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' _ ' ' %; ' :% :y%.. 3« - " " ' " Ji itfc. .. ■: ' " " " S s?: ' ■■ -f-- — --■ %- ;v. - " fc BOBASHELA 1931 Joseph Burton Patrick Editor-in-Chief Henry Grady Flowers Business Manager . -— I OKe 1931 BobasKela Volume XXV AYeAR Booic OF MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISS. f : " % ot:? -X m ! m 9- y - . THE COLLEGE THE CLASSES ACTIVITIES FRATERNITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES frm mm r . . i - D rOsi-ji:.-wOsi-£) © U.W OF INIKOni CTION. As « ■ c.ime ti- .voii with (Ills vi.liiiiie ipf " Tile, " we il.i not intend (n aiioloHi .e for tlie al.sen.r of an.v- tliinu ' of merit. an I thert is, of cimrse. nothliiu: on thi ' paijes (liat follow lint works of merit whieli neeil no ai oloK . I ' lie desire of the Kditor and Manasiers has l ei ' n to make this vo nme a siie ess. Our pnriiose is to porlraj -o lejje lite in a I of its phases and to make it siirh a pleasini; ptirtrait that in years In come the students of l!):u ntay en.|o re i ing: tlie m ' mories of jjerhaps the hap- piest da s of tlieir li cs. Ihe asso.iation of friends, and often niu h more than that of friends, w hii h are formed dnriny one ' s e dlet;e life, are sometimes the most lasting, and to tliese pam- on nia.v often turn and see the faces of tho,e with whom . on ha e spent so niar. pleasant honrs. As we sul) this booli to yon, dear friends, it is with tlie hope tluit it shall oii!.v eall forth words of eomnienchition instead of eeiisure. It is not in- teiKled to he a perfect nrodiictinn. It is not t dite l h, professionals, hut , loial cidleife students who lo e their Alma latcr and who are tr. ing: to make the present .lear the hrlRlitest in lier history. Mill oii not. then, receive this vo " nnie of " The Boh ishela " in love an l long-sutTering: kindness, and ma. it alwa s he ;» source of gratitication to .vou that .Miu have as v inr . lma Mater Millsaps Col- leere, wh-ii-h this ■olume attem! ts to represent. THK ST. rF. ' ■ V ' ' ■ ' ' ■.■? w ' 1$ S51, f M :7 r , ' -• - j It is With Pleasure the Staff Welcomes the Opportunity to Dedicate This Volume of the BOBASHELA to Professor Frank C. Jenkins Who has given of his heart, body, and mind to the upbuilding of Millsaps; who, as a teacher, has done more than train the minds of men; who has manifested a love for his Alma Mater not only through these channels, but through his manliness in every activity. - " z1 n J I ± Xn CQpmn riant • r? !,.. iEtaa (Unra Tuatima Bitb Qrrpmlirr 26. 133U 1 4 % % College i3r " k : ' n : r Ir ADMINISTRATION ' BUILDING gALLOWAY— ' BURTON HALL " EW SCIENCE HALL LIBRARY FOUNDERS HALL ' T RIVE THROUGH CAMPUS mBMiimn Dr. D. U. Key, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D. President of SMillsaps College 17 ' ' rf she Fsiculty " V ' " .W Dr. J. M. Sl LLivAx, A.M., Ph.D. Senior Member of the Faculty Professor of Chemistry and Geoloejy A.B., Central College; A.M., ' aiulerhilt rniversity Ph.n., ' :iii(lerhilt rni -ersit ; Delta Tau Delta. Pr )fi:.s.s«)r (]. L. Harrhll, B.S., M.S. Rn islrar of llie ( ' ollit r I ' rofissor of I ' liysics and .1 stronomy 15. S., Mill aps College; M.S., Mlllsaps College; Kappa Sigma. Proi-essor J. Rrese I.ix, B.A., M.A. Srrntary of the C.nllei e Professor ot P iilosophy and History A.B., Emor ' College; M.A., ' anderbilt Cniversity; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Ep ilon ; Phi Beta Kappa. Dr. H. E. Mitch fll, A.M., 1 h.D. Dean Professor of Matlieinatiis A.B., Scarritt-Moiri ille; A.M., ' aiHlerbilt Cniversitx ; Ph.D., Columbia rni ei lty; Alpha Tail Dmega ; Omi- ciiin Delta Kappa. Profkssor C. F. Nhsuitt, A.H., H.D. Professor of Relir ions Edueation A.B., WotfonI College; B.D., Kmoiy Ciiiversilv. iS ■Pl T „ Faculty ■ 1 Dr. a. p. Hamii.tox, A.M.. Ph.D. Dean and I ' lolissor 0 .Iruirtil l.tint uat is A.B., Southern I ' niversity ; A.M., rniv(.-i it - i)f Penn- sylvania; Ph.D., ibid; Kappa .Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa. Miss Magxoi.ia Si.Mi ' sox, A.l?., A.M. Instruilor in Latin A.B., Millsaps College; . ' .M., rni ei ity of Penn- sylvania. Professor A. G. Saxokrs, A.B., A.M. Professor of Roinancf l.iuu iiaiirs A.B., Southwestern; AM., ' iale rni ersit ; .- .B., Tni- versity of Oxford; A.M., ibid; Sigma I ' pMlon; . ' Mpha Phi Epsilon. Mrs. W. O. Brumfirmi, A.R. Girls ' Raskithall Coach A.B., Cumberland Cnivervitw Professor Ross H. Moore, A.B., A.M. .Issociali ' Professor of llislnry A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., ibid; . lpha Phi Epsilon; Alpha Psi Omega; Sigma I ' psilon; Omicron Delta Kappa. 19 Faculty Professor H. C. Blackwei.l, A.B., A.M. .Issocialc Professor of Religious Educalion A.B., Emory University; A.M., Duke University; Can- dler School of Theolog of Emory University; Tau Kappa Alpha. Mrs. L. B. Rori-rts, A.B., A.M. .Issociale Professor of Entjlisli A.H., University of South Carolina; A.M., ibid. Professor B. O. Van Hook, A.B., A.M. .Issoiiate Professor of Malhematiis and Diredor of .llliletics A.B., Millsaps; A.M., ' anderbilt University; Kappa Sigma. Professor Fraxk C. Jexkixs, B.S., A.M. Professor of Eduealion B.S., University of Mississippi; A.M., Peabod College; Phi Delta Kappa. Professor L. E. Le.aver, B.S., A.M. .Issistant Professor of Eduealion U.S., Central Missouri State Teachers ' College; A.M. Uiiiversitv of Missouri. i I Faculty Knwix V. Hale Profissor of I ' iysucil EJuiitlioii Mr. Frank Slatkr, B.M. Iliad of till- I ' nur Di-parlinrnt B.M., New Orleans Conservatory of Music anil Dra- matic Art, three years a student at the Ro al College of Music, Manchester, England, late of Royal House Opera, London, England. Vernon B. Hathorn, H.S. Bursar B.S., Millsaps College; Kappa Sigma, Mrs. F. C. Cooi ' er Matron Girls ' Dorniilory. ] Irs. Mary Bowen Ci.ark, A.B. Assistant Librarian A.B., Millsaps College; Phi Mu. ii J ' i Faculty Dr. David Horace Bishop, AI.A., IJ..D. Profissor (if Eiujlhh H.A., Emory and Henry College, 1891; M.A., ' ander- hilt University, 1897; LL.D., Emory and Henry College, 1930. Mrs. H. W. Coi!p, A.B., St. Lawrence University; Phi Beta Kappa. Roki:rt Hl; R • Hayxes, B.A., " SI. A. .Issislaril Projrssnr of Ilislory H.A., I ' niversity of Tennessee, 1912; M.A., George Pea- body College, 1927. Nlma Francis Wii.kersox, A.B., M.A. .Issislant Profrssnr of Biolot y A.K., Duke Universitx ' , 1921 ; M.A., Duke University, 1923- Mrs. S. V. Clements Million of (Jills ' Dormitory y Faculty Joseph Bailey Prick, I?.S., M.S. Assislanl I ' rofrssrir of Matlicmalii s and Clniniiliy H.S., MillsapN CdlleKc, 1925; M.S., rrilvcisit cf Mi;. is- sippi, 1928. El.lZAHKTU Cr AlC, 15. A., M.A. Jfsislanl riofrssor of I ' icikIi B.A., Baniari! ( ' (illcne, C ' dluinbia 1 ' ni fi-it , 1922; M.A., Ciilumhia ( ' iii ' ir ll , 1930. Mrs. J. L. Rohrrts, A. 15., H.M. Director of Piano A.B., B.M., ' hit v()|-th C ' ollej e; Sherwood Music School; American Conservatory; Pupil of Elizabeth Mc ' oy, Albert Berne, Cjeorgia Ki;ber, Silvio Scionti Walter Keller, Special work with Josef Lhevinne. Fannie Bloomfield Zeisler, anil Percy Cirainser. Fi.()R[-N ' CF- Lkach, H.S. . IssislanI Lilnarian Head of Calalo{ ur Dcpnrlminl B.S., George Peabody CVillege, 1930; Certificate in Li- brary Science, CJeorge Peabody College, 1930. Miss Carrik Olivia Sistrl k Secretary lo the President AxxiL Oli ia Har.m(i , U.A., M.A. Jsshtant Professor of Kni lis i Dean of Jl ' oinen B.A., Meridian College, 1920; M.A., Lniversitx of North Carolina, 1925. 23 cAlma SMater cAlma iater, dear old ill saps, Loyal Sons are we; Our fond hearts are thine alone oAnd ever more shall be. roud art thou in classic beauty Of thy noble past, With thy watchword. Honor, uty, Thy high fame shall last. Svery student, man and maiden, Swell the glad refram, ' Til the breezes, music laden, Waft it back, again. j V -Wy r ' J! . 4 4 f k Classes f 1, ' ' , I Class Officers Howard Lewis Preside Robert Tatljm . Vice-President Laura Lightcap Secretary-Treasurer •U Seiiior Class Kenyon Fielding Hill, B.S. JACKSON " , MISS. Unuigrois Medal (1. 2): D. A. li. Medal CZ. 3): h ' ounder ' s Medal (4); Assistant to President anil Reg- istrar (1. 2): Snmnier i2), 1 2. 3); Assistant in Chem- istry (4); President Pamlilers ' -lub (4): President Eta Sisnia (4); High Honor Graduate. Reynolds Smith Cheney, B.A. K A JACKSON, MISS. IOl;i .Si.i;ina Katimae Campbell, B.A. MKRinlAN, MISS. Whitworth -..llej;e (1, 21: .•-;rer. ' tary 1 Mi iloniathian Lit irarv .Sneietv i : ' . ) ; Glee ciuh CI i : Y. G. A. Delegat. to Blue Ridg,. ( :; i ; Se.r.tar - V. W. c. A. (4i: Busines.« Manager Gl.. ' cinli (li; Senior Ring fommittee (41. Garner W. Green, Jr., B.A. J.VCKSON, MISS. Troy Conway Gotten, B.S. JACKSON, MISS. 28 Wp Ws M: ' S : ):!7 Q ,J: II Senior Class Robert Newell Kinnaird, Jr., B.S. JACKSON, MLSS. Glee Cluh (2. 3, ■) ) ; Student Assistunl in chemistry (3) DeLacey McMurry, B.S. JACKSOX, MISS. Floyd L. Looney, B.A. COLLIERVILLE, IKNX. James Sidney Mills, B.A. COURTLAXI), MISS. Mar ville ColKge (1 ). Robert Alonzo Hassell, B.S. 1 r x Football (1 2 3, 4). ' ' ) 1 r ) h ,1 c t r Senior Class Joseph Burton Patrick, A.B. () K X LEARNKD, MISS. Clalloway Literary Society; President Gailoway Literary Society; Buie Declamation Winner; Freshman Debater; Inter-CoIIegiate Debater; M. I. O. A. Representative (3, 4); Delegate to Pi Kappa Delta Convention, Wich- ita. Kansas; Delegate to Pi Kappa Delta Convention. Farmersville, Virginia: President Pi Kapjia Delta; Editor ■■Bohashela " ; Debate Counril; Student Executive Board. W. Kenneth Bradley, B.S. K . CAxrnv, MISS. r am:ir Liter:ir Sneiety ll. 2. ?.. ti; V. M. i . . Cabinet U); .X. ' sistant in Physies ((); Clviiinian c ' apand Gown Committee (4J. John Calhoun, B.S. K A ,MT. OI.IVE, MISS. Frances King, A.B. K A .JACKSON " , MISS. irl. - Clee cii ilenintliean Literary Soeiet -; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Marion Hale, B.S. (I K . MEMPHIS, lENS " . eretar - and Treasurer n( the So]iliomnie Class; Font- ill II, 2, :;, I); Haseiiall (L 2 :l. J 1 ; Basketliall il, 2, :;. ll; Assistant in Physical l ' :ducation (2, :1. A). Elizabeth Knox, A.B. JACKSON, MISS. t;iee Club. m i M i N. i :si| Seeior Class Sara Smith, A.B. li 1 n JACKSON ' , MISS. Gills ' Gli ' i- C ' liili; Bri ' tliov.