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R ,T M ' r - f Copyright 1949, Cornelia DeCelle, Editor — Lance Goss, Business Manager •h [■ 1 C " ! " ?? p pn . Xa CbjfcO ' l ' q4a ' I + ' " w_V» ,x ?B ;;: ' ycanAee y i::: ' f ewice • SP | H H|HB Hi w - H i 1 W t ;-J ' a] OILEGE SlO X. . IHB 11 DR. BENJAMIN ERNEST MITCHELL It is with sincere gratitude that we dedicate this BOBASHELA to Dr. Benjamin Ernest Mitchell, professor of mathematics. Dr. Mitchell has given 35 years of service to making ours a Greater Millsaps, coming to the college in 1914. He received his A.B, from Scarritt- Morrisville College, his A.M. from Vanderbilt University, and his Ph.D. from Columbia University. During his career at Millsaps Dr. Mitchell has become a familiar and beloved person to everyone. To many of us, both students and faculty, he has become a genuine friend. His qualities are such that one sentence seems to sum them up admirably -- he is a Christian gentleman. So, for these things, as well as other intangibles, we respectfully dedicate this 1949 BOBASHELA to Dr. B. E. Mitchell. ■I " A y. m. V N •-.--...». £ c: ;:,- ' j. CVTA . - .. - f p.S.,T- LI II V M. L. SMITH Zke } [11 Dr. Marion L. Smith ' " Smiley " to everyone, is the perfect example of Millsaps spirit. Never too busy to have a friendly word with every student, his geniality and kindness have made a lasting impression on our hearts. His. devotion to Millsaps is an inspiration for the entire student body. WILLIAM E. REICKEN, Ph.D. DEAN A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Dr. Reicken has a full-time sched- ule as Dean of the college and biology instructor; and he serves equally well in both capacities. His alert manner and devotion to Millsaps make him a well-liked and respected dean. I DEAN REICKEN DEAN STONE MRS. MARY H. B. STONE, M.A. DEAN OF WOMEN As advisor for the co-ed stu- dents, Mrs. Stone is never too busy to give advice and assistance with characteristic calmness and understanding. Also a professor in the English Department, she is admired by students as a truly fine person. ALBERT GODFREY SANDERS. A.M. LIBRARIAN RAY S. MUSCRAVE, PH.D. DEAN OF FRESHMEN N ELBERT S. WALLACE, Ph D. REGISTRAR S J. W. WOOD BUSINESS MANAGER BARTLINC McNeill BARTLINC, jr., Director of Physical Educat.on and Co ch, B.S.C., University of Missis- sippi; Graduate work at Louisiana State University . . . THOMAS SENIOR BERRY, Professor of Eco- nomics, S.B., Harvard College; A.M., Harvard Uni- versity; Ph.D., Harvard University (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) . . . MABEL BENNER COBB, Professor of Spanish, A.B., St. Lawrence University; A.M., University of North Carolina . . . ARTHUR COLAIANNI, Assistant Professor of Music Direc- tor of Band, B.M.E., Murray State College, graduate work at the American Conservatory, pupil of Philip Kirchner and Florian Mueller . . . MAGNOLIA COULLET, Associate Professor of Latin, Professor of Voice, A.B., Millsaps Collage; A.M., University of Pennsylvania; graduate work, American Aca- demy in Rome, University of Chicago; B.M., Bel- haven College; graduate work in Voce, Bordeaux, France. COULLET [HHU ELIZABETH CRAIG, Associate Professor of Frerich, A.B., Barnard College, Columbia University; A.M., Columbia University; Diplome de la Sorbonne, Ecole de Preparation des Professeurs, de Francais a I ' Etranger, Faculty of Letters, University of Paris . . . FRANCES ELIZABETH DECELL, Director of Physical Education for Women, A. A., Whitworth College; A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Alabama . . . JAMES SHARBROUCH FERGU- SON, Professor of History, B.A., Millsaps College; M.A., Louisiana State University; Graduate work, University of North Carolina . . . ARTHUR FIEL- DER . . . Assistant Professor of Cello and Music Theory, B.A., Kansas University . . . NEAL BOND FLEMING, Professor of Philosophy, A.B., B.D., Emory University; S.T.M., Ph.D., Boston University . ? " CHARLES BETTS GALLOWAY, ' Associate Pro- fessor of Physics, B.S., Millsaps College; A.M., and advanced graduate work, Duke University. CRAIG MOORE EB C. CIRVIN, Professor of Biology, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., The University of Texas . . . MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN, Associate Professor of English, A.B., Agnes Scott College; A.M., Tulane University . . . ALFRED PORTER HAMILTON, Professor of Classical Languages and German, A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; A.M., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Pennsylvania . . . PAUL DOUGLAS HAR- DIN, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Duke University; graduate work, University of Southern California . . . GEORGE LOTT HARRELL, Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy, B.S., M.S., Millsaps College; Advanced graduate work. University of Chicago . . . ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES, Professor of Education, A.B., LL.B., University of Tennessee; Vice-Consul of the United States in Scotland and England; A.M., and advanced graduate work, George Peabody College . . . NANCY BROGAN HOLLOW AY, Instructor of Secretarial Studies, A.B., Mississippi State College for Women . . . ALVIN JON KING, Director of Millsaps Singers, Studied at Oberlin Conservatory of Music; Northwestern School of Music; Chris- tiansen Choral School. Private study with W. S. B. Matthews, Fanny Bloomfield Zeisler, and Prower Symonds . . . BENJAMIN ERNEST MITCHELL, Professor of Mathematics, A.B., Scarritt-Morrisville College: A.M., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., Co- umbia University . . . ROSS HENDERSON MOORE, Professor of History, B.S., M.S., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Duke Uni- versity. MOREHEAD in MILDRED LILLIAN MOREHEAD, Assistant Pro- fessor of English, B.A., Mississippi State College for Women; M.A., Duke University . . . GILBERT L. OLIVER, Acting Assistant Professor of Religion, B.A., Mississippi State College; B.D., Southern Methodist University . . . ELAINE PENN, Assistant Professor of Music, B.M., Louisiana State Uni- versity; Graduate piano study with Mieczyslaw Munz. OLIVER PRICE JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE, Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., University of Missis- sippi; Ph.D., Louisiana State University . . . RICH- ARD R. PRIDDY, Professor of Chemistry and Geol- ogy, B.S. in Ed., Ohio Northern University; M.A., The Ohio State University; Ph.D., The Ohio State University . . . EVA MYERS ROBERTS, Professor of Piano and Theory, A.B., Whitworth College; B.M., American Conservatory; M.M., Chicago Musical College . . . JAMES TROY ROBISON, Associate Professor of Political Science and His- tory, B.Ed., Southern Illinois State Normal Univer- sity; M.A., University of Colorado; Advanced grad- uate work. University of Colorado and University of Illinois . . . THEODORE C. RUSSELL, Professor of Violin and Theory, Conductor of the Symphony Orchestra, B.S., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College; M.M., Northwestern University; Private study with Enesco and Sziqeti in Europe. ROBERTS ROBISON RUSSELL i 7 ' WARREN WHARTON WOOD JOHN MACRUDER SULLIVAN, Professor Emeri- tus of Chemistry and Geology, A.B., Centenary Col- lege; A.M., University of Mississippi; Advanced graduate work. University of Chicago; Ph.D., Van- derbilt University; D.Sc, Millsaps College . . . FRANK REA TAYLOR, Vocal Coach and Accom- panist, A.B., Millsaps College; Diploma in Piano, Millsaps College . . . KENNETH LYLE WARREN, Professor of Mathematics, B.Sc, M.Sc, Battle Creek College; Ph.D., Michigan State College; At- tended University of Miami, Coral Cables, Florida . . . VERNON LANE WHARTON, Professor of Sociology and History, A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Ph.D., University of North Carolina . . . MILTON CHRISTIAN WHITE, Professor of English, A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; A.M., Harvard Uni- versity; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin . . . KARL WOLFE, Professor of Art, B.F.A., Chicago Art Insti- tute, William M. R. French Fellowship; Study abroad for one year; Study and Teaching Pa. School of Art Summer School . . . RECNA SIMPSON WOOD, Associate Professor of Speech, B.A., M.A., Northwestern University . . . JAMES DAUSEY WROTEN, Associate Professor of Religion, B.A., Millsaps College; B.D., Southern Methodist Uni- versity. MUSTIN ENNETT LOIS ABEL, Secretary to the Registrar . . . MAR- THA BENNETT, Secretary to the President . . . CAROLYN BUFKIN, Assistant to the Registrar . . . MRS. MARY BOWEN CLARK, Assistant Librarian, Emeritus . . . MRS. C. F. COOPER, Hostess, Whit- worth Hall . . . FRANK JACOBS, Manager, Book- store . . . MRS. MELVILLE JOHNSON, Hostess, Galloway Hall and Burton Hall . . . MAXYNE MADDEN, Associate Librarian. (Left to right) Newton, Shumaker, Bufkin, and Abel in niif HOSEA F. MACEE, College Physician . . . MRS. F. E. MASSEY, Hostess, Founder ' s Hall . . . HAROLD S. MUSTIN, Accountant . . . MRS, DOROTHY B. NETTLES, Cashier . . .MARTHA NELL NEW- TON, Secretary to the Dean . . . MRS. OTTO PORTER, Hostess, Woolard Hall . . . CATHERINE SHUMAKER, Assistant, Registrar ' s Office . . . MRS. C. F. SPARKMAN, Library Cataloguer . . . MRS. JESSIE SMITH, Dietician . . . LOUISE WARD, Assistant Librarian. JACOBS MADDEN WARD mmmtm maSmimvm tBfr—- 3 m ' B ITT " ( ■fw wf ' A President Senior Class DAVID MclNTOSH p. f President Junior Class WILLIAM B. JONES Vi m CLASS OR CLASS ll[ President Sophomore Class ROBERT L. WALTON President Freshman Class W. E. AYRES SOPHOMORE CLASS fe[SHMllN CLASS fflCf a. SENIHS t i ANTHONY GEORGE AIUVALASIT New Orleans, La. J. GILBERT ALEXANDER Union Sigma Nu FRANK ALLEN Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha LESTER ALVIS Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha DOROTHY ANGER Greenville A. E. ANTHONY Prentiss Lambda Chi Alpha GWENDOLYN ARBUCKLE Charleston Vikings DAN M. ARMSTRONG Jackson JOHN L. ASH, III Centerville JOHN ATKINS Columbus TAL BACCETT Jackson Phi Alpha MARTIN H. BAKER Macon Kappa Alpha HUBERT LEE BARLOW Wesson BILL BARNETT Jackson Kappa Alpha CHARLES BARTON Jackson BARBARA ANN BELL Braxton Vikings OAKLEY BINGHAM North Carrollton Kappa Sigma HENRY BLOUNT, JR Decatur JEAN BOOZER Boyle FRANK BOSWELL Noxapater R. C. BRITT Meridian FRANK OLIVER BROWN Lauderdale Lambda Chi Alpha I _ t €A. S[ilDfi • W CARL BUNNER Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha ANDRE ROSALIND BUTLER Jackson Phi IVIu EDWARD R. CAMPBELL Jackson GORDON L. CARR Monticello Kappa Sigma BRUCE C. CARRUTH McComb KENNETH E. CHARLES Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha TOM CLAY Tutwiler Kappa Sigma HENRY CLEMENTS Jackson Kappa Alpha EDWIN COLE Jackson Phi Alpha ROBERT H. CONERLY Monticello FAY CONLEE Jackson Kappa Delta ANNIE RUTH CALLAHAN Jackson Phi Mu WOODROW E. COOK Canton Kappa Alpha W. B. COOPER Camden Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM W. CORRELL Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha MARY COWAN Grenada Beta Sigma Omicron ANN LOMAX CRESSWELL Jackson ERNESTINE CRISLER Jackson WILLIAM CROUT . . . , Hattiesburg HARRY H. CUNNINGHAM Oconee, Ga. JAMES DAVIS Columbus Lambda Chi Alpha BETTY DOSSETT Washington, D. C. Chi Omega Zh e m ■ ll MIKE ENCLE Jackson Phi Alpha DOROTHY NELL EVANS Sontag Vikings KENNETH L. FARMER Wesson J. V. PARR Harriston Vv |NNIE FILES Jackson Vikings HARRY FOLV ELL Jackson Kappa Alpha FRANK FOVv LER Jackson Kappa Alpha PAUL M. FULTON Louisville JOHN GARRARD, JR Flora BILL GOODMAN Jackson Kappa Alpha LANCE COSS Jackson Kappa Alpha PRESTON COUCH Vicksburg CLARENCE H. CRECORY Jackson Kappa Sigma ERWIN L. CULLEGE, JR Crystal Springs Kappa Sigma CRIS HALL Drew Kappa Delta CHARLTON HARDIN Meridian WILLIAM ARTHUR HARRIS Lula JEAN HAUCHTON Jackson Chi Omega LOUISE HAVARD Lucedale Vikings