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■ any ■■ :ij]. iM ' wmmVi h k k v ' i k ' ft IfMwnh ;ftcK- -. !r!v i?l;• -i Si:- 1 CliiuJky. douvr - i- €A e at L [ l JHH ' Ck t L utoKiTs n . ' v eva xi G ki p ij r L cj HELEN RICKS ---------- Editor JAMES ARMSTRONG - - - Business Manager YE 1 1 s mmm T D D n I T I n H Some t ' me in the future when you are reminiscing about your college days, you ' ll likely remember that old brick walk to the grill, over which you strolled with your friend or sweet- heart to get a coke and listen to the juke-box. You ' ll remember waiting for her — or him — on that bench near the clock in Murrah Hall, or by that old drinking fountain right under the clock. Maybe you ' ll have the slightly unpleasant memory of some practical joker shoving your head straight into the spray when you bent to get a drink. Freshmen will recall those tight little skull-caps and those bare skulls, and will remember secretly wishing that someone would appear on Freshman Day in his or her real sleeping attire instead of pajamas or nightgowns. Sophomores won ' t forget those afternoon labs when the sunlight outside was so bright it seemed a pity to waste it. Seniors won ' t forget conferences or comprehensives. All students will share memories of Tap Day, of golf behind the Grill on warm afternoons, of daily scanning of the bulletin boards for announcements and assignments, of that Thursday per week when the PURPLE AND WHITE piles up on the radiators. There will be common memories of night classes, of lazy day and night strollings about the campus, of mornings and afternoons spent in research and amusement in the library, of the yearly conflicts between Choctaw and Major. The Clee-Club ' s annual state-wide tour is a stand-out, and Dr. White ' s plays re already immortalized in those scrawlings on the wall behind the stage. None of us is going to forget the morning of December 8, 1941, when about half the student body gathered in the chapel to hear President Roosevelt ask Congress for a Decision. Yet little of all this is new. The faculty has always been as much a member of the student body as the humblest freshman or the noblest Senior. Thousands of students have gone through all this in the fifty years Millsaps has stood; and thousands more will go through it in the years to come. These are only a few of the little, memorable, daily details of campus life. Behind them stand fifty years of Millsaps scholastic traditions, culminating m the Semi-Centennial celebration this year — 1942. He is a member of the faculty, but he is also " one of the gang " . Not his the heavily pedantic manner in the classroom or out. One of his outstanding characteristics is a classroom manner as refreshing as a breeze from that electric fan which hangs from the ceiling of his teaching preserve, Room 10. He is from a family of Millsaps professors (his father was one and inci- dentally had a BOBASHELA dedicated to him ' ) Once he himself was a mem- ber of the Millsaps student body. He was an activities man, being Comics Editor of the PURPLE AND WHITE, and perhaps his present good nature and interest in extra curricular activities are a left-over from those days. Certainly he is still the student in spirit and outlook, though the teacher in application to his duties. We feel pretty sure, knowing him as we do, that he will make some wise-crack about being the subject of the sentiments expressed here. He takes himself that lightly. Not so we, his students and associates--his friends Respectfully we dedicate the 1942 BOBASHELA to that well rounded personality, that dog show enthusiast, that pedagogical humorist, that proud father, that rattling good history professor--Dr. Ross H. Moore. -1 f ». fA U 1 THE COLLEGE CLASSES ATHLETICS BEAUTIES SOCIALS ACTIVITIES AROUND THE CAMPUS K:: Zk e 1 - 1 [ J - - - [ DR. M. L. SMITH €ke U[ Symbolizing the spirit of educational leadership in the Magnolia State through half a century now becomes a vital tradition of the college which is part of your life and mine. It is a pleasure to express my appreciation to you for the contributions you have made to that tradition. Looking back upon our associations during the current year, we approach the next half-century with every assurance. M. L. SMITH 11 DR. W. E. RIECKEN Dean oj Men MRS. MARY B. STONE Dean of Womeri C? ( lie Between teaching her English classes, looking after the girls, and having Miss Millsaps for a daughter, Mrs. Stone is quite a busy person, on the cam- pus, but you can be sure every one of her jobs is well done. Not a student on the campus would hesitate to take a problem to her. In fact, many pay her visits just for a friendly talk. Not only is she a real friend and advisor to every girl, but she likes the boys too. So you can see that with no effort at all, Mrs. Stone, our Dean of Women, is a truly beloved person. Whether in Biology lab or behind the imposing desk in his office. Dean Riecken is one of the best-known and best-liked faculty members at Mill- saps. A really fine scholar and one of the few professors who still tips his hat. Dean Bill is, however, a pretty stubborn fellow. Though we all like him and admire him, you can be sure we respect him. He is fair and square in everything, and does a really fine job of keeping the students in hand and helping Dr. Smith keep them happy. 12 SULLIVAN-HARRELL HALL CARNEGIE-MILLS APS LIBRARY 13 - BUIE GYMNASIUM m BURTON HALL FOUNDERS HALL 15 €A e PROFESSOR A. G. SANDERS DR. A. P. HAMILTON MISS ELIZABETH CRAIG DR, B. E. MITCHELL PROFESSOR G. L. HARRELL DR. ROSS H. MOORE MRS. H. W. COBB DR. HENRY M. BULLOCK DR. VERNON L. WHARTON Romance Languages Ancient Languages French Mathematics Physics and Astronomy History Spanish Religion - - - History DR. RAY S. MUSCRAVE PROFESSOR RALPH C. JONES DR. ELBERT S. WALLACE MRS. W. F. GOODMAN MISS VIRGINIA THOMAS PROFESSOR CHARLES B. GALLOWAY DR. J. A. FINCHER - - - - MR. V. B. HATHORN - - - - Psychology Government Economics English Religion Physics Biology Bursar MURRAH HALL 18 WHITWORTH HALL ;,, ., GALLOWAY HALL 19 MRS. J. B. HOLLOWAY PROFESSOR B. O. VAN HOOK MRS. J. L. ROBERTS DIRECTOR ARMAND COULLET MRS. ARMAND COULLET MISS FRANCES DECELL PROFESSOR J. B. PRICE MR. FRED E. MASSEY MISS CAROLYN BUFKIN Zk e Commercial Science Mathematics Piano Band Music and Ancient Languages Physical Education Chemistry Assistant Bursar Assistant Registrar u in DR. J. M, SULLIVAN DR. M. C. WHITE PROFESSOR R, R. HAYNES MRS. C. F, SPARKMAN MISS ELAINE PENN MISS EDITH MclNTOSH MISS FRANCES GILL MISS ALBERTA TAYLOR Chemistry English Education German Piano Assistant Librarian Music Music Sluaeni OFFICERS President --------- RICHARD LAUDERDALE Vice-President --------- LOUIS NAVARRO Secretary --------- MARTHA MANSFIELD The Student Executive Board this year secured the reapportionment of the Student Activities Fee under the instigation of campus agitators Ross, Gillis, Holmes, and Rabb. It reorganized the student calendar giving only two nights a week for functions. The social organizations fussed at first about getting only one date a month but what with the war and everything, it turned out very well. MEMBERS JAMES ARMSTRONG SAM BIRDSONC B. B. BRADY RUTH CODBOLD ALAN HOLMES EVALINE KHAYAT BOYD KELLUM RICHARD LAUDERDALE MARTHA MANSFIELD LOUIS NAVARRO BOB NICHOLS ELIZABETH PEELER LAWRENCE RABB PHILIP ROYAL EUGENE SMITH THOMAS SPENGLER ELLIS WILLIAMSON €A e n iCIi President Vice-President Secretary OFFICERS RUTH CODBOLD MARY ELIZABETH NORDIN - - - BABS BOSWELL The Woman ' s Council, which acts as a go-between for the women students on the campus and the faculty, this year drew up a new set of dormitory rules regarding dating, hours and nights out. Probably the most outstanding thing it has done is the organization of the Co-ed Union, which promises to be a very interesting and one of the most successful campus activities. As we go to press the Style Show is the only program it has pre- sented, but we are anxiously awaiting the others. T MEMBERS BABS BOSWELL JANE CLARK HETTIE FAYE BEA5LEY CLARINE RUSH RUTH CODBOLD MARY ELIZABETH NORDIN FRANCES PEVEY 23 c k s e we Floyd Cillis — our favorite post and pessimist .... Mary Stone — a big shot and we do mean BIG .... Richard Lauderdale — activity man Isee page 37 I .... Martha Mansfield — The girl who figures things out so logically .... Ed Matulich — " Eddie Baby " , our great big football hero .... Elizabeth Peeler — our most conservative radical .... Alan Holmes — he shoulders the troubles of the world .... Lawrence Rabb — Millsaps ' gift to lournalism .... Evaline Khayat — Graham ' s sweetheart, also Millsaps ' .... Louis Navarro — the little man who is always there .... Billy Ross — the scholar Nell has conquered .... Frances Pevey — she ' s always happy, what a smile! Raymond Martin — It ' s Chesterfield he ' s after .... Ceraldine Sumrall — very cute but for good measure she ' s in Glee Club. Chi Delta and Sigma Lambda . . . . B. B. Brady — We can say noth- ing about Judge " Cheerleader " that you don ' t already know .... Helen Ricks — A letter a day to Nat and this book have kept her very busy .... Harwell Dabbs — Our own Tarzan .... Catherine Richardson — Chic, sweet, and very capable .... David Watts — Our loss, Vanderbilt ' s gain .... James Armstrong — Little boy with a big love life .... Ruth Codbold — Never time to do everything .... Fred Tatum — Kappa Sigma ' s busy prexy .... Sam Birdsong — Millsaps ' most conscientious worrier .... Ellis Williamson — The Ministerial League ' s nicest president. BOARD OF TRUSTEES President --------- BISHOP J, L. DECELL Vice-President ---------- J. R. COUNTISS Secretary ----------- J. T. CALHOUN Treasurer ----------- A. B. CAMPBELL REV. W, J, COLDINC J. C. McCOWEN H. M. IVY REV. OTTO PORTER REV. J. T. LECCETT ' A. L. ROGERS 26 Zk e [J MARY STONE and LOUIS NAVARRO lis a n [J A thoroughly capable person with a surprising number of serious thoughts, Mary has her finger in lots of campus pies. Being president of Chi Omega has taken nothing from her time to play, as anyone knows who has noticed her hanging out in the Crill or dashing about in Sheff ' s convertible. Likewise, Louis is president of his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, and besides creating artistic marvels with pen and brush, he spends his time grading Spanish papers and indulging in earnest conversation with Ann Rhymes in front of Calloway. 29 s e n L r This tall, dark, and handsome fellow is the secret heart-throb of many a co-ed, so a place of honor is just what Boyd deserves. He performed quite success- fully the little business required of a Senior Class president, sandwiching it in between moments with Helen Alexander (first semester) and Jane Kern (second semester) . Headed for medical school i - :: y - eventually, Boyd has the makings of a fine doctor (sigh!! ' ), and all the ladies look forward to the day when he can hold their hands, too. Emmett Rossie, Millsaps ' Master Scien- tist, took a little time off this year from his countless labs and from running the Pre-med Club, to be Senior Class officer Number 2. We ' re really proud of Em- mett for being one of the few people who honestly and conscientiously observes Lent. To round out a set of scientific class officers, we have blond Mary McRae as secretary. Taking and returning one of the traditional Pike pins during the course of the year, Mary limited herself to blond Wilford Doss and biology comprehensive. MARY McRAE, BOYD KELLUM, EMMETT ROSSIE 30 Comprehensives traditionally loorii immense in the Senior ' s life, but according to these authorities, their bark is worse than their bite. 31 " Ck e MEMB[RS JIMMY AINSWORTH Shubuta East Central Junior College I, 2; Y. M. C. A. 3, 4; Student Assistant 4; Dean ' s List 4, CORINNE WALKER BALL - Jackson Phi Mil Y. W, C, A, 1, 2, 3, 4; Millsaps Play- 3rs 1 ; Science Club 2; Ramblers ' Club 3; Chi Delta 3, 4; Sec ' y of Phi Mu 2; President of Phi Mu 3, 4; Purple and White Business Staff 2; Pan Hellenic 3 ; Vice President 3. BRANDON BELL - - - - Vicksburg Football I, 2, 3. 4; M. Club 2, 3, 4. SAMUEL E. BIRDSONG, JR. - Jackson Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Christian Council 4; S. E. B. 4; Dean ' s List 4; Debate Club 4; Millsaps Sing- ers 3. 4; Millsaps Players 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3. 4; I. R. C. 3, 4; Blue Ridge Delegate; Sec ' y State Y. M, C. A.; Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4. HELEN BOOTH - - - Kosciusko Beta Sigma Omicron Y. W. C, A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Beethoven Club 3, 4; Ramblers ' Club 3; Science Club 2; Purple and White Staff 3, 4; Sec ' y of Beta Sigma Omicron 3. FRANCES LEE BRADY - - Lexington Phi Mil Belhaven I , 2 ; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4 ; Pre- Med Club 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4. JUDGE GRAHAM BRADY - Jackson Kappa Sigma Y M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; S, E. B. 3, 4 Journalism Club; Student Assistant 4 Debate Club; Millsaps Players 2. 3, 4 Purple and White Staff; Pi Kappa Del- ta 4; Delta Kappa Delta; M. Club 3, 4; Who ' s Who In American Col- leges 4. CECILIA BURDETTE - - - Jackson Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3. 4; Science Club 3- Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Student Assist- ant 4; Chi Omega Pledge Instructor 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Pan Hel- lenic 3, 4; Majorette Club 3, 4, (y Las JIMMY AINS ' WORT CORINNE BALL 3RAND0N BELL SAM BIRDSONG HELEN BOOTH F RANCES BRADY JUDGE BRADY CECILIA BURDET MRS. B. E. BURRIS - - - Liberty Dean ' s List; Baptist Student Union. ALLIE RUTH CHATHAM - Montrose Beta Sigvia Omicron Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3. 4; Woman ' s Association 1,2; Officer in Beta Sig- ma Omicron 2, 3, 4. JANE CLARK ----- Pearson Phi Mu Blue Mountain 1 ; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4; Science Club; Student Assistant; Glee Club; Vice President of Phi Mu 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 4; Sec ' y 4. CLEMENTS CROOK - - - Jackson Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Y. Cabinet 4; Christian Council 3, 4; Vice President 4; Millsaps Singers 2, 3, 4; Millsaps Players 1, 2; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; President 4; French Club 1, 2. MARY JO CURRIE - - - Raleigh Beta Sigma Omicron Y. V . C. A. 1, 2, 3. 4; Beethoven Club I, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer of Beta Sigma Omicron 3. Culfport EDV IN C. DANIELS - Kappa Alpha Dean ' s List; Student Assistant; I, R. C; Delta Kappa Delta; President 4; Sec ' y of Kappa Alpha 4; Purple and White Staff 2; Bobashela Staff 3; Advertising Manager 3; Pre-Law Club 2, 3. 4. F. EVANGELINE DECELL - Vicksburg Chi Omega All Saints I ; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4; Beethoven Club 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2; Millsaps Players 2. 3, 4; Purpleand White Staff 2, 4; Bobashela Circula- tion Manager 3, 4. Jackson MARTHA LOUISE DENT Phi Mu Blue Mountain; Y. W. C. A.; Baptist Student Union; Vice President. MRS, BURRIS ALLIE RUTH CHATHAM JANE CLARK CLEM CROOK MARY JO CURRIE EDWIN DANIELS " Ck e 1 MEMBERS BEVERLEY DICKERSON - McComb Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Beethoven Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Vice President 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Band 1; Millsaps Singers 3, 4; Feature Section 1 , 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Cheer- leader 2. 