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" I ( J I J ■■ % J 1 i Ji i,iiJ y ■) i ) ) l,i(-J_i J. L 1-1.1. J »,jv llj y i. 1. ' !■? ' . ' ' ' . ' y " m dfj depth " ' " i • - r. - 2S -- . teJfi . IH: -J V a I u e s color • i u ' !f»m,t? ' : • • contrast e Vi;? S-M ' :nj 10 background 11 lines the picture of Millsaps th. Ids 5 dedication Millsaps would not be the school that it is, if it were not for the untiring effort of this man. He has been an inspiration and an ideal to all of us who have known him. By his sound advice, his sparkling wit, and his able leadership, we have all been enriched. We are happv to dedicate this, the 1955 BOBASHELA, to . . . DR. JAMES S. FERGUSON 17 OUR PRESIDENT Homer Ellis Finger, Jr. Millsaps College is most for- tunate in ha ' ing as her President a man wideK ' known as a Chris- tian Leader and a brilliant scholar. With all his activities President Finger is ne er too busv to gi ' e advice to Students of the College. His interest in each student has gained the admiration and respect of all who ha e known him. We of Millsaps College look forward to manv more prosperous ears under Dr. Finger. BOARD OF TRUSTEES OFFICERS M. A. Franklin, D.D President B. M. Flunt, D.D Vice-President N. J. Golding, D.D Secretary A. B. Campbell, LL.D Treasurer Term Expires in 1956 Rev. V ' . |. Cunningham, D.D Tupelo John Egger Meridian Rev. N. J. Golding. D.D Columbus A. L. Rogers New Albany Rev. V. B. Selah, D.D Jackson Rev. J. i). Slay Laurel F. B. Smith Ripley Virgil 1). Voiuighlood Brookhaven Term Expires In 1959 W. E. Buf kin Leland R. L. Ezelle, LL.D Jackson Rev. B. M. Hunt, D.D Nleridian Rev. J. W. Legget, Jr., D.D Meridian John McEachin Grenada W. O. Tatum Hattiesburg Rev. W. L. Robins.,n, D.D New Albany Rev. J. D. W ' rotcn, D.D Louisville Dean of Faculty JAMES SHARBROUGH FERGUSON Professor of History A.B., Millsaps College A.M., Louisiana State University Ph.D., University of North Carolina Ford Scholar, Yale University JAMES SHARBROUGH FERGUSON Dean of Students JAMES EDWARD McCRACKEN Assistant Professor of Psychology B.S., Muskingham College M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State Universitv JAMES EDWARD McCRACKEN Dean of Women MILDRED LILLIAN MOREHEAD Associate Professor of English A.B., Mississippi State College for Women A.M., Duke University MILDRED LILLIAN MOREHEAD Registrar PAUL DOUGLAS HARDIN Associate Professor of English A.B., Millsaps College A.M., Duke University Graduate Work, University of Southern California PAUL DOUGLAS HARDIN ROBERT E. ANDING Assistant Professor of Religion B.A., Millsaps College n.D., Emor ' University C. M. BARTLING Director of Physical Education and Coach B.B.A., University of Mississippi R. E. ANDING C. M. BARTLING FACULTY MAGNOLIA COULLET MAGNOLIA COULLET Associate Professor of Latin A.B., Millsaps College A.M., University of Pennsylvania B.M., Belhaven College Graduate work in Latin in Rome Graduate work in voice at Bordeaux, France ELIZABETH CRAIG Associate Professor of French A.B., Barnard College, Columbia University A.M., Columbia University Diplome de la Sorbonne, Ecole de Preparation des Professeurs de Francais a I ' Etranger, Faculty of Letters, University of Paris ELIZABETH CRAIG HARRY CLOPTON DILLINGHAM Assistant Professor of Sociology A.B., Uni ersity of Texas A.M., Ad ' anced Graduate Work; LIni -ersity of Michigan WINIFRED WALSH DOANE Assistant Professcjr of Biology A.B., Hunter College M.S., Advanced Graduate Work, LIniversit ' of A ' isconsin HARRY CLOPTON DILLINGHAM WINIFRED WALSH DOANE FACULTY MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN Associate Professor of English A.B., Agnes Scott College A.M., Tulane University ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES Professor of Education A.B., LL.B., University of Tennessee A.M., Advanced Graduate Work, George Peabody College Vice Consul of the United States in Scotland and England WENDELL B. JOHNSON Assistant Professor ot Geology B.S., M.S., Kansas State College Graduate Work, Missouri School of Mines SAMUEL ROSCOE KNOX Associate Protessor ot Mathematics A.B., A.M., University ot Mississippi Graduate Work, University ot Michigan WENDELL B. JOHNSON SAMUEL ROSCOE KNOX FACULTY R. L. MclLVENNA R. L. MclLVENNA Professor of Political Science A.B., Willamette University- A.M., Ph.D., Harvard Univers ity R. R. PRIDDY Professor of Geology B.S., Ohio Northern University A.M., Ph.D., Ohio State University THOMAS LEE REYNOLDS Professor of Mathematics B.S., Guilford College A.M., Ph.D., University of North Carolina ARNOLD A. RITCHIE Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S., Northeastern State College of Oklahoma M.S., Oklahoma A. and M. College Advanced Graduate Work, Oklahoma A. and M. and the University ' of Tennessee THOMAS LEE REYNOLDS ARNOLD A. RITCHIE The FACULTY ALBERT GODFREY SANDERS ERNIE SMITH ALBERT GODFREY SANDERS Professor of Romance Languages A.B., Southwestern (Te.xas) A.B., Yale University Rhodes Scholar. 1907-1910 A.B., A.M., University of Oxford ERNIE SMITH Coach and Physical Education Instructor H — ■ — ' ' ROBERT TILLMAN Assistant Professor of Speech AB., Millsaps College E. S. WALLACE Professor of Economics A.B., Birmingham-Southern College A.M., Ph.D., Duke University MILTON C. WHITE Professor of English A.B., Birmingham-Southern College A.M., Harvard University Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin J. E. WILLIAMSON Assistant Professor of History JOHN THOMAS ZUMBRO Associate Professor of Economics B.S., Middle Tennessee State College M.A., University of Tennessee Advanced Graduate Work, University of Tennessee FACULTY Not Pictured: ROBERT E. BERGM ARK— Assistant Professor oF Philosophy: A.B., Emory University; S.T.B., Advanced Graduate Work. Boston University. THOMASINA BLISSARD Assistant Librarian and Instructor of EngHsh; B.S., Belhaven College; M.A., Vanderbilt. WILLIAM J. BRETT Assistant Professor of Bi- ology; B.S., Northern Illinois Teachers; M.S.. Miami University; Ph.D., Northwestern University. NEAL BOND FLEMING— Professor of Philoso- phy; A.B., B.D., Emory University; S.T.M., Ph.D., Boston University CHARLES B. GALLOWAY— Associate Professor of Physics; B.S., Millsaps College; A.M., Advanced Graduate Work, Duke University. LANCE GOSS — Associate Professor of Speech; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Advanced Graduate Work, Northwestern University. WILLIAM CHARLES GUEST— Assistant Pro fessor of Biology; A.B., M.S., Emory University; Grad- uate Work, University of Texas. ALFRED PORTER HAMILTON— Professor of Classical Languages and German; A.B., Birmingham- Southern College; A.M., Ph.D., University of Pennsyl- vania; Graduate work, University of Leipzig. ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES— Professor of Education; A.B., LL.B., University of Tennessee; Vice Consul of the United States in Scotland and England; A.M., Advanced Graduate Work, George Peabody Col- lege. NELLIE KHAYAT HEDERI— instructor of Span ish; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women; A.M.. 1 ulane LIni ersity. NANCY BROGAN HOLLOWAY— instructor of Secretarial Studies; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women. FRANKLIN WARD JAMES— Associate Profes sor of Chemistry; B.S., Mississippi College; Ph.D., Uni versity of North Carolina. ALVIN JON KING Director of Millsaps Sing- ers; Oberlin Conservator ' of Music; Northwestern School of Music; Chrisiansen Choral School; Private Study with W.S.B. Matthews, Fannie Zeisler, Prower Symonds. JAMES J. LIVESAY— Director of Public Relations and Alumni Secretary: A.B.. Millsaps College. ROSS HENDERSON MOO RE- Professor of His tory; B.S., M.S., Millsaps College: A.M.. LIniversity of Chicago: Ph.D., Duke University. JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE— Professor of Chem.s tr ' : B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., University of Mis- sissippi; Ph.D., Louisiana State University. WILLIAM EMIL Rl EC KEN— Professor of Biol ogy; A.B., A.M., Ph.D.. Indiana University. JEAN FRANCES SAIN— Director of Physical Ed- ucation for Women; B.S.P.E., University of Mississippi. 26 FACULTY Not Pictured: MARY B. H. STONE Associate Professor of Eng- lish; A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; A.M., Advanced Graduate VA ' ork, George Peabody College. BETHANY C. SWEARINGEN— Associate Li brarian; B.A., Millsaps College; B.S. in Library Sci- ence, University of North Carolina; Graduate Study. Columbia University. KARL WOLFE — Art; B.F.A., Chicago Art Insti- tute, William M. R. French Fellowship; Study abroad for one year; Study and Teaching, Pennsylvania School of Art Summer School. JAMES W. WOOD sissippi State College. -Business Manager; B.S., Mis- JAMES DAUSEY WROTEN, JR.— Professor of Religion; A.B., Millsaps College; B.D., Southern Meth- odist University; A.M., Ed.D., Columbia University. H H Patrick Allen— B.S. Kappa Sigma Jackson Eugene Antley— B.A. Forest Shirley Beadle— B.A. Vikings Vicksburg ' 55 Fred Blumer— B.A. Jerry Boykin— B.A. Kappa Alpha Sumrall Kappa Sigma Laurel Carol Brown— B.A. William Burch— B.A. Meridian Kappa Sigma Jackson James Burnett— B.A. James B. Buskirk— B.A Woodville Cockrun J e n I o II Bobbie L. Ammons— B.A. Kappa Sigma Jackson Fulton Barksdale— B.A. Madison Clarice Black— B.A. Phi Mu Drew 30 .lass Elizabeth Butler— B.S. Jackson Ann Carter— B. a. Chi Omega Jackson Maxie Castilow— B.S. Vikings Bogalusa, La. Robert Burrs— B.A. Winona Sybil Casbeer— B.A. Canton Eva Chambers— B.S. Vikings Meridian ' 55 Anne Chatham— B.A. Phi Mu Hernando Stephen Collins— B.S. Pi Kappa Alpha Itta Bena Lois Davis— B.A. Jackson Joanna Clayton— B.A. Vikings Meridian Aleen Davis— B.A. Chi Omega Jackson Joe Ebersole— B.S. Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson Phillip D. Fisher— B. A. Mary Lou Flowers— B.A Lamha Chi Alpha Jackson Kappa De ta Greenwood Glenda Glenn— B. a. John Grant— B.S Chi Omega Corinth Lambda Chi Alpha Holly Springs Mary Lynn Graves- -B.A. Janie Haining— B.A. Chi Omega Jackson Phi Mil Yazoo City ' 55 John Eddleman— B.S. Charles Ellington— B.A Arlington, Va. Thomastown Nell Marie Ellis-B.A. Jackson Vernon Eppinei ih— B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha Natchez Alfred Eubanks— B.S. Anne Finger— B.S. Kappa Sigma Crystal Springs Vikings Lena 32 Senior Eugene Holmes— B.A. Kosciusko William James— B.A. Jackson George Jones— B.A. Kappa Sigma Nashville, Tenn. C ass Robert Harper— B.A. Jackson John Hathorn— B.A. Kappa Sigma Jackson Helen Fay Head— B.A. Phi Mu Jackson ' 55 George Hunt— B.S. Pi Kappa Alpha Vicksburg Richard Johnson— B.S. Kappa Sigma Jackson Joyce King— B.A. Beta Sigma Om-icron Onward 33 Nancy Ann Harris— B.A. Chi Omega Jackson Prentiss Hawkins— B.A. Canton George Hicks Lambda Chi Alpha Greenwood I I lackson ' 55 Gloria Millen— B.A. Frances Moore— B.S. New Albany New Albany Leslie Nabors— B.A. Norma Neill-B.A. Tutwiler Kappa Delta Gulfport Norma Newell— B.A. Bruce Nicholas— B.A ?hi Mn Jackson S e n i o 11 Carolyn Lamon- -B.A. Joe Lee-B.S. Memphis, Tenn. Norsemen Louise John Lott— B.A. Becky Lovett— B.A Pi Kappa Alpha Starkville Morton Reginald Lowe- -B.S. Jimmy Manning Kappa Sigma Winona Kappa Alpha 34 ass Roy a. Parker-B.S. Suzanne Peery— B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson Chi Omega Jackson James Perkins— B. A. Howell Polk— B.A. Jackson Kappa Sigma Corinth Mary Price-B.S. Roy Price-B.A. Vikings Jackson Kappa Sigma Madison ' 55 : V Thomas Price-B.S. David Pryor— B.S. Jackson Kappa Sigma Calhoun City Cecilia Ridgway— B.A. Ellnora Riecken— B.A Kappa Delta Gulfport Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson Betty Robbins— B.A. Lucy Robinson— B.A. Beta Sigma Omicron Kosciusko New Albany Martha Ann Selby— B.A. Jeneanne Sharpe— B.A Beta Sigma Omicron Charleston Beta Sigma Omicron Indianola Mary Alice Shields -B.A. Kenneth Simons— B.A. Beta Sigma Omicron Tchula Lambda Chi Alpha Detroit, Mich. Tommy Spell— B.S. Ed Sturdivant— B.A. Kappa Alpha Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson ' 55 Marion Swayze— B.A. Theresa Terry— B.A. Chi Omega Jackson PhiMu Columbia Walter Waldrop— B.S. IvEY Wallace— B.A. Pi Kappa Alpha Florence Kappa Delta Jackson GwEN Warren— B.A. Warren Wasson— B.A Jackson Fulton S e n i o n Bill Weathersby Jackson Betty Westbrook— B.A. Vikings Summit Charles Williams— B.S. Kap-pa Alpha Jackson ' 55 Katherine Webb— B.A. Meridian Shelley White— B.S. Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Rosemary Williams— B.A. Belzoni lass Beatrice Williamson— B.A. Vikings Philadelphia Dixie Winborn— B.A. Chi Omega Durant 37 Sen Not for Class Pictured V. D. Allen Raymond Nathan Bowers Jackson Harry Carter Kap-pa Alpha New Tazewell, Tenn. Louis E. Cox Laurel George W. Elliott Kappa Alpha Jackson Kay Fort Chi Omega Jackson Viola S. Hall Jackson Hudson S. Hargett Yazoo City David A. Harris Bogota, Colombia Joanne Henderson Chi Omega Jackson Scott Kimball Kappa Sigm.a Crystal Springs James E. McAbee Jackson Paul B. Murphy Belzoni Harold Peden Terry James Spenser Price Kilmichael Denvil D. Saulters Jackson Donald Lee Seccuro Jackson Fredda Lee Shelton Chi Omega Jackson Bertie Shortridge Chi Omega Jackson James D. Slay Laurel Ivan Sugar Toronto, Canada Stanley H. Turpin Greenwood Kathryn Whittington New Albany Gene A. Wilkinson Lamhda Chi Alpha Jackson UNDERCLASSMEN Undergraduates FIRST ROW Freddie Abraham, Sophomore, PiKA, Vicksburg; Ted J. Alexander, Freshman, Jackson; Jo Nell Alford, Freshman, Phi Mu, McComb; Carolyn Allen, Sophomore, Vikings, Shaw; Ann Anderson, Junior, ChiO, Jackson. FOURTH ROW Verlin Bell, Sophomore, PiKA, Belzoni; Yvonne Berquist, Freshman, BSO, Glen Allen, 111.; James Gordon Bingham, Freshman, PiKA, Grenada; Wayne Black, Freshman, Thomastown; Harry R. Blair, Junior, Jackson. SECOND ROW Joan Anderson, Freshman, Vikings, Woodville; George W. Armstrong, Sophomore, KA, Co£Fee dlle; Emma G. Atkin- son, Junior, Phi Mu, PhOadelphia; Valera Bailey, Junior, ChiO, Holly Springs; Bill Bailey, Sophomore, KA, Jackson. FIFTH ROW Richard Barrett Blount, Freshman, KS, Ft. Sam Houston, Tex.; Richard L. Blount, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson; Reba Boackle, Sophomore, BSO, Crystal Springs; Marjorie Bole- ware, Sophomore,- BSO, Crystal Springs; Clara Parks Booth, Sophomore, KD, Drew. THIRD ROW Gary J. Balius, Junior, Biloxi; Barbara J. Ballard, Junior, Jackson; Greg Ballard, Freshman, Columbus; Betty Barfield, Junior, Phi Mu, Jackson; Geraldine Beadle, Sophomore, Vikings, Vicksburg. SIXTH ROW Elaine A. Booth, Junior, Jackson; Barbara Ann Bowie, Freshman, Holly Bluff; Elsie Fay Boyd, Junior, Union; Kaisa L. Braaten, Freshman, Vikings, Laurel; Pete Brad- field, Freshman, PiKA, Indianola. SEVENTH ROW Robert L. Bradley, Freshman, Jackson; June Brock, Soph- omore, Belzoni; Sara Jane Brockman, Junior, Phi Mu, Jackson; Norma Brown, Sophomore, Vikings, Lorman; Richard C. Brown, Freshman, KA, Jackson. Be Kind and Tender to Frogs Abraham Alexander Alford Allen Anderson, A. Anderson, J. Armstrong Atkinson Bailey, V. Bailey, W. Balius Ballard, B. Ballard, G. Barfield Beadle Bell Berquist Bingham Black Blair Blount, R. B. Blount, R. L. Boackle Boleware Booth Boothe Bowie Boyd Braaten Bradfield Bradley Brock Brockman Brown, N. Brown, R. C. Undergraduates FIRST ROW Shirley Brown, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Belzoni; Susan H. Brown, Junior, Phi Mu, Union; Kathryn L. Bufkin, Soph- omore, Vikings, Mobile, Ala.; Gwen Burford, Freshman, ChiO, New Albany. FOURTH ROW Clydell Carter, Sophomore, New Albany; John M. Case, Freshman, Jackson; Lallie Catchings, Freshman, KD, Woodville; Charles N. Cadedge, Junior, Tutwiler, PiKA; Lodusca Cadedge, Freshman, KD, Meridian. SECOND ROW Mary Louise Bums, Junior, Vikings, New Albany; Mary Elizabeth Burton, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson; Emily Bush, Freshman, KD, Pascagoula; Shirley Caldwell, Soph- omore, Laurel; Bett ' Callaway, Sophomore, Jackson. FIFTH ROW Carl Causey, Sophomore, KS, Libert)-; Reynolds S. Cheney, II, Sophomore, KA, Jackson; Patricia L. Chunn, Fresh- man, BSO, Jackson; Ansie J. Clark, Freshman, Vikings, Woodville; Ethel Clements, Junior, ChiO, Jackson. THIRD ROW John Campbell, Junior, DeKalb; Robert C. Campbell, Freshman, LXA; Tom Carey, Sophomore, Richton; John H. Carney, Sophomore, LXA, Cr ' stal Springs; Boots Car- penter, Junior, Phi Mu, Water Valley. SIXTH ROW John W. Addington, Freshman, LXA, Jackson; Esther W. Coker, Sophomore, ChiO, Jackson; Aden Coleman, Fresh- man, KD, Greenwood; Wally Conerly, Sophomore, PiKA, Tylertown; J. Michael Conner, Junior, LXA, Jackson. SEVENTH ROW Charles C. Cooper, Sophomore, KS, Greenwood; Cecil Copeland, Freshman, KA, Jackson; Clyde X. Copeland, Junior, KS, Jackson; Spire Cora, Sophomore, Norsemen, Lexington; Gertrude Crawford, Freshman, Minter City. Campusology 121 Brown, S. Brown, S. H Bufkin Burford Bums Burton Bush Caldwell Callaway Campbell, J. Campbell, R. C. Carey Carney Carpenter Carter Case Catchings Cadedge, C. Cadedge, L. Causey Cheney Chunn Clark Clements Cbddington Coker Coleman Conerly Conner Cooper Copeland, C. Copeland, C. X. Cora Crawford Undergraduates FIRST ROW Martha Ann Crawford, Junior, ChiO, Jackson; Nancy Crawford, Sophomore, ChiO, Laurel; Carol Culley, Junior, KD, Jackson; Rose Cunningham, Sophomore, ChiO, Tu- pelo; Zorah Curry, Junior, Vikings, Jackson. FOURTH ROW Mary Dunn, Junior, Vikings, Golcomb; Marvin S. Dyess, Junior, LXA, Forest; Betty Louise Eakin, Freshman, Thornton; Henry Neil Easley, Junior, McComb; Harris, Eaton, Sophomore, Norsemen, Port Gibson. SECOND ROW Kay Davis, Sophomore, KD, Jackson; Annie Laurie Den- nis, Freshman, Pelahatchie; Kenneth Dew, Sophomore, PiKA, Jackson; Ann E. Dillard, Freshman, KD, IttaBena; Meta C. Dixon, Sophomore, Vaughn. FIFTH ROW Janis Edgar, Sophomore, ChiO, Jackson; Mary Jo Ed- wards, Sophomore, BSO, Sunflower; Jimmy Elam, Junior, Sebastopol; Mona Elardo, Freshman, Midnight; Mary Charlotte Elliott, Junior, BSO, Greenwood. THIRD ROW Nena L. Doiron, Freshman, KD, Greenwood; Diane Doug- las, Freshman, Brookhaven; Billy Dowdle, Sophomore, Norsemen, Belzoni; Oscar Dowdle, Jr., Sophomore, PiKA, Greenville; Al Doyle, Sophomore, Chicago, 111. SIXTH ROW Bobby Ellis, Freshman, Jackson; Walter E. Ely, Junior, PiKA, Greenville; Harrison M. Ethridge, Junior, Peters- burg, Va.; Marjorie J. Eubank, Sophomore, KD, Tupelo; Becky Evans, Freshman, Phi Mu, Winona. ' :m ! ' (• SEVENTH ROW Everitt H. James, Jr., Freshman, Prentiss; Tommie Fan- ning, Freshman, KA, Hickory; Albert W. Felsher, Junior, Norsemen, Gulfport; Sue Ann Ferguson, Freshman, ChiO, Vicksburg; Gail Fielder, Sophomore, ChiO, Vicksbiurg. Dig that cra-a-zy chorus line! Crawford, M. A. Crawford, N. CuUey Cunningham Curry Davis Dennis Dew Dillard Dixon Doiron Douglas Dowdle, W. Dowdle, O. Doyle Dunn Dyess Eakin Easley Eaton Edgar Edwards Elam Elardo Elliott Ellis Ely Ethridge Eubank Evans Everitt Fanning Felsher Ferguson Fielder f»g£| £ Undergraduates I want my money back! FOURTH ROW John W. Green, Jr., Sophomore, KA, Jackson; Emily Greener, Junior, KD, Jackson; Robert Earl Greenough, Junior, Norsemen, Escatawpa; Jimmie W. Griffis, Fresh- man, PiKA, Yazoo City; Zoe A. Grigsby, Freshman, ChiO, Yazoo City. FIRST ROW Almyra Fisher, Sophomore, ChiO, Sherard; Frances T. Fritz-Hugh, Sophomore, ChiO, Vicksburg; Richard C. Fleming, Junior, Meridian; Edwin Elliott Flournoy, Junior, KA, Jackson; Aubrey Jerome Ford, Freshman, PiKA, Mag- nolia. FIFTH ROW Roy Arnold Grisham, Jr., Freshman, LXA, Cleveland; Freddy Groome, Freshman, Vicksburg; Jeanette Gross, Freshman, BSO, Tutwiler; Mary R. Guin, Freshman, Vikings, Coliunbus; Lois Gullette, Freshman, Jackson. SECOND ROW Richard D. Foxworth, Sophomore, PiKA, Foxworth; Bin- nie Jo French, Freshman, Phi Mu, Collins; Sara Ann Gaby, Freshman, ChiO, Jackson; Jerre Gee, Freshman, KD, Jackson; Rodney Gibson, Sophomore, LXA, Belzoni. SIXTH ROW Russ K. Hackman, Sophomore, LXA; Claudette M. Hall, Freshman, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada; Beverly Hamblin, Freshman, KD, Jackson; John Avery Hancock, Freshman, PiKA, Meridian; Nancy L. Hannaford, Freshman, Jackson. THIRD ROW Peggy J. Gill, Sophomore, Columbia; Darby Gilmer, Freshman, PiKA, Long Beach; Roy A. Givens, Sopho- more, Vicksburg; Carolyn GofF, Sophomore, BSO, Kreole; Billy Graham, Freshman, KA, Macon. SEVENTH ROW Bob Harris, Sophomore, KA, Flora; Garland C. Harrison, Junior, Liberty; Newt Harrison, Sophomore, KS, New Albany; Fay R. Harthcock, Freshman, Eden; Virgil S. Hayes, Sophomore, Canton. 