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. ' ?■■ MISSION MILLSAPS-W " « ON LIBRARY S- :_j«-«_ 2 yC. y c Zk . Miu y- Ps. Wiu oUuUeA- U m Bcmim to- m 7 Q . I) PUBLISHED BY THE STUDEKT BODY OF MILLSAPS COLLEGE AT JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI P eieviU DEDIflTED h DYNAMIC IS THE WORD FOR DR. VERNON L WHARTON! A MIND THAT WON ' T STOP, A STIMULATING LECTURER, A THOROUGH TEACHER AND SCHOLAR THESE ARE SOME OF THE QUALITIES THAT MAKE HIM ONE OF THE BEST-LIKED PROFESSORS ON THE CAMPUS. DR. WHARTON IS SINCERE AND INTELLIGENT, PROGRESSIVE, AND EN- DOWED WITH A DEFINITE INTEREST IN HIS FELLOW MAN. MILLSAPS REGAINED ONE OF ITS MOST VALUABLE ALUMNI WHEN DR. WHARTON RETURNED FROM THE UNITED STATES NAVY, IN WHICH HE SERVED AS A LIEUTENANT-COMMANDER IN THE INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT. IN RECOGNITION OF WHAT HE IS AND WHAT HE HAS DONE, WE DEDICATE TO DR. WHARTON THE 1946 %02,kSHElk. DR. V. L. WIIAIITON u tk e WHITWORTH HALL: This beautiful struc fure is worthy of housing all its attractive belles, who love it all the more because it once beheld the amazing routine of the V12 unit. BUIE GYMNASIUM: This is the training site for strong, healthy bodies; also, the first floor contains the incomparable Grill — Bookstore, the Lambda Chi Alpha Room, the Veterans ' Lounge, and the Post Office. FOUNDERS ' HALL: Oldest building on the campus, now houses most of our F ro s h Coeds. THE CARNEGIE-MILLSAPS LIBRARY: Built in 1926, this beloved place is steeped in traditions of many stu- dent trysts as well as its reputation for containing well-chosen books. SULLIVAN-HARRELL SCIENCE HALL: Its lobs emit smoky fumes and its halls resound alternately with mathe- matical echoes and campus chatter. % DR. II. L. SMITH Under the patient guidance of Dr. Smith, Millsaps has enjoyed a new era. Through his efforts the Christian Center Memorial materialized. His chapel speeches are inspiring; his smile indispensable; his wisdom invaluable. Millsaps is personalized in him. He is never too busy to give advice, to listen to the woes of students or do the countless number of things that make Millsaps College. It is with pride that we refer to Dr. Smith as " Our President. " Om D E n S DEAN RiECKEN One of the first people a student meets when he enters Millsaps is " Dean Bill. " Geni- al, frank, and scrupulously fair, he has the respect, admiration and complete confidence of every student. His qualities of character and leadership would be exceptional any- where. • DR. HAMILTON A more apt person than Dr. Hamilton could not have been chosen to start students on the road of their college experiences. But to us he is more than the Dean of Fresh- men. He is our teacher and friend. His agreeable personality and his versatility have made him a favorite. He is never too busy to do a favor, give counsel, or stop for a friendly chat. - f ■■1 ' V, MRS. STONE Any co-ed on the campus will tell you how truly fortunate we are to have Mrs. Stone as our Dean. Her gentle philcsophy, her complete understanding, and her just ad- vice have endeared her to the hearts of all. She is an inspiration to every girl who attends Millsaps College. 7 FACULTY GEORGE LOTT HARRELL Professor of Physics and Astronomy B.S., M.S., MiMsops College; advanced graduate work. University of Chicago. ALBERT GODFREY SANDERS Professor of Romance Languages A.B., Southwestern (Texas); A.B., Yale University; Rhodes Scholar, 1907-1910; A.B., A.M., University of Oxford (Honor School). MILTON CHRISTIAN WHITE Professor of Engl ' tsb A.B., Birmingham -Southern College; A.M., Harvard Uni- versity; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. ROSS HENDERSON MOORE Professor of Hisit}ry B.S., M.S., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Duke University. ELIZABETH CRAIG Assistant Professor of French A.B., Barnard College, Co- lumbia University; A.M., Co- lumbia University; Kiplome de la Sor bonne, Ecole de Preparation des Professeurs, de Francois a I ' Et ranger, Faculty of Letters, University of Paris. ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES Professor of Education A. B., LL.B., University of Tennessee; Vice-Consul of the United States in Scotland and England; A.M., and advanced graduote work, George Pea- body College. JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE Professor of Chemistry B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., Louisiana State Univer- sity. MABEL BENNERCOBB Assistant Professor of Spanish A.B., St. Lowrence University; A.M., University of North Carclina, G. L. HARRELL E. CRAIG A. G SANDERS R. R. HAYNES M. C. WHITE J. B. PRICE R. H. MOORE M. B. COBB «t V. L. WHARTON N. B. FLEMING M. W. GOODMAN J. S. FERGUSCN F. E. GILLIS C. B. GALLOWAY R. R. PRICDY J, A. fINCHER V. B. HATHORN VERNON LANE WHARTON Professor of Sociology and History A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN Assistani Professor of Engtlsfi A,B., Agnes Scott College; A.M., Tulcne University. CHARLES BETTS GALLOWAY Assistant Professor of Physics B.S., Millsaps College; A.M. and advanced graduate work, Duke Unlversily. JOHN ALBERT FINCHER Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., M.S., University of South Carolina; Ph.D., Uni- versity of North Carolina. NEALBOND FLEMING Professor of P ii osophy A.B., B.D., Emory Univer- sity; S.T.M., Ph.D., Boston University. JAMES SHARBROUGH FERGUSON Assistant Professor of History B. A., Millsaps College M.A., Louisiana State University; graduate work University of North Caro- lina. FLOYD E. GILLIS Acting Professor of Economics A.B., Millsaps College graduate work, North Carolina. RICHARD R. PRICDY Professor of Chemistry and Geology B.S. in Ed., Ohio North- ern University; M.A., Ohio State University; Ph.D., Ohio State University. VERNON BURKETT HATHORN Bursor .B., M ' llsaps College. Page 15 7 UllERl SHV A.B., WILLIAM EMIL RIECKEN Dean; Professor Biology A.M., Ph.D., Indiana University. MARY B. H.STONE Assistant Professor of English A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; A.M., George Peabody College. JOHN MAGRUDER SULLIVAN Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Geology A.B., Centenary College; A.M., University cf Missis- sippi; Advanced graduate work. University of Chicago; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University; D.S:., Mill- saps College. ARMAND COULLET Director of Bond Premier Prix, Conservatoire d ' Alger. BENJAMIN ERNEST MITCHELL Professor of Mathematics A.B., Emory College; A.M., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., Columbia University. A.B. NANCY BROGAN HOLLOWAY Instructor of Secretarial Studies Mississippi State College for Women. ALFRED PORTER HAMILTON Professor of Classical Languages ard German A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; A.AA., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. SHIRLEY CHICHESTER Assistant Librarian B.A., Millsops College; B.S., Lib. Sci., School of Li brary Science, University of North Carolina. MAGNOLIA COULLET Assistant Professor of Latin, Teacher of Voice A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., University cf Penn- sylvania; graduate work, American Academy in Rome, University of Chicago; B.M., Belhaven Col- lege; graduate work in voice, Bordeaux, France. HARRY PIERCE JONES Professor of Sociology A.B., Scarritf-Morrisville College; B.D., Vanderbilt University; M.A., Chicago University; advanced graduate work at Chicago University and at Uni- versity of Southern California. EVA MYERS ROBERTS Professor cf Piano and Theory A.B., Whitworth College; B.M., American Conser- vatory; M.M., Chicago Musical College. FLORENCE GLENN SMITH Professor of Piano and Music Education B.M., Wesleyon College; M.M., Chicago Musical College. Poge 16 THEODORE C. RUSSELL Professor of Violin and Theory Conductor of the SywphonyOrchesfra B.S., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College; M.M., Northwestern University; Private study with Enesco and Szigeti in Europe. ISABELLE POTEAT TURNER Teacher of Voice A.B., Meredith College; Certificate in voice, Mere- dith College; graduate work in voice, Randolph- Macon College. N.J.GOLDING Vice-President and Field Representative A.B., Millsaps College. KARL WOLFE Professor of Art B.F.A., Chicago Art Institute, William M. R. French Fellcwship; study abroad for one year; study and teaching Pa. School of Art Summer School. HELEN NEWELL BARNES Director of Women ' s Athletics B.A., Millsaps College. J. L. ROBERTS Instructor of Mathematics B.A., and M.A., Mississippi College. NANCY PLUMMER FAXON Assistant Professor of Piano and Theory A.B., Millsaps College; M.M., Chicago Musical College. DOROTHEA MITCHELL QUEEN Instructor of Piano B.A., Millsaps College; B.M. and B. M. Ed., Chi- cago Musical College; M.Snc. Mus., Union Theo- logical Seminary. FRANK REA TAYLOR College Accompanist A.B., Millsaps College; Dipolma in Piano, Millsaps College. CLARA WRIGHT FORREST Instructor of Piano B.M., H. Sophie Newcomb; graduate work, Uni versity of California. ALVIN JON KING Director of Millsaps Singers Studied at Oberlin Conservatory of Music; North- western School of Music; Christiansen Choral School; private study with W. S. B. Matthews, Fanny Bloomfield Zeisler and Prower Symonds. Page n registered as Freshmen, all four classes have been busily readjusting curriculum, schedules and officers to meet the situation. With more students registered in more subjects, postwar Millsaps is ofF to a good start. The change from the hurried three semesters a year tc the ireqsured steps of two sixfaen-week terms KMBf the tempo cf student life and we think if to be J W est. Yes, the 1945-46 school year is an important step in The Greater Millsaps Movement as a foundation for further building. u fim ' ■ ■K r ke C I U S Intending to suggest the unity of our ruling class officers, we picture them here in a body. They ore left to right: Jack Bishop Freshman Class President Mary Kathryn Abernathy Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer Stuart Carruth _ Freshman Class Vice-President Ned O ' Brien Sophomore Class President Nat Hovious Sophomore Class Vice-President Laura Mae Godbold Junior Class Vice-President Bob Hollyfield Junior Class President Lib Welsh Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer Carroll Steen Sen or Class Secretary-Treasurer Bob Nichols Senior Class Vice-President Not pictured are: Jane Walker Sophomore Class Sec ' y-Treasurer Joe Wiggins Senior Class President OFFICERS Since most of our veteran-students are in the ranks of the struggling Freshmen, we hove, because of them, revised the customary arrange- ment of our Boboshela to begin with the Freshman class and end with the Senior class. fM « .5 1 f I K ) f % 1 £ L.Abel M. K. Abernathy A. Adcock E. Allen, Jr. W. Allen, Jr. A. Ammons W. Ates D. Bacon S. Barnes M. Biggs D, Bishop J. Bishop C. Blumer R. Brady E. Brantley B. Brewer C. Brister C. Bunner M. Burdsal J. Byars A. R. Callahan E. Corley S. Carruth M. Cortledge Melbo Jean Cash R. Childress J.Cirlot W. Cook W. B. Cooper, Jr. W. Correll T. Cote R. A. Craig J. Crespo W. Crisler Elizabeth Darby J. Da , Jr J. I. Davis D. Dickerson M. E. Dodds B. Dossett G. Edwards R. Edwards, Jr. W. Files G. Fisher G. Fleming T. Forest J. Fortenberry 7 F R E S H M E I Lois Abel— Vikings Duck Hill, Miss. Mary Katherine Abernathy— Phi Mu Clarksdale, Miss. Agatha Adcock— Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. Ernest Allen, Jr.— Kappa Alpha Jacfeson, Miss. William Alien, Jr.— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson, Miss. Ann Ammons— Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. William Ates— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson, Miss. Denise Bacon— Vikings Jackson, Miss. Selby Barnes— Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Martha Biggs— Chi Omega Crysial Springs, Miss. Dorothy Bishop— Kappa Delta Lauderdale, Miss. Jack Bishop— Kappa Alpha Jocfeson, Miss. Carol Blumer— Vikings Florence, Miss. Rosanna Brady— Vikings „ Aftica, Indiana Edwin Brantley Madden, Miss. Betty Brewer— Chi Omega Clarksdale, Miss. Charlene Brister— Kappa Delta Prentiss, Miss. Carl Bunner— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Melda Burdsal — Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. Jackie Byars— Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson, Miss. Annie Ruth Callahan— Phi Mu Jackson, Miss. Elizabeth Carley— Phi Mu Richfon, Miss. Stuart Carruth— Pi Kappa Alpha McComb, Miss. Marion Cartledge Winona, Miss. Melba Jean Cash— Vikings Jackson, Miss. Robert Childress— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. John Cirlot— Kappa Alpha Moss Point, Miss. William Cook— Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. W. B. Cooper, Jr.— Pi Kappa Alpha Camden, Miss. William Correll — Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Tommy Cote— Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss. Robbie Ann Craig— Beta Sigma Omicron Bafesville, Miss. Javier Crespo La Ceiba, Honduras William Crisler— Pi Kappa Alpha Bay Springs, Miss. Elizabeth Darby— Vikings Philadelphia, Miss. James L. Davis, Jr.— Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss. John Davis— Pi Kappa Alpha Utic, Miss. Dudley Dickerson— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson, Miss. Mary Elizabeth Dodds— Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. Betty Dossett— Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. Grace Edwards Jackson, Miss. Robert Edwards— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Winnie Ruth Files— Vikings ..