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. .n S s- £Zs -) ; v --. DAVID COSTA LONGINOTTI £ditor-in-Chief RALPH W. CAMPBELL ' Business SManager COPYRIGHTED i w r 9 " " (QV 4 BOBASHELA 1930 T ,e YEAR BOOK 0 MILLSAPS COLLEGE Jackson, Mississippi VOLUME XXIV S J vai!M{i »aisai»tiaaiiyjft,tvi!avja ' i»ai» llllllllllllll fc Mhm fc M MM M iMMMM MM T i - pOPvEVOPvD In this volume we have attempted to chronicle the events and the pleasant associations of this year at SM ill saps College. If in future years you turn through these pages and you recognize the names and faces of your classmates, and your heart is warmed by the sight of fa- miliar scenes, and you feel the thrill of former associations, then, in- deed, our purpose in this book will have not been in vain. 4h Fy fc bi ' c yc ttc £■ Contents qA dministr ation The Classes Organizations yraternities cAthletics features 5 l«MM«M MMMMM« i«M MM 4 ; Dedication To Our Mothers Their unselfish sacrifices and un- faltering love have been our inspira- tion throughout the years. To those Mothers cherished in mem- ory and to those spared to us, We lovingly dedicate this volume of the Tiobashela. cAlexander J " array Watkins December 18, 1856 — July 26, 1929 i Qeorge embert cApril 11, 1912 — October 6, 1929 f Webster ZMillsaps Wuie gl . ] rf September 6, 1880 — February 24, 1930 Yi IN MEMORIAM ADMINISTRATION WILDING MAJOR 3WILLSAPS ' TOMB OLD SCIENCE HALL T EW SCIENCE HALL QALLOWAY HALL r m " BURTON HALL ' ' . i?V;; ■ ' .. ' . JOUNDERS HALL ADMINISTRATION THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY " Dr. £ . §M. Key, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D. President of SWillsaps College iS mii u umwmw XQ g OC XR i -i mt i i 1 1 ii ».i , i n i i n ! i i i h i ih n n— ++ +++. M«MM MMMMi M««kH THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY A President ' s Message To the Makers and Readers of the Bobashela of IQJO. HE Senior Class of 1930 has created in this volume a beautiful and artistic memorial that perpetuates the life of Millsaps of our day. May it do for this brief period of Millsaps ' history what memory does for the events of our lives — that is, re- create the past in a perspective that, while it mellows and endears, also brings proportion and meaning into the confused and crowded scene. The last gesture of your hour upon this stage is caught in these pages and here you have your say, as in a movietone, perpetuating for all time (or at least until these leaves fade) the significant events of your Meet- ing college generation. The significances of this islet of campus in time and space are as varied, as subtle and as obvious, as the meanings that shout and whisper in the great world about our islet. Sport, music, play, the faces of those we meet and pass, these fill up the daily press, as well as the college annual. They are the surface phenomena of the changing scene. They w 7 ill insure your success by their vividness and beauty when the annual is distributed and thumbed through next spring. But the deeper meanings of Millsaps life, if you catch them, will appear more clearly to later readers who turn the leaves in retrospective mood somewhere around 1950. For these deeper meanings Millsaps Col- lege exists and all colleges exist — symmetry and intelligence in the patterns of life and nature, balance, equity, proportion and beauty in the contacts of men. Of all these deeper meanings, none is more essential in the Christian conception of life for which Millsaps College stands than that contained in the beautiful pagan word that names your volume Bobashela, good friend. May this volume help us, both now and later, to perpetuate the com- radeships of all our bobashelas. D. M. Key, President. 9 ?immumm,wmmmmwj mmwji{m THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Faculty Dr. J. M. Sullivan, A.M., Ph.D. Senior Member of I he Faculty Professor of Chemistry and Geology A.B., Central College; A.M., Vanderbilt Univer- sity; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University; Delta Tau Delta. Professor G. L. Harrell, B.S., M.S. Registrar of the College Professor of Physics and Astronomy B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., Millsaps College; Kappa Sigma. Professor J. Reese Lin, B.A., M.A. Secretary of the College Professor of Philosophy and History A.B., Emory College; M.A., Vanderbilt University Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Epsilon. Dr. B. E. Mit chell, A.M.. Ph.D. Dean Professor of Mathematics A.B., Scarritt-Morrisville ; A.M., Vanderbilt Uni- versity; Ph.D., Columbia University; Alpha Tan Omega ; Omicron Delta Kappa. Professor C. F. Nesbitt, A.B., B.D. Professor of Religious Education A.B., Wofford College; B.D., Emory University. THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY A Faculty Dr. A. P. Hamilton, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Ancient Languages A.B., Southern University; A.M., University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., Ibid.; Kappa Alpha; Omi- cron Delta Kappa. Professor G. W. Huddleston A.B., A.M., Litt.D. Associate Professor of Ancient Languages A.B., Hiawassee College; A.M., Ibid.; Litt.D., Mil saps College. Miss Magnolia Simpson, A. P., A.M. Instructor in Latin A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., University of Pennsylvania. Professor A. G. Sanders, A.B., A.M. Professor of Romance Languages A.B., Southwestern; A.B., Yale University; A.B., University of Oxford; A.M., Ibid.; Sigma Upsilon; Alpha Phi Epsilon. Mrs. W. O. Brumfield, A.B. Instructor in Spanish A.B., Cumberland University. =5 ?93S ' " " ' ' l fc til t I I I t+ t+i u HH ! THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Facwlty Professor M. C. White, A.B., A.M. Professor of English A.B., Southern University; A.M., Harvard Uni- versity; Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon ; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Phi Epsilon ; Alpha Psi Omega. Mrs. L. B. Roberts, A.B., A.M. Associate Professor of English A.B., University of South Carolina; A.M., Ibid. Professor N. C. Young, B.S. Assistant Professor of En jlisli B.S., Millsaps College; University of Wisconsin. Professor Ross H. Moore, A.B., A.M. Associate Professor of History A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Ibid.; Alpha Phi Ep- silon; Alpha Psi Omega; Sigma Upsilon ; Omicron Delta Kappa. Professor H. C. Blackwell, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of ' Religious Education B.A., Emory University; M.A., Duke University; Candler School of Theology of Emory University; Tau Kappa Alpha. MrMlMMMl I » A THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Faculty Professor B. O. Van Hook, A.B., ALA. Associate Professor of Mathematics A.B., Millsaps College; M.A., Vanderbilt Univer- sity; Kappa Sigma. Professor Grady Tarbutton, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., University of Iowa. Professor T. K. MacDonell. B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., Emory University; M.S., Ibid.; Marine Biolog- ical Labratory; Chi Phi. Mrs. Bertha R. Sumner, B.S., A.M. Instructor in French B.S., Millsaps College; A.M., Columbia University. Professor Frank C. Jenkins, B.S., M.A. Professor of Education B.S., University of Mississippi ; M.A., Peabody Col- lege ; Phi Delta Kappa. 23 2S • 4 ft a tfM «MaMri 1 ■—■— ■■— h i i i i M dt dHfcaaa —— « a«afc— at— frfc— THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Faculty Professor L. E. Leaver, B.S., A.M. Assistant Professor of Education B.S., Central Missouri State Teachers ' College; A.M., University of Missouri. Edwin W. Hale Professor of Physical Education Mr. Frank Slater, B.M. Head of the Voice Department B.M., New Orleans Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art; three years a student at the Royal College of Music, Manchester, England; late of Royal Opera House, London, England. Miss Carrie Olivia Sistrunk Secretary to the President 24 i Mvm m m mmmm miwj,wj! { m 1 1 1 - 1 1 ii» m m i n i MM MKdU M MM MMMMMMM kMMMMMMMl THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Faculty Vernon B. Hathorn, B.S. II ur sar B.S., Millsaps College; Kappa Sigma. Mrs. F. C. Cooper Matron Girls ' Dorimtory Mrs. Mary Bowen Clark, A.B. Assistant Librarian A.B., Millsaps College; Phi Mu. -5 )»i»a«»BEK« 1 1 - - 1 1 III MM M«M« M M M MMM M i M MMMM MiMM MMM« MM ( " THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Faculty Assistants John W. Bealle Assistant in Mathematics Jim mi e Collins Assistant in Biology R. B. Smith Assistant in Philosophy and History William E. Barksdale Assistant in Education Norton Miller Assistant in Mathematics Audie C. Bishop Assistant in Bible Mary Lee Stone Assistant in Public School Music E. T. Mangum Assistant in Mathematics Brown Powlett Assistant in Mathematics and Education Mary Wacaster Assistant in History 2b « I 1 1 » III! I M l . n a THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Faculty Assistants David C. Longinotti Assistant in English Dorothy Moore Assistant in Bible T. A. GlLRERT Assistant to the Bursar Em MITT e Haining Assistant in English Melvin Simpson Assistant to the Librarian John D. Stokes Assistant in Chemistry Harry C. Ash Assistant in English Mary Velma Simpson Assistant in English Robert Kinnaird Assistant in Chemistry Carlton Mounger Assistant to the Librarian 1 ■ 1 1 1 » ■ i ii M i t i iii »i i MI « «t «tM i MM i i it »«««i M II i m « ■ i i i umi i m + — + m+ + ++ ++m+ ' 4I •si oAlma ZMater i Alma Mater, dear old Millsaps, Loyal Sons are we; Our fond hearts are thine alone And ever more shall be. Proud art thou in classic beauty Of thy noble past, With thy watchword, Honor, Duty, Thy high fame shall last. Every student, man and maiden, Swell the glad refrain, ' Til the breezes, music laden. Waft it back, again. W i3rfi?AZlri mmmsmmmmwj mm mm. i i ii ii fr fabfca ii i i n i ii i i i t + +d iMMM MI IY If T WAY LIMtffl m 9E Ai S N MO $ CavO CLASSES = (|V Let me not to the marriage of true minds oAdmit impediments. Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove; O, no! It is an ever fixed mark, That looks on tempests and is never shaken; It is the star to every wandering bark, Whose worth ' s unknown, although his height be taken. Love ' s not Time ' s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks Within his bending sickle ' s compass come; Lover alters not with his brief hours and weeks, liut bears it out even to the edge of doom. If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor no man ever loved. — Shakespeare. FRIENDS vairMitiHiiiiiiiiiimiiuiiHiiiiiiiiiiiimiiimiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiJiimmi -so SOOOC wez Zxoocxz I COOC Senior Class Officers David C. Longinotti President J. W. Alford V ice-President Carson Holloman . . Secretary-Treasurer ENIOR THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY ' Vo lfo5 ' Senior Class Irene Flurry, B.S. PERKINSTON, MISS. Harrison-Stone-Jackson Junior College (1, 2); V. W. C. A. Cabinet (1, 21; Best All-Round Student (1. 2); Vice-President Class (2); Captain Basketball Team (2). Basketball (3); Y. W. C. A. (3); Vice-President Philomathean Literary Society (3); President Philo- mathean Literary Society (4); Treasurer Y. W. C. A. (1); Captain Basketball (4); " Bobashela " Staff (4). Alton Lamar Jones, B.S. II K A NORRIS, MISS. Clarke College (1, 2); Basketball (1. 2. 3); Football (1, 2, 3. 4); Baseball (1, 2); Captain Basketball (4); Has, ball Manager (4); Manager Book Depository (4). Ruby Eloise Mincy, B.S. WIGCINS, MISS. Whitworth College (1, 2); Student Council Represent- ative (2); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2); Vice-President Harvey-Johnson Literary Society (2); Treasurer Span- ish ( ' lull (2); Honor Graduate (2); Vice-President Philomathean Literary Society (4); President Philo- mathean Literary Society (4 1; Y. Y. C. A. (4); Three Year Graduate. DeWitt B. Shipman, B.S. JACKSON, MISS. Mildred Nobles. B.S. K A JACKSON, MISS. Treasurer Freshman Commission; Blue Ridge Delegate (1); V. W. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3. 4); Feature Section " Bobashela " (1. 2); Assistant English (3); Pan-Hel- lenic Council (3, 4); " Bobashela " Staff (4); President Co-Ed Organization (4); Honor Graduate. William Duncan Carmichael, B.S. UTICA, MISS. I mmmttmmumMwmvmymmi m m IMMMMM MMMMiMMMM IMMMMMM THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THI John D. Stokes, B.S. II K A CREENWOOI), MISS. Student Assistant Chemistry Medical Club (4) Helen Grace Welch, k nee Club (3); Pre- B.S. B1LOXI, MISS. Brenau (1): Whitworth College (2); Brenau Orches- tra; Le Circle Francais (1); Tennis Club (2); Basket- ball (2); Harvey-Johnson Literary Society (2); Glee Club (2); Secretary French Club (2); Science Club (3); Pre-Medical Club (3); Secretary-Treasurer Pre- Medical Club (4). Curtis Carson Holloman, B.A. k a itta bena, miss. Baseball (1, 2. 3, 4); Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class; President Class (2) ; Secretary-Treasurer Class (3. 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Athletic Council (3); Basketball Manager (3); Freshman Football; Foot- ball (2, 3, 4). Virginia Annette LeNoir, B.S. MCCOMB, MISS. Whitworth College (1. 2); Co-Ed Council (4); Girls Glee Club (4); Milsaps Players (4); Cap and Gowi Committee (4). James Anderson Gunter, B.S. KOSCIUSKO, MISS. Galloway Literary Society. Agnes Inez Eubanks, B.S. f M NEW ORLEANS, LA. Whitworth Colege (1, 2). Jfi immnmmsmmwmvmsmmmm ■ aM S MA «« «4 A6 fe Ma« hfr ft «rt« sSfr A THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Xk)G - CL senior lass Laura Lewis Bennett, B.A. MADISON ' , MISS. Whitworth College (1, 2); Dramatic Club; French Club; Tennis; Baseball; Philomathean Literary So- ciety; Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class. Emmitte Wixgfield Haixixc, B.A. SATARTIA, MISS. Freshman Football; Galloway Literary Society; Stu- dent Assistant English; Football (2. 