46 Fisher Fitz-Hugh Fleming Floumey Ford Foxworth French Gaby Gee Gibson Gill Gilmer Givens Goff Graham Green Greener Greenough GrifFis Grigsby Grisham Groome Gross Guin GuUette Hackman Hall Hamblin Hancock Hannaford Harris Harrison, G. C. Harrison , N. Harthcock Hayes ££££,£ Undergraduates " Teach me tonight " FOURTH ROW John R. Hubbard, Junior, PiKA, Jackson; Brooks Hudson, Sophomore, Norsemen, Shubuta; Mary Jane Hull, Sopho- more, Vikings, Mobile, Ala.; Martha June Hull, Sopho- more, Vikings, Mobile, Ala.; Elizabeth Helen Hunter, Sophomore, Morton. FIRST ROW Terry Hayward, Junior, KA, Jackson; Cara Lloyd Hemp- hill, Sophomore, BSO, Jackson; John Harold Hetrick, Freshman, Norseman, Ocean Springs; Sarah May Hewitt, Sophomore, ChiO, Jackson; Charles F. Hill, Sophomore, Brandon. FIFTH ROW Mary Warren Hundey, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson; Mildred Anne Hupperich, Freshman, Phi Mu, Jackson; Carolyn Hutchins, Freshman, Jackson; Redmond Burnley Hutchison, Sophomore, Jackson; Ted J. Ivey, Junior, PiKA, Jackson. SECOND ROW Jack Hill, Sophomore, KA, Houston; Byrd Hillman, PiKA, Junior, Union; Patricia Jane Hillman, Junior, Phi Mu, Union; James E. Hodges, Freshman, Jackson; Carolyn Holloway, Junior, Vikings, Brookhaven. SIXTH ROW H. Burton Jackson, Junior, KA, Jackson; James W. Jar- rett. Freshman, LXA, Jackson; Blythe Jeffrey, Freshman, ChiO, Greenville; Frances L. Jemigan, Sophomore, KD, Tupelo; Fulton K. Johnson, Jr., Freshman, Jackson. THIRD ROW Charles E. Hollowell, Junior, KA, Canton; James R. Hood, Freshman, Lambert; Kathryn Hook, Junior, ChiO, Jackson; Martha Ann Hopkins, Freshman, KD, Gulfport; Robert H. Howard, Freshman, KS, Greenwood. SEVENTH ROW J. Michael Johnson, Sophomore, Jackson; Sara Frances Johnson, Junior, BSO, Cruger; Annette Johnston, Junior, KD, Tupelo; Hugh Haralson Johnston, Freshman, PiKA, Vicksburg; Barbara M. Jones, Junior, ChiO, Jackson. Hayward Hemphill Hetrick Hewitt Hill, C. Hill. J. Hillman, B. Hillman, P. Hodges HoUoway Hollowell Hood Hook Hopkins Howard Hubbard Hudson Hull, Jane Hull, June Hunter Hundey Hupperich Hutchins Hutchison Ivey Jackson Jarrett Jeffrey Jemigan Johnson, F. Johnson, J. Johnson, S. Johnston, A. Johnston, H. Jones, B. Undergraduates FIRST ROW Bill Jones, Sophomore, KS, Meridian; Cecil B. Jones, Junior, Norsemen, Vicksburg; Howard S. Jones, Freshman, LXA, Jackson; James L. Jones, Junior, KS, Kosciusko; Lowell D. Jones, Junior, LXA, Jackson. FOURTH ROW Margie A. King, Freshman, BSO, Grenada; Millicent C. King, Sophomore, Viking, Ackerman; John Kitch, Sopho- more, KS, Chicago, III.; Chandler Leach Klotz, Jr., Fresh- man, KA, McComb; Charles R. Knight, Freshman, Hazle- hurst. SECOND ROW Lowell L. Jones, Sophomore, KS, Nashville, Tenn.; H. Re- ad Jones, Junior, PiKA, Saltillo; Sam L. Jones, Jr., Sopho- more, LXA, Jackson; Sarah Louisa Jones, Freshman, KD, Nashville, Tenn.; Leonard H. Jordan, Jr., Freshman, Greenville. FIFTH ROW Robert O. Koch, Junior, PoplarviOe; Jo Ann Laird, Fresh- man, Florence; Walter Jean Lamb, Sophomore, Oxford; Montie C. Lambert, Jr., Junior, LXA, Como; William E. Lampton, Sophomore, PiKA, Colimibia. THIRD ROW Eugenia D. Kelly, Sophomore, Vikings, Forest; Paul Kern, Sophomore, KS, Hillsboro; Claire King, ChiO, Junior, Jackson; Eddie King, Freshman, Norseman, Vicksburg; Jack B. King, Sophomore, Avon Park, Fla. SIXTH ROW Betty Louise Landfair, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson; Gene Ann Lauchley, Junior, ChiO, Jackson; Douglas Lay, Freshman, KA, Jackson; Young Lee, Freshman, Korea, Norsemen; Thad Leggett, III, Freshman, KA, Magnolia. SEVENTH ROW John Willard Leggett, Junior, LXA, Meridian; Acka Yvonne Lewis, Junior, Rose Hill; Henry Ezelle Lewis, Junior, KA, Jackson; Mary F. Lewis, Junior, DG, Oxford; J. Walton Lipscomb, III, Sophomore, LXA, Jackson. A mad tea-party! 50 Jones, B. Jones, C. B. Jones, H. Jones, J. Jones, D. L. Jones, L. L. Jones, H. R. Jones, S. L. Jones, Sarah Jordan Kelley Kem King, C. King, E. King, J. King, M. A. King, M. C. Kitch Klotz Knight Koch Laird Lamb Lambert Lampton Landfair Lauchley Lay Lee Leggett, T. Leggett, J. W. Lewis, A. Lewis, E. Lewis, M. Lipscomb Undergraduates FIRST ROW Susie Lipsey, Freshman, Brookhaven; Annice Loflin, Soph- omore, Star; Jack M. Lxjflin, Junior, Star; Jan Loflin, Freshman, Star; Richard L. Lovelace, Sophomore, Jackson. FOURTH ROW Donald C. McGregor, Freshman, Meridian; Jimmy Mc- Mullin, Freshman, KS, Jackson; Gwendolyn McRaney, Freshman, Vikings, Lumberton; Charles Lloyd McRey- nolds. Sophomore, Norsemen, Columbus; Ann H. Mc- Shane, Junior, BSO, Greenwood. SECOND ROW Richard S. Lybarger, Sophomore, Chicago, HI.; Robert W. McCarley, Sophomore, Ruleville; James E dward McCarty, Freshman, KA, Jackson; Luther Scott McCarty, Junior, KA, Aztec, N.M.; Barbara Jean McClenahan, Sophomore, KD, Indianola. FIFTH ROW Helen H. Maddox, Junior, Phi Mu, Meridian; Claire Elizabeth Manning, Freshman, Jackson; June Carolyn Martin, Sophomore, Vikings, Madison; Nancy Lynn Mar- tin, Junior, KD, Macon; Anne MavJdin, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Leland. THIRD ROW Margaret McCorkle, Freshman, BSO, Crowley, La.; James R. McCormick, LXA, Sophomore, Jackson; Jack McDon- ald, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson; John D. McEachin, Fresh- man, PiKA, Grenada; Patricia A. McGuire, Junior, ChiO, Baldwyn. SIXTH ROW Mary Elizabeth Mayfield, Sophomore, BSO, Carthage; W. H. Merrell, Sophomore, KS, Jackson; Danye Carol Miller, Sophomore, Vikings, Woodville; Harold D. Miller, Jr., Sophomore, PiKA, Jackson; Margaret D. Miller, Freshman, ChiO, East Rockaway, L. I., New York. SEVENTH ROW Harry Mills, Freshman, KA, Macon; Noel L. Mills, Fresh- man, KA, Jackson; Minnie D. Mitchell, Junior, Dixon; B. B. Montgomery, Freshman, KA, Fayette; Mary Frances Montgomery, Freshman, ChiO, Laiu-el. Please do not feed the animals ,vi-W V Lipsey Loflin, A. Loflin, J. Loflin, Jan Lovelace Lybarger McCarley McCarty, J. McCarty, S. McClenahan McCorkle McCormick McDonald McEachin McGuire McGregor McMullin McRaney McReynolds McShane Maddox Manning Martin, J. Martin, N. Mauldin Mayfield Merrell Miller, C. Miller, H. Miller, M. Mills, H. Mills, N. Mitchell Montgomery, B. B. Montgomery, M. F. Undergraduates FOURTH ROW Ernie Lee Nelson, Vikings, Freshman, Pascagoula; Jim- mie D. Newell, LXA, Freshman, Meridian; Charles W. Nicholson, Norsemen, Sophomore, Benton; Qaire Nichols, Vikings, Sophomore, Anguilla; Catherine Northam, BSO, Junior, Quitman. Beep! Beep! Zoom! FIRST ROW Ray Montgomery, Sophomore, Canton; Jesse W. Moore, Junior, Shuqualak; Powers Moore, Junior, KS, Jackson; Gail Moorhead, Vikings, Freshman, Vicksburg; John D. Morgan, Freshman, Sumrall. FIFTH ROW Beth O ' Neill, ChiO, Sophomore, Vicksbiug; Janice Parker, BSO, Freshman, Cruger; Lynnice Parker, KD, Sophomore, Tupelo; Philip Strong Parker, Freshman, Brookhaven; Roy O. Parker, KA, Junior, Belzoni. SECOND ROW Patricia Morgan, ChiO, Sophomore, Jackson; Robert E. Morrison, KA, Sophomore, Jackson; Cynthia Morse, ChiO, Junior, Jackson; Yvonne Moss, KD, Sophomore, Tchula; Ann Myers, KD, Freshman, Greenwood. SIXTH ROW Julia Parks, DG, Junior, New Albany; Robert Patterson, LXA, Freshman, Jackson; Nancy Peacock, KD, Sophomore, Kosciusko; Ruth Ann Pearson, Vikings, Junior, Glen Allan; Peggy Perry, Phi Mu, Freshman, Louin. THIRD ROW Robert Myers, KS, Sp. St., Magee; Hardy Nail, KA, Junior, Jackson; Joyce Nail, KD, Freshman, Jackson; Dor- othy Aline Nash, Freshman, Cleveland; Tommy Naylor, LXA, Freshman, Jackson. SEVENTH ROW John Calvin Philley, PiKA, Sophomore, Indianola; Dee Phillips, ChiO, Freshman, Yazoo City; Jane Pickering, ChiO, Freshman, Hazlehurst; Arthur Pigott, KA, Sopho- more, McComb; Jack Piper, Freshman, Brookhaven. 54 Montgomery Moore, J. Moore, W. Moorhead Morgan, J. Morgan, P. Morrison Morse Moss Myers, A. Myers, R. Nail, H. NaU, J. Nash Naylor Nelson Newell Nicholson Nicols Northam O ' Neil Parker, J. Parker, L. Parker, P. Parker, R. Parks Patterson Peacock Pearson Perry Philley Phillips Pickering Pigott Piper Undergraduates FIRST ROW Charles Planch, Junior, Jackson; Hiram Polk, LXA, Soph- omore, Jackson; Edwin Potts, KS, Freshman, Crenshaw; Johnny Powell, LXA, Freshman, Senatobia; Lillian Pres- ley, Freshman, Tylertown. FOURTH ROW Carolyn Reynolds, KD, Freshman, Greenwood; Bill Rhymes, LXA, Freshman, Jackson; Daphne Richardson, Vikings, Freshman, Grenada; Louise Riddell, Phi Mu, Freshman, DoddsviUe; Clifford Rigby, PiKA, Junior, Gulf- port. SECOND ROW Lucy Price, Vikings, Freshman, Meridian; Tommie Price, Junior, Ellisville; Ann Prichard, ChiO, Freshman, Lula; Jeanette, Pullen, KD, Freshman, Kosciusko; Ann Ragan, ChiO, Junior, Edwards. FIFTH ROW Mary Nell Roberts, BSO, Freshman, Onward; Freida Rochelle, Sophomore, Canton; Betsy Ross, Phi Mu, Fresh- man, Laurel; Shelby Jean Roten, BSO, Freshman, Ripley; Jean Rouse, ChiO, Sophomore, Poplarville. THIRD ROW Ann Ragland, KD, Sophomore, TutwUer; Jeanette Rat- cliff, ChiO, Freshman, Vicksburg; Raye Ratcliff, BSO, Freshman, Jackson; Nita Reed, KD, Junior, Jackson; Helen W. Reilly, ChiO, Freshman, Jackson. SIXTH ROW Edwin Sallis, PiKA, Freshman, Ackerman; Mary E. San- derson, Sophomore, Waynesboro; Peggy Sanford, Vikings, Sophomore, Jackson; Sylvia Schrock, ChiO, Sophomore, Poplarville; Kermit Scott, PiKA, Freshman, Leland. SEVENTH ROW Leslie Shelton, KA, Sophomore, Jackson; Mitzi Shelton, Phi Mu, Sophomore, Winona; Marianna Sinunons, BSO, Sophomore, McComb; Wesley Simpson, Freshman, Laurel; Virginia Slater, BSO, Junior, Jackson. Hurry with that cheat-sheet! Planch Polk Potts Powell Presley Price, L. Price, T. Prichard Pullen Ragan Ragland Ratcliff, J. RatcliflF, R. Reed ReUly RejTiolds Rhymes Richardson Riddell Rigby Roberts Rochelle Ross Roten Rouse Sallis Sanderson Sanford Schrock Scott Shelton, L. Shelton, M. Simmons Simpson Slater Undergraduates FIRST ROW Bobby Smith, PiKA, Sophomore, Lexington; Bobby Smith, KA, Sophomore, Jackson, Bobby Joe Smith, Junior, Lib- erty; Carolyn Smith, Phi Mu, Freshman, Vicksburg; Janet Smith, KD, Freshman, Brookhaven. FOURTH ROW Alice Stames, ChiO, Sophomore, Utica; Dorothy Stams, ADPi, Sophomore, Jackson; Alfred Statham, KS, Fresh- man, Jackson; June Stellwagon, ChiO, Freshman, Verona; Melvyn Stern, Sophomore, Jackson. SECOND ROW Leveme Smith, Norsemen, Sophomore, New Orleans; Martha Ann Smith, BSO, Sophomore, Jackson; Robin Smith, KD, Sophomore, Inverness; Sara Jo Smith, Vikings, Junior, Tupelo; Parker Sojourner, LXA, Freshman, Hope- well. FIFTH ROW Linda Stevens, KD, Freshman, Hattiesburg; SyKda Ste- vens, KD, Sophomore, Macon; Barry Stewart, PiKA, Soph- omore, Batesville; Ed Stewart, PiKA, Sophomore, Jackson; Jane Cary Stewart, ChiO, Junior, Vicksburg. THIRD ROW Song Seung Rin, Norsemen, Freshman, Seovil, Korea; Mary Sparkman, KD, Freshman, Macon; Nancy Stallings, KD, Freshman, Jackson, William Stallworth, Junior, Co- lumbus; Shirley