3; Maiorette Club 3, 4. U ILFORD C. DOSS - - - Houston Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Dramatic Club 2; Vice President of Pi Kappa Alpha 4; Economics Club 3, 4; Beethoven Club 3, 4; Dean ' s List 4. HAROLD J. DOUGLAS - - Areola Kappa Alplia Millsaps Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 3; Freshman Scholarship; Buie Medal; Alpha Psi Omega. MARK EMERSON ETHERIDGE - - - - - - ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Mississippi State 1, 2; Y. M. C. A.; Purple and White Staff. V ILLIAM B. FAZAKERLY - Jackson Lambda Chi Alplia Christian Council 2, 3; Science Club; Dean ' s List; Band I. 2; Eta Sigma Phi. EDU ARD S. FLEMING - Minter City Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. Cabinet 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student As- sistant 4; Freshman Scholarship; Treasurer of Kappa Sigma 3; Presi- dent 4. FLOYD CILLIS ----- Jackson Lavibda Chi Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Purple and V hite 1 , 2, 4 Y. Cabinet 3, 4; Christian Council 4 Chess Club 3, 4; Vice President 4 Economics Club 3, 4; Secretary 3 President 4; Pre-Law Club 2, 3, 4 Delta Kappa Delta 3, 4; I. R. C. 4 Science Club 2; Student Assistant 4 Dean ' s List 3, 4; Kit Kat 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4. RUTH CODBOLD - - - - Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron Y. V . C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. Cabinet 3; Christian Council 3; S. E. B. 3; Dean ' s List 2, 3; Student Assistant 1, 2, 3; Debate Club 2; Purple and Whae Staff 2, 3; Chi Delta 2, 3; Sigma Lambda 2, 3; Vice President 3; Woman ' s Council 3; President 3. Cylass I BEVERLEY DICKERSOI WILFORD DOSS HAROLD DOUGLAS MARK ETHERIDGE BILL FAZAKERLY ED FLEMING FLOYD GILLIS RUTH CODBOLD MEMBERS NANCY GRAHAM - - - Chi Omega Y. W C. A. 2; Ramblers ' Club 3 Millsaps Players I ; Tennis 2. KATHERINE CRIMES - - Kappa Delta Y. W. C, A,: Beethoven Club; Presi- dent 4; Dean ' s List; Glee Club 3; Millsaps Players 1 ; Purple and ' vVhite Staff 1 ; Treasurer of Kappa Delta 3; Vice President 4. VIRGINIA HANSELL - - Aberdeen Chi Oviega M S. C W 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 3. 4; Ramblers ' Club 3; Student Assistant 3. 4; Purple and Vv hite Staff 3, 4; Feature Section 3, 4; Bobashela Busi- ness Staff 3, 4; Dramatic Club 3, THOMAS HATHORN - - Jackson Kappa Sigma Y M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Student Assistant 4; Ramblers ' Club 4. ANN HERBERT - - - - Jackson Chi Omega M. S. C, V . I, 2; Y, W C A. 3, 4; Ramblers ' Club 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4, DV ICHT HICKMAN - - Noxapater Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A.; Baptist Student Union; Pre-Med Club; Science Club; Alpha Epsilon Delta 4. HELEN HOLT ----- Jackson Science Club 4; Millsaps Players 4; Alpha Psi Omega. DORA HVv ' A - - - Shanghai, China Y, W. C. A. 4. rJANCY GRAHAM KATH ERINE CRIMES VIRGINIA HANSELL TOMMY HATHORN ANN HERBERT DWICHT HICKMAN HELEN HOLT DORA HWA € . I e MEMBERS FRANCES IRBY - - - - Jackson Phi Mu Pre-Med Club; Student Assistant; Millsaps Singers; Bobashela Business Staff. DOUGLAS JOHNSON Jackson HANIEL JONES - - Mobile. Ala. Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3. 4; Ministerial League 1. 2. 3. 4; Dean ' s List 2. 3. 4; Student Assistant 3. 4; Band 1 . 2, 3, 4; Sec ' y 4; Eta Sigma Phi 2. 3. 4; Empyreans 2. 3; Intercollegiate Coun- cil 2, 3, 4; President 3. MIRIAM JONES - - - - Okolona C ii Omega Agnes Scott 1 ; Y. W. C. A. 2. 3, 4; Beethoven Club 3. 4; Ramblers ' Club 4; Vice President 4; Student Assistant 4; Purple and White Staff 2, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Dra- matic Club 3; Majorette 4. T. BOYD KELLUM - - Greenville Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. 3. 4: Class Officer 1. 4; S. E. B. 4; Band 4; Alpha Epsi- lon Delta 3. 4; Vice President of Kap- pa Sigma 3. 4. EVALINE KHAYAT V. W. C. A. 1 . 2. 3 - - - Jackson 4 ; President 4 ; Christian Council 3. 4; Beethoven Club 3; S. E. B. 4; Journalism Club 3; Dsan ' s List 2. 3. 4; Student Assist- ant 1, 2. 3. 4; Millsaps Singers 2, 3. 4; Purple and White Staff 1 . 2. 3 Department Editor 3; Chi Delta 3. 4 President 4; Eta Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4 Si:;ma Lambda 2. 3, 4; Sec ' y 3, 4 Who ' s Who in American Colleges. JANIE LOU KING - - - Madison Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3; Glee Club 2; Millsaps Singers 3. 4. JANE LANDSTREET - - - Jackson Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Mill- saps Singers 4; Empyreans 3, 4; C.I LyLass FRANCES IRBY DOUGLAS JOHNSOr HANIEL JONES MIRIAM JONES rOYD KELLUM EVALINE KHAYAT JANIE LOU KING JANE LANDSTREET MEMBERS RICHARD L, LAUDERDALE. Jackson Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 3, 4; Vice President 3: Christian Council 3, 4; Vice Presi- dent 3; Student Body President 4; S. E. B. 4; Science Club 1; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Student Assistant 2, 3; De- bate Club 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; President 3 ; Pur- ple and White Staff 1, 2, 3; Adver- tising Manager; Eta Sigma 3, 4; Presi- dent 4; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3. 4; Vice President 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; President 4; Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3. 4; President 2, 3; I. R. C. 3, 4; Bourgeois Medal 2; Travelli Scholar- ship 4; Freshman Scholarship; Vice President of Kappa Alpha 3; President 4; Pan Hellenic 3, 4; S. I. M. A. Con- testant 1 ; Economics Club 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4. J D. LECCETT ----- Allen Co-Lin Junior College I, 2; Y. M. C. A. 3, 4; Ramblers ' Club 4; Pre-Med Club 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; Student Assistant 3, 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 4. BALDWIN LLOYD - - - Jackson Kappa Alpha y. M. C. A, I, 2, 3, 4; I. R. C. 3, 4; Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3. 4. ARONELLE LOFTON - Brookhaven Beta Sigma Omicron Whitworth 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 3, 4; Student Assistant 4; Debate Club 3, 4; Purple and White Staff 4; Sec ' y of Beta Sig- ma Omicron 4. MARTHA MANSFIELD - - Jackson Kappa Delta Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Y. Cabinet 4; Student Body Sec ' y 4; S. E, B. 4; Class Officer 2; Science Club I ; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Student Assistant 3, 4; Glee Club I. 2; Milisaps Players 2, 3. 4; Purple and White Staff 3; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Sigma Lambda 4; Presi- dent of Kappa Delta 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; President 4; Business Manager Co-ed Edition of Purple and White 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges. RAYMOND 5. MARTIN, JR., Jackson Kappa Sigma Y M. C. A. I, 2. 3, 4; Y. Cabinet 4; Pre-Med Club I , 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Stu- dent Assistant 4; Glee Club 1 ; Purple and White Staff 1. 2, 3. 4; Business Manager 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2. 3. 4; Presi- dent 4; Rehfeldt Prize 1 . BETTY MURPHY - - - - Belzoni Phi Mil Belhaven 1 ; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4; Milisaps Players 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Purple and White Reporter 2, 3; Chi Delta 4; Sec ' y 4; Pan Hel- lenic 4; Vice President 4; Sec ' y of Phi Mu 4. JAMES T. McCAFFERTY - Belzoni Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate Club; Delta Kappa Delta. DICKIE LAUDERDALE J. D. LECCETT BALDWIN LLOYD ARCNELLE LOFTON MARTHA MANSFIELD RAYMOND MARTIN BETTY MURPHY JAMES McCAFFERTY t M U CHARLES McCORMICK ----- - - - - - - Crystal Springs Football Manager 4; Y. M, C, A, 4; Tennis 4. JEANNETTE McFALLS ----- ------ Washington, D. C. Y, W, C, A. I, 2, 4; Glee Club 1. CAROLYN McPHERSON - Pickens Kappa Delta Blue Mountain 1, 2; Y. W, C, A. 3, 4; Beethoven Club 3, 4; Vice Presi- dent 4; Science Club 3; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4. MARY McRAE ----- Jackson Chi Omega M. S. C. W. 1, 2; Y. W, C, A, 3, 4; Science Club 3. 4; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 4, LOUIS NAVARRO - - - - Biloxi Pi Kappa Alpha Y, M, C, A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Purple and White Staff 1,2; Bobashela Staff 3 4; Art Editor 4; Ramblers ' Club 3 Vice President 3; Alpha Psi Omega 3 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Men ' s Panhellenic 4; Master Major 4; S. E. B. 4; Student Assistant 3, 4; Vice President Student Body 4; President of Pi Kappa Alpha 4. MARY ELIZABETH NORDIN, Jackson Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Student Assistant 4; Glee Club 1,2; Purple and White Staff 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Vice President 4; Woman ' s Council 3, 4; Vice President 4; Sec ' y of Chi Omega 4. ELIZABETH PEELER - - - Ashland Beta Sigma Omicron Y. W. C, A, I, 2, 3; S. E, B, 4; Student Assistant 4; Debate Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1; Purple and White Staff 2; Business Manager of Co-ed Edition of Purple and White 4; Woman ' s Council 3; I. R. C. 4; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4; Pan Hellenic 3, 4; President 4; Thirty Club 3; Sec ' y 3; Managing Editor of Purple and White 4; Make-up Editor 3; Vice President of Woman ' s Council 3; Vice President of Beta Sigma Omicron 4. FRANCES PEVEY - - - - Forest Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. Cabinet 3. 4; Program Chairman 4; Science Club 3, 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Purple and White Reporter 1, 2, 4; Staff Editor 3: Eta Sigma 4; Sigma Lambda 4; Empyreans 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 2. 4; President State Y. W, C, A.; Bobashela Staff 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges. (yiass CHARLES McCORMICK JEANETTE McFALLS CAROLYN McPHERSON MARY McRAE LOUIS NAVARRO MARY ELIZABETH NORDIN ELIZABETH PEELER FRANCES PEVEY MEMBERS WILLIAM AVERY PHILP - Jackson Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Beethoven Club 3; Student Assistant 3; Millsaps Singers 2, 3, 4; Manager of Millsaps Singers 4. TROY PITTS ------ Jackson LAWRENCE WYNNE RABB, JR. - - --------- Lexington Kappa Sigma Y M. C. A. 1. 2, 3. 4; Y. Cabinet 1, 2. 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4; I. R. C. 3. 4; President 4; Purple and White Staff I, 2, 3, 4; News Editor 2. 3; Editor 4; Student Assistant 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4; S. E. B. 4; Freshman Scholarship; Fra- ternity Officer 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4. HELEN RICKS ----- Jackson Chi Omega Y, W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. Cabinet 3, 4, Sec ' y 4; S. E. B. 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3. 4 ; Millsaps Singers 1 , 2, 3 ; Millsaps Players 1 , 2. 3 ; Bobashela Staff 2, 3. 4; Editor 4; Purple and White Re- porter 2, 3; Chi Delta 2, 3, 4; Vice President 3; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3. 4; Sigma Lambda 2. 3, 4; President 4; I. R. C. 3, 4; Sec ' y 4; Freshman Scholarship; Feature Section 1, 4 ; Vice President of Chi Omega 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4. WILLIAM ROSS, JR., Crystal Springs Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3; Y. Cabinet 2, 3; Christian Council 2, 3; Dean ' s List 2, 3; Student Assistant 2; Debate Club 1. 2, 3; Eta Sigma 3; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3; Omicron Delta Kappa 3; Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3; I. R. C. 3; Fresh- man Scholarship; Vice President of Kappa Alpha 3; Pan Hellenic 3. EMMETT ROSSIE - - - - Shaw Lambda Chi Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1 ; Class Officer 4; Ram- bler ' s Club 4; President 4; Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 3; President 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Assistant 4; Vice President of Pan Hellenic 4. ALBERT SANDERS - - - Jackson Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Ramblers ' Club 3; Science Club I, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Debate Club 1.4; Glee Club 1 ; Purple and White Staff I ; I. R. C. 4; Travelli Scholar- ship 3; Who ' s Who In American Col- leges 4. SAM SCHIEK ----- Meridian Lambda Chi Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4. AVERY PHILP TROY PITTS LAWRENCE RABB HELEN RICKS BILLY ROSS EMMETT ROSSIE ALBERT SANDERS SAM SCHIEK Zli p 1 e T. C. SCHILLING, JR. - - Jackson Pi K.ay) a Alpha French Club 1,2; Ramblers ' Club 3. MARTHA SHEFFIELD - - Jackson Clii Omega Y. W. C. A, 1, 2, 3, 4; Baptist Stu- dent Union 3; Beethoven Club 3; Dean ' s List 2; Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Millsaps Players 4; Purple and White Staff 2. 3. 4; Chi Delta 3, 4; Chi Omega Officer 3, 4; Woman ' s Association 1,2; French Club 1. MARY LOUISE SHERIDAN - - - - - - - - - - - - Bogalusa, La. Beta Sigvia Omicron L. S, U. I, 2; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4. ROY SIMS ------ Jackson Student Assistant 3, 4; Band 1 , 2, 3, 4; Delta Kappa Delta 4. BILL SMITH ------ Ripley Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Ramblers ' Club 4; Pre-Med Club I, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Sigma Officer 4. ANN ELIZABETH SPENGLER, Pickens Kappa Delta Blue Mountain I , 2 ; M. S. C. W. 3 ; Y. W. C. A. 4; Science Club 4. THOMAS SPENGLER - - - Jackson Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; S. E. B. 4; Student Assistant 4; Debate Club 4; Millsaps Singers I, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Millsaps Players 2, 3, 4; Purple and White Staff 4; Freshman Scholarship; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4; Secretary- Treasurer 4. MARY ALEXIA STONE - Jackson Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4; Beethoven Club 2, 3; Class Officer 3; Ramblers ' Club 3; Sec ' y 3; Dean ' s List 2; Stu- dent Assistant 3; Millsaps Singers 2, 3, 4; Millsaps Players 2, 3, 4; Boba- shela Staff 2, 3; Chi Delta 3, 4; Vice Presidednt 4; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4; President 3; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Feature Section 3, 4; President of Chi Omega 4; Miss Millsaps 4. U Lass T C. SCHILLING MARTHA SHEFFIELD MARY LOUISE SHERIDAN ROY SIMS BILL SMITH ANN SPENGLER THOMAS SPENGLER MARY STONE M[MB[RS GLENN SWEANY - Mmter City Kappa Delta Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Eta Sigma Phi 4; Majorette Club 4; Gulf Park College 1 . NAOMI WARE - - - Harperville Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Student Assistant 3, 4; Empyreans 3, 4; Corresponding Secretary 4. LAWRENCE WARING - Tylertown Pi Kappa Alpha Y M. C A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec ' y Treas- urer 4; Beethoven Club 2, 3; Mill- saps Singers I, 2, 3. 4; Millsaps Play- ers 2, 3; Purple and White Staff I, 2; Co-editor of Freshman Edition of Purple and White 1 . DAVID WATTS - - - - Jackson Lambda Clii Alpha Y M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. Cabinet 2, 3, 4; Ministerial League 1. 2. 3, 4 Christian Council 3. 4; President 4 Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Eta Sigma Ph 3, 4; Millsaps Players 1, 4; Millsaps Singers 2, 3, 4; Band I, 2; Student Assistant 2. 3. 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4. CURTIS YOUNGBLOOD, JR., Wesson Y. M. C. A. 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; Student Assistant 3, 4; Debate Club 3. MARIE WHITEHEAD - - Jackson Y. W. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4; Y. Cabinet 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Student Assistant 2, 3, 4; Freshman Scholarship; Eta Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4. GLENN SWEANY NAOMI WARE LAWRENCE WARING DAVID WATTS CURTIS YOUNGBLOOD MARIE WHITEHEAD J u n L r U Being a class officer is no noveify for Davis Christmas, for this is his third year at it. Being president is definite evidence that " Little Davis " is a mighty fine fel- lov , not even counting his being a good athlete and a grade-A student. However, his taste for army life proved too much for him, because he left us after first semester this year to offer his services to Uncle Sam. This Davis, the Junior Class vice pres- ident, is another of our many pre-med students and another super scholar. How- ever, he is deserting us after this year for medical school, and his shock of curly hair is bound to be missed. " Miss Ann, " as our secretary is called, is another of those beautiful Rhymes girls. Her soft Southern accent is one we all know, and she usually spends her time listening for Louis ' s whistle under her window. DAVIS HAUGHTON, ANN RHYMES, DAVIS CHRISTMAS 42 A Junior spends his life in the library. According to Fred, Clanne, and Mirl, " It ' s a great life if ijov don ' t weaken. ' ' 4S I I n r U I ei ass James Armstrong. Hazel Bailey, Aden Barlow, Jean Barnett. Hettie Faye Beasley, Alice Bending, Barbara Boswell, Jane Bridges .... Harris Bnster, Gen Burdette, Mary Lee Busby, Una Caldwell, Herbert Crisler, Harwell Dabbs. Ed Dawkins, Suenette Dinkms . . - , Maye Evelyn Doggett, Ann Duke, Mary Emma Ervin. Annie Launn Cal- loway, Martha Cayden. Stanley Ceiselman, Ruth Gibbons. Gertrude Gibson . . - . Jean Gramblmg, Cecil Haeuser. David Harpole, Cornelia Harrison. Davis Haughton, Betty Jo Holcomb. Dewitt James, Ralph Laird .... Millicent Lampe, Betty Clyde Lloyd, Althea Martin. Lenell Maxey. John Miller. Virginia Minyard, Dan McCafferty. ' Ck e 50 ik 44 n e m b e r s JAMES ARMSTRONG ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha HAZEL BAILEY ------- Tchula Phi Mil ADEN BARLOW ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JEAN BARNETT ------- Jackson Phi Mu HETTIE FAYE BEASLEY ----- Benton Beta Sigma Omicron ALICE BENDING ------- Laurel Phi Mu BARBARA BOSWELL ----- Sanatorium Kappa Delta JANE BRIDGES ------ Athens, Ca, HARRIS BRISTER ------- Jackson Phi Delta Theta m GENEVIEVE BURDETTE ----- Jackson Chi Omega MARY LEE BUSBY ------ Meridian Phi Mu UNA CALDWELL ------- Gulfport HERBERT CRI5LER ----- Bay Springs Pi Kappa Alpha HARWELL DABBS ------- Tupelo Kappa Alpha ED DAWKINS - - ------ Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha ' ' ' SUENETTE DINKINS ------ Jackson Phi M« MAYE EVELYN DOGGETT - - - - Kossuth Chi Oviega ANN DUKE -------- Jackson Phi Mu MARY EMMA ERVIN ----- Inverness Kappa Delta ANNIE LAURIN CALLOWAY - - - McComb Chi Omega MARTHA GAYDEN ------ Brandon STANLEY CEISELMAN ----- Myles RUTH GIBBONS ------- Jackson Kappa Delta GERTRUDE GIBSON ------ Jackson Chi Omega JEAN GRAMBLING ------ Jackson Chi Oviega CE CIL HAEUSER - - - - New Orleans, La. Beta Sigma Omicron DAVID HARPOLE ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha CORNELIA HARRISON ----- Jackson Phi Mu DAVIS HAUGHTON ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha BETTY JO HOLGOMB ----- Jackson Chi Omega DEWITT JAMES ------ Midnight Kappa Alpha RALPH LAIRD ------ - Carson Kappa Sigvja MILLICENT LAMPE ------ Jackson Kappa Delta BETTY CLYDE LLOYD ----- Jackson y Kappa Delta ALTHEA MARTIN ------ Midnight Kappa Delta LENELL MAXEY ------- Golden JOHN MILLER ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA MINYARD ----- Jackson Kappa Delta DAN McCAFFERTY ------ Belzoni Kappa Sigma l ) n 45 ei ass I MiL iii af. k.;. _ Marion McCough, Virginia McKeown. Walter Neil, Robert Nichols, Aline Nicholson. James Ogden, Robert Pearson, Ross Pickett .... Tommy Poole, Virginia Price. Harry Raymond, Ann Rhymes, Katherine Richardson, Katherine Riddell, Sylvia Roberts, Jaqueline Rogers, Helen Ruoff, Clarine Rush .... Carolyn Scott, Charles Scott, Ellenita Sells, Dorothy Simpson, Curtis Slay, Katherine Strait .... Polly Stroud, Louella Stumph, Ceraidine Sumrall, Gertrude Swartz, Fred Tatum, Thelma Thompson, Janice Trimble. Nell Triplett .... Mirl Whitaker, Frank Williams, Ney Williams, Edwin Wilson, Anna Raye Wolte. Agatha Worthington, Frances Wroten, 50 ik 46 n e m b e r s MARION McCOUCH ----- Catchings Pi Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA McKEOWN ----- Vicksburg Phi Mu WALTER NEIL ------- Ellisville Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT NICHOLS ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma ALINE NICHOLSON ------ Wesson JAMES OGDEN ------ Hattiesburg Kappa Alpha ROBERT PEARSON ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha ROSS PICKETT ------- Jackson TOMMY POOLE ------ Sunflower VIRGINIA PRICE ------- Canton Kappa Delta HARRY RAYMOND ----- Vicksburg ANN RHYMES ------- Monticello Phi Mu CATHERINE RICHARDSON - - - - Jackson Chi Omega KATHERINE RIDDELL ----- Jackson Phi Mu SYLVIA ROBERTS ------- Jackson Phi Mu JACQUELINE ROGERS ----- Jackson Kappa Delta HELEN RUOFF -------- Jackson Chi Omega CLARINE RUSH ------- Vaughan Beta Sigma Omicron CAROLYN SCOTT ------ Vicksburg CHARLES SCOTT ------ Yazoo City Kappa Alpha ELLENITA SELLS ------- Jackson DOROTHY SIMPSON ------ DeKalb Beta Sigma Omicron CURTIS SLAY -------- Carthage KATHERINE STRAIT ----- Brookhaven POLLY STROUD -------- Louise LOU ELLA STUMPH ------- Laurel CERALDINE SUMRALL ----- Jackson Kappa Delta GERTRUDE SWARTZ ----- jndianola Beta Sigma Omicron FRED TATUM ------- Hattiesburg Kappa Sigma THELMA THOMPSON ------ Jackson Chi Omega JANICE TRIMBLE ------ Natchez Phi Mu NELL TRIPLETT ------ Glen Allen Chi Omega MIRL WHITAKER ------- Sardis Pi Kappa Alpha FRANK WILLIAMS ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma NEY WILLIAMS ------- Raymond Kappa Alpha EDWIN WILSON ------ Vicksburg Kappa Sigma ANNA RAE WOLFE ------ Duncan Chi Omega AGATHA WORTHINGTON - - - - Brandon FRANCES WROTEN ------ Columbus Phi Mu IIViR 47 S p k m r e Rounding out his second year as presi- dent of his class is sophomore Buddy Wofford. Buddy is a man of many tal- ents, as he surprised everyone this year by superbly driving the bus on the Glee Club Trips. His love life isn ' t very con- sistent, what with letting his pin go for only a few weeks, but he does show def- inite promise of becoming another B. M. O. C. like brother Bill. Upholding t he sophomore tradition of re-electing their officers, we find " Wab- bit Widgeway " again as vice president. Little Walter surprises us all with his deep bass voice but it is really a contri- bution to the Singers. We feel that he really has bigger things ahead of him, and he is especially recognized by his frat brothers who elected him number one for next year. Charline " Stinky " Harris is one of Millsaps outstanding newspaper women and budding actresses. Charline is par- ticularly noted for her ability and capac- ity for all kinds of work, though sitting up all night at it and constantly exclaim- ing " I ' m going crazy! " BUDDY WOFFORD. CHARLINE HARRIS and WALTER RIDGEWAY 4S w m ■ " si " v? A o All Sophomores have lahs to spoil at leas t one afternoon a week. Clara says there are worse ways of enjoying the company of tw3 young men. 49 r ei ass Dorsev Allen, Sara Jean Applewhite. William Axtell, Betty Barner, Beth Barron. Raid Bingham. Martha Boger. Mary Alice Boyles. Duncan Brackin . . . , D. T. Brock. Eliza- beth Buchanan, Charles Burnham, Udine Burns. Alma Elizabeth Carl, Charles Car- michael, James Chastain, Ricketts Childress, Bobby Clark .... Lorna Collison. Lady Rachel Conner, Edith Cortright. Julius Cnsler. Bill Cunningham, Garland Dean, Charles Dent. Lee Dickson, Kinchen Exum .... Emma Gene Gainey, Dudley Galloway. Walter Cordon, Mildred Creenway, Mananna Gregory, Marie Crubbs, Annie Marion Guyton. Marjone Hammer. Maxine Harper .... Charline Harris, Virginia Helm, Edwin T. Hightower, Mittie Hix, James Holder. Bobby Holyfield, Marion Howard, Ruth Ingram .... Jack King, Julya Lewis. Carol Lowe, John Malone, Florence Mars, Leslie Matthews, Marianna Mayo. Louise Miller. 50 ik 50 yH e m b e r s DORSEY ALLEN ------ Smithville SARA JEAN APPLEWHITE - - - - Winona Beta Sigma Oniicroti WILLIAM AXTELL ------ Madison BETTY BARNER ------- Cleveland Chi Omega BETH BARRON ----- Crystal Springs Chi Omega REID BINGHAM ------- Culfport Kappa Alpha MARTHA BOGER ------ Hattiesburg Phi Mil MARY ALICE BOYLES ----- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicroii DUNCAN BRACKIN - - - - State College Pi Kappa Alpha D. T. BROCK -------- Jackson Kappa Alpha ELIZABETH BUCHANAN - - - - Jackson Kappa Delta CHARLES BURNHAM ----- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha UDINE BURNS -------- Drew Kappa Delta ALMA ELIZABETH CARL - - - - Jackson Kappa Delta CHARLES CARMICHAEL - - - - Jackson Kappa Sigv a JAMES CHASTAIN ------ Jackson Kappa Alpha RICKETTS CHILDRESS ----- Jackson BOBBY CLARK -------- Drew Kappa Sigma LORNA COLLISON - - - - Evanston. III. Phi Mu LADY RACHEL CONNER - - - - Jackson Phi Mil EDITH CORTRICHT - - - _ Rolling Fork Chi Omega JULIUS CRISLER ------- Jackson Kappa Sigma BILL CUNNINGHAM ----- Jackson Kappa Alpha GARLAND DEAN ------ Colfax, La. CHARLES DENT - - - - Marked Tree, La. Kappa Sigma LEE DICKSON ------- Mf. Olive Kappa Sigma KINCHEN EXUM ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha EMMA GENE GAINEY ----- Meridian Phi M l DUDLEY GALLOWAY ----- Culfport Kappa Alplia WALTER GORDON ------ Jackson MILDRED GREENWAY - - Ducktown, Tenn. Kappa Delta MARIANNA GREGORY ----- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicroii MARIE GRUBBS ------ Philadelphia Kappa Delta ANNIE MARION GUYTON - - - - Pickens Kappa Delta MARJORIE HAMMER ------ Jackson Phi Mil MAXINE HARPER ------ Brandon Phi Mil CHARLINE HARRIS ------ Canton Kappa Delta VIRGINIA HELM ------ Leiand Kappa Delta T. EDWIN HIGHTOWER - - - - Meridian MITTIE HIX -------- Jackson Chi Omega JAMES HOLDER ------- Winona Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT HOLYFIELD ----- Poplarville Pi Kappa Alpha MARION HOWARD ------ Jackson Chi Omega RUTH INGRAM ------ Bogalusa, La. Beta Sigma Omicroii JACK KING - - - - - - - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JULYA LEWIS ------- Satartia CAROL LOWE -------- Jackson Kappa Delta JOHN MALONE ------- Jackson FLORENCE MARS ------ Philadelphia Chi Omega LESLIE MATTHEWS ------- Leiand Lambda Chi Alpha MARY ANNA MAYO - - - - Hattiesburg Phi Mu LOUISE MILLER ------- Hazlehurst Kappa Delta flIilffiSfll! 1[ 51 ei ass L 4. M : h :i% Billy Mingee, Carrol Mitchell, Rufus Moore, Jean Morris. Johnny Morrow, Prisciila Morson. Dons Murphree. Mar|one Murphy. Sue McCormack , Dan McCullen, Kenneth Nail. Alice Noel Neilson, Inez Pittman. Romulus Pittman, Clara Porter, Catherine Pullen. Dot Raynham, Ceraldme Regan. Elizabeth Riddell .... Walter Ridge- way. Bob Roberts. Brewster Robinson, Houston Roby Maury Ross. John Sanders. Tom Scott, William Shanks .... Virginia Sherman. Eugene Smith, Kathleen Stanley, Jaqueline Stevens. Hunter Stokes, Jim Stuckenschneider. Ed Topp, Osborne Traylor. Gertrude Triplet! ... Julia Wasson. Amelia Watkins. James Webb, Calvm Bert Wells. Clay Wells, Mitchell Wells. Billy Williams. Cora Williams .... M, J. Williams. Mary Louise Wilson, Donald Winner. Jesse Wofford. Noel Womack. Billy Wright. Dan Wright. Sara Florence Zeigler. ' fl? 52 n e m b er s WILLIAM MINCEE ------ Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha CARROLL MITCHELL - - - - PlantersvMIe Pi Kappa Alpha RUFUS MOORE ----- Water Valley Kappa Sigma JEAN MORRIS ------- Yazoo City Kappa Delta JOHNNY MORROW Forest Pi Kappa Alpha PRISCILLA MORSON ------ Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron DORIS MURPHREE ----- Calhoun City Clii Omega MARJORIE MURPHY ------ Jackson SUE McCORMACK ------- Corinth Beta Sigma Omicron DAN McCULLEN ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha KENNETH NAIL ------- Grenada ALICE NOEL NEILSON - - - - Lexington Chi Omega INEZ PITTMAN ------- Jackson ROMULUS PITTMAN ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha CLARA PORTER ------- Jackson Chi Omega CATHERINE PULLEN ------ Jackson Chi Omega DOROTHY RAYNHAM ----- Jackson Kappa Delta CERALDINE REAGAN ------ Jackson Phi Mu ELIZABETH RIDDELL ------ Jackson Phi Mu WALTER RIDGEWAY ------ Jackson Kappa Alpha BOB ROBERTS ------- Sunflower Kappa Alpha BREWSTER ROBINSON ----- Quitman Kappa Alpha HOUSTON ROSY ------- Biloxi Kappa Sigma MAURY ROSS --------- Drew Pi Kappa Alpha JOl-IN SANDERS ------- Jackson Kappa Sigma TOM SCOTT -------- Jackson Kappa Alpha WILLIAM SHANKS ------ Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha VIRGINIA SHERMAN ----- Charleston Chi Omega EUGENE SMITH ------- Jackson Sigma Alpha Epsiloii KATHLEEN STANLEY - - - - State College Kappa Delta JAQUELINE STEVENS ------ Jackson Kappa Delta HUNTER STOKES ------ Columbus Lambda Chi Alpha JIM STUCKENSCHNEIDER - - - Columbus Kappa Sigma EDWIN TOPP -------- Tupelo Kappa Alpha OSBORNE TRAYLOR ------ Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha GERTRUDE TRIPLETT ----- Kosciusko Phi Mu JULIA WASSON ------- Greenville Beta Sigma Omicron AMELIA WATKINS ------ Jackson Chi Oviega JAMES WEBB -------- Brandon Pi Kappa Alpha CALVIN BERT WELLS - - - - Hinds County CLAY WELLS -------- Jackson MITCHELL WELLS ------ Canton Kappa Sigma BILLY WILLIAMS ------ Greenville Kappa Alpha CORA WILLIAMS ------- Jackson M. J. WILLIAMS ------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MARY LOUISE WILSON ----- Jackson DONALD WINNER ------- Jackson Kappa Sigma JESSE WOFFORD -------- Drew Pi Kappa Alpha NOEL WOMACK ------- Jackson Kappa Sigma BILLY WRIGHT ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha DAN WRIGHT -------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha SARA FLORENCE ZEIGLER - - - - Pickens Kappa Delta ill r- i ' »- r e s k man U Wallace Russell has started off his Millsaps career in the upward direction, having copped the Freshman president position and becoming Y Vice President for next year; and shows promise of turn- ing into a big Big Shot. However, Wa l- lace is a little impulsive with his love af- fairs, accounting for the pinning of a Blue Mountain girl with his pledge button only a week or two after he received it him- self. This Williams fellow, Frosh V-P, is the typical Joe College. He spends con- siderable time chasing " Timber " Timber- lake. To everybody but the profs, he is known as " Sonny, " but with a name like Crawford Fortsan, who could blame him. Bettye Hughes, the girl who yells for Millsaps while her brother plays football for the Chocs, is Secretary of her class. Her year has been busily occupied with being model pledge, and driving alter- nately her fiance ' s big green Buick and her own blue one around town. ' » WALLACE RUSSELL, BETTYE HUGHES and SONNY WILLIAMS 54 The sophs successfully impress it on Jim that the life of a freshman is a hard one. 55 ei ass Acker. Adams. Alexander. Allen, Arant, Austin, Barland. Bass, Bell, Berry, Best .... Bingham. Boswell. Boyd. Bnen. Bucci. Buie. Byrd, D- Calloway, B. Calloway, J. Callo- way, Cantrell . - . . Carl, Carter. Chatham, Clarkson. Clifford, Cook, Cor ley, Craig, Crout, Cruise. Davis .... Day, Doolittle, Dycus, Eager, Ellis, Farmer. Fink. Frye, Car ra way, Gayden, Gibson . . , . Glaze, Goodwin, Greene. G. Green, M. A. Green, Gnff in, Guion, Harlan. Hayes. Holland, Ho worth . . . , Hughes, B. Jones, C. Jones, Judge, Kern, Knight, Kramer, Lancaster. Lemly. Lipscomb. 50 Ik 56 yyi e m b er s MINTIE ACKER - - - - New Orleans. La. Phi Mil BETTY ADAMS ------- Jackson Chi Omega HELEN ALEXANDER ----- Jackson Chi Omega CHARLES ALLEN ------ Hazlehurst Pi Kappa Alpha FLORA MAE ARANT ------ Magee Kappa Delta DORIS AUSTIN ------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron ELSIE BARLAND -------- Utica Phi Mu PHILLIPS BASS ------ Wallace. Va. Kappa Alpha THOMAS BELL ------- Grenada Kappa Alpha ELEANOR BERRY ------- Jackson CAROLYN BEST ------- Jackson Phi Mu CHARLES BINGHAM ----- Gulfport Kappa Alpha DONALD BOSWELL ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha BETTY BOYD ------ Shreveport. La. BETTY BRIEN ------ Arlington, Va. Piii Mu ROBERT BUCCI ------- Vicksburg La?)ibda Chi Alpha ROBERT BUIE ------- - Jackson Kappa Alpha CENE BYRD -------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron DEAN CALLOWAY ------ Louisville Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES CALLOWAY ----- Louisville Pi Kappa Alpha JEAN CALLOWAY ------ Indianola Pi Kappa Alpha THOMAS CANTRELL ----- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha JOAN CARL -------- Jackson Kappa Delta BILLY CARTER ------- Lexington Kappa Sigma J. W. CHATHAM ------- Rose Hill Pi Kappa Alpha N. E. CLARKSON ------- Jackson Kappa Sigma RICHARD CLIFFORD ----- Quitman EDSEL COOK -------- Canton ROSEMARY CORLEY - - - - - Clarksdale Phi Mu HERBERT CRAIG ------ Columbus BILLIE JANE CROUT ----- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron FRANCES JEAN CRUISE ----- Jackson Chi Omega MARY DAVIS -------- Jackson JEAN DAY ------ Memphis, Tenn. Phi Mu WILLIAM DOOLITTLE ----- Jackson MILDRED DYCUS ------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron MAI EAGER -------- Jackson Chi Omega ROWENA ELLIS ----- Weslaco. Texas Chi Omega WINNIE LEE FARMER ------ Shaw Chi Omega ALICE FINK ------ Asheville. N. C. Kappa Delta HARRY FRYE -------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha THOMAS CARRAWAY ----- Jackson Kappa Sigma DAVID GAYDEN ------- Brandon Kappa Sigma TOMMIE GIBSON ------ Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron JACK GLAZE ------- Pelahatchie Pi Kappa Alpha VERNON GOODWIN ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma DORIS GREEN -------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron GWYNN GREEN ------- Jackson Cht Omega MARY ANN GREEN ------ Jackson Chi Oviega BONNIE GRIFFIN ------- Areola Kappa Delta DONNIE GUION ------- Benton Kappa Sigma EUGENE HARLAN ------ Jackson Kappa Alpha HELEN HAYES ------ Kosciusko Chi Omega REX HOLLAND ------ Sunflower Kappa Alpha CARL HOWORTH - - - - - - Jackson BETTYE HUGHES ------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron BUDDY JONES ----- Bonham. Texas CHARLOTTE JONES ------ Prentiss Beta Sigma Omicron WILLIAM BRYAN JUDGE - - - - Hickory JANE KERN --------- Louise Chi Omega ROSELLE KNIGHT ------- Collins Kappa Delta EDWARD KRAMER ------ Quitman Lambda Chi Alpha MIRIAM LANCASTER ----- Sunflower Chi Omega MATTHEW LEMLY ------ Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha JULIAN LIPSCOMB ------ Jackson Kappa Alpha L 57 1 r II ei ass tiii ;:tl Ki.. I Aa