__ Jackson, Miss. Gloria Fisher Jackson, Miss. Gene Fleming— Kappa Sigma Minfer City, Miss. Tommye Forrest— Phi Mua Yazoo City, Miss. Jerry Fortenberry— Kappa Sigma Columbia, Miss. 1899 ITS SiVENTIj SESSION, MILLSAPS ACCEPTS FIRST GIRL STUDENTS Chas. R. Franklin Lillie Mae Franklin B. French D. Fulghum A. Gerald M. Glisson C. Gordon T. Graves J. Grimsley A. Haose Evelyn Hastings J. Houghton C. Hays J. Herring Rebecca Herring A. Holmes S. Howie M. Hughes C. Hutto Evelyn Jackson P. Jackson Harold James F. M. Johnson R. I. Johnson H. Jolly Joyce Jones R. Judge E. Knight M.J. Knight R. Kochtitzky L.Lee R. Liles S. Marks R. Marsalis J. Martin W. Maute J. Mayo M. F. Meadows M. A.Medlin L. Metts K. Moody J. L. Moore T. Morgan P. Murphy D. Myers E. Myers D. Mcintosh 7 g F R E S H M E N Charles R. Franklin— I. S.A. Crystal Springs, Miss. Llllie Mae Franklin— Vikings Nafcbez, Miss. Bobbye French— Koppo Delta Jackson, Miss. David Fulgham Boonev e, Miss. Adelyn Gerald— Kappa Delta Leiand, Miss. Mildred Glisson— Vikings Jacfeson, Miss. Clifford Gordon Liberty, Miss. Truly Graves— Chi Omega _. Jackson, Miss. James Grimsley Pascagouia, Miss. Ann Haase Jackson, Miss. Evelyn Hastings— Vikings „_ Jackson, Miss. Jean Houghton- Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. Carolyn Hays— Beta Sigma Omicron Durant, Miss. Joan Herring— Vikings 6atesv e, Miss. Rebecca Herring— Vikings Haftiesburg, Miss. A. E. Holmes— Pi Kappa Alpha Greensboro, N. C. Shirley Howie- Kappa Delta Union, Miss. Margaret Hughes— Kappa Delta Magno a, Ark. Carol Hutfo— Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. Evelyn Jackson Jacfcson, Miss. Preston Jackson— Lambda Chi Alpha Laurel, Miss. Harold James Union, Miss. Frances Johnson— Vikings Jackson, Miss. Ruth Johnson Union, Miss. Helen Jolly- Kappa Delta Vicksburg, Miss. Joyce Jones— Phi Mu Moorhead, Miss. Ray Judge Hickory, Miss. Albert Knight A eridian, Miss. Mary Jane Knight Jackson, Miss. Robert Kochtitzky— Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss. Lenora Lee _. Mendenhall, Miss. Ray Liles McComb, Miss. Sutton Marks— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Robert MorsaJis- Barbarians Vicksburg, Miss. James Martin Plain, Miss. William Maute— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Jerry Mayo— Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson, Miss. Mary Frances Meadows— Kappa Delta Quitman, Miss. Mary Anna Medlin— Beta Sigma Omicron Tippo, Miss. Leonard Metts Jackson, Miss. Kathryn Moody— Chi Omega Hattiesburg, Miss. Jimmie Lou Moore— Vikings Neftlefon, Miss. Turner Morgan- Kappa Sigma .. Jackson, Miss. Philip Murphy Jackson, Miss. Dorothy Myers— Beta Sigma Omicron Deemer, Miss. Evelyn Myers ._ Baton Rouge, La. David Mcintosh McComb, Miss. MILLSAPS COLLEGE HAS GRADUATED ABOUT 2,500 MEN AND WOMEN The usual chaos of working out one ' s schedule greets every sem- ester. D. McLain R. Nay G. Nettles R. Nickey B. Odom M. Ottinger M. Payment M. Peiligrini Valerie Perkins T. W. Perrott G. Pigott E. Pollock S. Price I. Quattlebaum C. Randle T. Riley M. Roberts B. Robertson M. Rogers Ed Sanders J. Sanders G. Scott M. Shelton C. Shumoker N. Smith N. Steen C. Stevens M. Stout W. Sumrall Doris Thompson J.Thornhill Ben Toler J. Turnbow M. Turner A. Von Seutter George Watson R. Wedig J. V hatley Elizabeth Wilson M. Winn J. Woodrow, Jr. D. Wright W. Wright J. Wynne H. Zander Dixie Ruth Howe 7 FRESHMEN Diana McLoin Jackson, Miss. Robert Nay— Barbarians Jackson, Miss. Gene Nettles Jackson, Miss. Robert Nickey— Kappa Sigma McComb, Miss. Betty Odom— Phi Mu Minter City, Miss. Marjorie Ottinger— Vikings Affica, Indiana Max Payment, Jr.— Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Pegge Pelligrini— Vikings Jackson, Miss. Valerie Perkins Vicksburg, Miss. Tolmadge Perrott ___ Summit, Miss. Glen Pigott— Pi Kappa Alpha McComb, Miss. Eugene Pollock— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson, Miss. Sammie Louise Price— Beta Sigma Omicron Philadelphia, Miss. Ina Mae Quattlebaum Meridian, Miss. Charles Randle _ Vaiden, Miss. Tommy Riley— Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Miriam Roberts— Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. Barbara Robertson— Phi Mu Jackson, Miss. Mary Kathryne Rogers S 7ver Creefe, Miss. Ed Sanders— Pi Kappa Alpha Sardis, Miss. Jack Sanders __ Jackson, Miss. George Scott— Pi Kappa Alpha Prichard, Ala. Mary Shelton— Kappa Delta Gulfport, Miss. Catherine Shumaker— Vikings Vicksburg, Miss. Nell Smith— Vikings __ McComb, Miss. Nancy Steen Jacfcson, Miss. Charles Zollie Stevens— Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss. Marguerite Stout- Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. William Sumrall Jackson, Miss. J. R. Thornhill __ Jackson, Miss. Doris Thompson— Vikings Jackson, Miss. Bill Toler— Phi Mu Moorefieac , Miss. June Turnbow— Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. Mary Ann Turner Belzoni, Miss. Ann Von Seutter— Vikings Jackson, Miss. George Watson— I. S. A. Woodville, Miss. Ruth Wedig Jackson, Miss. June Whatley— Phi Mu Ruleville, Miss. Elizabeth Wilson Jackson, Miss. Maxine Winn— Beta Sigma Omicron Belzoni, Miss. Jack Woodrow— Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss. Dollye Wright— Vikings Centreville, Miss. William Wright— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Jean Wynne— Vikings Jackson, Miss. Hendrick Zander, Jr.— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Texie Ruth Howe Florence, Miss. THE FIRST BOBASHELA APPEARED IN 1907; THE FIRST P W IN 1908 Dr. Moore knows how to put laughs into each minute of his classes— even when they ' re con- cerned with dry mop studies. 7 S P H fl II R E S Betty Blair Alford— Kappa Delta Hazlehurst, Miss. Ada Mae Bain— Beta Sigma Omicron 6e zon , Miss. Charis Ann Banahan Jackson, Miss. Virginia Ann Batten— Chi Omega _ Jaclcson, Miss. Ersel Kepheart Bell Laurel, Miss. Leela Frances Berryhill— Beta Sigma Omicron Greenwood Miss. Lois Bending Laurel, Miss. Charles Winston Brandon— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson Miss. Elizabeth Vivian Buck Jackson, Miss. Andre Rosalind Butler Jacfcson, Miss. Cathryn Campbell Co umb;o, Miss. Fred Alfred Carver— Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss. Bowman L. Clark Meridian, Miss. Mary Evelyn Collins— Phi Mu 6roo(t iaven, Miss. Edward Kingston Correll— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson, Miss. Mary Elizabeth Cowan— Beta Sigma Omicron Grenada, Miss. Dorothy Lee Crum— Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. Mable Myrleen Cummings Jackson, Miss. Madge La Deane Davis Terry, Miss. Reid Patton Dorr— Pi Kappa Alpha Sardis, Miss. Janet Adalyn Fox— Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. Carolyn Edna Folk- Vikings Jackson, Miss. Janelle Katherine Gordon Liberfy, Texos Frances Carolina Gray— Beta Sigma Omicron Woynesboro, Miss. Thomas Wood Hairston— Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. William Thomas Hall ...Natchez, Miss. Betty Clark Hamilton— Phi Mu Jackson, Miss. Catherine Ellis Herring— Beta Sigma Omicron Grenada, Miss. Roy Edward Hogan Crystal Springs, Miss. Gwendal Holcomb Jacfeson, Miss. Robert Thomas Hollingsworth, Jr.— Pi Kappa Alpha Pontotoc, Miss. Naf Johnson Hovious— Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Dixie Aire Hutchinson New Orleans, La. James Jenkins— Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss. Tinnie Virginia Jennings— Chi Omega Koscuisko, Miss. A PREP SCHOOL WAS MAINTAINED BY MILLSAPS FROM 1892 TO 1922 These would-be chemists must be trying to absorb the mysteries of the atom. B. Alford A. Bain C. Banahan V. Batton E. Bell L. Berryhill L. Bending C. Brandon Elizabeth Burle R. Butler Catheryn Campbell K. Carver B.Clark Mary E. Collins E.Correll M. Cowan D. Crum Myrleen Cummlngs M. Davis R. Dorr J. Fox C. Folk J. Gordon F. Gray T. Hoirston W. Hall B. Hamilton C. Herring R. Hogan Gwendol Holcomb R. T. Hollinsmoth N. Hovious D. Hutchinson J. C. Jenkins, Jr. T. Jennings 1U SOPHOMORES Rex Donald Jones Laure , M s . Ernest Lino Jordan, Jr.— Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Martha Lynn Kenna Jackson, Aiss. Elizabeth Ann Lampton— Beta Sigma Omicron Tylertown, Miss. Frances Jane Lampton— Chi Omega Columbia, Miss. Mary Barrett Linfield— Chi Omega Gulfporf, Miss. Harold Maury Ludlow, Jr.— Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss. Henry Gilbert Lutrick, Jr. Florence, Miss. Broadine May— Phi Mu __ Mobile, Ala. Martin Luther McCormick, Jr. Yazoo City, Miss. William P. McMullan— Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. William D. Morrison— Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. James Franklin Noble, Jr.— Kappa Sigma Brookhoven, Miss Ned O ' Brien— Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss Joyce Patrick— Phi Mu Jackson, Miss. William Joseph Patterson— Pi Kappa Alpha Salisbury, N. C Mary Elizabeth Peatross— Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. Laura Ruth Pellum— Phi Mu Clorksdale, Miss. Otho Keith Pigott— Pi Kappa Alpha Columbia, Miiss. Ann Porter— Chi Omega_ _ Jacfcson, Miss. Joe Jordan Powell._ Jackson, Miss. Letty Lee Ready __ Jackson, Miss. Ccrabel Wharton Roberts— Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. James Wesley Saunders— Kappa Sigma Hollandale, Miss. Bessie Ruth Shanks— Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson, Miss. Christine Olivia Simmons— Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. Gretchen Olga Stackhouse Jackson, Miss. Mary Jane Stone— Chi Omega Okolona, Miss. Jean Turnbow— Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. Mildred Sherley Ulmer— Phi Mu Kansas City, Mo. Alma Van Hock— Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. Jane Walker— Chi Omega Sanatorium, Miss. Bradford Wells— Pi Kappa Alpha Simons Island, Ga. Janie Sue Williams Jackson, Miss. Lyndall Mitchell Wilson— Chi Omega Greenv e, Miss. MILLSAPS ' ASSETS NOW AMOUNT TO APPROXIMATELY $2,000,000.00 When x ' s and y ' s give you heod- jches. Dr. Mitchell knows how to jolve the problem. R. Jones E. Jordan M. Kenna E. Lampton J. Lampton 1a , . . ■» JSS- M. Linfield H. Ludlow H. Lutrick B. May M. McCormick W. Patrick McMullan W. D. Morrison J. Noble N. O ' Brien J. Patrick — ikik W. Patterson M. Peatross R. Pellum O. Pigott A. Porter J. Powell L. Reedy C. Roberts J. W. Sanders R. Shanks G. Simmons G. Stackhouse Jane Storm J. Turnbow Mildred Shirley Ulman A. Van Hook Jane Walker B.Wells J.Williams L. Wilson J.Adair W. J. Adams C. Alexander A. Allen IIAJk. _1 K " L. J.Allen R. Applewhite M. Attyah W. Axtel H. Bailey J. Bone M. Barnes R. Bell mM B. Brewer R. Bulien E. Burnet C. Castle T. Chichester S. Clark P. Clendinning D. Cobb L. Collins S. Conn W. Cook A. Crlsler 7 J D SI R S Joyce Adair— Vikings G os er, Miss. Billie Brewer— Vikings McComb, Miss. Wilkie Jane Adams— Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. Robert Bullen— Pi Kappa Alpha Vicksburg, Miss. Clay Alexander— Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss. Eugene Burnet— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson, Miss. Albert Allen— Pi Kappa Alpha Jacfeson, Miss. Hugh Craig Castle, Jr.— Pi Kappa Alpha Philadelphia, Miss. Jeanne Allen Jackson, Miss. Trudy Chichester— Kappa Delta Edwards, Miss. Ruth Applewhite— Kappa Delta Winona, Miss. Sarah Frances Clark Nafchez, Miss. Mary Rose Attyah— Vikings lackson, Miss. Pat Clendinning— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Wilna Axtell— Phi Mu Madison, Miss. Dewey Cobb— Beta Sigma Omicron Bude, Miss. Harold Bailey— Kappa Sigma Jacfeson, A l ss. , _ ... „. , ,, , , , .,. Lowery Collms— Pi Kappa Alpha Laurel, Miss. Roy Bane-Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss. ghi ey Conn-Kappa Delta _ _ Jacfcson, Miss. Mae Alice Barnes-Kappa Delta Jacfcson, Miss. William Cook-Pi Kappa Alpha Confon, Miss. Ralph Bell— Lambda Chi Alpha Sfor, Miss. Alice Crisler— Phi Mu Raynnond, Miss. MILLSAPS HOLDS MEMBERSHIP IN ELEVEN EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS Mrs. Roberts is famous for her extraordinary musicians as well as for her insistence upon long, long, long hours of practicing. J. Crisler F. Culley V. Darracoft S. Deol W, Dement T. Doolittle E. Eastman R.Ely I. Emmerich H. Francis F. A. Gclloway F. Gandy N. Garland L. Godbold W. Griffith E. Gussio B. L. Hormer D. Harris M. Harrison A. Hathorn B. Heorn M. Hendricks A. Hobbs R. Holyfield 7 J |] M R S James Crisler— Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss. Frances Culley— Chi Omega Jackson, Miss. Virginia Darracott— Vikings Amory, Miss. Sarah Deal— Phi Mu Florence, Ala. William Dement Meridian, Miss. Thomas Doolittle— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Ethel Eastman .. Belzoni, Miss. Rebecca Ely— Beta Sigma Omicron Vaiden, Miss. Ida Fae Emmerich— Kappa Delta A cComb, Miss. Halla Jo Francis— Kappa Delta Terry, Miss. Frances Ann Galloway— Chi Omega Canton, Miss. Frances Gandy— Vikings Whiffield, Miss. Nell Garland— Kappa Delta Crysfal Springs, Miss. Laura Mae Godbold— Beta Sigma Omicron McComb, Miss. Willim Griffith — Kappa Sigma Jocfcson, Miss. Edith Gussio— Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. Bonnie Lee Harmer— Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson, Miss. David Harris ._ _ Harrisville, Miss. Mary Eleanor Harrison Cockruw, Miss. Amanda Hathorn— Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. Betty Jane Hearn— Vikings Vicksburg, Miss. Marguerite Hendricks— Chi Omega 6oy e, Miss. Ann Hobbs — Chi Omega Annisfon, Ala. Robert Holyfield— Pi Kappa Alpha Porf Gibson, Miss. IN 1898 UNITED STATES SOLDIERS