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M CHRISTIAN CENTER t vV oV - B D Y ' •- " «• 5 W. E 8. " ol the students of MILLSA.PS COLLEGE Jackson, mississippi IS re lo DEDICATION The lives of the three persons to whom we dedicate this annual express the highest Christian ideals and prin- ciples. They have given us guidance as we seek to live the good and abundant life and as we strive to develop ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. What is perhaps more important, they have inspired us to endeavor throughout life to make the abundant life pos- sible for all men. So it is with sincere love and appreciation that we dedicate the 1951 Bobashela to. . . DR. M. L. SMITH MISS FRANCES DECELL DR. BOND FLEMING y THE ADMII MARION LOFTON SMITH OUR PRESIDENT MARION LOFTON SMITH: A. B., Kingwood College; B. D., A. M.. Emory University; Ph. D., Yale University; LI. D., Birmingham- Southern College. Millsaps College since 1938. BOARD OF TRUSTEES R. L. EZELLE ------------- President J. R. COUNTISS ---------- Vice-President N.J.COLDINC ------------ Secretary A. B. CAMPBELL ----------- Treasurer E. C. BREWER J. D. SLAY W. E. BUFKIN W. 0. TATUM V. R. LANDRUM L. P. WASSON J. D. WROTEN kllSTRATION DEAN WILLIAM EMIL RIECKEN Professor of Biology; A. B., A. M., Ph. D., Indiana University. Millsaps College since 1934. DEAN OF WOMEN MARY B. H. STONE Professor of English; A. B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; A. M., and advanced graduate work, George Peabody College, Millsaps College since 1931. DEAN OF FRESHMEN MIRIAM ELIZABETH KOONTZ Vocational Counselor; Instructor in Psychology; A. B., Dickinson College; A. M., Emory University. Millsaps College since 1949. REGISTRAR ELBERT STEPHEN WALLACE Professor of Economics; A, B., Birmingham-Southern College A. M., Ph. D,, Duke University. Millsaps College since 1939. BUSINESS MANAGER J. W. WOOD ACCOUNTANT RANDELL HARVEY i-; SANDERS HALL WHITWORTH HALL .jM SULLIVAN-HARRELL HALL MURRAH HALL McNElL BARTLING, JR. Director of Physical Education and Coacin; B.S.C, University of Mississippi; Grad uate Work at Louisiana State University. Millsaps College since 1 946. C. M. BARTLING Physical Education and Athletic Director; B. S. C, University of Mississippi. Millsaps College since 1951. MABEL BENNER COBB Professor of Spanish; A.B., St. Lawrence University; A.M., University of North Carolina. Millsaps College since 1931. ARTHUR COLAIANNI Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Band; B.M.E., Murray State College; Graduate Work at the American Conservatory; Pupil of Philip Kirchner and Florian Mueller Millsaps College since 1947. ♦ ♦ ♦ THE MAGNOLIA COULLET Associate Professor of Latin, Professor of Voice; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Pennsylvania; Graduate Work, American Academy in Rome, University of Chicago; B.M., Belhaven College; Graduate Work in Voice, Bordeaux, France. Millsaps College since 1927. ELIZABETH CRAIG Associate Professor of French; A.B., Barnard College, Columbia University; Diploma de la Sorbonne, Ecole de Preparation des Professeurs, de Francais a I ' Etranger, Fac- ulty of Letters, University of Paris. Millsaps College since 1926. CHARLES LORD DARBY Acting Assistant Professor of Psychology; B.A., Millsaps College; M.A., Emory University. Millsaps College since 1950. FRANCES ELIZABETH DECELL Director of Physical Education for Women A. A., Whitworth College; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Alabama. Millsaps College since 1941. DALE R, DUNIHOO Instructor of Biology; B.S., Gannon College; M.S., University of Michigan. Millsaps College since 1950. MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN Associate Professor of English; A.B., Agnes Scott College; A.M., Tulane University. Millsaps College since 1935. FACULTY NEAL BOND FLEMING Professor of Philosophy; A.B., B.D., Emory University S.T.M., Ph. D., Boston University Millsaps College since 1945. CHARLES BETTS GALLOWAY Associate Professor of Physics; B.S., Millsaps College; A.M., and Advanced Graduate Work, Duke University. Millsaps College since 1939. ED C. GIRVIN Professor of Biology; B.A., M.A., Ph. D., The University of Texas. Millsaps College since 194E JAMES SHARBROUGH FERGUSON Professor of History; B.A., Millsaps College; M.A., Louisiana State University; Extended Graduate Work, Uni- versity of North Carolina. Millsaps College since 1934. McNEIL BARTLING, JR. Director of Physical Education and Coach; B.S.C., University of Mississippi; Graduate Work at Louisiana State University. Millsaps College since 1 946. C. M. BARTLING MABEL BENNER COBB Physical Education and Athletic Professor of Spanish; Director; A.B., St. Lawrence University; B. S. C, University of Mississippi. A.M., University of North Carolina. Millsaps College since 1951. Millsaps College since 1931. ARTHUR COLAIANNI Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Band; B.M.E., Murray State College; Graduate Work at the American Conservatory; Pupil of Philip Kirchner and Florian Mueller Millsaps College since 1947. THE MAGNOLIA COULLET Associate Professor of Latin, Professor of Voice; A.B., Millsaps Collegs; A.M., University of Pennsylvania; Graduate Work, American Academy in Rome, University of Chicago; B.M., Belhaven College; Graduate Work in Voice, Bordeaux, France. Millsaps College since 1927. ELIZABETH CRAIG Associate Professor of French; A.B., Barnard College, Columbia University; Diploma de la Sorbonne, Ecole de Preparation des Professeurs, de Francais a I ' Etranger, Fac- ulty of Letters, University of Paris. Millsaps College since 1926. CHARLES LORD DARBY Acting Assistant Professor of Psychology; B.A., Millsaps College; M.A., Emory University. Millsaps College since 1950. t FRANCES ELIZABETH DECELL Director of Physical Education for Women A. A., Whitworth College; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Alabama. Millsaps College since 1941. DALE R. DUNIHOO Instructor of Biology; B.S., Gannon College; M.S., University of Michigan. Millsaps College since 1950. MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN Associate Professor of English; A.B., Agnes Scott College; A.M., Tulane University. Millsaps College since 1935. FACULTY NEAL BOND FLEMING Professor of Philosophy; A.B., B.D., Emory University S.T.M., Ph. D., Boston University Millsaps College since 1945. CHARLES BETTS GALLOWAY Associate Professor of Physics; B.S., Millsaps College; A.M., and Advanced Graduate Work, Duke University. Millsaps College since 1939. ED C. GIRVIN Professor of Biology; B.A., M.A., Ph. D.,The University of Texas. Millsaps College since 194f JAMES SHARBROUGH FERGUSON Professor of History; B.A., Millsaps College; M.A., Louisiana State University; Extended Graduate Work, Uni- versity of North Carolina. Millsaps College since 1934. LANCE GOSS, JR. ALFRED PORTER HAMILTON PAUL DOUGLAS HARDIN Assistant Professor of Speech; Professor of Classical Language and Assistant Professor of English; B.A., Millsaps College; German; A.B., Millsaps College; M.A., Northwestern University. A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; A.M., Duke University; Millsaps College since 1950. A.M., Ph. D., University of Penn- Graduate work. University of sylvania. Southern California. Millsaps College since 1917. Millsaps College since 1946. ♦ ♦ ♦ THE GUSTAVE ADOLPUS HARRER Assistant Professor of German; A.B., A.M., University of North Carolina Millsaps College since 1949. ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES Professor of Education; A.B., L.L.B., University of Tennessee; Vice-Consul of the United States in Scotland and England; A.M., and advanced graduate work, George Peabody College. Millsaps College since 1930. NANCY BROGAN HOLLOWAY Instructor of Secretarial Studies; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women. Millsaps College since 1942. RALPH HAMILTON HUTTO, JR. Director of public relations and instructor of English; B.A., Millsaps College; B.J., University of Missouri. Millsaps College since 1950. ALVIN JON KING Director of Miilsaps Singers; Studied at Oberlin Conservatory of Music; Northwestern School of Music; Christiansen Choral SchoDl. Private study with W.S.B. Matthews Fanny Bloomfield Zeisler, and Power Symonds. Miilsaps College since 1934. SAMUEL ROSCOE KNOX RAYMOND LOYD MclLVENNA Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Professor of Political Science; A.B., A.M., University of Mississippi Graduate work, University of Michigan. Miilsaps College since 1949. A.B., Williamette University; A.M., Ph. D., Harvard University Miilsaps College since 1949. ROSS HENDERSON MOORE Professor of History B.S., M.S., Miilsaps College; AM., University of Chicago; Ph. D., Duke University. Miilsaps College since 1923. FACULTY MILDRED LILLIAN MOREHEAD Assistant Professor of English; A.B., Mississippi State College for Women; A.M., Duke University. Miilsaps College since 1947. ELAINE PENN Assistant Professor of Music; B.M., Louisiana State University; Graduate piano study with Mieczyslaw Munz. Miilsaps College since 1947 E. RAYMOND PLATIG Instructor of History; A.B., Albion College A.M., Emory University. Miilsaps College since 1949. JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE Professor of Chemistry; B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., University of Mississippi; Ph. D. Louisiana State University. Millsaps College since 1930. RICHARD R. PRIDDY Professor of Chemistry and Geology; B.S., in Ed., Ohio Northern University; A.M., Ph.D., The Ohio State University. Millsaps College since 1946. JACK EDWARD PRINCE Associate Professor of Economics; A.B., A.M., Ohio State University; Graduate work at Ohio State University. Millsaps College since 1949. THOMAS REYNOLDS Professor of Mathematics; 3.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Millsaps College since 1950. ♦ ♦ THE EVA MYERS ROBERTS Professor of piano and music theory; A.B., Whitworth College; B.M., American Conservatory; M.M., Chicago Musical College private work with Fanny Bloomfield Zeisler in Chicago and Edwin Hughes in New York; special work with Joseph Lhevinne and Percy Grainger. Millsaps College since 1930 THEODORE CASKEY RUSSELL Professor of Violin and Music Theory; Conductor o f Jackson Symphony Ochestra; B.S., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College M.M., Northwestern University; Private study with Enesco and Sziqeti in Europe. Millsaps College since 1944. ALBERT GODFREY SANDERS Professor of Romance Languages; A.B., Southwestern (Texas); A.B., Yale University; Rhodes Scholar 1907-1910; A.B., A.M., University of Oxford (Honors SchooP. Millsaps College since 1917. }%:, RANDOLPH STEWART SMITH Assistant Professor of Religion; A.B., University of Mississippi; B.D., Emory University; A.M., Columbia University; B.D., Union Theological Seminary. Millsaps College since 1949. FRANK REA TAYLOR Voice Coach and Accompanist; A.B., Millsaps College; Diploma in Piano, Millsaps College. Millsaps College since 1946. VERNON LANE WHARTON Professor of Sociology and History; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Millsaps College since 1935. FACULTY MARION CHRISTIAN WHITE Professor of English; A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; A.M., Harvard University; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. Millsaps College since 1920. WILLIAM S. WINN Assistant Professor of Mathematics Ph.D., B.D., Emory University; A.M., University of North Carolina Millsaps College since 1949. KARL WOLFE Professor of Art; B.A., Chicago Art Institute; William M. R. French Fellowship; Study abroad for one year; Study and Teaching Pa. School of Art Summer School. Millsaps College since 1946. JAMES DAUSEY WROTEN Associate Professor of Religion; A.B., Millsaps College; B.D., Southern Methodist University; Graduate work at Columbia University (Teachers College) and Union Theological Seminary. Millsaps College since 1946. LOIS ABEL Secretary to Registrar; B.A., Millsaps College MARTHA BENNETT Secretary to President CAROLYN BUFKIN Assistant Registrar; A.B., Whitworth; B.A., Millsaps College; Graduate Work University of Chicago. THE STAFF VlARY FRANCES GOODWIN ssi5tant in Registrar ' s office; B.A., Duke. MRS. JESSIE JORDAN Secretary to Dean .A., Mississippi State College for Women. MRS. J. W. NETTLES Cashier. FRANCES WEE Cashier. CLASSES 1 RKt iill DOUG HAMMOND FRANZ POSEY j BETTY JO DAVIS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS DoLig Hammond ------- President Franz Posey ------ Vice-President Betty Jo Davis - - - - Secretary-Treasurer Looking back over the year, this senior class seems to have done nothing abnormal. Perhaps because they have been confronted with a world situation that could affect greatly their future, these 1951 seniors have strived to do things just as always. They have spent hours in the Grill talking — sometimes of draft laws and the uselessness of war; they have talked " jobs " — not ever overlooking the service and defense; they have crammed for com- prehensives, boned for tests, yelled at football and basketball games, played in intramurals; they have attended the usual round of meetings and taken in their share of parties; they have chatted jokingly — and thought seriously. They have done what normal seniors in normal times would have done — held fast to today and reached unhesitantly for tomorrow, feeling perhaps, that Millsaps has given them what it will take to face this world — confidence in themselves, their God, and the years after ' 51. THE SENIOR CLASS TOP ROW: Muriel Allen, Tip Allen, Selby Alsworth, Robert Arinder, Billy Baker. BOTTOM ROW: Lee Baker, Louise Ball, Ray Bankston, Doris Ann Barlow, Beverly Barstow. And there ' s one on the floor, too. MURIEL ALLEN --------- Jackson Elementary Education Vikings TIP ALLEN ----------- Canton Political Science Kappa Alpha SELBY ALSWORTH -------- Jackson Religion ROBERT ARINDER --------- Morton Religion BILLY BAKER ---------- Macon Chemistry Kappa Alpha LEE BAKER -------- Wood River, III. English Lambda Chi Alpha LOUIS BALL ----------- Jackson Physics RAY BANKSTON -------- Vicksburg Geology Pi Kappa Alpha DORIS ANN BARLOW ------- Greenville Chemistry Phi Mu BEVERLY BARSTOW ------- Vicksburg English Kappa Delta THE SENIOR CLASS TOP ROW: Barbara Bartlett, Frances Anne Beacham, Mitchell Beaird, Dudley Beard, Richard Berry. BOTTOM ROW: Talby Bevill, Peggy Bonner, Marguerite Boyles, James Robert Branning, Mary Jane Brent. Tomato strangles " tomato. " BARBARA BARTLETT Greenwood Mathematics Phi Mu FRANCES ANNE BEACHAM Jackson English Chi Omega MITCHELL BEAIRD -------- Jackson Chemistry Kappa Alpha DUDLEY BEARD -------- Yazoo City History Phi Kappa Alpha RICHARD BERRY -------- Biloxi Biology Phi Kappa Alpha TALBY BEVILL -------- Tampa, Fla. Economics Kappa Alpha PEGGY BONNER --------- Jackson Chemistry Kappa Delta MARGUERITE BOYLES ------- Jackson History JAMES ROBERT BRANNING ----- Meridian Sociology Kappa Sigma MARY JANE BRENT ------- Raymond Elementary Education Phi Mu CHRIS BREWER ------- Crystal Springs Mathematics Phi Mu GLADDEN BROOKS - - Carthage Chemistry Kappa Sigma MIGNONNE BROWN - - Jackson Education Beta Sigma Omicron RUTH BUFORD - - Edwards Psychology Chi Omega OLIVER BURFORD ------ New Albany Physics WILLIAM R. BURT -------- Tupelo Religion PAT BUSBY --------- Berwyn, III. Elementary Education Phi Mu PAT CAFFEY ---------- Duckhill Psychology Kappa Sigma JIM C. CAMPBELL -------- Jackson Music JOYCE CARADINE -------- Prairie Religion MARION E. CARLSON - - Grand Rapids, Minn. Psychology JEAN CARROLL ---------- Lyon Elementary Education Beta Sigma Omicron TURNER CASSITY -------- Jackson English Kappa Alpha VALERIJA CERNAUSKIS ------ Latvia German Viking JULIAN CHANCELLOR ------- Macon Chemistry Sigma Chi TOP ROW: Chris Brewer, Gladden Brooks, Mignonne Brown, Ruth Buford, Oliver Burford. MIDDLE ROW: William R. Burt, Pat Busby, Pat Caffey, Jim C. Campbell, Joyce Caradine. BOTTOM ROW; Marion E. Carlson, Jean Carroll, Turner Cassity, Valerija Cernauskis, Julian Chancellor. THE SENIOR CLASS I ' -As ' - fP f TOP ROW: Grace Chang, John Morgan Clack, Cooper Clements, Anna Coleman, Bobbye Cullum. BOTTOM ROW: Robert Lee Crawford, George Currcy, Betty Jo Davis, George A. Day, Paul