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1 , Fw: . s .Q-fp n 4, . '. -1 rn- fu - . A kv.. ,A N., .FQ , -, .I , 3, .4 . h1:"j ef- ' 2521 I v ,7- " ,L ' . .YFST .f r -'. 1 .,.-ei A ,,.-S-- FM' 1 J X ...-1 I., -1 :c '- -i 1 ,. . wi ug di 3.1-J, iii 'V .wiv Yfaf. Ki: , .-.'IT4f A ,,. 'P .- .. AC 1 s w , ., -.A f T' x L APs-wilson ' Jqcks'0rig'Mi5sQss ffi' l- 1 MILLSAPSQWILSON Li'3R2KRYiQf 3453.1 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI , N. W4 4,3,,, A . I xy, K -,nk -f u If ,M-.F , 5,15 . '-y V.-1 " ' max, . Q ' --:nf-f .." Ji' -' f - fr. Q .. "f'f':'.. ' ' T 9 'ff F7 A i ' 7 -arg , ' 'I ', V, n 1 ,f - 'qt QW,-ff: .. . , .rg .M , . ' " H ,Jjb?f:f4f1 J A 1 I E I a I E 1 1 gf :A 4 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 Y 1 1 1. 1 1 . 1 ' I 1 I 1 .V W 1.41 1 5 1. 131' ,ftrfj gg1,1,' :QV it :-'1' ,. iv V. 11-- 115- Qii, Q1 KN , . 1' Il ' ,. S 7 ,1 1 I , 1 k. 1 1 1, 1 E W 11 1 1 1 I 1 ,L 2 11: 1 1 BDBHSHELH J' il The well rounded College is liar more than a log with a proliessor on one end and a student on the other. Millsaps College strives to improve the intellect and personality ot its students, and, in this respect, the campus lille and customs ot its students contribute more to Millsaps than any other Factor. It is only Fitting, then, that your IQLLI Bohoshela pictures a cross section ol: lite at Millsaps. im: " -.M l Jilj College Classes Athletics Beauties Socials Organizations mYKl'Ll':l,.UY.l1"i LN llslll MID! Students seldom Find a member ol: the lioculty vvho con commond their odmiration, inspire their loyalty, and hold their Friendship. Such a person, however, is lvlr. Alvin J. King. As director ol: the Millsaps Singers he hos brought home many honors to the college, ond as "Pop" King he has been a Friend and counselor to everyone who worlcs with him. ln recognition oi: Mr. King's attainments,and because vve love him,vve are proud to dedicate this book to him. ,' N lx 33. ,jsghxx WW' -: V- Qaivwfimi 5, ':25Y?,N.,. , lf,-, W . ,Q . 1 ,R.,W.. lj . 1 'X A- 1 A ,H 1151 Y- .Q Tl-IIS IS WHAT GCDES ON AT 1 I I" 1 r' i fl ' . xy I 2, s ccccc was ,.,,. ,,,-,,,,,,, ,ss J, as --- iv Dr. Wharton, Virginia McKeown, Mary Emma Ervin and Dr. Moore discuss Founders Day before the Major's tomb. 0 As representative of the spirit behind the traditions of Millsaps as the Memorial Tomb of its founder, is the active Board of Trustees. By their wisdom and foresight they have guided the college ever in the paths of progress, and in the pursuit of Major Millsaps' ideal for the school as a source of preparation for effective and unselfish service in business and in life, they have gained for it a reputation of a liberal arts college of real cultural and educational values. Therefore, it is to these men and to the spirit which they represent that vve dedicate this page. 11 The cheerful smile of Dr. Smith is a familiar sight to the students of Millsaps, each of whom the president knows by first name, and is indicative of the spirit in which he faces them across the presidential desk. M lllllllllll Students point with pride to the tangible evidences of progress at Mill- saps under the present administration, They boast of new and improved buildings, increased educational facilities, added courses and new professors, and, too, a beautified campus. But of more importance to them is a marked increase in the feeling of loyalty and of responsibility to the Alma Mater. which could have had no other source than in the inspiration of its President, Dr. M. L. Smith, Fired by the example of his practical enthusiasm con- cerning the possibilities of Millsaps, students have found college under him an experience in living and learning which they will long remember and appreciate. 12 Already having gained at Millsaps a reputation as an outstanding scholar and a better than average professor, Dr. William E. Riecken, in his two years as Dean, has shown himself equally as capable in the executive field. Because of his industry, sincerity, and geniality, he has won the respect and coopera- tion of students in his capacity as Dean, and their admiration and friendship as a person. A paragon of the spirit of interest and sympathy which should belong to a Dean of Women, Mrs. Mary B. Stone has done more to bring about easy and friendly relations between students and faculty than any other one personality at Millsaps, Whether a co-ed enters her office to check up on cuts, discuss a question of interest to the college, confess a problem, or just to chat, she is always sure of attentive interest and sound advice from this keen observer of campus life and its problems. 13 'L-1' Dr, W. E. RlECKEN Dean of Men T211 N 7" MRS. MARY B. STONE Dean of Women ll H M ll U S eaufifuf The past few years have witnessed radical changes in the appearance of the Millsaps campus. The Boie Gymnasium and Vxfhitworth Hall are comparatively recent structures, while walks, drives, and shrubbery have sprung up everywhere. These improvements have made Millsaps a show place in Jackson and a bright spot in the entire South, CALLOWAY HALL WH ITWORTH HALL . , ..:,,. Q. .X M zgw: ,,.f ggi? Aw -V ,- ' ,Q 4 - . f A wb 'mxshnuu M URRAH HALL 15 HIIIIIII DR. J. M. SULLIVAN Chemistry and Geology PROFESSOR C-. L. HARRELL Physics and Astronomy DR, B, E. MITCHELL Mathematics Dr, A. P. HAMILTON Ancient Languages PROFESSOR A, C-. SANDERS Romance Languages DR. M. C. WHITE English DR. ROSS H. MOORE History PROFESSOR B. O. VAN HOOK Mathematics IHEIIIII MISS ELIZABETH CRAIG French MRS. ARMAND COULLET Music and Ancient Languages PROFESSOR H. S. EMICI-I Chemistry DR. ELBERT S. WALLACE Economics PROFESSOR J. W. VEST Mathematics DR. RAY S. MUSCRAVE Psychology DR. J. A. FINCHER Biology PROFESSOR CHARLES B. CALLOWAY Chemistry and Physics 17 .J 1' .I if J., X? BURTON HALL L L ,...: RQ ' ..w"X , x .L BUIE CYIVINASIUM 1912, W' SULLIVAN HARRELL HALL , f K' weitsf I ,,..vf g,,..,..J ,JJ CARNEC-IE MILLSAPS LIBRARY A, l IHEIIIII PROFESSOR EDMUND F. RICKETTS Social Science PROFESSOR R. R. HAYNES Education MRS. H, W, COBB Spanish DR. HENRY M. BULLOCK Religion DR, VERNON L, WHARTON History MRS. W. F. GOODMAN English MISS VIRGINIA THOMAS Religion MRS. A, C, SANDERS English sa IHIIHIIY DR. C. W. CURRIE Ancient Languages MISS ANNIE K. DEMENT Librarian MISS EDITH MCINTOSH Assistant Librarian MISS MARTHA E, BENNETT Secretary to President MR. V. B. HATI-IORN Bursar MR. FRED E. MASSEY Assistant Bursar MISS CAROLYN BUFKIN Assistant Registrar "J,- q.. .Af 5, ' l 'fy- QT- '2 Cla Slllllll Illlllllllll The Student Executlve Board, which rs the formal student governing body, accompllshed thus year the adaptlon of a much needed student calendar and also a reylslon of the student body constitution. JAMES WROTEN - CAYLE DOC-CETT - KENNY HOLYFIELD JAMES LIVESAY - ALAN HOLMES - MILAN RICHARDSON - - I-lolmes, Brooks, Brady, Whnte, Llyesay, Roberts, Robertson, Nichols, Wroten, Campbell, Rlfhardson, Doggett .M.C.A - - - - BSVILI XM C. A Cllee Club - Debate M Club Odl' OFFICERS Charles Murry - - - President Burt Sumrall - - Vnce-Presudent Mary Alyce Moore ----- - Sec reta ry-Treasu rer Under the capable leadershnp of Student Body Presi- dent Bo Mwrv, these and other achlevements show thus year's Board to be the most actuye In many a year. MEMBERS JOE BROOKS - - CHARLOTTE NICHOLS ELIZABETH CAMPBELL ESS WHITE - - - TOM ROBERTSON - - WADDELL ROBERTS - JUDCIE BRADY - - Me-n's Pan-Hellenic Women's Pan-Hellenuc - XNoman's Council - - - Bobashela - Purple and Whlte - Munusterual League - - Cheerleader KL IZ Organized only a year ago as an off-spring of the Woman's Association, this group easily finds opportunities to take a hand in almost everything that comes up on the campus. lts sage counsel is often sought-the change in Saturday night co-ed hours from eleven to twelve, and the extra privileges for seniors witness its effectiveness. Meeting monthly with a membership made up of representatives from the different sororities and vvomen's organ- izations, they use their feminine vviles to persuade President, Dean, and general public to recognize the co-eds' campus rights. MEMBERS ELIZABETH CAMPBELL - President ELEANOR COBB - e - Phi Mu ELIZABETH PEELER ------- - - - - - - Beta Sigma Omicron BETTY LARSEN - GAYLE DOCCETT MARY E. NORDIN SARA WEISSINCER CLARINE RUSH - Kappa Delta Y. M. C. A. Chi Omega - - Empyreans Majorettes Editor Robertson The Editorial Staff The Purple and White does more to influence student opinion and to rally the student body around some vital issue than any other one factor on the campus. One of the most popular of stu- dent activities, its staff cannot meet together in the new office all at one time, as witnessed by the picture above. Gellllllll EDITORIAL S TOM ROBERTSON - - CHARLTON ROBY - - LAWRENCE RABB - EVALINE KHAYAT - - DOROTHY RAYNHAM - JOSEPHINE TIMBERLAKE CERALDINE SUMRALL - JOE BROOKS - - - TAFF - Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor - News Editor - Feature Editor - - Art Editor - Society Editor - Society Editor - Sports Editor ELIZABETH PEELER - - Make-up Editor HERBERT CRISLER - ALAN HOLMES - - - Make-up Editor Exchange Editor Assistant Editors: Nelson Nail, Martha Sheffield, Charline Harris News Reporters: Mary Lee Busby, Nat Rogers, Ben Hall, Barbara Boswell, Jim Livesay, Bettye Nail, Sara Jean Applewhite, Hunter Stokes, Betty Murphy, Janice Trimble, Frank Manning, John Rundle, Sue McCormick, Ruth Ciodbold, Betty Feature Reporters: Mary C Jo Bierdeman, Jeanne Stevens, Bobo. avett Newsom, Corde Audrey Hare, Maxine Harper, Bob Roberts, Elizabeth Buchanan, Florence Mars, Carol Fox. Sports and Society Writers: Fred Tatum, John Cope, Bess Green, Helen Ruoff, Hettie Faye Beasley. The Associate Staff in action MIIHIII BUSINESS STAFF JOHN L. BURWELL ---- Business RAYMOND MARTIN - Assistant Business SIDNEY CRAVES ---- Circulation RICHARD LAUDERDALE - - Advertising Circulation Assistants: Helen Booth, Manager Manager Manager Manager Martha Mansfield, Catherine Richardson, Mary Elizabeth Nor- din, James Ogden, Donald Winner, Mitchell Wells. Virginia Hansell. Advertising Assistants: ham, Charles Carmichael. Mittie Hix, Reid Bing- The business staff at work Business Manager Burvvell This year the business staff has completed a survey, begun last year, showing how much Millsaps students spend in Jackson and what items they buy. In their spare moments they sell ads, distribute papers to the students, and mail copies to subscribers. BIC SHOTS Worthy of special mention, in addition to Editor Robertson and Business Manager Burvvell, are Josephine Timberlake and Martha Mansfield, editor and business manager of the Co-Ed Editiong and Charline Harris, Mitchell Wells, and Donald Winner, editor and co-business managers of the Freshman Edi- tion. EDITOR WHITE In spite ot numerous set-backs, such as the Cilee Club trip, comprehensives, and a f very busy statt, the I9-fll Bobashela has tinally managed to come from the press. Indispens- able to the editor were Helen Ricks, who was always willing to manage everythingg snap- shot artists Birclsong, Fox, and Ward, and John Rundle, who wrote the caustic com- ments. Ivlims Wright ot Jackson is respon- sible for many of the pictures included. EDITORIAL STAFF ESS WHITE ---------- Editor HELEN RICKS - e - r - Assistant Editor SHIRLEY CHICHESTER - - Organizations Editor SAIVI BIRDSONC- - - - ---- Snapshots LUCILE FOX - - Snapshots JAMES WARD - - - Snapshots JOHN RUNDLE ------- Literary Editor EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Jim Livesay, N. A. Dickson, Harwell Dabbs, Cieral- JAMES WARD dine Sumrall, Davis Haughton, Josephine Timberlake, I-Us Work fills Mary Lee Busby, lVlarie Crubbs. these P8395 THE EDITORIAL STAFFS CHECK COPY xg 'Quan .- gs, X . aoimsiiiiii , ,i L...-nl BOB Qflilit cp HHH ISHIIH This year's business staff operated under a different set-up to those in the past. Business Manager Clark and his staff have succeeded well in giving the student body a larger book and in keeping the editor satisfied. Especially helpful in this department were Rice Wilson, Eva Decell, and Mary Stone, who struck fear into the heart of every club treas- urer at her approach. Business Manager Clark BUSINESS STAFF ROY CLARK - - ----- Business Manager RICE WILSON - - Assistant Business Manager EVA DECELL - ---- Circulation Manager MARY STONE - - Organizations Finance Manager BUSINESS ASSISTANTS Advertising: Edwin Daniels, C-eorge Moore, Fran- ces Irby, Jean Crambling, Julia May Watkins, Ruth Circulation: James Armstrong, Mary Emma Ervin, Codbold, Fred Tatum. DR. ROSS l'l- MOORE Helen Ruoff, Wilford Doss, Charles Scott, Nell Triplett. Under his supervision the Bobashela is printed. Typist: Virginia Hansell. THE BUSINESS STAFFS LAY OUT THE ADS BOBASHELA N as "Pop" to all his students, has made the Millsaps Singers nationally known. Although he divides his time between the college and the Jackson I-Iigh Schools, his greatest loyalty lies with Millsaps, and in the last six years he has carried the Singers through Missis- sippi and surrounding states on annual Che llll lllll DIRECTOR Mr. Alvin J. King, known simply good will tours". Again this year the student body minus forty-four has been forced to listen to that forty-four's tales of "mountainous Ken- tucky roads, I-Iighbee's in Cleveland, and SNOW in Wooster", for the high point of the Singer's year was another "good willl' tour which extended through Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio. After a brief period of anxiety over cuts, this excited groupof Singers boarded Joe Grey- hound on March 24, to spend two whole weeks singing, exaggerating southern drawls, and nick-naming all the Joes and Josies. Chief stops were Birmingham, Cleveland, Pop King's home town, Smith- ville, Ohio, the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Louisville, and Chaperone Aunt MR. ALVIN J. KINC Josie Stone's home town, Fayetteville, Ten- nessee. Joe Driver Marsh safely returned the Singers, garrulous and happy, on April 4. Pre-trip activities of the Singers included presentation of HandeI's "The Messiah" at Christmas and numerous Sun- day trips to Mississippi towns, as well as a number of local concerts. On May 20, the club sponsored the concert of Andrew Cainey, a former member of the Singers who has gained recognition as a concert baritone. .... On June I, the Singers present- ed their final program of the year, a Spring Festival, on the steps of Sullivan-I-larrell I-lall. llllllllll OFFICERS EUGENE PEACOCK ------- Presldent ELIZABETH CAMPBELL - - - Vlce-Presldent JAMES LIVESAY - - - Buslness Manager THOMAS SPENCLER - Llbrarlan EVALINE KI-IAYAT - Secretary SOPRANOS Alma Elizabeth Carl Margaret Currie Ann Duke Ruth Cubbons Katherine Ctrlrnes Frances Irby Janne Lou Kung Betty Larsen Helen Ricks Sylvla Roberts Martha Shetfleld Jacquellne Stevens Ceraldlne Sumrall Frances Wroten ALTOS Eltzabeth Campbell Cayle Doggett Evallne Khayat Carol Lowe Loulse Miller Vnrglnla Mlnyard Adele Neu Ellenuta Sells Kathleen Stanley Mary Stone TENORS John Burwell Robert Pearson Avery Phulp Davlcl Watts Buddy Wclftord Noel Womack BASSES Aden Barlow Sam Bnrclsong James Hlnman Jack Kung Eugene Peacock Walter Rlclgway James Cavett Alf Saums Clem Crook Thomas Spengler Duck Dorman Lawrence Warnng James Llvesay Ess Whlte Waring, Saums, Peacock, Soengler, A, Kung, J. Kung, Burwell Whrte, Cavett, I-lunrnan, Barlow, Enochs, Crook, Phllp, Rlclgway, Wof- ford, Llvesay, Watts, Dorman, Pearson, Duke, Larsen, Irby, Ctnmes Roberts, Wroten, Khayat, Doggett, Sells, Stanley, Neu, Stone, J, L. Kung Carl, Currie, Clbbons, Shetflelcl, Muller, Lowe, Mlnyard, Campbell Stevens, Rrcks, Sumrall, Dramatics at Millsaps have blossomed forth this year as never before. Under the direction of Dr, M. C. White the club has presented a variety of one act plays and one full length play, Death Takes A Holiday. The Players have acquired this year a good deal of much-needed backstage equipment which, along with a large amount of new talent, has done much to make this year's presentations far superior to those of the past. Death Takes A Holiday marks a new high in Millsaps pro- ductions. In this play, Dr, White, through the cast and scenery, managed to achieve a tremendous effect which made the audience forget it was watching amateurs. Death was enthusiastically received by the student body and outsiders alike and has done much to focus the attention of Jackson play-goers on the Millsaps Players. Among the one act plays given this year were Pink and Patches, The Sound and the Fury, The Man in the Bowler Hat, His First Date, The Black Valise, and The Valiant. Making-up Dress Rehearsal Cie lllllllllll The Dramatic Club in part, The Dramatic Club was carefully reorganized this year, and as a result the membership com- prises almost one-fifth of the student body. This year Joe Brooks served as president, with Betty Larsen and Bob Nichols as vice president arid secretary, respectively. ln the fall the club spon- sored a lecture on the art of make-up. .3 '7 l ALPHA PSI OMEGA Brooks, Campbell, Chichester, Fitts, Fox Graves, Kolb, Larsen Nichols, Ricks, Schiek Spengler, Stone, Terry, Thompson, E, White, M. White Moore, Musgrave, Dr. White. l ll ll af l Alpha Psi Omega is the pow- er behind Millsaps' program of dramatics. Membership is composed of those who have shown their ability in acting, makeup, stage or business man- aging, property collecting, and the like. Considering the num- ber of students who participate in dramatics, its membership of eighteen is rather conservative. Officers this year were Mary Stone, presidentg Joe Brooks, vice-president, and Nelson Nail, secretary. The members meet, when there is a quorum, to dis- cuss the problems facing the club and to initiate newcomers. I lllmflll 1.31. Scenes from DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY l.. H I i-Roy Clark, debater par excellence. 