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THE ■$ m MILLSAPS-WILSON UBRARY ' A.s " ° oJkis is uoLir 1944 BOBASHELA ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Copyright: KINCHEN EXUM, Editor LADY BETTYE TIMBERLAKE, Business Manager ke NAVY BLUE The Navy at Millsaps has brought a vindication of the method of the liberal arts college. The noble traditions so carefully treasured through the succes- sive classes have not been destroyed under these dif- ferent circumstances; the worth of our system has been adhered to by the program. The seriousness of the time and the acute need of better equipped men and women have given Millsaps a greater opportunity for service a service that has always been the ultimate aim of this college. Today, as a realization of this desire, the Navy is on our campus. Their challenge and spirit have become one with ours — and we strive together towards a common goal. anJ MILLSAPS, TOO • • • jJea Lcalea t Millsaps College has been greatly influenced by the Naval Training Unit, and the Naval Unit has been influenced by the college. It is with an abiding sense of pride and appropriat eness that this volume is dedi- cated to the best representative manifestations of both spirits — to the Unit itself, and to Professor Sanders. Professor Sanders ' abounding intelligence, abil- ity to meet changing conditions, and ableness to serve in every capacity have made him identical with what is the best of this generation. His cooperative attitude, his sincere interest, and his untiring loyalty to a higher idealism have typified at Millsaps a standard of excellence. So this Bobashela is gratefully dedicated to two expressions of Millsaps, neither of which is separated from the other in concept. We are proud of the splen- did relationship between the Naval Training Unit and the college. THE GREATER MILLSAPS SPIRIT 1 i • • and to PROFESSOR SANDERS PROFESSOR ALBERT GODFREY SANDERS B.A. B.A. Southwestern (Texas) Magadalen College; M ; B.A., Yale University; Rhodes Scholar: A., University of Oxford, Honours School. MURRAH HALL IN J , emonam DORSEY BALL JOHN BERRY TONI BRANNON DAN J. BROCK CHARLES BRUMFIELD RUFUS H. BYNUM JESSE L. CARPENTER WILSON CATHER JOHN CHAMBERS DAVID CHRISTMAS JAMES C. ELLIS EDWIN FARMER VERNON GOODWIN T. M. HARDY DAVID HUNT LEON MATHERS GEORGE R. NEBLETT GEORGE O ' CALLAGHAN BARTON H. PARISH JOHN RUNDLE JOE SIMPSON BEN SYKES JERRY TROY J iUsaps W-M UNIT if Front Row: (Left to Right) Lt. Com. C. L. Alderman; Lt. Com. M. H. Jones; Lt. (J.C.) E. S. Card. Back Row: (Left to Right) Capt. L. E. Biles; Lt. L. J. Nason; Lt. (J.C.) C. A. Andrews; Ensign Mary Elizabeth Thompson 11 H Z Z z CL O u z en E z o -1 Q 2 O UlUlMUi z CL o u — 1 2 Q X lUHUmnu ■WlfeKt :R4«.S mm (Li ifil ■MJJLUli ii mmaammimt U ur FACULTY J ittsaps PRESIDENT DR. M, L. SMITH Under the capable leadership of Dr. Marion L. Smith Millsaps has enjoyed a new era. His interest in the college is evident in the progress of many of his undertakings. Through his interest the Christian Center Memorial materialized. He personifies Mill- saps to both the alumni and student. 19 DEANS DEAN OF MEN WILLIAM E. RIECKEN, Ph.D. DEAN OF WOMEN MARY H. B. STONE. M.A. DEAN OF FRESHMEN A. P. HAMILTON, Ph.D. Three deans, and each of them with much responsibility, is the standing rule at Millsaps. They give us counsel when we are in need of it, and they are always the first to congratulate us on our achievements. They are the all seeing eyes of Millsaps, and not the slightest activity is without their interest. The helping hand of Dr. Riecken, the gentle philosopny of Mrs. Stone, and the unequaled merit of Dr. Hamilton have won for them a lasting remembrance. Few colleges boast such guidance. 20 an DEPARTMENT HEADS Dean William E. Riecken, Professor A. C. Sanders and Professor R. R. Haynes, Dr. M. C. White, Professor C. L. Harrell, Dr. B. E. Mitchell, Dr. J. B. Price and Dr. J. M. Sullivan. 21 Our F A C MARION LOFTON SMITH - - President Ph.D., Yale University WILLIAM EMILRIECKEN ---------- Dean Ph.D., Indiana University JOHN MACRUDER SULLIVAN - - - - Chemistry and Geology Ph.D., Vanderbilt University GEORGE LOTT HARRELL ----- Physics and Astronomy M.S., Millsaps College J. REESE LIN - - - Professor Emeritus of History and Philosophy L.H.D., Millsaps College BENJAMIN ERNEST MITCHELL ------ Mathematics Ph.D., Columbia University ALFRED PORTER HAMILTON - - Ancient Languages and German Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania ALBERT GODFREY SANDERS ----- Romance Languages M.A., University of Oxford, Rhodes Scholar MILTON CHRISTIAN WHITE - - English Ph.D., University of Wisconsin ROSS HENDERSON MOORE --------- History Ph.D., Duke University BENJAMINORMOND VAN HOOK ------ Mathematics A.M., Vanderbilt University ELIZABETH CRAIG ------ ----- French A.M., Columbia University; University of Paris MAGNOLIA COULLET --------- Latin, Voice A.M., University of Pennsylvania; American Academy in Rome EVA MYERS ROBERTS - - - - - - Rjano MM., Chicago Musical College ROBERT RAYMOND HAYNES - - Education A.M., George Peabody College JOSEPH BAILEY PRICE --------- Chemistry Ph.D., Louisiana State University MABEL BENNER COBB . - . . Spanish A.M., University of N orth Carolina MARY H. B. STONE ------ Dean of Women, English A.M., George Peabody College HENRY MORTON BULLOCK ■ - - - Religion Ph.D., Yale University VERNON LANE WHARTON - - History Ph.D., University of North Carolina 22 U L T Y MARGUERITE WATKINS GOODMAN ------ English A.M., Tulane University ALBERTA TAYLOR ----------- Piano A.B., Millsaps College VIRGINIA THOMAS ---------- Religion A.M., Northwestern University RALPH GRAY JONES - - Government A.M., Louisiana State University ARMAND COULLET - - Violin B.Mus., Conservatoire d ' Alger RAY SIGLER MUSGRAVE - - Psychology Ph.D., Syracuse University ELBERT STEPHEN Vv ' ALLACE - Economics Ph.D., Duke University CHARLES BETTS GALLOV AY ----- Chemistry and Physics A.M., Duke University JOHN ALBERT FINCHER --------- Biology Ph.D., University of North Carolina FRANCES ELIZABETH DECELL - - Physical Education for V omen V ILLIAM DAVID McCAIN ' ■ ' --- History Ph.D., Duke University Vv ' IRT TURNER HARVEY - - - Piano M.M., Chicago Musical College FRANCES GILL ----- Piano A.B., Millsaps College U ILLIAM ROBERT HOLLINGSVv ' ORTH, JR. ----- Art Graduate, Art Institute of Chicago NANCY BROGAN HOLLOV AY Secretarial Studies A. 8., Mississippi State College for Women OSCAR SELBOURNE DOOLEY History Ph.D., Indiana University ROLF E. V UBBLES - - - Economics M.A., New York University SHIRLEY CHICHESTER Associate Librarian B.S., Lib. Sci., University of North Carolina SIBYL McDonald - - Public School Music B.M., American Conservatory DAVE M. CARSON - - Athletics B.A., Union University On temporary leave. 23 ASSISTANT PROFESSORS MRS, NANCY HOLLOWAY DR OSCAR DOOLEY MRS. J. L. ROBERTS MISS ELIZABETH CRAIC MRS. MARGUERITE GOODMAN AND DEAN MARY B STONE THE FINCHER FAMILY PROFESSOR GALLOWAY MRS. JONES DR. FINCHER PROF ROLF E. WUBBLES MRS, MABEL COBB MISS VIRGINIA THOMAS , .... COLLEGE ADMINISTRATION Miss Martha Bennett 1. X XV i 1 Miss Carolyn Bufkin 3f Miss Shirley Chichester Mrs. Melville Johnson Miss Alma Blackmon V. B. Hathorn Floss Conine Jf Scott Cone ' 25 • L . n jfc -■ ■ $- ■ _..,.. a: .. t. MURRAH HALL n ACROSS THE CAMPUS 26 SULLIVAN-HARRELL HALL - - home of the sciences. CARNECIE-MILLSAPS LIBRARY - - compendium of knowledge. 27 FOUNDER ' S HALL - - Millsaps battle abbey. 28 BURTON and CALLOWAY DORMITORIES ' ' -JSt«T£ ir -r tf7(tfrBiMlift TtTr ' ' - - . .•tA?; i ! £!2.:v ' ■ % ;«.3SS5r■Cl■C i -£ BURTON HALL 29 MISS LOUISE MILLER _i n M I L L S A P S 30 JlaUer MAJOR ZACHARY TAYLOR 31 WHO ' S WHO in Ofmerican ( OLLlliCail.O ana UNIVERSITIES . . . BETTY BRIEN JEAN MITCHENER CALLOWAY CLARA PORTER CAVETT LADY RACHEL CONNER MARIE GRUBBS MARJORIE MURPHY SARAH KATHLEEN POSEY ZACH TAYLOR PEGGY TYER JUSTUS MARIA van der KROEF JULIA WASSON AIMA ZENFELL 32 SNAPS those little glimpses of college that recall countless experiences. 33 I CLASSES B-MiifS M €A. SENIORS Seniors, capped and gowned, are lining up for the annual Founder ' s Day procession. This is the golden age of a student ' s college career; he is completing his higher education and he is realizing his vast responsibilities to his area -- the world. Millsaps College gives a solid foundation for whatever may happen in the future; it has prepared students with the trust that they will be true to their heritage and leave a better heritgae for those generations to come. 37 " Cke SENIOR NOEL C. WOMACK - - President LOUISE MILLER --------- Secretary-Treasurer Ofli cers Noel Womack, Senior Class President, recently left us for medical school. How he left Flora Mae Arant is still the sixty dollar question. Noel suffered a great deal from the Finger of Scorn, but he has at last come out on top. His father is a doctor, and he has inherited medical talent and ambition that will follow him to a great career. He has been the head man in Kappa Sigma, and that is an honor of distinction. Since he was a shaved- head freshman he has been a part of greater Millsaps. Jake Stoker is our vice president, but his picture is just not to be found high or low. A Marine, he came and left us with the situation well under his control. His competence, friendliness, and ability will always be a part of Millsaps College. Here ' s Louise Miller again -- this time as Senior Secretary-Treasurer. Refer to the Miss Millsaps picture for a close up and you will see one good reason why she was elected. Since her coming to Millsaps she has been one of the most sought-after co-eds, and the Grill will always have a booth reserved for her. She is a part of the campus life that is permanent. 38 CLASS 944 SARA JEAN APPLEWHITE - - - - Winona Beta Sigma Omicron Purple and White News Staff, I. Kappa Delta Epsilon, 3, 4. WILLIAM INZER BEAIRD - - Birmingham, Ala. MARTHA BOCER ------ Hattiesburg Pi Mu Majorette Club 2, 3, 4. Woman ' s Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4. MARY ALICE BOYLES ----- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron Kappa Delta Epsilon 4. ALMA ELIZABETH CARL BROWN - - - Jackson Kappa Delta CLARA PORTER CAVETT - - - - Jackson Chi Omega Y. W. C. A., I, 2, 3. P. W., 1, Bobashela, Literary Editor 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4. Dramatic Club, I. Glee Club I. Millsaps Singers, 2, 3, 4. Freshman Scholarship Award, 1. Pre- med Club, 1,2. A. E. D. 2, 3, 4. A. E. D. Award, I . Science Club, I , 2. Science Academy, Sec. Treas. 