WERE STATIONED ON OBSERVATORY HILL Bill Griffith and Jane Stebbins do some advanced experiments in the well equipped chemistry lob. R. Howell E. Johnson S. Johnston L. Jones J. Kotchtitzky M. Lone B. Longdon L. Longford E. Logan B. Long P. Luckett N. McKinnon H. Minyord M. Mitchell B. Moore E. Murphy H. Murphy L. McLoin J. Nicholson P. Pendergraft G. Petti ' s B. Pittman F. Pittman C. Powell 7 J 11 « I R S Rosemary Howell— Chi Omega Durant, Miss. Eleanor Johnson— Kappa Delta Fayeife, Miss. Sarah Johnston— Phi Mu Hernando, Miss. Lewis Jones— Pi Kappa Alpha Alexandria, Va. John Kochtitzky— Kappa Sigma _ Jackson, Miss. Maurine Lane— Chi Omega Hollandale, Miss. Betty Langdon— Vikings Jackson, Miss. Lewis Longford— Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss. Elsie Logan Meridian, Miss. Betty Long— Vikings _ Meridian, Miss. Perry Luckett Jackson, Miss. Nadine McKinnon— Chi Omega New Orleans, La. Helene Minyard— Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. Meryin Mitchell — Phi Mu _ .._ Columbia, Miss. Billy Moore— Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Evelyn Murphy— Phi Mu Haftiesburg, Miss. Helen Murphy— Phi Mu Haft esburg, Miss. Louis McLain— Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss. Janice Nicholson— Vikings Jackson, Miss. Patsy Pendergraft- Kappa Delta Jacfcson, Miss. Gwendolyn Petfus— Phi Mu Jackson, Miss. Betty Sue Pittman— Vikings Jacskon, Miss. Francis Pittman— Vikings Jackson, Miss. Catherine Powell— Vikings Jackson, Miss. MAJOR MILLSAPS CONTRIBUTED OVER $500,000.00 TO THE COLLEGE This class is not a class-— but a |— group of volunteers who work H S only when they desire to work and attend class only when they desire— yet attendance was near- ly 100 per cent and their draw- ings are of superb quality. p. Powers F. Price L. Ray R. Ray E. Read V. Rehfeldt M. Ridgway S. Sanders M. Scarborough M. Skidmore J. Stebbins W. Stokes B. Thornhill M. Tingle B. Townsend E. Walker R. Watkins E. Welsh M. White G. Wilkerson F. Williams J. Wiilinghom D. Wright D. Youngblood H. Youngblood 7 J 11 n R s Percy Powers— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson, Miss. Francis Rose Price— Kappa Delta Madison, Miss. Lena Mae Ray— Vikings Chester, Miss. Robert Ray— Pi Kappa Alpha Eupora, Miss. Esther Read— Kappa Delta Drew, Miss. Virginia Rehfeldt— Phi Mu Jackson, Miss. Mary Ridgway— Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. Samuel Sanders Jacfcson, Miss. Melvis Scarborough Jacfcson, Miss. Mary Lou Skidmore Jackson, Miss. Jaite Stebbins— Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. V illiam Stokes McComb, Miss. Brock Thornhill McComb, Miss. Mary Elizabeth Tingle— Phi Mu Jackson, Miss. Bernice Townsend — Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. Evelyn Walker- Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. Rose Vv ' atkins— Kappa Delta Dixon, Miss. Elizabeth Welsh— Chi Omega Pl iladelphia, Miss. Margaret White— Phi Mu Jackson, Miss. Geraldine Wilkerson— Beta Sigma Omicron Jacfcson, Miss. Frances Williams— Chi Omega Philadelphia, Miss. Jane Willingham— Phi Mu Jackson, Miss. Dan Wright— Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson, Miss. Donald Youngblood Meadville, Miss. Mollis Youngblood _. Jackson, Miss. IN THE EARLY YEARS CHAPEL ATTENDANCE WAS REQUIRED DAILY One of the most beloved profs, Dr. Fleming, tells his students " how to be ct home in the uni- verse. " Vke m n lun CHARLES ALLEN Hazlehurst P Kappa Alpha Student Executive Board 3; Vice-President 3; Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3; Assistant Business Manager Boboshela 3; Assistant Business Man- ager Purple and White 2; Alpha Psi Omega 2; Student Assistant 1, 2; Tennis Team 1; Bas- ketball team 3; Vice-President Student Body 3. JAMES ARMSTRONG Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Omicron Delta Kappa 2; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2; Men ' s Pan-Hellenic 2; Secretary Pan- Hellenic 2; Student Executive Board 2, 3; Boboshela Staff 1; Business Manager Bobo- shela 2, 3; Tennis Team 1; Bank 1, 2, 3; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3; International Rela- tions Club; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2; V ho ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. LANE BAILEY Jackson Kappa Delfa Topper Club 3; Pan-Hellenic 3; Math Assist- ant 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3; Players 2, 3; Varsity Show 2; Messiah 1; Business Staff of Purple and White 1; Boboshela Business Staff 2. SAM BAREFIELD Hattiesburg Pi Kappa Alpha Christian Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Assistant in Recreation 1; Student Assistant in Cafeteria 1, 2; Co-editor of Freshman Purple and White edition 1; I. R. C. 2, 3, 4; PiKA S.M.C. 3; PiKA I.M.C. 2; S.E.B. 2, 3, 4; Kit Kat 2, 3, 4; Rundle Scholarship 2, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. Vice-President 2; Chapel Committee 3, 4; Christian League 3, 4; Singers 3, 4; ODK President 3, 4; Christian Council President 3, 4; HPsi 4; Millsaps Delegate to Southern Students ' Conference 3. LESBIA BYARS Viking Baptist Student Union 4. -Calhoun City Jackson MARJORIE BURDSAL Kappa Delfa Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Ma- jorette Club 2, 3, 4; Intramurals Chairman 4; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic 4; Vice-President 4; Student Assistant 2, 3, 4; President Kappa Delta 4. MARTINA CADENHEAD ._ Jackson Viking Women ' s Council 3; Christian Council 4; Millsaps Singers 1, 2; Student Assistant. PEGGY CARR Jackson Phi Mu Debate Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 2; Presi- dent 4; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4; Purple and White Business Staff 1; Editor Purple and White 3; Boboshela Business Staff 1; Chi Delta 3, 4; Christian Council 3; Student Exec- utive Board 3, 4; Phi Mu Secretary 2; Treas- THERE WERE ONLY FOUR TEACHERS ON MILLSAPS ' FIRST FACULTY Most of us fill our " leisure " time with multitudes of meetings, and spend that between-class- minute taking a look at club schedules on the bulletin board. urer 3; Student Assistant 4; Debate tourna- ment 1, 3. ELIZABETH CRISLER Raymond Phi Mu Delta Kappa Delta 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 3, 4; Majorette Club 3, 4; Treasurer Phi Mu 4; Hinds Junior College 1, 2. DOROTHY EADY Befa Sigma Omicron Kappa Delta Epsilon 2, 3, 4; President 4; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Women ' s Council 4; International Relations Club 3, 4; Majorette Club. 4. MILDRED ELLIS Lyon Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; International Relations Club 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Bobashela StafF 1, 2, 3, 4; Assistant Business Manager Bobashela 4; Purp e and Wfi fe Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Millsaps Players 2, 3, 4; Student Assist- ant 3, 4. CLARA FOY Brandon Viking Y. W. C. A. 1; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2; His- torian 2; Theta Nu Sigma 2; Secretary-Treas- urer 2; Kappa Delta Epsilon 1; Secretary Vikings 3. C.ALLEN J.ARMSTRONG L. BAILEY S. BAREFIELD L. BYARS M. BURDSAL M. CADENHEAD P. CARR E. CRISLER D. EADY M. ELLIS C. FOY ke SENIOR CLASS LOIS FRITZ Jackson Befo S ' gma Omicron Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3; Major- ette Club 2, 3, 4; Bobos ie a StafF 4; Topper Club 2; Purp e and Whife 1, 3, 4; Student Assistant 1, 2; Editor Beta Sigma Omicron 2; Vice-President Beta Sigma Omicron 3. FLORA GIARDINA Flora Debate Club 4; Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Bobos ie a StafF 3, 4; Purp e and W iife 4; Topper Club 2; Beethoven Club 4; Millsaps Players 3, 4. JULIA GOODMAN Jackson P i Mu Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; Secretary Sophomore Class; Rush Chairman Phi Mu 2; Millsaps Singers 1; Purp e and NW ie StafF 1, 2, 3; News Editor 2; Society Editor 2, 3; 6obas ie o Staff 3, 4; Senior Class Editor 4; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 2; Vice-President Phi Mu 3; President Phi Mu 4. NINA BESS GOSS Jackson ? e Q Sigma Omicron Student Executive Board 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2, 3, 4; Historian 3; Vice- President 4; Theta Nu Sigma 2, 3, 4; Sec- retary-Treasurer 4; Topper Club 2; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3; President 4; Rush Chairman Beta Sigma Omicron 4. CHARLOTTE GULLEDGE , ...Crystal Springs Chi Omega Women ' s Council 2; Secretary 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 3, 4; Vice-President 4; Majorette Club 4; Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Topper Club 2; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic 4; Treasurer 4; Student Assist- ant 2; Vice-President Chi Omega 3, 4; Rush Chairman Chi Omega 4. JOHN HAMPTON Jackson Kappa Sigma Business Manager Purple and White 3; Vice- President Baptist Student Union 2, 3; Pledge President Kappa Sigma 1; Grand Treasurer Kappa Sigma 2; Grand Master of Ceremonies Kappa Sigma 3. DOROTHY HATHORN Jackson Kappa Delta Science Club 3, 4; Secretary 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Majorette Club 4; Millsaps Sing- ers 3, 4; M, S. C. W. 1, 2. ANNE HENRY Jackson Phi Mu Student Executive Board 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 4; Majorette Club 3, 4; Bobashela StafF 1; Purp e and White 3; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic 3, 4; Presi- dent 4; Pledge Trainer Phi Mu 3; Vice-Presi- dent Phi Mu 4. IN 1921 MILLSAPS COLLEGE HAD ITS FIRST FEMALE FACULTY MEMBER Shades of Galileo " - astra per aspera. " " ad MARY ANN JIGGITTS Chi Omega Bobashela Staff 4. Jackson BETTY KLUMB Crystal Springs Chi Omega Millsaps Singers 3; Y. W. C. A. 3; Westmin- ster League 3. ELAINE KEARY Jackson Beia Sigma Omicron Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Majorette Club 1, 2, 3; Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3; Topper Club 2; President Beta Sigma Omicron 3. ELIZABETH LLOYD Jackson Beto Sigma Omicron Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Sigma Lambda 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4; President 4; Theta Nu Sigma 3, 4; Secretory-Treasurer 4; Majorette Club 3, 4; Purple and White 4; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic 4; Vice-President Beta Sigma Omicron 3; President Beta Sigma Omicron 4; Ramblers Club 4; Student Assistant. L FRITZ F. GIARDINA J.GOODMAN N.GOSS C. GULLEDGE i. HAMPTON D. HATHORN A. HENRY M. JIGGITTS E. KEARY B. KLUMB E. LLOYD Ike n % CLASS Jackson JULIA FAYE MAYO Ze a Sigma Omicron DOROTHY MELVIN _ Jackson Kappa Delta International Relations Club 4; Sigma Lambda 4; Millsaps Singers 1, 2; Bobashela Staff 1, 2; Purple and White 1, 2; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Millsaps Players 4; Student Assistant 4; Vice-President Kappa Delta 4. MARY LOU MILES Calhoun City Viking Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4. MARY RUTH MURPHY Jackson Viking Women ' s Council 2; Christian Council 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3; Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3; Majorette Club 2, 3; Topper Club 2; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2. JAMES McCAFFERTY Winona Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 3, 4; Pre-law Club 3, 4; Debate Club 3, 4; Delta Kappa Delta 3, 4. DAN McCULLEN Jacks Pi Kappa Alpha CAROLYN McKEWEN Jackson Viking Majorette Club 2; Millaps Singers 3; Student Assistant; Assistant to Dean of Women. Murphy MARGARET McLAURIN Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. 3; Bobashela Staff 3. MARY ETHEL NAY .....Jackson Viking Hinds Junior College 1, 2; Phi Theta Kappa 2; Band 1; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net 3, 4; Christian Council 3, 4; Secretary 4; Christian League 3; Chapel Committee 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities 4; Millsaps Players 3; Millsaps Sing- ers 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 4; Science Club 3; Sigma Lambda 4; Student Assistant 3, 4; Majorette Club 4. MYRA NICHOLS Jackson Viking Student Executive Board 2; Christian Council 2, 3; Secretary 3; Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3; Sigma Lambda 3; Millsaps Singers 2; Topper Club 2; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 3; Sec- retary Vikings 1; President Vikings 2; Secre- !ary Student Body 3. ROSEMARY NICHOLS Jackson Viking Women ' s Council 3; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3; Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3; Treasurer 3; Major- ette Club 2, 3; Vice-President 3; Millsaps GOV. TOM BAILEY AND BISHOP J. L. DECELL GRADUATED FROM MILLSAPS Singers 2, 3; Bobashela Staff 3; Purple and White 2, 3; Topper Club 1, 2, 3; President 3; Student Assistant 3; Treasurer Vikings 2; President Vikings 3; Secretary Student Body 3. ETHEL MAE ROBBINS Madisc Kappa Delta Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 4; Millsaps Singers 2; Student Assistant 4; Millsaps Play- ers 2. MARY NELL SELLS Picayune Viking Student Executive Board 3, 4; Women ' s Coun- cil 4; Christian Council 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Y. V . C. A. Cabinet 2, 3; Kappa Delta Epsi- lon 2, 3, 4; Majorette Club 2, 3, 4; Secretary- Treasurer 3; Bobasiiela Staff 4; Organiza- tions Manager 4; Purple and White 3; Proof Editor 3; Topper Club 2; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 3; Stu- dent Assistant 3; Chapel Committee 3, 4; Secretary Vikings 1, 2; President Vikings 3. J. MAYO D. MELVIN M. MILES M. MURPHY J. McCAFFERTY D. McCULLEN C. McKEWEN M. McLAUREN M. NAY M. NICHOLS R. NICHOLS E. ROBBINS M. SELLS 7 SENIOR CLUS WILLIAM SHANKS Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha S. E. B. 4; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; I. R. C. 2, 4; Vice- Pres. 4; O. D. K. 2, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Debate Club 1, 2; 6obas ie o Staff 2; Veterans ' Club 4; Men ' s Pan-Hellenic 2, 4; Vice-Pres. Y. M. C. A. 4; Student Assist- ant 4; Sec. Lambda Chi Alpha 2;Pres. Lambda Chi Alpha 3. MIRIAM STAMPS _ McComb Chi Omega Women ' s Council 2; Pres. 2; B. S. U. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec.-Treas. 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; I. R. C. 3, 4; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Sec.-Treas 4; K. D. E. 2, 3, 4; Treas. 3; Pres. 4; Majorette Club 2, 3, 4; Pres. 3, 4; Millsaps Singers 1, 2,; Eta Sigma 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2; Student Assistant 3, 4; Sec. Chi Omega 2, 3, 4. CARROLL STEEN Jackson Viking S. E. B. 3, 4; Christian Council 3, 4; I. R. C. 4; Sec.-Treas. 4; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Historian 4; Chi Delta 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4; Millsaps Singers 1, 2; Bobashe o StofF 4; P. ond W. 3, 4; Editor P. and W. 4; Who ' s Who; Vikings 3. HAZEL STEEN Jackson Viking B. S. U. 1, 2, 3, 4; Millsaps Singers 1; eobo- shela Staff 4; P. and W. 3; Copy Editor 3; Student Assistant 3, 4. MARGUERITE STEWART Grenada Beta Sigma Omicron Women ' s Council 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Treas. 2; K. D, E. 2, 3, 4; Majorette Club 2, 3, 4; Millsaps Singers 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2; Marine Corps Sponsor 1; Sec.-Treas. Fresh- man Class; Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class; Stu- dent Assistant 4; Treas. B. 3. O. 3. ROBERTA STEWART Kosciusko Phi Mu S. E. B. 4; Y. W. C. A. 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; K. D. E. 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Chi Delta 3, 4; Sec. 4; Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4; Pres. 3, 4; Debate Club 3, 4; Pres. 4; P. and W. 3, 4; Feature Editor 4; Pledge Trainer Phi Mu 4; 6obas ie o Staff 4. WALLACE TURNER Lambda Chi Alpha MARGARET VANDIVER Port Gibson Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Chi Delta 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 3, 4; Millsaps Singers 1; Bobashelo Staff 1, 2, 3; Literary Editor 4; P. and W. 1,2, 3, 4; Stu- dent Assistant 4; Vice-Pres. Phi Mu 2; Registrar Phi Mu 3; Reporter Phi Mu 4. AAARY WHARTON Gulfport Chi Omega JEAN WHITE _ Pickens Kappa Deha B. S. U. 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Y. W. C. A. 2; THE MUSIC HALL WAS FORMERLY A SOUTHERN PLANTATION HOME In pursuit of intellect. A. E. D. 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 3; Pres. 4; Theta Nu Sigma 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 3; Pres. 4; Bobashela StafF 3, 4; Honorary Editor 4; P. and W. 2, 3, 4; Society Editor 4; Topper Club 2; Sec.-Treas. 2; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Student Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec. Kappa Delta 3,4. JOE WIGGINS Cruger Lambda Chi Alpha S. E. B. 4; Pres. 4; B. S. U. 2; Vice-Pres. 2; Y. M. C. A. 1; A. E. D. 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4; Theta Nu Sigma 2, 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Men ' s Pan- Hellenic 3, 4; Pres. 4; Sec. 3; Student Assistant 3; Pres. Senior Class 4; Pres. Student Body 4. LOUIS WILKINS Jackson Kappa Alpha EDNA EARLE WILLIAMS Greenwood Beta Sigma Om cron S. E. B. 4, Women ' s Council 3; Christian Coun- cil 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; I. R. C. 3, 4; Pres. 4; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Pres. 4; K. D. E. 3, 4; P. ond W. 1, 2; StafF Editor 2; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4; Pres. 3, 4; Millsaps Players 1, 2, 3; Topper Club 1; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3; Treas. 3; Freshman Queen; Sec. B. S. O. 2; Vice-Pres. B. S. O. 4; Student Assistant 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who; Class Officer 3, 4. W. SHANKS M. STAMPS C.STEEN H.STEEN M. STEWART R. STEWART W.TURNER M. VAKDIVER M. WHARTON J. WHITE J.WIGGINS L.WIGGINS E.WILLIAMS Millsaps has always held to the poliey that students need other interests than class work and study. So, for almost as long as the college has been here, there has been a growing list of extra curricular activities. These groups help to foster school spirit, carry the name of Millsaps far and near, and give expression to the talent here on the campus. It is to the advantage of any student who is out- standing in any of the various fields to become connected with an organization that has the same interests and goals that he has developed for himself. B SB w. tj t. ' Charles Allen Sam Barefield Nina Bess Goss Ann Henry Helen Murphy Patsy Pendergraft Mary Nell Sells Bill Shanks Carroll Steen Joe Wiggins Rosemary Nichols STDDEIT EXECUTIIE BOARD OUR ASSURANCE OF GOVERNMENT BY AND FOR THE STUDENTS OFFICERS JOE WIGGINS Presidenf CHARLES ALLEN Vice-President ROSEMARY NICHOLS Secrefary-Treasurer The very essence of Millaps is found embodied in this group of selected students who rule the campus with an iron hand. They draw up the social calendar, have student body elections, and deal with the student ' s every problem. They even try to get dancing approved on the campus with rallies. Sam Barefield Nino Bess Goss Ann Henry MEMBERS Helen Murphy Patsy Pendergraft Mary Nell Sells Bill Shanks Carroll Steen Page 50 Martina Cadenhead Mary Ridgway Dot Eady Mary Nell Sells Eleanor Johnson Mrs, Stone Evelyn Murphy Alma Van Hook THE WOflErS COUMIL They Take Up for the " Femmes " OFFICERS EVELYN MURPHY President MARY RIDGWAY V;ce-Pres c enf ELEANOR JOHNSON ...Secretary-Treasurer The council is made up of a representative of each sorority and organization of Millsaps. These girls voice an equal opinion with the faculty as to the laws governing the comely co-eds and promote fair judgment upon all. MEMBERS Martina Cadenhead Eleanor Johnson Mary Nell Sells Mrs. Cooper Mrs. Massey Mrs. Stone Dot Eady Evelyn Murphy Alma Van Hook Mrs. Johnson Mary Ridgeway Page 51 Sam Barefield Martina Cadenhead Craig Castle Robert Childress Bowman Clarke Rebecca Ely Dr. Bond Fleming Laura Mae Godbold David Mcintosh Mary Ethel Nay Joe Powell Mary Ridgway Dean Riecken Mary Nell Sells Dr. M. L. Smith Nell Smith Carroll Steen Edna Earle Williams CHRISTIH COIIHIL They Wafch Our Morals and Keep Up Our Morale OFFICERS CRAIG CASTLE President A ARY NELL SELLS Vice-Presidcr.f t ' fiRY ETHEL NAY Secretary R03ERT CHILDRESS „ Treasurer Religious Emphasis Week personifies the work of this council, who try by their example to prcmote a Christian atmosphere on the ccmpus. Their guiding light helps to set the freshmen on the right becm with Millsaps and the church. MEMBERS Sam Barefreld Dr. Bond Fleming Dean Riecken Martina Codenhead Laura Mae Godbold Mary Nell Sells Craig Castle Dr. N. J.Golding Dr. M. D. Smith Robert Childress David Mcintosh Nell Smith Bowman Clarke Mary Ethel Nay Carroll Steen Rebecca Ely Joe Powell Edna Earle Williams Mary Ridgewoy Page 52 Mae Alice Barnes Lib Buck Robert Childress Margaret Hughes Gene Nettles Miriam Stamps Jane Stebbins Evelyn Walker Jean White BAPTIST STIIDEIT Um A SUCCOR TO THE BAPTISTS OFFICERS ROBERT CHILDRESS President JANE STEBBINS First Vice-President JEAN WHITE Second Vice-President Ml Rl AM STAMPS Secretary ANNE VON SEUTTER Treasurer These students assemble every month for a period of fellowship and a discussion of the beliefs they hold in common. Because their lives exemplify their ideals, Methodist Millsaps couldn ' t get along without its Baptists! i MEMBERS Mae Alice Barnes Robert Childress Miriam Stamps Lib Buck Margaret Hughes Jane Stebbins Jackie Byars Gene Nettles Evelyn Walker Lesbia Byars Barbara Robertson Jean White Melba Jean Cash Ann von Seutter Pacie 53 Mary Nell Sells Helene Minyard Rebecca Ely Elizabeth Welsh Mary Rldgway Laura Mae Godbold Mary Ethel Nay Julia Goodman Patsy Pendergraft Sarah Deal Mildred Ellis Myra Nichols Mrs. Goodman 1. W. D. 1. THE SUCCESSOR CHAPEL PROGRAMS GOES TO THEM Y.W.C. A. CABINET MARY NELL SELLS President ELIZABETH WELSH yke-Presideni MARY RIDGEWAY Secretary MILDRED ELLIS Treasurer HELENE MINYARD, MILDRED ELLIS Wor d Affairs Chairmen LAURA MAE GODBOLD, MARY ETHEL NAY Program Chairmen MARY RIDGEWAY Campus Church Relations MYRA NICHOLS Social Chairman REBECCA ELY Social Service JULIA GOODMAN House Chairman PATSY PENDERGRAFT.. Publicity SARAH DEAL Projects ADVISORY COMMITTEE Miss Carolyn Bufkin Miss Mildred Clegg Mrs. N. Bond Fleming Mrs. Goodman " Y " has become an institution without which Millsaps couldn ' t get along. Their achievements have been many and varied— the gay Christmas party for ophans, the food kept in the dormitories, the lectures on marriage and the family. Indeed, they have an enviable record of program and achievement. Page 54 Craig Castle Robert Childress Bowman Clarke David Mcintosh William Stokes 1. L k. CHRISTIANITY AND EDUCATION MAKE MEN WITH VISION Y. M. C. A. CABINET BOWMAN CLARKE President WILLIAM STOKES Vice-President ROBERT CHILDRESS Secretary-Treasurer CRAIG CASTLE Publicity Chairman DAVID Mel NTOSH Socio Chairman WILLIAM STOKES Publicity Chairman We are proud of our Young Men ' s Christian Association because it has " started from scratch, " has had many obstacles to overcome, and yet has become a live-wire organization. Joint meetings of Y. M. ' with Y. W. ' have been highlights of campus life. Combined cabinet meetings of the two groups have led to better Vesper programs and long-needed action for campus reforms. Page 55 lie BOBISHEll classifying students as they entered at many and various times of the year, getting snapshots when film and flash bulbs were on unheard-of luxury . . . these were but a few of the staff ' s trials and headaches. The whole-hearted enthusiasm of this capable staff made the 1946 yearbook the success that it is. EDITORIAL STAFF Patsy Pendergraft Editor Ned O ' Brien Assistant Editor Gregg Holmes Photography Margaret Vandiver _ Literary Editor Carroll Steen, Clifford Gordon, Hazel Steen, Roberta Stewart, Lettie Lee Reedy, Martha Lynn Kenna, Ethel Eastman Literary Staff Mary Ethel Nay Publicity Miriam Roberts Freshman Class Editor Tom Hairston Sophomore Class Editor Gerry Wilkerson Junior Class Editor Julia Goodman Sen or Class Editor Jean White _ Organizations Editor Mary Ridgway Creeks Editor David Mcintosh Sports Editor Rosemary Nichols Sports Editor Janice Nicholson, Helene Minyard, Sarah Johnston, Marguerite Stout, Agatha Adcock, Dot Lee Crum, Shirley Conn, Wilkie Jane Adams, Mary Ann Jiggitts Typists Mary Lou Skidmore Art Editor Assistant Editor and Editor-in-Chief discuss the time-honored question, " When is the BOBASHELA coming out? " 1H6 BUSINESS STAFF LIB WELSH Business Manager CHARLES ALLEN Assistant Manager ANN PORTER Circulation Manager Advertising: Jerry Fortenberry, Gene Fleming, Esther Read, Eleanor Johnson, Jane Lampton, Jane Walker, Margaret Hughes, Doro- thy Myers, Elizabeth Ann Lamp- ton, Mary Cowan, Craig Castle, Bob Bullen. Circulation: Dewey Cobb, Frances Williams, Trudy Chichester, Rol- lin Fitts, Truly Graves. Assistant Business Manager and the Business Manager relax after " wallcing the streets " selling ads for the yearbook. Vk e EDITOR Carroll Steen is the personification of the ideal editor— dependable, energetic, orig- inal, and possessing journalistic integrity. PURPLE AND WHITE STAFF CARROLL STEEN Editor-in-Chief BILLY MOORE Business Manager RUTH PELLUM „_. Managing Edifor PEGGY CARR News Editor ROBERTA STEWART Feature Editor JEAN WHITE __._ Society Editor GREG HOLMES Sports Editor PATSY PENDERGRAFT ..__ Art Editor ROSEMARY N ICHOLS Circulation Editor Page 58 PllRPlEcWWHlTE Millsaps ' favorite publication has also been affected by the reconversion. Although it has not yet returned to the peace-time standard of an issue each week, the P. W. has maintained an even higher quality of journalism and up-to-the-minute news. Its fea- ture articles, with the capable guidance of Roberta Stewart, have received the attention and enthusiasm of the students even as much as does the famous " Finger of Scorn. " Highlights of the year ' s editions were the Veterans ' , edited by Greg Holmes, the Fresh- men ' s, and the April Fools ' ( " The Burple and Gripe " ). Editorials reached a new high in frankness and in bringing to light conditions of the campus that needed reforming. For the first time since pre-war days, the business staff not only financed the P. W., but also made a slight and well-deserved profit. And so the Bobos ie a points a " congratula- tory finger " at such a successful organization! BUSINESS MANAGER Billy Moore in his second year as Busi- ness Monager lias been even more efficient than in his first. With his characteristic nonchalance he has mode the P W a debtee instead of a debtor. OMIORON DELTA KitPPl MASTERS OF ALL THINGS OFFICERS SAM BAREFIELD President JAMES ARMSTRONG Vice-Presidenf DR. R. H. MOORE Secretary-Treasurer Those who know take notice when that gold key flashes, for it signifies a B. M. O. C. The national organi- zation was founded in 1914, and it has been doing big things ever since. In order to be a member one must have true ability as a leader in every type of activity. MEMBERS James Edgar Armstrong Dr. R. H. Moore Dr. M. L. Smith Sam Barefield Dr. W. E. Riecken Dr. Wharton Prof. Ferguson Milan Richardson Joe Wiggins Prof. Alvin King Bill Shanks James Edgar Armstrong Bill Shanks Sam Barefield Prof. Ferguson Dr. R. H. Moore Dr. W. E. Riecken Dr. M. L. Smith Dr. Wharton Joe Wiggins Page 60 SIGMil LitimiDA THEY HANDLE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING-AND DO IT WELL 1945 OFFICERS EDNA EARLE W.LLIAMS .