2-John Burwell, PCIW money man. 3-Mary Alyce Moore, student body secretary QF. Di. 4-Charles Murry, student body bead. 5-Jim Wroten, one-man Y. 6-Helen Ricks and Nat Rogers, ODK and Sigma Lambda. 7-ESS White, Bobashela editor. S-Betty Larsen, Chi Delta's first lady. 9-Sonny Painter, Sigma Lambda's master mind. IO-Martha Gerald, KD prexy. ii-James Cavett, ODK's head man. 12-Tom Robertson, crusading PGW editor. 32 iy 1 '::. ' 1:3171 735: lil wx Wk! Sllll l3.-Lib Campbell, Miss Millsaps. i4-Shirley Chichester, first in Sigma Lambda. l5-Louis Navarro, Pike's dictator, i6-Mary Stone, one step ahead of Chi Omega. l7-Evaline Khayat, PGW, Singers, YW, etc. l8- Dickie Lauderdale, DKD's president. l9-Martha Mansfield, P6'W's co-ed manager. ZO-Alan Holmes, SEB agitator. Zl-Joel McDavid, Senior Class leader. 22-Burt Sumrall, student body vice-president. 23-Gayle Doggett, Y president. 24-Joe Brooks, intramurals boss. 33 l i l ! 3 Q-iq for llHHl llllllll lllll l-Corinne Ball-the great Bambo. Z-Ney Williams, Lily's pride. 3- Colonel Benjamin Mortimer Hall, lll. 4-T. C. Schilling-noted for car picnics, 5-Daddy Waring and black-child Morris. 6-Thomas Spengler, better known as UT, Baby". 7-Jack Winborn, who takes your money. 8-Millsaps' married marvel, Lewis Farr. 9-Sidney Graves, heavens curse to co-eds. lO-Cuclge Crisler, it Cod left only you. ll-Judge Graham Brady, our permanent cheerleader. lZ-Sam Birdsong-who wins any argument. 34 'Wi vu I X l3-Hepzibah Haig, sometimes called Sam Schiek. l4-Bob Nichols, everybody's handy-man. l5-John Rundle, our favorite author. l6- Martha Sheffield, the Spinach girl. l7-Lawrence Rabb and David Donald, campus agitators. l8-Charlie Ward, all-'round athlete. l9-Lucile "lVlexicali Rose" Fox, Mims' little bit. ZO-Booty Boutwell-sufficient. Zl-Mary Smith-Mrs. Millsaps, 22-Lawzy, Miss Charlotte Nicholsl 23-Maxine Young in the clouds. 24-Calvin Stubblefield, PiKA's head- ache. 35 "Now you find the number of volts by". . . . No, better not cut .... "I can't lookl" . . . "Follow the gleam' '.... Alice Louise B, F. lBetore Farrl .4.Allhailtlf1e King and Queen? . . . Sponsors of the first brawl . . . Tinne out for the P Cr W .... And to think sl'1e's a beautyl .... Stoopeed .... """""v? Waiting tor the bell. , . They're really study- l-lovv's this tor a high C ..,. Three freshman ing. . . l-lappy, Mary? . . .Making history. . . heads are worse than one .... Happy continuf The faculty relaxes , . .Sister-act . . , Emmett ation. . . Ot a ridiculous beginning, . . P. S. warms up tor Lambda Chi .... Return of the That's Betty and Mary up in the tree. , .Watch native ,... the birdie, girls ,... A hot match. , . I J ,, F A, W A, ,f' gi ' Q: n --A . f "" i ...J I it This is the way we go to school. . . "Hope he doesn't count three tardies as a cut". . . On a lazy afternoon. . . 3 little maids from school. . . Free ad .... Amusement thru courtesy ot freshman class .... On the l yard line .... Athletes extraordinary .... ,, 9 Q fr 'ff : '1 2 . R 'Q 5 . ll 1 tb Ei -:..'mg Choctaw day. . . Campus defense program. . . Watch your balance, Ray .... Not beautiful- 'Can l have your last Trig problem?" . . but dumbl . . . Can't show my face. . . . And "Come on out, roommatef '... As usual. . . the band played on .A... A wheelbarrow of You can't study that way. . . Rest for the fun ,... Phone number included. . . Coaches. weary .... A study in black .... . . .A handful ,... It's tough tor a beginner. . . W- 4- T -- r - XJ! Q'-N51-1:1 I I s -'m A- lIHB71i ' . 1 -x , ,Y ,, After the storm .... Has the bell rung yet? . . . Coco and Co. . . A rose between two thorns, . . . A good day for kites ,,.. Grady-Pat, sut- tlcientl . . . Censored. . . l-le's the daddy ot them all .... Barbecued Choctaw .... 4 V -wt . M--gi ..x.c .I v ,, X x gr I S3 3 'F' Q, .?,v ' ,X fy " T' x Q-Tix lb A A N Now here is the xyphi-humeralis. . . Shortenin' Looks like Pop. . , Yea, lvlillsapsl. . . Ready- Bread. . . When two Wrights don't make a Aim. , . I love my husband, but oh you kidl wrong .... Give me the freshman handshake. . . . Cute kids. . . Probably discussing the . . . Spooksl . . . More freshmen . . , Cot a Varsity Show ..., Valentines Day-he came match? . . . Mr. President ..,. through! WfcflfW --qs 1 ' WI-I!-XT WGULD CQLI PGI: BI: WITHOUT I r Q1 uv, 9.-:G 9 asfer afar an lllll lllllllllll I ,A , .. ,,. - lvff' 1 o 5 .sf . . . Lib and Bo pause from their many duties long enough to pose by Millsaps' historic old cannon. The title of Master Major or Miss Millsaps is the highest honor which a Millsaps student can receive. Each represents the student who is most outstanding in the widest field of activity. Traditionally won by seniors, these positions were voted this year, and rightly so, to Charles Murry and Elizabeth Campbell. 45 Zlgllllllll wlggxx, N PRESIDENT Joel McDavid, one of the most popular of Millsaps' preachers, has done a full year's work persuading the Class of '4l to leave a memo- rial-the new columns at the North State entrance bespeak his efforts. The towering young man from Alabama is also president of the Christian Council, a power in ODK and the Y Cabinet. OFFICERS Succeeding himself as vice-president of the Class of '4l is Charlie Ward, Millsaps' star athlete. Few lincluding, especially, the neighboring Choctawsl who have seen Chunkin' Charlie's agile performance on the basketball court, the gridiron, or the baseball diamond will ever forget him. Another repeat, we find Maxine Young of Terry again secretary of her class. Mack mothers Millsaps M-Men-is pretty good at tennis, herself. She'lI teach school next year-maybe. 46 'fs Q 1' Q55 ..... Representative of the feeling ot the Senior Class are Nat Rogers, Jim Vxfroten, and Roy Clark. As Campus leaders they have made their mark in college activities and are concerned chiefly with vvhat will come after they regrettully lay aside cap and gown. we W xg'- XX x X.- SR VR, .44 1 1 ' T' LESLIE MANDEVILLE ADDISON - - Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 43 Christian Council 3, 43 Science Club 3, 43 President 43 Dean's List 3, 43 Student Assistant 43 Chess Club 4. MELVINA AINSWORTI-I ---- Decatur East Central Junior College I, 23 Y. W. C. A. 3, 43 Woman's Association 33 Empyreans 3, 4. EDMUND BARNES - - - - Jackson Kappa Alpha Band I, 2, 33 Corporal 23 Sergeant 33 Staff Ser- geant 33 Vice-President 33 Pre-Medical Club 43 Science Club 3, 4. WALTER C. BEARD ----- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha Y. M. C. A. 43 Spanish Club 33 Pre-Medical Club 43 Science Club 3, 4. CORDE JOE BIERDEMAN ---- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron Belhaven I, 23 Y. W. C. A. 3, 43 Dramatic Club 3, 43 Purple and White Staff 3, 43 Pan-Hellenic Council 3, 43 Vice-President 43 Dean's List 3, 4. RUTH BLANCI-IE BORUM - - Aberdeen Chi Omega M. S. C. W. l. 23 Y. W. C. A. 3, 43 Woman's Association 33 Dramatic Club 3, 43 Beethoven Club 43 Education Club 43 Kappa Delta Epsilon 4. Just Ioating. JOE BROOKS, IV - - - Honolulu, Hawaii Lambda Chi Alpha Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 43 French Club 2, 33 Student Executive Board 43 Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 43 President 43 Alpha Psi Omega 3. 43 Science Club 3, 43 Purple and White Staff 2, 3. 43 Sports Editor 2, 3, 43 Bobashela Staff 33 Sports Editor 33 Kit Kat 43 Pan-Hellenic 3, 43 President 43 Thirty Club 43 Intramural Council 3, 43 Secretary 43 Football I3 Basketball I3 Student Assistant, English 43 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties 4. JOHN PAUL BROWN ----- Pulaski Ellisville Junior College I, 23 Y. M. C. A. 3, 43 Ministerial League 3, 43 Empyreans 3, 4. JOHN L. BURWELL - - - - Jackson Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 25 A Capella Choir I, 2, 3, 45 Delta Kappa Delta 45 Pre-Law Club 3, 45 Purple and White Statt 2, 3, 45 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 3, 45 Business Manager Purple and White 3, 45 Omicron Delta Kappa 4. JACK LEONARD CALDWELL - - Gulfport ELIZABETH LEE CAMPBELL - - Laurel Phi Mu Jones Junior College I, 25 Y. W. C. A. 3, 45 Woman's Association 3, 45 President of Woman's Council 45 Beethoven Club 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 A Capella Choir 3, 45 Purple and White Staft 35 Sigma Lambda 45 Vice-President 45 Pan-Hel- lenic 45 Student Executive Board 45 Clee Club 3, 45 Dean's List 4. Oh, Come now, Clarkl ELEANOR CASTLE ---- Crystal Springs Kappa Delta Whitworth College I5 Pearl River Junior College 25 Y. W. C. A. 3, 45 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 45 Woman's Association 35 Dramatic Club 3, 45 De- bate Club 45 Science Club 35 Winner ot State Oratorical Contest tor Women 35 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. JAMES R. CAVETT ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 45 President 35 Cabinet 2, 3, 45 Christian Council 3, 45 Treasurer 45 Student Executive Board 35 Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 45 Vice- President 45 Pre-Medical Club I, 2, 3, 45 Presi- dent 45 A Capella Choir I, 2, 3, 45 Bobashela Staff I, 25 Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 45 President 45 Student Assistant in Chemistry 3, 45 Vice- President ot State Y. M. C. A. 45 President of State Methodist Student Movement 45 Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. SHIRLEY CHICHESTER ---- Jackson Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. I, 2, 3, 45 Woman's Association I, 2, 35 French Club 2, 35 International Relations Club 2, 3, 45 Secretary-Treasurer 45 Dramatic Club I, 2, 35 Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 45 Chi Delta 45 Bobashela Staff 3, 45 Organizations Editor 3, 45 Student Assistant in Library 2, 3, 45 Sigma Lambda 45 President 45 Feature Section 45 Dean's List 3, 45 Eta Sigma 4. ROY C. CLARK ------ Columbia Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 45 International Relations Club 2, 3, 45 Vice-President 45 Debate Club 2, 3, 45 Purple and White Staff I, 25 Bobashela Staff 3, 45 Business Manager 45 Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 45 Vice-President 45 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 3, 45 Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 45 President 3, 45 Student Assistant in Ottice 2, 3, 45 Who's Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities 45 Dean's List 4. ELEANOR COBB ------ Jackson Phi Mu Woman's Council 35 Secretary 35 French Club I5 Chi Delta 35 Secretary 35 Purple and White Staff 25 Student Assistant in Biology 35 Dean's List 3. VERA DANIELS - - - - - Wesson PhiMu Copiah Lincoln Junior College l, Zg Y. W. C. A. 3, -lg Dramatic Club 3g Clee Club 3, -l. VlRGlNlA MAY DAVIS - - Jackson Phi Mu Mississippi State College for Women l, 2g Y. W. C. A. 3, -lg Dramatic Club 3, -lg Ramblers Club -l. KATHRYN RYAN DECELLE - - l-lazlehurst Kappa Delta Copiah Lincoln Junior College l, 2, Y. W. C. A. 3, -lg Woman's Association 3g Clee Club 3g Dra- matic Club -lg Beethoven Club 3, -lg Science Club 3. MARY CRAWFORD DENNIS - - Jackson Chi Omega French Club l. 2, 3g Chi Delta Z, 35 Eta Sigma Phi 3g Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3g Beethoven Club 3g Purple and White Staff 3g Student Assistant in Library 3g Emory University Library School -l. GAYLE DOCCETT ---- - Kossuth Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. l, 2, 3, -lg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet l, 2. 3, -lg Vice-President of Y. W. C. A. 3g President -lg Clee Club l, 2, 3, -lg A Capella Choir 2, 3, -lg Secretary 3g Eta Sigma Phi 3, -lg French Club 2, 3g Beethoven Club 3. Must be a good one. .fly-"' g I DAVID HERBERT DONALD - - - Goodman Pi Kappa Alpha Holmes Junior College l, Zg Y. M. C. A. 3, -lg Band 3, -lg International Relations Club 3, -lg Dramatic Club 33 Debate Club 3, -lg Kit Kat 3, -lg Pi Kappa Delta 3, -lg Student Assistant in History -lg Carter Medal 3g Education Club -lg Eta Sigma -lg Dean's List 3, -l. RICHARD DORMAN ----- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. l, Z, 3, -lg Beethoven Club -lg Clee Club l, 2, 3, -lg Pre-Medical Club l, 2, 3, -lg Science Club l, 2, 3, -lg A Capella Choir l, Z, 3, -lg Student Assistant 3, -lg Football l. PATRlClA EAC-ER ------ Jackson Chi Omega Randolph Macon lg Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, -lg Dean's List 3, -l. RR 4 I ' U. 4 A L' . 4 -n, :: .- 's ' . :gn - 1 'v-fa? 'al .55 lo-.. . .2 LEWIS FARR ------- Edwards Hinds Junior College I, 25 University ot Missis- sippi 35 Y. M. C. A. 45 Pre-Medical Club 45 Science Club 45 Ministerial League 45 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 45 Dean's List 4. JULIA FAUCETTE ------ Carthage Hinds Junior College I, 25 Empyreans 3, 45 Y. W. C. A. 3, 4. UNA B. FITTS ------- Jackson Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. I, 2, 3, 45 Woman's Association I, Z, 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Bee- thoven Club 2, 3, 45 Alpha Psi Omega 45 Science Club I5 A Capella Choir 45 Purple and White Staff 3. Irony. JOHNNIE MERRILL FLOYD - - Weathersby Whitworth College I 5 Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 45 Wom- an's Association 2, 35 Clee Club l, 35 Science Club 3, 45 Empyreans Z, 3, 45 Vice-President 3, 35 Student Assistant 45 Baptist Student Union , 3, 4. LUCILE McMULLAN FOX - - - Brandon Chi Omega Belhaven I5 Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 35 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Debate Club 2, 3, 45 Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 2, 3, 45 Alpha Psi Omega 45 Pre-Law Club 2, 3, 45 Purple and White Statt 2, 3, 45 Art Editor 3, 45 Boba- shela Staff 2, 3, 45 Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 45 Dean's List 3, 4. SARAH JANE CANT - - Elliott Empyreans 3, 4. MARTHA WILSON GERALD - - Leland Kappa Delta Belhaven I5 Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 45 Woman's Asso- ciation 2, 35 Debate Club 2, 35 Sigma Lambda 45 Chi Delta 45 Eta Sigma Phi 3, 45 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3, 45 Pan-Hellenic 45 Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 45 Dean's List 3, 4. GRADY GRAHAM ---- - Jackson Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 4. dnl eq- 3 MARY MARGARET GRAHAM - - - Jackson Kappa Delta Belhaven l5 Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 45 Woman's Asso- ciation 2, 35 Dean's List 3, 4. LAURA ALLYNE GWIN ---- Kosciusko Holmes Junior College l, 25 Y. W. C. A. 3, 45 Woman's Association 35 Debate Club 3, 45 Purple and White Staff 3, 45 Pi Kappa Delta 45 Dean's List 3, 4. KENNY HOLYFIELD ---- Poplarville Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Supply Sergeant 35 Technical Sergeant 45 President 45 International Relations Club 45 Student Executive Board 45 Glee Club l5 Dramatic Club lg Debate Club l, 2, 3, 45 Delta Kappa Delta Z, 3, 45 Vice- 45 Vice- President 3, 45 Pre-Law Club l, 2, 3, President 3, 45 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3, ' 4, Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 45 Secretary 45 Omicron Delta Kappa 45 Eta Sigma Phi 4. MYRTLE RUTH HOWARD - - - Jackson Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Woman's Association l, 2, 33 Glee Club 45 Dramatic Club l, 45 Feature Section l, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES JACKSON ---- Leakesville Pi Kappa Alpha University of Mississippi 25 Beethoven Club 45 Glee Club l5 Band l, 25 Pre-Medical Club l. Sergeant Holyfield inspects. 