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11 ss it ' s gone . i t ' s I s e - o - o - 1 i V the swingingest . • j i t ' s the most to say the least . . . crazy -.. i Vs Millsaps MILLSAPS COLLEGE «c«S0« HSSISSWI FOUHOED 1890 . mim mi college of tie hethodist church MWIW. FULLY 4CCREOITED DECREES OFFERED: MCHIIOROFARTS ■ BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Bobasliela dedication The person to whom this dedication is made has been for many years a friend to the students of Millsaps. Through his instruction he has helped to shape the lives of the countless graduates who have gone out from the College. Not only has he been an excellent teacher and a sound scholar, but he has maintained a constant interest in the welfare of his students. His life has been an expression of the highest Christian principles and ideals. We are thankful to have known him. It is with great pride that we dedicate this, the 1954 Bobashela, to . . . DR. ROSS HENDERSON MOORE x - ROSS HENDERSON MOORE Gur PRESIDEI1T President Finger was inaugur- ated on October 30, 1952. In the short time that he has been with us the College has made many strides forward. A very progressive policy is underway whereby the College will launch a new building pro- gram, strengthen its endowment, and raise instructors salaries. President Finger has done a good job. We are confident that under his guidance Mil Isaps ' fu- ture is secure. HOMER ELLIS FINGER, JR. BOARD TRUSTEES OFFICERS R. L. Ezelle President N.J. Colding _ Secretary A. B. Campbell Treasurer Term Expires In 1953 W. E. Bufkin Leland R. L. Ezelle, LL.D. __ Jackson Rev. B. M. Hunt, D.D. Jackson Rev. V. R. Landrum .__ Columbia John McEachin Grenada W. O. Tatum ...Hattiesburg Rev. L. P. Wasson, D.D. West Point Rev. J. D. Wroten, D.D. Louisville Term Expires In 1956 Rev. W. J. Cunningham, D.D Tupelo John Egger Meridian Rev. N. J. Golding, D.D. .._ Greenwood A. L. Rogers ._ -New Albany Rev. W. B. Selah, D.D. Jackson Rev J. D. Slay Hattiesburg F. B. Smith Ripley Virgil D. Youngblood _. Brookhaven DEfln of FACULTY WILLIAM EMIL REICKEN Professor of Biology A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Indiana University WILLIAM EMIL REICKEN DEflll of STUDEMS JAMES EDWARD McCRACKEN B.S., Muskingum College M A., Ph.D., Ohio State University JAMES EDWARD McCRACKEN MILDRED LILLIAN MOREHEAD DEfln of woniFn MILDRED LILLIAN MOREHEAD — As- sociate Professor of English; A.B., Mis- sissippi State College for Women; A.M., Duke University. BUSII1ESS IMAGER JAMES W. WOOD — B.S., Mississippi State College. JAMES W. WOOD PAUL D. HARDIN REGISTRAR PAUL D. HARDIN — Associate Profes- sor of English; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M , Duke University; Graduate work, University of Southern California. D0RH1IT0RY niHTRons MRS. HELEN DANIEL Men ' s Dormitories MRS. F. M. MASSEY Founders Hall MRS. HATTIE COOPER Sanders and Whitworth Halls Business staff JEAN PATRICK Assistant, Business Office MRS. FRANCIS W. SHELTON Bookkeeper MRS. DOROTHY B. NETTLES Cashier REGISTRAR ' S STAFF MRS. JESSIE JORDAN MRS. BEATRICE WOODARD MRS. NITA MAYERHOFF R. E. ANDINC H. E. AVERY C. M. BARTLINC ROBERT E. ANDINC — Assistant Professor of Relig- ion; B.A., Millsaps College; B.D., Emory University. ROBERT E. BERGMARK — Emory University; Bach- elor of Sacred Theology, Boston University. HAROLD E. AVERY — B.Mus.Ed., University of Net raska ; Mus.M. Diploma, Drake University. THOMASINA BLISSARD — B.S., Belhaven College; M.A., Vanderbilt University. C. M. BARTLINC — Director of Physical Education and Coach; B.B.A., University of Mississippi. MRS. J. T. CALDWELL FACULTY FACULTY R. E. BERCMARK THOMASINA BLISSARD W. J. BRETT — Assistant Professor of Biology; B.S., Northern Illinois State Teachers ' College; M.S., Miami University; Ph.D., Northwestern University. MRS. J. T. CALDWELL, JR. — Mathematics Instruc- tor; B.A., Millsaps College; Graduate Work, Uni- versity-Millsaps Center. MAGNOLIA COULLET — Associate Professor of La- tin; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Pennsylvania; Garduate Work, American Academy in Rome; University of Chicago; B.M., Belhaven College; Graduate Work in Voice, Bordeaux, France. BETTY COX — Secretary to the President; Univer- sity of Mississippi. ELIZABETH CRAIG — Associate Professor of French; A.B., Barnard College, Columbia University; A.M., Columbia University; Diplome de la Sorbonne, Ecole de Preparation des Professeurs de Francais a I ' Etranger, Faculty of Letters, University of Paris. MAGNOLIA COULLET JETTY COX ELIZABETH CRAIG J. S. FERGUSON C. B. CALLOWAY MARGUERITE GOODMAN JAMES S. FERGUSON — Professor of History; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Louisiana State University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina; Ford Scholar Yale University. CHARLES B. CALLOWAY — Associate Professor of Physics; B.S., Millsaps College; A.M., and advanced graduate work, Duke University. MARGUERITE GOODMAN — Associate Professor of English; A.B., Agnes Scott College; A.M., Tulane University. LANCE COSS — Assistant Professor of Speech; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Northwestern University. WILLIAM C. GUEST — Assistant Professor of Biol- ogy; A.B., M.S., Emory University. A. P. HAMILTON R. R. HAYNES N. K. HEDERI FACULTY LANCE COSS ALFRED PORTER HAMILTON — Professor of Class- ical Languages and German; A.B., Birmingham- Southern College; A.M., Ph.D., University of Penn- sylvania; Graduate Work, University of Leipzig. ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES — Professor of Edu- cation; A.B., LL.B., University of Tennessee; Vice Consul of the United States in Scotland and Eng- land; A.M., and advanced Graduate Work, George Peabody College. NELLIE KHAYAT HEDERI — Instructor of Spanish; B.A., Mississippi State College for Women; M.A., Tulane University. NANCY BROGAN HOLLOWAY — Instructor of Sec- retarial Studies; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women. FRANKLIN WARD JAMES — Associate Professor of Chemistry; B.S., Mississippi College; Ph.D., Uni- versity of North Carolina. ALVIN JON KING — Director of Millsaps Singers; Oberlin Conservatory of Music; Northwestern School of Music; Christiansen Choral School; Private Study with W. S. B. Mathews, Fannie Zeisler, and Prower Symonds. NANCY HOLLOWAY F. W. JAMES A. J. KING F. M. LANEY, JR. J. J. LIVESAY R. L. MclLVENNA 3k e F FRANK M. LANEY, JR. — Associate Professor of History; B.A., University of Mississippi; M.A., University of Virginia. JAMES J. LIVESAY — Director of Public Relations and Alumni Secretary; A.B., Millsaps College. RAYMOND L. MclLVENNA — Professor of Political Science; A.B., Willamette University; A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University. GEORGE LAMAR MADDOX, JR. — Assistant Profes- sor of Sociology; B.A., Millsaps College; S.T.B., M.A., Boston University. ROSS HENDERSON MOORE — Professor of History; B.S., M.S., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Duke University. RAY SIGLER MUSGRAVE — Professor of Psychology; A.B., Bethany College; A.M., Ohio Wesleyan Uni- versity; Ph.D., Syracuse University. J. D. PRICE R. R. PRIDDY T. L. REYNOLDS C. L. MADDOX, JR. R. H. MOORE R. S. MUSCRAVE C I L T Y JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE — Professor of Chemisfry; B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., University of Missis- sippi; Ph.D., Louisiana State University. RICHARD R. PRIDDY — Professor of Geology; B.S. in Ed., Ohio Northern University; A.M., Ph.D., Ohio State University. THOMAS LEE REYNOLDS — Professor of Mathemat- ics; B.S., Cuilford College; A.M., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. ARNOLD A. RITCHIE — Assistant Professor of Math- ematics; B.S., Northeastern State College of Okla- homa; M.S., Oklahoma A. M. College; Advanced Graduate Work at Oklahoma A. M. and the Uni- versity of Tennessee. JEAN SAIN — Director of Women ' s Physical Educa- tion; B.S. Physical Education, University of Missis- sippi. ALBERT GODFREY SANDERS — Professor of Ro- mance Languages; A.B., Southwestern (Texas); A.B., Yale University; Rhodes Scholar, 1907-1910; A.B., A.M., University of Oxford. A. A. RITCHIE JEAN SAIN A. G. SANDERS MARY B. H. STONE E. S. WALLACE M. C. WHITE c Ai FACULTY MARY B. H. STONE — Associate Professor of Eng- lish; A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; A. M., and advanced garduate work, George Pe body College. ELBERT STEPHEN WALLACE — Professor of Eco- nomics; A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; A.M., Ph.D., Duke University. MILTON CHRISTIAN WHITE — Professor of Eng- lish; A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; A.M., Harvard University; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. KARL WOLFE — Art; B.F.A., Chicago Art Institute, William M. R. French Fellowship; Study abroad for one year; Study and teaching Pennsylvania School of Art Summer School. JAMES DAUSEY WROTEN, JR. — Professor of Re- ligion; A.B., Millsaps College; B.D., Southern Meth- odist University; A.M., Ed.D., Columbia University. JOHN T. ZUMBRO — Assistant Professor of Econom- ics and Business Administration; B.S., Middle Tennessee State College; M.A., University of Tennessee; Advanced Graduate Work, University of Tennessee. KARL WOLFE J. D. WROTEN, JR. J. T. ZUMBRO . ■ , classes... t ah, SEniOR CLASS After four years at Millsaps the time has finally come when we must leave. For us, college is almost over, and we find that we are not anxious to say goodbye. Many things have gone into the making of our life at Millsaps — work, parties, and friend- ships. We regret that these must end, but there are other, more important, things to be done — and we are eager to do them. ' Bye Millsaps! ' It ' s been great. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President --------- ODEAN PUCKETT Vice-President ------- JOHNNY HOWELL Secretary-Treasurer ----- MARY GRANTHAM Puckett, Grantham, Howell " ! ' Junior Birdman? " Allen, C. W. Booth Allen, Julia Broadwater cfln GRflDUflTinG CLHSS FIRST ROW — Charles W. Allen, Jr., PiKA, Itta Bena ; Julia Allen, Vikings, Quitman; Aspasia Athas, Greenwood; W. E. Ayers, PiKA, Greenville; Dunbar Babbit, Phi Mu, Natchez; Jack Birchum, Norman, Okla.; Lois Ann Boackle, BSO, Crystal Springs. SECOND ROW — Jo Ward Booth, KD, Drew; John Broadwater, KS, Crystal Springs; Hugh Burford, Vicks- burg; Norma Busse, BSO, Canton; Tarver Butler, KA, Hattiesburg; Laverne E. Buzarde, KS, Greenwood; Lucretia Caldwell, Philipp. Carter Cunningham Clark Cooper, JoAnn Dix Athas Burford Ayres Busse of ffl I L L S II P ' S COLLEGE 1954 THIRD ROW — Harry Carter, KA, New Taswell, Tenn.; Robert Clark, Jackson; Olive Coker, ChiO, Jackson; Jack Cooper, KA, Starkville; Jo Anne Cooper, KD, Greenwood; Christine Covington, Goodman. FOURTH ROW — Maggie Cunningham, Jackson; Helen Davis, Viking, Utica ; Fred DeLong, PiKA, Tut- wiler; Sarah Dennis, Morton; Keith Dix, KS, Spokane, Wash.; Jack Dunbar, PiKA, Sumner. Covington Dunbar __ %%f " Snake-eyes! " W?K ■ ' " " ' WHAT ' S COOKING? choctaw m, OP COURSE! I ' Menace-meat? " cJra GRHDURTIHG C L H S S FIRST ROW — Bernice Edgar, Vaughn; Minnie Far- SECOND ROW — Eddie Cossard, Meridian; Mary low, ChiO, Jackson; Dee Ford, KD, M sgnolia; Sybil Grantham, BSO, Jackson; Harry Gulledge, PiKA, Jack- Foy, BSO, Jackson; Mary Gene Cainey, ChiO, Jack- son; Bettye Lee Hardwick, KD, Greenwood; Sid Head, son; Campbell Cilliland, KA, Jackson; Sammy Joe PiKA, Columbia; Louise Hight, Viking, Pine Bluff, Clorioso, KS, Itta Bena. Ark.; Louis Hodges, Eupora. Hood Kelly Howell, J. M. Khayat Howell, Lans J. R. Hudson, R. ng Laseter Hudson, Y Lee Cilliland Hight Clorioso Hodges of m I L L S A P ' S COLLEGE 1954 THIRD ROW — John Hood, Closter; John M. Howell, PiKA, Forest; John R. Howell, KA, Durant; Ruth Hudson, Jackson; Yeager Hudson, Norsemen, Mer- idian; Audrey Jennings, Phi Mu, Chicago, III. FOURTH ROW — Bobby Kelly, PiKA, Jackson; Edna Khayat, KD, Moss Point; Janella Lansing, KD, Mc- Comb; Charles Laester, Morton; Albert Lee, PiKA, Columbus; John Little, KA, Jackson. Jennings Little ' Anyone for gin? " c fli G R A D U H T I II G CLASS FIRST ROW — Rhemus McCarter, Eupora; J. V. Mc- Crory, Canton; Dorothy McCubbins, Jackson; Linda Lou McCullar, ChiO, Durant; Mary Lynn McCrath, KD, Canton; Ann Mclnvale, KD, Laurel; William E. McKinley, KS, Jackson. SECOND ROW — Hugh McLellan, LXA, Durant; Welton Madden, Carthage; James Maddux, SN, Ind- ianola; Frank Mangum, KA, Natchez; Douglas Mathis, LXA, Crystal Springs; Ernest Mincy, KA, Jackson; Mary Elinor Moore, Phi Mu, Morton. W k. McCubbins Maddux McKinley Moore of m I L L S R P ' S COLLEGE 1954 THIRD ROW — Barbara Myers, KD, Greenwood; Bobby Myers, PiKA, Jackson; Norma Morton, Lor- man; Arthur O ' Neil, KS, Jackson; Leslie Page, PiKA, Grenada; Tommy Parker, KA, McComb. FOURTH ROW — Jeanne Patrick, Viking, Jackson; Frances Jo Peacock, KD, Kosciusko; Mary Helen Philipps, BSO, Flora; W. D. Pigott, Norsemen, Tyler- town; David Powell, KS, Jackson; Sue Powell, ChiO, Jackson. Parker Powell, S. Improving their minds. ' Better than teaching anytime. " Puckett Smith cJrn G R A D U II T I n G C L A S S FIRST ROW — Mauleene Presley, Pickens; Odean Puckett, PiKA, Jackson; McWillie Robinson, KA, Jackson; Bettye Russell, Monticello; Wilma Ryan, Viking, Bentonia; Dennis Sal ley, PiKA, Eupora ; Jean- ette Sanders, KD, Oxford. SECOND ROW — Sylvia S anford, KD, Philadelphia; Betty Jo Smith, KD, Kosciusko; Robert Streetman, LXA, Durant; Peggy Suthoff, KD, Moss Point; Gran- ville Sykes, PiKA, Jackson; Ann Turner, KD, Green- wood; Mary Vaughn, KD, Jackson. Waits Whitehurst Waldrop Wiggins 40m tk (3. 4 fl Walley Williamson Whitam Wilson j.d.h Robinson Streetman Sanders Vaughn of 111 I L L S fl P ' S COLLEGE 1954 THIRD ROW — Julius Waits, Greenville; Roger Wal- drop, LXA, Jackson; Barbara Walker, BSO, Jackson; Oscar Walley, KS, Richton; Fred Whitam, Natchez; Morris White, Greenwood. FOURTH ROW — Berry Whitehurst, Coldwater; Paul Wiggins, PiKA, Parchman; Gene Wilkinson, LXA, Jackson; Jerry Williamson, Norsemen, Philadelphia; Joan Wilson, Vikings, Richton; Tommy Woodard, PiKA, Greenville; Tommy Woods, KS, Greenwood. White Woodard Woods " 1950 — hot off the press. S E n I R S Tlot [Pictured ALEXANDER, ROBERT D. - - - - Pontotoc ARNOLD, ROY T. ----- - Jackson BARIA, CAROLYN L. ----- - Culfport Vikings CAFFEY, TAYLOR D. - - - - - Duckhill KS CAIN, GLENN A. ------ - Durant KS CAMPBELL, CHARLES W. - - - - - West KS COSTICAN, EMILY ------ Greenwood KD CRIM, WILLIAM L. ----- - Jackson CUMBERLAND. LONNIE A. - - - - Sharon DEMOS, LOUIS -------- Jackson LXA GARNER, HAROLD W. - - - - - Jackson HASSELLE, EDWARD T. - - - - - Meridian HOBBS, JOE W. ------- Jackson PiKA JONES, EDWIN H. ----- - Jackson PiKA KELLY, ISAIAH B. ----- - Jackson KOSKIE, CLARENCE C. - - - - - Camden MARTIN, ROBERT E. ----- - Jackson PHILLIPS, GEORGE W. ----- - D ' Lo PIGGOT, CHARLES H. - - - - - Meridian PIPKIN, NEIL L. ------ - Jackson POWERS, FRED C. ------ - Jackson ROMEY, WILLIAM S. ----- - Jackson SEBREN, CLARENCE P. - - - - - Florence LXA SHIRLEY, PAUL D. ----- - Forest SMITH, FRED D. ------ - McComb KA SMITH, JAMES E. ----- - Puckett STRICKLIN, LEE A. - - - - - Yazoo City KS THOMPSON, FRANKLIN V. - - - - Canton WALTERS, CAROLYN W. - - - - Jackson DDD WARWICK, WILLIAM WALLACE - - Jackson WATSON, FREEMAN C. - - - - - Jackson WELLS, LAMAR MILFORD - - - - Jackson WELLS, LONETTA M. ----- - Jackson Phi Mu WILSON, THOMAS EPPS ----- Jackson KA WOODBRIDGE, HARDY ----- Jackson D Psi WRIGHT, WILLIAM E. - - - - - Tunica YOUNG, CARY NELL ------ Jackson 3L UnDERGRHDUHTES . . First Row FREDDY ABRAHAM, Freshman, PiKA, Vicksburg; CLENDA ADAMS, Freshman, Quitman; LOUIS ALEX- ANDER, Freshman, Jackson; CAROLYN ALLEN, Freshman, BSO, Shaw; FAY ALLEN, Sophomore, Van- cleve. Second Row: PAT ALLEN, Sophomore, KS, Jackson; BOBBY AM- MONS, Junior, KS, Jackson; ANN ANDERSON, Sophomore, ChiO, Jackson; SHIRLEY ANDERSON, Sophomore, Laurel; BILL ANCIN, Freshman, Norse- men, Jackson. Third Row: GEORGE ARMSTRONG, Freshman, KA, Coffeeville; VALERA BAILEY, Freshman, ChiO, Holly Springs; BARBARA BALLARD, Sophomore, Jackson; RAY BARDIN, Sophomore, Jackson; BETTY BARFIELD, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson. oflne MDERGRHDIMES Fourth Row: FULTON BARKSDALE, Junior, Madison; WORTH BENNETT, Sophomore, ChiO, Jackson; SHIRLEY BISHOP, Sophomore, BSO, Jackson; CLARICE BLACK, Junior, Phi Mu, Drew; JAMES BLAIR, Sophomore, PiKA, Quitman. Fifth Row: FRED BLUMER, Junior, KA, Sumrall; TOM BOONE, Sophomore, KS, Memphis; CLARA PARKS BOOTH, Freshman, KD, Drew; NATHAN BOWERS, Junior, Norsemen, Jackson; JERRY BOYKIN, Junior, KS, Laurel. Sixth Row: MARY BRASHER, Freshman, Jackson; HELEN BREW- ER, Freshman, Jackson; JUNE BROCK, Freshman, Belzoni; SARA BROCKMAN, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson; BILLY BROWN, Sophomore, KS, Jackson. Seventh Row: CAROL MAE BROWN, Junior, Meridian; NORMA BROWN, Freshman, Lorman; SHIRLEY BROWN, Freshman, Belzoni; MARGARET BUCHANNAN, Jun- ior, Meridian; BILLY BURCH, Sophomore, Jackson. Abraham Adams Alexander Allen, C. Allen, F. Allen, P. Ammons Anderson, A. Anderson, S. Angin Armstrong Bailey Ballard Bardin Barfield Barksdale Bennett Bishop Black Blair Blumer Boone Booth Bowers Boykin Brasher Brewer Brock Brockman Brown, B. Brown, C. Brown, N. Brown, S. Buchannan Burch First Row: JAMES BURNETT, Junior, Woodville; MARY ELIZ- ABETH BURTON, Freshman, Phi Mu, Jackson; EUNICE BUSKIRK, Freshman, Cockrum; JAMES BUS- KIRK, Junior, Derma; BEVERLY BUTLER, Junior, PiKA, Jackson. Second Row: FRANCES BUTTROSS, Sophomore, BSO, Canton; SHIRLEY CALDWELL, Freshman, Laurel; FRANCES CAMPBELL, Sophomore, KD, Greenwood; TOMMY CAREY, Freshman, Jackson; HENRY CARNEY, Fresh- man, LXA, Crystal Springs. Third Row: BOOTS CARPENTER, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Water Val- ley; ANN CARTER, Junior, ChiO, Jackson; JACKIE CARTER, Freshman, Calhoun City; SYBIL CASBEER, Junior, Canton; MAXIE LEA CASTILOW, Junior, Vikings, Bogalousa, La. cfke IMDERGRRDURTES Fourth Row: ANNE CHATHAM, Junior, Phi Mu, Hernando; HOWARD CHEEK, Junior, KA, Grenada; REYNOLDS CHENEY, Freshman, KA, Jackson; NORMAN CLARK, Freshman, Mize; JOANNA CLAYTON, Junior, Vik- ings, Meridian. Fifth Row: ETHEL C LEMENT, Sophomore, ChiO, Jackson; ES- THER COKER, Freshman, ChiO, Jackson; STEVE COLLINS, Sohpomore, PiKA, Itta Bena; MICHAEL CONNER, Sohpomore, LXA, Jackson; WALLY CON- NERLY, Freshman, PiKA, Tylertown. Sixth Row: OLIN COOK, Junior, Norsemen, Preston; CHARLES COOPER, Freshman, KS, Greenwood; CLYDE COPE- LAND, Freshman. KS, Jackson; SPIRO CORA, Fresh- man, Norsemen, Lexington; NANCY CRAWFORD, Freshman, ChiO, Laurel. Seventh Row: NORMAN CREEL, Freshman, LXA, McComb ; LEO CROOK, Freshman, KA, Grenada; JERRIE CROSS- LAND, Freshman, Jackson; CAROL CULLEY, Fresh- man, KD, Jackson; LONNIE CUMBERLAND, Junior, Sharon. Burnett Burton Buskirk, E. Buskirk, J. Butler Buttross Caldwell Campbell Carey Carney Carpenter Carter, A. Carter, J. Casbeer Castilow Chatham Cheek Cheney Clark Clayton Clement Coker Collins Conner Connerly Cook Cooper Copeland Cora Crawford Creel Crook Crossland Culley Cumberland WkK m h$ " Yeah man, real cool! " First Row: ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM, Sophomore, Jackson; ROSE CUNNINGHAM, Freshman, ChiO, Tupelo; ZORAH CURRY, Freshman, Jackson; ALVA DALTON, Freshman, Jackson; ENOCH DANGERFIELD, Fresh- man, LXA, Jackson. Second Row: ALLEEN DAVIS, Junior, ChiO, Jackson; MARY ANN DENNIS, Freshman, BSO, Laurel; KENNETH DEW, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson; DEWITT DIXON, Sopho- more, Vaughn; META DIXON, Freshman, Viking, Vaughn. Third Row: CHARLES DODDS, Freshman, KS, Jackson; LEJEAN DOW, Freshman, Jackson; OSCAR DOWDLE, Fresh- man, PiKA, Greenville; HAROLD DUNAWAY, Soph- omore, Jackson; MARY DUNN, Sophomore, Viking, Holcomb. ofhe URDERGRRDURTES Fourth Row: CARLEEN DURHAM, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Collins; LEROY DURRETT, Junior, Jackson; HERBERT DYAR, Sophomore, LXA, Jackson; MARVIN DYESS, Soph- omore, LXA, Forest; HARRIS EATON, Freshman, Port Gibson. Fifth Row: JOE EBERSOLE, Sophomore, LXA, Arcadia, Ohio; JANIS EDGAR, Freshman, ChiO, Jackson; MARY JO EDWARDS, Freshman, BSO, Sunflower; BAR- BARA EILAND, Sophomore, Jackson; CHARLOTTE ELLIOTT, Sophomore, BSO, Greenwood. Sixth Row: VERNON EPPINETTE, Junior, LXA, Natchez; HUGH ERWIN, Sophomore, KS, Crystal Springs; JERRY ESK- RIDGE, Junior, LXA, Holly Springs; ALFRED EU- BANKS, Junior, KS, Crystal Springs; MARGE EU- BANKS, Freshman, KD, Tupelo. Seventh Row: PEGGYE FALKNER, Junior, Phi Mu, Germania; CINDY FAULKENBERRY, Freshman, BSO, Jackson; GAIL FIELDER, Freshman, ChiO, Vicksburg; ANN FINGER, Junior, Viking, Ludlow; DOXEY FISHER, Junior, LXA, Jackson. Cunningham, E. Cunningham, R. Curry Da I ton Dangerfield Davis Dennis Dew Dixon, D. Dixon, M. Dodds Dow Dowdle Dunaway Dunn Durham Durrett Dyar Dyess Eaton Ebersole Edgar Edwards Eiland Elliott Eppinette Erwin Eskridge Eubanks, A. Eubanks, M. Falkner Faulkenberry Fielder Finger Fisher gl ' Jjfrr 1 fel " " Anyone lonesome? " First Row: MYRA FISHER, Freshman, ChiO, Clarksdale; MARY LOU FLOWERS, Sophomore, KD, Greenwood; KAY FORT, Junior, ChiO, Jackson; DICK FOXWORTH, Freshman, PiKA, Foxworth ; DAVID FRANKS, Fresh- man, KA, Jackson. Second Row: SHIRLEY FRITZ, Sophomore, BSO, Jackson; BILL FULLER, Freshman, LXA, Jackson; FAYE CADDY, Junior, Viking, Crystal Springs; ANNA CALLOWAY, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Balboa, Canal Zone; TOMMY CARROTT, Freshman, KA, Winona. Third Row: SHIRLEY GIBSON, Sophomore, Canton; ROY CIVINS, Freshman, Vicksburg; CAROLYN COFF, Freshman, Viking, Moss Point; LORA GOSSARD, Freshman, Vik- ing, Meridian; JOHN GRANT, Junior, Holly Springs. cffie UI1DERGRADURTES Fourth Row: MARY LYNN