- Presidenf MARY NELL SELLS Vice-President MIRIAM STAMPS Secretary-Treasurer 1946 OFFICERS MARY N ELL SELLS Pres denf MYRA NICHOLS Vice-President Ml RIAM STAMPS Secretary-Treasurer Problems present a challenge to this group of campus leaders among the wcmen. Their varsity shows are always an event, and the Gay Nineties Review was no exception. The student lounge was a definite step toward their gcal— the improvement of Millsaps as a whole. To be a member of this organization is the highest honor a girl can attain at M.illsaps. Betty Lloyd Dot M.elvin Mary Ethel Nay MEMBERS Myra Nichols Mary Nell Sells M.iriam Stamps Carrol Steen Elizabeth Welsh Edna Earle Williams Betty Lloyd DotMelvin Mary Ethel Nay Myra Nichols Mary Nell Sells Miriam Stamps Carroll Steen Elizabeth Welsh Edna Earle Williams Page 61 » k L 7 ,f w r f; «. .r » r liJLI f : ■■■■ . i i- - f ) FIRST ROW: John Ashmead, Wili:am Ates, Ralph Bell, E. Burn?!, John Cirlot, J. Crisler, J. Davis, T. Dooiittle, W. Hall, David Harris. SECOND ROW: Angus Holmes, Nat Hovious, P. L. Jackson, H. James, J. Jenkins, Henry Jones, Rex Jones, Ernest Jordan, Lewis Longford, H. M. Ludlow, Jr. THIRD ROW: J. Moore, Robert Nay, James Noble, W. H. Payment, Percy Powers, M. O. Scar- borough, Bill Shanks, Wallace Turner, Daniel Wright. fETERAiS ' ORGA IZATIOI MILLSAPS ARMCHAIR STRATEGISTS OFFICERS JAMES WILLOUGHBY President BILLY WILLIAMS Vice-Presidenf FRED CARVER Secretary-Treasurer This is our newest and most welcome organization. When veterans meet to air out their praises and com- plaints, you can be sure there ' ll be some changes made. When veterans relax in their lounge (turn left, and it ' s the first door to the left, in Buie Gym), you can be sure there ' ll be on abundance of adventure- pocked stories complete with sound effects. MEMBERS John Ashmead James Diffenbough Henry Lewis Jones Walter Ranager William E. Ates Thomas Dooiittle Rex D. Jones M. O. Scarborough Ralph Bell Michael Engle Ernest Jordon Bill Shanks Milo J. Buchanan William Hall Lewis Longford William Shelton Richard A. Burch David Harris H. M. Ludlow, Jr. Joe Sills E. J. Burnet John Hill Charles Martin Wallace Turner F. A. Carver Angus Holmes Robert L. McCullough C. Wolch John Cirlot V Gwendol Holcomb Jimmy Moore John Walken J. M. Crisler Not Hovious Robert F. Nay Horace Watkins James Davis P. L. Jackson James Noble James Willoughby Bill De Blasio Harold James M. P. Payment Daniel Wright James Jenkins P. H. Powers Page 62 A F:RST ROW: Bob Bullen, Beth Carley, Robert Childress, Virginia Darrocott, Janet Fox, Adelyn Gerald, Flora Giardina. SECOND ROW: Rita Hendricks, Joan Herring, Sarah Johnston, Elizabeth Ann Lompton, Jane Lompton, Jerry Mayo, Diana McLain. THIRD ROW: Mary Anna Medlin, Katherine Moody, Glen Pigott, Bob Ray, Virginia Rehfeld, Bill Toler, Mary Ann Turner, Skeets White. e G E T H H I C L u e THEY MAKE WITH THE MUSIC OFFICERS GLEN PIGOTT President BOB RAY First Vice-President MARY ANNA MEDLIN Second Vice-President SARAH JOHNSTON Secretary-Treasurer Under the splendid leadership of Mrs. Roberts, our musical prodigies have reorganized into an enlight- ened group. They comprise an essential part of campus life. (Imagine chapel without Mary Nell and Bob for accompanists; imagine the auditorium between classes sans Glen ' s " modernized " classic; imagine Mill- saps without such sweet voices as Virginia ' s and Flora ' s!) Their heartfelt enthusiasm runs from the great masters to boogie-woogie. MEMBERS Bob Bullen Dan Carl Beth Carley Robert Childr«ss Virginia Darrocott Janet Fox Adelyn Gerald Flora Giardina Rita Hendricks Joan Herring Sarah Johnston Elizabeth Ann Lompton Jane Lompton Jerry Mayo Diana McClain Mary Anna Medlin Katherine Moody Glenn Pigott Bob Ray Virginia Rehfeldt Bill Toler Mary Ann Turner Skeets White Page 63 ke M I I I S 1 P S Our Glee Club was among the first to benefit from the return of so many ex-GI ' s; and the rest of us pricked up cur ears with delight at the results we heard drifting from the auditorium where " Pop " King practiced tha blending of mellow, deep male voices with those of our delicate sopranos, altos, and tenors. The real performance came in December, however, when the Singers gave a concert of Christmas music, sending us off for the holidays " in the mood. " Then, for seemingly endless days, tryouts were held for the selection of the very best voices. Those chosen were the lucky songbirds pic- tured, and they ushered in the first peace-time spring by journeying to Mississippi ' s far- thest corners, earning their much-envied vacation from a whole week ' s classes by singing the most beautiful hymns in Pop ' s collection. No wonder Pop is even more the campus favorite in 1946 than in any other year! This miracle man not only raises our apprecia- tion of his art, but he performs such impossi ' sle feats as chartering buses for tours and making his chapel programs last till cfter ths bell rings, thus detaining us from that test next period as we listen to his sweet music. When the Singers got back from their tour they hardly had time to get their breath before the annual Easter concert, given jointly with Central High School. Next came a whirl of banquets at which they entertained distinguished guests, until finolly they themselves were feted with a sumptuous banquet. They have mode big steps this year, keeping in stride with our reconversion. Millsaps is pleased! Page 64 n K li E R s Mitchie Applewhite Betty Brewer Melda Burdsal Martina Cadenheod Robert Childress Bill Cliburn Bill Cook Sara Deal Gene Fleming Jerry Fortenberry Nell Garland Adelyn Gerald Flora Giardina Laura Mae Godbold Mary Ethel Nay Gene Nettles MEMBERS Rosemary Nichols Donald Pearson Frances Rose Price Bob Ray Esther Read Letty Lee Reedy Virginia Rehfeldt Miary Ridgeway Mary Nell Sells Mary Lou Skidmore Mary Tingle Evelyn Walker Ruth Wedig Margaret Ann White Martin White Gerry Wilkerson Billy Wright Bill Griffith Charlotte Gulledge Amanda Hathor.i Dot Hathorn Catherine Herring Eleanor Johnson Frances Johnson Sara Frances Johnston Louis Jones Martha Lynn Kenna Betty Klumb Bobby Kochtitzky Elizabeth Ann Lampton Lewis McLain Carolyn McEwen r RP - . - h ., I I 1 i J. FIRST ROW: Marjorie Burdsol, Clara Foy, Prof. Galloway, Nina Bess Goss. SECOND ROW: Bill Griffith, Prof. Harrell, Mary Ruth Murphy, Dr. Price. THIRD ROW: Dr. Riecken, Dr. Sulliva.n, Jean White, Joe Wiggins. ALPHA EPSIIOI DELTA THEY ARE " TOPS " IN THE MEDICAL FIELD OFFICERS B ' LL GRIFFITH President NINA BESS GOSS Vice-Presidenf JEAN WHITE Secrefary-T reasurer In this pre-med honorary are found the future physicians and technicians. Their bi-monthly meetings help to add to their ever-increasing store of medical knowledge, for they entertain the eminent scientists of today. These students will doubtless prove their talent by becoming the Einsteins and Curies of 1950. MEMBERS Marjorie Burdsal Prof. Harrell Bill Griffith Clara Foy Mary Ruth Murphy Dr. Sullivan Prof. Galloway Dr. Price Jea-i White Nina Bess Goss Dr. Riecken Joe Wiggins Page 66 FIRST ROW: Clara Foy, Dr. Fincher, Prof. Galloway, Nina Bess Goss. SECOND ROW: Prof. Harrell, Betty Lloyd, Louis McLain, Dr. Price. THIRD ROW: Jean White, Mary Wharton, Joe Wiggins. THETl Ml SICMl SCIENTISTS-EACH AND EVERY ONE OFFICERS JEAN WHITE Presidenf NINA BESS GOSS Vice-President CLARA FOY Secretary-Treasurer This group includes all science majors, who are the laboratory " eager beavers. " Although the newest hon- orary on the campus, the organization has grown to prove itself a valuable asset to the interest of general science. Clara Foy Dr. Fincher Prof. Galloway Nina Bess Goss MEMBERS Prof. Harrell Betty Lloyd Louis McClain Dr. Price Jean White Mary Wharton Joe Wiggins Page 67 IITRPITIII IL RRLITIII S OJIR MILLSAPS ' CONTRIBUTION TO THE " WORLD OF TOMORROW " OFFICERS EDNA EARLE WILLIAMS President CHARLOTTE GULLEDGE Vice-President CARROLL STEEN Secretary-Treasurer The members of this organization could " bat the breeze " with the best of the senators and representatives. Always up-to-date on current problems, they sometimes dip back into the post for initiation questions. Our IRC offers to the world of tomorrow the something new which we need in history and economics. MEMBERS Sam Borefield Prof. Gillis Ethel Mae Robbins Carroll Steen Floss Conine George Godwin Dot Melvin Peggy Weppler Dorothy Eady Charlotte Gulledge Dr. Moore Dr. Wharton Mildred Ellis Ann Henry Bill Shanks Edna Earle Willicms Prof. Ferguson Patsy Pendergraft Miriam Stamps Dan Wright FIRST ROW; Sam Borefield, Dot Eody, Mildred Ellis, Prof. Ferguson, Prof. Gillis, Charlotte Gulledge. SECOND ROW: Ann Henry, Dr. Moore, Potsy Pendergraft, Ethel Mae Robbins, Dot Melvin, Bill Shanks. THIRD ROW: Miriam Stamps, Carroll Steen, Dr. Wharton, Edna Earle Willioms, Don Wright. Page 68 KIPPA DELTA EPSILOl OUR CHILDREN ' S APPLES WILL BE SHINED UP FOR THESE 1945 OFFICERS DOROTHY EADY Presidenf PEGGY WEPFLER Vice-President ROBERTA STEWART Secretary MIRIAM STAMPS Treasurer 1946 OFFICERS MIRIAM STAMPS Presidenf ROBERTA STEWART Vice-President ESTHER READ Secretary FRANCES ROSE PRICE Treasurer This group of co-eds who today wrestle with the problems of practice teaching will be tomorrow ' s liberal arts advocates. This professional educational honorary seeks to encourage higher standards of scholastic leadership on this campus as well as in the post-graduate life of its students. MEMBERS Mae Alice Barnes Dorothy Eady Clara Foy Charlene Gerrard Frances Ann Galloway Mary Nell Sells Ethel Mae Robbins Dot Hathorn Mrs. Hoynes Mary Lou Miles Frances Rose Price Esther Read Miriam Stamps Marguerite Stewart Roberta Stewart Tink Tingle Peggy Weppler Edna Earle Williams FIRST ROW: Mae Alice Barnes, Dot Eady, Clara Foy, Frances Ann Galloway, Dot Hathorn. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Miles, Frances Rose Price, Esther Read, Ethel Mae Robbins, Mary Nell Sells. THIRD ROW: Miriam Stamps, Marguerite Stewart, Roberta Stewart, Tink Tingle, Edna Earle Williams. Page 69 FIRST ROW: Peggy Carr, Merlyn Mitchell, Bill Shanks. SECOND ROW: Roberta Stewart, Dr. Wharton. PI KHPA DELTA THEY CAN EVEN TALK YOU OUT OF A STATION-WAGON OFFICERS ROBERTA STEWART President MERYLN MITCHELL Vice-President PEGGY CARR .._ Treasurer BILL SHANKS Secretory Pi Kappa Delta taps those who have participated in two intercollegiate debates and who give promise of becoming an asset to the field of debating. Theirs is a big job— providing material, information, and money for debate trips. Their members can hold their own in any argument. MEMBERS Peggy Carr Bill Shanks Dr. Wharton Meryin Mitchell Roberta Stewart Page 70 FIRST ROW: Craig Castle, Dewey Cobb, Janet Fox, Frances A in Galloway, Rebecca Ely. SECOND ROW; Flora Giardina, Laura Mae Godbold, Jack Marsalis, Marilyn Mitchell, James Noble. THIRD ROW: Rob erta Stewart, Lib Welsh, June Whatley, Prof. Gillis. UniTE ilLO THEY YAK YAK YAK ALL DAY OFFICERS ROBERTA STEWART___._.. President MERILYN MITCHELL Vice-President CRAIG CASTLE Secretary REBECCA ELY Treasurer Anyone with a flair for argument— debate or otherwise— belongs in the Debate Club, which is one of the campus ' most active organizations. They meet bi-monthly and the fur flies as they battle royal over any and every topic. MEMBERS Craig Castle Rebecca Ely Jack Marsalis Roberta Stewart Dewey Cobb Flora Giardina Merilyn Mitchell Lib Welsh Janet Fox Laura Mae Godbold James Noble June Whatley Frances Ann Galloway PROFESSOR GILLIS Sponsor Page 71 ETl SIGMA PHI THEY SAY " EGO AMO TE " LIKE NATIVE ROMANS OFFICERS PATSY PENDERGRAFT Pres denf LIB WELSH Vice-President BETTY LANGDON _._ Secrefory FLOSSIE CONINE Treasurer Their purpose: to study the Roman and Greek masters of art and literature. Their creed: to seek honour, truth, and beauty. Visualize Minerva astride Pegasus, led by Plato, and you have a picture of an Eta Sigma Phi-an, for these students maintain high scholarship, sponsor a literary publication, and delve into the v orks of the Great Philosopher. Their meetings were characterized by out-of-this-world refreshments, accompanied by Dr. Hamilton ' s lively anecdotes and the droll antics of Dr. (Model Neophyte) Bond Fleming. MEMBERS Rosanna Brady Dr. Hamilton Betty Langdon Dewey Cobb Laura Mae Godbold Patsy Pendergraft Mrs. Cobb Miss Craig Prof. Sanders Floss Conine Rebecca Ely Dr. Smith Mrs. Coullet Prof. Ferguson William Stokes ■ . Mrs. Goodman Dr. Fincher Elizabeth Welsh Dr. Fleming FIRST ROW: Rosanna Brady, Dcwev Cchb, Mrs. Cobb, Miss C-a " , Rebecca Ely. Pro ' , Fc-uson. SECOND ROW: Dr. Fincher, Dr. Fleming, Laura Mae Godbold, Mrs. Goodman, Dr. Hamilton, Betty Langdon. THIRD ROW: Patsy Pendergraft, Prof. Sanders, Dr. Smith, William Stokes, Elizabeth Welsh. Page 72 CHI DELTA THE MARGARET MITCHELLS OF TOMORROW OFFICERS CARROLL STEEN President MARGARET VANDIVER Vice-President ROBERTA STEWART Secretary-Treasurer Tomorrow ' s writers are found in this organization, which has as many members as there are literary " brains " on the campus. They ore up-to-date writers and can tell you without the wink of an eye who married Thomas Carlysle. This organization has long been famous for its initiations and programs. MEMBERS Peggy Corr Ruth Pellum Margaret Vandiver Betty Clark Hamilton Carroll Steen Elizabeth Welsh Roberta Stewart FIRST ROW: Peggy Corr, Betty Clark Hamilton, Ruth Pellum, Carroll Steen. SECOND ROW; Roberta Stewart, Margaret Van- diver, Elizabeth Welsh. Page 73 F ' RST ROW: Sam Barefleld, Bowman Clake, Bill Deme nt, Dr. Bond Fleming, Charles Franklin. SECOND ROW; William Hall, Ray Judae, Aubert Kni " ht, Jack Marsalis, David Mcintosh. THIRD ROW: Bob Nay, Woyne Perrott, Charles Rondle, William Stokes, Donald Youngblood. MINISTERIAL LEAGM THE STARS OF THE METHODIST CHURCH OFFICERS BILL DEMENT Presidenf DONALD YOUNGBLOOD Vice-Presidenf WILLIAM M. STOKES . Secre ary-Treasurer BOWMAN CLARKE Publicify Chairman Students with a common interest are these would-be ministers who compare notes on the technique of their profession. They are the " pets " of the college, since their education was one of the primary objectives for which Millsaps was founded. Students and profs alike admire them for their rare ability to combine a steadfast seriousness with the delightful sense of humor each of them possesses. MEMBERS W. E. Ainsworth Bill Dement Ray Judge Charles Randle Sam Barefield Dr. Bond Fleming Aubert Knight Dr. M. L. Smith Dr. H. M. Bullock Charles Franklin Jack Marsalis William Stokes Bowman Clarke Rev. N. J. Golding David Mcintosh Bill Whaley Billy Crout William Hall Bob Nay Donald Youngblood Prof. Harry P. Jones Wayne Perrott Poge 74 FIRST ROW: Albert Allen, Charles Brandon, Elizabeth Crisler, LdIs Ann Fritz, Prof. Gillis. SECOND ROW: Mary Ruth Murphy, n. THIRD ROW: Percy Powers, Bill Shanks, Dan Wright, Prof.Myra Nichols, Rosemary Nichols, James Noble, Ned O ' Brie Haynes. DELTA KAPPl DELTA THEY KNOW HOW TO ARGUE AND WIN OFFICERS Presideni Secretary ROSEMARY NICHOLS Treasurer PROFESSOR HAYNES Sponsor PERCY POWERS _ MYRA NICHOLS This honorary furnishes its members with a truly useful supplement to their pre-low courses. Its programs consist of talks by prominent lawyers who never fail to stimulate thought and inspire ideas in the minds of our Delta Kappa Deltans. Albert Allen Charles Brandon Elizabeth Crisler Lois Ann Fritz Prof. Gillis Mary Ruth Murphy Myra Nichols MEMBERS Rosemary Nichols James Noble Ned O ' Brien Percy Powers Bill Shanks Peggy Weppler Danny Wright Page 75 Mae Alice Barnes Marjorie Burdsal Kathryn Carver Mary Elizabeth Crisler Dot Eady Rebecca Ely Lois Ann Fritz Charlotte Guliedge Edith Gussio Bonnie Lee Harmer Ann Henry Eleanor Johnson Elaine Keary Betty Lloyd Betty Jane Long Julia Foye Mayo Carolyn McKewen Nodine McKlnnon Helene Minyord Mary Ruth Murphy Mary Ethel Nay Rosemary Nichols Betty Sue Pittman Ann Porter Frances Rose Price Mary Ridgway Mary Nell Sells Miriam Stamps Marguerite Stewart Evelyn Walker Rose Watkins MiiJORETTE an THESE GOOD SPORTS ARE GOOD IN SPORTS 1945 OFFICERS MIRIAM STAMPS President DOROTHY EADY Vice-President JULIA FAYE MAYO Secretory-Treasurer MARJORIE BURDSAL Intramural Chairman 1946 OFFICERS HELENE MINYARD President ROSEMARY NICHOLS V ce-Pres c en FRANCES ROSE PRICE ._ Secrefory-Treosurer ANN PORTER Intramural Chairman The Majorette Club combines beauty, brains and brawn. The club sponsors the intramural activities and is especially noted for its presentation of an annual stunt night. Majorette Club is a girls ' athletic organi- zation that contributes to campus activities. Catherine Armstrong Rebecca Ely Mae Alice Barnes Lois Ann Fritz Marjorie Burdsal Charlotte Guliedge Kathryn Carver Edith Gussio Alice Collins Bonnie Lee Harmer Mary Elizabeth Crisler Ann Henry Dorothy Eady Rosemary Howell MEMBERS Eleanor Johnson Elaine Keary Betty Lloyd Betty Jane Long Julia Faye Mayo Carolyn McKewen Nadine McKinnon Helene Minyard Mary Ruth Murphy Mary Ethel Nay Rosemary Nichols Betty Sue Pittman Ann Porter Frances Rose Price Mary Ridgeway Mary Nell Sells Miriam Stamps Marguerite Stewart Mary Edith Utiey Evelyn Walker Rose Watkins Peggy Weppler Paga 76 WHO ' S WHO m IMERIOI CARROLL STEEN MARY ETHEL NAY Not pictured are: Sam Borefield, Edna Earle Williams. MYRA NICHOLS Page 77 " Santa Clous, " Bill Dement, and his flock of beautiful gifts to ' Playboy " Gene Nettles. 7 e BEHTY Below: " You ' d better watch out . . . Dean Reicken is snoopin ' around. " w i Right: These three lovely candidates, chosen to represent three different organizations on the campus, demonstrate the latest in sport clothes and style. Left: Modeling what the ideal Mil saps CO ed wears to class ore Mary Abernothy and Charlie Brister. RHDI ANN AMMONS Ike BEAUTIES NADINEMcKlNNON JANE LAMPTON MAE ALICE BARNES 7 BEilOlO ANN BANAHAN TRULY GRAVES ANN HENRY BETTY DOSSETT ANN HOBBS 7 BEilllTIES HAZEL STEEN CHARLOTTE GULLEDGE MARGARET HUGHES ke BEilllTIES ROSEWATKINS MARY KATHERINE ABERNATHY EDNA EARLE WILLIAMS BETTY HAMILTON V- ' BEAUTIES MARY LOU SKIDMORE MYRA NICHOLS DOROTHY MELVIN MiM MdUofA MYRA NICHOLS CHARLES ALLEN I) E R I u s SIDE Belcved " Smiley " speaks rarely, but always instigates progress. L E I S I L S D 1 Reception at Pi Kappa Alpha House issue PARADE Ike nmw p «:e . n lF..h,,.; .mnnW»rln .Hnv No. no, no. -.rrj.. ■ ■.-■..■■■--■ -,-;.?. rv ;« t. niu From the lowly Frosh lo the mighty Senior, we love ' em all. PARA We believe Millsaps campvi JB he answer to the cur- rent attacks being made on the Greek letter organizations. Here we have four sororities, four fraternities and two inde- f pendent organizations which work together for the good IISMillsaps and of the Greek world. Intramurals are sponsored by the fraternities and sororities in a spirit of friendly competition. Campaigns (financial and political) are carried on through the social organiza- tions. Social functions given by men ' s and women ' s pan- hellenic are something new this year, but it looks as though they are here to stay. Then here ' s to the Greeks! 1 ] A, V ;-• •» » ► » » ., ;-3: ••:;; " ?- tur " -It ' - ••Ml r t WOMErS PAIHELLEIIC THEY EXEMPLIFY THE GREEK IDEAL OFFICERS ANN HENRY President JEAN WHITE Vice-President JULIA FAYE MAYO Secretary CHARLOTTE GULLEDGE Treasurer When sorores co-operate as unitedly as this group does, success is bound to result. After living through a terrific rush season, our Women ' s Pan-Hellenic made further improvements in campus life by sponsoring, with the Men ' s Pan-Hellenic, some very delightful social functions for all the students. Their greatest step forward was getting the permission of the Board of Trustees to build sorority lodges. Besides giving the girls a definite hope of having real campus homes, the combined efforts of the sororities brought them into closer harmony and resulted in a Pan-Hellenic luncheon that will become an annual affair for sorority girls. Mae Alice Barnes Rebecca Ely Julia Goodman MEMBERS Charlotte Gulledge Anne Henry Julia Faye Mayo Alma Van Hook Jean White F.R5T ROW: Mae Alice Barnes, Rebecca Ely, Julia Goodman, Charlotte Gulledge. SECOND ROW: Anne Heniy, Julio Foye Mayo, Alma Van Hook, Jean White. Page 106 MErS PlI-HELLEilC THEY LAY DOWN THE LAW FOR OUR FRATS OFFICERS JOE WIGGINS President BILL PATTERSON Secretary This council compiles rush rules, and during rush season it governs the fraternity men with an iron hand. It sponsors such delightful events as intramural basketball and speedball games. The spirit of our Pan- Hellenic has kept our campus from evolving into a body of " cliques " — instead, Millsaps men have a re- markable degree of amity seldom seen where fraternities thrive. MEMBERS Clay Alexander Billy Moore William E. Shanks Not Hovious Ned O ' Brien Joe Wiggins Ernest Jordan Bill Patterson V : !; " ' «SB- ' ■« FIRST ROW: Clay Alexander, Nat Hovius, Ernest Jordan, Billy Moore. SECOND ROW: Ned O ' Brien, Bil E. Shanks, Joe Wiggins. Patterson, WMIian Page 107 Founded— University of Missouri, December 12, 1888 Established at Millsaps— September 1, 1926 COLORS: Ruby and Pink FLOWERS: Richmond and Killarney Roses PUBLICATION: " The Urn " Beta Sigs have really accomplished big things this year. Their dates have been entertained at " Club Cockatoo " and " Beta Ranch, " Herring ond Williams mode Who ' s Who, while Lloyd headed many campus organizations. Armstrong copped the ping- pong championship, and Fritz ' s bright colors added campus color. Stanley became Stewart, and Broun graduated to become a stewardess for Delta Air Lines. Keary " got pinned " in December, then Ely took over the president ' s chair in January. Lampton and Williams held class offices. Williams was also selected a campus beauty, Medlin ' s music comptured many hearts, while Campbell ' s Southern manner and Harmer ' s sweetness won them many admirers. Catherine Armstrong Ada Mae Bain Bessie Mae Barrow Jackie Byars Catherine Campbell Kathryn Carver Dewey Cobb Mary Elizabeth Cowan Ann Craig Dorothy Eady Rebecca Ely MEMBERS Lois Ann Fritz Laura Mae Godbold Janelle Gordon Nina Bess Goss Frances Gray Bonnie Lee Harmer Carolyn Hayes Catherine Herring Elaine Keary Elizabeth Ann Lampton Betty Lloyd Jerry Mayo Julia Faye Mayo Mary Anna Medlin Dorothy Myers Sammie Price Marguerite Stewart Ruth Shanks Geraldine Wilkerson Edna Earle Williams Maxine Winn ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER OFFICERS Rebecca Ely President Bonnie Lee Harmer Vice-Presidenf Gerry Wilkerson Secrefory Julia Faye Mayo Treosurer Page 108 FIRST ROW: Ada Mae Bain, Jackie Byars, Catherine Campbell, Kathryn Carver, Dewey Cobb, Mary Elizabeth Cowan. SECOND ROW: Ann Craig, Dorothy Eady, Rebecca Ely, Lcis Ann Fritz, Laura Mae Godbold, Janelle Gordon. THIRD ROW: Nino Bess Goss, Frances Gray, Bonnie Lee Harmer, Carolyn Hayes, Catherine Herring. FOURTH ROW: Elaine Keary, Elizabeth Ann Lampton, Betty Lloyd, Jerry Mayo, Julia Foye Mayo, Mary Anna Medlin, Dorothy Myers. FIFTH ROW: Sammle Price. Marguerite Stewart, Ruth Shanks, Gerald ine Wilkerson, Edna Earle Williams, Maxine Winn. BGTl SlGMl OMICROI 109 COLORS: Cardinal and Straw Founded— University cf Arkansas, April 5, 1895 Established at Millsaps-March 31, 1934 PUBilCATION: " The Eleusis " FLOWER: White Carnation The girls of the " x " and horseshoe hove succeeded in upholding the tradition of Chi Delta chapter this year. Volleyball cham- pionship was one of the outstanding accomplishments of the Chi O ' s. Gulledge, Roberts, Dossett, Hobbs, McKinnon, Lampton and Graves were selected as favorites. Among this season ' s debutantes ore Hobbs, Cully, Jiggetts, Klumb and Gulledge. Sigma Lambda tapped Welsh and Stamps. Our girl McKinnon was elected Sec. and Treos. of the Student Body, and Lib took on the job of business manager of the Bohashela. Gulledqe is sporting a ring, and Van Hook has recently been pinned. All in all, the Chi O ' s combination of " brains and beauty " is ever increasing. Wilkie Jane Adams Agatha Adcock Virginia Ann Batton Martha Biggs Betty Brewer Dot Lee Crum Frances Cully Mary Dodds Betty Dossett Mildred Ellis Rollin Fitts Janet Fox Frances Ann Galloway Truly Graves Charlotte Gulledge Jean Houghton MEMBERS Estelle Hawkins Rita Hendricks Ann Hobbs Rosemary Howell Tinnie Jennings Mary Ann Jiggitts Betty Klumb Ann Lampton Jane Lampton Maurine Lane Mary Linfield Nadine McKinnon Margaret McLaurine Catherine Moody Ann Morse Mary E. Peatross Ann Porter Corabel Roberts Miriam Roberts Miriam Stamps Jane Stone Jean Turnbow June Turnbow Alma Van Hook Jane Walker Selby Watkins Elizabeth Welsh Peggy Weppler Mary Wharton Lyndall Wilson Frances Williams CHI DELTA CHAPTER OFFICERS Lib Welsh President Charlotte Gulledge Vice-President Frances Williams Secretary Jane Walker Treasurer Page 1 10 FIRST ROW: Wilkie Jane Adams, Agatha Adcock, Virginia Ann Batton, Martha Biggs, Betty Brewer, Dot Lee Crum, Frances Cully, Mary Dodds. SECOND ROW: Betty Dossett, Mildred Ellis, Janet Fox, Frances Ann Galloway, Truly Graves, Charlotte Gull edge, Jean Houghton, Rita Hendricks. THIRD ROW: Rosemary Howell, Tinnie Jennings, Mary Ann Jlggitts, Betty Klumb, Jane Lampton, Mary Linfteld, Nadine McKInnon. FOURTH ROW: Margaret McLaurin, Catherine Moody, Mary E. Peotross, Ann Porter, Corobel Roberts, Miriam Roberts, Miriam Stamps, Jane Stone. FIFTH ROW: Jean Turnbow, June Turnbow, Alma Von Hook, Jane Walker. SIXTH ROW: Elizabeth Welsh, Mary Wharton, Lyndoll Wilson, Frances Williams. OH I OMEGA Poqe 111 Founded— Virginio State Normal College, October 23, 1897 Established at Millsaps— September 26, 1914 COLORS: Green and White FLOWER: White Rose PUBLICATION: " Angelos of Kappa Delta " True to that motto of a finger in every pie, the KD ' s had a bang-up year full of octivity. The boys were entertained and " buzzed " at a snazzy Vargo Girl dinner dance. Ammons walked off with the title of Most Beautiful, while Barnes, Watkins, Hughes and Melvln shared the spotlight as beauties. Hughes went from one extreme to the other by being a beauty as well as the most repulsive on Freshman Day, which gave her the crown as Freshman Queen. Spitchley proved she had made up her mind and pinned Sanderson to her name. Melvin and Gussio mode Alpha Psi Omega after sharing a lead in " Arsenic and Old Lace. " Barnes and Watkins followed Gerrard ' s example and became class officers. Six KD ' s joined the ranks of KDE, and ten made the Majorette Club. Pendergraft got gray-haired as editor of Bobashela. But the greatest epoch was actually getting the record-player back from the repair shop. MEMBERS Betty Alford Ann Ammons Ruth Applewhite Mae Alice Barnes Dot Bishop Lois Binding Chorline Brister Morjorie Burdsal Meldo Burdsal Trudy Chichester Shirley Conn Ida Fae Emmerich Holla Jo Francis Bobbye French Nell Garland Adelyn Gerald Edith Gussio Amanda Hathorn Dot Hathorn Shirley Howie Margaret Hughes Carol Hutto Eleanor Johnson Helen Jolly Mary Frances Meadows Dot Melvin Helene Minyard