-ii I ' li James D. Slay, A.B. PL ' RVIS, MISS. Pr. si.U ' iU Mini.sUiial LcaKiu ' ; .As.-iistant in E. A. Kelly, B.S. J.ACKSOX, MISS. President linisterial League Margaret Clark, B.A. BKOOKHAVK.V, MISS. Wtlitwoltll CulleKr (1. 2 I. Alice Kathryn Casey, A.B. JACKSON " , .MISS. Myrtle Johnson JACKSON, Ml ' )31 ' I Seeior Class Robert Eli Tatum, B.A. K i HAITIKSBURG, MISS. Sludeiu ExiMiitivc Buaid (J I: V. M. ' . A. Calii.iet r:! A): Fifshiiuiii ull ; Band (3. 4); (Jmicron Delta Kappa. Trella Mae Burnham, B.S. A z JACKSON ' , MISS. Edwin Beaman Bell, A.B. ]| K A CREKWVnOI), MISS. Football (1, 2, ?,, -1); Baskitb.ill (1); Tra.k i 1. 2 3. -1 ) . Lemma Lucille Gordon, A.B. JACKSON, MISS Benjiman S. Harrell, A.B. K 1 JACKSON, MISS. F.Killiall (1.1 ; Stuiliiit , . " isisiant in -Math. -mat i(s: Ti nni The 19 1 ' BohcuhcLi Seeior Class Robert Clayton Maynor, B.S. U K X JACKSON-, MISS. Foutball il 2, :!. 4); L ' ainaiii Foutball Tfaiii i4i: VUr- President of the Sophomore Class; Seciflai. m A. A. (2); Honor Council (3); President of " M " I ' luli (I); President DeMolay Club (3); Winner Brann.m Tnii ' bj I 3); Senior Ring Coniniittre ; Stnd.nt Exii-utive P.. .aid (-11; Catella Club (ll; II.iudi- Graduate. Lloyd Hardin, B.S. DI-HMl ' R, MISS. Ga:lo va ■ Literary Soeiety; IJanibler.s ' Club. W. Percy Armour, B.S. i; p x TA-SLORSVILLE. MISS. W. R. Ferris, B.S. K 1 JACKSON, MISS. Transfer SIis.«iissippi A. M. ; Pi-, ' -.Medb al ExcELL Mapp, B.S. i; r x llARPEKSNILI.l:, MISS. Football ( 1, 2, 3. 4). I ' he 193l obaihela Seeior Class Wesley Norton Miller, A.B. K 1 HERMAWILLE, MISS. Prc ' SicU-iit Student Bo ly; Cliairman Fic-ld Coopprative A.ssofiation; Honor Gradua te; Baseball (1. 2. 3. 4): Football (1): Galloway Literary Society; Vice-President Student Body: Omicron Delta Kappa; Eta Sigma; ■•Puriile and White " Staff; --Bobashela " Staff; Ramblers ' Club. Mary Velva Simpson, B.S. Bin JACKSOV, MISS. Grace Elizabeth Dear, A.B. JACKSON " , , IISS. I ' liil(iuiatli.-an l,itiT;u - . ' -■o(iil (1, l ' ■ Jl; (;lie r ' luli (4). Annie Dixon Myers, A.B. JACKSON ' , .VIISS. Herbert Douglas Gillis, A.B. 1 I ' . IIAirlKSBLKC, .MISS. Literaiy Soctlet ' (1. 2. 3, -II; President of L. I.. S. I 41; " Purple ami White " Staff (4); Sigma Upsilon. 34 ' ' H)ha h- ■ Seeior Class James Howard Lewis, B.S. (I K . GRKENWOOD, MISS. L,. L,. S.; Treasurer of L. I . S. (3); Honor Council (1. 2, 3); Student Executive Board (3); " M " Club (3. 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4); Catella Club; Vice-Pres- ident Catella Club: Freshman Edition " Purple and White " ; Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4); Vice-President Student Body (4); Student Assistant in Education (4); Pres- ident of Senior Class; Omicron Delta Kappa; Vice- President Oniicron Delta Kaiipa. Laura Anderson Lightcap, B.A. K A JACKSON " , MISS. BURNELL GiLLASPY, A.B. I! I O MON ' l ' ICFLLO, MISS. M. S. C. V. (1. 2. .■;); Glcr Chib (4). Charles Holmes Whatley, B.S. K I JACKSON " , MISS. Charles Wesley Simms, B.S. d ' LO, MISS. Seeior Class David Gordon Patton, A.B. JACKSON " , MISS. Gallownv Litprary Sofii-ty: Eta Sigma; Honor Gradu- ate; Y. M. C. A. (1). Malcolm Galbreath, B.S. HAiriESBURG, MISS. A. M. Collese (1); Track (2. 3, 4); Band (2. 3. 4): PrcHiile-nt ol the Band (4); Student Executive Board (4); V. SI. C. A. Cabinet; Chairman of Invitation Committee (4). Benjamin Young Ruff, A.B. ACKFRMAN, MISS. Freshman Debating Team; Mid-Session Debater (2). Graves Hubbard McDowell, A.B. JACKSON " , MISS. M ' ir viIIe Collese (1); Olee -|uli (2. 3, 4); Busines Manaser of the SlilL-aps ' l ' la; ■■piirple and White .Staff (4); Senior ( ' ai ami ciown Committee. Bessie Louise Allred, B.S. JACKSON, MISS. 36 j? A i _ n?7 - .ha she ' Seeior Class Lealon Martin, Jr., A.B. CANinV, MISS. SiBin:i Uiisilcm; (iniiri-Dii Di-ltii K;ippa; VA: SiKina; Kditor •■PiiriJli- iiiul Wliiti ' " (4): Sturlent Executive Board (1); I.amar Literary Society; " Bobasliela " Staff (3); Tennis Team (2. 3. 4); Basltetliall (2, 3); As- sistant in EnKlisli Department. Martell Herman Twitchell, A.B. IITA BKNA, MISS. Vii-e-Presiilc lit Ministerial I.easue (3 1; V. V. r, A. Cabinet (3); Student Assistant in Biljle (4); Glee C ' lul) (3. 4). Helen Hampton Walker, A.B. K A BK()OKHAVK , .MISS. Elma S. Clark, A.B. 1 M JACKSON " , MISS. Freshman i ■mnniission ; Eta SiKUia: Y. W. P. .A. Pali met 13); Cap and Cown Committee (4). ROSCOE CONKLIN WiLLIAMS, B.S. 1 1 ' X PKEMISS, MISS. 37 , ,A . ..■ ' i Bobci a: Seeior Class Ruth Ridgway, A.B. li 1 li JACKSON " , MISS. Basketball (1); V. W. C. A. (2, 3); Vice-President Y. W. C. A. (2, 3); Pliilomathean Literary Society (2, 3, 4). Treasurer (3); Presirlent Girls ' Glee Club (3); Bcetlioxen Club (3); Pan-Hellenic Council: Student Ex- ecuti ' e Board: President of Woman ' s Assot.-iation (4). Paul Leroy Robertson, A.B. ][ K A WKSSON ' , MISS. ■Puriile and White " Staff (2. 3); Band (2); Millsaps ' Orchestra (4). Glenna Moore, A.B. . lACKSON ' MISS. Woman ' s I ' an-Hcllenir (4); Ciil.s ' Glee Club (3). Alice Lockhart Chilton, B.S. K A JACKSOX, MISS. EuLA Mae Weems, B.S. SU , MISS. -llud.nt Assistant in CliemistrN ' (4); Secretar- biers ' Club. :?8 ►ceior Clas: " s Henry Grady Flowers, B.S. II K A iiiiAii:, MISS. nns.ball (1. 2, ?.); M:iik!K( ' 1- ' ■Hobas f ' at. ' lla rlul ; I ' aii-llrlli.|iir (■ Martha Thompson, A.B. ! .M JACKSON ' , MISS. Elizabeth Harrell, A.B. K A JACKSON, MISS. L ' DoRA Lewis, B.A. Thelma Roberts, A.B. IIArriKSBLRG, MISS. ilii ' an Society; Y. W. f. . .; Glee Club ■I ' . tar Woman ' s As.sociation (4); Cap and Ci.iw n Committee (4). Melvin Rowarth Reed, B.S. JACKSON, MISS. i i Seeior Class Mary Heald, A.B. 1. M JACKSON " , MISS. Assistant in Eilucation; Gli e Cliili; ' ■Bohashela " Staff; Pliiln.natliean I itcrary Society; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Pan-Hellenic Council. Merrill Odom Hines, B.S. JACKSOX, MISS. Assistant in Biology. Hubert Vickery, B.S. II K A VICKSBURG, MISS. Glee Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Prosident Glee Club (4). Elizabeth Sutton, B.S. JACKSOV, MISS. Fred Alma Hutchinson, B.S. A 7, JACKSOX, MISS. Basketliall (1. 2, S, 4); Giiis ' Glee Club: Philomatheaii Literary Society; Assistant in History. Mary Agnes Dobyns, A.B. JACKSON, MISS. 40 F ' - ' ii S :n % Calvin Hull President Walter Permenter Vice-President U ' Z-:. W ' I Junior Class Wai.thr R. Bivixs MHRIIJIAN ' , MISS. Kraxklix Williams I ' i Kai)|)a Alpha IXVF-RNESS, MISS. F. MuXSTERiMAN MOKTON ' , MISS. Hhlex Furlow Delta JACKSON ' , MISS. Charlls Strait I ' i All. ha Mi; nEXllAI,L, MISS. J. C. Jones Pi Kaiipa Aliiha XORRIS, MISS. Theresa McDill Kappa Drlta JACKSON, MISS. S. J. Ruff ACKERMAN, MISS. Variiamax L. Owex KAVETTE, MISS. Leoxaro Stonestreet Pi Kappa Alpha JACKSON ' , MISS. Jueior Class Pllll.l.ll ' Kol.H K ;i Smiii;i JACKSON ' , MISS. Marcu i:riti; I)i:ti:ri.v JACKSON " , MISS. LORFNM ' FOSTKR Kappa Dilla JACKSON, MISS. Li CY Ml Ri ' in Malico I ' lii Mu JACKSON, MISS. IMathhrs Armstrong GKEEXWOOI), MISS. Louise Lucas Beta Sigma Omi. ron MOOREIIEAI), MISS. W. L. RiGHV JACKSON, MISS. John AVheeliss Sigma Rho Chi PORT GIBSON, MISS. J. H. NoRLiN, Jr. Pi Kappa Alplia PELEHATCHIE, .MISS. H. G. Warren BENTON, MISS. i I Jiaeior Class Helen Gibson Kappa Delta NEW HEBRON " , MISS. Sarah King Kappa Delta JACKSON " , MISS. Lee Travis Theta Kai)pa .Vu CANTON, MISS. Cri iSE Stark PHILADELPHIA, MISS. Kenneth Wills Kappa Sigma JACKSON, MISS. Li ciEN Ferris Kappa Alpha JACKSON, MISS. Clinton Walker Sigma Kh.i I ' hi LUCEDALE, MISS. T. A. Gilbert Kappa Sisina MERIDIAN, MISS. Bettie IUrhman Kappa Delta TUPELO, MISS. Mildred Clark Beta Sigma Omieron JACKSON, MISS. 44 ■. ' -k ' Jii.K- V b ' ' 1% :: ' )T7 7 . v,r.A. Jiaeior Class John Patterson Thrta K; |i|i;( Nil EBENICZFiR, MISS. Edward Km at Sigma Hhci riii BILOXI, MISS. Calvin Hull Pi Kappa .Alj)ha QUITMAN, MISS. Rose Fulghuai Wells Kappa n.lta JACKSON, MISS. Howard K. Williford MCCOMB, MISS. ]Mar - Wacaster Delta Zeta JACKSON, MISS. D. V. Herlong Pi Kapjiia Alpha HERMANVILLE, MISS. Jeanelle Wasson Beta Sigma Omieron MOOREHEAD, MISS. IVIary Louise Dickson Beta Sigma Omieron JACKSON, MISS. Rill Jacobs Theta Kappa Nu JACKSON, MISS. ♦5 i Jmnior Class Florence Coker Plli JIu JACKSON, MISS. V. LT E R P E R A 1 V. X T I- R KaiM ' a .Si,:;iiia TUTWILER, MISS. WlLMAAI ErVIX TlictH Kapiia Xu I VFR ESS, MISS. Clai HE Passo MOBILE, ALA. Mi;Ri:iiriH C) exs IMii JIu JACKSOV, MISS. VlRGIXIA Yol XGRLOOn Kapi.a Helta BRnOKMAVEN " , MISS. Danid DriiARi) Thria Kappa Nu DUnARD, MISS. He I. EX R IP LEV Kappa lulla BROOKIIAVEV, MISS. LIA 1?. I-OLKHART JACKSON, MISS. 46 ( X lass omcers L. B. Jones President Stokes V. Robertson Vice-President Mary Woodliff . . . Secretary and Treasurer ' J%? ywK he 19 1 ' " nha I 11 Sophomore Class Mary Woodliff Phi Mu jackson, miss. Rudolph Bradshaw pi Kappa Alpha JACKSON, MISS. William E. Hester, Jr. Kappa Sigma HAZLEHURST, MISS. WixxiFREi) Green I ' hi Mu JACKSON, MISS. N. U. BooxE CHUNKF.Y, MISS. Ernest McLaurin Kappa Sigma MERIDIAN, MISS. Newell Brlner VAIDEN, MISS. Frank Schlosser CANTON, MISS. Allen Lindsay PELEHATCHIE, MISS. Harry Hardin Pi Kappa Alplia JACKSON, MISS. P. H. Kim JACKSON, MISS. Roy Bailey Kappa Alpha JACKSON, MISS. RUSSEL LONGGREAR Sigma Rhi ' rhi HAZLEHURST, MISS. Arthur L. Cross Pi Kai pa Alpha FOREST, MISS. c i.