52 VIRGINIA JAMES ----- Midnight Kappa Delta Sunflower Junior College l5 Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 45 Woman's Association 2, 35 Dramatic Club 4. MARGRET JOHNSON ---- Memphis Beta Sigma Omicron Belhaven l, 2, 35 Y. W. C. A. 45 Debate Club 45 Pre-Medical Club 45 Science Club 4. EVELYN JONES ------ Jackson Kappa Delta Louisiana State University 35 Y. W. C. A. l, 2, 45 Woman's Association l, 25 Glee Club l, 25 Dramatic Club l, 25 Debate Club l5 Science Club l5 A Capella Choir l, 25 Purple and White Staff l, 2, 45 Bobashela Statt l, 2. ROBERT KENNEDY ----- spring Hill Band 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 4, Boxing 2, Beethoven Club 4, Empyreans 3, 4, Vice-President 4. CWIN KOLB ------- Durant Lambda Chi Alpha Y. M. C. A. 4, French Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Beethoven Club 4, Delta Kappa Delta 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 4, Pre-Law Club 3, 4, Purple and White Staff 3, 4, Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4, Kit Kat 3, 4, Secretary 4, Eta Sigma 3, 4, President 4, Student Assistant in English 3, 4, Travelli Scholar- ship 2, Tribbett Scholarship 3, 4, Bourgeois Medal 2, Clark Essay Medal 3, Dean List 3, 4. The prides of Kappa Sigma. BETTY LARSEN - - - Council Bluffs, Iowa Kappa Delta Rockford College for Women I, Y. W. C. A. 3, 4, Woman's Council 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Beethoven Club 4, Pre-Medical Club 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 4, A Capella Choir 3, 4, Chi Delta 3, 4, President 4, Purple and White Staff 4, Student Assistant 4, Clee Club 2, 3, 4, Sigma Lambda 4. JIM LIVESAY ------- Jackson Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Christian Council 3, Stu- dent Executive Board 4, Dramatic Club I, 2, De- bate Club I, Z, A Capella Choir 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Purple and White Staff I, 2, 4, Bobashela Staff 4, Clee Club I, 2, 3, 4. CALVIN MICHEL ------ Jackson Tulane I. CARL MILLER ------ Pascagoula Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club I, 3, De- bate Club I , Beethoven Club 4, Purple and White Staff I, 3, Bobashela Staff I, 3, Eta Sigma Phi 4, President 4, National Secretary of Eta Sigma Phi 4, Student Assistant in English 3, 4, President Freshman Class I. MARJORIE MILLER ----- Tylertown Kappa Delta Whitworth College I , Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4, Wom- an's Association 2, 3, Clee Club Z, 3, Beethoven Club 2, 4, Eta Sigma Phi 4. MADELINE MOONEY ----- Jackson University of Mississippi I, Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, French Club 2, Pre-Medical Club 2, 3, Student Assistant in Registrar's Office 2, 3, 4. .fy MARY ALYCE MOORE - - - Water Valley Chi Omega Whitworth College lg Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, -lg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3g Secretary -lg Student Executive Board -lg Glee Club 2, -lg Dramatic Club 3, -lg Beethoven Club 3, -lg Sigma Lambda -lg Purple and White Staff 3, -lg Business Manager of Co-Ed Edition 3g Eta Sigma Phi 2, 3, -lg Foot- ball Sponsor -lg Football Maid 3g Feature Section Z, -lg Secretary and Treasurer ot Student Body -lg Student Assistant 3g Dean's List -l. HARRY LEELAND MORGAN - - - Jackson Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. l, 2, 3: Band l, 2g Glee Club l, Zg Dramatic Club l, Zg Pre-Medical Club l, Z, 3, -lg Science Club l, 2, 3, -l. CHARLES M. MURRY, Jr. ---- Ripley Pi Kappa Alpha Omicron Delta Kappa -lg Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, -lg President -lg Pre-Medical Club l, 2, 3, -lg Science Club 2, 3g Ramblers Club -lg Y. M. C. A. l, 2, 3, -lg Secretary and Treasurer 3, -lg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3, -lg Christian Council -lg Pan-Hellenic 3, -lg Blue Ridge Delegate l g President ot Student Body -lg Student Assistant 3, -lg Band lg Master Mayor -lg Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities -lg Student Executive Board -lg Dean's List -l. JOEL DUNCAN McDAVlD - - Whistler, Ala. Y. M. C. A. l, 2, 3, -lg Christian Council 2, 3, -lg President -lg Dramatic Club Z, 3g Debate Club l, 2g Empyreans l, 2, 3, -lg President 3, -lg Minis- terial League l, 2, 3, -lg Vice-President 2, 3g Omicron Delta Kappa 3, -lg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3, -lg Student Assistant Z, 3g President of Senior Class -lg Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. MARGARET MCDOUGAL ---- Jackson Kappa Delta University of Mississippi 3g Y. W. C. A. l, 2, 3, -lg Woman's Association l, 2g Dramatic Club -lg Purple and White Staff l, 2g Bobashela Staff l, 2g Feature Section lg Business Manager ot Co-Ed Edition of Purple and White 2. A royal couple. MARTHA MclLWAlN ---- Greenville l Y. W. C. A. l, 2, 3g Woman's Association l, 2, 33 Feature Section l, 2, 3. . V . - fu l lll F l aj I P ii Mu WILLIAM CALVIN McLELLAND - Hattiesburg Y. M. C. A. l, 2, 3g Christian Council 3g Empy- reans Z, 3g Bobashela Staff 3g Ministerial League l, 2, 3g Vice-President 3g Eta Sigma Phi 2, 3g Student Assistant 3g Methodist Pastor l, 2, 31 Dean's List 2, 3. WYC NAYLOR ---- - Lauderdale Chi Omega Belhaven lg Y. W. C. A. l, 2, 3, -lg Woman's Association 2, 3g Student Assistant 3, -lg Ram- bler's Club -l. TOM NEELY, Jr. ------ Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 43 Band I3 Pre-Medical Club I, 2, 33 Science Club I, 2, 3, 4. MARY CAVETT NEWSOM - - Jackson Kappa Delta University of Mississippi I3 Y. W. C. A. l, 2, 33 Woman's Association 23 International Relations Club 33 Dramatic Club Z, 33 Science Club 23 Pur- ple and White Staff 33 Eta Sigma Phi 2, 3. Emmett makes a discovery. CHARLOTTE P. NICHOLS ---- Jackson Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. I, 2, 3, 43 Woman's Association I, 2, 33 French Club 2, 33 International Relations Club 3, 43 Student Executive Board 43 Cilee Club I, 23 Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 43 Treasurer 43 Pre- Medical Club l, 2, 3. 43 Secretary 43 Science Club l, 2, 3, 43 Pan-Hellenic Council 3, 43 President 43 Student Assistant in Biology 3, 43 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. LAWRENCE PAINTER ---- Columbus Pi Kappa Alpha Purple and White Staff I3 Freshman Editor I3 Bobashela Staff 23 Boxing I3 Travelli Scholarship 3, 43 International Relations Club 3, 43 Omicron Delta Kappa 43 Kit Kat 2, 3, 43 Student Assistant 2, 3, 43 Dean's List 3, 4. EUGENE PEACOCK - - - Montgomery, Ala. Bob Jones Junior College I3 University of Ala- bama 23 Y. M. C. A. 3, 43 Christian Council 43 Clee Club 3, 43 President 43 Dramatic Club 3, 43 Beethoven Club 43 A Capella Choir 3, 43 Minis- terial League 3, 4. DAVID M. PEARSON - - - Tallassee. Ala. Football I, 23 Boxing I3 Track I3 Y. M. C. A. l, 2, 3, 43 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 43 Student Man- ager ot Athletics 3, 4. MARTHA RUTH POWELL - - Calhoun City Chi Omega Blue Mountain College I, 23 Y. W. C. A. 3, 43 Woman's Association 3. CRADY POWERS ---- Pearl River City Kappa Alpha Kit Kat l, 2, 3, 43 Y. M. C, A. I, 2, 3, 43 Inter- national Relations Club Z, 3, 4. HAROLD ALLEN RANKIN ---- Corinth Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3, 45 Cilee Club I, 2, 3. MARY FAY REESE ------ Tupelo Chi Omega Kappa Delta Epsilon 45 President 45 Beethoven Club 45 Y. W. C. A. 3, 45 Baptist Student Union 45 Feature Section 3, 45 M, S. C. W. I, 2. MILAN RICHARDSON ----- Bolton Kappa Sigma French Club Z5 "M" Club 2, 3, 45 President 45 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Rarnbler's Club 3, -l5 Secretary 3. JAMES RIMMER ---- - - Camden Pi Kappa Alpha Band I, 25 Science Club 3, 45 Student Assistant 45 Dean's List 4. TOM ROBERTSON ------ Myrtle Sigma Rho Chi Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 45 Christian Council 3, 45 Student Executive Board 3, 45 Empyreans l, 25 Purple and White Staff I5 Feature Editor Z5 Editor 3, 45 Oniicron Delta Kappa 3, 45 Kit Kat 2, 3, 45 Y. M. C. A, Cabinet 3, 45 Pan-Hellenic Council 45 Student Assistant 2, 35 Eta Sigma Phi 3, 45 Thirty Club 3, 45 President 45 Blue Ridge Scholar- ship 35 Baptist Student Union 3, 4. NAT ROC-ERS ------ New Albany Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. l, 2, 3, 45 International Relations Club 2, 3, 45 Debate Club I, 2, 3, 45 Purple and White Staff I, 2, 3, 45 Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 45 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 45 Eta Sigma Phi 2, 3, 45 Pan-Hellenic Council 45 Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3. 45 Student Assistant 3, 45 Vice-President Sopho- more Class 25 President Junior Class 35 Dean's List 3, 45 Who's Who in American Colleges. Helen obligingly muggs for th 6 Camera. 56 JOHN RUNDLE ---- - Grenada Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. I5 Band I5 International Relations Club 3, 45 Delta Kappa Delta 3, 45 Pre-Law Club 3, 45 Purple and White Staff I, 2, 3, 45 Boba- shela Staff 3, 45 Kit Kat 45 Student Assistant 45 Dean's List 4. WILLARD SAMUELS, Jr. - - - Clarksdale Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 45 Pre-Medical Club 3, 45 "M" Club 2, 3, 45 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES PRENTISS SCOTT - - Bay Springs Clark Junior College l, 2. PAUL THICPEN SCOTT - - Bay Springs Clark Junior College l, 2. SARAH VIRGINIA SHELTON - - Leland Kappa Delta Mississippi State College For Women l, 23 Y. W. C. A. 3, 43 Woman's Association 33 Dramatic Club 43 Alpha Epsilon Delta 43 Secretary 43 Pre- Medical Club 3, 43 Science Club 3, 4. Mr. and Mrs. MARY HANES SMITH - - - Jackson Phi Mu Kappa Delta Epsilon 43 Y. W. C. A. 3, 4. BURT SUMRALL - - - - - Jackson Student Executive Board 43 Science Club 43 "M" Club 3, 43 Secretary and Treasurer 43 Ornicron Delta Kappa 43 Track l, 2, 3, 43 Football l, 2, 3, 43 Student Assistant 3, 43 Vice-President of Student Body 43 Dean's List 33 SIMA Contest- ant l, 3. MARIANNA TERRY - - - - Okolona Kappa Delta Y. W. C. A. l, 2, 3, 43 Woman's Association l, 2, 33 Clee Club lc Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 43 Vice-President 33 Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 43 Vice- President 33 Pan-Hellenic 33 Economics Club 4. JAMES W. THOMPSON, Jr. - - Jackson Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. l, 43 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Presi- dent 43 Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 43 A Capella Choir 33 Bobashela Staff 33 Boxing l. 57 f-M6 JOSEPHINE TIMBERLAKE - - Crawford Chi Omega Judson College l, 23 Y. W. C. A. 3, -lg Woman's Association 3, International Relations Club -lg Debate Club 3, -lg Delta Kappa Delta -lg Pre-Law Club 3, -fl, Purple and White Staff 3, -lg Society Editor -lg Bobashela Statt 4, Pl Kappa Delta -lg Co-Ed Editor of the Purple and White -l. BERDYNE TURNER ---- Hattiesburg Lambda Chi Alpha Band l, 2, 3, -lg Science Club l, 2, 3, -lg Chess Club -l. OSCAR TYNES ----- - Closter Sigma Rho Chi Science Club -lg "M" Club 3, -lg Track 21 Football 3, -lg Basketball 3, -l. RALPH WALKER ------ McComb Beethoven Club l, 2, 3, 43 Vice-President 23 President 4. JAMES WARD ------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha Bobashela Staff 3, 4. Uncle Mims snaps himself. DAVlD EUGENE WATTS ---- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha Y. M. C. A, l, 2, 3, Band l, 2, Clee Club l, 2, 3, Dramatic Club lg Beethoven Club 3, A Capella Choir Z, 3, Minrsterial League l, 2, 33 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 21 Student Assistant Z, 3. ESS Wl-llTE ------- Jackson Pi. Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. l, Z, 3, -lg Student Executive Board -lg Clee Club 2, 3, -lg President 35 Dramatic Club 3, 43 Secretary and Treasurer 3, Beethoven Club -lg Alpha Epsilon Delta 2, 3, -'lg Pre-Medical Club l, 2, 3, 43 Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4, Science Club l, 2, 3, 4, A Capella Choir 2, 3, -lg Purple and White Staff l, 2, Bobashela Staff 2, 3, 43 Editor -lg Omicron Delta Kappa 3, -lg Eta Sigma 3, 4, SIMA Contestant lg Dean's List 3, -l. My - , it V! MILTON R. WHITE - - - - Jackson Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Assistant in Physics. RICE WILSON ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Marion Institute I, 2, Bobashela Staff 3, 4, Y. M. C. A. 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Pre-Medical Club 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4. One. LOUIS H. WILSON ----- Brandon Pl Kappa Alpha Football 2, Freshman Football Manager I, Track I, 2, 3, Y. M, C. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, Ramblers Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Economics Club 4, Treasurer 4, "M" Club 3, 4. JACK WINBORN ------ Durant Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, Baseball I, 2, 3, "lvl" Club 2, 3, 4. GORDON WORTHINGTON - - - Brandon Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club I, Z, 3, 4, "M" Club 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, Education Club 4, Dean's List 4. JAMES DAUSEY WROTEN, Jr. - - Columbus Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Christian Council I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Student Executive Board 4, Debate Club I, 2, 3, Minis- terial League I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary Z, Omicron Delta Kappa 4, Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4, President Geology Club 4, President Mississippi Y, M. C. A, 3, Dean's List 3, 4. MAXINE YOUNG - - - - Terry Kappa Delta Copiah-Lincoln Junior College I, 2, Y. W. C. A. 3, 4, Woman's Association 3, Glee Club 4, Dra- matic Club 3, Feature Section 3, Secretary and Treasurer of Junior Class 3, Secretary and Treas- urer of Senior Class 4. ,ol Zlgillllllll PRESIDENT By now a big-time politician Willie Branch is still president ot his class. PiKA'S outstand- ing Founder's Hall representa- tive, Willie plays football and basketball, majors in Physics, and was elected vice-president of the student body for '4l- '42. Someday, probably, he will coach. OFFICERS Sidney Ciraves, better known through the Finger ot Scorn lhe didn't miss a weekl as "Drip" will soon seriously embark on the career of medical student. l-le definitely makes himself heard in dramatics, PGW, AED, Y Cabinet, and around the campus. An outstanding talent seems to be an ability to become involved in tangled romances. Rounding out this trio of Junior politicians is Mary Stone, Queen of Faculty Row. Mary is well known as a Singer, Rambler, French student, and adopted member ot the New Dormitory gang. She'll wield the gavel next year tor Chi Omega. 60 Q55 ..... Belonging to the most active class on the campus, Graham and Evaline, Sam and Helen typify that restless Junior Spiritfthe desire to be always doing. Millsaps is the center of their lives-they have taken over campus affairs, but are not yet burdened with the thought of lite after college. , g Q v 3 , 3 i xxx! X4-4 5, T'i'5Mf'p, 4 , r- is- . 2' .OH 9 at '-. X Y- lfia ,- C - . Wlig.. ' ', Q -157' ini IIHSS li I I II GORINNE BALL - - - - Jackson Phi Mu SAM BIRDSONG ----- Jackson Kappa Sigma HELEN BOOTH ----- Kosciusko Beta Sigma Omicron HUGH BOSWELL ---- New Albany Pi Kappa Alpha FRANCES LEE BRADY - - Phi Mu JUDGE GRAHAM BRADY, Jr. Kappa Sigma WILLIE BRANCH ---- Pi Kappa Alpha CECILIA BURDETTE - - Chi Omega BUDDY CARR ---- Kappa Sigma JANE CLARK ---- Phi Mu CLEM CROOK ---- Kappa Alpha LOUIS CROUCH - - - Kappa Sigma JULIAN CURRIE - - - MARY JOE CURRIE - - - - Raleigh Beta Sigma Omicron Lexington - - Jackson McComb Jackson Monticello - Pearson Jackson Jackson Jackson LINDA DALLIS ----- Louisville Beta Sigma Omicron EDWIN DANIELS - - - Kappa Alpha GUY DEAN ----- Kappa Sigma EVA DECELL ----- Chi Omega MARTHA LOUISE DENT - Phi Mil BEVERLEY DICKERSON - - Chi Omega WILFORD C. DOSS ---- Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson - Shaw Vicksburg Jackson McComb Houston HAROLD DOUGLAS ----- Arcola Kappa Alpha SHAW ENOCHS ---- Brookhaven Kappa Alpha WILLIAM FAZACKERLY - - - Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha EDWARD FLEMING - - - Minter City Kappa Sigma FLOYD GILLIS ------ Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha NANCY GRAHAM ----- Jackson Chi Omega . SIDNEY GRAVES ----- X- Laurel 5 Kappa Alpha ' 2 KATHERINE GRIMES ---- Jackson Kappa Delta EUGENE HANES - - - Birmingl'1am,Ala, Lambda Chi Alpha 2 VIRGINIA HAVLE HANSELL - - Aberdeen Chi Omega THOMAS HATHORN - - - Jackson Kappa Sigma ANN HERBERT ---- Jackson Chi Omega DWIGHT O, HICKMAN - - - Ellisville Kappa Alpha MARY JOHN HOLLOWAY - - Mt. Olive Beta Sigma Omicron ALAN HOLMES - - - Danbury, Conn. Lambda Chi Alpha JOEL HUNTER ----- Hollandale FRANCES EMILY IRBY - - Jackson Phi Mu DOUGLAS L. JOHNSON - - Jackson HANIEL JONES ---- Mobile, Ala, MIRIAM JONES - - - - Okolona Chi Omega BOYD KELLUM ----- Greenville Kappa Sigma EVALINE KHAYAT - - - Jackson JANIE LOU KING ----- Madison ELIZABETH JANE LANDSTREET - Jackson ATMILLSAPSCOLLEGE .4 'ill vi 43 '3 :sr FIRST ROW: Ball Birdsong Booth Boswell Brady SECOND ROW: Brady Branch Burdette Carr Clark THIRD ROW: Crook Crouch J. Currie M. Currie Dallis FOURTH ROW: Daniels Dean Decell Dent Dickerson FIFTH ROW: Doss Douglas Enochs Fazackerly Fleming SIXTH ROW: C-illis Graham Graves Crimes Hanes SEVENTH ROW Hansell Hathorn Herbert Hickman Holloway EICHTH ROW: Holmes Hunter Irby Johnson H. Jones NINTH ROW: M. Jones Kellum Khayat King Landstreet iii IIHII II I I I2 Kappa Alpha WILLIAM BALDWIN LLOYD - - Jackson Kappa Alpha ARONELLE LOFTON - - - Brookhaven Beta Sigma Omicron FAOLA LOWE ----- Phi Mu MARTHA MANSFIELD - - Kappa Delta RAYMOND MARTIN - - - Kappa Sigma GEORGE MOORE ---- Kappa Alpha REX MURFF ------ Kappa Alpha BETTY MURPHY - - - Phi Mu JAMES T. McCAFFERTY, Jr. - Kappa Sigma GRAHAM ROGERS McFARLANE Pi Kappa Alpha CAROLYN McPHERSON - - Kappa Delta MARY McRAE ---- Chi Omega LOUIS NAVARRO ---- Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES NELSON ---- MARY ELIZABETH NORDIN - Chi Omega JAMES O'CALLAGHAN - - - Pi Kappa Alpha ELIZABETH PEELER - - - Beta Sigma Omieroii FRANCES V. PEVEY ---- AVERY PHILP ----- Lambda Chi Alpha TROY PITTS ----- LAWRENCE RABB ---- Kappa Sigma - Laurel Jackson Jackson Jackson Artesia Belzoni Belzoni Jackson Pickens Jackson - Biloxi Jackson Jackson - Tupelo Ashland - Forest Jackson Wesson Lexington HELEN RICKS ---- Chi Omega KATHERINE RIDDELL - - Phi Mu ELIZABETH ROBINSON OLIVER - Meridian CHARLTON ROBY ----- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha EMMET ROSSIE - ----- Shaw Lambda Chi Alpha PHILLIP ROYAL - - - Baton Rouge, La. ALBERT GODFREY SANDERS, Jr. - Jackson Kappa Sigma - Jackson - Jackson SAM SCI-IIEK ------ Meridian Lambda Chi Alpha T. C. SCHILLING ----- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha MARTHA SHEFFIELD ---- Jackson Chi Omega MARY LOUISE SHERIDAN - Bogalusa, La. Beta Sigma Omicroii E. BINFORD SMITH - - - Philadelphia BILLY H. SMITH ----- Ripley Kappa Sigma ANN SPENGLER ----- Pickens Kappa Delta THOMAS SPENGLER ---- Jackson Kappa Sigma SUE STEWART - - - MARY ALEXIA STONE - - Jackson Chi Omega - Madison GLENN SWEANY ---- Minter City Kappa Delta IRA THORNE ------ Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha LAWRENCE WARING - - - Tylertown Pi Kappa Alpha JOHN H, WEBB - - - - - Columbia Kappa Alpha ELDEN C, WELLS ----- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MARIE WHITEHEAD ---- Jackson ATMILLSAPSCOLLEGE FIRST ROW: Lauderdale Lloyd Lofton Lowe Mansfield SECOND ROW Martin Moore Murff Murphy McCafferty THIRD ROW: McFarlane McPherson McRae Navarro Nelson FOURTH ROW Nordin Ofallaghan Peeler Pevey Philp FIFTH ROW: Pitts Rabb Ricks Riddell Oliver SIXTH ROW: Roby Rossie Royal Sanders Schiek SEVENTH ROW Schilling Sheffield Sheridan E. B. Smith B. Smith EICHTH ROW: A. Spengler T. Spengler Stewart Stone Sweany NINTH ROW: Thorne Waring Webb Wells Whitehead Us lllllllllllll PRESIDENT Harwell Dabbs, president ot the Sophomore Class, goes native each summer in Tupelo, where, as bronzed lite-guard, he exhibits his Tarzan-like physique in the swimming pool, Regardless of the tact that he's a studious pre-med, Harwell is also Millsaps' most triumphant orator and all- 