Day. GRACE CHANG ------ Shanghai, China Elementary Education Viking JOHN MORGAN CLACK ------ Lexington Kappa Sigma COOPER CLEMENTS ------- Jackson Psychology Pi Kappa Alpha Liz, aren ' t you happy here? ANNA COLEMAN -------- Ashland Sociology Beta Sigma Omicron BOBBYE COLLUM --------- Fannin Chemistry ROBERT LEE CRAWFORD ----- Houston Religion GEORGE CURREY -------- Vicksburg English Lambda Chi Alpha IH jai W ' , ' ' k BETTY JO DAVIS --------- Jackson x Voice Chi Omega GEORGE A. DAY --------- Bentonia Economics Lambda Chi Alpha ■ PAUL DAY ---------- Bentonia Geology Lambda Chi Alpha ED DEWEESE ---------- Meridian History Kappa Alpha MARY MARTHA DICKERSON - - - - Summit Religion Viking OLLIE DILLON ---------- McComb English DOROTHY DOTY - - - - Jackson English Chi Omega MILLY EAST --------- Columbia English Kappa Delta BEN EDWARDS - - - Jackson Economics MARY SUE ENOCHS - - Jackson Elementary Education Kappa Delta CAROLYN ESTES -------- Grenada Spanish Kappa Delta DABNEY GILLILAND ------- Jackson Economics Kappa Alpha PATTIE GOLDING -------- Greenwood Elementary Education Phi Mu JOSEPH GOODSELL ------- Vicksburg History Lambda Chi Alpha SOPHIA GRITTMAN ------- Ruleville English WAVERLY HALL --------- Drew Geology Pi Kappa Alpha DOUG HAMMOND ------ Holly Springs Mathematics Kappa Sigma PENNY HARDY ------- Thomaston, Ga. Elementary Education Viking TOP ROW: Ed Deweese, Mary Martha Dickerson, OIlie Dillion, Dorothy Doty, Milly East. MIDDLE ROW: Ben Edwards, Mary Sue Enochs, Carolyn Estes, Dabney Gilliiand, Pattie Golding. BOTTOM ROW: Joseph Goodsell, Sophia Grittman, Waverly Hall, Doug Hammond, Penny Hardy. THE SENIOR CLASS M ' - i - ' TOP ROW: Bill Harwell, Robert Hathorn, William Henson, John H. Hinton, Jr., Robert J. Hoffman. BOTTOM ROW: Wilton Holston, Louis Howard, Dot Hubbard, Virginia Ann Hughes, Harry Hutchinson. BILL HARWELL -------- New Albany History Kappa Sigma ROBERT HATHORN -------- Jackson Economics Kappa Sigma WILLIAM HENSON ------- Booneville English Norseman " I ' m just a stranger here. . . " jq HINTON, JR. ------ - Soso Geology ROBERT J. HOPFMAN ----- Loraine, Ohio Economics WILTON HOLSTON ------- Wiggins History l jr f» LOUIS HOWARD --------- Jackson English Norseman DOT HUBBARD ---------- Scooba Religion Viking VIRGINIA ANN HUGHES - Jackson Elementary Education Phi Mu HARRY HUTCHINSON ------ Vicksburg Physics Kappa Sigma MARY EVELYN HUTCHINSO N - - - Magnolia Elementary Education Kappa De!ta CECIL JENKINS --------- Jackson Chemistry Kappa Alpha MARSHALL KERN - - Canton Geology JEANNINE KEY ------- Sulphur, La. Geology WILLIAM LAMBERT - Jackson Economics LINDA LANGDON -------- Jackson English Viking CLAY LEE ----------- - Laurel Philosophy DAISY LEWIS Gen Allen Piano Viking MARY LIPSEY --------- Brookhaven Economics Chi Omega REX L. LOFTIN ---------- Prentiss Religion STELLA LUCAS ----- Jackson Elementary Education Beta Sigma Omicron BETTY LYONS ---------- Jackson Elementary Education Kappa Kappa Gamma LINDA McCLUNEY -------- Hou:ton Sociology INEZMcCOY - - Walnut Religion Viking WANDA McCOY --------- Wa ' nut Religion Viking TOP ROW: Mary Evelyn Hutchinson, Cecil Jenkins, Marshall Kern, Jeannie Key, William Lambert. MIDDLE ROW: Linda Langdon, Clay Lee, Daisy Lewis, Mary Lipsey, Rex L. Loftin. BOTTOM ROW: Stella Lucas, Betty Lyons, Linda McC ' uney, Inez McCoy, Wanda McCoy. THE SENIOR CLASS Ml TOP ROW: Ray McCullen, Yvonne Mclnturff, James McMillan, Johnny Miller, Louise Mitchell. BOTTOM ROW; Jack M. Mobley, Robert Moody, Mary Alice Moss, Jean Nalty, Harold Nelson. Where ' s my desk? RAY McCULLEN - - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha YVONNE MclNTURFF ------- McComb Voice Viking JAMES McMillan - - McComb Physics Kappa Sigma JOHNNY MILLER -------- Edwards Economics Kappa Alpha LOUISE MITCHELL -.--..--- Terry Elementary Education Viking JACK M. MOBLEY --------- Jackson Biology Kappa Alpha ROBERT MOODY --------- Osyka Psychology MARY ALICE MOSS -------- Raleigh Elementary Education Beta Sigma Omicron JEAN NALTY --------- Brookhaven Elementary Education Chi Omega HAROLD NELSON -------- Greenville Economics Kappa Sigma DORIS NOEL ---------- Jackson Religion MELISSA ODOM --------- Laurel Elementary Education Phi Mu GLORIA OSWALT - - Alligator Religion Chi Omega LILLIAN PARKER -------- Jackson Sociology JEAN PATRICK ---------- Jackson History Beta Sigma Omicron FRANCES PAT PATTERSON ----- Jackson Piano Chi Omega DON PEARSON ---------- Jackson History Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES G. PERKINS -------- Boyce, La. Geology POLLY PHILLIPS -------- Holly Bluff Elementary Education Chi Omega BETTY ANN POSEY ------- Philadelphia Elementary Education Kappa Delta FRANZ POSEY ---------- Jackson Chemistry Lambda Chi Alpha VIRGINIA PRICE --------- Jackson French Chi Omega L. G. PUCKETT --------- Jackson Political Science Lambda Chi Alpha GILES RAWLS ---------- Columbia Chemistry Kappa Alpha JAMES L. REEVES -------- Brookhaven Piano TOP ROW: Doris Noel, Melissa Odom, Gloria Oswalt, Lillian Parker, Jean Patrick. MIDDLE ROW: Frances P at Patterson, Don Pearson, James G. Perkins, Polly Phillips, Betty Ann Posey. BOTTOM ROW: Franz Posey, Virginia Price, L. G. Puckett, Giles Rawls, James L. Reeves. CLASS TOP ROW; Sid Rhodes, James Richardson, Eddie Roberts, Hubert Robinson, Eddie Robinson. BOTTOM ROW: Sue Robinson, Nell Ross, Joe H. Sanderson, Onie Scott, Dave Shelton. My echo, my shadow, and me- SID RHODES ----------- Jackson Physics Norseman JAMES RICHARDSON ------- Ackerman Religion EDDIE ROBERTS -------- Kosciusko Religion HUBERT ROBINSON ------ Burnsville Piano EDDIE ROBINSON ------- Greenwood Economic: Pi Kappa A!pha SUE ROBINSON -------- New Albany Religion Beta Sigma Omicron NELL ROSS -------- Crystal Springs Element3rv Education Chi Omega JOE H, SANDERSON ------- Brandon Physics Lambda Chi Alpha ONIE SCOTT - - - Long Beach Bio ' ogy Viking DAVE SHELTON --------- Winona History Kappa Sigma ANN MARAE SIMPSON ------- Laurel Elementary Education Chi Omega FRANK SIMPSON --------- Flora Economics Kappa Sigma CAROLYN SLATER -------- Jackson Biology Viking CECIL H. SMITH --------- Jackson Economics Pi Kappa Alpha PRICE SNEED ----------- Tupelo Economics DEBORAH STEVENS -------- Jackson English De ' ta Gamma BOB STREANDER ------ Dreyel Hill, Pa. Economics Kappa Sigma HARMON TILLMAN ------- Winona Sociology Kappa Sigma FRED TOLAND, JR. - - - - - Prichard, Ala. Religion DOROTHY JERNIGAN TURNER - - - - Tupelo Elementary Education Kappa Delta LOWREY VARNADO ------- Jac; son English Norseman WILBUR WALKER - - Summit Religion PEYTON WEEMS - - . Lake Mathematics PAUL WHITMORE -------- Jackson Psychology Pi Kappa Alpha BILL WILLS ----- Jackson History Kappa Al pha JACK WOODWARD ------- Louisville History Kappa Sigma BETTYE SUE WREN ------- Vicksburg Elementary Education Kappa Delta BENNIE YOUNGBLOOD ----- Meadville English TOP ROW: Ann Marae Simpson, Frank Simpson, Carolyn Slater, Cecil H. Smith, Price Sneed, Deborah Stevens. MIDDLE ROW: Bob Streander, Harmon Tillman, Fred To!and, Jr., Dorothy Jernigan Turner, Lovv ' rey Varnado, Wilbur Walker. BOTTOM ROW: Peyton Weems, Paul Whitmore, Bill Wills, Jack Woodward, Bettye Sue Wren, Bennie Younoblood. THE JUNIOR CLASS f ' ip- TOP ROW: BEULAH ABEL - Duck H JAMES ALDRIDGE -------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha GEORGE ALEXANDER - - Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha LAURA CECIL ALLEN ------- Jackson Chi Omega • BILL ANDERSON --------- Jackson Norseman DON H. ANDERSON ------- Vicksburg MIDDLE ROW: ROBERT R. ANDERSON ------ Natchez Pi Kappa Alpha W. E. AYRES - - - Greenville Pi Kappa Alpha HUGH BAKER ------ Wood River, II GROVER BELL ------- Munnerly, Ga. HIGDON BLACKWELL ------- Jackson JOHN BOWERS ------ Crystal Springs BOTTOM ROW: JOHN BOWIE ---------- McCool BETTY LOVE BRENT ------- Jackson Chi Omega BILL BREWER -------- Booneville Kappa Sigma THELMA ANN CANODE ------ Rome Beta Sigma Omicron VIRGINIA CAVETT -------- Jackson Chi Omega CURTIS CLAPHAM - Lyon Kappa Sigma THE A book I can sink my teeth in! CLASS FIRST ROW: D ' JNCAN CLARK -------- Sardis Sigma Nu STANLEY CLENDINNING ----- Jackson Pi Kappa Alplna BFi lNY CONERLY ------- Kokomo Kappa A!pha SECOND ROW; GRADY CRAWEORD ----- Yazoo City BILLY CRIM --------- Jackson Kappa Alpha WILLIAM EDWIN CURTIS - - - - Ovett THIRD ROW: BILL DARBY --------- Jackson Pi Kappa A pha JOHN DAVIS --------- Utica MARY DAYHOOD - - - - - - Ruleville Vikings FOURTH ROW: ANNIE DUNN Olive Branch Vikings DAVID EASLEY ------- McComb ROY EATON -------- Port Gibson Lambda Chi Alpha ■in TOP ROW: OUIDA ELDRIDGE ------- Philadelphia Vikings DOXEY FISHER --------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha EDWARD FREEMAN ------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha BILLY FULGHAM --------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha BOB GORDAY - - - - - Jackson ALBERT N. GORE, JR. ----- - Mathiston MIDDLE ROW: BILLY GRAHAM --------- Jackson Kappa Alpha NORMA HARRELL ------ Mobile, Ala. JOHN HATHORN --------- Jackson Kappa Sigma ) EVELYN HAWKINS -------- Canton Vikings ANN HEGGIE ---------- Durant Chi Omega JEWELL HILL -------- Glen Allen Vikings BOTTOM ROW: MARY JOY HILL -.------ Louisville WILLIAM H. HOLLAND, JR. - - - - Vicksburg Pi Kappa Alpha SUE RIVERS HORTON ------- Oakland Vikings MARGARET LEE INMAN ------ Flora Pi Mu MIKE C.JACOBS --------- McComb BILL JEFFREY --------- Greenville Kappa Alpha Three Y ' s — delegates THE JUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: E. C. JENKINS -------- Brookhaven FRANCES JOHNSON ------ Jackson Pi Mu LANIER JONES ------ Nashville, Tenn. Kappa Sigma SECOND ROW: JEAN KAVANAY - . . Jackson Kappa Delta BARRY KIMBROUGH ----- Louisville B. F. LEE --------- Greenwood Pi Kappa Alpha THIRD ROW: BARBARA LINDER ------- Natchez Beta Sigma Omicron CLAIRE LUSTER ------- Clarksdale Chi Omega MABETH McCLUER Jackson Phi Mu FOURTH ROW: CURTIS McGOWAN - - - - Memphis, Tenn. Kappa Sigma ELLEN KENT McNAMARA - - - - Jackson RANDY MANSFIELD Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha TOP ROW: CHARLES MARKHAM ------ Greenville PATSY MARTINSON ------- Jackson Chi Omega MARTHA MAYO --------- Star Pi Mu EUNICE MIDDLETON ------ Yazoo City Chi Omega WALKER MILAM --------- Jackson BILLY MURDOCK -------- Greenwood Kappa Alpha MIDDLE ROW: DALE OVERMYER -------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha PEGGY PARRISH --------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron VIRGINIA PEEBLES -------- Jackson Chi Omega BINFORD PITTS --------- Terry Kappa Alpha MARY ANNE PITTS - Indianola Chi Omega ALICE ROWLAND -------- Charleston Beta Sigma Omicron BOTTOM ROW: ROY H. RYAN --------- Baldwin ALVIN B. K. SCHMOTZER - - - Shreveport, La. Lambda Chi Alpha JEANNE SHIELDS --------- Tchula Beta Sigma Omicron ANNE SISSON ---------- Beluah Phi Mu BETTY SMALL ---------- Jackson Kappa Delta MARY SUE SMITH -------- Jackson Phi Mu «« TOP ROW: SONNYE SMITH - - - Carrollton Pi Kappa Alpha RUTH STOCKTON -------- Biloxi Viking E. B. STRAIN --------- Poplarville Kappa Alpha LAVON STRONG --------- Crosby BARBARA TYLER -------- Jackson Viking C. W. WASSON -------- Kosciusko MIDDLE ROV ; BETTYE WATKINS -------- Jackson Kappa Delta FRANCES WATKINS - - - - Lake Charles, La Phi Mu SPENCER WEISSINGER ------- Gary JIM WHITEHOUSE - - - Columbia Pi Kappa Alpha MARTHA HALE WILLIAMS - - - - Greenwood Chi Omega MARY NELL WILLIAMS ------ Jackson Kappa Delta BOTTOM ROW: TINY BELLE WILLIAMSON ----- Seminary Viking KATHRYN WILSON ------- Broo ' haven Viking GLYN WIYGUL --------- Nettleton LAVELLE WOODRICK ------- Meridian MARTHA WRIGHT - - Jackson Viking GENE YELVERTON --------- Jackson Kappa Sigma JIMMY YOUNG --------- Jackson Kappa Alpha THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Is there a doctor in the house? THE SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: ANN ADAMS - - - - Shelby Viking MALCOLM AKERS ------- Jackson Norseman SUZANNA ALFORD ------ Columbia Chi Omega SECOND ROW: JIMMY ALLEN - - Jackson Kappa Alpha MARY ANN AMASON ------ Jackson SHIRLEY ATKINSON ----- Greenwood Chi Omega THIRD ROW: MARY ANN BABINGTON - - - - Meadville Pi Mu DAVID BALIUS -------- Biloxl Pi Kappa Alpha JOHN RAY BARR Vicksburg Pi Kappa Alpha FOURTH ROW: BOBBIE BARTON -------- Jackson Kappa Delta MARIANNE BEATTY - - - - Rockford, Mich. Beta Sigma Omicron MILTON BIEDENHARN ----- Vicksburg Pi Kappa Alpha KM TOP ROW: JOE FRANK BLAKENEY ----- Bay Springs Kappa Alpha BOB BLOUNT ------ Washington, D. C. Kappa Sigma DARDEN BOURNE --------- Jackson JERRY BOYKIN --------- Laurel Kappa Sigma CHARLES BOYLES Jackson Norseman BARRY BRINDLEY -------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MIDDLE ROW: BILL BRODE ----------- Forest Lambda Chi Alpha DENNIS BROWN --------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha PEGGY BROWN - - Jackson MABEL BUCKLEY --------- Jackson Kappa Delta LOUISE BURTON --------- Jackson Phi Mu BEVERLY BUTLER -------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha BOTTOM ROW; JIM CAMPBELL --------- Jackson Kappa Alpha SANDRA CAMPBELL ------- Grenada Viking MIM CARPENTER Water Valley VAN CAVETT --------- Jackson Kappa Sigma DORIS CLARK ----- Sardls Phi Mu CAROLYN COLLINS ------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron Two flat tires! THE SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: EDDIE COLLINS -------- McComb Kappa Alpha MARY LEKAS COSTAS ----- Jackson NEIL COVINGTON ------ Brookhaven SECOND ROW: ANNABELLE CRISLER ------ Jackson Phi Mu CHARLES M. DEATON ----- Greenwood Kappa Sigma LOUIS DEMOS -------- Vicksburg Lambda Chi Alpha THIRD ROW: MARGUERITTE DENNY ------ Jackson Kappa De ta MARY ANN DERRICK ------ Jackson Viking MARY DENT DICKERSON ----- McComb Chi Omega rOURTH ROW: SARA NELL DYESS ------ Meridian Viking VIRGINIA EDGE - - Jackson Kappa De ta A. W, ELLIS ------- New Augu;ta GEORGE EVANS --------- Jackson Kappa Sigma NONA EWING --------- Tupelo Chi Omega ROONEY PARISH --------- Jackson PAULINE FORD -------- Columbia Viking BILL FUZAK Jackson MIDDLE ROW: EVVIN GABY, JR. ------- - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha GLENNA GOODWIN -------- Jackson Kappa Delta MARTHA HENDERSON ------- Jackson Kappa Delta BOTTOM ROW; ROGER HESTER --------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha ROANE HILL --------- - Houston Chi Omega BRYANT HORNE --------- Jackson Kappa Alpha NAN HOWELL --------- Jackson JOAN HUGHES --------- Madison CHRIS GRILLIS - Jackson Forty-Nine BOB JAMES ------------ Jackson Kappa Alpha Tennis is such a strenuous game! THE SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: MARILYN JENKIN ' __..... Jackson Kappa Delta AUDREY JENNINGS ----- Chicago, III. Phi Mu LONNIE JOHNSTON ------ Itta Bena SECOND ROW: TOMMY JOLLY ------- Monticello Kappa Sigma VIRGINIA KELLY -------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron FAYE KENNEDY -------- Jackson THIRD ROW: HERBERT KUYKENDALL - - - - Columbus Lambda Chi Alpha ALICE KYLE --------- Clarksdale JOSEPHINE LAMPTON ----- Tylertown Beta Sigma Omicron FOURTH ROW: ALBERT LEE -------- - Greenwood Pi Kappa Alpha ANNIE GREER LEONARD ----- Jackson Kappa Delta ELIZABETH LESTER ------- Jackson Chi Omega Fifty 1 TOP ROW; % B. F. LEWIS ---------- Jackson T. W. LEWIS ---------- Columbus Kappa Sigma ROBERT TOWNSEND LOTT - - - - Kilmichael RUTH LOWERY --------- Jackson Kappa Delta ROSEMARY McCOY -------- Meridian Viking J. V, McCRORY --------- Canton MIDDLE ROW: MARY ELIZABETH McDANIEL - - - - Flora Beta Sigma Omicron MARY JANE McDONALD ------ Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron TAN McGEE ---------- Chunky Phi Mu MARY LOU McGEE ------- Ackerman Kappa Delta Fifty- - 1 _ _ - V •XT ' H " ) i - ' ■ JM CHARLES Mcknight ------- Jackson MARY FRANCES McMURRY ----- -Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron BOTTOM ROW: BOBBY MADDOX --------- McComb Kappa Alpha JAMES W. MARTIN - Water Valley Lambda Chi Alpha ADELEE MATHENY ------- Woodville Viking MARTHA SUE MONTGOMERY - - - - Jackson Viking CAROL LYN MOODY ------ Poplarville Phi Mu BILLY MOORE -------- Indianola Kappa Sigma One Must have seen a rat! THE SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: GEORGE MORAES - - - - Rio