- ,, I B Sophomore Class Evelyn Myers Delta ZrUi MORTON, MISS. Walter C.ami ' Beij, Ti_-r ii.i:K, MISS. Sarah Wilson Delta Zi ' ta JACKSON, MISS. R A HI AN Lane Thi ' ta Kapiia Nu KAI.KICIl, .MISS. Lois Toler Kappa Altpha CROVVI.KV, LA. Catherine Jacobs Beta Sigma oniicron JACKSON, MISS. Alexander Haines JACKSON, MISS. J. T. ViCKERS " Theta Kappa Nu MOOREHEAI), MISS. JOSIE lUsH JACKSON, MISS. Cecil Heidelberg Kappa Sigma JACKSON, MISS. Lewis Alford Sigma Rhi) flii hazlehurst, miss. Catherine Herbert Phi Mu JACKSON, MISS. Elton Toler Theta Kappa Nu INVERNESS, MISS. Paul Griffith Kappa Alpha WAYNESBORO, MISS. Thr 1931 ' ■Bobdsl- Sophomore Class Douglas Banks Delta Zeta JACKSON " , MISS. T. F. Neblett Theta Kappa Xu KOSCIUSKO, MISS. JoHX Ca: ipbell Sigma Rho Chi MERIDIAN, MISS. Joseph Wilson Kai pa Alpha HOLLANDALE, MISS. James W. Dees Kappa Signi.a HAZLEIIURST, MISS. Gresham Carter Kappa Alpha HATTIESBURG, MISS. David Key Kappa Alpha JACKSOX, MISS. C. V. Sahth Pi Kappa Alpha PlIIl,Al)i:i,PIHA, MISS. L. B. Jones Thc ' ta Kappa Nu JACKSON " , MISS. ClAI HE YaRHROI CH ri Ali.lia TVLERTOWX, MISS. R()1!i;rt p. Vincent JACKSON, MISS. LlTHER Cl RRIE Kappa Alpha RAI.EIGH, MISS. Iack Ki.owirs Si liia Kh.. c-hi LAUREL, MISS. W. G. COURSEV Theta Kappa Xu DECATUR, MISS. SO Sophomore Class Eari- Manna Tlu-ta Kappa Nu JACKSON, MISS. EmAIA Sl.ALGHTIiR JACKSON, MISS. JiMMiE;r Pi Kappa A1|iIki JACKSON, MISS. Al.RITRT Coi-MXS lORKSr, MISS. Stokfs V. R()ki;rt.son Kai |)a AlplKi JACKSON, MISS. H. T. Newell Pi Kappa Alpha jackson, miss. Howard C. C verstreet Theta Kappa Nu hattiesburg, miss. John 1 . Howell Kajipa Sisma canton, miss. Alton Barnett Pi Alplia SUMMIT, MISS. James G. Guess Pi Kappa Alph.a JACKSON, MISS. John Enochs Kajipa Alpha JACKSON, MISS. AViLMA Ricm ' JACKSON, MISS. W. R. Lowe Kappa Sigma MOSS POINT, MISS. Marvin Ricgs JACKSON, MISS. Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul, As the swift seasons roll; Leave thy low-vaulted past; Let each new temple, nobler than the last, Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast. Till thou at last art free, Leavmg thine outgrown shell by life ' s unresting sea. Holmes ?. ( r A IZ O £ r • . -«c I cooc ■ m) Class Officers J. B. Clements President Norman Bradley Vice-President Frances Gates .... Secretary and Treasurer (i: ■■ WW) 3 ' V JL A Freshmae Class Maude McLean .... Jackson, Miss. Berry Ivy Meridian, Miss. Thomas Ross .... Pelehatchie, Miss. W. V. Atkins Artesia, Miss. Jonas Jones Belzoni, Miss. Ariiiur Rogers . . . New Albany, Miss. Hubert Byrd .... Lumberton, Miss. Baldwyn Shelion . . . Lambert, Miss. Sam Lackey . ..... Forest, Miss. J. T. Spivey Canton, Miss. D. Burke Ruleville, Miss. Garland Holloman . . Itta Bena, Miss. Mary Gillespie .... Raymnnd, Mi-s. Alonzo Cooper Forest, Miss. Holmes Cook .... Greenville, Miss. DoKoriiY Dean Jackson, Miss. Jane Bland Jackson, Miss. John Kimrai.l .... Kilniichal, Miss. Eugene Brisier .... Itta Bena. Miss. Mary Virginia Wells . . Jackson, Miss. Julia DeLoach . . • . ■ Jackson, Miss. Sybil Weaver Jackson, Miss. Edgar McCleave .... Jackson, Miss. ) 7 ' Freshimae Class CnAM)i.i;R I.KCcrnT . . . jnckMiii, Miss. Crawford Dknnis .... ' IVn-y, Miss. jAMiis Moore Itta Bfiia, Miss. IIORACi; Davisson . . . Riiievillc, Miss. Bl.AN ' iON DvE .... Claiksdale, Miss. M. S. Rranii.kv . . . Kilmiflial, Miss. IlARRv Bakhr Itta Bella, Miss. Joi; HlXRS Culfpnrt, Miss. Sara Hedei.burg .... Jac-i son, Miss. Dan Heidelburg . . Mattiesbui}:;, Miss. Jack Bridges ...... Belznni, Miss. Tom Goodwin Jackson, Miss. William Tremaine . . . Jackson, Miss. John Lamar Smith . . Magnolia, Miss. Joe Stone Fajettevilie, Tenn. Elizabeth Warren . . . Jackson, Miss. Alva D. Alsburv .... Durant, Miss. Theron Lemi.ev .... Jackson, Miss. Ed Hardin Macon, Miss. Ann Plii.len Jackson, Miss. Gilbert Oliver .... Decatur, Miss. W. A. Boone Pontotoc, Miss. Franklin Heard . . . Itta Bena, Miss. li 9 j ' y r 56 Fresjhman Class Mac Childress . . . . . Flora, Miss. Jack Ford . Jackson, Miss. Catherine Jones . . • Jackson, Miss. J. A. TvsoN- .... Shuquclak, Miss. Wai.tox Backstro.m . . Leaksville, Miss. J. B. Clements . . . . . Durant, Miss. Frank Tinsley . . . . . Macon, Miss. Connie Hozendorf . . Mendenhall, Miss. Norman Bradley . . . . Canton, Miss. Harriet Carothers . . Jackson, Miss. Fredrian Crises . . . . Tutwiler, Miss. Fred Cribbs .... . Tutwiler, Miss. Francis Allred . . . . Jackson, Miss. Daniel E. Foose . . . . Tchiila, Miss. Beverly Briscoe . . . Jackscn, Miss. R. F. KlSNAlRD . . . . . Jackson, Miss. ROBERl HnuGH . . . . . Jackson, Miss. John Chambers . . . Jackson, Miss. Frances Gates . . . . . Jackson, Miss. Gordon Grantham . . . . Terry, Miss. Joe R. ' ADESVVORTH . . . Forest, Miss. J. N. HiNSON .... . Nettletoii, Miss. PUGM LiGHTCAP . . Jackson, Miss. I .{A :: ! vu . " Activities r THE 1931 BOBASBELA Student Executive Board W. Norton Miller rnsidml Siud,nl Body Lealox Martin- Editor t ' urplr and If iite Robert E. Tatum Prrsidcnl Y. M. C. .1. Ruth Ridgwav Y. If. C. .1. Malcolm Gai.breaih Prrsidiiii lUind Mary Hkald ...... Pnsidnit Girls ' Pan-ll rllniic Clayton Maynor Prrsidntl " ,1 " Club Rose Wells Girls ' GLr Cliih Floyd Looney Lilrmry Sodctics J. B. Patrick Editor liohashcla 59 ,J ' ' ' ;. „ ' J • ,_, THE 1931 BOBASHELA f O a C} - PI . f .O Y, M. C, A, Calbieet . Officers, 1930-31 Robert E. Tatum Presidti Martell TwncHEi.L ricc-Pii ' s ' iAiut Howard Lewis Sicrriary-Tirasurrr Dr. J. M. Sui.LiVAx Faculty .Li-i ' lsif Cabinet Progi-am Extension J ' cspcr Scrvuc Alitsic F. L. LooNEV R. P. NEnLEiT ' . N. Mii.i er jj l_ ' ickerv J. H. HowEi.i, D. Dlbaki) Pail (iRiFi-nn j _ y Aleord T. A. C ' lU.nERi ' , Jr. Jack Flowers Freshman J for I- ' " ' ' ' " - ' Chnrrh Work PubUnty n t .. E. McLaurix 1 ,, I , M. Galiiri.aih I.lom) IIarihn loux Calholx T. Neblett ' " ■ ■ ' " ■ ' - V. I.. Owen 60 i THE 1931 BOBASHELA Gordon, Wells, Heald, Ridgwav Wacastkr, Banks, Burnham, Clark SiMPSOK, K ox, KixG, Campbell Y. W, C, A,. Cabinet Officers Marv Heald . . . . • PrrsiJrnt Ruth Ridgvvay J ' itc-Prcsid, nt Katlviae Campbell Sccrctary-Tn-asurtr Committee Chairmen- Mary Wacaster Social Scrincr Douglas Banks Program Mary ' ELMA Slvipson Music Rose Wells lI ' orld-Fclloi -sliif Sara King " Y " Ilui Trella Mae Bur il m Finance Elizabeth Knox Social Lemma Gordon Publicity Elma Clark Reporter 6i THE 1931 BOBASHELA 1 " J. B. Patrick, Jr., Editor 11. G. Flowers, Busimss Manager Tlie 1931 Bobasliela Walter R. Bivins . . . Ad-vrrtisimj Editor T. Neblett Organizations Floyd Looxey Classrs Ruth Ridgway Features Norton " Miller Ithletics Jon Calhoux Photographs Mary Heald Co-Ed Editor V 63 THE 1931 BOBASHELA The Purple aed Wliite Lealov Martin Editor Flovd Loonev Btuim-ss MarHUjcr Staff Herbert Gillis Feature Editor Katiir v Herbert The Co-Ed H. T. Newell, Jr. .... • Neius Editor Rl rii Riik: vav Society Russell Longgrear Sports Editor Harold Davis Frosli Diary Raymond McGinnis The Ed Slaier McEaliiern .... Locals Editor Lane, J. Campbell, Paitox, Graves, McDowall Feature Assistants Pvles, Bradley, Dye Paul Grifeith Ncivs Assistants Cimilation Manager 63 THE 1931 BOBASHELA G llo H ay Literary Society Ni: m;i,l Hki. i:k M. S. ] RA ii.i: Li-siKK Barn FIT W ' altkr Backs ikom Joiix C Mi [ ' ,i:i,i. Albert Collins Spurgeon Bl:cki:ley TlinMAS C ' ARRl III James Finch Paul Griffiiii PlIII, CiRICF Connie Hozendokf Robert Holch John Hovvei.l 1.. R. Shumaker Berry Ivy Rabian Lane Floyd Loone Alton Massey Norton Miller ' ARnAMAN ' Owen J. B. Patrick Bailiss Shanks II. K. ' lLI.IFORn N. V. Boone B. Y. Ruff S. J. Ruff Basil Moore ' all Mangum Franklin ' ILLIAMS 64 THE 1931 BOBASHELA MiiHiiiii;ii Patrick, Ruff, OvvEK, Ruff, Collins, CjRiffith, Williams WiLLiFORD, Lane, Boone, Bruner, Hozendorf Wadsvvorth, Baxtrum, Hough, Brantlev 65 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Lamar Litierary Society Cal Hull Claude Yarborough Jimmy Walker Baldwin Shelton Fred Cribbs Ferd Cribbs R. Lemly Lloyd IIardix Dan Williams Norman Bradley Lealon Martin Russell Longckear Slater McEachern Mac Childress Bynum Rees Ed Hardin Vaughn Watkins Joe Wilson Stokes Roberison Floyd Odom T. F. Neblett ' AI. l:R BiviNS Bill Atkins Tremaine n. D. GlLLIS J. T. Spivey Joe Wadsworth Dale Asbury Holmes Cook Bi. ANTON Dye Carter Howard Lewis David Dub are 66 Hardin, Gillis, Bivins IIuLi., Lewis, Walker, Dubard, Robinson " Yarbrough, Neblett, Carter, Childress, Bradley Wilson ' , Cribbs, Cribbs, Cook, Shelton " DvE, Spivv, Atkins, Tremaine, Alsbl ry 67 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Girls (Glee Club ROSK FUI.CLWI ' HI.LS Bkitv Blhrman ' . . .S ' , Katimae Campbei.i. . .... PnsiJrilt (iitary and Trrasiirri . Maiuu n Mary ' elva Si.mpsox Laura Lightcap . . . Louise Lucas .... Miss Magn-olia Simfsox . . . . . Pianist Piihlidly A ( nil ■ Librarian . . . Dirnlor Rose Wells Ruth Ridgwav Sar.mi Smith Mary ' irgi ta Wells Douglas Banks Jeanelle Wasson Thelma Roberts Katherlve Jacobs Members birst Soprti io Louise Elliott Frances King Sara King Louise Dickson " St o !i Soprtuio Allie Belle Corley ' Katimae Campbell Elizabeth Harrell Julia DeLoach Alto Louise Lucas Edith Alexander Marina Ale.xavder Helen Ripley ' irginia youngblood Helen Gibson Elizabeth Dear Nell Gillaspy Helen Firlow Betty IUrhman 6i THE 1931 BOBASHELA - - ' — " " " iiTnbniiTna ' jQn ' § Glee Clulb Dr. a. p. Hamilton; Hubert ' ickkrv . T. Neblett Troy Cott en- graves MCDOWALL Rudolph BRAns?LAVv Paul GRiKFrin Jack Flowkrs Officers . . . . Director Dantd Duhard . . . . . . Pri-sidrnI John " C " ai houn . Miss Macnolia Simpson " . . .1 cionipniiisl Members First Tenor