi ia' .Un Q , luf n .0 1 '44 s 4 : I i o 5 I ' K f , 'l in tfgiifffu uv HARRY S. MANLEY Professor of Political Science, A,B., Westminster College, LL. B, , University of Pittsburgh Law Schoolg Ph, D., Duke University. ROSS HENDERSON MOORE Professor of History, B,S. , M,S, , Millsaps College, A. M,, University of Chicagog Ph, D, , Duke U- niversity, JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Millsaps College, M,S., University of Mississippig Ph,D., Louisiana State University. RICHA R sf RIC HARD R. PRID DY ZW. xA '--at X M JOSEPH B, PRICE Professor of Geology, B,S. , Ohio Northern Univer- sity, A, M., Ph, D., Ohio State University. THOMAS LEE REYNOLDS Professor of Mathematics, B,S., Guilford College, A, M., Ph, D., University of North Carolina, RD R. PRID DY M 3.3, THOMAS L. REYNOLDS in K ""'---...nt A fs.,- lug.. in ALBERT G, SANDERS BETHANY C, SWEARINGEN HARMON E. TILLMAN, IR, ALBERT GODFREY SANDERS Professor of Romance Languagesg A.B., South- westerng A.B,, Yale Universityg Rhodes Scholar 1907-19103 A.B., A.M,, University of Oxford? Doctor of Humane Letters. BETHANY C. SWEARINGEN Associate Librarian HARMON E, TILLMAN, JR, Assistant Professor of Speechg Director of Forensics A.B., Millsaps Co11egegB,D,, vanderbtir Univer: sity. MILTON CHRISTIAN WHITE Professor of Eng1ishgA,B,, Birmingham-Southern Collegeg A,M,, I-'arvard Universityg Ph,D,, U- niversityg of Wisconsin, GUSTAVUS GALLOWAY WILLIAMSON, JR. Assistant Professor of Historyg A.B., University of South Carolinag Ph,D., Johns Hopkins University. JAMES DAUSEY WROTEN, JR, Professor of Religiong A, B., Millsaps Collegeg B. D., Southern Methodist Universityg A,M,, Ed, D, , Co- lumbia University. MILTON C, WHITE GUSTAVUS G, WILLIAMSON, JR, JAMES D, WROTEN, JR, V55 , FACULTY NOT C,M. BARTLING Director of Physical Education and Coach: B. B. A., University of Mississippi. WILLIAM J. BRETT Assistant Professor of Biology: B.S., Northern Ill- inois Teachers: M.S., Miami University: Ph.D., Northwestern University. HARRY CLOPTON DILLINGHAM Assistant Professor of Sociology: A,B. , University of Texas: A.M., Advanced Graduate Work, Uni- versity of Michigan, CHARLES BETTS GALLOWAY Associate Professor of Physics: B.S., Millsaps College: A.M., Advanced Graduate Work, Duke University, FRANKLIN WARD JAMES Associate Professor of Chemistry: B. S. , Mississippi College: Ph, D, , University of North Carolina, WENDELL B. JOHNSON Assistant Professor of Geology: B. S., M. S., Kansas State College: Graduate Work, Missouri School of Mines. SAMUEL ROSCOE KNOX Associate Professor of Mathematics: A. B., A. M., University of Mississippi: Graduate Work, University of Michigan, "But I thought we didn't have to go to chapel" PICTURED JAMES EDWARD MCCRAKEN Dean of Students: Assistant Professor of Psychology: B',S , Muskingum: A.M., Ohio State University: Ph. D. , Ohio State University. THOMAS LEE REYNOLDS Professor of Mathematics: B. S. , Guilford College: A. M, , Ph. D., University of North Carolina. ARNOLD A. RITCHIE Assistant Professor of Mathematics: B,S. , North- eastern State College ofOklahoma: M.S., Oklahoma A. 8: M. College: Advanced Graduate Work, Oklahoma A. 8: M. and University of Tennessee. JEAN FRANCES SAIN Director of Physical Education for Women: B. S. P. E. , University of Mississippi. MARVIN G. SMITH Assistant Director of Physical Education: Assistant Coach: Head Basketball Coach: B. B.A. and M.A, , University of Mississippi. MARY B.H. STONE Associate P rofessor of English: A. B. , Randolph- Macon Woman's College: A. M. , Advanced Gradu- ate Work, George Peabody College. ELBERT S. WALLACE Professor of Economics: A. B. , Birmingham-South- ern College: A M., Ph.D. , Duke University. KARL WOLFE Art: B.F.A. , Chicago Art Institute, William French Fellowship Study abroad for one year: Pennsylvania School of Art. JOHN THOMAS ZUMBRO Associate Professor of Economics: B.S., Middle- Tennessee State College: M. A. , Un i ve r s i t y of Tennessee: Advanced Graduate Work, University of Tennessee. 6664464 K I- 1 .la 'Ill X 9 .5214 3 .. wil .M 1 CLASS OFFICERS ww ar .au :Ph dv if Q-awww' 4' N x " ,Q SEATED: Westerfield, Hubbard, Jackson, STANDING: Stewart, Waits, Peacock, Johnston, Causey, SENIOR CLASS JUNIOR CLASS PRESIDENT PRESIDENT John Reed Hubbard Jack Barrett Stewart, Jr, VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Henry Burton Jackson, Jr, Newt Parks Harrison SECRETARY-TREASURER SECRETARY-TREASURER Claudette Ann Westerfield Nancy Ruth Peacock SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS PRESIDENT PRESIDENT Hugh Haralson Johnston Hubert Lacy Causey VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Thomas Burton Fanning Lillian Ann Starnes SECRETARY-TREASURER 30 SECRETARY-TREASURER James L, Waits Gerald F, Mizelle JAMES LOVICK WASSON IN MEMORIAM JAMES l.0VlfK WASSON --ooo BE WITH You 'TIL WE MEET AGAIN-- Millsaps College suffered the loss of James LovickWasson on September ll l955 ' ' ' " ' , . Truly, It was a loss, for the qualities found in this young man were valuable, creative and enduring. He was loved, admired and respected by the entire college community. 1 His life and ideals will always remain in the memories of those who knew him, and his principles will be a source of inspiration for all. Maywe remember that a iob done by Luke was a iob done well, and may we strive to carry on the banner which he held high. I Y LL R - ' GA f,...'1 ws., bv 7-4-v Sv ALEXANDER ANDERSON ATKINSON BAILEY BALLARD BARFIELD BOLEWARE BRASHER .di--.f 5 GEORGE W, ALEXANDER, JR, Jackson: LXA: B.S. ANN ANDERSON Jackson: Chi O: B.A, EMMA ATKINSON Philadelphia: Phi Mu: B. A, JOHN MICHAEL AWAD JaCkSOH: KS: B.A, VALERA BAILEY Winona: Chi O: B, A, BARBARA BALLARD Jackson: B. A, BETTY BARFIELD Jackson: Phi Mu: B.A, MERLE BLALOCK Union: Phi Mu: B. A, MARJORIE BOLEWARE Crystal Springs: BSO: B, A, CLARA PARKS BOOTH Drew: KD: B.A, ELAINE BOOTH Jackson: B. S, ELSIE FAY BOYD Union: B.S. BOOTH, C, BOOTH, E, BROWN, C. BROWN, S, 8.5 5-5 'Ui 'CV fig. an 1"f"Y 4X ""'f""-.,,,, Y? 3 Y?- s... E' 5' p T AWAD BLALOCK SENIOF JESS BRASHER Jackson: PiKA: B.S. CECIL BROWN, JR, Jackson: KS: B.S. SUSAN BROWN Union: Phi Mu: B, A, BEVERLY BUTLER Jackson: B.S. BOYD BUTLER N g. C"' T' f . 'NT-'71 .,',. 4.5 I X 2 rar ' I rv ,L ri 1 7 3' 4-" 1--7 CALDWELL CAMPBELL CARTER CATLEDGE COLE CONERLY CONNER CURRY .LASS DUNN ELLIOTT SHIRLEY CALDWELL Laurel: B. A. JOHN BURKE CAMPBELL DeKalb: B.S. CLYDELL CARTER New Albany: B,A, CHARLES N. CATLEDGE Tutwilerz PIKA: B.S. DYESS CHARLEY COLE Jackson: PiKA: B.S. WALLY CONERLY Tylertown: PiKA: B. S. I. MICHAEL CONNER Jackson: LXA: B.S, ZORAH CURRY Jackson: Vikings: B.S. HENRY NEIL EASLEY McComb: B. A. HAROLD D. EDWARDS Jackson: B. A. CHARLOTTE ELLIOTT Greenwood: BSO: B. A. HARRISON MOSLEY ETHRIDGE Petersburg, Va.: KS: B.A. MARY ETHEL DUNN JOHN EVANS Holcomb: B,A, Quitman: PiKA: B.S. MARVIN S. DYESS, JR. SELBY GAIL FIELDER Forest: LXA: B,S , ET HRIDGE Vicksburg: Chi O: B. A, EASLEY EVANS EDWARDS FIELDER .X Y ,gn id 4- JTQ 1 7' Inu KN :Yuv- 4,- IV' 5 Asa,- rt Y ,, A 5 Lt X. -as , Lx 5: FISHER FLEIVIING FLOURNOY GREENER GRIFFIN GREENOUGH ALIVIYRA FISHER Sherad: Chi O: B,A, RICHARD C. FLEMING Meridian: B,S, CHICK FLOURNOY Jackson: KA: B,S, ROBERT S. GEDDIE Jackson: B.S. EMILY GREENER Jackson: KD: B,A, AMARYLLIS GRIFFIN Philadelphia: Phi Mu: B, A, HAYWARD HILL EARL GREENOUGH Escatawpa: Norsemen: B,A GARLAND HARRISON Liberty: KS: B,A, TERRY HAYWARD Jackson: KA: B,S, CHARLES F, HILL Gulfport: B. A, BYRD HILLMAN Union: PiKA: B,A, PAT HILLMAN Union: Phi Mu: B, A, HILTON HOLLOWAY s,1 if lil 'K HILLMAN, B, HUBBARD '51 GEDDIE HARRISON SENIOJ JERRY HILTON Florence: B, A, CAROLYN HOLLOWAY Brookhaven: Vikings: B. A. JOHN HUBBARD Jackson: PiKA: B,S, BURTON JACKSON Jackson: KA: B,S, HILLMAN, P. JACKSON 'N ix TI' like '55 1? ' R- MIX R S' -oif Q 1:17 QQ! ,-uv' -V 4"'9 11 ect.: fs:-' :- qv - Q3 JONES, B, JONES, C. JONES, I. JONES, R, JOHNSON, I. JOHNSON, S. JOHNSTON JOST JAMES MICHAEL JOHNSON SAM KUYKENDALL, JR. Jackson: B.A. Jackson: LXA: B.A. SARA JOHNSON BILL LAMPTON Cruger: BSO: B.A. Columbia: PiKA: B, A, BARBARA JQNES ANNETTE JOHNSTON GENE ANN LAUCHLY Jackggng Chi Q5 BNA Tupelo: KD: B, A, JZCRSOH: Chi O: B, A. CECIL B. JQNES RICHARD R, JOST WILLARD LEGGETT Vicksburg: Norsemen: B. A, Flora: SX: B,S, Hattiesburg: LXA: B.A. JAMES L, JONES WILLIAM O. JOYNER ACKA YVONNE LEWIS Aberdeen: KS: B.A. Meridian: B.A. Rose Hill: Vikings: B.A. READ JONES CLAIRE KING WALTON LIPSCOMB Saltillo: PiKA: B.S. Jackson: Chi O: B.A. Jackson: LXA: B.S. JOYNER KING KUYKENDALL LAMPTON LAUCHLY LEGGETT LEWIS LIPSCOMB iw 15' 'pf - ', 1.- , .-.. 'V J I, ,x ' 1 3 .5 if ' 4 ,f Nl SX 2 4 :J . new r ai , "" lad -1-s X , fi ,0- 'i-IT? 'If K! LOFLIN, D, MARTIN NALL POLK Sv S x :fbi PS 2 , MITCHELL DORIS ANNICE LOFLIN Star: Phi Mu, B,S, JACK MILTON LOFLIN Star: PIKA: B,A, CHARLES LLOYD MCREYNOLDS Columbus: Norsemen: B.S. ANN MCSHANE Greenwood: BSO: B.A, NANCY LYNN MARTIN MaC0l1: KD: B. A, MINNIE DORA MITCHELL Dixon: B. A, PARNELL POWELL f'! 4, vis -E2 LOFLIN, I, MCREYNOLDS MCSHANE MOORE MORRISON POWERS MOORE Jackson: KS: B.A, ROBERT E. MORRISON Jackson: KA: B.S. HARDY NALL, JR, Jackson: KA: B,A, BOB PARNELL Jackson: KS: B,S, RUTH ANN PEARSON Greenville: Vikings: B. MURRAY PINKSTON Vicksburg: PiKA: B,S, SENIOR I-IIRAM POLK Jackson: LXA: B.S. JOAN POWELL Jackson: B. A. ANN HUDSON' RAGLAND A, Tutwiler: KD: B.A, ANITA BARRY REED Jackson: KD: B,A, PEARSON PINKSTON RAGLAND REED 95'- ,gam- 'UK 'if E-'Y . K I ' ' I 4 V ' , f I 1-X , X IW- -I. .f J , I ' , I an N es, .5 y9N 1l"":Y xd 5 f'- QS IS -.65 sfNf Q' -RQ ,y ., Q I! RIGBY SARTIN SLATER SMITH, R, SMITH, S.. STAIRES STANTON STERN SARA JO SMITH JERRY TRIGG Starkville: Vikings: B,A, Quitman: PiKA: B,A, EARL ANDREW STAIRES JOHNNY TURNER Jackson: B, A, Kosciusko: PiKA: B,A, CLIFFORD L, RIGBY SHIRLEY STANTON EDWIN UPTON Gulfport: PiKA: B,A, Greenville: Chi O: B. A, Yazoo City: PiKA: B, A, ROBERT DAY SARTIN MELVYN ELLIOTT STERN N. R, WALLEY Brookhaven: B,A. Jackson: B.S. Richton: KS: B.S. VIRGINIA SLATER SYLVIA STEVENS JOSEPH WAY Jackson: BSO: B.S. Macon: KD: B.A. Georgetown: Norsemen: B.A. ROBIN SMITH NONA TILLMAN CARL WELCH Inverness: KD: B,A, Star: Phi Mu: B. A. Jackson: LXA: B, A, STEVENS TILLMAN TRIGG TURNER UPTON WALLEY WAY WELCH 'G Q L.: 'N ,bf N 'avi ur-1' .J Air 1"" EAR fx x i -4- QT' q-- x 3' A. , WESTERFIELD WILLIAMS, F, Woons 1 3u5f,." f 5 I sf Sv ?7' 'W . xo fy ' Q34 'rr Xx -7 A . X I N I , WHITEHURST WHITES WHITFIELD WILLIAMS, R, WILLIAMSON WITTEN THE SENIORCLASS CLAUDETTE WESTERFIELD Mendenhall: BSO: B. A. CLAY WHITEHURST Walnut: B. A, DAYTON WHITES Lucedale: B,S, MARGARET WHITFIELD Jackson: BSO: B. A. MARGARET WOODS Mount Olive: KD: B. A, 38 FRED WILLIAMS Vicksburg: PIKA: B.s, RUTH MARIE WILLIAMS Meridian: B. A. ALBERT N. WILLIAMSON Greenwood: PiKA: B,S, JAMES C, WITTEN IaCkSOI1: LXA: B.A, SENIORS NOT Gary Balius, Biloxi Julia Parks Barkley, New Albany Tom Boone, KS, Memphis, Tennessee Jerry Boykin, KS, Laurel Hal Brown, SX, Jackson Decatur Butler, Gallman James Callahan, Madison Alma Carpenter, Phi Mu, Water Valley Marcus Clements, Jackson Joseph Conti, Jackson John Cook, Jackson William Cooper, DPi, Grenada John Copeland, KS, Jackson Carol Culley, KD, Jackson Hugh Davis, Macon Charles Deaton, KS, Jackson Richard Dillard, Clinton Ralph Ellis, Natchez Walter Ely, PiKA, Greenville Albert Felsher, Norsemen, Gulfport Marjorie Gerald, Jackson Karen Gilfoy, ChiO, Jackson Billy Greenlee, KS, Jackson Thomas Hardee, Quitman x Robert Harper, Jackson "There's a future in medicine" PICTURED Charles Hollowell, KA, Jackson Norman Johannessen, Los Angeles, Bennie Kirkland, KS, Jackson Robert Koch, Poplarville James Long, Durant Jerry Long, Hazelhurst Helen Maddox, Phi Mu, Meridian Jesse Moore, Shuqualak Joan Lee Powell, ChiO, Columbus California William Powell, KS, Memphis, Tennessee Tom Prewitt, KS, Jackson Thomas Price, Jackson Tommie Price, Woodville James Schimpf, PiKA, Jackson James Slay, Canton Bobby Joe Smith, Liberty Mrs. Dorothy Terry, Brandon Charles Underhill, KS, Memphis, George Whitener, Merdian Mrs, Miller Williams Jackson Tennessee Donald Youngs, LXA, Deposit, New York ,Ql""""L, ,.,.d- fri! ,vi-,gg X .f, ,fri If-A , , ,ln fi The smile denotes Heroin" "All this meat and no potatoes! l -- and "My wife against your car" 'S T C.. ff 1 c ' X , 4 1 1 ' A . N., - X QQ' Y o l ' a-7 Wndezdawmm Abernathy Abney Abraham Adams Addkison Alexander Allen, C. Allen, CJ Allen, F. Anderson Andrews Anthony Armstrong Armstrong Atwood Avera Bain, L. Bain, M. Balgord Ballard, J Ballard, T Barksdale Barnes Baxter Bayliss Beadle Beckes Benson THE UNDERGRADUATES FIRST ROW: Jo Anne Abernathy, Sophomore, Vikings, Kilmichaelg Robert Abney, Freshman, KA, Bay Springsg Freddie Abraham, Junior, PiKA, Vicksburgg Bob Adams, Fresh- man, PiKA, Jackson. SECOND ROW: Elwyn Addkison, Junior, KD, LouisvillegTed Alexander Sophomore, Jacksong Carolyn Allen, Junior, Vikings, Shawg Carolyn J. Allen, Freshman, BSO, Magnolia, THIRD ROW: Frank Allen, Freshman, KA, JacksongDannie Anderson, Sophomore, LXA, Jacksong Lynda Lou Andrews, Fresh- man, BSO, McCombg Elizabeth Anthony, Junior, KD, Washington, Missouri. FOURTH ROW: George Arrrrgrr-Ong, Junior, KA, Coffeevilleg Joe B, Armstrong, Freshman, KA, Coffeevilleg Ruth Atwood, Freshman, Vikings, Norfolk, Virginia, Billy Avera, Freshman, Dumas, Arkansas. FIFTH ROW: Lois L. Bain, Freshman, ChiO, Belzoni, Myna Bain, Sophomore, ChiO, Belzoni, Bill Balgord, Freshman, LXA, Jacksong John G. Ballard, Sophomore, Norsemen, Columbus, SIXTH ROW: Thomas L. Ballard, Sophomore, Norsemen, Okolonag Pansy Barksdale, Freshman, ChiO, Jackson, Helen Dall Barnes, Freshman, KD, Jackson, John E, Baxter, Sopho- more, LXA, Marion. SEVENTH ROW: Sarah Bayliss, Freshman, Phi Mu, Rulevilleg Geraldine Beadle, Junior, BSO, DeKalbg Julia Anne Beckes, Fresh- man, ChiO, Jackson: J. D. Benson, Freshman, Jackson. . 34m "First taste of Communist Propaganda!" "Mamma, we wanna go out" Y Q . I . Og 'I' 0s,.u o s'u ., ' o 0 Q 0' ,'i 5- O ' Vx fi' ' "ff ' A X RQ 5 , , .1 'V 'Q Jamal. u , , 53,,g': an E' 1 ef' lr :U -1 ,. 12 4, M' i?1UNDERGRADUATES s a 'X I i fs ,sg staffs f f v "" ' ' sl, "Fifty cents a point" FIRST ROW: James Berry, Junior, KS, Prentissg Sara Janice Black Freshman, KD, Jackson: Harry Blair, Junior, KA, Jack.- son: Jerry Blakeney, Freshman, KA, Bay Springs. SECOND ROW: Dick Blount, Sophomore, PiKA, Jackson: Reba Boackle Junior, BSO, CrystalSprings: Jane Boler, Freshmen, Can- ton: Janice Bower, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Vicksburg, THIRD ROW: Barbara Bowie, Sophomore, Holly Bluff: H. Alton Boyd Junior, LXA, McComb: Kaisa Braaten, Sophomore Vikings, Laurel: Pete Bradfield, Sophomore, PiKA Indianola, FOURTH ROW: Patti Bradley, Freshman, KD, Memphis, Tennessee: Beth Brandon, Junior, KD, Meridian: Gwin Breland Freshman, Crystal Springs: Jo Ann Brenke, Freshman, BSO, Jackson, 5 ,4 FIFTH ROW: Gloria Bright, Freshman, Jackson, Anne Brooks, Fresh man, BSO, Jackson: Carol Broun, Freshman, BSO, Jack song Norma Brown, Junior, Lorman, SIXTH ROW: Richard Brown, Sophomore, KA, Jackson: Shirley Brown Junior, Phi Mu, Belzonig Frances Bryan, Freshman ChiO, West PointgKay Bufkin, Junior, Vikings, Mobile Alabama, SEVENTH ROW: Steve Bumpas, Freshman, KS, Jackson: Gwen Burford Sophomore, ChiO, New Albany: Mary E. Burton, Junior Phi Mu, Jackson: Beth Busby, Junior, Phi Mu, Atlanta Georgia. "One of them simply must be chaperoning !" Berry Black Blair Blakeney Blount Boackle Boler Bower Bowie Boyd Braaten Bradfield Bradley Brandon Breland Brenke Bright Brooks Broun Brown, N. Brown, R. Brown, S . Bryan Buflcin Bumpas Burford Burton Busby QF- Pa 5 ' .M 55, -5 T5 v fl l K 'TT' ,. Q 1 .,, r .Mfg W SI, J: ,FPL- Us Ev if 'pf I 'E' i '- fx x 44? 7 A " in L' YW 1 - fr 'np' Q., VN- YP? rg? flu.,- CA rN ,CC Xe EE? fv- 3. NJ 1' hh f'-' E A i l E vi' .5 fr"- lf . .y 'wif an l . , z1f,5,.,. ALM :Wx N. 'ew A e , .nl""'x x .4 I K F' .IJ . f w X ,, . sr, X X, , N re., RX. 'ff ,. E l ,.-. ,- .vi A fc' 'wh , '1' L, - ,- 'Q' ffl FQ.. 31, C fff'-x L- -nr,-1. 1 - V! I iN fi C? 