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:ir Sit ' .yafoaon ' ti Qaragon Qre88 . L,. „. V ,. . ; .. ' wi !L==, f ' 4 J i l - a j j- v ' L.O HiliSte , 15 C= " ' 17 P ' « 11 B 1 I S p E h ' s T ip E II F M I liil S I P sic AiT T H E L E (i E . .■ . AT THE EVENTS OF THE 1947-48 SCHOOL YEAR. THIS YEAR HAS SEEN MANY REMARKABLE THINGS, SUCH AS THE MAJOR VICTORY OVER THE CHOCTAWS AND THE DAYS OF ICE AND SNOW SO UNUSUAL TO THIS COLLEGE IN THE DEEP SOUTH. THESE AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS OF INTEREST WE HAVE TRIED TO PICTURE IN THIS GLIMPSE OF " MILLSAPS THROUGH MAGAZINES. " LOOK MERICA ' S FAMILY MAGAZINE We ' re a Third-Rate Powei in the Air By RICHARD TREGASKM How to Dress a Man The True Causes of Divorce 5 YBARIY SUBSCRIPTION $3.50 OCTOBER 28, 1947 ll o x off iMniiflMI . 7i a lilt. insKi ' ii miLKV ritiiK K?it« 1_ rT a -» _ ILMil MITER Alma Mater, dear old Millsaps, Loyal sons are we. Our fond hearts ore thine alone And ever more shall be. Proud art thou, in classic beauty, Of thy noble past. With thy watchword Honor, Duty Thy high fame shall last. Every student, man and maiden. Swell the glad refrain, Till the breezes music-laden Waft it back again. Proud art thou, in classic beauty. Of thy noble post. With thy wotchword Honor, Duty Thy high fame shall lost. mm ..: - r-M ■ -;. , " vr - ' . C r I - »» % Wjt f S II ' ■ ' A li t f., 1 AJ: .-« _, MURRAH HALL SULLIVAN-HARRELL H ALL mi • , C . -uT t .Jl i»5 »M I ' BUIE GYMNASIUM 1 } m m • ■s m m »l rf 1 1 u. ■i R?| fin hi I r Is GALLOWAY HALL If- - . ' i i WHITWORTH HALL FOUNDERS ' HALL mmaiKimmatiim PRESIDENT ' S HOME fACU " - " H JgSH " J 1 VETERANS ' BARRACKS ■. ti :|ACULTY IfARTMENTS Mr t GIFT. . . From the " Brethren in the south pasture " to the student body of Millsops on the occasion of the annual Major-Choctaw football clash was this glaring tribute in big black letters. To further enhance the beauty of the picture, they added thot slight tinge of intelligence evident in the spelling of the final word! This present come fast on the heels of an open letter from their student body to our student body requesting a truce in activities which were harmful to students and campus. Evidently, after pushing the cannon off its pedestal and uprooting the school ' s bell, they ran out of any ideas short of murder. In spite of their efforts to get rid of Millsaps so easily, the arch-enemy was forced to " bite the dust " to the tune of a 7-0 victory for the purple- and-white boys. So it seems that even if oil Millsaps didn ' t burn in the prescribed fashion, enough blood boiled to put out the necessary steam to roll down the field to victory. Page 14 FHE INSTRUCTOR DAILY AID FOR EVERY GRADE t DAY—DORIS LEE from Ihr fr,,,, ,., ,., !(r,u,„tn.n („U.-4l!n„ „f C „nlr,„,,T ln..,i..fn I ' ., 1 uu- _ult r . ' .ii;:i,;uiri.- , I ' .ii;; OUR SCHOOL .jcial- udk WILD F .0 K I RS n f C ) Act 1 h ' es ft r Beg OB MEANINGFUL SPELLING - 4; AftJc e DAY BY DAY ACTIVITIES jDier 3.00 A Y E A R 4 CENTS A COPY APRIL 1946 DR. M. L. SMITH Om P R E S I D E I T To Dr. Morion Lofton Smith the entire student body looks for leader- ship and inspiration. This tireless, ever patient Southern gentleman is loved and long remembered by all who pass through the halls of Millsaps. Always concerned with the welfare end happiness of each student and faculty member. Dr. Smith exemplifies what the real college president should be. Page 16 THE DEAN With his characteristic vitality and endurance. Dr. William Emil Riecken performs the duties not only of Dean of Millsaps, but also of Dean of Men. In addi- tion to this, he takes his place as an instructor in biology and yet finds time to lend an ear to the woes of all. DR. W. E. RIECKEN DR. E. S. WALLACE THE REGISTRAR Taking on the task of seeing that all students are properly enrolled and are in the right places at the right times. Dr. E. S. Wallace deserves bouquets for a job well done. He still somehow marioges to find enough time to turn out economists well pre- pored to meet the future brightly. Page 17 ADMIIU BURSAR Although new to Millsaps ' portals this year, Mr. Pete Woods has undertaken in a vigorous and open-minded manner the mammoth job of holding the college purse-strings. Judging by the progress he has made so far, we prophesy a " Campus Beautiful " in no time at all. MR. J. W. WOOD MR. HAROLD S. MUSTIN ASSISTANT BURSAR What would Milkaps do without the cheerfi ' l smile and helpi-g hard of Mr. Harold Mustin! A vital mem ber of the " p ' jrse-strirgs crew, " Mx. Mustin has come to be a great favorite among faculty and students. Page 18 TRHIfll DEAN OF WOMEN One of the best-loved women on the faculty is Mrs. Mary Stone. .An able advisor for all the women students, she extends her hospitality to all and lends her energy to any worthwhile under- taking. DR. RAY S. MUSGRAVE MRS. MARY STONE DEAN OF FRESHMEN Dr. Roy S. Musgrave, who so ably counsels our frosh, plays a major part in the general happiness of the campus as a whole, hlis geniality and " psychol- ogy applied " make him a well-known and highly respected personality. JOHN MAGRUDER SULLIVAN — Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Geology; A. B., Centenary College; A. M., University of Mississippi; Advanced graduate work. University of Chicago; Ph.D., Vanderblll University; D. Sc, Millsaps College. . . . GEORGE LOTT HARRELL — Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy; B. S., M. S., Millsaps College; Advanced graduate work, University of Chicago . . . BENJAMIN ERNEST MITCHELL — Professor of Mothemotics; A. B,, Scarritt-Morrisvllle Col- lege; A. M., Vonderbilt University; Ph.D., Columbia University . . . ALFRED PORTER HAMILTON — Professor of Classical Languages and German; A. B., Birmingham-Southern College; A.M., Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania . . . ALBERT GOD- FREY SANDERS — Professor of Romance Languages; A. B., Southwestern (Texas); A. B,, Yale University; Rhodes Scholar, I907-1910; A. B., A. M., University of Oxford (Honors School) . . . MILTON CHRISTIAN WHITE — Professor of English; A. B., Birmingham-Southern College; A. M., Harvard University; Ph. D., University of Wisconsin . . . ROSS HENDERSON MOORE — Professor of History; B. S., M. S., Millsaps College; A. M., Uni ersity of Chicago; Ph.D , Duke University. " k e Page 20 CLIZABETH CRAIG— Assistant Professor of French; A.B., Barnard Collc-jfj, Columbia University; A.M., Columbia University; Diplome de la Sorbonne, Ecole de Preparation des Professeurs, de Francois a I ' Etronger, Faculty of Letters, University of Paris . . . MAGNOLIA COULLET — Assistont Professor of Latin; Teacher of Voice; A. B., Millsops College; A. M., University of Penn- sylvania; graduate work, American Academy in Rome, University of Chicago; B. M., Belhaven College; graduate work in Voice, Bordeaux, France . . . EVA MYERS ROBERTS — Professor of Piano and Theory; A. B., Vv ' hitworth College; B. M., American Conservatory; M. M., Chicago Musical College . . . ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES — Professor of Education; A. B., LLB., University of Tennessee; Vice-Consul of the United States in Scotland end England; A. M., advanced graduate work, George Peobody College . . . JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE — Professor of Chemistry; B. S, Millsops College; M. S., University of Mississippi; Ph. D., Louisiana State University . . . MABEL BENNER COBB — Assistant Professor of Spanish; A. B., St. Lawrence University; A. M., University of North Carolina. F H n T Y Page 21 ■ ' =: i 91 dod f VERNON LANE WHARTON — Professor of Sociology and History,- A. B., Millsops College,- A. M., Ph. D., University of Nortfi Carolina , . MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN — AssisJant Professor of English; A. B., Agnes Scott College; A. M., Tulone University . . . CHARLES BEITS GALLOWAY — Assistant Professor of Physics; B. S., Millsops College; A. M,, od- vanced graduate work, Duke University. Vne THEODORE CASKY RUSSELL — Professor of Violin and Theory; Conductor of the Symphony Orchestra; B. S., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College; M. M., Northwestern University; Private study with Enesco and Sziqeti in Europe . . . JAMES SHARBROUGH FERGUSON — Associate Professor of History; A. B., Millsops College; M. A., Louisiana State University; Graduate work. University of North Carolina . . . RICHARD R. PRIDDY — Professor of Chemistry and Geology; B. S., in Ed., Ohio Northern University; M. A., The Ohio State University; Ph. D., The Ohio State University. FRANCES ELIZABETH DECELL — Director of Physical Education for Women, A. A., Whitworth College; A. B., Millsops College,- A. M., University of Alabama . . . NANCY BROGAN HOLLOWAY — Instructor of Secretarial Studies; A. B., Mississippi State College for Women . . . SHIRLEY CHICHESTER — Associate Librarian; B. A., Millsops College; B. S., Lib. Sci., School of Library Science, University of North Carolina . . . NEAL BOND FLEMING — Professor of Philosophy; A. B., B, D., Emory University; S. T. M., Ph, D., Boston University. F H II L T Y KARL WOLFE — Professor of Art; B. F. A.; Chicago Art Institute, William M. R. French Fellowship,- Study abroad for one year; Study and Teaching Pa. School of Art Summer School . . . MILDRED MOREHEAD Assistant Professor of English; B. A., Mississippi State College for Women; M. A., Duke University; Graduate work at University of Colorado, University of Wisconsin, and Columbia University . . . MRS. KYE HEDERI — Assistant in Spanish; B. A., Mississippi State College for Women . . . LOUISE WARD — Assistant Librarian; B. S., Mississippi State College for Women. MARJORIE TRUSTY — Instructor of Piono; B. M., Mississippi Sto ' e College for Women . . . ELAINE PENN — Assistant In. structor in Music, B. M., Louisiana State University . . . ARTHUR COLAIANNI — Bond Director . . . THOMAS BERRY — Professor of Economics; B.A., M.A., Pfi.D, Harvard University. Vk e James troy ROBISON — Associate Professor of Political Science and History; B.Ed., Southern Illinois State Normal University; M,A., University of Colorado; Advonced graduate work. University of Colorado and University of Illinois . . . PAUL DOUGLAS HARDIN — Assistant Professor of English; A B., Millsaps College; A. M., Duke University; Groduote work. University of Southern California . . . JAMES DAUSEY WROTEN — Associate Professor of Religion; B. A., Millsaps College; B. D., Southern Methodist University . . . McNEILL BARTLING, JR. — Director of Physical Education and Coach; B. S. C, University of Mis- sissippi; Graduate work at Louisiana State University. Yi J. L. ROBERTS — Instructor in Mathematics; B.A., M.A., Mississippi College . . . KENNETH LYLE WARREN — Professor of Mathemotics; B.Sc, Battle Creek College; M.Sc, Battle Creek College; Ph.D , Michigan State College; Attendecf University of Miami, Coral Gables, Flo. . . . HARWELL PRESLEY STURDIVANT - Professor of Biclogy; B,S., Emory University; MA,, Emory University; Ph.D., Columbia University. F H l] I T y MRS. FOX WOOD - Professor of Speech . . . JESSE SMITH — Dietitian . . . ALVIN JON KING - Director of Millsaps Singers; Studied at Oberlin Conservatory of Music,- Northwestern School of MusiC; Christiansen Choral School; Private study with W. S. Matthews, Fanny Bloomfield Zeisler, and P rower Symonds. THE PROFESSORS NOT PICTURED R. F. COOPER — Professor of German,- B. A., Washington and Lee University; M.A., Washington and Lee University; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University . . . MRS. C. F. SPARKMAN — Assistant Librarian; B.A., Oslo Kotedralskole, Oslo, Norway; ' Teach- er ' s Certificote for one year ' s study in Dresden, Germany; Library Certificate for one year in New York State Library School . . . W. D. McCain — lecturer in History; B. A., Delta State Teachers College; M. A., Ph.D., Duke University MRS ROBERT EZELLE - Instructor of French. AND THEN THERE ' S SEPHERS No faculty-staff section of the Bobashela would be complete without some mention of Sephers. Known to all, both old and young, Sephers has become almost a tradition at Milisaps through his friendship and sincerity. A man with a mastermind tor learning and remembering the names and faces of ail who pass through the halls of Milisaps, Sephers is a whole chapter in the annals of Milisaps history. Page 26 VUMHIRNIIUII tDIMOri 1 JANUARY 20, 1947 VOLUME 49 NUMBER 16 (See page 3 for cover story) mm am officers President of the Senior Class, Lowry Rush graduated at mid-term and is now attending Ole Miss Vedical School. While at Millsops, he played on the football team and served as Coach ' s assistant. He was also a member of Kappa Alpha. (And we might add, it was his wife who was chosen our Football Queen in ' 46- ' 47.) Charlie Wright, who serves as vice president of the group, is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha and is president of the B. S. U. He has been a member of many campus organizations and has served as an offi- cer in several of them. Where can we begin to name the honors Lee has achieved? She ' s in just about all the honoraries, many of the clubs, and has been president of many groups, chief among these being Beta Sig. Secretary- treasurer Lee has been a beauty more than once, is now Miss Millsaps, and is in Who ' s Who. Pacje 28 0. W S E H R ' UeoA . . . Was one of the most successful years of Millsaps, ending the first of June when many of its students pass down the aisle towards diplomas and t!ie end of college life. Seventeen graduated at mid- term and among them were the class president, Rush, and the star of Alpha Psi Omega hits, Mitchie Applewhite. Millsaps ' post-war Homecoming was gala in spite of the showers that drenched all the floats in the parade and all the football fans and playe ' s. Despite