RALPH HAYS Hattiesburg Kappa Sigma FLOYD E. HEARD Vicksburg Lambda Chi Alpha MARY RUTH HICKS Louin m s-f lii €Ae stiiy BOBBIE NELL HOLDER Louin HECTOR HOWARD Jackson Kappa Sigma HARRY HUTCHINS Jackson Kappa Alpha CAROL HUTTO Jackson Kappa Delta RALPH HUTTO Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha PHILIP E. IRBY, JR Jackson Kappa Sigma PRESTON L. JACKSON Laurel Lambda Chi Alpha HOWARD JENKINS Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha CLAUDE JOHNSON Kilmichael FRANCES MARGARET JOHNSON .... Jackson Vikings RUTH JOHNSON Union WILLIAM P. JOHNSON Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MICHAEL L. KIDDA Coaldale, Pa. MARY JANE KNIGHT Jackson Vikings ROY H. KOLB Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha ELIZABETH ANN LAMPTON Tylertown Beta Sigma Omicron FRANK M. LEE, JR Magnolia Kappa Sigma GEORGE LEE Vicksburg Lambda Chi Alpha DORIS LEECH Smithville Vikings J. E. LOTT Drew Lambda Chi Alpha GEORGE MADOX McComb Pi Kappa Alpha A. B. MAGEE Jackson Kappa Alpha Nt ' ZL Hlllfi WILLIAM D. MANN Carthage Kappa Sigma RAY MARSHALL Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha Jerry Mayo Pocahontas Beta Sigma Omicron MARY FRANCES MEADOWS Quitman Kappa Delta LEONARD METTS Jackson EDWIN L. MILLER Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha CHARLES MITCHELL Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha TURNER MORGAN Jackson Kappa Sigma BILL MYERS Madden Lambda Chi Alpha DOT MYERS Deemer Beta Sigma Omicron R. D. McCEE Columbus DAVID MclNTOSH McComb JACK McLAlN Jackson BETTE McNEESE Tinsley Kappa Delta WILLIAM CURTIS NABORS Oxford Lambda Chi Alpha RICHARD W. NAEF Jackson ROBERT F. NAY Jackson JOHN A. NEILL Ellisville Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM M. NELSON, JR Yazoo City Delta Tau Delta GENE NETTLES Jackson MRS. ALICE NEVELS Jackson JANE ELLEN NEWELL Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron [|IH ARCHIE R. PARKER, JR Columbus TALMADGE WAYNE PERROTT Summit SAM OTIS PIGOTT Meridian JOE POWELL Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha PATTI PRATHER Grenada » Beta Sigma Omicron F. W. PRICE Meridian SAMMIE PRICE Philadelphia Beta Sigma Omicron j ERNEST D. PRINCE Union JULIAN D. PRINCE Atlanta, Ca. Lambda Chi Alpha MIRIAM PROVOST Poplarville Kappa Delta ALLEN PRYOR Forest JESSE D. PUCKETT, JR Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha [|IH BERT PYLE Meridian Kappa Alpha MARGARET RACLAND Jaci son Chi Omega LESTER RICH Wesson THOMAS G. ROBERTS Montrose Kappa Sigma LUCY ROBINSON Jackson Chi Omega MARY KATHRYNA ROGERS Silver Creek WALLACE R. RUSSELL Memphis, Tenn. Pi Kappa Alpha MARILYN SANDERSON Laurel Kappa Delta BETTYE SANFORD Helena, Ark. Beta Sigma Omicron GEORGE SCOTT Prichard, Ala. Pi Kappa Alpha CATHERINE SHUMAKER Vicksburg Vikings CHARLES SIMON Tunica Lambda Chi Alpha EIIO W, 0. SLAUGHTER, JR Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha ANNE PARKER SMITH Bay St. Louis Phi Mu CARLOS SMITH Biloxi CHARLES A. STEWART, JR Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JOE STEWART Vicksburg ALVIN SUMMERLIN Biloxi Kappa Sigma WILLIAM M. SUTTLE Jackson Kappa Sigma HAROLD I. THOMAS Hernando, Fla. HOWARD TRIMBLE Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MARY ANN TURNER Belzoni WALTER R. TURNER Corinth JESS WADE Jackson [iiy EVERETTE R. WATTS Sumrall WILLIAM M. WEATHERSBY, JR Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha RUSSELL WEAVER Corinth Kappa Sigma ARTHUR WHATLEY Vicksburg Kappa Alpha HARRY WHYTE Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha THOMAS LEROY WICCERS Jackson ROBERT L. WILLIAMS, JR Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha WILLIAM R. WINANS Canton GERALD R. WOODWARD Jackson Kappa Alpha BILLY WRIGHT Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JEAN WYNNE Jackson Vikings WESLEY YOUNGBLOOD Meadville JUNIOR PATSY ABERNETHY Pontotoc Kappa Delta THOMAS ABERNATHY Jackson TOMMIE AINSWORTH . . . Hermanville ROBERT AMASON Jackson Kappa Alpha WILLIAM F. APPLEBY Eupora Pi Kappa Alpha BARBARA ATKINSON . . . Philadelphia Chi Omega WALTER BERRYHILL .... Greenwood Lambda Chi Alpha ROBERT BILLINGS McComb CAROL BLUMER Auburn Beta Sigma Omicron C. B. BOADWEE Jackson Kappa Alpha DOUGLAS BOYD Jackson Kappa Sigma ELMER BOYKIN Laurel Kappa Alpha MARY VIRGINIA BOYLES , Rolling Fork Kappa Delta CAROLE BRAUN Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron RUTH BREWER Jackson RANDLE L. BROWN Fayette DEWEY BUCKLEY Jackson MARION BURGE Vicksburg Beta Sigma Omicron ROBERT E. BURKE Gulfport Kappa Sigma LESLIE BURRIS Smithdale CHARLES BUTLER Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha ¥ ' Ji WALTER BUTLER Moselle VV Al_lCt DW 1 l_CIN LAVERNE CAHOON Pickens BILL CARROLL . Tupelo Kappa Sigma ED GATES Jackson Kappa Alpha CAMPBELL CAUTHEN .... . Canton Kappa Alpha RIP CIRLOT M OSS Point Kappa Alpha FLOYD GRAY CLARK, JR. . . . Jackson WILLIAM F. COLEMAN . . . West Point Kappa Alpha LUCILLE COLLINS Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron ELAINE COMFORT . Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron THOMAS G. COOPER Ellisville Lambda Chi Alpha NELL GRAFT H attiesburg Phi Mu LARRY CROTHERS Jackson Kappa Sigma ROYCE H. DAWKINS, JR. . . . Meridian CORNELIA DE CELLE .... . Jackson Chi Omega FAYE DEWEES . Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron HAZEL HANES DOBBS .... . Jackson Phi Mu WILMA FAYE DYESS .... . Laurel Vikings RAY DURRETT Philadelphia RODERICK L ENTREKIN . . . Meridian CARL FELDER McComb ■ iiy JOHN W. FLANAGAN . . . Mendenhall Kappa Sigma BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Jackson JOHN CADDIS Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha BETTY CARBER Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron GREER GEORGE Kosciusko Kappa Alpha BOB GRAHAM Meridian Kappa Alpha MATTIE MAE GRAHAM . . . Coldwater Phi Mu ELMORE GREAVES Jackson Kappa Alpha JUANITA GREGORY Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron WILLIAM LEE HARDIN, JR. . . Jackson Kappa Sigma JUNE HART Brandon MARY ELIZABETH HOLLAND . Jackson Kappa Delta BRUNNER HUNT Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JOHNNY JABOUR Vicksburg Pi Kappa A ' pha MARGIE D. JENKINS Jackson Chi Omega FRED JOHNSON Jackson Kappa Sigma AUDREA JONES Marks Phi Mu BILL JONES Booneville Phi Alpha WILLIAM BURWELL JONES Nashville, Tenn. Kappa Sigma W. M. JONES, JR Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha WILLIAM RICHARD JONES. JR Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha nun ROBERT L. KATZES Meridian TOM KEMP Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha ANN KENNEDY Jackson Chi Omega DON R. KEY Morton Lambda Chi Alpha BETTYE LANCASTER . . Chi Omega Louisville MARTHA JEAN LEE Indianola Phi Mu VIRGINIA LEEP Jackson Chi Omega MERT LECLER Jackson Chi Omega FANNIE BUCK LEONARD Kappa Delta Jackson BEN LEWIS Utica EARL T. LEWIS Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha DORRIS LIMING Ashland Beta Sigma Omicron JOE MAJURE Madden MIKE MARTINSON Jackson Kappa Alpha WILLIAM G. MAY Jackson Kappa Sigma DAPHNE MIDDLEBROOK . . Kosciusko EDWIN MILLER Decatur JOHN MILLSAPS West Point JAMES MINNIS Jackson W. R. MONTGOMERY Jackson JIMMY McDonald Meridian Lambda Chi Alpha ■I i ■flP mm i n RUBY ELLA McDONALD . . . Picayune Beta Sigma Omicron SAM NEWELL Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha DOROTHY LOUISE NORWOOD JOE W. O ' CALLACHAN . . Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Tupelo JIMMY O ' FLARITY Jackson WALTON GREENE OWENS . . Aberdeen Kappa Sigma PAT PATTERSON . . Reform, Alabama Chi Omega JOHN P. PERKINS, JR Jackson Kappa Alpha JOE PUCKETT Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha CHARLES RANDLE Vaiden JAMES JULIUS RATLIFF, JR. . Jackson Kappa Alpha ERNEST PRESTON REEVES, JR Jackson Kappa Alpha PERRY RICHARDSON Bolton Kappa Sigma WALLACE RIDCWAY New York. N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha KATHRYN RIMMER Canton PEGGY ROBB Jackson Phi Mu THOS. SANDERSON ROBERTSON, JR. . Jackson Kappa Alpha BEN ROOT Jackson GENE RUSSELL .... Memphis. Tenn Pi Kappa Alpha TOM SANFORD Jackson Kappa Sigma MONTE SAPPINGTON Jackson uu LUCY SCOTT Gulfport GRADY L. SHARP .... Mendenhall RALPH F. SHOTTS .... Mendenhall Kappa Alpha AMELIA SIMMONS Magnolia Kappa Delta CALVIN SMITH Itta Bena Lambda Chi Alpha JEANNE FERN TANET ROSEMARY THICPEN . Vikings Waveland Meridian JAMES A. TOVv ' NSEND Ethel GENEALA VAN VALKENBURGH . . . . Biloxi Vikings ROBERT W. V ALKER .... Meridian Kappa Alpha HARRY V ARREN Laurel Lambda Chi Alpha STEVE V EBB Jackson CONRAD WELKER Grenada Kappa Sigma PAT WHITE Magee Lambda Chi Alpha BETTY ANN Vv ILLIAMS Chi Omega Canton DUKE U ILLIAMS Yazoo City Kappa Alpha GENE Vv ' ILLIAMS Philadelphia Chi Omega GEORGE WILLIAMS Amory JAMES A. WILLIAMS .... Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JOYCE WILLIAMS . . . Osceola, Ark. Beta Sigma Omjcron THOMAS H. WILLIAMS . . . Jackson Kappa Sigma JOHN WOFFORD Drew Pi Kappa Alpha lJt4 €L SIPilHIfiiS .. LOOKING BACKWARD September 15 Classes began with a total enrollment of 810. September 18-27 Confusion reigned as Rush Week gave way to pledging. The Greeks breathed a sigh of relief. October 2 Grid enthusiasts cheered the Millsaps-Arkansas game, the Majors ' first home tilt. October 23 Sunshine ushered in Homecoming Games with Southwestern. Kappa Sigs took float honors. First Row: MURIEL ALLEN Jackson MRS. CHARLENE ANDREWS West Point SUE ANTHONY Washington, Missouri Kappa Delta ROBERT N. ARINDER Morton OREN BAILESS Vicksburg Second Row: DORIS ANN BARLOW Greenville Phi Mu BEVERLY BARSTOW Vicksburg Kappa Delta BARBARA BARTLETT Greenwood Phi Mu FRANCES ANNE BEACHAM Jackson Chi Omega MITCHELL BEAIRD Jackson Kappa Alpha Fourth Row: CHRISTINE BREWER Crystal Springs Phi Mu PAT BUSBY Birwyn, Illinois Phi Mu MARY JANE CALMES Brooksville Chi Omega JIM CAMPBELL Pascagoula ROBBY NELL CHARMICHAEL Jackson Vikings Fifth Row: TURNER CASSITY Jackson Kappa Alpha ANNA COLEMAN Ashland Beta Sigma Omicron CAROLYN CORLEY Crystal Springs Chi Omega JOHN E. COVINGTON Jackson Kappa Sigma ROSEMARY CUNNINGHAM Jackson Chi Omega Third Row: ED BELL Jackson TOLBY BEVILL Tampa, Florida Kappa Alpha PEGGY BILLINGS McComb Vikings CHARLES BLUE Louisville Kappa Sigma PEGGY BONNER Jackson Kappa Delta Sixth Row: BETTY JO DAVIS Jackson Chi Omega GEORGE A. DAY Bentonia Pi Kappa Alpha LONNIE DECELL Vicksburg Kappa Sigma BETTY ANN DEMENT Jackson Kappa Delta DOT DOTY Jackson Chi Omega Zke SIPIDIH[S.. LOOKING BACKWARD October 27 Faculty and students adjourned to the football field for Play Day. Chi O ' s intrxj- duced new pep song. October 28 . . . October 30 . . . November 24-29 Cherry was honored in special chapel for his record of service. Excitement ran rampant during Millsaps-Choctaw grudge battle. Thanksgiving Holidays! First Row: JACK EADY Crystal Springs MILDRED EAST Columbia Kappa Delta BEN EDWARDS Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha CAROLYN ESTES Grenada Kappa Delta H. C. EVERETT Port Gibson Lambda Chi Alpha Second Row: SARAH ANNE FRIDGE Jackson ARTHUR COODSELL Vicksburg Lambda Chi Alpha JOSEPH GOODSELL Vicksburg Lambda Chi Alpha HEV ITT GRIFFIN Jackson Phi Alpha ERNEST HARRISON, JR Jackson Fourth Row: DALE LAVONNE HUDSON Sumrall VIRGINIA HUGHES Jackson Phi Mu HARRY T. HUTCHINSON Vicksburg Kappa Sigma MARY EVELYN HUTCHINSON Magnolia Kappa Delta CECIL JENKINS Jackson Kappa Alpha Fifth Row: STACY JENKINS Jackson Kappa Alpha DOROTHY JERNIGAN Tupelo Kappa Delta EDMUND JOHNSTON, JR Jackson Phi Alpha LOU KERN Louise Chi Omega LINDA LANCDON Jackson Vikings Third Row: ROBERT HATHORN lackson Kappa Sigma V ILTON S. HOLSTON V iggins LOUIS HOV ARD Jackson LENORA HOWORTH Jackson DOT HUBBARD Forest Vikings Sixth Row: CLAY LEE Laurel DOROTHY JEAN LIPHAM Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron MARY LIPSEY Brookhaven Chi Omega YANCEY LOTT Kilmichael