3, Theta Nu Sigma 3, I. R. C, 2, Sec- Treas., 3. Chi Delta, 2, Vice Pres. 3. Sigma Lambda 2, Historian 3, Pres. 4. Eta Sigma 3, Pres. 4. Dean ' s List, 2, 3, 4. Student Assistant, 4. S. E. B., 3, 4. Pledge Instructor Chi Omega, 3. President Chi Omega, 4. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 4. LADY RACHEL CONNER - - - - Jackson Phi Mu Kappa Delta Epsilon 4, Sigma Lambda 4. JOHN DENSER ------ Whitfield Alpha Epsilon Delta 39 " Cke SENIOR 4 I ' i 944 KINCHEN W. EXUM ----- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Purple and White, Feature Editor, 3, 4. Y. M. C. A., 2, 3. Kit Kat, 2, 3, Sec. 4. Eta Sigma Phi, 2, 3, 4. Vice-Pres., Pres. Bobashela 2, 3, Editor 4. Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres. 4., Historian and Secretary of Pi Kappa Alpha, 3; Alumni Sec- retary 4. Student Assistant English, 3. Campus Chairman, World Student Service Fund Drive, Stu- dent Executive Board 4, Men ' s Pan-Hellenic 4, International Relations Club, 4. Served in U. S. Army, 1943. MARIE GRUBBS ------ Philadelphia Kappa Delta Christian Council, 2, 3, 4. Purple and White, 2, 3, 4. Bobashela Staff, 2, 3. Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net. Sigma Lambda, 4. Kappa Delta Epsilon, 3, 4. Alpha Psi Omega, 3, 4. Pi Kappa Delta, 3, 4. Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 4. MAXINE HARPER ------- Brandon Purple and White, 2, 3, 4. Chi Delta, 3, 4. Kappa Delta Epsilon, 3, 4. REBA HARRIS ----- ' - Mendenhall EDITH HART -------- Jackson Student Assistant, History, 4. International Re- lations Club, 3. JANE HENRY ------- Corinth Kappa Delta MITTIE HIX -------- Jackson Chi Omega International Relations Club. JAMES HOLSTON ------ Wiggins Viking Ministerial League, 2, 3, 4. JEAN MORRIS HOLTON - - - - Yazoo City Kappa Delta ADENE HURST ------ Summit Viking Alpha Epsilon Delta, 2, 3, 4. Theta Nu Sigma, 3, 4. 40 CLASS 944 AYLENE HURST ------ Summit Viking VAN REEVES JACKSON, JR. - - - Decatur ' Pi Kappa Alplna ROBERT JURASCHEK - - - - Chicago, III. Pi Kappa Alpha JOHN P. KEILTY ----- Lynn, Mass. International Relations Club. CARROLL LOWE ------- Jackson Kappa Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4. CURTIS B. MACEE ------- Jackson Kappa Sigma MAUD ELLA MAJURE ----- Brandon Phi Mu Beethoven Club, I , 2, 3, -4. MARY ANNA MAYO - - - ' - Hattiesburg Phi Mu Purple and V hite 3. Rambler ' s Club 3, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4. Sigma Lambda 4. LOUISE MILLER ------ Hazlehurst Kappa Delta Miss Millsaps 4. Singers 1, 2, 3, 4. Sec.-Treas. Senior Class 4. Kappa Delta Epsilon 4. MARION VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY - - Jackson 41 €A. SENIOR 944 MARJORIE MURPHY ------ Jackson Viking Pres. Y, W. C, A, 4. Sigma Lambda 4. SUE McCORMACK ------- Corinth Beta Sigma Omicron Y. M. C A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Cabinet, 2. President 3, 4. Kappa Delta Epsilon. 3, 4. Sigma Lambda 3, 4. THOMAS EATON McCOWN Mobile, Ala. Jackson PRISCILLA MORSON NEAL - - - Beta Sigma Omicron Purple and White 2, 3, 4. Pi Kapppa Delta, 3, 4. Alpha Psi Omega, 3, 4. Chi Delta 3, 4. WAUDINE NELSON ------ Madison WARREN R. NORVILLE - - - Mobile, Ala. ROSS ALAN PICKETT ----- Jackson Rambler ' s Club, 3, 4. Ministerial League, 1, 2, 3, 4. SARAH KATHLEEN POSEY - - - Philadelphia Kappa Delta Purple and White, 2, 3, 4. Kappa Delta Epsilon, 3, 4. Sigma Lambda 4. Woman ' s Council, 4. Christian Council, 3, 4. Board of Editors, Motive, 4. Student Executive Board 3, 4. CORNELIA RATLIFF ------ Drew Kappa Delta Student Assistant, 4. Eta Sigma, 4. F. WILSON RAY ------- Sherman Viking Student Executive Board 4. Ministerial League, I, 2, 3, 4. Christian Council, 3, 4. 42 CLASS 944 DOROTHY RAYNHAM ----- Jackson Kappa Delta Art Staffs, Purple and White and Bobashela, 2, 3, 4. Sigma Lambda, 4. Alpha Psi Omega, 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA SHERMAN - - - Chi Omega ELIZABETH ANN SHIPLEY - - Delta Delta Delta International Relations Club. HUNTER STOKES - - - - - Lambda Chi Alpha Charleston Canton Columbus EMMA GENE STUCKENSCHNEIDER - - Meridian Phi Mu ZACH TAYLOR -------- Jackson Kappa Alpha Eta Sigma, 3, 4. Omicron Delta Kappa, 4. Bap- tist Student Union, 1 , 2, 3, 4. Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net, 3, 4. Kit Kat. Delta Kappa Delta 3, 4. PARKER WALKER ----- Sanitorium Kappa Sigma JULIA WASSON ------ Greenville Beta Sigma Omicron Alpha Epsilon Delta, 3, 4. Theta Nu Sigma, 4. Sigma Lambda, 4. NOEL C. WOMACK ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma President Kappa Sigma, 4. Millsaps Singers, 1, 2, 3, 4. Alpha Epsilon Delta 4. Omicron Delta Kappa 4. Pres. Senior Class 4. JOSEPH E. WROTEN ----- Columbus Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1 , 2, 3, 4. Purple and White, 3, 4. 43 a. JUNIOR iii MIKE McLAURIN ----------- President PARKER WALKER --------- Vice President LADY BETTYE TIMBERLAKE - - - Secretary-Treasurer We ' ve known Mike McLaurin for three years now -- over a thousand days in all -- and everyone of them has been an opportunity for him to prove himself to be likeable, amusing, and hard-working. He is one of our " ante- bellum " sailors, a figure head in Pi Kappa Alpha, and an all-round good fellow. Dale Burnham knows him pretty well; ask her. He is making a record that will elect him to any office any time. Mike may be taken as the typical Millsaps student who came as a civilian and stayed as a sailor. Bubber Walker is another of these Millsaps institutions. He is a B M O C, a Kappa Sig, and several other notable things. Look at the Purple and White and you will see his name all through it, even in the jokes. He has been an easy-going, good-natured, hail-fellow-well-met type. Lady Bettye Timberlake, Chi Omega, beloved of Sonny Williams, true scholar, only business manager capable of adding all the figures necessary for this publication, and Chi Delta ' s brightest jewel, is without equal on the campus. Her older sister set her a wonderful record to live up to, and she has even exceeded expectations. She never looks worried, but the long sleepless nights spent in wondering about this book have been enough to make her grey headed. There never was but one, and then she has enriched Millsaps. 44 CLASS Under the accelerated semester program, Juniors never know whether they are old juniors or young seniors. Some graduate before they know their classification! This class roster is one of names that are significant on the campus. Jean Calloway will surely graduate summa cum laude; he is president of O D K, Senior Class president (but classified as a junior) , and has also directed the fraternities as head of Men ' s Panhellenic. Then there is Marjorie Mounger who christens ships (she hits them, too!). She is a favorite sight on the campus. Remember Jamie Forrest ' s contribution to the splendid Sigma Lambda Varsity Show? Louise Pullen is a rare type, too. Then there is John Poole who resigned all of his offices in the honoraries in order to study. Randolph Peets actually pinned Charlotte Culledge and love blossomed anew on the campus. Clyde Leigh Perry married at St. Andrew ' s Church to culminate a happy courtship. Lady Bettye Timberlake has a distant look in her eye since Sonny ' s departure. Frances Jean Cruise is a big favorite out at the Air Base; her picture made front page. With a class like this coming on what have the seniors got to brag about (except exemptions)? 45 €A FLORA MAE ARANT - - - Magee Kappa Delta WILLIAM F, BALTZ - Nashville, Tenn. C. H. BELLMAN - - - Mobile. Ala. Sigma Tau Phi JAMES BOYETTE - - - . Goodman BETTY BRIEN - - - Arlington, Va. Phi Mu JAMES BRYAN - - . _ Jackson Kappa Sigma JAMES J. BUTT - - - Selma, Ala. DEAN CALLOWAY - - - - Louisville Pi Kappa Alpha JEAN M, CALLOWAY - - - Indianola Pi Kappa Alpha DONALD C. COOLEY - Mobile, Ala. Omicron Sigma BILLIE JANE CROUT - - - Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron FRANCES JEAN CRUISE Chi Omega - Jackson BERLYN STUCKEY DAVIS - - Jackson Viking 945 CLIFF DAVIS ------ Jackson Viking GARLAND DEAN Colfax, La. MARSHALL J. DEMOUEY - Mobile, Ala. Omicron Sigma 46 JUNIOR ei ass CORINNE DOTY - - - Lexington Chi Omega RAPHAEL J. DUBROVNER - - - - ------ Memphis. Tenn. MILDRED DYCU5 - - - - Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron E. A ELWOOD - - Jonesboro, Ark. Kappa Sigma JAMES ALAN FOREST. Uniontown, Ala. Sigma Alpha Epsilon C A FOSTER Mobile. Ala. THOMAS P. CARRAWAY - - Jackson Kappa Sigma MARGARET CASKIN - - - Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron LEMMELIA COZA - - - Chi Omega Magnolia BONNIE GRIFFIN - - .- Hollandale Kappa Delta JOHN K, HAMPTON. JR. - - Jackson Kappa Sigma WILLIAM ROBERT HINTZE - - - - - - - - - - - El Paso. Tex. Pi Sigma Tau AL HOLMAN - - - Spring Hill. Ala. JACK INMAN - - - - De Land, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi RAY LAMAR LANIER - Cobbtown. Ca. Delta Sigma JOHN MALONE ----- Jackson 945 ( k e BROWNELL MAXWELL - Georgetown MIKE McLAURIN - - - Hollandale Pi Kappa Alpha TOM MILLICAN - - Dinuba, Calif. WILLIAM EDWIN MOAK - Philadelphia Kappa Sigma J. P. MORGAN, JR. - - Mobile, Ala. Omicron Sigma JOE H. MORRIS, JR. - - - Jackson Sigma Alpha Epsilon CAROLYN VIRGINIA MORRISON - - Heidelberg MARJORIE MOUNCER - - - Jackson Phi Mu DOROTHY McCORMICK - - Eupora Chi Omega THIRWELL MURFEE NOLEN - - - - ------- Alexander City. Ala. Alpha Epsilon Delta WILLIAM JAMES NORVILLE, JR. - - - - - - - - - - Mobile, Ala. Delta Sigma CLYDE LEIGH PERRY - - - Jackson Chi Omega RANDOLPH PEETS, JR. - - Jackson Kappa Sigma JOHN POOLE ------ Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha LOUISE PULLEN - - - - Jackson Chi Omega R. E. RAMSEY - - - Dallas, Tex. 48 JUNIOR ei ass HARRIET REACAN - - - - Durant Beta Sigma Omicron D. A. RILEY - - - - Victoria, Tex. JOSEPH ALLEN REYNOLDS, JR. - - Montgomery, Ala. Phi Delta Theta B. S. SENG . - - - - Greenwood Kappa Sigma BILLY SHACKLEFORD - - Columbus Kappa Sigma BARBARA JEAN 5HARBRGUCH - - - ------- Holly Bluff Viking CLARENCE RICHARD SMITH, Cleveland S. T. SMITH - - - - Conv ay, Ark, PECCY STROUD ------ Louise Beta Sigma Omicron ELVA THARP ------ Lambert LADY BETTYE TIMBERLAKE, Crawford Chi Omega PEGGY TYER ------ Jackson ' Kappa Delta LODENA WALSH ----- Jackson Viking THAD M. WEBB - Garrettsville, Ohio SUZY WHITESIDE - - - - Gunnison