the mud and rain, the Ma;ors come through with another vict ory for the Purple and White. The annual Millsaps-Mississippi College classic was one to be long remembered in our history, as the Majors defeated the Choctows 7-0 to break a decade ' s losing streak. Christmas and Mcintosh were honored as Little All-America football team members. Millsaps pledged $1000 to Soo Chow University and didn ' t stop till they had gone over the goal. Top Day come twice this year and saw leaders in all phases of campus life receive recognition for their work. Alpha Psi Omega and the Millsaps Players won laurels for such productions as " Dear Ruth " first semester and the one-act ploys second semester. Also along the dramatic line iif you can call it thath was the 1948 Varsity Show, " Once Over Lightly. " This was the brainchild of Turnbough and Lehman, sponsored by Sigma Lambda. Stunt Night produced quite an array of amateur talent and humor to boot. Religious Emphasis Week in December and the Pre-Easter Services were high on the calendar of religious activities and featured outstanding speakers. In the music world, Andrew Goiney ' s appearance marked a Red Letter Day, for he is a former Millsaps student who hit the big-time like a veteran. The annual fraternity campus-wide dances — K A Black and White Boll; Lambda Chi ' s Purple, Green and Gold Ball; and Pikes ' Cotton Ball were huge successes. Now the student body looks forward to the yearly Sig Barn Dance, which always spells a gay time. With comprehensives over, the Seniors have taken a new lease on life and eagerly await the awarding of the Sheepskin. Thus we close the diary of events for ' 47- ' 48 and look forward to even happier days to come. Page 29 . . . Vke LOIS ABEL ... Duck Hill, Miss. Vikings ROI ANDREWS ... Jackson, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha CATHERINE ARMSTRONG . Jackson, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron VIRGINIA BATTON . . Jackson, Miss. Chi Omega LOIS BENDING .... Laurel, Miss. Kappa Delta LEELA F. BERRYHILL , Greenwood, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron JACK BISHOP . . Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha POLLY BIZZELL . . . Senatobia, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron BETTY BREWER ... Terry, Miss. Chi Omega EDWARD BURCHFIELD . McCool, Miss. Lambda Chi Alpha Page 30 SEIIORS DEAN CALLOWAY . . Louisville, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha BILL CARTER .... Lexington, Miss. Koppo Sigma KATHRYN CARVER Minter City, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron MARY ELLEN CASE . . Jackson, Miss, RUTH CHANG . . Shanghai, China Vikings JOHN CHRISTMAS Vicksburg, Miss. Sigma Alpha Epsilon N. E. CLARKSON, JR. Jackson, Miss. Kappa Sigma PAT CLENDENNING , , Jackson, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA DARRACOTT Amory, Miss. Vikings ALDEN E. DAVIS . . . Coden, Ala. Kappa Alpha Page 31 » » » vu e DICK DEVER .... Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha MARY DUNAWAY . . Jackson, Miss. Chi Omega ETHEL EASTMAN . . . IDA FAE EMMERICH . Kappa Delta Belzoni, Miss. McComb, Miss. NELLE ENTREKIN . . . Ellisville, Miss. Phi Mu GLORIA FISHER Jackson, Miss. JERRY FORTINBERRY . Columbia, Miss. Kappa Sigma JANET FOX .... Jackson, Miss. Chi Omega BOBBIE GILLIS Philadelphia, Miss. TRULY GRAVES . . . Jackson, Miss. Chi Omega Page 32 SOIORS FRANCES GRAY . Waynesboro, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron CARL GUERNSEY Indianapolis, Ind. Pi Kappa Alpha CLYDE H. G ' JNN, JR. Meridian, Miss. BETTY CLARK HAMILTON Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu ED HARLAN , Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha AMANDA HATHORN Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta W. J. HERM ... Beaumont, Tex. Pi Kappa Alpha CHARLES HOGUE . . . Eden, Miss. Kappa Sigma HECTOR S. HOWARD Jackson, Miss. Kappa Sigma JOYCE ISHEE Laurel, Miss. Page 33 «:«aT " fl«l . . . Vk e JAMES KRESTENSEM . Ponfe Vedra Beach, Flo. CHARLES LEHMAN . . . Tupelo, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES LONGINOTTI Durant, Miss. Kappa Alpha BILL LONGMIRE Utico, Miss. Kappa Alpha HENRY LUTRICK, JR. Florence, Miss. BOBBY MANTZ Brookhaven, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha SUTTON MARKS . , Jackson, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha GENE MIDDLETON . Yazoo City, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha T. C. MILLER, JR. . . Jackson, Miss. Lambda Chi Alpha THOMAS E. MULLEN Jackson, Miss. Page 34 SEIIORS GEORGE McWILLIAMS Yazoo City, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha NED O ' BRIEN .... Jackson, Miss. Kappa Sigma JOYCE PATRICK Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu FRANCES PITTMAN Jackson, Miss. Vikings ANN PORTER Jackson, Miss. Chi Omego LOIS PULLEN . Aberdeen, Miss. Kappa Delta LEE RAILSBACK . . McComb, Miss. Kappa Sigma LENA MAE RAY . . . Chester, Miss. Vikings ROBERT O. RAY, JR. , . Eupora, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha PAT REED Centreville, Miss. Vikings Page 35 . . .Vk e LUCY ROBINSON . Jackson, Miss. Chi Omega H. LOWRY RUSH, JR. Meridian, Miss. Kappa Alpha HENRY C. RUSHING Baton Rouge, La. RUTH SHANKS . . . Jackson, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron JOE B. SILLS . Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha CHARLES SOURS . . , Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha FAY STANDEFER . . . Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu JANE STEBBINS Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta VAN STEWART . ANN STOCKTON Vicksburg, Miss. Aberdeen, Miss. Vikings WALTER STOKES . . Greenville, Miss. Kappa Alpha WILLIAM M. STOKES, JR. . McComb, Miss. Poge 36 SEIIORS DELWIN THIGPEN YEWELL THOMPSON Meridian, Miss. Jackson, Miss. BROCK THORNHILL . . McComb, Miss. JAMES R. THORNHILL McComb, Miss. ALAN TURNBOUGH . Jackson, Miss. Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARY ANN TURNER Belzoni, Miss. JAMES M. WARD Monticello, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha BRADFORD WELLS , St. Simon ' s Island, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha MARVIN WHITE JULIA WILLIAMS Poplarville, Miss. Learned, Miss. CHARLES N. WRIGHT , , Bassfield, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM LEE YOUNGBLOOD . Wesson, Miss. Page 37 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICES Master Major Wallace Russell added another laurel to his already full crown of glory with the Junior Class presidency. He is in Who ' s Who, president of the Pikes and of S. E. B., and is a member of O. D. K. There are other glories, too, but we must mention the other officers! John Atkins, our Junior Class vice-president, is one of our rising young ministers-to-be. In a few years, he ' ll probably be trying to convince Dr. Smith to retire so he can take over the job of trying to keep the student body happy with his ready smile. M.ary Anna ;Medlin) Underwood pulled a fast one and got married at Christmas, but that didn ' t deprive us of a secretary-treasurer for the Juniors. A member of Beta Sigma Omicron, Mary Ann is inter- ested in music and is president of the Beethoven Club. Page 38 ilill8;i[jo jilOj er September 1946 Libr » » ' - " ' ' " " ' ° ' " ' EDUCATION VOLUME 67 No. 1 Can Professor Lundberg Save Us? Supervision of Student Teachers in Universities Democracy Demands Co-operative Living Vocational Guidance for Women English and Global Communication Stimulants for a Classic Geometry As a Natural Way of Thinking The Junior High School Today and Tomorrow Laboratories in Junior High School Grades Identical Errors Reveal Deception Assignment! Today Educator ' s Idealisn vj Costa Ricai E the NA Dm r 1 A MAGAZINE DEVOTED to the SCIENCE, ART, PHILOSOPHY and LITERATURE of EDUCATION .7 e AGATHA ADCOCK Jackson, Miss. Chi Omega GILBERT ALEXANDER Union, Miss. Sigma Nu ALBERT ALLEN , . . Brandon, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha FRANK ALLEN , , , Jackson, Miss. Lambda Chi Alpha Dot Anger Vikings Greenville, Miss. GWENDOLYNE ARBUCKLE Charleston, Miss. Vikings JOHN ATKINS ADA MAE BAIN Columbus, Miss. Catchings, Miss. Macon, Miss. MARTIN BAKER . Kappa Alpha BILL BETHEA . . . Jackson, Miss. Kappa Sigma CAROL BLUMER Washington, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron JEAN BOOZER . . . Boyle, Miss. Vikings ROSANNA BRADY Lafayette, Ind. Phi Mu LEONARD H. BRANDON Jackson, Miss. Kappa Sigma ROSALIND BUTLER . Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu MARY ANN CALDWELL . Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta ANNIE RUTH CALLAHAN . Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu GORDON CARR Monticello, Miss. Kappa Sigma Page 40 mnu BRUCE C. CARRUTH McComb, Miss. MERRITT CHANCE , Jackson, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha BOWMAN CLARKE M.eridian, Miss. Barbarians TOM CLAY ... Tutwiler, Miss. Kappa Sigma BOBCONERLY . . . Ookvale, Miss. FAY CONLEE . Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta W. E. COOK Canton, Miss. Kappa Alpha W. B. COOPER , , Camden, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha MARY COWAN . Grenada, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron BILLY CROUT Hattiesburg, Miss. G. WINSTON CUTRER . Magnolia, Miss. Kappa Alpha SARA GENE DECELL Jackson, Miss. Chi Omega BETTY DOSSETT Jackson, Miss. Chi Omega MARY OLIVE EUDY . . Eupora, Miss. Vikings JACK FERGUSON . Jackson, Miss. GENE FLEMING , Minter City, Miss. Kappa Sigma iFRANK FOWLER Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha iLANCE GOSS . . . Jackson, Miss. Pace 4 1 . ' 7 e RUIH GRAY Bay St. Louis, Miss. Chi Omega CLARENCE H. GREGORY Jackson, Miss. Kappa Sigma CLARISSA HALL Drew, Miss. Kappa Delta GEORGE HARDIN Meridian, Miss WILLIAM A. HARRIS Lula, Miss JEAN HAUGHTON Chi Omeg Jackson a Miss LOUISE HAVARD Vikin gs Lucedale, Miss CAROLYN HAYS Beta Sigma Duront Omicron Miss DREXEL R. HEATH Longview Miss MARY RUTH HICKS Louin, Miss G. S. HOLCOMB Jackson, Miss BOBBIE HOLDER . Louin, Miss JAMES S. HOLMES, JR. Jackson, Miss, Kappa Alpha CAROL HUTTO Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta RALPH HUTTO Jackson, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha JAY JACKSON Meridian, Miss. PRESTON L. JACKSON Laurel, Miss. Lambdo Chi Alpha HAROLD JAMES . Union, Miss. Lambda Chi Alpha Page 42 JIIIIOU FRANCES JOHNSON Jackson, Miss. Vikings RUTH JOHNSON Union, Miss. Vikings V iLLIAM P. JOHNSON Jackson, Miss Lambda Chi Alpha ELIZABETH ANN LAMPTON Tylertown, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron C. F. LANDRUM Taylorsville, Miss FRANK M. LEE Magnolia, Miss. Kappa Sigma DORIS LEECH . . . Smithville, Miss. Vikings SARAH MACHEN Albertville, Ala. Vikings GEORGE MADDOX McComb, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha HENRY MAGEE Jackson, Miss. Kappa Sigma BiLLY MANN . Carthage, Miss. Kappa Sigma JERRY MAYO Pocahontas, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron MARY ANNA MEDLIN Tippo, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron LEONARD METTS Jackson, Miss. EDDIE MILLER Jackson, Miss. Lambda Chi Alpha JIMMY MINNIS Jackson, Miss. JIMMIE LOU MOORE . Nettleton, Miss, Vikings TURNER MORGAN . Jackson, Miss. Kappa Sigma Page 43 . Vk e DOT MYERS Philadelphia, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron DAVID MclNTOSH McComb, Miss. BILL NABORS . . . Oxford, Miss. CHARLES NAEF . . Jackson, Miss. Kappa Sigma JOHN NEILL Ellisville, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha GENE NETTLES , Jackson, Miss. Barbarians JANE ELLEN NEWELL . Jackson, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron WAYNE PERROTT . Summit, Miss. A. M. PHILLIPS . Lexington, Miss. Kappa Sigma OTIS PIGOTT . . , Meridian, Miss. F. W. PRICE . . . Meridian, Miss. SAMMIE PRICE . Philadelphia, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron MIRIAM PROVOST Poplarville, Miss. Kappa Delta JESSE D. PUCKETT Jackson, Miss, Lambda Chi Alpha GILBERT PYLE , . , Meridian, Miss. Kappa Alpha JAMES RADFORD , Memphis, Tenn. Kappa Sigma MARGARET RAGLAND , Jackson, Miss. Chi Omega MIRIAM ROBERTS . , Jackson, Miss. Chi Omega Page 44 iwmu TOM ROBERTS . . Montrose, Miss. Kappa Sigma BARBARA ROBERTSON Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu WALLACE RUSSELL Saidis, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha BETTY SANFORD Helena, A.