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, I ■ n . . . . , w. MULLbnro -- £ .Jitfrtt on ■ spof tt nfie h Qaragon Qress irni ) BMhSI ' ' . ' THE 1945 BOBASHELA IS DEDICATED TO MRS. RALPH JONES FOR MANY REASONS. BECAUSE, THROUGH HER OWN ENTHU- SIASM, SHE HAS MADE COLLEGE MATH A COURSE WHICH HER STUDENTS ENJOY. BECAUSE SHE TAKES AN ACTIVE PARTJN THE CAMPUS HONORIES AND CLUBS-INCLUDING SIGMA LAMB- DA, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB, THETA NU SIGMA, AND PI KAPPA DELTA. BECAUSE SHE HAS SPONSORED THE " REC " CENTER, AND, THROUGH LOTS OF HARD WORK, HAS TURNED IT INTO A FAVORITE GATHERING FLACE FOR THE TRAINEES AND CO-EDS. BECAUSE SHE ALWAYS HAS TIME TO DISCUSS ANYTHING WITH THE STUDENTS, FROM THE WORLD SITUATION TO PLANS FOR THE COMING WEEK-END. BECAUSE SHE IS ONE OF THE MOST VALUED MEMBERS OF THE RECREATION COM- MITTEE, WHICH, THROUGH ITS PLANS FOR SOCIALS, FIELD DAYS, MOVING PICTURES, ETC., HAS MADE THIS YEAR ONE OF THE GAYEST IN MILLSAF ' S HISTORY; AND BECAUSE EVERY STUDENT FEELS SHE IS HIS GOOD FRIEND, AS WELL AS HIS INSTRUCTOR. DEDICATE D MRS. Mini J E S DR. M. L. SMITH Whether he be presiding in chapel, sitting behind his desk giving ad- vice, or doing the countless number of things the students see him doing daily; " Smiley " is always patient, friendly, full of fun, and wise. It is high recommendation to be able to say that the students appreciate and love their President. Page 10 DEAN WILLIAM R. RIECKEN, Ph.D. DEAN OF MEN No one is enrolled at Millsaps very long before he has an opportunity to meet, know, and appreciate genial " Dean Bill. " The qualities which he possesses, those which have acquired for him such high respect from every student, are too many to enumerate here. You may be sure that largely due to his efforts, Millsaps has attained and continued the high level of success it has today. DEAN MARY H. B. STONE, M.A. DEAN OF WOMEN Ask any girl ot Founders ' Hall, or any girl at Millsaps, and you will soon discover what a truly fine person, just adviser, and guiding light our Dean of Women is. In more than one instance she has proved these statements. Gentle, but firm, in her decisions. Dean Stone has captured the confidence and love of all. DEAN A. P. HAMILTON, Ph.D. DEAN OF FRESHMEN Dr. Hamilton is the Dean of Freshmen but he has come to signify more than just that position. Possessing a friendly and agreeable personality, he is never too busy to do someone a favor, or give counsel when it is needed. A versatile person, he can tackle any task from leading the chapel songs to teaching Greek and German. There is no wonder he was chosen to be Dean of students just beginning their college experiences. Page 13 HELEN NEWELL BARNES Women ' s Athletics B.A., Millsaps College JAMES T. CANIZARO S., Notre Pcme MABEl BENNER COBB A.M., University of North Carolina JAMES SHARBROUGH FERGUSON History M.A., Louisiana State University JOHN ALBERT FINCHER Ph.D., University of North Carolina CHARLES BETTS GALLOWAY A.M., Duke University MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN A.M., Tulane University Mathematics Spanish Biology Physics English MAGNOLIA COULLET Latin, Voice A.M., University of Pennsylvania; American Academy in Rome ELIZABETH CRAIG A.M., Columbus University; University of Paris AGNES LOUISE CUTRER French History M.A., University of Alabama GEORGE LOTT HARRELL Physics and Astronomy M.S., Millsops College ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES Education A.M., George Peabody College NANCY BROGAN HOLLOWAY Secretarial Studies A.B., Mississippi State College for Women FACULTY [- ?i Sir 6: t; ; • % e MRS. RALPH JONES Mathematics B.A., Millsaps College HARRY PIERCE JONES Sociology B.D., Vanderbilt University,- M.A., Chicago University ROSS HENDERSON MOORE History Ph.D.. Duke University THEODORE C. RUSSELL . . Violin, Theory M.M., Northwestern University ALBERT GODFREY SANDERS Romance Languages M.A., University of Oxford, Rhodes Scholar FLORENCE GLENN SMITH Piano, Music Education M.M., Chicago Musical University JOHN MAGRUDER SULLIVAN Geology Ph.D., Vanderbilt University FACULTY BENJAMIN ERNEST MITCHELL Fh.D., Columbia University M.othematics JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE . . . Ph.D., Louisiana Stale University Chemistry EVA MYERS ROBERTS M..M., Chicago Musical College Piano PETER J. TROLIO B.S., Notre Dame Mathematics BENJAMIN ORMOND VAN HOOK A.M., Vanderbilt Universily Mathematics MILTON CHRISTIAN WHITE . . . Ph.D., Universily of Wisconsin English ROLF E. WUBBLES ... .... M.A., New York University Economics 0 ' I OFFICERS MADELEINE PAGE President FANNIE HAUGHTON Vice-President NINA HAZEL REEVES Secretary-Treasurer Vke HII OR CLASS Madeleine Page, the gay gal with an ever-present twinkle in her eye, is a typical person if there ever was one to head the Senior Class. Cheerleader, company sponsor, and vice-president of the KD ' s— these honors are reccmmondations enough for anyone. Her friends call her " Mad, " therefore she ' s " Mad " to just about everyone at Millsaps. Fannie Haughton has a big brother who held a vice-presidency at Millsaps also— so the Haugh- tcns seem to have a monopoly on the V. P. offices. An outstanding member of Phi Mu, an officer of the Christian Council, member of Sigma Lambda and KDE— such honors prove that Fannie has never ending interest and leadership in many fields. Ba-Ba Reeves! When there ' s a carnival to put ever, or a stunt night to supervise, here is a leader to accomplish any of them. Ba-Ba ' s friendliness and her jovial spirit have made her an out- standing personality— as well as Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class. Tare 20 flflp, « -v s % S E I 1 R CLASS ANN BRIEN Arlington, Va. Phi Mu BETTY JO BROWN Jackson Viking Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Topper Club 2, 3; Science Club 2, 3, 4; Chi Delta 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Kappa Delta Epsilcn 4 ; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Ecbashela 2, 3; Purple and White 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Secretary Fhi Mu 3, 4. Topper Club 2; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4, Presi- dent 4; Majorettes 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Intramural Manager 4; Student Assistant 4 ; Assistant in Physical Education 4; Treasurer Vikings 3, 4. JANNIE VEE BROOKS Phi Mu Duncan REBECCA BUFKIN Phi Mu Jackson Sigma Lambda 3, 4, Vice-President 4 ; Purple and White 1, 2, News Editor 2 ; Bobashela 1, 2, Class Editor 2; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Council 2; Christian Council 2, 3, 4, Majorette Club 2, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 2, 3, 4, President 4; Treasurer Phi Mu 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 3, 4. Student Assistant 2, 3; Freshman Scholarship 1; Viil Isaps Singers 1, 2; Bobashela Business Staff 2 ; Purple and White Circiulation Manager 2, Business Manager 3; Vice-President Phi Mu 3. Hunting and pecking are things of the past with these masters of the touch system. The typing course includes budgets, speed tests, a minimum of mistakes, and some- thing like a mild nervous break- down after each class. First Row: Brien, Brooks, Brown, Bufkin, Burnhcm . . Craig, Crawford, Davis, Davis, Hairston Second Rov DALE BURNHAM Magee Chi Omega Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class; Secretary- Treasurer Sophomore Class; Secretay-Teasurer Stu- dent Body; Cheerleader 3, 4; Assistant Business Manager Purple and White 4 ; Student Executive Beard 3; International Relations Club 3, 4 ; Majorettes 3, 4 ; Naval Company Sponsor 3; President Chi Omega 3. NELLE CRAIG Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic President 4 ; Women ' s Council 3, 4 ; Topper Club President 3; Art Editor of Purple and White 3, 4; Student Assistant 2, 3, 4 ; Millsaps Singers Secretary 3, President 4 ; Majorettes 3, 4 ; Y.WO.A. Vice-President 3, 4; Chris- tian Council 3, 4 ; Chi Delta 3, 4 ; Student Executive Board 4 ; Rush Chairman Beta Sigma Omicron 3, 4 ; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. LENNIE CRAWFORD Jackson Delta Kappa Delta 3, 4 ; Millsaps Singers 1 , 2, 3, 4, student Assistant to Dean 3, 4 ; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. CLIFFORD DAVIS Sigma Phi Epsilon BERYLINE STUCKEY DAVIS Viking CATHERINE HAIRSTON Phi Mu Jackson Jackson Indianola International Relations Club 3, 4- Chi Delta 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Purple and White 1, 2, 3, 4, News Editor 4; Beethoven Club 1, 2. Page 23 7 SENIOR CL1SS FANNIE HAUGHTON Haftiesburg Phi Mu LILLIAN JOHNSON Jackson Chi Omega International Relations Club 3, 4; Sigma Lambda 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4 ; Pledge Trainer Phi Mu 3, 4 ; Christian Council 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4; Student Assistant 4; Vice-President Senior Class 4 ; Circulation Manag er Purple and White 4. Business Manager Co-ed Purple and White 4; Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3, 4; Secretary Chi Omega 4, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Majorettes 3, 4; Chi Delta 4,- Women ' s Pan-Hellenic 3, 4, Women ' s Coun- cil 4. CPL. HARRY HELMAN Foster General Hospital HELEN HUGHES Jackson Chi Omega Purple and White 1, 2; Bobashela 3, 4, Literary Editor 4 ; Y.WO.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 4. MAXYNE MADDEN Jackson Phi Mu International Relations Club 3, 4; Sigma Lambda 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Vice-President Phi Mu 3, 4 ; Student Assistant 3, 4; Purple and White 1, 2; Boba- shela 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Editor 4. When you know the ropes, phys- ics labs are not really as compli- cated as they look. Hcwever, it ' s not a subject tor these who like to be rather vague about details — a fact that many a student has dis- covered too late! 1 First Row: Houghton, Helrnan, Hughe c , John ' on, Madden . Row: Maxwell, Miller, Mounger, Page, Purvis Second BROWNELL MAXWELL Georgetown Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4 ; Majorettes 2, 3, 4; Topper Club l, 2; Beethoven Club 2, 3; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4, President 4; Student Assistant l, 2; Intramural Manager 2; Tennis Team I, 2. ANNE MILLER .... Belzoni Phi Mu MADELEINE PAGE McComb Kappa Delta Vice-President Kappa Delta 4; Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3; Purple and White ); Pre-Medical Club l, 2; Science Club l, 2; Naval Company Sponsor 2, 3; Majorette Club Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic 4, Treasurer 4; Cheerleader 4; Delta Kappa Delta 4; President Senior Class 4 ; Vice-Presi- dent Student Body 4, President Student Body 4. Naval Company Sponsor 3; Student Executive Board 3; Women ' s Council 3, 4; Majorette Club 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; President Phi Mu 4. MARGIE MOUNGER Phi Mu Jackson NORMAN PURVIS Ministerial League 3, 4. Edwards Page 25 Ike SENIOR CLASS ERNEST RATHELL Lexington Kappa Sigma Fresident Kappa Sigma 4 ; Alpha Epsilon Delta 4; Men ' s Pan-Hellenic 4; Tcpper Club 3; Purple and White 1, 2, Freshman Editor I; Science Club 3, 4, President 4 ; Laboratory Assistant 3, 4. CLIFTON SHRADER Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson Secretary Lambda Chi Alpha 4 ; Christian Council 3, 4 ; Men ' s Pa n-Hellenic 3, 4. NINA HAZEL REEVES Yazoo City Viking Sigma Lambda 3, 4, President 4 ; Eta Sigma 3, 4, President 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4, Treasurer 4 Student Executive Board 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet Majorette Club 2, 3, 4, Intramural Chairman 4 President Vikings 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4. ANN SPITCHLEY Kappa Delta Hazlehurst Student Executive Board 4 ; Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4 ; Delta Kappa Delta Secretary 4 ; Cheerleader 3, 4; Secre- tary-Treasurer Student Body 4. WINNIFRED SEEGERS Columbia, La. Beta Sigma Omicron Band 1; Bobashela Staff 1; Science Club Secretary- Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4, Theta Nu Sigma Presi- dent 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta Secretary-Treasurer 3, Eta Sigma 3, 4 ; Orchestra 2, 3, 4 ; Student Assistant 2, 3, 4; Theta Nu Sigma Award; Secretary, Editor Beta Sigma Omicron; Sigma Lambda 4. THEO STOVALL Jackson Chi Omega Bobashela 2, 3, 4, Art Editor 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 3; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic 3, President 4; Stu- dent Executive Board 3; Glee Club 2; Pledge Instruc- tor Chi Omega 3. A required part of the V-12 ' s training is navigation. A perplex- ing subject to the average civilian, it is one which the Navy empha- sizes. This class seems to think it ' s a picnic. First Row: Rathell, Reeves, Seegers, Shrader, Spitchley . . . Second Row: Stovall, Strohecker, Tharp, Webster, Walker, Wiggins MARY STROHECKER Jackson DOROTHY WEBSTER Phi Mu Kosciusko Phi Mu Chi Delta 3, 4 ; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4 ; Delta Kappa Delta 4 ; Purple and White 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; Boba- shela 3. President Phi Mu 4 ; Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4; Debate Club 3, 4, President 4; Student Executive Board 4. ANNIE RUTH WALKER Hattiesburg Phi Mu ELVA THARP Lambert Viking Topper Club 3, 4; Student Assistant 3, 4; Eta Sigrra Phi 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta Historian 4; Science Club 3, 4; Sigma Lambda 3, 4. JOE WIGGINS Cruger Lambda Chi Alpha President Lambda Chi Alpha 4; Alpha Epsilcn Delta 3, 4, President 4. Page 27 men OFFICERS JOE SCHULTZ President FRANCES ALEXANDER Vice-President EDNA EARLE WILLIAMS Secretary-Treasurer Vke J 11 I I R CLASS Joe Schultz, a gentleman of the Pikes, is the capable leader of the Junior Class. This " guy named Joe " is loads of fun and as sincere a person as can be found. Of course he talks quite a bit about Texas, but we ' ve learned to expect thai. He ' s still a swell fellow! It was through the efforts of Alexander that this annual became fact and not theory. She is the newly elected head of Chi Omega, served as president of Chi Delta, is a member of Sigma Lambda, and has more than a few other accomplishments to her credit. Although she now belongs to " Molly, " Edna Enrle is still claimed by Millsops, and a prouder claim would be hard to find. Ever since her freshman days, when she was still at Berryhill, she has char- acterized the well-known " Millsaps spirit " in her warm, friendly manner. The BSO ' s and Millsaps alike, have sufficient reason to be proud of the Secretary-Treasurer of the Junior Class. Page 28 " w . Bk w 1 Abies Alexander Applewhite Ashley Barefield Boyd Brown Broun Burd:al Bush Carr Chambers Chatham Chri:tmas Conine Crisler Crouch Curry Dent Eady Edwards Eaves Eckert a Ellis Vke JUNIORS MELBA ALBES Chi Omega FRANCES ALEXANDER Chi Omega KITTY APPLEWHITE FRANCES ASHLEY Kappa Delta Kappa Delta SAM BAREFIELD Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT BOYD MARVIN BROWN MARTHA BRAUN Beta Sigma Omicron MARJORIE BURDSAL Kappa Delta JU NITA BUSH PEGGY CARR H. B. CHAMBERS Phi Mu Phi Mu Belzoni Jackson Bassfield Rich Hattiesburg Houston, Texas Edinburg, Texas Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Mangham, La. SARA CHATHAM Indianola Chi Omega JOHN CHRISTMAS Vicksburg FLOSSIE CONINE Jackson ELIZABETH CRISLER Raymond Phi Mu ETHEL MAE CROUCH Madison Kappa Delta ALLEN CURRY Farmington, Minn JOELYON DENT Grace Chi Omega DOROTHY EADY Crystal Springs Beta Sigma Omicron GENE EDWARDS Bolton Chi Omega FRED EAVES Austin, Texas Kappa Sigma JUNE ECKERT Jackson Chi Omega MILDRED ELLIS Lyon Chi Omega It looks simple enough when you see it through the microscope, but putting if down on paper is a different story. Kowing exactly what you are looking for— and then being able to find it, is another of the zoo stu- dent ' s problems. Ferguson Gerrard Giardina Gilmer Godbold Goss Hathorn Hegman Henry Herring Ise n berg Jansren Jensen Jones Jones Jones Juell Keary Kelley King Lammons Lampton Latham Lloyd Marley Melvin Miles Montgomery Ike, JOIORS ROBERT FERGUSON Dallas, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha DOROTHY JONES Grenada CHARLINE GERRARD Kappa Delta Vikinc FLORA GIARDINA RAY GILMER ROBERT GODBOLD NINA BESS GOSS Beta Sigma Omicron DOROTHY HATHORN Kappa Delta CORNELIA HEGMAN Kappa Delta ANNE HENRY Phi Mu FRANCES HERRING Beta Sigma Omicron Canton Flora Houston, Texas Hollywood Jackson Jackson Holly Bluff Jackson Grenada E. L. ISENBERG DALE JANSSEN Corpus Christi, Texas Gentry, Mo. Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT JENSEN Pocatello, Idaho C. M. C. JONES . . . Houston, Texas Chi Omega LAEL JONES Fhenix City, Ala. EDGAR JUELL Dalles, Oregon ELAINE KEARY Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron BURT KELLEY Baton Rouge, La. MARY JANE KING Pickens Viking GEORGE LAMMONS Lexington ANNE LAMPTON Columbia Chi Omega PATTIE LATHAM Birmingham, Ala. ELIZABETH LLOYD Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson RALPH MARLEY ... Jackson DOROTHY MELVIN Kappa Delta M RY LOU MILES Viking VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY Jackson Calhoun City Jackson The ability to take dicta- tion will help these girls in planning their futures. It is a valuable accomplishment, and certainly is not an easy one. Mueller McBride McClure McKewen McGee Nobiling Odom Persell Ranager Ratcliff Rigby Sanders Schultz Scott Sells Stamps Stanley Steen Steen Stewart Way Weppler White Williams Wilson Wimpee Woodward Wright Wright Vke JUIIORS JOSEPH MUELLER Corpus Christi, Texas BETTY CATHERINE McBRIDE Jackson Viking GEORGE McCLURE Mountain Home, Ark. CAROLYN McKEWEN Jackson Viking JOHN McGEE Montgomery, Ala. C. W. NOBILING San Antonio, Texas ANNE ODOM Grenada VIRGINIA PERSELL Madison Chi Omega WALTER RANAGER Jackson JACK RATCLIFF Tulsa, Okla. ESTHER JUNE RIGBY Madison Kappa Delta WANDA SANDERS Sanatorium Kappa Delta JOE SCHULTZ Grosbeck, Texas Pi Kappa Delta FRED SCOTT Dallas, Texas Pi Kappa Delta MARY NELL SELLS Jackson Viking MIRIAM STAMPS McComb Chi Omega MARGUERITE STANLEY Grenada Beta Sigma Omicron HAZEL STEEN Jackson Viking CARROLL STEEN Jackson Viking ROBERTA STEWART Jackson Phi Mu HOWARD WAY Longview, Texas PEGGY WEPPLER McComb Chi Omega IRENE WHITE . . McComb EDNA EARLE WILLIAMS Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron CAROLINE WILSON Jackson Kappa Delta JAMES WIMPEE Bryan, Texas Kappa Sigma MARY JEANNE WOODWARD Jackson DOROTHY WRIGHT Hazlehurst Beta Sigma Omicron FRED WRIGHT Brookhaven Kappa Alpha One of the more gratify- ing aspects of chemistry is applying text-book knowl- edge through experiments. In labs the students learn that following directions brings the best results. OFFICERS CHARLES WRIGHT HELEN MURPHY JULIA GOODMAN President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer 7 SOPHOMORE CLASS We are sorry that we couldn ' t get Charlie ' s picture with the Sophomore Class Officers, but he left to join the Army right after Christmas. Charlie ' s specialty was literally sweeping girls off their feet on the dance floor. He never failed to have a glad greeting ready for anyone he met, and can well be remembered as another friendly Pike. This half of the Murphy twins, once you ' ve detected which she is, is truly individualistic when you know her. She ' s " scmething gocd in a small package, " and has an amazing number of friends from one end of the campus to the other. Julia can usually be found surrounded in the Grill or rushing to class with time-out for a chat on the way. Notwithstanding the fact that her mother is one of the best teachers in the English depart- ment, Julia has made a name for herself in her two years at Millsaps. Page 36 Ike SOPHOMORES JOYCE ADAIR T. V. ALLEN RICHARD ALLEN Gloster Viking Oklahoma City, Okla. Kappa Sigma Indianola Kappa Alpha LYLE BARTLETT JAMES BASHAM JOHN BAUER THADDEUS BELSHER ROBERT BERNSEN Eau Claire, Wis. Fort Worth, Texas Belleville, III. Sadler, Texas Beaumont, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha ROLAND BORCHERS Frederisksburg, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha W, R. BOYD MILES BROWN WARREN BROWN AUBREY BUCHALTER MAURICE BUCHALTER HELEN BUNTE Chi Omega DOROTHY CAFFEY Chi Omega HENRY CALDWELL Houston, Texas Denver, Colo. Duncan, Okla. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Jackson Columbus Birmingham, Ala. JOHN CANARIS BETTY JIM CANON WAYNE CASSATT RICHARD CASTNER ALICE COLLINS Eagle Lake, Texas Vaiden Russell, Kansas Des Moines, Iowa Gilbert, La. Phi Mu FRANK COLLINS Gilbert, La. Pi Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA CONERLY . Jackson Viking J. B. COX Mexia, Texas WALLACE COX E. G. CROTCHETT Ponca City, Okla, Nevada, Mo. Vicksburg Kappa Alpha DORIS CUNNINGHAM Chi Omega ROBERT DANA Buhl, Idaho ALDEN DAVIS Coden, Ala. Kappa Alpha RICHARD DOYLE Owatonna, Minn. SARA ANN ELLIOTT Jackson ROLLIN FITTS Jackson • Chi Omega ROBERT FOOTE Petersburg, Texas Kappa Sigma HOWARD FOLTZ Winner. S. Dak. Outside reading, terms papers, and book reports keep the library well popu- lated. Always a good place to go if reading is one of your favorite pastimes, and if you want a little peace and quiet after an hour or so over at the Grill. Adair Allen Alien Bartlett Bashan Bauer Eelsher Bernren Borchers Boyd Brown Brown Buchalter Buchalter Bunte Caffey Caldwell Canaris Canon Cassatt Castner Collins Collins Conerly Cox f rctchett Cunningham Dana Davis Doyle Elliott Fitts Foote Foltz Ike SOPHOMORES DONALD FOSTER Breckenridge Minn. Lambda Chi Alpha CLARA FOY Jackson Viking LOIS ANN FRITZ Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron GERALD GAFFARD Etta JERRY GREGG Sterlington La. Kappa Alpha JULIA GOODMAN Jackson Phi Mu JACK GROFF San Angelo, Texas CARL GUERNSEY Indianapolis, Ind. Pi Kappa Alpha C. T. HALL .... Arkabutla T. B. HALL . Arkabutla VAN HALLMAN Merigold GEORGE HAMILTON Birmingham, Ala. A. C. HARTSON North Bergen, N. J. Lambda Chi Alpha FRANK HAVLICEK Miami, Fla. VALARIS HICKMAN . Leggett, Texas ANN HOBBS Anniston, Ala. Chi Omega BETTY HORRELL . . . Jackson Phi Mu JOHN HOWARD San Antonio, Texas STELLA JONES Jackson GEORGE KILMER El Paso, Texas Kappa Sigma THOMAS KLIEBERT JACK KREBS BETTY LANGDON WAYNE LA RUE Fi Kcppa Alpha Viking Lutcher, La. Wichita, Kansas Jackson Oklahoma City, Okla. Kcppa Sigma Mason, Texas Philadelphia Poplar Bluff, Mo. Meridian Chi Omega JULIA FAY MAYO ... Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron LEO MILLS Woodward, Okla. HELENE MINYARD Jackson Kappa Delta JACK LEE MITCHELL LUNDY BOB MARTIN BETTY LOU MASSEY B. H. MOORE Ok ahoma City, Okla. ANN MORSE Chi Omega Jackson ANN MOTT Pi Beta Phi Yazoo City BILL MOWREY Brownwood, Texas HELEN MURPHY Phi Mu Hattiesburg EVELYN MURPHY Phi Mu Hattiesburg MARY RUTH MURPHY Jackson Viking MARY ELIZA MURPHY Jackscn Kappa Delta NADINE McKINNON New Orleans, La. Chi Omega Since taking rapid notes is a definite part of every so- cial science course, the stu- dent is forced to work out his own little abbreviation system. The trouble comes, however, when you ' re all ready to study for a test and can ' t decipher them. Foster Foy Fritz Gaffard Gregg Goodman Groff Guernsey Holl Holl Hallman Hamilton Hartson Havlicek Hickman Hobbs Horrell Howard Jones Kilmer Kliebert Krebs Lanpdon LaRue Lee Lundy Martin Masscy Mayo Mills Minyard Moore Mor e Mott Mowrey Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy McKinnon %? SOPHOMORES J. S. McNEELY MYRA NICHOLS New Orleans, La. Jackson Viking ROSEMARY NICHOLS Jackson Viking ROSS O ' BANNION Williamsburg, Kansas Pi Kappa Alpha TASOS PAPPADAS Houston, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha GRACE MARGARET PARKER Jackson Viking TROY PARKISON Florence RICHARD STACY Blythville, Ark. ELBERT STANLEY Hot Springs, Ark. LESLIE STEEN . Mission, Texas Kappa Sigma BUELL STEWART Del Rio, Texas Kappa Sigma WALTER STOKES Greenville Kappa Alpha WILLIAM STUYVESTANT Rockville Centre, N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha DAVID TINCH Houston, Texas Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha MARY ELIZABETH TINGLE Jackson CAROLYN PICKARD PERCY POWERS Meridian Jackson Phi Mu FRANCES TOWNE Beta Sigma Omicron Delta, La. Lambda Chi Alpha VIRGINIA REHFELDT Jackscn MARGARET VANDIVER Phi Mu Jackson Phi Mu TOMMIE RILES Crossett, Ark. BETTY WEEMS Kappa Delta Jackson DONALD RHODES Fairbanks, La. JEAN WHITE . Pickens Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta CATHERINE SADLER Jackson MARION WILLIAMS Panola Kapoa Delta Beta Sigma Omicron MILDRED SCOTT Eupora BERNIE WINKLER Temple, Texas Viking CHARLES WRIGHT Jackson DOUGLAS SEWELL Phoenix, Ariz. Pi Kappa Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha BARBARA WOOTON Madison ARTHUR SIMS Galveston, Texas Chi Omega THOMAS SLOUGH Jackson BILLY YANDELL Vance Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma HAROLD SMITH Alton, III. CLYDE YATES McAllen, Texas RICHARD SOULE Ccrpu: , Christi, Texas JORDAN ZESCH San Antonio, Texas Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha An accounting lab seems to consist of a lot of paper work and concentration. It ' s one of the very practical eco- nomic courses, which the stu- dent takes with an eye to the future McNecly Nichols Nichols O ' Bannlon Pappadas Parker Parki:on Pickard Powers Rehfcldt Riles Rhodes Sadler Scott Sewc Sims Slough Smith Soule Stacy Stanley Steen Stewart Stokes Stuyvcstant Tinch Tingle Towne Vandiver Weems White Williams Winkler Wright Wooton Yandell Yctes Zesch OFFICERS JOE JENNINGS ANN PORTER JANE WALKER President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Ike FRESHMAN CLASS The freshmen couldn ' t possibly have selected a more representative person to head their class than Joe Jennings. One of the most likable personalities that the Navy has brought to Millsaps, it didn ' t take him long to be elected a Navy favorite by the Co-Eds. This Pcrter lass can always be found by the long, low whistle that fellows her wherever she goes! She ' s one of those people that took the campus by storm— and one of the reasons that sailors lose sleep! Walker, the Chi O with the gay way of seeming to win friends without exerting any effort at all. She used to spend most of her time agreeing and disagreeing with Fred Wright. Jane is one of those characters that people will always recall when they think of Millsaps. Page 44 ■ Alford Allen Allen Anderson Armstrong Axtell Bailey Barnes Bass Beard Beekworth Berryhill Bethea Bishop Blasingame Bolo Bush Carver Checkett Clendinning Conn Corley Correll Cresswell Cunningham Darracott Denson Doherty Eastman Ely Folk Fitzhugh Friend Galloway Gandy Griffith Gulledge Gunn Gussio Hamilton Harmer Hathorn Hawkins Hearn Helmon Heron Hill Hill 74? FRESHMEN BETTY BLAIR ALFORD Hazlehurst Kappa Delta ALBERT ALLEN Jackson Pi Kappa Delta CHARLES ALLEN Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha CLIFTON ANDERSON Denver, Colo. CATHERINE ARMSTRONG Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron WILNA AXTELL Madison Phi Mu FRANCES BAILEY Jackson Kappa Delta MAY ALICE BARNES Jackson Kappa Delta MARY BASS Hazlehurst Kappa Delta JOHN BEARD Oklah oma City, Okla. Kappa Sigma KERMIT BECKWORTH Savannah, Ga. Kappa Alpha LEELA FRANCES BERRYHILL Greenwood Beta Sigma Omicron WILLIAM BETHEA Laurel Kappa Sigma NELL BISHOP Forest Kappa Delta JACK BLASINGAME Jackson Kappa Alpha GENE BOLO Wood River, III. B. A. BUSH Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha KATHRYN CARVER Minter City Beta Sigma Omicron DONALD CHECKETT St. Louis, Mo, PAT CLENDINNING Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha SHIRLEY CONN Jackson ELIZABETH CORLEY Raleigh Beta Sigma Omicron EDWARD CORRELL lackson Lambda Chi Alpha ANN CRESSWELL Jackson Viking GENE CUNNINGHAM Jackson Chi Omega VIRGINIA DARRACOTT Emoy Viking CHARLES DENSON Jackson GLORIA DOHERTY Hattiesburg Viking ETHEL EASTMAN Belzoni REBECCA ELY Vaiden Beta Sigma Omicron CAROLYN FALK Jackson Viking EEN FITZHUGH Vicksburg ROSA FRIEND Sardis Chi Omega FRANCES ANN GALLOWAY Canto. i Chi Omega MARTHA FRANCES GANDY Whitfield BILL GRIFFITH Jackson BETTY GULLEDGE Jackson CLYDE GUNN Meridian EDITH GUSSIO Jackson Kappa Delta BETTY HAMILTON Jackson Phi Mu BONNIE LEE HARMER Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron AMANDA HATHORN Jackson Kaopa Delta ESTELLE HAWKINS Jackson Chi Omega BETTY HEARN Vicksburg Viking LOUISE HELMAN Florence Beta Sioma Omicron DUNCAN HERON Jackson JOHN HILL Jackson GEORGE HILL Jackson Kappa Siqma Evidences of math study are found all over the cam- pus; for instance, frantic fig- uring in the Grill, hasty scribbling in the lounge, and, as a last resort, finishing home work during roll call. r - Hilton Holderfield Hollidoy Holmes Home Howell Humphry Humphry Jackson Jennings Jennings Johnson Jones Kiefer Lee Linfield Long Lovata Mahaffey Mann Marston May Mitchell Mizill Mockbee Moore Morgan Mortell McClure McCollum McNees Nichols Nicholcon Oglecbey Patrick Patterson Peatross Pellum Pendergraft Pettus Pittman Pittman Pittman Porter Powell Price Ike FRESHMEN HOWARD HILTON Jackson MICHAEL MOCKBEE Jackson THOMAS HOLDERFIELD Fairfield, Ala. Kappa Alpha BRYAN HOLLIDAY Jackson BILLY MOORE Jackson Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha HUBERT HOLMES . Columbus MARGARET MORGAN Ferry Kappa Alpha Phi Mu JONNIE FAYE HORNE Armory JAMES MORTELL Kankakee, III. Chi Omega H. T. McCLURE . . Ackerman ROSEMARY HOWELL Durant Chi Omega BILL McCOLLUM Stigler, Okla. EDWARD HUMPHREY Indianola Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha GEORGETTA McNEES Oryka EMILY HUMPHRY Jackson Kappa Delta Chi Omega CAROLYN NICHOLS Jackson EVELYN JACKSON Jackson Viking JOE JENNINGS Kosciusko JANICE NICHOLSON Jackson- Pi Kappa Alpha Viking TINNIE JENNINGS Kosciusko FLOYD OGLESBEY Wichita, Kas. Chi Omega JOYCE PATRICK Jackson ELEANOR JOHNSON Harriston Phi Mu Kappa Delta WILLIAM PATTERSON Salisbury, N. C. ERNEST JONES Laurel Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha MARY ELIZABETH PEATROSS Jackson FRANK KIEFER Bay St. Louis Chi Omega LAURA RUTH PELLUM VIRGINIA LEE Jonestown Jackson Chi Omega Viking MARY LINFIELD Gulfport PATSY PENDERGRAFT Jackson Chi Omega Kappa Delta BETTY JANE LONG Meridian GWEN PETTUS Jackson Viking Phi Mu ALBERT LOVATA Denver, Colo. BETTY SUE PITTMAN Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha Viking FRANCES PITTMAN JOHN MAHAFFEY . Pascagoula Jackson WILLIAM MANN Carthage Viking Kappa Sigma OCIE PITTMAN Waco, Texas RAYMOND MARSTON Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha MIRIAM MAY Florence ANN PORTER Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron Chi Omega MERLYN MITCHELL Columbia CATHERINE POWELL Jackson Phi Mu Viking PAT MIZILL Jackson FRANCES ROSE PRICE Madison Kappa Delta Kappa Delta This job requires concen- tration, steady nerves, much time, and endurance. How- ever, this does not seem to diminish the number of stu- dents tak ing the course— at least at the beginning of the semester! Price Ray Read Reedy Richardson Ricks Ridgway Robertson Saucier Schwem Selph Shomaker Simpson Skidmore Smith Smith Smith Smith Stebbins Stipe Stoket Stone Stringer Thomas Todd Turnbow Ulmer Utley Van Hook Walker Walker Watkins Weathers Welsh West Whitehead Whitley Wilkerton Williams Williams Williams Willingham Wilson Wilson Yerger Ziglar VUe FRESH MM ALICIA LA NELL PRICE Moss Point Beta Sigma Omicron ROBERT RAY Eupora Pi Kappa Alpha ESTHER READ . . . . Drew Kappa Delta LETTIE LEE REEDY Jackson CHARLOTTE RICHARDSON Belzoni Beta Sigma Omicron CAROLYN RICKS McComb Chi Omega MARY RIDGWAY Jackson Kappa Delta BROOKS ROBERTSON Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha ERNESTINE SAUCIER New Orleans, La. Kappa Delta EDWANNA SCHWEM . . Natchez Phi Mu DOROTHY SELPH . . Jackson Phi Mu GORDEN SHOMAKER Pueblo, Colo. J. T. SIMPSON Jackson MARY LOU SKIDMORE . Jackson ANITA SMITH Meridian CARLOS SMITH . . Biloxi JOYCE SMITH .... Jackson Phi Mu KARL SMITH Phenix City, Ala. JANE STEBBINS Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Delta EUGENE STIPE . . Savanna, Okla. JAMES STOKES Durant Kappa Alpha MARY JANE STONE . . Okolona Chi Omega FRED STRINGER Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JULIETTE THOMAS Viking Yazoo City CHARLINE TODD Kappa Delta Jackson JEAN TURNBOW Chi Omega Jackson MILDRED ULMER Phi Mu Kansas City, Mo. MARY EDITH UTLEY Jackson Kappa Delta ALMA VAN HOOK Chi Omega Jackson JANE WALKER Chi Omega Sanatorium EVELYN WALKER Kappa Delta Jackson ROSE WATKINS Kappa Delta Dixon B. L. WEATHERS West Point ELIZABETH WELSH Chi Omega Philadelphia CHAPMAN WEST Jackson JUARENE WHITEHEAD Baton Rouge, La. Bet a Sigma Omicron HENRY WHITLEY Birmingham, Ala. GERALDINE WILKERSON Jackson Bet a Sigma Omicron JANIE WILLIAMS Jackson JOHN WILLIAMS Jackson Lambda Chi Alphc FRANCES WILLIAMS Philadelphia Chi Omega JANE WILLINGHAM Jackson Phi Mu ROBERT WILSON Philadelphia, Pa. LYNDELL WILSON Chi Omega Greenville MALVINA YERGER Chi Omega Jackson HILAY ZIGLAR Yazoo City The physical education classes leave the girls sore for weeks until they get used to it. However, the real fun begins when they can get out on the tennis court and baseball diamond and really " let go. " U. S. 111! Lt. Harold G. Leffler, Commanding Officer Lt. L. J- Nason, Executive Officer Left to Right: Lt. J. A. Simp- son, Dental Officer; Daniel Poole, Ph.M. 1 e; Edith East- erling, Ph.M. 2 c; Alfred Bris- son, Ph.M. 3 c; Lt. John B. Murphy, Medical Officer. M2 HIT MILLHPS Left to Right, First Row: Lt. (jg) Mary Elizabeth Thompson; Ensign Idelle D. Sullens . . . Second Row: Joan E. Pfau, S.K. 1 c; Margaret H. Robinson, SK. 1 c; Doris E. Mc- Eachen, S.K. 3 c . . . Third Row: Mary Etta Kilpa trick, Clarence P. Gandy, S.K. 1 c Chief William O ' Conner Left to Right: Lt. C. A. An- drews, Athletic Officer; James