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o GCftAftJU SOB 1 H flora $382 Soot! wism Boi uQuOPyCKJCAKKjUA 1 UumnfW y. y i ' 1 ) ' „»., " .. ; ' .. | ' ,. " ,i ' ■ I-., ' ' ,. " .. ' ,»j ■HL 5 [AjCjijni o«s ' •[• ' ., " ' " : ' ' • M?safiocou QOuuQUU u v i V v v v v « v v v v v 8 v v v v v v v A PARAGON PRODUCTION i , CI " Qaragon Qrraa MONTGOMERY ALABAMA hi Ij ) .Lbrti o ! ! p Q v v v % a THE 1S43 ii o i n ii m OF .11 I L m P S COLLEGE J A (3 K S I , MISSISSIPPI MIRL WHITAKER JAMES ARMSTRONG Editor Business Manager PsveAentma Vhe MILLSAPS TODAY IS NEW WITH EXCITEMENT, OUR SOUTH IS NEW, THE WORLD ABOUT US IS NEW. PERHAPS WE DID NOT START THE TREND, BUT MILLSAPS IS A PART OF IT. WE WILL AS- SUME OUR ROLE IN THIS EVERCHANGING PICTURE. NEWNESS IS SOMETIMES GLITTERING, SOMETIMES A GIGAN- TIC FEARFULNESS. FEARFULNESS IN THIS TIME WILL BE DEATH. ONLY CLEAR VISION AND INTELLIGENT INSIGHT CAN SEE INTO THE FUTURE MORE THAN THE IMMEDIATE CHANGES. CHANGED CURRICU- LUM AND A DECREASING PERCENTAGE OF MALE STUDENTS ARE ONLY MINOR DIFFERENCES. EXTRA HOURS OF WORK AND NEW JOBS WILL BE BUT THE BEGINNING OF THIS NEW ERA. THE NEW WORLD MUST BE A COMPLETE WORLD. THERE CAN BE NO BLACKED-OUT PEOPLES OR RESTRICTED AREAS. FREEDOM MUST BE THE PROPERTY OF ALL MEN, FOR WE MUST SHARE IT TO EXERCISE IT. THIS IS WHAT MILLSAPS BELIEVES. WE CAN NOT PREDICT THE OUTCOME. HERE WE ONLY AT- TEMPT TO PORTRAY SOME OF THE TRENDS OF THE SURGING CHANGES ABOUT US. MILLSAPS, YOU ARE YOUNG. TO YOU BELONG VISION AND FORESIGHT. WE COMMEND YOU TO THE AGES. AND HERE WE PRESENT THE NEW MILLSAPS . . . LITTLE HANDS ON BIG TASKS. II 1 L L s n s Can this be Millsaps? Yes, perhaps it is now, but with such a picture there can be no doubt the boys will come marching back. 13 OMEHOW IN THE HURRY OF IT ALL, WE GET TO CLASS CO CASIONALLY. THE KNOWLEDGE THEREUFON EXTENDED TO US BOTHERS US INTO A HAZE. WE DON ' T QUITE GRASP ITS MEANING. WE SEEK SOMETHING BEYOND THE MERE ACA- DEMIC. IT ' S NICE TO FIND A FRIEND WHO KNOWS HOW YOUTH LIVES. BY THE VITALITY OF HIS ACTIONS WE ARE AWARE THAT YALE HAS SENT US A TEACHER FOR YOUTH. PROGRESSIVE THOUGHT AND LIBERALISM ARE QUALITIES SYNONYMOUS WITH HIS NAME. THIS MAN FROM FLORIDA HAS AWAKENED OUR SLUMBERING MINDS WITH REALITIES OF THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. MORE THAN THIS, HE HAS LED US IN THINKING ABOUT THE WORLD WE WILL LIVE IN,- THE WORLD THAT IS EVOLVING FROM PRESENT DAY EVENTS AND THE ONE WHICH WE WILL HELP TO BUILD. GOING EVEN FURTHER, HE HAS GIVEN US THE HOPE, AND SO INSTRUCTED US, THAT THIS WORLD MIGHT BE FASH- IONED AFTER THE DESIRES AND NEEDS OF MAN. WE CAN ASK FOR NO GREATER HELP THAN THE REALIZATION THAT MAN WILL YET KNOW MAN. WE DARE TO HOPE FOR A NEW WORLD AND A NEW MILLSAPS. WE ARE THANKFUL FOR WHAT HAS BEEN GIVEN US, AND WE WISH TO DEDICATE THIS VOLUME- THE NEW MILLSAPS-OF THE BOBASHELA TO HENRY MORTON BULLOCK. __ WHILE YOU ARE AWAY FROM SCHOOL WE MISS YOU. WE ARE ASSURED OF YOUR SUCCESS AND AWAIT YOUR RETURN. DEDICATED to DR. II E R Y II. BULLOCK n VF hall knov, the ?l T ' J AND THE TRUTH Shall make you -- 1 i Li. u v 1 Hule lA m PRESIDENT M. L. SMITH This year Millsaps College begins the second fifty years of its educational service to the youth of Mississippi. Its endowment, national rating, and tradition assure it of con- tinued and increasing usefulness. But as important as the endowment and rating are, prob- ably the greatest single factor in the life of the college is that " Spirit of Millsaps " which is so intangible and yet so surely known by those students and people who get into its life. Let me congratulate every person whose opportunity it is to live in this college com- munity and whose fortune it is to discover the spirit of Millsaps. M. L. SMITH, President. Page 1 1 . I, J»n».«. u» Mut um Jiall In these halls scholars crowd the fountain Page 12 Om mn DR. W. E. RIECKEN Dean of Men MRS. MARY B. STONE Dean of Women " Dean Bill " Riecken is a good guy. He is a many-faceted personality: a member of AED, honorary pre-med fraternity; a teacher of biology; and Dean of Men. He is admirably fitted for the Dean ' s desk, possessing an agreeable, friendly personality in addition to a will very definitely his own. He is a clear, concise speaker. What he says, you get— whether it be a fact of biol- ogly or a matter of student attend- ance. You ' re OK, " Dean Bill. " Mrs. Mary B. Stone, Dean of Wo- men, is a very versatile person. Beside her duties as Dean, she is a member of Chi Delta, honorary literary soror- ity, as well as of Sigma Lambda, hon- orary leadership sorority. She is ad- visor to the Women ' s Council and is an excellent English teacher. " I am a rather extroverted person, " she admits laughingly. She is also extremely capable and intelligent. She is as well-liked as she is likable. Hats off and a hand-shake to you, Mrs. Stone, for handling so many duties so well. Page 13 Quw44 Uum Home of the Gril the campus . . Where Ed no longer treads JfolL Saluting two present faculty members . . Room for all— Descartes or Donald Duck CaAmtfie- MilLapA 2ib4asiu 7 he FACULTY DR. B. E. MITCHELL Mathematics PROFESSOR A. G. SANDERS Romance Languages DR. OSCAR S. DOOLEY History PROFESSSOR ROLFE WUBBLES ... Economics MR. CARSON Physical Education DR. J. B. PRICE Physics and Chemistry DR. ROSS H. MOORE . . History MRS. MARY B. STONE English MRS. W. F. GOODMAN English CL ' l t M I L L S A P S MRS. H. W. COBB Spanish MISS ELIZABETH CRAIG .... French DR. RAY S. MUSGRAVE Psychology DR. J. A. FINCHER . Biology DR. W. B. HATHORN Bursar DR. A. P. HAMILTON Ancient Languages PROFESSOR G. L. HARRELL Physics and Astronomy Page 1 7 Wkdw ntk eM-all Millsaps ' newest and finest QallauuzM Jlall Up the hill from the frat houses . . . Page 18 tyaundeMs Jiaii Two hundred boys and a bath . . . Page 19 %? FACULTY MRS. ARMAND COULLET . . Music and Ancient Languages PROFESSOR R. R. HAYNES Psychology and Education DIRECTOR ARMAND COULLET . Band DR. HENRY M. BULLOCK Religion MISS VIRGINIA THOMAS . . Religion MRS. J. L. ROBERTS Piano DR. J. M. SULLIVAN . Geology and Chemistry ' Vi hum CL t M I L L S I P S MRS. MASSEY . . . Matron of Burton Hall MR. SCOTT T. CONE, JR Assistant Bursar MISS MARTHA BENNETT . Secretary to President MRS. SMITH . Dietitian MRS. COOPER ... Matron of Whitworth Hall MRS. JOHNSON Morton of Galloway Hall MISS CAROLYN BUFKIN ... ... Assistant Registrar Page 21 MISTER MAJOR md . . . Mary Emma iFive by Five ' Ervin, Miss Mill- saps, is one of those people who must find plenty to do or explode with repressed energy. We are glad to state that she is very far from exploding at the present moment. She did her bit in winning the war this year with her splen- did work in the War Bond Drive, during which greenbacks and small change flowed through her fingers like quicksilver. Also on her list of accomplishments is her organization of the famous " Five by Five " Club, limited to those with appropriate waistlines. MISS HILLSIIVS The handsome masculine face looking out of this page belongs to Fred Tatum, Master Major, who has left us for medical school. Some will remember this same face grinning out of the PURPLE AND WHITE sporting page above its owner ' s crisp reports of Millsaps athletic affairs. Fred comes from a very fa- mous Millsaps family indeed. His grandfather ' s portrait hangs on the walls of the chapel, and Tatum Classroom is dedicated to that same old gentleman, whose name on a bronze plate dec- orates the door through which grandson Fred has passed many a time. Fred has upheld a worthy tradition well. Page 22 WHO ' S WHO.. MARY EMMA ERVIN . . . Secretary - Treasurer of the Student Body and Miss Millsaps. JANICE TRIMBLE . : . . . President of Eta Sigma Phi, Eta Sigma, and Wo- men ' s Pan-Hellenic. CLARINE RUSH President of Woman ' s Council and Majorette Club. SUE McCORMACK . . . President of the Y. W. ELLIS WILLIAMSON . . . President of the Chris- tian Council. WALTER RIDGWAY Vice-President of the Student Body and Men ' s Pan-Hellenic. CHARLINE HARRIS .... Managing Editor of the Purple and White. DOLORES CRAFT .... President of Theta Nu Sigma and winner of the Bourgeois Medal. JAMES ARMSTRONG . . . Business Manager of the Bobashela and Vice- President of ODK. FRED TATUM President of the Student Body and ODK, and Master Major. HAROLD TURNAGE .... Editor of the Purple and White. RICKETTS CHILDRESS . . . Secretary - Treasurer cf the Y. M. and Treasurer of Christian Council. IFTEIt HL EVERY COLLEGE Clara Porter— Chi Omega prexy and Bobashela editor No. 3 . . Maury Ross— Bobashela business manager No. 2 . . . Mir I Whitaker— Bobashela editor No. 1 . . . Katie Richardson— Wields the gavel for Sigma Lambda . Elizabeth Williams— Leader in dramatics, debate, and Bobashela editor No. 2 Jim Webb— Pike president and Hitler ' s " prosecutor " . Marie Grubbs— Vice-president of KD and Y. Page 24 HAS ITS Jean Barnett— Phi Mu head Jack King— Doles the pennies for the Purple and White Alan Holmes— The power behind the Varsity Shew Babs Boswell — No. 1 among the Kappa Deltas Hettie Faye Beasley— Intramurals manager and Beta Sig president . . . Reid Bingham— President of the YM . , Jim Stuckenschneider —Head of Pre-Med Club and Kappa Sig V.P. Page 25 1 J - Xsrv : JtBr +-o Sst wi -■ % 7 OBSERVANT, AREN ' T WE? QlM wat ui Page 29 ike nun OFFICERS They look blandly down on the passing mess. Buddy Carr, this year ' s Senior Class President, can look back upon a long and successful ath- letic career. He can also look back upon a long list of friends, both eds and co-eds . . . especially the latter! His collection of co-eds is famed as one of the wonders of Millsaps. A member of the Marine Corps Reserve, Buddy is already amply qualified to take the situation well in hand when he lands. As editor of the PURPLE AND WHITE, Harold Turnage is already quite a well-known person. Now, besides the journalistic quill, he has added to his cap a political feather . . . that of Senior Vice-President. He is a member of three honoraries: Kit Kat, Eta Sigma Phi, and ODK. He ' s a Lambda Chi Alpha brother and is featured in the 1943 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. Harold is definitely a " Who ' s Who " at Millsaps. Fanny Wroten, Senior Class Secretary and Treasurer, is a Jill of all trades, belonging to Alpha Psi Omega, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Eta Sigma Phi honoraries, and Fhi Mu social sorority. She ' s pledge mother of the latter. Fanny is also a scion of a traditional Millsaps family, for not only did her mother and father meet on the campus, but she also has had a brother to graduate from the college and has another now in its Sophomore Class. Page 30 cuss • t t TO THE TYPICAL SENIOR Serious thoughts of a practical world hold sway in their scheme of thinking • • • • Pnge 31 Axtell Eeasley Bailey Bending Barlow Boswell THE Barnett Brister em A WILLIAM AXTELL . . Madison Lambda Chi Alpha HAZEL BAILEY Tchula Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Dean ' s List 3, 4 ; Majorette Club 3, 4; Student Assistant 4 ; Purple and White 4; Bobashela 1; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4. ADEN BARLOW Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson 4; Majorette Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; President 2; Intra- murals Manager 3, 4; Dean ' s List 4; Feature Section Bobashela 2, 3, 4; Purple and White 2, 4; Student Assistant 2, 3, 4; Christian Council 4; Beta Sigma Omicron Secretary 2; President 3, 4; Woman ' s Council 3. ALICE BENDING .... Laurel Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Jones Junior College 1, 2; Y. Honor Roll 3; Student Assistant 3, 4 ; Bee- thoven Club 3, 4. JEAN KELLY BARNETT Jackson Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Y. Cabinet 4 ; Millsaps Singers 3; Dean ' s List 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Majorette Club 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 4; President 3; President of Phi Mu 4. HETTIE FAYE BEASLEY Bentcn Beta Sigma Omicron Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Kappa Delta Epsilcn 4; Sigma Lambda 4; Pan-Hellenic 3, 4; Secretary BARBARA BOSWELL Sanatorium Kappa Delta Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Y. Cabinet 4; Y. Honor Roll 3; Woman ' s Council 3, 4; Pan- Hellenic 4; Science Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3, 4 ; Purple and White 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Millsaps Singers 2, 3, 4; Beethoven Club 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; Chi Delta 2, 3, 4; Secretary cf Kappa Delta 3 ; President 4. HARRIS BRISTER Jackson Phi Delta Theta INVADED MILLSAPS AS Page 32 Burdette Craft Busby Crisler Carr Dawkins Catledge Doggatt Glabb GENEVIEVE BURDETTE Jackson Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3; Science Club 1, 2; Ramblers ' Club 3. MARY LEE BUSBY Meridian Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3 ; Dean ' s List 3, 4, Student Assistant 2, 3, 4; Bobashela 1, 2; Purple and White 1, 2; Managing Editor Freshman Edition 1; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Vice-President 4; Treasurer of Phi Mu 3, 4. R. G. CARR Monticello Kappa Sigma Hinds Junior College 1, 2; Basketball 3; M. Club 3, 4; President 4 ; President of Senior Class 4. DICK CATLEDGE Webb Kappa Sigma Junior College 1, 2; Track 3; Football 3, 4; M. Club 3, 4 ; Dean ' s List 3, 4. DOLORES CRAFT . . . Jackson Empyreans Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3; Science Academy 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Travelli Scholarship 3; Bourgeois Medal 3; Eta Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Eta Sigma 3, 4; Student Assistant 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Freshman Scholar- ship,- Ramblers ' Club 3; Theta Nu Sigma A- President 4 ; Secretary of Empyreans 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4. HERBERT CRISLER . . Bay Springs Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Bobashela Literary Editor 4; Band 1; Science Club 2; Kit Kat 4; Purple and White 1,2, 3, 4 ; Co-Editor of Freshman Edition I; News Editor 3; Department Editor 2, 4. EDWIN DAWKINS Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha Science Club 1, 2; Science Academy 4 ; Mu- sical Majors 1; Ramblers ' Club 3; Dramatic Club 4. MAYE EVELYN DOGGETT Kossuth Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. 