-k. Beta Sigma Omicron CATHERINE SHUMAKER . Vicksburg, Miss. Vikings JOHN EFFIE SKINNER West Point, Miss. Beta Sigma Omicron ANNE SMITH Bay St. Louis, Miss. Phi Mu CARLOS J. SMITH Biloxi, Miss. H. B. TRIMBLE Jackson, Miss. Lambda Chi Alpha WILLIAM WEATHERSBY Jackson, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha STEVE WHITEHEAD . West Point, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM WINANS J. O. WOOD Canton, Miss. McComb, Miss. BILLY WRIGHT . Jackson, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha JEAN WYNNE , Jackson, Miss. Vikings HENDRICK ZANDER Jackson, Miss, Pi Kappa Alpha MIKE MARTINSON Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha Pcge 45 scs r?r 7mxA r That man-about-town Jim Bcirwick must have kissed all the babes to win this class presidency! Seriously speaking, this ex-Marine will probably prove to be a Southern Gentleman and a politician as well, if given a chance. (He ' s a K.A., if you didn ' t understand the previous remark.) Further proving the superiority numerical, anyway) of the mole at Millsaps, Lee Miers holds down the Sophomore vice-presidency. No matter how hard they try, Millsaps co-eds can ' t drag him away from his loyalty to the blonde at the University of Alabama. Too busy with her many duties, Dorris Liming couldn ' t make it to pose for the picture, but we ' ll for- give her ' cause she ' s so efficient in things that matter. She ' s a Beta Sig, secretary of Christian Council, and goodness knows what else. Pcge 46 Current HISTORY February, 1931 Price 25 Cents THE POPE ' S ENCYCLICAL ON MARRIAGE . . Full Text THE RHINELAND OCCUPATION . . . . Herbert Eulenberg CANADA ' S LIQUOR LAWS FAIL Ernest Thomas HOLMES AND BRANDEIS AS JURISTS . . W. H. Hamilton OUR FOREIGN TRADE: 1830-1930 . . . Henry Chalmers THE MEXICAN CHURCH CONFLICT . . . Abbe Lugan HISTORIC AMERICAN FAMILIES . . . A. D. Howden Smith VIENNA: A SOCIALIST EXPERIMENT . . .Morrow Mayo LA FOLLETTE IN RETROSPECT F. A. O THE CHAN EUROPE ' S AMERICA ' S PLANS FORI RA I, M Iffl JA s: AN : ME tAI J. L ' HI 4 1 A FEE :l T IF DP ov AT C J SOCIAL INSURANCE IN THE U. S. . . ORIENTALS ON THE PACIFIC SLOPE . J. B. Andrews Three Views THE NEW YORK TIMES COMPANY Abernathy Barnett Bonner Abernethy Barwick Box Amason :Bell Boyd Appleby Berbette Boyles Atwood Bethea Brown, F. Austin Blount Brown, M. Baker Boadwee Buchanan 7 SOPHOMORES THOMAS ABERNATHY, Jackson, Miss. . . . PATSY ABERNETHY, Kappa Delta, Pontotoc, Miss. . . . ROBERT AMASON, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. . . . WILLIAM APPLEBY, Eupora, Miss. . . . BETTY JOE ATWOOD, Koppa Delto, Monticello, Miss. . . . KARL AUSTIN, Jackson, Miss. . BILL BAKER, Koppa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. . . . CHARLES W. BARNETT, Kappa Alpha, Jockson, Miss. ... JIM BARWICK, Koppa Alpha, Braxton, Miss. . . . BARBARA BELL, Koppa Delta, Jockson, Miss. . . . MORAN BERBETTE, Koppa Sigma, Jackson, Miss. . . . ANNE BETHEA, Koppo Delta, Jackson, Miss. . . . HENRY C. BLOUNT, JR., Decatur, Miss. . . . C. B. BOADWEE, Koppa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. ... LEE BONNER, Pi Kappo Alpha, Jackson, Miss. . . . NEAL BOX, Koppo Sigma, Laurel, Miss. . . . DOUG BOYD, Koppa Sigmo, Jackson, Miss. . . . MARY VIRGINIA BOYLES, Rolling Fork, Miss. . . . FRANK O. BROWN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Lauderdale, Miss. . . . MIGNONNE BROWN, Beta Sigma Omicron, Jockson, Miss. . . . AUBREY BUCHANAN, Koppo Alpha, Long View, Texas. DEWEY BUCKLEY, Jackson, Miss. . . . CHARLES BUTLER, Pi Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. . . . ARTHUR W. BUTTON, JR., Hermonville, Miss. . . . CAMPBELL C. CAUTHEN II, Koppo Alpho, Canton, Miss. . . . KENNETH CHARLES, Pi Koppo . EDWIN COLE, Sigma Alpha EpsJon, Aberdeen, Miss. . . . BETTY JUNE COLEMAN, Koppo LUCY COLLINS, Beta Sigma Omicron, Jackson, Miss. . . . ELAINE COMFORT, Beta Sigma . . WEIR CONNOR, Kappo Alpha, Jackson, Miss. . . . THOMAS C. COOPER, Ellisville, Miss. Mu, Hottiesburg, Miss. . . . FRANCES CROWTHER, Phi Mu, Yozoo City, Miss. . . . CORNELIA DeCELLE, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss. . . . FAYE DeWEES, Beta Sigma Omicron, Jackson, Miss. . . . HAZEL DOBBS, Jackson, Miss. ... RAY DURRETT, Philadelphia, Miss. . . JOHN EGGER, Kappo Alpha, Meridian, Miss. . . . ANN FAIRLY, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss. . . . FOSTER FANT, Lombdo Chi Alpha, Ciorksdole, Miss. . . . KENNETH FARMER, Wesson, Miss. . . . WINNIE FILES, Vikings, Jockson, Miss. . . . HENRY P. FOLWELL, Koppa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. . . . JOAN FOX, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss. Alpha, Jackson, Miss. . Delta, Jackson, Miss. . . Omicron, Jackson, Miss. . . . NELL CRAFT, Phi Page 48 Buckley Butler Button Cauthen Charles Cole Coleman Collins Comfort Conner Cooper Craft Crowther DeCelle DeWees Dobbs Durrett Egger Fairly Font Former Files Folwell Fox Gregory rby Jones ke SOPHOMORES BEN FRANKLIN, Jackson, Miss. JOHN GADDIS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. BETTY GARBER, Beta Sigma Omicron, Jackson, Miss. GREER GEORGE, Kappa Alpha, Kosciusko, Miss. BILL GOODMAN, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. B. B. GRAVES, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. JUANITA GREGORY, Beta Sigma Omicron, Jackson, Miss. ROBERT HAMILTON, Pi Koppo Alpha, Jockson, Miss. WILLIAM HARDIN, Kappa Sigma, Jackson, Miss. . GEORGE HILL, Koppa Sigma, Jackson, Miss. HOWARD HILTON, Utico, M.iss MARY ELIZABETH HOLLAND, Kappa Delta, Jackson, Miss. HARRY W. HUTCHINS, Kopoa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. PHILIP IRBY, Kappa Sigma, Jackson, Miss. RODNEY JEFFRAYS, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. MARGIE JENKINS, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss. CLAUDE JOHNSON, Kilmichael, Miss. FRED JOHNSON , Kappa Sigma, Jackson, Miss. JO ANN JOHNSTON, Phi Mu, Jackson, Miss. HELEN JOLLY, Kappa Delta, Vicksburg, Miss. AUDREA JONES, Phi Mu, Marks, Miss. WILLIAM R. JONES, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. TOM KEMP, Lambda Chi Alpha, Jackson, Miss. RICHARD KIMBROUGH, Kappa Sigma, Jackson, Miss. PAUL KING, Pi Kappa Aloha, Jackson, Miss. NANCY KNIGHT, Fhi Mu, Jackson Mi s. . . ROY KCLB, Lambda Chi Alpha, Jackson, Miss. JOE LAWRENCE, Kappa Sigma, Jockson, Miss. MARTHA JEAN LEE, Phi Mu, Indianolo, Miss. VIRGINIA LEEP, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss. MERT LEGLER, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss. FANNIE BUCK LEONARD, Kappa Delta, Jackson, Miss. BEN LEWIS, Barbarians, Utica, M.iss. EARL LEWIS, Pi Kapoa Aloha, Jackson, Miss. DORRIS LIMING, Beta Sigma Omicron, Ashland, Miss. FRANCES LOFLIN, Chi Omega, Greenville, Miss. MIRIAM MARTIN, Beta Sigma Omicron, Carthage, Miss. W. G. MAY, Kappa Sigma, Ruleville, Miss. LEE MIERS, Koppa Sigma, Greenville. Miss. JEAN MONETTE, Beta Sigma Omicron, Jackson, Miss. BILL MYERS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Madden, Miss. JOHN McCARTY, Koppa Sigma, Gulf- port, Miss. QUITMAN McCRORY, Canton, Miss. RUBY ELLA McDONALD, Beta Sigma Omicron, Picayune, Miss. LAURA JEAN McKAY, Beta Sigma Omicron, Jackson, Miss. Page 50 Jones Kemp Kimbrough King Knight Kolb Lawrence Lee Leep Legler Leonard Lewis, B. Lewis, E. Liming Loflin Martin May Miers Monette Myers McCarty McCrory McDonald McKay McKewen Patterson Rimmer McNeese Perkins Robbins Naef Prather Russell Norwood Purser Ryan Ozier Ratliff Sanderson Porker, A. Reeves Sappinton Parker, H. Ridgway Schuh ke SOPHOMORES u CURTIS McKEWEN, Jackson, Miss. BETTY McNEESE, Kappa Delta, Tinsley, Miss. . . RICHARD NAEF, Jackson, Miss. DOROTHY NORWOOD, Jackson, Miss. BETTY JEAN OZIER, Phi Mu, Kosciusko, Miss. ARCHIE PARKER, Columbus, Miss HERMAN PARKER, Lambda Chi Alpha, Hazelhursf, Miss. PAT PATTERSON, Louisville, Miss. . . . JOHN P. PERKINS, JR., Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. . PATTI ANN PRATHER, Beta Sigma Omicron, Grenada, Miss. . . . MARY LYNN PURSER, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss. . JAMES JULIUS RATLIFF, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. ERNEST P. REEVES, JR., Koppo Alpha, Jackson, Miss. WALLACE RIDGWAY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Bronx, New York. KATHRYN RIMMER, Canton, Miss. PATRICIA ROBBINS, Phi Mu, Edwards, Miss GENE RUSSELL, Pi Kappa Alpha, MARILYN SANDERSON, Kappa Delta, Laurel, Miss. MONTE Vikings, Jackson, Miss. JEAN SCOTT, Phi Mu, Raymond, Miss. LUCY SCOTT, Tylertown, Miss. RALPH SEGREST, Hattiesburg, Miss. RALPH SHOTTS, Kappa Alpha, Mendenhall, Miss. ROBERT SOCH, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fredonia, New York EMMA JEAN STANDIFER, Fhi Mu, Jackson, Miss. . . . DOT STIETENROTH, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss. . . . MARIE STOKES, Chi Omega, Greenville, Miss. . . . WILLIAM SUTTLE, Kappa Sigma, Jackson, Miss. LEWIE TANNER, Kappa Sigma, Jack- son, Miss. MARY LEGRAND TENNANT, Kappa Delta, Jackson, Miss. CHARLES THOMAS, Kappa Sigma, Crystal Springs, Miss. GENEALA VAN VALKENBURGH, Vikings, Biloxi, Miss. . . , JESS H. WADE, Jackson, Miss. , . . HARRY R, WARREN, JR., Laurel, Miss. EVERETT R. WATTS, Sumroll, Miss. CONRAD WELKER, Kappa Sigma, Grenada, Miss. PAT WHITE, Mogee, Miss. , BETTYANNE WILLIAMS, Chi Omega, Greenville, Miss. . . . DUKE WILLIAMS, JR., Kappa Alpha, Yazoo City, Miss. . . JAMES WILLIAMS, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. JOYCE WILLIAMS, Beta Sigma Omicron, Osceola, Ark. . . . HOWARD YOUNGBLOOD, Meadville, Miss. . . . WESLEY YOUNGBLOOD, Meadville, Miss. Sardis, Miss. NELL RYAN, Vicksburg, Miss. SAPPINTON, Jackson, Miss. ANN SCHUH, Page 52 Scotf, J. Scott, L. Segrest Shotts Soch Standifer Stietenroth Stokes Suttle Tanner Tennant Thomas Valkenburgh Wade Warren Watts Walker While WiKiams, B. Williams, D. Williams, Jcmes Williams, Joyce Youngblood, H. Youngblood, W. r ssn3F=:!3;r 23i s ii zrEer20 xnrssB r. FRGSHMil mSS OFFICERS Freshman class president Clay Lee doesn ' t let things bother him. Easy-going, heart-winning Cloy can be depended upon for fun and a good disposition. He ' s one of the Pike boys who hail from Laurel. A Jacksonian, Cecil Jenkins copped the vice-presidency of the freshman class. He heads the Kappa Alpha pledges and is a prominent pillar in the Millsaps Singers, too. Following in the footsteps of her graduate sister, Liz Ridgway believes in starting early to make a name for herself. She pledged Kappa Delta, and now holds down the secretary-treasurer ' s post for the frosh. Page 54 The National News Weekly for Youth merica OCTOBER 30, 1947 I BILL POSTER IN CHINA Announcing a New Oper — pSee Story, pp. 6 7 — | Abraham Allen Barlow Barstow Bartlett Barton Beacham Beaird Beard Billings Blue Bonner Bonney Brent Brewer Bryant Bufkin Busby Burke Cage Calmes Vk e Campbell Carmichael Cassity Caughran Clack Coleman Corley Cotten Davis Dement Dobbs Doty Dunlop Dunning East Estes Gibson Gould Graves Grubbs Coleman Dillon England Guion CHARLES ABRAHAM, Vicksburg, Miss. . . TIP ALLEN, JR., Kappa Alpha, Canton, Miss. . DORIS ANN BARLOW, Phi Mu, Greenville, Miss. BEVERLY BARSTOW, Vicksburg, Miss. BARBARA BARTLETT, Phi Mu, Greenwood, Miss. . WILLIAM D. BARTON, Rome, Georgia FRANCES ANNE BEACHAM, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss. MITCHELL BEAIRD, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. DUDLEY BEARD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Yazoo City, Miss. PEGGY BILLINGS, Vikings, McComb, Miss. CHARLIE BLUE, Kappa Sigma, Louisville, Miss. PEGGY BONNER, Koppa Delta, Jackson, Miss. HENRY BONNEY, JR., Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. MARY JANE BRENT, Phi Mu, Raymond, Miss. CHRISTINE BREWER, Phi Mu, Crystal Springs, Miss. JOHN BRYANT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Grenada, Miss. JOE BUFKIN, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. . . PATRICIA ANN BUSBY, Phi Mu, Berwyn, III. ROBERT BURKE, Koppa Sigma, Gulfport, Miss. . . ALICE CAGE, Vikings, Nitta Yuma, Miss. , JANIE CALMES, Chi Omega, Brooksville, Miss. JANE CAMPBELL, Vikings, Columbia, Miss. . ROBBY NELL CARMICHAEL, Vikings, Jackson, Miss. . TURNER CASSITY, Koppa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. JANE CAUGHRAN, Chi Omega, Tupelo, Miss. . JOHN MORGAN CLACK, Kappa Sigma, Lexington, Miss. ANNA COLEMAN, Beta Sigma Omicron, Ashland, Miss. . . BILL COLEMAN, Kappa Alpha, West Point, Miss. CAROLYN CORLEY, Chi Omega, Crystol Springs, Miss. JOHN COTTEN, Koppa Alpha, Columbus, Miss. BETTY JO DAVIS, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss. BETTY ANN DEMENT, Kappa Delta, Jackson, Miss. . . OLLIE DILLON, JR., McComb, Miss. , . . WILLIAM V. DOBBS, Jackson, Miss. DOROTHY DOTY, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss. . . BOBBY DUNLAP, Koppa Sigma, Batesville, Miss. SUE DUNNING, Kappa Delta, Jackson, Miss. . . . MILDRED EAST, Koppa Delta, Columbia, Miss. JAMES ENGLAND, Kappa Alpho, Jackson, Miss. , CAROLYN ESTES, Kappa Delta, Grenada, Miss . . . EDWARD L. GIBSON, Alligator, Miss. ARTHUR GOULD, Forest, Miss. . . WINSTON GRAVES, Canton, Miss. , . CLAUDE GRUBBS, Magee, Miss. , DORIS GUION, Phi Mu, Bentonio, Miss. F R G S H II G N . . . wXjjmarcrwTtirxp. ■ ' I. ,.