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4, JLilbriA. . VIRGIL D. SKIPPER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF THOMAS F. NEBLETT BUSINESS MANAGER , $ ' @r ! ■ NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-THREE ■ . A YEAR BOOK PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-THREE O record the progress and achievements of the year and to por- tray the impressions of the spirit of our campus has been our aim. If in turn- ing through these pages you are brought pleasant memories that make your acquaintances here lasting intimacies that v ill stand the test of time, our purpose xtfill haVe been achieved, our fondest hopes fulfilled. ■ ■. ■ ■ 1 mmmmmmmmmmmm mm k; ■ , ■ ■ WMMWa 1 9 | 4 opportu- nity of pacing homage to the beloVed memory of a noble man, a gallant soldier, and the founder of our col- lege. On this the one hun- dredth anniversary of his birth, We, the staff, respect- fully dedicate the nineteen w v . :•.•■ ' ..; •■■. :.,■■;. ' SiHS ' -y ■ Knowledge has always been sought for and highly priced by mankind. In the sixteenth century nearly all the ruling princes and kings sent to Mercurator, the great cartographer, for maps and charts before attempting expeditions of conquest or exploration. ADMINISTRATION A ;v. ' .-r ' ) " £ ' ;:; ' .■. ' ; ' ■ ' ' v ' .-.■: ' ' CfomLnLshration Jjullaluq CAMPUS SCENES PAGE THIRTEEN SuLLn ' an- ftarrell JLall PAGE FOURTEEN Cshe j wrarij PAGE FIFTEEN ytlajor Ayilisaps C onw PAGE SIXTEEN Dr. David Martin Key, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D. President of Milhats College PAGE SEVENTEEN Dr. J. M. Sullivan, A.M., Ph.D. Senior Member of the Faculty Professor of Chemistry and Geology A.B., Central College; A.M., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University; Delta Tau Delta. Professor G. L. Harrell, B.S., M.S. Registrar of the College Professor of Physics and Astronomy B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., Millsaps College; Kappa Sigma. Professor J. Reese Lin, B.A., M.A. Secretary of the College Professor of Philosophy and History A.B., Emory College; M.A., Vanderbilt University; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa. PAGE EIGHTEEN Dr. B. E. Mitchell, A.M., Ph.D. Dean of the College; Professor of Mathematics A.B., Scarritt-Morrisville ; A.M., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., Columbia University; Alpha Tau Omega ; Omicron Delta Kappa. Dr. A. P. Hamilton, A.M., Ph.D. Dean of Freshmen ; Professor of Ancient Languages A.B., Southern University; A.M., University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., ibid.; Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa. Professor C. F. Nesbitt, A.B., B.D. Associate Professor of Religion A.B., Wofford College; B.D., Emory University; Pi Kappa Delta. PAGE NINETEEN Professor F. C. Jenkins., B.S., A.M. Professor of Education B.S., University of Mississippi; A.M., Peabody College; Phi Delta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa. Professor A. G. Sanders, A.B., A.M. Professor of Romance Languages A.B., Southwestern; A.B., Yale University; A.B., University of Oxford; A.M., ihid. ; Sigma Upsilon ; Alpha Psi Epsilon. Professor M. C. White, A.B., A.M. Professor of English A.B., Southern University; A.M., Harvard University; Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Phi Epsilon; Alpha Psi Omega. PAGE TWENTY Kt ' r 5fc - Professor Ross H. Moore, A.B., A.M. Associate Professor of History A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., ibid.; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Epsilon ; Alpha Psi Omega; Sigma Upsilon ; Eta Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa. Mrs. Mary B. Stone, A.B., A.M. Dean of Women; Assistant Professor of English A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; A.M., George Peabody College for Teachers. Professor B. O. Van Hook, A.B., A.M. Associate Professor of Mathematics; Director of Athletics A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Yanderbilt University; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa. V r PAGE TWENTY-ONE Facility Professor P. J. Rltledge, A.B., A.M., D.B. Associate Professor of R el iff ion A.B., Southwestern; A.M., University of Texas; D.B., University of Chicago. Elizabeth Craig, A.H., A.M. Assistant Professor of French A.B., Barnard College, Columbia University; A.M., Columbia University. Gertrude Davis, A.B., Ph.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of English A.B., Whitworth College; Ph.B., University of Chicago; A.M., University of Chicago. PAGE TWENTY-TWO Professor R. R. Haines, A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of History and Education A.B., University of Tennessee; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers. Mrs. Mary Bowen Clark, A.B. Assistant Librarian A.B., Millsaps College; Phi Mu. Tranny Lee Gaddy, B.S. Head Coach; Professor of Pliysical Education B.S., Mississippi A. and M. College. PAGE TWENTY-THREE 7 7 :! Professor N. F. Wilkerson, A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of Biolor y A.B., Duke University; A.M., ibid. Vernon Burkett Hathorn, B.S. Bursar B.S., Millsaps College; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa. Professor J. B. Price, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Chemistry B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., University of Mississippi; Sigma Upsilon. PAGE TWENTY-FOUR N Mrs. W. O. Brumfield, A.B. Director of Jl ' omen ' s P iysical Education A.B., Cumberland University. Carrie Olivia Sistruxk Secretary to the President Florence Leech, B.S. Assistant Librarian ; Head of Catalogue Department B.S., George Peabody College; Certificate in Library Science, George Peabody Collej PAGE TWENTY-FIVE e SSE8E8S was during the reign of the good Queen ' Bess that Shakespeare, " -Bacon, SMarlowe and other great writers quickened English literature into its first great awakening, and their writings have been justly classed among the immortals. ; ' . ' j,r; riV;T . -t .j-v v , ■ L A ■ • CLASS OFFICERS • Gycelle Tynes President Rabian Lane Vice-President Juanita Winstead Secretary Oneita Winstead Treasurer SENIOR CLASS Senior Class Mary Eleanor Alford, B.A. k A COLUMBIA, MISS. Whitworth (1, 2); Phi Theta Kappa. Theresia Abshagen, B.A. BROOKHAVEN, MISS. Whitworth (1. 2): Phi Theta Kappa; Classical Club; Assistant in English (4). Norman U. Boone, B.S. CHUNKY, MISS. Galloway Literary Society (1, 2. 3, 4); Track (3, 4); " M " Club (3, 4); Vice-President Ministerial League (3); President Ministerial League (4). Louise Colbert, B.A. x COLUMBIA, MISS. M. S. C. W. (1, 2); Randolph-Macon (3). John M. Calhoun, B.S. K A MOUNT OLIVE, MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa; Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Freshman Quartet (1); Band (1. 2); Baseball (1); Pre-Medieal Club (1. 2, 3); Lamar Literary Society; Catella Club (2); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3); Assistant Cheer Leader (2, 4); Cheer Leader (3); ' •Bobashela " Staff (2. 3); Pan-Hellenic (3); Cardinal Club (4). Elizabeth Heitman, B.A. A Z BOLTON, MISS. Chi Delta Phi; Glee Club (3, 4): Treasurer Club (4); Women ' s Pan-Hellenic (4 . PAGE THIRTY Senior Class Robert S. Hough, B.A. JACKSON, MISS. PI Kappa Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Up- silon; International Relations Club; Debate Council; President Galloway Literary Society (2. 