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,i .v. L I .o CU o Editor o-P eT S s, ' l B is t e ds ' ' t oi ot ioSP git ' otvc . . ' ' ex Ve :tl o( ot ' ' ._...s ot -- ex o ' " ' coW G,U ' e ' ' )ac S tOA do rat PP ec a t ot e Yoo at ' -[V " Oi P y, (i UO ' a saps atvd " gOO dg pi ues aS vO ea to " jesWeW ea ' .sge :v, ° ' ' riee ' ,de " ;VV ' aP " , , ,Y.ese 2iV rcvs. a 2l ' ec ° :; « :,.,es?o 0 Yve P A eg a vV ' ide A3.S o.-- ;,e.e-;,,.. -;,.,eo.- ,. 0 : " co a o e .tto ' geY JJYV1 C V ' c, e ' ,et o ,oU . - ' ' ' ' l . - " : ..- v S g ' d2 ' nee, %P _ de o-o- . )0 o • to v ' J fJe e a- .A3i ' c v ' ■• l ' - DR. M. L. SMITH Tresi enl ' s MESSAGE Teachers, equipment, space, beauty, atmosphere, tradition, location, students, recognition, ideals, and a destiny, well-defined and worthy, are the basic essentials of a great college. Teachers, well-chosen, wise and understanding; physical equipment, well-placed and expertly manipulated; space, open, abundant, soul-expanding and exliilarating; beauty, of hill and valley, of trees and clear sky; atmosphere, inspiring and -.reative; tradition, glorious, scholarly and enduring; location, easily accessible, central, culturally advantageous; students, highly selected, limited in number and strong; recognition, official, personal, universal and deserving; ideals, of moral, spiritual and mental expansion; destiny, conscious and idealistic. These, I say, are the essential characteristics of a great college. Once upon a time a man had a dreain of an institution wliich would embody these essentials where the youth of Mississippi could glean an insight into that by which men scale the heiglits — education. This man was Major Millsaps, and his dream has come true. Millsaps College stands today as a symbol of culture fully recognized by every accrediting agency and educational association in the United States, and presents a program of learning unhampered by political trends, or other factors wliich tend to limit the freedom of man ' s thought and to hinder his pursuit of truth. Millsaps College offers to the highest type of Mississippi boys and girls the facilities of an institution deep-rooted in the traditions of scholarship. Conscious as it is of constructive work in the past, Millsaps realizes that an even greater goal and an even higher trust lie ahead. Millsaps College is now a great center of learning — in the future it will be even greater. — M. L. SMITH, President. 11 DEAN W. E. RIECKEN ( v (!! (rM r (T v yrs (T cT ' vv Recognized as one of the best biology- teachers in the South, Dr. Riecken has long been liked and admired by students enrolled in his classes. So his appointment as dean was greeted by pride mingled with anxiety as they realized that this might take time from his labs and lectures. However, " Dr. Bill, " as he is affectionately called by his close friends, has proved that he is quite capable of managing both positions with ability--successful because of his real under- standing of students and campus life. Ci i » i! i 4 (L 4t (L 4fr (L. 4t SULLIVAN-HARRELL HALL AND MURRAH HALL .%. ' H .-- ' ' ' :M ' .v ■ ■%- Ip . s» ■» i j-ri: t = . : ' : p «r • «- r. 1 ■ • wm. " i4i t S. 4 ;f ir-v Ai w . ' •• k f Ml- K H ;: . -3 " M Pit- ' - -N B . M Jl. ▼ : ?ii-. !! ' 1 i rtfcA A It t " r C H i I T m.JM F ' f ih 4- »r 1 J. Pfe j t.v ' ■ - -.- " " Hp t Kft i « J M (1 Kjic. ' x ' i -- : ; it ' - ' i iLrk ■ -?« ■■ ??rS 3f •■ m iJii itt; j ■1. 3 -r J Kh FOUNDERS HALL (TVy irs 5 " v« (TV yT (PVY f iT vy i? Serving as Dean of Women of Millsaps College is only one of Mrs. Mary B. Stone ' s many duties, yet it is probably in tills ca- pacity that she is best known. Friendly and understanding, she is always ready to help Millsaps girls solve their almost limitless problems. Her liberal outlook and ever- present sense of humor go far toward mak- ing her one of the best-liked teachers on the campus. 2= 4 CL 4« CL 4 «! (i ' ij, MRS. MARY B. STONE 13 mm is; STli| FACULTY DR. HENRY M. BULLOCK Religion MISS VIRGINIA THOMAS Religion DR. R. H. MOORE History DR. V. L. WHARTON History DR. M, C. WHITE English MRS. W, F. GOODMAN English MRS. A. G. SANDERS English DR. E. S. WALLACE Economics PROFESSOR E. F. RICKETTS Social Science DR. RAY S. MUSGRAVE Psychology .- -■v " , L- ' ' Wl 1 1 . ' « - miams:s»» , m - Ml ' ••v ' Jt MURRAH HALL BUIE MEMORIAL GYMNASIUM T " Somewhat overshadowed re- cently by " Grenworth, " the new girls ' dormitory. Burton and Galloway, linked as always by their porch, themselves remain ever a link with the past, a constant reminder of Millsaps ' glorious tradition, Ci 4t i=ii » fc,5 (i i 4« ! GRENWORTH HALL BURTON AND GALLOWAY HALLS FACULTY DR. B. E. MITCHELL Malhevaatics PROFESSOR B. O. VAN HOOK Mat)xevxatxcs PROFESSOR J. W. VEST Mathexnatics DR. J. M. SULLIVAN Chemistry and Geology PROFESSOR G. L. HARRELL Physics and Astronomy PROFESSOR C. B. GALLOWAY Chemistry and Physics PROFESSOR H. S. EMIGH Chemistry PROFESSOR J. A. FINCHER Biology DR. A. P. HAMILTON Ancient Languages DR. GEORGE CURRIE Ancient Languages FACULTY PROFESSOR J. REESE LIN Philosophy PROFESSOR A. G. SANDERS Roinance Languages MRS. HENRY W. COBB Spanish MISS ELIZABETH CRAIG French MR. ARMAND COULLET Music MRS. ARMAND COULLET Music and Ancient Languages PROFESSOR R. R. HAYNES Education MRS. MARY B. CLARK Library MRS. ANNIE C. SPARKMAN Library Field, Swayze, Moore, Moorer, Wall. Ogden. Hudson, Selman, Sutphin, Robertson, Durley, Bain, Vandiver, Cavett. STUDENT x.c« .. BOARD SEB, formal go-between for students and faculty, ' tho ' always campaigning for something, seldom achieves its goal. Its members, ever enthusiastic, are not always so harmonious. At a meeting one hears Manning vociferously pleading for a statement of the motion. Gee Gee il keep the minutes) Swayze, after the discussion is ALL over saying confusedly " What was that, now? " and Jimmy Cavett, probably the board ' s clearest thinker, doing his best to help her out. Conspicuous personali- ties who assist in obscuring the issue are Teeny Field, the conscientious objector; J. S. Vandiver, the eternal politician; and Jimmy Wall with his conflicting band and ' Shela loyalties. Notable also are Tom Robertson, the quiet humorist, and the Moore-Ogden team campaigning for women ' s rights. Seriously, though, they think very hard, come up with some wonderful ideas to which the faculty usually says " NO " ! Nothing daunted, however, they continue to suggest. Their project for the year. Dr. D. M. Key ' s portrait to hang with those of other Millsaps presidents, was successfully completed. OFFICERS MANNING HUDSON ------------- President of Student Body FRED BLEDSOE ------------ Vice-President of Student Body VIRGINIA SWAYZE ----------- Secretary-Treasurer of Student Body MEMBERS JACK BAIN - - - - A Capella Choir JAMES CAVETT - - - - Y. M. C. A. ELIZABETH DURLEY. Women ' s Pan-Hellenic PEMBLE FIELD - - - Head Cheerleader MARY E. MOORE - - - - Y W C A LOUISE MOORER - - - - Bobashela TERRY WALTERS FRANCES OGDEN - TOM ROBERTSON HERBERT SELMAN FELIX SUTPHIN - J. S. VANDIVER. JR. JAMES WALL - - - " M " Club Woman ' s Association Purple and White Men ' s Pan-Hellenic - Ministerial League Debate Band 19 Editor Robertson censoring copy. Associate Staff— those who by virtue of hard work or brilliant journalism get their names on the Masthead. €L PURP " Confidentially, now, " says Tom, " the real power on this campus lies, not in the faculty or with the student officers, but in the con- trol of student opinion held by Millsaps ' ef- ficacious fourth estate. " Comprising the editorial part of this estate are such penmen as Clayton Morgan, Law- rence Rabb. Mary Askew, " Lad " Waring, sports-hound Joe Brooks, and that furtive, insectile figure--the much-curst and late- lamented Dirt Dauber--all under the direc- tion and censorship of Editor-in-Chief, Tom Robertson. Heart, body and soul to its editor (and almost that to its staff) , the " P. and W. " expresses impartially the views of all who dare to publicize them--provides opportunity for student radicals and reactionaries to in- flame the campus in behalf of their causes. Responsibility for student elections, polls, and contests, is eagerly assumed by the journalists and the results delayed for days to provide " scoops. " The business end of publication is handled by Johnny Burwell and a staff including such commercialists as Raymond Martin, Sidney Graves, and Harris Carter. To them belongs the credit for securing the ads. keep- ing up the mailing list, and distributing the paper in the halls each Thursday morning. EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS These able reporters spend most of their time running down the campus big- shots for news on the organizations which said big-shots head. Having obtained the desired information, they rush frantically to a typewriter the last ten minutes be- fore deadline to write up their stories. They emerge with nerves slightly on edge — but triumphant at having turned in their assignments. 20 LE an3 WHITE EDITORIAL STAFF TOM ROBERTSON - LAWRENCE WARING CLAYTON MORGAN ■ CHARLTON ROBY - - MARY ASKEW ■ ■ - Editorial Asst. - - Asst. Editor Managing Editor Managing Editor Editor-in-Chief - News Editor Feature Editor - Sports Editor LUCILE FOX Art Editor LAWRENCE RABB - EVALINE KHAYAT - JOE BROOKS ED:T0RML ASSISTANTS News: Leo Bailey, Barbara Boswell. Nash Broyles. Archie Burt, Mary Lee Busby, Elizabeth Campbell, Herbert Crisler, Eva DeCell, Mary Crawford Dennis, Julia Faucett, Una B. Fitts, Alan Holmes, Mary Jane Mohead, Betty Murphy, Patricia O ' Brien, Elizabeth Peeler, Frances Pevey, Helen Ricks, John Rundle, Albert Sanders, Geraldine Sumrall, Janice Trimble. Features: Elizabeth Barrett, Geraldine Childress, Eleanor Cobb, Laura Gwin, Ben Hall, Audrey Hare. Miriam Jones, Gwin Kolb, Carl Miller, Mary Myers, Donald Nelson, Bob Riser, Nat Rogers, Martha Sheffield, Gene Stevens, Jo Timberlake. BUSINESS STAFF JOHN BURWELL - - RAYMOND MARTIN Business Manager - Asst. Bus. Mgr. SIDNEY GRAVES - Circulation Manager HARRIS CARTER - Advertising Manager BUSINESS ASSISTANTS Circulation: Mary Carraway, James Ogden, Mary Alyce Moore, Nell Murry, Virginia Minyard. Advertising: Corinne Ball, Margaret Weathersby. Elizabeth Durley. Dickie Lauderdale. Ina Bell Fitts, Vera Burkhead. Freshman Editor Sumrall and Co-ed Editor Askew. Business Staff. Business Manager Burwell. 21 Editor Mooter — wondering ij she ' ll ever get the copy correct. ASSOCIATE STAFF Chichester, Ricks, Jackson. White, and Childress distinguished themselves by becoming invaluable to the editor, thereby letting themselves in for a lot more hard work. And in recognition of this work the title " Associate Staff " was created and given to them. Contrary to the usual expectations in such cases, they lived up to their title, and the ' Shela greatly appreciates their contributions. €lie BOB The function of the Bobashela differs from that of the " P. W. " in that its province is history rather than the dissemination of news, and its scope includes an entire year, rather than a few days. Like the " P. W. " , however, it provides an opportunity for budding journalists to air their views, and remains as a permanent record of their efforts, as well as of college activities. Organized almost as soon as school started, the an- nual staff met regularly to report what it had done; to exult in their new staff room; and to deplore the lack of privacy which allowed the indispensable Mr. Murphy, acting on orders from Dr. Smith, to invade tiieir sanctum at any time for the purpose of removing property that struck their fancy to " parts unknown " elsewhere on the campus. This he did by means of the window (which he alone could unbar) and it was not at all unusual for Editor Moorer to walk in of a morning, bent on serious work, only to find the place ransacked, and everything in a turmoil. In spite of the frequent confusion, however, the staff did ac- complish ? Special credit is due. this year, in addition to the associate staff, to journalists O ' Brien and Rundle. and to Assistant Editor, Ess White, general handy man and moral support of the editor. Following the effective example of Manager Wall, the business staff soon became adept at hounding the student body to buy books and pounding the pavement for adds. Rice Wilson. Jim Thompson, Eva DeCell, and chief propagandist Roy Clark were es- pecially active in arousing the student body to the proper pitch to support the " worthy cause. " EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS ASH ELA JAMES WALL Business Manager ASSOCIATE BUSINESS STAFF Jean Grambling, Bess Green, James Thompson, Rice Wilson. BUSINESS ASSISTANTS EDITORIAL STAFF LOUISE MOORER ------------ Editor ESS WHITE ----------- Assistant Editor JOE BROOKS ----------- Sports Editor EUGENE JACKSON ----------- Snapshots PATRICIA O ' BRIEN --------- Literary Editor HELEN RICKS ----------- Class Editor SHIRLEY CHICHESTER ------- Organizations Editor EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Lucile Fox, Audrey Hare, Geraldine Childress, John Rundle, Shelton Key, Mary Lee Busby. Dorris Nichols. BUSINESS STAFF JAMES WALL ------------ Manager- JAMES THOMPSON -------- Advertising Manager MARY STONE ------- Organizations Finance Manager RICE WILSON --------- Circulation Manager ROY CLARK ------------- Publicity BUSINESS ASSISTANTS Circulation: Hazel Bailey, Helen Carr. Eva DeCell, Mary Emma Ervin, Annie Marguerite Mathison, Carl Miller, Meredith Mitchell, Virginia Swayze. Advertising: Edwin Farmer, Jean Grambling, Bess Green. To Dr. Ross Moore. Faculty Adviser, and to Glenn Phifer, " Shela Editor in ' 39. the staff here expresses its appreciation for their ready assistance and advice throughout the year. ...BIG Presenting the " big-shots " , those students who by virtue of ability, frat brothers, or just sheer willingness have made themselves outstanding in the labs, at the grill, or in Millsaps ' numerous activities. Always pressed for time, they still manage to get everything done, possibly because 73% of them have the B-average required for Dean ' s list and can cut a class " occasionally. " JIMMY BOOTH J. S. VANDIVER MARY MOORE LOUISE MOORER JOHNNY BURWELL and JIMMY LANCASTER TOM ROBERTSON MARY ASKEW MANNING HUDSON LONGSTREET HAMILTON JIMMY CAVETT GLENN PHIFER SHOTS ED NOBLE ELIZABETH DURLEY FRANCES OGDEN " TEENY " FIELD ROY CLARK PAT O ' BRIEN AUBREY SMITH ANN STONE and MARGUERITE DARDEN JACK BAIN JAMES WALL CLAYTON MORGAN VIRGINIA SWAYZE a I MILLSAPS A tradition as firmly established at Millsaps as Lloyds in London is the Homecoming- Day parade, when Frosh distinguish themselves by appearing- in loud pajamas. It ' s a glorious occasion--the stirring music of the band, the gay floats, cheerleaders almost hoarse, and a carefree student body all participating. Even sleepy-head Martin was there. Just to start the day off right. Dean ' s List Hamilton, entitled by his B-average to cut classes when he chooses, chooses to cut and amble around the campus with Betty Larsen, while — Comes 12:30 and the cafeteria stampede, resulting in just this. Anders, Worthington, Green and Tynes stow away vitamins for football. Must admit Anders is g-etting the best of it. These students, either less fortunate, or more ambitious, end up in Ross Moore ' s History 61 class. Left to right you see Nash Broyles, Glenn Phifer, Cappy Ricks, Charlotte Nichols, and David Donald. The vacancies in the rear are because — After dinner 2 o ' clock labs take their quota. This particular photo was made in the physics department, which like all Mill- saps sciences, has a well-equipped lab for the ever-increasing " B. S. " ratio. You can identify Teeny Fields. Virginia Shelton, and Tommy Ha thorn. It would appear that people such as Albert Martin can ' t even make a 10:20 class, much less a 9:25. During lab. while Edwin Farmer and Helen Ruuft successfully slip out and dash to the Grill for a Coke--- Millsaps, small liberal arts college located on the hills of Jackson ' s historic State Street, offers opportunity for fun along with the brand of education which entitles her to be on the approved list of the Association of American Universities. Many of the 650 students are Jackson residents, but there are also represen- tatives of the Delta, the Coast, and surrounding states. There are even a few popular Yankees among- the " eds " and co-eds who daily drink Cokes at the Grill. After the game the more socially minded rush madly to College Capers (just opposite the campus) for " re- laxin " before settling ' down to serious study. While Ed Fleming and Mary Carraway dance to the nickelodeon, Ed Noble, Mary Alyce Moore. Maxine Young, and Edwin Farmer all give respectful attention to " professor " Brady. T-iOuis Crouch is not so successful. He runs into Dr. Riecken and the little matter of demerits comes up-. After lab no rest for the weary. Here they g " o through their routine band practice, with Armand Coullet, plus French accent, directing. Their reward comes later in the year when they go on concerts and play in chapel. Back at the dorms, studes are all set to study. — Could do it very well, too, if it weren ' t for the inevitable " bull session " which goes on and on into the wee small hours. What do they talk about? — Why everything on earth, and the heavens above and waters under — and probably you, too, if you ' re a girl. Later in the year also, basketball season draws crowds from town, as well as from the campus, to the Millsaps Gym, where such stars as Charlie Ward demonstrate how the game should be played. Because of such outstanding men as Charlie, Millsaps scored top honors this year in winning the Dixie Conference champion- ship. And ju L . 11 ' .. ' U wun ' t get the idea that students never have a serious thought, we add this picture of Pike master minds. Ess White and Roy Clark, out to break their own and everybody ' s else records. It may not be so typical — but some students do study. SNAPS O. D. K. taps Mr. and Mrs. Gift of gab Mama love papa? ■ ' ' The time has come. ' the walrus said, ' to speak of many things ' " Off moment Great riches Nice ' ? Snake dance " We ' re off to see the wizard— " All we can say is, " Well! " Behind the 8 ball Well, boys, it ' s like this An armful Sourpuss?