Stanton, ChiO, Sophomore, Greenville. SIXTH ROW John Stone, LXA, Freshman, Jackson; John Stringer, LXA, Junior, Yazoo City; Adrian Sturdivant, KA, Freshman, Columbia; Barbara Swann, Sophomore, Jackson; Johnnie Marie Swindull, Vikings, Sophomore, Prichard, Ala. SEVENTH ROW Dale Thigpen, BSO, Freshman, Poplar ' ille; Charles Thomas, PiKA, Freshman, Greenville; Sam Tomlinson, LXA, Freshman, Jackson; Fay Toney, Freshman, Jackson; Keith Tonkel, Norsemen, Freshman, Clermont, Fla. It looked extremely rugged for the Muddville nine that day 58 Smith, B. Smith, B. Smith, B. J. Smith, C. Smith, J. Smith, L. Smith, M. A. Smith, R. Smith, S. J. Sojourner Song Sparkman Stallings Stallworth Stanton Stames, A. Stams, D. Statham S tell wagon Stem Stevens, L. L. Stevens, S. Stewart, B. Stewart, E. Stetvart, J. Stone Stringer Sturdivant Swann Swindull Thigpen Thomas Tomlinson Toney Tonkel Ik Undergraduates Anybody got any glue? FOURTH ROW Ann Viverette, Freshman, Forest; Jim Waits, Freshman, Hattiesburg; N. R. Walley, KS, Junior, Richton; Daisy F. Walters, Sophomore, Jackson; Summer Walters, KA, Sophomore, Jackson. FIRST ROW Betty Gail Trapp, ChiO, Freshman, Tupelo; Jane Travis, Freshman, Magnolia; Jerry Trigg, PiKA, Junior, Quitman; Hazel Truluck, KD, Freshman, Port Gibson; Frank Tucker, KS, Freshman, Jackson. FIFTH ROW James Walton, KA, Sophomore, Jackson; Bert Ward, Freshman, Jackson; Brister Ware, LXA, Freshman, Jack- son; Pat Warren, Phi Mu, Freshman, Prentiss; James L. Wasson, PiKA, Sophomore, Kosciusko. SECOND ROW Bobby Tidlos, LXA, Freshman, Louisville; John E. Tur- ner, PiKA, Junior, Kosciusko; Larry Tynes, Sophomore, Webb; Charles Underbill, KS, Junior, Covington, Tenn.; Ernestine Underbill, Phi Mu, Freshman, Covington, Tenn. SIXTH ROW Bethany Watkins, ChiO, Freshman, Jackson; Merrimen Watkins, Sophomore, Pelahatchie; Mollye Watkins, KD, Freshman, Baird; Caroline Watson, Phi Mu, Freshman, Jackson; Joseph C. Way, Norsemen, Junior, Georgetown. THIRD ROW Edwfin Upton, PiKA, Junior, Yazoo City; Cy Vance, KA, Freshman, Itta Bena; Martha Ann Vance, KD, Freshman, Gulfport; Keith Vaughn, KS, Freshman, Columbus; Nancy Vines, KD, Freshman, Jackson. SEVENTH ROW Sue Webb, Freshman, Columbia; Albert Wells, KS, Jun- ior, Jackson; Robert Wesley, Sophomore, Poplaridlle; Clau- dette Westerfield, BSO, Junior, Mendenhall; Joan Whee- less, BSO, Sophomore, Port Gibson. 60 Trapp Travis Trigg Truluck Tucker Tullos Turner Tynes Underhill, C. Underhill, E. Upton Vknce, C. Vance, M. Vaughn Vines Viverette Waits Walley Walters, D. Walters, S. Walton Ward Ware Warren Wasson Watkins, B. Watkins, M. M. Watkins, M. F. Watson Way Webb Wells Wesley Westerfield Wheeless A t .Ar Undergraduates FIRST ROW Clay Whitehurst, Junior, Goodman; George Whitener, Junior, Meridian; Margaret Whitfield, BSO, Sophomore, Jackson; Dot Wideman, ChiO, Freshman, Vicksburg; Robert Wiener, Freshman, Jackson. THIRD ROW PauHne Williams, Vikings, Freshman, Memphis; Albert Williamson, PiKA, Junior, Greenwood; Patricia Wilson, ChiO, Freshman, Louisville; William T. Wilson, KA, Freshman, Itta Bena; John Wimberly, LXA, Freshman, Jackson. SECOND ROW Jeanette Wilkins, ChiO, Freshman, Yazoo City; Cornelia Wilkinson, Vikings, Junior, Gloster; Tom Willetts, LXA, Freshman, Clinton; Carolyn Williams, Phi Mu, Sopho- more, Jackson; Edwin W. Williams, PiKA, Freshman, Belzoni. FOURTH ROW Jonye Witt, Phi Mu, Freshman, Ripley; James Witten, LXA, Junior, Annada, Mo.; Edna Wixon, Vikings, Fresh- man, Cruger; Roy Wolfe, Sophomore, Meridian; Martha Ann Wolford, Phi Mu, Sophomore, Columbus. FIFTH ROW Marilyn Wood, KD, Freshman, Tupelo; Mary Wood, Freshman, Saltillo; Margaret Woods, KD, Sophomore, Mt. Olive; Ernest Workman, Junior, Jackson; Fred Yerger, KA, Sophomore, Jackson. SIXTH ROW Hallie Young, BSO, Freshman, Belzoni; Helen Young, Vikings, Sophomore, Tchula; Donald Youngs, LXA, Jun- ior, Deposit, N. Y. I agree with you, but I must admit you ' re wrong. 62 Whitehurst Whitener Whitfield Wideman Wiener Wilkins Wilkinson Willetts Williams, C. Williams, E. Williams, P. Williamson Wilson, P. Wilson, W. Wimberly Witt Witten Wixon Wolfe Wolford Wood, M. Wood, M. S. Woods Workman Yerger A ir g M Young, Hallie Young, Helen Youngs 63 Unde Rest Stop? Milton Acker, ]unior, Jackson Bobby Ainsworth, junior, Jackson Mary Allen, Freshman, Shaw Alex Alston, Freshman, Hollandale Clyde Anthony, LXA, Junior, Jackson John Awad, KS, Junior, Jackson Grey Bailey, Freshman, Jackson Noel BaU, PiKA, Junior, McComb Ray Bardin, Norseman, Junior, Jackson Charles Barnes, Clarksdale Marion Bassett, Jackson Tara Thompson Beard, Jackson Bobby Belcher, Junior, Jackson William Benton, Freshman, Whitfield Wayne Biggs, Jackson Laura Blair, Jackson Robert Blue, SN, Junior, Quitman Arthur Bogdah ' n, Pascagoula George Bonner, Freshman, Jackson Thomas H. Boone, KS, Junior, Memphis Theresa Branch, Phi Mu, Jackson Carley Brandey, Freshman, Jackson Horace Brasell, ThomasviUe, Ala. Jesse Brasher, Jackson Benjamin Brown, SX, Jackson Cecil Brown, KS, Junior, Jackson Richard Brown, Freshman, Jackson Jack B. Brunt, Sophomore, Ethel Robert Bryant, Crystal Springs Frank Buchanan, Indianola Decatur Buder, Gallman Mard Buder, Jackson Clovis Butts, Jackson Sarah Ann Calhoun, Junior, Laurel Albert Callaway, Freshman, Jackson Margaret Susan Carmichael, Sp. St., Laurel Noel Clark, Kokomo, Ind. Henry Clements, Jackson Joe Collins, Freshman, Durant Paid Comola, KS, Yazoo City Joseph Conte, Jackson Dugger Cook, Jackson Charlie Cooper, Junior, Bude John Copeland, KS, Junior, Terry John Carley, Sophomore, Canton John Craig, Jackson Howard Crawford, Shreveport, La. James Crawford, Jackson Irvin Cronin, Freshman, Jackson Leo Crook, KA, Sophomore, Grenada John Dalton, Sophomore, Jackson Billy Davis, Jackson Edward C. Davis, Belmont Robert Davis, Jackson Charles Deaton, KS, Greenwood Clarence Delary, Natchez Theo. Dinkins, Sophomore, Canton Ann Doty, KKG, Jackson Harry Dowling, Sophomore, Jackson Radford Dubois, BTPi, Yazoo City Harold Edwards, Ontario, Calif. Stephen Elliott, Freshman, Jackson Ralph Ellis, Sophomore, Natchez Hugh Ervin, KS, Sophomore, Crystal Springs James Ervin, Freshman, Crystal Springs John Evans, PiKA, Junior, Shubuta Terell Fahrion, Freshman, Pass Christian Ben Fairchild, Jackson Louis Earlier, Jackson Robert Ferrell, Sophomore, Jackson Samuel Field, PDT, Centreville Chester Findey, Gulfport 64 graduates Not Pictured John Flowers, Terry Edward Fortenberry, Hattiesburg Deward Fountain, Jackson Joe Mauldin, Junior, Jackson David Franks, KA, Sophomore, Jackson Don Gage, ATO, Freshman, Jackson Tommy Gardner, Freshman, Jackson Harold Gamer, Jackson Karen Gilfoy, ChiO, Junior, Jackson Frank Gleason, Jackson Billy Greenlee, KS, Junior, Jackson William Griffith, Freshman, Jackson BUly Gulledge, Freshman, Crystal Springs J. A. Hall, Jackson Carolyn Harpole, Freshman, Jackson Mrs. Nancy Hill, Jackson William Hill, KA, Sophomore, Grenada Sara Hilton, Jackson Bobby Holloman, Sophomore, Stonewall Joe Houston, KS, New Albany James Hudson, KS, Morton. Brooks Hudson, Norseman, Sophomore, Shubuta Eurabel Hull, Chunky Wesley Lea Hyman, PiKA, Freshman, Jackson Landrith Jarrell, Jackson Samuel Johnson, Sp. St., Canyon, Tex. Sargent Jones, ATO, Sp. St., New Orleans, La. William Joyner, Harrisville Elizabeth Kenmar, Junior, Jackson William Kennedy, Freshman, Magee John King, KA, Sophomore, Jackson Benny Kirkland, KS, Junior, Jackson Sam Kuykendall, LXA, Sophomore, Jackson Joseph Lang, Jackson Myra Levy, Jackson Mrs. E. R. Levine, Sp. St., Yazoo City James Long, Durant Foster Lowe, KS, Sophomore, Winona John Lowery, KS, Junior, McComb lola Lynch, Jackson Patrick McClean, Brandon Lewis McSwain, Freshman, Jackson William MacDonald, Freshman, Jackson Robert Maddox, KA, McComb James Manning, KA, Jackson James Matthews, SAE, Madison Wilson Meadows, Junior, Jackson Wofford Merrell, KS, Sophomore, Jackson Donald Michel, Freshman, Jackson Rachael Miller, Jackson Bobbie Milling, ZTA, Jackson Floyd Mobley, Junior, Jackson Ella Moore, Freshm,an, luka William T Moore, Sophomore, Indianola Dan Morgan, Jackson Eddie Morgan, Centralia, 111. John Morgan, Jackson James Morrow, Freshman, New Orleans, La. Harold Mullen, KS, Freshman, Greenwood Edgar Nation, Freshman, Jackson Catherine Nicholson, Jackson Charles Nicholson, Benton Mary Nix, Freshman, Magee Achilles Nixon, Fort Worth, Tex. John Odom, Freshman, Clinton Ora O ' Neil, Freshman, Vicksburg Robert Pamell, KS, Sledge Leonard Parrish, PDT, Cleveland Warren Patterson, KA, Gulfport Richard Phares, KA, Sophomore, Jackson Jacquelin Pierce, Junior, Jackson Murray Pinkston, PiKA, Sophomore, Vicksburg 65 How much you got on that one. Cooper? Undergraduates Not Pictured Ernest Porter, Rose Hill Alex Poulette, Jackson Joan Powell, ChiO, Columbus William Powell, KS, Junior, Jackson Charles Powers, Jackson Ann Prather, Laurel Tom Prewitt, Junior, Jackson Aubrey, Price, Sp. St., Jayess James Ptacek, Sp. St., Whitfield Charles Purifoy, KS, Freshman, Greenwood Mrs. E. C. Radzewiz, Jackson Bobby Gene Ramsey, Jackson Walter Roberts, Sophomore, Canton Sedley Robertson, Freshman, Jackson Milton Roby, KS, Junior, Durant Waymond Rone, SAE, Vicksburg William Root, Jackson William E. Rose, PiKA, Sophom ore, Leland Qiff Rushing, Freshman, Cleveland Tex Sample, Brookhaven Edgar Sandefur, Jackson Robert Sartin, Junior, Brookhaven Delma Saxon, Sophomore, Jackson Ray Screws, Norseman, Holly Bluff Edmond Seals, Sophomore, Jackson Peggy Seay, Batesville Harry Shaw, Freshman, Jackson Clarence Shannon, Freshman, Richton Alex Shotts, PiKA, Jackson Lillian Simmons, BSO, Sophomore, McComb ClifF Smith, Morton James Smith, Sp. St., Puckett Melville Smith, Jackson Richard Speights, Junior, Crystal Springs Delores Spence, Junior, Jackson Leslie Spencer, PDT, Junior, Jackson Earl Staires, Junior, Jackson Leonard Steele, Sp. St., Jackson Lottie Steele, Sp. St., Jackson Wibum Stephenson, Sp. St., Barlowe Harry Sumrall, Jackson Sandra Sumrall, Phi Mu, Freshman, Clinton Donald Taft, Freshman, Jackson Jack Taylor, Chase John Taylor, Sophomore, Jackson Robert Thompson, Waco Clifford Toler, Junior, Jackson William Toles, Jackson Maxine Vinson, Jackson Richard Vinson, Jackson Herbert Wadsworth, Jackson James Wall, Junior, Jackson Martha Sandra Weir, Phi Mu, Sophomore, Nevrton Thomas Wellborn, Sophomore, Jackson Betty Westbrook, Vikings, Senior, Summit Don Williams, Freshman, Bogalusa, La. Jimmie Womack, Jefferson, Texas Kemey Wood, Laurel Jerry Yeager, KS, Sophomore, Taylorsville 