Lambda Chi Alpha PAT MARCUM Jackson Vikings ZL siPiiHy[s,, LOOKING BACKWARD December 17 December 17- January 4 Annual Kappa Alpha Black and White Ball. Christmas Holidays. No more classes ' till next year! January 14-22 Exam, week saw the end of festivities and serious attention to books and such. January 26 The slate was wiped clean for the beginning of a new semester. First Row: DORIS MATHES Vicksburg Vikings MARY ALICE MOSS Raleigh Beta Sigma Omicron Fourth Row: PATSY OAKES Jackson Kappa Delta GLORIA OSWALT Alligator Chi Omega FAYE McALILLY Shelby LILLIAN PARKER Jackson LINDA McCLUNEY Houlka Vikings INEZ McCOY Walnut Vikings DON PEARSON Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha POLLY PHILLIPS Holly Bluff Chi Omega Second Row: WALTER McCREICHT Jackson Kappa Alpha BETTY JO McGAHA Clarksdale Beta Sigma Omicron YVONNE MclNTURFF McComb Vikings JAMES McMillan McComb Kappa Sigma LAMAR D. McQUIRTER Winona Phi Alpha Third Row: HAROLD E. NELSON Greenville Kappa Sigma JACK NELSON Hobbs, New Mexicc GEORGE NEVILLE, JR Meridian Kappa Alpha EDWARD NORTON Meridian Kappa Sigma SHIRLEY NORWOOD Jackson Fifth Row: RALPH PORTER Jackson Kappa Alpha R. H. POSEY Flora Kappa Sigma VIRGINIA PRICE Jackson Chi Omega BILLY PRINCE Philadelphia Pi Kappa Alpha CHARLES H. RAMSEY Glen Allan Kappa Sigma Sixth Row: EVA RATCLIFF Jackson LYNDA RHYMES Monticello Chi Omega ELIZABETH RIDGEWAY Jackson Kappa Delta HUBERT RHAY ROBINSON Burnsville SUE ROBINSON Clarksdale Beta Sigma Omicron NELL ROSS Crystal Springs Chi Omega f f ff fh zke sipyoys . . LOOKING BACKWARD January 31 The Majors and Chocs renewed their rivalry, this time on the basketball courts at City Auditorium. February 7-8 Millsaps and Miss. College continued the series. February 28-March 2 . . . . Annual Dixie Conference Tourney. March 11 Sigma Lambda gave student talent a chance to perform in its annual varsity show. First Row: KATHRYN RUNCE Jackson Kappa Delta CLEDETH A. SANDERS Aberdeen BILLIE SAULS Jackson ONIE SCOTT Culfport Vikings BILL SELAH Jackson Kappa Alpha Fourth Row: J. FRED TOLAND Prichard, Alabama REINALDO TOLEDO Cienfuegos, Cuba POTEAT TURNER Jackson Kappa Alpha BETTY VAN LANDINCHAM Shelby Phi Mu CHERRY ANN Vv ALKER Columbus Beta Sigma Omicron Second Row: FRANK SIMPSON Flora Kappa Sigma YVONNE SINGLETON Forest Beta Sigma Omicron CAROLYN SLATER Jackson Vikings CECIL H. SMITH Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha GLEN ALLEN SMITH Meadville Third Row: NOLA JEAN SPEIGHTS Carthage PARKS STEV ART Tupelo ROBERT L. STREANDER Drexel Hill, Pa. Kappa Sigma GENE SV ARTVv OUT Pascagoula Kappa Delta HARMON TILLMAN Winona Kappa Sigma Fifth Row: ROBERT L. V ALTON Poplarville Pi Kappa Alpha PEYTON WEEMS Lake JO ANNE V EISINGER Jackson PAUL Vv ' HITMORE Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha BILL Vv ' ILLS Jackson Kappa Alpha Sixth Row: JOAN Vv lLSON Hazlehurst Chi Omega CHARLES WINDHAM Mize ANN ELIZABETH WOODS Holly Springs Phi Mu JACK L. WOODWARD Louisville Kappa Sigma BETTYE SUE WREN Vicksburg Kappa Delta BENNIE YOUNGBLOOD Meadville fn Cs ' I f?5 iP f: A k r " » ■31 ' ■ i Zk e LOOKING BACKWARD March 19 The Pikes reigned supreme during a weekend of entertaining. Patsy Abernathy was chosen queen of the annual Cotton Ball, March 25-30 Students took advantage of the last holidays of the year. April 22 The Bucket went to new quarters as the Lambda Chi ' s won Stunt Night. First Row: MARILYN ABERNATHY Pontotoc Kappa Delta GEORGE ALEXANDER Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha ROBERT B. ANDERSON Natchez Pi Kappa Alpha JIM AYCOCK Jackson Kappa Sigma WILLIAM BAILEY Ripley Pi Kappa Alpha Second Row: BILLY BAKER ' . . Macon Kappa Alpha RANDOLPH LEE BARNES Columbia Kappa Sigma WENDELL BLACK Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha DONNA SUE BOONE Tillatoba Phi Mu ADELIA BORDEN Tupelo Third Row: NELDA BRADFORD Fitler Vikings WILLIAM H. BREWER Booneville Kappa Sigma OLIVER BURFORD Tupelo DOROTHY BUSKIRK Louisville THELMA ANN CANODE Rome Beta Sigma Omicron Fourth Row: JEAN CARROLL Lyon Beta Sigma Omicron VIRGINIA CAVETT Jackson Chi Omega MARY LOU CHANDLER Jackson Phi Mu HILARY CHRISTIAN Jackson Phi Mu MARIANNE CHUNN Jackson Kappa Delta Fifth Row: CURTIS L. CLAPHAM Lyon DUNCAN CLARK Shaw Pi Kappa Alpha STANLEY CLENDENNING Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha BENNY CONERLY Kokomo Kappa Alpha M. B. COOPER Jackson Kappa Alpha Sixth Row: ELLA VIRGINIA COURTNEY Gulfport MAUREEN CRAWFORD Jackson BILLY CRIM Jackson Kappa Alpha ROBERT CRISLER Jackson Kappa Alpha GEORGE T. CURREY Vicksburg Lambda Chi Alpha Seventh Row: ANN DAMPEER Jackson Chi Omega CAROLYN DAVIS Jackson Phi Mu MARY DAYHOOD Ruleville Vikings BILLY DENHAM Jackson CLYDE E. DOWNING Jackson ' t { Q f% i ZL wwnw LOOKING BACKWARD (By this time improvements were well underway on the campus, and Millsaps began to look like a miniature battleground.) May 2-3 Seniors finished the last lap — comprehensives. May 12 The Players proved themselves worthy of praise with " Out of the Frying Pan " . May 30 Commencement, at last, followed by the annual Kappa Sig Barn Dance. First Row: ANNIE DUNN Olive Branch Vikings ROY EATON Port Gibson Lambda Chi Alpha JEWEL VIRGINIA EDV ARDS Jackson Chi Omega MARY SUE ENOCHS Jackson Kappa Delta O ' NARI EUDY Jackson Vikings Second Row: WILLIAM E. FARLOW Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha FORREST JEAN FERRELL Columbus IMOGENE FILES Jackson Vikings DOXEY FISHER Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha CHARLES FOSTER Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Third Row: LUCRETIA FRANCIS Columbia Chi Omega EDWARD FREEMAN Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha PATTIE GOLDING Columbus Phi Mu ALBERT N. GORE, JR Mathiston BILLY MACK GRAHAM Jackson Kappa Alpha Fourth Row: ANNIE SUE GRANT Holly Springs Phi Mu BRELON EDWARD GRANTHAM Jackson Kappa Alpha WAVERLY HALL Drew Pi Kappa Alpha CATHERINE HAMILTON Jackson Chi Omega NORMA HARRELL Biloxi Kappa Delta Fifth Row: ELIZABETH HARRIS Laurel Kappa Delta JOHN HATHORN Jackson Kappa Sigma ROBERT HAYNES Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JEWEL HILL Glen Allen MARY JOY HILL Louisville Sixth Row: BILLY HOLDEN Jackson JO HOLLAND Jackson Kappa Delta WILLIAM H. HOLLAND Vicksburg Pi Kappa Alpha JOE HOLLOWAY Okolona KATHERINE HORNSBY Roanoke, Alabama Seventh Row: SUE RIVERS HORTON Oakland Vikings ROSEMARY HOWIE Jackson Chi Omega THOMAS HUGHES Hattiesburg Kappa Sigma MARGARET LEE INMAN Flora Phi Mu ROBERT JACOBS Jackson Kappa Alpha CA e First Row: BILL JEFFREY Greenville Kappa Alpha FRANCES JOHNSON Jackson Vikings LANIER JONES Nashville, Tennessee Kappa Sigma JEAN KAVANAY Jackson Chi Omega BARRY KIMBROUGH Louisville Phi Alpha Second Row: GEORGE T. KURTS, JR Jackson Kappa Alpha B. F. LEE Greenwood Pi Kappa Alpha DAISY LEWIS Glen Allen DAVID LIGHTCAP Yazoo City Lambda Chi Alpha BARBARA LINDER Natchez Beta Sigma Omicron Third Row: FRANCES LIRELY Jackson Vikings CLAIRE LUSTER Clarksdale Chi Omega RANDY MANSFIELD Fayetteville, Tenn. Pi Kappa Alpha GERALD MARTIN Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha PATSY MARTINSON Jackson Chi Omega Fourth Row: LOREN L. MILLER Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha LOUISE MITCHELL Terry JACK MURPHY MOBLEY Jackson Kappa Alpha A. THOMPSON MONROE Jackson Kappa Alpha BILLY MURDOCK Greenwood Kappa Alpha Fifth Row: ROY McALILLY Louisville BARBARA McBRIDE Crenshaw Chi Omega ANNIE DORIS McWHIRTER Louisville LILA MAE NABORS Tippo Beta Sigma Omicron HERBERT NELSON Laurel Sixth Row: GEWNDOLYN OWENS Jackson Kappa Delta BOBBY PARKER Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha SHIRLEY PATTERSON Philadelphia VIRGINIA PEEBLES Jackson Chi Omega BETTY ANN POSEY Philadelphia Kappa Delta Seventh Row: FRANZ POSEY Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha NELL POU Laurel Kappa Delta CHARLES POWERS Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha KATHRYN READY Jackson Chi Omega VIRGINIA REESE Tupelo -€» . 4 ' 5: , B Z.L First Row: MARTHA ELLEN RIVERS McComb Kappa Delta IRA ROBINSON Brandon ALICE MAY ROWLAND Charleston Beta Sigma Omicron DORIS RUCKER Jackson CHARLES SCOTT Jackson PI Kappa Alpha Second Row: DAVID SHELTON Winona Kappa Sigma JEANNE SHIELDS Tchula ANN MARAE SIMPSON Laurel Chi Omega HARMON SMITH, JR Carrollton Pi Kappa Alpha MARY SUE SMITH Jackson Phi Mu Third Row: RUTH STOCKTON Biloxi Vikings DONIE SYKES Jackson TOMMY THOMAS Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha FORREST TOHILL Jackson Kappa Sigma FRANKIE TREST Pascagoula Vikings Fourth Row: MARY JANE WADLINCTON Kosciusko Phi Mu JOHN T. WAKELAND Hattiesburg Kappa Sigma ANN WALKER Jackson Kappa Delta KERSH WALTERS Jackson Kappa Alpha BETTYE WATKINS Jackson Fifth Row: VERNON WATSON Quitman Lambda Chi Alpha SELBY WEIR, JR Newton JAMES M. WHITEHOUSE Durant Pi Kappa Alpha NANNIE PEARL WIGGINS Sidon Phi Mu MARILYN WILLIAMS Jackson ,. Phi Mu Sixth Row: MARTHA HALE WILLIAMS Greenwood Chi Omega KATHRYN WILSON Brookhaven Vikings HARRY WOODS Vicksburg MARTHA ANN WRIGHT Jackson Vikings MARTHA LOUISE WRIGHT Jackson Vikings Seventh Row: JIMMIE YOUNG Jackson Kappa Alpha oTiESS - ' f[ilifi[ MISS GENE SWARTWOUT eaa iij MISS CAROLYN CORLEY MISS DORRIS LIMING t • MISS BETTY DOSSETT .. j JcW ' MISS YVONNE MclNTURFF MISS NELL POU Jjeauhj MISS VIRGINIA PRICE Jjeaaiij MISS MARILYN SANDERSON MISS MARGARET RACLAND MISS ROSEMARY THICPEN MISS ANN KENNEDY 3. eau mm ana DAVE MclNTOSH and BETTY DOSSETT MARY COWAN LANCE GOSS CORDON CARR HENRY BLOUNT GENE NETTLES CORNELIA DE CELLE PATSY ABERNATHY DORRIS LIMING WILLIAM CROUT CARLOS SMITH RALPH HUTTO DAVID MclNTOSH B in I [G[s«« iiif[fisin[s -f y - yV o. ,q4-S ' i] i[[ ( - O TOP ROW: Left to right: Abernathy, Brown, Busby, Dossett. SECOND ROW: Goodman, Hughes, Lampton, Lee. THIRD ROW: Legler, Leonard, Lett, Maddox. FOURTH ROW: Myers, McQuirter, Roberts, Russell, Williams. nnmi ICIi OFFICERS MEN DUKE WILLIAMS President FRANK LEE Vice-President J. E. LOTT Secretary WOMEN BETTY DOSSETT President PAT BUSBY Vice-President PATSY ABERNATHY Secretary ELIZABETH ANN LAMPTON Treasurer The Panhellenic groups regulate the affairs of the fraternities and sororities on the campus, laying down rules governing rush week for the Creeks. This year the two organ- izations sponsored a campus-wide dance in the Victory Room. OFFICERS ED COLE President TAL BAGGETT Vice-President LAMAR McQUIRTER Secretary-Treasurer Organized locally in February, 1948, with Mike Engle as Chairman, Phi Alpha is the local group petitioning Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Since then the boys have gone to work on the campus. Big Mike is one of the mainstays of the football team, which is managed by Barry Kimbrough. TOP ROW: Baggett, Cole, Engle, Jones . . . BOTTOM ROW: McQulrter, Griffin, Johnson, Kimbrough. iimn i t i Pi — ¥ " Sw 5 i ' jA| a r? o i ' " o i- f ' - T ' . D f ' ! . . . • f , rs TOP ROW: Left to right: Allen, Berryhill, Boswell, Brown, Cooper, Davis, Everett . . . SECOND ROW: Coodsell, A., Coodsell, J., Heard, Jackson, Jenl ins, Johnson, Jones . . . THIRD ROW: Kemp, Key, Kolb, Lee, Lott, J., Miller, E., Mitchell . . . FOURTH ROW: Myers, Nabors, Powell, Prince. Puckett, Smith, Trimble . . . FIFTH ROW: Warren, White, Whyte, Williams, Anthony, Alexander, Currey . . . SIXTH ROW: Eaton, Farlow, Fisher, Freeman, Lightcap, Lott, Y., Marshall . . . SEVENTH ROW: Miller, L., McDonald, Posey, Powers, Puckett, J., Simon, Watson. B D U THETA ETA ZETA CHAPTER NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Boston University, November 2, 1909 LOCALLY FOUNDED: October, 1939 COLORS: Purple, Green, and Gold PUBLICATION: " Purple, Green, and Cold " OFFICERS FRANK BROWN President JOE POWELL Vice-President JESSE PUCKETT Secretary FRANK ALLEN Treasurer Under the guidance of chapter president Frank Brown, Theta Eta Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha, has built its strength up to an all-time high. With the acquisition of a house, the Lambda Chi ' s really went into high gear. President Brown also served the student body as vice-president, numbering I. R. C. and O. D. K. among his other accomplishments. Don Key and the Goodsell brothers were stand-outs in the music department, and David Lightcap was elected Freshman King. Fast becoming famous for their campus-wide ball, the brothers also elected Betty McNeese as their sweetheart. MEMBERS Frank Allen Walter Berryhill Frank H. Boswell Frank Oliver Brown John A. Bryant Thomas C. Cooper James Davis H. C. Everett Arthur Goodsell Joseph Goodsell Sidney L. Head Floyd E. Heard Preston L. Jackson Howard Jenkins William P. Johnson W. M. Jones, Jr. Marion T. Kemp Don R. Key Roy H. Kolb George Lee James E. Lott Edwin L. Miller Charles Mitchell Bill Myers William Curtis Nabors Joe Powell Julian D. Prince Jesse D. Puckett, Jr. James R. Roberts, Jr. Calvin Smith Howard Trimble A. E. Anthony James R. Aldridge George Alexander George T. Currey Roy Eaton David B. Eddy William E. Farlow Doxey Fisher Edward Freeman David M. Lightcap Yancy Lott Ray Marshall Loren L. Miller Billy M. McDaniel Jimmy McDonald Jimmy L. Owens David Payne Franz Posey Charles Powers Joe Puckett Charles Simon Vernon Watson Harry Warren Pat White Harry Whyte Robert L. Williams, Jr. Arthur Colaianni Richard R. Priddy •sai ' i i f - vTf fTiji -4 C% .O O f . . f M, f .js? ,«C .1 , 1 JR - - S - fTl 1 f . 