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r . " T IS OUR PLEASURE TO PRESENT c yAs lCt 937 RUSSELL NOBLES, Editor :-: FRANCIS BRADSHAW, Business Manager 1937 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIORS MILLSAPS COLLEGE «T JACKSON, MISSISSIPP FOREW We believe the purpose of a year- book to be a portrayal of college life in all its naturalness. To that end we have made an effort to produce in picture and in word life at Millsaps during the past year in all its reality. In doing this we have not attempted anything new or sensational, but have contented ourselves with the one idea of giving a faithful picture of repre- sentative student life on the campus. D CO NT NTS Mill sa ps Classes Greeks Beauties Organizations Athletics Advertisements Moore Van Hook At the beginning of this year two young pro- fessors returned to the campus after a year ' s study on higher degrees to find their places on the faculty as well as in the hearts of the students awaiting them. Because of their interest in the work and play of Millsaps students we are grateful, and as means of reciprocation we dedicate this volume to Professors Boss Moore and B. (). Van Hook. In the next few pages we have attempted a presentation of an informal view of Millsaps College. THE DRIVE , :■■ ;m ' MS M€: . | MMI fe iHi The Carnegie Mill- saps library which is recognized as one of the finest in tin- state. One of t h e beauty spots of the campus is the tomb of Major R. W. Millsaps. i£ M? P S M g Dr. D. M. Key, President of Millsaps College. Scholar, gentleman, and educa- tor, Dr. Key is a real college president. Our future M.D. ' s hard at work delving into the depths of biological knowledge. From the green on the number 2 hole we see the athletic field with the Science Hall and Administration Building in the background. ' :V r LJ - ' ' : ' ; ilS -lS 2 yMSfiS; mmmmmmSm - -: r, IMI Stewart, Phillips and Parmer take life easy during chapel period. Freshman Gainey peacefully dreams of the gir] lie Left behind. Miller, Millsaps Major No. 1, " Tins as the cameraman catches him earn- ing his daily cigar. The 1937 issue of the Bobashela would be incomplete if it did not contain a picture of Mr. R. L. Ezelle, one of our most loyal supporters. His keen interest in both the faculty and the students has won him the title of " our best friend, " and it was largely through his efforts that we now have the new gym. Mb. R. L. Ezelle w sm The Buie memorial gymnasium was com- pleted last summer and has immediately become an invaluable addition to the cam- pus. THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING AS SEEN FROM THE SOUTH APPROACH Professor J. Reese Lin, professor of history and philosophy, whose uner- ring logic has enriched the minds of many Mill- saps students. Wise and fair " Ducky " is the most quoted man on the Millsaps campns. The " STU-DEN " under the management of Fred Ward has been one of the most popular spots on the campus this year. With always a crowd on hand the new grill and book store is always an enjoyable place to come. Professor Sanders - - caught in the act of explaining an evasive French idiom. The charm of the library entrance is added to by Ruth as she patiently waits until opening time. Perhaps this is why she is sometimes late for class. Below is pictured a part of the crowd that assembles on the steps of the science building before classes begin. Numerous stories and jokes have been told before the bell brings the young scientists into the habi- tat of Dr. Sullivan and Professor Harrell. Here we have freshmen Williams and Salassi swapping tallies, evidently preparing themselves for things to come. LIBRARY ENTRANCE mm , I. ] ■ ■ ■■■■■•■ Mildred Kuoff Miss Millsaps " Lord Byron " Kellum is at it again and Vera Burkhead seems to resent the cameraman ' s presence. Miss Mildred Buoff was chosen from a number of outstanding senior girls as Miss Millsaps. This title denotes that she has proved outstanding during her stay here. Her beauty and effi- ciency have qualified " Mil- lie " to be a worthy holder of this coveted honor. .rW v The M club room, in the gym, has been a won- derful addition to the campus. Equipped with new furniture, maga- zines, and games the M club room is destined to grow into one of Mill- saps ' most popular spots. Fred " Pee Wee " Ezelle was selected with hardly any opposition as Master Major. This title goes to the man whose work has proven the standard of collegiate activity. An out- standing leader in athletics and activities Mill- saps could have chosen no better Master Major. The new gym as seen from across the golf course presents a striking picture and adds materially to the appearance of the campus. Fred Ezelle Master Major F A C Dr. William E. Riecken, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Biology © Dr. M. C. White. M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English © Mrs. Mary B. H. Stone, M.A. Professor of English © Professor J. B. Price, B.S., M.S. Instructor in Chemistry and Mathematics a t M I L © Professor A. G. Sanders, B.A., M.A. Professor of Romance Languages © Dr. Henry M. Bullock, B.D., S.T.B., Ph.D. Professor of Religion © Mrs. Mary B. Clark, M.B.L. Assistant Librarian © Dr. John M. Sullivan, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry and Geology ' w - - " jt ' ' :•■.,■ ■■.-■•... ■:: SBttHBBP U L T Y .SAPS Dr. Benjamin Ernest Mitchell, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics © Professor J. Reese Lin, B.A., M.A. Professor of Philosophy and History ® Professor R. H. Haynes, B.A., M.A, Professor of Education Professor George Lott Harrell, B.S., M.S. Professor of Physics and Astronomy ® Miss Magnolia Simpson, B.A., M.A. Professor of Latin Vernon Hathorn, B.S. Bursar Professor Vernon L. Wharton, A.B., A.M. Professor of History ® Miss Adele Mounger, B.A., M.A. Assistant Librariun mUmi vff W: P0 ' i §0 § $i$ ' M zMmT Parker, Davis, Ezelle Ferguson, Finger, Galloway IIOLLINGSWORTH, McRaE, MlLLS Muh, Nobles, Robertson Robv, Taylor, Wofford STUDENT EXECUTIVE BOARD With representatives from every phase of campus activity, the Student Executive Board serves as a governing board for student affairs. During the year it regulates the school cal- endar, superintends distribution of student fees, and makes recommendation to faculty and student body concerning changes for campus improvement. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secy.-Treas. Bill Parker Mendel Davis Hazel Hollingswokth MEMBERS Peed Ezelle ...... " M " Club Ji.m.mie Ferguson - - - Debate Council Ellis Finger ------ Y. M. C. A. Stella Galloway - Woman ' s Association John McRae ------- Band Lii.i.a Mills Y. W. C. A. Berkley Men - - Woman ' s Pan-Hellenic Russell Carson Robertson Victor Roisy Swep Taylor Bill Wofford Bobashela Cheer Leader Purple and White Men ' s Pan-Hellenic - - - Glee Club mm ;- ' •: :■ ■ «-•• WmM mmMM it sx?d WOMAN ' S ASSOCIATION The Millsaps Woman ' s Association is made up of all Co-ed members of the student body. From its membership comes Miss Millsaps and all the campus beauties. For its purpose it has the promotion of women ' s interests on the campus and recognition of Co-ed leadership. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Program Chairman OFFICERS Stella Galloway Lucille SteaHan Jean Kinnaikd Kate Shaw Saraji Blie mn HH Galloway, Buie, Kinnaird, Shaw, Strahan s ? sSl BOBASHELA A - )M Russell Nobles r M r-rjf M Editor B - _. B • Stella Galloway Assistant Editor Jeff Hester Photographic Editor Robert Mayo Literary Editor Roy DeLamotte Art Editor Johnny Becker Freshman Editor In a Belle Pitts Activities Editor Belton Galloway Snapshot Editor EDITORIAL STAFF JZfe 3? iMA Ma Becker B. Galloway DeLamotte S. Galloway Hester Pitts Mayo m m m m sfcArSS ' .-■ . , ' ■; iHl STAFF Francis Bradshaw Business Manager Edna May Kennedy Dudley LeGette Billy Ford Fagan Scott Ruby Frances Stone Virginia Gaddy Associate Business Manager Circulation Manag r Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager George Doeris BUSINESS STAFF Ford LeGette Gaddy Scott Kennedy Stone «- ' ; is. .;.--» ? ; -.if:- €ke PURPLE Victor M. Roby Editor Grady Powers Assistant Editor Doxald O ' Connor News Editor Reporters: Catherine Wofford. IOlizaheth Cunningham, Foster Collins, Bert Watkins, Leora White. Sports: Lawrence Painter, Wilbourn Wasson, Xeal Cirlot. Feature Editor : Roy DeLamotte. Writers : Stella Galloway, Dan Pitner, R. T. Bryant. Lueile Stra- han, Carson Hilton, Jean Kinnaird. Dorothy Reeves. Esther Taylor. Ruth Sparks, J. S. Vandiver. Keller Breland. Cartoonist: Paul Whitsett. Co-ed Editor: Mildred Clegg. EDITORIAL STAFF Clegg ' Connor Painter Whitsett Hi a yi J WHITE James C. Dunn Business Manager Jack Bain Circulation Manager Charles Clark Billy Hoffpauir Local Advertising Manager Ina Belle Fitts Edwin Brent BUSINESS STAFF Bain Brent Fitts Griffen Hoffpauir ' :: ' a :: " . - ' .- , :,«»? J- ' M; iiK : r i M$M WmsiMMMtM Li-, SS8 ?% I Sife, j ., % .- " gjHi - t S i ' y " : ' ■ ' ■ H ere a n d Whitworth ' s gift to Millsaps, President of the Woman ' s Association, Stella Galloway. Drum Major Sonny McRae demonstrates the fine art of strutting for the cameraman. Pan-Hellenic head Muh and IRC President Mayo seem to have something in common to laugh about. Millsaps efficiency expert Bill Wofford on his way to class. Simon Simone caught at play? No, our petite, pretty, secy.-treas., Hazel Hollings- worth. The P W brain trust, Powers and Roby. Roby, " I wonder who ' s cussing us now? " s: S S ' tfSG life - :4 ¥ SE% Sfe : ,.::■■ ' ■% Th ere P W business manager Jimmie Dunn. " Lightening " and " Low Gear " to his friends. College Publicity man Lauderdale is caught with assistant Bobashela editor Jeff Hester. Francis Bradshaw is found by the scouting cameraman wearing his best Jim Farley smile. Two Big-wigs, Pres. of Student Body Parker with Pres. 0. D. K. Mendel Davis. Y. W. C. A. head Lilla Mills is in a smiling mood. Orator Ford and Bobashela Editor Nobles seem very serious. Something must be amiss in deep Smith. ... ' few i ms k iH -■- SSs Slater and his 106th Engineers parade up Capitol Street. The prize winning K. D. float. A Millsaps institution, Dr. Hamilton ' s 1924 model Buiek. Between Classes. At the Choctaw game. Sigma. Rho Chi ' s contribution. Sonny McRae explains Einstein ' s theory to three Co-eds. The parade moves on. The Homecoming sponsors. J atf Ki The fighting majors take time out. Why don ' t the frosh pull Harrala (the mule) awhile? The Chi Omega decorated car. The Barbarians roll their own. Majors hoof it up Capitol Street Thanksgiving morning. That ' s me on the second row. Reeves kicks extra point against the Choctaws Pair game. Score Millsaps 7. Choctaws 0. Here we come celebrating. The Major Club struts behind the Sponsors. Petunia, overcrowded as usual. " V " £ siS ;,:.; :■•-■; -: ' mm Not the English Coronation Parade — the Barbs on Capitol Street. What, three? Frosh prepare for parade — Whoa Harrala! How could the Majors lose that Miss. State Fair game with Misses Gaddy, Ricks, and Martin as sponsors. Pardon us, misprint. Football managers " Teddy Bear " Taylor and " Rev. " Matheny caught by the cameraman in a light and merry mood. Bobashela editor talks it over with Richard Halliburton. A rainy day. Not camera shy, just " Ducky. " Best athlete Boyd Reeves poses with runner-up Bob Strait. Ain ' t they " lervely? " Strait gets off a long one. Portals of Pike ' s pins pictured from porch. No, young ladies, I haven ' t graded your papers yet. Uncle Dick. Sailors beware. Millsap ' s " plough-boy " Simpson poses with Bobashela Editor Nobles and runner-up Cook (Nobles was third.) Football team captain-elect " Hattie " Clark caught with team-mate " Duke " Sutherland. ALMA MATER Alma Mater, dear old Millsaps, Loyal sans are we; Oar fund hearts are thine alone And ever more shall be. Chorus : Proud art thou in classic beauty Of thy noble past; With thy watchword, honor, duty, Thy high fame shall last. Every student, man and maiden, Swells the glad refrain; ' Til the breezes, music laden, — Waft it back again. " ' •-- ■ ■ ' - . ' : " - ' ' ' y ' Jr x- . ■• ' 0, Nobles, Galloway, Ezelle " Pee Wee " Ezelle President Russell Xobles Stella Galloway Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer SENIORS Ida Louise Alford, B.A. GALI.MAN, MISS. Whitworth College 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 3. 