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BOBASHELA mafBfBim}.m Bfmfi . ; ( ill! ' ' » r-» r» r-» r . • , ..The 1936 Copyright Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-Six By JAMES E. SPOTSWOOD Editor SIDNEY A. SMITH, Jr. Business Manager Bob h a s n e a . . . Annual Publication of The Senior Class of MILLSAPS COLLEGE at Jackson, Mississippi 77 z: THE BOBASH ELA CONTENTS lARNEGIL MILLSAPS LIBRAh ' ackson, Vlfss The College Classes Features Organizations Athletics Advertisements THE BOBASHELA FOREWORD To Ihe lil)t ' i;il ;irls college, lo lluil r;ire spiril ()( ' eiilliir;ii cippreeinlion iind inlellecliuil c-iiri- osil ' I ' oslc ' i ' ed ainoiii ils sliidenls, wc dedieale Ihe " !!);](; l5()lKi.sliela. ' As Ihc curricula of America ' s u,yvi unixtisi- lies hecoiuc inoie and nioi-c absorbed willi sijccializatioii and nieclianizalion, Ihe role ol ' Hie suuvll lil)eral arts collei e in American v( u- calion i rows more impoiianl. Whereas the one curlails inlei ' csl in Ihc lull scope of lile to offer skill in naiaow fields, the liberal aits collciie claims as her |)ro iiice all Ihou. ht and all life, awakens in her disciples a deep appre- ciation of all that i!;oes to make life iiooci and wortliN . In the small liberal arts college — and now we think especially of Millsa|)s — there is an in- liniacy of association among faculty and stu- dents whicli permits a free inlerpla ' of thought between the two groups. MillsaiJS professors are not |)edagogues cramming information into recalcitranl heads, but friends e i)loring dc- lightl ' ul paths with lo ed companions, ' fliere are few experiences more enriching than the admiration and friendly respect exislini; in Millsa|)s classrooms between teacher and |)ii[)il. T H E C OLLEG E A DMINISTRATION 15 THE BOBASHELA DR. D. M. KEY A.M., LLD., Ph.D. President of M illsaps Col lege To an ahlc rxci ' iilive and a Christian .nvnlkquan, to a faitliful rricml of every Millsaps sUulent, the ID. ' Ui Bobasliela Ijays heartfelt tribute. Every dciiarlincnl and li ' adilion of ] Iillsai)s hears soiiie- liow the inii»i-essiou of his sagacious and kindly toueh, and ])rosiK ' rs the more Itecause of il. The courage and (h ' Votion with which he lias met each crisis affecting the college sets a s])lendi(l I ' xaniple for e ' ery student, in defending what he holds clear. :s tr 16 THE BOBASHELA A Message from Our President Ti) 1 (111 irht) scdii this i (iir Ixi ' ilr nf llic MilL ajis ( l tdildfl, II III fill I- 1 1)11 siinrli if ( ili ilil IIS it ruiiirs fresh friiiii the iiiiitrr uml rui riiri ' r in Mint. i: ' ;i;, to find till ' tiniiiliiif tarfs of iimir I ririuls uml that evcr-startli III strinii rr i mir mrii ininitriitnnr ; ur irhrthrr i mi tliiiiiih its jiiii rs iilli in tlir nnllmr ret riis irrt at tirillt 1 l i ill ' s llinrr, Ifhllr l niir rliil- ilri ' ii liiiii h inrnili at thr iiiiniiil fiiiiin s nf a ihijt jar jiiist. I ' ll i nil nil Iriinils uml iissnriiifi s in thr ri rr- i iniis i iii ' st III truth uml in thr sriirrh fur mint uml ini ' unini f 111 mss in thr ronfiisnt luttrrn nf life; Til i iiii irhti f I ml linrin u siii i rst mn n thr sccnr thiif IS, iir irus, Millsu is — thr sjiint nl in- qiiiri , thr Jul of runi rniul frllnirshi i, thr jiiirpose to achirrr uml 1u srrrr, thr lirrli intrr ilui of interests uml uinhitinns. thr hiinmr thut lui s liiirr uiir iniitiiul ubsiinhfirs, thr insutiuhir niriusiti uliniil thr lifr that sirirls uiuiiml IIS; To i iiii irhii hiiir inuilr this sii iii I iraiif rrriiril nf a ilui thut is ulrraili us jiust as T iitunl ' huinrii ; I ' ll all Ini ul III inn III nf irhutirrr riu: I rniirri thr Inrr. infrrisl ami i nnrl iiill nf faciiltj uml ircsiilrnl, our iriilr in i mir urhii n - meuts. niir uiliiiiration fur i mir uhilitirs ami i mir posslliilitirs, our faith in i oiir jnrposi ' S, oar confi- dence in i niir fiitiirr. Yniirs fuithfiiHi . D. .1 . A7-;) ' , Prrsidrnl. Murrh ! . T.ISG. 17 THE BOBASHELA O U R John ] Iageuder Sullivan, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Vheiiiistnj nnrl (Icoloij} Albert Godfrey Sanders, B.A., .M.A. Professor of Romance Laiuiu- ' ies Bex.j.vjilx Ernest ] Iitciiell, il.A.. Pli.D. Professor of Matliematiis J. Reese Lin, li.A., .M.A. Professor of PhUosophy and Hhr.tory George Lott Harrell, R.S., ] r.S. Professor of Physics and Astronomy Vernon Btrkktt IIatikiun, 1 .S. liinsar William Emil Riecken, il.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Piolofiy Mrs. jMary B. H. Stone, JI.A. Assistant Professor of Englisli Tranny Lee Gaudy, B.S. Director of Physical Educition 1? THE BOBASH ELA F A C U LT Y Iii rox CiiiusTiAN WiiiTi:. .M.A., I ' li.l). I ' rofesaor of KniiJiah ' Eii. (iN LaxI ' : Wharton, A.l!.. A.M. 1 ust rnrtor in Hislorii IIkxky .AI.iutox Brr.Loi k, I!.1)., S.T.I!., rii.l). Professor of ReViyion Robert Ixaymmxh ITayxks, I!. A.. .M.A. Assislant I ' rofc.i-.or of Ediicalioii .]. B. Pkick. R.S., .M.S. IiistriKior in ( ' hriiiistrii inul MiiHirniolici ( ' ' i-iii;ii:NK Ai i:i.K .Mm . (;i;i;. I ' ... ., r..S. Assistant [.iliroriini .7. Vil., |(lT .McCl.TMAXS. H.S., .M.A. Instrurtor in Matlieniatics and Histiirii ] Iklvix Ri(iiAnns(i . 1 .S. Assistant Coach .Mrs. .Mary I ' kiwkn Ci.ark. .M.K.I.. Assistant Lilirariun 19 " zr THE BOBASHELA TO OUR BENEFACTORS 11 is the liiiii])y pi ' ivik ' o-e of the 193(3 Bobasliela staff to pay lril)ulc to llu ' nu ' ii whoso unselfish efforts and siippoi ' l are responsible for the ini])orlaii1 i)arl Millsaps is playing in Southern education. Tlirough their generous support Millsaps has gained facili- ties " which ]la ' e greatly enriched her program. Because these men liave chosen Millsaps as the medium through wliicli to express their devotion to humanity, the college has had tremendous effect in (h ' ei)eiiing and in shaping const ructi ' ely the lives of many young men and wouhmi. It V(inld l)c iinpossi))le to adequately mention all the inilixiduals whose philanthropic and unselfish lal)- ours have made Millsaps what she is today. There- fore, in iiaying tribute to four great supporters, we do sincere homage to all. With generous bequests ' ) ' land and money. Major E. W. Millsaps realized the long-cherished dreams of intelligent Mississippi churclnnen, assisting them to establish a college in which young Mississippians might receive a liberal Christian education. Webster Millsaps Buie, Sr., and AVebsier Millsaps Buie, Jr. — the latter a mem- ber of the class of 19 ' .]6 — have carried on his efforts and benevolences. Outstanding among laymen of the state have been the contributions of W. S. F. Tatum, who established at Millsaps the Department of Religious Education. 3; KY 20 THE BOBASHELA Ia.IOK i . W. AllLLSAPS W. M. BUIK. Jl!. W. .M. Blie. Sk. W. . F. Taxi-m 21 " 77 z: c LASSES 23 SENIORS CLASS OFFICERS Ju)Y ] I( ' I)ami:l P res i ' lent Hazel h .Mi ' i ' ii Secretarii AVkhh HriK Vice-Presirlenl 25 THE BOBASHELA Seta WiiAirrox Alexander, H.S. Chi Omega Jackson. Miss. Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. 3; Classical Club 1. 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3. 1. : II. V. Allex, B.S. Theta Kappa Xit Jackson. Miss. Oniicron Delta Kappa; Eta Si.gma; Band 1. 2. 3, 4; Pres. of Band; Band Sergeant; Sigma Upsilon; Vice-Pres. of Student Eo:ly; Student Executive Board; Chemistry Assistant 3, 4; Pauhellenic Council; Bourgeois Medal; Triljbett Teaching Scholarship . Charles Arrixgt(ix. B.S. Sirinia Rho Chi Collins. Miss. Major Club; Baseball; Purple and White Staff. " Wn,LL M WiioDROw Bagby, B.A. MiH.saps Barbarians Waynesboro. Miss. Debate 4; Ministerial League 3. 4; Y. yi. C. A. 4; Classical Club 4. NORVELLE Be. RD, B.A. Phi Mil Jackson, Sliss. ] r. ' SI. Bexxett Mill (ili.s Iktrhayiaiis , Durant. Miss. University of Tenn. 1; Union University 2, Barbarian. Charles BTRnsoxG. B.S. Kiippa Alpha Terry. Miss. Science Club; Basketball 1. THE BOBASHELA IIi:i.i:n l!ii n. 11. A. K ' ipliii Delia Jackson, Miss. Fresliiiian rDiiiniission 1; Y. W. ( ' . A 1. ' 1. :!. 4; Glfp Cliih 1. L ' . 3; Classical Cliil) 1, li. I; Gills ' raHlicllciiic :i. 4; Tres. of PanlicUcMii ' 4; Sin- ili ' iil ICxecutive Board 4. W. K. ( l ' i ' s ' i ' i;i! I lidsAKci;, i;.S. .1 iUtiiiiis !(! rl)ii ri i II s rasca.mmhi. Miss. M Cl.ih : ' .. 4; Bascliall .Manager 4; Fonlliall :;. 4; I ' cikiiistoii Jr. t ' oilei;e 1. 2. •Iami ' .s lill ■ IJoi ' XDs. U.S. .1 .v(( i).s l ' ,u r l ii r i a ii s Jackson, Miss. narbariaii 3. 4. .1 ( ' l 1 !(i i;n. ]!.S. Kdlili-i siijiini Brnokhaven. Mirs. M Club 2. .3, 4; Football 1. 2. ?.. 4: Captain, Football 4; Most Valualile Pla.ver Award 4; Astronomy Assistant: Ramblers Club; Vice- Pres. of M Club; Pby.-ical Rrl. Assistant 4. l)i)i;()Tii ' (l •l.l; , K.A. Brhi Siiiiiiii Oniirriiii Jackson, Miss. Eta Sigma Pbi 4; Y, W. C. A. 1. 2, 3. 4; Clas- sical Club 1. 2. 3; Assistant in Math 4. " WeHSTER illLLS.M ' S HriE, H.S. Kiipiiii Alpha Jackson, Jliss. Omicron Delta Kappa; Pres. of Oniicron Delta Kappa; International Relationship Club; M Club; Pres. of M. Club; Pres of Men ' .s Panhel- lenic 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4; Captain Bas ' et- ball 4; Football 1. 2; Baseball 1. 2. 4; Ram- blers; Y ' . yi. C. A. Cabinet 3. 4; Vice-Pre . of Class 3, 4; Pres. of Kappa Alpha 3, 4; Student Executive Board 4. AViwii-: Pici ' i ' KR |{rcKij;s, P .A. Milh-aps JUirlniriaii.s Lucieu, Miss. Co-Lincoln 1. 2; Pi Kappa Delta 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Pres. of Y. W. C. A. 4; Barbarians 3. 4; Christian Council 4; Student Executive Board; Classical Club 3; Glee Club 4; Assistant in Physical Ed. 3; Education 4; Dormitory 4; Sec. of Campus Church Relations Council 4. 27 THE BOBASHELA Edward Otis Bi-fkix, B.S. Sigma RJuj Chi Hazlehurst, Miss, Co-Lincoln Jr. College 1, 2; Football 3, 4; M Club 3, 4; Ramblers Club 4; Science Club 3, 4. Joseph ] Iai T()n Ri ' llocik. B.S. Biloxi, Miss. M. Club 3, 4; Pearl River Jr. College 1, 2; Var- sity Football 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4; Basketball 3. 4; Assistant in Phy. Ed. 4. Harry Camerox, B.S. MiUsapii Barbarians Jackson, Miss. lilvELYN Elizabeth (. ' lark, B.A. Beta Sigma Omivron Jaci:snn, Miss. Hinds Junior College 1; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4; Pres. of Alpha Psi Omega 4; Student Assistant in History 3, 4; Purple and White 2, 3; Millsaps Players 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Classical Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4. Lois Barrow Clark, B.A. MiUaap.; Barbarians Jackson, Miss. Y. W. C, A. 1, 2; Eta Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi; Clarsieal Club 1, 2, 3; Barbarian 3. 4. Henry Wyatt Clowe, US. Kappa Sifiiiia Vicksburg, Miss. Student Assistant in Chemistry 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres. of Science Club 4; Cir- culation Mgr. Bobashela 4; S. I. M. A. Math Contestant 2, 3; Rambler ' s Club. Nancy Collier, B.A. Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson. Miss. Eta Si,gma Phi 4; Hinds Jr. College 1, 2; Sec. Treas. Y. W. C. A. 2; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; Y. V. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Classical Club 3; Glee Club 3, 4. 28 THE BOBASHELA LiLi.A .lii i:niiNi ' : Colsdn, H.S. Chi Owipf n Water Valley. Miss. rniversity of Tulsa 1; Grenada College 2; Glee ( " iMh 1 . :!. 1; Spanish Club 1; French Club 2; Science Chib -1; Y. V. C. A. 2. :!, 4; Assistant in lOnglish 4. William .) . ii;i( I)li ' i;i.l. B.,S. Pi Kiiiiim Aliiliii Jackson, Miss. Science Club 3, 4. A.wii; I- ' i;a. (ks Diidiik, Ji.A. J ' hi Mu Jackson. Aliss. Grenada 1. 2; Glee CUili; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4. li ' iHiKKT C ' axtox Doggktt, li.A. f!i(jma Ali)lin Epailoii Kossuth. Miss. Emory Tiniversity 1; Omicron Delta Kappa; Vice-Pres of Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Delta; Pres. of Pi Kappa Delta 4; Si.ema Up- silon; Eta Si.iima Phi; International Relations Club; Varsity Debate 3. 4; Editor Purple and White 4; Glee Club 2; Student Executive Board; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2 ' . 3; Vice-Pres. of Y. M. C. A. 3; Blue Rid.sje Scholarship 3; Vice-Pres. Ministerial Lea.gue 3; Student Assistant in Re- ligion 3. 4; Vice-Pres of Miss. Methodist Con- ference 4. W. ' assai! Dru.uiD, .Ji;.. JJ.A. Thrta Kfij}j ii A ' » Dubard. Miss. Eta Si.enia Phi; Rambler ' s Club 4; Major Club 4; Panhellenic Council 3. 4; Sergeant of Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Staff Ser.geant 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Purple and White 4; Glee Club 1, 2. 3; Base- l)all 1; Classical Club 1, 2. Rkai) p. Dixx, |!.S. Pi Knpim Alpha Greenville. Miss. Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Delta 3. 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Purple and White Staff 1. 2; Business Mgr. Purple and White 3. 4; Pres. of Class 2, 3; Panhellenic 3, 4; Varsity Debater 2, 3. 4; Winner of Buie Medal 2; Band 1, 2. 3; Blue Ridge Scholarship 3. Mamye Uakksdalk Fklder, B.S. Delia Zeta Magnolia, Miss. Copiah-Lincoln Jr. College 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; Glee Club 3; Basket- ball 3; Football Sponsor ' 3.5. f 29 THE BOBASHELA Will D. Ferris, B.S. Kappa Sigma Shaw, Miss. Pres. of Kappa Sigma 4; Panhellenic 4; Ram- bler ' s Club 4; Bobashela Staff 4; Football 1,2. Marg.vbet Fl(.)wers, B.A., Post Graduate Phi Mil Jackson, Miss. Pies, of Phi Ku; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4; Woman ' s Pan-Hellenic 3, 4; International Relations Club 2, 3, 4; Millsaps Players 2, 3; Major Club 3. Mrs. Henry Floyd, B.S. Jackson, Miss. Marianne Ford, B.A. Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Commission 1; Treasurer Woman ' s Association; Classical Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Treasurer of Classical Club 2; Eta Sigma Phi 4; Eta Sigma; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Glen Graves, B.S. Sigma Rho Chi Jackson, Miss. Hinds Jr. College 1. 2; Rambler ' s Club; Science Club; Baseball 4; Basketball 4. Nora Graves, B.A. Beta Sigma Oniivroii Columl)ia. Miss. wniitworth 1, 2; Eta Sigma Fhi; Glee Club; Chi Delta Phi; Purple and White Staff 3. Oralee Graves, B.A. Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. Classical Club 1, 2; Internation al Relations Club; Feature Section ot Annual 1. 2, 3. 4; Football Sponsor ' 3.5. THE BO BASH ELA Iinni;i;T S ' i ' i:i ' iiKN IIani), 1 ' .S. KiipIKi Aliiliii SliuliuUi. .Miss. .Mplia Epsilon Delta: Scienoe Club 1, 2, :!, 4 Galloway Literary Society 1. 2; Baseball 1 V. M. C. A. 1. 2; Ranil)ler ' s Club I; liunil : ' .. t Pre. .Mod. 1, 2, :!. 4. I ' kikik.- II. l:s. 1!.. . Milh ' ifii)s lUirliiiriiina Houstou, Miss. Eta Sigma Phi; Glee Club M. 4; Bantl :!, Barbarians. .]. . li:s XdKI, IIlNSdN, 11. A. .1 1 llsii js lUi rha rid ii .s- Nettleton, Miss. .Ministerial Lea. ue: President of Ministerial League; Barbarians; Science Club; Classical Club; Christian Council; Y. M. C. A. Kaki.ixic Jdiixm.v, U.S. Millsdiis Jlarhni inn • Jackson, Miss. Basketball I. 2, !!; Captain Basketball 3; Phy. Ed. Assistant 4; Barbarian; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Ramblers 3. L. B. Jokes, B.S. Tlieta Kappa A ' h Jackson, Miss. : I Club; Varsity Football; Varsity Basketbal Varsity Baseball; Rambler ' s Club. W.VIiKKX W. (T. I,1.-VI .IdXKS, H.S. Biloxi, Aliss. .M Ciub; Fontl)all 3. 4; Baseball 3. Ei.i .AHKTii KiKKrArmcK, J!.S. Oii Oiiifiin Hollanclale, Mis.,. Eelhaven 1. 2; Glee Club 3. 4; Manager Girls ' Basketball 4; President of Woman ' s Associa- tion 4; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4; Feature S3ction 4; Football Sponsor ' 3.5. 31 THE BOBASHELA 7 James Lavderdale, B.S. Kappa Alpha Jackson, lllss. Alpha Epsilnn Delta; Eta Sigma; Pan Hellenic Council 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club; Rambler ' s Club; Student Assistant. -JOHX RllBERT LOFLIX, B.S. Theia Kappa Kii Jackson, Miss. Clarke Junior College 1. 2; Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4; M Club; Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4; Rambler ' s Club. Al ' BREY C. IMaxted .Millsap ' i Barbarians Pascagoula, Mi;s. Omicron Delta Kappa: International Relation- ship Clul); Pi Kappa Delta; Eta Sigma Phi; Barbarians; Winner Buie Declamation; Assis- tant to Librarian; Pres. of Barbarians; Dra- matic Club 3, 4; Major Club 2, 3; Classical Club 1, 2, 3; Ministerial League; Glee Club 1; Y. M. C. A. Le. ie Elaine ] Iay(i, B.S. Kappa Delta Picayune, Miss. Wliitworth 1, 2; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Purple and White Staff 3, 4; Beethoven Club 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Blue Ridge Scholarship; Bobashela Staff 4. EOBEUT ilrREAII ilAVll. R.S. Sigtiia Rho Chi Polkville, Miss. International Relations Club; Classical Club 1, 2. ilYHTis Flowers Meadows, B.S. Beta Sigma Omicron Jackson, Miss. Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Treas. Glee Club 2; Classical Club 1; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3. 4; Business JIanager Basketball 1; Science Club 2; Rambler ' s Club 3; Purple and White Staff 3; Major Club 3. 4; Secretary-Treasurer Major Club 3. GiLCix F. .Meadors, B.S. Sigma Rho Chi Clarksdale, aiiss. Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2 ' , 3, 4; .Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre. Med. Club; Science Club; Rambler ' s Club; Y. M. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4; Bee- thoven Club 2; Football 2; Student Assistant 2, 3, 4; Galloway Literary Society 1, 2. 32 THE BOBASHELA H;iiiililci ' -Ini: .Mi:n;i;. U.S. siijiiKi I ' liii Chi SIkiw. .Miss. Club ::. I; . l dull :;. i; Fndtiuiii :;. 4. Al. ' l ' nx l " ' i.(ivii llNiii;. ] ' .S. sijiiiiii Hill) Chi Wiimrield. .Miss. Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 1; Galloway Literary Society 1; M Clul) 4; Sciciife Club 2, 3, 4; Cla.ssical Cliih 1; Track Manager 3. Wii.i.n.M I ' .nrni.v ,Mii. T(i(iMi:ii ' . li.S. ' ( »ln J ' lii Epsilon Jackson. Miss. Eand 2, 3. 4; Rambler ' s Club 4; Track 1; Boxin,!; 2. 3. IIelick [MdHKiiivM). 1!.A. Bcld si(jiii(t Oinicron Jackson, .Miss. Eta Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi; Y. V. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4; classical Club 1. 2, 3; International Rela- tions Club 3, 4. JOSKI ' JIIXE ; 1()I!H() V, 1 .A. MUlsai)s Barharian. ' i Madison, Miss. Wbitworth 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Program Chairman of Y. W. C. A. 4; Secretary Classical Clul) 4; Blue Ridge Delegate; Major Club. .M. i;(;, i;i; ' i ' M ' linjs, l!.A. JJelld Xctci Morton. Miss. Y. V. C. A. 3, 4; Beethoven Cliib. ViKiUMA ilcClI.I.Ai;, 15. S. Beta Si fluid Omiiron Booneville, Miss. Grenada 1, 2; Alpha Psi Omega; Eta Sigma; Chi Delta Phi; : lillsaps Players; D. A. R. Scholarship; Major Club. THE BOBASHELA Raymond C. McClinton, B.S. Pi Kappa Alpha Quitman, Miss. Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres. of Y. M. C. A. 3; Pres. of Student Body 4; Student Executive Board; Pres. Pi Kappa Alpha 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; International Relationship Club; Pan- Hellenic 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Major Club; Varsity Debater; Pres. of Blue Ridge Confer- ence 4; Christian Council. Roy .AIcDaniel, B.S. Sigma Rho Chi Prentiss, Miss. Pearl River College 1, 2; Rambler ' s Club; M Club; Alternate Captain Football 4; Foot- ball 3, 4; Baseball 3. 4; Pres. Senior Class; Master Major; Secretary M Club 4. Robert Wayde Ousley, B.A. Sigma Rho Chi Laurel, Miss. Eta Sigma Phi; Glee Club 3, 4; Pres. of Glee Club 4. Joseph Condler Pickett, B.S. Mill saps Barbarians Angle, La. Barbarian; Ministerial League. Nancy Blanton Pli mjier, B.S. Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Piano Scholarship 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec. of Woman ' s Glee Club 2; Pres. of Woman ' s Glee Club 4; Glee Club Accompanist 4; Student Ex- ecutive Board; Rambler ' s Club 3; Pre. Med. Club; Beethoven Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres. of Kappa Delta 4; Millsaps Radio Program Chairman 2, 3. Charlie Pricharp, B.S. Kappa Delta Jackson, Miss. Sec. and Treas. of Class 1, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Rambler ' s Club. Vivian Rajisey, B.A. Kappa Delta Gallman, Miss. Whitworth 1, 2; Eta Sigma Phi; Classical Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4. 34 THE BOBASHELA Ki;i:ii ( ' (Mii ' i.i; IiUII ', U.S. Kdli jii Aliiliii .Jarksnii. Mis.s. Alplia Kpsilon Delta; .Mplia Psi Omena ; SiRiiia Upsiloii; Purple and White Slatt 3, 1; Bolia- sliela Staff t. L. St. . ij;v ] i(i(is, Jt.S. Tlieta Kdjiixi Xii Jackson, Miss. Pi Kappa Delta . ' ' .. 1. Tll(i. l. . (i. Rdss, 1!.S. Si;j)iia Kh j Oil Jack.son, Miss. Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4; Co-Lincnhi Jr. Col- lege 1, 2; Student Assistant 4; Y. .M. C. A. 1, 2 ' . 3. 4; Vice-Pres. Y. M. C. A. 4: Science Club 3, 4; Panhellenic 3. 4; Secretary Panhellenie 4; Pre. Med. Club 3, 4; Rambler ' s Club 4. KiAi. H. ii:in ' Sa.mi ' lks, li.S. i iynia lihu ( ' hi Sumrall. Miss. Copiah-Lincnln Jr. College; Ministerial Lea.e;ue; Pres. Christian Council 4; Dramatic Club. II. zEi, ] I. RU ' : Sjiitii. Ij.S. Delta Zeta Brookhaven. IWiss. Copiah-Lincoln Jr. Colle.E;e 1; AVhitworth 2; Treas. Woman ' s Association 4 ; Sec. and Treas. Senior Class 4; Major Club; Basketball 3; Pan- hellenic; Glee Club; Vice-Pres. Woman ' s Pan- hellenic. Jaspeu LerijY yjllTII, ]j.S. Kappa AJpha Newton, Miss. Alpha Psi Omesa 3. 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Purple and White Staff 1. 2, 3; Rambler ' s Club 3, 4; Football 1; Glee Club 1. Sidney Allex S.mitii, .Jk., J!. A. Kappa Sigma Jackson. Miss. Omicron Delta Kappa; Eta Sigma Phi; Inter- national Relationships Club; Pres. Interna- tional Relationships Club 4; Student Assistant 3. 4; Business Mgr. Bobashela 4; Glee Club 1; Purple and White Staff 2; Tennis 1. 2, 3; Basketball 1. 2. 3; Track 1. 2; Winner S. I. M. A. Math Contest 3; Vice-Pres. Panhellenic 4; Panhellenic 4; Classical Club 1. 2, 3; M Club 3, 4; Science Club 1. .I.UIES Eastix Sl ' iiTsWiKili. B.S. Pi Kappa Alpha Poplarville, Miss. Pearl River College 1, 2; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Varsity Boxing 3; Sigma Upsilon 3. 4; Editor Bobashela t. 35 THE BOBASHELA Richard Harold Stacy. U.S. .S ' i( «K Rho Chi Jackson, iliss. Pan-Hellenic Council; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Rambler ' s Club. Dorothy Edjioxdsox Straiiax, 15. S. Kapitu Delta Jackson, Miss. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Treas. Alpha Epsilou Delta; Rambler ' s Club 3; Pre. Med Club; Assis- tant in Education 3, -J; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3. 4; Assistant Manager Girls ' Basketball Team 1, 2. Purser STfROEox, B.A. MUlsaiJ.i Barbarians Jackson, Miss. Travelli Scholarship 3 years; Sigma Upsilon; Eta Sigma; Barbarian; S. I. M. A. Contestant 3 years. Martha Suy ' daii, B.A. Nettleton, Miss. Grenada 1. 2: Chi Delta Phi; Student Assis- tant in English 3. 4; Classical Club 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Harris Swayze. B.A. Kappa Sit ma Benton. Miss. Omicron Delta Kappa; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4; Classical Club 1, 2, 3; Assistant Cheer Leader 2, 3; Head Cheer Leader 4; Major Club 2, 3; Pres. of Major Club 4; Football 1; Student Executive Board 4. Waudeexa Walters, B.S. Delta Zeta Enterprise, Miss. Copiah-Lincoln Jr. College 1; East Central Junior College 2; Basketball 3; Y. W .C. A. 2, 3. Earlixe Watkixs, ] .A. MiUsaps Barbarians Hermanville, JMiss. Eta Sigma Phi 4; Classical Club 1, 2. 3. 4; ■ft ' hitworth 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 4. A. W. WiLSOx, B.A. MiUsaps Barbarians Brookhaven. Miss. Whitworth 1, 2; Alpha Sigma Delta ' i: Bar- barians 3, 4; Round Table 2; A ' ice-Pres Minis- terial League 4; Assistant to Bursar 4; Gal- loway Scholarship 3. 4. 36 THE BOBASHELA Notables of Class of ' 36 Ill c ll lie lliriil Kill tldlV II lew iiiciiihrrs iil lln Cldss III ' . ' Id. Iiriirr flirt ll hni lil lUliI sf I III III nil ' llinnrs III rrrnllril inns ill l rai ' s III M ill sil jis. II lljiniil II jinliii irs ire illrln lc llir niinirs iil siinir ifliiisr i n 1 1 ilriin liils liirn Irss in iiiliriljl fliiin in Inrnillll i nt rrminsr. Iiiil irlm Inli ' i ' nmii ihi 1 1 ss niiii ' kril tlir i i ' n ■ Tl ' r niinir mill linil : I ' lii iiinniJ MrCHntini. II. I ' . lllin. W ' iniiii iliirhlis, Aillil ' iji Mil.iiiil, ] rhli Biiir, Siflnii Sniitli. Oiiiirr (inins, Xurl Ilm- sini. ] ' iissiir Diiliaril, Klizahrtli K ii k ml i n h Cn.ilnn Diiiijiil t . Ui ' iiil Dunn, lliii ' nh Slnrif. Tlininils Itnss, Wllilll ( ' liiH ' r, Jim nil Lilllilrl ' - liilr, llilm lliinil. ..... 37 Undergraduates ci Q SS OFfi cers JUNIOR FkIOD KyA: . .K I ' lrsidrnt : l ' ' l!A. CKS Stoxk Sccrchiij I ' ' in CIS I!k ADSIIAW Vivc-Picsidcnl SOPHOMORE ' ll,l.l M V(II ' ' 1 ' ' (1I!I) l ' ie i(lciit IIa .ICI, Ildl.l.lXCSWdKTII Srcri ' htrii Fi.KTciir.K N ' kaziov Yice-Prr. i(lent FRESHMAN T. M. Hardy Prenliiriit Mw.r.AKET ill-HI ' lIV Hecretury Edwin Edwards Vice-President 39 THE BOBASHELA ; r(ir. (:i;i; Kavre Adams, Jjiiiutx ' i-toii Kajjim Aliilni .soi ' iiii.MdHi ' : Joe Aixswortii, Florence Kappa Alpha FItKSllMAX InA l orisK Ai.K(ini . Silver ( ' ity .ir.MoK Braxton E. Ali.e.v. Jackson Siyma Rho Chi SOI ' iroMOKE Louis Edward Barnes, Colniubia Pi Kappa Alpha SOI ' IIO.MOliE Raliti Bahkow, Opelika, Ala. Theta Kappa Xu IHESHMAN WiRT Adaus Bkakd, Jackson Kappa Alpha frkshman Barbara BI ' ;nnett, Jackson Kappa Delia SOPIIOMDKE WiLLiAir Hardy Bizzell. Pace Pi Kappa Alpha rnKsiiMAX Eugene L. BixtaiA.M. Slire%e]Hirt, La. Sigma Rho Chi .SOPHOMORE William Botkix, Greenwood Kappa Alpha FRESHMAN Theljia Bennett, Jackson Kappa Delta ■H ' XIOK Francis IJuadsiiaw, l!( ' iit inia Si (I Ilia Rho Chi ... .7UN10R Bradford B. Breelaxd, Tylertown Sigma Ttho Chi JUNIOR 40 THE BOBASHELA Ki:i.:.i;n I ' uki.. nii. Wcssmi ' l iiii]i(t Miihd .1 1 -Mill; ; i:i.v.v Lnis l )in(;i:. .Ijii-Usim Chi Omeiiu I ' KKSIIMAN W ' li.i.i , i Iv liUKXT. Crystjil Sprin; I ' i Kdjiihi Mjiliii . ' IMIIK IvMi IjAmai; KiidU m:, ' I ' vlcrldwii I ' i Kapfia Aliiliu SOI ' IIO.MOUK Oi ' Ai. RRi-MFir;i,n. IViitoniii Eeta siuma Omicron .11 ' Ml Hi D wii) 15u()nKs. .l;icks(in Siiima Kho I ' lii Slll ' llO.MIllUO • I. I ). I ' .i i; i:i I,, -hii-lvsiiii J a; lia i iyiiia KRICSIIMAX J. J, BcKNETT. Jr., ; I( ' iiili:in Mill.inp.i Buibariaiis KKKSIIMAX Ma ' Ki i,EX Chiciiestki!, .lacksdii Clii Omcija K1!KSI1.MA I ' Ari, ( ' AiiiiiTii. .McCiimb I ' i Kappa AlpJw JltlCSIIMAX lill.l.V ] AY HrTEER, .iMl ' k on riiKSHMAX Wii.i.iAM Ci.AXcY. .lai-ksim Kappa Alpha miOSHMAN Neal ( ' irlot, Idss Pdiiit SOIMKIMOHK DdRdTiiv CiiiniESTER, .lauksdii Chi Omciia .ir.MOK 41 THE BOBASHELA Gilbert Pierce Cook. Canton Pi Kappa Alpha FRKSHMAX P " ' oRTER Collins, Yazoo City Kappa Alplia KRESHMAN G. C. Clark, Jr., Waynesboro Sigma Rlio Chi SOPUOMOHE Elizabeth Cunningham, Jackson ( ' 111 Omega .ITMOR Herman Crowder, Greenville Pi Kappa Alpha rEESHMAN George Cortner, Greenwood Kappa Sigma JDNIOE Robert W. Cunningham, -Meridian Kappa Sigma SOPUOMOHE Mendell M. Davis, Jackson Kappa Alpha Rov Carroll Delamotte, iloss Point Theta Kappa Ku FRESHMAN Archie Lewis Dickson. Jr., Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha FRESIIM. N Talbot Delait, Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha JUNIOR Lola Davis, Jackson Kappa Delta SOPHOMORE George Dorris, Jackson Sigma Rho Chi SOPHOMORE Blanton Doggett, Kossnth Pi Kappa Alpha FRESHMAN 42 THE BOBASHELA •Iamics Dkoki;, .hicksdii Sit nni I ' iin tin .IIS icii: •li,M n DiNN. (il-iTilvillc ' ( Ktimi ' t Ai iiiii SDI ' IKlMllliK Immci: I,. I )ri:iiA. i. .l;irU,siin M illsdils Ildrhdiidiis .n.NKiii Ai.i.i: I.AXK Dvi;. Cl.irksilnlc ' ' h ' dpiJii Aliilid SoriloMilKK Enwix I ' Idwakh . (iiill ' |i(iii KdlllMI Sil llld KltKSllMAN ] i)i;i:n lOl.KICKT. Sciuiliill-y .S ' f )H(( l-i)iu Chi KIJKSIIMAX Wll.I.IAM ElkIX. TiI|ii ' 1i) h ' lipiia Aliilid lliKSlIM A. yA.Mri;i. AiiiHKV El. I, IS, LsnuliTdaU ' Theld Kdpjid Nil SOl ' IIO.MOUK Ernest Ttckkr Fei.ts. Courtliiiul Kdi)j)d sifitiid I ' liKSIIMAX Hi:x.i Mix EvAXs, Water A ' allcy Kdpixi Alpha FliKSIIMAX Fhed E .ellk, .lai ' ksiiii ' Kdjipn Aljilid .ir.x roK jrii.iiisKi) Enochs. .Jacksini ( ' 7m ' OiiiriKi Sdl ' Hcl.MdliK •Ia.mks S. Ei-;K(;rs()x, Fldrciu-i Pi KapiM Alpha JIM OK Ellis FiX(ii ' :i;. Kiplcy ' Kdppd Alplid .n ' Miiii 43 THE BOBASHELA ( IIavs Fleming. linter City Kappa Sigma KliKSIIMAX Calvin Flint, Jr., I ati ' s illp Kappa Sigma FHESHMAN liii,LV Ford, Tayloi-i- ville Kappa Alpha SOI ' IIOMORE ■John W. GonBuLD, ilcComb Pi Kappa Alpha FHKSIIMAX Sajiukl Helton Galloway, Jackson Kappa Sigma FliKSHMAN John l ' ' iiANKLiN Giluland, Coldwater Kappa Alpha KHESHMAX Alex Gordon, Jr.. Jackson Kappa Alpha SOPIIOMOEE f TELLA Galloway, Crystal Siirinos Chi Omega JIXIOR Tiio.MAs Griffin, Slmlnita Theta Kappa Nu .irMOR William S. Gl ' ice, Brewtdii. La. Millsap.s Barbarians FRKSHMAX Francis H.v.milton. Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha SOl ' IIOMOKE Albert Hand, Sliul)iita Kappa Alpha SOPHOMORE IIersc ' iiel IIaneline, Longs Kappa Sigma SIll ' IIO.MORE Bill Hardin, Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha SOPHOMORE 44 THE BOBASHELA ' I ' . . l. 11 i;iiv. .In.. NiilclifZ KlllllKI SijIIIKI 1-llKSIlM AN WiKT ' I ' ium:!; II i; i: , WiMit ' alli ' y SdriKlMIIKK Axxii ' ; Ldi- 1IkiI)i;i.I!i;r(;, .lin-ksdii C}ii )mi ' ti i SIII ' IKIMIIHK AVai.tkk Kii.minds IIklims, .l;u-ksoii Kit 1)1)11 Aljihd JHKSIIMAN CiicHAi.n Till,!.. Lninsvilie .1 i 1 1 SCI px Jinr hfi rinii s siii ' iiii iiii:i: Syiii.K Jlixsdx, LuiiilMMtdii TScta Sifjiiia Oinriroii .HNIOi! jMeia ' ix IIe.mimiii.i,, ' i-nw I ' lU-d Si (I III 1 1 I ' io Clii .1 IN 1 1 lit jEFFKiisiix .Mm IKK IIkstkr, Laurel Knppii siiiiiia Sdl ' lIOMdlCK Feildixc; IIiii.i.n.MAX. Itta Beiui KapiKi Siiiiiia KHICSHMAX IIa .ee Hollingswortii, -lacksnn 3 i7?.S ' fi Av B ' irhriririiis scil ' lldMciliK .Marv ] (irwi; Uiillom ax. Itta Hoiia Kappa Delta .IINIOU KuAXK ( ' (iLiJxs IlnuTiix. ( Irriiaila ' Kappa Alpha J ' HKSIIMAX Samcki, IIiri) lloiri ' dX. (irenada I ' i Kappa Alpha .irxKin I ' OWLES llnRTiiX, -Ir,, til ' l ' liada Kappa Alpha SOPIIOMOHE 45 THE BOBASHELA Florence Ht tchtnsiin, Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron .irxiOR George D. Howell, Ozark, Ala. Kappa Sigma 11! KS UMAX Fraxk B. IIi ' TTon, JaeksDii Kappa Sigma Fii:;snMAN Robert Adams Ivy, Jackson Kappa Alpha FRESHMAN Stacy Kellvm, Shaw Kappa Sigma SOPHOMORE Edna Iae Kennedy, Natcliez Chi Omega .jrxiOR William Kimbrell, Jackson Pi Kappa Alplta SOl ' IIOMdKE Jean Iary Kinnaird, Jackson SOPHOMORE SiJi K. King, Pelaliatehie Pi Kappa Alpha FRESHMAN James B. Kisner, Natchez Kappa Sigma freshman- Russell R. LoTTERiios, Crystal S]irings Kappa Alpha .lUNIOR Wh,ll m TjAI ' iierdale, Jackson Kappa Alplia SOPHOMORE Ilium H. Lani ' Ijim. Jjn ' ksoii 7 ' Kappa Alpha KliESHM AN Edward Bernard Luke, Jackson Theta Kappa Nu FRESHMAN 46 THE BOBASHELA FiiWK AV. J.-icksoii ' I ' liclii Kappa Xit .11 . 1(11! I ' M ATTiiKWs. .Iacl --(iii M I II Slips Ha rhu rill IIS .rr.MOK .MAiii;i.iM: .Mdiiiiiiw, .M.-ulisdii Mi II sit IS Iliirhaiiaiis SIll ' llilMdKK ri.lPFnUI) .MaccoWAX. -Ilicksdll K II mill Alpha SCJl ' lKIMdlM ' : • liiux .Maijciii ' .axk ' s. Sliaiiiiiiii Pi Kappa Alpha I-lti:SIIMAN LiirisK ] I()(ii{i ' ;ii. -lai-ksdii Clii Oiiicija FliKSIIMAN AlAKdAKKT Jlriil ' IIV, .hicksdH Kappa Delia KKKSIl.MAN Elizabktii ] Ivi;ks, .larkson Bela si( ma Omivron .SDl ' IIO.MDliK Dl ' DLKY JMooRK. liylialia SOIMKI.MOliK Berkley .Mm, .lai-k cm Chi Omeija SOI ' IIOJIOKE A.WK Klizahitii IiRUAii, .lacksdii Phi Mil .riNKlK Ca.mi ' 1u-;i,i, .MriiRAii. .lat ' kstm Thela Kappa Xii SOI ' lIOMOKli HdP.Kiri ' ScdTT ircDAXiKi.. .liirksmi Millsaps Barbarians FliKSllMA.N LiLLA Hills, ( " artluigrc Beta Sicima Omicron .Tl ' MOIt 47 THE BOBASHELA Albert C. May, Jackson Pi Kapita Alpha FltKSHMAX Juiix il. ] IfRAE. Jaeksoii Kappa Alpha SOPIIOIIDKE Janet JIcRae, Jaukson Chi Omega FRRSIIMAX Carol Nelson, Jackson Phi Mil FRESHMAX M. I,. McKiNNON, Laiiilcrdalc Kappa Sigma FHESHMAX ( ' iiKsTKH : IcKenzie, ilemiJiis, Tonn. Theta Kappa Xu .SOPllOJIOKE RoWENA McRae, Jackson Chi Omega JUNIOR Myrt Naylor, LandiM ' ilalc Chi Omega FRESHMAN Robert McDill, Clcvchnul Kappa Alpha freshman- Carl Ray Newsom, .Madison Theta Kappa Nu FRESHMAN Martha Newell, Jackson Beta Sigma Omicron JUNIOR Martha Axx Nelson. -lai-kson Chi Omega SOPIIOMOHE Ritssell Nobles, Jackson Kappa Sigma JUNIOR Pearl Nobles, Jackson Chi Omega FRESHMAN 48 THE BOBASHELA .M Ai; ' ' i( ilDi.s, (li ' cn. ' Khi riii Mil JIN Mill i)(iX () ' ( ' oNNOK, X ' irkslilll-; JUKSIIMAN .liiiiN " i:i.sii ()i.S(i . .hirksiiii Kiipiiii siiiiiiii Sdl ' llllMdllH II|CI{1!M;T OwKNS, ll;i1ticsliliru ' SOI ' Ud.MOliK William II. I ' aijkli;, I ' liihiilrl |iliiii TJicIa Kaiiiia Xii .1 f N I01{ Er.Lis Drank PAiiKKi;. L.iiircl Ka 1)11(1 A!i hii Fi!i ' :siiXL N C. (_ ' . Pai;nm;i,i„ -Ii;.. I ' lu-e rUKSIlM A.N Ni ' .LL 1 ' ::r.mentkr, -Incksdii Kappa Drlla Sdl ' lld.MdUE James S. Perrix. Jiu-kson SdrildMdliE George Pattox, .laoksdn Thctn Kappa Xu Sdl ' lId.MdliK ] I vLciiL.M I ' uiKoRit, Ijnnrcl Kappa Alpha SdriKiMdiiic Cecil I " ]d vlx PriwuD, .Tncksdii Kappa Sii iiiii KIIF.SIl.MAN Ueorce T. Pratt. Imrincss Tliela Kappa Xu 1-ItKSllM A.N Gene Price, .Mcri(li;in rilKSIIMAN 49 THE BOBASHELA Robert Price. Gloster SOPHOMORE Pete Riblett, Jaoksmi Kappa Alpha FRESHMAN Willie Bob Richerson. Sarah 31illsapf: Barbariatia .irxioR jMildred Ruoff, Jai-ksdii Chi Omega JUNIOR Carson Robertscix, Jai-kson Kappa Alpha FRESHMAN W. X. Ror.ERTSON, Jackson Sigma Rho Chi JUNIOR Jessie Vir Ri ssell, Jackson Chi Omega SOPHOMORE ' htok Iills Roby. Jai-ksdii Pi Kappa Alpha SOPHOMORE Lee Rogers, Jr.. New All)any Kappa Alpha SOPHOMORE JMakgarkt LoriSE Shari ' k. Jackson Chi Omega SOPHOMORE IaRV KlKANOR SlIAI ' ttHXESSY, Jackson Kappa Delta FRESHMAN JOIIX R. RiMMER. CtlllKhll Sigma I? ho Chi SOPHOMORE George H. Russell. Sdiljiter Theta Kappa Xti FRESHMAN George Hexry Schiltz, Fannin Sigyna Rho Chi SOPHOMORE 50 THE BOBASHELA Al l: " K ' riii:i;iM ' : Siiwv, llmilk:! .1 IMCIK ' ai I. HdiiiNsnx Siii;i-| ' ' ii:i.i , .hn ' ksdii J ' i Kdpim Alplid rn;:siiMAN Lkwis Ross Siiioi.ToN. .liU ' Usiin ' I ' llCi ' d h ' lipiKi . II M:i;sir man Ki UN ' Ki; A i;s Si-(im;, .hii ' ksun h ' liiiiiii liiilii .ir.Nioit Lavkm,!-; Sims. •I;i;-ks(iii sifiDiii i{}iii riii soi ' iiiiMdinc J. D. SiJii s ()K, .Jackson Thetd Kdp])a Xu SoriKIMOllK •Jnli SiMl ' sox, Ackcniiaii FI!;:SIIMAN ] Iki.I!a Siieumax, Fon-st Chi O-mega .jxxion -MaUTIX HlOUXAUl) STKINIiKIDL, -Jai ' ksou Kdppa siijnid ]- ' l!KSIlMAN GOKPDN Stac:Y, .liK-ksuil .S ' if )HO Rho Clii soriioMoiiK William 11. Sinnox, Swcatnian SOI ' IKI.MdHK KiTii Si ' AiiKs, Jackson Ch i 0)11 e(ia SOPIIO.MOKE liiciLLE Strahax. -lack-oil Kiinpii Ilrtid sorilo.MoiiK TIaskicll Stewart. M aynoshovo si(inid Rho Chi .II ' MOR 51 THE BOBASHELA Jack Stuart, ilorton SOPHOMOKE Wealtha Suydaji, Nettleton JU ' lOR Rebecca Tavl(.ir, -Jaek-un Chi Omega SOPHOMOKE Ben L. Sykes, Jackson Kappa Sigma FRf:sHMAje Addison Tatum, Hattiesbnrg- Kappa Sigma JUNIOR Floy Denton Thompsox, Jackson Chi Qynegu SOPHOMORE Cecil Triplett, ilashulaville Sigma Rho Chi FRESHMAX SwEi ' Taylor, Jr., Jackson Kappa Alpha JUNIOR Dorothy Triplett, Erwin Chi Omega JUNIOR R. C. Thompson, Jackson Kappa Sigma rUESHMAX Russell Turner, Jackson Theta Kappa A ' h SOPHOMORE Louise Yirden, Jack on Phi Mu freshman Marjorie Vest, Jackson Chi Omega SOPHOMORE Fletcher Veazey, Coldwatcr Kappa Alpha SOPHOMORE 52 THE BOBASHELA l (ii)Ni;v ' . i,Ki;n. Liinilci-ihilc ' I ' lnln Kill})!!! S II slilMlnMi l;|. ' ai.kkii; Wall, lliuokliavi. ' ii KiililHi Dfltn .IIMOU Maimiiijm-; Wal ' I ' kus. .Iiirksnn SOI ' llllMllIlK ScciTT S. V i;Kii;Li). ( i iiniiisdii Kii] liii All)}iu SdlMIOMOUK Wili ' .imi;M ' : Wassox, ( ' olumhiis ' ( Kiijiiii Allthii soi ' rriiMdKi ' : DdHd ' i ' iiv Vi;i:i:i;. .Mjitliislon .1 IN IIIK FlUCDERlCK .). WlsTON, 1 ' xiurlioii MiUsiijis lUirlxiriiinx Mii:SlLMAN E. IS. Williams, l ' (i|ilar ille ' Kiiiiiiii Alpliii J lti:.SHSL .N ' HAiiLi:s Williams, Jarksdn Kuijpa . ifpnii KHKSIIM AN Elizabeth Wilsox, Pclaliatchie Kappa Delia I ' ll Ksii man- Sam ( . Wii.siix, (ircciiwddd Kapi)a Alpha KItKSIIMAX William Clydk WoFFdHi), Drew Pi Kappa Aljiha sdi ' iiiiMciiii-: ( " haulios (J. WRHiiiT. -lackson I ' i Kappa Alpha KUKSIIMAN James IIcI koom, Bate.sville Pi Kappa Alpha soi ' iimioKK 53 F E AT U R E S 55 THE BOBASHELA MASTER MAJOR Roy McDaniel 57 W THE BOBASHELA MISS MILLSAPS O Gi raiee o-raves 58 THE BOBASHELA BARBARA BENNETT 59 W THE BOBASHELA ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK 60 THE BOBASHELA ORALEE GRAVES 61 " Z7 z: THE BOBASHELA MARGARET SHARPE 3; KY 62 THE BOBASHELA RUBY FRANCES STONE 63 77 z: THE BOBASHELA FAVC Russell Nobles, Evelyn Clark, " Webb Buie Phyllis Matthews, Raymond McClinton, Margaret Flowers ' f ' ■ :s VST 64 THE BOBASHELA liii.i.A .1(1 CoLsox, Stacy KKi.i.r.M. " J-ii.ACKiE " SiiAionxiossv Hakuis Swavzk. WAri i;i:xA Wai.tkrs, Fixger 65 " W UP THE HILL o RGANIZATIONS 67 Here we offer a of the orgaiiizalious which play an important part in lillsaps life. Si;rely there has lieen no other college exper- ience more stinuilating than this working to- gether in congenial groups through fields of consuming interest. P " ' or many these organi- zations have been ])roving grounds, aiding much in solving the important (|uestion liefore all college students: " " What am 1 going to do when I graduate ? ' ' 68 s OCIAL 60 THE BOBASHELA PAN-H Lauderdale, Buie, Dubard, Allex, ilcC ' LixTux DuxN, Smith, Ferriss, Stacy, Koss MEN ' S COUNCIL KAl ' l ' A ALPHA Webb Buie, J ' i-(si(Uiif James Lauderdale KAPPA SIGMA iinxEv Smith, Virr-President Will D. Ferriss PI KAPPA ALPHA Raymoxd ] IfC ' LiXT()x Read Duxx THETA KAPPA NU 11. V. Allex Vassar Duhakd SIGMA BUG CHI Thomas Ross, Secrdary Harold Stacy 70 THE BOBASHELA LENIC Felder. Sjhtii. Bdxi). Permextek Beard, Flowers, Siiari ' e, Ruoff, Newem. WOMEN ' S COUNCIL KAPPA DELTA Helen Boxn, President Nell Permexter 77 yp JIargaret Flowers XoRVELLE Beard BETA SKIMA UMICPOX .Maktua Newell Dorothy iloRsi:, Tridsiira- DELTA ZETA Hazel Smith, V in -President -AIamie 13. Feeder cni OMKCA Mildred Ruoff, Seenlnri Iaroaret Sharpe 71 THE BOBASHELA KAPPA SIGMA Founded 1869 — University of X ' irgiiiia Colors: SairUt. VIlite and Green Flower: Lilii of ihc VaUiAj PrBLiCATiox: " 7 ' r .S7( - and Crescent " ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER CLASS OF NINETEEX rillNrY-SIX Will i). Ferriss Harris Swayze AVvATT Clowe Sidney Smith, Jr. Julian Hendrick Jack Howen CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN George Cortxer Ri ' S8Ei,L Nobles Addison Tatum Bii LY Sharpe LoYD Sutherland CLASS OF NINETEEN THIKTY-EKUIT Stacy Kellum Jeff Hester Herschei Haneline Robert CrxxixGHAM CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE T. M. Hardy Edwin Edwards James Dyer Burwell Hays Fleming Ernest Felts B ELT( )N G a LL( ) W A Y Walter Hellums Feu, DING HoLL01L N George Howell IMarx JIcKixnon Cecil Pitard Martin Steinreed Ben Sykks Rodney Tiiom pson Charlie Williams Hkxhv Granherry G. L. Harrell Pledges FACULTY Melvin Richardson V. B. Hathorn 72 THE BOBASHELA Talum. Swayze, Fleming, Cortner, Clowe. Hardy, Williams. McKiniion. Kelhiiii, Hester. Nobles, Ferriss. Smith, Felts, Pitard, Boweii, Edwards, Burwell, Galloway, Howell, Heliums, HoUoman. Haneline, Cunningham, Steinreed. 73 THE BOBASHELA KAPPA ALPHA Founded at " Washington College, 1865 Colors: Crnn iun and Gold Publication: " Kappa Alpha Journal " Flower : Rose ALPHA MU CHAPTER CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SIX Charles Birdsong Webster Buie Robert Hand James Lauderdale Fred Rehfeldt Leroy Smith CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN Mendell Davis Slater Gordon Russell Lotterhos SwEP Taylor CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT M. F. Adams Billy Ford Alex Gordon cowles horton Albert Hand Billy Lauderdale Clifford ilACGOWAN John McRae Billy Norton Malcolm Pigford Lee Rogers Fletcher Veazey Scott Warfield CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE Joe Ainsworth Wirt Adams Beard Bill Botkin William Clancy Foster Collins Ben Evans William Elkin John Gilliland Robert Ivy Carson Robertson Ellis Parker Sam Wilson J. Reese Lin Ross H. Moore FACULTY Milton C. White A. P. Hajiilton Indicates pledge 74 THE BOBASHELA Adams, Birdsong, Buie. Davis. Gordon. Hortoii. A. Hand. R. Hand, B. Lauderdale, J. Lauderdale. Lotterhos, Rehfeldt, Smith, Taylor, Wart ' ield, Ainsworth, Botkin, Beard, Clancy, Evans, Elkin, Collins, Ford, Gilliland, Ivy, Macgowan, McRae, McDill. Pigford, Parker, Robertson, Riblett, Veazey, Wilson. 