Phi Mu SONNY WILLIAMS - - - Greenville Kappa Alpha r mi£ - ► " Cke SOPHOMORE GEORGE CAHALL ----------- President PERRY TERRELL ---------- Vice President DALE BURNHAM -------- Secretary-Treasurer George Cahall rooms in the corner room over in Whitworth with Francis Lundy; both are exceptionally good in politics and love. He put his Pi K A pin on June Dobbs and the whole campus has come to look on them as the ideal couple. He is the typical college fellow, and if the most representative boy on the campus were picked it would probably be Cahall. He never gets in a hurry, he never bothers, he always is where he is supposed to be, and yet he has a touch of imp in him that makes him have one of the most attrac- tive personalities that the Navy has brought to Millsaps. Perry Terrell, musician, Kappa Sig, and man about town, can do any- thing from play in Handel ' s " Messiah " to participate in a Sig bowery party. He is also Vice President. Cigarettes and music are his hobbies, and he is expert in the selection of either. Dale Burnham! That is one name that means something on this man ' s campus. Seldom do we see beauty, brains, wit, poise, personality, and genuine ability wrapped up in one package, but Dale is it. She has been doing things in a big way ever since her freshman year, and that is not so far back that we can ' t remember it. She now heads the Chi Omegas, an enviable position, and she likewise can do just about what she sets her mind to do. She is one of those characters that will always stand vividly out in our minds against the background of Millsaps memories. 50 CLASS The Cahall-Terrell-Burnham regime is a flying start for any class. Frances Alexander is still one of the most beautiful girls that we have ever seen, and sometimes we think she is getting prettier all of the time. Nellah Bailey married, and the wedding at the Governor ' s mansion was super. ' White magnolias were used for decoration, but the immortal " Dixie " was not played. Virginia Carmichael has centered her affection on Billy Shackleford, and thus a freshman romance endures a second year. Confidentially, this one may last much longer. Lane Van Hook is still the odd character with amazing ideas that delight everyone. Mary Ann Phillips left Millsaps for some place, we never did know exactly where. She took a K A pin in transit. Theo Stovall brings out the wolf in people, and Foozie Waring must bring out something or other sometime. Lundy soared to the head of the student body. Dillingham worried about Catherine Sadler. Sylvia Wilkins mar- ried, and Roberta Crawford became engaged. Rebecca Bufkin made eyes at a sailor, and Sally Ann O ' Brien made eyes at every- one. Toni Burton and D. T. are a part of the wonderful romances, and Dale Burnham has no less than six dates a day. 51 MELBA JO ABLES ----------- Belzoni Chi Omega JEAN ADAMS ----------- Jackson Chi Omega N. Q. ADAMS ----- Mobile, Ala. Delta Kappa Epsilon FRANCES ALEXANDER --------- Jackson Chi Omega MAMIE JEAN ANDERSEN -------- Jackson Chi Omega KITTY APPLEWHITE - - . . . Bassfield Kappa Delta NELLAH BAILEY ----------- Jackson Chi Omega CARROLL R. BALL ---------- Stringer Pi Kappa Alpha NORMA BARNES ---------- Greenwood Chi Omega ANN BRIEN ---------- Arlington, Va. Phi Mu JANNIE VEE BROOKS --------- Duncan Phi Mu BETTY JO BROWN ----------- Jackson Viking HELEN FRANCES BROWN ------- Hattiesburg Phi Mu i, r CARL J. BRYSCN ------- ' ---- Tupelo Kappa Alpha REBECCA BUFKIN ----------- Jackson Phi Mu DALE BURNHAM ----------- Magee Chi Omega TON I BURTON ----------- Moorhead Chi Omega GEORGE L. CAHALL, JR. - La Grange, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA CARMICHAEL -------- Jackson Chi Omega GLORIA CARR --------- Baton Rouge, La. JERRY MIKE COVICH - - - Biloxi Lamba Chi Alpha L. H COX, JR. --------- - Madison NELL CRAIG ------------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron ROBERTA CRAWFORD - - - - McComb Kappa Delta SOPHOMORES ETHEL MAE CROUCH --------- Madison Kappa Delta GEORGE DEMAS --------- New York, N. Y. ANN DENHAM ---------- Hattiesburg Phi Mu CLARENCE H. DENSER, JR. ------ - Jackson JOELYON DENT ------------ Grace Chi Omega CHARLES M. DILLINGHAM ------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha JUNE ECKERT ------------ Jackson Chi Omega CARRIE PEARL EVANS -------- Mendenhall Beta Sigma Omicron HOUSTON HEWES EVANS, JR. ----- - Gulfport Kappa Alpha JOHN MILTON GIORDANO ------- Jackson LUCY GERALD ------------ Leiand Kappa Delta CHARLOTTE GULLEDGE ------ Crystal Springs Chi Omega CATHERINE HAIRSTON -------- Indianola Phi Mu FANNIE HAUGHTON -------- Hattiesburg Phi Mu EMILY HENDERSON ---------- Jackson Chi Omega FRANCES HERRING - - - Grenada Beta Sigma Omicron G. R. HUFF ---------- Pulaski, Tenn. HELEN HUGHES ----------- Jackson Chi Omega W. B. HUNT ----------- Hernando Kappa Sigma LILLIAN JOHNSON ---------- Jackson Chi Omega LAEL S. JONES ----- Mobile, Ala. LOUISE JONES ----------- Mobile, Ala. SARA ELLEN JONES ---------- Tchula Phi Mu EVELYN KING Water Valley Chi Omega Zke DONALD H. KOHMAN ------- Hope, Kans. Pi Kappa Alpha EARL LINDSAY --------- Anniston, Ala. FRANCIS JEFFERSON LUNDY ----- Philadelphia Kappa Alpha MAXYNE MADDEN ----- Jackson Phi Mu PEARL MARTINDALE --------- Grenada JESSE PRUIT MATTHEWS -------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha DOT MELVIN ------------ Jackson Kappa Delta VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY -------- Jackson JAMES R. McDonald ----- Oklahoma City, Okla. Kappa Sigma JOHN M. McKEE ----------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha BESS ANN McMILLIN --------- Louisville Kappa Delta CHARLES FRED OBERKIRCH ------ Mobile, Ala. Kappa Alpha SALLY ANN O ' BRIEN ---------- Jackson Chi Omega ANNE ODOM ------------ Grenada Beta Sigma Omicron ALICE OWENS ------- Jackson Kappa Delta MADELINE PACE ---------- McComb Kappa Delta ALBERT R. PEETS, JR. -------- - Wesson Pi Kappa Alpha WARREN ROY PERSON ------ Prairie View, III. Kappa Sigma MARY ANN PHILLIPS -------- Holly Bluff Chi Omega GEORGE PITALO ----- Biloxi ERNEST RATHELL ---------- Lexington Kappa Sigma SOPHOMORES DOROTHY RAWLS ----------- Jackson M. T. REED, JR. _ - - _ Silver City Kappa Sigma HAZEL REEVES ----------- Yazoo City Viking WINNIFRED SEECERS ------- Shreveport, La. Beta Sigma Omicron HASCALL HORACE SHARP ------ Lincoln. Ala. CLIFTON SHRADER ---------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha ANN SPITCHLEY --------- Hazlehurst Kappa Delta RUFUS STAINBACK --------- Greenwood Kappa Sigma THEO STOVALL ------ Jackson Chi Omega MARY STROHECKER - - - - Jackson Phi Mu MARCENE SUMMERS -------- Vs alnut Crove Beta Sigma Omicron EVA NELL TANNEHILL --------- Jackson Phi Mu PERRY TERRELL ------------ Collins Kappa Sigma LANE VAN HOOK -------.-.. Jackson Kappa Delta DELL WALLING ----------- Florence Kappa Delta ELTON V ARING ---------- Tylertown Pi Kappa Alpha DOROTHY WEBSTER --------- Kosciusko Phi Mu JOANNA WELLS --------- Orleans, Mass. Kappa Delta JACK WHITE ------------ Jackson NELL WHITE ----------- Pelahatchie JOE WIGGINS ------------ Cruger Lambda Chi Alpha SYLVIA WILKINS ---------- Clarksdale Chi Omega MARJORIE WRIGHT ---.-..- Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Delta Zke FRESHMAN WALTER JOHNSON President JACK GILBERT Vice President MARGUERITE STANLEY Secretary Treasurer Walter Johnson from Pelahatchie is a good example of what a freshman is expected to be. He has done everything from work in the office to check in laundry for U. Z. He has been to Mexico on Dr. Dooley ' s Memorable trip; he has seen lots that he never dreamed of. The world of college has been set in his hand, and he barely knows what to do with it. He is a born politician, and was speedily elected president. If you are in need of a laugh, by all means see Walter. He has taken only the barest minimum seriously, and the rest is one great panorama of hilarity. Jack Gilbert, a Pi K A like Walter Johnson, is a seasoned sailor. He has seen action, and this campus saw lots of it after he got here. He buddied around with Billy Wright and John McKee, and wherever one was, the other three were sure to be near, just like the Parcae. Marguerite Stanley, a cute gal if you ever saw one, is one of the campus favorites. She always has some word for everybody that never fails to en- courage them. Down at the Pike house she is one of the roost rulers, and she just does beat Mrs. Johnson to the door before closing time. She is an- other person worthy of remembering. 56 CLASS Roi Andrews is singing all of the time, now. Leonard Brandon and Ben Trotter developed into Sigs extraordinary. Betty Lou Massey is possibly the greatest character in the class; the girl has marvelous abilities. Cornelia Heg ' man mourns Juraschek, but her voice still carries from one end of the campus to the other. Jean LaPrelle claims that she is not from the Bronx. Anne Henry is by far one of the most pleasing young ladies on the campus, and her name should be in your date book, Bettye Westbrook married, and the wedding caused quite a stir; it was one of those affairs that everybody was interested in seeing take place. Evan Ragiand is a swell fellow to have in a class, and this group of freshman is excel- lent in toto. Dorothy Eady, shy an d timid, is thinking about some- body, but she keeps this a secret, too. Eleanor Edwards from Can- ton is making good on the campus, and is one of the happiest folks here. The freshmen didn ' t get their heads shaved any too well this year, but after the war we ' re gonna call all of them back for it. Frank Lee is not to be forgotten; he is so genuine and sincere that the rest of us think he is a Junior at least. 