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i7% r2 H n Vjfc 91 1! Lf zixh I tOf ' ■ afoaon ■y iiof ur tcn Qaragon Qctii t y tccde od OF MILLSIPS COLLEKE at JACKSOW JIISSISSIPIM t esen+s.. eaufy -j )-aiHS f-awH COPYRIGHT 1947 AM PORTER . . . EDITOR MARVRIDGWAY . RUS. MGR. IhisIi c J CiJicaf cf fo For her sympathy and understanding, her guidance and susgestions, and her patient efforts to help on any problem, this years BOBASHELA is dedicated to Miss Carolyn Bufkin, assistant to the Registrar. School visitors are immediately impressed by her friendly spirit of cooperation. Many of those who plan to attend Millsaps find in Miss Bufkin a genuine person who radiates kindness and encouragement. If first im- ., pressions count most, then we pay tribute ■ to her as the one who creates so many lasting favorable opinions of Millsaps. Her counsel isn ' t limited to routines of register- ing schedules, and instructors, but reaches out ' to embrace any matter of personal advice or extra-curricular information nec- essary to faculty and students. Her de- pendability and friendship are deep and enduring. DR. SMITH 7 5 PRESIDE IT Dr. Marion L, Smith, " Smiley " to everyone, is the perfect example of Millsaps spirit. Never too busy to have o friendly word with every student, his geniality and kindness hove mode a lasting impression on our hearts. His devotion to Millsaps is an inspiration for the entire student body. Page 14 DEAN RIECKEN Vke UiU DEAN WILLIAM R. RIECKEN, Ph.D. Dean of Men Dean of men, teacher of biology, mem- ber of Phi Beta Kappa— these are just a few of the things which make Dr. Riecken a very versatile person. An outstanding scholar, he is unsurpassed in the fair execution of his duties. Instinctively Mill- saps students respect and like Dean Riecken. DEAN MARY H. B. STONE, M.A. Dean of Women Any girl at Millsaps will be able to tell you what a truly fine person our Dean of Women is. Through her sin- cerity, geniality, and ability to under- stand everyone ' s problems, she has won the respect and cooperation of all stu- dents. Page 15 McNeill bartung CHICHESTER COBB %e FACULTY McNeill BARTLING, jr., physical Education and Coach, B.S.C., University of Mississippi . . . SHIRLEY CHICHESTER, Librarian, B.S., Lib. Sci., School of Library Science, University of North Carolina . . . MABEL BENNER COBB, Spanish, A.M., University of North Carolina . . . CHARLES BETTS GALLOWAY, Physics, A.M., Duke University . . . ALFRED PORTER HAMILTON, German, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania . . . PAUL DOUGLAS HARDIN, English, A.M., Duke University . . . GEORGE LOTT HARRELL, Physics and As- tronomy, B.S., M.S., Millsaps College. GALLOWAY HAMILTON HARDIN HARRELL ELIZABETH CRAIG, French, A.M., Columbia University . . . JAMES SHARBROUGH FERGUSON, History, M.A., Louisiana State University . . . NEAL BOND FLEMING, Philosophy, Ph.D., Boston University . . . FRANCES DECELL, Physical Ed- ucation, A.M., University of Alabama . . . ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES, Education, A.M., George Peobody College . . . BENJAMIN ERNEST MITCHELL, Mathematics, Ph.D., Columbia University. HAYNES MITCHELL MOORE PRICE PRIDDY at ROSS HENDERSON MOORE, History, Ph.D., Duke University . , . JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE, Chemistry, Ph.D., Louisiana State University . . . RICHARD R. PRIDDY, Chemistry and Geology, Ph.D., Ohio State University . . . ALBERT GODFREY SANDERS, Romance Languages, A.M., University of Oxford (Honors School) . . . HARWELL PRESLEY STURDIVANT, Biology, Ph.D., Columbia University . . . JOHN MAGRUDER SULLIVAN, Geology, Ph.D., Vonderbilt University . . . ELBERT STEPHEN WALLACE, Economics, Ph.D., Duke University. SANDERS STURDIVANT SULLIVAN WALLACE ROBERTS ROBISON RUSSELL M I L L S il P S EVA AAYERS ROBERTS, Piano and Theory, M.M., Chicago Musical College . . . JAMES TROY ROBISON, Political Science and History, M.A., University of Colorado . . . THEODORE C. RUSSELL, Violin and Theory, M.M., Northwestern University . . . KENNETH LYLE WARREN, Mathematics, Ph.D., Michigan State Col- lege . . . VERNON LANE WHARTON, Sociology and History, Ph.D., University of North Carolina . . . MILTON CHRISTIAN WHITE, English, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin . . . JAMES DAUSEY WROTEN, Re- ligion, B.D., Southern M.ethodist University. WARREN V HARTON WHITE WROTEN WiSm - : - --- ™ ™ iHr " ' ; :j ■,v« « ' V, ' - SENIORS BOB HOLLINGSWORTH President CLIFF HAMILTON Vice-President POLLY CRISLER Secretary-Treasurer Vke CLASS JUNIORS NED O ' BRIEN President M. L. McCORMICK Vice-President ANN PORTER Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORES DAVID MclNTOSH President GENE FLEMING Vice-President TRULY GRAVES Secretary-Treasurer F F I C G ft S • 1 FRESHMEN GENE RUSSELL President FRED SCOTT JOHNSON Vice-President DORRIS LIMING Secretary-Treasurer Menim (I L 1 S S CHARLES IRVIN ALLEN, JR. Hazelhurst Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Psi Omega 2; Singers 3, 4; Master Major 3. THOMAS E. ALLEN Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha WILNA AXTELL Madison Phi Mu Singers 1, 2; Purple and White Staff 1, 2, 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4; Majorette Club 3, 4. MAE ALICE BARNES Jackson Kappa Delta Purple and White Staff 2; Singers 1; Vice- President of Class 2; Student Executive Board 4; Women ' s Panhellenic 3, 4; Presi- dent 4; Cheerleader 3; Treasurer of Kappa Delta 3; President 4; Millsaps Players 3; Business Staff Bobashela 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; President 4; Majorette Club 3,4. LONNIE L. BRANTLEY, JR Walnut Grove JOHN BALLARD BREAZEALE Brandon Theta Nu Sigma 3, 4. In the fall and in the spring, picnics will always be the favorite entertainment of Miflsaps students. BILLIE BREWER McComb Christian Council 3, A- President 4; Student Assistant 4; Singers 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net 3, 4; Sigma Lambda 4; Majorette Club 3, 4. CARL JACKSON BRYSON Tupelo Kappa Alpha ROBERT SULLEN Vicksburg Pi Kappa Alpha Purple and White Staff 3, 4; Bobashela Staff 3, 4; Singers 3, 4; Debate Club 3, 4; Millsaps Players 3, 4; Beethoven Club 3, 4. E. J. BURNET Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MARTINA CADENHEAD Jackson Vikings Majorette Club 3, 4; Singers 4. JOSEPH WHEELER CAGLE, JR Laurel Pi Kappa Alpha ELMER DEAN CALLOWAY Louisville Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Nu Sigma 3, 4. PEGGY HELEN CARR Jackson Phi Mu Purple and White Business Staff 1; Editor of Purple and White 2, 3; Christian Coun- cil 2, 3; Student Executive Board 2, 3, A- Debate Club 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Treas- urer Phi Mu 2; Secretary 3; News Editor Purple and White 4; Chi Delta 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 3, A- I. R. C. 3, A- Sigma Lambda 3, 4. CRAIG CASTLE Philadelphia Pi Kappa Alpha Millsaps Players 2, 3, 4; Millsaps Debaters 2, 3, 4; Christian Council 2, 3, 4; President 3; Y. M. C. A. 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 2; Bobashela Staff 3; Pre-Lavi ' Club 3; Stu- dent Executive Board 3; Purple and White Staff 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, A- Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4. Page 24 ALLEN, C. I. ALLEN, T. E. AXTELL BARNES BRANTLEY BREAZEALE BREWER BRYSON BULLEN BURNET CADENHEAD CAGLE CALLOWAY CARR CASTLE emm f L A S S GORDON RICKITTS CHILDRESS Jackson Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; Theta Nu Sigma 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities 3; Ministerial Asso- ciation 4. WILLIAM J. CLIBURN Hazelhurst SARAH FRANCES CLARK Natchez Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4; Wesleyan Group 4. DEWEY M. COBB Bude Beta Sigma Omicron Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4; Christian Council 4; Women ' s Panhellenic 4; Purple and White Staff 3, 4; Wesleyan Group 4; President 4; Debate Club 3, 4; Vice-President 4; Secretary Beta Sigma Omicron A- Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; Sigma Lambda 4. SHIRLEY CONN Jackson Kappa Delta Millsaps Players 3, 4; Bobashela Staff 3. FRANCES PRICE COX Madison Kappa Delta Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Majorette Club 2, 3, 4; Singers 1, 2, 3, 4. ALICE J. CRISLER Raymond Phi Mu Chi Delta 3, 4; Majorette Club 3, 4; News Editor Purple and White 4; Secretary Chi On the Singers tour some of the boys pose with the Mississippi as the bacl ground. Delta 4; Secretary Phi Mu 4; Secretary Class 4; Student Executive Board 4; Secre- tary 4; Sigma Lambda 4; President 4; B. S. U. 3, 4. SARAH WILLINGHAM DEAL . Florence, Ala. Phi Mu Majorette Club 3, 4; Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Phi Mu 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3; Bobashela Staff 3. CHARLES DILLINGHAM Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MARION REBECCA ELY Vaiden Beta Sigma Omicron Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Secre- tary-Treasurer 4; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Majorette Club 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 1, 2, 3, 4; Christian Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4; Bobashela Staff 4; Purple and White Staff 3, 4; Debate Club 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Women ' s Panhellenic 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Singers 1, 2. ROLLIN FITTS Jackson Chi Omega Singers 1, 2; Bobashela Staff 1, 2. HALLA JO FRANCIS Terry Kappa Delta FRANCES GANDY Whitfield Vikings LAURA MAE GODBOLD McComb Beta Sigma Omicron Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4; President 4; Women ' s Council 4; President 4; Debate Club 3, 4; Christian Council 3, 4; Majorette Club 3, 4; Singers 3; Vice President Class 3; Student Execu- tive Board 4; Wesleyan Group 4; Student Assistant 4. JULIA GOODMAN Jackson Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3; Singers 1; Women ' s Panhellenic 2; Vice-President 2; News Edi- tor Purple and White 2; Society Editor 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer Class 2; Vice- President Phi Mu 2; President 3; Sigma Lambda 3, 4. Page 26 CHILDRESS CLIBURN CLARK COBB CONN COX CRISLER DEAL DILLINGHAM ELY FITTS FRANCIS GANDY GODBOLD GOODMAN Menim. L 1 S S BILL GRIFFITH Jackson Kappa Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4; President 4; Theta Nu Sigma 3, 4; Men ' s Panhellenic 4; Singers 2, 3, 4; Student Assistant 2, 3, 4. HENRY D. GUION Benton Kappa Sigma JOHN K. HAMPTON, JR Jackson Kappa Sigma BONNIE LEE HARMER Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Majorette Club 3, 4; Student Assistant 4. DAVID AUBREN HARRIS Harrisville Ministerial Association 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4. RITA HENDRICKS Boyle Chi Omega Women ' s Council 4; Secretary-Treasurer 4. ANN MARIE HOBBS Brookhaven Chi Omega Kappa Delta Epsilon 4. The boys at the Pike House found Liz, the pup, but after a few such instances as this she mysteriously disappeared. ROBERT T. HOLLINGSWORTH Inverness Pi Kappa Alpha Football 1; Singers 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 4; Vice-President 4; Christian Council 4; Presi- dent Pi Kappa Alpha 4; President Class 4; Wesleyon Group 4; Treasurer 4; Student Assistant 4; Men ' s Panhellenic 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4; Pre-Med Club 1, 2; Omicron Delta Kappa 4. NAT J. HOVIOUS Jackson Kappa Alpha Student Executive Board 4; President 4; President Kappa Alpha 2; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. ROSEMARY