Patsy Pendergraft Frances Rose Price Esther Read Mary Ridgway Ethel Mae Robbins Mary Shelton Gene Simmons Jane Stebbins Marguerite Stout Bernice Townsend Mary Edith Utiey Evelyn Walker Rose Watkins Jean White MU CHAPTER OFFICERS Mae Alice Barnes President Patsy Pendergraft Vice-Presidenf Jean White Secretary Evelyn Walker Treasurer Page 112 t f ' Vrigf j FIRST ROW: Betty Alford, Ann Ammcns, Ruth Applewhite, Ma 3 Alice Barnes, Dot Bishop, Lois Bending, Charline Brister, Morjorie Burdsal. SECOND ROW: Melda Bjrdsal, Trudy Chichester, Shirley Conn, Ida Fae Emmerich, Hallo Jo Francis ' Bobbye French, Nell Garland, Adelyn Gerlod. THIRD ROW: Edith Gussio, Amonda Hathorn Dot Hothorn, Shirley Howie! Margaret Hughes, Carol Hufto, Eleanor Johnson, Helen Jolly. FOURTH ROW: Mary Frances Meadows, Dot Melvin, Helene Minyard, Patsy Pendergraft, Frances Rose Price, Esther Read, Mary Ridgwoy, Ethel Mae Robbins. FIFTH ROW: Mary Shelton, Gene Simmons, Jane Stebbins, Marguerite Stout, Bernlce Townsend, Evelyn Walker, Rose Wotkins, Jean White. KlPPl DELTi Page 1 13 COLORS: Rose and White Founded— Wesleyan College, March 4, 1852 Established at Millsaps-March 24, 1914 PUBLICATION: " Aglaic " FLOWER: Rose Carnation Belonging to the oldest sorority on the campus, these girls have succeeded admirably in maintaining the post glory of the chapter. Under the guidance of Prexy Goodman, their ranks include such outstanding members as Beauty — IRC — Pan-Hellenic President Anne Henry; KDE — Pi Kappa Delta resident— Chi Deltj Stewart; P. and W. Managing Editor Pellum. Others: Blue- voiced Whotley; the campus twins, Helen and Evelyn (President of Women ' s Council); Beauties Hamilton and Abernathy; ond Favorites Mitchell and May. Katherine Abernathy Wilna Axtell Jannie Vee Brooks Annie Ruth Callahan Beth Carley Peggy Carr Alice Collins Mary Evelyn Collins Elizabeth Crisler Polly Crisler Sara Deal Julio Goodman MEMBERS Betty Clark Hamilton Anne Henry Joyce Jones Broadine May Anne Miller Merylyn Mitchell Evelyn Murphy Helen Murphy Betty Odom Joyce Patrick Ruth Pellum Owen Pettus Virginia Rehfeldt Barbara Robertson Roberta Stewart Mary Elizabeth Tingle Bill Toler Mildred Shirley Ulmer Margaret Vandiver Dot Webster June Whotley Skeets White Jane Willingham EPSILON CHAPTER OFFICERS Julia Goodman President Anne Henry Vice-President Elizabeth Crisler Treasurer Virginia Rehfeldt Secretory Page 1 14 FIRST ROW: Katharine Abernathy, Wilna Axtell, Annie Ruth Callahan, Beth Carley, Peggy Corr, Mary Evelyn Collins. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Crisler, Polly Crisler, Sara Deal, Julia Goodman, Betty Clark Hamilton, Anne Henry. THIRD ROW: Joyce Jones, Broodine May, Merylyn Mitchell, Evelyn Murphy, Helen Murphy, Betty Odom. FOURTH ROW: Joyce Patrick, Ruth Pellum, Gwen Pettus, Virginia Rehfeldt, Barbara Robertson, Roberta Stewart. FIFTH ROW: Mary Elizabeth Tingle, Bill Toler, Mildred Shirley Ulmer, Margaret Vandiver, June Whatley, Skeets White, Jane Willingham. P H I M IJ Page 115 Founded— Washington College, December 21, 1865 Established at Millsops-October 1, 1893 COLORS: Crimson and Gold FLOWER: Rose PUBLICATION: " Kappa Alpha Journal " These sons of the South have been on the Millsaps Campus since 1893. Time, weather, women, and wars hove dene little to change the wearing of the Crimson Rose, the playing of billiards in the " Gome Room, " or the amount of B.M.O.C. Dynami- cally led by diminutive Hovious, who is languidly supervised by lanky Jordan, who is watched over by " Face " Williams, this i3roup of trustworthy and likable men have emerged from the wars with the blood of Robert E. Lee, spiritual founder, still flow- ing in their somewhat hardened arteries. With " Brain " Bishop to keep the teachers happy and ' Devil May-Care " Jordan to keep the women happy, these Southern aristocrats face the future with confidenca. Ernest Allen Salby Barnes Jack Bishop John Cirlot Bill Cook Tom Hairston CliFF Hamilton Eugene Harlan Nat Hovious MEMBERS Ernest Jordan Jerry Keith Perry Luckett Pot McMullen Leon Miles Bill Morrison Rex Murff Pat Noble Charles Parker Pat Patterson Max Payment Bill Phelps Tommy Riley Melvis Scarborough Tommy Scruggs L. F. Wilkins Bill Williams James Willoughby ALPHA MU CHAPTER OFFICERS Not Hovious President Ernest Jordan Vize-Presidenf Bill Williams Secrelcry Tom Hairston Treasurer Page 116 F;RST ROW: Ernest Allen, Selby Barnes, Jack Bishop, John Cirbt, Bill Cook. SECOND ROW: Tom Hairston, Nat Hovious, Ernest Jordan, Perry Luckett, Pat McMullen. THIRD ROW: Bill Morrison, Max Payment, Tommy Riley, Melvis Scarborough, L. F. Wllkins. KiPPl ALPHA Page 1 1 7 Founded— University of Virginia, December 10, 1869 Established at Millsaps-October 18, 1895 COLORS: Scarlet, Green and White FLOWER: Lily of the Valley PUBLICATION: " The Caduceus " Faced with the danger of the entire chapter ' s going into the armed forces. Alpha Upsilon of Kappa Sigma has remained active throughout the war. With many of its old members returning, Sig is well on the way to its pre-war status. This means that those famous " Sig Born Dances " are not too for away. As on added attraction Sig presents " How to Be a True Gentleman of the South in Three Easy Frat Meetings " by Cloy Alexander, their " No. 1 " man. Clay Alexander Harold Bailey John Roy Bane John Baskin Bill Bethea Roddy Campbell Bill Clark Thomas Cote James Crisler James L. Davis Bobby DeKay Lew Everett Paul Ferera MEMBERS Gene Tucker Fleming Jerry A. Fortenberry William Griffith John Hampton Charles Hogue Hector S. Howard James C. Jenkins, Jr. Floyd Kimbrough John Kochtitzky Robert Boone Kochtitzky Lewis Longford Harold M. Ludlow James T. McCaffirty, Jr. James Louis McLain Turner Morgan Robert Nichols Robert Nickey James F. Noble, Jr. Ned O ' Brien J. T. Peatross J. Wesley Saunders Thomas Slough Henry Lacey Steinviede Zollie Stevens Jack Underwood Oscar John Woodrow, Oscar J. Woodrow, Jr. ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER OFFICERS Clay Alexander President Ned O ' Brien V ce-Pres denf James F. Noble, Jr. Secretary John Roy Bane Treasurer Page 118 FIRST ROW: Clay Alexander, Thomas Cote, James Crisler, James Davis, Gene Fleming. SECOND ROW: Jerry A. Fortenberry, William Griffith, John Hampton, James C. Jenkins, Jr., John Kochtitzky, Robert Boone Kochtitzky, Lewis Longford, Harold M. Ludlow, James McCafferty, James Louis McLain. FOURTH ROW: Turner Morgan, Robert Nickey, James Noble, Ned O ' Brien, J. Wesley Saunders, Zollie Stevens. KAPPA SIGMA Pago 119 Founded— Boston University, Kcvembcr 2, 19C9 Established at Millsaps-October, 1939 COLORS; Purple, Green and Gold PUBLICAT.OK: " Purple, Green, end Geld " With many returning veterans coming back to take over the places left by the deparJing sailors, the year 1945-46 stands out as a unique chapter in the history of Theta Etc Zeta. Men like the Shanks brothers, Dan Wrirht, Harry Frye and Joe Wiggins — just to mention a few of the old line — meons strength In any orgon!zat!on. And where else could you find " charac ters " like Sam Schiek, " Personality " Powers, " Wally " Turner, Ed Correll, and " Deadly " CIckerssn? As in other years, the Lambda Chl ' s boost powerful Intro mural teams. Politically they have Student Body, senior class and Pan-Hellenic Council presidencies stacked on one man, Wiggins. You will find these fellows In almost every activity from O.D.K. to ping-pong. Bill Allen Eugene Allen Bill Ates Ralph Bell Charlie Brandon Eugene Burnet Edward Correll Dudley Dickerson Horry Frye MEMBERS Gwen Holcomb Preston Jackson Hcrold James Rex Jones Jock Miurphy Billy Miyers Eugene Pollock Joe Powell Percy Powers Sam Schiek Bill Shanks Jack Shanks Carl Smith Grady Smith Hunter Stokes Wallace Turner Joe Wiggins Dan Wright THETA ETA ZETA OFFICERS Dan Wright President Eugene Burnet Vice-Prestdenf Charlie Brandon Secretary Bill Ates Treasurer Page 120 W m TT l i l f 0 ' FIRST ROW; Bill Allen, Bill Ates, Ralph Bell, Charlie Brandon, Eugene Burnet, Edward Correll. SECOND ROW: Dudley Dickerson, Gwen Holcomb, Preston Jackson, Harold James, Rex Jones, Jack Murphy. THIRD ROW: Eugene Pollock, Joe Powell, Percy Powers, Bill Shanks, Wallace Turner, Joe Wiggins, Don Wright. LAMBDl CHA U P II 1 Pcge 121 COLORS: Garnet and Gold Founded— University of Virginia, March 1, 1868 Established at Millsaps-March 23, 1905 PUBLICATION: " Shield and Diamond " FLOWER: Lily of the Valley Maintaining the fast pace it set with its high standards years ago. Alpha Iota led the social and scholastic parade at Millsaps during the post year. The Naval unit sang its swan song In October and with it went many outstanding Pikes, leaving the chapter with only nine active civilians to carry on for Alpha Iota. The fact that the chapter led the parade with pledges rn February is a glowing tribute to these nine men. January sixteenth will go down in history as a memorable dale for Alpha Iota and also Millsaps. It was then that the chapter and Millsaps combined to honor Major Lewis Wilson, former Millsaps student, member of Pi Kappa Alpha and holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Campus honors went to Charlie Allen, vice-president of the student body, and Major Millsaps; Sam Borefield, president of ODK; Craig Castle, president of the Christian Council; Pat Clendlnning, president of the Sophomore Class; and Billy Moore, busi- ness manager of the Purple and Whife and Millsaps Players. MEMBERS Albert Allen Charles Allen Lester Alvis James E. Armstrong Sam Barefield Joy Barnes Bob Bullen Carl Bunner Kenneth Carrufh Stuart Carruth Craig Castle Robert Childress Pat Clendinning Woody Collins Bill Cook VV. B. Cooper Bill Correll Bill Crisler John Davis Reid Door Robert Edwards Gilbert Gibson Bob Hollingsworth Bob Holyfield Greg Holmes Lev is Jones Bob Lacey Sutton Marks Bill Maute Jack McCormick Dan McCullen Dick Miller Billy Moore Johnny Marrow Bill Patterson Emory Peek Glen Pigott Hank Pope Bob Ray Ed Sanders George Scott Allen Stuart Bill Swartz Glen Teasley Edward Warren Robert Watts Brad Wells Martin White Billy Wright Tommy Wright Hank Zander Henk Zander ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER OFFICERS Bill Cook Presidenf Pat Clendinning Vice-Presidenf Bob Bullen Secrefory Bob Lacey Treasurer Bob Bullen Historian Page 122 r 3?t — f L l. A r i 1 k FIRST ROW: Albert Allen, Charles Allen, James E. Armstrong, Sam Barefield, Bob Bullen, Carl Bunner, Stuart Carruth. SECOND ROW: Craig Castle, Robert Childress, Pat Clendinning, Woody Collins, Bill Cook, W. B. Cooper, Bill Correll. THIRD ROW: Bill Crisler, John Davis, Reid Doer, Robert Edwards, Bob Hollingsworth, Bob Holyfield, Greg Holmes. FOURTH ROW: Lewis Jones, Sutton Marks, Bill Maute, Dan McCullen, Billy Moore Bill Patterson, Glen Pigott. FIFTH ROW: Bob Roy, Ed Sanders, George Scott, Brad Wells, Billy Wright, Henk Zander. PI RIPPA iLPHl Page 123 COLORS: Blu3 and White Founded— University of Oklahoma, April, 1938 Established at Millsaps-July 19, 1943 PUBLICATION: " N.I.S.A. Newsletter " FLOWER: White Carnation The ancient Vikings had nothing on the modern Mlllsaps variety! This organization for independent girls Is one of the most amazing things on the campus. The Vikings boost of beauties li ' e Hazel and Myro, al:o Miss MilUops; Wfio ' s Who members I ke Carroll, Merthel, Myra and Nellie; personalities like Carroll (P. anc W, editor} and Rosie (Secretary-Treasurer of the Slucenl Body); athletes like " Mac, " Brewer, Reed and Calhoun; and a sponsor like Dean Riecken, himself. These Vikings hove a high representation in all the hororaries, are formidable opponents i n any sport, and give the most original parties ever heard of Remember the Sadie Hawkins shindig that turned into a grape ea ' ing contest (after the men were safely captured, of course)? And, boy, that apple cider! Lateit Viking acquisition is a real house of their own. Didn ' t we say they are amazing? MEMBERS Lois Abies Joyce Adair Mary Rose Attyah Denise Bacon Carol Blumer Billie Brewer Lesbia Byors Martina Codenhead Emogene Calhoun Betty Jim Canon Melba Jean Cash Ann Cresswell Myrleen Cummings Elizabeth Darby Virginia Darracott Carolyn Folk Winnie Ruth Files Clara Foy Lena Mae Franklin Candy Gandy Mildred Glisson Marian GrifTin Evelyn Hastings Betty Jane Hearn Joan Herring Frances Johnson Claire Jordan Lecna Kahn Betty Langdon Betty Jane Long Carolyn McKewen Mary Lou Miles Jimmie Lou Mioore Mary Ruth Murphy Mary Ethel Nay Myra Nichols Rosemary Nichols Jan Nicholson Grace Margaret Parker Peggy Pellegrini Betty Sue Pittman Francis Pittman Catherine Powell Lena Ma e Ray Pat Reed Mary Nell Sells Anne von Seutter Catherine Shumaker Nell Smith Carroll Steen Hazel Steen Dollye Wright Doris Thompson Jean Wynne MILLSAPS CHAPTER OFFICERS Rosemary Nichols President Joyce Adair Vice-President Clara Foy Secrefary Betty Sue Pittman Treasurer Page 124 FIRST ROW: Lois Able, Joyce Adair, Mary Rose Attyah, Denise Bacon, Carol Blumer, B!l!ie Brewer, Lerbia Byar?, AAartirra Codenhead. SECOND ROW: Melba Jean Cash, Myrleen Cumm ngs, Elizabeth Darby, Virgin ' a Darracolt, Car lyn Fa k, V. ' innia Ruth Files, Clara Foy, Lena Mae Franklin. THIRD ROW: Cond Candy, Mildred Glisson, Evelyn Hastings, Be1ty Jane Kearn, Joan Herring, Frances Johnson, Betty Longdon, Betty Jane Long. FOURTH ROW; Carolyn McKewen, Mary Lou Mies, J mmia Lou Moore, Mary Ruth Murphy, Mary Ethel Nay, Myro Nichols, Rosemary Nichols, Jan Nicholson. FIFTH ROW: Peagy Pelh grini, Betty Sue Pittmon, Francis Plttman, Catherine Powell, l?na Mae Ray, Mary Nell Sells, Anne von Seutter. S XTH ROW: Nell Smith, Carroll Steen, Hazel