57 FRESHMAN C. J. ACHEE ------------ Culfport ALICE ADAMS ------------ Canton Kappa Delta ROI ANDREWS ----------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha ELEANOR AYCOCK ---------- Jackson Phi Mu SAM BAREFIELD ---------- Hattiesburg Pi Kappa Alpha JEAN BARNES ----------- Columbia Kappa Delta JACK BARNETT ----------- Tylertown Pi Kappa Alpha C. E. BARRON. JR. -------- - Hattiesburg JOHN A. BAUER --------- Belleville, III. MERLE JACK BELSER -------- Fox, Okla. DELBERT A. BOWDEN ------- Dubuque, Iowa W. R. BOYD ------------ Joplin, Mo. MARTHA BOYKIN ---------- Belzoni LEONARD BRANDON ---------- Jackson Kappa Sigma J. E. BRATTON ------------ Tupelo MARTHA JANE BRAUN --------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron JOHN BREAZEALE ---------- Brandon: EDWARD ALLEN BROWN ------ Anmston. Ala. FLEMING LaROY BROWN ----- Jacksonville, Fla. JACK BROWN ------- Collins Kappa Sigma HELEN LAMAR BUNTE --------- Jackson Chi Omega MARJORIE BURDSAL ---------- Jackson Kappa Delta BOOTS BURNHAM ----------- Jackson Phi Mu BETTE JANE BUSH Yazoo City Kappa Delta CLASS JUANITA BUSH ------------ Jackson Phi Mu MARTINA CADENHEAD -------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron IRA CARR ------------- Jackson PECCY CARR ------------- Jackson Phi Mu KIT CARSON - _ _ Norfolk, Neb. BILLY CHAPMAN ---------- Indianola Pi Kappa Alpha MARY NASH CLEMENTS --------- Jackson HARRIS LEFLORE COLEMAN ------ Greenwood LOWREY COLLINS ----------- Laurel Pi Kappa Alpha TOMMY CONDITT ---------- Culfport Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA CONERLY ---------- Jackson FLOSS E. CONINE ----------- Jackson TOMMIE LOU CONNER -------- Indianola Phi Mu ROBERT P. CONNOLLY ------- Tonopah, Nev. BEN CRAICIN ---------- Hattiesburg RAYMOND ARCHER CRAIG ------- Jackson Kappa Alpha LEWIS C. CRAWFORD -------- Salvia. Kan, GENE CROTCHETT --------- Nevada, Mo. JULIAN E. CROWELL -------- West Point Kappa Alpha PATRICIA CURRY ---------- Jackson Kappa Delta ROBERT J. DANA ---------- Ord, Neb. HARPER DAVIS --...- Clarksdale SARAH DEAL ------------ Jackson Phi Mu RICHARD CHARLES DELIN ------ Jamaica, N. Y. FRESHMAN WALTER DeLOACH --------- Kosciusko Kappa Sigma CLARENCE JAMES DeROO Hawthorne, N. J. R. H. DIXON ---------- Wichita, Kan. R. W. DONALDSON -------- The Grove, Tex. A. R. DOSSMAN --------- Opelousas, La. CHRISTINE DROKE - - Jackson Chi Omega DOROTHY EADY --------- Crystal Springs ELEANOR EDWARDS ----- Canton Kappa Delta MILDRED ELLIS ------------ Lyon Chi Omega ROBERT O. FALES -------- Needham. Mass. ROLLIN FITTS ------------ Jackson Chi Omega SARA FORMAN - - Indianala Phi Mu CLARA FOY ------------- Jackson WOODY FRANTZ --------- Coplay, Penn. Kappa Sigma LOIS ANN FRITZ ----------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron R. A. GALLAGHER -...---. Sioux Falls, S. D. LOUIS E. GARDNER ---------- McComb CHARLINE GERRARD ---------- Canton Kappa Delta FLORA GIARDINA ------------ Flora JACK GILBERT ---------- Selma, Calif. Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT A. GODBOLD --------- HollywoodI BILLY DYER GOLDEN ---------- Jacksoro HELEN GOLLNER --------- Kokomo, IrrdL Beta Sigma Omicron JULIA GOODMAN - - Jack am Phi Mu CLASS JACK CORDON --------- Lauderdale Kappa Alpha ROBERT S. CRAY -------- Hot Springs, Ark. HAROLD M. CRECORY ------ Plain View, Texas BILL CRESHAM ----------- Indianola HARRY WESLEY HALL --------- Natchez ROBERT HAMBLIN ----------- Tupelo BOB HAMILTON ----------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA HAMMER ---------- Jackson Phi Mu R. C. HARRIS ------------- Jackson ALMON C. HARTSON ----- North Bergen, N. J. CORNELIA HECMAN -------- Holly Bluff Kappa Delta ANNE HENRY ------------ Jackson Phi Mu BILLY HERRING ---------- Lexington Kappa Sigma R. C. HOFFMAN, --------- Collinsville. III. BETTIE HARRELL ----------- Jackson Phi Mu JAMES F. HUDSON --------- Bruno, Ark. WALTER JOHNSON -------- Pelahatchie Pi Kappa Alpha DOT JONES ------------ Grenada Chi Omega LESTER KENNETH JONES -------- Natchez JACK J. JOSEPH --------- Greenville, 111. LLOYD A. KAISER, JR. -------- - Natchez JACK R. KEARNEY -------- New Orleans, La. ELAINE KEARY ------------ Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron ROBERT J. KIRBY ----------- Natchez 1P FRESHMAN ROY KIRKPATRICK --------- Clarksdale Kappa Sigma JOHN B. KUSZEJ --------- Warren, R, I. Pi Kappa Alpha GUY C. KYNERD ---------- Meridian GEORGE L. LAMMONS ------- Lexington, Ky. RUTH LANCLEY ---------- Louisville Beta Sigma Omicron , ROBERT W LaPLANTE ------- Marlowe, N. Y. JEAN LaPRELLE ---------- Jackson WAYNE J. LaRUE ------- Oklahoma City, Okla. CHARLES F. LAY -------- Gibsonburg, Ohio ROBERT E. LINDHOLM ------ Hutchinson, Kan. Kappa Alpha WILLIAM W. LOYD, JR. ------ - Greenwood CHARLOTTE LUCKETT --------- Belzoni Kappa Delta HENRY G. LUTRICK. JR. ------- - Florence VIRGINIA LYONS ---------- Pascagoula Phi Mu JACK V. MADISON ----------- Biloxi LLOYD MARCHMAN ------- San Benito, Texas HARRY F. MARTIN ---------- Meridian BETTY LOU MASSEY -------- Meridian Chi Omega JULIA FAY MAYO ----------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron ANNE MILLER ------------ Belzoni Phi Mu A. P. MILLER, JR. --------- - Columbus Kappa Sigma HELENE MINYARD ----------- Jackson Kappa Delta LARRY MONCUS ---------- Waco, Texas CHARLES R. MORRIS ------ Los Angeles, Calif. Kappa Alpha CLASS p. L. MOSELEY ----------- Meridian MARY ELIZA MURPHY --------- Jackson Kappa Delta MARY RUTH MURPHY --------- Jackson Viking ADELE McCAFFERTY ---------- Winona Chi Omega GEORGE L. McCLURE ----- Mountain Home. Ark. STUART McDonald ------- Smackover. Ark. MARIE McEWEN ----------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron LESLIE NANCE ---------- Marfa, Texas THOMAS S. NASON ---------- Jackson BETTY NICHOLS ----------- Jackson Kappa Delta MYRA NICHOLS ----------- Jackson Phi Mu ROSEMARY NICHOLS --------- Jackson Phi Mu BRUCE K. NICHOLSON ------- Havana, Cuba JAMES F. NOBLE. JR. ------- - Brookhaven Kappa Sigma HENRY W. O ' BAUCH ------- Staunton. Va, LEWIS C. ODOM. JR. ------- - Mobile. Ala. JOHN C. PFRIMMER ------- Springhill, Ala. A. M. PHILLIPS ----------- Lexington Kappa Sigma JACK PHILLIPS --------- Holly Bluff Kappa Alpha E. D. PITTS ---------- Pensacola, Fla. PERCY POWERS ----------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha EVAN RAGLAND ----------- Jackson Kappa Alpha EDMAN J. RATHKE ------- Santa Ana, Calif. Pi Kappa Alpha MARY ANNETTE RAWLS -------- Columbia Beta Sigma Omicron 0 4f ; . air c m m e FRESHMAN VIRGINIA REHFELDT --------- Jackson GEORGE M. ROZZELL ------- Texarkana, Texas Sigma Chi W. E. RUMMELHOFF - - - Oak Park. III. HUBERT LOWERY RUSH. JR. ------ - Meridian Kappa Alpha CATHERINE SADLER ---------- Jackson Kappa Delta WANDA JEANNE SANDERS ------- Sanatorium Kappa Delia J. W. SCRUGGS --------- Little Rock, Ark. MARY NELL SELLS ---------- Jackson Viking C. E. SILVERBLATT --------- Clarksdale Kappa Sigma V ILLIAM DUCKETT SIMMONS ------ Natchez JOHN D. SKIDMORE --------- Paris. Texas MILAM SKINNER ------------ luka LESTER V . SMITH ------ Corpus Christi, Texas W. O. SPAETH ---------- Parkin, Ark. W. C. SPRADLIN - - - - - Brooks, Ga. MIRIAM STAMPS ---------- McComb Chi Omega ELBERT J. STANLEY ------- Hot Springs, Ark. MARGUERITE STANLEY --------- Grenada Beta Sigma Omicron WILLIAM L. STARK ------- Cincinnati. Ohio CARROLL STEEN ----------- Jackson HAZEL STEEN ------------ Jackson M. M. STEWART --------- Graham, Texas WALTER STOKES. Ill -------- - Greenville Kappa Alpha GEORGE STURM ------------ Biloxi Kappa Sigma I -4r CLASS WENDELL LEE SUTTLE -------- Lyons, Kan. KIRK TAYLOR ------------ Jackson Kappa Alpha GEORGE E. THOMAS -------- St. Joseph. La. WESLEY L. THOMAS ------- Corn Rapids, Iowa LORENE THORNTON ---------- Jackson Kappa Delta MARY ELIZABETH TINGLE -------- Jackson Phi Mu JACK CARROL TOLER, JR. - - - - - Baton Rouge, La. JACKIE TOUCHSTONE ------ Port Arthur, Texas ' BEN TROTTER. JR. ---------- - Jackson Kappa Sigma MARGARET VANDIVER --------- Jackson Phi Mu HAROLD LAWRENCE VINCENT - - - Higginson, Ark. MARTHA WAGGONER -------- Mathiston Kappa Delta OWEN WALKER --------- Huffman, Ark. HILMA WALLING ---------- Florence Kappa Delta ALFRED L. WATSON --------- Columbus Kappa Alpha THOMAS H. WATTS, JR. ------- - Columbia PEGGY WEPPLER ----------- McComb Chi Omega BETTYE WESTBROOK ---------- Jackson Phi Mu HAROLD H. WHITE, JR. -------- - Laurel Kappa Sigma DUKE WILLIAMS, JR. ------- - Yazoo City Kappa Alpha MARION WILLIAMS ---------- Pinola CAROLINE WILSON ---------- Jackson Kappa Delta CHARLES N. WRIGHT -------- Bassfield Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM M. YANDELL, JR. ------ - Vance Kappa Sigma JOSEPHINE YOUNG --------- Booneville Phi Mu SNAPS 66 SNAPS 67 BEAUTIES 68 JEAN E. PFAU AND EARLENE R. ROZAR " Cke BEAUTY SELECTORS TWO WAVES RANKED OUR BEAUTIES After much effort, these two were finally persuade d to rank our beauties. Millsaps College has always had a campus full of beauties, and these pages will bear that out. One of the most difficult of all jobs concerned in the production of an annual is the selection of the beauties and consequent ranking. Most people hesitate to tell one lady that she is prettier than another, but these brave Waves fearlessly decided! 71 yniss d)olUe yylcCyormick n nLss (Zoni Jjurion Mlss ane Jjobbs 74 1 Jibs Jfarjorie OYnqld ,vJ ynlss C lieo StovaLL 76 Miss Virginia Carmichael Miss Charlotte Gulledge Miss Ann Henry Miss Betty Nichols Miss Frances Alexander , ' « W ' ! ' " :: ' V: Miss Louise Miller Miss Dale Burnham Miss Dot Melvin ..,. " Miss Clyde Leigh Perry Miss Dell Walling Miss Joelyon Dent Miss Kitty Applewhite Miss Mary Elizabeth Tingle " wmitti " Miss Marguerite Stanley Miss Evelyn King Miss Dorothy Raynham Miss Charline Gerrard Sife ' t ' iJjAll- Miss Jean Barnes Miss Nell White Miss Eva Nell Tannehill HONORARIES 86 € y 4t ! t ' •lii. mSF ,v?ti ; . ' :«»■-.«? .IT ' ■ -jiLiC..- , -». „ i «- -|y)|g. ' -- ■ - .: mi. ,»■» « , ' i ' tiilt " ' W " ' " " i-,«?- ' ■ Kif % (Professor J. REESE LIN As we record our honoraries we think first of Professor Lin. His many years of tireless service to Millsaps have won him a place of honor in the memories of all who know him. He is the first that the returning alumnus will ask about. As Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and History he exerts a profound influence on our thoughts and methods. His wisdom is timeless. 