HOWELL Durant Chi Omega Chi Delta 4; Majorette Club 3, 4; Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Millsaps Players 3, 4; Purple and White Staff 2, 3, 4. ELEANOR JOHNSON Fayette Kappa Delta Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Council 3, 4; Bobashela Staff 3; Majorette Club 3, 4. SARAH FRANCES JOHNSTON Hernando Phi Mu Singers 3, 4; Opera Guild 4; Debate Club 4; Beethoven Club 3; Bobashela Staff 3. BETTY KLUMB Crystal Springs Chi Omega Singers 3, 4; Westminister League 3, 4; Bobashela Staff 4. GEORGE L. LAMMONS Lexington Kappa Sigma MAURINE LANE . Hollandcle Chi Omega Page 28 GRIFFITH GUION HAMPTON HARMER HARRIS HENDRICKS HOBBS HOLLINGSWORTH HOVIOUS HOWELL JOHNSON JOHNSTON KLUMB LAMMONS LANE i enim (1 L 1 S S BETTY LANGDON Jackson Vikings Student Assistant 1, 1, 3; Secretary Vikings 2, 3; Vice-President 4; President 4; Etc Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3; President 4; Purple and White Staff 3, 4; Chi Delta 3, 4; Reporter 4; Majorette Club 3, A- Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Singers 4; Sigma Lambda 4. C. C. LEHMAN Tupelo Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Nu Sigma 3, 4; Eta Sigma 3; Sing- ers 4. CURTIS B. MAGEE Jackson Kappa Sigma DAN McCULLEN Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha 1. R. C. 4. MARGARET McLAURIN Hollandale Chi Omega Majorette Club 3, 4. MIKE McLAURIN Hollandale Pi Kappa Alpha Singers 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 4; Master Major 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4. HELENE MINYARD ...Jackson Kappa Delta Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Majorette Club 2, 3, 4; President 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Inman made himself generally useful by selling hot coffee at the fraternity houses and dormitories. 3; Singers 1, 2; Purple and White Staff 1, 2; Topper Club 2; Vice-President 2; Boba- shela Staff 3. REUBEN INMAN MOORE McComb Barbarians Purple and White Staff 1, 2; Debate Club 1; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Club 2; Alpha Epsilon Delta 4,- Omicron Delta Kappa 4. BILLY MOORE Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Millsaps Players 2, 3, 4; Business Manager Purple and White 3, 4; Business Manager Varsity Show 3; Men ' s Panhellenic 3; Navy Rec- reation Committee 1, 2; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. MARY RUTH MURPHY Jackson Vikings Alpha Epsilon Delta 2, 3, 4; Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4; Majorette Club 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2. ROSEMARY NICHOLS Jackson Vikings Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 3, 4; Majorette Club 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3, 4; Singers 2, 3; Topper Club 2; President 2; Treasurer Vikings 3; President 4; Student Executive Board 3, 4; Secretary 3; Boba- shela Staff 3; Purple and White Staff 2, 3; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; President 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; President 4; Women ' s Council 3; Student Assistant 3. JANICE NICHOLSON Jackson Vikings OTHO KEITH PIGOTT Columbia Pi Kappa Alpha Singers 1. BETTY SUE PITTMAN Jackson Vikings Majorette Club 3, 4; Secretary Vikings 2; Treasurer 3. HANK POPE Columbia Pi Kappa Alpha Editor Purple and White 4; Kit Kat 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. Page 30 LANGDON LEHMAN MAGEE McCULLEN MclAURIN, MARGARET McLAURIN, MIKE MINYARD MOORE, R. I. MOORE, BILLY MURPHY NICHOLS NICHOLSON PIGOTT PITTMAN POPE enm. CLASS CATHERINE POWELL . . Jackson Vikings Bobashela Staff 3. JAMES D. POWELL Meridian ESTHER READ Drew Kappa Delta Singers 3, 4; Bobashela Staff 2; Purple and White Staff 1; Kappa Delta Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4. VIRGINIA LEE REHFELDT Jackson Phi Mu Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Secretary 3; Singers 1 , 2, 3, A- President Phi Mu 4; Wo- men ' s Panhellenic 4; Beethoven Club 3, 4. MARY RIDGWAY Jackson Kappa Delta Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer 4,- Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4; Majorette Club 3, 4; Bobashela Staff 3; Business Manager 4; Purple and White Staff 1; Christian Coun- cil 1, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Editor 3; Sigma Lambda 4. Sororities ore regulated through a Pan Hellenic group, which organizes Greek letter activities and encourages inter-sorority relations. DENNIS RAY ROBERTS Taylorsville MELVIS O. SCARBOROUGH Jackson Kappa Alpha JACK SHANKS Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha President Lambda Chi Alpha 3; I. R. C. 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Student As- sistant 4. MYRA NICHOLS SILLS Jackson Vikings Student Executive Board 1; Secretary 2; Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4; Singers 2; Top- per Club 2; Secret. ;ry Vikings 2; President 3; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Vice-President 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 3; Miss Millsaps 3; Student Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4. GLORIA SINGLETARY Gulfport O. A. SINGLETARY Gul fport Pi Kappa Alpha Student Executive Board 3, President 3; I. R. C. 4. RUFUS PUTNAM STAINBACK Minter City Kappa Sigma JOE L. STRIBLING Florence GLENN PARKER TEASLEY Flora Pi Kappa Alpha Basketball 2, 3; Baseball 4. JOHN S. THOMPSON McComb Kappa Sigma I. R. C. 4. Page 32 M k t%,1fe W iM i w POWELL, C. POWELL, J. D. READ REHFELDT RIDGWAY ROBERTS SCARBOROUGH SHANKS SILLS SINGLETARY, G. SINGLETARY, O. A. STAINBACK STRIBLING TEASLEY THOMPSON emoA. CLASS MARY ELIZABETH TINGLE Jackson Phi Mu Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Singers 2, 3, 4; Bobashela Staff 2, 3. EVELYN MURPHY TURNAGE Hattiesburg Phi Mu Student Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4; Topper Club 2; Women ' s Council 3; President 3; Student Executive Board 3; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities 4. MARGARET VANDIVER Port Gibson Phi Mu Chi Delta 2, 3, 4; Purple and White Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Singers 1, 2,- Bobashela Staff 1, 2, 3. EVELYrxl WALKER Jackson Kappa Delta Singers 1 , 2, 3, 4; Purple and White Staff 2; Bobashela Staff 2; Majorette Club 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Treasurer Kappa Delta 4. ROSE WATKINS Dixon Kappa Delta TROY WATKINS Walnut Grove ELIZABETH TERRY WELSH Philadelphia Chi Omega Chi Delta 3, 4; President 4; Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Vice-President 4; The bull session is an institution here to stay, and the reason is college dormitories. Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Vice-President 4; Millsops Players 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice- President 3; Secretary-Treasurer of Class 3; Pledge Trainer Chi Omega 2; President 3, 4; Purple and White Staff 2, 4; Business Manager Bobashela 3; Miss Millsops 4. MARY EDGAR WHARTON . Long Beach Chi Omega Theta Nu Sigma 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 4; Treasurer 4; Treasurer Chi Omega 4; Majorette Club 3, 4; Westminster League 3, 4; President 3, 4; Christian Council 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; Sigma Lambda 4. MARGARET ANNE WHITE Jackson Phi Mu Majorette Club 3, 4; Purple and White Staff 3; Singers 3, 4; Beethoven Club 3. FRANCES GERALDINE WILKERSON Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesleyan Group 3, 4; Christian Council 3. FRANCES WILLIAMS Philadelphia Chi Omega Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; Millsops Players 3, 4; Westminster League 3, 4; Secretary Chi Omega 3, 4. WILLIAM PROCTOR WILLIAMS Greenville Kappa Alpha DAN WRIGHT Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha Band 1, 2; I. R, C. 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3; President 4; Vice-President Class 2; Delta Kappa Delta 3, 4; Vice-President Lambda Chi Alpha 3; President 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; President 4; Student Executive Board 4. ROBERT M. YARBROUGH Indionola Pi Kappa Alpha DONALD S. YOUNGBLOOD Jackson Ministerial Association 4. HARMON HOLLIS YOUNGBLOOD Meadville Barbarians Ministerial Association 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. 3, 4. Page 34 TINGLE TURNAGE VANDIVER WALKER WATKINS, R. WATKINS, T. WELSH WHARTON WHITE WILKERSON WILLIAMS, F. WILLIAMS, W. P. WRIGHT YARBROUGH YOUNGBLOOD, D. S. YOUNGBLOOD, H. H. Alford Anding Applewhite Armstrong Batton Bending Berryhiil Bizzell Briggs Burchfield Butler Carter Carver Clarke Clarkson Collins, L. Collins, M. E. Cowan Cunningham Dorracott Dunawcy Eastman Emmerich Entrekin ' amoA CLASS Betty Blair Alford— Kappa Delta . Hazelhurst N. E. Clarkson— Kappa Sigma Jacks Robert Eugene Anding Summit Lowery Collins— Pi Kappa Alpha Laurel Ruth Mitchell Applewhite— Kappa Delta Winona Mary Evelyn Collins— Phi Mu Brookhaven Catherine Armstrong — Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson Mary Cowan— Beta Sigma Omicron Grenada Virginia Ann Batton— Chi Omega Jackson Doris Cunningham— Chi Omega Vicksburg Lois Bending— Kappa Delta Laurel Virginia Darracott— Vikings Amory Leela Frances Berryhill— Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson Polly Bizzell— Beta Sigma Omicron , , . Senatobia Mary Dunaway— Chi Omega Jackson Ethel Nolo Eastman Belzoni Ida Faye Emmerich— Kappa Delta , McComb Dixie Briggs— Vikings Scoobo Mary Nelle Entrekin— Vikings Ellisville Edward Burchf ield McCool Rosalind Butler— Phi Mu Jackson William Oscar Carter, Jr.— Kappa Sigma Lexington Kathryn Carver— Beta Sigma Omicron .Minter City Bowman L. Clarke— Barbarians Meridian Page 37 Rush parties form an integral part of college life. Here Freshmen first become acquainted with the more experi- enced upperclassmen. Fortenberry Fox Franklin Gillis Gordon Graham Gray Guernsey Hamilton Hathorn Herm Herring Hickman Johnson Krestensen Lampton Loftin Longinotti Longmire Lutrick ir«i ' Mantz Marks Miller Mitchell vO 5 rniM CLASS Jerry A. Fortenberry— Kappa Sigma . . Columbia William A. Lampton— Pi Kappa Alpha Tylertown Carl A. Fox Jackson Mary L. Loftin Newhebron Charles Ray Franklin Crystal Springs James Longinotti— Kappa Alpha Durant Bobbie Gillis— Vikings Philadelphia William Chapman Longmire— Kappa Alpha Utico Annie Lee Gordon— Vikings Decatur Jimmie Graham— Kappa Sigma Moorhead Frances Gray— Beta Sigma Omicron Waynesboro Henry Gilbert Lutrick, Jr Florence Robert Franklin Mantz, Jr.— Pi Kappa Alpha Brookhaven Carl Eugene Guernsey— Pi Kappa Alpha Indianapolis, Ind. Betty Clark Hamilton— Phi Mu Jackson Amanda Hathorn— Kappa Delta Jackson Gordon Sutton Marks— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Frances Joyce Miller— Kappa Delta McComb Merelyn Edith Mitchell— Phi Mu Columbia Bill Herm— Pi Kappa Alpha Beaumont, Texas Catherine Herring— Beta Sigma Omicron Grenada Will A. Hickman— Kappa Sigma Monticello Ted Johnson Leiand James G. Krestensen . . , Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Page 39 Newly tapped members of Sigma Lambda, women ' s leadership lionorary sorority, po e proudly for the camera. O ' Brien PIttman Porter Puilen Ray Rogers Rollins Rush, H. L. Rush, J. Shanks Sills Simmons Stebbins Stockton Stokes Sutphin Tate Turnbough Turnbow Ulmer Weems Williams Wright Youngblood ' mim. (] L l S S Ned O ' Brien—Kappa Sigma Jackson John Everett Sutphin . Shannon Francis B. Pittman— Vikings Jackson William F. Tate— Sigma Nu Tupelo Ann Porter— Chi Omega Jackson Alanson Viurette Turnbough — Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jackson Lois Pullen— Kappa Delta Aberdeen Jean Turnbow— Chi Omega Jackson Robert Owen Ray, Jr Eupora Mildred Ulmer— Phi Mu Kansas City, Mo. Raymon Rogers Jackson Betty VVeems— Kappa Delta Jackson John Fletcher Rollins Centreville Julia Williams Learned Hubert Lowry Rush, Jr.