1 " N | % % il FIRST ROW: Alvis, Bunner, Butler, Charles, Cooper, Correll, Caddis . . . SECOND ROW: Hunt, Hutto, Jabour, Jones, Lewis, Maddox, Neill . . . THIRD ROW: Newell, O ' Callaghan, Pearson, Prince, Russell, C, Russell, W., Sco t . . . FOURTH ROW: Slaughter, Smith, Stewart, C, Stewart, P., Walton, Weathersby, Whitemore . . . FIFTH ROW: Williams, Wofford, Wright, Anderson, Appleby, Bailey, Black . . . SIXTH ROW: Clark, Clendenning, Day, Edwards, Foster, Hall, Haynes, Holland . . . SEVENTH ROW: Lee, Mansfield, Martin, Parker, Scott, Smith, Thomas, Whitehouse. PI lUH D II fl ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Virginia, March 1, 1! LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 23, 1905 COLORS: Garnet and Cold PUBLICATION: Shield and Diamond FLOWER: Lily of the Valley OFFICERS GEORGE MADDOX President PAUL KING Vice-President BOB WALTON Secretary LAWRENCE GIBSON Treasurer This year Alpha lota managed to walk off with numerous honors. Maddox was in everything from the football squad to ODK and making straight A ' s besides. Hutto was big-gun of the P W, ODK, Alpha Psi, Who ' s Who, and several other things. Ayers and Charles also held down presidencies. Cotton Ball festivities climaxed a week-end round of parties for the Pikes and their dates. MEMBERS Lester Alvis Sam Newell Jimmy Alvis Randy Mansfield Dudley Beard Joe O ' Callaghan Robert R. Anderson Gerald Martin Lee Bonner Don Pearson William F. Appleby Charles Myers Carl Bunner Billy Prince W. E. Ayers Bobby Parker Bill Butler Gene Russell William " Bill " Bailey Charles Scott Charles Butler Wallace R. Russell Richard Berry Harmon Smith, Jr. Kenneth E. Charles George Scott Wendell Black Tommy Thomas W. B. Cooper W. 0. Slaughter. J Duncan Clark Hagan Thompson Vv ' illiam V . Correll Cecil Smith Stanley Clendenning James W. Whitehouse Rusty Cortwright Charles A. Stewart, Jr. Bill Darby Ed Van Zandt John Caddis Parks Stewart George A. Day Lawrence Gibson Robert L. Walton Paul Day Richard Holmes Bill Watson Ben Edwards Brunner Hunt Bill Weathersby Charles Foster Ralph Hutto Gerald Welborne Paul Gaudet Johnny Jabour Paul Whitemore Waverly Hall Bill Jacobs Charles Wiggers Robert Haynes William Richard Jones, Jr. James A. Williams Royce Heflin Paul King John Wofford William H. Holland Earl T. Lewis Bill Lott Ben Woods B. F. Lee Jim McCoy George Maddox Billy Wright Curtis McKee John A. Neil! Hank Zander B. F. McMath f% ' ' • O fT f T 1 I C Sf " " " " w , PIt ® j ? :C»» a 1. ' ' i -B ' i ' . l % % IV - Ij ' r-ltSS . ••» J S -■» ' " ■ TOP ROW: Left to right: Bingham, Blue, Boyd, Burl e, Carr, Carroll, Clay, Crothers . . . SECOND ROW: Decell. Gregory, Culledge, Hardin, Hays, Howard, Hutchinson, Irby . . . THIRD ROW: Johnson, Lee, Mann, May, Morgan, Nelson, Norton, Owens . . . FOURTH ROW: Prince, Posey, Ramsay, Richardson, Roberts, Sanford, Simpson, Sumerlin . . . FIFTH ROW: Suttle, Tillman, Weaver, Welker, Williams, Aycock, Brewer, Barnes . . . SIXTH ROW: Covington, Flanagan, Crantham, Hathorn, J., Hathorn, R., Hughes, Jones, L. . . . SEVENTH ROW: Jones, W., McMilllan, Shelton, Streander, Tohill, Wakeland, Woodward. yppfi ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Virginia, December 10, 1869 LOCALLY FOUNDED: October 18, 1895 COLORS: Scarlet, Green and White PUBLICATION: The Caduceus FLOWER: Lily of the Valley OFFICERS FRANK LEE President TOM ROBERTS Vice-President CLARENCE GREGORY Secretary BUDDY OWENS Treasurer FRED SCOTT JOHNSON G. M. C. O.D.K. Lee led the Kappa Sigs through another full year. Brothers Roberts and May, the last of the " old guard " carried on in the Star and Crescent tradition. Motor Carr took the lead on the campus as S.E.B. president, stellar basketball forward, and Who ' s Who. Bill Jones racked up another presidency, this time that of the Junior Class. " Little Boll Weevil " made his appearance; and Brothers Morgan, and Clay took the ladies of their choice to the altar. The Sig float took first honors at Homecoming, and the brothers made big plans for a house face-lifting. MEMBERS Moran R. Berbett Oakie Bingham Charles Blue Douglas Boyd Robert E. Burke Robert R. Burst Gordon L. Carr Bill Carroll John M. Clack William T. Clark Thomas G. Clay Larry Crothers Alonzo L. Decell Gene T. Fleming Clarence H. Gregory Erwin L. Gulledge, Jr. Doug Hammond William Lee Hardin, Jr. Ralph Hays Hector Howard Harry T. Hutchinson Philip E. Irby, Jr. Fred Johnson Richard E. Kennedy Frank M. Lee, Jr. William D. Mann William G. May Turner Morgan Harold E. Nelson Edward Norton Walton Greene Owens Ernest D. Prince R. H. Posey Charles H. Ramsay Perry Richardson Thomas G. Roberts Tom Sanford Frank Simpson Alvin Sumerlin William M. Suttle Harmon Tillman Russell G. Weaver Conrad Welker Thomas H. Williams Jim Ay cock William H. Brewer Randolph Lee Barnes John E. Covington John W. Flanagan Breland Edward Grantham, Jr. John Hathorn Robert Hathorn Thomas Hughes Lanier Jones William B. Jones James L. McMillian David Shelton Robert L. Streander Forrest Tohill John T. Wakeland Stan Wendt Jack L. Woodward ar»rs • " 1 f™ " % 1 N - " --_• HK flHIl k % PI n Pi (f f i !P FIRST ROW: Amason, Baker. Barnett, Beaird. Bcvill, Boadwee. Boykin. Cassity . . . SECOND ROW: Cauthen, Circlot, Clements, Coleman, Cook, Folwell, Fowler, George . . . THIRD ROW: Goodman, Coss, Greaves, Hutchins, Jenkins, C, Jenkins, S., Magee, Martinson . . . FOURTH ROW: Perkins, Porter, Pyle, Ratlitf, Reeves, Robertson, Shotts, Walker . . . FIFTH ROW: Williams, Wills, Whatley, Woodward, Baker, Gates, Conerly, Cooper . . . SIXTH ROW: Cr im, Crisler, Graham, B. M., Graham, B., Jacobs, Jeffrey, Kurtx, McCreight . . . SEVENTH ROW: Mobley, Monroe, Murdock, Neville, Selah, Turner, Walters, Young. liPPfl HP ALPHA MU CHAPTER NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Washington College, December 21, 1865 LOCALLY FOUNDED: October 1, 1893 COLORS: Ruby and Old Cold PUBLICATION: FLOWER: Magnolia and Crimson Rose Kappa Alpha Journal OFFICERS BILL GOODMAN No. I DUKE WILLIAMS No. 1 1 ALDEN DAVIS No. Ill These exponents of Southern chivalry, led by Goodman, came through another year with much to show for it. Goodman, top man in I. R. C., was also on the rolls of Pi Kappa Delta, ODK, and the Economics Club. Coss was also a wheel — ODK, Alpha Psi, Business Manager of Bobashela, and Who ' s Who. Davis and Porter were married, and Brothers Cauthen, Jones, and Turner pinned. The Black and White brought out everybody on several campuses, as Brother Jones and his combo added to the general enjoyment. Kurtz, Bevill, Neville, Davis, Clements, and Gates represented Alpha Mu in athletic circles. MEMBERS Robert Amason Martin Baker Bill Barnett Jim Berwick Mitchell Beaird Tolby Bevill C. B. Boadwee Elmer Boykin Turner Cassity Campbell Cauthen Rip Cirlot Henry Clements William F. Coleman Weir Conner Woodrow E. Cook Alden Davis John Egger Allen Evans Harry Folwell Frank M. Fowler Greer George Bill Goodman Lance Goss Elmore Greaves Joe Henry Harry Hutchins Cecil Jenkins Stacy Jenkins Jack Jones Ernest Jordan A. B. Magee Mike Martinson John P. Perkins, Jr. Ralph Porter Bert Pyle Julius Ratliff Ernest Preston Reeves, Jr. Thomas Sanderson Robertson Ralph F. Shotts Billy Sumrall Dick Wall Robert W. Walker Duke Williams Bill Wills Arthur Whatley Gerald R. Woodward Billy Baker Ed Gates Benny Conerly M. B. Cooper Billy Crim Robert Crisler Billy Mack Graham Bob Graham Robert Jacobs Bill Jeffrey George T. Kurtz Walter McCreight Jack Mobley A. Thompson Monroe Billy Murdock George Neville, Jr. Bill Selah Poteat Turner Kersh Walters Jimmy Young TOP ROW: Arbuckle, Bell, Billings, Bradford. Carmichael. Dayhood . . . SECOND ROW: Dunn, Dyess, Evans, Eudy, Files, I., Files, W. . . . THIRD ROW: Havard, Hornsby, Horten, Hubbard, Johnson. F., Johnson. F. . . . FOURTH ROW: Knight. Langdon. Leech, Lirely, Marcum, Mathes, McCluney . . . FIFTH ROW: McCoy, Mclnturff, Scott, Shumaker, Slater, Stockton, Thigpen . . . SIXTH ROW: Trest, Van Valkenburg, Williams, Wilson, Wright, M. A., Wright, M. L., Wynne. niiin NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Oklahoma, April, 1938 LOCALLY FOUNDED: July 19, 1943 COLORS: Blue and White FLOWER: White Carnation PUBLICATION: N. I. S. A. Newsletter OFFICERS PEGGY BILLINGS President ROSEMARY THIGPEN Vice-President DORIS LEECH Secretary GENEALA VAN VALKENBURG Treasurer YVONNE MclNTURFF Historian ON IE SCOTT Sergeant-at-Ams LOUISE HAVARD House Chairman FRANCES JOHNSON Reporter Although not a Greek-letter organization the Vikings found its way into this section as one of the social groups for women. The Vikings made quite a name for themselves this year under the leadership of their versatile president, Peggy Billings. Although intramural teams weren ' t divided by social organizations, the Viking girls were stars, the brightest being Jean Wynne, Peggy Billings, Jean Files, and Penny Hardy. Dot Evans represented the group in the national contest for the sweetheart of National Independent Student Association. Yvonne Mclnturff was elected a favorite, and Ruth Stockton was tapped into Eta Sigma Phi. Parties ranging from a V hite Magic Ball to a Country Cousin Get Together enter- tained the girls. MEMBERS Gwendolyn Arbuckle Barbara Ann Bell Peggy Billings Alice Cage Robbie Nell Carmichel Nancy Cohen Mary Dayhood Ann Dunn Wilma Faye Dyess Dorothy Nell Evan Mary Eudy O ' Nari Eudy Imogene Files Winnie Ruth Files Penny Hardy Louise Havard Kathryn Hornsby Sue Rivers Horten Dot Hubbard Frances Johnson Frances Margaret Johnson Mary Jane Knight Linda Langdon Doris Leech Frances Lirely Pat Marcum Doris Mathes Linda McCluney Inez McCoy Yvonne Mclnturff Marlon Pendegrarst Lena Mae Ray Ann Reagan Onie Scott Catherine Schumaker Carolyn Slater Dot Smith Ruth Stockton Rosemary Thigpen Genela Van Valkenburg Marilyn Williams Kathryn Wilson Martha Ann Wright Martha Louise Wright Jean Wynne Franki Trest Nelda Bradford iiiife TOP ROW: Beacham, Davis, De Celle, Dossett, Doty, Haughton, Jenkins . . . SECOND ROW: Kennedy, Kern, Lancaster, Legler, Patterson, Phillips, Ragland . . . THIRD ROW: Rhymes, Robinson, Williams, Atkinson, Calmes, Cavctt, Corley . . . FOURTH ROW: Cunningham, Edwards, Francis, Hamilton, Howie, Leep, Lipsey . . . FIFTH ROW: Luster, Martinson, McBride, Oswalt, Peebles, Price . . . SIXTH ROW: Ready, Ross, Simpson, Williams, C, Williams, M. H., Wilson. CHI DELTA