1, 4 ; Y. Cabinet 4; Beethoven Club 2; Glee Club 2; Eta Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4 ; Secretary 3; Dean ' s List 3 ; Student Assistant 3; Blue Ridge Delegate 3; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Treasurer of Chi Omega 4. " LER INVADED WARSAW Page 33 Ervin Guerry Harold Haeuser Geiselman Harris THE Gibbons Harrison S, em i MARY EMMA ERVIN Inverness Kappa Delta Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2 ; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4 ; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Vice-President 4; Vice-President of Pan-Hellenic 4; Feature Sec- tion Bobashela 4; Secretary-Treasurer of Stu- dent Body 4; Miss Millsaps 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4. ESTER GUERRY Glen Allen Empyreans Judson College 1 ; Sunflower Junior College 2, 3; Science Academy 4. CECIL HAEUSER New Orleans, La. Beta Sigma Omicron International Relations Club 3, 4; Vice-Presi- dent of Beta Sigma Omicron 4. MARTHA GAYDEN HAROLD Kappa Delta Brandon Myles STANLEY GEISELMAN Empyreans Hinds Junior College 1, 2 ; Ministerial League 3, 4 ; Ramblers ' Club 3. CHARLINE MINTER HARRIS Canton Kappa Delta Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1; Dean ' s List 2; Purple and White 1 , 2, 3; Freshman Editor 1; Managing Editor of Co-Ed Edition 2; Make-up Editor 2; Managing Editor 3; Editor of Co-Ed Edition 3 ; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3; Secretary 3; Chi Delta 3; Sigma Lambda 3; Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore Class 2; Who ' s Who in American Colleges 3. RUTH GIBBONS . . Jackson Kappa Delta Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3, 4 ; Beethoven Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 4 ; Student Asistant 3, 4 ; Eta Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4. CORNELIA ARMISTEAD HARRISON Jackson Phi Mu Belhaven 1; Y. W. C. A. 2; Pre-Med Club 2, 3, 4 ; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Bobashela 3. BEGINS THE SECOND HALF Page 34 Holcomb King GlaM Holder Lampe Jolly Martin Keenan McKeown BETTY JO HOLCOMB Jackson Chi Omega JIM HOLDER Winona Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3 ; Y. Cabinet 3; Purple and White 3; Millsaps Singers 2, 3; Business Mana- ger 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3; President 3; Debate Club 1, 2, 3; Science Academy 3; Dean ' s List 3; Executive Committee for Religious Emphasis Week 3; War Council 3; Tennis I; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3; S. E. B. 3. ROGER JOLLY Ministerial League 1, 2, 3, 4. Meridian FRANCES KEENAN Jackson Phi Mu University of Chicago 1, 3 ; International Re- lations Club 4. JACK KING Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3 ; Y. Cabinet 2, 3; Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2, 3; Science Club 1, 2 ; Dean ' s List 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3 ; Business Manager 3; Alpha Psi Omega 3; Men ' s Pan-Hellenic 3; Millsaps Singers 1, 2; Purple and White 1, 2, 3; Assistant Business Manager 3 ; Omicron Delta Kappa 3; Vice-President 3; President of Pi Kappa Alpha 3. MILLICENT LAMPE . Jackson Kappa Delta Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3; Majorette Club 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Band 1, 2; Feature Section Bobashela 1, 2, 3, 4. ALTHEA MARTIN Kappa Delta Midnight VIRGINIA McKEOWN . . Vicksburg Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4 Chi Delta 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3; President 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4 ; Student Assistant 3 Dramatic Club 1; Freshman Scholarship 1 ; Phi Mu Officer 3, 4. THE MILL SAPS CENTURY Page 35 McGough Measelles Ogden Minyard Pearson Neill Price THE Nichols Richardson S, eHKH WILLIAM MARION McGOUGH Catchings Pi Kappa Alpha Band 1, 2; Debate Club 1, 2; President 1 Student Assistant 3 ; Pre-Law Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Delta Kappa Delta 3, 4; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4 Literati 4. D. T. MEASELLES Lambda Chi Alpha Jackson 3; Kit Kat 3, 4 ; S. E. B. 3; Kappa Sigma Offi- cer 4. JAMES OGDEN Hattiesburg Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1 , 2 ; Purple and White 1 , 2; Band 1, 4 ; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 4; Inter- national Relations Club 3, 4. VIRGINIA MINYARD Jackson Kappa Delta Y. W. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4 ; Freshman Scholarship 1; Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3; Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4; Student Assistant 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Beethoven Club 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Treasurer of Kappa Delta 3, 4. WALTER NEILL Ellisville ROBERT DODD PEARSON Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3; Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4. VIRGINIA PRICE . . Canton Kappa Delta Y. W. C. A. I, 2, 3; Beethoven Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3, 4. Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT GEORGE NICHOLS, JR. Jackson Kappa Sigma Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, A- Secretary 3; Presi- dent 4 ; Alpha Psi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4; President LLOYD BINFORD RICHARDSON Raymond Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2; Track 1, 2; Ramblers ' Club 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4. REFLECTS COURAGE TO FACE Page 36 Aik Riddell Rush Ridgway Schultz Roberts Scott Rogers GlaAsd- CATHERINE LAWSON RICHARDSON Jackscn Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. Cabinet 4; Christian Council 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Millsaps Singers 2, 3, 4; Wo- man ' s Asso. 1, 2 ; Co-Ed Union 3; B. S. U. 2, 3, 4 ; Beethoven Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Treas. 3; Pres. A- Eta Sigma Fhi 2, 3, 4 ; Sec. 4; Sigma Lambda 3, 4 ; Pres. 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; P. and W. 1,2, 3, 4 ; Dept. Editor 3, 4; Bus. Mgr. of Co-Ed Edi- tion 3; Bobashela 3, 4; Class Editor 3, 4; Exec. Committee for Religious Emphasis Week, 3, 4 ; Feature Section Bobashela 4; Blue Ridge Dele- gate 3 ; Vice-President of Chi Omega 4. KATHERINE RIDDELL ... Jackson Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Vice-President 3 Y. Cabinet 3, 4; Woman ' s Association 1, 2 Co-Ed Union 3; Christian Council 3; Ramblers ' Club 3; Science Club 3; Dramatic Club 3; Ma- jorette Club 4; First Vice-President of Phi Mu 3. WALTER S. RIDGWAY . . . Jackson Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1 ,2, 3 ; Y. Cabinet 2, 3; Science Club 1, 2; Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3; President 3; Club 1, 2; Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3; Pres. 3; Dean ' s List 2, 3; Christian Council 3; A. E. D. 2, 3; O. D. K. 3; Vice-Pres. of Freshman Class 1 ,- Vice-Pres. of Sophomore Class 2; Vice-Pres. of Student Body 3; Pres. of K. A., 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges 3. SYLVIA ROBERTS Jackson Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Secretary 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Beethoven Club 3. JACQUELINE ROGERS Jackscn Kappa Delta Stephens College 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Millsaps Singers 3, 4. HELEN MAE RUOFF Jackson Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3 ; Glee Club 1 ; Majorette Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; P. and W. 2, 3, 4; Society Editor 3 ; Bobashela 2, 3, 4, I. R. C. 2, 3, 4; K. D. E. 3, 4; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Feature Section Bob- ashela 3, 4 ; Treas. of Chi Omega 3; Pres. 4. CLARINE RUSH Vaughan Beta Sigma Omicron Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Y. Cabinet 4; B. S. U. 1 ,- Woman ' s Council 2, 3; Sec. 3; Pres. 4; Ma- jorette Club 2, 3, 4 ; Pres. 4 ; K. D. E. 3, 4; Sigma Lambda 4; S. E. B. 4; Vice-Pres. of S. W. A. A. 4 ; B. S. O. Editor 2; Cor. Sec. 3; Warden 4. ALFORD MILLER SCHULTZ Natchez Ministerial League 3, 4. CHARLES SCOTT Yazoo City Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4; Pre-Law Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4; Debate Club 1, 2; Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4. fHE SITUATION BEFORE THEM Page 37 Scott Sells Shanks Simpson Smith Stroud C. Stubblefield J. Stubblefield Tatum T H E etuoA, THOMAS B. SCOTT, JR. Kappa Alpha Jackson ELLENITA SELLS Jackson Empyreans Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Y. Cabinet 4 ; Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 4; Vice- President 4 ; Eta Sigma Phi 4- Sigma Lambda 4; Student Assistant 3, 4 ; Christian Council A- Woman ' s Council 4. CALVIN STUBBLEFIELD Yazoo City Pi Kappa Alpha Science Club 1; Pre-Med Club 1 ; Ramblers ' Club 2; Dean ' s List 4. JOE STUBLEFIELD Kappa Sigma Brandon BILL SHANKS Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha President of Lambda Chi Alpha 3; Omicron Delta Kappa 3. DOROTHY SIMPSON DeKalb Beta Sigma Omicron EUGENE SMITH Jackson Sigma Alpha Epsilon POLLY STROUD Louise Empyreans Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Y. Cabinet 3, 4; Chris- tian Council 3, 4; Vice-President 4 ; Dean ' s List 3, 4 ; Majorette Club 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 4; Bee- thoven Club 2, 3; Kappa Delta Epsilon A- Vice- President Empyreans 4. FRED E. TATUM . Hattiesburg Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Y. Cabinet 2, 3, 4 Christian Council 4; Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, A- Vice-President 3 President A- Delegate National Convention 3 Science Club 2, 3; Cheerleader 2; Baseball Manager 2; Intramurals Manager 3; Purple and White Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Sports Editor 3, 4; Bobashela Staff 2; Eta Sigma 3, A- Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; President 4; Topper Club 3, 4 ; President 4 ; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4 ; Student Assistant 3 ; International Relations Club 4 ; Recreational Council 4; Executive Committee for Religious Emphasis Week 3, 4 ; War Council 4; Pan-Hellenic 4; Treasurer of Kappa Sigma 3; Fresident 4; President of Student Body 4; S. E. B. 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4 ; Master Major 4. PREPARES TO LIVE IN Page 38 k B aJ fife jj %dfk Thompson E. Williamson Trimble J. Wil Turnage Wilson William. CuMd THELMA THOMPSON .... Jackson Chi Omega Belhaven 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 3; Purple and White 3; Beethoven Club 3; Glee Club 3. JANICE TRIMBLE Natchez Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; Treasurer 4; Y. Cabinet 4; Pan-Hellenic 3, 4; President 4; Woman ' s Council 4; Vice-President 4; S. E. B. 4; Sigma Lambda 3, 4 ; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Eta Sigma 3, 4; President 4; Eta Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4 ; Vice-President 3; President 4; Chi Delta 2, 3, 4; Reporter 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Majorette Club 2, 3, 4; Secretary- Treasurer 3, 4; Purple and White 1, 2, 3, 4; Copy Editor 3, 4 ; Dramatic Club 1, 2 ; Student Assistant 3, 4 ; Bourgeois Medal 2; Clark Essay Medal 3; Tribbett Scholarship 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Secretary of Phi Mu 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4. HAROLD TURNAGE . Yazoo City Lambda Chi Alpha Junior College 1, 2 ; Kit Kat 3, A- Secretary 4; Eta Sigma Phi 3, A- International Relations Club 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; President A- Purple and White 3, 4; Staff Editor 3; Editor 4; Recreational Council 4; Executive Committee for Religious Emphasis Week A- Student Assist- ant 3; War Bond Committee 4; Dean ' s List 4; Vice-President of Senior Class 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4. MIRL WHITAKER . . Sardis Pi Kappa Alpha Wood Junior College 1, 2 ; Y. M. C. A. 3, 4; Bcbashela 3, A- Photography Editor 3; Editor 4. FRANK BRYAN WILLIAMS, II Jackson Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Y. Cabinet 3, 4 ; Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; President 4 ; Student Assistant 3; Scholarship 4 ; International Rela- tions Club 3, 4; President 4; President of State International Relations Club 4 ; Treasurer of Kappa Sigma 4. W. ELLIS WILLIAMSON Jackson Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3 ; Y. Cabinet 2, 3; Min- isterial League 1, 2, 3; President 2; Christian Council 2, 3; President 3; S. E. B. 2, 3; Omicron Delta Kappa 3; Who ' s Who in Ameri can Col- leges 3. JAMES WILLIAMSON Philadelphia ED WILSON ... Vicksburg Kappa Sigma FRANCES WROTEN . Columbus Phi Mu M. S. C. W. 1; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4 ; Glee Club 2, 3, 4 ; Millsaps Singers 2, 3, 4; Beethoven Club 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 4; Woman ' s Council 3, 4; Purple and White A- Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; Eta Sigm Phi 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class A- Vice- President of Phi Mu 3, 4. THE WORLD AFTER THE WAR Page 39 e J 11 II This is Buddy Wofford ' s third year at Millsaps. It is also his third year as President of his class— an honor he first started winning in his freshman year. If Uncle Sam had not interfered, it would have been a fairly safe bet that Buddy would have consistently won the Senior presi- dency in his fourth year, thus perfectly rounding out a career as B.M.O.C. which is already something to be proud of. Politically, scholastically, and personally speaking, Buddy is tops. OFFICERS They look blandly about, so glad lhal troubles don ' t bother therr Jitterbugs already know Dan Wright as the proprietor of a band which was going places in those dear dead days beyond recall. Dan, an accomplished musician, is Junior Vice-President as well. Like most of our 1-A, A-l boys, Dan is now in the army. One look at Emma Gene Gainey ' s dark beauty will tell you why the heart of James Stucken- schneider is all aflutter these days. Emma Gene in the flesh would make your own heart flutter —if you are of the masculine gender. Emma Gene is Secretary of her class, and we predict a brilliant success for her in whatever she undertakes that requires beauty, brains, and charm. She shone recently as an actress in one of Dr. White ' s plays, " Suppressed Desires. " Page 40 fins... TO THE T I M ( ' I L .1 I Ml II Life is so full of wonders and beautiful women that care- less Freshman-days and serious Senior-days are cast aside Page 41 THE ' lUUQSl JEAN ACKLEY Jackson Phi Mu RAY ADAMS Jackson ■•■•■ Jp Empyreans r , 1 SARA JEAN APPLEWHITE . . Beta Sigma Omicron Winona BETH BARRON . . . Crysta Springs Chi Omega REID BINGHAM Gulfport Kappa Alpha MARTHA BOGER Hattiesburg Phi Mu MARY ALICE BOYLES . . Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron DUNCAN BRACKIN State College Pi Kappa Alpha D. T. BROCK Jackson Kappa Alpha ALMA ELIZABETH BROWN Kappa Delta ELIZABETH WILLIAMS . . Kappa Delta CHARLES CARMICHAEL Kappa Sigma RICKETTS CHILDRESS . . Empyreans RACHEL CONNER . . Phi Mu R. NELSON DAVIS Kappa Alpha Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Terry CHARLES DENT Marked Tree, Ark. Kappa Sigma LEE DICKSON Mt. Olive Kappa Sigma SUENETTE DINKINS Phi Mu Jackson Ackley, Adams, Applewhite, Barron, Bingham, Boger, Boyles, Brackin, Brock, Brown, Williams, Carmichael, Childress, Conner, Davis, Dent, Dickson, Dinkins, Exum, Felder KINCHEN EXUM Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha EVERETT FELDER McComb DERIVES HAPPINESS FROM Page 42 GlaM EMMA GENE GAINEY Meridian Phi Mu JOHN GREER Summit Gainey, Greer, Grubbs, Guyton, Harkins, Harper, Harris, Henry, Hix, Holston, Holyfield, Ingram, Jackson, Jura- schek, King, Lindsay, Lowe, Lowther, Magee, Malonc MARIE GRUBBS ... Philadelphia Kappa Delta ANNIE MARION GUYTON Kappa Detla GEORGE HARKINS . . Empyreans MAXINE HARPER . . . Fhi Mu CHARLINE HARRIS Kappa Delta Pickens Gloster Brandon Canton BETTY HENRY .... Yazoo City Chi Omega MITTIE HIX Jackson Chi Omega JAMES HOLSTON .... Wiggins Empyreans BOBBY HOLYFIELD Poplarville Pi Kappa Alpha RUTH INGRAM Bogalusa, La. Beta Sigma Omicron VAN JACKSON. JR. . . Decatur Pi Kapa Alpha ROBERT JURASCHEK Chicago, III. Pi Kappa Alpha JACK KING Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha MARY THORNTON LINDSAY Pelahatchie CARROLL L OWE .... Jackson Kappa Delta JOHN LOWTHER . . . Florence CURTIS MAGEE .... Jackson Kapa Sigma JOHN MALONE .... Jackson THEIR CAREFREE SPIRITS Page 43 THE ' mum, Mayo, Miller, Mitchell, Montgomery, Morrow, Morson, Murphree, Murphy, McCormack, McCullen, McMillan, Neilson, Nelson, Payne, Porter, Railsback, Raynham, Rhea, Richardson, Robinson MARY ANN MAYO . . . Hattiesburg Phi Mu LOUISE MILLER ... Hazlehurst Kappa Delta CARROLL MITCHELL . . Plantersville Pi Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY . . Jackson JOHNNY MORROW . . Forest Pi Kappa Alpha PRISCILLA MORSON . . Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron DORIS MURFHREE . . Calhoun City Chi Omega MARJORIE MURPHY Jackson Empyreans SUE McCORMACK . . Corinth Beta Sigma Omicron DAN McCULLEN . . Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha GERALD McMILLAN . . . McComb Kappa Sigma ALICE NEILSCN Lexington Chi Omega WAUDINE NELSON Madison DOYE PAYNE Gulfport Beta Sigma Omicron CLARA PORTER . . Jackson Chi Omega LEE RAILSBACK . . Jackson Kappa Sigma DOROTHY RAYNHAM Jackson Kappa Delta CHARLES RHEA . . Holly Springs Pi Kappa Alpha VERA MAE RICHARDSON . . Jackson Kappa Delta BREWSTER ROBINSON Quitman Kappa Alpha BELIEVES PLEASURE IS A GOAL Page 44 GlaM MAURY ROSS Drew Pi Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA SHERMAN . . . Charleston Chi Omega OTIS SINGLETARY . . New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha KATHLEEN STANLEY . State College Kapa Delta HUNTER STOKES .... Columbus Lambda Chi Alpha JAMES STUCKENSCHNEIDER . Columbus Kappa Sigma CHARLES WALKER . . . Sanatorium Kappa Sigma JULIA WASSON .... Greenville Beta Sigma Omicron JAMES WEBB Brandon Pi Kappa Alpha ANNE LOUISE WEST . . Jackson Chi Omega MARTIN WHITE .... Raymond Pi Kappa Alpha M. J. WILLIAMS .... Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MARY LOUISE WILSON . . . Jackson DONALD WINNER . . . Jackson Kappa Sigma BUDDY WOFFORD . Drew Pi Kappa Alpha NOEL WOMACK .... Jackson Kappa Sigma DAN WRIGHT .... Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MARY FRANCES YOUNG . . Jackson DONALD YOUNGBLOOD . . Meadville ALMA 2ENFELL Empyreans Vicksburg Ross, Sherman, Singletary, Stanley, Stokes, Stucken- schnelder. Walker, Wasson, Webb, West, White, Williams, Wilson, Winner, Wofford, Womack, Wright, Y oung, Youngblood, Zenfell HAT ALL MAY SHARE Page 45 7ke S P H M " Hi, Frye, what ' s fryin ' ? " . . . When they say this, you know the ' re talking to Harry Frye, Fresident of the Sophomore Class. Harry ' s an all-round good guy— a hot tennis player as well as a capable politician and an able student. Since Harry belongs to the Army Reserves, by the time you read this he ' ll probably be learning his P ' s and Q ' s at a military s ' hool rather than at Mill- saps. He ' s a great guy, Frye, and let ' s hope that he never jumps out of the Frying Pan into the fire. Billy Shackelford, in his sophomore year, is already a Little Big Shot, having copped the Vice- Presidency of his class as well as distinguishing himself in various other ways. Net the least of these is his engaging personality and the intellectual expression he always wears. There is plenty behind that expression, tco— or we wouldn ' t be writing about him on this page. OFFICERS . . They are ready to fire away on anything French students would call Carolyn Myers " chic " , or maybe " petite. " We who knew no French call her a swell girl who, in spite of being Secretary-Treasurer of her class, hasn ' t even the beginnings cf a swelled head. Carolyn, after all this well-earned triumph, is on her way to a deserved success as a member cf that exlusive, ncn-existent scrcrity— B.W.O.C. Page 46 RE CLASS... TO THE Tll ' lfll, Ml r II II II II 1:1: Big words and subtle conclusions are just everyday occurrences. The world is sorely suffering for not having discovered these proponents of Einstein and Dorothy Dix Page 47 THE f$ ft d Allen, Arant, Baird, Bass, Bell, Berry, Bingham, Brian, D. Calloway, Ja. Calloway, Je. Calloway, Byrd, Carl, Carter, Chatham, Clarlcson, Clifford, Cochran, E. Cravens, L. Cravens CHARLES ALLEN .... Hazlehurst Pi Kappa Alpha FLORA MAE ARANT . . . Magee Kappa Delta MADELINE BAIRD . . . Louisville Chi Omega PHIL BASS Wallace. Va. Kappa Alpha RALPH BELL Star ELEANOR BERRY Jackson CHARLES BINGHAM Gulfport Kappa Alpha BETTY BRIEN .... Arlington, Va. Phi Mu DEAN CALLOWAY . Louisville Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES CALLOWAY Louisville Pi Kappa Alpha JEAN CALLOWAY Indianola Pi Kappa Alpha GENE BYRD ... Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron JOAN CARL . . Jackson Kappa Delta BILLY CARTER Lexington Kappa Sigma J. W. CHATHAM Rose Hill Pi Kappa Alpha N. E. CLARKSON . . Jackson Kappa Sigma DICK CLIFFORD Quitman SARAH COCHRAN . . . Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Delta ELIZABETH CRAVENS .... Boyle Beta Sigma Omicron LENA CRAVENS Boyle Beta Sigma Omicron SEARCHES FOR WORDS AND IDEAS Page 48 GlaU BILLIE JANE CROUT . . . Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron CLIFF DAVIS .... New Albany Sigma Phi Epsilon JEAN DAY .... Memphis, Tenn. Phi Mu CORINNE DOTY .... Lexington Chi Omega MILDRED DYCUS Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron HARRY FRYE Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha Crout, Davis, Day, Doty, Dycus, Frye, Garraway, Gaskin, Glaze, Griffin, Guion, Harris, Hayes, Hollingsworth, Ho worth, B. Jones, C. Jones, Kern, Lancaster, Leach TOM GARRAWAY . . . Jackson Kappa Sigma MARGARET GASKIN . . Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron JACK GLAZE Pelahatchie Pi Kappa Alpha BONNIE GRIFFIN .... Areola Kappa Delta DONNIE GUION . . . . Benton Kappa Sigma REBA HARRIS .... Mendenhall HELEN HAYES Kosciusko Chi Omega BOB HOLLINGSWORTH Itta Bena Pi Kappa Alpha CARL HOWORTH . . . Jackson BUDDY JONES Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha CHARLOTTE JONES . . . Prentiss Beta Sigma Omicron JANE KERN Louise Chi Omega MIRIAM LANCASTER . . . Sunflower Chi Omega HARRY LEACH .... Jackson Kappa Sigma JT NOT KNOWLEDGE Page 49 THE £ pJta m(He Lemly, Lipscomb, Litton, Longinotti, Magruder, Majure, H. Mathis, S. Mathis, Maxwell, Mizell, Mounger, Myers, McLaurin, McGehee, McWilliams, Phillips, Platte, Poole, Posey, Ray MATT LEMLY . . . Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha JULIAN LIPSCOMB .... Jackson Kappa Alpha GLADYS LITTON Shaw Beta Sigma Omicron JAMES LONGINOTTI ... Durant Kappa Alpha MARJORIE MAGRUDER . Jackson Kappa Delta MAUD ELLA MAJURE Brandon Phi Mu HILLMAN MATHIS .... Corinth Pi Kappa Alpha SHELBY MATHIS .... Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha BROWNELL MAXWELL Georgetown Beta Sigma Omicron DON MIZELL Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha MARJORIE MOUNGER . . . Jackson Phi Mu CAROLYN MYERS . . . Philadelphia Beta Sigma Omicron MIKE McLAURIN Hollandale Pi Kappa Alpha HELEN McGEHEE .... Jackson Phi Mu MELDON McWILLIAMS Yazoo City Pi Kappa Alpha MALCOLM PHILLIPS Lexington Kappa Sigma PATRICIA PLATTE . . Vicksburg Zeta Tau Alpha JOHN POOLE Jackson Empyreans SARA KATHLEEN POSEY Philadelphia Kappa Delta WILSON RAY Sherman Empyreans EXPLAINS EVERYTHING Page 50 GlaM HARRIET REAGAN .... DuranI Beta Sigma Omicron DANNIE RICE Laurel Empyreans WALLACE RUSSELL . . Sardis Pi Kappa Alpha BILLY SHACKELFORD . . . Columbus Kappa Sigma NELL SHRADER Jackson SYDNER SPIER . . Ocean Springs Empyreans HARRY SFILLMAN . . . Gloster FECGY STROUD Louise Beta Sigma Omicron ZACH TAYLOR Jackson Kappa Alpha ELVA THARP Lambert LADY BETTY TIMBERLAKE Crcwfcrd Chi Omega JERRY TF.OY . . Tupelo Kappa Alpha DELL WALLING Florence Kappa Delta PARKER WALKER . . . Sanatorium Kappa Sigma AMELIA WATKINS .... Jackson Chi Omega BRADFORD WELLS Orleans. Mass. Pi Kappa Alpha MARY JANE WHITWORTH . . Pickens Beta Sigma Omicron SONNY WILLIAMS . . Greenville Kappa Alpha MARTHA NELL WILLINGHAM Jackson Phi Mu ROBERT YARBROUGH . . . Indianola Pi Kappa Alpha " O EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE Reagan, Rice, Russell, Shackelford, Shrader, Spier, Spill- man, Stroud, Taylor, Tharp, Timber lake, Troy, Walling, Walker, Watkins, Wells, Whirworth, Williams, Willing- ham, Yarbrough Page SI 7ke FRESH Truly Conerly, that fellow with the grin and the appropriate given name, has started out his freshman year in good style— as rush chairman of his fraternity and president of his class, which shows that that pleasing personality of his is getting him places! Take a look at that face of his in the accompanying picture and see if you don ' t agree with us. A pleasing personality, an agreeable grin, and an unusual name— could a B.MO.C. possess better assets? Ferhaps its the masculine charm shared by the men of his family, but the fact remains that Bill Dabbs, Freshman Vice-President, is already a name to reckon with on the campus. This fa- mous name was recently shouted by James Webb over the public address system in connection with the war bond drive. Even the PURPLE AND WHITE termed Bill Dabbs an " intelligent fresh- man " , and printed his opinion on the probable duration of the war. It can clearly be seen by this that Bill has the international, as well as the local, outlook. Watch his smoke, folks! Lustrous-eyed Dale Burnham, that rose between two thorns in the photograph, is featured en this page as Secretary-Treasurer of her class, and elsewhere in this book as a Millsaps beauty. Dale hails from Magee, Mississippi, and we could hardly imagine a more charming representative of her home town, nor anyone friendlier and more agreeable. OFFICERS iSSr " ' - " " " ' 82 ■K ' " " » J K ' J I B ' % ' ■ 1 ' 1 ? A ' Bl v YH ™ 4jk . H L 1 riffcfc 1 p Viifi ! . v- They look bleakly up at their confused world Page 52 I L A ij Ij . . . TO THE TYPICAL FRESHMAN Word meanings and history dates are quite abstract and require much fuss, signifying little study • • • • Page 53 THE tf-i ih. men Alexander, Andersen, Applewhite, Ashley, Ax tell, Ball, Bane, Barnes, Baas, Eerryhill, Bcykin, Brady, R. E.; Erady, B. M.; Brien, Brooks, Brown, B. J.; Brown, H. F.; Erown, H.; Bryson, Buchanan, Bufkin, Burnham, D.; Burn- ham, S.; Burton, Carmichael, Cavett, Conerly, Cox, Craig, Crawford, L; Crawford, R.; Dabbs, Del bridge, Denham, Dent, Detwiler FRANCES ALEXANDER . . Jackson Chi Omega MAMIE JEAN ANDERSEN Jackson Chi Omega KATHRYN APPLEWHITE Bassfield Kappa Delta JANE ASHLEY . . . Greenwood JOHN AXTELL .... Madison CARROLL BALL . . . Stringer JOHN ROY BANE Jackson Kappa Sigma NORMA BARNES Creenwood Chi Omega JOHN BAAS Hazlehurst Pi Kappa Alpha EDNA EARLE BERRYHILL Greenwood Beta Sigma Omicron MARY CATHERINE EOYKIN Hattiesburg ROBERT ELDRIDGE BRADY Jackson Lambda Chi Alphc E. M. BRADY Jockson Kappa Alpha ANN BRIEN . A lirgton Va. Phi Mu JANNIE VEE BROOKS Duncan Phi Mu BETTY JO BROWN Jackson HELEN FRANCES BROV. N Hatiiesburg Phi Mu HOWARD BROWN Jackson Kappa Sigma CARL JACKSON BRYSON Tupelo Kappa Alpha ANNE BUCHANAN Jackson Kappa Delta REEECCA BUFKIN Jackson Phi Mu EVELYN DALE BURNHAM Magee Chi Omega SUZANNE EURNHAM Jackson Phi Mu TONI BURTON Moorhead Chi Omega VIRGINIA CARMICHAEL Jackson Chi Omega CLINT CAVETT . . Jackson Kappa Sigma TRULY CONERLY Tylertown Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES COX Caledonia Pi Kappa Alpha NELLE CRAIG Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron LENNIE LOUISE CRAWFORD Jackson ROBERTA CRAWFORD McComb Kappa Delta WILLIAM LOUIS DABBS . . Tupelo Kappa Alpha JAYNE DELBRIDGE Jackson Phi Mu ANNE DENHAM Hattiesburg Phi Mu JOELYON DENT .... Grace Chi Omega DON DETWILER . . Winte r Park, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha BLINKS AT THE COMPLEXITY Page 54 QlaU SARA DEWEES .... Madison Kappa Delta KAY FRANCES DILWORTH Rienzi Empyreans JUNE DOBBS . . . Jackson Phi Mu THAD DOGGETT . . . Kossuth MILTON DUNN .... Kappa Alpha JOHN DURFEY . . Jackson Kappa Alpha JUNE ECKERT Jackson Chi Omega CARRIE PEARL EVANS Mendenhall Beta Sigma Omicron HOUSTON EVANS Gulfport Kcppa Alpha CALE FANT Minter City Pi Kappa Alphc RAMELLE GARBARINO Canton Phi Mu LUCY GER LD Leland Kcppa Delta JOHN MILTCN GIORDANO Jackson MARY ETTA CLORIOSO Itta Bena MARIE GOOCH Jackson Chi Cmega CHARLOTTE GLLLEDGE C ystal Springs Chi Omega CATHERINE HAIRSTON Indiarola Phi Mu JOHN HAMFTCN Jackson Kappa Sigma MITCHELL HARKINS Jackson Lambda Chi Alp no WYATT HARRIS . . . Chicago, III. Pi Kappa Alpha JERE HARRISON Jackson Pi Kappa Alphc JOE HARRISON Jackson Kappa Sigma FANNY HAUGHTON Hattiesburg Phi Mu EMILY HENDERSON Jackson Chi Omega FRANCES HERRING Grenada Beta Sigma Omicron JOEL HOLDEN Jackson SMYTHE HOWARD Jcckson Lambda Chi Alph a HELEN HUGHES Jackson Chi Omega DORIS JEHL , M emphis, Tenn. Chi Omega LAVINIA JOHNSON Jackson Phi Mu LILLIAN JOHNSON Jackson Chi Omega LAEL JONES Mobile, Ala. MARGARET ANN JONES Jackson Phi Mu R. C. JONES .... Carson SARA ELLEN JONES . . Tchula Phi Mu EVELYN KING . . . A ater Valley Chi Omega Dewees, Dil worth, Dobbs, Doggett, Dunn, Durfey, Eckert, Evans, C; Evans, H.; Fant, Garbarino, Gerald, Giordano, Glorioco, Gooch, Gulledge, Hairston, Hampton, Harkins, Harris, Harrison, Je.; Harri r on, Jo.; Houghton, Henderson, Herring, Holden, Howard, Hughes, Jehl, Johns on, La.; Johnson, Li.; Jone c , L.; Jones, M. A.; Jones R. C; Jones, S. E.; King OF MODERN EDUCATION Page 55 ft o THE Kropp, Lampton, Langford, Lauderdale, Little, llcyd, Madden, Mantz, Martindale, Melvin, Miller, Mitchell, Moak, Montgomery, Moore, I.; Moore, R.; Myers, McBride, McCormock, McKee, McMillan, McMullin, O ' Brien, Odom, Owens, Owen, Page, Patterson, Peace, Peets, Phillips, Pigott, Rathell, Reeves, Reily, Robinson fyn Uwien JANE KROPP .... Jackson Phi Mu WILLIAM LAMPTON . . Tylertown Pi Kappa Alpha LEWIS LANGFORD . . Jackson Kappa Sigma DOT LAUDERDALE . . . Jackson WILDA LITTLE .... Rockport CONNIE MARY LLOYD . . Jackson Kappa Delta MAXYNE MADDEN . . Jackson Phi Mu ROBERT MANTZ .... Brookhaven Pi Kappa Alpha PEARL MARTINDALE . . Grenada DOROTHY MELVIN . . . Jackson Kappa Delta ANNE MILLER .... Belzoni Phi Mu DOROTHY MITCHELL . . . Magee Kappa Delta WILLIAM EDWIN MOAK Philadelphia Kappa Sigma VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY Jackson INMAN MOORE .... Long Beach RASHA MOORE .... Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha WAYNE MYERS .... Morton BETTY McBRIDE .... Jackson GERALDINE McCORMACK Corinth Beta Sigma Omicron JOHN McKEE Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha bess ann McMillan . New Albany Kappa Delta JOE WILLIE McMULLIN . Jackson Lambda Chi Alph a SALLY ANN O ' BRIEN . . Jackson Chi Omega ANNE ODOM . . . Grenada Beta Sigma Omicron ALICE OWENS .... Jackson Kappa Delta NINA RUTH OWEN . . . Jackson Kappa Delta MADELINE PAGE McComb Kappa Delta J. W. PATTERSON . . . Gulfport Kappa Alpha R. J. PEACE Jackson Kappa Sigma RANDOLPH PEETS . . . Jackson Kappa Sigma MARY ANN PHILLIPS . . Holly Bluff Chi Omega KEITH PIGOTT Tylertown Pi Kappa Alpha ERNEST RATHELL . . . Lexington Kappa Sigma NINA HAZEL REEVES . . Yazoo City D. A. REILY Victoria ELLEN ROBINSON . . . Hattiesburg Kappa Delta AIMS AT ODK, SIGMA LAMBDA, P W, Page $6 GlaU SARAH ROSS Crystal Springs Chi Omega MARY SANDERS Jackson Chi Omega WINIFRED SEEGERS Shreveport Beta Sigma Omicror BARRY SENG . . Greenwood Kappa Sigma KATHRYN SHANNON Drew Beta Sigma Omicror CLIFTON SCHRADER Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha COLLIE SMITH .... Sardis Pi Kappa Alpha DAVID SMITH .... Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha PEGGY SMITH .... Jackson Phi Mu RUFUS STAINBACK . . . Minter City Kappa Sigma THEO STOVALL ... Jackson Chi Omega MARY STROHECKER Jackson Phi Mu JAMES STUBBS .... Magee Kappa Sigma BERYLINE STUCKY . . . . . Star Empyreans MARGENE SUMMERS . . Walnut Grove Beta Sigma Omicron EVA NELL TANNEHILL Jackson Phi Mu PERRY ALBERT TERRELL . . . Collins Kappa Sigma ROBERT TURNAGE N 3W Hebron MARIE VALENTOUR Jackson Empyreans ELEANOR LANE VAN HOOK Jackson Kappa Delta ELTON WARING . . Tylertown Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM WEATHERSBY Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha DOROTHY WEBSTER . . . Kosciusko Phi Mu LUCIA JEAN WEBSTER . . Jackson Phi Mu JOANNA WELLS Grenada Kappa Delta WILLIE NELL WHITE Pelahatchie Empyreans JOE WIGGINS Cruger Lambda Chi Alpha SYLVIA WILKINS Clarksdale Chi Omega BOB WILLIAMS Jackson Lambda Chi Alnha TOMMYE SUE WOODWARD Louisville Empyreans DICK WRIGHT .... Jackson Pi Kappa Apha MARJORIE WRIGHT Jackson Kappa Delta JOE WROTEN . . Columbus Kappa Sigma FLORA ALYCE WYNN Jackson JAMES EDWARD YELLOWLEY Greenville NEIL YELVERTON . . Bay Springs Pi Kappa Alpha Ross, Sanders, Seegers, Seng, Shannon, Schroder, Smith, C; Smith, D.; Smith, P.; Stainback, Stovall, Strohecker, Stubbs, Stuckey, Summers, Tannehill, Terrell, Turnage, Valentour, Van Hook, Waring, Weathersby, Webster, D.; Webster, L.; Wells, White, Wiggins, Wilkins, Williams, Woodward, Wright, D.; Wright, M.; Wroten, Wynn, Yellowley, Yelverton AND DEBATE - ALL AT ONCE Page 57 GWU dtken THERE ARE THOSE " Chief " and Doc " , the inseparables Jesse Lucius, the man with the smile . . Ellenita, the girl who can do most anything Bob Nichols, funny man and Dr. White ' s right hand Bubber ard Evelyn, typical Millsaps twosome . Colvin, the Millsaps fixture, about v hom we need say nothing more Ruth Gibbons, the girl with the voice and the sunny smile Eetty Jo, the girl with the drawl. m a CLASS BY THEMSELVES... Kinch- ' n-Cudge, two of a kind . Harry and Helen, the constant couple . . Rob- ert Yarbrough, the man with the piano and the nimble fingers . . Aden, Millsaps ' favorite basso prcfundo . . Prissy, the girl with the flutter and the brain . . . Toupie, the girl with a mouse in her voice and Jug ' s pin . Berryhill, the girl who copped both Freshman and Cruiser Queen crowns . Sonny and L. B., always the same but always something new. • Page 59 1 J HB? -■ - ; - ■ ' • " Sg ■■■ W ik). £ ¥ BASKETBALL at MILLSAPS The Millsaps Majors, under the directicn cf Coach Dave Carson, have just completed a successful season. The success was due largely to the fact that they beat the Choc- taws three games to one. The Majors were defeated in the first game by one point, and then they took the other three in a row. These games were played while in the Army-Collegiate League, composed of Mississippi College, the Mississippi Ordnance Plant, Jackson Air Base, and the Mississippi Guards. Millsaps was the leading team until they dropped out after the Christmas holidays. The Majors also played a four-game series with Loyola, losing all four to the fast, tall boys from New Orleans. With the exception of Captain Buddy Carr and Lightning Lowther, the Millsaps basketball team was composed of inexperienced men. Carr and Lowther returned from last year ' s team to lead the offensive play. Guard positions were played by Joe Stubblefield and Jack Glaze. Both saw action last year, Glaze as a freshman. Paired at forward with Lowther was Mike McLaurin, who also saw action last year as a freshman. Carr at center rounded cut the team. Gale Fant and John Durfey, freshmen, rendered valuable aid at forward. Big John Greer, transfer from S.L.I., played great ball at guard. Page 63 I it v - ■ Pike Speedbal! Team Sig Softball Team I T II A Under the careful guidance of the in- tramural council, Millsaps had the most colorful and exciting intramural program in its history Speedball got under way with a bang. The Pikes took an early lead by dispos- ing of the Sigs, Lambda Chis, and Non Frats. The KA ' s, at the same time, had won their first three games. The cham- pionship game was a thriller, with the two teams evenly matched. The Pikes scored early in the first quarter by virtue of a blocked kick, and held this 7-0 lead until the last few seconds when the KA ' s push- ed over a touchdown. The extra point failed, giving the Pikes a 7-6 victory. The Kappa Sigs went through the soft- ball race without any trouble, winning all games by a comfortable margin. The Sigs beat the Pikes, Lambda Chis, Non Frats, and KA ' s behind the steady pitch- ing of Joe Stubblefield and the consistent hitting of Dick Catledge and Dave Gray- den. The Pikes won the volleyball without any trouble by taking the measure of the KA ' s, Sigs, and Ncn Frats. The outstand- ing playing of Allen, Webb, and Mc- Laurin put the Fikes in a position to go through the schedule losing but cne game. Pike Vol ' eybalt Team p age 64 t A L S MEN... Ping pcng was next on the list. Ninety students participated in this intramural, with each fraternity entering as many men as they desired. After two weeks of continuous playing the count was taken, and the result was that the Sigs and Pikes had tied at Iwenty wins each. Both fraternities were given winner ' s points but a play-cff was held for the cup, with the five best members from both fraternities playing it off. The Sigs wen by a 3-2 count. The individual winner was Parker Walker (KSl with Clifton Schroder (LXA) as runner-up. Fcr the second time the Sigs and Pikes couldn ' t decide who would take the cup withcut a play-off. In a double elimination basketball tournament, the Pikes and Sigs sailed thrcugh without trouble until they played each other. The play-off game was easily taken by the Sigs by a sccre of 32-20, with Fred Tatum leading the attack with eleven points. Also sharing honors were Curtis Magee and Charles Dent. The free throw tournament is being held, with the outcome having a definite bearing on the big cup. At present the Pikes have a slim margin over the Sigs for first place. Sig Basketball Team Bubber Walker, Ping Pong Champion Page 65 I I T R II I It 1 L S Intramural sports here at Millsaps for the girls con- sists of round-rcbin tournaments held in basketball, softball, golf, table tennis, volleyball, tennis, and archery. In addition to these tournaments, a field day is held in the spring. In the individual events medals are awarded to the winner or outstanding player and to the runner-up, while a cup is awarded to the winning team. This year the ping pong intramurals were played by experienced veterans cf the game. All the teams really went to town when it came to swatting that little ball. Some fine competition developed among the players, but Ann Brien led the Phi Mu ' s to an over- whelming victory. The other teams that participated were the Beta Sigs, KD ' s, Chi O ' s, and the Non Soror- ity team. The 1943 intramural basketball cup will go to the Non Sorority girls. Led by Brown, Harris, and Adene Hurst as forwards and Stroud, Reeves, and Aylene Hurst as guards, the Non Sorority girls finished the season with five wins and no losses. The winners were followed in a close second by a strong Kappa Delta team. The Beta Sigs finished third, capably led by Hettie Faye Beasley. The Beta Sig team scored an upset the last night of the season, handing the Chi O ' s a sound trouncing. The Fhi Mu ' s carr.e out as the losers. Page 66 WOMEN Gym queen, Hettie Faye Beasley, led the Beta Sigs to intramural softball championship. Beginning by defeating the runners-up, the KD ' s, the BSO ' s swept through their following four games without a loss. The KD ' s and Chi O ' s had strong teams but they fin- ally yielded to the champs. Peggy Stroud, on first base, and Cecil Haeuser, with her heavy hitting, were a great asset to the team. The KD ' s came in second, losing only one game. Sara Dewees ' hitting and Alice Owens ' pitching were the featured strength on the KD ' s. The bright spots in fielding were Jo Wells and Dell Walling. The Chi Omegas came in third, losing only two games. Following in fourth place were the Non Sorority Girls, with the Phi Mu ' s coming in last. Beta Sigs celebrating their softball victory • CoacS Dcve M. Carson G Y II GLuei, Coach Dave M. Carson took over the physi- cal education program at Millsaps this year. He finished his college career at Union Uni- versity and later took pest graduate work at the Y.M.C.A. in Chicago, having been physi- cal education instructor at Enochs junior high school here in Jackson for the past year. He has proved himrelf highly capable by expanding Millsaps physical education and the intramural program so that all students have an opportunity to participate. The horizontal bars have affcrded an opportunity for seme to develop in acrobatics, while ethers play basketball, speedball, softball, tennis, box, cr wrestle. For real toughening an obstacle course was built so that the boys could get in first class shape. Many boys in the service from Millsaps are thankful that they tcck physical training. tit . • V r III! ILL. r Since Miss Frances Decell has been here at Millsaps, she has seen her dream of a campus playroom come true. Every night from 7:00 until 8:00 o ' clock, the students gather in the basement of Founders ' Hall for a recreation period of fun, reading, and games. She has al:o been working on a once-a-week " play night " in the Gym and has taken off to a good start. Miss Decell spends much of her time spon- soring the Majorette Club. This is an athletic club for girls that are outstanding in school ac- tivities. The remainder of her valuable time is spent in " running things " in the women ' s gym classes, riding horseback on Friday after- noons, and keeping her Boston bulldog, Com- modore, happy by buying him hamburger meat. In her three years at Millsaps, Miss Decell has done much for intramural sports. She has led the organization of Women ' s Intramurals and has added several new courses to the physical education department. She has organized and made plans for recreation leadership. She has begun classes in Health and Hygiene. She has classes in Elementary Physical Education, and some advanced courses in physical training. Miss Frances Decell f J A ladet Howie, Cadet Langley, Cadet McEnteer SELECTED THE BEAUTIES When the initial plans for the 1943 BOBASHELA were made, it was decided that in order to give the book one more different and distinctive feature, the beauties would be chosen in person, by a group of impartial judges. In this way, mere could enter into the selection than would be possible from pho- tographs, which it has been the custom to use. So, a sure-enough, old-fashioned beauty contest took place. The girls paraded in, the judges drank their fill of feminine beauty, and the headches began. " Pick out five more beautiful than the rest? Impossible! " ... But that is really what happened. Our judges were three cadets from the Mississippi Institute of Aeronautics at Madison, Mississippi —Cadet Harry H. Howie, from Andrews, S. C, Cadet John Alfred Langley, Jr., from Marion, S. C, and Cadet Frank Duff McEnteer, from DuBois, Pennsylvania. They chose these five girls, in order, as Mill- saps ' Five Most Beautiful: Dell Walling, Frances Alexander, Lavinia Johnson, Helen Alexander, and Evelyn Dale Burnham. Page 73 Beauty MISS HETTIE FAYE BEASLEY MISS MARJORIE WRIGHT MISS LUCY GERALD A T MiM 2)eU k alUnq, M I L L S A P S COLLEGE Page 75 Beauty MISS JANE KERN MISS VIRGINIA CARMICHAEL MISS ALICE NEILSON A T M I L L S A P S • • COLLEGE Page 77 Beauty MISS MARY EMMA ERVIN MISS EMMA GENE GAINEY MISS THEO STOVALL A T M I L L S A P S COLLEGE Page 79 r Beauty MISS MILLICENT LAMPE MISS CATHERINE RICHARDSON MISS EDNA EARLE BERRYHILL • . • MiM cJleleM, Alexander A T M I L L S A P S Page 81 COLLEGE i: I ' d ii i ■ " !