4); " Boba- shela " Staff (4); Student Executive Board (4 1; Vi President Student Body (4). Mary Lynn Houston, B.A. A Z GRENADA, MISS. Feature Section " Bobashela " (4). Kline Layton, B.S. JACKSON, MISS. Baseball (3 ,4). Elma Jones, B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Floyd O. Lewis, B.S. LOUISE, MISS. Ministerial League; T. M. C. A. Cabinet (4). Ann Stevens Lewis, B.A. BROOKHAVEN, MISS. Beethoven Club; Girls ' Glee Club; T. W. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4); Whitworth (1, 2); " Bobashela " Staff (4). PAGE THIRTY-ONE Senior Class Thomas F. Neblett, B.S. e k n PICKENS, MISS. Omieron Delta Kappa: Alpha Psi Omega; Catella Club; Ramblers Club; Play Cast (2. 3, 4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3); President Lamar Literary Society (2) Track (2, 3, 4); " M " Club; President Band (3); Busi ness Manager Band (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4) Assistant Business Manager Glee Club (3); " Boba shela " Staff (2, 3); Business Manager " Bobashela (4) Chairman Senior Ring Committee; Student Executive Board (3, 4); Chairman Student Executive Board (4) President Student Association (4 1; N. S. F. A. Delegate (4); President Southern Region N. S. F. A. (4 1; Na- tional Committeeman N. S. F. A. (4). Lillian Polk, B.A. B 2 LAUREL, MISS. M. W. C. (1); University of Mississippi (2); Ramblers Club; Science Club; Classical Club; " Bobashela " Stafi (4). Marvin Riggs, B.A. JACKSON " , MISS. Pi Kappa Delta; Galloway Literary Society; Vice- President Galloway Literary Society (4); Debate Coun- cil (4). Gordon Rogers, B.S. BELZONI, MISS. Vanderbilt (1); Glee Club (2. 3); Science Club (2, 3. 4); Piv-Medieal Club (2, 3, 4); Treasurer Science club (3); College Orchestra (2, 3); " Purple and White " Staff (4). Marcelle Tubb, B.S. SMITHVILLE, MISS. Universit y of Mississippi (1); Blue Mountain (2). Virgil Denson Skipper, B.S. 2 p x NEW ORLEANS, LA. Football (1, 2); Baseball (It; Galloway Literary So- ciety; Science Club; Glee Club; International Relations Club; Faculty Assistant (4); Student Executive Board (4t; Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4 ; Chairman Senior Invitation Committee; Editor " Bobashela " (4); Honor Graduate. PAGE THIRTY-TWO Senior Class Ruby Mae Brewer, B.S. HERNANDO, MISS. John R. Enochs, B.A. k A JACKSON, MISS. Football (1. 2, 3); Baseball (1); Classical Club; Pan- Hellenic Council (4). Marguerite Gainey, B.A. K A MERIDIAN, MISS. Whitworth (1, 2); Faculty Assistant (3); " Purple and White " Staff (3); Honor Graduate. Earl Graves, B.S. RAYMOND, MISS. Science Club. Winifred Green, B.A. I M JACKSON, MISS. Chi Delta Phi; Eta Sigma; Basketball (1); T. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Classical Club; Ramblers Club; Wo- men ' s Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Senior Invitation Com- mittee; President Woman ' s Association (4); Honor Graduate. Paul Griffith, B.A. K A WAYNESBORO, MISS. Galloway Literary Society; President Galloway Literary Society (3); Freshman Debater; Track (1, 2. 3. 4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2. 3, 4); Secretary Y. M. C. A. (2); Editor " T " Handbook (2); Business Manager Handbook (3); Faculty Assistant (3); " Y " Delegate to Detroit (2), Blue Ridge (3), Atlanta (3), Buffalo (4); President State Y. M. C. A. (3); " Purple and White " Staff (1, 2, 4); Organizer of I. R. C. (3); Honor Graduate. PAGE THIRTY-THREE Senior Class James Guess, B.S. n k a JACKSON, MISS. Football (1); Baseball (1); Basketball (2); Track (2); Pre-Medieal Club; Science Club; Ramblers Club. Nellie Ruth Hearon, B.S. JACKSON, MISS. Glee Club (2, 4); Library Assistant (3, 4); Honor Graduate. W. E. Hester jr., B.A. K 2 HAZELHURST, MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Delta; Alpha Psi Omega; Tennis (2, 3, 4); Captain Tennis Team (41; " Bobashela " Staff (3. 4); Glee Club. May Tatum Hull, B.A. A Z LAWRENCE, MISS. Classical Club; Basketball (3, 4); Captain Basketball Team (4); Whitworth (1, 2 . Katherine Jacobs, B.A. B 2 O JACKSON " , MISS. Basketball (1, 2, 3. 4): Captain Basketball (3); Glee Club; Beethoven Club; Classical Club; Literarv Council (3); " Purple and White " Staff (3); Ramblers Club; " Bobashela " Staff (4). Juanita Lane, B.A. a z FOREST, MISS. Whitworth (1, 2 ; Classical Club. PAGE THIRTY-FOUR Senior Class Rabian Lane, B.A. e k n RALEICH, MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa; Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (2); " M " Club; Classical Club, Vice-President (3), President (4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3, 4); Blue Ridge Delegate (2); Ramblers Club; Vice-President Senior Class (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4). Allan Lindsey, B.A. 2 p x PELAHATCHIE, MISS. Eta Sigma; Classical Club; Ramblers Club; Track (2, 4); Basketball (2, 3, 4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4); Tribbett Scholarship (3); Honor Graduate. Jessie McDaniels, B.A. A Z TUPELO, MISS. Grenada (1, 2, 3); Basketball (4). Clinton C. Moore, B.S. k s ITTA BEN ' A, MISS. Evelyn Myers, B.A., B.M. a z JACKSON, MISS. Classical Club; Beethoven Club, Vice-President (3, 4). J. H. Newcomb, B.S. K 2 RICHTON, MISS. PAGE THIRTY-FIVE Senior Class Harvey T. Newell jr., B.S. n k a JACKSON " , MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Psi Omega: Sigma Upsilon; Eta Sigma; Glee Club; " Purple and White " Associate Editor Freshman Edition (1), News Editor (2), Editor (3), Associate Editor (4); International Relations Club. President (4) ; Faculty Assistant (2, 4); Vice-President Junior Class (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4), President (4); Business Manager Dra- matic Club (2. 3, 4); Student Executive Board (3, 4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4); Major Club (4J; President O. D. K. (4); Delegate O. D. K. Convention (4); Honor Graduate. Carl Lee Swayze, B.A. K A BENTON, MISS. Whit worth ; Classical Club; Basketball C3); Honor Graduate. Hanry B. Varner, B.S. ROME, MISS. Ministerial League. Vaughn Watkins, B.S. K A JACKSON, MISS. Lamar Literary Society. JUANITA WlNSTEAD, B.A. A Z DEKALB, MISS. Whitworth (1, 2); Glee Club. Secretary (3); President Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Treasurer Woman ' s Association (4); Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class (4). ONEITA WlNSTEAD, B.A. A Z DEKALB, MISS. Whitworth (1. 2); Glee Club. Treasurer (3); Vice- President (4); Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class (4K PAGE THIRTY-SIX Senior Class Adamae Partin, B.A. A Z MERIDIAN, MISS. M. S. C. W. (1, 2); Play Cast (3); Basketball (3, 4); Glee Club; Classical Club; Major Club; Student Ex- ecutive Board (4); Secretary-Treasurer Student Asso- ciation (4); Business Manager Co-ed Edition " Purple and White " (4); Senior Invitation Committee; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); " Bobashela " Staff (1); Honor ' ;r;i ' lu;iti Macon Phillips, B.S. JACKSON ' , MISS. Ramblers Club. Gycelle Tynes, B.A. 2 P X GLOSTER, MISS. Sigma Upsilon; S. W. Junior College (1); P. R. C. (2); Football (3. 4); Acting Captain (4); Alumni Trophy for Most Valuable Player (4); Basketball (3, 4); Secretary " M " Club (4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4); Senior Class President; International Relations Club; Secretary Ramblers Club; Tribbett Service Scholarship (4); Master Major (4); Honor Graduate. Mary Sue Burnham, B.S. K A MAGEE, MISS. M. S. C. W. (1); Whitworth (2); Basketball (3); Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class (3); Most Stylish Girl (4); Faculty Assistant (4); Feature Section " Bobashela " (3, 4); Most Representative Co-ed (4). John B. Howell, B.S. K 2 CANTON, MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Psi Omega; Galloway- Literary Society; Assistant Cheer Leader (2. 