L!. m Litton, Loflin, Longinotti. Lovitt, Magruder. Mahaffey. Maiure. Mason. Mathis, Max- well . . . . Miazza. Mize, Mizell, Moore, Mounger, Murphree. Myers. McCehee. Mclnnis, McLaunn. McNamee. McPherson, McWilllams. Nelson, Phillips, Pittman, Poole, Posey, Pullen. Reagan. Rice, Rogers .... J. Ross. M. Ross. Russell. Shackelford. Shields, Silvey. B. Smith, S. Smith. Smylie, Somers, Spill man . . . . Speir. Stewart, Stroud, Summer, M. Taylor, Z. Taylor, Tharp. Therrell, Timberlake, Troy, Walker. .... A. Watkins, R. Watkms. Wells, Williams, Willingham. C. Wilson. J. Wilson, Wren. Yarborough, Young. " CL 50 ik 58 l e m b e r s GLADYS LITTON ------- Shaw Beta Sigma Omicron MYRTIS LOFLIN ------- Jackson JAMES LONCINOTTI ------ Durant Kappa Alpha EVANS LOVITT ------ Brookhaven Lambda Chi Alpha MARJORIE MACRUDER ----- Jackson Kappa Delta ED MAHAFFEY ------ Mendenhall MAUD ELLA MAJURE ----- Brandon Phi Mu MARGARET MASON - - - - Bay Springs Phi Mu CLAUDE HILLMAN MATHIS, JR. - - Corinth Pi Kappa Alpha SHELBY MATHIS ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha BROWNELL MAXWELL - - - - Georgetown LOUIS MIAZZA ------- Jackson Kappa Sigma RICHARD MIZE ------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha DON MIZELL -------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JO ANN MOORE ------ Hattiesburg Chi Omega MARJORIE MOUNCER - - - _ - Jackson Phi Mu DOROTHY MURPHREE ----- Jackson Chi Omega CAROLYN MYERS ----- Philadelphia Beta Sigma Omicron HELEN McCEHEE ------- Jackson Phi Mu MAC MclNNIS -------- Collins Kappa Sigma MIKE McLAURIN ------ Hollandale Pi Kappa Alpha WAYNE McNAMEE ------ Brandon CARL McPHERSON ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma MELDON McWILLIAMS - - - - Yazoo City Pi Kappa Alpha JEAN NELSON ------- McComb Pi Kappa Alpha MALCOLM PHILLIPS Lexington Kappa Sigma WARREN PITTMAN ----- Picayune JOHN POOLE -------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha SARAH KATHLEEN POSEY - - - Philadelphia Kappa Delta LOUISE PULLEN ------- Jackson Chi Omega HARRIET REAGAN ------ Durant Beta Sigina Omicron DANNIE RICE -------- Laurel JACK ROGERS ------- Jackson Kappa Alpha JACK ROSS ------ Crystal Springs Kappa Alpha MARY ROSS --------- Jackson Chi Oviega WALLACE RUSSELL ------- Sardis Pi Kappa Alpha BILLY SHACKELFORD ----- Columbus JOHN SHIELDS -------- Jackson COBERT SILVEY -------- Scott Kappa Sigma BRUCE SMITH -------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha SUE SMITH --------- Ripjey Kappa Delta MARTHA ANN SMYLIE ----- Jackson Chi Omega FRANCES SOMERS ------- Jackson Plii Mu HARRY SPILLMAN ------ Gloster SYDNER SPEIR ----- Ocean Springs RAY STEWART -------- Magee Kappa Sigma PEGGY STROUD ------- Louise Beta Sigma Omicron CHARLES SUMMER ----- Yazoo City Kappa Alplia MARGARET TAYLOR ----- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron ZACH TAYLOR ------- Jackson Kappa Alplia ELVA THARP ------- Lambert BRADFORD THERRELL ----- Florence Pi Kappa Alpha LADY BETTY TIMBERLAKE - - - Crawford Chi Omega JERRY TROY -------- Tupelo Kappa Alplia PARKER WALLACE ----- Sanatorium Kappa Sigma ALEC WATKINS ----- Opelousas, La. Kappa Alplia RAGLAND WATKINS ----- McComb Kappa Sigma BRADFORD WELLS - - - - Orleans, Mass. Pi Kappa Alpha SONNY WILLIAMS ------ Greenville Kappa Alpha MARTHA NELL WILLINGHAM - - Jackson Phi Mu CLIFTON WILSON ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma JAMES WILSON ------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha JAQUELINE WREN ------ Jackson Phi Mu ROBERT YARBOROUGH - - - - Indianola Pi Kappa Alpha MARY FRANCES YOUNG - - - - Jackson AH Wf S " ' iSf ' : ' TOiBPi!il9 PniR ' V ' -:r7 " ' ' ' " . ' ' ; vrr:- ' ooihaLL a i D As Millsaps rings down the curtain on all intercollegiate athletics, with the exception of basketball and tennis, Henry L. " Hook " Stone completes his third successful season with the Majors as coach of football and Director of Athletics. Severely handicapped this year by the loss of his assistants, Bernie Ward and Melvin Richardson, and nearly a dozen of last year ' s veterans. Coach Stone shouldered, all alone, the tremendous responsibility of building a football team from a few seniors, a scrappy bunch of sophomores, and a handful of transfers. Not only this, but " Hook " faced one of the toughest schedules in the Dixie Conference. All he could do was hope for the best. As it happened, he managed to come through with a good, hard-fighting, well-balanced eleven. Therefore, we pay tribute to Coach Stone, who will long be remembered to Millsaps stu- dents and alumni everywhere as " Hook. " It was his keen interest in the individual players themselves and his deep love for football as a game and a moulder of men with well-de- veloped bodies, as well as his ability as a director that made Coach Stone one of the best coaches Millsaps has ever boasted. Tuw of the mainstays oj this year ' s eleven were Captain Robert West and Co-captain Ed MatuUch. 63 nJlvlJual Pi n [ B The Majors ' record for this year was four wins and five losses, but after considering the odds against which the Millsaps crew were fighting as well as the stiff schedule revealing only one tilt that might be termed a " breather, " the season was rated a success in many ways. Special recognition should be given to a number of the stand-out men on this year ' s squad, but space is limited. Leading the pack this season was Cap- tain Bob West, towering, hard-hitting tackle who has been a bulwark in the Major line for two years. Robert Shell, another tackle, was elected the most valuable man on the squad by his team- mates after turning in the most suc- cessful season of his career. Elongated Wayne Baker, fleet end, was rated as the best blocker on the squad after paving the way for Millsaps touchdown on several occasions with his downfield blocking. Wendell " Bull " Hart, cen- ter, and a member of the All-Dixie team, was one of the biggest factors in the season ' s success, with his block- ing and accurate centering from the pivot position. Co-captain Ed Matulich and " Hank " Steinreide were two of the mainsprings in the backfield and both turned in some beautiful performances on broken field runs during the fall that left the opponents holding the bag. Tommy Jones, a fast back, and " Scoop " Canterbury, an expert pass- receiver, also deserve mention for their performances. The Majors got off to a flying start this year by taking highly favored Cen- tenary into camp in the season ' s opener, 20-0. Then Louisiana College fell before the Majors ' guns, 19-0. The elusive running of Ed Matulich and Wayne Baker ' s pass-snagging contrib- uted heavily to these victories. Hank Steinreide, Tommy Jones, and Dick Catledge also made good showings. BLOUNT CANTERBURY CATLEDCE CHRISTMAS CLECKER CLARK COOK HOGAN HUDSON JONES McALLILY McLAURIN PITTMAN STEVENS STEWART 64 Top Row: BAKER. BELL. HART. MATULICH Buttuni Ruic: SHELL. STEINREIDE. V AUGHT. WEST Si a r s thai After tasting the sweets of victory for two weeks, the Majors suffered a 21-0 setbacl at the hands of Memphis State, and the next weel , dropped another tilt to the Southeastern Louisiana Institute eleven, 6-0. The third de- feat was administered to the Majors by a fight- ing bunch of vengeful Mississippi Southern Yellowjackets; the score 20-0. Then the Choc- taws of Mississippi College came over from Clinton for the annual grudge battle. Neither team was a heavy favorite, but the Chocs man- aged to push across three touchdowns to win 21-0. Although the Majors threatened several times, and carried the pigskin deep into Choc territory, they lacked the scoring punch neces- sary to cross into the promised land. In the last two games of the season, the Millsaps eleven overwhelmingly defeated Delta State 40-0, and Mississippi State overpowered the Majors, 41 -6. :; 25 ' ,22 %% 26, 32 27_34 ° 19 ■+ 5 2p. 7 ,2g 5 20 1 - ■ 1 16, € . I r a ill e D The Millsaps cagers began the most disastrous season in recent years with a team composed almost entirely of in- experienced players. Cliff Jones, All- Dixie forward for two years, was on hand for early drills but left for the U, S. Air Corps. Buddy Carr returned from the army in mid-season, and con- tinued his stellar play of the past season. Although they were unable to match the feats of Jones, Ward, and Co. of the ' 41 championship team, this year ' s cagers were a hustling and aggressive quintet. Many of the more experienced teams were able to win only after stiff struggles. Several of the inexperienced players showed great promise, and would probably have developed into future stars if the war had not forced abandonment of intercollegiate play. This year ' s squad was under the tutelage of Coach B. O. " Van Hook. Van hlook returned to the helm after a year ' s absence, in which the team was coached by Bernie Ward. Van Hook has established an enviable repu- tation in former years, and has always been able to get the best results with the avai lable material. The Millsaps boys were unsuccessful in their attempt to defend for the sec- ond consecutive year the Dixie confer- ence championship. However the Pur- ple Team played a spirited and deter- mined brand of ball. 67 zke Piiiin In addition to Carr, pace-setters of this year ' s team were " Lightnin " Low- ther and Captain Tommy Jones. Low- ther had previously played on the freshman team, but had never played Varsity ball. Jones ' only experience had been as a member of the Wesson Jr. College aggregate. Carr and Low- ther provided the nucleus of the Major offensive, while Jones was the defen- sive star. Carr is one of the most de- ceptive forwards ever to don a purple uniform. Giving able support to Carr from the other forward terminal was sophomore Buford Blount. The pivot position was capably handled by Low- ther, who was a dangerous shooter from any position. Bobby Clark, big sophomore, played opposite Jones at the guard terminal. John McLaurin saw active duty at both the guard and forward positions. Other members of the squad were James Webb, Joe Stubblefield, Benny Richardson, Mike McLaurin, Brandon Bell, " Bull " Hart, Henry Steinreide, and Phil Bass. The only man to receive recognition was " Lightnin " Lowther, who was se- lected as a forward on the Second All- Dixie team. Others would probably have received honors had the Majors reached the semi-finals or finals. BLOUNT LOWTHER STUBBLEFIELD COOK JONES McLAURIN WEBB CLARK CARR 69 The 1942 tennis team, coached by Dr. M. C. White, has yet to play its first match as we go to press. V ith the loss of the entire 1941 squad, with two exceptions. Coach White has developed a strong team from five freshmen and two sopho- mores. Newcomers Clay Miller, Clifton Wilson, Charles Allen, Jack Ross, and Gerald McMillan, and sophomores James hlolder and Leslie Matthews have been practicing for several weeks, and will soon take the court against Mississippi College in several matches. Other matches are also arranged with nearby teams, and prospects for a successful season are good. ( JO omen s 1 kijslcal Cyoucation a t n In her second year at Millsaps as director of Women ' s Physical Education, Miss Frances Decell has developed a better and more varied physical education program for girls at Millsaps than ever before. It is now possible for the co-eds to enroll in classes in golf, tennis, swimming, horse-back riding, and rhythms, for which they receive special credit. In the classroom, those most keenly interested in physical education receive instruction from Miss Decell in recreational leadership and recreational sports. These classes are proving to be more and more appealing to the fairer sex at Millsaps. Aside from the special classes offered in physical training, the girls ' intramural program has been expanded this year. The program now includes archery, badminton, tennis, volley ball, basketball, ping pong, and shuffleboard. A new emphasis is being placed on the recrea- tional program for girls at Millsaps, and a game room is to be opened to all in the near future. Innovations this year included shuffleboard, bad- minton, and Play Night, held each Saturday evening in the gymnasium for those interested in dramatics. Archery has also been opened to all students as a recreational facility for the first time this year. With the increase in the interest of spectators due to the folding up of practically all intercollegiate competition, intramurals are coming to a new prom- inence. It is hoped that next year, the intramural program for girls can be expanded still more, and that new facilities can be opened for the enjoyment of all. For those girls who show the most active interest in athletics at Millsaps, the Majorette Club has been organized. 71 or. omen 5 y RIDING TENNIS ARCHERY ms I JS K V il ' u [BiCII SWIMMING FOLK-DANCING GOLF 1 V Behind the steady pitching of Mary Stone, the Chi Omega ' s Softball team bat- tled its way to the intramural champion- ship. The Chi O ' s displayed plenty of power as they swept through their four games without a loss. The B. S. O ' s also had a strong team but finally yielded to the champs. The deciding factor was the batting strength of the Chi Omegas, which featured the hitting of Stone, Eager, and Co. The boy ' s intramural program has wit- nessed bitter competition, and no team has been able to gain a decisive lead. The Lambda Chi Alpha ' s have the Bad- minton and Speedball cups, while the K. A. ' s and Pikes have proved victorious in Softball and basketball. The Lambda Chi Omega Softball Winners K. A. Sojtball Winners Chi ' s are the defending champions, but will have to hold their own in the remain- ing events to repeat. These include horse-shoes, volley ball, track, ping pong, and tennis. The teams competing for the big cup include, in addition to the Lamb da Chi ' s, the Pikes, the K. A. ' s, the Kappa Sig ' s, and the Preachers. Kappa Alpha got off to a flying start in the intramural race by capturing the Softball cup. The team was undefeated, although they received stiff competition from the Kappa Sig ' s. The K. A. ' s boasted a powerful attack to back up the steady hurling of Walter Baskin. The Lambda Chi ' s, winner in 1941, fielded almost an entirely new team that was unable to repeat last year ' s victories. 74 a i D fast pace. They have already cinched little cups in basketball, volley ball, bad- minton, and ping pong. If they maintain this pace, they will win the large cup by a greater margin than last year. The other teams competing with the B. S. O. ' s are the Chi Omegas, Kappa Deltas, Phi Mus, and the non-sorority girls. This year ' s basketball cup was captured by the Pi K. A. quintet. Mainstays of the aggregate were Charles Burnham and freshman Mike McLaurin. All the Pike loopsters were good ball handlers, and this proved the decisive factor. Among those defeated by the Pikes were the Preachers, defending champions, the Lambda Chis, and the Kappa Sigs. The K. A. ' s forfeited their game. B. S. O. ' s Basketball Champions The 1942 intramural basketball cup will again go to the Beta Sigma Omicron Sorority. With the victory, the Beta Sig lassies forged into the lead for the big cup, which they won with ease last year. The sextet was undefeated in games with the Chi Omegas, Kappa Deltas, Phi Mu ' s, and the Non-sorority girls. Team play featured the B. S. 0. victories, although they were paced by such stars as Hettie Faye Beasley, Cecil Haeuser, and Bettye Hughes. These lassies were able to fire the wicker consistently and to effectively check the opposition. In the girl ' s intramural program the Beta Sigma Omicrons are again setting a Pi Kuppa Alplia Basketball Champions This spring the Beta Sigma badminton team proved themselves cham- pions by coming through a tough schedule unbeat- en. Coming in to the last stage, the B. S. O. ' s were forced into fast play as the Chi Omegas furnished stiff competition. 5;; J ore I Led by diminutive star Alan Holmes, the Lambda Chis were undefeated for the fourth consecutive year. The Livingston Street squad battled the Kappa Alphas in a hard fought match that was not decided until the final game. The Kappa Sigs, the Pi K. A. ' s, and the Preachers were defeated handily. Holmes was the " ' ' only member of the team that had participated in previous competition. Newcomers to the team were Bill Shanks, M. J. Williams, and Harry Frye. 76 - Volley Ball, next to Softball, places the larg- est team on the court and gives opportunity for group participation. Hon- ors were divided among all teams and many play- ers, but Hettie Faye Beas- ley iCym Queen) played in her steady fashion and I e d such outstanding players as Allie Ruth Chatham and Julia Was- son. As a result of Millsaps ' decision to abandon intercollegiate sports, the intramural program will be greatly expanded next year. There are more teams this year in order to give non-fraternity men a chance to participate. This is being tested this spring with Softball and thus far has been successful. The Ping Pong intramurals were played by experienced veterans of the game. The teams, all doubles, loosed their feminine reserve and really went to town when it came to swatting the ball. The compe- tition developed some very strong players but as has been the story before, the B. S. O. ' s and the Chi O. ' s came together to decide the final outcome with the B. S. O. ' s taking the top honor. 