-VJ» . i«WW r!ri .7SiW3B- Hammond Hancock Hardy Harrison Hathorn Hobgood Holston Howorth Hubbard Hudson Hudspeth Hughes Hughes Hunt Hutchinson Hutchinson Jenkins Johnston Jones Kern Lancaster " k e Langdon Latham Lee Liming Lipham Lossing LoU Magruder Marcum Martin Moss McAlilly McCluney McCoy Mclnturff McMahon McQuirter Nelson Norton Norwood Oakes O ' Callaghan Pearson Phillips DOUGLAS HAMMOND, Kappa Sigma, Holly Springs, Miss. JAMES HANCOCK, Jackson, Miss. PENELOPE HARDY, Vikings, Thomoston, Georgia . . ERNEST HARRISON, JR., Jackson, Miss. ROBERT HATHORN, Kappa Sigma, Jackson, Miss. RUSSELL HOBGOOD, Jackson, Miss. WILTON HOLSTON, Wiggins, Miss. LENORA HOWORTH, Jackson, Miss. DOT HUBBARD, Vikings, Forest, Miss. LAVONNE HUDSON, Sumrall, Miss. CHARLES HUDSPETH, Koppo Alpha, Jackson, Miss. ENOCH HUGHES, Kappa Alpha, Meridion, Miss. VIRGINIA HUGHES, Phi Mu, Jackson, Miss. , BRUNNER HUNT, Pi Koppo Alpho, Hottiesburg, Miss. HARRY HUTCHINSON, Vicksburg, Miss. MARY EVELYN HUTCHINSON, Kappa Delta, Magnolia, Miss. CECIL JENKINS, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss. EDMUND JOHNSTON, Jackson, Miss, CREATH JONES, Beta Sigma Omicron, Jackson, Miss. . . BETTY LOU KERN, Chi Omega, Louise, Miss. BETTY LANCASTER, Louisville, Miss. LINDA LANGDON, Vikings, Jackson, Miss. . . . FRANCES LATHAM, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss. . . . CLAY LEE, Pi Ko-po Alpho, Lourel, Miss. MORRIS LIMING, Koppo Sigma, Ashland, Miss. DOROTHY JEAN LIPHAM, Beta Sigma Omi- cron, Jackson, Miss , FAY ALLAN LOSSING, Koppo Alpha, Jackson, Miss. . , , YANCEY LOTT, Kilmichoel, Miss. ERNEST MAGRUDER, Koppo Alpha, Jackson, Miss. PAT MARCUM, Vikings, Jockson, Miss. LAMAR MARTIN, Jayess, Miss. MARY ALICE MOSS, Vikings, Roleigh, Miss. , FAYE McALILLY, Shelby, Miss. LINDA McCLUNEY, Vikings, Houston, Miss. INEZ McCOY, Vikings, Wolnut, Miss. YVONNE MclNTURFF, Vikings, McComb, Miss. W. A. McMAHON, Rome, Miss. LAMAR McQUIRTER, Winono, Miss. HAROLD NELSON, Kappa Sigma, Greenville, Miss. EDWARD NORTON, Koppo Sigma, Meridian, Miss, SHIRLEY NORWOOD, Jockson, Miss. PATSY OAKES, Kappa Delta, Jackson, Miss. ANN O ' CALLAGHAN, Vikings, Pontotoc, Miss. DON PEARSON, Pi Koppo Alpha, Jackson, Miss. POLLY PHILLIPS, Chi Omega, Holly Bluff, Miss. FRESH M . . . Porter Prince Quinn Ragsdale Rankin Ratliff Ratliff Rhymes Rrdgv ay Rife Roberts Robertson Robinson Robinson Runge Sanford Sauls Scott Selah Sharron Simpson k e Singleton Slater Speights Spengler Stewart Swartwout Tillman Toland Turner, P. Turner, R. Unger Landingham Walton Williams Williams, R. Williams, T. Wills Woods Woodward Wren Youngblood RALPH PORTER, Koppo Alpha, Jackson, Miss. . ELLA GUY PRINCE, Beta Sigma Omicron, Lumberton, Miss. W. M. QUINN, Birmingham, Ala. . . . BILLY RAGSDAIE. Kappa Sigma, Holly Springs, Miss. EMMADEAN RANKIN, Chi Omega, Canton, Miss. EVA RATLIFF, Jackson, Miss. GEORGE RATLIFF, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Miss, LINDA RHYMES. Chi Omega, Monticello, Miss. ELIZABETH RIDGWAY, Kappa Delta, Jackson, Miss. PATRICIA RIFE, Vicksburg, Miss. JIMM Y ROBERTS, Barbarians, Mogee, Mss, THOMAS S. ROBERTSON, JR., KaoDo Alpha, Jackson, Miss. HUBERT ROBINSON, Burnsville, Miss. . SUE ROBINSON, Beta Sigma Omicron, Clarksdale, Miss. KATHRYN RUNGE, Koppo Delta, Jackson, Miss. TOM SANFORD, Kappa Sigma, Jackson, Miss. . . . BILLY SAULS, Vikings, Jackson, Miss. ONEE SCOTT, Vikings, Tylertown, Miss. BILL SELAH, Kappa Aloha, Jackson, Miss. DORIS SHARRON, Phi Mu, Jackson, Miss. FRANK SIMPSON, Koppo Sigma, Flora, ' M.iss. ' Yvonne Singleton, Forest, Miss, CAROLYN SLATER, Vikings, Jackson, Miss. NOLA JEAN SPEIGHTS, Beta Sigma Omicron, Carthage, Miss. MARGARET SPENGLER, Texorkano, Ark. PARKS STEWART, Pi Koppo Alpha, Tupelo, Miss. . . . GENE SWARTHOUT, Koppo Delta. Poscagoulo, Wiss. . HARMON TILLMAN, Kappa Sigma, Winona, Miss FRED TOLAND, Pritchord, Ala. POTEAT TURNER, Koppo Alpha, Jackson, Miss. RICHARD TURNER, Pi Koppo Alpha, Jackson, Miss. LANGDON UNGER, Kappa Alpha, West Point, Miss. BETTYE VAN LANDINGHAM, Phi Mu, Shelby, Miss. ROBERT WALTON, Pi Kaopo Alpha. Poplarville, Miss. BETTY ANN WILLIAMS, Chi Omego, Canton, Miss. RUDOLPH WILLIAMS, Koppo Alpha, Jackson, Miss. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Kappa Sigma, Jackson, Miss. BILL WILLS, Koppo Alpha, Jackson, Miss. ANN ELIZABETH WOODS, Phi Mu, Holly Springs, Miss. JACK WOODWARD, Louisville, M.iss. BETTY SUE WREN, Kappa Delta, Vicksburg, Miss. BENNIE YOUNGBLOOD, Meodviile, Miss. F R E S H IH G I . . . I I IMMMII llllllll yji QQemoriam 5ot)n iilexanber l rotcn ilartf) 17, 1948 ■aBRfBUjffi vuk. tti .. » . . .,- ., » .. .j - - _. -, — — -. . - - .- .. , - 1— imirirB Vk e Number One Beauty: MISS ANN AMMONS BEAUTIES MISS JOANN JOHNSTON MISS BETTY CLARK HAMILTON Vke Number Two Beauty: MISS LEELA FRANCES BERRYHILL BEAUTIES MISS TRULY GRAVES MISS MARGARET RAGLAND L e Number Three Beauty: MISS BETTY DOSSETT BEAUTIES MISS LINDA RHYMES MRS. EVELYN MADDOX k e Number Four Beauty: MISS GENE SWARTWOUT B e 1 II T I E s MISS MARILYN SANDERSON MISS CAROLYN CORLEY MISS LEELA FRANCES BERRYHILL WALLACE RUSSELL MiAi MiUi apA Made Maja VTH ' - ifiK. NEW RUSSIA NUMBER Top Rov : Left to Right: Bending, Berryhill, Clarke, Goss, Guernsey, Gunn Middle Row: Hutto, Houghton, Lampton, V.addox, Mcintosh, McWillioms Bottom Row: Noef, O ' Brien, Reed, Roberts, Ru££e!l, Thigpen. STUDEIT EXECUTIVE BOARD THEY GOVERN BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE OFFICERS WALLACE RUSSELL . . DAVID MclNTOSH . . LEELA FRANCES BERRYHILL . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Our student government is composed of this choice group who bear well the burden of gov- erning the affairs of the students. Their main headache comes from planning and regulating the complete calendar of the year ' s events. In short, they ' re the " big shots " who watch over each of us, from the greenest freshman to the oldest football player! Page 74 11 E I ' S C U I n L THEY PROTECT OUR WEAKER ONES OFFICERS ELIZABETH ANN LAMPTON JANET FOX ANN STOCKTON BETTY JEAN OZIER MRS. COOPER, MRS. MASSEY, M.RS. STONE President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsors This group is the co-ed ' s governing body. It strives to strike a happy medium between the girls and the faculty. The council is composed of a representative from each sorority, the YVVCA, and the Majorette Club. Of chief concern to co-eds, they decide which nights will be " late nights " and how late they shall be. Top Row; Left to Right: Fox, Lampton, Medlin, Ozier Bottom Row; Reed, Sanderson, Stockton. Page 75 7 B B A S EDITORIAL STAFF MIRIAM ROBERTS Editor BETTY CLARK HAMILTON Assistant Editor BETTY JUNE COLEMAN Art Editor BILL GOODMAN . . . Literary Edito- GLORIA FISHER . Publicity Editor MIKE MARTINSON Boys ' Sports Editor PENNY HARDY Girls ' Sports Editor WEIR CONNOR, TURNER MORGAN Snapshot Editors MARGARET RAGLAND Class Editor FRANCES ANNE BEACHAM Organizations Editor CHRISTINE BREWER Typing Editor EDITOR ROBERTS Staff Members: Bain, Callahan, George, Gregory, Lipham, Prather, Hall, Pullen, Doty, Bonner, Craft, Knight, Wright, Graves, Stan- difer, Bartlett, Robertson, Hughes, Sharron, Ozier, Houghton, Crowther, Bethea, Caufhen, Atwood, Cowan, Martin, Turner, Leonard, Phillips, East, Robinson, Mantz, Dossett, Davis, Johnson, Busby, Comfort, Shanks, Moore. ASSISTANT EDITOR HAMILTON Page 76 H E I il (W lH!i BUSINESS STAFF JACK BISHOP Business Manager JERRY FORTINBERRY Assistant Business Manager BUSINESS MANAGER BISHOP The Bobashela, the Millsaps College yearbook, is a student publication under the faculty sponsorship of Dr. Ross Moore. After months of collecting lists of organization membership, holding elections, get- ting pictures made, identifying people, doing litera. ' y work, and getting it all typed, the Bobashela went to press. Much hair was pulled out by the roots and many people narrowly missed the wrath of editor or staff heads in the struggle to meet deadlines. But in the long run, everything came out all right and the staff found they lived up to the meaning of the name Bobashela . . . they became " good friends. " ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER FORTINBERRY Page 77 7 e PURPLE cmd WHITE OFFICERS CARL GUERNSEY, RALPH HUTTO SUTTON MARKS, JERRY FORTINBERRY RALPH HUTTO, DICK DEVER . . . Editors-in-Chiet Business Managers Associate Editors Joyce Ishee, News Editor; Cris Hall, Feature Editor,- Sam Newell, Sports Editor; Ernestine Crisler, So- ciety Editor; Jean Monette, Proof Editor; Jerry Fortenberry, Jim Barwick, Assistant Business Managers; Jean Wynne, Circulation Editor; Weir Conner, Copy Editor. In the south basement of the hbrory, these future journalists can be found putting all the latest news into print, along with outstanding features and the gossip of the Finger of Scorn and the Classified Ads. Editor Carl Guernrey had a doubly hard job this year as the paper was returned to its pre-war v eekly status, but was well aided by assistants Ralph Hutto and Dick Dever and a capable staff. Sutton (V.arks, in his second year as business manager, made the paper pay for itself. And so a " finger " at the Purple and White for being a successful campus favorite! ? r NEWS REPORTERS: Frances Anne Beacham, Ann O ' Callaghan, Foy Conlee, Frances Johnson, Gene Nettles, Monte Soppington, Elizabeth Yerby. FEATURE WRITERS: Gene Antly, Lee Baker, Rosonna Brady, Turner C a s s i t y, Campbell Cauthen, Mildred East, Ruth Gray, Osborne Guion, Pat Reed, Julia Williams, Charles Wright. SPORTS WRITERS: Thomas Guion, Jim McDowell. TYPISTS: Lee Baker, Carol Blumer, Mignonne Brown, Ann O ' Callaghan, Jane Caughran, Elaine Com- fort, Frances Johnson, Helen Jolly, Bette McNeese, Barbara Robertson, Ruth Shanks, Mary Ann Turner, Eliza- beth Yerby. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Bill Clayton, Mike Martinson, Turner Morgan. BUSINESS STAFF: Betty Jo Atwood, Katherine Ca ' ver, Jane Caughran, Frances Crowther, Billy Jacobs, Bobby M.antz, Miriam Martin, Linda McCluney, Betty Jean Ozier, Patti Ann Prather, Billy Prince, M.arvin Wiggins, Elizabeth Yerby. Page 79 M I L L U P S S I I G E R S NIGHTINGALES I N PURPLE AND WHITE Again this year " Pop " King and his hard practicing array of singers gave the school a Glee Club of which it was justly proud. The perfection of their performance proved the value of those early morning, all afternoon, and half the night practice sessions. However, they were well rewarded with several trips, some of the experiences of which will never be forgotten. Once more the Singers lived up to their old tradition of being the best in the land. OFFICERS LEONARD METIS President DAVID MclNTOSH Vice-President MARILYN SANDERSON Secretary RICHARD NAEF Treasurer JEAN HAUGHTON Reporter First Tenor Aziin, Jimmy Boker, Wm. Billings, Robert Folwell, Harry Goodsell, Arthur Hudson, Dale Jordon, Leonard Key, Donald Starky, Carroll Word, James Welker, Conrad Young blood, Bennie Young blood, William Second Tenor Barlcw, Hubert Beard, Dudley Conner, Weir Holston, Wilton Lehman, Charles McKee, Curtiss Metts, James L. Pearson, Don Powell, Joe Roy, Bob Smith, Calvin Stokes, William Toland, Fred MEMBERS William, James Albert First Bass Allen, Sam Alsworth, Selby Amason, Robert Andrews, Roi Bonney, Henry Brandon, Leonard Crisler, William Grout, William Fryant, Gilbert George, Greer Hudspeth, Charles Jenkins. Cecil Lee, Cloy Long mi re, William Mcintosh, David Prouty, Charles Ridgway, Wallace Seloh, William Turner, Poteat Wiggers, Charles Wright, Billy Second Bass Bingham, Charles Carr, John Carruth, Bruce Flemming, Gene Gandy, John Hothorn, Robert Metts, Leonard McEwen, Fred Naef, Richard Nettles, Gene Porter, Ralph Price, Floyd Roberts, James Scott, George Wills, Williom 5 i 1 . I ' 1fe . f ft 1 1 Iff ♦ s 1 ♦ f 1 1 - First Aito Attwood, Betty Jo Borlow, Doris Blumer, Carol Bonner, Peggy Broun, Carole Brent, Mary Colmes, Jonie Comfort, Elaine Dossett, Betty Dunning, Sue Hubbard, Dot Leech, Doris Leonard, Fannie Liming, Dorris Second Alto Billings, Peggy Boozer, Jean Boyles, Mary Conlee, Fay Dement, Betty Doty, Dorothy Entrekin, Mary Nell Hathorn, Amanda Ruth Houghton, Jean Martin, Miriam Newell, Jane Rotcliff, Eva Ridgway, Elizabeth MEMBERS Sanderson, Marilyn Lompton, Elizabeth Leep, Virginia Legler, Mert Singleton, Yvonne Stietenroth, Dorothy Wren, Betty Sue First Soprano Applewhite, Ruth Borstow, Beverly Davis, Betty Jo Decelle, Sarah Gene Hardy, Penelope Holland, Mary Elizabeth Hutto, Carol Jenkins, Marcie D. Knight, Nancy Longdon, Linda Moss, Mary Alice Mclnturff, Yvonne Monette, Jean Provost, Miriam Runge, Kathryn Scott, Jean Scott, Lucy Stokes, Marie Wolker, Evelyn Second Soprano Abernethy, Patsy Ammons, Ann Busby, Pat Brewer, Betty Chang, Ruth Crowther, Frances Eudy, Mary Olive Fox, Joan Hamilton, Betty Clark Johnson, Frances McDonald, Ruby Ella McKoy, Louro Jean Purser, Mary Lynn Rhymes, Lynda Slater, Carolyn Stondefer, Fay Stebbins, Jane Wedig, Ruth Yerby, Elizabeth Top Row: Left to Right: Abernethy, Bortlett, Billings, Brewer, Buckley, Carver, Chang Second Row: Charles, Corley, Crout, Crowther, Darracott, Davis, Howarth . . . Third Row: Hudson, Lee, Liming, Mcln- turff, Medlin, Metts, Moss - Bottom Row: Prince, Ray, Robinson, L. Scott, O. Scott, Speights, Turner, Williams. B E E T H I E L y B MUSIC MASTERS " PAR EXCELLENCE OFFICERS MARY ANNA MEDLIN President BILLY CROUT Vice-President MARTHA JEAN LEE Recording Secretary DEWEY BUCKLEY Corresponding Secretary DORRIS LIMING ... Treasurer JOE MAJURE Publicity Chairman M.RS. ROBERTS . . . . Sponsor This is a uniting group for those students who are musically inclined. Their meetings are characterized by programs from their own talent, and the delicious refreshments which accompany good listening hove that certain " come hither " appeal. Page 82 7 B il I D DONALD KEY BILLY CROUT . JERRY MAYO JULIAN PRINCE OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter THEY BRING OUT THE SPIRIT IN FOOTBALL FANS After lapse of several years during the war, Millsaps ' musical life has been rejuvenated by the re- organization of the bond. The quality of the band as a whole is found in the excellence of its members, and in the expression of good music eminating from the many instruments. Top Row: Left to Right: Allen, Boker, Carter, Goodman, Guernsey, Hutto Moddox, Nobors, Nettles, Norwood, Rati iff. Bottom Row: Lipham, D E B i T G CLUB THEY ARGUE FOR BREAKFAST. DINNER AND SUPPER Many of the best speakers and thinkers of the school ore found in the most active organizations. From this group come the debate teams that represent Millsaps in inter-collegiate " squabbles, " and they do mighty well, too. The debaters work long and hard, but oddly enough seem to enjoy it. Page 84 uww.uiiMiu uj smiMm- c ' r MstotoimesMkmmmi JMJMLlMJ. 2.J WW j,f .