4), Cheer Leader (3); Track (2, 3, 4); Ramblers Club; Vice- President Pre-Medical Club (3), President (4); Mill- saps Players (1. 2. 3, 4); " M " Club; Classical Club; President Majors Club (4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2, 4). Vice-President State Y. M. C. A. (3) ; President Alpha Psi Omega (4); Vice-President Omicron Delta Kappa (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4). Mary Virginia Wells, B.A. K A JACKSON, MISS. Chi Delta Phi; Classical Club; President Glee Club (3); Beethoven Club, Vice-President (2); " Purple and White " Staff (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Honor Graduate. PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN 6 CLASS OFFICERS Garland Holloman President Helen Boswell . . . Secretary-Treasurer Dace Davis Vice-President JUNIOR CLASS .7 Violet Allen JACKSON, MISS. Sam S. Allred MCBRIDE, MISS. Gladys Boland CALHOUN CITY, MISS. John Campbell 2 p x VICKSBURG, MISS. Florence Davis B 2 DECATUR, MISS. Hazel Giles MENDENHALL, MISS. fEANETTE GULLEDGE JACKSON, MISS. Cathalene Hales JACKSON, MISS. Margaret McNeill a z JACKSON, MISS. Basil Moore AMORY, MISS. PAGE FORTY Helen Boswell k A SANITORIUM, MISS. Norman Bradley k a JACKSON, MISS. Rachel Breland a z WESSON, MISS. Jack Bridges e K n BEL ONI, MISS. Spurgeon Buckley n k a NEWTON, MISS. Harriett Carothers JACKSON, MISS. Clair Coe II K a CREENVILLE, MISS. W. Holmes Cook n k A PHILADELPHIA, MISS. Dace Davis JACKSON, MISS. " PAGE FORTY-ONE 7 Junior Class Dorothy Dean k A JACKSON, MISS. J. Wilton Dees k s HAZLEHURST, MISS. Margaret Flowers M JACKSON, MISS. Franklin Heard k 2 ITTA BENA, MISS. Garland Holloman k s ITTA BENA, MISS. Connie Hozendorf MENDENHALL, MISS. H. Berry Ivy MERIDIAN, MISS. Catherine Jones M JACKSON, MISS. John T. Kimball 2 p x DE QUINCY, LA. PAGE FORTY-TWO Junior Class Richard Kinnaird II K A JACKSON, MISS. Thomas Mayfield s P x TAYLORSVILLE, MISS. H. G. McGowan JACKSON, MISS. Thomas Ross n K A PELAHATCHIE. MISS. Laura Satterfield K A PORT GIBSON, MISS. Cris Simmons k 2 HAITIFSBUKG, MISS. William Waller K 2 HATTIESBURG. MISS. Alice Weems K A SHUBUTA. MISS. Daree Winstead A Z DE KALB, MISS. ' ' PAGE FORTY-THREE CLASS OFFICERS Ellis Latimer President Frances Gates .... Secretary-Treasurer Maurice Jones Vice-President r 5 SOPHOMORE CLASS Sophomore Class Milton Abrams NATCHEZ, MISS. Lois Barrow JACKSON, MISS. R. E. Case BROOKHAVEN, MISS. Mac Childress K A FLORA, MISS. Dorothy Cow en B 2 ( MERIDIAN, MISS. BUREN AKERS PONTOTOC, MISS. Harry Cameron SHUBUTA, MISS. John Castlen ii K A GREENVILLE, MISS. Sherral Coleman FAYETTE, MISS. James B. Dayis K 2 JACKSON, MISS. T. Miller Dickson JACKSON, MISS. Elise Enochs BIO JACKSON, MISS. Martha Donaldson M JACKSON " , MISS. Frances Gates k A JACKSON, MISS. Kenneth Gilbert k 2 MERIDIAN, MISS. PAGE FORTY-SIX Sophomore Class Chauncev Godwin e k n JACKSON, MISS. WlLLARD F. GoRDON FLORENCE, MISS. Manley Gregory k ;: OKOLONA, MISS. Pal l Hardin it K A JACKSON, MISS. Joe Guess n K a JACKSON, MISS. Katherine Heidelberg M JACKSON, MISS. Maurice Jones e K n GREENWOOD, MISS. Richard King JACKSON, MISS. Julian Lockett K 2 GRENADA, MISS. M. E. Mansell CAMDEN, MISS. Armand Karow e k n JACKSON, MISS. Ellis Latimer k s. OKOLONA, MISS. James Lundy e k n GREENWOOD, MISS. Clarence McCormick n k A HICKORY, MISS. John E. Melvin CAMDEN, MISS. PAGE FORTY-SEVEN ;; Sophomore Class Mary Leila Milner b i: o JACKSON ' , MISS. JAMES NOBLIX FOREST, MISS. Webb Overstreet e k N JACKSON, MISS. Kyle Phillips LAUREL, MISS. Edmond Ricketts K A JACKSON, MISS. William Shutt JACKSON, MISS. Lee Stokes e K N MER ' DIAN, MISS. Wanda Tremaine M JACKSON, MISS. Johx Neblett e k n PICKENS, MISS. Mary Ixez Noel b 2 o JACKSON, MISS. Judsox Palmer K A JACKSON, MISS. Paul Ramsey FANNIN, MISS. Robert Ridgeway k a JACKSON, MISS. Johx Steyexs k s LEXINGTON, MISS. Dorothy Thompsox a . JACKSON, MISS. Edwin West MERIDIAN, MISS. PAGE FORTY-EIGHT CLASS OFFICERS Charles Galloway President Charlie Pritchard . Secretary-Treasurer Jack Pratt Vice-President " 5 FRESHMAN CLASS Freshman Class Emily A. Bennett Jackson, Miss. Helen Bond Jackson, Miss. Dorothy Boyles Jackson, Miss. Polly Bullard Jackson, Miss. Harris Collins Yazoo City, Miss. Dan B. Cross Jackson, Miss. Vassar Dubard Dubard, Miss. Read Dunn Greenville, Miss. Paul Emmons Jackson, Miss. J. W. Evans Jackson, Miss. Marianne Ford Jackson, Miss. Charles R. Galloway . . . Gulfport, Miss. Oralee Graves Jackson, Miss. John Paul Henry Union, Miss. Eva Hickman Jackson, Miss. Almeida Hollingsworth . . . Terry, Miss. Ben Johnson Jackson, Miss. Eugenia Lawrence Jackson, Miss. Edward May Jackson, Miss. Raymond McClinton .... Quitman, Miss. Charles Neblett .... Morgan City, Miss. George Neblett Pickens, Miss. Cecil B. Sauls McComb, Miss. Harris Swayze Benton, Miss. ' Freshman Class H. V. Allen Jackson, Miss. Jack Bowen Brookhaven, Miss. Webster M. Bite Jackson, Miss. Moss Butler Jonestown, Miss. Wyatt Clowe Jackson, Miss. Oscar Coney Magnolia, Miss. Allen Crenshaw Jackson, Miss. Billy Decell Jackson, Miss. Virgil Dickerson Clarksdale, Miss. Robert Ezelle Jackson, Miss. Will D. Ferris Jackson, Miss. Bernice Flowers Jackson, Miss. Myrtis Flowers Jackson, Miss. Harry Fortner Jackson, Miss. Buchanan Gardner .... Gulfport, Miss. Mary Dudley Gordon .... Jackson, Miss. Robert Hand Shubuta, Miss. Addie Huddleston Jackson, Miss. E. R. Karow Jackson, Miss. James Lauderdale Jackson, Miss. Donald Lilly Tupelo, Miss. William Lotterhos . . Crystal Springs, Miss. V PAGE FIFTY-ONE ' Freshman Class William McKenzie Forest, Miss. Gilcix Meadors Clarksdale, Miss. Mary Norton Jackson, Tenn. Edward Penn Grenada, Miss. Nancy Plummer Jackson, Miss. Jack Pratt Jackson, Miss. Charlie Prichard Alexandria, La. Eugene Ragsdale Jackson, Miss. Fred Rehfeldt Jackson, Miss. Marvin Richardson Jackson, Miss. Landis Rogers Columbus, Miss. Caesar Ross Pelahatchie, Miss. Harley Shands Jackson, Miss. Sidney Smith Jackson, Miss. Ethelwyn Stevens Jackson, Miss. Dorothy Stahan Jackson, Miss. John Taylor West Point, Miss. Sam Virden Jackson, Miss. Harry Watson Jackson, Miss. Fred Wells Jonestown, Miss. J. S. White, Jr McComh, Miss. William Williams . . . Washington, N. C. PAGE FIFTY-TWO o race attached as much importance to and respected physical development more than the early bikings and ' Norsemen who roamed the seas and swept over £urope in succeeding waves of conquest. .