Martell Twitchell Mathis Armstrong Claude Bruton ' Second Tenor Louis Alford Russell Loxgrear JOHx Cresop Luther Benneit Business Mdiuiyer ■ l.ilirarian Wai.ier Campbell John Campbell HunERL ' ICKERV John Calhoun First Bass Marion Brantley Louis Shelton Second Bass Davii) T ' )unARD Ll iiwiG Griffith Buck Turn ' er Philip Grice (nuN L. Smith Emelio Romano William Atkins Arihur Rogers Rorkrt Kinnaird tioRDON Rogers PUGH LiGHTCAP W. E. Hester 69 THE 1931 BOBASHELA AIiss Trhi.I.a Mak I5i RXHAAi, Senior in Piano ' lien tlie maiden touclu-ii the tri Ks " An angel heard and straight appeared mistaken earth for heaven. " 70 THE 1931 BOBASHELA OiriERLv, Wells, Roberts, Ridgway, Simpson BuKXHAM, Gordon, Myers, Wells, Jones, Slaughter Beetliovem Cluilb Mrs. J. I.. Rnr.ERis, Sponsor Lemma (InRiinv Prcsidint MAR-i ' ' hi,ea Slvipsox First I ' ici-I ' risidrnt Emma Maude Slauchter Srinnd J ' ut-Prcsidcnl Margurite Deterly Third I ' ici-l ' risidrnl Ruth RidgwAY Rrcordiiu Snrctary Trella Mae Burnilam . I ' uIiUdly C.liniriniui and Ripurtcr to P. and II ' . Evelyn Mvkrs Chairman Lripsir ( irdr Mary Virginia Wells Tnasurcr MlCMHRRS Catherine Lampkin Rose Wells Magnolia Simpson Mii.DKEi) Cagle Virginia Vance Olive Randolph Cathkrinh Jones Claude Bruton Mathis Armstrong Mrs. Clenn Rall Mrs. Dudley Phelps Mrs. J. I. Hasty 7« THE 1931 BOJBASHELA Philomatlieaii Li Rohhrts Presii oit Nell (iILLasi ' V Virc-Fitsulent Rose Wells Secretary Ruth Ridgwav Treasurer Members Douglas Banks Mar Wacaster Katlalae Cami ' hell Lucille Little Mary Heald Wilna Rigbv Frances King Mar - Velva Simpson Sara King 73 THE 1931 BOBA8HELA F. King, S. King, Rorkris, Ridgwav Gii.i.ASPV, W ' lni.s, Simpson. c s ;R RiGP, , l " )i AR, Campbell, Hanks 73 THE 1931 BOBASHELA 1 Calhoun, Tatum, Lewis, Flowfrs Bradley, Wills, Maynor, Hull Mee s Pae Heliemic Council Representatives Kappa Sigma Robert Tatum Kenneth Wills Pi Kappa Alpha H. G. Flowers Calvin Hull Thita Kappa Nil J. H. Lewis I ' )avh) Hubard Kappa Alpha John Calhoun Kenneth Bradley 74 THE 1931 BOBASHELA nmnjAi ( siH|iiteiiiiiii» niiiuteiiiiiigiiTTiKiiiMir.iiiniMiim MiiiiMiiiiii iiilliyiilllliiiiMiliiaiiiiiiii„iimiisniiiitelliiiiia iiBiiiiiitelliillteiiiTT ; Herbert, Wilson, Foster, Clark ' ACASTER, McDiLL, RiDGWAV, IIkALD Womee ' s Pae Hellemic Cowecil Ri:i ' Ri:.SEXTATIVES Kappa Delta LoRENE Foster Theresa McDill Phi Mil Catherlne Herbert Marv Heald Beta Sigma 0 iiirron MiLHRED Clark Ruth Ridgwav Delta Zeta Sarah Wilson Marv Wacaster 7S w =-— - - ' vO- ' -l ' THE 1931 BOBASHELA Kf.i.ia, Lnn n, Si w, Armsirovg, Collins Kim, Boonf, Hi son, BR MIl• . Hozf.ndorf Ministerial League Ofi-icers J. D. Slav Presidnil . 11. McRainkv rhr-rnsidnit Marikll TwiTCiiKLi Sicirliiry and Trcasiirrr P. H. Kim Reporter AIe.mhers AuDiE Bishop Marshall Lane N. r. Boone Floyd Loonev Luther Bennett Julius McRainey Samuel Brantley Basil Moore Albert Collins Lkroy Shi . l ker Thomas Carruiti J. W. LLr:( " ;KTT Philip Grice Connie Hozendorf Noll Hinson E. A. Kelly Roy Lane Maihis Armstrong 76 L THE 1931 BOBASHELA Catella Clwb (I ntci -Fralcniily (Joiiini ) rounded I. m ally at Millsaps Colli r in loJii Ri-ori anizcd in IQJO Colors: Red, ' hite and Ciold J. H. Lewis R. E. Tatum J. C. Calhoun- H. G. Flowers RkI ' RESEXTATIVES llutd Kdppd Xit D. y. DurtARi) Kappa Siffina y. N. MlLLIR Kappa Alpha LiciEx Ferris Pi Kappa Alpha Calvis Hill FUnirr: Red R.. e R. C. Mavnor Kenneth ' ILLS Kenneth Bradley Edwin Bell 77 THE 1931 BOJBASHELA Dk. J. M. Sullivan, Chief Rambler Ofi-icers Kenvon Hill President Norton Miller t ' ice-President EuLA Mae Weems Secretary and Treasurer Members Bkttv Buhrman David Dlbard Bessie Allred Luther Curkie Benjiman S. Harrell V. L. Owen O. L. Hardin E. A. Kelly Nell Gillaspv 78 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Officers Professor J. G. Leonard Director Malcolm Galbreatii President Floyd Loonev Rusiness Maiuujer A. E. Barnett Hal Dale George Murphv M. E. Armstrong Gordon Grantham Frank Heaud T. Neblett Crawford Denms Dan Willlams MEiMBERS Frank Schlosser John Sutton Edgar McCleave C. A ' aughn David Dubard S. E. McEachern Carl Welch Ed Hardin (Gilbert Oliver Claude Bruton James Guess Fred Lamb T. A. Gilbert John Chambers Stokes Robinson Dan Heidelburg Bill Weems Robert E. Tatum ;? :|ffhS -r , THE 1931 BOBASHELA Millsaps Collegians Alton Barxftt, Din ( lor Carl Wflch Saxnf honr El) Hardiv Saxoplionr Frhi) Lamb Snxop ionr W ' lLLIK SUTLON Tiunipi! JoiiNMK SuTlON Drums Pal L RoRERTsnx I ' iann CiiARLiK Cramp Banjo Jack; Rincix Hass Piin,ii Crick I ' iolhi II. Davisson Trombone J. T. Spivev Banjo Russell Jo-VEs Drums Alton Barxeii- Saxophonr So THE 1931 BOBASHELA Wo] s Associsition Ruth RionwAv PrrsiJriii I.I-MMA (lOKDOX ' iir-PnnJinl TiiKi.MA Roberts Si-tiiiaiy Sara King Trnisurer Elizari 111 (lARREi.r ,SV;( (; Cluuiman Mary ' acasier Prni rain Cluiirman 8i ' I « In words, as hi jasJnons, the same rule will hold, qA light fantastic, if too new or old: ' e not the first by whom the new are tried, ISljor yet the last to lay the old aside. — Pope. 1 ' f Fraternities ' " -b Tr. I I THE 1931 BOBASHJELA When Qreek SVleets Qreek i When Greek meets Greek, no matter where or when, They forge a chain, the fellowship of men — Too strong or true for word of tongue or pen; Knowing that each has been a chosen man, Knowing that each is a scion of a clan, Though each has worshipped at an alien shrine, Back in the dear old days of Auld Lang Syne. When Greek meets Greek, it is no matter where The stranger comes from, we are welcome there — Although our badge be cross, or shield, or square. For hearts beat ever high and handclasps true, Though Sigma Chi be he, or Sigma Nu, Phi Delt, Phi Gam, or Deke, And college dreams that bless ar-id sometimes burn. Like half-forgotten memories return. When Greek meets Greek. 8S THE 1931 BOBASHELA Fnundefl at W ' ashiniitnii and I,ee rniver ity in 1865 Colors: Crimson and Cnild Floivcrs: Magnolia and Red Rose Pul li(ations: " Kappa Alpha Journal " Alpha Mu Chapter J. Reese Li FrATRHS IX FaCL LTATR A. p. Hamii.iov M. C. Whme Reynolds S. Chen ' ev FrATRES IX C(M,I.EGI() Class of IQJI Garxer W. (jREEN Keweth Bradley John: Calhoun Class of IQJ2 Lucien Ferris David Key Luther Currie Roy Bailey Paul Griffith William Tremaine Ed Hardin Jack Ford Gordon (iRantham Class of 1933 Lewis Toler Gresham Carter Class of 1934 John Chambers Norman Bradley Arthur Rogers Chandler Leggett Joseph Wilson John Enochs Stokes V. Robertson Hubert Byrd J. T. Spivey Crawford Dennis Mac Childress 86 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Calhoun, Cheney, Green, Bradley, Ferris Key, Currie, Bailey, Toler, Carter Wilson, Enochs, Robertson, Griffith, Tremaine, Hardin Ford, Grantham, Chambers, Bradley, Rogers Leggett, Byrd, Spivy, Dennis, Childress 87 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Kappa Sigmria Founded at tht- I ' liiversity of Bologna in 1400 Founded at the L niversit - of Virginia in 1867 Colors: Srarlet, White, Emerald Floicpr: Lily-of-the- ' alley I ' liblicaiions: " The Caduceus " and " The Star and Crescent " Alpha Upsilon Chapter G. L. Harrell Fratres in Facultate B. O. Van Hook y. B. Hath orn Robert Tailm Norton- Miller Fratres in Collegio Class of igji Malcolm Galbreatii Bf-njimav Harrell Charles Whatley WiLLLAM Ferris Kenneth Wills Phillip Kolb John B. Howell Ernest McLaurin W. R. Lowe Fred Cox Garlano Holloman W. P. LiCHICAP Dan Heidelberg Class of i()32 T. a. Gilbert Class of I (J S3 C. Moore W. E. Hester, Jr. Class of igj4 Eugene Brister ' . VamA AlKINS ChLBERT Oliver Claude Passo ALTER PeRMENTER James W. Dees James B. Davis Cecil Heidelberg James Morrison Franklin Heard John O. Cresop Charles Gallawav gs THE 1931 BOBASHELA n pri r c, . - C Tatum, Miller, Galbreath, Harrell Whatley, Ferris, Wills, Kolb, Gilbert Passo, Permenter, Howell, McLaurin, Lowe Hester, Dees, C. Heidelberg, Holloman, Lightcap D. Hkidklberg, Brister, Atkins, Oliver, Heard THE 1931 BOBASHELA Pi Kappa Alpha Fouiuled ;it tlif I niversity nf ' irgiiiia in 1869 Colors: Garnet and Gold Floii-er: Lily-of-the- ' alley Piiliiuatuin: " Shiild and niamcmd " Alpha Iota Chapter r " RATRHS IX COLLEGIO (yhiss of KJJI Edwin " 1 i:i.i. HUBKKI 1.. N ' iCKKR ' l ' II. G. Flowers Paul Robj rtson Calvin H. Hlll Franklin Williams ' ChARLF.S S ' I ' RAIT Claude Vakborough H. T. Newell Harrv Hardin Blanton Dye Joe Wadsworth Davle Aulsbury W. Holmes Cook JOE Stone Class of 1932 Leonard Sionestreet 1). V. Class of 1933 ' Arther Cross James ' alkkr (Uass of 1934 ' Daniel Foose TiioMAs Ross J. H. Clem ents Richard Rinnaird J. H. Noblin CoMMiLL Smith ■J. C. Jones Rudolph Bradshaw Alton Barneit James G. Guess Walter Boone John Pierce ■ Edgar McCleave B. Shelton CLEMENr ' aUGHN c J f 90 THE 1931 ti 4 m o r! !!! . ( -ip. Bell, Vickerv, Robertson, Flowers Jones, Strait, Hull, Villl ms, Herlong, Stonestreet Ndblin, Smith, Barneti, Cross, Newell, Guess Hardin, Walker, Yarbrough, Bradsiiaw, Boone, Dve McCleave, Clements, Ross, Cook, Foose, Kinnaird Wadsv orth, Stone, Alsburv, Shelton 91 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Tlieta Kappa Nm Founded at Drury College in 1924 Colors: Black, Crims-on and Silver Floiver: White Rose Puhlutilion: " Theta News " Mississippi Alpha Chapter J. H. Lewis R. C. Mavnor M. H. Hale Class of 1931 J. B. Pairick W. P. BOSWELL E. D. Miller Class of 1932 d. y. dubard L. S. Travis F. J. Underwood William Jacobs j. t. ' ickers ' alter Bivins William Ervin J. C. Patterson W. G. Coursev H. G. Warren Emilio Romano Class of 1933 Stewart Gammill L. B. Jones T. Nebleit O. Earl FIanna H. C. Overstreet Elton Toler Rabian Lane George McMlrrv Class of 1934 Dennis Blrke Jack Briik ks FIarrv Baker " RA ' iMOND CoTNER FIorace Davisson Dace Davis Russell Jones EMMEriE Simpson