CHAPTER NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895 - ■ LOCALLY FOUNDED: March 31, 1934 COLORS: Cardinal and Straw FLOWER: White Carnation PUBLICATION: The Eleusis OFFICERS BETTY DOSSETT President JEAN HAUCHTON Vice-President BETTY ANN WILLIAMS Secretary MARGARET RACLAND ' . Treasurer CORNELIA DECELLE Pledge Trainer FRANCES ANN BEACHAM Correspondent President Dossett placed as a beauty for the fourth consecutive year. To round out her activities, she was elected to I.R.C., Sigma Lambda, and Miss Milisaps. DeCelle was also elected to Sigma Lambda and I.R.C. Other beauties were Ragland, Corley, Price, and Kennedy. Chi Delta added a trophy to its collection for its original pep song composed last fall. Lynda and Tommy were married ; and Corley, Ready, and Lancaster became fraternally tied. The house finally got new wallpaper and curtains. Kern and Patterson continued to lead cheers, and Lucy walked off the queenship of the Carnival Ball. MEMBERS Frances Ann Beacham Betty Jo Davis Cornelia DeCelle Betty Dossett Dot Doty Ann Fairly Joan Fox Jean Haugton Marcie D. Jenkins Ann Kennedy Lou Kern Bettye Lancaster Mert Legler Nadine McKinnon Pat Patterson Polly Phillips Margaret Ragland Lydna Rhymes Lucy Robinson Betty Ann Williams Barbara Atkinson Janie Calmes Virginia Cavett Carolyn Corley Rosemary Cunningham Jewel Edwards Lucretia Francis Catherine Hamilton Rosemary Howie Virginia Leap Mary Lipsey Claire Luster Patsy Martinson Barbara McBride Gloria Oswalt Virginia Peebles Virginia Price Kathryn Ready Nell Ross Ann Marae Simpson Margaret Ann Summers Gene Williams Martha Hale Williams Joan Wilson TOP ROW: Blumer, Braun, Coleman, Collins, Comfort . . . SECOND ROW: Cowan, DeWees, Carber, Gregory, Lampton . . . THIRD ROW: Liming, Lipham, Mayo, McDonald, Myers . . . FOURTH ROW: Newell, Prather, Price, Robinson, Sanford . . . FIFTH ROW: Williams, Surge, Canode, Carroll, Linder . . . SIXTH ROW: McCaha, Moss, Nabors, Rowland, Singleton, Walker. [Ifl 101 ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER NATIONALLY FOUNDED: University of Missouri, December 12, 1888 LOCALLY FOUNDED: September 1, 1926 COLORS: Ruby and Pink FLOWERS: Richmond and Killarney Roses PUBLICATION: The Urn OFFICERS ELIZABETH ANN LAMPTON President MARY COWAN Vice-President DORRIS LIMING Pledge Trainer JUANITA GREGORY Secretary JANE ELLEN NEWELL .... Corresponding Secretary PATTI PRATHER Treasurer BETTY SANFORD Asst.-Treasurer SAMMIE PRICE Warden DOT MYERS Rush Chairman ANNA COLEMAN Editor The Beta Sigs have been at it again! Cowan and Liming were selected for Who ' s Who. Liming and Myers were also on the beauty list, and Lampton and Cowan held down numerous campus offices. The chapter continued to stand for excellent scholarship. Liming was secretary of S.E.B., among other honors. Lampton, Liming, Cowan, and Prather were all members of Sigma Lambda. Lipham continued to shine in the forensic department. MEMBERS Carol Blumer Carole Braun Anna Coleman Lucy Collins Elaine Comfort Mary Cowan Faye DeWees Betty Carber Juanita Gregory Elizabeth Ann Lampton Dorris Liming Dorothy Jean Lipham Jerry Mayo Ruby Ella McDonald Dot Myers Jane Ellen Newell Patti Prather Sammie Price Sue Robinson Bettye Sanford Joyce Williams Marion Burge Thelma Ann Canode Jean Carroll Barbara Linder Betty Jo McCaha Mary Alice Moss Lila Mae Nabors Alice Mae Rowland Yvonne Singleton Cherry Ann Walker TOP ROW: Left to right: Abernathy, Anthony, Bonner, Conlce, Dement, East . . . SECOND ROW: Estes, Hall, Holland, Hutchinson, Hutto, Leonard . . . THIRD ROW: McNeese, Meadows, Oakes, Provost, Ridge- way, Runge . . . FOURTH ROW: Sanderson, Simmons, Swartout, Wren, Abernathy, Barstow . . . FIFTH ROW: Boyles, Chunn, Enochs, Harrell, Harris, Holland . . . SIXTH ROW: Jernigan, Kavanay, Owens, Posey, Pou, Rivers, Walker. Iflpp NU CHAPTER NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Virginia State Normal College, October 23, 1897 LOCALLY FOUNDED: September 26, 1914 COLORS: Green and White . FLOWER: White Rose PUBLICATION: Angelos of Kappa Delta OFFICERS PATSY ABERNATHY President MARILYN SANDERSON Vice-President MIRIAM PROVOST Secretary CAROL HUTTO Treasurer PEGGY BONNER Assistant Treasurer FAY CONLEE Editor MARY ELIZABETH HOLLAND .... Rush Chairman Kappa Delta wrote off another year done up in best green-and-white tradition. Aber- nathy proved herself a top BWOC with a finger in everything, including the presidencies of Sigma Lambda and the Woman ' s Council and nomination to Who ' s Who. Swartout, Sanderson, and Pou rated on the beauty list, Abernathy and East walked away with class offices, and Hutto and Sanderson were tapped into Sigma Lambda. Tennant became Mrs. Wiggers early in the year. Walker and Swartout carried the colors in the dramatic field. Kappa Delta house suppers and parties continued to be known for their good food. Patsy Abernathy Sue Anthony Barbara Bell Peggy Bonner Faye Conlee Betty Ann Dement Mildred East Carolyn Estes Bobbye French Cris Hall Mary Elizabeth Holland Mary Evelyn Hutchinson Carol Hutto Fannie Buck Leonard MEMBERS Bette McNeese Mary Frances Meadows Patsy Oakes Miriam Provost Elizabeth Ridgeway Kathryn Runge Marilyn Sanderson Amelia Simmons Gene Swartout Mary LeCrand Tennant Betty Sue Wren Marilyn Abernathy Beverly Barstow Mary Virginia Boyles Marianne Chun Mary Sue Enochs Norma Harrell Elizabeth Harris Jo Holland Dorothy Jernigan Jean Kavanay Gwendolyn Owens Betty Ann Posey Nell Pou Martha Ellen Rivers Ann Walker TOP ROW: Barlow. Bartlett, Brewer, Busby, Butler . . . SECOND ROW: Callahan. Craft. Hughes. Jones, Lee . . . THIRD ROW: Smith. Van Landingham, Woods, Boone, Chandler . . . FOURTH ROW: Christian, Davis, Colding, Graham, Grant . . . FIFTH ROW: Inman, Robb. Smith. Wadlington. Wiggins. D y EPSILON CHAPTER NATIONALLY FOUNDED: Wesleyan College, March 4, 1852 LOCALLY FOUNDED; March 24, 1914 COLORS: Rose and White FLOWER: Enchantress Carnation PUBLICATION: Aglaia OFFICERS PAT BUSBY President ANNE SMITH Vice-President MARY JANE BRENT Secretary ANN ELIZABETH WOODS Treasurer VIRGINIA ANN HUGHES Pledge Trainer Busby led Epsilon chapter during 1948-49. The girls began to talk about house- building, the dream of their group for several years. Phi Mu took top honors in Home- coming Parade along with Kappa Sig. Mary Lou Chandler blossomed out as a real addition to the Players. Callahan became Mrs. Cook along about Thanksgiving, and Peggy Robb became a general favorite around the campus. Doris Ann Barlow Barbara Bartlett Mary Jane Brent Christine Brewer Pat Busby Rosalind Butler Annie Ruth Callahan Nell Craft Doris Cuion Virginia Ann Hughes MEMBERS Audrea Jones Martha Jean Lee Anne Parker Smith Betty Van Landingham Ann Elizabeth Woods Donna Sue Boone Mary Lou Chandler Hilary Christian Carolyn Davis Pattie Colding Mattie Mae Graham Annie Sue Grant Gail Ingram Margaret Lee Inman Peggy Robb Mary Sue Smith Mary Jane Wadlington Nan Wiggins ll F cj ...jx e . - ' " 2 flCllflilf TOP ROW: Left to right: Abernathy, Ash, Billings, Blount, Brown, Carr, DeCelle . . . MIDDLE ROW: Dossett, Goodman, Hutto, Katzes, Liming, Maddox, Metts . . . BOTTOM ROW: Nabors, Newell, Prince, D., Prince, J., Russell, Williams, D., Williams, J., Wofford. [H fi IRONS OUT CAMPUS PROBLEMS OFFICERS CORDON CARR President FRANK BROWN Vice-President DORRIS LIMINC Secretary-Treasurer Composed of the heads of various representative organizations, the Student Executive Board does everything from setting up the yearly social calendar to amending the Consti- tution — of the Millsaps student body, of course. This year under Carr and Company has been another one to add to S. E. B. ' s long list of achievements. m Mur n [ INTERESTED IN FEMININE PROBLEMS OFFICERS PATSY ABERNATHY ' . . President JOYCE WILLIAMS Vice-President LINDA McCLUNEY Secretary This organization, made up of representatives from the social groups, the Y. W. C. A. and the Majorette Club, considers rules and regulations for the co-eds. It encourages good campus citizenship and serves as liaison between faculty and women students. TOP ROW: Abernathy, East, Jones, Lancaster . . . BOTTOM ROW: Lee, Liming, McCluney, Provost, Williams. TOP ROW: Goodman, Coss, Harris, Hutto, Jones . . . BOTTOM ROW: Lee, Maddox, Pigott, C. Russell, W. Russell. IICROI IflPPI CAMPUS LEADERS AMONG MEN OFFICERS GEORGE MADDOX President LANCE GOSS Vice-President DR. ROSS MOORE Secretary-Treasurer PROF. FERGUSON, DR. SMITH, DR. WHARTON . . . Faculty Members Recognition by Omicron Delta Kappa is one of the highest honors that can come to a Millsaps man. Its standards are high, requiring outstanding scholarship and leadership ability. The gold key of ODK is the symbol of one of the top honoraries on the campus. B O. D. K. HAS NOTHING ON THEM OFFICERS PATSY ABERNATHY President DORRIS LIMING Vice-President ELIZABETH ANN LAMPTON Secretary-Treasurer CAROL HUTTO Historian MRS, COBB, MRS. STONE, MRS. GOODMAN .... Faculty Advisors Sigma Lambda membership means executive ability in activities, as v ell as excellent scholarship. It is given to the most outstanding co-eds on the campus. The hope of the organization this year has been that of buying a silver tea service for the college, and to help finance it they presented their annual Varsity Show. TOP ROW: Left to right: Abernathy, Billings, Cowan, DeCelle, Dossett ton. Liming, Prather, Sanderson. BOTTOM ROW: Hutto, Lamp- TOP ROW: Left to right: Arbuckle, Blumer, Cauthen, Cowan, Coss . . . MIDDLE ROW: Hall, Hutto, C, Hutto, R., Lampton, Mayo . . . BOTTOM ROW: Nettles, Newell, Ridgeway, Russell, Swartout. oyn D THEY TREAD THE BOARDS OFFICERS GENE RUSSELL President SAM NEWELL Vice-President LANCE COSS Secretary-Treasurer DR. WHITE. MR. HARDIN, MISS MOOREHEAD . . . Faculty Advisors No one has to speak for Alpha Pi of Alpha Psi Omega; their dramatic productions speak for themselves. " Out of the Frying Pan " is a good example of what this group can accomplish in discovering and directing dramatic talent. Members of Alpha Psi, not con- tent to limit their activities, also perform in Little Theatre plays and other productions around the campus. yppfl I N THE TEACHERS OF TOMORROW OFFICERS SAMMIE PRICE President CATHERINE SHUMAKER Vice-President DOT ANGER Secretary JANE ELLEN NEWELL Treasurer MARY ANN TURNER Corresponding Secretary DOT MYERS Scrapbook Chairman PROF. AND MRS. HAYNES, MRS, SMITH Faculty Advisors These young ladies will soon be instructing the younger generation in the three R ' s and other subjects. For membership in Kappa Delta Epsilon a co-ed must display unusual interest and scholarship in the field of education. TOP ROW: Left to right: Anger, Blumer, Crisler, Dobbs, Johnson, Lampton . . . MIDDLE ROW: Lee, Leech, Meadows, Myers, McDonald, Newell . . . BOTTOM ROW: Price, Sanderson, Sanford, Shumaker, Turner. TOP ROW. Left to right: Brown. Buckley, Crout, Cunningham, Dobbs, Johnson . . . SECOND ROW: Majure, Meadows, Puckett, Russell, Sanderson. Scott . . . THIRD ROW: Aiuvalasit, Andrews. Beacham, Cassity, Dement, Doty . . . FOURTH ROW: Franklin, Hicks, Holder, Hunt, Sauls, Turner. THEY DO AS THE ROMANS DID OFFICERS HARRY CUNNINGHAM President DEWEY BUCKLEY Vice-President DOT DOTY Secretary-Treasurer MRS. COBB, MISS CRAIG, DR. HAMILTON, MR. HARDIN, MRS. GOODMAN, MRS. COULETT Faculty Advisors Eta Sigma Phi is the honorary which encourages high scholarship among students of the classical languages. Their programs are on related topics, and their annual banquet brings the members out in full regalia to partake of roasted pig in the manner of the ancients. mm u auB MILLSAPS ' WALL STREET OFFICERS RANDLE BROWN President TOM KEMP Vice-President JOHN GARRARD Secretary-Treasurer As the name implies, this organization is formed by the " brain-trust " of the Economics Department. Their long harangues over the national budget and such matters would leave a less energetic group exhausted. TOP ROW: Left to right: Alvis, Armstrong, Brown, Bunner, Dawkins, Farr, Garrard . . . SECOND ROW: Goodman, Gregory, Hutchins, Irby, Jabour, Jenkins, Johnson, F. . . . THIRD ROW: Johnson, W., Kemp, Marshall, Martinson, Miller, Mitchell, Nelson . . . FOURTH ROW: O ' Callaghan, Pryor, Puckett, Jesse, Puckett, Joe, Webb, Whyte, Wiggers, Wright. N f ' % f S o n » 1 I; ? D. O o ft O C ■ - ' - - ■• ?