66 STUDENT EXECUTIVE BOARD OFFICERS President Howell Polk Vice-President Joe Ebersole Secretary Martha Ann Selbv MEMBERS PICTURED Seated: Janie Haining Mary Lynn Graves Martha Ann Selby Nancy Vines Howell Polk Third Row: Cecil Jones Joe Ebersole Hugh Johnston Jeneanne Sharpe Reginald Lowe Second Row. Ivey Wallace Eddie King Nancy Peacock Vernon Eppinette Lucy Robinson Barry Stewart Sara Jo Smith Walter Ely . Emily Greener Sam Jones Left to Right: Ward, Cheney, Bailey, Lowe, Dr. Wroten, Westerfield, Wasson, Boackle. CHRISTIAN COUNCIL The Christian Council acts as a coordinator for the denominational groups of which its memhership consists. WCW The purpose of the WOMEN CHRISTIAN WORKERS is to provide a means through which all girls interested in some phase of full time Christian work ma find help in securing positions, inspiration, guidance, and fellowship— and also an opening for manv ser ' ice projects on and off the campus. WOMEN ' S COUNCIL The Millsaps Women ' s Council go ' eins the conduct oF the coeds. The Council makes and enforces the rules. Its members hip is made up of one girl from each Sororitv, one from the YWCA and one from the Majorette Club. Miss Morehead. Dean of Women, is ad ' isor. STYLUS Editor John Lott Business Manager Lowell Jones Stylus is the literary publication of Millsaps College. Twice each year it presents the works of student essa ' ists and poets. FACULTY Dr. M. C. White Miss Mildred Morehead Mrs. Marguerite Ctoodman Mr. Paul D. Hardin Seated: Dr. White Miss Blissard Miss Goodman Mr. Hardin Stauiliug: Lowell Jones John Lott B O B A S H E L A U ' alter Elv Editor THE EDITORIAL STAFF Walter Elv Edito: John Lott Assistant Edito: Norma Neill Assistant Edito Ann Anderson Class Edito Bill Lampton Class Edito Fredda Shelton Organizations Edito Edwin Upton Activities Edito: Johnny Turner Socials Edito Clara P. Booth Socials Edito: Shirlev Stanton Features Edito: Hiram Polk Sports Edito Carolvn Lamon Sports Editoi Suzanne Peer Artis Margaret Wood Art Edito: Kathr n Hook Tvpis Claire King Tvpis Seated— Stanton, Anderson, Shelton, Lamon. Standing— Turner, Upton, Lott, Lampton, Ely f »«l kTZ 1 =f ■v STAFFS Fred Blumcr Business Manager Burton lackson . . Assistant Business Manager Bobashela, an Indian word meaning good friend, is the yearbook of Millsaps College. Its task is to present a pictorial record of cam- pus life. Fred Blumer Business Manager Seated-Huntlev, Carter, Westbrook, Mauldin, Landfair. Standing-Swayze, Blumer, Ridgeway, Burton 1 The PURPLE MANAGER HUNT Editor: Marv Lvnn Graves Business Maiiai er: Cieorge Hunt Business Staff HD WHITE THE PURPLE AND WHITE is Millsaps College ' s newspaper. Published once each week, it tries to pre- sent all sides of college life on our campus, and it keeps students up to date on all affairs of interest. The vear ' s high light for the paper is the April Fool Edition, in which ANYTHING GOES and is consequently REAL GONE! EDITOR GRAVES Editorial Staff W r v. ' ' r -. f r 76 The MILLSAPS SINGERS Under the guidance and direction of " Pop " King, the Millsaps Singers ha ' e become an indispensable part of the college ' s life. The group is made up of any- one who wants to sing. From the chapel choir, which constitutes the entire membership, a tour choir is chosen. Once again this year the tour choir went west. In their less serious moments the ' showed the natives how to put the " wild " into THE WILD WEST. " POP " KING ,o .r « • • The BAND I Llnder the leadership of director Sam Jones the band has developed in size and in skill. During the football season the band presented colorful half-time shows. The ambitious program continued in the second semester, when the rehearsals were turned to the more dignfiied atmosphere of concert season. After a week end workshop of preparation the band ga ' c an im]iressi e spring concert. SAM JONES 79 The PLAYERS The Millsaps Plavers is the dramatic group on the campus. Its member- ship is composed of anyone interested in working on any phase of theatrical production. In conjunction with Alpha Psi Omega, the Players have brought forth such spectacles as " Our Town, " " Death of a Salesman, " " Lilliom, ' " The Infernal Machine, " " Hamlet, " and " A Streetcar Named Desire. " Under the capable direction of Mr. Lance Goss dramatics play an im- portant part in the life of Millsaps. Each year the Players and Alpha Psi Omega present three major productions and a group of one-act plays. Plays under consideration for the near future include " Murder in the Cathedral, " " Valley Forge, " and " Othello. " Howell Polk MASTER MAJOR Fredda Shelton MISS MILLSAPS Sandra Sumrall Carolyn Williams 86 Ann Anderson 87 Helen Reilly Marilyn Wood 89 FAVORITES HOMECOMING QUEEN IVEY WALLACE Ann Aderson, Esther Coker, Nancy Peacock. Not pictured: Martha Ann Selby. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Front row ( . to r.): Carpenter, Shelton, Greener, Sharpe. Back row (I. to r.): Booth, Terrv ' , Whitfield, Carter. Pan-Hellenic is the coordinator of the activities of the four campus sororities. In coniunction with the I. F. C. thev determine policies among the " Greeks. " INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Front row (I. to r.): Jones, Eppinet, Blumer. Back row (I to r.): Hunt Spell, Kirkland. BETA SIGMA OMICRON Selb Secretary ot S.E.B., tapped bv Sigma Lambda, Named to Who ' s Who, President of K.D.E., and is elected Homecoming Maid— Elliot, iMcShane, Johnson, and Robbins tapped into K.D.E.-Westerfield heads Y.W.C.A. and W.C.W. and is tapped by K.D.E. and Sigma Lambda —Whitfield and Westerficld chosen for membership in Majorette Club— Whitfield President o( Westminister Fellowship— Shields heads Chi Delta. OFFICERS President Martha Ann Selbv Vice-President Jeanne Sharpe Recording Secretarv Catherine Northam Corresponding Secrctarx ' Marv Alice Shields Treasurer Elnora Riecken Pledge Trainer Joyce King IVIEMBERS Gerry Beadle Shirley Beadle Yvonne Berquist Reba Boackle Mariorie Boleware Patricia Chunn Mary Jo Edwards Charlotte Elliot Carolyn Goff Jeanette Guess Cara Lloyd Hemphil Sara Johnson Joyce King Margie King Mary Elizabeth Mayfield Ann McShane Catherine Northam Janice Parker Rave Radiff Elnora Riecken Betty Robbins Marv Nell Roberts Jean Roten iMarth Ann Selby Mary Alice Shields Marianna Simmons Virginia Slater Martha Ann Smith Dale Thigpen Claudette Westerfield Joan W ' heeless Margaret ' hitfield Hallic Young Nntioiially Founded: LIniyersity of Missouri December 12, 1888 Locally Fov.jided: September 1, 1926 Colors : Rub and Pink Flowers : Richmond and Kilarnex ' Roses Publication: •The Urn " Berquist Boackle Boleware Chunn Edwards Elliott Goff Gross Hemphill Johnson King, J. King, M. McCorkle McShane Mayfield Northam Parker RatclifF Riecken Robbins Roberts Roten Selby Sharpe Simmons Slater Smith Thigpen Westerfield Wheeless KAPPA DELTA Nancy and Ivev are favorites— K.D. ' s win Homecoming Float prize— Ivey, Norma, and Clara Parks are tapped into Sigma Lambda— Betty wins first place in poetry division of Literary Fes- tival— Ivev is named to Who ' s Who, selected Homecoming Queen and chosen by Alpha Psi Omega and IRC— Emily heads Majorette Club and Pan-Hellenic— Ivey and Dillard are Cheer- leaders-Pi Kappa Delta taps Bush and Myers— Peacock is Lamba Chi Alpha Crescent Girl, So- ciety Editor of P. and W, and Homecoming Maid— Ann Ragland and Pullen are Majorettes- Majorette Club elects Yvonne, Clara, Mary Lou, Frances and Sylvia- K.D.E. picks Norma, Mary Lou, and Clara— Margaret, Ivey, Nita, and Clara in IRC, while Jeanette get Eta Sigma Phi— Yvonne is Pi Kappa Alpha Cotton Ball Maid— Norma is Associate Editor of Bobashela —Peacock, Vines, and Greener serve on S.E.B.— Clara Parke and Frances serve on Bobashela Staff. OFFICERS President EmiK ' Greener Vice-President Norma Neill Secretary Mary Lou Flowers Treasurer Ivev Wallace MEMBERS Elizabeth Anthony Clara Parks Booth Emily Bush Lallie Catchings Lodusca Catledge Aden Coleman Carol Culley Kay Davis Nanette Day Ann Dillard Nina Dioron Marge Eubank Mary Lou Flowers Barbara Foreman Jerre Gee Emily Greener Beverlv Hamblin Winnie Hargrove Carolyn Harpole Martha Ann Hopkins Frances Jernigan Annette Johnston Sara Jones Jean McClenahan Nancy Martin Yvonne Moss Ann Myers Joyce Nail Norma Neill Lynnice Parker Nanacy Peacock Jeanette Pullen Ann Ragland Nita Reed Carolyn Reynolds Cecilia Ridgeway Janet Smith Robin Smith Mary Gray Sparkman Nancy Stallings Linda Lou Stevens Sylvia Stevens Hazel Truluck Martha Ann Vance Nancy Vines Ivey Wallace Mollye Watkins Marilyn ' ood Margaret Woods ?SationnUv Founded: Virginia State Normal College October 23, 1897 Locally Foitnded: September 26, 1914 Colors: Green and White Flower: White Rose Puhlicatiou: " Angelos of Kappa Delta ' Booth Catchings Catledge Coleman Culley Davis Dillard Doiron Eubank Flowers Gee Greener Hamblin Hopkins Jemigan Johnston Jones McClenahan Martin Moss Myers Nail Neill Parker Peacock Pullen Ragland Reed Reynolds Ridgeway Smith, J. Smith, R. Sparkman Stallings Stevens, L. Stevens, S. Truluck Wallace Watkins Wood Woods Vance Vines .T.££ i x.y. f f f ' Of l?1.1 ' j?£! . PHI MU Helen Fav tapped into Sigma Lambda and Clii Delta— Boots and Helen tapped into K.D.E. —Shirley chosen bv Alpha Psi— Boots is Treasurer of Pan Hellenic— Teenie is Vice-President of YWCA-Shirle is Feature of Purple and White-Janie is President of Alpha Psi— Helen Fay is 1955 Valedictorian. OFFICERS President Boots Carpenter Vice-President Clarice Black Secretary Betty Barfield Treasurer Helen Fay Head Pledge Trainer Janie Plaining MEMBERS Jo Nell Alford Emma Atkinson Betty Barfield Clarice Black Murl Blaylock Sara Jane Brockman Shirley Brown Susan Brown Mary Elizabeth Burton Beth Busby Boots Carpenter Ann Chatam Rebecca Evans Ann Foreman Amar ' liss Griffin Janie Haining Helen Fay Head Patricia Hillman Ann Hooperich Mary Warren Huntley Betty Landfair Helen Maddox Ann Mauldin Peggy Perry Peggy Peterson Louise Riddell Betsy Ross Mitzi Shelton Carolyn Smith Sandra Sumerall Theresa Terry Teenie Underbill Pat Warren Reba Westerfield Carolyn Williams Jonye Witt Martha Ann Wolford NatinuaUy Fouinied: Weslexan College March 4, 1852 Locally lounded: March 24, 1914 Colors : Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation PiihJicatiou: " Adaia " Alford Atkinson Barfield Black Brockman Brown, Sh. Brown, Su. Burton Carpenter Chatham Evans French Haining Head Hillman Huntley Hupperich Landfair Maddox Mauldin Newell Perry Riddell Ross Shelton Smith Terry Underhill Warren Watson Westerfield Williams Witt WolFord CHI OMEGA Fredda is Miss Millsaps, President of Sigma Lambda and IRC— Ann Carter leads Alpha Psi and K.D.E.