$,, MISS HELEN RUOFF MISS CECIL HAEUSER • • A T M I L L S A P S Page 83 COLLEGE 1 J 0 . I i »ioi MBWfct. V ,e . . . ANYONE WHO WISHES CAN BECOME A MEMBER This group, all fcr ore and cr.e fcr all, is a local campus organization that is resting en its cwn laurels. Its membership beasts such characters as Dolores Craft, Ricketts Childrecs, and Ellenita Sells. The Empyreans have done much toward the betterment of the campus social life, and a jollier set of folks is seldom to be found. OFFICERS RICKETTS CHILDRESS President POLLY STROUD . Vice-President DOLORES CRAFT .... Secretary WILSON RAY . Treasurer MEMBERS Ray Adams James Holston Sydner Spier Ricketts Childress Adene Hurst Polly Stroud Dolores Craft Aylene Hurst Eeryline Stuckey Kay Dilworth Marjorie Murphy Marie Valentour Ester Guerry John Pcole Willie Nelle White Telka Guy Wilson Ray Tommye Sue Woodward George Harkins Dannie Rice Alma Zenfell Ellenita Sells Adams, Childress, Craft, Dilworth, Guerry, Harkins, Holston, Murphy, Poole, Ray, Rice, Sells, Spier, Stroud, Stuckey, Valentour, White, Woodward, Zenfell Page 87 7U PAN- n I MEN This group cf fraternity leaders meets about thrice yearly: once to set rushing rules, again for electicn of cfficers, and then to have their picture made. They have added to their accomplishments a constitution. OFFICERS JIM STUCKENSCHNEIDER President WALTER RIDGWAY Vice-President JAMES ARMSTRONG Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS James Armstrong Harry Frye Jack King Walter Ridgway Charles Scott Jim Stuckenschneider Fred Tatum M. J. Williams Page 88 E I I (1 Gounciii WOMEN With all the opposite sex leaving for the duration, these sorority leaders will have added to their problems the rushing rules for an increasing woman population on the campus. They may ban cigars at sorcrity rushing parties for the duration, too- OFFICERS JANICE TRIMBLE . . . President MARY EMMA ERVIN . . . . ' Vice-President HETTIE FAYE BEASLEY Secretary GEN BURDETTE ... Treasurer MEMBERS Hettie Faye Beasley Betty Brien Gen Burdette Mary Emma Ervin Marie Grubbs Mittie Hix Sue McCormack Janice Trimble Page 89 BETA SIGMA OtirROl ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Berryhill hit this campus like a thunder- bolt, and the BSO ' s boast her as one of their many attractions— but she ended up with a pin like all the rest! With Prissy Morson and the First Lady (of Mississippi) as an advance guard, Beasley, Clarine Rush, and Sue McCormack really make the wheels go ' round. The BSO ' s boast another one of the sister combinations, what with Sue and Gerry. Alpha Zeta Chapter has really done BIG things this year. OFFICERS HETTIE FAYE BEASLEY President CECIL HAEUSER ■ Vice-President RUTH INGRAM Corresponding Secretary GENE BYRD Recording Secretary JULIA WASSON Treasurer SARA JEAN APPLEWHITE Editor CLARINE RUSH Warden PRISCILLA MORSON, RUTH INGRAM Rush Chairmen MEMBERS Sara Jean Applewhite Hettie Faye Beasley Edna Earle Berryhill Mary Alice Boyles Gene Byrd Nelle Craig Elizabeth Cravens Lena Cravens Billie Jane Crout Mildred Dycus Carrie Pearl Evans Marga ret Gaskin Cecil Haeuser Frances Herring Ruth Ingram Charlotte Jones Gladys Litten Priscilla Morson Carolyn Myers Geraldine McCormack Sue McCormack Ann Odom Doye Payne Harriet Reagan Clarine Rush Winifred Seegers Kitty Shannon Peggy Stroud Margine Summers Julia Wasson Mary John Whitworth Page 90 Applewhile Beasley Berryhill Boyles Byrd Craig Cravens, E Cravens, L. Crout Dycus Evans Gaskin Haeuser Herring Ingram Jones Litten Morson Myers McCormack, G. McCormack, S. Odom Payne Reagan Rush Seegers Shannon Stroud Summers Wasson Whitworth NOT ONLY BRAINS BUT BRAWN Page 9] CHI CHI DELTA CHAPTER One would have to go far to find such a collection of beauty and brains in one chapter! Who can hold a candle to the Alexanders, Theo Stovall, Dale Burnharr, and all the others? Then how about Beth Barron ' s voice, Clara Porter ' s brains, Bettv Jo ' s drawl, Richardson ' s swing (en and off the piano), and Helen Hayes ' all ' round personality? Chi Delta Chapter has the distinction of many other outstanding features, but, even without recommenda- tions like these, the Chi O ' s stand at the top in every line. OFFICERS HELEN RUOFF CATHERINE RICHARDSON GENEVIEVE BURDETTE MAYE EVELYN DOGGETT CLARA PORTER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Pledge Instructor MEMBERS Frances Alexander Helen Alexander Mamie Jean Andersen Madeleine Baird Norma Barnes Beth Barron Genevieve Burdette Evelyn Dale Burnham Toni Burton Virginia Carmichael Joelyon Dent Maye Evelyn Dcggctt Ccrinne Doty June Eckert Marie Gooch Mary Ann Green Charlotte Gulledge Helen Hayes Emily Henderson Mittie Hix Betty Henry Betty Hewes Betty Jo Holcomb Helen Hughes Doris Jehl Lillian Johnson Jane Kern Evelyn King Miriam Lancaster Earlyne Miller Doris Murphree Alice Neilson Sally Ann O ' Brien Mary Ann Phillips Billie Claude Pierce Clara Porter Catherine Richardson Sara Ross Helen Ruoff Mary Sanders Virginia Sherman Theo Stovall Thelma Thompson Lady Betty Timberlake Amelia Watkins Anne Louise West Sylvia Watkins Nell Wood Page 92 Alexander Andersen Baird Barnes Barron Burdette Bumham Burton Carmichael Dent Doggett Doty FJckert Gooch Gulledge Hayes Henderson Hix Henry Holcomb Hughes Jehl Johnson Kern King Lancaster Murphree Neilson O ' Brien Phillips Porter Richardson Ross Ruoff Sanders Sherman Stovall Thompson Timberlake Watkins West Wilkins WHETHER IN QUANTITY OR QUALITY, INITIATION LASTS A WEEK Page 93 KAPPA DELT.1 MU CHAPTER Kappa Delta still beasts Lampe, Miller ' pinned or not), Harris, and Mother Grubbs. Their parties have been campus treats— never go to one without expecting to have a good time. Strange to say, the pledges try to keep up with the activities in being popular, pulling pins, making good grades, and being awfully versatile. Stanley is a vital part of the KD spirit. Speaking of spirit, what d ' you think of Mrs. Robert Webb Williams, nee Elizabeth Buchanan, and her resolve to continue school? OFFICERS BARBARA BOSWELL MARIE GRUBBS CHARLINE HARRIS VIRGINIA MINYARD BONNIE GRIFFIN DOROTHY RAYNHAM . Fresident Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Edito r MEMBERS Katherine Applewhite Flora Mae Arant Barbara Boswell Alma Elizabeth Brown Ann Buchanan Joan Carl Sarah Cochran Roberta Crawford Sarah Dewees Mary Emma Erwin Lucy Gerald Ruth Gibbons Bonnie Griffin Marie Grubbs Annie Marion Guyton Martha Gayden Harold Charline Harris Millicent Lampe Connie Mary Lloyd Carroll Lowe Marjorie Magruder Althea Martin Dcrothy Melvin Louise Miller Virginia Minyard Dorothy Mitchell Bess Ann McMillan Nina Ruth Owen Alice Owens Madeline Page Sara Kathleen Posey Virginia Price Dorothy Raynham Vera Mae Richardson Ellen Robinson Jacqueline Rogers Kathleen Stanley Peggy Tyer Lane Van Hook Dell Walling Joanna Wells Elizabeth Williams Marjorie Wright Page 94 Applewhite Arant Boswell Brown Buchanan Carl Cochran Crawford Dewees Ervin Gerald Gibbons Griffin Grubbs Guyton Harold Harris Lampe Lloyd Lowe Magruder Martin Melvin Miller Minyard Mitchell McMillan Owen Owens Page Posey Price Raynham Richardson Robinson Rogers Stanley Van Hook Walling Wells Williams Wright THEY CAN BOAST OF PEARL BUCK ALSO Page 95 PHI lO EPSILON CHAPTER " Big Mama " Trimble, Sylvia Roberts, Ginsie McKeown, and " Dr. " Dinkins have long personified Epsilon Chapter of Phi Mu. Then there is the matter of grades —and here the Brien sisters do their part; when Janice falls down (has she ever?) these little sisters rush forward with the good grades. Someone always manages to keep up the chapter scholastic pace. Wroten has endeared herself in the capacity of a carbuncle to the whole campus. These gals have what it takes. OFFICERS JEAN BARNETT President FRANCES WROTEN . . . First Vice-President MARY ANNA MAYO Second Vice-President JANICE TRIMBLE Secretary MARTHA BOGER Treasurer MEMBERS Jean Ackley Hazel Bailey Jean Barnett Martha Boger Ann Brien Betty Brien Jannie Vee Brooks Helen Frances Brown Rebecca Bufkin Suzanne Burnham Mary Lee Busby Rachel Conner Jean Day Jayne Delbridge Anne Denham Suenette Dinkins June Dobbs Emma Gene Gainey Ramelle Garbarino Catherine Hairston Maxine Harper Cornelia Harrison Fanny Haughton Lavinia Johnson Margaret Anne Jones Sara Ellen Jones Frances Keenan Maxyne Madden Maud Ella Majure Mary Anna Mayo Anne Miller Marjorie Mounger Helen McGehee Virginia McKeown (Catherine Riddell Sylvia Roberts Peggy Smith Mary Strohecker Eva Nell Tannehill Janice Trimble Dorothy Webster Lucia Jean Webster Martha Nell Willingham Frances Wroten Page 96 Ackley Bailey Barnett Boger Brien, A. Brien, B. Brooks Brown Bufkin Burnham Busby Conner Day Delbridge Denham Dinkins Dobbs Gainey Garbarino Hairston Harper Harrison Haughton Johnson Jones, M. . Jones, S. E, Keenan Madden Majure Mayo Miller Mounger McGehee McKeown Riddell Roberts Smith Strohecker Tannehill Trimble Webster, D. Webster, L. Willingham Wroten PINK CARNATIONS AND " SOEURS FIDELES " TYPIFY THEM Poqe 97 kll ' H ALPHA ALPHA MU CHAPTER Kappa Alpha added to its list of worthies by the initiation of Bishop Gallo- way. Eeing the oldest frat en the campus gives it a distinction that suits its motto " Dieu et les dames " Kappa Alpha has played an important part in Millsaps tradition, and it continues to reach high goals through campus activity with cr without ladies. Zach Taylor, Tom Scott, and Jerry Troy are characters that cause wonder ask them, if you don ' t believe it! OFFICERS WALTER RIDGWAY . . President TOM B. SCOTT ' Vice-President D. T. BROCK . Secretary MEMBERS Phil Bass Charles Bingham Reid Bingham Bobby Boggen B. M. Brady D. T. Brock Jack Bryson James Chastain Bill Dabbs R. Nelon Davis Pete Dunn John Durfey Houston Evans Ike Franklin Julian Lipscomb James Longinotti A. B. McGee James Ogden J. W. Patterson Warren Pittman Walter Ridgway Van Rusling Charles Scott Tom Scott Bubber Stone Zach Taylor Jerry Troy Sonny Williams Page 98 Boss Bingham, C. Bingham, R. Brady Brock Bryson Dabbs Davis Dunn Durfey Evans Lipscomb Longinotti Ogden Patterson Pittman Ridgway Scott, C. Scott, T. Taylor Troy WITH A MAN LIKE R. E. LEE, WHAT MORE COULD THEY NEED? Page 99 KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER Kappa Sigma ' s barn dance and Bcb Nichols have made this organization na- tionally known. Millsaps lets her hair down for the annual barn dance, and kid, if you don ' t believe it ' s a dance, try one! Tatum is in everything. Sigs sig- nify competition . and unless you ' re careful you are beat before you start in basketball, football, or the ladies. Ever since ' 95 the Sigs have been going strong,- something is always cooking. OFFICERS FRED TATUM JIM STUCKENSCHNEIDER DONALD WINNER FRANK WILLIAMS . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Roy Bane Howard Brown Charles Carmichael Buddy Carr Billy Carter Dick Catledge Clint Cavett N- E. Clarkson Charles Dent Lee Dickson Tom Garraway Dave Gayden Donnie Guion John Hampton Joe Harrison James Jenkins Louis Langford Harry Leach Curtis Magee Louis Miazza Ed Moak Gerald McMillan R. J. Peace Randolph Peets Malcolm Phillips Lee Railsback Ernest Rathell Barry Seng Billy Shackelford Rufus Stainback Joe Stubblefield James Stubbs Jim Stuckenschneider Fred Tatum Perry Terrell Charles Walker Parker Walker Edwin Wilson Frank Williams Donald Winner Noel Womack Joseph Wroten Page 100 Bane Brown Carmichae4 Carr Carter Catledge Cavett Clarkson Dent Dickson Garraway Guion Hampton Harrison Langford Leach Magee Moak McMillan Peace Peets Phillips Railsback Rathell Seng Shackelford Stainback Stubblefield Stubbs Stuckenschneider Tatum Terrell Walker, C. Walker, P. Wilson Williams Winner Womack Wroten U. Z. AND MARY LOOK OUT FOR THEIR INTERESTS Page 101 LIU Bill (III ILIUM THETA ETA ZETA Any group that has a baron-to-be de- serves some recognition, even if it is Van der Kroef. Then there ' s Professor Wubbles, who keeps a watchful eye over their antics. Turnage is definitely some- thing, and Alan Holmes has been here ever since mcst of us can remember. M. J. Williams has risen like a comet and his tale is full of the sound and fury that signifies nothing. ODK has more Lambda Chi ' s than any other fraternity, and that ain ' t to be sneezed at! OFFICERS BILL SHANKS President DAN WRIGHT Vice-President HUNTER STOKES Secretary HARRY FRYE . . Treasurer MEMBERS William Axtell Bobby Brady Ed Dawkins Charles Dillingham Harry Frye Mitchell Harkins Alan Holmes Smythe Howard Buddy Jones Matthew Lemly J. W. McMullin Charles Henry Seab Clifton Shrader David Smith Harry Spillman Hunter Stokes Harold Turnage Justus Maria Van der Kroef Joe Wiggins Bob Williams M. J. Williams Dan Wright R. E. Wubbles, Faculty Member Page 102 Axtell Brady Dawkins Frye Harkins Howard Jones Lemly A cMullin Shrader Smith Spillman Stokes Turnage Wiggins Williams, B. Williams, M. J. Wright Wubbles JIMMY DOOLITTLE CAN TELL THEM HOW TO RUN THIS CHAPTER Page 103 PI KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER This group rates " excellent " in sports and scholarship. The boys of 424 Mar- shall Street get a well-proportioned slice of life. Such groups as The Literati rise up over night. The Pikes usually lead in pledging and initiating men . a diversified group is the result. Their Founders ' Day is traditional, and some of the impromptu parties are nothing short of being sensational! " Pop " King and Dr. Fincher stand by at all times. OFFICERS JACK KING . . . President BUDDY WOFFORD . . . Vice-President ROBERT YARBROUGH .... Secretary JAMES ARMSTRONG .... ... Treasurer CARROLL MITCHELL . . . Historian Charles Allen James Armstrong John Baas Carroll Ball Aden Barlow Den Boswell Duncan Brackin Dean Calloway James Calloway Jean Calloway Truly Conerly James Cox Herbert Crisler Don Detwiler Kinchen Exum Gale Fant Lane Foster Jack Glaze David Harpole Wyatt Harris MEMBERS Jere Harrison Jack Hiwiller James Holder Bobby Holyfield Van Jackson, Jr. Bob Jurasheck Jack King William Lampton Bobby Mantz Hillman Mathis Shelby Mathis Carroll Mitchell Don Mizell Inman Moore Rasha Moore Johnny Morrow Dan McCullen Marion McGough John McKee Mike McLaurin Meldon McWilliams Walter Neill Keith Pigott Charles Rhea Maury Ross Wallace Russell Otis Singletary Collie Smith Calvin Stubblefield Elton Waring William Weathersby James Webb Bradford Wells Mirl Whitaker Martin White Buddy Wofford Billy Wright Dick Wright Robert Yarbrough Neil Yelverton Page 104 •? Allen Baas Earlow Brackin Calloway. D. Calloway, Ja. Calloway, Je. Conerly Cox Crisler Detwiler Font Glaze Harris Harrison Holder Holyfield Jackson Jurasheck King Lampton Mantz Mathis, H. Mathis, S. Mitchell Mizell Moore Morrow McCullen McGough McKee McLaurin McWMIicms Neill Pigott Rhea Ross Russell Singletary Smith Stubblefield Waring Weathersby Webb Wells Whitaker White Wofford Wright Yarbrough Yelverton SINKWICH CARRIED PIKE HONORS THIS YEAR Page 105 V " " B t m Ft CllMdtiCM Go-UMCil THE FEW WITH REALLY SANE AND SERIOUS THOUGHTS The Christian Council is the religious organization which sponsors all religious activities on the campus. It is composed of two members each from the Y.W.C.A. and Y.M.C.A., two members frcm the Ministerial League, one from the Baptist Student Union, five members from the student body at large, and one representative from each of the Methodist Youth Fellowships in Jackson. This year the Christian Council brought Dr. Roy L. Smith to Millsaps as the main speaker during Religious Emphasis Week. Besides sponsoring Religious Emphasis Week, the council also sponsors services for Millaps students and faculty during the Lenten season. ELLIS WILLIAMSON POLLY STROUD MARIE GRUBBS RICKETTS CHILDRESS Hettie Faye Beasley Reid Bingham Ricketts Childress Everett Felder Marie Grubbs James Holston OFFICERS MEMBERS Johnny Morrow Marjorie Murphy Sue McCormack Walter Ridgway Ellenita Sells . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Nell Shrader Polly Stroud Fred Tatum Ellis Williamson Dr. J. A. Fincher Miss Virginia Thomas Beasley, Bingham, Childress, Felder, Grubbs, Holston, Morrow, Murphy, McCormack, Ridgway, Sells, Shrcder, Stroud, Tatum, Willicm c on, Fincher Page 109 BAPTIST STIDEJT IJ 1 1 ' UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL " The Baptist students of Millsaps have banded together to form an " Association for the Mutual Protection of Outcasts from the Methodist Horde. " They call it the Baptist Student Union- Its Monday afternoon meetings are held in the Christian Center, and Carroll Lowe declares they have business to discuss, along with their worship services. The chief contribution of the group to the school is its welcoming committee which helps orient the Baptist students at the beginning of the year. They ' re really a nice bunch, even though they won ' t show much animosity toward the Choctaws. OFFICERS CATHERINE RICHARDSON President ZACH TAYLOR First Vice-President BETTY JO HOLCOMB Second Vice-President HELEN McGEHEE Third Vice-President CARROLL LOWE Secretary JOHN HAMPTON . Treasurer BILLY SHACKELFORD, JACK GLAZE Reporters Glaze, Hampton, Holcomb, Lowe, McGehee, Richardson, Shackelford, Taylor Page 1 10 MhlNTKIII.IL mm FUTURE SMITHS AND FOSDICKS These ministerial students ore to be congratulated on the hard work they do and the continuous interest shewn in it. Not only do they attend classes regularly and carry full loads of school work, but most of them have their own churches, preaching several times a week. They meet weekly for discussions of church problems, and under the able leadership of James Holston, they have built a firm foundation for their futures as able and popular ministers. OFFICERS JAMES HOLSTON . . . President EVERETT FELDER . . Vice-President WILSON RAY Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Ray Adams James Holstcn D. A. Reily James Darby Roger Jolly Miller Schultz R. Nelon Davis Glendall Jones Haywood Scott Garland Dean Lael Jones Marshall Sharp N. A. Dickson Ross Pickett Otis Singletary Everett Felder Warren Pittman Noel Ulmer Stanley Geiselman Wilson Ray Ellis Williamson George Harkins Harry Raymond James Williamson Adams, Davis, Felder, Geicelman, Harkins, Holston, Jolly, Jones, Pittman, Ray, Reily, Schultz, Singletary, E. Willicmson, J. Willie rmon Page 1 1 1 THE OFFICERS WALTER RIDGWAY President RUTH GIBBONS . . . Vice-President SYLVIA ROBERTS Secretary JIM HOLDER Business Manager sopranos: Flora Mae Arant Elsie Borland Alma Elizabeth Brown Mary Alice Boyles Rebecca Bufkin Nelle Craig Sara Dewees Corinne Doty Ruth Gibbons Charlotte Gulledge Marjorie Mounger Nina Ruth Owen Alice Owens Clara Porter Virginia Price Catherine Richardson Sylvia Roberts Jacqueline Rogers Sara Ross Ellenita Sells Frances Wroten AltOS: Beth Barron Barbara Boswell Ann Brien Betty Brien Joan Carl Sarah Cochran Dolores Craft Lennie Crawford Emma Gere Gainey Bonnie Griffin Carroll Lowe Dot Melvin Lcuise Miller Betty McBride Waudine Nelson Ellen Robinson Kathleen Stanley Joanna Wells Sylvia Wilkins Tenors: Howard Brown Ricketts Childress Lewis Jones Walter Neill Robert Pearson John Poole D. A Reily Hunter Stokes Whitfield Vick Noel Womack Basses: Charles Allen Jean Calloway Herbert Craig Jack Glaze Jim Holder Bob Hollingsworth Bob Juraschek Harry Leach James Ogden Keith Pigott Wilson Ray Walter Ridgway Perry Terrell Jerry Trey Jesse L. Wofford Joe Wroten , y v v n U £mae?iA . . . No Glee Club trips to hear the singers talk about this year! Since the war put such a hitch in transpcrtation, the musically inclined are forced to rehash the trips of the " good ole days, " or not talk at all. Their enforced " live at home and like it " state didn ' t quell the " do-mi-sol-do " gang, though. They started off the year by joining with the ether Jackson schools for a Christmas presentation of the City Auditorium of Handel ' s MESSIAH on its 200th birthday. Later, the Millsaps choir returned to the Au- ditorium in a Sunday afternoon concert, which was dedicated to the former members of the Millsaps Singers who are now in the armed service. Other local appearances included the presentation of selected numbers for the Mississippi Educational Association Convention in the Heidelberg Victory Room, the Men ' s Bible Class at Galloway Church, and at Pratt Colored Methodist Church. Due to the armed forces ' constant drain on Millsaps ' man-power, the Singers ' future began to look a bit gloomy. Kathleen saved the day, though, by " pitching in " with the tenors, and Professor Alvin J. King Director seme of Pep ' s high school boys helped fill in with the other voices, so the all-girl cantata is being saved for another year. Hungry want- ed to be a baritone, but gave up the idea when Pop said it didn ' t seem lady-like. Even though many of the boys have gone, the Singers still remember them and think of them at the close of each prcgram and rehear- cal as they sing the Benediction. KNOWN FROM THE GULF TO THE GREAT LAKES FOR THEIR QUALITY OF TONE AND QUALITY OF CHARACTER Page 113 THE QeetkcMj n The outstanding event of the year for the Beethoven Club was the presentation of a talk and a group of songs by Miss Esther Amelie Oldt, contralto and teacher of speech at Anti- och College. Also, the club was honored by having two members selected to serve at a re- ception for Rudolph Ganz, noted pianist under whom Mrs. Roberts studied. Mr. Ganz gave a program at Belhaven College and held a mas- ter class for the Millsaps music students. At Christmas the music faculty entertained the club with a tea-musical. Journalistically speaking, a " finger " at all those members who were absent— bcth the music and the refresh- ments were grand. The club, under the direction of Mrs. J. L. Roberts, has enjoyed a series of fine programs at its semi-monthly meetings in Elsinore Hall. These programs have included two piano num- bers by Mrs. Roberts and Catherine Richard- son, Jean Calloway and Jean Whyte, and Jean Colloway and Martin White; a program by Mrs. Coullet; ones combining the talents of bcth piano and voice pupils,- and record programs. Mrs. J. L. Roberts Director THEY EVEN LISTENED TO " WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER ' Page 1 14 Cmk , 3 » OFFICERS CATHERINE RICHARDSON President RUTH GIBBONS Vice-President JEAN CALLOWAY Secretary MAUD ELLA MAJURE Treasurer Alice Bending Martha Boger Barbara Boswell Betty Brien Jannie Vee Brooks Helen Frances Brown Jean Calloway Virginia Carmichael Sarah Cochran Nelle Craig Anne Denham Jcelycn Dent Corinne Doty MEMBERS Carrie Pearl Evans Emma Gene Gainey Ramelle Garbarino Ruth Gibbons Frances Gill Annie Marion Guyton Fanny Haughton Betty Henry Betty Hewes Ruth Ingram Charlotte Sara Ellen Jcnes Wilda Little Maud Ella Majure Brownell Maxwell Mary Anna Mayo Marjorie Mounger Sybil McDonald Patricia Platte Virginia Price. Catherine Richardson Eva Nell Tannehill Anne Louise West Mary John Whitworth Mary Louise Wilson Frances Wroten Page 115 THE In spite of frequent departures for the armed services among the veteran members of the staff, the P W came up to its usual high standard this year under the able leadership of Harold Turnage. Highlights of the year _ _ , ajjipw i - ill v A|HJ EUSMVk P J| k r r ( _ : -. - . " 3 -JSSr ' - j ■ H to ' ' ■ " " rr: - were the edition dedicated to Millsaps men in the services, the co-ed edition, Freshman edi- tion, and the April Fool edition. EDITORIAL STAFF CHARLINE HARRIS Managing Editor JOE WROTEN News Editor M. J. WILLIAMS . . . . Sports Editor KINCHEN W. EXUM Feature Editor DOROTHY RAYNHAM Art Editor LADY BETTY TIMBERLAKE . Society Editor JANICE TRIMBLE Copy Editor HERBERT CRISLER Exchange Editor ALMA ZENFELL Staff Editor ERNEST RATHELL . . . Proof Editor Harold Turnage Editor NEWS STAFF— Anne Denham, Miriam Lan- caster, Maxyne Madden, Ann Jones, Jannie Vee Brooks, Lucy Gerald, Hazel Bailey, Sara Kathleen Posey, Mary Sanders, Dot Melvin, Gerald McMillan, Toni Burton, Helen Hayes, Jane Kern, Hettie Faye Beasley, Babs Boswell, Doye Payne, Bubber Walker, Flora Mae Arant, Sarah Cochran, Edna Earle Berryhill, Maxine Harper. FEATURE STAFF-Margaret Gaskin, Maxine Harper, Marie Grubbs, Anne Buchanan, Ann Brien, Inman Moore, Priscilla Morson, Jim Holder, Frances Alexander, Doris Murphree. IF IT WASN ' T FOR THE FINGER Page 1 16 and UJmte This year ' s business staff should be com- mended for its excellent work in securing advertisements to keep the paper coming off the pre:s in such critical times. Look at any copy and view the handiwork of King, Johnson, Mitchell, and Buchanan. BUSINESS STAFF JOHNNY MORROW Circulation Manager LILLIAN JOHNSON Asst. Circulation Manager CATHERINE RICHARDSON Subscription Mgr. ADVERTISING STAFF-Charles Allen, Carroll Mitchell, Marie Gooch, Emily Henderson, Alice Owens, Joelyon Dent, Mike McLaurin, Lavinia Johnson, John McKee, Walter Ridgway. SUBSCRIPTION STAFF-Sara Ross, Norma Barnes, Bonnie Griffin, Peggy Stroud. CIRCULATION STAFF-Virginia Carmichael, Charles Carmichael, June Eckert, Nelon Davis, Jane Kropp, Shelby Mathis, Helen Hughes. Jack King Business Manager AND THE CHESTERFIELD ADS Page 117 THE f9U3 Mirl Whitaker Editor EDITORIAL STAFF CLARA PORTER Assistant Editor CATHERINE RICHARDSON Class Editor MARIE GRUBBS Organization Editor BUBBER McWILLIAMS Photography Editor HERBERT CRISLER Literary Editor MIKE McLAURIN Sports Editor DOROTHY RAYNHAM Art Editor ANN BRIEN Calendar Editor ROBERT YARBROUGH Administration Editor CLASS STAFF-Bonnie Griffin, Edna Earle Berryhill, Eess Ann McMillan, Joe Wroten, Madeline Baird. ORGANIZATION STAFF-Carroll Ball, Ray Adams, J. W. Chatham, Gerry McCormack, Jim Webb. LITERARY STAFF-Kinchen Exum, Jannie Vee Brooks, John Malone, Betty Brien, Doye Payne. ART STAFF-Theo Stovall, Bcb Juraschek, Connie Mary Lloyd. SPORTS STAFF-Nina Hazel Reeves. CALENDAR STAFF-Sara Ross, Norma Barnes, Winnifred Seegers ADMINISTRATION STAFF-Lady Betty Tim- berlake, Kitty Shannon. The BOBASHELA this year has struggled along under a jinx. First, Mirl Whitaker, after planning and photographing much of this book, left for camp, turning the reins over to capable Elizabeth Buchanan, who subsequently elcped with a high school sweetheart and left the work to Clara Porter, who— at the time of the writing —seems to have escaped the hoodoo and is about to bring the publication to a successful conclusion. Luckily, the editorial staff this year is somewhat larger than formerly, and all three successive editcrs have been individuals who know their stuff, as some glances through the book should tell you. Mirl ' s foresight in thor- oughly laying out the ground-work before his departure is especially to be recommended. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER Qaka kela The same jinx pestering the Editorial Staff reached out early this year and snatched James Armstrong, whose place was ably filled by Maury Ross, who in turn vanished from the scene, leaving matters in the hands of Zach Taylor. At this writing, Zach has not yet succumbed to the jinx and is doing a pretty good job on what remains to be done. It is noteworthy that this would have been Arm- strong ' s second year as business manager. It is also noteworthy that Pi Kappa Alpha has broken the record by furnishing two business managers for cne issue of the Bobashela. Despite these jars, the business managers, assisted by a very capable staff, have suc- ceeded in getting those all-important ads, as some quick glances will assure you. These commercial details must be handled by some- one, and they ' ve dene a good job— besides getting ycur 50c subscription. BUSINESS STAFF MAURY ROSS Assistant Business Manager ZACH TAYLOR Advertising Manager JOHNNY MORROW Circulation Manager SARA K. POSEY Organizations Manager LADY BETTY TIMBERLAKE Asst. Adv. Manager James Armstrong Business Manager STAFF MEMBERS-Calvin Stubblef ield, Harry Frye, Lane Van Hook, Bobby Mantz, Joanna Wells, Dot Melvin, Bonnie Griffin, Betty Hewes, Billie Claude Pierce, and Marjorie Wright. DID ANYONE EVER MEET A DEADLINE? MAJORETTE CLUB WHITE SWEATERS, M ' s, AND STUNT NIGHT The Majorettes will always be remembered, first of all, for their Stunt Night. Their sponsorship of this annual affair has provided the campus with some grand entertainment. Another of their projects, the Club Room, evolved into the Founders ' Hall Re- creation Room. Never too busy to undertake something else, they managed the girls ' intra- murals: ping pong, softball, basketball, and volleyball. And they even found time to throw a STEAK FRY (before rationing) and a Christmas party at the Heidelberg. OFFICERS CLARINE RUSH ... President JEAN BARNETT ... . . Vice-President JANICE TRIMBLE Secretary HETTIE FAYE BEASLEY . . Intra-Murals Head MEMBERS Jean Barnett Priscilla Morscn Hettie Faye Beasley Sue McCormack Martha Boger Katherine Riddell Suenette Dinkins Helen Ruoff Cecil Haeuser Clarine Rush Millicent Lampe Polly Stroud Althea Martin Janice Trimble Mary Anna Mayo Alma Zenfell ■ Page 120 nmim club OFFICERS ADEN BARLOW BUDDY JONES CECIL HAEUSER MARTHA BOGER DAVID HARPOLE Aden Barlow Martha Boger James Darby Cecil Haeuser David Harpole President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Reporter MEMBERS Buddy Jones Walter Neill Binford Richardson Noel Ulmer Dr. J. M. Sullivan Dr. J. M. Sullivan Chief High Rambler The Ramblers ' Club aims to stimulate interest among the Millsaps students in geology. This year the orginization made several field trips in Jackson and its vicinity, to Vicksburg, and to Flora, where different formations were observed and new specimens of shells collected. The Club makes a large collection cf valuable material from year to year which greatly aids the geology students in their work. MAYBE THEY ' LL STUMBLE UPON THE " MISSING LINK " Barlow, Boger, Hoeuser, Jones, Neill, Richardson Page 121 fi TI SIGMA THEY TURN GREEN AT THE SIGHT OF A PHI BETA KAPPA KEY Seme people do ccme to college to be straight-A students. Members of Eta Sigma prove to the freshmen that it is possible. With this exception, Eta Sigmas are like the rest of the students. Of their honors they are proudest of the fact that almost all of their faculty members wear Phi Beta Kappa keys! OFFICERS JANICE TRIMBLE DR. J. A. FINCHER President Secretary MEMBERS William Axtell Dolores Craft Clara Porter Fred Tatum Janice Trimble Dr. H- M. Bullock Mrs. H. W. Cobb Dr. J. A. Fincher Dr. R. H. Moore Dr. W. E. Riecken Dr. M. L. Smith Axtell, Craft, Porter, Tatum, Trimble, Fincher, Moore, Riecken, Smith Paige 122 E T A S I G II 1 P II I . . MODERN PICNICS PLUS DREAMS OF ANCIENT SPLENDOR These are the people that do well in the Classics, although they are not as successful in local Greek restaurants. They scmetimes have fabulous banquets at which they pay homage to the grandeur that was Greece and the glory that was Rome. The local chapter has supplied national officers many times in its history. OFFICERS JANICE TRIMBLE President KINCHEN EXUM Vice-President CATHERINE RICHARDSON .... Secretary DOLORES CRAFT . Treasurer MEMBERS Hazel Bailey Ellenita Sells Dolores Craft Janice Trimble Maye Evelyn Doggett Harold Turnage Kinchen Exum Mrs. H. W. Cobb Ruth Gibbons Miss Elizabeth Craig Cornelia Harrison Mrs. Armand Cculllet Bobby Holyfield Mrs. W- F. Goodman Marion McGough Dr. A. P. Hamilton Catherine Richardson Professor A. G. Sanders Dr. M. L- Smith Bailey, Craft, Doggett, Exum, Gibbons, Harrison, Holyfield, McGough, Richardson, Sells, Trimble, Turnage, Sanders, Smith Page 123 Y.W.C.! CABINET McCORMACK IS ALSO STATE PRESIDENT Encouraged by the leadership of enthusiastic officers, this year ' s Y.W.C.A. accomplished much. The spend-the-night party, the freshman reception, the little sister party, the Y.M.— Y.W. banquet, and the state-wide conference at Allison ' s Wells were among the year ' s activities. Social Service work was carried en at the Methodist Orphanage and at the Bethlehem Center. OFFICERS SUE McCORMACK President MARIE GRUBBS .... Vice-President POLLY STROUD ... Secretary JANICE TRIMBLE . . Treasurer MEMBERS Jean Barnett Catherine Richardson Barbara Boswell (Catherine Riddell Maye Evelyn Doggett Clarine Rush Marie Grubbs Ellenita Sells Marjorie Murphy Polly Stroud Sue McCormack Janice Trimble Alma Zenfell Barnett, Boswell, Doggett, Grubbs, Murphy, McCormack, Richardson, Riddell, Rush, fells, Stroud, Trimble, Zenfe ' l Pare 124 I II. C. i U B IN E T HERE ORIGINATE ATTACKS ON STUDENT RELIGIOUS PROBLEMS The Y.M.C.A. ' s number in their roster quite a few B.M.O.C. ' s. Chief among these is, of course, Reid Bingham, elected president by direct vote in open session. Twice a month the Y. meets to lay plans for religious activities and events. It has not all been rcses and honey, however— for there have been rumcrs cf seme vague kind of rivalry with the Y-W.