89 DuBrovener, Taylor, Calloway, Malone, Exum, Moore, Sanders, White. KIT KAT Kit-Kat, the oldest honorary on the campus, is the group of literati that defy all definition. It is impossible to record the many rich conversations, criticisms, and suppers that this group carries on. To those who know Kit Kat no explanation is needed, and to those who do not know no explanation is possible. ' MEMBERSHIP. KINCHEN W. EXUM ------------ Secretary JEAN M. CALLOWAY PROF. A. C. SANDERS ZACH TAYLOR DR. M. C. WHITE RALPH J. DuBROVENER DR. ROSS H. MOORE JOHN MALONE 90 CHI DELTA Being the sister organization of Kit Kat has given Chi Delta a big tradi- tion! Their programs are usually good, either in poetry or prose, and the highlight of the year is the joint meeting with Kit Kat. No one ever knows what might happen at one of these sessions, and the least expected usually does. The entire group is worthy, and their contributions develop the Millsaps literary atmosphere. MEMBERSHIP FRANCES ALEXANDER ANN BRIEN BETTY BRIEN JANNIE VEE BROOKS MILDRED DYCUS MARGARET CASK IN MAXINE HARPER PRISCILLA M. NEAL LADY BETTYE TIMBERLAKE ALMA ZENFELL ■MISS ELIZABETH CRAIG MRS. MARGUERITE GOODMAN DEAN MARY B. STONE MISS VIRGINIA THOMAS Alexander, A. Brien, B. Brien, Brcoks, Dycus, Caskin. Harper, Neal, Tirriberlake. Brien, Cavett, Conner, Crubbs, Mayo, McCormack, Murphy, Posey, Raynham, Reeves, Stroud, Timberlake, Tyer, Wasson. SIGMA LAMBDA These girl campus leaders realize that it is up to them to start drives of various descriptions on the campus. One of these was an auction that netted over a thousand dollars in War Bonds and stamps. When they " strongly re- commend " that a certain thing be done it is not long before they see it in visible execution. MEMBERSHIP SARAH ELIZABETH BRIEN CLARA PORTER CAVETT LADY RACHEL CONNER MARIE CRUBBS MARY ANNA MAYO SUE McCORMACK MARJORIE MURPHY SARAH KATHLEEN POSEY DOROTHY RAYNHAM NINA HAZEL REEVES PECCY STROUD LADY BETTYE TIMBERLAKE PEGGY TYER JULIA U ASSON MISS ELIZABETH CRAIG MRS. W. F. GOODMAN DEAN MARY B. STONE 92 THETA NU SIGMA With all of the sciences for their field this group has many interests. They can tell you about the stars, and can also tell you how you are able to see them. One usually gets lost in a welter of the scientific in their presence, but they, at least, are calm and assured about their worthy activities. MEMBERSHIP CARROLL BALL BETTY BRIEN, Sec.-Treas. JAMES CALLOWAY CLARENCE DENSER THAD DOCGETT ADENE HURST MARY ANNA MAYO ED MOAK WAUDINE NELSON HARRIET REACAN, Pres. WINNIFRED SEECERS JULIA WASSON JOE WIGGINS DR. J. B. PRICE DR. B. E. MITCHELL DR. J. A. FINCHER DEAN W. E. RIECKEN DR. J. M. SULLIVAN PROF. C. L. HARRELL PROF. C. B. GALLOWAY Ball, Brien. Calloway, Denser, Hurst, Mayo, Moak, Nelson, Reagan, Seegers, Wasson, Wiggins. 93 Gov. Bailey, Calloway, Exum, Prof. King, Dr. Moore. Morrrs, Newell. Dean Riecken, Dr. Smith. Taylor. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA ODK, National Leadership Society for Men, has demanded national re- spect since its founding in 1914. The circular gold key is seen on the person of all who have ever been initiated, and it speaks for the worth of the organi- zation. The barbecue at Dr. Smith ' s and the subsequent initiation of Gov- ernor Bailey was the brightest spot of this year ' s many activities. Dr. Ross Moore is the National Treasurer. This is the most widely known honorary on our campus, and to be a member is to deserve respect. MEMBERSHIP HON. THOMAS L. BAILEY JOE H. MORRIS Governor of Mississippi H. T. NEWELL. JR. JEAN M. CALLOWAY, Pres. Alumnus Advisor KINCHEN W. EXUM, V-Pres. DEAN Wm. E. RIECKEN PROF. ALVIN J. KING PRES. M. L. SMITH DR. ROSS H. MOORE. Sec.-Treas. ZACH TAYLOR 94 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA This national pre-med honorary contains our doctors-to-be. Their medical interests, stimulated by speakers who have gained distinction in the medical field, often result in such things as a tour of the Foster General Hospital. The U. S. Government even sent trucks for them to ride in on this trip. This is the last group to turn out the light in the laboratory, and when they do get to bed, if ever, it must be with dreams of all the nerves and bones that animals contain. Aristotle would be green at their knowledge of science. CARROLL BALL JANNIE VEE BROOKS CLARA PORTER CAVETT THAD DOGCETT ADENE HURST CAROL LOWE ED MOAK INMAN MOORE S. M. NOLEN WINNIFRED SEECERS MEMBERSHIP BARRY SENG ELVA THARP LODENA WALSH ELTON WARING JULIA WASSON , JOE WIGGINS DR. J. A. FINCHER PROF. C. B. GALLOWAY DR. J. B. PRICE DEAN W. E. RIECKEN DR. J. M. SULLIVAN Ball, Brooks, Cavett, Hurst, Lowe, Moak, Nolen, Seegers, Seng, Tharp, Walsh, Waring, Wasson, Wiggins. - 95 Beaird, Calloway, Cavett, Ratliff, Reagan, Riley, Taylor WM, BEAIRD JEAN CALLOWAY CLARA PORTER CAVETT THAD DOCCETT CORNELIA RATLIFF ETA SIGMA MEMBERSHIP HARRIET REAGAN D. A. RILEY ZACH TAYLOR ALMA ZENFELL MRS. H. W. COBB DR. J. A. FINCHER DEAN A. P. HAMILTON DEAN WM. E. RIECKEN DR. R. H. MOORE PRES. M. L. SMITH ELEANOR AYCOCK BETTY BR I EN KINCHEN W. EXUM, Pres. National Treas. ROTHWELL KINNEY Dr. A. P. Hamilton, E. Aycock, B. Brien, K. W. Exum, M. Murphy, D. A. Riley. Elva Tharp. ETA SIGMA PHI MEMBERSHIP MARJORIE MURPHY D. A. RILEY WARREN I. SMITH ELVA THARP MRS. H. W. COBB MRS. ARMAND COULLET MISS ELIZABETH CRAIG MRS. W. F. GOODMAN DR. A. P. HAMILTON PROF. A. G. SANDERS PRES. M. L. SMITH 96 Applewhite, Boger, Boyles. Brown. Conner, Crubbs, Harper, Maxwell, McCormack, Mayo. Posey. Reagan. Stuckenschneider, Stroud. KAPPA DELTA EPSILON This professional education sorority is the result of the interest of Professor Haynes. It seeks to encourage professional ideals, high stan- dards of scholastic attainment, and a spirit of mutual helpfulness. SARA JANE APPLEWHITE MARTHA BOCER ALICE BOYLES ALMA BROWN RACHEL CONNER MARIE CRUBBS MAXINE HARPER BROWNELL MAXWELL MEMBERSHIP SUE McCORMACK MARY ANNA MAYO SARAH K. POSEY HARRIET REAGAN EMMA CENE STUCKENSCHNEIDER PECCY STROUD MARY JOHN WHITWORTH ALMA ZENFELL PROF. R. R. HAYNES 97 Carr, DuBrovener, DeMouey, Caskin, Crubbs, Neal, Pool, Whiteside. • PI KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta, a forensic honorary, and the debating teams have carried off high honors for Millsaps College more than once. They spend long hours in figuring out what the opposing side will use as points in the debate, and their success in this divination is almost psychic. Mock trials give them opportunity to do some clear reasoning, and when some of them enter legal work it will prove of great value to them. MEMBERSHIP Pi Kappa Delta MARIE CRUBBS PRISCILLA M. NEAL JOHN POOLE ALMA ZENFELL Debating PEGGY CARR MARSHALL DeMOUEY RALPH DuBROVENER MARGARET CASKIN JOHN POOLE SUE WHITESIDE LESTER WILKES ALMA ZENFELL FACULTY MEMBERS PROF. ROLF E. WUBBLES DR. 0. S. DOOLEY 98 SNAPS 99 B I G SHOTS Jean Calloway, Pres. of Pi KA, ODK, Senior Class, and piano player extraordinary. Betty Brien, participant in extracurriculars. Kinchen Exum, Pres. of Eta Sigma Phi, editor of Bobashela, V-Pres. of ODK., and National Treasurer of Eta Sigma Phi. Joe Wroten, Head Sig. Wilson Ray, Christian Leader. Zach Taylor, leading Kappa Alpha, and runner of campus life. Ben Trotter, Singing Freshman with Big Ideas. 100 •. Marie Crubbs, BWOC. Houston Evans, Sonny Williams, and Jack Bryson. all outstanding Kappa Alphas. Lady Bettye Timberlake, Business Manager of the Bobashela, and Dale Burnham, Cay Nineties Queen, Chi Omega No. I, and general campus favorite. Kitty Applewhite, Sap Shipley, and Cornelia Ratliff, Potentates of the Pi KA house. Marjorie Wright, known for beauty. Lammelia Coza, Little Theatre devotee, and Louise Pullen, the girl that is nothing short of brilliant. Dell Walling, known from Montezuma to Tripoli for her eyes. BIC SHOTS NOT SHOWN FRANCIS LUNDY PEGGY TYER JOHN POOLE WALTER JOHNSON MARJORIE MOUNGER Ok RARE CHARACTERS Lammelia Coza, an unusual personality. Foozey Waring, an awfu by-product of science. Elizabeth Shipley, stray Creek and true philosopher. Cornelia Ratliff and Rathke, frequently seen at th« Pike House and elsewhere. Colonel Kinchen Exum, CSA, last antebellum humanist, and defender of classics. Suzy Whiteside, Phi Mu ball of fire, and known all over the nation. Cornelia Hegman, the girl with the far-carrying voice and Juraschek. This white dog, a true Millsaps spirit, was a character in a real sense to both Navy and civilian students. • 102 Dale Burnham, fit companion for a desert isle. Jack Barnett, he writes to Eleanor Roosevelt. Sonny Wil- liams and Lady Bettye Timberlake, how long must we wait? Sam Barefield, the one on whose shoulders so much tradition is being placed with confidence. He will be the head man on the campus before many moons, a progressive Methodist. Louise Pullen, can it be that you, like Alexander, are looking for new worlds to conquer? U. Z. Hathorne, keeper of the money bags and great signer of the check book. Flow- er Pot of Flora, a young lady with a way about her that grows on you. • 103 €L GREEKS 104 ■mm % , ,■ w ■wir : Bff " • i» Jk ' ) ' T Achee, Beaird, Covich, Dillingham, Coldwin, Gregory, Jones, Matthews. Poole, Powers, Shrader, Stokes, Touch- stone, White. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Theta Eta Zeta With characters like John Poole, Prof. Wubbles. and Hunter Stokes fill- ing the ranks this chapter has nothing to fear from whatever may come. It is a thoroughly versatile group that has always supplied leader in the campus activity. MEMBERSHIP C. J. ACHEE WILLIAM BEAIRD JERRY COVICH CHARLES DILLINGHAM BILLY COLDWIN HAROLD GREGORY BUDDY JONES JESSE MATTHEWS JOHN POOLE PERCY POWERS CLIFTON SHRADER HUNTER STOKES JACK TOUCHSTONE JACK WHITE OSCAR S. DOOLEY. Ph.D. R. E. WUBBLES, M.A. ROBERT WILLIAMS 107 CHI OMEGA Chi Delta Chapter of Chi Omega has long been in the limelight for several good reasons. With such members as Dale Burnham, Virginia Carmichael, Helen Bunte, Mrs. Cavett, and " Tio ToVail " it has a reason to be proud. Charlotte Gulledge finally took Randolph Peets ' Sig pin, and this made some of the rest bolder. Christine Droke is stepping into the shoes of those who have been campus personalities, and without Lady Bettye Timberlake this book would still be only in theory. Emily Henderson and Frances Alexander are symbolic of Chi Omega, a union of personality and brains. MEMBERSHIP FRANCES ALEXANDER MAMIE JEAN ANDERSEN CREATH ARMSTRONG NELLAH POPE BAILEY NORMA BARNES HELEN BUNTE DALE BURNHAM TON I BURTON VIRGINIA CARMICHAEL CLARA PORTER CAVETT JOELYON DENT CHRISTINE DROKE JUNE ECKERT MILDRED ELLIS ROLLIN FITTS LAMMELIA GOZA CHARLOTTE GULLEDGE EMILY HENDERSON BETTY HENRY HELEN HUGHES ELIZABETH ANN HUGHES BETTY HEWES MITTIE HIX DOROTHY JONES LIL JOHNSON REBAL JULIENNE EVELYN KING BETTY LOU MASSEY ADELE MaCAFFERTY DOTTIE McCORMACK SALLIE ANNE O ' BRIEN CLYDE LEIGH PERRY BILLIE CLAUDE PIERCE MARY ANN PHILLIPS LOUISE PULLEN VIRGINIA SHERMAN MIRIAM STAMPS THEO STOVALL ALICE TAYLOR LADY BETTYE TIMBERLAKE SYLVIA V ILKINS PEGGY WEPPLER 108 fl Adams Alexander Andersen . k Bailey ' B Barnes iW Bunte 1 P, Burnham Burton ' ' » y .Mf Carmichael Mt r Cavort Wjjoi Dent ▼ Droke