■ ' TfTF --iS:£iS!4 LEFT TO RIGHT: Cassity, Coss, Hutto. Ill 111 MEN OF LITERARY MERIT OFFICERS PHILLIP MURPHY Secretary DR. WHITE, PROF. HARDIN, PROF. SANDERS . . . Faculty Advisors Kit Kat, men ' s literary honorary, was re-activated at the end of last year. It encourages writing ability among its members, providing a serious atmosphere for criticism and dis- cussion. It seems to be preserving its reputation of being one of the most exclusive groups on the campus. Hilfl WOMEN WRITERS OF TOMORROW OFFICERS CRIS HALL President CORNELIA DE CELLE Vice-President ERNESTINE CRISLER Secretary-Treasurer FRANCES JOHNSON . Reporter MRS. GOODMAN, MRS. STONE, MISS MOREHEAD . . Faculty Advisors A local, women ' s honorary, Chi Delta rewards excellence in literature and creative writing among the co-eds. Its meetings are devoted to reading and discussion of original selections. TOP ROW: Arbuckle, Crisler, Conlee, Cresswell . . . BOTTOM ROW: DeCelle, Gregory, Hall, Johnson, Smith. TOP ROW: Left to right: Alexander, Berryhill, Boswell, Farmer, Graham Lewis, Naef, Prather, Smith, Wofford. BOTTOM ROW: Jenkins, ipy [PsiiiN If MEN AND WOMEN OF MEDICINE OFFICERS DENZEL PRINCE President RICHARD NAEF Vice-President MARY COWAN Secretary JOHN WOFFORD Treasurer PATTI PRATHER Historian WEIR CONNER Editor This honorary is a national one for the recognition of students outstanding in pre- medical work. Their meetings are devoted to discussions on related subjects. Member- ship in Alpha Epsilon Delta is a real honor for a pre-med student at Millsaps. - - Ill HMI THEY GIVE THEIR ALL FOR SCIENCE OFFICERS JOE POWELL President KENNETH FARMER Vice-President PATTI PRATHER Secretary-Treasurer DR. PRICE, DR. PRIDDY. PROF. GALLOWAY . . . Faculty Members Only recently re-activated at Millsaps. Theta Nu Sigma is an up-and-coming national honorary. It taps into its membership outstanding majors in the natural sciences. These Darwins and Pasteurs keep informed of the latest developments in their field. TOP ROW: Barton, Berryhill, Boswell, Burke, Farmer, Kidda . . . MIDDLE ROW: Lee, Morgan. McDonald, McLain, Naef, Prather . . . BOTTOM ROW: Prince, Powell, Reeves, Root, Winans, Wofford. 1 ■ — jii : I ,1 TOP ROW: Leff to right: Arbuckle, Brown, Coleman, Goodman, Greaves . . . BOTTOM ROW: Harrell. Jones, Lipham, Maddox, Walton. nnn nu ALWAYS OPEN FOR ARGUMENT OFFICERS RANDLE BROWN Senior Chairman LANIER JONES Junior Chairman DOROTHY JEAN LIPHAM Rebuttal Chairman PROF. FERGUSON, DR. WALLACE, DR. WHARTON, MRS. WOODS, AND DR. ROBISON Faculty Advisors The members of the Debate Club argue long and loud for the glory of Millsaps in inter-collegiate meets and seem to like it. Preparation of briefs and related information requires real work, which these debaters always seem to put out. p THEY LIVE TO ARGUE OFFICERS BILLNABORS President Although small, this organization has outstanding college leaders in its ranks. They are rewarded by a number of debating trips in the spring, for work which requires both brains and talent. With " talkers " such as Goodman and Hutto they turned in a good performance this year. TOP ROW: Left to right: Goodman, Gregory, Hutto . . . BOTTOM ROW: Maddox, Nabors, Nettles. FOUNDED BY THE JUNIOR CLASS OF 1909 Published everj- Friday durinier the schi.W)l year, except during examination nnd holidaj periods, by the Student Body of Millfiaps Collese, Jackson, Mississippi. Editorial am Business offices located in the Library Building:. Telephone 2-5382 Advertisine Ratrs Upon Request Sobseription tl-06 per Eemester 1048 Meatbet 1»49 Plssocided GDBe6tcde Press RALPH HTJTTO Editor in Chief BUDDY OWENS Bpsliiess Manager Campus Editor Sam Newell News Editor Fay Conlee Feature Editor.- " . Mllly East Assoc. Feature Editor Turner Casslty Sports Editor Thomas Guion Society Editor ,. Anna Coleman Staff Editor C. C. Boadwee Radio Editor Crls Hall Circulation Editor... Jea n Wynn News Writers: — Carol Hutto, Billy Crout, Chnek Hall, Oliver Burford, Barbara Linder, O ' Nari Eudy, Marilyn Williams. Feature Writers: — Sam Woolvin, Mary Lou Chandler, Jean Shields, Gwen Arbuckle, Dave Shelton, Jim Whitehouse. Sports Writers: — Jean Shields, Sam Newell, Lee Baker. Typists; — Maureen Crawford, Ann Walker, Margaret Inman. Cartoonists: — John Gaddis, Tom Abernathy, Lowrey Vamado, Roy Lawrence. Society Writers: — Maureen Ci-awford, Frances Johnson. Proof Readers: — Carol Blumer, Barbara Linder. Business Assistants: — Tliomas WilliamB, Fannie Back Leonard, Bob .Anderson, Forres Toliill, Billy Brewer. Photearaphers ! — Mike Martinson, Eusaell Hobsrood. €lz e FOREGROUND: Left to right: Coleman, Newell, East BACKGROUND: Cuion. Hutto. Pifipif w l[ The Purple and White can point with pride to the newly-mounted Bell, which it was active in restoring in the spring of 1948. Editor Hutto and staff could usually be located in the basement of the library Monday through Wednesday of each week, putting the finishing touches on Friday ' s edition. Red-letter papers were the April Fool Burpie and Gripe, the Co-eds ' number and the Freshman edition. EDITOR HUTTO SNAPPED IN THE PURPLE AND WHITE OFFICE. ' Cli e CORNELIA DECELLE Editor MIKE MARTINSON Assistant Editor EDITORIAL STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF .... Cornelia DeCelle ASSISTANT EDITOR .... Mike Martinson ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR . . . Ann Fairly LITERARY EDITOR Dot Doty ART EDITOR Juanita Gregory PUBLICITY EDITOR Millye East CLASS EDITOR Peggy Bonner SPORTS EDITOR Christine Brewer SPORTS EDITOR Lee Baker SNAPSHOTS Russell Hobgood SNAPSHOTS Weir Conner SHil BUSINESS STAFF BUSINESS MANAGER Lance Coss ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER .... John Perkins CIRCULATION MANAGER . . Elizabeth Ann Lampton liP— ilA% LANCE COSS business Manager The staff is especially grateful to Jaunite Gregory for her cover design. ' V " " ir. JOHN PERKINS Assistant Business Manager TOP ROW: Boadwee, Cassity, Chandler, Cresswell, East, Eudy . . . BOTTOM ROW: Coss, Hall, C. Hutto, R. Hutto, Lee, Newell, Ratcliff. nini[ THEY WRITE TO RELAX OFFICERS LANCE COSS President MILLYE EAST Vice-President PHILLIP MURPHY Secretary-Treasurer DR. WHITE, MISS MOREHEAD, PROF. HARDIN . . . Faculty Advisors During their second year at Millsaps the Scribblers have increased their membership of those interested in writing. Never too busy to criticize the efforts of fellow members, they look forward to the annual Literary Festival to display their work. inynrioni fi OBSERVERS ON THE NEWS FRONT OFFICERS BILL GOODMAN President AL SUMMERLIN Vice-President GRACE EDWARDS Secretary DR. MOORE, PROF. HARDIN, DR. ROBISON, DR. WHARTON. PROF. FERGUSON Faculty Advisors The lively discussions at the bi-weekly meetings of the Internal ional Relations Club cover every spot--well, almost---on the globe. With Dr. Moore providing material in the wit department, they dispense refreshments and world affairs with equal ease. TOP ROW: Brown, Crout. DeCelle, Dossett, Goodman, Greaves . . . BOTTOM ROW: Jones, Maddox. Nabors, Roberts, C. Russell, W. Russell, Summerlin. lo -T s es::- WHBKmi ' ' )U- pi l ' ■ v ' 1 v f i . % V TOP ROW: Left to right: Appleby. Arinder, Ash, Atkins, Barley. Barlow, Billings . . . SECOND ROW: Blount, Brown, Campbell, Clark, Conerly, Currey, Entrckin . . . THIRD ROW: Fcldcr, Fulton, Core, Harris, Holston, Johnson, Jones . . . FOURTH ROW: Katzes, Kimbrough, Lee, B., Lee, C, Maddox, McAlilly, McCee, Mc- intosh . . . FIFTH ROW; Millsaps, Nay, Norton, Parker, Perrot, Porter, Price, Randle . . . SIXTH ROW: Robinson, Russell, Sanders, Smith, C, Smith, H., Stewart, Thomas, Tillman . . . SEVENTH ROW: Toland, Toledo, Townsend, Watts, White, Woodward, Youngblood, B., Youngblood, W. O HIIISHfilfl FUTURE LEADERS IN METHODISM OFFICERS ROBERT KATZES President JOHN ATKINS Vice-President BILL PRICE Secretary- Treasurer WESLEY YOUNCBLOOD Publicity Chairman This organization is one of the most active of the religious groups. Among its ranks are many of the outstanding men at Millsaps. The Ministers are never too busy to take part in intramural sports and other worthwhile college activities. MEMBERS Selby Alsworth Bill Appleby Robert Arinder John Ash John Atkins Bill Bailey Hubert Barlow Robert Billings Henry Blount Frank Brown Jim Campbell Travis Lynwood Campbell Bill Carroll Duncan Clark Bob Conerly Louis Cox George T. Currey Bob Dickerson Rod Entrekin Carl Felder Paul Fulton Albert N. Gore Billy Harris Wilton Holston Claude Johnson Bill Jones Bob Katzes Barry Kimbrough Roy Lawrence B. F. Lee Clay Lee Rex Loflin Bill Lott Bill Lyons George Maddox Lamar Martin Roy McAlilly ■C. C. McCaskill R. D. McGee David Mcintosh John Millsaps Bob Nay Pete Norton Archie Parker Howard T. Payne Wayne Perrot Ralph Porter Bill Price Charles Randle Crawford Ray Ira Robinson John Robinson Gene Russell Cledith Sanders Glen Allen Smith Harmon Smith Carroll Starkey Parks Stewart Charles Swenson Harold Thomas Harmon Tillman Fred J. Toland Ray Toledo James Townsend Wilbur Walker Emory Warrick Everette Watts Charles Weeks Raymond Wesson Pat White Charles Wiggers Robert Winter Jerry Wise Jack Woodward Ben Youngblood Wesley Youngblood f 1 0 1 «? 1 b eiS ' l iil TOP ROW: Ash, Billings, Blount, Bonner, Brown, Carr, Charles, Entrekin . . . MIDDLE ROW: Goodman, Harris, Hutto, Jones, Katzes, Leonard, Liming, Maddox . . . BOTTOM ROW: Mcintosh, Newell, Robinson, Russell, Smith, White, Wofford. fi AH lEIl SERVING FOR THE MASTER OFFICERS HENRY BLOUNT President PAT WHITE Vice-President FANNIE BUCK LEONARD Secretary RODERICK ENTREKIN Treasurer DR. FLEMING, DR. OLIVER, DR. SMITH, DEAN REICKEN Faculty Sponsors The Christian Council embodies the unification of all the religious groups at Millsaps. It directs and co-ordinates all such activity, centering its efforts on Religious Emphasis Vv eek. BflPlISI Slil[l I Hi THEY PRACTICE THEIR PREACHINGS OFFICERS PEGGY BONNER President CARROLL STARKEY Vice-President MILDRED EAST, JIMMIE MINNIS, CAROLYN SLATER Secretaries JESSE PUCKETT Treasurer DR. ROBISON Faculty Advisor The Baptist Student Union has added much to the college life of our Baptist students. An unusually active group, they add much to the Christian spirit which typifies Millsaps. TOP ROW: Left to right: Bonner, Canode, Carmichael, East, Norton . . . MIDDLE ROW: Jones, Lipham, Miller, Minnis, Nettles . . . BOTTOM ROW: Puckett, Reese, Smith, Walker, Watkins, Wiggins. TOP ROW: Kemp, Key, Alexander, Anderson, Anthony, Brown, Cunningham, Haynes . . . SECOND ROW: Johnson, Under, Price, Scott . . . BOTTOM ROW: Shields, Wadlington, White, Whitehouse, Williams. EXAMPLES OF PRESBYTERIAN SOLIDARITY OFFICERS PAT WHITE President MARY JANE WADLINGTON Vice-President GILBERT ALEXANDER Secretary-Treasurer MR. AND MRS. R. R. HAYNES .... Faculty Advisors The Westminster group has enjoyed an unusually busy year. They can be frequently found meeting in the Haynes ' back yard for special programs. In addition to its campus activities, the organization also meets monthly for dinner, recreation, and lectures at the First Presbyterian Church. [mm urn METHODISTS SERVING MILLSAPS OFFICERS RODERICK ENTREKIN President LOUISE HAVARD Vice-President LINDA McCLUNEY Secretary ROBERT BILLINGS Treasurer ANNA COLEMAN, SUE ROBINSON . Publicity Chairmen BILLY HARRIS, CLAUDE JOHNSON . . Program Chairmen DORIS LEECH, CARL FELDER . . Deputations Chairmen BILLY CROUT Motive Representative MISS MOREHEAD, DR. FLEMING. DR. OLIVER Counselors