Haddock, Sp. 3 c; Wallace Bost, Sp. 2 c; William Strat- ton, Sp. 2 c L COMPMI OFFICERS and SPONSORS BATTALION COMMANDER ALDEN DAVIS COMPANY II COMPANY COMMANDER JOHN HOWARD COMPANY SPONSOR MADELEINE PAGE X company h COMPANY COMMANDER BOB MARTIN COMPANY SPONSOR DALE BURNHAM i i i ■— mmmm m i%WMMiW- ? i V First Row: Frances Alexander, Bub Allen, Kitty Applewhite, Sam Barefield, Peggy Carr. Second Row: Nelle Craig, Frances Herring, Dale Janssen, Ann Miller, Madeleine Page. Third Row: Nina Hczel Reeve% Winntfred Seegers, Mary Nell Sells, Ann Spitchley, Dorothy Webster. STUDENT ' EXECUTIVE BOARD THEY LOOK OUT FOR THEIR MILLSAPS FLOCK- OFFICERS DALE JANSSEN MADELEINE PAGE ANN SPITCHLEY President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer The personification of cur Student Body Constitution is found in this group of selected students. On their shoulders rests the task of governing, regulating, and improving when necessary the affairs of the students. They draw up the social calendar for the organizations, inaugurate the student body elections, and deal with any problems which might arise during the college year. Frances Alexande r Bub Allen Kitty Applewhite Sam Barefield Peggy Carr MEMBERS Nelle Craig Bill Dement Frances Herring Dale Janssen Ann Miller Madeleine Page Nina Hazel Reeves Winnifred Seegers Mary Nell Sells Ann Spitchley Dorothy Webster Page 58 THE WOMEN ' S COUNCIL THEY INSURE A SQUARE-DEAL FOR THE CO-EDS- OFFICERS CHARLINE GERRARD President ANN MILLER . Vice-President NELLE CRAIG . Secretary-Treasurer The happy medium between the co-eds and the faculty, this group vcices the " yeas " and " nays " as to what the laws to be abided by shall be. The Council is comprised of representatives from each sorority and organization on the campus and promotes incentives for obeying rules and keeping peace. MEMBERS Nelle Craig Frances Herring Mary Ruth Murphy Charline Gerrard Lillian Johnson Edna Earle Williams Ann Miller First Row: Nelle Craig, Charline Gerrard, Ffances Herring, Lillian Johnson. Second Row: Ann Miller, Mary Ruth Murphy, Edna Earle Williams. Page 5° First Row: Sam Barefield, Jennie Vee Brooks, Peggy Carr. Nelle Craig. Second Row: Fanny Haughton, Cornelia Hegman, Frances Herring, Dale Janssen. Third Row: Loel Jones, Mary Ruth Murphy, Nina Hazel Reeves, Mary Nell Sells, Clifton Shrader. THE CHRISTIAN COUNCIL LOOK TO THE CHRISTIAN COUNCIL FOR SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE- OFFICERS SAM BAREFIELD . . .. President MARY NELL SELLS Vice-President FANNY HAUGHTON . Secretary CORNELIA HEGMAN Treasurer One of the most successful of the annual Religious Emphasis Weeks was the achievement of the Christian Council this year. Due tc their efforts, the character of the Millsaps student is guided along the right path. The successful Sunday evening Vesper Services are another of their beneficial contributions. Sam Barefield Jannie Vee Brooks Peggy Carr Nelle Craig Bill Dement MEMBERS Fannie Haughton Cornelia Hegman Frances Herring Dale Janssen Lael Jones Mary Ruth Murphy Nina Hazel Reeves Mary Nell Sells Clifton Shrader Page 60 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION LENDS A HELPING HAND TO BAPTIST STUDENTS- OFFICERS JANNIE VEE BROOKS President NELL BISHOP . . . First Vice-President BETTY HORRELL Second Vice-President IRENE WHITE Third Vice-President FRANCES ASHLEY Secretary-Treasurer RUTH PELLUM Sunday School Representative JANE STEBBINS B. T. U. Representative DOROTHY JONES Reporter GEORGETTA McNEESE Magazine Chairman The B.S.U. banded together to orient Baptist students at the beginning of the year and have shewn in more than one instance their ability to carry on an effective and organized program of activity. Theirs is an enviable unity and one that is worthy of praise. Frances Ashley Nell Bishop Jannie Vee Brooks MEMBERS Betty Horrell Dorothy Jones Georgetta McNeese Ruth Pellum Jane Stebbins Irene White First Row: Frances Ashley, Nell Bishop, Jannie Vee Brooks, Betty Horrell, Second Row: Dorothy Jones, Georgetta McNeese, Ruth Pellum, lane Stebbinc, Irene White. Page 61 First Row: Jannie Vee Brook , Nelle Croig, Lennie Crawford, Rebecca Ely, Loi Ann Fritz. Second Row: Frances Herring, Lillian Johnson, Mary Ruth Murphy, Pctsy Pendergraft, Mary Nell Sell , Roberta Stewart. x. w. e, l FROM " PERSONALITY COURTS " TO " CLEAN-UP CAMPAIGNS " - OFFICERS FRANCES HERRING President NELLE CRAIG Vice-President LENNIE CRAWFORD . Secretary MARY RUTH MURPHY . Treasurer PATSY FENDERGRAFT World Affairs JANNIE VEE BROOKS Program Chairman MARY NELL SELLS Campus-Church Relations LILLIAN JOHNSON Social Chairman REBECCA ELY Social Service ROBERTA STEWART House Chairman LOIS ANN FRITZ . . . Publicity The commendable achievements of this organization are numerous. Their annual Christmas party for the orphans was a big success, and their sponsoring cf the " clean-up campaign " on the campus emphasized their ability. Also, something new around Millsaps was their idea of raising money through promoting the " personality court. " With each vcte ccsting a penny, don ' t think they didn ' t encourage the stuffing of the ballot box! Jannie Vee Brocks Nelle Craig Lennie Crawford Rebecca Ely MEMBERS Lois Ann Fritz Frances Herring Lillian Johnson Mary Ruth Murphy Patsy Pendergraft Mary Nell Sells Roberta Stewart Page 62 IITERI1TI0I1L RELATIONS CLliB THE INITIATES PERFORM NATIVE DANCES- OFFICERS KITTY APPLEWHITE FRANCES ALEXANDER President Secretary-Treasurer If the powers that be would turn the world problems over to the members of this organiza- tion, things would be in 4.0 order once more. Their open forum was something different and a big success. Noted for their varied speakers and topics, and notorious for their initiations, the I. R. C. offers promising historians and economists of tomorrow. Frances Alexander Kitty Applewhite Sam Barefield Dale Burnham Miss Louise Cutrer MEMBERS Dorothy Eady Prof. James Ferguson Carl Guernsey Catherine Hairstcn Fanny Haughton Johnny Howard Mrs. Ralph Jones Maxyne Madden Dr. Rcss Moore Doug Sewell Firrt Row: Frances Alexander, Kitty Applewhite, Sam Barefield, Dale Burnham, Miss Louise Cutrer. Second Row: Dorothy Eady, Carl Guernsey, Catherine Hairston, Fanny Haughton, Johnny Howard. Third Row: Mrs. Ralph Jones, Maxyne Madden, Dr. Ross Moore, Doug Sewell. Page 63 r% k Kk4 I Fir t Row: Sam Alvin King Barefield, A. E. Davis, Bob Ferguson, John Howard, Dale Jan« en, Lael Jones. Second Row: Professor Lieutenant Harold Leffler, Dr. Ross Moore, Lieutenant L. J. Nason, Dr. W. E. Riecken, Dr. M. L. Smith. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA THE B. M. O. C. ' s IN EVERY WAY- OFFICERS SAM BAREFIELD President DR. ROSS MOORE Secretary-Treasurer The identifying gold key marks the ODK member and symbolizes the pinnacle of achievement. This naticnal leadership society for men was founded in 191 4 and has increased its national respect and has been doing big things ever since. To be a member is to have outstanding ability in every field of activity. Sam Barefield A. E. Davis Bob Ferguson John Howard Dale Janssen MEMBERS Lael Jones Prof. Alvin King Lt. Harold Leffler Dr. Ross Mcore Lt. L. J. Nason Harvey Newell Dr. W. E. Riecken Dr. M. L. Smith Jim Wroten Pare 64 SIGMA LAMBDA THEY CAN OBTAIN ANYTHING FROM A FERRIS WHEEL TO A HULA SKIRT- OFFICERS NINA HAZEL REEVES . . President NELLE CRAIG Vice-President MARY NELL SELLS .... Secretary-Treasurer Any problem from running a Varsity Show to a carnival is not too big for these BWOC ' s to handle. They are the instigators of drives for improvements and recommendations of improvements for the school. To be a member of such an organization is the highest honor a girl at Millsaps can achieve. Frances Alexander Jannie Vee Brooks Nelle Craig Miss Elizabeth Craig Mrs. M. Goodman MEMBERS Fannie Haughton Mrs. Ralph Jones Maxyne Madden Nina Hazel Reeves Winnifred Seegers Mary Nell Sells Mrs. M. L. Smith Mrs. Mary Stone Elva Tharp Edna Earle Williams First Row: Frances Alexander, Jannie Vee Brooks, Nelle Craig, Fannie Haughton, Mrs. Ralph Jones, Maxyne Madden. Second Row: Nina Hazel Reeves Winnifred Seegers, Mary Nell Sells, Mrs. M. L. Smith, Mrs. Mary Stone, Elva Tharp, Edna Earle Williams. Page 65 First Row: Jannie Vee Brooks, Marjorie Burdsal, Dr. J. A. Fincher, Nino Bess Goss, Elizabeth Lloyd. Second Row: Ocie Pittman, Dr. J B. Price, Ernest Rathell, Dr. W. E. Riecken, Winnifred Seegers. Third Row: Dr. J. M. Sullivan, Elva Tharp, Joe Wiggins, Jean White. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA SOMEDAY YOU MIGHT BE ONE OF THEIR PATIENTS- OFFICERS JOE WIGGINS . . President MARJORIE BURDSAL Vice-President WINNIFRED SEEGERS Secretary-Treasurer Here are found our future physicians, and adding to their cumulative knowledge are the lec- tures at their bi-monthly meetings. Because these are the eager beavers of the laboratory, they will doubtless prove their worth in the future medical fields. Jannie Vee Brooks Marjorie Burdsal Dr. J. A. Fincher Prof. C. B. Galloway Nina Bess Goss MEMBERS Elizabeth Lloyd Ocie Pittman Dr. J. B. Price Ernest Rathell Dr, W. E. Riecken Winnifred Seegers Dr. J. M. Sullivan Elva Tharp Joe Wiggins Jean White Page 66 T H E T A IU SIGMA THEIR PROGRAM MIGHT INCLUDE MATH, ASTRONOAAY, OR CHEMISTRY- OFFICERS WINNIFRED SEEGERS JACK THOMAS CLARA FOY . . President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer Net just one, but all the sciences comprise the interests of this group. A comparatively new honorary on the campus, the organization has grown by leaps and bounds and proved a valuable asset to the interest of general science. Roland Borchers M. N. Brown Beryline Davis Dr. J. A. Fincher Clara Foy Prof. C. B. Galloway MEMBERS Nina Bess Goss Prof. G. L. Harrel Robert Jenssen Dorothy Jones Mrs. Ralph Jones Edgar Juell Ocie Pittman Dr. J. B. Price Dr. W. E. Riecken Winnifred Seegers Jack Thomas Jean White Joe Wiggins First Row: Roland Borchers, M. N. Brown, Beryline Davis, Dr. J. A. Fincher, Clara Foy, Nina Bess Goss. Second Row: Professor G. L. Harrell, Robert Janssen, Dorothy Jones, Mrs. Ralph Jones, Edgar Juell, Ocie Pittman. Third Row: Dr. J. B. Price, Mr, W. E. Riecken, Winnifred Seegers, Jean White, Joe Wiggins. Page 67 First Row: Kitty Applewhite, Martha Braun, Ann Brien, Betty Jo Brown, Flossie Conine, Nelle Craig, Mildred Ellis. Second Row: Charlene Gerrard, Fannie Ha ugh ton. Professor R. R. Haynes, Frances Herring, Lillian Johnson, Maxyne Madden, Brownell Maxwell. Third Row: Nina Hazel Reeves, Mary Nell Sells, Miriam Stamps, Marguerite Stanley, Muiy Strohecker, Dorothy Webster. KAPPA DELTA EPSILOI THEY POINT WITH PRIDE TO THEIR PUPILS- OFFICERS BROWNELL MAXWELL KITTY APPLEWHITE FANNY HAUGHTON NINA HAZEL REEVES President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Foretelling of many " apples for the teacher " is this group of co-eds who are our future educators. This professional education honorary is under the capable guidance of Professor Haynes and seeks to encourage higher standards of scholastic leadership and interests. Kitty Applewhite Martha Braun Ann Brien Betty Jo Brown Flossie Conine Nelle Craig Mildred Ellis MEMBERS Charlene Gerrard Fannie Haughton Frances Herring Lillian Johnson Maxyne Madden Brownell Maxwell Nina Hazel Reeves Mary Nell