'ZUJI 'fur 1 x A Q , . ps l ti 1 us 53623 A .y BAS' YL '73 2? rw an 'QQ' XX ' 'n " 'Y' . x ,415 1 X-:Eff 5' ygfv '.. Byrd, B.A. Byrd, B.M. Calloway Carlson Carruth Casey Catledge Causey Caver Chaney Cheney Chunn Clark Cleveland Coddington Coker Coleman Copeland Corley Cowart Crawford Cronin Culley, B. Culley, C. Cunningham Curtis Dabbs Dangerfield UNDERGRADUATES FIRST ROW: Barbara Byrd, Freshman, Phi Mu, Jackson, Bethany Byrd, Freshman, ChiO, Jackson, Albert G. Calloway, Sophomore, Jackson, David I. Carlson, Freshman, Lumberton. SECOND ROW: Mary Linda Carruth, Freshman, McComb, Dorothy Jack Casey, Freshman, West Point, Lodusca Catledge, Sopho- more, KD, Meridian, Lacy Causey, Freshman, PiKA, Magnolia, THIRD ROW: Patsy Caver, Sophomore, ChiO, Laurel, Betty Chaney, Freshman, BSO, Tupelo, Reynolds Cheney, Junior, KA, Jackson, Patricia Chunn, Sophomore, BSO, Jackson, FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth Ann Clark, Freshman, KD, Mount Olive, Betty Jane Cleveland, Freshman, KD, Jackson, John Coddington, Sophomore, LXA, Champaign, Illinois, Anne Coker, Freshman, Clarksdale, FIFTH ROW: Aden Coleman, Sophomore, KD, Greenwood, Cecil Copeland, Sophomore, KA, Jackson, Mary Helen Cor- ley, Freshman, ChiO, Yazoo City, Joseph R, Cowart, Freshman, Lucedale, SIXTH ROW: Nancy Crawford, Junior, ChiO, Laurel, LH. Cronin, Sophomore, Anaheim, California, Bud Culley, Freshman, KA, Jackson, Carol Culley, Junior, KD, Jackson. SEVENTH ROW: Rose Cunningham, Junior, ChiO, Tupelo, I-loyte Curtis, Freshman, BSO, Jackson, James R, Dabbs, Junior, Quit- man, Enoch Dangerfield, Junior, LXA, Salt Lake City, Utah, "We are Millsaps' top Students" ips-ll-.,3 A "Enough lines to hang a week's wash, " 4 I rf 3. is Q " J., Af"-'I x ' . 3 ,, f -at b 1 'Q n-..f' 4g 3 1 . 7, . E r r ry,- UNDERGRADUATES FIRST ROW: Kay Davis, Junior, KD, Jackson, Sallie Anne Dement, Freshman, ChiO, Meridian, Larry Derryberry, Junior, Vicksburg, Kenneth Dew, Junior, PiKA, Jackson, SECOND ROW: Bettie Clare Diggs, Freshman, BSO, Lexington, Ann Dillard, Sophomore, Itta Bena, Ellen Dixon, Freshman, Vaughan, Nena Doiron, Sophomore, KD, Greenwood THIRD ROW: Diane Douglas, Sophomore, Brookhaven, Oscar Dowdle, Junior, PiKA, Greenville, Lloyd A. Doyle, Junior Chicago, Illinois, Myrna Drew, Sophomore, BSO Jackson, FOURTH ROW: Betty Elaine Dyess, Junior, Vikings,.Laurel, Betty Eakin, Sophomore, Thornton, Harris Eaton, Junior, Norsemen, Port Gibson, Janis Edgar, Junior, ChiO, Jackson, "I am running on the Democratic Ticket" FIFTH ROW: Mary Jo Edwards, Junior, BSO, Sunflower, Martha Egger Freshman, Viking, Caledonia,Sy1via Elliott, Freshman Phi Mu, Tylertown, Franz Epting, Freshman, Forest, SIXTH ROW: Jose' Espana, Freshman, LXA, Santa Ana, El Salvador C.A., Rebecca Evans, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Winona, James H. Everitt, Sophomore, KS, Prentiss, Virginia Everitt, Freshman, Vikings, Indianola, SEVENTH ROW: Tommie Fanning, Sophomore, KA, Hickory, Leo A, Farmer, Freshman, KA, McComb, Jane Fatherree, Freshman, ChiO, West Point, Alpha Gene Fife, Fresh- man, Phi Mu, Vicksburg. "Chlorophyll Soap, no doubt!" Davis Dement Derryberry Dew Diggs Dillard Dixon Doiron Douglas Dowdle Doyle Drew Dyess Eakin Eaton Edgar Edwards Egger Elliott Epting Espaia Evans Everitt, J, Everitt, V. Fanning Farmer Fatherree Fife 49 7 ' . ZP- jvl 7X FQ fx 'tg 9 Q. SN 'TF " pr , Q ' fe X ' X f' ' xii - J "W A In . A 5-N 'X IMD , VV, X IX 7 xlf f W Q XE i A H i.I"r.s,s . in BN a , N 0. .1- 24' x 'vw ff? 1 s.f PPT' xn' ,v "EE-J" 1"r i ...,-. l, "Tx"'r nuff L -.J v-kv N-A-' , xi. xv. J 'I Y? or' 15. C. is gs... ,, K- NF kr ills 1, 3 1- 1-'ww an '- Q ,,,- Nr he f...,'.'- 'R' wi 59,1 Y 655, :Qu Y. --f N -tx 5 . N'-sf' - . l v '1- gpm -s N. s f: -.,.: '54 Q-...W YLT7 ,,.-.. k X Fincher Flint Forbes Ford, B. Ford, J. Foreman, A Foreman, B. Fortenberry Foster Foxworth Fraiser Franks Furr Gaddy Garst Gee Giffin Gill Gillis, D. Gillis, H. Gilmer Goff Graham Grauer Greener Griffis Grigsby Grisham THE UNDERGRADUATES, , r, Q I rf 5' 1, m 1 A: FIRST ROW: Terry Fincher, Freshman, PiKA, Greenwood, Rosemary Flint, Freshman, BSO, Jackson:Judith Forbes, Freshman, ChiO, Jackson: Betty Bell Ford, Freshman, ChiO, Tay- lorsville. SECOND ROW: Jonah Ford, Sophomore, PiKA, Magnolia, Anne Fore- man, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson: Barbara Foreman, Sophomore, KD, Webb: Lloyd Fortenberry, Freshman, PiKA, Columbia, THIRD ROW: Ann Foster, Freshman, ChiO, Jackson: Dick Foxworth, Junior, PiKA, Foxworthy Lacy Fraiser, Junior, PiKA, Little Rock, Arkansas: David Franks, Junior, KA, Jack- son, FOURTH ROW: Frances Furr, Freshman, BSO, Jackson: Carolyn Gaddy, Freshman, Flora: Lynette Garst, Freshman, ChiO, Jack- son: Jerre Gee, Sophomore, KD, Jackson. Z "Now in my younger days. . . " FIFTH ROW: Yvonne Giffin, Freshman, ChiO, Louisville: Lady Nel- son Gill, Junior, Tunica:Cavis Gillis, Freshman, Norse- men, Philadelphia: Helen Gillis, Freshman, ChiO, Fayette. SIXTH ROW: Darby Gilmer, Sophomore, PiKA, Long Beach, Carolyn Goff, Junior, BSO, Kreoleg Billy Graham, Sophomore, KA, Macon: Patricia Grauer, Sophomore, KD, Jackson SEVENTH ROW: Nick Greener, Freshman, PiKA, JacksongJimmieGriffis, Sophomore, PiKA, Yazoo City: Zoe Grigsby, Sopho- more, ChiO, Yazoo City: Roy Grisham, Sophomore, LXA, Cleveland. "The day we had the track meet" pw ' K X 4 ,,, ,yviq 1 ,,,, :, Q X f Q :C 1 X 'i ' i A 'Sf VR. t. A s,.'-agg,f"2 ,A , I x ... .c. .. Q1 V 4 rm ,IQ . ,H ,,,+f, -sg V s , f 4 , is N ,.2, .52 NX "Burt wasn't very studious, was he?" FIRST ROW: Jeanette Gross, Sophomore, BSO, Tutwiler: Gloria Hal- bert, Freshman, Viking, Caledonia: Inge M. Halbert, Freshman, Caledonia: Graham Hales, Junior, KA, Jackson. SECOND ROW: Claudette Hall, Sophomore, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada: Ruth Ann Hall, Freshman, Vikings, Capleville, Tennes- see: Beverly Hamblin, Sophomore, KD, Jackson: John Hancock, Sophomore, PiKA, Meridian. THIRD ROW: U Don Harder, Freshman, LXA, Jackson: Bill Hardin, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson: Carolyn Harpole, Sophomore, KD, Jackson: Kathryn Harris, F re shm a n , Longvies, Texas. FOURTH ROW: Fay Harthcock, Sophomore, Eden: Harold Harvey, Freshman, LXA, Forest: Helen Hayes, Freshman, BSO, Canton: Cara Lloyd Hemphill, Junior, BSO, Jackson, if THE UNDERGRADUATES FIFTH ROW: Ann Hightower, Sophomore, ChiO, Webb: Joe Hinds, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson: Arthur W, Hodge, Freshman, LXA, Jackson: Bob Holiman, Freshman, Canton. SIXTH ROW: Frances Holland, Freshman, KD, Jackson: Allen Hollo- way, Junior, PiKA, Indianola: Gail Hood, Freshman, KD, Magee: Martha Ann Hopkins, Sophomore, KD, Gulfport. SEVENTH ROW: Brooks Hudson, Junior, Norsemen, Shubuta: Angela Hughes, Junior, Pulaski, Tennessee: Anne Hupperich, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson: Carolyn Hutchins, Sopho- more, Jackson, "One of our student commuters!" -aff- nap , -44.441- ,,Ta,'9,v3? '- 5'?5',5'?i"-' 5-gggf' L54-gf 1' 1 N, 441' ' X . , ,Q ,a ,Q 1'u-"1-'L'"1:'6-'S X '515'-'bfi 'ef' Y f X he-isijq-52:-5 N. v'p--'v"ns,pf...--"- V. 4 ,p gil .1 ,,- ,-1 ga ,Q gl' 4 ,Q ,av t 1 W -".5v1-"i'-'5-'1',v"5-I-J: X - v -v u .1 ,ani .4 'x ,41,q-gg',.pF 4 ,nv ,nv N sw s 4 gs? 1 sr S - -- X. -S-Q X an nga' nl Q is 1 ' - ff - A , -3 -Q -N A A ,,,,., -5-iz..-'---'-.Q-:Q-.-.r-1.1.1 I I. - I , . it :- U 1 i w I s " L Y -ual ,. .. T- lg,gI:,gnll' X . ,... M- . .a- .r.. 1-1-1--,::: A X 4 ww., an , , , - 5. 1- 'ff' pf'-"1:'n51:1 :A - -:Pg - -,':5--gv..- - . - ,,,.r. :,o'1,ga:: ' ..s.,- -avi'-nll" u sf-".:..':-'231 --1 .:'r-1--:'.-'FA-,,1 E:-EhE av Q -- r .f"'-:r.:'-1-,-g-" "ff-E ' -5"51"'E'.5l-1 1- '1-'hir ta: ,1-.:.."5--gg-'.:: ..."E:'q5 ..i. . Z ' A . . -1:11 t . 1 - --- ---nu- ,s- 'g - .- -1 3- s X -- - --1-n :Ml ...Eh V gl-,, 1- ,, t I - - ' 11, -u.nlll',L-. .. - 5 -r.nll1,"Ln-u LA-.b - u-II' --un ' . ' ff ,.,,. I'-5-nil V- :Ltr ' -:fi-un-:nuns 1 M "L .312-1 LIHERHLHHISIHW TF -. HELLU I I suvvntttntust -- - Gross Halbert, G Halbert, I Hales Hall, C. Hall, R.A Hamblin Hancock Harder Hardin Harpole Harris Harthcock Harvey Hayes Hemphill Hightower Hinds Hodge Holiman Holland Holloway Hood Hopkins Hudson Hughes Hupperich Hutchins Hyman Illk Ingram Ivey Jabour Jeanes Jeffrey Jeter Johnson Johnston, Johnston, Jones, F, Jones, H Jones, S. Jones. S, Kelly, E Kelly, T Kern Kerr King, E. King, I. King, M King, M King, R. Knight Lamb Lambert Larnpton ' 4 , Q ., - ' . firgi- 1, - .JM '2- ff T H E 1 r 2 , 1 W' 1 I rr! , pw 4 E , f,, , '24 ' ' TJ' "T fe M -"' Goff: I .f " V M A"' ' ' 2,3 Q5 , , ' 1,111 ,.,., is 4, :V i3,n,rll'T ik! 1 , 4 g 22 FIRST ROW: Lea Hyman, Sophomore, PiKA, Jackson, Mrs, Goldie C. Illk, Junior, Florenceg James K, Ingram, Freshman, Jackson: Bobby R. Ivey, Freshman, Prichard, Alabama, SECOND ROW: Fred Ja bour, Junior, Rolling Fork, William Jeanes, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson, Blythe Jeffrey, Sophomore, ChiO, Greenvilleg Marvin Jeter, Sophomore, LXA, West Point. THIRD ROW: Bill Johnson, Freshman, LXA, Jacksong Eddie Johnston, Freshman, Jackson, Hugh Johnston, Sophomore, PiKA, Vicksburgg Floyd Jones, Junior, Clinton, FOURTH ROW: Howard Jones, Sophomore, LXA, Jackson: Sam Jones, Junior, LXA, Jackson, Sarah Jones, Sophomore, KD Nashville, Tennessee: Eugenia Kelly, Junior, Vikings Forest. lb K any , I ' a,s J , .,,,,, 5 ,H "Was it Coke in those bottles?" FIFTH ROW: Thomas Kelly, Freshman, KA, Jackson, Paul Kern, Jun- ior, KS, Mortong Billy Kerr, Freshman, PiKA, Green- woody Eddie King, Sophomore, Norsemen, Vicksburg. SIXTH ROW: Jack King, Junior, Ripley: Margie King, Sophomore BSO, Grenadag Millicent King, Junior, BSO, Ackerman, Ralph King, Sophomore, Brookhaven. SEVENTH ROW: Charles R. Knight, Sophomore, KA, Hazlehurst, Walter Jean Lamb, Junior Oxford: Joe Lambert, Freshman, Nat- chez: Bob Lampton, Freshman, Tylertown. "Tea Time for some of the campus lovelies" L, X ' n THE UNDERGRADUATES FIRST ROW: Ruth Land, Freshman, KD, Jackson, Betty Landfair, Junior, Phi Mu, Jackson, Brack Lange, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson, Miriam Langley, Freshman, Jackson, SECOND ROW: Becky Larche, Freshman, BSO, Jackson, Douglas Lay, Sophomore, KA, Jackson, Hyun Lee, Junior, Norsemen, Seoul, Korea: Young C, Lee, Sophomore, Seoul, Korea, THIRD ROW: Annette Leshe, Sophomore, Vikings, Yazoo Cityg Susie Lipsey, Sophomore, ChiO, Brookhaven: Henrietta Little- ton, Freshman, Inverness: Jan Loflin, Freshman, Star, FOURTH ROW: John Hamitton Long, Freshman,Hazlehurstg Buddy Lovett, Freshamn, LXA, Morton, Gadi Lum, Jr., Junior, KS, Jackson, R,W. McCarley, Junior, Ruleville, , -:fa "Livesay was here! " FIFTH ROW: Jim McCarty, Sophomore, KA, Jackson, Mac Mc- Clenahan, Freshman, PiKA, Indianola: Joe McCluskey, Sophomore, SAE, Euporag Margaret McCorkle, Sopho- more, BSO, Canton, SIXTH ROW: Jimmy McCormick, Junior, LXA, JacksongChar1eene McCrary, Freshman, Byhaliag Max McDaniel, Junior, KA, Jackson: John McEachin, Sophomore, PiKA, Grenada, SEVENTH ROW: Don McGregor, Sophomore, Meridian, Elise McIntosh, Freshman, ChiO, Collins: Jane Mclnvale, Freshman, KD, Laurel, Ed McKaskel, Freshman, Natchez, "But, Mother, it's only gingeralef' Land Landfair Lange Langley Larche Lay Lee, H, Lee, Y. Leshe Lipsey Littleton Loflin Long Lovett Lum McCar1ey McCarty McClenahan McCluskey McCork1e McCormick McCrary Mc Daniel McEachin McGregor McIntosh Mclnvale Mc Kaskel i' on J -4 gre 'X XV? 'city N .31 so 1? 132 K 4 at ' fa S- A ' I N N 1 , Xt tx . X X . , -VX -Z 'WW aw A N.-,a' .f-IQ' VW-' A 'gn v 1 S-L 8 Clin 4 N nX ,Ax 'is-I N. J' is If -Vs" 'x ,cal-4: .f Qaco rw fi up I f',7- 3595 N-fX Y-I 1 f.NK..,,4,,x I F x , , x N2 -,.--' '92 1' ,f ,N D' ff? -. ,- Q- wr fx 4 7' fv- McNair McNease McNeill McQueen McRaney Madole Maley Manning Martin, B. Martin, I. Mayfield Mellen Merchant Merrell Millender Miller, B, Miller, C. Miller, D. Miller, H.D. Miller, H, Miller, S, Mills Mims Mize Mizelle Moffat Montgomery, B, Montgomery, M 4 ,, +57 K THE UNDERGRADUATES FIRST ROW: Tom McNair, Sophomore, KA, Jackson: Marilyn Mc- Nease, Freshman, Phi Mu, Jackson: Marylyn McNeill, Junior, Vikings, Mendenhall: James McQueen, Fresh- man, PiKA, Natchez. SECOND ROW: Gwendolyn McRaney, Sophomore, Lumberton: Wynona Madole, Freshman, Greenwood: Dick Maley, Freshman, KA, Jackson: Claire Manning, Sophomore, Phi Mu, New Orleans. THIRD ROW: Bob Martin, Freshman, Florence: June Martin, Junior, Vikings, Madison: Mary Elizabeth Mayfield, Junior, BSO, Carthage: Arthur Mellen, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson, FOURTH ROW: Rose Marie Merchant, Sophomore, Jackson: W. H, Mer- rell, Junior, KS, Jackson: Frank Ray Millender, Fresh- man, Jackson: Betty Miller, Freshman, ChiO, Jackson, 4.1: ,,,..,.v,f .wr Nt, c.:.-:,f-- w,,,,.-.:-"'q,'g',.' f, ' ': ' ,fffg'N"' fav- ' , 127505:-,, f-:V f:5::m'a"'a ' 1 ,ffffm G-5,-I , t- "But I only had one date with Abraham!" FIFTH ROW: Charles Miller, Freshman, Glen Allan: Danye Miller Junior, Vikings, Woodville: Hal Miller, Junior, PiKA Jackson: Hamp Miller, Freshman, KA, Jackson. SIXTH ROW: Sandra Miller, Junior, Greenwood: Noel Mills, Sopho more, KA, Jackson: Robert Mims, Junior, PiKA, Jack son: Ed Mize, Sophomore, KS, Jackson, SEVENTH ROW: Jerry Mizelle, Freshman, PiKA, Natchez: Curtis Moffat Junior, Jackson: Ben Byron Montgomery, Sophomore KA, Fayette: Mary Frances Montgomery, Sophomore ChiO, Laurel. "The varsity surely did need uniforms," gulf F X .7 r 'fi 1 E9 ' ' .U "7 'iw pa .A,V i up , I N , 1 Q 5 :M , . V if' . , 7. 'Q " .- if 1 ' f ,.1,:s I if J, , mama- if , "It's mine and you aren't going to get it. " FIRST ROW: Ray H. Montgomery, Sophomore, Canton, Mary Louise Moore, Freshman, ChiO, Vicksburg, Terry Moore, Jun- ior, KS, Indianola, Gail Moorhead, Sophomore, Viking, Vicksburg. SECOND ROW: John D. Morgan, Sophomore, Sumrall, Kay Morris, Freshman, Phi Mu, Hattiesburg, James T. Morrow, Junior, Norsemen, Jackson, Bill Rush Mosby, Jr., Fresh- man, LXA, Meridian. THIRD ROW: Yvonne Moss, Junior, KD, Tchula, Sue Mozingo, Fresh- man, ChiO, Jackson, William Mullens,III, KA, Macon, Fred Allen Murphree, Freshman, Verona, FOURTH ROW: Ann Myers, Sophomore, KD, Greenwood, Joyce Nall, Sophomore, KD, Jackson, Dot Nash, Sophomore, Cleveland, Tommy Naylor, Sophomore, LXA, Jackson. THE UNDERGRADUATES FIFTH ROW: Dyane Nelson, Freshman, KD, New Iberia, La., Ernie Lee Nelson, Freshman, Viking, Moss Point, Jimmie Newell, Sophomore, LXA, Meridian, Nancy Neyman, Freshman, Greenville, SIXTH ROW: Elaine Nicholson, Freshman, Phi Mu, Hollandale, Ilah Mae Nicholas, Junior, Crenshaw, Linda Noble, Fresh- man, Phi Mu, Jackson, Will Noblin, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson, SEVENTH ROW: Jim O'Brien, Fre s hm an, Jackson, Miriam O'Ferrall, Freshman, KD, Jackson, Wendy Olmstead, Freshman, KD, Greenwood, Beth O'Neil, Junior, Vicksburg. "I'll take that one!" 1-5 -sn " bf ev NJ K Montgomery, Moore, M. Moore, T , Moorhead Morgan Morris Morrow Mosby Moss Mozingo Mullins Murphree Myers Nall Nash Naylor Nelson, D. Nelson, E. Newell Neyman Nicholson Nicholas Noble Noblin O'Brien O'Ferra11 Olmstead O'Nei1 R. '4- x ,- 1 2' 'vs Q.,- 1"" XX-f ,-Q KV 40 ix 9.1-.. X-I -. I ,-Q in -,, A, f-7 N, , "TX 'Q11 - Q r -..f, -'5 i X if X D . ,Z 1. X x XXX TR ,-vw J -c. ,Q ,,- TX . r v"' kb K ' xox J ,,,,5 fs K' g -Q rv Y' .' SSX WI , J X X 7, -,A Parent Peacock Perry, N, Perry, P. Petermarm Philley Phillips Pickett Pilley Piper Pleasants Pool Porter Portera Potter Potts Pou Presley Price Prichard Priest Pullen Raidr Rainey Ratcliff Reed Reilly Reynolds THE UNDERGRADUATES FIRST ROW: Rosemary Parent, Freshman, Vikings, Gulfport, Nancy Peacock, Junior, KD, Kosciusko, Nita Perry, Junior, KD, Memphis, Tenn., Peggy Perry, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Louin. SECOND ROW: Jackie Petermann, Freshman, Jackson, John Calvin Philley, Junior, PiKA, Indianola, Dee Phillips, Sopho- more, ChiO, Yazoo City, Imogene Pickett, Junior, Utica. THIRD ROW: Kay Pilley, F reshm an, Phi Mu, Jackson, Gay Piper, Freshman, Phi Mu, Macon, Ga. Q Mary Frances Pleasants, Freshman, ChiO, Macon, Jack Pool, Freshman, PiKA, Natchez. FOURTH ROW: Joe Lee Porter, Freshman, KA, Jackson, Joseph Portera Freshman, West Point, John Potter, Freshman, PiKA Jackson, Bobbie Jean Potts, Freshman, Vikings, Olive Branch. 5-'w1..i..., "Ver abstract isn'tit?" Y . FIFTH ROW: Wendell Pou, Freshman, Laurel, Lillian Presley, Sopho- more, Natchez, Mary Charles Price, Freshman, ChiO, Jackson, Ann Prichard, Sophomore, ChiO, Lula, SIXTH ROW: Kathleen Priest, Sophomore, Woodville, Jeanette Pullen, Junior, KD, Kosciusko, Marion W. Reily Raidt, Fresh- man, Jackson, Billy Rainey, Freshman, KA, Macon. SEVENTH ROW: Jeannette Ratcliff, Sophomore, ChiO, Vicksburg, Nancy Reed, Freshman, KD,Jackson, Helen Reilly, Sophomore, ChiO, Jackson, Carolyn Reynolds, Sophomo re, KD, Greenwood, "But I'm sure we'll get extra curricular hours. " "3 :aus M 1 mf .... ..... ....