Fckert Ellis Fitts Coza Culledge Henderson Hix Hughes Jones Johnson King Massey McCafferty McCormack O ' Brien Perry Phillips Pullen Sherman Stamps Stovall Timberlake Wilkins Weppler 109 PHI MU Epsilon Chapter of Phi Mu, oldest sorority, has long been one of the bulwarks of Millsaps Spirit. With characters like the Briens, Lady Rachael Conner, June Dobbs, Julia Goodman, and Susie Whiteside no one could doubt this! Their attraction to the Naval and Marine Unit has not bsen surprising, and those boys have really set out after them, if you don ' t believe it. look at these scattered snapshots showing their ac- tivities at Battlefield park and on the campus. ELEANOR AYCOCK MARTHA BOCER ANN BRIEN ELIZABETH BRIEN JANNIE VEE BROOKS HELEN FRANCES BROV N REBECCA BUFKIN BOOTS BURNHAM JUANITA BUSH PEGGY CARR RACHAEL CONNER TOMMY LOU CONNER SARAH DEAL ANN DENHAM JUNE DOBBS SARAH FOREMAN JULIA GOODMAN CATHERINE HAIRSTON VIRGINIA HAMMER MAXINE HARPER BETTIE HARRELL MEMBERSHIP FANNIE HAUGHTON ANN HENRY SARA ELLEN JONES VIRGINIA LYONS MAXINE MADDEN MAUDE ELLA MAJURE MARY ANNA MAYO ANNE MILLER CAROLYN V. MORRISON MARJORIE MOUNGER DOROTHY REED VIRGINIA REHFELDT MARY STROHECKER EMMA GENE STUCKENSCHNEIDER EVA NELL TANNEHILL MARY ELIZABETH TINGLE MARGARET VANDIVER DOROTHY WEBSTER BETTY U ESTBROOK SUSIE Vv ' HITESIDE JOSEPHINE YOUNG no Aycock Boger A. Brien E. Brien Brooks Brown Bufkin Burnharn Bush Carr Conner T. Conner Deal Denham Foreman Goodman Hairston Hammer Harper Harrell Haughton Henry Jones Lyons Madden Majure Mayo Miller Morrison Mounger ' J ' Rehfeldt Strohecker Stuckenschneider Tannehill Tingle Vandiver Webster Westbrook Whiteside Young 111 KAPPA DELTA Kitty Applewhite, Lucy Gerald, Bonnie Griffin, Louise Miller, and Sara Kathleen Posey form sort of an old guard in the minds of the students when we think of Mu Chapter. Long noted for beauty. Kappa Delta has kept this reputation alive and has not neg- lected the scholastic part of its development. Roberta Crawford took an engagement ring, much to the sor- row of several aspirants, and this surprise is one of the year ' s many. Kappa Delta has produced leaders m all fields; to call the roll is to summarize Millsaps College. MEMBERSHIP ALICE ADAMS KITTY APPLEWHITE FLORA MAE ARANT JEAN BARNES ALMA ELIZABETH BROWN MARJORIE BURDSAL BETTYE BUSH ROBERTA CRAWFORD ETHEL MAE CROUCH PATRICIA CURRY ELEANOR EDWARDS LUCY GERALD CHARLINE CERRARD BONNIE GRIFFIN MARIE GRUBBS CORNELIA HECMAN JANE HENRY ELIZABETH HORTON JEAN MORRIS HOLTON CAROL LOWE CHARLOTTE LUCKETT DOT MELVIN LOUISE MILLER HELENE MINYARD BESS ANN McMillan MARY ELIZA MURPHY BETTY NICHOLS ALICE OWENS MADELINE PAGE SARA KATHLEEN POSEY CORNE LIA RATLIFF DOROTHY RAYNHAM ELLEN ROBINSON CATHERINE SADLER WANDA JEANNE SANDERS ANN SPITCHLEY JEANNE STEVENS LORENE THORNTON PEGGY TYER LANE VANHOOK DELL WALLING HILMA WALLING MARTHA WAGGONER JOANNA WELLS CAROLYN WILSON MARJORIE WRIGHT -K 1 12 Adams Applewhite Arant Barnes Brown Burdsal Bush Crawford Crouch Curry Edwards Gerald Cerrard Cnffin Crubbs Hegman Henry Helton Lowe Luckett Melvin Miller Minyard McMillan Murphy Nichols Owens Page Posey Ratliff Raynham Sadler Sanders Spitchley Thornton Tyer VanHook Walling, D. Walling, H. Waggoner Wells Wilson Wright 13 BETA SIGMA OMICRON Marguerite Stanley has been the jewel in Alpha Zeta ' s crown this year, and Carrie Pearl Evans has run her a close second in popularity. Their chapter rooms on Oakwood street are furnished so well that you want a second invitation, and the whole set up is Ritzy. Harriet Reagan has led off with honours in almost everything, and Margaret Caskin is the head Amazon in Chi Delta. MEMBERSHIP SARA JEAN APPLEWHITE ALICE BOYLES MARTHA JANE BRAUN MARTINA CADENHEAD NELLE CRAIC BILLIE JANE CROUT MILDRER DYCUS CARRIE PEARL EVANS LOIS ANN FRITZ HELEN COLVER MARGARET CASKIN FRANCES HERRING ELAINE KEARY RUTH LANCLEY JULIA FAY MAYO SUE McCORMACK MARIE McEWEN PRISCILLA M. NEAL DOY PAYNE ANETTE RAWLS HARRIET REAGAN WINNIFRED SEEGERS MARGUERITE STANLEY PEGGY STROUD JULIA WASSON MARIAN WILLIAMS MARY JOHN WHITWORTH 114 i ' T f " Applewhite Eoyles BraurT Cadenhead Craig Crout Dycus Evans Fritz Casl in Herring Coiner Keary Langley Mayo McCormack McEwen Neal Rawls Reagan Seegers Stanley Stroud Summers Wasson 115 KAPPA ALPHA Alpha Mu Chapter lives up to the grand old south- ern tradition of " Dieu et les Dames. " Francis Lundy, President of the Student Body, and Zach Taylor, BMOC, are the two outstanding examples, although there are others that contend for the honour. The K A ' s are a likeable lot, and there is no wonder on anyones part that they are so very well liked on and off the campus. They are fair and lucky in politics and love, and you ' re crazy if you don ' t admit this is about the best combination at Millsaps. Zach kept up the scholarship, unaided or not. MEMBERSHIP JACK BRYSON JIMMY COLMER TOMMY CONDITT RAYMOND CRAIG JULIAN CROWELL JOE DRILLING HOUSTON EVANS PHILLIP KING BOB LINDHOLM FRANCIS LUNDY BOB MORRIS BILLY MORRISON CHARLES OBERKERCH JACK PHILLIPS EVAN RACLAND CHARLES SOURS V ALTER STOKES KIRK TAYLOR ZACH TAYLOR LAVv RENCE Vv ' ATSON DUKE WILLIAMS SONNY WILLIAMS GENE WOODWARD -K 116 bryson Condi tt Craig Crowe II Evans Lindholm Lundy Morris Oberkerch Phillips Ragland Stokes K. Taylor Z. Taylor Watson D. Williams S. Williams 117 PI KAPPA ALPHA Since its founding at the University of Virginia in 1868 Pi Kappa Alpha has moved in national concepts. Alpha- lota chapter has embodied the faith of the founders in that it has been composed of the best of all types. It has produced pianists like Calloway and humanists like Exum ; it has fostered athletics and has led the entire campus in membership in the honoraries. On the seventy-fifth anniversary of Dr. George Sum- mey ' s initiation this chapter went in a large group, and this was justification of its nationwide interest. If a fraternity can be a living influence for seventy-five years in a man ' s life it must have much to back it up. The campus scholarship award is an annual honor. They produced all four class presidents. MEMBERSHIP ROI ANDREWS CARROLL BALL SAM BAREFIELD JACK BARNETT GEORGE CAHALL JAMES CALLOWAY JEAN CALLOWAY BILLY CHAPMAN HARRIS COLEMAN LOWERY COLLINS FLOYD COLLINSWORTH TRULY CONERLY THAD DOCGETl BOB FERGUSON GILBERT FRYANT RANDLE FURR BOB HAMILTON JACK JACKSON WALTER JOHNSON E. JOHNSON JURASCHEK JOHNNY KUSEJ DON KOHMAN BILLY LLOYD JIM McGRANE JOHN McKEE MIKE McLAURIN ROSS O ' BANNION ALBERT RAY PEETS ED RATHKE OTIS SINGLETARY W. C. SPRADLIN HAROLD THOMAS PETE WALKER ELTON WARING JAMES WEBB BILLY WRIGHT CHARLES WRIGHT CARL WINSTEAD 118 Andrews Ball Barefield Barnett Cahall Calloway Calloway Chapman Coleman Collins Exum Gilbert Hamilton Jackson Johnson Juraschek Kusei Kohman Lloyd McKee McLaurin Peets Rathke Spradler Waring C. Wright 119 KAPPA SIGMA Alpha Upsllon of Kappa Sigma is a power on the campus. Kappa Sigma claims some connection to some society in the Middle Ages when guilds and as- sociations were getting their impetus in the humanistic movement. Randolph Peets and Billy Shackleford typify the Sig that the campus has come to know down through the chapters long eventful history. The Sigs are good sports and their unity is enviable. MEMBERSHIP D. BOWDEN L. BRANDON J. BROWN J. BRYAN STANLEY CARPENTER H. DAVIS W. DeLOACH R. H. DIXON E. C. ELVv OOD F. H. FRANTZ THOMAS CARRAWAY J. HAMPTON B. HERRING W. B. HUNT L. KIRKPATRICK CUS KYNERD L. LAMMONS W. LaRUE CURTIS MACEE J. McDonald A. p. MILLER ED MOAK J. MADISON T. NASON JACK NOBLE RANDOLPH PEETS W. PERSON A. M. PHILLIPS R. E. RAMSEY ERNEST RATHELL M. T. REED J. RHODES BILLY SHACKLEFORD C. E. SILVERBLATT B. SENG S. T. SMITH RUFUS STAINBACK M. M. STUART G. STURM PERRY TERRELL BEN TROTTER PARKER WALKER T. WATTS H. WHITE JOE WROTEN Wm. YANDELL 120 Bowden Brandon Brown Bryan Davis DeLoach Dixon Elwood Frantz Carraway Hampton Herring Hunt Kirkpatrick Kynerd Lammons LaRue Magee McDonald Miller Moak Nason Noble Peets Person Phillips Ramsey Rathell Reed Shackleford Silverblatt Seng Smith Stainback Stuart Sturm Terrell Trotter Walker White Wroten Yandell 121 ACTIVITIES 122 Bnen. Burnham. Calloway, Exum, Jones, Lundy. Posey, Ray. Reeves, Reagan, Stovall. Tyer. STUDENT EXECUTIVE BOARD This group is a result of the constitution of the Student Body. It governs all the affairs of the students, serving as a last resort for the ironing out of any difficulty that seldom arises. It places your Student Activities fee in the various channels where it is due to be used, and is your best friend on the campus. Being the custodian and defender of the Student Body Con- stitution, it also regulates the entire calendar of the years events. MEMBERSHIP SARAH E. BRIEN DALE BURNHAM JEAN M. CALLOWAY KINCHEN W. EXUM LAEL JONES FRANCIS LUNDY SARA KATHLEEN POSEY WILSON RAY NINA HAZEL REEVES HARRIET REAGAN THEO STOVALL PEGGY TYER 125 Barefield, Brien, Brooks, Drake, Herring, Jones, Lundy, Murphy, Posey, Ray, Riley, Schrader, Wilkins. THE CHRISTIAN COUNCIL Long thought to be the most beneficial influence on the spiritual con- cepts of the campus, the Christian Council exerts a wide influence on the molding of the Millsaps student. It fosters the Vesper Services each Sun- day afternoon and its greatest achievement is the annual Religious Emphasis Week, They usually attend conferences whenever they can, and these must be rich experiences. MEMBERSHIP SAM BAREFIELD SARAH E. BRIEN JANNIE VEE BROOKS CHRISTINE DROKE FRANCES HERRING LAEL JONES FRANCIS LUNDY SARA K. POSEY WILSON RAY MARY RUTH MURPHY D. A. RILEY CLIFTON SCHRADER SYLVIA WILKINS 126 Brown, Boger. Craig, Griffin, Culledge, Murphy, Posey, Reagan, Reeves, Stamps. Stroud, Tyer, Wasson. THE WOMAN ' S COUNCIL This is the governing body of the Co-eds at Millsaps. They determine what nights shall be late nights and just how late those nights can be. Then Ihey see to it that an orderly Co-ed system arises in the Co-eds themselves rather than from some outside authority. The Woman ' s Council wants each Co-ed to make their own rules and to realize that they must abide by themi for the good of the college. These girls are the duly elected repre- sentatives of Women ' s Rights on the campus. MEMBERSHIP HELEN BROWN MARTHA BOGER NELL CRAIG BONNIE GRIFFIN CHARLOTTE GULLEDGE MARJORIE MURPHY JULIA WASSON SARA KATHLEEN POSEr HARRIEF REAGAN HAZEL REEVES MIRIAM STAMPS PEGGY STROUD PEGGY TYER 127 Exum, Alexander. K. Applewhite, S, Applewhite, Calloway, Cavett, Cooley, Caskin, Culledge, Hart, Hix, Haughton, Kielty, Neal, Peets, Poole, Ratliff, Raynham, Riley, Shipley, Burnham, Stainback, Stokes, Timberlake. Tyer. Williams, Moore INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Here the political situation in Patagonia may be discussed, or we may speak on the Persian oil. Smith has made most of the programs into dra- matic monologues, but some of these are intensely interesting; one was on the ancestry of some banking firm in Europe (or was it Asia! ' ) Here the war is discussed, and here the peace will be written months before an un- suspecting public has an inkling about it. MEMBERSHIP DALE BURNHAM FRANCES ALEXANDER KITTY APPLEWHITE SARA JEAN APPLEWHITE JEAN CALLOWAY CLARA P. CAVETT DONALD C. COOLEY KINCHEN EXUM MARGARET CASKIN CHARLOTTE CULLEDGE EDITH HART MITTIE HIX FANNIE HAUGHTON JOHN P. KIELTY PRISCILLA M. NEAL DOY PAYNE ALMA ZENFELL RANDOLPH PEETS JOHN POOLE CORNELIA RATLIFF DOROTHY RAYNHAM D. A. RILEY ELIZABETH SHIPLEY WARREN I. SMITH RUFUS STAINBACK HUNTER STOKES LADY BETTYE TIMBERLAKE PEGGY TYER SONNY WILLIAMS DR. ROSS MOORE PROF. J. FERGUSON PROF, R. WUBBLES DR. OSCAR DOOLEY 128 Brien, Brooks, Craig. Droke, Hegman, Herring, Owens. Reagan. Reeves. Tyer, Wilkins. Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS These girls have made great progress this year, and their spirit along with their effort has been responsible. Those who do attend the Y. W. C. A, meetings have found something so worthwhile that they seldom miss a meeting, and on the appointed day you can see them all headed towards the Christian Center or Chapel. BETTY BRIEN ---------------- President SYLVIA WILKINS ------------- Vice President JANNIE VEE BROOKS ------------- Treasurer FRANCES HERRING ----------- Program Chairman ALICE OVv ' ENS ------------ Program Chairman HARRIET REAGAN ------------ Social Service NINA HAZEL REEVES ----------- Social Chairman CORNELIA HEGMAN ----------- House Chairman PEGGY TYER --------------- Foreign Affairs NELLE CRAIG ---------------- Publicity CHRISTINE DROKE --------- Campus-Church Relations 129 i ift Brooks, Harrell. Stovall, Thornton, Trotter, Westbrook, Wiggins. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist have organized and carry on a very effective program on the campus. This is a serious bunch of folks that really try to better the campus conditions whenever they can. They are an active force, worthy of respect and commendation. JANNIE VEE BROOKS ------------ President JOE WIGGINS ------------ First Vice President STANLEY CARPENTER --------- Second Vice President BETTY WESTBROOK ------------- Secretary BEN TROTTER --------------- Treasurer THEO STOVALL ------------ Social Chairman BETTY HARRELL -------------- Reporter JIM ALLEN ------------ B. T. U. Representative LORENE THORNTON ------------ Sunday School 130 f 1 S5 4| ; - «6 Barefield, Davis, Dean, Codbold, Holston, Pickett, Ray, Riley. MINISTERIAL LEAGUE As old as Millsaps College, this Ministerial League is the future minis- ters ' association. With Creek scholars like Carland Dean, travelers like Dorsey Allen, and B M O C ' s like Riley the ministry will profit. The league is always active towards the advancement of Christian Concepts on the Campus. MEMBERSHIP DORSEY ALLEN SAM BAREFIELD MARSHALL BURNETT JAMES DARBY CLIFF DAVIS CARLAND DEAN ROBERT CODBOLD STANLEY CUISELMAN JAMES HOLSTON CEORCE HARKINS LAEL JONES ROSS PICKETT NORMAN PURVIS Vv ILSON RAY D. A. RILEY 131 ,1% m-. K . Evans, Lundy, Poole, Shrader. Exum, Calloway, Wroten, Peets. MEN ' S PANHELLENIC Each fraternity elects two representatives to make rules that govern rush week, socials, and inter-fralernity relationships Men ' s Panhellenic has reached a new height in brotherhood in this past year; the fraternities are working as a unit more than ever before. They are united in purpose. REPRESENTATIVES: For Kappa Alpha: HOUSTON EVANS FRANCIS LUNDY For Pi Kappa Alpha: JEAN M. CALLOWAY KINCHEN W. EXUM For Lambda Chi Alpha: JOHN POOLE CLIFTON SHRADER For Kappa Sigma: JOE WROTEN RANDOLPH PEETS 132 v- i k ' . Brien, Craig. Crout, Denham, Griffin, Stovall, VanHook. WOMEN ' S PANHELLENIC Two representatives from each sorority govern their social plans. Its powers are judicial, social, and governmental: this year has seen able strides in these fields, and the group has worked in close harmony toward the bet- terment of the sororities. REPRESENTATIVES; For Chi Omega; THEO STOVALL VIRGINIA CARMICHAEL For Kappa Delta: LANE VANHOOK BONNIE GRIFFIN For Beta Sigma Omicron: NELLE CRAIG BILLIE JANE CROUT For Phi Mu: BETTY BRIEN ANN DENHAM 133 Jt! -- -o •! Ferguson, Applewhite, Brien, Brooks, Brown, Burnham, Craig, Dent, Griffin, Harris, Adene Hurst, Aylene Hurst, Jones, Maxwell, Mayo, McCormack, Mounger, Neal, Page, Reeves, Stroud, Summers, Walling, Wells. MAJORETTE CLUB Beauty, Brains, Brawn, and general ability is the standing order for membership in the Majorettes. Their greatest achievement is stunt night each year, and Hungry Robinson was a scream in the excellent presentation ot " Cone With the Wind " this year. Years back Bob Nichols won the coveted cup — a gallon water bucket — by developing some skit selling pink pills. This is a non-sectarian organization that boosts the Millsaps spirit. MEMBERSHIP MISS ELIZABETH FERGUSON KITTY APPLEWHITE SARAH BRIEN JANNIE VEE BROOKS BETTY JO BROWN DALE BURNHAM NELLE CRAIG JOELYON DENT BONNIE GRIFFIN REBA LOYCE HARRIS ADENE HURST AYLENE HURST SARA ELLEN JONES BROWNELL MAXWELL MARY ANNA MAYO SUE McCORMACK MARJORIE MOUNGER PRISCILLA M. NEAL MADELINE PAGE NINA HAZEL REEVES PEGGY STROUD MARCENE SUMMERS DELL WALLING JOANNA WELLS 134 Brown, B. Davis, C. Davis, Eady, Ciardina, Harris, Holston, Jones Louise Jones, Mar|orie Murphy, Mary R. Murphy, Ray, Reeves. Sells, Sharbrough, Walsh. White. THE VIKINGS The Vikings, who had their genesis in the old Empyrean society, are a social organization composed of those who do not belong to the Creek let- ter fraternities and sororities. Their meetings are secret, but their good times and spirit are the talk of the campus. This attempt to extend social activity to all students on the campus is one of the most laudable aspects of y1illsaps liberal system. MEMBERSHIP RAY ADAMS BETTY JO BROWN BERLYN STUCKEY DAVIS CLIFF E. DAVIS DOT EADY FLORA CIARDINA REBA LOYCE HARRIS JAMES HOLSTON LAEL JONES LOUISE JONES BETTY LANCDEN MARJORIE MURPHY CAROLYN McKEWEN MARY RUTH MURPHY WILSON RAY NINA HAZEL REEVES MARY NELL SELLS BARBARA SHARBROUGH LODENA WALSH NELL WHITE 135 • " Cite 19 4 4 KINCHEN EXUM Editor VIRGINIA CARMICHAEL Assistant Editor LADY BETTYE TIMBERLAKE Business Manager This 1944 Bobashela is the record of Millsaps College at war. The editors have been faced with a shortage of film, a shortage of paper, and all the ills that flesh is heir to, but at last it comes off the press. It has en- deavored to maintain the literary standards of preceding Bobashelas; it has sought to keep the faith. It has answered a million questions to the satis- faction of the askers, and it is now in lasting print. The officers of the honoraries, fraternities, and organizations are omitted this year for the first time because in the process of publication they have been changed several times to our certain knowledge. Each semester has seen new elections, and we are on three a year under the present semester division. Judge us as you will, but all of these trials entered into the publication. The staff has been splendid, and the student body and faculty have been patient. We express our gratitude for the patience that has been shown us. 136 BOB ASHELA Dr. Moore our faculty advisor, has lent the assuring hand to our endeav ors. We are grateful for his ready un- derstanding and his capable opinions. He has enriched our conferences with his wit and has improved our ideas with his wisdom. If any one person could be responsible for the 1944 Bobashela, it is Dr. Ross Moore. DR. ROSS H. MOORE PUBLICATION STAFF KINCHEN WILLIAMS EXUM ----------------- Editor VIRGINIA CARMICHAEL --------------- Assistant Editor LADY BETTYE TIMBERLAKE -------------- Business Manager DOT JONES ---------------- Assistant Business Manager PEGGY TYER ------------------- Continuity Editor ROBERTA CRAWFORD, MIKE HUSSEY, and JOHN GIORDANO - - Photographic Editors JOHN MALONE ------------------ Literary Editor NINA HAZEL REEVES ----------------- Sports Editor THEO STOVALL ------------------- Art Editor JANNIE VEE BROOKS ----------------- Class Editor 137 ZL NAVY BAND The Navy band at Millsaps can carry platoons along on marching feet and make them like it. The excellence of some of its members finds expression in the good melodies that twirl out of various instruments. Clarence Mabry is being considered for the Navy Band in Washington, D. C, so he must be fairly good to get national recognition. This musi- cal part of military is one of the organizations most dear to Millsaps, and vi henever this group of musicians rounds a curve you can rest assured that coeds and eds stop long enough to hear that last note. 138 SNAPS 139 COLLEGE MELANGE 140 iii 1 ' ■, ■■ NAVY TEAMS Never has Millsaps been more blessed with masculine might. The Navy landed, and the opposing teams melted into sawdust before the blitz hit ' em. The basketball teams have caused state-wide com- ment, and the way those balls drop in the basket makes the old grad ' s heart swell with pride. Much of the growing college interest in sports is owed to the physical prowess of the Navy. Incidentally, per- fect teamwork is going to knit a team from civilians and train- ees in football that will roll like a juggernaut over some of our very oldest and toughest rivals. Our NAVY These Navy folks are the ones in the offices. They grind out wrongs, and make the crooked the unsung heroes of any man ' s murky details of information 144 FOLKS who will make the wheels turn reports, hear complaints, right straight in general. They are war, the ones that clear up the into vital statistics. 145 Through this gate the Millsaps students pass; some have books and some do not, but all are involved in the great process of education. The posts are gifts from pre- ceding classes. The road goes upward — it is almost symbolic of the struggle that one must exert in order to reach the heights of knowl- edge. s«..