GRAVES, Sophomore, ChiO, Jackson; MARY JANE CRAY, Sophomore, ChiO, Jackson; EMILY GREENER, Sophomore, KD, Jackson; BILLY GREENLEE, Sophomore, KS, Jackson; EARL GREEN- OUCH, Sophomore, Norsemen, Escatawpa. Fifth Row: JANIE HAINING, Junior, Phi Mu, Yazoo City; ANNE HAND, Junior, ChiO, Jackson; WINIFRED HAR- GROVE, Freshman, KD, Arlington, Va.; NEWT HAR- RISON, Freshman, KS, New Albany; JOHN HA- THORN, Junior, KS, Jackson. Sixth Row: CAROLYN HAWKINS, Freshman, BSO, Jackson; HARRY HAWKINS, Junior, Canton; GEORGE HAWKS, Freshman, Brooklyn; AILENE HAYES, Freshman, Viking, Cary; LEVERETTE HAYES, Fresh- man, KA, Canton. Seventh Row: TERRY HAYWARD, Sophomore, KA, Jackson; HEL- EN FAY HEAD, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson; CARA LLOYD HEMPHILL, Freshman, BSO, Jackson; JO- ANNE HENDERSON, Junior, ChiO, Jackson; SARAH MAY HEWITT, Freshman, ChiO, Jackson. Fisher Flowers Fort Foxworth Franks Fritz Fuller Caddy Cal!oway Carrott Gibson Civins Coff Cossard Grant Graves Gray Greener Greenlee Greenough Haining Hand Hargrove Harrison Hathorn Hawkins, C. Hawkins, H. Hawks Hayes, A. Hayes, L. Hayward Head Hemphill Henderson Hewitt V « i T- ' . ' mf V ' iC- rf fe IT? u -;. ' ■■ : - ' -- 4L " Girls with private woods. " First Row: VIRGINIA HEWITT, Junior, ChiO, Jackson; FRAN- CES HICKS, Junior, KD, Bentonia; GEORGE HICKS, Junior, Greenwood; JACK HILL, Freshman, KA, Houston; SIDNEY HILL, Freshman, KA, Grenada. Second Row: PATRICIA HILLMAN, Freshman, Union; JERRY HILTON, Junior, Florence; EUGENE HOLMES, Jun- ior, Kosciusko; BOB HOLOMAN, Freshman, Stone- wall; CHARLES HOLLOWELL, Sophomore, KA, Can- ton. Third Row: KATHERINE HOOK, Sophomore, ChiO, Jackson; JEANELLE HOWELL, Sophomore, KD, Jackson; JOHN HUBBARD, Sophomore, PiKA, Jackson; BROOKS HUDSON, Freshman, Shubuta; JO GLYNN HUGHES, Junior, Phi Mu, Jackson. ofhe UnDERGRHDUHTES Fourth Row: JANE HULL, Freshman, Viking, Mobile, Ala.; JUNE HULL, Freshman, Viking, Mobile, Ala.; ELIZABETH HUNTER, Freshman, Viking, Morton; GEORGE HUNT, Junior, PiKA, Vicksburg; MARY WARREN HUNTLY, Freshman, Phi Mu, Jackson. Fifth Row: HAROLD HUTCHINSON, Sophomore, KA, Jackson; REDMOND HUTCHISON, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson; BURTON JACKSON, Sophomore, KA, Jackson; WAL- TER ANN JAMES, Sophomore, ChiO, Newton; WIL- LIAM JAMES, Sophomore, Jackson. Sixth Row: FRANCES JERNIGAN, Freshman, KD, Tupelo; DICK JOHNSON, Sophomore, KS, Jackson; JAMES JOHN- SON, Freshman, Jackson; MARY SIDNEY JOHNSON, Freshman, Phi Mu, Jackson; SARAH JOHNSON, Sophomore, BSO, Cruger. Seventh Row: W. F JOHNSON. Freshman, Jackson; ANNETTE JOHNSTON, Sophomore, KD, Tupelo; CECIL B. JONES, Sophomore, Norsemen, Vicksburg; CHARLES JONES, Freshman, Jackson; D. LOWELL JONES, Sophomore, LXA, Jackson. Hewitt, V. Hicks, F. Hicks, C. Hill, J. Hill, S. Hillman Hilton Holmes Holloman Hollowell Hook Howell Hubbard Hudson Hughes Hull, Jane Hull, June Hunter Hunt Huntly Hutchinson Hutchison Jackson James, W. A. James, W. J. Jernigan Johnson, D. Johnson, J. Johnson, M. Johnson, S. Johnson, W. F. Johnston Jones, C. B. Jones, C. Jones, D. L. HrV Ak m Wk !bl Al_ sM o o. ©, " Blowing wild First Row: GEORGE JONES, Freshman, KA, Hazlehurst; JIMMY JONES, Sophomore, KS, Kosciusko; LOWELL L. JONES, Freshman, KS, Nashville, Tenn. ; LUCY LEE JONE S, Sophomore, ChiO, Litchfield, III.; READ JONES, Sophomore, PiKA, Saltillo. Second Row: SAM JONES, Freshman, LXA, Jackson; EUGINIA KELLY, Freshman, Viking, Forest; PAUL KERN, Freshman, Morton; EDDIE KHAYAT, Freshman, KS, Moss Point; SCOTT KIMBALL, Junior, KS, Crystal Springs. Third Row: NONA KINCHLOE, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Winona; JOYCE KING, Junior, BSO, Onward; MILLICENT KING, Freshman, Viking, Ackerman; BENNY KIRK- LAND, Sophomore, KS, Jackson; CLAUDETTE KOER- PER, Freshman, ChiO, Vicksburg. ofhe URDERGRRDUHTES Fourth Row: PEGGY LACK, Freshman, BSO, Terry; PAT LADNIER, Freshman, Jackson; WALTER JEAN LAMB, Fresh- man, Oxford; CAROLYN LAMON, Junior, Memphis; BETTY LANDFAIR, Freshman, Phi Mu, Jackson. Fifth Row: MOLLY LAWSON, Junior, KD, Jackson; JOAN LEE, Sophomore, ChiO, Columbus; ROBERT LEE, Junior, Jackson; WILLARD LEGGETT, Sophomore, LXA, Meridian; EZELLE LEWIS, Sophomore, KA, Jackson. Sixth Row: WALTON LIPSCOMB, Freshman, LXA, Jackson; ANNICE LOFLIN, Freshman, BSO, Star; JACK LOF- LIN, Sophomore, Norsemen, Star; BROCK LOPER, Freshman, Jackson; JOHN LOTT, Junior, PiKA, Columbus. Seventh Row: THOMAS LOVE, Junior, Coffeeville; FOSTER LOWE, Freshman, KS, Winona; JOHN LOWRY, Sophomore, KS, McComb; LEWIS LUKE, Sophomore, LXA, Jack- son; BILL LYNCH, Sophomore, KA, Jackson. Jones, C. Jones, J. Jones, Lowell L. Jones, Lucy Jones, R. Jones, S. Kelly Kern Khayat Kimball Kinchloe King, J. King, M. Kirkland Koerper Lack Ladnier Lamb Lamon Landfair Lawson Lee, J. Lee, R. Leggett Lewis Lipscomb Loflin, A. Loflin, J. Loper Lott Love Lowe Lowry Luke Lynch PI A_ h o- ■ - 4 1 % ■ " ' ■ Igy ' ' A " " " " --» . mm ■ CHEST XRAY urn i " Check your pins here. " First Row: R. W. McCARLEY, Freshman, Ruleville; BEN Mc- CARTY, Junior, KA, Aztec, N. M.; MARIANNE McCORMACK, Sophomore, BSO, Corinth; JIMMY McCORMICK, Freshman, LXA, Meridian; JEAN Mc- CLENAHAN, Freshman, KD, Indianola. Second Row: SALLY McDONALD, Sophomore, BSO, Jackson; ANN McELROY, Junior, BSO, Lauderdale; PAT McCUIRE, Sophomore, ChiO, Baldwyn; MELROY MclNTOSH, Junior, Taylorsville; CHARLES McREYNOLDS, Fresh- man, Columbus. Third Row: ANN McSHANE, Sophomore, BSO, Greenwood; JUNE MARTIN, Freshman, Viking, Madison; NANCY MAR- TIN, Sophomore, KD, Macon, ANNE MAUDLIN, Freshman, Phi Mu, Leland; W. H. MERRILL, Fresh- man, KS, Jackson. ofke URDERGRflDURTES Fourth Row: DANYE MILLER, Freshman, Viking, Woodville; GLORIA JEANNE MILLER, Sophomore, New Albany; ROBERT MIMS, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson; POWERS MOORE, Sophomore, KS, Jackson; TERRY MOORE, Freshman, Indianola. Fifth Row: T. FRANCES MOORE, Sophomore, New Albany; JOHN MORRIS, Sophomore, PiKA, Vicksburg; ROB- ERT MORRISON, Sophomore, KA, Jackson; JAMES MORROW, Freshman, Jackson; JIMMY MORROW, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson. Sixth Row: CYNTHIA MORSE, Sophomore, ChiO, Jackson; YVONNE MOSS, Freshman, KD, Tchula ; PAUL MURPHY, Junior, SAE, Belzoni; IKE MUSSELWHITE, Junior, KS, West; LESLIE NABORS, Junior, Tutwiler. Seventh Row: HARDY NALL, Sophomore, KA, Jackson; JO NALL, Junior, KD, Jackson; FRANK NASH, Junior, LXA, Greenville; NORMA NEILL, Junior, KD, Gulfport; SHIRLEY NEWMAN, Freshman, Viking, Valley Park. McCarley McCarty McCormack McCormick McClenahan McDonald McElroy McCuire Mcintosh McReynolds McShane Martin, J. Martin, N. Maudlin Merrill Miller, D. Miller, G. Mims Moore, P. Moore, T. Moore, T. F. Morris Morrison Morrow, J. T. Morrow, J. Morse Moss Murphy Musselwhite Nabors Nail, H. Nail, J. Nash Neill Newman V " ! k A JL 1 w JL f J J «J. 1 fcjl tern ■ m " Just being hospitable First Row: JONNIE NEWTON, Freshman, DeSoto; BRUCE NICHOLAS, Junior, Jackson; CLAIRE NICOLS, Fresh- man, Viking, Anguilla; JEWEL DEAN NOBLES, Jun- ior, Viking, Ellisville; CATHERINE NORTHAM, Fresh- man, BSO, Quitman. Second Row: ANN ORSBORN, Junior, KD, Greenwood; NANCY PACE, Freshman, Viking, Mobile, Ala.; LYNNICE PARKER, Freshman, KD, Tupelo; ROY PARKER, Junior, LXA, Jackson; BOB PARNELL, Sophomore, KS, Shreveport, La. Thitd Row: NANCY PEACOCK, Freshman, KD, Kosciusko; BET- TY BRAND PEARSON, Junior, Phi Mu, New Albany; RUTH ANN PEARSON, Sophomore, Vikings, Glen Allan; HAROLD PEDEN, Junior, Jackson; JOHN C. PHILLEY, Freshman, PiKA, Indianola. o he IHlDERGRflDUflTES Fourth Row: JACK PHILL IPS, Freshman, KS, Scottsboro, Ala.; JIM PHYFER, Freshman, KS, New Albany; JIMMY PICKENS, Freshman, Jackson; SAMMY DEAN PICKERING, Sophomore, Ch;0, Belzoni; DORIS PIT- TMAN, Freshman, Florence. Fifth Row: CHARLES PLANCH, Sophomore, Jackson; HIRAM POLK, Freshman, LXA, Jackson; HOWELL POLK, Junior, KS, Corinth; BETTY JO POWELL, Junior, ChiO, New Albany; CHARLES POWERS, Sophomore, LXA, Jackson. Sixth Row: JAMES S. PRICE, Junior, Kilmichael; MARY C. PRICE, Junior, Vikings, Jackson; ROY PRICE, Junior, KS, Madison; THOMAS D. PRICE, Junior, Meridian; TOMMIE E. PRICE, Sophomore, Prentiss. Seventh Row: PETER PAUL PRYOR, Freshman, Jackson; ANN RACAN, Sophomore, ChiO, Edwards; JOE RANKIN, Freshman, Mendenhall; TERRY REES, Junior, KS, Jackson; CECILIA RIDGWAY, Junior, KD, Gulfport. Newton Nicholas Nichols Nobles Northam Orsborn Page Parker, L. Parker, R. Parnell Peacock Pearson, B. Pearson, R. Peden Philley Phillips Phyfer Pickens Pickering; Pittman Planch Polk, Hiram Polk, Howell Powell Powers Price, J. Price, M. Price, R. Price, T. D. Price, T. E. Pryor Ragan Rankin Rees Ridgway " Royal pair — and Wazir!! " First Row: ELLNORA RIECKEN, Junior, BSO, Jackson; CIFF RICBY, Sophomore, PiKA, Culfport; BETTY ROBBINS, Sophomore, BSO, Kosciusko; LUCY LYNN ROBIN- SON, Junior, New Albany; MIT ROBY, Sophomore, KS, Durant. Second Row: FRANCES ROSS, Sophomore, Vikings, Olive Branch; MARY ELIZABETH SANDERSON, Freshman, Waynes- boro; PEGGY SANFORD, Freshman, Vikings, Jackson; JUNE SANTANGELO, Freshman, BSO, Whitfield; ROBERT SARTIN, Sophomore, Brookhaven. Third Row: JIMMY SCHIMPF, Junior, PiKA, Jackson; LEW SCHIRTZINGER, Freshman, LXA, Jackson; MARTHA ANN SELBY, Junior. BSO, Charleston; JENEANNE SHARPE, Junior, BSO, Indianola; FREDDA SHELTON, Junior, ChiO, Jackson. cine lUlDERGRRDUfiTES Fourth Row: LESLIE SHELTON, Freshman, KA, Jackson; MITZI SHELTON, Freshman, Phi Mu, Winona; MARY ALICE SHIELDS, Junior, BSO, Tchula; BERTIE SHORTRIDGE, Junior, ChiO, Jackson; JOHN E. SIM- MONS, Freshman, PiKA, Meridian. Fifth Row: MARIANNA SIMMONS, Freshman, BSO, McComb; WALTER SIMMONS, Junior, LXA, Jackson; VIR- GINIA SLATER, Freshman, BSO, Jackson; ALICE SMITH, Freshman, BSO, Lucedale; BOBBY SMITH, Freshman, PiKA, Lexington. Sixth Row: LEVERNE SMITH, Freshman, Picayune; MARTHA ANN SMITH, Freshman, BSO, Jackson; ROBIN SMITH, Freshman, KD, Inverness; SARA JO SMITH, Sophomore, Tupelo; TOMMY SPELL, Sophomore, KA, Jackson. Seventh Row: DAVID STAINTON, Freshman, Jackson; SHIRLEY STANTON, Freshman, ChiO, Greenville; ALICE STARNES, Freshman, ChiO, Utica; MELVYN ELLIOTT STERN, Freshman, Jackson; SYLVIA STEVENS, Fresh- man, KD, Macon. Riecken Rigby Robbins Robinson Roby Ross Sanderson Sanford Santangelo Sartin Schimpf Schirtzinger Selby Sharpe Shelton, F. Shelton, L. Shelton, M. Shields Shortridge Simmons, J. Simmons, M. Simmons, W. Slater Smith, A. Smith, B. Smith, L. Smith, M. Smith, R. Smith, S. Spell Stainton Stanton Starnes Stern Stevens " I ' m a stranger in paradise. " First Row: BARRY STEWART, Freshman, PiKA, Vicksburg; CARY STEWART, Sophomore, ChiO, Vicksburg; ED- WARD STEWART, Freshman, PiKA, Jackson; JOHN STRINGER, Sophomore, LXA, Yazoo City; EDWIN STURDIVANT, Junior, LXA, Jackson. Second Row: MARION SWAYZE, Junior, ChiO, Jackson; JOHN- NIE MARIE SWINDULL, Freshman, Vikings, Mobile, Ala.; THERESA