4; Secy. of Christian Council 3; Pres. of Christian Council 4; Secy.-Treas. Campus Church Rela- tions Committee 4; Blue Ridge Delegate 3; Glee Cluh 3, 4; Sigma Lambda 4; Classical Club 3; Student Assistant 4. Kathleen Assaf, B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Beethoven Club 3. 4. Lois Biggs, B.A. Beta Sigma Omicron JACKSON. MISS. Hinds Junior College 1. 2; Maryville College 3; Property Manager of Millsaps Players 4; Y. W. C. A. 4. Francis Bradshaw, B.S. Kappa Sigma BENTONIA, MISS. Manager of Football Team 3, 4; Student Man- ager of Athletics; Vice-Pres. of Junior Class; Secy.-Treas. of " M " Club; Asst. Business Man- ager of Purple White 3; Ramblers Club 3; Major Club 3; Business Mgr. of Bubashela 4. Bradford B. Breeland, B.A. Sigma Rho Chi MAGNOLIA, MISS. Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Classical Club; Manager of Freshman Basketball; Student As- sistant. " M " Club; International Relations Club 4; Vice-President of " M " Club. Keller Breland, B.S. Pi Kappa Alpha WESSON. MISS. Copiah-Lincoln 1, 2; Science Club; Ramblers Club; Y. M. C. A.; Student Assistant 4; Purple and White 4. THE M L L S A P S 3S SENIORS Mildred Breland, U.S. Beta Sigma Omicron IIATTIESBUBG, MISS. -- ' s-i? Zj3 Mississippi Woman ' s College 1, 2, 3; Pres. of Majorette Club 4; Y. W. C. A. 4; Baseball 4; Basketball 4. Opal Brumpield, B,S. Beta Sigma Omicron BENTONIA, MISS. Hinds Junior College 1, 2; Eta Sigma; S. I. M. A. Mathematics Contestant 3, 4; Sec. to Registrar 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4. Ellisine Butler, B.A. JACKSON. MISS. Millsaps Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Classical Club 1, 2 ' , 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Treas. of Eta Sigma 4. Dorothy Chichester, B.A. CM Omega JACKSON, MISS. Belhaven College 1, 2; Classical Club 3, Vice-Pres. Classical Club 4; Y. W. C. A. 3 Eta Sigma 4; Student Assistant 4. George Cortner, B.S. Kappa Sigma OREENWOOD, MISS. Glee Club 1; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4; Vice- Pres. Alpha Epsilon Delta 4; Vice-Pres. Men ' s Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Business Staff of Bobashehi 4 Elizabeth Cunningham. B.A. CM Omega JACKSON, MISS. Basketball 1; Y. W. C. A. 1; Classical Club 1, 2; Glee Club 3, 4; Chi Delta 3, 4; Purple White Staff 4. 3D Mendel Davis, B.S. Kappa Alpha JACKSON, MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa; Pres. of Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Purple White Staff 1; Managing Editor of Purple White 2; Sigma Upsilon; International Relations Club 3, 4; Student Ex- ecutive Board 4; Sec. of Sigma Upsilon 4; Tribbett Scholarship 4; Student Assistant 4; Men ' s Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Vice-Pres. of Student Body 4. James Albert Droke, B.S. Theta Kappa Nu JACKSON, .MISS. Hinds Junior College 1. 2; Band 3, 4; Sergeant in Band 4; Student Assistant 4. Eunice Louise Durham, B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Glee Club 1 ; Bourgeois Medal 2; Tribbett Schol- arship 2; Student Assistant 3, 4; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Eta Sigma; International Relations Club 4. Fred Jackson Ezelle, B.S. Pi Kappa Alpha JACKSON. MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa; Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Best Blocker Award 3; Captain of Football Team 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Tennis 1; Baseball 1, 4; Glee Club 1; Y. M. C. A.; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Master Major 4; Pres. of Junior Class; Pres. of Senior Class. James S. Ferguson, B.A. Pi Kappa Alpha FLORENCE, MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa; Pres. of Eta Sigma 4; Football 1; Basketball 1; Mgr. of Freshman Baseball 1; Mgr. of Varsity Baseball 2; Glee Club 1, 3; Student Assistant 2; Varsity De- bater 3. 4; Travelli Scholarship 3. 4; Eta Sig- ma Phi 3, 4; Vice-Pres. of Pi Kappa Delta 3; Vice-Pres. of International Relations Club 3; Student Executive Board; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 4; Pres. of Classical Club 4; " M " Club; Major Club 4. H. Ellis Finger, Jr.. B.A. Pi Kappa Alpha KIPLEY, MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa; Vice-Pres. of Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Eta Sigma Phi 3. 4; Pres. of Alpha Phi Chapter 3. 4; National Pres. 4; Eta Sigma; International Relations Club 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4; Pres. of Y. M. C. A. 4; Blue Ridge Scholarship 3; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil 4; Christian Council 3, 4; Bobaahela Staff 3; Band 1. 2. 3; Student Executive Board 4; Student Asst. 3; S. I. M. A. Contest 2; Classical Club 1, 2, 3; Pres. of Classical Club 3. THE M I L L S A P S 40 SENIORS - ' ■ ' - ■ Stella Trusdel Galloway, B.A. Chi Omega CANTON, MISS. Whitworth College 1. 2; Purple White 3, 4; Assistant Editor of Bobashela 4; Pres. ot Woman ' s Association 4; Chi Delta 4; Sigma Lambda 4; Sec. of Senior Class; Major Club 4; Student Executive Board 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; International Relations Club 3, 4; Vice-Pres. of International Relations Club 4; Blue Ridge Scholarship 3; Classical Club 3; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Vice-Pres. of Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4. Slater Rhodes Gordon, B.S. Kappa Alpha FLORENCE. MISS. Science Club; Band. Thomas Griffith, B.S. Theta Kappa Nil BHUBUTA, MISS. Glee Club; Major Club; Beethoven Club; Cir- culation Manager of Purple White 4; Y. M. C. A.; Ramblers Club. Gerald Hill, B.S. LOVISVII.I.E, MISS. Holmes Junior College 1. 2; " M " Club 3. 4; Varsity Football 3, 4; Alternate Captain 3. Syble Hinson, B.S. Beta Sigma Omicron LUMBERTON. MISS. Pearl River Junior College 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; Major Club 4. Hazel Hollixgsworth, B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Barbarians; Major Club 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4; Clas- sical Club 2, 3; Dramatics 4; Majorettes 4; Sec. of Sophomore Class; Secy.-Treas. of Stu- dent Body 4; Sigma Lambda 4; Feature Section of Bobashela 4. . ' ■ 41 Grace Cowles Hoeton, B.A. Phi Mil GRENADA, MISS. Grenada College 1, 2; University of Illinois 3. Hurd Hortox, Jr., B.S. Pi Kappa Alpha GRENADA, MISS. Pan-Hellenic Council; " M " Club; Pre-Medical Club; Baseball 2. 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. Florence Hutchison , U.S. Beta siyma Omicron JACKSON, MISS. Hinds Junior College 1. 2; Glee Club 3. 4: Y. W. C. A. 3. 4; S. I. M. A. " Mathematics Con- testant 4; Assistant in Mathematics 4. John Lewis Kayes, B.S. BROOK HAVEN. MISS. Whitworth College 1, 2; Barbarians. Edna May Kennedy, B.S. Chi omega NATCHEZ. MISS. Whitworth College 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 3. 4; Chris- tian Council 3; Associate Business Manager of fiobashela 4. Virgil Dudley LeGette, B.S. DEKALli. MISS. Sunflower Junior College 1, 2 ' ; Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club; Pre-Medical Club; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Secretary of Alpha Epsilon Delta 4; Assistant Business Manager of Bohashela 4. THE M I L L S A P S " ;v; v-. m m m mm 42 SENIORS Phyllis Louisa Matthews, JACKSON, HISS. 3.A. Barbarians; Glee Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Y. W. C. A.; Student Assistant in Library 4; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Classical Club 1, 2. Robert Murrah Mayo, B.A. Sigma Rho Chi POLKVIIXE. MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa; History Asst. 4; Classi- cal Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Pres. of Millsaps Chapter of American Student Union 4; International Relations Club 2, 3, 4; Pres. of International Relations Club 4; Y. M. C. A.; Intercollegiate Council 4; Bohashela Staff 4. Archie L. Meadows, BA. CRAWFORD, -MISS. Wood ' s Junior College 1. 2; Pres. of Ministerial League 4; Pres. of Jackson Intercollegiate Council; Y. M. C. A.; Classical Club; S. E. B. 4; Christian Council 4. Lilla Mills. B.A. Beta Sigma Omicron CARTHAGE, MISS. Hinds Junior College 1, 2; Sigma Lambda 4; Pres. of Sigma Lambda 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Vice-Pres. of Y. W. C. A. 3; Pres. of Y. W. C. A. 4; Vice-Pres. of State Y. W. C. A. 4; Chi Delta 4; Christian Council 4; Glee Club 3. 4; Student Executive Board 4; Classical Club 3; Pan- Hellenic Council 4; Assistant in Registrar ' s Office 4. Madeline Morrow, B.A. MADISON, MISS. Glee Club 1. 2, 4; Major Club 4; Majorettes 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4; Christian Council 4; Barbarians 2, 3, 4. Martha Newell, B.S. Beta Sigma Omicron JACKSON. MISS. Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Vice-Pres. of Glee Club 3; Millsaps Players; Business Manager of Millsaps Players 3, 4; Alphi Psi Omega; Sigma Lambda 4; Y. W. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic 3. 4. S ' f- 43 Mary Nichols, B.A. Phi Mu GRENADA, MISS. Grenada College 1, 2; Y. W. C. A.; Major Club 4. Henry Russell Nobles, B.A. Kappa Sigma JACKSON, MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Secy.-Treas. of Y. M. C. A. 2; Pres. of Y. M. C. A. 3; Football 1; Basketball 1; Track 1, 2; " M " Club 3, 4; International Relations Club 3, 4; Blue Ridge Delegate 2, 3; Vice-Pres. of Senior Class; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Boba- shela Staff 3; Christian Council 3; Student Executive Board 3, 4; Editor of Bobashela 4. William H. Parker, B.S. TJieta Kappa Nu PHILADELPHIA. MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa; Pres. of Student Body 4; Pres. of Alpha Epsilon Delta 4; Eta Sigma; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 4; Christian Council 4; Pre-Medical Club; Science Club; Ramblers Club 3; Student Assistant 3, 4. John Pricb Payne, B.A. PELAHATC ' IIIE, MISS. Ministerial League; Basketball 1; Track 1; Barbarians 2. Elizabeth May Pickett, B.S. SIMSBORO. LOUISIANA Southeastern Louisiana College 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Glee Club 4; International Relations Club 4; Student Assistant 4; Dormitory Assis- tant 4; Majorette Club 4; Basketball 4. Malcolm L. Pigford, Jr., B.S. Kappa Alpha LALIREL. MISS. Track 1; Alpha Epsilon Delta 2. 