3); Baseball; Three Year Club. Tommye Hall, B.S. BAY SPRINGS, MISS. State Teachers ' College; Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Philo- mathean Literary Society; Assistant in Education (3); Three Year Club. John Warxer Alford, B.S. K A MCCOMB, MISS. Freshman Debater: Secretary Lamar Literary Society (2); Millsaps Players (2, 3. 4); Intercollegiate Debater (2. 3, 4); President Lamar Literary Society (3. 4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3. 4); Debate Council (3, 4); President Junior Class; " Most Sophisticated " (3); Student Executive Board (4); Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Psi Omega; Pi Kappa Delta. Rosa Lee McKeithex, B.S. b i o JACKSON " , MISS. r. W. C. A. Cabinet; Glee Club (4i Plez A. Price, B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Lamar Literary Society (3). e»iA4 iS« » U MM t4 MMMiiMMi M MMMMMMM THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Carlisle Bayard Touchston, B.S. GEORGETOWN, MISS. Freshman Basketball; Track (1); Pre-Medlcal (3, 4). Marie Flink, B.S. LEXINGTON, MISS. Eta Sigma; Alpha Psi Omega; " Popular Co-Ed " (2. 3); Honor Council (3); Vice-President Junior Class; Dramatic Club; Chen- Leader (3. 4); Philomathean Literary Society (3); Glee Club (4); Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net (4); Secretary-Treasurer Student Body (4). Thomas Montey Brown, B.A. PURVIS, MISS. Lamar Literary Society; Freshman Debater. Mary Hudson, B.S. l M SUMRALL, MISS. Whitworth College (1. 2); Secretary-Treasurer Class (1, 2); Secretary-Treasurer Athletic Association (2); Secretary-Treasurer Literary Society (2); Business Manager " Leofost " (2); Dramatic Club (2); Basket- ball (2. 4); Co-Ed Council (4); Invitation Commit- tee (4). J. Picnic Williams, B.S. MCCOMB, MISS. Pearl River College (1, 21; Football (1, 2); Honor Council (1); Annual Staff (2); Class President (2); " Most Popular Boy " (2). Lois Baldwin Mann, B.A. B X MADISON, MISS. Belhaven College (1, 2); Basketball (1, 2, 4). rt yrifofo JXL iinmimj, X K5 ' A C X rt- -« l II Xil III IM «H M« MMMM Mi« THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY I - vrtfoforvr veoioir Susie Kendrick. Wood, B.S. K A JACKSON, MISS. M. S. C. W. (1, 2); Captain Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball (1); Tennis Team (1); Freshman Annual Representative; Sophomore Annual Represent- ative; Sophomore Basketball; Woman ' s Athletic Asso- ciation (2); Basketball (3, 4). Warren C. Black, B.A. K A POPLARVILLE, MISS. Lamar Literary Society (2, 3. 4); Glee Club (2. 3); Band (2, 3. 4); Pre-Medical Club (3); Y. M. C. A. (3, 4). Coral Leone Shotwell, B.A. K A JACKSON, MISS. Eta Sigma; Chi Delta Phi; Freshman Commission of Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. C. A.; " Purple and White " Staff (1); All One Club (1); Golf Club (2); President Chi Delta Phi (I); President Eta Sigma (4); " Purple and White " (4); Classical Club; Honor Graduate; " Bobashela " (4). John W. Finch, B.S. EUPORA, MISS. Ouida Lanelle Ellzey, B.S. MERIDIAN, MISS. Whitworth College (1, 2); President Student Council (2); " Miss Whitworth " (2); Spanish Club (2); Har- vey-Johnson Literary Society (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3); History Society (2); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Philomathean Literary Society (3, 4). Hoyle A. Byrd, B.S. K A LUMBERTON, MISS. Student Governing Board (2); Secretary-Treasurer Golf Club (2); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3. 4); Student Manager (4); Cap and Gown Committee (4). THE BOBASHELA OF NJTNETEE RTY s Senior Class Amelia Davis, B.A. K A MAGNOLIA, MISS. M. S. C. W. (1, 2. 3). Ernest T. Mangum, B.S. MAGEE, MISS. Science Club; Mathematics Assistant (4 1 " Bobashela " Staff (4). Warren e Ramsey, B.A. M GALLMAN, MISS. Whitworth College (1. 2). James Vardaman Wright, B.S. CARTHAGE, MISS. Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Captain Football (4); Winner Brannon Trophy (3); Basketball (1. 3); President Athletic Council (4). Dorothy Watkins Moore, B.A. ROLLING FORK, MISS. Freshman Commission T. W. C. A.; All One Club (1); Secretary T. W. C. A. (2); Blue Ridge Delegate (2); Secretary Philomathean Literary Society (2); President Y. W. C. A. (3); Student Executive Board (3); Winner Tribbett Scholarship (3); Bible Assistant (3. 4); Eta Sigma; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); Honor Council (4); Philomathean Literary Society (2, 3. 4); Secretary-Treasurer Co-Ed Council (4); Secretary- Treasurer Eta Sigma; Honor Graduate; Invitation Committee (4). Robert Hinson, B.A. CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MISS. Basketball (1, 4); Baseball (1); Galloway Literary So- ciety (2, 3); Ring Committee (4). ELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY lft| ' $% ■ Bf » Senior Class Carlton Uriah Mounger., B.A. COLLIN ' S, MISS. rap and flown Committee (4). Hattie Mildred Williams, B.A. JACKSON " , MISS. Freshman Commission; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3, -1 1 : Girls ' Glee Club (1, 3. 4); Philomathean Literary Society (2, 3. 4) ; Tennis ( 4). Joe Bailey Love, B.A. ALGOMA, MISS. Nettie Catheryn Ratliit, B.S. SATARTIA, MISS. Hinds ' Junior College (1, 2); Basketball (3, 4): Busi- ness Manager Basketball |4); Philomathean Literary Society (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Haver Cecil Currie, B. A. MT. OLIVE, MISS. Mary Eleanor Waits, B.A. SUMRALL, MISS. Whitworth College (1, 2); French Club (1, 2): V. Y. C. A. (1, 2. 3. 4); Glee Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Philoma- thean Literary Society (1, 2, 3. 4); Orchestra (2); Honor Graduate (2); Co-Ed Council (4). wm mm wj m. Hfi-l tni II t H| il tnt 6 +m THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY CL :nior 11 ass David Costa Longinotti, B.A. n K a DURANT, MISS. Glee Club (2, 3); " Purple and White " (2. 3, I); Stu- dent Assistant English (3. 4); Millsaps Players (3); " Bobashela " Staff (2, 3); Pan-Hellenie Council (4); President Classic Club (4); Editor " Bobashela " (4): President Senior Class; Student Executive Board. Mary Ellena Cutrer, B.S. K A MAGNOLIA, MISS. M. S. C. W. (1, 2); Glee Club (4); Invitation Com- mittee (4). Howard Ellis Boone, B.A. n k a PONTOTOC, MISS. Lamar Literary Society (1, 2); Freshman Debater; " Purple and White " Staff; " Bobashela " Staff (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Three Year Club; Chairman Invitation Committee (3). Bessie Bagby Cook, B.A. K A JACKSON, MISS. V. W. C. A.; All One Club (1); Vice-President Eta Sigma (4); Glee Club (4); Honor Graduate; Ring- Committee (4). Brown Powlett, B.S. NATCHEZ, MISS. Faculty Assistant Mathematics; Faculty Assistant Education. Mary Martha Miller, B.A. K A HAZLEHURST, MISS. Whitworth College (1, 2); Philomathean Literary So- ciety. ELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Mary Lee Stone, B.S. BIO JACKSON, MISS. M. S. C. W. (1, 2); Librarian Girls ' Glee Club (3); Freshman Commission (3); Science Club (3); Business Manager Girls ' Glee Club (4); Assistant Public School Music (4); Vice-President Co-Ed Council (4); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); Ring Committee (4). Louis Hutchins, B.S. LEARNED, MISS. Hinds ' Junior College (1. 2); Tennis (1, 2); Vollev Ball (1, 2). Maurine Lucile Smith, B.S. K A VICKSBURG, MISS. M. S. C. W. (1, 2). Leonard C. Bowers, B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Kathryn Sullivan, B.S. K A JACKSON, MISS. Whitworth College (1, 2); Pre-Medical Club (3); Three Year Club. John W. Bealle, Jr., B.S. n k a GREENWOOD, MISS. Football (1. 2. 3, 4); Baseball (1); Captain Basket- ball (1); Vice-President Class (21; Vice-President Ath- letic Association (4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4); Stu- dent Assistant Mathematics (4). THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Senior Class M ABLE Melvin Simpson, B.S. JACKSON, MISS. Assistant to Reg istrar (1); I asketbal 1 ( . 2, 3) ; Viee- President Girls ' Glee Club l i ; Tre iSU •er Glee Club (2); Glee Club ;3); Assistai to Pi esi.lilll (2); Vice- ' residi nt Philomatl ran Liti nil y Sock ty (3); Honor Graduate ; Three Yce v Club; Of LP anc Gown Commltte e (3). Audie Clyde Bishop, B.A. HARPERVILLE, MISS. Freshman Debater (1); Track Team (1. 3); Officer Lamar Literary Society (1. 2, 4); Commencement De- bater (3); Delegate to Student Volunteer Movement Convention (2); President Ministerial League (2 3); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3); Delegate to Blue Ridge (3); Delegate to State Y. M. C. A. Conference (1, 2. 4); Student Assistant Librarian (2); Member Student Executive Board (2. 3. 4); President Y. M. C. A. (4); Student Assistant in Department of Religious Educa- tion (3, 4); All One Club; Editor Student Handbook; Chairman of Ring Committee (4). Margaret Ellen Whisenhunt, B.A. PAWHUSKA, OKLA. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Philomathean Literary So- ciety (2, 3. 4); Life Service Group (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Y. W. C. A. Delegate to Blue Ridge (3); Girls ' Glee Club (3, 4); Assistant Librarian (4). William High McRanev, B.A. BASSFIELD, MISS. Ministerial League; Three Year Club. Mary Annelle Jordan, B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Member Pan-Hellenic Council (3); President Pan-Hel- lenic Council (4). William Ezra Barksdale, B.A. e k n HATTIESBURG, MISS. Freshman Basketball; Galloway Literary Society (1, 3); Secretary Galloway Literary Society (3); Pan- Hellenic Council (3); Glee Club (3. 4); Business Man- ager Glee Club (4); Assistant Secretary to President (3); Assistant Education Department (4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4); Omicron Delta Kappa (4); Invitation Committee (4). rtfoSfrw- fe -y— y- y r THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY .- f i ' f : )( Rt %• V V SOT v v J Senior Class Daniel Gilmer McLaurin, B.A. K I CANTON, MISS. President Freshman Class; Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Var- sity Football (2); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2. 3, 4): Vice- President Y. M. C. A. (4) ; Vice-President Student Body (3); President Student Body (4); Business Man- ager Band (3); Omicron Delta Kappa (3. 4); " Mas- ter Major " (4). Evelyn Hogue, B.S. t M NATCHEZ, MISS. M. S. C. W. (1. 2); Mathematics Club (1, 2): Hikers Club (1, 2 1. George W. Butler, Jr., B.S. K I JONESTOWN, MISS. Science Club (3); Ring Committee (4). Mildred Horne, B.S. JACKSON, MISS. Basketball (1); Y. W, C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4); Science Club (2); Winner Women ' s Golf Title (2); Glee Club (3, 4); Officer Philomathean Literary Society (3. 4): Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); Tennis (4). Joe R. Gguldman, B.S. HAZLEHL ' RST, MISS. Science Club (2, 3); Track (3 ; Basketball (4): Base- ball (4); Invitation Committee (4). Martha Anita McManls. B.A. RAYMOND, MISS. Hinds ' Junior College (1. 2); Girl Reserves (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1); Literary Society (21. 3?55 c y o Kc I TEEN THIRTY Senior Class Moll J. W. Alford William E. Barksdale John W. Bealle, Jr. Laura Bennett Audie C. Bishop Warren Black Howard Ellis Boone Leonard C. Bowers Merrett Brooks Thomas Montey Brown George W. Butler Hovle A. Byrd Ralph W. Campbell William D. Carmichael Bessie Cook Members Haver C. Currie Mary Ellena Cutrer Amelia Davis Ouida Ellzey Agnes Eubanks John W. Finch Marie Flink Irene Flurry Joe Robert Gouldman J. A. Gunter E. W. Haining Tommye Hall Robert J. Hinson Freddie T. Hoff Evelyn Hogue Curtis C. Holloman Mildred Horne Mary Hudson L. C. Hutchins J. M. Johnson Alton Lamar Jones Mary Annelle Jordan Frank M. Kelley Virginia LeNoir David Costa Longinotti Joe Bailey Love Ernest T. Mangum Lois Mann Earl Meigs Mary Martha Miller Hugh McRaney Mildred Nobles Ralph Nai.i. Brown Powlett Plez Price Ruby Mincy Dorothy Moore Carlton Mounger Rosa Lee McKeithen D. Gilmer McLaurin Martha McManus Warrene Ramsey Catheryn Ratliff Howard Selman Welton J. Sensing DeWitt B. Shipman Coral Leone Shotwell Melvin Simpson Maurine Smith Rufus B. Smith John Dunn Stokes Mary Lee Stone Katheryn Sullivan Virginia Switzer Sara Summers Thompson Carlisle Touchstone Mary Eleanor Waits Janie Herring Watkins Helen Grace Welch Ruth Wesson- Virgil B. Wheeless Margaret Whisenhunt Jewel P. Williams Mildred Williams Susie K. Wood J. V. Wright TT " zn Junior Class Officers Wyatt D. Sharp Norton Miller . Harry C. Ash . zzpoocxr President . . . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer i T o BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY B3 S. M. Al.FORI) EROOKHAVEN, MISS. Helen - Walker, K A EROOKHAVEN " , MISS. W. Norton Miller, K Z HERMANVILLE, MISS. THELMA ROBERTS MCCOMB, MISS. J. Alexander Drane, K N HALSTEAD, MISS. Eula Mae Weems SUN, MISS. J. D. Arrington COLLINS, MISS. Katharine Brennan, brookhaven, miss Reynolds Cheney, K A JACKSON, MISS. Elizabeth Dear jackson " , miss. 4 ' TnrrriT liuiiiiiinnwxT] il feW 3 iU i . c A flq c A Xs r ■hWMUMUMMMMMI IMtMMMMl MM MM M MM«MM iM THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Junior Class Elizabeth Knox, M JACKSON, MISS. Hubert Vickery, II K A VICKSBURC, MISS. Trella Mae Burnham jackson, miss. John D. Bennett, 9 K N MERIDIAN, MISS. Fred Alma Hutchinson, A Z JACKSON, MISS. Philip B. Wilson, K 2 JACKSON, miss. Katimae Campbell meridian, miss. M. H. McCormack CLINTON, MISS. Frances King, K A JACKSON, MISS. Clayton Maynor, K N JACKSON, MISS. 47 U«MWMaMMH «laMM tMMMri«M M l mill ■MMMMMMMMMMMttlMM ELA-OF NINETEEN THIRTY Junior Class Wyatt Sharp, II K A JACKSON " , MISS. Martha Louise Holliday, t M JACKSON ' , MISS. Charles W ' hatley, K 2 jacksov, miss. Louise Day brookhaven, miss. Edwin B. Bell, II K A GREENWOOD, MISS. Frances McWillie, $ M JACKSON 1 , MISS. Lealon Martin canton, MISS. Marjorie Shrader brookhaven, miss. Paul Robertson wesson, miss. Jo Ellis Buie, M JACKSON, MISS. 4 8 3XCy R-X mmummim m M«M M M«MMMMMMMaMM4 M MiMMMMlii MiMM THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY THE BOBASHELA-OF NINETEEN THIRTY Junior Class Barron C. Ricketts, K 2 JACKSON, MISS. James Mills courtland, miss. Garner Green, K A JACKSON, MISS. W. H. King BENTON, MISS. Robert Ryrd, K A JACKSON, MISS. Malcolm Galbreath, K Z HATTIESBURC, MISS. William McMurtray, 9 K N JACKSON, MISS. Martell Twttchell moorehead, miss. Robert P. Neblett, 6 K X KOSCUISKO, MISS. J. Arthur Nowell FEARN SPRINCS, MISS. 5 " , M run ' Xc K ■. ■ ! li-M I to I I ) !» « Ill I THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIR Junior Class Mary Agnes Dobyns, II JACKSON, MISS. Gordon Patton JACKSON, MISS. A. Keller Doss, K 2C NEW ORLEANS, LA. George B. Pickett EUNICE, LA. C. C. McRaney JACKSON, MISS. Kenneth Bradley, K A CANTON, MISS. Marion Hale, 9 K X MEMPHIS, TENN. John W. Clark, K A JACKSON, MISS. Allan Fetterman, K A JACKSON, MISS. Paul T. Fitzhugh, K JACKSON, MISS. 5 ' M M MMMM lM«MiMMM iMMM M M«MMMtMMM M MlM THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Junior Class Roll S. M. Al.FORD Elizabeth Allen Bessie Allred Percy Armour J. D. Arrington IIarrv C. Ash C. B. Banks Edwin - B. Bell John ' D. Bennett W. K. Bradley Katharine Brennan Jo Ellis Blue Trella Mae Burnham Shirley Knowles Butler Robert Byrd Katimae Campbell Raeburn Casburn Reynolds Cheney Members Elma Clark John W. Clark Troy Cotten Louise Day Elizabeth Dear Mary Agnes Dobyns A. Keller Doss J. A. Drane William Ferris Allan Fetterman Paul T. Fitzhugh Henry G. Flowers Malcolm Galbreath Marcaret Gathright Herbert D. Gillis Vircinia Gilmer Raymond Glaze Lemma Gordon Garner Green Marion Hale Elizabeth Harrell R. J. Hassell Edna Earle Hennington Merrill Hines Martha L. Holliday Fred Alma Hutchinson E. A. Kelley Frances King W. H. King Mary " Knapp Elizabeth Knox Roy L. Lane Howard Lewis Floyd Looney Excell Mapp Lealon Martin R. Clayton Maynor E. Delphin Miller James Mills Glenna Moore Annie Dixon Myers M. H. McCormack, J Graves McDowell William McMurtray C. C. McRaney R. P. Neblett J. Arthur Nowell Vera K. Oglesby James W. O ' Neil J. B. Patrick Gordon Patton T. W. R. Pennf.baker George B. Pickett Henry Pointer Melvin Reed Alice Louise Rhyne Barron Ricketts R. H. RlCGIN Thelma Roberts Pall Robertson- Annabel Robinson Wyatt D. Sharp Marjorie Shrader Charles W. Simms Charles H. Strait Robert Tatum Ruby Taylor Garnett Thompson Thyra Thomson Martell Twitchell Hubert Vickery L. E. Vining Helen H. Walker Eula Mae Weems Charles Whatley Roscoe Williams Philip B, Wilson Sa ■ « «l IM M MM W MMMMMt Sophomore Class Officers T. A. Gilrert President David Y. DuBARD .... J ' ice-President Sarah King Secretary-Treasurer ooo : OPHOMORE THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY kttkt u Sopliomore Class J. C. Jones NORRIS, MISS. Mary Heai.d, f M JACKSON, MISS. Clinton Walker lucedale, miss. James Collins summit, miss. Letitia Allen, K A JACKSON, MISS. Jack Riggin jackson, miss. Spurgeon Gaskin jackson, miss. Ruth Mann, B 2 O MADISON, MISS. Howard Williford greenwood, miss. Hal Hale jackson, miss. Ruth Forman jackson, miss. Henry G. Warren BENTON, MISS. T. A. Gilbert, K - MERIDIAN, MISS. Ruth Ridgway, 15 :; jackson, miss. Edward KhayAT biloxi, miss. t s THE BOBASHELA OF NI yis Grace Brownlee, K A JACKSON, MISS. D. V. Herlong, II K A, MISS. Hadema Buck, K A JACKSON, MISS. Martha Hamilton, I» M jackso.v, miss. G. A. Brown HOLLANDALE, MISS. Mildred Clark, B 2 O JACKSON, MISS. Theresa McDill, K A JACKSON ' , miss. James McLeod, K 2 JACKSON, MISS. Sarah King, K A JACKSON, MISS. Sara Simmons, M JACKSON, MISS. John Hudson Finger, IT K A RIPLEY, miss. Emma Hall JACKSON, miss. Martha Thompson, p M jackson, miss. Robert Kinnaird jackson, miss. Medora Hall, i M JACKSON, MISS. it. 1 v 55 " nr -tutfcui MM M MaNM M M«MM tMM MM t MkM«M tMiM M THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Sophomore Class Benjamin - Harrell, K 2 JACKSON " , MISS. Mary Meek, K A JACKSON, MISS. Howard McMillan, K 2 MCCOMB, MISS. J. Thurlow Barrett new orlean, la. Rose Fulgham Wells, K A JACKSON, MISS. M. F. Williams, n K A INVERNESS, MISS. John Calhoun, K A MOUNT OLIVE, MISS. Lucy Murphy Malico, f JI JACKSON, MISS. David Y. Hi Bard, e K N GRENADA. MISS. John F. Munsterman PELAHATCHIE, MISS. Sara Smith, B 2 JACKSON, MISS. J. H. NOBLIN PELAHATCHIE, MISS. W. L. Ervtn, 6 K X INVERNESS, MISS. Leslie Ellis, B 1 JACKSON, MISS. Carey Jones jackson, miss. 5 " • " " " " ' ' ■« ' " ■ « K «M rt l 1 1 (1 till m j , , THE BOBASHELA OF NINE TEEN THIRTY s Sophomore Class Walter Permenter, K 2 TUTWILER, MISS. Edith Margaret Enochs, K A JACKSON, MISS. Calvin Hull, II K A QUITMAN, MISS. Lucian Ferris, K A JACKSON, MISS. Mary Velma Simpson, ICO JACKSON, MISS. Kenneth Wills, K JACKSON, MISS. Claude Passeau, K 2 MOSS POINT, MISS. Rubv Tavlor jackson, miss. Philip Koi.r, K 2 JACKSON, MISS. Walter Bivins, 9 K N BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Lee Travis, 9 K X CANTON, MISS. Robert Seawright, K A JACKSON, MISS. Joe Ware, K A JACKSON, MISS. Bill Jacobs, 9 K N JACKSON, MISS. Harold Cashon, K A JACKSON, MISS. 57 LA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Sophoinnor© Class Moll Marnee Alford Letitia Allen Margaret Alsobrook J. Thuri.ovv Barrett William H. ] fi.i. Martha Benton W. I. Brown Grace Brownlej Hadenia Buck John Calhoun Carolyn Campbell Catherine Casey Harold Cashon Alice Chilton Mildred Clark James M. Collins Rowan Crews Hal Dale Members Marguerite Deterly David V. DuBard E. B. Ellington Leslie Ellis W. L. Ervin Lucille Ferguson Lucia n Ferris Ruth Forman Charles B. Galloway Spurgeon Gaskin Thomas A. Gilbert, Jr. A. E. Gully Medora Hall Martha Hamilton Lloyd Hardin Benjamin Harrell Robert Haubf.rg Mary Heai.d Kenyon Hill Charles F. Hooper Calvin H. Hull Eill Jacobs James Carey Jones John C. Jones Edward Assad Khayat Henry A. King Sarah Owen King Robert Kinnaird Philip Koi.b David A. Livingston Julia B. Lockhart Billy Longgrear Ruth Mann- Mary Meek John S. Moon J. F. Munsterman Theresa McDii.l James McLeod Howard McMillan D eLacf.y McMurray Blanche Nesbitt Susie Newell J. II., Jr. Dunnica Ott VARDAMAN L. Ow r EN Claude Passe a u John Patterson Walter Permenter T. O. Prewttt Rl III RlDGWAY William Rigby Jack Riggin Emu. io Romano Robert Seawricht Harold Von Sebren William Shannon L. H. Simmons, Jr. Sara Simmons Mary Simpson Paul Sisk Virgil Skipper Helen Smith Sara Smith Lester Stevens Sarah Stevens C. C. Sutton Mary Elizabeth Sutton Martha Thompson Lee Travis Mary Wacaster Joseph Ware Henry G. Warren- Richard Waugh Rose Fulgham Wells M. Franklin Williams Howard Williford Kenneth W. Wills Mae V. Wright 58 IW y= rxSCKI -• Freshman Class Officers Roger Prosser President Jimmie Walker Vice-President Mary Woodliff . . . Secretary-Treasurer W JL JL THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY f at J ™ Y }» M v « kl lAl Freshman Class Jimmie Walker Jackson, Miss. Stella McIntyre Jackson, Miss. EwiNG Hester ..... Hazlehurst, Miss. John C. Boswell .... Kosciusko, Miss. Harold McComh, Miss. Jack Flowers Laurel, Miss. Sara Wilson Jackson, Miss. Theron Gardner .... Scottsboro, Ala. Howard Overstreet . . Hattieshurg, Miss. Harvey T. Newell, Jr. . . Jackson, Miss. Stokes V. Robertson, Jr. . . Jackson, Miss. Wilhemina Kolb Jackson, Miss. James G. Guess ..... Durant, Miss. Joe Wilson Hollandale, Miss. C. C. Moore Itta Bena, Miss. Marvin Rigs Jackson, Miss. Frank SCHLOSSER Canton, Miss. Bill Denman McComb, Miss. William Lowe .... Moss Point, Miss. Ferdinand Dribben . . . Ruleville, Miss. rrm 60 wmmwmvmsmmiwm id. THE BOBASHELA OF IRTY Leslie Wilkinson . . . Tylertown, Miss. E. Seicor Jackson . . . Brooksville, Miss. Mary Wooiji.iff Jackson, Miss. German Culver Jackson, Miss. Gresham Carter . . . Hattiesburg, Miss. Clara Neely Jackson, Miss. James Fly Jackson, Miss. Maurice Easterling .... Mobile, Ala. Winifred Green ..... Jackson, Miss. Underwood Amory, Miss. Elton Tolf.r Inverness, Miss. Philip Grice ...... Madison, Miss. Rudolph Bradshaw .... Jackson, Miss. MONCURE Dabnev . . Crystal Springs, Miss. George McMurry .... Jackson, Miss. Edward Cone Itta Bena, Miss. F. O. Lewis Louise, Miss. LeRov Dunawav .... Anguilla, Miss. J. W. Dees ...... Hazlehurst, Miss. Otis Hampson Elrod, Ala. MAkktA M MMMMM MhM MMU k ft «M M«Mh « « «M a ) MMM MMM li MM lMMMl EN THIRTY 1 Vi ► .l $ «• - tvti mm mkmf w M f rj r % Freslunaii Class Robert H. Read Paulding, Miss. Mary Louise O ' Briaxt . . Jackson, Miss. Mouzox Pvi.axt ..... Purvis, Miss. Jonv Enochs Jackson, Miss. Claude Yarbrough . . . Tylertown, Miss. Mixtox Smith Jackson, Miss. John Gibsox Summit, Miss. Harry S. Hardin Jackson, Miss. Uriah Banks .... Philadelphia, Miss. Walter M. Campbell . . Tutweiler, Miss. M. W. Phillips Jackson, Miss. Ohio Scott Eupora, Miss. Allen Lindsey .... Pelahatchie, Miss. Tommy Goodwix Jackson, Miss. Galloway Austin .... Jackson, Miss. Newell Bruxer Houlka, Miss. Alexander Baixes .... Jackson, Miss. Fred Holliday Union, Miss. Albert C. Collins ..... Forest, Miss. Thomas F. . . . Kosciusko, Miss. 3M MM«MM M MM M THE BOBASHELA C Freshman Class John B. Howell Canton, Miss. Jane Lamb Jackson, Miss. C. L. Dearinc Newton, Miss. Ethel Campbell Jackson, Miss. Louis Toler Crowley, La. Katherine Herbert .... Jackson, Miss. Ross Hester Tunica, Miss. Roger Prosser Canton, Miss. Kent Bowen Brookhaven, Miss. F. P. Lamb Courtland, Miss. Charlotte Fields ..... Jackson, Miss. Robert Wells Jackson, Miss. Evelyn Myers Morton, Miss. Garland Lyell .... Jackson, Miss. M. B. Hesdorffer Canton, Miss. Robert Greenlee . . . Hermanville, Miss. LeRoy Shumaker .... McCool, Miss. John C. McLaurin .... Jackson, Miss. Chris Simmons .... Hattiesburg, Miss. Earl Hanna Jackson, Miss. 63 mvmummwmmmmmwm mmz ■ - -- jl - " .. IMMMMMMa THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Harold D. Alford Lewis Edwin Alford Cecil Allen Billy Arnold Exa Ashley Emile Assaf Galloway Austin Roy Hastings Bailey Alexander Baines Uriah Banks Ruth Barnes Emily Batton Irwine Batton Norman U. Eoone Edith Boswell John Clark Boswell William Kent Bowen Rudolph Bradshaw Newell Bruner Obie Bryant Winston Collier Cambre Ethel Campbell John Franklin Campbell Walter M. Campbell Cecil Inzer Cantrell Charles G. Carter Joseph A. Charlton Vflma Coleman Albert Collins Edward Cone Philip II. Cox T. W, Cranford, Jr. German Pierce Culver W. Moncure Dabney John T. Dalton James Bennett Davis Sam Davis Charles F. Dearing James Wilton Dees Bill Dknman Jack Dorris Helen Dow Samuel F. Dribben Freslimiae Class Members Le Roy B. Dunaway Maurice Easterlinc John R. Enochs John M. Eptinc John Clifton Feeder Charlotte Field Clyde Fitzgerald Jack Flowers James Mitchel Fly, Jr. Louise Fortner Stewart Gammill, Jr. Theron Gardner John Claiborne Gibson James R. Gilfoy Thomas W. Goodwin Winifred Green Robert Greenlee Philip Harold Grice Paul Griffith James G. Guess Clayton Hall Emma Hall Otis Hampson Otho Earl Hanna Harry Sproule Hardin Mozelle Hearon C. F. Heidelberg Kathryn R. Herbert M. B. Hesdorffer Ross Hester V illiam E. Hester, Jr. Fred Holliday John B. Howell Edward Seigor Jackson Katherine Jacobs Luther Johnson Cecil Jones 1.. B. Jones Pong Hyun Kim WlLHELMENIA KOLB Jane Lamb Fred P. Lamb Rabian Lane Kline Layton Fred Edwin LeNoir Floyd Osmond Lewis Allen Lindsey Edward Lindsey Russell H. Longgrear Thomas Jasper Lowe William Rankin Lowe G. Garland I. yell Kathryne Magf.e Rex Adair Moody Clinton C. Moore Evelyn Myers John K. McDowall Slater E. McEachern Raymond M. McGinnis Stella McIntyre Ernest McLaurin John McLaurin, Jr. George McMurry Leon W. Nash Thomas Fair Neblett Clara Neelly Harvey T. Newell, Jr. Mary Louise O ' Briant Floyd O ' Dom Virginia O ' Leary Howard C. Overstreet John William Patton C. I.. Paxton Macon Willis Phillips Percy Rubel Philp Douglas F. Price Roger Davies Prosser Kelly M. Pylant Bob Henry Read Wilna Rigby Marvin A. Rices Stokes V. Robertson, Jr. Joseph J. Ross Robert Sage Frank Schlosser Otho Scott Louis Leonida Shelton LeRoy Shumaker Chris Simmons Emma M. Slaughter Commie V. Smith J. C. Smith, Jr. Minturn Smith Albert Spa.nn Jack Sparks Archibald F. Steele Estus E. Stee.n Joseph Stubbs Sarah L. Sullivant Purvis A. Taylor J. B. Terry Lewis Eugene Terry Elton Toler Louis Pinkney Toler W. L. Underwood, Jr. Robert P. Vincent Cecil Felton Walker James M. Walker James W. Walker, Jr. Harmon Wallace Vaughan Watkins, Jr. Victor H. Waits W. L. Weems, Jr. Charles Wellman Oswald K. Wells Robert H. Wells Edward Welty Leslie L. V ilkinson Dan Glenn Williams Kathlen Williams Gordon Willoughby Joseph Wilson Neff Wilson- Sara Rhoda Wilson- Mary WOODLIFF Ilovr Wright Claude B. Varborough Katherine Yeagley 64 i £PS? m mmmm mwmwjm gm IMMMMMMM 4 % 6f ' rA Al -J Jv ORGANIZATIONS iELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY fifit McLaurin, Simpson, Loncinotti, Campbell Bishop, Gilbert, Wright, Lewis, Alford Student Executive Board Gilmer McLaurin President Student Body Audie Bishop Y. M. C. A. Mary Velma Simpson Y. If. C. .1. J. V. Wright Athletics David C. Loncinotti Publications J. W. Alford Debating Council T. A. Gilbert Band Ralph W. Campbell Glee Clubs Howard Lewis Honor Council i.t, m ' " ' I ' II K tt httAfcX MMUMMMMMMtMUMMM THE BOBASHEL. Wright, Bealle, Maynor, IIolloman Jones, Byrd, Belt., Tatum, Wilson Athletic Council J. V. Wright President John- W. Bealle Vice-President Clayton Maynor Secretary-Treasurer HOYLE Byrd Student Manager Robert Tatum . . Football Manager A. L. Jones . Baseball Manager Carson Holloman .... . Basketball Manager Edwin Bell Track Manager Phil Wilson . . Tennis Manager ' •7 mmummwmmmimwjMmmwjim UAMAMMt MMMM ill h w « d hfc » .»