- .... agar, f.: r. Q ,tv wt ::.1:w: 1-frtwirdcve N ta Q is "And speaking of girls ..... " FIRST ROW: William W, Rhymes, Jr., Sophomore, LXA, Crystal Springs, Daphne Richardosn, Junior, Vikings, Grenada, Louise Riddell, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Doddsville, Martina Riley, Junior, KD, Jackson, SECOND ROW: Son Seung Rin, Sophomore, Norseman, Seoul, Korea, Patsy Robbins, Freshman, Jackson, Mary Nell Roberts, Sophomore, BSO, Onward, Sam L. Roberts, Jr., Fresh- man, Liberty, THIRD ROW: Geraldine Robinette, Freshman, Greenwood, Stuart Robinson, Freshman, KA, Jackson, Jean Roten, Sopho- more, BSO, Ripley, Jean Rouse, Junior, ChiO, Poplar- ville. FOURTH ROW: James P. Rush, Freshman, Lake, Edwin Earl Sallis, Sophomore, PiKA, Ackerman,Joyce Saulters, Freshman Prentiss, Sylvia Schrock, Junior, ChiO, Goodman, THE UNDERGRADUATES FIFTH ROW: Kermit Scott, Sophomore, PiKA, Leland, Sam Scott, Freshman, KS, Sledge, Wayne Scott, Freshman, LXA, Jackson, Ray Screws, Sophomore, Norseman, Holly Bluff. SIXTH ROW: Ethyl Shapley, Freshman, Phi Mu, Dallas, Texas, Kay Shelton, Freshman, BSO, Jackson, Leslie Shelton, Jun- ior, KA, Jackson, Mitzi Shelton, Junior, Phi Mu, Winona, SEVENTH ROW: Mary Sherrod, Freshman, Phi Mu, Jackson, Robert Sherrod, Freshman, Jackson, Donna Shipp, Freshman, Trezevant, Tenn., Marianna Simmons, Junior, BSO, McComb, " Which Safari was this, Tomato?" JUNGI II nl ll:l:Al :gm ls Rhymes Richardson Riddell Riley Rin Robbins Roberts, M, Roberts, S, Robinette Robinson Roten Rouse Rush Sallis Saulters Schrock Scott, K, Scott, S, Scott, W. Screws Shapley Shelton K, Shelton L. Shelton M, Sherrod , M, Sherrod, R, Shipp Simmons F j tx 'v-'I' 5 , 4: 1.1 C' JN av , S1 T7 y,l X...- 10' i 6' 'x vs, ' x ,-. nf ,N ff' Q! 'YW 'V N AA rl xx, ', .. dak it 'd if ng ff' K' L- vi- Rik 1 - Aw, SX... TN E7 , X 1. sf 1 ,, , .kr, N R . -1"7 J A, ,xv ,a? .-N. ft Z! T f"f' 1 2--R.--f ' vl -A 'r- . vs, - ,,f !-f:'SL.1v--" .f 4. lx Q f.. s , . 2 0- K wr 7 X E1 " no A er ' ' 28.- 28, ' ,. .i1"" A 3, ,f xt, , A ' Y 351-'I if 'YL X X N ,:25:::I . I K Q 7? I 'Wx PS ws- , ,. .1 -V - ...r 'CJ' ID A Xa " V rf pfjgir, N. E v 55 Q -K' . Q Xdr' Ys"T"' ww., f"" 1 , f wfx 4 7--v nl ' 'N' it it .ag 'wx Sledge Smith, C,E Smith, C, Smith, LD, Smith, M, Smith, M,A Smith Smith, P, Smith Smith, R,L Smith Sojourner Sowell, B, Sowell, R, Sparkman Starnes, A, Starnes, D, Starnes, L. Stellwagon Stewart Stewart, E, Stoker Stone Stone, J,H Stovall Swann Swindull Sylvester THE UNDERGRADUATES FIRST ROW: Homer Sledge, Freshman, Cleveland, Carolyn E. Smith, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Vicksburg, Clara Smith, Fresh- man, PhiMu, Natchez, Jane Duvall Smith, Freshman, BSO, Amory, SECOND ROW: Marilyn Smith, Freshman, BSO, Jackson, Martha Ann Smith, Junior, BSO, Jackson, Patricia R, Smith, Fresh- man, BSO, McComb, Perrin Smith, Freshman, LXA, Jackson. THIRD ROW: Robert C, Smith, Junior, KA, Jackson, Robert Ludwig Smith, Junior, PiKA, Holly Springs, Suanna Smith, ChiO, Freshman, E1 Dorado, Ark., Parker Sojourner, Sophomore, LXA, Crystal Springs, FOURTH ROW: Bob Sowell, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson, Roy Sowell, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson, Mary Gray Sparkman, Jun- ior, KD, Macon, Alice Starnes, Junior, ChiO, Utica, "But Tina, Ihad a three point!" FIFTH ROW: Dorothy Starnes, Junior, ADPi, Jackson, Lillian Starnes, Freshman, ChiO, Utica, June Stellwagon, Sophomore, ChiO, Verona, Barry Stewart, Junior, PiKA, Batesville. SIXTH ROW: Edward Stewart, Junior, PiKA, Jackson, Shirley Stoker, Freshman, Grenada, Clyde Michael Stone, Freshman, Shannon, John H. Stone, Sophomore, LXA, Jackson, SEVENTH ROW: Russell Stovall, Sophomore, PiKA, Magnolia, Barbara Swann, Junior, ChiO, Jackson, Johnnie Marie Swindull, Junior, Viking, Prichard, Ala.: Jeannette Sylvester, Sophomore, Viking, Jackson. "Why we call Albert scoop." ab 'sn-if 'fs-fs... , ,, N,i..,.-. -.....,,,,,,,.f i ' E ' :ENN . iv , Ne w , 7 Y Ks, ' ' ' '3-'f' -r ' , ' J- ,L ' pi, ' ' 6 W or 'E I .X ,V "Only one weekend for this honeymoon!" FIRST ROW: Annie Vivien Taylor, Freshman, Ocean Springs, John Robert Taylor, Freshman, PiKA, Union, Rosa Taylor, Sophomore, Raymond, Barbara Ann Thomas, Junior, KD, Jackson, SECOND ROW: Hugh Ogden Thoms, Jr., S o phomo re, KA, Richton, Roger M. Thompson, Sophom ore, Kosciusko, Helen Thorne, Freshman, ChiO, Holly Springs, Keith Tonkel, Sophomore, Norseman, Clemont, Florida. THIRD ROW: Sam Tomlinson, Sophomore, LXA, Jackson, Betty Gail Trapp, Sophomore, ChiO, Tupelo, Jane Travis, Sopho- more, Magnolia, Donald G, Triplett, Junior, LXA, Forest. FOURTH ROW: Hazel Truluck, Sophomore, KD, Port Gibson, Jo-Ann Tucker, Sophomore, BSO, Jackson, Bill Tull, Freshman, KA, Jackson, Bobby Tullos, Sophomore, LXA, Louis- ville. THE UNDERGRADUATES FIFTH ROW: Larry Tynes, Junior, Webb, Teenie Underhill, Sopho- more, Phi Mu, Memphis, Tenn., Cy Vance, Sopho- more, Itta Bena, James Vaughan, Jr., Sophomore, Amory, SIXTH ROW: Harriet Ventress, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson, Nancy Vines, Sophomore, KD, Jackson, Glenda Wadsworth, Freshman, Jackson, Billy L. Walker, Freshman, LXA, Jackson, SEVENTH ROW: Laurene Walker, Freshman, KD, Greenwood, Summer Walters, Junior, KA, Jackson, James M, Walton, Junior, KA, Jackson, Brister Ware, Sophomore, LXA, Jackson, "If you'd only use your potential .... " Taylor, A. Taylor, I. Taylor, R. Thomas Thoms Thompson Thorne Tonkel Tomlinson Trapp Travis Triplett Truluck Tucker Tull T ullos Tynes Underhill Vance Vaughan Ventress Vines Wadsworth Walker Walker Walters Walton Ware if'-5 64' M l lm, xf pf l SN, 3- Q SPX fi' f:' N-Q, i 3 C' 'D' K' als fi ,QPNW x, s 6' Q . 'Q-7 Q! C27 fr . - 43 Ware, C , Warren Watkins Webb Weedy Weissinger Welch Wesley Wesson West Whaley Wheeless Whitaker White Wiener Willetts Williams, D Williams, E Williams, R Willoughby, R Wilson Wilson, W, T Wimberly Winstead Wixon Wolfe Wolford Wood THE UNDERGRADUATES FIRST ROW: Clifton Ware, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson, Pat Warren, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Prentiss, Merrimen Watkins, Junior, LXA, Jackson, Barbara Webb, Freshman, Jackson. SECOND ROW: James Edward Weedy, Freshman, KA, Magnolia, John Weissinger, Freshman, Cary, Charlene Welch, Sopho- more, KD, Jackson, Bob Wesley, Junior, LXA, Poplar- ville. THIRD ROW: Ray Wesson, Freshman, McComb, Frances West, Sopho- more, Corpus Christi, Texas, Eddie Whaley, Freshman, Tupelo, Susan Wheeless, Freshman, ChiO, Jackson, FOURTH ROW: Clyde Whitaker, Junior, PiKA, Batesville, Patty Jean White, Junior, Pelahatchie, Robert Wiener, Sophomore, Jackson, Tom Willetts, Sophomore, LXA, Clinton, "Which one will the fountain bless?" FIFTH ROW: Donald Williams, Sophomore, Carthage, Edwin Wil- liams, Sophomore, PiKA, Belzoni, Rebecca Williams, Freshman,West Point, Ronald P. Willoughby, Freshman, Columbia. SIXTH ROW: Jo Ann Wilson, Freshman, Phi Mu, Invemess, William T. Wilson, Sophomore, Itta Bena, John Wimberly, Sophomore, LXA, Jackson, H.G. Winstead, Freshman, Norsemen, Burns. SEVENTH ROW: Edna Gail Wixon, Sophomore, Cruger, Roy Wolfe. Jun- ior, Meridiang Martha Ann Wolford, Junior, Phi Mu Columbus, Marilyn Wood, Sophomore, KD, Tupelo, "But we can't rush him, he's a Yankee" 1 , Q X XX SR 1 X' Qu' Rffx 'V' 'urs' Woodrick Woodruff Woods W00dW81'd Wright Wynn Yeagley Yergel' Young FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: James R, Woodrick, Junior, Meridian, Jane Wood- Patricia Wynn, Freshman, BSO, Goodman, Barbara ruff, Freshman, JacksongGi1bert Woods, Freshman, Yeagley, Freshman, KD, Jackson, Fred Woodward, LXA, Greenville, Sue Yerger, Freshman, BSO, Junior, KA, Jackson, Helen Young, Junior, Vikings, Louisvi11egJuanita Wright, Junior, Vikings, Verona. Tchula. "Thirty minutes before exams" UNDERGRADUATES NOT PICTURED Bobby Ainsworth, Jackson Ezra Alexander, Jackson Joan Anderson, Woodville George Andrews, LXA, Clarksdale William Ates, KS, Crystal Springs Clyde Ballard, KS, Jackson Henry Banes, Value William Banks, Jackson Ray Bardin, Jackson Fred Belk, KS, Holly Springs Vernon Berbette, KS, Jackson Grover Berry, Jackson I Betty Berryhill, Jackson Wayne Black, Jackson George Bonner, KS, Jackson Catherine Boone, Jackson Patsy Boyd, DeWitt, Ark. Mrs. Carl Brannon, Jackson Gay Brantley, Meridian William Brent, PhiDT, Jackson Charles Brewer, Waynesboro Bill Brown, KA, Jackson John Brown, ATO, Iuka Jack Brunt, Jackson Robert Bryant, KS, Crystal Springs William Burley, TKE, Jackson Cecil Burnham, Jackson Daisey Calhoun, Columbia Helen Sue Callahan, Phi Mu, Jackson Seisel Campbell, Bolton Floyd Carey, Richton Henry Carney, LXA, Crystal Springs Fred Carr, Jackson John Carter, KS, Jackson James Case, Jackson John Case, Vicksburg Carl Causey, KS, Liberty Beverly Jo Cauthen, Jackson Woods Cavett, KS, Jackson Clyde Clark, Jackson Betty Jane Cleveland, KD, Jackson Mrs. Mary Colbert, Pickens James Collette, KS, Jackson Charles Cole, PiKA, Philadelphia Brinson Conerly, Jackson Dugger Cook, Jackson Cecil Copeland, KA, Jackson Spiro Cora, Lexington Ted Cottrell, Park Ridge, Illinois John Craig, Jackson DeWitt Crawford, SAE, Louisville an Eff James Crawford, Jackson Irvin Cronin, Jackson Dudley Culley, KA, Jackson Gene Davidson, Pope Thomas Davidson, Jackson Billy Davis, Jackson Frank Davis, Jackson Amy Dean, Jackson William DeWees, Jackson Theo Dinkins, Canton Calliope Dorizas, Jackson Fred Dowling, Jackson Wallace Dreher, Jackson Jack Dubard, Grenada James Durrett, Jackson Radford DuBois, Yazoo City Boyd Eagle, Jackson Bobby Ellis, Jackson James Ervin, KS, Crystal Springs Frank Evans, Jackson Ben Fairchild, Meridian Alice Ferguson, Nashville, Tennessee George Fleming, Puckett Deward Fountain, Jackson Bobby Franklin, Jackson Joseph Franklin, Jackson Vernon Freeman, Mobile, Alabama Arlene Fuller, Jackson Stewart Gammill, PiKA, Jackson Walter Garner, KA, Grenada Robert Gentry, Vossburg Tommy Gilbert, Flowood Roy Givens, Vicksburg Ted Gowdy, Canton "Stylus paid quite well this year" UNDERGRADUATES John Green, KA, Jackson William Griffith, KS, Jackson Marlin Grimes, PiKA, Greenwood Mary Guin, Vikings, Columbus James Gulledge, KS, Crystal Springs Nancy Hannaford, Jackson Ray Hannah, KS, Morton Mrs. Ora Harris, Jackson Paul Harrington, Jackson Harold Harvey, Forest Virgil Hayes, KA, Canton Freida Hayes, Canton Herman Heath, Meridian T.J. Hewitt, Jackson John Hester, Jackson Robert Herrington, Hazlehurst Newt Harrison, KS, New Albany John Hetrick, Ocean Springs Patricia Hewlett, Madison, New York Ann Hightower, ChiO, Webb Charles Hill, Brandon William Hill, Grenada Robert Hinkley, Big Spring, Texas Ben Hinton, Richton James Hodges, Sharon Bruce Hodges, Jackson Curtis Holladay, Newton Bobby Holloman, Jackson James Hood, Lambert Paul Horn, Philipp James Hudson, KS, Morton Mrs. Theo Inman, Jackson Landrith Jarrell, Jackson Fulton Johnson, West Point Samuel Johnson, Jackson "Must be a list of library rules, " Sargeant Johns, Jackson Leonard Jordan, Jackson Leonard Josey, Jackson Cyril Kelly, Jackson William Kelly, KA, Jackson Elizabeth Kenman, Jackson William Kennedy, Jackson John King, Jackson Marguerita Krestensen, Ponte Vedera Beach, Florida Mrs. Jo Ann Laird, Florence Earl Langford, Vicksburg Martha Langford, Jackson Hubert Laseter, Jackson Thad Leggett, KA, Magnolia Mrs, Eddie Lewis, Jackson Kenneth Linder, Natchez Don Lisle, PiKA, Greenwood Billy Livingston, Leland Bobby Livingston, Leland Russell Long, Jackson Lewis Lord, KA, Natchez Charles Lowe, KS, Winona John Lowery, KS, McComb Richard Lybarger, Chicago, Illinois Jack McDonald, Monroe, Louisville Elmer McIntyre, KS, Jackson Bill McKell, KA, Jackson Sylvia McLeod, Jackson James McMullin, Jackson Richard McMurray, LXA, Jackson Marilyn McNease, Phi Mu, Jackson William McNeill, Vicksburg William MacDonald, Chicago Heights, Illinois Robert Maddox, Jackson William Manning, Jackson Gerald Marsales, Meridian Janie Mashburn, Raymond Mrs, Pauling May, Jackson Erl Mehearg, Jackson William Miles, Collinsville James Miller, Kosciusko Margaret Miller, ChiO, Lynbrook, New York Rachael Miller, Jackson John Mills, Macon Nina Mitzellestou, Jackson Halbert Moncrief, Brookhaven Ellis Moffitt, Jackson Ella Jean Moore, Iuka William Moore, Pocahontas Cynthia Morse, Gulfport William Morse, Jackson Lynda Munson, Mendenhall NOT John W. Murphy, Jackson Robert William, Naef, Jackson Edgar Hubbard Nation, Jackson Charles Warren Nicholson, Benton Coy Lee Nicholson, Jackson Frank Lynn O'Keefe, Jackson Ross M. Olson, Jackson Charles Grady Pace, Jackson Marian Painter, Pascagoula Kenneth D. Parks, PiKA, Sledge Ida Gertrude Patrick, Jackson Robert Hudson Patterson, LXA, Jackson Lillard D. Pepper, Jackson DeWitt Clinton Peteet, Greenwood Peggy Ann Peterson, PhiM, Jackson Jane C, Pickering, ChiO, Hazlehurst David H. Phares, KA, Jackson Richard E. Phares, KA, Jackson Paul D. Porter, Jackson Lucy C. Price, Jackson Donald E. Quinnelly, Jackson Charles G. Purifoy, KS, Greenwood Joe Hubert Rankin, Mendenhall Mack W. Reeves, Jackson Paul James Register, KA, Jackson Frederick W. Renfro, PiKA, Jackson William M. Rigby, PiKA, Madison Sedley James Robertson, Jackson William Emory Rose, Jr., Leland William Earl Rowsey, DeSoto Clifton Lee Rushing, KS, Cleveland Mrs. N.A. Salvo, Jackson Tex Sherwood Sample, Brookhaven Peggy Jo Sanford, Vikings, Jackson Delma Otto Saxon, Jackson Edmond Earl Seals, Jackson William Morris Selby, Charleston Clarence Moore Shannon, Richton Lawrence H. Shepherd, Columbia William Prestwood Simmons, Meridian Laverne O. Smith, Norsemen, Picayune Louise Stewart Smith, Jackson Mildred J. Smith, Brookhaven Mrs. JS. Smith, Jackson Song Rin Song, Seoul, Korea Shirley C. Stanton, ChiO, Macon Leonard B. Steel, Jackson Hubert Arthur Stoley, LXA, Jackson Alfred Paul Statham, KS, Jackson Robert A. Sturdivant, KA, Columbia Donald Milton Taft, Jackson PICTURED Jack A. Taylor, KS, Greenwood John Phil Taylor, Jr., Prichard, Alabama Earl Tillman Thomas, Jr., Jackson John E. Thomas, Woodville Wilbur D. Thompson, Jackson Freida W. Thrash, Jackson Lilly Foy Toney, Jackson Guy Carlton Traylor, Jackson Rodney Faser Triplett, LXA, Louisville Frank H. Tucker, Jr., KS, Jackson Richard.J. Vinci, St. Francisville, Louisiana Carolyn S. Vought, Jackson Jim L. Waits, Hattiesburg William C. Wall, Jr., Jackson Laura Mae Wallace, Jackson Herbert A. Ward, Jr., Jackson Francis B. Watkins, ChiO, Jackson Clifton L. Webb, Jackson John T. Webb, Philadelphia Robert A. Weems, KS, Jackson Kennard W, Wellons, KA, Jackson Otho A. Wells, Jr., KS, Jackson Robert B. Wesley, LXA, Poplarville John W, West, Jackson Rheba S. Westerfield, PhiMu, Mendenhall Milton J. Whatley, Carrollton Clifton C. Whitlock, Meridian Jeanette Wilkins, ChiO, Yazoo City Don G. Williams, KS, Bogalusa, Louisiana Jon E. Williams, KA, McComb Thomas J. Wills, Gulfport James W. Wood, Jackson Jerry Yeager, Jackson Mark C. Yerger, KA, Jackson John B. Younger, KS, Winona "And he told me the same thing. A 1 A'- RICHARD R. MALEY IN MEMORIAM RICHARD R. MMEY --ooo BE WITH You 'TIL WE MEET AGAIN-- This space in our annual is dedicated to one of our students who was called to higher service on November 5, 1955. Its purpose is to pay tribute to one who was taken from us as he stood on the threshold of manhood. In no way could any amount of space on paper compensate For the vacancy which his death left in the hearts and minds of his friends and relatives. The Christian beliefs that are ours teach us that "All things work together For good for those that love the Lord." Though life is strange and death even stranger, we must realize that there is a purpose in every act of God. With this in mind we must continue to Face life in all of its reality and look forward to the day when we will be in the presence of this comrade and companion who has gone on before us. Dick Maley will always be remembered, admired, and loved by all those who knew him at Millsaps College. A 64 ii mf sf? SEATED Greener, Westerfield, Loflin, Walley, Whitfield, Elliott, Jackson. STANDING: Causey, Smith, Lowe, Upton, Tines, Cheney, Abraham, Polk, Johnston STUDENT EXECUTIVE BOARD President ....... N.R. Walley Vice-President ...... Jack Loflin Secretary-Treasurer . Margaret Whitfield Fred Abraham Lacy Causey Reynolds Cheney John Hubbard Burton Jackson Hugh Johnston Charlotte Elliott Emily Greener Jack Loflin Foster Lowe Hiram Polk Laverne Smith Barry Stewart Larry Tines Ed Upton N . R . Walley Claudette Westerfield Margaret Whitfield STYLUS Reynolds Cheney . . . Editor Hiram Polk . . Business Manager Mrs. Marguerite Goodman Mr. Paul D. Hardin Miss Mildred Morehead Dr. M. C. White Stylus contains the works of students who have demonstrated outstanding literary ability. lt is published semi-annual ly and shows the type of writing that may some- day be useful in later life. WOMEN S COUNCIL THIRD ROW Nancy Martln Pat Chun