3; Pre-Medical Club 1, 2 ' , 3; Science Club 1, 2, 3; Proctor in Founder ' s Hall 2. 3. THE M L L S A P S Wm gv 44 ' . SENIORS Minnie Etta Kin ides BRANDON, MISS. Northeast Center of Louisiana State University 1, 2; Eta Sigma; International Relations Club; Science Club 3. 4; Basketball 3; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4. William Robert Richerson, B.S. CRENSHAW. .MISS. Northwest Mississippi Junior College 1. 2; Barbarians; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 4; American Student Union 4; International Relations Club 4; Ministerial League; Intercollegiate Coun- cil 4. William Norman Robertson, U.S. Theta Kappa Nil JACKSON, MISS. Student Assistant in Chemistry. Will K. Robinson, B.S. Kappa Sigma JACKSON. MISS. Spanish Club. Mildred Ruoff, B.A. Chi Omega JACKSON, MISS. Major Club 1. 2 ' ; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Classical Club 1, 2; Secy.-Treas. of Sophomore Class; Secy.-Treas. of Student Body 3 ; Make-up Artist for Millsaps Players 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega; Sigma Lambda; Feature Section 4; Miss Millsaps 4. George H. Schultz, B.S. Sigma Rho Chi FANNIN, MISS. Band 3, 4; Y. M. C. A.; Pre-Medical Club. ' " ■ B.S. 45 Mary Katherixe Shaw, B.A. IIOUI.KA, MISS. Mississippi Synodical College 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Classical Club 3, 4; Treas. of Woman ' s Association 4; Y. W. C. A. Cab- inet 4. M elba Sherman, B.A. CM Omega FOREST. MISS. Whitworth College 1. 2; Glee Club 3; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; Purple . White Staff 3, 4; Editor of Co-ed Edition of Purple White 3; Student Assistant 3. 4; Chi Delta 4; Eta Sigma Phi 3. 4; Sigma Lambda 4. Haskell Stewart, B.S. Sigma Rho ( ' lit WAYNESBOKO, Miss. Football; Baseball; " M " Club. Ruby Frances Stone, B.S. Kappa Delta JACKSON, MISS. M. S. C. W. 1, 2; Secy, of Junior Class; Fea- ture Section of Bobashela 3. 4; Y. W. C. A.; Football Sponsor 4; Booashela Business Staff 4. Robert C. Strait, B.S. S igma Rho C h i (ILOSTEIi. MISS. Copiah-Lincoln Junior College 1. 2; Football 3, 4; Basketball 4; Baseball 3. 4; " M " Club. Lnvn Sutherland, B.S. Kappa Sigma COLUMBIA, Miss. Copiah-Lincoln Junior College 1, 2; Football 3, 4; Golf 3, 4; " M " Club 3, 4. THE M I L L S A P S 46 £ s SENIORS ■m mm 5ALTHA Harriet Suydam, B.A. SHANNON. MISS. Grenada College 1, 2; Student Assistant 4; Chi Delta 4; Y. W. C A.; Eta Sigma Phi; Classical Club 3; French Club 4. Addison Tatum, B.S. Kappa Sigma HATTIESBUKG, .MISS. Football 1; Y. M. C. A. 1. 2, 3. 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4; Treas. of Alpha Epsilon Delta 4. Swep Taylor, B.S. Kappa Alpha JACKSON, MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa; Football Manager 1. 4; Ramblers Club 1. 2; Pres. of Pan-Hellenic 4; Assistant Business Manager ot Bobashela 3. 4; Blue Ridge Scholarship 3; Student Executive Board 4; Major Club 2, 3; " M " Club 4; Inter- national Relations Club 3, 4; Dramatics 3. 4; Y. M. C. A. 2. 3. 4; Vice-Pres. of Y. M. C. A. 4; Christian Council 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4. Dorothy Triplett, B.S. CM Omega ERWIN " , MISS. Whitworth College 1, 2; Glee Club 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Feature Section of Bobashela 4. Nancy Walker, B.S. Beta Sigma O-micran LAUDERDALE, MISS. Mississippi Woman ' s College 1. 2, 3; Y. YV. C. A. 4; Majorette Club 4. Leora White, B.S. OUNTOWN. MISS. Grenada College 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; Classical Club 3; Millsaps Players 3; Student Assistant 3; Purple White 4; Debate Club 4; Chi Delta 4; Pres. Mississippi Student Conference 4; D. A. R. Scholarship 4. w- ■ 47 As you glance at this page you will doubtless wonder why we left it blank but perhaps a few words of explanation will relate in full the reason for this catastrophe. The man who planned this hook left this space for some print to go and as the time for the hook to go to press drew near we found that we had no printed matter to go here. We thought of writing an editorial but we remembered with a bit of trepidation what happens when too many editorials are put into an annual so we decided not to write an editorial. We had a pretty poem to go here but we lost the poem and since the poem was original with one of the students we could not get it reproduced. We started to put a juke here but the staff could not agree as to what sort of joke would appeal to the faculty and student body alike. We even started to fill this space with some of the favorite quota- tions of faculty members but when we got to Dr. Bullock ' s and Coach Gaddy ' s we were forced to abandon the idea. But we just had to have something to go here because we just couldn ' t leave this page blank. Then we thought of having our accomplished bullshooters, Billy Ford and Duke Sutherland come in and shoot some first rate bull but we couldn ' t find these two artists. Blease remember that this was the day before the Bobashela was to go to press and we just had to have some- thing. A mad rush was made for the files of old annuals. Maybe we could plagiarize something but alas, we had already copied all we dared from other books. Then we thought of getting Mayo, Davis, DeLamotte, Galloway, or somebody who had the teachers and student body fooled into thinki ng they could write, do a story for us. Frustrations, the could not be found. We had a sneaking idea that .Miss Galloway was out gathering mud for her beloved " Dirtdauber ! " After searching several more hours for copy to go here and with no success at all we decided to defy precedent, the engraver, the printer, the cover maker, the designer, convention. Dr. Key. the N. R. A., the Martin sisters, the Greeks, and the Barbarians, and leave this space just as blank as you see it now. ■ V ' 48 . WOFFOED, PeRMENTER, FORD BlLL WOFFOED President Billy Ford Vice-President Nell Permenter Secretary-Treasurer JUNIORS Aubrey Adams - Longview, Wash. Pi Kappa Alpha M. F. Adams - - Lumberton Kappa Alpha Eugene Bingham - - Jackson Sigma Rho Chi Barbara Bennett - - Jackson Kappa Delta © Imogene Blovnt - - Bassfield Kappa Delta R. T. Bryant - - - Jackson Sigma Rho Chi Ottomese Cassels - Gloster Sella Cassels - - Gloster © Edytiie Castle - - Magee Kappa Delta Neal Cirlot - - Moss Point Sigma Rho Chi G. C. Clark - - Waynesboro Sigma Rho Chi Mildred Clegg - Brookhaven Beta Sigma Omicron © Marguerite Coltharp, New Albany Kappa Delta James Conner Hattiesburg IlllltS JUNIORS 50 James H. Cox - - - Bolton Sigma Rho Chi Bob Cunningham - Meridian Kappa Sigma Catherine Davis - Brookhaven Chi Omega Lola Davis - - - Jackson Kappa Delta JUNIORS Annie Katiierine Dement. Jackson Kappa Delta George Dorris - - - Jackson Sigma Rho Chi © Jimmy Dunn - - Greenville Pi Kappa Alpha Allan Dye - - Clarksdale Pi Kappa Alpha Sam Ellis - - - Lauderdale Theta Kappa Nti Mildred Enochs - - Jackson Chi Omega © Billy Ford - - Taylorsville Kappa Alpha Maude Lyle Golden Chi Omega Laurel Alex Gordon - - - Jackson Kappa Alpha Sara Gordon - - - Vaiden Beta Sigma Omieron © Charlotte Hamilton - Jackson Chi Omega Francis Hamilton - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Bill Hardin - - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Wirt Turner Harvey. Water Valley Pi Kappa Alpha .51 ORS Coleman Heard - - Itta Bena Kappa Sigma Annie Lou Heidelberg - Jackson CM Omega Jeff Hester - - - Laurel Kappa Sigma Billy Hoffpauir © Makjorie Hogue Phi Mu Jackson Natchez Mary Louise Holloman, Itta Bena Kappa Delta Marion Holmax - Gonzales, Fla. Stacy Keixvm - - - Shaw Kappa Sigma © Billy Kimbrell Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Jean Kixxaird Jackson Mary Sue Lamb Laurel Beta Sigma Omicrmi Billy Lauderdale - - Jackson Kappa Alpha © Ruby Litton - - - Shaw Kappa Delta Alton McAltlly - Louisville Sigma Rho Chi Clifford Macc.owax - Jackson Kappa Alpha Chester McKexzie, Memphis, Tenn. Theta Kappa Nu John McRae - - - Jackson Kappa Alpha Rowkxa McRae - - Jackson Chi Omega Ruth Martin - - Midnight Kappa Delta Rohert Matiieny - Waynesboro Rig ma Rho Chi ® Eugenia Mauldin Baldwyn Berkley Muii Jackson Chi Omega Anne Elizabeth Murrah Jackson Phi Mu Delores Palmer Jackson Kappa Delta © George Patton - - - Jackson Theta Kappa Nu Nell Pekmenter - - Jackson Kappa Delta Boyd Reeves - - - Moselle Pi Kappa Alpha Catherine Ricks Chi Omega Jackson J U N John Rimmer - - Camden Sigma Rho Chi Victor Roby - - - Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha Lee Rogers - - New Albany Kappa Alpha Ava Sanders - - Glen Allen Chi Omega 63 Herbert Sandusky - Jackson Theta Kappa Nv Pagan Scott - Riderwood, Ala. Pi Kappa Alpha AROI.D SlDDON - - Sweatman AVELI.K Sims _ . Jackson Sigma Rho Ch ' © Ruth Sparks - - - Jackson Chi Omega A. C. Spinks - - - Decatur Theta Kappa Xu Lucilf. Strahan - - Jackson Kappa Delta Jack Stuart Morton ® Elizabeth Suttle - Edwards Kappa Delta Fi.oy Thompson - - Jackson Chi Omega Rodney Walker - Lauderdale Theta Kappa Xu Mabjobie Walters © Jackson Wilbourn Wasson - Columbus Pi Kappa Alpha Marvin Williams Lexington JUNIORS Catherine Wofford. Oak Ridge La. Beta Sigma Omicron William Wofford - - Drew Pi Kappa Alpha 54 . - Hardy, Murphy, Edwards T. M. Hardy President " Ebbie " Edwards Vice-President Margaret Murphy Sec ret a ry-Treasu rev SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES h m -3» Job Ainsworth, Whitfield - Kappa Alpha Bill Bizzei.l. Pace - - Pi Kappa Alpha David Blough, Okolona ........ Sara Buie. Jackson - - - Phi Mu Jimmie Burwell, Jackson - Kappa Sigma Paul Caeruth, McComb - - - Pi Kappa Alpha May Ellen Chichester, Jackson - - - Chi Omega Foster Collins, Yazoo City - - Kappa Alpha Gilbert Cook, Canton - ------ Wiley Critz, Clarksdale - - Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kees Corbie, Raleigli - - - Roy DeLamotte. Moss Point - - - Theta Kappa Nit Blanton Doggett, Kossuth - - Pi Kappa Alpha Edwin Edwards, Gulfport - - Kappa Sigma William Elkix, Tupelo Kappa Alpha Ben Evans, Water Valley ------ Kappa Alpha Ernest Felts. Batesville - ..... Kappa Sigma Dakin Fitzgerald, Okolona Theta Kappa Nu Hays Fleming, Minter City - - Kappa Sigma Belton Galloway. Jackson - - Kappa Sigma h JBBk. 56 John Godbold, Jackson ...... p% Kappa Alpha T. M. Hardy, Natchez ------- Kappa Sigma Charles Hicks, Minter City ------ Kappa Sigma Robert Hill, Jackson -------- Henry Hollem.w. Pickens ... Fielding Holloman, Itta Bena ----- Kappa Sigma Prank Horton, Grenada - - Pi Kappa Alpha Robert Ivy, Muldon ----- - Kappa Alpha Jimmie Kisner, Natchez ------ Kappa Sigma Hugh Landrum, Jackson ... - ; Kappa Alpha Litton, Shaw ------- Bernard Luke, Jackson - • - Ttieta Kappa Nu M. L. McKinnon, Lauderdale - - - Kappa Sigma Wallace Manguii. Baton Rouge, La. ----- Rubye Martin, Midnight - - - Kappa Delta Leon Mathers, Mathersville - A. L. May, Jr., Jackson - - - I ' i Kappa Alpha Margaret Murphy, Jackson - - Kappa Delta Carol Nelson, Jackson - ... ] ] n i „ Carl Ray Newkom. Madison - - ... Theta Kappa Nil % ' ■■■% SOPHOMORES 57 SOPHOMORES Donald O ' Connor, Vicksburg Frank Pattie, New Orleans, La. Gene Price, Meridian Hillrie Qnx. Jackson Carson Robertson, Jackson E. H. Robertson, Jackson Paul Sheffield. Jackson Joe Simpson, Ackerman J. D. Smith. Madison- Helen Rose Shelton. Leland Ben Sykes. Jackson Edwin Tate, Picayune Rita Taylor, Jackson Lewis Thames. Sanatorium Cecil Triplett. Mashulaville Fred Weston. Bourbon E. B. Williams, Poplarville Elizabeth Wilson. Pelahatchie Charles Wright, Jackson Ruth Wroten. Corinth Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Nu. Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Rho Chi Kappa Delta Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Kappa Sigma Sigma Rho Chi Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Alpha 5S McCool, Dees, Wilson Ralph McCool James Wilson- Martha Dees President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Willie Allen, Jackson Jack Bain, Jackson Pauline Bain, Jackson John Batte, Jackson Johnny Becker, Jackson Biluro. Dozier, Ala. James Booth, Jackson Wili.ari) Bourn, Monticello Edwin Brent. Crystal Springs Cooper Bryant. Jackson Carolyn Buck, Jackson Mary Bukdette. Jackson Vera Burkhead, Jackson Vernon Burkhead. Jackson Roy Byars, Cascilla Wilson Cater, Jackson Willie Dennis Chapman, Pocahontas Katiiryn Clark. New Orleans, La. Jane Clowe. Jackson Bill Cole. Jackson John Cotten, Jackson, Marguerite Darden, Jackson Roland Darnall, Jackson. Martha Dees. Jackson Joel Denton, Jackson Tom Dickerson, Sumrall Dolores Dye, Jackson Clayton Ellis, Lexington 60 Theta Kappa V» Tli eta Kappa V» Beta Sigma O-micron Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Phi Mu Chi Omega Chi Omega Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Chi Omega Chi Omega Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Mu Theta Kappa Nu Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Jean Fairi.ey, Hazlehurst Ina Bell FlTTS, Jackson Edwin a FLOWERS, Jackson James Folse, Jackson Leon Fuller. Kilmichael Gerald Gable. Eastabuchie Virginia Gaddy. Jackson A. G. Gainey, Meridian Dudley Gardner, Jackson Frances Gill, Jackson George F. Hall, West Palm Beach, Fla. Jimmye Hall. Jackson James Hammond, Columbia Vernon Hathorn, Jackson Ray Henderson, Carthage Carson Hilton, Jackson Carl Horn. Magee Hooper Horne, Carriere Manning Hudson, New Albany L. M. Ji ' RNEY. Ackerman Sylvian Kernaghan, Hattiesburg Grady Kersh, Jackson Oswald Landbum, Poplarville Dick Lord. Tunica Edwin Lowther, Florence Mary Frances Manning, Jackson Ralph McCool. Kosciusko Evelyn Magaiiey, Jackson Chi Out can Chi Omega Phi Ma Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Chi Omega Kappa Alpha Beta Sigma Omicron Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma I ' i Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Mk Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha FRESHMEN 61 FRESHMEN Dii ' K Mosley. DeKalb Edwina Nichols, Jackson Lawrence Painter, Columbus Glenn Phifer, Jackson Tommy Phillips, Holly Bluff Dan Pitner, New Albany Marion Poole, Jackson Margaret Porter, Jackson Dorothy Reeves. Jackson Cappy Ricks, Jackson Bryant Ridgeway, Jackson George Robertson, Jackson Jim m ie Salassi, Slidel, La. Herbert Selman. Monticello Ann Stone, Jackson Tommy Sykes. Jackson Esther Taylor, Jackson J. V. Tuhnage, New Hebron J. S. Vandivek, Jr.. Jackson Bert Watkins, Jackson Eugene Watts. Camden Kathryn White, Jackson Paul Whitsett. Mobile, Ala. John R. Whittington, Jackson Lampton Williams, Poplarville James Wilson, Natchez John Wright. Jackson John Yeager, Lumberton Kappa Sigma Beta Sigma O-micron Pi Kappa Alpha Chi Omega Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Beta Sigma Omieron Phi Mu Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Chi Omega Kappa Alpha Chi Omega Kappa Alpha Phi Mu Phi Mu Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Nu Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha 62 R K S ' $$%$ ' M ;.-iti ' . 45 SCi ,-x? IP ■ ' ■ -v A-ir- J . ... ;. fr K;V: %m srM PAN - HELLENIC Cortner, Finger, Gordon, Griffin, Horton Mayo, Nobles, Parker, Rimmer, Taylor MEN ' S COUNCIL KAPPA ALPHA Swep Taylor, President Alex Gordon KAPPA SIGMA George Cortner, Vice-President Rtssell Nobles PI KAPPA ALPHA Hurd Horton, Secretary Ellis Finger THETA KAPPA NU Bill Parker Thomas Griffin SIGMA RHO CHI Robert Mayo John Rimmer 65 KAPPA SIGMA Founded 1869 — University of Virginia Colors: Scarlet, Green, and White Flower: Lily of the Valley Publication: " The Caduceus " ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN Francis Bradshaw George Cortner Russell Nobles Will Robinson Loyd Sutherland Addison Tatum CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT Robert Cunningham Coleman Heard Jeff Hester Stacy Kellum •Jimmy Burwell Edwin Edwards Ernest Felts Hays Fleming Belton Gallow t ay T. M. Hardy Charles Hicks CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE Fielding Holloman Jimmie Kisner M. L. McKinnon Frank Pattie Cecil Pitard Ben Sykes Lewis Thames CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY John Becker Cooper Bryant Vernon Burkhead Wilson Cater Bill Cole ( ' layton Ellis Gerald Gable Vernon Hatiiorn G. L. Harrell V. B. Hathorn Pledge FACULTY I) D. Cully 66 Carl Horn Grady Kersii Dick Moseley Ed Davis Noble Jimmy Salassi Herbert Selman ■James Wilson B. o. Van Hook Melvin Richardson Nobles, Bradshaw, Cortner, Robinson, Sutherland, Tatum, Cunningham, Heard, Hester, Kellum, Burwell. Edwards, Felts, Fleming, Galloway, Hardy, Hicks, Holloman, Kisner, McKinnon, Pattie, Sykes, Thames, Becker, Bryant, Burkhead, Cater, Cole, Ellis, Gable, Hathorn, Horn, Kersh, Moseley. Salassi, Selman, Wilson. 67 KAPPA ALPHA Founded at Washington College, 1865 Colors: Crimson and Gold Flower: Rose Publication : " Kappa Alpha Journal " Mendel Davis Slater Gordon ALPHA MU CHAPTER CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN Malcolm Pigford Swep Taylor CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT M. F. Adams Billy Ford Alex Gordon- Billy ' Lauderdale Clifford Macgowan John McRae Grady: Powers Lee Rogers Joe Aixsworth Foster Collins William Elkin CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE Robert I v Ellis Parker Cakson Robertson- Bex Evans John Batte Charles Bilbro Roy Byars George Hall Man ning Hi ' dsox Toji Phillips CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY HlLLRIE QUIN Capi ' V Ricks Bryant R highway George Robertson Tom Sykes J. S. Vaxdiver John Yeager A. P. Hamilton J. Reese Lin Pledge FACULTY 6S Ross H. Moore Milton C. White Taylor, Davis, Pigford, Adams, Ford, Gordon, Lauderdale, Macgowan, McRae, Rogers, Alnsworth, Collins, Elkin. Evans, Ivy, Quin, C. Robertson, Batte, Bilbro, Byars, Hall, Hudson, Phillips, Ricks, Ridgeway, G. Robertson, Sykes, Vandiver, Yeager. ' ftm?; 69 PI KAPPA ALPHA Founded at University of Virginia, March 1, 1868 Colors : Garnet and Gold Flower: Lily of the Valley Publication: " The Shield and Diamond " ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN Keller B. Breland Fred Ezelle Ellis Finger Hurd Hoeton James Ferguson CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT Aubrey Adams James Dunn Francis Hamilton William Hardin Wirt Turner Harvey Boyd Reeves Victor M. Roby Fagan Scott Wilbourn Wasson William Wofford William Kimbrell CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE William H. Bizzell Paul Carruth Blanton Doggett John Godbold Frank Horton James Booth Edwin Brent John Gotten Joel Denton James Folse Leon Fuller Andrew G. Gainey James Hammond Carson Hilton Ray Henderson Hoofer Horne Hugh B. Landrum Albert L. May Paul R, Sheffield Edwin Tate Charles Wright CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY l. m. jurney Oswald Landrum Richard Lord Edwin Lowther Ralph McCool Clyde McKee Lawrence Painter Daniel Pitner Lampton Williams Paul Whitsett John Wright Pledge 70 ■ ' ■■ - ' =: -v.w Finger, Breland, Ezelle, Ferguson. H. Horton, Adams, Dunn, Hamilton, Hardin, Harvey, Kimbrell, Reeves, Roby, Scott, Wasson, Wofford, Bizzell, Carruth, Dog- gett, Godbold, F. Horton, H. Landrum, May, Sheffield, Tate, C. Wright, Booth, Brent, Cotton, Denton, Folse. Fuller, Gainey, Hammond, Hilton, Home, Jurney, O. Landrum. Lord. Lowther, McCool, McKee, Painter, Pitner. Williams, Whitsett, J. Wright. ' ' ■ ' . 71 THETA KAPPA NU Founded at Drury College in 1924 Colors: Crimson, Argent, Sable Flower: White Rose Publication: " Theta News " MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN James A. Droke Thomas L. Griffin William H. Parker W. Norm ax Robertson CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT Leonard Clark Samuel A. Ellis Chester L. McKenzie George E. Patton Herbert Sandusky A. C. Spixks, Jr. CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE Roy C. DeLamotte W. I). Fitzgerald Lee Roy Murphree Harold Robertson E. Bernard Luke CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY William R. Allen E. Jack Bain Lamar Beacham, Jr. ( ' iiarles Clark Roland Darnall 1). W. Hawkins John R. Whittixgton C lota ire " Wood Pledge 72 ae.fK-v A . A A . ' A Parker, Droke, Griffin, Robertson, Sandusky, Ellis, McKenzie, Patton, Spinks, DeLamotte, Fitzgerald, Luke, II. Robertson, Allen, Bain, Darnall, Whittington. V d t - 73 SIGMA RHO CHI Founded locally at Millsaps College in 1930 Colors.- Scarlet and Cream Flower: Carnation ALPHA CHAPTER CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN B. B. Breeland James Cox K, M. .Mayo Henry Schultz Haskell Stewart Robert Strait CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT Gene Bingham R. T. Bryant Neal Cirlot G. C. Clark George Dorris Alton McAlilly Robert Matheny John Rimmer Lavelle Sims CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE Lewis Parmer Cecil Triplett Pledge •Joe Simpson 74 Mayo, Breeland, Schultz, Stewart, Strait, Bingham, Bryant. Cirlot, Clark, Cox, Dorris, MeAlilly, Matheny, Rimmer, Sims, Simpson, Triplet t. 75 WOMAN ' S PAN-HELLENIC Buie Murphy Davis Mureah Mills Newell Muh triplett • - - Sara Buie PHI MU Anne Elizabeth Murrah Lola Davis KAPPA DELTA Margaret Murphy Lilla Mills BETA SIGMA OMICBON Martha Newell CHI OMEGA Berkley Muh, President Dorothy Triplett 77 PHI MU Founded at Wesleyan College in 1852 Colors: Rose and White Flower: Rose Carnation PUBLICATK )X : " Afjalia ' ' EPSILON CHAPTER CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN Grace Horton Mary Nichols CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT Mar.kjrie Hogue Anne Murrah CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE Sarah Buie Carol Nelson CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY Carolyn Buck Marguerite Darden Edwina Flowers Mary Frances Manning Pledge Adele Moore Dorothy Reeves Bert Watkins Kathryn White 78 ■ - ' Buib IIoRTON MURRAH Nichols HOGUE Nelson Buck Darden Flowers Manning Reeves Watkins White KAPPA DELTA Founded: Virginia State Normal, Farmville, Ya., October 2 ' A, 1897 Established on Millsaps Campus: September 26, 11)14 Colors: Green and White Flower: White Rose Publication: " The Angelos of Kappa Delta " MU CHAPTER CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN Ruby Frances Stone CLASS F NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT Barbara Bennett Ruth Martin Imogbne Blount Edytiie Castle Marguerite Coltharp Lola Davis Annie Katiierine Dement Mary Louise Holloman Ruby Litton Delores Palmer Nell Perm enter Helen Rose Shelton 4 Lucile Strahan Elizabeth Suttle Rita Taylor Helen Young Ribye Martin Margaret Murphy CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY -NINE Mary Eleanor Shaughnessy Elizabeth Wilson £ ' ss£.