— You ' d be, too Happy, Grumy. Dopey What ' s coming off here ' ? Don ' t look now, but there ' s a parking place " See--he loves me! " Oh boy,— food! Roughing it Hitch-hiker ' ? Rest for the weary " Peanuts, pop-corn and pledge buttons! " Why, Dr. Moore! No, that ' s not sand, it ' s snow! . ' .iiMk J ore SNAPS Vital steps of education Nuff said Oh. oh— almost caught you! Term grades Leap week--and Katherine didn ' t let him down Too late, Hugh, she has a date Hello, down there Nice going. Fred Mr. CouUet up in the air again Shucks--Chapel day Half-pint Anything for Uncle Sam Wonder who she ' s out with now? Bonnie Annie Laurie Inseparable " Say, Miss Mouse, will you marry me-? " Is everybody happy? Aw. what ' s the use, anyway? Studying--or flirting? " E pluribus unum! " Mama, pin a rose on me Can ' t you take it. Eva? The dope--looking at the camera when Bert ' s around What has that guy Rundle got? Look what I ' ve got! " Smiley Smith, you may sit on the dunce stool for this " , so de v P ° " VVeA :: e Va " ft s esS ov . d. op ' aU MASTER MAJOR«WMISS MILLSAPS Probably the most coveted positions on tlie campus, the titles " Master Major " and " Miss Millsaps " go this year to Fred Bledsoe and Sara Rhymes. An outstanding athlete, Bledsoe has steadily won friends throughout his four years at Millsaps by his sportsmanlike conduct and genial smile. Equally outstanding as a cheerleader and band sponsor, Sara has kept pace with Bledsoe, and brought wide credit to her Alma Mater as well as to herself. The Millsaps student body is proud to present these two as representative students. 35 Broyles, Burkhead, Bain Zke SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT Jack Eain, president of the Senior Class, business manager of tlie Glee Club, treasurer of the Christian Council, vice-president of ODK, and men ' s Pan-Hellenic, is Lamba Chi Alpha ' s gift to the coeds, said coeds agreeing that Jack sports the campus ' s softest shoulder on Avhich to cry either before or after exams. Jack says the Glee Club is his favorite activity and Math and chemistry his favorite subjects. He ' s going to be a chemist. OFFICERS Vice-president of the Senior Class, Nash Broyles is also Rickett ' s history assistant, and PiKA ' s strong silent man. He ' s the unpredictable type. There ' s always a chance that he ' ll turn up at the most formal formal with a black eye or a cauliflower ear (he boxes, or did you know?). Fellow members of IRC boost him because he has intelligent opinions on current affairs; everybody else Ijoosts him because he ' s such an all- ' round swell fellow. Vera Burkhead, secretary-treasurer of the Senior Class and Millsaps ' champion booster, says Millsaps has the friendliest students in the whole USA and a Grill where she, for one, has the time of her life. Her favorite sport is swimming, but she plays a last game of tennis, too. She hopes to teach high school history. 36 Zke SENIOR CLASS MARY KATHRYN ASKEW - - - Sardis Beta Sigma Omicron Grenada College 1: Whitworth 2; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; Woman ' s Association 3. 4: Christian Council 4: A Capella Choir 3, 4; Sigma Lambda 4; Chi Delta 4: Purple and White Staff 3, 4; Eta Sigma Phi 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4. EDWIN JACKSON BAIN Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha Glee Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Librarian Glee Club 1, 2; Business IVIanager Glee Club 3, 4; Circulation iVIanager of Purple and White 1, 2, 3; Assistant Business IVIanager of Dramatic Club 2; Student Executive Board 3. 4: Vice-President of Pan- Hellenic 4: Vice-President of Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Treasurer of Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3; President of Lambda Chi Alpha 4; President of Senior Class 4. JOHN BURTON BAIN ----- Belzoni Football 1. 2, 3. 4; Basketball; Y. iVI. C. A. RUDOLPH BANGERT ----- Columbus Band 1; A Capella Choir 1: iVIinisterial League 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Assistant 3. 4. FRED BLEDSOE ------- Collins Sigma Rho Chi Football 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 1; Vice-President Class 3: Secretary-Treasurer Sigma Rho Chi 3; Vice-President Student Body 4; President Sig- ma Rho Chi 4; Baseball 1. JAMES BOOTH ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 3, 4: Debate Club 1, 2; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2, 3. 4; Historian 3; Vice-President 4; Pre-Medical Club 1, 2, 3. 4: President 4; Science Club 3. 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4: Eta Sigma Phi 3. 4; Secretary 3; President 4; Eta Sigma 4; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4: Student Assistant 3, 4; Rehfeldt Prize 3. WILLARD BOURN ----- Monticello E. NASH BROYLES ----- Rome, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1; Band 1, 2. 3; Classical Club 1; International Relations Club 4; Glee Club 1; Dramatic Club 1, 4; Boxing 1, 2; Vice-President Senior Class; Student Assistant 4; Purple and White Staff 4. COOPER BRYANT ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1, 4: Y. M. C, A. Cabinet 4; Pre- Medical Club 1; Baseball Team 1. VERA LUCTLE BURKHEAD - - - Jackson Chi Ornega Y. W. C. A. 1, 4; Glee Club 3; Science Club 2; Secretary and Treasurer 2; Purple and White Staff 1. 4: Secretary and Treasurer of Class 3, 4. JANE ELIZABETH CLOWE - - - Vicksburg Chi Omega M. S. C. W. 2, 3; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Woman ' s Association 1, 3. 4; Beethoven Club 4; Science Club 4 . MARTHA F. CONNER - - - Hattiesburg Beta Sigma Omicron State Teacher ' s College 2; Woman ' s College 3; Y. W. C. A. 1, 4; Glee Club 1, 4; Woman ' s Asso- ciation 1, 4; Science Club 4; Beta Mu Kappa; Feature Section 4. --His senior year, he ' s probably brighter than all the rest. 38 rf fn ASKEW, E. J. BAIN, J. B. BAIN. BANGERT, BLEDSOE. BOOTH, BOURN. BROYLES, BRYANT. BURKHEAD. CLOWE, CONNER, 39 " Cke SENIOR CLASS MARGUERITE ERASER DARDEN - Jackson Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2. 3; Woman ' s Association 1, 2, 3. 4; French Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Vice-President 2; A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Historian 4; Chi Delta 3. 4; Purple and White Staff 1, 2; Pan-Hellenic 4; Majorette Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Classical Club 1; Dean ' s List 3, 4. ELIZABETH DURLEY ------ Drew Kappa Delta Grenada College 1; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3. 4; Y. W, C. A. Cabinet 3, 4; Woman ' s Association 2, 3, 4 Student Executive Board 4; Glee Club 2, 3 Dramatic Club 3, 4; Beethoven Club 3; Pre- Medical Club 3, 4; Secretary and Treasurer 4; Science Club 2, 3; Purple and White Staff 4; Pan-Hellenic 4, President 4. DOLORES DYE ------- Jackson Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Woman ' s Association 1; 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Secretary and Treasurer 3; ' Vice-President 4 Chi Delta 3. 4; Secretary and Treasurer 3; Presi- dent 4; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4: Corresponding Sec- retary 3; Treasurer 4: Eta Sigma 4; President 4; Dean ' s List 2. 3. 4; Student Assistant 4: Bour- geois Medal 3; Tribbett Scholarship 3. EVERETT JOHN FERRIS - - Yazoo City Kappa Sigma Southwestern 1; A Capella Choir 3. 4; Dramatic Club 2, 4. INA BELL FITTS ------- Jackson Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Woman ' s Association 1. 2. 3. 4; A Capella Choir 3, 4: Beethoven Club 3, 4: Purple and White Staff 1, 2. 3. 4: Bobashela Staff 2, 3: Pan-Hellenic 4; Vice-President 4; Feature Section 1, 2, 3; Business Manager of Co-ed Edition of Purple and White 2, 3; Chi Delta 3. 4. MARGARET FRANCES FORSYTH - Jackson Phi Mu Hanover College 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 3: Dean ' s List 3: Student Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4. GERALD P. GABLE - - - - Estabutchie Pre-Medical Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Science Club 1. 2. 4. VIRGINIA GADDY ------ Jackson Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3. 4; Woman ' s Association 1. 2. 3. 4: French Club 3; Glee Club 3; Bobashela Staff 2, 3; Dean ' s List 4; Student Assistant 4; Girls ' Intramural Manager 3. FRANCES GILL ------- Jackson Clii Omega Sophie Newcomb 2; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3. 4 Woman ' s Association 1, 3. 4; Spanish Club 2 A Capella Choir 3, 4; Beethoven Club 1, 3. 4 Vice-President 1, 4; Dean ' s List 4. ANNIE MAE GUNN ----- Ellisville Jones County Junior College 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 3. 4; Woman ' s Association 3. 4; Empyreans 3, 4. GEORGE F. HALL - - West Palm Beach. Fla. Kappa Alpha Science Club: Pre-Medical Club. LONGSTREET HAMILTON - - - Jackson Sigma Chi University of Mississippi 1; Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 4; A Capella Choir 3. 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4; President 4: Pre- Medical Club 2. 3. 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Kit Kat 2, 3, 4; Eta Sigma 3, 4; Vice-President 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Student Assistant 3, 4. Glenn--a real Queen 40 DARDEN, DURLEY, DYE, FERRIS, FITTS, FORSYTH, GABLE, GADDY, GILL, GUNN, HALL. HAMILTON. 41 " Cite SENIOR CLASS DALE HARPER ------- Brandon Y. M. C. A. 2. 3. 4; Pre-Medical Club 1. 2, 3, 4; President 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Dean ' s List 4; Student Assistant 4. Jackson VERNON HATHORN - - - - . Kappa Sigma Football 1; Basketball 1: Baseball 1, 2, 3; Assist- ant Football Manager 2. 3; Football Manager 4; " M " Club 4; Student Assistant 4; Photography Club 3; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. KENNY HOLYFIELD - - - - Poplarville Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. 3; Band 1, 2, 3: Sergeant 3; Glee Club 1: Dramatic Club 1; Debate Club 1, 2, 3; Secretary 2: Delta Kappa Delta 2, 3; Vice- President 3; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3; Symphony Orchestra 3. MANNING HUDSON - - - - New Albany Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 1, 2. 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Christian Council 4; Student Executive Board 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2, 3, 4; Pre-Medical Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kap- pa 4; Pan-Hellenic 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4; President Junior Class 3; President Student Body 4; Dean ' s List 4; Student Assistant 3, 4. MARTHA KENDRICK Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3; Woman ' s Association 1, 2, 3; A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3; Pre-Medical Club 1, 2, 3; Science Club 1, 2, 3; Rambler ' s Club 3; Pan- Hellenic 3. GRADY KERSH ------- Jackson Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2. 4: Corporal 2; Glee Club 1, 2. 3; A Capella Choir 2, 3; Pre- Medical Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2; Dean ' s List 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 4. EDGAR HORN -------- Magee Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1. 2, 3; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 3; Band 1; French Club 2, 3; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3; Pre- Medical Club 1, 2, 3; Science Club 1. JAMES LANCASTER - - - - Sunflower Kappa Alpha Sunflower Junior College 1, 2; Y. M. C. A. 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4: Pre-Medical Club 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 4; Treasurer 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Student Assistant 4: Dean ' s List 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; International Relations Club 4; Debate Club 3, 4; A Capella Choir 3, 4; Radio Program 4. WALLIS LITTON ----- Baseball; " M " Club. Shaw THAMES LLOYD ------ Jackson Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Dramatics 3; Eta Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4; Boxing 1. 2; Student Assistant 3. EDWIN LOWTHER ----- Florence Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Track 2; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. 2; " M " Club 4. JOHN P. MALONEY ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 3. 4; Pre-Law Club 4. MARY FRANCES MANNING - - Jackson Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Woman ' s Association 1. 2, 3, 4. This picture is printed especially for Duke ' s benefit, to publicize the Grill. ' Shela staff is expecting free Cokes for it. 42 HARPER, HATHORN, HOLTFIELD, HORN, HUDSON, KENDRICK, KKllSH. LANCASTER, LITTON, LLOYD, LOWTHER, MALONEY, MANNING. 43 " Cke SENIOR CLASS ANNIE MARGUERITE MATHISON - Prentiss President of Beethoven Club: Alpha Psi Omega; Bobashela Staff: Dramatic Club: Y. W. C. A.; Woman ' s Association. VIRGINIA MAYFIELD ----- Tchula P ii Uu Virginia Interment 1, 2: Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Woman ' s Association 3. 4: Chi Delta 4. MARY MOORE -------- Biloxi East Mississippi Junior College I. 2: Y. W. C. A, 3. 4; President 4: State Vice-President 4: Chris- tian Council 3, 4: Student Executive Board 4: Glee Club 3: Dramatic Club 3. 4: Sigma Lambda 4; Secretary-Treasurer 4: Empyreans 3. 4: Dean ' s List 3: Student Assistant 4: Blue Ridge Scholarship 3: V ] o ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. LOUISE MOORER ------- Jackson Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3. 4: Woman ' s Association 1, 2, 3. 4; French Club 3. 4: Spanish Club 2: Inter- national Relations Club 4: Student Executive Board 4: Glee Club 3, 4; Purple and White Staff 2, 4: Bobashela Staff 3, 4: Art Editor 3: Editor 4; Sigma Lambda 4: Dean ' s List 2, 4; Feature Section 4: Chi Omega Sociology Award 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. CLAYTON A. MORGAN - - - - Ellisville Jones Junior College 1, 2; Y. M. C. A. 1; Em- pyreans 3, 4: President 4: Purple and White Staff 3. 4; Assistant Editor 4: Omicron Delta Kapp a 4: Carter Medal for Oratory. MARY MYERS -------- Morton Beta Sigma Omicron Whitworth 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Woman ' s Asso- ciation 3, 4: Beethoven Club 4; Purple and White Staff 4; Dean ' s List 3. BESSIE HESTER McCAFFERTY - - Belzoni Phi Mu Grenada College 1: Y. W. C. A. 2. 3. 4: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3. 4; Woman ' s Association 2, 3. 4: Secretary 4: Glee Club 2. 3. EVELYN McGAHEY ------ Jackson Kappa Delta Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. 3. 4: Woman ' s Association 1, 2 3. 4; Program Chairman 3: Vice-President 4 Spanish Club 2. 3: A Capella Choir 1. 2. 3. 4: Debate Club 1: Beethoven Club 3, 4: Sigma Lambda 4; Dean ' s List 3. 4. ALEXANDER McKEIGNEY - - - Eupora Kappa Alpha Wood Junior College 1: Mississippi State 2: De- bate Club 3: Purple and White Staff 3; Kit Kat 3. 4: Pi Kappa Delta 2. 3. 4: Dean ' s List 3. MYRT NAYLOR ------ Lauderdale Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3. 4: Woman ' s Association 1, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 1. EDWINA NICHOLS ------ Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Woman ' s Association 1. 2, 3, 4. ED DAVIS NOBLE ------ Fayette Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 3, 4: Pre-Medical Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Science Club 1, 2. 3. 4: " M " Club 2: Baseball Team 3: Student Manager 3. PATRICIA O ' BRIEN ------ Jackson Clii Omega Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3; Woman ' s Association 1, 2. 3: Program Chairman 3; French Club 2, 3: Inter- national Relalions Club 2. 3; Secretary 3: Sigma Lambda 3; Chi Delta 3: Purple and White Staff 2. 3: Bobashela Staff 2, 3: Literary Editor 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3: Pi Kappa Delta 3: Dean ' s List 2, 3; Co-ed Editor of Purple and White 2. Oh, Oh!— Be careful of that March wind. 44 MATHISON, MAYPIELD, MOORE, MOORER, MORGAN. MYERS. McCAFFERTY. McGAHEY. JIcKEIGNEY, NAYLOR, NICHOLS. NOBLE, O ' BRIEN. 45 Zke SENIOR CLASS FRANCES OGDEN ----- Hattiesburg Beta Sigma Omicron Sophie Newcomb 1; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4; Vice- President 3: Woman ' s Association 2, 3. 4; Secre- tary 3; President 4; Christian Council 3, 4; Sec- retary 3; French Club 2; Student Executive Board 4; A Capella Choir 3, 4; Debate Club 3, 4; Beethoven Club 2; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Vice- President 4; Eta Sigma Phi 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic 3. 4; Treasurer 3; Secretary 4: Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4, GLENN PHIFER ------- Jackson Chi Omega Y. W, C. A. 1, 2. 3. 4; Y, Vf. C. A. Cabinet 3 Woman ' s Association 1. 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3. 4: International Relations Club 2, 3. 4 Student Executive Board 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2 3. 4: Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; Sigma Lambda 2 3, 4; Chi Delta 2. 3, 4; Purple and White Staff 4; Bobashela Staff 2, 3; Editor 3; Feature Section 1, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 3; Dean ' s List 4. LEM M. PHILLIPS - - - - Holly Bluff Kappa Alpha Marion IVIilitary Institute 1; Spanish Club 3, 4; Delta Kappa Delta 3, 4; Pre-Law Club 2; Y. M. C, A. 3, 4. ANNIE BELLE PIERCE ----- Jackson Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; W oman ' s Association 1, 2, 3. 4; Rambler ' s Club 3, 4. » ►, GRACEALINE PORTER - - - Vicksburg Phi Mu Whitworth College 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Woman ' s Association 3, 4; International Rela- tions Club 3. 4: A Capella Choir 3; Beethoven Club 3: Chi Delta 3. 4; Reporter; Purple and White Staff 3, 4; Eta Sigma Phi 3. 