De Janerio Norsemen DELTA MORGAN -------- Terry Beta Sigma Omicron HEBRON MORRIS ------- Jackson SECOND ROW: JERRY NALTY -------- Brookhaven Chi Omega BETTY NELSON - - - Jackson Kappa Delta EVELYN NEWMAN ------- Tupelo Chi Omega THIRD ROW: JIMMY NEWSOME ------- Jackson Kappa Alpha MARTHA NORSWORTHY Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron MARY ANN O ' NEIL ------- Jackson Viking FOURTH ROW; MARY VIRGINIA PARK - - - - Greenville Kappa Delta SHIRLEY PARKER ------- Vicksburg Viking LEWIS PEEL --------- Greenwood Kappa Sigma Fifty-Two wm M I TOP ROW: GEORGE PIRIE ------- Salisbury, Md. Lambda Chi Alpha TULANE POSEY ---------- Tupelo Kappa Sigma JIMMY POUNDS -------- Jasper, Ala. ROBERT PRUITT --------- Jackson JACK RAMSEY - - - - Vicksburg Kappa Sigma FRANCES RAMSEY ------- Greenwood Kappa Delta MIDDLE ROW: PAT RATLIFF ---------- Jackson Kappa Alpha GEORGE REID --------- - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha ENNIS REYNOLDS ------- Clarksdale JULIUS F. REYNOLDS ------- Jackson ROBERT RICHTER ------- Greenwood Kappa Sigma BILL RIECKEN ---------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha BOTTOM ROW: ANNE ROBERTS ------ Montgomery, Ala. Viking IRA ROBINSON --------- Brandon BARBARA ROSEBERRY ------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron BILLY ROWSEY Jackson DON RUSHING --------- jtta Bena JOHN SANDEFUR -------- Vicksburg Pi Kappa Alpha Fifty-Three TOP ROW; NEELEY SANFORD ------- Philadelphia Kappa Delta JOE SCHMITT --------- Jackson OLIVER SCOTT, JR. ------ - Gulfport LOUISE SHARP - - - - Carthage SHIRLEY SHIPP -------- Lexington WILLIAM E. SMALLWOOD ----- Tylertown MIDDLE ROW: CLAUDE SMITH Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha KIM SMITH ---------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha DAN STAVROPOULOS ------ Vicksburg Lambda Chi Alpha A. J. STEVENS ---------- West Kappa Sigma ROY S. STOVALL, JR. ------ - Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha BOTTOM ROW: JOANNE SUMMERS ----- Walnut Grove Beta Sigma Omicron JIMMY TERRY -------- Lexington DOROTHY TINGLE -------- Jackson Phi Mu SHELIA TRAPP --------- Tupelo Chi Omega WESLEY ANN TRAVIS ------- Jackson CHARLES R. SOMMERS ------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha LOU TRUE ---------- Vicksburg Phi Mu Fifty-Foxir TOP ROW: FRANCES TUCKER -------- Jackson Kappa Delta MARIE TURNAGE - - Grenada Beta Sigma Omicron CLEVELAND TURNER ------- Belzoni Kappa Sigma ALFRED H. UHALT, JR. ----- - Jackson JACK VOLLMER -------- Jackson ROGER WALDROP -------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MIDDLE ROW: LARRY WALLACE ------- Hollandale Kappa Sigma MARGARET WEAVER ------- Columbus Chi Omega JOHNNIE WEBB --------- Jackson Phi Mu LARRY WESTON -------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha ALICE DALE WHITFIELD ------ Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron BOTTOM ROW: MARGARET D. WHITFIELD ----- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron BILL WILLIAMS - - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha DAVE WILLIAMS --------- Amory Kappa Sigma JIMMY WILLIAMS ------- G.eenwood Kappa Sigma POLLY WREN - - - - Vicksburg Kappa Delta SILLY WRIGHT --------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha I. EMILIA WEBER - - - - Jackson Viking C. Y. YAO ------- Hong Kong, China Norsemen Fijty-Five % te v THE FRESHMEN... FifUj-Six THE FRESHA AN CLASS FIRST ROW: CHARLES W. ALLEN ------ Itta Bena Pi Kappa Alpha DAN ANDERS - - Jackson Kappa Sigma ANN ANDERSON - - - Jackson Chi Omega SECOND ROW: ED ANDERSON Blue Island, III. Lambda Chi Alpha ASPASIA ATHAS Greenwood LUCIE ATKINSON ------- Jackson Phi Mu THIRD ROW: JULIA EVELYN AUST Clarksdale Chi Omega LYNN BACOT Holmesville Viking MILDRED W, BALLARD ----- Fayette Beta Sigma Omicron FOURTH ROW: CAROLYN BARIA Gulfport Viking G. I. BARRAS -------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JEAN BARRETT -------- Biloxi FIFTH ROW: SALLY ANN BATSON ----- Greenville Kappa Delta KATHRYN JEAN BEARDEN - - - - McComb Viking JIMMY BENSON ------- Meridian Fifty-Seven Hair today and goon tomorrow! THE FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: KYE BETHANY -------- Macon Kappa Alpha BOBBY J. BLACK ------- Greenwood Kappa Sigma RAY BLASINGAME ------- Jackson Kappa Alpha SECOND ROW: MARLENE BRANTLEY ------ Jackson Phi Mu JO ANN BRATTON ------ Greenville Kappa Delta BOBBY BROOKS ------- Mathiston Lambda Chi Alpha THIRD ROW: CECILE BROWN ------- Jackson Phi Mu DUDLEY BROWN ------- Winona Norseman BETTY SUE BURNS ------- Jackson FOURTH ROW: NORMA BUSSE --------- Canton GLENN CAIN --------- Durant Pi Kappa Alpha MARGUERITE CAIN ------ Gulfport Chi Omega FIFTH ROW: ROBERT ALLISON CALLAWAY - - - Jackson Norseman MONA REE CANODE Rome Beta Sigma Omicron JAMES W. CARR ------- Vicksburg Norseman Fifty-Eight TOP ROW: AUGUSTUS CARRAWAY, III - ■ Pi Kappa Alpha Bassfield SIDNEY CLEMENT - - - Pontotoc Kappa Sigma WILLIAM RODNEY CLEMENT - Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson MARTHA BEA CLOWER ----- Clarksdale Chi Omega TOMMY COBB --------- Vicksburg Kappa Sigma OLIVE COKER --------- Jackson Chi Omega JO ANNE COOPER ------- Greenwood Kappa Delta CHARLES CRISLER -------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha HARRIET CRISLER ------- Bay Springs Chi Omega JANIE LEE CROSS ------ Goshen Springs Phi Mu MAGDALENE CUNNINGHAM - - - - Jackson Viking BOTTOM ROW: PAT CURTIS --------- Kosciusko JOAN DAUGHDRILL ------ Poplarville Phi Mu BARBARA DAVIS --------- Jackson Kappa Delta MIDDLE ROW: FRED DeLONG - - - Tutwiler Pi Kappa Alpha POLLY COOPER Morton Phi Mu ALBERT DRAKE -------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MAGRUDER CORBAN ------- Biloxi Pi Kappa Alpha JACK DUBARD --------- Grenada Pi Kappa Alpha EMILY COSTIGAN - - Greenwood Kappa Delta KATIE JO EASLEY -------- McComb Viking Fifty-Nine I say Peebles — halitosis? IE FRESH AAN CLASS FIRST ROW: BERNICE EDGAR ------- Vaughan Viking FLOYD ENGLER ------ Blue Island, III. Lambda Chi Alpha EDWARD ROY EPPERSON - - - - Louisvills Norseman SECOND ROW; MINNIE FARLOW ------- Jackson Chi Omega VERNON FEWELL ------- Pascagoula Lambda Chi Alpha BILLIE MARIE FORE ------ Newton Viking THIRD ROW: SYBIL FOY --------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron MARY KATHERINE FRAISER - - - - Jackson Phi Mu CARLENE FREILER - Hazlehurst Chi Omega FOURTH ROW: GLORIA FREUDENBERG Greenville Chi Omega OUIDA FAYE GARDNER Jackson Kappa Delta BARBARA GARNER - - Jackson Phi Mu FIFTH ROW; BETTY GRIFFIN Louisville Viking SAMMY GLORIOSO ----- jtta Bena Kappa Sigma EDGAR A. GOSSARD Meridian Sixty TOP ROW: MARY ALBERTA GRANTHAM - - Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson TOM GRAYSON ----- - - Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha JOHN GREGG -------- Clarksdale Kappa Sigma MARY KATHERYN GRITTMAN Kappa Delta Drew BETTY GROOME - - - Fayette Chi Omega JERRY B. GULLEDGE ----- Crystal Springs Kappa Sigma JAMES HARDIN Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha MARY GAIL HENLEY ------ Gloster Viking THOMAS HETRICK -------- Jack ' ;on Norseman LOUISE HIGHT ------ Pine Bluff, Ark. Viking JOE HOBBS ---------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha BOTTOM ROW: LOUIS W. HODGES ------- Newport JACK LONG HOLMES ------- Sallis JOANNE HUGGINS ------ Waynesboro Beta Sigma Omicron MIDDLE ROW: PEGGY HUGHES ------- Brookhaven Viking IMOGENE HARRELL - Silver City Beta Sigma Omicron JOHN HARRIS - - - - Flora Kappa Sigma ROBERT HUNT --------- Jackson JOE HYER ----------- Tuscaloosa Lambda Chi Alpha SIDNEY HEAD -------- Columbi, Pi Kappa Alpha GLENN JENKINS ------ Charlotte, N. C. Kappa Alpha Sixty-One Pen pal! THE FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: GEORGE K. JONES - - - - Nashville, Tenn. Kappa Sigma BOBBY KELLEY ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha EDNA KHAYAT ------ Moss Point Kappa Delta SECOND ROW: JIMMY KURTS ------- Jackson JO ANN KUX -------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron JAMES LADNER ------- Jackson Kappa Alpha THIRD ROW: MARGARET V. LAMON - - - Memphis, Tenn. Beta Sigma Omicron JEAN LAND -------- Clarksdale Kappa Delta JANELLA LANSING ------ McComb Kappa Delta FOURTH ROW: CHARLES LASETER ------- Morton NOREE LATIMER ------ Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron DELORES LEWIS ------ Glen Allen Viking FIFTH ROW: IDA NORA LIEB ------- Fernwood Viking SARA NELL LINN ------ Tupelo Kappa Delta JOHN LITTLE -------- Jackson Kappa Alpha Sixty-Two r .. m mt i TOP ROW; RODNEY LITTLE -------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha SHIRLEE LITTLE -------- Vicksburg Beta Sigma Omicron TOM LOUIS, III - Vicksburg Pi Kappa Alpha BEN McCARTY . - - Jackson Kappa Alpha SYBIL McKAY - - - - Jackson Phi Mu HUGH McLELLAN - - . Durant Norseman DOUGLAS MATHIS ------ Crystal Springs Lambda Chi Alpha MIDDLE ROW: FRANCES MAY -------- Jackson Chi Omega SHIRLEY MENETRE ------- Poplarville Viking WILLLIAM B. MESSER ----- Crystal Springs Lambda Chi Alpha Sixty HENRY MILLS, JR. ------ - Jackson Kappa Alpha ELEANOR MILLSAPS - West Point Beta Sigma Omicron JOHNNY MITCHELL ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha EDWIN MIZE --------- Jackson Kappa Alpha BOTTOM ROW; ALICE ANN MOORE ------- Jackson ELINOR MOORE --------- Morton Phi Mu HARVEY MOORE -------- Gulfport Lambda Chi Alpha JOHN W. MOORE - Hattiesburg Pi Kappa Alpha SAMUEL MOORE -------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JESSIE WYNN MORGAN ------ Newton Phi Mu BARBARA MYERS ------- Greenwood Kappa Delta HARDY NALL, JR. - - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha ■Three Man of di " stinks " ion. THE FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: NANCY NAPIER ------- Aberdeen Chi Omega FRANK A. NASH Greenville Lambda Chi Alpha BETTY JO NORTON Hazlehurst Chi Omega SECOND ROW: COLA CATHERINE O ' NEAL ----- Laurel Kappa Delta ARTHUR O ' NEIL, JR. ----- - Jackson Norseman LESLIE PAGE -------- Grenada THIRD ROW: VIRGINIA PARIS ------ Ripley, Tenn. WADE PATRICK ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha ANN PATTERSON Lexington FOURTH ROW: GEORGE W. PHILLIPS - - - - Mendenhall Norseman HAROLD PRESLEY ------- Pickens Phi Kappa Alpha VIVIAN PRICE ------- Magnolia FIFTH ROW: JEANENNE PRIDGEN ------ Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron ODEAN PUCKETT ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha MYRENE PUNSHON - - - - Orlando, Fla. Beta Sigma Omicron Sixty-Four TOP ROW: LILLIAN RAWLS ------- Columbia Beta Sigma Omicron LACY REES - - - - Jackson Phi Mu BILL ROBINSON Columbus Kappa Sigma JERRY ROEBUCK -------- Newton Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM ROGERS ------- Greenwood Kappa Sigma FRANCES ROOT - - Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron JEANNETTE SANDERS - - - - Water Valley Beta Sigma Omicron BETTYE SMITH --------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron GENE SPARKS -------- Hillsboro Norseman JOYCE STEWART - - - - Corpus Christi, Texas Beta Sigma Omicron BOTTOM ROW: MEREDITH STIGLER Kappa Delta Drew MAUDE SUGG - - - . . Jackson Chi Omega PEGGY SUTHOFF Moss Point Kappa Delta MIDDLE ROW: GRANVILLE SYKES - Jackson CLARENCE PAUL SEBREN ----- Florence Lambda Chi Alpha LOUIE SHORT --------- Jackson Kappa Alpha BILLY TATE - . . . West Norseman VICTORIA TAYLOR ------- Noxapater Viking RACHEL SIMPSON - Greenville SALLY THORNTON Brownsville, Tenn. BARBARA SMITH -------- Jackson Chi Omega CAROLYN TOLER ------- - Laurel Kappa Delta Sixty-Five }m TOP ROW: GALINA TUNIKS -------- Latvia ANNE TURNER - - - Greenwood Kappa Delta IRBY TURNEUR, JR. ------ - Belzoni Kappa Alpha MAURICE VAN NORMAN ----- McComb Lambda Chi Alpha MARY F. VAUGHAN Jackson Kappa Delta FRANK WADE --------- Jackson BARBARA WALKER - Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron MIDDLE ROW: LYNDA ZACK WASSON ------ Kosciusko SARAH WASSON ------ West Point Beta Sigma Omicron NANETTE WEAVER ------ Ackerman Kappa Delta MARGARET WESTON ------- Jackson Phi Mu MORRIS WHITE -------- Greenwood NORMA JEAN WHITE ----- Homewood, III. Viking BOTTOM ROW: JOAN WIGNALL -------- Jackson Phi Mu GENE A. WILKINSON ----- Crystal Springs Lambda Chi Alpha FRED WILLIAMS ------- Vicksburg Pi Kappa Alpha WALTER WILLIAMS ------- Jackson Kappa Sigma JOAN WILSON --------- Richton Viging TOMMY WOODARD ------ Greenville Pi Kappa Alpha TOMMY WOODS -------- Greenwood Kappa Sigma LONETTA WELLS -------- Jackson Phi Mu JOE E. YOUNG - - - - Corinth Sixty-Six NAMES OF STUDENTS NOT PICTURED SENIORS LLOYD C. BERRONG ----- Underwood, Wash. Chemistry WM. 0. BINGHAM Greenwood Kappa Sigma WM. S. BRYAN, Jr. ------- - McComb Chemistry Kappa Sigma ROBERT BURST - Jackson Biology JAMES T. CHAMPION - Woodland Chemistry ROSE MARY CUNNINGHAM ------ Jackson Elementary Education Chi Omega MRS. LOIS DAVIS --------- Jackson DAVID C. FULGHUM -------- Booneville Economics PRESTON H. GOUGH -------- Vicksburg ERNEST HARRISON, JR. ------ - Jackson Physics THOMAS N. HILTON ------- Hattiesburg LOWERY LANE ---------- Jayess DUANE E. LLOYD ------- Ocean Springs Chemistry HARRY M. LUKE --------- Jackson Geology BILLY D. MARTIN --------- Raleigh Chemistry N. N. MCORHEAD - - - - Laurel Biology Lambda Chi Alpha GEORGE N!:VILLE, JR. ------- - Meridian Chemistry Kappa Alpha R. H. POSEY ------ Flora Economics Kappa Sigma E. DENZIL PRINCE --------- Union Chemistry Kappa Sigma ERNESTINE RAWLS - - - - Jackson Elementary Education JAMES C. TANNER - - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JACK WACTOR -------- Bogue Chitto EDWARD F. WARREN, III - - Jackson History JO ANNE WARREN --------- Jackson Elementary Education EMORY L. WARRICK -------- Brooklyn Philosophy CHARLES H. WINDHAM, JR. ----- - Mize Economics Sixty JUNIORS ANN ALEXANDER --------- Jackson Phi Mu DAVID E. ASHBURN Jackson DENT BAILEY --------- Lexington CHARLES W. BAKER - - Utica WILLIAM D. BARTON - - Rome, Ga. Lambda Chi Alpha VERNON RAY BELL ------- Ridgeland SAMMIE T. BOLEWARE ------- Carson Kappa Sigma DORIS JEAN BOYKIN -------- Sylvarena HARRY W. BUFKIN -------- Auburn BARBARA BUNNER -------- Yazoo City CALVIN SEBRON BYRD - - - - Mount Vernon, Ala. JACQUELINE CAMMACK ------- Jackson NANCY JEAN COHEN -------- Jackson Vikings ELLA VIRGINIA COURTNEY - - - - Ocean Springs ROBERT CRISLER --------- Jackson Kappa Alpha NORMAN ELLIS ---------- Vicksburg SPE JOHN M. FLOWERS --------- Terry WM. EARL GOSS, JR. ------ - Brookhaven ED GRAHAM ---------- Georgetown JO ANN GRAHAM -------- Georgetown ELIZABETH HARRIS -------- Laurel Kappa Delta WM. ARLAND HAYS - Bogue Chitto ERNEST RAY HUSBAND ------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha LUCY IMIG -------- - - Ocean Springs STACY JENKINS ---------- Jackson Kappa Alpha ROBERT KEMP - - Winona RUSSELL KING - - - Jackson Kappa Alpha MARY JANE LEE --------- - Eupora SALE LILLY ---------- Charleston Kappa Sigma HOLLIS H. McBRIDE -------- Laurel Lambda Chi Alpha B. F. McMATH, JR. Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha DORIS MATHES - Vicksburg Vikings CHARLES C. MILLER Jackson EDWIN MILLER ---------- Jackson FRED E. MILLER ----- Jackson JOHN MOHR Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha MARY JANE PALMERLEE Jackson Chi Omega ROBERT H. PEEBLES -------- Philadelphia Delta Psi RAMSEY PRIDGEN --------- Jackson CHARLES V. PROUTY -------- Jackson PAUL A. ROELL Jackson -Seven NAMES OF STUDENTS NOT PICTURED LAURANCE S. RUSS - - Gulfport EDWARD H, 5HERR0D ------- Jackson CHARLES R, SWENSON ------ Slidell, La. CALVIN M. TUMLIN ------- Hermanville MARY JANE WADLINGTON ----- Kosciusko Phi Mu TOM H. WOODROW - - - Jackson CLARENCE N. YOUNG -------- Benolt SOPHOMORES LESLIE N. BURTT - Indianapolis, Ind. Lambda Chi Alpha KENNETH CAUSEY - - - - Jackson MARY lONA CONNALLY ------- Laurel PETER COSTAS ----------- Jackson JOHN CRABB --------- Earle, Ark. WM. F. DENT ----------- Jackson KAROLYN DOGGETT -------- Kossuth Chi Omega JAMES B. ESKRIDGE ------- Holly Springs Lambda Chi Alpha NOWELL ESTES - - Tie Plant Kappa Alpha MARTHA ANN FORD -------- Jackson AGNES GATEWOOD --------- Jackson LEONARD GORDON ------- Albany, N. Y. Kappa Sigma HELEN GUICE - - Brookhaven Phi Mu GASTON HALL ---------- Jackson NATHAN HARRIS, III ------- - Jackson K. VAUGHN HENDERSON ----- Kingsland, Ga. SCOTT KIMBALL ------- Crystal Springs Kappa Alpha BETTY JEAN LANGSTON - - Tupelo Chi Omega EUGENE LOPER - - - Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha JOHN McCOY - - - - Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha GERALD McDonald -------- Gulfport ROBERT McKINLEY, JR. ------ - Jackson RICHARD McLEOD --------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha JAMES MASHBURN -------- Pelahatchie WM. O. MILLER ----------- Jackson Kappa Alpha CHRIS PELEZO - Greenville NORMAN POLLARD -------- Mathiston NELL POU ------------ Laurel JESSE REED, JR. --------- - Vicksburg KENNETH SIMONS --------- Jackson Norseman JOHN SMITH ---------- Mendenhall MARK TANNER --------- Hattiesburg DREW TOWNES - - Grenada Kappa Alpha GEORGE WARD ---------- Jackson WM. WALLACE WARWICK Jackson Norseman SELBY WEIR - - . . . Newton JOHN WELLONS Jackson Kappa Alpha DeLUNCY WHEELESS -------- Jackson WM. WHITMORE - - - - Jackson PAUL WIGGINS --------- Parchman Pi Kappa Alpha JESSIE B. WILLIAMSON ------- Jackson CECIL WILLIAMSON ------- Greenwood HARRY WOODS --------- Vicksburg FRESHMEN CATHERINE ANN BEASLEY - - - - Pelahatchie LARRY O. BOWEN --------- Jackson PAUL D. BOWEN --------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha JESSE W. BRASHER, JR. ------ - Jackson JOHN B. CALDWELL -------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MALCOM S. CLEMENTS ------- Pontotoc EDWARD J. CURRIE ------- Monticello THOMAS E. DAVIDSON ------- Gulfport JAMES A. DUKE ---------- Jackson LEROY DURRETT --------- Jackson DORIS EDIN ---------- Chicago, III. Vikings CHARLES ELLINGTON ------ Thomastown EARL H. FLAHARTY -------- Jackson BILLY E. FOSTER ---------- McComb HAROLD C. GATEWOOD ------- Jackson WM. RHODES GILMORE ------- Jackson THOMAS GOBER ---------- Terry JOHN E. GRIFFIN ----- Montgomery, Ala. F. T. HAMMACK ---------- Flora Kappa Sigma NELLIE V. HANNA -------- Brookhaven W. EUGENE HARRISON ------- Corinth C. L. HENSON ----..- Winona MARY RUTH HUDSON ------- Florence LEA MclLVENNA --------- Madison ROBERT T. MclLVENNA ------- Madison JOHN C. McMURRY -------- Jackson WILSON MEADOWS -------- Jackson F. A. MILLER, JR. -------- - Jackson WM. M. MOORE ---------- Jackson MARY ANN MORGAN -------- Canton NEIL LANE PIPKIN --------- Jackson DONALD E. RICHARDSON ------- Jackson CLAUDE M. ROEBUCK -------- Tupelo MARY SHIVERS ---------- Jackson MARION L. SIGREST --------- Flora Kappa Sigma EARL H. SMITH ---------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha LESLIE R. TUCKER ------- Holly Springs JOHN E. WADE - - - - - Jackson SAE WM. PHILLIPS WALLACE ------- Braxton ROBERT L. WAYNE -------- Jackson WM. T. WEATHERSBY ------- Jackson MARTIN F. WHITE -------- Woodville JAMES K. WOLVERTON - - Jackson SixUj-Eight ACTIVITIES Sixty-Nine STUDENT EXECUTIVE BOARD When the Army snatched able president W. E. Ayres away, vice-president Sale Lilly took over as head of S. E. B.; with the aid of the heads of various representative or- ganizations he successfully carried through numerous projects — noted among these was the passage of the new constitution! OFFICERS President - - - - W. E. AYRES Vice-President - - - SALE LILLY Secretary-Treasurer - MILLY EAST MEMBERS Tip Allen Clay Lee Robert Arinder T. W. Lewis David Balius Don Pearson Chris Brewer Sue Robinson Oliver Burford David Shelton George Currey Ruth Stockton Penny Hardy Tomato Tillman Norma Harrell Lowrey Varnado Dot Hubbard Pepe Wren Lanier Jones Row 1: Allen, Arinder, Ayres, Balius. Row 2: Brewer, Burf ord, Currey, East. Row 3: Hardy, Harrell, Hubbard, Jones. Row 4; Lee, Lewis, Pearson, Robinson. Row 5: Shelton, Stockton, Tillman, Varnado, Wren. Seventy W ' " _ f ' •:«V ' WOMAN ' S COUNCIL The governing board for Millsaps women students is Woman ' s Council. Composed of assistants to the dormitory matrons and representatives from each of the social organiza- tions, Woman ' s Council keeps Betty Co-Ed in order. OFFICERS President ----- NORMA HARRELL Vice-President ------ INEZ McCOY Secretary - - - - BARBARA BARTLETT Treasurer ------ DOT HUBBARD Annie Dunn Carolyn Estes Louise Mitchell Sue Horton MEMBERS Mary Ann O ' Neil Gloria Oswalt Sue Robinson Seventy-One Under the able direction, guidance and cajoling of Lowrey Varnado, The Purple and White climbed further up the ladder of success. Varnado vs. Krebs high- lighted the year. Editor - LOWREY VARNADO THE PURPLE AND Business Manager DICK BERRY Seventy-Two Seventy-Three 1 • - ' i! ilM- ' " .j T .fc ; ' • ' I ' Sltht) BV IHK J( ' ' ■ iurinr th.- !. -h.» ' l ,. . . :t l in thf t.i! CbsockaJed Cdlefticde Prets J.OUKKV V MCV MMi nil K Hf.HHS f I i(( iti r Heliglou.s (•:■. ' .• ' r Martha Hal- .. , Columnift ;. L - 1 ' ir ' uJafi ' • -t " iiubba . At ;i-tai.- ■ Bob Aim ,!- Adv, ■ : ,N w. Wi-.urs.: ' .i .: ■ , . . V. ,.., o.orr .Mary 1. )(?. ■■. , J ..,. »l„. K» ' .it- EmJ ' T, ;.-■:. r :fij-, .- . •■ -. Harrirt .ri»i«-r. Norma Bunt«. h. ' ' ri.ili-. K-.. :,. r. ii. .■, ' . r Feature Wriltn: J:rr Wi :■. t:!,.. ' - 11 . .,,;;. •■•:.■:■, rM Wal .r •.(..,■ Hi!h Sti Barbar. Mytm, J. .) n . »«-• : ' ' ■ ' ' ■ ' r. fi V Simpeoa, Lacy Kt-«- SlMirU Wriuri : Jesn St.,, •ii- : . .•■ 8»ei rtj ' Wriuri: J ' tyiry r . ' . ' . 1. I- •„!..•.., . iJi, Ma iJt iugi:, ■ •. Wa ' . ii.;. ' ■ ■ :.•■.• .. • bru»n. Circulalien : i. :j .;.... , . i.r: (ir-KK. B«wincu: . ■ • , ..• ybii M Kay Ma. " Lipeey. -Dai id SUIt jn. TrphU: J.-:.- .•• M. . ' .T,.- Wiikini ir.. Ptwtacrach ' r !: f . WHITE ♦ ♦ ♦ FRONT ROW: Busse, Ewing, Crisler, Weston, Sugg, Hawkins, Eldridge. MIDDLE ROW: Berry, Newman, Parker, Watkins, Parrish, Lipsey, Turner, Myers, Williams, Stigler. BACK ROW: Holland, Mitchell, Burford, Howard, Blount, Smith, Varnado, Burtt, Smith, Cavett, Smith. Editor -------- CHRIS BREWER Seventy-Four THE BOBA EDITORIAL STAFF HEADS Assistant Edit Art - - - Class Features - Literary Organizations Publicity Snapshots Boys ' Sports Girls ' Sports Typing - - - - ROY STOVALL - LINDA LANGDON - JOHNNIE WEBB - - JEAN BARRETT - - - MILLY EAST - BOBBIE BARTON, VIRGINIA EDGE - PEGGY PARRISH - - - EWIN GABY - ROBERT RICHTER - - JEAN CARROLL ANNABELLE CRISLER Often you say you ' ll never forget your college days; perhaps, this, your Bobashela, " lest you forget. " But may we offer you STAFF MEMBERS Baria, Barstow, Blount, Brantley, Bratton, Carpenter, Collins, Cooper, Costigan, Farlow, Garner, Gelding, Goodwin, Hardy, Holland, Huggins, Hughes, Kyle, Lamon, Montgomery Morgan, Moss, Nelson, O ' Neal, Park, Pridgen, Root, Shields, Simpson, Small, B. Smith, M. S. Smith, Sugg, Tillman, True, Turner, Walker, Wilson. FRONT ROW: Carpenter, Barrett, Carroll, Brewer, Shields,. MIDDLE ROW: Walker, Wilson, Crisler, Webb, Langdon, Moss, Hughes. BACK ROW; East, Blount, Gaby, Richter, Holland, Parrish. -;k». Seventy-Five 1951 SHELA 1 -.-.,, BUSINESS STAFF BOB BLOUNT BENNY CONERLY THOMAS HETRICK HENRY MILLS JIMMY NEWSOME NEELY SANFORD LOUIE SHORT JOAN WIGNALL Louis Short, Benny Conerly, Bob Blount, Jimmy Young, Neely Sanford, Joan Wignall, Henry Mills, Thomas Hetrick. Seventy-Six MILLSAPS OFFICERS President ------ DON PEARSON Vice-President ------- BENNIE YOUNGBLOOD Secretary ----- MARION CARLSON Business Manager -------- CECIL JENKINS The " South ' s Best Singers " have earned this title because of hard work and the superior quality of their director Alvin Jon King. Affectionately called " Pop, " he is an inspiration to each singer. Among the many activities of this group are the presentation of Handel ' s " The Messiah " at Christmastime and the annual tour made each spring. ROW 1: Wilson, Ewing, Carroll, Moss, McGee, Hubbard, East, Jenkins, Peebles, Allen, Enochs, O ' Neal, Weaver, Patterson, Lampton, Bonner, Watkins. Row 2: Barstow, Slater, Lester, Simpson, Carpenter, Cavett, Davis, Langdon, Khayat, Costigan, Brantley, Giffin, Lowery, Might, Lewis, Hill, Walker. Row 3: Hodges, Marcum, Wills, Boyles, Jeffreys, Blakeney, Evans, Youngblood, Ball, Jenkins, Pearson, Smith. ROW 4: Posey, Hester, Barr, Vollmer, Newsome, Blount, Reid, Puckett, Toland, Smallwood, Campbell, Williams, Home, Metts. iA .,11 l;fi II i ' W ' « W- ' - ' Mi iM " I M ,-»■! Wf I .u V SINGERS MILLSAPS SINGERS TOUR CHOIR AND SUBSTITUTES FIRST SOPRANO: Jean Barrett Beverly Barstow Marlene Brantley Betty Jo Davis Nona Ewing Glenna Goodwin Edna Khayat Linda Langdon Tan McGee Mary Alice Moss Ann Marae Simpson Mary Vaughn Margaret Weaver SECOND SOPRANO: Mim Carpenter Jean Carroll Virginia Cavett Emily Costigan Milly East Dot Hubbard Marilyn Jenkins Elizabeth Lester Carolyn Slater Joan Wilson FIRST ALTO: Laura Cecil Allen Carolyn Baria Peggy Bonner Mary Sue Enochs Louise Might Daisy Lewis Ruth Lowery Virginia Peebles Betty Watkins Mary Nell W illiams SECOND ALTO: Marion E. Carlson Betty Giffin Roane Hill Josephine Lampton Mary Ann O ' Neil Frances Patterson Lillian Rawls Barbara Walker Nanette Weaver FIRST TENOR: George Evans Billy Miller Sonnye Smith Mark Tanner Benny Youngblood SECOND TENOR: Jim Campbell Bryant Home Cecil Jenkins George Jones Leslie Page Don Pearson Fred Toland Bill Williams FIRST BASS: Louise Ball Joe Frank Blakeney Charles Boyles Louise Hodges Bill Jeffrey Charles Markham Charles Prouty Odean Puckett Bill Smallwood SECOND BASS: John Ray Barr Bob Blount Roger Hester Leonard Metts Jimmy Newsome Arthur O ' Neil Franz Posey George Reid Jack Vollmer Bill Wills MILLSAPS SINGERS ' MISSISSIPPI TOUR March 25 Lexington Winona Grenada 26 Houston Aberdeen 27 Pontotoc Corinth 28 Tupelo 29 West Point Columbus 30 Clarksdale 31 Leiand April 1 Greeville Eupora Louisville 2 Forest 3 Central High School, Jackson Christian Center, Millsaps 4 Prentiss Tylertown 5 Moss Point 6 Gulfport 8 Hattiesburg Union Church Brookhaven Seventy-Seven Seventy-Eight THE OFFICERS President ----------- DAVID BALIUS Vice-President -------- GEORGE ALEXANDER Secretary ----- - EMILY COSTIGAN Treasurer ----------- DON RUSHING Librarian ----------- SHIRLEE LITTLE The Millsaps Band, complete with purple and white uniforms, a head drum major and five short-skirted majorettes, came into its own this year! Taking top honors was its intricate performances at football games. BAND Look at the pretty legs — on that water tank Cornegie Hall Seventy-Nine WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS merLcan an lylniuersitied ■9 ' W. E. AYRES CHRIS BREWER OLIVER BURFORD TURNER CASSITY ANNA COLEMAN BETTY JO DAVIS DOUG HAMMOND CECIL JENKINS LINDA McCLUNEY SUE ROBINSON DAVID SHELTON LOWREY VARNADO Each year a faculty committee nominates twelve students to WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES COLLEGES considering their scholarship, their cooperation and leadership in academic and extra-curricular activities, their citizen- ship and service to the school, and their promise of future usefulness. This is one of the highest honors a Millsaps student can attain. Row 1 : Ayres, Brewer. Row 2: Burford, Cassity. Row 3: Coleman, Davis. Row 4: Hammond, Jenkins. Row 5: McCluney, Robinson. Row 6; Shelton, Varnado. Eighty REGISTRATION... HAS HIS DAY... M SHE WALKS, SHE TALKS ' ' h: vol cruel inhuman HUMANS! Memories in the making.. A sledful: ... ONCE IN . .. OLD BUTTERMILK SKIES " ,ej5. • w.f :%. Id mm CMBER S BV. vtiO- ,s o N 0V. ' ,vt»o- • • • DISPLACED )ICTUIiES WHERE THERE ' S SMOKE " THe Bed AS ..and MAN LESS RETREAT FEATURE S Eighty-Nine DOUG HAMMOND MASTER MAJOR Ninety Ninety-One MISS MILLSAPS MILLY EAST Ninety-Two SUZANNA ALFORD BEAU p c PEGGY BROWN TIES Ninety-Three M E I. MABLE BUCKLEY BEAU Ninety-Four p VIRGINIA PRICE TIES Ninety-Five N NEELY SANFORD BEAUTIES Ninety-Six FAVORITES BETTYE SUE WREN Niney-Seven Dke FAV Ninety-Eight ORITES MILLY EAST BETTY JO DAVIS Ninety-Nine FAVORITES JESSIE WYNN MORGAN SUE ROBINSON One Hundred SOCIALS One Hundred and One m omen 5 PAN-HELLENIC A close check on the women greeks on the campus is made by these representa- tives from each sorority. OFFICERS BETTYE SUE WREN - - - President MIGNONNE BROWN - Vice-President BETTY JO DAVIS - - - - Secretary VIRGINIA ANN HUGHES - Treasurer MRS. MARY STONE - - - - Sponsor MEMBERS Patsy Martinson Mary Sue Smith Alice May Rowland Bettye WatkJns Brown Davis Hughes Martinson Rowland Smith Watkins Wren One Hundred and Two w. en 5 PAN-HELLENIC Men ' s Panhellenic, besides compiling and enforcing rush rules, tries to provide closer relationship between social organi- zations. OFFICERS GEORGE CURREY - - - - President COOPER CLEMENTS - Vice-President TALBY BEVILL - Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Edward Freeman Cecil Jenkins Sale Lilly Sonnye Smith Jack Woodward Bevill Currey Clements Jenkins Freeman Woodward Smith One Hundred and Three ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER OF OFFICERS President ---------- MIGNONNE BROWN Vice-President ------- ALICE MAY ROWLAND Recording Secretary ------- MARY ALICE MOSS Corresponding Secretary - - - THELMA ANN CANODE Treasurer ----------- JEAN CARROLL Mignonne Brown Thelma Ann Canode Jean Carroll Anna Coleman Carolyn Collins Josephine Lampton Bobbie Linder ACTIVES Stella Lucas Mary Jane McDonalds Mary Alice Moss Peggy Parrish Jean Patrick Sue Robinson Barbara Rosebery Alice Rowland Jeanne Shields Marie Turnage Alice Dale Whitfield Margaret Whitfield Mildred Ballard Marianne Beatty Mona Ree Canode Sybil Foy Mary Grantham Jean Harrell Joanne Muggins Virginia Kelly Jo Ann Kux PLEDGES Margaret Lamon Noree Latimer Shirlee Little Mary Elizabeth McDaniels Mary Frances McMurry Elenor Millsaps Delta Morgan Martha Norsworthy Jeanenne Pridgen Myrene Punshon Lillian Rawls Frances Root Jeanette Sanders Bettye Smith Joyce Stewart Jo Anne Summers Barbara Walker Sara Wasson NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Missouri December 12, 1888 LOCALLY FOUNDED: September 1 , 1 926 COLORS: Ruby and Pink FLOWERS: Richmond and Killarney Roses PUBLICATION: " The Urn " One Hwidred and Four I I 4 One Hundred and Five BETA SIGMA OMICRON Ballard Beatty Brown M. R. Canode T. Canode Carroll Coleman Collins Foy Grantham Harrell Muggins Kelly Kux Lamon Lampton Latimer Linder Little Lucus McDaniels McDonald McMurry Millsaps Morgan Moss Norsworthy Parrish Patrick Pridgen Punshon Rawls Robinson Root Roseberry Rowland Sanders Shields Smith Stewart Summers Turnage Walker Wasson A. D. Whitfield M, Whitfield MU CHAPTER OF OFFICERS President ---------- BETTY SUE WREN Vice-President - - - - MARY EVELYN HUTCHINSON Secretary ----------- CAROLYN ESTES Treasurer --------- MARY SUE ENOCHES Beverly Barstow Bobbie Barton Peggy Bonner Mabel Buckley Margueritte Denny Milly East Virginia Edge Mary Sue Enochs Carolyn Estes Glenna Goodwin ACTIVES Elizabeth Harris Martha Henderson Mary Evelyn Hutchinson Marilyn Jenkins Jean Kavanay Annie Greer Leonard Ruth Lowery Mary Lou McGee Betty Nelson Mary Virginia Parks Betty Ann Posey Frances Ramsey Neeley Sanford Betty Small Dot Turner Betty Watkins Mary Nell Williams Betty Sue Wren Polly Wren Sally Ann Batson Jo Ann Bratton Jo Anne Cooper Emily Costigan Barbara Davis Quida Faye Gardner Mary Kathryn Grittman PLEDGES Edna Khayat Jean Land Janella Lansing Sara Nell Linn Barbara Myers Cola O ' Neil Meredith Stigler Peggy Suthoff Carolyn Toler Frances Tucker Ann Turner Mary Vaughn Nanette Weaver NATIONALLY FOUNDED; Virginia StJte Normal College October 23, 1897 LOCALLY FOUNDED: September 26, 1914 COLORS: Green and White FLOWER: White Rose PUBLICATION: " Ang elos of Kappa Delta " One Hundred ai d Six One Hundred and Seven KAPPA DELTA Barstow Barton Batson Bonner Bratton Buckley Cooper Costigan Davis Denny East Edge Enochs Estes Gardner Goodwin Grittman Henderson Hutchinson Jenkins Kavanay Khayat Leonard Land Lansing Lowrey Linn McGee Myers Nelson O ' Neil Parks Posey Ramsey Sanford Small Stigler Suthoff Tucker A. Turner D. Turner Toler Vaughn Watkins Weaver Williams B. S. Wren Polly Wren EPSILON CHAPTER OF OFFICERS President ------- VIRGINIA ANN HUGHES Vice-President -------- BARBARA BARTLETT Secretary ---------- MARY JANE BRENT Treasurer ----------- MARY SUE SMITH Ann Alexander Mary Ann Babington Doris Ann Barlow Barbara Bartlett Mary Jane Brent Christine Brewer Louise Burton ACTIVES Pat Busby Doris Clark Annabelle Crisler Pattie Golding Virginia Anne Hughes Margaret Lee