Sells Miriam Stamps Marguerite Stanley Mary Strohecker Doroth y Webster Prof. R. R. Haynes Page 68 CHI DELTA THEY LIKE TO ASK INITIATES TO RECITE THE VOCABULARY LIST- OFFICERS FRANCES ALEXANDER President ANN BRIEN . . . Vice-President CATHERINE HAIRSTON Secretary-Treasurer The future Margaret Mitchells, Louisa M. Alcotts, and Dorothy Thompsons are found here. They enjoy discussing works ranging from " Forever Amber " to the " Encyclopedia Britannica " and have long been famous for their initiations and programs. Frances Alexander Ann Brien Jannie Vee Brooks Peggy Carr MEMBERS Nelle Craig Miss Elizabeth Craig Mrs. M. Goodman Catherine Hairston Lillian Johnson Carol Steen Mrs. Mary Stone Mary Strohecker Dorothy Webster First Row: Frances Alexander, Ann Brien, Jannie Vee Brook:, Peggy Carr, Nelle Craig. Second Row: Catherine Hairston, Lillian Johnson, Carol Steen, Mrs. Mary S one, Mary Strohecker, Dorothy Webster. Page 69 First Row: Peggy Carr, Mrs. Ralph Jones, Roberta Stewart. Second Row: Dorothy Webster, Irene White, Professor Rolf Wubbles. PI KAPPA DELTA THE ACME OF A DEBATER ' S CAREER OFFICERS IRENE WHITE BOB BATES ROBERTA STEWART President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Pi Kappa Delta has a big job in providing material, infcrrr.aticn and money for debate trips. In order to be tapped into this crganizaticn, the student must have participated in two intercollegiate debates and given premise of becoming an asset to Alpha chapter. It is a national organization having monthly meetings and bi-annual initiations. Bob Bates Peggy Carr MEMBERS Mrs. Ralph Jones Roberta Stewart Dorothy Webster Irene White Prof. Rolf Wubbles Paqe 70 DEBATE CLUB THEY " DISAGREE " AT EVERY MEETING OFFICERS DOROTHY WEBSTER President BOB BATES . Vice-President PEGGY CARR Secretary-Treasurer The Debate Club is one of the most active organizations on the campus. They came out second place in the Mid-South Tournament and have two intercollegiate debates with the Uni- versity of Mississippi. They meet bi-monthly, and usually hold a debate at each meeting. MEMEERS Bob Bates Rosemary Hcwell Dorothy Webster Peggy Carr Marilyn Mitchell Irene White D. D. Coon Ann Mott Prof. Rolf Wubbles Carl Guernsey Rcberta Stewart First Row: Peggy Carr, Carl Guernsey, Ro ' emary Howell, Marilyn Mitchell. Second Row: Ann Mott, Roberta Stewart, Dorothy Webster, Irene White, Professor Rolf Wubbles. l mm ik. m h ' J© V 1 i Page 71 VUe FRANCES ALEXANDER Editor To the average reader the 1945 BOBASHELA might not appear to have a theme, however, it has a very definite one. A theme which perhaps is not obvious, but which is a sincere and simple thought. I have tried to make it an annual which you, the students, will enjoy as much in ten years as I hope you do now. I have tried to use pictures which will represent various phases of your college years and which will recall countless memories at a glance. I have tried to make this year bcok an honest record of life at Millsaps. The staff could not have accomplished this without Duncan Heron and his wonderful photography work. Almost without exception, his are the snapshots which bring life and meaning to the BOBASHELA. It has meant a lot of hard work and time, but I think you ' ll agree the results are worth it. I am grateful to many people fcr the assistance they have given. To Dr. Ross Mo ore for being an always helpful advisor, to Bub Allen for doing all of the work on an excellent sports section, to the Chi O pledges fcr distributing proofs, to the class editors, to Theo Stovall for her clever art work, to Patsy Pender- graft for conducting an election, and so on, to many people which limited space will net permit mention. Again let me say that I hope you enjoy this annual. I hope it will not be one which will be shelved after a glance and left to accumulate dust for a generation. If I have put across my theme idea, I have accomplished my purpose. Page 72 BOMSHEU...!!)!;] EDITORIAL STAFF FRANCES ALEXANDER DOROTHY JONES DALE JANSSEN DUNCAN HERON RICHARD ALLEN NINA HAZEL REEVES THEO STOVALL . . Editor Civilian Assistant Editor Navy Assistant Editor Photographic Editor Sports Editor Intramural Editor Art Editor LILLIAN JOHNSON MAXYNE MADDEN ROLLIN FITTS ANN SPITCHLEY MADELEINE PAGE NELLE CRAIG FLORA GIARDINA Senior Class Editor Junior Class Editor Sophomore Class Editor Freshman Class Editor Social Organizations Editor Honoraries Clubs KITTY APPLEWHITE CORNELIA HEGMAN HELENE MINYARD BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager JOELYON DENT Asst. Business Manager REBECCA BUFKIN Advertising Manager BETTY JO BROWN Circulation Manager Asst. Advertising Manager Organization Manager KITTY APPLEWHITE Business Manacer 1U PURPLE and Pick up any copy of this year ' s P W and you will see why Millsaps has reason to be proud of the paper and its staff. Due to the war and paper shortage, it has been published only every other week, but the anticipation for the " Finger of Scorn, " renowned far and wide, has remained the same. The Navy brought in much talent to add to the promising abilities already discovered, and is to be especially congratulated on their Navy edition. John Malone is doing a fine job as Managing Editor. Catherine Hairston has the hair raising task cf seeing that the paper is filled with up-to-the minute news, while Carl Guernsey must keep " on the ball " figuring out new feature story angles. All in all, publishing a paper is hard work, which both the business and editorial staffs are handling well. BILLY MOORE has done a swell job of keeping the P W " in the chips. " Seeing that there are enough ads to fill the allotted space every week becomes a major problem to the Business Manager, however Billy has shown that he can solve it almost without effort. Page 74 W HITE Being sure that enough good copy has met the deadline is just one of Peggy ' s worries. She must help make the paper up, to be sure that the headlines are peppy and make sense, write editorials, and attend to a thousand other things. Peggy has done all of this, and done it well. Ycu need no better proof than to watch that stack of P W ' s disappear frcm the office every other Friday. STAFF PEGGY CARR BILLY MOORE JOHN MALONE CATHRINE HAIRSTON CARL GUERNSEY BUB ALLEN JULIA GOODMAN NINA HAZEL REEVES Editor-in-Chief Businers Manager Managing Editor News Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Society Editor Copy Editor PEGGY CARR Editor-in-Chief BETTIE HORRELL Proof Editor NEWS STAFF: Frances Ann Galloway, Edith Gussio, Wilna Axtell, Bettie Weems, Frances Rose Price, Margaret Morgan, Mildred Ellis, Ruth Pellum, Jonnie Faye Home, Deris Cunningham, Ann Cress- well, Martha Braun, Sara Elliott, Betty Hamilton, Mary Elizabeth Peatross, Janie Williams. FEATURE STAFF: Mary Ethel Nay, Roberta Stewart, Dorothy Webster, Mary Strohecker, Mar- gie Mounger, Ann Brien. SOCITEY STAFF: Jane Walker, Helene Min- yard, Martha Braun, Annie Ruth Walker. BUSINESS STAFF: Dale Burnham, Dot Jones, Joelycn Dent. TYPISTS: Jean Turnbcw, Ann Henry, Edwana Schwem, Ann Miller, Juanita Bush. CIRCULATION MANAGER: Fannie Haughton. Page 75 Vke I L OFFICERS NELLE CRAIG BOB FERGUSON MARY NELL SELLS GERALDINE WILKERSON President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter LAEL JONES Business Manager " Pop " King has led the Millsaps Singers through another successful year. He has always believed in " practice makes perfect, " and the results show that " Pop " knows what he ' s ' talkin ' ' bout. " MR. ALVIN J. KING Although trips for the Singers have become a thing of the past, they have found plenty to do at home. The annual performance of Handel ' s MESSIAH, jointly sponsored by Millsaps College and Central High School, was given at Christmas. In February the Singers gave a concert at the Sunday ve:per program, journeyed as far as Foster General to sing in the wards, and sang at a faculty banquet. At the time of this writing the Singers have plans to present Gounod ' s oratorio, THE RE- DEMPTION, and will sing at the May concert of the Jackson Symphony Orchestra. MEMBERS Joyce Adair Betty Blair Alford Wilma Axtell Sam Barefield Leela Berryhill Nell Bishop Martha Braun Dorothy Caffey Flossie Connine Nelle Craig Lennie Crawford Charles Denson R. C. Doyle Ethel Eastman Rebecca Ely Bob Ferguson Howard Foltz Flora Giardina Bill Griffith Clyde Gunn Amanda Hathorn Dorothy Hathorn Cornelia Hegman Frances Herring Rosemary Howell Eleanor Johnson Dorothy Jones Lael Jones Elaine Keary Julia Fay Mayo Helene Minyard Betty McBride Carolyn McKewen Georgetta McNeese Mary Ethel Nay Myra Nichols Rosemary Nichols Bob Ray Jack Ratcliff Esther Read Leftie Lee Reedy Virginia Rehfeldt Mary Ridgeway Grace Parker Mary Nell Sells Jane Stebbins Mary E. Tingle Annie Ruth Walker Jane Walker Evelyn Walker Rose Watkins Peggy Weppler Geraldine Wilkerson Page 76 LHP SINGERS First Row Adair Alford, Axtell, Barefield, Berryhill, Bishop, Broun, Coffey, Connine. Second Row: Craic., Crawford, Denson, Doyle, Eastman, Ely Fergu-on Foltz, Giordina. Third Row: Griffith, Gunn, Hathorn, Hothorn, Hegman, Herring, Howell, Johnson, Jones. Fourth Row: Jones, Keary Mayo, Minycrd, McBride, McKewen, McNeere, Nichols, Nichols. Fifth Row: Ray, Rctcliff, Read, Reedy, Rehfeldt, Ridgeway, Parker, Sells. Sixth Row: Stebbin:, Tingle, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walkins, Weppler, Wilkerson. First Row: Applewhite, Braun, Brown, Brooks, Burdsal, Burnham, Burh. Second Row: Chathcm, Crcig, Dent, Eady, Fritz, Henry, Horrell. Third Row: Johnson Keary, Mayo, Maxwell, McKewen, Miller, Mounger. Fourth Row: Murphv, Page, Reeves, Sells, Stamps, Stan ' ey, Weppler. AJORETTE CLUB BEAUTY, BRAINS, BRAWN, AND STUNT NIGHT MADELEINE PAGE EFTTY JO BROWN MARY NELL SELLS NINA HAZEL REEVES OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Intramural Chairman The Majorette Club is the girls ' athletic organization that does its part to contribute to campus activities. This club recognizes the girls that are most outstanding both in intramural and college sports. It sponsors the girls ' intramurals en the campus and is especially noted for the presentation of the annual stunt night. MEMBERS Kitty Applwhite Martha Braun Betty Jo Brown Jannie Vee Brooks Margie Burdsal Dale Burnham Juanita Bush Sara Chatham Nelle Craig Billie Jean Dear Joelycn Dent Dorothy Eady Lois Ann Fritz Anne Henry Betty Horrell Lillian Johnson Elain Keary Julia Fay Mayo Brownell Maxwell Carolyn McKewen Ann Miller Margie Mounger Mary Ruth Murphy Madeleine Page Nina Hazel Reeves Mary Nell Sells Miriam Stamps Marguerite Stanley Peggy Weppler Page 78 J WHO ' S WHO m AMERICAN C lleaeA. and 1i nlaeiddie KITTY APPLEWHITE . . . JANNIE VEE BROOKS . . . NELLE CRAIG DALE JANSSEN . . . LAEL JONES . . . NINA HAZEL REEVES WINNIFRED SEEGERS . . . MARY NELL SELLS IT UHnoBHBBSHBBHBI fIKH ■. BEAUTIES KITTY APPLEWHITE DALE BURNHAM LEELA FRANCES BERRYHILL[) , , . ....;; ■ BEAUTIES ANNE HENRY BETTY WEEMS EVELYN JACKSON [) +s ' i MA smum BEAUTIES FRANCES ALEXANDER CAROLYN NICHOLS EDNA EARLE WILLIAMS t) WMm »r: BEAUTIES ANN PORTER MADELEINE PAGE [) ft it I m- ; BEAUTIES MARGUERITE STANLEY ROSE WATKINS [) Mm MdUapA DALE BURNHAM Madtei MajM DALE JANSSEN 1 lift nillllt j Joe " Casanova " Jennings and Alden " Pin-up boy " Davis. Fred " all-round glamour " Eaves. A 4 k . Ito «r-. First Row: Richard Allen, Sam Barefield, Fred Eaves, Dale Janssen. Second Row: Erne ' t Rathell, Clifton Shrader, Joe Wiggins, Fred Wright. H E I ' S P A 1 ■ II E L L E 1 1 C OFFICERS RICHARD ALLEN President SAM BAREFIELD Vice-President ERNEST RATHELL Secretary-Treasurer Fraternal spirit and social harmony among fraternities as a whole are the goals of the Men ' s Pan-Hllenic, and they have done much toward attaining that goal The cooperation commanded by them is the firm foundation cf the unity found present in the fraternal organizations. MEM3CRS Richard Allen Fred Eaves Ernest Rathell Joe Wiggins Sam Barefield Dale Janssen Clifton Shrader Fred Wright Page 108 es r j First Row: Kitty Applewhite, Nelle Craig, June Eckert, Ann Henry. Second Row: Lillian Johnson, Julia Faye Mayo, Madeleine Poge, Virginia Rehfeldt. WOMEI ' S PAN-HELLBHIC OFFICERS NELLE CRAIG President ANN HENRY . . Vice-President LILLIAN JOHNSON . Secretary MADELEINE PAGE .... Treasurer No one can deny that the socials sponsored at Bailey High by the Women ' s Pan-Hellenic will long be remembered by both civilians and Navy. These socials have done perhaps more than any other one thing in spreading good will and in uniting the sororities. MEMBERS kitty Applewhite June Eckert Lillian Johnson Madeleine Page Nelle Craig Ann Henry Julia Fay Mayo Virginia Rehfeldt Page 109 ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER OFFICERS NELLE CRAIG President LOIS ANN FRITZ Vice-President WINNIFRED SEEGERS Secretary FRANCES HERRING Treasurer Founded— University of Missouri, December 12, 1 Established at Millsaps— September 1, 1926 COLORS: Ruby and Pink FLOWERS: Richmond and Killarney Roses Publication: " THE URN " A new chapter room was all these gals needed to inspire them on to greater things. Berryhill followed in her sister ' s footsteps by becoming a campus personality. Herring was recently elected to Sigma Lambda, and Eady maintains her amazingly high grades. Favorites elected were Berryhill, Stanley, and Williams. Herring and Craig are top officers in Y.W.C.A. and Nelle is also the capable president of both Women ' s Pan-Hellenic and Millsaps Singers. Seegers and Craig were elected to " Who ' s Who, " and Louise Blumer added Helman to her name. Keary never fails to have something gay to say, and Ely and Braun are two of the friendliest gals on the campus. MEMBERS Catherine Armstrong Leela Frances Berryhi Martha Jane Braun Kathryn Carver Elizabeth Corley Nelle Craig Dorothy Eady Rebecca Ely Tat Flinn Lois Ann Fritz Nina Bess Goss Frances Gray Bonnie Lee Harmer Louise Helman Frances Herring Elaine Keary Ruth Langley Elizabeth Lloyd Miriam May Julia Fay Mayo LaNelle Price Charlotte Richardson Frances Tcwne Winnifred Seegers Marguerite Stanley Juarne Whitehead Geraldine Wilkerson Edna Earle Williams Marion Williams Dorothy Wright MRS. TED MALONE IS A BETA SIG Page 1 10 BETA SIGMA H I C R M Fir t Row: C. Armstrong, L. F. Berryhill, M. Broun, K. Carver, E. Corley. Second Row: N. Craig, D. Eady, R. Ely, L. A. Fritz, N. B. Gos . Third Row: B. L. Harmer, L. He ' man, F. Herring, E. Kecry, E. Lloyd. Fourth Row: M. May, J. F. Mayo, L. Price, C. Richardson, F. Towne, W. Seegers. Fifth Row: M. Stanley, J. Whitehead, G. Wtlkerson, E. E. Williams, M. Williams, D. Wright. Page 1 1 1 CHI DELTA CHAPTER OFFICERS DALE BURNHAM President DOROTHY JONES Vice-President LILLIAN JOHNSON Secretary FEGGY WEPPLER Treasurer ELIZABETH WELSH Pledge Trainer Founded— University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895 Established at Millsaps-March 31, 1934 COLORS: Cardinal and Straw FLOWER: White Carnation Publication: " THE ELEUSIS " The combination of " beauty and brains " among the sisters of the " X " and horseshoe seems to get better every year. Burnham was elected " Miss MiNsaps. " Porter and Hobbs captivated almost mere sailors than they could manage. Alexander and Burnham were elected to Sigma Lambda. Favorites chosen were Burnham, Porter, Alexander, Hughes, Stovall, and Hobbs. The Grill is never complete without Chatham, Lampton, or Linfield; and Walker still holds the record of being able to out-talk any co-ed on the campus. Dent, Friend, Ricks, and Edwards are sporting rings, and Hughes and McKinnon are the gals most recently pinned. MEMBERS Melba Abies Frances Alexander Helen Bunte Dale Burnham Dorothy Caffey Sara Chatham Doris Cunningham Gene Cunningham Joelyon Dent June Eckert Gene Edwards Mildred Ellis Rollin Fitts Rosa Friend Frances Ann Galloway Estelle Hawkins Ann Hobbs Johnnie Fay Home Rosemary Howell Helen Hughes Emily Humphrey Tinnie Jennings Lillian Johnson Dorothy Jones Ann Lampton Virginia Lee Mary Linfield Nadine McKinnon Ann Morse Mary E. Peatross Virginia Persell Ann Porter Carolyn Ricks Lawson Rodgers Miriam Stamps Jane Stone Theo Stovall Jean Turnbow Alma Van Hook Jane Walker Elizabeth Welsh Feggy Weppler Frances Williams Lyndall Wilson Barbara Wooten Malvina Yerger . THE CHI O ' s SPONSOR THE NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Page 112 CHI II UK lit Fir t Row: M. Able , F. Alexander, H. Bunte, D. Burnham, D. Caffe,, S. Chatham. Second Row: D. Cunningham, G. Cunningham, J. Dent, J. Eckert, G. Edwards, M. Ellis. Third Row: R. Fitts, R. Friend, F. A. Galloway, E. Hawkins, A. Hobbs, J. F. Home. Fourth Row: R. Howell, H. Hughes, E. Humphry, T. Jennings, L. John son, D. Jones. Fifth Row: A. Lampton, V. Lee, M. linfield, N. McKinnon, A. Morse, M. E. Peatro s, V. Persell. Sixth Row: A. Porter C. Ricks, M. Stamps, J. Stone, T. Stovall, J. Turnbow, A. Van Hook. Seventh Row: J. Walker, E. Welsh, P. Weppler, F. Williams, L. Wilson, B. Wooten M. Yerger. Page 1 13 Ml) CHAPTER OFFICERS KITTY APPLEWHITE President MADELEINE PAGE Vice-President JOAN SLUYTERMAN VAN LOO Secretary ANN SPITCHLEY Treasurer Founded— Virginia State Norma! College, October 23, 1897 Established at Millsaps— September 26, 1914 COLORS: Green and White FLOWER: White Rose Publication: " ANGELOS OF KAPPA DELTA " The " Kaydees " seem to have a knack for giving original parties, and those attending their Barn Dance can vouch for it. Applewhite was chosen Pike Dream Girl and leads I. R. C. Page was a cheerleader, is capably leading the Student Body, heads the Majorettes, and did a good job of peddling graduation announcements. Melvin and her convertible became famous. Gerrard gave out free advice en " Hew to get pinned and unpinned and pinned within a menth. " Rigby is the gal who excels in Field Day functions, and Pendergraft, in any activities on the campus. Evelyn Walker has delighted many a student audience with her songs, and Dorothy Hathorn, with her boogie woogie. Favorites chosen were: Applewhite, Page, Weems, Gerrard, Spitchley, and Watkins. MEAABERS Betty Blair Alford Kitty Applewhite Frances Ashley Frances Bailey Mary Alice Barnes Mary Bass Nell Bishop Margie Burdsal Ethel Mae Crouch Charline Gerrard Edith Gussio Amanda Hathorn Dorothy Hathorn Cornelia Hegman Eleanor Johnson Dorothy Melvin Helen Minyard Pat Mizell Mary Eliza Muiphy Georgette McNees Madeleine Page Patsy Pendergraft Frances Rose Price Esther Read Mary Ridgway Esther June Rigby Catherine Sadler Wanda Sanders Ernestine Saucier Ann Spitchley Jane Stebbins Charline Todd Mary Edith Utley Joan S. Van Loo Evelyn Walker Rose Watkins Betty Weems Jean White Carolyn Wilson THE KD ' s SUPPORT A STUDENT LOAN FUND Page I 14 KAPPA DELTA First Row: B. B. Alford, K. Applewhite, F. Ashley, F. Bailey, M. A. Barnes, M. Bass. Second Row: N. Bishop, M. Burdsal, E. M. Crouch, C. Gerrard, E. Gussio, A. Hathorn. Third Row: D. Hathorn, C. Hegman, E. Jahnson, D. Melvin, H. Minyard, P. Mizell. Fourth Row: M. E, Murphy, G. McNees, M. Page, P. Pendergraft, F. R. E Read. Fifth Row: M. Ridgway, E. J. Rigby, C. Sadler, W. Sanders, E. Saucier, A. Spitchley, J. Stebbins. Row: C. Todd, M. E. Utley, E. Walker, R. Watkins, B. Weems, J. White, C. Wilson. Page 115 Price, Sixth EPSILON CHAPTER OFFICERS DOROTHY WEBSTER President MARGARET VANDIVER First Vice-President MAXYNE MADDEN Second Vice-President ANNE BRIEN Secretary JANNIE VEE BROOKS Treasurer Founded— Wesleyan College, March 4, 1852 Established at Millsaps— March 24, 1914 COLORS: Rose and White FLOWER: Rose Carnation Publication: " AGLAIA " The Phi Mu ' s waste no time in starting off with a bang. The chapter room, conveniently located near the Grill, is one of the nicest ones-on the campus. Carr made a successful P W editor. Haughtcn, H. Murphy, and Goodman were elected to class offices and Henry became a campus favorite. A large representation in hcnories seems to have become a chapter tradition always upheld, for instance, in Chi Delta alcne they have eight members! Ann Bannahan— of the blue eyes— has, without effort, made the beys sit up and take notice. Marjorie Mounger, former president, was a debutante and a bride in one season. Madden and Haughton are both history student assistants, and " Shrew " Strohecker; a gal with more than her share of grey matter. MEMBERS Wilna Axtell Anne Brien Jannie Vee Brooks Rebecca Bufkin Juanita Bush Peggy Carr Alice Collins Elizabeth Crisler Julia Goodman Catherine Hairston Betty Clark Hamilton Fannie Haughton Anne Henry Eettie Horrell Virginia Lyons Maxyne Madden Ann Miller Merlyn Mitchell Margaret Morgan Marjcrie Mounger Evelyn Murphy Helen Murphy Joyce Patrick Laura Ruth Pellum Gwendolyn Pettus Virginia Rehfeldt Edwanna Schwem Dorothy Selph Joyce Smith Roberta Stewart Mary Strohecker Mary E. Tingle Mildred Ulmer Margaret Vandiver Annie Ruth Walker Dorothy Webster Jane Willingham PHI MU ' s CELEBRITY OF THE YEAR: FRANCES GREER Page 1 16 PHI Ml] First Row: W. Axtell, A. Brien, J. V. Brooks, R. Bufkin, J. Bush, P. Carr. Second Row: A. Collin;, E. Cri«ler, J. Goodman, C. Hairston, B. Hamilton, F. Houghton. Third Row: A. Henry, B. Horrell, M. Madden, A. Miller, M. Mitchell, M. Morgan. Fourth Row: M. Mounger, E. Murphy, H. Murphy; J. Patrick, L. R. Pellum, G. Pettus. Fifth Row: V. Rehfeldt, E. Schwem, D. Selph, J. Smith, R. Stewart, M. Strohecker. Sixth Row: M. " E.