J. W. Turner Alonzo Cooper Samuel Lackev, Jr. Jonas Jones 92 THE 1931 Lewis, Mavxok, Hale, Patrick, Patterson DuBARD, BiviNS, Jacobs, Ervlv, Travis A ' lCKERS, Jones, Nebi.eit, Toler, Lane Overstreet, Hannah, Coursev, Davisson, Baker Lackey, Jones, Bridges, Cooper, Burke 93 THE 1931 BOBASHELA l 4 i«ta r Sigma Foutuled Locally at Millsaps College in 1930 Co Ion: Scarlet anil W. P. Armour EXCELL MAPP Creair Class or Trov Cotton T. W. R. Pen ' xvbaker ■ 93 1 H. D. CiiLLis John- Wiieeless J- ' lmi- r: Red Carnation R. J. Hassell ROSCOE ■ILLIAMS EnvvAKD Khayat Class of T. S. MooN- c. w. y. D. A. Livingston " LKER Lavvsox Rigby L. E. Alford Russell Longgrear Class of John- Campbell Slater McEacherk " 933 Pat Dunaway Floyd Odom Jack Flowers MouzoN Pylant Class of 1934 Walter B CKSTROM Joe Hi.vDS THE 1931 cJij ci ] :z 7i yaJc il,i ix,: ' Style InliUiit Popularity nil ir ' it Inlcllrct That Frrs iman liist Allilct,- Bat Liki-d ProUssor Best Dressed 95 Founded at ' esleyan CoJlege in 1852 Colors: Rose and ' hite Flcvjcr: Rose Carnation Publiiiition: " Aglaia " Epsilon Chapter Class of igji Marv Agxks Dobvxs Eliwa Clark Lemma Gordok Elizabeth Knox Marjha Thompson- Class OF 1932 Mar ' i IIeald FlOR i: CE COKER LUCV MURPHV Malico Mereoith Owex WiMiRED Green Class of 1933 KAlinnV llEKliliRT i F R - ' OODL1FF Class of 1934 Charlotte Capers MAR ■ Gillespie Catherine Jones Mai-he McLean- Ann PULLEX Elizabeth Warren 96 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Knox, nor. s, Clark, Gordon Thomp ox, Heald, Malico, Owens Herbert, Woodliff, Coker, Green Jones, Gillespie, Pullen, Warren, McLean 97 THE 1931 BOBASHELA % ' li3llhlli|!°l!iHllDinillBhlliilaiii|lhG;,illlll5lllllilBnillfI3irmilalMIHIa l lal llllllBi;i;il[3ll l llltolllnii3liilllcilllilleti:!lllallllil lliiiSll ' iilailirihlllil-J!llllllal Kappa Delta I ' duiiilfil :it ' iry;iiii " Slate Nonnal College in 1S97 Colors: Olive Green and ' liite Floivcr: Tudor Rose I ' lil ' lu tilioii: " Angelns " Mu Chapter Class or 1931 Ei.izABKrn H. i(i(i;i.i, Anxabki. Rorixson Frances Kixn IIii.iin ' ai.kf;r I.ALRA Ll(;illLAl ' Class of 1932 Lo:u; i; Fostf.r Saha King I1i:i,i:n RirM,i; ' i ' ' iKi:iNiA ' o Ncni.oni) TiirKisA McHiLL Rnsi: ' i:i,i.s IIi:i,i; (iiRSON lli:i,i: l ' " i ' Ri,nw ■l-)i:ri lU ' RNiiAM Class of 1933 Hlanchf, Horn- Class OF 1934 Franlts CjAii:s M r N ' ircinia l ' )()R()lll Ol ' AN JniA PhLoAClI Si lUL ' i;avi:r Harriki IIkidki.bkrg ■ Sara IIi:n)i;i.BERG 98 THE 1931 BOBASHELA mwrniiia Harrell, Lightcap, Walker, King FuRLOw, Gibson, Youngblood, R. Wells, Foster Ripley, Buhrman, McDill, King, Weaver DeLoach, Heidelberg, M. Wells, Gates Dean 99 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Beta Si ma OmicroiJi Founded at the L ' niversitv of Missouri in li Colors: Ruhv and Pink Flo crr: Richmond and Killarney Rose I ' uhlicalioti: " I ' he I ' m " Alpha Zeta Chapter Class ot- 1931 Ruth Ridgway Katimae Campbell BURNELLE GiLLASPlE Class of 1932 Mildred Clark Leslie Ellis Sara Smith Jeanelle Wasson Mary ' elma Simpson Ruth Ma " x LouiSE Dickson Louise Lucas Class of 1933 Kathryx Tacoss THE 1931 BOBASHELA RiDGwAv, Simpson " , Smith Campbell, Wasson, Gillaspy, Clark Dickson, Lucas, Jacobs THE 1931 BOBASHELA Delta Zeta Fouiuiei! at Miami I niversitx in 1902 Colors: Nile Cjit-eii aiici Killariie Ruse I ' lihin tilioii: " The Lamp " Flo=wi ' r: Kiiiarncv Rose Alpha Omega Chapter Class of 193 1 LmiiA M i l-ii KMiAM l)iL. ci:v McMukrv Fkkij Alma IlLrciiisov (ii,i: A Moore Class of 1932 Douglas Basks NL i;v Wacasitu Class oi- 1933 I ' .vi i. MshRS Sara A ' ilso.v C. Lampkin ' THE 1931 BOBASHELA Moore, Burnham, Hutchinson McMuRRY, Wavcaster Wilson " , Banks, Myers 103 ' ' ' ' ■ " ■ ?sl THE 1931 BOBASHELA Malico, McDill Wacaster, Walker Gordon, Dobvns Chi Delta Phi (Literary) FDundfil at the Univirrsit}- of Tennej-see in 191 9 Colors: Blue and Gold Publication: " Literatueur " Iota Chapter Mary Agnes Dobyns Lemma Gordon Lucy M. Malico Mary Wacaster ' I ' llKRESA McDiLL Annabel Robinson Helen Walker 104 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Moore, Cheney, Martix, Hill Miller, Khavat, Patton, Wacaster Harrell, Clark, CJordov Reynolds Cheney Elma Clark Lemma Gordon Edward Khayat EtcS Sigma fSrlio iirsliip) Faculty iVI embers Ross H. Moore Stl DEXT Members Elizabeth Harrell Lealon Martin Norton Miller Gordon Patton Mary Wacaster Annabel Robinson Kenyon Hill 105 THE 1931 BOBASHELA . K S ilP « • 2 - O f O Colors Blue and While Omicroe Delta Kappa (Sltideut Leadership) uleil at ' asliin j;t(iii ami Lee Universitv in 1914 Pulil ' ualion: " The Circle " Pi Circle D. M. Key B. E. Mitchell J. H. Lewis W. N. Miller Faculty AIfmkers A. P. Hamilton F. C. Jenkins Sti ' dext AIi-.mrers R. E. Tatum I.. Martiv B. O. Van Hook R. H. Moore T. A. Gilbert T. C. Calholn Roi.E OF Circles ALPHA W LShillKton and Lrr L ' nivrrsit.N ' BETA Johns Hopkins University GAMMA I ' niveisity ol ' Pittsburg: DELTA Davidson College EPSILON Lnivcrsity of Richmond ZETA Centre College ETA William and Mary College THETA University of Akron IOTA University of Alabama KAPPA Eirmingbam-Southern LAMBDA Hampden-Sydney College MU Emory University NU Uni t ' rsit ' of Kentuck.v ;i Lehigh University OMICRON University of Virginia PI Milisaps College HHO Duke University SIGM.V University of Maryland TAU Ohio Wesleyan UTniversity UPSILON Dickinson College PHI Southwestern University CHI University of South Carolina PSI Allegheny College OMECA Alabama Polytechnic THE 1931 MooRK, WiM.iFOKi), Howell McDiLL Alplia Psi Omega (Draniotic) Founded at ' est ' irginia State College Colors: Cliild and Khie PiibHaitinn: " ' rhe Fla hil Alpha Pi Cast Mkmbers Rnss H. Moore John ' B. Howell HowAP.D K. Wii.LiHORn Theresa McDill THE 1931 BOBASHELA Pi Kappa Delta (Forensic) Piihlitalinn: " The Fnrensir " Mississippi Alpha Chapter MeiMBERS Charles F. Nesbmt J. B. Paikick, Jr. Walter Bivtns Degrees Fraternity Rul y Eye In Key Proficiency Pearl Eye in Key Honor Emenilil Eye in Key Special Distinction Diiunonil Eye in Key Orders Oratory Rii y (Jir( Debate Pearl Cin Instruction Eniernhl (Jin Honorary Sapphire C in Two Carders Tiinjiioise (Jire Three Orders Ditiiiiond (Jire log THE 1931 BOBASHELA ' }. Pa 1 KICK, Xhsiiiir, l iviNs 109 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Bishop, Moore, Sanders PricEj Martin, Gii.lis 4 Sigma Upsiloe (Literary) Fiiuncied at the riii ei ity of the South Colors: tjreen and Cold Public ation: " Ne vs Letter " Kit Kat Chapter Facl LTV Memhkrs David C. Bishop A. G. Sanders Ross n. Moore J. B. Price Stvdext Members Lealon Martin Herbert Gillis Athletics ■ ' 1 IM •[ I I iiJw_ THE 1931 BOBASHELA Til© Coaches l ' ](l in W. Flak ' lias coached his last athletic team at Millsaps, but his splendid work in briiiy;ing the Majors to the front in athletics will lonji he leniemhered. Coach Hales ' three ears at Millsaps have truly been successful ones. His football teams always finished near the top in the S. 1. A. A. conference standing, and his baseball teams have done almost equally as well. We do not know where " Cioat " ' ill be next year, but wherever he is, Millsaps students will be backinj: him. As Director of Athletics, Assistant Football Coach, Varsit ' Basketball Coach, and Freshman Baseball Coach, Coach Van Hook has won himself a place in the hearts of Millsaps students and fans. Coach Van Hook ' s basketball teams have finished high in the con- ference standing for the past several years, and the records of his other teams speaks for themselves. Coach Gaddy comes to A-Iillsaps next year with a great record behind him at Biloxi High School, and Millsaps supporters are hoping that he will continue his good work at Millsaps. Gaddy ' s Biloxi Indians have not lost a football game for the past three years and have had onl three touchdowns scored against them in the last twenty-se en games. We are expecting great things of him at Millsaps. THE 1931 BOBASHELA The Team Captain " Moi.i.v " Ma-ssok ha pla e(l his last fontbail game for the Majors, but his name will always be a symbol of fight, courage, and dependabilit}-. He was good enough to be named on every All-State selection for a tackle position. He was awarded the coveted Brannon Trophy by his team mates. Ciood luck Molly, Millsaps is proud of vou. " Charlie Strait at left end, " and how that boy did throw those Chortaws Thanksgiving. A greater defensive end game was never played by a Major. Maybe that is why Charlie was chosen on the All-State selection. Anyway, he was a real star the whole ear through, and the Majors smile at the thought that he will be back next year. Padgett came straight to the Majors from Clark College and made good from the start. He did much to solve the guard problem. A hard fighter, this lad should have a great year next season. Everyone ' s hat just naturally goes off to " Eboo " Bell. Although extremely light, he was one of the best ends in the state. Fast and a natural born football player. Could he catch passes? Ask the Choctaws. No one that has seen him in action could forget the Bell pulled down passes for Millsaps. One sport writer acclaimed his work, along ith Strait, during the Thanks- giving game, as the greatest ever seen. THE 1931 BOBASHELA Little old Jakii- Mii.ikr, an All-State selectitm for a haltliack pcisitiim aiul Alternate Captain of the Majors, vllun(l up liiv career Tlianks ivint; against tlie ( ' Imetaw s. Just as his other three years have been, it was a great ear for Jakie. Always feared and always watched, Jakie in spite of it all, established himself as the best broken field runner in the state since the da s of the trul great Edwin " Goat " Hale. Little " Goat " Hai.k, small but always playini; the game. For four ears Marion has held down the quarterback