77 V SI 1 t [) a (1 hr- , t ,] i 1 ti Select or Every college girl knows Jon Whitcomb by his simply ideal illustrations. His gor- geous gals bring sighs of envy and admira- tion, and the all-knowing masculine whistle from both eds and co-eds So it isn ' t so hard to imagine the gasps and thrills when the Millsaps beauties were chosen by him this year. ct ' 19 ? ANNA RAE WOLFE I n D HELEN ALEXANDER VIRGINIA HANSELL HELEN RUOFF JjeauiL CI [i[n BEVERLEY DICKERSON fl D GERALDINE SUMRALL EVA DECELL MARY McRAE JjeaulL cHiin • ANN RHYMES inp MARY STONE HELEN RICKS GERTRUDE TRIP LETT J, eauaes lUliU ALICE NOEL NEILSON BETH BARRON BETTYE HUGHES JjeaalL CI [[[G [ w EDITH CORTRIGHT I llSflP UNA CALDWELL FLORA MAE ARANT HETTIE FAYE BEASLEY a LLLL U f l[G €A, e y L [ D [ President Vice-President Secretary - - Treasurer OFFICERS - - - PHILIP ROYAL ■ - FRANCES PEEVY - JANE LANDSTREET RICKETTS CHILDRESS The Empyreans, successors to the Barbarians, executed many successful activities these past few months. Outside speakers, games, and projects gave a never ending tone of variety to their pro- grams. They led and pushed the way in mailing Play Night a reality. 95 standing— FLEMING, NAVARRO, ROSS, LAUDERDALE, STOKES Seated— ARMSTRONG, KELLUM, ROSSIE €ke P [I OFFICERS President ---..._ BOYD KELLUM Vice-President ------ EMMETT ROSSIE Secretary ------ JAMES ARMSTRONG Representatives of the fraternities meet once, then again, with Rush Week jammed in between. The first time they carefully formulate necessary plans and precautions. At the second meeting an actual count of casualties is made and formal protests are filed. Of course, plans for cooperation are always made, and for once a nifty dance emerged. 96 Stm ding—BURDETTE, BEASLEY. TRIMBLE, SUMRALL, MURPHY, MANSFIELD, GALLOWAY. Seated— PEELER. U e ouncL ■:L WOMf OFFICERS President ------- ELIZABETH PEELER Vice-President ------ BETTY MURPHY Secretary ------ CECILIA BURDETTE Treasurer ------ CERALDI NE SUMRALL This group of sorority leaders meets for the purpose of " solving " prob- lems. They rule very firmly with gloved hands and achieve much criticism and partial success. At present the question of closed rushing during the summer is prominent, as we go to press no decision about this has been reached. 97 DJ I Puffing along under Perennial Prexy Ball, ' 42 found the Phi Mus joyfully opening their arms to receive the national canning champion, Maude Ella Majure. But this was not the extent of their endeavor, for Betty " These glasses don ' t mean nothing " Murphy continued to uphold the chapter scholastic average by patting Dr. White ' s exposed scalp and smiling prettily at Prof. Sanders. Up- holding the love life of the chapter. Miss Ann snared Navarro and his pin. Not to be outdone by I. R. C, Phi Mu inducted into mem- bership Dell " How to have and raise a family " Cregg, OFFICERS President -------- CORINNEBALL Vice-President ------- JANE CLARK Secretary ------- BETTY MURPHY Treasurer ------- MARY LEE BUSBY MEMBERS MINTIE ACKER CORINNE BALL HAZEL BAILEY ELSIE BARLAND JEAN BARNETT ALICE BENDING CAROLYN BEST MARTHA BOCER FRANCES BRADY ELIZABETH BRIEN MARY LEE BUSBY JANE CLARK LORNA C0LLI50N RACHEL CONNER ROSEMARY CORLEY MARY DAVIS JEAN DAY MARTHA LOUISE DENT SUENETTE DINKINS ANN DUKE EMMA GENE GAINEY MARJORIE HAMMER MAXINE HARPER CORNELIA HARRISON FRANCES IRBY MAUDE ELLA MAJURE MARGARET MASON MARY ANNA MAYO MARJORIE MOUNGER BETTY MURPHY HELEN McCEHEE VIRGINIA McKEOVi N GERALDINE REAGAN ANN RHYMES KATHERINE RIDDELL ELIZABETH RIDDELL SYLVIA ROBERTS FRANCES SOMERS JANICE TRIMBLE GERTRUDE TRIPLETT MARTHA NELL U ILLINGHAM JACQUELINE WREN FRANCES Vv ' ROTEN 98 Acker, Ball, Bailey, Barland, Barnett, Bending, Best, Boger, Brady, Brien, Busby, Clark, CoMison, Conner, Corley, Davis, Day, Dent, Dinkms. Duke, Cainey, Hammer, Harper, Harrison, irby, Maiure, Mason, Mayo, Mounger, Murphy, McCehee, McKeown, Reagan, Rhymes, K. Riddeil, E. Riddell, Rob- erts, Somers, Trimble, Triplett, Wil- lingham. Wren, Wroten. ' m r 4 l j f i i. D D Taking and returning pins in a sort of geometric progression, Kappa Delta ' s wooed and repented their way through ' 42. This amazing success may have been due to the sweater parade every Wednesday, led by Louise " Sweater Girl " Miller. Milly rested on her laurels, and did nothing but look ornamental .... as usual. Crubbs grabbed gobs of glory glibly gabbing over the radio, care- fully chaperoned by " Don ' t take me seriously " Buchanan. Mans- field piled up a mountain of honors, and then " ran up, " or " ran down, " for Miss Millsaps. The key to the chapter s prosperity lay in the rigorous rushing campaign, as evidenced by the attempted pledging of " Miss " Mirl Whitaker. OFFICERS President ------ MARTHA MANSFIELD Vice-President ----- KATHERINE CRIMES Secretary ------- BARBARA BOSWELL Treasurer ------ CERALDINE SUMRALL Assistant Treasurer - - - - VIRGINIA Ml NYARD Editor -------- GLENN SWEANY MEMBERS FLORA MAE ARANT BARBARA BOSWELL ELIZABETH BUCHANAN UDINE BURNS ALMA ELIZABETH CARL JOAN CARL MARY EMMA ERVIN ALICE FINK RUTH GIBBONS MILDRED CREENWAY BONNIE GRIFFIN KATHERINE GRIMES MARIE GRUBBS ANNIE MARION CUYTON CHARLINE HARRIS VIRGINIA HELM ROSELLE KNIGHT MILLICENT LAMPE BETTY CLYDE LLOYD CAROL LOWE MARJORIE MACRUDER MARTHA MANSFIELD ALTHEA MARTIN CAROLYN McPHERSON LOUISE MILLER VIRGINIA MINYARD JEAN MORRIS SARAH KATHLEEN POSEY VIRGINIA PRICE DOROTHY RAYNHAM JACQUELINE ROGERS SUE SMITH ANN SPENGLER KATHLEEN STANLEY JACQUELINE STEVENS GERALDINE SUMRALL GLENN SWEANY SARAH ZEIGLER 100 Hin Arant, Boswell, Buchanan, Burns, A. Carl, J. Carl, Ervin, Fink, Gibbons, Creenway, Grimes, Crubbs, Guyton, Harris, Helm, Knight, Lampe, Lloyd, Lowe, Magruder, Mansfield, Martin, McPhercon, Miller, Minyard, Morris, Posey, Price, Raynham, Rogers, Smith, Spengler, Stanley, Stevens, Sumrall, Sweany, Zeigler. nn V PHI ill Clip These fugitives from the Olympics took women ' s intramurals without disturbing their make-up, and Cecil Haeuser developed a near monopoly of the football team. Peeler emerged as a B. W. O. C. and Prissy continued to priss to no good purpose whatever. Support from the Governor ' s Mansion resulted in the biggest crop of pledges on record. Politically they managed to cop a class office — to their utter amazement — and Codbold continued to man- age things both in the sorority and on the campus. OFFICERS President ------ HETTIE FAYE BEASLEY Vice-President ------ ELIZABETH PEELER Corresponding Secretary - - - . CLARINE RUSH Recording Secretary - - - - ARONELLE LOFTON Treasurer ------- JULIA WASSON Editor -------- RUTH CODBOLD Warden ------- SUE McCORMACK Rush Captain ----- PRISCILLA MORSON MEMBERS SARAH JEAN APPLEWHITE RUTH INGRAM DORIS AUSTIN CHARLOTTE JONES HETTIE FAYE BEASLEY GLADYS LITTON HELEN BOOTH ARONELLE LOFTON MARY ALICE BOYLES PRISCILLA MORSON GENE BYRD CAROLYN MYERS ALLIE RUTH CHATHAM SUE McCORMACK BILLIE JANE GROUT ELIZABETH PEELER MARY JOE CURRIE HARRIET REAGAN MILDRED DYCUS CLARINE RUSH TOMMIE GIBSON MARY LOUISE SHERIDAN RUTH GODBOLD DOROTHY SIMPSON DORIS GREEN PEGGY STROUD MARY ANNA GREGORY GERTRUDE SWARTZ CECIL HAEUSER MARGARET TAYLOR BETTYE HUGHES JULIA WASSON 102 V n Applewhite, Austin, Beasley. Booth, Boyles, Byrd, Chatham, Crout, Currie, Dycus, Gibson, Codbold, Green, Greg- ory, Haeuser, Hughes, Ingram, Jones, Litton, Lofton, Morson, Myers, Mc- Cormack, Peeler. Reagan, Rush, Sheri- dan, Simpson. Stroud, Swartz, Taylor, Wasson. u nil This year found these little girls in fine spirits, with Clara toying with seven A ' s and with Hix swimming like a mermaid. Of course, confusion developed as two Queens emerged, Smylie of the Freshmen and Stone as Miss Millsaps. Faculty support and contact were arranged by Dickerson. The peace of this scene was continually disturbed by a streak of red and Sheff ' s significantly snappy chatter. Ricks added to this by telling someone about Nat, calling a meeting of Sigma Lambda, or editing this book. OFFICERS President -------- MARY STONE Vice-President ------- HELEN RICKS Secretary ----- MARY ELIZABETH NORDI N Treasurer -------- HELEN RUOFF Pledge Instructor ----- CECILIA BURDETTE MEMBERS BETTY ADAMS MIRIAM JONES HELEN ALEXANDER JANE KERN BETTY BARNER MIRIAM LANCASTER BETH BARRON FLORENCE MARS CECILIA BURDETTE JO ANN MOORE GENEVIEVE BURDETTE DORIS MURPHREE EDITH CORTRIGHT DOROTHY MURPHREE FRANCES J. CRUISE MARY McRAE EVA DECELL ALICE NOEL NEILSON BEVERLEY DICKERSON MARY ELIZABETH NORDIN MAYE EVELYN DOGCETT CLARA PORTER MAI EAGER LOUISE PULLEN ROWENA ELLIS KATHERINE RICHARDSON V INNIE LEE FARMER HELEN RICKS ANNIE LAURIN GALLOWAY MARY ROSS GERTRUDE GIBSON HELEN RUOFF NANCY GRAHAM MARTHA SHEFFIELD JEAN GRAMBLING VIRGINIA SHERMAN GVv ' YNN GREEN MARTHA ANN SMYLIE MARY ANN GREEN MARY STONE VIRGINIA HANSELL THELMA THOMPSON HELEN HAYES LADY BETTY TIMBERLAKE ANN HERBERT NELL TRIPLETT MITTIE HIX AMELIA WATKINS BETTY JO HOLCOMB . JULIA MAY WATKINS MARION HOWARD ANNA RAE WOLFE DORIS JEHL . • NELL WOOD 104 [ Adams, Alexander, Earner, Barron, C. Burdette, C. Burdette, Cortright, Cruise, DeCell, Dickerson, Doggett, Eager, Ellis. Farmer, Calloway, Cibson. Graham, Crambling, C. Creen, M. A. Green Hansell, Hayes, Herbert, Mix, Holcomb, Howard, Jones, Kern, Lan- caster, Mars, Moore, Doris Murphree, Dot Murphree, McRae, Neilson, Nor- din. Porter, C. Pullen, L. Pullen, Rich- ardson, Ricks, Ross, Ruoff, Sheffield, Sherman, Smylie, Stone, Thompson, Timberlake, Triplett, Watkins, Wolfe. n pp y Major Millsaps heaved a sigh of relief as little grand-nephew Bobbie Buie came to dear old Millsaps, and Robert E. Lee slept more peacefully as he joined the courageous force of Confederates. Dabbs, of course, ate his vitamins and shed his coat as the tem- perature went down. Chastain groomed himself to take over when Duke and Cephus are drafted. Membership in the Auxiliary de- clined, but Helen and Mary Lee remain true to the Crimson and the Gold. Lauderdale did a bang-up, though somewhat sleepy eyed job of directing student affairs. Rounding out their activities, the Order " Topped " the " Y. " OFFICERS I ------ - RICHARD LAUDERDALE II --------- - BILLY ROSS ■ III -------- - EDWIN DANIELS MEMBERS WALTER BASKIN BALDWIN LLOYD PHIL BASS JAMES LONCINOTTI THOMAS BELL JAMES OCDEN CHARLES BINGHAM WALTER RIDCEWAY REID BINGHAM BOB ROBERTS JOHNNY BLACK BREWSTER ROBINSON D. T. BROCK JACK ROGERS BOBBIE BUIE JACK ROSS CLEM CROOK BILLY ROSS JAMES CHASTAIN CHARLES SCOTT BILL CUNNINGHAM TOM SCOTT HARWELL DABBS CHARLES SUMMER EDWIN DANIELS JAQUE SUMNER HAROLD DOUGLAS ZACH TAYLOR DUDLEY CALLOWAY ED TOPP EUGENE HARLAN JERRY TROY DWIGHT HICKMAN ALEC WATKINS REX HOLLAND JOHN WEBB DEWITT JAMES NEY WILLIAMS RICHARD LAUDERDALE SONNY WILLIAMS JULIAN LIPSCOMB WILLIAM WILLIAMS 106 -slf |(tjl - Bass, Bell, C. Bingham, R. Bingham, Brock, Buie, Crook, Chastain, Cun- ningham, Dabbs. Daniels, Douglas, Calloway, Harlan, Hickman, Holland, James, Lauderdale, Lipscomb, Lloyd, Longinotti, Ogden, Ridgeway, Roberts, Robinson. Rogers, J. Ross, W. Ross, C. Scott, T. Scott, Summer, Taylor, Topp, Troy, Watkins, C. Williams, N. Williams, W. Williams. IIPP M U The Sigs added another little tradition unto themselves as " Man Mountain " Stewart filled the shoes Womack so recently left. They won the bucket Stunt Night, and this trophy adds a certain " Siggish " note to the new house. The only two solid and sober members of the chapter, Bob Nichols and B. B. Brady, con- tinued to be regular little " Mothers ' helpers " about the campus. John took lessons from brother Albert on how to run a four year college romance successfully. OFFICERS President -------- ED FLEMING Vice-President ------- BOYD KELLUM Secretary ------- SAM BIRDSONC Treasurer -------- FRED TATUM MEMBERS SAM BIRDSONC BOB NICHOLS BUFORD BLOUNT MALCOLM PHILLIPS JUDGE BRADY LAWRENCE RABB CHARLES CARMICHAEL HOUSTON ROBY BILLY CARTER ALBERT SANDERS N. E. CLARKSCN JOHN SANDERS JULIUS CRISLER COLBERT SILVEY CHARLES DENT THOMAS SPENGLER LEE DICKSON RAY STEWART ED FL EMING JAMES STUCKENSCHNEIDER TOM CARRAWAY FRED TATUM DAVID GAYDEN BUBBER WALKER VERNON GOODWIN RACLAND WATKINS DONNIE GUION MITCHELL WELLS TOMMIE HATHORN FRANK WILLIAMS BOYD KELLUM ED WILSON RAYMOND MARTIN CLIFTON WILSON LOUIS MIAZZA GEORGE WILSON DAN McCAFFERTY DONALD WINNER MAC MclNNIS NOEL WOMACK CARL McPHERSON 108 V Birdsong. Brady, Carmichael, Carter, Clarkson, Crisler, Dent, Dickson, Fleming, Garraway, Cayden, Goodwin, Guion, Hathorn, Kellum, Martin, Miazza, D. McCafferty, J. McCaf- ferty, Mclnnis, McPherson, Nichols, Phillips, Rabb, Roby, A. Sanders, J. Sanders, Silvey, Smith, Spengler, Stewart, Stuckenschneider, Tatum, Walker, Watkins, Wells, Williams, E. Wilson, C. Wilson, Winner, Womack. u To completely blast last year ' s record of 0, Pikes scattered their pins to the four winds in ' 42. True, pinnees returned most of them — on grounds of desertion. Navarro covered himself with glory pinning Miss Ann and stretching to the height of Master Major. Mirl also accomplished two noteworthy deeds; he took everyone ' s picture, and convinced Marie that he really is true to Jewel. The Calloway boys brought scholastic, musical, and social distinction to the chapter, OFFICERS President ------- LOUIS NAVARRO Vice-President ------ V ILFORD DOSS Secretary ------- BOBBY HOLYFIELD Treasurer ------ DAVIS HAUGHTON MEMBERS CHARLES ALLEN CLAY MILLER JAMES ARMSTRONG JOHNNY MILLER ADEN BARLOW CAROL MITCHELL DON BOSWELL JOHNNY MORROW DUNCAN BRACKIN DON MIZELL CHARLES BURNHAM DAN McCULLEN DEANE CALLOWAY ' MARION McCOUCH JAMES CALLOWAY MIKE McLAURIN JEAN CALLOWAY MELDON McWILLIAMS JAMES CARTER LOUIS NAVARRO J. W. CHATHAM WALTER NEIL EDSELL COOK GENE NELSON HERBERT CRISLER ROMULUS PITTMAN WILFORD DOSS CHARLTON ROBY MARK ETHERIDGE MAURY ROSS KINCHEN EXUM WALLACE RUSSELL JACK GLAZE T. C. SCHILLING DAVID HARPOLE ' BRUCE SMITH DAVIS HAUGHTON LAWRENCE WARING JAMES HOLDER BRADFORD WELLS BOBBY HOLYFIELD MIRL WHITAKER JACK KING BUDDY WOFFORD HILLMAN MATHIS BILLY WRIGHT SHELBY MATHIS ROBERT YARBROUGH lin D II [ if - Allen. Armstrong, Barlow, Boswell, Brackin, Burnham, D. Calloway, Bo Calloway, J. Calloway, Chatham, Cook, Crisler, Doss, Etheridge, Exum, Glaze, Harpole, Haughton, Holder, Holyfield, King, H. Mathis, S. Mathis, Miller, Mitchell, Morrow, Mizell, Mc- Cullen, McCough, McLaurin, McWil- liams, Navarro, Neil, Nelson, Pittman, Ross, Russell, Schilling, Smith, War- ing, Wells, Whitaker, Wofford, Wright, Yarbrough. i rk M M ' ii I V llill [II [IB The Lambda Chis drifted through ' 42 under the doubtful guidance of " I never forget anything " Holmes. Freshman Frye became a campus personality almost as colorful, though not as loud as Wright. The chapter, the dramatic club, and Lorna lost Schiek to the army. Cillis teamed up with Stone, and the two had a hand in nearly every campus activity. OFFICERS President -------- ALAN HOLMES Vice-President ------ EMMETT ROSSIE Secretary -------- BILL SHANKS Treasurer - - - - - - - BILLY MINGEE JAMES BASS BILLY BROWNE ROBERT BUCCI TOMMY CANTRELL EDWIN DAWKINS HARRY FRYE FLOYD E. CILLIS ALAN HOLMES SPAULDEN JONES ED KRAMER MATT LEMLY EVANS LOVITT SWEP LOVITT LESLIE MATTHEWS MEMBERS BILLY MINCEE RICHARD MIZE TOM NEELY JOHN POOLE EMMETT ROSSIE SAM SCHIEK BILL SHANKS HUNTER STOKES OSBORNE TRAYLOR DAVID WATTS CALVIN WELLS M. J. WILLIAMS JIM WILSON DAN WRIGHT 112 u D Bucci, Cantrell. Dawkins, Frye, Gillis, Jones, Kramer, Lemly, Lovitt, Mat- thews, Mingee, Mize. Poole, Rossie, Schiek, Shanks, Stokes, Traylor, Watts, Wells, Williams, Wilson, Wright. Ck e U I ; . fi [ ■ [M V OFFICERS President ----- RICHARD LAUDERDALE Secretary -------- DR. FINCHER Students DOLORES CRAFT HARWELL DABBS DAVIS HAUCHTON RICHARD LAUDERDALE FRANCES PEVEY BILLY ROSS CHARLTON ROBY FRED TATUM JANICE TRIMBLE MEMBERS Faculty DR. H. M. BULLOCK MR. H. W. COBB DR. J. A. FINCHER DR. R. H. MOORE DR. W. E. REICKEN DR. M. L. SMITH DR. E. S. WALLACE DR. V L WHARTON Lauderdale and Roby. not to be left alone on