- Tingle, M. Ulmer, M. Vandiver, A. R. Walker, D. Webster, J. Willingham. Page 117 ALPHA Ml) CHAPTER OFFICERS RICHARD ALLEN President FRED WRIGHT Vice-President ALDEN DAVIS Secretary-Treasurer Founded— Washington College, December 21, 1865 Established at Millsaps-October 1, 1893 COLORS: Crimson and Gold Publication: " KAPPA ALPHA JOURNAL " FLOWER: Rose " Every brother, a name for himself " must have been the goal set for this bunch. Not one of them isn ' t outstanding for some reason. Bub Allen has made history, being the newly elected vice- president of the Student Body, editing in the sports department of both the BOBASHELA and the P W and serving as KA number " 1 " at the same time. Alden Davis, ODK, and an undeniable campus leader, has many a co-ed swooning. Holmes " knocks ' em out " on the dance floor, and Gregg and Walter Stokes shine in athletics. Navy favorites are Jones, Davis, Allen, and Rhodes. Don was also head cheerleader. Brothers Blasingame and Wright are characters everyone knows and appreciates,- in fact, we can ' t name a KA who isn ' t! Richard Allen Jack Blasingame Henry Caldwell Alden Davis MEMBERS Jerry Gregg Hubert Holmes Edward Humphrey Pete Jones Mike Mockbee Donald Rhodes Richard Soule James Stckes Walter Stokes Fred Wright THE KA ' s CAN BOAST OF GENERAL MARSHALL Fage 118 KAPPA ALPHA f fr © " J, .3 « V First Row: R. Allen, J. Blasingome, H. Caldwell, A. Davis, J. Gregg. Second Row: H Holmes, E. Humphrey, P. Jones, M. Mockbee, D. Rhodes. Third Row: R. Soule, J. Stokes, W. Stokes, F. Wright. Page 119 ALPHA UPSILON OFFICERS ERNEST RATHELL President FRED EAVES Vice-President JOHN BEARD Secretary WILLIAM YANDELL Treasurer Founded— University of Virginia, December 10, 1869 Established at Milkaps-October 18, 1895 COLORS: Scarlet, Green and White FLOWER: Lily of the Valley Publication: " THE CADUCEUS " This year ' s crop of Sigs have succeeded more than ever in upholding the tradition of Alpha Upsilon Chapter since its first establishment at Millsaps. Long noted for their gay and carefree manner, the Sigs can truthTully beast that they have never given a party that was not a success. Foote is a lad " what gets around, " and " Jose ' Kilmer stepped up to become one of the campus " shots. " Beard and his gay participation in any and every type of entertainment are notorious, and Eaves, in the girls ' estimation, is Texas ' gift to Millsaps. No write-up of this group would be complete without orchids to Rathell, Beckworth, and Wimpee for being swell fellows, and typical Sigs. MEMBERS T. V. Allen John Beard Kermit Beckworth William Bethea Fred Eaves Robert Fcote George Hill Bryan Holliday George Kilmer Wayne LaRue William Mann Ernest Rathell Thomas Slough Leslie Steen Buell Stewart James Wimpee William Yandell HOGIE CARMICHAEL IS ONE OF THE SIG ' S PRIDE AND JOYS Poge 120 KAPPA SIGMA First Row: T. V. Allen, J. Beard, K. Beckworth, W. Bethea. Second Row: F. Eaves, R. Foole, G. Hill, B. Holliday. Third Row: G. Kilmer, W. LaRue, W. Mann, E. Rathell. Fourth Row: T. Slough, l. Steen, B. Stewart, J. Wimpee, W. Yandell. Page 121 ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER OFFICERS DALE JANSSEN President WILLIAM STUYVESANT Vice-President ROBERT FERGUSON Secretary SAM BAREFIELD Historian Founded— University of Virginia, March 1, 1868 Established at Millsaps-March 23, 1905 COLORS: Garnett and Gold FLOWER: Lily of the Valley Publication: " THE SHIELD AND DIAMOND " The boys of the shield and diamond really kept up a fast pace this year to soar right to the top in campus estimation. Walking off with three of the class presidencies and Student Body presidency is nothing to be sneezed at. Janssen was elected Major Millsaps. Billy Moore was P W Business Manager. ODK ' s Barefield, Janssen, and Ferguson make evident the leadership ability of the chapter, and Navy Favy-rites Guernsey, Janssen, and Jennings uphold the co-eds ' opinions. Krebs has become Grill-hound number one. Tassos is a cheerleader and a happy character,- and last but not least, comes " cupcake " Lehman, who is a paragraph within himself. MEMBERS Albert Allen Roi Andrews Sam Barefield Robert Bernsen Roland Borchers B. A. Bush Pat Clendening Emmet Clifton Frank Colling Robert Ferguson Carl Guernsey Dale Janssen Jce Jennings Jack Krebs Charles Lehman C. L. Mabry, Jr. William Moore Bill McCollum Ross O ' Bannion Tassos Pappados William Patterson Ocie Pittman Robert Ray Brooks Robertson Joe Schultz Fred Scott Fred Stringer William Stuyvesant Charles Wright Jordan Zesch THEY CAN TALK ABOUT BROTHER (GENERAL) HODGES Pags 122 PI KAPPA ALPHA First Row: A. Allen, S. Barefield, R. Bern ' en, R. Borchers, B. A. Bush. Second Row: P. Clendeninq, F. Collins, R. Ferguson, C. Guernsey, D. Janssen. Third Row: J. Jennings, J. Krebs, W. Moore, B. McCollum, R. O ' Bannion. Fourth Row: T. Pappodos, W. Patterson, O. Pittman, R. Ray, B. Robertson. Fifth Row: J. Schultz, F. Scott, F. Stringer, W. Stuyvesont, C. Wright, J. Zesch. Page 123 THETA ETA ZETA OFFICERS DAVID TINCH President JOE WIGGINS Vice-President CLIFTON SHRADER Secretary CHARLES ALLEN Treasurer Founded— Boston University, November 2, 1909 Established at Millsaps-October, 1939 COLORS: Purple, Green and Gold Publication: " PURPLE, GREEN AND GOLD " No cne can deny that the Lambda Chi ' s have gained more and more importance on the campus. By locking at the chapter roll, it is plain to see that the character and leadership necessary to make a good fraternity is here. Tex was a campus personality that everyone knew and liked. Bill " I lisp slightly " Stark became famous after the 1944 Varsity Show. Jack Worley was chosen " Personality King. " Co-eds formed " Don Foster Clubs, " which resulted in his being high on the list of Navy favorites. Smylie broke down and pinned McKinnon, and Mjlholland pinned Nichols. Sewell has been prac- tically elected as the official master of ceremonies f:r all campus shows, and Powers will always be rated as a campus wit. MEMBERS Charles Allen C. R. Andersen Bill Andrews B " b Corbin Edward Ccrrell Don Foster John Freeman A. C. Hartson David Llewellyn Albert Lovata Gus Lunsford Jesse Matthews Don Mulholland Thomas McNamara Troy Parkison Rubel Phillips Edward Pritchett Percy Powers Clifton Shrader Bill Smylie Doug Sewell Bill Stark David Tinch Hugh Thompson Jack White Joe Wiggins Bob Wilson Jimmy Woodward Jack Worley Rolf Wubbles DID YOU KNOW THAT GENERAL DOOLITTLE IS A LAMBDA CHI? Page 124 — LI MB A CHI ALPHA mi :.s ' First Row: C. Allen, E. Correll, D. Foster. Second Row: A. Hartson, A. Lovata, T. Parki ' on. Third Row: P. Powers, D. Sewell, C. Shrader. Fourth Row: D. Tinch, J. Wiggins, J. Williams, B. Wilson, Page 125 MILLSAPS CHAPTER OFFICERS NINA HAZEL REEVES President MARY RUTH MURPHY Vice-President MARY NELL SELLS Secretary EETTY JO BROWN Treasurer Founded— Universitly of Oklahoma, April, 1938 E:tablished at Millsaps— July 19, 1943 COLORS: Red and Black Publication: " N. I. S. A. NEWSLETTER " This independent all-girl organization proved to be one of the most progressive groups at Millsaps, more thana doubling its membership this year. Thei ' biggest achievement is a new " Den " in Founders. The Nichols trio gained fame within a short time. Betty Jo and Ba-Ba were capable Field Day leaders. The Vikings boast at least one member in every honorary on the campus. Sells was pinned by Barefield and also elected " Personality Queen. " Carolyn Nichols was chosen " Freshman Queen " and proved to be surprisingly " different " in the part. Their reputation as leaders in the girls ' intramural contests remains unchallenged. No Viking write-up would be complete without mention of the two Steens, who arc renowned all over the campus for being gals loaded with personality. MEMBERS Joyce Adair Betty Jo Brown Virginia Conerly Ann Cresswell Gloria Doherty Virginia Darracott Beryline Davis Billy Jean Dear Caroline Folk Mary Lou Miles Clara Foy Flora Giardina Betty Jane Hearn Mary Jane King Betty Langdon Betty Jane Long Dorothy Maughan Betty McBride Carolyn McKewen Mary Ruth Murphy Mary Ethel Nay Carolyn Nichols Myra Nichols Rosemary Nichols Janice Nicholson Grace M. Parker Betty Sue Pittman Frances Pittman Catherine Powell Nina Hazel Reeves Mary Nell Sells Mildred Scott Carol Steen Hazel Steen Elva Tharp Juliette Thomas THE NEWEST ORGANIZATION ON THE CAMPUS Page 126 THE llkHU First Row: J. Adair, B. J. Brown, V. Conerly, A. Cressweit, V. Darracott, B. DavK Second Row: G. Doherty, C. Folk, C. Foy, F. Giardina, B. Heorn, M. J. King. Third Row: B. Lanpdon, B. J. Lona, M. L. Mi ' es, M. R. Murphy. B. McBride, C. McKewen. Fourth Row: C. Nichols, M. Nichols, R. Nichols, J. Nichol ' on, G. M. Parker. Fifth Row: F. Pittman, B. S. Pittman, R. Powell, N. H. Reeves, M. N. Sells. Sixth Row: M. Scott, C. Steen, H. Steen, E. Thorp, J. Thomas. Pcge 127 COACH B. O. VAN HOOK Athletic Director B. O. Van Hook commanded the gridiron this year as head ccach, with Chief Athletic Specialists E. D. Heron and Marion " Little Goat " Hale acting ably as assistants. These men worked hard and long in utilizing the talents of the men in their charge. For a team, they drew en men from Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, lewa, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Texas— on men stationed at Millsaps as Naval V-12 trainees. Seme wear campaign ribbons, seme do net; but with or without, they shewed the spirit which is the first gualificaticn of a good football team. This was the first time that Millsaps had fielded an eleven in quite a while. The last year they had a football team they drew the greater part of their competition frcm the Dixie Conference, cf which they have long been a member. This year, however, they stepped out of the Dixie to meet seme cf the strongest competition in the South. The Majors started off the season with a bang by defeating Howard College. Next on the list was Arkansas A M, which was the first team to win over the wearers of the Purple and White. The Majors were no match for the McWilliams-sparked Mississippi State varsity. Alabama held only a narrow edge over Millsaps for the first half, but held a safe enough margin. when the game ended. In the second Howard game the locals wen again. Against Southwestern Louisiana Institute the much publicized Gregg-to-Weathers combination was used successfully. The remaining games— Murray, Jackson Army Airbase, and Murray again— all ended in disaster for our gridiron favorites. Mere defeats than victories, it is true, but it is the story of our team— the story of a team that could take defeats and then strive to improve their varsity— to try to make it a gocd club and a winning one. However, their desires for a con- sistently successful eleven were never brought to realization. This was true because cf their lack of experience, their injuries, their bad luck in never being cble to click except en a few occa- sions, and some of the alien competition they pit- ted themselves against. We should think of the ' 44 Millsaps team with pride— of the men who gave up their liberty nights for practice and for playing, who v orked hard for a winning team. Many of these men you will never again come in contact with. We have, therefore, made this record in the BOBASHELA for ycu— so that they can be remembered with the affection they deserve. Page 130 Vke PLAYERS BERNIE WINKLER Back JOHN CHRISTMAS Center LOWRY RUSH Back LYLE BARTLETT Guard DON FOSTER .... Guard J L BASHAM Tackle WALTER STOKES WARREN BROWN End End HOWARD HURLS A PASS B 4| ■ ' " B Efl r ( £ wgp 1 fv i H| L -rf - 1 t SBrh V ' v r ' 1 LIL ' LOWRY RUSH HITS HOWARD PAY DIRT JERRY GREGG Back BILL WEATHERS End CHARLES DEUBNER Back C. M. C. JONES Guard DICK CASTNER Tackle m e B. B. AVENT . Guard GEORGE KILMER Back JAMES WIMPEE Back MALCOLM McDANIEL Back BOB FOOTE Back PLAYERS FRED EAVES .... Back ALDEN DAVIS Back BILL REED Back JOE SCHULTZ Guard OCIE PITTMAN End BOB MARTIN Back EUGENE STIPE Tackle THADDEUS BELCHER Guard Mote FOOTBALL GEORGE HAMILTON Bock BILLY MANN Back BUELL STEWART Center VAN HALLMAN Guard JACK GROFF End DICK STACY End TOMMY WOOLF Back MEN NOT PICTURED J. E. TOLAR End TED JOHNSON Guard J. A. BAUER Guard GLEN RICHARDSON Back TOMMY RILES Eack JACK TOLER HOWARD WAY Center JIM MORTELL Clyde Yates Eack R. L. PHILLIPS KARL SMITH End R. E. BOLEN Back Back End Manager FOSTER LEADS INTERFERENCE FOR REED BASK El tiii; PLAYERS WARREN FOOTE Center BILL WEATHERS Forward GEORGE HAMILTON Forward JOHNNY BAKER Guard GENE BOLO Guard JOHN CHRISTMAS Guard DICK TWINING Forward DALE