position f(U- Millsaps ' football teams. He has been a good oiie. A fine kicker, a good passer, and a brain signal caller. lie was always dangerous as a broken Held rLinner. His fighting spirit will carr him to success in life. Charlie Walker, at one half, played an excellent brand of football. Fast, alert, and shift -, he was one of the mainstaxs of the backHeld. He ' ll be back next ear too. MooN ' , a whale of a tackle, pla ed a whale of a game the whole season through, except for several games that he was on the sideline with an injured shoulder. " Dag " is big, rang , and powerful. The gains over his side of the line were few. Millsaps is expecting much of him next year. Mm " 5 THE 1931 BOIBASHELA " Fagax " McIIanifis taitt(l the vcnvon ofF ns the he t fullhack in the tate. Just as everyone was admitting it, lie Mitfered a hioki-ii Iva in tlie S. T. C. s imt ' - i he tine work which he did in a few minutes (if the riianUsjj;i infi jianie f nes to sa there is no describing what he might have done throughout the season had he not been injured. He was selected Alternate Captain for next year ' s team. Tlie center position was filled this year b the stellar " Pat " Ouiiaway, who returned to school after a year ' s absence. Fat was great to break through the opposing line, and a great man to lireak up passes. Everyone is glad that this boy has two more years. The fact that Millsaps lost two good guanls last year didn ' t discourage Coach Hale very much when he saw " Whitie " Tra is in action. How this boy can fight. Watch him next year. Meet the captain of next ear ' s team, " Pep " Permenter. Cixil headed under fire, a game, nervv little ([uarterback, this man is an ideal selection to lead the Majors through their difficult schedule next year. " Pep " , do ()ur work as well as " Molly " and Millsaps will be proud of (ni. ii6 THE 1931 BOBA8HELA r It didn ' t take " Smiling " Bill Jacobs long to convince Coach Hale and all of the opposition that he was one of the fightin ' st guards anywhere. Bill played a good game in every contest this ear. He ' ll be back next year, and look out All-State. " Dado " Passo filled an end position opposite Strait for the greater part of the seas(in, and he filled it well. A powerfid line plunger, Passo was used frequently to bring in a few necessarv yards, which he seldoiTi failetl to do. He should be at his height next year. And then there was that guy Stonestreet. ' hat a reputation this boy did make throughout the S. I. A. A. conference. He came to the Majors from the Holmes Aggies. He provetl, his first year at Millsaps, that he is one of the finest halfbacks in this part of the countrN. I ' he " Chocs " should ever be grateful that Mr. Stonestreet was injured too badly to pla Thanksgiving. A great runner and passer, he should easily make All-State next year. ExCKl.l, Mapp, another gootl pass receiver, is passing on with the rest of the seniors. He was a good little man and never failed to pla good ball when called upon. 117 THE 1931 BOBASHELA " LuiF. " Vikim; dill his siuiit in tlif Majors ' gofid season, liy pla inp; the t;ame well as a reserve. He was ready to fill a guard position an time and should be a valuable man next year. CoriKN is probably the lightest man to ever make a letter at Millsaps. Certainly he deserved one, for he did some neat playing when railed upon. EkVlN showed the liun h this ear that he had the old football spirit. He has great possibilities and the fight to continue. Faithful Bop, Hassi;i.1-, the bo who ne er cut practice. Alwa s ready to enter the scrap and a plaver of ability too. Everyone was ghul to see him make a letter his senior year. Kii.AvAT is another reason wh the Majors are going to have plent - of backfield material next year. He is fast, a nice passer and one of the best blockers on the squad. He should hit his high stride next ear. ii8 THE 1931 BOBASHELA L. B. Jones displa t ' (l some (|u;ilities of real football abilit this past season. ' ith more experience he should make a title back. It took Smith to cool the Mississippi Assies down when it seemed that the old game was slipping away. He was a valuable lineinan at tackle or tjuard. In tlie next two ears this man should win recognition. Enochs was a proinislng freshman last ear and shnuld ha e sta ed out the entire season this year. However, he returned in time to be of service to the team in the gaine with the Choctaws. RiGBY alwa s gave his be t and when he went down, he went ilown fighting. He was a real scrapper and he has plenty of football abilit . Ckcii. Joxks played his first year with the varsity and needless to say, gained lots of experience. He has gooil possibilities and the fight to make good. 119 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Looking Back H ard Over til© Year Another year of athletics at Millsaps has heard its knell sounded, and has passed on into the days of usetl-to-be. The thud of charging bodies and tlie " jilunlc " of the punted football, the " swish " of a clean shot through the basket, the excitement of a conference tourna- ment, the tenseness of a ti ' ack meet, the " [ling " of a hard-hit tennis ball, the sliarp " crack " of bat on ball, the cheers and cries of the crowils are gone for this year, anil we pause but a moment, as school draws to a close, to reflect on the jiast and the future. Although not as consistently successful in all lines of sports as were Alillsaps ' teams last year, the Majors and Alajorettes of IQ30-31 kept the standard on the high plane where it has been placed only witliin recent years. Pootball was a success, for though the " Chox " downed us by one point, the lajors won great vic- tories over the Aggies, Southwestern, and other worthy oppon- ents. l?asketball was the most disappointing sport, though many finely played games briglitened a season which no optimist could call as good as last year ' s. I5a,seball apjiears better than e er before, with a flock of mound men to fill what has almost always been the largest gap in a Millsaps nine. Track has at last come out of the realm of the " long-neglected " , and, with the new track in order, will from now on have to be seriously reckoned with. Tennis was good, as usual. In the " iQ3(i Robasliela " there was a statement that Major fans need no longer look to the future, that Alillsaps has arrived. That statement is true. We do not any longer talk of " moral vic- tories " . We do not now say " next year " with hope and a prayer — we sa ' it with confidence and surety. THE 1931 BOBASHELA Facinw a hard sclu-ilule, this yuar ' s freshman football stjuad, iiiuler the coachlno; of " jininiie " Campbell, broufiht credit to them- selves in e ery game in which they phnetl. T hough losing one more game than they won, they showed that next season ' s team may depend on them for valued reinforcements. Freshman Alorrison at tackle, Joe Stone at guard, and Dase Da is and D. Hurke in the backfield will undoubtedly be in the lineup next year. Scores Minors 33; Simpson Count - A. H. S. . . Minors 19; Leake Count ' Junior College Minors o; Southern Military Academy . Minors 13 ; Perkinston Junior College . . Minors o; Loyola Freshmen Minors O; Mississippi College Freshmen . O 6 39 13 10 21 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Boys ' Basketball The ]VIajors enjoyed another good season this year. Captain Strait led the Purple and White clad warriors through a tough schedule and the Majors won three- fourths of the games they played. Coach Van Hook ' s team defeated some of the best basketball teams in the country, including the Earl Cardinals, one of the strongest profes- sional teams in the United States, Southwestern Uni- versity, Hirniinghani Southern, and several others. The loss of two regulars from last year ' s team caused Coach Van Hook quite a bit of worry at the beginning of tiie season, but se eral reserves and transfers from junior colleges came through to make the Majors one of of the best teams in the conference. Captain Strait, " Little ( loat " Hale, and Lewis ha e finished their basketball careers at Millsaps, but ith Stonestreet, Layne, Vickers, Passo, Hull, Permenter, Jones, and several good men from the freshmen team, the IVIajors of Nineteen thirty-two should be equally as strong as the past one. THE 1931 BOBASHEIA The Team Strait ' s basketball days are gone, but they will never be forgotten, for the Major ' s captain was truh one of the greatest basketball players tliat the State of Mississippi has ever jiroduceil. A fine defensive player, a capable leader, and a long shot artist de-lux, Charlie was always outstanding. It was generally admitted that he was as good as any guard in the S. I. A. A. conference. Little " Coat " Hai.e was the key- man of the Millsaps offense, and his per- formance on the court was always good. He was one of the best floormen in the conference and usually captured scoring honors of the game. " Goat " , Millsaps Is proud of you. " Pep " Paraiexter always played good ball when called upon. A cool player luider fire, and a good eye for the wicker, he should have a great season next year. ExcELL Mapi ' will long be remem- bered by Millsaps for his services ren- dered to the team. Altliough a reserve, he was always ready to do liis part, and he was a good basketball player. w BOBASHELA Passo is another reason why the Alajors had a good season. Fast for a big man and a cripshot artist, he was a good basketball player. He usually made his share of the goals and was a valuable man on the defense. He has one more year with the Majors. Vatch him. " Vic " Vickkr.s came to the Majors from Sunflower Junior College and made a valuable man from the start Hoasting six feet and three inches of horizontal brawn, " Vic " ' as a power under the enemy goal on the defense and a thorn in the sides of the opponents on the offense. Long will Southwestern Memjihis remember him. The little town of Lumberton has furnished to the Majors a modern giant in the person of " Dago " Moox, and that alone would entitle her to the re- spect of Millsaps ' students and fans. " Dago " was capable of playing a good brand of ball and the Majors ' man mountain ne er failed in the pinch. St() i-stri;kt was another Junior Col- lege transfer that made good his first year with the Majors. A serious injury that he received tiuring the football season handicapped him considerably during the basketball season, but at that he could hold his own with the best of the forwanls. He shouhi cause the t-nemy ciuite a bit of trouble next year. 124 L THE 1931 BOBASHELA Howard Lewis completed his fourth year as a member of a IVIillsaps basket- ball team, and Millsaps is grateful to him for the services that he has rendered to her. Howard was a first-class court performer, and lie has turned in many good games in the past four ears. He was especialh ' valuable for his d:-fensi .