75 THE BOBASHELA PI KAPPA ALPHA Founded: University uf Mi ' ginia. ilareli 1, 1868 Founded at Millsaps : March 23, 1905 Colors: Garnet and Gold Flower: Lilif-of-tJic-VaUey Pi ' BLlCATiON " : " Th( Shield and Diinaond " ALPHA-IOTA CHAPTER CLAi S OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SIX Read P. Dunn, Jr. Raymond McClinton WiIjLIAm Decell James E. Si ' otswooo • ; CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN i Keller Breelaxd James Ferguson William E. Brent Hurd Horton. Jr. T.vLBOT Delai ' p Ellis Finger, Jr. Fred J. Ezelle CLASS OP NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT Louis E. Barnes Wirt Turner Harvey James Dunn Billy Kimbrell Allan L. Dye ' Victor M. Roby Francis Hamilton Wilbourn Wasson Bill Hardin William Wofford CLASS OP NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE William H. Bizzell Sim King Paul Carruth Hugh B. Landrum. Jr. G. P. Cook, Jr. Albert L. May, Jr. Herman Crowder John ilARCiiB.VNKS Archie L. Dickson. Jr. Paul R. Sheffield Blanton Doggett Edwin Tate John Godbold E. B. Williams, Jr. Frank Horton Charles Wright Indicates pledges 76 THE BOBASHELA Brent, Barnes, Decell. Delaup, Dyer, Dunn. Dunn, Ezelle, Fmger, Ferguson, Harvey, Horton, McClinton, Roby, Spotswood, Wasson, Bizell. Breland, Brown, Cook, Carruth, Dickson, Doggett, Godl)old, Horton, Hamilton, Hardin, King. Kimbrell, Landrum, May, Marclibanks, Sheffield. Wright. Williams, Wofford. 77 THE BOBASHELA THETA KAPPA NU Founded at Dniiy Colleize in 1924 Colors: Ci-iiuson. Arf cnt. ! aile Flower : White Rose Publication: " Thita Ncivs ' ' MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SIX H. V. Allen, Jr. L. B. Jones Vassar Dubard Stanley Riggs CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN Bill Parker Louis Sutherland Thomas Griffin Herbert Sandusky Frank Loflin CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT ■J. D. Simpson , Sam Ellis Russell Turner Chester McKenzie Rodney Walker Campbell Murray ■ George Patton CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE Roy DeLamotte Ralph Barrow Bernard Litke George Pratt .Carl Ray Newsom Ross Shelton Robert Hopper ' George Poole George Russell Indicates pledges 78 u TH E BOBASHELA Allen, Jones. Loflin. Dubard. Riggs. Griffin, Parker. Turner, Ellis. Simpson, " Walker, Jlurray, McKen?ie. Barrow, Del Monte, Luke, Newsom. Pratt, Ross. Russell. 79 THE BOBASHELA SIGMA RHO CH Fdundcd lociilly ;it MiUsiiiis CdUegv in lli:)0 (. ' oiAiRw: Sciirlit (Dill Criiiiii Flower; ( ' (lyndlinn ALPHA CHAPTER CLASS OF MXKTIJILX TIIIRTY-SIX CiiARLKs Arrington Th(imas Ross Otis Bifkix Gilcin Ieahows Roger Filler ■ Wayde Otsley Roy McDaniel Alton ilixoR Ei ' ALL Samples Harold Stacy Joe Meier • Glen Graves CLASS OF NINETEEX THIRTY-SFVFN Francis Bradshaw Alton IcAllily Henry SchuijTz James Droke Robert Mayo Haskell Stewart Brad Breland CLASS OF NIXETEEN riHRTY-EIGIIT David Brooks Lavelle J raxton Allen George Dorris John Rim.mer Melvin Hemphill G. ( ' . Clark Gene Bingham John Livingston Gordon Stacy Frank Lajipton CLASS OF XIXETEEX T II IinY-X IX E Cecil Triplett Kaiil Mong Joe Simpson Roger Elpert ' " JtiHN Fraizer 80 THE BOBASH ELA Arrington, Allen, Breland, Bradsliaw, But ' kin. Brooks. Bingliani. Clark, Graves, Meier, Meadors, Mayo, Minor, McDaniel, Ousley, Rimraer, Ross, H. Stacy, Samples. Sims, Davis, Drake, Elt ' ert, Hempliill, Livin.gston, Stewart, Schultz. Stacy, Simpson, Triplett. 81 THE BOBASHELA PHI MU . ■ P ' oiiiidt ' d at Wi ' sleyan ( ' i)llege in 18.12. Colors: liosc and White Flower: Rose Carnation PuBLioATiox : " A( alia " EPSILON CHAPTER CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SIX ] Irs. Axxie Frances Dodge Xorvelle Beard CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-SEVEN Mary Nicholas Anxie Elizabeth Mikkaii CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT , i AijjE Lea Hall CLASS OF NLXETEEX TIIIirrV-MXE .Sarah Buie Carol Nelson LciriSE ViRDEN POST GRAIUATE i Margaret Flowers 82 THE BOBASHELA Beard Hall Nichols Dodge BriE Nelsox !• LOWERS MrURAH ' lRDEN 83 77 z: THE BOBASHELA KAPPA DELTA Founded: At ' ir; iiiia State Xoniial. Fai-iiiville. ' a.. October 23. 181)7 Established on ] Iillsaps College Campus: St ' i)teiiil)ei- 26, 191-1: Colors: Gnoi mid V ' hiit Fi.owkr: Wliifi h ' osc Publication ' : " The Angelas nf Kappa Delta " MU CHAPTER CLASS OF NIXKTEEX THIRTY-SIX Helen Bond Xaxcy Pltmmer SIarianne Ford Oralee Graves Lexie Mayo ViVLVX Rajisey DdRdTHY StrAIIAN ( ' llARLIE PrICHARD CLASS OF XIXETELW Til Ih ' TY-SEVEX RrBY Frances Stone ' ALER E AVaLL Iary Louise Thelma Bennett CLASS OF XIXETEEX TIIIHTY-EIGHT jin. Davis I)(ii.(ii;es Palmer Neli Permenter Strauan Barbara Bennett CLASS OF XIXETEEX THIRTY-XIXE AIar(;ari;t ] Iuri ' HY P LizABETii Wilson m.ary f leanor sliauciinessy Charlene Fallin Indicates pledges 84 TH E BOBASHELA Bond, Davis, Ford, Graves. Mayo, Permenter, Prichard, Plummer. Ramsey. Strahaii. Wall, B. Beuuett, T. Bennett, Fallin, HoUoman. .Murphy, Shaughnessy, Stone, Strahan, Wilson. 85 W THE BOBASHELA BETA SIGMA OMICRON - Founded: ISt lS. rniversity of Missouri Colors: Rub; (ind [ ' ink Flowers: Richmond and KiUarney Roses Ptblicatidx : " Th( Urn ' ' ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER CLASS OF MXHTEEX THIRTY-SIX Dorothy Boyles ilYirris ] Ieadu vs Nora Graves Nan ' cy ' Collier VlRGIXL ilcClLLAR E " ELYX ClARK Helen Morehead CLASS OF MXKTFEX TIURTY-SEVEX Opal Rrimpield Syhle IIixson LiLLA IiLLs Martha Xewell Florence IlrTciiisox CLASS OF XIXETEEX TIIIRTY-EIGIIT Elizabeth -Myers Indicates pledges THE BOBASHELA Ik)yLES CnlJ.IKK Graves iloHEIIEAD Meadows Newell I ' TCIIIXSON II I nx JIVEKS Clark McCrLLAR BRfXI FIELD . IlLLS S7 ■77 z: THE BOBASHELA CHI OMEGA Founded: rniversity (if Arkansas. A]ii-i! . " ). 1895 Colors: ( ' urdliial mul Stniir Fi.owkr: VIiif( C iniiiiion PriiLICATIiiX : " Till Eleiisis " CHI DELTA CHAPTER CLASS OF MXKTEKX rHIh ' TY-SlX Seta Ai.exandkk Lilla Jo Colsox Elizabeth Kirkpatrkk CLASS OF MXFTFEX TIIIHTY-SKVFX Elizabeth CixxixunAii Iildred Riuff Dorothy Chichester jMelba Sheriiax Stella Galloway Dcikhthy Triplett Edxa Iay Kexxedy CLASS OF MXICTEEX TIUh ' TY-EIGlIT Jesse Vic Rissell Axxie Lor Heidelberg Sybil Scott Berkeley Mth Floy Thompsox Maroaret Sharpe Rebecca Taylor Ri-tii Sparks Martha Xelsox FiLnREn Enochs LASS OF XIXFTEEX TIUUTY-XIXE ' Si x Ellex Chichester Pearl Nobles Louise Moorer Myrt Naylok 88 THE BOBASHELA Alexander. Cnlsoii. Cunniughani, Heidelljerg, Kirkpatrick, JIuh, Nelson. Russell, Ruoff, Shai-pe. Taylor. Thompson, Burge. D. Chichester. M. E. Chichester. Enochs. Kennedy. J. McRae, Moorer, R. McRae, Nobles, Naylor, Sherman, Triplett. 89 THE BOBASHELA THE MILLSAPS BARBARIANS Founded Mareli 28, 1935 Publication: " Barbdrian Broadside ' ' Aubrey C. Maxted ---------- Fre ideni Eunice Durham ----- Secretary HiLLiE Sharp ----------- Treasurer Wallace Mangum -------- Serge-int-af-Arms Earline Johnson ------ Director Girls ' Athletics J. Noel Hinson ------- Director Boys ' Athletics Winnie Buckles ----- Chairmau Entertainments Josephine JIorrow ------ Chairin ' tn Refreshments Phyllis Matthews ------ Chairman Decorations A. W. Wilson -------- Chairman Puhlicity Charles Bag by W(.)ODR(jw Bagby Benton Bailey Hampton Ballard M. M. Bennett Harold J. Best Maurice Black Marie Boggs W. K. Bosarge JiMMiE KoY Bounds Marion Brantley Winnie Buckels J. J. Burnett Harry Caldwell Haery Cameron Ottomese Cassels Sella Cassels Lois Barron Clark James Conner Keys Currie Frank E. Dement, Ji; R. Caxton Doggett Eunice L. Durham Austin Dykes Percy Emanuel Dakin Fitzgerald Li ' ciEN Freeman Wm. Guice Brooks Haynes Gerald Hill J. Noel Hinson Hazel Hollingsworth Henry Holloman Earline Johnson Francis S. Johnson John L. Kayes James Kelley Annie Sue Knight Stanly Lay Dudley LeGette Wallace Mangum Harris I L nning Leon Mathers Phyllis Matthews Aubrey C. j L xted Paul McCormick Thelma McCormick Sam McRae Robert IcDaniel Archie AIeadows CONAN MiLLSTEIN Josephine JMorrow IMadeline .Morrow LeRoy .Muri ' hree Wm. Murray Donald ' Conner John Payne Elizabeth Pickett Ji SEPH Pickett Greely Phillips Robert Price W. Robert Richardson Hillie Sharp Caswell Skinner Carey Smith Purser Sturgeon Melvin Tally John Thompson David Ulmer Earline Watkins Dorothy Weber Fred Weston Fred Whiteacre A. W. Wilson- Sidney White Adolphus Wilburn 90 THE BOBASH ELA JojINSoX jMatthews 91 H ONORARY 93 THE BOBASHELA OMICRON DELTA KAPPA ( SI iiilfiit L( tiderslnp ) Ai.i.EX. Drx.x. BriK. DoGfiETX Maxtkd. McCLiXTdX. Spotswood, Swayze S-MiTii, Key. Sanders. Whtte. Wharton Foimcli ' d ;it Wti-liiiintoii and Lee University in 1914 Colors: Bhn itml WliHc Ptblication : " Tlic Circle " PI CIRCLE FA •IJLTY MEMBERS Di;. 1). M. Key l)i:. .M. ( ' . White PUOFKSSOK ' E1{X0N WllAiri ' ON Professor A. G. Saxders Sri ' DEXr MEMBERS AVebb Bl ' ie ( " aXTO.V |)(l(iGETT 11. A ' . Allen Sidney Smith Raymond McC ' linton Kead Dunn Harris Swayze James Spotswood Aubrey ' JFaxted — — — — — — 94 THE BOBASH ELA ETA SIGMA ( Sc iiiliirsh ip I WlIAHTIi.N, Cl.AliK. RlK( KK.X. FllKD. Al.l.K.N Pi.rMMEU, STUHiii ' .ii.x, MdHKiiKAii, LAriiioiui A i.i:. M(Cri.i.Ai{ Foiuiilcil Ijdcallv at Millsni)s ( ' )llc :( in 19-2:{ FACVLTY MF.MBF.h ' S W. Yj. Rikckkx ' f.RXI)N WllARTdX srVDEXT MEMBERS H. ' . Al.I.KN, Jh. X.wcY Plimmkr James LAi ' nERDAi.K ilARiANNE Ford Pl ' RSER STrRGEOX IIelex ]Morehead X ' iRcixi " Slfi ' ri.i.AR Lol l RR(l V ( ' l.ARK 95 THE BOBASHELA PI KAPPA DELTA ( Forensic ic) DoiiGETT, McCli.ntox, Dl " X. , F(i1;D WiiAKTox, Rr(;t!S. Davis, Bt ' cklios, FioKi.rsox PriiiJCATiox : " The. Farciisic ' ' MISSISSIPPI ALPHA PR(.)FESS()K X ' EKNUX WllAHTdX. FilillUll AdvisilV STUDENT MFMBFh ' S Caxton Doggett ---------- I ' nxiihnI James Fergtson -------- Vic( -I ' n siiJ( nt ] 1LLY Ford ------- Seen tttrii-Tridsiinr Lola Davis Read Drxx WlXXIE BfCKLES StAXLEY RiGGS RAY: r(ixii McCi.ixTdX 96 THE BOBASH ELA ALPHA EPSILON DELTA {Xfitinnal I ' rr-Mi thcnl Friit( rnitfi) 1)1 . . , IviniFKl.DT, I ' l.r.MMER, yri.LIVAN StI!AII. X. Hii-S, LaI ' DERDALE. I ' arkeh ( ' i)RTXER, IIaxm. Riecken. Ieahows, 1 ' |(;piiKI1 MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER l- ' duiiiled : At riii ci ' sity nl ' Alali;iiii;i, 1926 Established nii Millsa])s Collpgc Caiiiims: Ajiril 2S, inn. ' i ( ' iiEi)RS: lied and Violet Feciwer: lud Base Peblicatiox : " The Si nlpd of Alplni Epsihni f)i]hi " OFFTC ' ERS Read Dinx _---.------- Presideni " WiLLEVji Parker Mve-Prcsident Dorothy Strahax --_.--.- Secrefarij Nancy Ph ' jimer -------- Treasurer Fred Reiifeldt ------- Editor James Latderdale ----- Report r MEMBERS Read Di xk -Tajies Lafderdaee WiLLiAJi Parker George Chrtxer Dorothy Strahax Robert IIaxh Naxcy Petmmer Giecix Meadows Fred Rehfeedt ] Ialc ' Olii Pigford Thoiias Ross FACI ' LTY MEMBERS Dr. W. E. Rieckex Dr. J. M. Sn.i.ivAX ll()l ORAR MEMBERS Dr. .1. V. IVVRKSDALE Dr. F. E. IxKIIFKl.nT Dr. JI. II. lldWARP Dr. IT. ( ' . Kicks Uk. Fi:i.i. .] . I ' xDERWOon 97 u ' THE BOBASHELA ETA SIGMA PHI Dubard. Ford. Finger, Galloway, Wotford. Ramsey, Boyles, Smith, Watkins, Doggett, Vest, Haynes, Owsley, Durham, JNIaxted, Morehead, Ferguson, Collier, Wasson, Matthews, Chichester, Wall, Clark, Adams, Key, Sanders, Lin. ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Ellis Finger. Jr. - - - - - - - _ . . f ' rijtauis Stella Galloway -._---.. Jh ijiirchos William Wofford ------- Grammafcus Fagan Scott ------ Epistolographos ]Marianxe Ford ----- Chrt sophyla.r Vassae Dubard ------ Piiloros Jl (jyohAhY MEMBERS I)k. I). .M. Key Prof. .]. Reese Lix Dr. a. p. H. miltox Miss Magnolia Simpson Prof. A. 6. Sanders Miss Elizabeth Craig .STIDEXT MEMBERS M. F. Adams Stella (Jali.oway Dorothy Boyles Brooks Haynes Elliskne Butler Phyllis JIattiiews Dorothy Chichester Aubrey Maxted Lois Barrow Clark Helen ] Iorehead Earle Coleman Robert Owsley Nancy Collier Vivian Ramsey Caxton Doggett Fagan Scott Vassar Dub.vrd Sidney Smith Eunice Durham Iargery Vest James Ferguson v lerie Wall Ellis Finger Wilbourx AVassox Marianne Ford Earline Watkins I ' )!!.!. Wofford 98 THE BOBASHELA SIGMA UPSILON ( I.H( yiirij) ■■■■HflHHI Spotswood, Saxders, White, Doggett, Allen- Price. WiiARTcix. Rkhfeldt. Davis, Sturgeox, Lai ' derdale l ' diiiiilcd at tliL ' I ' liiversity of the South Colors; Green and (laid Publicatidx : " The Scarab ' KIT KAT CHAPTER FACiLTY MEMl ' .ERS Dr. .M. C. White Professor A. (;. Sanders Professor ' ERNdx Wiiartux Professor J. B. Price ST I ' DEM ' MEMllF.h ' S II. V. Allen Pt ' RSER Sturgeon Caxton Doggett ■Ta.mes Si ' oTswoiin Krep Reiifeldt Gradv Po wers Mendeli. Davis 15n.Lv Lauherdale 99 TT rzL THE BOBASHELA ALPHA PSI OMEGA ( Drdiiiafic) Strahax mccullar Sjiith Rehfeldt Xewell Clark White KniBRELL Evelyn Clark Prof. il. C. Clark President ei-.-Trras. MEM BENS Evelyn Clark Leroy Smith Martha Xewell Virginia McCullar Lucille Strahan Billy KniBRELL Freh REHPELnT FACULTY MEMBERS M C, White R. H. Moore Indicates riulcrstudies ICO THE BOBASHELA CHI DELTA PH ( LIti rari 1 .McCri.LAii Wai i ' kks (iu.WKS SiVDAM STiIXK |) VI. .Mm l " iiiiiiilc(l at the riiiviTsity of Tennes.sei. ' in IIIU) Colors: Blue hiuI (riihl PniLirATn.)N : " Littti-iilcu r IOTA CHAPTER FACrLTY MEMBER ilKs. ;Mary B. Stone STl ' DEXT MEMIlEh ' S Lola Davis ' iK(iL iA ilcC ' iLLAK Nora Graves jMarjorie Walters ilAKTH Sivn M Berkeley .AIi ii 101 ■Z7 z: THE BOBASHELA INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Sandek;s, Smith, ilcL ' LixTLix, Whartox, Buie, Graves MoREHEAD, Mayo, Taylor, Spotswood. Doggett, Nobles Davis, jMaxted, Fixger, Galloway ' , Ferguson Sidney A. Smith, Jr. President James P ergtson ------- Vice-President SwEP Taylor Secreturi and Treasurer FACTLTY MEMBERS Professor Vernon AViiarton Pr(ifess()r A. G. Sanders STIDEXT MEMBERS Sidney Smith Oralee Graves James Ferguson C ' axton Doggett Swei- Taylor Stella Galloway ' " Webb Buie Mendell Davis Raymond ilcC ' LixTox James Spotswood Aubrey Maxted Russell Nobles Helen Morehead Robert IMayo Ellis Finger 102 A CTIVITIES 103 THE BOBASHELA STUDENT EXECUTIVE BOARD DoGUETT McClINTOX KldFF AllEX Spotswood liriE Kirkpatrick Hixsox HoXD J5rCKI,KS SWAYZ-E PlJM. l|-,R NdBI.ES l AY.Mi). n Ak ' (_ ' LixT(.)X --------- I ' nsiilrnf H. ' . Allen - - ------- Viic-Presidenf iliLDRED EroFF ------ Sccretary-Treasiirer OTIIEU REPRESENTATJVE i OX THE STI ' DEXr EXEcrrivE BOAh ' n H. V. Allex ---------- Batul Elizabeth Kirki ' atrick - - - Woiixni ' s: Association Webb Hi ' ie - - - - - - - - - - " M " Cluh Webb Bute - - - - Men ' s I ' dn-IIrUinir Council Helen Bond - - - Womfii ' s ] ' in-IIiil uic Council Nancy Plummer -------- QJep Chih Winnie Buckles ---! ' . y. ( A. RrssELL Nobles ------- Y. M. C. A. Harris Swayze -------- Cheerleader James Spots vood ------- Bohashela Caxton DoGiiETT ------ Purple and White Noel Hinson ------ Ministerial League Caxton Doggett ------ Debate Conned 104 TH E BOBASHELA WOMAN ' S ASSOCIATION ' EH.MKNTIOU ilATTlIEWS KlKKl ' ATKICK Smith OFFICERS ElIZABKTII KlRKPATHlCK - - PfCsidc )lf Phyllis Matthews -_..