4; Eta Sigma 4: Dean ' s List 3, 4. MARGARET PORTER ----- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4; A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Majorettes President 2, 4; Student Assistant 2, 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3. ROSALIE RAMSEY ----- Meridian Phi Mu Decatur Junior College 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Woman ' s Association 3. 4; Debate Club 2, 3. 4; Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4; Student Assistant 3, 4: Basketball. SARA RHYMES ------- Monticello Phi Mu M. S. C. W. 1; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Woman ' s Association 2, 3, 4; Christian Council 4; Spanish Club 3. 4; Secretary 4; Pan-Hellenic 2. 3; Treas- urer 3: B. S. U. 2, 3: President 3: Band Sponsor 4; Feature Section 2, 3. 4; Cheerleader 2, 3. CAPPY RICKS ------- Jackson Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 4; Band 1. 2, 3; Corporal 2; Sergeant 2: Staff Ser- geant 3; International Relations Club 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2. 3, 4: Pre-Medical Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1. 2; Kit Kat 2. 3, 4; Secretary 4; Dean ' s List 3. 4: Student Assistant 4. JEAN SCALES -------- Morton Hinds Junior College 1, 2; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Y. W. C. A. 3. 4. HERBERT SELMAN ----- Monticello Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. 3. 4; French Club 2, 3; Inter- national Relations Club 2, 3, 4: President 4: Stu- dent Executive Board 4: " M " Club 3. 4: Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4: Pan-Hellenic 3. 4; President 4; Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4; Student Assistant 3, 4. AUBREY SMITH ------- Liberty Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3. 4; Ministerial League 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Student Assistant 2, 3. 4; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities 4. ANN STONE --------- Jackson Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3; Woman ' s Association 1, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 3; French Club 1. 2. 3. 4; President 3; International Relations Club 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 2: Secre- tary 3; A Capella Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Sigma Lambda 3, 4; President 4; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities 4. Atop the Robert E. Lee, KD ' s and escorts (in- cluding at least one ministerial student) enjoy a night of revelry in dancing. 46 OGDEN, PHIFER, PHILLIPS, PIERCE, G. PORTER, M. PORTER, RAMSEY, RHYMES, RICKS, SCALES, SELMAN, SMITH, STONE. 47 Zke SENIOR CLASS ELTON SUMRALL ------- Laurel Sigma Rho Chi Ellisville Junior College 1. 2: Eta Sigma 4; Dean ' s List 3. 4. EDITH VIRGINIA SWAYZE - - Yazoo City Kappa Delta Whitworth College 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Woman ' s Association 3. 4: Student Executive Board 4; Glee Club 3; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4: Bobashela Staff 3, 4; Feature Sec- tion 3, 4: Secretary-Treasurer of Student Body 4. MARJORIE TERRY ------ Fernwood ■Whitwortli College 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 3. 4; Woman ' s Association 3, 4: Science Club 4. CELIA TRIMBLE ------- Natchez Grenada College 1, 2, 3, 4. J. S. VANDIVER. JR. - - - - - Jackson Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: President 3; Christian Council 3; French Club 3, 4; International Re- lations Club 2, 3. 4; Student Executive Board 4; Dramatic Club 3; Debate Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres- ident 3; Delta Kappa Delta 3, 4; Pre-Law Club 2, 3. 4; Purple and White Staff 1; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; President 4: Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Kit Kat 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic 4; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4: Dean ' s List: Student Assistant 3, 4; Freshman Debate Coach 3; Who ' s Who in Amer- ica)i Colleges and Universities 4. JAMES WALL ------- Rosedale Pi Kappa Alpha Freshman Scholarship: Baseball 1: Band 1, 2, 3; Sergeant 2; Technical Sergeant 3; President Band 3: Bobashela Business Staff 2: Business Manager Bobashela 3: Pre-Medical Club 1, 2, 3; Symphony 3: Chemistry Assistant 2; Student Executive Board 3. BERT WATKINS ------- Jackson Phi Mu Woman ' s Association 1, 2, 3. 4: Treasurer 2; Christian Council 4: Student Executive Board 3; A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3. 4: Secretary 2, 3: Sigma Lambda 4: Chi Delta 2, 3, 4; President 3: Pan-Hellenic 2, 3; President 3. KATE WELLS ------- Anguilla Whitworth College 1, 2: Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3. 4: Woman ' s Association 3. 4: Pre-Medical Club 3, 4; Empyreans 4: Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3. PAUL T. WHITSETT ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Y. M. C. A. 1, 2: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 1: Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4: President 1. 3; Vice-President 2; A Capella Choir 1, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 1, 2. 3, 4: President 4; Alpha Psi Omega 2. 3, 4: President 4; Purple and White Staff 1. 3: Cartoonist. JAMES R. WILSON ------ Natchez Kappa Sigma Y. M. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4: " M " Club: Football: Base- ball: Vice-President of Class 1, 2. VIRGINIA ALLENE WILSON - - Clarksdale Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. 1. 3: Woman ' s Association 1, 2. 3; French Club 1, 3: A Capella Choir 1. 2, 3: Eta Sigma Phi 3: Dean ' s List 2, 3; Student Assistant 3. FLORENCE WORTHINGTON - - - Jackson Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. 3, 4: Woman ' s Association 1, 2. 3. 4: Treasurer 4: Empyreans; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Secretary 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4. JOHN RICHARD WRIGHT - - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha L ' s planning the Varsity Show. (Sigma Lambda and Varsity Show are practically synonymous terms.) 48 SUMRALL, SWAYZE, TERRY, TRIMBLE, VANDIVER, WALL, WATKINS, WELLS. WHITSETT, J. WILSON, V. WILSON, WORTHINGTON, WIMGHT. 49 PRESIDENT Nat (Romance) Rogers, presi- dent of the Junior Class, presi- dent of the Debate club, vice- president of Eta Sigma Phi and Pi Kappa Delta, Number IV and house manager of Kappa Alpha, etc., etc. . . need we say more? He ' s a likeable lad with a syrupy southern drawl. His big- gest problem at present is " What am I going to be when I finish college? " Editor ' s pre- diction: lawyer, banker. Rogers, Young, Ward €L JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Charles Ward, vice-president of tlie Junior Class, vice-president of the Ramblers club, and alternate captain of the varsitv football team, admits the thing he likes best about Millsaps is its location. It ' s near Pelahatchie, and those who know Charlie know why that ' s important. An all- ' round athlete, he specializes in basketball. He ' ll probably be a coach. Maxine Young, secretary-treasurer of the Junior Class, vice-president of KD pledges, and cheerleader, is a transfer from Wesson who made good here overnight. She likes social science a lot, but English, her major, more. (Mrs. Stone please note.) As to the future, Maxme says " Id like to be a housewife, but will probably be an old maid school teacher! " Say we, anybody who can keep a man six years needn ' t worry. 50 % ' ltM BARNES BIERDEMAN BORUM BROOKS BROWN BURT BURWELL CALDWELL, CAMERON CAMPBELL CARRAWAY CASTLE CAVETT CAVIN CHICHESTER CLARK CRAIG DANIELS DAVIS DECELLE DENNIS DOGGETT DONALD DORMAN EAGER FAUCETTE FIELD FITTS FLOYD FORD FOX GANT GERALD GWIN HALL HEIDELBERG. HERRON HOWARD JAMES KENNEDY " Cke JUNIOR CLASS EDMUND F. BARNES ----- Jackson Kappa Alpha CORDE JOE BIERDEMAN - - - Jackson Beta Sigma Oviicron BLANCHE BORUM ------ Aberdeen Chi Omega JOE BROOKS, IV - - - Long Beach, Calif. Lambda Chi Alpha JOHN PAUL BROWN ----- Pulaski ARCHIE BURT --------- Weir Lambda Chi Alpha JOHN L. BURWELL ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma JACK T. CALDWELL ------ Canton ROGER CAMERON ------ Meridian ELIZABETH CAMPBELL ----- Laurel Phi Mu MARY CARRAWAY ------ Jackson Chi Omega ELEANOR CASTLE - - - Crystal Springs Kappa Delta JAMES R. CAVETT ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma ELIZABETH CAVIN ----- Wilkinson SHIRLEY CHICHESTER - - - - Jackson Chi Omega ROY C. CLARK ------- Columbia Pi. Kappa Alpha MILDRED CRAIG ------ Jackson Kappa Delta VERA DANIELS ------- Wesson Phi Mu VIRGINIA DAVIS ------ Jackson Phi Mil KATHRYN RYAN DECELLE - - Hazlehurst Kappa Delta MARY CRAWFORD DENNIS - - - Jackson Chi Oviega GAYLE DOGGETT ------ Kossuth Chi Oviega DAVID DONALD ------ Goodman Pi Kappa Alpha RICHARD DORMAN ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha PATRICIA EAGER ------ Jackson Chi Oviega JULIA FAUCETTE Carthage PEMBLE FIELD, JR. ----- - Magee Kappa Sigma UNA B. FITTS -------- Jackson Chi Oviega JOHNNIE MERRILL FLOYD - - Weathersby MARY LOUISE FORD - - - - Taylorsville Kappa Delta LUCILE McMULLAN FOX - - - Brandon Chi Oviega SARAH JANE GANT ------ Elliott MARTHA WILSON GERALD - - - Leland Kappa Delta LAURA GWIN ------- Kosciusko MARY MARGARET HALL - Kappa Delta MAE BLACK HEIDELBERG Kappa Delta MARY SYLVIA HERRON - Kappa Delta MYRTLE RUTH HOWARD - Chi Oviega VIRGINIA JAMES - - - - Kappa Delta ROBERT KENNEDY - - - - Jackson - - Jackson - - Jackson - - Jackson - - Midnight Whistler. Ala. Bedlam 53 KILGORE KLEE KOLB LARSEN LIVESAY C. MILLER F. MILLER M. MILLER MOORE MORGAN MURRY MARTHA McILWAIN MARY McILWAIN McKEITHEN NAYLOR NEELY C. NICHOLS D. NICHOLS PAINTER PEACOCK PEARSON PIERCE POWELL REESE RIDDELL RIMMER ROBERTSON ROGERS RI ' NDLE SHELTON SIMMONS STEPHENS STROUD TERRY TH( IMPSON TIMPERLAKE WALKER WARD WEliSTER E. WHITE M. WHITE WILSON WORTHINGTON WROTEN YOUNG 54 Zke JUNIOR CLASS CHARLES KILGORE ----- Jackson Kappa Alpha GEORGE KLEE ----- Memphis, Tenn. Pi Kappa Alpha GWIN KOLB --------- Durant Lambda Chi Alpha BETTY LARSEN - - - Council Bluffs, Iowa Kappa Delta JAMES LIVESAY - Jackson Kappa Alpha JOHN CARL MILLER - - - - Moss Point Pi Kappa Alpha FRANCES LUCILLE MILLER - - - Leland Kappa Delta MARJORIE MILLER Tylertown Kappa Delta MARY ALYCE MOORE - - - Water Valley Cfii Omega LEELAND MORGAN ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma CHARLES M. MURRY ----- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha MARTHA McILWAlN ----- Greenville Phi Mu MARY McILWAlN ------ Greenville Phi Mu DAVID H. McKEITHEN - - - - Meadville WYC NAYLOR ------ Lauderdale Chi Omega TOM NEELY -------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha CHARLOTTE NICHOLS ----- Jackson Chi Omega DORRIS NICHOLS ------ Vaughan Kappa Delta LAWRENCE PAINTER, JR. - - - Columbus Pi Kappa Alpha HAROLD EUGENE PEACOCK ------ --------- Montgomery, Ala. Chi Delta Theta DAVID M. PEARSON - - Sweetwater, Ala. INAZELLE PIERCE - Jackson Chi Omega MARTHA POWELL - - - - Calhoun City Chi Om.ega MARY FAY REESE ------ Tupelo Chi Omega KATHERINE RIDDELL - - - - Jackson Phi Mu JAMES RIMMER ------- Camden Pi Kappa Alpha TOM ROBERTSON ------- Myrtle Sigma Rho Chi NAT ROGERS ------ New Albany Kappa Alpha JOHN RUNDLE ------- Grenada Kappa Alpha SARAH VIRGINIA SHELTON - - - Leland Kappa Delta W. E. SIMMONS - Columbia Pi Kappa Alpha SARA STEPHENS - Clarksdale Chi Omega BURCH STROUD ------- Louise Lavibda Chi Alpha MARIANNA TERRY ------ Jackson Kappa Delta JAMES W. THOMPSON, JR. - - - Jackson Kappa Sigma JOSEPHINE GILMER TIMBERLAKE - - - ------------ Crawford Chi Oviega RALPH WALKER ------ McComb Lambda Chi Alpha JAMES MYRAN WARD - - - - Montrose Lavibda Chi Alpha DAVIE LOUISE WEBSTER - - - Winona Chi Omega ESS WHITE --------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha MILTON WHITE - - Jackson Kappa Alpha LOUIS WILSON ------- Brandon Pi Kappa Alpha GORDON WORTHINGTON - - - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES WROTEN ------ Columbus Kappa Sigma MAXINE YOUNG ------- Terry Kappa Delta Bobashela nom,ination jor a school TTiascot. The monotonous drone of Denver ' s tractor often saves us from the utter mental defeat caused by the monotonous drone of the profs. 55 PRESIDENT Willie Branch, president of the Sophomore Class is a rugged individualist except with respect to Charlie " Ward — to whom he is yes-man. After lunch you ' ll find him witli all other football boys stationed on the front porch at Founders ' to watch the parade of coeds. He plays both basket- ball and football and will prob- ably be a coach. However, his majors are physics and astron- omy. Graves, Mansfield, Branch Qg Sophomore Class OFFICERS Sidney Graves, vice-president of the Sophomore Class, circulation manager of the Purple and White, says Millsaps cafe(teria) society intrigues him. " — the way some people flirt — . Sidney is a pre-med student, and his favorite course is Riecken ' s biology. Martha Mansfield, secretarv-treasurer of the Sophomore Class, vice-president of KD, says " I love every single thing about Millsaps, but best of all the students. " — Which statement her fellow-debunkers-of-History-51 may term " propaganda designed to cloud the issue of one special — single — student! (And she ' s going to be a school teacher because she ' s not optimistic about proposals.) 56 CAe Sophomore Class LESLIE M. ADDISON ------ Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MELVINA AINSWORTH - - - - Decatur CORINNE BALL ------- Jackson Phi Mm MARION PRICE BLAKE - - - Pocahontas HELEN BOOTH ------ Kosciusko Beta Sigma Oviicron HUGH BOSWELL ----- New Albany Pi Kappa Alpha JUDGE GRAHAM BRADY, JR. - - Jackson Kappa Sigma CECILIA BURDETTE ----- Jackson Chi Omega HARRIS M. CARTER. JR. - - - - Jackson Kappa Sigma ALLIE RUTH CHATHAM - - - Montrose Beta Sigvia Omicron JANE CLARK -------- Pearson Phi Mu ELEANOR COBB ------- Jackson Phi Mu ROBERT MORRIS CONDON - - Greenville Lambda Chi Alpha CHARLES CRAWFORD - - - - Greenville MILDRED CRESSWELL - - - - Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron CLEM CROOK ------ Jackson Kappa Alpha MARY JOE CURRIE ------ Raleigh Beta Sigma Omicron EDWIN DANIELS Jackson Kappa Alpha GUY WALKER DEAN. JR. - - - - Shaw Kappa Sigma EVA DECELL ------- Vicksburg Chi Omega BEVERLEY DICKERSON - - - - McComb Chi Omega NATHAN A. DICKSON - - - - Bassfield W. C. DOSS -------- Houston Pi Kappa Alpha EARL R. EPPERSON ------ Clinton Kappa Alpha MARK ETHRIDGE ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha LOYD EDWIN FARMER ----- Shaw Kappa Sigma WILLIAM FAZAKERLY ----- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha EDWARD FLEMING - - - - Minter City Kappa Sigma ELIZABETH ANN GILLIS - - - - Jackson Kappa Delta NANCY GRAHAM ------- Jackson Chi Omega SIDNEY GRAVES ------ Laurel Kappa Alpha KATHERINE GRIMES ----- Jackson Kappa Delta JEFF HAMPTON ------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha MONTA HARDING ----- Greenwood Kappa Delta HORACE H. HINES ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha SARA BETH HUGHES - - - - Clarksdale Kappa Delta DOUGLAS JOHNSON ----- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha HANIEL JONES ------ Mobile, Ala. MIRIAM JONES ------- Okolona Chi Omega FRANCES KEENAN ------ Jackson Phi Mu BOYD KELLUM ------ Greenville Kappa Sigma SARAH KATHERINE KENNEDY - Natchez Chi Omega GLENN SHELTON KEY - - Birmingham. Ala. Pi Kappa Alpha EVALINE KHAYAT ------ Jackson JANIE LOU KING ------ Madison --What goes on inside a cheerleader 58 ADDISON AINSWORTH BALL BLAKE BOOTH BOSAA ' ELL BRADY BURDETTE CARTER CHATHAM CLARK COBB CONDOX CRAWFORD CRESSWELL CROOK CURRIE DANIELS DEAN DpCELL DICKERSON DICKSON DOSS El ' PIOIiSON ETHKIDCE FAli.MKl; FAZAKERLY FLEMING GILLIS GRAHAM GRAVES GRIMES HAMPTON HARDING HINES HCCHRS J( iHXS( IN H. JONES M. JONES KEENAN KELLUM KENNEDY KEY KHAYAT KING ke Sophomore Class RICHARD LAUDERDALE - - - - Jackson Kappa Alpha WILLIAM BALDWIN LLOYD - - Jackson Kappa Alpha JEANNE MARIE LOTTE - - - - Sumrall Kappa Delta ELEANOR GRACE LUCAS - - Kosciusko Oii Omega JEANETTE MacFALLS ----- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron BOB MAGRUDER - - - - Mexia, Texas MARTHA MANSFIELD ----- Jackson Kappa Delta ALBERT FRANKLIN MARTIN - - Aberdeen Pi Kappa Alpha RAYMOND MARTIN. JR. - - - - Jackson Kappa Sigma MARY JANE MOHEAD ----- Canton Phi Mil EVELYN MONTGOMERY - - - - Leland Kappa Delta GEORGE MOORE. ------- Jackson Kappa Alpha BETTY MURPHY ------- Belzoni Phi Mil NELL MURRAY ------- Jackson Phi Mil JOEL McDAVID ----- Whistler. Ala. GRAHAM R. McFARLANE - - - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha MARY CAVETT NEWSOM - - - Vicksburg Kappa Delta MARY ELIZABETH NORDIN - - - Jackson Chi Omega JAMES O ' CALLAGHAN ----- Tupelo Pi Kappa Alpha CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH PEELER - Ashland Beta Sigvia Oviicron FRANCES PEVEY -------- Forest HERBERT PHILLIPS ------ Jackson Lavibda Chi Alpha DUVAL PROUDFIT ------ Grenada Kappa Alpha LAWRENCE RABB ----- Lexington Kappa Sigma HELEN RICKS -------- Jackson Chi Omega BOB RISER --------- Jackson Kappa Alpha CHARLTON ROBY ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha LAURA JEAN RODGERS - - - - Brandon ETHEL ROELL -------- Jackson Kappa Delta EMMETT A. ROSSIE ------- Shaw Lambda Chi Alpha ALBERT GODFREY SANDERS. JR. - Jackson Kappa Sigma T. C. SCHILLING. JR. - - - - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha MARTHA SHEFFIELD ----- Jackson Chi Oviega JOHN SIGMAN ----- Holly Springs Kappa Sigma BILLY SMITH -------- Ripley Kappa Sigvia THOMAS LAWRENCE SPENGLER - Jackson Kappa Sigma MARY ALEXIA STONE ----- Jackson Chi Omega RANDOLPH SULLIVAN - - - - Jackson Kappa Alpha GLENN SWEANY ----- Minter City Kappa Delta LAWRENCE A. WARING - - - Tylertown Pi Kappa Alpha JACK WILKINSON ------ Gulfport Kappa Alpha MARGARET WILLIAMS - - - - Jackson G. RICE WILSON ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha OLGA WRIGHT ------- Jackson Chi Omega HERMAN ZIMOSKI ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma Honey Bunch " 60 LAUDERDALE LLOYD LOTTE LUCAS MacFALLS LXGRfDER . L X.SKII ' :LD A. JL RTLX R. .MART IX AIOHEAD iMONTGOMERY MOORE MURPHY MURRAY McDAVID M.