TERRY, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Colum- bia; FRANCES THOMPSON, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson; CLIFF TOLAR, Sophomore, Columbia. Third Row: CECIL TRANTHAM, Junior, LXA, Jackson; JERRY TRIGG, Sophomore, PiKA, Quitman; ALICE TRIP- LETT, Freshman, Vikings, Clinton; JOHNNY TURN- ER, Sophomore, PiKA, Kosciusko; STANLEY TURPIN, Junior, Greenwood. cine IfflDERGRflDUATES Fourth Row: LARRY TYNES, Freshman, Webb; BARBARA UHALT, Freshman, Phi Mu, Jackson; CHARLES UNDERHILL, Sophomore, KS, Covington, Tenn.; SHIRLEY UPTON, Junior, Walnut Grove; STEWART VALADIE, Fresh- man, Jackson. Fifth Row: NELL MARIE VAUGHN, Junior, Carthage; WANDA WADDELL, Sophomore, Phi Mu, Jackson; IVEY WALLACE, Junior, KD, Jackson; SUMMER WAL- TERS, Freshman, Jackson; GAIL WARD, Freshman, Vikings, Jackson. Sixth Row: JAMES WASSON, Freshman, Kosciusko; WARREN WASSON, Junior, Fulton, MERRIMEN WATKINS, Freshman, LXA, Pelahatchie; JOSEPH WAY, Soph- omore, Norsemen, Georgetown; BILL WEATHERS- BY, Junior, Jackson. Seventh Row: KATHERINE WEBB, Junior, Meridian; SUE WEBB, Freshman, BSO, Columbia; SANDRA WEIR, Fresh- man, Phi Mu, Newton; THOMAS L. WELLBORN, Freshman, Jackson; ALBERT WELLS, Sophomore, KS, Jackson. Stewart, B. Stewart, C. Stewart, E. Stringer Sturdivant Swayze Swindull Terry Thompson Tol ar Trantham Trigg Triplett Turner Turpin Tynes Uhalt Underhill Upton Valadie Vaughan Waddell Wallace Walters Ward Wasson, J. Wasson, W. Watkins Way Weathersby Webb, K. Webb, S. Weir Wellborn Wells " Monster rally. First Row: LAMAR M. WELLS, Junior, Jackson; BETTY WEST- BROOK, Junior, Vikings, Auburn; CLAUDETTE WESTERFIELD, Sophomore, Vikings, Mendenhall; REBA WESTERFIELD, Freshman, Mendenhall; JOAN WHEELESS, Freshman, BSO, Port Gibson. Second Row: SHELLY WHITE, Junior, PiKA, Jackson; MARGAR- ET WHITFIELD, Freshman, BSO, Jackson; JANE WIGGINS, Sophomore, ChiO, Parchman; DORIS WIL- KERSON, Sophomore, BSO, Jackson; CORNELIA WIL- KINSON, Sophomore, Vikings, Gloster. cJhe IRDERGRRDIRTES Third Row: CHARLES H. WILLIAMS, Junior, KA, Jackson; CAR- OL WILLIAMS, Freshman, Phi Mu, Jackson; ALBERT WILLIAMSON, Sophomore, PiKA, Greenwood; BEA- TRICE WILLIAMSON, Junior, Philadelphia; MAR- GARET WOODS, Freshman, KD, Mount Olive. Fourth Row: JUANITA WRIGHT, Freshman, Viking, Verona; BETTY YATES, Freshman, Jackson; JERRY YEAGER, Freshman, KS, Taylorsville; FRED YERGER, Freshman, KA, Jackson; HELEN YOUNG, Freshman, Tchula. Fifth Row: ROBERT YOUNG, Freshman, Jackson; DON YOUNGS, Sophomore, LXA, Jackson. Wells Westbrook Westerfield, C. Westerfield, R. Wheeless White Whitfield Wiggins Wilkerson Wilkinson Williams, C. H. Williams, C. Williamson, A. Williamson, B. Woods Wright Yates Yeager Yerger Young, H. LnDERGRHDLHTES Hot fftaunJ JAMES L. ADAMS V. D. ALLEN, JR. Junior Junior CLYDE C. ANTHONY ------ Jackson Sophomore EUGENE ANTLEY ------- Jackson Junior JAMES ARBOCAST ------- Jackson Junior MILDRED ASHMORE ------ Jackson Junior JOHN AWAD -------- Jackson Sophomore — KS ROBERT BAILEY ------ Greenville Freshman — KS SAMUEL BAILEY ------- Meridian Junior GARY BALIUS -------- Biloxi Sophomore NOEL BALL -------- McComb Sophomore— PiK A RICHARD BARINEAU ------ Jackson Freshman — KS SHIRLEY BEADLE ------ Yazoo City Junior — Vikings BOBBY BELCHER ------- Jackson Sophomore ROBERT BLUE -------- Quitman Sophomore ANN BOOTHE -------- Jackson Freshman DARDEN BOURNE ------- Jackson Junior ELIZABETH BUTLER ------ Jackson Sophomore ROBERT BUTTS -------- Winona Junior SARAH CALHOUN ------- Jackson Sophomore CHARLES CATLEDGE ------ Tutwiler Sophomore — PiKA EVA CHAMBERS ------- Meridian Sophomore — Vikings FRANK COLLETTE ------- Jackson Junior — KS JOHN COMBS -------- Jackson Junior MERVIN COMFORT ------ Brandon Sophomore JOSEPH CONTI ------ Junior Fannin LESTER COOK -------- Natchez Junior — KA Raymond JOHN COPELAND ------- Terry Sophomore JOHN CORLEY ------- Angie, La. Freshman LOUIS COX ------- Taylorsville Junior ROBERT CROWE ------- Jackson Sophomore EUNA CUNNINGHAM ------ Jackson Sophomore LOIS DAVIS --------- Jackson Junior THEO DINKINS -------- Canton Freshman BILLY DOWDLE -------- Belzoni Freshman HARRY DOWLING ------- Jackson Freshman JOHN EDDLEMAN ----- Arlington, Va. Junior ELEANOR ELAM ------ Walnut Grove Freshman JAN IS EDMONSON ------- Jackson Junior — KD CHARLES T. ELLINGTON ----- Jackson Sophomore GEORGE ELLIOTT ------- Jackson Junior — KA RALPH ELLIS -------- Natchez Freshman THOMAS E. ELY ------- - Jackson Freshman WALTER ELY ------ - Greenville Sophomore ALBERT W. FELSHER ------ Culfport Freshman ROBERT FERRELL ------- Jackson Sophomore JOHN FISK --------- Jackson Freshman WILLIAM FLOWERS ------ Jackson Junior ANGELA FOLDS ------- Jackson Sophomore JOE FRANKLIN -------- Bolton Sophomore KAREN GILFOY -------- Jackson Sophomore — ChiO Jackson JOHN GREEN -------- Jackson Freshman — KA WIDERGRHDIWTES Tht (Pictured JAMES GRIFFIN ------- Jackson Sophomore VIOLA HALL -------- Jackson Junior HUDSON HARCETT ----- Yazoo City Junior ROBERT HARPER ------- Jackson Junior DAVID HARRIS ------- Jackson Junior NANCY HARRIS ------- Jackson Junior — ChiO ROBERT HARRIS ------- Flora Freshman MILDRED HESTER ------- Jackson Junior CAROLYN HICKS ------- Preston Junior CHARLES HILL ------ - Jackson Freshman CHARLES R. HILL ------- Brandon Freshman ADAM HILLMAN Union Freshman BRUCE HODGES ------- Jackson Freshman FRED HOLDERFIELD ------ Jackson Freshman ELIZABETH HOLLINGSWORTH - - - Jackson Sophomore JAMES HUGHES ------- Jackson Junior DARRYL HURT Jackson Sophomore JAMES L. JAMES ------ Gulfport Sophomore — PiKA WALTER JOHNSON ----- Philadelphia Freshman RICHARD D. JOLLY ----- Meridian Junior EDWIN H. JONES ------ Jackson Junior — PiKA WILLIAM JONES ------ Meridian Freshman ELIZABETH KENMAR ----- Jackson Sophomore THOMAS E. KIRK ------- Jackson Freshman FRANK KOSKIE ------- Jackson Freshman SAMUEL KUYKENDALL ----- Jackson Freshman JAMES LANGSTON ------ Jackson Freshman JOE LEE --------- - Louise Junior JERRY LONG -------- Gallman Sophomore BECKY LOVETT - - Morton Junior — Vikings IDA LYNCH - - Jackson Freshman JAMES McABEE ------- Jackson Junior LEVI McCARTY ------- Jackson Junior — KA JOE McCASKILL ------ Silver Creek Sophomore WILLIAM McCONKEY ------ Jackson Freshman ROBERT McKINLEY ------ Jackson Junior DON McPHERSON ------ Greenville Junior JULIA McQUIRTER - - - - Humboldt, Tenn. Freshman JACK MANN ------- Carthage Sophomore GERALD MRSALES Meridian Freshman WILSON MEADOWS ------ Jackson Sophomore THOMAS MEREDITH ----- Greenville Freshman FLOYD MOBLEY ------- Jackson Sophomore ROBERT MOODY ------- Wesson Junior RONALD MOORE - - - Neptune Beach, Fla. Freshman MARTHA NEW ------- Jackson Junior — ZTA ROBERT O ' KELLY ------ Big Creek Junior LINDLY PARDUE ------- Pontotoc Freshman ROBERT E. PARKER ------ Jackson Freshman WILLIAM PARKS ------ Greenwood Junior — KA RAFAEL PASCUAL ----- Ciego de Avila, Camaguey, C. Sophomore WIDERGRflDUflTES Jlot matured JAMES PERKINS ------- Jackson Sophomore BURNELL PHILLIPS ------ Carthage Sophomore MURRAY PINKSTON ----- Vicksburg Freshman — PiKA JAMES POOLE -------- Closter Junior ERNEST PORTER ------- Rose Hill Sophomore ALEX POULETTE ------- Jackson Freshman WILLIAM F POWELL ----- Memphis Sophomore — KS TOM PREWITT ------- Vicksburg Sophomore DAVID PRYOR ------ Calhoun City Junior— KS A. R. QUICK -------- Natchez Freshman JON READY --------- Jackson Freshman CLYDE REEVES ------ Bogue Chitto Junior ROBERT RICORD ----- Shreveport, La. Sophomore — KA WALTER S. ROBERTS ------ Canton Freshman WILLIAM E. ROSE ------ Leland Freshman — PiKA WAYNE RUSHING ----- Doddsville Sophomore DANIEL RUSTIN Laurel Sophomore EMILY SANCHEZ - - - Rio Grande City, Texas Sophomore DENVIL SAULTERS ------ Seminary Junior JAMES D. SLAY ------- Laurel Junior BOBBY SMITH -------- Liberty Sophomore LESLIE SMITH -------- Jackson Freshman HOYT SMOTHERS ------- Jackson Freshman RICHARD SPEIGHTS - - - - Crystal Springs Sophomore — LXA DELORES SPENCE ------- Jackson Sophomore LESLIE SPENCER ------- Jackson Sophomore — PDT EARL STAIRES -------- Jackson Sophomore WILLIAM STALLWORTH - - - - Columbus Freshman IVAN SUGAR ------- Costa Rica Junior ALTON SYKES -------- Jackson Freshman — PiKA PHIL TAYLOR -------- Jackson Freshman WALTER WALDROP ----- Florence Junior — PiKA GENE WALKER Junior Vicksburg NATHAN WALLEY ------ Richton Sophomore JAMES WALTON ------ Jackson Freshman — KA CARL WELCH -------- Jackson Sophomore — LXA KATHRYN WHITTINGTON - - - New Albany Junior JAMES WILLIAMS ------- McComb Junior — KA DIXIE WINBORN ------- Durant Sophomore — ChiO DELMA SAXON -------- Jackson Freshman — LXA DAVID WINDERS ------- Jackson Freshman EDMOND SEALS ------- Jackson Freshman FRANCES WINDHAM ------ Jackson Freshman MARGARET SEALS Jackson Freshman JESS WOFFORD - - - - Levelland, Texas Junior KENNETH SIMONS - - - - Detroit, Mich. Junior- LXA ROY WOLFE -------- Jackson Freshman JAMES SIMS ----- Tuscaloosa, Ala. Sophomore — SPE JAMES WOLVERTON ------ Jackson Sophomore . activities... - Seated — Dennis, Cheek, Woodard, Khayat, Allen. Standing — Cossard, Hudson, Cooper, Blumer, DeLong, Polk. STUDEHT EXECUTIVE BOARD OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary - TOMMY WOODARD - HOWARD CHEEK - - EDNA KHAYAT MEMBERS Julia Allen Fred Blumer Joan Cooper Fred DeLong Sarah Dennis Peggye Falkner Dee Ford Eddie Cossard Yeager Hudson Lowell Jones Howell Polk Red Powell Fred Whitam MEMBERS Carolyn Baria Norma Norton Joan Cooper Miss Morehead Mary Elinor Moore Barbara Myers Ann Orsborn Betty Smith Sara Smith Betty Powell Jeneanne Sharpe Seated — Baria, Norton, Cooper, Morehead, Moore, Myers. Standing — Orsborn, Smith, B., Smith, S., Powell, Sharpe. woiheits counciL OFFICERS President ------------ JOAN COOPER Vice-President --------- NORMA NORTON Secretary-Treasurer ------- BETTY JO SMITH The Millsaps Women ' s Council governs the conduct of the co-eds. The Council makes and enforces the rules. Its membership is made up of one girl from each Soror- ity, one from the YWCA, and one from the Majorette Club. STYLUS OFFICERS Editor ---------- FRANK MANCUM Business Manager ------ MARY GRANTHAM Stylus is the literary publication of Millsaps College. Twice each year it pre- sents the works of our budding authors. FACULTY ADVISORS k Dr. M. C. White Mrs. Marguerite Goodman Miss Mildred Morehead Mr. Paul D. Hardin W ■ Mary Grantham Mr. Paul D. Hardin Miss Mildred Morehead Miss Thomasina Blissard Dr. M. C. White Frank Mangum ch risti n n council. OFFICERS President --------- FRANK MANCUM Secretary-Treasurer ------ LOIS BOACKLE The Christian Council is the co-ordinating unit of the various Denominational groups of the campus. Its membership is composed of representatives of these groups. Lois Boackle Olive Coker Becky Lovett Frank Mangum Frances Moore MEMBERS Arthur O ' Neil Ann Orsborn Wayne Rushing Jerry Williamson Seated — Lovett, Boackle, Mangum, Coker, Orsborn. Standing — Rushing, Williamson. jO ' tH k: • Jh, BOBflSHELI EDITORIAL STAFF Editor ------ Fred DeLong Assistant Editor - Walter Ely Features ----- Barbara Walker, Ann McVale Sports ------- Powers Moore Tommy Parker Socials ------ Ann Anderson, Dick Johnson Organizations - Mary Grantham, Carolyn Lamon Activities ------ Norma Neill, Clara Parks Booth Art Editor ------ Leslie Page Classes ------ Reginald Lowe, Fredda Shelton Photography - Albert Williamson Snapshots ----- Janie Haining Proofs ------ Bill Lampton FRED DELONG Editor Seated — Anderson, Lamon, Walker, Neill, Grantham, Shelton, Haining, Booth. Standing — Moore, Musselwhite, Lowe, DeLong, Johnson, Page. " V. f 1 9 5 4 BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager Ernest Mincy Assistant Manager Fred Blumer Tarver Butler Johnny Howell Frances Campbell Jane Hull Ann Carter June Hull Nancy Crawford Dennis Salley Mary Lou Flowers Tommy Spell Mary Lynn Craves Marion Swayze Joan Henderson Cecelia Ridgeway Jeanelle Howell Ivy Wallace ERNEST MINCY Business Manager Seated — Campbell, Ridgeway, Craves, Mincy, Blumer, Swayze, Flowers, Carter. Standing — Wallace, Crawford, Salley, Butler, Hull, Jane, Hull, June, Spell, Howell, Johnny, Henderson, Howell. THE EDITORIAL STAFF 3ke PURPLE and UJ H I T E EDDIE COSSARD - - - Editor SID HEAD - - - - Business Manager The Purple and White is Millsaps College ' s newspaper. Published once each week, it contains campus society, sports, columns, features, and editorials. It keeps students up to date on all affairs of campus interest. The year ' s highlight for the paper is the April Fool edition, in which Anything goes. THE STAFFS HELEN FAY HEAD ------- News Editor AUDREY JENNINGS ------ - Society Editor FREDDA SHELTON -------- Feature Editor JOHN MORRIS --------- Sports Editor ROY EPPERSON - - - - - - Circulation Manager STAFF: Walter Ely, Joe Ebersole, Janis Edgar, Margaret Whitfield, Zorah Curry, Johnny Turner, Anna Calloway, Betty Landfair, Maxie Castilow, Martha Ann Smith, Peggy Lack, Mary Lynn Craves, Carol Brown, Katherine Slater, Ike Musslew ' hite, George Hawks, Norma Norton, Lucy Robinson, Barbara Myers, Mary Vaughan, Nancy Peacock, Betty Jo Powell, Katherine Webb, Frank Mangum, Ann Carter. BUSINESS STAFF: George Hunt, Asst. Mgr. ; Margaret Woods, Mary Sidney Johnson, Virginia Sla- ter, Barbara Uhalt, Mary Elizabeth Burton, Robin Smith, Kenneth Sykes, Jimmy Blair, Jerry Yeager. THE BUSINESS STAFF FIRST SOPRANO: Julia Allen Ann Anderson Joanna Clayton Rose Cunningham Allene Davis Marjorie Eubank Mary Warren Huntley Annette Johnston Eugenia Kelly Edna Khayat Frances Moore Jo Nail Claire Nicols Ruth Ann Pearson Cecilia Ridgway Peggy Sanford Virginia Slater Mary Vaughan Carolyn Williams Dixie Winborn SECOND SOPRANO: Shirley Anderson Carolyn Baria Elaine Boothe Jackie Carter Ethel Clements Sarah Dennis Cindy Faulkenberry Gail Fielder Karen Cilfoy Carolyn Coff Lora Cossard Ailene Hays Joanne Henderson Kathryn Hook Walter Ann James Walter Jean Lamb Shirley Newman Lynnice Parker Jeneanne Sharpe Mitzie Shelton Martha Ann Smith Robin Smith Dolores Spence Johnnie Swindull Frances Thompson Jane Wiggins Julia Parks Dannye Carol Miller FIRST ALTO: Sara Jane Brockman Esther Coker Nancy Crawford Jerrie Crosland Carol Culley Helen Davis Mary Anne Dennis Myra Fisher Mary Lynn Craves Bettye Hardwick Sarah Hewitt Jane Hull Frances Jernigan Claudette Koerper Nancy Lynn Martin Jean McClennahan Cynthia Morse Ellnora Riecken Sara Jo Smith Theresa Terry Margaret Wood Lucy Jones Janis Edgar Margaret Whitfield SECOND ALTO: Carolyn Allen Valera Bailey Cara Lloyd Hemphill June Hull Annice Loflin Linda McCullar Mary Elizabeth Sanderson Sylvia Stevens Marion Swayze Barbara Walker Claire King Mary Jo Edwards Worth Bennett Anne Finger FIRST TENOR: John Awad Spiro Cora George Hawks Cecil Jones Howell Polk Tommy Price Bobby Smith Laverne Smith Robert Streetman N. R. Walley Nathan Bowers SECOND TENOR: Fred Blumer Yeager Dick Johnson Larry Tynes Jerry Williamson Steve Collins Bill Bailey Oscar Dowdle FIRST BASS: Lewis Alexander Ray Bardin James Burnette Wally Conerly Joe Ebersole Roy Givins Terry Hayword Charles Hollowell THE Sam Jones R. W. McCarley Jimmy McCormick W. H. Merrell Powers Moore Hardy Nail Robert O ' Kelly Roy Price Odean Puckett Don Young Roy Wolfe Tom Boone Jack Hill Enoch Dangerfield Jimmy Jones Chick Flournoy SECOND BASS: Garry Balius Hugh Burford John Hathorne Louis Hodges Lowell Jones Paul Kern Frank Nash Arthur O ' Neil Robert Sartin Leslie Shelton Tommy Spell Bill Rose Cecil Trantham miLLSHPS SinCERS OFFICERS President ----- FRED BLUMER Vice-President - - ODEAN PUCKETT Secretary ----- HELEN DAVIS Business Manager - - -LOUIS HODGES LAST YEAR ' S TOUR The Millsaps Singers is a group made up of anyone who wants to sing. The entire membership constitutes the chapel choir. From this choir each year is chosen a tour choir. Last year, under the direction of " Pop " King, and with Mrs. Price and Ernest Ward as chaperones, the choir made a sixteen- day tour of eight states. CHRISTMAS CONCERT THE CONCERT BAND 3L Bflno We are proud of our Band. It is an important part of our life at Millsaps. Any College would seem lacking — incomplete — without a Band. The Band is the vocal organ of much of our enthusiasm and school spirit. On the football field at half-time — or in a concert at the Christian Center — the Band makes us conscious of a one- ness, a belonging. Sometimes it even makes us conscious of a purpose. Despite a lack of adequate resources or equipment the Band has served nobly and well OFFICERS President ------ LOWELL JONES Vice-President - - - SAM JONES Secretary - - - - MARY LYNN CRAVES The Millsaps Marching Band led the cam- pus in spirited parades and lent color and ex- citement to the football season. THE MARCHING BAND MISS MARY LYNN CRAVES 3ke PLAYERS The Millsaps Players is the dramatic organization on the campus. Its member- ship is composed of anyone who is interested in working on any phase of theatrical production. In conjunction with Alpha Psi Omega, the Players have brought forth such spectacles as " Our Town, " " Death of a Salesman, " " Lilliom, " and " The Infern- al Machine. " Under the capable direction of Mr. Lance Coss dramatics play an important part in the life of Millsaps. Each year the Players and Alpha Psi Omega present three major productions and a group of one-act plays. Plays under consideration for the near future include " Mr. Roberts, " and " Hamlet. " Top Row — Roberts, Howell, J. M., Myers, Sturdivant, Jones, Harper. Second Row — DeLong, Nail, Howell, J. R., Ely, Hunt. Third Row — Hargrove, Hardwick, Howell, Neill, Mclnvale, James, McGrath, Carter, Falkner, Cilfoy. Fourth Row — Weir, Presley, Jennings, Hand, Wiggins, Hughs, Shelton, Haining. Sip MMm. features... T 111 111 V UIOODRRD mflSTER m a j o r lilt iSS Miss Hospitality of Mississippi Millsaps Homecoming Queen fitNPALL M£ p LdV£L B$ AT -ho- MLL6A ? B c+ " Vot{ M yew 1953 Milton Caniff, Judge of the 1954 Bobashela Beauties JUDGE Dea r M isS or i t s person CI ' 1 He ien for 19 l Queens ? 0T Cordial " ' tfil to S5SS co ty tfev vorV: BEAUTY Hllll RHDERSOH CECILin II 1 1) C til! II V B E fl U • ;•■ . TIES EUI1ICE BUSKIRK • ■ . .,♦ BEAUTIES SYBIL FOV F II V EY UIHLLRCE II III I LI POLK RITES JACK DUMIHK BOOTS CRRPEnTER HOWARD CHEEK F H V EOnETTH WELLS FREDDfl SHELTOl) AJ RITES %fjhk J0HM1Y HOUIELL FAVORITES SID HEAD minniE fhreoui e Intern Mac ' •- " ' i READ A LITTLE LOUDER, PEDPLE A ! T-c: A n riTLi r-ii-i .■!-. AT THE CROSSROADS OF DELPHI AND DAUL1S . . . M • SHE TDDK HIM INTD THE MOUNTAINS TO DIE — socials... Charles Allen, PiKA Fred DeLong, PiKA, Secretary Keith Dix, KS Campbell Gilliland, KA Doug Mathis, LXA Howell Polk, KS, President Roger Waldrop, LXA, Vice-President Tommy Wilson, KA Seated — Dix, DeLong, Polk, Waldrop, Allen. Standing — Mathis, Gilliland, Wilson. inTER-FRATERniTY COMCIL pnn-HELLEnic council. Left to right — Falkner, Lansing, Carter, Farlow, Fritz, Ford, Grantham, Hughes. Ann Carter, ChiO Peggye Falkner, PhiMu, President Minnie Farlow, ChiO, Treasurer Dee Ford, KD, Vice-President Shirley Fritz, BSO Mary Grantham, BSO, Secretary Jo Glyn Hughes, PhiMu Janella Lansing, KD I BETH SIGIllfl omicRon Mary elected Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class and chosen Business Man- ager of Stylus — Barbara Feature Editor of BobasJiela — Ann and Barbara chosen for membership in Majorette Club — Martha Ann tapped by Eta Sigma Phi. OFFICERS President ----- MARY ALBERTA GRANTHAM Vice-President ------- BARBARA WALKER Recording Secretary ----- JENEANNE SHARPE Corresponding Secretary - - - NORMA BUSSE Treasurer ------- MARY HELEN PHILLIPS Pledge Trainer --------- SYBIL FOY Carolyn Allen Shirley Bishop Lois Boakle Norma Busse Frances Buttross Mary Ann Dennis Mary Jo Edward; Charlotte Elliott Cindy Faulkenbcrry Sybil Foy Shirley Fritz Mary Grantham Carolyn Hawkins Cara Lloyd Hemphill MEMBERS Sara Johnson Joyce King Peggy Lack Annice Loflin Marianne McCormack Sally McDonald Ann McElroy Ann McShane Catherine Northam Mary Helen Phillips Doris Pittman Elnora Riecken Betty Robbms June Santangelo Martha Ann Selby Jeneanne Sharpe Mary Alice Shields Marianna Simmons Virginia Slater Alice Smith Martha Ann Smith Barbara Walker Sue Webb Joan Wheeless Margaret Ann Whitfield Doris Wilkerson NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Missouri December 12, 1888 LOCALLY FOUNDED: September 1, 1926 COLORS: Ruby and Pink FLOWERS: Richmond and Kilarney Roses PUBLICATION: " The Urn ' j x t fA f S RLPHfl ZETfl CHAPTER KflPPfl DELTH Barbara is President of Sigma Lambda, Jo Anne of Women ' s Council — Macky heads YWCA — Dee, Majorette Prexy, and Secretary-Treasurer of AED — Edna is Miss Hospitality, Secretary-Treasurer of SEB, Miss Millsaps, Homecoming Queen — Dee, Jo Anne, Macky tapped by Sigma Lambda — Barbara, Edna, and Dee named to Who ' s Who — Ann heads Westminister, tapped by Chi Delta and Majorettes — Ivey, Cheerleader and Homecoming Maid — Bettye Lee chosen by Eta Sigma Phi, Norma by IRC. OFFICERS President ----------- DEE FORD Vice-President -------- EDNA KHAYAT Secretary ----------- JO BOOTH Treasurer --------- ANN MclNVALE Clara Parks Booth Jo Ward Booth Frances Campbell Jo Anne Cooper Emily Costigan Carol Culley Janis Edmonson Margie Eubank Mary Lou Flowers Dee Ford Emily Greener Bettye Hardwick Winifred Hargrove Frances Hicks Jeanelle Howell MEMBERS Frances Jernigan Annette Johnston Edna Khayat Janella Lansing Mollie Lawson Nancy Martin Jean McClenahan Lynn McCrath Anne Mclnvale Yvonne Moss Barbara Myers Jo Nail Norma Neill Ann Orsborn Lynice Parker Frances Jo Peacock Nancy Peacock Cecilia Ridgway Janette Sanders Sylvia Sanford Betty Jo Smith Robin Smith Syl via Stevens Peggy Suthoff Anne Turner Mary Vaughn Ivey Wallace Margaret Woods NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Virginia State Normal College October 23, 1897 LOCALLY FOUNDED: September 26, 1914 COLORS: Green and