= WHITWORTH HALL The Official Quarterings of the Naval Unit. U t) s e r V a I r y Here Professor Harrell traces the paths of the stars for the heavenly minded. Other planets are easily seen through the telescope, and the idea of classes late at night is not to be neglected, boys and girls! 147 CEPHUS aJ COMPANY For a very long time Cephus and the rest of those who serve at Millsaps have been one of the great institutions on the Millsaps campus. Cherry, with his mail basket and bucket of Coca-Colas, is a familiar sight in the memory of everyone. Those who are at work in the cafeteria are as much a part of college life as we are. Lula Belle down at the Pike House is a unique type. Cephus can fix the best hamburgers and coffee this side of the Mason and Dixon line, and those on the other side shouldn ' t ever attempt coffee; tea is their speed. As long as the type that Cephcis represents is a part of our lives the south will live on as a unit. 148 ' - -••■- • " ■ " --: ; ;.-- r, ; ■St : ? o ,-■■■-■--■ THE BUIE GYMNASIUM P T, Sick Bay, and Grill BURTON HALL Now a Naval Dorm WELCOME 150 U- a n J THANKS . . . . 151 4 i RAMBLER ' S CLUB This is the great group of geologists who try to figure out why the earth is. Dr. Sullivan has long been the scholarly half of the group of wanderers — and they frequently find fossils in the waste land. We never dreamed that there were shells on the campus, but Dr. Sullivan proudly exhibits them. One of the most monumental achievements at Millsaps is the great collection of relics — a result of the long eager research of Dr. Sullivan; if you are lucky you might penetrate the depths of Sullivan-Harrell and there will be found bones, rocks, speci- mens, and all the delights of a scientist. The Ramblers have long given parts of this display to school enrichment. 152 MILLSAPS PLAYERS a n J ALPHA PSI OMEGA Only the Creek dramatists could appreciate to the extent of just praise the work that Dr. White has done with plays at Millsaps. His renditions of plot cause crowds to turn out en masse and they always go away well pleased with a good performance. Crease paint, rouged men, hairy heroes, and sweet leading ladies fit into the scheme of things. This gives students an opportunity for self expression, and Millsaps has turned out some great individuals. This group keeps alive dramatic interest and the audience is between chills and guffaws. 153 MILLSAPS I S A Coeducational Liberal Arts School HIGH NATIONAL RATING CENTRAL LOCATION REASONABLE COST 154 SMDDTH FROZEN ICE CREAM MISSISSIPPI SCHOOL SUPPLY CO. 116 South Street Jackson, Mississippi SUPPLIERS TO THE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS OF MISSISSIPPI THE EMPORIUM A FINE, DEPENDABLE STORE ENJOYING THE CONFIDENCE OF MISSISSIPPIANS FOR MORE THAN 42 YEARS, SOLICITS YOUR VALUED PATRONAGE THE EMPORIUM, Jackson, Mississippi 155 This is a very brief summary — and we do mean brief. When school was opened last No- vember the Navy was doing things. Com- mander Alderman was full-steaming ahead, and the torpedoes did not bother him, either. The Navy-coed situation caused scuttlebutt to hide his head in the many dances that were held, and boy, those dances are history making af- fairs. The Navy is just as good at swinging a leg as they are at P. T. The selection of the students for Who ' s Who was no small problem for the faculty, and it was not child ' s play for the faculty to keep up with all of the hundreds of Naval regulations, either. Occasionally. Rocks and Shoals would be read among many clearings of the throat, but we do not recall any serious violations. A garbage can had the serious quality of rolling down the hall at the most unexpecetd hour, but Scuttlebutt soon stopped doing this. Mrs Cavett. Andy Dossman. and Colonel Exum all had a hand in the Bobashela. and it developed by jerks and spurts. Colonel Exum still stands when the immortal Dixie is played, and he is the last of the ante-bellum humanists. Lady Bettye Timberlake kept the check-book through it all, and each editor thanked the muses for her sweet soul. Su- y Whiteside. John Maione. Ernest Rathell. Prof. Calloway. Dale Burnham. Phil Culbertson. " Muy " Abies. " El " Mable. These folks are complete sentences, and need no punctuation. The library became modern in that it added books to fit the growing opinions of students. No great reactionary books, but the genuine great modern trends were added. Gasoline rationing hampered fraternity blow- outs, but half will never be told about the fun that was had. Imposition cannot daunt spirit, and brother, we ' ve got it. Millsaps will always live in the hearts of those who have passed out of the aisles in their caps and gowns, and it will always be the dream of many, whether their stars let them become a part of its love of philosophy or not. It has done GREAT things, and a future built on such a past will be rich indeed. BEST DRINK ON EARTH IN BOTTLES JACKSON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. VISIT MISSISSIPPI ' S MOST BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY STORE STRAUSS-S TALLIN GS 242 E. Capitol St. O ' FERRALL ' S Standard Life Building JEWELER -- WATCH REPAIRER PHONE 4-8571 ROBINSON BROTHERS PLYMOUTH and DESOTO Sales aid Service Phone 3-2741 CITY SHOE SHOP R. O. SMITH Shoes Dyed Any Color — Invisible Half Soling 315 W. CAPITOL ST. PHONE 2-2378 O. K. B ATTE DRY CLEANING 430 W. Capilol St. " If It Isn ' t 0. K., Don ' t Pay " 156 THE BEST IN TOBACCOS CORR-W ILLI AMS TOBACCO CO. Wholesale Disfribufors PHONE 2-0912 BOOKS OF ALL CLASSIFICATIONS BIBLES, CHURCH AND SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPPLIES BAPTIST BOOK STORE 502 East Capitol Street Jackson, Miss. A COMPLETE LINE GRADE " A " PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS BLUE RIBBON CREAMER Y Jackson, Miss. REID-McGEE L CO. MORTGAGE BANKERS Realtors - Insurance 516 East Capitol, Jackson, Miss. What d ' ya mean " F R E E ENTERPRISE " That when a man sets out with the predetermined goal in his mind to be a doctor or a shoe salesman or an electrical engmeer -- that ' s what he wants to be. And he can be. That when a farmer plows his field and plants his seed, he ' s got a right to a fair return. A right to buy more land -- and extend his fences. That when any man works hard and saves his dollars, those dollars are his. He can spend them if he likes, or he can invest his money, secure in the knowledge it ' s workmg for him. That ' s Free Enterprise -- Without it, nobody ' s going to plan any further than tomorrow. Without it, there ' s no incentive to invent or invest, discover or develop. Without it -- and don ' t let any one tell you otherwise -- this country would lose its high place among the nations of the world. The Private Electric Industry is a part of the American Free Enterprise System. MISSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT COMPANY A Self-Supporting, Tax Paying Business 157 HEDERMAH BROTHERS PRINTERS — BLANK HOOK BINDERS STATIONERS — LITHOGRAPHERS PHONE 4-4421 JACKSON. MISS. DR. H. F. MAGEE PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Lamar Life Building JACKSON MISS. COMPLIMENTS MISSISSIPPI BAPTIST HOSPITAL COMPLIMENTS OF BATTON TIRE OIL COMPANY PHONES 2-0724—3-441 1 JACKSON LUMBER CO. LUMBER And All Kinds of Building Materials Reliable and Dependable for Over 40 YEARS JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI U. KOEN CO., Inc. ROITAN DISTRIBUTORS 139 E. Pearl Street Jackson, Miss. CAPITA L PAINT GLASS CO. PAINT -- WALL PAPER -- CLASS For Every Purpose 401-407 S. State Sreet JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 158 Compliments of Capital Floral Co. Progressive Florists for More than 40 Years IN JACKSON Compliments of THE VOGUE 146 E. Capitol St. Jackson, Mississippi PURSER BROTHERS The House of Better Printing TELEPHONE 2-3288 JACKSON, MISS. Le Grand Jewelry Co. 218 E. Capitol Street Jackson, Miss. Jackson Steam Laundry LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING Phone 2-3315 1. Lehman, President ARMSTRONG ' S HATTERS -- DRY CLEANERS TAILORS -- SHOE REBUILDERS 146 E. Capitol Jackson, Miss. Batte Furniture Co. JOHN C. BATTE, SR. JOHN C. BATTE, JR. " We do appreciate your business " FOR HEALTHFUL RECREATION Thompson Bowling Alleys 111 E. PEARL PHONE 3-2531 North State Grocery GROCERIES AND MEATS 1806 N. State St. Jackson, Miss. Compliments of LANE ' S CREAMERY 1317 Terry Road Phone 2-2917 MILLSAPS CHOICE ACME BAKERY IIQ N. Parish St. Jackson, Miss. Huddleston ' s Jewelers BRUNNER M. HUDDLESTON Phone 3-2655 212 W. Capitol St. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI We Extend Congratulations and Offer Cooperation Key Drug Company THE MOST COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT IN MISSISSIPPI Phone 4-6517 434 E. Capitol Street Jackson, Miss. KOLB ' S CLEANING AND TAILORING Phone 4-7615 147 E. Amite St. M ANGEL ' S MISSES ' AND WOMEN ' S APPAREL 128 E. Capitol St. Jackson, Miss. 159 S. p. McRae Co.. Inc. DEPARTMENT STORE 200-202 W. Capitol Phone 4-8334 JACKSON, MISS. Tower of Strength In tlie Deep Soutli Wliite ' s Lumber Yard GOOD LUMBER -- PROMPT SERVICE Mill and Church Sts. Jackson, Miss. Phones: 2-0881—2-0882 The LAMAR LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Tavorite Shoe Styles for Campus Favorites " J. L, ALBRITON Tri ncess 223 E. Capitol St. Jackson, Miss. 418 E. Capitol Dial 4-8081 160 aj jAAtJryn ompany JHChSOn, MISS 229 CONGRESS STREET PHONE 4-4036 THE DANIEL STUDIO PHOTO G W A F 1 1 S - E X L A R G E M E X T S CO P YI X G OL I) PI CT r RES 224 East Amite St. and 918 N. State St. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 161 The Slick Campus Lines Hang Out at Jvennincjloii s MISSISSIPPI ' S BEST STORE m THE CAMPUS H AN G -OU T Sandwiches -- Cold Drinks -- School Supplies Books -- Souvenirs THE GRILL NIGHTLY ON THE ROOF EXCEPT SUNDAY -- 8 TILL EDDIE DUNSMORE PRESENTS HIS " MUSIC OF TOMORROW " HOTEL HEIDELBERG For Reservations Dial 4-6571 " Anything Musical " Smith ' s Music Store GREETING CARDS Capifol At Roach St. Jackson, Miss. Sherwin-Williams Co. PAINTS -- WALL PAPER Decorative Accessory Department 501 E. Capitol Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 162 • • COMB QHAT MAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENQRAVINQ COMPANY B I Rivll N Q HAAl TUCKER PRINTING HOUSE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ' ' Annual specialists jor over twenty years ' ' AUTOGRAPHS A U T (i Px A P H S Li

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