— Kappa Alpha Meridian Charles M. Wright-Pi Kappa Alpha . Bassfield Joyce McLemore Rush— Chi Omega Meridian William Lee Youngblood -Wesson Ruth Shanks— Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson Joe B. Sills— Kappa Alpha, Jackson Gene Simmons— Kappa Delta Magnolia Jane Stebbins— Kappa Delta Jackson Ann Stockton— Vikings Aberdeen William McPhearson Stokes, Jr.— Barbarians McComb Page 41 Alpha Psi Omega and the Millsaps Players give the dramatically talented opportunities to use and display their talents. cmJmmjMe CLASS Lois Abel-Vikings •: Duck Hill Sarah Agatha Adcock— Chi Omega Jackson John Albriton— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson William P. Allen, Jr.— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson Ann Ammons— Kappa Delta Jackson Roi Andrews— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Dorothy Anger Greenville William E. Ates -Lambda Chi Alpha , . . Jackson John Atkins Columbus Ada Mae Bain Belzoni Diana Lee Bennett— Kappa Delta Leland William Dallas Bethea— Kappa Sigma . Laurel Martha Biggs— Chi Omega - Crystal Springs Dorothy Louise Bishop— Kappa Delta Lauderdale Jack Bishop— Kappa Alpha Jackson Also during rush week the Phi Mus show their obiMty to entertain welL Carol Blumer— Beta Sigma Omicron . . Florence Carl Bunner— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Melda Dolores Burdsal— Kappa Delta Avondale Estates, Ga. Jack Cain— Pi Kappa Alpha Itta Bena Annie Ruth Callahan— Phi Mu Jackson Daniel C. Cameron Jackson Beth Carley— Phi Mu Richton Gordon L. Carr— Kappa Sigma Monticello Marion Cartledge Winona Julian W. Chancellor— Sigma Chi Macon W. B. Cooper— Pi Kappa Alpha Camden Anne Craig— Beta Sigma Omicron , Jackson Javier Crespo— Barbarians . La Ceiba, Honduras Ernestine Ella Crisler Jackson William Sartor Crisler— Pi Kappa Alpha Bay Springs Billy Crout Hattiesburg Harry H. Cunningham Oconee, Ga. Richard D. Dever— Kappa Alpha Jackson Dudley Dickerson— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson Mary Elizabeth Dodds— Chi Omega Jackson Betty Dossett— Chi Omega. . . Washington, D. C. Page 42 Abel Adcock Albriton Allen Ammons Andrews Anger Ates Atkins Bain Bennett Bethea Biggs Bishop, D. L. Bishop, J, Blumer Bunner Burdsal Cain Callahan Cameron Carley Carr Corfledge Chancellor Cooper Craig Crespo Crisler, E. Crisler, W. S. Crout Cunningham Dever Dickerson Dodds Dossett G pJm4imn£ CLASS Milton D. Dunn— Kappa Alpha Duncan Gloria Fisher Jackson Gene Fleming— Kappa Sigma Minter City Harry P. Folwell — Kappa Alpha Jackson Tommye Louise Forrest— Phi Mu Yazoo City Adelyn Gerald— Kappa Delta Leiand Lutricia Goodman— Vikings Waynesboro Truly Graves— Chi Omega Jackson Clarissa Hall— Kappa Delta Drew Rpbert B. Hamilton— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Dora Lou Harbor— Vikings Tremont Wilham Arthur Harris— Barbarians Rich Jean Houghton- Chi Omega Jackson Carolyn Hayes- Beta Sigma Omicron , Durant There is always to be found on the bulletin board a variety of notices, exhibiting the large number of extra- curricular activities at Millsops. Charles R. Hogue— Kappa Sigma Eden James Stevens Holmes, Jr.— Kappa Alpha Jackson Hector S. Howard— Kappa Sigma Jackson Carol R. Flutto— Kappa Delta Jackson Ralph H. Hutto, Jr.— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Preston L. Jackson— Lambda Chi Alpha . , Laurel Harold James— Lambda Chi Alpha Union Frances M. Johnson— Vikings Jackson Ruth Johnson Union William P. Johnson Jackson Ray Judge Hickory Edward Aubert Knight— Barbarians , . Meridian Mary Jane Knight Jackson Elizabeth Ann Lampton— Beta Sigma Omicron Tylertown George D. Lee Vicksburg Jesse Print Matthews— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson Bill Maute— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Broodine May— Phi Mu Mobile, Ala. William Gene May— Kappa Sigma Ruleville Jerry Mayo— Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson Charles C, McCaskill— Barbarians Macon David Alexander Mcintosh— Barbarians McComb Page 44 Dunn Fisher Fleming Folwell Forrest Gerald Goodman Groves Hall Hamilton Harbor Harris Houghton Hayes Hogue Holmes Howard Hutto, C. Hutto, R. H. Jackson James Johnson, F. M. Johnson, R. Johnson, W. P. Judge Knight, E. A. Knight, M. J. Lampton Lee Matthews Maute May, B. May, W. G. Mayo McCoskill Mcintosh (Mmcmime CLASS Diana McLain— Kappa Delta Jackson Mary Frances Meadows— Kappa Delta Quitman Mariana Medlin— Beta Sigma Omicron Tippo Leonard Metts Ackerman Louis Antliony Miazza, Jr.— Kappa Sigma Jackson Jimmie Lou Moore— Vikings Nettleton Dorothy Myers— Beta Sigma Omicron , Deemer Evelyn Myers Baton Rouge, La. William Curtis Nabors Oxford Robert Nay— Barbarians Jackson John A. Neil!— Pi Kappa Alpha Ellisville Jane Ellen Newell— Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson Gene Tally Nettles— Barbarians Jackson Talmage Wayne Perrott— Barbarians McComb Jack Phillips-Kappa Alpha Holly Bluff Rose exemplifies the student spirit behind Mi!isaps ' first post-wor football team, and one of which to be proud. Joe Powell— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson Sommie Price— Beta Sigma Omicron Philadelphia Ina May Quattlebaum Meridian Charles L. Randle— Barbarians Voiden Tom Riley— Kappa Alpha Jackson Miriam Roberts— Chi Omega Jackson Barbara Robertson— Phi Mu Jackson Mary Kathryn Rogers Silver Creek Henry C. Rushing Baton Rouge, La. George Gallman Scott— Pi Kappa Alpha Prichard, Ala. Mary Shelton— Kappa Delta Gulfport Catherine Shumaker— Vikings Vicksburg Carlos J. Smith Biloxj Charles Morton Sours— Kappa Alpha Jackson C. Z. Stevens, III— Kappa Sigma Petal Aberdeen Wilson Stewart— Kappa Alpha Kosciusko Kirk Taylor— Kappa Alpha Jackson Howard Trimble Jackson June Turnbow— Chi Omega Jackson Mary Ann Turner Belzoni Evelyn Westbrook McComb Billy Wright— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Jean Wynne- Vikings Jackson Page 46 ma • -- . ' 5 ' McLain Meadows Medlin Metts Miazza Moore Myers, D. Myers, E. Nabors Nay Neiil Newell Nettles Perrott Phillips Powell Price Quottlebaum Rcndle Riley Roberts Robertson Rogers Rushing Scott Shelton Shumaker Smith Sours Stevens Stewart Toylor Trimble Turnbow Turner Westbrook Wright Wynne Abernathy, P. C. Abernathy, T. B. Abroms Adams Alexander Allen Alsworth Amason Appleby Atwood Austin Baker, B. Baker, M. H. Bornett Berwick Bell Bethea Bishop Blair Blount Broodwee Bonner Boone, C. H. Boone, J. M. Boswell, F. Boswell, T. Bowron Box Boyd Boyles Bradford Braun Brooks Brown, F. O. Brown, M. A. Buckley Byars Capps Cauthen Caver Chaney Charles Cirlot Collins Comfort Conner Cook Countiss ;a ' , ' -jpti J c f an CLASS Patsy Carleen Abernathy— Kappa Delta . Pontotoc Thomas B. Abernathy— Kappa Sigma, , , Jackson Marion Hole Abrams— Kappa Delta Louisville Betty Adams ■ Macon Shirley Gaines Alexander— Kappa Delta Union Frank T. Allen— Lambda Chi Alpha. , Jackson Selby Alsworth Centreville Robert Amoson— Kappa Alpha Jackson William F. Appleby— Barbarians Eupora Betty Joe Atwood— Kappa Delta Monticello Karl Austin Jackson Bill Baker— Kappa Alpha Jac kson Martin H. Baker— Kappa Alpha Macon Charles W. Barnett— Kappa Alpha Jackson Jim D. Berwick- Kappa Alpha Braxton Barbara Grace Bell— Kappa Delta Jackson Anne Jenkins Bethea — Kappa Delta Port Gibson Martha Ann Bishop— Vikings Pascagoula Alfred Francis Blair Caledonia Henry Clayton Blount, Jr.— Pi Kappa Alpha Decatur C. C. Boadwee— Kappa Alpha Jackson Lee Bonner— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Charles H. Boone— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson John M. Boone— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Frank Boswell— Lambda Chi Alpha , Noxapater Thomas Boswell— Pi Kappa Alpha. . .New Albany John H. Bowron Jackson Neal Box Laurel Douglas G. Boyd— Kappa Sigma Lexington Mary Virginia Boyles Jackson Mary Bradford— Beta Sigma Omicron . . . Jackson Carole Braun— Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson Tommy N. Brooks— Barbarians Carthage Frank O. Brown— Lambda Chi Alpha Lauderdale Margaret Ann Brown— Vikings Biloxi Dewey Buckley Jackson Dorothy Ann Byars— Vikings Calhoun City Douglas Capps— Kappa Alpha Jackson C. C. Cauthen— Kappa Alpha Canton Harold Caver— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Leroy M. Chaney, Jr.— Lambda Chi Alpha Philadelphia Kenneth Charles— Pi Kappa Alpha . Jackson Rupert Cirlot— Kappa Alpha Moss Point Lucille Collins— Beta Sigma Omicron . . . Jackson Elaine Comfort— Beta Sigma Omicron, . . Jackson Weir Conner— Kappa Alpha Jackson Russell F. Cook Utica Thelma Hope Countiss— Vikings Jackson The parties are definitely not fun for all, because there ore always a few behind the scenes who do the " dirty work. " Page 49 Crowther Currie, E. Currie, H. T. Dabney Davis Dearman DeCelle DeWees Dickerson DuBard Dyess Egger Entrekin Evans Font Felder Finley Flanagan Fowler Furr Gaddis Garber George Giordino Goodman Groves Gregory, C. H. Gregory, J. Guion Gulledge Hardage Hardin Harper Heod Heard Hickman Hollond Horton Huggins Hutchins Irby Jabour Jenkins Johnson, C. Johnson, F. S. Johnston, B. L. Johnston, J. Joiner ' f veAMmoM (] L 1 S S Frances Crowther— Phi Mu Yazoo City Edward Currie— Kappa Sigma Monticello H. Tracy Currie— Kappa Alpha Utica Fitzhugh Dabney— Barbarians Jackson James Davis Columbia V illiam Felder Dearman, Jr.— Kappa Alpha Jackson Cornelia Ann DeCelle— Chi Omega Jackson Faye DeWees— Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson Ellis Robert Dickerson Jackson Helen DuBard— Kappa Delta Grenada Elizabeth Dyess— Phi Mu Ellisville John Fontaine Egger, Jr.— Kappa Alpha Meridian Roderick Louis Entrekin— Barbarians Meridian Allen Evans— Kappa Alpha Gulfport Foster Font- Lambda Chi Alpha Clarksdale Carl Felder McComb Baxter Finley— Kappa Sigma Greenville John W. Flanagan— Pi Kappa Alpha. Mendenhall Frank Fowler— Kappa Alpha Jackson Gertrude Mynonne Furr— Beta Sigma Omicron Picayune John Goddis- Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Betty Garber— Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson Greer George— Kappa Alpha West Point Cho.lene Patricio Giardina— Vikings Flora William F. Goodman, Jr.— Kappa Alpha Jackson B. B. Graves— Kappa Alpha Jackson Clarence H. Gregory— Kappa Sigma Jackson Juanito Gregory— Beta Sigma Omicron . Jackson Osborne Guion— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Erwin Gulledge— Kappa Sigma , Crystal Springs Frank G. Hardage Madden William Lee Hardin, Jr.— Kappa Sigma Jackson Bettye Jean Harper— Beta Sigma Omicron Meridian Lindsay Head— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson Floyd Heard— Lamba Chi Alpha Vicksburg James L. Hickman— Kappa Sigma . Monticello Mary Elizabeth Holland— Kappa Delta Jackson Charles J. Horton Jackson Joe Huggins— Kappa Alpha Jackson Harry H. Hutchins— Kappa Alpha . Jackson Philip Irby, Jr. — Kappa Sigma Jackson Johnnie Jabour Vicksburg James H. Jenkins— Lambda Chi Alpha , Jackson Claude Johnson— Barbarians Kilmichael Fred Scott Johnson— Kappa Sigma Jackson Barbara Lynn Johnston— Chi Omega . Picayune Jo Ann Johnston— Phi Mu Jackson Mary Jane Joiner Minter City It ' s hard to believe these evidences of Freshman Day ore respectable Millsaps students, but they ' re just taking port in that traditional day when oil Freshmen look horrible and love it. Page 51 Jones, W. M. Jones, W. R. Kotzes Kemp Kolb Knight Lancaster Lee Legler Leonard Lewis Liming, D. Liming, M. Loflin Loftin Mojure Mann Martin Matthews Mauldin McCrory McDonald McEwen McKay McMahon Meaders Miers Miller, E. Miller, J. A. Minnis Mitchell Moss Naef Nicholas Norwood Oswald Oswalt Owens Ozier Parker Parks Patterson Peacock Perkins Phillips Pollock Prather Pryor n AMMOH CLASS Williams M. Jones, Jr. — Barbarians , Leland William Richard Jones, Jr.— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Robert Katzes— Barbarians Meridian M. Thomas Kemp— Lambda Chi Alpha . Jackson Roy Kolb— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson Nancy Knight— Phi Mu Jackson Bettye Lancaster— Kappa Delta Louisville Martha Jean Lee— Phi Mu Indianolo Mary Merton Legler— Chi Omega Jackson Fannie Buck Leonard— Kappa Delta Jackson Ben Lewis— Barbarians Utica Dorris Liming— Beta Sigma Omicron Ashland Morris Liming— Kappa Sigma Ashland Frances Loflin— Chi Omega Greenville Rex Lavon Loftin Newhebron Joe Majure Madden Billy Mann— Kappa Sigma Carthage Miriam Earle Martin— Beta Sigma Omicron Carthage Marguerite Mudge Matthews Jackson Joyce Mauldin— Vikings Waynesboro James Quitman McCrory Canton Ruby Ella McDonald— Beta Sigma Omicron Picayune Fred William McEwen— Barbarians Jackson Laura Jean McKay— Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson Walter A. McMahon Rome Edith Merle Meaders— Kappa Delta Lula Walton Lee Miers, Jr.— Kappa Sigma Greenville Edwin Miller Bude James A. Miller— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Page 53 James Sherman Minnis, Jr Jackson Charles Mitchell— Lambda Chi Alpha. . .Carthage Hushel L. Moss Raleigh Charles A. Naef— Kappa Sigma Jackson Bruce L. t |icholas Hickory Flat Dorothy Louise Norwood Jackson Robert Oswald Pascagoula Harry Oswalt— Kappa Sigma Jackson Walton Greene Owens, Jr.— Kappa Sigma Greenville Betty Jean Ozier— Phi Mu Kosciusko ByrI Parker— Lambda Chi Alpha . , Jackson Joe C. Parks, Jr New Albany Earlene Patterson— Kappa Delta Louisville Louis Peacock Mendenhall John Perkins, Jr.— Kappa Alpha Jackson A. M. Phillips— Kappa Sigma Lexington Eugene Pollock— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson Patti Ann Prather— Beta Sigma Omicron Grenada Allen Pryor Forest Miss Bufkin and Myra lend a helping hand to students who have run into difficulties in registering. Ratliff Ray Ridgway Robertson Robinson Russell Sanderson Scott Sherrod Shotts Simmons Slaughter Smith Spear Stewart, M. Stewart, W. C. Stietenroth Stokes Street Stribling Thomos Thrower Tyson Van Valkenburgh Van Zont Weaver Webb Welker Wiggers Wiggins Williams, B. A. Willams, John A. Williams, Joyce Wood Wright Youngblood w t frU A .xtt 0 f C) .o leAJnmuvi CLASS James Julius Ratliff, Jr.— Kappa Alpha Jackson William M. Ray Chester James W. Ridgway— Pi Kappa Alpha New York, N. Y. T. S. Robertson, Jr.— Kappa Alpha Jackson Eva Gene Robinson— Beta Sigma Omicron Clarksdale Paul E. Russell Sardis Marilyn Sanderson— Kappa Delta Hazelhurst Lucy Scott— Vikings Tylertown Charles F. Sherrod, Jr Jackson Ralph F. Shotts— Kappa Alpha Mendenholl Amelia Simmons— Kappa Delta Magnolia Willie O ' Dell Slaughter, Jr. -Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Howard Smith Pascagoula Elizabeth Spear— Beta Sigma Omicron . Corinth Mack Stewart Jackson William Charles Stewort— Kappa Alpha Kosciusko Dorothy Stietenroth— Chi Omega Jackson Marie Stokes— Chi Omega Greenville Jonye Street Ripley Kent M. Stribling Florence Harold I. Thomas ■. Hernando, Fla. Mary Ann Thrower— Chi Omega Kosciusko Robert W. Tyson— Kappa Alpha Jackson Geneala Van Valkonburgh— Vikings Biloxi Ed Van Zant— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Russell Weaver— Kappa Sigma Corinth Carolyn Webb— Kappa Delta Magnolia Conrad Welker Grenada Charles Campbell Wiggers— Pi Kappa Alpha Indianola M.arvin Emmett Wiggins, Jr. — Pi Kappa Alpha Parchman Betty .Ann Williams— Chi Omega Greenville John A. Williams— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson Joyce Williams— Beta Sigma Omicron Osceola, Ark. Thomas E. Wood Tylertown Noel Wright— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson Wesley Youngblood— Barbarians Meadville Ci coaches Weir in the be=t way to avoid all the pitfolls in the first year at college. Page 55 : •• tjv. M ' t FIRST ROW: Ates, Barnes, Brewer, Carr, Crisler, Godbold, Hovious . . . SECOND ROW: Nettles, Nichols, O ' Brien, Pope, Porter, Ridgway, Wright. STllDErr EXECIITHE BOARD LENDS A SYMPATHETIC EAR TO STUDENT S ' COMPLAINTS OFFICERS NAT HOVIOUS President NED O ' BRIEN Vice-President POLLY CRISLER Secretary-Treasurer The Student Executive Board, the formal student governing body, composed of student body officers and heads of various representative groups on the campus, undertakes to manage student affairs when- ever necessary. Under the capable leadership of Nat Hovious, their many achievements show that this year ' s board has been one of the most active in many a year. MEMBERS Bill Ates Mae Alice Barnes Billie Brewer Peggy Carr Polly Crisler Laura Mae Godbold Nat Hovious Gene Nettles Rosemary Nichols Ned O ' Brien Honk Pope Ann Porter Mary Ridgway Dan Wright Page 58 THE WOMirS COOCIL TOP-NOTCH BOSSES FOR TOP-NOTCH CO-EDS OFFICERS LAURA MAE GODBOLD President MARY RIDGWAY Vice-President RITA HENDRICKS Secretary-Treasurer Mode up of representatives of eacfi sorority and non-sororify organization, Woman ' s Council pro- vides the faculty w th all the answers on the girl situation. These young ladies voice their opinions on rules and regulations for our co-eds and help to inspire the keeping of campus laws. MEMBERS Lee Berryhill Rita Hendricks Broadine May Laura Mae Godbold Eleanor Johnson M.ary Ridgway Lesbia Byars FIRST ROW: Berryhill, God- bold, Hendricks SECOND ROW: Johnson, May, Rldgwoy. Page 59 ANN PORTER Editor 7 1 M 7 The jobs involved in producing an annual are varied and many, from taking pic- tures to selling ads. This year it has been the job of the 1947 staff to work together to give you a book that is worthwhile to students and to the college and to preserve for each of you a pictorial record of this milestone of college history. I hope the book itself and the material herein are worth the long wait for them. If apologies are in order, I do apologize for myself and the circumstances which made the ' 47 Bobashela come out in ' 48, but regardless of the publication date, I hope you do enjoy this annual. Page 60 MARY R IDG WAY Business Manager I! I! U H E L 1 EDITORIAL STAFF ANN PORTER . . DICK DEVER BONNIE LEE HARMER MIRIAM ROBERTS . Editor Assistant Editor . Class Editor . Literary Editor ROBERT MANTZ . MIKE MARTINSON . GRACE EDWARDS . GLORIA FISHER . THOMAS BOSWELL . Photography Editor . Sports Editor . Art Editor . Publicity Organizations Editor MARY RIDGWAY . BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager JACK BISHOP . . Assistant Business Manager Page 61 k e ■ -- .v- CARL GUERNSEY Editor-in-Chief Under the leadership of two different staff heads, the 1946-47 Purple and White has had its trials and tribulations, its ups and downs, and its praises and criticisms. On the whole, the staff has tried to produce a paper that will provide up-to-the-minute Information, humor, and some serious thoughts on important issues. To please all the people all of the time is impossible, but it is with a sincere effort that the staff has tried to please the student body. Page 62 PURPLE cmd WHITE STAFF CARL GUERNSEY . SUTTON MARKS HENRY BLOUNT, JR. RALPH HUTTO POLLY CRISLER . Editor-in-Chief 5usiness Manager Associate Editor Associate Editor News Editor MARGARET VANDIVER SAM NEWELL fyllRIAM ROBERTS , , CORNELIA DECELLE , JEAN WYNNE , . , Feature Editor Sports Editor Society Editor Proof Editor Circulation Editor NEWS STAFF Joyce Ishee, Carol Hutto, Bobby Mantz, Jerry Fortenberry, Jim Barwick, Nancy Knigfit, Bill Maute, Rebecca Ely, Betty Langdon, Mudge Mattfiews, Sfiirley Alexander, Carol Blumer, Betty Jean Ozier, Mary E. Cowan, Elizabetfi Lampton, Ernestine Crisler, Maxine Winn, Dewey Cobb. FEATURE STAFF Toogie Hamilton, Clarissa Hall, Weir Conner, Dick Dever, C. C. Lefiman, Bill Goodman, Jack Cain, Maury Ross, Rosanna Brady, Lance Goss, Bill Cliburn. SPORTS COLUMNIST Ted Jofinson. PHOTOGRAPHERS Bill Clayton, Weir Conner, Lester Alvis, Ernest Jordan. BUSINESS STAFF Bill Crisler, Carl Bunner. TYPISTS Barbara Robertson, Frances Johnson. Sutton Marks, Business Manager Page 63 C p MR. ALVIN J. KING FIRST ROW: McLain, Langdon, Brewer, Burdsal, Wclker, Hothorn, Newell, White, Wedig, Tingle, Stebbins, Ammons, Legler, Johnson . . . SECOND ROW: Stieten- roth, Skidmore, Gerald, Applewhite, Johns- ton, Johnson, Brewer, Rehfeldt, Read, Ridgway, Herring, Deal, Wotkins, Hough- ton, Wilkerson, Lompton . . . THIRD ROW: George, Crisler, Cliburn, Welker, Metts, Mr. King, Roy, Wright, Powell, Al!en . . . FOURTH ROW: Nettles, Griffith, Metts, McEwen, Andrews, Mcintosh, Allen, Conner, Naef, Lehman, Childress. ke MILL " Pop " King has been a leading figure in Missis- sippi music circles for a number of years, and his Millsops Singers have been annuo! proof of his work. He believes that " practice makes perfect " as any of the Singers will affirm, and the results show that his is the best way. % ' . ' s i p s n I (i G a s As always the Millsaps Singers ore still bringing fame to Miilsops by making their fabulous tours to Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Another leaf in their crown of laurels was their guest appearance with the Jackson Symphony. KAr. King also presented the Singers in their annual Christmas Candlelight Service and a spring concert. MEMBERS Sarah Frances Johnston Virginia Rehfeldt Diana McLain Mitchie Applewhite Evelyn Walker Ann Ammons Betty Lancaster Betty Brewer Frances Cox Ruth Wedig Barbara Johnston Betty Langdon Betty Blair Alford Melda Burdsal Adelyn Gerald Jane Stebbins Frances Johnson Betty Klumb Eleanor Johnson Margaret White Sara Deal Pat Patterson Marilyn Sanderson Mary Wharton Jean Houghton Esther Read Elizabeth Lampton Billie Brewer Mary E. Tingle Jane Ellen Newell Dot Stietenroth Mert Legler Geraldine Wilkerson Mary Ridgwoy Amanda Hathorn Mary Lou Skidmore Catherine Herring Rose Watkins Charles Wiggers Ricketts Childress Conrad Walker Charles Lehman Joe Powell Bob Ray Aubert Knight Woodson Wall Weir Conner David Mcintosh Roi Andrews James Metts Jesse Wofford Greer George Emory Peek William Crisler Sam Allen Mike McLaurin Charles Allen Billy Wright William Cliburn Fred McEwen Gene Nettles Leonard Metts Gene Fleming Bill Griffith Richard Noef U -. ' i w ' A If m •x- V V- ' - . II 1 MUd- MllUafid- ELIZABETH WELSH MaAie MofO MIKE McLAURIN JACK WINBORN ELIZABETH WELSH CRAIG CASTLE ROSEMARY NICHOLS M i Ma m ilHERICM COLLEIiGS MD IIMVMSITIES These students have been recommended by the school to receive recognition for their accomplishments on the campus. They will appear in the publication of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, as an honor due those meeting requirements of the publication. Page 68 Nat Hovious Evelyn Murphy Turnage Bowman Clarke Ann Porter Hank Pope Rebecca Ely Billy Moore Billie Brewer Bob Hollingsworth esVer 9 ° II I ■ ' 1 m JOYCE RUSH AGATHA ADCOCK ANN AMMONS LEE BERRYHILL JEAN HAUGHTON EVELYN MADDOX ANN PORTER i f- ;,A.«- BETTY DOSSETT HELEN DUBARD " i- T " v--.