-FARLAXE XEWSOM XORDLX o ' callaghax peelb:r PEVEY ' I ' HILLIPS PROUDFIT RAIiP. i;ic-Ks RISKR Ui iPY RiiDGERS Re lELL Ri )SSIE SAXDERS SCHILLIXG SHEFFIELD SIGMAX SMITH SPEXGLER STOXE Sl ' LLIWAX SWEAXY- VARIX(; WILKIXSOX WILLIAMS WILSl IX WRKiHT ZIMOSKI 61 «fi3«S? , Christmas, Sumrall, Ross Qg Freshman Class PRESIDENT Davis Christmas, president of tlie Freshman Class, liailing from Laurel, is a radical! He approves Millsaps ' policy of education first, footliall second, and he ' s the Minor star quarter- back. He ' d like to retire and inherit a million dollars (wouldn ' t we all) but concludes that he ' ll probably wind up a patient young chemist playing- nursemaid to a batch of test-tubes. OFFICERS Billy Ross, vice-president of the Freshmen and KA pledges, is going to be a lawyer. How - ever, the versatile young man likes history, is majoring in social sciences, and feels he has gotten the most out of his English course. r Geraldine Sumrall, secretary-treasurer of the Freshman class, president of KD pledges, editor of Frosh P W and sponsor ' s maid at the Birmingham-Southern game, plans to major in voice. Her favorite activity is Glee Club, favorite subject French, favorite sport football: she herself plays badminton and ping pong. 62 7 t Mi BAGGETT BAILEY BARL( )W BAR.XETT BARE BARRETT BEASLEY BERRY BISHliR BOS VP;i Ij BROWiX BRUM FIELD BURUETTE BUSBY CALDWELL CAMPBELL CARR G. CHILDRESS S. CHILDRESS CHRISTMAS CONEY COOK CRISLER CROOK CROPPER CUNNINGHAM DABBS DINKINS DOBBS DOGGETT DUKE EARLY EPPS ERVIN EURE FLOYD FOX GALLOWAY GIBBONS GIBSON GODBOLD 64 CAe Freshman Class MYRTIS BAGGETT ------ Jackson HAZEL BAILEY ------- Tchula Phi Mil ADEN BARLOW ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JEAN BARNETT ------- Jackson Phi Mu JOHN S. BARR -------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha ELIZABETH BARRETT ----- Jackson Phi Mu HETTIE FA YE BEASLEY - - - - Vaughan Beta Sigvia Oviicron JOHN BERRY -------- Jackson BILLY BISHOP ------- Jackson Kappa Delta BARBARA BOSWELL ----- Jackson Kappa Delta DILLARD BROWN ------- Jackson Kappa Alpha MARY ELIZABETH BRUMFIELD - Tylertown Beta Sigma Omicron GENEVIEVE BURDETTE - - - - Jackson Chi Omega MARY LEE BUSBY ------ Meridian Phi Mu UNA CALDWELL ------- Canton Phi Mu W. ROBERT CAMPBELL - - - - Jackson Lavibda Chi Alpha HELEN CARR -------- Jackson Phi Mu GERALDINE CHILDRESS - - - - Jackson SAMMY HALL CHILDRESS - - - Satartia DAVIS L. CHRISTMAS ----- Laurel Kappa Sigma MAX A. CONEY ------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM L. COOK ------ Canton Pi Kappa Alpha HERBERT CRISLER, III - - - Bay Springs Pi Kappa Alpha COREENE CROOK ------ Jackson JULIA CROPPER ------ Columbia Kappa Delta EVELYNNE CUNNINGHAM - Franklin. Tenn. Beta Sigvia Omicron HARWELL DABBS ------ Tupelo Kappa Alpha SUENETTE DINKINS ----- Canton Phi Mu KAY DOBBS -------- Jackson Chi Omega MAYE EVELYN DOGGETT - - - Kossuth Chi Omega ANN DUKE --------- Jackson Phi Mu LAURESS EARLY ------ Cleveland Pi Kappa Alpha ALLEN EPPS -------- Jackson Kappa Sigvia MARY EMMA ERVIN ----- Inverness Kappa Delta JAMES EURE -------- Forest WILMA LEE FLOYD ------ Flora CAROL FOX --------- Jackson Chi Oviega ANNIE LAURIN GALLOWAY - - McComb Chi Omega RUTH GIBBONS ------- Jackson Kappa Delta GERTRUDE GIBSON ----- Jackson Chi Oviega RUTH GODBOLD ------- Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron How ' s this for twirling? 65 GRAJIBLING B. GREEN I). F. GREEX GREGORY HALL HARE MARGRAVE HArcHTON HICXRY Hi iI.LIJIAX Hi )RX HUXT JAMES .1. JOHNSON K. JOHXSOX M. JOXES P. JONES KARRAKER KEMP KILGORE KlXr, KNOWLTON I AMPE LOFLIN LOWE MARTIN McGOUGH McKEOWN McNEIL MINYARD JIITCHELL Ml II iP.E MCRPHY I). NELSON W. F. XELSON XIOHOLS OGPEN I nil IM PEARSON PHILLIPS PICKETT 66 CAe Freshman Class JEAN GRAMBLING ------ Jackson Chi Omega BESS GREEN ------- Jackson Chi Omega DORA FRANCES GREEN - - - Hattiesburg Chi Om,ega HUBERT GREGORY ------ Jackson BEN HALL --------- Jackson Kappa Sigma AUDREY HARE -------- Jackson Kappa Delta SALLY ANN HARGRAVE - - - - Jackson Chi Omega DAVIS HAUGHTON ------ Morton Pi Kappa Alpha JANE HENRY -------- Corinth Kappa Delta VIRGINIA HOLLIMAN - - - - Sunflower Phi Mu ROBERT HORN ------- Grenada Kappa Sigvia DAVID L. HUNT ------- Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha DEWITT JAMES ------- Midnight Kappa Alpha JAMES L. JOHNSON ------ Tupelo Pi Kappa Alpha KATHERYN SUE JOHNSON - - - Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron MARTHA FRANCES JONES - - - Jackson Chi Omega PATRICIA JONES ------ Louisville Phi Mu NANETTE KARRAKER ----- Tutwiler Kappa Delta JOSEPHINE KEMP ------ Jackson Kappa Delta JOE KILGORE -------- Jackson Kappa Alpha PHIL KING --------- Jackson Kappa Alpha MARIE KNOWLTON - - - Phi Mu - McComb MILLICENT LAMPE ------ Jackson Kappa Delta LYNETTE LOFLIN Phi Mu Vicksburg LOUISE LOWE -------- Jackson Chi Oviega ALTHEA MARTIN ------- Midnight Kappa Delta WILLIAM MARION McGOUGH - Catchings Pi Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA McKEOWN ----- Vicksburg Phi Mu RAGSDALE McNEIL ------ Jackson Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA MINYARD ----- Jackson Kappa Delta MEREDITH MITCHELL ----- Forest Kappa Alpha SAM R. MOORE ------- Jackson Kappa Alpha PAT MURPHY -------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha DONALD NELSON - - - - Bay St. Louis Lambda Chi Alpha W. F. NELSON -------- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha BOB NICHOLS ------- Jackson JAMES OGDEN ------- Hattiesburg Kappa Alpha JOE ODOM ---------- Jackson Kappa Alpha ROBERT D. PEARSON ----- Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha KATHLEEN PHILLIPS ----- Jackson Beta Sigvia Omicron ROSS PICKETT ------- Jackson Freshmen will he freshmen, 67 PRICE RAICINS RAMSEY REDDICK RICHARDSON RIGBY ROBERTS ROSS RUOFF C. RUSH S. RUSH SCHWARTZ SCOTT SELLS SHERHAX SMITH SPANN STEPHEXSOX E. STEWART H. STEWART STOXE STROHECKER STROUD SUM R ALL, TATUM TAYLOR THORNHILL TRIMBLE TRIPLETT WEATHERSBY WKEJIS welssix ;er wuatlioy M ' HITKSIL)ES WHITNEY WILDER F. WILLIAMS N. WILLIAMS WILSON WOOD WORTHINGTON 68 CAg Freshman Class VIRGINIA PRICE ------- Canton Kappa Delta ARCHIE RAIGINS ------ Aberdeen Lambda Chi Alpha THOMAS POPE RAMSEY - - Hattiesburg Kappa Alpha JAMES ALLEN REDDICK - - Chipley, Ala. CATHERINE RICHARDSON - - - Jackson Chi Omega ELINOR GLENN RIGBY - - - - Madison SYLVIA ROBERTS ------ Jackson Phi Mu WILLIAM D. ROSS - - - Crystal Springs Kappa Alpha HELEN RUOFF ------- Jackson Chi Omega CLARINE RUSH ------- Vaughan Beta Sigma Oviicron SUSIE ANN RUSH ------ Vaughan Beta Sigma Omicron BILL SCHWARTZ ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha CHARLES SCOTT ----- Yazoo City Kappa Alpha ELLENITA SELLS ------ Jackson DOROTHY SHERMAN ------ Forest Chi Omega OLLIE SMITH ----- Whistler, Ala. JANIE SUE SPANN ----- Pelahatchie VICTORIA STEPHENSON - - - Enterprise EMMA STEWART ------ Hernando Phi Mu HELEN STEWART ------ Jackson Chi Omega J. C. STONE -------- Okolona Pi Kappa Alpha ANNE IRENE STROHECKER - - Jackson Phi Mu POLLY STROUD -------- Louise GERALDINE SUMRALL - - - - Jackson Kappa Delta FREDERICK TATUM - - - - Hattiesburg Kappa Sigma LUCILLA DEAN TAYLOR - - - Brandon Beta Sigma Omicron ABNER THORNHILL ------ Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JANICE TRIMBLE ------ Natchez Phi Mu NELL TRIPLETT ------- Erwin Chi Omega MARGARET WEATHERSBY - - - Jackson Phi Mu HAROLD WEEMS ------ Shubuta Pi Kappa Alpha SARA WEISSINGER - - - Memphis, Tenn. RAY WHATLEY ----- Whatley, Ala. WILLIAM WHITESIDES - - - - Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha JACK WHITNEY ------- Jackson Kappa Alpha EUGENE WILDER ----- Hattiesburg Kappa Alpha FRANK WILLIAMS ------ Jackson Kappa Sigma M. NEY WILLIAMS ------ Raymond Kappa Alpha MARJORIE LOVE WILSON - - Hattiesburg Chi Omega BERTHA MAE WOOD ------ Lena AGATHA WORTHINGTON - - - Brandon The Pikes did their utmost to pledge this man when they saw what a way he had with the women, but the " hot-boxing " drove the poor fellow away. 60 m J 1st Row; Adcock, Canterbury, Miles, Hogan, Steinriede, Hart, Dickerson, Walters. 2nd Row: Hathorn, Richardson, Samuels. Fleming, Winbourn. Matulich, Hodges, Anders. 3rd Row: Warren, Tynes, Bell, Shipp, Upton, Worthington, Baker, Carter, 4th Row: King, Nobles, Field, Bryant, Hamby, Litton, Ellzey, Williams. € A e " M " CLUB The " M " Club is composed of students who win letters in athletic compe- tition at Millsaps and is one of the strongest organizations on the campus, Terry Walters served as president of the club during the past year; Ed Hogan was vice-president; William Green, secretary-treasurer, and Milan Rich- ardson was elected club reporter. The " M " Club has been especially active this year and has had a large increase in members because of the number of junior college transfers who played football this season. The clubroom located in the basement of the gymnasium in one of the favorite hangouts of Millsaps athletes for bull sessions, studying, or " snoozing. " 73 B. O. VAN HOOK Athletic Director B. O. Van Hook has been serving as athletic director, coach of the basketball team, and coach of the track team for many seas- ons now and is one of the most popular members of the faculty. He has had especial success this year with his basketball team, which led the Dixie Con- ference during the season. THE COACHING STAFF FOOTBALL Henry Louis " Hook " Stone has just finished his first year as head football coach at Millsaps, coming here with a notable record for turning out championship grid teams at Copiah-Lincoln Junior College. Stone enjoyed a winning season in 1939 and has laid most of the groundwork for Millsaps ' championship teams of the future. Hook ' s football assistant this year was Bernie Ward, whose assistance has been very valuable. Freshman Coach Melvin Richardson has continued his fine work of past seasons, leading the yearling gridders through their best season in years and coaching a winning first-year basketball team. THE CHEERLEADERS No collegiate athletic contest is complete without cheerleaders, and Millsaps has been fortunate in hav- ing an excellent squad. Under the leadership of Head Cheerleader Pemble " Teeny " Field, they have given much of their time and energy to keeping Millsaps ' school spirit at a high pitch at games and pep meetings. Field. Young. Brady. Dickerson, Riser, Castle 5 a I MILLSAPS THE MANAGERS AND THE FOOTBALL, SQUAD Under the guidance of its new coach, Henry Louis " Hook " Stone, the varsity football team went tnrough its first winning season in several years, winning four games, losing three and tying two. Millsaps got off to a flying start in Coach Stone ' s debut game by defeating Delta State 14--0 at the fair grounds. Charlie Ward and Milan Richardson led the way. In their next start the Majors journeyed to Birmingham and upset the Dixie Conference cham- pion Howard team 7--6. This was Millsaps ' best played game of the season and was featured by the work of Ward, Granville Hamby, AVillie Carter, and Phillip Shipp. On Saturday of the state fair week the Purple and White battled to a scoreless tie with the pow- erful State Teachers College Yellowjackets. Union L niversity handed the Methodists their first defeat of the season by trouncing them 12--0 at Jackson, Tennessee. The Birmingham-Southern Panthers rallied to tie Millsaps 7--7 at the fair grounds after Phil Shipp had sent the Majors ahead with a fifty yard punt return. Interest in Jackson soared to a new high over the traditional Millsaps-Mississippi Colleere clash, but the Choctaws surprised Major fans with an astonishing 29--0 whitewashing. The Purple Platoon defeated Spring Hill 6--0 be- fore a large Homecoming Day crowd on a brilliant punt return and forward pass by Sophomore Half- back Ed Matulich. Mississippi State trounced the scrappy Majors 40--0, and then the varsity wound up its season with a 2--0 victory over the West Tennessee Teachers at Memphis. The entire Major team showed excellent ability and fine spirit throughout the tough nine-game season. Granville " Pap " Hamby, a transfer from Copiah- Lincoln Junior College, won honors for himself and the team by winning a guard position on the All Dixie Conference team. Boutwell, Pearson, Hathorn LETTE GRANVILLE " Pap " HAMBT Right Guard Granville " Pap " Hamby was easily the outstand- ing football player on the team. An all-state junior college star at Wesson, Hamby was selected on the All-Dixie Conference team in his first year at Mill- saps. He is expected to repeat again next year. WILLY CARTER, End Willy Carter developed into one of the best defensive ends in Millsaps ' history and turned in some brilliant exhibitions of wing- play last season. TERRY WALTERS, End Playing his last year of foot- Ixill, Terry Walters was one of the Majors ' strongest assets with his fine playing and team spirit. BRANDON BELL, Back Quarterback Brandon Bell was the best blocker on the squad last year as a sophomore and is expected t o be one of the team ' s star performers for the next two seasons. H. I. ELLZEY, Tackle JOHN WILLIAMS, End WILLARD SAMUELS, Back CURTIS " COWBOY " KING Back WAYNE BAKER, End EUGENE WARREN, Center BURT SUMRAI,L, Back GILES BRYANT, Tackle VIRGIL " WINKY " ANDERS Guard JOE MILES, Back R M E N CHARLIE WARD. Back " Chunkin Charlie " Ward starred in the Purple and White backfield during the ' 39 season with his brilliant passing, top- ping all the backs in total yard- age gained. PHILLIP SHIPP, Back Halfback Phil Shipp turned in the best ball carrying perform- ance for the Majors and led all the backs in this department. HENRY STEINRIEDE, Back Henry Steinriede showed great promise as a sophomore full- back in the ' 39 season and is expected to develop into a swell line-plunger for the next two seasons. FORD " Scoop " CANTERBURY End Although only a sophomore. Scoop was the best pass re- ceiver on the club this year and will probably win lots of fame before he is through with foot- ball at Millsaps. FRED BLEDSOE. Tackle Fred, a senior, was the scrap- piest member of the squad. WILEY " ARMY " WILLIAMS Guard MILAN RICHARDSON, Back WILLIAM GREEN, End WENDELL " BULL " HART Center HUGH ADCOCK, Back ED MATULICH, Back The best all-around back as a sophomore, Ed is expected to become a real star next year. FRANK " SHORTY " HODGES Back EVERETT SHARP, Tackle ED HOGAN, Tackle J. B. UPTON. Guard €Ae RESERVES Wilfred Saxton, Albert Noto, Oscar Tynes, Gordon Worthington Willie Branch, Rex Murff, John Bain, Stuart Humphreys Wendell McAlilly, John Webb, Jack Winbourn " Cke FRESHMEN The 1939 freshman football team, directed by Coach Melvin Richardson, enjoyed the best season of any Millsaps yearling team in several years. The strong Minors won three games and lost only one. After losing their opener 9-0 to the Ellisville Junior College gridders, the frosh defeated Perkinston Junior College 12-0 in a home game. Ed Gillum, brilliant Millsaps halfback, led the locals to a 7-0 victory over the powerful Louisiana Tech first-year eleven, and the Minors swamped their Mississippi College rivals 40-0 to close their season. Ed Gillum starred in the yearling backfield, while Burnell Smith, Jay Smith, Tex Cleckler, and the entire line made a name for them- selves by their great play. BASKET Dear. Branch. Tynes. Miles. Jones. Richardson. Hammack. Carter. Green. Ward. Adcock. Williams. The basketball team enjoyed its best season in years during 1940. breezing through a difficult schedule in fine fashion and being crowned Dixie Conference champions by winning the Dixie tournament held in Jackson. The fine showing of the hoopsters this season was largely due to the excellent coach- ing of B. O. Van Hook, who started from scratch at the opening of the season but whip- ped together a championship team in short order, Millsaps made a runaway of the conference tourney by trouncing Mercer, Chatta- nooga, Howard, and their rivals, Mississippi College, in the final game. The Majors split a four game series with the Choctaws and wound up their regular schedule with 12 wins and 10 losses. Sophomore Cliff Jones and veteran Charlie Ward, both All-Dixie selections, topped Millsaps ' scorers with their eagle-eyed shooting. Willy Branch and Oscar Tynes also showed scoring ability, and Wiley " Army " Williams. Willy Carter, and Milan Richardson turned in brilliant defensive work. 80 BALL CLIFF JONES CHARLIE WARD WILEY WILLIAMS WILLY BRANCH WILLY CARTER OSCAR TYNES MILAN RICHARDSON CHARLES HAMMACK .