- ability, but he could also hit th ,111 about as well as anyone else. If Lewis uses the same principles in life that he (h ' d on the court, there is no doubt about hini being successful in whatexcr profession he chooses. XoBi.ix was another valuable man on the Millsaps squad. With two years ' ex- perience behind him h? should be out- standing next year. AL ' llsaps fans arc counting on you strong, so don ' t fail them, Xoblin. " Lupixo " Laxk, and how that baby could grab them of-f the backboard. When the ball didn ' t drop through the wicker it belonged to Lane. He was one of the best guards in the conference. To him goes the honor of pla ing the most consistent brand of ball of any of the Majors against the Choctaws. He is only a sophomore, and great things are expected of him in the next two years. " Cal " Hull was the handy man of the Majors. He performed well at for- ward or center and he was alwa s alu- able in a pinch. " Cal " has one more year with the Majors and should be even more valuable next season. HiiiS! P Inni, 4 V N ■ " THE 1931 BOBASHELA Tmrnk ¥- mf ' " Plnch " AIcDaxiels, who won fame on the gridiron, was the gentleman yon saw sitting on the bench with the dignified look and the water bucket. " Punch " was a good manager, and the players appreciate his efforts. " Pat " Dlxaway was a good bas- ketball player, and always gave his best for the Majors ' cause. Tall and fast, he was a good defensi e and had a good eye for the wicker. Gl RSS has the ability to dc eIop into a good basketball man, and he shovdd be a valuable man in the next two vears. A hartl worker and the determination to win, that ' s L. H. JoxES. L. B. is one of the fastest men on the squad and lill- saps ' fans believe that he will de ' elop into a stellar [lerformer with another year ' s experience. 136 THE 1931 BOBASHELA tjniiniiiiiiMrmmi MIIII|a||||i|Mllli n..|||ine|inni»IMIIMmlllalllllltalllllllBlllllllBllTTrTralllnilBlllllllBllllllit ' lllllll5lil!!llriITIM Boone, although a reserve, did his share of the work in making the season a successful one. He never cut jiractice and he should make good hefore lie leaves Millsaps. Alfori) was another one of those re- serves that was willing to do lu ' s part and he always did it well. A keen knowledge of the game and the will to do his best, he should make good. Smith played the game for the love of the game, and how he could scrap. An- other man that is expected to come through with more experience. Last, but not least, we have " Lonnie " Shelton. " Lonnie " played his first ball for the Majors this year, but we hope that it will not be his last. 14 1 ■ , T ■ ,jr ' THE 1931 BOBASHELA ■7iTTmgT::Tin5Tmiiiffii|iiiiia; iaJllnialllllilBiinlljallillllallliilla.illlMallllll la„illigJHmtoniiillili.ii,d, ' ;liH etl.:l.l£lli ]„: . VU.i ]:u, .dull iis. ' l ill RiGBV, WASSON ' , CORLK ' i ' , ' ARRK , JACOBS, AlLREI) Blurmax, Loflix, Liter, Hltchissox, Johnson " , Lewis Girls ' Basketball Coach l runificld was handicapped at the be ;inning of the season by having a squad of green and unexperienced material to work with. Although not as strong as Millsaps ' teams of the past, the Majorettes had a good basketball team. It took half the season to get started, but once the girls gained a bit of experience they were Iiard to best. Most of the girls will be b;ick next year and they siiould ha e a good season. 128 THE 1931 BOBASHELA II I — ' .JH " J Freslmiae Basketball The FR ' shman basketball team, after a slow start, linall (le eloiieil into a co- operatinij machine. Coachetl by " Cioat " Hale they showed ability which arsity squads of the next three years may well use to ad aiita;j;e. They played with dogged persistence, shooting goals from all angles and causing their opponents continual worry. SCORKS Minors 28 Minors i H Minors 29 Minors 12 Minors 22 Minors 28 Minors 22 Minors 20 Minors 26 Minors 42 Minors 16 IVIinors 26 Cioodman Junior College . (joodman Junior College . Wesson Junior College . . Leake County Junior College Vesson Junior College . . Mississippi College Freshmen Hinds County Junior College Hinds County Junior College Mississippi College Freshmen . Leake County Junior College . Mississippi College Freshmen . Mississippi College Freshmen . 42 27 31 26 19 42 28 41 38 26 28 43 129 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Harrell, Mar I in, Kiiavat Teeeis The Varsity Team Most succt ' ssful of all sjiorts at Alillsaiis, since its touiulint: ]H-rliaps, has bi-en the royal game of tennis. This year, with three out of four hist year ' s arsit ' back and with three promisinfj; new men, the racquet sjiort is on a par with former years. IVIainstays of tlie team for the strenuous season were: Henjamin Ilarrelh senior, probably the hardest drixing man on the team, llarrell ' s tennis was featured by a tremendous service. Lealon Alartin, anotlier senior, teamed with Eddie Khayat to form the Number i doubles team, and was fair at volleying, was a good lobber, and used a chop drive. Kha at, a junior, was a chop stroke artist, whose play was marked by the abilit ' to score sizzling jilacements. I)a id Dubard, Ewing Hester, and Gordon Rogers fcu ' med the rest of the squad from which the team was drawn, and all de- eloped considerably during the year. .All in all, though hamperi ' d b a lack ot worthy jiractice opposition, the Alajor netmen well upheld the traditions of their sport at Millsaps. THE 1931 BOBASHELA Coach Hale ' s baseball team this year sliould he the best ill years. With the loss of onI two letter nu-n from last ear ' s team, ami the aiUlition of se eral strong pitchers and men from the Freshmen team of last year, we are look- ing forward to a good season. About twenty games have been scheduled. Many a hit is expected to ring from the big bats of " Fagan " IMcDaniels, Jakie Miller, IVIarion Hale, " Dago " Moon, Permenter, Stonestreet, Padgett, and others, while the strong arms of Passo, Dunaway, ] Iiller, and Jones are expected to cause the enemy plenty of worry. Its the last " Goat " Hale coached team that Alillsaps will ever have, and we are betting on him to turn out a great team. J3 THE 1931 BOBASHELA Bell Hterds Slieep ie Texas " Eboo " Bell went out on a sheep ranch hist summer and apphed for a position. When asked what he could do, he replied, almost anything, and in the morning it was decided that he shoidd drive the sheep out to graze. A pony was brought for him, but he stoutly refused it, when the lanchman insisted, saying that he had been the fastest and best-winded sprinter in Millsaps College, and that he could get along. He was told to be in by fixe o ' clock. Six o ' clock came; seven, eight, and half-past nine before Bell came in and sank into a chair, exhausted. The ranchman said, " I told you to take the pony, that you would ha e trouble with the sheep. " 15ell replied that the " sheep were all right, but the lambs ga e him trouble! " " Lambs. ' ' " said the astounded man. lambs in that bunch ! " Win, I had no But Bell insisted that there were, and to pro e it took him out to the bunch and there were nine immense, ex- hausted jack rabbits. 132 THE II l.l Kl U R I i. ri I 1 (. IKK I (lA ll-. Mm mm BELL RECEIVING PASS IX CHOCTAW GAME ' ' ! i ' : lL FEATUPvES L.. SMiss Sarah King r SMiss SMary Woodliff L 7 55 Elizabeth Knox (SMiss Laura Light cap c5Vfi55 Frances Qates Norton Miller Piaster SVIajor Miss Ruth Ridcway ' Representative C ' THE 1931 Tk© Evemt of the Year A Comedy-Drama Prologue On February i8, 1931, just after 11 o ' clock at niKht the most important event of the year took place. On that fateful night the edifice known as the " (lym " had its much maligned existence brought to an end — an end past due for many a mnon. Not a tear was shed, and the old barn slid down into oblivion and ashes, not vithout cheers and plaudits. Not to now become lachry- mose, but to preserve from oblivion the memor of that significant night — to commemorate the most important date in the campus histnr , Februar 18, 1931, we present, with modest blush and bashful bow, a four-act comed drama which iiu ma call either " The F.vent of the Year, " or " The Burning of the Barn. " Act I Time: 1897. Scnw: Campus. First Siudrnt (pointing to " Cj m " ): " Isn ' t that an eye-snre? " Second Sliidnil (with feeling): " es, indeed. It should be subjected to conflagra- tion. " Curtain Act II Time: 1931. Scnic: Campus. First Studrnt (of new generation — pointing to " Ciym " ): " Ain ' t that a helluva thing? " Sfcond Student (another descendant — with feeling representing thirty-five years of animosity from