JANSSEN Guard WALT STOKES Guard JERRY GREGG Guard SCHLEY BABIN Center CLARENCE MABRY Forward GENE CROTCHETT Guard VAN HALLMAN Forward M. C. BROWN Forward DON CHECKETT Guard BUTCH CASTNER Guard Switching from gridiron to hardwocd proved no great task for Coach Wan Hook, who served as basketball mentor sans assistance. Using members of the Millsaps N. T. U. as resources, he presented as the finished product a polished team which had more wins under its belt than losses. In reimbursement fcr its work, the squad was recognized as one of the top teams in the state on a won-and-lost basis, and, consequently, was invited to the National Collegiate Basketball Tournament at Kansas City, Mo. Because the bulk of his squad was transferred, Coach Van was forced to decline the invitation. The games, as a rule, were fast and very interesting to all spectators because of the spirit which abounded in the team members. Aggressive center was Warren Foote, who was always one to try his hardest in getting the tip-off and then attending to his other chores as pivot man and follower-up under the basket. His offensive strength was proven by his dependability in always scoring ten or twelve points. Bill Weathers proved a rangy forward who was a definitely good all-round player. George Hamiltion strictly had an eye for the wicker, which was evidenced by his being high point man en several occasions. The " B " boys, Bolo and Baker, proved an excellent combination— Bolo for his long shots; Baker for his closer ones, and both for their playing in general. The sixth man was John Christmas, whose cool thinking and sturdy playing meant much toward the success of the team. Dick Twining started off the season with a bang by high pointing in the first games. Dale Janssen was an exceptionally scrappin ' player, which is a valuable asset to any team. Walt Stckes, holdover from last season ' s team, was an above average hardwood man because of his accurate shooting, faking, and adhesive-like guarding. Micky M.artens proved very efficient at his pest as Manager. These nine players made up the letter men and played the brand of basketball the fan sincerely enjoys observing. Page 136 )HL at M I LLS1PS nun; iiUii; MILLSAPS 42 L. P. 1. 37 MILLSAPS 45 L. P. 1. 37 MILLSAPS 64 MEXICO U 37 MILLSAPS 39 OLE MISS 35 MILLSAPS 56 MISS. COLLEGE 54 MILLSAPS 42 MISS. COLLEGE 41 MILLSAPS 31 MISS. COLLEGE 42 MILLSAPS 35 J. A. A. B. 29 MILLSAPS 36 LOYOLA 52 MILLSAPS 30 MISS. COLLEGE 31 MILLSAPS 45 OLE MISS 46 MILLSAPS 47 LOYOLA 49 First Row, Left to Right: Cooch Von Hook, Twining, Christmas, Hamilton, Weather ' , W. C. Foote, Bolo, Baker, W .Stokes. Second Row: Gregg, Babin, Mabry, Crotchett, Hallman, M. Brown, Checkett, Castner, Mortens. Big Foote pivots for two points. It ' s Gene dribblin ' on down. 7 BASKET 1 ' ■ Bake ' s crip shot favor- , ite. Big John mives mJm IH t . Bill in action. Ham- bone ' s Jump shot. II H L STIRS Dick ' s southpaw spe- cial. It ' s Dale on the court. ACTION WITH L. P. I., OLE MISS, AND LOYOLA Page 140 m f VIKING VOLLEYBALL TEAM First Row, Left to Right: Sells, Reeves, Maughn, Dear. Second Row: Brown, Lanqdon, Doherty, Long, McKewen, KAPPA DELTA BASKETBALL TEAM First Row, Left to Right: Johnson, Burdsal, Minyard, Gussio, Page. Second Row: Price, Wctkins, Rigby, Apple- white, L ' tley. VIKING SOFTBALL TEAM First Row, Left to Right: Cadenhecd, Nichols, McKewen, Dear, Lona, Nichol ' . Second Row: F. Pittman, Doherly, Lanqdon, B. S. Piltman, New, Sells. GIRLS ' LWRAMURALS This year the intramural volleyball cup will go to the victorious Vikings. These gals sailed in with five wins and no losses. They were led to victory by Brown, Sells, Reeves, Dear, Maughn, and Long. The Vikings were followed in second place by those Chi O " Amazons. " The KD ' s finished third, the Phi Mu ' s were fcurth end the Beta Sigs were the losers. All-State, Kitty Applewhite, led the KD ' s to victory in the basketball intramurals. Some of the best basketball players in the state clashed for victory in Buie gym this season. Led by Applewhite, Burdsal, and Watkins as forwards and Price, Rigby, and Gussio as guards, the Kappa Deltas wen the basket- ball cup. The winners were followed in a very close second by the strong Viking team, capably led by Brcwn and Sells. The Chi Omeoa and Phi Mu teams tied. The Beta Sigs gave the Phi Mu ' s an upset in the last night cf the season, chalking up the final scores with the Beta Sigs in fourth place. In softball the Vikinas came out en top again with the Chi O ' s edging up in second place. Most of the scoring was close, charging the final Chi Omega- Viking contest with lots of suspense. McKewen was in there " pitchin ' " and helped to make her team the victors. The 1945 ping pong championship was won by the Beta Sigs, with Catherine Armstrong playing. The Vikings, with Betty Jo Brown, came in second. PING PONG CHAMPIONS Left to Right: Betty Jo Brown, Catherine Armstrong. GIRLS ' VARSITY BASKETBALL «% earn This year, for the first time in many seasons, the girls have had a varsity basketball team. Capably coached by Mrs. N. K. Barnes, and led by Brown, Chatham, Utley, Axtell, Long, Burnham, and Min- yard as forwards and Sells, Reeves, Rigby, Price, McKewen and B. S. Pittman as guards,- the girls played several close games against the Fester General Nurses. The M.illsaps team, however, was defeated by a slight margin. Betty Jo Brown acted as Captain and " B " Utley served as Business Manager. GIRLS ' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM First Row, Left to Right: Mc- Kewen, Reeves, Burnham. Second Row: Burdsal, Sells, Minyard, Rigby. Third Row: Long, Barnes, Brown, F. Pittman. ...ami aA, cm ID- In some secluded rendezvous . . . " - %M THE SLICK CAMPUS LINES HANG OUT AT KENNINGTON ' S MISSISSIPPI ' S BEST STORE HEDERMAN BROTHERS PRINTERS -- BLANK BOOK BINDERS STATIONERS - LITHOGRAPHERS Phone 4-4421 JACKSON, MISS. L ALBRITTON ICE CREAM COMPANY JACKSON, MISS. 229 Congress Street Phone 4-4036 r LE GRAND JEWELRY CO. 218 E. Capitcl Street JACKSON, MISS. MILLSAP ' S CHOICE ACME BAKERY EOOKS OF ALL CLASSIFICATIONS BIBLES, CHURCH end SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPPLIES BAPTIST BOOK STORE 502 East Capitol St. Jackson, Miss. 230 N. Farish St. Jackson, Miss. JI U. KOEN CO., Inc. ROITAN DISTRIBUTORS s s » 139 E. Pearl St. Jackson, Miss. i r S s BATTE FURNITURE STORE JOHN C. BATTE, Sr. - ' JOHN C. BATTE, Jr. " We do appreciate your Business " It U. S. N. R. ROBINSON BROTHERS PLYMOUTH and DeSOTO Sales and Service Phone 3-2741 U- COMPLIMENTS MISSISSIPPI BAPTIST HOSPITAL WHITE ' S LUMBER YARD GOOD LUMBER - PROMPT SERVICE Mill and Church Sts. Jackson, Miss. Phones: 2-0881 - 2-0882 EAT AT PRIMOS Best Food in Town THE BEST IN TOBACCOS CORR-WILLIAMS TOBACCO COMPANY Wholesale Distributors PHONE 2-0912 HELPING YOU THROUGH COLLEGE - and LIFE REDDY KILOWATT Your Electric Servant When it comes to throwing a true light on the subject of education, you might say I ' m the Dean of the lllumi- nation Department. I ' ve been on the campus a long time— serving night and day— in the classroom, dormitory, gym- nasium, laboratory, or any place where electricity is needed. You ' ll find me on hand after you leave college, too, because my purpose is to serve you with plenty of cheap, dependable elec- tricity—throughout life. REDDY KILOWATT Your Electric Servant MISSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT COMPANY HELPING BUILD MISSISSIPPI c JACKSOIM STEAM LAUNDRY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Phone 2-3315 I. Lehman, President CAPITAL PAINT GLASS CO. PAINT - WALL PAPER - GLASS FOR EVERY PURPOSE 401-407 S. State Street Jackson, Miss. CITY SHOE SHOP SHOES DYED ANY COLOR INVISIBLE HALF SOLING 315 W. Capitol St. Phone 2-2378 If S j ( t MANGEL ' S MISSES ' and WOMEN ' S APPAREL 128 E. Capitol St. Jackson, Miss. JL DR. H. F. MAGEE PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Lamar Life Building Jackson, Miss. JOHN C. CARTER JEWELER THE GIFT SHOP Jackson Mississippi The Campus Hang-Out SANDWICHES - COLD DRINKS - SCHOOL SUPPLIES BOOKS - SOUVENIRS THE GRILL REID-McGEE CO. MORTGAGE BANKERS REALTORS - INSURANCE Compliments cf THE VIKINGS N. I. S. A. S c- DUKE ' S 516 East Capitol Jackson, Miss. { J s i i DOBBS HATS DRESS UP TO THE MINUTE AT GRAYSON ' S 232 E. Capital | s s ARROW SHIRTS GRIFFON CLOTHES VARSITY TOWN CLOTHES i l Jackson, Miss. Phone 3-2010 I I 240 E. Capitol PHONE 4-6917 HUDDLESTON ' S, JEWELERS Burnner M. Huddleston ., Phone 3-2655 212 W. Capitol St. | Jackson, Miss. . — , r MORI LUGGAGE STORE EVERYTHING FOR THE TRAVELER 1 1 1 W. Capitol , Phone 3-1567 u li S. P. McRAE CO., Inc. Department Store 200-202 W. CAPITOL Phone 4-8334 JACKSON, MISS. I i t t t t ' . ■ ■ I I ' ■ » I : 4 DRESS WELL and SUCCEED ETHEREDGE Cleaners ALTERATION STORAGE Phone 4-4413 Visit Our Town County Shop We feel we are justly proud of our Town Country Shop, a unit of Jackson ' s Fashion Center. A charming white country house furnished the idea for the background in cool, white drop-siding combined with pleasant country green and gar- den rose, making a delightful environment for the intriguing things displayed in this department. The Town Country Shop is mere that just a sportswear department— for here you will find a splendid collection of casual clothes for town and country— dresses, suits, coats de- signed by the most renowned makers of this type of clothes. If you are looking for the unusual in sports clothes, you will eventually come to the Town Country Shop, Jackson ' s Fashion Center. AT itriftfT. VRSI QUALITY CLEANING FOR 19 YEARS B. A. TOTTEN Across the Street From Millsaps Campus KEY DRUG COMPANY ' The Most Complete Prescription Department in Mississippi " 418 E. Capitol Dial 4- PHONE 4-6517 Capitol and President Sts., Jackson, Miss. J J. L. ALBRITON SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. PAINTS - WALL PAPER Decorative Accessory Department 501 E. Capitol Street Jackson, Mississippi BUY WAR BONDS JACKSON LUMBER CO. LUMBER AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING j MATERIALS Reliable and Dependable for Over [ 40 YEARS Jackson, Mississippi € {£m, LoJrt ■ act COMB WHAT MAY. CONF1DFNCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience ° We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which wc are truly grateful and justly proud .... COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENQRAVING COMPANY B I RMI N G HAM OUR TREASURED LANDMARKS will onduie long after war has ceased they will stand as beacons to the American Way ... to greater achievement in religion, arts, science, research, and industry. The way is not easy. It is narrow. It is sometimes rough. Other paths beckon alluringly, as seeming short cuts. But in mankind ' s halting progress through the ages many paths have been explored before. If now in uncertainty we change paths we will slow up progress and confuse those whose eyes are on us. B further smoothing of the proved paths we can continue tc inspire earnest men everywhere to follow the way that already has led one nation so far toward the better and happier life for all. X2fot Qarapn Qxt$$ DESIGNERS AND CREATORS OF fyme Piiatmq, i 4 ADAMS MONTGOMERY OUR ADVERTISERS...

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