Ella Jean Moore Mlss Morehead, Boots Carpenter, SECOND ROW Helen Maddox Myra Flsher Edna Wrxon Gerry Beaclle Walter Jean Lamb, Norma Brown, SEATED Danye Mlller Mrs Cooper Clara Booth Eugenra Kelley Ann McShane, 'WH' YY YG? ft CHRISTIAN COUNCIL MEMBERS Ed Upton, President Reynolds Cheney, Vice-President Margaret Whitfield, Secretary-Treasurer Carolyn Allen Reba Boackle Tommie Price Jean Rouse Claudette Westerfield FACULTY ADVISORS SEATED: Westerfield, Whitfield, Upton, Cheney, Boackle, Allen. Rev, Robert Af-,ding STANDING: Ancling, Rouse, Bergmark, Wroten. RDE. Bergmork Dr. J.D. Wroten, Jr. The Christian Council is composed of representatives ofthe various Denomina- tional groups of the campus. Its purpose is to achieve harmony between the various groups and to demonstrate the work that can be done when such a harmony exists. Women's Christian Workers brings together girls interested in full time Christian work. Here they are helped in securing guidance, inspiration, and fellowship while they render service . STANDING: Hayes, Kelly, Lewis, Hall, Holloway, Allen. W C W SEATED: Wixon, Beadle, King, Allen, Mrs, Priddy, Eakin o o o MEMBERS Mary Carolyn Allen, President Carolyn Justine Allen Gerre Beadle Betty Eakin Ruth Ann Hall Helen Hayes ' Carolyn Holloway Eugenia Kelly Millicent King Acka Lewis Edna Wixon 'I if ' 3 FACULTY ADVISOR Mrs. R.R. Priddy Y THE PLAYERS The Players includes all students who work on the brilliant productions of Mr. Lance Goss and Co. This year "Cyrano de Bergerac," "The Rainmaker," and "Come Back, Little Sheba" were the highlights of the stage. Besides the main productions, one-act plays were directed by Burton Jackson, Walter Ely, and Karen Gilfoy. These were "On Monday Next," "ln the Narrow Place," and "East Lynne" respectively. Alpha Psi Omega sponsors these productions in conjunction with The Players. Grease paint, late hours, and expensive costumes are characteristic of all productions. However, The Millsaps Players have yet to do a "hammy" show, and all students usually survive with- out the expected ulcers, insanity, and mass rebellion. Through the sweat and strain of it all Lance Goss manages, along with the others, to keep some amount of self-composure and dignity. :JK E EDITOR. . . . ..... BILL LAMPTON l956 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor ,,,, , , Associate Editor , , Associate Editor , , Class Editor , Class Editor , , Activities Editor , , Activities Editor , , Feature Editor , Sports Editor , , , Sports Editor , , , Organizations Editor Socials Editor . , Socials Editor , , Art Editor , , , Snapshot Editor , , Photography Editor , , Bill Lampton , , Hiram Polk ,Claire King Nena Doiron Oscar Dowdle , Pat Warren Billy Walker , , Jerre Gee Eddie Williams , Foster Lowe Lillian Starnes , Peggy Perry Elwyn Addkison Barbara Foreman , , Hal Miller A.N. Williamson SEATED: King, Lampton, Polk, STANDING: Lowe, Williams, Upton, Addkison, Warren, Doiron, Miller, Foreman, Dowdle, Walker. , Wm: BOBASHELA BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ..,. Burton Jackson Assistant Manager . . . Reynolds Cheney Carolyn Allen Mary Elizabeth Burton Alice Ferguson Graham Hales Sidney Hill Sarah Jones Miriam Langley Gene Ann Lauchley Louise Riddell Martina Riley Shirley Stoker Hazel Truluck Teenie Underhill Claudette Westerfield N.. my ff BUSINESS MANAGER .... BURTON JACKSON SEATED:Tru1uck, Jones, Jackson, Riley, Ferguson, STANDING: Stoker, Burton, Hill, Underhill, Riddell. I 6:5 l gf xi- fat ,'!' . .,,,.. .,..........-t... ...-1-1.1 ......,... ..-l.. ,,, . L y wi 'V -"'- ' 4 wifi EDITORIAL STAFF PURPLE AND WHITE HENRY CARNEY . . .... Editor FREDDIE ABRAHAM . . Business Manager THE PURPLE AND WHITE is Millsaps CoIlege's weekly newspager. Students with a journalistic trend can put their talents to use each week, either in sports, features, news items, editorials, society news or gossip. Every Friday students have an opportunity to catch up on what has happened concerning students, faculty, and the "Little Man on Campus." In Philadelphia, everyone reads the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER--at Millsaps, everyone reads the PURPLE AND WHITE, B4 --.......1... THE STAFFS SHIRLEY STANTON . . Managing Editor ALTON BOYD . . . . News Editor NANCY PEACOCK . . Society Editor SHIRLEY BROWN . . Feature Editor FOSTER LOWE . . . . . . Sports Editor JACK MACDONALD . . Circulation Manager EDITORIAL STAFF: Hazel Truluck, Hiram Polk, Walton Lipscomb, Jack Taylor, Sidney Hill, Betty Eakin, Martina Riley, Ed Upton, Myra Fisher, Biggie Wilkins, Ann Coker, Ronald Will- oughby, Parker Sojourner, Betty Miller, Thad Leggett, Barbara Swann, BUSINESS STAFF: Bobby Smith, Assistant Managerg Hal Miller, John Hancock, Bill Hardin Janice Bower, Mary Elizabeth Burton, Jack MacDonald, Betty Landfair, Charlene Welch, BarbaraAnnThomas, Robin Smith, Wynona Madole, Dick Blount, Pansy Barksdale, Mary Frances Pleasants, Don Lisle, James McQueen, BUSINESS STAFF 'rar 1: L HP 4 .ml 5. 217 iv f 'X E E Xi x f I x. K 1 2 1. I X TH E snveazs nv ACTION Underthe direction ofAlvin Jon King for the last time, the Singers gave their usual good iob to the college. Little needs to be said con- cerning this group, for it manages to speak well for itself at all times. The Singers is composed of the regular chapel choir and the tour choir. Those in the tour choir represent the college at many engage- ments during their Spring iaunt around the nation. The Chapel choir proves to be a capable replacement for the globe-trotters during their yearly explorations . The Singers will miss the guidance and inspiration of "Pop" King. His hard work at Millsaps will be remembered by all those who have benefitted from it. We pay tribute to a man who has given unselfishly of his time, effort, and patience to us. Millsaps will always be grate- ful to him for his loyalty, friendship, and overall contribution. 86 MILLSAPS SINGERS Pictured below is the tour choir that will leave soon after this writing to enter- tain and inspire people all across the nation. Their reputation is one that is well earned and will be mai.ntained this year as it has been in the past. Theirs is not a vacation las the new cut system would lead us to thinkl but a terrific iob which re- quires talent and hard work. We wish them the best of success. THE MILLSAPS TOUR CHOIR F... --.Q THE MILLSAPS COLLEGE V ..,. ,. .n,,..,g, ,,.. V.-.-,.w-:..,,,......., ..,. - b--MW ----W 7- , W Vrv., ,,,,, Y Q-fi, -YW f H-W - ,. -.- V+, Y, V -I Y , q .ivy ..- ""W"""?-Ann'-"-lrn' """'---ag, ,,,,,.f--:,:'-' ,, ,,,V ,V W Y--iw, ,-Y-f,,,,, - - '1':.44 -- - , .7V.. ' VAA-, Y ht -' W A .M ...M Q.. A .M Y., .... , V W '----Y-' ' W4-v, A r- -r - -f,, f 3 :,:.,:,:.,.. 3:2 X 4 K pgs fs- 1- 1121 X x 25' Qu xr K ,ei ,Ex , 0 " x 3 sk rg? , 3 Q f 'Q X 1. w gg W... -N... y,Y- Q1 S -X.-4 , g , av I . N. t X ,S es 88 N1 I N A . Q Nast: .:c-s,s,,--:4:-- .,'.. 4 .,-, :. ,,4,,t,f, ,Q 4. 41. 4 5. Qs 1522 if , E ,., R? W -1-'H--an ,,,,l BAND CONDUCTOR SAM L. JONES Few colleges can boast ofa band such as ours. The Mill- saps band has many functions and performs each with much vigor and interest. The band performs on the stage as well as on the foot- ball field. It would be a pity if the services ofthe band were to end with football season, for Christmas and Spring con- certs are calendar dates of high interest and enthusiasm on the campus . We owe much credit to the band for its spirit during foot- ball season and its inspiration at all times. Sam Jones is to be commended for his fine work, the results of which we look forward to seeing again next year. ' 89 MILLSAPS-WILSON LIBRARY B For many years the patrons and alumni of Millsaps College have worked earnestly and unceasingly for a new library through which the students of Millsaps might have greater opportunity to enrich their minds and improve culturally. Much unselfish work and planning were necessary for progress in this direction. On September 29, l955, the doors of the beautiful new Millsaps-Wilson Library were formally opened to the public and the college community. In an impressive ceremony this building was dedicated to the furtherance of the Kingdom of God . As students, we may show our gratitude by making full use of the facilities which have been given to us by men and women who love Millsaps College and were willing to make important sacrifices of time, energy, and money to make this gift possible. May we always remember them as we enioy their gift. These next two pages tell brieflythe story of how the Millsaps-Wilson Library was completed and dedicated. We pay tribute to those who first paid tribute to us. 90 , - I " - ., A Nu R' ' '-:ff-., - -Q -' - of -M - V-72 , 5 la ' - N 5 F' 4- ai lttn L, . Il : 3 , , fl I: ' 5, 'i . 1 . ul ' ' NJ " xy' - , , A 1 I .,. "1---tx., - 'ligg M Q req-v ' - 'f mi ' ' 3. ' ' , -life 6 f xv -T . fi-ff,':'-fQ29f5Q P +f""' ' in CHAPTER l: ABOVE- The plans are made by the administration and construction is begun. Curious eyes view the progress and wonder what the final result will be. Many problems are yet toarise, but the project is being handled by capable and intelligent men in whom much confidence is placed. Millsaps alumni are very generous in their efforts to make the program a successful one. CHAPTER ll: BELOW- QLEFTD- Months later the idea has been transformed into action and the framework of the new structure is a familiar and interesting sight on Methodist Hill. Students soon learn to avoid fresh concrete and falling bricks. CHAPTER Ill: BELOW- QRIGHTJ- Early September sees students sharing in one of the many iobs that still remain. There is great satisfaction in knowing that soon the transformation from the old to the new will be complete. . Y Q -. -t are ff. V S 'we g 051.54 36. .v- ',. - get M iiit :is ll '53 90 qs!-bf QS, Il 9? 3, fg- " T -f 4 f, ii'L7: " .:ff't"'M.-1 f wif - 4 ,w fr ..M13,1-fr." . 1--1'... e , ' iw, - .1 Y. '- 'T ,, , -4-f - f-4f?,1.sf'fsf,f.fa.ff .ffelf -- fs-1 ff CHAPTER IV: ABCJVE- Students march to dedication ceremony where Dr. A.G. Sanders delivers the main address. September 29 is an eventful day, as it is the sixty-third anni- versary of the college and the first formal opening of the Millsaps-Wilson Library. CHAPTER V: BELOW- Completion of the dream! Dr. H.E. Finger, President of Millsaps College, greets the public to the inspection of the library. Meanwhile, the library staff glances over some literature that is as new as the shelves where it will be placed . CHAPTER VI: THE FUTURE- Our children and grandchildren will appreciate tomorrow that which we have seen established today. May Millsaps College continue in her growth and prosperity. s,4 C-'W -1-1 A f 55-3 + - qv' " + H1YY4b2+9"i.-Qiffg Cfi "' 5 fiifff .u My F E E4 Jr -4-4 ,X ,, ,, 4 vf MISS MILLSAPS w- '6- A 3 A JA 4 . : N M A 4 3 -l r 1 as Y GF' x ' 15:31 ' Y Y , iff:-' 'tiff' J sf' .Mf .fvui 45, K V, -Ib' Wa Q fs- If 1 ' , . , sf- - S" we K, .2 ,1 YSX .Ja , ., " .- iff? 61' X elif. ' qi.-. - P-Ac QE? ' W P! . S ci, 5'- j:,I4f-f 2' Q. vyi tig, x i , .,': I X ' 'Hx 4' ' ANN LOUISE ANDERSON - js? -ff 6 1 f fw 71' 1 I f ,,,,,ZW? M rw 3 Q,gu!. Q62 Miss Jerre Gee tg Feature Editor ' 'swhuw The Bobashela ' Box 5073 Millsaps College M Jackson, Mississippi xxw 'M Dear Jerre Gee: The top five choices of the beautiful beauty caniidates are as follows: Number one: Miss Peggy Perry Number two: Miss Wendy Glmstead N three: Miss Marilyn Wood " four: Miss Patricia W-yrm H five: Miss Frances Bryan This is the toughest assignment l've ever had. They're all beauties. How complicated can life get. Congratulations to every one of 'em for loveliness. Cordially, frm is .144-un.-.,......-....+... 'Y 9 X I r A , . I X ' 3 2? ,fl I ,,. Rf ' -' X-f maxi? Y , I I1 -. . .-..... -,,,....1.........4 H A 3... A aw Q -.R X ,f gf' 2 4 -. , 9 FN L S F is - -+ 5171 f "hs' WWW w ,A M7 A A f 4 Af, rwfy, ,f',4vfcm ,fy ff 5,1 xl Cf K fff-Ky" Via lfLf 1fX. LM Q ff fe . V, N , J, C5 Aff? ii: ffynf bfi!! -ff I ft-JL X ff NJA 5 M V! L' - -V ., f X 1, X. X X f 5756 Na. 4. W ? Q .,.. ' ' , .I Q- 4 . Q M Jkdrf' x 4- wa?- 4 N,,,1..,,,,,, 3. w- N5 - . K , , , 'fiipw i Y MJ XX-.Y 's "Ww- JS: pwfy-. , -'yiifiiyfg-:Q , .fn X 'S -lil? Maw, .f .W NN-mm x X-, Z1 n ,X ,xc V "' ' Vw- ,XX -fx f ,ff ff ff! ,fff ff f '- ffl , , 5 ba A 1' "H "U "ll H " 1' 'If '5 4? 'Q , X gf! K' - , , , ,,f I-X V.f'Xf"LJ'.jf 'L-" Q, 1 -- A -.f ff ff H A-'DLX A-.WE 'N w' f , -S x 1, f V ,il W.. - .. -- - ,, ,.. H in 1' I-,,f' -.jg ....-.. - ', .", , 1' f- - - -- 1,-. , -' L - W N ' 1 ' F W 1 , ' 1 . 3 'Q .A .A .. .. -'X .., ... ,, ... - If , I-a .X AV if wif Q 'D 'T' A ,J - r N ff, 1 v wx 1- K NJ 17 x v ,J XZ!! fy -X., f , ., V! wk, mu 1 XS-V . 5 W J f . , 3 LA W Y' vw i .-L If i I x N 3 x X xx W2 "P .xx If ,,... X XX X X N X X . X X Z-X X X ia N X XX X C 1 X 'XI X A 'X fN N. Q LT X f C X ., ul j j X X X Q' ' ' 4 X X O XXX X ' flgiv - lf fy A XY-Q3H',- .v., 1, ' X' X C X X 'Em .,,..'.XXX.,, N If 7 H S ' f V L XX .w f 51X X X , '?SX?fX3g ,TXf ,X-X, .SX IX f f ' X A X X X' NR X I . 'XXX-f -X 1'-'l"" XWIXX 'X 1 X f X , X .. .v W, XJ' X f' J'-'A s X ' YX.Xf"" f f f J X -fI3'5.4"'.pXXrrP.9,X,- X., X , ,,,,,Xp .,- , X. 1 , X X X X X' X, , XX X i f? f X ff X 'X ' Q 'L f' A X X Xe-XwsmfXXmv4Xf",yXX V,-' . ., ,R X x pw ' ,, - 'X ' 4. R ,ff X 'J .Z- HXX I . f f X -x f XXX' I X Z, X ,fi rw ' '- , X A -X X X 'IX ,XXX A :fx I-, Xy A Q VCX X XX. YM, XX UXXWW X X X Xi ' X ,. I. H F I: I Xu 1 V W Xxx XX My XX f1 Tx XXX JMU XXJ! be !X X Xi X WW rv XX X. ,X X' XE' f: xx ' , X ' X ' 3 I X Q -X XX X2 X: Q x L J W ' W X ,LX X17 ,f ,V l xg gf f'f XX 'X X X B X A X X X D - X M , -B xf X X A ' X X X R X I X E J A X X X X X N JMMQP' NX ' l f, X Xt, fs 'F 'X f' , J I f 1 0 V if CX BT X' N f X ,ff f Q X! U X CX' IX f X ,-Z X' X L- L fs Av Qs , ff xx N N 1 B 1 LJ . P' 1 , 'T My Y , Z V J A . . . I ' - . 9 x AX, 5 . ff" XX. Qi' , x7 i W L, LT C V L Q V ,X f f v 23' if X Q "' V A- -AL ina' 'KM QL Q fl at ' "fi ,Qs f. K O96 K Rf' . rg sw?-fvf??'A- w .-B, Ev Q . - ' .g, 635 . ,. O13 A we hon U1 1,6 ui 6 Q0 Nautilus NIM. gels S , .YUM . Nei T av .. A rf- Q ef to ' .- Sail "Beauty and the Beasts" '31 : J 14 ,aft ' lm. ff A 2 I 4K 1 M' vs y . ,I I, in ,iq IZ. ,, f. , f :L ,eq I . ', V Q wi' 74' ' la' :A ' N ' ' "X j 'F u 1 v . O yOu . I1 Sie You I ha Ve 903 1 YOU da r B 0102 XO ob-231, Q01 Q' els? did u 'YI Ou. te pllczzlfe Q 'J ' 0 a s-F' Q W? nw.. 'I '. ' , ,i .-ff ff 'wx I' , ,gy , I' 5.1 W . as KS., VE Q madepu "The boys of Ku Klux always look this serious" ,fvfijff ' if X 7554 'ia "' N ' 7. :L J 4 '3"Y"f 'n"! 2 .fv ,.,,,V , -'45, .41 155' , f5fQ3f3f"f 5 Na., Em ' , 'i Riff . .nfs gg - 9 jpwwf' , f Nez? K ffag-ff 5 Q. W . A V. inf' , '92, A fi PW 04, . 'fa S5525- 1' ,"' .4 . , - , 4 , ' E w tw x, acmia N ff wi W SEATED: Jackson, Hubbard, Kirkland, Jones, STANDING: Smith, Cheney, Harrison, Naylor, 0 fy MEMBERS John Hubbard . . . PiKA President Burton Jackson . . KA Vice-President Benny Kirkland . . . KS Secretary Reynolds Cheney ...... KA Newt Harrison . . . . KS Sam Jones . . . LXA Tommy Naylor . . LXA Bobby Smith . . . PiKA INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL MEMBERS Claudette Westerfield. . BSO President Barbara Jones . . Chi0 Vice-President Mary Elizabeth Burton. PhiMu Secretary Margaret Woods .... KD Treasurer Ann Anderson . . . . . ChiO Shirley Brown . . Phi Mu Ann Ragland. . ...... KD Virginia Slater ....... BSO Miss Mildred Moorehead . Faculty Advisor STANDING: Slater, Anderson, Brown, Ragland, SEATED: Burton, Jones, Moorehead, Westerfield, Woods, , . W.-DH PURPOSE OF SOCIAL GROUPS At first glance one might think ofa social group as an organization that teaches its members how to play bridge, dance, and enter a bull session with enthusiasm. We can't deny that the finer arts of social living are learned and practiced. However, in the hustle and bustle of college life there are the serious moments we spend which will be remembered and relived over and over again. The social groups teach young men and women to live together in aspiritofco-operation and mutual understanding. It is their purpose to unite the ideas of youth into one great melting pot, in which are found the plans for tomorrow. Hard work, contribution of assorted talents, and self-improvement are all a part of the plan . After four years of college life Millsaps Students are ready to meet the demands ofthe world. This is not the resultof whatwe learned in the classroomsalone. Rather, it is this plus the fine art of respectingthe opinions and criticisms of others, of being a part of something. 