'round activity man. OFFICERS Vice-President Davis Christmas, in his second year as class officer, is still one of Millsaps' most likable gridiron heroes. Well known to all the cafeteria diners, this lad from Vicksburg is a serious Chemistry student- and a good one. Secretary Bess Cireen of Jackson spends most ot her time patiently listening to her class president, She enjoys swimming lat least the sun- bathingl and badminton, and idealistically wants to do some type of social work. 66 if v x- ,a -is N' X ' x 'Q wx 'km 5 -,V X . ,xxx ,X V, iii miss ni I I I3 HAZEL BAILEY ---- - Tcbula Phi Mu ADEN BARLOW ----- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JEAN BARNETT ----- Jackson Phi M u HETTIE FAYE BEASLEY - - - Benton Beta Sigma Omici-on BARBARA BOSWELL - - - Sanatorium Kappa Delta HAROLD BOUTWELL - - Laurel JACK BOYLES ----- Laurel Kappa Alpha H. HARRIS BRISTER - - - Jackson Phi Delta Theta GENEVIEVE BURDETTE - - Jackson Chi Omega MARY LEE BUSBY - - Meridian Phi Mu UNA CALDWELL - - Gulfport HELEN CARR ---- Jackson Phi Mu DAVIS CHRISTMAS - - - Vicksburg ERIN TAYLOR CLAYTON - - - Tupelo Chi Omega WILLIAM COOK ----- Canton Pi Kappa Alpha JOHN COPE ------ Knox, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha HERBERT CRISLER, III - - Bay Springs Pi Kappa Alpha JULIA CROPPER ----- Columbia Kappa Delta HARWELL DABB5 ----- Kappa Alpha EDWIN DAWKINS ---- Lambda Chi Alpha SUENETTE DINKINS - - - KAY DOBBS Phi Mu Chi-Omega MAYE EVELYN DOGGETT - ANN DUKE Chi Omega - - Phi llllu ' Tupelo Jackson Jackson Jackson Kossuth Jackson MARY EMMA ERVIN - Kappa Delta WILMA LEE FLOYD - - CAROL FOX ---- Chi Omega ANNIE LAURIN GALLOWAY Chi Omega RUTH CIBBONS - - - Kappa Delta GERTRUDE GIBSON - - Chi Omega RUTH GODBOLD - - - Beta Sigma Omicroii JEAN GRAMBLING - - Chi Omega BESS GREEN ----- Chi Omega BEN HALL ----- Chi Omega AUDREY HARE ---- Kappa Delta Inverness - Flora Jackson McComb Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson CORNELIA ARMISTEAD HARRISON - Jackson Phi Mu DAVIS HAUGHTON - - Pi Kappa Alph JANE HENRY ---- Kappa Delta ll Jackson Corinth ROBERT C. HOWARD - - - Mobile, Ala. DAVID L. HUNT - - - Lambda Chi Alpha HARRY JACOBS - - - Lambda Chi Alpha DEWITT JAMES - - - Kappa Alpha JAMES LUTHER JOHNSON - Pi Kappa Alph MARTHA FRANCES JONES Chi Omega NANETTE HAMILTON - Kappa Delta PHIL KING ----- Kappa Alpha RALPH LAIRD ---- Kappa Sigma MILLICENT LAMPE - - Kappa Delta Cl Jackson Jackson Midnight Tupelo Jackson Tutwiler Jackson Carson Jackson ATMILLSAPSCOLLEGE FIRST ROW: Bailey Barlow Barnett Beasley Boswell Boutwell SECOND ROW: Boyles Brister Burdette Busby Caldwell Carr THIRD ROW: Christmas Clayton Cook Cope Crisler Cropper FOURTH ROW: Dabbs Dawkins Dinkins Dobbs Doggett Duke FIFTH ROW: Ervin Floyd Fox Galloway Gibbons Gibson SIXTH ROW: Godbold Grambling Green Hall Hare Harrison SEVENTH ROW Hauglriton Henry Howard Hunt Jacobs James EIGHTH ROW: Johnson Jones Hamilton King Laird Lampe iii iiisiii I I I 3 MARTHA LOU LATIMER - - - Shaw Chi Omega BETTY CLYDE LLOYD ---- Jackson Kappa Delta LOUISE LOWE ---- - Jackson Chi Omega ALTHEA MARTIN ---- Midnight Kappa Delta D. T. MEASLES ---- - Branch JAMES ARMSTRONG ---- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JOHN STEVENS MILLER - - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA MINYARD ---- Jackson Kappa Delta SAM R. MOORE ----- Jackson Kappa Alpha MARION MCGOUGH ---- Catchings Pi Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA MCKEOWN - - - Vicksburg Phi Mu ADELE NEU ---- Springfield, III. Beta Sigma Omicron JACQUELINE NEWMAN - - - Learned Chi Omega ROBERT G. NICHOLS, Jr. - - - Jackson JAMES OGDEN ----- Hattiesburg Kappa Alpha MARY BRYAN PARKER - - - Jackson Kappa Delta PATRICIA PARKER - - - Jackson Chi Omega ROBERT DODD PEARSON - - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha FRANCES VIRGINIA PRICE - Canton Kappa Delta ANN RHYMES ----- Monticello Phi Mu CATHERINE LAWSON RICHARDSON-Jackson Chi Omega SYLVIA ROBERTS ----- Jackson Phi Mu BILLY ROSS ----- Crystal Springs Kappa Alpha HELEN MAE RUOFF ---- Jackson Chi Omega CLARINE RUSH ----- Vaughan Beta Sigma Omicron SUSIE ANN RUSH ----- Vaughan Beta Sigma Omicron BILL SCHWARTZ ---- Pi Kappa Alpha CHARLES SCOTT ---- Kappa Alpha ELLENITA SELLS ---- DOROTHY SHERMAN - - Chi Omega EUGENE F. SMITH ---- - Jackson Yazoo City - Jackson - Forest - Jackson Sigma Alpha Epsilon HELEN STEWART ---- Chi Omega J. C. STONE, Jr. ---- Pi Kappa Alpha POLLY STROUD ------ CALVIN STUBBLEFIELD, Jr. - Pi Kappa Alpha GERALDINE SUMRALL - - Kappa Delta FREDERICK E.TATUM - - - Kappa Sigma JANICE TRIMBLE - - - Phi Mu NELL TRIPLETT ----- Kappa Sigma RAY TRIPLETT - Kappa Sigma MARGARET WEATHERSBY - Phi Mu - Jackson - Okolona Louise Yazoo City - Jackson Hattiesburg - Natchez Glen Allan Mashulaville - Jackson SARA WEISSINGER - - Memphis, Tenn. PEGGY WHITMIRE ---- Clarksdale Chi Omega JACK M. WHITNEY ---- Jackson Kappa Alpha EUGENE WILDER ---- Hattiesburg Kappa Alpha FRANK BRYAN WILLIAMS, II - Jackson Kappa Sigma NEY WILLIAMS ----- Raymond Kappa Alpha AGATHA WORTHINGTON - Brandon Phi Mu FRANCES WROTEN - - - Goiurnbus Phi Mil ATMILLSAPSCOLLEGE N . A-9. Q! N g xv Q, R' fi. , cg? . , -Q . ,iY:,.fxs FIRST ROW: Latimer Lloyd Lowe Martin Measles Armstrong SECOND ROW Miller Minyard Moore McCough McKeown Neu THlRD ROW: Newman Nichols Ogden M. Parker P. Parker Pearson FOURTH ROW Price Rhymes Richardson Roberts Ross Ruoft FIFTH ROW: C. Rush S. Rush Schwartz Scott Sells Sherman SIXTH ROW: Smith Stewart Stone Stroud Stubbletield Sumrall SEVENTH ROW Tatum Trimble N. Triplett R. Triplett Weathersby Weissinger EICHTH ROW: Whitmire Whitney Wilder F. Williams N. Williams Worthington Wroten Ge llllllllll PRESIDENT Buddy Wofford, president of the Freshman Class, is liv- ing up to the example set by his brother Bill, who was quite a politician in his own right at Millsaps. Buddy is a shining light in the Singers and also with the co-eds. His talents have been found indispensable to the Millsaps orchestra and to the Varsity Show. OFFICERS Walter Ridgway, who served this year both as vice-president of the Freshman Class and as vice-president of the KA pledges, is also an enthusi- astic, if small, member of the Singers and the Pre-Med Club. l-le's profi- cient, too, in tennis and ping-pong, and "likes the feeling among the stu- dents here." Says Jean Morris of the raven tresses, "I just don't have time for hobbies -guess l'm most interested in eating." lSlow, Jean, don't forget the Pikes.l Denying that she's a play-girl, she points out that her ambition is vaguely connected with medicine, her favorite subject-Zoology. 72 ,, '- 4 Q55 ..... In many ways college is still another lark to the freshmen, but they are beginning to realize just what Millsaps means. and to catch the spirit. This, their most eventful year, is spent in learning to know the people with whom their next three years will be lived and the campus whereon they will be centered. """"k-fu V' S1 nl 32 F- J ill IIHIS ni I I I4 SARA JANE APPLEWHITE - - - Winona Beta Sigma Omicron BETTY BARNER ----- Ruleville Chi Omega WALTER BASKIN ---- Greenville Kappa Alpha JOSEPH REID BINGHAM - - - Gulfport Kappa Alpha VARLEE BIVINS ---- Birmingham Lambda Chi Alpha BUFORD BLOUNT ----- Bassfield Kappa Sigma BETTY BOBO ------ Clarksdale Chi Omega MARTHA BOGER - - - - Hattiesburg Phi Ma EUGENE BOYKIN ---- Pi Kappa Alpha Catchings MARY ALICE BOYLES ---- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron DUNCAN BRACKIN ---- Starkville Pi Kappa Alpha D, T. BROCK ---- - Jackson Kappa Alpha WADINE BRADY ---- Bay Springs Beta Sigma Omicron EARL BROOME ----- ELIZABETH BUCHANAN - - Kappa Delta UDINE BURNS ---- Kappa Delta ALMA ELIZABETH CARL - - Kappa Delta Columbus Jackson - Drew Jackson BOBBY CLARK - Kappa Sigma W, NELL CLIFTON Phi Mu VERA MAE COFFMAN - - Kappa Delta DOROTHEA COLBERT - - Phi Mu LORNA COLLION ---- Phi Mu LADY RACHEL CONNER - Phi Mu EDITH CORTRIGHT - - - Chi Omega JULIUS CRISLER - - - Kappa Sigma BILL CUNNINGHAM - - Kappa Alpha MARGARET CURRIE - - CELIA DAVIS ---- Chi Omega THOMAS DENT - - - Pi Kappa Alpha DOROTHY LOUISE DROKE - - Drew - Ethel - - Jackson - Jackson Evanston, lll. - Jackson Rolling Fork - Jackson - Jackson - Jackson - - Jackson - - Jackson - - Corinth Beta Sigma Omicron DORIS EVANS ----- Hattiesburg Chi Omega KINCHEN W. EXUM ---- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha FLORENCE ELIZABETH FROEHLIG-Vicksburg Phi M11 BILL FULLILOVE ---- Kappa Sigma - Kosciusko ANN FUTRAL ----- Greenwood CHARLES ELLIS CARMICHAEL Jackson Beta Sigma Omicion Kappa Sigma DUDLEY GALLOWAY - - Mississippi City JAMES CHASTAIN - - - Jackson Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha ROSS GRADY ------ Jackson RICKETTS CHILDRESS - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha A T M I L L S A P 74 FIRST ROW: Applewhite Barner Baskin Bingham Bivins SECOND ROW Blount Bobo Boger Boykin Boyles THIRD ROW: Brackin Brock Brady Broome Buchanan FOURTH ROW Burns Carl Carmichael Chastain Childress FIFTH ROWS Clark Clifton Coffman Colbert Collion SIXTH ROW: Conner Cortright Crisler Cunningham Currie SEVENTH ROW Davis Dent Droke Evans Exum EICHTH ROW Froehlig Fullilove Futral Calloway Grady IHI IIHSS ni I I II HENDERSON BAIRD GREEN - - Jackson Kappa Sigma MARIE E, GRUBBS ---- Philadelphia Kappa Delta ANNIE MARION GUYTON - - Pickens Kappa Delta CLIFTON HAMILTON ---- Jackson Kappa Alpha MARJORIE HAMMER - - - Jackson Phi Mu LOIS MAXINE HARPER - - Brandon Phi Mu CI-IARLINE HARRIS - - - - Canton Kappa Delta WARREN HENDERSON - - - Jackson Kappa Sigma THOMAS HIGHTOWER - - Meridian MITTIE HIX ----- Jackson Chi Omega JAMES H. HOLDER, Jr. - - - Winona Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT L. HOLYFIELD - - - Poplarville Pi Kappa Alpha LELA MAY HOWELL - - - Greenville Phi Mu LILY IJAIVIS ----- Hattiesburg Chi Omega AZIEL W. JONES - - Mobile, Ala. JACK VICTOR KING ---- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha RUDOLPH LEGLER ----- Jackson Kappa Alpha MARGARET LANE - - Flora JULYA WILBURN LEWIS - - Satartia PATRICIA LITTON ----- Shaw Beta Sigma Omicron CARROLL LOWE - Jackson CHARLES MANGIN ----- Biloxi Pi Kappa Alpha FLORENCE MARS ---- Philadelphia Chi Omega LESLIE MATHEWS ----- Leland Lambda Chi Alpha MARY ANNA MAYO - - - Hattiesburg Phi Mu ALICE LOUISE FARR - - - Leland Kappa Delta LOUISE MILLER -e--- Hazlehurst Kappa Delta WILLIAM MALCOLM MINGEE - Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha CARROLL MITCHELL - - - Plantersville Pi Kappa Alpha RUFUS MOORE ---- Water Valley Kappa Sigma JEAN MORRIS ----- Yazoo City Kappa Delta JOHNNY MORROW - - - - Forest Pi Kappa Alpha MARY PRISCILLA MORSON - - Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron DORIS MURPHREE - - - Calhoun City Chi Omega MARJORIE MURPHY - - SUE MCCORMACK ---- Beta Sigma Omicron DAN McCULLEN ---- Pi Kappa Alpha BETTYE NAIL ----- Chi Omega WAUDINE NELSON - - GERTRUDE PEPPER - - Phi Mu Jackson Corinth Jackson Jackson Benton Vaughan A T M I L L S A P 'i Am NJ L v C O L L E G E FIRST ROW: Green Crubbs Cuyton Hamilton Hammer SECOND ROW: Harper Harris Henderson Hightower Hix THIRD ROW: Holder Holyfield Howell Ijams Jones FOURTH ROW: King ' Legler Lane Lewis Litton FIFTH ROW: Lowe Mangin Mars Mathews Mayo SIXTH ROW: Farr Miller Mingee Mitchell Moore SEVENTH ROW Morris Morrow Morson Murphree Murphy EICHTH ROW: McCormack McCullen Nail Nelson Pepper IHI EIHSS UI I H ll INEZ PITTMAN - - - - Jackson JEANNE STEVENS ----- Jackson Kappa Delta ROMULUS PITTMAN ---- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES HUNTER STOKES - - Columbus Lambda Chi Alpha CLARA PORTER ----- Jackson Chi Omega FLOYD S. STRICKLIN - - - Yazoo City Lambda Chi Alpha CATHERINE PULLEN - - Jackson Chi Omega TIP STUART ------ Morton Phi Mu DOROTHY RAYNHAM - - - Jackson Kappa Delta JIM STUCKENSCHNEIDER - - Columbus Kappa Sigma ELIZABETH RIDDELL - - Jackson Phi Mu HAROLD THOMPSON - - Camden, Ark. Lambda Chi Alpha WALTER RIDCWAY ---- Jackson Kappa Alpha ED TOPP -------- Tupelo Kappa Alpha BOB ROBERTS -"- Sunflower Kappa Alpha OSBORNE TRAYLOR ---- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha BREWSTER ROBINSON - - - Quilman Kappa Alpha CERTRUDE TRIPLETT - - - Kosciusko Phi Mu MAURY ROSS ------- Rome Pi Kappa Alpha JULIA WASSON ----- Columbus Beta Sigma Omicron JOHN SANDERS - - - Jackson Kappa Sigma JAMES WEBB ---- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JOSEPH HARRY SASSER, Jr. - Carthage Kappa Sigma MITCHELL B. WELLS - - Canton Kappa Sigma TOM SCOTT ---- Jackson Kappa Alpha C, C. WESTON, Jr. - - - L, Bourbon JOHN H. SHANDS - - - - Tupelo BILLY WILLIAMS - - - Greenville Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha WILLIAM SHANKS - - Jackson MARY LOUISE WILSON - Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha DONALD WINNER - - - Jackson VIRGINIA SHERMAN - - Charleston Kappa Sigma Chi Omega BUDDY WOFFORD - - - - Drew WILL MARY SIMRALL - - safama Pl KUPPU Alpha KATHLEEN STANLEY - - Starkville NOEL WOMACK - 1 - Jackson Kappa Delta Kappa Sigma HAROLD STEVENS ---- Gulfport Bl'-LY WRIGHT - - - Jackson Kappa Sigma Pl Kappa Alpha JACQUELINE STEVENS - Jackson SARA FLORENCE ZEICLER Pickens Kappa Delta Kappa Delta A T M I L L S A P 78 FIRST ROW: I . Plttman R. Pittman Porter Pullen Raynharn SECOND ROW: Rsddell Ridgway Roberts Robinson Ross THIRD ROW: Sanders Sasser Scott Shands Shanks FOURTH ROW: Sherman Sirnrall Stanley H. Stevens Ja. Stevens FIFTH ROW: Je. Stevens Stokes Stricklin Stuart Stuckenschneider SIXTH ROW: Thompson Topp Traylor Triplett Wasson SEVENTH ROW Webb WeIIs Weston Williams Wilson EIC-HTH ROW: Winner Wofford Wommack Wright Zeigler 1 WE LIKE TO WATCH , A -A5v'?e,1"',' , Q, , Y .. , Y ,, :iff z. 1 ,Ln- HI-'l'Il!3S....I Che lllllll Serving in the capacities of Director of Athletics at Millsaps and coach of football and basketball, Henry L. "Hook" Stone has completed two highly successful years in senior college athletics. Following the resignation of former Coach B. O. Van Hook as Athletic Director, Coach Stone assumed this responsibility and has molded a good football team and has helped to guide the Major Five to another Dixie Conference championship. Success during the past two years has been Coach Stone's because of his iron rule practice session discipline and because he has taken an active interest in the players themselves. Well liked, efficient, and valuable co-worker on the athletic staff has been Coach Bernie Ward. Also in his second year at Millsaps, Coach Ward has played a vital part in building this year's superb basketball squad. Base- ball was also under his supervision. Coach Melvin Richardson made a successful football assistant and was also coach of track. COACH WARD COACH STONE COACH RICHARDSON i :f LlL.5AE5 lik N553 will . 1' "'i ' x figg-5155. - 4 DRS Y 3 ,.i:'1 Q i X 3 -' q zhg N , ig . :M ,. ,, . V ',. v. .,.,. , V, 1 N I S s - it if I 3 sgqj t Q it Y ' 1 is 83 l ,VH H l l The l94O grid season, despite appearances on paper to the contrary, was one of the most successful in recent years. ln his second year at Mill- saps Coach Hook Stone led his Major eleven through a season which yielded four wins, four losses and one tie. Although there were times when the Majors played mediocre football, at their best they were a great eleven. Top performance of the year came when the Millsaps eleven turned in a brilliant i4-7 victory over a surprised Mississippi Southern squad. -- A greatly increased enthusi- H . . Q n , T as asm in this year's student body Q - ' . - - V- 4' , , ,.4's..T"fM'i.' , 1 , - '- .,5,Qf+5:? r " 'N-iff, 'Y , was due largely to the work .. V .. .wg , gg -3,5 "g f , N , ,' ,, -gg -. X., 1 N . l . 1 done by the cheerleaders. Un- Xgk ., 'xy I. wc 1-.A --'- C 1 .W .C V 8 N t ... . , -an .--emwltwff wi-g 1 ww in I Y X- .. i der the guidance of Head 'W " :ja jr' I 1 ' . ' . Cheerleader Judge Graham . t X -- "'J"',--iv3ill"""'l ,, - - 3, , - - , . , F x A I t ., ' Brady, this group, consisting of ,- ,,,- .. uf: , ,' " , . 1y..' W 4 j 3 5. QQ., x-' .-2 -'fl , . 1 '- Beverley Dickerson, Maxine -- . -. . " t ""' " U s--.,. ' -vw . 7' - , -- " r H fl Young, Eleanor Castle, Marion n , ,,.,.,.,., .k .,. ,..-1 QT McCou h, and Fred Tatum i , g sdwmn -6' -v X' u ug' N". ,gg " -.C 3 4. . A ,N-. X f , , strove diligently to work the ,is Wm . , .v.,,., .H iffvigf , .: gg: - R Q 'xii -., .5:..e: :... N X . N- f t,.t.1' s student body into a frenzy. " . .-- vt ul' 'QA ' . , , 1, if Sf- .V "' - , h. 'ff . K- 'N' - " wat' . 's , ' 'F' -NN 'Qt Y A- 555 . Q A s- '- - t Q -'sf1ff: i"s2r'f2 -fa -if . ' , . - 1 seg.. iv f,'.tgr- ..'- f-is we . g-v.,-,x',. '. 'i . X -.Q 'u.QS1EI , ,X f-Mi an-5 Aw- --wa 1, -1 -gr - V -t : +1 ---as-N ,Y'wSc'+...-u - - Siwlbf QE" w .,.. f"sr'-:XY "QW fs ' F 3. j" - 439. ' -3 5,'j?+:yf" A .M 5' 1 N "y..i" " SNC .Na ,.., ,. xi i .sf Q. -Q . .- eu,-K W. -xksgwc IR . M -x.,g..s i"4"'l f '--' W' .f -N , H "Q: 'Ti' ---i'l"- -Nw -v 'H-.te--. "K N5 ,,., : -b, .c- 'gr-5g,g,..X,-IQEQZ'f-fsuglfex ,Q ,"u1-f sk ,. 1 : -- ' .. ' .- ' - - 'mx "..ff' -- Yi -'t- ' -' .- ' .P . ,,v.+-'ze :--WAN: -. L... s - +f-"mt X v-Wk. , . ,uw ...,. .,., AM 2 .-ul j u ' ,, nf -1 ,K ,5g:+s,., 'SSN-" F'1,sx, f fra .C be ..-, :ff ' :. 