- 1 y jv , f-j ■! • • f I rr ■ v rv. ■% v atm Top Row: (Left to Right): Maddox, Liming, Carter, Blount, Clar ke Middle Row: Emmerich, Goodman, Guernsey, Lehman, Mcintosh Bottom Row: Roberts, Russell, Stockton, Thigpen, Wright, Zander. CHRISTUI COUHIL OUR GUIDING LIGHT IN RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS OFFICERS GEORGE MADDOX President BILL JONES . Vice-President DORRIS LIMING Secretary BILL CARTER Treasurer DR. FLEMING, DR. RIECKEN, DR. SMITH, " -..: PROF. WROTEN Faculty Advisors The Christian Council is the organization that sponsors all religious activities on the campus. Through its efforts, the character of the Millsaps student is guided along the right path. Highlights on the year ' s calendar were the highly successful Religious Emphasis Weeks and the Christian Student Fellowship Drive. Page 86 M 1 1 1 n E R 1 U L E 1 G II G FUTURE LEADERS T O SPIRITUAL REALMS OFFICERS DELWIN THIGPEN JR President JOHN SUTPHIN Vice-President FRANK BROWN Secretary-Treasurer DR. FLEMING Counselor JAMES S. CONNER, JIM WROTEN, DR. SMJTH . Advisors In this versatile group of future ministers we find many of tfie campus leaders. They not only head the student body in religious activities but also display remarkable zeal in all fields. Maddox and Mc- intosh are two shining examples of the fact that our ministerial students con do more than preach. Top Row: Left to Right: Atkins, Appleby, Blount, Brown, Conerly, Charles, Clarke, Hudson Second Row: Harris, Holston, Johnson, Lee, Liming, Mcintosh, Miller, Martin Third Row: Maddox, McCrory, Parker, Porter, Price, Perrott, Russell, Stokes, Stewart Bottom Row: Toland, Tillman, Thigpen, Woodward, Watts, White, B. Youngblood, W. L. Youngblood, W. Youngblood. ' ,a Ar Page 87 7 W E S I E Y i I YOUNG METHODISTS AT WORK Made up of the interested Methodist students, this somewhat new organization has started great strides. It sponsors many activities which are carried out by the students themselves. Two of the projects included in their curriculum ore the distribution of the student magazine Motive and the selection of sum- mer caravan members. OFFICERS HENRY BLOUNT President FRANCES GRAY Vice-President ANN STOCKTON Secretary WALLACE RUSSELL Treasurer BOBBIE GILLIS Program Chairman ANNA COLEMAN Publicity Chairman DR. And MRS, STURDIVANT Counselors Page •. r ' T —A ' • A ' GROUP MEMBERS Abernethy, Patsy Appleby, William Arbuckle, Gwendolyn Barlow, Doris Ann Barlow, Hubert Lee Barstow, Beverly Bending, Lois Billings, Peggy Billings, Robert Blount, Henry Boyles, Mary Virginia Brewer, Christine Chang, Ruth Fleming, Dr. Bond Gray, Frances Gill is, Bobbie Guion, Doris Harris, Billy Hays, Carolyn Holston, Wilton Howard, Louise Hubbard, Dot Hudson, Lavonne Hunt, Brunner Johnson, Claude Johnson, Frances Myers, Marjorie Neill, John Powell, Joe Rondle, Charles Rife, Patricia Rimmer, Kathryn Russell, Wallace Scott, Lucy Scott, Onie Singleton, Yvonne Stockton, Ann Turner, Mary Ann Watts, Everette Coleman, Anno Conerly, Bob Crout, £illy Crowther, Frances Emmerich, Ida Foe Estes, Carolyn Felder, Carl Jones, Audrea Jones, Bill Kotzes, Robert Leech, Doris Liming, Dorris Martin, Lomor McCluney, Linda Williams, Julia Woods, Ann Elizabeth Yerby, Elizabeth Young blood, Bennie Young blood, Howard Young blood, Wesley Youngblood, William Lee ' kJtM Top Row: (.Left to Rightc Russell, Carter, Crout, Egger Bottom Row: Harris, Hutto, Neill, Nettles. A N 1. M. 0. A. INSPIRATiON T O EVERYONE OFFICERS WALLACE RUSSELL ... President BILL JONES Vice-President JOHN WOFFORD Secretary-Treasurer DR. N. B. FLEMING, REV. J. D. WROTEN Advisors The cabinet is a group of select YMCA personalities who officially and unofficially run the Y. The Campus Handbook and Vespers, sponsored jointly with the YW, are just a couple of their worthwhile activities. Their programs are varied and interesting. Important this year was the formation of a Hospitality Club within the Y. Page 90 •- ■■ . i . W. C. 1. THEY SPREAD CHEER ON THE CAMPUS AND OFF OFFICERS ANN STOCKTON LOIS BENDING FRANCES GRAY IDA FAE EMMERICH MRS. H. P. STURDIVANT, MRS. N. B. FLEMING President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsors One of the most worthwhile organizations, the Y has added much to campus life. Notable a mong their achievements are the annual parties for the orphans, which are always a big success; the Social Mixer for the frosh when school begins; interesting and timely programs. Together with the YM, they put out the helpful Handbook and sponsor Vespers each evening. Top Row: [Left to Right); Stockton, Bending, Gray, Emmerich, Abernethy, Bain Gillis, Lampton, Leonard, Liming, Medlin, Ozler. Bottom Row: Chang, Paa9 91 rTiT79 :rr _ ' c :i .£. " I ■■iilll Top Row: Left to Right: Wright. Lee, Miller, Shotts, Conlee, Coleman Middle Row: Stebbins, Bonner, Minn is, Puckett, Enst, Abel Bottom Row ' Mnntz, McNeese, Cooper, Nettles, Liphom, Ookes. BAPTIST STUDEH OlOi IN UNION THERE IS STRENGTH OFFICERS CHARLES WRIGHT President MARTHA JEAN LEE First Vice-President TOMMY BOSWELL Second Vice-President EDWARD MILLER Third Vice-President CARROLL STARKEY Secretary RALPH SHOTTS Treasurer PROF. ROBINSON Faculty Advisor A week never passes without the notice on the bulletin board of the B. S. U. ' s meeting. This organiza- tion for Baptist students helps to orientate Baptist freshmen. Organized as a sister group to the Metho- dists ' Wesleyan Group and offering fellowship and inspiration to the Baptists, this is really a fine organiza- tion which practices its preachings. Page 92 ■T " -iwr • - -%Trat ' T ' i ' ' i I T E R B l ' R Y CLUB THE U P AND COMING EPISCOPAL GROUP OFFICERS CHARLES LEHMAN President JOHN CADDIS Vice-President BETTY CLARK HAMILTON Secretary FANNY BUCK LEONARD Treasurer MR. RUSSELL Sponsor The Canterbury Club is a college organization of Episcopal students, founded on worship, study, service, giving, unity, and evangelism. The Millsaps chapter is associated with St. Andrew ' s Parish. Al- though a young group on the Millsaps campus, being first ' organized in 1946 with Bill Maute as president, the Canterbury Club is fast making itself a vital, active, firmly established tradition. Top Row: Left to Right: Armstrong, Batten, Berbette, Charles, Dossett, Fowler, Goddis Middle Row: B. Graves, T. Graves, B. Hamilton, R. Hamilton, Jetfrays, Latham, Lehman . , . Bottom Row: Leonard, Monette, Rooland, Robi " son, Sanford, Stie ' erroth, Willicms. Page 93 Top Row; Left to Right: Anger, Case, Chance, Cunningham, Darracott Middle Row: Leep, Morcum, Marks, Metts, O ' Brien Bottom Row: Railsback, Sours, Thompson, WiMioms, Wills, Zander. DISCIPLE FELLOWSHIP CLUB ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE OFFICERS HENDRICK ZANDER President MARY ELLEN CASE Vice-President VIRGINIA DARRACOTT Secretary-Treasurer This is the newest of the religious groups on the campus. It is composed of students of the Christian Church, who in their second year hove set quite a record. Notable among their worthy accomplishments is the founding of a Sunday School class for college students. Page 94 K TO C0LLE6 " ■«.r.J««m.». f iPffi, a«?im,»i! " ' ' « ' «-« ' Top Row: Leff to Right: O ' Brien, Bishop, Carter Bottom Row: Maddox, Russell. OMICROi DELTA KlPPl THOSE TO WHOAA HONOR DUE OFFICERS NED O ' BRIEN ... ... PROF. FERGUSON, DR. MOORE, DR. SMITH, DR. WHARTON President Faculty Members When you see the flash of that gold key, you know that he is really a " Big Man on the Campus. " That means he is a true leader in scholarship, athletics, and all types of activities. The national organiza- tion was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914. Poge 96 S 1 d M 1 L A lU B D it CAMPUS PROBLEMS ARE THEIR MEAT OFFICERS LEELA FRANCES BERRYHILL President ANN PORTER Vice-President LOIS BENDING Secretary-Treasurer MIRIAM ROBERTS Historian MRS. COBB, M.RS. GOODMAN, M,RS. STONE . . Faculty M,embers With o characteristic of being able to handle any problem and handle it well, Sigma Lambda has done nobly. It recognizes student leadership in scholarship and in the various activities of the school. To be tapped into Sigma Lambda is the highest honor that can be received by o Millsaps co-ed in the scope of honorary organizations. Top Row: Left to Right; Bending, Berryhill, Hamilton Bottom Row; Porter, Roberts, StQcl ton. Poge 97 aiB»St«; t ;feK . ' aaj:3ev -5 " a tt sx.o .r Ji. „ i.y iz- .j k .v - : x t -ja.i -.eiM c r- g? . yv-j. -t- -TCT. .av-uri a L -i. i? T - -igifc WHO ' S WHO in n ui Qoileaei- mJl 1i nlue iMtieA- THE CHOSEN AMONG OUR LEADERS The true campus leaders are found in this hmited and quite select group. One must be " tops " in almost every field of the school to attain the honor of membership in Who ' s Who. Here is an enviable rev ord to the deserving leaders of the year on the campus. Top Row: Left to Right: Bending, Berryhill, Bishop, Fisher, Guernsey, Hamilton Lampton, Madclox, O ' Brien, Russell, Stockton. Bottom Row; Jackson, Page 98 Top Row: Left to Right: Goss, R. Hutto, C. Hutto, Blumer, Eostman Mayo, Nettles, Ray. Bottom Row: Fortinberry, Gunn, ALPHA P S I OMEGA BARRYMORE HAS NOTHING O N THEM OFFICERS LANCE GOSS President RALPH HUTTO Vice-President CAROL HUTTO Secretary-Treasurer PROF. HARDIN, DR. WHITE Faculty Sponsors Alpha Pi of Alpha Psi Omega proved anew its tradition of being one of the most active honoraries on the campus. Led valiently by " Sir Lance " Goss, thsse stars of the stage provided the school with dra- matic performances of excellent quality. This organization should well be applauded for discovering and improving the dramatic talents of the students. " Dear Ruth " was one play boosted by this group and exhibited the best in amateur dramatics. Poge 99 . ' W. - -x,--. " iac --j i .- virr-t .. . -.n -;. -f -ynkia .rts- y . aiw;. .! Top Row: Left to Right: Brady, Buckiey, Crout, Cunningham, Harris Sanderson, Stockton, Dobbs. Bottom Row: Lehman, P rather. G T i S I G N 1 P II I WITHOUT THEM, ROMAN CULTURE WOULD SUFFER OFFICERS HARRY H. CUNNINGHAM President DEWEY BUCKLEY Vice-President ANN STOCKTON Secretary MARILYN SANDERSON Treasurer BILLY CROUT , Sergeant-at-arms MRS. COBB, MRS. COULLET, MISS CRAIG, MR. FERGUSON, DR. HAMILTON, MR. SANDERS, DR SMITH . . Faculty Members Students of the classics who achieve a B overage for three semesters in their chosen language are eligible for membership in Eta Sigma Phi. The meetings are held, apparently, at the suggestion of the Muses. The Greeks had a word for some things, but it would have taxed their vocabulary to describe the annual Eta Sigma Phi banquet. Page 100 IITERMTIOiU RELITIOIS CLUB THEY ARE A T HOME ABROAD OFFICERS LEELA FRANCES BERRYHILL GRACE EDWARDS . NED O ' BRIEN . . . . President Vice-Presidenl Secretary-Treasurer PROF. FERGUSON, PROF. HARDIN, DR. MOORE, DR. WHARTON Faculty Members This group of students is the authority on civilization past and present. They can tell you the mean- ing of the Tenth Amendment or explain the latest bill brought up in Congress, and are outstanding for their excellence in history and economics. Top Row: Left to Riglit; Armstrong, Berryhill, Carter, Emmerich, Fox Guernsey, O ' Brien, Russell. Bottom Row: Fortinberry, Page 101 . ' i ' Q:iT,OT.»-Tjv ' ts;:r ' " i2ti eaKi£i.jirz. r«:, t. r .r ,B- 3»c7-racafartB UPHl EPSILOI DELTA THE EINSTEINS AND CURIES OF 1955 OFFICERS CLYDE GUNN . . DEAN CALLOWAY; CHARLES HOGUE . BETTY CLARK HAMILTON DICK DEVER . PROF. GALLOWAY, DR. PRICE, DR. PRIDDY, DR. RIECKEN, DR. STURDIVANT President Vice-Presidents Secretary-Treasurer Reporter- Historian Faculty Members Alpha Epsilon Delta, national pre-medical fraternity, includes the most promising doctors-to-be in a school well known for its science department. The chapter this year sponsored the physical examinations given to oil new students. Gunn yields the gavel, and Hamilton is chief note-taker for these scientists. Top Row: Left to Right: Gunn, Calloway, Hamilton, Dever, Bishop Middle Row; Cowan, Hogue, Morgan, Stebbins, Brandon Bottom Row; Holmes, Lee, Phillips, Radford, Wood, V right. Page ,102 - f ' a . _ jp ■ . » r£rvs Lm Wi _2o Ji ' , m . Top Row: Left to Right: Graves, Eastman, Gray, Bain, Bending Middle Row: Berryhill, Lamp ton, Williams, Abel, Fisher Bottom Row: Fox, Hoys, Myers, Newell, Price Shumoker. KilPPil DELTA EPSILOI M I L L S A P S ' CONTRIBUTION TO THE CHILDREN OF TOMORROW OFFICERS TRULY GRAVES President ETHEL EASTMAN First Vice-President FRANCES GRAY Second Vice-President ADA MAE BAIN Secretary LOIS BENDING Corresponding Secretary MARY FRANCES MEADOWS Treasurer PROF. HAYNES Sponsor A national honorary fraternity for those co-eds who are our future educators, KDE is under the effi- cient sponsorship of Professor Haynes. Their conventions are famous, and they strive to encourage higher standards of scholastic leadership. Page 103 A . ' -tr ' v . s..:: ' .-mi -.-.ggj7 - -jkt-k-;.. . y-i. ■T- ' jr-ru.iii-.Tm ' r-fmaiiTtimir-mimrentTKmimMtt Top Row: Left to Right: Armstrong, Berryhill, Bizzell, Brewer, Butler Middle Row: Carver, Cowan, Hutfo, Lampton, Medlin Bottom Row: Moore, Pittman, Porter, Reed, Robertson, Stondefer. M 1 J R E T T E CLUB THEY SHOW WHAT BEAUTY, B AINS, AND BRAWN CAN DO OFFICERS CATHERINE ARMSTRONG President MARY ELIZABETH COWAN Vice-President KATHRYN CARVER Secretary-Treasurer BARBARA ROBERTSON Intramurals Manager MARY ANNA MEDLIN Representative To Women ' s Council Combining beauty, brains, and brawn, this group of girls plays an important part on the campus by giving recognition to those girls outstanding in the sports field. They sponsor girls ' intramurals and the annual Stunt Night. Page 104 f f J J C L I] B WHAT WOMEN DREAM ABOUT OFFICERS JAY JACKSON President VAN STEWART Vice-President OTIS PIGOTT Secretary-Treasurer GEORGE MADDOX Reporter COACH BARTLING Sponsor To advance the interests of athletics and athletes, to promote high standards of scholarship, to represent the college worthily, to exemplify sportsmanship and courage in victory and defeat — to these principles the " M " Club of Millsaps College is dedicated. Top Row: Left to Right: Davis, Carr, Christmas, Clay, Jackson, Moddox Middle Row: Mcintosh, Mann, Pigott, Russell, Rush, Sills Bottom Row: Stokes, Stewart, Wade, White, Winons, Martinson. Page 105 iju ' ■■■■!i» iiimiifciniiiwiwi I li iiiiiidninhi tm-irmgmtiywwrirmt Top Row: Left to Right: Hamilton, Potrick, Fisher Bottom Row: Hall, Pullen, Roberts. H 1 D G L T 1 THE " FEMMES FATALES " OF PEN AND INK OFFICERS BETTY CLARK HAMILTON President JOYCE PATRICK Vice-President GLORIA FISHER Secretary MRS. STONE, MISS CRAIG, MRS. GOODMAN Faculty Members Chi Delta is the women ' s honorary literary sorority which seeks to promote and perpetuate a genuine interest in literature. At monthly meetings, selections composed by the members themselves are read, various classics and authors are discussed, and speakers sometimes are invited. To become a member of Chi Delta, one must show a talent for creative writing and a keen admiration for the beau ty found in all great literature. Pog» 106 - 1 JSBftF- U TU (al ■ i : ! YS« Top Row: Left to Right: Ammons, Bending, Berryhill, Hamilton Bottom Row: Houghton, Medhn, Patrick, Porter, WOMEFS PilHELLEIIC MIDNIGHT SESSIONS, RUSH WEEK, TEAS ALL FOR HARMONY OFFICERS LEELA FRANCES BERRYHILL President ANN PORTER Vice-President BETTY CLARK HAMILTON Secretary LOIS BENDING Treasurer MRS. MARY STONE Faculty Advisor Women ' s Pan-Hellenic is the organization which controls the feminine half of the Millsaps Greek Letter world. Composed of two members from each of the four national Pan-Hellenic sororities on the campus, it makes the rushing rules and carries them out. At the beginning of each year, Women ' s Pan- Hellenic sponsors a tea for the rushees, thus providing an example of the co-ordination of sororities that the group seeks to achieve. Pass 108 Top Row: Left to Right: McWilliams, Longmire, Hogue, Callowoy Bottom Row: Folwell, Miller, O ' Brien. M E r S P O - II E L L E II (] THEY RAISE GUIDEPOSTS FOR FRAT LIFE OFFICERS GEORGE McWILLIAMS BILL LONGMIRE CHARLES HOGUE President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer Fraternal spirit and social harmony among the fraternities are the goals of Men ' s Pan-Hellenic. It is composed of two representatives from each fraternity who make the rules that govern rush week, socials, and inter-fraternity relationships. Their rule is firm but achieves much in promoting better relations and good sportsmanship in all fraternity dealings. Page 109 I .n JUJJ! AUintXk EJi U ' XkMfiE «BBK71I !