■v«-. - ' . - " - ' - ' : ' :: " -- The Coaching Staff % Coach Tranny Lee Gaddy, serving his second year at Millsaps as head coach, put a Purple-clad football team, com- posed mostly of sophomores, on the field that not only did justice to the school, but one that again proved Gaddy ' s abil- f ity as a coach. The varsity baseball team under his direction won both the Dixie and the S. I. A. A. Conference cham- pionships. It can be truly said that the coming of Gaddy to Millsaps had marked the beginning of a new era in athletic development at Millsaps. A man among men, Gaddy is a server of inspiration to lagging spirits. No greater and truer A tribute can be given to this man than to say: " Sportsman- ship is his ideal at any price — victory or defeat. " r ' r ' Coach Gaddy Coach B. O. Van Hook as Athletic Director has done much to bring Millsaps athletics to the front. " Van " is assistant football coach, head basketball coach, and freshman baseball coach. Coach Van Hook ' s belief in the team and in each individ- ual player helps the players to a belief in themselves. He always manages to put out a good freshman baseball team, and everv one knows about those varsity basketball teams that " Van " puts on the floor. Coach Van Hook has won a place in the hearts of Millsaps fans and students, and his place in the esteem of the athletes is not ques- tioned. Coach A. I. Rexinger was the man at the helm for freshman football and basket- ball, and also coached both freshman and varsity track. In the two years that " Rex " has been at Millsaps he has proved himself master of a situation in the capacity of freshman coaching. In in- itiating the sport of track as a maior one, he has T „, -, v turned out both freshman and varsity teams that were victorious in all meets in which thev competed. We extend Coach Rexin- ger congratulations on his success as a coach at Mill- saps and sincerely wish ' V v him the same success in the future. Coach Van Hook Coach Rexinger The 1932 Football Season In the first game of the season, played at night on Alumni Field, a light, purple clad group of Majors won an impressive 30 to O victory over Delta State Teachers College. The entire squa d of some thirty men saw plenty of action in this game. A week later on Alumni Field, the Majors walked over S. T. C. from Hattiesburg to the tune of 27 to O. The Majors, led by Dace Davis who scored three of the Millsaps touchdowns, displayed a brilliant offensive attack. However, it was in this game that a number of the Majors received injuries that were destined to hound them for the remainder of the season. In the third game of the season the Majors journeyed to Memphis to engage the strong Southwestern Lynx, another S. I. A. A. opponent. From this tilt the Majors emerged with the worst defeat of the season, 20 to o in favor of Southwestern. Fair Week found the Majors pitted against Spring Hill, of undetermined strength. Before a large crowd of fans the Majors turned in a brilliant exhibition of football, coming out on the long end of the count, 32 to o. A crippled squad of Majors invaded Starkville for the annual battle with Missis- sippi State. The Bulldogs, having already administered a sound thrashing to the Majors ' arch foe, the Choctaws, were doped to win by several touchdowns. After the smoke had cleared, State found themselves on the lucky end of an 8 to 7 score, after having received one of the greatest scares in many years. Birmingham-Southern, Dixie Conference Champions of 193 1 , were the next foe in the path of the Major machine. Coach Gaddy invaded Birmingham with a crippled bunch of Majors, and the hope of downing a strong Panther eleven, but a fighting Birmingham-Southern team downed the off- form and sluggish Majors 13 to o. The Majors were next caught beneath the passing attack of Louisiana Tech ' s often whipped Bulldog crew, and suffered the most humiliating defeat of the season, in per- haps one of the sorriest exhibitions of football that a Purple eleven ever put up. After both teams twice having the lead, Tech put over another touchdown and the Majors went down in defeat, 19 to 14. With the odds decidedly against them, a rejuvenated Purple squad upset a heavier Howard team by a 19 to o count. The game was played at night on Alumni Field before 5,000 Homecoming fans, and brought to a fitting close the Majors ' Armistice Day celebration in which was honored the memory of Commie Smith, Major football martyr. Thanksgiving Day found the Majors pitted against their traditional foe, the Choc- taws, in both teams ' " game of the year. " In a wonderful exhibition of football both offensively and defensively, the Majors lost a thrilling 7 to 6 decision to the Choctaws. It was just another case of " those lucky Choctaws, " because Millsaps consistently out- played Mississippi, making ten first downs to the Choctaws ' one. PAGE FIFTY-SIX The Majors of 1932 " Cotton " Pierce Centers Otho Monroe Chauncey Godwin Guards Gycelle Tynes James Morrison Curtis Galle Malcolm Carter Tackles Robert Womack Robert Koenig Connie Hozendorf Kfsneth Terrell Joe Stone Frank Davis Ends Robert Regan John Stevens Emmet Simpson- Fred Ward Clois Caldwell Garland Holloman Jesse Magee " Blue " Caillevet Julian Lockett Backs Dace Davis Oscar Moffett Gabriel Felder Manager Walton " Moose-Face " Backstrom CHEER LEADERS Dudley Brumfield Hiram Anderson Miller Maret Edward Flowers Lee Stokes, John Calhoun, John B. Howell PAGE FIFTY-SEVEN ' Freshmae Football Coach Rexinger, faced with a hard schedule for his charges and with limited material, put out a Freshman team that showed up well considering its handicaps. The Minors played five games, losing their first one to South- west Junior College on the home field. Their next three games were played away from home. Hinds Junior College, Loyola Freshmen, and Copiah-Lincoln Junior College each took the Minors for a ride. The Minors dropped their last game of the season to the " Papooses " in the miniature Major-Choctaw grudgegame played in the Choctaw stronghold. Bowen, Terry, Virden, Ferris, Buie, and Leroy Smith are the Minor backs who will aid the Varsity next year. The linemen graduating to the Major squad are Ezelle, Pratt, Alford, Meisberg, Golden, Assaf, Neil, Robinson, Morice, Henry, and P. Smith, the Frosh Manager. PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT Front: D. Davis, Caldwell, Godwin, Ross, F. Davis Back: Tynes, Gregory, Lane, Stone, McDonald, Varsity Basketball Nineteen thirty-three was another big year for Millsaps on the basketball courts of the South. Under the direction of Coach Van Hook, the purple-clad Majors won the Dixie Conference Championship, went to the semi-finals in the S. I. A. A. Tournament, and cut a wide swath on their road trips into Ken- tucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Millsaps won sixteen of their twenty-one games, beating Brown Paper Mills, Mississippi College, Birmingham-Southern, Louisiana Normal, and others, and losing to Mississippi College, Murray, and Tennessee State Teachers. Van Hook was blessed with a wealth of good material, Frank Davis, Cald- well, and Lane winning places on the All-Star Dixie and S. I. A. A. Conference Teams. Tynes and McDonald also came in for their just share of praise. Stone unfortunately received a sprained ankle early in the season that kept him from playing the star role in many of the following games. Millsaps is justly proud of their ' 33 team. And to you, " Van, " our heartiest congratulations. Lane, Frank Davis, and Tynes will be lost by graduation, but Stone, Caldwell, McDonald, Godwin, Ross, Dace Davis, and Gregory will re- main to carry on. PAGE FIFTY-NINE 7 Biuk: Rexinger, Cross, Williams, Assaf, Lauderdale, Smith Center: Pratt, Crenshaw, Ezelle, Virdex, McKenzie, Buie Front: Bowen, Robinson, Wvatt, Morice Freshman Basketball Coach Rexinger ' s Freshmen, although an inexperienced lot, showed to good advantage. They were not so successful as far as winning games is concerned, hut their spirit and zest will be remembered to their credit long after the percentage columns are forgotten. Williams, Robinson, Cross, Bowen, Ezelle, Virden, and Buie were the outstanding men of the 1933 Freshman Team. Several of these men will be welcome to Coach Van Hook next year, as he needs replace- ments for the loss of several of his championship team. PAGE SIXTY Hiuk roic: Jacobs, Flowers, Floyd, Brumfield, Ward, Strahan, O. Winstead Ccntrr: Huddleston, Barrow, Harcraves, Rembert, Luter, J. Winstead, McDaniels, PlummeRj Powers Front: Captain Mae Hill Woman ' s Athletic Department Mrs. W. O. Brumfield, Director Mrs. B. O. Van Hook, Assistant Director Mrs. Brumfield and Mrs. Van Hook will remember 1933 as a banner year for their department. Their success has been notable, and they are to be commended for their splendid work. All members of the " Gym " classes showed great interest in their activities. They practiced diligently and were able to perform very creditably, as the gymnastic pictures on the following page will attest. The basketball team was a real credit to Mrs. Brumfield. The Majorettes won ten of their sixteen games, with Hull and Jacobs at center, Luter and Floyd as for- wards, and Barrow and Ward holding the opposing forwards. Many of the capable Reserves also saw plenty of action. They were: the Winstead Twins, Oneita and Juanita, Mary Powell, Grace Harris, Helen Hargrave, Lucy Rembcrt, Addie Hud- dleston, Jessie McDaniels, Nancy Plummer, Carl Lee Swayze, Dorothy Strahan, Helen Morehead, and Marie Martin. Myitis Flowers was Manager. PAGE SIXTY-ONE WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS Tenuis ■ Tennis is fast becoming one of the major sports at Millsaps. For several years the Majors have had a good team, and this year promises to be no exception. Professor White is again coaching. His team is composed of Captain Hester, Higdon, Rogers, Jones, and Key. They have already beaten Mississippi College, and will soon leave on an extended road trip into several nearby states. This year should be one of the most successful for Millsaps in tennis. Golf is the newest sport at Millsaps. A real attempt is being made to make golf one of the regular sports. Coach Van Hook and Mr. Hathorn have cooperated in getting the Millsaps course in playing condition. With a little more work, it can be made into one of the best short courses in the State. A match with Mississippi College has been arranged, and others are contemplated. It is hoped that a series of matches will be scheduled. Alford, Campbell, Grey, McClinton, Simmons, Captain Skipper, and Walley are the members of the team. Coach Van Hook is the Director. PAGE SIXTY-THREE The 1932 baseball team, composed mostly of veterans of two seasons of varsity experience, was one of the fastest college teams ever seen in action in this section of the country and was probably the best baseball club to ever wear the purple and white uniform. The Majors played such teams as Mississippi College, Louisiana Tech, Howard, Birmingham- Southern, Louisiana Normal, the Jackson Sen- ators of the Cotton States League, and the Vicks- burg team of the same league. From a won-and-lost standpoint the Majors certainly had an enviable record, losing only three games to collegiate opponents. The Majors split a four-game series with Birmingham-Southern and dropped one game out of four to Louisiana Tech. The Mississippi College series was a clean sweep for the Majors as they defeated the " Choctaws " in four out of four games. As a result of their excellent record during the entire season against conference foes the Majors won the championship of both the S. I. A. A. con- ference and the newly organized D ixie Con- ference. Coach Gaddy ' s debut into collegiate baseball circles was with a team almost intact from the previous season, but his early season problems were to fill a vacant catcher ' s and second base- man ' s post. His problem in the outer garden was not so much the filling of vacant posts as to pick out the best combination of both fly-catcher and heavy hitters from such men as the veterans " Punch " McDaniels, Charlie Walker, " Lib " Jones and such newcomers to the varsity as Frank Davis and " Skinny " Rogers. Passo D 11 1111 u way- Moon Stonestreet D. Davis Morrison PAGE SIXTY-FOUR The infielders from the previous season were big " Dago " Moon on first base, " Pep " Per- menter, a good fielder and a sure hitter, on third base, and Leonard Stonestreet on short-stop. The keystone was held down by two sophomores, Cooper and little " Demp " Davisson. Coach Gaddy ' s best bet at the catcher ' s post was another sophomore, Dave Davis, who was a good receiver with a fine arm and a boy who could swat the ball. " Punch " McDaniels, the heaviest hitter on the team, was used both in the outfield and behind the plate. When McDaniels was behind the plate the infield was strengthened considerably by Davis being used in the infield. " Chunky " Mor- rison was used as a relief catcher. The regular outfield was composed of Frank Davis, McDaniels,, and " Lib " Jones who was also a good little pitcher. This trio of fast mov- ing outfielders were ably backed up by Rogers and Charlie Walker, a fast moving fielder who could cover more territory than any other on the squad. The team was above average defensively and as for hitting the ball they could all do that more or less. The strength of the team lay mainly in its superb pitching staff composed of its two aces, big Joe Passo and Pat Dunnaway, and ably assisted by L. B. Jones and Bill Jacobs. One would have to go a long way before he found a better pair of pitchers than Passo and Dunnaway and Coach Gaddy relied on these two men to bring him through his hardest games, which they did and did well, as can be seen from the record that the Majors made. Much credit for the success of the team is due to the untiring efforts of Manager " Red " Williams, who was always on the job. ' f 1 Rogers Permenter ,-i 1 1., i P. Davis Jones Cooper Williams PAGE SIXTY-FIVE I •.;■.-- . " :7 :.■: v :.-■:■■:. ' .■ ' ■ . , T je widespread activities of country clubs and other social organizations of the present day had their inception with those splendid coaches and fine-blooded horses that were the fashion during the latter days of the nineteenth century. ■ - O R G A N I Z ATI O N I ! Millsaps Student Association Thomas F. Neblett President Robert S. Hough J 7 ice-President ADAMAE Partin Secretary-Treasurer PAGE SIXTlT-NINE Neblett, Partin. Hough, Heard. Winstead, Newell, Skipper. Bradley, Carothers. Moore, Boone. Student Executive Board Officers Thomas F. Neblett President Student Association Ad am A E Partin Secretary Student Association Ro bert Hough Vice-President Student Association Franklin - Heard Band Juanita Winstead [ ' omen ' s Pan-Hellenic Harvey T. Newell jr Men ' s Pan-Hellenic Virgil D. Skipper Bobashela Norman Bradley Purple and White Melvin Richardson " M " Club Harriet Carothers Y. If. C. A. Basil Moore Y. M. C. A. Norman Boone Ministerial League Walter Bivins Debate Council PAGE SEVENTY 1 Moore, Haines, Leech, Newell, Griffith. Cowen, Boswell, Hardin. Skipper. Kimball, Tynes, Flowers, Ricketts, Hough. International Relations CluiTb J I Faculty Members Professor Ross H. Moore Professor R. R. Haines Miss Florence Leach Student Members Harvey T. Newell jr. Paul Griffith DOROtHY Cowen Helen Boswell Paul Hardin Virgil D. Skipper John T. Kimball Gycelle Tynes Margaret Flowers Edmond Ricketts Robert Hough George Stephenson PAGE SEVENTY-ONE Skipper, Neblett Campbell, Hough Ramsey, Partin, Hester. Hales, Holloman Ricketts, Polk, Jacobs, Lewis, Stokes, Ivy The 1933 Bobashela f Virgil D. Skipper Editor-in-Chief Thomas F. Neblett Business Manager John F. Campbell Associate Editor Robert S. Hough Organizations Editor Paul Ramsey Photographic Editor Adamae Partin Class Editor W. E. Hester jr ■ Feature Editor