Inman Frances Johnson Tan McGee Melissa Odom Anne Sisson Mary Sue Smith Mary Jane Wadlington Frances Watkins Johnnie Webb Lucie Atkinson Marlene Brantley Cecile Brown Poll y Cooper Janie Lee Cross Joan Daughdrill Mary Katherine Frasier Barbara Garner PLEDGES Helen Guice Audrey Jennings Betty McCluer Sybil McKay Martha Mayo Carol Moody Elinor Moore Jessie Wynn Morgan Lacy Rees Dot Tingle Lou True Lonetta Wells Margaret Weston Joan Wignall NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Wesleyan College March 4, 1852 LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 24, 1914 COLORS: Rose and White FLOWER: Enchantress Carnation PUBLICATION: " Aglalia " One Hundred and Eight One Hundred and Nine PHIMU © e Atkinson Babington Barlow Bartlett Brantley Brent Brewer Brown Burton Busby Clark Cooper Crisler Cross Daughdrill Frasier Garner Golding Hughes Inman Jennings Johnson McKay McCluer McGee Mayo Moody Moore Morgan Odom Rees Sisson Smith Tingle True Watkins Webb Wells Weston Wignall CHI DELTA CHAPTER OF OFFICERS President - --------- BETTY JO DAVIS Vice-President - POLLY PHILLIPS Secretary -------- FRANCES ANN BEACHAM Treasurer ----------- VIRGINIA CAVETT Suzanna Alford Shirley Atkinson Frances Ann Beacham Ruth Buford Virginia Cavett Rose Mary Cunningham Betty Jo Davis Mary Dent Dickerson Karolyn Doggett ACTIVES Dot Doty Nona Ewing Betty Jean Langston Elizabeth Lester Mary Lipsey Claire Luster Patsy Martinson Jean Nalty Evelyn Nev man Gloria Oswalt Virginia Peebles Polly Phillips Virginia Price Nell Ross Ann Marae Simpson Shelia Trapp Martha Hale Williams Laura Ceil Allen Ann Anderson Julia Aust Betty Love Brent Marguerite Cain Martha Bea Clower Olive Coker Harriet Crisler Minnie Farlow PLEDGES Carlene Frailer Gloria Freudenberg Betty Groome Ann Heggie Roanie Hill Frances May Eunice Middleton Jerry Nalty Nancy Napier Betty Jo Norton Mary Jane Pamerlee Pat Patterson Mary Ann Pitts Barbara Smith Maude Sugg Margaret Weaver NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Arkansas April 5, 1895 LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 31, 1934 COLORS: Cardinal and Straw FLOWER: White Carnation PUBLICATION: " The Eleusis " One Hundred and Ten One Hundred and Eleven CHI OMEGA Alford Allen Anderson Atkinson Aust Beacham Brent Buford Cain Cavett Clower Coker Crisler Davis Dickerson Doty Ewing Farlow Frailer Freudenberg Groome Heggie Hill Lester Lipsey Luster Martinson May Middleton Jean Nalty Jerry Nalty Napier Newman Norton Oswalt Patterson Peebles Phillips Pitts Price Ross Simpson Smith Sugg Trap Weaver Williams VIKINGS OF THE NATIONAL OFFICERS President ----------- DOT HUBBARD Vice-President ----------- INEZMcCOY Recording Secretary -------- PENNY HARDY Corresponding Secretary ------ MARTHA WRIGHT Treasurer ----------- CAROLYN SLATER Ann Adams Muriel Allen Lynn Bacot Carolyn Baria Kathryn Bearden Sandra Campbell Valerija Cernauskis Grace Chang Nancy Cohen Maggie Cunningham Mary Dayhood Mary Ann Derrick Mary Martha Dickerson Annie Dunn Sara Nell Dyess Katie Jo Easley Doris Edin Bernice Edgar Ouida Eldridge MEMBERS Pauline Ford Billie Fore Betty Giffin Penny Hardy Evelyn Hawkins Mary Gail Henley Louise Hight Jewel Hill Sue Horton Dot Hubbard Peggy Hughes Linda Langdon Daisy Lewis Delores Lewis Ida Nora Lieb Inez McCoy Rosemary McCoy Wanda McCoy Yvonne Mclnturff Adalee Matheny Doris Mathes Shirley Menetre Louise Mitchell Martha Sue Montgomery Mary Ann O ' Neil Shirley Parker Ann Roberts Onie Scott Carolyn Slater Ruth Stockton Vickie Taylor Barbara Tyler Emelia Weber Norma Jean White Tiny Belle Williamson Joan Wilson Kathryn Wilson Martha Wright NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Oklahoma April, 1938 LOCALLY FOUNDED: July 19, 1943 COLORS; Blue and White FLOWER: White Carnation PUBLICATION: " N. I. S. A. Newsletter ' One Hundred and Twelve One Hundred and Thirteen INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION S f% x 1 7 ■-? ■w F C-S lj - Adams Allen Bacot Baria Bearden Campbell Cernauskis Chang Cunningham Dayhood Derrick Dickerson Dunn Dyess Easley Edgar Eldridge Ford Fore Giffin Hardy Hawkins Henley Hight Hill Horton Hubbard Hughes Langdon Daisy Lewis Delores Lewis Lieb I. McCoy R. McCoy W. McCoy Mclnturff Matheny Menetre Mitchell Montgomery O ' Neil Parker Roberts Scott Slater Stockton Taylor Tyler Weber White J. Wilson K. Wilson Williamson Wright ALPHA MU CHAPTER OF OFFICERS Number I ----- CECIL JENKINS Number II ----------- TALBY BEVILL Number ||| --------- - MITCHELL BEAIRD Jimmy Allen Tip Allen Billy Baker Mitchell Beaird Talby Bevill Jim Campbell Turner Cassity Eddie Collins Benny Conerly Billy Crim Bob Crisler Nowell Estes ACTIVES Dabney Gilliland Billy Graham Ray Haddad Bryant Home Bob James Bill Jeffrey Cecil Jenkins Stacy Jenkins Russell King Ben McCarty Bobby Maddox Billy Miller Johnny Miller Jack Mobley Bill Murdock George Nevill Jimmy Newsome Pat Ratliff E. B. Strain Drew Townes Bill Wills Jimmy Young Kye Bethany Joe Frank Blakeney Ray Blasingame Ed Deweese Glen Jenkins PLEDGES James Ladner John Little Henry Mills Bubba Mize Bill Moore Binford Pitts Giles Rawls Louis Short Irby Turner NATIONALLY FOUNDED; Washington and Lee University December 21, 1865 LOCALLY FOUNDED: October 1, 1893 COLORS; Crimson and Old Gold FLOWER; Magnolia and Crimson Rose PUBLICATION; Kappa Alpha Journal, Kappa Alpha Illustrated Manual One Hundred and Fourteen One Hundred and Fifteen KAPPA ALPHA J. Allen T. Allen Baker Beaird Bethany Beville Blakeney Blasingame Campbell Cassity Collins Conerly Crim Deweese Gilliland Graham Haddad Home James Jeffrey C. Jenkins G. Jenkins Ladner Little McCarty Maddox Miller Mills Mize Mobley Murdock Newsome Pitts Ratliff Rawles Short Strain Turner Wills Young ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER OF OFFICERS President ----------- DOUG HAMMOND Vice-President --------- JAMES McMILLAN Secretary --------- HARRY HUTCHINSON Treasurer ----------- BILL BREWER Ritualist ----------- DAVE SHELTON Bob Blount Sammie Boleware Bill Brewer Gladden Brooks Pat Caffey Van Cavett John Morgan Clack Curtis Clapham Charles Deaton George Evans F. T. Hammack Doug Hammond Bill Harwell ACTIVES John Hathorn Robert Hathorn Harry Hutchinson Tommy Jolly Lanier Jones T. W. Lewis Sale Lilly Curtis McGowan James McMillan Bill Moore Harold Nelson Lewis Peel R. H. Posey Tulane Posey Jack Ramsey Robert Richter David Shelton M. L. (Sonny) Sigrest Frank Simpson Bob Streander Harmon Tillman Cleveland Turner Dave Williams Jim Williams Jack Woodward Dan Anders Bobby Joe Black Jerry Boykin Sidney Clement Tommy Cobb Sammy Joe Glorioso John Gregg PLEDGES Leonard Gordon Jerry Gulledge John Harris George Jones Jack Mann Billy Rogers Billy Robinson A. J. Stevens Larry Wallace Walter Williams Tommy Woods Gene Yelverton NATIONALLY FOUNDED; University of Virginia December 10, 1869 LOCALLY FOUNDED: October 18, 1895 COLORS: Scarlet, Green and White FLOWER: Lily of the Valley PUBLICATION: " The Caduceus ' One Hundred and Sixteen ' Jtr iWawmx- B •- ' " ►it :: i ig ►i ivcnH --1 ' .JiT - .,-.. --- :li 7 One Hundred and Seventeen KAPPA SIGMA Anders Black Blount Boykin Brewer Brooks Caffey Cavett Clack Clapham Clement Cobb Deaton Evans Glorioso Gregg Gulledge Hammond Harris Harwell J. Hathorn R. Hathorn Hutchinson Jolly G. Jones L. Jones Lewis McGowan McMillan Moore Nelson Peel Posey Ramsey Richter Robinson Rogers Shelton Simpson Stevens Streander Tillman Turner Wallace D. William J. William W. Williams Woods Woodward Yelverton THETA ETA ZETA CHAPTER OF OFFICERS President ---------- GEORGE T. CURREY Vice-President ---------- DOXEY FISHER Secretary ----------- EDWARD FREEMAN Treasurer - - - - - JAMES ALDRIDGE James R. Aldridge George W. Alexander Lee Baker Bill Barton J. Barry Brindley Bill Brode Dennis Brown George Currey Paul Day Roy Eaton ACTIVES Doxey Fisher Edward Freeman Billy Fulgham Joe Goodsell Mollis McBride J. W. Martin Herbert Kuykendall Eugene Loper Dale Overmyer Franz Posey Joe Sanderson Alvin Schmotzer Charles Sommers Dan Stavropoulos Roy Stovall Maurice Van Norman Roger Waldrop Billy Wright Edward Anderson Paul Bowen Bobby Brooks Les Burtt John Caldwell Louis Demos Albert Drake Floyd Engler PLEDGES Vernon Fewell Tommy Grayson Ray Husband Joe Hyer John McCoy Dick McLeod Douglas Mathis Bill Messer Harvey Moore Nick Moorh ead Frank Nash George Pirie L. G. Puckett Paul Sebren Larry Weston Gene Wilkinson NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Boston University, 1901 LOCALLY FOUNDED: 1920 COLORS: Purple, green, and gold PUBLICATION: " Cross Crescent " One Hundred and Eighteen One Hundred and Nineteen ♦ LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Aldridge Alexander Anderson Baker Brindley Erode Brooks Brown Currey Day Demos Drake Eaton Engler Fewell Fisher Freeman Fulgham Goodsell Grayson Hyer Kuykendall Martin Mathis Messer Moore Nash Overmyer Pirie Posey Puckett Sanderson Sebren Schmotzer Stravropoulos Stovall Summers Van Norman Waldrop Weston Wilkinson Wright ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER OF OFFICERS President ----------- DON PEARSON Vice-President -------- COOPER CLEMENTS Secretary ----------- JIM WHITEHOUSE Treasurer ------------ B. F. LEE Bob Anderson W, E. Ayres Ray Bankston John Ray Barr Dudley Beard Milton Beidenharn Dick Berry Cooper Clements Stanley Clendenning Bill Darby ACTIVES George Day George Hall Roger Hester Bill Holland Albert Lee B. F. Lee B. F. McMath Randy Mansfield Don Pearson Bill Riecken John Sandefur Cecil Smith Kim Smith Sonnye Smith Jimmy Tanner Jim Whitehouse Paul Whitmore Paul Wiggins Bill Williams Charles Allen Dave Balius Greg Barras Beverly Butler Glenn Cain Gus Carraway Rodney Clements Magruder Corban Charles Crisler Fred DeLong Jack Dubard Ewin Gaby PLEDGES Hess Hall James Hardin Sidney Head Joe Hobbs Bobby Kelly Rodney Little Tom Louis Ray McCullen Johnny Mitchell John Mohr John Moore Sammy Moore Bobby Myers Hardy Nail Wade Patrick Sonny Presley Odean Puckett George Reid Jerry Roebuck Claude Smith Fred Williams Tommy Woodward NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Virginia March 1, 1868 LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 23, 1905 COLORS: FLOWER: Garnet and Gold Lily of the Valley PUBLICATION: Shield and Diamond One Hundred and Twenty One H%indred and Twenty-One PI KAPPA ALPHA Itsr . tl- S. |.. r ' JF ,f o p p JAl Jflk 01 1 id f B Allen Anderson Ayers Ballus Bankston Barr Barras Beard Berry Biedenharm Butler Cain Carroway Clements Clements Clendinning Corban Crisler Darby Day DeLong Dubard Gaby H. Hall W. Hall Hardin Head Hester Hobbs Holland Kelley A. Lee B. F. Lee Lewis Little McCullen Mansfield Mitchell J. Moore Mohr S. Moore Nail Patrick Pearson Presley Puckett Reid Riecken Roebuck Sandefur Cecil Smith Claude Smith K. Smith S. Smith Whitehouse Whitmore B. Williams F. Williams Woodard One Hundred and Twenty-Two NORSEMEN OFFICERS President ----------- LOWREY VARNADO Secretary ---------- CHARLES BOYLES Treasurer ----------- BILL ANDERSON MEMBERS Malcolm Akers Huey McLellan Bill Anderson George Moraes Charles Boyles George Phillips Bobby Calloway Kenneth Simmons Roy Epperson Gene Sparks Bill Henson Lowrey Varnado Thomas Hetrick Bill Warrick B. F. Lewis C. Y. Yao NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Oklahoma, April, 1 938 LOCALLY FOUNDED: 1950 PUBLICATION: " N. I. S. A. Newsletter " Row 1: Akers, Anderson, Boyles, Calloway. Row 2: Epperson, Henson, Hetrick, Lewis, McLellan. Row 3: Moraes, Phillips, Sparks, Varnado, Yao. ATHLETICS One Hundred and Twenty-Three Cheerleaders Pruitt, McGee, Hathorn, Peebles, Evans, and Weaver deserve a vote of thanks. Mlllsaps cheerleaders lead the Major clan in a yell. Homecoming Queen Price and her maids. One Hundred and Tiventy-Foiir FOOTBALL The big news in sports at Millsaps this year was the resignation of Coach Doby Bartling after nearly five years as head coach and athletic director. Prior to his resignation Coach " Doby " had led the Majors football squad to heights, as they rolled over fine opponents, losing only to the arch-rival Choctaws. This last season was Coach Bartling ' s most successful season of his rule as head mentor. Millsaps 19 — Southwestern 6. Dropping a powerful first half attack, the Majors rolled to victory in their lid lifter. " Snake " Deaton scored first on a pass from Price Sneed; Johnny Miller, the big gun of the Purples ' offense all season, scored on a 56 yard dash; then Billy Robinson tallied on a line plunge following a sensational 72 yard run. Millsaps 14 — Sewanee 7. Playing perhaps their best game of the season the Majors beat the Mountain Tigers for the first time in history. Johnny Miller scored both touchdowns from a short dis- tance out. Frosh Billy Robinson, celebrating the birth of his daughter, set up the second Major TD with a 44 yard run. Truly it was a great team victory with the Major line playing the larger part. Millsaps 20— Bethel 19. The Cats from the hills in Tennessee were almost too much for the Majors with their big, subsidized squad. Johnny Miller got two and Robinson got one, but Dave Williams saved the night with his accurate extra point kicking. A blocked punt set up the final Major score with less than five minutes left to play in the game. Millsaps 7 — Miss. College 19. The ole Choc ' s jinx held once again. They got two quick touchdowns in the first quarter ■% COACH DOBY BARTLING and held on. The only Major tally came on the first play after the half on Johnny Miller ' s 54 yard run. Millsaps 7 — Hendrix 0. On a bad night, playing on a rain-soaked field, the Majors edged the Hendrix lads from Arkansas. Robinson scored in the third period after a 73 yard drive — another game where the Major linemen played an ungloried fine game. Millsaps 18 — Howard 7. In their best showing before the home crowd the Majors took this homecoming clash. T. W. Lewis scored first, scampering 75 yards on a punt return. Behind 7-6 at halftime, the Purples went to town with Miller going over on a 15 yard naked reverse, and then tossing a pass to Deaton for another TD and Purple victory. One Hundred and Twenty-Five w •«l rs 9 SCORE Majors Opponents 19 Southwestern 6 14 Sewanee 7 BARRY KIMBROUGH Head Manager 20 Bethel 19 JIMMY WILLIAMS Most Hustling Non-Letterman One Hundred and Tii-enty-Six BOARD Majors Opponents 7 Miss. College 19 7 Hendrix 18 Howard 7 One Hundred and Twenty-Seven JOHNNY MILLER Most Valuable BEVILL CAMPBELL COLLINS DEATON GILLILAND LEE LEWIS McGOWAN MADDOX PEEL RAMSEY RICHTER ROBINSON SCOTT SHORT SNEED STRAIN WEEMS WILLIAMS OTHER LETTERMEN David Ashburn Sale Lilly Billy Robinson — A! Dixie Talby Bevill Curtis McGowan Oliver Scott Jim Campbell — All Dixie Bobby Maddox Louis Short Eddie Collins Jackie Mann Price Sneed Charles Deaton — All Dixie Billy Miller E. B. Strain Dabney Gilliland Johnny Miller — All Dixie Peyton Weems Doug Hammon d — All Dixie George Neville Dave Williams Barry Kimbrough Lewis Peel Harry Woods B. F. Lee Jack Ramsey T. W. Lewis — All Dixie Robert Richter One Hundred and Twenty-Eight One Hundred and Twenty-Nine " Snake " Deacon snags pass from Sneed for first T. D. of year. Majors down a run-away Lynx in their 1 9 to 6 victory. Peel reaches to down Sewanee ' s Jim Ed Mulkin. w, ' M ' Papa " Bill Robinson goes over to beat Hendrix 7-0. -H All-Dixie Johnny Miller ends a 70 yard gallop against Howard. One Himdred aiid Thirty It looked bad then but the Majors came through with a 20-19 win over Bethel. -• ' ■m, ' • ' mw FIRST TEAM PRUITT ALLEN WALLACE MILLER GORDAY SECOND TEAM FRONT ROW: BLACK WALKER MOORE I " " ' 4i . CAIN BACK ROW: BAKER STEVENS TOWNES ■ |. TATE - ■ % LETTERMEN JIMMY ALLEN ROBERT PRUITT — All Dixie GLENN CAIN BILLY TATE BOB GORDAY PHIL WALLACE — All Dixie JOHNNY MILLER SCORE BOARD AJORS OPPONENTS MAJORS OPPONENTS 42 Bethel 49 61 Keesler Field 72 51 Bethel 65 54 Keesler 57 59 Miss. College 72 55 Sewanee 53 50 Birmingham -South ern 84 63 Birmingham-Southern 78 49 Howard 56 59 Sewanee 62 56 Southwestern 34 62 Mercer 84 58 Miss. College 62 62 Howard 84 83 Southwestern 45 67 Miss. College 65 61 Miss. College 47 BASKETBALL One Hundred and Thirty-One Jimmy Allen sinks for two points against the Chocs. Bob Gorday makes a foul shot. All-Dixie Pruitt adds two points