84 -396,1 fx l 1 .fo ' ' ,Q , ' 1 .,45,f ' ED MATULICH Cl'lARLlE WARD HENRY STEINRIEDE ED CILLUM MAYO PITTMAN Back Back Back Back Back Many individual members of the team deserve special mention for out- standing service during the l94O sea- song however, lack of space permits the selection of only a few, Undoubt- edly the most outstanding linesman under Hook Stone's tutelage was Cap- tain C-ranvil Hamby. Evidence of his ability was his selection for his second straight year as a member of the mythical All-Dixie Eleven. Con- sistent both on offence and defense was newcomer Robert West, towering Columbia's Ed Matulich was the sea- son's best with his elusive style of broken field running. Top honors in yardage gained went to fullback l-lenry Steinriede. Ed Cillum and Mayo Pitt- man deserve special mention for bril- liant ball carrying. ln what proved to be the high point of the football season for the Millsaps eleven, the Majors turned back a highly-touted Mississippi Southern team by a l4-7 score. Battling all the way the local gridsters played tackle on the Maior eleven with superiorballwith Steinriede,Matulich, ,I Hamby, Upton, and West leading the way. Enthusiasm was high as old graduates and students enjoyed a bitter l struggle between the two rivals, Upton and Jay Smith doing some able assisting at their respective positions of guard and tackle. ln the backfield ly l BRANDON BELL JOE MlLES WAYNE BAKER FORD CANTERBURY JAY SMITH Back Back Encl End End - .fix ,ff 1 ' it ., gg ..-2: 3 ,,11g.5.'v3 f.-2 0 S-if NIYRELJ l: SEQ -1- 'ZR it SiT12f".f, tgffff. AL. wr-fififtsi ' r ,f:s.1tL,g,-Q,g31g A X i f f X 1 g . 65 F I mp, 'uf -. mi, 75 -4 .S '72'T ,.,.-c-'ti ur - OSCAR TYNES WILLIE CARTER ROBERT WEST CHARLES KEMMITZER ROBERT SHELL End End Tackle Tackle Tackle The Majors started strong in l94O. After upsetting Louisiana College l-4-O they traveled to Delta State and returned with an easy l2-O triumph. Before a capacity crowd at Alumni field the following week the Majors routed a weak Hendrix College eleven by the score of 33-7. Coach Stone substituted freely and honors for the evening were evenly distributed. In their fourth start of the year the Stonemen battled the strong S. L. l. aggregation to a O-O deadlock. The Majors displayed an impenetrable defense against a heavier eleven and an offense that fell just short of scor- ing several times. J. B. UPTON GRANVIL HAMBY BURNELL SMITH Guard Guard Guard 1 Vg 71.0 .-,e. .- -9.11 Striking early in the first quarter the Mississippi College Choctaws con- tinued blitz tactics throughout the game to push over a surprising 27-O win over the bewildered Majors in this annual grudge battle. Despite occasional bursts of power the Majors never reached the proficiency which they had displayed in former games and of which they were capable. Over a thousand Major backers followed the team to Clinton where the game was played. On the rebound from the Choctaw disaster the Majors met and fell before an inferior Spring Hill eleven. Final score was l7-O. VIRGIL ANDERS WENDELL HART EUGENE W! Guard Center 'P i l Center . -524552 ,',j--" i.j.'fZ - 5 , f 4-'-Q-?5:'.,f :H Y "4""2l5a 7, 1.-..- .-I-. -' i' --sf' f'.,-?w '- v'.."?-f 'zJ'45'fl+v- + vafkfffi -x -.P-.1'.,-ff '.4.?-i-.f.' -if In the dressing room the men help each other into their togs plan ahead for the game to come, or rehash the game which has just been played. During the strenuous practice season the dressing room be- comes a second dormitory to our gridiron heroes, T 'T THE FIRST TEAM CONFERS. The usually stalwart Major defense was totally ineffective as Millsaps fans saw the football season reach its Iow- est ebb. Slated to go down in overwhelming defeat before the Southeastern Con- T offense and defense. I the first string in huddle, ference giant, Mississippi State, the Majors came back in surprising style to lose 46-I3 after leading the Bull- dogs at the half. The play of Ward, Matulich, and Jay Smith was outstand- ing in behalf of the Millsaps cause. BAKER LENDS A HELPING HAND. H 87 I During the huddle the team decides upon tactics, both of from this all-important pow wow that games are won and heroes are made. Here we see Climax of the season came when the Stonemen met the Howard College gridsters in the only day game of the year at Alumni field, A second half rally in which they displayed mid-sea- son form carne too late to overcome These shots of the Howard- Millsaps game show the Majors striving desperately to over- come a lead which was taken early in the game. This was the only afternoon game of the year played at home. an early lead gained by the visitors in the first half and the Major eleven fell before an alert Alabama squad by a 28-14 score. Ed Cillum and Pap l-lamby turned in good performances during the afternoon. f in ' Aw ' o 3. M 12 ,, 4 A . 4 ' .,., 7" ii 5' X in ,.,, I A V I V!,: QE-Ehsrl, N .N A! - ,,:.,w- s. i P f. f - X . -Sw,-,, . .-.LE . ' - ' '4' ' J. " 'Q' LL., S ' Y, -X . .fm-,1-,Q f"?'g4'w'f , -- '- . ff-f-Q ' if ',j, ' 'fielfif 'is' ' We , ., , Q x M 4' , f,,,.p?? Awrcg., I, .. U """'-""Yf?"",Si.f-i-'-x sf. .Y , f, N: '- L-R..-ff-' , in , .s..,..a.Lf'.f.J s s, Burt Sumrall, Charlie Ware, Curtis King, Willard Samuels, Milan Richardson, Woodrow Fox, Willie Branch, Rex Murff, Harold Boutwell, Frank Hodges, Ira Hudson, Hugh Adcock, Harry Jacobs, Tommy Hathorn. Cla llllllllll llHSlllHHll COACHES Bernie Ward, Coach of the Dixie Conference Champions, talks things over with Athletic Director Stone. Annexing the Dixie Conference championship tor the second year in succession, the l94l Millsaps Basket- ball Team closely approached the sta- tus of athletic perfection. Loyal Millsaps supporters were wor- ried when tormer coach of basketball B. O, Van l-look gave up athletics, but at the season's end they had nothing but praise for the work ot new head coach Bernie Ward. With a brilliant record of twenty- three wins and only four losses the Major cagers surpassed all former rec- ords and were undeniably the class of the Dixie Conference. M l LLSAPS' PRIZE-WI NN l NC TEAM WILLIE BRANCH JOE MILES MILAN RICHARDSON CHARLIE WARD JAY SMITH Cha I A hotly contested series of games with Mississippi College yielded two wins for each school with the Majors drawing final blood when they crushed their ancient rivals in a Dixie Confer- ence semi-tinal thriller. Prowess of the Major cagers is evi- denced by their clean sweep of the Dixie Tournament. Fans who saw the Millsaps team down Spring Hill, Chattanooga, Mississippi College, and Loyola, all in short order, were agreed that it deserved its place in basket- ball's hall ot tame. Boasting two near-professional quin- tets ot veterans and skilled newcom- ers, the Majors played spectacular as well as steady basketball, Spectators were kept on edge as the Millsaps tive handled the ball with dazzling skill or Hlllll changed at will from the old slow break style to a more rapid brand of basketball. Returning from last year's cham- pionship team were Charlie Ward, Clifton Jones, Oscar Tynes, Willie Branch, Willie Carter, Milan Richard- son, and Joe Willie Miles. New men who aided the Major cause this year were Jay Smith, Charles Kemmitzer, and Buddy Carr. Individual honors went to rangy Charlie Ward and sharpshooting Clit- ton Jones when they were placed on the All Dixie Conference tive. Buddy Carr and Jay Smith were always popu- lar with the fans for their daring attacks, and Willie Branch at his best played spectacular ball. OSCAR TYNES CLIFTON JONES CHARLES KEMMITZER WILLIE CARTER BUDDY CARR L52 If- -:Lu , :Q ai- BINFORD RICHARDSON WOODROW FOX IRA HUDSON CURTIS KING COACH GIVES THE BOYS A TALK. O DRESSING OUT. C 92 ln- 5 . LLSAP ' niL.s .ns . 5 rut 'un' Coach Stone, Catledge, Blount, Worthington, J. Jones, West, Smith, C. Jones, Canterbury, Miles, Fullilove, Stubble- Results ot the l94l track season are not complete, but progress early field, Warren. in the season has been encouraging. Meets have been scheduled with Mississippi College, Louisiana Tech and other neighboring colleges and competition throughout the season will be difficult. The Major thin clads were blessed with the return ot numbers of veterans from last year's squad, while talented transfers complete a tor- midable roster. Outstanding in high hurdles is Ford lScoopl Canterbury whose speed and form promise to win many tirsts for the Majors. -Cordon Worthington, tour year veteran, has repeatedly proved his ability as a jumper and is expected to star again this year. Handling low hurdles and the dashes will be veteran Joe Willie Miles and a new comer, Bill Fullilove. Coach Bernie Ward has the material on hand to mould one ot the strongest Major thin clad aggregations in recent years. 93 Iilllllll Behind the expert pitching of "Chunkin" Charlie Ward, ably assisted by Brandon Bell and Wendell Hart, and the consistent hitting of Milan Rich- ardson, Robert Shell and Ed Matulich the Millsaps 'Baseball Team battled its way through a turbulent but successful season. ln the won-lost column the Majors broke even with six victories and six defeats. Ciames with such strong teams as Ole Miss, Spring Hill and Mississippi College were typical ot the competition which the Majors faced this year. ln a three game series with the Mississippi College nine the Majors took two and dropped one hard fought contest. Coach Ward will have most of his l94l squad back next year to build what promises to be the best Major Baseball team in years. Shell, Fox, Cook, Bell, Ward, Coach Ward, Matulich, Laird, Ciraham, Fleming, Tatum, l-ludson, Hart, Anders, Pitt- man, Clark, Batboys. 94 gag. S Apu NAJUQS af Broome, Thorne, Hudson, Miller, Burnham. llNNlS Under the tutelage of Dr. M. C. White the l94l Tennis team, considering handicaps, has done well. As we go to press matches are still to be played and prospects for a successful completion of the season are good. Crippled by the loss of Johnny Miller, dynamic little star of last year's squad, the Major Netters have taken one ot the three matches played so far, dropping two to stronger squads. 95 'ii MISS FRANCES DECELL ll il .l.,..l ll llllllN'S Hl Under the guiding hand of Miss Frances Decell the womens athletic department has made great progress. ln one short year she has begun a real program of gym- nasium work, such as tumbling and dancing, to satisfy the college requirements in physical training. Outdoor sports are also an integral part of the program. Most popular sports with the co-eds are riding, tennis, golf, swimming, and archery. This year a comprehensive program of girl's intra-mural athletics has been included. Tennis sharks. DIRECTOR Miss Frances Decell, a new- comer to the Millsaps faculty, has been one of its most active mem- bers, The position of Women's Athletic Director is a new one at the college, and under Miss Decell the Program has expanded tre- mendously. l-ler friendly person- ality has endeared her to faculty and students alike, and she has made the college justly proud of its women's physical training department, lntra-murals this year have been popular and all-inclus- ive and have drawn their share of the spectators along with football and basketball. The goal of athletically- minded co-eds is the Majorette Club. The dancing class. 96 ARCI-IERY GOLF TENNIS RIDING ill ,F MILLSAPS IS NOTED FOQ ITS BEHUTIES 4 llllllll lllllll Sefecfs fke eaufies The task of choosing Millsaps' most beautiful co-eds is always a difficult one. This year Milton Caniff, a young American artist of proven talent and promising future, well known to college students as the creator of such beauties as the Dragon Lady, Burma, and Norman- die Drake, kindly agreed to lend a critical eye to Millsaps pulchritude. The pic- tures of twenty beautiful girls chosen by the heads of all social groups on the campus were sent to him for his opinion. The results of his selection are as you find them in the following pages: Milli- cent Lampe, Most Beautiful, Gertrude Triplett, Tip Stuart, Faola Lowe, Una Caldwell, and Shirley Chichester in the order listed. N -Winer, 'N-uv.- I xi 'T " 'ISI , f 5? X if 5 , , r 1.2 Cf-. 1 Amr ms nn if Av J if .5,,, .,, . N V 5 Ss! W. ni xl' .74 'fx ' Y., 'Aff' Q . ff pk .Jima-al' nwffi, ,i , ATX 'b L ll - 1 ls, " ., i, l Q -lvilqx 1 f i -a :fr . ' 1 YK' ll 1. 'T' l 2-"S" Q e ifiwll ,if i, A 'ATT 1 1 ,. -:'.,1 1. 1 r ' : ,'z' 1. 3: 153 ' si i T: -ii 'K ,,, 31' .21 ."i - 1 ff 31 ,4 I Ez .Q 1 1 'r 2' PP 1 - L 1 T3 ls f11 1-1 '3 1? 4 .21 . FI YS 3,3 112 1 .ff j.. 11 6 'E 1? .13 Eli ,111 'M 1' 5. l 1? 17 es ' ,Q ' . 4 I ' 15 J, .1 1 IF? J Q! ff. 7 . fi .11 'gal 4. 1 A- 1 'f i M I W 3 L 'E .. :ff W 1 3 1 . S J A 1 5 .M E -s 2 Zi fi .3 ft 's a Q. I I :N -Q I , x. .ET tg -1 11 A iz 4? fl . i li . I .J E fz ri R .1 ,i 2 3'0f"' JW QSJ..-RN Q62 ES GM T1 MIHTHPS HIVUHHS MYRTLE RUTH HOWARD BEVERLEY DICKERSON EDITH CORTRICHT A Geraldine Sumrall Mary Stone Virginia Hansell Mary Alyce Moore 109 ,. -wi g ,, 1 x 7 ,Q ' 114' . 4 . 1 'S 1 XJ . . R f lb UI- lv , 'J -'if ' -ff. 'Lf- Aff .,, ,.,. . ,,:,.,, ":-fftfgixs m' A ' ' fK2:4? . . fr .f,13,,.V. Vera Mae Coffman Hettie Faye Beasley Martha Lou Latimer Martha Mcllvvain ' J '.g'.- 5 IMPORTANT T0 Tl-II: STUDFNTS AQE TI-IE , , W '-,gr 1.5-Q T . , -:-.-vw Q1 I r gl L: r -nun, w , ' ,9x,'.,. I A 4 ' ,L at :I -I -I -I wl ul cle PHN-HIIIINI 0 LL IZ C Z 5 WOMENS Famous on the campus for being the sponsors of that much-planned-ahead- for-to-pay-back-obligations Leap Week, this organization has also the more serious nature of acting as a round table for the solving of sorority headaches. MEMBERS CHARLOTTE NICHOLS, Presi- dent - - - - Chi Omega cEclLlA BURDETTE ---- - - - - - - cmomega MARTHA C-ERALD-Kappa Delta KATHERINE CRIMES - - - - - - - - - Kappa Delta CORINNE BALL - - Phi Mu ELIZABETH CAMPBELL - - --------Phalvlu CORDE JO BIERDEMAN - - - - - Beta Sigma Omicron ELIZABETH PEELER ---- - - - - Beta Sigma Omicron lVlEN'S This friendly looking group of diplomats is for the purpose of hashing over rushing rules and other fraternity problems. They meet twice yearly, once in the fall to set rushing rules and again in the spring to elect officers - - - oh yes, and to have their picture made. IJS5:MBERS I JOE BROOKS, President - - - - - - - Lambda Chi Alpha ALAN HOLMES ----- - - - - Lambda Chi Alpha CHARLES MURRY ----- - - - - - Pi Kappa Alpha LAWRENCE PAINTER - - - - - - - - Pi Kappa Alpha BOYD KELLUM - Kappa Sigma JAMES WROTEN - Kappa Sigma WENDELL McALlLLY - - - - - - - - Sigma Rho Chi TOM ROBERTSON ---- - - - - - Sigma Rho Chi NAT ROGERS - - Kappa Alpha RICHARD LAUDERDALE - - - - - - - - Kappa Alpha 115 i Since 1914 when Phi Zeta became Epsilon chapter of Phi Mu and the first national sorority at Millsaps, things have rolled smoothly along, at least until the recent succession of red-heads came to clash with the pink carnations Which les soeurs fideles hold sacred. The sorority looms important in politics and scholarship, proudly exhibits Nell's convertible, Corinne's Packard, and a monopoly on "Miss Millsaps." Among les plus fideles des soeurs are: Miss Millsaps Campbell, Aquatic-performer-prexy Ball, Beauties Triplett, Stuart, and Loweg and mugging Betty Murphy. EPSILON CHAPTER OFFICERS Corinne Ball - - President Jane Clark - Vice-President Betty Murphy - - Secretary Elizabeth Campbell ---- - - ---- - Treasurer MEMBERS Hazel Bailey ---- 43 Jean Barnett ---- 43 Martha Boger - - 44 Frances Brady - - 42 Mary Lee Busby - - - 43 Helen Carr ----- 43 Wilma Nell Clifton - - 44 Eleanor Cobb ---- 41 Dorothea Colbert - - - 44 Lorna Collion - - - 44 Lady Rachel Conner - 44 Vera Daniels ---- 41 Virginia Davis - - - 41 Martha Louise Dent - - 42 Suenette Dinkins - - 43 Ann Duke ----- 43 Vernon Eaton - - - 43 Florence Froehlig - - 44 Marjorie Hammer - - 44 Maxine Harper - - 44 Cornelia Harrison - - 44 Lela Mae Howell - - 44 Frances Irby - - - 42 Faola Lowe - - - 42 Mary Anna Mayo - - 44 Martha McIlwain - - 41 Virginia McKeown - - 43 Gertrude Pepper - - 44 Geraldine Reagan - - 44 Ann Rhymes - - 42 Elizabeth Riddell - - 44 Katherine Riddell - - 42 Sylvia Roberts - - - 43 Mary Hanes Smith - - 41 Elizabeth Stuart - - - 44 Janice Trimble - - 43 Gertrude Triplett - - 44 Margaret Weathersby - 43 Frances Wroten - - - 43 MEMBERS lin iley I-lull llawlxett H41ge?I' Hrzxfly llllsluy 4'2lTIlIJl5l31l f'2lI'l' Clark 4'lit'tl+n Vulrln 1'nllwI'l cmlliun "4'Illlr4I' Uzlniwls Imvis lfrflli llinliins llukv Fr. whlig Hu mmer l'lill'1ll-'l' l12ll'l'lS0ll Hmvpll lrlxy I,mv+J llnyfx Murphy Mullwain Mr-Ke-own l've11pe1' Rlmyme-S K. Riddell li. Riddell l'l4rl'vf-rts Smith St ua rt Trimlwle XVez1tlw1'slJy XVI'1'vI6'l'l Late in 1914 Kappa Deltas at Millsaps first donned the diamond shield and began passing the Word, "Your's in ACT." Since then they have mingled their green and White in various activities - dramatics, politics, and glee club in particular. With eleven sisters in the Singers this year, the chapter has considered making a good voice a prerequisite of membership. Athletically in- clined members are still conspicu- ously absent, though, - the record of no intramural cups standing in- tact. The lodge boasts of having the highest marriage percentage on the campus, a corner on freshman editors, a group of hot-headed poli- ticians, Sig L's Larsen and Gerald, Cheerleaders Young and Castle, and the campus trio, "June, Jidge, 'n' Jeef' U CHAPT OFFICERS Martha Gerald - President Katherine Grimes ---- - - - - - Vice-President Martha Mansfield-Secretary Mary Cavett Newsom - - - - - - - Treasurer MEMBERS Barbara Boswell - - - 43 Elizabeth Buchanan - - 44 Udine Burns ---- 44 Alma Elizabeth Carl - 44 Eleanor Castle - - - 41 Vera Mae Coffman - - 44 Julia Cropper ---- 42 Katherine Ryan Decelle - 42 Mary Emma Ervin - - 43 Alice Louise Farr - - 44 Ruth Gibbons - - - 43 Mary Margaret Graham - 41 Marie Grubbs - - - 44 Annie Marion Guyton - 44 Nanette Hamilton - - 43 Audrey Hare ---- 43 Charline Harris - - 44 Jane Henry - - - 43 Virginia James - - 41 Evelyn Jones - - - 41 Millicent Lampe - - 43 Betty Larsen - - - 41 Betty Clyde Lloyd - - 43 Althea Martin - - - 43 Louise Miller - - - 44 Marjorie Miller - - 41 Virginia Minyard - - -43 Jean Morris ---- 44 Margaret McDougal - - 41 Carolyn McPherson - - 42 Doris Nichols ---- 42 Mary Bryan Parker - 43 Virginia Price - - - 43 Dorothy Raynham - - 44 Virginia Shelton - - 41 Ann Spengler - - - 42 Kathleen Stanley - - 44 Jacqueline Stevens - - 44 Jeanne Stevens - - - 44 Geraldine Sumrall - - 43 Glenn Sweany - - - 43 Marianna Terry - - 41 Maxine Young - - 41 Sarah Zeigler - - 44 MEMBERS l,m4wPll l-luvliziiuin liuriis Curl Viisile Vi-ffiiian 1'1'::pDer Decelle Ervin Farr Honlld tlilwhons 1lI'2lllfl.ITl Grimes 1ll'lllJlJS iliijvlon llaire Hzirris Hvnry James .limes Hamilton Lzimpe Lzirse-n Lloyd Mansfield Martin L. Miller M. Miller Miuyard llirl'l'lS Mi-Imu,2':1l McPherson Nvwsom Parker Price Ruynlmm Shvltrjll Sinenglm' Stanley Jac. Stevens .I, Stevens Sumrall Sweany Terry Yuung Zeigler In 1926, after an anxious summer of petitioning, the local Pi Kappas were inducted by the Belhaven chapter fthey had sororities thenb into the national mysteries of Beta Sigma Omicron. From then on out, the Beta Sigs have made their place among the sorority girls at Mill- saps, excelling particularly in for- ensics, scholarship, and athletics. The chapter keeps in the ruby and pink with Currie's limousine and a monopoly on intramural cups. Wrinkles in the chapter brow are: Freshmen Morson and Applevvhite, eternal agitators, and Yankee Neu, Whose brogue is THAT thick. And the Grecian lamp shines brightly on: Journalist Peeler, Debater God- bold, and Athletes Beasley and Rush. ALPHA ZETA CI-IAPTER OFFICERS Corde Joe Bierdeman - - - - - - - President Elizabeth Peeler ---- - - - - - Vice-President Susie Rush - - Secretary Mary Joe Currie - Treasurer MEMBERS Sarah Jean Applewhite - 44 Hettie Faye Beasley - 43 Helen Booth ---- 42 Mary Alice Boyles - - 44 Wadine Brady - - - 44 Allie Ruth Chatham - 42 Linda Dallis - - 43 Dorothy Droke - - 44 Ann Futral - - - 44 Ruth Godbold - - 43 Margret Johnson - - - 41 Patricia Litton - - 44 Aronelle Lofton - - 42 Sue McCormack - - - 44 Priscilla Morson - - - 44 Adele Neu - - - 43 Clarine Rush ---- 43 Mary Louise Sheridan - 42 Julia Wasson ---- 44 HHH SIHMH HMIIIHHN 'vw '7 'WIQ 'Q' Kg aI'Pvx X4 T 4:- ,vw- ,av vi "TY rw 'S' ,Q MEMBERS Applvwhite IM-zaslvy Iiin-1-114-111311 Ihmtll li-,yles Iixulfly f'h2lI111lll1 l'lll'l'it' I I Fllllill 4lmHv4ul4l llwllwwzly .lv hnsnu Liltuu Imflon BIHVSU11 M1-4'u1'111110k Nvu IH-1-lel' V. Hush S. Hush Sh1'I'ill1lI1 XYALSSU11 'ullls Pxmliu Back about 1934 the Tri Chis swapped their Xis for one "X and a horseshoe" to bring the number of national sororities on the campus to the sum total of four. Chief inspiration of campus wise-cracks this year has been the four score or so names on the chapter roll, but the Chi O's can take it Qalong with fra- ternity pins, which number sixjb. Three convertibles, three Sigma Lambdas, and a much exploited pull With the profs are counted to their credit. Well known also are the pro- tracted initiations tthey enjoy a Week of itj, their inability to Win an election, innumerable Chi Omega songs tplus a pianol, and Beverleyts pin. tty, Cl-II DELTA CHAPTER OFFICERS Shirley Chichester - President Patricia Eager - Vice-President Mary Alyce Moore - Secretary Mary Stone ---- Treasurer MEMBERS Betty Barner ------ 44 Betty Bobo - - - - - 44 Blanche Borum - - - - 41 Cecelia Burdette ---- 42 Genevieve Burdette - - - 43 Erin Taylor Clayton - - - 43 Edith Cortright ----- 44 Celia Davis ------ 44 Eva Decell - - - - - 42 Beverley Dickerson - - - 42 Gayle Doggett ----- 41 Maye Evelyn Doggett - - 43 Doris Evans ------ 44 Una B. Fitts - - - - - 41 Carol Fox ------- 43 Lucile Fox ------ 41 Annie Laurin Galloway - - 43 Gertrude Gibson ---- 43 Nancy Graham ----- 42 Jean Grambling - - - 43 Bess Green - - - - 43 42 Virginia Hansell ---- Ann Herbert - - - - - 42 Carol Herron ----- 42 Mittie Hix ------ 44 Myrtle Ruth Howard - - - 41 Lily Ijams ------- 44 Martha Frances Jones - - 43 Miriam Jones ----- 42 Martha Lou Latimer - - - 43 Louise Lowe ----- 43 Eleanor Grace Lucas - - 42 Florence Mars - - - - 44 Doris Murphree - - 44 Mary McRae - - - 42 Bettye Nail - - - - 44 W N 1 - - 41 42 yc ay or - - - Jacqueline Newman - - Charlotte Nichols ---- 41 Mary Elizabeth Nordin - - 42 43 44 Patricia Parker ----- Hortense Perkins ---- Clara Porter ------ 44 Martha Ruth Powell - - - 41 Catherine Pullen ---- 44 Mary Fay Reese ---- 41 Catherine Richardson - - 43 Helen Ricks ------ 42 Helen Ruoff ------ 43 Martha Frances Sheffield - 42 Dorothy Sherman ---- 43 Virginia Sherman ---- 44 Josephine Timberlake - - 41 Nell Triplett ------ 43 Julia May Watkins - - - 42 Peggy Whitmire - - - 43 Olga Wright - - - - 42 OF EHI HMMH . ., 1 . .,., --H XX " Q sw ' fl N F: if N X. is S1 ' Q I.. f , ii. A ' X :V . Va A 4- x -a -s I ., W...-,,.,,,.A 0,7 ,. ww Y V1 k -'XV 7 L x 4 ,5 1' 3 A Q I -I , N1 1 X' . , .ga - 3 3. 'M ' FF I 6' , 1-. 2 n' ' ' x- ' Q ' . - - 2: 'Ef..lE:5' : A , , s.l'. 2' ff 1 V --J 'X -. - 1, 1 Q "' 'T ,rv S' 'P' -. A Er H 1, L -' R ,Q q ,q . 1 L, X was 3? " V ' F X . , 'Q ' Q kt I, , J I ',.'l 1 I MEMBERS I-In l'I1f'l' H1 alan I:ul'lllH V. l'!u1'rlPtte tl, Hurd:-tu? 1'him'h1-su-1' Uluytmx 4'H1'll'i:4'llt Iiuvis Iiwfvll Iwnnis 1li1'kPl'S1lll Imlms 15. lmugg-ext M. IG, Imggett 1'I:lg'vr Evans Pitts C, Fux L. Fox Gzlllnwuy llihs-nl Qlrznnlhlimx liruhzlm Green Hmlsvll Ilerhert Hix Huw:u'd Ijums M. F. .hum-s M. .Jmws Latimer Lmvf- Mars Mural? 1ILll'Dhl'QE M1-R210 Nail Nzlylol' Newman Nivlmls Nmwlin Parker I'm'tv1' Pmvf-ll I-'ulleu Rvesw Hivllzllwisml Ricks lllmff Sheffield Il. Shi-'l'11li1Il Y. Sherman Stewart Stun? Timberlake Trilulelt Xvllitllliftl The Sons of the South pride them- Al-IDI-IA M U Cl-IADTEIQ selves on being "aristocrats" both of Dixie and of Millsaps, where they are the oldest chapter on the campus. Since 1893 Millsaps K.A.'s have worshipped at the shrine of Lee and the Confederacy, worn the crimson rose, played billiards in their Game Room, and immersed themselves in campus politics. This year, with the help of the alumni, the frateres have taken a new inter- est in southern womanhood and dis- tributed pins to some half dozen fair examples on the campus, sev- eral elsewhere. Leisurely led by "Ho-Hum" Rogers, Lauderdale, and Rundle the Gentlemen held a state convention, kept the south end of the campus noisy, and surprised themselves by winning one intra- mural cup. E Ni., 4 ani., .. K -si' OFFICERS Nat Rogers - - - Richard Lauderdale John Rundle - - - MEMBERS Edmund Barnes - - Walter Baskin - - Reid Bingham Jack Boyles - D. T. Brock - - - James G. Chastain - Clem Crook - - - Bill Cunningham Harwell Dabbs - Edwin Daniels - Harold Douglas - Shaw Enochs - - Dudley Galloway - Sidney Graves - - Clifton Hamilton Dwight Hickman Cecil Inman - Dewitt James - Phillip King - - Rudolph Legler - - James Livesay - Baldwin Lloyd - George Moore - - Sam Moore - James Ogden - Grady Powers - Walter Ridgway - - Bob Roberts - - - Brewster Robinson - Billy Ross ---- Charles Scott - Tom Scott - John Webb - Milton White - - Jack Whitney - Billy Williams - Ney Williams - - ,4 MEMBERS Ilurmls IHISIUII liinglmnl l:.,y1.,-s l':l'uL'l-i 1'hz1stui11 4'l'fmk 4,'Ul1IliHghIlll1 Imbhs Daniels Imu,a:'lus E111 whs ll2ll1fnVEty Grave-sa Hnmilton Hickman James King I,i1llflQl'd2LlE! LQLIIQI' IAVPSZIY Llmyrl 15, Mfmri' S. Mmwe ll!-1'dt'l1 I'mu-rs Iiiflpzway Ilnberts liuhiusfm Iingers Russ Iluudlc- F. SL-Anti T. Svrrtt Sumner Topix XV1-'lmlr XYhite XYhitney Xvildfll' N, XVil1iams H, XVilliz1ms Since 1895 the star and cresent have illumined the south corner of the campus and shone over barn dances, baseball diamonds, and gridirons. Having been called everything from playboys to Grill- hounds, it remaind for this year's chapter to turn scholar and lack- adaisically polish off an index of 1.68. Be wary of your idiosyncrasies when around the Sigs-they have the knack of beginning nicknames that stick, as witness "Hant', Eager, "Body" Hansell, "Truck" Watkins, "Politico" Harris, et al. Bragging for confessingl the list among their number such campus characters as "Preacher" McCafferty, "Baldy" Burwell, "Killum" Kellum, Drs. Cavett and Martin, "PressboX" Rabb, Gradyandpat, and athletes Richardson and Samuels. ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER OFFICERS James Wroten - President Boyd Kellum -Vice-President John Burwell - Secretary Edward Fleming - Treasurer MEMBERS Clay Alexander - - - 43 Sam Birdsong - - - 42 Buford Blount - - - 44 Judge Graham Brady - 42 Charles Carmichael - 44 Robert Carr ---- 42 James Cavett - - - 41 Bobby Clark - - - 44 Julius Crisler - - - 44 Lewis Crouch - - 41 Guy Dean - - - 42 Allen Epps ----- 43 William Fullilove - - 44 Grady Graham - - 41 Baird Green - - 44 Ben Hall - - - - 43 Tommy Hathorn - - 42 Warren Henderson - - 44 Ralph Laird ---- 43 Raymond Martin - - 42 Rufus Moore ---- 44 Leeland Morgan - - - 41 James McCafferty - - 42 Harold Rankin - - - 41 Lawrence Rabb - - - 42 Milan Richardson - - 41 Willard Samuels - - - 41 Albert Sanders - - 42 John Sanders - - - 44 Harry Sasser - - 44 John Shands - - - 44 Bill Smith ----- 42 Thomas Spengler - - 42 Henry Steinriede - - 42 Harold Stevens - - - 44 Jim Stuckenschneider - 44 Fred Tatum ---- 43 Jim Thompson - - - 41 Ray Triplett - - - 43 Mitchell Wells - - 43 Frank Williams - - - 43 Donald Winner - - 44 Noel Womack - - 44 Herman Zimoski - - - 42 l GF KHPPH SIHMH . .. 4-' .Q .4- .6390 -4 105 "fum .I ,,..- MEMBERS Alexander Birdsnng Blount Brady Burwell t,'arrnichz1el Farr Favektt Clark Crislel' Crouch Dean Flemi ng Fulliluve Grahzim Green Hull Ha thorn Henderson Kellum Laird Martin Moore 1IOI',E,'21Il Mc'4.'uffe1'ty Rahb Rankin Richardson Samuels A. Sanders J. S2'lI1llE'1'S Sasser Shands Smith Spangler Stevvns Stuckenschneider Tatum Thrvmyvson Triplett YYY-11s YVil1ian1s XVinner XVUIIIZICK XVroten Lucky in politics, unlucky in love -these Shield and Diamonders are the only fraternity on the campus which can boast a pinning score of 0 for the year. The Pikes point with pride to a chapter of individuals, ranging from Calvin and Cudge to David Donald and Graham McFar- lane. Chief news of the year was the complete annexation of the Wright family-including Olga, who left the Millsaps brotherhood cold in favor of a member of the State tribe. Life for the boys on Marshall Street is far from simple: The younger members follow the time-honored Pike tradition of trying to be B. M. O. C., build floats until five A. M., and generally worry the student body sick with their antics-while the Old Guard, composed of Clark, Murry, Painter, Wilson, and White sit around the chapter house fstill newl in glorified bull sessions con- cerning roseate dreams of the past and refuse to worry about the future. ALP!-IA IOTA Cl-IAPTE OFFICERS Charles Murry - President Ess White - Vice-President Roy Clark - - Treasurer MEMBERS James Armstrong - - 43 Dorsey Ball ---- 42 Aden Barlow - - 43 John Blakeslee - 44 Hugh Boswell ---- 42 Eugene Boykin - - 44 Duncan Brackin - - 44 Willie Branch - - - 42 Charles Burnham - 44 Herbert Crisler - - 43 Thomas Dent - - - 44 David Donald - - 41 Richard Dorman - - - 41 Wilford Doss - - - 42 Mark Ethridge - - 42 Kinch Exum - - 44 Ross Grady - - 44 David Harpole - - 42 Davis Haughton - - 43 James Holder ---- 44 Bobby Holyfield - - - 44 Charles Jackson - - - 41 Jack King ----- 44 Charles Mangin - - 44 Carl Miller ----- 41 John Miller ----- 43 Carroll Mitchell - - - 44 Johnny Morrow - - - 44 Dan McCullen - - - 44 Graham McFarlane - - 42 Marion McGough - - 43 Louis Navarro - - 42 Lawrence Painter - - 41 Robert Pearson - - - 43 James Rimmer - - - 41 Romulus Pittman - - 44 Charlton Roby - - - 42 Maury Ross - - - 44 T. C. Schilling ---- 42 Calvin Stubblefield - - 43 Joe Stubblefield - - - 43 Lawrence Waring - - 42 James Webb ---- 44 ' John White - - - 44 Louis Wilson - - - 41 Rice Wilson ---- 42 Buddy Wofford - - - 44 Gordon Worthington - 41 Billy Wright ---- 44 IXHP MEMBERS .Xl'1nstnmg' lin VII vw lb ,swell I'l1':lm-kin Ihnykin H111 nvh 4'I:n1'k Funk t'1'islvr llvlll I M muh! I mrnmn Imax lCtln'i1Ix:f- ICN u m tlrzuly Ilzululutml H1ll4lc'l' K. llnlyfin-111 II, Hnlyfi--111 .lzlwlqsml King Alllllilill V. Alillffl' .I, Millvr Milvhvll Mm'1w'w Murry M4-1 'ulh-n Alf- I"zl1'l:1n4- M1-1 hvugh Nu v:11'r'- Vu inte-V I'v.l1's1r11 Piltmzln Ilillllilvl' ll: ally Russ S4-hillinfr Sl'hXV2l1'tZ Stum- Stuhhlvfielcl xV1ll'iI'lg' Xvellb XVI1 i tr- I., Yvilsull Il. NVilson XVnffm'd XVwr'tl1ingtm1 U'l'ig'l'lI 1940-41 for the boys on Living- T H E TA E TA Z E T stone Street saw the rise of Sam Schiek to challenge the reputation of older brother Brooks as a charac- ter actor, the continued popularity of Ed Dawkins and guitar at Lambda Chi picnics, and the em- ergence of Alan Holmes as an indis- pensable adjunct to the debate club. Kolb, Holmes, and Addison functioned as a Brain Trust-Kolb, surprisingly enough, revealing hid- den talents as a jitterbug. Lambda Chis, in general, concern themselves little with the co-eds, concentrate their efforts on intramural contests with enviable results. OFFICERS Joe Brooks - - President Gwin Kolb - Vice-President Alan Holmes - Secretary Leslie Addison - Treasurer M E M B E R S Walter Beard - - - 41 Varlee Bivins - - 44 Robert Condon - - 42 John Cope - - 43 Edwin Dawkins - - 43 Bill Fazakerly - - 42 Floyd Gillis - - 42 Eugene Hanes - 41 Guy Hollister - - 44 Marzine Hudson - - 43 David Hunt - - 43 Harry Jacobs - - - 43 Leslie Matthews - - 44 Billy Mingee - - - 44 Tom Neely - - 41 Emmett Rossie - - 42 Sam Schiek - - 42 Bill Shanks - - 44 Hunter Stokes - - 44 Floyd Stricklin - - 44 Harold Thompson - - 44 Ira Thorne - - - 42 Osborne Traylor - - 44 Berdyne Turner - - 42 James Ward - - 41 David Watts - - 42 Elden Wells - - 42 M. J. Williams - - 44 Dan Wright - - 44 HI MEMBERS ,Xclrliswn I-Ieznwl Bivins Rrm1lc:4 Pope' lruwkins F2lZIlkvl'lj Gillis H 11 Ilf'S Hulnws H uni .Iam-nl as Krall, Mzlltlwws Minm-0 NPQAI3' H4 lssie- Schivk Shanks Stwkvs Stricklin Thwmpw In Tl1rnl'llt1 'frziylfwx' Turner XYard NYHIIS 'Wells A VITAL PART QI: CGI I PGI? I IFF ARE TI-IE UBBHIIIZIJTIUIIS Y- llH SIEMH Donald, Kolb, Lauderdale, McFarlane, Roby, White, Currie, Fincher, Moore, Ricketts, Riecken, Wharton. Some people do make A's. To prove that a straight-A student is neither mythical, prehistoric, nor extinct we give you Eta Sigma and its members, chosen for excellence in scholarship from the Junior and Senior Classes. Ciwin Kolb, President Ess White, Vice-President Professor Edmund Ricketts, Secretary David Donald Richard Lauderdale Craham McFarlane Eta Sigma has been working this year toward affiliation with Phi Beta Kappa, to which most of its faculty members already belong, and to that fraternity we recommend them as neither book- worms nor geniuses-enough to say that they make A's at Millsaps! MEMBERSHIP Nelson Nail Dr. J. A. Fincher Charlton ROPY Dr. Ross H. Moore FACULTY: Dr. W. E. Riecken Dr. H. M. Bullock Dr. M. L. Smith Mrs, Henry W. Cobb Dr. E. S. Wallace Dr. George Currie Dr. V. L. Wharton 135 llllllllll lllllH lHllllH Burwell, Cavett, Clark, Holmes, Holyfield, Lauderdale, Murry, McDavid, Painter, Robertson, Rogers, Sumrall, White, Wroten, Moore, Riecken, Wharton. Pi circle of Omicron Delta Kappa has, since l926, awarded its golden key to those male stu- dents ot Millsaps who measured up to the highest standards of leadership land could pass the clubl. Members are honored because of prominence in such activities as forensics, publications, athletics, scholarship, and club work. One ot the strongest of national honoraries, ODK marks its brothers for recognition wherever they go. MEMB James Cavett, President Charles Murry Roy Clark, Vice-President Joel McDavid Dr. Ross H. Moore, Secretary Lawrence Painter John Burwell Tom Robertson Allan Holmes Nat Rogers Burt Sumrall Ess White Kenny Holyfield Richard Lauderdale 136 At their monthly meetings these Big Shots discuss ways and means ot improving Millsaps, agree upon some projects which they sponsor with the success characteristic of their individual activi- ties. The active circle includes five faculty members, and, each year, one alumnus member. ERSHIP James Wroten FACULTY: Dr. W. E. Riecken Dr. M. L. Smith Dr. E. S. Wallace Dr. V. L. Wharton SIHMH lHllHllH Campbell, Chichester, Gerald, Khayat, Larsen, Moore, Ricks. With the Green Room as a sort of unofficial meeting place these B.W.O.C. gather each month with an eye to the past, present, and future of Millsaps women. ,.Having affiliation with Mortar Board as an annual project secondary only to the Varsity Show, Sig L's press onward toward the prize-whatever it may be. Seven members grace the ranks of this auspi- cious group-among whom are Shirley Chichester, who wields a feeble gavel at the head of the table, Secretary Kliayat, who cries periodically for lamps for Galloway parlor, Helen Ricks, who enthusias- tically dreams up wonderful things for Sigma Lambda to do, while Mary Alyce Moore firmly states that there is not one available date on the student calendar for the next two years, and Martha Gerald, who impatiently urges a revision of the point system. ln the midst of Betty Larsen's discussion of the latest act for the Varsity Show, the climax comes when Lib Campbell, if present, calmly rises and announces, "I've just got to get home." Faculty members Stone, Cobb, and Craig provide steadying hands, cool heads, and the wis- dom of experience. M E M B E R S H l P Shirley Chichester, President Betty Larsen FACULTY: Elizabeth Campbell, Vice-President M I Mrs. Henry W. Cobb Evaline Khayat, Secretary ary Ayce Moore Miss Elizabeth Craig Martha Gerald Helen Ricks Mrs. Mary B. Stone l i i I it Y.ll.l.H. lHlllNll Birdsong, Burwell, Cavett, Clark, Christmas, Dabbs, Graves, Hall, Haughton, Holyfield, Kellum, Lauderdale, Murry, McDavid, Pearson, Rabb, Rankin, Robertson, Rogers, Ross, Royal, Tatum, Waring, Watts, Wroten, For more or less indefinite reasons, these YMCA big-shots meet twice a month-probably make plans for some of the Y programs which occur at lO:2O on Monday mornings. They get together with the YW and the Christian Council to hold the always-successful MEM James Wroten, President Richard Lauderdale, Vice-President Charles Murry, Secretary Sam Birdsong John Burwell James Cavett Roy Clark Davis Christmas Harwell Dabbs Spring Retreat, discuss and study problems of faculty-student relations, school spirit, student devotiong spend the rest of their time striving generally to maintain the wholesome atmosphere of the Millsaps campus. BERSHIP Sidney C-raves Ben Hall Davis Haughton Kenny Holyfield Boyd Kellum Joel McDavid David Pearson Lawrence Rabb Harold Rankin 138 Tom Robertson Nat Rogers Billy Ross Phillip Royal Fred Tatum Lawrence Waring David Watts Y.ll.lI.H. lHllINll :tiki Bierdeman, Castle, Doggett, Gerald, Grubbs, Khayat, Moore, Pevey, Ricks, Riddell. Sincere young ladies bent on planning well lt, too, has a hand in the spring Retreat which, especially it there is to be a moon, draws a year's Y-program are these-though, of course, almost the whole of the college crowd. 