Cathaleene Hales Literary Editor Garland Holloman Ithletic Editor Edmond Ricketts Publicity Editor Lillian Polk Sorority Editor Katherine Jacobs Women ' s Sports Editor Ann Stevens Lewis Literary Editor Lee Taylor Stokes . . . Assistant Business Manager H. Berry Ivy " Circulation Manager PAGE SEVENTY-TWO fn " ft Bradley, Kimball Newell. Ricketts, Boswell, Hardin Rehfeldt, Wells, Griffith, Rogers, Campbell The Purple and White C. Norman Bradley Editor-in-Chief John T. Kimball Business Manager Harvey T. Newell jr Associate Editor Edmond Ricketts , . News Editor Helen Boswell Feature Editor Paul Hardin Organizations Fred Rehfeldt Shorts Editor Mary Virginia Wells Society Editor Paul Griffith Book Reports Joe Stone Locals Gordon Rogers Locals John F. Campbell Circulation Manager Malcolm Carter . . . Assistant Circulation Manager PAGE SEVENTY-THREE am} v Y. M. C. A. Moore, Holloman, Coo. Noblin, Lane Ivy, Gilbert, Kimball, Rogers, Lott McKenzie, Hough, Stokes, Howell, Latimer McCIinton, Dunn, Jones, Lewis, Lindsey Hand, Gardner, Tynes, Meadows, Ramsey Newell, Griffith, Boone, Mansell. Hardin PAGE SEVENTY-FOUR Y. M. C. A, Cabinet Officers Basil Moore President Garland Holloman Vice-Pr esident Albert Collins Secretary-Treasurer Committee Chairmen Clair Coe James Noblin Rabian Lane Berry Ivy Lewis Alford Frank Casey Kenneth Gilbert John Kimball Landis Rogers Harry Lott Henry McKenzie Robert Hough Lee Stokes John B. Howell Luther Bennett Ellis Latimer Raymond McClinton Read Dunn Maurice Jones Floyd Lewis Allen Lindsey Robert Hand Buchanan Gardner Gycelle Tynes Gabriel Felder Gilcin Meadors Paul Ramsey Harvey T. Newell jr. Paul Griffith Norman Boone Floyd Odom M. E. Mansell Paul Hardin PAGE SEVENTY-FIVE If ' f Y. W. C. A. Carothers, Lewis, Enochs Cowen, Donaldson, Noel Partin, Norton, Wells PAGE SEVENTY-SIX Y. W. C. A, Cabinet Officers Harriet Carothers President Ann Stevens Lewis Vice-President Elise Enochs Secreta ry Avrlene McGahey Treasurer Committee Chairmen Dorothy Cowen Program Maud McLean Social Martha Donaldson World Fellowship Mary Inez Noel Finance Emma Heald Publicity Frank Rae Darden Social Service Adamae Partin " Y " Hut Mary Norton , . Freshman Commission Mary Virginia Wells Music PAGE SEVENTY-SEVEN GALLOWAY LITERARY SOCIETY Top row: Hough, Ramsey, Riggs Second row: Akers, Boone, Buie. Campbell Third row: Coe. Collins. Dunn, Galloway Fourth row: Gardner, Hand, Hardin, Lane Fifth row: Lotterhos, Mansell, Meadors, MeClinton Sixth row: Moore, Neblett, Ricketts, Sauls Seventh row: Skipper, Swayze, Taylor PAGE SEVENTY-EIGHT V ' etty Robert Houch Marvin Rices . Paul Ramsey . Albert Collins Officers . Presidents . Vice-Presidents . Secretaries . Treasurers . r . . Paul Ramsey . M. E. Mansell Edmond Ricketts . . James Noblin M EMBERS Buren Akers Roy Bailey Luther BENNEtT Norman Boone Webster Buie Gladen Caldwell John Campbell Clair Coe Harris Collins William Cox Harold Davidson Read Dunn Charles Galloway Buchanan Gardner Robert Hand Paul Hardin Warfield Hester Rabian Lane Reber Layton William Lotterhos Burkett Martin M. E. Mansell Gilcin Meadors Raymond McClinton Julius McRany Alton Minor Basil Moore Charles Neblftt Charles Neill James Noblin Fred Rehfeldt Edmond Ricketts Cecil Sauls Harley Shands V. D. Skipper Harris Swayze John Taylor Edwin Underwood PAGE SEVENTY-NINE LAMAR LITERARY SOCIETY J. Neblett, Overstreet, Abrams Bridges, Castlen, Cook Jones, A. Karrow, E. R. Karrow T. Neblett, G. Neblett, Ridgeway PAGE EIGHTY Lainnar Literary Society Walter Bivins Jack Dorris . Jack Dorris . Officers . Presidents . . J ' ice-Presidents . Secretary-Treasurers John - Neblett . . Lee Stokes . Joe Williams Members MlLTON ABRAMS H. V. Allen Norman Bradley Jack Bridges W. Holmes Cook John Castle n James Downing Maurice Jones James Lemly George Neblett Thomas F. Neblett Webb Overstreet Floyd Odom Robert Ridgeway Emilio Romano Talbert Steele Arm and Karow Eugene Karow Vaughn Watkins W. H. Fincher PAGE EIGHTY-ONE Boone, Akers, Allred. Cameron. Coleman, Case, Hozendorf, Moore. Noblin, Varner, Stokes, Lewis. dsterial League Officers Norman Boone President Frank Casey Vice-President Luther Bennett Secretary-Treasurer Members Buren Akers Julius McRany Sam Allred Basil Moore Harry Cameron James Noblin Sherrel Coleman Floyd Odom Albert Collins Henry Varner R. E. Case James Taylor Frank Dement Lee Stokes Connie Hozendorf O. C. Moffett P. H. Kim Duncan Naylor Frank Leccett Jesse Macee Floyd Lewis PAGE EIGHTY-TWO Green. Carothers, Thompson. Winstead, Mason. The Women ' s Association Organized October, 1930 Purpose: To represent and to further the best interests of the student body ; to strengthen the spirit of unity and sense of individual responsibility among the women of Millsaps College. Officers Winifred Green President Harriet Carothers Vice-President Dorothv THOiMPSON Secretary Juanita Winstead Treasurer Grace Mason Social Chairman Emma Heald ... Program Chairman PAGE EIGHTY-THREE Men ' s Glee Club Dr. A. P. Hamilton, Director Miss Magnolia Simpson, Accompanist Emu. 10 Romano . John T. Kimball Jack Dokris David Butler Harry Cameron- John Cresap John Campbell Allen Crenshaw A. H. Bullard Frank Dement Thomas Boswell William Fulgham Manley Gregory Officers . President Business Manager James Lundy . . Assistant Business Manager William Fulgham Librarian Personnel First Tenor Rowan Crews Harry Fortner Second Teno T. Miller Dickson Sam Allred Richard King First Be Vassar Dubard Willard Gordon- Lee Stokes Wyatt Clowe Duncan Naylor Kyle Philips Raymond McClinton James Lundy William Lundy Gilcin Meadors Second Buss Charles Hanna John T. Kimball Eugene Ragsdai.e M. E. Frank Jordan Fred Robey John Lemly G. R. Neblett Jack Taylor Emilio Romano Alton Minor Shelby Roberts Landis Rogers David Wally Roy Bailey William Shutt Leroy Smith Sidney Smith PAGE EIGHTY-FOUR Millsaps 106th Engineers Frank Heard President Gordon Grantham Vice-President T. Neblett Business Manager Frank Slater Director Frank Slater Warrant Officer T. Neblett Staff Sergeant John C. Chambers Sergeants Robert Grantham Franklin Heard Corporals Thomas Boswell Elijah Fleming Joe Guess Armand Karow James Gilbert John E. Melvin First Class Privates Chauncev Godwin John K. Phillips Haden McKay James Lundy Kenneth Terrell H. V. Allen VV. V. Dubard E. R. Karow G. F. Meadors C. L. Rogers R. H. Buchanan Privates Read Dunn W. E. Lotterhos Alton Minor J. S. White John Castle n W. H. Finch er W. II. Lundy V. J. Morice Clement Vaughn J. Y. Downing C. R. Galloway YV. H. McKenzie G. R. Neblett Color Glard Garland Holloman James Lumdy Cecil Smith Lee Stokes The Millsaps- 1 06th Engineers Band was founded as such in the Fall of 1931, and was given Federal recognition on Oct. if), 193 1. The Hand made its first extended trip the Spring of the same school year. During the Summer of 1932, it was en- camped with the Mississippi National Guard at its summer training camp at Alex- andria, La. Millsaps was especially gratified when its Band received the coveted invitation to represent this State at the Inauguration of President Roosevelt, at which ceremony they headed the Mississippi delegation. PAGE EIGHTY-FIVE Key, Mitchell, Hamilton, White, Jenkins, Van Hook. R. H. Moore, Hathorn, Newell, Bradley, Hester. Hough, Howell, Kimball, B. Moore, Neblett, Lane. Omicrom Delta Kappa (Student Leadership) Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914 Colors: Ulue and White Publication: " The Circle " D. M. Key B. E. Mitchell Ross H. Moori; Pi Circle Faculty Members A. P. Hamilton ' M. C. White F. C. Jenkins B. O. Van Hook V. B. Hathorn T. H. Naylor jr. H. T. Newell jr. John B. Howell Walter Bivins Student Members Robert Houoh Rabian Lam: W. E. Hester jr. John T. Kimball T. F. Neblett Basil Moore Norman Bradley PAGE EIGHTY-SIX - • White, Moore, Sanders, Price. Newell, Hough, Tync-s, Bradley. Sigma Upsilon (Literary) Founded at the University of the South Colors: Green and Gold Publication: " News Letter " Kit Kat Chapter Faculty Members M. C. White A. G. Saxders Ross H. Moore J. B. Price Student Members Harvey T. Newell jr. Gycelle Tyxes Robert Hough Normav Bradley PAGE EIGHTY-SEVEN White, Moore, Carothers, Gulledge, Hester. Howell, Kinnaird, Mason, Xetalett, Newell. 