«M « t«i d abtdMMI M » ftfiit» Mi ' ' " THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY ef 4 A Sullivan, Collins, Touchstone, McMurtrav, Stokes, Welch Doss, Calhoun, Wilson, Seawright, Travis, Cashon Banks, Baines, Guess, Underwood, Schlosser, Hesdorffer A. K. Doss President Charles Hooper Vice-President Helen Grace Welch Secretary-Treasurer Members of the Club Billy Underwood Lee Travis James G. Guess Pat Taylor C. C. Sutton M. B. Hesdorffer Robert P. Vincent Katheryn Sullivan Alexander Baines Sara Wilson Frank Schlosser Virginia Switzer Thomas K. MacDonell A. K. Doss Helen Grace Welch Louis Shelton John D. Stokes A. V. Beacham Charles Hooper 68 J i i»i4i l ii »fl i»li A « .hij.1 »i»«,t ,n MaMMM MMMMMMi ah» 4 MM tfaM M MMMMMM THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY •s- Bishop, McRaney, Twitchell, Currie Barrett, Gardner, Collins, Grice, Flowers Officers Floyd Looney President Martell Twitchell Vice-President J. T. Barrett Secretary-Treasurer Members J. T. Barrett Floyd O. Lewis Audie Bishop F. L. Looney Norman Boone W. H. McRaney James Collins Floyd Odom H. C. Currie LeRoy Shumaker Jack Flowers James Slay Theron Gardner Martell Twitchell Philip Grice E. B. Ellington P. H. Kim Ralph Nall R. L. Lane A. E. Gully 69 THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Bishop, McLaurin, Miller Byrd, Barksdale, Vickerv, Twitchell Bealle, Ash, Galbreath, Tatum Black, Neblett, DuBard, Campbell Y. a a. met Officers Audie Bishop President Gilmer McLaurin Vice-President Norton Miller Secretary-Treasurer Committee Chairmen Floyd Loonf.y Program Robert Tatum Program M. II. Twitcheli Vespers Norton Miller Vespers R. P. Neblett Extension David DuBard Extension Ralph Campbeli Socials Hoyle Byrd Socials 7 " John Bealle Athletics Malcolm Galbreath Freshman Bill Barksdale Freshman Hubert Vickery Music Jack Flowers . Music Harry Ash Music Warren Black Church Work Roy Lane Church Work mmmmm 2 MMMMMMMMMMMM THE BOBASHELA OF NINETE Ridgwav, Mary V. Simpson " , Flurry Nobles, Stone, Melvin Simpson, Dorothy Moore Heald, Glenna Moore, King, Wells, Flink Y. W. C. A, Cabinet Officers Mary Velma Simpson President Ruth Ridgway Vice-President Eleanor Waits Secretary Irene Flurry Treasurer Committee Chairmen Mildred Horne Social Service Dorothy Moore Program Mary ' Heald Music Rosa Lee McKeithen World Fellowship Glenna Moore " Y " Hut Frances King Finance Mary Lee Stone Undergraduates Rose Wells Undergraduates Mildred Nobles Social Melvin Simpson Publicity Marie Flink Reporter 7i ®mm TT7T THE BOBASHELA OF David Loncinotti, Editor Ralph Campbell, Business Manager The 1930 " Bobashela ' The Staff Howard E. Boone Organizations E. T. Mangum Departments Leone Shotwell . ...... Features Irene Flurry Classes Lealon Martin Sports Mildred Nobles . Asst. Business Manager Mary Heald Co-Ed Editor Edwin Lindsey Advertising John Calhoun Photographs 72 11 MR THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN Tr Harry C. Ash, Editor Wvatt D. Sharp, Business Manager The Purple and White The Staff Leone Shotwell Society J. D. Arrington Features Paul Robertson Sports Theresa McDill Columnist Mary Meek . Features D. C. Longinotti . Asst. Business Manager Howard E. Boone . Asst. Business Manager Norton Miller Sports R. P. Neblett . . Floyd Looney . . . Billy Longgrear . H. C. Currie . . Walter Permenter J. A. Drane . . . Lee Travis . . . Ruth Ridgway . . Advertising Circulation . . Assista Robert Seawright • Reporter Manager Manager nt Editor Features . Sports Columist Reporter Reporter Vis ' » iP j 73 ELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY £S? f I .ft 1,1 f. f 1 ft « v Men ' s Glee Officers Dr. A. P. Hamilton Director Ralph W. Campbell President William E. Barksdale Business Manager Joe Ware Librarian Miss Magnolia Simpson Accompanist Members of the Club First Tenor Ralph Campbell Martell Twitchell Troy Cotten Graves McDowall Thomas Neblett Second Tenor Howard Selman William Barksdale Joe Ware Emilio Romano Rudolph Bradshaw Jack Flowers L. E. Alford Russell Longcrear E. B. Ellington First Bass Edward Khayat Robert Kinnaird R. M. Lemly Howard Williford J. C. Gibson German Culver W. E. Hester W. M. Campbell Second Bass Hubert Vickery Jimmie Collins David DlBard John Calhoun Billy Underwood L. E. Terry J. F. Campbell Quartette Campbell Bradshaw Hester Vickery 7) THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY iris " Glee Officers Miss Magnolia Simpson Director Mary Velma Simpson Accompanist Ruth Ridgway President Ouida Ellzey . . Secretary-Treasurer Mary Lee Stone Business Manager Mildred Horne Librarian Katharine Brennan Bessie Cook Edith Margaret Enochs Marie Flink Louise Fortner Members First Soprano Tommye Hall Mary Heald Katherine Jacobs Elizabeth Knox Lucy Murphy Malico Ruth Ridgway Melvin Simpson Sara Smith Rose Wells Margaret Whisenhunt Jo Ellis Buie Ellena Cutrer Martha Hamilton Second Soprano Edna Earle Hennincton Martha Louise Holliday Rosa Lee McKeithen Clara Neelly Alice Louise Rhyne Mary Lee Stone Mildred Williams Louise Day Ouida Ellzey Alto Lucille Ferguson Mildred Horne Mary Meek Eleanor Waits THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY f 15 Boone, McLaurix, Alford, Lewis LOXGIXOTTI, HOLLOMAX, CAMPBELL, DrAXE Men ' s Pae Hellenic Comecil Representatives Pi Kappa Alpha David I.oxginotti Howard Booxe Kappa Sigma Gilmer McLaurix Carsox Hollomax Kappa Alpha J. W. Alford R. W. Campbell Thcta Kappa Xu Howard Lewis J. A. Draxe 7 6 £2 if M M MMMM MMMMM MMMM THE BOBASHELA OF THIR r—» Nobles, Moore, Heald, Jordan Wacaster, McDill, Clark, Watkins in s Jran Jtieiismic Representatives Kappa Delta Mildred Nobles Theresa McDill Phi Mu Janie Watkins Mary Heald Beta Sigma O micron Axnelle Jordan Mildred Clark Delta Zeta Glenna Moore Mary Wacaster 77 Wi lW W V i MMMMMMMHM } SHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY eae Officers Ruby Mincy President Melvin Simpson rice-President Katimae Campbell Secretary Mildred Horne Treasurer Katharine Brennan Katimae Campbell Louise Day Elizabeth Dear Members Ouida Ellzey Irene Flurrv Edna Earle Hennincton Mildred Horne Dorothy Moore Ruby Mincy Catheryn Ratliff Thelma Roberts Mary Velma Simpson Melvin Simpson Virginia Switzer Eleanor Waits Eula Mae Weems Margaret Whisenhunt 7 m . r i ■k , al ta MMhMtf I THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIR Flurry, Mincy, Horne Whisenhunt, Ellzey, Williams, Moore, Melvin Simpson Ratliff, Waits, Hall, Brennan, Day Gilmer, Weems, Roberts, Campbell, Mary V. Simpson 79 ■ill ■ill MM M MMMM M MMtMMMM M OF NINETEEN THIRTY The Galloway Literary Society BUFORD YERGER F. L. Looney Presidents J. B. Patrick J. D. Arrington Vice-Presidents H. G. Warren Howard Williford W. N. Miller H. C. Currie J. B. Patrick L. R. Shumaker Secretaries Robert Hauberg Henry Kino Pat Taylor Assistant Secretaries Rabian Lane Otho Scott J. W. Finch Treasurers W. N. Miller F. L. Looney Vardaman Owen Auditors Albert Collins Vardaman Owen Albert Collins Members Newell Bruner Albert Collins Fred Holliday Edward Khayat Henry King Vardaman Owen Martell Twitchei.l P. II. Grice H. K. Williford G. A. Brown- John W. Finch E. W. Haining Rabian Lane W. N. Miller H. G. Warren J. D. Arrington Jasper Lowe Norman Boone Franklin Williams H. C. Currie Paul Griffith Robert Hauberg F. L. Looney J. B. Patrick Otho Scott Obie Bryant Pat Taylor Billy Longgrear L 8q wmmmmvmsimmmm . | | ft r » l l»«»»M« n MMMMMMMMI THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY ii% k $ 4 :X f A ' -fry L Ife » J Ifc- ife % 9% t « »» Millf.r, Finch, Currie, Patrick Arrincton, Pickett, Twitchell, Brown, Nowell Warren, Williford, Khayat, Patton, Williams Barrett, Gardner, Fly, Holliday, Collins Shumaker, Scott, Grice, Gibson, Bruner ??m H« «t 1 1 t t u t k m tt t i t t 0 t t tt »0 t HE BOBA INETEEN THIRTY Lamnar Literary Society Presidents J. W. Alford J. A. Drake Vice-Presidents J. A. Drane Warren Black Ralph Nall S. M. Alford Secretaries Critics A. C. Bishop J. W. Alford Chaplains Calvin Hull Ralph Nall Treasurers Howard Lewis Howard Lewis Members 53? J. W. Alford Harold Alford S. M. Alford B. G. Austin A. C. Bishop Warren Black Kenneth Bradley Hovle Byrd A. V. Beacham J. C. Boswell Montey Brown Grksham Carter Ferdinand Dribben A. K. Doss James Davis Jack Dorris J. A. Drake Herbert Gillis Otis Hampson O. F. Hardin Calvin Hull Howard Lewis R. F. McGinnis R. P. Neblett T. F. Neblett Howard Overstreet B. C. Ricketts S. B. Robinson, Jr. Robert Seawright Vaughan Watkins, Jr. G. O. Williams William McMurtray Earl Hanna Floyd O ' Dom Mb dMM MMMMM THE BOBASHELA OF NI EN TH %m F ' V% £$ f 1 % .- « % K 5 «♦ i£ «£ i J M «b fet Shipman, J. W. Alford, Bishop, Byrd Black, Brown " , Drane, King, Lewis S. M. Alford, R. P. Neblett, Bradley, Hull, Seawright Bivins, DuBard, Travis, Hanna, Austin Boswell, Robertson, Thomas Neblett, Harold Alford, Carter S mmummimm±mmmjm ? mmmm ' i n i KMMWUM MOMMMMMMMI 4MMMMMiM«MM M MiMM THE BOBASHELA OF TEEN THIRTY i, iV s Millsap ' s Band Officers Professor J. G. Leonard Director T. A. Gilbert President R. P. Nebi.ett Business Manager Members Wyatt Sharp John Calhoun Hal Dale David DuBard Jack Flowers Malcolm Galbreath James G. Guess Seigor Jackson Fred Lamb Floyd Loonev John D. Bennett German Culver Warren Black George Murphy Stater McEachern Thomas Neblett James Ross Walter M. Campbell Jack Riggin Billy Underwood W. L. Weems Dan Williams Roger Prosser Gilmer McLaurin M ggggs Sj -mmmm . ft «nH in) il I »ii fu i UMMMMMMtl w 522E1 yy FRATERNITIES THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Pi Kappa Alpha Founded at the University of Virginia in 1869 Colors: Garnet and Gold Floiuer: Lily-of-the- Valley Publication: " Shield and Diamond " Alpha Iota Chapter Fratres in Collegio Class of 1 9 30 John W. Bealle, Jr. John D. Stokes Howard E. Boone David C. Longinotti A. Lamar Jones Wyatt D. Sharp Hubert Vickery (J lass of 1931 Harry C. Ash Edwin Bell Henry G. Flowers Charles Strait Class of 1932 D. V. Herlong, Jr. Calvin Hull Franklin Williams Class of 1933 Harvey T. Newell, Jr. Claude Varborough Leslie Wilkinson Billy Underwood James Robert Gilfoy James G. Guess James Walker Rudolph Bradshaw Robert H. Read Si. r % •£ ■: « «I-, i£ ' ; - r 5 5 Bealle, Jones, Stokes, Boone, Longinotti Sharpe, Vickery, Flowers, Ash, Strait Bell, Herlong, Hull, Finger, newell walker, read, bradshaw, Wilkinson guess, yarborough, underwood 87 THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY ! 1 . amis W % v m« jmw m Vc ,vjfe Ua d4 Mk M M Mb Mh riHh» MM Mri a M ak M THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Kappa Sigmna Founded at the University of Bologna in 1400 Founded at the University of Virginia in 1867 Colors: Scarlet, White, Emerald Floivrr: Lily-of-the-Vallej Publications: " The Caduceus " and " The Star and Crescent " Alpha Upsilon Chapter Cj. L. Harrell Fratres in Facultate B. O. Van Hook V. B. Hathorn D. GlLMER McLAURIN Fratres in Collegio Class of 1930 George W. Butler H. W. Selman W. R. Ferris A. Keller Doss Paul T. Fitzhugh Class of 1931 Phil B. Wilson B. C. Ricketts Charles Paxton W. Norton Miller Robert Tatum Charles Whatley Howard L. McMillan Malcolm Galbreath B. J. Harrell Class of 1932 Steve L. Burwell Philip Kolb Walter Permenter, Jr. Claude Passeau T. A. Gilbert J. N. McLeod C. B. Galloway J. W. Dees G. P. Culver W. K. Bowen C. S. Heidelberg Class of 1933 R. I). Prosser C. C. Moore C. F. Simmons J. C. McLaurin W. E. Hester J. B. Howell W. R. Lowe W. E. McLaurin G. G. Lyell m mmmmmj mwjii imim WMOU M M («M MUMMMMM » M MMM «MMM« M4MMI THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY . . m, ■ » V JV Gilmer McLaurin, Selman, Holloman, Butler Miller, Doss, Ricketts, Tatum, Wilson, Fitzhugh Whatley, Permenter, Wills, Harrell, Galbreath, Kolb Burwell, Passeau, McMillan, McLeod, dees, culver moore, bowen, john mclaurin, lowe, hester lyell, howell, prosser, simmons 8 9 ifi» iftrn AA «i nun ++ +++++»+, ■MMaMMMMMftMMMHMMMHMMM BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865 Colors: Crimson and Gold Flowers: Magnolia and Red Rose Publication: " Kappa Alpha Journal " Alpha Mu Chapter Fratres in Facultate J. Reese Lin A. P. Hamilton Fratres in Collegio Class of 1930 J. W. Alford Hovle Byrd M. C. White Warren Black Ralph W. Campbell Robert Byrd Kenneth Bradley Class of 19 31 Garner W. Green Reynolds Cheney Allan Fetterman John Clark William Bell John M. Calhoun Class of 1932 Lucian Ferris Edward Lindsey Robert Seawright Joe Ware Harold Cashon ♦Harold Alford Gresham Carter Ross Hester Billy Arnold Stokes V. Robertson, Jr. Class of 1933 Roy Bailey W. L. Weems, Jr. Paul Griffith John Enochs Robert Wells Louis moncure dabney Vaughn Watkins W. T. Denman, Jr. Bobby Vincent Jack Sparks ; • £M! THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY 1 p ) f- ' f ' v ft i ■ ! C ift 4 M J. W. Alford, Hoyle Byrd, Black, Campbell, Fetterman, Cheney Green, Robert Byrd, Clark, Bradley, Ware, Ferris Calhoun, Lindsey, Cashon, Seawright, harold alford, dabney " robertson, wells, carter, denman, toler goodwin, enochs, hester 9 ' uc si THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Theta Kappa Nu Founded at Drury College in 1924 Colors: Black, Crimson and Silver Floiver: American Beauty Rose Publication: " Theta News " Mississippi Alpha Chapter Fratres in Collegio Class of 1930 William E. Barksdale M. H. Brooks Marion Hale William McMurtray Walter Bivins William Ervin John Patterson John C. Boswell •Maurice Easterling Otis Hampson •George McMurry Class of 193 1 R. Clayton Mavnor J. Howard Lewis R. P. Neblett, Jr. J. A. Drane Class 0 1932 John D. Bennett Bill Jacobs J. R. Priest Lee Travis Class of 1933 •Uriah Banks •Clyde Fitzgerald Earl Hanna Thomas F. Neblett •Elton Toler E. D. Miller H. M. Pointer David DuBard W. D. Ott •Emilio Romano Ferdinand Dribben Stewart Gammill L. B. Jones •Howard Overstreet 7 i i « j mB { i rt ti « 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 