«»», .:j:-. BETTY CLARK HAMILTON BARBARA ROBERTSON ■ ■«lt i m as f Si t il ffl JBM [■H i i ' P . ■ « X --» , • " i m L " »■ 1-1 1 11 m r -1 B W 1 1 P :i t z ' FIRST ROW: Ales, Bishop, Griffith, Hollingsworth SECOND ROW: O Brier, Pollock, Sours. MErS PlI HELLENIC OFFICERS NED O ' BRIEN President - BOB HOLLINGSWORTH Vice-President BILL GRIFFITH Secretary-Treasurer This group is the high mentor for the fraternities, governing rush week and inter-fraternity relation- ships. Composed of two representatives from each fraternity, Men ' s Pan Hellenic has done much to pro- mote harmony among the Greeks. They symbolize the truly co-operative Millsops spirit. MEMBERS Bill Ates Stuart Carruth Bob Hollingsworth Eugene Pollock Jack Bishop Bill Griffith Ned O ' Brien Charles Sours THEY SAY NO FLOWERS FOR THE LADIES Page 90 FIRST ROW: Barnes, Bending, Cobb, Dos ' ett . . . SECOND ROW: Ely, Hamilton, Rehfeldt, Roberts. WOMErS PlI IIELLEnC OFFICERS MAE ALICE BARNES President MIRIAM ROBERTS Vice-President REBECCA ELY Secretary VIRGINIA REHFELDT Treasurer This year ' s Women ' s Pan Hellenic staggered th ough the usual rush week mod scramble, came out in one accord, and revised the group ' s Constitution as the year ' s maior task. To keep peace among the sororities and to provide high standards for rushing are tasks that this group accomplished with spe- cial pride. MEMBERS Mae Alice Barnes Dewey Cobb Rebecca Ely Virginia Rehfeldt Lois Bending Betty Dossett Betty Clark Hamilton Miriam Roberts THEY GIVE THE GREEN LIGHT TO SORORITIES Page 91 BETl SKMil OMHROI ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER OFFICERS REBECCA ELY President BONNIE LEE HARMER Vice-President DEWEY COBB Secretary KATHRYN CARVER Treasurer Founded— University of Missouri, December 12, 1888 Established at Millsaps— September 1, 1926 COLORS: Ruby and Pink FLOWERS: Richmond and Killarney Roses PUBLICATION: " The Urn " The Beta Sigs started the season by searching for new chapter rooms. Cobb and Robinson sported diamonds, and Anne Craig marched to tha altar. Ely and Godbold held memberships in almost every organization on the campus, and Harmer and Armstrong won badminton honors. Arm- strong also copped the ping pong tournament. Liming was chosen secretary of the Froshs, and Robin- son and Berryhill were named favorites. Dot Myers was suddenly discovered by the Millsaps eds, and Jerry Mayo continued to be a personality. Catherine Armstrong Leela Berryhill Polly Bizell Carol Blumer Carole Broun Mary Bradford Kathryn Carver Dewey Cobb Lucille Collins Elaine Comfort Mary Cowan Anne Craig Faye DeWees MEMBERS Rebecca Ely Gertrude Furr Betty Garber Laura Mae Godbold Frances Gray Juanito Gregory Bonnie Harmer Betty Harper Carolyn Hayes Katherine Herring Elizabeth Ann Lampton Dorris Liming Miriam Martin Jerry Mayo Ruby Ella McDonald Laura Gene McKay Marianne Medlin Dot Myers Jane Ellen Newell Patti Ann Prather Sammie Price Evagene Robinson Ruth Shanks Mary Elizabeth Spear Geraldine Wilkerson Joyce Williams Maxine Winn Page 92 FIRST ROW: Armstrong, Berryhill, Bizell, Blumer, Bradford, Braun . . . SECOND ROW: Carver, Cobb, Collins, Comfort, Cowan, Craig . . . THIRD ROW: DeWees, Ely, Furr, Garber, Godbold, Gray . . ' . FOURTH ROW; Gregory, Hormer, Harper, Hayes, Herring, Lampton, Liming . . . FIFTH ROW: Martin, Mayo, McDonald, McKay, Medlin, Myers, Newell . . . SIXTH ROW: Prqther, Price, Robinson, Shanks, Spear, Wilkerson, Williams. t H I OMEGA CHI DELTA CHAPTER OFFICERS LIB WELSH President ANN PORTER Vice-President FRANCES WILLIAMS Secretary MARY WHARTON Treasurer ROSEMARY HOWELL Fledge Trainer Founded— University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895 Established at Millsaps- Aarch 31, 1934 COLORS: Cardinal and Straw FLOWER: White Carnation PUBLICATION: " The Eleusis " The girls of Chi Delta walked off with top scholastic honors for the first semester. Welsh and Porter were selected for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Cunningham, Thrower, and Lampton marched to Lohengrin, while Graves got a d amond. Hendricks, Hcwell, Adcock, Welsh, and Roberts sported frat pins. Several sisters were tapped for Sigma Lambda, KDE and other honoraries. Porter edited the Boboshelo, Rush and Dcssett rated as the top two beauties, and Welsh was elected " Miss Millsops. " Agatha Adcock Virginia Ann Batton Martha Biggs Betty Brewer Fronces Culley Doris Cunningham Cornelia Decelle Mary Elizabeth Dodds Betty Dossett Mary Dunaway Rollin Fitts Janet Fox MEMBERS Truly Graves Jean Houghton Rita Hendricks Ann Hobbs Rosemary Howell Barbara Johnston Betty Klumb Ann Lampton Mo urine Lane Mert Legler Frances Loflin Margaret McLaurin Mary Elizabeth Peatross Ann Porter Miriam Roberts Joyce Rush Dot Stietenroth Marie Stokes Mary Ann Thrower Jean Turnbow June Turnbow Lib Welsh Mary Wharton Betty Ann Williams Frances Williams Page 94 FIRST ROW: Adcock, Barton, Biggs, Cunninghom, Decelle . . . SECOND ROW; Dodds, Dosselt, Dunawoy, Fitts, Graves . . . THIRD ROW: Houghton, Hendricks, Hobbs, Howell, Johnston . . . FOURTH ROW: Klumb, Lone, Legler, Loflin, McLourin . . . FIFTH ROW: Porter, Roberts, Rush, Stietenroth, Stokes, Thrower . . . SIXTH ROW: Turnbow, Jean; Turnbow, June; Welsh, Wharton, Williams, B. A.; Williams, F. R 1 P P 1 DELTA MU CHAPTER OFFICERS MAE ALICE BARNES President LOIS BENDING Vice-President ELEANOR JOHNSON Secretary EVELYN WALKER Treasurer Founded— Virginia State Normal College, October 23, 1897 Established at Millsaps— September 26, 1914 COLORS: Green and White FLOWER: White Rose PUBLICATION: " Angeles of Kappa Delta " These girls started the year off by taking top honors in the number of girls pledged. Barnes headed Women ' s Panhellenic and Kappa Delta Epsilon, and Minyard led the Majorettes. Barnes got an orna- ment for the " third finger, left hand, " and Walker got a shield and diamond. Dubard was chosen a beauty, and Patterson, Watkins, Ammons, and Miller were selected as favorites. Many KD ' s made the honoraries, and they had a good representation going on tour this year. Ridgway was the capable business manager of the Bobashela. Patsy Abernathy Shirley Alexander Betty Blair Alford Ann Ammons Mitchie Applewhite Betty Jo Atwood Mae Alice Barnes Barbara Bell Lois Bending Diana Bennett Ann Betheo Dot Bishop Melda Burdsal Shirley Conn Helen Dubard MEMBERS Ida Faye Emmerich Hallo Jo Francis Adelyn Gerald Clarissa Hall Amanda Hathorn Mary Elizabeth Holland Carol Hutto Eleanor Johnson Betty Lancaster Fannie Buck Leonard Diana McLain Edith Meaders Mary Frances Meadows Joyce Miller Helena Minyard Pat Patterson Lulu Pullen Esther Read Mary Ridgway Marilyn Sanderson Mary Shelton Amelia Simmons Gene Simmons Jane Stebbins Marguerite Stout B. Utiey Evelyn Walker Rose Watkins Carolyn Webb Betty Weems Page 96 FIRST ROW; Abernathy, Alexander, Alford, A,,imons, Applewhite, Alwood . . . SECOND ROW: Barnes, Bell, Bending, Bennett, Bethea, Bishop . . . THIRD ROW: Burdial, Conn, Dubard, Emmerich, Francis, Gerald . . . FOURTH ROW: Hall, Hathorn, Holland, Hutto, Johnson, Lancaster . . . FIFTH ROW: Leonard, McLain, Meaders, Meadows, Miller, Minyard . . . SIXTH ROW: Patterson, Pullen, Read, Ridgway, Sanderson, Shelton . . . SEVENTH ROW: Simmons, A., Simmons, G., Stebbins, Walker, Watkins, Webb, Weems. P H I 11 EPSILON CHAPTER OFFICERS VIRGINIA REHFELDT President BETTY CLARK HAMILTON Vice-President FAYE STANDIFER Secretary BARBARA ROBERTSON Treasurer Founded— Wesleyan College, March 4, 1852 Established at Millsaps-March 24, 1914 COLORS: Rose and White FLOWER: Enchantress Carnation PUBLICATION: " Aglaia " The Phi Mu ' s wasted no time in making this year a big one. Crisler was elected Senior Class secre- tary and was tapped into Sigma Lambda. Robertson and Hamilton were beauties. Vandiver was fea- ture editor of the Purple and White and a member of Chi Delta. Corr and Goodman were also Sigma Lambda ' s, and White got pinned. The girls really kept up their tradition of having a large representa- tion in honoraries. Wilna Axtell Rosalind Butler Annie Ruth Callahan Beth Carley Peggy Carr Mary Evelyn Collins Polly Crisler Frances Crowther Sarah Deal Elizabeth Dyess MEMBERS Tommye Forrest Julia Goodman Betty Clark Hamilton Jo Ann Johnston Sarah Frances Johnston Nancy Knight Martha Jean Lee Brcadine May Merelyn Mitchell Betty Jean Ozier Joyce Patrick Gwendolyn Pettus Virginia Rehfeldt Barbara Robertson Faye Standifer Tink Tingle Evelyn Murphy Turnoge Mildred Ulmer Margaret Vandiver Skeets White Page 98 FIRST ROW: Axtell, Butler, Callahan, Carley, Carr . . . SECOND ROW: Collins, Crisler, Crowther, Deal, Dyess . . . THIRD ROW: Forrest, Goodman, Hamilton, Johnston, J., Johnston, S. F. . . . FOURTH ROW: Knight, Lee, May, Mitchell, Ozier, Rehfeldt . . . FIFTH ROW: Robertson, Tingle, Turnage, Ulmer, Vandiver, White. V 1 K I I G S MILLSAPS CHAPTER OFFICERS MARTINA CADENHEAD President BETTY LANGDON Vice-President JIMMIE LOU MOORE Secretary CATHERINE POWELL . Treasurer Founded — University of Oklahoma, April, 1938 Established at Millsaps-July 19, 1943 COLORS: Red and Black . PUBLICATION: " N. I. S. A. Newsletter " Another good year for the Vikings started off when Myra became Sills instead of Nichols. Brewer headed the Christian Council, and Pittman, Frances that is, led the Majorettes. Langdon was tapped for honoraries, as was Brewer. Getting diplomas at mid-term were Cadenhead and Rosie Nichols. Joint meetings and parties with the Barbarians have been outstanding events of the year. These are the girls to watch when intromurals time rolls around. Lois Abel Mary Rose Attyah Denise Bacon Anne Bishop Dixie Briggs Ann Brown Dot Byars Lesbia Byars Martina Cadenhead Betty Jim Canon Elizabeth Corley Thelma Countiss Lois Critz Virginia Darracott MEMBERS Frances Candy Patricia Giardina Bobbie Gillis Lutricia Goodman Ann Gordon Dora Harbor Dixie Hutchinson Frances Johnson Betty Langdon Betty Long Joyce Mauldin Jimmie Lou Moore Mary Ruth Murphy Rosemary Nichols Janice Nicholson Grace Margaret Parker Betty Sue Pittman Francis Pittman Catherine Powell Lena Mae Roy Pat Reed Lucy Scott Catherine Shumaker Myra Nichols Sills Nell Smith Ann Stockton Geneala Van Valkenburgh Jean Wynne Page 100 FIRST ROW: Abel, Bishop, Briggs, Brown, Byars . . . SECOND ROW: Ccdenhead, Counti ' s, Darrocolt, Gondy, Giordino . . . THIRD ROW: Gillis, Goodman, Gordon, Harbor, Johnson . , . FOURTH ROW: Langdon, Mouldin, Moore, Murphy, Nichols . . . FIFTH ROW: Nicholson, Pittman, B. S., Pittman, F. Powell, Scott . . . SIXTH ROW: Shumaker, Sills, Stockton, Van Valkenburgh, Wynne. K A P P 1 4 L P H 1 ALPHA MU CHAPTER OFFICERS JACK BISHOP Number I CHARLES SOURS . , Number II CLIFF HAMILTON Number III Founded— Washington and Lee, December 21, 1865 Established at Millsops-October 1, 1893 COLORS: Crimson and Old Gold FLOWER: Red Rose PUBLICATION: " Kappa Alpha Journal ' These members of the oldest frat on the campus showed up well this year by first copping the top campus honor— Hovious was elected prexy of the student body. Bishop, Longmire, and Jordan were top campus personalities, and a lot of pinning went on here too— Riley, Holmes, and Harlan placed the shield on the girls of their hearts, and Currie took the fatal step, matrimony with a Belhaven damsel. Dever ably served as assistant editor of the Bobashelo. MEMBERS Ernest Allen Robert Amason Bill Baker Martin Baker Bill Barnett Jim Barwick Jack Bishop C. C. Boadwee Jack Bryson Doug Capps Campbell Cauthen Rupert Cirlot Weir Conner Tracey Currie Fred Daniel Felder Dearman Dick Dever Pete Dunn John Egger Allen Evans Harry Folwell Frank Fowler Gilbert Fryant Greer George Bill Goodman B. B. Graves Cliff Hamilton