White FLOWER: White Rose PUBLICATION: " Angelos of Kappa Delta " F.J. mil CHAPTER phi mi Dunbar tapped into Sigma Lambda and KDE, President of Chi Delta — Jo Glynn tapped by KDE, Audrey by IRC — Elinor Moore, President of KDE — Boots and Clarice, Homecoming Maids — Lonetta and Boots, Cheerleaders, and Peggye is chosen by Majorette Club — Nona is secretary of YWCA, and Peggye is President of Pan-Hellenic — Lonetta and Audrey are named to Who ' s Who — - Audrey is Society editor of P W, Helen Faye is News editor. OFFICERS President -------- PEGGYE FAULKNER Vice-President -------- LONETTA WELLS Secretary --------- AUDREY JENNINGS Treasurer ---------- DUNBAR BABBITT Pledge Trainer -------- JO GLYNN HUGHES Dunbar Babbitt Betty Barfield Clarice Black Sara Jane Brockman Mary Elizabeth Burton Boots Carpenter Ann Chatam Carleen Durham Peggye Falkner Anna Calloway MEMBERS Janie Haining Helen Faye Head Jo Clynn Hughes Mary Warren Huntly Audrey Jennings Mary Sidney Johnson Nona Kinchloe Betty Louise Landfair Elinor Moore Ann Maudlin Betty Brand Pearson Mitzi Shelton Theresa Terry Frances Thompson Barbara Uhalt Wanda Waddell Sandra Weir Lonetta Wells Carolyn Williams NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Wesleyan College March 4, 1852 LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 24, 1914 COLORS: Rose and White FLOWER: Enchantress Carnation PUBLICATION: " Aglaia " Babbitt Barfield Black Brockman Burton Carpenter Chatam Durham Falkner Calloway Haining Head Hughes Huntley Jennings Johnson Kinchloe Landfair iMJiltifcfe Moore Maudlin Pearson Shelton Terry Thompson Uhalt Waddell Weir Williams J EPSILOn CHAPTER CHI OlMGfl Fredda tapped into Sigma Lambda, IRC, Chi Delta — Minnie named to Who ' s Who — Mary Lynn is Drum Majorette, Joan Lee is majorette — Minnie tapped into Theta Nu Sigma, Squeaky into Alpha Psi — ChiO ' s win Homecoming float prize — Karen has lead in The Infernal Machine, Joan Lee is Home- coming Maid, and Kay is tapped into Chi Delta. OFFICERS President - - - - - - - - - MINNIE FARLOW Vice-President ------ LINDA LOU McCULLAR Secretary ----------- ANNE HAND Treasurer --------- FREDDA SHELTON Pledge Trainer --------- ANN CARTER Ann Anderson Valera Bailey Worth Bennett Ann Carter Ethel Clement Esther Coker Olive Coker Nancy Crawford Rose Cunningham Alleen Davis Janis Edgar Minnie Farlow Almyra Fisher Gail Fielder Kay Fort MEMBERS Mary Gene Cainey Karen Cilfoy Mary Lynn Graves Mary Jane Gray Anne Hand Nancy Ann Harris Joanne Henderson Sara Mae Hewitt Virginia Hewitt Katheryn Hook Wally James Lucy Jones Claudette Koerper Joan Lee Linda Lou McCullar Pat McGuire Cynthia Morse Sammie Pickering Betty Jo Powell Anne Ragan Fredda Shelton Bertie Shortridge Shirley Stanton Alice Starnes Cary Stewart Marion Swayze Jane Wiggins Dixie Winborn I NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Arkansas April 5, 1895 LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 31, 1934 COLORS: Cardinal and Straw FLOWER: White Carnation PUBLICATION: " The Eleusis ' 3 ? CHI DELTA CHAPTER n. i. s. a. Julia is President of Vikings — Lou, Joan, and Louise tapped into KDE, Faye tapped into AED — Wilma named Secretary of State Methodist Student Move- ment — Eunice and Helen selected as beauties — Helen serves as this years secretary of Singers. OFFICERS President ---------- JULIA ALLEN Vice-President -------- SARA JO SMITH Recording Secretary ------- HELEN DAVIS Corresponding Secretary ------ DANYE MILLER Treasurer ------- RUTH ANN PEARSON Historian ----------- JO CLAYTON Reporter --------- BETTY WESTBROOK Sergeant at Arms ------ EVA JO CHAMBERS House Chairman --------- WILMA RYAN Clenda Adams Julia Allen Carolyn Baria Shirley Beadle Eunice Buskirk Lou Caldwell Maxie Castilow Eva Joe Chambers Jo Clayton Helen Davis Meta Dixon Mary Dunn Anne Finger Faye Caddy Carolyn Coff Lora Gossard MEMBERS Aliene Hays Louise Hig ' ht Jane Hull June Hull Elizabeth Hunter Eugenia Kelly Millicent King Walter Jean Lamb Becky Lovett Danye Carol Miller Claire Nicols Shirley Newman Jonie Newton Jewel Dean Nobles Nancy Lynn Page Jean Patrick Ruth Ann Pearson Mary George Price Frances Ross Wilma Ryan Mary Sanderson Peggy Sanford Sara Jo Smith Johnnie Swindull Alice Triplett Gail Ward Betty Westbrook Claudette Westerfield Cornelia Wilkinson Joan Wilson Juanita Wright NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Oklahoma April, 1938 LOCALLY FOUNDED: July 19, 1943 COLORS: FLOWER: Blue and White White Carnation PUBLICATION: " N. I. S. A. Newsletter ' Adams Allen Buskirk Caldwell Castilow Clayton Davis Dixon Dunn Finger Caddy Coff Cossard Hays Hight Hull, Jane Hull, June Hunter Kelly King Lamb Miller Nicols Newman Newton Nobles Page Patrick Pearson Price Ross Ryan Sanderson Sanford Smith Triplett Swindull Ward Westbrook Westerfield Wilkinson Wilson Wright KHPPfl ALPHA OKD taps Mincy, who is business manager of Bobashela — Cheek is SEB Veep, in Who ' s Who — Nail stars in The Infernal Machine, Blumer elected President of Singers — Howell is chosen Veep of Senior Class, tapped into Alpha Psi, and is cheerleader — Mincy is President of AED — Walton is cheer- leader — Mangum edits Stylus — Cooper is President of Theta Nu Sigma. OFFICERS Number | ------- - CAMPBELL CILLILAND Number II -------- - BEN McCARTY Number III ------- - JOHNNY HOWELL George Armstrong Fred Blumer Tarver Butler Harry Carter Howard Cheek Reynolds Cheney Stanly Cook Jack Cooper Leo Crook George Elliott David Franks Tommy Garrett Campbell Gilliland Johnny Green MEMBERS Leverette Hayes Terry Hayward Jack Hill Sidney Hill Johnny Howell Charles Hollowell Harold Hutchinson Burton Jackson George Jones John Little Ezelle Lewis Bill Lynch Ben McCarty Scott McCarty Frank Mangum Ernest Mincy Hardy Nail Tommy Parker Billy Parks McWillie Robinson Fred Day Smith Tommy Spell James Walton Charles Williams James Williams Tommy Wilson Fred Yerger NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Washington College December 21, 1865 LOCALLY FOUNDED: October 1, 1S93 COLORS: Ruby and Old Cold FLOWER: Magnolia and Crimson Rose PUBLICATION: " Kappa Alpha Journal " Armstrong Blumer Butler Carter Cheek Cheney Cooper Crook Franks Carrett Cilliland Hayward Hill, J. Hill, S. Hayes Hollowell Howell Hutchinson Jackson Jones Lewis Little Lynch McCarty o Mangum Mincy Morrison Nail Parker Robinson Shelton Spell Williams Yerger fc l u } ( ) fs f c Wemi . » J J. HLPHH mi CHAPTER KHPPfl SIGDIfl Kimball takes over from Polk as President — Lowery is most valuable on football squad — Cain, M Club President — Barineau is freshman king — Sigs win speedball — Polk heads IFC, Powell is most improved player on team. OFFICERS President --------- SCOTT KIMBALL Vice-President --------- BOB PARNELL Ritualist --------- WILLIAM POWELL Treasurer ---------- HOWELL POLK Pat Allen Bobbie Ammonds John Awad Robert Bailey Dick Barineau Tom Boone Jerry Boykin John Broadwater Billy Brown Sonnye Buzzarde Taylor Caffey Glenn Cain Charles Campbell Frank Collette Charles Cooper Clyde Copeland Keith Dix Charles Dodds Hugh Ervin MEMBERS Alfred Eubanks Sammie Joe Clorioso Billy Greenlee Newt Harrison John Hathorn Dick Johnson Jimmy Jones Lowell Jones Eddie Khayat Scott Kimball Bennie Kirkland Foster Lowe Reginald Lowe John Lowery Bill McKinley W. H. Merrill Powers Moore Ike Musselwhite Art O ' Neil Bob Parnell Jack Pillips Jim Phyfer Howell Polk David Powell William Powell Roy Price David Pryor Terry Rees Milton Roby Lee Stricklin Charles Underhil N. R. Walley Oscar Walley Albert Wells Tommy Woods Jerry Yeager NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Virginia December 10, 1869 LOCALLY FOUNDED: October 18, 1895 COLORS: Scarlet, Green, and White FLOWER: Lily of the Valley PUBLICATION: " The Caduceus ' p CI ft -- ' n iillii i , $ 11 Jtti 1 1 N Uli RLPHfl UPSILOIl CHAPTER LflUlBDfl CHI flLPHH Vernon named president as Roger Waldrop retires — Roger is veep of inter- fraternity council — Lowell is president of band, Sam is vice-president — Con- ner tapped into Eta Sigma Phi — Sturdivant invited to membership in Kit-Kat. OFFICERS President ---------- ROGER WALDROP Vice-President -------- DOUGLAS MATHIS Secretary --------- VERNON EPPINETTE Treasurer --------- HUGH McCLELLAN Henry Carney Michael Conner Norman Creel Enoch Dangerfield Louis Demos Herbert Dyar Marvin Dyess Joe Ebersole Vernon Eppinette Jerry Eskridge Doxey Fisher Bill Fuller George Hicks Lowell Jones MEMBERS Sam Jones Willard Leggett Walton Lipscomb Lewis Luke Jimmy McCormick Hugh McLellan Douglas Mathis Frank Nash Roy Parker Hirsm Po!k Charles Powers Delma Saxon Lew Schirtzinger P;ul Sebren Walter Simmons Kenneth Simons Jack Speights Robert Streetman John Stringer Edwin Sturdivant Cecil Trantham Roger Waldrop Merimen Watkins Carl Welch Gene Wilkinson Don Youngs NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Boston University November 2, 1909 LOCALLY FOUNDED: October, 1939 COLORS: Purple, Green, and Gold PUBLICATION: " Purple, Green, and Gold " " Cross and Crescent " Carney Conner Creel Dangerfield Dyar Dyess Ebersole Eppinetre Eskridge Fisher Fuller Hicks Jones, L. Jones, S. Leggett Lipscomb Luke McCormick McLellan Mathis Nash Parker Polk Powers • i B _ p O O Schirtzinger Simmons Streetman Stringer Sturdivant tfrJL, K i HI Mi J J Trantham Waldrop Watkins Wilkinson Youngs 4 4: 4 ft PI KI1PPR ALPHA Head is President of ODK — Woodard elected President of SEB and chosen as Master Major — Puckett is President of the Senior Class — ODK taps broth- ers Woodard and Dunbar — Hunt takes over from Head as Purple and White Business Manager — DeLong edits the Bobashela — Dunbar is President of Alpha Psi Omega, Myers is elected cheerleader — Eta Sigma Phi taps Ely, — Dunbar, DeLong, Hoobs, are chosen by IRC. OFFICERS SMC ---------- TOMMY WOODARD IMC ----------- FRED DeLONC ThC ----- JOHN LOTT Freddie Abraham Charlie Allen W. E. Ayres Noel Ball Jimmie Blair Beverly Butler Charles Catledge Steve Collins Wally Conerly Fred DeLong Kenneth Dew Oscar Dowdle Jack Dunbar Walter Ely Dick Foxworth Harry Gulledge Sid Head Joe Hobbs MEMBERS John M. Howell John Hubbard George Hunt Redmond Hutchison Ed Jones Read Jones Bobby Kelly Albert Lee John Lott Robert Mims John Morris J immy Morrow Bobby Myers Leslie Page Murry Pinkston John Phi I ley Odean Puckett Cliff Rigby Bill Rose Dennis Sally Jimmy Schimpf John Simmons Bobbie Smith Ed Stewart Barry Stewart Granville Sykes Kenneth Sykes Jerry Trigg Johnny Turner Drip Waldrop S. L. White Paul Wiggins Albert Williamson Tommy Woodard NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Virginia March 1, 1 S68 LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 23, 1905 COLORS: Garnet and Gold FLOWER: Lily of the Valley PUBLICATION: " The Shield and Diamond ' Abraham Allen Ay res Blair Butler Collins Conerly DeLong Dew Dowdle Dunbar Foxworth Gulledge Head Howell Hubbard Hunt Hutchison Jones, R. Kelly Lee Lott Mims Morris Morrow Myers Page Philley Puckett