i iii k MMMMMMMMMMMtMMMM THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY A , % - V « ) Barksdale, Lewis, Maynor, Bennett Hale, Drane, R. P. Neblett, McMurtray, Travis, DuBard Ervin, Bivins, Jacobs, overstreet, toler dribben, boswell, hampson, thomas neblett, easterling banks, mcmurray, hanna 93 m mmmmmixmxmw mm • " " • • - -—- -- -- ' - -- -- — . - i n in i ii iii THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Kappa Delta Founded at Virginia State Normal College in 1S97 Colors: Olive Green and White Floizer: White Rose Publication: " Angelos " Mu Chapter Ellena Cutrer ' Amelia Davis Mary Martha Miller Class of igjo Bessie Cook Mildred Nobles Leone Shotwell Maurin ' e Smith Kathryx Sullivax Helex Grace Welch Susie K. Wood Class of 19 J 1 Elizabeth Harrell Fraxces Kixg Annabel Robixsox Helen " Walker Elizabeth Allf.x Class of IQJi Letitia Allf.x CjRACE Browxlee Hadexia Buck Alice Chiltox Edith Margaret Enochs Blanche Horxe Sarah King Theresa McPii.l Mary Meek Rose Wells Class of 193 Charlotte Field Stella McIxtyre WlLHEMIXA KOI.B 9-1 mmttmim mmmmmwmmkmm « MBt ah riaiMak « MriHMM i MMMMMMMMMMkM THE BOBASHELA OF EN TF Cutrer, Shotwell, Wood, Cook, Nobles, Smith Sullivan, Welch, Miller, Davis, Robinson, Frances King Elizabeth Allen, Harrell, Walker, Brownlee, Buck, Sarah King McDill, Letitia Allen, Meek, Enochs, Wells kolb, mcintyre, fields 95 ' immummwmmmmmwmmtim 1iU MMMM 1M IMiMMMt IMMMAMMMMMMMKMMMMMMMrlMMM dl THE BOBASHELA-OF NINETEEN THIRTY Founded at Wesleyan College in 1 8 sz Colors: Rose and White Flower: Rose Carnation Acnes Eubanks Publication: " ARlaia " Epsilon Chapter Class of 1930 Evelyn Hocue Mary Hudson Warrene Ramsey Janie Watkins Class of J 93 1 Jo Ellis Blue Elma Clark Mary ' Agnes Dobyns Frances McWii.lik Lemma Cordon Martha Louise Holliday Elizabeth Knox Sara Simmons Class of 1932 Medora Hall Martha Hamilton Mary Heald Lucy Murphy Malico Martha Thompson Class of 1933 Winifred Green Kathryn Herbert Mary Louise O ' Briant Mary Woodliff 96 rrfri THE BOBASHELA OF NI TV Watkins, Ramsey, Hudson, Hogue, Eubanks Knox, Gordon, Clark, Holliday Dobyns, Hamilton, Heald, Thompson, Simmons Buie, McWillie, Malico, Hall green, o ' briant, herbert, woodliff uMMA«M « M« WM Mi MMM II MhMkh MM« HH fc d MMM .4 MtMMMM THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Beta Si ma Gmroicroii Founded at the University of Missouri in i! W Colors: Ruby and Pink Flowers: Richmond and Killarney Rose Publication; " The Urn " Alpha Zeta Chapter Class of 1930 Lucille Ferguson Annelle Jordan Lois Mann Rosa Lee McKeithen Mary Lee Stone Class of 1931 Katharine Brennan Mildred Clark Leslie Ellis Class of 1932 Ruth Mann Ruth Ridgway Mary Velma Simpson Sara Smith Class of 1933 Katherine Jacobs THE BOBASH Stone, Lois Mann McKeithen, Jordan Simpson, Brennan, Ellis, Clark Ridgway, Smith, Ruth Mann 92 mmtimmumMmmvm!imwmm ' Hlfll I + + + ! HI IIMIMUflMOIH I W l»«Wb X kam M M«M M BASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Delta Zeta Founded at Miami University in 1902 Colors: Nile Green and Killarney Rose Publication: " The Lamp " Flower: Killarnev Rose Alpha Omega Chapter Class of igjj Fred Alma Hutchinson Glenna Moore Delacf.y McMurray Class of IQ32 Martha Benton Jane Lamb Mary Wacaster Class of ig j 3 Ethel Campbell Marnee Alforo Evelyn Myers Sara Wilson m MMM M MM M M MU IMMWMMM THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN TJ- Moore, Hutchinson Wacaster, Lamb, Benton campbell, myers, wilson SBHaa WWJI imrnzm 22 TEEN THIRTY Shotwell, Gordon Meek, Dobvns, Robixson, McDill Chi Delta Phi (Literary) Founded at the University of Tennessee in 1919 Colors: Blue and Gold Publication: " Litterateur ' Iota Chapter Mary Agnes Dobyns Lemma Gordon Annabel Robinson Theresa McDill Leone Shotwell THE BOBASHEL ' A OF NINETEEN T Shotwell, Moore, Nobles, Cook Watkins, Gordon, Harrell, Funk, Clark Eta Sigma (Scholarship) Founded locally at Millsaps College in 1923 Members Leone Shotwell Dorothy Moore Marie Flink Janie Watkins Elizabeth Harrell Bessie Cook Mildred Nobles Elma Clark Lemma Gordon 1C3 m U W A«Uk MMM MMtMMMMrf«kMU MU M MM M BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Omicroe Delta Kappa (Student Leadership) Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914. Colors: Blue and White Publication: " The Circle " Pi Circle Faculty Members D. M. Key B. E. Mitchell Ross H. Moore A. P. Hamilton Milton C. White Gilmer McLaurin William Barksdale Student Members Norton Miller J. W. Alford B. C. Ricketts Wvatt Sharp Ralph Campbell Roll of Circles ALPHA Washington and Lee University BETA Johns Hopkins University GAMMA University of Pittsburgh I (ELTA Davidson College EPSILON University of Richmond .IOTA Centre College ETA William and Mary College Til ETA University of Akron IOTA University of Alabama KAPPA Birmingham-Southern LAMBDA Hampden-Sydncy College MU Emory University NU University of Kentucky XI Lehigh University OMICRON University of Virginia PI Millsaps College RHO Duke University SIGMA University of Maryland TAU Ohio Wesleyan University UPSILON Dickinson College PHI Southwestern University CHI University of South Carolina PSI Allegheny College OMEGA Alabama Polytechnic AhTK r V X M MM« M ■ «ri« «» rli «M MMtf « THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THI McLaurin, Alford, Campbell, Barksdale Hamilton, Key, White, Mitchell Sharp, Moore, Miller, Ricketts vm mmummmmwj ms wMim V » 1 I n n 1 1 « i I r IMMtMMM MiMMMM MMMMIMMIMI m THIRTY (Forensic) Publication: " The Forensic " Mississippi Alpha Chapter Faculty Members Charles F. Nesbitt Milton C. White Student Members J. W. Alford J. B. Patrick John W. Finch Walter Bivins Degrees Fraternity Ruby Eye in Kry Proficiency Pearl Eye in Key Honor Emerald Eye in Key Special Distinction Diamond Eye in Key Orders Oratory Ruby Circle Debate Pearl Circle Instruction Emerald Circle Hononary Sapphire Circle Two Orders Turquoise Circle Three Orders Diamond Circle 106 THE BOBASHELA OF Alford Nesbitt, Patrick Finch 107 ■ViCTI ■sn -A- r r THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Alpha Psi Omega (Dramatic) Founded at West Virginia State College Colors: Gold and Blue Publication: " The Playbill ' Alpha Pi Cast Faculty Members Ross H. Moore Milton C. White John W. Finch Howard Williford R. P. Neblett Student Members Jim McLeod Marie Flink Frances King J. W. Mary Meek ' ' Virginia LeNoir Theresa McDii.l Blanche Horse Roll of Casts ALPHA • • • .Fairmount State College BETA Marshall College GAMMA Washington and Lee University DELTA Acadia University EPSILON Lynchburg College ZETA Western State College ETA The College of Idaho TH ETA Missouri Wesleyan College IOTA University of Maryland KAPPA Texas State Teachers ' College LAMBDA Kentucky Wesleyan College MU University of Texas NU Western Union College XI California State Teachers ' College OMICRON Wilmington College PI Wofford College RHO Lincoln Memorial Universitv SIGMA Linfield College TAU Washington State Teachers ' College UPSILON Kansas Weslevan University PHI Colorado Teachers ' College CHI Buena Vista College PSI Lindwood College OMEGA Iowa Weslevan College ALp " HA ALPHA Concordia College ALPHA BETA Coker College ALPHA GAMMA Momingside College ALPHA DELTA Tarkio College ALPHA EPSILON Westminster College A LPH A ZETA Central College A LPHA ETA Minnesota Teachers ' College ALPHA ALPHA PITA ALPHA KAPI TIPETA McKendree College Central Wesleyan College Washington University ALPHA LAMBDA Wisconsin Teachers ' College ALPHA MP Emory and Henrv College ALPHA NIT Colgate University ALPHA XI Arkansas College ALPHA OMICRON Pennsylvania State Teachers ' College ALPHA PI Millsaps College ALPHA Kilo Wabash College ALPHA SIGMA Fresno State College A ! , ! ' !l A TAI University of Richmond l A l ? T SILON Coiner College ALPHA PHI Tavlor University A ! ' ! ' .! !-. ' ' l l Broaddus University • LI HA PSI Temple Universitv " Vr ' ,?: V Augu ' stanY : 11 S ' BETA ALPHA Dickinson College • Pledges (1 THE BOBASHELA OF NINET Alford, King WlLLIFORD, FLINK, NeBLETT Moore, White % xr — r 5 109 ;n thirty Ash, Ricketts Sanders Moore, White Sigma Upsiloe (Literary) Founded at the University of the South Colors: Green and Gold Publication: " News Letter " Kit Kat Chapter Faculty Members Milton C. White A. G. Sanders Ross H. Moore Student Members Harry C. Ash A. V. Beacham Barron C. Ricketts • mimiiiiiiitii] 4 V U A U A 7£ 0? CAVA) ATHLETICS h ELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY FOOTBALL MAJOR GRID SEASON Millsaps .Majors Battle Choctaws Today IS FINEST IN HISTORY L , UT , o , , p Both 1 earns and otudents on ndge ; ,„ , ' Zl :l2 l,lu ' C. Yearly Grid Classic Begins at 2:30 Sharp Majors Defeat Arkansas S. L A. A. FIGHT Purp e Warriors Fight Squa d 46-0 in Easy Tilt NARROWS DOWN; Hard Though Handicapped Si. Touchdown, Ave Scored hy IW h« MAJORS MOVE UP P , n0l0 „ Wei8ht I Tii T.. :, . . Arf ' ' iir Mil Now in Leadins But Ee«l Stn«le G ' MAJORS MEET HEAVY J " S £ ; ST Wt? Majors Ha, e Big Chance at BU TfinAY 4T 9 Majors-Howard Tie 0-0; State Championship Record TODAY I Muddg Field SlozOs Game,,,,, , „ i0 , — ,„. WiUl AOTiea J BulIdo s . P ' ' " " 1 " ' starkvillo, lit pltc Bail Field They Have Powerf.,1 Eleven Say . , Tko Threatened: Wright Runs 5J Yards ,, i ... .... Observer. nol„ Threal -_ ™ _ -_ i_j L k _. A LV I Special Train Starts Tomorrow | Majors To Meet Old Rivals In For St arkv ille Cow College Birmingham-Southern Tomorrow Contiwrem trom Panthers Have Never Been Defeated By Millsaps; Game To " ' M ;VV. ' .i " " ' Have Great Bearing On S. 1. A. A. Championship Plans to Hold Banquet ot Football Men December lorh ™s2 SPECIAL TRAIN TO , 7 ' Maynor Elected to Captaincy 60 TO STARKVILLE Of Gridders at Annual Feast IS STUDENT Arrangement! Made to Sr- ; Star Ta klo Selected U Head Purple Sent Seaaon; Banquel fur r Round-trip F rc ,.. Tuesday I ■ - ' l. ' -i Staged; Fourteen Squad Mem- for $5.17 wmmwmvmymm mim «MMMMrMM MMirt hM i IMMMMtl THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEE .-. Young Van Hook II i i Brum field As athletic director, assistant football coach, and head coach of varsity bas- ketball, B. O. Van Hook is doing his part in bringing Millsaps athletics to the forefront. " Van " is a good manager and a good coach and is the possessor of a genial personality and wit that makes him popular on the campus. " Van " can always " figure " Millsaps to win and his belief in the team helps them to a belief in themselves. E. W. " Goat " Hale, head football coach, is rapidly making Millsaps one of the most feared teams in the S. I. A. A. Planning the campaigns and directing the team with consummate skill, " Goat " reveals that the born football player is also the born coach and that under him football will be played as football and not as tag. If the success of Freshman athletics may be regarded as indicative of the success of the future varsity teams, " Slim " Young ' s Freshmen charges will not be on the losing end in times to come when they are the varsity. The problem of coaching the frosh, which is perhaps the hardest coaching problem of all, has been solved hy " Slim " in a calm and confident way that has won him friends as well as victories. Airs. Brumfield, girls ' basketball coach, has had seasons prosperous to a parallel with the rise of Millsaps in other lines of sport. Everyone knows that the " Majorettes " have a good team and a good coach. She holds the esteem of both team and students. ii j 1 f « H ll ll M MM « MMMMMI HE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY tv V- ' % •• » " • ;••? Captain - Wright Selman Kelly Bealle e T J. V. Wright, better known perhaps as " Goofy, " captain of the best Major team in history, fulfilled the double duties of fullback and captain very capably in every game of the season. " Goofy " could pass the swineskin and run with it, and even boot it if necessary. Not a slow man at all. It was " just too bad " when he got started and loose. " Joe " Selman, a fighting guard, was one of " Goat ' s " chief mainstays in the line and both offensively and defensively proved himself a valuable man. Here we have another guard and what a guard! " Bulldog " Kelly lived up to his name and the fact that the Brannon Trophy (an annual award to the most valuable player on the team) was given to him proves his spirit as well as his ability. ALL-STATE. John Bealle at end shone all season at turning ' em in and getting down on punts like a race horse. A hard man to get off his feet, Bealle was " in there " every minute. wmm wmm,mmmwmmttmm. atat MMM riMk tetaM tMMIMMMMtMMMMMIMM THE BOBASHELA OF NI tt ' r. Miller Holloman " The fastest tackle and as good as any in the state, Lamar Jones spilled ball carriers behind the line many a time. His quick charge and hard tackling made him a vital cog in tin- Major machine. Clayton " Molly " Maynor, that big blonde tackle, was, to put it mildly, a darn good man. The way the team felt about his value is shown in his selection to the captaincy for next year. Jakie Miller, though closely watched in every game, starred on defense as well as running with the leather. The Lumberton flash was the best broken field runner in the state and waved mean hips, what we mean. " Little Bo " Holloman followed in the footsteps of his brother and made a good field gen- eral for Millsaps. Bo was perhaps the best passer on the squad. " T -fw •- - " 5 mmumimwmmmmwjs mm HE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY im m Passeau Hale Romano Moos- Built like the ideal halfback, big Passeau showed his stuff in the very first game of the season. Sheer drive is his strong point. Quarterback is possibly the most important post on a football team, and to say that Marion Hale filled the duties of that position to satisfaction is enough. His punting was one of the features of his play. Romano possessed more drive than