— 1st Row: Shell. Hudson, Mgr. Kellum, Fox, Busier, Selman 2nd Row: Gillum. Hart, Hammack. Bryant. Anders, Flem- ing. Matulich. Richardson, Samuels 3rd Row: C. Ward, Adcock. Cooper. Winbourn, Wroten, Kemmitzer, Shipp. Hodges, Ward. BASEBALL at M 1 L L S A P S A large squad answered Coach Bernie Ward ' s call for baseball candidates and has been working hard to get into shape for another two months of strenuous diamond activity. On paper the club seems to shape up about as strong as it did last year, with only three men lost by graduation, although their departure weakens the hitting stre ngth somewhat. Lettermen returning for service are catcher Virgil Anders, infielders Milan Richardson, Ed Matulich, and Ed Fleming; Wallis Litton, William Green, Herb Selman, Les Cooper, and Charley Ward. Rounding out the team are Blondy Samuels. Bull Hart, and Woodrow Fox. 82 Zk e COACH RICHARDSON Only a few years ago Coach Melvin Richardson was breaking track records at Millsaps as an undergraduate. Just to prove that he is still in shape, he clears a hurdle in perfect (?) form. TRACKSTERS As we go to press the track team has not yet begun the most extensive schedule it has faced in several seasons. Track meets have been slated against such opponents as Mississippi College, Southwestern, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and the other Dixie Con- ference members. Prospects are not as bright as they were for the 1939 club. Such outstanding stars as Blondy Rush, Bert Melton. Gerald Carmichael, Wirt Beard, Shotgun Herron, and Gene Price are missing. However, the cinder artists have some fine competitors on hand this season in low hurdler Joe Miles, high hurdler Ford " Scoop " Canterbury, jumper Gordon Worthington. pole vaulter Jay Smith, weight thrower H. I. Ellzey, and javelin thrower J. B. Upton, and are expected to garner lots of points in each meet. 1st Row: Jackson, Triplett. Christmas, Boutwell, Gross, Bynum, Stubblefield, Steinriede. Stewart 2nd Row: Taylor, Wilson, Sumrall, Warren, Tynes, Gregory, Ellzey, Cleckler, Lowther 3rd Row: C. Richardson. SmJth, Jones, Worthington, Miles, Upton, Koehler, West, C. Stone 83 TENNIS TEAM The 1940 tennis team appeared to be better than last year ' s in its early practice and should go through a fairly successful season, although only two lettermen returned. Playing in the number one position again was Earl Epperson, the star freshman of the 1939 team, who had the best individual record last year. Ira Thorn, another sophomore, was the only veteran to return. The best of the newcomers are little Johnny Miller and lanky W. E. Simmons, who have been playing excellent tennis and who show a great deal of promise. De Loach Cope and Pee Wee Armstrong round out the team, which is coached by Dr. M. C. White. Epperson. Armstrong, Cope. Miller, Simmons, Thorn 84 :«-fSS ' Ace. Watch that curve! And they all hit it. too. WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS The Women ' s Athletic Association outlines and carries out an extensive program of athletics for girls, including physical education classes and intra- mural competition between the sororities. Among the wide range of sports offered on t he program are basketball, volleyball, tennis, softball, table tennis, badminton, archery, and golf. 85 3aoi oi ■ . -S • {vtvo d s ' _ at ve ,ao - do L »Ve )es .! L OORf (? GEORGE PETTY Seiecls ike Jjeauli es In order to get a real artist ' s opinion of tlie beauties wlio rule Millsaps ' campus, pictures of twenty girls, se- lected as " choice " by Student Execu- tive Board, were sent this year to George Brown Petty for judging. Artist Petty, well-known for his sketches of lovely girls, obligingly ac- cepted the task, and we give you here his selection. As " Queen, " Sara Rhymes; as the next five, Bert Watkins, Myrtle Ruth Howard, Una Caldwell, Louise Moorer, and Sara Stephens. •,0- L 6ti4 w. x - „6i 89 In addition to possessing the beauty which won her laurels as " Queen, " Sara ' s also versatile enough to fit in any group. She swims, cooks, types, bicycles, — but dislikes bridge. Band and football sponsor, she likes athletes, and is B. S. U. president. She doesn ' t like sweets, fellows, so send flowers, red preferred. 90 STS ' lT SS Quoting Bert, " My hobby, if you could call it that, is picnicking. " Her favorite sport was mastered also by Robin Hood and William Tell. In English class and Glee Club she shines. Believe it or not — she ' s one red-headed girl without a temper. 91 tSr jfefe 1 ATLi Her continual hiccoughs do not seem to bother good-natured Myrt, who adds gay notes to any gathering. She ' s artistically inclined, wild about dancing and having her picture made, but black cats give her cold chills. 92 ( ... l JL A JA. Boys, here ' s another good cook. Una likes teas, " The One Rose, " and good conversation; has a peculiar nickname — " Boy. " If she gets by Dr. Musgrave, she may teach psychology someday, too. 93 ■xo (yt t a C -t - t 7 Take it from us, our editor has, besides beauty, artistic talent and executive ability. She likes sports and has the cutest little dog! Louise hopes for a career (commercial art, maybe) and a place where she can raise millions of flowers. Pet hate? — the library! (Uncensored) 94 A g L oT ! Sally is, as she says, " in love with love, " doesn ' t have crushes, and rates Millsaps boys " unusually high. " A former M. S. C. W. beauty, she ' ll teach history " until ' he ' comes along. " Hobbies? — Chinese checkers, candid camering, and making gingerbread. 95 J iUs aDs p FAVORITES According to George Petty ' s own admis- sion, he had a hard time selecting six " Most Beautiful " girls out of the group of twenty pictures sent him. These fourteen others, equally as attrac- tive to those who know them, take their places as Millsaps ' favored favorites. You see them everywhere, adding charm to any group. BEVERLEY DICKERSON Xylophonists aren ' t nearly as bad as they sound — take Beverley, for instance. She ' s plenty good at cheer-leading-, too, and if you ever see her without her chewing gum — look again — it can ' t be Beverley! VIRGINIA SWAYZE Millsaps ' baby — Gee-Gee. in her senior year, is Just eighty-nine pounds of friendliness — four feet ten inches of school spirit. Dramatics, chapel-cut- ting, politics, and shades of green appeal to her. She has a secret love, too. 96 GLENN PHIFER DOLORES DYE Equally at home behind the footlights, in French Club, in the kitchen, in the water, or at the ball — Glenn is, however, deniureness, itself. She likes formal parties, enjoys classical music, won ' t walk under ladders, and edited last year ' s " Bobashela. " You ' ve seen Dolores in the spotlight before, as Millsaps ' favorite tap-dancer. She can draw, too — may be a designer. Her grades are about " tops, " (as President of Eta Sigma, they should be!) When it comes to sports, she ' ll take roller-skating. NANETTE KARRAKER Nanette was " Miss Tutwiler " before she got in our beauty section. She has three-day crushes; likes Tyrone Power, " Stardust, " scrapbooks, and Millsaps boys, ( " they ' re tops! " ); once fell all the way down Galloway ' s stairs. Call her " Blondie. " ANN STONE Ann easily disproves the axiom, " pretty, but dumb. " Among other things she enjoys good inusie, good books, long walks: and she ' s quite a French scholar. For your own safetj ' — don ' t pop your gum when she ' s within hearing distance. 97 GERALDINE SUMRALL MARTHA CONNER Gerry ' s a whiz at ping-pong and really not bad as a vocalist. If she chooses a career it will probably be music. Dramatics and journalism (she edited the " Freshman P. W. " ) also claim a share of hei time. A senior at nineteen, " Shorty " plans a career in a laboratory. An outdoor girl, she likes camping; spends her time cooking (she ' s good, boys), playing, swimming, and glee-clubbing. She enjoys informal parties and is keen about athletes. MAXINE YOUNG DORA FRANCES GREEN The Junior Class ' s Secretary smiles longingly at scrap-books, ambrosia, picnics, football heroes, and anything " blue; is good at tennis and, so she says, singing. She ' s a Millsaps cheer-leader and bites her finger-nails. Dee-Dee, another drum majorette, is a shai ' p history student, understands politics, and keeps up with world affairs. Dancing ' s her hobby, though; soft-ball and swimming — her sports. No career for her, she ' ll graduate in ' 43, travel a year, and marry — maybe. 98 MARY FAY REESE MILLICENT LAMPS This black-haii ' ed, brown-eyed, former M. S. C. W. Most Beautiful came to Millsaps because she ' d " always wanted to go to school in Jackson. " Her favorite sport is tennis; study — religion. Talents? — Well, principally just poise and friendliness. Glamorous and ambitious. INIillie is taking, of all things, Pre-med!. will proljably be a laboi ' atcjry technician. A strange mixture of talents leads her to music, zoology, aquatics, dancing, mathematics, and bath-tub-caroling. Red ' s her color. OLGA WRIGHT Domestic and talented, Olga is an expert seam- stress, a good cook, an accomplished equestrienne, and a drum-majorette. Speedy in an auto, she prefers " sweet " music, but jitterbugs " conserva- tively. " New friends, sororities, and fun brought her to Millsaps. MARTHA MclLWAIN This Delta lass has already set her eye (and heart) on one lucky Major, Hailing from where she does, Martha ' s naturally fond of dancing and horse-back riding. She also plays golf, and has never had enough strawberry shortcake. 99 -bvoa ' ,de WWBB frt - ■f-f U I ' . Brooks, Bain, Murry, Noble, Selman, Bledsoe, Clark, Walters, Vandiver, Phillips. MEN ' S PAN-HELLENIC Nobody has a very clear idea of just what these boys liave done in this partiouhir capacity. That ' s probal ly because there isn ' t a great deal for them to do; among Millsaps ' pet prides are her inter-fraternity relations. The groups all have a great deal of self-pride, and tell jokes on each other, but when it comes to getting along on the campus, they can do that too. The Men ' s Pan-Hellenic, composed of two representatives from each fra- ternity, is here anyway in case it should be needed ; it yearly goes over the rushing rules, which have become routine, meets once or twice, and that ' s that. 103 Alpha Mu Chapter of KAPPA ALPHA Founded ------------ Washington College, Dec. 21. 1865 Established at Millsaps ------------- Oct. 1, 1893 Colors ---------------- Crimson and Gold Flower ----------------- Crimson Rose Publication -------------- " Kappa Alpha Journal " The sons of the South don ' t let you forget that they are the oldest frat on the campus-- perhaps even existing part of the time sub rosa until the anti-fraternity law was repealed in 1894. They also boast of Jackson alumni, their file of old exams, Mrs. Flowers ' spaghetti, Robert E. Lee, and BMOC Vandiver, Hudson. Lancaster. Other chapter per- sonalities include Big-Shot Graves, the brothers Phillips, jitterbugs McGlohn and Hall, cynic Ricks, Sara Rhymes. To carry on the KA tradition of politics are freshmen Dabbs and Scott. The numerous faculty brothers (7) are remmded of their allegiance during rush week, on Robert E. Lee ' s birthday (when all KA ' s wear red roses) and just after exams, OFFICERS J. S. VANDIVER ----------------- No. I MANNING HUDSON ------------- - - No. II JAMES LANCASTER --------------- No. Ill CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY GEORGE HALL ALEXANDER McKEIGNEY MANNING HUDSON LEMUEL PHILLIPS JAMES LANCASTER TOM PHILLIPS THAMES LLOYD CAPPY RICKS J. S. VANDIVER. JR CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE EDMUND BARNES NAT ROGERS CHARLES KILGORE JOHN RUNDLE JIM LIVESAY MILTON WHITE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO CLEM CROOK GEORGE MOORE EDWIN DANIELS REX MURFF EARL EPPERSON - DUVAL PROUDFIT SIDNEY GRAVES BOB RISER RICHARD LAUDERDALE PAT SULLIVAN BALDWIN LLOYD JOHN WEBB JACK WILKINSON CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-THREE JACK BOYLES RAGSDALE McNEIL DILLARD BROWN JOE ODOM HARWELL DABBS JAMES OGDEN DEWITT JAMES THOMAS RAMSEY, JR, JOE KILGORE BILLY ROSS PHIL KING CHARLES SCOTT MEREDITH MITCHELL JACK WHITNEY SAM MOORE EUGENE WILDER NEY WILIJAMS 10 i Barnes, Brown, Crook. Dabbs, Daniels, Epperson, Graves, Hall, Hudson, James, C. Kilgore, J. Kilgore, King, Lancaster, Lauderdale, B. Lloyd, T. Lloyd, Livesay, Mitchell, G. Moore, S. Moore, McKeig ney, McNeil, Odom. Ogden, Phillips, Proudfit, Ramsey, Ricks, Riser, Rogers, Ross, Rundle, Scott, Sullivan, Vandiver, White, Whitney, Wilder, Wilkinson, Williams. 105 Alpha Upsilon Chapter of KAPPA SIGMA Founded ----------- University of Virginia, Dec. 10. 1869 Establislied at IVIillsaps -.--_-------- Oct. 18. 1895 Colors --------------- Scarlet. Green and White Flower ----------------- Lily of the Valley Publication --------------- " The Caduceus " Jackson girls saw the first " Kappa Sigma moon " shine, flooding the campus in 1895. Since then many a frosh has disturbed the gold-fish in the icy waters of Belhaven fish pool, all for the scarlet, green and white; and donned white overalls on graduation night for the Sig (alumni!) barn dance. In recent years the boys at 1400 N. West have gone athletic with a bang, shining both in intramural and inter-collegiate sports. Present prides are Red Wilson. Blondie. William Green. Little Rich ' , Ed Hogan. The star and crescent shines in other fields on the shirt pockets of Booty Boutwell, Preacher Wroten, Socialite Science Selman, Rebel Rabb (that wicked boy!) and in the eyes of Eager. OFFICERS JllVI WROTEN ---------------- President EDWIN FARIVIER -------------- Vice-Preside?it JAMES THOMPSON ------------ Master of Ceremonies JOHN BURWELL --------------- Secretary EDWARD FLEMING --------------- Treasurer CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY COOPER BRYANT EDGAR HORN TOM DICKERSON GRADY KERSH EVERETT JOHN FERRIS JOHN MALONEY GERALD GABLE ED DAVIS NOBLE WILLIAM GREEN HERBERT SELMAN VERNON HATHORN BIN WALKER ED HOGAN JAMES WILSON CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE WAYNE BAKER LEELAND MORGAN JAMES BOUTWELL HAROLD RANKIN JOHN BURWELL MILAN RICHARDSON JAMES CAVETT WILLARD SAMUELS LOUIS CROUCH PHILLIP SHIPP PEMBLE FIELD JAMES THOMPSON GRADY GRAHAM JIM WROTEN CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO BRANDON BELL RAYMOND MARTIN JUDGE BRADY ED MATULICH HARRIS CARTER LAWRENCE RABB GUY DEAN ALBERT SANDERS EDWIN FARMER JOHN SIGMAN EDWARD FLEMING BILLY SMITH CHARLES RAY HAMMACK THOMAS SPENGLER BOYD KELLUM HENRY LACEY STEINRIEDE HERMAN ZIMOSKI CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-THREE HAROLD BOUTWELL BEN HALL DAVIS CHRISTMAS ROBERT HORN ALLEN EPPS FRED TATUM ROYCE FLEENER FRANK WILLIAMS 106 Brady, Bryant, Burwell, t ' liristmas. Carter. Cavett, Dean, Dickerson, Epps, Farmer, Ferris, Field, Fleming-, Gable. Hall. Hathorn, E. Horn. R. Horn, Kellum. Kersh, Maloney, Martin, Morgan, Noble. Rabb, Sanders, Selman, Signian. Smith. Spengler. Tatum. Thompson, Williams, Wilson, Wroten. Zimoski. 107 Alpha lota Chapter of PI KAPPA ALPHA Founded ---------- University of Virginia. Marcli 1. 1868 Established at Millsaps ------------- March 23. 1905 Colors ---------------- Garnet and Gold Flower ---------------- Lily of the Valley Publication ------------- " The Shield and Diamond " Leaving the dream-girls to shift for themselves temporarily the Pikes dashed out last summer and acquired the new frat house south of the campus down Marshall Street way. Here the banners of garnet and gold flap proudly over the numerous sons as they ping- pong (game-room to the left), read Esquire (reading room upstairs out of the ladies ' reacli) and hold meetings in the private chapter room up the disappearing stair. Ably led for 2 years by Bo. ably tormented by Housemanager Doss and Treasurer (uh-huh. you guessed it: ) Roy Clark; inably embroiled in politics by Painter and White, and always respectful of House Mother Moorer (uncensored) . the boys are nobly upholding their chapter traditions of scholarship, fast talkers, numerous pledges, and small picnics. OFFICERS CHARLES MURRY --------------- President ESS WHITE --------------- Vice-President ROY CLARK ---------------- Treasurer CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY JAMES BOOTH ALGIE OLIVER NASH BROYLES JAMES WALL KENNY HOLYFIELD PAUL WHITSETT JOHN WRIGHT CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE ROY CLARK CHARLES MURRY DAVID DONALD LAWRENCE PAINTER RICHARD DORMAN JAMES RIMMER GEORGE KLEE W. E. SIMMONS KELTON LOWERY ESS WHITE CARL MILLER LOUIS WILSON GORDON WORTHINGTON CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO HUGH BOSWELL ALBERT MARTIN WILLIE BRANCH GRAHAM McFARLANE WILFORD DOSS LOUIS NAVARRO MARK ETHRIDGE CHARLTON ROBY DAVID HARPOLE T. C. SCHILLING HORACE HINES HAL SPANN SHELTON KEY LAWRENCE WARING RICE WILSON CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-THREE JAMES ARMSTRONG MARION McGOUGH ADEN BARLOW JOHN MILLER DAVE BENNETT JOHN MINYARD MAX CONEY JOE MURPHY WILLIAM COOK W. F. NELSON HERBERT CRISLER ROBERT PEARSON LAURESS EARLY BILL SCHWARTZ DAVIS HAUGHTON J. C. STONE JACK HIWILLER CALVIN STUBBLEFIELD JAMES LUTHER JOHNSON JOE STUBBLEFIELD HUGH McELVEEN ABNER THORNHILL HAROLD WEEMS 108 Barlow, Booth, Boswell, Brojies, Clark, Coney, Cook, Crlsler, Donald, Dorman, Doss, Early, Ethridge, Haughton, Hines, Holyfield, Johnson, Key, Klee, Martin, Miller, Murry, McFarlane, McGough, Nelson, Painter, Pearson, Rimmer, Roby, Schilling-, Schwartz, Simmons, Stone, Thornhill, Wall, Waring, Weems, White, Whltsett, L. Wilson, R. Wilson, Worthington, Wright. 109 Theta Eta Zeta of LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded ------------ Boston University, Nov. 2, 1909 Establisiied at IVIillsaps ------------ August 31, 1924 Colors --------------- Purple, Green and Gold Flower ------------------ White Rose Publication -------------- " Cross and Crescent " A little confusion here, due to the fact that the merger of Lambda Chi with Theta Kappa Nu caught some of the boys with Theta pins. But whetlier you call them Thetas or Lambda Chis, you still admire Jaclv Bain for his dignity as president, persistence as a student, and versatility as ladies ' man; you still think Joe Brooks is a swell actor (even if he ain ' t no Robert ' Taylor!): you still wonder how the trustees took that Homecoming float; and are amazed that Floyd Gillis writes Deep poetry. Through the years Millsaps ' most consistent Belhave-men, the Theta-Lambda ' s this year are represented there by Lamar Beacham, Hudson, and aforementioned Bain. OFFICERS JACK BAIN ----------------- President JOE BROOKS ---------------- Vice-President ALAN HOLMES ---------------- Secretary GWIN KOLB ----------------- Treasurer CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY JACK BAIN CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE WALTER BEARD TOM NEELY JOE BROOKS BURCH STROUD ARCHIE BURT BERDYNE TURNER GWIN KOLB RALPH WALKER JAMES WARD CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO LESLIE ADDISON JOE KURIGER MELVIN BAIN RANDOLPH KURIGER ROBERT CONDON D. B. LARR WILLIAM FAZAKERLY HERBERT PHILLIPS FLOYD GILLIS AVERY PHILP JEFF HAMPTON EMMETT ROSSIE EUGENE HANES SAM SCHIEK ALAN HOLMES JACK SHANKS MARVEL JAMES FRANK STEPHENSON DOUGLAS JOHNSON IRA THORN ELDEN WELLS CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-THREE EUGENE ALLEN JOHN COPE JOHN BARR EDWIN DAWKINS DICK BENTON DAVID HUNT EUGENE BURNETT HARRY JACOBS ROBERT CAMPBELL DONALD NELSON WILLIAM WHITESIDES 110 Addison, Bain, Ban-. Brnuks, Burt, Camiibell, Condim. Fazakerly, Hampton, Hunt, Johnson, Kolb, Neely, Nelson, Phillips, Rossie, Stroud, " Walker, Ward. Ill PHOTOS from GREECE Kappa Alpha House Steps leading: to Phi Mu room Kappa Sigma House Chi Omegas In their back yard Kappa Delta Lodge Newest and nicest house on the campus — Pi Kappa Alpha B. S. O. ' s at an outdoor meeting Lambda Chi ' s enjoying spring 112 First Row: Kendrick, Dardcn. Fitls. Rhymes. Ogden Second Row: Durley, Nichols, Terry WOMEN ' S PAN-HELLENIC Composed of two repvesentatives from each sorority, this group acts as combination Congress and Supi ' eme Court to set up rushing rules and act as arbiter of the rare misunderstandings among sororities. They entertain tiie men ' s Pan-Hellenic once a year — this year with a supper and picture show on February 7, and under their banner the sororities enjoy a picnic in the spring where they all pal around before rushing. But the 1939-40 Women ' s Pan-Hellenic will go down in history, not because of their fidelity to what is expected of the organization, but because they went even further to sponsor Leap Week, February 24:-] Iarch 2 when girls made dates, went broke, and had fun generally, turn- ing the tables on the men. 113 Epsilon Chapter of PHI MU Founded ----------- Wesleyan College, March 4, 1852 Established at Millsaps ------------- March 24. 