Ed Harlan James Holmes Nat Hovious Joe Huggins Harry Hutchins Morgan Jones Ernest Jordan Jerry Keith James LonginottI Bill Longmire A. B. Magee Charles Martin Mike Martinson Leon Miles J. W. Patterson John Perkins Bill Phelps Jack Phillips Julius Ratliff Tommy Riley Sandy Robertson Lowry Rush Melvin Scarbrough Ralph Shotts Joe Sills Charles Sours Bill Stewart Dean Stewart Billy Sumrall Kirk Taylor Bill Toland Bobby Tyson Bobby Wilkins Bill Williams Sonny Williams Page 102 FIRST ROW: Amason, Baker, B., Baker, M., Barnett, Berwick, Bishop . . . SECOND ROW: Boadwee, Bryson, Copps, Cauthen, Cirlot, Conner . . THIRD ROW: Currie, Deormon, Dever, Dunn, Egger, Evans . . . FOURTH ROW: Folwell, Fowler, George, Goodman, Graves, Holmes . . . FIFTH ROW: Hovious, Muggins, Hutchins, Longinotti, Longmire, Perkins . . SIXTH ROW: Phillips, Rotliff, Riley, Robertson, Rush, Scarbrough, Shotts . . . SEVENTH ROW: Sills, Sours, Stewart, B., Stewart D., Taylor, Tyson, Williams. R A P P 1 S I » 111 il ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER OFFICERS NED O ' BRIEN President BILL CARTER Vice-President JERRY FORTENBERRY Secretary RUFUS STAINBACK Treasurer Founded— University of Virginia, December 10, 1869 Established at Millsaps-October 18, 1895 COLORS: Scarlet, Green, and White FLOWER: Lily of the Valley PUBLICATION: " The Caduceus " The Sigs again proved their merit on our campus and have upheld their famed tradition of being swell party-throwers— witness their phenomenally successful Barn Dance. Shackelford got hitched to start the year off right, and not to be outdone, Sumerlin followed suit. O ' Brien and Fleming captured class officers, and Boyd was head cheerleader. And Billy Mann, Charlie Hogue, and Tom Clay kept the gals swooning. MEMBERS Sam Allen John Roy Bane Bill Bethea Charles Brock Brooke Burwell Gordon Carr Billy Carter N. E. Clarkson Tom Clay James Crisler Bobby DeKay Lew Everett Baxter Finley Gene Fleming Jerry Fortenberry Tom Gorraway Clarence Gregory Bill Griffith Donnie Guion Erwin Gulledge Ralph Hays Will Hickman James Hickman George Hill Charlie Hogue Smythe Howard Phil Irby Fred Johnson Floyd Kimbrough Ralph Laird George Lammons Grayson Lawrence Frank Lee Morris Liming Harold Luster Curtis Magee Billy Mann Bill May Louis Miazza Turner Morgan Lee Miers Charles Naef Ned O ' Brien Flarry Oswalt Walton Owens A. M. Phillips Jame Radford Tom Roberts Billy Shackelford Rufus Staiti.bock Henry Steinriede Zollie Stevens Alvin Sumerlin John Thompson Russell Weaver Jack Woodrow John Wroten Page 104 FIRST ROW: Bethea, Carr, Carter, Clarkton, Finley . . . SECOND ROW: Fleming, Fortenberry, Gregory, Griffith, Guion . . . THIRD ROW: Gudedge, Hickman, J., Hickman, W., Hogue, Howard . . . FOURTH ROW: Irby, Johnson, Lammons, Liming, Magee, Mann . . . FIFTH ROW: May, Miazza, Miers, Naef, O ' Brien, Oswalt . . . SIXTH ROW; Owens, Phillips, Stainback, Stevens, Thompson, Weaver. PI KlPPil ILPHl ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER OFFICERS BOB HOLLINGSWORTH President MIKE McLAURIN . Vice-President W. B. COOPER Secretary KEITH PIGOTT Treasurer Founded— Universit y of Virginia, March 1, 1868 Established at Millsaps-March 23, 1905 COLORS: Garnet and Gold FLOWER: Lily of the Valley PUBLICATION: " The Shield and Diamond " The boys of the shield and diamond strictly made a name for themselves this year. Hollingsvi ' orth and McCormick v alked off with senior class prexy and junior class vice-president respectively. McLaurin was elected Master Major, and Guernsey edited the Purple and White. On the lighter side, Hern, Cas- tle, Marks, and Andrews pinned four campus lovelies, and Corruth and Wells decided to middle-aisle it. And to top a successful year, the Pikes won the trophy for copping all infromurals awards. MEMBERS John Albriton Charles Allen Lester Alvis Roi Andrews Henry Blount Lee Bonner Charles Boone John M. Boone Tommy Boswell Bob Bullen Carl Bunner Charles Butler Joe Cagel Jack Coin Dean Calloway Stuart Carruth Craig Castle Harold Caver Kenneth Charles Bill Clayton Lowery Collins Joe Conerly W. B. Cooper Bill Crisler John Gaddis Carl Guernsey Osborne Guion Bob Hamilton Bill Herm Bob Hollingsworth Richard Holmes Ralph Hutto Noel Ivy Billy Jacobs Bill Jones Paul King William Lampton Bill Lott George Maddox Bobby Mantz Sutton Marks Bill Maute M. L. McCormick Mike McLaurin George McWilliams James Anthony Miller John Neill Sam Newell Dan Patrick Emory Peek Keith Pigott Hank Pope Bob Ray Wallace Ridgway Maury Ross Wallace Russell George Scott Alex Shotts Boots Singletary Bill Slaughter Glenn Teasley Ed Van Zant Bill Watson Brad Wells Charles Wiggers Marvin Wiggins Buddy Wofford John Wofford Billy Wright Charlie Wright Robert Yarbrough Honk Zander Page 106 L M f ,- tjS «4I i liflhl ftlft ' r5 ' .Zt w ' • f f f ir mm. .k JHmift FIRST ROW: Albriton, Allen, Andrews, Blount, Bonner, Boone, C, Boone, J. M. . , . SECOND ROW: Boswell, Bullen, Bunner, Cogel, Cain, Calloway, Cattle . . . THIRD ROW: Caver, Charles, Collins, Cooper, Crisler, Goddis, Guernsey . . . FOURTH ROW: Guion, Hamilton, Herm, Hollingsworth, Hutto, Jones, Lampton . . . FIFTH ROW: Mantz, Marks, Moute, McLaurin, Miller, Neill, Pigott . . . SIXTH ROW: Pope, Ridgway, Scott, Singletary, Slaughter, Teasley . . . SEVENTH ROW: Van Zant, Wiggers, Wiggins, Wright, B., Wright, C, Yarbrough. LlNBDl OHI UPHit THETA ETA ZETA CHAPTER OFFICERS EUGENE POLLOCK President BILL ALLEN Vice-President HAROLD JAMES . Secretary T. C. MILLER Treasurer Founded— Boston University, November 2, 1909 Estabiislned at Millsops-October, 1939 COLORS: Purple, Green, and Gold PUBLICATION; " Purple, Green, and Gold " The Lambda Chi ' s entertained the student body in style with their big dance. Dan Wright and his orchestra hove made a name for themselves. Campus personalities included Pollock, Shanks, and Ates. Burnett ably led the school band through football season and improved student morale. Mack Parker stepped altarward, and Bill Ates finally succeeding in capturing Wilna ' s heart. MEMBERS Charles R. Allen Dudley Dickerson Frank Turner Allen Foster Font Thomas E. Allen Floyd Heard William P. Allen, Jr. Lindsey Head William E. Ates Preston Jackson Frank Joseph Bardelon Harold James Ralph B. Bell Howard Jenkins Louis Samuel Bills, Jr. Rex Jones Robert Connor Bills Tom Kemp Frank Boswell Roy Kolb Charles Brandon James Lee Martin Frank O. Brown Jesse P. Matthews Eugene Burnett T. C. Miller, Jr. Leroy Madison Chaney Charles Mitchell Charles Dillingham ByrI Parker Marion Parker Mack Parker Carl Wayne Phill Eugene Pollock Joe Powell Percy Powers James Roland Jack Shanks Robert Soch Brock Thornhill Steve Webb Harry Whyte Elbert Williams John A. Williams Dan Wright Noel Wright ps Page t . ' -■;» »• :-„, ' »: FIRST ROW: Allen, F., Allen, T., Allen, B., Ate?, Bowell . . . SECOND ROW: Brown, Burnett, Chaney, Dickerson, Dillingham . . . THIRD ROW: Font, Head, Heard, Jockron, James . . . FOURTH ROW: Jenkins, Kemp, Kolb, Mjlthews, Mitchell, Parker . . . FIFTH ROW: Pollock, Powell, Shanks, Williams, Wright, D., Wright, N. B A R B i R 1 il I S OFFICERS GENE NETTLES President BOB NAY Vice-President DAVID HARRIS Secretary DAVID POWELL Treasurer AUBERT KNIGHT Historian ■ ' Founded— University of OI lahoma, 1938 Established at Millsaps— 1945 COLORS: Blue and White FLOWER: Red Carnation PUBLICATION: " N. I. S. A. Newsletter " These independent men go hand-in-hand with their sister organization, the Vikings. To carry out this brother-sister combination, they meet with the girls occas ' onaiiy and even have joint parties. Nettles continues to take part in all sorts of activities, espec ' ally when he can dance. Mcintosh continues to be a football hero, and active in almost any other sport you can name. Aubert did his port in promoting . school spirit, and Inmon and David Harris were tapped into ODK. Billy Appleby Walter Berryhill Tommy Brooks Bowman Clarke Javier Crespo Fitzhugh Dabney James Dunnaway Rod Entrekin Claude Johnson MEMBERS William M. Jones, Jr. Robert Katzes Aubert Knight Ben Lewis Charles McCaskill Fred McEwen David Mcintosh Inman Moore Bob Nay Gene Nettles Wayne Perrot David Powell Charles Randle William Stokes Wesley Youngblood Hollis Youngblood Howad Youngblood Pace I 10 l:t Q O FIRST ROW: Appleby, Brooks, Clarke, Cre po, Dcbney . . . SECOND ROW: Entrekin, Johnson, Jones, Kotzes, Knight . . . THIRD ROW: Lewis, McCaskill, McEwen, Mclntorh, Moore, Nay . . , FOURTH ROW: Nettles, Perrot, Rondle, Stokes, Youngblood, H., Youngblood, W. THE COACHES This was Coach Barthng ' s first football seoson with the Millsaps Majors. Coach Bartling come to Millsaps from Vanderb ilt University where he was head coach for three years. At Millsaps, Bartling mode a fine showing with his Majors, lead- ing them to 5 wins and 1 loss. Coach Bartling was ably assisted in his athletic program by Jack Winborn. Coach Doby Barlling Assistant Coach Jack Winborn THE SCOREBOARD MILLSAPS 15 MILLSAPS 33 MILLSAPS 39 MILLSAPS 35 MILLSAPS • 25 MILLSAPS DELTA STATE TEACHERS SOUTHWESTERN ALAB,iMA STATE TEACHERS 14 MERCHANT MARINE CADETS 13 DELTA STATE TEACHERS MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE 35 7 1 9 4 6 FOOT Page 1 14 Rush, Gunter, Jabour, Christmas, Cirlot, Wade, Maddox Standing Pigott, Jackson, Bell, Denson, Jones, Font, Carruth, Mcintosh. Co-Captains Henry Stienreide Van Stewart Assistant Managers Bob Tyson Jimmy Minnis B U L H A S I Page 1)5 • • • STIENREIDE-Right Halfback JACKSON-Fullbock RUSH-Left Hclfback MclNTOSH-Left Halfback MANN-Right Halfback L e Page 1 16 CARRUTH-Quarterbock DOHERTY-Quarterback BREWER— Quarterback WHITE-Fullback SUTHERLAND-End P I U E R S Playing a six game schedule with schools that were under the same kind of athletic program as Millsaps, that is, the non-subsidizing of its players, the Majors were able to score 147 points to their opponents ' 63. All of this was done under the direction of Athletic Director, match maker and coach, Doby Bartling. Page 117 MADDOX-Tackle JOHNSON-Tackle LaCOUR-Tackle J. STEWART-Guard JABOUR-Tackle Probably the offensive higfilight of the 1946 season happened in the Alabama Teachers game. On two con- secutive times in handling the ball, halfback Lowry Rush, Intercepted on Alabama pass, returning it 76 yards for a touchdown and followed that with an 88 yard run on an off tackle play for another score. Page llf WINANS-Guard V. STEWART-Guard Albert Gore, Mississippi College halfback, takes off on one of his touchdown jaunts, as John Christmas brings up the rear. PIGOTT-End WILSON-End WADE-End CLEMENTS-End CHRISTMAS-Center GLISSON-Cenler Page 120 WJL it xi ' Mn ' rfmasK ' m,, - ttf ' i ' i Kneeling: Cirlot, Lee, Ycte? . . . Standing: Font, Feider, Perrott. Playing a highly touted rival, the Majors tasted their only defeat of the season at the hands of Mississippi College. MiMsaps ' Kick Is AlmoEt - But Not Quite Blocked. Pigott, Christmas, McLaurin, Bell, Carr, Mcintosh, Doherty, Rogers, Bates, Carruth, Byrant, Young, Sutherland, Rush. Ed Bell and " Motor " Carr follow up on a long shot as the Majors tried to moke a recond hcif comeback against Delta State Teachers ct Cleveland. Delta State won 1 - 43 Page 122 B U K ETBUL This season just wasn ' t Millscps ' year. The Majors went down three games to one in the Millsaps - Mississippi College series. Dsha State had a field day at the expense of the M.ajors, Southwestern was defeated, Louisiana Teachers were downed and so went the season. McLAURIN-Center CARR— Forword BELL-Forward PIGOTT— Forward CHRISTMAS-Guard