any other man his size we have seen. He could block well, too, but his drive was remarkable. He has two more years. John Sharpe Moon got made into one of the most versatile men in the line and plugged up holes here, there and everywhere — guard, tackle and center. " Old Man " Moon showed plenn of promise. , 4 --v i K. THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY f L t ' 1 Jacobs Vising Riggax Hi i i For one tiling would Bill Jacobs, stellar end, be remembered, if for nothing else, and that is as the man who caught the pass that beat our ancient and honorable rivals from Clinton. " Big Boy " Vining came to be a good football player and made an excellent lineman. He stopped ' em at guard. At center our friend Riggan performed creditably, though hampered at times by illness Riggan was a good little snapperback. Edwin " Eboo " Bell had the ability as well as the form to snag passes and was one of the best little ends on anybody ' s team. ' l llliH I BOBASHELA of nineteen thirty m Walker Kiiava About the fastest man on the guard, Charlie Walker twinkled his feet as one of our " pony " backs. He was good when the field was broken. Eddie Khayat, who hails from Biloxi and doesn ' t mind admitting it, was a hard and sure tackier, a mean blocker and a nifty little ball-toter. Out there working hard all of the time and learning more football every day, Rigbv was an asset to the squad. A gentleman named Excell Mapp was not a bad end, though light, and should prove val- uable next vear. ,,S S5TO5 THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY £m Perm enter Haining Ervix Travis A little blonde block of ice Permenter seemed, so coolly did he run the team when he stepped in as quarterback. Emmitte Haining, the boy from Satartia, fought hard at center and never quit. We are sorry to lose him. Bill Ervin, one of our big linemen, learned a good deal of football last year and is bound to be a good man next year. Lee " Blondy " Travis was fast and a hard hitter and, though he somewhat missed his calling at guard, a good man to have on the team. THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Tli© Football Season MajorSj 165 ; opponents, 51). These figures tell the tale of the best football season in the history of Mill- saps. All in all, the righting little Major machine, lightest team in the state, lost but one out of ten games, tied three, and won six. The Panthers of Clarke College fell before superior Major strength in the first game of the season, played at Alumni Field on a sweltering day. Howard was met and tied in a mud puddle in Birmingham. Then Arkansas A. and M. journeyed to Jackson to meet the Purple Wave and were purple and white- washed, 46 to o. The " game of the year " with the Choctaws was gloriously won at the state fair before a crowd of some io,cxx) raving football fans. Next the Southwestern Lynx was tamed in Memphis and the Major machine came home to meet its first, last, and only defeat of the season in a sloppy mud battle with Birmingham-Southern. The Majors played their poorest to let L. P. I. tie them on the following week, 6 and 6. Then the Hale men traveled to Mississippi A. and M. and proved that they could play football by staying with the heavier Aggie team for four blank periods. Next the Millsaps squad nosed out the Southwestern Louisiana Bulldogs in a close game, 7 to 6. The last game of the season, played on Thanksgiving with Cumberland L T niversity, re- sulted in an easy victory for the Majors. If the next Major machine is as successful as this one, it will be forced to move some. Scores Millsaps 53; Clarke 12 Millsaps o; Howard o Millsaps 46; Arkansas A. and M O Millsaps 7; Mississippi College O Millsaps 7; Southwestern o Millsaps 6; Birmingham-Southern 20 Millsaps 6; L. P. 1 6 Millsaps o; Mississippi A. and M o Millsaps 7; S. L. 1 6 Millsaps 33 ; Cumberland 6 Totals ■ As 50 TTTTT Kc mwm mmmxmmtmrm « MMM« «M M THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Flink Cheering Up Capitol Street " Slim " Young turned out another good frosh football team in 1929, as the records show. The first year men were victorious in two out of four tilts played, losing one and tying the other. The highlight of the season, of course, was the victory of the Minors over the Mississippi Papooses to the tune of 12 to O. A plentitude of good material will go to the varsity squad next season in the persons of Felder, Fitzgerald, Davis, Toler, Smith, Easterling, Charlton, Gilfoy, Hester, Dees, Enochs, Bowen, Pylant, Dunaway and Guess. Scores Minors O; Southwest Junior College o Minors 12; Chamberlain-Hunt O Minors O; Clarke 12 Minors 12; Mississippi Papooses o t ' mmummummmmmmmm ' Mim ite aA« « ft « « « « «« MWtaMM « MM M THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY BASKETBALL Millsaps Plays For S.I.AA. Championship LAFAYETTE 5 MAJORS SHOW SPEED CHOCTAWS GAIN LEAD majors overwhelm m TO TRIM LOUISIANA IN MILLSAPS SERIES lnyxtwceat Fineville Cagers Bow To Majors Fast Passing At- Mississippi College Regains Wavering Confidence tick; Militant; Work Sn-. -i Mv As Short In Time To Take Advantage, of Majors wesieyan Meets Louisiana Comt Worr)M Vis|tors Faltering Moments Tech For Third Place . -. ■ at 8 P MAJORS WIN TWO j GAMES FROM HOWARD Millsaps Into Semifinals As Chocs Lose JONES TSHERO SPIRITED ATTACK MAJ0KS BLANKET MAJORS. EVEN SERIES IN 43-35 WIN HRENGS VICTORY CANTON " Y " WITH CH OCTAW SQUAD , ' TO Mil ITAlVT 1 QUINTET Coach VanHook ' s Cagers Put Backs Against Ws.ll ■ - XJ 1-li.lLjl Jl JTYJ. 1 X k? in Own Gym and Hnrl Back Attacking Practice for Purple Basketball B6ds " M ' a to » Team Began Last Ttjesda ««™» »i™ ' ' " ' | ' w«» " ™ ' 3 ' ' " i ' Birmingham Southrn Elimln- I ated From Tourney By j Lo n i,iana T«h Up- Purple, Five Choetaws in rierrei: Foilt ' ht Cage Ball Millsaps Nosed Out For SJ. A. A. Laurels majors miss ,CHOcs de: 11 ' PURPLE CAGERS TAKE ANOTHER AUSU.A.A. Teams WVU Pirhrii By Experts __ _ I uw CUM f« T«h ts S fa mmvm mmtmm Mr MMW ■MMMMMMMMXMMMMM ! THE BOBASHELA OF NINET A. L. Jones Forward Jones had a keen eye for the wicker and he seldom missed any shot when he was right. He was high point man in most of the games and he warmed up to the S. I. A. A. tournament. During this setto he ran true to form and dis- played all of the dash, accuracy and teamwork that had characterized his play during the sea- son. It was enough to win him a place on the first team picked by the sports experts and coaches attending the conference tournament. They placed him at forward on their first team. All-S. I. A. A. Jones will surely be missed when the Major machine starts to click next year. Cap- tain Jones has played his last basketball for Millsaps. Charlie Strait Guard Strait ' s play during the season was of all- conference caliber and during the tournament he proved his value to the team. It was mainly through Charlie ' s ability that we romped over most of our opposition this year. He was picked as a guard on the second All-S. I. A. A. team. He will return next vear. Frank Kelly Guard A football player who turned out to be a bas- ketball find was ole " Shipwreck. " His all-season play and consistency played a great part in the team ' s success. Frank is graduating this vear. Marion Hale Forward Hale was one of the best floor men of the team. He had a gocd eye for the basket and was fast and shifty as well as a good dribbler. He will return next year to carry on the good work. 12 3 ?lW! W «l «« i, ' wmvmuMHJ u «MkM MMM M IM4MMMMMMMMMMMMM THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY !w W Varsity Basketball Claude Passeau Center Passeau handled the tip-off position well and will become a seasoned player. His skill in get- ting the ball off of the backboard counted much towards the success of the squad. Joe Gouldman Forward Although he came out only in his Senior year, Joe was a valuable man because he could shoot, pass and dribble well. Much taller men saw Joe flash by and grab the ball on the tip-off. " Coach " Noblin Forward and Center This boy from Pelahatchie learned to play basketball and made good. His passing was fine and he seemed to know how to open up for crip shots. Howard Lewis Guard Lewis, a steady and dependable player, was one man that could be substituted at times when aid was needed. 124 K X X fe wmmmm . THE BOBASHELA Varsity Basketball EXCELL MAPP Forward and Guard Mapp was seriously handicapped in the early season by a sprained ankle. His clever handling of himself and the ball marks him as a player with potentialities. Calvin Hull Forward Hull ' s work was marked by speed, goal shoot- ing ability and the fact that he was a Sopho- more. Lealon Martin Forward Martin, a tall Junior, had a good shot and knew a good bit of basketball. When he learns to handle himself in a game he will be valuable. Benjamin Harrell Guard A contribution of the previous year ' s frosh team, Harrell developed considerably and will be an asset to next year ' s squad. 125 BASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Varsity Basketball The Major cage team of 1930 was perhaps the best in the history of the institution. With Jones, Hale, Gouldman, Strait, Kelly, and Passeau the first string men, Coach Van Hook welded a team that fought to win. With two All-S. I. A. A. men on his squad, Van went out after victories and in most cases he brought them back. Millsaps had the crown of the S. I. A. A. ordered only to have it snatched away from them by Rodemaker of S. L. I. The records speak better than anything that might be said. Majors 46 Majors 22 Majors 33 Majors 44 Majors 35 Majors 50 Majors 64 Majors 33 Majors 40 Majors 35 Majors 35 Majors 46 Majors 43 Majors 69 Majors 51 Majors 42 Majors 25 Majors 42 Majors 55 Majors 54 Majors 52 Majors 29 Majors 42 Majors 21 Majors 32 Majors 43 Majors 41 Majors 26 Moorehead Y 19 Helena Y 15 Earle Cardinals . . 31 Canton Y 19 Canton Y 27 Moorehead Y 12 Meridian Y 32 Memphis Triangles 30 Jackson Y 31 Birmingham-Southern 20 Birmingham-Southern 36 Howard 14 Howard 24 Southwestern 15 Southwestern 14 Louisiana College 34 S. L. I i 9 Southwestern 22 Southwestern 29 Howard 20 Howard 26 Mississippi 4,3 Mississippi 26 Mississippi 24 Mississippi 45 Birmingham-Southern 5 Kentucky Wesleyan 28 S. L. I. . . . " 28 126 mmwmimmmvmymw m tm « " fc . MMMMiMM THE BOBASHELA OF N Lockhart, I. Batton, Mann, E. Batton Campbell, Hutchinson, Simpson, Rhyne, Manager Hennington Loflin, Jacobs, Flurry, Nesbitt, Hudson, Ratliff Girls ' Basketball Although slowed somewhat by the loss of several regulars from last year the Majorettes developed a team that proved to be by no means bad. With Irene Flurry as captain the sextet from Millsaps gave every team they played plenty to remember. Irene was a stellar forward who could shoot remarkably well. She was aided at the other forward by Mary Hudson, who proved to be a good goal tosser. Catheryn Ratliff at running center shone in every game and never quit scrapping. Jumping center presented a problem to Mrs. Brumfield that she solved with the person of Katherine Jacobs. Dot Loflin and Blanche Nesbitt were capable guards. Mann, Simpson, Hutchinson and other Majorettes showed skill and form in aiding the team as well. o Scores Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps . Millsaps Belhaven 10 Belhaven 5 Hillman 41 Hillman 35 Jackson Y 17 Jackson Y 17 Vicksburg V 23 Vicksburg Y 34 State Teachers 23 State Teachers 18 Delta State 55 Delta State 25 Grenada 19 Grenada 16 Ole Miss 53 Ole Miss 31 Woman ' s College 30 Woman ' s College 22 629; Opponents 495 127 mmttmmymmmmmj mwj mtm ls M UM MMM W«MMM MMMMr THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Welty, Wallace, Greenlee, Lane, Jones Smith, L. B. Jones, Fitzgerald, Dunaway, Felder, Willoughby, Dearing Freshman Basketball The Minor basketball team, coached by " Goat " Hale, showed much promise of good men for the future varsity squad. Working his men with great thoroughness, Coach Hale put them in good shape and made them work together. With Lane at center, Willoughby and Jones at forwards, and Felder and Fitzgerald at guards, the Frosh presented a truly formidable team for a first year outfit. Cecil Jones, Dunaway, Greenlee and Smith saw much service. Minors 32; Hinds Junior College 23 Minors 36; Hinds Junior College 31 Minors 32; Hinds Junior College 33 Minors 31 ; Hinds Junior College 29 Minors 41 ; St. Stanislaus 49 52 1 + 29 39 Minors 35; Papooses 39 Minors 27; Papooses 41 Minors 31 ; Papooses 34 Minors 33; Papooses 39 s T. C. s T. C. 44; s s T. C. T. C. mmmittmm,wmmmmmxmmMmm THE BOBASH ' ELA OF NINETEE Harrell, Martin, Wilson , Khayat, Hooper Tennis Team The ancient game of tennis has always been a favorite sport at Millsaps and the Major racqueteers have always ranked high in state tennis meets. Last year the Major net team, consisting of Fowler, Bos- well, Ford, Sessions, Wilson and Martin were undisputed state college champions since they won over A. and M., Delta State and Missis- sippi College, the only schools boasting tennis teams. This year, with Wilson and Martin left from the varsity, and Harrell and Khayat from the Freshman team, another good season is foreseen. The addi- tion of Charles Hooper to the ranks has increased the team ' s winning possibilities. ' - ' .» ' i i mmm m mmmmmmyms wjim . IMUXlll • fit THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Varsity Baseball It is hard to predict with any degree of certainty at such an early date anything about the Major baseball team. From the array and abundance of good material available it may be surmised that th: nine will be a real ball club. " Goat " Hale will be in charge of varsity base- ball, and if he does not mould a cracker-jack nine of dia- mond devils out of his large squad, then we miss our guess. With a pitching staff of Norton Miller, Claude Pas- seau, DeWitt Shipman and several others, Hale will have but little trouble in the direction of the mound. Behind the plate will be Marion Hale of last year ' s varsity. As infielders Moon, Holloman, Jakie Miller, Flowers and other men should provide ample material. In the outer gardens both new and old faces will be found in Gould- man, Passeau, N. Miller, Permenter, Jacobs and Boone. All in all the Major nine, from early indications, bids fair to be one of the best in the history of baseball at Millsaps, which is a strong assertion, for in the old days the Major bat and ball men were second to none in the state. H lr till I » H ,« U . Mt Mmtto. THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Track has always been considered " a long neglected sport " at Millsaps, but with the advent of a new quarter mile track on Alumni Field it seems likely that this form of athletics will come to the front and take its place among the other major sports. The wide cinder track is already three-fourths completed and it is expected that the work will be finished this spring in time to be used by the team. Last year was the first season in which a serious effort was made to have a track team and the success of the squad was remarkable, all things considered. Nail, Gouldman and Bell participated in the S. I. A. A. meet in North Carolina and each made a creditable showing. Nail won second place in the mile run. Gouldman showed his class by running the 880 in two minutes Bat. Bell was excellent in the hur- dles. Nail is not back with us this season. Among the men who are working out under Coach Young, who is a veteran track man and a conference record holder, are Galbreath, Bell, Barrett, McLaurin and Arlington. 