't' th b' t d ' 't f a pos' lon on e Ca me ces glve Dom S or Gayle, when and if she can shake off Eugene, Sigma Lambda- presides and advises at the meetings. M E M B E R S H l P Gayle Doggett, President Corde Jo Bierdeman Evaline Khayat Katherine Riddell, Vice-President Mary Alyce Moore' Secretary Eleanor Castle Frances Pevey Martha Gerald, Treasurer Marie Grubbs Helen Ricks 139 i Ill llHl'llH IllllH ASS Castle, Clark, Donald, Fox, Gerald, Gwin, Holmes, Holyfield, Lauder- dale, McFarlane, Rogers, Wroten, Wharton. Millsaps' favorite sons and daughters-and rightly so, one becomes convinced-are her debat- ers and orators, who time after time have brought home to Alma Mater those gleaming cups and medals. Each year the most silver-tounged of these argumentative champions are gathered into Pi Kappa Delta, a national forensic fraternity boasting l48 chapters. MEM Roy Clark, President Nat Rogers, Vice-President Kenny Holyfield, Secretary Eleanor Castle David Donald In December the Millsaps Debate Tour- nament was sponsored by the local chapter. Throughout Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi the platforms have resounded with the cases of these fluent public speakers, who climaxed their season by arguing their way into the Mississippi championship at the State Tourna- ment. BERSHIP Lucile Fox Martha Cierald Laura Gwin Allan Holmes Richard Lauderdale , 140 Graham McFarlane James Wroten FACULTY: Dr. E. S. Wallace Dr. V. L. Wharton Hll'Hll llllllllll IllllH -1 Boswell, Cavett, Dean, Graves, Kellum, Martin, Murry, McFarlane, Nichols, Shelton, White, Fincher, Riecken, Sullivan. Mississippi Alpha of Alpha Epsilon Delta, national pre-medical fraternity, includes the most promising doctors-to-be in a school well known for its science department. The chapter this year helped in giving physical examinations to most of the students, began a drive for a college infirmary, made trips to Sanatorium and to Whitfield, and held open forum for all interested students. The Pre-Medical Club, sponsored by AED, includes all pre-medical students at Millsaps. At its bi-weekly meetings the club hears outstanding physicians of Jackson and the surrounding terri- tory and presents student programs by its mem- bers. Each year a select few of the club members find their way into Alpha Epsilon Delta. MEMBERSHIP Sidney Graves Carol Herron Boyd Kellum Raymond Martin Graham McFarlane Ess White Charles Murry, President James Cavett, Vice-President Virginia Shelton, Secretary Charlotte Nichols, Treasurer Hugh Boswell Cuy Dean 141 FACULTY: Dr. J. A. Fincher Dr. W. E. Riecken Dr. J. M. Sullivan llll lllll Brooks, Donald, Farr, Kolb, Painter, Powers, Robertson, Rundle, Moore, Ricketts, Sanders, Wharton, White. Membership in Kit Kat, so it is claimed, is the greatest distinction which can come to creative writers and students of literature at Millsaps. The oldest honorary on the campus, Kit Kat was for years affiliated with a national literary organiza- tion, but decided of late that its own prestige is sufficient and went local. These literati meet, theoretically, once a month lin reality, whenever the mood strikes theml in a glorified bull-session where they eat heartily, boast of all they've read, and present original masterpieces to the club for critical demo- lition. Some day, come the millenium, a more aspiring member of the group will publish a best- seller, but there is small possibility even then that his Kit Kat brothers will like it. MEMBERSHIP Joe Brooks David Donald Lewis Farr John Rundle Gwin Kolb, Secretary Lawrence Painter Grady Powers Tom Robertson FACULTY: Dr. Ross H. Moore Professor Edmund Ricketts Professor A. C. Sanders Dr. V, L. Wharton Dr. M. C. White EHI lllllll XJ C ,ig Ball, Chichester, Cobb, Gerald, Larsen, Ricks, Sheffield, Stone, Thomas. Chi Delta, or "Bluestockings" as they are Unlike their Kit Kat brothers, Chi Deltas more informally called, claims to be a local organ- gush effusedly over each other's creations- ization of literary minded young ladies. At their regard all their sisters as "very, very talented." two or three "monthly" meetings they simper over From tap-day appearances, female literary genius tea and cookies-present original stories and abounds at Millsaps-the best of it swarms into poems, tending usually toward sentimentality. Chi Delta. MEMBERSHIP Betty Larsen, President Martha Gerald Miss Elizabeth Craig Helen Ricks, Vice-President Martha Sheffield Mrs' Marguerite Goodman Eleanor Cobb, Secretary Mary Stone Corinne Bail FACULTY: 'WS' MMV B' Stone Shirley Chichester Mrs. Henry W. Cobb Miss Virginia Thomas 143 lllllH lHl'llH lilllH Birdsong, Lauderdal For its membership Delta Kappa Delta taps those students most actively interested in law and political science. The route into the fraternity lies usually through the Pre-Law Club which is now sponsored by the honorary organization. Founded locally in l939, DKD is one of the few pre-law fraternities in existence. MEM Richard Lauderdale, President Kenny Holyfield, Vice-President Lucile Fox, Secretary Sam Birdsong J. C. Brady Brady, Burwell, Daniels, Fox, Holmes, l-lolyfield, Kolb, e, Lloyd, Rabb, Rundle, Timberlake, At their meetings these legally minded stu- dents prepare themselves for law school, receive advice from prominent attorneys, discuss matters of civic interest to the campus, and occasionally fraternize with the Choctaw law Club. Leading the club this year were Dickie Lauderdale, presi- dent for the second time, and Professor R. R. Haynes, sponsor. BERSHIP Lawrence Rabb John Rundle Josephine Timberlake FACULTY: Professor R. R. Haynes John Burwell Edwin Daniels Allan Holmes Cwin Kolb Baldwin Lloyd 144 lNllHNHllllNHl llllllllllll lllll 27? 6" My 'JF "' Barnes, Chichester, Clark, Donald, Holmes, Holyfield, Lauderdale, Newsom, Nichols, Painter, Powers, Rabb, Ricks, Rogers, Rundle, Timberlake, Moore, Ricketts, Wharton. If one looks slyly and sharply to his left he may discover this subversive group of laborites lthat's Ciradyl, history students, and Chi Omegas srnugly professing inside knowledge of world by 4' al 4 2 -Q crop, the rights of workers, and isolation policies argue vociferously over the slept-through topics patiently explain current events to the lady-mem bers lwho, it seems, never read the papersl g and affairs. suffer wearily through a one-way stream of puns At the bi-weekly meetings, this year under the Moore-Rogers dictatorship, they doze through statistic-crammed reports on the Argentine linseed MEMBERSHIP Richard Lauderdale Mary Cavett Newsom Charlotte Nichols Lawrence Painter Grady Powers Lawrence Rabb Helen Ricks Nat Rogers, President Roy Clark, Vice-President Shirley Chichester, Secretary Edmund Barnes David Donald Allan Holmes Kenny Holyfield 145 The only conclusion ever reached concerns the program committee-that is, if anyone is unfor tunately absent from the meeting. John Rundle Josephine Timberlake FACULTY: Dr. Ross H. Moore Professor Edmund Ricketts Dr. E. S. Wallace Dr. V. L. Wharton llH SIHMH PHI WTI? wi 'Pi gvwy w U - A I Crook, G. Doggett, M. Doggett, Gerald, Gibbons, I-lolytield, Jones, Khayat, Kolb, C. Miller, M. Miller, Moore, Newsom, Robertson, Rogers, Trimble, Whitehead, Currie. Students of the classics who achieve a B average for three semesters in their chosen lan- guage are eligible tor membership in the national honorary fraternity, Eta Sigma Phi. President Carl Miller, who served this year as National Secretary, presided seriously over the meetings MEM Carl Miller, President Tom Robertson, Vice-President Mary Cavett Newsom, Secretary Gayle Doggett, Treasurer Mary Alyce Moore, Sergeant-ab Dolores Craft Clem Crook Ruth Gibbons Kenny l-lolytield Haniel Jones Evalirie Khayat Gwin Kolb arms Eleanor Grace Lucas Marjorie Miller which were called, apparently, at the suggestion ot the muses. The Greeks had a word tor some things, but it would have taxed their vocabulary to describe the annual Eta Sigma Phi banquet, a linguistic triumph. BERSHIP FACULTY: Mrs. Henry W. Cobb Mrs, Armand Coullet Miss Elizabeth Craig Dr. G. W. Currie Mrs. Marguerite Goodman Dr. A. P. Hamilton Nat Rogers Janice Trimble Marie Whitehead Professor A. G. Sanders Dr. M. L. Smith Maye Evelyn Doggett Martha Gerald 146 llHllllllllS lllll The Ramblers inspecting the ages. Geology students automatically become Ram- blers-Corinne Ball taking the name literally and turning the Packard loose to ramble even so far as Memphis. Among the scientifically inclined pedestrians are: Fossil Queen Craharng Mary Stone, modern prototype of a shy Indian maid, and Sponsor Sullivan, who tries in vain to intro- duce a serious note. Picnics, all day jaunts in the school bus, and afternoon hikes lthere still isn't a student who can outwalk Dr. Sullivanl help account for the large membership. MEMBERSHIP James Wroten, President Louis Navarro, Vice-President Eleanor Cobb Louis Crouch Mary Stone, Secretary Nancy Graham, Treasurer Leslie Addison Clay Alexander Virgil Anders Wayne Baker Corinne Ball Brandon Bell Helen Booth Willie Branch Ford Canterbury Virginia Davis Frank Dement Dick Dorman Ben Hall Virginia Hansell David Harpole Jack Hiwiller Ed Matulich Joe Miles Johnny Miller Leeland Morgan Rex Murft 147 Charles Murry Wendell McAliIly Wyc Naylor Harold Rankin James Rimmer Albert Sanders Alf Saums Robert Shell T. C. Schilling Calvin Stubblefield Oscar Tynes FACULTY Dr. J. M. Sullivan Us Hllllll Patroness of the Beethoven Club, as well as instructor of piano, is Mrs. J. L. Roberts. Her methods of teaching have been praised by a number of leading artists, and the results obtained can be pointed to with pride by the college and the community. She works untiringly to fire her students with the ambition which she herself has for them, and it is largely due to her that the Beethoven Club looms so important this year. Meeting on Tuesday nights right after Clee Club, the Beethoven Club has served as a weekly serenade for Founder's occupants and a uniting group for musically inclined students. While the nucleus of the group is composed of those students studying piano and voice, non- participating members are urged to join, and, indeed, predominate numerically this year. Talent from the piano and voice departments combines to give programs calculated to present a bird's- eye view of the development of musical history. The Beethoven Club Ciuest Night this Year presented a program of ensemble music to Jackson musicians. Although the membership is predominantly feminine, the club has for its president one of the few male members. The ambitious program chairman prepared this year a detailed year book which was seldom followed, but the programs were musically informative and pleasing to the ear. 148 w X ,s as -.Mit-1-X i K , ' X I 5.9 X Y 5 X X O X5 lN llllll. Ralph Walker, President Katherine Grimes, Vice-President Jean Grambling, Vice-President Beverley Dickerson, Secretary Mary Joe Currie, Treasurer Hettie Faye Beasley Betty Bobo Helen Booth Blanche Borum Barbara Boswell Udine Burns Elizabeth Campbell Alma Elizabeth Carl Erin Taylor Clayton Wilma Nell Clifton Edith Cortright Margaret Currie Eva Decell Kathryn Ryan Decelle ,, . .. , .?..,,,c , l . a vs l We l ,f I P Q' Wesi , f l N v M 12 -125225: FFT? ZS., ,. , ., H, , V it , I K l s.- , A MEM Maye Evelyn Doggett Dick Dorman Dorothy Droke Ann Duke Shaw Enochs Una B. Fitts Wilma Lee Floyd Ruth Gibbons Carol Herron Marie Hester James Hinman Frances Irby Miriam Jones Bob Kennedy Evaline Khayat Gwin Kolb Betty Larsen Eleanor Grace Lucas Florence Mars Althea Martin Marguerite Mathison Carl Miller Marjorie Miller Virginia Minyard 'v Qs SHIP Mary Alyce Moore Sue McCormack Carolyn McPherson Bettye Nail Adele Neu Mary Cavett Newsom Charlotte Nichols Patsy Parker C-erirude Pepper Avery Philp Virginia Price Mary Fay Reese Catherine Richardson Sylvia Roberts Claririe Rush Susie Rush Sam Schiek Martha Sheffield Dorothy Sherman Virginia Sherman Mary Hanes Smith Thomas Spengler Jacqueline Stevens Mary Stone Polly Stroud Tip Stuart Geraldine Sumrall Nell Triplett David Watts Lawrence Waring Ess White Agatha Worthington Frances Wroten Sara Zeigler FACULTY Mrs. Armand Coullet Mr. Armand Coullet Dr. George Currie Prof. C, B. Galloway Dr. A. P. Hamilton Dr. B. E, Mitchell Miss Elaine Penn Dr. XV. E. Riecken Mrs. J, L. Roberts Miss Mary Velma Simpson Dr. M. L, Smith Miss Alberta Taylor THE BEETHOVEN CLUB EN MASSE f V' IN' ?"T7'i'7 ' I I 45- ZS Pls, -is .-F. P!- ls' if-rv Stanley Ceiselman Harry Raymond llllllllllllll llHlllll A sort ot junior conference in itself, the Ministerial League includes the future pastors of Southern Methodism, many of whom are already Raymond, Humphries, Bullock, Williamson, Howard, Avery, Miller, Welborn, Smith, Felder, Cupit, Jolly, Youngblood, Darby, Owen, Bailey, Perkins, Caldwell, McLelland, Roberts, Oliver, Brown. Led this year by president Waddell Roberts, the League has met weekly for the discussion of church problems, furnished teachers for Jackson Sunday Schools, and kept a close check on campus active in church work in and near Jackson. affairs. Waddell Roberts, President Bill McLelland, Vice-President Bufkin Oliver, Secretary Jack Caldwell, Treasurer Arthur Adams Dorsey Allen Shuford Avery Leo Bailey Otho Brantley J. P. Brown Bowen Burt Horace Cupit James Darby MEMBERSHIP Frank Dement Eugene Peacock Lewis Farr Arthur Perkins Everett Felder ROSS picket, Edwin Hightower James Holston Bob Howard Joe Humphries Bill Irving Royce Jolly Henry Jones Joel McDavid Frank Orr George Owen 150 Phillip Royal Charles Schultz E. B. Smith Glenn Waters David Watts J. B. Welborn Ellis Williamson Jim Wroten Donald Youngblood EHllIllIHN Elllllll Q-or 5 T527 L .ini -AW. Addison, Cavett, Crook, Doggett, Fazackerly, Jones, Lauderdale, Murry, McLelland, McDavid, Peacock, Riddell, Robertson, Watts, Weissinger, Wroten, Thomas, Composed ot the presidents and vice-presi- dents of the Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A., the president ot the student body, representatives ot the Ministerial League and of the Baptist Student Union, and five members from the student body MEMB at large, the Christian Council seeks to coordinate the religious activities on the Millsaps campus. Each year they sponsor the genuinely popular Religious Emphasis Week, the Pre-Easter faculty- student discussions, and, together with the Y's, the frolicsome Student Body Retreat in the spring. ERSHIP Joel McDavid, President Richard Lauderdale, Vice Gayle Doggett, Secretary James Cavett, Treasurer Leslie Addison Clem Crook William Fazackerly -President Martha Frances Jones William McLelIand Charles Murry Eugene Peacock Katherine Riddell Waddell Roberts 151 Tom Robertson Eugene Watts Sara Weissinger James Wroten FACULTY: Dr, H. M. Bullock Miss Virginia Thomas llllllllllll llllll C-i bson, Trimble, Dinkins, Weissinger, Campbell, Beasley, Galloway, Rush, Barnett, Lampe, Ruoft. If you've been agitating for more girl's sports on the campus and for something to be done about intra-murals, the Majorette Club is your answer. Under the guidance of Miss Frances Decell this comparatively recent organization has already proved its worth. A week-end camping trip,the stunt night you applauded so enthusi- astically, and the intra-murals you attended lpeople really did go, for the first time in the history of the collegel were all projects sponsored by these athletically inclined young ladies. Under the leadership of Hettie Faye Beasley, this group, composed of sorority and Empyrean representatives, has already formulated a compli- cated point system whereby those interested in sports may be considered for membership. MEMBERSHIP Hettie Faye Beasley, President Jean Barnett, Vice-President Janice Trimble, Secretary Helen Ruoft, lntra-Murals Manager Elizabeth Campbell Clarine Rush Suenette Dinkins Annie Laurin Cal loway Sara Weissinger FACULTY Miss Frances Decell Gertrude Gibson Millicent Lampe 152 llllll West, Steinriede, Pittman, Ware, Richardson, Gillum, Worthington, Brady, Smith, Fleming, Jones, Shell, Upton, Winborn, Kellum, Carr, Branch, Carter, Warren, Tynes, Hudson, Baker, Hodges, Murff, Canterbury, Matulich, Wilson, Bell, Anders, Miles, King, Hart. 1? QF Majors who earn their letters in one ot the tour major sports at Millsaps are eligible for membership in the "M" Club, one of Millsaps' strongest honorary organizations. Ably led this year by Little Rich lMilan Richardson, to put it tormallyl, the club concerned itself with problems of athletics and ot school spirit, celebrated Spring with its annual picnicg held a two day initiation, MEMB the horrors of which are mentioned only in whis- pers. One ot the favorite hangouts on the campus for Founder's Hall Iettermen is the "M" Club Room, conveniently located near the Grill. Here, among the shining trophies of tournament and gridiron, the athletics read, study, snooze, and shoot the bull. ERSHIP MILAN RICHARDSON, President WILLIE CARTER, Vice-President BURT SUMRALL, Secretary HUGH ADCOCK VIRGIL ANDERS WAYNE BAKER BRANDON BELL J. G. BRADY WILLIE BRANCH FORD CANTERBURY BUDDY CARR ED FLEMING