1914 Colors ------------------ Rose and White Flower ------------------ Rose Carnation " Les Soeurs Fideles " have pinned pink carnations on pledges for lo. these many years since 1914. Always famous for red-lieads. the present chapter glows with Queen Maia Buie. beauty Watl ins. everybody ' s buddy Corinne. Betty Murphy. Toddle-house Darden is in charge tliis year; she ' s also famous for blacl board cartoons and matching pins. Also answering present to the roll are band-sponsor, beauty queen, Miss Millsaps Rhymes; the campus twins, literatae Mayfield. Glamor Campbell. OFFICERS MARGUERITE DARDEN ------------- President MARGARET FORSYTHE ----------- First Vice-President BERT " W ATKINS ------------ Seco7id Vice-President CORINNE BALL ---------------- Secretary VIRGINIA GADDY ---------------- Treasurer CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY SARAH BUIE BESSIE McCAFFERTY MARGUERITE DARDEN GRACEALINE PORTER MARGARET FORSYTHE ROSALIE RAMSEY VIRGINIA GADDY SARA RHYMES MARY FRANCES MANNING BERT WATKINS VIRGINIA MAYFIELD VIRGINIA WILSON CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE ELIZABETH CAMPBELL MARTHA McILWAIN VERA DANIELS MARY McILWAIN VIRGINIA DAVIS SARAH RAY KATHERINE RIDDELL CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO CORINNE BALL FRANCES KEENAN JANE CLARK MARY JANE MOHEAD ELEANOR COBB BETTY MURPHY NELL MURRAY CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-THREE HAZEL BAILEY VIRGINIA HOLLIMAN JEAN BARNETT PATRICIA JONES ELIZABETH BARRETT MARIE KNOWLTON MARY LEE BUSBY LYNETTE LOFLIN UNA CALDWELL VIRGINIA McKEOWN HELEN CARR SYLVIA ROBERTS SUENETTE DINKINS EMMA STEWART ANN DUKE ANNE STROHECKER VERNON EATON JANICE TRIMBLE MARGARET WEATHERSBY 114 Bailey, Ball, Barnett, Barrett, Busby, Caldwell, Campbell, Carr, Clark, Cobb, Darden, Daniels, Davis, Dinkins, Duke, Forsythe, Gaddy, Holliman, Jones, Knowlton, Loflin, Manning, Mayfield, Mohead, Murphy, Murray, McCafterty, Martha Mcllwain, Mary Mcllwain, McKeown, Porter, Ramsey, Rhymes, Riddell, Roberts, Stewart, Strohecker, Trimble, Watkins, Weathersby, Wilson. 115 Mu Chapter of KAPPA DELTA Founded --------- Virginia State Normal College. Oct. 23. 1897 Established at Millsaps ------------- Sept. 26. 1914 Colors ----------------- Green and White Flower ------------------ White Rose Publication ------------ " The Angelos of Kappa Delta " The sisters of the dagger and diamond have been around since 1914 wearing white roses and colors of green and white. They traditionally fete their pledges with a white rose breakfast and initiate them by degrees. Madame President is Elizabeth Durley who also wields the gavel for Women ' s Pan-Hellenic. Carrying on the Swayze tradition is Gee-Gee. whom you see elsewhere and often among these pages. Enrolled in KD ' s secretarial science courses are Frosh sec. Sumrall. Soph sec. Mansfield. Junior sec. Maxine Young, student body secretary Gee-Gee (see above). Other shining diamonds are Majorette Lampe. Sig L. McGahey, Betty Larsen, whose poetry is super, cheerleaders Young and Castle. OFFICERS ELIZABETH DURLEY --------------- President MARTHA MANSFIELD ------------ Vice-President MARTHA WILSON GERALD ------------ Secretary MARIANNA TERRY -------------- Treasurer CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY ELIZABETH DURLEY EVELYN McGAHEY VIRGINIA SWAYZE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE ELEANOR CASTLE VIRGINIA JAMES MILDRED CRAIG BETTY LARSEN KATHRYN RYAN DECELLE FRANCES LUCILLE MILLER MARY LOUISE FORD MARJORIE MILLER MARTHA GERALD DORRIS NICHOLS MARY MARGARET HALL VIRGINIA SHELTON MAE BLACK HEIDELBERG MARIANNA TERRY MARY SYLVIA HERRON MAXINE YOUNG CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO KATHERINE GRIMES MARTHA MANSFIELD ELIZABETH ANN GILLIS EVELYN MONTGOMERY MONTA HARDING MARY CAVETT NEWSOME SARA BETH HUGHES ETHEL ROELL JEANNE LOTTE GLENN SWEANY CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-THREE BILLIE BISHOP NANETTE KARRAKER BARBARA BOSWELL JOSEPHINE KEMP JULIA CROPPER MILLICENT LAMPE MARY EMMA ERVIN ALTHEA MARTIN RUTH GIBBONS VIRGINIA MINYARD AUDREY HARE VIRGINIA PRICE JANE HENRY GERALDINE SUMRALL 116 Bishop. Boswell. Castle. Craig. Cropper, Decelle, Durley, Ervin, Ford, Gerald, Grimes, Gibbons. Gillis. Hall, Harding, Hare, Heidelberg, Henry, Herron, Hughes, James, Karraker, Kemp, Lanipe, Larsen, Lott, Mansfield, Martin, F. L. ililler, M. Miller, Minyard. McGahey, Montgomery, Newsome, Nichols, Price, Roell, Shelton, Sumrall, Swayze, Sweany, Terry, Young. 117 Alpha Zeta Chapter of BETA SIGMA OMICRON Founded ---------- University of Missouri. Dec. 12. 1888 Established at Millsaps ------------- Sept. 1. 1926 Colors ------------------ Ruby and Pink Flowers ------------- Richmond and Killarney Roses Publication ----------------- " The Urn " For fourteen years Beta Sigs have burned the midnight oil in their Grecian lamp at Millsaps. and never to more advantage than this year: by its light President Frances Ogden continues her string of A ' s while running Woman ' s Association; Mary Askew piles up honoraries like Porter piles up frosh tumblers; and Martha Conner has disr upted senior chapel distributing chapter mail! And of course there ' s Martha Kendrick, whom you ' ll find over in a lab somewhere, being friendly and efficient. OFFICERS FRANCES OGDEN --------------- President MARY ASKEW --------------- Vice-President EDWINA NICHOLS --------------- Secretary MARGARET PORTER ------------- Treasurer CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY MARY ASKEW MARY MYERS MARTHA CONNER EDWINA NICHOLS MARTHA KENDRICK FRANCES OGDEN MARGARET PORTER CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE CORDE JOE BIERDEMAN CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO HELEN BOOTH MARY JOE CURRIE ALLIE RUTH CHATHAM JEANETTE MacFALLS MILDRED CRESSWELL ELIZABETH PEELER CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY -THREE HETTIE FAYE BEASLEY KATHRYN SUE JOHNSON ELIZABETH BRUMFIELD KATHLEEN PHILLIPS EVELYNNE CUNNINGHAM CLARINE RUSH RUTH GODBOLD SUSIE ANN RUSH LUCILLA TAYLOR 118 Askew, Eeasley, Bierdeman, Booth. Briunfield, Chatham, Conner, Cresswell, Cunningham, Currie, Godbold, Johnson, Kendrick, Myer s, MacFalls, Nichols, Ogden, Peeler, Phillips, Porter, C. Rush, S. Rush, Taylor. 119 Chi Delta Chapter of CHI OMEGA Founded ---------- University of Arkansas. April 5. 1895 Established at Millsaps ------------- March 31. 1934 Colors ---------------- Cardinal and Straw Flower ---------------- White Carnation Publication ------------ " The Eleusis of Chi Omega " The X and horseshoe is comparatively new among sorority pins at Millsaps, having first appeared on a sweater in 1934. The present chapter is famous for Homecoming floats, angora sweaters, and the Every Afternoon Bridge Club which holds forth in the southwest side of the new dorm. They sing Chi Omega words to any tune you can mention; the secret to this is Sheffield. They pester their pledges about activities, tell them to work hard and they ' ll grow up to be like Glenn. Convenient for the sisterhood are Ann. who knows all about French, scientist Nichols; Little Bit and Una B. who can pick dropped stitches; big-shots Phifer. O ' Brien. Moorer. Stone; and " Oh, I ' d love to! " Ricks who will plan a party, work on drives, and can also fix you up with the profs. OFFICERS GLENN PHIFER --------------- President ANN STONE --------------- Vice-President INAZELLE PIERCE --------------- Secretary LOUISE MOORER --------------- Treasurer CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY VERA BURKHEAD LOUISE MOORER JANE CLOWE MYRT NAYLOR INA BELL FITTS PATRICIA O ' BRIEN FRANCES GILL GLENN PHIFER ANN STONE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE BLANCHE BORUM MARY ALYCE MOORE MARY CARRAWAY WYC NAYLOR SHIRLEY CHICHESTER CHARLOTTE NICHOLS MARY CRAWFORD DENNIS INAZELLE PIERCE GAYLE DOGGETT MARTHA RUTH POWELL PATRICIA EAGER MARY FAY REESE UNA B. FITTS SARA STEPHENS LUCILE FOX JOSEPHINE TIMBERLAKE MYRTLE RUTH HOWARD DAVIE LOUISE WEBSTER CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO CECILIA BURDETTE ELEANOR GRACE LUCAS EVA DECELL MARY ELIZABETH NORDIN BEVERLEY DICKERSON HELEN RICKS NANCY GRAHAM MARTHA SHEFFIELD MIRIAM JONES MARY STONE SARAH KENNEDY OLGA WRIGHT CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-THREE GENEVIEVE BURDETTE ANN HARGRAVE KAY DOBBS MARTHA FRANCES JONES MAYE EVELYN DOGGETT LOUISE LOWE CAROL FOX CATHERINE RICHARDSON ANNIE LAURIN GALLOWAY HELEN RUOFF GERTRUDE GIBSON DOROTHY SHERMAN JEAN GRAMBLING HELEN STEWART BESS GREEN NELL TRIPLETT DORA FRANCES GREEN MARJORIE WILSON 120 Borum, C. Burdette, G. Burdette. Burkhead, Carraway, Chichester, Clowe. DeCell, Dennis. Dickerson, Dobbs, G. Doggett. M. E. Dog-gett. Eager, I. B. Fitts, U. B. Fitts. C. Fox. L. Fox. Galloway, Gibson, Gill, Graham. Grambling, B. Green. D. F. Green, Hargrave, Howard. M. F. Jones, M. Jones, Kennedy, Moore, Moorer, Lowe. Lucas. M. Naylor. W. Naylor. Nichols, Nordin, O ' Brien, Phifer, Pierce, Powell, Reese, Richardson, Ricks, Ruoff, Sheffield, Sherman, Stephens, Stewart, A. Stone, M. Stone, Timberlake, Triplett, Webster, Wilson. Wright. 121 ,,i «« ' !r., .id? J- V -;-. ■%: IP ' ivif. :3- ■ ■■ ' : ■■■ j; Si %«lSJ«5, f; »| ' OGDEX, McGAHEY, McCAFPERTY, WORTHINGTON, O ' BRIEN. WOMAN ' S ASSOCIATION Founded back in the dim darlt past when coeds were few, the Woman ' s Association served to bring them together and to deal with their problems. Now that many of its functions have been taken over by the YWCA, the Association continues to meet monthly for a program of discussion, gives student body parties, of which the most hilarious this year was that which led off ' " Leap Week. " OFFICERS FRANCES OGDEN President EVELYN McGAHEY Vice-President BESS McCAFFERTY ---_--_---_ Secretary FLORENCE WORTHINGTON Treasxirer PATRICIA O ' BRIEN --------- Program Chairman 125 Jk — lillllf Ill ' I 111 ' In I J. C. STONE --------- Drum Major EDMUND BARNES, Vice-Pres. and Business Manager ARMAND COQLLET -------- Director JAMES WALL - - - ------- President JOE ODOM ---------- Drum Major €ke MILL SPONSOR RHYMES Forty-nine strong the Millsaps band--which is technically the Band Section, 106 Engineers, Mississippi National Guard, 31st division. 4th corps area, 3rd army--leads our parades, turns out in all its regalia for our football games, and presents a cliapel program once a year. They also are available for concerts in nearby towns, played about seven such this year. In November the boys spent a week in training, fulfilling their obligation to Uncle Sam--who further requires two drills a week these days. (It used to be only one before things got under way Over Tliere. l Right-hand man to Director Armand Coullet is lanky Jimmy Wall, wlio almost froze at camp but was hot under the collar the rest of the year about one thing or another. During the campus beautification drive the band came in for a bit of face lifting and is now fronted by Band Sponsor Sara Rhymes: and Majorettes Millicent Lampe, Olga Wright, Dora Frances Green, in brief uniforms of white satin trimmed with purple. 126 DRUM MAJORETTES OLGA WRIGHT MILLICENT LAMPE DORA FRANCES GREEN SAPS BAND . Clarinets: Edmund Barnes, St. Sgt.; DeLoach Cope, David Donald, Grady Kersh, Bob Ma- gruder, .John Minyard, W. F. Nelson, James Ogden, .Joe Simpson, Rov Sims, J. C. Stone. Saxophones; William Cook, Lee Deweese, Haniel Jones, Cpl. ; A. P. Messina, Meredith Mitchell, Archie Raigins, Frank Stephenson, Berdyne Turner, Sg-t. Baritone: Marion McGough, Ross Pickett. Cornets: Eugene Allen, Eug-ene Burnett, Lauress Early, J. G. Hampton, Albert Martin, Graham McFarlane, Cpl.: James O ' Callaghan, Herman Zimoski. Piccolo and Flute: Bob Kennedy, Sgt.: Hugh McElveen, Bill Schwartz. French Horns: Kenny Holyfield, Sgt.: Milton White, Sgt. Basses: Max Brumfield, Julian Currie, Joe Sullivan. Trombones: Herbert Crisler, William Fazakerly, Shelbert Higgins, Mike McKinnon, Donald Nelson, James " W all, Tech. Sgt. Percussion: James Armstrong, Herman Crowder, Robert Horn, D. B. Larr, Garnet Van Norman. Glockenspeil: Ben Hall. Burwell. Carter, Cavett, Clark, Field, Graves, Hamilton, Holyfield, Horn, Hudson, Kellum, Lancaster, Lauderdale, Murry, McDavid. Rabb, Ricks, Robertson, Vandiver, Waring, Wroten. Y. M, C. A. CABINET Big-shots of the Y. M. C. A., these religious leaders meet twice a month to take up problems dealing with school spirit, faculty-student relations, social activity, student devotion, and in general strive to create and maintain a wholesome atmosphere about the campus. Such shining lights as Jimmy Cavett, J. S. Vandiver, and Bo Murry preside over the hurried meetings where all motions are quickly passed, over Cappy ' s invariable, unyield- ing opposition, and adjournment called. Combined, but futile, efforts of members are exerted to hold down radical Rabb, who at each new issue becomes more excited. Sponsored by the YM, working with the YW, this year were such projects as the outstanding successful student body banquet, the servants ' Christmas party, and begin- nings of an " adequate social program for Millsaps. " OFFICERS JAMES CAVETT ---------------- President J. S. VANDIVER, JR. ------------ - Vice-President CHARLES MURRY ------------- Secretary -Treasurer MEMBERS JOHN BURWELL BOYD KELLUM HARRIS CARTER JAMES LANCASTER ROY CLARK RICHARD LAUDERDALE PEMBLE FIELD JOEL McDAVID SIDNEY GRAVES LAWRENCE RABB LONGSTREET HAMILTON HAROLD RANKIN KENNEY HOLYFIELD CAPPY RICKS EDGAR HORN TOM ROBERTSON MANNING HUDSON LAWRENCE WARING JIM WROTEN 128 Y. W. C. A. CABINET This organization within the larger YW is made up of the officers and committee chairmen (program, publicity, service, social, campus-church relations) who meet at intervals to rejoice or deplore about current campus problems. Mrs. Stone and Miss Thomas act as an advisory board for projects which the cabinet thinks up and presents to the Association. Their " something-differents " include their valentine party for Methodist Orphanage children, class-program series, to determine the talent in the several classes, and discussion of men and women relations. It was also the YW which brought Mrs. Morgan to the campus for a week-end; Mrs. Morgan provoked more thought than any one speaker in some time. OFFICERS MARY E. MOORE ---------------- President GAYLE DOGGETT -------------- Vice-President ELIZABETH DURLEY -------------- Secretary MARTHA GERALD --------------- Treasurer MARY ASKEW -------------- Program Chairman MEMBERS MARGUERITE DARDEN BESS McCAFFERTY MARY ALYCE MOORE PATRICIA O ' BRIEN FRANCES OGDEN Askew, Darden, Doggett, Durley, Gerald. M. A. Moore, M. E, Moore, McCafferty, O ' Brien. Ogden. 129 MR. ALVIN J. KING. Director MRS. ARMAND COULLET. Soloist €k e M I LLS A A Capella Choir OFFICERS ESS WHITE ----------------- President MARGARET PORTER ------------- Vice-President THOMAS SPENGLER --------------- Librarian JACK BAIN --------------- Business Manager PAUL WHITSETT --------------- Secretary GAYLE DOGGETT --------------- Secretary SOPRANOS MARY ASKEW MARTHA KENDRICK MARTHA SHEFFIELD ANN DUKE EVELYN McGAHEY ANN STONE RUTH GIBBONS FRANCES OGDEN GERALDINE SUMRALL FRANCES GILL HELEN RICKS BERT WATKINS ANN HARGRAVE SYLVIA ROBERTS VIRGINIA WILSON ALTOS MARGUERITE DARDEN EVALINE KHAYAT MARGARET PORTER GAYLE DOGGETT BETTY LARSEN ELLENITA SELLS INA BELL FITTS VIRGINIA MINYARD MARY STONE TEJVORS JOHN BURWELL RICHARD DORMAN ROBERT PEARSON JAMES CAVETT JACK FERRIS AVERY PHILP CLEM CROOK JAMES LIVESAY OLLIE SMITH BASSES JACK BAIN SHELTON KEY ALE SAUMS ADEN BARLOW JAMES LANCASTER THOMAS SPENGLER LONGSTREET HAMILTON EUGENE PEACOCK LAWRENCE WARING ESS WHITE 130 The high spot of the year for the A Capella group came this year between Maixh 24 and April 7. when the whole choir, 43 strong, piled into a Greyhound bus for an extensive singing tour through the states of Mississippi, Tennessee. Indiana. Ohio. Alabama, Li ving off the fat of the land, they did their bit toward advertising the college and " spreading the good will of united Methodism " ; and it was with pride that Mr, King presented them to his hometown in Smithville. Ohio, well pleased with the fruit of his hard work. Other programs given during the year included Christmas carols, a spring festival, stops in Hattiesburg and Meridian, and a short stop outside Pelahatchie when the bus broke down, forcing the singers to hitch-hike into town, 1st Row: Taylor, CouUet, Sumrall, Askew. Gibbons. A. Stone. McGahey. Sheffield, Gill. Price, Johnson. Ricks, J, King, Ogden. Fitts. Darden. Porter. Campbell. Khayat, A. J. King. 2nd Row: Hargrave. Wilson. Roberts. Kendrick, Watkins. Duke. Larsen. Sells. Daniels. Doggett. M. Stone. Mohead. 