-. Vicc-Presiiloit Xell Permexter --.----- Secretary Hazel Smith ------- I ' riasurir Stella Galloway - - - Frof riiiii ( ' lutirnidn ; Iary B. Stone ----- Advisor 105 W THE BOBASHELA THE MILLSAPS CHRISTIAN COUNCIL (Organized October ' 29, 1935) ■I - —- Alfurd SAMPLE8 McRae Ak ' C ' i.iNToN HiNaoN Buckles AVii.siix Kennedy Mitchell Bullock Nobles Delaup OFFICI ' Jh ' S EuAL Sajiples ----------- Fnsiiliiit KowKXA McRae - Vice-President ]iiA LonsE Alford ----- Secrctarij-Tridsui-er MEMBERS Raymond IcClinton Winnie Buckles Ednae Mae Kennedy James Noel IIinson A. W. Wilson Russell Nobles Ellis Finger Talbot Delaup COVNSELOR Dr. H. I. Bi ' LLocK 106 THE BOBASH ELA MINISTERIAL LEAGUE 1 5 1 M OFFICERS J. XoEL HlNSoX A. W. Wilson - Sidney II. White Prisidriil ' irc-Fresi(lciit S( 1-rctary-Trea.surer H ON OR A RY MEMBERS Miss Ruth Cooper Proffessor J. Reese Lin Dr. Henry M. Bullock Dr. John M. Sullivan MEMBERS Woodrow Bagby Benton Bailey JIarion S. Brantley J. J. Bl ' RNETT Henry Cameron F ' rank Dement Blanton Doggett Caxton Doggett Allen Dye Percy Emanuel Willi a ji Erwin LuciEN Freeman J. Noel Hinson Francis Johnson James C. Kelly ' Wallace ilANouM Robert Iatheny Aubrey C. IMaxted Archie L. Ieadows William R. ] Iurry John Payne Joe Pickett Willlvji Richardson Eual Samples Caswell Skinner Le Roy Slenker David Ulmer Sidney II. White A. W. AVilson- 107 THE BOBASHELA Y.M.C.A. CABINET Allen Wofford Nobles Ross McClinton Buie IIinsox Swayze Si ' oTswonn p]zELLE F ' lxiiKK IIestek Tayldr OFF CERS Russell Nobles ---------- Frtsidcut Thomas Ross - . - Vice-President Bill Woffokd ------ l ecritaru-Trcasurcr COMMITTEE C ' HAIEMEX Raymond ilcCLixTON Webb Buie Noel Hinson Fred Ezelle SwEP Taylor Harkls Swayze Ellis Finger H. V. Allen •Jeff Hester •Tames Spots wood 103 THE BOBASHELA Y.W. C. A. CABINET Mm,, Mii.r.s, Davis. Hoi.Li.Nf;,s vni!Tii Watkins, Si " vn. M, Moriuow, Cih.i.ikr. Gii.w ' ks Fi:i,i)Kn. Mavo, Kky. Stumc. OFFICEnR OF TIN-: ) V. C. .1. Winnie Buckles ------.... Frtsiihul LiLi.A Mills - - Vicc-J ' resiilmt Berkeley ] Inii - . . Serrdarii Lola Davis -------- Treasurer Ain ' soh ' s JIrs. : Iarv B. Stone Mrs. 1). : r. Key Mrs. Patline Bullock ] r. I). M. Key COMMITTEE VIlMUMEy Lexie Iayo ----- Music -To Morrow ---------- Frutinnn Bee Feeder ---------- Social Madeline Morrow ------ Social Service XoRA Graves - - - . _ Iniernational Reliitin)is ilARTlIA SfYOA.M -------- ludlisfriill Nancy ' Collier and Earmxk Watkixs - Hare h ' lluiiojis Hazel Hollingsworth ------ PKhlicitii Sella C ' assels --------- Jit, use 103 W THE BOBASHELA MILLSAPS io6th Frank Slater H. V. Allen, Jr. Bill Hrext Director President } ' irr-Pres. Bi(.s. Mr r. Frank Slater. Witrraiit Officer Hexrv V. Allex. Jr., Staff Sfrgcanf SERGEAXTS WiLLL M y. DfBARD, Jr. Willl ji E. Brext Willl m .M. L.u ' dekoale rolU ' ORALS GiLcix F. Ieadors, Jr. Altox F. ilixoR Williaji B. JIoxtgomery, Jr. John IM. JIcRae FIRST CLASS RRIVATES Robert AV. C ' ixxixgha.m, Jr. JIaurice B. Hatxes Homer E. Fixger, Jr. John R. Rijijier Robert S. Hand Jasper L. Smith, Jr. William C. Wufford Joseph T. Aixsworth James D. Burwell James A. Droke J. mes C. Di ' nx ' Erxest T. Felts Beltox ' Galloway johx w. godbold Edward B. Li ' ke Albert L. Mav. Jr. Chester L. ] IcKexzie I ' RIVATES Dl ' DLEY R. ]M00RE, Jr. Archibald C. Murray Carl R. Newsom George R. Schultz Paul R. Sheffield GoRDOX A. Stacy Jack X. Stuart Charles B. Williams Samuel G. Wilsox, Jr. Hugh Ioxtgomery Paul Carrutii 110 THE BOBASHELA ENGINEERS ' BAND The .Mili.safs Coij.ege IIanh is one of tlie most prog-i ' essive music;il organizations in the statr. During its fi ( ' years " exisleiuc as a military organization the band has made ra|)id stri(h ' s ami now boasts a national reputation which it earned at 1he inangni ' ation of the l ' i-esi(hMit of the I ' nited States in lli:i;i. 77 -; UECOni) OF THE Mfl.l.SM ' S li.WI) Offieia! band at Ihe inauguration of Pi ' esident i " ' ranklin Roosevelt in Wa lnnglon in 19::i: : Official hand in the inaui;uration of Oovernor Senuett Conner in -Taekson in 1982; Official hand in the inauguration of Govi ' rnor llu ' _:li While in dackson in 19:Ui: Each year tlie band of the Jlississipjii State Fair, occupying a prominent [ lace in all parades during fail- week; ' Poui-ed .Mi sissi|ipi in l!)!]. " ). contacting ISrodkhaven. (irenada, Jackson, Newton, and .Meridian; ' Poured Scmth Mississippi in 1936, contacting RrookliaviMi, ( ' r. -stal SpriuLis. Ale( ' omb, Quitman, and ileridian ; (iRAHAJi ; 1cXami:e called the .Millsaps liand " the snaiipiest band in the whole jiarade " in Washington, VXi ' ,]. Professor Frank Slater, director of the Millsaps College Bainl. has an international reinitati(m in the musical woidd. He is ]iarticularly well-known for his vf)ice, and his n imbers are consitlered the ingh si)ot of all IMillsaps Band concerts. Ill THE BOBASHELA THE MILLSAPS SINGERS BOYS ' CLUB Robert Wade Owsley -------- President William Clyde Wofford ----- Business Manager AYiLLiAM Kimbrell ------- Secretary GIELS- CLFB Xa-n-cy Plummer ---------- President klARTHA Newell ------ Business Manager Phyllis : Iatthews ------- Secretarij Professor Alyix Kixg ------ Director : riss Xaxcy Plimmer - Accompanist 112 THE BOBASHELA THE CLASSICAL CLUB Tlie t ' lassicjil ( ' lub is an organization niailf iiji of ;ill (ireek and Latin students, meetina: niontldy to discuss pertinent classical subjects. Tlic jiurpose of the club is to develop and foster interest in tlie classics and in the art, literature, and history of ancient Greece and Rome. OFFICERS El. I, IS FiNCKK Rl ' sseli. Nobles JOSEI ' HIXE iMoRROW Sella Cassels President Vicc-I ' rcsicleut Srcrelarj Tri (isnrt r FACULTY ADVISORS Iiss JIacxolia Slmpson Dr. A. P. Hamilton ' 113 W THE BOBASHELA RAMBLERS CLUB ( Geology i m 1 prx 4E r ■« eieJe . i , f ' v= ' , ==. r r ' ■irr ' • X ra» ' V ' ■ •L 1 ' " ' I f y f S S l L. jS 4 1 , 1 m V 1 -- ■ " ' s c- n r nil - r aii =yi f i: ' ' " ' ' " » 7Z-r 3- • - " T ' IW 1— itii " ' " MiiMaMiii Faciilti Advisor, Dr. J. ]M. Sillivan " OFFICERS Vassar Dtbard ----------- Fresideiti TiKiMAs Rnss -------- - Vicr-Presidcnt Otis Bcfkix --------- Treasurer GiLCix ilEADORS - - - - - - - Reporter MEMBERS Charlie Prichard Campbell Mfrray Dorothy Weber Willie Montgomery Tack Bowen John Olson Francis Bradshaw Wp liam Parker Kellar Breeland George Pattox Webb Biie •T«h ' ' Rim-mer Otis Bifkix Fletcher Veazey , , „ LeRoy Roell Maltox Billoce , ,, , I Ee Rogers J. II. (ox m r Thomas Ross Wyatt Clowe „ c, Ei ' AL Samples Vassar Dubard Herbert Saxdi-sky Will T). Ferriss _ . . Glex Graves Russell Turxer Fraxcis Hamiltox g ,-, Warpield Robert Haxd James Lee Stacy Kelli-m Earline Johxsox James Laiderdale Hubert Carmichael NoRRis ] Iaxxixg Roger Fuller Roy IcDaxiel Joe ]Meier GiLCix ] lE. noRS Leroy Smith 114 THE BOBASHELA MAJOR CLUB SwAV .K, Davis, Akkix(;tii. " . Smith, [cCi ' llar. Dri ' .AHi) .Mim;i;ii v, .Mwi ' i.n, S. ';. I . '!, 1 ' i!i;xt. lIi)i.i,iN(is V(inTii Harris Swavzic ( ' Arrixctun Lola Davis OFFICERS I ' ri siflrnf Vur-I ' n sideni S(_tri tiinj 1111(1 Tr( iisunr Hii.i. 1!ri;xt SwEP Taylor Vassar DrBARn Atbrky ] Laxtkd Rebecca Taylor MFMBFh ' S Sara ] ' iif. ' lR(ilXIA .M(( ' l l.l.AR 1 1 AXEL IIoLLIXCsWuRTIl Hazel Smith ■TosEPHixi: .Miii;ro v W. T. .Maxgi-m ADVISOh ' Professor ' erxox Wuartox J15 THE BOBASHELA MIl.LSAPS COLLEGE, JACKSON, .MISSISSII ' I ' L S.VTrRDAV. FKIIKI .MiV «, 19:i6 First Debate State Hi-Y Heads Band Invited New Grading System Is Attended By ];° ' ;jJJ " ' J° ' ; To Take Two Recommended To Faculty; Large Crowd ' ' ' Other Trips Figures Are Abolished Dunn bikI D»ffell M»«t Girl. F Statf J. Cuem of MlllMip. YMCA Feb. 21-23; PUn» Socikl Til- V No Decision Given " Jf " " IV lbii-H»ulh EhsonlialFeaturt ' sof New S lem , Iread Approved I " A " Rating Is Upped Fiv« Poinl Letter Sea If to Replace Old Sratem of Exact Percenlagei h Business ' tdff Read Dunn -------- - Business Mamujer Francis Bbads iiaw - - - _ . Assistant Business Manager Sim King and Albert ] Iay Rebecca Taylor - - - - Business Manager, Co-ed Edition Assistant Advertising Manager Vassar Dubard ------- Circulation Manager Bill Brent --------- Exehangc Manager 116 THE BOBASH ELA THE PURPLE AND WHITE. FEBRUARY B. WW rOUNfim iT THt JUMIOB CtAMoT IMi I9 t Mroitxf tO Ditinbuicr o Colteftido Digest CDrrVmUL ITAIT ncrok RMY... wbum omv ■TLLT UlLTtKOAUE... MuW i» ' - — iOUIT Iii;ni TAtaiTT DD-ivr j ,, ... .7 ' ' . ■ ' j tmi. ouWn WuH . tea Ttl U Kn.T HUK aVUKtH fTATV rKAMcu •»Ara« w .. — jjj • — , ■i HH Tulv. Ua ai« n ' ■it6(T ' Let ' s Have Another Walk Hun ' n a auegc ' ttion for Ihoov in charge of FEKA wortt ut Mill aps: why not Mt tMjm« of thp workertt to builcllnj; a walk ffim the fruni otcp of (la)loway Hall to the stopB at North WeJit ulreel? The ])uth th M use now ie in rainy wcuthii lickest, mlr- stickles! ]i rampus- Mnrt. ' ,B P uine l on that pat t; ■ ■.riler has ever ! it) f _ W Of en. LSlf 3 alk from Burton I i J " but juat why thttlft -- ' .y. ' nobo ly haa ever q. 1 - t a-ps down which one n. - „ ft :ire not at the enrl of X J ' if one goe-i out of his waW y , he «till has to warle throu l g The ' " ' k fhe Qood Qm ' crnmem Wllvr T»lt Students should regard with inimer satisfaction the new gratline syistt-m wh will he officially announced following th completion of final ilelails at the facu ' meeting this afternoon. Everybody is familiar with the objec- tions against the oUi system of putting grades into exact figures. The new sys- tem will abolish figures entirely, substitut- ing instead the more general grades of A. B, C, D, and F. This method will make the instructor ' s task easier, more accurate, and will remove i. the part of " felt that a gr: as a 2, was sidering the courses of 90. the latter |, 1. The best st for their worl only as " A " st cal average bi students will n the term " ' A ' on a new sjgnii who are inten their work lu assignmenb v laudable sysle incluUfil 111 im.- numiH- ' r wa.- .lack I ' ool, prtsidtrt of the stutlenl disciplinary bodv of thf university, who convicted himself. declaring that he had cheate ! during his freshman year. Both the council and Jack Pool de»er ' c high praise. Pool did a thing that iwrhapa one student in fifty thousand would do. Cheating probably e. ist.-» on ever)- cam- pus. Every school could usj; sfime of the «» rof TW I wt4 B WMU wt tiiih»r U Mra •Ira.l W J 4d tintd fU»l.b. MUkint B «l«r ur Iba r fkllr ippoUtc MWk ' cta tUI CTill Do the peo[»le want goof! govemmentT If they do. rio they know that the best drawn statutes, the moxl modem govern- menial machinery, are of no avail if the men and women who administer govern- ment are given their jobx bvcaum. of their party t«.r icen? as long as we accept the |jhilosophy that party henchmen have a claim to government jobs as their reward, so long must we also accept the possibility of var ' ing standardu of senicc m govern- ment. WTlcn we revern- our thinking and insist that government has a right to em- ploy the ablest men and women, then may L e.xpecl a high grade of public service. We are fortunate to U ' living in a day len, with the alarming hut probably in- itable increase in governmental activities, w light is being ahwi on the problem of vernmental personnel by the leading inkers of our country. These men and men out of their yean of experience and tient research have evolveil a new con- ption of the public service. They speak terms of " traineti personnel " , " personnel -ectont " . the " administrative service " , d, most potential of all, a " career serv- Can the public be made to grasp the sig- nificance 01 this new conception? Can we brush away, from the public mind the cob- webs of the old " civil ser ' ice reform " which all too frequently died on the statute books? Can we convince the political parties that they won ' t die if depriveil of patronage? . if the C:in we awaken the jiuhlic to an appre- dangers of an ever expanding h ha. t as its foun- Is system? Can the potentialities . ill offer a career career which wiD young people to y in special train- them opportuni- l " ) " it ions in their -■ understand that of a government rather than by a »n its successful t in this day and tion is impossible nel from the »t erical .