Rigby Sally Schimpf Simmons Smith Stewart, E. Stewart, B. Sykes, C. Trigg Turner White Wiggins Williamson Woodard JP • f I r o ft i noRSEiMn Hudson holds the gavel following Epperson — Epperson is listed in Who ' s Who — Hudson heads Millsaps Psychological Society and holds second office in Ministerial League. OFFICERS President ---------- YEAGER HUDSON Vice-President - - ... JERRY WILLIAMSON Secretary ---------- CECIL JONES Treasurer ----------- OLIN COOK MEMBERS NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Oklahoma Billy Anglin Cecil Jones April, 1938 OlmCook JackLoflin LOCALLY FOUNDED: 1950 Spiro Cora Charles McReynolds Roy Epperson W. D. Pigott COLORS: Blue and Cold Earl Creenough Joseph Way PUBLICATION: Yeager Hudson Jerry Williamson " N. I. S. A. Newsletter " C) ■ IB «• ' mui Anglin Cook Cora Creenough Hudson Jones Loflin McReynolds Pigott Way Williamson athletics ■ 1 . . FOOTBALL i i OUR 1953 The football picture at Millsaps this year was a bright one. There was only one cloud on the horizon — the game with SOUTH PASTURE. The Majors got off to a slow start by losing one to Delta State. Then Millsaps picked up steam, winning over Hendrix by a score of 20 to 0. Next on the schedule was our game with the traditional rivals from over at Clin- ton — Mississippi College. The Majors lost the game this year but it ' ll be one that will be long remembered. Out-playing the Chocs for the first three quarters, Millsaps couldn ' t stop the scoring in time and lost by a score of 1 9 to 20. The season was finished in a blaze of glory as the Majors won the last four games of the year to end with a record of 5 won and 2 lost. First Row — Cain, Clorioso, Greenlee, Nail, Awad, Parker, McPherson, Wolfe, Waldrop. Second Row — Catledge, Holloman, Dunaway, Boone, Powell, O ' Neil, Pruitt, Jones, J., Moore, Phillips, Smith, L. it kUi y i, ' Av-fjJNfaw FOOTBALL SQUAD SCOREBOARD MAJORS 6 Delta State 27 20 Hendrix 19 Mississippi College 20 16 Howard 13 34 Southwestern .. 7 35 Sewanee 6 20 Ouachita 13 TOTALS 150 86 Third Row — Trigg (Mgr.), Lowery, Alexander, Trantham, Little, Smith, B., Ricord, Khayat, Kirkland, Carey Jones, L, Kimball, Philley (Mgr.). 91 A ■% i 77 87 85 8 3 73, If 4 4, ; -f ? ! " fl ' 2? 1 67 75 - 32 r§2 i S Red Powell — An excellent ball handler, Red directed the Majors for a large part of the year. John Lowery — John was the heavy artillery of the backfield. A hard-hitting Fullback, he was invaluable. Glenn Cain — One of the best all-around athletes Millsaps has ever produced, Glenn sparked the team to a wonderful showing this year. Sammy Jo Glorioso — This scrappy little Halfback was con- sistently effective on long gains for the Majors. FOOT III I I L Lowery goes through MC opposition. CLORIOSO, RHB Waldrop, RHB, Alexander, FB, Moore, FB, Powell ..v. " ,. . ■« • ' ,. ' . ■•■.- B II L L at S H P S Walter Waldrop — -Seeing considerable action this year, " Drip " played good ball and was an asset to the team. Lewis Alexander — Seeing his first action with the Majors this year, Lewis gives evidence of doing well in the years to come. Terry Moore — A freshman, Terry will play a lot of ball for Millsaps. Tommy Parker — -Tommy, a senior, has been a valuable man to have on our side. He has played regularly for the Majors and has been of tremendous value to the team. 4 Clorioso makes a gain against Ouachita ,, - , . PARKER, LHB Johnny Awad — One of the small- est guards in college football, Johnny is a good blocker and tackier for his size. Arthur O ' Neil — He is a depend- able center who has seen three years service. Art gives 100% effort all the time. He is one of five seniors who will be missing in ' 54. Tom Boone — Tom, a veteran guard, is a vicious blocker and tackier. He has been a bulwark in the Millsaps line. MANN, T Jackie Mann — Jackie, 165 pound tackle, was a perfectionist in blocking and saw a great deal of action with the Majors this year. tt iM M f? Backfield — Clorioso, Lowery, Parker, Cain. Guards — Phillips, Pruirt, Awad, L. Smith, Boone, J. Jones. TRANTHAM, T Cecil Trantham — Cecil, playing his second year, was a hard hitting tackle who did an excellent job. John Little — John, a glue-fingered end and fine punter, was a good all round player. RETURNING 1953 LETTERMEN First Row — Powell, Boone, Awad, Greenlee, Glorioso, Parker. Second Row — Lowery, O ' Neil, Pruitt, Kimball, Cain, Jones. Third Row — Little, Kirkland, Smith, Catledge, Waldrop, McPherson. 3ffl k S VL 7f» 1ft 7Sp t 14 i s$ s 4 ? i s R C T Little takes to the air to help Trantham and Pruitt with a stubborn Sewanee man. Cain makes a tackle during the one-sided victory over Sewanee. Kirkland goes for a gain against the boys from Choctawland. II The Choctaws smoth- er Cain as Mann and O ' Neil look on help- lessly. Lowery running hard into the wind as MC tacklers close the gap. MC makes a gain as Powell comes in for the tackle. Left to right — Clorioso, O ' Neil, Little, Cain, and Parker. SEniORS These men have played their last football game for Millsaps. They have always done their best and the positions they leave empty will be difficult to fill. Good luck! Cain passes to Little for a touchdown against Mississippi College. mv w Q P First Row — O ' Neil, Awad, Moore, McPherson, Murphy, Clorioso, Parnell, Dunaway. Second Row — B. Smith, Trigg, Kimoall, Powell, Boone, Kirkland, Speights, Alexander, J. Jones, Third Row — Khayat, Pruitt, N. R. Walley, Morris, 0. Walley, Lowery, Boykin, Woods, Hudson, Catledge. " M " CLUB OFFICERS President ----------- GLENN CAIN Vice-President --------- RED POWELL Secretary-Treasurer -------- JACK DUNBAR BASEBALL Returning Lettermen — Speights, Woods, Clorioso, Powell, Parnell, Kirkland. f .._ MEMBERS Wtm " ' r P Sammy Joe ■a •- Clorioso Joe Hobbs i L JL Read Jones Benny Kirkland Crow Parnell Red Powell Fred Powers Jack Speights Tommy Woods Homecoming — Queen, Edna Khayat; Joan Lee, Ivy Wallace, Boots Carpenter, Clarice Black. The Eand — and a rainy day for a football game. New co-ed coaching staff. BflSKETBfll " , -- r ■ ■ ' Millsaps lost all four games to the Chocs. The season took an un- pleasant turn when evidence came to light that MC was secretly pay- ing salaries to its boys. Further basketball relations with MC are now uncertain, but one thing is certain — the Chocs must take their stand on one side or the other. Morris goes up in the air against SOUTH PASTURE. Sessums shakes off Morris and Cain for a shot at the goal. s n ii p s ii o t s W W I LDDK AT HER TEETH! ARENT THEY SWEET? :-•• C U»Mfl THEY LOOK RIGHT AT HDME YOU JUST CAN ' T TRUST A WOMAN organizations... I — m JO Seated — Berry, Woods, Moore, Mann, Woodard, Whitman. Standing — Matheny, Ayres, Cossard, Epperson, Mincy, Dunbar, Finger, Head. OmiCROII DELTA KflPPfl OFFICERS President ------------ SID HEAD Vice-President -------- EDDIE COSSARD Secretary --------- DR. ROSS MOORE ODK is a national honorary society which recognizes leadership in campus ac- tivities and scholarship. It is the highest honor a Millsaps man can receive. FACULTY ADVISORS President H. Ellis Finger Dr. James Ferguson Mr. Pete Woods Dr. Ross Moore ALUMNI SPONSORS Mr. Merle Mann Rev. Bob Matheny MEMBERS W. E. Ayres Eddie Cossard Fred Whitam Jack Dunbar Sid Head Tommy Woodard Roy Epperson Ernest Mincy V ' " " ' ' i t ' m - " ■ ( Seated — Jennings, Ford, Myers, Farlow. Standing — Babbit, Mclnvale, Cooper, Khayat, Shelton. S I G HI H LfllllBDfl OFFICERS President --------- BARBARA MYERS Vice-President - - - - - - - - MINNIE FARLOW Secretary-Treasurer --------- DEE FORD Sigma Lambda is the Women ' s leadership honorary which was founded by ODK. It recognizes leadership in campus activities and scholarship. Sigma Lambda sponsors Coffee Hour and the Varsity Show. ADVISORS Miss Elizabeth Craig Mrs. Marguerite Goodman Mrs. Ellis Finger Miss Mildred Morehead MEMBERS Dunbar Babbit Dee Ford Barbara Myers Jo Anne Cooper Audrey Jennings Anne Mclnvale Minnie Farlow Edna Khayat Fredda Shelton Seated - - Powell, Pickering, Kinchloe, Miss Sain, Mclnvale, Robinson. Standing — Smith, Johnson, Terry, Lamon, Moore, Orsborn. Y. 111. C. A. OFFICERS President --------- ANNE MclNVALE Vice-President (programs) - - - BETTY JO POWELL Vice-President (membership) - - - LUCY ROBINSON Secretary --------- NONA KINCHLOE Treasurer ------- SAMMIE DEAN PICKERING Commission Chairmen ------ ANN ORSBORN SARA JO SMITH THERESA TERRY FRANCES MOORE Social Chairman -------- JOAN WILSON Chairman of Bethlehem Center - - CAROLYN LAMON Publicity ---------- SARA JOHNSON Song Leader ------- NELL MARIE VAUCHAN Advisor ------------ JEAN SAIN The purpose of " Y " on Millsaps Campus is to form an organization of Christ- ian college women, committed to Christian beliefs and carrying the responsibilities of membership. The membership is composed of those who choose to share in its program. miniSTERI RL LEAGUE OFFICERS President --------- JAMES BUSKIRK Vice-President -------- YEACER HUDSON Secretary-Treasurer ------- BYRD HILLMAN Reporter --------- BERRY WHITEHURST It is the purpose of the Ministerial League to promote fellowship among the students who plan to enter the ministry. The League, with the help of the YWCA, sponsors mission points located in different areas of the city. Through the Ministerial League students are able to help others, thereby gaining experience and spiritual strength for themselves. COMMISSION CHAIRMEN Boy ' s Farm ---------- BOBBY JO SMITH Children ' s Home ------- HARRY HAWKINS Old Ladies Home ------ WAYNE RUSHING Charity Hospital ------- TOMMY E. PRICE County Jail --------- CARRY BALI US FACULTY ADVISOR Rev. Bob Anding MEMBERS Joseph Conti Fred DeLong Eddie Cossard R. L. McCarter Frank Mangum Ed Sturdivant FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. M. C. White Mr. Lance Coss Mr. A. C. Sanders Mr. Paul Hardin Seated — Hardin, DeLong, White, Sturdivant, Sanders. Standing — McCarter, Cossard. KIT KflT Kit Kat, oldest and most exclusive of Millsaps ' honoraries, recognizes outstand- ing creative writing ability and excellence in culinary art. CHI DELTA Chi Delta is the honorary for women recognizing ability in creative writi takes an active interest in the Southern Literary Festival and Stylus. ng. It OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer DUNBAR BABBIT JO ANNE COOPER - NORMA BUSSE Seated — Babbit, Shelton, Orsborn, Myers. Standing — Cooper, Jennings. FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Mildred Morehead MEMBERS Dunbar Babbit Miss Thomasina Blissard Norma Busse Jo Anne Cooper Kay Fort Audrey Jennings Edna Khayat Barbara Myers Ann Orsborn Fredda Shelton Mary Vaughan MEMBERS Edna Khayat Dee Ford Audrey Jennings Lonetta Wells Minnie Farlow Barbara Myers Roy Epperson Sid Head Howard Cheek Eddie Cossard Tommy Woodard Glenn Cain WHO ' S WHO among flmERICfln COLLEGES STIDEnTS in and uniVERSITIES Inclusion in Who ' s Who is one of the highest honors a student can attain. Every year a faculty committee nominates twelve students for this honor. BEETH0VEI1 CLUB The Beethoven Club tries to promote an appreciation and understanding of OFFICERS President --------- JIMMY SCHIMPF Vice-President --------- HELEN DAVIS Secretary-Treasurer ------- ASPASIA ATHAS Faculty Advisor ------- MRS. J. L. ROBERTS MEMBERS v. " M Joe Ebersole Helen Davis Mrs. Roberts Jimmy Schimpf Aspasia Athas Maggie Cunningham Elizabeth Hunter Norma Brown Mary Anne Dennis Linda Lou McCullar Fran Buttross Carolyn Allen Carolyn Baria Elnora Riecken Jeanne Patrick Norma Busse Ruth Ann Pearson Margaret Woods theth nu s I g m H OFFICERS President ---------- JACK COOPER Vice-President --------- ROY PARKER Secretary-Treasurer - ._.