7 Colors: Blue and Gold Alpha Psi Omega (Dramatics) Founded at West Virginia State College Publication: " The Playbill ' Alpha Pi Cast Faculty Members M. C. White Rnss H. Moore Student Members John B. Howell Grace Mason Richard Kinnaird Harriet Carothers T. F. Neblett W. E. Hester jr Jeanette Gulledge Harvey T. Newell jr. Gordan Grantham Louis Decell (Understudy) PAGE EIGHTY-EIGHT Nesbitt, Hough, Hester. Ramsey, Riggs, Noblin. Fi Kappa Delta (Forensic) Publication: " The Forensic " Mississippi Alpha Chapter Faculty Member Professor Charles F. Neblett Student Members Robert Hough Paul Ramsey W. E. Hester jr. Jack Dorris Marvin Riggs Waiter Bivins James Noblin PAGE EIGHTY-NINE THE GREEKS Top row: Tynas, Skipper Second row: Lindsey Third row: Lewis, Campbell Fourth row: Kimball Fifth row: Mayfleld, Henry PAGE NINETY-TWO Sligma Mho Chi Founded at Millsaps College in 1930 Colors: Scarlet and Cream Flower: Red Carnation Publication: " Entre Nous " Class of 1933 Floyd O. Lewis Floyd Odom Allen Lindsey Gycelle Tynes Frank Davis Virgil D. Skipper Class of 1934 Clois Caldwell John T. Kimball John F. Campbell Frank C. Legged Thomas Mayfield Class of 1935 Lewis Alford Duncan Naylor Malcolm Carter Paul Sisk James Lantrip Fred Ward Robert Womack Otho Monroe Class of 1936 Cecil Williams John Paul Henry PAGE NINETY-THREE Top row: Lane, T. Neblett, Bridges Second row: Godwin. A. Karow, .loins Third row: Lundy. J. Neblett, Overstreet Fourth row: Stokes, Allen, Conev Fifth row: Dubard, G. Neblett, Rogers PAGE NINETY-FOUR Theta Kappa Nu Founded ;it Drury College in 1924 Colors: Black, Crimson, Silver Flower: American Beauty Ro e Publication: " Theta News " Mississippi Alpha Chapter Class of 1933 Rabian " D. Lane Thomas F. NEBi.EtT Walter C. Bivins Felix J. Underwood, Jr. Emilio Romano Class of 1934 Jack F. Bridges Samuel E. Lackey, Jr. Class of 1935 Chauncey Godwin Morrison Massey John F. Neblett Charles Hanna Maurice Jones Webb N. Overstreet Armand Karow James I. Lundy Lee Stokes William A. Suber Joseph E. Williams II. V. Allen- Oscar Coney Vassar Dubard Class of 1936 William H. Fincher John Horne James A. Meisburg William Moore George R. Neblett C. Landis Rocers Talbot Steele PAGE NINETY-FIVE Top row: Hester, Howell, Neweomb, Moore Second row: Simmons, Waller, Davis. Dees Third row: Heard. 11, .11,, man. Hill,, it, Cir.-i;,M Fourth row: Latimer. Lockett, Stephens, Butler Fifth row: Bowen. Clowe, Crenshaw, Ferris Sixth row: Lilly. Pratt. Smith, Swavze PAGE NINETY-SIX Kappa Sigma Founded at the Inivcrsitv of Bologna in 1400 Founded at the University of Virginia in 1867 Colors: Scarlet, White, Emerald Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley Publications: " The Caduceus " and " The Star and Crescent " W. E. Hester J. 15. Howell Alpha Upsilon Chapter Class of 1933 J. II. Newcomb Melvin Richardson C. C. Moore Cris Simmons William Waller Walter Backstrom James Davis Wilton Dees Class of 1934 Frank Heard Garland Holloman PUGH LlCHTCAP James Moore Joe Stone Jimmy Morrison Mosby Alford Nolan Currie Louis Decell Class of 1935 Kenneth Gilbert Manley Gregory Ellis Latimer Julian LocKETt Thomas McDonnell Marvin Smith John Stevens Bill Tyson- James Vance Moss Butler Jack Bowen Hillary Buchanan Wyatt Clowe Hubert Carmichael Class of 1936 Allen Crenshaw W. D. Ferriss Charles Gray Miller Henry Donald Lilly Woodrow McKeithen James McKenzie Harris Swayze Jack Pratt Alfred Robinson Charles Schimpf William Seale Billy Sharps Sidney Smith PAGE NINETY-SEVEN I V V Top row: Newell, Guess, Buckley, Cool Second row: Coe, Kinnaird, T. Ross, Castlen Third row: Joo Guess, Hardin, Cross. Decell Fourth row: Dunn, Evans, Ezelle, Galloway Fifth row: L,ott, McClinton, Penn, J. I.. Ross Sixth row: Taylor, Virden, White, Williams PAGE NINETY-EIGHT Pi Kappa Alpha Founded at the University of Virginia in 1868 Colors: Garnet and Gold Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley Publication; " Shield and Diamond " Alpha Iota Chapter Class of 1933 James Guess Harvey T. Newell jr. Class of 1934 Spurgeon Buckley Clair Coe W. Holmes Cook Richard S. Kinnaird Thomas Ross John T. Castlen Elijah Flemming Joe S. Guess Class of 1935 Paul Hardin jr. Hayden Mckay Clarence McCormick Charles L. Neill jr. Shelby Robert Ellis Wright Billy Brown- Dan Cross Billy Decf.ll Read Dunn J. W. Evans Robert Ezelle Charles Galloway Class of 1936 W. R. Irving Harry H. Lott Raymond McClinton Robert Neill Stanley Orkin Edward Penn J. L. Ross John Taylor Luther Spencer Sam Virden J. S. White Bill Williams L. A. Wyatt PAGE NINETY-NINE f J± r Top row: Enoch, Calhoun. Griffith, AVatkins Second row: Bradley, Childress Third row: Palmer, Ricketts, Ridgeway, Buie Fourth row: Collins, Hand Fifth row: Lauderdale, Lotterhos, Rehfeldt, Shands PAGE ONE HUNDRED a Founded at Washington and University in i S6 5 Colors: Crimson and Gold Flowers; Magnolia and Red Rose Publication: " K:ippa Alpha Journal " Alpha Mu Chapter Roy H. Bailey- John R. Enochs Class of 1933 Paul S. Griffith Luther Currie John M. Calhoun David M. Key, Jr. H. V. Watkins, Jr. C. Norman Bradley John C. Chambers, Jr. Class of 1934 Moncure Dabney Gordon Grantham H. K. Ireland Joseph C. Wilson- Mac Childress Luther Crull R. E. Cunningham, Jr. James Y. Downing, Jr. Edward G. Flowers Class of 1935 Archie M. Haley Louis Hallam Warfield Hester Rex Moody Judson Palmer, Jr. Edmond F. Ricketts Charles R. Ridgway, III William G. Sours Edwin Underwood, Jr. Edgar Alford Webster Millsaps Buie Harris Collins Class of 1936 Robert Hand John V. Holmes James A. Lauderdale, Jr. William Lotterhos Fred C. Rehfeldt Harley C. Shands Leroy Smith PAGE ONE HUNDRED ONE Newell, Howell, Skipper, Enochs, Neblett. Holloman, Kimball, Lane. Men ' s Pan Hellenic Council Officers Harvey T. Newell jr. . . President Garland Holloman Vice-President RABAN Lane Secretary-Treasurer Members Harvey T. Newell jr n K A Ellis Wright John B. Howell K 2 Garland Holloman Vircil D. Skipper 2 P X John T. Kimball John R. Enochs K A Gordon Grantham Thomas F. Neblett 9 K X Rabian Lane PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWO Winstead, Dean, Jones, Jacobs Heitman, Gates, Green, Milner Women ' s Pan Hellenic Council Officers Juanita Winstead President Katherine Jacobs Secretary-Treasurer Members Juanita Winstead A Z Elizabeth Heitman Dorothy Dean K A Frances Gates Catharine Jones M Winifred Green Katherine Jacobs BZO Mary Leila Milner PAGE ONE HUNDRED THREE Top row: Jacobs, Polk, Davis Second row: Cowen, Enochs, Mason Third row: Milner, Noel, Boyles Fourth row: Bullard, Flowers, Gordon PAGE ONE HUNDRED FOUR Beta Sigma Omnicroe Founded at the University of Missouri in 1888 Colors: Ruby and Pink Flowers: Richmond and Killarney Rose Publication: ' ' The Urn " Alpha Zeta Chapter Class of 1933 Jacobs Lillian Polk Class of 1934 Florence Davis Class of 1935 Dorothy