5 z I -can . ,ijk N , 1 , 115 , cf r E 5 l ll l ' .1 xg 5 Q. 2 l .4 , , . .Q 1- 2 2 if xi S E Ei.. iii! , L Q .Zhi sr I x Nw-..,., 1 ,wig .- ,, , hkil BETA SIGMA OMICRON Claudette and Margaret named to Who's Who-Margaret Secretary of SEB, tapped by Sigma Lambda-Claudette heads Pan-Hellenic and YWCA-Cara Lloyd tapped by Chi Delta-Margaret is named to Maiorette Club, president of Westminister Fellow- ship-Reba president of Catholic Club-Claudette received national BSO award, is secretary-treasurer of Senior Class-Charlotte wins national KDEschoIarship-Martha Ann tapped by KDE and Maiorette Club-Margaret is named Homecoming Maid- Claudette and Charlotte on SEB. OFFICERS President ...... Claudette Westerfield Vice-President ...o... Sara Johnson Recording Secretary ., . Cara Lloyd Hemphill Corresponding Secretary . ., . Carolyn Goff Treasurer .o.oo... Reba Boackle Pledge Trainer ..... Margaret Whitfield MEMBERS Carolyn Allen Charlotte Elliott Mary Nell Roberts Lynda Andrews Rosemary Flint Jean Roten Gerry Beadle Frances Furr Kay Shelton Reba Boackle Carolyn Goff Marianna Simmons Mariorie Boleware Jeanette Gross Virginia Slater Jo Ann Brenke Helen Hayes Jane Smith Ann Brooks Cara Lloyd Hemphill Marilyn Smith Carol Broun Sara Johnson Martha Ann Smith Betty Chaney Margie King Patricia Smith Patricia Chunn Millicent King Jo Ann Tucker Hoyte Curtis Becky Larche Claudette Westerfield Bettie Claire Diggs Margaret McCorkIe Margaret Whitfield Myrna Drew Ann McShane Sue Woodward Mary Jo Edwards Mary Elizabeth Mayfield Patricia Wynn NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Missouri December I2, T888 LOCALLY FOUNDED: September T, T926 COLORS: Ruby and Pink FLOWERS: Richmond and Kilarney Roses PUBLICATION: 'The Urn' Allen Andrews Beadle Boackle Boleware Brenke Brooks Brown Chaney Chunn Curtis Diggs Drew Edwards Elliott Furr Goff Gross Hayes Hemphill Johnson King, M,A, King, M.C. Larche McCork1e McShane Mayfield Roberts Roten S hel ton Simmons Slater Smith I, Smith, M.A, Smith, M,S, Smith, P, Tucker Westerfield Whitfield Woodward Wynn cf--v ,v vs ., 1- T? , -W, .gs-V if -N 3, x.. ' 'ir f-'- K XN1f L-I T ,f if KAPPA DELTA Nancy and Clara are favorites-KD's win basketball trophy-Margaret is tapped into Sigma Lambda-Chi Delta taps Anthony and Coleman-Booth is named Who's Who, selected Homecoming Maid-Emily heads Maiorette Club-Coleman and Greener serve on SEB-Maiorette Club taps Woods, Vines, and Ragland-Peacock is secretary- treasurer of Junior Class, Society Editor of PandW-Betty Jane is cheerleader-Dyane plays lead roleas "Roxanne" in Cyrano de Bergeac-IRC picks Myers -Clara heads KDE, Eta Sigma Phi, and wins Tribbett Scholarship-Martina is State President of the Methodist Student Movement-Gail , Jane, and Elwyn are Maiorettes-Eta Sigma Phi picks Ragland, while KDE takes Culley-Nena, Jerre, Elwyn, and Barbara serve on BOBASHELA Staff- Myers and Cleveland on debate team. OFFICERS President .... Margaret Woods Secretary .... Clara Parks Booth Vice-President . . Nancy Peacock Treasurer. MEMBERS . . Nancy Vines Elwyn Addkison Elizabeth Anthony Helen Dall Barnes Sara Janice Black Clara-Parks Booth Patti Bradley Beth Brandon Lodusca Catledge Elizabeth Ann Clark Betty Jane Cleveland Aden Coleman Carol Culley Kay Davis Nena Doiron Barbara Foreman Jerre Gee Emily Greener Beverly Hamblin Carolyn Harpole Frances Holland Gail Hood Martha Ann Hopkins Annette Johnston Sarah Jones Ruth Land Nancy Lynn Martin Jane Mclnvale Yvonne Moss Ann Myers Joyce Nall Dyane Nelson Miriam O'Ferrall Wendy Olmstead Nancy Peacock Nita Perry Jeanette Pullen Ann Ragland Nita Reed Nancy Reed Carolyn Reynolds Martina Riley Robin Smith Mary Gray Sparkman Sylvia Stevens Barbara Ann Thomas Hazel Truluck Nancy Vines Laurene Walker Charlene Welch Marilyn Wood Margaret Woods Barbara Yeagley MX- .l.mlnH.lL .. 'fi' 9-Mg , gl ,y .1 flsif. NATIONALLY FOUNDED Virginia State Normal College xx lyf l". ,,. .sh km- uh n ,- 'I'-Q A I Y .. ,N ii-' ' , Y N xwl ' X, ,Q - ,T ll 1 I T , T " , X it yu Ny it T4 N ' g i'lilil,l.ll.ilitti itlgtttrlllwll i T -A Addkison Anthony Barnes Black Booth Bradley Brandon Catledge Clark Cleveland Coleman Culley Davis Doiron Foreman Gee Grauer Greener Hamblin Harpole Holland Hopkins Johnston Jones Land Mclvale Martin Moss Myers Nall Nelson O'Ferra1l Olmstead Peacock Perry Pullen Ragland Reed A, Reed N , Reynolds Riley Smith Sparkman Stevens Thomas Truluck Vines Walker Welch Woods Wood Yeagley ' " it X 1:4 K 'T Q Lf JL ' - gi y Q' 6 . . U I' ' lij I 13' M ,Z ,- f Q - 0 1- . " ,, . v. A r Y Q X. . , Q Q ,- f f . - 'K v V -' 17" fx ,. Q s 'F ,f " .7 T- ,- '- 4':', of an , C, 1 5 Q, 'CT' J ,. 1+ my V A . 5 ' . ' 4,7 A V A .. f.: I Q .2 C U 4' K. - y Y . .-. ' Q-L . gas xx wi 'Fm' .Q ' V f A 'I' uc' G - I I - I W "' , S "A N ,. A - C fx .. -. 6? v- ,Q '- . ., . V ml - R'-.- V X 5 -'17 is C 1 vi ' 1 V Q 'f v 2 0 i -- B , XXV: f Lf' s- iiifv. ' ' - -"2 , " A " I -. 5 1 1 3 ,nr it A,,gQ,,,g - we 1 i ' ' at Atkison Barfield Bayliss Blalock Bower Brown, S , Brown, S, Burton Busby Byrd Elliott Evans Fife Foreman Griffin Hillman Hupperich Landfair Loflin Mc Nease Manning Morris Nicholson Noble Perry Pilley Piper Riddell Shelton Sherrod Smith, C. Smith, C. Underhill Ventress Warren Wolford PHI MU Pat is on BOBASHELA Staff-Hupperich tapped into Eta Sigma Phi-Shirley is Feature Editor of PondW, joins Chi Delta-Mary Liz is Secretary of Pan-Hellenic Teenie is Veep of YWCA-Barfield is honored by Who's Who and Sigma Lambda Betty Landfair is Circulation Manager of PandW-Barfield is chosen by IRC. OFFICERS President ...... Mary Elizabeth Burton Vice-President . . . . Tennie Underhill Secretary' . . . . Mitzi Shelton Treasurer . . . . Betty Barfield MEMBERS Emma Atkinson Betty Barfield Sarah Bayliss Merle Blaylock Janice Bower Shirley Brown Susan Brown Mary Elizabeth Burton Beth Busby Barbara Byrd Boots Carpenter Helen Sue Callahan Sylvia Elliot Becky Evans NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Wesleyan College March 4, I852 LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 24, I9I4 COLORS: Rose and White FLOWER.: Enchantress Carnation PUBLICATION: "Aglaia" Alpha Gene Fife Ann Foreman Amaryllis Griffin Pat Hillman Anne Hupperich Betty Landfair Annice Loflin Helen Maddox Claire Manning Marilyn McNease Kay Morris Elaine Nicholson Linda Noble Peggy Perry Kay Pilley Gay Piper Louise Riddell Ethyl Shapley Mitzi Shelton Mary Sherrod Carolyn Smith Clara Smith Teenie Underhill Harriet Ventress Pat Warren Rheba Westerfleld Martha Ann Wolford J, p 4 xnxx CHI OMEGA Ann Anderson is Miss Millsaps-Jeanette is Homecoming Queen-Lynette and Susan are Freshman Oueens-Biggie, Karen, and Barbara Mae are favorites-Ann and Barbara Mae selected for Who's Who-Helen Reilly tapped by Theta Nu Sigma-Nancy and Susie invited to Chi Delta-Karen directs "East Lynne"-Biggie ioins AED and Myra KDE-Stanton is PandW Managing Editor and is elected to Sigma Lambda-Claire, Blythe, and Margaret appear in KA Rose Court-Lillian serves on BOBASHELA staff- Gail tapped by IRC-Ann is Maid of Cotton finalist-Chi O's are second in Homecoming OFFICERS President ....... Barbara Mae Jones Vice-President . . . . Myra Fisher Secretary ......... Cynthia Morse Treasurer ......... Ann Anderson MEMBERS float competition . Ann Anderson Valera Bailey Lois Love Bain Myna Bain Pansy Barksdale Julia Ann Beckes Frances Bryan Gwen Burford Bethany Byrd Patsy Caver Mary Helen Corley Nancy Crawford Rose Cunningham Sallie Ann Dement Janis Edgar Jane Fatheree Gail Fielder Myra Fisher Judith Forbes Betty Bell Ford Ann Foster Lynette Garst Yvonne Giffin Karen Gilfoy Helen Gillis Zoe Grigsby Ann Hightower Blythe Jeffrey Barbara Mae Jones Claire King Gene Ann Lauchly Susie Lipsey Elise Mclntosh Betty Miller Margaret Miller Mary Frances Montgomery Mary Louise Moore Cynthia Morse Sue Mozingo Dee Phillips Jane Pickering Mary Frances Pleasants Mary Charles Price Ann Prichard Jeanette Ratcliff Helen Reilly Jean Rouse Sylvia Shrock Suanna Smith Shirley Stanton Alice Starnes Lillian Starnes June Stellwagon Barbara Swann Helen Thorne Betty Gail Trapp Bethany Watkins Susan Wheeless Jeanette Wilkins NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Arkansas April 5, T895 LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 3I, T934 COLORS: Cardinal and Straw FLOWER: White Carnation PUBLICATION: "The Eleusis" Anderson Bailey Bain, L, Bain, M. Barksdale Beckes Bryan Burford Byrd Caver Corley Crawford Cunningham Dement Edgar Fatheree Fielder Fisher Forbes Ford Foster Garst Griffin Gillis Grigsby Hightower Jeffrey Jones King Lauchley Lipsey Mozingo McIntosh Miller Moore Montgomery Phillips Pleasants Powell Price Prichard Ratcliff Reilly Rouse Scott Smith S tanton Starnes, A. Starnes, L. Stellwagon Swann Thorne Trapp Wheeless Abernathy Allen Atwood Braaten Bufkin Curry Dyess Egger Everitt Halbert Hall Kelly Leshe Lewis McNeill McRaney Martin Miller Moorhead Nelson Parrott Pearson Potts Richardson Swindull Sylvester Wixon Wright Young TN N. I. S. A. Eugenia tapped by Chi Delta-Danye and Gail ioin the Maiorette Club-Braaten chosen by Theta Nu Sigma-June is elected to Eta Sigma Phi-Carolyn is President of W.C.W. and Veep of Beethoven Club-AED taps Curry-Eugenia and Danye serve on Woman's Council. President. . Vice-President OFFICERS 0 0 0 0 1 0 Q o 0 l 0 1 Recording Secretary . . . Corresponding Secretary. . . . Eugenia Kelly Treasurer . . . Peggy Sanford Danye Miller Helen Young .Kaisa Braaten Jo Ann Abernathy Carolyn Allen Joan Anderson Ruth Atwood Kaisa Braaten Kay Bufkin Zorah Curry Diane Douglas Betty Dyess Martha Eggert Virginia Everitt Gloria Halbert NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Oklahoma April, 1938 LQCALLY FOUNDED: July 19, 1943 COLORS: Blue and White FLOWER1. White Carnation PUBLICATION: N. I.S.A. Newsletter r',- MEMBERS Ruth Ann Hall Patty Hewlett Eugenia Kelly Annette Leshe Acka Lewis Henrietta Littleton Marilyn McNeil Gwen McRaney June Martin Danye Miller Ella Jean Moore Gail Moorhead Ernie Lee Nelson Frances West Rosemary Parents Ruth Ann Pearson Bobby Jean Potts Lucy Price Helen Young Pat White Daphne Richardson Jeanette Sylvester Peggy Jo Sanford Johnny Swindull Edna Wixon V 'MA l ., KAPPA ALPHA Nall heads ODK-Jackson and Fanning are Veeps of their classes-Jackson is Business Manager ofthe BOBASHELA and Hales is his assistant-Cheney heads STYLUS, is chosen by ODK-Eta Sigma Phi taps Yerger-KA's winfloatcompetition-Jackson is a favorite and is in Who's Who-Cheney is executive secretary of Kit Kat-Harry Mills chosen by AED-Graham and Williams initiated into M Club. OFFICERS Number I . ..... Burton Jackson Number II . ...... Hardy Nall Number III ...... Reynolds Cheney MEMBERS Bobby Abney Frank Allen George Armstrong Joe Armstrong Harry Blair Dick Brown Reynolds Cheney Cecil Copeland Bud Culley Billy Dewees Tommy Fanning Leo Farmer Chick Flournoy David Franks Walter Garner Billy Graham Johnny Green Graham Hales Terry Hayward Sidney Hill Charlie Hollowell Burton Jackson Mickey Kelly Tommy Kelly Breck King Ray Knight Douglas Lay Thad Leggett Lewis Lord Jim McCarty Max McDaniels Bill McKell Tom McNair Hamp Miller Harry Mills Noel Mills B.B. Montgomery Bob Morrison Billy Mullins Hardy Nall Dick Phares Joe Lee Porter Billy Rainey Stuart Robinson Leslie Shelton Bobby Sherrod Bobby Smith Adrian Sturdivant Hugh Thoms Bill Tull Summer Walters Pee Wee Walton Jimmy Weedy Kennard Wellons Jon Ed Williams Fred Yerger Mark Yerger NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Washington College December 21, 1865 LOCALLY FO UNDED: October I, 1893 COLORS: Ruby and Old Gold FLOWER: Magnolia and Crimson Rose PUBLICATION: 'Kappa Alpha Journal' Abney Allen G Armstrong, Armstrong, J , Blair Brown Cheney Copeland Culley Fanning Farmer Flournoy Franks Graham Hales Hayward Jackson Kelly Knight Lay McCarty McDaniel McNair Maley Miller Mills Montgomery Morrison Mullins Nall Porter Rainey Robinson Shelton Sherrod Smith Thoms Tull Walters Walton Weedy Yerger i Q gi 1 Q. ,, 3 .M ,C yr, Q 1 1 5 ' .ww v.. 'Z I A x - f- fl f , x '::J , rs ' V " .. ff W , Sf' ?f :J i hfrb CJ rx 19 'Z 41 sr W Z ,la ,,,v N if Xxx S' . ' V H 'N I if E i A ' ll l l ' ' C, . ,fE3W'af'T3:' 1 To V' . , I . A w . - 'B-'--:l..xl.n.: .Q i 121 -,'- ,: I Tr '4 f 'fi44?3f2 . ,km fy, , 7 f W I Awad Berry Brown Bum pas Ethridge Everitt Harrison Jones Kern rf' 0- 1'-l vga 472 . Lum Merrell Mize Moore, Moore, Parnell Scott Walley KAPPA SIGMA N. Harrison elected veep of iunior class-Statham tapped by Pi Kappa Delta- Walley is student body president and Favorite-Awad, Deaton, Powell, and Walley listed in Who's Who-Deaton chosen for Kit Kat-Merrell is president of Alpha Phi- N. Harrison is vice-president of Alpha Phi-Awad chosen prexy of Singers-Sigs win speedball-Lowe is sports editor of BOBASHELA and PandW-Boone chosen for Little AI I- American Football and Millsaps Most Valuable-Tucker tapped into AED-Sigs place seven on starting football eleven-Deaton and Parnell prexy and veep of M Club. OFFICERS President ........ Bennie Kirkland Vice-President ....... Newt Harrison Secretary. . . . Foster Lowe Treasurer I. . .... . Jerry Boykin MEMBERS Alex Alston Don Ates Johnny Awad Clyde Ballard Fred Belk Gene Berbette Jim Berry Pat Bonner Tom Boone Jerry Boykin Charles Brewer Billy Brown Steve Bumpas Jerry Bryant John Carter Carl Causey Woods Cavette Jimmy Collette Paul Comola John Copeland Charles Deaton Sonny Ervin Harrison Ethridge Sonny Everitt Billy Greenlee Bill Griffith Billy Gulledge Ray Hannah Garland Harrison Newt Harrison Jimmy Hudson Paul Kern Bennie Kirkland Jimmy Jones Jimmy Long Foster Lowe Gadi Lum Stuart Mclntyre W. H. Merrell Ed Mize Powers Moore Terry Moore Bob Parnell Dick Pepper Charles Purifoy Cliff Rushing Sam Scott Bo Statham Jack Taylor Frank Tucker Charles Underhill N.R. Walley Albert Wells Bob Weems Don Williams Ben Younger .xv V 1 ws, .Kr I 55 NATIONALLY FOUNDED: I University of Virginia A D b IO, I869 5 ' r ecem er QB -wif LocALLY FOUNDED: S mi I 511 October I8, I895 '73 --" A K "'i P- jiri! irlxx T ' Us COLORS: Scarlet, Green, and White I f' ' , .. ' ' 'A ' if-'F , st I FLOWER Lily ot the V Iley A X sis Q X ' ' 0, PUBLICATION: "The Caduceus" F is 1 ' N- 1 1 12-0 .. ' 123 5 I I G ,4 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Carney is Editor of the PandW-Lambda Chi's win scholarship cup again-Ander- son and Coddington tapped byAED-Jones directs Band and is a favorite-Polk selected to Who's Who and ODK-Tullos is Veep of the Singers-Conner is President of Theta Nu Sigma-Polk is Business Manager of Stylus and President of AED-Kit Kat taps Polk-Conner is Vice-President of Eta Sigma Phi. OFFICERS President .......... Sam Jones Vice-President ........ Hiram Polk Treasurer . . . . Walton Lipscomb George Alexander Dannie Anderson Roy Andrews Bill Balgord John Baxter Alton Boyd Henry Carney John Case John Coddington Michael Conner Enoch Dangerfield Marvin Dyess Jose Espana Roy Grisham Don Harder Harold Harvey Arthur Hodge MEMBERS Paul Horn Marvin Jeter Bill Johnson Howard Jones Sam Jones Sam Kuykendall Joe Lambert Willard Leggett Walton Lipscomb Buddy Lovett Jimmy McCormick Dick McMurray Bill Rush Mosby Tommy Naylor Jimmie Newell Bob Patterson Hiram Polk Wayne Scott Perrin Smith Parker Soiourner Hubert Staley John Stone Sam Tomlinson Don Triplett Bobby Tullos Billy Walker Brister Ware Merrimen Watkins Robert Wesley Tom Willetts John Wimberly Jim Witten Gilbert Woods Don Youngs Billy Rhymes NATIONALLY FOUNDED Boston University November 2, T909 LOCALLY FOUN DED: October, T939 COLORS: Purple, Green, and Gold PUBLICATION: "Purple, Green, and GoId" "Cross and Crescent" sm FURNARU FLOWER: White Rose Alexander Anderson Balgord Baxter Boyd Conner Coddington Dyess Espana Grisham Hardin Harvey Hodge Jeter Johnson Jones, H. Jones, S , Kuyendall Leggett Lipscomb Lovett McCormick Mosby Naylor Newell Polk Rhymes Scott Smith Sojourner Stone Tomlinson Triplett Tullos Walker Ware Watkins Wesley Willetts Wimberly Woods Witten -r-., ff 7 -Nv- L., 4:- "G, R' Av' 125 a gs-. I 5' Z t"' ,,, --I -N. -J -4 Q 'U Q Q ff-. Q- N av ' X' ax. c, gf' A ff afar 46. . , X is lg, , L N. am at QI' , Q FE' .g' A.- ef' X 44 V 'f 'il' 4 42 Fm! lslbil 2 . , 1 S ':::4' f but li g ag- 4' ' fa N Q f' 1-f 1 y . 