__- dee FORD Faculty Advisor ------- RICHARD R. PRIDDY Theta Nu Sigma is the Millsaps natural science honorary. Its membership is composed of science majors of high scholastic ability. Harry Carter Jack Cooper Sara Dennis Roy Epperson Minnie Farlow Dee Ford MEMBERS Faye Caddy Audrey Jennings Bill Lynch Mollie Lawson Ben McCarty Ernest Mincy Roy Parker Terry Rees Tommy Spell Granville Sykes First Row — Rees, Mincy, Parker, Dr. James. Second Row — Caddy, Dennis, Jennings, Ford, Lawson, Farlow. Third Row — Sykes, Epperson, Cooper, Lynch, McCarty, Spell, Carter. ALPHA EPS1L0A DELTA OFFICERS President ---------- ERNEST MINCY Vice-President ---------- DEE FORD Secretary --------- AUDREY JENNINGS Treasurer --------- McWILLIE ROBINSON Faculty Advisors -------- DR. J. B. PRICE DR. F. W. JAMES DR. W. J. BRETT MR. W. C. GUEST AED strives to help all pre-med students in their pre-medical activities. This honorary sponsors the Red Cross drive and various speakers outstanding in the med- ical field. MEMBERS James Ar bogast Audrey Jennings Ernest Mincy John R. Broadwater Mollie Lawson Terry Rees Sara Dennis Reginald Lowe McWillie Robinson Dee Ford Bill Lynch Tommy Spell Faye Caddy Ben McCarty Keith Wolverton First Row — Mincy, Robinson, Arbogast, Lowe. Second Row — Caddy, Jennings, Dr. James, Dr. Price, Dr. Brett, Ford, Lawson. Third Row — Rees, Broadwater, Lynch, McCarty, Wolverton, Spell. - " A • 1 — . ALPHA PSI 0A1EGA OFFICERS President ---------- JACK DUNBAR Vice-President -------- JOHN M. HOWELL Secretary-Treasurer -------- ANNE HAND Faculty Advisor --------- LANCE COSS Alpha Psi Omega recognizes outstanding interest, ability and participation in all phases of dramatics. This year was highlighted by such outstanding productions as " The Infernal Machine " and " The Rivals. " Bi: .) Ill | ,i ;;■!.. ' I . ' . ih m ma Ann Carter Fred DeLong Jack Dunbar Janie Haining Anne Hand MEMBERS Sid Head John M. Howell John R. Howell Audrey Jennings Lynn McGrath Bobby Myers Ed Sturdivant Dr. E. S. Wallace Mr. Lance Coss First Row — Hand, Sturdivant, Carter, Haining. Second Row — Howell, DeLong, Coss, Dunbar, Jennings, Myers. First Row — Nail, Russell, Moore, Athas, Cunningham. Second Row — Mrs. Haynes, McCullar, Babbit, Myers, Booth, Mr. Haynes. Third Row — Wilson, Hughes, Hight, McCrath. KHPPfl DELTA EPSIL0I1 OFFICERS President ---------- ELINOR MOORE Vice-President ----------- JO NALL Secretary ---------- ASPASIA ATHAS Treasurer ---------- LOUISE HICHT Faculty Advisors - - PROF, and MRS. R. R. HAYNES Kappa Delta Epsilon, a professional education sorority, promotes the cause of education by fostering high scholastic standing and professional ideals among those preparing for the teaching profession. MEMBERS Aspasia Athas Jo Clyn Hughes Jo Nail Dunbar Babbitt Lynn McCrath Bettye Russell Jo Ward Booth Linda Lou McCullar Lonetta Wells Maggie Cunningham Elinor Moore Joan Wilson Louise Hight Barbara Myers MEMBERS Jack Dunbar Audrey Jennings Fredda Shelton Janis Edmonson Janella Lansing Emily Costigan Keith Dix Dr. Moore R. L. McCarter Dr. Ferguson Harold Peden James Williams Jenkins Spencer Douglas Mathis Prof. Bergmark Alleen Davis Fred DeLong Eddie Cossard Joe Hobbs Louise Hodges Norma Neill Mary Vaughan Fred Whitam First Row — Second Row Dunbar, Jennings, Shelton, Edmonson, Lansing, Costigan, Dix. — Dr. Moore, McCarter, Dr. Ferguson, Peden, Williams, Spencer, Mathis, Bergmark. MTERnflTIOIlAL RELATIONS CLUB President - Vice-President OFFICERS JANIS EDMONSON Secretary-Treasurer R. L. McCARTER Faculty Advisors ■ - EMILY COSTIGAN - DR. ROSS MOORE DR. JAMES FERGUSON MR. ROBERT BERGMARK I. R. C. is made up of outstanding students in the fields of history and political science. It sponsors a series of open forums during the year on varied timely sub- jects. PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS President Vice-President YEAGER HUDSON - LESLIE PAGE Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Advisor - - DON YOUNG DR. RAY MUSCROVE The Millsaps Psychological Society endeavors to further the study of psychol- ogy majors by frequent guest lecturers, departmental projects, and informal gather- ings. Seated — Ebersole, Hudson, Nash, Page, Young. Standing — Woods, Broadwater, Walley, Musgrave, Price, Wofford. MEMBERS Carolyn Baria John Broadwater Joe Ebersole Edward Hasselle Yeager Hudson Frank Nash Leslie Page Thomas Price Oscar Walley Jess Wofford Tommy Woods Don Young L mrn Seated — Ely, Shields, Dr. Hamilton, Epperson, Hardwick, Selby. Standing — Whitam, Cooper, Lott, Peden, Mangum. ETfl SIGlim PHI OFFICERS President ---------- ROY EPPERSON Vice-President --------- JOHN LOTT Secretary-Treasurer -------- FRED WHITAM Eta Sigma Phi recognizes excellence in the classical languages, Latin and Greek. A campus tradition is its annual Roman Banquet. This year Roy Epperson has served as National President of Eta Sigma Phi. Michael Conner John Cooper Walter Ely Roy Epperson MEMBERS Bettye Hardwick John Lott Frank Mangum Harold Peden Martha Ann Selby Mary Alice Shields Fred Whitam )ur yidverttsers have Juernonstratea their QJatth in Lis. JLet Lis show )ur QJatth in thern hi Lratrofitztng thetr QJtrtns. HAROLD H. MUSTIN Compliments Special Agent New York Life Insurance Company HIRAM L. LANDFAIR LIFE, ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS INSURANCE LUMBER COMPANY 513 Barnett-Madden Bldg. Tel. 2-6615 Telephone 5-3366 . + IQWI OF THE SOUTH ' S GREAT STORES COMPLIMENTS PATTERSON REXALL DRUG STORE STANDARD PHOTO (0. Dependable Prescription CAMERAS Specialist SUPPLIES FINISHING 7 Conveniently Located Stores 513 E. Capitol FREE DELIVERY EmpoRium FASHION CAPITAL OF MISSISSIPPI REID-MCGEE MO RTGAG E LOANS REAL ESTATE MUTUAL INSURANCE Telephone 5-7451 516 E. Capitol TWIN STATES ATHLETIC SUPPLY (0. A Complete Line of ATHLETIC SUPPLIES, SCHOOL JACKETS AND SWEATERS J. W. " JIM " HINE, Owner and Manager 117 South Lamar MCRAE ' S " You ' ll Find It Pays To Shop McRae ' s! " THE GRILL THE CAMPUS HANG-OUT SANDWICHES COLD DRINKS BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES CHRISTIAN HIGHER EDUCATION at MILLSAPS COLLEGE Aspires to Promote Right Attitudes Within a Disciplined Mind Liberal Arts Education at its Best ■fa Fully Accredited four year College for Men and Women Unexcelled opportunity for social, intellectual and spiritual development on a friendly campus •jf Graduate and undergraduate courses offered at night in cooperation with the University of Mississippi Summer Terms: June 5 - July 10 — July 12 - August 13 Fall Semester Begins September 6 T ' S MORI ' S FOR LUGGAGE GIFTS ACCESSORIES Vogue MISSISSIPPI ' S CAMPUS FASHION LEADER Penney ' s MISSISSIPPI POWER AND LIGHT CO. Better Light FOR Better Sight R. M. HENDRICK GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE CLASS RINGS INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS ANNUALS CAPS GOWNS 1620 N. MILL JACKSON, MISS. VICKERY JEWELERS, INC. WELLS SPECIALIZING IN IDEAL CLEANERS FINE WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING " EVERYTHING THE NAME IMPLIES " 3001 N. State 3007 N. State NORTH STATE PHARMACY MARY FRANCES TEA SHOPPE " Right across the street Specializing in BANQUETS from, the girls ' dormitory " and LUNCHEONS 1808 N. STATE Across from Sears BRENTS DRUGS SNACK THE FINEST SHOP IN DRUGS " Good Food Around the Clock " Morgan Center DAVID JONES Owner and Manager HEDERMAN BROTHERS BURKHEAD ' S PRINTERS — LITHOGRAPHERS WELDING MACHINE WORKS STATIONERS Machinists 327-335 E. Pearl Street Welders Boiler Makers Jackson, Mississippi 917 SOUTH STATE DRI NK (bca wm The Pause 77 at Refreshes JACKSON COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY MADISON WEAVERS REWEAVING BURNS • TEARS MOTH HOLES Repairing and Alterations 124 SOUTH PRESIDENT 5-3873 - Shoes for Men ffi_ i tavma $ Q7Qltwne N39 N LAMAR Phone 5-5376 SMITH ' S CITY SHOE SHOP CHOSEN FIRST IN THE NATION FOR SUPERIOR WORKMANSHIP 315 WEST CAPITOL 2-3378 JBfflBBEgmggg 607 DULING AVENUE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI E. B. ' S RESTAURANT SEAFOODS STEAKS CHICKEN SANDWICHES 4300 North State ICE CREAM CO. THE MERCHANTS (0. WHOLESALERS OF STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES FRESH PRODUCE BAPTIST BOOK STORE RELIGIOUS, CHILDREN ' S AND GENERAL BOOKS. BIBLES Greeting Cards and Stationery Plaques and Pictures COMPLI MENTS OF PRIMOS RESTAURANTS 1 - Opposite Post Office 2 - Next to Baptist Hospital 3 - Primos Class Kitchen JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI THE OFFICE SUPPLY (0. COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS 517 E. Capitol St. Jackson - Vicksburg - Laurel Greenville - Greenwood STEVENS Suits by Hart, Schafner Marx COMPLIMENTS JACKSON JITNEY - JUNGLE STORES THE FINEST IN ALL GROCERY NEEDS JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI AIR CONDITIONED TELEPHONE IN EVERY ROOM Dial JUniper 4-6201 Highway 11, South HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI NEIL BEATRICE MAE TAGGART Restaurant Operators 1 1 tarco HOTEL Courts and RESTAURANT THE JUKE Jim Moore and N. M. Steed invite all their friends over to try their Lunches, Sandwiches, and other Short Orders. Make np a Party and take advantage of our private dining room facilities. Our Specialty is preparing Fraternity and Sorority Parties and Open House Menus. N. M. STEED JIM MOORE, Props. ADELL GRILL Across from the Boys Dormitory SERVICE CLEANERS CERTIFIED COLD FUR STORACE 3220 W. Capitol St. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS of ENGRAVING BY- ALABAMA ENGRAVING CO. JAMISON CLEANERS OUR SPECIALTY CAMPUS GARMENTS " 1804 NORTH STATE Printers Book-Binders Genuine Engraved Wedding Invitations and Announcements THE TUCKER PRINTING HOUSE 1 1 3 North State — Opposite Old Capitol JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Office Supplies Drawing Material Desks Engineer Supplies Chairs Blank Books Files Loose Leaf Safes Special Forms Distinctive Social Stationery - Artist Supplies — Hallmark Cards Phone 3-2488 PHOTOGRAPHY BY PRUITT PHOTO SERVICE AINSWORTH STUDIOS MITCHELL STUDIOS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS _JG .-Jfc • MlPillNil t;K

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