their cold heights of intellec- tual grandeur, called unto themselves seven scholars of equal ability, and they now make Eta Sigma throb with the heat of knowledge. There is really no conflict between " these " and the " other students, " but a gentle fusion as they try to better the mass. In fact, the masses are so proud of the intel- ligentia that we looked just like them and Dean Works never guessed the difference. Dabbs Haughton Lauderdale Peveij Ross Tatuin Trimble Moore Reicken Smith Wharton 117 ALVIN J. KING Due to war conditions, Mr. Boyd Campbell. Dr. Smith, Mr. King, and the officers of the club thought perhaps it would be best to cancel the proposed western tour this year and subst itute in its place two shorter trips in and just around Mississippi. This would serve a two-fold purpose: better establish the Singers in home territory, and recruit students for school next year. The first trip thus proposed took place the last week in February, and touched such important Mississippi cities as Co- lumbus, Starkville, New Albany, Green- wood. Greenville, and Drew; with Mem- phis, Tenn. as the high point. C ke The second trip, only proposed at the time of this writing, is to include such cities as Pensacola, Mobile, Moss Point. Biloxi. Gulfport, New Orleans, and Shreveport. Shorter trips have touched McComb, Crystal Springs. Laurel, and Hattiesburg. This marks the seventh year of the Millsaps Singers under their present leadership, utilizing their present name. " Pop " King, our beloved director, has deftly guided the group to the pinnacles of musical achievement during this per- iod, and has made from its members one of the finest a capella choirs in the coun- try. War conditions have somewhat cur- tailed the Singers ' activities this year, but we feel that the message in music which we have to bring will surpass any difficulties. Pop has imparted to every member his love of great religious music, and every person considers it an honor to be a member of the choir. lis [ OFFICERS THOMAS SPENCLER ------- President RUTH GIBBONS ------ Vice-President SYLVIA ROBERTS -------- Secretary AVERY PHILP -------- Manager CHARLES ALLEN DORSEY ALLEN JEAN BARNETT BETH BARRON CAROLYN BEST SAM BIRDSONC BARBARA BOSWELL MARY ALICE BOYLES BETTY BRIEN ALMA ELIZABETH CARL JOAN CARL JAMES CARTER ROSEMARY CORLEY HERBERT CRAIG CLEM CROOK MARY DAVIS BEVERLEY DICKERSON ANN DUKE EMMA GENE CAINEY RUTH GIB BONS JACK GLAZE VERNON GOODWIN JEAN GRAMBLING MILDRED GREENV AY KATHERINE GRIMES MEMBERS JAMES HINMAN JAMES HOLDER FRANCES IRBY EVALINE KHAYAT JACK KING JANIE LOU KING ROSELLE KNIGHT MIRIAM LANCASTER JANE LANDSTREET MYRTIS LOFLIN CARROLL LOWE FLORENCE MARS LENELL MAXCY LOUISE MILLER WILLIAM MINGEE VIRGINIA MINYARD MARJORIE MOUNGER WALTER NEILL JAMES OGDEN ROBERT PEARSON AVERY PHILP JOHN POOLE CLARA PORTER VIRGINIA PRICE LOUISE PULLEN KATHERINE RICHARDSON WALTER RIDGWAY BOB ROBERTS SYLVIA ROBERTS JACQUELINE ROGERS ELLENITA SELLS MARTHA SHEFFIELD THOMAS SPENCLER KATHLEEN STANLEY JACQUELINE STEVENS HUNTER STOKES MARY STONE KATHERINE STRAIT THELMA THOMPSON EDWIN TOPP NELL TRIPLETT JERRY TROY LAWRENCE WARING ALEC WATKINS DAVID WATTS EDWIN WILSON BUDDY WOFFORD NOEL WOMACK JACQUELINE WREN FRANCES WROTEN y A . y t. • ' ! -- [ This is the organization at which all dramatic students look with long- ing eyes. Already clustered in this club are such talented favorites as Schiek and Nichols, the quiet boys. The members are carefully chosen from the large number of potentials in the Dramatic Club. The duties be- falling this club are quite elusive but always before them is the task of in- structing the Dramatic Club, their brainchild. Doing this job very thor- oughly, as evidenced by the number of performances, the club fills in its pro- gram by attacking immediate prob- lems. OFFICERS President -------- BOB NICHOLS Vice-President ------ SAM SCHIEK Secretary ------- TOM SPENGLER MEMBERS Student LOUIS NAVARRO SAM BIRDSONC BOB NICHOLS ELIZABETH BUCHANAN HELEN RICKS HARWELL DABBS SAM SCHIEK HAROLD DOUGLAS CHARLIE SCOTT DUDLEY CALLOWAY TOM SPENCLER MARJORIE HAMMER MARY STONE ANN HERBERT JIM HOLDER Faculty HELEN HOLT _ qq MARTHA MANSFIELD R. R. S. MUSCRAVE BETTY MURPHY ITE MARY McRAE Birdsong Buchanan Dabbs Douglas Galloway Hammer Herbert Holder Holt Mansfield Murphy McRae Navarro Nichols Ricks Schiek Scott Spengler Stone Moore Musgrave White 120 V I u OFFICERS President ------- BOB NICHOLS Vice-President ----- SAM SCHIEK Secretary - - - - MARJORIE HAMMER ONE ACT PLAYS PRESENTED Two Crooks and a Lady The Womenfolks Let ' s Move the Furniture What Never Dies The Terrible Meek They ' re None of Them Perfect Comes Romance THREE ACT PLAYS PRESENTED Charley ' s Aunt Brassett --------- JIM HOLDER Jack Chesney ------ TOM SPENCLER Charles Wykeham ----- HAROLD DOUGLAS Fancourt Babberley ------ SAM SCHIEK Kitt-y Verdun ----- MARJORIE HAMMER Amy Spettigue ----- CHARLINE HARRIS Sir Francis Chesney ----- CHARLIE SCOTT Stephen Spettigue ------ DAVID WATTS Farmer ------- DUDLEY GALLOWAY Donna Lucia d ' Alvadorez - - ELIZABETH BUCHANAN Ela Delahay ------ PRISCILLA MORSON THE PASSING OF THE THIRD FLOOR BACK Her Step-Husband Harvey P. Marshall ------ JIM HOLDER Dr. Gerald Niles ----- TOM SPENGLER Limpy Lannigan ------ JOHN WHITE Officer Shea ------ M. J. WILLIAMS Mary Marshall ----- MARJORIE HAMMER Sylvia Allen - - - - ELIZABETH BUCHANAN Miss Emily Paisley ----- HELEN HOLT Florence Ainslee - - - - FRANCES WROTEN Stella -------- JO ANN MOORE Joey Wright ------ M. J. WILLIAMS Christopher Penny ------ JERRY TROY Maior Tompkins ------- JIM HOLDER Mrs. Tompkins - - - - ELIZABETH BUCHANAN Vivian -------- EDITH CORTRIGHT Jape Samuels ------- BOB NICHOLS Harry Larkcom ------- ED TOPP Miss Kite ------- FRANCES WROTEN Mrs, Percival de Hooley - - CHARLINE HARRIS Stasia -------- JO ANN MOORE Mrs. Sharpe ------- HELEN HOLT The Th ' rd Floor Back - - - - JOHN WHITE 121 €A e ] The staff managed the paper very efficiently this past year. Among thoes who worked hardest were: Peeler, Crisler, Turnage, Harris, Nail, and Carter. An outstanding event was the M. S. P. A. meeting which was held at Millsaps with Editor Rabb as Vice President and General Manager. LAWREJVCE RABB, Editor [ D I T R I A L STUFF Managing Editor .-.--.-.--- ELIZABETH PEELER News Editor _---.------_ HERBERT CRISLER Sports Editor -------------- FRED TATUM Feature Editor -------------- BETTYE NAIL Art Editor ------------- DOT RAYNHAM Society Editor -------------- HELEN RUOFF Make-up Editor ------------ CHARLINE HARRIS Co py Editor ------------- JANICE TRIMBLE Proof Editor -------------- BILLY CARTER Exchange Editor ------------ KINCHEN EXUM Staff Editor ------------- HAROLD TURNAGE Contributing Editor ---------- ELIZABETH BUCHANAN FEATURE STAFF — Marione Hammer, Martha Sheffield, Thomas Spengler. Kinch Exum, Lady Betty Timberlake. Elizabeth Buchanan, Priscilla Morson, John Malone, Maxine Harper. NEWS STAFF — Edith Cortright. Barbara Boswell. Wallace Russell, Ruth Godbold, Elizabeth Buchanan. Sue McCormack, Sara Jean Applewhite, Frances Pevey. Ed Topp, Charles Summer, Maury Ross, Bettye Hughes, Harriet Reagan, Marianna Gregory, Marie Grubbs, Alma Zenfell, Frances Somers, Doris Murphree, Malcolm Phillips. SPORTS STAFF — Jim Stuckenschneider, M. J. Williams. v . ?%l t IW W ' ' " i- ( an Look at any copy of the paper and you will see great evidence of this staff ' s work. Among those who sold many ads and folded and mailed many papers were King, Carmichael, Richardson. Smylie, and Bing- ham. Manager Martin is to be commended for his splen- did work in such critical times. RAYMOND MARTIN, Business Manager BUSINESS S T n f Assistant Business Manager ----------- JACK KING Advertising Manager --------- CHARLES CARMICHAEL Circulation Manager ------------ REID BINGHAM ADVERTISING STAFF— John Sanders, Martha Ann Smylie, Katherine Rich- ardson, Tom Garraway, Don Winner. CIRCULATION STAFF— Helen Booth, Aronelle Lofton, Louise Pullen, Tom- mie Gibson, Clifton Wilson, Virginia Hansel!, Jack Ross, Charles Bingham, James Ogden. - - €A e Every effort was made to get this book to the students earlier than usual. As we go to press we sincerely hope that you en- joy every page of it. Those doing outstanding work are men- tioned elsewhere — their pictures are be- low. HELEN RICKS. Editor [ I T R I A L S n F P Assistant Editor ------------- DAVIS HAUCHTON Class Editor ------------ KATHERINE RICHARDSON Organization Editor ------------- MARIE GRUBBS Photographic Editor ----------- MIRL WHITAKER Literary Editor -------------- CLARA PORTER Sports Editors ------- J I M WILSON and DUNCAN BRACKI N Art Editor ---------------- LOUIS NAVARRO ASSISTANTS — John Malone, Elizabeth Buchanan. Frances Pevey, Edwin Topp, Bill Shanks, Dorothy Raynham, Sam Birdsong, Ann Duke, Bradford V ells, Leslie Matthews. ift n [ [ With Peewee and Smylle on the same |ob how could one go wrong? This is not the complete story for the work of Helen Ruoff, Frances Irby, Bobbie Buie, and Frances Jean Cruise counted for much of the success. From this staff it is evident that all Jackso n business men are acquainted with the Boba- shela. JAMES ARMSTRONG, Business Manager B U S I n S S STAFF Advertising Manager ----------- EDWIN DANIELS Circulation Manager ------------- EVA DECELL Organizations Manager ----------- HELEN RUOFF STAFF ASSISTANTS — Martha Ann Smylie, Martha Boger, Frances Irby, Robert Buie, Frances Jean Cruise, Cornelia Harris, Jane Kern, Eugene Smith, Bubber Walker, Mary Anna Mayo, Mary Emma Irving, Shelby Mathis, Harry Frye, Mitchell Wells, Maury Ross. ' " ' " ST " f u DD The golden key of Omicron Delta Kappa marks male students at Mill- saps who are outstanding in such ac- tivities as forensics. publications, ath- letics, scholarship, and club work. These crusaders for a greater Mill- saps meet monthly and devise plans so involved that not even their fellow members can appreciate them. This reservoir of dynamic leadership came through for once with an ingenious plan to make the Millsaps graduate the best farmer yet. This program was backed with a film and a chapel lec- ture. In conjunction with Sigma Lambda they dreamed into reality the very suc- cessful service club — TOPPER. OFFICERS President ----- RICHARD LAUDERDALE Vice-President ----- ALAN HOLMES Secretary ------ DR. ROSS MOORE MEMBERS Student Faculty JAMES ARMSTRONG PROFESSOR A. J. KING HARWELL DABBS DR. R. H. MOORE FLOYD GILLIS DR. M. L. SMITH ALAN HOLMES DR. E. S. WALLACE RICHARD LAUDERDALE DR. V. L. WHARTON RAYMOND MARTIN LOUIS NAVARRO LAWRENCE RABB Alumni BILLY ROSS MR. H. T, NEWELL FRED TATUM MR. E. BREWER DAVID WATTS MR. FRED SMITH Armstrong Dabbs GiUis Lauderdale Martin Navarro Rabb Ross Tatum Watts Moore Smith Wharton 126 V I OFFICERS President ------- HELEN RICKS Vice-President ----- RUTH CODBOLD Secretary-Treasurer - - - EVALINE KHAYAT Historian ----- MARTHA MANSFIELD MEMBERS Student RUTH CODBOLD EVALINE KHAYAT MARTHA MANSFIELD FRANCES PEVEY MRS. H. W. COBB KATHERINE RICHARDSON MRS. W. F. COODMAN HELEN RICKS MRS. M. B. STONE MARY STONE CERALDINE SUMRALL At the moment of this writing, there are still hopes that Sigma Lambda will come through in her own inimitable way with the annual varsity show. A complete renovation of the Ladies Lounge in Murrah Hall put another star in the sorority crown last year. Deviating from official business, mem- bers keep close alumni contacts with L. S, U. and Duke. Dinner meetings once a month keep appetites subdued, tongues limber, and brains exercised. Godbold Khayat Mansfield Fevey Richardson Ricks Stone Sumrall 127 V u. u G The cabinet is a group of select Y. M, C. A. personalities who officially and unofficially run the Y. Meeting twice a month, they attend to such problems as attendance and programs, both of which fluctuate under given conditions. From these meetings come detailed plans for collaborations with the Y. W. for such events as Student Body Re- treat, or Y Sunday. Big events that happened this year were elections and the banquet. OFFICERS President ------- SAM BIRDSONC Vice-President ------- BILLY ROSS Secretary-Treasurer - - LAWRENCE WARING MEMBERS JAMES ARMSTRONG SAM BIRDSONC DAVIS CHRISTMAS CLEM CROOK HARWELL DABBS ED FLEMING DUDLEY CALLOWAY FLOYD GILLIS DAVIS HAUGHTON BOYD KELLUM RICHARD LAUDERDALE RAYMOND MARTIN LAWRENCE RABB BILLY ROSS PHILIP ROYAL FRED TATUM ED TOPP LAD WARING DAVID WATTS MITCHELL WELLS BUDDY WOFFORD Armstrong Birdsong Crook Dabbs Fleming Galloway Gillis Haughton Kellum Lauderdale Martin Rabb Ross Tatum Topp Waring Watts Wells Wojford ' ; «ss iiSiA y ikM ' i 128 i. u OFFICERS President ------ EVALINE KHAYAT Vice-President ------ MARIE CRUBBS Secretary -------- HELEN RICKS Treasurer ------ JANE LANDSTREET Program Chairman - - - - FRANCES PEVEY MEMBERS RUTH CODBOLD ------ Publicity Chairman MARTHA MANSFIELD ------ Social Chairman SUE McCORMACK ----- Social Service Chairman KATHERINE RIDDELL ------ House Chairman POLLY STROUD ------- Church Relationship MARIE WHITEHEAD ------- Inter-Sorority The Y. W. C. A. Cabinet this year has sparked the organization with many ideas and activities. Among those started — and com- pleted — were the pallet party for all girls in school and the work at the Bethlehem Center. In co-operation with the YM they sponsored student retreat, " Y " Sunday, and " Y " banquet. Godbold Grubbs Khayat Landstreet Mansfield McCormack Pevey Ricks Riddell Stroud Whitehead 129 DDII This newly formed fraternity makes an initial bow into the Bobashela with an excellent record. The members are co-eds who in the future desire to teach Johnny his multiplication tables and Mary her verbs. During the Mis- sissippi Education Association meeting many graduates come back and tell of the glories of the teaching profession. The climax comes with a luncheon when the club listens to the true and inescapable problems as described by a former member. OFFICERS President ----- MARTHA MANSFIELD Vice-President - MARY ELIZABETH NORDIN Secretary -------- JANE CLARK Treasurer ------- MIRIAM JONES MEMBERS Student Faculty HAZEL BAILEY PROFESSOR R. R. HAYNES CELE BURDETTE JANE CLARK Alumnae BEVERLEY DICKERSON MARIANA FORD JEAN CRAMBLINC SALLY B. NEWMAN MIRIAM JONES MARTHA MANSFIELD CAROLYN McPHERSON MARY ELIZABETH NORDIN HELEN RICKS GERALDINE SUMRALL Bailey Burdette Clark Dickerson Grambling Jones Mansfield McPherson Nordin Ricks Sumrall 130 Oyfl FD OFFICERS President ------ RAYMOND MARTIN Vice-President ------ FRED TATUM Secretary ------- CAROL HERRON Treasurer ------- BOYD KELLUM Historian ------ VIRCI Nl A MINYARD MEMBERS Student JAMES ARMSTRONG HARWELL DABBS DAVIS HAUCHTON Faculty CAROL HERRON BOYD KELLUM DR. J. A. FINCHER J. D. LEGCETT PROFESSOR C. B. GALLOWAY RAYMOND MARTIN DR. W. E. REICKEN VIRGINIA MINYARD DR. J. M. SULLIVAN MARY McRAE FRED TATUM MITCHELL WELLS Alpha Epsilon Delta is the official Millsaps honorary pre-med organiza- tion. Future physicians and tinkerers with the human frame usually get into it sooner or later. Bi-monthly meet- ings are held, with speeches by out- siders. A. E. D. has to its credit the yearly institution of freshman physical exams, and is agitating for a college hospital. Armstrong Dabbs Haughton James Kellum Leggett Martin Minyard McRae Tatum Wells Pv.eicken Sullivayi 131 u UUl Despite a not-so-subtle slur that blossomed out last year, Chi Delta is actually a literary organization. The members really write — and rather well, too. This year they are indulging in quite a bit of adverse criticism at their " monthly " hen parties. Coco and Sheffield keep the group amused, while Helen and Mary write what they call " Soupy Stuff. " Janice causes a mild revolution by writing something really good. If we were at all effusive, we might liken them to a literary flower bloom- ing in a desert — but we will just say they have a glowing literary future, and leave it at that. OFFICERS President ------ EVALINE KHAYAT Vice-President ------ MARY STONE Secretary ------ BETTY MURPHY MEMBERS CORINNE BALL BARBARA B05WELL RUTH CODBOLD EVALINE KHAYAT BETTY MURPHY VIRGINIA McKEOVv-N HELEN RICKS MARTHA SHEFFIELD MARY STONE CERALDINE SUMRALL JANICE TRIMBLE MISS ELIZABETH CRAIG MRS. W. F. GOODMAN MRS. MARY B. STONE MISS VIRGINIA THOMAS Ball Boswell Goclbold Khayat Murphy McKeown Ricks Sheffield Stone Sumrall Trimble Thomas 3 h 132 [in DDfl OFFICERS President ------- EDWIN DANIELS Vice-President - - - RICHARD LAUDERDALE Treasurer ------- ALAN HOLMES MEMBERS Student REID BINGHAM SAM BIRDSONC B. B. BRADY ED DANIELS DUDLEY CALLOWAY FLOYD CILLIS ALAN HOLMES RICHARD LAUDERDALE BALDWIN LLOYD JAMES McCAFFERTY MARION McCOUCH LAWRENCE RABB BILLY ROSS CHARLIE SCOTT TOM SCOTT BILL