■ Illli IIH ' IIW Ml II IIII W IKII I ll Ml ll l l i Colors: Ruby and Pink Founded— University of Missouri, December 12, 1888. Established at Millsaps— September 1, 1926 Flowers: Richmond and Killarney Roses Publication — " The Urn. " Here Betas, there Betas, everywhere Betas, or so it seems, as these girls have been more than busy this year. Prominent Berryhill, who heads many campus organizations, and Lampton, who is president of Women ' s Council, were listed in Who ' s Who. Myers, Price, and Hays were tapped by KDE. Blumer was a member of the " Dear Ruth " cast. Berryhill was elected secretary-treasurer of the student body and also of the senior class. Medlin and Liming were also class offices. The boys were entertained at a Southern Eail. Jean-clod Betas scrubbed and polished for days as the moved into their chapter apartment on Cong ess St ee . The Ee ' as also vis ' ted the Charity Hospital each week. MEMBERS Armstrong, Catherine Berryhill, Leela Frances Bizzell, Polly Blumer, Carol Broun, Carole Collins, Lucy Comfort, Elaine Cowan, Mary E. CeWees, Fcye Hoys, Carolyn Lampton, Elizabeth Ann Limino, Dorris Martin, M.iriam Mayo, Jerry MxDonald, Rubye Ella McKay, Laura Jean Medlin, Mary Anno Myers, Dot Shanks, Ruth Williams, Joyce Brown, Mignonne Coleman, Anna Jones, Creath Lipham, Dorothy Jean Monette, Jean Prince, Ella Guy Robinson, Sue Gorber, Betty Gray, Frances Gregory, Juanita Newell, Jane Ellen Prother, Patti Ann Price, Sommie Sonford, Bettye Skinner, John Effie Speights, Nolo Jean OFFICERS LEELA FRANCES BERRYHILL President ELIZABETH ANN LAMFTON Vice-President LAURA JEAN McKAY . Recording Secretary MIRIAM MARTIN . Corresponding Secretary KATHRYN CARVER ... Treasurer SAMMIE PRICE Warden Poge 1 10 BETil SIGMA OMIOROW ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Top Row: (Left to Right ' : Armstrong, Berryhill, Bizzel!, Blumer, Collins, Comfort, Cowan . , Second Rcw: DeWees, Garber, Gray, Gregory, Hoys, Lompton, Liming Third Row: Martin, Mayo, McDonald, Mc- Kay, M.edlin, Myers, Newell . . . Fourth Row: Prather, Price, Shanks, Williams, Brown, Coleman, Jones . . Fifth Row: Lipham, Monette, Princs, Robinson, Sanford, Skinner, Speights. Founded — University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895. Established at Millsaps - March 31, 1934. Colors: Cardinal and Straw. Flower: White Carnation. Publication — " The Eleusis. " This year the Chi O ' s have managed to hold fast to their traditions of brains plus beauty. Jean Houghton, Sis, and Lucy were among this year ' s debutantes, Lucy being the president of the group. Lou Kern was selected Freshman Queen and Freshman Cheerleader,- Sis, Porter, and Truly represented our rani s in the honorories. Dossett was a beauty, while Ragland, Rhymes, and Corley were favorites. Houghton turned dramatic and walked off with the lead in " Dear Ruth. " In a mad seige of pinnings, Lucy, Linda, Janie Calmes, and Dot Doty snagged one apiece to tie down the men in their lives, while at Christmas, Truly took the fatal step and promptly began to burn her hands cooking for Jack. MEMBERS Adcock, Agatha Bat ton, Virginia Ann Brewer, Betty DeCelle, Cornelia Dessert, Betty Dunaway, Mary Fox, Janet Fox, Joan Graves, Truly Porter, Ann Roberts, Miriam Stietenroth, Dot Williams, Bettyonne Grayson, Patty Gray, Ruth Beachom, Frances Ann Calmes, Jonie Coughran, Jane Fairly, Ann Jenkins, Marcie D. Kern, Betty Lou Latham, Frances Leep, Virginia Phillips, Folly Purser, Mary Lynn Ragland, Morgoret Rankin, Emmodeon Haughton, Jean Legler, Mert Loflin, Frances McKinnon, Nodine Corley, Carolyn Davis, Betty Jo DeCelle, Sarah Gene Doty, Dot Rhymes, Linda Robinson, Lucy Stokes, Marie Williams, Betty Ann OFFICERS ANN PORTER President JANET FOX Vice-President TRULY GRAVES Secretary MIRIAM ROBERTS .... Treasurer BETTY DOSSETT Pledge Trainer CORNELIA DeCELLE . Correspondent Page 112 (] H 1 M G G 1 CHI DELTA CHAPTER Top Row: Left to Right): Adcock, Batton, Brewer, C. DeCelle, Dossett, Dunaway, Janet Fox . Second Row: Joan Fox, Graves, Houghton, Legler, Loflin, Porter, Roberts , Third Row: Stietenroth, B. Williams, Gray, Beocham, Coimes, Caughran, Corley . . . Fourth Row: Davis, S. Decell, Doty, Fairly, Jenkins, Kern, Latham, Leep . Fifth Row: Phillips, Purser, Ragland, Rankin, Rhymes, Robinson, Stokes, B. A. Williams. iistsaaiimiiaxM3sniiiicjemf tuimirftmsiim s B!is.ii M iis Founded — Virginia State Normal College, October 23, 1897. Established at Millsaps — September 26, 1914. Colors; Green and White. Flower; White Rose. Publication — " Angelos of Kappa Delta. " The girls of the diamond shield once again filled a year with activities and honors. They celebrated their golden anniversary with a reception for the faculty and students. Their dates were entertained in the Kappa Delta Garden of Dreams with a fairyland theme. Sanderson, Swartwout and Ammons were on the list of beauties. Applewhite and Swartwout won dramatic honors in " Dear Ruth. " Tennant helped cheer us to victory as a cheerleader. Ridgwoy was elected secretary of the freshman class. But the most exciting happening of the year was actually getting the house papered. MEMBERS Abernethy, Patsy Ammons, Ann Applewhite, Milchie Atwood, Betty Jo Betheo, Ann Bell, Barbara Bending, Lois Caldwell, Mary Ann Emmerich, Ida Fae French, Bobbye Hall, Clarissa Hutto, Carol Jolly, Helen Leonard, Fannie Buck Meadows, Mary Frances Pullen, Lulu Sanderson, Marilyn Simmons, Amelia Simmons, Gene Stebblns, Jane Tennant, Mary LeGrande Weems, Betty Conlee, Faye Dement, Betty Dunning, Sue East, Mildred Estes, Carolyn Hutchinson, Mary Evelyn McNeese, Bette Oakes, Patsy Provost, Miriam Ridgway, Elizabeth Runge, Kathryn Hathorn, Amanda Holland, Mary Elizabeth Bonner, Peggy Coleman, Betty June Swartwout, Gene Wren, Betty Sue OFFICERS LOIS BENDING President BETTY WEEMS , , , , Vice-President IDA FAE EMMERICH . . . Secretary AMANDA HATHORN . . . Treasurer MARILYN SANDERSON Assistant Treasurer PATSY ABERNETHY Editor Page 1 14 K 1 P P 1 DELTA NU CHAPTER Top Row: (Left to Righti: Abernethy, Ammons, Atwood, Bethea, Bell, Bending, Caldwell , . . Second Row: Emmerich, Hall, Hathorn, Holland, Hutto, Jolly, Leonard Third Row: Pullen, Sanderson, Stebbins, Tennant, Bonner, Coleman, Conlee , , Fourth Row: Dement, Dunning, East, Estes, Hutchinson, McNeese . . Fifth Row: Ookes, Provost, Ridgway, Runge, Swortwout, Wren. f:a»£ %££SfJE ;£ ffi Founded — Wesleyan College, March 4, 1852. Established at Millsaps - March 24, 1914. Colors: Rose and White. Flower: Rose Carnation. Publication ' Aglaia. " Since 1914 when Phi Leto became Epsilon chapter of Phi Mu and the first national sorority at Mill- saps, things have rolled smoothly along, at least until the recent succession of red-heads i5— count ' em — 51 came to clash with the pink carnations which les souers fideles hold sacred. Phi Mus are proud of AED, Sigma Lambda, Who ' s Who, Chi Delta prexy. Phi Mu Vice-President Hamilton; and Chapter President Patrick, who is second in command in Chi Delta. Hamilton and Johnson were voted favorites. MEMBERS Brady, Rosanna Butler, Rosalind Ca llahan, Annie Ruth Collins, Mary Evelyn Crowther, Frances Hamilton, Betty Clark Harlan, Broadine May Johnston, Jo Ann Knight, Nancy Lee, Martha Jean Ozier, Betty Jean Patrick, Joyce Robertson, Barbara Standefer, Fay Barlow, Doris Anne Bartlett, Barbara Brent, Mary Jane Brewer, Christine Busby, Patricia Craft, Nell Entrekin, Nelle Guion, Doris Hughes, Virginia Ann Jones, Audrea Robbins, Patricio Scott, Jean Shorron, Doris Jean Smith, Anne Standifer, Emma Jean Landingham, Betty Von Wood, Ann Elizabeth OFFICERS JOYCE PATRICK BETTY CLARK HAMILTON FAY STANDEFER BARBARA ROBERTSON MARTHA JEAN LEE ROSALIND BUTLER lO ANN JOHNSTON NANCY KNIGHT . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter-Historian Pledge Trainer . Rush Chairman Rush Chairman Page 1 16 P H I M D EPSILON CHAPTER Top Row: iLeft to Right): Brady, Butler, Callahan, Crowther, Hamilton, Johnston Second Row: Knight, Lee, Ozier, Patrick, Robertson, Standefer . Third Row: Barlow, Bartlett, Brent, Brewer, Busby, Craft Fourth Row: Entrekin, Guion, Hughes, Jones, Robbins, Scott Fifth Row: Sharron, Smith, Standifer, Von Londinghom, Wood. msF siKjCysKts ' I wiWi ' irtfTimiU Colors: Blue and White. Founded— University of Oklahoma, April, 1938. Established at Millsaps - July 19, 1943. Publication — " N. I, S. A. Newsletter. " Flower: White Carnation. The Vikings is an organization for independent girls. It is one of the outstanding groups on the cam- pus. They are non-Greeks and are proud of their members who are chosen for all sorts of honors. Ann Stockton was tapped by Sigma Lambda and also was chosen for Who ' s Who. She, among other things, heads the YWCA Cabinet and is on Christian Council. Jimmie Lou Moore, Pat Reed, and Frances Pittmon represent the group in the Majorette Club, and give only a sample of the power of all Vikings intra- murals teams. President Reed is on S. E. B., while Catherine Shumaker wos tapped into K. D. E. The Vik- ings ' parties are always novel and highly entertaining — Sadie Hawkins ' Day, to mention one of the most outstanding. MEMBERS Anger, Dot Arbuckle, Gwendolyne Billings, Peggy Boozer, Jean Cage, Alice Calhoun, Emma Jean Campbell, Jane Cormichoel, Robby Nell Chang, Ruth Corley, Beth Dorracott, Virginia Eudy, Mary Havard, Louise Hubbard, Dorothy Johnson, Frances Johnson, Ruth Langdon, Linda Leech, Doris Machen, Sarah Marcum, Pot McCluney, Linda McCoy, Inez McCoy, Wanda Mclnturff, Yvonne O ' Callaghon, Ann Pendergast, Marion Pittman, Frances Ratcliff, EvQ Roy, Lena Mae Reed, Pat Sauls, Billie Schuh, Ann Shumaker, Catherine Scott, Onie Slater, Carolyn Stockton, Ann Evans, Dorothy Files, Winnie Ruth Hardy, Fenny Moore, Jimmie Lou Moss, Mary Alice Myer.s, Morjorie Volkenburg, Genealo Von Wynne, Jean Yerby, Elizabeth OFFICERS PAT REED . . President ANN STOCKTON . . , Vice-President FRANCES JOHNSON . . . Secretary JEAN WYNNE Treasurer Page llf V I K 1 I G S Top Row: (Left to Right): Anger, Arbuckle, Billings, Boozer, Cage, Campbell, Carmichael, Chang . . . Second Row: Dorracott, Eudy, Files, Hardy, Havord, Hubbard, Johnson, R. Johnson , Third Row: Langdon, Leech, Machen, Marcum, McCluney, McCoy, Mclnturff, Moore Fourth Row: Moss, O ' Cal- Icghan, Pittman, Ratcliff, Ray, Reed, Sauls Fifth Row: Schuh, Shumaker, Scott, Slater, Stockton, Van Valkenburg, Wynne- Founded — Washington College, December 21, 1865. Established at Millsaps - October 1, 1893. Colors.