— heaven knows what about. Though its roster is being depleted by the ubiquitous demands of Uncle Sam, the Y. is still bowling along at a merry pace and setting a mark for the future Y. ' s to shoot at. An important member was lest the second semester when J. W. Chatham went into the armed forces. Other valuable members have vanished from time to time, creating an ever-present problem in attendance. Among these are James Arm- strong, Fred Tatum, and Buddy Wofford— good men all, who will be missed. OFFICERS REID BINGHAM Fresident JOE WROTEN .... RICKETTS CHILDRESS .... Ray Adams Reid Bingham J. W. Chatham Ricketts Childress Bill Dabbs Harry Frye MEMBERS Jim Holder James Holston Jack King Johnny Morrow John Pocle Walter Ridgway Jce Wrcten Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Jim Stuckenschneider Fred Tatum Zach Taylor Frank Williams M. J. Williams Ellis Williamson Adams, Bingham, Chatham, Childress, Dabbs, Frye, Holder, Holston, King, Morrow, Poole, Ridgwcy, Stuckenschneider, Tatum, Taylor, F. Williams, M. J. Williams, William- son, Wroten Page 125 STUDENT EXECUTIVE BOARD THEY HANDLE THE " BIG " BUSINESS The Student Executive Board is the formal governing bcdy fcr the students, con- sisting of the student body officers and the heads of various representative groups en the campus. It makes the laws and sees that the constitution is upheld. This year found Millsaps fcr the first time with a girl wielding the gavel for the student body, for when Fred and Walter both left at the end cf first semester fcr medical school, Mary Emma Ervin remained as acting president. OFFICERS FRED TATUM WALTER RIDGWAY MARY EMMA ERVIN President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer MEMBERS Harold Turnage Purple and White Mirl Whitaker Bobashela Sue McCormack Y.W.CA. Reid Bingham Y.M.C.A. Janice Trimble Women ' s Panhellenic Jim Stuckenschneider Men ' s Pan-Hellenic Ellis Williarrscn James Web b Clarine Rush Eugene Smith . James Holston Jim Holder M. J. Williams . Christian Council Debate Woman ' s Council Band Ministerial League Millsaps Singers Dramatic Club Page 126 ii oil .u ' s i ' ii ii 111 r i l . . . . DEAF TO PLEAS FOR MORE 1 1:00 O ' CLOCK NIGHTS The Woman ' s Council, the co-ed ' s governing body of Millsaps, which is composed of a member frcm each sorority, the Y.W.C.A., and the Majorette Club, this year drew up a new set of dormitory regulations, concerning hours and nights out. One of the outstanding events of the year is the tea given for the seniors in the spring. At present funds are being raised for a rug which will be placed in the lounge of Murrah Hall. OFFICERS CLARINE RUSH President JANICE TRIMBLE Vice-President CHARLINE HARRIS .... Secretary MEMBERS Beth Barron Charline Harris Clarine Rush Ellenita Sells Polly Stroud Janice Trimble Trances Wrcten Page 127 international relation club HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR WAS VAN ' S INITIATION The foremost authorities en the wcrld yesterday, today, and maybe tomorrow, are to be found bi-monthly in solemn meetings at various meeting places- Amid comfortable surroundings, with a homey touch provided by Clara ' s and Doris ' knitting, these radicals, politicians, economists, and historians solve the world ' s problems. OFFICERS FRANK WILLIAMS President BILL SHANKS Vice-President HELEN RUOFF Secretary-Treasurer Charles Carmichael James Chastain Cecil Haeuser Alan Holmes Frances Keenan Priscilla Morson Deris Murphree Helen McGehee Gerald McMillan MEMBERS James Ogden Doye Payne John Poole Clara Porter Helen Ruoff Bill Shanks Hunter Stokes Fred Tatum Harold Turnage Pe ggy Tyer Justus Van der Kroef Elizabeth Williams Frank Williams Dan Wright Alma Zenfell Dr. Oscar Dooley Dr. R. H. Moore Prof. R. E. Wubbles Carmichael, Haeuser, Keenan, Morson, Murphree, McGehee, McMillan, Ogden, Payne, Poole, Porter, Ruoff, Shanks, Stokes, Tatum, Turnage, E. William " :, F. William , Wright, Zenfell, Dooley, Moore, Wubb ' es Q Q Page 1 28 KAPPA I) E L T I E P S I L 1 . . . THEIR TALES OF PRACTICE-TEACHING WILL SLAY YOU KDE ended up its second year en the campus well established in the field of honoraries. These future school marms of America came into their glory during the annual M. E. A. Convention, when they interview possible employers. Sara Jean Applewhite left the Millsaps " circle " for a short time to travel to Cincinnati to the National Convention as Millsaps ' representative. OFFICERS HAZEL BAILEY . . President MARY LEE BUSBY . Vice-President MAYE EVELYN DOGGETT .... . . Corresponding Secretary ALTHEA MARTIN Recording Secretary JANICE TRIMBLE . . Treasurer FROF. R. R. HAYNES . Sponsor Hazel Bailey Jean Barnett Hettie Faye Beasley Mary Lee Busby Maye Evelyn Doggett Ruth Gibbons MEMBERS Betty Jo Holcomb Althea Martin Virginia Minyard Doris Murphree Virginia McKeown Helen Ruoff Clarine Rush Ellenita Sells Polly Stroud Janice Trimble Frances Wroten Prof. R. R- Haynes Bailey, Barnett, Beasley, Busby, Doggett, Gibbons, Holcomb, Martin, Minyard, Murphree, McKeown, Ruoff, Rush, Sells, Stroud, Trimble, Wroten, Haynes Page 129 N I Ul .1 LAMBDA . . THE NEED IS FOR MORE BUS-STOP HOUSES TO ATTACK These BWOC ' s meet each month to meditate past accomplishments, face present issues, and provide for the future. The annual Varsity Show sponsored by Sigma Lambda turned a timely eye to our neighbors to the South, and was lauded by students and faculty, but their greatest contribution to the campus was the removal of the " unsightly " bus-stop house at the corner of Park Avenue and State. OFFICERS CATHERINE RICHARDSON . . President MARY EMMA ERVIN .... ... Vice-President JANICE TRIMBLE Secretary-Treasurer ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, CLARA PORTER .... Co-Historians MEMBERS Hettie Faye Beasley Mary Emma Ervin Charline Harris Sue McCormack Clara Porter Catherine Richardson Helen Ruoff Clarine Rush Ellenita Seals Janice Trimble Elizabeth Williams Miss Elizabeth Craig Mrs. W. F. Goodman Mrs. Mary B. Stone Beasley, Ervin, Harris, McCormack, Porter, Richardson, Ruoff, Rush, Sells, Trimble, Williams, Stone Page 130 M 1 1) R 1 DELTA K ;l P P I CENTER OF CAMPUS INFLUENCE The proud possessor of an ODK key commands respect wherever the key is recognized. Omicron Delta Kappa is a leadership fraternity for men who have outstanding records in every field of activity. The r e crusaders at Millsaps have sponsored the new coat racks in the cafeteria, agitated for an infirmary, and applauded the Naval unit to be established here in July. Dr. Rcss Moore during the course cf the year was appointed acting National Treasurer- OFFICERS FRED TATUM President JAMES ARMSTRONG Vice-President DR. R. H. MOORE Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS James Armstrong Ricketts Childress Alan Holmes Jack King Walter Ridgway Fred Tatum Harold Turnage Ellis Williamson Prof. A. J. King Dr. R. H. Mocre Dr. W. E. Riecken Dr. M. L. Smith Childress, King, Ridgwcy, Tatum, Turnage, Williamson, King, Moore, Riecken, Smith Page 131 THE DRAMATIC CLUB THE CAMPUS TURNS OUT FOR EVERY PLAY ONE-ACT FLAYS THE HAUNTED THEATRE FIFTY-FIFTY FIVE FOR BAD LUCK SUPPRESSED DESIRES DEAD MEN CAN ' T HURT YOU THE KID MAKES UP HIS MIND HUGO IN A HURRY THREE-ACT PLAYS MR. PIM PASSES BY THE CIRCLE Cast: Cast: George M,arden Jim Holder Clive Champion-Cheney O. Singletary Olivia, his wife Frances Wroten Amold Champion-Cheney, M. P. ,,..,,. ., . « I, Bob Juraschek Lady Marden, his aunt Mane Grubbs , . _ , , . . ' Lord Porteus Herbert Craig Dinah, his mece Betty Jo Holcomb Lady Catherme Champion-Cheney Brian Strange Herbert Craig Elizabeth Williams Carraway Pirn Joe Field Elizabeth Frances Wroten Ann, the maid Edna Earle Berryhill Mrs. Shenstone Ellen Rcbinson OFFICERS » M. J. WILLIAMS President FRANCES WROTEN Vice-President EMMA GENE GAINEY Secretary-Treasurer Page 132 U P II I P SI (Ml Ui t NOTED FOR THEIR ROUGH INITIATIONS Alpha Pi of Alpha Psi Omega, one of the " active " honoraries on the campus, sponsored two plays this year, MR. PIM PASSES BY and THE CIRCLE. Members assisted with the presentation of two groups of one-act plays given by the Dramatic Club, under Dr. White ' s guidance. Brother Moore is still taking parts in Jackson Little Theatre productions, thus keeping the campus Cables and Lamarrs in touch with the local drama fields. In spite of the loss of Bcb Nichols at the first of the year, the players carried through in great style, having again provided the campus with a store of great entertainment. OFFICERS JIM HOLDER M. J. WILLIAMS CHARLINE HARRIS Edna Earle Berryhil Herbert Craig Marie Grubbs Charline Harris Betty Jo Holccmb Jim Holder Jack King Priscilla Morson MEMBERS President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer Dorothy Raynham Catherine Richardson Charles Scott Elizabeth Williams M. J. Williams Frances Wroten Dr. R. H. Moore Dr. M. C. White Berryhill, Grubbs, Harris, Holcomb, Holder, King, Morson, Raynham, Richardson, Scott, E. Williams, M. J. Williams, Wroten, Moore, White Page 133 r H I D E L T I . . . HOW THE MEMBERS HATE TO BE ON THE PROGRAM! The campus " bluestockings " , known as Chi Deltas to the hoipoloi, whirled merrily through their monthly meetings and still found time for a joint gathering with Kit Kat (masculine equivalent) at the Heidelberg. The girls have really been heckling each ether this ear, so now they ' re all scared to read their scrawls to the rest cf the crew. Relax, girls, what difference will a split infinitive cr a misplaced relative (where IS Uncle Henry?) make ten years from now? And besides, who ' s afraid of J. T.? Original Prexy " Mac " McKeown graduated in January, leaving the gang in a mournful mood we hear she ' s having a GOO-d time, though. V P. Clara Pcrter took charge and made them all happy, so Dr. Smith can smile again. OFFICERS VIRGINIA McKEOWN CLARA PORTER ELIZABETH WILLIAMS JANICE TRIMBLE Barbara Boswell Maxine Harper Charline Harris Priscilla Morson Doris Murphree President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter MEMBERS Virginia McKeown Clara Porter Janice Trimble Elizabeth Williams Alma Zenfell Mrs. H. W. Cobb Miss Elizabeth Craig Mrs. W. F. Goodman Mrs. Mary B. Stone Miss Virginia Thomas Boswell, Harper, Harris, Morson, Murphree, McKeown, Porter, Trimble, Williams, Zenfell, Stone Page 134 K I T K A T OLDEST AND MOST VENERABLE HONORARY ON THE CAMPUS Kit Kat, the exclusive, was this year amazed to find itself once mere with more student than faculty members. It even went so far as to break a tradition and have a student instead of a faculty member act as host at one of its meetings. I Kit Kat never meets except when it has been promised fcod.) Harold Turnage was the precedent-breaker, entertaining the group at the Edwards. For the big meeting of the year in conjunction with Chi Delta, the boys promised great entertainment, and from what the " chosen few " said about it, it must have been good! HAROLD TURNAGE OFFICERS Secretary Herbert Crisler Kinchen Exum Alan Holmes Robert Nichols Brewster Robinson MEMBERS Harold Turnage Robert Yarbrough Dr. R. H. Moore Dr- J. B. Price Prof. A. G. Sanders Dr. M. C. White Crisler, Exum, Nichols, Robirron, Turnage, Yarbrcugh, Mcore, Price, Sanders, White Page 135 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA .... SPONSOR FRESHMAN PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS Alpha Epsilon Delta is the official national honorary pre-medical organization on Millsaps campus. It numbers among its members future doctors and technicians. The usual tours made by the group-intellectuals were greatly curtailed this year be- cause of the fracas in Europe, Africa, and the South Pacific. OFFICERS FRED TATUM President WALTER RIDGWAY . . . . Vice-President VIRGINIA MINYARD Secretary JAMES ARMSTRONG Treasurer ROBERT PEARSON . Historian MEMBERS James Armstrong Van Jackson, Jr. Jim Stuckenschneider Aden Barlow Jack King Fred Tatum D. T. Brock Carroll Lowe Julia Wasson James Callcway Virginia Minyard Clay Wells John Denser Walter Neill Noel Womack Mary Emma Ervin Robert Pearson Dr. J. A. Fincher Cornelia Harrison Clara Porter Dr. J. B. Price Jim Holder Walter Ridgway Dr. W. E. Riecken Adene Hurst Brewster Robinson Dr. J. M. Sullivan Barlow, Brock, Calloway, Ervin, Harrison, Holder, Jackson, King, Lowe, Minyard, Neill, Pearson, Porter, Ridgway, Robinson, Stuckenschneider, Tatum, Wasson, Womack, Fincher, Price, Riecken, Sullivan Page 136 I) E L T A I A P P A I) E L T THEY ' RE IN THE ARMY NOW Delta Kappa Delta is an honorary pre-law fraternity. It was organized in 1939 in order to recognize interest and ability in the field of law preparation, and to bridge the gap between pre-law and law training. OFFICERS REID BINGHAM Fresident MAURY ROSS Vice-President M. J. WILLIAMS Secretary BOBBY HOLYFIELD . . . Treasurer MEMBERS Reid Bingham Maury Ross Harry Frye Charles Scott Bobby Holyfield Tom Scott Alan Holmes Hunter Stokes Carroll Mitchell Zach Taylor Maricn McGough M. J. Williams John Poole Prof. R. R- Haynes Prof. R. E. Wubbles Bingham, Frye, Holyfield, Mitchell, McGough, Poole, Ro et , C. Scott, T. Scott, Stokes, Taylor, Williams, Haynes, Wubbles 1 Page 137 T H E T A N 11 SIGMA NEWEST ADDITION TO THE IMPRESSIVE LIST OF HONORARIES This young organization is an outgrowth of the need for an honorary recognizing ability in the field of general science. Also formed this year, the Millsaps College Academy of Science is Theta Nu Sigma ' s sponsor, the honorary drawing its members from the most outstanding in the Academy. Founded as a result of the enthusiasm and hard work of William Axtell, Theta Nu Sigma promises to be a worth-while addition to Millsaps- DOLORES CRAFT HARRIET REAGAN WAUDINE NELSON DR. J. A. FINCHER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treas urer Faculty Adviser William Axtell Betty Brien Dean Calloway James Calloway Picketts Chi ' dre-s Dclcres Craft MEMBERS Waudine Nelson Clara Porter Harriet Reagan Fred Tatum Julia Wasson Donald Winner Dr. J. A, Fincher Prof. G. L. Harrell Dr. B. E. Mitchell Dr. J. B. Price Dr. J. M. Sullivan Axtell, Brien, D. Calloway, J. Calloway, Childress, Craft, Nel ' on, Porter, Reagan, Tatum, Wasson, Winner, Finc L er, Price, Sullivcn Page 138 THE L I T fi R T I SELF-STYLED LITERARY GENIUSES AND CRITICS " The vile:t of all crowds, the literary. " — Keats. The Literati is the organization that proudly exists sub rcsa; it is very partisan, wickedly sectarian, and is definitely not open to people with ability. MEMBERS James Armstrong Herbert Crisler Kinchen Exum Marion McGough Virginia McKeown Patricia Platte Calvin Stubblefield Frances Wroten HONORARY MEMBER Herbie Kyzer, Tulane ' 41 Crisler, Exum, McGough, McKeown, Pblte, Stubblefie ' d, Wroten Page 139 r and «lr£? - mt SM:;1SI " " WfH " : ; . g ; ; iH r SNAPS Dot doesn ' t like it . . . Gerry and Dean Waiting for Physics . , Cephus ' special He ' ll give ' em hay Posed And she ' s a beauty, too . . . Take your choice (ugh! i . . . Referee ... 