-Ki Martha Dees Indicates pledge CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY Marion Poole Evelyn McGahey SO ■ ■ ■ ■■ --•■- •,V- ' " A- ■ Davis, Stone, Blount, Bennett, Castle, Coltharp, Dement, Holloman, Litton, Rubye Martin, Ruth Martin, Palmer, Permenter, Shelton, Strahan, Suttle, Young, Murphy, Shaughnessy, Taylor, Wilson, Dees, McGahey, Poole. 81 BETA SIGMA OMICRON Founded: December 12, 1888, University of Missouri Colors: Ruby and Pink Flowers: Richmond and Killarney Roses Publication: " The Urn " ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN Lois Biggs Florence Hutchison Mildred Breland Lilla Mills Opal Brumfield Martha Newell Nancy Walker CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT Mildred Clegg Sara Gordon Syble Hinson Mary Sue Lamb Catherine Wofford CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE Elizabeth Myers Pauline Bain Jimmye Hall Bdwina Nichols Pledge CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY .Jean Roberts J u anita Pierce Margaret Porter Doll Roberts 82 ' ' ! ■■: Newell Brumpield Walker Bain BlGGS Breland Hutchison Mills Clegg Gordon Hinson Hall Nichols Porter S3 ;■■ " . ' ■ Jr : CHI OMEGA Founded: University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Publication : ' ' The Eleusis ' ' CHI DELTA CHAPTER CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN Dorothy Chichester Elizabeth Cunningham Stella Galloway Edna May Kennedy Mildred Ruoff Melba Sherman Dorothy Triplett CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT Catherine Davis Mildred Enochs Maude Lyle Golden Charlotte Hamilton Annie Lou Heidelberg Rowena McRae Berkley Muh ( ' athkrine Ricks Aya Sanders Ruth Sparks Floy Thompson CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE May Ellen Chichester Mary Burdette Vera Burkhead Kathryn Clark Jane Clowe Jean Fairley CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY Ina Bell Fitts Frances Gill Glenn Phiper Ann Stone Esther Taylor 84 Ruoff, D. Chichester, Cunningham, Galloway, Kennedy, Sherman, Triplett, Davis, Golden, Hamilton, Heidelberg, Muh, Sparks, Rieks, Sanders, Thompson, M. Chichester, Enochs, Burdette, Burkhead, Clark, Clowe, Fairley, Fitts, Gill, Phifer, Stone, Taylor. 85 THE BARBARIANS The Barbarians, Millsaps ' most recently organized social group, was founded on the campus in 1934. Even though the organization is comparatively young, the Barbarians have assumed a prominent position in the social life of the campus and have contributed much toward a well-rounded social program. Its membership is derived from students who are not affiliated with Greek fraternities or sororities and who are earnestly desirous of promoting a friendly ami social spii ' it among the students on the campus. The class of Nineteen Thirty-Seven commends the Barbarians for their worthy purpose and expresses a sincere wish for the continued success of that purpose in the future. MEMBERS Wallace Mangtjm, President Elizabeth ( ' uhh James Conner Sella Cassels Percy Emmanuel John Kates Bob Richerson J. D. Smith Madeline Morr w Esther Stock Gene Price Fred Weston W. R. Murray James Kelly Hazel IIollingsworth Eugene Watts Catherine Curtis Caswell Skinner Hillie Sharp Donald ' Conn r 0. D. Bonner Harvey Beasley James Elliot George Hall Sidney White George Hollingsworth Harold Best Lucian Freeman C ' ONAN MlLLSTEIN Henry Holleman Sam Wiggins Edwin Roberts Phyllis Matthews Milton Peden John Payne James Langley Archie Meadows Dr. W. E. Riecken, Faculty Advisor ■ 86 -JO m mm g . ' ) ' i : ■-.■■ Xi : i E A U T E 5 © FREDRIC MARCH ® vM Fifteen photos were sent to Predric March to be judged for the Millsaps beauty section. Of this fifteen he selected five whose pictures appear on the full pages in the order of his selection. The complete fifteen photos, however, are included in our Beautv Sectio n. KSgjSfi: m $mm M -;t:_ --.---, v -.- |||pY ; ; | : 0 Sh§k, MBit wmm mmm o-$- Jnlss Sara Cforaon Jyl ' us Jjarbara Jji enne 90 Mm -Mildred Huoff Ml mm mmm mi . tlBfCifiiiill d» ?aass»»aa ' " .,. " .■ i ' . " . ■-•.- 1---— ,-J-- -V .-;;-, : " . =- ' . - .v..; --■;_■ ,;. j J tfi dna (Bell §Uh Ailis JVathryn Tonde 92 JH ' iss Jnarcfaret Mwrpmj WMSmmimk W §§£ ! Wg$m$M h «ry oY c W Jnlss Ojva Sanders L yHiss Jvuby $y ranees Stone - . nHHNHi HHMHMnnMHin i ' -• ,,- Jnm Jvubye Jnart ' tn JH ' iss JJorokhi) X ripLeti • ... " i iysM -io .-a miWi .,;,...» , ■-. ' .,.;- =:■ ■ - M " :S J.V.S ' - ' ri-.ics iv,-.-;ii Pitip, Mhs Qlemi (Pkifer Jibs cHcll (P ermentcr ' . ' , .;■ ' ' •;- JHhs utazet Jtolungsworm The extra curricular activities play an important part in the life of students at Millsaps. Whether they be honorary or functional, they are highly im- portant in developing the well rounded student. ORGANIZATIONS ?m -:••■« ' 1m m M m feds » I H IP -1$ .cM :■■.% Mm til PI ■ Honorary Fraternities a no Activities =;«; ;:?«- mil _ MM 4 " V Davis, Ezei.le. FERGUSON, Finger, Lauderdale Mayo, Nobles, Parker, Roby, Taylor Wofford, Key, Moore, Wharton, White OMICRON DELTA KAPPA ( St tale n t Lt adersh ip ) Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914 Colors: Blue and White Publication : " The Circle PI CIRCLE FACULTY MEMBERS Dh. D. M. Key Dr. M. C. White Professor Vernon Wharton Professor Ross II. Moore STUDENT MEMBERS Mendel Davis Fred Ezelle James Ferguson Ellis Finger William Lauderdale Robert Mayo Russell Nobles William Parker Victor Roby Swep Taylor m m 2smm ■,-.--v. fiJKBKS mSMmmm ' ;• ■ ■ idgSSfeM fflmssm J4 ' ETA SIGMA (Scholarship) Founded Locally at Millsaps College in 1923 FACULTY MEMBERS Professor W. E. Riecken Professor Vernon Wharton Professor Ross H. Moore STUDENT MEMBERS Opal Brumfield Dorothy Chichester Eunice Durham James Ferguson Ellis Finger William Kimbrell William Parker Minnie Etta Rhodes Bkumfield, Chichester, Durham, Ferguson. Finger Kimkrell, Parker. Rhodes. Moore, Riecken, Wharton iHHl • 3SSSSa3i imii ' ■■Wi$ sfc " S??Wasi9«s¥Q0jJ3: Davis, DeLamotte, Fkkgtjson, Ford godbold, o ' conxor, scott triplett, wliarton PI KAPPA DELTA (Forensic) Publication : ' ' The Forensic ' ' MISSISSIPPI ALPHA Professor Vernon L. Wharton, Faculty Advisor STUDEXT MEMBERS William Ford Lola Davis Pagan Scott James Ferguson Donald O ' Connor President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer John Godbold Cecil Triplett Roy DeLamotte £M»5s; M mm m mm: x ?gM£M ■B m ii - : . ALPHA EPSILON DELTA (National Pre-Medical Fraternity) MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER Pounded: At University of Alabama, 1926 Established on Millsaps Campus, April 28, 1935 Colors: Red and Violet Flower: Bed Rose Publication: " The Scalpel of Alpha Epsilon Delta " OFFICERS William Parker --------- President Addison Tatum -------- Vice-President Dudley LeGette --------- Secretary George Cortner Dakin Fitzgerald Dudley LeGette Dr. W. E. Rieoken Dr. J. W. Barksdale Dr. H. H. Howard MEMBERS Albert May William Parker Malcolm Pigpord FACULTY MEMBERS John Rimmer Addison Tatum Dr. J. M. Sullivan JIOXORA R V MEMBERS Dr. F. E. Rehfeldt Dr. H. C. Ricks Dr. Felix J. Underwood Cortxer, Fitzgerald. LeGette. May, Parker Pigfoed, Rimmer, Tatum. Riecken, Sullivan y.. iP Sp: asssrsssassB imtiii HHMiii WWmmM Davis. DeLamotte, Doggett, Dunn, Lauderdale Roby, Moore. Price, Sanders, Wharton, White SIGMA UPSILON (Lit i vary) Founded at the University of the South Colors: Green and Gold Publication " The Scarab " KIT KAT CHAPTER FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. M. C White Professor Vernon L. Wharton Professor A. (i. Sanders Professor J. B. Price Professor Ross II. Moore STTJDEN T M K M V, E h ' S Mendel Davis Roy DeLamotte Grady Powers James Dunn William Lauderdale Victor Roby W mi mm MmmkmM :i [feMjs; ETA SIGMA PHI (Classical) ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Ellis Finger ---------- Prytanis Stella Galloway --------- Hyparchos William Wofford --------- Orammateus Fagan Scott - - ------ Epistolographos Ellisene Butler --------- Chrysophylax Wilbourn Wasson --------- Pyloros Dr. I). M. Key Dr. A. P. Hamilton BONO RAN Y M EMBERS Prop. A. G. Sanders Prof. J. Reese Lin Miss Elizabeth Craig Miss Magnolia Simpson Mrs. Henry Cobb M. F. Adams Ellisene Butler Dorothy Chichester Robert Cunningham Eunice Durham James Ferguson S T I ■ DEN T M EM BERS Ellis Finger William Ford Stella Galloway Billy Kimbrell Phyllis Matthews William Wofford Madeline Morrow Fagan Scott Melba Sherman Weltha Suydam Wilbourn Wasson Adams. Butler. Chichester. Cunningham, Durham. Ferguson. Finger Ford, Galloway. Kimbrell. Matthews, Morrow, Scott, Sherman Suydam. Wasson, Wofford, Hamilton, Key, Lin. Sanders, Simpson WBHBW 181 ™ KlMBRELL Steahan New ell Taylor Moore Ruofp White ALPHA PSI OMEGA ( Dramatic ) NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH Cist Eugene Watts M. F. Adams Paul Whitsett Blanton Doggett Martha Dees Esther Taylor Lucile Strahan Charles Clark Margaret Murphy Imogene Blount .Mary Eleanor Shaughnessy MEMBERS William Kimbrell Martha Newell Mildred Buopp Lucille Strahan Swep Tatlok FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. M. C. White Professor Ross H. Moore SIGMA LAMBDA ( Women ' s Leadership) Pounded in Millsaps College in 1936 MEMBERS Lila Mills, President Ida Louise Alfoed Lola Davis Stella Galloway Hazel Hollingsworth Martha Newell Mildred Ruofp Melba Sherman Mrs. Mary B. Stone Alpord, Davis, Galloway, Hollingsworth Mills, Newell, Ruoff, Sherman, Stone Cunningham, Davis, Galloway, Kinnaird, Mills Mih, Sherman, Sutdam, Walters, " White, Stone CHI DELTA (Literary) Founded at the University of Tennessee in 1919 Colors: Blue and Gold Publication: " Litterateur IOTA CHAPTER FACULTY MEMBER Mrs. .Mary B. Stone STUDENT MEMBERS Elizabeth Cunningham Lola Davis Stella Galloway Jean Kinnaird Lilla .Mills Berkley Muh Melba Sherman Weltha Suydam Marjoeie Walters Leora White , %.j , ,- r- m $mmm .:WM tm ' ■: : .W?$£ m INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club is composed of chosen students who are particularly interested in current affairs and international problems. The membership is limited to ' i ' ' of the student body elected by the club. FACULTY 31 EMBERS Professor Ross II. Moore Professor Vernon L. AVhauto.v Professor A. 6. Sanders STUDENT MEMBERS Robert Mayo ----------- President Stella Galloway -------- Vice-President Swep Taylor --_-___ Secretary-Treasurer Brad Breeland Berkley Mm Eunice Durham Russell Nobles Jimmie Ferguson Elizabeth Pickett Ellis Finger Minnie Etta Rhodes Billy Ford Bob Richardson M. M. Davis Fagan Scott ▲ feMYM M Brkeland, Davis. Durham, Ferguson, Finger, Ford Galloway, Mayo, Muh, Nobles. Pickett, Rhodes Richardson, Scott, Taylor, Moore, Sanders. Wharton 2 , v y,. .. „-..,£,.,.