- enice, the ■r ice. up to the EDITORIAL STAFF Caxtox DotHiKTT _ E(I itor-i tt-CJiief Victor Roby Uanaginy Editor William Guice As.sistant Mklra Shekman _ „ Editor, Co-ed Edition Billy Laiukkdale Xeus Editor Melba Sherman, Donald O ' Connor, Keller Breland, Carson Robertson Jimmy Di x Feature Editor Herman Crowder, Roy Delamotte, Elizabeth Cunningham, Charles Arrington Talkot Dklaup and Allan Dye „ „„ Sports Editors Bekkklky Mun _ „ Socictu Editor Lkxie Mayo Mu.sir Editor 117 T7 z: THE BOBASHELA •Jaiies E. Spotswodd Editor SmxEY Allex Smith, Jr. liiisiiii ss Mintdf er For any iiiiperfeetioiis of the 1936 Hobashela, we offer no apologies. With what skill, and iiiatei-ials. and cooperation we have had. we have done the best We eouid do. Xor do we claim any credit for its pleasing features. As nearly as possible we have tried to capture and i-ecord for you IMilisaps and Millsaps life. From that conies any value this book may have, and not fi-om any artistry of ours. In grouping of undergraduates, in using photographic division plates, and in adding a special review section, the 19.S6 Bobashela has dev ' ated from its pi-edecessors. We feel each departure will appeal to you. The first gives the class of " 36 more prominence. The second replaces stock color plates with intimate glimpses of Alillsaps life, %ague and blurry though the studies may s(mietimes be. The last provides a s.vstematie record of all the stir and bustle of activity on the campus you have loved so well. James E. Spotswood 118 THE BOBASHELA THE 1936 BOBASHELA THE STAFF r.niToinM. h ' iii:ii ( ' . KiciiKi:i,i T Hi vii ir E lil ir Ki.Ms I ' i (;kk - - C7( .v h ' dilur Wii.r, I). Fekhiss ------- OrijiiiiiKilidii Kdihiv Ai-i,. N Lank Dyk Arlivilii s Editor RrssEi.i, X()ui,f:s - - I ' hotDijntjdi Editor Lkxik .Mavi) - - . - - Fditiin Kilitor TAijiin ' ' i- - Sjioi-ls Editor Louis Barnes ------- Assoriati Si)orls Editor Roy Oelajfotte - - - Art Editor HE SIX ESS SwKi- Tayi.du ------- Assistinit lliisiiiis MaiDK f i- Wyatt Cldwic -------- Circiiliil ion Mannijir Rehfeldt FiXGEK Fekriss Haknes Mayo Delamotte Delaip Clowe Taylok 119 77 z: u MILLSAPS! MILLSAPS! MILLSAPS! A THLETICS 121 THE BOBASHELA DIRECTORS OF MAJOR ATHLETIC DESTINIES TT ._ . ■-. i .- ' Gaddy KlCItAHnsilN Millsap.s eiuleavonrs in fields of atliletic cnn(|iicst during- l!)3r)-36 were in tlie hands of Head Coaeli Tranny Lee Gaddy and Assistant ( ' oarli ] [elvin Riehardson, reengnized (is two of the most capahle sports nit-ntors ho liave dii ' eeted the (h stinies of ilsijor teams. Their leadership and lore have done mneli toward makinu- Millsaiis squads outstanding; ' year after yeai- in S. 1. A. A. and Dixie Conference eontests. The i)riiK ' iides of sportsmanship an l liiiili conrai:! ' wliii-li they e- pouse aho " e all else have won ilajor athletes honor throughout the South. .Millsaps can he justly proud of t ' oaehes Gaddy and Richardson. Absent this vear was B. 0. Van Ilook. basketball mentor. 123 1 :- THE BOBASHELA THE GRID •Jack Stuart FiiothiiU MdjKii ir To one attempting ' to review comin-ehensively and coldly Millsaps ' record during the 1935 football season, come crowding a host of colorful, stirring recollections which make statistical discussion diffi- cult. Let it suffice to say tliat the Majors lost to Ole Miss and beat Delta State, grimly endured a handy trouncing from Mississippi State ' s now famous ' 35 football edition, lost a sweat-drenched battle to Southwestern of Memphis one tciTibly hot fall afternoon. Let it be enough to remember that thereafter the undaunted Majors proceeded to thrash Birmingham- Southern for the first time in fourteen years, defeat TT SENIOR LINE-UP WHICH FACED MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE 124 BILLOCK. AXDERSON THE BOBASHELA RON TRAIL Sdul liucsli ' ni Loiiisijiiia histitntf. :iiiil upspt a focky |)a( ' k ol ' Louisiana ' I ' ccli xiplKinidfcs wlio liad pre- ioiisly ruled unclialiengcd their seetiou of tlie S. I. A. A. Tile tliiidy-rpserved Militants retiirued to tlu ' ir own field IIoineeoinin j Day to walk all over JMike Donaliue and ten otiiei- surprised isitoi ' s from SprinfT Hill ( ' ollei;e, somehow let the .Mohilians eke out a lucky tie. We can ivcall briefly that in the elosiiifr weeks of a strenuous season. .Millsa]is drojijied a name to ] [niTay State on a sli|tpery, wind-swept rridiron, returned to Jaeksoii for the elosing granie with ] Iississippi College two week-ends later. That .sun-filled Thank-- ;iving day of 1935 saw ; [ilitants and Kedskins engage in a great defensive duel, ending in a tie as the two teams failed to penetrate eaeli othei ' ' s indomitable goal defenses. TT ■ Fli A.VCIS lilfAIKH W SI nihil Miiiiiifiir I if A I III I lii s BUFKIN, CLARK. JOXKS. HOSAIvGK, l;i) VKN. HILL. M. li. XIKL. THOMAS, STRAIT 125 THE BOBASHELA 935 GRIDMEN BACKS Jac K BowKX — As captain of Millsaps ' 1935 gridiron squad, justified Major confi- dence in liis al)ility by keeping team morale at a high level all season. On the playing field, he was deadly passer and blocker deluxe, master at a cut-back which netted much yardage. Senior. RciY McD. . ii;i, — Mac will be most remembered for his pass-receiving over at Louisiana Tech in the fall of 193.5. his bro ' ien-field dashes which stretched completed passes into touchdown plays, and gave Millsaps victory. His heady playing was a great asset to the ' 35 machine. Senior. T. i.i.. Jo.NEs — Standin.g enemy orders when playing Millsaps were: " Watch Jones ' passing! Watch Jones ' kicking! Watch Jones ' running! " He did all three ably, but he wasn ' t a grand-stander about it. What the quarterback said was what he did, and what was best for the team was his first thought. Senior. : I- i.TiiN ■ ' Rkd " Bri,! in k — " Red ' s " big body and fierce delight in smashin.e body contact made him one of the best line-busters Gaddy has had under his tutelage in many years. He was a deadly blocker and a bone-cracking tackier all year. Senior. Fhkd EzEi.i.E — Typical of this 145-pound youngster ' s play all season was his amazing blocking against " Big " Hapes in September, 1935. He smacked that big guy frequently, and he put him down. Ezelle quarterbacked all season, and his work rarely brought forth a protest from the bench. Bovi) Rekvks — In 1935 he understudied Talla Jones, showed triple-threat inclina- tions when Coach Gaddy used him. He ' s a natural. GEOiiiiE SiiEFFiEi.i) — George did his trick both at right end and fullback, alternating as a need arose for big hands and a big body. Shaded by Bullock and Anderson, he still made himself valuable backing up the line, and occasionally snatching passes. Neil Cirlot — Seeing service in almost every team position. Neil eventually settled in the liackfield, where his speed bolstered Millsaps ' running attack. John Lon.r.N — Maybe his middle name is " Rabbit, " but he was one tough guy on the football field, as men who faced him at end or in the backfield will attest. Senior. ENDS Fii.AMv LoEi.ix — As a desperate measure, Gaddy shifted Frank to end against South- western of Memphis. His alertness and defense and his pass-handling made him thereafter one of Millsaps ' ranking flankmen. Senior. Hin. .M A.MiERSox — One year ' s absence didn ' t slow down Hiram. How he did smear interference! The fits he gave opposing passers and punters! His aggressive play was the bane of enemy formations. Senior. Lrovn StTiiERi.. Ni) — Some lucky gift of timing made Sutherland a master pass receiver; he was always at the exact spot at the right time, and laughed at rough tackles from mortified secondary men once he got his hands on the pigskin. He was an excellent diagnostician as to what the man across from him was going to try to do. Senior. Roheht Strait — " Bob ' s " all-round play won him deserved recognition from the Dixie Conference. He was a ranking member of the " shock brigade " which Gaddy used to break up enemy formations. Bi!. xTox Allex — While he didn ' t see much active service, Allen was out on the field every afternoon proving that he could play end. It helped the team a lot to know that a scrappy flankman like Allen was waiting to stop-gap. 126 THE BOBASHELA StKAIT, lih ' KLAXn, EzioLLi:, .McDaxiki, BUPKTX, ( ' (IX, -loXI-N. WaI.KKR, WilFFdKD SnTIKHLANH, A. |1Kr.S(_lN, Rf.kvks 127 w THE BOBASHELA 935 GRIDMEN TACKLES Otis Bi fkin — " Buf " played high-caliber ball all year, keepinie; his section of the line airtight against enemy thrusts, and mopping up nicely when " Pee AVee " Ezelle called tor a hole oft tackle. Senior. Br.vd Bkklam) — A likeable, grinning youngster who learned before the end of the football season to leave his good humor off the field. When he charged, something moved; and he could really keep blockers off with those big hands of his. G. C. Ci.. RK — A husky sophomore who made good his first year in varsity com- petition. He was a pillar on defense. Edw. ri) Cox — Cox didn ' t play much in 19.35. but he made good what opportunities he did get, and will probably be in the front ranks consistently hereafter. GUARDS Bi ' STER BosARGE — Maybe everybody called him " Papa. " but he didn ' t show signs of age as a running guard, and nobody enjoyed facing him on offense or defense. He took his football seriously, and played hard. His goal-kicking proclivities beat Birmingham- Southern. Senior. Paul Tiioma.s — A stocky bit of concentrated dynamite whose speed and fight spread woe among enemy ranks. JiMMiK Lkk — Lee came through last year at a time when Millsaps was placing a high premium on number one reserves. He understudied regulars in very satisfactory fashion. Rodney Walker — Rodney must be classed as another football natural. Spotting his mates weight and experience, he still performed with equal ability all year, and was a dependable cog in all of Gaddy ' s formations. Haskell Stewart — " Hack " did utility service both in line and backfield, but worked to best advantage as a vest-pocket guard. He ' s the kind of fellow you like to play with — or against. Fight like the devil, but no hard feelings. CENTERS Gerald Hill — To those who don ' t believe in sticking a light man into the midline, Hill proved a puzzler. Unusually light for the post he filled, he used his hands and his head, and he followed the ball in a way to make critics class him on a par with anybody he faced all year. As tribute to his fighting spirit and team loyalty, he was elected alternate captain at the end of the year. C. W. Fairhanks — Fairbanks made good at Millsaps because he played all year with the idea that he belonged in every play, and never loafed when the l)all was being carried away from his position. Bill Wofeord — With two regulars ahead of him, sophomore Bill Wofford still turned in a creditable performance all season which will probably win him a number one post on the Purple and White eleven. 128 Y THE BOBASH ELA Sheffield, Cirlot, Fairbanks, Bi-llock BowEN, Lee, Loflix, Bosarge, Clark Hill, Stewart 129 THE BOBASHELA MILITAN KicHARDsox, Coach, SiMPSOx, AYalker, Bullock, Ezelle, Buie The fighting spirit whieli Millsaps " 1936 varsity basketball squad exhibited throng ' h a hard season will be lonji- remembered in Majdr annals. Handicapped by injnries, lack of reserves, by key men ha in i- to qnit as ( " oaeh Richardson prepared to bnild an important formation around them, even badly shaken np in a wreck on one trip, Millsaps ' gallant quintet kept plugging. They entered every game determined to win. and fought to tlie last whistle. The spirit of the ]Ma.ior cagemen is best shown in the ])erformance of John Loflin, a reserve with little intercollegiate experience, who jilayed top-noteh 130 THE BOBASH ELA BASKETEERS J!3l| f j J. LoFLix, McDaxiel, Clark, Reeves, Ellis, Managtr. V. Loflin ball vlu ii he took the place of Frank Loflin. his hrothci-. injureil in that wreek nji Tennessee way; or in the performance of Captain AVelih Hnie, a light-weight frei|uently battered in contacts with heavier men. who never slackened his pace. Roy .McDaniel and ilalton Bullock probabl.v turned in the most finished games of the Millsaps varsity cagers during the ' H6 season. IcDaniel was es]iecially " liot " ' the night lillsaps met the Choctaws at the Armoi-y hitting the goal fi ' om all angles that evening to give ; Iillsa]is the sweet taste of victory. 131 " Z7 z: THE BOBASHELA Varsity Baseball JSS ' • - t e f ,? t f 3 Gaddy. Hemphill, Stewart. Horton, Jones, Simpson, Assat, Bnllock, Wartield, Veazey, Ellis, McClinton, Sutherland, Buie, Lofliii, McDaniel, Sharp, Strait. " With coii.sideral)le mound strength in tlie persons of Bnlhii lv. Assaf, Ilorton. Warfield. and Cirlot, anil a tii ' mij) of formidable stickmen numbering Sutiicrland. Sharp. IJulldrk. ami .M(d)aniel, the varsity baseball squad was able to offer ' 36 (i|)]i()iien1s j)lent,v of oppositidu. An exteiisix ' e liaseball sehedulc fiiiall. ' got under va. ' aFtei ' rain dela, e(l the season open( i ' two successive week-ends. lillsaps started shiwly a.uainst Ole Miss and Louisian a Tech, got uiuler wa. - in two games wilii Delta State. Outstanding during the year was " Red " ' Bullock, whose work on the mound, at first base, and in the (lutfield was of exceptionally high caliber. He addeil hitting iionors to other diamond accomplishments. Ace base-stealei ' was sprinter Loins Sutherland, who heat many a throw from pitchci ' oi ' eatcher to base with his amazing speed. In thi ' infield Roy McDaniel pnil)ably turned in the most creditable performance as a smooth- working, heady siiortstop. 132 THE BOBASHELA VARSITY TENNIS Paced by tlie brilliant play (if Herbert Sandusky, seeded mmil.ier nne. lill- •saps iietiueii enjoyed a fair season, faced s(|uads from all over the South, took on several mid-western invaders, anil handleil plenty of opiiosition from ilississijipi and Louisiana. Rankinj: ' netmen for the season were Herbert Sandusky, nundier one. Hubert Canniehael. nundi( r two. Rojjier Fuller, number three. Francis Hanulton. luun- ber four, and Talbot Delauii, iiundier fi e. The number one doubles sipiad consisted of Sandusky and Carnnchael. the number two of Fuller and Hamilton. Otlier rac(|uet candidates provided ilajor repi ' esentatives witli ]ileuty of competition. " While Carniichael and Sandusky had been known quantities and were there- fore included in early estimates of Millsaps net strength, the abilities of Hamilton. Fuller, and Delaup had been unknown. Hamilton and Delanp hail been unknown, and their creditable work on the I ' oui-ts was es]iecially wel- come. Hamilton and Delaup i)layed furiously and sometin es erratically. Fuller iclied on steadiness to overcome bis opponents. 