— Ann Anderson named Queen of Colleges in Mississippi— Mary Lynn is Editor of Pand W— Fredda, Marv Lvnn, Karen chosen Who ' s Who— Barbara and Ann tapped bv Sigma Lambda— Marv Lvnn and Karen are Favorites— Ann and Esther Homecoming Maids— Pat Wil- son is Cheerleader, while Dee and Dot are Majorettes and Mary Lvnn is the school Drum Major— Ann, Karen, Kathrvn, Barbara, Carv, Svlvia are elected to Alpha Psi— Marion, Joanne named to K.D.E.— Suzanne, Barbara, Shirlev, and Alice are initiated into Chi Delta— Ann, Rose, Kathrvn, Barbara chosen bv IRC— Shirlev, Gail, Karen, Alice, and Marion join Majorette Club — Chi ' O ' s win stunt night again and take scholarship trophv— Shirlev is Feature Editor of Bob- ashela and Managing Editor of Pand W. OFFICERS President Fredda Shelton Vice-President Alleen Davis Secretary Cynthia Morse Treasurer Ann Carter Pledge Trainer Ann Anderson MEMBERS Ann Anderson Valera Bailey Gwen Burford Ann Carter Ethel Clement Esther Coker Marth Ann Crawford Nancy Crawford Rose Cunningham Alleen Davis Janis Edgar Sue Ferguson Gail Fielder Almyra Fisher Frances Fitz-Hugh Sara Gaby Karen Gilfoy Mary Lynn Graves Zoe Ann Grigsby Nancy Ann Harris Joanne Henderson Sarah Hilton Kathryn Hook Blythe Jeffrey Lucy Lee Johnson Barbara Jones Claire King Gene Ann Lauchly Pat McGuire Margaret Miller Mary Frances Montgomery Pat Morgan Cynthia Morse Beth O ' Neill Sarah Mae Parker Suzanne Peery Dee Phillips Jane Pickering Ann Prichard Jeanette Ratcliff Helen Reilley Jean Rouse Sylvia Shrock Fredda Shelton Shirley Stanton Alice Starnes June Stellvvagon Cary Stewart Ann Stribling Marion Swayze Betty Gail Trapp Bethany Watkins Dot Weidman Jeanette Wilkins Pat Wilson Dixie Winborn Nationally Founded: LIniversity of Arkansas April 5, 189S Locally Founded: March 31, 1934 Colors : Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Piihlicatio}!: " The Eleusis " 106 Anderson Bailey Burford Carter Clements Coker Crawford, M. Crawford, N. Cunningham Davis Edgar Ferguson Fielder Fisher Fitz-Hugh Gaby Glenn Graves Grigsby Harris Hewitt Hook Jeffrey Jones King Lauchly McGuire Miller Montgomery Morgan Morse O ' Neil Peery Phillips Pickering Prichard Ragan Ratcliff Reilly Rouse Schrock Stanton Stames Stellwagon Stewart Swayze Trapp Watkins Wideman N.I.S.A. Bettv Westbiook is President of Weslev Fellowship and Vice-President of Women ' s Council- Finger and Currv hold membership in A.E.D. and Theta Nu Sigma— Carolyn Allen is Vice- President of W.C.W. and Eugenia is Treasurer— Johnnie is tapped by Alpha Psi and Sara jo by Sigma Lambda— Sara Jo is Secretary of Singers— Bettv Jo and Finger receiye bids to the M Club. OFFICERS President Sara |o Smith Vice-President Ruth Ann Pearson Recording Sccretar Carohn Allen Treasurer Anne Finger Historian Helen Young MEMBERS Carolyn Allen Joan Anderson Kaisa Braaten Norma Brown Kay Bufkin Maxie Castilow Joanna Clayton Zora Curry Meta Dixon Diane Douglas Mary Dunn Anne Finger Mary Ruth Guin Carolyn Holloway Jane Hull June Hull Eugenia Kelly Millicent King June Martin Danye Miller Ella Jean Moore Gail Moorhead Gwen McRaney Ernie Lee Nelson Ruth Ann Pearson Lucy Price Mary George Price Daphne Richardson Peggy Sanford Sara Jo Smith Johnnie Swindull B etty Westbrook Edna Wixon Beatrice Williamson Helen Young Natiovally Founded: University of Oklahoma April, 1938 J ocally Founded: July 19, 1943 Colors : Blue and White Flower: W ' ' hite Carnation Piddicaliou: N.I.S.A. Newsletter Swindull Westbroolc Williams Williamson Wilkinson Wixon Young Allen Anderson Beadle, G. Beadle, S. Braaten Brown Bufkin Burns Castilow Clark Clayton Curry Dunn Finger Guin Holloway Hull, Jane Hull, June Kelly King McRaney Martin Miller Moorhead Nelson Pearson Price, L. Price, M. G Richardson Sanford Smith KAPPA ALPHA Blumer is President of O.D.K.— Spell heads Theta Nu Sigma and A.E.D.— O.D.K. taps Spell, Nail, and Jackson— Blumer is Business Manager of Bobashela and Jackson is his assistant— Che- ney chosen for Kit Kat— Nail and Blumer selected for Who ' s Who— IRC selects Chenev and Blumer— Blumer and Nail are Favorites— Jackson and Nail join Alpha Psi. OFFICERS Number I Fred Blumer Number II Tommy Spell Number III Hardv Nail George Armstrong Bill Bailey Harry Blair Fred Blumer Dick Brown Reynolds Cheney Cecil Copeland Bill Deweese George Elliot Tommy Fanning C hick Flournoy David Franks Billy Graham Johnny Green Bob Harris Leverett Hays Terry Havward MEMBERS Jack Hill Sidney Hill Charles Hollowell Burton Jackson Mickey Kelley Brack King Leachy Klotz Douglas Lay Thad Leggett Ezelle Lewis Jim McCarty Scott McCarty Jimmy Manning Harry Mills Noel Mills B. B. Montgomery Bob Morrison Hardy Xall Roy O. Parker J. W. Patterson Dick Phares James Perkins Arthur Pigott Leslie Shelton Bobby Smith Tommy Spell Adrian Sturdivant Cy Vance Summer Walters James Walton Charles Williams Bill Wilson Fred Yerger NatiofiaJly Foitnded: Washington College December 21, 1865 Locally FoiDided: October 1, 1893 Colors : Crimson and Old Gold Flowers : Magnolia and Crimson Rose Publication: " Kappa .Alpha Journal " Armstrong Bailey Blumer Brown Cheney Copeland Fanning Floumoy Graham Green Harris Hayward Hill Hollowell Jackson Klotz Lay Leggett Lewis McCarty, J. McCarty, S. Manning Mills, H. Mills, N. Montgomery Morrison Nail Parker Pigott Shelton Smith Spell Sturdivant Vance Walters Walton Williams Wilson KAPPA SIGMA Kirkland replaces Kimball as President— Polk is Master Major, ODK, Who ' s Who, and presi- dent of S.E.B.— R. Lowe is ODK, Who ' s Who, and president of Christian Council— Roy Price is president of Senior Class— Kirkland is head of M Club; Awad is veep; Boykin is treasurer— Wallev is president of Singers, Awad is Vice President; Polk is Business Manager— Blount is Freshman King. OFFICERS President Bennv Kirkland Vice President Newt Harrison Ritualist Bob Parnell Secretary Foster Lowe Treasurer Jerry Boykin Pat Allen Alex Alston Bob Ammons John Awad Guy Bailey Dick Blount Arthur Bogdahn Pat Bonner Tom Boone Jerry Boykin Billy Brown Jerry Bryant Billy Burch Carl Causey Paul Comola Charles Cooper Clyde Copeland John Copeland Charles Deaton Hugh Ervin Sonny Ervin Harrison Etheridge Alfred Eubanks Sonnev Everitt MEMBERS Tommy Gardner Billy Greenlee Billy Griffith Billy Gulledge Garland Harrison Newt Harrison Jug Hathorn Robert Howard Jimmy Hudson Joe Houston Dick Johnson Bill Jones George Jones Jimmy Jones Lo well Jones Scott Kimball Bennie Kirkland John Kitch Jimmy Long Foster Lowe Reginald Lowe Paul Kern W. H. Merrell Ed Mize Powers Moore Terry Moore John Morgan Dan Morgan Harold Mullens Bob Meyers Bob Parnell Dickie Pepper Roy Price Howell Polk Sonny Potts David Pryor Charles Purifoy Mitt Roby aiff Rushing Alfred Statham Jack Taylor Frank Tucker Charles Underhi N. R. Wallev Albert Wells Don Williams Jerry Yeager Nationally Fuinided: LIniyersity of Virginia I cember 10, 1869 Locally Founded: October 18, 1895 Colors: Scarlet, Creen W ' hitc Flower: Lily of the ' alle Publication : " The Caduceus " 112 Allen Ammons Blount Boykin Burch Causey Cooper Copeland Eubanks Harrison Hathom Howard Johnson Jones, B. Jones, G. Jones, J. Kern Kitch Lowe Merrell Moore Myers Polk Potts Price Pryor Statham Tucker Underbill Vaughn LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Sam joncs takes o ' cr from Eppinette— Ebcrsole is Veep of S.E.B.— Lambda Chi ' s take scholar- ship trophx— Polk is President of AED— Eppinette is elected Vice-President of Senior Class- Sam Jones directs the band— Carne ' chosen Editor of Pand W— Conner is President of Theta Nu Sigma— Ebersole and Sturdivant arc in Who ' s Who— Eppinette is Prexy of IPC- Ebersole, Sam Jones, and Parker tapped into ODK— Peacock is Lambda Chi Crescent Girl. OFFICERS President Vernon Eppinette Vice-President Doxev Fischer Secretary Michael Conner Treasurer Walter Lipscomb MEMBERS George Alexander Danny Anderson Alton Boyd Henry Carney John Coddington Michael Conner Marvin Dyess Joe Ebersole Vernon Eppinette Doxey Fisher Rodney Gibson John Grant Roy Grisham Russ Hackman George Hicks Paul Horn Jim Jarrett Marvin Jeter Howard Jones Lowell Jones Sam Jones Sam Kuykendall Jimmy McCormick Tommy Naylor Jimmie Newell Roy Parker Bob Patterson Hiram Polk Johnny Powell Billy Rhvmes Ken Simons Parker Sojourner John Stone John Stringer Ed Sturdivant Sam Tomlinson Bobby Tullos Brister Ware Merrimen Watkins Robert Wesley Tom Willetts John ' imberly Jim Witten Don Youngs Nationally Founded: Boston Llni ersit ' NoNcmber 2, 1909 Locall) ' I ' oundcd: December 20, 1924 Colors : Purple, Green, and Gold Floxvcr: White Rose Publication: " The Cross and Crescent ' mm% Campbell Camey Coddington Conner Dyess Ebersole Eppinette Fisher Gibson Grant Grisham Hackman Hicks Jarrett Jones, H. Jones, L. Jones, S. Lambert Leggett Lipscomb McCormick Naylor Newell Parker Patterson Polk Powell Rhymes Simons Sojourner Stone Stringer Sturdivant Tomlinson Tullos Ware Willetts Wimberly Witten Youngs EK is tapped into ODK— Lott is editor of STYLUS— Elv edits BOBASHELA— Abraham re- places Hunt second semester as business manager oF the PURPLE AND WHITE— Pikes win basketball— Upton, Loflin, and Lampton are cheerleaders— Lott ser ' es as president of Eta Sigma Phi— Elv selected for Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and LIniversities— Conerly, W as- son, and Collins tapped into Thcta Nu Sigma— Conerlv tapped into Alpha Epsilon Delta. OFFICERS SMC Walter L Waldrop IMC Read Jones The John C. Phillev Historian Wallv Conerl - MEMBERS Fred Abraham Verlin Bell Gordin Bingham Dick Blount Pete Bradfield Charles Catledge Steve Collins Wally Conerly Kenneth Dew Oscar Dovvdle Walter Ely John Evans Jonah Ford Dick Foxvvorth Darby Gilmer Jimmy GrifFis John Hancock Byrd Hillman John Hubbard George Hunt Lea Hymen Hugh Johnston Read Jones Bill Lampton Jack Loflin John Lott Jack McDonald John McEachin Hal Miller Robert Mims John C. Philley Murray Pinkston Wavne Renfro Cliff Rigby Bill Rose Ed Sallis Kermit Scott Barry Stewart Ed Stewart Bobby Smith Jerry Trigg Johnny Turner Edwin Upton Luke Wasson Ed Williams Albert Williamson Shellv White Nationallv FoiDided: LIniversit ' of Virginia March 1, 1868 Locally FoiDided: March 23, 1905 Colors: Garnet and Gold Flower: Lilv of the Vallc Ptd lication: " The Shield and Diamond Abraham Bell Bingham Bradfield Catledge Collins Conerly Dew Dowdle Ely Ford Foxworth Gilmer GrifFis Hancock Hillman Hubbard Hunt Ivey Johnston Jones Lampton Loflin Lott McDonald McEachin Miller PhiUey Rigby Sallis Scott Smith Stewart, B. Stewart, E. Thomas Trigg Turner Upton Waldrop Wasson White Williams Williamson l iiilVi r NORSEMEN ludson tapped bv Eta Sigma Phi and Kit Kat— Joe Lee holds membership in Theta Xu Sigma. OFFICERS President Cecil Jones Vice-President Charles McRevnolds Secretary Albert Felsher Treasurer Joe Way MEMBERS Greg Ballard Cecil Jones Song Rin Thomas Ballard Edwin King James Robertson Ray Bardin Robert Koch Ray Screws Glenn Calloway Joe Lee Laverne Smith Billy Dowdle Young Lee Keith Tonkel Harris Eaton Bill MacDonald Joe Way Albert Felsher Charles McReynolds Clay Whitehurst Earl Greenough James Morrow Brooks Hudson Charles Nicholson NationaUy Founded: Oklahoma Uni ' ersity, April, 1938 Locally Foimded: 1950 Publication: N;I.S.A. Newsletter Colors: Blue and Gold Ballard, G. Dowdle Eaton Felsher Greenough Hudson Jones King Koch Lee, Y. McRevnolds Nicholson Rin Smith Tonkel Way ' hitehurst THE 1954 DIXIE THE SCOREBOARD MILLSAPS 6 MILLSAPS 6 MILLSAPS 13 MILLSAPS 19 MILLSAPS 24 MILLSAPS 13 MILLSAPS 41 MILLSAPS 13 WILLIAM CAREY 14 DELTA STATE 35 LIVINGSTON STATE 6 SEWANEE 13 HOWARD 12 MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE. ... 