131 LS : ' ■ " ■■■ " ■■ - 1 . 1 ■ 4 MMMMMitl THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Kesixame of Looking backward upon the stage of the school year, we see enrolled the most successful season that Millsaps has ever known in athletics. This is the general feeling, not only among the student body, but among the alumnae and over the state as a whole. It is a correct sentiment as a glance will show. Football was a round of victories marred by only one defeat and three ties. Our ancient rivals, the Choctaws, of Mississippi, were blanked in a hard-fought game, 7 to o. A. and M. was held to a scoreless tie and almost defeated. Other good games were played and a few bad ones, making the Purple record for this season the best one that Millsaps has ever had. The basketball season was even brighter than the football season. Defeated by only three teams is a record that is very near unapproachable. Birmingham-Southern defeated the Majors by one point; the Choctaws scrapped us four times and scalped us three; then in the finals of the S. I. A. A. tournament, S. L. I. came through with a two-point victory and the conference championship. Wandering out of conference ranks, Millsaps defeated outstanding teams such as the Earle Cardinals, Memphis Triangles and the Jackson Y. The tournament found Millsaps facing Birmingham-Southern, Kentucky Wesleyan and, in the finals, S. L. I. Joining select company with Frank Kelly, who had been picked on the All-State football team, Jones and Strait were picked on All-Conference teams. Freshman athletics continue in their winning way with " Young directing the foot- ball activities, Goat Hale the basketball and Van Hook the baseball. For the fourth consecutive year the Mississippi Papooses were unable to score on the Minors. The Minors defeated them on home grounds, 12 to o. Frosh baseball prospects are bright this early in the season. Mrs. Brumfield ' s Majorette basketball squad proceeded in the customary way which is the winning way. Losing to the Delta State girls, Hillman, and a few other losses, marred the season, but by no means kept it from being successful. The girls wound it up in fine style by trouncing Ole Miss ami Woman ' s College. Varsity baseball should be as successful as the other sports. Coach Hale has a wealth of old material on hand and much new talent from the Freshman squad of last year with which to work. This is far in advance of the season, but from this distance it looks that we will win our ball games. Thus we find ourselves in the spring of 1930 the possessors of a most creditable position in state and conference athletics. It is unnecessary now to say for the future: " We ' ll do it next year. " Millsaps has arrived. 1 1- mmum mmmmmwmm mim h Mil IUi mill M« HI I I I MMMH UM FEATURES c Av THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Benjie E. Mitchell, A.M., Ph.D. Davey Marty Key, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D. Alby G. Sanders, A.B., A.M. Little Bits of Nothing On the left, boys and girls, we present Benjamin Ernest Mitchell. This is one of his favorite juvenile poses anil caused a furor of excitement when exhibited among the little maids of his neighborhood. This little fellow spent ten years of his life taming the wild West and then he came to Millsaps disguised as a math teacher. Who would have ever believed that this stalwart young man would rise to the presidency of a college? The neighbors picked him to be a gambler or a street car conductor. You never can tell just what these chaps will do. This one has the eyes of a butcher, the hands of a horse currier and the head of a college president. David Martin, you fooled the community. ' Twas the morning after Christmas and Santy had left this youngster a little red wagon. The little fellow beamed with joy, his eyes sparkled ami he said " Goo goo. " Here is little Aggie Sanders in one of his weak moments when he stooped to be a mortal long enough to have his picture snapped for future art galleries. Note: These pictures are authentic. ' 34 rt " in ■ h ++- + - - — THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY : NEW $75, 000 QIR-L ' S DORMITORY SHA CK, BOU LEVAR.D MILLSAPS ' BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS 135 i ' l l l 1 1 « — «Mil II I " i " l « H ' «l !■ ■MMM M «MMMft M MM THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY Who ' s Who Contest Gilmer McLaurin Master Major Marie FlinK Most Popular Co-Ed Jo Ellis Buie Most Stylish Co-Ed J. W. Alford Best Dressed Ed F. C. Jenkins . . Best Liked Professor Harold Cashon . . . Best Looking Ed Marion Hale Best Athlete Beauties The Co-Eds whose pictures are placed in the Beauty Section are the ones receiving the highest number of votes cast in the election. The first six were taken. They are not placed in the order of their votes. Miss Sarah Owen King is the only beauty whose position in the section corresponds to the number of votes received. Millsaps is to be congratulated upon her beauties. There were about twenty girls in the race, but the six here pictured gradually and then hurried- ly drew away from others. We present, in order of their appearance. Miss Sarah Owen King of Jackson, Miss Martha Thompson of Jack- son, Miss Mary Woodliff of Jackson, Miss Elizabeth Knox of Jack- son, Miss Martha Hamilton of Jackson, and Miss Thelma Roberts of McComb. 136 •I ' lnni » 1 Ittttl !« ' 1 MtMMMtM £Miss Sarah Owen Kin , - ' ■ ■ — fit ¥ ■ fc ■? c3¥i55 zMartha Thompson : - ■ ' ■■- ' ?9fej .■ ' ■ ■- V- 4. ' V p £Miss Elizabeth Knox |V«| L S .... " - — iW A1 - ; fi A , ■ ' ;4 «— Miss Thelma %oberts w THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY His Fraternitea Bruthers J. I). ARRINGTON dear ma: Jest a line to let U kno thet u r sun has done gone and got pledges to a fraternitea. I dont rekon U know what a fraternitea is but it jest lack a womans mishunary society except their aim no wimmen belonging to it. i dunt kno how cum they pledged me but i rekon they think that they need sum good men to help build the chapter up. it didnt hurt mutch when they pledged me. they made me put my hand on a bible (unly they coodnt find a bible so they used a dictionary) and promts thet i woodnt revulge eny of the secrets of the society which i did solemnly sware. then they put a peace of ribbun on my coat and told me to make myself conspicus. it shure is fine to be pledged to a fraternitea, cause yu dunt have to speak to nobody except the pepul thet belongs to the same order thet yu do. 3 u call all the othur membars of yur ordar, yur bruthers, of corse they aim yur brothers but yu call them thet jest the same, well the other nite a bunch of the bruthers cum by my rum and esked me how i was geting along end i told them thet i was alrite end then they tuk sum of my hare tonik end won of the bruthers fond out thet my sport shoes wood fit him end he shure did look delited. they esked me how i wood lack to date sum woman but i didnt think thet i cood handle more than won. so they said thet they wood be by after me in a few minutes with a hot women, dunt get excited, ma, cause i done red those books yu sent me end i kno all abot the cost of temptashun. well they cummed by in abot thirty minutes and i got in the kar with them, thar was two bruthers and myself and fore wimmen. each of the bruthers tuq won woman end thet left me two with, well i dunt kare to go into particulers about what transformed during the ride but i sure were serprised at the attitudes of these modern wimmen, i esked won of them what thet thot i was. they sed thet they thot thet i was a fraternitea man. i said 110 sirree i aint no fraternitea man, i are only a pledge, end if you do a pledge lack this i shure pity a real fraternitea man who dates you. they just laughed end let me out down town end i had to walk bak to the kollech, but heck i dunt kare, i showed them thet i aint so durn egnorant. i shure am glad i have been reading books, ma. well, ma, the next morning the bruthers told me to cum down to the house they had a little busness fer me to attend loo, so when i ggot down thar, they esked me if i were pretty good on riting poetree end i tole them thet i wernt so hot, end they said thet i had bettar git hot, end they made me sit down on a block of ice and make yup sum poetree, well i set down on the ice and recited the following lines: there was a yountj lady Iter name was n el lie she jumped in water up tivo her knees. well the bruther said thet it wernt poetree on account of it not rimeing. end i tole them thet the reason it didnt rime wernt because it wernt poetree but thet the water wasnt deep enugh. well, ma, i had better sease for this time, hiram. 143 THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY 25- Caleedar SEPTEMBER -Skule daze. Frosh arrive. -Recitations begin. Another one of those Friday the thirteenths. Something or other — The Purple and White cracks about " Honor and the System. " -Pledge day. Greeks get back on speaking terms. Frosh make their first big mistakes. -Majors start the season right by defeating dear old Clarke, 53 to 12. More of this later. Whoozis — Much agitation in chapel about the Honor System. Students agree to support it— 51%. OCTOBER -The first tie of the year (quite possible since it was the second game). The Militants went all the way over to Birmingham to let the Howard Bulldogs do them this way. -Cetting into the old stride. Majors, 43 ; Arkansas A. and M., o. -Classes neglected as studes hit the sawdust trail on the State Fair grounds. -Ye nlde pep meeting. Chocs burned in effigy, etc. -The day of days. Millsaps, 7; Choctaws, o, but no one was in condition to do anything about it. -Millsaps students have money on this date for the first time in years. Choctaws are writ- ing parents to replace that " lost " board check. -A little trip to Memphis results in another 7 to o victory for the Majors. And, by the way, it was Southwestern that defeated the Sewanee Tiger. NOVEMBER 1 — The horse laughs in the Purple and White for the first time. No — we don ' t know who he is. 2 — Another wet Homecoming Da} ' — all wet — Millsaps, 7; Birmingham-Southern, 20. The only blot on a perfect season. 8 — The Co-Ed League is heard of for the first and last time. We slipped up and let L. P. I. tie us, 6 to (■ . 6 — The Majors took the week-end off, went up to Starkville and threw a big scare into that old cow college eleven. A fumble in the last quarter was what kept it from being a Millsaps victory. Score o to o. What have you? Hard times for doctors. B. B. Jones ' apples arrive. 2 — Southwestern Louisiana, 6; Millsaps, 7. 8 — Oh, Cumberland, my Cumberland. Football season over. Turkey dinner on U. Z. Too close to exams to be thankful. Millikan dedicates Grute ' s science building. M pen THE BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY DECEMBER 2 — Examinations. Examinations. Examinations. 10 — Second term begins. What of it? 13 — Purple and White appears under new management. Millsaps players present " Broadway Jones. " Mary Meek and R. P. Neblett display hitherto unsuspected amorous abilities. 17 — Who ' s who contest held. Alpha Theta Mu — new fraternal organization — begins functioning. 