133 THE BOBASHELA THE FIGHTIN f :. FOOTBALL 111 liis 1935 freshiiian siiiuul, Coai-li Riduinlson luul a gmup of youngsters who •would delight the heart of any football mentor, and who gave pi ' oiiiise all year of great days for future ilillsaps varsities. To much football promise, the frosh gridsters added a hearty for the game, and a sportsmanship which won the admiration of their opponents. High spot of the 1935 season for the frosh was their victory over Southwest Junior College ' s highly touted eleven. The frosh were supposed to lose, but they landed on Summit like a mildly enraged tornado, and eame home with the game " in the bag. " The frosh fought to a deadhiek with the : Iississippi College Papooses, hut they got the measure of the Ilitt, and he probably won ' t be the obnoxious person to them liereaftei ' that his brothers were to Major elevens they faeed. While all the Minors played jam-up football, especially to be congratulated are Edwards, Rester, Anderson, Walker, and Smith in the line, and Cox, Elfert, Hardy, and Hill in the baekfieUl. Show us how to play football these next three years, you Minors! 134 THE BOBASHELA MINORS BASKET BALL Coach Gaddy guided his f ' reshiiian cagers through a highly profitable season, during whifh a likely bunch of frosh j-oungsters got acquainted with the !Mill- saps system, and trounced some formidable foes in the bargain. Before the end of the season Gaddy had develojied two fairly well balanced quintets, and when he had them in shape began to substitute team foi ' team. Using that sy.stem lie was able to prepare all his likelier youngsters f(}r varsity ball in ' 37. To one ace of the freshman outfit .Millsaps men are going to look especially in the future, should he continue to wear Purple and White togs. That man is Currie, as smart and eagle-eyed a cageman as ever worked on a Minor squad. He was ably seconded by such players as Ballard, Elfert, Gilliland. Price. Cox, Edwards, and Thompson. Standards set by the frosh football and basketball teams were carried on by the yearling nine. The freshman basball squad smeared Hinds Junior College two games straight, split a series with Pei ' kinstoii •luiiior College — later state finalists — and rounded out the season by wliipiiing the Mississipjii College Papooses two games out of three. 135 77 z: Auit Aititprttis m utB i ' i i-;i) c. i i:iii-i-:i.i)T. i-diim- ()l. One .ii ' M-:, ]!);i(i N (). $35,000.00 (;ym — ( — Thi ' OiiKli ;i haze ol ' cifiar siiiokc arose the plans lor Millsaps new STi.OUO (loUar Kynuiasiuni. Through the medium of Millsaps favorite son Webster Millsaps liuie and through the solicitations of R. L. Ezelle Sri.OdO dollars was banked, bidden for, Rotten by contractor I. r. Garber; in return tlie handsome, brick Buie Memorial gymnasium arose on the Northeast part of the campus. No small matter is the Buie Mem- orial symnasium. Since the burn- ins of the athletic .Jarn in the dim past Millsaps basketballers have begged, borrowed floor space, have been inconvenienced, heckled. Now students no longer have to wan- der off the campus to indulge in their athletic pastimes. Showers, lockers, ample floor siiace can be had within a stone ' s throw of the dormitories. Besides being the major event among the Majors for 1935-1936, the Buie Memorial gymnasium sat- isfied all accrediting association de- mands, did justice to excellent Mill- saps basketball teams. Among the finest in the South the imposing new gymnasium has a playing floor of SO by 94 feet, a ceiling clearance of 32 feet, student lounges, bookstore, easy access to golf links, tennis courts, baseball field and stadium. GYM PUSHER HOMECOMING HUMS Short. Irish, bright-eyed Dudley Culley, new Millsaps alumni secre- tary, threw his whole energy into annual Homecoming Day. organized committees, made speeches, sent out invitations to alumni, made Homecoming plans hum. Result: Speeches, an all day program with barbecue, football game, alumni spirit that has never been equaled. Dudley Culley. himself an alum- nus, one-time school teacher took his place at the helm of the Mill- saps Alumni Association, in 193.S, injected new life with new ideas, collected valuable information, made many new friends for the col- lege. Other bigwigs in tlie new alumni association were: Bruner Hunt, president: Walter Spiva, vice pres- ident; Garner Lester, secretary- treasurer. WEBB BUIE PODAER PASSES Somewhere around the turn of Mil- last ccMituiy. Ben Sanders wan- dered ovei ' to -Millsaps campus one .i(ter;;oon to watch a few boys ki( king a football around. Bon was an inmate of llie state jsylum across North State, but a trusted inmate, so that even then he had the run of the place. The asylum officials didn ' t mind his leaving, for he was always back to eat and go to bed, and he was al- ways cheerfully ready to do a chore. And presently lillsaps was very glad indeed f. have Ben come over. His good natui ' e. his fund of liilarious tales, his unabashed " Hi, Pod ' ner! " won the hearts of all the folks about the campus, students and faculty members alike. When intercollegiate athletics be- came a regular part of the Millsaps program, Podner Ben stepped into the position which he occupied to tho day of his death. He became mascot of every squad, and he at- tended each practice session with moie regularity than the most earnest recruit. Every student since the incep- tion of basketball and football games remembers his stooped fig- ure on the sidelines, his cracked old voice calling encouragement to the struggling Majors. One of his expressions is now a classic: " Git dat ol ' pepper, Podnerl " His illness and passing late in .May, 193(i, was the occasion of an outpouring of grief and affection from Majors of times past and from the entire student body, from friends of all walks of life. During his illness every attention was provided him. A host of friends gatheied at his funeral, conducted in Murarh Hall auditorium. The tributes paid him there by Dr. Key. Webb Buie, and Fved Ezelle might well have come from any of those who heard them. Of Podner — lying before them in his most cherished possession, that fireman ' s suit — they said: " Good man . . . loyal friend . . . stannch- est supporter. " Millsaps College Jackson, Mississippi Of Uollege of Ofrh ana Sciences FOUNDED 1892 jNIenibei ' of: Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools On the fully approved lists ot: The Association of American Universities The American Association of University Women Offers to young men and women of character, ainhition and ahility. the foUoKing adrantages: 1. Rigorous Academic Training and Scholastic Prestige. 2. Alert Intellectual and Cultural Life of the Student Coni- nuinity, expressed in Literary, Athletic and Religious Or- ganizations. 3. Moderate Expense and Plxcellent Opportunity for Loans and Employment. For Catalogue and Special Information, Address D. M. KEY, President Jackson, Mississippi MONG your most highly prized treasures are the portraits of your friends, rela- tives, and loved ones. When YOUR portrait is made, be sure that it is done according- to the latest methods, by artists worthy of the name. Cole Studio YVETTE M. CuLE, PIlut U[ lUplw f Jackson. Mississippi All photographs in the 1936 Bohashela are " By Cole ' Ill Jackson it ' s— The EAiDCciuM ' Jackson ' s Greatest Store " « COMPLETE SELECTIONS CORRECT STYLES ATTRACTIVE VALUES Union Depot Service Station .1. IS. WAI.KKH, Mgr. McCLAREN TIRES and TUBES LION GASOLINE Valvoline, Alemite and Galena Motor Oils FREE ROAD SERVICE -- WILLARD BATTERIES ACCESSORIES " ITS A PLEASURE TO PLEASE YOU " COR. MILL and AMITE PHONE 840 ALERT and STEADFAST Alerl lo llu ' tcni|)o of nouIIi. fashion :ukI Ihc cluin. inLi siciif — SUadfiisI lo llu ' liiiK ' -k ' stc ' d |)riiK ' i|)lt ' : " (Jii;ilil of TriulilioiKil ( lianirkT. " KENNINGTON ' S " Mississipprs Best Store " - JACKSON Welcome to Milisaps Students— W ' C ' cWvy ;v ( ' om])k ' tc ' Line of School Supplies When in need of: NOTE BOOKS, THEME PAPERS, GRAPH PAPER, PENCH.S, TABLETS— COME TO SEE US ' . ' nrc also exclusive dealers for the L. C. SMITH and CORONA TYPEWRITERS Ask us for eon)])lele information and our Mheral Time Payment Plan to Students The OFFICE SUPPLY Co. Phone 531 Complete Office Outfitters 515 E. Capitol Street Jackson, Miss. We Handle ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT All Sports SCHOOL, THEATRE, CHURCH Furniture and Sui)i)lies Mississippi Scliool Supply Company Servini Mississippi Scliools Jackson Mississippi Millsaps Alumni si:k and rsK the Royal standard — TYPEWRITERS — Portable Visit Us When In Jackson SALES — SERVICE — SUPPLIES JACKSON TYPEWRITER COMPANY 222 E. Capitol St. P. 0. Box 704 Phone 2391 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI City Coal Lumber Co. Building Materials--- Paints, Roofing 841 Bailey Ave. PHONE 371 and 671 ■ ' ( ' lollies for the Well-Dressid College Man ' ' MAJORS:— Make llic (il()l)f Your Headquarters for fiue Clothing and Furnisli- ings at — POPULAR PRICES The GLOBE STORE FOR MEN PHONES 371 and 671 Albrittoii ICE CREAM Company ADMINISTRATION THE RAMBLERS Millsaps students ' extra-curricu- hii- activities consist of athletics, lioiioraries, occasional social af- fairs, (lel)ating, dramatics. Millsaps faculty extra curricular activities consist of convention going to all parts of the United States. Last year Millsaps President David Martin Key travelled exten- sively. Results: much school busi- ness transacted, a hurried airplane fliglit from Birmingham to be on hand to shake hands, make speech- es for Millsaps Homecoming. Beside a state wide tour in the interest of the new Gymnasium, President Key went to New York t ' ity, the North Mississippi Annual Conference at Amory, Mississippi, Regional Convention of American Association of Colleges at Atlanta, Ceorgia, and was active in a special survey of Lenoire Rhyne College in Hickory, North Carolina. Dr. W. M. Alexander, college sec- retary of the General Board of Christian Education of the Meth- odist Episcopal Church, south, re- marked: " I would place President Key among the two or three most prominent presidents of Methodist college and universities he is making an outstanding contri- bution to Christian education. ' ' Others to wander: Dr. John Ma- gruder Sullivan, who journeyed to Annapolis to address Uncle Sam ' s Midshipmen. Vernon L. Wharton, debate coach took the Millsaps debaters to Ark- adelphia, Arkansas; Starkville. Mississippi and Houston, Texas. Others travelled to church con- ferences, science conferences, and athletic conferences. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Millsaps-Carnegie library teemed with activity: much cigar smoke and much unhushed talking was allowed as the mid-year meeting of Millsaps Board of Trustees prepar- ed to get under way. Board members were gratified to learn: 1. Dr. D. M. Key ' s report show- ing that Millsaps drew more stu- dents from the state at large than did Vanderbilt, Birmingham-South- ern, Emory and Hendrix from their respective states. 2. That Millsaps ' new gymnasium, (see New Gymnasium) was rapidly becoming a reality according to the reports of R. L. Ezelle, chairman, of the gymnasium advisory com- mittee. BELOVED FACULTYMAN PASSES Dr. George C. Swearingen, first Latin and Greek professor at Mill- saps College and one-time insur- ance executive passed away during the year following a series of se- vere heart attacks. Respected, loved Dr. Swearingen represented the finest traditions of Christian manliness, possessed an astute, capable mind. 13 ALFRED BOURGEOIS Manufacturing Jeweler WEST JACKSON. MISS. J . L . A 1 b r i 1 n YOUR JEWELER ' e Do K er (liing in Fine Watch and .le cli ' Repairing Authorized Dealer in All American Made Watches Fine Diamonds and Je Yelry 246 E. CAPITOL STREET OPPOSITE POST OFFICE Batton Tire Oil Co. N. State Amite St. Phone 870 " Cdiiijih le (})i(-St(jji Si rvic( ' ' Frank Batton E. S. Atkinson Primos Coffee Shop The Best Place in Tuwn TO EAT Opposite the New Post Office Tji t T ' s Fui ' llisll — YOrR Koo.M oli IIOAIH Good Furniture Moderate Prices I ' sr Our Bitdi rt I ' lini of — SMALL CASH PAY.MEXT BALAXCE : rOXTHLY Tavlor Fiirnitiire and Carpet Co 504 E. Capitol Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI THE HUB style Store for Men 108 West Capitol JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI DORMITORY CHANGES To curb freshman boisterousuess. too frequently expressed in win- low-breaking and other minor form; of playful sabotage, administrators installed in Pounders Hall matron- ly Mrs. Holloman. told her to take care of " the boys " . Timid yearlings entering the frosh dormitory in the fall of 1935 were won by a smiling, gray-haired woman who took pains to see that they were settled com- fortably. And they broke no windows, flooded no shower-rooms, justified administration confidence in her ability to manage Major youngsters. Wiser than others, she merely smiled when freshmen cut loose in hallways with Christmas firecrack- ers, knowing that an infrequent bang was better than damaged Iiroperty. To bring boarding co-eds closer to a campus which they had long watched wistfully from the isola- tion of a rickety wooden structure across North State, college author- ities installed Millsaps women in renovated Galloway hall when Sep- tember, 11135, rolled around. ResuU.j: More campus romances. Better dining-room manners un til eds grew accustomed to the in- flux of coeds. Increased coed interest in cam- ims