1:05 has just rung . . Going to Dooley ' s class Best-known man on the campus. SUPS Collegiate . . . Five-minute snooze before lab - " I hate ycu for this! " . Dr. Smith iR. L) . . . Letter from home (?) . - Putting on an act G ' wan ard lead! Ticky and Hungry What a waste of pie Doug and Mac and Frcf. SNAPS Time hangs heavy on their hands . . . " Foozy " . . Wallace explains the whole thing . . . Wondering where Cornelia and the " Bird-dog " are . Mirl and his camera Sun in their eyes Buddy shoots the sun The Pikes get seme new furniture Debut at the Chi O Dinner . . Galloway girls. JH Ai242A£Ciatk latum . . . The editor feels that the " it has been hard work, but if you enjoy the book I ' m repaid " formula will not suffice for this page this year. I don ' t deny these facts but such ideas are too mechanistic. You perhaps remember when the BOBASHELA seemed hopelessly spread over the states of Arkansas and California— with little hope of survival. Much credit belongs to Clara Porter, and even Dr. Moore made history by advancing one good idea. I feel grateful to hosts of others who worked on and on; they supplied many of the ideas incorporated in this book. Do not let any of these persons, with their false modesty, brush off the compliments they deserve. The BOBASHELA is ever thankful to Mr. Bob Faerber for his vivid imagination and constant help in our relations with the Alabama Engraving Company. This year Mr. George Preiss proved new friends are very valuable also, and we thank him and the Paragon Press for their cooperation. Becky and Sonny were always fun to be with, and we welcome them as Millsaps students of tomorrow. Thanks to their vitality the editor was hard pressed to keep up with them; but we have their pictures as the result. In trying to find the theme and motive for this book I ' ve made an attempt to find the pulse of the campus. At times it roared forth as loudly as the " juke " box in the Grill, and then at other times as feebly as an answer to Mrs. Goodman ' s Sophomore lit. exam. But I hope I haven ' t counted the beat wrongly. I feel that this thought of a new world was in your thinking. The idea, the spirit of Millsaps, of liberalism is neces- sary for our new world. MIRL WESLEY WHITAKER Camp Magnolia Magnolia, Arkansas Millsaps College M. L. SMITH, President Jackson, Mississippi IIHSiipS . . . Accepts the Challenge of mil and TOMORROW Never before have the students of Millsaps been offered such a vast op- portunity to prove their strength, their courage, and their ingenuity in fac- I ing the challenge of today and of tomorrow. Theirs will be the bounding privilege of rebuilding a world of true peace ... a world that the vision | and enthusiasm of youth can anticipate . . . that the character and training of disciplined minds can bring into being. With liberalism and truth as her cornerstone, Millsaps throughout the years has molded the character and developed the minds of students who would " look for the horizon that others have not yet seen " . Today on the horizon behind the war-clouds a new world challenges her students. Strengthened by its past, and looking to the future, Millsaps is helping students meet that challenge. Stale-Mily ICE CREAM " cTfiniSuAh i ad UlZefAedhed MISSISSIPPI SCHOOL SUPPLY CO. 1 16 South Street Jackson, Mississippi SUPPLIERS TO THE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS OF MISSISSIPPI THE EMPORIUM A FINE, DEPENDABLE STORE ENJOYING THE CONFIDENCE OF MISSISSIPPIANS FOR MORE THAT 42 YEARS, SOLICITS YOUR VALUED PATRONAGE THE EMPORIUM, Jackson, Mississippi Recapitulation This bit of recapitulation Shows Millsaps during the duration And possibly the only explanation If zinc and paper went en ration. The school daze began again in Sep- tember and everything get off to a good start for Millsaps secend half of the cen- tury. The war had begun to thin out some students but many had gone to school all through the summer. Everybody seemed relieved that the compulsory chapel had a shorter period. Freshman Day soon rolled around and Freshman Queen Berryhill lasted through October when she ruled the Navy exhibit at the Fair. As Dora Hwa had gone off to graduate school, van der Krcef came in the nick of time from Java to keep the Far East repre- sented on our campus. Then came Fall Tap Day and everybody was thinking about hew they ever lasted through longer chapel periods. Night Life on the campus included the annual stunt night and Dr. White ' s new crop of players in some one-act plays. Later on they presented Milne ' s " Mr. Pirn Passes By. " Coach Carson by this time was showing the eds and co-eds a real practical sports program for Millsaps and some of the phys- ical ed students were getting in commando trim. The PURPLE AND WHITE announced in November that over 400 Millsaps men were in the Nation ' s armed forces. Over 74 of the men are officers, and many more are graduating from Officers ' Candidate School. The Millsaps War Bond Drive was such a big success that it netted $70,000, and got the congratulations of the governor. BEST DRINK ON EARTH eca IN BOTTLES JACKSON COCA-COLA BOTTLING Co. r Phone 4-4421 Jackson, Miss. i O ' FERRALL ' S Standard Life Building JEWELER - WATCH REPAIRER Phone 4-8571 Fhone 4-8018 H. R. Hiatt, Proprietor HIATT PHOTO SERVICE COMMERCIAL - ILLUSTRATIVE PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY 423 ' 2 E. Capitol St. Jackson, Miss. ROBINSON BROTHERS PLYMOUTH and DESOTO la es and Service Phone 3-2741 CITY SHOE SHOP R. O. Smith SHOES DYED ANY COLOR - INVISIBLE HALF SOLING 315 W. Capitol St. Phone 2-2378 HEDERMAN BROTHERS PRINTERS - BLANK BOOK BINDERS STATIONERS - LITHOGRAPHERS , THE BEST IN TOBACCOS CORR-WILLIAMS TOBACCO CO. Wholesale Distributors PHONE 2-0912 A Complete Line Grade " A " PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS 1 1 BOOKS OF ALL CLASSIFICATIONS BIBLES, CHURCH AND SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPPLIES BAPTIST BOOK STORE 500 East Capitol Street Jackson, Miss. E RIBBON CREAMERY Jackson, Miss REDDY KILOWATT Your Electrical Servant Compliments REID-McGEE AND CO. LOANS -REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Phone 4-6681 Jackson, Miss. 20 Years Ago . . . we began building and planning for today 1923 — No highlines— No substations — residential electric rates from fiteen to twenty-five cents a kilowatt hour. Service, at best, extremely poor. No power for industry. Many towns with only part time service and hundreds had no service at all. In that year Mississippi Power Light Com- pany began the electrical development of the state. 1943 — a different Mississippi! In- dustrial development has followed the availability of low cost and dependable electric power. MP L ' s interconnected pow- er system networks Western Mississippi, bringing service to 314 cities and communi- ties; 10,000 rural customers; as well as meeting the increased demands of war in- dustries and projects such as army camps and air bases. MP L ' s ability to meet to- day ' s increased demands for power is the result of careful planning and efficient operation under business management for the past two decades. MISSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT CO. A BUSINESS MANAGED MISSISSIPPI INDUSTRY — , DR. H. F. MAGEE PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Lamar Life Building Jackson Miss. LELAND SPEED COMPANY STATE, COUNTY AND MUNICIPAL BONDS Jackson, Mississippi — — »--»- J - -»— ■ ■ ■ J -— - — -— »-— »— — — - - - -» » — - i 7 NEXT TO HOME The Place to Come Back To! SANDWICHES, COLD DRINKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES, BOOKS, SOUVENIRS THE GRILL Compliments of BATTON TIRE OIL ! COMPANY PHONES: 2-0724-3-441 1 Compliments MISSISSIPPI BAPTIST HOSPITAL ' i 1 ' i ' i ' i 1 U. KOEN CO., Inc. ROI TAN DISTRIBUTORS 139 E. Pearl Street Jackson, Miss. Jit ■7 r— i JACKSON LUMBER CO. LUMBER And All Kinds of BUILDING MATERIALS Reliable and Dependable for Over 40 Years 322 West Capitol Dial 4-5066 CAPITAL PAINT GLASS CO. PAINTS - WALL PAPER - GLASS For Every Purpose 401-407 S. State Street Jackson, Mississippi Compliments of CAPITAL FLORAL CO. PROGRESSIVE FLORISTS FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS IN JACKSON PURSER BROTHERS THE HOUSE OF BETTER PRINTING Telephone 2-3288 Jackson, Miss. WHITE ' S LUMBER YARD GOOD LUMBER - PROMPT SERVICE Mill and Church Sts. Jackson, Miss. ! Phones: 2-0881 -2-0882 j . j ) S. P. McRAE COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE 200-202 W. Capitol St. Phone 4-8334 Jackson, Miss. JACKSON STEAM LAUNDRY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Phcne2-33l5 I. Lehman, President DR. ROBERT H. MARSH OPTOMETRIST SEUTTER OPTICIANS 506 E. Capitol Jackson, Miss. Eyes Examined — Complete Optical Service FOR HEALTHFUL RECREATION THOMPSON BOWLING ALLEYS BATTE FURNITURE CO. JNO. C. BATTE " We do appreciate your business " NORTH STATE GROCERY GROCERIES AND MEATS u 227 E. Pearl Phone 3-2531 Compliments of LANE ' S CREAMERY j 1 31 7 Terry Road Phone 2-2917 TWIN STATES ATHLETIC SUPPLY COMPANY Complete Line of HIGH GRADE ATHLETIC SUPPLIES 117 S. Lamar St. Phone 2-1336 KOLB ' S CLEANING AND TAILORING Phone 4-7615 147 E. Amite St. ' L I! 1 i- MILLSAPS CHOICE ACME BAKERY 230 N. Farish St. Jackson, Miss. We Extend Congratulations and Offer Cooperation KEY DRUG COMPANY THE MOST COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT IN MISSISSIPPI Phone 4-6517 434 E. Capitol Street Jackson, Miss. MANGEL ' S MISSES ' AND WOMEN ' S APPAREL 128 E. Capitol St. Jackson, Miss. Dr. Bullock left the sheltered walls of the campus to put one foot in heaven, and the first of December Dr. Moore went to New York " for culture. " Dr. Roy L. Smith, editor of the CHRIS- TIAN ADVOCATE, was the religious Empha- sis Week speaker in December. All the plans were made by a committee of— (well, you try to decide how many). The OKD members continued the peren- nial and historical discussion of a campus infirmary abetted by the annual editorial from the P W. The Sigma Lambdas had their annual Varsity Show which included such purely fictitious characters as Prof. Meanders, Capt. Happy Jones, Tom Scctt, Betty Jo Holccmb, and a pursar. The Singers presented Handel ' s " Mes- siah " as their pre-holiday gift to the student body. Scon thereafter students hied them- selves home for the holidays. Thirteen lucky people graduated in Janu- ary, and 24 new students enrolled the sec- ond semester as the reservists pondered their fate. Charline Harris, Cced editor, presented a corking good edition of the P W in Febru- ary and the same month Prof. Harrell ob- served the new comet " Whipple " at our local observatory. East met West in chapel when Dr. Bartak told of his experiences in Czechoslovakia with the Nazis, and a Chinese repre- sented the World Student Service Fund. Dr. Hutchins hit the campus to justify the ways of Chicago to man. After the mystery of the doctor ' s lost brief case had been solved, students began thinking about the liberal arts, and Alma Zenfell even read the St. John ' s College catalog and the list of the hundred classics. June came in February as far as wedding bells were concerned. Boyd Kellum and AT ower of Strength IN THE HEART OF THE DEEP SOUTH THE LAMAR LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Jackson, Miss. MEET ME AT CHESTER E. JONES DRUG STORE Fcr REFRESHMENT and RELAXATION! It is a complete service J. L. ALBRITON Dial 4-8081 FOR COMPLETE, EFFICIENT SERVICE CHOSE 7 THE 1943 BOBASHELA PRUITT PHOTO SERVICE I l Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Pruitt, Photographers ! Century Building Jackson, Mississippi s CUPuttxm, % ompany JflCKSOn, MISS. 229 Congress Street Phone 4-4036 The Slick Campus Lines Hang Out at MISSISSIPPI ' S BEST STORE Compliments of THE VOGUE 146 E. Capitol Street Jackson, Mississippi — 1 ? LE GRAND JEWELRY CO. 218 E. Capitol Street Jackscn, Miss. I J Jane Kern got married and the same day Ensign Navarro came back to marry Miss Ann. The (fill it in yourself) chapels cf all come to Murrah Hall. Millsaps eds and co-eds joined with the Belhaven people to help with rationing. Tom Scott, after enduring the Finger ' s maledictions for too long, decided to try the air corps for peace. March came in on the lam and the E. R. C. went out with it, if you get what we mean. Word continued to trickle in that Millsaps students were still doing good work at graduate schools. Theta Nu Sigma, the new science honorary, was the latest to join our great number of campus honoraries. The WAAC ' s and the WAVE ' S came on the campus to try to lure the Dianas and Minervas away. The Lambda Chi ' s issued a student handbook in March and the campus map proved that Dot Raynham is still on the beam. Notes of interest include: The visit of the Tougaloo singers, the Chi Deltas ' meeting with Kit Kat, and Janice Trimble ' s returning from the Phi Mu party an hour late. Clara Porter was rushing around like mad, trying to keep BOBASHELA pictures to- gether and live through a Chi Omega initiation. There were signs of spring in the air besides Spring holidays: this included the inane love story of Herbert Craig and Ruth Gibbons. Fred Tatum left for medical school and students were wondering if he would return with classic puns about cadavers. The women were pleased to learn that the Navy had decided to come to Millsaps; eds sulked and hoped that it would be a chaplains ' school. Everybody knew that the Civil War had come to the American History class as Kinch Exum made his annual visit to see that there was no sabotage to Jefferson Davis,- time turned backward in its flight and Axtell and Exum fought from Gettysburg to Vicksburg. Founders ' Day came in April! High School day came and eds and co-eds became hosts and hostesses,- Dr. Fincher had beccme district president of the Pikes. The P W had its editorial " Delanda Est Carthargo " published in MOTIVE magazine. Freshmen, acquiring sophomoric knowledge, were amazed to know that Dr. Mitchell was called " Broncho " in the good ole days. Next year ' s catalogue appeared and the seniors received their invitations and planned to leave the hard work of college for the pleasures and happinesses of the world. etfti£tsL loJrt • act COMB WHAT MAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... ' COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY B I RAVI N G HAM. Keep buying . . . to keep It Hying WAR SAYINGS BONDS and STAMPS LITHOGRAPHERS AND PRINTERS C)f)e Qaragon Qreste 14 ADAMS AVE., MONTGOMERY f ' jO0w 0iM.)[)uU0w i

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