The Wesleyan Group is composed of the Methodist students on the campus. Its pur- pose is to promote spiritual growth and maintain fellowship. The members engage in many activities, including the Wesleyan Players, deputation teams, and workshop groups. TOP ROW: Entrekin, Havard, McCluney, Billings, Robinson . . . BOTTOM ROW: Harris, Johnson, Leech, Felder, Crout. TOP ROW: Left to right: Boykin, Charles, Christian, Cresswell, Downing, Foster . . . BOTTOM Caddis, Hall, Leonard, Mansfield, Ragland, Robinson. mum an EPISCOPALIANS CARRY ON OFFICERS KENNETH CHARLES President FANNY BUCK LEONARD Vice-President BETTY DOSSETT Secretary MARGARET RAGLAND Treasurer MR. RUSSELL, DR. GIRVIN Faculty Advisors During its third year on the campus this organization of Episcopalian students was again vitally interested in the work of its Church. It has worked with both St. Andrew ' s and St. Columb ' s to round out a successful year. €A e u. ClYl i DEDICATED TO SERVICE OFFICERS DORRIS LIMING President FANNIE BUCK LEONARD Vice-President PEGGY BILLINGS Secretary SUE ROBINSON Treasurer CARLOS SMITH President JOHN EGGER Vice-President BRUCE CARRUTH Secretary FRANK BOSWELL Treasurer The " Y " groups can boast the largest membership of any organization at Millsaps. They are devoted to worship and service and are two of the most active groups on the campus. FIRST ROW: Estes, East, Leonard, Billings, Abernathy, Prather . . . SECOND ROW: Scott, Robinson, Williams, Davis, Liming . . . THIRD ROW; Entrekin, Carruth, Boswell, Smith . . . FOURTH ROW: Alexander, Lee. Blount, Crout. €A e OFFICERS LEONARD METTS President JOE POWELL Vice-President ELIZABETH ANN LAMPTON Secretary RICHARD NAEF Business Manager FRONT ROW: Left to right: Miriam Provost, Dorris Lim ng, Mildred East, Ruby Ella McDonald, Mary Virginia Boyles, Carol Braun. Dot Hubbard. Alvin Jon King, Director, Peggy Billings, Marcie D. Jenkins, Mary Elizabeth Holland, Dot Doty, Patsy Abernathy, Jane Ellen Newell, Virginia Leep . . . SECOND ROW: Ann Marae Simpson, Elizabeth Ann Lampton, Rosemary Thigpen, Linda Langdon, Mary Alice Moss, Elizabeth Ridgway, Eettye Watkins, Peggy Bonner, Mert Legler, Yvonne Mclnturff, Betty Jo Davis, Lucy Scott, Doris Leech, Virgin ' a Cavett, Pat Busby, Hilary Christian . . . THIRD ROW: Carolyn Slater, Frankie Trest, Williem Wills, Cecil Jenkins, Clay Lee, William Jeffrey, Henry Bonney, Bennie Youngblood, Robert Eill.ngs, Don Pearson, James Metts, Joe Powell, Conrad Welker, Frances Johnson, Beverly Barstow . . . BACK ROW: William Price, Charles Markham, Leonard Metts, Richard Naef, David Mcintosh, Weir Conner, William Wright, William Crout, Lavonne Hudson. Hagan Thompson, Carroll Starkey, Ralph Porier, Gene Nettles, Tranz Posey. tfC ♦ -NVX [ The Singers wrote off another year well-done. Not only did they present programs around the state, but they also toured the West, arriving in Colorado in time to greet the snow. Their polished performances do not just happen accidentally; they are the product of long practise early and late. The Singers will always be a real credit to Millsaps. MEMBERS SOPRANOS Patsy Abernathy Beverly Barstow Pat Busby Theima Ann Canode Jean Carroll Virginia Cavett Hilary Christian Marianne Chunn Nancy Cohen Ann Dampeer Betty Jo Davis Millye Fast O ' Nari Eudy Patti Colding Penny Hardy Jewell Hill Jo Holland Mary Elizabeth Holland Sue Horton Dot Hubbard Marcie D. Jenkins Linda Langdon Frances Lirely Yvonne Mclnturff Mary Alice Moss Gloria Oswalt Gwendolyn Owens Miriam Provost Eva Ratcliff Kathryn Ready Mary Anne Reagan Kathryn Runge Lucy Scott Onie Scott Ann Marae Simpson Carolyn Slater Dot Smith Mary Sue Smith Rosemary Thigpen Cherry Ann Walker Nan Wiggins Martha Hale Williams Kathryn Wilson Martha Ann Wright Martha Louise Wright ALTOS Peggy Billings Peggy Bonner Jean Boozer Mary Virginia Boyles Nelda Bradford Carole Braun Elaine Comfort Virginia Courtney Carolyn Davis Dot Doty Grace Edwards Jewel Edwards Mary Sue Enochs Norma Harrell Jean Haughton Katherine Hornsby Virginia Ann Hughes Frances Johnson Elizabeth Ann Lampton Betty Lancaster Doris Leech Virginia Leep Mert Legler Daisy Lewis Dorris Liming Claire Luster Patsy Martinson Ruby Ella McDonald Louise Mitchell Jane Ellen Newell Elizabeth Ridgway Nell Ross Anne Smith Donie Sykes Frankie Trest Bettye Watkins Gene Williams Joyce Williams TENORS Hubert Barlow Robert Billings James Campbell Weir Conner Robert Graham William Holland Lavonne Hudson Howard Jenkins Curtis McKee James Metts Thompson Monroe Don Pearson Joe Powell Harmon Smith Carroll Starkey Hagan Thompson Fred Toland James Townsend Conrad Welker Gerald Woodward Bennie Youngblood BASSES Robert Amason James Aycock William Bailey Henry Bonney Marshall Burnett Bruce Carruth Duncan Clark Stanley Clendenning Billy Grout George Currey Albert Gore George Hall John Hathorn Robert Hathorn Robert Jacobs Bill Jeffrey Cecil Jenkins Clay Lee Randolph Mansfield Charles Markham James McDonald David Mcintosh Leonard Metts Richard Naef Gene Nettles Ralph Porter Franz Posey Bill Price Charles Prouty George Scott Bill Selah Charles Stewart Reynaldo Toledo Emory Warrick Charles Wiggers Bill Wills Billy Wright .3 -4 XI : .. y;? " t-Af. .:sfe-c - 1(3, ,q4» -« a ±. . (3ljUi . H- q.; Pill JRV B jftBtKbt, CJ. O fj ' •:: Mk • 5 . «? ' ' " V « " ' J ' o r f f s Ilk 1 V lit c TOP ROW: Left to right: Bailess, Bell, Britt, Carr, Clay, Clements, Dawkins . . . SECOND ROW: Decell, Engle, Hardin, Hays, Howard, Jabour, Johnson . . . THIRD ROW: Lee, Maddox, Mann, Martinson, Mcintosh, Piggott, Posey . . . FOURTH ROW: Richardson, Russell, Stewart, Wade, Weems, Whatley, Williams, Winans. U " n B MIGHTY MEN OF MILLSAPS OFFICERS OTIS PIGOTT President WILLIAM WINANS Vice-President JESS WADE Secretary MIKE MARTINSON Reporter COACH BARTLING Sponsor The " M " Club can truly be said to embody the athletic program of the college. They foster good sportsmanship, high scholarship, and excellence in sports as part of their con- tribution to Millsaps. QUEENS ON THE ATHLETIC FIELDS OFFICERS MARY COWAN President CAROL HUTTO Vice-President ELIZABETH ANN LAMPTON . . . Secretary-Treasurer MISSDECELL Faculty Advisor The Majorettes are the versatile leaders in girls ' sports. This year has been especially successful for them in a number of ways. Not only did they sponsor another enjoyable Student Night, but they have also inaugurated a new program of intramurals which gives each girl at Millsaps a chance to participate. TOP ROW: Left to right: Conlee, Cowan, DeWees, Carber, Hutto, Johnson, Lampton BOTTOM ROW: Liming, Prather, Provost, Ragland, Sanford, Shumaker, Wynne. HEAD COACH McNEIL " DOBY " BARTLINC 1948 CRfD RECORD Majors Opponents 32 . . . . Arkansas College . . Southwestern (Merr . . . 34 . . iphis) . . . . 18 6 . . . . Florida State U. . . . . 7 14 . . . . Mississippi College . . Sewanee ... 20 7 . . . . . 7 6 . . . . S tetson . . . 12 [inn 1948 Let-termen — Kneeling — Arthur Whafley, Henry Clements, Billy Winans, Oren Bailess, George Williams, Jess Wade, Otis Pigott, and Mike Engle; Standing — Lonnie Decell, R. C. Britt, Alden Davis, Dave Mcintosh, George Maddox, Peyton Weems and Billy Mann. -1 f«87 88 ' 89 83 82 Despite a two win, three loss , one tie record, the Magnificent Majors of 1948 turned in a strong season for Coach Doby Bartling, with one of the defeats by a single point and the other two by one touchdown margins. Already graduation had taken its toll of the ex-C,l. studded squad that had rolled up nine wins against three defeats in the two previous seasons. Youngsters just up from high school were filling in the gaps, thus weakening the Major ' s reserve power ' and all three defeats came during the second half when the superior second string strength of their opponents had worn down the Millsaps old hands. a i n D Jackson Members on the Major Squad — Kneeling — Cirlot, Woodward, Wade, Hathorn, Cates, Turner, Clements and Bell; Standing — Jim Jones, Jack Jones, Engle, Gardner, Robinson and Howard. DAVE MclNTOSH LIITL[ ALL- 194 -1 Already a legendary gridiron figure at Millsaps, Dave Mcintosh repeated in 1948 on his Little Ail-American laurels first gained in 1947. Fame first came to Dashing Dave in high school when his triple threat pyrotechnics sent the McComb Wildcats undefeated to a Big Eight championship and a post-season Toy Bowl victory in New Orleans. Mac rejected all lures to play big time football and enrolled as a ministerial student at Millsaps that at the time had no grid squad. Then came Coach Doby Bartling to Methodist Hill, fresh from piloting the Vanderbilt Commodores, and between them, they wrote glowing new pages in the Majors ' football history. €A. MANAGERS CHARLTON HARDIN BARRY KIMBROUCH ROYCE DAWKINS 1 ' ' Kr ' - 1 j4 - ■ B«0W«I» K( UVI IPV- BIS 1 ; t. • 1 J 5 CM ill-i-» ■«?; tif :- « ?ir- €Ae BAND,, ALDEN DAVIS — Small for a fullback at just 165 pounds . . . but packs plenty of whallop ... an old hand In the Major bivouac, starting in 1944 with the Millsaps V-12 gridders . . . kicker, blocker and pass receiver in addition to fine running talents. MIKE ENCLE — Big Mike . . . six-feet- four and 205 pounds . . . equally adept at tackle, though used primarily as an end . . . known particularly for his great defensive play in breaking up the opponent ' s inter- ference. ARTHUR WHATLEY — The Whale . . . Doby ' s other big end, with 215 pounds packed on a six-feet-four frame ... a rugged defensive player ... he, too, alter- nates occasionally at tackle . . . shows versatility as first string guard with the Majors ' cage crew. GEORGE MADDOX — a preacher and a tackle . . . not given to turning the other cheek to an opposing lineman . . . brawn and brains in complete accord here . . . for stocky Mr. Maddox, with a perfect 3.0 grade average, is Mr. A at Millsaps . . . graduation carries him off to the seminary, but his achi evements shall linger long among the Majors. DAVIS — Fullback ENCLE— End Ifl f ik e WHATLEY — End MADDOX— Tackle RAY BELL — linebacker deluxe who plays short shift with enemy ball carriers . . . Old Man Bell had a field night at Choctawland, even while the Purple was losing, as he carried on his rough-and-tumble specialty . . . really a fine, friendly guy, off the gridiron ... all around athletic great . . . top hitter among the Major baseball crew . . . and a standout pitcher. JESS WADE — three times letterman end . . . speedy afoot, for downfieid tackling and pass receiving . . . has a kicking talent, too, that finds expression in a punting role . . . known, too, as an excellent blocker. LONNIE DECELL — Alonzo of Vicksburg just looks like a southpaw in his picture ... in reality a right handed pass pitcher . . . and a good one . . . versatility characterizes Lonnie . . . big enough to handle defensive quarterbacking chores, he can run as blocking back off the single wing or be the man-up-under in the " T " ... a very fine guy to have around. BILLY MANN — Rooster . . . just five-foot-seven from his cleated shoes to his crewcut topped pate . . . but a key man in the Majors attack, either as a ball handler or blocking back . . . it ' s not the size, but the ability that counts . . . and Rooster is okay. DECELL — Quarterback MANN — Quarterback HAMMOND— Center WILLIAMS — Guard CLEMENTS — End I f ih e JABOUR — Tackle DOUG HAMMOND — prototype of the Major of the future . . . started off as a tackle his freshman year last season . . . shifted to center this time around and caught on quickly . . . too much age and experience ahead of him these first two years . . . but the promise he shows now bodes naught but evil for future opponents in seasons to come. GEORGE WILLIAMS — a family man with two little ' uns . . . hefty George shows little baby sitting kindness towards the enemy . . . chunky Mr. Williams has already lettered once, and still has a season left . . . with graduation taking so many of the Majors away, his beefy five-feet-nine, two hundred pounds plus will be mighty welcome another year. HENRY CLEMENTS — " local boy makes good " describes Cl ements and his Mill- saps grid career ... a native Jacksonian, Henry has made his way in distinguished fashion with the Majors fine corps of ends . . . with a particularly likeable charac- teristic known as glue-fingered pass catching . . . had not a penalty nullified the play, his snagging a Mcintosh aerial in the Sewanee end zone would have added another triumph to the Majors season record. JOHN JABOUR — Johnny Jabo, the People ' s Choice . . . besides holding forth among the best of the Millsaps linemen, Jabo rates among the best liked personages On the campus . . . 