affairs. NEW GRADING SYSTEM Too many " As " and too little hon- est sweat is longer the complaint of Millsaps students who find time to study. Hoping that there will be more honest sweat and fewer " As " the Millsaps faculty changed the much debated grading system and adopted a higher standard in 19.35. Highest standard: all the work that would normally bring " As " plus outside work of consid- erable importance. Other stand- ards: No numerical grades, " Bs " where " Bs " are due. Stimulation of initiative, cancellation of any comprehensive grade below " B " , The Best Dressed Men Wear SCHWOBILT ESTABLISHED 1912 REG. U. S. PAT. OFF CLOTHES THE SCHWOB COMPANY 155 E. Capitol Jackson, Miss. Electric POWER AND SERVICE A BASIC MISSISSIPPI INDUSTRY R. W. ' F E R R A L L standard Life Building Model ' I) Jiirdni foe Mode) ' )! Majors Also Je velry Repair Grcenbrook Floral Co. CLINTON ROAD Phone 579 ' Fli iC( rs for ■! riiji Occiisniii ' ( ' (iiiiplinu ' iitN 111 ' JOHNSON CLEANERS White ' s Lumber Yard (ri)iir(il Miifiridls JACKSON, MISS. CAME THE BAR P S I olitieal moi ' sels which annually stir Millsaps frater nities and snror- iiies into frenzied campaisiiing are: 1. Student association: 2, women ' s association; 3, class office, elec- tions. Elective posts in which Major men and co-eds make their choices after duly consideri ' is m?r- its and demerits of eligible indi- viduals are, 1, " Master Major, " 2, " Miss Millsaps, " 3, the five Boba- shela beauties. For years campus social fraterni- ties had been the only groups con- testing successfully for such posts. In the year 193.5 arose a group which realized long-starved non- fraternity aspirations: A. C. Max- ted ' s Barbai-ians. Election for ]!l:?5-:!fi association offices in the late spring of UiS- ' i took lio account of gathering Bar- barian power, placed in office Pi KA ' s Raymond McCliiiton, presi- dent of the student association, TKN ' s H. ' V ' . Allen, vice-president, ChiO ' s Mildred Rouff, secretary- treasurer. In the woman ' s associa- tion ChiO tallied another victory when Elizabeth Kirkpatrick copped the presidency. When fall class elections loomed on the horizon, dissension had sidit tlie Greek front, given unified non- Greeks the " balance of power. " PiKA offered no senior class candi- date. Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma drew daggers, renewed traditional rivalry: Sigma Rho Chi and the Barbs joined forces, placed in of- fice SRC ' s Roy McDaniel (presi- dent) and Delta ' Zeta ' s Hazel Smith, (secretary-treasurer). In under- grad elections, PiKA and Kappa Sigma divided most of the presideu cies and vice presidencies, but Kap- pa Delta blanked Chi Omega in EAGLE LUMBER SUPPLY CO. Dealers in LUMBER BUILDERS SUPPLIES Phones 3 " 01-38r2 Jackson. IVli-.s. Will ri Frii lids Mil I Fni mis ' CAIN DRUG CO Cor. N. Jefferson and Fortification Phone 6497 Atwater Kent RADIO McKAY PLUMBING CO. 124 N. LAMAR STREET Jackson. Miss. WHO ' S Birthday Anniversary Is It Today ' PIIOXE rs THE ADDRESS " .S ' ( i It With Fldircrs " CAPITAL FLORAL CO LIXDSEY CABAXISS. Mur. Cuinpliiiu iits of Southland COTTON OIL CO. JACKSON, MISS. competition for coveted secretary- tieasurer portfolios, cinching fresh- man and junior cliairs while the Barbs placed their candidate in the sophomore elections. The four classes placed four foot- ball heroes in number one posi- tions. Barbs and Sigma Rho Chi fat- tened on KA-KS wrangling, feasted in later selection of the Bobasbela ' s Master Jlajor. Signed ballots show- ed evidences of coincidental Barb- KS-SRC-CHIO similarity of thought, and lIcDaniel scored a victory over KA ' s Webb Buie. Kappa Delta was able to rejoice in a staggering victory over ChiO ' s demoralized machine, put in Oralee Graves as Miss Millsaps, and placed three of the five beauties to Chi Omega ' s two. HONORARIUM ETA SIGMA PHI While feast- soothed hearers paid polite atten- tion, a lady poet from All Saints at Vicksburg read her ode com- memorating Horace ' s two-thous- andth anniversary; Fre4 SuUens gave the low--down on the Roman bard ; presiding officers from Ole Miss intoned solemnly the ritual of initiation into Eta Sigma Phi. So was established in the fall of 1935 Millsaps ' chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, national classical fraternity, Ellis Finger, Jr., Prytanis. Behind the good meal at Mrs. Wear ' s and impressive ritualizing of visiting dignitaries lay months of hard work and years of dream- ing by Millsaps classic professors. To spry little Dr. A. P. Hamilton, mellow-voiced Miss Magnolia Simp- son, must go much credit. They (a med student interest, enlisted faculty support, got Eta Sigma Phi for Millsaps. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA At -Millsaps there is a student execu- tive board which controls student affairs sometimes by and some- times against a cumbersome, little read constitution. SEB presents Welcome To Capital City Cafe Jackson ' s Most Popular Eatiny Place ' ' Our Food is Better " Stop in AFTERTHE DANCE Our Tomato Juice IS BETTER OPPOSITE OLD CAPITOL N ORTH STATE STREET CLYDE nrXXAWAY, .1 r . ' ' ■■ Paint - Wail Paper - Glass " For Evtrij Purpose " ESTABLISHED 1924 CAPITAL PAINT GLASS CO JACKSON, MISS. rilE BEST SHOP J. T V. HART SCHAFFNER MARX Clothes STEVEN ' S ELECT no LUX Rofriyorators CHAMBERS Ranjucs R. C. A. Radios DAVIS PLUMBING CO. 113-115 S. State St. For Sports Read Daily Clarion Ledger " Micsissippi ' s Fastest Growing Newspaper " Coni])limeiits [ ' S, Inc. C()ni])liiiients H. T. NEWELL, Sr. ACME BREAD Is Served in Millsaps Dormitories ACME BAKERY 230 N. Parish Street Jackson, Miss. L. ' . Bkhmkttk Mokax Bkuuktme .mil speaks for student interests to ilir iMcnlty when stnrlciU interests mill piesentinK. Hark or SIOH is Oniicroii Delta Kappa. sliiili ' iU IcadiTsliip frater iiily with inl ' injtely more power in laculty intercession because leading ir( les respect I ' i C ' ii ' cle ' .s selfless dedication to student interests. OIIK met about once a month | durins 1935-36 in this member ' s home or that, joked and gossiped over consistently good meals, dis- cussed camiuis problems thereafter in rooms befogged with smoke from host-proffered cigarettes and cig- ars. Proposals agreed upon after earnest discussions in which I)rs. Key and White, Pi ' ofessors San- ders and Wharton entered heated- ly, were usually put into action llirough the faculty or through SICB, where circle-wearing ui. ' Ui bers got action. Accomplishments for tlie year which Pi Circle remembered with pride in .Tune, 193(5, were: Important ODK contributio ' s to the $3.5,000.00 Buie Memorial Gym- nasium. Warming to Pi Circle hearts was the fact that Brother Ezelle had been chief worker in the campaign wliich made the structure financially possible. Advocacy of a system designed to eliminate hogging of student of fices by a small group of students, to secure more efficient work from capable Majors by limiti-ig their fields ot endeavour. ODK placed the system before SEB in the .•spring of 1935. Support of a much-needed con- siitutional revision program. Representation to the faculty and board of trustees of the need for a men ' s lounge in Murrah Hall. Pi Circle initiates in 1935-36 were: Aubrey Maxted, head Barb; Har- ris Swayze, cheerleader; James Spotswood, editor Bobashela; Bill Parker. Alpha Eiisilon Delta mo- gul: Mendell Davis, fraternity of- ficer, KitKatter, IRCman. ALPHA EPSILOX DELTA doing busily to work in its first year on Millsaps campus, this national pre- medical fraternity: .MII.L.S.M ' .S COLLlJ.i; ,( (ids I II h ' .d iiriil mil .I.VC K.SOX .sri-:. .M L.MNDin ' l.iiii s III I, II II ml ni mill Hi II Clin III ml I ' lioiic 7:i() I. I,KII. I. . . I ' n-iilcMi ( ' mil pi mil Ills ii( MORRIS PHARMACY Opposite Baptist Hospital PHONES 7376-7377 Hederinan Brothers IMUXTKRS BLANK BOOK MAKERS STATIONERS LITHOGRAPHERS €500 Jackson, Miss, 6501 WARD DRUG CO. Etheredge Cleaners 109 N. STATE ST. Coinpl inn Ills of Everett Hardware Co. South State Street JACKSON, MISS. Directed Millsaps club activity. pre-medical International MOTOR TRUCKS McCormick-Deering Farm Machinery SALES AND SERVICE Jackson International Co., Inc. PHONE 3430 229 S. LAMAR ST. R. E. Langley Florist 82,S P()i)lar IMvd. IN MEMORY 1936 Sponsored a program of mental and sex hygiene which won unan- imous approval from Jackson doc- tors. Millsaps faculty men. Toured Mississippi ' s tubercular .sanatarium: inspected its insane hospital. Assisted Mississippi College ' s pre-nieds begin a program model- ed after plans of the Millsaps club, sponsored a perhaps epoch-making exchange of visits between clubs of the two schools. CHEERS TOPS FOR SWAYZE When bigger and better cheers are made than the vocalizations of Head Cheerleader " Runt " Swayze during the 1935 football season, they will be very loud and stirring indeed. Inspired by the able precedent of ' S4 ' s Karow, Swayze brought forth a series of intricate outcries and contortions which undoubtedly sur- passed efforts of previous Major pep doctors. In the matter of parades up and down Capitol s treet before and after varsity clashes with import- ant rivals, grinning little Harris de- finitely set himself, carved himself a niche at the top of Millsaps cheer- leading history. In one parade, he had over ninety per cent of the student body marching the long route from Mill and Amite to the Old Capitol. And the clamor of rival caravans was as the squeak of the mouse to the roar of the lion once the ener- getic yell-master got his following in full outcry. Assistants to Swayze were " Blackie " Shaughnessy, Carson Robertson, and Evelyn Burge. THE R. H. GREEN Wholesale Co. Wholesale Grocers We carry a full line of Fancy and .Staple Groceries. Flour, Meal, Feed and pecialize in Fresh FniiLs airl ■ ' egetable.s and Produce. W make a Feature of Siijiiihinti SCHOOLS AND INSTITUTIONS JACKSON, MISS. N. Gallatin St. SMOKE:— Portina Tampa Nugget Miirial Great Southern Keep Moving El Trelles White Owl John Ruskin Good Cujors Corr-Williains TOBACCO CO. Wliolesale Disti-ibutors ALI, AlAKKS OP l ' ( IKTA llhK T V I ' KWK ITIOUS (Made for Us by Remington-Rand) MoiKiifli Tn i)c ' lik ' i ' s Mc ' rcluml (!;ilciil;il()i ' s ' i(i()i ' Addiiii; Miichincs OITicc Supplies -o- LORENZ OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY, Inc. 211 W. CAPITOL STREET Jackson, Mississippi .M1I.1 SA1 ' .S STIDKX ' I ' S STOP AT— THE EDWARDS HOTEL ill till ' ( ' iipital ( ' ity tliry liappcii in llic " Liilihi iif llii Kd ifdiils " -o- ED WARDS HOUSE COMPANY .1. I). lU ' cilAXAN I ' rcsuhnl (111(1 M(i)i(i(j(r STANDARD PHOTO CO. Photo Finishing Plant DH. II. F. MA GEE KODAKS — CINE KODAKS — SUPPLIES Pln sicKii) (iiid Siirf tiiii .lACKSOX, MISS. Lamar Life Building 523 E. Capitol St. Phone 124 .lackson, Mississippi occt SMDDTH FROZEN SjealcJUili ICE CREAM Coryrishl I93S by Internalionil Auociatioii of Ice Crejm Manufacturers ICE CREAM r ' t y daw -k if V SOME WAY if i : HEMPHILL DRUG CO. Cor, Capitol and State Streets PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Phones 1498-99 Quick Delivery Jackson Lumber Co. Wholesale and Retail SINCE 1896 For Clean Entertainment Majestic Istrione Century JACKSON ' S LEADING THEATRES tei ' EZELLE vs. SMITH " JEERS " PUBLICATIONS DOGGETT DENOUNCES A sood minister sometimes lashes his congregation. A good editor sometimes crusades. Editor-minis- ter Caxton Doggett will be long re- membered tor the biting blasts which he loosed in the editorial col umns of the 1935-36 Purple and White. With his pen : He scored SIAA-Southeastern football games. He lashed the bookstore. He attacked Mississippi ' s anti evolution law. He surpassed in an exchange of Insulting personalities Stewart of the Mississippi Collegian and Sul- lens of the .Jackson Daily News. He editorialized for college sex- education, won commendation from Jackson doctors. He got Galloway Hall its side- walk to North West street. SEB-supported he waded into the Millsaps athletic and business de- partments, got dormitory students better food and diningroom service. He abjured the sword. In tribute to the forcefulness of his broadsides, criticized students, athletes, and department heads howled for his dismissal, while cheers drowned their jeers. Elsewhere in the weekly: Grady Powers. Herman Crowder. and Roy Delamotte entertained readers with many a corking good feature, an anonymous individual reviewed reviewers. BABBLE AND BRUIT bruited of campus love affairs, babbled sneer- ingly of self-preening personalities. Frequently given the lie. B. B. went his vitriolic way, knowing that most of the campus turned to BAB- BLE AND BRUIT when they pick- ed up a new copy of the Purple and White. JEAN JINGLES Leap Year It was feb. XXIxth He sed " Kno " She said " Pleuz " He sed " Kno " She said " Pl-uz " She bggd ' n ' bggd, but he wldnt. pla angrms FIELD ' S 136 E. CaTJitol Street Wn}fEX ' S S L RT AFPAUKL Fraternity, College And CLASS JEWELERS Coiiimcncement Ainioitncciin nts IXVITATIOXS— DIPLOMAS Official Jeweler to -AIILLSAP8 COLLEGE L. G. BALFOUR CO. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationer? Attleboro, Mass. These Firms HA V E Supported The 1936 BOBASHELA Support THEM E lected ! DESIRING ONLY THE BEST SERVICE AND QUAL- ITY WORKMANSHIP, THE STAFF OF THE 1936 Bobashela ELECTED US TO DESIGN AND ENGRAVE THEIR ANNUAL Years of College and School Publications experience have placed us in the field of better planned annuals. We offer a dis- tinctly different type of service, which is evidenced by our being elected year after year to repeat our quality work on the same book. College Annual Division ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY BIRMINGHAM

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