to rout the already beaten Choctaws. One Hundred and Thirty-Tw o Left — Pruitt rides Choc in for two points plus a free throw. Top — The Major squad takes pre-game warm-ups. Bottom — Sewanee scores two but in vain as they go down in defeat. i . - %fc« s SCORE BOARD MAJORS OPPONENTS 44 Howard Consolation Round 63 69 Miss. College 63 72 Oglethorpe 48 MILLSAPS CONTRIBUTION TO THE ALL-DIXIE SQUAD PRUITT WALLACE ALL DIXIE CONSOLATION CHAMPIONS One Hundred and Thirty-Foiir -rr ' I civ ||V I 1 ' " ' ' COLLINS, GLADDEN BROOKS, PROF WINN, BILL WILLS RETURNING BASEBALL LETTERMEN KNEELING: STEVENS, MORRIS, HAMMOND. STANDING: MILLER BASEBALL SCHEDULE— 1 95 1 March 23 — Pensacola N. A. S. there April May 24- — Eglin Field there 5- —Howard here 6- —Howard here 9- -Delta State there 11- —Southwestern there 12- —Southwestern there 20- -Delta State there 26- —Miss. College here 27- —Miss. College there 2- -Miss. College here 3- -Miss. College there 14- —Mercer (2) here One Hundred and Thirty-Five SPEEDBALL ROW 1: RODNEY CLEMENTS RAY BANKSTON B. F. LEE JO HOBBS ROW 2: SAMMIE MOORE DON PEARSON ALBERT LEE SONNYE SMITH JOHN SANDEFUR TOM LOUIS ROW 3: ROGER HESTER JERRY ROEBUCK GEORGE REID JOHN RAY BARR JIM WHITEHOUSE HUNKY HOLLAND ROBERT KELLY BILL RIECKEN INTRAMURALS VOLLEY BALL FRONT ROW: VERNON FEWELL ELBERT JENKINS GEORGE CURREY LEE BAKER BACK ROW: BOBBY BROOKS JOE HYER HARVEY MOORE One Hundred and Thirty-Six GIRLS ' SPORTS What do we, the co-eds, remember when we think of the girls ' athletic department and all its branches and activities and members? We remember the stiff competition, the all-out effort and fun of intramurals. . . the early morning hikes over grassy hills, slick with dew; and afterwards, the smell of coffee and bacon and the warmth of the fire . . . the Majorette Club with Onie working and worrying over the minutes, a little squabbling and much laughter and informal discussions at meetings, Estes trying to live up to her title of Parliamentarian, everyone included in the joys and achievements and hardwork that the Club was heir to . . . tennis games in the broiling sun ... a few rounds of golf in the rain . . . Mis3 Decell and her helpfulness, her friendliness, and her sin- cerity . . . the cool, fresh breezes from the river on horse-back rides . . . the executive board of the Majorettes meeting in any nook or corner at the oddest times . . . the fellowship of the campfire on retreats, and the songs we sang, and the friends we laughed with . . . Peebles ' blue satin shorts . , , play days . . . Penny ' s deep voice and ready laugh . . . sore muscles after that first wonderful day of basketball . . . snappy ping pong days . . . the clean smell of the bowling alleys and the resounding sound of balls agains pins . . , crafts . . . Marion ' s style of volley ba ll . . . Missie . . . folk dancing . . . Mim ' s overhead shooting . . . rummage sales . . . the excitement and whispers before tap day . . . stunt night . . . swimming and sun bathing in the spring . . . work . . . play . . . friends. VOLLEY BALL CHAMPIONS FRONT ROW: Rachel Simpson, Jerry Nalty, Martha Hale Williams, Nanette Weaver. BACK ROW: Annabelle Crisler, Nell Ross (Captain), Mary Ann Pitts. WINNING BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: Onie Scott, Mim Carpenter, Virginia Peebles (Captain), Janie Lee Cross, P. K. Courtney. BACK ROW: Adalee Matheny, Grace Chang. One Hundred and Thirty-Seven ■: jf B ' ' f (i- f- f-t-f %f f MAN! CHECK THAT YANKEE WIND-UP. YOU LOOK ON THE BALL: BUT CAN YOU HIT ONE? ON YOUR MARK— GET SET (IN THE SADDLE)- e ' f ' " tREE ' EE k ■ i li J ' 7 F ■ • NOTHING " GREEN " ABOUT THESE " FEE-MALES " ! ORGANIZATIONS One Hundred and Forty-One One Hundred and Forty-Two CHRISTIAN COUNCIL OFFICERS President - CLAY LEE First Vice-President -------- PEGGY BONNER Second Vice-President SUE ROBINSON Secretary ---------- VIRGINIA PEEBLES Financial Secretary -------- DOT HUBBARD MEMBERS Robert Arinder OIlie Dillon Sale Lilly Ruth Stockton W. E. Ayres Milly East Linda McCluney Shelia Trapp Eddie Collins Sue Norton Curtis McGowan Lowrey Varnado George Currey Lanier Jones Evelyn Newman Johnnie Webb FACULTY Dr. Bond Fleming, Prof. Stewart Smith, Dr. J. D. Wroten The guiding force in the religious life of the campus, the Christian Council holds Reli- gious Emphasis Week in its hand, edits a bi-monthly religious news bulletin, and in other ways helps integrate the religious organizations. ROW 1: Arinder, Ayres, Bonner, Collins, Currey. ROW 2: Dillon, East, Morton, Hubbard, Jones. Lee, McCluney, McGowan, Newman, Peebles. ROW 4: Robinson, Stockton, Trapp, Varnado, Webb. i ROW 3: ' o Row 1: Canode, Carroll, East, Estes, Ewing. Row 2: Harrell, McCoy, Moss, Parrish, Robinson, Scott. Y, W. C A. OFFICERS President ------------ SUE ROBINSON Vice-President -------- MARY ALICE MOSS Secretary ------------ ONIE SCOTT Treasurer ------------ CAROLYN ESTES COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Thelma Ann Canode Jean Carroll Miss Frances Decell Milly East Nona Ewing Norma Harrell Inez McCoy Peggy Parrish Virginia Peebles Mrs. R. R. Priddy I These co-eds have a hand in every pie — they make place cards for the charity hospital, work with the children at the Bethlehem Center, entertain the children of the Methodist Home, and, with the YM, put out the campus handbook, sponsor the " all-college " mixer and vespers. One Hundred and Forty-Three One Hundred and Forty-Four Y. M. C, A. OFFICERS President ----------- LANIER JONES Vice-President --------- OLIVER BURFORD Secretary ------------ PAUL DAY Treasurer ------------ BOB ANDERSON Committee Chairmen -------- DON RUSHING COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Don Rushing Bill Riecken Ed DeWeese Eddie Collins Oliver Burford George Currey Harmon Tillman Every male who matriculates at Millsaps is a member of the " Y " technically, but, ' tis the cabinet that brings plans to fruition. Row 1: Anderson, Burford, Collins, Currey, Day. Row 2: DeWeese, Jones, Riecken, Rushing, Tillman. I fe ' ' f Ml m Row 1: Abel, M. R. Canode, T. Canode, Glower, Cooper. Row 2: Cross, Dayhood, Dillion, East, Edge, Norton. Row 3: Pounds, Reid, Slater, Smith, Taylor, Watkins. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION OFFICERS President ------------ SUE NORTON Vice-President ---------- OLLIE DILLON Secretary --------- THELMA ANN CANODE Treasurer ----------- MARY DAYHOOD Program Chairman -------- MILLY EAST Membership Chairman -------- GEORGE REID The B. S. U., though small, is quite an active group; it sponsors parties for the orphans, urges church attendance and does its share in campus-wide projects. MEMBERS Beulah Abel Janie Lee Cross Carolyn Slater Mona Ree Canode Virginia Edge Mary Sue Smith Martha Bea Clower C. L. Henson Victoria Taylor Pauline Cooper Jimmy Pounds Betty Watkins One Hundred and Forty-Five One Hundred and Forty-Six WESLEYAN CROUP OFFICERS President ---------- LINDA McCLUNEY Vice-President ---------- DOT HUBBARD Secretary ----------- MIM CARPENTER Treasurer - - - - - LONNIE JOHNSTON Program Chairmen ----- BENNIE YOUNGBLOOD EVELYN HAWKINS CLAIRE LUSTER Deputations - - - - MARY ALICE MOSS Wesleyan Players - - SUE ROBINSON, CHRIS BREWER Newsletter Editor -------- MELISSA ODOM Publications ---------- SHELIA TRAPP Social Chairman ------ ANN MARAE SIMPSON The Weslyan Group is composed of all the Methodist Students on the campus and has as some of its special activities the Wesley Players, a newspaper and contributions to scholarship funds used in the United States and foreign countries. Row 1: Brewer, Carpenter, Hawkins, Hubbard, Johnston, Luster. Row 2: McCluney, Moss, Odom, Robin- son, Simpson, Trapp, Youngblood. 1 mm l % j tL M % W ' m ' -p Row 1 : Anderson, Berry, Heggie, Mills, Nelson. Row 2: Newman, Newsome, Sisson, Sugg, Weaver, Webb WESTMINISTER LEAGUE OFFICERS President ------------ JOHNNIE WEBB Vice-President ---------- BETTY NELSON Secretary-Treasurer --------- ANNE SISSON Membership Chairman -------- JOHN CRABB Publicity Chairman --------- MAUDE SUGG Working closely with the First Presbyterian Church, this active group enjoys monthly dinners, recreation, lectures, and special programs. Bob Anderson Dick Berry Ann Heggie MEMBERS Henry Mills Evelyn Newman Jimmy Newsome Margaret Weaver One Hundred and Forty-Seven One Hundred and Forty-Eight WOMEN CHRISTIAN WORKERS OFFICERS President ----------- RUTH STOCKTON Vice-President -------- MARY ALICE MOSS Secretary-Treasurer ------ CHRISTINE BREWER Social Chairman --------- MIM CARPENTER MEMBERS Carolyn Baria Sara Nell Dyess Yvonrie Mclnturff Jean Barrett Bernice Edger Louise Mitche ' l Kathryn Bearden Billie Marie Fore Myrene Punshon Doris Jean Boykin Norma Harrell Sally Thornton Barbara Bunner Dot Hubbard Barbara Tyler Ella Virginia Courtney Peggy Hughes Martha Wright Mary Martha Dickerson Wanda McCoy A newcomer to the campus organizations, W. C. W. corresponds to the Ministeria League and shows signs of becoming just as much a campus necessity as are the Ministers Row 1: Baria, Barrett, Bearden, Brewer, Carpenter. Row 2: Dickerson, Dyess, Edgar, Fore, Harrell. Row 3 Hubbard, Hughes, McCoy, Mclnturff, Mitchell. Row 4; Moss, Punshon, Stockton, Thornton, Tyler, Wright. xr •|3 % -.Cj f jJ f-T Lee. Row 1 : Alsworth, Anderson, Arinder, Benson, Bowers, Boyles, Bowie, Burt. Row 2: Campbell, Clark, Clement, Currey, Curtis, Deweese, Eaton, Gorday. Row 3: Gore, Head, Hodges, Holston, Hunt, Johnston, Kimbrough, Laseter, B. F. Row 4; C. Lee, Lewis, Loftin, McGowan, Moody, Moore, Nash, O ' Neil, Phillips. Row 5: Richardson, Roberts, Robinson, Rushing, Ryan, Scott, Smallwood, Smith, Sparks. Row 6: Tillman, Toland, Walker, White, Wiygul, Woodrick, Woodard, Woodward, Youngblood. Not Pictured: John Bailey, Kenneth Graham, Wilson Lambert, Sale Lilly, Claude Roebuck, Laurence Russ, Cecil Williamson. MINISTERIAL LEAGUE OFFICERS President - ROBERT ARINDER Vice-President ----------- CLAY LEE Secretary-Treasurer ------- LONNIE JOHNSON Publicity ----------- DON RUSHING A fine organization of fine young men, this group is never too busy to take part in intramural sports, other worth while college activities, and also contribute a great deal to the religious life at Millsaps. One Hundred and Forty-Nine " OC! Row 1 ; Beacham, Bonner, Brewer, Brown. Row 2: Busby, Carroll, Coleman, East, Estes, Hubbard. Row 3; Langdon, McCluney, Moss, Robinson, Smith, Watkins SIG AA LAMBDA Membership in Sigma Lambda is the highest honor that a Millsaps coed can attain. Sigma Lambda is composed of women students outstanding in leadership, campus activity and scholarship. OFFICERS President ---------- ANNE COLEMAN Vice-President ---------- DOT HUBBARD Secretary-Treasurer ---------- PAT BUSBY Historian ------------ PEGGY BONNER MEMBERS Frances Anne Beacham Milly East Mary Alice Moss Chris Brewer Carolyn Estes Sue Robinson Mignonne Brown Linda Langdon Mary Sue Smith Jean Carroll Linda McCluney Bettye Watkins FACULTY ADVISORS Mrs. Mary B. Stone Mrs. M. L. Smith Mrs. W. F. Goodman Miss Elaine Penn One Hundred and Fifty Row 1: Ayers, Berry, Burford. Row 2: Cassity, Hammond, Jenkins, Jones, Pearson. Row 3: Posey, Shelton, Varnado, Weems, Young. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA O. D. K.; considered the highest honor a Millsaps male can receive, is a national leader- ship honorary whose functions are many and varied. OFFICERS President CECIL JENKINS Secretary-Treasurer - - - - DR. MOORE W. E. Ayers Richard Berry Oliver Burford Turner Cassity MEMBERS Doug Hammond Lanier Jones Don Pearson Franz Posey David Shelton Lowrey Varnado Peyton Weems Jimmy Young FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. Ross H. Moore Dr. M. L. Smith Dr. Vernon Wharton Mr. James Ferguson One Hundred and Fifty-One « -, . . . .r O Baker, Burford, Cassity, Holland, Howard, Varnado. KIT KAT Kit Kat, the oldest and most exclusive honorary en the campws, devotes its time to eat- ing and writing. OFFICERS Executive Secretary - - OLIVER BURFORD MEM BERS Lee Baker Bill Holland Oliver Burford Louis Howard Les Burtt Lowrey Varnado Turner Cassity FACULTY Dr. M. C. White Mr. A .G. Sanders Mr. Lance Goss Mr. Paul Hardin Mr. Ralph Hutto CHI DELTA The women ' s literary organization is known as Chi Delta. Membership recognizes outstanding creative writing ability. OFFICERS President ----------- ANNA COLEMAN Vice-President ----------- PAT BUSBY Secretary-Treasurer --------- MILLY EAST Faculty Advisor - - - - MISS MILDRED MOORHEAD MEMBERS Frances Ann Beacham Linda Langdon Bettye Watkins Dot Doty Peggy Parrish Dot Hubbard Ann Sisson Row 1 : Beacham, Busby, Coleman, Doty, East. Row 2: Hubbard, Langdon, Parrish, Sisson, Watkins One Hundred and Fifty-Two k Burford Cassity f ! Cavett V- w Coleman I Dillon fe East Eudy r% Farrish ' Hawkins J - Henson Hill Howard Hughes Kyle Land Langdon Linder Parker Parks Parrish Punshon Rawls .-IB al Wi ff lHJI sh.eids m mM m I j Varnando ' fc 7 K •- 9 " V i. Whitehouse 1 ' V XJ " T Wren " ' i - ' | , ., rV Youngblood , ■ . " ' f ' THE SCRIBBLERS Having gotten off to a slow start, the Scribblers nevertheless contributed their share to the campus this year. To be especially noted is the fact that they handled quite success- fully the Southern Literary Festival held at Millsaps in April. OFFICERS President ---------- LOUIS HOWARD Vice-President ---------- PEGGY PARRISH Secretary ------------ JEWEL HILL MEMBERS Oliver Burford Onari Eudy Linda Langdon Lowrey Varnado Les Burtt Ronnie Parish Barbara Linder Jim Whitehouse Turner Cassity Evelyn Hawkins Mary Virginia Park Pepe Wren Van Cavett Billy Henson Shirley Parker Bennie Youngblood Anna Coleman Peggy Hughes Myrene Punshon OIlie Dillon Alyce Kyle Lillian Rawls Milly East Jean Land Jeanne Shields FACULTY Mrs. Goodman Mr. Hardin Miss Morehead Mr. Goss Dr. White One Hundred and Fifty-Three Row 1 : Bonner, Burford, Campbell, Dunn. Row 2: Jeffrey, Jenkins, Jones, Markham, Posey. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA A. E. D. is composed of outstanding pre-med students. The practical experience comes from giving physicals at the beginning of the year and " how to do it " technical movies. OFFICERS President PEGGY BONNER Vice-President -..--.... GEORGE NEVILLE Secretary - - LLOYD BERRONG Treasurer - - - CECIL JENKINS Historian ----..--.. CHARLES MARKHAM Scrapbook - - - . OLIVER BURFORD MEMBERS Sandra Campbell Annie Dunn Bill Jeffrey Lanier Jones Franz Posey James Tanner One Hundred and Fijty-Fonr One Hundred and Fifty-Five THETA NU SIGA A Theta Nu Sigma recognizes science majors who excell in brilliant averages. OFFICERS President ----------- OLIVER BURFORD Vice-President ---------- FRANZ POSEY Secretary-Treasurer -------- PEGGY BONNER MEMBERS Louis Ball Waverly Hall Russell King Mitchell Beaird Ernest Harrison, Jr. Charles Markham Lloyd Berrong Bill Jeffrey Mary Jane Palmerlee Benny Conerly Cecil Jenkins Giles Rawls David Easley Lanier Jones Row 1: Ball, Beaird, Burford, Conerly. Row 2: Easley, Hall Harrison, Jeffrey. Row 3: Jenkins, Jones, Markham, Posey, Rawls. I ■ ■! ■ y Wf r fl JlB l k. IV " I ) f ti U-1 «■■■ _ Row 1; Allen, Collins Deweese, Hunt. Row 2; Posey, Smallwood, Tillman, Turner. THE GAVELIERS Always an active group, the debaters have done especially well this year; a look at the shiny new trophies is sufficient proof. OFFICERS President ----------- ED DEWEESE Vice-President -------- HARMON TILLMAN Secretary ---------- EDDIE COLLINS MEMBERS Tip Allen Bill Smallwood Robert Hunt Irby Turner Tulane Posey One Hundred and Fifty-Six Row 1: Allen, Collins, Deweese. Row 2: Jones, Posey, Tillman, Trapp. PI KAPPA DELTA If you have not only debated but debated well, you stand a chance of being a member of this exclusive organization. It also recognizes those outstanding in oratory and other phases of the speech field. OFFICERS President ----------- TIP ALLEN Vice-President - - - HARMON TILLMAN Secretary-Treasurer --------- ED DEWEESE MEMBERS Les Burtt Eddie Collins Lanier Jones Tulane Posey Shelia Trapp One Hundred arid Fifty-Seven Bonner Brewer Carlson Canode Carroll Dunn Estes Hardy J. Hill M. J. Hill Horton Kavanay Langdon Lewis Martinson Peebles Price Robinson Ross Scott Shields Simpson Small Watkins Williams Wright MAJORETTE CLUB Feminine talent in athletics plus a mixture of brains and beauty equals the Majorette Club. Need we say more? OFFICERS President PENNY HARDY Vice-President CHRIS BREWER Secretary-Treasurer -.