4 1 1 L93 vi Abraham Adams Blount Bradfield Brasher Catleclge Causey Cole Conerly Dew Dowdle Evans Fincher Ford Fortenberry Foxworth Fraiser Greener Griffis Hancock Hardin Hillman Hinds Holloway Hubbard Hyman Jeanes Johnston J ones Kerr Lampton Lange Loflin McClenahan McEachin McQueen Miller Mims Mizelle Noblin Philly Pinkston Pool Potter Rigby Sallis Scott S rnith Sowell, B. Sowell, R. Stewart, B. Stewart, E, Stovall Taylor Trigg Turner Upton Ware Whitaker Williams, E, Williams, F. Williamson PI KAPPA ALPHA Loflin is Veep of SEB-Hubbard, Stewart, Johnston, Causey are class presidents- Lampton tapped by ODK-Loflin and Wasson in Who's Who-Loflin is Master Maior- Hubbard, Johnston are favorites-Kit Kat taps Upton-Causey is Frosh King-Read, Loflin, and Trigg in IRC-Jonah chosen By Eta Sigma Phi-Byrd and Lampton ioin Alpha Psi-Hyman, Loflin, and Upton are cheerleaders-Smith is Business Manager of Singers- Elyand Rigby are top officers in Alpha Psi -Upton heads Christian Council and Wesley- Abraham is Business Manager of PandW-Hubbard presides over IFC-AED chooses John- ston and McEachin-Brasher in Theta Nu Sigma-Elyhas lead in Cyrano-Ware, Potter, Kerr, and Grimes make up Millsaps Quartet-Hardin is Secretary ofAlpha Phi . Lampton is editor of BOBASHELA. .--kgs OFFICERS SMC . . ..... Jack Loflin IMC . ..... John Hubbard ThC . ..... John Calvin Philley MEMBERS Fred Abraham Bill Hardin Murray Pinkston Bob Adams Joe Hinds Jack Poole Dick Blount Pete Bradfield Jessie Brasher Charles Catledge Lacy Causey Charles Cole Wally Conerly Kenneth Dew Oscar Dowdle Walter Ely John Evans Terry Fincher Jonah Ford Lloyd Fortenberry Lacy Fraiser Dick Foxworth Stewart Gammill Nick Greener Jimmy Griffis Marlin Grimes John Hancock Byrd Hillman Buster Holloway John Hubbard Lea Hyman William Jeanes Hugh Johnston Read Jones Billy Kerr Bill Lampton Braxton Lange Don Lisle Jack Loflin John McEachin Mac McCIenahan James McQueen Arthur Mellen Hal Miller Robert Mims Jerry Mizelle Will Nobiin Kenneth Parks John C. Philley -.-. igzgfv W N X E, ,sis ' 1 +-' I fu f f . John Potter Wayne Renfro Cliff Rigby Ed Sallis Kermit Scott Bob Sowell Roy Sowell Barry Stewart Ed Stewart Russ Stovall Bobby Smith John Robert Taylor Jerry Trigg Johnny Turner Ed Upton Clifton Ware Luke Wasson Clyde Whitaker Eddie Williams Fred Williams Albert Williamson NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Virginia March I, T868 LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 23, T905 COLORS: Garnet and Gold FLOWER: Lily of the Valley PUBLICATION: "The Shield and Diamond NORSEMEN Hudson tapped by ODK and ioins Alpha Phi-Robertson is member of Theta Nu Sigma-Hudson manages football . OFFICERS President. . . ..... . . Brooks Hudson Vice-President . ..... Joe Way Secretary. . Charles McReynolds Treasurer. . . . Harris Eaton MEMBERS Greg Ballard Tommy Ballard Ray Bardin Cecil Burnham Earl Greenough Brooks Hudson Cecil Jones Leonard Josey Spiro Cora Eddie King Joe Cowart H. K. Lee Harris Eaton Young Lee Albert Felsher Davis Gillis Charles McReynolds Bill MacDonald W.D. Miles James Morrow Charles Nicholson James Robertson Ray Screws Keith Tonkel Guy Traylor Joe Way NATIONALLY FOUNDED: LOCALLY FOUNDED: PUBLICATION: COLORS: Ballard, G, Ballard, T, Cowart Eaton King Lee McReynolds Morrow Oklahoma University April, 1938 1950 N. I. S. A. Newsletter Blue and Gold Gillis Greenough Screws Tonkel L- Hudson Way Jones Winstead X 14 5 ix.I'l ? z X. ' X.. .t ,. .4 'H'-49 ,A fm' b .uf -fi' . H' N1 :O Q , 'U ' an ,?!mP. f ' ' , I N 1, i. .1 54 ly, i Q w 4 6 I J - .. PP ' Q. 5 . . - P .t 1 4 3 - ' if. W A. i , l :Y . . -P . "1 rw- ,Q . ,P 3' A K W -W Q, 4.5, 11, H+ " -L' r". , . - ...N . .P P - . ' ' P ww' JK . 'A "PP-QM' Y iff? "3 ' Q xt 3. ,gg Q P:.PywN?iN- l A XM -. P K . .x N N U . F, v h H . tv . . N ,qfuw 4 Uz- P .mf 5' P M I 'wx . .P JP-1 -Q N .. 'P'-Pfs P? -5341 - . P iw' . . 1 Y N 'Q was 1 V' " 1- PMf.mX"1'f+f-N-Aww: P. 2 P A , fbi-.fa,.-, . Sp-E?51ffPP. ' "If ,. " ,. Piwgigs x x N 4 ' 5 , S P. .P P P, If " 1 I , X . H . P' W Q. -- i, 'f . Q P' P. gf . ' 'Pg53'f8k135ifP' .f, 1-E ' P Z ! f'fP52P-.'31k.ga5 S M . 2" .. Q' N' lv ' ' ' !7'QA-' -Svgfamy - . ' A ' V' ' .. 1 P15-P' x' W cb' r 6 R 5! in Y-P-'-1P:23:.zhi ' I E wl:'.-Q:-2' - :AQ "Pr SR? 9'm.i.f'v wx ii' x Q. , -wfQ!0'Ai"' ' -. Qty?-'Ry K , 'I - 1 . P N ,3 -1- Ni ., N. ij... , :q.',,qf , .P -eb rx - X Q- 5. B- , A f-LM - , N A -. , A R " V 1 , ' - f . Pg-'H fx" -.M-. 1 1- .. . P -Y P -P. W .Fr . .,,. 1 v it .S E V .fuk 2 X, X ar. QP :fri-Q l iz. Q v,:..Z..3 : X itrlfei -T kwa .,, .V :lg x 1. 1 Y . '. . . . - X . . :rr-42' ,X P. V, P P ' P y.. ., -P . j ' . K " - 4 .. ,-, . N ' - - - 754. ,' ' V..- X ' . .... 'P -Q . P '- . --f- 3 . ,Q--.,gT' -:lf : 's5'5S.'?'1Ll' .V 'P ' . A -P . MRP -P -f. -33534 Jig P- P . .,,- 5. PP.-gb .- . - 4 Pwr :9,.v, x--ff ., ,7.-,P.,-'g-.-,- Q., Q. . 'gig ,Qu P-A531 vw 5, ., I ' . . AJ, -4, 'J - AQ ? A 1 5 . . , iw J. - 1, 4. ...ASQ ikuawg,-,,.' X ,., I ., U .Y-X if 1535: E .:.V fx M , --if 0 N + ... A U ,Z ji.-nh. 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Y 1 . f T955 MILLSAPS ln 1955, as has become customary, the Millsaps Maior football squad gave an excellent account ofitself and wasa prime example ofcollege football as played for the sport of it. The group of footballers who gathered for the opening practices had perhaps the highest potential of any Purple grid team of recent years, but a college which participates in intercollegiate athletics on an amateur basis is usually weak in reserves, even if it can field a top-notch starting line-up. With the limited sub- stitution rule still in effect and a fine veteran eleven available for duty, the future looked bright for the Maior gridders. The year's first game, with William Carey at Hattiesburg, gave the Maiors the blow from which they never recovered- two key players benched with injuries by half-time. The loss of Powell and Lowery was directly responsible for this opening defeat. With the one experienced quarterback out for the season, half-back "Crow" Parnell took over the all-important signal- caller's position in the Split-T offense for the game with strong Delta State, Missis- sippi's only perfect-record senior college team in '54. Despite a fine performance by Parnell, the Purple team could not keep up in the scoring column although out- playing the rugged Statesmen. Playing brilliantly one Saturday and sluggishly the next, the Majors reached their peak in mid-season victories over Sewanee and How- ard and the heart-breaking loss to the Chocs. Coming to life in the final minutes of rf, .L v A -,u x, ,fffi X xr if-N ,gp :fl3j".'Y ffl A lk T Q qw! L '. 4 ' , ffnjfifi --. T N Nb '44-""' r f ,I I L f"-, A ,. 3. 6 4,4 .1 'N -, Ig Mx 1,1 .f-., f-Q lf!! iw fly- rg, V, ,glvfltrmjg ,JAMW N,,wL,,:z W , - T- r- .S-'M - -. -v. -sm. .. " " ' -ff , . ' J' +I fi fd . 1, , , . ' , 4 , , 1 ,I I .., v 1 1 x A 1 W A 14: ,N ,H bo' ,21,,,,, ti s-gill, --'.l.f. V. txt: qv., 1 fx tb' fl Ni 2.1. av -- " fljfjj-q:5xJ4'5,'Q'l,1, 41 if-,"i',f1-y?'ggi'i'2,,g,i3cfran r tlaJQa'S" v... . PF , fs rg ,. ,gf L' '.-' 4 U,-Alt. JY'-1'Tlj . Wg 4g2:f,lX5..',,g:,, as 1' 5' 3 'A -74A 4,1 fi 4 .' ,n 0. K .fu 'gy' 1v1at.' :ef 'h ,j"A,,,,1 ., ,A rM,..s,., Vg .r , 1 .gs -A Wav, N.. -1 1- s'4'fT'1 ,- . .vnu.'n1nz:-B1'?ii'1:'5.'9.'Jr 'lf-ifflyil FOOTBALL TEAM the Sewanee game, Millsaps copped the triumph on a last-minute Parnell-to-Deaton pass. Speedster Roy Wolfe sparked the easy win over Howard and the Maiors rolled into the Mississippi College game on the crest ofa victory surge. Forthree quarters, the game team in Purple shirts appeared well on its way to a decisive and hard- earned victory. Fortune turned her head and the MC squad drew off to a lead that not even a determined drive in the game's closing seconds could overcome. After a dismal loss to Southwestern, the Maiors rebounded to score an easy 34-6 victory over Ouachita before a large Parent's Day crowd in the season finale. M LLSAPS . . 6 WILLIAM CAREY . . . . 33 M LLSAPS . . 7 DELTA STATE . . 20 M LLSAPS . . I9 LIVINGSTON . . 6 M LLSAPS . . I2 SEWANEE .... . 7 M LLSAPS . . 35 HOWARD ...... . 6 M LLSAPS . . I4 MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE . . I8 M LLSAPS . . 6 SOUTHWESTERN . . . 33 M LLSAPS . . 34 OUACHITA . . . . 6 'CRV Y ' Li , I .,E'g,- IZ Q I 2 :L- , yn26' N .J , I ' A T' L 1... I ge .fi 1 . th .5 S , -.753 .43 x' . so Q Y ' .' A Us 4' I and I' iw 1 T m Q1 4 4 ., Z DEATON, End MILLSAPS 6 WM. CAREY 33 Charles Deaton-Winding upa fine varsity career, "Snake" was an able right wingman, with his game-winning catch of a last- minute pass against Sewanee most outstanding. His sharp blockingand accurate tackling will be missed come '56. Bennie Kirkland-Another bril- liant flanker, Bennie has been an indispensable man through each of his four years as a starter. His ex- cellent pass-receiving, blocking and tackling will be hard to re- place. KIRKUXND, End VAR. Big John Driving To Paydirt! F00 PREWITT, Tackle MOORE, Back .og Tom Prewitt-His hard blocking and tackling made Tom a real bul- wark in the left side ofthe Purple line. Another senior, Prewitt's big number 75 was found in on scores of tackles during the '55 season. Terry Moore-This fine iunior back lived up to the promise shown in the two previous campaigns by becoming one ofthe Maiors' most reliable runners. A leader in yards - gained, Terry was also a sure tackler. T-amy.. . ' ' " 4. ., . ....., v ,....,,,.. , . F '.. A. Q., . .R 'rf , ., . . W . gi' 1' 'vlmx'M'I"Pf .,,Lx,,w. I K ,W ,X s , ., . . -R ,W . Km? . ...- as ma. .- , . sf s. . .., . , f.ivf:'ix ,',.-'gl . ' ' . , VH .n3nfw:."':waSs1f.n.-.. .Weir N A . -fin '- 'ww HOOD, Center Royalty on the field . BALL TNS, James Hood-Steadiness, sharp blocking, alertness defensively-- these are the characteristics ofa fine center. One ofMillsaps' most underrated players, Hood was all of these, a real team man! JohnnyAwad-Pound for pound, the best guard in the South. For four seasons Johnny has not only been a fine blocker and tackler, but he has also had a key role in keeping team spirit high-win or lose. John Lowery-ln his final year John continued to be the bell- wether of the Majors' offense . Four years of hard running and crushing blocking and tackling have earned him a place in the Millsaps Foot- ball Hall of Fame! Hardy Nall-Although hampered by iniuries throughout the season, Hardy was one of our top runners and pass-receivers and perhaps was the outstanding defensive back. l ..n..,.,, . . 1 f . . ,- ng. .. ., tg - fl-'Lu , ,' " rw. vf 1, ,.. S 1 wfirif'-.",'..'..g' 4 . I ..,.- - .. , , , hm, ,..,,-Q' f . ., -g, --..N - . , is8",4',: 1.1, .rx f-YQ' W- l ,.-gtg' E1-st.. J . gf- ,i A 3 "f.2i: "'av1 f' .lx -- ' -r.-.. .,,-,- . ' - A ' sf A . .. 5 '1' ,.f -. .'. .J , 4 .. f .K .-'xr it, , - .. . . .. r,- . -- .-1 . . -,fu . 'L us'-1, ICQ-"-if ' K , . - -- - .f- . -. A . AWA D, Guo rd MILLSAPS 7 DELTA STATE 20 NALL, Bock BOONE, Guard MILLSAPS I9 LIVINGSTON 6 PARNELL, Back hgl I s - Au .. Q t .g ,. , . fejwt' ' - 1 5- 5i?"i'?ii'k-3393 'nk Q, Lv .,,.1,.- :wx .. r , spun Tom Boone-Long one of the Maiors' most outstanding and colorful players, Tom capped off his senior year in fine style, being selected by his team-mates as Most Valuable Player. Awad and Boone-a guard combination long to be remembered . Jon Ed Williams-Probably the most outstanding freshman on the squad, Jon Ed turned in some fine performances at his terminal post and he is one to look out for in I956. Robert Parnell-The difficult is easy and the impossible takes a little while . This perfectly describes "Crow" who, after the season began, switched to quarterbackand did a magnificent iob, calling plays, passing, running. A iob well done! Bobby Joe Smith-A dependable player at all times, Bobby Joe was a strong point in the Purple line and is among those seniors who will be vitally missed come '56. x 'E WILLIAMS, End VAR! Hardy dives for lost leather! F00 SMITH, Tackle . .- Q? rr -:tm TY RUSHING, Back This one won't get away! TALL WOLFE, Back fx Cliff Rushing-T955 saw Cliff de- velop into one of the Majors' most re- liable backs. He was a key man in the offense, coming through with numerous long gains at crucial points. This fine back is one of the few starters slated for return in T956. Alex Alston-This capable guard, too long held in a second-line role, came through with some fine line play during the season and seems headed for a starting berth in '56. Roy Wolfe-This scrappy. speedster came into his own this year, starting several games. Performing both at half- and quarter-back, Roy's long runs were an important factor in the Major offense . Pat Bonner-A capable wingman whose forte is defense, Pat played an important part in the success of the team. He likely, with hissmashing end play, earned a post on the starting squad for '56. Vw? 3,1 -4'-u dh, .. gh' ' . 4 1 , V .4 ALsToN, cu.-.fd SEWANEE BONNER, End MILLSAPS T2 7 ' l . g ' T, .Q- Q . M QP ' Wx i X bib r, 1 I -1004, S li "Red" Powell-A brilliant quarter- back and cool strategist, his loss in the first game was a blow from which the '55 Maiors never recovered . "Red" was selected Most Valuable Player in 1954. Murray Pinkston-His retu rn near mid-season bolstered the sagging tackle corps . Murray's hardcharging line play was a definite asset to the team . Paul Comola-Paul's spirited play was a vital force in the Millsaps line play this year. His more than adequate defensive play made him a top line- backer. Bob Sowell-This frosh made an im- pressive beginning at the quarterback spot. Much will be forthcoming from this boy in 1956. 136 Fi, . . ., Q. n k 40" 2 I if 'ii . ,Q 1? . - Q, tk' V se BELK, Back Picking up yards around the Maiors' endl IALL WOODRICK, Tackle Fred Belk-This big freshman half- backas aspotplayerturned in some fine performances during the year . Fred gave high promise of being an outstanding runner and pass-catcher in his remain- ing seasons . Ralph King-"Skinner" in his initial year of football at Millsaps showed to be a good blocker and runner. Among other things, his booming kickoffs mark- ed him as a man to watch in l956. Rayford Woodrick-This stalwart transfer tackle proved to be a valuable man in the Maiors' line. Ray's strong- point is defense and much is expected of him in that capacity in '56. .lack Hester-Another transfer, this speedy half-back saw on I y limited action this year, but turned in good performances . Jack is one to be counted on to helpfill the shoes of the numerous departing seniors . KING, sack MILLSAPS 7 SOUTHWESTERN 33 HESTER, Back it A Floyd Jones-This fast rugged guard played a consistent, hard-charging game in the Maier forward wall. Al- though not in the starting line-up, Floyd is another who appears ready to move up to a first guard slot. Joe Armstrong-Only a freshman, Joe gave every indication of develop- ing into a fine player for Millsaps in histhree remaining years ofeligibility. ln '55, Joe served very well as a spot performer at one ofthe guard positions . ' I f mf ,fir BERRY Tackle THE COACHES Jim Berry-A big, rough man in the line, Jim was a capableand much used reserve at the tackle slot. His consistent play very probably earned him a starter's post for the upcoming grid campaign . Coach Sammy Bartling and Coach Erm Smith-This pair in '55, as the year before, gave Millsapsa good represen- tative ball club. As ever, they got the most from their material and were in- deed vital to the successes ofthe Maiors. , QM ' GOLF The Millsaps GolfTeam claims only two lettermen for the T956 season. With such lack of depth there will appear some new faces on the links for our team. It is hoped that more matches can be scheduled this year than ever before. Competition will be stiff, but the Maiors plan to make a marked improvement over the records of the past few years. L, v 1 ll 4 .-Y K "1 will -ff 'ff X S- -1 gun, 4: s 'if' 1 fl 1 V Bill Lampton and Breck King RETURNING LETTERMEN The minor sports definitely have their place atMillsaps. Dr. White and his boys gave Millsaps a team to be proud of last year, and the Golf Team has promise for the future. PICTURED: Abraham, McCormick, Moore, Vaughan, '11 ss. Leggett, I' '.'.'.'.-, - 4.5.3.-, .4 9... 35, ,J 6. .4 -' . , , p 4, ,f . .-. .-:::-:-::-:- 5 .gp ..,.' 4 a' '--.- , Sits i r ' Ill! fs as f Y fears" ' we f ' T ' gangs Y 1 A Y ,. f' Qf--fr' V r lv f r Y' ff ' I" ' 1 l ' : 'Pi' T 7 ' . 1 'Q L. mrs s 1 Y , . , . ,- E ve- rx - ' .-2 ,. ,- .- -,- . v . ,Y 2 ' ' ' R - " i re' ftitx ' Y X ' ' -Y A:-sr. .. ,,..1.- A -N ' - v ' .h , - , .S Y f ' 'Y T 'I' . X K F It Q Y. i .J 3, v g. v 1 v XY i 2 ' , , .,.,.. V v' Y 'Y' 'I' 1' ' Ymfggagh. S . N, . ,geese-5, .3 a.- IIII' N.. v WH 5-...