•,... iHH Clegg, Galloway. Hinson, Hollixgsworth. Matthews Mills. Moerow, Mni. Shaw. Sherman. White Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Lilla Mills ------------ President Madeline Morrow ------- Vice-President Berkley Muh --------- Secretary Mildred Clegg ------- Treasurer COMMITTEE ( ' HAIRMEX Ida Louise Alford Melba Sherman Stella Galloway Phyllis Matthews Sybil Hinson Hazel Hollingswokth Kate Shaw Leora White ' fsM :-:, w mgzmsm ... hhhhMHh Y. M. C. A. CABINET OFFICIOS Ellis Finger Swep Taylor Donald O ' Connor President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS OF CABINET Coleman Heard Blanton Doggett Wiley Critz William Elkin Bob Richerson WlLBOURNE WASSON William Wopford Bill Parker Russell Nobles Jeff Hester Edwin Edwards Fred Ezelle Billy Ford T. M. Hardy Wallace Mangum Archie Meadows Jimmy Ferguson Chester McKenzie Finger. Taylor. O ' Connok, Critz, Doggett. Edwards. Elkin Ezelle. Ferguson, Ford, Hardy. Heard, Hester. McKenzie Mangum, Meadows. Nobles, Parker, Richerson. Wasson, Wofford r;; ItM Ski iiiiiip €ke MILLS Miss Simpson, Mb. King, Elizabeth Wilson The Millsaps Singers as an organization have been existing for three years under the direction of M r. Alvin J. King. Since we have been in existence, we have made annual state tours contacting a large number of towns on each trip. Another program of importance which we enjoy giving " each year is the Christmas Carols. Every year we look forward to a white Christmas in the hopes that it will make our program more nearly in keeping with the true Christmas spirit. Then the last and final program of the year is one that we regret to sing. It is the graduation program, and we know that the next year we will not have some of our singers back with us. We try to make this program one that will linger in the hearts of the listeners. We appreciate every opportunity to appear before the student body and we are grateful for the support that they have given us this year. Thanking you, we are Yours very s incerely, THE MILLSAPS SINGERS 1st Sopranos Bert Watkins Martha Newell Dorothy Triplett Catherine Davis Ann Stone Berkley Muh 2nd Sopranos 1st Altos Lola Davis Kate Shaw Florence Hutchinson Ellisene Butler Lucile Strahan Mary Louise Holloman Elizabeth Wilson Margaret Porter Charlotte Hamilton Imogene Blount Elizabeth Cunningham Sella Cassels 2nd Altos Ida Louise Alford Elizabeth Pickett Marguerite Darden Ottomese Cassels 1,9 Tenors 2nd Tenors 1st Bass 2nd Bass Bernard Luke Hillie Sharp Billy Kimbrell Bill Wofford Dudley LeGette Blanton Doggett Paul Carruth William Bizzell Fagan Scott Andrew Gainey Paul Whitsett Belton Galloway Victor Roby Jack Bain Mounger Adams PS SINGERS Alford, Blount, Butler, 0. Cassels, S. Cassels, Cunningham, C. Davis, L. Davis, Darden, Hamilton, Holloman, Hutchinson, iUuh. Newell, Pickett, Porter, Shaw, Stone, Strahan, Triplett, Watkins. Adams, Bain, Bizzell, Carruth, Doggett, Galloway, Gainey, Kimbrell. LeGette, Luke McKenzie, Roby, Scott, Sharp, Whitsett, Woftord. X ' SJ 5 v« ' « i ii. ?) ' £ $ ' mmiMM ' i?M ■■■■ ;;-v. Alpord, Finger, Meadows, Mills Morrow, Parker, Richerson, Taylor, Mitchell THE MILLSAPS CHRISTIAN COUNCIL (Organized October 29, 1936) Ida Louise Alford President MEMBERS Ellis Finger Archie Meadows Lilla Mills Madeline Morri w Bill Parker Hob Richerson Swep Taylor COUNCELOR Dr. B. E. Mitchell IIS mmmm MAJOR CLUB Carson Robertson --------- President MEMBERS George Dorr is .Jim m ie Ferguson Hays Fleming Stella Galloway Thomas Griffin Sybil Hinson Mary Louise Holloman Wallace Mangum Pii yllis Matthews Madeline Morrow Mary Nichols Dorris, Ferguson, Fleming, Galloway, Griffin, Hinsox Holloman, Mangum, Matthews, Morrow 7 , Nichols, Robertson ■ ■ - ■-. ■ ' -Zi ' £ MILLSAPS 106th OFFICERS John M. McRae - President William G. Wofford ------ Business Manager William .M. Lauderdale ------ Publicity S ■• :., : :.;j ENGINEERS ' BAND Lauderdale, McRae, Wofford, Slater Frank Slater William M. Lauderdale James A. Droke SERGEANTS William C. Wofford CORPORALS Robert W. Cunningham, Jr. Chester L. McKenzie Director Staff Sergeant John M. jIcRae John R. Rimmer Paul R. Sheffield Joseph T. Ainsworth James D. Burwell Pa ul Carrutii William B. Cole PRIVATES, FIRST CLASS Albert L. Mat, Jr. Ernest T. Felts Samuel B. Galloway Henry G. Kersh, Jr. Edward B. Luke PRIVATES E. Nash Broyles, Jr. Robert T. Bryant Wilson C. Cater John S. Cotton James C. Dunn Alfred C. Ellis Ben P. Evans Andrew G. Gainey, Jr. Slater R. Gordon Wade C. Heard John M. Hudson Carl R. Newsom Henry C. Ricks. Jr. George II. Schultz David E. Watts Thomas M. Williams Sam Wiggins John Becker Associate S2$S ' mmM mi$sm " V-» SM- ' .VtS.--. ,.r» i- ■■■■■; ' ■ ' !.r. mm? ■.;.; mmsm ■■■■HHHJV fM clutz. doggett, mangtjm, matheny, meadows, o ' connor Payne. Richekson, Watts. Lin, Mitchell, Sullivan MINISTERIAL LEAGUE OFFICERS Archie Meadows ---------- President •Tames Kelly - --_-.-._ Vice-President Sidney White --------- Secretary John Payne -------- Treasurer MEMBERS H. L. Beasley Edward Shelton J. A. Bridewell Hubert Wallace •I. W. Courtney Eugene Watts Wiley Critz Aubrey Smith Blanton Doggett Wallace Mangum Lucian Freeman Robert Matheny Percy Emanuel V. R. Richerson D. P. Johnston W. R. Murray B. B. Rogers James Elliot Donald O ' Connor Caswell Skinner Milton Peden Earl Penn sissji s ' .S?v BEETHOVEN CLUB Wirt Turner Harvey President MEMBERS Elizabeth Wilson Mary E. Shaughnessy M. P. Adams Ruby Litton Willie Dennis Chapman Marguerite Colthorp Frances Gill Kathleen Assaf Martha Dees Catherine Wofpord Paul Carruth ■Jean Fairley Billy Hopfpauir James Conner Mrs. J. L. Roberts FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Magnolia Simpson Harvey. Adams. Assaf, Chapman, Colthorp Cariuth. Paiui.ey. Gainey, Gill, Hoffpauir Litton, Conner, SiiAirGHNEssv. Wilson, Wofford, Simpson ■ ,-s ;V : yJ-S w Iii the next few pages we present a brief picture of the athletic program of the year. In spite of the fact that we were not particularly successful in pro- ducing winning teams Millsaps lias a right to be proud of her intercollegiate program. With the com- pletion of the new gym Millsaps athletics are definitely on the upgrade. II %i o e M CLUB ; Pee Wee " Ezelle Bead Breeland Francis Bradshaw OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer The membership of the " M " Club is composed of those students who have made a varsity letter in any major sport. PL Richardson Gaddy Van Hook FOOTBALL Coach Tranny Lee Gaddy, head football and baseball coach is recognized as one of the best in the state. A likeable man with plenty of personality Coach Gaddy is a fine leader of boys. His fine moral influence and interest in the students are factors that make Millsaps athletics an addition to the school. .Millsaps is indeed fortunate to have a man of Coach Van Hook " s calibre to serve in the capacity of athletic director. A man who eaily wins the confidence of every boy with whom he comes in contact, he is their friend as well as their teacher and coach. This year Coach Melvin Richardson completed his fourth year as freshman coach. An ideal man for the job " Rich " has sent some fine players up to the varsity. Coming to Millsaps as freshman mentor after a brilliant athletic record here he has proven himself a real coach. mmmm mm a Feed " Pee Wee " Ezelle Captain t Ml LLSAPS This year ' s captain, aside from being a great football player, was one of the outstanding men of the Millsaps campus. Weighing only 150 pounds Pee Wee Ezelle was as good a quarterback as there was in the state. His exceptional blocking and defensive work inure than made up for his lack of weight. For four years Millsaps fans have seen the figure of Pee Wee calling signals for Millsaps teams and next year Coach G addy is going to have a real job trying to find someone able to carry on where Fred left off. THE SQUAD Boyd Reeves Boyd Reeves rose this year from substitute halfback to regular fullback and there he played a whale of a game. A left-handed passer, a good kicker, and a real defensive player, Bovd was a real fullback. Robert Hill Robert Hill, although a sophomore earned his letter as a running back. He is counted on as one of the main threats next year. Robert Strait Robert Strait was one of the most versatile players on the team. Besides playing a great game at end lie was called into the backfield to do the kicking. Strait will certainly be missed next year. Lloyd Sutherland Lloyd Sutherland, another senior end. who played splendid ball. Duke could really grab those passes. A fine fellow to have on any team. Duke will be missed next year. Hack Stewart Hack Stewart shown as a defensive guard. Weighing but 155 Hack was never outfought. His speed through the line spilled many potential gains over his way. Charles Wriuht Charles Wright was another sophomore regular. Big and fast, Charlie will make Millsaps a great guard before he leaves. Fred " Pee Wee " Ezelle Fred " Bee Wee " Ezelle who possesses as much of what it takes to play football as any man we have ever seen will be a severe loss to the team when they line up without him for the first game next fall. Hampton Ballad Hampton Ballad was another sophomore letterman. Playing a good end Ballad should develop into an exceptional player before he leaves. Jim m ie Kisner •limmie Kisner was one of the hardest workers on the team, filling in at full or half as the occasion demanded. Light for the job " Popa " has lots of grit and two more years. Gabe Hill Gabe Hill, alternate captain, was one of the most dependable players on the squad. He was slowed down by injuries at the first of the season but finished strong. A hard man to get out of a play, Gabe really knew his football. 130 R. J. Elfert R. J. Elfert. Held back by in- juries the early part of the season, " Big Elfert " came through in great style toward the last and is counted on for a fine game at tackle next year. ® Joe Simpson Joe Simpson will be the regular center next year. Making his let- ter as understudy to Hill, Joe really showed the fans some neat football and our money is on him to come through in a big way next fall. ® Alton McAlilly Alton McAlilly played a fine guard and proved to be a tough man to take out of a play. Heavy and fast Mac will be a power- house next year. © Kees Currie Kees Currie was forced out in the middle of the season by in- juries but with a little experience should make a real end. © Alvtn Houston Alvin Houston was as rough and ready as they come. " Birllneck " loved the game and gave his best whether playing fullback or guard. ■ ' -v..;--.v m mi ' : .( ' . - 4 -i ■■ ■■■..