- Rose and Old Gold. Flower; Magnolia and Crimson Rose. Publication — " Kappa Alpha Journal. " The KA ' s have upheld their southern traditions at Millsaps for over half a century. Led by " slow but sure " Longmire, they have excelled this year in sports and, of course, in romance. Martin Baker finally decided love wasn ' t so bad, after all, and parted with his pin. With Bishop, Holmes, Dever, and Davis as some of the representatives to the honoraries, this whole group of Dixieland boys has had a leading part in all activities of the school. Rush and Barwick copped class presidencies to add to the chapter laurels. One need look no further than the KA house for entertainment, for such characters as Barwick, Boadwee, Longinotti, and Williams keep the whole campus in a continuous uproar. MEMBERS Amason, Robert Baker, Bill Baker, Martin Barnett, Bill Barwick, Jim Bishop, Jack Boadwee, C. C. Bingham, Charles Cauthen, Campbell Conner, Weir Hutchlns, Harry Jordan, Ernest Longinotti, James Longmire, Bill Magee, A. B. Martin, Charles Perkins, John Pyle, Bert Ratliff, Julius Rush, Lowry Cook, Edsel Cotten, John Cutrer, George England, James Hudspeth, Charles Hughes, Enoch Jeffreys, Rodney Jenkins, Cecil Lossing, Fay Mogruder, Ernest Davis, Alden Dever, Richard Egger, John Evans, Allan Folwell, Horry Fowler, Frank George, Greer Goodman, Bill Graves, B. B. Harlan, Ed Henry, Joe Holmes, James Shotts, Ralph Sills, Joe Sours, Charles Stokes, Walter Williams, Duke Allen, Tip Beoird, Mitchell Bonney, Henry Buchanan, Aubrey Bufkin, Joe Cassity, Turner Coleman, Bill Porter, Ralph Ratliff, George Reeves, Ernest P. Robertson, Sandy Selah, Bill Sumrall, Bill Turner, Poteat Unger, Langdon Wall, Woodson Williams, Rudolph Wills, Bill Martinson, Mike OFFICERS BILL LONGMIRE .... Number I HARRY FOLWELL .... Number II HARRY HUTCHINS . . . Number III Poge 120 K 1 P P i i L P H 1 ALPHA MU CHAPTER Top Row: (Left to Righti: Amason, W. Baker, M. Baker, Barnett, Berwick, Bishop, Boadwee, Caufhen, Conner, Davis . . . Second Row: Dever, Egger, Folwell, Fowler, George, Goodman, Graves, Harlan, Holmes, Hutchins , , Third Row: Longinotti, Longmirs, Perkins, Pyle, Ratliff, Rush, Shotts, Sills, Sours, Stokes . Fourth Row: Williams, Allen, Beaird, Bonney, Buchanan, Bufkin, Cassity, Coleman, Cook, Gotten , . Fifth Row: Cutrer, England, Hudspeth, Hjghes, Jeffreys, Jenkins, Lossing, Magruder, Porter . . . Sixth Row: G. Ratliff, Reeves, Robertson, Selah, Turner, Unger, R. Williams, Wills, Martinson. i,r M,. :tr. iaLj ' , rir:i i =i c f ' d Founded — University of Virginia, December 10, 1869. Established at Millsops - October 18, 1895. Colors: Scarlet, Green, and White. Flower: Lily of the Valley. Publication — " The Caduceus. " The members of Kappa Sig ' s " Star and Crescent " have again enlightened their way through another big year with such stellar ODKs as O ' Brien and Carter taking the lead, and Miers officiating as sopho- more vice-prexy. Clay, Mann, Box, Howard, Decell, and Lee are still limping after trying for months to fol- low orders given by head cheerleader Hays. Oh, yes, the last Barn Dance was not soon forgotten, or in the words of Tucker Fleming, " It was a good ' un! " Over at the house, " Mickey Mouse " Mann wields the club as house manager, while party boys Hill and M.ay promise bigger and better meetings of the " Wednesday Mite Club. " MEMBERS Allen, Sam Berbette, Moran Bethea, Bill Bingham, Ookly Boyd, Douglas Carter, Billy Clorkson, N. E. Clay, Tom Caruthers, Larry Everett, Lou Fleming, Gene Forten berry, Jerry Lee, Frank Mann, Billy May, Bill Miers, Lee Morgan, Turner Naef, Charles McCarty, John G. O ' Brien, Ned Owens, Walton Greene Phillips, A. M. Radford, James Roilsbock, Lee Carroll, Bill Clack, John M. Decell, Lonnie Dunlop, Bobby Floyd, R. E, Hammond, Douglas Hothorn, Robert Kimbrough, Richard Lawrence, Joe Liming, Morris Magee, Henry Nelson, Harold Gregory, Clarence GuI.edge, Sonny Hardin, Bill Hays, Ralph Hill, George Hogue, Charles Howard, Smythe Irby, Phil Johnson, Fred Lommons, George Roberts, Tom Sumerlin, Al Tanner, Louie Weaver, Russell Wroten, John Baird, Frank Blue, Charlie Box, Neol Burke, Bobby Burst, Bobby Carr, Gordon Norton, Pete Posey, Sonny Ragsdole, Billy Sonford, Tom Simpson, Frank Suttle, Bill Thomas, Charles Tillman, Harmon Welker, Conrad Williams, Tommy OFFICERS WILLIAM O. CARTER , , President BILLY MANN .... Vice-President BILL BETHEA M. C. JERRY FORTENBERRY , . . Secretary CHARLES HOGUE .... Treasurer N. E. CLARKSON Guard WALTON GREENE OWENS Guard Page 122 R A P P 1 SIGMA ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER Top Row: (Left to Right): Berbette, Bethea, Boyd, Carter, Clarkson, Clay, Fleming, Fortenberry Second Row: Gregory, Hardin, Hill, Hogue, Howard, Irby, Johnson, Lee , . Third Row: Mann, May, Miers, Morgan, Naef, McCarty, O ' Brien, Phillips , Fourth Row: Radford, Railsback, Roberts, Tanner, Blue, Box, Burke, Carr , Fifth Row: Clack, Dunlap, Hammond, Hathorn, Kimbrough, Lawrence, Liming, Magee, Nelson . . . Sixth Row: Norton, Rogsdale, Sonford, Simpson, Suttle, Thomas, Tillman, Welker, Williams. r, A.- ' - ir_.-:2c r. -« ' JS " n " i! r? -iap-iS ii.Jt i ' j- i Founded — Boston University, November 2, 1909. Established at Millsaps - October, 1939. Colors: Purple, Green, and Gold. Publication: " Purple, Green, and Gold. " Glancing over their shoulders at a year of rapid change, the old guard having left shoes of im- pressive si ze to be filled, the men of Theta Eta of Lambda Chi Alpha look cheerfully and confidently forward. More easily characterized than typified, Theta Eta has found success in all the past year ' s ventures —win, lose, or draw. The student body found a social high spot in the " Purple, Green, and Gold Ball " and has chalked up one more to Lambda Chi ' s credit. Not to be accused of unwillingness to participate in any field of activity, Horry Whyte and T. C. Miller are competing for campus honors in the vital statistics department. With boys like " Preacher " Frank Brown, Howard Trimble, and Horry James sparking the working organization, Theta Eta has remained a potent factor on the campus. You will find Lambda Chi ' s in all phases of campus activity and, to a man, you will find them to be solid citizens. MEMBERS Allen, Frank Allen, W. P., Jr. Ates, Billy Bills, Samuel Eoswell, Frank Brown, Frank Head, Lindsey Heard, Floyd James, Harold Miller, Eddie Powell, Joe Soch, Robert Trimble, Howard Whyte, Horry Burchfield, Edward Bryant, John Derrington, Clarence Davis, James Jones, Willie Moore, Jr. Lee, George Luke, Harry Luke, Keith Myers, William Nichols, Bruce Parker, Herman Parker, Mack Pattie, Willie Jenkins, Howard Kemp, Tom Kolb, Roy Miller, T. C. Font, Foster Goodsell, Arthur Goodsell, Joseph Jockson, Cyril Johnson, William Prince, Julian Puckett, Jesse Roland, James Webb, Steve OFFICERS T. C. MILLER President BILL ALLEN ... Vice-President HAROLD JAMES Secretary ROBERT SOCH ... . Treasurer HOWARD JENKINS , Rush Chairman HARRY WHYTE Social Chairman JOE POWELL Ritualist 124 L1M6D1 CHI UPHl THETA ETA ZETA Top Row: (Left to Righfi: Allen, Brown, James, Kemp, Kolb Second Row: T. Miller, E. Miller, Soch, Trimble, Burchfield Bottom Row: Bryant, Font, Johnson, Myers, Parker, Puckett. S s. ' y juurrni Founded — University of Virginia, March 1, 1868. Established at Millsaps - March 23, 1905. Colors- Garnet and Gold. Publication " Shield and Diamond. ' Flower: Lily of the Valley. The boys of the shield and diamond maintained the fast pace set by their high standards years ago. Two class presidencies went their way; Guernsey edited the P W, aided by Hutto, with Marks holding the money bags. ODKs Russell and M.addox make more evident the leadership ability the chapter strives to achieve. Lehman, McWilliams, C. Wright, Guernsey, and Zander pulled down other presidencies. Alpha Iota led the entire campus in membership in the honoraries; three were in Who ' s Who. Renewal of the traditional Cotton Ball climaxed the socials. Cup:ake remained " a paragraph in himself. " MEMBERS Alvis, Lester Bonner, Lee Boone, Charles Boone, Mackey Bunner, Carl Butler, Charles Caver, Harold Calloway, Dean Corruth, Stuart Chance, Merritt Charles, Kenneth Cooper, W. B. Lampton, William Lehman, Charles Lott, W. R. Maddox, George Montz, Bobby Marks, Sutton McWilliams, George Keill, John Newell, Sam Peek, Emory Ray, Bob Russell, Walloce Broshier, Earl Butler, Bill Burnham, Billy Conerly, Joe Gardner, Jimmy Grantham, Johnny Holmes, Dick Lee, Clay Lewis, Earl McDowell, Jimmy McKee, Curtis Middleton, Gene Crisler, Bill Clendenning, Pat Clayton, Bill Gaddis, John Guion, Osborn Guernsey, Carl Herm, Bill Hamilton, Bob Hunt, Bruner Hutto, Ralph Holmes, Greg Jacobs, Billy Jones, Bill Kennedy, Roland King, Paul Shotts, Alex Scott, George Slaughter, Bill Watson, Bill Wells, Brad Weothersby, William Wiggers, Charles Wiggins, Morvin Wofford, John Wright, Billy Wright, Charles Zander, Honk Andrews, Roi Allen, Albert Beard, Dudley Pearson, Don Prince, Billy Ridgwoy, Wallace Smith, Cecil Stewart, Parks Turner, Dick Zont, Ed Van Wolly, Robert Walton, Bob Word, James Whitehead, Steve Williams, George Williams, James Russell, Gene Gibson, Lawrence MIhT fiill flTirT OFFICERS STUART CARRUTH BILLY WRIGHT , , MARVIN WIGGINS WILLIAM LAMPTON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Page 126 PI KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Top Row: (Left to Right): Bonner, Boone, Butler, Calloway, Chance, Charles, Cooper, Ciendenning, Goddis , Second Row: Guernsey, Herm, Hamilton, Hunt, Hutto, Jones, King, Lehman, Maddox Third Row: Manfz, Marks, McWillioms, Neill, Ray, Russell, Wells, Weothersby, W- Wright Fourth Row: C. Wright, Zander, Andrews, Allen, Beard, Lee, Lewis, Middleton, Pearson Fifth Row: Ridgway, Stewart, Turner, Walton, Ward, Whitehead, Williams, G. Russell. Founded — University of Oklahoma, 1938. Publication — " N. I. S. A. Newsletter. " OFFICERS GENE NETTLES President WALTER BERRYHILL . , Vice-President BOWMAN CLARKE Secretary-Treasurer WAYNE FERRIS . , Athletic Chairman Clarke Nettles Lewis Roberts THE B 1 R B 1 R I 1 I S Locally referred to as the Barbarians, these non-fraternity students are actually a part of the National Independent Student Association. This Association was officially formed into a national group at the University of Oklahoma in 1938. The Barbarians are headed by Dancing Gene Nettles, who is ably assisted by Berryhill and Clark. Berryhill, Walter Clarke, Bowman Crespo, Javier Crespo, Monuel Ferris, Wayne French, R. H., Jr. Howell, Charles MEMBERS Jones, Bill Merrilt McEwen, Fred Nettles, Gene Roberts, James Lewis, Ben Weems, Ray Windham, Charles Page 128 COACH DOBY BARTLING Coach Completing his second year at Millsaps as Head Coach and Athletic Director, Coach Doby Eartling had the privilege of doing a thing that had not been done in a decade. On the night of October 25, at Tiger Stadium, the Millsaps Majors met the Mississippi College Choctaws in their annual gridiron clash. From the starting whistle to the lost play the Bartling-coached team took a lead secured early in the football game and defeated the previously invincible Choctaws 7-0. Coach Bartling not only has been the brains behind the games— football, basketball, and baseball— but also has been throughout it all a friend and a helper to each of his boys. He never asks what he himself wouldn ' t attempt to do. The biggest tribute the boys could have paid him was their loyalty to him and was also the increasing numbers of men who turned out for each of the sports this year. Page 130 RUSH DAWKINS HARDIN VARTINSON COACHING STAFF AND ATHLETIC DIRECTORS CHEERLEADERS Jce Gocdsell, Betty Lou Kern, ,ary LeGrande Tennant, Allen Evans; and standing, Ralph Hays. ILLUPS Winning four out of six football games, the Millsaps Majors scored 80 points to their opponents ' 50. The highlight of the 1948 season came in Millsaps ' 7-0 win over the Mississippi College Choctaws. Quarterback Joy Jackson dealt the Choctows their misery in two doses when he first scored from the three yard line and then kicked the extra point. Although a heavy rain put a damper on the Homecoming Day activities, the Majors were able to swim to a victory over the Lynxmen from Southwestern and then the student body retired to the Victory Room for a real celebration sponsored by the M Club. We might add that the sponsors chosen for this game and the whole series of events added much to the beauty of the occasion. Aside from a very successful season, the Millsaps Majors were also able to place two men on the 1948 Little Ail-American Team — Halfback Dave Mcintosh from McComb and Center John Christmas of Vicksburg. First Row: left to right: Decell, White, Mcintosh, Winans, Box, Mann, Williams, Maddox, Clay, Bailess, Wade, Coach Bortling . . . Second Row: Lacour, Lee, Pigott, Christmas, Whatley, J. Stewart, Jabour, Horn, Jackson, Britt, Strange, Davis, V. Stewart . . . Third Row: Hobgood, P. Stewart, Guion, Hathorn, Weems, Peacock, Grantham, Jones, Jor- dan, Hammond, Perrott, Font. Page 132 ilJORS U1 SCOREBOARD MILLSAPS 7 DELTA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE 12 MILLSAPS 7 MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE MILLSAPS 19 ALABAMA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE 6 MILLSAPS 13 SEWANEE 26 MILLSAPS 20 SOUTHWESTERN MILLSAPS 14 STETSON 6 f T i y i j ' CAPTAIN VAN STEWART - Guard CHRISTMAS - Center M E I II IH T 1 I Naughty, naughty, mustn ' t spank! . . . Tackle Don Wilcox stops Sewanee ' s halfback from crawling for more yardage. W ' -««■• ' ■ ' ' Jackson scores over the m ' ddle in the Millsaps-Alabama State Teachers game. Millsaps won. Of TUG FIELD V.clNTOSH - Left Halfback MADDOX - Tackle BS5»awBOTEeBKHic:»i: ' ; ' ; 7-v ■ liv T ' li :JV. rf ' ji AH;! . a■ mBSFE SSSfSSUCBSH T H I WINANS - Guard JABOUR - Tackle HOWARD - Guard WILLIAMS - Guard PLAYERS J. STEWART - Guard BAILESS - Center BOX - End WADE - End iJS ' SSFESSPSRSiSErjW lLay - Uucirtei-bcick Pigott - End Little Ail-American halfback Dave Mcintosh picks up three yards around Sewanee ' s end. Sewanee won. , ■ i " i ' -i«! -. ' SMiNiMlB . ! FIRST TEAM — Kneeling: Wade, Maddox, Winans, Christmas, V. Stewart, Lacour, Pigott . . Standing: Britt, Jackson, Davis, Mcintosh. ORG FOOTBUL MANN - Right Halfback CARRUTH - Quarterback £ jmi ' a»!»«s:ss ' - TB SSn sS iaSSE 1 II Li DECELL - Guarte:-back BRiTT - Right Hcl ta: LACOUR - Tackle ENGLE - End PLAYERS DAVIS - Fullback WHAILtY - En WHITE - Fullback JACKSON - Quarterback " J ;« ' 5iS»lii».» ! ;i:.!»i«» «.®¥itts ' . 5£Sw»»E.- ' rj»J ' aL-r«? " ,51 m- 4 62 1 i S .« SO i X 60 . 57, v4 ' A SECOND TEAM - Kneeling: Whatley, Maddox, Williams, Bailess, J. Stewart, Jabour, Box Standing: Mann, Decell, White, Strange. STRANGE - Left Halfback MARTINSON Manager . OD SO GIDED THE F T B 1 L I S E 1 S 1 : 4 -l,S i ' j f »N 15 »N S4 I vLS4 USApj- 16 I 17 v KN V.S4 18 f -S4y 19 ,tSA d THE 1948 MILLSAPS MAJORS First Row: left to right: Christmas, Carr, Mcintosh, Pigott, Rush, Jeff- rays . . Second Row: Richardson, Dunlap, Dawkins, Mann, Decell, Stokes Third Row: Weems, Ratliff, Whatley, V. Stewart. BUKETKUL The 1948 basketball season saw the Millsaps Major basketeers take to the courts with zest and fire. Showing plenty of spirit, the local five defeated the Choctow s in the first clash but couldn ' t manage to keep up this record in the remaining games of the series with the arch-enemy. Other opponents came and went with the Major fhinclads always putting up a good fight regardless of the score. The team didn ' t break even in the win-lose columns, but sportsmanship won out every time. Pcge 144 BELL Center CARR Forward STOKES Forward CHRISTMAS Guard RATLIFF Forward WEEMS Guard ■ »t. ' l. J-. ' ' •■ " rj , t ' If ' m m . iJU«-S4 m f I : r ,1 ' . . .