19 — Honor Council resigns. May God add his richest blessings. Requiescat in pace. 20 — Speedy preaches a funeral oration over the Ho nor System. Purple and White carries Santa Claus letters. Last day of school before the HOLIDAYS. JANUARY 2 — ' ' Woke up this mawning with an aching haid. " Classes begin meeting again. Lmtyieth — With a bad hangover from New Year ' s Eve, editor uses remainder of calendar to light the lighter he got for Xmas. 145 TTT o XC bI UMM M WMM IMMMMMMMr MMMMi MMMMMMMMMI 331 BOBASHELA OF NINETEEN THIRTY L__£ DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISERS 1930 BOBASHELA The Unglaub Studio Echo of Sweets Dixie Patch Kennington ' s Jackson Shoo Hospital Acme Bakery The Emporium Watkins, Watkins Eager U-Drive-It Edwards Hotel Better Printing Star Steam Laundry Capital National Bank Drs. Galloway Magee J. M. Black Grocery Co. Heidelberg ' s Addkison Hardware Co. Elanel Beauty Shoppes Downing Locke A. P. Clark. Chiropractor R. E. Langley Union Depot Service Station Gayden ' s Pharmacy Capital Floral Company Enoch ' s Lumber Co. Ray Wright The College Pressing Shop Tim Mul. Mississippi School Supply Co. The College Grill R. II. Green Field ' s Women ' s Wear The College Hang-Out North State Pharmacy The Alabama Engraving Co. Jack Gordon A. G. Riddick, Inc. Mangel ' s S. P. McRae Co. McNair Ice Cream Co. Ward Drug Co. Cain Drug Co. Deposit Guaranty Bank Tucker Printing House ( ' orr-Williams Tobacco Co. Trust Co. Jackson Hardware Co. City Coal Material Co. Mississippi Power Light Co Seller ' s Motor Co. Wright ' s Laundry Jackson Daily News Bullard Fuel Supply Co. The Building and Loan Dixie Motor Sales Co. Key Drug Co. Association The Walthall Hotel Taylor Furniture Co. Jitney-Jungle Johnson ( ' leaners Hederman Brothers Le Grand Jewelry Co. The Vogue John C. Carter Millsaps College Kolh ' s Cleaning Co. Seale-Lily ice Cream Co. Whitworth College Sam Haines North End Grocery Belhaven College Lake ' s Bottling Co. Meat Market Benson Printing Co. 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DOWNING LOCKE COMPANY " Jackson ' s Shopping Center " MICHELIN TIRES AND RING TUBES UNION DEPOT SERVICE STATION " A Pleasure to Please You " One Block North Edwards Hotel JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Gas, Oils and Accessories TELEPHONE 840 FREE ROAD SERVICE J. B. WALKER, Manager Special Millwork HIGH GRADE Our specialty is manufactured mill- work, to fit any architect ' s require- ments in any wood desired. Veneered doors and all other items of millwork manufactured in our own plant. A full mechanical equipment and an ex- perienced organization enables us to guarantee prompt service and accu- rate workmanship and material of good quality. Send us plans for estimates. Enochs Lumber ( Manufacturing Co. JACKSON, MISS. R. H. GREEN Wholesale Grocer COLD STORAGE Fruits and Vegetables DISTRIBUTORS OF PLEE-ZING JACKSON, MISS. THE HUB HEADQUARTERS FOR COLLEGE MEN NORTH STATE PHARMACY 1808 North State Street Phone 5646, 5647 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI The Drug Store That Appreciates Your Patronage " MjHsafts Favorite Place " Sandwiches, Drinks Ice Cream GENERAL fp ELECTRIC Refrigerator A. G. RIDDICK, Inc. VISIT OUR NEW FACTORY i)) Sg( w, Manufacturers of BULK, BRICK, AND ALL LATEST V- " - =-LlV:E;V«t«ni DE siGNS OF COMPANY ICE CREAMS 321 E. Hamilton Street Phones 932 and 971 Jackson, Miss. GETTING AHEAD The surest way to get ahead is to use the one you have. Why Not Start to Using It Now By Joining Our " Grow With Us " Club Now Forming? Deposit Guaranty Bank ? Trust Company JACKSON DAILY NEWS MISSISSIPPI ' S ONLY PAPER WITH A REGULAR ROTOGRAVURE SECTION Maintaining its own staff of Photographers and Artists. Use Rotogravure to tell your story. It leaves nothing unsaid. P. w. Grant, President Charlotte Sands, Secretat DIXIE MOTOR SALES CO. Incorporated Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles Dodge Brothers Trucks y-Treasurer 120-22 Phone 5611 East Pearl Street Jackson, Mississippi THE WALTHALL HOTEL LESTER ALVIS, Manager 250 Rooms with Bath nt m A. H. ALVIS CO. Operators JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Mjj JTgj ' 9cfauo! «!lllA«I «.• W imHStaleSt ©the bSliC jUP cm) 150 East Capital Street JACKSON MISSISSIPPI Compliments of Kolbs Cleaning Company TAILORING AND DYEING Drmh Lak e " s Celery AND Orange Crush JACKSON SHOE HOSPITAL " Repair Shoes Better " WM. KAROW, Manager Phone 336 412 E. Capital St. Watkms, Watkms Eager ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW Watkins Easterling Building Jackson, Mississippi SAM RAINES Butcher and Live Stock Dealer nr. President and I 143 Farish Street Pearl Stu. Climb. Phones 57 and 701 1 ' hone 54 Ahhatoir Combe Phono 317 Cur. Capital and Gallatin Sis. innl). Phone 7 in MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE ECHO OF SWEETS TEA ROOM Sodas, Sweets, Luncheons 241 E. Capital St. Tel. 3316 Jackson, Mississippi Better Printing PRINTERS PUBLISHERS JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI D rs. Galloway and Magee PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS Lamar Life Building Jackson, Miss. ADDKISON HARDWARE CO. 151 E. Capita! 210 N. Farish St. TWO STORES Phone 4085, 7437 Gaydens Pkarmacy Walthall Hotel Phone 1184, 1185 IS A GOOD DRUG STORE Mississippi School Supply Go. Serving Mississippi Schools School Furniture and Equipment JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Compliments of MANGEL ' S Smart Apparel for the Smart Dresser CLARK ' S Chiropractic Health Home ■ ■ ■; B. Amite strict JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Telephone 4887 A. P. Clark, D.C., Ph.C. Hours: 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Most Modern and Scientifically Equipped Office in the South RAY WRIGHT SHEET METAL AND TILE WORKS ROOFING AND SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS " Waterseal " Concrete Roofing Tile Weir Steel Furnaces 4J7-431 South West Street JACKS! IX, MISSISSIPPI " Prices That Make Friends " " Quality That Holds Them " Fields Women ' s Wear 146 EAST CAPITAL Ward Drug Company Corner Pearl and State Streets JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ENGRAVED WEDDING INVITATIONS Tucker Printing House JACKSON, MISS. COMPLIMENTS OF Sellers Motor Co. Incorporated DISTRIBUTORS OF Cadillac and LaSalle KEY DRUG COMPANY Capital and President Streets WE KNOW HOW DO YOU KNOW— That when placing an order for print- ing, you are not making a purchase of material, but you are hiring a service. You are employing the printer and his equipment to the extent required for the doing of a certain piece of work. For the past twenty years many of those who know have been buying their print- HEDERMAN BROTHERS Printers, Blank Book Makers Stationers and Lithographers 329-31-35 E. Pearl St. Jackson, Miss. Jackson Hardware Company Incorporated 513-514 East Pearl Street Phone 264 JACKSON, MISS. BULLARD FUEL fly SUPPLY CO. Monument St. at A. . V. R. R. ' COALS THAT PLEASE ' 1 Phone 39 Jackson, Mississippi PROMPT DELIVERY Taylor Furniture Company 109, 111, 113 South State Street JACKSON, MISS. Furniture of a Better Grade ALEX GORDON, Owner h¥i KJ alQ,-J»ili YOU EAT IT W TM A frtiLj ICE CREAM A Health Food — Always in Season U-Drive-It Car Co. Much Cheaper Than Owning One ROADSTERS OR SEDANS 25% Discount to Millsaps Students RENT-A-CAR CO., Inc. 124 S. Farish St. Phone 364 STAR STEAM LAUNDRY Phone 415 212 NORTH FARISH ST. «W .MkM, GtA m e Keep a Can in your Car " and you won ' t have to ride the rim into town. More and hetter patch for tho money. ' BUILT FOR SOUTHERN ROADS ' For Anything in Groceries, Fresh Vegetables and Meats CALL North End Grocery ana Meat Market Phone 2870 1806 North State Street Member I. G. A. Eatmor Bread Eatmor Bread Served in Millsaps Dormitories ACME BAKERY COMPANY North Farish Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI For Specially Prepared Food For Your Parties Phone 2500 And You Will Be Sure to Get What You Want J. M. BLACK GROCERY CO. Capital at Lamar Street ELANEL BEAUTY SHOPPES Specializing in PERMANENT WAVING AND ALL LINES OF BEAUTY CULTURE No. 1.— 115 Lamar Street Telephone 2831 No. 2. — 1232 N. West Street Telephone 4341 CAPITAL FLORAL COMPANY " Say It With Flowers " 24-Hour Service LINDSKV CABINKSS, Manager Lamar and Amite Streets JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Phones 511-512 Carroll Hotel Building VICKSBURU, MISSISSIPPI VISIT US AJ The College Grill TO Our Aim PLEASE MILLSAPS Students T. B. WEBB, Owner MILTON FREEMAN, Manager JACK GORDON JACKSON, MISS. R. E. LANGLEY Florist Pleasant Ridge Greenhouses JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Telephones 1017-1389 Member Florists ' TelegTapb Delivery Cut Flowers and Plants For Each and Any Occasion PATRONIZE The College Pressing Shop Air Steam Heat Presses ♦ Creases Like a Seam " F. L. LOONEY, Manager THE COLLEGE HANG-OUT FUR CANDIES, REFRESHMENTS SCHOOL SUPPLIES We Appreciate Your Friendship and Patronage R. A. GLAZE, Manager ' PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ' ' S. P. McRAE CO. Better Values Phone 170, 1267 DRY GOODS, LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR CLOTHING, SHOES, HATS, AND GENTS ' FURNISHINGS Jackson, Mississippi CORR-WILLIAMS TOBACCO CO. Wholesale Distributors of Roi Tan, Osmundo Hav-a-Tampa Tampa Nugget Cremo GOOD CIGARS Quality, Accuracy, Service CLEANING, DYEING, LAUNDRY AND SHOE REPAIRING Phone 594-1030-3890 Wrights Laundry Cleaners and Dyers Compliments Jitney Jungle " Save a Nickel on a Quarter " CAIN DRUG COMPANY Where Friends M.eet Friends Phone 6497-98 N. JEFF. AND FORT. City KuOdX and Material Co. BAILEY AND COHEA BUILDING MATERIAL AND COAL THE BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATE OF JACKSON, MISS. Loans Made on Improved Real Estate. Liberal Dividends Paid on Investment Shares. O. J. WAITE, President W. O. REA, Vk-e-President-Manager 212 EAST CAPITAL NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE NATIONALLY ADVERTISED PRICES No Extra Charge For Credit Le Grand Jewelry Co. 218 East Capital Street MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI A College of Arts and Sciences Founded in 1892 | Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States Member of Association of American Colleges I American Council on Education Owned and Controlled by the Mississippi and North Mississippi Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South TOTAL ENDOWMENT OF MORE THAN ONE MILLION DOLLARS NEW SCIENCE BUILDING ERECTED 1930 NEW LIBRARY BUILDING ERECTED IN 1925 Offers to Young Men and Women of Character, Ambition, and Ability the Following Advantages: 1. Rigorous academic training and scholastic prestige. 2. Alert intellectual and cultural life of the student community expressed in lit- erary, athletic, and religious organizations. 3. Moderate expense and excellent opportunity for loans and employment. For Catalogue and Special Information, Address D. M. KEY, President Jackson, Mississippi WHITWORTH COLLEGE BROOKHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI A Standard Junior College for Young Women I Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States Member of American Association of Junior Colleges ( American Association of Women ' s Colleges An Integral Unit in the Millsaps College Curriculum For Catalogue and Special Information, Address GEORGE F. WINFIELD, Associate President Brookhaven, Mississippi BELHAVEN COLLEGE School of Character COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS CONSERVATORY OF FINE ARTS A modern college for young women, which places emphasis upon the fundamentals rather than the fads in education, maintaining the highest scholastic standards, and yet which recognizes the cul- tural values in Music and other Fine Arts. COURSES LEADING TO A.B. AND B.S. DEGREES C KO BELHAVEN CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC With faculty of Artist teachers equal to any in the South, offering courses in Piano, Voice, Violin, Pipe Organ, and Public School Music leading to Bachelor of Music Degree. A Christian home atmosphere which safeguards the physical, social, and moral welfare of each student, and stimulates each to do her best. A Safe School for Mississippi Girls For Further Information, Address G. T. GILLESPIE, President JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI bright page $aa±a JL JL that reflect those happy, carefree days has been our goal JL J. J. J COLLECT ANNUAL DIV1 ION vBAMA .HAVING COM Py N " V BIRHIKCi I N THE H E A. RT O F THE SOUTH THIS BOOK PRINTED By. The WORLD ' S LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF COLLEGE ANNUALS ENSorf [PRINTING CO.] NASHVILLE JENN COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS College Co-operative Association of Mississippi This yearbook will be memorable for other things also, and for this announcement of the inauguration of the first state-wide citizens ' organiza- tion for the financial support of our colleges. The College Co-operative Association of Mississippi was initiated on April io, 1930. It has for its object the adequate equipment and support of all the colleges of Mississippi, both state and church owned. This involves the raising of five million dollars for endowment, plant, and equipment of the denominational liberal arts colleges in Mississippi. The Executive Committee of twenty-five of the leading citizens and business men of Mississippi has permanent offices in the Lamar Life Build- ing, Jackson, Mississippi. Every citizen of the state, every school girl and boy, every man, every woman, and child is invited and expected to become a member of this As- sociation and pay in for the purposes stated a penny a day and up. A plan of equitable and amicable allotment of these funds has been agreed upon by all colleges. Let every Mississippian whose eyes fall upon this an- nouncement join this Association now, by sending a contribution at once to the College Co-operative Association of Mississippi, Lamar Life Build- ing, Jackson, Mississippi. Let every college instructor, every college student in Millsaps College, and in every other college in Mississippi, join now by sending in a contri- bution. Let him also become an active field agent for carrying the infor- mation of this great citizens ' co-operative movement to the people of his home community. Send All Communications and Contributions to Secretary, College Co-operative Association Lamar Life Building JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI A Penny a Day From Every Mississippian Means $6,387 , WO in Twelve Months THROWING THE HAMMER VU(I . £ (BULL LITERARY SOCIETY CM DRAMATIC CLUB cAutographs Up IKS jAr N l t I ' m) u MMHWM vvi u M ' ' ■■ ' 1 . ' V v y j 1 vHk ' . J tfUv®

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