-...... ON IE SCOTT Parliamentarian ----.-.. CAROLYN ESTES Publicity ---------.. JEANNE SHIELDS Scrapbook -----...--- LINDA LANGDON Sponsor -----.....-- MISS DECELL MEMBERS Peggy Bonner Mary Joy Hill Sue Robinson Thelma Ann Canode Sue Horton Nell Ross Marion Carlson Jean Kavanay Anne Marae Simpson Jean Carroll Daisy Lewis Betty Small P. K. Courtney Patsy Martinson Bettye Watkins Annie Dunn Virginia Peebles Martha Hale Williams Jewel Hill Virginia Price Martha Wright One Hundred and Fifty-Eight t Pictured: Boykin L Tfc ' gSSif.M m Aw_ Campbel Jm . i r B k Collins Deaton _, _ Gllliland ' ' f JSl W ' " m V " Jim. Gorday ■ J bp:_; ™ 1 O r Hammond . j jfc ' " ' ' t Pfe Mlk ' ' ' ' Harwell ■ l - -ft if -q nfc . ■IB ' E ' ' ' ■: ' Kimbrough Lee % m . ' " TB Wak og-ip i; »% , f:- mm% McGowan V- ' 1 % Maddox ' H M- f rilH M Bk H fe! i . Pwl Hi Morris |PB « p ll l " " " " k M ' ' ' ' JptK S » ' P 1 ■ w " " ! ' " " ■ Ramsey fi H iV ' " ' HV HHIiW IB B ' ■ » 1 S j| Stevens !% ' W l " r WBS |0§ Strain ■ « » « » vValker " Weems t.JWK ' - BiS? ' T ' ' ' ' ' ' " Williams Ray Bell, Sale Lilly, Billy Miller, George Neville, Sonny Posey, Harry Woods, Dave Ashburn, Jackie Mann. ' ' M ' ' CLUB An organization of " simon-pure " atlnletes, this group can boast of good shoiarship, fine sportsmanship, and excellence in sports. " Hats off " again to a fine bunch of boys — the " M " Club — who play the sports for the fun of it. OFFICERS President ------ HARRY WOODS Vice-President --------- DOUG HAMMOND Secretary-Treasurer --------- PRICE SNEED Sergeant at Arms -------- CHARLES DEATON One Hundred and Fifty-Nine Row 1 : Barstow, Berry, Brewer, Carroll, Coleman, Estes. Row 2: Posey, Robinson, Shelton, Watkins, White- house, Young. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Pi of Alpha Psi Omega selects its members from dramatic minded students who have shown interest through hard work with the Millsaps Players. This year the group pre- sented " The Winslow Boy. " OFFICERS President ------------ DAVE SHELTON Vice-President ----------- DICK BERRY Secretary-Treasurer --------- SUE ROBINSON Beverly Barstow Chris Brewer Anna Coleman MEMBERS Jean Carroll Carolyn Estes Betty Ann Posey Bettye Watkins Jim Whitehouse Jimmy Young One Hinidred and Sixty Row Row 1 : Alford, Atkinson, Brown, Buckley, Cassity, Edge. 2: Lampton, Leonard, Linder, Lucas, Matheny, Newsome, Sisson. ETA SIGMA PHI Eta Sigma Phi, the honorary recognizing high scholarship among students of the classi- cal languages, is noted especially for its annual banquet when they " do as the Romans do. " OFFICERS President TURNER CASSITY Vice-President ------ LES BURTT Secretary ------------ MABEL BUCKLEY Treasurer -------- ANNIE GREER LEONARD MEMBERS Susanna Alford Josephine Lampton Adalee Matheny Shirley Atkinson Betty Jean Langston Jimmy Newsome Mignonne Brown Bobbie Linder Ann Sisson Virginia Edge Stella Lucas FACULTY Dr. Hamilton Mrs. Coullet Mr. Ferguson Miss Craig Mr. Hardin Dr. Fleming Mrs. Cobb Mr. Harrer One Hundred and Sixty-One Row 1: Allen, Brewer, Brown, Busby, Davis, Dayhood. Row 2: Enochs, Golding, Hughes, Hutchinson, Inman, Lucas. Row 3: Moss, Naity, Odom, Posey, Simpson, Sisson, Turner. KAPPA DELTA EPSILON Having done unusually well in education and having survived practice teaching, these young ladies are tapped into K. D. E., a small tribute to our teachers of tomorrow. OFFICERS President --------- MARY ALICE MOSS Vice-President PAT BUSBY Secretary ----------- MURIEL ALLEN Treasurer ----------- MARY DAYHOOD MEMBERS Christine Brewer Virginia Hughes Betty Ann Posey Mignonne Brown Mary Evelyn Hutchinson Ann Marae Simpson Betty Jo Davis Margaret Inman Anne Sisson Mary Sue Enochs Stella Lucas Dorothy Jernigan Turner Pattie Golding Jean Nalty Elizabeth Harris Melissa Odom One Htindred and Sixty-Two One Hundred and Sixty-Three ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega, in its second year at Millsaps, is a national service fraternity com- posed of former boy scouts. Fruits of labor are pep rallies and the student directory. OFFICERS President - - GEORGE CURREY Vice-President ---------- BILL HOLLAND Secretary ---------- JAMES ALDRIDGE Treasurer ----------- ED DEWEESE Historian ------------ DON RUSHING Faculty Advisor --------- MR. G. A. HARRER MEMBERS Donald Anderson T. W. Lewis Bill Smallwood Joe Frank Blakeney Sale Lilly Sonnye Smith Gladden Brooks Robert Lott Roy Stovall Curtis Clapham Billy Miller Harmon Tillman Stanley Clendenning Lewis Peel Emory Warrick Roger Hester Bill Riecken Jimmy Williams Albert Lee John Sandefur Aldridge Anderson Blakeney Brooks Clapham Clendenning Currey Deweese Hester Holland Lee Lewis Lott Peel Riecken Rushing Sandefur Smallwood Smith Stovall Tillman Williams Row 1; Barr, Barton, J. Campbell, S. Campbell, Collins, Deaton. Row 2: Johnston, Lampton, Lester, Lewis, McGee, Nelson. Row 3; Park, Peel, Roberts, Sandefur, Stovall, Trapp, Whitfield. TOPPER CLUB Top in their organization, the Topper may always be called on to guide visitors around our campus. They seem to specialize in High School Day and Homecoming. OFFICERS President ------------ T. W. LEWIS Vice-President --------- JOHN RAY BARR Secretary ----------- ELIZABETH LESTER MEMBERS Louise Burton Josephine Lampton John Sandefur Jim Campbell Tan McGee Roy Stovall Sandra Campbell Betty Nelson Shelia Trapp Eddie Collins Mary Virginia Park Alice Dale Whitfield Charles Deaton Lewis Peel Lonnie Johnston Anne Roberts One Hjindred and Sixty-Four One Hundred and Sixty-Five INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Keeping up with world events keeps these folks on their toes — especially in the discus- sions at the bi-weekly meetings. OFFICERS President ----------- JACK WOODWARD Vice-President --------- POLLY PHILLIIPS Secretary-Treasurer -------- DAVE SHELTON MEMBERS Bulah Abel Les Rurtt Sonnye Smith James Aldridge Barbara Linder Lavon Strong Robert Anderson Mary Lipsey Lowrey Varnado Frances Ann Beacham Stella Lucas Jimmy Young Bill Brewer Don Pearson Row 1: Abel, Aldridge, Anderson, Beacham, Brewer. Row 2: Linder, Lipsey, Lucas, Pearson, Phillips Row3: Shelton, Smith, Strong, Varnado, Woodward, Young. ( ,f f . ■i ' ifM %| .. ki, ii Row ): Buford, Carlson, Clements, Collins, Easley Row 2; Hester, Key, Roseberry, Whitehouse, Whitmore. MILLSAPS PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIETY Brand new this year, this organization is probably here to stay — or so it seems by the interest held by these eager psychology students. OFFICERS President - - - - COOPER CLEMENTS Vice-President -------- MARION CARLSON Secretary - - - . BARBARA ROSEBERRY Treasurer ----------- B. F. McMATH Ruth Buford Carolyn Collins David Easley MEMBERS Roger Hester Jeannlne Key Jim Whitehouse Paul Whitmore One Hundred and Sixty-Six One Hundred and Sixty-Seven BEETHOVEN CLUB For those for whom " music hath charm " there is this active campus group. Under the capable leadership of Mary Alice Moss this group has shown great progress this year. OFFICERS President --------- MARY ALICE MOSS Vice-Presidents - SUZANNA ALFORD MARY ANN BABINGTON Secretary - - - - - TAN McGEE Treasurer ---------- HUBERT ROBINSON Faculty Advisor -------- MRS. J. L. ROBERTS Ann Adams Marianne Beatty Bob Blount Marlene Brantley Mary Jane Brent Ruth Buford MEMBERS Imogean Harrell Mary Gail Henley Jeannine Key Josephine Lampton Eleanor Millsaps Martha Norsworthy Barbara Myers Vivian Price Lillian Rawls Leslie Reeves Ann Marae Simpson Dr. Moore FACULTY Professor Ferguson Professor Platig Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Adams, Alford, Babington, Beatty, Blount, Brantley, Brent. Buford, Harrell, Henley, Key, Lampton, McGee, Millsaps. Moss, Norsworthy, Price, Rawls, Reeves, Robinson, Simpson. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS One Hundred and Sixty-Eight W One tef Everyone Should Know... ' J ' ARTHUR MURRAY SCHOOL OF DANCING 970 North State Street 5-5404 Phone 5-5404 for Complimentary Lesson and Free Dance Analysis COMPLIMENTS of JACKSON COUNTRY CLUB PRO SHOP NELSON CIDDENS, Professional BAPTIST BOOK STORE Religious Books — General Books Children ' s Books — Bibles Greeting Cards and Stationery Mottoes and Pictures 1 COMPLIMENTS OF utanks YOUEATITWITHASMILE 11. One Hundred and Sixty-Nine PRUITT PHOTO SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF HAROLD S. MUSTIN Special Agent NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. 513 Barnett-Madden BIdg. Jackson. Mississippi Phone 2-6615 " A PORTRAIT COMPLIMENTS OF LIVES FOREVER " PRIMOS RESTAURANTS JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI THE CAMPUS HANG-OUT SANDWICHES -- COLD DRINKS - SCHOOL SUPPLIES BOOKS -- SOUVENIRS ( rie CjriiL One Hundred and Seventy — — — — » r ---- ' COMPLIMENTS of ACME BAKING CO. MEET THE GANG AT THE ADELLE GRILL Hose to Dormitories Fraternity Houses 13591 2 N. West Dial 4-9166 Real Estate ic Mortgage Loans Insurance " Our Growth a Reward For Service " Reid-McGee 516 E. Capitol St. DIAL 5-5-7451 " A MISSISSIPPI INSTITUTION OPERATING STATEWIDE " JACKSON JITNEY JUNGLE STORES JACKSO N, MISSISSIPPI VOGUE Fashion Headquarters for JUNIOR, MISS and MATRON WEARING APPAREL 146 E. Capitol Phone 4-8636 FLY with Dixie 9 COMPLETE AVIATION SERVICE FLIGHT INSTRUCTIONS Phone 3-2628 DIXIE AIR SERVICE, Inc. JACKSON AIR BASE One Hundred and Seventy-One MORI LUGGAGE STORE EVERYTHING FOR THE TRAVELER West Capitol Dial 5-4511 COMPLIMENTS of MONTGOMERY HARDWARE (0. 3003 N. State St. SPECIALIZING IN SOPHISTICATED JUNIOR FASHIOINS aulijles f id WJOC, 415 E. CAPITOL J. C. PENNEY ' S IN JACKSON A GOOD PLACE TO SHOP and A GOOD PLACE TO WORK Dr ink cca For " The Pause That Refreshes ' JACKSON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. One Hundred and Seventy-Two " ir WELLS IDEAL CLEANERS 207 N. State Street JACKSON, MISS. ' EVERYTHING THE NAME IMPLIES ' Dial 2-0031 FONDREN GROCERY Groceries Fruits Meats Vegetables DIAL 5-8525 2715 N. State THE MERCHANTS COMPANY — Wholesalers of — STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES- FRESH PRODUCE FROZEN FOODS- PACKING HOUSE PRODUCTS- MILL FEEDS Jackson Mississippi .L YOU CAN EXPECT THE BEST AT ILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISS. Highly accredited, four-year liberal arts education. ' k Full scholastic, cultural, and social development for both men and women students. Crauate courses in education during the summer, and continuous night adult undergraduate courses in cooperation wtih the University of Mis- sissippi. SUMMER TERMS: JUNE 5 - JULY 7 — JULY 9 - AUG. 11 FALL SEMESTER REGINS SEPTEMBER 11 ' UNSURPASSED LIBERAL ARTS EDUCATION FOR MORE THAN SIXTY YEARS. " One Hundred and Seveniy-Three mmm JACKSON ' S FASHION CENTER Meadowbrook Lanes, Inc. 420 Meadowbrook Road Jackson, Miss. .----.-----J i. UNITEX FLAT INTERIOR OIL, ♦ AND RUB-R-BOND FLOOR PAINTS BEAUTIFUL WALLPAPER At JORDAN PAINT WALLPAPER (0. 3917 Northview Drive Phone 3-5363 NORTH STATE PHARMACY 1808 N. State St. " RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE GIRL ' S DORMITORIES " OUR MOTTO " Superb Cooking " BREAKFASTS — LUNCHES — DINNERS SHORT ORDERS STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE ijour CjenLe Reddy Kilowatt Reddy Kilowatt, the magic Genie, has been working overtime to promote agricultural and industrial development for better living, thereby creating new jobs and opportunites for our youth here at home. SNACK SHOP MISSISSIPPI power light co. Open 24 Hours per Day 1222 N. State St. DIAL 4-9613 Helping Build Mississippi For Over A Quarter Century One Hundred and Seventy-Four ONE OF THE SOUTH ' Sf GREAT STORES ICE CREAM ITS GOT TO BE GOOD BORDEN ICE CREAM CO. COMPLIMENTS OF CHEROKEE DRIVE One Hundred and Seventy-Five When You Fail to Consider Quality You Buy Disappointment BATTE FURNITURE CO. JACOBS AIRCRAFT CO. TEA ROOM 412 E. Amife — Across from Standard Life BIdg. COMPLIMENTS of ROSS R. BARNETT Municipal Airport L. M. JACOBS Owner Phone 3-9473 Jackson, Miss. BOB WHITE Supt. Maint. Nite 3-1330 McRAE ' S ' Yoiill Find It Pays to Shop McRae ' sr | Ojie Hundred and Seventy-Six " ' :3:::rT IKE OFFICE SUPPLY- OFFICE AND SCHDDL SUPPLIES - You, as Millsaps students, are always welcome at the Office Supply Company. It is our sincere desire to serve you efficiently not only throughout your college years but also during your business and professional lives ahead. ottnlain t i oc i:i. A ' ote mo t lationei y Tyrr ' itia, iya vev tcficnctfiei. S yt t u i i iei SSyie ijaiei. ' i aMifia zJu a ' ei. 0ftr tfamrta ectt ieii oo iyfin ina. CToittccv-te -J ufieu yiteit QjeS Ha ii Zke OFFICE SUPPLY Co. 517 E. Capitol St. • Dial 3-4734 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI " 4 Stores in Mississippi to Serve You " ' JACKSON -:- LAUREL -:- GREENVILLE -:- VICKSBURG One Hundred and Seventy-Seven CONTENTS OF STUDENTS PICTURES Abel, Beulah 39- 1 45-1 65 Adams, Ann 46-1 13-167 Akers, Malcolm .___ 46-122 Aldridge, James 39-1 19-163-165 Alexander, Ann 67 Alexander, George 39-1 19 Alford, Suzanna .46-92-111-161-167 Allen, Charles W. 57-121 Allen, Jimmy 46-1 15-159 Allen, Laura Cecil .....39-111 Allen, Muriel 27-1 13-162 Allen, Tip 27-70-115-156-157 Alsworth, Selby 27- 1 49 Amason, Mary Ann ..46 Anders, Dan 57-1 17 Anderson, Ann . 57-1 1 1 Anderson, Bill 39-1 22 Anderson, Don H. 39-149-163 Anderson, Ed ....57-1 21 Anderson, Robert R. 39-121-144-147-165 Arinder, Robert 27-70- 142-149 Ashburn, David E. 67 Athas, Aspasia 57 Atkinson, Lucie 57-109 Atkinson, Shirley 46-1 11-161 Aust, Julia Evelyn 57-111 Ayres, W. E. 39-70-80-121-142-151 Babington, Mary Ann 46-109-167 Bacot, Lynn 57-1 13 Bailey, H. Dent 67 Baker, Billy 27-1 15 Baker, Charles Wm. 67 Baker, Hugh :..39 Baker, Lee 27- 11 9- 152 Balius, David 46-70-1 21 Ball, Louis 27-1 55 Ballard, Mildred W. 57-105 Bankston, Ray 27- 1 2 1 Baria, Carolyn 57-1 13-148 Barlow, Doris Ann 27-109 Barr, John Ray 44-121-164 Barras, G. I. 57-121 Barrett, Jean 57-1 48 Barstow, Beverly 27- 107-160 Bartlett, Barbara 28-7 1-109 Barton, Bobbie 46- 1 07 Barton, Wm. D. 67 Batson, Sally Ann 57-107 Beacham, Frances Anne 28-111-150-152-165 Beaird, Mitchell 28-1 15-155 Beard, Dudley 28-1 21 Bearden, Kathryn Jean 57-113-148 Beasley, Catherine Ann 68 Beatty, Marianne 46- 105-167 Bell, Grover 39 Bell, Vernon Ray 67 Benson, J immy 57- 1 49 Berrong, Lloyd C. 67 Berry, Richard 28-121-147-151-160 Bethany, Kye 58-1 15 Bevill, Talby 28-1 03-1 1 5-1 28-1 59 Bledenharn, Milton, Jr 46-121 Bingham, William O. 67 Black, Bobby J. 58-117 Blackwell, Higdon 39 Blakeney, Joe Frank 47-115-163 Blasingame, Ray 58-1 15 Blount, Bob .47-1 17-167 Boleware, Sammie T 67 Bonner, Peggy 28-107-142-150-154-158 Bourne, Darden ...47 Bowen, Larry 0. 68 Bowen, Paul D. _._68 Bowers, John 39-1 49 Bowie, John 39-1 49 Boykin, Doris Jean 67 Boykin, Jerry 47-1 17-159 Boyles, Charles ..47-1 22 Boyles, Marguerite 28 Branning, James Robert 28 Brantley, Marlene 58-109-167 Brasher, J. W., Jr. 68 Bratton, Jo Ann 58-107 Brent, Betty Love 39-1 1 1 Brent, Mary Jane 28-109-167 Brewer, Bill 39-1 17-165 Brewer, Chris ....29-70-80-1 09-1 46- 148-150-158-160-162 Brindley, Barry 47-1 19 Brode, Bill 47-1 19 Brooks, Bobby 58-1 19-163 Brooks, Gladden 29-1 17 Brown, Cecile 58-1 09 Brown, Dennis 47-1 19 Brown, Dudley 58 Brown, Mignonne 29-102-105-150-161-162 Brown, Peggy 47-93 Bryan, Wm. S., Jr. 67 Buckley, Mabel 47-94- 107-161 Bufkin, Harry W. 67 Buford, Ruth 29-1 11-166-167 Bunner, Barbara 67 Burford, Oliver ....29-70-80-144-151-152-153-154-155 Burns, Betty Sue 58 Burst, Robert 67 Burt, William R. 29-149 Burton, Louise 47-1 09-1 64 Burtt, Leslie N. 68 Busby, Pat ....29- 109-150-152-162 Busse, Norma 58 Butler, Beverly 47-1 21 Byrd, Calvin S. 67 Caffey, Pat 29-1 17 Cain, Glenn 58-1 21 Cain, Marguerite 58-1 1 1 Caldwell, John B. 68 Callaway, Robert Allen 58-122 Cammack, Jacqueline 67 Campbell, Jim 47-115-128-159-164 Campbell, Jim C. 29-149 Campbell, Sandra 47- 113-154-1 64 Canode, Mona Ree 58-105-145 Canode, Thelma Ann 39-105-143-145-158 Caradine, Joyce 29 Carlson, Marion E. 29-158-166 Carpenter, Mim ..47-146-148 Carr, James W. 58 Carraway, Augustus, III 59-121 Carroll, Jean 29-105-143-150-158-160 Cassity, Turner 29-80-115-151-152-153-161 Causey, Kenneth .. .. 