MclNTOSH-Forward Pigott tips in a basket to help the Majors take a close game from Southwestern at Memphis. Miilsops won 50 - 45. Page 124 CARRUTH-Forword DOHERTY-Guard BATES— Forward SCOREBOARD Millsaps 59 Springhill 52 Millsaps 49 Southeast Louisiana 36 Millsaps 71 Southeast Louisiana 35 Millsaps 41 Birmingham Southern 35 Millsaps 39 Mississippi College 50 Millsaps 61 Southwestern 50 Millsaps 43 Delta State 74 Millsaps 46 Mississippi College 42 Millsaps 47 Alabama Teachers 39 Millsaps 48 Delta State 70 Millsaps 39 Springhill 65 Millsaps 42 Birmingham Southern 65 Millsaps 45 Alabama Teachers 48 Millsaps 52 Mississippi College 59 Millsaps 43 Mississippi College 54 Page 125 The action shot on the left Is a shot of the Millsops - Southwestern bosketball game. The right picture shows the Millsops - Delto State game BRYANT ROGERS— Forward RUSH-Guard ' • ' - SUTHERLAND-Center YOUNG-Gyard SQUilD Page 127 First Row: J. Bryant, Pigott, Christmos, McLaurin, Bell, Carr . . . Second Row: Young, Mcintosh, Doherty, Rogers, Bates, Carruth . . . Third Row: Nettles, DeCell, B. Bryant, Sutherland, Rush, Whattey . . . Fourth Row: LaCour, Mann, Rotliff. .S4I S f ' m: Slw ' ' " Coach Bartling, McLaurin, Teasley, Glisson, V. Stewart, DeCell, Winborn, Rush, Pigott, Russell, Collins, Mann, McCormick, Baker, Sills, WJggers, Clay, J. Stewort, Hays, Johnson. cm tke D I 1 SCOREBOARD Millsaps 6 Delta State 10 Millsaps 18 Hinds Junior College 3 Millsaps 4 Mississippi College Millsaps 1 Mississippi College 3 Millsaps 3 Northern Illinois Teachers 6 Millsaps 4 Springhill 5 Millsaps 1 Mississippi Southern 9 Millsaps 17 Mississippi College 8 Millsaps 5 Western Illinois Teachers 4 Millsaps 1 Ole Miss. 21 Millsaps 4 Ole Miss. 9 Millsaps 4 Alabama State Teachers 5 Millsaps 6 Spring Hill 5 Millsaps Alabama State Teachers 14 Millsaps 10 Delta State 3 Millsaps 17 Delta State 6 Assistant Coach Jack Winborn Page 128 Teas ley and Glisson Athletic Director - Lee Gibson Sills and Baker 1 9 4 II Ci Allen Over the Top Greer George Goes Flying Home The Millsaps Thin Clads, under the tutoring of Jay Jackson, were able to schedule only one meet. The Majors and the Chocs met at Provine Field, and Mississippi College handed Millsaps its only defeat. High scorer of the meet was Dave Mcintosh with 19V2 points. Piggott, Britt, Slngletory, Mcintosh, Appley, George, Williams, Lee, Wade, Henry, Perott, Box, Nettles, Fortenberry, Sutherland, Brown, Heard, Allen, Jobour, Stienretde, Youngblood, Strange, Jackson, Gaddis. r» ' v " -» . ' - ' : ' yr. ' T R H K S E U I Wade Clears 5 ' 11 " A ' clr.tosh and Jackson Take the High Hurdles. Vclntosh Wins the 100 Yard Dash. GCLF TEAM Dearman Hamilton C. Barton B. Barton GOLF A foursome was all that Millsaps needed to field a good golf team. Playing teams from Ole Miss., Delta State and Mississippi Southern, Coach Cliff Hamilton ' s boys made many fine showings. Joyce Rush, Doug Boyd, Mary Lou Skidmore, Henry Blount, Ann Gordon ke PHEERlEilDERS A greatly increased enthusiasm in this year ' s student body was due largely to the work done by the cheerleaders. To their tireless effort the student body says THANKS! Page 133 »«st- - i .ir .it. 5ik;.«s -Mr L iS t - ' is-l i .- r { J ■ r-| ■ Ik : V ' ». iS aCB r. - ' jjfJ iiS SIGMA L 1 M B D il I N LEADERSHIP AND ABILITY THEY EXCEL OFFICERS ROSEMARY NICHOLS LIB WELSH REBECCA ELY . . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer To be tapped into Sigma Lambda, a girl needs brains, ability, personality, and quite a bit of brawn to work on the numerous projects the group undertakes. This is the " Mortar Board of Millsops; " and these girls are responsible for all sorts of improvements and bright Ideas around the campus. Billie Brewer Peggy Carr Dewey Cobb Polly Crisler Rebecca Ely MEMBERS Laura Mae Godbold Julia Goodman Eetty Langdon Rosemary Nichols Ann Porter Mary RIdgway Myra Sills Lib Welsh Mary Wharton FIRST ROW: Brewer, Carr, Cobb, Crisler, Ely . . . SECOND ROW: Godbold, Goodman, Langdon, Nichols, Porter . . . THIRD ROW; Ridgway, Siils, Welsh, Wharton. Page 136 FIRST ROW: Castle, Childress, Griffith, Harris, Hollingsworth . McLaurin, Moore, O ' Brien, Shanks, Wright. SECOND ROW: M I C R 1 DELTA K A P P 1 THE GOLD KEY STANDS FOR GOLDEN IDEALS OFFICERS DAN WRIGHT President DR. ROSS MOORE Secretary Membership in ODK is perhaps the highest honor a Millsaps man con attain. The gold key has stood for outstanding ability since its appearance on the campus in March, 1926. The standards of this national fraternity demand scholarship and leadership, and this is the most widely recognized honorary on the campus. Craig Castle Ricketts Childress Bill Griffith David Harris Bob Hollingsworth MEMBERS Mike McLaurin Inman Moore Ned O ' Brien Jack Shanks Don Wright Dr. Moore Dr. Riecken Dr. Smith Dr. Wharton Prof. Ferguson Page 137 G T it SIGMA PHI THEY PREFER ANCIENT GREECE AND ROME TO MODERN CIVILIZATION OFFICERS BETTY LANGDON , , President REBECCA ELY Vice-President DEWEY COBB Secretary LAURA MAE GODBOLD Treasurer Helen of Troy fiad her Paris; Cicero had his Catiline — such are the bits of knowledge which members of Eta Sigma Phi can recite upon invitation. These refugees from the Oracle of Delphi are famed for knocking themselves out once a year at a Roman orgy. The rest of the year is spent with such droll things as ancient Roman and Grecian civilization. MEMBERS Dewey Cobb Rebecca Ely Laura Mae Godbold Betty Langdon William Stokes Lib Welsh Dr. Smith Dr. Hamilton Dr. Fleming Prof. Sanders Prof. Ferguson Mrs. Goodman Mrs. Cobb Miss Craig Mrs. Coullet FIRST ROW: Cobb, Ely, Godbold . . SECOND ROW: Langdon, Stokes, Welsh Page 138 FIRST ROW: Axtell, Calloway, Griffith, Hamilton, Hollingsworth Moore, Murphy, Ridgway, Stebbin?. SECOND ROW: UPHI EPSILOI DELTi ANYTHING FROM TONSILLECTOMIES TO SORE TOES OFFICERS BILL GRIFFITH ' . . . President INMAN MOORE Vice-President MARY RIDGWAY Secretary BETTY CLARK HAMILTON Historian Alpha Epsilon Delta is the official Millsaps honorary pre-med organization. Potential Curies and future Kil- dares meet bi-monthly and discuss such enlightening subjects as " The Life Cycle of the Fruit Fly " or " Carving Through the Ages. " Frequently outsiders are invited in for general consultation. A. E. D. ' s skeletons in the closet include the yearly institution of freshmen physical exams and agitating for a college hospital. MEMBERS Wilna Axtell John Roy Bane Dean Calloway Bill Griffith Betty Clark Hamilton Bob Hollingsworth Rex Jones Inman Moore Mary Ruth Murphy Mary Ridgway Jane Stebbins Buddy Wofford Jim Young Dr. Sturdivant Dr. Priddy Dr. Riecken Prof. Galloway Dr. Price Prof. Harrell Dr. Sullivan Poge 139 U P H l P S 1 OMEGA THE FUTURE LUNT AND FONTANNES OF MILLSAPS OFFICERS ROSEMARY NICHOLS President CRAIG CASTLE Vice-President FRANCES WILLIAMS Secretary Alpha Pi of Alpho Psi Omega, the organization at which all dramatic students look with longing eyes, sponsored two plays this year, " Doctor ' s Orders " and " The Servant In the House, " and a group of three one-act plays. Members are carefully chosen from a large number of potentials in the Millsaps Players and are ably coached by Dr. White. MEMBERS Craig Castle Jerry Fortenberry Gene Nettles Mary Ridgway Bill Dement Merelyn Mitchell Rosemary Nichols Elizabeth Welsh Ethel Eastman Billy Moore Bob Ray Frances Williams FIRST ROW: Castle, Eastman. Fortenberry, Mitchell, Moore, Nettles . . . SECOND ROW: Nichols, Ray, Ridgway, Welsh, Williams. Page 140 FIRST ROW: Carr, Crisler, Hamilton, Howell . . . SECOND ROW: Langdon, Vandiver, Welsh. {, H I DELTA WOMEN WITH WIT AND WISDOM OFFICERS ELIZABETH WELSH President POLLY CRISLER Secretary-Treasurer The women with the literary talents and the sense to remember all about authors make this an organization of true artists in creative writing. They ' ll discuss anything that is in print from Egyptian hieroglyphics to the latest volume from the pen of George Bernard Shaw. Among their projects are spon- soring contests in creative writings of students. Peggy Carr Polly Crisler Betty Clark Hamilton MEMBERS Rosemary Howell Betty Langdon Ma . ' ' go ret Vandiver Elizabeth Welsh Mrs. Stone Mrs. Goodman Poge 141 K il P P 1 DELTA E P S I L 1 THEY ' LL TEACH FUTURE GENERATIONS THEIR ABC ' S OFFICERS MAE ALICE BARNES President BETTY HEARN Vice-President VIRGINIA REHFELDT Recording Secretary ETHEL EASTMAN Corresponding Secretary MARY WHARTON Treasurer These co-eds are tomorrow ' s wielders of the proverbial hickory stick. K. D. E. is the official Millsaps honorary education fraternity. During the Mississippi Education Association meeting, many graduates come back and tell how many apples they have received and other glories of the teaching profession. High point of the year is the club luncheon, at which time a former member describes the many vivid and inescapable problems. MEMBERS Mae Alice Barnes Ethel Eastman Sarah Frances Johnston Evelyn Murphy Turnage Lesbia Byars Rebecca Ely Betty Langdon Evelyn Walker Martina Cadenhead Bonnie Harmer Helene Minyard Elizabeth Welsh Sarah Frances Clark Betty Hearn Esther Read Mary Wharton Dewey Cobb Ann Hobbs Virginia Rehfeldt Geraldine Wilkerson Shirley Conn Rosemary Howell Mary Elizabeth Tingle Frances Williams FIRST ROW- Barnes, Cadenhead Clark, Cobb, Conn, Eastman, Ely . . . SECOND ROW: Harmer, Hobbs, Howell, Johnston, Langdon, Minyard, Read . . . THIRD ROW: Rehfeldt, Tingle, Turnage, Walker, Welsh, Wharton, Wilkerson, Williams. Poge 142 l ' l F FIRST ROW: Ates, Berryhill, Burnet, Carr, Carter, Castle . . . SECOND ROW: Em- merich, God bo Id, Guernsey, Hormer, McCullen, O ' Brien . . . THIRD ROW: Shanks, Singletory, Stoinbock, Thompson, Watkins, Wright. lITERiiTIOML REUTIOIS CLl ' B OUR BAUKAGES AND PEARSONS OF TOMORROW OFFICERS DAN WRIGHT President LEE BERRYHILL Vice-President NED O ' BRIEN Secretary-Treasurer The purpose of the International Relations Club is to study and discuss events which are taking place in the world today, and the situations which led up to them. When these radicals come to blows, Dr. Moore intercedes with a turkey trot or a witty remark. MEMBERS Bill Ates Craig Castle Ned O ' Brien Dan Wright Lee Berryhill Ida Faye Emmerich Jack Shanks Dr. Moore E. J. Burnet Laura Mae Godbold Boots Singletory Prof. Ferguson Peggy Carr Carl Guernsey Rufus Stainback Dr. Wharton Bill Corter Bonnie Lee Harmer John Thompson Prof. Hardin Dan McCullen Troy Watkins Page 143 Y. M. 0. i C 1 B I I E T MEN WHO STRIVE FOR CHRISTIAN LIVING IN COLLEGES OFFICERS BOWMAN CLARKE BOB HOLLINGSWORTH BOB RAY CHARLES HOGUE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer This group of men attend to such problems as school spirit, faculty-student relations, and student de- votion in an excellent wor thwhile manner. The cabinet of YM big-shots meets twice monthly to lay plans for the work of the Y and to join YW in presenting our evening Vespers. Bowman Clarke Aubert Knight Bill Cliburn Inman Moore Bill Goodman Joe Powell Charles Hogue Bob Ray Bob Hollingsworth Bill Toland FIRST ROW: Clark, Hollingsworth, Roy, Hogue, Cliburn . . . SECOND ROW Goodman, Knight Powell, Moore. Page 144 FIRST ROW: Godbold, Ridgway, Wharton, Stockton, Bending . . . SECOND ROW: Cobb, Gillis, Medlin, Ely, Briggs . . . THIRD ROW: Emmerich, Liming, Clark, Bain, Welsh. 1. W. C. i. C 1 B I I E T THEY HAVE THE ANSWERS TO EVERY PROBLEM OFFICERS LAURA MA E GODBOLD MARY RIDGWAY . . . MARY WHARTON . . . ANN STOCKTON . , LOIS BENDING, DEWEY COBB, BOBBIE GILLIS , . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Program Chairmen MARIANA MEDLIN Music Chairman REBECCA ELY, DIXIE BRIGGS Projects Chairmen IDA FAYE EMMERICH, DORRIS LIMING Recreation Chairmen SARAH FRANCES CLARK , Vespers Chairman ADA MAY BAIN . . . Publicity Chairman LIB WELSH Community Service Programs on every angle from China to the latest fashions, all with a truly Christian spirit, make YW the interesting, enlightening organization that it is. The members of this group are not content with words of advice, but they utilize all co-eds in helping those less fortunate than they. MEMBERS Ada May Bain Lois Bending Dixie Briggs Sarah Frances Clark Dewey Cobb Rebecca Ely Ida Faye Emmerich Bobbie Gillis Laura Mae Godbold Dorris Liming Mariana Medlin Mary Ridgway Ann Stockton Lib Welsh Mary Wharton Page 145 M 1 J R E T T E L [ B THEY TRY TO OUTDO THE MAJORS OFFICERS CATHERINE ARMSTRONG KATHRYN CARVER . . FRANCIS PITTMAN . . POLLY CRISLER . . . President Secretary-Treasurer Intramurols Chairman Publicity Chairman The girls who belong to this athletic honorary are chosen for versatility in sports, for sportsmanlike conduct, and for persistent efforts to help their team win in intramurols. In addition, as a group they have sponsored Stunt Night for a number of years, and they ' re trying something new in their Play Nights. MEMBERS Catherine Armstrong Wilna Axteil Mae Alice Barnes Lee Berryhill Billie Brewer Emmogene Calhoun Kathryn Carver Polly Crisler Sara Deal Rebecca Ely Laura Mae Godbold Bonnie Lee Hormer Rosemary Howell Eleanor Johnson Betty Langdon Betty Long M.argoret McLaurin Helena Minyard Betty Sue Pittman Francis Pittman Ann Porter Mary Ridgway B. Utiey Evelyn Walker Rose Watkins Mary Wharton FIRST ROW: Armstrong, Axteil, Barnes, Berryhill, Brewer, Carver, Crisler, Deal . . . SECOND ROW: Ely, Godbold, Harmer, Howell, Johnson, Langdon, McLaurin, Minyard . . . THIRD ROW: Pittman, B. S., Pittman, F., Porter, Ridgway, Walker, Watkins, Wharton. Page 146 mm O • ' FIRST ROW: Anding, Brewer, Codenhead, Castle, Clarke, Cobb . . . SECOND ROW: Ely, Godbold, Guernsey, Harris Hollingsworth, Hovious . . . THIRD ROW: Mcintosh, Minnis, Moore, Powell, Ridgwoy. CHRISTUi COllinL CHRISTIAN LEADERS ORGANIZED FOR SERVICE OFFICERS BIL LIE BREWER DAVID HARRIS REBECCA ELY DR. RIECKEN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer With semi-annual achievements through Religious Emphasis V eeks, the Christian Council sheds its radiance across the campus, guiding the spiritual life of the student. Their efforts unite college groups with local churches, and their influence extends in many directions in improving student life and thought. MEMBERS Bob Anding Rebecca Ely Not Hovious Mary Ridgwoy Billie Brewer Laura Mae Godbold David Mcintosh Dr. Fleming Martina Codenhead Carl Guernsey Jimmy Minnis Dr. Smith Craig Castle David Harris Inman Moore Dr. Riecken Bowman Clarke Bob Hollingsworth Joe Powell • --■ Prof. Wroten Dewey Cobb Page 147 BAPTIST STOEH UIIOI THEY ' RE RUNNING THE METHODISTS A CLOSE RACE OFFICERS JIMMY MIMNIS President LOIS ABEL Secretary W. B. COOPER Treasurer MARTHA JEAN LEE Program Chairman TOMMY BOSWELL Pianist EVELYN WALKER Chorister This energetic group conducts the meetings of the Baptist students on the campus. Several youth leaders have been brought to the campus this year through the auspices of this organization. A beneficial part of their program is joining with other denominal ' ionai groups on the campus in presenting a well- rounded religious schedule. MEMBERS Jimmy Minnis W. B. Cooper Tommy Boswell Lois Abel M.artho Jean Lee ■ Evelyn Walker FIRST ROW; Minnis, Abel, Cooper . . . SECOND ROW; Lee, Boswell, Walker. Page 148 FIRST ROW: Bullen, Charles, Dabney, Dosselt, Gaddis . . . SECOND ROW: Graves, Hamilton, Lehman, Leonard, Maute. U I T E R B II R 1 CLUB ALTHOUGH A MINORITY, THEY HOLD THEIR OWN OFFICERS BILL MAUTE . . . KENNETH CHARLES FANNIE BUCK LEONARD JOHN GADDIS . . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Program Chairman The Canterbury Club is another of Millsaps ' newly organized denominational groups. These student Episcopalians have mode a lot of progress in their first year, and they ore well known for their interesting meetings and parties at the Parish House. MEMBERS Bob Bullen Kenneth Charles Fitzhugh Dabney Betty Dossett John Gaddis Truly Graves Betty Clark Hamilton Charles Lehman Fannie Buck Leonard Bill Moute Page 149 Mi iSTEiiiu Assonnioi WHERE ONE PREACHER MEETS ANOTHER OFFICERS BOBANDING INMAN MOORE WILLIAM LEE YOUNGBLOOD . . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer With the largest membership in its history th e Ministerial Association has exerted a wide influence in the fostering of a Christian atmosphere on the comous. It has carried out many worthwhile projects under the leadership of Bob Anding and David Harris, and its members hove taken a prominent part in student activities. MEMBERS W. E. Ainsworth Selby Alsworth Bob Anding Bill Appleby John L. Ash John Atkins Alfred Francis Blair Henry Blount Frank O. Brown Kenneth Charles Ricketts Childress Bowman Clarke Victor Coleman Billy Crout Horry Cunningham Bill Dement Ellis Robert Dickerson Rod Entrekin Carl Felder Carl Fox Charles Ray Franklin Bill Hall David Harris Billy Harris Claude Johnson Joseph Woodrow Jones William B. Jones Robert Katzes Aubert Knight Morris Liming Rex Loftin George Maddox Robert Marsalis James McCafferty Charles McCaskill James Q. McCrory David Mcintosh Walter McMahon T, C. Miller John Millsaps Inman Moore Robert Nay Wayne Perrott Charles Randle William Mid Ray Gene Russell William Stokes John Sutphin Delwin Thigpen Harold Thomas M.irl Whitaker Charles Wiggers Donald Youngblood Hollis Youngbood Wesley Youngblood William Lee Youngblood Page 150 C) C) ( f L Pi _ ri V- ,- 4 . 1 . Aim tTi -C ,Cj ,, 7r ' ■ p f. ,1-;. - f- l Tf A lf 1 Alsworth Anding Appleby Alkins Blair Blount Brown Charles Childress Clarke Crout Cunningham Dickerson Entrekin Felder Fox Franklin Harris, D. Harris, B. Johnson Katzes Knight Liming Loftin McCaskill McCrory Mcintosh McMahon Moore Nay Perrott Randle Ray Russell Stokes Stutphin Thomas Wiggers Youngblood, D. Youngblood, H. Youngblood, Wesley Youngblood, W. L. - ' -- . FIRST ROW: Abernothy, Adams, Bishop, Bizzell, Corley, Corver . . . SECOND ROW: Crowther, Dabney, Harbor, Johnston, Lee, Mojure . . . THIRD ROW: McLoin, Medlin, Roy, Stokes, Turner, Ulmer BE E T II f E I C L O THEY AIM AT CARNEGIE HALL AND THE MET OFFICERS BOB RAY President MARIANA MEDLIN Vice-President GILBERT FRYANT Recording Secretary MARTHA JEAN LEE Treasurer MARIE STOKES Corresponding Secretary MRS. J. L. ROBERTS Faculty Advisor Organized only last year, this group has flourished. They boast of a large membership and an unheard of repertoire embracing anything from Bach ond Chopin to the latest boogie. If it ' s ever been written and it ' s music, you can bet someone in the group can tell you about it. MEMBERS Patsy Abernothy Betty Adams Dot Bishop Polly Bizzell Dewey Buckley Beth Carley Kathryn Carver Frances Crowther Fitzhugh Dabney Gilbert Frvant Dora Harbor Barbara Johnston Sarah Frances Johnston Martha Jean Lee Joe Mojure Diana McLain Mariana Medlin Bob Roy Marie Stokes Mary Ann Turner Mildred Ulmer Page 152 et (40 S u P Uh CONGRATULATIONS, Class of 1947! . . . and to all future grads we should like to remind you to make use of our complete Book Department for references in your future studies. Technical books, language books, novels, fiction, biographies, travel books— these and countless others are at your disposal. Come in and browse around. THE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 517 E. CAPITOL DIAL 3-4734 MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Courses in Liberal Arts and Sciences HIGH RATING CO-EDUCATICNAL REASONABLE COST ACCESSIBLE TO EVERY SECTION OF THE STATE For Information: Write Dean William E. Riecken fvi i io 1 S S i P P i ■ S f BEST STORE THE CAMPUS HANG-OUT Sandwiches - Cold Drinks - School Supplies Books - Souvenirs Millsaps Meeting Place North State Pharmacy 1808 North State Street (Across from Millsaps Campus) PRESCRIPTIONS, DRUGS, COSMETICS SUNDRIES SANDWICHES -FOUNTAIN SERVICE ■7 r EXPERIENCED SERVICE - In - REAL ESTATE SALES LEASES LOANS INSURANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT it s S ' DRINK m THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES JACKSON COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY S. P. McRAE CO DEPARTMENT STORE W. P. BRIDGES, REALTOR Established 1900 Bridges Building Jackson, Miss. 11 202 W. Capitol 4-8334 DISTINCTIVE FURNITURE FOR THE NURSERY AND EVERY ROOM BATTE FURNITURE CO. John C. Batte, Jr. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI il s II Qa pMmeidii OF WOMEN ' S PAN HELLENIC If There ' s Anything You Need In SPORTING GOODS You ' ll Find It In Wide Variety Among The Famous Brands At The JACKSON SPORTSTORE 415 E. Capitol Jackson " COME SEE US " " Goat " FHale Joe FHartley " Fid " Jones Roy Dafferner JACKSON 11 TEA nOOM Where the Best of People Meet to Eat Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner SOUTHERN STYLE HOME COOKING Catering To Families, Dinner Parties and Banquets DIAL 4-4362 412 E. Amite Street CLEANING SILKS AND EVENING WEAR OUR SPECIALTY JOHNSON CLEANERS 1804 North State Dial 2-3333 MEN ' S FINE APPAREL 240 E. Capitol Phone 4-6917 WE HAVE SERVED THE INSURANCE NEEDS OF THE JACKSON FOLKS FOR MORE THAN FORTY YEARS NUGENT PULLEN ■ i! ■ s s t s s s Standard Life Building Phone 3-1063 CAPITAL PAINT GLASS CO. 401-407 S. State Phone 4-6617 Jackson, Miss. MORI LUGGAGE STORE EVERYTHING FOR THE TRAVELER 111 W. Capitol Phone 3-1567 BURNS and LACEY, inc. STORE FOR MEN 218 W. Capitol St., Next to Bourgeoi ' s BAPTIST BOOK STORE Religious Books — General Books Children ' s Books — Bibles Greeting Cards and Stationery Mottoes and Pictures 213 E. Capitol 3-1338 SMART COLLEGE TOGS HUTCHIN ' S MEN ' S WEAR 119 West Capitol 4-4755 s Compliments of BAPTIST HOSPITAL 1190 North State Phone 4-4471 " ALWAYS YOUR FRIEND " I. S. BARNES, INC. 414-424-426 West Capitol Street PAINTS, WALLPAPER, HARDWARE Gos and Electrical Appliances Dial 4-81 16 Jackson, Miss. ESTABLISHED 1925 Compliments of J. L ALBRITON 418 E, CAPITOL DIAL 4- JACKSON, MISS. .L For Every Musical Service ( HARKINS Flowers and Gifts ORCHIDS TO YOU 621 W. Capitol Street-Phone 3-4732-3 3023 North State Street-Phone 2-5246 ! JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI JOHN JUNIKER, JEWELER CERTIFIED WATCHMAKER 115 W. Capitol Street Dial 3-4312 Jackson, Mississippi CITY SHOE SHOP R. O. Smith INVISIBLE HALF SOLING SHOES DYED ANY COLOR LEGRAND JEWELRY CO, Registered Jeweler American Gem Society Phone 4-8973 218 E. Capitol, Opp. Walthall Hotel JACKSON LUMBER CO. " Reliable and Dependable Since 1896 " Dial 2-0566 322 W. Capitol to ace the l£lorld COMB WHAT MAY CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth ... it is also a funda- mental requirement of business . . . attained by long study, train- ing and experience We hove enjoyed the confidence of year- book Staffs throughout the coun- try for over thirty years ... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud. COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY BIRMINGHAM ' Education owes its existence to the Printing Press ... In the future as in the past, wherever there is enlightenment, the printed word shall lead the way. L- DESIGNERS AND CREATORS OF J-tHB P lUitUia i ADAMS . MONTGOMERY, ALA. . . . . . . . . - . . — .

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