6 SOUTHWESTERN 13 OUACHITA 6 TOTALS 135 105 120 CONFERENCE CHAMPS After a slow start, the Majors rapidly developed into one of the best amateur football teams in the nation. The Majors reached the heights in a brilliant and convincing defeat of Mississippi College, 13-6. Consistently playing well, Millsaps finished the season in a blaze of glory on the crest of a six game winning streak. We are expecting them to add more come Autumn, 1955. ' ENDS Benny Kirkland — Hard hitting and de- pendable, he was a bulwark in the strong Major line. Charles Deaton — His return bolstered the end corps and he was a solid an- chor for his end of the line. Bobby Maddox — Playing steady ball, he turned in a real workmanlike perform- ance at all times. TACKLES Tommy Gardner — His versatility showed to great advantage as he plaved end, tackle, and guard. Pat Bonner — He was an outstanding late season development and will be an as- set in the future. To t Prewitt — One of the Majors ' best linemen, his blocking and tackling were timelv and efficient. Bobby Joe Smith — Playing his last year, he was a capable tackle and he will be missed. Luke Wasson — A fine tackle, he made a real success of his first vear of college ball. MuRRY PiNKSTON — A solid and depend- able man, he was a tower of strength in the line. WE ' RE OFF AGAIN! GUARDS Tom Boone — A great asset to the team, he was a fine blocker at guard and a strong Hne-backer. JOHNNY AwAD — The " Mite " once again proved he is as good as any guard any- where, pound for pound. Arthur Bogdahn — Capable and hard hitting, Bubber demonstrated his value time and again. Alex Alston — An outstanding freshman, he plaved a big role in the team ' s suc- cess. Paul Comola — He made a major con- tribution to the team with his steadv and dependable play. CENTERS James Hood — A fine center, he was a hard blocker and tackier. Charles Catledge — Playing his third year, he again showed himself to be a good man to have on our side. Here Hardy! 123 HALF BACKS Hardy Nall — A fine runner, his pass catching and defensive play made him a real standout. Walter Waldrop — A major develop- ment, his hard running and timely pass catching eased the Majors through many tight spots. Crow Parnell — A dependable and ca- pable half back, he was a real asset to the squad. FULL BACKS Roy Wolfe — This speedster was a fine runner and pass receiver. Much is ex- pected of him in the future. Stan Turpin — He was a dependable back as he demonstrated several times in this, his Senior, year. John Lowery — The best full back in am- ateur college football — need more be said? Don Gage — He shone brilliantly from the full back post, a fine runner, blocker and punter. Terry Moore — A dependable and versa- tile back, he made his value to the team evident. Cliff Rushing — A fine freshman back this year, much is expected of him in the future. Get him, Drip! QUARTERBACKS Red Powell — The Most Valuable Player Award could not have been given to a more deserving player. It was his play- calling, passing, running and inspiration that sparked the six game winning streak. COACHES and MANAGERS Coach Bartling and Coach Smith can- not receive too much praise for their fine direction of the team. A job verv well done! Don Williams — a valuable quarterback, Don was an important development in the late season. Clovis Butts — An injurv limited his participation, but he was a capable back and next year should see him demon- strate his value. MANAGERS John Calvin Philley Brooks Hudson Ted Alexander RED POWELL RECEIVES NEWELL AWARD iSVLS ,; BASKETBALL, 1955 A glance at won-lost record of the 1954-55 Millsaps Major basketball team doesn ' t reveal the whole picture. Although hindered bv labs and illness, the squad put up a courageous battle in every game. Essentially a voung team, much is ex- pected of them next winter. Once more, Mississippi College defied the rules in order to win more games and it is quite possible that the Millsaps-Choctaw rivalry may ha ' e ended with the Major victory on the gridiron last fall. We hope not, but M. C. must take its stand— amateur or professional. 126 Will it drop in: The Majors get the tap. An easy two points Get that rebound! BASEBALL, 1955 Jack Speights John Lowery Terry Moore Bennie Kirkland Read Jones Kenneth Dew RETURNING LETTERMEN There it goes! Here comes the pitch! TENNIS Freddie Abraham Jimmy McCormick WiLLAiu) Leggett Bill James Powers Moore Charles Cooper In 1954, Millsaps most successful intercollegiate athletic team was the tennis squad. Under the direction of Dr. M. C White, the Majors won nine of ten matches and avenged the lone loss at the hands of Ole Miss. The team defeated Mississippi College FOUR times, Mississippi Southern twice, and Ole Miss, Southwestern, and Delta State once each. Thev climaxed the season with a tie for the Dixie Conference championship. The number one Doubles Team, Moore and James, were Dixie Conference champs and the number two Doubles Team, Leggett and Abraham, were Missis- sippi Intercollegiate champions. With the mainstays of the ' 54 squad, plus several bright prospects, returning, another fine record seems to be in the offing. 129 BRIGHT PROSPECTS FOR THE NET SQUAD It ' •«• » • " " " " Sim- - Keith Cowart James Vaughn Don Gage Cliff Rushing 1955 GOLF TEAM John Cook Jerry Boykin Bill Lampton Bbeck King Guy Bailey 130 M CLUB M M OFFICERS President Bennie Kirkland Vice President Johnny Awad Treasurer Jerry Boykin 131 n SNAPSHOTS THE BENCH V 5%=r SNAPSHOTS BIG JOHN THE MIGHTY MITE GIVING ' EM A GOOD SEND-OFF SOUTHWESTERN ' S BALL s p o R T S This ear, for the first time, girls ' intramural sports were organized on sororitx and indepen- dent basis. The response was increased greatlv and the rixalrv was intens e. There were six- basketball teams— the four sororities, the ' ik- ings, and the independents. After each team had plaved fi e games the Chi O ' s and the Vik- ings u ' cre tied for first place, each ha ing lost one game. A tournament was then held and the Chi O ' s came out winners after a tense and exciting game. This left the Vikings and inde- pendents tied for second place, KD ' s third. Phi MU ' s fourth, and BSO ' s fifth. Badminton, the next girls ' sport after basket- ball, at the time of this writing is being phned, both in phvsieal edueation classes and as part of the intramural program. s p o R T S J Hptr P l 1 f | Lz i.»« H ■9 1 ' A r 1 1 KAPPA DELTA Front row ( . (o r.): Ragland, McClenahan, Stevens. Back row iJ. to r.): Jernigan, Jones, Martin, Greener. CHI OMEGA Fro)!f roil ' ( . to r.): Fielder. Miller, Shelton, Pickering, Prichard, Starnes. Back roir ( . to r.): Grisby, Wilkins, Ferguson, Stanton, Gilfoy, Bailey. BETA SIGMA OMICRON Front row (I. to r.): McCorkle, Parker, Roberts, Smith. Back row ( . to r.}: Shields, Slater, Hemphill. ' ' hitfiekl. PHI MU Front row (I. to r.): Sumrall, Landfair, Mauldin. Back row ( . to r.): Westerfield, Terry, Burton, Brown. VIKINGS Front rou ' (J. to r.): Richardson, Wixon, Miller, Mc Rainey, Moore, Anderson. Back row (I. to r.): Brown, Douglas, Moorhead, Allen, Kellev. f OMICRON DELTA KAPPA ODK is a national honorary society which recognizes leadership in campus ac- tivities and scholarship. It is the highest honor a Millsaps man can receive. OFFICERS President Fred Blumer Vice-President Joe Ebersole Secretary Dr. Ross Moore Facultv Advisors Mr. Pete Wood, Dr. Ross Moore, Dr. James Ferguson, President H. E. Finger MEMBERS PICTURED Seated: ]oe Ebersole Standing: Hardy Nail Mr. Pete Wood Tommy Spell Dr. Ross Moore • Roy Parker Dr. James Ferguson Reginald Lowe Fred Blumer Howell Polk Walter Ely 140 OFFICERS President Fredda Shelton Vice-President Ann Carter Secretary-Treasurer Helen Fay Head Historian Mary Lynn Graves Advisors Miss Mildred Morehead Mrs. Nellie Hederi Miss Jean Sain MEMBERS PICTURED Seated: Mary Lynn Graves Standing: Mgrtha Ann Selby Helen Fay Head Sara Jo Smith Fredda Shelton Barbara Jones Ann Carter Lucy Robinson Miss Mildred Morehead Norma Neill Ivey Wallace Sigma Lambda is the women ' s leadership honorary which was founded bv ODK. It recognizes leadership in campus activities and scholarship. Sigma Lambda sponsors Coffee Hour and the Varsitv Show. SIGMA LAMBDA Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS President Lucy Robinson Vice-President Nancy Peacock Vice-President Frances Moore Secretary Theresa Terry Treasurer Julia Parks Publicity Chairman Cary Stewart Social Chairman Sara |o Smith Bethlehem Center Chairman. . . .Anne Ragan Song Leader Betty Barfield Advisor Mrs. Nellie Hederi Commission Chairmen MiTzi Shelton Claudette Westerfield Myra Fisher, Frances Jernigan Each girl who enters Millsaps becomes a member of the YWCA and is made welcome at the Big-Little Sister Banquet. From then on it ' s a rush as " Y " sponsors such projects as Vespers, the World University Service Fund, The Campus Hand- book, and Christmas for Korean Children. This vear the group had a special job of equipping the Whitvvorth student kitchen. OFFICERS President Warren Wasson Vice-President Harry Hawkins Secretary Jack Loflin Treasurer Bobby Butts Faculty Ad ' isor Rev. Bob Anding MEMBERS First Row: Jack King Jimmy Elam Third Row. Paul Kern Leonard Jordan 5 , ,, j Earl Greenough Cecil Jones j Wayne Black Bob Anding j p j Brooks Hudson Harry Hawkins S«r ' Walters " ' " ' Warren Wasson g pj Albert Felsher Bobby Butts gj . j . g Tommie Price Charles Nicholson . Young C. Lee Joseph Way „ . , j j gj ° Shown: Jack Loflin James Burnett _ , . „,.