father to sm): " ' eah. It oughta been burned. " (lurliiin Act III Seene: Campus. Time: Night of February 18, 1931 ; 11:30 p. m. First Student (pointing to " Clym " ) : " Hey, the (lym ' s burnin ' . " Second Student (Nvith feeling representing joy of released desires accumulated in thirty-five years and two generations): " ! ! ? ! ! " paper. -(There was too much expression in these lines to be adequately expressed on ( ' urtain Act IV (From the daily papers of February 19, 1931.) " STUDENTS CHEER AS BARN BURNS " Apologue There was no fiddling Nero on that eventful night, but there were 200 stuilents who danced in glee and pajamas. " An Ancient Prejudice Has Been Removed. " — Februarv iS, 1931. THE 1931 BOBASHELA Celebrities About the Campus THE 1931 BOBASHELA JACKSON ' S GREATEST STORE A Store That Fills Effectively an d Continuously Every (Qualification of the Modern and U ' -to-Date Department Store If you are not familiar with the service that is being rendered day in and day out to the thousands of satisfied patrons in Jackson and surrounding vicinity by " JACKSON ' S GREATEST STORE, " you are missing one of the greatest serv- ices that Jackson has to offer. Equipped and managed to give you a modern day Department Store service that is second to none in the South. THE 1931 BOBASHELA il«!!?a " « ' ). fi M fj- f liT rfllliJ rifr?. J.f y .,|i .mii ' : lij.l jyiississij) ' ) s Best Store ' KENNINGTON ' S JACKSON Enjoying the Good Will and Patronage of Millsaps Students Because of Our High Standard of Quality, Moderate Prices and Authentic Styles THE 1931 BOBASHELA ,JM |itin|insiiiiin»niiiiiwiiiiiMiiiiMniiNiiiiii3iiiiini.iiiiiMniiiMMj|igiiiiiiiBiMiiiMiiiiii.„iiiiiiiBnmTEnniiir, DOWNING LOCKE COMPANY Service to You Service of tne Highest Order The motto of this store during its reception and through its years of growth, as well as now, has been " Service to Our Customers, " and this service of the highest order. At this store you will find at all times merchandise of the highest possible quality at ihe low- est possible price, arranged for your convenient choosing. Jackson s Sno ing Center THE CAPITAL NATIONAL BANK JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Capital and Surplus, $625,000 OFFICERS THAD B. LAMPTON President W. D. DAVIS Vice-President and Trust Officer AMOS R. JOHNSON Vice-President and Cashier EDWARD W. FREEMAN Vice-President S. C. HART Vice-President and Asst. Trust Officer W. C. ALLEN Assistant Cashier W. H. EARBEE , A ssistant Cashier WS ii ' ?. THE 1931 BOBASHELA jyicClaren Autocrat Tires and Tuhei UNION DEPOT SERVICE STATION B " A Pleasure to Please You " m One Block North Edwards Hotel JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI GAS, PENNZOIL AND ACCESSORIES WASHING AND GREASING Telephone 840 FREE ROAD SERVICE J. B. WALKER, Manager R. H. GREEN Wholesale Grocer COLD STORAGE Fruits and Vegetables DISTRIBUTORS OF PLEE-ZING JACKSON, MISS. GETTING AHEAD The surest way to get ahead is to use the one you have. fVliy Not Start to Using It Nob By Joining Our " Grow With Us " Club Nojv Forming? Deposit Guaranty Bank ? Trust Company THE 1931 JACKSON DAILY NEWS MISSISSIPPI ' S ONLY PAPER WITH A REGULAR ROTOGRAVURE SECTION Maintaining its own staff of Pho- tographers and Artists. Use Rotogravure to tell your story. It leaves nothing unsaid. JACKSON SHOE HOSPITAL " Repair Shoes Better " WM. KAROW, Manager Phone 336 412 E. Capital St. DR. H. F. MAGEE PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Lamar Life Building Jackson, Miss. Mississippi Scnool Supply Co. Serring Mississippi Schools School Furniture and Equipment JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Watkms, Watkms Eager ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW Standard Life Building Jackson, Mississippi THE 1931 BOBASHELA alczMlt YOU EAT ifjiMTHA ICE CREAM A Health Food — Always in Season STAR STEAM LAUNDRY Phone 415 212 NORTH PARISH ST. Taylor Furniture Company 109, 111, 113 South State Street JACKSON, MISS. Furniture of a Better Grade ALEX GORDON, Owner Drink Lak 1 z s Celery AND Orange Crush Eatmor Bread Eatmor Bread Served in Milhaps Dormitories ACME BAKERY COMPANY North Parish Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ELANEL BEAUTY SHOPPES specializing in PERMANENT WAVING AND ALL LINES OP BEAUTY CULTURE N... 1— 11.-. l.aniar Sliout Telephone 2831 N,,. 2. I2:;2 X. Wost StroiM Telephone 4341 THE 1931 BOBASHELA CAPITAL FLORAL COMPANY " Say It With Flowers " 24-Hour Service MNDSKV CAISINKSIS, .ManuKiT Phones 511-512 irnill l| ' l I ' .uiNlii VIl ' KSIU ' MISSIS.- iri ' I Better Printing PRINTERS PUBLISHERS JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI For Specially Prepared Food For Your Parties Phone 2500 And You Will Be Sure to Get What You Want J. M. BLACK GROCERY CO. 155 South Lamar Street Compliments Jitney Jungle " Save a Nickle on a Quarter " MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE ECHO OF SWEETS TEA ROOM Sodas, Sweets, Luncheons 241 E. Capital St. Tel. 3316 Jackson, Mississippi KEY DRUG COMPANY Capital and President Streets Pv WE KNOW HOW IX) vol KNOW — Tliat wlirii plaeiny an oidui lur print- ing;, you ai ' f not making a purchase of material, but you are hiring a service. Vou are employing the printer and his tquipment to the extent required for the doing of a certain piece of work. For the past twenty years many of these wlin lvn ' )W have been buying ' their print - ini; service I ' rrim us. HEDERMAN BROTHERS Printers, Blank Book Makers Stationers and Lithographers :;L ' :i-: ' .i-:;r, K. Pi-aii st, .i.m l s,.ii. .Miss. Compliments of Sellers Motor Co. Incorporated Distributors of Cadillac and LaS alle Oldsmobile, Viking THE 1931 BOBASHELA JACK GORDON MEN ' S WEAR JACKSON, MISS, Complintents of MANGEL ' S Smart Apparel for the Smart Dresser THE COLLEGE HANG-OUT CANDIES, REFRESHMENTS SCHOOL SUPPLIES We Appreciate Your Friendship and Patronage JACK FLOWERS, LOUIS ALFORD Managers ENGRAVED WEDDING INVITATIONS Tucker Printing House JACKSON, MISS. CORR-WILLIAMS TOBACCO CO. Wholesale Distributors of Roi Tan, Osmundo Hav-a-Tampa Tampa Nugget Cremo GOOD CIGARS THE BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION 1 iF .lAi -KSc IN, M ISS Loans Made on Improved Real Estate. Liberal Dividends Paid on Investment Shares. O. J. WAITE. rn siiU-nt V. O. REA, Vke-I ' iesidfiit-ManasiT 212 EAST CAPITAL Ward Drug Company Corner Pearl and State Streets JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI PATRONIZE The College Pressing Snop Air Steam Heat Pres ses ' Creases Like a Seam " BOONE AND HOLLIDAY, Mgrs. THE 1931 BOBASHELA S. p. McRae Co. BETTER VALUES Florsheim and Friendly Fives No Name and Stetson Hats Hart Sckaffner Marx Clothes LOGAN PHILLIPS JACKSON SPORTING GOODS THE HUB HEADQUARTERS FOR COLLEGE MEN " PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ' Photographic Work for This Annual Done BY THE BOLTON STUDIO 219 MADISON STREET MEMPHIS, TENN. THE 1931 BOJBASHELA BELHAVEN COLLEGE School of Character COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS CONSERVATORY OF FINE ARTS A modern college for young women, which places emphasis upon the fundamentals rather than the fads in education, maintaining the highest scholastic standards, and yet which recognizes the cul- tural values in Music and other Fine Arts. COURSES LEADING TO A.B. AND B.S. DEGREES BELHAVEN CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC With faculty of Artist teachers equal lO any in the South, offering courses in Piano, Voice, Violin, Pipe Organ, and Public School Music leading to Bachelor of Music Degree. A Christian home atmosphere which safeguards the physical, social, and moral welfare of each student, and stimulates each to do her best. A Safe School for Mississippi Girls For Further Information. Address G. T. GILLESPIE, President JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI THE 1931 BOBASHELA MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI A College of Arts ana Sciences Founded in 1892 Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States Member of Assoc ' ation of American Colleges ( American Council on Education Owned and Controlled by the Mississippi and North Mississippi Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South TOTAL ENDOWMENT OF MORE THAN ONE MILLION DOLLARS NEW SCIENCE BUILDING ERECTED 1930 NEW LIBRARY BUILDING ERECTED IN 1925 Offers to Young Men and Women of Character, Ambition, and Ability the Following Advantages: 1. Rigorous academic training and scholastic prestige. 2. Alert intellectual and cultural life of the student community expressed in lit- erary, athletic, and religious organizations. 3. Moderate expense and excellent opportunity for loans and employment. For Catalogue and Special Information, Address D. M. KEY, President Jackson, Mississippi WHITWORTH COLLEGE BROOKHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI A Standard Junior College for Young women ! Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States American Association of Junior Colleges American Association of Women ' s Colleges An Integral Unit in the Millsaps College Ctirricitltim For Catalogue and Special Information, Address GEORGE F. WINFIELD, Associate President Brookhaven, Mississippi r THIS BOOK PRINTED BY. !( !■ The WORLD ' S LARGEST PUBLISHERS CO LLEG E ANNUALS COLLEGE ANNI3AL HEAD tl ARTERS incane i uali{uSvoi ?maw ntp JiweAiox (£ xfe 2: is)ii J ' UUce. ' ' bright page C JT s JL that rcFlcct those happy, ooTdWdd days has been our cfoal ± JL A CO LLELCL ANNUAL DIVI ' ION ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ BIRHIK ' CHAM UN THE HEART OF TH;E SOUTH !sS t|i|$i ' §l%i| f -. ' i • ' • jj ; H .yf Jt f ?C;i. '

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