- 4. W TENNIS Last year saw the Millsaps Net- men meet and conquer some of the roughest teams in Mississippi. Time and again the Majors proved that the underdog rating theywere usu- ally given was quite a misnomer. This year Millsaps has the good fortune of retaining most of its starting lineup from last year's fine group of players. If the spirit is as good this year there should be no stopping place on the road to more SUCCESS . Et: M555 t 7-wr qv - ' .14 --4-1-0' 4 'Wa 1. Q PICTURED: Betty Jane Cleveland, Ed Upton, Ann Dillard, Jack Loflin, Nancy Neyman, Lea Hyman. CHEERLEADERS There were times during the course of the year thatschool spirit seemed to be at a low ebb. How- ever, there were six people who always gave their full support to the team and tried to inspire others to do the same. At every home game, through rain or shine, the Cheerleaders constantly s howe d their faith in the Maiors. We salute the Cheerleaders for a season of hard work. It would be well worth our while to follow the example they have set for us. SPIRIT OE MILLSAPS MAJORETTES Never before has a student body looked forward to the half- time show as we did this year. No doubt the group of young ladies pictured at the right had much to do with this. No matter what animal they imitated or what dance steps they did the Maiorettes were always a sight to behold. Their work called for many hours ofpatient practice, as well as scanty outfitson Saturday afternoons. We thank them for the colorful halftime shows which they gave us during the year. PICTURED: Margaret Whitfield, Jane Mclnvale, Gail Hood, Lynda Munson, Elwyn Addkison, iwsfis .E at R- 4? , I I ' 52 2 Wig 'QT ", TV 1 I 3 I I "5 'tivftl' I I EETTEW-se F ' A 7 ' L I ,fl a' I 'Fi-5, .4 1 "" 1. ,ff ., .. " Q05 Qzfr fs-1 3 K r , gi ,JB . --5 -: I 3 MW , . .,.., A " THE M CLUB OFFICERS President ...... Charles Deaton Vice-President .... Robert Parnell Secretary-Treasurer . . Jack King The M Club brings together those who have earned letters in the maior sports on the campus. Each year the M Club chooses the candidates for Homecoming Queen, and the student body votes to select the ultimate winner. MEMBERS FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW FOURTH ROW Cliff Rushing Robert Parnell James Hood Don Williams John Lowery Jimmy Jones Pat Bonner Paul Comola Terry Moore Alex Alston N.R. Walley Benny Kirkland Hardy Nall John Awad Roy Wolfe John C. Philley Tom Boone Ralph King Jack King Charles Deaton Murray Pinkston Brooks Hudson 141 Tom Prewitt Ted Alexander Bobby Joe Smith Tom Carey BASKETBALL PARKS REACHES FOR THE TIP The following pages tell the story of a team that lacked the ability to outscore the opposition. In view of this fact, we say we had a losing team. The story would not be an accurate one if it included a won-lost record. Per- haps we did lose, but at many times during the season Coach Smith's boys were able to convince us that winning was not always the only thing to consider. Their fight and determination against several "professional" amateurs made us conscious ofa 142 ACTION SHOTS spirit that might not have existed with even a perfect record team. These boys de- serve much credit for the many hours of practice they turned in while most of us were catching our afternoon nap. As for the Future, we can only speculate . lt is hoped that more materialwill be available to the college in the form of capable players. However, there were many talented players on the campus who did not give of their energy to the team. Mill- saps will remain on an amateur basis and keep in there plugging away. 'LQ E Y K" his 'K 'in i f ,a , , .1 i x . K J114 ii ,, f -.. J SX QQXQ, MMZA Tl0,yf ' i f lkx "I E F 4 f , Q, . 3' Nia l g A . X f ' 1 I f I Q S 6 3 , i , 3 5 ' 2 1 2 I RI'-A vqfw,'1'f11 A- ' f PNK D 21, I fx'- A ,Kfrfv ' f--1 - at 1 L ' ' X. - .. of 4, ' W K '-- fx FIRST ROW: Lampton, Dr, Moore, Jackson, Nall, Jones, Mr, Wood, Cheney, SECOND ROW: Dr, Finger, Polk, Hudson, Ely, Dr, Ferguson, OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS President ......... Hardy Nall Vice-President . . . . . Sam Jones Secretary ....... Dr. R.H. Moore ODK recognizes those students who have taken active places of leadership in campus activities and maintaineda high scholastic average. Membership in Omicron Delta Kappa is the highest honor a Millsaps male student can receive. Each year ODK sponsors scholastic awards for fraternities and sororities along with other projects that are beneficial to the college community. MEMBERS Reynolds Cheney Sam Jones Walter Ely Bill Lampton Brooks Hudson Hardy Nall Burton Jackson Hiram Polk FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. J.S. Ferguson Dr. H.E. Finger Dr. R.H. Moore Mr. J.W. Wood .5 C? PICTURE: Anderson, Westerfield, Jones, Stanton, Barfield, Whitfield, OFFICERS President ......... Barbara Jones Vice-President . . .. . Sara Jo Smith Secretary. . . . Clara Parks Booth Treasurer. . . . . . . . .Ann Anderson Founded by ODK, Sigma Lambda recognizes women who have excelled in leadership, scholarship, and campus activities. Each year Sigma Lambda sponsors the Varsity Show where Millsaps' talent is staged, and Coffee Hour, where the talent is entertained. MEMBERS Ann Anderson Sara Jo Smith Betty Barfield Shirley Stanton Clara Parks Booth Claudette Westerfield Barbara Jones Margaret Whitfield Margaret Woods FACULTY ADVISORS Miss Mildred Morehead Mrs. Nellie Hederi Miss Jean Sain X-N b I Y. W. C. A. All Millsaps Co-Eds are automaticallymembers of the Y.W.C.A. The "Y" sponsors Vespers, The Campus Handbook, Christmas for Korean Children, and many other valuable projects. An annual event is the Big-Little Sister Banquet wherefellowship and fun are enioyed by all. OFFICERS President. . . 0 . Claudette Westerfield Vice-President . . . . Teenie Underhill Secretary. . . . . Myra Fisher Treasurer ..... . Walter Jean Lamb Commission Chairmen .... Clydell Carter Betty Gail Trapp Betty Barfield Jerry Beadle Martha Ann Wolford PICTURED: Barfield, Lamb, Fisher, Westerfield, Underhill, Beadle, Trapp, Wolford. T ,gf-r ' Q 'X N. MINISTERIAL LEAGUE OFFICERS President ......... Tommie Price Vice President . . . . . . Jim Waits Secretary , , , ,,,,. Jack King Faculty Advisor ,,,, Rev. Bob Anding The Ministerial League plans and presents programs to all kinds of needy people in the city and its immediate vicinity. Through their activities they learn much of the service which they will one day enter. Gary Bolius David Carson Henry Easley Roy Givens Earl Greenough Inge Halbert Bobby Ivey Cecil Jones Paul Kern Eddie King MEMBERS Young Lee Jack Loflin Buddy Lovett Palmer Manning Max Miller Bailey Moncriet Jesse Moore Hardy Nall James Rush Tex Sample Bobby Joe Smith Laverne Smith Roger Thompson Jerry Trigg James Vaughan Joe Way Donald Williams Eddie Williams Roy Wolfe Raytord Woodrick ,Q W P1 ,-I KIT KAT . MEMBERS Reynolds Cheney Secretary Henry Carney , - Joseph Conti I James Crawford Charles Deaton Walter Ely Brooks Hudson Sam Jones Hiram Polk Ed Upton FACULTY Mr. Lance Goss Mr. Paul Hardin N'L A Dr A G Sanders STANDING: Upton, Polk, Camey, Cheney, Deaton, Hudson, Dr M C White SEATED: Jones, Prof. Hardin, Prof, White, Prof, Goss, Ely, Kit Katand Chi Delta are honoraries that encourage creative writing and excellence in the culinary arts. Both are heavy contributors to Stylus, campus literary magazine. One of the highlights of the year is the Southern Literary Festival. Students are en- couraged to enter their works in the Festival and to develop an interest in good literature. STANDING. Lipsey, Anthony Kelly, Hemphlll Coleman, Brown SITTING: Starnes, Stanton, Crawford, C H I D E A VS? it 3 r MEMBERS Shirley Stanton President Shirley Coldwell Vice-President Alice Starnes Secretary-Treasurer Betty Anthony Shirley Brown Aden Coleman Nancy Crawford Cara Lloyd Hemphill Barbara Mae Jones Eugenia Kelley Susie Lipsey FACULTY Miss Mildred Morehead WHO SWHO MEMBERS Ann Louise Anderson Elizabeth Ann Barfield Clara Parks Booth John Michael Awad Charles Milton Deaton Henry Burton Jackson, Jr. Barbara Mae Jones Jack Milton Loflin Hiram Carey Polk Sara Jo Smith Nathan Riley Walley James Lovick Wasson Claudette Ann Westerfield 1 'x If.'iFf',' ff" I , vi M tA h't ' I Grgare nn W I he d FIRST ROW: Westerfield, Jones, Barfield, Booth, Anderson, Smith SECOND ROW: Walley, Loflin, Polk, Awad, Powell, Deaton, Each year the Faculty chooses fifteen students as ideal college citizens. These students are listed nationally as members ot WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. ALPHA PHI OMEGA STANDING: Baxter, Lovett, Johnson, McCluskey, Hudson, Smith, Willetts, Johston, Alston, Anderson, Hales. SEATED: Carlton, Merrill, Dr, Williamson, Hardin, Nations, FN. CDG M Alpha Phi Omega is the service fraternity on the campus. Its members seek to render beneficial aid to the college community at all times. Dr. 0.0. Williamson, as Faculty Advisor, has been largely responsible for the growth and success of this group. An active worker with Boy Scouts of America, he has implanted the ideas of that group on the campus. ,Q THETA NU SIGMA OFFICERS President ......... Mike Conner Vice-President . . Elaine B0O'fhe SSCFSTOFY. . . . . Zorah Curry Treasurer. . . . Walton Lipscomb Reporter , , , . . Hiram Polk FGCUHY A0lVlSOl'. . . . Dr. F .W. James Theta Nu Sigma is the natural science honorary. lt strrves to promote high scholarship ancl good fellowship among science maiors. MEMBERS Elaine Boothe Chick Flournoy Kaisa Braaten Walton Lipscomb Jesse Brasher Foster Lowe Walley Conerly W. H. Merrill Mike Conner Hiram Polk Zorah Curry Helen Reilly Billy Ray Davis James Robertson Harry Dowling Earl Staires STANDING: Flournoy, Dowling, Davis, Merrill, Brasher, Robertson SEATEDg Polk, Reilly, Boothe, Conner, Curry, Lipscomb, ,wr X ,sf ve. rams:- x Y7 3 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA OFFICERS President ......... Hiram Polk Vice President ...... Richard Fleming Secretary, . . . Elaine Boothe Treasurer ........ Chick Flournoy Faculty ........ Dr. W.J. Brett Dr. R.R. Priddy, Mr. Miller Williams Mr. C.B. Galloway AED brings into association the outstanding pre-med students of the college. This yearthe Millsaps chapter was host to the National AED Convention which was attended by delegates from more than one hundred schools. Ezra Alexander Dannie Anderson Gary Balius Elaine Boothe Tom Carey John Coddington Wally Conerly Dewitt Crawford Irvin Cronin Zorah Curry MEMBERS Enoch Dangerfield Chick Flournoy Tom Hardee Robert Herrington Hugh Johnston Walton Lipscomb Jerry Long John McEachin Harry Mills Ellis Moftitt Bill Moore John Morgan John Murphy Hiram Polk Jeanette Pullen Melvyn Stern Frank Tucker Nancy Vines Robert Wesley Jeanette Wilkins Fred Yerger 49"- ,. :Y 5. FIRST ROW: Anderson, Jones, Turner, Nall, SECOND ROW: Lampton, Ely, Rigby, Brown, THIRD ROW: Jackson, Prof Goss, Swindull, Hillman, ALPHA PSI OMEGA OFFICERS President ......... Walter Ely Vice-President . . . . .Cliff Rigby Secretary-Treasurer . . Barbara Jones Faculty Advisor ....... Lance Goss Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dramatics fraternity. Its membership is composed of students who have worked in all phases of dramatics-acting, costumes, publicity, stage crew, etc. Alpha Psi presentsthe students with an excellent program of plays each year. This year's agenda included "Cyrano de Bergerac," "The Rain- maker, " and "Come Back, Little Sheba ." Ann Anderson Shirley Brown Walter Ely Karen Gilfoy Byrd Hillman Burton Jackson MEMBERS John Turner Barbara Jones Bill Lampton Hardy Nall Cliff Rigby Sylvia Shrock Johnnie Swindull XX l-' r N . I l 1 I , I 1 px , K' 1 I W ,"' s K is , 'fi I A. it Fifi x ,- f' .v,"x"' P' '?- FIRST ROW: Yerger, Walters, Hupperich, Booth, Conner, Taft, SECOND ROW: Bufkin, Ragland, Lampton, Martin, Pullen, ETA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS President ........ Clara Parks Booth Vice President . . . Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . Mike Conner Summer Walters Eta Sigma Phi is a national honorary fraternity whose purpose is to recognize students who have excelled in their study of Latin or Greek. Each year its members hold the Roman Banquet, where classicism reaches its height of perfection. MEMBERS Clara Parks Booth Kay Bufkin Mike Conner Walter Ely Jonah Ford Brooks Hudson Ann Hupperich FACULTY ADVISORS Bill Lampton June Martin Jeanette Pullen Ann Ragland Alfred Statham Summer Walters Fred Yerger Mrs. Magnolia Coullet Miss Elizabeth Craig Dr. H.E. Finger, Dr. A.P. Hamilton Jr FIRST ROW: Meyers, Westerfield, Fielder, Woods, SECOND ROW: Dr, Laney, Cunningham, Booth, Barfield, Jones, Anderson, Dr, Ferguson, THIRD ROW: Boykin, Carney, Deaton, Cheney, Witten, Trigg, Prewitt, Loflin, Hilton, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS President ......... Barbara Jones Vice-President . . . . . Reynolds Cheney Secretary-Treasurer ..... Ann Anderson International RelationsClub is composed of students who have shown special interest in the fields of history and political science. Each year IRC sponsors campus-wide forums of important affairs of the day. MEMBERS Ann Anderson Barbara Jones Betty Barfield Jack Loflin Clara Parks Booth Bobby Maddox Jerry Boykin Ann Myers Henry Carney Tom Prewitt Reynolds Cheney Nita Reed Rose Cunningham Jerry Trigg Charles Deaton Claudette Westerfield Gail Fielder James Witten Jerry Hilton Margaret Woods FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. Robert Bergmark Dr. Frank Laney Dr. James Ferguson Dr. Ross Moore ' froln . L V E4 1 F 1 :Ffh -' F 4 , .4 ,,L 1 -1 r. . lp , " rr' f-'S . li -. is-v , -. 1,-WQEQFQS' Xt! was Ni-'ll 4- M . ...sf ,1,,f.,1'gx' JM l kg- ' f,1,5LV.'g'k1v"'5fi "-' 4'-'a-, 5.5. l , H ,- QQ .,.'7U-eazlr . .,,. gy.: r-gf , , , sf it ..mi,w.z:,,WL f.xJi Jijiv, it -. ff' ,- ' ' ,fxfr . X'-' ' X ,I 'g 'ev fyhyzliw yi 3 in LS 'f'w'nf2? i w 1 Awe?-2 ' r ,,-ii 1 P - M , ifgyirwugj ' wu.'munqQuu1un3.ggs-n'e'+ K9 . ni Y r -- is Qg , ,:.,5RlU,l. uuanr-'-dmuouu' ju mv WI-, -r ' ' ww- 4 V , 'EYKT' I-Mussel, -gunman ynvmwm-ff -L1 ,mu.'.: - . A. : ' j' ,y nfunsien ' w.r...m..5 V-,sl , 'M -fssfqfpxgilgqlronsaoeluu ,flown cos icvi'0N.y:W1,,i. . . , . , ,. . . .. l rc: PICTURE: Fisher, Lamb, Smith, Maddox, Booth, Powell, Elliott, Carter OFFICERS President ....... Clara Parks Booth VFCG-PreSlCler1l' . . . . .Joan Lee Powell Secretary. . . . Claudette Westerfield Treasurer. . . . . . . . Ann McShane Kappa Delta Epsilon is a professional education sorority. Its membership consists of women preparing for the teaching profession who have demonstrated competence in their studies and who promise the application of their talents for the promotion of education in American schools. MEMBERS Clara Parks Booth Sarah Johnson Shirley Caldwell Walter Jean Lamb Boots Carpenter Ann McShane Clydell Carter Helen Maddox Carol Culley Joan Lee Powell Charlotte Elliott Martha Ann Smith Myra Fisher Claudette Westerfield FACULTY ADVISORS Prof. and Mrs. R.R. Haynes L... .. psi: W5 .... MEMBERS QL. TO R. J Alton Boyd Alfred Statham Prof, Tillman Ann Myers Jerry Trigg , fin-W, i it Pl KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta is composed of students who have excelled in Debate ancl Speech activities. The Debate Club contains the rising young orators of the campus. MILLSAPS DEBATE CLUB FIRST ROW: Cunningham, Lipsey, Myers, Tillman, Cleveland, Ford, Saxon, SECOND ROW: Tonkel, Statham, Boyd, Waits, Trigg, McKaskel, THIRD ROW: Mims, Grisham, Pool, Kern, Lisle, QQ :gf I rim X- FIRST ROW Woods Greener Stevens Whitfield, Starnes, Smith, SECOND ROW Booth Stellwagon Burton Miller, Moss, Wilkins, THIRD ROW Bailey Ragland Stanton Moorhead, Elliott, Fielder, MAJORETTE CLUB President . . Emily Greener Vice President . .Sylvia Stevens Secretary Treasurer Margaret Whitfield The Malorette Club consists of girls who have shown special skills and interests in the l St t ht is s onsored annually by these coeds Ann Ragland Shirley Stanton Alice Starnes Sylvia Stevens .lune Stellwagon Nancy Vines Claudette Westertield Margaret Whitfield Jeanette Wilkins Margaret Woods Q' fr- 3 HIE Illll A WORD OF THANKS At the end of such a task as the one we have completed there are many things we like to recall. Deadlines, worry, sweat, and strain have been our motto through rain, storm, and fair weather Iwhich was a rare occasion on the campusf. At the end of it all we can muster up enough courage to say we enjoyed it, even amidst all the accusations that we would break the Bank of Monte Carlowith our financial policies. In this space I wish to thank personally the members of my staff who did such an excellent iob in helping this edition of the Bobashela to be a book the staffis proud to claim. Claire King and Hiram Polk were able AssistantEditors, offering advice and hard work whenever it was needed. Oscar Dowdle and Nena Doiron dida remarkable iob of doing the long and controversial class sections. Ed Upton, Peggy Perry, and Elwyn Addkison assembled the social pages with undying loyalty. Eddie Williams and Foster Lowe were better than Bill Stern when it came to the sports pages. Jerre Gee carried on a romantic correspondence course with Frankie Laine concerning- the beautiful girls who were our beauty candidates and ultimate winners. Hal Miller, with his undeniable cynicism, cunninglydrew up the clever snapshot pageswhich are found between these covers. Bill Walker and Pat Warren knew the ropes when itcame to putting together a good activities section. And last, but not least, Albert "Scoop" Williamson did a iob on the photography that will be remembered and appreciated for many years. As for my part, I had the privilege of working with this fine crew and finding out for myself why ulcers are prevalent among editors. Finally, we wish to thank the Business Staff for their prompt iob in securing the ads for this section.Even though Burton Jackson screamed every time I added another page of color and refused to foot the bill, I wouldn't have changed a thing. He and his staff deserve much credit. Our Faculty Advisor, Mr. Lance Goss, was top notch. Even with all his other activities he was a patient and sympathizing soul . Many members of the student body pitched in now and then to help us along the way. We appreciate the aid of all who did a share in this book's production. --Bill Lampton, Editor-- 160 'Ny--. N.