„. Ray Bardin Edwin Wilhams Eugene Holmes It is the purpose of the Ministerial League to promote fellowship among the students who plan to enter the ministry. The League, with the help of the YWCA sponsors mission points located in different areas of the city. Through the Mm- isterial League students are able to help others, thereby gaining experience and spiritual strength for themsclyes. MINISTERIAL LEAGUE -. KIT KAT Members Ed Sturdivant Walter Ely John Lott Bill Stallworth Joseph Conti FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. M. C. White Mr. Lance Goss Mr. A. G. Sanders Mr. Paul Hardin Kit Kat, oldest and most exclusive of Millsaps ' honoraries, recognizes outstand- ing creative writing abilitv and excellence in culinarv art. Chi Delta is the honorarv for women recognizing abilitv in creative writing. It takes an acti ' e interest in the Southern Litcrar ' Festi ' al and Stylus CHI DELTA Members Miss Mildred Morehead, Advisor Helen Fay Head, Sec.-Trcas. Mary A. Shields, President Lucy Robinson, Vice-Presideni Shirley Caldwell Barbara Jones Mary Lynn Graves Suzanne Peery Fredda Shelton Kay Fort ' .A KAPPA DELTA EPSILON OFFICERS President Martha Ann Setby Vice-President Ann Carter Secretary Carol Mae Brown Treasurer Joyce King Faculty Adyisors Prof, and Mrs. R. R. Haynes MEMBERS Seated: Katherine Webb Ann Carter Martha Ann Selby Carol Mae Brown Joyce King Marion Swayze Standing: Bett ' Robbins Joanne Henderson Claudette Westerfield Mary Alice Shields Norma Neill Charlotte Elliott Clara Parks Booth Jeneanne Sharpe Not Picti red: Mar ' Lou Flowers Frances Moore Kappa Delta Epsilon, a professional education sorority, promotes the cause of education by fostering high scholastic standing and professional ideals among those preparing for the teaching profession. 145 pJSS . — THETA NU SIGMA OFFICERS President Tommy Spell Vice-President Mike Connor Secretar ' Elaine Booth Treasurer Walton Lipscomb Faculty Ad ' isor Richard R. Priddy Theta Nu Sigma is the Millsaps natural science honorary. Its membership is composed of science majors of high scholastic abilitw MEMBERS Seated: Earl Stairs Standing: Reginald Lowe Mike Conner Walton Lipscomb Zorah Curry Hiram Polk Ann Finger Bill Stallworth Elaine Booth Chick Flournoy Tommy Spell Dick Johnson John Stringer Joe Lee Roy Parker f r ' - ' ( r r: w u-T vv P ' ALPHA EPSILON DELTA OFFICERS President Tommy Spell Vice-President Reginald Lowe Secretar ' Ann Finger Treasurer Gary Balius Faculty Adx ' isors Dr. J. B. Price Dr. F. W. James Dr. W. J. Brett AED strives to help all pre-mcd students in their prc-medical activities. This honorary sponsors various speakers outstanding in the medical field. Seated: Ann Finger Standing: Chick Flournny Reginald Lowe John Stringer Tommy Spell Dr. J. B. Price Hiram Polk Walton Lipscomb Dick Johnson Melvin Stern Zorah Currv INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Seated (I. to r.): Head, Davis, Shelton, Neill, Wallace. Standing: B. Jones, Moore, G. Jones, Bergmark, Blumer. Carter. The I. R. C. is made up of outstanding students in the fields of history and poHtical science. Discus- sions of timely subjects are high lights of the meetings. ALPHA PSI OMEGA OFFICERS President Janie Haining Vice-President Ann Carter Secretary-Treasurer Walter Ely Advisor Lance Coss MEMBERS Vernon Eppinette Shirley Brown Walter Ely Robert Harper Karen Gilfoy Lance Goss Ed Sturdivant Johnny Turner Janie Haining Ann Carter Barbara Jones Hardy Nail Kathryn Hook Ivey Wallace Ann Butler CliflF Rigbv Alpha Psi Omega recognizes outstanding interest, abilitw and j- ' articination in all phases of dramatics. This vear was highlighted hv such outstanding productions as " Hamlet " and " A Streetcar Named Desire. " 150 MAJORETTE CLUB OFFICERS President Ivey Wallace Vice-President Lucy Robinson Secretary-Treasurer Mary Lynn CtRAves Membership in the Majorette Cluh is extended to women v ' h() show special skills and interest in the women ' s inlramural program. An important event of the school year is Stunt Night, which is sponsored hv the Maiorettcs. MEMBERS Seated: Cecelia Ridgeway Lucy Robinson Ivey Wallace Mary Lynn Graves Martha Ann Selbv Standing: Mary Lou Flowers Frances Jernigan Mary Alice Shields Emily Greener Joyce King Fredda Shelton ETA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS President John Lott Vice-President Clara Parks Booth Secretary-Treasurer Mary Alice Shields Faculty Advisor Dr. A. P. Hamilton Fta Sigma Phi recognizes excellence in the classical Innonaqes, T atin and Creek. A campus tradition is its annual Rom-fln Banquet. MEMBERS John Lott Mike Conner Frances Jernigan Mary Alice Shields Martha Ann Selbv Walter Eh ' Clara Parks Booth Luke Wasson Summer Walters Jeanette Pullen 152 ADVERTISEMENTS SNAPSHOTS Our Advertisers have demonstrated their Faith in us. Let us show Our Faith in them by patronizing their firms. STEVENS Home of Hart, Schafner Marx HAROLD S. MUSTIN Compliments Special Agent New York Life Insurance Company HIRAM L. LANDFAIR LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS INSURANCE LUMBER COMPANY SI 3 BarneH-Madden BIdg. Td. 2-6615 Telephone 5-3661 JACKSON, Mississippi EMPORIUM ... 54 Years of Reliable Fashion Merchandising in Mississippi IT ' S MORI ' S FOR LUGGAGE GIFTS ACCESSORIES Co-mplinients of General Refrigeration Appliance Co., Inc. Authorized Frigidaire Sales and Service 5-8360 - Phones - 5-8369 Cor. North State and Amite Jackson,. Mississip-pi SUITS • PANTS • SHIRTS Styles • Styles • Styles • Twin States Athletic Supply Co. A Complete Line of Athletic Supplies School Jackets and Sweaters J. W. " Jim " HiNE, Owner and Manager 117 South Lamar Hederman Brothers Printers — Stationers Lithographers 327-335 E. Pearl Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI The American Gem Society assures you that vou can shop in this store with complete confidence Carter Jewelers 410 E. Capitol St. Jackson, Miss. Registered jeweler — American Gem Societr Montgomery Hardware Frigidaire Appliances " Your Sportins. Goods Headquarters " Phone 6-4441 3003 N. State SMITH ' S CITY SHOE SHOP Chosen First in the Nation For Superior Workmanship 315 West Capitol 2-3378 R. C. BROWN Clothing for Men, Wmnen, Children 101 E. Capitol St. Phone 3-1255 DRINK cca The Pause That Refreshes Jackson Coca-Cola Bottling Company Lloyd Ford Co., Inc. New Cars Used Cars New Trucks Used Trucks k Victoria SALES SERVICE " Mississippi ' s Largest Ford Dealer " 430 S. State Jackson, Mississippi FONDREN NORTHWOOD JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI wck BEAUTY ENTERPRISES ' ' oArtist of the Hair " Jackson Mississippi BEAUTY CENTRE HAIR DESIGNERS 1224 West Capitol 317 Meadowbrook Phones Phones 5-5421 - 2-2836 6-3965 - 6-1435 ONE OF THE SOUTH ' S GREAT STORES E. B. ' s RESTAURANT Seafoods Steaks Chicken Sandwiches 4300 North State WELLS IDEAL CLEANERS " Everything the Name Implies " 3007 N. State Phone 6-3522 BUY QUALITY, BUY FAMOUS BRAND NAMES McRAE ' S REID-McGEE MORTGAGE LOANS REAL ESTATE MUTUAL INSURANCE Telephone 5-7451 516 E. Capitol Standard Photo Co Cameras Supplies Finishing 513 E. Capitol North State Pharmacy " Ri,q ?f Acro iSi the Street from the Girl ' s Dormitory " 1808 N. State 1955 Pontiae with the 180-HP Strato-Streak Madison Auto Sales. Inc. 227 E. Pascagoula Street Telephone 3-6307 Jackson, Mississippi Baptist Book Store Religious, Children ' s and General Books, Bibles Greeting Cards and Stationery Plaques and Pictures Batson Hardware )5 Triangle Drive at Tripps Crossing Phone 6-2734 Jackson, Mississippi Mississippi Nursing Home The American Association OF Nursing Homes Harry D. Helman Director The Mississippi State Association OF Nursing Homes 24 Hour Nursing Care for Chronically 111 — Convalescent — Aged 730 E. FortificaHon St. Phone 3-1947 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI " Mississifipi ' s Most Modern Nursing Home, Gixnng the finest. Most Personal. Nursing. Care " Patterson Rexall Drug Stores Dependable Prescription Specialist 7 Conveniently Located Stores FREE DELIVERY HEMPHILL Drug Co. " Service to the Sick " Free Delivery Service No. 1 Corner Capitol State St. Phone 2-6636 No. 2 Meadowbrook Shopping Center Phone 6-1449 1240 N. WEST J STREET DIAL 2-8856 f ==v. 912 P ' ortification STREET DIAL 2-8856 Complinients of Primes Restaurants No. 1 — Opposite Post office No. 2 — Next to Baptist Hospital No. 3 — Primos Glass Kitchen No. 4 — Primos Steak House Jackson, Mississippi Compliments of Fowler Buick Company " Where Service Comes First " 856 S. State Street Dial 3-3864 Mississippi Power and Light Co. Befter Light for Better Sight THE GRILL The Campus Hangout ' SANDWICHES COLD DRINKS BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Home of Grill-Hounds Service Cleaners Certified Cold Fur Storage 3220 W. Capitol St. Jackson, Mississippi Gea e- i i ICE CREAM CO. CHRISTIAN HIGHER EDUCATION at MILLSAPS COLLEGE Aspires to Promote Right Attitudes Within a Disciplined Mind Liberal Arts Education at its best ■ ■ Fully accredited four year college for men and women Unexcelled opportunity for social, intellectual and spiritual development on a friendly campus Graduate and undergraduate courses offered at night in cooperation with the University of Mississippi Summer Terms: June 4 - July 9 — July 11 - August 12 Fall Semester Begins September 5 v ogue Mississippi ' s Campus Fashion Leader Snack Shop ' Good Food Around the Clock " David Jones Owner and Manager Photography By Mitchell Studios Compliments Jackson Jitney- Jungle Stores The Finest in All Grocery Needs Jackson, Mississippi 1955 Bobashela Published By R. M. HENDRICK Graduate Supply House Representatives ■.iujiw i.ij.imj YEARBOOKS ■J.!JJIW!HPm— Wanted by Sophomore Girls of 1955 MEN- DATES -FUN 5-4779 — Phones — 5-4771 Wanted by Millsaps College Men At-t-racf-ive Girls with Cars That Want to Go Places AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS 171 AUTOGRAPHS YEARBOOKS fllLLSAPS Uul at 1 « 1 1 t r r r » ? , . . ' rcf ' t ff ,i V«T fM- ' f f ' f ' ' T I r (I ., t , . 1 « v f ' r r

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