Steen, Doris Thompson, Dollya Wright, Jean Wynne. THE HRIIGS Page 125 With no football team and a basketball squad that had inadequate financial support, Millsaps still made an amaz- ing record for itself in the athletic field. Victors only twice throughout the basketball season, the team still won the wholehearted enthusiasm of all who saw them fight. The -d ermination of faculty and students to give our boys the training such spirit and courage deserves has resulted complete overhaul of the Men ' s Physical Education artment. Next year the Majors look forward to a truly successful season— but no team could win our hearts more than the 1946 one did! U H L E T I n Take just one peep at this picture and you know that the score at the half of the Mississippi College game here was 19-7 in favor of the Choctows. Really a pathetic-locking crew, and Coach Burns looks as though he will throw in the towel. The three dejected -looking cagers ycu see are Sam Sanders, Howard Blank and Si Allen, Coach Arthur Burns weeping in the door. The number 14 basketball shoe which so obviously comes into view belongs to Big Rogland. Although our scores were a ' a constantly low level, our boys d!d their best with their critical shortage of manpower and equipment- Throughout the basketball season they played " fair and square " con s:stently, in spite of heavy opposi lion. Page 128 a t I L L n p s Charlie " Si " Allen and Sam Sanders hold a little practice session of their own while Coach Arthur Burns gives the cagers a 10-minute break. Si is demonstrating to Sam how to get set for a shot and then wheel away from the guard and under the basket for a crip. This worked the first time but here Sam seems to be get- ting set for anything. The man who got the ball " roiling " for the Majors when they started an offensive drive to the opponents ' basket was David Mcintosh. One of the season ' s high scorers, Dave was fast on the plonks and did more than his shore of the defensive chores. Mac Is a former McComb high school athlete. Cheerleaders Bill Correll, Rose Watkins and Bob Kochtitzky lead a rousing war- whoop for the Majors. Page 129 Bill Ates is going high into the air over Bm ' e gym floor to knock down one of Howard Blank ' s shots at the basket. Both Ates and Blank were competent subs and did a bang-up job of relieving tired Majors when the going got tough. T H Cheerleaders and their mascot-of-the-evening pause to catch their breath at the half. Page 130 L E T 1 M Here are a couple of the Majors going through one of the hard afternoon grinds which Coach Burns held daily in Buie gym. Glen Teosley, varsity forward, is practicing one of his favorite feints. Gene Nettles, another forward, is studying the Teasley technique. This sort of training gave the team the sorely needed confidence they must have had to have gone through a season competing against teams which were better equipped with experience and the facilities for turn- ing out smooth-running organizations— yet these Majors had such undaunted spirit that we are proud to call them our own. Big Rags is having to leave the floor in a hurry to get the tip off from this Choctaw. This is a scene in Buie gym v hile the visitors from Miss. College were enjoying a slight lead. A T H This Choctaw can really get off the floor. Randall Martin has just turned loose with one of his one- handed shots and this diminutive Choctaw goes into the air to see what can be done about blocking the shot. He missed the ball but gave Martin a smack n the palm of his hand. Wallace " Senator " Cook is giving a few pointers to his teammate, Randall Martin. The Senator, who was totally inexperienced before getting under the wing of Coach Arthur Burns, developed into a crack eager before the curtain went down on the basketball season. With plenty of height and possessing lots of team spirit, Cook was one of the most dependable men on the Majors squad. Martin, the other basketeer pictured here with Cock, was a freshman who showed plenty of promise. Page 132 L E T 1 (] S The 1945-46 Majors. Though the team hod the poorest record on paper of any Mrllsaps team in the decade, it was the best team in the history of the school, judging from a sportsman ' s standpoint. Non- subsidized and playing just for the fun, the ' 45- ' 46 edition was com- mended everywhere it performed for its clean play and outstanding sportsmanship. This year ' s series be- tween Millsaps and Miss. College was the cleanest series ever played between the two schools. The Ma- jors were coached by a Jacksonion, Arthur Burns, a well-known South Mississippi basketball official. Read ing from left to right: (Bottom row) Carl Fox, Howard Blank, Gene Net ties, Charlie " Si " Allen and David Mcintosh; (back row} Bill Ates, Sam Sanders, Wallace Cook, Evans Rag- land, Glen Teasley and Randall Martin. Good attendance further proves " that Millsaps spirit. " The ace of the hardwoods at Millsaps this season was Evans Ragland, towering pivot man, who discarded his Gl duds and donned thinclads here to lead the scoring parade for the Majors. " Big Rag " had an average of around 17 points per game for the season, which is plenty good in any kind of com- petition. Not only was Ragland a good offen- sive man, but his defensive work was more than commendable. He was an exponent of the one-hand push shot. k T H L E T I f S THE S C II II E S Millsaps 39 Millsaps 33 Mer. M. A 60 Millsaps 35 Millsaps 39 Millsaps 41 Millsaps Gl Millsaps 33 Millsaps 26 Millsaps 36 Millsaps 37 Millsaps 42 Millsaps 60 Miss. College 43 Ole Miss 58 Millsaps 47 South. La 45 Miss. College 41 Loyola 82 South. La 61 La. College 45 Miss. College 50 Miss. College 50 La. College 42 Ole Miss 50 M. M. A 83 This was one of the few moments that Mill- saps rooters had a chance to ' eally howl- Big Rags is sending the Majors into the lead with one of his one-hand specials. Ready to take the ball off the backboard, in case it missed, is Stuart Carruth. -yj. " l -l ill lH li . i | iii ml l ■ Under a blue Mississippi si y our co-eds can relax any warm spring day for a stimulating game of tennis on Mill- saps ' excellent courts. Millsaps students are privileged to use Jackson ' s best golf course. THE OR SPORTS . . . Md Intmmumis Millsaps boasts a health-building schedule annually in minor sports, especially for its co-eds. These physi- cal education students learn archery, softball, tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball, and horseback riding. Intramurals are scheduled by the Majorette Club and the Men ' s Pan-hellenic. Each sorority, fraternity, and independent group prepares and practices its team for weeks before the intramural season begins and then everyone on the campus seems to eat, sleep, live intramurals. Rewards for the winners are handsome silver trophies on plaques. Good-natured competition of this sort has taught friendship and co- operation to groups which might otherwise have come into conflict. II APPREflATIOI... Because I knew that the Editor of a yearbook gets all the credit or all the blame for the success or failure of the annual, I have bossed and bullied my staff, the faculty, and my friends until they produced what I thought to be their best in the way of copy, art work, and photography. Now I wish to thank all those who submitted to my rule and who worked so untiringly for the BOBASHELA: the teachers who have made a sepcial effort to have new photographs made of themselves, and who offered timely suggestions; the typists— especially Janice Nicholson and Helene Minyard; those who did important " odd " jobs— Martha Lynn Kenna, Mary Ethel Nay, Roberta Stewart, Carol Hutto, Melda Burdsal, and Gene Pollock; those who took part in planning and producing the Beauty Pageant; my assistant who always heeded my every beck and call (Ned O ' Brien); Mr. Hathorn ( " U. Z. " ), who helped me acquire office equipment; Greg Holmes, who trotted all over the place making pretty girls look prettier for snap- shots; Cliff Bingham, an " outsider " who took our snaps— and also took much abuse (he even lost a new hat during one of our basketball games!); of course, all the staff who burned the midnight oil writing copy; and, last but not least!— Mr. Street, who supplied us with pencils, cokes, and light bulbs while we slaved away. I have enjoyed the privilege of being your Editor. Editor Page 138 sKf _. U. . ' nil .■}?N ■ i ' tk A D U R T I U K S Reddy with the Facts Reddy Kilowatt, your friendly electric servant, is on the job 24 hours a day, not only giving maximum service at minimum cost, but also pub- licizing the resources and natural advantages of our state through Mississippi Power Light Com- pany ' s Research and Development Department. Yes sir, we are ready with the facts to sell Missis- sippi as " America ' s State of Opportunity, " to attract new payrolls and new industries, and to assure healthy, well-balanced growth for the State we serve. MISSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT CO. HELPING BUILD MISSISSIPPI u.t.» COMPLIMENTS OF PENDERGRAFT WILLIFORD, Inc. Distributors of Sinclair and Goodyear Products SEE YOUR NEARBY SINCLAIR DEALER FOR COMPLETE ONE-STOP SERVICE 906 South State Street Jackson, Mississippi Phone 4-8210 or 2-3337 THE DANIEL STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY ■ • PORTRAITS • COMMERCIAL • REPRODUCTIONS Dial 4-7483 224 E. Amite , -J THE CAMPUS HANG-OUT SANDWICHES - COLD DRINKS - SCHOOL SUPPLIES BOOKS - SOUVENIRS 7 QmU Borden Ice Cream Company 229 South Congress 4-4036 A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM JOHN P. McDonald " You are always welcome to make our store your headquarters " DRINK The itaiise that refreshes JACKSON COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY L G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attlebcro, Massachusetts " THE BEST IN FRATERNITY JEWELRY " Compliments of R. E. KENNINGTON CO 401 E. CAPITOL Phone 3-2771 S. p. McRAE CO. DEPARTMENT STORE 202 W. CAPITOL 4-8334 T jUKes 240 E. Capitol JACKSON, MISS. SMART COLLEGE TOGS HUTCHIN ' S MEN ' S WEAR 119 W. Capitol 4-4755 SNOW WHITE CLEANERS 1240 N. WEST Phone 4-8856 Corr-Williams Tobacco Co. Incorporated WHOLESALE TOBACCOS, CIGARS AND CONFECTIONERY Jackson 1 17, Mississippi ADELLE GRILL Our Specialty is DELICIOUS HAMBURGERS Call Us and They Will Be Ready FRESH EGGS - SANDWICHES DRINKS l359 ' 2 N. West Phone 4-9166 CLEANING SILKS AND EVENING WEAR OUR SPECIALTY JOHNSON CLEANERS Baptist Hospital 190 N. State 4-4471 i Greeting Cards and Stationery Mottos and Pictures 213 E. Capitol 3-1338 L, w )T $ SMOOTWFKOXtW Compliments of PRIMOS ' RESTAURANT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE POST OFFICE 244 E. Capitol ii 1! W s s s t s ii 3-131 Compliments of JACKSON LUMBER CO. " RELIABLE AND DEPENDABLE SINCE 1896 " Dial 4-5066 322 W. Capitol Compliments of CAPITAL PAINT AND GLASS CO. 401 S. STATE Phone 4-6617 K O L B ' S CLEANERS 147 E. Amite 4-7651 FOR HEALTHFUL RECREATION Jackson Bowling Center 227 E. Pearl Phone 3-2531 ii w ■? -. ii V Compliments of GRAYSON DRESS SHOPS 232 E. Capitol Phone 3-2010 Compliments of KEY DRUG COMPANY J 434 E. Capitol Phone 4-6571 ROBINSON BROTHERS PLYMOUTH and DESOTO Sales and Service Phone 3-2741 Ii Complimients of Chester E. Jones Drug Store 1808 N. State Phone 3-6388 COMPLIMENTS OF Capital Flora! Company PROGRESSIVE FLORISTS FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS IN JACKSON THE VOGUE Fashion Headquarters For Junior, Miss and Matron — Wearing Apparel 146 E. Capitol Phone 4-8636 MORI LUGGAGE STORE Everything for the Traveler } 111 W. Capitol Phone 3-1567 CITY SHOE SHOP R. O. SMITH Shoes Dyed Any Color Invisible Half Soling 315 W. Capitol St. Phone 2-2378 Compliments of ACME BAKERY CO 230 N . Parish Phone 3-1755 Jackson Steam Laundry LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Phone 2-3315 I. Lehman, President Blue Ribbon Creamery Dependable City Wide Service 1029 Bailey Ave. ■ ' Dial 4-7728 s w Compliments of ALAMO PLAZA Twin State Athletic Supply Company Complete Line of HIGH GRADE ATHLETIC SUPPLIES j 7 S. Lamar St. Phone 2-336 Highway 80 West 4-9194 s it ■ ) -J L. JOHN C CARTER JEWELER THE GIFT SHOP Jackson, Mississippi LE GRAND JEWELRY CO. ! Registered Jeweler American Gem Society Phone 4-8973 218 E. Capitol Opposite Walthall Hotel S s n i . BATTE FURNITURE CO. " We Do Appreciate Your Business " John C. Eatte, Jr. Jackson, Miss, L, Compliments of EVERRET HARDWARE CO. 129 S. State MANGEL ' S FEMININE APPAREL 128 East Capital Street Jackson 14, Mississippi „u • • COMB WHAT MAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience • We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud . . • . • T r • • COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENQRAVING COAiPANY B I RMI N G HAAl i m nmum immm Long after war has ceased they will stand as beacons to the American Way ... to greater achievement in religion, arts, science, research, and industry. The way is not easy. It is narrow. It is sometimes rough. Other paths beckon alluringly, as seeming short cuts. But in mankind ' s halting progress through the ages many paths have been explored before. If now in uncertainty we change paths we will si up progress and confuse those whose eyes are on us. further smoothing of the proved paths we can continue inspire earnest men everywhere to follow the way tl already has led one nation so far toward the better c happier life for all. Cfje Qaragon Qtt s DESIGNERS AND CREATORS OF ' Ute PniKiUuf- i« ADAMS MONTGOMERY, ALA ;;; ■ .-t m

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