- .:» w ■« i1«» --«!■» - : , JEFFRAYS Center vv!:S_4a Vk e mRTIIG FIVE Carr, Christmas, Mcintosh, Pigott, Rush. MANN — Forward P!GOTT - Guard trVTr T ' " V .i4i TT •• i yft - N» ' J LSifi ■ Ms » j to BASEBilLL • 5i i -j. " dllfj iii » jaSirfr Ii? fElia :n, vsk-._.J« First Row: left to right: Coach Bartling, McLourin, Teasley, Glisson, V. Stewart, Decell, Winborn . , Second Row: Rush, Pigott, Russell, Collins, Mann, McCormick , , Third Row: Baker, Sills, Wiggers, Clay, J. Stewart, Hoys, Johnson. Pigott, Britt, Singletary, Mcintosh, Appley, George, Williams, Lee, Wade, Henry, Perrott, Box, Nettles, Fortenberry, Southerland, Brown, Heard, Allen, Jabour, Stienreide, Youngblood, Strange, Jackson, Gaddis. TRHK ff_f The Kappa Alpha speedball team, winners of the ' 48 intra- mural speedball trophy. mm u Intramurols champs show teamwork on the field. Page 149 ■naiiyMgBfe aa a ' tfiS iay L TSCTiesBMBaaiBB mmK ' Barstow and Cage prepare to receive, with Collins on the offensive. ngs Serves A Fast One. T E I I I S In spring a co-ed ' s fancy turns to lots of important things, not the least of which is tennis. How- ever, it would be a wrong impression if anyone thought that the courts just lay idle during the rest of the year. There ' s not too long a period of the school term when a player can ' t get in some good, enjoyable exercise out there. Many a girl has found that you don ' t have to know how to hit the boll when you first begin, but it helps. Besides being good fun, the list of new and better friends (both male and female) made on the ten- nis courts just grows by leaps and bounds. Perhaps this last thought attracts almost as many people as does the sport itself. Page 150 GOLF As soon as school gets under way, the golf course becomes a haven of relaxation from the day ' s grind. With advanced golfers getting in a few strokes between groups of freshmen beginners in physi- cal education classes, the place is teeming with activity. The word " fore " is constantly singing through the air as swarms of people vie for the lowest score. And the best part of it all is that no matter whether you win or lose, a good time can be had. On the campus, golf is an invigorating and a pleasant pastime that a great many students have taken advantage of. " Lil ' Un " Prepares A Mighty Drive, Davis Follows Through. ■ . i i iy t K f ?l ' , ' y . " , ..=?a- " Lii-y " , ' t: ' Ki,Aiv. -- ' Ti ' f T;! r . rjt- jivxrv,.- ' ' •.j«.. %„Tyn. j ,V ' f " i— -;:x- : ir ' .W Jt fiLe ;iff -3fr ii - ; « B 1 S K E T B A L L Winter ' s cold, stormy gales blow In and campus cuties often seek recreation indoors. The logical place for this being the gym, the crowd assembles there every time it ' s possible. For many girls who saw a great deal of action on hard-wood courts in high schools, there ' s a thrill in both the heart and the mind to hear the soft patter of rubber-soled feet scampering across the court, the thud of the ball bouncing on the floor, and the swish of the net as someone makes a goal. Others wander out, skeptically at first, then more and more willingly, wondering why they haven ' t tried this before. They just hadn ' t realized how much one could get from such activity. But once a basket- ball lover, always one. Page 152 fOLLEYBlLl. .. Volleyball is another of the indoor sports and the first to receive a working-over in intramural competition. The gome this year was played hard and fast. Many girls who hod never before been exposed to a volleyball court found time this year to become good players. With a combination of these and the more experienced players, any game proved to be very interesting indeed. RIDIIG.. . Horses, enough to go around — willing riders, the more the merrier — spirits of ad- venture and excitement — heaping portions of Friendship — and maybe even a dash of picnic lunch, for added flavor. These are the ingredients called for in having a glad time that begins with the planning and never ends, because you always have memories. Get your horses from Stockett ' s Stables, you ' ll have no trouble finding willing riders; excitement will mount up while everything else is being attended to, and friendship will just naturally be around. After the scene has been set, a ride through the woods, by the river ' s edge or wherever one chooses, is in order. Makes an unlimited amount of fun! This recipe bears a guarantee. ARCHERY... " I shot an arrow into the air. It fell to earth I knew not where. " But there ore people who can tell exactly where the arrow will land and it ' s not usually on the earth, but in the bull ' s-eye! These sheer geniuses Igenii?) ore the kind who spend much of their spore time with a bow in one hand and an arrow in the target. Many students hove discovered the pleasures of a date with an archery set — especially when there ' s competition involved. Page !53 — ■. , WOMEI ' S IITRMDRILS INTRAMURALS MANAGERS The planning commission for girls ' sports is com- posed of one representative from each of the five girls ' social organizations. These girls hold regular meetings and decide first what sport they v ill con- centrate on at a particular season, and then they set the calendar for the games and practice periods for each group. Front: Moore, Betheo; Back; Lampton, Williams, Robertson. INTRAMURALS VOLLEYBALL The volleyball cup this year went to an undefeated Viking team. Fast and furious, the volleyball season was a successful one this year. The standings at the close of the season in volleyball were first place, Vikings; second place. Kappa Delta; third. Beta Sigma Omi- crcH; fourth, Chi Omega and fifth, Phi Mu. Front Row: Left to Right: Longdon, Billings, Scott, Moore Middle Row: Reed, Cage, Marcum Back Row; Hardy, Shumaker, Evans. Page 154 TIME THE WEEKLY NEWSMAGAZINE u FLOATS SlULH AID DOUBLES... st ' se SfcritfcSr riAi ' m -sKiria li SiV«ffiunn 7 Kn SOUIRDS iii iiw iiiwiiiii «ii iii i wi iwi i t -rn-Ttiirt i iTii i T Tir ' r™ ' ' " " - " " ' pents . . . The editor and the staff of this, your 1948 Boboshela, wish to take this oppor- tunity to express their appreciation to all those who have helped make the yearbook a success. To Mr. Wood, we would like to say " Thanks for fixing our office up. " To " Sweets " Bennett, thanks for all the help on stencils and elections; to Miss Bufkin for all the in- formation; and to our beloved " Smiley " for keeping us happy in spite of our trials and tribulations. Last, we would like to say a big " Thank you " to the student body for their support and help in making the book possible. The editor would like to take this opportunity to tell all the staff that it has been a real pleasure to work with each of you. To the student body, it has been a privilege to serve you in this capacity and the editor wishes to express her appreciation for the opportunity of holding this position. We would also like to express our appreciation to the following companies, who through their generosity hove made possible our theme: Time Magazine Street and Smith Publishers, Inc. Sports Afield The Palmer Company, Publishers Events Publishing Company, Inc. F. A. Owen Publishing Company Scholastic Corporation School Arts F. W. Dodge Corporation M.cGrow-Hill Publishing Company, Inc. Forth Magazine Look Young America Glamour The Fraternity Month Poge 164 JULY 12; 1947 ' ■[L iS If nf Carroll R. Harding: As new head of Pullmon Co.. he is working for 57 railroods (poge A MCGR.AW-HILL PUBLICATION , TT ' for furniture of distinction s. ' rr ,- .„ BATTE FURNITURE CO. 217 WEST CAPITOL JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI DIAL 4-7731 P am ' ' Hoss Sense! " When you buy bread, you go to the bakery. When you buy a hat, you go to the Milliner . . . and, when you buy stationery, see your stationer first — The Office Supply! For fine personalized stationery, fine engraved cards, invitations, announcements and gifts, visit our Stationery Department, hiere you Vi ' ill find beautiful stationery to fit not only your personality, but your budget as well! Drop in, won ' t you? " COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS " THE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 517 E. Capitol St. Dial 3-4734 y illsaps Students are always welcome at yy[itchell studios 1241 2 W. CAPITOL 2-1690 See ' Us ' for - PORTRAITURE GLAMOUR SHOTS CANDID WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHS PHOTOGRAPHS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME " 7 MILLS IPS COLLEGE MISSISSIPPI A good college for Mississippi young people to attend SUMMER SCHOOL: 1st TERM. . JUNE 3-JULY 7 2nd TERM . . . JULY 8- AUGUST 11 FALL SESSION OPENS . . . SEPTEMBER 8 Registration . . . September 13 For Further Information Write DEAN WM. E. RIECKEN i " Wr ¥ 4HW» PERLINSKY ' S Over 80 Years In Canton, Miss. Hart Schaffner Marx Clothes Botany Brand " 500 " Clothes Arrow Shirts, Ties and Handkerchiefs Interwoven Socks Edwin Clapp and Florsheim Shoes Jarman Shoes Dobbs and Stetson Hats Expert Fitting Services Without Extra Charge JEWELERS " THE SILVER STORES OF MISSISSIPPI " JACKSON VICKSBURG Fashion Headquarters for JUNIOR, MISS and MATRON WEARING APPAREL HARKINS FLOWERS and GIFTS " Orchids to You " 621 W. Capitol 603 W, Capitol Phone 3-4732 Phone 3-9321 146 E. Capitol Phone 4-8636 ' ■ ■ ■ S. p. McRAE CO. DEPARTMENT STORE 202 WEST CAPITOL DIAL 4-8334 il 3023 N. State Phone 2-5246 19 E. Capitol Phone 5-2541 VSmfAWRO 240 E. CAPITOL JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI HUTCHINS MEN ' S WEAR 119 W. CAPITOL 4-4755 Mori Luggage Store Everything for the Traveler 111 W. Capitol Phone 3-1567 SODAS SANDWICHES SUNDRIES CANDIES DRUGS North State Pharmacy N. State Dial 3-6388 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI HATS THAT ARE EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT TOO EXPENSIVE LUCILE HAT SHOP 228 East Capitol Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI McKay Plumbing Co. And Mississippi Butane Gas Company j| Natural and Butane Gas Equipment J { Electrical Appliances and Radios ! 124 N. Lamar Street Phone 4-6528 1 KAY SURGICAL, Inc. 1 16 S. Roach Phone 4-4043 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI SURGICAL SUPPLIES HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT Corr-Williams Tobacco Co., Inc. Wholesale Tobaccos, Cigars and Confectionery 442 North Mill St. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ! Phone 3-4005 I Toledo Wholesale Co., Inc. s ) COMPLIMENTS ORGILL BROTHERS HARDWARE " IN OUR 101 ST YEAR " We Served Your Great Grand Parents Jackson, Miss. Memphis, Tenn. DRY GOOD and READY-TO-WEAR 1 1 1 W. Pearl Street Jackson, Mississippi U. KGEN CO., Inc. Roi-Tan Distributors 139 E. Pearl JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI IN SPORTS GOODS • GET TOP QUALITY • THE LAST WORD • WIDEST SELECTION • FRIENDLY COUNSEL Jackson Sportstore " IT PAYS TO PLAY " 415 E. Capitol -BALFOUR- Fraternity Jewelry " THE OLD RELIABLE " Hederman Brothers Jackson, Miss. { s All orders should be sent to Birminqham Printers, Blank Book Makers, Stationers LITHOGRAPHERS JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Office L G. BALFOUR CO. 2104 5th Avenue North BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ENOCH B. BENSON, Mgr. THE CAMPUS HANG-OUT SANDWICHES - COLD DRINKS - SCHOOL SUPPLIES BOOKS - SOUVENIRS %e Q Uu BA PTIST BOOK STORE Religious Books — General Books Chiidrens Books — Bibles Greeting Cords end Stationery Mottos and Pictures 1 13 N. President Compliments of JACKSON LUMBER CO " RELIABLE AND DEPENDABLE SINCE 1896 " Dial 2-5066 322 W. Capitol 3-1338 II 418E.Capito Complete Line WATCHES - DIAMONDS JEWELRY ALBRITONS JEWELRY 4-8081 H. C. Bailey, Realtor REAL ESTATE - MORTGAGE LOANS FIRE INSURANCE 121 N. Lamar Street Dial 5-451 WALLPAPERS PAINTS WALL PAPER WILSON-GEYER CO. 138 E. Amite St. Dial 3-2745 j j 315 W. Capitol St SMITH ' S CITY SHOE SHOP SHOES DYED ANY COLOR INVISIBLE HALF SOLES Dial 2-2378 .- . 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Capitol Dial 4-6571 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI IW l ll ]W U■ M.■ " ■ ' | « u]3iL l » ■ ■1l■ i j n OIR TREASURED LlIDMilRKS long after war has ceased they will stand as beacons to the American Way ... to greater achievement in religion, arts, science, research, and industry. The way is not easy. It is narrow. It is sometimes rough. Other paths beckon alluringly, as seeming short cuts. But in mankind ' s halting progress through the ages many paths have been explored before. If now in uncertainty we change paths we will slow up progress and confuse those whose eyes ore on us. B further smoothing of the proved paths we can continue tc inspire earnest men everywhere to follow the way that already has led one nation so far toward the better and happier life for all. C5ft Qarapn Qre sJ DESIGNERS AND CREATORS ine Pnintincf. I « ADAMS MONTGOMERY, ALA. • • COMB WHAT MAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accompHshment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... ■ - T r • COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENQRAVING COMPANY B I R V I N G H ATVi Intfi-iMM . ' miMi« i iw m7aMiJi.t..i.i-wiiii-imt i . f ' i m.t ■ " la - j p wiif. T fap T p girwiiH Bi ngw ' m w i jW ! hl j »s B«SWJ[» XJt ' W ' " ' " ' " JUi ' . ' «J« I • ■t ;U iiTfci.3.i ' ±Vitii : !?7eCTS H KV_. iUM. ' AA M ' ' -««£:rSK3X:S:T t7e?Krr;ift 5 ' iHIlK3ef " HT ' EUTKaM w LiP l U-i ' Jjr

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