3rd Row: Key. Bain. Barlow. Spengler, Applewhite, Lancaster, Whitsett, Reddick, Pear- son, Livesay, Smith, Ferris. Crouch. Dorman, 4th Row: Barr, Peacock, Saums. Thompson. Hamilton, Waring, Morris. White, P. King. Crook. Philp. Burwell. Cavett. PS SINGERS a ' At f4V i » « ' t » ' »» « M- ' .J Bain. Booth. Cavett, Clark, Hamilton. Hudson, Moore. Mor- gan. Riecken. Robertson. Selman. A. Smith, M. L. Smith, Vandiver. Wharton. E. White. M. C. White. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA ' I ' About 1926 Omicron Delta Kappa decided that Millsaps was an institution worthy of representation within its ranks and located Pi circle here. Since then the coveted key has dangled from the watch-chains of the biggest of the Big Men On Campus. Members, whose leadership in scholarship, athletics, publications, forensics. and dramatics, is recog- nized and thus honored meet once a month to discuss school improvement, shoot the bull, and black-ball prospective members. Four faculty members. Drs. Smith, Riecken, Moore, and Wharton, are active in the circle, while numerous others wear the key. Dr. Moore served this year on the governing council of the national organization. Projects recently fostered by the group include the Millsaps Post Office, our new cafeteria, and the new walks on the campus. Tap Day and High School Day are annually entrusted to their care. Representing the culmination of honorary recognition, the golden key of O. D. K. is one of the few badges of college years which definitely marks a man in later life. OFFICERS J. S. VANDIVER. JR. -------------- - President JACK BAIN ---------------- Vice-President DR. ROSS H. MOORE -------.---..- Secretary MEMBERS JAMES BOOTH CLAYTON MORGAN JAMES CAVETT TOM ROBERTSON ROY CLARK HERBERT SELMAN LONGSTREET HAMILTON AUBREY SMITH MANNING HUDSON ESS WHITE FACULTY MEMBERS DR ROSS H. MOORE DR. M. L. SMITH DR. W. E. RIECKEN DR. V. L. WHARTON DR. M. C. WHITE 132 SIGMA LAMBDA Sponsored by ODK when co-eds grew numerous enough to develop leaders in their ranks, Sig L ' s now rival their founders in campus project-ing, provide more entertain- ment. The Faculty Frolic and Spring Varsity Show are their responsibilities. At the monthly supper meetings the feminine big shots swap campus gossip with each other and their faculty members. On the more serious side, they joined this year with ODK in discussion of the Millsaps honor system. The girls came to with a start mid-semester realizing that they all graduated in June, but Tap Day found a new chapter carrying the torch and talking fondly of some day becoming a Mortarboard chapter. OFFICERS ANN STONE ----------------- President FRANCES OGDEN ------------- Vice-President MARY E. MOORE ------------ Secretary-Treasurer MARGUERITE DARDEN ------------- Historian MEMBERS MARY ASKEW EVELYN McGAHEY MARGUERITE DARDEN PATRICIA O ' BRIEN LOUISE MOORER GLENN PHIFER BERT WATKINS FACULTY MEMBERS MRS. MARY B. STONE MISS ELIZABETH CRAIG Askew, Darden. Moore, Moorer, McGahey, O ' Brien, Ogden, Phifer, Stone, Watkins. 133 Booth. Currie. Dye, Hamilton. Kolb, Lin. Moore. Porter, Smith, Sumrall. Ricketts. Riecken. Wharton, White. ETA SIGMA With no SAE ' s on the campus, Minerva, goddess of wisdom, claims these master-minds as her devotees; she hopes that some day they will become a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa most of the faculty members already wear the key), but meanwhile rewards them with almost consistent straight-A ' s, Only a Millsaps student can fully appreciate what a straight-A average means here; and for the holders to find time to shine in other campus pastimes is nothing short of miraculous. But Minerva never was a sissy, OFFICERS DOLORES DYE ---------------- President LONGSTREET HAMILTON ----------- Vice-President DR. W. E, RIECKEN -------------- Secretary MEMBERS JAMES BOOTH GRACEALINE PO RTER LONGSTREET HAMILTON ELTON SUMRALL GWIN KOLB ESS WHITE FACULTY MEMBERS DR, H, L, BULLOCK DR, ROSS H, MOORE MRS, H, W. COBB PROFESSOR EDMUND RICKETTS DR, GEORGE CURRIE DR, W, E, RIECKEN PROFESSOR J, R. LIN DR. M, L. SMITH DR, V, L, WHARTON 134 DELTA KAPPA DELTA Delta Kappa Delta, the youngest of Millsaps ' honoraries, recognizes interest in law, government, and politics. It was founded in the spring of ' 38 by politically-minded KA ' s who claimed it to be an outgrowth of the older Pre-Law club from which it now draws its members. Presiding over the group is Dickie Lauderdale; its sponsor and only faculty member is the Honorable Professor Raymond R. Haynes, former Vice-consul to Scotland and England. Great achievement of the year was the finger-printing for Uncle Sam, of all students who could be coaxed, coerced, or cornered. The future barristers hold mock- trials, receive counsel from prominent attorneys of tlie state and promote interest in civic matters. DKD, the only pre-law honorary in the South (so they claim) has made plans for expansion to other schools. OFFICERS RICHARD LAUDERDALE ------..--... President KENNY HOLYFIELD ---------... Vice-President LAWRENCE RABB -----------..._ Secretary LUCILE FOX -----------_.... Treasurer LEM PHILLIPS ------------.--.. Bailiff MEMBERS HARRIS CARTER BALDWIN LLOYD CHARLES KILGORE BOB RISER J. S. VANDIVER, JR. FACULTY MEMBER PROFESSOR RAYIVIOND R. HAYNES Carter, Fox, Holyfield. Kilgore, Lauderdale, Lloyd, Phillips, Rabb. Riser, Vandiver, Haynes. 135 Booth, Clark. Dennis. Field. Fox, Gerald. Holyfield. Mor- gan. O ' Brien. Ogden, Ramsey, Rogers, Vandiver, Wharton, Wroten. PI KAPPA DELTA This assemblage of honorable arguers dates back to 1926 when the key, ornamented with all sorts of mystic symbols, was first awarded to students with two years of inter- collegiate debating experience. Since then it has also gone to orators and extemporaneous speakers. Vandiver and Clark are the prize team with numerous tournament honors to their credit. The chapter was host to a regional debate meet December 1, 2 and sent teams to the national Pi Kappa Delta tournament in Knoxville, Tenn,, March 24-29. OFFICERS ROY CLARK ---------------- President NAT ROGERS -------------- Vice-President J. S. VANDIVER ------------- Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS JAMES BOOTH KENNY HOLYFIELD MARY CRAWFORD DENNIS CLAYTON MORGAN PEMBLE FIELD PATRICIA O ' BRIEN LUCILE FOX FRANCES OGDEN MARTHA GERALD ROSALIE RAMSEY JIM WROTEN FACULTY MEMBERS DR. V. L. WHARTON DR. E. S. WALLACE 136 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Dr. Riecken ' s youngest child, Mississippi Alpha of Alpha Epsilon Delta, has since 1935 recognized scholarship and general aptitude in pre-med work; has sought to point out in its members those intangible attributes which foretell success in the practice of medicine. Its purpose is to acquaint under-grads with situations which will face them in med-school and The Profession and to provide practical training for the future medicos. Led by such scientists as Streety Hamilton, Jimmy Booth, and Lancaster, the group sponsored the physical examinations this year, assisted in orientating freshmen, and suc- ceeded in making physical check-ups compulsory for entrance to Millsaps. OFFICERS LONGSTREET HAMILTON ------------- President JAMES BOOTH --------------- Vice-Presideiit CAPPY RICKS ---------------- Secretary MANNING HUDSON -------------- Treasurer MEMBERS JAMES CAVETT CHARLES MURRY EDGAR HORN CHARLOTTE NICHOLS GRADY KERSH C. J. POWELL JAMES LANCASTER VIRGINIA SHELTON KELTON LOWERY MILTON WHITE FACULTY MEMBERS DR. W. E. RIECKEN DR. J. M. SULLIVAN Booth, Cavett, Hamilton, Horn, Hudson, Kersh, Lancaster, Murry, Nichols, Ricks. Riecken, Shelton, Sullivan, White. 137 Hamilton, Kolb. McKeigney, Moore. Painter, Ricl etts, Ricks, Robertson, Sanders, Vandiver, Wharton. White. KIT KAT The oldest and (say they) most exclusive honorary on the campus, Kit-Kat is and intends to remain a local fraternity whose memibers are recognized for their ability in creative writing. (Even your frat brothers can ' t get you in if you aren ' t accepted as a local genius!) The would-be authors meet monthly to dine sumptuously, hear and criticize (above all, criticize) original papers, listen to Dr. White ' s discussions of his thesis on Arthur Murray, and discuss trends and events of the literary world. Such literary greats as Ricks, Painter, Kolb, and Robertson go about patting each other on the back for their good fortune at being within the circle, whispering of the horrors of initiation, and bragging of the unique and outstanding camaraderie of their meetings. Recogni tion by Kit-Kat is, they assure themselves, the highest honor, the greatest privilege that can come to a student of literature. OFFICERS CAPPY RICKS Secretary LARSTON FARRAR LONGSTREET HAMILTON GWIN KOLB MEMBERS ALEXANDER McKEIGNEY L. G. PAINTER. JR. TOM ROBERTSON J. S. VANDIVER. JR. FACULTY MEMBERS DR. ROSS H. MOORE PROFESSOR A. G. SANDERS PROFESSOR EDMUND RICKETTS DR. V. L. WHARTON DR. M. C. WHITE 138 CHI DELTA This literary group, calling themselves " Bluestockings " , is now a local, having deserted a national with which they were once affiliated because they could have just as much fun on their own. They meet once a month in member ' s or faculty homes, drink tea, and listen to papers which they take turns in writing. Criticisms vary: Miss Porter: " You know, I think--that it ' s--delicate! Yes, delicate — and--and lovely, too. " Miss Fitts: " Oh. it ' s sweet! " Mrs. Stone: " I didn ' t quite catch the last line; would you read it again, please ' ? " .... and so on. As talk becomes general, refreshments are served, and from then on it ' s every genius for herself. OFFICERS DOLORES DYE ---------------- President PATRICIA O ' BRIEN ------------- Vice-President MARY ASKEW ------------- Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS MARGUERITE DARDEN BERT WATKINS GRACEALINE PORTER INA BELL FITTS BETTY LARSEN GLENN PHIFER MARY CRA-WFORD DENNIS VIRGINIA MAYFIELD FACULTY MEMBERS MRS. HENRY COBB MRS. MARGUERITE GOODMAN MISS ELIZABETH CRAIG MRS. MARY B. STONE MISS VIRGINIA THOMAS Askew, Darden. Dennis, Dye, Fitts, Larsen, Mayfield, O ' Brien, Phifer. Porter, Watkins. 139 Askew, Booth, CouUet, Currie, Dennis, Doggett, Dye, Gerald, Hamilton. Jones, Kolb, Lin, Lloyd, Miller, IVIoore, Myers, Newsom, Ogden, Porter, Robertson, Rogers, Sanders, Smith, Vandiver, Wells, Wilso n, Worthington. ETA SIGMA PH These students of the classics, sponsored by Dr. Hamilton, represent for Millsaps the national honorary frat which promotes scholarship m the classics and " loves beauty and wisdom. " Requiring an average of B for three semesters in its chosen subject. Eta Sigma Plii is recognized as a signal honor by BA students; but pre-med Jimmy Booth, wlio reigns as president this year over the gold and royal purple, is living proof that at Millsaps. anyway, prowess in Latin receives honor equal to prowess in lab. OFFICERS JAMES BOOTH ---------------- President NAT ROGERS --------------- Vice-President FLORENCE WORTHINGTON ------------ Secretary DOLORES DYE ---------------- Treasurer MEMBERS MARY ASKEW IVIARY ALYCE MOORE MARY CRAWFORD DENNIS MARY MYERS GAYLE DOGGETT MARY CAVETT NEWSOM MARTHA GERALD FRANCES OGDEN ANNIE MAE GUNN GRACEALINE PORTER HANIEL JONES TOM ROBERTSON GWIN KOLB J. S. VANDIVER THAMES LLOYD KATE WELLS CARL MILLER VIRGINIA WILSON MARIE WHITEHEAD FACULTY MEMBERS MRS. H. W. COBB DR. A. P. HAMILTON MRS. ARMAND COULLET PROFESSOR J. REESE LIN MISS ELIZABETH CRAIG PROFESSOR A. G. SANDERS DR. GEORGE CURRIE DR. M. L. SMITH 140 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB They really aren ' t Socialists; they ' re just broadminded! They have a special book- case in the library overflowing with lengthy tomes which you read to make an A in Current History or when you are on a program. The bi-weekly meetings are held sometimes at the Chi Omega house and sometimes in homes; they consist of a couple of papers on current topics of more or less interest to the group. Lancaster, Clark, and Vandiver make intelligent comments, the co-eds say " I don ' t think so, " at appropriate intervals, and Dr. Moore moves adjournment. Vice- President Ann Stone served this year as secretary of the state organization which met in Jackson on February 17 for a conference to settle the problems of the world. OFFICERS HERBERT SELMAN --------------- President ANN STONE ---------------- Vice-President PATRICIA O ' BRIEN ------------ Secretanj-Treasurer MEMBERS NASH BROYLES LOUISE MOORER SHIRLEY CHICHESTER GLENN PHIFER ROY CLARK INAZELLE PIERCE PEMBLE FIELD GRACEALINE PORTER JAMES LANCASTER CAPPY RICKS CHARLOTTE NICHOLS NAT ROGERS J. S. VANDIVER FACULTY MEMBERS DR. ROSS H. MOORE PROFESSOR EDMUND RICKETTS DR. V. L. WHARTON Broyles, Chichester, Clark, Field, Lancaster, Moore, Moorer, Nichols, O ' Brien, Phifer, Pierce, Porter, Ricketts, Ricks, Rogers, Selman, Stone, Vandiver, Wharton. 141 Brooks, Chichester, Durley, Mathison, Moore. Musgrave, Phifer, Ricks, Scales, Swayze, Terry, Thompson, E. White, Dr. White. M. White. Whitsett. ALPHA PSI OMEGA The elite of the Millsaps dramatic world, giants of the stage, form the membership of Alpha Psi Omega. These veteran Thespians advise and hold firmly in check the boisterous Millsaps Players. A worthy goal in itself, especially coveted by KD ' s as a matter of tradition, recognition by Alpha Psi Omega has also served as a stepping-stone to ODK and Sigma Lambda. Meetings this year have largely been given over to consideration of the deplorable fact that no one owns a pin and to the debating of several dark secrets concerning the identity of the officers. Each member of the group, from Whitsett on down, has identi- fied himself with some special work in the field of play production and has been respon- sible for that particular phase at each performance. And then there is always the problem of Helen Ricks, who is eternally, incessantly mugging. OFFICERS PAUL WHITSETT --------------- President MARIANNA TERRY ------------- Vice-President MILTON WHITE ------------ Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS JOE BROOKS GLENN PHIFER SHIRLEY CHICHESTER HELEN RICKS ELIZABETH DURLEY JEAN SCALES BOB LEDBETTER VIRGINIA SWAYZE MARGUERITE MATHISON JAMES THOMPSON ESS WHITE FACULTY MEMBERS DR. ROSS H. MOORE DR. RAY S. MUSGRAVE DR. M. C. WHITE 142 1 THE DRAMATICS CLUB Under the leadership of Dr. White and the guiding hand of Alpha Psi Omega, the Millsaps Players encourage dramatic talent by numerous productions with students in charge of everything, from make-up to properties to advertisements. Carefully mixing new with experienced actors, the Players can usually be depended on for a good evening ' s performance— a fact which people of Jackson are coming to appreciate more and more. Hard work in the Players is rewarded on Tap-Day by the blue and yellow ribbons of Alpha Psi Omega. STOP THIEF A Farce in Three Acts by Carlyle Moore CAST Mrs. Carr - - - - Shirley Chichester Nell Jones ------ Helen Ricks Mr. Carr ----- James Thompson Jack Doogan ------ Joe Brooks Joan Carr ------ Betty Larsen Reverend Spelvin - - - Sam Schiek Madge Carr - - - Mary Jane Mohead Mr. Jamison ------ Ben Hall Caroline Carr - - - - Glenn Phifer Sergeant ------ Bob Nichols Dr. Willoughby - - Thomas Spengler O ' Brien ------ Davis Haughton James Cluney - - - - Charles Scott O ' Malley ------- J. G. Brady Clancy ------- Jack Ferris The following appeared in one-act plays: Lawrence Waring, Sara Stephens. Frances Keenan, Geraldine Childress. Patricia Jones. Lamar Beachman, Virginia Swayze, Carol Fox, Coreene Crook. Betty Murphy, Eugene Peacock, Anne Strohecker. David Donald. Corde Joe Bierdman. Dolores Dye. Avery Philp. Lynette Loflin, Elizabeth Campbell. Harwell Dabbs, Melvin Bain, Philip King, Audrey Hare, Katherine Riddell, Eleanor Castle, Carl Miller. Paul Whitsett. Helen Ruoff. 143 Boswell, Childress, Currie, DeCell. Decell, Dickerson, Dog- gett. Duke. I. B. Fitts, U. B. Fitts, Floyd, Gibbons, Gill, Grambling, Grimes, Lucas, Matiiison, iVIcGahey, IVIoore, Myers, Richardson, Rodgers, Triplett, Walker. BEETHOVEN CLUB This organization of music students hopes soon to become a chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, national music frat. If the Greek letters want a group that really knows its treble and bass, we rise to recommend them. But if they are looking for wild-eyed genius and temperament, we fear they will be disappointed here. So prudent are these musicians that they are governed by 8 officers, including 3 vice-presidents. OFFICERS MARGUERITE MATHISON ------------- President FRANCES GILL ------------- First Vice-President EVELYN McGAHEY --------------- Secretary LAURA JEAN RODGERS ------------- Treasurer MEMBERS BARBARA BOSWELL GERALDINE CHILDRESS MARY JOE CURRIE EVA DECELL KATHERINE DECELL BEVERLEY DICKERSON GAYLE DOGGETT ANN DUKE INA BELL FITTS UNA B. FITTS WILMA LEE FLOYD RUTH GIBBONS JEAN GRAMBLING KATHERINE GRIMES GRACIE LUCAS MARY ALYCE MOORE MARY MYERS CATHERINE RICHARDSON NELL TRIPLETT RALPH WALKER FACULTY MEMBER MRS. J. L. ROBERTS 144 THE RAMBLERS CLUB It isn ' t just a name; they really ramble, down to Byram and up to the petrified forest near Flora to see in reality some of the formations which they study in geology classes. Always out in front is tireless, chocolate-eating Chief High Rambler Sullivan, discovering, explaining, and bringing to life again the world of some milleniums back. Sometimes petrified discoveries are lugged back to the campus and deposited for the enlightenment of posterity in the Millsaps museum, which was itself " discovered " this year by the petrified P W, campus weekly. OFFICERS MILAN RICHARDSON -------------- President CHARLIE WARD -------------- Vice-President MARY LOUISE FORD --------------- Secretary LOUIS WILSON ----------------- Treasurer MEMBERS JOHN BAIN DALE HARPER ED DAVIS NOBLE WALTER BEARD VERNON HATHORNE ANNIE BELLE PIERCE WILLARD BOURN FRANK HODGES MARGARET PORTER CHARLES CRAWFORD ED HOGAN MILAN RICHARDSON TOM DICKERSON MARTHA KENDRICK KATHERINE RIDDELL JAMES FERGUSON GEORGE KLEE JASPER SMITH JACK FERRIS ROBERT LEDBETTER ELTON SUMRALL MARY LOUISE FORD WALLIS LITTON JAMES THOMPSON GERALD GABLE JAMES LIVESAY JAMES WALL ELIZABETH GILLIS ALBERT MARTIN TERRY WALTERS GRADY GRAHAM GRAHAM McFARLANE JAMES WILSON EUGENE HANES EDWINA NICHOLS LOUIS WILSON FACULTY MEMBER DR. J. M. SULLIVAN 145 1st Row: Caldwell, Sutphin. McDavid, Waters, Oliver. Pickett. 