- JA N! VEJQ me RUN E Look- 10Ve Us either , N xx, Or lea , - ' X ' .-Friendmw im me "'24i'4,,7Q-kg-Qg??'kf:l Y f iyerigsw og-rx ' ,'., -l x' 5 im, ik. J' 'sl' 'EA' Q P-:I if "Elie fig, 'if . ,. N ic'g,1e,,,' e 'Q is 'A ,Lg . Q. wg" P. ' 5' -'l' I Riagg 13 1 N Q?b'1g,gwz?. e E-fi rg f ' if . wp. -ou- 3 V6 usl. 9' new r s x N 1 N. z x -X .1 ' .X 4, ff e 9' .3 81 7 9, . 5 fa, K -x - ,vw- ,A A- if "But gambling isn't legal here!" .HX ww ei'---H -Y-1m - -vu1w,.-Y ,.-, ..---W - X xr Q XG X, X qvvxnrvvx srvvvslvxr V, U "Why, Yes, I plan to run this school luier L - - X 'i if ..'f.' 'wff f ,X V lf' ' 15 ' ff. V in ., 'V ,4 ,. ,f , Mfr Vg , ,. Q an - , 361 - 7' A ,.: V573 .-6 ,9:g',a, ,115 5. 3' gy f J' - ry' .ggi 3.31, 1 r -. 1i"" ' 'S :ff i - 17, , 64, ' ' 'iQ'fF?f"f'1?Z.4 Z, 'A ' , f4j,'51.3?'fizv25f '. ' . rg' 'Z f , X my ' ,,L.-1-1, -6 1 - I ...rf , ,ff f .""'1 ,:... - H" 1 ,7 , ,ff 557 W, if Aff! 451' 5 W-eyff , . ,fl ' .rf V .1 J , , L -14, 1 ,.,i,,,, ,,,, f,,, . - -',' 1 U l 4 -,y 1,1 115, 1 - w- .A Pav. 4- v rf 'FP T41 .. , Day !" Such that the vheii Fl'EShI?i'lLixlL1v IIHGS WQYS vcor igh to see just V the F r e S li r xt the high m Sophomore ch Johnsor in the he 2 Utwir 1 Twef Qu bf 105 A4 ap kr- 'We 6, D Qeefp, Sixty-five students ana - iillsaps honoraries during ce ucted services these were invite lICRON DELTA KAPPA, na-4 E men's leadership honorary KAPPA DEL. :nity " Reynolds Cheneyf tional education hon ks Hudson, Bill Lampton arf' 91 Polk, lMA LAMBDA, national E leadership honorary sor Q Margaret Woods, Marg: 'ield, Shirley Stanton, Bax-fieldf. PHA EPSILON DELTA pre-medical and pre-der ry -- Dannie Anders y Carey, John Coddingt Johnston, Ellis Moffitt, l , John Murphree, Jeane s, and Harry Mills. TA NU SIGMA, local ciences honorary -- Jess Brasher, Kaisa Bri lilly Ray Davis, James R1 , and Professor A. A. B 5iKAT, local meu's creati ri "'-fy?-,f 5 fi- ' fx ferr if ,ii 1 4,537 Y' 3i?gZZ'fI? 5 ff? ' "f f sb i 3 4 QW? 'r 9' P 2.341 'fl F 71" xffiffn l' if Zi 4? V' f 4 ' 1 Q, Y x 'T fmggis,-,9,. f u.. 3454 .f'9- ,, sgw:z4.:.5:f,r::f:e' .z:5:f' S '1-1. ,. . ':'2'1:,' - X 4251 .f'Sg.1g..2,. if 25 -1 '- 11-' C111 'L:fE'i1 :frfzf "-::32:'fs '-f wfr fa 4 Vw 9, 1.Ez',g4Rf5'j.,f5,5-xgx:z42ifis1If 4'W1-s?Zi6---,Wg-f92:' 1-.21 If ggi, , sig!! ,523 ,off VW QXI ,AM Q 4 X Xa f Mais gf, ffm 0 , . X , , ff, X, V SA ' fm 5 f 1'-X47 !Q5,A0" X 7 X -Wi? fi? yy fp + o wi-I 1 I com, x-55: 6+ lg? ,iffy A f X36 Xf X ofiisfs QM, X aw ffx f feajgqgx S2 iiy in- JDK- 3- Lyra 4 : ls -1 . 71 the-living roon ilon. 'They are rvcr, Vicksl 'QSO' ' Hin: ., fper' . Lanza and ,ksbXurg, na, Grays by Alton Boydj. O17 sei-enad .kappa Alpha Pledges S Y s - .QJLH V' uw J l J cATroN H5 AEQI fmlfsf .f gf?" "filli- ? -K -Xilglli Z. kx BRI: . J X 5 ' .5 V 4,10-Yen sez Famfl A 2654163 Elect i01 mn,XHuigh sons held ed . voth, K Ohnson, Sa '1eSday5 Erie yen Gilfo In Jones W Ik Y, B 1 I pdentslvgfs were elecafsglh. -JG , .P ed . F1 111 the e1e6t tllleaejectiolifli Z fratern' f - Charles De 1 P ,X V.- ' in X Ar l 5 J ,D ham Poll and "All's Fair in Love, War, and Football" NQPX X x 1 . SIGMA PHI, IJ - or A if , --- --bv M SPEEDBALL: grourth quarter gave the Mis- +- Qippi College Chocs the-margin Q' iictory over the battling Major' Millsaps Saturday nie' 54 score. After ' if in the f KDE ' ,if-r f fx ff' gy 5 1 .yy A is' 3 cl-uv' 'H ,lm adei XXX low' Nall l rst 21 ,.f ' . . A I Lf 1 for e Q - .-Mfkyif ' st one x 0 ,f-fo A rf " 2 - jump 5 KGHQ-,t6. . di who X as B 1. f ,H the '3 XX 53513 i JLX Y, .,-V. 5 1 L . fwas swat .PDQ long? jfs, 1- 'M' ' U is took ov KN, i .J games l B" V: C1-ub Set at 'S3P5 the final ii "W max McDaniel To interview the Nlillgap "CouD1IY .1 payed ai --11111 with 8 ross if! leaders is to catch six of tl A myopjfegf 'four gpjfe a gash, -lat and the latte? Illflde est, swingingest, jolliest fl V-.. have some vastly different 'eceived on 5, ,-U RA. The Pikes qulcklylthe campus somewhere betweenlideas. Blue-eyed Dillard likes me, Center Ji A, fstfuck 733914 and P939 Bfadfielfibites and meetings. And that islbaskethall, cooking, green, and pm Prewitt, ai Guards Capped the SC0T1Dg dI'1V6 Wlfh 3 not an easy thing to dof fdancing. Her ideal man is a 6 ft., ad and Tom Boone play- two Yard Jallflf HFOUDG left Gnd- When asked why they liked plus brown eyed blonde who likes indjng defensive ban, Again the pat try failed and the leading cheers, they each agreed jf mugin. mffm- -,mv ssmf-.. L... ' ery gained 69 yards in halftime score was 6-6. The was fgj q I teams battled scorelessly the rest jgpg, - 3 thorns in the Majors of the contest' Vofife 'V Quarterback Ken Toler, ' The 9 Minis' Deciauy T -9 V, fs Pryon and Emerso Of POW- 'IOVGSE 1 -we ' f s .3 rst quarter es pm' Ed Upt' - li if Q irea 'n eaehspirif, 2 he ' ie ,I Taylorimake a -T01 tnd a to Ann ' jors . Ydded the moti BLOW half 'fthe litt y V , yr l . iued ba One This Y "N , F eff' in to attended - A N 3 Y . and the if a ms- iMaJor , fig- ,,., . ---r , X isa and Wlih the l 'f g. left this i':' . l Eck 'Pole m f 1 1 , f L . -msg' .: .Y S -A rr - astxcally ,, 1. M 1 X--I . K A u kted pass O Suppor - ended plays I bled a, p play. 5 ily got ai spirit at :fheerleadf f 'ou s witness qi .N "Snake tells the boys a thing or two" f lushing. ffl, G I ' ' ' K un rn asia tt? Igr v' manage to start on the same a team. We thank them for in mil the df the gl fatter ' a. brief debate on spreading enthusiasm and helping mio' d to pit Mm JM' sg to be Betty Jane us to give all we have toward sup- laugh L: yard pass folly Lea Hymanfs favor- porting our favorite team. exhibi! j asmade eqmpg. W Sung-' ll ' l if w f ?J. I i ence call again , -ntefe e I , S d ' S A ' 'ber of mn., Mm.-- .XOSOW 15501 .MJ ref J Lazy! tan or omg! mg! DO., fany "Pm .-- 14195 but-. ' ' ' . Q i . A A "types' 211,53 ni, wytewegq- they' Push it .V By Hiram Polk , 1. a I -.The mostepia example of Ghf-1' gg yaids A e:Eg,.yssggthatVtime oh 'i" a. iquarterha l Q .1 Shades of the pioneer .dayggm A11 hrsm.--- '3fTYh11i50!1 imissisainha .1-.. U - ' iti tlxlealliami-as .---1 dell' na ' WWI a 'AQSEZ-'lf , V . , dent W 9.3 ' ' Fllb - A f -'-V flf X ,, . out Cx X0 Q3 Chine, to b 3382111155 Ones! X N U1 S! Q I ave X, Xvig xx yxfi Nxan. e plfjfed up if U X 2.0 icfni txxe s Qxte, YDS 13 envied , 1, X X vp' L veal Q. xp na 95101 ,v X no 7 . and v0 Y X50 'YW s 2' fa i O59 M11 . 1: Q - 3 in gr!" on 'i .. yxxmo NXKWD ' '53 I ' Cfuba Q Alpha? XX X '11 gin by oth f ' X6 va 6 ve 6161 Q ovary Y C 97' XX X 'D -AXTG' VXTY la' ee - -its. fNO A A 09 4 f , v nf . , 'wg nvt, ' 4. - , A ul Xe ' xaeh V va: xx 9169 anus he N910 1'f.3tClled wlth gm . f'fff'f': . NN .50 ,id X gd yy -o in K e 1 f , ff KXXX5 QQX . X XDA xnxx 1 OH A gxf' va, 'He dgf' 2' east SCU ,V , I A ' ' xx, Awe, WA v wo X550 ve 15 Wav Ynikfl' a OY V as qawed 1 5 A, - 5 . ,ew -5 K me me Km uv me X60 YG' fue . . off , : W x 9 a 15. ff, I N ov u 1 .V D if ea dm ' , - wi' xx? O 0 OX een X' -Y00 DW lx' QW" gnc! Jn W X5 vw ave! ve Ns xxxaqdefs 4 S? 6 O0 ' ve, "V V215 , .. XX L M XE A -buxf 50 . N 1 X if, I f K f ff ,sp N ff!! f L' I ll ! I . in V E 'fffQ':gA 07' I '. W ax-Q1 "fs wx F ' ' . :fm ' 4 xi K QQ as ues! 4,-4 2 f, 57.13 N I . 3 . is BO ngi- XQXXO E D If 1,325 3 xi My r rf I I - Y ,M-"4 34- and 'ef ' :Z I ,Y I A lr ' ,My , Q 1 ee- o ,. , -fo if . - K-'-1 "9 ' i - ! J - 'ffl 3-fs1'.- ' o V' , 1 J .n-- Q , 25? ,. -2 " ' i r II" ' 'ffi 1-'i xo 1- c . . ' 'I cf"-.H f l y, X Y, .Y Qigfillp fggikf f gvfl ,' if ' X ff et A' e , . my , , . f - 1, Rs -"'4 'f f ... 2 s fi? 'if' -45 ' r o O . , A -A 31,4 ,': I' .' X A 7 . e -a -, , . .1 ,"1f, BV! -' 3 e ' 2 'f'-'mfs A ' tu ifegeex of b g L ' 5 ' if . A " fv?,ija f,1-,'2', ff? 9 to , is ' , 7 1 f I' ag? 'li it-I T , Q 3, , , gif , oc lf, X1 U9 -vif Q' ' 744 4' f ,f , ny II I K N ,gy 5' ' N-' A 8 'r W , wt' I- . ' 'llf 537 ' Q A I Q, He .,I. 5. , '41, , ,Q -J U ,,. f 1 ay. , ar y , ...fg,.a,f,Y',A,gi-53,904 , , . Up - 8 R110 . 'f+--if I " F' 1' -nr much who Ckmgb Eff l 'os':'i" I ' , ' , -fi -, .lE, U. me Amembers IS ru., N Utyou Ca ' W'-2 o' X . ffflfty is 3 This type als, 17 f CO - K -4 ' 7 'le than catj Var' 0 can 'De 1, ,, u any roo . I letyj lean-x' I IH n - lou I Clos ol mg t 1 Ina . I , "Ce, Kll?tl-Lghlson Cats: y I gwe my' Quest., - at Ellen 'N 'S iiiten-. HOW ! ltgy' kitty Cat garuharions turn f. v you W0l1de1-'Wh their Offic . QM" A"i'Jgwi1I T to A ere 1,111 a ,' ers to I iosigg-M-, ,NL t Sflldenlf P vet" Q 4, ,. l XG v ,. -:I s 3 Q .1 Ixd Xove O No. i NSN " PAX A -L I . p , Q the wo 1 ' 0 Hycees o So alien ts 1 ' ., Three Min - --: gl rin 'Sato Ja If gaps Students SD0ke V, ' Se "' - ' C f SH-iii, 'Geo me country, Right, Son Jaycees Thursday h U V you must b nge' He pointed to 3 Young Chun 1. ,, on t0D of the ba fKorea- p Even the 171 24 By Mart' Stu . , ma 4 COWS hav 'rdigints' admlnlstratfc .Y Welcome th o be 9 fi Y 'S mfs f0yles SQ' CY I :se s b ' api T: 9911 named rg neral C1 K liian' ' arm f If Came from Cute 'nv vurohg I 3PHCe" he Boston fisdfbiiz ' ' X- 'J' hon ' - Theology, the 11,30 asziinxllxbe open. At s, I council tian Center audit You the Chris- 900,000 ents wmvbecome Orxum, the pa,-, xfxmina- the oversau pm aequamted with Q ure andvwfu be 251111 ot mnege . Beat" Hack- 0911986 oendeav own .how the BOOSV3 i in th om fo HSS1st th with a Dresf- G educauo L me Daddxl of-unpi .1333 M is 953 ' Mins 50118 and Q. . - They wi - .,. dist Youth e Pano I I -ulllp, .1 See 1 lf' nh student ll Ope- - .s Fellow- sxngem am, N activities ...-. - 1.0f6Snn.- em f ll of lg ' Collfereng-H daughters hen. vtho Uma fffdaezldaeza 6aae demaaatmled 'Metz 745:54 an W, let we Maw Um ?4az4 an Mem fy ,balfzaacyiag 235662 fflfzma. 74a f4rmcm6 aww made ,eaaadffe dy Meds dnlezeat and caapmatdaa. STEVENS .V ifg' 1551 Tr fy. Ill UI 'll CY' il. Home of Hart, Schaffner 8- Marx 221 E. Capitol lloyd Ford Co., Inc. New Cars New Trucks Used Cars Used Trucks SALES SERVICE "Mississippi's Largest Ford Dealer" 430 S. State Jackson, Mississippi Y "SAVE AND HAVE" J I . QSM music co. W FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION PIANOS CURRENT DIVIDEND 3070 RECORDS INSTRUMENTS RECORD PLAYERS Jackson, Mississippi mg -. , R. C. BROWN Clothing for Men, llfo-men, Clfzildrew lOl E. Capitol St. Phone 3-l225 SMITH'S clrv SHOE sl-lor fNear the Viaductj Chosen First in the Nation For Superior Workmanship 315 wen capim 2-3378 Montgomery Hardware FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES "Your Sporting Goods Headquarters" 7 doc S BEAUTY ENTERPRISES "c-Artist of the Hair" Jackson, Mississippi BEAUTY CENTRE HAIR DESIGNERS Phone 64441 3003 N' state 1224 West Capitol 317 Meadowbrook Phones Phones 5-S421 - 2-2836 6-3965 - 6-1435 Mississippi Power and I-Ieclerman Brothers Light co' PRINTERS - STATIONERS Bef-I-ef Ligl-,f LITHOGRAPHERS for 327-335 E. Pearl Street Bene' sight JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Twin States Athletic Supply Co. A Complete Line of Athletic Supplies School Jackets and Sweaters J. W. "jim" HINE, Owner and Manager 'll7 South Lamar Compliments of General Refrigeration 81 Appliance Co., Inc. Authorized FRIGIDAIRE SALES and SERVICE 5-8360 - Phones - 5-8369 Cor. NORTH STATE and ABIYTE jackson, Mississippi or fs R lfiaemn AML? OID YGUR F VORITE FUN FO HEMPHILL Drug Co. E- B-'S RESTAURANT "Service to the staff Seafoods Free Delivery Service Steaks No. 1 Chlclgeglgdwiches Corner Capitol 8- State St. Phone 2-6636 North State at Meadowbrook Rd. No' 2 Meadowbrook Shopping Center Phone 6-1449 DUKE'S BAPTIST BOOK STORE I Religious, Children's and General Books, Men's Fme Apparel BIBLES 240 E. Capitol Greeting Cards and Stationery ,C ELEBRATING OUR 25TH ANN IVERSARY Plaques and Pictures SHAMROCK DRWHN BATSON HARDWARE Millsaps Students Always Welcome at SHAMROCK DRIVE-IN 5128 North Stare 115 Triangle Drive at Tripps Crossing PHONE 6-2734 Peter J. Costes owner cgcmanager J R M, I I D Millsaps ,52 ac son, 1ss1ss1pp1 DRINK QQMZZ' IN BOTTLES The Pause That Refreshes IACKSUN CncA-CoLA Bomma COMPANY R EI D-MCG EE Snack MORTGAGE LOANS Shop REAL ESTATE MUTUAL INSURANCE 'flood Food Arlo 1l1Z d the Clock., Telephone 5-7451 DAVID JONES E Capitol Owner and Ilffanager PMT-I-AMBERTPAINT MISSISSIPPI OPTICAL School Discount DISPENSARY Fraternities ind Sororities p CONTACT FASHIONED LENSES DESIGNED PROTECTIVE PAINT CO. G'-A5555 Bob Kochtitzky Millsaps 425 E. Capitol St. Owner Jackson, Mississippi T956 PONTIAC, WITH THE 227-HP STRATO-STREAK, V-8 AND STRATO-FLIGHT HYDRA-MATIC E ami MADISON AUTO SALES, INC. 227 E. PASCAGOULA STREET PHONE 3-6307 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI wfus X44 fl EX! IDEAL CLEANERS H N C-me "Everything the Name ImpIies" Q, ' X Ld!! 3007 N. STATE PHONE 6-3522 103 E. Capitol Jackson, Mississippi L . 0 D D "STORE FOR MEN WHO CARE" ogue Mississippi's Campus Fashion Leader Fondren 146 E. Capitol Jackson, MISSISSIPPI SQNSIILY Pl D- EN' EAI. Soncl- wiclwes Cold Drinks THE GRILL Books School Suppl ies CHRISTIAN HIGHER EDUCATIQN MILLSAPS COLLEGE Aspires to Promote Right Attitudes Within o Disciplined Mind Standard Photo Co. North State Pharmacy "Right Across the Street Cameras Supplies fom the Girls' Dormitory" Finishing 1808 N. State 513 E. Capitol Photography By Mitchell Studios A . I2I2 N. STATE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Compliments Jackson Jitney-Jungle Stores The Finest in All Grocery Needs Jackson, Mississippi Compliments HIRAM l. LANDFAIR LUMBER COMPANY Telephone 5-3661 Patterson Rexall Drug Stores Dependable Prescription Specialis 7 Conveniently Located Stores FREE DELIVERY FAZZYG?ZQZfliZ'iX,iES 'T'S MORVS 7 FOR LUGGAGE S GIFTS gqggaapg Accfssomis MILNER CHEVROLET "V l m is our busine " SOUTH AT PRESIDENT Jackson, Mississipp COMPLIMENTS OF BOGUS PRODUCTS,INC "We are waiting to serve you" 331,431 I g-.:.::g:g,5kg- H -4:-,5jQ5E5I:' Compliments of PRIMOS RESTAURANTS ' 1, No, 1--Opposite Post Office v '5:. 9 mg No, 2--Next no Baptist Hospital oweor ms Soums GREAT STORES NO- 3--Nw to Sears .gif No. 4--Primos Steak House Jackson, Mississippi 7 7970 QU13' FURNITURE TO MEET YOUR NEEDS Stocked Ready for Shipment School Furniture--Library Tables--Choirs Office Equipment--Audio-visual Aids MISSISSIPPI SCHOOL SUPPLY COMPANY "SERVING MISSISSIPPI SCHOOLS" Jackson, Mississippi 1956 Bobashela Published By R. M. HENDRICK Graduate Supply House Representatives YEAR I OOKS Arn MONTGOMERY HARDWARE Sandwiches Short Drders .Chicken-in-the-Box.. Frigidaire Appliances A D E I- I-E G R I LL "Your Sporting Goods Headquarters Esther Kelly Phone 6-4441 3003 N State READY TO SERVE YOU IN THE Jackson, Mississippi ROMANCE5 OF LIFE Your Rings YourChina Your Silver . . . 54 YEARS OF RELIABLE FASHION Your Gifts MERCHANDISING IN MISSISSIPPI 0 ' F RA 'S J E I- R Y 414 E. Capitol Jackson, Mississippi Yunooxs eff! 1 w pf,- ,, ., .pf 4-,, .4 1fr1r4'- J p.,f.f ,fv..,- .af 1,,.1-funn' Mpaaw ,fgrep w -U-fn www .v f dnwnw 1. n r M-M W, wa, .4-.ww wand af .- .- f ,W 1 xv' A ffffw, x . -.. W "-wvw --.. 9 Uv R. . 4 . Q Q 1 r "fn , ,, 4 I . r J x -1 .wr s I ' 1, . D I ' .g. al. 'UV .N 4 ' '1-f-4-...Q 'Q' Q- N--. PQI -Q ,f'9vc..,mw wha , ' M4 dl- 'FL Mm 'M' L. . , ,, . , ' ,fi .1 :.' A , , , .ww-f 'jwzfw mg, . ' M 'M' N We " - :ww ' .. "f"7P-WM WM-ew ,L .1 -wr.. ,w,y,,,l iw.. 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