WOODROW FOX ED GILLUM GRANVIL HAMBY WENDELL HART FRANK HODGES IRA HUDSON CLIFTON JONES BOYD KELLUM CHARLES KEMMITZER CURTIS KING ED MATULICH JOE MILES REX MURFF ROSS PICKETT MAYO PITTMAN 153 WILLARD SAMUELS ROBERT SHELL W. J. SMITH HENRY STEINRIEDE OSCAR TYNES J. B. UPTON CHARLES WARD CHARLES WARE EUGENE WARREN ROBERT WEST LOUIS WILSON JACK WINBORN GORDON WORTHINGTON lllllllllll llll swap Birdsong, Doss, Wells, Whitney, Williams, Wilson. Under the leadership of Charlton Roby and Dr. Wallace, these financial wizards meet twice a month to discuss whatever matters of business interest economically minded students. Topics such as banking, insurance, accounting, buying and selling, and business law are pretty well covered by student programs and by lectures from out- MEM Charlton Roby, President Allan Holmes, Vice-President Floyd Gillis, Secretary Louis Wilson, Treasurer Sam Birdsong Gillis, Holmes, Moore, Roby, Ross, Thorne, Waring, standing men in Jackson's various fields of com- merce. Youngest of Millsaps' pre-professional organ- izations, the Economics Club provides practical training, helpful information, and valuable con- tacts for students who have an eye to success in the business world. BERSHIP Wilford Doss Eugene Fortenberry George Moore Billy Ross lra Thorne Lawrence Waring 154 Elden Wells Jack Whitney Frank Williams FACULTY: Dr. E. S. Wallace "Keep Right With Snow White" SNOW WHITE CLEANERS DRY CLEANING - KNIT BLOCKIN G - HATS RENEWED 1240 N. WEST 910 E. FORTIFICATION THE HOME OF ROYAL TYPEWRITERS JACKSON TYPEWRITER COMPANY SALES-SERVICE-SUPPLIES 413 E. CAPITOL STREET EMUUTH FRUIEN f5'ee'QQ7y yay nr If mm 4 sw f MAH Out Defense!" Insure Your Education Investment with STANDARD PROTECTION STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE SOUTH JACKSON MISSISSIPPI ,fQ.f.r-n"Tm?b' ,l 5 ,f Q" t , fAf" '. ,'-' ,..' X I 4, ,Z W if ll Li, N g ,nip ,za -1" 3- 'nyylif :I g-ji.: "-, 1 an ,I "ef ixsg :,:z22,:gf.Il,1Q33f3f I I AASIA "Mississippi's Best Store" Kennington gs J A C K S O N FINGERS of DESTINY By JOHN RUNDLE Tom to the contrary notwithstand- ing, the first column to be read in each week's "Purple and White" is, almost invariably, the much curst, awe inspir- ing "Finger of Scornf' Differing from the typical gossip column, the "Finger" presents a more intimate view of campus affairs than is to be found in either the news stories of the "PC1W" or the snapshot section of this year' book-a view that is of more genuine interest to the student body, more enlightening as to its membership. Believing that it forms an accurate calendar of Life at Millsaps-l 940-41, we present for the refreshment of your memories selected excerpts from the "Finger of Scornf' Five-ten- fifteen years from now these should be even more interesting- divorce courts may find them useful. SEPTEMBER - school o p e n s - amidst the confusion of Rush Week a ghostly figure is dimly seen to rise from the still smoldering ashes of the late-lamented Dirt Dauber. Or per- haps he was never seen at all, for, mysteriously, he has remained invisible -invisible except for one long, black, inky finger that is always pointing. Lookl lt's pointing now! "Well, well, well, Billy Ross has put up a staunch protest against the Ruoff girl calling her other two admirers Clabee and Edbee. Says Billy, 'She'll put a stop to that or else call me Bilbeef' "-with Olga's treasure-nec, the Pious Pikes' lalmost unpious for oncel Roof party ldancing 'n' allll, recep- tions, deceptions, elections, and so on-the seat of the scornful has not been empty." READY to serve . . . The 3-ll Mississippi communities served from the modern interconnected electric power system of Mississippi Power Cr Light Company have an adequate supply of CHEAP ELECTRIC- ITY available to meet the normal demands of today and such emergency demands as may arise in connection with national defense, Mississippi Power C1 Light Company's inter- connected electric power is a community's best and biggest welcome sign to industry. Mississippi Power 62: Light Company A Civic-Minded, Employing Industry Whose Taxes Are More Than A Million Dollars Each Year The Best In Tobaccos CORR-WILLIAMS Tobacco Company Wholesale Distributors Phone 2-0912 MCCARTY-HOLMAN COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS JAcKsoN. Mississirri I n Jackson It's- M cifcwafvw GZ54HJ7:JJ7'URl' GZ-LLQUL ff ze-T TSE I. , F 1355 Q ..,. in - OMPANY R s ' - fv - s JQCHSOVLMISS. 229 S. CONGRESS STREET PHONE 4-4036 BEST DRINK ON EARTH S. P. McRae Company an Department Store IN BOTTLES 200-202 WEST CAPITOL STREET JACKSON COCA-COLA Phone 4-8334 BQTTLING C00 Jackson Mississippi OCTOBER-the football season is underway, and oh that harvest moonl "The finger of scorn is pointed directly at Ed Matulich for causing such heart-aches to two Chi Omegas in his Spanish class. Even from my perch at the ball game Friday night lMillsaps 33-Hendrix 'Ill l could hear them squeal happily every time Ed's name came over the loud speaker- but Ed will hear to nothing more than two beautiful friendships." "Congratulations, Dora Frances, for hooking him at last. Cuess Boyd will have to find somebody else's girl to look after now." "All conventional triangles are worthy of scorn, and this Clark- McCafferty-Watkins case is as con- ventional as a dime-store novel." And at last, the Fair comes to town!- 'Crady Powers took a different girl to the fair every night-and a few of them are alive to tell the tale." "Freshman Harold Stevens and Jean 'Ace of Spades' Morris rode thirteen times on the rocket at the fair-and if you've ever ridden on the rocket, you'lI know why." And then the Y Banquet- "The Finger is pointed scornfully at the whole male portion of the stu- dent body for allowing Squinchy Moore to go to the Y Banquet unes- corted, save for satellite Sweet." "The Pikes were sporting 'name' date-Waring with Morrisg Navarro with Porterg Barlow with Millerg Doss with 'Oh, where is Nat' Ricks." "Fie on Mary Stone for wanting to get married in the first place, and in the second place, for not wanting to marry Birdsongf' "A lowly finger at Mushmouth C-raves for letting Freshman Robinson beat his time on Park Avenue." LELAND SPEED COMPANY STATE, COUNTY AND MUNICIPAL BONDS Jackson Mississippi White's Lumber Yard G O O D L U M B E R PROMPT SERVICE Jackson, Mississippi MILL AND CHURCH PHONES STREETS 2-0881-2-0882 lVIANGEL'S Misses' and Women's Apparel I28 E. CAPITOL STREET JACKSON Compliments of Batten Tire 81 Oil Co. P H O N E S 2-0724 - 3-1881 - 3-4411 FOR QUALITY W . THEY 55E5E5E:E5E5i:E PRINTING... OUGHTTO H nmiqky KNOW . . . Q INVITATIONS g ANNOUNCEMENTS S pp d R Q STATIONERY AH ,W th g Q PERSONAL CARDS T k p hl - S fy fll Phone - - - 2-3588 Th d +1 f d A yrh g y lf. d . . Y II lkd d p l'1 hll Brown Pfllltlllg Co. Umm you C e fo '--- PRINTING DEPARTMENT OF THE OFFICE SUPPLY CO T G R I IJ L Q T -1- I y ' THIS AMAZING AMERICA DIXIE GREYHOUND LINES I Xa I' II W - QQIA--- --IAQ'- . A,f: :----- f-- - :.V ,1,: ',I,,,V I ' ,,,, .,, ,IIII , T.,,,, ,::,Z::::,:.,:::,I:::I, .,,,:,,.:.1I,.,.I,:.,.:.,. 2: ,:.: :,1: zlz ., . ,---:: E EEE ::-V::: . A' ,.:.:, :::.- ,. .- A-.M Q 52 NOVEMBER-"Well the Choctaw game lshhh,- who mentioned that?l is over and everyone has settled down to study for nine weeks' tests." There was a little studying done this year. "Latest chauffeur for Cupid is Prof. l-laynes, who just smiles and chuckles sheepishly when you ask him what happened when Sarah Weissin- ger and Leo Bailey rode back from Tougaloo with him Sunday afternoon, all alone on the back seat." "And we wonder when Dr. Wharton will get all the Ricketts boys married -so he can settle down." For fur- ther developments, read on. And don't forget to read the adsl "A finger toward Mary Stone, Betty Larsen, Shirley Chichester and some four-score other co-eds for raving openly about Harwell Dabbs' S. A." lRemember? that meant "sex ap- peal."l "Heart-breaking, dashing Nelson Nail is still a constant visitor lor should we say intrucler?l to the l'Vliller's daughter, Alice Louise. l always knew that die-hards fall hard, but this looks like love to end all love." "A particularly caustic finger ex- tends toward Eugene Peacock for not even bothering to turn out the lights in the parlor of Calloway." "Most amusing spectacle of the year -this Pooky Barnes-Drip Graves riv- alry over 'the pink onef lt's a fight to the finish with no holds barred, except by Cele." DECEMBER-Christmas in the air, consequently fewer dates on the campus, "Bo lVlurry wants it understood that competition bothers him not in the least. Where it's concerned, he's just one of the Jones boys, anyhow." KIMBALL PIANOS HAMMOND SOLOVOX KING BAND INSTRUMENTS SHEET MUSIC Cr STUDIES VlSlT Smitlfs Music Store Capitol Af Roach Sf. Phone 4-6946 Paints - Wallpaper - Glass For Every Purpose CAPITAL PAINT 81 GLASS CO. 401-407 s. STATE STREET JACKSON MISSISSIPPI Compliments of THE VOGUE 149 E. Capitol Street JACKSON MISSISSIPPI Compliments of MISSISSIPPI BAPTIST HOSPITAL TOMORROW AT MILLSAPS When a man, a business or a college begins to live in the past, all progress ceases. New buildings, new Courses, new highs in scholarship are proof that Millsaps is living in the future. Tonlorrow at Millsaps means more than just another day - It means a new thrill in learning, a keener insight into the past, a greater hope for Concrete achievement. Millsaps is a college for people with a future. Do you have one? MILLSAPS COLLEGE M. L. SMITH, President JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI The glorious Band is leaving for camp amidst tearful farewells- "Among the saddest at the band's departure will be Frances lrby. Rea- son: her newly budded romance with Julian Currie." "Death Takes a I-loliday's repeat last night gave the girls a chance to sigh once more over Jim Thompson and his uniform, the boys to whistle over Emma Bauer's sequin dress. lWow!l" "Football season's over but B. B. is still hollering lhe never did holler at the right timel-this time it's because Mickey White and Dickie Lauderdale have cut him oft Virginia l-lansell's String." The Finger took a couple of extra weeks for Christmas holidays, during which time the sophomore stole the Class Night with a skating party in the down-town rink, the Sigs, K.A.s, and Pikes had Christmas parties. JANUARY-people begin to worry ljust worry, not studyl about exams, student calendar gets a shake-up by SEB. "Bee Bobo remarks ot Tee Speng- ler's classy physique. 'Aw, he buys his shoulders at Kennington's'." "And here is a most scorntul finger at the K. A.s for distributing pins in such wholesale quantities." lBusby, Lowe and Borum got 'em-to be fol- lowed shortly by Timberlake and Ricks.l "Say, when is Olga Wright going to step oft? She's been wearing that slap-happy look long enough now." "And have you seen Eleanor Castle's sparkler?-" "Mary Emma Ervin manages to keep up in the clouds these days with a newly-acquired pair of wings." FEBRUARY - boys, remembering last year, enthusiastically vote to have another Leap Week. lt's coming up! JBCkSHlIAHHb6TIkL LUMBER And All Kinds of BUILDING MATERIALS Since I896 322 West Capitol Dial 4-5066 DR.H.FgMAGEE PHYSICIAN and SURGEON LAMAR LIFE BUILDING JACKSON MISSISSIPPI DUKE"S MENS FINE APPAREL PHONE 4-6917 CITY SHOE SHOP R. O. SMITH Shoes Dyed Any Color. Invisible Half Soling 315 W. Capitol St. Phone Z-2378 vkdl bk CLEANING AND TAILORINC PHONE 4-7615 I47 E. AMITE ST. 0'FERRALL'S STANDARD LIFE BUILDING JEWELRY - WATCH REPAIR PHONE 4-857I "And to Martha Lou Lattimer a veddy deddy finger for contemplating a jaunt down the bridal lane. Poor Billy RossI" "To the male portion of the student body a finger is pointed for letting the flying cadets out at Parks' beat their time. Maxine is just one of the co-ed recruits." "A finger toward Doc Hamilton for stealing Nannette-but now that she's gone, congrats to 'emf' Co-eds put out a Valentine edition dedicated to Mrs. Stone- "A finger at Davis Haughton for being so confident that he, already, is the supreme example of the 'small- tovvneboy-made-goodf All he's shown us so far is that he's a rather inflated example of the "small-tovvn-boy." "Not one but IZOO ladyfingers at Jitterbug Kolb, who deserted Millsaps beauties last week to dance to M. S. C. "And a big black finger at SEB, and the faculty for all the regulations and red tape concerning the social calendar." lRemember that?l "Another at Jimmy Cavett for at- tempting a Clara Porter monopoly, thereby keeping the young lady out of respectable society," "First honors to Big Jim's pinning of Faolaf' "Ditto, Wharton and Beverley." "Ditto, Cienie and Nell." "A most scornful appendage to Buddy Lloyd for leaving his pin on the Belhaven campus, even if she IS cute," MARCH - Debaters busy, Singers ready to leave, little time yet for spring. "Listen, Clee Club, we know you're good, and we're proud of you, but please remember concert music sung in the C-rill is degrading-no matter how good it is. Besides, it's annoying 31vhen,l'm trying to listen to 'Jumper's ive. "Your Friendly Store in Jackson" W. T. GRANT CO. J. T. suu.ivAN, Mgr. IMPERIAL WASHABLE WALLPAPER DUPONT 6' HANNA PAINTS WILSON-GEYER CO. 138 Amite Sf. Dial 3-2745 JACKSON, MISS. PURSER BROTHERS The House of BETTER PRINTING Telephone 2-3288 Jackson. Mississippi GRAHAM MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Phone 2-3661 KEY DRUG CO. 2215752 PRESCRIPTION i.E'1'z?::!2.i'.2Li PHONE 4-6517 434 E. CAPITOL ST. JACKSON, MISS. THE MARY FRANCES TEA SHOPPE MRS. W. T. REEVES Telephone 4-5982 I11 S. Lamar St. MILLSAPS CHOICE A C M E B A K E R Y 230 North Farish St. Jackson, Miss. Compliments of F. W. Woolworth 8: Co. 126 E. CAPITOL ST. JACKSON MISSISSIPPI "A finger to the debate team for running off with ALL the honors up at Union." Comes now the Freshman Edition- "As usual-the weekly item about Helen and Nat, but this is a very special one. Congratulations to you, Helen. lNow that that's a closed case guess we'II have to fill out the paragraph with Ess-'n'-Betty dope.l " Remember the mumps epidemic?- "D. T., you're fairly caught-what evidence! Catching mumps three days after your girl does-and some of you co-eds should be coming down soon too, what with Ogden, Powers, Blondie, Bob West, Craves, Daniels, etc, on the list." "Rivaling the wild tales of the glee club trip are those of the Sig picnic Saturday night." "A finger of scorn to Jane and Anders. Don't you know it's darker outside than in Calloway's parlor." APRIL-spring is here at last, and in the spring- "Dissension in the Kappa Alpha ranks. Reid Bingham is being a little fly in Ney "Budgie" Williams soup. Ain't it a shame he's not still a pledge, Ney?" "And we hear that things really popped on Chi Omega night at the Roof. The biggest scandal occurred when Mary McRae walked in with Wilford Doss." In honor of spring-"lf the bench behind the science hall is still there when school is out, it won't be John and Shirley's fault. They haven't missed an afternoon lately, and we don't believe that comprehensives is a good excuse." "A dingy digit to Rice Wilson and Tip Stewart for being seen on the golf course last week. Yes, they were playing golf." .I. L. ALBRITON IKYAIID IFIIIEICDN 418 E. 541 -2 DIAL H: ls l-ia CAPITOL mm-4.1, 4-aosi -:affl--' Blue Ribbon Creamery "sAFEsT MILK You CAN BUY" Compliments of Cabell Electric Company JACKSON MERIDIAN MISSISSIPPI Robinson Brothers PLYMOUTH and DESOTO Sales and Service Phone 3-2741 RUTH'S SHOP "YOUR SMARTEST SUBURBAN SHOP" Dial 4-9339 2708 N. State St. Jackson. Mississippi Smart Apparal For All Occasions From P A R I S I A N stone ron women HEDERMAN BROTHERS PRINTERS - BLANK BOOK BINDERS STATIONERS - LITHOGRAPHERS Phone 4-4421 Jackson, Miss. Compliments of LANE'S CREAMERY 1317 TERRY ROAD PHONE 2-2917 MAY-still spring, still picnics, comprehensive's over, decidedly not studying weather- "With exams rearing their ugly head over the horizon and with an epidemic of measles threatening the campus, the Finger of Scorn feels very happy. Nothing could make us hap- pier than to see B. B. Brady have meas- les and fail all his exams." "A staggering finger at Rube Wilder for increasing the membership of the K, A. Auxiliary. Wonder now how long the status quo of this group will stand." "Fireflies, a half moon, half a fried chicken, and The Half lDewitt Jamesl were all present at the K. A. picneck Saturday night." "A scornful finger at Mims Wright for not marrying Little Bit and taking her off Millsaps' hands." nu: ' f Jncxsou. mrrsnon ' E JEVVELERJ 3 msussfvsf. I '- J HNC.CAR'IW' - MORRIS PHARMACY FREE MOTORCYCLE DELIVERY I202 N. State Phone 3-1688 Jackson Steam Laundry LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Phone 2-33I5 I. Lehman, President "A reluctant digit at Truck Watkins for obviously seeking publicity. By the way, how did she get into l.R.C.?" And the Finger is pocketed for another summer-only its work re- mains. And that-how long? l X v gps. fir. 315 I E 6 fcegn , SEAFDDU HDUSE 1 .J-, I 1 , 0 1 ' lllvllli Ill PUBLK MNC! IDUG FISH DINNERS STEAKS CHICKEN DINNERS Q QQ ZZDWQLK s a COME WHAT JVIAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience ' We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... CQLLECEE ANNUAL DIRfISI0ISI ALABAMA E N GRAVI N G C OMPANY B I RMI N G HAM . -' X J.-x.,.e . -fuwufv' iq 1 V U AV .4 we--'Qu-.fvL..:,-yy er., . .f,25a,tiag'fmsifiiifgz ' S 2 Q I?4,,Q.Bg - I I I I 352 32 .33 f RSI I Pt'-7 " - - ,Syn I f I I ofifwaaf , ff , I I I4 J TUCKER PRINTING HOUSE - JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI "Annual specialists for over twenty years" x.. V '4-3 -5 11 , f,r .VV . ,.. .,.K : . M. Q ,N ,NN . . 'l-. ,ff ' ,- ,E-. if . 4,5 . ,., Q... -, -.xl , , t ','. -"-111 J 5 ' H. ww ' V 'v, K .J J r . .L. . ,,1.. ,, 4,4 VJ. ,'.',

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