220 pounds of runaway locomotive on offense ... a non- budging concrete chunk on defense . . . three times a letterman with the Majors, and still a year of eligibility left. vitfK.-?;. STRAIN— Guard BELL— Tailback PICOTT — End I |[ 1 HOWARD— Tackle E. B. STRAIN — E. B. looks every bit as wide as he is tall when tricked out in full war regalia ... so squatty the opposition might overlook him at first glance, his presence is quickly established by a vicious tackle or block seemingly coming from nowhere . . . made a fine name for himself in his first year with the Purple, and Coach Bartling looks cheerfully to next year when the little man will be back again for further duties. ED BELL — Ding Dong ... far famed as a Major basketeer . . . and as Missis- sippi ' s best young tennis player . . . Ding makes his mark in football, too, as a running specialist ... at his best on punt return with a tricky change of pace style . . . elusive with a darting, quick turning way of running when able to shake loose . . . but a savage driver when finally cornered. OTIS PICOTT — Deadeye ' s fame, along with Mcintosh, Maddox and others is firmly established on Methodist Hill . . . Pigott is by far the greatest of the all-around muscle men at Millsaps ... a first stringer in all sports . . . small for a football player, particularly an end, Otis makes up the difference in speed and terrific competitive spirit . . . his style of play brings a multitude of injuries to Pigott, but his unflagging spirit carries on despite the weaknesses of the flesh. HECTOR HOWARD — husky Hector never played any high school football . . . a handicap that held him back when he decided to have a crack at the Purple ' s varsity . . . but steady work in learning a lineman ' s duties have brought his quick development as a standout tackle, who has proven his value often for the Majors. BAILESS — Center BRITT — Halfback [[HP T " " p OREN BAILESS — when graduation took away the Ma- jors second squad Little All-American Center John Christ- mas, sophomore " Catfish " Bailess stepped into the breach like he owned it . . . and he did . . . Bailess was nothing ess than brilliant in his first season as a starter, both on offense and as a rugged linebacker, teaming with Ray Bell . . . having so capable a youngster at hand kept the OSS of Christmas from ever being too seriously felt. R. C. BRITT — an All-Big Eight great when Coach Doby was helping turn out championship squads at Meridian High, Britt has been a Godsend to the Majors who have benefited much from his extensive experience . . . played freshman ball at Ole Miss in 1941 in a dream backfield of Charlie Conerly, Doug Kenna, Buddy Bowen and Britt . . . R. C. masterminded the Major attack from his wingback slot ... as well as proving a sturdy de- fensive halfback. BILLY WINANS — The Canton Crusher ... a one-man gang on the right side of the Major line . . . for three years he has been a mainstay in making the Millsaps line the dangerous unit that it has proven to be for a lengthy list of opponents . . . little sorrow is evidenced among opponents that have been on the receiving end of his bone shattering tackles and blocks on hearing Billy is due to leave the Majors. CHARLES RAMSEY — just in this season from the Hinds Junior College Eagles, Charlie quickly established himself as a most capable guard, even though the Majors were blessed with much talent at that line spot . . . the greatest regret is that Ramsey will not be with the Purple for, say, about three more seasons. RAMSEY— Guard i ' s ' CHEERLEADERS— Evans and Coodsell . . . Patterson, Wiggers, Kern (Hays is not pictured) C H [ [ R L [ A [ R S Hays, Patterson, and Evans lead the Parade. MM ' B sni 1SU-1HS LEFT TO RIGHT — Carr, Woods, Bell, Whatley, Pigott. Isl- Row — Harry Woods, Ed Bell, Arthur Whatley, Otis Pigott, Cordon Carr, Perry Richardson; 2nd Row — Royce Dawkins, Payton Weems, Ceorge Kurts, Tal Baggett, Wilber Walker; 3rd Row — Bobby Burke, Julius Ratliff, Ira Robinson, Sonny Smith, Cene Kemp, Barry Kimbrough, Manager A,, m SEHOfl Bright light of the Major basketball world, Cordon (Motor) Carr, suffered from injuries of one sort or another all season long, and Millsaps ' cage record suffered accordingly. The Ma. ' ors nailed down five wins, one being a forfeit from Lambuth, against I 5 defeats, while Carr averaged a mite better than 1 5 points a game in the 1 4 contests in which he took part. High point of the season was the single win over the Choctaws, 49-31, while the low spot came in the Dixie Conference tourney held at City Auditorium when Tampa ' s eventual champion Spartans rolled over the Majors, 81-55. Scratch Two For Mo r — Carr Racks Baskets Against Tall Tampa In Dixie Tourney Came As Tampans Harris and Bryan Look On. What Goes Up Must — Majors Whatley, Weems and Pigott, Plus Choctaws Tulloh and Barnes Anxiously Await A Rebound As Blake Moves Into The Play. t ' M . ■ Isf Row — Coach Bartling, Ed Wiles, Oren Bailess, Sonny Posey, Billy Johnson, Ralph Hays; 2nd Row — Selby Wier, Ray Bel Hewitt ' Griffin, Tommy Thomas, George Kurts, Billy Mann, Cha lie Wiggers; 3rd Row — Otis Pigott, R. C. Britt, George Neville, Peyton Weems, Bill Harwell, Biily Jacobs, Lonnie Decell; 4th Row — Gene Kemp, Jim Horn, Royce Dawkins. nnnii Millsaps ' 1949 diamond season had a fine beginning with a 12-10 win over the Stetson Hatters and ended nicely with a 5-2 plastering of hated Mis- sissippi College, but in between things didn ' t go so well. After the Majors had taken two of their first three games, they ran headlong into an eight games losing streak. Two straight wins over the Merchant Marine Academy at Pass Christian righted the staggering fortunes of the Purple who then capped the season with the victory over the Chocs. Two 7-6 losses to the Choctaws were the toughest parts of a season that ended with five wins and nine defeats on the Majors ' record. Top hurlers for Millsaps were Ed Wiles (2-2) and Ray Bell (1-1 ), while Bell led the hitters with a neat .385 average. First season stars with the Purple were Wiles, Shortstop George Kurts, Second Baseman Charlie Wiggers and Outfielder-Pitcher Bell, while veterans Billy Johnson, Ralph Hays and Otis Pigott closed out their careers with the Millsaps nine in standout fashion. LEFT TO RIGHT — Mann, Britt Kurfs, Bailess, Wiggers. LEFT TO RIGHT — Weems, Pigott, Bell, Wiles, Hays. R Some of the objectives of the girls ' intramural program at Millsaps are: to provide opportunity for fun and relaxation, to provide healthful exercise, to promote leisure educa- tion, to enrich social competence, and to develop group loyalties. A part of each person ' s leisure time should be devoted to wholesome physical activity. Intramurals pro- mote skills in various games and sporst intended for use in adult life. Intramurals establish group relation- ships in situations of vital interest to students. Proper organization and conduct of these activities facilitate the development of such desirable qualities as sportsmanship, coopera- tion, self-reliance, friendliness, etc. JEAN WYNNE, one of the Head Majorettes. The Wynners, Victors in the Volley Ball Competition. Cirls smile prettily for camera after basketball tilt. -yM " ■■lu D I Devotion to a cause enables a person to put forth his best efforts, sub- jugating individual interests to the welfare of the group. This year ' s participation in intra- mural sports has been organized on a different system from previous years. Formerly teams were com- posed of members of different social organizations; now, team members are comprised of all girls who are interested in sports and are eager to participate in them. Captains of the teams are chosen by the Majorette Club, local girls ' athletic honorary. Team spirit, cooperation, and good sportsmanship have been enthusias- tically displayed among the students. ]i ' I Warm weather brings Cirls out doors for Baseball and Tennis, too. ' Grace communes with nature via horseback. Penny shows them how it ' s done in the game of golf. iaa( fc )taoe- tiudt MILLSAPS STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT (yn,fcij gJiuJ, OS See Us For 1241 2 W. CAPITOL 2-1690 PORTRAITURE CLAMOUR SHOTS CANDID WEDDING PHOTOCRAPHS PHOTOCRAPHS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME THE CAMPUS HANG-OUT Sandwiches — Cdld Drinks — Schddl Supplies Bddks — Souvenirs C ke CfrlLL MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Courses in Liberal Arts and Sciences HIGH RATING CO-EDUCATIONAL REASONABLE COST ACCESSIBLE TO EVERY SECTION OF THE STATE For Information: Write Dean William E. Riecken After Exercise Refresh Yourself JACKSON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. BURTON ' S TWO GOOD PLACES TO EAT 121 E.Capitol Barnetf-Madden BIdg. 2-2781 5-4862 BOOK S - RECORDS - RENTAL LIBRARY everarde ' s SERVING MILLSAPS WITH THE FINEST IN BOOKS AND RECORDS 525 East Capitol Street Telephone 5-7326 STEVENS Home of HART, SHAFFNER and MARX CLOTHES 221 E. Capitol Phone 3-3526 WE WILL BE GLAD TD HELP YOU GET THE MOST FROM YDUR HOME FURNISHINGS BUDGET VISIT MISSISSIPPI ' S HOME PLANNING CENTER BEFORE YDUR SELECTIONS ARE MADE u L LctuAc nJuina II7-ZI W. CAPITOL ST.. JACK50W I. MISSISSIPPI • • " COMPLETE HOMt rURNISMIIiaS " .. SPORTSMAN HEADQUARTERS - - - HAS ALL THE SPORTS EQUIPMENT TO MAKE YOUR VACATION WONDERFUL! STOP IN AND STOCK UP. THE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 517 E. CAPITOL ST. -BALFOUR- FRATERNITY JEWELRY " The Old Reliable " All orders should be sent to Birmingham Office L. C. BALFOUR CO. 2104 5th Ave., North Birmingham, Ala. ENOCH B. BENSON, Mgr. SUPPORT YOUR ADVERTISERS MORI LUGGAGE STORE EVERYTHING FOR THE TRAVELER 1 1 1 W. Capitol Phone 3-1567 H. (. BAILEY, REALTOR REAL ESTATE — MORTGAGE LOANS FIRE INSURANCE 121 N. Lamar Street Dial 5-4511 WATCHES — DIAMONDS JEWELRY ALBRITON ' S JEWELRY 418 E. Capitol 4- BAPTIST BOOK STORE Religious Books — General Books Children ' s Books — Bibles Greeting Cards and Stationery Mottos and Pictures 1 1 3 N. President 2-0735 VOGUE Fashion Headquarters for JUNIOR, MISS and MATRON WEARING APPAREL 146 E. Capitol Phone 4-8636 OUR MOTTO: " SUPERB COOKING " Short Orders Sandwiches Hamburgers Coffee Drinks SNACK SHOP 1222 N. State Dial 4-9613 S. p. McRAE CD, Department Store 202 Vv EST CAPITOL DIAL 4-8334 SODAS SUNDRIES SANDVv ' ICHES CANDIES DRUGS NORTH STATE PHARMACY 1808 N. State Dial 3-6388 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ICE CREAM GOT TO BE GOOD HIGHWAY 80 PHONE 4-4036 Compliments of CAPITAL FLORAL COMPANY, Inc. Progressive Florists for More than 40 Years in Jackson CLEANING JOHNSON CLEANERS 1804 N. State Dial 2-3333 ADELLE GRILL Our Specialty Is DELICIOUS HAMBURGERS SANDWICHES - SHORT ORDERS DRINKS 3591 2 N. West Dial 4-9166 • I JACKSON TEA ROOM Where the Best of People Meet to Eat Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner SOUTHERN STYLE HOME COOKING Catering To Families, Dinner Parties and Banquets DIAL 4-4362 412 E. Amite Street Major Thesis: our campus fashions! MISSISSIPPI S BEST STORE ' s

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