Cowen Frank Rae Darden Elise Enochs Grace Mason Mary Leila Milner Mary Inez Noi i. Class of 1936 Dorothy Boyles Polly Bullard Elise Cambre Myrtis Flowers Genevieve Folse Mary Dudley Gordan PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIVE Tup row; Heitman, Houston, Hull Second row: McDaniels, Myers, Part in Third row: J. Winstead, O. Winstead, Breland Fourth row: McNeill, D. Winstead, Thompson Fifth row: Huddleston, Hickman PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIX Delta Zeta Founded at Miami University in 1902 Colors: Nile Green and Killarney Rose Flo wrr: Killarney Rose Publication: " The Lamp ' ' Mary Lynn Houston 1 Mae Hull Elizabeth Heitman Class of 1933 Catherine Martin Jesse McDaniels Evelyn Myers Adamae Partin JUANITA WlNSTEAO Oneita Winstead Class of 1934 Rachel Breland Margaret McNeil Daree Winstead Class of 1935 Dorothy Thompson Mary- Frances Wyatt Class of 1936 Eva Hickman Addie Huddleston PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVEN Top row: AH ' ord, Burnham. Gainey Second row: Swayze, Boswell Third row: Dean, Satterfield, Weems Fourth row: Gates, Bennett Fifth row: Bond, Ford, Graves Sixth row: Norton, Plummer Seventh row: Pritchard, Stevens, Strahan PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHT I Founded at the Virginia State Normal College in 1897 Colors: Olive Green and White Floirrr: White Rose Publication: " Angelos " Mary Eleanor Alford Mu Chapter Class of 1933 Mary Sue Burnham Marguerite Gainey Carl Lee Swayze Mary Virginia Wells Helen Boswell Dorothy Dean Class of 1934 Jane Hall Elizabeth Milam Laura Satterfield Alice Weems Class of 1935 Frances Gates Harrietts Heidelberg Class of 1936 Mary Norton Nancy Plummer Emily Bennett Helen Bond Marianne Ford Oralee Graves Charlie Prichard Ethelwyn Stevens Do:;othy Strahan PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINE Top row: Green Second row: Flowers, Jones Third row: Donaldson Fourth row: Heidelherg. Tremaine Fifth row: Hollingsworth PAGE ONE HUNDRED TEN Phi Mm Founded at Wesleyan College in 1852 Colors: Rose and White Flower: Rose Carnation Publication: " Aglaia " Class of 1933 Winifred Green Makuia Hamilton Margaret Flowers Class of 1934 Catharine Jones Maud McLean Class of 1935 Sara Anderson Norvelle Beard Martha Donaldson Emma Heald Katherine Heidelberg Wanda Tremaine Class of 1936 Frances Clark Almeida Holi.ingsworth PAGE ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN i tiv .N . . ; - ' : . ••■;■■ " ■ " .■.■:.:■- ' ; , -. ' ..,- " v 385 E83®aM ; During the war-ridden days of Feudalism a fre- quent interval of relaxation was afforded by the hunting and hawking parties, when in colorful cavalcade milady swept to the chase surrounded by a retinue of chivalric gentlemen. ■ Q e JjobaskeL 1 resents — • % v% Jnarif Sue Jjimiham Jnarij L ynn Jtouston IW m Martha jtamiih on JJorouiij L owen GFkACe MA50N CAMPUS ' opvALee GKAves FAVORITES GyceLLe TyNes MAS re A, MAJOfi, MARy SUe 6URNH-AM CPP, eS6MTA 7 V£ CO - ED IN APPRECIATION TO our advertisers, the Staff wishes to acknowl- edge with sincere gratitude their help in mak- ing possible this issue of the Bobashela. If to you as students, this annual is representative of the College and the Capital City, we are asking that you co-operate with us in the furtherance of good will by patronizing them, many of whom have grown with Millsaps and Jackson in size and spirit. Please call attention to the fact that you are a Millsaps student, thereby obtaining better service for yourself and showing your appreciation for their repeated support even through such times of financial stress. KNOW OUR ADVERTISERS MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI A COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Founded 1892 Member of: Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools r .t i a j I The Association of American Universities On the fully approved j [The American Association of University Women Offers to young men and women of character, ambition and ability, the following advantages: 1. Rigorous Academic Training and Scholastic Prestige. 2. Alert Intellectual and Cultural Life of the Student Community, expressed in Literary, Athletic, and Religious Organizations. 3. Moderate Expense and Excellent Opportunity for Loans and Employment. For Catalogue and Special Information, Address D. M. KEY, President Jackson, Mississippi McClaren Autocrat Tires and Tubes UNION DEPOT SERVICE STATION " At Your Service " One Block North of Edwards Hotel JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Texaco Gasoline, Alemite and Galenol Accessories, Willard Batteries Washing, Polishing, Alemite-ing Telephone 840 FREE ROAD SERVICE J. B. WALKER, Manager STEVENS ■A HART SCHAFFNER cV MARKS CLOTHES BELHAVEN COLLEGE School of Character COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS CONSERVATORY OF FINE ARTS A Modern College for Young Women With Courses Leading to A.B. and B.S. Degrees BELHAVEN CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC With Faculty of Artist Teachers Offering Courses in Piano, Voice, Pipe Organ and Public School Music leading to Bachelor of Music Degree. A Safe School for Southern Girls G. T. GILLESPIE, President Jackson, Miss. SEALE-LILY ICE CREAM YOU EAT IT WITH A SMILE A Health Food — Always in Season MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE ECHO OF SWEETS TEA ROOM Sodas, Sweets, Luncheons 241 E. Capital St. Tel. 3316 Jackson, Mississippi Watkms, Watkms G? Eager Attorneys and Counsellors at Law Standard Life Building Jackson, Mississippi JACKSON DAILY NEWS Jackson, Mississippi Circulation Exceeds All Other State Papers 65c PER MONTH 7.80 PER YEAR Publishes Best Copyright Features JACKSON SHOE HOSPITAL " Repair Shoes Better " WM. KAROW, Manager Phone 336 412 E. Capitol Dr. H. F. Magee Physician ana Surgeon Lamar Life Building Jackson, Miss. Hederman Brothers Printers, Blank Book Makers, Stationers and Lithographers 329-31-35 East Pearl Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Capitol Floral Co. " Say It With Flowers " 24-Hour Service LINDSEY CABINESS, Manager Lamar and Amite Streets N ' te Phone 287 Phone 511-512 ENGRAVED WEDDING INVITATIONS Tucker Printing House JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ' ALFRED BOURGEOIS Your J eiveler 220 WEST CAPITOL COVERS FOR THE 1933 Bobashela Made By The S. K. Smith Co. Chicago, III. The Majestic and Istnone Theatres Jackson ' s Publix Theatres S. P. McRae Co. BETTER VALUES V Florsheim and Friendly Fives No-Name and Stetson Hats HIATT STUDIO 423 1-2 East Capitol Street OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER for the 1933 Bobashela - I; : ' " 7 SERVICE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER DOWNING-LOCKE COMPANY ' Jackson s Snojyjiing Center JACKSON ' S GREATEST STORE The Emporium You Will Enjoy Eating .it THE MAGNOLIA TEA ROOM HELEN STORM, Manager 1539 North West Mississippi School Supp ly Co. Serving Mississippi Schools School Furniture and Equipment JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI bright pages iia M? that reflect those happy, carefree days has been our cjoal j. a ± a 99 LLpcp annual; DiyiriON; ALABAMA tNCRAVINC COM PAISJV BIRMINGHAM ' IN THE HEART OF THE SOUTH ' THIS BOOK PRINTED By The world ' s LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF COLLEGE ANNUALS IPRINTIMG CO.; NASHVILLE JTENN COLLEGE ANNUAL III At KM MS IK US trTtq i ii aalUyJlyo ihjianmip JiwetioA (s xfen is). i Wuhcej

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