68 Cavett, Van ...47-1 1 7-1 53 Cavett, Virginia 39-1 1 1 Cernauskis, Valerija 29-1 13 Champion, James T. 67 Chancellor, Julian 29 Chang, Grace 30-1 13 Clack, John Morgan 30-117 Clapham, Curtis 39-1 17-163 Clark, Doris _...47-l 09 Clark, Duncan 40-1 49 Clement, Sidney 59-1 17-149 Clement, Wm. Rodney 59-117 Clements, Cooper 30-103-121-166 Clements, Marcus H 68 Clendinning, Stanley ...40- 121-163 Clower, Martha Bea .....59-111-145 Cobb, Tommy 59-1 17 Cohen, Nancy J 67 Coker, Olive 59-1 1 1 Coleman, Anna 30-80-105-150-152-153-160 Collins, Carolyn 47-105-166 Collins, Eddie 48-115-128-142-144 156-157-159-164 Col lum, Bobbye 30 Conerly, Benny ..40-1 15-155 One Hundred and Seventy-Eight Connally, Mary - — -- -68 Cooper, Jo Anne _. - — - -— 59-107 Cooper, Polly - - -- -59- 1 09- 1 45 Corban, Magruder — — 59-1 21 Costas, Mary Lekas - — - -48 Costas, Peter — — - -- 68 Costigan, Emily — 59-1 07 Courtney, Ella Virginia — _ — — -67 Covington, Neil - — -48 Crabb, John Dupree - —68 Crawford, Grady 40 Crawford, Robert Lee 30 Crim, Billy - - -40-1 15 Crisler, Annabelle — - -- -- 48-1 09 Crisler, Charles -- 59-1 21 Crisler, Harriet -— 59-1 1 1 Crisler, Robert 67 Cross, Janie Lee ..59-109-145 Cunningham, Magdalene 59-1 13 Cunningham, Rose Mary 67 Currey, George 30-70-103-119-142-144-149-163 Currie, Edward J. 68 Curtis, Pat -—59 Curtis, Wm. Edwin 40-149 Darby, Bill 40-1 21 Daughdrill, Joan 59- 1 09 Davidson, Thomas E 68 Davis, Barbara 59-1 07 Davis, Betty Jo 30-80-99-102-111-162 Davis, J ohn 40 Davis, Mrs. Lois — 67 Day, George A. 30-121 Day, Paul 30-1 19-144 Dayhood, Mary 40-1 1 3-145-1 62 Deaton, Charles M. 48-1 1 7-1 28-1 59-1 64 DeLong, Fred 59- 1 2 1 Demos, Louis 48-1 19 Denny, Margueritte 48-1 07 Dent, William F. 68 Derrick, Mary Ann ..48-113 DeWeese, Ed 31-115-144-149-156-157-163 Dickerson, Mary Dent 48-111 Dickerson, Mary Martha 31-113-148 Dillon, OIlie 3 1 -1 42- 1 45- 1 53 Doggett, Karolyn 68 Doty, Dorothy 3 1-111-152 Drake, Albert - ...59-1 19 Dubard, Jack 59-1 21 Duke, James A. 68 Dunn, Annie 40-71-113-154-158 Durrett, Leroy ....68 Dyess, Sara Nell ....48-113-148 Easley. David 40-1 55-1 66 Easley, Katie Jo 59-113 East, Milly ....31-70-99-107-142-143-145-150-152-153 Eaton, Roy 40-1 19 Edgar, Bernice 60-1 13 Edge, Virginia 48- 1 07- 1 45- 1 6 1 Edin, Doris 68 Edwards, Ben 3 1 Eldridge, Ouida 41-113 Ellington, Charles 68 Ellis, A. W. 48 Ellis, Norman 67 Engler, Floyd ..60-1 19 Enochs, Mary Sue 31-107-162 Epperson, Edward Roy 60- 1 22 Eskridge, James B. 68 Estes, Carolyn ....31-71-107-149-150-158-160 Estes, J. Nowell 68 Eudy, O ' Nari ......49-1 53 Evans, George 49-1 17 Ewing, Nona 49-1 1 1-143 Parish, Rooney 49-1 53 Farlow, Minnie 60-1 1 1 Fewell, Vernon 60-1 19 Fisher, Doxey 41-1 19 Flaharty, Earl H. 68 Flowers, John M. - 67 Ford, Martha Ann - 68 Ford, Pauline 49-1 13 Fore, Billie Marie 60-113-148 Foster, Billy E. 68 Foy, Sybil 60-1 05 Fraiser, Mary Katherine 60-109 Freeman, Edward ...41-103-1 19 Freiler, Carlene 60-1 1 1 Freudenberg, Gloria 60-1 1 1 Fulgham, Billy 41-1 19 Fulghum, David C. 67 Fuzak, Bill . 49 Gaby, Ewin, Jr. 49-121 Gardner, Ouida Faye 60-107 Garner, Barbara 60-1 09 Gatewood, Agnes A. .68 Gatewood, Harold C. ....68 Giffin, Betty 60-1 13 Gilliland, Dabney 31-1 15-128-159 Gilmore, Wm. Rhodes 68 Glorioso, Sammy 60-1 17 Gober, Wm. Thomas 68 Golding, Pattie 3 1-109-162 Goodsell, Joseph ....31-1 19 Goodwin, Glenna 49-1 07 Gorday, Bob 4 1-149-159 Gordon, Leonard 68 Gore, Albert N., Jr. 41-149 Goss, Wm. Earl, Jr ..: ....67 Gossard, Edgar A. 60 Gough, Preston H 67 Graham, Billy 4 1-115 Graham, Ed 67 Graham, Jo Ann 67 Grantham, Mary Alberta 61-105 Grayson, Tom 61-1 19 Gregg, John 61-1 17 Griffin, John E. 68 Grillis, Chris 49 Grittman, Mary Kathryn 61-107 Grittman, Sophia 3 1 Groome, Betty 61-1 1 1 Guice, Helen L. 68 Gulledge, Jerry B. 61-117 Haddad, Ray 49-1 15 Hall, Gaston ...68 Hall, Hess 49-1 21 Hall, Waverly 3 1-121-155 Hammack, F. T 68 Hammond, Doug 3 1 -80- 1 1 7- 1 26- 1 5 1 - 1 59 Hanna, Nellie V. 68 Hardin, James 6 1-121 Hardy, Penny 3 1 -70- 113-158 Harrell, Imogene 61-105-167 Harrell, Norma 41-70-71-143-148 Harris, Elizabeth 67 Harris, John 61-1 17 Harris, Nathan J., Ill 68 Harrison, Ernest, Jr. 155 Harrison, Wm. Eugene 68 Harwell, Bill ....32-1 17-159 Hathorn, John 41-1 17 Hathorn, Robert 32-1 17 Hawkins, Evelyn 4 1-113-146-153 Hays, Wm. Arland 67 Head, Sidney 6 1-121-149 Heggie, Ann 41-1 1 1-147 Henderson, K. Vaughn 68 Henderson, Martha 49-1 07 Henley, Mary Gail .....61-113-167 Henson, C. L. 68 Henson, William 32- 1 22- 1 53 Hester, Roger 49- 121-163-166 Hetrick, B. Thomas 61-122 Hight, Louise 61-1 13 Hill, Jewel 41-1 13-153-158 Hill, Mary Joy ....41-158 Hill, Roane 49-1 1 1 Hilton, Thomas N 67 Hinton, John H., Jr. ._ 32 Hobbs, Joe ......6 1-121 One Hundred and Seventy-Nine Hodges, Louise W. ___ 61- Hoffman Robert J. Holland, William H., Jr. 41-121-152- Holmes, Jack Long Holston, Wilton 32- Horne, Bryant _. 49- Horton, Sue Rivers 41-71-113-142-145- Howard, Louis 32-1 52- Howell, Nan Hubbard, Dot 32-70-71-113-142-146-148-150- Hudson, Mary Ruth Huggins, Joanne 61- Hughes, Joan Hughes, Peggy 61-113-148- Hughes, Virginia Ann 32-102-109- Hunt, Robert 61- Husband, Ernest Ray Hutchinson, Harry — 32- Hutchinson, Mary Evelyn 33-107- Hyer, Joe 6 1 - Imig, Lucy H. Inman, Margaret Lee 41-109- Jacobs, Mike C. James, Bob . 49- Jeffrey, Bill 41-1 15-154- Jenkins, Cecil 33-80-103-115-151-154- Jenkins, E. C. Jenkins, Glenn 61- Jenkins, Marilyn 50- J en kins, Stacy Jennings, Audrey 50- Johnson, Frances 42- Johnston, Lonnie 50-146-149- Jolly, Tommy 50- Jones, George 62- Jones, Lanier ._..42-70-l 1 7-1 42-1 44-1 51 -1 54-1 55- Kavanay, Jean 42-1 07- Kelley, Bobby 62- Kelly, Virginia 50- Kemp, Robert Kennedy, Faye .._ Kern, Ma rsha 1 1 Key, Jeannine 33-1 66- Khayat, Edna 62- Kimball, Scott -— Kimbrough, Barry 42-126-149- King, Russel I Kurts, J immy Kux, Jo Ann -62- Kuykendall, Herbert _..50- Kyle, Alyce 50- Ladner, James 62- Lambert, William Lamon, Margaret V 62- Lampton, Josephine 50-105-161-164- Land, J ean 62- 1 07- Lane, Lowery Langdon, Linda 33-113-150-152-153- Langston, Betty Jean Lansing, J anel la 62- Laseter, Charles 62- Latimer, Noree 62- Lee, Albert 50-121- Lee, B. F. _._.42-l 21 -1 28-1 49- Lee, Clay ______ 33-70-142- Lee, Mary Jean Leonard, Annie Greer 50-107- Lester, Elizabeth 50-1 1 1- Lewis, B. F. 51- Lewis, Daisy _ ...33-1 13- Lewis, Delores 62- Lewis, T. W. 51-70-117-128-149-159-163- Lieb, Ida Nora 62- Lilly, Sale Linder, Barbara 42-105-153-161- Linn, Sara Nell 62- Lipsey, Mary 33-1 1 1- Little, John 62- Little, Rodney .63- Little, Shirlee _ 63- 149 __32 163 . 61 149 1 15 158 153 __49 152 __68 105 __49 153 162 149 67 1 17 162 1 19 __67 162 ..41 1 15 155 155 __42 115 107 67 109 109 164 1 17 117 157 158 121 105 ..67 ..50 ..33 167 107 __68 159 ..67 __62 105 1 19 153 1 15 ..33 105 167 153 .67 158 68 107 149 105 163 159 149 67 161 164 122 158 1 13 164 1 13 -67 165 107 165 1 15 121 105 Lloyd, Duane E 67 Loftin, Rex L. 33-149 Loper, Wm. Eugene 68 Lett, Robert Townsend 51-163 Louis, Tom, III 63-121 Lowery, Ruth 5 1-107 Lucas, Stel la _ 33- 1 05- 1 6 1 - 1 62- 1 65 Luke, Harry M. 67 Luster, Claire 42-1 1 1-146 Lyons, Betty __. 33 McBride, Hoi I is H 67 McCarty, Ben 63-1 15 McCluer, Mabeth ___ 42-1 09 McCluney, Linda 33-80-146-150 McCoy, Inez 33-71-113-142-143 McCoy, John W. 68 McCoy, Rosemary 51-1 13 McCoy, Wanda 33-1 13-148 McCrory, J. V. 51 McCullen, Ray 34-1 21 McDaniel, Mary Elizabeth 51-105 McDonald, Gerald 68 McDonald, Mary Jane 51-105 McGee, Mary Lou 51-107 McGee, Tan 5 1 -98- 1 09- 1 64- 1 67 McGowan, Curtis 42-117-128-142-149-159 Mcllvenna, J. Lea 68 Mcllvenna, Robert T. 68 Mclnturff, Yvonne __ 34-1 13-148 McKay, Sybil 63-1 09 McKinley, Robert, Jr 68 McKnight, Charles _51 McLellen, Hugh 63-1 22 McLeod, Richard R. 68 McMath, B. F., Jr. 67 McMillan, James 34-1 17 McMurry, John C 68 McMurry, Mary Frances 51-105 McNamara, Ellen Kent 42 Maddox, Bobby 51-1 15-128-159 Mansfield, Randy 42-1 21 Markham, Charles 43-1 54-155 Martin, Billy D. 67 Martin, James W. 51-119 Martinson, Patsy 43-102-1 1 1-158 Mashburn, James 68 Matheny, Adalee 51-1 13-161 Mathes, Doris 67 Mathis, Douglas 63-1 19 May, Frances 63-1 1 1 Mayo, Martha 43-1 09 Meadows, Wi Ison 68 Menetre, Shirley 63-1 13 Messer, William B. 63-119 Middleton, Eunice 43-1 1 1 Milam, Walker 43 Miller, Charles C. 67 Miller, Edwin 67 Miller, F. A., Jr 68 Miller, Fred E ..67 Miller, Johnny 34-1 15-126-159 Miller, William 68 Mills, Henry, Jr. ....63-115-147 Millsaps, Eleanor ....63-105-167 Mitchell, Johnny 63-121 Mitchell, Louise 34-71-1 13-148 Mize, Edwin ....63-1 15 Mobley, Jack M. 34-115 Mohr, John 67 Montgomery, Martha Sue 51-1 13 Moody, Carol Lyn 51-109 Moody, Robert 34-1 49 Moore, Alice Ann 63 Moore, Billy 51-1 17 Moore, Elinor 63-1 09 Moore, Harvey 63-1 19-149 Moore, John W 63-121 Moore, Samuel 63-1 21 Moore, William M 68 Moorhead, N. N. ._. 67 07ie Hundred and Eighty Moraes, George .- — 52-1 22 Morgan, Delta — - 52-1 05 Morgan, Jessie Wynn ___ ___.63-l 00-1 09 Morgan, Mary Ann 68 Morris, Hebron 52-159 Moss, Mary Alice .-.34-105-143-146-148-150-162-167 Murdock, Billy 43-1 15 Myers, Barbara 63-107 Nail, Hardy, Jr. 63-121 Nalty, Jean _ _____ _-34-l 1 1-162 Nalty, Jerry __ 52-1 1 1 Napier, Nancy ___ 64-1 1 1 Nash, Frank A. _____ 64-119-149 Nelson, Betty _ 52-107-147-164 Nelson, Harold 34-1 17 Neville, George, Jr. 67 Newman, Evelyn 52-1 11 -142-1 47 Newsome, Jimmy 52-1 15-161 Noel, Doris 35 Norsworthy, Martha ___.52- 105-167 Norton, Betty Jo ___ __ 64-111 Odom, Melissa 35- 1 09- 1 46- 1 62 O ' Neal, Cola Catherine 64-107 O ' Neil, Arthur, Jr. __ 64-149 O ' Neil, Mary Ann 52-71-113 Oswalt, Gloria 35-71-1 1 1 Overmyer, Dale 43-1 19 Page, Leslie 64 Palmerlee, Mary Jane 67 Paris, Virginia 64 Park, Mary Virginia _____ 52-107-153-164 Parker, Lillian 35 Parker, Shirley 52-1 13-153 Parrish, Peggy ___43-l 05-1 43-1 52-1 53 Patrick, Jean __ _..35- 1 05 Patrick, Wade 64-1 21 Patterson, Ann 64 Patterson, Frances Pat 35-1 1 1 Pearson, Don 35-70- 1 2 1 - 1 5 1 - 1 65 Peebles, Robert H. _ 67 Peebles, Virginia ____43-l 1 1-142-158 Peel, Lewis 52-117-128-159-163-164 Pelezo, Chris A. 68 Perkins, James G. 35 Phillips, George W 64-122-149 Phillips, Polly 35-1 1 1-165 Pipkin, Neil Lane 68 Pirie, George 53-1 19 Pitts, Binford 43-1 15 Pitts, Mary Anne ___ _ ..43-1 1 1 Pollard, Norman E 68 Posey, Betty Ann 35-107-160-162 Posey, Franz 35-119-151-154-155 Posey, R. H 67 Posey, Tulane 53-1 1 7-1 56-1 57 Pou, Nell 68 Pounds, Jimmy 53- 1 45 Presley, Harold 64-1 21 Price, Virginia 35-95-97-1 1 1-158 Price, Vivian 64-1 67 Pridgen, Jeanenne 64-1 05 Pridgen, Ramsey 67 Prince, E. Denzil 67 Prouty, Charles V 67 Pruitt, Robert ____ ____ 53-1 59 Puckett, L. G. _____ 35-119 Puckett, Odean ___ 64- 1 2 1 Punshon, Myrene 64-105-148-153 Ramsey, Frances __ 53-107 Ramsey, Jack 53-1 1 7- 128-159 Ratliff, Pat 53-1 15 Rawls, Ernestine ____ _.67 Rawls, Giles __ 35-1 1 5-1 55 Rawls, Lillian 65-105-153-167 Reed, Jesse O., Jr. 68 Rees, Lacy 65-1 09 Reeves, James L. 35-167 Reid, George ___ 53- 121-145 Reynolds, Ennis 53 Reynolds, Julius T. ____53 Rhodes, Sid Richardson, Donald E. ____ Richardson, James 36- Richter, Robert 53-117-128- Riecken, Bill _ 53-121-144- Roberts, Anne 53-1 13- Roberts, Eddie 36- Robinson, Bill 65-1 17-128- Robinson, Eddie __ Robinson, Hubert 36- Robinson, Ira __. 53- Robinson, Sue 36-70-71-80-100-105-142- 146-150-158- Roebuck, Claude M Roebuck, J erry 65- Roell, Paul A. ___ Rogers, Wi I liam 65- Root, Frances _..65- Roseberry, Barbara 53-1 05- Ross, Nell 36- 111- Rowland, Alice 43-1 02- Rowsey, Bi lly Rushing, Don 53-144-149- Russ, Laurance S. Ryan, Roy H. 43- Sandefur, John 53-121-163- Sanders, Jeanette 65- Sanderson, Joe H. : 36- Sanford, Neeley 54-96- Schmitt, Joe _ Schmotzer, Alvin B. K. 43- Scott, Oliver, Jr 54-128- Scott, Onie 36-1 13-143- Sebren, Clarence Paul 65- Sharp, Louise Shelton, Dave 36-70-80-117-151-160- Sherrod, Edward H. Shields, Jeanne 43-105-153- Shipp, Shirley Shivers, Mary H. Short, Louie 65-1 15-128- Sigrest, Marion L. _ __._ Simons, Kenneth W. Simpson, Ann Marae 37-111-146-158-162- Simpson, Frank 37- Simpson, Rachel Sisson, Anne 43-109-147-152-161- Slater, Carolyn 37-1 13- Small, Betty 43-1 07- Smallwood, William E. ____ 54-149-156- Smith, Barbara 65- Smith, Bettye 65- Smith, Cecil H. ___37- Smith, Claude - — 54- Smith, Ear! H. Smith, John E. __ Smith, Kim 54- Smith, Mary Sue 43-102-109-145- Smith, Sonnye 44-103-121-149-163- Sneed, Price _.___37-l 28- Sommers, Charles R. 54- Sparks, Gene 65- 1 22- Stavropou los, Dan 54- Stevens, A. J. _____ 54-117- Stevens, Deborah Stewart, Joyce 65- Stigler, Meredith .___65- Stockton, Ruth 44-70-113-142- Stovall, Roy S., Jr. _ 54-119-163- Strain, E. B. _.44-l 1 5-1 28- Streander, Bob _ 37- Strong, Lavon 44- Sugg, Maude 65-1 1 1- Summers, J oanne 54- Suthoff, Peggy _.__ __65- Swenson, Charles R. Sykes, Granville Tanner, Mark Tanner, James C. Tate, Billy ...36 .68 •149 ■159 ■163 ■164 149 159 .36 167 149 143 160 .68 121 .67 1 17 ■105 166 158 ■105 ...53 163 .68 149 164 105 119 107 _-54 119 149 158 119 ..54 165 -68 158 -.54 _-68 159 ..68 ..68 167 1 17 ..65 162 145 158 163 1 1 1 105 121 121 __68 _.68 121 150 165 159 119 149 119 159 ..37 105 107 148 164 159 117 165 147 105 107 ..68 .65 ._68 -67 .-65 One Hundred and Eighty-One Taylor, Victoria -65-1 13-145 Terry, J immy 54 Thornton, Sally 65-148 Tillman, Harmon ...-37-70-117-144-149-156-157-163 Tingle, Dorothy 54-1 09 Toland, Fred, Jr. 37-149 Toler, Carolyn 65-1 07 Townes, Drew 68 Trapp, Shelia .__54-98-l 1 1 -142-1 46-1 57-1 64 Travis, Wesley Ann 54 True, Lou 54- 1 09 Tucker, Frances 55-1 07 Tucker, Leslie R. - — 68 Tumlin, Calvin M. — 68 Tuniks, Galina — _ 66 Turnage, Marie 55- 1 05 Turner, Anne 66-1 07 Turner, Cleveland 55-1 17 Turner, Dorothy J. 37-107-162 Turner, Irby, Jr. 66-115-156 Tyler, Barbara 44-1 13-148 Uhalt, Alfred H., Sr. 55 Van Norman, Maurice 66-1 19 Varnado, Lowrey 37-70-80-122-142-151 152-153-165 Vaughan, Mary F. —66-107 Vollmer, Jack — 55 Wactor, Jack 67 Wade, Frank 66 Wade, John E 68 Wadlington, Mary Jane 68 Waldrop, Roger 55-1 19 Walker, Barbara 66-1 05 Walker, Wilber 37-149-159 Wallace, Larry 55-1 17 Wallace, Wm. Phillip 68 Ward, George L. -68 Warren, Edward F., Ill -67 Warren, Jo Anne -67 Warrick, Emory L. 67 Warwick, Wm. Wallace 68 Wasson, C. W. 44 Wasson, Lynda Zack 66 Wasson, Sarah ___66-l 05 Watkins, Bettye -.-.44-102-107-145-150-152-158-160 Watkins, Frances __._44-1 09 Wayne, Robert L. 68 Weathersby, Wm. T. 68 Weaver, Margaret 55-1 1 1-147 Weaver, Nanette 66-1 07 Webb, Johnnie 55-109-142-147 Weber, Emilia 55- 11 3 Weems, Peyton 37- 128-151-159 Weir, Selby 68 Weissinger, Spencer 44 Wellons, John C. 68 Wells, Lonetta 66-1 09 Weston, Larry 55-1 19 Weston, Margaret 66-1 09 Wheeless, DeLuncy — - 68 White, Martin F. 68 White, Morris 66- 1 49 White, Norma Jean 66-113 Whitehouse, Jim 44-153-160-166 Whitfield, Alice Dale 55-105-164 Whitfield, Margaret D. 55-105 Whitmore, Paul 37- 121-166 Whitmore, Wm. V 68 Wiggins, Paul A 68 Wignall, Joan 66-1 09 Wilkinson, Gene A. 66-119 Williams, Bill 55- 1 2 1 Williams, Dave 55-1 1 7-1 28-1 59 Williams, Fred -__ 66 Williams, Jimmy 55-117-126-163 Williams, Martha Hale 44-111-158 Williams, Mary Nell 44-107 Williams, Walter 66-1 17 Williamson, Jessie B. 68 Williamson, John Cecil 68 Williamson, Tiny Belle — - 44-113 Wills, Bill — --37-1 15 Wilson, Joan 66-1 13 Wilson, Kathryn - 44- 11 3 Windham, Charles H., Jr. __-67 Wiygul, Glyn 44-149 Wolverton, James K. 68 Woodard, Tommy 66-121-149 Woodrick, Lavelle 44-1 49 Woodrow, Tom H. 68 Woods, Harry K. 68 Woods, Tommy 66-1 17 Woodward, Jack 37-103-117-149-165 Wren, Bettye Sue 37-70-97- 1 02- 1 07- 1 53 Wren, Polly ...55-1 07 Wright, Billy 55-1 19 Wright, Martha ___ 44-1 13-148-158 Yao, C. Y. 55-122 Yelverton, Gene 44-1 17 Young, Clarence N. 68 Young, Jimmy 44-115-151-160-165 Young, Joe E. 66 Youngblood, Bennie .- 37-146-149-153 One Hundred and Eighty-Two AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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Millsaps College - Bobashela Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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