SHANKS ROY SIMS ED TOPP FacuUii DR. E. S. WALLACE PROFESSOR R. R. HAYNES PROFESSOR RALPH JONES Delta Kappa Delta is an assortment of future lawyers and politicians. It was organized in ' 39, and is one of the existing pre-law fraternities. It is closely connected with the Pre-law Club, of which it is the sponsor. Ex- hibiting budding political strategy with the faculty, the club tapped Dr. Wal- lace and Professor Jones this year. fkA kAlM Bingham Birdsong Brady Daniels Galloway Gillis Lauderdale Lloyd McCafferty McGough Rabb C. Scott T. Scott Shanks Si7ns Topp Jones 133 u These ladies and gentlemen have a shelf all to themselves in the Carnegie Millsaps library. It is packed with books and pamphlets on the many and varied affairs of this patchy old world. They know all about the " isms " and " ists, " They can tell you the prin- cipal product of Argentina and the price of eggs in Antarctica. Perhaps it won ' t be wildly exag- gerated to say that this gang of long- heads contains our future radicals, pol- iticians, and economists, OFFICERS President ------- LAWRENCE RABB Vice-President ------ ALAN HOLMES Secretary -------- HELEN RICKS MEMBERS Student SAM BIRDSONC BILLY ROSS HARWELL DABBS HELEN RUOFF ED DANIELS ALBERT SANDERS GERTRUDE GIBSON JULIA MAE WATKINS FLOYD GILLIS FRANK WILLIAMS DELL GREGG ALAN HOLMES Facultij RICHARD LAUDERDALE BALDWIN LLOYD " H- MOORE ELIZABETH PEELER " " WALLACE LAWRENCE RABB D " " - - WHARTON HELEN RICKS Birdsong Dahbs Daniels Gibson Gillis Lauderdale Lloyd Peeler Rahb Ricks Ross Ruoff Sanders Williams Moore Wharton 134 ] V D OFFICERS President -------- CLEM CROOK Vice-President ----- JANICE TRIMBLE Secretary - - - - MAYE EVELYN DOCGETT Treasurer ------- RUTH GIBBONS MEMBERS Student DELORES CRAFT DAVID WATTS CLEM CROOK MARIE WHITEHEAD MAYE DOCGETT Faculty ' NCH EXUM 3 Qgg BILL FAZAKERLEY ,33 ELIZABETH CRAIG RUTH GIBBONS , 3 ARMAND COULLET BOBBY HOLYFIELD 3 COODMAN HANIEL JONES p HAMILTON EVALINE KHAYAT L. SMITH MARION McGOUGH 3 KATHERINE RICHARDSON JANICE TRIMBLE Honorary NAOMI WARE MISS ISABEL JOHNSTON Although they aren ' t exactly pagan, the members ot Eta Sigma Phi try to come as close to it as is decently pos- sible. Students of the classics who escape for three semesters with a B average in their chosen language are tapped for Eta Sigma Phi. The annual Eta Sigma Phi banquet is something that must be experienced to be described. As we haven ' t exper- ienced it, this leaves us out in the cold as regards description of such a lin- guistic Tour de force. Crook Doggett Exum Fazakerley Gibbons Holyfield Jones Khayat McGoiigh Richardson Trimble Ware Watts Wliitehead Sanders Smith 135 u [in Here we present enough reasons for any club to have the support of the student body. They have beauty, brain, and brawn with the accent on brawn which does not lessen the first two. With monopolistic powers these girls guide the intricate destinies of the suc- cessful girls intramural program. When they dress in full regalia several times a year to carry on the duties of the club, one realizes the throbbing en- thusiasm inspired. Of course, Hettie Faye, or Annie Laurin, or Jean, or Sue, or any of the rest may never direct intramurals and drive convertible Fords, but Miss Decell is teaching them how. OFFICERS President ------- JEAN BARNETT Vice-President ----- GLENN SWEANY Secretary-Treasurer - - - JANICE TRIMBLE Intramural Captain - - HETTIE FAYE BEASLEY Woman ' s Council Representative - CLARINE RUSH MEMBERS JEAN BARNETT HETTIE FAYE BEASLEY MARTHA SOGER CECILIA BURDETTE BEVERLEY DICKERSON SUNETTE DINKINS ANNIE LAURIN CALLOWAY GERTRUDE GIBSON MIRIAM JONES MILLICENT LAMPE ALTHEA MARTIN MARY ANNA MAYO PRISCILLA MORSON SUE McCORMACK INEZ PITTMAN HELEN RUOFF CLARINE RUSH GLENN SWEANY JANICE TRIMBLE ALMA ZENFELL 136 [II OFFICERS President - - - KATHERINE RICHARDSON Vice-President - - - - ARONELLE LOFTON Secretary ------ GERALD I NE REAGAN Treasurer ------- ZACH TAYLOR MEMBERS Student WAYNE BAKER CAROLYN BEST BILLY BROWN MARTHA DENT MAR I ANNA GREGORY BETTY JO HOLCOMB ARONELLE LOFTON CAROL LOWE RAYMOND MARTIN GERALDINE REAGAN KATHERINE RICHARDSON ZACH TAYLOR Faculty DR. J. A. FINCHER Katharine Richardson very energet- ically calls and conducts the meetings of Baptist students on the campus. The work and program is carried on as a part of the total student program of Baptist youth. The activities and meet- ings fit in very harmoniously with the schedule carried by the members. They strive to help the freshman members orient themselves on the campus and find useful tasks to perform. Best Dent Gregory Holcomb Lofton Loive Martin Reagan Richardson Taylor 137 V - n The ministerial students and those interested in religious work band themselves together to further their aims, and desires. They meet every Monday under the guidance of Ellis Williamson. Their purpose is to bind the group together into a more effec- tive unit. Many of the members are already ministers, and have their own churches, while the others are kept busy with outside projects and regular class work. OFFICERS President ------ ELLIS WILLIAMSON Vice-President ------ BOWEN BURT Secretary -------- PHILIP ROYAL Treasurer ------- EVERETT FELDER MEMBERS RAY ADAMS BUFKIN OLIVER DORSEY ALLEN WINSTON O ' NIEL ALLEN BLACKLEDGE ROSS PICKETT BOWEN BURT WARREN PITTMAN PHILLIP BURTON TOMMY POOLE JAMES DARBY WILSON RAY GARLAND DEAN PHILLIP ROYAL N, A. DICKSON WALLACE RUSSELL CHARLES DUKE CHARLES SCHULTZ EVERETT FELDER MILLER SCHULTZ STANLEY CEISELMAN HAYWOOD SCOTT JAMES HOLSTON MARSHALL SHARPE ROGER JOLLY NOEL ULMER CLENDELL JONES J, B. WELBORNE HANIEL JONES ELLIS WILLIAMSON BRIAN JUDGE JAMES WILLIAMSON 13S u u u OFFICERS President -------- DAVID WATTS Vice-President ------- CLEM CROOK Secretary ------- SUE McCORMACK Treasurer -------- BOWEN BURT MEMBERS SAM BIRDSONC BOWEN BURT CLEM CROOK FLOYD GILLIS RUTH CODBOLD MARIE CRUBBS EVALINE KHAYAT RICHARD LAUDERDALE SUE McCORMACK LAWRENCE RABB KATHERINE RICHARDSON BILLY ROSS POLLY STROUD DAVID WATTS ELLIS WILLIAMSON These representatives of student body support, having been elected this or that in some religious organization, or having interest enough to be se- lected from the student body, manage the year round religious program. Inaugurating a new and very suc- cessful Religious Emphasis Week, the council gave evidence of its genuine interest in the campus and its desire to help. The council encourages dis- cussions with students and faculty dur- ing the Lenten season. There are numerous other smaller activities that the council carries out in their program which we would miss if they were neglected. Birdsong Crook Gillis Godbold Grubbs Khayat Lauderdale McCormack Rabb Richardson Ross Stroud Watts 139 II [ Among the most unique and interest- ing organizations at Millsaps is the Bee- thoven Club. This club, under the direc- tion of Mrs. J. L. Roberts, meets twice a month in her studio. Programs this year have featured sym- phonic music, and guest artists including Mrs. Armand Coullet and Mrs. Roberts. Members have done research v ' ork along the building of nevi ' types of music. They report plans for the bringing of an artist in the near future to Millsaps v ho is a great factor in program building of the best music. Needless to say, there has been quite a bit of v ' onder and specu- lation among the " Hoy Paloi ' as to who this mysterious artist may be. At any rate, when and if he arrives, and if he is worthy of attention, all the credit will justly go to the Beethoven Club. Members themselves occasionally con- trive to be on the programs — they liter- ally fight for the privilege. Sometimes readings or other dramatic recordings take the place of music on the program. The purpose of the club is to improve its members along all cultural lines. Under the able direction of Mrs. Roberts, and interested cooperation of all mem- bers, this purpose Is accomplished to an admirable degree. 140 u B OFFICERS President --------- BEVERLEY DICKER50N Vice-President -------- MARY JO CURRIE Secretary .-______ ANN DUKE Corresponding Secretary ----- JEAN CRAMBLINC Treasurer ------- KATHERINE RICHARDSON Program Chairman -------- RUTH GIBBONS MEMBERS ALICE BENDING GLADYS LITTON BETTY BRIEN CAROL LOWE EDITH CORTRIGHT MAUD ELLA MAJURE HERBERT CRISLER CAROLYN McPHERSON JEAN DAY JEAN MORRIS BEVERLEY DICKERSON CAROLYN MYERS ANN DUKE LOUISE PULLEN KINCHEN EXUM KATHERINE RICHARDSON EMMA GENE GAINEY SYLVIA ROBERTS RUTH GIBBONS MARY ROSS FRANCES GILL DOROTHY SIMPSON JEAN GRAMBLING SUE SMITH MILDRED GREENWAY JACQUELINE STEVENS KATHERINE GRIMES PEGGY STROUD ANNIE MARION CUYTON POLLY STROUD HELEN HAYES GERTRUDE SWARTZ BETTY JO HOLCOMB THELMA THOMPSON CHARLOTTE JONES LADY BETTY TIMBERLAKE ROSELLE KNIGHT NELL TRIPLETT MILLICENT LAMPE 141 V V I I- ' ik e 1 J D Flounderers at Founders .... Interesting, hmmmmm .... Four Little Maids from School .... Easy does it ... . Thursday, 10:20 .... Mermaids, or menr ' .... Springtime .... The sponsors smile .... Waiting, waiting, waiting .... Men Working .... Last look at lines .... Guess what gang — that ' s Mary behind the leaves! This is a frame-up .... But Mary Elizabeth really gets around .... Now auntie .... Little shake-up .... Tap day .... Charles tees off .... Cafeteria sprint .... Chattering Chatham .... Our elite faculty .... Snow in Jackson! .... Mess hall .... Pardon us for reminding you. D I Whew ' glad that class is over .... Religious Emphasis team .... Come now, boys ' .... Helen, that ' s double duty .... Gillis and the gals .... Cephus, stop that sweeping and rush us up a hamburger .... Kid and his protege .... As usual .... Louisiana Lassies .... Study of moods .... Sonny, don ' t be stubborn .... Hool and Smiley. u V D Mirl Whitaker — the man with the camera .... Ruth Gibbons — this song bird struck a note with Craig .... Bob Nichols — our most irresponsible creative genius .... Boyd Kellum — Kappa Sig ' s gift to the ladies . . . Helen Ruoff and Ed Fleming — caught off guard . . . Sam Schiek — " did I ever tell you about my experience with the Bolsheviks- ' " . . . Bev- erley Dickerson — faculty adviser . . . Davis Haughton — that man with the A ' s . . . Jane Clark — her real interest is in the Marines , . . Barbara Boswell — a letter a day drives her cares away. D [ Robert Ridgeway — K.A ' s number one .... Martha Sheffield — " Mademoi- selle " Schaef .... Calvin Stubblefield and Marie Crubbs — K.D. ' s best bet and Pi K.A. ' s last word .... Martha Bennett and Dora Hwa — Good Neigh- bor Policy .... Thomas Spengler — the funniest man we know .... Jean Barnett — Phi Mu ' s Majorette . . . . Kinch and Cudge — ' nuff said .... Corinne Ball — Coco, the deb .... Lad Waring and Frances I rby — Glee Club romance that lasted .... Jack King — " King " fish. D Just rushing to class .... Dr. Smith on one of his sunshine tours .... The rest before class .... It is so peaceful in the country, but oh! — down on Marshall .... Three foremost candidates for Mr. Belhaven .... This is the same old story .... Cherry ' s always working .... You never can " Tell " about this .... ' Morning doctors .... The Pikes rent them out occasionally, only the worst zoos may apply .... This way to the Grill. I That Phi Beta Kappa man .... What! no camera or Mary .... What about a little love game .... There goes Crubbs to get another man — er we mean medal .... The latest news .... Throw them some peanuts .... It ' s so lovely in the spring .... Ping Ponging Pikes .... What size, please .... Book lovers .... You can ' t believe everything you see. ppfi u 1 I feel that there are certain people who deserve special recognition for work done and assistance rendered. Those not in the student body are Bob Faerber of Alabama Engraving Co. and Durant Finley of Tucker Printing House. Without their whole hearted help and cooperation this book could not have been published. Those students to whom I am sincerely grateful are Mirl Whitaker, photographer and general flunky; Jim Wilson, sports writer who found it necessary to leave school but who did excellent work while here; Duncan Brackin, who on a moment ' s notice took over Jim ' s job; Louis Navarro, who drew the cute sketches; John Malone, who can write on any subject; Eliza- beth Buchanan and Clara Porter, who typed on into the night; Mims Wright, who so willingly lent his camera; and James Armstrong, who bolstered morale at the crucial moments. These are the people who made this book possible, so if you like it, please tell them. ylie C dilor 152 A MESSAGE OF APPRECIATION AND A PLEDGE OF FAITH This year, as Millsaps College enters upon its second half century of service, it sends a message of appreciation and a pledge of faith to all who have kindled the flame of the Millsaps ideal ... to the young men and young women of three generations who have felt their minds awaken and their pulses quicken as their personalities blended into the living- spirit of their Alma Mater, Through the students whom Millsaps has guided through the gates of opportunity, the world itself has become not too large to be her sphere of influence. And therefore this message and this pledge are for ALL Millsaps students, past and future as well as present . . . for that unending stream of the sons and daughters of Millsaps who, with a reality which transcends even space and time, represent the College. MILLSAPS COLLEGE M. L. SMITH, President JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Next To Home The PLACE TO COME BACK TO! SANDWICHES COLD DRINKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES BOOKS SOUVENIRS The GRILL When You Think of- PRINTING LETTER HEADS BUSINESS AND PERSONAL CARDS INVITATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS . . . Think of — — Brown Printing Co. PRINTING DEPT. OF THE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. i- - u»« ; - % ■IT- " " ? ■ ?i 4!; I i " Mississippi ' s Best Store " Kennington s JACKSON Millsaps College Jackson, Miss- June 1, 1942. Dear Lily: Another whole years has gone by and summer vacation is slttmg right in our laps. It ' s pretty hard to realize that you haven ' t been here at school with all of us this year to share all the fun as we used to do. Why. when I think about September and all the excitement of enrolling and greeting old friends and meeting the new people, it makes me right blue to leave even for a few months. Rush season was |ust as hectic as usual, but I think every- body enjoyed it in spite of themselves. And speaking of rushing, do you know that Elizabeth Buchanan wrote a rush letter to Mirl Whitaker, thinking he was a girl- He wrote back and asked if she minded if his middle name was Wesley and his mother called him son. I think he ' s the only KD rushee that ever pledged Pike. The Chi Omegas redecorated their house during the sum- mer ( in spite of Bob Nichols ) . and started off the year under fresh paint and new curtains. The Chi O ' s weren ' t the only ones, though, ' cause the Sigs, the KA ' s and Julia May Watkins (now that Roy Clark is gone) have redecorated too. Burton has been converted into a girl ' s dormitory, and Founder ' s is actually inhabitable! You wouldn ' t know the campus any more. We ' ve had quite a celebrity Dora Hwa, from Shanghai. China on the campus this year — She ' s a twenty -two year Dora Hwa, trom Shanghai. Lhi na. bnes a twenty -Two year old Chinese girl who already has a law degree from Soochow University. She ' s staying in ELirton and studying political science here at Millsaps, I wish you could have been here for Freshman Day, I knovv you remember what it ' s like, ' cause we both took part in it when we were freshmen. Martha Ann Smylie and Ray Stewart reigned as King and Queen, but they didn ' t beat Crubbs and Womack! The Finger of Scorn commented on the occasion by misquoting: " Seeking a moral from such confusion Leads us only to this conclusion: Surely the blessings of civilization Have NOT been subject to exaggeration. " Football season opened on due schedule, with the usual appearance of old and new couples. Prime examples are Albert Sanders and Martha Mansfield (they call it love but we know it ' s habit ) , and Harry Frye and Helen McCehee (who would like for people to think that it ' s a habit i . Come October we had class elections, which was the usual combination mud-bath and smile-marathon. However, nobody was surprised. Emma Gene Cainey started off the year with top honors In the date situation. She ended up with a complex case of four for one football game, and had to go home to straighten ' em out. How ' bout that? time in picking him out a He says she ' s his type. She ' s Lawrence