2nd Row: Roberts, Elliott, McCay, Howard, McLelland, Darby, Rush. 3rd Row: Sullivan, Bynum, Jones, Dickson, Cameron, McKeithen, Wliatley, Peacock. 4th Row: Raymond, Walton, Bullock, Smith, Schultz, Wroten, Williamson. MINISTERIAL LEAGUE This group of ministers-to-be, presided over by dignified and earnest Felix Sutphin, meets weekly with outside speakers as the main programs. Each spring they fete and feast their dates at the Ministerial League banquet, always a high spot in the current calendar. The league has this year debated the " dances for Millsaps " problem, — along with the rest of the campus. It also worked throughout the year with the Conference Board of Christian Education, furnished Sunday School teachers for the Mississippi School for the Deaf, and took charge of church services in communities near Jackson when the opportunity presented itself. OFFICERS FELIX SUTPHIN -----------.-._. President JOEL McDAVID ------------... Vice-President GLEN WATERS ------------.--. Secretary JACK CALDWELL ----------._... Treasurer MEMBERS SHUFORD AVERY JAMES IRVING HARRY RAYMOND LEO BAILEY HANIEL JONES ALLEN REDDICK PAUL BROWN JOE JONES WADELL ROBERTS RUFUS BYNUM ROBERT LANGFORD _.,„ t ttcxt ROGER CAMERON JOHN McCAY PAUL KUbH JOE CROWELL DAVID McKEITHEN CHARLIE SCHULTZ JAMES DARBY BILL McLELLAND AUBREY SMITH N. A. DICKSON JAMES McWHORTER BERT SMITH JAMES ELLIOT ALGIE OLIVER JAMES HEFLIN BUFKIN OLIVER ' ' " bULLIVAN ROBERT HOWARD EUGENE PEACOCK RAY WHATLEY JOE HUMPHREYS ROSS PICKETT JAMES WILLIAMSON JIM WROTEN FACULTY MEMBER DR. HENRY M. BULLOCK 146 CHRISTIAN COUNCIL Coordination of Millsaps ' efforts toward a meaningful Christianity for her students is broughit about by tlie Cliristian Council. This body, with Joel McDavid as president, is made up of the YM and YW presidents, representatives from the Ministerial League, Baptist Student Union, the student body, at large, and each church group on the campus. Monthly meetings are held in the Christian Center. OFFICERS JOEL McDAVID ---------------- President JIM WROTEN --------------- Vice-Presidenti GAYLE DOGGETT ---------------- Secretary JACK BAIN ----------------- Treasure! MEMBERS LESLIE ADDISON MARY ASKEW JAMES CAVETT WILLIAM FAZAKERLY MANNING HUDSON JAMES LIVESAY MARY E. MOORE FRANCES OGDEN TOM ROBERTSON J. S. VANDIVER. JR. BERT WATKINS Addison. Askew. Bain. Cavett, Doggett. Fazakerly. Hudson, Livesay. Moore. McDavid. Ogden, Robertson. Vandiver, Watkins, Wroten. 147 7.Y APPRECIATION To Those Whose Aid Has Made This Book Possible. To : ri-. R. B. Faerbei- of the Alabama En- graving Company and to Mr. Eoy D. Hickman of tlie same firm goes our appreciation for tlieir invaluable aid in planning the book. We wish to thank Mr. Durant Finley of Tucker Printing House for his constant assistance and helpful advice during the whole year. To Dr. M. L. Smith and Dr. Eoss H. ] Ioore, the Bobashela ' s faculty advisor, goes our gratitude for their splendid cooperation and advice. We also wish to thank staff members Ess White, Helen Ricks, and Patricia O ' Brien for their work on the entire publication. ADVERTISEMENTS IN JACKSON IT ' S- COMPLETE SELECTIONS CORRECT STYLES ATTRACTIVE VALUES SMDDTH FROZEN ICE CREAM THE HOME OF ROYAL TYPEWRITERS . . . JACKSON TYPEWRITER COMPANY SALES — SERVICE — SUPPLIES 413 E. CAPITOL STREET OMPANY JflCKSOaMISS. PHONE 2-3588 FOR INVITA TIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS MONOGRAMMED STATIONERY PERSONAL CARDS FOR GRADUATION BROWN PRINTING COMPANY THE PRINTING DEPARTMENT OF THE OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Famous Last Words To The Class of ' 40: When longing wishes turneth In the years that lie ahead To a spot where all was joyous And life was never sad, REMEMBER, THE GRILL - ' ll a« " ' • ), LM. " mmMJTZ " Mississippi ' s Best Store " KENNINGTON ' S JACKSON ■ v- ' Things Such As These Must Always Live On June . . . and another college year glides away from the present to rekindle treasured memories of the past. Echoes of Alma Mater reverberate across the campus as another class leaves academic halls to enrichen a tradition of service already half a century in the making. September . . . and hearts beat faster as a new class is inspired by the Millsaps tradition which now is their own. Breathless Today blends with serene Yesterday to bring forth a brilliant Tomorrow. Drawing upon her heritage of service, Millsaps again prepares to carry on. Things such as these must always live on! To those who know Millsaps and what it stands for, a call goes out to keep their college in the vanguard of educational leadership and service in Mississippi and the South. Don ' t you know a student who should come to Millsaps? MILLSAPS COLLEGE M. L. SMITH, President JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI BOBASHELA CALENDAR SEPTEMBER School starts; U. Z. urges B. S. degrees and lab fees. Profs urge book buying; upper- classmen urge trosh to hurry and make up their minds. Cokes mount up! Silence days; sorority girls depend on little sisters and boy friends to hang onto rushees to protect from enemy little sisters and boy friends. Pledging; roses and carnations flood the campus and S:5 beaming pledges swim out. Boys start rushing seriously. Car acci- dentally rolls across campus into foundation of new Pike house. Pikes eye KA ' s but Roy convinces them Van ' s a good fello v. Wonder a bit and have foundation fixed. Boys rushing; girls take each other to the grill. (They had to buy books anyway, you know) Moore and Wharton are nice to them, but even so, tension is greatly relieved when Boys pledge; take girls to grill. Moore and Wharton go alone or with each other. W. is having teeth tilled, anyway. IRC meets, .5 girls, 4 boys present. Decide to have a picnic and elect new members. Decide to elect new members first, vote of 5 to 4. New cheerleaders announced, and Maxine, Beverly, and Eleanor are congratulated. Ditto the band and new sponsors Green, Wright and Lampe. YWCA cabinet wants to have banquet welcoming students. First date in popular Gee Gee ' s calendar is December 25. Decides everyone will be welcome by then and abandons idea. New teachers (Wharton, Ricketts, Mus- grave, Galloway, Mrs. Sanders, Wallace, West, Emigli ) and freshmen are being in- spected by seniors and approved or scorned accordingly. Dirt dauber falls from hands of KA chapter to — well, falls. Moon is full and Millsaps wins first foot- ball game, beating Howard 14-0, to close a very successful month, in the whole. OCTOBER Millsaps has a dean at last! Dr. Riecken is announced as the fellow by the board of trustees, to the great satisfaction of all con- cerned — and the special gratification of the Science majors, who told us all along that he was a great guy. Politics get underway in class elections with results as pictured in the front of the book. 24 prospective teachers kiss their after- noons goodbye and wend their way to Jack- son schools to see how its done and flirt with that cute little trick on the front row. PRICELESS ELECTRICITY IS CHEAP ■fllVllllllfl Do not take chances with your eyes. Do not let poor lighting cause eyestrain with resulting headaches and nervousness. Use modern lES Better Light — Better Sight Lamps and protect your most valuable asset — your eyes. Mississippi Power Light Co, A Taxpaying, Employing, Basic Mississippi Industry McCARTY-HOLMAN COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS Jackson Mississippi Jackson Lumber Co. LUMBER and all kinds of Building Materials Since 1896 322 WEST CAPITOL Dial 4-5066 Sorority receptions and frat picnics con- tinue to survive as agencies to meet people: girl A asks boy B to be date at reception; boy B repays by taking girl A to picnic; girl A repays by taking boy B to her picnic; result: girl A meets boy B. Need for social program discovered by some bright soul. Students adjoui-n d aily to see the 11 o ' clock parades during Pair week. Profs with classes from 10:20 to 12:10 decide that next year at this time they ' ll hold them on Capitol street. Oh yes. the Pair! You probably remember that without our help. Mrs. Morgan comes and dishes out com- mon sense in large doses to large groups, inspiring countless bull-sessions on every- thing from marriage to politics. Campus unanimous in praise. NOVEMBER Pikes dedicate their pride and joy and invite the campus in to inspect. Campus much impressed, especially by wall-paper in hall. To dance or not to dance hotly debated, with P W radicals losing whatever standing they had with the Ministerial League. Side issue: where do jitterbugs Oliver and Wroten stand? Or are they sitting down ' ? Preshman talent starts rehearsing one- act plays for debut on Millsaps boards, coached by upper-classmen and Dr. White, in his spare moments. Dance question slips out of sight for duration of Nov. 11. Parade, open house; S pg. P W, half about Homecoming, half about Armistice day propaganda. Rabb: " It is my contention that this homecoming is not a parallel to those of 1915, 16, 17, 18, but a day on which America is doing what it thinks is right and a day on which America shall continue to do what is right other than going to war. " Robertson: " The ills of Europe, if America must cure them, cannot be cured by the sword — it has been tried for two thousand years. America can best serve her purpose by striving not to take sides in the present war. " Dirtdauber pre- dicts merger by Belhaven and Millsaps. P W also — weeks later — decides to name new dorm. Result, Grenworth, which nobody could remember to say . Radio program over WSLI really getting underway, with and without orchestra. Live- say does nobly as Winchell, minus dirt, and Lib Campbell vocalizes. Confusion over Thanksgiving settled by taking cuts and celebrating both. S. p. McRae Company Department Store 200-202 WEST CAPITOL STREET Phone 4-8334 JACKSON MISSISSIPPI DR. H. F. MAGEE PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Lamar Life Building JACKSON MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF CABELL ELECTRIC COMPANY JACKSON MERIDIAN MISSISSIPPI Compliments of BATTON TIRE AND OIL CO. PHONES 2-0724 and 3-1881 DECEMBER Month gets underway with debaters swarming on campus from seven states (or annual warm-up tourney. Got more than warm, got hot, especially the girls, who didn ' t like each other so good. Coeds look the boys over, flirt mildly, but no broken hearts when they go. E. O. Harbin beams at the campus, talks about social program, suggests skating rink in Coach Van ' s prized gym. Rabb is all for it. Sigma Lambda dresses up the profs and they put on a return performance of the Destreect School. Cute kids: Peck ' s Bad Boy Moore; Sling-shot Sullivan; Tricycle Mitchell; and that coy little Jenny Thomas; Sissy Wharton; — and on into the night. Huge success. Home for Christmas, no rest for the weary; everybody else is home too. Large time had by all, and we come back to school properly exhausted for: JANUARY Exams, remember? Or would you rather remember The Snow, which started falling at 2 o ' clock on Monday, first day of exam week! There were frozen pipes for the old (rat houses, so the boys shaved over at the Pikes ' . There were boots for all and sundry, and jodphurs for the shaplier coeds. Snow- balls in profusion, ditto exam cuts, ditto fun. Joe Brooks gets a glorified picture on top of his P W column and editor Robertson is loudly censured (or allowing it. We love him like he is. FEBRUARY Dr. Smith, Mr. Murphy and O D K get to work on Murrah Curve, on the theory that they are doing this for Grady Graham ' s own good. But it hurts us as much as it does them, because it turns out to be a slow pro- cess and wet concrete is a nuisance. We will all be each other ' s Valentines, because we all love each other, because this is the month for initiations and brotherly and or sisterly love. Once more the fresh- men beam over white, pink, red (roses) (carnations) and jeweled pins loaned by also-beaming big brothers (sisters) Agitation begins to have a portrait of Dr. Key painted to hang in the Administration Building. Exact location disputed, but idea agreed on as worthy of student contribu- tions. " Stop Thief " presented to a full-house — during Leap week. Both the play and the week great success, and coeds mildly suggest return engagement — of both! MILLSAPS CHOICE FOR BETTER BREAD ACME BAKERY 230 NORTH PARISH STREET JACKSON, MISS. L. V. Berbette Moran Berbette THE BEST IN TOBACCOS CORR-WILLIAMS Tobacco Company WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Phone 2-0912 ALL KINDS OF PAINTS and PAINTERS ' SUPPLIES The Sherwin-Williams Company Phone 4-5536 Paints — Wallpaper — Glass For Every Purpose CAPITAL PAINT GLASS CO. 401-407 S, State Street JACKSON MISSISSIPPI The reviled but revered Dirt Dauber was laid to rest with appropriate ceremonies by the P W, and from its ashes rose the milder Majordomo — after a brief pause for station identification. MARCH Rhymes and Bledsoe elected Miss Millsaps and Master Major in unannounced election. Other candidates. Swayze, Phifer, Ogden, M. Moore. Lancaster, Selman, Hudson. Van- diver, A. Smith. Millsaps Majors beat the Choctaws once again, this time to win the Dixie conference with bang-up basketball; Chunkin ' Charlie is the uncrowned king of the campus. The debaters go somewhere or other and debate again; not that it ' s unusual. Spring tentatively approaches the campus, stays long enough to seem permanent, and retreats, leaving us to unpack the sweaters again. APRIL Spring hols and glee club trip. Teachers go to coast for conventions and no classes for many students. Glee club comes back proud of (1) Mr. King (2) Itself. Both justifiably. Drive the campus mad babbling about hara-kiri; Say- hey now. Miss Wisteria; Beta Lambda; that Beautiful Methodist church; dessert for breakfast ; Jack Ferris. History majors go into retirement cram- ming for comprehensives, joined shortly afterward by English majors, social science, and on and on. They live through them, to their own intense satisfaction and the dis- gust of underclass friends who got sick and tired of hearing them beef about it. Sara Buie passed. So did Dolores Dye. Sigma Lambda in general and Ann Stone in particular put on the Varsity Show. Another full house. Show-stealers: Sam Schick as Sanders; Dick Dorman ' s songs — especially " Tomorrow ' s Tears. " Campus beautiful to the eye of the be- holder, what with green trees, flowers, what- not. Too bad so many of the flowers were onion grass. Founders Day; Dr. Huntley speaking; seniors optimistically in caps and gowns. Usual spring crop of trat picnics with the Y Retreat setting the pace. Remember that full moon? High school day causes usual hub-bub with cute, scared, cock-sure, bewildered, amazed, sophisticated (multiple-choice) seniors from Mississippi ' s choicest high schools being hopefully squired around by the cream of Millsaps. BEST DRINK ON EARTH IN BOTTLES JACKSON COCA-COLA B OTTLING CO. Blue Ribbon Creamery " Safest Milk You Can Buy " MILLSAPS ' MAJOR SUPPORTER COLLEGE CAPERS Dial 3-2672 THE VOGUE 149 E. CAPITOL STREET JACKSON DUKE ' S MEN ' S FINE APPAREL PHONE 4-6917 " Say It With Flowers " Capital Floral Company LINDSEY CABANISS Phone 3-2405 ROBINSON BROTHERS PLYMOUTH and DESOTO Sales and Service Phone 3-2741 MAY Tap-day brings recognition to sundry hope- fuls and a glow ot satisfaction to their sponsors. Fond and proud papas dish out dough for initiation fees and tell the home town society editor what Junior ' s doing at Millsaps — all by himself! Term papers, book reports. Mrs. Clark dis- tracted because fine Christian young men and women just iciJl steal liooks. when a grade hangs in the balance! But the books one by one come in. The book reports are painfully constructed from quotations, opin- ions, and just plain bull. The term papers are pieced together at 2 o ' clock the night before they ' re due. And so . . . we come ... to EXAMS No snow this time to distract us. But almost as bad are the C-average seniors, smug about exemptions, who read the funny papers at the library; whisper loudly to each other " Let ' s go to the Grill " ; and otherwise prove obnoxious. We hate them. Then they look solemn. And they learn the words to " Alma Mater. " And they press the million wrinkles from their black gowns. And they graduate. And they leave. And we love them. Your Furniture Friends BATTE FURNITURE CO. John C. Batte John C. Batte, Jr. JACKSON STEAM LAUNDRY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Phone 2-3315 1. Lehman, President GREETINGS from THE RITZ COFFEE SHOP STEAKS AND SEA FOODS HEDERMAN BROTHERS PRINTERS BLANK BOOK BINDERS STATIONERS — LITHOGRAPHERS Phone 4-442) Jackson, Miss. JACKSON HOTEL ASSOCIATION JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR THE ENTIRE STUDENT BODY EDWARDS HOTEL HEIDELBERG HOTEL J. D. Buchanan, Manager Arthur F. Landstreet, Manager ROBERT E. LEE HOTEL ROYAL HOTEL Stewart Cammill, Jr., Manager W. T. Reese, Manager WALTHALL HOTEL E. W. Freeman, Manager • • • FOR PROMPT, EFFICIENT WORK THE STAFF OF THE BOBASHELA CHOSE to , YVETTE M. COLE, Photographer Jackson Mississippi FOR THE ANNUAL PORTRAITS ▼ • • COMB HAT MAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... • • COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENQRAVING COMPANY B I R VI N Q HA 1 i •w -T s — — ' : - «t» ' . TUCKER PRINTING HOUSE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ' Annual specialists for over twenty years "

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