■ ,; :■ ' ' - - • .: iJiVJ.C ' s mi : i---S ' - " ' V c ■ i ' -i i l G. C. Clark (i. C. Clark played such good ball that his teammates elected him captain for next year, " llattie " is one of the first on the field and last to leave. He will make Millsaps a fine captain in ' :i7. Ross Shelton Ross Shelton long will be remembered for his run that beat the (. ' lines. This sopliomore halfback is being counted on to really produce next year. Roger Elfert Roger Elfert was another sophomore halfback. A good passer and runner, Roger will be one of the mainstays next year, having been a regular this year. Fred Weston Fred Weston was handicapped by lack of weight hut this did not keep him from fighting hard and enjoying the game. Rodney Walker Rodney Walker again had another good year at guard. Making the team last year as a sophomore, Rodney i mproved wonderfully and next year he should have a great year. Et ' AL COOPEE Eual Cooper will play lots of football for Millsaps next year. Lacking only experience Cooper was an asset to the squad. Edwin Edwards Edwin Edwards stepped in as a sophomore ami made a letter at tackle. Fast and smart Ebbie will show us something next fall. Gilbert Cook Gilbert Cook gained lots of experience this year and will play lots of ball next year. Tall and rangy. Cook is a good tackle. Aubrey Adams Aubrey Adams played a good end but was overshadowed by the two senior ends. " .lew " will probably play in the backfield next year. Harry Cox Harry Cox came up from the freshman ranks and made us a good back. His letter his first year indicates his ability. He will be groomed as a triple threat man next year. 132 Brad Breeland Brad Breeland finished four years of Millsaps football after having ' .showed the fans what he was capable of. The big boy was a power on the defense and will certainly be missed next year. T. M. Hardy T. M. Hardy was as shifty a back as we had this year. Shifty and fast, " Sweetpea " will proba- bly do lots of quarterbaeking next year. © MANAGERS " Ebv. " Matheny " Rev. " Matheny, this year ' s assistant manager, will be man- ager next year. His faithful work was appreciated by the team. ® Jack Stuart Jack Stuart was the man who healed the cuts and bruises. He knew plenty about his job and the medical office added much to our athletic program. ® Swep Taylor Swep Taylor was the senior manager and Millsaps never had a more popular guardian of the equipment. Always ready to lend a helping hand, " Teddy Bear ' ' was a real manager. ' :-: ' i ' ' $ ? ■ : ; - -■ I. ' - " .. BASKETBALL Although not winning a large percentage of the games Mill- saps had a good basketball team. The squad was composed almost entirely of sophomores who gave a good account of them- selves. A revival of interest in basketball was created because of the completion of the new gym, and all indications point toward a fine season next year. The work of Hegwood, Kees and John M. Currie, Thompson, Beeves and Price was outstanding and toward the last of the season Ballad, Straight, and Critz came through nicely. With the loss of only Beeves and Straight by graduation and with this year ' s added experience the team should be one of the best in tlie S. I. A. A. next year. THE SQUAD Price, J. Currie, Elfert, K. Currie, Reeves, Shelton, Cox, Sims, Pattie. Coach Van Hook, Straight, Ballad, Holman, Hegwood, Thompson, Clark, Walker, Matheny. ■m. Price Hegwood Eeeves John Cukeie Thompson Kees Cureie 85te?s; ■ M MMMl I W I §s»s g iW BASEBALL Again in baseball Millsaps had another sophomore team. How- ever despite this fact the team gave a good account of itself. The close observers predict that when this team has a little more exper- ience it will be one of the best in the state. Coach Gaddy has three sophomore pitchers in Hill, Felts, and Litton. All three of these boys ha ve lots on the ball and are certain to develop. The infield composed of Ballad, Elfert, Critz, Horton, Cox, are all sophomores while Red Ellis is a junior. In the outfield Price, Paniell, and Cooper will all be back. However, the team will lose its catcher, Gabe Hill and out- fielder Boyd Reeves. ■ ■■ ■. ,- ■.. , mtgmm %0Wmi£: KW-JRAft;. ■ 9SSt«SKs Carson Robertson Esther Taylor George Robertson © Barbara Bennett Bo Holloman Blackie Shaughnessy Ch eer Lead eaaers Much of the success of the team was due to the splendid work done by the cheerleaders. Under the direction of Car- son Robertson this group functioned at every athletic con- test. He had as assistants Esther Taylor, George Robertson, Barbara Bennett, Bo Holloman, and " Blackie " Shaugh- nessy. Next year ' s teams note with pleasure that this complete set will be back next year. 137 tfresk man FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Lowther, Saucier, Dickerson. Bilbro. McCool, McAlilly, Hathorn. SECOND ROW: Sumrall, Bain, Lampton, Hawkins, Holliday, Roberts, Bennett. STANDING: Coach Richardson, Stuart, Hall, Clay, Green, Bledsoe, Carter, Winborn, Allen, Wilson, Taylor. Although light this year ' s freshmen were above the average freshman team. Coach Richardson will send to the varsity some valuable men from this group. In the line Bain, Bledsoe, Carter, Holliday, Green, McCool, and Hall should help the varsity no little while in the backfield Coach Gaddy will be able to use Winborn, Wilson, Dickerson, Hawkins, Sumrall and Bilbro. sMSS mm w L ' . ' . " - --• :. ■ ■ an 9 BASKETBALL Coach Rich had another nice freshman basketball team this year. Playing several strong independent teams the freshmen were particularly successful. Despite the loss of the series to the Papooses the season was a success. Willi such men as Carter, Green, Hawkins, Wilson, Lowther, Bledsoe and Bain going up to the varsity next year, Coach Van Hook will not have to worry about reserve strength. FIRST ROW : Green, Folse, Carter, Bledsue. SECOND ROW: Clay, Lowther, Sumrall, Hathorn, Bain. 139 BOXING B- Wr The boxing team this year created much inter- est and shows promise of becoming one of Millsaps ' favorite sports. Under the expert coaching of Sam Bowers the boxers de- veloped rapidly. By the end of the seas- on Coleman Heard, George Robertson, Bryant Ridge- way, Captain Bill Hardin, Charles Bilbro, Rodney Walker, Alvin Houston, Nash Broyles. and Dewitt Holliday had participated in bouts while Cappy Ricks and Sonny Painter w ere developing into mighty good little fighters. M 140 ■i ? ADVERT I S EME N T 6 %% A n vt a A " BIG " LITTLE DRUG STORE Cor. Ca pitol and Gallatin Sts. PHONE 922 JACKSON, MISS We Deliver To All Parts of Jackson The R. H. GREEN WHOLESALE COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS We Make A Feature of Supplying Schools and Institutions S. Gallatin St. Jackson. Miss. CAPITAL PAINT GLASS CO. 401-407 South State Street JACKSON, MISS. Greenbrook Floral Co. CLINTON ROAD PHONE 579 Flowers for Every Occasion at i CMPiJtccm • ApSPt Ml Dr. H. F. Ma ee PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON LAMAR LIFE BUILDING JACKSON, MISS. Smoke - - - PORTINA, TAMPA NUGGET, MURIAL, GREAT SOUTHERN, KEEP MOVING, EL TRELLES, WHITE OWL, JOHN RUSKIN — Good Cigars. Corr-Williams Tobacco Co. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Jackson Harley-Davidson Co. Incorporated Motorcycles SALES SERVICE 111 South Roach Street Jackson, Mississippi In Jackson it ' s ' Jackson ' s Greatest Store ' COMPLETE SELECTIONS CORRECT STYLES ATTRACTIVE VALUES M ill sap s Alumni SEE AND USE THE Royal TYPEWRITERS Visit Us When In Jackson SALES -:- SERVICE -:- SUPPLIES JACKSON TYPEWRITER COMPANY JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI A HINT TO THE WISE IS SUFFICIENT! ! Half the fun is in wearing the right clothes. And so, to Kennington ' s to be outfitted — whether its for the Classroom, Campus, that Brilliant Date or the Big PROM, you ' ll find we have the correct garb for the occasion. Our stocks are complete with Spring ' s newest Fashions, Styles and Ideas . . . and in behalf of the 175 friendly people who make up our staff, we cordially invite all you girls and boys to make Kennington ' s your headquarters. KENNINGTON S MIS S ISSIPPI ' S BFST ST OB¥ Welcome to Millsaps Students— We Carry A Complete Line of School Supplies When in Need of: NOTE BOOKS, THEME PAPER, GRAPH PAPER, PENCILS, TABLETS— COME TO SEE US We Are Also Exclusive Dealers for the L. C. SMITH and CORONA TYPEWRITERS Ask us for complete information and our liberal Time Payment Plan to Students THE OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY PHONE 531 Complete Office Outfitters 515 E. Capitol Street Jackson, Miss. The Staff of The Bobashela Chose COLE STUDIO YVETTE M. COLE, Photographer Jack son, , Mississippi For the 1937 Portraits JtdL sews p LjoII Jackson, Mississippi eae H THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES FOUNDED 1892 1. 2. 3. Member of: Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools The Southern University Conference ON THE FULLY APPROVED LIST OF: The Association of American Universities The American Association of University Women Offers to young men and women of character, ambition a7id ability, the following advantages: Rigorous Academic Training and Scholastic Prestige. Alert Intellectual and Cultural Life of the Student Com- munity expressed in Literary, Athletic and Religious Or- ganizations. Moderate Expense and Excellent Opportunity for Loans and Employment. For Catalogue and Special Information, Address D. M. KEY, President Jackson, Mississippi SOUTHLAND COTTON OIL COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF COTTON SEED PRODUCTS BUYERS OF COTTON SEED JACKSON, MISS. FIELD ' S 146 East Capitol Street WOMEN ' S SMART APPAREL R. E. LANGLEY Florist 828 Poplar Blvd. INTERNATIONAL M OTOR TRUCKS Mccormick - deering farm machinery Sales and Service Jackson International Co., Inc. PHONE 3430 229 S. LAMAR DON ' T FORGET BOYS AND GIRLS WE SELL FURNITURE Batte Furniture JNO. C. BATTE College Capers WE WELCOME ORDERS FROM The Majors 1808 N. State St. Phone 5328 Calendar Sept. 16 — School opens — lots of new freshmen on the campus while naught but the flower of the Greek upperclassmen are on hand. Sept. 17 — Prats oegin official rush week. Freshmen cast lots to see who goes what. First Purple and White appears. Sept. IS — New grill adds collegiate spirit to the campus — students, pardon, we mean residents, spend much time there. Sept. 21 — Classes are begun. A few green frosh meet them. Profs are amazed. Sept. 22 — Freshman girls are mighty attractive. Last year ' s Co-eds are vainly trying to hold their own against the new Bunch. Sept. 23 — Sororities begin rushing. New grill wants a name. Ten dollars is offered for best name submitted. Sept. 25 — Men ' s rush week closes — frosh receive their buttons and descend from rushee to pledge with the rapidity that makes Lucifer ' s famous fall reek with impunity. Sept. 26 — Fighting Majors hold the powerful Miss. State eleven to three touchdowns. Capt. Pee Wee Ezelle is out, however, with dislocated shoulder. Sept. 27 — Millsaps and Belhaven go to church. Everybody looks everybody else over. Sept. 30— Many mawkish, militant Majors, may be found at Belhaven as first full moon appears. Oct. 3 — First pep meeting held — new cheer leaders cavort. However, Southwestern licks us at Memphis. Oct. 6 — Glee Club elects Wofford, Muh and Kimbrell. Sixty-five voicers are selected by Mr. King for this year ' s group. Oct. j7 — Class elections; Seniors elect Ezelle. Nobles and Galloway; Juniors pick Wofford, :f Ford and Peimenter, while Sophs select Hardy, Edwards and Murphy. Frosh favor McCool, Darnall and Dees. Oct. 10— Millsaps n. State Teachers 0. Oct. 11 — Pike ' s show off the interior of their newly decorated house at " open house. " Oct. 12 — ' Chi Omega reception honoring pledges. Freshman Co-eds on parade. Oct. 14 — Bonfire and pep meeting put on by the cheer leaders over beyond the gym. Tradi- tional wisecracks and gymnastics. Oct. 15— Grill christened " Stu-Den " and Hugh Landrum gets ten dollars in trade. Who ' s gonna call it anything but the Grill? K. D. ' s have reception for their pledges. Oct. 16 — Homecoming. New gym is center of attraction. Lots of pep over the usual celebra- tions. Louisiana Normal 0, Majors 0. Oct. 17 — Sigs picnic on river. Newcomer Coleman Heard, the cotton field tenor, comes in for a lot of attention. Oct. lit — Miss State Fair opens for business — U. Z. tears his hair as rival money grabbers do their stuff. Oct. 20 — The Rideo seems to be about the most popular contrivance on the Mid-way. The dirt- dauber attributes this fact to the scientific principle of centrifugal force. Hum-m-m? Oct. 23 — We take the Choctaws 7 — as Ross Shelton intercepts a Choc pass and runs 55 yards to score. And the Redskins had spotted 12 points! Oct. 24 — The football teams walk around the campus being congratulated. Everyone was thrilled by that run of " Rambling " Ross. Oct. 26 — Women form new leadership group, Sigma Lambda. Now all they need is something to lead. Oct. 29 — Phi Mu reception for pledges. Everybody goes looking their best. Oct. 30— Hallowe ' en, and Millsaps-Belhaven party. Bad weather but a swell time for spooks. In Birmingham the team loses 20 — 0. Oct. 31 — Pike picnic at Legion Lake, starring the singing of Freshman Gainey and the imita- tions of Stella Galloway. Nov. 1 — K. A. Hallowe ' en party Sunday afternoon. Fortune telling was most revealing. Nov. 2— B. S. O. honors new pledges with bamjuet, and the group of social functions is com- plete — all the Co-eds pledges have been feted. Student straw vote for president gives FDR 247 out of 258. One vote each for Bilbo and Teddy Roosevelt. Nov. 3 — Several Millsaps Majors go down to the auditorium to the election returns party. To celebrate, said party walked back to the campus in the rain. It was really a wet night. Nov. 6 — Millsaps 3, Spring Hill at Homecoming game in Mobile. Nov. 7 — Majorette Club spends week-end at W. P. A. camp. Outdoor cooking and softball was the order for the party. Nov. 8 — Library opens on Sunday afternoon for first time. Bored couples may be seen reading the funnies trying to entertain one another. Nov. 14 — In Ruston, Majors lose to La. Tech. 13—0 despite the fact that we outplayed them. Nov. 16 — Millsaps Players present two one-act plays, in one of which Esther Taylor marries Paul Whitsett. Nov. IS — Final drive for gym seats. Students in pairs, solicit town. Nov. 19 — The more fortunate of the freshmen are beginning to have a little hair to part. Before long they will be looking almost human. Nov. 21 — A whole lot of people, specially K. D. ' s and Chester McKenzie are riding horseback. Nov. 22 Nov. 23 Nov. 26 Nov. 28 Nov. 31 Dec. 1- Dec. 2- Dec. 4- Dec. 7- Dec. 8- Dec. 10- Dec. 13- Dec. 14- Dec. 15- Dec. 19- Jan. 4- Jan. 5- Jan. 7- Jan. 8- Jan. 20- Jan. 21- Jan. 26- Jan. 27- Feb. 2- Feb. 4- Feb. 8 Feb. lO- Feb. ll Feb. 13 Feb. 15 Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. 22 Feb. 25 Feb. 29 Mar. 1 — Mar. 4- Mar. 6- Mar. 12- Mar. 14- Mar. 18- Mar. 24- Mar. 29- Mar. 30- Mar. 31- Apr. 1- Apr. 7 Apr. 9 Apr. 12- Apr. 13 Apr. 1 Apr. 17- Apr. 30 " May 1- May 12- May 14- -Kappa Sigmas open house. And no election in sight. -Esther marries Paul again as Dr. White presents the players in chapel. Does that make them bigamists? -Thanksgiving Day. " We won ' t say much about the ball game, however, 33 years ago today we beat L. S. U. 6—5. -Dr. Key and Prof. Lin depart for Southern Association meeting. " We ' ll just have to get along somehow this week, with no Greek, no philosophy. Gee Whiz! -Dr. G. Ray Jordon begins religious emphasis week. -Almost whole campus goes out to hear Dr. Jordon, having found out that he has something to say and really knows how to say it. ■Basketball practice begins. Twenty-four candidates out. -In the home of the R. L. Ezelle ' s a feed was given for the football team. From all accounts it was a real party. -Boxing team starts in earnest. We ' ll be seeing shiners any day now. -Nine weeks grades make many people unhappy. One or two, however, passed every- thing and were very well satisfied. -O. D. K. announces that they are " going after " everybody who has too many activities. Sorta like G-Men. -Glee Club gives Christmas Concert in Murrah Hall. Good crowd. Good music. Annual football banquet. Clark and Walker chosen to lead next year ' s team. Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. Xmas party at C. C. -School out for holidays. Back to the old grind again. With exams, term papers, etc., staring us in the face we resolve to get to work. First basketball game in gym. Big crowd sees Millsaps take Loyola 46 — 45. Students brave mud and rain to see the Majors take them again 45 — 30 featuring Hegwood and the Currie boys. O. D. K. and Sigma Lambda hold joint meeting. " And all Solomon ' s children did sit down and did eat. " Everybody ' s term papers are due today. However, there are some " who have only begun to write. " " Gone with the Wind " and exams are the most talked of subjects on the campus. Bishop McConnell, tall and athletic, very humorously explains that the American fleet was just " maneuvering " off Japanese coast. Much fasting and praying going on as exams start tomorrow. No one is to be seen, even at Primos. -The tale is almost told. Primos and other places will be filled with Majors. -Band cancels trip into North Miss, because of flood. -Intramurals committee meets to lay down rules for the coming program. -Men ' s Pan Hellenic votes abolition of " hell week. " Something had to be done after it reached its height when Feilding " Bo " Holloman came to school last year dressed as Mahatma Gandhi. -Bobashela Beauties announced via Fredric March and the P W. An efficient but expensive way to preserve the life of an annual editor. -O. D. K. investigates campus organizations for purpose of eliminating chaff. Local G-Men are armed with " Big-stick. " -Spring football begins. Losses by graduation are heavy. -Student popularity contest. A lot of honest opinions on unsigned ballots. -Pan Hellenic chicken dinner at Brandon. All walk around table between courses except Davis who is too busy to move. Davis, Nobles, Taylor, Finger, Parker, Mayo, tie for eating honors with exactly one chicken each. -Greeks begin to initiate. Freshmen will be people from now on. -Crippled Majors eliminated from Dixie Tournament. -Prof. Lin dismisses class five minutes ahead of first bell explaining that he had nothing more to say. French Club organizes. Right in the face of the Ferguson committee too. C ' est de trop. -Master Major Ezelle, Miss Millsaps Ruoff. Boxers win boxing match from Perk. State Y Conference convenes at Robert E. Lee. Also, FDR Ford wins Carter medal. Glee Club, forty strong, depart on southern trip with Coach Van Hook at the wheel and Miss Simpson behind it. " Uncle " Van conducts naive singers on short trip through New Orleans. Mrs. Roosevelt visits Jackson, is serenaded by the Millsaps band and listened to by others. Ford wins State Oratorical Contest. -Majors split a two game series with Illinois. Local liberals receive boost as national A. S. U. leader visits here. -Not even a " Lily White. " -English, the first of the Comprehensives, begins. -High School bands take the city. -Prof. Kisner reports 50 new candidates for his special course. -Student Body Officers nominated. -Has anybody figured that Co-ed edition out yet? -Dr. Hamilton dressed in a sheet at the Roman banquet coyly asked, " How ' m I doin? " -Student body elections. -Mrs Cobb cut her classes. Everyone thought it ought to be recorded in the calendar. -Coronation Day. Bilbo crowns Millsaps with curses of Communism. -Bobashela goes to press. Its been fun. When Downtown Visit Primes Coffee Shop A Rendezvous For COLLEGE STUDENTS 236 E. Capitol St. OPPOSITE POST OFFICE We Appreciate Our Millsaps Patrons Aunt Betty ' s Bread IS SERVED IN MILLSAPS DORMITORIES ACME BAKERY 230 N Drth Farish Street JACKSON, MISS. L. V. Berbette Moran Berbette BURNS LACEY, Inc. STORE FOR MEN 218 W. Capitol = t. Next to Bourgeois HEADQUARTERS FOR ELGIN WATCHES O ' Ferrall Jewelry Co. STANDARD LIFE BUILDING S. P. McRAE COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE 200-202 West Capitol Street PHONE 4400 Jackson, Miss. Compliments of THE MERCHANTS COMPANY MILLSAPS COLLEGE LEADS IN EDUCATION JACKSON STEAM LAUNDRY LEADS IN LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING PHONE 730 1. LEHMAN, President HEDERMAN BROTHERS PRINTERS BLANK BOOK MAKERS STATIONERS - LITHOGRAPHERS 6500 Jackson, Miss. 6501 Compliments of McCarty Holman ROBINSON BROTHERS PLYMOUTH - DE SOTO - PACKARD SALES and SERVICE Jackson, Miss. c jmpliments of W. 0. TATUM and REV. 0. S. LEWIS Compliments of STANDARD PHOTO CO. Compliments of ALLRED CLEANERS SNOW WHITE CLEANERS 1240 North West Street PHONE 2881 Compliments of BLUE RIBBON CREAMERY " Safest Milk You Can Buy " Eagle Lumber Supply Co. Dealers In LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLIES WHO ' S Birthday Anniversary Is It Today ? PHONE US THE ADDRESS " Sav It With Flowers " Capitol Floral Co. LINDSEY CABINESS, Manager ELECTRIC POWER and SERVICE A Basic Mississippi Industry J. L. Albriton JEWELER WE SELL Elgin • Hamilton and Bulova Watches Gift s for All Occasions 243 E. Capi tol St. Opposite New Post Office EDWIN B. LANGFORD DISTRIBUTOR BUS BODIES, TRAILORS, TRUCK EQUIPMENT JACKSON, MI SSISSIPPI Compliments of MILLSTEIN ' S, Inc. Mangel ' s Misses ' and Womens ' Apparel 128 East Capitol Street JACKSON, MISS. cat SMDDTH FROZEN Copyright 19JS by International Association of Tec Cream Manufacturers ICE CREAM T voi f rirmn ' t ' l ' fi[ i ICE CREAM CweSiu, daAP • IN SOME WAY • Smart Apparel For All Occasions FROM Mississippi ' s Largest Specialty Store ARE ALWAYS CORRECT 33 W- ' Q.m, ».0:MS J JC (50« 15 " U ijSippi WUR5ERV FIORAL CO. D R SMITH. Proprietor Phone 5565 jackson. Mississippi FLORAL TELEGRAPH DELIVERY Compliments of MAGEE CLEANERS PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS • • COMB WHAT MAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience • We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... • • COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY B I RMIN Q HAM AUTOGRAPHS avtc ' re • « " $ ii2£?i

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