Rabb wasted no freshman — Winnie Lee Farmer. not fussing, though. Jean Morris started out looking very last-yearish with Daddy Waring, but the brotherly competition got the best of him. She says she ' s really true to Pinkie. That pin says so, anyway. Sonny Williams thinks he ' s the cutest freshman on the campus, but he only got elected Vice President of his class, so I guess he ' s properly squelched. Since Graham wasn ' t here this year, Evaline actually did some work for a change. She even made the Y. W. a decent organization for the first time in years. Willie Branch dropped out of school after about six weeks, so we had to elect somebody else to fill the vacancy that he left. Louis Navarro. Millsaps ' Man of the Year, got the job. and thus got his first shove on the road to fame and fortune. ( Well, fame, anyway ! l . We actually had a good chapel program once last fall. Delbert Harter, who traveled around the world a thousand times and had countless adventures, spoke about all of his escapes. All the gals thought he was " the most glamorous man, " but he disillusioned ' em all by being married. The Student Body banquet was as big a success as ever. Hepzibah Haig was there, so how could it help but be! Compliments ISSISSIPPl ST HOSPITAL PHYSICIAN and SURGEON LAMAR LIFE BUILDING JACKSON Mississippi es )er GOOD LUMBER PROMPT SERVICE Jackson, Mississippi MILL AND CHURCH PHONES STREETS 2-0881 — 2-0882 Compliments of Battoii Tire Oil Co. PHONES 2-0724 — 3-1881 — 3-4411 " Keep Right With Snow White " SNOW WHITE CLEANERS DRY CLEANING — KNIT BLOCKING — HATS RENEWED 1240 N. WEST 910 E. FORTIFICATION OMPANY JflCKSOn. MISS. 229 S. CONGRESS STREET PHONE 4-4036 SMDDTH FROZEN ICE CREAM The biology labs have got Venetian blinds now, actually. They must not have told Mr. Hat horn until afterwards. I bet he had a stroke even then. Did you see our " V for Victory " picture in the Collegiate Digest in October? Those 8-ball heads made pretty good dots and dashes. Who says Mlllsaps doesn ' t get any publicity? And the Fair! It was here in its usual sawdusty style, and of course, everybody suspended activities for a week while they ruined appetites and pocket books. At the first Sig picnic of the year, Toupie Neilson put on the whole program for them. The entertainment committee was very grateful, ' cause it was good. Hmmmmmmmm! That everlasting Topp-Pullen-Stuckenschneider triangle started out the year going strong, but Stuck finally woke up and turned to Irby for consolation. Fall Tap Day came with yards of ribbon as usual. O. D. K strained itself and took in five new members. Tubby Tatum was one, Bettye Nail is in love again, and this time it ' s Lt. Ted White. She says it ' s the real thing, but you never know about these Nails. Guess what? Helen Ricks actually knitted a sweater for Nat. I It was wearable) . For a whole week back there in October nobody could pass within yards of Dr. Moore without suddenly finding himself in possession of a ticket to the Dog Show or a picture of the brand new Butch. You know Dr. Moore! Pan Hellenic finally got around to having its much post- poned picnic. Something had always happened before. Mlllsaps was well represented in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities this year. There were twelve of ' em. Even Sam Birdsong made it. Maybe I shouldn ' t mention this, but we did play the Choc- taws again, I ' ll leave the rest to your all -too- good imagi- nation. We seem to be in a rut. anyway. We really had some excitement in connection with that much publicized game, too. Scalps, both purple and blue, were flying for a while. B. B. and the boys quite disgraced themselves by not getting away with their somewhat involved escapade. Homecoming came, and so did a " few " faithful old grads- We had quite a day of it. Can you imagine, but Dan Wright is still carrying the torch for Amelia Watkrns. who ' s definitely been a monopoly for months. I think there ought to be a dumping ground for these torch-bearers, don ' t you? That Frances Irby is a cradle-robber from way back. Billy Wright says that that ' s the way to rule the world, so I guess she believed him. Temporarily, anyway. Dr, White put on six one-act plays in November, and offered a prize for the best performances. The plays were pretty good, but everybody nearly popped when the awards were given. Slick Troy won, but it couldn ' t have been because of ability, with that dumb part he had. He ' s )ust that way naturally. You ' d never guess what the Majorette Club gave as a prize for the best performance in Stunt Night, It was a bucket. The Sigs won it, and now use it as a scrub bucket at the fraternity house. All the stunts were good, though, Bradford Wells gave an extra good performance as Professor Sanders, by discussing Petty girls instead of ancient art. His role call was ]ust too perfect. Early in December Dr. White gave us another play, one of the big ones of the year. It was " Charley ' s Aunt. " and with Sam Schiek as the old gal. you can easily imagine what a reception it got. Cecilia Burdette has certainly allowed Freshman Wilson to hang around a lot. How she can put up with his definitely luvenile attention is beyond me. Religious Emphasis Week was run on a different plan this year. Six prominent Millsaps graduates came to hold a series of discussion groups, along with daily chapel talks. It was quite successful. I think, and certainly a new angle that appealed to the students. Harwell Dabbs has certamly upheld his philandering repu- tation. He ' s added Louise Pullen and Beth Barrow to his list of female disciples. You should ' ve been here to see T, Spengler exude his " Purple Passion " for the Sullens ' visiting talent. He was quite overcome. She ' s married now, though, so I guess his heart is properly broken. Jackson Lumber Co. LUMBER And All Kinds of BUILDING MATERIALS Reliable Dependable Since 1896 322 Wesf Capitol Dial 4-5066 Hecleriiian Brothers PRINTERS— BLANK BOOK BINDERS STATIONERS— LITHOGRAPHERS Phone 4-4421 Jackson, Miss. LELAND SPEED CO-MPANY STATE, COUNTY AND MUNICIPAL BONDS Jackson Mississippi Compliments REID-McGEE AND CO. Phone 4-6681 Jackson, Miss. Jackson Steam Laundry LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Phone 2-3315 I. Lehman, President " YOUR FRIENDLY STORE IN JACKSON " W. T. GRANT CO. We Extend Congratulations and Otter Co-operation, KEY DRUG CD. The Most DDCCr ' D IDTirtKJ Department Complete r KCi K I T I lUIN ;„ Mississippi PHONE 4-6517 434 E. CAPITOL ST. JACKSON, MISS. MILLSAPS CHOICE ACME BAKERY 230 North Parish St. Jackson, Miss. ROBINSON BROTHERS PLYMOUTH and DESOTO Sales and Service Phone 3-2741 IMPERIAL WASHABLE WALLPAPER DUTCHBOY HANNA PAINTS WILSON-GEYER CO. 138 AMITE ST. DIAL 3-2745 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Compliments of Cabell Electric Company JACKSON MERIDIAN MISSISSIPPI J. L. ALBRITDN ■YOUR JEWELER " 418 E. CAPITOL ktt ' -?: ' : " KLM 4-8 | j DIAL 08) MANGEL ' S MISSES ' AND WOMENS ' APPAREL 128 E. Capitol Street Jackson, Miss. MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT Thompson ' s Bowlinj; Alleys FOR WHOLESOME RECREATION ■JUST BEHIND THE POST OFFICE ' S. p. McRAE COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE 200-202 West Capitol St. Phone 4-8334 JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI PURSER BROTHERS The House of BETTER PRINTING Telephone 2-3288 Jackson, Mississippi m MEET ME AT Chester E. .Jones Drug Store For REFRESHMENT and RELAXATION! IT IS A COMPLETE SERVICE Kolb ' s CLEANING AND TAILORING PHONE 4-7615 147 E. AMITE ST. JACKSON CAFE SEAFOOD HOUSE Serving the Public Since 1906 FISH DINNERS STEAKS CHICKEN DINNERS The Buchanan-Calloway affair lasted all first semester, and even got to the point of a pinning, but when he left for Bowling Green, so did her love. Ney Williams has certainly looked lost all year without a current flame. Maybe somebody should put out his tourch, huh? The Singers gave a simply super candle-light service just before the holidays. I ' m really proud of them, as who wouldn ' t be? Charline and Buddy Wofford kept their affair pretty secret until )ust about Christmas time, when they popped up with a pinning, but it. like so many others, didn ' t last long. Out of all the topics Kinchum Exum used for his Student Foil, the prize one was " Is there a Santa Claus? " The stupid students voted yes. That ' s collegiate wisdom for you! I don ' t know what we would ' ve done for excitement this fall if it hadn ' t been for the Mole. If Dick Tracy had caught up with him any sooner I think the campus would ' ve sent in a complaint. Then the holidays and the parties! You can just bet we were all just about ready for some " west and wewaxation " afterwards, but just about that time it was January 5. and we had to grind our noses down some more. What with the war ' n everything, the old campus wasn ' t quite the same after Christmas, With exams all over, Mill- saps began to set up a new curriculum which is to last for the duration of the emergency. Lots of new courses are now offered, including short -hand and typing, and the Red Cross has a nursing and first-aid course. It sounds mighty good. The Pikes seemed to think the best way to begin the second semester was to hand out frat pins slightly whole- sale. At any rate, they ' re still rolling in KD cigars after all this time. I think the Pikes want to see if they can equal the KA ' s. who still hold the record. I don ' t know how Brady ciid it, but he ' s convinced Frances Jean Cruise that he ' s pretty marvelous. At any rate, she must think so, to put up with him for this long. " B. M. C. " Kellum didn ' t wait very long to take up with Jane Kern after her tragedy with Cecil Inman. They ' ve got it bad now, Frances Irby, Mary Stone, Lad Waring, and Tom Scott would ' ve expired from boredom this year if it hadn ' t been for Bambo Ball and her deb season, ' cause it definitely kept them all on the go. Pretty gay. too. Baird Green came back to school second semester and we were all mighty glad to see him. He was pretty well missed. We certainly had an eyebrow-raising rumor circulating about then, which said V ingy Watkins was married. By the everybody had gotten all excited about it, we found out that some of his " buddies " started it to see what would happen ! Before it seemed possible. February came and initiations began. They called forth some caustic cracks from the ■Finger of Scorn, These are the new fraternity and sorority titles according to that well-known column. Kappa " A knife m the back is worth two in the throat " Alpha. Kappa " Don ' t worry about us, we ' ll get along " Delta. Beta Sigma " We ' ll be a power on the campus yet " Omicron Pi Kappa " There ' s no such thing as a bad boy " Alpha- Kappa " When the going gets tough we can always retreat into our own little sHELL " Sigma. Phi " What do men count when you can have knowledge " Mu. Chi " V hat does knowledge count when you can have men " Omega, Lambda Chi " The impartial participation in moderation is the foundation of mediocrity " Alpha. The Co-ed edition of the P W came out on February 12, edited by Elizabeth Peeler and Katie Richardson, and adorned with cupids, hearts, and purple print. Buddy Carr returned to school in the spring and promptly confused two young ladies. Nobody has been able to figure out this complicated triangle. Inter-collegiate football died a painless death on our campus in February, when the Board of Trustees voted it out It didn ' t come as much of a surprise to us, though. We ' re due to have a bigger and better intramural program next year in its place. The Best In Tobaccos CORR-WILLIAMS TOBACCO CO. Wholesale Distributors Phone 2-0914 MISSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT COMPANY A CIVIC-MINDED. EMPLOYING INDUSTRY SERVING CUSTOMER, COMMUNITY AND COUNTRY KIMBALL PIANOS HAMMOND SOLOVOX KING BAND INSTRUMENTS SHEET MUSIC STUDIES — VISIT — Smith ' s Music Store Capitol at Roach St. Phone 4-6946 • • • FOR PROMPT, EFFICIENT WORK THE STAFF OF THE BOBASHELA CHOSE to YVETTE M. COLE, Photographer Jackson Mississippi FOR THE ANNUAL PORTRAITS In Jackson It ' s — Smart Apparal For All Occasions From PA RI S I AN STORE FOR WOMEN 0 ' F E RR A L L ' S STANDARD LIFE BUILDING JEWELRY — WATCH REPAIR PHONE 4-8571 The Singers divided their tour this year into two shorter ones of a week each, with a few week-end trips scattered about. In February they went north through Mississippi to Memphis, and then in April they went south in Mississippi and to New Orleans. They used the Millsaps bus, giving a slightly sardiney flavor to the affair. As usual the rest of the students acted bored at all the stones of " what we did in Memphis and New Orleans, " but they were really envious, I know. The Sigs, KA ' s, and Pikes all celebrated the beginning of spring by holding open houses and showing their elegant establishments to the public. They are really good-looking. I ' m afraid the Dixie Tournament wasn ' t such an event on our campus this year. We don ' t even talk about the out- come. But, after all, we can ' t have an extra special team and win the championship every year. You ' ll never guess who got elected Master Major and Miss Millsaps — Louis Navarro and Mary Stone! Can ' t you just see them together? Blondie and Eva broke up this spring, much to my dis- appointment. It kinda destroyed my faith in something. M. S. P. A. met at Millsaps in March, and simply overran the campus. It did give us an opportunity to look over some prospective freshmen. Katie Richardson and Ed Wilson evidently have it pretty bad. but Slick Troy (hangover from the C. C. T.) doesn ' t seem to bother them at all, which must mean it ' s serious. Some brave P W-ite conducted a poll on kissing. When Noel Womack was interviewed he immediately replied, " I think it ' s just ducky, " but all Wagland Watkins would con- tribute was, " That ' sh shilly. " What with comprehensives looming up March 23, there wasn ' t such a thing as a civil Senior on the campus. As usual, none of ' em started studying until the week before. Actually, Easter came during spring holidays this year. It surely was nice. I think everybody was ready for a httle extra breathing time about then, too, particularly Seniors. While everybody was under the impression that spring was the season of budding romances, we found it didn ' t work so well around here. Another old faithful couple came to the parting of the ways. This time it was Albert Sanders and Martha Mansfield. Tiens! Tiens! Millsaps usual team of debaters did us proud again this year in the tournament. I envy debaters, ' cause I fully believe it takes twice as much work, energy, and ambition to be a good one, than it does to be most anything else. High School Day ! Remember last year? We all worked just as hard to show the " children " the campus and to get ' em to give us a thought for next year. I ' m glad it doesn ' t come but once a year, though ! Dr. White outdid himself and gave another three-act play in April. " The Passing of the Third Floor Back " , and then another in May, " Her Step-Husband, " They were both huge successes, in spite of the absence of faithful Sam Schiek. who has enlisted- The most beautiful friendship I know is the one between " B. F, " Spengler and " B. F. " Porter. There should be more like It. The climax of the whole year came during April 12-15, with the celebration of Millsaps ' Semi-Centennial. It made us all feel pretty important to take part in such an im- pressive anniversary. The Freshman edition of the Purple and White came out on April 17. They did themselves proud with it, but, then, they always do. School drew to a close with a few weeks of gorgeous weather, picnics and wading parties, and very little studying. Everybody more or less drifted along until exams, when we all stopped, say, for a few minutes, and brushed up a bit. Then we saw the Seniors graduated in fine style, and left ourselves for another good ole summer. Though it ' s rather superfluous to say that it ' s been a grand year, for you can see that for yourself, I can ' t resist it. It was truly wonderful. Having used up all the news I know. I ' ll stop. Please write soon. Love, CLARA, AUTOGRAPHS AUTDGRAPH5 l AUTOGRAPHS .XUiTWi K -. • • COMB WHAT AiAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience • We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENQRAVING COMPANY B I R VI N Q HAM. TUCKER PRINTING HOUSE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ' Annual specialists for over tioenty years ' '

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